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This blog’s been created in the hope that knowledge is power, and the
certainty that ignorance is its antithesis.   It’s mainly a compilation
of information and insight from various sources that I thought worth
passing along.

I’ll be tossing in my grossly overvalued two cents, as well (denoted
by asterisks).   That said, I’d like to think I’m smart enough to know
what I don’t know, and that I’ll make that clear when necessary.

I’m happy to hear from folks.   Disagreement is welcome, but only if
it’s civil.  You can be as vociferous as you wish, but personal attacks
will simply be flushed as soon as they’re apparent.

Let’s do the mensch thing.

Make sense?   If so, you can leave a comment or reach me at .

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ADDED 10/27/11 —  THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES page, where I park aphorisms et alia that I think are worth their own separate space.

See if you agree.


5/10/15 — Lately, I’ve been including a good bit of health and nutrition intel here, and I do see it intimately related to the other issues extant.

The posts on the duplicity and venality of food and medical corps provide obvious parallels, but I also want to focus on what we can do to improve our health, as we can’t follow our principles as assiduously as we’re obligated to if we’re not in the best condition we can be.

That said, I want to be clear that I’m no expert in these fields.  I’m trying to learn, and unlearn, what I need to do to be healthy.  In doing so, I may wander down some dead ends.  I present this information with the entreaty that you accord it both serious consideration and scrutiny.

What makes seeming sense today may be disproved tomorrow.  What appears outlandish in the present could well be validated in the future.

I hope what I pass along will be of benefit to you.


* Do what your conscience demands

And your courage allows

And never be satisfied with the limits of either *




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As Candidates Spar on Immigration, Rights Groups Sue for Answers
U.S. and Mexican rights groups sue State Department to find out how much it’s paying to stop migrants from reaching borders
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Climate Science Education in the US is Pretty Crappy, Survey Finds
‘At least one in three teachers bring climate change denial into the classroom’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*It’s really not “themselves” that people need to be protected from, is it?

‘Just More Hot Air’? Utility Co. says Methane-Spewing Porter Ranch Well Plugged
‘This isn’t about if it happens again, but when,’ says one resident
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

All Sides in the Syria War Have at Least One Thing in Common: Slaughtering Civilians
by Sonali Kolhatkar

Battle to Control Women’s Bodies
By defining all of us as “pre-pregnant”, women are afforded all the blame – but none of the control
by Laurie Penny

The Not-So-Hidden Fracking Money Fueling the 2016 Elections
by David Turnbull

Saudi Arabia’s Syria strategy: Rewriting the Middle East’s Political Map
by James M. Dorsey

What Next in the War on Clintonism?
by Andrew Levine

IRS Gives Up, Grants Karl Rove’s Dark Money Group “Social Welfare” Certification
by Brendan Fischer

Fight for $15
Ahead of Primary, Fast-Food Workers in South Carolina To Strike, March on GOP Debate
Fight for $15 Intensifies in Palmetto State with First-Ever Greenville walkout
Fifty-three percent of state’s workers paid less than $15/hour; First-time voters to call on candidates to come get their votes

Detroit Resisting Emergency Management
Media Misses the Mark, Vote Theft at Core of Flint’s Problems

Jubilee USA Network
US Judge Explores Lifting Argentina Sanctions After Country Offers $6.5 Billion to Hold-Out Investors

The Real News Network
Elections, Reparations and Beyonce: Class Politics in Black America
Founder of Yvette Carnell and columnist Pascal Robert joined us for a rousing round table discussion of leading topics of the day

*This is the stuff that attracts me to TRNN, not the endless repetitive reporting on the presidential primaries.

Of course the race needs to be covered, but it’s a matter of proportion. You have X number of minutes to deal with the world, and I think it’s a poor prioritization of that time to spend so much of it on US electoral politics.

What do you think?

Zika Linked to Deforestation
Evolutionary biologist Robert G. Wallace says we are seeing the reemergence of mosquito-borne viruses such as dengue, yellow fever and malaria

*Greed is the deadliest disease

Civil Disobedience and Free Speech Tested by Prayer in Ferguson
Rev. Sekou, arrested while in protest and prayer after Michael Brown was shot and kIlled in Ferguson, was found not guilty of failing to obey police orders

Guilt Abounds: Democrats and Republicans Struggle to Clean Up Their Image Over Flint’s Dirty Water
Executive editor and founder of was back with his Ford Report discussing the political calamity that is Flint Michigan’s water crisis

Running From the Climate Challenge
Chris Williams of Pace University and Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University say the presidential candidates have not given the issue of climate change the attention it merits given that the future of humanity is at stake

*Oppenheimer’s appearance is superfluous, in my opinion, and it seems we’re seeing more on this network from persons who don’t challenge systemic exploitation and injustice.

Is that an attempt at “balance”?

Call me “unbalanced” then, I suppose.

Stop denying our children their right to a birth certificate
by Marco Malagon

Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Exploding air bags claim another life — in a Ford

Police and Media Agree: Cops Just Need to Be Nicer
by Josmar Trujillo

*”Community policing”

Flip the words, and you have the reality

FAIR Action Alert
ACTION ALERT: Stop Mega-Cable Merger to Avoid a Second Comcast
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton and Sanders on Health Care: Do the Numbers Add up for Single-Payer?

Democracy Now!
Who Endorsed Hillary Clinton? The Congressional Black Caucus or Its PAC Filled with Lobbyists?

*Whether it’s the CBC or CBC PAC is rather immaterial. Both entities are part of what Glen Ford would label “the black misleadership class”.

Some CBC members may have relatively more integrity than others, but when ninety percent of its membership backs Madame Mayhem, that should tell you where their loyalties lie, don’t you think?

I just wish these segments on the presidential race, here and at other “alternative outlets”, included far more independent voices, not aligned with either campaign. Clinton is anathema to anyone with a scintilla of social conscience, but Sanders has numerous contradictions that shouldn’t be lost in the righteous renunciation of her actions.

Leave the cheerleading to the exploited eye candy on pro sport sidelines.


A Real ‘Political Revolution’ Would End the War in Iraq
Taking the diplomatic road on Iraq and Syria would let Sanders get back to the business he started in 2002 — making space between himself and Hillary Clinton on the Middle East
by Peter Certo

*It’s not “ideological purity” to care about the dire consequences of such contradictions for those in their crosshairs.

It’s an honest conscience.

Why I Have Hope For American Muslim Equality
by Hina Shamsi

Even if Sanders Wins the Popular Vote, Clinton Could Still Get the Nomination
The Democratic party decides its nominee in a massively undemocratic way – and is a ticking time bomb for the party and its voter base if Bernie keeps winning
by Trevor Timm

Congressional Progressive Caucus
81 House Democrats Offer Support, Guidance to FCC on its Plan to Expand Broadband Access through Lifeline Program

National People’s Action
House Financial Services Committee Kowtows to Payday Industry in Washington While Ignoring Voters Back Home

*In the pocket of the pocket pickers

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
Hardliners Handpick Candidates to Block Moderates and Rig Elections

The Real News Network
Fire in the Belly: Black Arts in Baltimore with Rosiland Cauthen
Artist and educator Rosiland Cauthen of the Kuumba Collective in Baltimore talks about her work, the politics of art, and the continuing impact of the Black Arts Movement

*Art for our sake

SCOTUS Blocks Obama Clean Power Plan, Hinders Future of Environmental Legislation
Robert Pollin says legally halting executive order on power-plants poses possible “disaster” for future emissions reduction

Let Lottery Winners Remain Anonymous
by wakiekie Reid

FAIR CounterSpin
‘This “Independent” Academic Is Promoting Public Policy Issues for a Private Corporation’
Interview with Carey Gillam on food expert conflicts of interest
by Janine Jackson

*”He’s been quoted widely in many reputable newspapers”

How does not doing your job translate into being “reputable” … ?

(Actually, they are doing their job, but you know what I mean.)

Democracy Now!
Could Unelected Superdelegates Give Clinton the Nomination Even If Sanders Wins the Primaries?

*I only wish Sanders was as dangerous as these bastards make him out to be.

Justice Dept. Sues Ferguson, Missouri, to Force Police Reforms


‘Not Your Firewall’: Minority Voters Refuse To Be Token in Clinton Strategy Map
Pointing to Clinton’s historic support for policies that expanded mass incarceration, author Michelle Alexander writes, “there is such a thing as a lesser evil, and Hillary is not it”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*You don’t have to be feeling the Bern to know that Clintonismo has scorched folks of color for the past quarter century

But courting the right Reverend Sellout is one more reason the flame isn’t catching for me.

Netanyahu Wants Fence Around Israel to Keep Out ‘Wild Beasts’
‘In the environment in which we live we must defend ourselves from the wild beasts,’ Prime Minister says
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

After ‘Whipping Up Myth of Russian Threat,’ NATO Approves New Fighting Force
NATO ‘aggravating tensions’ with new deployment of thousands to Russian border
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

New Docs Link Polluted Drinking Water Supply to Massive US Military Base
Reports obtained by Japan Times show repeated accidents at base that released toxic chemicals into waterways
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Biodiversity Loss and the Doomsday Clock: An Invisible Disaster Almost No One is Talking About
As horrific as a nuclear war anywhere in the world would be, climate change is a much more urgent and fundamental problem
by Phil Torres

Contaminated Water Requires a National Public Health Mobilization
by Margaret Flowers and Jill Stein

*Glowing in the dark of denied light

Hillary Says the Darndest Things
by Andrew Levine

*Clinton is as progressive as The Donald is demure

Center for Biological Diversity
President Obama’s Proposed Budget Short-changes Endangered Species
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Funding Request Falls Far Short of What Is Needed to Protect, Recover Nation’s Endangered Species

Food & Water Watch
In Wake of Flint Water Crisis, Federal Slashes to Community Water Funding are Unacceptable

*Dear Misleader feels your pain

Doesn’t drink your water

Warehouse Worker Resource Center
Congressman Mark Takano Supports Eastvale Walmart Warehouse Workers
Plus updates on other struggles

Institute for Public Accuracy
Sanders Biographer: He’s a Pragmatic Populist

Flint-Type Crises “Will Continue Until EPA is Accountable”

Democracy Now!
Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Voting for Bernie Sanders Despite the Senator’s Opposition to Reparations

*Sanders’ platform is “radical” in a comparative sense, and absent that on the subjects of imperialism and militarism

And, clearly, true racial justice.

After Running Xenophobic & Racist Campaign, Donald Trump Wins Easily in New Hampshire

Is Weight Gain a Common Sign of Gluten Sensitivity?
Then why are people diagnosed with celiac disease usually underweight?
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

*Again, a contradiction between mainstream health advocates and the naturopathic community.

Whadda I know? FYI, and please pass along any intel you consider enlightening.


‘Internet of Things’ an Absolute Goldmine for Big Brother, Admits Top US Spy
DNI James Clappers acknowledges “intelligence services might use the [web-connected home devices] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Artful Smear’ Attack Backfires as Clinton Accused of Denying Impact of Big Money
‘Clinton, like our Supreme Court, ignores thousands of years of human experience in how money corrupts politics’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Oligarchville: How Washington’s New Rich Live
The twin explosions of post-9/11 national security extravagance and Citizens United political spending bonanza have reshaped Washington — not only in its political outlook but physically, with this New Class preferring lavish McMansions to show off their newfound wealth
by Mike Lofgren

*Conspicuous corruption

Welcome to the United States of Flint
America’s Coast-to-Coast Toxic Crisis
by David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz

*Fuel for “the American Dream”

Fodder for an American nightmare

A Serious Response Is Needed, But Let’s Not “Wage War” on Zika
by Susan Sered

Advancement Project
State Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto to Restore Voting Rights for 40,000 Marylanders

The Real News Network
The Real News Tries to Attend Dixon Fundraiser
Former mayor of Baltimore holds shindig for donors behind closed doors

*Ye shall know them by their cahoots

Days of Revolt: Company Town
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges discusses the corporate takeover of Salinas, CA by a multi-billion dollar agricultural industry, and the ways in which a radical city councilman and a civil rights attorney have been able to fight against it

*Think we’ll see a Democratic presidential candidate visit Chinatown?

If you do, I have some toxic swampland you might be interested in.

Democracy Now!
“This Man Will Almost Certainly Die”: The Secret Deaths of Dozens at Privatized Immigrant-Only Jails

Part 2: Seth Freed Wessler on Uncovering the Deaths of Dozens at Privatized Immigrant-Only Jails

What Prevents Sunlight from Making Vitamin D in Your Skin?
Here’s an advantage to living in the South or Southwest
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

Fight cancer and fungi with this versatile veggie
by Leanne Ely


India Rejects Facebook Plan to Exploit World’s Poorest with Private Internet
‘As the country with the second largest number of Internet users worldwide, this decision will resonate around the world.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

UN: Millions of Lives at Risk if Epidemic Response Not Improved
Ebola and Zika outbreaks show how quickly health crises can spiral out of control, panel finds
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*While this capacity is unquestionably necessary, the devil’s in the details.

It could easily serve as a Trojan horse for imperial expansion in Africa and elsewhere.

This must be an exclusively civilian undertaking.

Good luck with that.

Who the Election Should Be For: The 7 Most Beaten-Down Americans
by Paul Buchheit

The Super Bowl Promotes War
by David Swanson

*Circus of the centurions

Should journalists care if sources go off to prison?
by Norman Solomon

The Suicide of the Liberal Church
by Chris Hedges


Sue for defamation?

The Real News Network
Hollywood Glorifies Bankers, Ignores Unsung Whistleblowers
UMKC’s Bill Black reviews the highlights and holes of the film The Big Short

MD Delegate Wants to End the War on Drugs
Law to decriminalize possession of heroin and cocaine along with treatment on demand will prevent criminalizing addiction

Petition update
Victory! M&M’s is removing artificial dyes after 200,000 consumers spoke up!
by Renee Shutters and CSPI

Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton, “Endless War” Candidate

*They (or, at least, I) don’t call her “Madame Mayhem” for nothing.

Herewith the something.

Would Bernie be better?

It’d be goddamn hard not to be.

Democracy Now!
Trump Leads GOP Charge Embracing Torture: “I’d Bring Back a Hell of a Lot Worse Than Waterboarding”

*Let’s be clear that the US gummint still tortures, and anyone who disputes that is welcome to undergo a forced feeding session.

Only the delusional would believe those are the only circumstances, and of course there is torture by proxy, with the US outsourcing these horrors to its allies.

So it’s not just a matter of not prosecuting those responsible in the previous regime, but of the current administration’s culpability for the same crimes.

Another Bush, Another Preemptive War? Jeb Supports U.S. Military Strikes Against North Korea

*Calling Dr. Strangelove …

Real Estate Magnate Trump Defends Using Eminent Domain to Seize Homes for Private Development

*Eminent domination

Beyoncé Wins the Super Bowl: Pop Legend Invokes Black Panthers, #BlackLivesMatter at Halftime Show

*I’ll reserve judgment on Beyoncé’s authenticity, as I really don’t know diddley about her. That her performance was presumably approved by the circus ringmasters gives me pause, but again, whadda I know?

There’s no ambiguity about how The City punishes poverty, though, is there?

The circus comes to town

And the bread’s reserved for those goddamn gold gnoshes.

Ozone Therapy: A Powerful Cancer Treatment & Healing Protocol
by Jane G. Goldberg

*Blowing smoke

Or blowing it away?

Decide for your own self.

World Cancer Day: Why Cancer Awareness Isn’t Enough
byTy Bollinger

*An abiding awareness of their bottom line

National Cancer Prevention Month: An Alternative to Empty Awareness
by Ty Bollinger

Why the USA is NOT the Best Place if You Have Chronic Disease
by A.J. Lanigan

Magnesium-Rich Foods Could Help Prevent Diabetes
Magnesium-rich foods aren’t just delicious, they also benefit your health

by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

10 Tips to Help You Successfully Navigate the Grocery Store
by Leanne Ely


To Break Big Oil’s “Stranglehold,” Obama to Propose $10-a-Barrel Oil Tax
Budget plan, set to be announced next week, proposes investing $300 billion in public infrastructure
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*You’d think these greenies would grow tired of kissing Dear Misleader’s dick after having swallowed so much of his piss.

You’d apparently be mistaken.

UN Human Rights Chief: To Battle Zika, Uphold Reproductive Rights of Women and Girls
Telling women not to get pregnant when ‘sexual and reproductive health services are criminalized, or simply unavailable’ a failed reponse to epidemic
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Thousands Rally for Chicago Teachers as Banks vs. Schools Battle Rages
“We need the political leadership of the city to know that schools can’t keep being the last priority”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Koch-Fueled Playbook against WV Working Families Exposed by CMD
by PRWatch Editors

Center for Biological Diversity
Obama Administration Weakens Critical Habitat Protections for Nation’s Endangered Species
New Regulation Allows Widespread Destruction of Habitat, Increasing Risk to Plants, Animals From Death-by-a-Thousand-Cuts

*I’ve never been “disappointed” in the actions of this administration.

That’s only possible if you placed trust in it in the first place.

The Real News Network
UAW Suppresses Local Union’s Vote to Support BDS
Labor activists Frank Hammer and Kumar Salehi discuss the United Auto Workers’ decision to nullify Local 2865’s resolution in support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement

Petition update
Time for local action: wildlife-killing contest in Marshall MN!
by Scott Slocum

Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton: A “Progressive” Who Gets What Done?

*It’s instructive as to what Sanders does and doesn’t bring up re Clinton’s resumé now

And it’s worth pondering what he will and won’t say should she win the nomination.

Democracy Now!
Sanders & Clinton Spar on 2002 Iraq Vote; Clinton Praises Henry Kissinger

*I’ll be charitable and say that Lewis is a fool, rather than a shill, although I imagine the Clinton campaign was aware of her appearing on a prominent “alternative” program, and the possibility exists that a bit of prepping may have taken place.

I say that as a white male, if that matters, and as a skeptic of Sanders’ “revolutionary” credentials.

The bottom line is neither will question the fundamental goals of US imperialism and militarism, if their political careers are any indication. Madame Mayhem would cause more death and destruction, but this is a primary example of a matter of degree, not kind.

Recall that Dear Misleader likely would have voted against authorizing the invasion and occupation of Iraq, as well

And that Sanders, as did every other senator, voted for the same regarding Afghanistan.

It’s cold comfort for the grieving in the latter that he refrained from supporting another hell in the former.

When I consider these issues, I try to see them from the perspective of those most acutely affected.

I guess that puts me, in Lewis’ words, on “a perch from which [I] can be very pure”.

I’d call it trying to follow my conscience.

“A Significant Victory”: Julian Assange Hails U.N. Panel Calling for His Freedom

What’s the Best Oil to Cook With?
by Leanne Ely


To Feed the World, Tap Into Organic’s Potential: Study
‘It’s not just a matter of producing enough, but making agriculture environmentally friendly and making sure that food gets to those who need it.’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Carbon Tax: The Low Oil Price Opportunity
by Richard Heinberg

How the Media Hide Undocumented Workers
by Aviva Chomsky

*Practicing what they preach

Report Finds 63 Million Americans Endangered by Chlorine Bleach Plants
New report on chlorine bleach plants across the country finds 86 facilities continue to needlessly use huge quantities of highly toxic chlorine gas, in spite of the availability of safer alternatives

The Real News Network
Could Sanders Deliver on Medicare for All?
Green Party candidates Dr. Jill Stein and Dr. Margaret Flowers say the way to a single payer system is not through the Affordable Care Act nor the Democratic Party

*I’m not sure how Jackson and Sharpton made it into the same sentence as “principled”

(Not that Kucinich and Dean are Jesus on a stick, either)

But be that as it may, on the question of universal healthcare, Sanders and anyone else advocating for it have to pound on the history of those nations who have had it for decades, letting the empirical experience of better health outcomes and cost savings speak for itself.

How about testimonials from those who’ve benefited, as well as cautionary tales from those states where austerity has eaten away at it?

As Flowers said, this ain’t rocket science

So let’s launch this sucker.

Baltimore Residents to Challenge Tax Breaks for Developers
Community members from the Poe Homes in West Baltimore held a community meeting to push back against what they say is unfair policy

Sanders vs. Clinton on Wall St. Reform
Former financial regulator Bill Black and Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal take on the policies of the two contenders for the Democratic nomination

Taking the Black Struggle to the United Nations
The Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent were in Washington, DC last week for a town hall convened by Pan-African Community Action (PACA). We caught up with PACA’s Netfa Freeman and Garrett Harris to hear more about the working group’s findings and the goals of the organizers.

