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This blog’s been created in the hope that knowledge is power, and the
certainty that ignorance is its antithesis.   It’s mainly a compilation
of information and insight from various sources that I thought worth
passing along.

I’ll be tossing in my grossly overvalued two cents, as well (denoted
by asterisks).   That said, I’d like to think I’m smart enough to know
what I don’t know, and that I’ll make that clear when necessary.

I’m happy to hear from folks.   Disagreement is welcome, but only if
it’s civil.  You can be as vociferous as you wish, but personal attacks
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Let’s do the mensch thing.

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The Solution to Climate Change Right Under Our Feet
New report spotlights how healthy soil takes CO2 out of the atmosphere to where it helps build climate resiliency
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Approval of GMO Imports Moves EU ‘Closer to Monsanto’
Environmental advocates say authorization indication of further industry-friendly policies pending trade deal will usher in
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

A Reflection of Our Barbarity: Jailing Immigrant Mothers and Babies
by Sonali Kolhatkar

Congress Holds First Hearing on Banning Fracking; Too Bad It’s A Circus
by Wenonah Hauter

Political Animals: 7 Ways Congress Is Trying to Destroy the Endangered Species Act
New feature highlights the industries and members of Congress working to undo the law

Thousands Demand Teachers Union End Partnership with Coca-Cola

*The bitter aftertaste of a sour sellout

The Real News Network
In Freddie Gray’s Neighborhood, Residents Say Police Harassment is Constant
Lifelong residents say they can’t even stand outside on a summer day

Civil Disobedience Necessary to Protect Victims of Police Brutality, Says Activist
TRNN speaks to American Friends Service Committee’s Dominique Stevenson, who crossed police barricades during protests over the death of Freddie Gray now in their fifth day

A Look at Failed Police Reform Efforts in the Wake of Freddie Gray’s Death
TRNN speaks to advocate Dayvon Love about the failed efforts to reform Maryland law blamed for protecting abusive officers

Institute for Public Accuracy
Myths on * Yemen * Armenian Genocide

Democracy Now!
As Obama Apologizes for Deaths of Hostages in Drone Strike, Does the U.S. Know Who It Is Killing?

*Beyond the issue of civilian deaths, how is it that the US can assert the right to kill opponents in other countries, yet another state that identified someone here who posed a threat to it would never be considered justified in taking the same action?

(Unless that state were an American ally, such as Pinochet’s Chile, and in that case, the persons targeted posed no threat, other than politically, to it.)

Pentagon Speeds Efforts to Resettle Guantanamo Prisoners Ahead of Vote on Two-Year Transfer Ban

Watch: Explosive Footage from Inside Rikers Jail Shows Guard Beating Teen Accused of Backpack Theft

A People Expunged: Marking the 100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide amid Ongoing Turkish Denials

Nutrition Action
Caffeine in Food – Caffeine Content of Drinks Revealed!


Why We Need to Ditch Austerity and Take on the Global 1%
Inequality is not a symptom of the ills of global capitalism, it is its fuel.
by Benjamin Dangl

What Explains the Power of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Middle Finger?
by Glenn Greenwald

*Only the inhuman attempt to dehumanize

Poor People Need a Higher Wage, Not a Lesson in Morality
David Brooks’ rendition of poverty is as “representative” of people with low-incomes as corrupt corporate titans are of small entrepreneurs.
by Greg Kaufmann

*The shoeless can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps

Intersecting Oppression: Study Shines Spotlight on Penalties for LGBT People of Color
From lack of family recognition to the school-to-prison pipeline, LGBT people of color face disproportionate economic injustice, study concludes
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

US Lawmakers Quietly Advance Legislation to Penalize Boycott of Israel
Little-noticed amendment was included in controversial Fast Track trade bill that just passed the Senate Finance Committee
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Fracking-Induced Earthquakes Highlighted in New USGS Map
Growing scientific consensus links uptick in seismic activity with oil and gas drilling activities
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Houthi arms bonanza came from Saleh, not Iran
Claims Iran is supplying the Houthis with weapons ignore the fact the group was already flush with American arms from ex-president Saleh
by Gareth Porter

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
Hundreds Across U.S. Join International Action on Anniversary of the Rana Plaza Collapse
Feminist actions organized from 12-1pm on April 24 in time zones across the world

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Calculating the Costs of Patent Monopolies and Mismarketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Real News Network
Analysts say Wall Street Fees Costing Baltimore Water Bureau Millions
$55 million spent on exotic interest rate swaps to fund water bonds between 2003-2014, and total fees could reach beyond $200 million for all deals in the near future

*Of course, if you had an equitable system of taxation, you could tell the banks to go fuck themselves, couldn’t you?

No mention is made of kickbacks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of the city and state officials involved in these schemes are making out like the bandits they’ve opened their governments’ coffers to, would you?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Baltimore: Policing and “Pathology of Murder”

FAIR Action Alert
The Washington Post Should Tell You When Its Columnists Are Paid to Disinform You

Democracy Now!
U.S.-Backed Saudi War in Yemen Continues as Aid Groups Describe “Catastrophic” Humanitarian Crisis


RIP Earth Day: Voices Decry National Day of Corporate Greenwash
Critics call for overhaul of the existing world system
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Justice is irrelevant without a livable planet

And a livable planet is impossible without justice

‘Right to Work’ Debunked: Economists Find Anti-Worker Laws Lead to Lower Wages
Workers in Right to Work states earn an average of $1,558 less per year than their counterparts in states without anti-labor laws
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Newly Leaked TTIP Draft Reveals Far-Reaching Assault on US/EU Democracy
Mammoth deal an even greater boon to corporate power than previously known, warn analysts
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Feeding the Future Through Agroecology
by M. Jahi Chappell and Tara Ritter

The Stain of Big Oil Is Smearing Earth… and Our Culture
by Mel Evans

This Article May Be Illegal: Lifting the Veil of Silence on Standardized Testing
by Steven Singer

*Testing is good business

Divest your son (and/or daughter)

The Real News Network
Chevron Paying Damages for Dumping Toxic Waste in the Amazon Waterways
Paul Paz y Mino of Amazon Watch says 4 years after Chevron was ordered by the highest court in Ecuador to pay $9.5 billion in damages to Amazon residents, it is still trying to outmaneuver and outspend through an appeal in the NY Appellate Court

UN Target of 2 Degree Limit for Temperature Rise ‘Utterly Inadequate’
Petra Tschakert, Coordinating Lead Author of IPCC Climate Change Report, says the 2 degree limit will not prevent climate catastrophe

Institute for Public Accuracy
Lynch’s “Sweetheart Deal” with HSBC

Democracy Now!
Kenyan Mother Wins Goldman Prize for Anti-Lead Protest After Her Own Breast Milk Made Baby Sick

*Pretty words from Dear Misleader can’t obscure the ugly reality of “All of the Above”, can they?

Look out below.

Earth Day Special: Goldman Prize Awarded to Burmese Photographer Who Fought Dam Project

Is Smartwater or Vitaminwater Better Than Tap Water?
Smartwater is nothing special.
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


With EPA Lawsuit, Environmental Groups Step Up Fight Against ‘Super-Toxic Chemical Cocktail’
‘Our federal regulators have again unlawfully bowed to the chemical industry,’ says Center for Food Safety
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Despite Skepticism, Europe Will Employ Military Response to Migration Crisis
According to one official, the operation would be ‘civil-military’ modeled on previous military action in the Horn of Africa to combat Somali piracy
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Reporters Focused on Local Needs and Woes Nab Most Notable Pulitzers
Relatively small newspapers honored for providing a service to their neighbors and the nation by shining a light on the disharmony of their communities
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*It’ll be interesting to see how many of these winners also score “awards” here

Sex, Drugs, and Dead Soldiers: What US Africa Command Doesn’t Want You to Know
by Nick Turse

*Be all that you can be

And we’ll make sure no one finds out about it

No Justice for Rekia Boyd as Chicago Police Officer Who Killed Her is Found ‘Not Guilty’ by Judge
Dismissal of all charges against police officer Dante Servin led victim’s brother and others to express outrage in the courtroom.
by Kevin Gosztola

The West Snubs Russia over V-E Day
by Ray McGovern

Committee to Protect Journalists
Report on 10 Most Censored Countries
CPJ highlights controls on Internet, independent media as top censorship tools

Movement Generation
Marijuana: The Gateway Plant to Urban Farming
Comedic New Video Celebrates Radical Black Farmers in Oakland, CA

The Real News Network
Syriza’s Choice: Bail on the People or the Troika
Dimitri Lascaris says debt relief is not on the table, but unnamed European government officials are indicating some modest short-term concessions might be in order

Searing Testimony in Favor of Black Control of Police
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report says the black community must take power and control over police, especially in light of the case of Freddie Gray, who died from injuries while in police custody

Immigrants of African Origin Face Systemic Employment Discrimination
Patrick Mason of the Political Economy Research Institute says immigrants of African origin are facing workplace discrimination similar to African Americans

Hillary Clinton–Bolshevik?
by Jim Naureckas

*Does anything underline the utter inanity of corpress political reporting more than referring to anything Clintonesque as “populist”?

(This is not a multiple choice question)

Democracy Now!
Greece’s Yanis Varoufakis: The Medicine of Austerity Is Not Working, We Need a New Treatment

*I hope it’s not “a small philosophical difference”, because if it is, we’re talking about half measures that will leave so many without hope, rather than with faith that their trust in those who promised a new day is justified.

If that is the case, then it’s the charge of the Greek people to demand promises be kept, and hold those who have broken them to account.

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Inside the U.S. Crackdown on Pedro Albizu Campos & Nationalist Party

PART 2: Nelson Denis on the U.S. Persecution of Puerto Rican Independence Leader Pedro Albizu Campos

*So what about Albizu Campos’ support for Franco and Trujillo? What about neofascism among the Nationalists?

Denis engages in some redirection, avoiding directly addressing the question, and the matter is dropped.

This is why pedestals are such inherently unstable objects, and to not give these issues proper consideration is to my mind another example of this program’s propensity for hero worship — another example would be its treatment of Mandela’s actions — rather than a clear eyed appraisal of the faults as well as the virtues of these personages.


Murders of Earth’s Defenders: The Deadly Trend Continues
‘The world is standing idle whilst people on the frontline of the struggle to protect the environment are getting killed’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Five Years After Deepwater Horizon, Big Oil Still Exploiting Gulf Coast
Even as scientists estimate long and slow recovery, Obama administration approves fossil fuel push
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Shock and Outrage Aimed at EU Leaders After Mediterranean Disaster
‘How many more people have to die before European governments acknowledge that relying on a patchwork quilt of resources for search-and-rescue operations is not enough?’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Khamenei: US Invented Nuclear Myth; Iran Will Never Invade Another Country
by Juan Cole

Choose Life
by Chris Hedges

*Our humanity is measured in the value we place on our ability to reason

Over our capacity to rationalize

A Foreclosure Conveyor Belt: The Continuing Depopulation of Detroit
by Laura Gottesdiener

Bush, Walker, Flouting Campaign Finance Laws
Common Cause Urges Candidates to Follow Fundraising Limits While ‘Testing the Waters’

Oxfam International
Oxfam Condemns Coalition Bombing of a Warehouse Containing Vital Humanitarian Aid
Yesterday’s events demonstrate again that all Parties to this conflict are adding to an increasingly dire humanitarian situation on the ground. All parties must now find a negotiated peace and allow for humanitarian access.

Jobs With Justice
Are you eligible to have your student loans forgiven?

*Info on repayment plans and other useful intel, as well

The Real News Network
Protests Erupt As Police Brutality Continues Unabated in Baltimore
27-year old Freddie Gray dies one week after a violent arrest as protests and mobilizations and hearings over the issue of police brutality continue

Iraqi Prime Minister Seeking More Funding to Fight ISIS
Reese Erlich says that while the U.S. continues to bomb ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq, in Syria it doesn’t have a lot of impact, because other than the Kurdish Peshmerga there are no allies on the ground; furthermore, there are reports of chemical warfare in Syria

The Global African: Martese Johnson and the World Social Forum
TeleSUR’s The Global African tackles the case of Martese Johnson and analysis of the recently concluded World Social Forum

Repeal the law requiring Florida gambling facilities to engage in the cruel sport of greyhound racing
by Marilyn Varnberg for Greyhound Adoption of Florida and GREY2K USA

Bed Bath & Beyond: Promise not to sell products that use goose down pulled out of live geese!
by Paloma Garcia

Institute for Public Accuracy
Cáceres, Threatened Honduran, Wins Biggest Enviro Award

Official Leaks: “These Senior People Do Whatever They Want”

Why Don’t Americans Want to ‘Soak the Rich’? It’s a Trick Question
by Jim Naureckas

*The public wants a soak

The corpress prefers a whitewash

The Washington Post’s Longstanding Contempt for People Who Work for a Living
by Dean Baker

Democracy Now!
FBI Informant Exposes Sting Operation Targeting Innocent Americans in New “(T)ERROR” Documentary

PART 2: Lawyer for Pakistani Scientist & Terror Suspect Aafia Siddiqui Asks if She Is Alive

The Best Cancer Fighting and Immune Boosting Food Choices for Beating and Avoiding Cancer
by Tony Isaacs

*I can’t confirm the cancer cancelling claims extant, but adding most if not all of these foods to your diet falls in the plus column, from what I’ve gleaned.

9 Reasons Fat is Good for You
by Leanne Ely

*As always, decide for yourself. I think this view deserves serious consideration, but I’m not ready to fully subscribe to it.

I have, however, added organic butter to my diet, and avocados are a staple food for me.

Should You Wash Bagged Greens that Say “Washed” on the Label?
When to wash… and not wash… bagged greens
David Schardt
Nutrition Action

How to Take a Perfect Power Nap: 7 Surprising Health Benefits
by Yuri Elkaim


US ‘Trainers’ Arrive in Ukraine for Operation Fearless Guardian
Russian President Putin says ‘it enables destabilizing the situation’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Gulf Oil Spill You Never Heard About May Be the Largest Ever
The AP charges that Taylor Energy Company ‘has downplayed the leak’s extent and environmental impact’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Professor’s Outrage at Son’s “Terror-Based” Sex Education Goes Viral
Alice Dreger’s live-tweets about son’s high school lesson in abstinence became a national news story
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

At Home and Abroad, the Labor Movement Comes Roaring Back
‘Just a few short years after it was declared dead and almost buried, the labor movement has come roaring back.’
by Annelise Orleck

The World Bank and the Battle for the Future of Farming
Investing in smallholder farmers and regenerative farming methods, as opposed to the practices of industrial agriculture, would help foster a more equitable distribution of power in an increasingly unequal world.
by Martin Kirk

Black Lives Matter… and Black Jobs Matter, Too
by Sonali Kolhatkar

Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR: Arizona Muslim, Interfaith Leaders Condemn Harassment of Mosque Worshipers
Tempe Mosque to host open house designed to foster mutual understanding

NPPD to Cease Burning Coal at Sheldon Coal Plant Unit 2 Outside Lincoln
Sierra Club Urges NPPD to Commit to Full Shift Away from Coal Through Clean Energy Investment in Wind, Solar and Energy Efficiency

The Real News Network
Proxy Morons: The Demolition of Yemen (2/3)
Daniel Martin Varisco: What went wrong in Yemen is what usually goes wrong when you have a history of colonialism, ongoing interference from outside forces, sectarian blindness, and massive wealth at the service of mischief

*Note: The transcript for Part 2 posted earlier was actually for Part 3.

Obama to Get “Fast Track” for Trade Pacts
Kevin Zeese, co-director of Popular Resistance, says fast track for trade pacts is complete capitulation to global corporate rule and we have to stop it now

Official: Baltimore Cutting Water to Hundreds of Residents and Zero Corporations
City residents rally against water shutoffs, but city officials maintain their necessity

Welfare System Designed to Keep the Poor Poorer
Sanford Schram, professor of political science at Hunter College, says new state laws that place restrictions on welfare recipients mark the poor as deviant and are designed to keep them from receiving welfare

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Tell the FDA to Fix Its Broken Food Additive Approval Process

They Have ‘Propaganda,’ US Has ‘Public Diplomacy’–and a Servile Private Sector
by Jim Naureckas

*What do you call propaganda about propaganda?

All the news that’s printed to fit

Democracy Now!
Test Mutiny: Tens of Thousands of New York Parents Revolt Against Standardized Exams

Did NBC Cover Up Role of U.S.-Backed Free Syrian Army in 2012 Kidnapping of Richard Engel?

Volunteers Gather to Care for Glenn Ford, Exonerated Louisiana Man Who Is Now Dying from Cancer

Did you know gelatin is good for you?
by Leanne Ely


World Bank-Funded Projects Fueling Land Grabs, Displacement of Global Poor
Despite mission of ending poverty, new report shows destructive legacy of World Bank projects across the planet
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Reclaiming, Relocalizing, Reconnecting: The Power of Taking Back Local Food Systems
New report from Friends of the Earth Europe highlights five examples of communities reclaiming their food systems
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Betraying ‘Beyond Petroleum’ Slogan, BP’s Main Focus Still Fossil Fuels
BP has not only greatly diminished clean energy investment, but is now keeping decades of R&D under ‘lock and key’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I don’t know …

Maybe this shows that instead of demanding corps get into clean energy

We should be demanding that they get clean out of the picture

And that their execs get cleaned out of their suites

And into appropriate accommodations at one of our fine correctional institutions?

New Film on Indian Point Explores ‘Nuclear Power in the Age of Fukushima’
Film alleges former nuke commission chair was ousted by pro-industry forces who thought he was being ‘too aggressive’ in his efforts to protect the public.
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Halting Intentional Climate Inaction
by Nnimmo Bassey

The Cost Of Doing (BIG) Business
by Laura Flanders

*Gaming the victims

Five Reasons Why TTIP Is Bad News for Farmers
by Chris Walker

Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR-NY Calls on Brooklyn College to Protect Muslim, Arab Students After Appearance by Hate Group Leader

Center for Biological Diversity
250 Native Elk Die Inside Fenced-in Area at Point Reyes National Seashore
Despite High Mortality, Park Service Considering Plan to Remove or Fence Free-roaming Elk at Behest of Ranchers

Puente Movement
There’s More Than One Way to Stop a Deportation

The Real News Network
The Rich Get Richer If House Republicans Repeal the Estate Tax
Bill Black, a former bank regulator, discusses the history of why the federal estate tax exists and why the Republicans want it repealed

*Why didn’t the Dems call it “the billionaire’s tax”?

What’s that about “biting the hand that feeds you” … ?

The Fragmentation of Canadian Climate Policies
Keith Stewart of Greenpeace on Canada’s carbon tax, cap and trade, and the premiers climate conference in Quebec City

Lincoln and Black Self-Emancipation
As America marks the 150th anniversary of the the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, author and historian Gerald Horne deconstructs the 16th president’s legacy as the “great emancipator”

*Honest history leaves few pedestals upright

Pentagon Declares Airstrikes against ISIS a Success in Iraq
Patrick Cockburn, a journalist for The Independent who just returned from Iraq, says that might be an exaggeration

Safe Streets: Baltimore’s Secret Crime Fighting Weapon
Baltimore’s Safe Streets program was found to decrease homicides by 50% in the four areas it has been deployed, so why is the program underfunded?

*Why is it underfunded?

Because you can’t make a buck off of it.

Warehouse Worker Resource Center (WWRC)
Support Cal Cartage Warehouse Workers

Politicians Bragging About Exports While Ignoring Imports? That’s Just Gross
by Dean Baker


Or ignominy?

Democracy Now!
Fight for $15: Tens of Thousands Rally as Labor, Civil Rights & Social Justice Movements Join Forces

*Obviously, getting paid more is better than not, but why aren’t we talking about the whole notion of working for a wage?

How do we determine what work is worth what, and how that relates to what’s needed under differing circumstances to live a decent life?

If we’re serious about securing that decent life for all, we have to question the paradigm of wages for work that’s set up to deny just that result, don’t we?

And why nothing in this segment about the imperative to unionize?

Harvard Students Expand Blockade Calling for School to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Why you do not need grains
by Leanne Ely


How the Republicans are Trying to Make the Rich Even Richer
The GOP isn’t even trying to conceal its efforts to help the rich pay less taxes while the poor pay more
by Erika Eichelberger

The US Military’s Battlefield of Tomorrow
2044 or Bust: Military missions reach record levels after US inks deal to remain in Africa for decades
by Nick Turse

*To the extent that groups like IS and Boko Haram are viewed as rivals for and impediments to US and Western control of Africa’s resources, this can be said to be a “counterterrorism” strategy, but that is the context in which it must be viewed.

“Terrorism” must be managed, but it also provides the rationale for imperial expansion over the continent, and so we need to be clear as to just what the true mission is.

In the empire game, you can’t boogie without a boogeyman.

The Storm Is Over
by Kathy Kelly

Here comes Hillary Clinton
by Vijay Prashad

*A glass ceiling

Shattered by an iron fist

Center for Biological Diversity
Apache Leaders, Conservation Activists to Join Cyclovia Tucson Street Party to Oppose Resolution Mine, Save Oak Flat

Greenpeace Condemns the New International Nuclear Liability Convention

The Real News Network
Blackwater Guards Sentenced for the Murder at Nisour Square, Baghdad
Reese Erlich says these are the most significant and serious series of atrocities carried out by contractors and the Bush administration was not interested in prosecuting them

Growing Calls for Reparations for the International Slave Trade
TRNN’s Jaisal Noor speaks to voices of the United States and African diaspora at the International Black Reparations Summit in New York City

Obama To Remove Cuba from “Terror” List
Aviva Chomsky, author of The History of the Cuban Revolution, says there are many more hurdles ahead before diplomatic relations can be established between Cuba and the US

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Tell FDA to fix its broken food additive approval process

Fight for $15
McDonald’s: Pay People Enough To Survive

Petition Update
Bill to advance ‘Animal Welfare Act’ needs your support!
by Jordan Turner

Petition Update
Women’s Health Alert: Deadly Cancers of the Uterus Spread by Gynecologists. Stop Morcellating the Uterus in Minimally Invasive and Robot Assisted Hysterectomy
We Need Your Help
by Hooman Noorchashm

Petition Update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Car dealers want to legalize sales of used cars with lethal safety defects

Institute for Public Accuracy
Anthrax: Lawsuit Alleges F.B.I. Hiding Evidence

Democracy Now!
Khalil Muhammad: To Stop Police Killings, Transform the Political Culture That Threatens Black Lives

How a Healthy Diet Can Prevent Disease
Healthy Food Q&A
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

*Posting these health and nutrition items doesn’t indicate a wholehearted endorsement of every claim made. In this instance, while I believe most of the advice is well worth following, I’ve seen information from other sources I find credible that whole grains, due to the damage incurred through gluten ingestion, even for those of us not allergic to it, should be avoided. Of course, refined grains should be shunned like Ted Cruz.

That said, I’m no expert. I’m trying to figure this shit out, as well, so contradictions such as the above can be confusing. It’s important to keep an open mind, and be willing to adjust our views given the best available data (and readjust them if that info later proves less than accurate).


Landmark Injunction Cheered as Crushing Blow to Japan’s Nuclear Restart
‘This ruling is a giant step for efforts to abolish nuclear power’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Lawsuit Out of Love’ as Unprecedented Legal Action Accuses Dutch Government of Failing on Climate
‘We are standing for what is necessary to do. Ten years ago we would not have tried this but I think things are changing… it’s more clear to a broad group we are heading to a catastrophe.’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Protesters Slam Wall Street Elites for Profiting Off ‘Misery of Workers’
‘Hedge Clippers’ target conference to call on hedge fund investors to help end ‘poverty wages’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Eduardo Galeano’s Words Walk the Streets of a Continent
by Benjamin Dangl

Propane “Mega-Bomb” Trains: What Could Go Wrong?
by Daphne Wysham

*Some scary shit, but this emphasis on “terrorist attacks” is misplaced, don’t you reckon?

Anything’s possible, but considering that almost every “plot” has been a gummint setup to keep us quaking in our Keds, the odds are pretty slim, wouldn’t you say?

Conversely, the odds that an addiction to avarice will result in deadly disaster …

Well, history does have a propensity to repeat itself, doesn’t it?

Oakland Institute
Ethiopians Break their Silence against Government Repression and Forced Displacement
New Landmark Testimony: “We Say the Land is Not Yours”

Government Investigators Hide Death-Row Man’s Records

The Real News Network
Fast Food Workers Gear Up for Nationwide Strike for $15
PERI co-director Robert Pollin says the living-wage movement is building momentum as hundreds of thousands are expected to rally on Wednesday

Ethiopia Accuses Eritrea of Backing al-Shabaab
Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report says the allegation that Eritrea has funded or armed al-Shabaab is ridiculous; the Eritrean government is probably the most scrupulously secular state on the continent

Lessons from The Summit of the Americas
Mark Weisbrot, Co-Founder of CEPR, says the U.S. will realize that it won’t be able to normalize relations with Cuba without first normalizing relations with the rest of the hemisphere

*I’ll never understand this optimism, even if qualified, toward Dear Misleader, as if six years of his presidency, and the lessons of all the others preceding, hasn’t taught us anything about how power works in the US.

These “changes” are pitiful half steps taken in one direction, while full strides are made in another. Whether it’s Cuba or Iran or any other matter regarding his “legacy”, they are kabuki theater meant to paint a patina of “statesmanship” over the bloody reality of US imperialism.

There’s no question what the goal is

Only one of tactics to mask the turpitude.

Empowering Baltimore Youth with Media, Art, Activism, and Pan-African Culture.
Ras Tre Subira, founder of The Griot’s Eye program, discusses his African-Centered approach to education and the use of media, art, and traveling abroad to Africa to inspire inner city youth to develop knowledge of self and create alternatives to mainstream media

Brave New Films
#NoCampusCarry Day of Action

Institute for Public Accuracy
Repealing the Estate Tax: “Today’s Merely Wealthy Become Tomorrow’s Obscenely Rich”

U.S. – Cuba Relations Improve But Issues Remain for Others in Region

FAIR Extra!
Hillary Clinton and the Feminism of Exclusion
Media don’t ask which women she crusades for
by Rania Khalek

*One instance in which the epithet “feminazi” is richly deserved

Reporting on Russia’s Troll Army, Western Media Forget West’s Much Bigger, Sophisticated Troll Army
by Adam Johnson

Democracy Now!
As Video Captures Officers’ Fatal Shootings of Unarmed Men, Knowing Your Rights to Film the Police

Black Lives Matter Activists in South Carolina Demand Reform After Police Killing of Walter Scott

Immigrant Mothers in Detention Launch Second Hunger Strike Despite Retaliation

Food Safety: Organic vs. Conventional Foods
Which are more likely to cause a food poisoning outbreak?
David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Report: US Taxpayers Bear ‘Hidden Cost’ of Poverty Wages
Low-wage workers compromise more than 70 percent of individuals enrolled in federal and state-run poverty assistance programs
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Working for no living

Writer Eduardo Galeano, Voice of Latin America’s Left, Dead at 74
“This world is not democratic at all,” Galeano said in 2013. “The world is organized by the war economy and the war culture.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

A Nation’s Shame: Trillions in New Wealth, Millions of Children in Poverty
by Paul Buchheit

*The Dickens you say

Scapegoat Economics 2015
by Richard Wolff

Center for Biological Diversity
New Data: 2.7 Million Animals Killed by Rogue Federal Wildlife Program in 2014
Ignoring Calls for Reform, Agency Shoots, Poisons and Traps Tens of thousands of Coyotes, Bears, Wolves, Foxes

The Real News Network
The For-Profit Video Visitation Industry Quietly Sweeps the Nation’s Prisons and Jails
TRNN producer Eddie Conway speaks with Prison Policy associate Bernadette Rabuy, co-author of Screening Out Family Time: The For-Profit Video Visitation Industry in Prisons and Jails

Will Canadian Provinces Block Pipeline Expansion?
Keith Stewart of Greenpeace Canada and Carol Linnitt of DeSmog Canada discuss the upcoming premiers meeting on energy

Bringing the U.S. Torture Team Justice
Michael Ratner says while the wheels of justice are slow, the Bush/Cheney torture team may be facing some kind of justice in various judicial proceedings

Proxy Morons: The Demolition of Yemen
Daniel Martin Varisco: What went wrong in Yemen is what usually goes wrong when you have a history of colonialism, ongoing interference from outside forces, sectarian blindness, and massive wealth at the service of mischief

Civil Rights Lawyer: Police and Politicians Hide Evidence in Brutality Cases
Investigative journalist Stephen Janis talks to civil rights lawyer A. Dwight Pettit about how the political establishment works with police departments to thwart investigations of police brutality cases

Impact of Decades-Old Gov’t Infiltration Program Still Felt Today (2/2)
Author and activist Ward Churchill speaks to TRNN’s Eddie Conway about how COINTELPRO helped destroy freedom of speech and social movements the government deemed a threat

Rise Up Georgia
No Jail Time for Atlanta Educators!

Institute for Public Accuracy
Should the U.S. be on Cuba’s State Terrorism List?

*A very black hearted pot indeed


Oceans Facing Carbon Rates Which Spurred Mass Die-Off 250 Million Years Ago
University of Edinburgh researchers warn that the carbon emissions that drove a mass extinction event some 252 million years ago were released at a rate similar to today
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Back to no future?

Experts Call Toxic Spill in Vancouver a ‘Warning’ Against Fossil Fuel Projects
‘This is a glimpse of the future. If we can’t handle a small bunkering spill, how are we going to deal with a major tanker?’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

State Attorneys General Call on Feds to Forgive Fraudulent Student Loans
For-­profit schools, charges letter sent to Secretary of Education, are undermining federal loan programs and depriving students of promised benefits of higher learning
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Yemen and the Congress of Reaction
The Saudi-led coalition intervening in Yemen has more in common with 19th-century Europe than the 21st-century Middle East.
by Conn Hallinan

Why Boycotts Rock
by Andrew Levine

Forest Peoples Programme
Indigenous Controlled Mining Under Fire in Colombia Following Death of Human Rights Defender
Leading indigenous human rights defender has been killed by unknown gunmen

The Real News Network
Summit of the Americas: U.S. Agenda is to Push TPP to Split Latin American Integration
Miguel Tinker Salas say the new U.S. agenda is an old one, a free trade agreement; this time it’s the Trans-Pacific Partnership, many call NAFTA on steroids

Putin Tsipras Meeting Shows Greece Will Pursue Independent Foreign Policy
Dimitri Lascaris says that Greece is opposed to sanctions against Russia and will not follow lock-step a Western led approach, but as long as it remains in the Eurozone, there are limits to what it can do to break with the sanction policy

The Summit of the Americas in the Context of US Imperialism
Scholar and activist Gerald Horne traces modern-day US foreign policy in Latin America to its colonial roots

As Losses Mount for Taxpayer Backed Hotel, Politicians Scatter
Investigative Journalist Stephen Janis discusses the growing burden for city taxpayers of supporting the ailing Baltimore Convention Center Hotel with Heywood Sanders, a professor of public administration from the University of Texas, San Antonio

Summit of the Americas: All Eyes on Cuba
Glen Ford, executive editor of Black Agenda Report talks about the implications of having Cuba at the table and the growing calls to lift sanctions on Venezuela

Keystone Progress
Healthcare for Millions of Kids at Risk

Democracy Now!
Juan González on Walter Scott Shooting: When Will the Police Killings of Black Males Stop?

Obama Faces Latin American Opposition to Venezuela Sanctions as Cuba Joins Summit of the Americas

*A “backyard” barbeque for business as usual

Blueprint for Post-9/11 Surveillance: U.S. Began Bulk Collection of Phone Call Data in 1992

*Kinda puts the kibosh on the whole “fear factor” thing, don’t it just?

Blueberry and strawberry pigments (anthocyanins) may be heart healthy
Make colorful fruits and vegetables part of your daily diet.
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

13 Food Safety Guidelines To Keep In Mind When Freezing Food
by Leanne Ely


As Oil Money Flowed, Clinton Turned Back on Rights Abuses in Colombia: Report
‘This much is clear: After millions of dollars were pledged by the oil company to the Clinton Foundation, Secretary Clinton abruptly changed her position on the controversial U.S.-Colombia trade pact.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The malevolent miscreancy of Madame Mayhem

No “mistake” about it

Fracking Boom Accompanied by Rise of Silent, Deadly Carcinogen in Homes: Study
New study contradicts finding released earlier this year by Pennsylvania’s DEP which said radon levels were nothing to worry about
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Latest State-Level Attack on Reproductive Rights Takes Aim at Safe Medical Procedure
Oklahoma most recent state to move forward controversial ban on widely accepted process used during second trimester abortions
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Citing Moral and Legal Void, Rights Groups Demand Preemptive Ban on ‘Killer Robots’
Fully autonomous weapons could allow manufacturers, military to escape liability for wrongful deaths
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Another Death By Cop: We’re All One Bullet Away From Being A Hashtag
by Abby Zimet, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A bad apple

In a rotten barrel

The Right To Eat (and Why Being Poor Isn’t a Crime)
by Jill Richardson

*But if your objective isn’t to prevent crime, but to criminalize a class of people (and make beaucoup bucks for your buddies in the bargain), then anything you can do to increase recidivism is in your interest, isn’t it?

It’s as American as the apple pie out of reach of these wretches.

Florida House Passes Bill Allowing Agencies to Discriminate in Adoptions, Putting Religious or Moral Beliefs over Children’s Needs

Campaign to Stop GE Trees
GMO Trees Approved in Brazil in Violation of National Law and International Protocols
Common Sense & Precaution Ignored

The Real News Network
Police Reform Setbacks in Maryland Buck National Trends
Investigative Journalist Stephen Janis looks at the implications of the failure of a majority of laws aimed at police reform in Annapolis

*The Wisconsin law is useless. What is that “outside agency”?


“Family members have also taken issue with the investigation into the shooting, Flowers
said, which is being led by state authorities to comply with a law requiring outside
investigation of officer-­involved deaths.

Because Madison police were allowed to choose the agency that investigated the shooting,
and because the Division of Criminal Investigation is staffed with law enforcement officials,
Flowers said family members do not believe it is a fair investigation.”

Civil Rights Attorney Says Cops Have Been Shooting Unarmed People in the Back for Years
Investigative Journalist Stephen Janis discusses the shooting of unarmed man by a North Charleston police officer with civil rights attorney A. Dwight Pettit and its implications for police accountability in Maryland

*White flight from black reality

Summit of the Americas: U.S. Hopes to Regain Control of the Political Process
Alex Main says the U.S. prefers a capitalist democracy to dictatorships, as long as it can control the outcome of elections

Ferguson Elections Triples Black Political Representation in City Council
The racial makeup of political leadership in Ferguson, MO has changed in the first municipal election since the killing of Michael Brown in August, 2014. Will this lead to real policy changes in the town?

*Black faces are no substitute for black feet

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Criticizes Solidarity of Latin American Countries for Venezuela
Miguel Tinker-Salas says the U.S. plan to destabilize and isolate Venezuela has backfired as most Latin American states resent the interference and threats against Venezuela

*I’d posit that it’s more arrogance than ineptitude, or that the former leads to the latter.

That arrogance can lead to missteps that may benefit the struggle for justice, but it often comes at a high cost to those we want to see realize that justice.

Bradley Manning, the Nuremberg Charter and Refusing to Collaborate with War Crimes – Vijay Prashad on Reality Asserts Itself (3/4)
In this segment of Reality Asserts Itself, Paul Jay and Vijay Prashad discuss the Bradley Manning case in light of the 68th anniversary of signing the Nuremberg Charter which states it is illegal to follow orders to commit a war crime

Time Peddles Old Stereotypes With Op-Ed on Iranian ‘Carpet Merchants’
by Jim Naureckas

Democracy Now!
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Found Guilty: Will Federal Jury Impose Death Penalty in State that Bans It?

*Kerry’s “scum” comment (which I’m certain he’d apply to this case, if he already hasn’t), which reeks of hyper hypocrisy, given the blood on his hands, and Rooney’s concurrence, along with his rationale for not giving the perpetrators “what they want”, ignore the death and destruction that prompts such horrific responses.

Acknowledging that doesn’t diminish the magnitude of the tragedies. It’s essential to an end to their reoccurrence.

Put simply, if we want to end terrorism against us, we have to start by terminating our own against the populations the killers come from.

There, and here, “leaders” use these crimes to induce the aggrieved to act in accordance with their self serving ends. Terror, and the war against it, are two sides of the same coin, a currency that leaves us all in fear and hatred.

As Video Exposes Walter Scott Police Killing, Why Is the Man Who Filmed Eric Garner’s Death in Jail?

After Cop’s Shooting of Unarmed Walter Scott Caught on Video, New Calls for Body Cameras on Police

Is U.S. Abandoning Americans in Yemen? U.S. Citizen Recounts Harrowing Trip to Escape Saudi Attacks

*Why? It seems simple enough.

It wouldn’t look good to have to evacuate your citizens due to the action of your allies, which you’re aiding and abetting, would it now?

Exclusive: Father of Missing Mexican Student Calls on Obama to Stop Drug War Aid


Enough War: Living Beneath Bombs, Yemenis Refuse to be Collateral Damage
As Saudi-led military assault breeds death and fear, impacted people send message of humanity to world
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Deep-Pocketed Industry Plays Outsized Role in Animal Drug Studies
‘Corporate agribusinesses also author, fund, and likely ghostwrite an enormous number of peer-reviewed studies,’ report finds
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Chevron Whistleblower Leaks ‘Smoking Gun’ in Case of Ecuadorian Oil Spill
Videos sent to Amazon Watch described as ‘a true treasure trove of Chevron misdeeds and corporate malfeasance’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Caught black handed

Saving Seeds: Farmers Rise Up Against Industry-Backed Laws
New publication by Grain and La Via Campesina documents nefarious ways new laws criminalize seed sharing and the growing peasant movement resisting them
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Canadian News Probe Gives Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women a Voice
Underscoring failures of police, many said the call from CBC News was the first time they had been contacted about their relative
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

The White House’s New Executive Order On Cyber Crime is (Unfortunately) No Joke
by Nadia Kayyali, Kurt Opsahl

From Watersheds to Mountains, What If We Based Our Borders on Nature?
Bioregionalism is one possible vision of a future that works for people and for the Earth.
by Rachel Stoeve

*From the artificial to the natural

The Libertarian Plea to Bring Back Jim Crow: An Oxymoron by a Regular Moron
by William Black

The Real News Network
TRNN Replay: Questioning the Underlying Structures of Property and Power is “Off the Table” – Vijay Prashad on Reality Asserts Itself (2/4)
In part two of Reality Asserts Itself, Paul Jay and Vijay Prashad discuss the limits imposed on questioning the roots of inequality and how those who own the majority of property set the terms for everyone else

*Why are we talking about wages? Why is there a need for a currency?

Marx didn’t say, “To each according to his work”, did he?

I’ve always thought a central dictum of Marxism was

“From each according to her talents; to each according to his needs”

Does someone have to get paid to realise that paradigm?

As for a higher wage as an incentive, is that necessary? Isn’t being sincerely valued for your contribution, but beyond that, for simply being human, a powerful incentive?

Can you call that incentive the essence of humanity?

Can you call it “love”?

Emanuel Wins in Chicago, Garcia Fails to Ignite Black Vote
Bruce Dixon says once fiery black teachers union leader Karen Lewis pulled out for medical reasons, Garcia would not critique the Democratic Party and President Obama’s neoliberal education policies as Lewis was willing to do

Institute for Public Accuracy
Video of Killing of Walter Scott: Tip of an Iceberg?

National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)
Help 13 Honduran migrants mutilated by “La Bestia” get a humanitarian visa & meet with President Obama

Media Were Already Running With Police Fantasy When Video Exploded It

*A police state of mind

Baseball Park Metal Detectors Fail to Set Off Journalists’ BS Detectors
by Neil deMause

*It is a show — a horror show, meant to keep “terror” uppermost in our minds.

And it’s not “what the terrorists winning looks like”

It’s what the fear feeders winning looks like.

Their games are played at the games

And whatever liberties we have left are the losers.

Democracy Now!
What if There Was No Video? White SC Officer Charged With Murder of Fleeing African-American Man

*A black and white case

In every sense

New Studies Confirm the Surprising Relationship Between Sugar, Insulin Resistance and Heart Disease
by Yuri Elkaim

*Think for yourself on these entries from Elkaim. Personally, I believe he passes along some sound intel, but he is selling something, and even were that not the case, it’s very easy to lose one’s perspective and adopt a vision whole cloth, rather than remaining objective in its evaluation, especially when the opposing view has proven itself duplicitous and malignant.

Beyond that, Elkaim pals around with some questionable characters — unless you don’t consider honoring the likes of Sean Hannity worthy of that label.

It can get confusing, can’t it? Why is someone who righteously rails against the nefarious effects of Big Food and Big Pharma on our health in such company?

I’ll let you know when I do, but for now, use your best judgment as to what he’s advocating, and always be wary of evangelismo, without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Diet and Weight Loss: Get Fitter Faster with Interval Training
What is high-intensity interval training and what are benefits of doing it?
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


War on Women Continues With ‘Atrocious’ New Anti-Choice Law in Kansas
Reproductive rights advocate says law signed by Gov. Brownback was written ‘by a national interest group bent on banning abortion across the country.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

At Behest of IMF, Jamaicans Face Harshest Austerity Policies in World: Report
Center for Economic and Policy Research finds poverty- and debt- stricken nation faces budget more severe even than Greece’s
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

How Rand Paul’s Policies Would Increase Inequality
by Matt Bruenig

*To thine own self be true

All others merit the screw

Netanyahu Slips, Reveals Reason for Opposition to Iran Deal
by Juan Cole

Rolling Stone and Rape Culture
by Robert Jensen

*One outrageous outcome of this journalistic debacle has been how the corpress has used it to cast doubt on the very idea of a rape culture, while simultaneously castigating those responsible at Rolling Stone for making the reporting of rape that much more difficult for the victims.

That’s true, of course, but consider the source, and their culpability that dwarfs whatever damage has been done here.

A far more fearsome kettle fulminates against a pathetic pot.

Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR-Iowa Welcomes Failure of Anti-Islam Bill

Global Justice Now
Barclays Turns its Back on Destructive ‘Mountain Top Removal’ Coal Mining Practice

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
Child and Consumer Advocates Urge Federal Trade Commission to Investigate and Bring Action Against Google for Excessive and Deceptive Advertising Directed at Children
So-called “Family-Friendly” YouTube Kids App Combines Commercials and Videos, Violating Long-Standing Safeguards for Protecting Children

The Real News Network
Garcia-Emanuel Runoff in Chicago Divides Unions, Blacks and Latinos
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report says in spite of the 15% undecideds, with the support of some blacks, Latinos and labor, as well as Obama, it will be difficult to unseat Emanuel

Chicago Organized Labor Divided over Tuesday’s Mayoral Election
Author and journalist Kari Lydersen discusses why some Chicago organized labor is backing incumbent mayor Rahm Emmanuel despite his anti-union reputation

Youth of SYRIZA: More Radical on Debt, Grexit and Redistribution in Greece
Aris Spourdalakis, member of the Youth of Syriza, speaks out on the debt management and the opportunity for democracy and redistribution in Greece

TRNN Replay: Marx and Tolstoy Helped Me See the Limits of Liberalism – Vijay Prashad on Reality Asserts Itself pt1
On the second episode of Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Vijay Prashad talks about growing up in India and coming to the realization that liberalism could never eliminate poverty

Unpaid Corporate Bills Weigh Heavily on Baltimore’s Looming Water Shutoffs
The Baltimore Sun’s Luke Broadwater discusses the details behind the city’s push to collect unpaid water bills, including his investigation into major corporate scofflaws

*The well connected get wet

While the power poor get soaked

Institute for Public Accuracy
The Criminalization of Poverty

*Poverty pays

As do the poor

Democracy Now!
“From Bad to Worse”: Hundreds Dead & 100,000 Displaced as Saudi Led-Strikes Push Yemen to the Brink

Are Obama’s Record Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Iraq Fueling Unrest in Middle East?

Cowspiracy: As California Faces Drought, Film Links Meat Industry to Water Scarcity & Climate Change

*Big Ag is no big deal to Big Green

TSA’s Airport “Behavior Detection Program” Found to Target Undocumented Immigrants, Not Terrorists

Find the Good Fiber
Some instant oatmeals contain less-desirable processed fiber
Jayne Hurley
Nutrition Action


Department of Justice Weighs in on Case of Transgender Woman Suffering ‘Three Years of Torture’
‘This is about more than just hormone treatment. This is about gross human rights violations,’ says Ashley Diamond.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Who Supports Comcast-Time Warner Merger? Follow the Money
And who opposes it? Customers.
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Real Afghan War: How an American Fantasy Conflict Created Disaster in Afghanistan
by Anand Gopal

*Gopal, like so many other critics of the war, doesn’t question the validity of its premise, only what has led to its “failure”.

This is the same mentality that many who opposed the Vietnam War evinced at the time — not that militarism was inherently illegal and immoral, but that it wasn’t “done right”.

That’s a primary reason that “the Vietnam Syndrome” proved so fleeting. Without a grounding in an understanding of the aims and objectives of imperialism, it only takes “a new Pearl Harbor” to ignite the flames of “righteous” conquest anew.

New villains, or the revival of old ones, are being injected into the public’s bloodstream to ward off this latest outbreak of “war fatigue”

And the failure to look beyond “mistakes” and “blindness” to question the true rationales of the American Imperium will play a major part in just how effective that vaccine will be.

Rahm Emanuel: Symbol of a Sick America
by Paul Buchheit

In Wake of Damning Review of UVA Rape Article, Rolling Stone Is Still Blaming Jackie
by Maya Dusenbery

Decriminalizing School Discipline: Why Black Males Matter
by Tyrone Howard

Global Justice Movements Converge on Revolutionary Ground
by Salena Tramel

Boycott, Divest and Sanction Corporations That Feed on Prisons
by Chris Hedges

Israel’s questions about nuclear deal are being echoed in Iran
by Zvi Bar’el

Center for Biological Diversity
Forest Service Moves to Permit Bulldozing in Colorado Roadless Forest for Dirty Coal
Proposed Loophole Could Cause Half a Billion Tons of Carbon Pollution, Undermine Obama Administration Climate Goals

*Claiming these “undermine” the administration’s climate goals depends on just what you believe those goals to be, doesn’t it?

The Real News Network
Oil, Iran and Palestine – What’s at Stake for Saudi Arabia (3/3)
Madawi al-Rasheed tells Paul Jay that since the Arab uprising in 2011, we don’t hear the Saudis talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; it has identified its enemy first as Iran

The Significance of Retaking Tikrit by the Iraqi Government
Patrick Cockburn, author of The Rise of the Islamic State, has just returned from northern Iraq, where he says that even if the government has retaken Tikrit, it is a small victory that signals a long war ahead

Whistleblowers: Citigroup Falsely Represented Up to 80% of Mortgages Sold to Fannie and Freddie in 2007
Richard Bowen and Sherry Hunt were reporting on the toxic scam and still there was no action from the DOJ, but now there is a small victory, says Bill Black, former financial regulator

Impact of Decades-Old Government Infiltration Program Still Felt Today (1/2)
Author and activist Ward Churchill speaks to TRNN’s Eddie Conway about what COINTELPRO was and how it was structured

ISIS and What’s at Stake for Saudi Arabia? (2/3)
Madawi Al-Rasheed says the Saudis contend with ISIS to be the leaders of the Sunni world, but their interests converge as both regard Iran and the Shia as their enemy

Nigerians Deliver a Peaceful Electoral Victory to Buhari
Idayat Hassan, Director of the Center for Democracy and Development says Buhari’s peaceful victory is being celebrated by Nigerians

Mounting Evidence has Republican Climate Change Deniers on Thin Ice for 2016
Subhankar Banerjee & Michael E. Mann reveals the mounting body of evidence that disruptions in the arctic sea ice is impacting not only in the northern hemisphere but also connected to what is happening to the water supply in California

Greece Says They Will Meet IMF’s April 9 Deadline for Payment
Dimitri Lascaris and Leo Panitch analyze Syriza’s reform proposals and compromises and discuss roadblocks posed by maintenance of European austerity

Houthi Fighters Pushed Out of Aden
Daniel Varisco, President of the American Institute for Yemeni Studies, talks about the days events and who the players are in Yemen

Save IRIS in Wisconsin
IRIS helps to keep the disabled and the elderly more independent and in their homes. Don’t let our Governor, Scott Walker, take that away!
by Melissa Prentice

Institute for Public Accuracy
Somali and Kenya: Roots of al-Shabab

A Non-Conspiracy of Douthat’s
by Jim Naureckas

*”It seems possible, and reasonable, to live and let live.”

“Reasonable” … yes

If you mean letting folks live their lives free of the demonization and discrimination that accompanies assignation as an “other” in these here United States.

“Possible” …

Unlikely, as long as the Douthats and Brookses provide cover for the bastards who propagate such persecution.

Democracy Now!
“They Couldn’t Take My Soul”: Anthony Ray Hinton on His Exoneration After 30 Years on Death Row

*Just compensation and apologies are necessary, but true justice can only come from prosecuting the prosecutors and other officials responsible for these horrific injustices.

That would be actual accountability.

Louisiana Denies Compensation to Dying Exonerated Death Row Prisoner as Former Prosecutor Apologizes

*The death penalty is barbaric, but not because of the possibility of a mistake.

The taking of a life is only justified to prevent death or severe injury to oneself or another. The killing of another human being once they can no longer pose such a threat is by definition inhuman.

Even if there were some deterrent effect, can we say that it would be sufficient to overcome our moral aversion to the taking of life, except under the most dire circumstances?

Not in my conception of what constitutes humanity.

American Pharmacists Association Urges Members to Stop Providing Execution Drugs

*No drugs for the addiction to death


As EPA Restricts Some Pesticide Use, Defenders of Bees Call for More Action
New action to protect pollinators ignores harmful chemicals already on market, groups say
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Boycott Indiana—for Imprisoning a Woman Who Miscarried
by Sonali Kolhatkar

*Silence from the single issue silos

Podemos and the Catalan independence process
by Richard Fidler

Jubilee USA Network
Vanuatu Owes Millions in Debt as Island Nation Struggles to Recover from Monster Cyclone
Religious Coalition Calls for Debt Relief

The Real News Network
Better a War than an Agreement?
Phyllis Bennis says forces aligned in opposition to the Iran Framework Agreement in the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia would rather see war than a deal that brings Iran out of sanctions and back into play as a regional power

Yemen Rebels Take Presidential Palace, What’s At Stake for Saudi Arabia? (1/3)
Madawi Al-Rasheed says the Saudis want to prove their military prowess as defenders of Sunni Muslims and to install a pro-Saudi government in Yemen

Institute for Public Accuracy
Iran Deal Myths: Sanctions

Democracy Now!
Economic Disobedience: Student Debt Strike Expands As 100 Refuse to Pay Back Predatory College Loans

UPDATE: Mumia Abu-Jamal Taken from Hospital Back to Prison; Family Limited to One Visit A Week

Star Trek’s George Takei on Leonard Nimoy: He Represented the Best of an Inclusive American Society

*More Vulcan than human, I’d say.

My 7 Favorite Anti-Inflammatory Foods
by Leanne Ely

Why You Should Eat Fruits and Vegetables Instead of Drinking Juice
Drinking your calories, even in juice, can lead to weight gain
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


Energy East Tar Sands Pipeline Hits Major Snag as TransCanada Forced to Scrap Terminal
‘This is a major victory for the protection of endangered species, communities and the environment,’ says activist
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Astroturf Warning: TPP Critics Call Out Fake ‘Progressive’ Group Pushing Corporate Trade Agenda
‘The fact is, you can be a progressive committed to fighting for working families or you can be for this massive job-killing trade deal written by hundreds of corporate representatives, but you can’t be both.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Greece Throws Away One of Its Eurogroup Memo Wins, Submits Reforms Reaching Up to a 3.9% Fiscal Surplus
by Yves Smith

Important Strike in Mexico: Farm Workers Paralyze Baja Farms
by Dan La Botz

The Real News Network
A Greek Default Hanging by a Thread
Dimitri Lascaris warns that the powers that be in Europe are unusually silent

Senate Tackles Root Causes of Central American Migration, But Ignores Trade Deals
The Senate Homeland Security Committee said that crime is driving the recent uptick in immigration to the U.S., while ignoring the effects sweeping trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA

Board’s Decision Raises More Questions about Tax Breaks for Developers
Stephen Janis examines the debate about the fairness of lucrative tax breaks in light of a recent decision to withhold one from a struggling city neighborhood

Institute for Public Accuracy
California Drought: Sign of “New Geologic Age”

* Atlanta Testing Scandal “Tip of Iceberg” * AFT Teams with Coke

Democracy Now!
After Warmest Winter, Drought-Stricken California Limits Water But Exempts Thirstiest Big Growers

*Sheared sacrifice

20 Years in Prison for Miscarrying? The Case of Purvi Patel & the Criminalization of Pregnancy

As NYU Expands Into Abu Dhabi, UAE Bars Professor Researching Migrant Worker Abuse


Astroturf on Steroids: Did Right-Wing Group Fake Anti-Net Neutrality Emails?
Some constituents whose emails were used by American Commitment said they never sent the messages in question
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Oregon Seeks to Become First State to Limit Antibiotic Use at Factory Farms
‘Oregon’s farmers want to nourish the state and believe public health should be increased, not endangered, by producing food to put on our tables.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Guilty of Being Poor
When a community issues arrest warrants for more offenses than it has residents, something’s deeply wrong.
by Karen Dolan

How Ohio’s Energy Economy Became a Radioactive 19th Century Relic
by Harvey Wasserman

The Sultans of Arabia intervene in Yemen’s domestic conflict
by Vijay Prashad

Economics for the 99% Asian Infrastructure Development Bank in Beijing: Now, that’s a seriously bad idea
by John Weeks

Center for Biological Diversity
In Bow to Industry Over Science, Feds Backpedal on Protecting Imperiled Bat
Northern Long-eared Bat Protected as Threatened Rather Than Endangered

Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR Calls for FBI Hate Crime Probe of ‘Get Out’ Vandalism Targeting Sudanese Refugees in Alaska

The Real News Network
Is The Baltimore Detention Center Torturing Juveniles?
Criminal justice expert Marc Schindler discusses recent allegations from the Justice Department that a Baltimore detention facility is illegally subjecting juveniles to solitary confinement

Operation Decisive Storm in Yemen May Not Be So Decisive
Patrick Cockburn says wars in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya are escalating, intensifying and cross-infecting each other, and the contradictory positions the US faces gives the IS an advantage

Arms Sales Fuel Middle East Conflicts
William Hartung says Saudi Arabia has become the second leading arms importer in the world

*”I think that’s one of the few reasons that the United States would be supporting such a horrific, repressive regime at this late date in our history.”

Should this be employed as an example under the definition of “non-sequitur”?

Strategy of Using Gulf Monarchies to Project US Power in Mideast is Unraveling
Glen Ford says US-backed Saudi-led air attacks on the Houthis, who are dedicated fighters against al-Qaeda, are making al-Qaeda the real winners in this war

*The enemy of my enemy is the friend of the enemy of my friend, who is the enemy of the friend of my enemy

At least for now

Institute for Public Accuracy
Mumia’s Case and Prison Health

Media Inflate Threat With ‘ISIS Plots’ That Don’t Actually Involve ISIS
by Adam Johnson

Democracy Now!
Indiana Scrambles to Contain Growing Corporate, Public Outcry over Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Law

*I hope folks realize that these corps aren’t their “allies”.

Are you willing to wager that they’ve been on the horn to Pence and his people, telling them to fix this? And not because they give a shit about equality, but because this is a PR headache that needs to go away as soon as possible.

Now, once it is, they’ll reap the benefits of having taken a “principled stand”, and all the major LGBT groups will praise them to the heavens, regardless of the crimes they commit on a daily basis, but they don’t want this to drag on, as they’ve got business to do in Indiana.

And as they’ve got the dough, Pence ain’t gonna say “No”, is he now?

Started by Abolitionists in 1865, The Nation Magazine Marks 150 Years of Publishing Rebel Voices

*This doesn’t negate the Nation’s better moments, but I think vanden Heuvel’s touting of Warren’s “eloquence”, after alluding to Israel’s sins, without mentioning her (and Sanders’ and every other Democratic senator’s) acquiescence in them exemplifies the contradictions that make those better moments stand out, rather than blend in, in the legacy of the magazine.

In that, it’s not unlike this program, is it?

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From Original 15 to More Than 80, Student Loan Strike Numbers Grow
‘It’s been a month since 15 former students of the failing for-profit giant Corinthian Colleges said they would not pay a dime of their student loans because the school broke the law.’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Still Struggling': Study of Gulf Species Contradicts BP’s Slick Corporate Spin
‘It may take years or even decades before the full impacts are known, and more research is clearly needed,’ reads National Wildlife Federation report
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Honoring Cesar Chavez’s Birthday by Supporting the Farm Workers for Whom He Gave His Life
by Arturo Rodriguez

Federal Court Rules for Indian Families in ACLU Lawsuit

The Real News Network
Are the CO2 Emissions Reduction Targets Enough to Stop Climate Catastrophe?
Michael E. Mann and Subhankar Banerjee discuss the emissions reduction commitments made by countries leading up to the UN Paris meeting on climate change

*Half steps still walk us closer to the abyss

Former IAEA Director: NYT Article a Malicious Attempt to Undermine Iran Negotiations
Robert Kelley says that David Sanger in The New York Times claimed Iran had backed off a commitment to ship uranium out of the country, something that was later refuted by the U.S. State Department

Institute for Public Accuracy
White House Climate Proposal “Woefully Inadequate”

*Budgeting the water

While the house burns down

Schumer’s Record: Pro-War, Backed by Wall Street

*The lesser evil keeps getting greater

Democracy Now!
“A Matter of War & Peace”: Iran, Powers Near Preliminary Deal in face of Congress-Israel Opposition

“Straights Only”? Indiana Faces Boycotts, Protests over Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Law

*I’m not “heartened” by corporate opposition.

If they had determined that this law was good for their bottom line, how do you think they would have reacted?

My guess is they would’ve kept their mealy mouths shut, and counted their filthy lucre.

What about yours?

Do you have an autoimmune problem?
by Terry Wahls, MD


After Talking to Washington Post about Low Wages, Hotel Worker Fired
In original profile, journalist wrote that Shanna Tippen’s experience ‘reflects a more realistic picture’ of life on minimum wage
by Common Dreams staff

Private Emails Reveal Ex-Clinton Aide’s Secret Spy Network
by Jeff Gerth

Why the NCAA Should Move the Final Four Out of Indiana
by Dave Zirin

*Will Pence foul out

Or will Emmert cop out?

Take the points on this bet.

Report: Big Education Firms Spend Millions Lobbying for Pro-Testing Policies
by Valerie Strauss

Black America’s State of Surveillance
by Malkia Cyril

*There’s a difference between being broken

And being fixed

Wyden Shows Connection Between Rigged Trade & Rigged Government
by Kevin Zeese

U.S. Right to Know
USRTK Calls for Investigation of Monsanto Cover Up, Harassment of USDA Scientists
Paris Makes Strides Towards Ditching Investments in Fossil Fuels

The Real News Network
The Fight for Fair Housing for Baltimore Renters
TRNN speaks to advocates fighting for Baltimore’s tenants to have more power in rent court

U.S. Policy in Afghanistan Created Hundreds of Little Dictators
Author and journalist Anand Gopal discusses the legacy of the war in Afghanistan at the Hosftra Conference on the George W. Bush Presidency

The Global African: Ferguson, Iran, & Urban Development Pt. 2
In this episode of teleSUR’s The Global African, host Bill Fletcher Jr. explores the DOJ report on Ferguson and discusses Iran-U.S. negotiations

The Global African: Selma, Jim Crow, and Urban Development
In this episode of Telesur’s The Global African, host Bill Fletcher, Jr. discusses the racism in the U.S. since 1965 and the real motivation behind the designation of Venezuela as a national security threat to the United States

Vaccines … Cancer in a Syringe!
by Ty Bollinger

*The needle and the damage done?

Institute for Public Accuracy
As Saudi Arabia Escalates Bombing of Yemen, Dozens Killed at Camp

Leading Papers Incite ‘Supreme International Crime’
By Jim Naureckas

What Have Whistleblowers Done for Elite Journalists Lately?
by Jim Naureckas

*A currency of complicity

Democracy Now!
Attorney for Bowe Bergdahl: Army Report Shows Ex-POW Left Base to Report Wrongdoing, Not Desert Unit

Ex-U.S. Official on Bowe Bergdahl Charges: Why Are We Vilifying an Ex-POW Tortured by Taliban?

*A prisoner of conscience

All that changes are the captors

Iran Nuclear Talks Near Deadline Amid “Air of Inevitability Combined with Tremendous Uncertainty”

The importance of food in autoimmune disease
by Leanne Ely

*I’m agnostic on the paleo diet – I just don’t know enough, although obviously much of it is well worth incorporating into yours – but I thought the intel on autoimmunity was useful, so …

The Coconut Oil Secret Exposed
by Jake Carney, Founder
The Alternative Daily

*Again, FYI, and decide for your own self.


‘You Might Be a Terrorist If…': Leaked Document Reveals Secret TSA Check List
“The SPOT program is bullshit,” the manager told The Intercept. “Complete bullshit.”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Sanctions and the Fate of the Nuclear Talks
The US and its allies have made no effort in hiding their intention to maintain the “sanctions architecture” in place for many years after a nuclear agreement
by Gareth Porter

Why Mexico’s Farmworkers Who Harvest Our Food Are on Strike
by Sonali Kolhatkar

What Lies Behind the Recent Surge of Amazon Deforestation
After declining by more than 70 percent in recent years, deforestation in the Amazon is soaring.
by Richard Schiffman

The Logic of Lesser Evilism
by Andrew Levine

Food & Water Watch
Obama’s Antibiotic Plan Fails to Address Overuse on Factory Farms

The Real News Network
Saudi Arabia Attacks Yemen, Targeting Houthis
Yemeni Houthi movement has more to do with the internal conflict within Yemen and less to do with the projected Shia-Sunni rivalry in the region, says Bilal Ahmed, graduate student at SOAS, University of London

Nigerians Head to the Polls Amid Rising Tensions
With several court challenges in the works, the elections are highly contested and posses a threat to the PDP rule, says Associate Professor Zachariah Mampilly of Vassar College

Institute for Public Accuracy
What Bergdahl Case Offers

Democracy Now!
Yemen Does Not Need Another War: Report from Sana’a as Saudi Attack Enters Second Day

The Yemen Crisis: Could Domestic Conflict Grow into Protracted Regional War?

African Economist Samir Amin on the World Social Forum, Globalization & the Barbarism of Capitalism

Nutrition Action
10 Best Foods


House Passes Medicare Reform Bill, But Critics Warn Beneficiaries Will Pay the Price
As is too often the case, bipartisanship in Congress results in society’s most vulnerable being asked to sacrifice the most in return for less
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Why is “reform” almost always de facto

Spelled with a “d” … ?

US Airstrikes, Coupled with Iran-backed Militias and Iraqi Forces, Target ISIS in Tikrit
‘US military now involved in two air wars in the Middle East, not to mention more widespread drone actions.’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[A] messy battle … “

Yes, blood is messy

But seemingly simple enough to cover up

Sorry, Monsanto. The Science Is on Our Side, Not Yours
by Katherine Paul

Revisiting A Progressive Education Agenda: What’s Happened Since?
by Jeff Bryant

*Running into the bricks in the wall

Agent Orange Funding Opens Door To US Militarism And Covert Action In Vietnam
by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

*So, a half century on

Does the US “win” Vietnam?

UK Support for Death Penalty Drops Below 50 Percent

The Real News Network
Greek Public Coffers Expected to Run Dry Next Month
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel, there were no concessions forthcoming, and ECB has placed significant and severe restraints on Greek banks causing capital flight, says Dimitri Lascaris

*Remember the buzz awhile back about some sectors of the exploitocracy and their lackeys (including Dear Misleader) getting it that austerity isn’t in their best long term interests?

‘Pears those bees done bumbled off towards oblivion, don’t it?

Resistance Mounts to Stephen Harper’s Secret Police Bill
Public support plummeting for Bill C-51 after National Day of Action and widespread criticism by public figures in Canada

Why is U.S. Voter Turnout So Low?
Black Agenda Report executive editor Glen Ford responds to President Obama’s proposal for mandatory voting

*Ever notice how voting for the lesser of two evils never seems to make it any more lesser?

The Roots of Nigeria’s Chaos
Nnimmo Bassey: Years of Western-backed military dictatorship and unfettered plunder by oil companies have created enormous disparity in wealth and a corrupt political elite – a breeding ground for extremism

TRNN Replay: 9/11 not an “Intelligence Failure”
Ray McGovern and Jason Leopold: The intelligence agencies had the information, the question is why didn’t they use it

*Whatever the reality, the aversion to considering an inside job at some level is based to some degree on the assumption that no administration would ever allow such a horror to occur.

Yet how many of us die due to pollution, or lack of health care, or simply not having basic needs met?

Isn’t every regime culpable for those crimes, through both their actions and inactions?

It doesn’t matter how death arrives

But who gives it a ride.

Brave New Films
I Stand With Teachers Who Want Their Money Out Of Gun Companies

FAIR Analysis
Colombian Report on US Military’s Child Rapes Not Newsworthy to US News Outlets
by Adam Johnson

*Blacked out lives don’t matter

Institute for Public Accuracy
WikiLeaks Exposes TPP Secrecy and Big Business Agenda

Democracy Now!
Brutalized in Taliban Captivity After Fleeing War He Opposed, Bowe Bergdahl Charged with Desertion


Naomi Klein: Shock of Oil Price Plunge Is Opportunity World Must Seize
Riffing on key ideas from her last two books, Canadian author argues time is perfect to employ “shock doctrine” for good by using climate change as opportunity to “change everything” about our economy and energy systems
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Big Food ‘Expands Its Tentacles’ with Heinz-Kraft Deal
Warren Buffet orchestrated mega-merger will create fifth largest food company in the world
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Israel’s Seizure of Palestinian Taxes Sparks Economic Devastation, Mounting Resistance
Palestinian officials warn economy is teetering and government is close to default
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Which is the Most Responsible Nuclear Nation – Iran, Israel or the United States?
by Kevin Martin

*Black pots

And an empty kettle

The Politics of the NCAA Sweet Sixteen
by David Morris

*Large circus

Little bread

Organic Consumers Association
Statement from Ronnie Cummins on Reintroduction of Federal Bill to Kill States’ Rights to GMO Labeling Laws
Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) Reintroduces the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) ACT

Regional Banks Say Regulation Costs Too High
Senator Elizabeth Warren challenges attempt to exempt regional banks with less than $250 billion from Dodd-Frank regulation

New Bill Threatens Patient Safety
Representatives and the pharmaceutical industry say 21st Century Cures will foster innovation, while critics argue that the legislative effort is a ploy to dismantle safeguards for short-term financial gain

What is Behind the Collapse of the Centre Left Parties in Europe?
Mark Weisbrot says Podemos and SYRIZA have risen out of long term austerity, and Greece has a good chance of recovering outside the Eurozone

*”Socialist” is as much a misnomer for these parties as “Democratic” is for their stateside counterpart.

The Rise of Podemos (3/3)
Podemos is the greatest threat to the ruling elite in Spain and their capitalist alliances across Europe, says Professor Vicente Navarro

*Working class support for the far right is also the result of an appeal to fear and favor – fear of “the other”, and the favored status of whites – both in Europe and the US.

Those have to be addressed by making the case for cross race, religious and ethnic solidarity, in humanistic terms, but as important, in terms of self interest.

Only a united front of all who are exploited can defeat those who exploit them.

Understanding who conquers when we are divided is the necessary lesson leading to a true class act.

Democracy Now!
My Lai Revisited: 47 Years Later, Seymour Hersh Travels to Vietnam Site of U.S. Massacre He Exposed

*Hersh may be an excellent reporter, and I give him his due for the tenacity displayed in pursuing this story, but forgive me for not having much faith in his ability to place these horrors in proper context.

No mention of just why the US was in Vietnam, rationalizations for why these war crimes occurred – not to say he’s excusing them, but exhibiting a wholly unfounded faith in the essential morality of the military, rather than as the instrument of oppression and imperialism it has always been …

Contradiction is the order of the day.

Like many liberals, and I’m referring to those who don’t merit the requisite quotation marks, Hersch just can’t “cope with the reality” – to use his own words – that is the rotten core of this country. He wants to believe the American myth of honor and righteousness, and ascribes its abrogation by history to “going astray”, rather than being on the prescribed path from the beginning.

So he can honestly be horrified by these atrocities, and seek to expose them, but he can’t bring himself to question the visceral motivations for them, as that would mean a loss of faith in a creed that is fundamental to his understanding of the world.

In saying all this, I don’t mean to claim that America is unique in this respect. The Brits and many other empires and nations have shared this hubris of exceptionalism.

But I’m an American, and as one, I have an obligation to see the beam in my country’s eye most clearly.

Private Prisons for Immigrant Families Grow Despite Court Ruling Against “Detention as Deterrence”

Part 2: Migrant Women Appear Via Video from Detention Centers in Asylum Cases Amid Harsh Conditions

*”Family values” to the bottom lines of incarceration corps


Death of US Coal Exemplifies Need for Paradigm Shift for Global Energy System
Rapidly decaying coal industry reveals fate of all fossil fuels, argue researchers at Carbon Tracker Initiative
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I don’t want these blood suckers to “adapt their business models”, any more than I’d wish the Mafia to.

I want them to be charged, convicted and commensurately sentenced for their copious crimes.

There I go thinking about impractical concepts like justice again.

Opposition Grows as Shell Drilling Fleet Heads to Arctic Waters
Obama administration expected to approve Shell’s Arctic drilling program as early as Wednesday
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Less Meat, More Plants for Healthier People and Planet: Coalition
Food experts and groups representing millions of American consumers demand that federal nutrition guidelines adopt sustainability recommendations that put climate and health impacts ahead of industry interests
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Six Ways Forward to Reform Our Democracy for a Better Food System
by Mallory Morken

“I Plead Guilty” (to Insubordination)
by Howard Zinn, Paula Giddings

Thousands in Montreal Unite Against Austerity and Petro-Economy
by David Gray-Donald

What’s Next for Greece? Debating Syriza’s Options
by Joanne Landy and Thomas Harrison

Wall Street Losing Millions From Bad Energy Loans
by Nick Cunningham
Oil Price

*Toxic loans in a toxic industry

Supreme Court to Decide Profits vs People
11,000 lives a year at stake as coal industry and its allies oppose EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standard

Center for Food Safety
EPA Agrees to Regulate Novel Nanotechnology Pesticides After Legal Challenge

Violence Policy Center
New and Expanded Online Resource Details Fatal Concealed Carry Incidents State by State

The Real News Network
Teaching Assistants Reject University of Toronto Offer
Margaret Atwood, Stephen Lewis, and Naomi Klein among those who tweeted, supported, or refused to cross the picket lines of striking contract staff at U of T, says Omar Sirri, PhD student

Institute for Public Accuracy
Afghanistan: “Fiction” of Sovereign Government, U.S. Funding “War of Attrition”

NYT Reported Japanese Internment as ‘Pioneering Chapter in US History’
by Jim Naureckas

*And slavery was “rigorous job training”

New York Times: Nuclear Establishment Tool
by Karl Grossman

Rebranding McCain and Romney as Moderates to Facilitate a Sharp Right Turn
by Jim Naureckas

*Corpress rules of the road


Democracy Now!
After Liberation Came Destruction: Iraqi Shiite Militias Accused of Looting, Burning Sunni Villages

“Inside Baghdad’s Brutal Battle Against ISIS”: In Chaos of Post-Invasion Iraq, Militias Take Hold

An Angry White House Vows to Confront Netanyahu, But Will It End Key U.S. Support for Occupation?

*Once more, a one egalitarian state solution is not deemed worthy of discussion, other than to be dismissed as impractical.

Transpose that view into the debate about apartheid in South Africa a quarter century ago, and while the situations are not entirely identical, I think the moral absurdity of such a claim becomes glaringly apparent.

A Healthy Mediterranean Diet
What a 2013 study did—and didn’t—find
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


With MegaChurch-Like Event, Sen. Ted Cruz Declares GOP Presidential Run
‘It’s fun to poke fun at Ted Cruz. But we should remember his crazy is there to later make the merely extreme seem eminently reasonable.’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Glyphosate, Favored Chemical of Monsanto & Dow, Declared ‘Probable’ Source of Cancer for Humans
World’s most widely used herbicide ingredient shown to cause variety of cancers by research arm of World Health Organization
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

How Privatization Degrades Our Daily Lives
by Paul Buchheit

Secretive and Seedy: How Aid Donors are Opening the Agribusiness Flood Gates
When big agribusiness teams up with international aid organizations to corner the market on seeds, everyone loses
by Ian Fitzpatrick

Welcome to Yemen, Where Only Violence is a Certainty
by Farea Al-Muslimi

Can You Say “Blowback” in Spanish? The Failed War on Drugs in Mexico (and the United States)
by Rebecca Gordon

Journalism as Subversion
by Chris Hedges

The Real News Network
Baltimore Police Commissioner: Racism Causes Pain, Violence in the Community
TRNN’s Stephen Janis looks at the evolving dialog about the role of racism in crime


“I feel your pain”


“I fuel it”

Love of Revolution: Tom Porter & Jared Ball Remember Amiri Baraka
Mr. Tom Porter returns for part 2 of his discussion of Political Struggle, Family, Friends and radicalism in the civil and human rights struggles of the United States

The Rise of Podemos (2/3)
Professor Vicente Navarro, one of the main architects of “Un Projecto Economico Para La Gente” for Podemos

What Happened to Haiti’s Plan to ‘Build Back Better’?
Economist James Henry discusses how the Clintons and the international community backed the development of luxury hotels and textile factories in Haiti’s capital while paying minimal attention to structural issues like rule of law and tax reform

*Why does Henry soft pedal the criminality of Clintonismo? They’re the poster children for political opportunism and globalized graft, not to mention the godparents of “humanitarian intervention”, with the oceans of blood and misery that oxymoronic ideology has unleashed.

That’s what I give them “credit” for.

Podemos in Spain Ignite Alternatives (1/3)
Professor Vincent Navarro of Johns Hopkins, Baltimore and Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, maps the conditions that gave way to the rise of Podemos in Spain

*Let’s hope Podemos goes to school on SYRIZA getting schooled by the Eurobastardry.

The stakes are too high to take lightly the lessons.

Europe Tilts East Towards China (2/2)
Economist Michael Hudson says China’s new international bank will be exempt from a US-veto, empowering other countries to lead development and perhaps challenge the use of the dollar as the currency of global capital

Accelerated Approval for ALS drug GM604

Democracy Now!
Yemen in Crisis: U.S. Closes Key Drone Base & Withdraws Forces as U.N. Warns of Civil War

“Shaky Science” Doubts Saturated Fat Linked to Heart Disease
Q&A with Professor Martijn Katan
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

Beware of These Dietary Supplement Advertising Tricks (Part 2)
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

Fat in Food: The Truth about Canola Oil
Is canola oil really bad for you?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Groups Pan ‘Toothless’ Fracking Rules As Industry Giveaway
New rule ‘is merely a continuation of Obama’s harmful all-of-the-above energy policy,’ says Friends of the Earth
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Thanks to Climate Change, Arctic Sea Ice at Lowest Levels Ever Recorded
National Snow and Ice Data Center researchers find ‘Arctic is being seriously impacted by our warming climate’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

To Solve California’s Water Crisis, We Must Change the Nation’s Food System
by Sonali Kolhatkar

As Awareness of the School-to-Prison Pipeline Rises, Some Schools Rethink the Role of Police
by Harold Jordan

From Basic Income to Social Dividends: Sharing the Value of Common Resources
It’s time to broaden the debate on how to fund a universal basic income by including options for sharing resource rents, which is a model that can be applied internationally to reform unjust economic systems, reduce extreme poverty and protect the global commons.
by Rajesh Makwana

*I don’t understand how income supplementation based on resource rents is compatible with environmental protection, in so far as fossil fuels and other dangerous extractions are concerned.

If those are necessary to provide the funds for the scheme, how does that jibe with the necessity of ending them to protect the planet?

But beyond that, we’re talking about “income”, and obviously, “money”.

I’d like to see a serious discussion of how to structure an economy without a medium of exchange, one that isn’t defined by the purchase of goods and services, but by a collective and collaborative process of distribution based on the specific needs of each of us.

Put simply, I’m referring to the whole “From each according to her talents; to each according to his needs” thing.

The bottom line for me is the moral imperative to ensure that every single one of us has the means to live a dignified life

And I can’t see how the bottom line on the ledger sheet has any place in that future.

Beware of the Corporate GMO Spin Doctors
by Wenonah Hauter

*Truth in labeling

“The Science Guise”

Obnoxious Chicago Mayor Faces Threat
by John R. MacArthur

*Let’s hope MacArthur’s wrong about simply a short term glitch in the gears of the machine should Emanuel get the boot, but that will depend in large measure on what Garcia can do, will do, and is pushed to do by the people of the city.

A Frightful Prospect: Hillary vs. Jeb
by Andrew Levine

The Real News Network
Despite Report on Spate of Killings, Police Reform in Jeopardy
Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle’s Davon Love speaks with TRNN’s Stephen Janis about the possibility that much of the proposed law enforcement legislation may not pass

The True Cost of Incarceration in Baltimore’s Poorest Neighborhoods
TRNN’s Stephen Janis talks to Justice Policy Institute Executive Director Marc Schindler about how Maryland spends millions incarcerating residents of inner city neighborhoods

The Fed Sits on Interest Rates Waiting Greater Recovery
Professor Robin Hahnel of E3 Network says Yellen is acting in the public interest and does not want to derail slow and tepid recovery

Silicon Valley Democrats Pursuing High-Skill Immigration Reform
Republicans along with many progressive groups oppose the reform, arguing that it’s a front for keeping wages low in the Information Technology sector by bringing in cheap labor from abroad

Europe Tilts East Towards China
Michael Hudson Report: Britain, German, France and Italy are among those who joined Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in an expression of their discontent over World Bank polices that force developing countries to depend on the US

Danny Schechter, ‘News Dissector’ and Creator, Dies at 72

*I met Danny at the Media and Democracy Congress in San Francisco in ’96, and recall his graciousness in doing an impromptu promo for my dinky little public access program.

Years later, he plugged my website at his place.

If you go there, you’ll see that I could be critical of him, but I’ll always be grateful for his minor menschiness toward me, and this piece makes plain that we should all be grateful for the major menschiness he evinced on the national and global media stage.

Rest in peace, brudda

You’ve earned it.

Institute for Public Accuracy Google Ads Skewing Internet Content

Democracy Now!
Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño on Press Freedom, Anti-Correa Protests & Chevron Case

*You don’t have to take the US’ or the opposition’s side to question some of the actions of the Correa administration. The same applies to Venezuela, Bolivia and other “leftist” regimes.

Political and intellectual integrity demand a fealty to ferreting out the facts, and we shouldn’t let the duplicity of those aligned against these administrations deter us from that task.

Principle is our party.