Protect Drivers from the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide: Pass Savannah’s Law
by John Bettis

Washington Post’s Food Columnist Goes to Bat for Monsanto–Again
by Stacy Malkan

*Haspel, like the product she pimps, is hard to swallow.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Party Bosses Rigging Debate Process

Clinton: Still Falsifying on Iraq War Vote

*Fixing the facts around the candidacy

Democracy Now!
Lori Wallach: Signing of TPP Marks Only Beginning of the Fight, Trade Deal Could Still Be Stopped

*If anything, aside from the GWoT ™, defines Dear Misleader’s “legacy”, this would be it, don’t you think?

“There’s a Jim Jones in Michigan”: Lawmaker Likens Flint Crisis to Cult Leader Who Poisoned Members

*Something tells me Chaffetz’ daughter wasn’t going to be moving to a municipality run by an emergency manager.

Exclusive Report: How Long Did Flint’s County Jail Inmates Drink Poisoned Water?

Zika Virus: Are Climate & Ecological Factors Driving Spread of Viral Diseases in the Americas?

Beat Winter Dehydration
by Leanne Ely


Professor Who Exposed Flint Crisis Says Greed Has Killed Public Science
Academic pressure and financial motives have prohibited scientists from asking important questions
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

This Is Not the Way the Democratic Campaign Should Be Conducted
Chris Matthews had a strange interview with Hillary Clinton today. It was ahistorical and out of bounds.
by Charles P. Pierce

*”Bernie Sanders is running a campaign completely within what can reasonably be called the mainstream of his party and of our politics.”

Yes … yes, he is.

And that’s why I’m not feeling the Bern.

(Parenthetically, Matthews should have “DNC” tattooed on his forehead.)

Center for Biological Diversity
Lawsuit Targets EPA’s Failure to Release Public Records on Toxic Herbicide

Western Environmental Law Center
Lawsuit Challenges Wildlife Services’ Authority to Kill Wolves in Oregon

The Real News Network
Speculators Misunderstood the Oil Wars and Market Meltdown
Journalist Steve LeVine says most investors thought high-priced US shale would cause a boom and that the economy would benefit from low oil prices – so far they are wrong on both counts

*Low oil prices may boost the “economy” (a nebulous term if ever there was) in the short term, but they will also boost the amount of poison spewed and the heat therefrom.

Whatever gains made will be gobbled up by the damage done.

My oh myopia …

How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible (3/3)
Charlie Cobb, author of “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed,” says we must use the lessons of non-violence in the sixties to address the epidemic of violence plaguing inner-city neighborhoods today

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama in a Mosque After 7 Years in Office

*An empty gesture from an empty soul

As Much as Media Would Like Them to, Trump’s Supporters Are Unlikely to Evaporate
by Jim Naureckas

Democracy Now!
Privatization on Steroids: Emergency Manager Who Switched Flint Water Resigns From Detroit Schools

*The emperor has no clothes

And no conscience

Jewish Peace Groups Reveal Role in Spoof New York Times That Criticized Paper’s Stance on Israel

*All the news that isn’t printed to fit

Caffeine: The Dark Side of Caffeine Nobody Talks About
by Natural Health Sherpa


Not Science Fiction: Biotech Industry Pushing ‘GM 2.0’ Across Europe
Effort to exempt new techniques from existing regulations is nothing more than an attempt to get genetic modification in ‘through the back door’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

When It Comes to Public Schooling, US Gets a Failing Grade
New report finds no state measures up across six criteria, from resistance to privatization to chance for student success
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Center for Food Safety
Legal Petition Urges EPA to Protect Waters from Widespread Insecticide Contamination
EPA must fix key policies to stem imminent threats to aquatic life

Community and Environmental Groups Sue the EPA and Call on the Agency to Remove “Free Pass to Pollute” from National Standards for Oil Refineries
Petition and Lawsuit Urge EPA to Strengthen Protections from Cancer-Causing Air Pollution

*E mission
P romotion
A gency

The Real News Network
Unlock the Vote
In this special edition of Rattling the Bars, Eddie Conway speaks with former prisoners who are organizing to pass legislation that would allow all Maryland ex-felons to vote upon release from incarceration

How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible (2/3)
TRNN Replay: Author Charlie Cobb discusses how famed activist Ella Baker inspired the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s grassroots structure, as well as the little-known story of armed self-defense during the Civil Rights movement

City Takeovers and the Destruction of Democracy
Black Agenda Report Executive Editor Glen Ford says city takeovers are about dispossessing black and brown folks so corporations can put their tentacles into the furthest nook and cranny of local governments

Democracy Now!
The Road to the White House Begins in Iowa, But Is It Already Sold to Wealthy Donors?

Clinton Laughs Off Question on Goldman Sachs, But Can Millions in Special Interest Cash Be Ignored?

*I don’t think the Clintons are worried about their financial future, do you?

As for “the foundation”, you might ask the people of Haiti how their future looks after years of its “good works”.

Supplements: No evidence that Ester-C brand of vitamin C provides special protection against colds
Company studies didn’t look at whether Ester-C users are less likely to get sick
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Close-Fisted Wealthy Nations Are ‘Failing the People of Syria’: Oxfam
While some small European countries are donating more than their fair share to aid Syrians, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Russia are still far behind
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

The “Bernie Bros” Narrative: a Cheap Campaign Tactic Masquerading as Journalism and Social Activism
by Glenn Greenwald

*No “bitch”

Just a right bastard

Our Jobs Are Disappearing
by Paul Buchheit

Western Aggression: The Highest Form of Terrorism
by Edward Herman

What Does a Progressive Budget Look Like?
by David Swanson

Leadership Conference
New Report Connects Religious Exemptions from LGBT Equality to Historic Efforts to Deny Civil Rights

Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR Releases Results of Muslim Voter Survey Ahead of Primary Elections
73 percent of Muslim voters say they will go to the polls in state primaries, Islamophobia top issue

*I’ll speculate that “Foreign Affairs” is down the list for the same reason that “Islamophobia” is at the top of it. Many US Muslims are loath to criticize imperialism for fear of being seen as “soft on terrorism”.

That may account for their strong support for Madame Mayhem, as well, as she is the poster child for Democratic warmongerismo.

(And apparently, climate change was lumped in with “Other” issues … )

The Real News Network
Green Party on Sanders’ Health Care Plan
Green Party candidates Dr. Jill Stein and Dr. Margaret Flowers say Sanders is right about healthcare, but the Democratic Party will block him

*The virtue of being “a team player”

Depends on the virtue of the team

Digitizing Black Radio: The Black Talk Radio Network
Founder of the Black Talk Radio Network Scotty Reid joined us to discuss the history and politics of his digital network

Equity Sought in Baltimore’s Development Strategy
Advocates present solution to Baltimore’s housing crisis

Yanis Varoufakis on the Need for the Democratization of Europe
Former Finance Minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis speaks with thePressProject, TRNN’s Greek collaborator, about Syriza, Greek austerity, and his future political plans

How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible (1/3)
To mark Black History Month, TRNN’s Eddie Conway interviews Charlie Cobb, author of the book “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed,” who says he dropped out of Howard University to become active in the Civil Rights Movement

*Cobb makes the case plain, to my mind.

When faced with violence, you have a right to defend yourself and others. Force must be employed in a disciplined, principled manner, but there’s no moral obligation to forswear its use under such circumstances.

Those who choose non violence are indeed brave, and I admire their courage. But I don’t consider them any more righteous than those who decide differently in the name of self defense.

It’s a fearsome choice

But we live in a fearsome world.

How CA Came Close to Losing Solar Panel Benefits
California Solar Energy Industries Association’s Bernadette Del Chiaro says monopoly utility companies have spent $17 million on campaign contributions to get rid of net metering and consumer benefits

Baltimore, like Ferguson, Has a Warrant Problem
University of Maryland law school professor Doug Colbert is proposing amnesty for tens of thousands of people who have outstanding warrants for minor crimes, but Maryland’s judiciary branch is opposed despite widespread public support

Three Financial Crimes that Show How the DOJ “Went Easy” on Wall Street
Public Banking Institute’s Ellen Brown breaks down Senator Warren’s report which highlights how the DOJ and regulators give corporate criminals slaps on the wrists and free rein to operate outside the law

*A slap on their wrist

A slap in our face

Clayton Homes Is Selling a Lie

Congress: Stop Wasting Tax Dollars to Torture and Kill Monkeys for Bad Science!
by Dr. Ruth Decker

*Sometimes evolution seems little more than a theory

Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Feds crack down on dealers over sales of unsafe, recalled cars. Is CarMax next?

Institute for Public Accuracy
The Billionaire’s Election, The Sanders Exception

*I’d be curious to know who Sanders’ “top corporate donors” are.

Media Attacking Single-Payer Are Getting Paid Under Current Health System
by Adam Johnson

*Single payer double dealing

Biting the hand that won’t feed it

In Coverage of Planned Parenthood Smear, Partisan Conflict Crowds Out Reproductive Rights
by Janine Jackson

Lead in Drinking Water: It’s Not Just Flint residents Who Should Be Concerned
Lead in water can cause a decline in mental abilities in adults
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

How Do You Get Cancer?
by Dr. Charles Majors

Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods
by Ty Bollinger

The Standard American Diet & Increased Cancer Rates
by Dr. David Brownstein

Top 5 Essential Oil Pairs for Gut Health
by Dr. Eric Zielinski

How Beta Glucans Boost Immunity & Fight Cancer
by Dr. David Jockers

The 8 Worst Breakfast Foods to Eat in the Morning
by Yuri Elkaim

Healthy Meals for Picky Eaters
by Leanne Ely

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In Besieged Middle East, Food Becomes Weapon of War
Despite international laws prohibiting the use of starvation against civilians, forces on all sides preventing aid from reaching blockaded towns in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

State Department to Withhold Clinton Emails Labeled ‘Top Secret’
The Obama administration confirmed for the first time Friday that the emails contained the highest level of classification
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

A Poisonous Approach to Governing
Band-Aid solutions such as the ones seen in Flint or the push to privatize advocated by ALEC and its corporate cronies stem from a larger crisis—inadequate federal funding
by Wenonah Hauter

Court Orders Environmental Protection Agency to Finalize Rules so Polluters Pay for Their Own Toxic Messes
After decades of delay “financial assurance” regs will prevent polluters from leaving staggering cleanup cost to the public

*Making Dear Misleader’s “legacy” a bit less long lived?

The Real News Network
Will Senate Bill to “Save” Post Office Be Enough?
TRNN breaks down what’s in the bill, what it means to you, and how Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband is profiting from the sale of neighborhood post offices

When ICE is at the Door
The Real News speaks to Central American immigrants in Maryland and Georgia about the most recent wave of deportations and the crippling fear communities feel because of it

*The mendacity of “Nope”

Inside a caucus: Iowa 2008
TRNN Replay: Revealing look at an Iowa caucus: Is this democracy in action?

After Haiti Elections Postponed, Is the U.S. Rushing to Protect Clinton?
After massive protests and reports of election fraud, the U.S. continued to push for a presidential election runoff, but former OAS Haiti mission head says the US is protecting candidate Clinton’s record

UN Peace Talks in Syria Remain Stalled
Vijay Prashad says the government in Damascus has made significant gains inside Syria with the help of its allies, and this has changed the tenor of the Western response to Russia

Institute for Public Accuracy
Gates Foundation: Pushing “Values of Corporate America”

*The “good intentions” paving the road to the Gates of Hell

Democracy Now!

Maryville Rape Survivor Daisy Coleman Meets Mom of Teen Who Killed Herself After Similar Ordeal

Lower Calorie Winter Drinks
by Leanne Ely


What Zika And The Flint Water Crisis Have In Common
by Judy Stone

Center for Biological Diversity
New Study: Obama Administration Has Dramatically Increased Use of Obscure Provision to Weaken Federal Protections for Threatened Species
Broad Exemptions Sidestep Endangered Species Act’s Intent, Allowing Oil, Gas Drilling, Logging, Other Habitat Destruction

*Notice wind power’s turpitude here

Sometimes making green trumps being same

Amnesty International
Dutch Plan for EU Refugee Swap with Turkey is Morally Bankrupt

The Real News Network
LIBOR Traders Get Off Scot Free in Rate-Rigging Scandal
James Henry, former chief economist at McKinsey & Co., says the ruling demonstrates that there is no systemic or institutional accountability to prevent interest rate manipulation

How the U.S. Fuels the Drug War in Mexico
Carmen Boullosa and Mike Wallace, co-authors of “A Narco History: How the United States and Mexico Jointly Created the ‘Mexican Drug War,'” trace the history of the war on drugs from prohibition in the early 20th century to the militarization of police forces today

Yanis Varoufakis: How The Greek People’s Magnificent “No” Against Austerity Became “Yes”
The former Finance Minister of Greece says that on the night of the July 5th referendum, he realized the pressure had gotten to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Since then, Varoufakis has been campaigning for that “No.”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Understanding Scandinavian Socialism

*No sane person would argue that things aren’t better overall for folks in the Nordic countries, as compared to these here United States, but we need to be clear that this is merely a “kinder, gentler” form of exploitation, as capitalism must always be.

This form simply has a more clear eyed view of the its long term interests.

And as such, it has nothing to do with socialism, as socialism has nothing to do with capitalism

Except the inherent imperative to end it.

Democracy Now!


Profits Over Rights as UK Sells Spy Gear to Repressive Regimes
‘What’s needed is that human rights considerations take precedence over financial incentives and security relationships’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

What Our Breasts Are Telling Us
Author Florence Williams and her daughter discovered they had high levels of toxins—like flame retardants—in their bodies. Getting rid of the chemicals was harder than they expected.
by Sarah van Gelder

Feds Cheerlead for Charter Schools, Aiding Private Philanthropy’s Takeover of America’s Public Schools
by Dustin Beilke

Center for Media and Democracy
“National School Choice Week” Fueled by Major Right-Wing Funders and Corporate Lobby Groups

*Make your “choice”

Lose your voice

The Real News Network
How Organizing and Social Movements Drove Changes to Federal Policy on Solitary Confinement
Alan Mills of Uptown People’s Law Center and Bernadette Rabuy of Prison Policy Initiative say lawsuits, psychological studies, and persistent grassroots pressure were behind Obama’s recent policy changes

How Baltimore’s Tax System Reinforces Poverty
Maryland Public Policy Visiting Fellow Louis Miserendino says even obscure tax breaks are distributed disproportionately to wealthier neighborhoods and exacerbate the inequality that drives many of the city’s social ills

Institute for Public Accuracy
On the Ground at Oregon Shootout

Democracy Now!
Embracing Autism: Journalist Ron Suskind on Supporting His Son’s Strengths, Advice for Other Parents

*I’m happy for Owen Suskind, and others who have benefited from this, but don’t you just know that Disney and other corps whose products are part of these stories will exploit them to promote a “caring” image.

And I’m sorry, but I don’t see “reinvent[ing] advertising someday” as contributing to society.


‘Dystopian Future’: Women Warned Against Pregnancy As Zika Spreads
Study suggests Zika virus could eventually reach regions of the United States ‘in which 60 percent of our population lives,’ says director of NIH
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Center for Biological Diversity
Feds Protect Nearly 40,000 Square Miles for Endangered Whales Along East Coast
Designation Will Protect Calving, Foraging Areas of Last 500 Right Whales

The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: The Death of the American City
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges speaks with two esteemed labor activists from Detroit about the desperation caused by industrial decline and deregulation, especially amongst Black people, and attest to the necessity and inevitability of revolt under such conditions

*As the song goes

When you ain’t got nothin’

You got nothin’ to lose

Democracy Now!
Josh Fox on His New Doc “How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change”

Act Now, Cry Later: Tim DeChristopher, Aria Doe & Josh Fox on Civil Disobedience & Climate Activism

*The moral imperative of a change in climate

Making Vegetables a Hit with Kids
9 Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Veggies
by Michael F. Jacobson
Nutrition Action

Top tips for kale chips
by Leanne Ely


Pentagon Asks Psychologists to Reconsider Torture Ban, Argues ‘You Never Know…’
Following a damning investigation into the group’s complicity in US torture, the American Psychological Association demanded the government remove military psychologists from interrogations
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Great Potential of Poor Americans. And How Plutocrats Just Want Them to Go Away.
by Paul Buchheit

*The poor will always be with us

Until the rich are not

Overpass Light Brigade
From Flint to Madison: Our Water is Under Attack!

*Steal the best

Poison the rest

The Real News Network
The History of Military Dictatorship in Egypt
On the fifth anniversary of the Egyptian revolution against then-president Mubarak, TRNN returns to Gilbert Achcar’s analysis of military rule in Egypt since the overthrow of King Farouk

Clinton in Denial About Impact of Trade Policy on Immigration
David Bacon, author of “Right to Stay Home: How U.S. Policy Drives Mexican Migration”, says asylum seekers are being sent back to desperate conditions created by U.S. policy in Central America

Health Crises Among the (Politically) Imprisoned
Co-Coordinator of the National Jericho Movement Jihad Abdulmumit rejoins us for this week’s Political Prisoner Report to discuss the latest health crises facing the imprisoned

Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton Laughs Off Calls for Wall St. Transparency; Santa Fe, Philly Consider Public Bank Solution

Democracy Now!
43 Years After Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court to Hear Case Threatening Women’s Right to Choose

“Trapped”: New Film Follows the Providers Who Are Fighting to Keep Abortion Accessible in the South

*It’s easy to forget that there are persons possessed of an immense courage of conviction

But to do so allows despair to sap our own.

Wicked Jezebel Feminist! Users Witness Anti-Choice Abuse in Virtual Reality Film “Across the Line”

#OscarsSoWhite: Black Filmmakers Call Out Hollywood Racism, Exclusion as Calls for Boycott Grow

3 Things Every Cancer Patient Needs to Do
by Dr. Charles Majors

Does the HPV Vaccination Prevent Cervical Cancer? You Decide
by Landee Martin

Why You Must Eliminate Pesticides in Food When Treating Cancer
by Dr. Robert Scott Bell

New Cancer Drug Illustrates Ineffectiveness of Mainstream Cancer Treatment
by Tony Isaacs

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) & Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know
by A Von Butz

6 Foods to Buy Organic (Never in Conventional Form)
by Yuri Elkaim

27 Body Transformation Habits That You Can’t Ignore
by Tyler Bramlett and Yuri Elkaim

*Some useful intel extant, I reckon. I was especially enlightened re sleep cycles.

See what you think.

The 4 Worst “Healthy” Snacks (and What to Eat Instead)
by Yuri Elkaim

*How to maintain a healthy profit margin

Crabby? 5 Ways to Boost Your Mood with Food
by Leanne Ely

Vitamin Supplements: The Best Multivitamins
What do the best multivitamins contain?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


As Opposition Builds, is Energy East Tar Sands Pipeline ‘Dead in the Water’?
Of Energy East, Montreal mayor says: “Let’s call a spade a spade: It’s a bad project.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Sanders Campaign Strikes Back at Clinton ‘Mudslinger’ for Attack on New Ad
Citing one of the strongest civil rights records in Congress, his campaign says Sanders “doesn’t need lectures on racial issues” from recovering “right-wing extremist” David Brock
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Looking at the ad, there’s a valid point being made

By an invalid pointer.

Even the worst liars sometimes speak truth

When the facts suit them.

‘Huge Victory’: Walmart Illegally Fired Striking Workers, Judge Rules
Retail giant fired 16 workers who participated in ‘Ride for Respect’ strike in Arkansas in 2013
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Always Low Principles”

Just working conditions should exist at Walmart

But Walmart just shouldn’t exist

Department of Education Promises New Transparency on Title IX Exemptions
Government announces it will launch a searchable database so students and parents can see which schools do not provide sex and gender protections
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Seven Stages of Establishment Backlash: Corbyn/Sanders Edition
by Glenn Greenwald

*Fear and Loathing in Elite Land

43 Years After Roe: We’ve Come a Long Way, Maybe?
by Jennifer Dalven

U.S. Right to Know
Why is the Gates Foundation Funding a GMO Propaganda Campaign at Cornell?