A Gift to ExxonMobil? Chris Christie Criticized over Settlement to Clean Up Century of Contamination

*”Personal responsibility”

Doesn’t apply to pinstripes

PART 2: “How the FBI Created a Terrorist” by Entrapping Mentally Ill Man in Florida

Beware of These Dietary Supplement Advertising Tricks (Part 3)
Over the last couple of weeks, we have warned you about supplement advertising tricks, here is one more
David Schardt
Nutrition Action


TransCanada Whistleblower Spurs New Probe of Pipeline Giant’s Safety Record
Activists say latest allegations prove the corporation ‘cannot be trusted’ to operate its existing network, much less build new pipelines
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

UN to Consider US Government’s Role in Ignoring Civil Rights Era Murders
‘There are potentially thousands of suspicious race killings at the hands of local police yet the federal and local governments refuse to investigate many of these deaths,’ justice team says
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The past remains buried

Along with the bodies

When Will “Progressives” Defend Public Education?
by Anthony Cody

*What’s left out by both the “Bold Progressives” (other than a boilerplate mention of “working families”) and Cody is any reference to race and class.

And if you think the rape of public education has nothing to do with those elements

Your sociopolitical education has been tragically bereft, as well.

‘Islamic State’ as a Western Phenomenon? Reimagining the IS Debate
by Ramzy Baroud

Veteran Vision: When It’s Done, This Is What the War Looks Like
by Abby Zimet, staff writer
Common Dreams

ACLU Condemns Committee Passage of Florida Bill Allowing Agencies to Put Religious and Moral Beliefs over Children’s Needs in Foster and Adoption Placements

National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)
Serenata a un indocumentado by Los Jornaleros del Norte

The Real News Network
Turmoil in Libya Strengthening Extremism in Tunisia
Mohamed-Salah Omri analyzes the attacks in Tunis and why an estimated 3,000 young people fled Tunisia to join the IS

Netanyahu Victory Lays Bare Israel as Racist, Colonial State
Analyst Shir Hever: Despite Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing, neoliberal, and racist policies, his reelection thwarted a potentially more aggressive and violent regime from taking power

Report: Environmental Inequality Disproportionality Affects Black and Latino Communities
UMass-Amherst Researcher Klara Zwickl discusses measuring environmental inequality through industrial air pollution in the U.S. and recommends solutions to bridge economic disparities

Institute for Public Accuracy
Netanyahu’s Warning on Arab Voters “Encapsulates Israel’s Contradiction”

Democracy Now!
Blockupy: Thousands Protest in Frankfurt Calling on Eurozone to Dismantle “Laboratory for Austerity”

Deadly Shooting Rampage at Tunisian National Museum Leaves Birthplace of Arab Spring on Edge

Obama Seeks Fast Track for TPP, Trade Deal that Could Thwart “Almost Any Progressive Policy or Goal”

*Wallach asks why Dear Misleader is pimping this, and I ask why she seems clueless as to the answer, and why Goodman didn’t press her for one.

This is why he and every other president are in office. For whatever relatively minor tweaks to corporate power he may have promoted, when the big ticket items are involved, those go out the window. The TPP vitiates those tepid reforms, which renders his “populism” null and void.

Democratic presidents may toss some crumbs our way, but under either party, the bakery’s owned by the bastards with the big wads.

“How the FBI Created a Terrorist”: Agency Accused of Entrapping Mentally Ill Man in Florida

WATCH: Florida Grants Parole to Mark DeFriest After New Film Exposes His Shocking Ordeal Behind Bars

How to Diet: Is Soy Consumption Linked to Breast Cancer?
The real story on soy and breast cancer
David Schardt
Nutrition Action


New Research Endorses ‘Rooftop Revolution’ as Simple, Local Solar Solution
Study shows ‘we do not need to trade these places of environmental value for the production of renewable energy’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Report: US-Backed Forces Committing Atrocities, Fueling Sectarianism in Iraq
Human Rights Watch investigation finds Iraqi military forces, Shiite militias, and volunteer fighters carried out arson, demolitions, and abductions in aftermath of Amerli operation in September
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

A Chemical Safety Law with Industry’s Red Pen (Literally) All Over It
These days, public health advocates charge, ‘laws intended to regulate polluters are now written by the polluters themselves’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Foxes with a fax machine

Obama’s White House Sets New Record in Rejecting FOIA Requests
Obama administration censored and denied access to government data more than ever in 2014, despite claims of ‘most transparent presidency’ ever
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

The US Military Just Plunged Philippine Politics into Crisis
American fingerprints are all over a botched commando raid in the southern Philippines that left dozens dead and shocked the country.
by Walden Bello

An Estimated 800 Facing Hanging in Pakistan Were Sentenced to Death as Children

Center for Economic and Policy Research
Election of Luis Almagro as New OAS Secretary General Represents ‘Declining US Influence in Latin America,’ CEPR Co-Director Says

The Real News Network
Ali Abunimah: Palestinians Better Off with Netanyahu
Netanyahu invoked racist calls about Arabs flowing to the polls to get out his vote; his win will make it easier to isolate Israel because Netanyahu is the face of Israel as it really is

*The devil you want the world to know

Remembering Civil Rights Leader Parren Mitchell (2/2)
Lisa Mitchell continues a discussion about the legacy of her uncle Parren Mitchell speaking truth to power

Fight for $15
Third-degree burn. McDonald’s “treatment”? MUSTARD.

Forgiving Al-Qaeda in Pursuit of a New Enemy
by Jim Naureckas

*”Humanitarian intervention” is so 2014 …

Institute for Public Accuracy
Does Netanyahu’s Victory Open Door for One State? Bigger BDS?

Democracy Now!
Hedge Fund-Backed Castellan Real Estate Group Intimidates NYC Tenants to Vacate Rent-Stabilized Apts

After Netanyahu Wins Israel Vote with Racism & Vow of Permanent Occupation, How Will World Respond?

A Family Broken Up: Freed After 8 Years at Guantánamo, a Father & Son Are Still Kept Apart


The Real Irish-American Story Not Taught in Schools
by Bill Bigelow

Environmental Working Group (EWG)
Groups Join Voices Against Industry Chemicals Bill

More than 500,000 Call on EPA to Strengthen Smog Protections
Public comment period on National Ambient Air Quality Standard ends today

The Real News Network
Jewish-American Leadership Rising in Opposition to Israeli Occupation
TRNN concludes its coverage of the Jewish Voice for Peace 2015 National Meeting with closing remarks from Israelis and Jewish Americans and excerpts from the keynote speech by Angela Y. Davis

Zionist Union Leader Herzog Willing to Form a Coalition with Netanyahu’s Likud
Max Blumenthal says Herzog represents the Ashkenazi elite, which is a narrow but influential group, it is a dangerous prospect for Palestinians

Changing the Meaning and the Practice of Policing in the US
After the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Glen Ford says the goal of the Black Lives Matter movement is to establish black community control over the police in the US

Institute for Public Accuracy
Israel’s Election: Anti-Palestinian While Avoiding Occupation

Clear Channel Tells FCC Covert Commercials Would Be ‘User-Friendly, Satisfying’
by Jim Naureckas

*With apologies to E. Costello

And the radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools

Trying to incentivize the way that you feel

Democracy Now!
A Deadly U-Turn: Did Miriam Carey Need to Die After Wrong Car Move at White House Checkpoint?

Part 2: Did Miriam Carey Need to Die After Wrong Car Move at White House Checkpoint?

*Can you see this happening were Carey a white woman, especially with a child in the car?

I think the odds go down precipitously.

Diabetes and Diet: Can Magnesium Supplements Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes?
More studies need to be done
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

The Benefits of Coconut Milk
by Leanne Ely


US Oil Pipeline Industry Quietly Building Network That ‘Dwarfs Keystone’
While the domestic oil pipeline network is rapidly expanding, so too are concerns about safety
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The hydra has many heads

Four Reasons to Question the Official ‘Poverty Eradication’ Story of 2015
by Martin Kirk

*The need to grow out of greed

Kshama Sawant: The Most Dangerous Woman in America
by Chris Hedges

Four Numbers that Show the Beating Down of Middle America
by Paul Buchheit

A Global War on Nature and the Politics of Extinction
An introduction to the most beautiful animal you’ll never see
by William deBuys

Doctors Without Borders
Multi-drug Resistant TB Strain in Swaziland Not Detectable by Most Advanced Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Fight for $15
Burned at McDonald’s. Treated with MUSTARD.

*”Health” food

The Real News Network
Students Critical of Israeli Occupation Face Academic Crackdown
At the 2015 Jewish Voice for Peace Conference in Baltimore, TRNN speaks to Jewish and Palestinian students, academics and attorneys who are demanding that college campuses stop suppressing dissent

Congolese Youth Fight Against President’s Attempt to Extend Term Limits
With more than 40 dead after protests against Congolese President Joseph Kabila’s attempt to stay in power, Friends of the Congo representatives and a Congolese youth organizer discuss what’s at stake for the country’s citizens

Behind the Murder of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow (2/2)
Aleksandr Buzgalin, professor of political economy at Moscow State University, says Jurassic Capitalism is behind the economic woes in the Russian economy

Syriza – a Necessary Compromise or Avoiding an Inevitable Conclusion?
Dimitri Lascaris and Leo Panitch discuss the Greek government’s negotiating strategy and whether it should be preparing to leave the Eurozone

*This is for the Greek people to decide, and as Lascaris says, there needs to be utter honesty in laying out to them just what each option may well mean to their lives.

I lean toward his analysis. The neoliberals in the Eurozone, while they may accede to some cosmetic reforms, which isn’t to say that those wouldn’t be of some benefit to the public, will never allow anything beyond that, and Greece will continue to suffer the horrors of austerity until a break is made, which will entail pain, without doubt.

The junkie can continue to get his fix, while he falls deeper into despair and closer to death

Or he can go through the hell of withdrawal, kick his habit, and live a decent life.

Honestly present that choice to the Greek public, and we’ll see if faith trumps fear.

Graduate Students at NYU Have Reached a Settlement
The pressure is mounting at University of Massachusetts to do the same, we discuss the plight of graduate students in part time teaching contracts with Natasha Raheja at NYU & Anna Waltman at UMass

Is Canada’s “Patriot Act” a Political Ploy?
Leo Panitch and Dimitri Lascaris discuss Canada’s Bill C-51 and other issues facing Canadians as elections loom on the horizon

Radicalism in the Civil Rights Movement and Black Liberation Struggles
New Black Leadership Emerging 50 Years After Selma (4/4)
TRNN’S Eddie Conway speaks to Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford about the accomplishments and challenges facing the black community on the 50th anniversary of Selma

Veteran activist, educator, radio host and jazz critic, Mr. Tom Porter, talks about his life, work, friendship with Amiri Baraka and the often overlooked depth of radical ideas within the civil and human rights struggles in the U.S.

USA Today Headline Makes a Leap to Pin the Rap on ‘Protester’
by Jim Naureckas

Tahirih Justice Center
End Forced Marriage in the United States!

I support the LGBTQ Bill of Rights!

*No “others” among “the other”

Let U.S. Patients Have Life-Saving Medicines from Cuba

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Tell Dr Pepper Snapple Group: Stop Advertising Soda to Kids!

Public Citizen
Stop the Financial Industry’s Stealth Attack on Our Rights
Urge the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Stand Up to Wall Street and Defend Consumer Rights

Democracy Now!
Vanuatu Blames Global Warming as Cyclone Causes Nation’s Worst Climate Disaster in Recent Memory

*Reaping the whirlwinds

As U.N. Backs Fossil Fuel Divestment, Bill McKibben on Vanuatu, Oxford Vote, California Water Crisis

*Well, let’s hope Nasheed isn’t “the Mandela of the Indian Ocean”, given the latter’s sellout to the white elite in the name of “practical politics”.

When you engage in that exercise, you condemn your people to misery and death as you practice “the art of the possible”.

“The possible” has no place in the struggle to save our place on this planet. We can’t make a bad deal with the climate, and claim it’s the best we can do.

As for McKibben’s mealy mouthing about US support for Nasheed’s tormentors, it seems to indicate a foolish view that Dear Misleader is more concerned with his “climate legacy” than he is in doing the job he was hired to do, with no drought of Wall Street campaign funding.

Some segments of the exploitocracy may finally be “getting it”, but their response will be too little, too late, and too idiotic to matter. Technofixes are a false and dangerous hope, and when push comes to shove, maintaining their position will trump any inclination toward the actions that could make a real difference.

And Obama and every other pol with any power will have their backs, as they stab us in ours.

If McKibben doesn’t get it on that score, or just doesn’t want to

Then he needs to get the hell out of the way.

After Swedish Prosecutors Back Down, Is WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Close to Freedom?

U.S. Sugar Industry Implicated in Obesity Epidemic
“[S]hould be a warning to the public health community”
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*Sickeningly sweet

What to Eat: The Healthiest Veggie “Meats” You Can Buy
Try some of these healthy meat-free burgers, crumbles, meatballs, nuggets, or strips
by Jayne Hurley
Nutrition Action


Revealed: Police and FBI Spied On Black Lives Matter Organizers Ahead of Mall of America Protests
‘We will not be intimidated,’ declares Minneapolis chapter of Black Lives Matter
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Over 30 Leading Digital Rights, Pro-Democracy, and Civil Liberties Organizations Rally Support for Tomorrow’s Day of Action Across Canada to Stop Bill C-51
Over 55 non-partisan events in every province across Canada confirmed for Saturday March 14, as numbers speaking out online top 83,000

Human Rights Watch
Cambodia: Labor Laws Fail to Protect Garment Workers

The Real News Network
Malcolm X, Self-Determination and the People’s Movement – Kamau Franklin on Reality Asserts Itself (4/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Franklin discusses the relationship between the mass movement and electoral politics

*The problem with engaging in electoral politics is that it almost always devolves into “the art of the possible”, rather than that of “the potential”.

At some point, none of the great victories of the past – the end of formal slavery, the realization of basic workers’ rights, et alia – fit into the former category, did they?

There will always be a tension between what can be accomplished at any given juncture, and what needs to be created.

We face hard choices, but they must be taken in the context of a vision that refuses to cede the potential of the future to the constraints of the present.

Our reach should exceed our grasp

Else what’s our humanity for?

The “War on Drugs” in the Black Community Was a Response to Voting Rights (3/4)
TRNN’S Eddie Conway speaks to Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford about the accomplishments and challenges facing the black community on the 50th anniversary of Selma

I shouldn’t be fired for being attacked
by Najee Rivera

*A profound injustice compounding an unjust injury

Petition Update
Unethical Human Experimentation on an Unsuspecting Woman at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 3/11/15
by Hooman Noorchashm

Democracy Now!
How Should Universities Respond to Racist Incidents on Campus?

*Issues of speech are complex, and I confess that the issue of condemnation versus sanction is one on which I don’t have a clear view.

I think the concept of “I disagree (or despise) what you say, but will defend (To the death?) your right to say it” is too simplistic, but its core value can’t be discounted.

As alluded to here, sanction for what I’d consider hateful speech can boomerang to impact speech I find righteous, or at least understandable, given the injustice that precipitates it.

So, I guess I’m stuck at the distinction between accepting hateful speech, and allowing it.

I can never accept such, and still hold true to my humanity, but if we are to hold true to the principles of free speech, must we allow such bile? Are there any circumstances in which we are justified in sanctioning it?

It’s a conundrum I feel compelled to continue to consider.

Data and Goliath: Bruce Schneier on the Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

Part 2: Bruce Schneier on the Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World


Wind Power on the Rise, Could Supply One-Third of Nation’s Electricity by 2050, Says DOE
‘The nation can deploy wind power to economically provide 35 percent of our nation’s electricity and supply renewable power in all 50 states by 2050,’ says Obama administration
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*So just how do Clark’s comments “pre-empt” criticisms around harm to animals and ecosystems? Are they supposed to have some cachet because she’s head of a high profile NGO?

Forgive me for not accepting her assurances at face value.

And if indeed wind is an essential component of a renewable energy transformation, what’s missing here is any mention of just who will control that change.

Do we want the same corporate criminals responsible for our predicament profiting off its remediation?

I’m sure DOE is copasetic with that, and perhaps DoW, as well

But I ain’t.

Big Oil’s Broken Business Model
The real story behind the oil price collapse
by Michael T. Klare

Forest Peoples Programme
African Human Rights Body Warns the World Bank on Proposals to Reverse Decades of Advancement in Protection of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

Physicians for a National Health Program
Health Law Hasn’t Cut Insurers’ Rate of Overhead Spending: Study

*Pigs in a profit pumping poke

The Real News Network
Ferguson Police Chief Jackson Resigns
Jamala Rogers, co-founder of Organization for Black Struggle, discusses its significance and the next steps for those on the ground in Ferguson

The Struggle in Ferguson Was Never Just About Bad Police
Reverend Osagyefo Sekou responds to the Department of Justice reports about Ferguson

The Murder of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow
Who killed Boris Nemtsov? He was neither a leader nor real opposition, according to Aleksandr Buzgalin, professor of political economy at Moscow State University

The Killing of Anthony Robinson on the 50th Anniversary of Selma
TRNN’S Eddie Conway speaks to Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford about the accomplishments and challenges facing the black community on the 50th anniversary of Selma (2/4)

*Policing in a capitalist (read “exploitative”) society embodies the same immutable characteristic as the system itself.

You can make it relatively better

But you can never make it good.

WaPo, Owned by CIA’s Webmaster, Blasts Venezuela’s ‘State-Financed’ News
by Jim Naureckas

Democracy Now!
Eyewitness to Ferguson Police Shooting: Gunfire Did Not Come From Area of Non-Violent Protest

University of Oklahoma Students Mobilize Against Racism as Two Fraternity Members Expelled for Hate Video

*I think the expulsion of the students is warranted, to send a clear message that this hateful bile won’t be tolerated, but I’d like to see an honest procedure through which they could be readmitted, after proving by their actions, not simply their words, that they understand the magnitude of the wrong they’ve committed.


Scientist Who Exposed Health Impacts of Burn Pits in Iraq Awarded Rachel Carson Prize
Dr. Mozhgan Savabieasfahani credited with bringing public attention to connection between rising birth defects and military burn pits
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Fukushima: Amidst Radioactive Ruins, Renewable Energy Revolution Soars
byHarvey Wasserman

*Old John D. might well get into green

Screwing workers and ratepayers to get even more of it.

Clean energy without clean hands is no Solartopia to me.

The Student Debt Time Bomb
Indebted students are a force to be reckoned with.
by Chuck Collins

‘Epic Fail’: Feminism and Ecological Crises
by Robert Jensen

Physicians for Human Rights
Doctors in the Crosshairs: Four Years of Attacks on Health Care in Syria

CAIR Calls on Maine, New Jersey GOP Chairs to Repudiate Prejudiced Comments by Officials

The Real News Network
Four Years After Fukushima Disaster, Radiation Dangers Remain Unknown
Among the many unknown factors include the effects of radiation levels on children’s health, says journalist Chiho Kaneko

50 Years After Selma, African Americans Remain Targeted by Mass Incarceration
TRNN’S Eddie Conway speaks to Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford about the accomplishments and challenges facing the black community on the 50th anniversary of Selma (1/4)


And sell outs

Quantitative Easing for Whom? (2/2)
The European Central Bank’s Trillion Euro plan to make the economy grow will only help keep the banks afloat

Quantitative Easing for Whom? (1/2)
Michael Hudson says quantitative easing is a pretext for assisting banks to make even more profit

*That should be “squeezing”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Lead Senator on Iran Letter Got Major Funding from Pro-Israeli Hardliners

U.S and Venezuela: Who’s the Security Threat?

CNN on the Frontiers of the Commercialization of News
by Jim Naureckas

*The revolution will not be televised

At least, not with a logo

Democracy Now!
New York Hedge Funds Pour Millions of Dollars into Cuomo-Led Bid to Expand Charter Schools

Is Venezuela Really an “Extraordinary Threat”? U.S. Sanctions Top Officials as Tensions Grow

Gateway to Freedom: Historian Eric Foner on the Hidden History of the Underground Railroad

Civil War Historian Eric Foner on the Radical Possibilities of Reconstruction

*It’s always frustrating to hear folks like Foner, who understand so well the vicious underpinnings of American society, continue to cut Obama slack on his role in perpetuating them.

His presidency is one of the most damaging in the nation’s history, for it allows not only imperialism and injustice at home to proceed unimpeded, but also gives it a patina of legitimacy, due to his race.

And if you don’t think that’s one reason so many of the exploitocracy has given generously to his campaigns …

Well, you can finish that sentence yourself, can’t you?


‘We Deserve Better': Lackluster UN Declaration on Women’s Rights Draws Ire
Gender-equality declaration, formally adopted Monday, criticized as ‘a bland reaffirmation of existing commitments’ that ‘threatens a major step backward’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Cruel and Inhuman: UN Slams US as Only Nation that Sentences Children to Die In Prison
Special Rapporteur Juan Méndez notes US policy violates international human rights law
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Students in Madison March for Tony Robinson
by Rebecca Kemble

The Possibility of Escape (A Note from Lexington Federal Prison)
by Kathy Kelly

Uncle Pentagon: Growing Up in the Shadow of the American War State
by Frida Berrigan

Who Controls Our Food?
by Nick Dearden

Worldwatch Institute
Growing Food Trade, Shrinking Self-Sufficiency

The Real News Network
So-Called Right to Work Legislation Only Possible Under Total Corporate Control
Nation contributor Jane McAlevey says unions are partially responsible for not defeating Right-to-Work legislation, and traces the history of it from Wisconsin in 2015 to the deep south under Jim Crow

*Union “leadership” was more than “a little bit” responsible for this travesty, and the role of the Democrats in it deserves dishonorable mention.

All that anger and energy was channeled into a recall campaign that gave us a party apparatchik as a candidate, diverting it from the on the ground strategies that would have maintained that momentum, and once it lost, deflating the hope that mass uprising had engendered.

2014 was déjà vu all over again, with a corporate exec heading the ticket and identity politics substituting for a politics of humanity.

McAlevey is absolutely right that this is about more than “labor” issues, and the only way to regain that momentum is to create alliances among all folks getting the short end of the stick rammed up their asses, and looking beyond business as usual electoral politics that give us soulless standard bearers.

2015 State of Baltimore City: Mayor Reinforces ‘Flawed’ Crime-fighting Program
Veteran officer Neill Franklin and Rose Street Community Center’s Clayton Guyton explain their concerns regarding Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announcement on Operation Ceasefire in Baltimore’s Eastern District

Malcolm X, Self-Determination and the People’s Movement – Kamau Franklin on Reality Asserts Itself (3/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Franklin says Malcolm believed the international order benefited Western capitalist interests over the masses of black, brown and oppressed white people

Over Thirty Five Thousand Protest Netanyahu’s Leadership in Tel Aviv
There’s a crisis of leadership in Israel, and it’s that no one wants to be the leader, says Shir Hever of the Alternative Information Center

Democracy Now!
Dying for the Right to Vote: Remembering the Selma Martyrs, From Jimmie Lee Jackson to Viola Liuzzo

Food Safety Policies that Would Protect Consumers
CSPI recommends the following food safety policies
by Sarah Klein
Nutrition Action

What common herb works for smoothies and tea?
by Leanne Ely


Florida State Workers Banned From Using Term ‘Climate Change’
Since 2011, environmental agency workers have been instructed not to refer to ‘climate change’ and other words like ‘sustainability,’ investigative report shows
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

As Police-Involved Killings Take National Spotlight, Questions Remain
In wake of reports on officer-related deaths, independent groups note folly of federal data collection tactics
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

What Europe’s Hopeful Left Can Learn from Latin America
by Ana Cecilia Dinerstein

ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging ‘Prison Gerrymandering’ Election Districts in Florida County
Jefferson County counts state prison inmates, who are unable to vote, for redistricting purposes; Inmate population constitutes over 40% of the voting age population in one district, skewing voting strength throughout county

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Raising Interest Rates Could Have an Adverse Effect on Federal and State Budgets

Friends of the Earth
Diablo Canyon: PG&E Secretly Used Wrong Design Data for Key Safety Equipment for 30 Years
Utility misled California PUC, seeks to pocket $133.5 million in ratepayer revenues

Greenpeace Canned Tuna Ranking Finds Most Brands Fail Consumers on Ocean Safe Tuna

The Real News Network
How Iran’s Fight Against ISIS in Iraq Helps American Interests
Professor Vijay Prashad discusses Iran’s major offensive against ISIS in Iraq and the need for a Mideast coalition against ISIS

Baltimore Offering Tax Breaks to Developers Amidst Crumbling Infrastructure
The Sun’s City Hall reporter Luke Broadwater discusses reporting on an epidemic of water main breaks, uncovering workers compensation payouts for police responsible for fatal shootings, and the millions of dollars paid out to teachers annually who are injured on the job

TRNN Replay: Goliath, Life and Loathing in Greater Israel – Max Blumenthal on Reality Asserts Itself pt1
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, author Max Blumenthal discusses his new book and traces the rise of Avigdor Lieberman and current policies of ethnic cleansing in Israel

International Women’s Day: How We Discuss Rape in India and the World
University of Cambridge Professor Priyamvada Gopal discusses the banning of film in India that highlights the brutal gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old Indian student, but also critiques it for failing to connect sexual violence to other oppressive social practices

U.S. Workers Returning to Labor Force with Part-time Jobs and Stagnant Wages
Economist Richard Wolff discusses the latest unemployment figures and says the raising of interest rates by the Federal Reserve during a weak recovery would be disastrous for our heavily indebted society

*The aim is to force us to fight each other over the scraps

When we should be working together to take over the table

Malcolm X, Self-Determination and the People’s Movement – Kamau Franklin on Reality Asserts Itself (2/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Franklin discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Malcolm X

Voting Rights Shall Not Overcome NYT Reporting Like This
by Jim Naureckas

*Democrats may say that voting fraud is a ruse, but how many times have they gone beyond that to highlight research like Levitt’s to prove it?

I don’t recall Dear Misleader making a prime time address on the subject, laying out the facts to put the lie to these efforts at voter suppression, do you?

(Civil rights photo opps are another matter, apparently.)

By not doing so, the party allows the debate to devolve into “we say/they say”

And you have to ask why.

Could it be that their focus is on the (overwhelmingly white) “swing voter”, and, aside from presidential elections, they could give a rodent’s rear about black and Latino turnout, which might put pressure on them to actually do something beyond spouting faux populist rhetoric, while pursuing policies designed to effect outcomes wholly other?

I’m sure there’s other research out there that could answer that question, aren’t you?

Democracy Now!
Voting Rights Remain Under Attack 50 Years After the Bloody Sunday March in Selma

103-Year-Old Civil Rights Pioneer Joins Original Foot Soldiers, Jesse Jackson to Mark Bloody Sunday

*Jackson always shows for photo opps

But never for the big picture

Civil Rights Pioneer Diane Nash: I Refused to March With George Bush During Selma Anniversary

*Don’t you think that same moral logic could be applied to Dear Misleader’s presence?

The Surprising Dangers of Sitting: 5 Ways To Ward Off Early Death
by Yuri Elkaim


On Climate, Humanity Must Rise Up Against ‘Collective Shrug of Fatalism’
As top newspaper editor expresses regret for lack of climate coverage, a sneak-peak at the documentary film which explores the destruction, and potential hope, spawned by planetary crisis
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*We’ll see just how long The Guardian stays focused on climate change, and beyond that, just how it frames the issues involved.

What is certain is that our future will depend on the understanding that there can be no justice

When there is no peace for this planet.

For Environment and Indigenous Communities, Inter-Oceanic Canal = Total Catastrophe
Group of scientists says massive earth-moving project already underway threatens irreversible harm
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


(What Would Augusto Sandino Do?)

In Blow to Unions, Anti-Worker Bill Heads to Wisconsin Governor’s Desk
Along party lines, state Assembly passes ‘a destructive bill that undoes 75 years of labor peace’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Maybe that “75 years of labor peace” is one of the reasons this bill could pass?

“No justice, no peace”, as the saying goes …

In Illinois, Flames and Clouds of Smoke Signal Yet Another ‘Bomb Train’ Disaster
Derailment in Illinois near the Mississippi River affirms predictions that continued addiction to fossil fuels will be accompanied by dangers at every turn
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Don’t Believe Mainstream US Media Coverage of Venezuela
by Sonali Kolhatkar

Confessions of an Angry Adjunct
by Michelle Boncek Evory

The Real News Network
Capital Control May Become Necessary in Greece
Avoiding capital flight appears to have support among the people, says Nantina Vgontzas, PhD student at New York University

Striking TA’s and Part-time Staff Frozen Out of a Living Wage at University of Toronto
PhD student Omar Sirri says 65% of the teaching is being done by TA’s and part-time contract staff, but they represent only 3.5% of the university budget

How Will State Budget Cuts Affect the Homeless in Baltimore?
TRNN speaks to advocates fighting to overturn budget cuts that they say will impact the poor and homeless populations who recently endured harsh winter weather

Getting Media to Take Climate Threats Seriously? There’s a Snowball’s Chance
by Janine Jackson

*I live in Wisconsin, and I’d say that judging by the coverage Line 61 garners in the capital city rag, the Walker … er, Wisconsin … State Journal, most folks here likely would ask you if you were talking about their income tax return.

Network TV Continues Giving Climate Change Cold Shoulder
FAIR study finds Northeast cold eclipses West’s record heat
by Miles Grant

*It’d be enlightening the know the ratio of Western warmth mentions to fossil fuel industry ads during these broadcasts, don’t you think?

Democracy Now!
Meet Jesús “Chuy” García, the Chicago Activist Aiming to Unseat “Mayor 1%” Rahm Emanuel

*García would be an improvement over Emanuel, it goes without saying.

But how much of an improvement is the question. His blather about his “old friend”, Rep. Gutiérrez, to my mind doesn’t bode well for an honest challenge to the Democratic machine in the city.

We’ll see, and we’ll see if the people of Chicago will be content with a slightly better situation if indeed that turns out to be the case.

As Boston Marathon Bomber Admits Guilt, FBI Sued for Killing Friend of Tsarnaevs in Florida

*”It’s not clear to us why the DOJ is going ahead with this death penalty prosecution … “

Why isn’t it clear, given the viciousness and political opportunism of the GWOT ™?


Bowing to Public Pressure, Ringling Bros. to Phase Out ‘Horrific’ Exploitation of Elephants by 2018
Announcement is proof that ‘no business involved in any overt form of animal exploitation can survive in the long run,’ says Humane Society
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Is Drone Warfare Fraying at the Edges?
Are pilots deserting Washington’s remote-control war? A new form of war may be producing a new form of mental disturbance
by Pratap Chatterjee

The Other FCC Decision and the Pivotal Fight for Local Broadband
by David Morris

Syria: As al-Qaeda Defeats ‘Moderate’ US Allies, Will US Ally with al-Qaeda?
by Juan Cole

To beat austerity, Greece must break free from the euro
by Costas Lapavitsas

Amazon Watch
Massive Corruption Scandal Implicates Brazil’s Amazon Dam Builders
Testimony from jailed operators of Petrobras scandal point to similar corruption scheme involving politicians and major construction firms

Interviews Available: Women’s Human Rights Activists Mark 20 Years Since Beijing

Beyond Nuclear
Higher Radiation Doses Could Be Ruled ‘Acceptable’ After Nuclear Power Disaster
“Fukushima” in the U.S. an ever-present danger

The Real News Network
Malcolm X, Self-Determination and the People’s Movement – Kamau Franklin on Reality Asserts Itself (1/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Franklin says that after growing up in the projects of Brooklyn, reading the autobiography of Malcolm X changed his lif

Reform Within the Euro-Zone is a Delusion for Greece
It’s unclear whether Greece can survive beyond March, or whether it can even avoid a default within the next several weeks, says Dmitri Lascaris

Brave New Films
The NRA vs Pediatricians • The REAL NRA • Part 1
Life-Saving Advice The NRA Doesn’t Want Parents To Know

Delta Airlines: Oppose Discriminatory Legislation in Georgia

Institute for Public Accuracy
Race in Politics: Voting Rights Act at 50

WaPo Lets Slip Why Dollar Is Over-Valued
by Dean Baker

Democracy Now!
Millions Could Lose Obamacare Coverage as Supreme Court Weighs Dubious Koch-Backed Case

Attica’s Ghosts: New Calls to Close Site of Prison Revolt After Guards Avoid Jail for Brutal Abuse

PART 2: Push to Close Notorious Attica Prison as Brutal Conditions Continue 40 Years After Uprising

*There are no screams

Without silence

What seed has almost as much calcium as a cup of milk?
by Leanne Ely


Newly Unveiled Texas School ‘Reform’ Proposals In Step With Right-Wing Agenda
The conservative education package proposed this week ‘is a grab-bag of failed ideas cribbed from the ALEC playbook,’ says Diane Ravitch
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Why McDonald’s Announcement on Chicken Is Important for Everyone’s Health
Fast food chain announces phase-out of antibiotic-treated chicken
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A nothingburger, with a side of lies?

In Tikrit Offensive, Confusion and Tragedy of US Policy Laid Bare
‘It doesn’t seem like the Obama administration has a comprehensive policy in Iraq that could be explained to US government, let alone US or Iraqi public,’ said Raed Jarrar of the American Friends Service Committee
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Tsarnaev Trial and the Blind Spots in ‘Countering Violent Extremism’
by Murtaza Hussain

The Nuclear Club: India Welcomed, Iran Shunned
by Vijay Prashad

Center for American Progress (CAP)
Gold from Sudan Fuels Atrocities, Requires Industry Red-Flags and New Sanctions

Clegg Drug Stance ‘Undermined By Aid for Executions’

Real News Network
Netanyahu Invokes Biblical Armageddon in US Congress
Ali Abunimah, editor of Electronic Intifada, says Netanyahu is playing to the extreme Israeli right, Christian evangelical Zionists, and attempting to prepare conditions for war

Energy Superpower Ambitions of US and Canada
Carol Linnitt of DeSmog Canada and Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog discusses oil spills, pipelines and train bombs associated with transporting oil between Canada and the United States

*The question posed by Peries regarding the focus on Keystone XL wasn’t answered, was it?

My take is that this is SOP for so many reformist groups, to make one aspect of a much larger issue a cause célèbre, then declare “victory” if those in power agree to some change, leaving the greater problem untouched, and actually better camouflaged.

If Dear Misleader vetoes XL, this is the likely scenario, isn’t it? He’ll be effusively praised by the Sierras and NRDCs, while the poison flows through other veins.

We need to see such pols for who they are, and whom they serve, and save the flowers and chocolates for the folks on the frontlines, who, whether or not they would label themselves as such, are indeed “radical”

And thank somebody’s god that they are.

LAPD, Media Rush to Judge Skid Row Victim While Insisting Public ‘Not Rush to Judge’
by Adam Johnson

*The skewed picture

And the crooked frame

Institute for Public Accuracy
Health Law’s Complexity Invites Legal Attack, Even as it Fails to Cure Ailment

Democracy Now!
Michelle Alexander: Ferguson Shows Why Criminal Justice System of “Racial Control” Should Be Undone

Michelle Alexander: Roots of Today’s Mass Incarceration Crisis Date to Slavery, Jim Crow

Beware of These Dietary Supplement Advertising Tricks (Part 1)
Things to keep in mind if you buy supplements online
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Bank of England Issues Warning Over Looming ‘Carbon Bubble’ Threat
‘As the world increasingly limits carbon emissions, and moves to alternative energy sources, investments in fossil fuels…may take a huge hit,’ predicts one of Europe’s oldest banks
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Addiction always erases the future

New Study Shows California Droughts Driven by Climate Change and Here to Stay
Stanford researchers say human-driven global warming behind increasingly frequent and severe droughts, including current one
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Body-Cam Company Has Financial Ties to Police Chiefs
Taser International has paid expenses for and hired police chiefs who endorse the company
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

What Climate Crisis? Sales of SUVs Booming in Europe
by Andy Rowell

*A stylish drive

Off the cliff

The Real News Network
What Do Ordinary Israelis Think of Netanyahu’s U.S. Visit?
Jeff Halper, co-founder and Director of Israeli Committee Against Housing Demolitions, says neither the professional soldiers nor the people of Israel believe that Iran is an immediate security threat

*This doesn’t compute for me.

Whatever tiff is occurring between Netanyahu and Obama – two Dear Misleaders if ever there were – is clearly cosmetic. The administration may object to some Israeli actions it deems not helpful to US interests, but when push comes to shove, the money flows and lawn’s mowed.

But if there were an actual rift, that wouldn’t imperil Israel’s security. Quite the opposite.

US backing allows Israel to act with impunity, and the rage against the human cost of those acts represents the actual security threat, if you want to call it that, to Israel.

The only way to effectively address that threat is to remove that support, and hold those responsible for the carnage accountable.

Dream on, I know …

LAPD Shooting of Unarmed Homeless Man Underscores Holder’s Failures
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder has determined his legacy by failing to address systemic issues

At Least 18 Black Caucus Members Boycotting Netanyahu’s Speech
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says they are motivated by defending the president against Boehner’s slight

Soul School and Black History (1/2)
TRNN’s Eddie Conway talks to Babatunji Baloqun of the Soul School Institute and history professor Baba Zak A. Kondo about the founding of Soul School and the history of Baltimore’s Black Movement

Democracy Now!
Noam Chomsky: To Deal with ISIS, U.S. Should Own Up to Chaos of Iraq War & Other Radicalizing Acts

Chomsky on Cuba: After Decades of U.S. Meddling & “Terrorism,” Restoring Ties is Least We Could Do

*And JFK remains a liberal icon.

Those who ignore history doom others to its repetition.

Noam Chomsky: As Venezuela Struggles to Fix Economy, U.S. Should Stop Trying to Undermine Its Government

Chomsky on Snowden & Why NSA Surveillance Doesn’t Stop Terror While the U.S. Drone War Creates It

Chomsky: Greece’s Syriza & Spain’s Podemos Face “Savage Response” Taking on Austerity “Class War”

Noam Chomsky on Black Lives Matter: Why Won’t U.S. Own Up to History of Slavery & Racism?

*The old times there that are forgotten

Noam Chomsky on Life & Love: Still Going at 86, Renowned Dissident is Newly Married

*As I’ve noted ad nauseam, I have a deep aversion to pedestals, but I have to say that I admire Chomsky not only for his clarity of analysis (not that I’m in lockstep with him on every issue), but just as much for his humility and humanity.

Those are qualities that are in short supply, and in dire need of a spike in productivity.


City of Cleveland Lawyers Argue 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice to Blame for Being Shot Dead by Police
The shooting of boy, who was holding a toy gun in a park and given almost no time to respond to officers’ order, was captured on video
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*One more dead in Ohio

The Time Is Right for a Palace Revolution
A conversation with Tariq Ali
by Chris Hedges

*We damn ourselves

When we don’t give one for anybody else

Consumers Want GMO Labels, Not Barcodes
by Katherine Paul

*You don’t need to scan Vilsack’s barcode to know what’s in the product he’s promoting, do you?

Will Biden’s Billion Dollar Plan Help Central America?
Militarizing security, deregulating markets, and dismantling labor rights isn’t the solution.
by Alex Main

The Real News Network
X: Malcolm’s Final Years
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of his death, teleSUR re-examines the life and legacy of Malcolm X. Interviews include Angela Davis and Danny Glover. (Executive Producer Paul Jay)

Baltimore’s Harbor-Front Development at the Expense of City Infrastructure and Schools
The Baltimore Sun’s Luke Broadwater says Baltimore’s push to give tax breaks and incentives to developers has Baltimore City’s schools losing tens of millions of dollars in state funding

*Welfare for wingtips

Clinton Dynasty Revisited
Journalist and author Doug Henwood says Hillary Clinton has close ties to Wall Street and big business, hawkish foreign policy, and a lack of vision to address looming structural economic and environmental catastrophes

*The myriad maladies of Madame Mayhem

But this continuous use of her first name sets me to wondering if such would be the case were we discussing a male politician. I think this differs from “Tricky Dick” or “Slick Willie”.

It would be one thing if Clinton were of admirable character. Then it would be a consequence of an affection for her.

But is there a double standard here, that if you dislike a woman, however valid your animus may be, that manifests itself in this expression of disrespect, while it wouldn’t for a man?

In any event, I’ll eschew the practice, and as well will never refer to her as a “bitch”

Though full on “bastard” she most assuredly merits.

How Progressive Agendas Came to Dominate Chicago Alderman Races
Reclaim Chicago Executive Director David Hatch explains that more than half of the alderman candidates elected or in runoffs have progressive agendas due to the efforts of a grassroots movement

Public Policy and Blaming Poor Black Communities For Their Own Poverty
On the 50th anniversary of the Moynihan Report (The Negro Family: The Case For National Action), john a. powell of the Haas Institute discusses the economic and political struggles faced by black communities today

HSBC Offshore Tax-Evading Scandal Widening
Former financial regulator Bill Black details emerging revelations about HSBC bank’s tax-evading practices and lack of accountability from European governments who were aware of the practice

*Black makes a remark about alleged assistance to Iran’s alleged “nuclear weapons program”, and yes, that is a “controversial” claim.

So why does Peries let it pass, without questioning just how “real” is that “news”?

The Class That Ruled Egypt Under Mubarak Remains in Power
The security forces and the police are their tools, and the fight against ISIS has simply emboldened them, says Professor Seif Da’na

Is FCC Approval of Net Neutrality a Real Win for Consumers?
Community Broadband Networks’ Christopher Mitchell says how mobilization campaigns pushed the FCC to classify the Internet as a public utility, but more effort is needed to reform providers’ monopoly control

Institute for Public Accuracy
Netanyahu’s Nuclear “Chutzpah” — As U.S. Government Released Documents on Israel’s Nukes

Democracy Now!
Noam Chomsky: Opposing Iran Nuclear Deal, Israel’s Goal Isn’t Survival — It’s Regional Dominance

Noam Chomsky: Despite Iran Spat, U.S. Support for Israeli Occupation Continues Without Pause

Noam Chomsky: After Dangerous Proxy War, Keeping Ukraine Neutral Offers Path to Peace with Russia

Noam Chomsky on How the Iraq War Birthed ISIS & Why U.S. Policy Undermines the Fight Against It

Heart and Disease: Protect Your Heart and Mind with This Diet
How the DASH Diet can improve your health
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

3 Science-Backed Reasons to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Daily
by Yuri Elkaim

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As Antarctica Melts Away, Seas Could Rise Ten Feet Within 100 Years
Based on rapid thawing, continent has become ‘ground zero of global climate change without a doubt,’ says geophysicist
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

*Now that AP has satisfied its slender self defined obligation to objective reporting on climate change, it can go back to ignoring the issue and lending credence to deniers’ claims when it isn’t.

And my local rag, the Walker – er, Wisconsin – State Journal, which depends on AP for almost all of its outside content, apparently didn’t deem this worthy of inclusion.

However, there was an enlightening item about a “terror owl” that’s been attacking folks in Holland.

The Destruction of Afghan Lives, Captured in US Dollars
Documents obtained by The Intercept via a FOIA request offer window into death and damage caused by war and occupation
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Cut rate costs for “collateral damage”

Methane-Explosion Craters Could Be Latest Indicators of a Warming Planet
Newly discovered funnels in Siberia are believed to have been created by methane gases bursting through a thawing permafrost.
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Great Recession Linked to Rising Suicides Among Middle-Aged Americans
New study follows numerous findings that austerity and economic hardship are tied to suicide spikes across age groups and nations
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The deaths from a thousand cuts

Our Anti-Immigrant Racism Is Rooted in History
by Sonali Kolhatkar

For Suffering Palestinians, the Obama-Netanyahu “Rift” Is a Side Show
by Ali Abunimah

*Theater of the amorally absurd

When Politics Is Local, Who Decides?
by David Morris

*The question of which level of government should have primacy is vexing to me.

We hail local control when it dovetails with our views, but what about when it doesn’t?

If a village, town, city or county passes a patently unjust ordinance or law, do we defer to the concept of local control, or do we call for state intervention?

And if the state enacts discriminatory legislation, don’t we demand federal intercession?

What takes precedence – justice or a fealty to a particular theory of governmental control?

I don’t think there’s an easy answer that would satisfy both. There have been many instances where the two have been at odds with each other.

I can say that my conscience wouldn’t be satisfied with the abrogation of what I consider to be equitable in the name of the maintenance of a consistent political structure.

The Metamorphosis of Vladimir Putin
by Andrew Levine

*In an otherwise pretty well reasoned piece, Levine’s take on Wisconsin seems out of place.

The recall election sapped the electric energy out of the Capitol protests in ’11, diverting it into a campaign for a pathetic challenger to Walker (repeated last year). Democrats had no intention of getting large numbers of black folks to the polls, as any rational view of Barrett’s and later Burke’s platforms makes plain.

While GOTV has some place in national elections for the party, it is MIA on the state and local level. “Swing” voters (middle and working class whites) are the prize fought over, and the campaign planks reflect that time and again.

There are some stirrings of resistance to right to work here (I’m in Madison), but unless union “leadership” is prepared to undergo surgery to disjoin them from the hip of the party, nothing of consequence will come of them.

I’m not holding my breath.

It will take the rank and file holding these “leaders” feet to the fire, or tossing them into it, along with a movement that joins together all the struggles against austerity and division, to stand strong against this Randian and Orwellian onslaught.

Can we get our mensch on?

The Real News Network
Venezuelan Gov. Releases Audio of Coup Plotters
On Thursday, Venezuela officials released recordings of what it said was proof that opposition figures and some military officers were plotting to overthrow the government – Analysis with Miguel Tinker Salas and Paul Jay

Maryland Police Reform Advocates and Opponents Speak Out Prior to Hearing
TRNN’s Jaisal Noor speaks to supporters and opponents of reforms that will determine the role of communities in how police abuse is handled

Baltimore College Fights To Keep Accreditation Status
TRNN speaks to a faculty member from Sojourner Douglass College, which is facing financial shortfalls due to the Federal Pell Grant and the Parent PLUS loan

An Irish-Style Banking Inquiry into the 2008 Financial Crisis
Former financial regulator Bill Black discusses his recent testimony in Ireland and the challenges the country faces in acknowledging its financial crisis

What Role Can Social Media Play in Supporting Protests Against Egypt’s Military Regime?
Professor Seif Da’na says though the broad underlying discontent against the Egypt’s military regime persists, future uprisings won’t take the shape of the Jan. 25, 2011 uprising (2/3)

CIA Evidence from Whistleblower Trial Could Tilt Iran Nuclear Talks
by Norman Solomon

Democracy Now!
Antiquities Scholar: Islamic State’s Destruction of Museum & Library is Cultural & Ethnic Cleansing

17 Shots: Police Killing of Unarmed Mexican Farmworker in Washington State Sparks Protest


‘Worse Than Wrong': Wisconsin Advances Bill To Gut Workers Rights
‘Right-to-Work is a continuation of the destructive policies of the Scott Walker administration that have cost Wisconsin jobs and economic opportunity.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Meanwhile, the Walker State Journal takes every opportunity to portray working folks as “tired” of the struggle and “resigned” to the inevitability of defeat.

I’d like to think it’ll be forced to eat those words, but it’ll take a far more ferocious labor “leadership” to feed them to it.

How NAFTA Could Spoil a Keystone XL Rejection
TransCanada could harness trade deal’s Investor-State Dispute Settlement, and U.S. taxpayers could foot the bill.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Damning Report Reveals Canada’s Indifference Toward Indigenous Women
‘How many Indigenous women and girls would have been found or would still be alive if governments had acted on more of these recommendations?’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Oil Workers Dig In for Historic Fight Against Industry Giants Over Crucial Safety Rules
Strike continues into fourth week as plant operators nationwide stage walkouts, continue negotiations
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

On Truth, Shoes, and Upton Sinclair
by Robert Shetterly

What You Should Know About Walmart’s Raise
by Michelle Chen

*Let them eat cake

From the bakery discount shelves

U.S. Right to Know
Obama Admin. Proposes Ridiculous Anti-Consumer Plan for GMO Labeling

Food & Water Watch
USDA Records Reveal Staffing Shortages Undermining Food Safety

The Real News Network
Netanyahu on a Destructive Path
The timing of the leaked Mossad documents may undermine Iranian negotiations and escalate the threat of war, says Phyllis Bennis, author of “Understanding the US-Iran Crisis: A Primer”

*The subheading here is 180 degrees off the mark. The documents were leaked to *deter* damage to the negotiations and the march to war.

The Modern History of the Greek Debt Crisis
John Weeks, the author of Economics of the 1%, explains the history behind the Greek debt burden

*I just discovered that the author of another piece on this matter, which I posted on the 24th (“Reading the Greek Deal Correctly”), James K. Galbraith, is an academic colleague and advisor to Varoufakis, which I think should have been mentioned, as it affects my perception of the objectivity of his analysis.

Democracy Now!
A Black Site in Chicago? Police Accused of Running Secret Compound for Detentions & Interrogations

*Please keep in mind that this is happening under Emanuel’s watch, bosomest buddy of a certain Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

And why Ackerman would think it “nuts” that this can happen in the good ol’ US and A is beyond me. Apparently he’s in need of a lesson in a history of repression that is quintessentially Americana.

Exporting Torture: Former Chicago Police Detective Tied to Brutality at Guantánamo

Who Is Bankrolling the Islamic State? Private Donors in Gulf Oil States Cited as Key to ISIS Success

My Predictions about the Food Industry and Nutrition Policy for 2015
by Michael Jacobson
Nutrition Action


‘There Will Be A Reckoning’
Environmental visionary Lester Brown delivers stark warning over dust bowl conditions spreading over Africa and Asia
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

ISIS Is Proof of the Failed “War on Terror”
by Patrick Cockburn

Only Agroecology Can Tackle the Global Food and Health Crisis
by Julia Wright

Predator Drones for Sale! (Human Rights, International Law Optional)
by Tom Engelhardt

Paying the price of a failed Libya
by Vijay Prashad
Amid chaos caused by mismanagement, intervention, international rivalries and civil war, ordinary people who hoped for a better Libya are dying, says Vijay Prashad

Environmental Working Group
Apples Top Dirty Dozen List for Fifth Year in a Row

Stop the War Coalition
Anti-War Campaigners Condemn Decision to Send British Troops to Ukraine

The Real News Network
Iran’s Intent is the Real Issue, Says Former IAEA Inspector
Robert Kelley says the number of centrifuges or the amount of uranium Iran may have is not what matters; there is evidence, however, that the U.S. has forged documents

Bill O’Reilly May Have Covered-Up a Massacre
Greg Grandin, columnist for The Nation, reports that Bill O’Reilly may have deliberately ignored the 1982 massacre of hundreds in El Mozote, El Salvador while reporting as a foreign correspondent for CBS Nightly News

Greek Reform Proposal Preserves Privatization Commitments, Ignores Debt Restructuring
Dmitri Lascaris says these compromises have created dissent within the SYRIZA coalition

*If this amounts to a betrayal of faith, you have to consider how that will impact other movements, such as PODEMOS in Spain, and also how the extreme right will benefit from it by presenting themselves as the only alternative to austerity.

Let’s hope that this isn’t “Hope and Change” translated into Greek.

Leaked RCMP Report Targets Activists as a Threat to National Security
Greenpeace Canada’s Keith Stewart explains why the proposed anti-terror legislation threatens civil liberties

Democracy Now!
Could a Former Activist Unseat Mayor 1%? Rahm Emanuel Faces Chicago Runoff Despite Vast Outspending

*While it’s always gratifying to see smug bastards like Emanuel get a little egg on their faces, I think it’s important to be cautious about just where García’s going to take his campaign, and his mayoralty if he can pull off an upset.

I’d like to hear more about his “moderate spot”, wouldn’t you?

Climate Deniers Exposed: Top Scientist Got Funding from ExxonMobil, Koch Brothers, Big Coal

On National Adjunct Walkout Day, Professors Call Out Poverty-Level Wages & Poor Working Conditions

Is Excess Selenium in Your Dietary Supplements Dangerous?
A recent study found more evidence against excess selenium
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


‘Going up Against a Beast': Wisconsin Workers Rise to Fend Off GOP Attack
‘Right-to-work legislation is part of a national anti-worker agenda that won’t bring one job to our state or help a single family put food on the table.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Secunda’s spot on. Let’s hope this fightback doesn’t get sidetracked or hijacked like the last one, into yet another dead end Democratic campaign debacle.

Beyond that, this is about far more than labor’s travails. It’s about austerity and inequality writ large across the landscape, impacting us all, and aided and abetted by both sides beholden to the corporate coin.

Solidarity across struggles is our only hope.

When we have each other’s backs

Our spines can’t help but stiffen

Reading the Greek Deal Correctly
by James K. Galbraith

How the US Can Really Combat Radicalism
by Asad AbuKhalil

*The toxic stew in the blackest pot

Is Oil Returning To $100 Or Dropping To $10?
by Martin Tillier

Libya: The Battlefield of the New Arab Cold War
by Vijay Prashad

Center for Biological Diversity
Lawsuit Filed to Protect People, Wildlife From Toxic Soot Pollution
Toxic Soot Threatens Iowa, Puerto Rico and Washington

New Report Shows Lender Abuses and Feeble Enforcement Cause Minority Homeowners to Lose Homes

Government Accountability Project
Sharp Criticism Follows Rejection of NSA Whistleblower’s Retaliation Claim
Pentagon OIG Reviewed Only 5 Months of Ten Years of a Complaint Highlighting NSA Reprisals for Whistleblowing

The Real News Network
European Banks vs. Greek Labour
Michael Hudson says Finance Minister of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis, is proposing austerity on the banking class, rather than the working class, to balance the budget

What Happened to Making Steel in Baltimore? – Mark Reutter on Reality Asserts Itself (2/3)
Mark Reutter, author of Making Steel: Sparrows Point and the Rise and Ruin of American Industrial Might, talks about why steel production collapsed across America

Black, Brown and Woman: Afro-Latinas and Legacies of Imperialism
Charo Mina-Rojas talks African history in Latin America and the specific struggles of Afro-Latinas in Colombia. Mina-Rojas works with the Afro-Columbian Human Rights Campaign and the Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network

Institute for Public Accuracy
Real American Exceptionalism: Torture and Drone Assassination?

The Foreigners Obama Needs to Love to Prove He Loves America
by Jim Naureckas

*There *are* plenty of reasons that suggest Dear Misleader might not love America, if by “America” you mean most everyone who lives here.

They overlap in large measure with the same reasons you could present as evidence that Rogers and his ilk don’t love America.

That this idiocy passes as legitimate political discourse could be added to that list.

Politico Helps O’Reilly Get Away With Falklands Fabrications
by Jim Naureckas

*Recall this the next time O’Reilly goes off on the iniquities of “The Liberal Media”.

Short of fellatio, I’m not sure how Byers could have performed a more satisfying service for Mr. Bilious, are you?

Democracy Now!
As Netanyahu Tries to Stop U.S.-Iran Deal, Leaked Cables Show Israeli Spies Reject His Nuke Claims

Revolt at “Ritmo”: Dire Conditions in For-Profit Texas Immigration Jail Spark Prisoner Uprising

50 Years After Murder, Malcolm X Remembered by Daughter Ilyasah Shabazz & Friend A. Peter Bailey

Part 2: 50 Years After Murder, Malcolm X Remembered by Daughter Ilyasah Shabazz & A. Peter Bailey

What Not to Eat: Avoid Foods with Caramel Coloring
This popular food coloring has been found to be carcinogenic in humans
by Michael F. Jacobson
Nutrition Action

*The cancerous color of money


United Against ‘Debt Trap’ of For-Profit Colleges, Students Fight Back with Loan Strike
Schools like Corinthian College ‘are just an extreme version of our increasingly untenable system of debt-financed higher education,’ supporters say
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

New Leak Spurs Radiation Spike at Fukushima
The latest incident underscores the difficulty of safely cleaning up and decommissioning the nuclear plant
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Manipulate and Mislead: How GMOs Are Infiltrating Africa
by Haidee Swanby and Mariann Bassey Orovwuje

*Sowing the seeds of greed

No, Syriza Has Not Surrendered
Buying time is not the same thing as breaking promises
by Tom Walker

*Is he calling the right tune

Or whistling in the dark?

Justice is a Black Woman: The Amazing Constance Baker Motley
by Marta Daniels

*I’m not one for hagiography, but this piece is worth a read for its historical content.

Year of the Sheep, Century of the Dragon? China and a Brave New World Order
by Pepe Escobar

Federal Court Approves Settlement Requiring Warren, Michigan, Give Atheists Equal Access to City Hall

Friends of the Earth
Appeals Court Will Hear Case on Cover-Up of Diablo Canyon Quake Risks
Friends of the Earth petition says NRC illegally let PG&E alter nuclear plant’s license

The Real News Network
Prejudicial Trial, Prejudicial Verdict: $218 Million
Update: On Feb 23 the jury found the PA and PLO liable for terror attacks in Israel. Michael Ratner argues the odds were stacked against the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Palestinian Authority (PA)

Iceland’s Supreme Court Upholds Jail Sentences of Four Banking Executives
Former financial regulator Bill Black explains how Iceland took down the banking executives responsible for wrecking the country’s economy

Will Quantitative Easing Solve the European Economic Crisis?
Gerald Epstein, Co-Director of the Political Economy Research Institute, raises questions regarding the effectiveness of quantitative easing by the European Central Bank

*”[B]ending over backwards” … ?

More like bending over forwards.

How willingly is the question here, isn’t it?

What Happened to Making Steel in Baltimore? – Mark Reutter on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)
Mark Reutter, author of Making Steel: Sparrows Point and the Rise and Ruin of American Industrial Might, talks about why steel production collapsed across America

Wisconsin’s Billionaires Make a Sacrifice?
Paul Jay: Here’s an alternative “something has to give” plan for Wisconsin

*Scott Walker

“Presidential timber” that’s rotten to the core

The Rich Hide an Estimated 21 Trillion in Offshore Accounts
James Henry the author of Pirate Bankers says Swiss Banks: HSBC, Credit Suisse, UBS are among those who facilitate offshore accounts and buy millions of dollars worth of influence in Washington

Germany’s Collective Denial
Heiner Flassbeck says Germany has played a devastating role in the European Monetary Union and the “Greece guilty and Germany innocent” narrative is completely false

Black Nationalism and the Peoples’ Movement – Glen Ford on Reality Asserts Itself pt3
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay: Glen Ford addresses the question whether black Americans constitute a nation, and if so, what is their role in the movement of the whole people

*To paraphrase King

Progress isn’t defined by the color of a leader’s skin

But by the content of their character

Giving Grassroots Leaders a Voice – Glen Ford on Reality Asserts Itself pt2
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay: Glen Ford, Exec. Editor of Black Agenda Report, talks about helping create black radio news. He says that news media creates leaders by deciding what events are important and who is authorized to speak on the importance of those events

Greece Eurozone Deal a Setback or Tactical Win for Syriza?
Heiner Flassbeck says Germany is asserting a destructive agenda proven to be driving Europe into recession

Maryland Activists Rally for Parole Bill for Prisoners Serving Life
TRNN speaks to advocates who are demanding the passage of a state bill that will remove the governor’s power to grant parole to prisoners serving life in prison

5,000 Oil Workers Enter Third Week of Strike Over Safety and Working Conditions
TRNN speaks to United Steelworkers spokesperson Lynne Hancock who says the union is demanding improved safety for its 30,000 members and their communities

Institute for Public Accuracy
Malcolm X’s Legacy: Double Anniversary This Year

Roots of Military “Culture of Lying”

US Backing for ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels: Long Reported, Continually Forgotten
by Adam Johnson

Bill O’Reilly Lies–but Some Lies Matter More Than Others
by Jim Naureckas

*A black pot too full to piss in

Democracy Now!
From Selma to Snowden, Oscar Speeches Invoke Activism & Calls for Social Justice

“Mayor 1%” Rahm Emanuel of Chicago Faces Progressive Challenge in Heated Bid for Re-election

*Dear Misleader shills for his doppelganger


To Save the Planet, Eat Less Meat, Report Urges
For first time, top nutritional panel says American consumers must cut back on red meat to prevent irreversible climate change
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Gun to Greece’s Head Pulled Away’ As Tentative Deal Struck in Brussels
Though details not finalized, agreement will ‘undo some of the damage of years of troika-induced depression’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Pentagon’s Disclosure of Looming Offensive On Mosul Raises Concerns Over Civilian Impact
Analysts warn the U.S. is ‘doubling down’ on failed military solutions
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

US Effort to Crack Down on Terrorism Funding is Choking Humanitarian Lifeline: NGOs
New report outlines devastating blow in Somalia from remittances cutoff
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Can the Greek Tragedy Be Rewritten?
by Sonali Kolhatkar

*Let’s hope that the exploitocracy has real reason to fear the Greek example. What’s transpired recently doesn’t encourage confidence, in my mind.

And I wonder what Marx would make of the assertion that “the system” can be “adjust[ed]” to “to put human needs at the center”.

Can you make capitalism good

Or merely – and marginally – better?

Syriza Can Show ‘Another Energy is Possible’
by Sean Sweeney

*Well worth a read, although I’m leery of the closing suggestion of a consumption tax, which is inherently regressive.

Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR Welcomes DHS Report on Violent Domestic Right-Wing Extremism

The Real News Network
Walmart Wage Raise a Win For Workers, Yet Falls Short of Their Demands
Liza Featherstone, author of “Selling Women Short: The Landmark Battle for Workers’ Rights at Wal-Mart” says the concessions to workers was forged by years of worker-led struggle and direct action

Pressure Rises in Iran Negotiations
TRNN’s Thomas Hedges talks to Trita Parsi of the National Iranian American Council and Matthew McInnis of the American Enterprise Institute who say that hardliners in Washington are not primarily interested in a nuclear-free Iran but regime change and how to incite it

*Iran is “nuclear-free” (that should be “nuclear weapon-free”), and no intelligent intelligence indicates a inclination to change that status.

So what exactly is being negotiated, and what precisely is being sanctioned?

Greece Requests Extension on Loan Agreement
Dimitri Lascaris Report: Germany rejects the extension before the Euro Group could formally respond

*Why you should always wait for the walk

Before touting the talk

Is Kiev Underestimating the Death Toll in the East of Ukraine?
Tarik Cyril Amar, Assistant Professor at Columbia University, says Kiev has polarized civilians who might have been neutral before being shelled and caught in a humanitarian crisis induced by their government

Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories
by Adam Johnson

*I think it’s misleading to say that these stories “fooled” at least some of the outlets mentioned, especially the more ideologically inclined ones.

They could care less whether they are true or not. As long as they serve their agenda, they’ll be amplified.

That’s Propaganda 101, isn’t it?

Democracy Now!
An Unsolved Case of Racial Terror: FBI Probes 1946 Moore’s Ford Bridge Lynching in Georgia

*Evil has no expiration date

Malcolm X Remembered 50 Years After 1965 Assassination

*Unlike King, Malcolm can never be made “safe”

And so he is erased.

NSA & British GCHQ Hacked SIM Card Maker to Steal Encryption Keys to Spy on Billions of Cellphones

Security Researcher Christopher Soghoian on How to Use a Cellphone Without Being Spied On

*I don’t think ignorance, other than of the wilful sort, has anything to do with the lack of oversight here, do you?

And I’d be wary of these government funded apps. Soghoian may be revealing his own ignorance, or naiveté, when he credits their support to the US’ desire to “spread news about democracy”.

What’s the Best Oil to Cook With?
by Leanne Ely


Accused of ‘Terrorism,’ Animal Rights Activists Head to Federal Court
‘Why must low-level criminal activity by animal rights activists be prosecuted in federal court?’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Clinton Foundation Receiving Millions From Proponents of Keystone XL
Green groups say revelation raises questions about industry influence over likely 2016 presidential candidate
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Oil Price Crash is Being Used to Attack the Public Sector
by Nick Cunningham

Authorities Too Quick To Rule Out Terrorism in Chapel Hill Shooting Deaths
by Phyllis Bennis

*Terrorism’s white out

Parking Space Terrorism: Time for Action after Killing of Three US Muslims
by Ramzy Baroud

Government Accountability Project
Historic Filing: Farmer Sues Perdue for Violation of FSMA Whistleblower Protection Law

The Real News Network
In Spite of Fighting in Debaltseve, Ukraine Ceasefire May Hold
Occasional fighting in Ukraine may continue but that does not mean the Minsk II ceasefire will fail, says Tarik Cyril Amar, Assistant Professor of History at Columbia University

How Radical is the SYRIZA Party in Greece? (1/2)
Michael Nevradakis, host of Dialogos Radio in Athens, says SYRIZA is already moving from its radical origins

*Meet the new boss … ?

Family Day Rally Outside Ontario Prison Demands End to Immigration Detentions and Deportations
Photo Essay by Shaghayegh Tajvidi

TRNN Replay: Growing Up Black in American Apartheid – Glen Ford on Reality Asserts Itself pt1
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay: Glen Ford, Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report, tells his story as a red-diaper baby, growing up facing racism in the North living with his white activist mother, and living in the Deep South with his black deejay father

*I didn’t realize the depth of black activism within the military during the Vietnam War, and I think it’d be well worth the effort to explore it in greater detail.

NYT Hopes India Can Avoid China’s Plight: a High-Paid, Well-Educated Workforce
by Jim Naureckas

*Alice asked

“So … you raise living standards by making sure they don’t go up”?

To which the March Hare replied

“Spot on, my dear!”

FAIR Analysis
Op-Ed on Venezuela Slips Past NYT Factcheckers
by Steve Ellner

Institute for Public Accuracy
Elite Corruption: A “Violation of Public Trust”

Democracy Now!
Ruling by Right-Wing Judge Delays Long-Awaited Reprieve for Millions of Undocumented Immigrants

Coming Out of the Shadows: Meet José Espinoza, an Undocumented Worker Impacted by Delayed Reprieve

As Extreme Cold Engulfs Eastern U.S., Fossil Fuel Mishaps Leave Disaster Areas on Fire


Obama’s Legacy: Permanent War and Liberal/Radical Accommodation?
by Ajamu Baraka

Gulf Coast Activists Band Together to Fight Climate Change and Extractive Industries
Frontline communities confront legacy of racism, poverty, and environmental destruction
by Adam Federman

Syriza’s First Weeks in Power in Greece
by Sakis Gekas

The Night Is Long
President El-Sisi’s authoritarian measures of silencing the opposition and pushing through IMF-dictated reforms alienate the militant textile workers and cotton growers of Mahalla, who were relatively untouched by Tahrir
by Vijay Prashad

ACLU Settles Sex Discrimination Case of Pregnant Employee Fired From Religiously Affiliated Organization

Freedom of Information? Not Where Food Safety is Concerned
Food & Water Watch slams USDA’s FSIS for Culture of Non-Transparency

The Real News Network
Iran Negotiation Leaks Won’t Affect Netanyahu’s Prospect for Re-election
Economist Shir Hever also discusses an Associated Press report about attacks on the Gaza civilian population during Operation Protective Edge

New House Bill Would Deregulate the IRS
House Republicans reintroduced legislation that would bar the Internal Revenue Service from drafting basic protocol until it’s investigated for actions it allegedly carried out two years ago

1,200 Aboriginal Women in Canada Murdered or Gone Missing Since 1980s
Aboriginal women are five times more likely to be murdered, and most attacks are from outside their communities, says Audrey Huntley of the No More Silence campaign in Canada

Libyan Chaos and the Islamic State (2/2)
Vijay Prashad, author of “Arab Spring, Libyan Winter,” says Libya is awash with weapons and fighters, much like Afghanistan 25 years ago after the withdrawal of Russia

Institute for Public Accuracy
Netanyahu: * Corrie’s Death * Nuclear Armed

Most Americans Agree That Netanyahu, the Only One Who Can Save the Puppy, Should Save the Puppy
by Jim Naureckas

*Yet another poll tax of credulity

Petition Update
Big news from Nestle. What is M&M’s waiting for?
by Renee Shutters and CSPI

Democracy Now!
Rejecting Austerity, Greece Squares Off with Its Creditors & Risks Future in Eurozone

Watch Out for Deceitful Marketing of Dietary Supplements
This is how one unproven supplement tricked consumers and made millions
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Duped by For-Profit Schools, Students Gain Big Allies in Push for Loan Forgiveness
Answering Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s call, Massachusetts AG slams for-profit colleges as ‘free to break the law.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Warming Planet Threatens More and Possibly Deadlier Pathogens, Warns Study
New research claims to upend previous understanding of how parasites that may carry infectious diseases are adapting to changing temperatures
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Of parasites, large and small

New Analysis Shatters Narrative of Charter School Success
In Minnesota, ‘new information is fueling critics who say the charter school experiment has failed to deliver.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Doc Shows Canadian Police View Environmentalists, Not Climate Change, as Real Threat
RCMP document says ‘small but violent-prone faction’ of groups could pose ‘a credible threat’ to security
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*We’re all Snidely Whiplash now

The Holdouts: Families Who Took a Pass on the Fracking Boom—and What it Cost Them
by Priscila Mosqueda

Uber Wants to Reorganize the Economy? Workers, Too, Can Play at that Game
by Laura Flanders

The Worst Sort of Violence Against Children
by Steven Singer

Industry Backlash Against Fossil Fuel Divestment Forces the Question: Which Side Are You On?
by Kate Aronoff

*Uprooting the fence so many sit on

(And isn’t “Big Green radicals” as much a oxymoron as “humanitarian intervention”?)

The Real News Network
Meet the Family with a Megaphone in US & Israeli Politics (1/2)
With 90 percent of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign donors being U.S. Americans, the Falic family tops the list, and their influence reaches both sides of the aisle in Congress

Opposition Leaders Issued A Statement to Signal the Launch of the Foiled Coup
Lucas Koerner, journalist in Caracas for What do we know about the foiled coup thus far?

Rise of SYRIZA and PODEMOS in Europe and the Pre-requisite for the Black Rebellion in the US
Glen Ford Report: Black Lives Matter and the new young black activist must shed the Democratic Party from its veins and be at the heart of rebellious leadership in America

What Do Effective Violence Reduction Programs Look Like? (2/2)
Nationally recognized gun violence expert Daniel Webster discusses Baltimore’s implementation of Operation Ceasefire and suggests policy measures to ensure long-term success

Institute for Public Accuracy
West Virginia Oil Train Derailment Highlights Need for Significant Safety Reforms

Democracy Now!
Egypt Makes Libya the New Front in Anti-ISIS War, 4 Years After NATO Left Chaos Behind\

Al Jazeera Journalists Celebrate Freedom in Egypt After 411 Days in Prison, but New Trial Looms

The Next Syriza? As Greece Rejects Austerity, Meet the Activist Who Could Become Spain’s New PM


Brewing ‘Perfect Storm,’ GOP Lawmakers Push Millionaire-Friendly State Tax Schemes
Despite unfair burden on lower and middle classes, conservative-led state governments push regressive tax plans
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Shame': Greece Pledges to Shut Down Immigrant Detention Centers
‘I’m here to express my shame, not as a minister but as a human being,’ says official in charge of public order
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Yet another Greek tragedy

Hiroshima Survivors Sue Over ‘Black Rain’ That Followed Atomic Bombing
Over 40 survivors of bombing demand aid from Japan for severe health impacts
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

On the Problems of Breathing in America
On raising black sons in a white country
by Jane Lazarre

In a Time of Climate Change, Boston—and the World—Can’t Afford the Olympics
by Joseph Nevins

*Plenty of bread for these circuses

Hector Navarro: I’m Encouraging a Rebellion at the Bases of the PSUV
by Héctor Bujanda

The Real News Network
Will the Ceasefire Hold in Ukraine? (2/2)
Kiev-based sociologist Volodymyr Ishchenko discusses the problems that remain with the most recent agreement

The History of Reparations for African Americans (2/2)
TRNN’s Eddie Conway continues his discussion with Dr. Ray Winbush about the case for reparations for the slavery in the United States.

*The ones who say, “The past is the past”

Are always those who benefit from it in the present

Has the IMF Annexed Ukraine?
Michael Hudson Report: Finance is a new kind of war and forced sell offs that the IMF is imposing is a new kind of battle ground

Exclusive: Does Operation Ceasefire Have A Formula for Long-Term Success in Baltimore?
TRNN examines the nationally acclaimed homicide prevention program “Operation Ceasefire” amid allegations Baltimore is not funding the crucial outreach component that provides a critical escape to at-risk populations

*Sticking it to the carrot

Institute for Public Accuracy
Surveillance “Reforms” Allow for Plenty of Suspicionless Spying on Americans

Democracy Now!
Copenhagen Attack Witness Inna Shevchenko Debates Scholar Tariq Ramadan on Religion and Free Speech

*I thought it was rather ironic for Shevchenko to condemn dogmatism, when she advocates for an irresponsible ideal of freedom of speech that doesn’t speak to its consequences.

That’s what Ramadan was pointing to, that while that right to speech exists, its expression must take into account who is harmed by it, and who benefits from it.

That is, if the speaker lays claim to any sense of humanity.

Her ending comment about the vileness and violence of some religious teachings is valid, and could be applied to most religions, and for me is prima facie evidence of the fact that these were written, without divine guidance, by that most contradictory of creatures

Our species.

But to criticize Ramadan for not specifically condemning those teachings, when it’s clear he repudiates them, comes across as yet more dogmatism, to my mind.

She also dismisses the other sociopolitical factors he enumerates which lead to these tragedies, and that again betrays a less than open and honest attempt to address the situation.

Fear, Inc. 2.0: As Anti-Muslim Incidents Continue, Report Exposes Funders, Pundits of Islamophobia

Tens of Thousands Join North Carolina Moral March to Protest GOP Takeover, Racism & Islamophobia

Does Cutting Back on Salt in Food Help Reduce Headaches?
Here’s what one recent study shows
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


‘Unconscionable': New Federal Analysis Paves Way for Arctic Plunder
New environmental impact statement shows Interior Department willing “to cater to Shell’s drilling wishes,” says environmental group.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Doctors Worldwide Blast TPP’s ‘Chilling Effect’ on Health, Climate Protections
While U.S. corporations have been involved in negotiations, ‘health agencies have been forced to rely on leaks,’ physicians point out in letter to be published Saturday
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Campus Divestment Campaigns an Investment in Young Activists
by Moira Donovan

USDA Approves GMO Arctic Apples Despite Opposition
by Wenonah Hauter

The Real News Network
Will the Ceasefire Hold in Ukraine? (1/2)
Kiev-based sociologist Volodymyr Ishchenko says the ceasefire is likely just a pause before another military campaign begins

Why is Obama Requesting an AUMF When We’re Already at War with ISIS?
Michael Ratner of the Centre for Constitutional Rights says the request for the Re-Authorization for Use of Military Force against ISIS will give Obama more authority to expand war across the world

Baltimore Sinai Hospital Workers Demand Affordable Medical Coverage and Better Wages
TRNN speaks to members of 1199 United Healthcare Workers East

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Why Muslim Lives Don’t Matter”

*Societal SOP for such sins

Hand wringing

Followed by hand washing

‘He Just Made It Up': New York Post Accused of Fabrication in Machete Lawsuit Story
by Adam Johnson

*Taking a hatchet to the facts

Make that a machete

Democracy Now!
“We’re All One”: UNC Shooting Victim Yusor Abu-Salha’s StoryCorps Interview Months Before Death

Denver Police Killing of LGBT Teen Jessica Hernandez Sparks Outcry as Officers’ Claims Disputed

Undocumented Father Finds Sanctuary in Denver Church to Fight Deportation to Mexico

As Public Pensions Shift to Risky Wall Street, Local Politicians Rake in Political Cash


GOP Assault on Social Security Could be ‘Death Sentence’ for Nation’s Disabled
The claim that either the old-age or disability trust funds has run dry is ‘one of the hoariest lies in the conservatives’ playbook.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Climate Change Sets Stage for Droughts of ‘Unprecedented’ Proportions
New research predicts epic, never-before-seen dry spells for U.S. southwest and Great Plains
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Plan to Release GMO Mosquitoes ‘A Science Experiment Run Amok’
Effort by biotechnology firm meant to stop tropical diseases in Florida could have risky impacts, critics say.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Amid Lopsided Recovery, Republicans Plan Cuts to Food Stamp Program
‘We cannot balance the budget on the backs of poor people,’ said Rep. Jim McGovern
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

A Vision from Hell: Exxon’s Neo-Imperialism Meets the GOP Grand Strategy
How energy coordination on one continent could bring the planet to its knees
by Michael T. Klare

The Sorrow and Sociology of Dead Children
by Robert C. Koehler

Brennan Center for Justice
New Report: Increased Incarceration Had Limited Effect on Reducing Crime for Over Two Decades

*A limited effect on crime

But not on the bottom line of prison profitmongers

Friends of the Earth
Arctic Shipping Report Advocates Immediate Cleanup of Vessel Fuel to Combat Emissions

Americans for Safe Access
California Legislator Introduces Bill to End Organ Transplant Denials for Medical Marijuana Patients
Americans for Safe Access sponsors bill introduced by Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) to end discriminatory practice

The Real News Network
The History of Reparations for African Americans (1/2)
To mark Black History Month, TRNN’s Eddie Conway speaks to Dr. Ray Winbush about why people of African descent have a strong case for reparations for the slavery in the United States

*Isn’t the irony intense?

You have black folks rotting in prison for fines they can’t pay, and when they can, those serve as a major revenue source for municipalities, when history would deem them owed debts by their oppressors.

The chains have endless links.

NYPD Officer Pleads Not Guilty After Rare Indictment for Killing Unarmed Black Man
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says the #blacklivesmatter movement is pressuring the political system to hold police accountable for unlawful deaths and brutality

Why Do We Kill? The Pathology of Murder in Baltimore (3/3)
In part three, retired Baltimore Homicide Detective Kelvin Sewell and investigative journalist Stephen Janis discuss the killing of a former Baltimore police commissioner’s daughter that shook the entire city

Institute for Public Accuracy
Key Author of War Powers: ISIL AUMF Could be Worse than Vietnam Authorization

*I guess he deserves the Nobel because he hasn’t blown the world up


CNN Peddles Propaganda About ‘Completely Mad’ Putin
by Jim Naureckas

*A corpress which cheerleads for nuclear “chicken” casts its bête noire as “mad”.

That’s some chutzpah, boychik.

Democracy Now!
Endless War? Obama Sends Congress Expansive Anti-ISIS War Measure 6 Months After Bombing Began

*Excellent point from Solomon about Annan’s and so many others’ legless talk, so to speak.

DN! has a habit of giving these charlatans airtime to blather and bloviate, without challenging their mendacity, so I’m glad he seized the opportunity to do so.

#MuslimLivesMatter: Loved Ones Honor NC Shooting Victims & Reject Police Dismissal of a Hate Crime

One Billion Rising Honors “Revolution” as New Report Highlights Threats to Black Girls in U.S.


Unremitting Pain: The Careless, Astonishing Cruelty of Barack Obama’s Government
The US, it seems, couldn’t care less if it causes a humanitarian crisis in Somalia, one of the world’s poorest countries
by George Monbiot

Barbarians Are Made, Not Born
The Islamic State group is composed of the detritus of wars in Afghanistan, Libya, Chechnya, Yemen. It was fuelled by the destruction of Iraq. Can deliverance be really found in the violence that forged it?
by Vijay Prashad

*Making enemies and influencing people

To join them

The Real News Network
Anonymous Hackers Declare Cyber War Against ISIS
Ola Bini of Thoughtworks explains the war strategy and its effectiveness

*I’d be interested to know just how the determination is made that an account is associated with ISIS. Is the mere expression of seeming support sufficient?

If so, isn’t that a bit contradictory coming from a group that claims to be standing for freedom of expression, regardless of what one thinks of it?