The Real News Network
Unions Are Split Over Hillary
Dr. Jane McAlevey, author of the forthcoming ‘No Shortcuts’, says Hillary has a track record on labor amounting to an “F”

*Despite the useful historical perspective provided of Madame Mayhem’s decades long debilitation of labor rights, it’s hard to listen to McAlevey’s mealy mouthing around the essential enabling role of union “leadership” in that effort.

Most union bureaucrats are little more than apparatchiks for the party, as evidenced by the “rescue” of the auto industry, to cite one of innumerable examples.

But if Sanders were to win the nomination, we should be leery of how his positions may become “pragmatized”. It’s an old and far too often told tale of rhetoric, and even previous record, yielding to “political reality”.

“Feeling the Bern” may come to mean something quite different.

UN Fact-Finding Mission to Investigate Racial Discrimination in the United States
Kali Akuno, co-director of Cooperation Jackson, says it will give greater exposure to the realities of African Americans and put the US government and the state of Mississippi on notice

Democracy Now!
Exclusive: Sickened by Gangrene in Utah Immigration Jail, Guatemalan Father Now Faces Deportation

Revered Poet Martín Espada Reflects on Struggles Past & Present in “Vivas to Those Who Have Failed”

*When we act from conscience and compassion

We write a poetry that speaks of our purpose


IMF’s Prescription for Europe: Exploit Refugees with Low Wages
Economist calls IMF ‘the sancta sanctorum of neoclassical/neoliberal thinking.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Perhaps the rationale behind Madame Merkel’s and others’ “welcome”?

Skewed Courts Team Up with Debt Predators to Screw Nation’s Poor
‘Rubber stamping debt buyer suits threatens the rights of poor people and ultimately undermines the basic integrity of the courts’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Rubber stamps and robber stomps

Changing the Conversation Around HIV in 2016: Who’s Being Left Out?
by Doug Wirth

Cracks in democracy: The Turkish and Indian examples
by Vijay Prashad

*Breaking the bones to make sure the words will never hurt them

Progress Michigan
Snyder Cherry Picks Flint Water Crisis Emails
Governor admits he’s going to only release select emails from his office

*And the Detroit “Free” Press piece (of … well … ) in my local rag this morning happily laps up the self serving claptrap extant in these missives.

The Real News Network
Who is Really Ruling Saudi Arabia?
Bilal Ahmed of says the rivalry results from the fact that the King’s nephew Mohammad bin Nayef is currently the minister of interior and also the crown prince

The ‘Anti-Manning’ Positions of Hillary Clinton on National Security and Surveillance
Marcy Wheeler, national security and civil liberties reporter at, says Clinton supported secure communications for dissidents – except when it came to leaks from her own State Department to WikiLeaks

Institute for Public Accuracy
25 Years of Bombing Iraq

Democracy Now!
Pakistan Mourns New Taliban School Massacre in Latest Blowback from Internal Conflict, Afghan War

Detroit Student: “I Want to Be Able to Go to School Without Worrying About Being Bitten by Mice”

*The biggest rats run the school system

Detroit Rocked by Teachers’ “Sickout” Protesting Dire Conditions Under Emergency Management

Natural Ways to Fight Colds and Flu
by Leanne Ely


With Faith in Regulators at ‘All Time Low,’ Canadians Ask Trudeau: ‘Where Are You?’
Groups charge that the NEB—packed with fossil fuels executives appointed by Stephen Harper—makes no effort to meaningfully involve members of the public
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A Liberal dose of deceit

Birders, Green Groups, Defenders of Public Lands Unite, Tell Bundy Militants to ‘Go Home’
Hundreds showed up at demonstrations across the northwest while others have been camped out in counterprotest for weeks
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

A Healthy Way to Build Communities
Local gardens bring people together who might never become acquainted.
by Jill Richardson

Center for Biological Diversity
150,000 Comments Oppose Coal-mining Loophole on Colorado Forest
Subsidies to Arch Coal Slammed, Renewable Energy Groups Join Wildlife, Climate Advocates in Opposition

*”[A] much-needed and long-overdue halt to new federal coal leasing” that “specifically exempts Arch Coal’s proposed expansion plan.”

“Climate legacy”, indeed.

U.S. Senate Takes Aim at Endangered Species Protections for Gray Wolves in Wyoming, Great Lakes
‘Sportsmen’s Act’ Would Also Prohibit Regulating Lead Poisoning From Fishing Tackle, Allow Import of Trophy-hunted Polar Bear Parts

The Real News Network
Democratic Primary Candidates Define Their Foreign Policy
Gareth Porter says Hillary wants to support the Syrian opposition and overthrow Assad, while Bernie’s priority is to defeat ISIS

*They (or at least I) don’t call her “Madame Mayhem” for nothing, but what’s not addressed here is just how Sanders seeks to oppose ISIS.

His support for a Saudi role in that campaign is just one of a number of what can euphemistically be termed “problematic” foreign policy stances that are all but ignored by his admirers

But not by those who would be directly endangered by same.

Yes, he’s a lesser evil in this area, but don’t we have to ask ourselves whether we’d be persuaded by such theories of relativity were we in their shoes?

Confederate Supporters Steer Clear of Baltimore as Protesters Gather
Annual commemoration of Robert E. Lee at Baltimore monument does not take place as commission recommends removal of statue

*Toppling a putrid pedestal

Did Jerry Brown Delay Action on Gas Leak Because of His Sister’s Connections to Fossil Fuel?
Last week, activists in Washington, DC brought several questions to lawmakers in the nation’s capital. Among them: Did Governor Brown’s sister, who sits on the board of a San Diego-based natural gas utilities company, influence a 74-day delay in California’s response to the Los Angeles gas leak?

*Didn’t we know that when bump came to blowout, Jerry was a gas bag?

Why Fossil Fuel Giants Did Not Top the ‘Greenhouse 100 Index’
PERI’s Economics Chair Michael Ash explains the relation between a lower ranking and the use of renewable energy

*In the end, we don’t need to make these corps do better

We need to make them disappear.

You can roll your eyes till you’re dizzy at the “ideological purism” of that, but any honest assessment of what’s necessary to achieve true justice has to address just who controls energy production, don’t you think?

And as renewables become more attractive from a profit standpoint, these companies will try their damnedest to monopolize that market.

They may become “greener”, but their green will still come out of our pockets – as much as they can pull from them – and their exploitation of consumers and workers, as well as their influence on gummint, will remain as black as before.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Sanders Challenging “Primary Driver of Educational Disparities”

Is a Low Salt Diet Plan Healthy?
Clearing the air on low salt diets
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


In Landmark Ruling, UK Court Affirms “Journalism Isn’t Terrorism”
Court rules in favor of David Miranda, detained for nine hours at Heathrow airport in 2013 while transporting journalist documents on NSA revelations
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Profiting from Misery: Are Human Rights Abuses Powering Your Smart Phone?
Amnesty traces the sale of cobalt, used in batteries for cell phones and electric cars, from mines where children work in ‘perilous conditions’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Hillary Blames Bernie for an Old Clintonite Hustle, and That’s a Rotten Shame
by Robert Scheer

Under Pressure, Scholastic Recalls Racist Children’s Book
by Deborah Menkart

*A “No Massa” movement

Center for Biological Diversity
Rally at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to Call for Keeping Public Lands Public
Harney County Rally Will Be Joined by at Least 10 Others in Towns, Cities Across Oregon, Washington, Idaho

New Study Identifies Twelve of the Worst Highway Projects Across the Country, $24 Billion in Taxpayer Dollars Wasted

*Highways to Hell

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Seeing Red: Report Finds FDA Fails to Protect Children in Light of New Evidence on Food Dyes

*The colors of money

The Real News Network
Canadian Student Shot by Israeli Sniper in the West Bank
The Trudeau government remains silent on the case of a Canadian government-funded PhD Student who was shot by Israeli sniper in the West Bank without legal recourse against her attacker – TRNN speaks with Rehab Nazzal and her legal council, Dimitri Lascaris

How MLK Went From ‘National Threat’ to ‘National Hero’
Corporation for Enterprise Development’s Dedrick Asante-Muhammad explains the whitewashing of Martin Luther King’s legacy, transforming him from a leader for racial and economic justice who died in struggle to a post-racial patriot who died in victory

*The disillusion of a dream

The delusion of a reality

Navy Schedules War Games in Washington State With No Public Disclosure
Truthout’s Dahr Jamail reveals his investigation into how Navy Seals will be practicing combat exercises in Washington state on public and private lands and why state government officials and the public are left in the dark

*Practice makes a perfect police state

Days of Revolt: All Life is Sacred
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges discusses the moral imperative of veganism with legal scholar, animal rights activist, and longtime vegan, Gary Francione

Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton’s Healthcare Mythology

*Obamacare is devious déjà vu all over again

Democracy Now!
Shane Bauer, Former US Prisoner in Iran, Spars with Hillary Clinton over Her Call for New Sanctions

*Madame Mayhem strikes again

Is It Fair to Raise Rape & Harassment Allegations Against Bill Clinton in Hillary’s 2016 Campaign?

*If there’s a question of a crime (or crimes) being committed, and Clinton conspiring to cover it up

Um … I think that’s “fair to raise”.

Re Walters’ praise for “the real lines of similarity and commonality and shared vision and shared belief systems”

That just what scares me.

Photographing Drone War Protest Lands Peace Activist, Grandmother 6 Months in Prison

Which may affect your sleep: fiber, protein, sugar, or saturated fat?
A new study finds three of these influence sleep quality
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

Hungry hungry for mahi mahi
by Leanne Ely

*Can’t vouch for the sustainability claim – hopefully, it’s veritas.


‘Crafted By and For Big Business’: TTIP Under Fire Across Europe
‘TTIP is a bonanza for big business, but a nightmare for everyone else,’ says War on Want
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Air Pollution Killing Millions, Threatening Global Health Systems
“We are storing up problems. These are chronic diseases that require hospital beds. The cost will be enormous.”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Deep Ocean Warming Happening at ‘Alarming’ and Increasingly Rapid Rate
New study reveals ocean levels below 700 meters have already been affected by rising greenhouse gases
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Cameron Tells Muslim Women: Improve Your English or You May Have to Leave UK
Prime Minister’s new language test called ‘dog-whistle politics at its best’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Cameron isn’t the only politician who knows how to speak the language, is he?

UK Promotes Exports at Gulf Police Fair, as Families of Saudi Juveniles Appeal for Help

*Making the killing

Our Power Campaign
Environmental Justice Leaders to Converge on All EPA Regional Headquarters Jan. 19, Challenge Obama’s “Clean Power Plan”

*Pulling the pig from the poke

The Real News Network
‘Greenhouse 100 Index’ Names Top Polluters
PERI’s Economics Chair Michael Ash breaks down which companies ranked as top emitters of greenhouse gases and what this means for the future of climate change policy

The Black Elite and the Legacy of Martin Luther King
TRNN Replay: Glen Ford: Black upper class took advantage of legal victories won by MLK and the Civil Rights Movement and then helped to undermine the movement

*Obama is King in a fractured funhouse mirror

Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence
TRNN Replay: Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. made the comment that the U.S. government [was/is] “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today”. This was in context to a speech delivered on April 4, 1967 at Riverside Church in New York City – exactly one year before his untimely death.

The Radicalization of Martin Luther King
TRNN Replay: Anthony Monteiro: Obama’s presidency has nothing to do with the legacy of King – it’s actually the opposite

*No streets are named for the murdered Martin

Save The Endangered Norwegian Wolves!
by Pam Siri

Bacteria is Best: Why a Healthy Gut Microbiome is Key to Cancer Prevention
by Ty Bollinger

10 Ways to Improve Your Lymphatic System Function
by Dr. David Jockers

6 Super Foods for Cancer Prevention & Nutrient Deficiency
by Dr. Robert Scott Bell

How to Create Healthy Eating Habits That Actually Stick (The CPR Method)
by Yuri Elkaim

How to Do More Push-Ups (Plus a Free Training Plan)
by Yuri Elkaim

*Pushing your own weight

“Slow Burn”: What You Don’t Know About Muscle Fibers and Lifting Tempo (but should if you want to be lean and strong)
by Yuri Elkaim

How to lose weight on a Paleo diet
by Leanne Ely


Ultra-Rich ‘Philanthrocapitalist’ Class Undermining Global Democracy: Report
As foundations and wealthy individuals funnel money into global development, what “solutions” are they pursuing?
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Beware geeks bearing gifts

‘Ludicrous’ as Flint Tells Residents: Pay for Poisoned Water or We’ll Cut You Off
‘All arrears should be cleared. No one should have to pay for this.’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Poor and Seeking Justice in Louisiana? Get in Line.
ACLU class-action lawsuit cites violations of Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment rights
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The line always forms to the rear

U.S. Radically Changes Its Story of the Boats in Iranian Waters: to an Even More Suspicious Version
by Glenn Greenwald

*Ask me no questions

And I’ll tell you more lies

Goldman Sachs Sees Silver Lining in $5 Billion Mortgage Settlement
Bank can claim $936.25 million tax windfall for deal

Government Must Clarify Whether UK Personnel are Under Saudi Orders

The Real News Network
Wage Pressures, Falling Commodity Prices Spell Trouble for the Global Economy
With no recovery in the Eurozone and the whole of Eastern Europe in trouble, greater turmoil in Asian economies could bring the world economy to a critical moment, says economist Heiner Flassbeck

*Instead of consumption and production, why don’t we talk about needs and what’s truly necessary?

China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Opens Without the US
Mark Weisbrot of CEPR says the institutions of global governance, especially the ones that have actual power, have historically been controlled by the United States – this bank marks a departure from that trend

The Good, Bad and Ugly in Oregon Standoff Coverage
By Chip Berlet

FAIR CounterSpin
‘This Really Is About Taking Away Access to Safe Abortion’
Interview with Jodi Jacobson on Planned Parenthood ‘sting’ videos
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton Doubling Down on False Healthcare Statements about Sanders

Democracy Now!
Flint Doctor Mona Hanna-Attisha on How She Fought Gov’t Denials to Expose Poisoning of City’s Kids

*First the water

Then the Kool-Aid

Emergency for Democracy: Unelected Manager Who Caused Flint Water Crisis Now Runs Detroit Schools


‘Richest Generation’? Baby Boomers Face Deep Inequalities
New report reveals profound disparities along race and gender lines
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Rare’ and ‘Remarkable’ January Hurricanes Hit Atlantic, Pacific Oceans
Simultaneous named storms in January in Atlantic and Central Pacific ‘would have been unimaginable a few decades ago’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

How Climate Change Could Decimate Millenia of First Nations Tradition
Study predicts declines in herring and salmon, ‘which are among the most important species commercially, culturally, and nutritionally for First Nations’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Here’s How to Solve the Student Debt Crisis: Make College Free
by Astra Taylor

Immigration Raids Inhumane No Matter Who They Target
by Mizue Aizeki

Center for Biological Diversity Statement on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Draft Policy for Prioritizing Protection of Species

Campaign for Peace and Democracy
End All U.S. Support for the Government of Saudi Arabia

*With friends like these

It’s no wonder the empire has so many enemies

The Real News Network
Ceasefire Needed in Turkey
Richard Falk says a new ceasefire and renewal of the peace process between the Turkish state and the Kurdish militants are required to end the bloodshed

The Limits and Missed Opportunities of Obama’s Energy Legacy
Professor Chris Williams and DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horne challenge the grandiose claims made by Obama in the State of the Union address

The Deeper, Uglier Side of TPP
In his State of the Union address, President Obama said the Trans-Pacific Partnership was about staying on top as a global economic power, but a close look at the text shows how that only applies to multinational corporations

Detroit Teachers Shutdown Public Schools in Protest of Deplorable Conditions
Public school parent Stephanie Beal says she supports the teacher protests and the idea of an elected school board to ensure a quality education for all students

El Chapo Arrest Won’t Change Narco-Governance in Mexico
John Mill Ackerman says the real problem facing the rule of law in Mexico is Obama’s blind support for the Nieto government

How Corporate Political Spending Will Stay Secret in Wisconsin
by Brendan Fischer

K12 Inc. Tries to Pivot from Virtual School Failures to Profit from “Non-Managed” Schools
by Dustin Beilke

Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests in Minnesota
by Scott Slocum

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama’s “Reinvention of Energy Sector”

*”All of the above”

Look out below

Requiem for a News Channel
by Ari Paul

Democracy Now!
As California Methane Leak Displaces Thousands, Will U.S. Regulate Natural Gas Sites Nationwide?

Health or Lobbying? Experts Say U.S. Gov’t Caves to Meat Industry in New Dietary Guidelines

Natural Health Sherpa
Vitamin D: Enhance Bone Health and Balance Blood Pressure With This


With State Poised to Squash Rooftop Solar, Clean Energy Fight Heats Up In Nevada
Decision “puts Nevada embarrassingly out of step with the national and international agenda recently set in Paris to save our climate,” says local activist
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

The EPA’s Hush-Hush Response to the Flint Water Crisis
‘At that point, you do not just have smoke, you have a three-alarm fire and should respond immediately,’ charges water researcher
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer

*No white horse for neoliberalism in black face

What Hillary Knew about Libya
In Official Washington’s propaganda world, the U.S. government and its “allies” are always standing for what’s right and good and the “enemies” are the epitome of evil doing the vilest things. But some emails to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton depicted a far different reality, writes Robert Parry.
by Robert Parry

*The road to hell is paved with the patina of good intentions

Haiti, Six Years Later
by Jake Johnston

*A natural disaster

Followed by a disaster natural to neocolonialism

The Real News Network
Supreme Court Poised to Strike Down Mandatory Dues for Public Union Representation
Center for Media and Democracy’s Brendan Fischer says the Bradley Foundation and Koch Brothers’ fingerprints are all over this case, which purports to have large grassroots support for individual rights but instead are backed by deep-pocketed donors

*There are no grassroots in Astroturf

The Racist History of the 2nd Amendment and Why it Matters Today
Historian Gerald Horne tracks the evolution of the gun debate starting from slavery during the country’s founding, the post-Civil War reconstruction in the south, and through today’s era of mass incarceration

Black Radical Activists call to Disarm the Police
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway attends the Black Radical Tradition conference in Philadelphia, PA. During a protest, Conway speaks with activists and intellectuals about the various dynamics of Black Radical politics

Right-Wing Network Puts Friedrichs v. California Teachers in Samuel Alito’s Lap
By Mary Bottari

Institute for Public Accuracy
SOTU: “Don’t Blame the Robots”

*Automatons or autocrats

Neither have a soul

Democracy Now!
Why Has a Texas-Born Marine Veteran Been Left “Stateless” Under U.S. Immigration Policies?

This is Trauma: Erica Garner & Ramsey Orta on Coping with the Aftermath of a Police Killing (Pt. 2)

Petition update
The @UglyFruitAndVeg Campaign
As Grocers Sleep, a Farm to Food Bank Movement Grows

*What’s beautiful is a fed stomach


Bernie Nabs Double-Digit Lead in NH as Women Ditch Clinton for Surging Sanders
New poll shows Sanders leading by double digits in New Hampshire, thanks in part to a new edge among women
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Faux socialism trumps faux feminism, it appears.

Does Obama’s Nuclear Modernization Make the Unthinkable ‘Thinkable’?
Even those who have advised President Obama on his modernization plan are concerned about the risks posed by the updated weapons
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Oil Pricequake: Political Turmoil in a Time of Low Energy Prices
by Michael T. Klare

UK Intelligence Committee to be Denied Access to Drone Strike Information, Says PM

Days of Revolt: The New Black Militants
China Faces Challenges Over Currency Valuation and Wages
Economist Rob Johnson says China is undergoing a major transition from an export-led economy to a domestic demand-led economy

Liberation or “Asylum for Neoliberal Values?” Competing Visions of Black Politics
Glen Ford, executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report, discusses this past weekend’s Black Radical Tradition Conference at Temple University

In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges sits down with two activists from Ferguson’s Hands Up United, Rika Tyler and T-Dubb-O, to discuss the oppression of Black people in and around Ferguson, and the importance of international solidarity in the fight for racial justice

*Trite but true

If we don’t stand together

We’re bound to fall apart

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama’s SOTU Push for TPP — a “Death Sentence”

Democracy Now!
El Chapo is Caught, But Corruption, U.S. Consumption & Failed Drug War Keep the Cartels in Business

Mexican Writer Elena Poniatowska on the Missing 43 Students, 1968 Massacre & U.S.-Backed Drug War

Why is Ramsey Orta, Man Who Filmed Police Killing of Eric Garner, the Only One Criminally Charged?