I’m just asking.

A Look at the Greek PM Tsipras’ First Address to Parliament
Dimitri Lascaris discusses how the SYRIZA government plans to end austerity and carry out the clear mandate of the people

*The media cabal in Greece is leery of going against public opinion, yet the corpress in the US has no qualms about cheerleading for cuts in essential programs which enjoy overwhelming support from the American public.

What a bunch of wimps.

Over $100 Billion Stashed in Offshore Accounts by HSBC Clients
James Henry says the largest financial institutions in the U.S. are helping launder the money of the wealthiest and some of the worst dictators on the planet without facing any meaningful punishment – and it’s been going on for decades

*The best way to rob a government

Is to own it

Los Indignados to Podemos, The Making of a Party (2/2)
One of the major polls shows Pablo Iglesias of Podemos could become the next Prime Minister of Spain, says Becquer Seguin

Illinois Governor Moves to Weaken State Unions
Jan Rodolfo, a registered nurse and Midwest Director for National Nurses United, says the billionaire Republican governor’s executive order will affect 6,500 workers and threaten public health

Why Do We Kill? The Pathology of Murder in Baltimore (2/3)
In part two, retired Baltimore Homicide Detective Kelvin Sewell and investigative journalist Stephen Janis discuss what speaking to those accused of murder can teach about the failures of our society

*The connection between children with no conscience

And a society bereft of one

Chris Matthews Calls for ‘Rambo Kind of Stuff’ as Response to Real-World Violence
by Jim Naureckas

*Matthews might want to ask another fictional character, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, about how to deal with monsters of one’s one creation.

Y’know … the ones given life by the policies he’s pimped for decades.

Institute for Public Accuracy
AUMF: “Another Blank Check for Endless War”

Democracy Now!
As Study Finds 4,000 Lynchings in Jim Crow South, Will U.S. Address Legacy of Racial Terrorism?

*As a “son of the South”, I wonder if any of my relatives were involved in these atrocities, either as participants or spectators.

The awful odds are stacked in favor of that horrific history, I have to think.

Exchanging Vows, Alabama Same-Sex Couples Make History in a State Where Discrimination Runs Deep

*Old times there are not forgotten

‘Cause they’re inscribed in the constitution

After Months of Protest, NYPD Officer Charged for Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Black Man Akai Gurley

U.S. Hostage Kayla Mueller Remembered for Humanitarian Work from Syria to Occupied Territories

How to Diet: Is Chocolate for Valentine’s Day the New Superfood?
Do chocolate eaters really weigh less?
David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Federal Campaign to Save Monarch Fails to Address Root Cause of Decline
Without addressing herbicide-resistant GMO crops, ‘monarch populations will not rebound to resilient, healthy levels,’ says pollinator expert
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

New Report on Lynching Reveals Sinister Legacy of ‘Racial Terrorism’ in America
Capital punishment and current racial injustice in US are ‘direct descendants of lynching’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A hateful present hanging on a horrific past

The Debt Slavery Must End to Prevent Environmental Catastrophes: Will Greece Kick Start a Paradigm Shift?
by Stefano Balbi

Why Public Banks Outperform Private Banks: Unfair Competition or a Better Mousetrap?
by Ellen Brown

The Shift: A Note from Lexington Federal Prison
by Kathy Kelly

Saying No to Torture: A Gallery of American Heroes
by Rebecca Gordon

*They weren’t scared of anything but missing the opportunity to indulge their sadism in the service of expanding their empire, and preparing for the day when these grotesqueries would need to be employed to hold it together.

Plan B? What Happened to Plan A?
Why we shouldn’t fund geoengineering experimentation, and what we still need to learn about the climate
by Pat Mooney

*Science marches on

And off the cliff

Worldwatch Institute
No Jobs on a Dead Planet: Trade Unions Join the Transition to a Greener Economy
Worldwatch Institute’s State of the World 2014 explores the employment challenges and opportunities of a transition to a sustainable economy

The Real News Network
Why Do We Kill? The Pathology of Murder in Baltimore (1/3)
Retired Baltimore Homicide Detective Kelvin Sewell and investigative journalist Stephen Janis explain why they decided to write “Why Do We Kill?”

Capitalism at the Root of Greek Economic Crisis
Costas Panayotakis, author of Remaking Scarcity: From Capitalist Inefficiency to Economic Democracy, says Greece’s economic woes stem from the capitalist mismanagement of the Greek economy

Class Action Case Filed Against St. Louis and Jennings by Black Residents
The case is pursuing disproportionate tickets, jail and fines, the plaintiffs believe it is financially motivated, says Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report

Police Violence and Militarization Town Hall (4/4)
In the final part of the of the Police Violence and Militarization Town Hall discussion hosted by South Organizing Against Racism (SOAR), participants debate what kind of political strategy the movement should adopt

Institute for Public Accuracy
Ukraine: Who Wins from War?

Billionaire’s Paper Hopes Well-Off Will Identify With Wealthy
by Jim Naureckas

*Middle class dismissed

Democracy Now!
Ferguson Residents Challenge “Modern Debtors’ Prison Scheme” Targeting Blacks with Fines, Arrests

What Not to Eat: Watch Out for this Chemical Found in White Flour and Breads!
The FDA should reduce the amount of this dangerous chemical allowed in food
by Michael F. Jacobson
Nutrition Action


Tar Sands Activists Being Targeted by FBI
The agents ‘appear to be interested in actions around the tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline,’ said a lawyer working with the protesters.
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Are You Living with a Terrorist? The US Government Can Help You Be Sure
New document “obtained” by The Intercept reveals NCTC developed rating system to pre-identify those who might fall into extremism
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Why Greece Hasn’t Threatened to Leave the EU… Not Yet, Anyway
by Alexandros Orphanides

New Evidence that Half of America is Broke
by Paul Buchheit

*Why is it that the jobs with the most social utility

So often are those with the most income futility?

Burying Vietnam, Launching Perpetual War
How Thanking the Veteran Meant Ignoring What Happened
by Christian Appy

*A dishonorable discharge of a haunting history

The Nisman murder and the AMIA terror bombing: A tangled thread
by Gareth Porter

*Imperative intel, given the parroting of Nisman’s narrative in the pages and pixels of the corpress, as well as the dearth of coverage in the more visible alternative media.

Food & Water Watch
Ranchers, Consumers Applaud Dismissal of COOL Lawsuit

The Real News Network
Over 90% of Netanyahus’ Campaign Contributions Come from the U.S.
Shir Hever of the Alternative Information Center says many dubious fundraising strategies are used; some are illegal and under investigation

A Bloodless Coup d’etat in Detroit
Frank Hammer reports that in the grand bargain of the bailout, Detroit lost its democracy

*Welcome to Mowedtown

President’s Plan to Protect Arctic Ocean Won’t Halt Oil Drilling (2/2)
Leah Donahey and Subhankar Banerjee on the US Chairmanship of the Arctic Council and how they might advise President Obama

*If we don’t wake up to the fact that “All of the above” means “Look out below!”, and continue to have faith in the false promises flowing from Dear Misleader’s lips

We won’t have a chance in hell of preventing one here on Earth.

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis Head to Head with German Counterpart Wolfgang Schauble
Varoufakis evokes German Nazi history to describe, what he is up against, Leo Panitch and Dimitri Lascaris discuss the standoff and the future of the European community

*Fear and loathing of a (hopefully) good example

Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, Member of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party Moments Before She was Killed by Riot Police in Cairo
Professor Seif Da’na explains that Shaimaa al-Sabbagh is a victim of the current struggle for legitimacy taking place in Egypt (1/3 Parts)

Why ISIS Burning Jordanian Pilot May Unify Arab World
Prof. Vijay Prashad discusses the significance of the of anti-ISIS protests after the immolation of a Jordanian pilot and the possible future outcomes of these events

Institute for Public Accuracy
Why Did DOJ Ignore Whistleblower?

Is Sleep Deprivation Making You Fat?
by Yuri Elkaim

What Is Resistant Starch? Why You Need It and How to Get It
by Yuri Elkaim

Food Safety: Be Careful of These Dangerous Pathogens, Toxins, and Chemicals in Seafood
Do you know what’s in the fish you eat?
Sarah Klein
Nutrition Action


Greek Minister: Poison of Troika Austerity Fueling Rise of Nazi Party
After meeting in Berlin, Yannis Varoufakis says Syriza’s attempt to rectify economic conditions is all that’s keeping fascists from the door
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Blockade Delivers Climate Message to Calif. Gov. Brown: Stop Fracking
Demonstrators have erected 16-foot fracking rig, and remain ‘jubilant and defiant’ while awaiting arrest
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Brown is the color of what leaves Jerry’s lips

Always has been, hasn’t it?

Yemen: Shiite Rebels Announce Takeover of Country
Houthis issue “constitutional declaration” amid continuing unrest
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

In Landmark Ruling, Canada to Allow Assisted Suicide
‘I do not want to die slowly, piece by piece. I do not want to waste away unconscious in a hospital bed. I do not want to die wracked with pain.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Zero Tolerance': A Worldwide Call to Eliminate the Brutal Practice of FGM
UN chief calls for a future ‘where every girl can grow up free of violence and discrimination, with full dignity, human rights and equality.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Re-Colonization of Africa
by Jim Goodman

*Feeding the world

A putrid platter of propaganda

Is ISIL’s ‘Shock and Awe’ More Awe-ful Because One Victim?
by Juan Cole

The Real News Network
A Very Dark Chapter of Globalization – Flassbeck (3/3)
Heiner Flassbeck, a former Director at UNCTAD, tells Paul Jay that the global economy is very fragile, any shock could send it into a major downturn as countries wage currency wars and oil markets are frightening

Los Indignados to Podemos: The Making of a Party (1/2)
The Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias learned much of what he knows from the leftward shift in Latin American, says Becquer Seguin, doctoral candidate in Romance studies at Cornell University

Rep. Hank Johnson’s “Grand Jury Reform Act”
Glen Ford, executive editor of the Black Agenda Report, says the use of a special prosecutor and making grand jury investigations a public process is consistent with the goals of progress

Police Violence and Militarization Town Hall (3/4)
In part three of the Police Violence and Militarization Town Hall discussion hosted by South Organizing Against Racism (SOAR), participants discuss if the #Blacklivesmatter movement should develop an electoral strategy and consider breaking with the two-party system

The Financialization of Big Business – Costas Lapavitsas on Reality Asserts Itself (4/8)
Mr. Lapavitsas says that capitalists have learned how to make huge profits without producing anything useful

Democracy Now!
Juan González: Overhaul of NYC’s 911 System Woefully Mismanaged & Nearly $1 Billion Over Budget

FCC’s Net Neutrality Shift a Victory for Open Internet & Grassroots Activism Against Cable Giants

*You celebrate when the regs are in place, and you’ve gone over them with a fine toothed comb.

And even then, eternal vigilance is the price of freedom, ’cause the bastards will always be looking to bore loopholes in them, won’t they just?

Part 2: Johann Hari on Everything We Know About the Drug War & Addiction is Wrong

*The drug war is a tool of repression, especially as applied to people of color, and so it’s not just the gangs who benefit from it, is it?


As Specter of Wider War Threatens, Jordan Targets ISIS with New Airstrikes
Analysts warn that a rush to revenge will only deepen militarization and violence across the region.
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Oil-Soaked Interest Groups Doing Their Best to Kill Mass Transit
‘Eliminating all funding for transit, biking, and walking, which people who can’t afford a car rely on? Not a problem to these guys.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Despite the disingenuity, the point’s valid that this would be a regressive tax increase, and only “necessary” because the exploitocracy’s beaucoup billions are invioable, aren’t they?

The Fiery Cage and the Lynching Tree, Brutality’s Never Far Away
by Bill Moyers

*The beam in both eyes

License Plate Scanners Also Taking Photos of Drivers and Passengers
by Sonia Roubini

The Lone-Wolf Terror Trap
Why the cure will be worse than the disease
by Matthew Harwood

Why is Yellen Supporting the ECB Attack on Greece?
by Yves Smith

The Real News Network
President’s Plan to Protect Arctic Ocean Won’t Halt Oil Drilling
Leah Donahey and Subhankar Banerjee say Obama has taken an important step by announcing new protections for the Arctic Ocean, but it does not block Shell from drilling there

*It’s truly frustrating to listen to these expressions of hope that Dear Misleader will do what needs to be done.

He never has, and unless forced to, he never will.

It doesn’t matter what the science says. As all presidents do, he serves wealth. Even when ostensibly one goes against such interests, as FDR did with the New Deal, the intent is to save them from themselves.

In this case, that would mean saving the whole goddamn planet, and you would think that would necessitate a redux.

But Obama has shown time and again a visceral aversion to doing so, and even when supposedly evincing such an inclination, deeper examination invariably reveals a bait and switch.

(Vetoing Keystone XL, only to allow its clones to flourish, would be a case in point.)

Putting any faith in his rationality – much less his humanity – is a fool’s game

One that so many seemingly intelligent “progressives” seem all too eager to play.

If No Deal for Greece, Exit the Euro?
Heiner Flassbeck says that in refusing to compromise on the loan conditions for Greece, Germany is really concerned about Italy and France which are in a similar situation but with much bigger economies; for Syriza, while leaving the Euro is fraught with danger and is unknown territory, the option of exit must be considered

Death Toll Rises to Over 5,350 in Ukraine
Number of displaced people and inflation are creating great distress in the country says, Nicolai Petro, professor of politics at the University of Rhode Island

How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible (3/3)
Charlie Cobb, author of “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed,” says we must use the lessons of non-violence in the sixties to address the epidemic of violence plaguing inner-city neighborhoods today

Medieval Monarchies and Islamo-Fascism (2/2)
In part two, Newsclick’s Prabir Purkayastha tells Paul Jay that if the Gulf State medieval monarchies are not removed, there won’t be a long-term solution to the crisis in the region

Some Other Tall Tales Brian Williams Might Want to Apologize For
by Jim Naureckas

*(With apologies to P. Simon)

There goes lyin’ Brian …

Democracy Now!
Inside the Vaccine War: Measles Outbreak Rekindles Debate on Autism, Parental Choice & Public Health

*I don’t know who’s right here, but I do know that when profits are involved, as they are for the pharmas, science will be distorted to justify them.

Has that happened here? I can’t say.

That Offit refused to be on with Holland, and that he resorted to demeaning her views, rather than simply refuting them, doesn’t fill me with confidence that he’s a trustworthy source of information, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t.

A closed mind from any corner is something we can’t afford.

How to Diet: Store-Bought Toddler Foods Too High in Sugar and Sodium, CDC Warns
These foods can affect children’s taste preferences later in life
David Schardt
Nutrition Action

Eat your veggies!
by Leanne Ely

*No product pimping on my part. I just thought there were some good ideas for getting goodies in your gut.


Folly of US “War on Terror” Looms as Jordan and ISIS Exchange Executions
Jordan moved quickly to avenge the murder of Lt. Moaz al Kasasbeh whose execution by Islamic State was made public Tuesday. But the current cycle of violence and war in the Middle East, say observers, is deeply rooted in U.S. foreign policy decisions that reach back to U.S. invasion of Iraq and beyond.
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Historic’ Vote As Wales Joins Scotland in Saying No to Fracking
‘This is a clear statement that we want a frack-free Wales,’ says Welsh official.
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*More fissures in this fracturing fairy tale

As a Veteran, I See ‘American Sniper’ as Dangerous, But Not for the Reasons You’d Think
by Brock McIntosh

*There are other, less forgiving, interpretations of Kyle’s motives and mentality, but McIntosh’s main thrust is undeniable.

Mass culture reinforces the myths of political culture, telling the stories that infuse those myths with emotional and spiritual weight.

The myths are sold

And reality pays the price.

Friends of the Earth
Energy Department Dispels Myth of ‘Clean Coal’

*The coal hard facts

The Real News Network
Syriza Needs Alliance Against German “Beggar Thy Neighbor” Policies
Economist Heiner Flassbeck tells Paul Jay that Germany has violated EU agreements and Syriza should focus on creating an alliance with Italy, Spain and France to oppose policies that are driving Europe into a deeper recession

How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible (2/3)
Author Charlie Cobb discusses how famed activist Ella Baker inspired the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s grassroots structure, as well as the little-known story of armed self-defense during the Civil Rights movement

*True leaders don’t have followers

They have fellow travelers

TRNN Replay: The Rise of the Big Banks – Costas Lapavitsas on Reality Asserts Itself (3/8)
Mr. Lapavitsas says that large-scale industrialization created the need for massive amounts of capital and big banks, a process that developed an aggressive global capitalism

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Stopping ISIS * Saudi Backing Al-Qaeda * Carter and Accelerating U.S. Nuke Spending

Democracy Now!
Dean Baker: New Leftist Greek Leaders Being “Very Smart” to Challenge German-Imposed Austerity

Johann Hari: Everything We Know About the Drug War & Addiction is Wrong

*If we want to end the scourge of addiction, we have to defeat the deadliest one of all

To wealth and power.

Are Probiotic Dietary Supplements Worth Taking?
Here’s our guide
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


In Stand for People and Planet Over Profit, Green Groups Back Oil Worker Strike
Oil refinery workers on the ‘front lines’ of protecting communities from fossil fuel hazards stage biggest industry work stoppage in 30 years
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Canada ‘Can’t Hide’ From Climate Impacts of Energy East Pipeline, Groups Say
‘Either include climate impacts and community voices in review, or lose all credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of the Canadian people.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Center for Reproductive Rights
Obama Budget Continues Discriminatory Abortion Coverage Restrictions for Low-Income Women, But Would Restore Limited Coverage for D.C. Women

The Real News Network
How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible (1/3)
To mark Black History Month, TRNN’s Eddie Conway interviews Charlie Cobb, author of the book “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed,” who says he dropped out of Howard University to become active in the Civil Rights Movement

*Cobb makes the case plain, to my mind.

When faced with violence, you have a right to defend yourself and others. Force must be employed in a disciplined, principled manner, but there’s no moral obligation to forswear its use under such circumstances.

Those who choose non violence are indeed brave, and I admire their courage. But I don’t consider them any more righteous than those who decide differently in the name of self defense.

It’s a fearsome choice

But we live in a fearsome world.

Top Three Things to Know About Obama’s Proposed Corporate Off-Shore Profits Tax
Economist James Henry says Obama’s proposed 14 percent mandatory tax fails to shutdown tax dodging schemes and creates incentives for more tax dodging

Finance Minister of Greece Offers Debt Swap Options to the Europeans
European Central Bank President Mario Draghi wants to commit Greece to an austerity program but he is dealing with a game theorist, says Dimitri Lascaris

Militant Islam as an Instrument of Saudi-Pakistan-US Policy
Prabir Purkayastha tells Paul Jay that the fulcrum of U.S. military policies in the region is at one end Saudi Arabia and Israel, and the other is Pakistan – ISIS is a product of the failed policies of this alliance

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Military Budget * Ukraine Disaster

Pope Declares Oscar Romero a “Martyr”

*”[B]linded by … anti-communism” … ?

Blinded by greed and power.

The church has always been allied with the ruling class, now represented by capitalism, and has benefited handsomely from it.

Liberation theology was a threat to that relationship, and had to be crushed.

Francis was, at best, a Pontius Pilate in the play, standing by while the regimes the church blessed imprisoned, tortured and murdered those who took the Golden Rule to heart.

This PR ploy does nothing to absolve him of that sin.

Muslims Are Nazis, USA Today Jokes
by Jim Naureckas

*Wanna bet Boehner has that framed as a welcome gift for Bibi?

“They did the Monster Mash … “

‘Venezuelan Bomb Plot’ a Figment of FBI’s–and US Media’s–Imagination
by Jim Naureckas

*Blowin’ the truth up real good

Centrist Anxiety at the New York Times
by Jim Naureckas

*I’m hearing some paranoia from the “center” here

And I hope to hell it’s well founded.

But it shouldn’t be directed at the likes of Warren and Sanders, or any other “progressive” politician, who may be better than your typical Democratic Janus, but who, like their icon FDR, are dedicated to saving capitalism from itself.

As for saving anything else

Ask the folks in Gaza about their voting record.

Democracy Now!
Is Ukraine a Proxy Western-Russia War? U.S. Weighs Arming Kiev as Violence Soars

The New Arab Cold War: U.S. Policy Sows Conflict, Unrest Across the Middle East and North Africa

Watch Out for These Poor-Quality, Fraudulent Herbal Dietary Supplements
Are your supplements what they claim to be?
David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*”[Need] to keep costs down” … ?

Not unless you’re saying that they “need” to commit fraud to do so.

It’s a choice, with consequences beyond their bottom line

Into our bodies.


As California Water Resources Dwindle, New Fears Over Drilling Waste Contamination
Situation described as ‘unfolding catastrophe’ as investigation finds oil drilling companies injected untold amounts of waste into protected groundwater reserves
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Syriza Official Vows to Kill EU-US Trade Deal as ‘Gift to All European People’
Threat comes amid continued grassroots opposition to proposed trade deal
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Yet Another Toxic Consequence of Oil Spills: Arsenic Contamination
Discovery of elevated arsenic levels in groundwater is ‘significant public health concern,’ researchers warn
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The poison in the junkie’s veins

Malcolm X Was Right About America
by Chris Hedges

The World Social Forum: Building Alternative Forms of Globalization
by Thomas Ponniah

Chicago For Sale
by Paul Buchheit

Food & Water Watch
Food and Water Protections Weakened Under President’s 2016 Budget

The Real News Network
Police Violence and Militarization Town Hall (2/4)
In Part Two of the Police Violence and Militarization Town Hall discussion hosted by South Organizing Against Racism (SOAR), participants discuss whether the #Blacklivesmatter movement can pick up where the civil rights movement and black power movements left off

Can Fast Food Afford a $15 Minimum Wage Without Cutting Jobs?
Economist Jeanette Wicks-Lim says a $15 minimum wage would affect 3.8 million workers and cost $30.7 billion, but would reduce turnover and spur economic growth

*Isn’t the effect of turnover one reason businesses are “droning” their jobs – deskilling them so that experience isn’t terribly important? Of course, it also makes the threat of losing a job that much more of a reality, if your boss can fire you and replace you with someone who doesn’t need much in the way of training.

But to the larger subject, there’s an inherent contradiction in the need for a harmful industry to do well in order for workers to receive a higher wage, don’t you think?

Whether it’s fossil fuels or fast food, the damage done to the greater society has to be factored in. I can’t say “Hooray!” for an expansion of McDonald’s bottom line, no matter how much I’d like for its workers to be paid a living wage.

As long as these industries exist, workers should get the pay and benefits they deserve, but we have to address the conundrum of the poison their products represent, and focus on ways to transition folks into jobs that actually benefit society.

TRNN Replay: Growing Up in the Greek Police State – Costas Lapavitsas on Reality Asserts Itself (1/8)
Mr. Lapavitsas, author of ‘How Finance Exploits Us All’, traces his own political development, coming of age during the Greek dictatorship

Netanyahu and Boehner Tag-Teaming on Iran Could Backfire On Both of Them
Professor Vijay Prashad says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a high risk gambler whose relationship with the Obama administration has hit rock bottom

Iraq Prepares Austerity Budget
Prof. Sabah Alnasseri says Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is planning to cut social sector employment as collapsing oil prices, corruption, and the anti-ISIS campaign will leave the government short on revenue

The Story Behind Keystone XL Pipeline Amendments
Food & Water Watch’s Sam Schabacker and journalist Steve Horn discuss the interests behind the amendments and discuss how another Enbridge pipeline is being planned under the radar

*So, should Dear Misleader make the political calculation to veto Keystone XL, how many of the big greens will rush to buss his bum, while the poison is poised to course via other veins?

Another case of closing the blinds on the big picture window …

Institute for Public Accuracy
Problems with “One-Time” Tax on Overseas Corporate Profits

Democracy Now!
After Historic Victory, Greece’s Leftist Syriza Party Begins Mandate Against “Vicious” Austerity

*Since fearmongering didn’t work, don’t you think the next ploy will be cooption?

Keep a close eye on how that plays out. History implores us to make Syriza earn the benefit of the doubt.

Amid Violence Against Journalists Worldwide, Egypt Releases 1 of 3 Jailed Al Jazeera Reporters

Dave Zirin on NFL Season’s Lowlights: Domestic Abuse, Concussions and Seahawks’ Super Bowl Screw-Up

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Canada Unveils New Anti-Terrorism Bill That Moves for ‘Unprecedented Expansion of Powers’
“This radical expansion of national security powers is not sound security policy and presents a real danger to Canadians,” says civil liberties advocate.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Over the last few years a great evil has been descending over our world.”

The irony doesn’t drip.

It drowns.

Moms and Doctors Have a Message for Monsanto: ‘You’re Making Us Sick’
As shareholders gather in St. Louis on Friday, concerned parents, doctors, and environmental and food safety advocates will hold a memorial to the agrichemical giant’s victims.
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

NYPD Commissioner Invokes #BlackLivesMatter Protests to Justify New “Anti-Terrorism” Unit
Critics in the city say a more militarized NYPD using “counter-terrorism tactics against protestors” would be “deeply misguided” approach to policing
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Another display of the true and two faced nature of “progressive” city administrations in these here United States.

Oakland, anyone … ?

‘Unconstitutional… Unconscionable': Texas Executes Intellectually Disabled Man
Despite Eighth Amendment protections and US Supreme Court rulings, state puts Robert Ladd to death
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The mentally – and the morally – challenged

Our Girls are Still Not Home: Boko Haram and the Politics of Death
No matter who wins the election next month or whatever military force is raised and thrown against Boko Haram in the future, it is likely that the insurgency will continue.
by Ajamu Baraka

Did Israel develop the doctrine behind Iraq invasion?
by Rod Such

The Real News Network
Will the SYRIZA Victory Spark a Broad Anti-Austerity Struggle in Europe?
Professor William Black says the mainstream media has failed to explain the ordinary Greek’s experience of austerity policy

At the Center of a Storm – Irvin Jim on RAI (3/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself: Workers must build a united front to implement the Freedom Charter, which includes participating in electoral politics; the workers movement can’t just be about marching, says Mr. Jim, General Secretary of the National Union of Mineworkers of South Africa (NUMSA)

Hezbollah and Israel Call for De-escalation in the Golan Heights
Phyllis Bennis says two Israeli soldiers were killed yesterday in retaliation for the killing of six Hezbollah fighters, including a son of a revered leader and an Iranian General

Would Loretta Lynch Support Ineffective Federal Drug Policy?
Neill Franklin, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), says that Loretta Lynch unwittingly made the case for legalization of marijuana during her confirmation hearing for attorney general

All the NYPD Spin That’s Fit to Print
by Neil deMause

*Why do these lyrics come to mind?

“One headline

Why believe it?

Everybody wants to rule the world”

Institute for Public Accuracy

Outrage at USDA’s “Abandonment of Regulatory Authority” on GE Trees


Parks But Not People? In Partial Victory, Pennsylvania Bans Fracking on Public Lands
Residents say partial moratorium is good first step but does not help the communities bearing the brunt of toxic drilling
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Legacy of Endless Afghan War Includes Nation Plagued by Unexploded Bombs
With a majority of the victims children, unexploded ordnances in war-torn Afghanistan are claiming more than one life every single day
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Dear Syria: From One Refugee to Another
by Ramzy Baroud

New York Civil Liberties Union
NYCLU Provides Body Camera Guidelines to White House Policing Task Force

The Real News Network
At the Center of a Storm – Irvin Jim on RAI (2/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself: Mr. Jim, General Secretary of the National Union of Mineworkers of South Africa, explains why his union withdrew its support for the governing African National Congress

*An unsold soul

The Confirmation Hearings of US Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch
Bruce Dixon of the Black Agenda Report says Ms. Lynch’s expertise in white-collar crime was defending white-collar criminals, not prosecuting them

*The misidentification of identity politics

As Obama Expands Offshore Drilling, a Look at the Health of the Oceans Today
Marine ecologist Douglas McCauley argues that President Obama’s move to expand offshore drilling is a part of a worrisome trend threatening the health of the oceans and raising the specter of mass extinction

*It’s gonna take a whole hell of a lot more than “managing” to avoid catastrophe in the oceans, don’t you think?

Not that even managing is on the minds of those poised to poison and plunder the seas with the same vicious voracity to which they’ve subjected the land.

How to Diet: Can Chocolate Protect your Heart and Brain?
What are flavanols and what is the best way to incorporate them into your diet?
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

How to best use your refrigerator
by Leanne Ely


Race, Domestic Abuse and a Warning Shot: Marissa Alexander Released From Prison, But Still Not Free
Case illuminates ‘many ills in our justice system,’ activist says
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Amid Gas Drilling Boom, Investigators Warn of Systemic Pipeline Safety Hazards
Accidents involving ‘high consequence area pipelines,’ where people or buildings are more likely to be impacted, have increased in recent years
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

In Response To Attacks, Sweeping Data Collection To Be Proposed for EU Airports
Of the proposal’s alleged privacy protections, civil liberties advocate says: ‘It is a joke. They are not safeguards.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Can Capitalism Save Itself?
by Gary Olson

*FDR’s not around to save capitalism this time.

The question is whether we can save ourselves from its frenzied, flailing and ultimately fascist DIY.

Fracking with Our Food: And 7 Other Reasons California Should Ban Toxic Drilling
by Josh Healey

*Jerry rigged

He’s been at it for quite a while, and it’s pretty damn sad that so many folks still haven’t caught on, ain’t it?

The Corporate Takeover of Ukrainian Agriculture
by Frederic Mousseau

Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR Asks FBI to Withdraw from Texas Event Sponsored by Hate Group, Featuring Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist

Global Plastic Production Rises, Recycling Lags
New Worldwatch Institute analysis explores trends in global plastic production and recycling

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
NFL Marketing to Kids is Out of Bounds
Groundbreaking report exposes league’s intensive and harmful campaign to target children

The Real News Network
At the Center of a Storm – Irvin Jim, General Secretary of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa on RAI (1/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Jim tells host Paul Jay about his youth and radicalization in the fight against apartheid. Mr. Jim is now the leader of the largest union in South Africa with 340,000 members, which has recently broken with the ANC and is calling for a return to the principles of the Freedom Charter

Marxist Economists, Academics and Philosophers Sworn In to the Greek Cabinet
Leo Panitch says new Finance Minister has to raise massive public investments required to kick start the economy and address twenty-five percent general unemployment and fifty percent youth unemployment

Death Toll in Ukraine at Five Thousand as the Ceasefire Breaks Down
Serhiy Kudelia of Baylor University, recently returned from a trip to the eastern regions in Ukraine, says the most recent outbreak is the worst violence to date and the ceasefire is dependent on the continuation of the negotiations

FAIR Analysis
The Super Bowl Windfall Myth
Why media fall for sports industry’s bogus economic claims
by Neil deMause

*Homers that never make it out of the park

Democracy Now!
“The Hunting Ground”: Film Exposes How Colleges Cover Up Sexual Assault and Fail to Protect Students

*Yet what dominates the discussion in the corpress is how Rolling Stone reported on the Virginia case, allowing the victim blamers to pose as defenders of journalistic ethics, and paint themselves as victims.

Nauseating, but not in the least surprising, is it?

And there may be a small number of perpetrators, but there are all too many perpetuators in the college system, wouldn’t you say?

As 18 Die on Anniversary of Revolution, Egypt Intensifies Crackdown on Activists, Journalists

Dietary Supplements: Are Multivitamins Useless?
It’s not as simple as some headlines make it seem
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


National People’s Action
Community Groups Rally Outside Payday Lending Stores to Protect Consumers from Predatory Loans
New Ad Pushes Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Act As Activists Protest Payday Lenders

*Circling the sharks

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
To Avoid Worst Consequences of Climate Change, Solutions Must Include Land Use Sector

Center for Biological Diversity
Monarch Numbers Up Slightly, But Butterfly Still at Risk of Extinction
Favorable Weather Boosts Population But Pesticides Still Threaten Butterfly’s Chance of Survival

Food & Water Watch Blasts Approval of Biggest Supermarket Merger

The Real News Network
New Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Sworn In to Office
Dimitri Lascaris: SYRIZA leader’s first act as Prime Minister was to visit the grave site where hundreds of members of the Greek Resistance were executed by the German Nazi forces during World War II

US-India Nuke Deal A Big Win for Corporations
Author and scholar Vijay Prashad says the US-India nuclear deal will protect US corporations from liability in case of an industrial disaster like India faced in the 1984 Bhopal gas leak

Will the Kurdish Coalition Hold Kobani?
Edmund Ghareeb, author of The Kurdish Question in Iraq, says hundreds of Kurdish villages and small towns remain under the control of the Islamic State

US Resumes Drone Strikes in Yemen Despite Political Leadership Vacuum
Scholar and journalist Waalid Al-Saqaf says continued US drone strikes and foreign involvement will push Yemen towards a civil war and do nothing to address the growing humanitarian catastrophe

Improbable as It May Seem to WaPo, Greek Voters Doubt Austerity Is Required
by Jim Naureckas

*Sure, the Post’s engaging in redbaiting, but there’s a bias in this post as well – one which surfaces quite frequently in the “alternative media”.

Communism is like any other ideology. It has a plethora of currents and contradictions, some of which should be anathema to anyone claiming to care about humanity, such as Stalinism.

“Progressives” run screaming from anything that could be associated with communism, taking great care to innoculate themselves from charges of “extremism”.

You can criticize, even condemn, certain currents of communism without tossing the whole shootin’ match out the window, which comes across as the case here, and elsewhere.

But while cognizant of its checkered history, let’s not forget that “commies” here and around the world were and are part of some of the greatest movements for justice humankind has witnessed.

And let’s not forget that those in power get a hard on watching us piss on each other.

So let’s be honest and open in our criticisms, with the aim of advancing our struggle, but acutely aware that we’ve been partners in our own fratricide for far too long.

I hope that makes sense.

Democracy Now!
“The Power of the People”: Selma Director Ava DuVernay on Fight for Civil Rights, Voting Equality

“Selma” Director Defends Film’s Portrayal of LBJ-MLK Dispute on Voting Rights Legislation

*DuVernay’s naiveté as regards Dear Misleader is disturbing, as is her tepid critique of LBJ.

I guess it goes to show that the blinders we’re fitted with early on take more than a superficial tug to yank off.


Calling TPP a ‘Death Pact,’ Health Advocates Rally Outside Secretive Trade Talks
It’s a global health issue, says advocate. ‘Countries are trying to fight epidemics and this puts the process over people.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

UK Battle Lines Sharpen over Gas Drilling as Parliament Rejects Fracking Ban
Fracking faces ‘overwhelming public resistance concern and opposition from ordinary people,’ says Bianca Jagger
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Building an Internet Movement from the Bottom Up
by Timothy Karr

Gaza in Arizona: How Israeli High-Tech Firms Will Up-Armor the US-Mexican Border
by Todd Miller, Gabriel Matthew Schivone

International Solidarity with Iraqi and Syrian Women’s Human Rights Advocates against ISIL

The Real News Network
Historic Victory for SYRIZA Greece
Leo Panitch says it is the first left party to come to power since the 2007-2008 crisis of neoliberalism

Now in Power, SYRIZA Faces Herculean Task
Dimitri Lascaris says breaking up the troika and the power of oligarchs that control Greece is not going to be an easy task

*We have to keep in mind that political formations, even the relatively more principled ones (hopefully, anyway) like SYRIZA, are merely vehicles.

The question is, who is driving them?

We can’t sit in the back seat, trusting we’re being driven where we need to go.

We have to be behind the wheel, steering that vehicle to our desired destination.

Okay, that’s your metaphor for the day.

American Sniper: Honoring a Fallen Hero or Whitewashing a Murderous Occupation?
Journalist Max Blumenthal says the film American Sniper promotes lies falsehoods about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle along with the US invasion and occupation of Iraq

TRNN Replay: Saudi Arabia and the al-Qaeda Monster (3/5)
Madawi Al-Rasheed: Saudi Arabia helped create a network of terrorism to achieve political aims, and while it does come back to bite them at times, they promote a similar ideology and continue these alliances

The Saudis – Oil, ISIS and Revolution
Loretta Napoleoni says little will change after death of King Abdullah, but the Saudis cannot sustain low oil prices for much longer; they have lost control of ISIS; and their big fear is revolution

TRNN Replay: What are the Saudis Afraid Of? – Madawi Al-Rasheed (2/5)
Ms. Madawi Al-Rasheed: Saudi society appears to be controlled, but beneath the surface, there is widespread discontent

Greek Right Fears First Left Government in Greek History
Dimitri Lascaris reports from Greece that a near six-point lead for SYRIZA is raising memories of the fascist coup and civil war

Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S.-India Nuclear Deal * Subsidizes Industry * Leaves Victims Vulnerable * Violates NPT

Anti-Austerity Left Wins in Greece: Saves Capitalism?

FAIR Analysis
Saudi Dictator’s Death
Shows NYT as Pawn of Power
Abdullah, tyrant who beheaded ‘sorcerers,’ was ‘force of moderation’
by Keane Bhatt

*The company The Company likes to keep

Democracy Now!
Black Lives Matter: New Film on Jordan Davis Captures Family’s Struggle to Convict White Vigilante

*Standing their ground


And the Lifetime Award for Shameful Corporate Behavior Goes to… Chevron
As World Economic Forum gathers in Davos, satirical ceremony nearby recognizes corporate criminals
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

US May Soon Stand Alone Opposing Children’s Treaty
‘With the current composition of the U.S. Congress, there is no chance for its ratification.’
byThalif Deen
Inter Press Service

*A dab hand at lofty words

A dead one at living up to them

Pennsylvania Court Hands Down Big Win for Teachers’ Union
‘Today’s decision is a victory for collective bargaining and the notion that contracts between parties should be negotiated, not imposed,’ says union president
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

NRC: We’re Keeping Fukushima-Style Nuclear Reactors Going
Federal agency rejects appeal by watchdog group to suspend operations at reactors identical to those at disaster-stricken reactors in Japan.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Fossil Fuel Industry Gives California Communities a Breath of Toxic Air: Report
Environmental study finds dozens of airborne pollutants, many untested, in two counties
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Message to the UK: The Fracking Bridge is Already Burning
by Naomi Klein

Drones and the New Ethics of War
by Neve Gordon

*If looks could kill
They probably will
In games without frontiers
War without tears

– P. Gabriel

Doctors Without Borders
Ahead of Obama Visit, MSF Warns US Pressure on India Could Impact Access to Medicines for Millions

The Real News Network
SYRIZA Heads Towards a Majority in Greece as Elections Approach
TRNN Exclusive from Athens: Lawyer Dimitri Lascaris says the SYRIZA coalition has broad support from European labor and social movements

*The proof is in the pudding

And the cook’s not in the kitchen just yet

Feds Won’t Pursue Civil Rights Case Against Darren Wilson
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says Holder’s DOJ is abdicating its responsibility to uphold the law by not charging officer Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown

TRNN Replay: American Alliance with Saudi Dictatorship is Hypocrisy Dressed Up as “Realism”
As news comes of Saudi King Abdullah’s death at 90, TRNN replays a five-part interview series with Saudi scholar Madawi al-Rasheed

What Triggered AETNA’s Pay Raise to $16/hour?
PERI Economist Jeanette Wicks-Lim discusses says the decline in unemployment might be pressuring companies to raise wages

Institute for Public Accuracy
Saudi Monarch’s Death: A Chance for Democracy?

Muslim-Bashing Not a No-Go Zone for Bobby Jindal
by Aldo Guerrero

*From MSNBC, another object lesson in the contextual cluelessness, to be kind, that connotes true “political correctness”, in contrast to the epithet hurled at those who challenge prejudice and demand respect for all.

I’ve been subject to both.

Democracy Now!
Hailed as U.S. Counterterrorism Model in Middle East, Yemen Teeters on the Brink of Collapse

Remembering Saudi’s King Abdullah: “He Was Not a Benevolent Dictator, He Was a Dictator”

“A Systemic Failure”: New Calls for Reform as Feds Rule Out Civil Rights Charges for Darren Wilson

Barrett Brown Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison After Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms

Who else “Hass” to have a daily dose of avocado?
by Leanne Ely


On Roe vs. Wade Anniversary, GOP House Passes Vicious Assault on Women’s Right to Choose
Reproductive rights advocates say legislation would cause entire insurance market to drop abortion coverage while raising taxes on small businesses
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

After SCOTUS Gutted Voting Rights Act, Is Fair Housing Act Next?
Civil rights groups worry that landmark legislation designed to insulate housing from discrimination could be under threat from a new round of judicial overreach
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Roe Should Be a Reality for All, Not Just for a Wealthy Few
by Heidi Williamson

200 Arrests in Ongoing Seneca Lake Uprising
by Sandra Steingraber

Why the Whole World is Watching Greece
by Lee Sustar

The Real News Network
The Socialist Response to the State of the Union
Socialist Seattle Council-member Kshama Sawant offers her rebuttal to President Obama on the economy, raising the minimum wage and police accountability

*Why is it that “socialists” like Sawant

Never talk about socialism?

No Black or White America says Obama
Kevin Alexander Gray joins Paul Jay to discuss the President’s lack of interest in the desperate conditions faced by most

*Jay asks, “What do you make of that problem?”

To which I answer that we’ve been settling for the “lesser of two evils” for decades

And the lesser’s only gotten greater.

You can live in fear of the worst

Or you can strive in hope for the best.

Milwaukee Workers Organizing Committee
Racist McDonald’s Bosses Fire 10 Workers

Democracy Now!
Inside the U.S. Torture Chambers: Prisoner’s Guantánamo Diary Details 12 Years of Abuse, Terror

*The only “mistakes” in this horror story

Are those that ascribe some modicum of humanity to its authors

“Guantánamo of the Pacific”: Australian Asylum Seekers Wage Hunger Strike at Offshore Detention Site

How to Diet: Are You Hungry or Just Bored?
Here is what one study discovered about boredom and weight gain
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


Casey vs. Kyle: On Bloodlust, Loss, and Wars of Choice
by Cindy Sheehan

The Death Sentence That Could Inflame Sectarian Tensions Across The Middle East
The fate of one Shi’ite cleric hangs over the Gulf like a sword of Damocles.
by Giorgio Cafiero

The Real News Network
Can the Union Be Strong Amidst Global Recession?
Bill Black and James Henry join Paul Jay to discuss President Obama’s State of the Union

*It is a tale told to perceived idiots

Full of sound and fury

Signifying nothing, save the hollow sound of hypocrisy

Israel Kills Hezbollah Leaders Ahead of Elections
Research economist Shir Hever says Israel’s aggression is intentionally timed with Israel’s elections, distracting the electorate from domestic economic issues

Arcoiris Liberation Team
Help Free Marichuy!

Obama’s SOTU: Not Enough Blood, Sweat or Tears

Institute for Public Accuracy
SOTU: How Trade Deal Undermines Obama’s Stated Agenda

Democracy Now!
Phyllis Bennis: As Obama Hails “Turning Page” on Wars, U.S. Drone Strikes Continue Across Globe

Ralph Nader on What was Missing in President Obama’s State of the Union Address

David Cay Johnston: Class War Is Being Waged by the Rich Against the Poor

On 5th Anniversary of Citizens United, GOP Taps Koch Brothers-Backed Senator to Give SOTU Response


Single-Payer: It’s What the People Want
New poll shows majority of Americans support such a system.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

If People Were Pipelines
by Laura Flanders

Troubled TTIP Isn’t the Only ‘Trade’ Takeover Busting Our Sovereignty
Even as controversial ‘trade’ deal, TTIP, sputters, other deals to give corporations as much power as countries are being negotiated even more secretively
by Glyn Moody

Bold Nebraska
TransCanada Uses Eminent Domain for Private Gain for Keystone XL
Nebraska Landowners Vow to Fight Back in Court and Make Case to President Obama

*All corporations are “foreign”

When it comes to any proximity to humanity

The Real News Network
The Making of Norman Finkelstein – Reality Asserts Itself (8/8)
Dr. Finkelstein says the BDS movement must take a position on Israel’s right to exist as a state

*I think you can make a case for many states having no right to exist, starting with these here United States of America.

That brings us to the question of the legitimacy of states as a political entity, and that’s a larger issue than I can deal with here.

What I think I can speak to is why so many folks, beyond Zionists, are hostile to a stand denying Israel’s right to exist. That view can seem to be antagonistic to the right of Jews to be secure wherever they live.

I think it’s obvious that’s not the case, but I do believe that it’s imperative to address that misconception.

I feel justice, true justice, can only be attained via the establishment of one state in the area in question. Anything else abrogates the rights of Palestinians.

So what does that mean for Jews? For me, it means that they have no more or fewer rights than any other citizen of that state. They are equals with every other grouping.

I fully realize the difficulties inherent in the creation of such a state, but if we’re talking about what’s just, that’s where the logic leads me.

I’m not naive enough to believe that that approach will win over large numbers of the general public in the US, but I do feel that anyone who agrees that one state is the only just solution has to make it clear that this is a position that in no way diminishes the legitimate rights of Jews, and has nothing to do with perpetuating the centuries of oppression Jews have suffered through.

To me, if you couldn’t support apartheid, I can’t see how you can support two states, other than as some “practical” answer.

Of course, that doesn’t sound “practical” to someone on the short end of that stick, does it?

Removing the Social Security Tax Cap Would Benefit Most Workers
CEPR’s Nicole Woo says a phase-out of the tax cap could eliminate up to 80% of the projected shortfall in social security funding

GOP to Obama: North Korea Sanctions Aren’t Enough
Republicans on the House Foreign Relations Committee say they want to put North Korea back onto the state sponsors of terrorism list

Institute for Public Accuracy
End of “Yemen Model” — and Yemen?

What Corporate Media Don’t Want You to Know About Joni Ernst

*Was Sarah Palin “Alaska affable” … ?

Democracy Now!
A Coup in Yemen? Jeremy Scahill & Iona Craig on Rebel Offensive to Seize Power, Saudi Role & AQAP

As Fox News Apologizes, Jeremy Scahill on Fake “Terror Experts” & Challenges of Real War Reporting

Prosecuting Guatemala’s Dirty War: Rigoberta Menchú Hails Embassy Fire Verdict, Dictator’s Trial

Pt. 2: A Massacre in Guatemala: Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchú on 1980 Fire That Killed Her Father

Check out this rad root – Horseradish!
by Leanne Ely


‘It Hurts Us All': Civil Rights Group Calls for Redskins Name Change
‘The team seems to think that if they just ignore the mascot issue and do nothing then it will go away, but nothing could be further from the truth.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

What Does the Falling Price of Oil Mean for the Pipelines We Oppose?
by Brent Patterson

#ReclaimMLK Seeks to Combat the Sanitizing of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy
Activists say that turning his holiday into a national Day of Service is an attempt to extinguish the iconic civil rights leader’s fiery calls for social justice.
by Danielle Belton

The Politics of Gesture
by Robert Kuttner

*Talking the walk

Fast Track Not A Done Deal, The People Will Stop It
by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

MiningWatch Canada
International NGOs Call for Transparency in Murder Investigation of Ecuadorian Indigenous Leader

Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Lebanon: Laws Discriminate Against Women
Pass Optional Civil Code; Reform Religious Laws, Courts

Friends of the Earth
Doubts Over Fracking Jobs Claims as New Report Says 24,000 Jobs in Clean Energy for North West

The Real News Network
The SYRIZA Challenge in Greece (1/2)
Prof. Leo Panitch of York University says only in Greece is there a political party that is putting forth a clear radical democratic alternative of a progressive kind, and they are very close to taking power

TRNN Replay: MLK: Why I Am Opposed to The War in Vietnam
Martin Luther King Jr gave this sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on April 30, 1967

*What moves me, beyond the humanity in these words, is the context of them.

Many have spoken with equal eloquence of our obligation to each other, and of the forces which conspire to deter us from that obligation.

But King’s words possessed the unrivaled ability to be truly heard. He had the nation’s ear, and those words couldn’t be ignored.

And he chose to use that visibility to go beyond the parameters set for him, to go beyond the allowed to the demanded.

And he knew the cost of that defiance.

He was on the Jericho Road, and he did not pass by the man who fell among thieves.

That was a choice, but he didn’t consider it a choice. For him, it was a duty.

Had he made another choice, he might still be with us, but as a “revered civil rights leader”, an icon with no ability to inspire anyone other than the ignorant.

He would be the living embodiment of the statues and streets which bear his name, but are devoid of his spirit.

So while we should never place anyone on a pedestal, we should profoundly appreciate the courage and honesty in these words, and strive to mirror those essential human qualities in our own lives.

King’s death was a great blow to those who work for justice, but his legacy lives on in every one of us who realizes that we can never reach our journey’s destination as long as there are others left on the side of the road.

The Function of Police in Modern Society: Peace or Control?
Scholar Sam Mitrani says the police were created to restrain the working class and the poor

*Excellent segment, providing the skinny that goes beyond a superficial “progressive” analysis.

But alluding to Mitrani’s comment about this nation’s wealth, it’s been produced by exploitation, so using it to address that situation is a contradiction, to my mind.

I don’t think the question is one of using wealth better, but of the concept of wealth itself, and with it the idea of working for someone else.

A “better job” is still one predicated on being paid a wage. With that comes control.

This dovetails with the subject at hand. The police don’t exist to “serve and protect” the population, and wage labor doesn’t exist to provide the population with dignity and freedom.

If we have to look at alternatives to policing, we have to do so as well with the nature of work, and the hierarchical relations that derive from work predicated on receiving a wage.

Okay, that’s all I got.

Democracy Now!
The Lost Dr. Martin Luther King Speech: How the Pacifica Radio Archives Unearthed a Piece of History


That Was Easy: In Just 60 Years, Neoliberal Capitalism Has Nearly Broken Planet Earth
Pair of new studies show how various forms of human activity, driven by a flawed economic system and vast consumption, is laying waste to Earth’s natural systems
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

As Residents Enter Second Day Without Water, Future Uncertain for Canadian City After Diesel Spill
Longueuil may face legal action as 230,000 people wait for drinking water
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Hypocrisy Abounds: Free Speech as Cover for Islamophobia
by Sonali Kolhatkar

Hansel and Gretel at the Military Recruiter
by John LaForge

Top 7 Things to Know about Belgium Police Operation That Left 2 Dead
by Juan Cole

Haiti’s Political Earthquake
Five years after the devastating earthquake, has Haiti fallen into de facto dictatorship?
by Nathalie Baptiste

US Settles ACLU Lawsuit Challenging Post-9/11 Arrests of Muslim Men

Food & Water Watch
Brazilian Buyout of Chiquita Brands is Completely Bananas

The Real News Network
Netanyahus’ Elbowed Presence in Paris
Shir Hever, Researcher at the Alternative Information Centre, says it has a lot to do with upcoming elections and Netanyahu presents himself as the prime minister of the Jewish people, not just Israel

Lee-Jackson Day: Honoring Civil War Heroes Or Upholding White Supremacy?
Baltimore residents oppose the marking of the birthdays of two Confederate generals on the same weekend as Martin Luther King Day

The Making of Norman Finkelstein – Reality Asserts Itself (7/8)
Dr. Finkelstein discusses the “complicated question” of Israel’s right to regulate the ethnic balance of the state and Palestinian’s right of return

*I don’t pretend to have the practical answer for how it can be achieved, but for me, the question is always

“How do we get to a just solution?”

Justice in my view is embodied by the realization of a dignified life for each and every person on this planet.

Does “reality” make that impossible? If you say that’s the case, you’re telling someone – many someones

“Sorry … what you deserve can’t be reconciled with the world as it is.”

That may be true, but you have to be honest about it. You can’t pretend that anything less is somehow truly just

And you can’t allow that current reality to close your eyes to whatever possibility may exist that true justice can come to fruition, because then you stop struggling for it in the name of “pragmatism”.

If that happens, your soul pays a heavy price.


Forget Lobbyists: Big Business Wants To Control American Minds, Not Just Their Lawmakers
Who needs lobbyists? See what big business spends to win American minds. List of top contractors for trade associations dominated by message mavens.
by Erin Quinn
Center for Public Integrity

In Canada, Terror Attacks Prompt Surveillance-Expanding Legislation
Legislation to be heard in Parliament later this month would hasten detentions, data sharing by national security agencies, according to new reporting.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*It makes you wonder just who hates our freedoms – such as they are – don’t it?

9/11 à la Française: Radical Islamists 2.0
by Andrew Levine

Policy shaped by power in world burdened by grief
by Vijay Prashad

Food & Water Watch
USDA Says “Yes” to Pesticide Drift, Approves Dicamba-Tolerant Crops

Center for Biological Diversity
Conservationists Take Aim at Flawed New Rule on Mexican Gray Wolf Management
Changes Unjustifiably Cap Wolf Population at 325,
Preclude Recovery North of I-40, Loosen Restrictions on Killing Wolves

The Real News Network
What is Causing Market Volatility?
Professor Leo Panitch, author of The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy of American Empire, says the Fed has a lot to do with it

The Making of Norman Finkelstein – Reality Asserts Itself (6/8)
Dr. Finkelstein says there was no way that considerations of his livelihood ever entered into his calculus about whether or not to say something or not say something

House Passes Bill Further Weakening Financial Regulation
TRNN’s Jessica Desvarieux looks at the key bill provisions benefiting Wall Street, and also examines the so-called opposition of Democratic lawmakers

Grand Juries Indict Cops for Animal Cruelty, But Not for Brutalizing the Public
To mark the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birth, TRNN’s Eddie Conway interviews veteran Baltimore attorney Jerome Bivens, who breaks down the role and function of grand juries and argues against their use in high-profile cases

The Making of Norman Finkelstein – Reality Asserts Itself (5/8)
Dr. Finkelstein says writing the “Holocaust Industry” changed his life, isolating him academically and making him a target – but he felt he had to take on the subject to defend the legacy of his holocaust survivor parents

Endemic Corruption in Iraqi Gov. Will Hamper Anti-ISIS Efforts
Professor Sabah Alnasseri of York University says the systemic corruption of the Iraqi state, institutionalized by the U.S. in order to ensure loyalty of the Iraqi elites, is at the core of all social misery in Iraq

The Only ‘No-Go Zones’ Are Found in Fox News’ Fantasyland
by Aldo Guerrero

Democracy Now!
Pope Francis Plea for Climate Action Revives Concept of “The Commons” to Rethink Economy & Society

*Let’s just say I’m … skeptical.

Women on Waves: Meet the Dutch Physician Who Defied Abortion Bans by Bringing Her Clinic to the Sea

As Nigerian Massacre Evidence Grows, Questions Swirl over Collusion Between Boko Haram & Military

Part 2: Film “Vessel” Follows Doctor Who Took Safe Abortion to the Seas & the Internet


Days After Free Speech Rally, France Arrests 54 People for Offensive Speech
Observers warn that government reaction in wake of Charlie Hebdo killings reminiscent of post-9/11 fear campaign
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

How Regressive Local Taxes Are Rewarding the Rich
New report finds ‘fundamentally unfair’ tax system in nearly every state
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

China Goes ‘Rogue’ With ‘Artificial Weather’ Scheme
Geoengineering technique of ‘cloud seeding’ involves rocket-launching chemicals such as silver iodide into the clouds to boost rainfall
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

OPEC Wants to “Crush US Shale”
by Andy Rowell

With White Supremacy on Display in Paris, a Celebration of Western Hypocrisy
by Ajamu Baraka

What Are These Civil Rights Groups Thinking?
by Valerie Strauss

*A test of won’ts

How US Prison Officials Rubberstamped a CIA Torture Chamber
by Carl Takei

Offshore Wind Would Produce Twice the Jobs and Energy as Offshore Drilling in Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Oil and Gas Development Risks Healthy Ocean Ecosystems, Fishery and Tourism Jobs, While Offshore Wind Does Not

The Real News Network
Paris Attacks: Rage of the Dispossessed
Chris Hedges says the mass self-exaltation of European leaders is dangerous because with it comes a blindness towards our own culpability

Two Albuquerque Police Officers Charged With Murder For Shooting Death of Homeless Man
Albuquerque, New Mexico-based scholar and activist David Correia responds to the Bernalillo County District Attorney filing preliminary murder charges against the two police officers for killing homeless man James Boyd

Democracy Now!
After Confronting NYC Mayor, Police Union Leader Faces Mutiny of His Own from Dissident Cops

Exclusive: “Eco-Terrorist” Freed 10 Years Early After Feds Withhold Evidence on Informant’s Role

Exercise for Health: Sitting May be Worse for You than You Think
Sitting for long stretches may be harmful even for physically active adults
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


In Europe: First the Calls for ‘Unity,’ Then the Calls for ‘More Spy Power’
In wake of deadly events in Paris, calls begin to emerge for more government powers related to internet surveillance
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Is EU’s New GMO Law a Gift to Agribusiness?
Environmental groups say that countries must use their new powers to pass GMO bans, or face greater threat from biotech giants
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Testing, Anxiety, and the ABC’s: Kindergarten Under Common Core
New report finds Common Core mandate that kindergarteners learn to read forces ‘inappropriate’ instruction, blocks experiential learning, and causes harmful anxiety among children
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The razor’s edge of the cookie cutter

Losing the Climate Fight: Has 400 ppm Become Planet’s New Normal?
Based on January numbers, journalist predicts that ‘in just a year or two, carbon dioxide levels will likely be about 400 ppm year-round.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Why That Product With the ‘BPA Free’ Label Could Be Cause for Concern
New study finds that chemical used as BPA replacement may be just as harmful.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Congressional Democrats Have an ‘Inaction Plan’: Taking a Meaningless Progressive Stand in Congress
by Dave Lindorff

Charlie Hebdo: Middle East Blowback?
After the Paris massacre, European governments should resist narratives of civilizational conflict and push for a ceasefire in the Syrian war.
by John Feffer

I Will Grieve. I Will Laugh. But I Am Not Charlie.
by Josh Healey

*Sanity amidst the self conscious “solidarity” with “satirists”

Sainath’s challenge: Journalist launches online archive to document diversity of rural India
by Robert Jensen

Government Accountability Project
Media Webinar on Dispersant Impacts: Tomorrow

Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR Files Brief Challenging Texas Ban on Inmate-Led Religious Gatherings

Council of Canadians
WIN! Tsal’alh Becomes a Blue Community

The Real News Network
Paris: Little and Big Monsters
Glen Ford and Paul Jay discuss the march against terrorism in Paris and the participation of leaders of countries who have committed and encouraged various forms of terrorism and war crimes

Austerity: A Decisive Factor in Greek Elections (1/2)
Professor John Weeks, author of “Economics of the 1%,” looks at European media coverage of Syriza’s anti-austerity platform

Do Prisons and Mass Incarceration Keep Us Safe? (2/2)
TRNN’s Eddie Conway continues his discussion with Maya Schenwar, author of ‘Locked Down and Locked Out’, about alternatives to mass incarceration

Institute for Public Accuracy
Hypocrisy in Paris on Freedom of Expression

FAIR Extra!
Mexican Students Didn’t Just ‘Disappear’
Describing them as ‘missing’ is missing the context
by Andalusia Knoll

Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald on How to Be a Terror “Expert”: Ignore Facts, Blame Muslims, Trumpet U.S. Propaganda

Glenn Greenwald: With Calls to Spare Petraeus, Feinstein Plea Shows that Not All Leaks are Equal

Massacre in Nigeria: Up to 2,000 Feared Dead in Boko Haram’s Worst Attack to Date


(Over)Bearing Arms in America
by Tom Engelhardt

*Have gun

Will unravel

More Evidence That Public Beats Private in Education
by Paul Buchheit

What They’re Not Telling You About Monsanto’s Role in Ukraine
Will this be a takeover of Ukraine’s farmland?
by Christina Sarich

Human Rights Watch (HRW)
US Tribal Council Mismanagement: Millions of Dollars Missing; Services Undercut

The Real News Network
Haiti 5 Years After Devastating Earthquake
TRNN’s Jessica Desvarieux reviews Haiti’s most significant moments in 2014 and looks at how the country is recovering from the 2010 earthquake

Do Prisons and Mass Incarceration Keep Us Safe? (1/2)
TRNN’s Eddie Conway interviews Maya Schenwar, author of ‘Locked Down and Locked Out’, who argues mass incarceration in America causes more harm then good for prisoners and communities

Part 3: From South Africa to the United States: The Continuity of Black Consciousness Movements
Legendary emcee and producer Shaheen Ariefdien and Dr. Rico Chapman continue to discuss the histories, similarities and mutual impact of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa and the Black Power Movement here in the United States with iMixWhatILike host, Dr. Jared Ball

For Fox News’ Steve Emerson, Factchecking Seems to Be a No-Go Zone
by Jim Naureckas

*Factless fearmongering = FOX’s forte

Institute for Public Accuracy
Forget the McDonnells: We’re Ignoring Bigger Corruption

The Learning Channel – Cancel your upcoming TV show, “My Husband’s Not Gay”

*Given the ignorance on parade, the network’s title is rather ironic, wouldn’t you say?

Democracy Now!
“Circus of Hypocrisy”: Jeremy Scahill on How World Leaders at Paris March Oppose Press Freedom


Jeremy Scahill on Paris Attacks, the al-Qaeda Link & the Secret U.S. War in Yemen


Icy Cold and Cut Services Create Dangerous Perfect Storm for Homeless
With number of people without permament housing rising nationwide and services for them falling, near-zero temperatures put thousands at severe risk
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Homelessness is where the heartlessness is

In ‘Epic’ Chase, Sea Shepherd Vows to Pursue Poachers to ‘Ends of the Earth’
The dramatic chase, which has gone on for 22 days, is thought to be the world’s longest pursuit of an illegal fishing vessel.
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Poll: Leader of Anti-Austerity Podemos Party Could Be Spain’s Next Prime Minister
Speaking out forcefully against regressive economic policies that have devastated Spanish economy, Pablo Iglesias and his party have experienced meteoric rise in popularity in just one year
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

In Solidarity With a Free Press: Some More Blasphemous Cartoons
by Glenn Greenwald

*A misleading title. Greenwald is in fact righteously excoriating the fashionable celebration of repugnant content as the epitome of a defense of free speech.

And good on him for doing so.

Reproductive Sovereignty or Bust!
by Carol Downer

*Sisters doing it with themselves

Kris Maharaj Capital Conviction Upheld

The Real News Network
Did the Invasion of Iraq Radicalize Suspects in Paris Attack?
Professor Juan Cole discusses the background of the Charlie Hebdo shooting suspects who were killed on Friday

How Wisconsin Became The First State to Mandate Outside Investigations of Fatal Police Shootings
Michael Bell, Sr. discusses how the fatal police shooting of his son a decade ago led to the passage of a 2014 Wisconsin law that bars police from investigating themselves after a fatal shooting

*I appreciate Bell’s efforts, but I doubt they’ll bear much fruit.

Who will conduct these “outside investigations”? Won’t they be part of the law enforcement “community”? What’s been the record of such investigations? Have they resulted in actions taken against the officers involved?

As for “mistakes of fact”, to take one instance, I don’t doubt the cops believed Tamir Rice had an actual gun

But if he had been a white child, do you think they would’ve killed him?

That’s not due to a honest mistake

It’s due to a malevolent view of “the other” that will always lead to a perception of danger, and to an escalation of the response to that perceived danger.

And, of course, often no “mistake” of any nature is present

It’s a simple matter of repression.

In other words, just another day on the beat.

Elk River Chemical Spill One Year Later
Cathy Kunkel, fellow with the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, says regulations have been tightened, but will they be followed?

Black October and the 1973 Murder of State Delegate Turk Scott
Retired 60-year veteran law enforcement officer Stephen Tabeling and award-winning investigative journalist Stephen Janis discuss the murder of Maryland State Delegate – who was facing federal indictment for drug charges – by the group Black October (4/4)

Democracy Now!
Gilbert Achcar on the Clash of Barbarisms from the Massacre in Paris to the U.S. Occupation of Iraq

French Muslims Fear Backlash, Increased Islamophobia After Charlie Hebdo Attack

FBI Probes NAACP Office Bombing in Colorado as Act of Domestic Terrorism

*I suppose if someone had died, it might have merited some mention in the eyes of the corpress.

As for Colorado Springs’ initial inclusiveness, I doubt that encompassed its original inhabitants.

29 Arrested as Single-Payer Advocates Disrupt Vermont Gov. Shumlin’s Inauguration

*Ever notice how “progressive” pols don’t take kindly to folks demanding they actually do what they’ve promised?

Sometimes democracy gets a little too close for comfort.

And it needs to be said that, while a distinct improvement, we’re not talking single payer here. See The Real News segment on this posted here on the fifth.


Groups Demand End to ‘Inhumane Punishment’ of Saudi Dissident
Human rights watchdogs say Saudi officials can still spare blogger Raif Badawi ‘this barbaric cruelty’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*DOS says this is “inhumane”

But it’s the Saudis, so a wagged finger will suffice.

Pesticide Industry Seeks to Leverage Power Through EU-US Trade Deal
Organization’s new report details how industry proposal puts environment, food safety at risk
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Poison pens

Toxic treaty

The Real News Network
Charlie Hebdo, Islamophobia and the Freedom of Expression
Author Richard Seymour says the free speech argument is being used to obscure the reality of Islamophobia in Europe

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Calls for “Decisive Action” Against the Rwandan Rebels
Kambale Musavuli, spokesperson for the Friends of the Congo, says US pressure is behind the call for action by Ban Ki-moon, and that there are political options for dealing with the FDLR

*That would be Russell Feingold, whom liberals and “progressives” swoon over, pushing militarism here.

And you can imagine his record on Israel while in the Senate, can’t you just?

How Drug-Dealing Baltimore Politicians and Police Escaped Accountability in the 60s and 70s
Retired 60-year veteran law enforcement officer Stephen Tabeling and award-winning investigative journalist Stephen Janis discuss the selective prosecution in the early years of the “War on Drugs” and how dirty police and politicians repeatedly thwarted justice (3/4)

St. Louis People’s Grand Jury Indicts Darren Wilson
Black Agenda Report Executive Editor Glen Ford says community-organized events like this could be a possible model for exposing mass Black incarceration state on a national scale

Scale and Consequences of Capital Flight from Africa
Leonce Ndikumana, Director of the African Development Policy Program at the Political Economy Research Institute, discusses the problems and the solutions to capital flight from Africa

Institute for Public Accuracy
Attack on Charlie Hebdo

It’s Critics of ‘Selma’ Who Are Distorting Civil Rights History

*From this appraisal of the film, it seems that LBJ’s defenders should be pleased with his portrayal

And that, for me, would be cause for criticism.

He, like every president before and since, was a mass murderer. That’s the job description. That he might be seen as less of a sociopath than someone like Goldwater or Nixon is faint praise indeed.

King was murdered after turning against Johnson’s butchery overseas.

I don’t imagine the latter shed any tears over that tragedy.

Beyond that, perhaps one day history will reveal.

Democracy Now!
Scholar Tariq Ramadan, Harper’s Rick MacArthur on Charlie Hebdo Attack & How the West Treats Muslims

*I think Ramadan is eminently reasonable in his assertions. He’s not making any case for censorship. He’s calling to account those who are exercising their right to free expression in a callous and irresponsible manner.

I have a real problem with this “Je Suis Charlie” meme. You can express grief over this tragedy, and stand for free speech, without lionizing the insensitivity (too mild a word, to my mind) of the victims.

Their deaths don’t somehow change the nature of their actions, do they?

I also can’t say that speech is inviolable, when it can be reasonably foreseen to cause real harm to innocents. It’s a very difficult question, but I think one that must be considered in situations such as the Skokie March.

To avoid doing so betrays a lack of humanity, in my view.

Comics Legend Art Spiegelman & Scholar Tariq Ramadan on Charlie Hebdo & the Power Dynamic of Satire

*I think Spiegelman’s being dogmatic here, and I don’t see how “toxin is a necessary part of an ecosystem.”

Satire should be vicious, should scald, should burn

But it should do so to the deserving.

Else, what’s its purpose in the context of benefiting humankind?

“A Clash of Barbarisms”: After Paris Attack, How U.S. Policy in Middle East Helps Fuel Extremism


Year After Colorado Legalizes, Advocates Say: It’s All Good in Pot-land
Report by marijuana legalization advocates highlights decrease in crime while marking increases in tax revenue, economic output, and funding for community programs
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Utah’s ‘Ag-Gag’ Law May Have Found First Legal Targets
Animal rights group vows to challenge ‘shameful,’ ‘unconstitutional’ law barring factory farm investigations
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Hostage-Takers': Republicans Go After Social Security on Very First Day
Advocacy groups vow to fight back against what they believe is a preliminary “stealth attack” that portends a wider assault on a program that makes survival possible for millions of vulnerable Americans
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Costly Border Drone Program Has Failed, Federal Audit Finds
Findings call into question impending $443 million expansion of program
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Shell To Pay $84 Million for Nigerian Oil Spills: ‘Inadequate for Damage Done’
Lawyers say the settlement is unprecedented, but locals point out: ‘The fishermen cannot hope to return to fishing in the Bodo rivers and creeks because of the depth of hydrocarbon pollution resulting from the oil spills.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Quarter of Americans and More Than Half of Republicans Still Believe Iraq WMD Myth
New survey exploring belief in political conspiracy theories makes strong connection between one’s ideas and their media choices
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*We’re not on Vulcan anymore

Economics for the 99%
Free Markets: Yellow Brick Road to War
by John Weeks

Corporate Fiction in the Age of GMOs
by Vandana Shiva

Consumer Self-Defense: 12 Ways to Drive GMOs and Roundup off the Market
by Ronnie Cummins

Federal Highway Administration Quietly Acknowledges the Driving Boom is Over

The Real News Network
How Prisons Rip Off and Exploit the Incarcerated (2/2)
Eddie Conway and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges continue their discussion about the forms of slavery and exploitation thriving in today’s U.S. prison system

Will the ICC Charge Israel With War Crimes?
Michael Ratner, Chair of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in Berlin, says it’s uncertain if the move by Palestinians to join the ICC will lead to cases on the last military assault on Gaza or the continued settlement construction

Remembering Victims of Terror–and Forgetting Some Others

*”We haven’t lost this many people since that attack.”

A telling employment of a pronoun, don’t you think?

Democracy Now!
Charlie Hebdo Shooting: 12 Killed in Attack on French Satirical Magazine Known for Muhammad Cartoons

Will James Risen Be Jailed? In Press Freedom Fight, NYT Reporter Tells Court He Won’t Name Source

*Is there really anything “complex” about Holder’s “legacy”?

(I despise that term, as you may have gathered.)

Just how “amazing” has he been on “the sort of traditional Democratic liberal civil rights issues”? DOJ has pressed cases involving some of the more blatant violations, and that’s enough to mollify the NAACP and other groups joined at the hip to the party, but there’s been no challenge to the systemic nature of discrimination, has there?

Which makes sense, if you’re part of the system …

Once more, DN! brings on someone who, to be generous, can’t see the forest for the trees.

Fighting Gag Order, Ferguson Grand Juror Accuses Prosecutor of Mishandling Case & Misleading Public

Mario Cuomo (1932-2015): Late New York Gov. Remembered as Working-Class Champion

*I guess that whole “exception to the rulers” thing has become terribly passé at DN!, hasn’t it?


Climate Deniers Employ Predatory Tactics in Fight Against Facts: Scientist
Michael Mann writes that the strategy ‘is similar to what happens when a group of lions on the Serengeti seek out a vulnerable individual zebra at the edge of a herd.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

In Solidarity Against Hate, Germans Turn Out Lights on Islamophobic, Far-Right Rallies
Protests take place in several cities to combat growing xenophobia and racism
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Feminism unheeded
by Robert Jensen

Center for Biological Diversity
Feds Agree to Implement Seafood Import Ban to Protect Whales and Dolphins
New Regulations Will Prohibit Fish Imports That Fail to Meet U.S. Standards for Marine Mammal Protection

Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) et alia
EPA’s Assessment of Dangerous Pesticide Leaves Communities at Risk
Continued widespread agricultural use of chlorpyrifos poses threats to children’s health

The Real News Network
UN Finds 3,000 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan in 2014
Sonali Kolhatkam, co-author of the book, Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence says the new President in Afghanistans’ approach to governing depends on US protection of his presidency

Climate Change Denier to Take Over Senate Committee
TRNN reporter Thomas Hedges continues the series of how a GOP-led Senate will change policy, this time in the arena of the Environment and Public Works Committee which Republican Senator James Inhofe will take over as chai

*This isn’t “fueled by climate change denial”.

It’s fueled by profit and power.

That applies as much to those who “acknowledge” reality, but push for “all of the above”, as it does to those who deny it.

Roots Action
Are Progressive Caucus Leaders Pushing Toward War?

*For these hyper hypocrites, Russia is Israel’s mirror image.

Democracy Now!
Justice or Vengeance?: ACLU Raises Concerns as Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Begins

*It seems to me as though the ACLU is bending over backwards to not be seen as in any way supportive of the defendant, and I wonder if that is a ploy to deflect the constant criticism of the organization as “protecting the bad guys”.

Comments like “[N]obody, very few of us, certainly not me, like this particular guy” really have no place here, do they? If Tsarnaev is guilty, shouldn’t we be looking at just why he engaged in this horrible act?

Of course, one reason – perhaps the overriding one – might be that innocents in Muslim lands have been killed by the US. That doesn’t excuse retaliation in kind, but it puts the act in a context that needs to be understood if we truly wish to end terrorism from whatever quarter.

Lastly, this meme of not letting violence deter us from upholding our principles rings hollow, when you consider that vengeance isn’t what’s driving the seeking of the death penalty, any more than it was for the war on Afghanistan.

Both are political decisions that have nothing to do with vengeance, or justice.

“David Duke Without the Baggage”: Will Top GOPer Steve Scalise Resign over Speech to Racist Group?

*White hoods

And whitewashes

Anyone traveling Scalise’s political path will always carry that baggage.

As Obama Hosts Peña Nieto, Explosive Report Ties Mexican Federal Police to Students’ Disappearance

*With friends like these

The people will always have enemies.


Enforcing the ‘Will of the People,’ Dozens of Pipeline Protesters Halt Operations in Pennsylvania
‘The people of Conestoga Township are stopping this drilling today and any day in the future that Williams attempts it,’ says protester.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

With Call to ‘End the Drone Wars,’ Activists Cut Their Way into UK Air Force Base
Four people arrested for aggravated trespass after entering RAF Waddington armed with banners and reports of civilian deaths
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Fear of Government Spying ‘Chilling’ Writers’ Speech Worldwide
‘If writers avoid exploring topics for fear of possible retribution, the material available to readers—particularly those seeking to understand the most controversial and challenging issues facing the world today—may be greatly impoverished.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*It may be that “U.S. credibility” has been damaged, but isn’t the larger question why there was any credibility in the first place?

And asserting that “governments may intend these bulk collection programs to be used only to detect terrorist wrongdoing” isn’t helpful to “those seeking to understand the most controversial and challenging issues facing the world today”, to my mind.

Fighting Court Secrecy, Ferguson Juror Sues to Break Gag-Order
Suit alleges that evidence presented to grand jury ‘with the insinuation that Brown, not Wilson, was the wrongdoer’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Cheating the Schoolkids: Corporations Don’t Pay Their State Taxes, Either
by Paul Buchheit

The Real News Network
How Prisons Rip Off and Exploit the Incarcerated (1/2)
Eddie Conway and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges discuss the forms of slavery and exploitation thriving in today’s U.S. prison system

*A quite literal criminal enterprise

Pensions of Union Workers Cut in Federal Budget
UMKC economics professor Michael Hudson discusses how Wall Street will profit as workers’ pensions get slashed

*Two parties

No waiting to be screwed

Individual Contribution Limit in U.S. Elections Raised to $4.9 Million
TRNN reporter Thomas Hedges takes a look at two new provisions in the 2015 spending bill that drastically increase individual limits and prohibit President Obama from using executive action to shed light on dark money in campaigns

The Making of Norman Finkelstein – Reality Asserts Itself (4/5)
Dr. Finkelstein explains why he endures slings and arrows, being isolated and attacked for his critique of Israel

*That the terrors of today are justified by the horrors of the past

Is the true Holocaust myth.

Vermont Bails On Universal Healthcare
VT Governor Peter Schumlin says single payer will be too expensive for taxpayers, but Dr. Margaret Flowers says his math is used to protect big business interests

*No single payer

Plenty of double dealing

White Man Publishes Book! USA Today Mistakes This for News
by Jim Naureckas

*Oh, the injustice of “writing while white”!

Summing Up White Supremacist Ties as ‘Saying Nice Things About an Old Man’
by Jim Naureckas

You have to wonder at what age would Todd have considered Lott’s praise of Thurmond something other than “[saying] nice things”.

Age, of course, is irrelevant. Thurmond’s soul was just as black at 100 as it was in the preceding 99 years.

Parenthetically, I also had a close relative who was a member of the white Citizens Council in Miss’ssippi during apartheid

My daddy.

Democracy Now!
Defying U.S. & Israel, Will ICC Membership Bring Justice to Stateless & Occupied Palestinians?

Food Safety: Can Environmental Estrogens Cause Breast Cancer?
Could estrogen-like chemicals like BPA and other plasticizers explain why breast cancer strikes so many women?
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


Exemplifying Brutal New Trend, Hundreds of Refugees Cast Adrift Off Italian Coast
Over 450 people rescued on Friday following deadliest year on record for migrants
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Citing Next Generations, Lawsuits Demand Courts Recognize ‘Mind-Blowing’ Climate Impacts
‘There are laws of nature that we have to comply with,’ says legal scholar on final episode of Moyers & Company. ‘And those laws are supreme.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Transgender Youth’s Tragic Suicide Galvanizes Movement
On her Tumblr page, Leelah Alcorn pleaded with those who read her suicide note to ‘Fix society. Please.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*There’s a difference between blame and condemnation.

Leelah’s parents deserve blame

But the soulless in this society that blinded them to their daughter’s essence, that twisted the message of their religion to suit their own rules

Deserve our condemnation, and contempt.

The Strategic Significance of the Fight for $15
by Ann Robertson, Bill Leumer

*The demand for a $15 minimum wage is very much a reform, and reform has true value, beyond any limited benefit, only in as much as it furthers a transformative struggle.

Reform has a disturbing habit of doing the opposite.

That’s where the concepts of class consciousness, and objective needs, must manifest themselves, in the understanding that a step should always be taken with the next one in mind.

The Fourth Winter of Fukushima
In the fourth winter since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, many of the displaced residents are still in limbo.
by Alexis Dudden

One Good Reason to Watch the Sexist, Racist, Militarist, Corporate Rose Parade
by Sonali Kolhatkar

*The dark side of a different sort of “flower power”

The Real News Network
Media Coverage on Climate Change Still Lagging (2/2)
The Pentagons’ spending bill approved at the end of last year in the calls for expediting permits for fracking in public lands explains Steve Horn from DeSmogBlog

*Shouldn’t we stop calling the LCV and any other organization that works against its own stated mission

“Environmental groups” … ?

That includes coitus with a Democratic Party neck deep in the bitumen of hypocritical hyperbole as to its own hollow credos.

Media Coverage on Climate Change Still Lagging
Steve Horn from DeSmog-Blog joins us to talk about most important but least covered environmental stories

*”[A] highly alert environmental movement” …

Would that be the one that keeps “urging” Dear Misleader to think of his “climate legacy”

Knowing full goddamn well what that legacy will be, because he’s been building it for six years?

We need to get extremely real

Because the hell that’s here and the one to come are very much so.