Head Of the Vegetable Class
by Leanne Ely


Metadata Comes Home With New ‘Threat Score’ Policing Tools
Law enforcement agencies rolling out technology that lets them dig into metadata to determine a citizen’s potential for violence
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

When Does the Violation of Women’s Bodies Become a “Red Line”?
If people divide their understanding of militarized violence into normal and not normal, acceptable and not acceptable, it makes a terrible kind of sense: violence against women has been “normalized”
by Lauren Wolfe

Venezuela’s Food Revolution Has Fought Off Big Agribusiness and Promoted Agroecology
by Nick Dearden

*Sowing the seeds of sovereignty

The Real News Network
The Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War Report with Jihad Abdulmumit
Co-chairperson for the National Jericho Amnesty Movement and former Black Panther/Black Liberation Army political prisoner Jihad Abdulmumit introduces his new segment focusing on political prisoners and the politics surrounding their work and incarceration

Chinese Debt Bubble About to Burst
Economist James Henry and Ho-Fung Hung say China’s debt-to-GDP ratio above 240% is an indicator that there is a major disconnect between the market and the real economy

Arab Spring and Declining Oil Prices Drives Saudi Arabia’s Reactionary Barbarism
Bilal Ahmed of says accusations of religious degeneracy and charges of heresy are at the heart of the executions, for they advance and protect the national narrative of Wahhabism

How did North Korea Acquire the Technology for the Bomb?
Robert Kelley, former director at the IAEA, explains the role of Pakistan as well as what information is needed to know what was detonated

*Re Kelly’s closing comments, I think we’d be talking a whole other ball game were North Korea situated in the Middle East.

Just ask nukeless Iran.

Challenges Ahead for the Legalization of Marijuana in Canada
Donald MacPherson, Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, says there’s a long road to travel, but it can be done

Brave New Films
To Prison For Pregnancy

*Save the fetus

Screw the child

Petition update
San Francisco Bans the Sale of Plastic Bottles!
by Trey Highton

Institute for Public Accuracy
Is U.S. Facilitating Rigged Elections Process in Haiti?

Democracy Now!
Muslim Woman & Jewish Man Booted from Trump Rally for Silent Protest Against Islamophobia

*Citizen KKKane

Historic Settlement over NYPD’s Anti-Muslim Spying Imposes Oversight & Bars Ethnic-Based Targeting

*As always, the question is whether what’s on paper will make it to the pavement.

Historic Trial Lets Activists Who Blocked Oil Train Cite Climate Change Threat in Their Defense

Tim DeChristopher on Bundy Takeover: Gov’t is More Afraid of Civil Disobedience Than Armed Militias

*The unpardonable sin is a threat to profit

Can Vaccine Ingredients Cause Cancer?
by Dr. Robert Scott Bell

Why the ‘Best’ Conventional Cancer Treatment Will Never Cure You from Cancer
by A Von Butz

What is Cancer?
by Webster Kehr

*Dunno … just passing along

Are you addicted to sugar?
Researchers see the signs in people and in animals
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

*Sweet profits for sugary poison

Fiber Starter Breakfast Bowl
by Yuri Elkaim


Look What We’ve Done: Human-Made Epoch of Nightmares Is Here
From throwing away tons of plastic to spewing carbon into the atmosphere, there’s no question humans have irrevocably changed the world
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Power corrupts

The planet

Under-the-Radar Supreme Court Case Poses Profound Threat to Unions Nationwide
Case could result in the enforcement of ‘Right to Work’ laws on all public sector labor unions in the United States
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

FBI to Track Animal Abuse Like Homicide—But Which Animals?
Activists say new system is step in the right direction, but reveals bias that favors household pets over farm animals
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Planning for More Surveillance? US Officials Hold ‘Shady Meeting’ With Tech Firms
Heads of intelligence agencies and other top officials head to Silicon Valley for private summit on counter-terrorism
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[O]ther authoritarian countries” … ?

I’d say this is “dangerously far-sighted”.

Where Were the Post-Hebdo Free Speech Crusaders as France Spent the Last Year Crushing Free Speech?
by Glenn Greenwald

“Bleeding-Heart,” Or Just Bloody? The GOP Poverty Show
by Isaiah Poole

*I fuel your pain

Will the Canadian Government Shed Light on the No-Fly List?
by Monia Mazigh

With the New Year, the American Parade of Politics and Prejudice Marches On
Philadelphia’s Mummer’s Parade brought flare-ups of racism and bigotry that parallel the rage and fear that grip much of the public in this election year
by Michael Winship

*History shows us it can be a short trip from brown face

To brown shirt

The Real News Network
Trudeau Pledge Tracker: Trudeau Ignores Executions and Proceeds with Saudi Arms Deal
Dimitri Lascaris says Minister of Foreign Affairs Stephane Dion met with Adel Al Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and considered him an important ally days before the executions were carried out

*Liberal lies kill as surely as their conservative cousins

Essure Problems
The horrors of a women’s contraceptive device called Essure could be a harbinger for what a new bill called the 21st Century Cures Act does more broadly to our medical regulatory system

*The hypocrites spin the money wheel

Hippocrates spins in his grave

Democracy Now!
Poisoned Democracy: How an Unelected Official Contaminated Flint’s Water to Save Money

Amid State & Fed. Cover-Up, the Story of How Researchers & Residents Exposed Flint’s Water Poisoning

*That’s Dear Misleader’s EPA, for those keeping honest score of the dishonesty extant.

“Gov. Snyder Should Be Arrested”: Flint Residents Demand Justice over Water Poisoning

*I don’t believe in “an eye for an eye”

But I’m sorely tempted to say these mother fuckers should be forced to swallow their poison for the rest of their worthless lives.

Of course, no one will get what they deserve

Perpetrator, or victim.

18 Guatemalan Ex-Military Leaders Arrested for Crimes Against Humanity During U.S.-Backed Dirty War

*Will the flowers bloom in the light of day?

Resistance & Outrage as Obama Administration Rounds Up Central American Refugees

Thyroid: it’s the key to weight loss
by Leanne Ely


The Most Vital Amicus Briefs for High Court’s Abortion Case: Women’s Stories
Individual stories ‘vividly demonstrate that access to abortion can be crucial to a woman’s ability to determine her future and achieve her dreams’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Saudi-Iran Dispute Won’t Cause Lasting Oil Price Rally
by Nick Cunningham

Saudi Leadership Defends Execution of Protestors

The Real News Network
Saudi Arabia Fueling Sectarianism to Destabilize the Region and Suppress Domestic Dissent (2/2)
Toby Craig Jones says Saudi Arabia is beholden to sectarian violence and it is not a stabilizing force in the Middle East

Grazing Rights, Cow-Bombing, and the Oregon Armed “Occupation”
Conservationist, activist and writer Andy Kerr says that the “occupiers” in Oregon are misrepresenting the law and too few recognize the impact on the environment involved in grazing and raising livestock

*Coming out of their mouths

And their cows’ rear ends

Bernie Sanders Decries Lack of Wall Street Prosecutions
Former financial regulator Bill Black says it’s important to reimplement the Glass-Steagall Act – but it’s not enough to prevent another financial crisis

*”[H]appy Sanders” … ?

There’ve been a number of TRNN segments that have pointed out contradictions in Sanders’ record, but that’s diminished lately.

The man’s got plenty of cheerleaders, including, apparently, Mr. Black.

What I need is objective analysis of his past, present and future politics, warts and all.

Institute for Public Accuracy
The Myth of Entrenched Sunni-Shi’i Conflict

Bombs Speak Louder Than Words: The Liberal Reinvention of George W. Bush
by John C. O’Day

*Speak softly

And carry a big bomb load

‘Environmental’ Comic Strip’s Author Wants Global Warming Believers to ‘Get Real’
by Jim Naureckas

*Comic relief of responsibility

Democracy Now!
TransCanada Sues the U.S. for $15B for Rejecting Keystone XL. Will This Be the New Normal Under TPP?

*This is Dear Misleader’s true “climate legacy”

And don’t you think he knew goddamn good and well that his “denial” of KXL would be undone via his baby?

So why didn’t McKibben and company?

Mystery Meat: After WTO Ruling, U.S. Tosses Meat Origin Labeling Law, Leaving Consumers in the Dark

*Roundly porked

As North Korea Says It’s Tested H-Bomb, Is It Time to Restart Peace, Disarmament Talks?

The Iran Model: Could Nuke Deal with Tehran Help Create Way to Address North Korean Crisis?

*”The Iran Model” involved immense harm to the Iranian people through sanctions, imposed to prevent a “nuclear armed Iran” that existed only in the empire’s manufactured nightmares, against a regime that was far from obdurate in seeking a resolution.

That’s the template we want to follow?

“A Travesty”: Is Japan’s Apology to Korean “Comfort Women” an Attempt to Silence Them?

Fort Dix Five: Prosecuted by Christie, Muslim Brothers Get Rare Day in Court in FBI Entrapment Case

The FBI & Entrapping Muslims: Web-Exclusive Interview with Fort Dix Five Attorney Bob Boyle

Slow down in order to slim down
by Leanne Ely


“About Time”: Jerry Brown Declares State of Emergency Over Porter Ranch
Organizers say the leak has ‘been a wake-up call for this community…. We’re all on the front lines of climate change’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Permanent State of Emergency? France Seeks Alarming Expanse of Police Powers
Debate to see state of emergency enshrined in the nation’s constitution will begin early next month
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Germany’s Superhighway for Bikes Offers Hope for ‘Transformative’ Transportation
Home of the modern highway opens part of 100-kilometer bicycle path that will connect 10 cities
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Ultimate Blowback from U.S. Foreign Policy? Donald Trump.
How the CIA, bad trade deals, and wanton military intervention caused the social crises that gave us the Donald. (Really.)
by Walden Bello

Center for Justice and Democracy
National Organizations Oppose Legislation That Would Destroy Class Actions and Harm Asbestos Victims

The Real News Network
UK Labor Party Departing from Austerity to Strengthen Economy
Economists for Rational Economic Policy: John Weeks, Ozlem Onaran and Jeremy Smith say Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Chancellor John McDonnell can break with previous neo-liberal economic policies and pursue an agenda that is focused on productive employment

*Call it “deficit learning disorder”

But we’re still talking about making capitalism better, and ignoring the reality that you can’t make it good.

For so many, there may be less chicken shit

But not nearly enough chicken salad.

The Cracks Begin To Show in The UK Economy (1/2)
Economists for Rational Economic Policies contributors John Weeks, Ozlem Onaran, and Jeremy Smith say nominal gains in economic performance are based on household debt

Pipeline Construction Expedited, Environment Oversight Reduced in Highway Bill
DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horn says the recently passed legislation will curtail democracy in decision-making around critical fossil fuel infrastructure in the United States

*Hope and change

Bait and switch

The Black Radical Tradition in Our Time Conference Starts Friday
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report explores the meaning of the gathering of black thinkers and activists set to start in Philadelphia on January 8th

*The revolution will not be teleprompted

Executions Show Saudi Arabia Beholden to Sectarianism
Professor Toby Jones says the Saudi royal family is trying to deflect attention from a growing domestic crisis

Institute for Public Accuracy
North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons

Folly of Giving Federal Land “Back”

The Clintons’ Paid-Speech Bonanza

*Walking the talk to the bank

Democracy Now!
“Every Time I Think About Those Kids It Gets Me Mad”: Obama Tears Up as He Orders New Gun Control

*Dry eyes for the drone dead

Gun Owners of America vs. American Constitution Society: A Debate on Obama’s Gun Executive Orders

*Seven years to take your first baby steps

When we needed an adult from the get go

Will U.S. Deport Kurdish Activist Ibrahim Parlak Back to Turkey Where He Was Jailed & Tortured?


Fortress Europe Looms as EU Countries Implement Heightened Border Controls
Do new border checks in Sweden and Denmark mean landmark Schengen Zone is dead?
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Closing the border to our better angels

Organic Farmers Score New Victory in ‘David and Goliath’ GMO Fight
Jackson County, Oregon wins new protections against cultivation of genetically engineered crops
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Upholding Power of the People, Court Says Voters Can Weigh In on Citizens United
‘Are we a democracy of, by, and for the people, or are we to be ruled by an elite, moneyed class?’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Venezuelan Supreme Court Suspends Swearing in of 4 Incoming Legislators
by Rachael Boothroyd Rojas

What’s Wrong With Laughing & Labeling Oregon Militants “Terrorists”
by Kevin Gosztola

You Can’t Report Truthfully on Israel Without Facing Its Wrath
by Richard Falk

Who Killed Sammy Younge Jr.? SNCC, Vietnam, and the Fight for Racial Justice
Statement by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee on the Vietnam War, issued three days after the murder of military veteran Sammy Younge Jr. on January 3, 1966
by Zinn Education Project

A New Political Situation in Latin America: What Lies Ahead?
by Claudio Katz

2016: UK Drops Death Penalty Strategy as Executions Spike in Iran, Pakistan & Saudi

*Sealing the stiff upper lip

The Real News Network
US Corporate Media Amplifies Saudi PR Machine
The Intercept’s Zaid Jilani says the Saudi Arabian government has been able to present its point of view free of any challenge in the Western mainstream media

Days of Revolt: America’s Death Squads
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and investigative journalist Allan Nairn break down the mechanics of U.S. intervention across the globe, and the consequences still unraveling today

*Democrats’ death and destruction

There is nothing “less” to their evil in the minds of the victims

The Shared Interests of the Oregon Militia Movement, Koch Brothers and LDS Church
Chris Zinda discusses how groups such as those involved in the armed standoff in Oregon are influenced by the likes of the Mormon Church, the John Birch Society and Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity

*Don’t look for “religious extremists” in any corpress coverage of this.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Is Saudi Gunning to Scuttle Mideast Peace?

Calls to Remove Head of DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

*You can’t save the soul of a party

Bereft of one

Democracy Now!
Amid Armed Oregon Standoff, Report Finds “Skyrocketing” Number of Anti-Government Militia Groups

These Aren’t the First Armed Whites to Take Over That Oregon Land: Just Ask the Native Paiute People

“We Have Been Betrayed”: Activist Who Refused to Shake Obama’s Hand Decries Latest Immigration Raids

*These folks don’t have the luxury of rationalizing Dear Misleader’s malevolence, do they?

When We Fight, We Win: New Book Showcases Social Movements & Activists Transforming the World

Is chicken for dinner giving you a urinary tract infection?
Researchers are linking the bacteria in food to UTIs
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

3-Ingredient French Onion Slow Cooker Soup
by Yuri Elkaim


‘Volcanic’ Porter Ranch Gas Leak May Take Months to Close
According to state officials, safety concerns have slowed down efforts to close gas leak pumping thousands of tons of methane
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Even Tumbling Fossil Fuel Prices Can’t Deter Clean Energy Revolution
2015 saw ‘a global surge for wind and solar energy, which occurred despite oil, coal and natural gas selling at bargain rates’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[A] growing willingness by Wall Street to pour billions of dollars into projects once considered financially risky”

And both they and the corps receiving that loot are looking for a lucrative return on that investment.

There’ll be nothing clean about what those dirty hands will do to achieve it.

Notes from Kabul
by Carolyn Coe

Three Middle-Class-Killing Industries for 2016
by Paul Buchheit

US ‘Regime Change’ Madness in the Middle East
Bureaucratic self-interest trumped US military’s conviction that American security is being endangered by Obama’s policy of regime change
by Gareth Porter

*Does anyone else see a problem with the Pentagon defying civilian authority, regardless of whether they were “right” to do so?

I’m not speaking to the concept of refusing to comply with administration policy due to an overriding fealty to the Constitution. This was a covert act to thwart an admittedly dangerous strategy, rather than a principled objection to it.

That the military ultimately chose to protect its own imperial hand in the game makes plain that principle has precious little to do with the whole affair.

Palestine’s lost present: A journey in the Jordan Valley
by Vijay Prashad

Opportunistic Islamophobia
by Andrew Levine

How False Stories of Iran Arming the Houthis Were Used to Justify War in Yemen
by Gareth Porter

Human Research Loopholes: Alive and Well
by Yonatan Moskowitz and Lee Tien

*Science marches on


$10 Trillion Investment Needed To Avoid Massive Oil Price Spike Says OPEC
by Nick Cunningham

*Let’s hope this is an industry in deep denial over its coming demise.

If it isn’t, ours is assured.

Prepare for the Raids!

The Real News Network
How The Chinese Debt Bubble Led to the Stock Market Plunge
Johns Hopkins professor Ho-Fung Hung says we are seeing a continuation of the stock market collapse from the summer of 2015, and executive measures to rescue the market can only create more trouble in the long run

Inside Baltimore’s Outrageous Bail System
TRNN speaks to bail lobby insiders and those working to abolish it altogether

*A baleful bond

Take DEADLY Ingredients Out of Trident Gum
by Alexanderia Wickham

How Media Turned Right-Wing ‘Willing to Kill’ Extremists Into Peaceful ‘Rancher’s Rights Protesters’
by Ben Norton

*And the Klan were “states’ rights activists” …

But while the Klan were indisputably terrorists, if we take to term to mean those who utilize threatened or actual violence against civilians to sow fear and achieve their aims, then these “patriots” don’t fit the profile.

That doesn’t in any way diminish the danger they pose, but when every unfavored group that uses or epouses violence (regardless of its target) is demonized as “terrorists”, we should employ that label with circumspection.

Of course, you don’t have to have diddley to do with violence to be deemed an “extremist” or “terrorist” in these here United States, do you just?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Saudi Executions, Weapons and Influence

Eat THIS Healthy Breakfast Food for Faster Fat Loss (and Fewer Cravings)
by Yuri Elkaim

The Benefits of Salt & the Best Salt to Use
by Dr. David Brownstein

The Belly-Blasting and Stomach-Sculpting Trifecta
by Yuri Elkaim

Raise the barre for weight loss
by Leanne Ely

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Law, Order, and Social Suicide
by Robert C. Koehler

What About the Police Crime Rate?
by Vincent Warren

*The thick blue wall

The Real News Network
Top 3 Economic Stories of 2015
UMKC’s Michael Hudson breaks down how the increasing wealth gap, suppression of wages, and IMF rule changes are creating a battle between the classes

*One hand fingers the fiddle

The other fans the flame

Urge Ugandan President Museveni to pass the acid attack bill now
by Hanifa Nakiryowa

Democracy Now!
Exxon’s Climate Cover-Up Just Got Bigger: Docs Suggest All Major Oil Giants Have Lied Since the 1970s

*Liar, liar

Planet on fire

Artichokes: Choke Out Chronic Illness With This Superfood
by Jonny Bowden


Michigan Governor ‘Sorry’ as Flint’s ‘Man-Made’ Water Catastrophe Continues
Michigan’s top environment official resigns in latest development of lead contaminated water crisis
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Crocodile tears from a right reptile

‘The Fight Is Still On’: Hundreds Protest Sex Slave Accord in South Korea
‘Japan took us to be comfort women and still tries to deny its crime,’ says one of 46 surviving ‘comfort women’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*You can’t forgive

Those who only wish to forget

An Open Letter to Young Muslims Everywhere: The Seed of Triumph in Every Adversity
by Ramzy Baroud

Center for Biological Diversity
EPA Misses Key Deadlines for Analyzing Pesticides’ Risks to People, Wildlife

*The EPA doesn’t need Congress to defang it

It’s a dab hand at self dentistry

The Real News Network
DOJ Suspends Asset Seizures
Former Deputy LAPD Chief of Police Stephen Downing explains why a law meant to target drug kingpins was harming everyday people since only 13 percent of seizure victims were ever charged with a crime

*Cops as robbers

No Charges for Cleveland Officer Who Killed 12-Year Old Tamir Rice
Attorney Kamau Franklin explains why the prosecutor’s approach in Tamir Rice’s case was flawed from the beginning and highlights the tools needed to bring a change beyond just criminal justice reform

Democracy Now!
“Groundbreaking” Exposé Shows Pentagon Thwarting Obama’s Bid to Transfer Guantánamo Prisoners

*If Dear Misleader truly viewed this as a priority, that hell hole would have been closed long ago.