The Story Behind Wage Fixing in Hollywood editor Mark Ames explains how he uncovered a wage fixing conspiracy that began in the 1980s and led all the way to Hollywood executives with connections to the White House

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Despite Climate Warnings, New Export Rules Open Crude Oil Floodgates
The loosened regulations will reportedly ‘please domestic oil drillers, foreign trade partners, and some Republicans’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”All of the above”

Look out below

Social Protest Rising in Ukraine as Government Approves Harsh Austerity Budget
by Roger Annis

Black Lives Depend on a Free and Open Internet
by Patrisse Cullors

2014: The Greatest Year of Revolt Against High-Stakes Testing in US History
Top Ten Acts of Test Resistance This Year
by Jesse Hagopian

*Passing the test of integrity

The Real News Network
The Top 3 Climate Change Stories of 2014
Environmental journalist Dahr Jamail recaps the three biggest climate events of 2014 that should be red flags for the world

*Is this planet a boffo box office tragicomedy in another solar system?

The Making of Norman Finkelstein – Reality Asserts Itself (3/5)
Mr. Finkelstein on self-deception and the collapse of his identity

*This is absorbing reading, and Finkelstein’s honesty is much appreciated.

His story is yet another object lesson in the danger of pedestals.

They are inherently unstable constructs, with an alarming tendency to topple over on those gathered in admiration around them.

Believe only in the best of your humanity

And always be prepared to alter the path that leads you to it.

Nationwide Anti-Police Brutality Protests Enter Second Month
Activists again disrupt Baltimore area restaurants and shops and retired veteran officer Neill Franklin talks about whether body cameras are an effective remedy and the importance of ending the culture of impunity for the boys in blue

Democracy Now!
“The Great Reformer”: Pope Francis Biographer on How Pontiff Became Star Diplomat & Voice for Change

*I wonder if Goodman played softball in school

‘Cause she sure tossed some at this apologist for someone who stood by while the Argentinian junta murdered the padres, and many others, who came closer to living out the true meaning of the Gospel than Francis will ever approach.

Not that he’s making any sincere attempt to do so.

But that’s how he got to be pope, isn’t it?


US Adding Names to Foreign Fighter Watchlist ‘Like a Ticking Odometer’
Citing fears of ISIS, intelligence agencies are actively placing thousands of Europeans into a secret database at a nearly constant rate
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

A 2,500 Square-Mile Methane Plume Is Silently Hovering over Western US
Legacy of fossil fuel drilling is “giant cloud” of powerful greenhouse gas now visible from space
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Proposed Labor Laws in Chile Lauded as ‘Enormous Step Toward Social Equality’
‘Today we are marking a new milestone—we are clearing a debt that we have hold toward the workers of Chile,’ says president Michelle Bachelet
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Doubling Down on Dictatorship in the Middle East
The Arab Spring didn’t stop U.S. support for friendly despots.
by Amanda Ufheil-Somers

2014 Year in Review for Labor: Deep Trouble But Stirring Troublemaking
by Jenny Brown

*Working for a livin’

And not taking what they’re givin’

Climate Change Threatens Quechua and Their Crops in Peru’s Andes
by Fabíola Ortiz
Inter Press Service

Citizen Anti-Nuclear Activism Has Shuttered Vermont Yankee
by Harvey Wasserman

Guatemalan Genocide Trial Set to Resume
by Jo-Marie Burt

Greed Kings of 2014: How They Stole from Us
by Paul Buchheit

*Just an avarice day at the office

The Real News Network
The Making of Norman Finkelstein – Reality Asserts Itself (2/5)
Mr. Finkelstein talks about his Holocaust survivor parents and their influence in the formation of his early identity

USAID Will Continue It’s ‘Democracy’ Program in Cuba
The US won’t be required to halt its ‘Democracy’ Program’ in Cuba, says Sujatha Fernandes, Professor of Sociology at Queens College, while the release of the Cuban Five remains testimony to the great endurance of the Cuban people says James Early of the Smithsonian Institute

Democracy Now!
As American Captives Die While Others Walk Free, Is U.S. Hostage Policy Costing Citizens’ Lives?

Did the U.S. Abandon an American Hostage in Syria? Inside the Secret Bid to Free Peter Kassig

*So, did the US want these kidnappings and beheadings to continue, in order to maintain a black and white, good versus evil, meme that justified both its current and possible future military actions in the region?

It’s as plausible a theory as any, don’t you think?

How a Radical Lawyer Set for Prison Joined Longtime U.S. Government Foe in Failed Bid to Free a Hostage


Vowing to End ‘Neoliberal Experiment,’ Greek Left Rises as Snap Elections Called
After three failed votes within parliament, Greek public will get chance to vote for new government.
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A “moderate tone” that is “not threatening” …

That’ll get folks fired up, won’t it just?

Stay tuned …

¡Podemos! Spanish Party Rises from Grassroots to Challenge Corruption of Elite Party Rule
In tandem with other rising parties of the Left in Europe, supporters of new political party in Spain have organized their way to doorstep of power
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Vermonters Ready Celebration as Nuclear Plant Shuts Down for Good
Owners of Vermont Yankee lost their battle with local residents to keep accident-prone plant running for decades more
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Credit the corpress with turning the nightmare of Fukushima into simply a bad dream most all Americans have consigned to the back basements of their memories.

That is, after all, its function.

The Prison State of America
by Chris Hedges

*Dostoevsky said, “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons”

And by the gauntlet geared to impede exiting them.

‘Fair Use Is Working!': 2014 in Review
by Corynne McSherry

The Real News Network
Cuba has Never Been Culturally Isolated, Just Shielded From the US
The rich cultural life of Cuba thriving and democracy will not be exported to Cuba from the US, it is already working in the form of participatory democracy, says James Early of the Smithsonian Institute and Sujatha Fernandes, Professor of Sociology at Queens College and the Graduate Center at CUNY

iMixWhatILike | From South Africa to the United States: The Continuity of Black Consciousness Movements (Part 2)
iMixWhatILike Host Jared Ball continues his discussion with legendary emcee and producer Shaheen Ariedien and Dr. Rico Chapman about the histories, similarities and mutual impact of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa and the Black Power Movement here in the United States

Detroit Won’t Restore Police Review Board Even Though Abuses Continue
Detroit Activist Frank Hammer says activists are outraged that Detroit’s badly needed civilian review board of police – dismantled as part of the city’s bankruptcy proceeding – is not being restored now that the city is out of bankruptcy

Democracy Now!
The Afghan War is Not Over: U.S. Ends 13-Year Combat Mission, But 10,000+ Troops Continue the Fight

The Worst Narco-State in History? After 13-Year War, Afghanistan’s Opium Trade Floods the Globe


Top UK Retailers Targeted in Price Tag Switch for Living Wage
Amid holiday shopping rush, activists call on nation’s wealthiest chains to ‘stop scrooging’ their employees
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Poverty and Fear Still Rankle, Ten Years After the Tsunami
“It took just 30 minutes for the killer waves to leave 350,000 dead and half a million displaced”
by Amantha Perera
Inter Press Service

In Alabama, A Public Hospital Serves the Poor — with Lawsuits
Public hospitals can be among the most aggressive in collecting debts from poor patients, not only garnishing their wages, but cleaning out their bank accounts. “It makes me sick,” said one legal aid attorney.
by Paul Kiel

*”We’re here to help”


Still No National Healthcare for Mental Illness? That’s Crazy
by Ted Rall

*A profitable psychosis

Political Rumbas Start in Cuba
by Ralph Nader

Jubilee USA Network
Countries Affected by Ebola Lose $1.4 Billion Annually to Debt, Corruption and Tax Evasion
Outflows Dwarf Money in Health Care and Prevention Budgets

*Expecting the US to do diddley about debt relief et alia is akin to trusting the fox to swear off poultry.

The Real News Network
Wilkerson: Cuba, Be Careful What You Wish For
Larry Wilkerson tells Paul Jay that the president’s executive order is long overdue and the embargo should be lifted, but Cuba should be wary of an increased U.S. presence

*I suppose Jay thinks having a “critical conservative” on TRNN gives it a certain cachet, but while it might be interesting to hear that perspective, there are others we don’t hear from that would be of far more worth, if the objective is to understand power and how it’s wielded.

In this instance, Wilkerson’s concluding caveat seems in direct contradiction to his preceding pimping of the benefits of opening up to “the giant”, don’t you think?

Market and State Regulation Failure at the Heart of Russian Recession
Sliding oil prices and sanctions are not the only cause of the recession, says Aleksandr Buzgalin, professor of political economy at Moscow State University

Worldwide Coal Production Continues to Grow
There is no war on coal–neither the International Energy Agency (IEA) nor the Obama administration plan to reduce coal production, despite commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says analyst Jeff Biggers

Sugar in Food: Which Sweeteners are the Safest and Which Should You Avoid?
An overview of the safety of sugar substitutes
Michael F. Jacobson
Nutrition Action


Heralded by Human Rights Groups, Global Arms Trade Treaty Goes Into Force
With the new law in place, ‘it will no longer be acceptable to turn a blind eye when arms are being transferred into the hands of regimes that will use them to devastate people’s lives.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Critical Glaciers Melting Under ‘Continuous Warming': Study
Following comprehensive survey, Chinese researchers warn drinking sources may dry up in much of Asia
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

All Naughty, No Nice: 5 Worst Fracking Industry Moments of 2014
by Jo Miles

An Orange for a Gift? What “A Christmas Carol” Can Teach Us About Cherishing Holiday Foods
Can we find our way back to treasuring what comes from far away while reveling in local, abun­dant foods, whose proximity makes them affordable and sustainable?
by Nina Bunker Ruiz

*A stationary feast

Five Reasons Why 2014 was a Game Changer in Palestine
by Ramzy Baroud

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
D.C. District Court Decision is Disappointing, But Changes to FLSA Still Set to Go Into Effect Jan 1st For Most Home Care Workers

Amnesty International
Eastern Ukraine: Humanitarian Disaster Looms as Food Aid Blocked

The Real News Network
Christmas, Charity, and the Revolutionary Jesus
Chris Hedges and Rev. David Bullock discuss the real meaning of Christmas with Paul Jay

*I stopped believing in Jesus’ divinity a long time ago

But I never stopping believing in his humanity

Is Israel Unfairly Held to a Higher Standard? Norman Finkelstein on Reality Asserts Itself (1/5)
Norman Finkelstein and Paul Jay discuss a full-page ad in the NYT that says Israel is condemned by liberals for human rights violations while it defends gay rights, and less is said about the persecution of gays by Iran, Hamas and ISIS

*As Finkelstein asserts, exposing a fraud is a “Eureka!” moment.

Condemning the actual (as opposed to manufactured) sins of “official enemies” is required of anyone with a conscience, but it doesn’t entail confronting a false narrative about a lionized ally.

You hope exposing the lies buttressing Israel’s heroic image leads to a cacophony of “Eureka!”s among those willing to hear you.

That is, of course, a taller order.

Greek Government Struggles to Stay in Power
Radical Left Party SYRIZA has a good opportunity to win if there is a snap election in Greece, which we will know by 29 December, says Costas Lapavitsas, professor of economics at SOAS, University of London

Baltimore Fox Affiliate Faked Video of Activist Chanting “Kill A Cop”
Activist and community leader Tawanda Jones responds to FOX 45 Baltimore airing a heavily edited clip making it seem she was chanting “kill a cop” at a protest

*Jones can forgive. That’s her choice.

For me, forgiveness can only come with atonement.

A pathetic portrayal of such a transgression as “an honest misunderstanding” doesn’t fill the bill, in my book.

And if their lie wasn’t so easily disproved, even that wouldn’t have occurred, would it?

Why Won’t Warren Quit Worrying and Learn to Love Wall Street?
by Jim Naureckas

*Looking under the TARP …

Saving their necks

So they can keep their Guccis on ours

Democracy Now!
Ferguson, NYC, Milwaukee: Protests Erupt as Officer Cleared in Killing of Unarmed Dontre Hamilton

Will Guantánamo Ever Close? U.S. Frees More Prisoners, But Dozens Remain Behind Bars

A Nightmare Taxi Ride: Oregon Veterinarian Jailed in East Timor After Sharing Car with Drug Peddler

“Diplomaculate Conception”: U.S. Helped Jailed Cuban Five Member Artificially Inseminate His Wife

How to Diet: Is Too Much Acid Bad for Your Bones?
And which foods create acid in the body?
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


New Jersey Poised to Pass Legislation That Would Speed Water Privatization
‘The Legislature is selling out our clean water by turning New Jersey’s water supply over to foreign, multinational corporations.’ — Jeff Tittel, New Jersey Sierra Club
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Seven Elves Arrested Blocking Gas Storage Facility
Over two-month civil disobedience campaign, 170 arrests have been made
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Obama Hires Former Keystone XL Lobbyist as Senate Liaison Because It’s ‘In the Public Interest’
New deputy assistant for legislative affairs worked for firm whose clients included tar sands industry group
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Following ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mall of America Protest, City Launches ‘Attack’ on Alleged Leaders
As Bloomington, Minnesota officials build criminal case, critics charge precedent will ‘stifle dissent and instill fear into young people of color and allies’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Malling the First Amendment

Grand Jury Clears Houston Officer in Killing of Unarmed Black Man
Jordan Baker was shot by officer Juventino Castro in January
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Another hit and run on the wheels of justice

Leave No Civilian Behind
Members of the military and veterans shouldn’t experience poverty because no one should live in poverty
by Alyssa Peterson

Food Sovereignty: 5 Steps to Cool the Planet and Feed Its People
by La Via Campesina, GRAIN

FDA Fails to Adequately Address Discriminatory Blood Donation Ban

*Bias in the blood

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
CAIR to Join Call for Probe of ‘Excessive’ Police Action Targeting Santa Clara Musli

*For “the other”

Those have always been “bridges” too far

Amnesty International
Guilty Verdicts in Landmark Nalchik Trial Expose Horrors of Russian Criminal Justice System

Calls For End to UK ‘Aid for Executions’ as Pakistan Hangings Catch Government Off Guard

The Real News Network
Diplomatic Relations with Cuba and Sanctions for Venezuela
Last week’s much-hailed normalization of relations with Cuba was followed by sanctions against Venezuela the very next day, says Alex Main of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

Are Police Placed in Situations That Threaten Public Safety?
Following the murder of two NYC police officers, Paul Jay speaks with former Black Panther Eddie Conway and ACLU-DC policy director Seema Sadanandan about the role of police in our society

*We shouldn’t delude ourselves as to the role of the police.

They have always been a force for control, a force for “order”

Or more precisely, a force for the class order.

The Police Union’s Irresponsible Reaction To Shooting Of Two NYPD Officers
Glen Ford, Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report discusses how comments by the head of New York’s largest police against NYC Mayor de Blasio reveal potential for mutiny and criminal offenses

*”The thin blue line”

Reveals its true colors

Democracy Now!
Weaponizing Health Workers: How Medical Professionals Were a Top Instrument in U.S. Torture Program

*The ongoing role of the current administration, both in stonewalling holding accountable those in the previous regime, and in the commission of similar crimes, the torture of the Gitmo hunger strikers being one example, must not be left out of this narrative.

This isn’t just about Obama doing the right thing

It’s also about his and others’ culpability for continuing to do the wrong thing.


Rights Groups Condemn ‘Vengeful Blood-Lust’ in Pakistan Following School Massacre
According to Pakistani officials, about 500 people are set to be executed in the coming weeks
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Amid Uproar, Nicaragua to Break Ground on Massive Canal ‘Scheme’
Opponents of the project say inter-ocean canal will displace tens of thousands, violates the constitutional rights of indigenous people
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Take That, Car Culture: Public Transportation Ridership Up
Transit use in July – September 2014 period was record high
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Milwaukee Police Officer Won’t Face Charges for Shooting of Unarmed Black Man
National Guard on alert as protests begin for Dontre Hamilton, who was shot 14 times in April 30 encounter
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Justice is blinded

But the DA says there’s not enough evidence to press charges

The War to Start All Wars: The 25th Anniversary of the Forgotten Invasion of Panama
by Greg Grandin

*Required reading

Unless you happen to be a student in an average high school US history class.

No One Saw Anything: Bearing Witness to the Ongoing Catastrophe of MMIW
by Naomi Klein

Banning Dissent in the Name of Civility
by Chris Hedges

*”Israeli Jews think something different—we are the chosen people of God, we are chosen to do anything we damn well please. To take people’s land. Take people’s lives.”

You’d think they were “Christians” …

The Real News Network
Who Should Pay for the Costs of Climate Change?
West Coast Environmental Law Attorney Andrew Gage and EcoEquity Director Tom Athanasiou discuss how corporations and governments can be held accountable

Should the Teachers Union Play a Bigger Role in the Fight for Racial Justice?
Professor Lois Weiner explains that teachers and the teachers union must take concrete steps to repair their relationship with communities of color

Thwarted Michigan Bill Aimed At Stopping Community Agreements With Developers Will Return
Detroit Activist Frank Hammer says though Michigan State Bill 5977 aimed at Detroit’s Community Development Ordinance has failed for now, Republicans will likely reintroduce it in 2015

DOJ Misses Another Opportunity to Go After Banks
Bill Black: Obama administration quietly gave a $57 million award to a whistleblower regarding the Countrywide and Bank of America mortgage scandal

Why Did The CIA Really Use Extreme Torture?
There is fairly good evidence that the prime motive for torture was not 9-11, says Patrick Cockburn the author of The Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising

*Torture is employed to induce confession.

The truthfulness of that confession is largely immaterial.

Its primary purpose is to provide justification for desired actions, as well as the ancillary aim of satisfying the sadistic urge extant in anyone capable of engaging in such a monstrous act.

Only those utterly devoid of humanity can even conceive of its use

Or ignore the cries for justice in order to “move on” from “the mistakes of the past”.

Identity and Collective Denial – Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself (3/3)
Ms. Tarachansky says Israel is ripping itself apart and fascism is celebrating in the ruins

Student Labor Action Project
Stop Layoffs at George Washington This Holiday Season!

Institute for Public Accuracy
Big Money and Voter Turnout in the 2014 Elections: It’s Worse Than You Think

Truth Is Stranger than Fiction? “The Interview” and U.S. Regime-Change Policy Toward North Korea

*Buggering the boogey man

USA Today Wants You to Think Killings of Police Are on the Rise
by Peter Hart

*Another case of math murder

Gift-Giving Advice From the New York Times
by Jim Naureckas

*All the news that’s fit to print

In gold leaf

Democracy Now!
Calls for Calm After NYPD Union Says Mayor, Protesters Have Blood on Their Hands for Cops’ Murder

*But it is “us-and-them”

It is “I-Thou”

That’s why the police exist.

There can be “good cops”, like Weatherspoon, just like there are good soldiers

But My Lais and Fallujahs and Fergusons happen, and they happen because of the raison d’etre for policing and militarism.

We can’t lose sight of that, without losing sight of how to end that.

It’s a hard truth

Which means it’s all the more vital to acknowledge it.

“The Interview” Belittles North Korea, But is Film’s Backstory and U.S. Policy the Real Farce?

How Bad is Trans Fat in Food?
Read to find out why you should remove partially hydrogenated oil from your diet
by Michael F. Jacobson
Nutrition Action


Just in Time for the Holidays, Another Wall Street Giveaway
Critics worry that extension to implement Volcker Rule is not about giving big banks more time to comply. It’s about giving them more time to kill it off entirely.
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

How One Indigenous Woman Took On a Multinational Mining Corporation… And Won
Indigenous Peruvian farmworker Maxima Acuña de Chaupe withstood violent eviction attempts, beatings, and a legal battle to protect her land from being turned into an open-pit gold mine
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘EPA Doesn’t Give a Damn': Groups Blast Agency’s New Coal Ash Rules
Environmentalists and public health advocates say the new regulations are ‘minimal, vague, and unenforceable’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

What Climate Change Asks of Us: Moral Obligation, Mobilization and Crisis Communication
by Margaret Klein

The Oil Price Crash of 2014
by Richard Heinberg

*Oiling the skids

The Real News Network
iMixWhatILike | From South Africa to the United States: The Continuity of Black Consciousness Movements
Jared Ball hosts legendary emcee and producer Shaheen Ariedien and Dr. Rico Chapman discuss the histories, similarities and mutual impact of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa and the Black Power Movement here in the United States

Fracking Opponents Celebrate Key Victories in New Brunswick, Quebec and New York
Emma Lui of the Council of Canadians talks about the decisions against fracking in the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec, while Eric Weltman of Food & Water Watch talks about New York becoming the second US state to ban fracking

*Fracturing the fairy tale?

Democracy Now!
From Free Pre-K to Paid Sick Leave to Pay Raises, NYC Mayor de Blasio Fulfills Progressive Promises

*Ah, yes …

“The exception to the rulers”

Recall that slogan?

Does shilling for posturing populists jibe with it?

You decide.

New York Says No to Fracking: State Bans Drilling Following Grassroots Outcry over Public Health

Assata Shakur: What Does New U.S.-Cuba Pact Mean for Exiled Black Panther Wanted in New Jersey?

Food Safety while Eating Out
by Sarah Klein
Nutrition Action


‘A Slap in the Face': Vermont Gov. Jumps Ship on Single-Payer Healthcare
Proponents of state’s trailblazing effort to build universal healthcare system slam governor for abandoning plan he once championed
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Vote for me

I’ll set you free

Oh, wait … I see

It’s too costly

Driven by Climate Change, ‘Nuisance’ Flooding to Become Commonplace in US Coastal Areas
NOAA projects that Boston; New York City; Philadelphia; Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; and other metropolitan areas will be forced to mitigate these nuisance floods earlier than planned
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Good News for Greece’s Anti-Austerity Left as First Round Election Fails
Initial round parliamentary elections, out of three, failed to garner enough votes for any party to win. If upcoming votes also fail, leftwing Syriza Party will get chance at popular vote and best opportunity yet to jettison austerity agenda.
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Public Citizen
Biologics Industry Uses Political Power to Retain Monopoly, Price-Gouge and Limit Patient Access to Needed Medications
New Report Shows the Future of Medicine Could Be Extremely Expensive

The Real News Network
The Three Remaining ‘Cuban 5′ Go Home
In a historic move bypassing congress President Obama restores diplomatic relations with Cuba and in a simultaneous telecast President Raul Castro hails the decision but reminds us that the blockade is still in place, says Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights

*This morning, Ratner said on Democracy Now!

“So now, perhaps, he’s (Obama) buying into the idea if we flood more money into Cuba, maybe we’ll be able to subvert the fundamental values of the revolution.”

Ya think … ?

The cancerous carrot replaces the stagnant stick.

Identity and Collective Denial – Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself (2/3)
Ms. Tarachansky talks about her journey from growing up in a settlement to opposition to the Israeli occupation

Will South America Bring Life to the Bank of the South?
The countries of South America need their alternative to the World Bank to step forward; if not, they will be back in crisis, explains historian and sovereign debt expert Eric Toussaint

Institute for Public Accuracy
GMO Chestnuts Draw Scrutiny this Holiday

Democracy Now!
“Cut Loose the Shackles of the Past”: U.S. and Cuba Announce a New Dawn in Diplomatic Relations

Does the Release of the Cuban Five Prove the U.S. Failed to Destroy Cuba After Decades of Trying?

Can Obama Lift the Embargo on Cuba Without Congress in Effort to Normalize U.S.-Cuba Relations?

Sugar in Food: Testing and Regulation of Sugar Substitutes
What is the testing process for sugar substitutes and who is in charge of it?
by Michael F. Jacobson
Nutrition Action


Amid Grief, Warnings That Pakistan Gov’t Retaliation Could Violate Human Rights
As Pakistan holds vigils and mass funerals, across the border, people in India stage moment of silence
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Despite Warnings of Future War, Obama to Impose New Russian Sanctions
Instead of negotiations designed to end crisis over status of Ukraine, White House says president will sign quietly passed bill that critics says will solidify new Cold War
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Russian roulette

Fight for the Future
FCC and Sunlight Foundation Undercounted Pro-Net Neutrality Comments and Should Immediately Correct the Record

The Real News Network
Identity and Collective Denial – Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)
Ms. Tarachansky, TRNN Israel – Palestine correspondent and former Israeli settler, tells Paul Jay about her new documentary film, On the Side of the Road

Hundreds of Thousands of Wrongfully Purged Votes Could Have Cost Dems Midterm Elections
Investigative journalist Greg Palast discusses his award winning series “Jim Crow Returns” for Aljazeera America on how hundreds of thousands of mostly low income and people of color were purged from voting rolls in the midterm election

*This is such transparent skullduggery that the Democrats could easily expose it for the bald faced fraud it is.

But they don’t, do they?

Why is that?

Could it be that they also want the electorate to be circumscribed racially? That they want the Holy Grail of electoral politics to continue to be the white “swing voter”, which conventional wisdom as propagated by the punditocracy dictates must be appealed to via “centrist” campaign planks (that “center” possessing a pronounced starboard list)?

Would Mr. Spock find that a “highly illogical” surmise?

Budget Bill’s Little-Known Provisions Affecting Marijuana Users
LEAP’s Neill Franklin says the budget bill bans the feds from going after states with legal medical marijuana, but may prevent DC from legalizing marijuana

Millions March Oakland: A Look Beyond the Violence
Several thousand people gathered at Millions March Oakland on December 13 to protest the killings of unarmed black men Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Protesters critique mainstream media’s focus on vandalism and looting instead of Oakland Police Department’s violent history.

Contextualizing Baltimore’s Recent Police Shooting
LEAP’s Neill Franklin says the so called war on drugs and the over-policing of marginalized communities is the context for many negative interactions experienced by law enforcement

*This all presupposes that the police’s function is “to serve and protect” the public.

How much evidence do we need to bring a case that this is not the case?

Institute for Public Accuracy
DOJ’s Risen Plot Thickens

Democracy Now!
The Destabilization of Pakistan: Tariq Ali on Taliban School Massacre & U.S. Afghan War Blowback

Was Key Grand Jury Witness in Michael Brown Case a Racist, Mentally Ill, Lying Ex-Felon?

Press Freedom Fight: Reporter James Risen Faces Subpoena in CIA Whistleblower Case


Contraception Is Not Abortion, But Right Wing Has Plan to Convince You Otherwise
New analysis declares birth control is in anti-choice movement’s ‘crosshairs’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

East vs. Rest: China’s Eurasian Integration vs. the West’s Empire of Chaos
‘Go West, Young Han': As Washington “pivots” to Asia, China does the Eurasian Pirouette
by Pepe Escobar

*Meaty piece well worth consuming

In Peshawar Attack, A Desperate Pakistani Taliban On Display
by Juan Cole

A Canal at What Cost?
A proposed canal in Nicaragua would rival Panama’s as a link between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. But indigenous and environmentalist protesters are crying foul.
by Chris Hartmann

*A rotted revolution

Augusto turns in his grave

Theo Colborn: Remembering the Genius Who Got BPA Out of Your Water Bottles, and So Much More
by Heather Smith

Amnesty International
Iran: Alleged Juvenile Offender Among 10 Hunger Strikers Threatened with Immediate Execution

The Real News Network
Will the New Federal Racial Profiling Guidelines Have Any Impact? (2/3)
In an interview with Sharmini Peries, Naomi Murakawa, the author of “The First Civil Right: How Liberals Built Prison America,” examines if the new guidelines will address systemic problems in local police departments

Data Collection Law on Excessive Force Shown Ineffective in the Past
The re-authorization of the federal law requiring data on police shootings due to “excessive force” did not produce any useful results last time around, says Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report

TRNN Replay: Chris Hedges Answers Questions from Viewers – Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself pt 7
Pt 7 of 7. On the final episode of Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges answers questions like: “Do you believe the US or Israel will attack Iran?” and “Is there any hope for Bradley Manning?”

*I should preface this by saying that I have a great deal of respect for Hedges, and read pretty much everything from him I come across.

But I feel he’s rather dogmatic in his pacifism, and his claim that it will induce the Praetorian Guard to switch sides off a couple of historical examples, when history is replete with instances where such abandonment was absent.

Non violence should be viewed as tactic, not a principle. Violence is a last resort, but the principled, disciplined use of force to defend ourselves is our right, and we shouldn’t hesitate to employ it should the circumstances warrant.

That’s sounds all neat and clean, I realize, and it ain’t.

It’s a fearsome choice

And one we have every right to make.

Fox’s O’Reilly: ‘All the Wolves Have Been Muslims’
by Peter Hart

*Would that O’Reilly were a lone wolf

Rather than among the more prominent of a nest of vipers.

Democracy Now!
After Duo Created CIA Torture Methods, Did World’s Largest Group of Psychologists Enable Abuses?

“Psychological Torture is Enshrined in U.S. Law”: Complicity in Abuses Began Long Before Bush

*This is the pathology of power.

It does not act simply to protect itself from perceived threats, but to assert its sovereign right to do whatever it pleases.

It revels in systemic sadism for its own sake.

Devoid of humanity, it answers only to its conception of itself as “L’état, c’est moi”.


Advocates of CIA Torture Victims Demand: ‘Charge Them, Or Let Them Go’
‘It is the use of torture against these men, rather than any danger that they might pose, which is going to condemn them to a life in prison,’ says Vijay Prashad
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Offering ‘Example of Resistance,’ Nationwide Strike Against Austerity Hits Belgium
‘There’s never been a strike this strong,’ says union leader.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Public Tax Dollars Financing Oil-By-Rail Expansion
Reuters exposes ’10 federal and state grants either approved or pending approval, totaling $84.2 million, that helped boost the number of rail cars carrying crude oil across the nation’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

National Lawyers Guild Challenges NYPD on Use of Sound Cannons Against Peaceful Protesters
The city’s police department, charges the legal advocacy group, has given itself ‘unbridled, unreviewable discretion to suppress protected speech and conduct.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Banality of Terrorism: Sydney’s other Hostage Crisis, of 1984
by Juan Cole

Time to Ban the Bomb
by Alice Slater

Why #BlackLivesMatter Should Transform the Climate Debate
What would governments do if black and brown lives counted as much as white lives?
by Naomi Klein

How the United States Rolls
by Slavoj Žižek
Australian Protesters Peacefully Halt First Coal Train from Controversial Maules Creek Mine

*Standing up Down Under

The Real News Network
Will the New Federal Racial Profiling Guidelines have Any Impact? (1/3)
In an interview with Sharmini Peries, Naomi Murakawa, the author of The First Civil Right, How Liberals Built Prison America, says Department of Justice’s new guidelines against racial profiling gives a green light to certain forms of profiling

Russia Rejects South Stream Pipeline Through Europe
Hudson Report: Europe’s effort to join the US in isolating Russia has backfired, it makes no sense to build an oil and gas pipeline for Russian exports that would be owned and leased to them by the US and Europe

A Second Mexican Revolution in the Works (2/2)
Climate of impunity persists in Mexico and only 6.8 % of the 33 million crimes committed in 2013 were ever investigated says John M. Ackerman, Professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico

As a Socialist, I Have No Voice in the Mainstream – Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself pt 6
Pt 6 of 7. On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges says an effective movement that defies power will have to be disciplined and articulate what a vision of socialism might look like

*One thing people want is a sense of community, of being respected and cared about.

That’s been sorely lacking in much of my experience with various groups. I’ve certainly met good folks, but the group dynamic as a whole has not been one pregnant with humanity.

When we feel others have our back, that they give a fuck about us, we’re inspired to do likewise. We can disagree, vociferously, and yet still know that when push comes to shove, we will stand together.

Create that atmosphere

Live it, breathe it

And you will see a movement grow.

Sharpton-Led March Alienates Youth Activists
Youth groups in Washington organized an alternative protest after the main march, calling for more radical action

*Dissing the misleaders

Will the E.U. Hold the U.S. Accountable for Torture?
Vijay Prashad says the torture report is unclear about the chain of command, but the international community is making moves to hold those in power accountable

*There’s “not knowing”

And there’s “knowing that you’re not knowing”

You know?

Russia Rejects South Steam Pipeline Through Europe
Hudson Report: Europe effort to join the US in isolating Russia has backfired, it makes no sense build an oil and gas pipeline for Russian exports that would be owned and leased to them by US and Europe

*Blunting US imperialism and the potential for war is always a welcome development, but we’re not exactly talking about the struggling masses on the other side, and so much of this is based on continuing to poison the only planet we have.

Whatever geopolitical benefit is derived has to be seen in the context of the consequences for geosurvival, don’t you think?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Drone Killings and Torture: Peace Activists to be “Rehabilitated” in Jail

Update: NPR Doesn’t Ban ‘Torture’–but Offers Euphemisms to Use in Its Place
by Jim Naureckas

*Torture is “enhanced interrogation techniques”

And rape is “unsolicited sexual interaction”

Democracy Now!
Black Youth-Organized Millions March NYC Draws Tens of Thousands in Movement’s Biggest Protest Yet

*The Real News Network did a piece on how young black folks mistrust the likes of Sharpton and Jackson.

DN! manages to mention a “slight interruption” in the preceding segment, without any context to it.

You’d have to ask them why.

Emissions-Cutting Deal Reached at COP 20 Lima, But Will It Help Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change?

*Call it passing the fuck


‘Così Non Va!': General Strike Against Austerity Sweeps Italy
Work actions and protests sweep 50 cities to oppose Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s new law that cuts back worker protections
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

In Oregon GMO Labeling Battle, Supporters Concede Loss But Not Defeat
‘Our growing movement to label genetically engineered foods is neither defeated nor discouraged,’ says pro-labeling campaign.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Hanging chads”

And hiding bads

For Protesting US Drone Strikes, Prosecutor Told Judge I Must “Be Rehabilitated”
On drones, discrimination, and kicking bad habits
by Kathy Kelly

*Prisons are the closed spaces to which we consign open minds

What “Both Sides” Are Ignoring: Torture Did Work… to Produce Iraq War
‘The truth is that torture did work,’ writes Husseini, ‘but not the way its defenders claim. It worked to produce justifications for policies the establishment wanted, like the Iraq war.’
by Sam Husseini

*The actual meaning of “actionable intelligence”

The Real News Network
Congress Passes Temporary Tax Breaks for Big Business Now for 15 Years Straight
Bush-era corporate tax breaks remain despite a continued slow economic recovery, and account for more than $44 billion of lost revenue

Federal Budget Guts Most Significant Financial Regulation Since 2008
The big banks snuck in a provision to gut the Dodd-Frank legislation that was passed to prevent another financial crisis, says Professor Gerald Epstein from Political Economy Research Institute at University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Report Finds Maryland Residents Unhappy with Market-Based Healthcare
Organizers Sergio Espana and Ben Palmquist discuss the findings of a new survey conducted by Healthcare Is a Human Right-Maryland

The Liberal Elite has Betrayed the People They Claim to Defend – Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself pt5
Pt 5 of 7. On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges says The Democratic Party used to watch out for the interests of labor and even for the poor. But that all changed under Bill Clinton. Although Clinton, like Obama, continues to speak in that feel-your-pain language of traditional liberalism, they’ve completely betrayed the very people that they purport to represent and defend.

Institute for Public Accuracy
“The Complicity of Psychologists in CIA Torture”

Democracy Now!
Silencing Dissent: U.N. Bars Climate Protesters from Putting “Keystone,” “Kerry” or “U.S.” on Signs

*No signs of the times

Pipe Dreams? Labor Researchers Say Keystone XL Project May Kill More Jobs Than It Creates

*Some very important points made, but this focus on the Keystone decision omits all the other tentacles that threaten us.

Dear Misleader may well not sign off on it, but there are other ways to move that poison, and they need to be opposed just as stridently.

It will be a hollow victory if they aren’t.

And the tar sands need to be abandoned now. Pay the workers while they transition into other jobs.

Every day means more denigration and death.


In Nicaragua, Protesters Vow to Fight Giant Canal ‘With Their Lives’
Inter-ocean canal would rival Panama Canal in size, displace communities
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

With Help From USDA, Factory Farms ‘Masquerading’ Products as Organic
Cornucopia Institute sues 14 industrial farms over alleged fraud, mistreatment of animals
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Beyond Nuclear
Federal Nuclear Regulator Opts Not To Reconsider Critical Safety Enhancements at U.S. “Fukushima” Reactors
Decision designed to save industry money but exclude experts and public

The Real News Network
Quakers Organize National Protest Against PNC
Activists are drawing attention to PNC’s business relations with corporations that fund mountaintop removal coal mining

TRNN Replay: “America is a Tinderbox” – Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself pt4
Pt 4 of 7. On Reality Asserts Itself, Paul Jay asks Chris Hedges if the American Left bears responsibility for the weakness of the mass movement; Hedges says the gravest mistake of the left is not articulating a viable vision of socialism

Institute for Public Accuracy
Prosecuting Torture

*Obama doesn’t have “clay feet”

But he does wield the same iron fist as these monsters, and should face the same fate.

Investigative Reporting = Working With Ad Partners to Monetize the Audience
by Janine Jackson

*No punches pulled

When no punches are thrown

Democracy Now!
“We Are Like the Walking Dead”: Latin American Indigenous Groups Decry Corporate Destruction of Land

Peru’s Deadly Environment: Host Nation of U.N. Summit is Among Most Dangerous for Land Defenders

Putting People Before Profit: Thousands March in Peruvian People’s Climate March in Lima

From the Streets to the Suites, Protesters Call for Climate Justice at Corporate Gathering in Lima

Peruvian Protester: My Brother Was Disappeared in 1993 at El Pentagonito, the Site of Climate Summit

Tips for optimizing veggie intake on a budget
by Leanne Ely

How to best use your refrigerator
by Leanne Ely


Giveaways To Wall Street and Nation’s Wealthiest in Spending Bill Make ‘Great Train Robbery Look Like a Misdemeanor’
Wealthy donors and Wall Street score big with eleventh-hour federal omnibus budget being rushed through Congress
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘We Won’t Pay': Tens of Thousands Protest Water Privatization in Ireland
Mass march demands abolition of water fees, which are part of broader austerity push
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Torture Report Highlights Consequences of Permanent War
by Andrew Bacevich

Thank You For Making War! (or Why No One Remembers the Peacemakers)
Celebrating War Over and Over and Peace Once
by Adam Hochschild

Egypt: A Reality Too Dark in Which to Glimpse Hope?
by Zainab Magdy

The Guantánamo wound that will stay open
by Vijay Prashad

Oakland Institute
New Fact Sheet Details Western Agribusiness Interests in Ukraine

The Real News Network
Congress and Pentagon Shielding Weapons Contracts from Budget Cuts
Lawmakers and military administrators are shifting baseline funding to the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) budget, which is exempt from mandatory cuts

CIA Torture Report Incomplete as Key Documents Remain Withheld
Investigative journalist Marcy Wheeler says the Obama administration is using the CIA to protect itself and Bush-era officials from being legally implicated in war crimes

*Why would you expect a war criminal to deliver justice in the case of another war criminal?

And let’s be clear

Torture hasn’t ended.

It continues in the force feeding of the Gitmo hunger strikers, in the dark corners of empire, and by the hands of proxy Torquemadas.

Nothing has been “dismantled”

Only deceitfully disowned.