But even if that were the case, it would have been replicated in the U.S., so we’re only talking about a matter of place, not perdition.

As Puerto Rico Nears Record Default, Island Complains to U.N. That U.S. Violating Sovereignty Rights

Six Benefits of Muscle-Strengthening Exercise You May Not Know About
How about making you smarter and better looking?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Spending Millions to Save Much More: How the Uber-Wealthy Avoid Paying Their Fair Share
New York Times investigation reveals how richest Americans exploit tax system in order to shield tens of millions
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

In Victory Against Pointless Plastic, Microbead Ban Signed Into Law
While Earth suffers ‘death by a thousand cuts,’ ban highlights much-needed environmental considerations
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Whole Paycheck’ Dodges Overcharging Claims with $500K Settlement
Investigation found overcharging ranged from $0.80 for a package of pecan panko to $14.84 for a package of coconut shrimp
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Clean” foods

Dirty pricing

‘Free Basics’ Will Take Away More Than Our Right to the Internet
by Vandana Shiva

*Toxic food

And tethered thought

Those Demanding Free Speech Limits to Fight ISIS Pose a Greater Threat to U.S. Than ISIS
by Glenn Greenwald

All Naughty, No Nice: 5 Worst Fracking Moments of 2015
It’s hard to choose just five, but here are some of the worst moments from the fracking industry this past year
by Kiley Fisher

#YearWithoutTamir or, Why GetEQUAL Staff Are in Cleveland This Week

The Real News Network
Ex-Israeli PM Olmert Sentenced in Bribery Scandal But Remains Popular
Shir Hever explains why the majority of Israeli society remain in strong support of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert despite his being sentenced to 18 months in jail for bribery

WaPo Tallies Police Killings–but Holds Back Some of the Numbers That Count
by Jim Naureckas

*The cops shoot first

The corpress asks skewed questions later

Democracy Now!
Tamir Rice Family “In Shock” After Grand Jury Clears Police for Fatally Shooting Boy Holding Toy Gun

*A “perfect storm”

Formed by a police state of mind

Prosecutors in Tamir Rice Case Accused of Rigging Grand Jury to Clear Two Officers with Troubled Pasts

When Will the Killings Stop? Calls for Justice as Tamir Rice Joins List of Unpunished Police Deaths

*It’s not the color of the tab

Connecticut Reporter Resigns After Boss “Pimps Out Paper” to Billionaire GOP Donor Sheldon Adelson


What a concept

Why women especially need to know the signs of a stroke
Women can suffer the consequences more than men
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

Eating Before Bed: The Ultimate Pre-Bed Meal
by Yuri Elkaim


The Illusion of Freedom
by Chris Hedges

*True freedom lies in the choice to care

The unbound soul is tethered to its cohorts

California Port Truckers Win $6.9 Million Wage Theft Ruling – Beginning Of End For Mis-Classification Scheme
by Doug Cunningham
Labor Radio

Brazilian Democracy in Distress: Unpacking Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment
by Alfredo Saad Filho

*What would be “inspiring” to me would be a party that embodied the ideal of honesty with the people as its innate policy.

I can dream, can’t I?

An ‘extremist’ in the United States
by Robert Jensen

*The “reasonable person”

Is far from standard

Campaign for Peace and Democracy
Support CPD!

The Real News Network
The Function of Police in Modern Society: Peace or Control?
Scholar Sam Mitrani says the police were created to restrain the working class and the poor

*Excellent segment, worth a repost, providing the skinny that goes beyond a superficial “progressive” analysis.

But alluding to Mitrani’s comment about this nation’s wealth, it’s been produced by exploitation, so using it to address that situation is a contradiction, to my mind.

I don’t think the question is one of using wealth better, but of the concept of wealth itself, and with it the idea of working for someone else.

A “better job” is still one predicated on being paid a wage. With that comes control.

This dovetails with the subject at hand. The police don’t exist to “serve and protect” the population, and wage labor doesn’t exist to provide the population with dignity and freedom.

If we have to look at alternatives to policing, we have to do so as well with the nature of work, and the hierarchical relations that derive from work predicated on receiving a wage.

Okay, that’s all I got.

Democracy Now!
At End of Hottest Year Ever, Massive U.S. Storm Kills At Least 43 with More Extreme Weather to Come

*Hot air fuels a tsunami of stupidity

“A Badge to Kill”: Grief & Outrage as Chicago Police Shoot Dead 2 More Unarmed African Americans

*A rotten barrel ruled by Barry’s buddy

Mapping Police Violence: New Study Shows Cops Have Killed At Least 1,152 in 2015

The Link Between Stress and Cancer…How Fat Can Reverse Its Deadly Effects
by Daily Superfood Love

9 Common Nutrient Deficiencies (and How to Fix Them)
by Yuri Elkaim

Can’t Lose Weight? How Your Low Thyroid Is Making You Fat
by Yuri Elkaim

12 Big Fitness Trends and Health Predictions for 2016
by Yuri Elkaim

Are eggs from humanely-treated hens safer to eat?
And how can you know what you’re buying?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


John Ono Lennon and Yoko Ono
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Happy Holidays, Super PACs: FEC Removes Yet Another Block Against Dark Money
Little-noticed rule allows candidates to solicit money for super PACs as long as it’s done in a small meeting
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*F acilitating
E fficacious
C orruption

Russia Warming Over Two Times Faster Than Rest of Planet
Country’s environment ministry issues climate change warning in annual report
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Going Beyond Paris or Even “Sustainability”: A Meta-Narrative for Sharing the World with Natural Systems
by Elizabeth Oriel

*Humanity beyond humanity

“The Time of the End is the Time of No Room”
by George Capaccio

*We need to go beyond imagining ourselves in another’s shoes

And imagine ourselves in their souls

Neoliberalism Resurgent in Argentina
What to expect after Macri’s victory
by Matías Vernengo

Filipina Trafficking Survivors Launch a Co-Op—And They Own Their Jobs
After Judith Daluz escaped from an abusive employer and reunited with her children, she struggled to make ends meet. So she started a cleaning business with other Filipinas—where she’s her own boss.
by Abigail Savitch-Lew

The Real News Network
Netanyahu Says it’s Anti-Semitism to Accuse Israel of War Crimes or Violating Human Rights
Shir Hever: At the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism, the Israeli military and political leadership’s attacks on critics reflects Israel’s isolation and the strength of the boycott campaign

*From a good while back, but still useful intel, I’d warrant.


Lobbyists, in Strategy Session, Conclude That Refugee Crisis “Helps Us” Defeat Regulations
by Lee Fang
The Intercept

The Real News Network
Will the Decline of Coal Solve the Climate Crisis?
Sharon Kelly says as coal companies face financial pressure, investors should be wary about shifting toward other fossil fuels if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change

*If there is a concerted corporate shift to renewables, we have to be aware that while the energy may be clean

The owners remain filthy.

The African Origins of Christmas
Historian, author, and educator Anthony Browder summarizes the African origins of Christmas

The Case of Alonzo Smith Transcends Local Colonial Boundaries and Jurisdictions
Activist and organizer with PACA – Pan-African Community Action – Adwoa Masozi discusses the latest developments in the mysterious death of Alonzo Smith while in private police custody

Is the African Union a Western Front for Civil War in Burundi?
Executive editor and founder of the Black Agenda Report Glen Ford discusses the latest in the apparent civil war in Burundi, describing much of the problem as originating in Western and other outside influences

The Odd (Yet Effective) Tips I Tell Clients To Help Them Maintain Their Weight
by Yuri Elkaim


‘Unprecedented Situation’ in Brazil as Number of Cases of Virus-Linked Birth Defect Explodes
Mosquito responsible for dengue epidemic also bringing Zika to drought-stricken Brazil
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Kentucky Lurches Right After New Governor’s Regressive Rampage
In one day, Tea Party ‘darling’ Matt Bevin revokes voting rights for tens of thousands and rolls back minimum wage hikes
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

A Call for Proof on Syria-Sarin Attack
by Ray McGovern

The Real News Network
$100 Billion in Tax Revenue Lost Every Year Due to Loopholes for Multinationals
On 60 minutes, Apple CEO Tim Cook says accusations of tax avoidance schemes are ‘total political crap’, but economist James Henry says it’s unfair for corporations to simply wash their hands of having to share the costs of government

Texas Grand Jury Rules Against Any Indictments in the Death of Sandra Bland
Activist, scholar and journalist Rosa Clemente says Sandra Bland’s death could be a COINTELPRO-like targeted assassination of Black activists

What Influence Does Wall Street Have Over Candidates Clinton and Sanders?’s Will Tucker and former financial regulator Bill Black respond to Hillary Clinton’s comments on her ties to Wall Street

*I wouldn’t put scared money on Sanders waging war against Wall Street if elected, but I’d bet my bottom piaster on what will happen under Madam Mayhem.

And as much as I despise what she represents, let’s stop calling her “Hillary”.

“That bastard” works fine my me.

Weirdly, Trump Is as Blase About Russia Killing Journalists as He Is About US Killing Journalists
by Jim Naureckas

Institute for Public Accuracy
Noam Chomsky & Abby Martin: Electing The President Of An Empire

Democracy Now!
Will Sandra Bland Get Justice? Family Speaks Out After Grand Jury Won’t Indict Anyone in Her Death

Free Speech Not Allowed? Mall of America Can’t Stop Black Lives Matter Rally over Jamar Clark Death

Is coconut oil a miracle cure for Alzheimer’s disease?
The idea is intriguing, but the evidence so far is lacking
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

4 Good Carbs to Eat for A Flat Belly
by Yuri Elkaim


Error 451: A New Dystopian Internet Code With a Very Important Meaning
‘If your government does that, it sends a strong message to you as a citizen about what their intent is.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Antibiotics Expert Warns It’s ‘Almost Too Late’ to Stop Global Superbug
‘We have got a 50-50 chance of salvaging the most important antibiotics but we need to stop agriculture from ruining it again,’ says UK health expert
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Threatened by Powerful Voice, Industry ‘Attack Dog’ Hired to Discredit Teenage Anti-GMO Activist
“The agrichemical industry is plainly quite threatened by this teenage schoolgirl, so that’s why they’re after her.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Australia Approves ‘Irresponsible’ Coal Port Near Great Barrier Reef
“The federal Liberal and state Labor governments are teaming up to do Adani’s dirty work to turn our Great Barrier Reef into a highway for coal ships to cook the planet.”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*More plunder Down Under

5 Lessons Trade Unions Can Teach the WTO
by Polly Jones

Trade unions test Qatari sincerity with demands for labour reform
by James M. Dorsey

Flowers from Guantanamo
by Kathy Kelly

Do Racists Like Fox News, or Does Fox Make People Racist?
by Sean McElwee and Jason McDaniel

*Call it “value added” racism

Center for Food Safety
Jackson County, OR GE-Free Zone Successfully Protected From Legal Challenge
Federal Court Decision Upholding County Ordinance Will Not Be Appealed

Fight for the Future
Facebook Is Trying to Mislead Users Into Helping Undermine Net Neutrality in India

The Real News Network
Podemos Breaks Two-Party System in Spain
ROAR Editor Carlos Delclos explains how Podemos has lead the call for structural change but will ultimately be limited in getting results

Initial Syrian Peace Talks Won’t Include Syrians
New Internationalism Project Director Phyllis Bennis says the U.N. Security Council resolution allows for the participation of all outside supporters of the opposition forces

For Democrats, Debate Night Means Being Quizzed From the Right by Corporate Media
by Jim Naureckas

*The questions reveal more about those posing them than those responding to them, don’t they?

FAIR CounterSpin
‘The Tendency Is to Just Publish the Police Blotter’
Jamie Kalven on the Laquan McDonald cover-up
by Janine Jackson

Is brisk walking always better for losing weight?
It depends on how long you do it
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

Oven Roasted Chestnuts (and my favorite way to enjoy them)
by Leanne Ely


‘Outrageous and Totalitarian’: Mall of America Sues to Block Black Lives Matter Protest
But organizers said they have ‘no plans to halt the demonstration’ planned for Wednesday, December 23
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

On Both Sides of Atlantic, Muslims Organizing to ‘Reject Dehumanization’
‘For some of us, organizing and resisting against this system of anti-Muslim violence is survival’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Freakish Winter Warmth: It’s NOT Not Global Warming
by Erika Spanger-Siegfried

Porter Ranch Gas Leak a Catastrophe Not Seen Since the BP Oil Spill
by Erin Brockovich

*Greed is the most potent poison

Your Retirement Prospects Are Bleaker Than Ever
by Dean Baker

The occupation cannot hold back the Palestinians forever
by Vijay Prashad

Moral Monsters: What al-Baghdadi and Hitler Do and Do Not Have in Common
by Andrew Levine

*The equivocal embodiments of evil

Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
Palm Oil Giant Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK) Plagued By Ongoing Conflict and Exploitation, New Progress Report Finds
Report sets six month timeline for KLK to resolve cases and calls on KLK’s customers and financiers to cut all ties if the company does not

Revolution News
#ResurrectionVillage Tiny Homes – Denver Homeless Outloud by Unicorn Riot

*Mile high inhumanity

The Real News Network
Rwanda’s Kagame Eligible for Third Term Despite Civil Society Crackdowns
Rwanda genocide survivor Claude Gatebuke says the U.S., which spends $200 million a year on the Rwandan government, is starting to see president Paul Kagame more as a liability than an asset

Congress Cuts Taxes for the Rich While Majority of Americans Want Them to Pay More
Economist James Henry explains how the “activating finance” tax break permanently keeps billions of corporate revenue offshore, furthering the wealth gap in America

*Xmas for the exploitocracy

Petition update
Wildlife Services Must Follow Environmental Laws, Says State of Washington Court
by Robert Merrick

WaPo Gets Iran Missile Story Exactly Backwards
by Jim Naureckas

*Clearly, the Post has no interest in improving its accuracy.

Washington Post Promotes Dickensian Marketing Experiment on Poor Children
by Adam Johnson

*X rated Xmas exploitation

Find the Right Doctor and Triumph over Cancer
by Ty Bollinger

*If your doc ain’t a mensch

Send them to the bench

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Cancer Patients
by Dr. David Jockers

Promising Cancer Cure Cover-Up by Big Pharma
by G. Edward Griffin

*True? If you have any enlightening intel to share, please pass it along.

7 Anti-Aging Foods Everyone Over 40 Should Eat
by Yuri Elkaim

How to Do Intermittent Fasting: 19 Popular Questions Answered
by Yuri Elkaim

The 14 Best Ab Exercises for a Rock Solid Core
by Yuri Elkaim

Don’t be fooled by these claims about breakfast foods
They just want you to eat more of their foods
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


‘Landslide Victory’ for Farmers as Court Rules Against Shell
Nigerian farmer says Dutch court ruling ‘offers hope that Shell will finally begin to restore the soil around my village’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Change in Spain: Podemos or No Podemos?
We’re led to believe that the concept of basic income is just too radical for the present moment
by Belén Fernández

*”We Can”

But we won’t

Open Letter to John Kerry on Syria Peace Process

Amnesty International USA
Dow Must Show Up at Criminal Court Hearing in Bhopal

The Real News Network
Is the DNC Unfairly Targeting the Sanders Campaign?
Journalist Doug Henwood says Sanders’ campaign has the right to be suspicious of the Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, considering her close allegiance to the Clintons

New Education Bill: Downloading and Its Impact on Schools
Lois Weiner of New Jersey City University says the main issues facing public schools are privatization, testing, teacher performance and school budgets – and this bill won’t fix them

Yemen Peace Talks Turn into Crisis Management
A resolution to the conflict is at risk because key players that have enormous power in the conflict are not at the table, says associate editor Bilal Ahmed

A Crude Deal: Lifting Oil Export Ban Means Subsidy Windfall for Oil Industry
The proposal in the current spending bill could lead to a lot more carbon emissions and government handouts for the oil industry, says’s Steve Horn

Domestic abusers aren’t #RealHeroes
by Kenneth Tome

Admiring an athlete simply for being skilled at his profession is foolish.

We should save our respect for those who by their actions towards others show that they merit it.

Petition update
Ben & Jerry’s officially opposes tail docking
by Laura Yanne

FAIR CounterSpin
‘It’s Just One in a Long Series of Attacks on Planned Parenthood’
Jodi Jacobson on Colorado Spring massacre
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton: The “Temporary Populist”

*Clinton’s supply of sincerity?

Sold out

Democracy Now!
Did the U.S. Cover Up Navy SEALs’ Beating Death of Afghan Detainee & Pattern of Extreme Abuse?

*Does it take “immense courage” to not be a monster

Or just a solid handle on your humanity?

After 28 Years in Prison, Man Falsely Convicted in Botched Investigation to Walk Free

Ceasefire in Yemen Faces Collapse as U.S. Continues Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia, Fueling Civil War


As Destruction of Philly Public Ed Looms, Kids Are Pawns in Budget Battle
‘Do we really need to bleed Philadelphia some more before we can heal the self-inflicted wounds caused by our conservative legislators?’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Not Just Oceans and Atmosphere, Rapid Warming Killing World’s Lakes
Rapidly warming lakes are warning sign of possible water insecurity, ‘substantial economic consequences,’ and, in some cases, ‘complete ecosystem loss,’ researchers found.
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

“People’s Injunction” Launched to Block Canadian Pipelines
‘The action on the ground starts now’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

There’s Nothing Funny About a Donald Trump Rally
At a rally on board an aircraft carrier, the true character of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is apparent – fascism with a cartoon face
by Laurie Penny

*There’s no chance this ubermiststück will be president

But that’s not what this is about, is it?

Trump’s on the mother of all power trips, his dick rigid as the rabble scream his name.

He doesn’t want the job

He wants the rapturous adulation of the mob

The rapt attention of the media

And the celebrity sine qua non to come.

Fight for the Future
Chelsea Manning Turns 28 in Military Prison
Supporters mobilize to celebrate heroic WikiLeaks whistleblower’s birthday; Fight for the Future launches site to send Chelsea a flurry of birthday cards

National Lawyers Guild Adopts Resolution Supporting Prison Abolition
“Prisons do not disappear problems, they disappear human beings.” -Angela Y. Davis

The Real News Network
Why You Should Be Concerned by the Fed’s Interest Rate Hike
PERI Co-director Gerald Epstein says while the interest rate hike is meant to demonstrate the growing strength of the US economy, it could actually end up slowing it down

Media Take Diet Advice From Coke-Funded Academics
by Stacy Malkan

*Apparently they think we’ll swallow anything.

Of course, that is their business model.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Anger in Streets of Baltimore

Democracy Now!
Mistrial: Justice for Freddie Gray Uncertain as Baltimore Jury Fails to Reach Verdict

How Flint, Michigan, Saved Money and Poisoned Its Children: City Declares Water Emergency

*Yeah, I know it’s a fantasy, but the bastards behind this should be given a choice

Go to prison for a long goddamn time

Or drink the water

6 ways to save money while eating healthy
by Leanne Ely


And Just Like That, “Free Trade” Pact Trounces US Law
Congress kills country-of-origin label law with provision tucked into omnibus budget
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

World’s Small Farmers Fighting Back as WTO Pushes Corporate Agenda
The WTO is aiming to strengthen a ‘corporate-driven free trade regime’ while ignoring solutions that would protect small-scale farmers and increase food security, says La Via Campesina
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Gas Prices Are Down and a Nation’s Love for SUVs Soars
Worldwide vehicle fuel economy needs vast improvement to stave off catastophic warming.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Literally driving over the cliff

Breaking Bread in Kabul
by Kathy Kelly

As We Adapt to Climate Change, Who Gets Left Behind?
by Robert Jensen

The Ungodly Type: So-Called Christian Shelter Boots Out Sinful Sex-Having Harlots Because, Duh, the Bible
by Abby Zimet, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Religion enlists the divine

To justify the all too human

The Real News Network
7 Arrested Demanding State Revoke Permit for New Baltimore Incinerator
TRNN speaks to concerned community residents and and public health experts on why they believe the Department of Environment should halt the construction of the largest incinerator in the country

Why America is Moving Away from the WTO
As WTO ministers meet in Nairobi, Tuft University’s Tim Wise explains the tensions between developing countries and developed countries and why America is pursuing asymmetrical negotiations in regional trade deals like the TPP

Institute for Public Accuracy
CNN: Must a President Kill Thousands of Children?