A Second Mexican Revolution in The Works
The case of the 43 missing students has sparked a second revolution in Mexico as the discontent over current socio-economic conditions grows, says John M. Ackerman, Professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Hong Kong Police Shut Down The “Umbrellas Revolution” (1/2)
CY Leung expects “furious resistance” from Occupy Central as police carry out order to shutdown Admiralty Square, police tactics has become increasingly heavy-handed, says Sean Starrs, Assistant Professor of International Relations at the City University of Hong Kong

Institute for Public Accuracy
International Activists Demanding Climate Justice

ABC Makes US the Victim in the CIA Torture Report Story
by Jim Naureckas

*Another tortured tale of the corpress’ enhanced in-terror-gation

Democracy Now!
From South America to Africa, “Capitalist” Solutions to Climate Change Seen as Path to Catastrophe

Brazilian Indigenous Leader: Carbon Trading Scheme “REDD” a False Solution to Climate Change

As U.N. Summit Enters High-Level Talks, Protesters Gather for Historic Climate March in Lima


ACLU Head’s ‘Pardon Bush’ Op-Ed Sparks Controversy
ACLU director publishes controversial op-ed reasoning that presidential pardon for torturers only way to end government torture
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

As US Occupation Drags on, Afghanistan Suffering at Record High
Afghans’ ratings of their own lives hit new low
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Obama’s Plan for Better Policing: The Good, the Bad, and the Body Cameras
by Nadia Kayyali

Organic Consumer Pressure Works—Stonyfield Quits International Dairy Foods Group
by Ronnie Cummins

The Real News Network
Body Cameras Bring No Accountability for Police Brutality in Albuquerque
Max Blumenthal says the city’s police have killed citizens without provocation and faced no penalty

*A picture may be worth a thousand words

But the only one that ultimately matters is “Guilty”

Baltimore Communities Wage Legislative and Grassroots Battles For Better Public Schools
Baltimore residents have secured $1 billion over ten years to restore and revitalize their historically underfunded school district, while communities are undertaking grassroots efforts to ensure access to quality education for all students

Official Stats Show Black Unemployment Rate 50% Higher Than Whites
Obama’s “My Brothers Keeper” programs to address African-American unemployment is dependent on white philanthropy and goodwill; it doesn’t address the root problem of white racism, Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report

What is Fueling the Price of Oil? (2/2)
The sliding oil and gas prices, combined with the sanctions, causes Russia to pivot to Asia for a long-term economic strategy, says Dr. Thomas O’Donnell of The Free University of Berlin

Is Congress’ Call for ISIS War Debate a Sham?
In the wake of continued airstrikes in Syria, critics say most members of Congress are on board with ISIS battle since it marries the liberal interventionist and neocon agenda of regime change in Syria

LGBTQ Bill of Rights Survey

Public Citizen
Tell Your Members of Congress Right Now to Oppose Unsafe Increases in Truck Driver Hours

Institute for Public Accuracy
Lies About Torture

Washington Post Does Not Call It Torture When We Torture
by Peter Hart

*Don’t call it “torture”

No matter how much the English language screams

And Now, to Discuss Police Killings: Rush Limbaugh?
by Peter Hart

*It’s amusing – perhaps not the most apt term – how “misleaders”, to use Glen Ford’s phrase, like Jackson, Holder and the NAACP (not to mention Dear Misleader his own self), are painted as “extremists” and “radicals” by Limbaugh and his looney tuners.

But they’re aren’t so psychotic, are they?

Such hyper hyperbole serves a purpose – to put these parties on the defensive for even the emptiest of gestures toward justice, lest their posturing result in the most infinitesimal movement in that direction.

This pathetic pantomime passes for political struggle in the pages and pixels of the popular media.

Democracy Now
“They Have Destroyed Our Livelihood”: Activists Protest Shell and Chevron at U.N. Climate Talks

“Corporate Conquistadors”: New Report Exposes How Multinationals Drive, Profit from Climate Change

First Ever Climate Summit in Amazon Country Amidst Growing Threat to “Heart of the Planet”

*How is it that, even in the “alternative media”, next to no one speaks of these criminals’ (they kill, they injure, they immiserate – that’s criminal behavior in my book) “legacy” as one of being held to account for their sins?

There’s this inane and insane search for some humanity within them which has no empirical basis whatsoever, does it?

Indigenous Women: Earth Defenders Speak Out from the Front Lines of Climate Change

A Global Climate Deal is Within Reach, But Only Public Pressure Can Ensure It Meets Earth’s Needs

*Fiddling while home burns

Pablo Solón on COP 20 and Carbon Markets: This is a New Mechanism to Commodify Nature

Which cruciferous vegetable is a head above the class?
by Leanne Ely


Isn’t It Important to Realize Who Our Enemies Really Are?
Children are so often the forgotten victims of conflict – regardless of the perpetrators
by Robert Fisk

No Exit in Gaza: Broken Homes and Broken Lives
by Jen Marlowe

2014: The Year of the Hypocrites
by Paul Buchheit

How I Will Prepare My White Son for the Interactions He Won’t Have with Police
by Frida Berrigan

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
BabyFirst AT&T U-verse App Wins Dreaded TOADY Award for Worst Toy of the Year
First-ever “second screen” experience for babies encourages iPad use while watching TV

The Real News Network
What is Fueling the Oil Prices
The Russian ruble takes a tumble as the falling oil prices slide, Dr. Thomas O’Donnell discusses the geo-politics of it all

New Employment Figures in the Shadow of a Fragile Economy
Economist Richard Wolff says workers are returning to jobs with lower wages, fewer benefits, and less job security than they had before the financial crisis hit

What Role Did Class Play in Garner Case?
Activist Kali Akuno and historian Paul Le Blanc link judicial injustice to economic inequality

Dropped Charges For Mubarak Yet Another Moment in the Counterrevolution
Maged Mandour, political analyst for Open Democracy, explains the political and economic power of the military in the Egyptian state

Why the American Justice System Is Failing Us (2/2)
Attorney Kamau K. Franklin and Faraji Muhammad, Youth Organizer for Baltimore AFSC, talk about strategies for combating police brutality in the United States

More Corporations Flee as ALEC Rolls Out Its Legislative Agenda
by Lisa Graves

Koch-Tied Group Pushes New Union Busting Bill in Wisconsin
by Brendan Fischer and Mary Bottari

University of Oregon: Graduate employees deserve paid sick leave
by Joe Henry

Torture Enablers Spin Unreleased Senate Report
by Peter Hart

*Maybe it’s the liberal media trying to give ’em enough rope to hang themselves with.

(The emoticon for eye rolling’s pretty abstruse, so I’ll give it a miss.)

“Prebuttal” …

I’ll have to remember that.

Reporting the News Like Black Lives Don’t Matter
by Jim Naureckas

*Not that “medical assistance” was of any benefit …

Did the NYPD Let Eric Garner Die? Video Shows Police Ignored Pleas to Help Him After Chokehold

This bastard and his buddies get off scot free

And the cops are the ones who feel “betrayed” … ?

AP takes another trip to the Orwell.

Democracy Now!
As Typhoon Hagupit Wreaks Havoc, Leading Filipino Environmental Voice Silenced at U.N. Climate Talks

At Lima Talks, Nations Worst Hit by Global Warming Say Climate Aid Isn’t Charity, But Reparations

The Laundering Machine: How U.S. Corporations Threaten Peru’s Forests Through Illegal Logging

Widows of Peru’s Murdered Indigenous Rainforest Defenders Demand Justice at U.N. Climate Summit


Locally-Controlled, Renewable Energy Championed as Key to Climate Justice
Policies that support feed-in tariffs and decentralized power sources should be embraced by both the most- and least-developed nations, say campaigners
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Community control is the key here. Dirty or clean, energy corporations will always seek to maximize profits at the expense of consumers, and that won’t lead to climate justice anywhere other than in the fractured fairy tales of their PR campaigns.

EU Reaches Deal Allowing States to Ban GMOs, So Why Aren’t GMO Critics Cheering?
Provisional agreement risks being ‘Trojan Horse,’ says spokesperson for Greens in the European Parliament
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

With Attention Elsewhere, Wall Street Lobbyists Push to Weaken Post-Crash Regulations
With few Americans paying attention, financial interests trying to undo restrictions on risky trading that played large part in 2008 financial collapse
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Reversing Global Warming, Hunger and Poverty: Supercharging the Global Grassroots
by Ronnie Cummins

*There’s much I agree with here, but until folks like Cummins are willing to confront the concept of profit – not “obscene profits” or “excess profits”, but the very notion of profit – I don’t see us realizing these imperative goals.

As long as an economic system is based on competition, on winning the selling game, injustice and inequality will remain hard wired components of it. Good intentions can’t overcome that dynamic.

It must be eliminated.

Yes, capitalism can be made better.

But it can never be made good.

Ask anyone on the short end of that stick.

It’s Time for a Public Takeover of the Tar Sands
by Martin Lukacs

The Vicious Cycles of Inequality
by Andrew Levine

*Until you get at the root of the problem

No matter how much you hack at them

The limbs will always grow back

The Real News Network
Why the American Justice System Is Failing Us (1/2)
Kamau K. Franklin and Faraji Muhammad in a conversation on their plans for a national day of action to address police brutality on Martin Luther King’s birthday

Early Elections Could Result in Most Right-Wing Coalition in Israel’s History
Journalist Max Blumenthal says centrist parties have no other political purpose besides promoting the image of Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East

Democracy Now!
Shutting Down the Streets: Thousands Protest Police Killings by Blocking Traffic & Staging Die-ins

Did the NYPD Let Eric Garner Die? Video Shows Police Ignored Pleas to Help Him After Chokehold

Pigs in a blanket

Of impunity

A Racist and Unjust System? A Discussion on Policing in Wake of Michael Brown and Eric Garner Deaths

The Killing of Tamir Rice: Cleveland Police Criticized for Shooting 12-Year-Old Holding Toy Gun

*Smith is dead right, literally.

This has nothing to do with trust, any more than it did with Klansmen cops in the South a half century ago.

Turner’s a fool to think otherwise, and to have any faith that Cleveland’s officials and the feds will do anything other than damage control.

How many times does history have to repeat itself before that idiocy is rendered obsolete?

Food Safety Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen
by Sarah Klein
Nutrition Action


Obama Ready to Defy Base in Order to Advance Trans-Pacific Partnership
In a speech before CEOs of major U.S. corporations, Obama indicates he’s ready to go head-to-head with Democrats, labor unions, and environmentalists on trade deals
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Tangled Roots and Bitter Fruit: What Ferguson and New York Can Teach the Food Movement
Facing up to the complex issues of race, fear, and inequality is at the vital center of all efforts to combat injustice
by Eric Holt-Giménez

Our Imperial System: On How Not to Think About the American Presidency
The president might be imperial relative to Congress, but our corporate plutocracy and global military operations should not be able to escape the damning charge of “imperial” behavior.
by William Grover and Joseph Peschek

Anatomy of the Islamic State
by Vijay Prashad

Friends of the Earth
Cruise Ships Flushed More Than a Billion Gallons of Sewage into Oceans Again This Year
Entire industry refuses to reveal environmental practice

The Real News Network
The Geopolitics of Tumbling Oil Prices
Michael Klare, the author of The Race for What’s Left: The Global Scramble for the World’s Last Resources, connects the dropping oil prices to global politics and climate chang

Can Corporations Help Save Baltimore’s Crumbling Water System? (1/2)
Emanuele Lobina, author of a new report “Troubled Waters” argues private water companies could spell disaster for the city’s water system

Is This What Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility Looks Like?
Dimitri Lascaris on the case against Nevsun Resources, a Canadian mining company whose appalling labour record in Eritrea was brought to court by a consortium of Canadian Law firms

*Voluntary manslaughter

Yes Lab
Join us for the first #ClimateSchemers planning call

Institute for Public Accuracy
Police Killing: Death, Lies and Videotape

In NYT’s Retelling of Eric Garner’s Death, the Officer’s Arm Has a Mind of Its Own
by Peter Hart

*The long – and exasperatingly unruly – arm of the law

Oy gevalt …

Democracy Now!
Vince Warren on How Police Officers Get Away with Killing from Ferguson to NYC

Dietary Supplements: Calcium and Bone Health
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


To Avert Climate Chaos, Meat Consumption Must Drop: Study
Despite need to lower meat, dairy consumption, public awareness of livestock production’s contribution to climate change low
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Bhopal: A Metaphor
by Vandana Shiva

The Ethics of Climate Hope
A response to Elizabeth Kolbert’s recent review
by Naomi Klein

America’s ‘Post-Racial’ Lie
White Americans have no right to judge the outpouring of black anger in Ferguson.
by Jill Richardson

Pregnant Employees Have the Same Right to Light-Duty as Other Workers
by Lenora Lapidus

Kinder Morgan Leaves Burnaby Mountain in Win for Pipeline Protesters
by Kate Aronoff

The Real News Network
Baltimore City Says It Does Not Plan to Privatize Water
Baltimore’s city council questions top official over plans to use private companies to study how to improve aging water system as opponents warn such a move could lead to privatization

OPEC Steps On The Gas Pedal
Gas and oil production is dropping in the US because it is reliant on $100 a barrel, anything less is not feasible for shale oil producers says journalist Steve Horn

Republican Challenge on Immigration Disingenuous
If the Republicans were genuinely concerned about H1B visas, they could have joined AFL-CIO and demand cutting the numbers, says William Spriggs, Chief Economist to the AFL-CIO

Pass the Justice for All Act Reauthorization (S. 822)
Post-conviction DNA testing found the man who raped me and exonerated the innocent man who went to prison for the crime. Please sign my petition to protect post-conviction DNA testing.
by Jennifer Thompson

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Abusive Cop Picked to Head Police Reform Commission”

An ‘Entertaining’ Lesson on How Cops Can ‘Win the Media’ After They Kill
by Jim Naureckas

*I think it’s telling that in a flyer promoting a presentation whose subject is the provision of information to the public via the media

The word “truth” is conspicuously absent.

Columnist Often Called ‘Racist’ Doesn’t Think Police Activists Should Use That Word
by Jim Naureckas

Democracy Now!
A “Precise” U.S. Drone War? Report Says 28 Unidentified Victims Killed for Every 1 Target

*Of course the civilian deaths are horrific, but these are attempts at extrajudicial executions, and should be condemned regardless of the “collateral damage”, shouldn’t they?

Peace Activist Faces Up to Two Years in Prison for Protest at Drone Base Near Syracuse, NY

Father of Missing Mexican Student Speaks Out as U.S. Protesters Stage Day of Action Against Drug War

Ecuadorean Authorities Seize Climate Caravan Bus Carrying Activists Opposed to Drilling in Yasuni

*An object lesson in the precariousness of pedestals.

We can defend what leaders like Correa have done to benefit the people of their countries, while condemning those acts that harm them, can’t we?

It’s always incumbent upon us to contradict the contradictions.

Fat in Food: The Truth about Coconut Oil
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*This contradicts yesterday’s repost touting the benefits of coconut oil.

Honestly, I’m at a loss at to what to think. If anyone has what they consider reliable intel on the subject, please pass it along. I asked Ely, the author of yesterday’s post, for her thoughts on the contradiction, and I’ll let you know if there’s a response.


Study: Corporate Bribery and Corruption Grease the Gears of Global Capitalism
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reports that large multinational corporations, led by top managers, are behind majority of documented bribery cases
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Poverty, Incarceration, and Criminal Justice Debt
by Lauren-Brooke Eisen and Jessica Eaglin

Climate Change Challenges: Support the Environment or the U.S. Military?
by Kathy Kelly

The Real News Network
Will the Demands of Ferguson Protests Be Met By The DOJ?
Black Agenda Report Executive Editor Glen Ford says lasting change can come through dismantling of the mass incarceration system, turning away from the Black “misleadership” class, and direct action by those most directly affected

*If someone thinks you can reform a proto police state, ask them if slavery could have been reformed, and see where that logic leads them.

For Fox News, ‘Bad Guy’ Michael Brown Makes Obama a ‘Three-Time Loser’
by Peter Hart

*Although it’s the height of hypocrisy coming from the likes of O’Reilly and Goldberg, it is true that the complexities of Michael Brown, Jr.’s life have been missing from the rhetoric of those decrying his death.

And that’s problematic to my mind, because you don’t have to paint him as the boy next door to be justified in condemning yet another police killing of a black person.

This is ultimately about whether lethal force was justified under the circumstances. The preponderance of the evidence points to that not being the case here, and there have been countless other similar situations where it plainly was not.

Michael Brown didn’t have to be Jesus to not have deserved to die, and I think that point has been lost in the understandable grief that his loss has engendered among so many.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Ashton Carter: * Insider * Spawned Nuclear Buildup

*Hocking up another hawk

Beyond Money in Politics: Corruption Now “Business as Usual”

Democracy Now!
Will Obama’s Police Reforms Bring Change? Admin Urged to Seize Political Momentum of Ferguson Moment

Will Texas Execute a Schizophrenic Man Who Tried to Subpoena Jesus, JFK & the Pope at His Own Trial?

What natural eye make up remover tastes great in stir fries?
by Leanne Ely


‘Thirsty’ Global Fracking Industry Puts Water, Environment, Communities at Risk
‘The fracking industry needs to be urgently reined in before it’s too late for our planet and people across the globe.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Investigation Finds Dirty Coal Projects Being Financed by Climate Funds
Findings underscore the lack of rules designed to steer the United Nations’ ‘climate finance’ initiative
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Safeguarding Historic Marijuana Legalization,’ Uruguay’s Vazquez Wins Election
‘Uruguayans have said yes … yes to more democracy,’ the former president declared
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Why We All Need Affirmative Action
Recent shootings of young black men sound the alarm for public policies that directly counter racist stereotypes.
by Jeannette Wicks-Lim

Reading the World, Ecologically
by Lizanne Foster

Alcatraz: A Prison as Disneyland
by Chris Hedges

Why America Is to Blame for Mexico’s Carnage and Corruption
John M. Ackerman

The Real News Network
The Real News Town Hall Pt. 4: Should the Community Control the Police?
In the final part of the series, host Marc Steiner asks the all-important question: Where do we go from here? Baltimore community members give their insight

Workers vs. Undocumented Immigrants: The Politics of Divide & Conquer
Former labor organizer Bill Barry discusses the tenuous relationship between the working class and undocumented workers, and the forces that keep these groups at odds

FAIR Extra!
Ebola Story Puts Old Fears in New Virus
Behind media obsession, a sad old story of poverty and priorities
by Janine Jackson

Having Their Hate and Defeating Dems Too
At Fox News Latino, immigrants go from target to target audience
by Aldo Guerrero

Institute for Public Accuracy
Mubarak Case Dismissed; Two Killed in Cairo Protests

Democracy Now!
“Not One More Darren Wilson, Not One More Mike Brown”: National Protests Continue Ferguson Struggle

Exercise for Health: Can Strength Training Boost Your Memory?
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

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‘No One Else Is Going to Stand Up For Us': Workers Target Walmart on Black Friday
‘For all of my brothers and sisters who have experienced illegal threats, I am on strike.’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Refusing to be another brick in the Walmart

#BlackOutBlackFriday Protests Connect Ferguson with Consumer Boycott
‘We demand an immediate end to the brutal treatment and inhumane killings of our loved ones; the lives of our friends, our parents and our children have value and should be treated with respect.’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Fabulous': Court Throws Out 100+ Arrests at Tar Sands Protest on Burnaby Mountain
Injunction boundaries around construction site are re-established with proper GPS coordinates, but court win comes as boon to campaigners committed to fighting pipeline
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Amid Shrinking Abortion Rights Nationwide, an Effort to Fund Access from the Grassroots
New York Times spotlights campaign to “fund abortion travel for low-income people in Texas”
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

New Report: Fracking a ‘Violation of Our Basic Human Rights’
As gas drilling industry tries to lay claim to UK, report offers stark warning against hydraulic fracturing
by Richard Heasman
DeSmog Blog

Fight for $15 Shakes Awake US Labor Movement
by Shamus Cooke

The Politics of Thanksgiving
by William Loren Katz

This Is Black Friday in Bangladesh
by Michelle Chen

*The devil’s bargains

The Real News Network
Ukraine and the Right a Year after Maiden
Sociologist Volodymyr Ishchenko says another upheaval will come if the government does not address socioeconomic conditions of ordinary people

Are Antibiotics in Meat a Food Safety Issue?
by Sarah Klein
Nutrition Action

Celiac Disease and Gluten Allergy – Why It’s on the Rise
by Yuri Elkaim


‘Love Each Other': Support Floods in for Ferguson Public Library
Library staff, who chose to keep doors open when others closed, say it’s just ‘what libraries do’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A public service announcement

Organic Food Activists Take Thanksgiving Fight to Monsanto’s Front Lawn
‘What better day than Thanksgiving to remind the world that eating local, organic food is one way to stop this profit-mongering, biodiversity-destroying monopoly,’ asks Reverend Billy
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Is Spate of Texas Earthquakes Connected to Nearby Fracking Operations?
‘We are guinea pigs in the middle of this fracking experiment,’ local activist says
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Central America’s “Alliance for Prosperity” Plan: Shock Doctrine for the Child Refugee Crisis?
by Dan Beeton

The Real News Network
Almost Impossible to Indict a Cop
Chase Madar tells Paul Jay that it’s not just an institutional problem, that the law itself protects police abuse

*Prosecutors will indict a ham sandwich

But not a pig

Obama’s Record on Defending Civil and Constitutional Rights Abysmal
Michael Ratner and Paul Jay discuss Obama administration’s policy towards Ferguson, Guantanamo, the NSA and torture

The Real News Town Hall Pt. 3 Should the community control the police?
In part three of four, host Marc Steiner and guests discuss civilian review boards from other cities like Toronto, Canada and Detroit, MI who have power to higher and fire – Should Baltimore city follow suit?

On Israel/Palestine, NYT’s Public Editor Seems Reluctant to Heed Own Advice
by Jim Naureckas

*Much ado

And nothing done


‘This Is Only the Beginning': Oregon GMO Labeling Measure Heads to Recount
Though Yes campaign was massively outspent, results showed slim margin, triggering automatic recount
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Theater of the Macabre: U.S. Health Care in 2014
by Donna Smith

*The bastards responsible for this dystopia will never have to worry about suffering a heart attack, will they?

Ebola’s Racial Disparity
The most effective treatment for Ebola might be having white skin.
by Kwei Quartey

Center for Biological Diversity
Havasupai Tribe, Conservation Coalition Will Defend Grand Canyon From Uranium Industry Appeal
Uranium Companies Appeal Ruling That Banned New Mining Claims on 1 Million Acres Near Iconic Park

The Real News Network
We Dehumanize Those We Want to Exploit – Eddie Conway on Reality Asserts Itself (9/10)
Mr. Conway says police are asked by society to control the poor as if they are fighting a war, so anything goes

*You can’t strip another of their humanity

Before you’ve done so to yourself

The Real News Town Hall Pt. 2: Should the Community Control the Police?
In part two of four, host Marc Steiner and guests discuss the next steps for community policing – does Baltimore need a civilian review board with power?

Institute for Public Accuracy
The Myth of Thanksgiving

*From nightmares

Come fairy tales

Democracy Now!
“This Country Values Property Over People”: Ferguson Activist Speaks Out as Protests Spread


Military-Grade Malware Linked to US and British Intelligence Agencies
With ‘degree of technical competence rarely seen,’ Regin technology found infecting government and telecom systems in Russia and Saudi Arabia
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Experts Urge Federal Task Force: Listen to Science. Ditch Neonics
Letter from over 100 scientists to heads of Pollinator Health Task Force stresses research linking ‘neonics’ with harm to bees
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Iraq War 4.0?
Imagine if some other nation was behaving like the U.S. has behaved towards Iraq
by Tom Engelhardt

The Real News Network
“Democracy on Fire”: Protestors Respond to Grand Jury’s Failure to Indict Mike Brown’s Killer
The Real News speaks to Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford and former Black Panther Eddie Conway for their reactions to the decision of a St. Louis County grand jury not to indict Darren Wilson

The Real News Town Hall: Should the Community Control the Police? Pt.1
Baltimore residents, lawyers, police and activists gather to discuss and debate what to do about police brutality in their city

*As the song goes

“Just as every cop is a criminal … “

Overstatement, to be sure, but the mentality to dominate is prevalent in law enforcement, seen perhaps most acutely in the prison system.

That many are drawn from the military, programmed to view the population as dangerous and in need of control, should come as no surprise.

The repulsive redux in Ferguson is but one example of a numbing and numberless many.

In due time, of course, it won’t be just black and brown folks on the short end of the nightstick.

Standing with them won’t be solely an act of conscience, for those able to summon one

But of survival.

Hagel Resigns – A Look at His Record
IPS fellow Phyllis Bennis and Just Foreign Policy’s Robert Naiman discuss Hagel’s actions on Afghanistan, ISIS, and the Pentagon budget

*You’d have to be unbelievably naive, or just plain delusional, to have had any hope that anyone deemed safe enough by the powers that be to be in a position like secretary of defense would do anything that would represent any actual change to the status quo.

So how the hell can you in any way be “disappointed” if you have any firm grip on reality?

Anyone … ?

Brave New Films
It’s time to put an end to America’s new debtors’ prisons!

Institute for Public Accuracy
Ferguson: Prosecutor’s “Charade”; “Oppression and Pushback”

*The sham

The shame

And the shout for justice

Two More ‘Police Incidents,’ Shrouded in Media Euphemism
by Janine Jackson

*The loathing that dare not speak its name

ABC and Darren Wilson’s ‘Serious Injury’
by Peter Hart

*Failing the eye – and lie – test

Democracy Now!
Black Lives Matter: Ferguson Erupts After Grand Jury Clears Officer in Michael Brown Killing

“It is Officially Open Season on Black Folks”: Legal Expert Decries Handling of Wilson Grand Jury

Riot as the Language of the Unheard: Ferguson Protests Set to Continue In Fight For Racial Justice

Part 2: Court Orders Release of Albert Woodfox But Angola 3 Member Remains in Solitary Confinement


Senate Torture Investigation Fails to Interview Key Torture Victims
Attorneys for detainees say that the U.S. government has ‘no desire to credibly investigate or in any other way hold accountable’ those who approved or conducted torture
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Can a First Nations-led Movement Stop Big Oil?
by Andrea Palframan

What the Media’s Not Telling You About the Late Marion Barry
by Dave Zirin

#Not1More Means Not One More
by Carlos Garcia
Executive Director, Puente Movement

*Inspiring words from an uncompromising position

Center for Biological Diversity
Feds Agree to Protect More Habitat for East Coast’s Most Endangered Whales by 2016

The Real News Network
Baltimore Residents Demand Legislative Action to End Police Impunity
Residents, attorneys and law enforcement officials offer testimony on whether the Maryland legislature should repeal key components of the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights

Who Is in Charge of Development: The Elite or the Majorities? (2/2)
The conclusion of a conversation with UN economist Richard Kozul-Wright on the far-reaching impact of a lecture given by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on the politics of development

Protesting GM Auto Workers Attacked by US Embassy Staff
US labor activists have filed a complaint with the Dept. of Justice and the SEC, charging the General Motors Company with a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, says Frank Hammer, retired General Motors employee and former president and chairman of Local 909 in Warren, Michigan

G-20 Recommits to Lifting Private Sector Activity 2/2
The G-20 Club, rather than reducing inequality and poverty, create the conditions whereby it is exacerbated, says Leo Panitch, author of The Making of Global Capitalism

*These are the type of actions I expected Dear Misleader to push when he was first elected, as pathetically inadequate as they may be, simply because the situation demanded it.

I didn’t realize just how irrational capital can be regarding its own self interest.

The question is whether they’ve saned up enough in the interim to allow even these timid moves.

Fanatics aren’t known for their flexibility.

Obama Unveils Immigration Plan, But What Will It Change?
Author and former labor organizer David Bacon unpacks how temporary legal status won’t get at the root of the issue of getting legal status for workers in order to fight for fair wages and better working conditions

*Dear Misleader’s comment about not playing by the rules was misinterpreted by both Desvarieux and Bacon, wasn’t it?

Even as he supposedly acted positively to their plight, he still took the opportunity to blame the undocumented for it, ignoring the reasons for their migration, while propagating them.

This isn’t about “playing by the rules”, when those rules are unjust.

Treat everyone, those who go through the process and those who don’t, with dignity

And cease creating the conditions that force them to leave their homes in the first place.

As for Grijalva, we’ll see just how great a “champion” he is by whether he labels this as the sham it is, and seeks to push far beyond it.

I’m not ready to visit my bookie to place that bet.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama Secretly Extended Afghanistan War

*Elite debates over the wisdom of war never revolve around its evil

Only its efficacy

CBS Finds Ferguson ‘Pipe Bombs’
by Peter Hart

*A menu staple at the Corpress Cafe

Fact free fearmongering, served up with a heaping helping of hyperbole

Democracy Now!
After Vowing to End Combat Mission in Afghanistan, Obama Secretly Extends America’s Longest War

Longest-Serving U.S. Prisoner in Solitary Ordered Free Again, But State Obstruction Bars His Release

How to Diet: Can Eating More Protein Help Prevent Muscle Loss?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

Keep Moving, Not Sitting
by Stephanie Scarmo
Nutrition Action


Protectors of Burnaby Mountain vs. Kinder Morgan: Dozens Arrested as Inspiring Pipeline Protest Grows
Standing on side of campaigners, local mayor vows to wage ‘war’ against fossil fuel giant and federal government to defend community
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

As Walmart ‘Wages War on Workers and Earth,’ Green Groups Join Labor Fight
‘As people deeply committed to environmental and climate justice, we condemn Walmart as a climate criminal and we stand side-by-side with Walmart’s workers.’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

What Will Happen to the Immigrants Left Out of Obama’s Executive Actions?
by Michelle Chen

From Jerusalem, Yet Another Great Leap Backwards
by Andrew Levine

The Real News Network
Swedish Court of Appeals Rule to Continue the Detention of Julian Assange
While the prosecutor was reprimanded by the court for failing to move this case forward, it does not provide Assange with a remedy, says Michael Ratner, US lawyer for Julian Assange

Study Finds Racial Profiling Persists in Toronto Despite Ban
Despite efforts to curtail racial profiling, a new study has shown it persists in Toronto’s most marginalized communities, says Sabrina ‘Butterfly’ GoPaul of the group Jane Finch Action Against Poverty

Who Is In Charge of Development: The Elite or the Majorities? (1/2)
Part 1 of a conversation with UN economist Richard Kozul-Wright on the far-reaching impact of a lecture on the politics of development given by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa

G-20 Recommits to Lifting Private Sector Activity
They have managed to contain a massive capitalist crisis and they may actually be realizing that massive government sector spending is required to save capitalism, says Prof. Leo Panitch the author of The Making of Global Capitalism

TRNN Replay: Do Undocumented Workers Take Jobs and Lower Wages?
Dube: Increasing evidence that legalizing undocumented workers has a positive effect on the economy

President Obama, stop the deportations!

Democracy Now!
Obama’s Action Marks Historic Victory for Immigrant Rights, But Activists Warn of a Long Way to Go

*A half step with one foot

While the other stays planted on the neck of the excluded

As Mexicans Protest US-Fueled Drug War, Sanctuary Movement Backs Church Refuge for the Undocumented

Food Chains: New Film Tracks How Immokalee Workers Won Fair Wages from Corporate Giants

Viggo Mortensen Helps Mark 10 Years of Howard Zinn’s “Voices of a People’s History”

Food Safety Tips for Microwave Cooking
by Sarah Klein
Nutrition Action


Small Wages, Huge Pollution: New Report Exposes Walmart’s Coal-Saturated Climate Destruction
Undermining claims of ‘leadership in sustainability,’ new report reveals mega-retailers heavy dependence on coal-fired electricity
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I’m not interested in what Walmart “should do”

But in what we should do to Walmart.

You don’t urge a rapist to do the right thing, and point out the benefits of doing so.

You try to stop him from raping.

‘Shock’ As Global Arms Manufacturer Jockeys to Get Piece of UK’s Privatized Health System
As British government privatizes the National Health Service, Lockheed Martin is among several companies showing interest in a deal
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Resist Surveillance': Human Rights Groups Launch Tool to Detect Spyware
Detekt finds traces of ‘dangerous and sophisticated’ technology used by repressive governments against journalists and human rights defenders, Amnesty International says
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Ferguson and the ‘Us vs. Them’ Illusion
by Robert C. Koehler

*So apparently this “‘vast majority’ of police officers and executives trying to do the right thing” doesn’t include those who commit acts of repression and lethality, those who exonerate those who do, and those who look the other way

Or wear “I am Darren Wilson” bracelets, or are members of the Klan, or sympathize with their and like minded groups’ aims.

In other words, the police state is a product of a small minority of law enforcement personnel in leadership and field positions.

And apparently the “vast majority” is powerless to do anything about it.

Okay then.

‘Uncomplicated’ in Afghanistan: On Health and Healing in a War-Torn Nation
by Kathy Kelly

The Real News Network
The Power to Create Money in the Hands of the Banks
The same financial institutions that created the financial crisis are now entrusted with one of the most power tools to shape the economy – and many elected officials have no idea, says Ben Dyson of Positive Money

*Of course, we could just get rid of money itself, meaning the concept of a medium of exchange to purchase what we need, which would be unnecessary in a world where we were assured that as a basic right.

But I guess that truly is, in Peries’ words, “a crazy idea”.

Animal Agriculture: A Neglected Agent of Global Warming?
The co-producers of the documentary film “Cowspiracy” discuss the environmental impacts of animal agriculture – and why mainstream organizations have been silent about it

*No surprise that enviro orgs have their contradictions (Remember many millions to Sierra from the natural gas bags?), but these folks would appear to have their own, if they’re intimating that bastards like Gates are our saviors.

Plants have their own problems, if they’re sprayed with all manner of poison, are GMO, or are produced unsustainably.

Might not these “billionaires”, who become such by careful attention to their bottom lines, not be quite so careful about production that avoids those issues if it would negatively affect their profit margins?

It’s a question that I feel should have fired a synapse in Woronczuk’s mind to ask.

I’d be keen to know his guests’ response.

Jobs With Justice
Walmart Workers Take Action: Black Friday 2014

Institute for Public Accuracy
Immigration Move a “Stopgap Measure”

Billionaires Push ALEC Agenda in Minneapolis School Board Election
by Jonas Persson

Democracy Now!
From Hottest October to Coldest November, Is Climate Change Behind the Extreme Weather?

The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest: New Film Captures Florida Prisoner’s Shocking Ordeal Behind Bars

“Just Mercy”: Bryan Stevenson on Ferguson, Prison Reform & Why the Opposite of Poverty is Justice


Offering Model for World, Students in the UK March for ‘Free Education’
‘We are determined,’ said students organizers in a joint letter, ‘to build a movement too big to ignore that puts free, accessible and public education back on the political agenda.’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Duty to Refuse': Top Medical Groups Back Nurse Who Said ‘No’ to Force-Feeding Guantanamo Hunger Strikers
‘Force-feeding a competent person is not the practice of medicine; it is aggravated assault.’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Military justice

An oxymoron in a system where one is punished for not committing a crime

As Health Nonprofit Cashes In, Cystic Fibrosis Drug Remains Unaffordable for Most
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s $3.3 billion payday may incite other medical charities to partner with Big Pharma, which critics say creates a worrying conflict-of-interest
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Keen Observers of the Natural World’ Wanted
by David Suzuki

Dramatic Correlation Shown Between GMOs And 22 Diseases
by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

The Real News Network
Seattle Begins Police Reforms in Wake of Federal Civil Rights Investigation
Reporter Ansel Herz discusses the Seattle mayor adopting reforms after a federal investigation found the Seattle police force carried out discriminatory practices

Despite Senate Vote on Keystone XL, Tar Sands Oil Will Still Reach the Gulf
Obama has quietly approved the Alberta Clipper, a cross-border pipeline between the U.S and Canada that will connect with the southern half of the Keystone XL pipeline, say journalists Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog and Cherri Foytlin of

*Is there an ophthalmologist who can cure the myopia so many in the environmental movement suffer from?

The issue that needs to be seen clearly is not about this or that pipeline, but about the entire system that force feeds the planet this poison.

If we can’t perceive that with perfect clarity, as well as those whose pretty words seek to blind us to their putrid deeds

Then we’ll continue to hail hollow victories, while the true winners toast their triumphs.

Fat on Restaurant Cash, Democratic Lawmakers Float Minimum Wage Preemption in IL
by Brendan Fischer

*Blue plate special

Mendacity on the menu

Meet Wisconsin’s Wacky New Congressman
by Brendan Fischer

*”Wacky”‘s not the adjective I’d employ to describe this hateful bastard, anymore than I’d label the state’s response to the Ferguson protests as “screwy”.

Let’s call him what he is

A stone sociopath.

PBS to Treasury Official: ‘Why Can’t You Just Bomb Them?’

*P redilection to
B omb
S hit

Democracy Now!
Jerusalem Unrest Threatens Wider Flare-Up After Deadliest Attack on Israeli Civilians in 3 Years

“Palestinians Always Live in Fear”: Jerusalem Killings Follow Months of Tensions, Settlement Growth

As Sioux Tribe Calls Keystone XL an “Act of War”, TransCanada Hires PR Firm to Probe Critics

*If Scott and others are “putting stock” in Dear Misleader

They’ll soon realize they’re neck deep in the soup.


‘Tactics as Dirty as Their Oil': Leaked Docs Reveal TransCanada’s Propaganda Plan
Documents show that oil and gas companies are placing serious resources of time, money, and personnel into countering the growing climate justice movement. “What this speaks to is that they are losing,” says one campaigner whose group has been targeted by company strategy.
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*As slick and sleazy as the product they pimp

Do We Live on a One Party Planet?
Introducing a new digital pamphlet designed to connect the dots on advanced-stage, 21st Century neoliberalism
by Martin Kirk

*The flip side of “divide and conquer” is to see our exploiters and oppressors as a unitary adversary.

Only lopping off the head of the hydra will still its separate tentacles.

You Are Not A Loan: It’s Time to Bring Student Debt Down to Zero
The entire structure of financing higher education is broken. Superficial reform in Washington means nothing until we make tuition … free
by Astra Taylor

Doctors Without Borders
R&D Cost Estimates: MSF Response to Tufts CSDD Study on Cost to Develop a New Drug

*First do no harm

To our profit margin

The Real News Network
All Eyes on Ferguson as Gov. Nixon Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Grand Jury Decision
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford examines the role law enforcement, grassroots movements and the Democratic Party will play in the aftermath of the grand jury decision on whether to indict officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown

Stop giving animals this drug banned in much of the world!
by Robyn O’Brien

Institute for Public Accuracy
XL Pipeline: Scrutinizing Politicos and PR

War Works–So Why Isn’t It Working?
by Peter Hart

A ‘Child’ Is Missing–From a New York Times Headline
by Jim Naureckas

No, NPR Did Not Ask Cosby About Rape Accusations
by Jim Naureckas

*Shall we henceforth nick this NPR hack

Scott “Say it ain’t so” Simon … ?




Democracy Now!
Return of the Ferguson War Zone? Missouri Enacts State of Emergency Ahead of Mike Brown Grand Jury

The FBI vs. Martin Luther King: Inside J. Edgar Hoover’s “Suicide Letter” to Civil Rights Leader


Ahead of Senate Vote, USA Freedom Act Called ‘Major Step’ Toward Surveillance Reform
Though some say its been ‘gutted’, big-name tech companies say the bill ‘protects national security and reaffirms America’s commitment to the freedoms we all cherish’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Haven’t you found that “Better than nothing” is usually a synonym for “worse than something”?

35.8 Million Worldwide Living in Modern-Day Slavery: Report
‘Modern Slavery Affects Us All,’ warns study by Australian anti-slavery NGO
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Ten Illegal Police Actions to Watch for in Ferguson
by Bill Quigley

Separate and Unequal: A Journey Across a Divided Detroit
by Laura Gottesdiener

The Super-Rich and Sordid Tales of Selfishness
by Paul Buchheit

Continent of the Islamic State
The tectonic shifts that continue to create the Islamic State are to be found in the harsh repression of ordinary grievances, whether against corruption or for better wages
by Vijay Prashad

Center for Biological Diversity
With Senate Poised to Vote on Keystone XL, New Analysis Reveals Dangerous Toll of U.S. Pipelines

The Real News Network
Who is Behind the Ousting of President Compaore in Burkina Faso?
Burkinabe people have a history of revolutions – once the social and political engine started, it could not be stopped, says Dr. Gnaka Lagoke and Paul Sankara, brother of revolutionary Thomas Sankara

Investigation Uncovers “Culture of Impunity” for Chicago Pol