*P.T. Barnum was born too soon

CNN’s Debate on ‘Terror’ Omitted the Kind That Kills the Most Americans
by Adam Johnson

Democracy Now!
Pt. 2: Black Women at the Intersection: Holtzclaw Case Links #BlackLivesMatter & Anti-Rape Struggles

*Holtzclaw focused on these women

And those that should have supported them, didn’t.

GOP Debate: Trump Defends Muslim Ban, Other Candidates Debate How to Restrict Rights & Go to War

The 7 Worst “Healthy Food” Imposters…
by Jonny Bowden

Getting enough vitamin D to protect your bones
Few foods have adequate amounts of vitamin D
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


Who Bought This Influential Newspaper? Its Own Journalists Don’t Even Know
Secrecy behind Las Vegas Review-Journal sale even more troubling because of the role Nevada holds in the upcoming 2016 presidential election
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

As Lead Poisons City’s Children, Mayor Declares State of Emergency
Study found dramatically elevated levels of the dangerous toxin in the blood of Flint, Michigan children under five
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

World without Context: Why the News Couldn’t Be Worse
Donald Trump, Mass Shootings With an Islamic Terrorist Flavor, and the Rise of the “Spectaculection”
by Tom Engelhardt

*Eyeballs glued

Brainpans emptied

Jesus in America Today: Spit Upon, Beaten, Banned
by Mark Morford

*All the sins sanctified in his name …


Sue for defamation of character?

When the State Department Tries to Choose Muslim Thought Leaders to Win “Hearts and Minds”
by Glenn Greenwald

*The ignorance is exceeded only by the arrogance

Jubilee USA Network
Federal Reserve Rate Increase Impacts Poor Country Debt

Reporters Without Borders
Reporters Without Borders Publishing Annual Worldwide Round-Up of Journalists Held Hostage, Imprisoned or Missing

Egypt Lobbies MEPs in Defense of Plans to Execute Irish Juvenile

The Real News Network
Media Hypes Potential Unrest as Jury Says It’s Deadlocked in Freddie Gray Case
Legal expert Doug Colbert and Baltimore activist Tariq Toure respond to developments on Day 12 of the trial of William Porter for the death of Freddie Gray

*Preparing for unrest

Or praying for it?

‘Fossil Fuels’ Nowhere to be Found in the Paris Agreement
Professor Chris Williams says 21 years of treaties and negotiations have all been stepping around the main problem: the production of fossil fuels

Days of Revolt: The Militarism of U.S. Diplomacy
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and author Vijay Prashad trace the acceleration of U.S. militarism since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and discuss the consequences of U.S. domination over global affairs

*The bullshitter in the china shop

Bill Black: A “Jihadist” Against the Banks?
While assisting the prosecution of JPMorgan and Countrywide in Florida by the Department of Justice, TRNN regular Bill Black was dismissed from the case by the assistant US Attorney, who described him as a “jihadist”

*Too big to flail

Democracy Now!
When Cops Rape: Daniel Holtzclaw & the Vulnerability of Black Women to Police Abuse

Does green tea prevent cancer?
The evidence is better for coffee
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


‘The Warning Bells are Deafening’: Super El Niño Threatening Global Hunger Crisis
Stark warning aimed at those likely to be ravaged by record weather system, as well as wealthy governments indebted to nations most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Tennessee Self-Abortion Arrest Highlights Dangers of War on Women
‘The Tennessee legislature is responsible for the coat hanger, however, Ms. Yocca is on trial and that is unacceptable.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Strippers Suffering From Low Oil Prices
by Michael McDonald

*Misleading title

Informative piece

A Holiday Note to Congress: Half of Your Country is In or Near Poverty
by Paul Buchheit

*A rude awakening from the American Dream

The Age of Stupidity is Upon Us
Andrew Levine

*A fool and his money

Are soon a party?

Fight for the Future
White House in the Spotlight as Controversial CISA-Like Cyber Spying Added to ‘Omnibus’ Must-Pass Budget Bill
President Obama must veto dangerous attack on Internet security and free speech

UK Torture Complicity
Jack Straw’s comments do not fit with facts

The Real News Network
D.C. Mayor Calls for Warrantless Searches of Ex-Prisoners
The most Democratic city in the country is also the site of some of the harshest and most racialized proposed crime legislation

*Capital offenses

Leaders Sidestep Pentagon’s Carbon Emissions at COP21
Transnational Institute’s Nick Buxton explains how the world’s greatest CO2 emitter has gotten a free pass at climate negotiations since the ’90s

*Al Gore … a climate criminal?!


(That anyone would believe otherwise)

America’s Surge of Islamophobia
Moustafa Bayoumi, author of This Muslim American Life, explains why calls to register Muslims and surveillance mosques aren’t just fringe GOP ideas

Saudi Elections a Minor Concession to Internal Democratic Pressure
Professor Toby Jones says the Saudi elections won’t affect the fundamental political order

Don’t Kill the Buffalo in Yellowstone
by Joyce ONeill

Institute for Public Accuracy
9/11 Whistleblower Rowley on Visas and Mideast War Root Causes

*But they do have a clue as to the induced ignorance of the American public, don’t they?

Paris Climate Deal a “Fraud”

*A right turd

That will flush us right down the toilet

Credulous Reporting of Deceptive Propaganda Made Planned Parenthood Attack Inevitable
by Jim Naureckas

*I don’t know what’s more vomitous

The lies

The pandering to the liars

Or the spineless response (or lack of same) from those who could refute those lies.

Pretty much a toss up, don’t you think?

FAIR CounterSpin
‘A Woman’s Ability to Pay Her Bills Should Not Be Dependent on the Whims of Customers’
Saru Jayaraman on the lower wage for tipped workers
by Janine Jackson

*There’s another issue in this that has public health implications, and that’s the poison served at not only fast food joints, but also the Olive Gardens and IHOPs and the high end restaurants, though the menu may be “haute cuisine”.

This shit is loaded with fat, salt and sugar, not to mention pesticides, and is a prime culprit in the health crisis of obesity and heart disease we’re confronting.

Workers in the industry should be treated fairly, but the bottom line is that the industry shouldn’t exist, same as fossil fuels.

So I realize the time crunch, as well as the lack of knowledge so many folks have regarding how to prepare healthy meals at home, but Jayaraman’s point about a living wage benefiting the industry flies in the face of the fact that this crap will kill you.

Democracy Now!
Protest in Paris: Climate Justice Activists Decry Accord as “Death Sentence” for Millions

7 Essential Steps for Preventing Breast Cancer
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

What Really Causes Cancer
by Webster Kehr

*FYI – I thought it better to pass it along than not.

Hormone-Sensitive Lipase: 3 Clever Ways to Make This Enzyme Burn More Fat
by Yuri Elkaim

Ranking protein from the healthiest to the least healthy
How do beans, nuts, fish, poultry, and dairy compare?
by Bonnie Liebman

Drink THIS First Thing in the Morning
This daily trick can help you detoxify, improve your digestion and boost your metabolism & energy levels
by Mike Geary

*Does it work?

Couldn’t hurt to see, right?


Channeling Nation’s Ugliness, Trump More American Than You Think
“Donald Trump’s racism, nativism, and bigotry are as American as apple pie,” says commentator
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The creature from the black lagoon of the American id

Despite Global Blowback, US Military Demanding Bigger, Badder Drone War
Questions also raised about whether civilian defense contractors hired as pilots are taking part in armed conflict
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

US Nuclear Weapons Complex Leaves ‘Legacy of Death on American Soil’
More than 100,000 Americans have been diagnosed with cancers and other diseases after building the nation’s atomic stockpile over last 70 years
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Dr. Strangelove’s deadly prescription

So Why Did Turkey Shoot Down That Russian Plane?
Powerful forces are maneuvering to torpedo any Syrian peace process that could leave room for Bashar al-Assad.
by Conn Hallinan

An Introduction to Mijente
by Marisa Franco
Director of #Not1More and co-founder of Mijente

The Real News Network
U.S. Remains Tight with Saudis In Spite of Support for Terrorism
Toby Jones, author of the book Desert Kingdom: How Oil and Water Forged Modern Saudi Arabia, explains the depth of US-Saudi relations and why it remains solid in spite of the mounting evidence of its connection to terrorism on our soil

Oil Gushing Saudi Arabia Major Obstacle at COP-21 in Paris
Dimitri Lascaris gives us a run-down on all of the major obstacles in the draft agreement coming out of Paris COP21 meeting

*Determined to sign our death warrant

Former Baltimore Police Trainer: Porter Responsible for Freddie Gray’s Death
33-year law enforcement veteran Neill Franklin also says only accountability for police and ending policies such as the drug war can prevent more tragedies like the death of Freddie Gray

*The “war on drugs”, like the “war on terror”, won’t end until we understand that neither is about its alleged goal.

They’re about control – of resources, land, populations, power.

Ask yourself what benefit is derived for those in power by “winning” those wars, and by their endless prosecution.

How does the balance sheet look from their vantage point?

After San Bernardino, Some Reporters ‘Poke Around’–While Others Follow the Money
by Janine Jackson

*More toxic mold infesting the Fourth Estate

Institute for Public Accuracy
Dow – DuPont Merger: Perpetuating GMOs, Squeezing Farmers and Consumers?

*More malignant growth from the cancer of capitalismo

Democracy Now!
We are Sacrifice Zones: Native Leader Says Toxic North Dakota Fracking Fuels Violence Against Women

4 proven steps to reset your metabolism
by Yuri Elkaim

*Solid intel, as I see it

See if you assent

8 surprising uses for cranberries
by Leanne Ely


Listen to This Network CEO Revel in the Amazing Profits of Presidential Candidates “Throwing Crap at Each Other”
An inside look at why corporate media eggs on Trump’s divisive—and lucrative—braggadocio
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”We’re happy as hell, and we want to take more and more!”

Outlook is Sunny: Solar Energy On Track for Its Best Year Ever
“Year after year, we’re seeing the demand for solar energy in America skyrocket.”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Without community control, we’ll be at risk for a severe case of sunburn.

The Deadly Results of This Nation’s Mental Healthcare Failure
New report details widespread systemic failures that have led to decline of healthcare access alongside rise in police interactions with mentally ill
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What we truly have is a moral health crisis

Abortion Access – No Matter How Much Money You Make
by Alexa Kolbi-Molinas

Healing Humanity’s Grief In The Face Of Climate Change
byDavid Suzuki

*Without humanity

There will be little left of humanity

Blair Must Answer for UK-US Rendition of Anti-Gaddafi Families at Parliamentary Appearance

MENA Solidarity Network-US
Human Rights TRUMP Oppression: Solidarity with Iraqi and Syrian Refugees

The Real News Network
Venezuela Opposition Secures “Supermajority” in National Assembly
Gabriel Hetland and Gregory Wilpert say that removing President Maduro from office appears to be its first order of business

Former Bolivian UN Ambassador: COP21 Draft Text Shows Plans to Further Commodify Nature
TRNN correspondent Dimitri Lascaris talks to former UN Ambassador of Bolivia Pablo Solon, who says the final Paris agreement is headed towards the creation of carbon markets with terms to be settled in future COP meetings

*So how much has all the hot air from Paris added to global warming?

The Canadian Environment Minister’s Cop-out at COP21
Dimitri Lascaris of TRNN, Carol Linnit of DeSmogCanada, and Ashley Renders of Vice News Canada challenge the new minister

Rattling the Bars: U.S. Prison Nation
In this episode of Rattling the Bars, TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks to Prison Policy Initiative’s Bernadette Rabuy and Dignity and Power Now’s Mark-Anthony Johnson about a new report on mass incarceration in America

Institute for Public Accuracy
Netanyahu: * Oil from ISIS * Anti-Muslim

Actipedia is an open-access, community-generated wiki to document, share, and inspire Creative Activism

NYT Rewrites Scalia to Make Him Sound Less Racist
by Jim Naureckas

*”And, you know, there are only a few really competent blacks, and if they go to UT … goodness …

All you’ll have at the lesser schools are a bunch of dumb bunnies.”

Democracy Now!
“It’s Going to Burn Our Planet”: Hundreds Protest “Unacceptable” Draft Climate Accord Inside COP21

Obama Accused of Giving Poor Nations a “Poison Chalice” by Skirting U.S. Climate Responsibility

Why Is Saudi Arabia Undermining COP21 When Climate Change Could Make the Gulf Uninhabitable?

Treat Yourself with Tangerines
by Leanne Ely


Torture Report at One Year: Unread, Unpunished, and Still Up for Debate
For the White House to look the other way while the investigation is possibly buried, ‘sets a dangerous precedent by excusing major crimes like torture and forced disappearance’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Will Any Presidential Candidate Connect Federal Tax Policy and Police Killings?
Tax policy and police brutality are inextricably linked, yet no one’s talking about it. Here’s why they should.
by Karen Dolan and Bob Lord

*Death and taxes

How the Agri-Business Borg Tried to Assimilate Me at the Paris Climate Talks
by Kevin Smith

It Takes Roots Delegation
Indigenous, Migrant, and Black Communities from the US and Canada Unite With Refugees And Migrant Communities in Paris

The Real News Network
Day 9: No Meaningful Outcome From Paris
Dimitri Lascaris says the draft agreement is profoundly unsatisfactory and lacks enforcement procedures

*The fiddles and the flames

Israel Key Link in Exporting ISIS Oil
Vijay Prashad says that ISIS oil is smuggled through Turkey to Israel and is a major source of ISIS funding

*No good guys

Only good guise

Friedman Goes After Trump: Hey, Massive Bombing Was MY Idea!
by Jim Naureckas

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Elephant in the Room” — Terrorism and the U.S.-Gulf States Alliance

Trump: Making Muslim Bias “Explicit”

Democracy Now!
“I Don’t Want to Die. This War Is Not My War”: A Syrian in France’s Largest Refugee Camp Speaks Out

What Do Survivors of War Have to Do to Live in Peace?: Voices from France’s Largest Refugee Camp

*”It’s their game.”

The latest on preventing breast cancer
Different subtypes may have different risk factors
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


Grassroots Groups Beg Scottish MPs to Stop US Corporate Power Grab
Call comes just one day after leaked docs show EU blocking discussion of measures to combat climate change that could ‘restrict international trade’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Obama’s “Legacy of Inaction” on Campaign Finance Reform Exposed
More than 100,000 people have signed a petition calling on the president to follow his rhetoric on Citizens United and take executive action against flow of money into politics
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Bold” isn’t the first label that leaps to mind when pondering Dear Misleader’s “legacy”.

“Perfidious”, on the other hand …

Supreme Court Takes Up ‘Fundamental Concept of Democracy’ in Voting Case
Court to decide if states should be required to draw legislative districts based on eligible voters or total populations
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The historical irony is that they wanted to count “the other” a century and a half ago

For the same reason

Donald Trump’s “Ban Muslims” Proposal is Wildly Dangerous But Not Far Outside the U.S. Mainstream
by Glenn Greenwald

*It’s what under the hair that’s truly askew

Center for Food Safety
Major Japanese and American Consumer Groups Oppose Genetically Engineered Salmon

Food & Water Watch
Precedent-setting Campaign to Block Nestlé and Others from Bottling Water in Oregon County Submits Three Times the Number of Signatures Needed to Qualify for Ballot

The Real News Network
Why did Obama Link San Bernardino Attack with his ISIS Strategy?
Vijay Prashad says there is no evidence of an operational relationship between ISIS and the terrorist attack

Days of Revolt: The Revolution Will Be Local
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges speaks with attorney Thomas Linzey and activist Mark Clatterbuck about the grassroots movements rising up against the fracking industry, and the legislative and direct action necessary to resist corporate power in the absence of a true democratic system

*Essential reading, one aspect of which is the betrayal by large enviro orgs, which serve the same purpose as what Glen Ford calls “the black misleadership class” – that is, to claim to speak for a movement, while attempting to act as a manager of same for the status quo.

Cover Midwife and Doula Services for Mothers in the United States
by Jennie Joseph
Every Mother Counts

Institute for Public Accuracy
Will Victims of U.S. Hospital Bombing be Heard?

* Obama Speech Translated * AP’s NSA “Propaganda”

*A(nother) P(ropaganda) piece

Democracy Now!
“I Want a World of Peace”: In Exclusive Interview UK Labour Head Jeremy Corbyn Opposes Bombing Syria

“A Legal Black Hole”: Jeremy Corbyn Calls for Closing of Guantánamo, Hails Release of Shaker Aamer

Jeremy Corbyn Connects Western Bombing Campaigns & Refugee Crisis: “What Goes Around Comes Around”

*I don’t put my faith in politicians, but you have to note that Corbyn’s comments are beyond the pale in the US, aren’t they?

We’re asked to settle for the likes of Sanders.

Top Climate Expert: Crisis is Worse Than We Think & Scientists Are Self-Censoring to Downplay Risk

*”No, I’m not hopeful. But if we don’t try, we are guaranteed to fail.”

As succinct as you can be, don’t you think?

“Loss and Damage”: U.S. Stymies Push for Compensation for Climate Devastation at U.N. Climate Summit

Exercise to lose weight?
It’s not nearly as powerful as cutting calories
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

The Power of a Little Nutmeg
by Leanne Ely


This WTO Ruling Is Perfect Example of How Big Trade Deals Trump Democracy
NAFTA partners can sue the U.S. for a combined $1 billion annually in retaliatory tariffs over Country of Origin Labels for meat
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Candidates for the 2015 “Hypocrite of the Year”
by Paul Buchheit

*”[Gates] seems genuinely interested in saving the world.”

Education “reform”

The Green(wash) Revolution

GMO boosterism

I’d say he’s still in the running … if not the lead.

As Immigrants Mark Frustrating Year for Obama’s Executive Action, Cities and States Can Take Lead
by Shena Elrington

Obama’s Speech, Translated into Candor
Norman Solomon

*Newspeak has always been old hat

Spike Lee Did the Wrong Thing
by Stacey Patton

IAEA’s Final Report on Iran Nuclear Program Defends Discredited Parchin Cylinder Claims
by Gareth Porter

Puente Movement
Uno por Uno: One by One

The Real News Network
Opposition Landslide in Venezuela – Maduro Accepts Results
President Maduro accepts results, says counter-revolution has won; opposition parties might win super-majority in National Assembly that could lead to removal of Maduro – Greg Wilpert and Alejandro Velasco with Paul Jay

The Islamic State that Buys Our Weapons
Last year, Saudi Arabia became the United State’s largest purchaser of arms, enshrining the untouchable status of a ruling monarchy that many accuse of fanning the flames of extremism in the Middle East

*Contracts signed in others’ blood

Who’s Listening to Civil Society at COP21?
Activists Anjali Appadurai and Kali Akuno describe the isolation and militarization at COP21 meetings and how world leaders refuse to acknowledge the need to end fossil fuel dependent economies

US Meddling in Venezuela’s Elections
National Lawyers Guild President Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan discusses the U.S. interests and the rhetoric of Hillary Clinton leading up to Venezuela’s parliamentary elections

Why America Remains Silent As Haitians Decry Fraud in National Election
Several reports find rampant fraud despite official results placing Martelly’s party in the next round of presidential elections

Empire Files: The U.S. School That Trains Dictators and Death Squads
Abby Martin investigates this notorious school that is largely hidden from the American public; its crimes around the world, its star graduates, why it exists and the movement to shut it down. Featuring interviews with School Of the Americas Watch founder Father Roy Bourgeois and other SOAW leaders.

*Few institutions make clearer the continuum of inhumanity at the heart of empire.

Regardless of administration, the funds – and the blood – flow.

“Industry Rule #4080…” Behind The Music Part TWO with TRNN’s Stephen Janis
TRNN journalist and producer Stephen Janis continues his conversation with Jared Ball about the politics and business of the music industry

*Beat down on the beat

Institute for Public Accuracy
Why Lower Standards for Teachers?

“The Muslims Are Coming!”

Democracy Now!
“We Do Not Want to Die in Silence”: Indigenous People Demand Rights as Draft Climate Deal Reached

Activists Dragged Out of Climate Expo for Protesting Corporate Influence over COP21 Negotiations

Finding the Healthiest Foods For Your Anti-Cancer Diet
by Ty Bollinger

How to Talk to Your Doctor if You’re a Cancer Patient
by Ty Bollinger

Why There Can Never be a Cure for Cancer
by Bill Henderson

*I can’t vouch for the veracity of this view, but I thought it worth passing along for your consideration.

Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer
by Dr. Ben Johnson

*As above – FYI

The Dirty Secrets of Feminine Hygiene Products Most Women Don’t Know
by Ty Bollinger

Are multivitamins a waste of money?
Not for everyone, especially older men
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

Metabolism Masterclass
Lesson 1: The 4 Metabolism Killers
by Yuri Elkaim

5 Ways to Make the Most of CSA
by Leanne Ely


“We’re in the Business of Killing Terrorists and Business is Good”
Statements by US Air Force officials indicate service is dropping so many bombs in war on ISIS that it’s scrambling to find more
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Don’t tell the munitions manufacturers that this is “futile”.

That’s not what their stock prices tell them.

‘Fukushima Fingerprint’: Highest-Yet Radiation Levels Found Off US Coast
‘The changing values underscore the need to more closely monitor contamination levels across the Pacific.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Front page news?

Keep thumbing

Crime Scene Becomes Media Circus as Journalists Rifle Through Shooters’ Home
“Everyone responsible for this should feel deeply ashamed,” said independent journalist Allison Kilkenny in reaction to bizarre episode
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*No principle

Just morbid interest

Guns and Deaths: We Really Don’t Care, Do We?
by Peter Van Buren

by Vijay Prashad

*When it comes to oil

Principle always loses out to interest

China Sucked Deeper Into World Financial Vortex and Vice Versa, as BRICS Sink Fast
by Patrick Bond

*Just more BRICS in the wall

#Freedomgiving Hunger Strike Supporters Push Candidates to Respond

The Real News Network
Voice of Europe: COP21
2015 Paris Climate Conference – COP21

*Gangrene washing

Canadian Youth Delegation Says Their Government Ignores Them, But Not Big Petroleum, at COP21
Real News correspondent Dimitri Lascaris talks to Atiya Jaffar of the Canadian Youth Delegation at the COP21 conference in Paris

*Photo ops

Input stops

Will COP21 Lead to Carbon Markets and an Unenforceable Agreement?
Chris Williams and Amy Miller discuss the shortcomings that could find their way into the final text at Paris

Justice for Port Drivers
Tell Ikea, Home Depot, Target to End Wage Theft

Sign the pledge: Don’t buy these Koch products
by Rachel Colyer
Daily Kos

A Missed Chance to Connect Paris Massacres, Past and Present
by Janine Jackson

*Isn’t “a lack of historical knowledge” contingent on a lack of historical reporting?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Under “Terrorism” Pretext, South Korea Set to Crack Down on Protests

*”Our valued (valueless) allies”

9/11 Whistleblower Coleen Rowley

Democracy Now!
We Do Not Want to Be An Accomplice: Nicaragua Rejects Global Consensus On Voluntary Emission Cuts

U.S. Accused of Shifting Responsibility of Climate Crisis Despite Role as Largest Historic Polluter

*The sound

The fury

The nothing

Will Nicaragua Build Massive Canal Despite Environmental Opposition?

*When Goodman says “[W]e’ll continue the discussion”, I hope she means that there’ll be a guest who will present opponents’ response to Oquist’s rosy scenario.

Time will tell.

African Women, Hit Hardest by Climate Change, Forge New Solutions Across the Continent

Activists Stage Paris Sit-In To Protest Role of Corporate Polluters in Climate Talks

Superfood Spotlight: 8 Powerful Alfalfa Benefits
by Yuri Elkaim

Orange you getting hungry?
by Leanne Ely


Private GOP Memo Reveals Trump Victory Would Only Mark the Beginning
‘Understand the populist points Trump makes and ride that wave,’ memo states.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The art of the heel

Zuckerberg’s Facebook Giveaway: ‘Charity’ or Tax-Dodging Scheme?
Massive ‘gift’ merely reshuffles $45 billion into limited liability company controlled by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Doing well by doing good


Message from Paris: We Can Reverse Global Warming
by Ronnie Cummins

Utopia Now: Why There’s Never Been a More Urgent Time to Dream of a Better World
Right now, the future seems dark and frightening and it is precisely now that we must continue to imagine other worlds and then plot ways to get there
by Laurie Penny

*You don’t have to have hope to dream of a better world

Just a keen instinct for survival

Beware the Moderate Extremists in Syria and at Home
by Peter Bloom

*The bomb bay doors of bipartisanship

The Dynamics of Compassion
by Robert C. Koehler

*We need to walk in another’s shoes

To step in the right direction

A missing item on the COP21 climate agenda: Grieving
by Robert Jensen

*We face the future

Or forfeit it

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
How the Venezuelan Government Could Win a Majority of Assembly Seats with 42 Percent of the Vote
New Paper Examines “Rural and Small-State Advantage,” Realigned Party Coalitions and Their Significance for December 6 Elections

Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)
New Study on Child-Harming Pesticides Should Spur State, National Action

*Profit is the most potent poison

ACLU–Yale Report Finds Ebola Quarantines Medically Unjustified and Unconstitutional

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Keep Politics Out of Nutrition Science!

The Real News Network
Former Cop: Incompetence Is No Excuse for Freddie Gray’s Death
Retired Baltimore Police Department Sergeant Michael Wood responds to the defense’s arguments

COP21 Final Agreement Will Include the Flaws of the Kyoto Protocol
Mary Lou Malig of the Global Forest Coalition says the negotiations in Paris are pursuing market-based solutions that will not save the planet

*Whatever comes out of Paris won’t be close to 2°C, and even that will spell destruction, disease and death for so many.

Least Developed Countries Get $248 Million to Adapt to Climate Change
Frederic Mousseau, Policy Director of the Oakland Institute, says while the $248 million in pledged funds appear to be satisfactory, the fund needs another zero to ensure that these countries can deal with the climate catastrophies they will face

Whither the Palestinian Authority? Neocolonial Police or Defender of Autonomy?
Shir Hever of the Alternative Information Center discusses various perspectives on the value, direction and future of the Palestinian Authority

*Handling the hirelings

Koch Spy Agency Led by Voter Fraud Huckster
by Brendan Fischer

Kochs’ Freedom Partners Spent $129M in 2014, Invested Massively in Voter Data Lists
by Brendan Fischer

Institute for Public Accuracy
Opposition to Both “Wholesale and Retail Terrorism”

*The hypocrisy drones on

Democracy Now!
UK Begins Bombing Syria After Pro-War Vote; Cameron Accuses Corbyn of Being “Terrorist Sympathizer”

*Benn spits on his dad’s grave

State of Emergency in France: 2,200 Police Raids, 3 Closed Mosques, Hundreds of Muslims Detained

*Je Suis Fasciste


For Opposing Endless War, Cameron Brands Corbyn a ‘Terrorist Sympathizer’
Labour Party leader says prime minister’s remark “undermines the seriousness of deliberations” over Syria war
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Pro-Democracy Group Warns of Secret Right-Wing Push to Rewrite Constitution
‘This is a national train wreck that must be stopped,’ says Common Cause
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Are Uber Drivers Figuring Out a Way to Fight Back?
Uber may not be as invincible as it seems
by Steven Hill

*Who’s taking whom for a ride?

Brennan Center for Justice
New Analysis: Judicial Re-Election Pressures Tied to Harsher Criminal Sentencing

The Real News Network
Chicago Mayor Emanuel Sacks Police Superintendent McCarthy
The court-ordered release of the dashcam video of teen Laquan McDonald being gunned down by police officer Jason Van Dyke led to the sacking of the superintendent, but it raises the question of what the mayor knew 13 months ago, says Kamau Franklin

Planned Parenthood and the Long Line of Violence Against Women and Abortion Providers
Veronica Arreola, assistant director of the Center for Research on Women and Gender and the director of the Women in Science and Engineering program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, says the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado is “domestic terrorism”

*If men could get pregnant …

I imagine you know the rest.

Will Hillary Clinton Do More For Black America Than Did Obama?
Executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report Glen Ford slams the latest article from Georgetown university professor and The New Republic columnist Michael Eric Dyson

*The courtier courts

Duh …

Institute for Public Accuracy
As Britain Votes on War, Western Interests Eyeing Syria’s Resources, Dismemberment

Democracy Now!
Is Oil & Gas the New Tobacco? Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Reaches New Milestone

The Global Poor vs. the 10%: How Climate Inequality Hurts the Most Vulnerable and Least Responsible


Exxon Targets Journalists Who Exposed Massive Climate Cover Up
‘We’ve often wondered if Exxon actually hates our children because they so consistently stand in the way of safeguarding their future,’ campaigner said, ‘it turns out they apparently hate good journalism as well.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Guess Who’s Against a “Safe Zone” in Northern Syria? U.S.-Backed Kurds
by Robert Naiman

*And most of those folks in Peoria could care less if civilians die in those airstrikes, whomever carries them out.

The Politics of Children’s Literature
What’s Wrong with the Rosa Parks Myth
by Herbert Kohl


The Real News Network
How the Criminal Justice System Protects Police
Todd Oppenheim compares the treatment of the six officers charged with killing Freddie Gray to the clients he represents as a Baltimore public defender

Huey P. Newton and the Untold Story of the Black Panther Party
Former Black Panther Party Chief of Staff David Hilliard and award-winning filmmaker Dante James discuss their forthcoming film on the Black Panther Party and Huey Newton

Days of Revolt: The Moral Bankruptcy of the Left on Prostitution
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and anti-prostitution advocates Lee Lakeman and Alice Lee discuss the Left’s absence in confronting male violence against women, and the role of colonialism in perpetuating prostitution

*There is no “freedom” in fear

Climate Protesters Defy State of Emergency in Paris
Janet Redman of IPS and Dimitri Lascaris of The Real News report on the COP 21 challenges in Paris that could isolate the US

*Misleading title, as there’s next to nothing about the Paris protests in the segment, is there?

But the main point’s important – that this is a dog and pony show designed to make as little change to business as usual as possible.

It’s utter insanity

But isn’t that what addicts do best?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Why Blue Collar Whites Are Dying

*When you’re in the same boat

You’d best be rowing in the same direction

Paris Talks, Paris Myths

Democracy Now!
Naomi Klein Extended Interview on Role of Obama, Trudeau & Austerity at U.N. Climate Summit

*I included this for the intel Klein provides about the impacts of climate change, and the perverse reaction to it by those in power, but I find her less and less convincing as a voice for truly transformative change.

I think it’s telling that she can refer to a mass murderer (as all presidents are) as “likable”, as well as her infatuation with a PR pope desperately trying to take the focus off the myriad scandals that infect his sect.

To my mind, that evinces a worldview that all too readily is willing to overlook intense contradictions when they prove nettlesome.

As the song goes, sometimes

“Facts don’t do what [you] want them to”.

“The Paris Agreement Will See the Planet Burn”: Former Bolivian Climate Negotiator Pablo Solón

Quick Weight Loss Tips to Drop the Thanksgiving Pounds
by Yuri Elkaim

Do you use this ancient fruit?
by Leanne Ely

Do sugar substitutes really help people lose weight?
Or do they cause weight gain?
Lisa Lefferts
Nutrition Action

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After Shooting, Anti-Choice Rhetoric Denounced for Creating Culture of Hate
“You are not free from the judgement of the consequences of your hate-filled rhetoric,” says NARAL leader after Colorado attack
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Ye shall know them by their fruits

And nuts

The Real Trouble With Bernie
by Andrew Levine

*In the end, any sense of global humanity isn’t even an afterthought.

Friends of the Earth
Should Our Children Be Genetically Engineered?
Call for ban on germline genetic engineering of human beings

*Isn’t there a difference between not knowing about the consequences

And not caring about them?

And were they always “unintended”?

Amnesty International
Northern Ireland: Amnesty Welcomes Landmark Court Decision on Abortion Law
“It is shameful that the Courts have had to step in because politicians have repeatedly failed Northern Ireland’s women”

The Real News Network
HBCU’s and Maryland Clash Over Higher Ed
TRNN Producer David Tigabu speaks with Morgan State University President David Wilson and alumnus David Burton about the ongoing struggle for equity in higher education

Sheltering Liberation: A Short History of Maroon Settlements
This week on teleSUR’s The Global African, Dr. Msomi Moor and Dr. Sheila Walker discuss the legacy of the maroon presence in Panama and Colombia

Who Is Supporting Trump?
Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Thomas Ferguson examines the poll numbers and explains why the lower and middle white-working classes are connecting with the billionaire’s messaging

Beauty Lies Truth
Tell Procter and Gamble to Make Safer Tampons and Pads For All Women and #DETOXTHEBOX

In New York Times, Blue Eyes ‘Wince and Cloud’ at the Terror of a ‘Gentle Loner’
by Jim Naureckas

*Push the white button for empathy

Institute for Public Accuracy
“The Real Reason for Turkey’s Shoot-Down of the Russian Jet”

Democracy Now!
Global Protests Demand Climate Justice as World Leaders Open Pivotal Paris Summit

Indigenous Climate Activists: Paris “Police State” is the Reality Frontline Communities Live With

French Farmer-Activist José Bové on Paris Protest Ban: “We Are in Prison in Our Own Home”

Naomi Klein on Paris Summit: Leaders’ Inaction on Climate Crisis is “Violence” Against the Planet

*The black art of the “politically possible”

Are You Getting the Benefits of Organic Food You Paid For?
by Ty Bollinger

*Unlabeled GMOs

Mislabeled “organics”

And a disabled regulatory regime

A recipe for disease and disaster

Serves 320 million

What a Doctor Should Never Say to a Cancer Patient
by Bill Henderson


Oil Jobs Lost: 250.000 And Counting, Texas Likely To See Massive Layoffs Soon
by Charles Kennedy

Forget ISIS: Humanity is at Stake
by Ramzy Baroud

The Biggest Man-Made Environmental Disaster Preceding the Paris Climate Conference
by Thuy Anh

Can porn be good for us?
The Economist magazine sponsored an online debate on the question “Can porn be good for us?” I argued against pornography and Cindy Gallop argued for, with guest commentaries. At the end of the 10-day debate, readers voted 81% against pornography.
by Robert Jensen

Jensen’s rebuttal is at

His closing statement is at

America’s Empire of African Bases Spreads
The U.S. military has built an extensive archipelago of African outposts, transforming the continent into a laboratory for a new kind of war.
by Nick Turse

*Empire state building

REI Will #OptOutside on Black Friday. Can It Change Retail (and the Economy)?
All 143 REI stores will be closed on Black Friday. But what more can the co-op do to live up to its values and transform the conversation in the United States?
by Parag Rajendra Khandhar


At Gates of Guantanamo, Activists Counter Unjust Detention With ‘Powerful Act of Compassion’
‘We are here to say: We know you are suffering; we have come to stand with you.’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Stronger Locks, Better Security
by Cindy Cohn

*It’s not a matter of “know[ing] better”

It’s a matter of wanting to know everything

Koch “Alliance” on Criminal Justice Reform Exposed as Trojan Horse
by Dan Froomkin

*I’m shocked

That anyone believed this shit in the first place.

Jobs With Justice
Stand With Retail Employees – During the Holidays and All Year-Round!

The Real News Network
Indigenous Peoples’ History is More Complicated Than a Holiday Myth
Tara Houska, tribal rights attorney and co-founder of, discusses often omitted nuances of Indigenous peoples’ history and outlines some current struggles being waged

Pentagon Must Be Thankful for the Turkey Washington Post Gave Its Readers
by Jim Naureckas

*Our bombs care more than theirs


EPA Turnaround on Toxic Herbicide ‘Huge Victory for Future of Food’
Revoking Enlist Duo approval, agency sides with green groups and pulls brake on ‘lethal cocktail of chemicals’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

US Represents Cautionary Tale about Media System Dominated by Market Values
Until corporate libertarianism is dismantled, it is difficult to achieve an effective “media democracy” which protects collective rights held by publics, audiences, and communities over the individual rights of corporations
by Victor Pickard

A Holiday Reminder: Give Thanks for the Groups Who Resettle Refugees, and Live Up to American Ideals
On this holiday that celebrates gratitude, be thankful that religious and non-profit refugee aid workers are also fighting Islamophobia
by Joan Walsh

Showdown on the Syrian border
by Vijay Prashad

The Real News Network
Turkey’s Intentions Behind the Downing of a Russian Jet (1/2)
Trent University’s Baris Karaagac explains why Turkey would risk a close business relationship with Russia and assist Islamic extremists in Syria


Is America Powerless to Stop Pfizer Merger?
Pfizer-Allergan deal will create world’s largest pharmaceutical company, higher drug prices, and hundreds of millions in lost tax revenue, but economist James Henry explains why Congress is turning a blind eye

“Being a Founding White Father Ain’t What It Used To Be:” Student Protests on College Campuses
Glen Ford, executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report, says that student protests around the world against racist legacies of former leaders and a lack of diversity at their universities speaks to a resurgence of old political struggles

*Much more than monuments need to be dismantled

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Myth of Thanksgiving” and Mideast Policy Today

*Holy war

Wholly hypocritical

‘They’re Not Americans’: CNN Guest Justifies Massive Attacks on Civilians
by Jim Naureckas

*A circus complete with killer clowns

Democracy Now!
Chicago Police Officer Charged With Murder After Video Shows Him Shooting Laquan McDonald 16 Times

Eyewitness Recalls Shooting by Alleged White Supremacists at Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Protest

The 10 Worst Ab Exercises That Waste Your Time and Kill Your Spine
by Yuri Elkaim

*I guess you could say that these “burns” lead to a meltdown.

Or not …


The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: Militarizing Education
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges discusses the militarization of higher education institutions with journalist Alexa O’Brien to uncover the trail of money and influence from the national security state to college programs

Maryland Among Lowest Number of Hate Crimes in the Nation
Latest FBI report shows state relatively hate crime free, but some question stats

Turkey Plants with Poor Food Safety Records Avoid Oversight
by Sarah Damian
Food Intergrity Campaign

Petition update
Mercy for Animals
Don’t Buy Foster Farms’ Cruel Thanksgiving Lies

A Day in the Quality of Life at the Manhattan Institute
by Josmar Trujillo

*MI will never host a panel on “The Quality of Mercy”.

I’ll put scared money on that, I tell you what.

Once Again, Media Terrorize the Public for the Terrorists
by Adam H. Johnson

*Terrorists from all camps benefit from this scare mongering, as well as the mongers themselves.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Debunking Trump — and his Critics — on 9/11 and Torture

Tweets in a Time of Terror: Clinton and Carson Target Free Speech

Democracy Now!
Journalist on Shooting of Laquan McDonald By Chicago Police Officer: “It Was An Horrific Execution”

*What Emanuel’s truly “appalled” by is the truth coming out, don’t you think?

Chicago Activist: City’s Call for Peace over Laquan McDonald Video Does Not Extend to Police Department

*It’s immensely frustrating to hear comments like “restoring trust” from someone who should know better.

There’s never been trust, and will never be trust, in an institution dedicated to one’s oppression.

And it’s not “a relatively small subset” of officers that engages in that oppression, but a system designed to implement it.

Do we need another couple of centuries to admit that as established fact?

The Okinawan Secret to a Long, Lean Life
by Yuri Elkaim


As Cameron Bangs War Drum, Voices for Peace Rally Around Corbyn
‘Another destructive bombing campaign is no solution whatsoever,’ anti-war campaigners warn. ‘It risks intensifying and widening what is already a catastrophic war.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*It’s damnably difficult to say who is the greater friend to whom

The jihadists

Or the warmongers and profiteers?

New Report Digs the Dirt on the Corporate Criminals Sponsoring Climate Talks
Inviting major polluters to pay for the talks compared to ‘hiring a fox to guard a hen house’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

What’s Really at Stake at the Paris Climate Conference Now Marches Are Banned
By banning protest at COP21, Hollande is silencing those facing the worst impacts of climate change and its monstrous violence
by Naomi Klein

Signs of a Dying Society
by Paul Buchheit

The New Great Game Between China and the US
Will chess, not Battleship, be the game of the future in Eurasia?
by Pepe Escobar

The Realism of Audacity: Rethinking Revolutionary Strategy Today
by Panagiotis Sotiris

*The truly open heart cannot exist without the truly open mind

ACLU Renews Call for Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Following Florida Legislature Report

The Real News Network
Report: The Population of Women in Prison Has Tripled Since the 90’s
A recently published report by the Prison Policy Initiative brings to light staggering statistics about incarcerated women

History Will Judge America on Syrian Refugee Crisis As “Shameful”
Trinity College’s Vijay Prashad says lawmakers anti-refugee stance is more about politics than technicalities, as many refugees have been screened for more than two years

What’s Fueling Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria?
Baba Aye of Nigeria’s United Action for Democracy argues that the West’s obsession with military solutions will ensure the dominance of groups like ISIS

Is Obama Walking Into COP21 With An Empty Hand?
NYU’s Christian Parenti says international agreements will remain largely symbolic if the Obama administration fails to aggressively push for green economic policies

Pull All Drug Ads from TV
by Denise Kinney

*A pusher’s a pusher

In the street

Or the corporate suite

Keep politics out of science — stop the passage of H.R.1806
by Evin Lambert

*Ignorance is only bliss for those threatened by the facts

Institute for Public Accuracy
Saudi Arabia: * Death for “Apostasy” * U.S. Weapons Fueling Wars

Hollande and Obama: Doubling Down on “Imperialism”?

Abuse Charges Against a Former Cop Are Disturbing–as Is the Lack of Media Interest
by Janine Jackson

*The right victims for the perp

The wrong ones for the press

Democracy Now!
Brussels Is Under High Security Alert, But Will Europe Address Muslims in “Marginalized Ghettos”?

*Those “ghettos”, and the way their residents are treated – in Europe and the US – are more of a reflection of “Western values” than those Bouckaert speaks of, wouldn’t you say?

A Paris Every Day: As 100 Americans Die from Guns Daily, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka Calls for Reform

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, Elected After Popular Uprising, Defends Local Control of Schools

“A Mayor That’s Radical”: Newark Mayor Ras Baraka Reflects on His Poet Father & 1st Year in Office

*Perhaps Baraka is “radical” in the context of U.S. electoral politics, but it’s always sound counsel to put one’s faith in principles rather than personages, and to hold the latter to the former.

How they respond to that accountability is the true measure of their radicalism.

Why Your MD Won’t Recommend a Natural Treatment
by Dr. Linda Isaacs

A single meal “changed my life forever”
The culprit: ground beef contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Biodegradable is Bunk: World’s ‘Ocean Waste Baskets’ Still Filled With Plastic Trash
Such products ‘will not bring about a significant decrease either in the quantity of plastic entering the ocean or the risk of physical and chemical impacts on the marine environment,’ UN report states
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A throw away society

A thrown away environment

CNN Punished Its Own Journalist for Fulfilling a Core Duty of Journalism
by Glenn Greenwald

*No profit in principle

Who’s Leading The Charge For Change? Women
by Laura Flanders

*Sisters are doing it for themselves

And any of the rest of us willing to do it with them

‘Terrorism for Dummies’: Clinton’s Neo-Conservativsm Is Simply Dangerous
by Peter Bloom

*Sanders is far from the “anti Clinton” in his cheerleading for Saudi involvement in the “GWOT” ™, among other stances, but the point’s taken

“Madame Mayhem” is an apt moniker.

Climate Change Is Violence
by Rebecca Solnit

*Ignomonies of scale

Amnesty International
Abortion is Not a Crime, Doctors Warn Governments

Sierra Club
World Trade Organization Puts Dolphins At Risk

Western Environmental Law Center
In Advance of Paris Climate Talks, Washington Court Recognizes Constitutional and Public Trust Rights and Announces Agency’s Legal Duty to Protect Atmosphere for Present and Future Generations
“[I]f ever there were a time to recognize through action this right to preservation of a healthful and pleasant atmosphere, the time is now”

*Kids save the dearest things

Statement by Friends of the Earth International in Reaction to the French Government Ban of the Paris Climate Justice Mobilizations Due to the Heightened Security Situation

The Real News NetworkBack to Square One, Obama Says Assad Must Go
After Vienna international talks created a political transition in Syria, Trinity College’s Vijay Prashad says Obama’s precondition that Assad must go is lock in step with Turkish and Saudi interests

Between ISIS and Intervening Powers, Perpetual Conflict is Common Goal
York University Professor Sabah Alnasseri discusses the strategy of ISIS and regional actors following the attacks in Paris and Beirut

The Pentagon and Bernie Sanders Agree: Terrorism Linked to Climate Change
NYU’s Christian Parenti explains how we can connect the dots between droughts, neoliberal policies and terrorism

Cancer-Causing Processed Meats Largely Affect Low Income Neighborhoods
According to a recent WHO study, processed meats cause cancer – but in many Baltimore neighborhoods, that’s the only food that’s available

*Feasting on a real food famine

Institute for Public Accuracy
Mali: Libya Bombing and Saudi Power as Sources of Instability

FAIR CounterSpin
‘You No Longer Have Your Constitutional Right to Civil Jury Trial’
Joanne Doroshow on forced arbitration
by Janine Jackson

*Court of lost resort

David Brooks’ ‘$120,000 Vacation’ Is No Joke
by Janine Jackson

*Conspicuous condescension

Democracy Now!
Exclusive: Air Force Whistleblowers Risk Prosecution to Warn Drone War Kills Civilians, Fuels Terror

“Numbing & Horrible”: Former Drone Operator Brandon Bryant on His Haunting First Kill

Exclusive: 2 Air Force Vets Speak Out for First Time on Why They Want the Drone War to Stop

From Console to Trigger: How Pentagon “Exploits” Video Game Culture to Wire Youth for War

*Support these troops

And maybe the child molesters won’t find it as easy to mindfuck the next generation.


Emergency Lawsuit Filed To Fight FDA Approval of ‘Frankenfish’
In addition to profound potential for ecological impacts, critics say move by FDA ignores fundamental right of consumers to know how their food is produced
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Anti-Transparency Bill Implies Pennsylvania Police Have ‘Something to Hide’
‘We give our police officers a great deal of power. It is crucial that transparency is coupled with that power.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

G20 Media, Did the Cat Get Its Tongue?
News of the G20 Summit focused on Paris, Syria, and yes, cats. Where was the media on other issues?
by Lacy MacAuley

Snowden Reveals Obama Ordered NSA and CIA to Spy on Venezuela
by Charles Davis and Andrew Fishman

Week of Action on the Anniversary of DAPA

The Real News Network
Remembering Joe Hill
On the 100th anniversary of the execution of labor organizer and songsmith Joe Hill, Alexis Buss, contributor to the book The Letters of Joe Hill, speaks on Hill’s life, work, and legacy

*The song remains the same

Institute for Public Accuracy
Drone Whistleblowers: U.S. Assassination Program Ignites Terrorism

ISIS Killed More Americans in Beirut Than in Paris–but Only Their Hometown Papers Noticed
by Neil deMause

*The “other” victims

Death-Squad Organizer Is NYT’s Source on Ben Carson’s Lack of Foreign Policy Smarts
by Adam Johnson and Jim Naureckas


Ignoring the color that would be

Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald: “Shameless” U.S. Officials Exploit Paris Attacks to Defend Spying & Attack Snowden

*Malefactoring consent

Glenn Greenwald on “Submissive” Media’s Drumbeat for War and “Despicable” Anti-Muslim Scapegoating

*The sick

And the dead

9 Health-Boosting Reasons Chlorella Was Thought to End World Hunger
by Yuri Elkaim


Hysterical Corporate Media Fueling War Fervor, Xenophobia in 24/7 Cycle
‘Not since 2003 have I witnessed anything as supine and uncritical as the CIA-worshipping stenography that has been puked forward this week.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Terror (and/or war) is good business

Invest your airtime

Was the media’s “objective” ever to “inform”?

And can we stop referring to war crimes and the flouting of international law as “mistakes”?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph …

Center for Food Safety
Alarming Public Health Study Documents Effects of Bee-killing Insecticides on People in Japan
Center for Food Safety Concerned Rural Americans Face Similar Risks

The Real News Network
Jamar Clark’s Killer Cops Identified Amid Growing Protests in Minneapolis
Minneapolis Black Lives Matter activist and attorney Nekima Levy-Pounds describes the events, case and protests over the police killing of unarmed African American Jamar Clark

Terrorism Expert: Islamic State Sustains Itself Through a War Economy
Loretta Napoleoni, author of ‘Islamic Phoenix,’ discusses how the Islamic State is financed

Silent for the Sake of Arms Sales? contributor Daniel Lazare says U.S. officials have known for years that their Gulf partners are funding groups like the Islamic State

*Saber rattling

To obscure saber selling

Coverage of Russian Plane Bombing Shows What a Difference an Enemy Makes
by Jim Naureckas

FAIR CounterSpin
‘We Are in a Whole New Struggle Over the Right to Vote Now’
Ari Berman on Voting Rights
by Janine Jackson

*The right to vote is vital

The more so when there’s some reason to

Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton Foundation a “Money Laundering Operation” for “Influence Peddling” by Dictators

*The dirty dynamic behind the dynasty

Democracy Now!
Desperate Journey: Shocking Video Shows Risks Refugee Families Take to Reach Europe Safely

*”Je Suis un Réfugié” … ?


US Quest for Oil Exacerbates Global Thirst
New study highlights the growing crisis at the intersection of energy policy and international trade
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Drilling us dry

ISIS Wants to Destroy the ‘Grey Zone’. Here’s How We Defend It
After the Paris attacks, it is imperative that we safeguard this arena of co-existence, where people of all faith and none remain unified on the principles of common humanity.
by Nafeez Ahmed

Thanks Amazon, But We Don’t Need Your Solidarité
Companies aren’t people. Maybe that’s why their ‘grief’ at the Paris attacks leaves a bitter taste in my mouth
by Jessica Reed

*Your pain is our gain

Metadata Surveillance Didn’t Stop the Paris Attacks
by Marcy Wheeler

*Is mass surveillance focused on threats to people

Or threats to power?

Life Goes On Under the Helicopters and the Terrible Cost of Avoiding the Dangers of Kabul
by Brian Terrell

Artists and Activists Re-Imagine ‘Trans Day of Remembrance’

The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and organizer Kevin Zeese break down the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and detail the upcoming demonstrations organized against it

*Corporations aren’t persons

They have far more rights

France’s Colonial Past and Blowback
Glen Ford, executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report, says that France’s colonial legacy is again being ignored in the response and media coverage to the attacks in Paris

Petition update
Congress: Don’t force survivors of sexual assault to go to the police. Vote no on the #UnsafeCampusAct
McCaskill responds to our petition, NIC & NPC withdraw support
by Jillian Murray and Know Your IX

Petition update
We did it! Kikkoman will stop testing on animals!
by Kacey Kogachi

Democracy Now!
There is No Military Solution: Could ISIL Be Strengthened by U.S., French, Russian Bombing?

Lydia Wilson: What I Discovered from Interviewing Imprisoned Islamic State Fighters


Viewers Tune Out, Voters Lose Out as DNC Buries Democratic Debate
Democratic party heads face renewed criticism as Republican candidates, with millions more tuning in, are dominating the conversation
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Which is more ironic

“Democratic” or “Republican”?

(And I think “nimbly” may have been a typo.)

One Night in Kunduz, One Morning in New York
by Laura Gottesdiener

Non-French War Deaths Matter
by David Swanson

*The man was reading my mind, and beat me to speaking it.

Those who promise security at home are those who guarantee the opposite by creating chaos abroad.

Blowback doesn’t occur in a vacuum, but an inferno of one’s own making.

The dead of Paris are no less and no more to be mourned than those murdered in the charade of “The War on Terror”.

That terror breeds this terror, and will do so until it is neutered by an ascendant sense of humanity.

New Anti-Capitalist Party (France)
The cruelty of imperialist wars results in the cruelty of terrorism




Three strikes and you’re out

The Real News Network
France Seeks Revenge Against ISIS in Syria
France launches massive airstrikes against ISIS in Syria after terror attacks in Paris kill at least 129 and injure hundreds more

Warren Investigation Finds Taxpayers Could Be on the Hook for $10 Trillion in Risky Derivatives
After Congress rammed through a ‘cromnibus’ spending bill last year that repealed parts of Dodd-Frank financial regulation, UMKC’s Bill Black explains how with or without this repeal another Wall Street bailout is still a real possibility

ACLU Releases Mobile Justice App
Representatives from ACLU of MD present Mobile Justice App in partnership with Coppin State University and community leaders

*Let’s hope this spreads as swiftly as the next celebrity embarrassment

Infrastructure, Food Security, and Syria to Dominate G-20 Summit
Trinity College’s Vijay Prashad says world leaders will need to wrestle with a no-job growth economy, food insecurity, and the effect of a possible rise in interest rates by the Federal Reserve [This interview took place before the Paris attacks]

Institute for Public Accuracy
After Paris: What Needs to Be Changed? * Interventions * Saudi

Syria and Climate Change: Does Global Warming Fuel Conflict?

After Paris: Is the “War on Terror” Feeding Terror?

*The very definition of a rhetorical question

But the security state feasts, as well, doesn’t it?

Ending the buffet for both necessitates an end to empire and exploitation

And that will be how we truly honor their victims.

Context-Free Coverage of Terror Helps Perpetuate Its Causes
by Jim Naureckas

Torturing animals for soy sauce?
by Kacey Kogachi

*Sadism in the pursuit of profit is not heart healthy

Democracy Now!
Voices from a City in Mourning: Paris Reels After 129 Killed in Deadliest Attacks in Decades

“We Shouldn’t Play into the Hands of ISIS”: Vijay Prashad on Danger of Military Escalation in Syria

“We Are Scared, We Are Grieving”: Muslim Activist in Paris Condemns Attacks, Rising Islamophobia

*Reason and humanity amongst the hysteria and hate

What are Chemtrails and How Are They Harming Our Food and Water?
by Ty Bollinger

*This is news to me. If anyone has any intel they feel is valid on the subject, please pass it along.


With ‘Off-Planet’ Mining Bill, US Congress Seeks to Privatize Outer Space
Extraterrestrial ‘Finders Keepers’ law allows US citizens and companies to legally claim ‘abiotic’ natural resources including water and minerals
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Declining Snowpack Threatens Water Supply for Billions Worldwide
‘Water managers in a lot of places may need to prepare for a world where the snow reservoir no longer exists.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Elephant in Paris – Guns and Greenhouse Gases
by Nick Buxton

The Campus Race Protests Are About Systemic Racism That’s Never Gone Away
These movements, most recently at Yale, Mizzou and Ithaca, have been happening since the first person of color stepped on to a college campus
by Luna Olavarría Gallegos

Demystifying US and Israeli Power
by Susan Cain and Mark Mason

*A bit too neat to my mind, but there are undeniable truths and useful intel extant.

The Real News Network
Is the ISIS Bombing in Beirut a Product of US Policy in the Region?
Rania Masri and Vijay Prashad say the Western media’s reporting on the ISIS bombing in Lebanon is deeply racist and accepts the ISIS narrative by describing the southern Beirut neighborhood as a “Hezbollah bastion”

General Strike In Greece Reignites Anti-Austerity Battle
Greek port worker and union leader Giorgos Gogos says most of the demonstrations across the country were peaceful and unified against austerity measures imposed by the lenders and accepted by SYRIZA

#MillionStudentMarch: Thousands Walkout Across The Country
As thousands demonstrate at over 100 campuses across the country, TRNN speaks to UC Berkeley student Lauren Butler, who explains why students are fighting against tuition, debt and racism

Fossil Fuel Companies Under Investigation for Role in Climate Change Denial
Dan Zegart, senior fellow at the Climate Investigation Center, says New York State Attorney’s settlement with Peabody Energy is not satisfactory given the damage caused by denying climate change

The Global African: Reparations in the Caribbean?
Did UK Prime Minister David Cameron inadvertently give life to the Reparations movement in the Caribbean? We also talk to the leader of a new project cutting down on energy consumption and empowering local women in Tanzania

Puente Movement
Palestinian Refugees Facing Deportation

Media Turn Civilian ISIS Victims in Beirut Into Hezbollah Human Shields
by Ben Norton

Democracy Now!
Terror in Little Saigon: The Shocking Story of a Vietnamese Death Squad Killing 5 Journalists in US Pt. 2

*It’s not a matter of not having control over these killers. It’s obvious there was no desire to – then or now.

So “blowback” is an inappropriate term in this instance, isn’t it?

In Nationwide Student Revolt over Campus Racism, NY’s Ithaca College is Latest School to Erupt

Gobble up your turkey!
by Leanne Ely


Worried TPP Will Hurt Workers? This Case Will Provide Some Clues.
“If the administration fails to take strong action, critics will see it as a signal that the U.S. is falling short on linking trade, investment, and labor rights.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

To Evade NSA, Microsoft Begins Building Data Centers in Germany
Data stored in new centers will only be accessible with permission of user or ‘data trustee’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Saudi-Led Coalition ‘Deliberately’ Targeting Hospitals in Yemen: ICRC
With a stockpile of Western arms, the Saudi siege of Yemen has hit nearly 100 healthcare facilities in war-torn country since March
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Monsanto Accused of Knowingly Polluting SF Bay with Toxic PCBs
Oakland city attorney says the chemical giant ‘chose profits over people, and American cities and citizens are still suffering the consequences.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Germany’s Spy Targets Included FBI, UNICEF, US Weapons Makers
New reporting adds to controversy over intelligence agency’s activities
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Remaking the Middle East: How the US Grew Tired and Less Irrelevant
by Ramzy Baroud

Energy Democracy: Inside Californians’ Game-Changing Plan for Community-Owned Power
Large utility companies control about 75 percent of the electricity market in California. A hybrid between a public agency and private utility, the new Community Choice program is a model for communities that want greener, cheaper energy.
by Al Weinrub

Puerto Rico Community Overburdened by Pollution Pushes Back on Incinerator Project
Proposed Arecibo Waste Incinerator would further harm community encircled by pollution, if given federal funding

Center for Biological Diversity
Bat-killing Fungus Reaches Nebraska

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Settlement Reached in Case of Professor Fired for ‘Uncivil’ Tweets

The Real News Network
“Generation Mix:” Is All This Talk of “Multiracialism” An Advance?
Artist, activist and creator of the multimedia comic book Hafrocentric, Juliana “Jules” Smith, and Dr. Rainier Spencer, author of Reproducing Race: The Paradox of Generation Mix, discuss their various critiques of popular approaches to “multiracial” identity

*The premeditation of “post racial”

ACLU: Baltimore Body Cam Regs Another Setback for Police Accountability
Former investigator also says decision to allow officers to review body camera footage before giving statements could hinder internal probes

*A nefarious night at the movies

Baltimore Workers Rally For Higher Wages During National Day of Action
Over 100 gathered at the Amazon warehouse in Baltimore as 500 actions to raise wages were held across the country; New York state and Pittsburgh agreed to a $15 minimum wage for their employees

*Crookie crumbs

Jobs With Justice
Tell the Postmaster General to Make Postal Banking a Reality Now

Public Citizen
Tell Vanguard to Keep Retirement Savings Out of Secret Money Politics

*Paying for the privilege of being pissed on

Institute for Public Accuracy
Documents Expose FBI’s Targeting of School of the Americas Watch

Democracy Now!
Center for American Progress Hosts Netanyahu as Leaked Emails Show Group Censored Staff on Israel


The Internet Needs a New Economy
by Nathan Schneider and Trebor Scholz

Are We Training Cops to Be Hyper-Aggressive ‘Warriors’?
Thanks in part to the Black Lives Matter movement, police training is coming under fresh scrutiny
by Joshua Holland

*The training won’t change beyond the cosmetic, as long as the purpose of policing remains the same.

Control is the goal, and has been since the slave patrols.

Veterans for Peace
Veterans Recall the Original Intent of November 11th

*If you care about vets

Work for the day when there won’t be any

Government Accountability Project
GAP Whistleblowers Available to Speak on Food Safety Concerns at Largest Hormel Pork Plant

*Bacon, and the lettuce to lobby for this rotten tomato

The Real News Network
Legal Challenge Led by 26 State Governors Blocks Obama Immigration Order
Salvador Sarmiento, Legislative Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, says President Obama has numerous options to pursue reform and halt mass deportations beyond appealing the decision

An Insider’s Look at Baltimore’s Dysfunctional Housing Authority
In Part Two, fired veteran public housing worker Lucky Crosby discusses how the lack of accountability has fueled neglect and deplorable conditions in Baltimore’s public housing

Republicans Push to Privatize Disability Insurance Despite 99.9% Payment Accuracy
After the GAO finds $11 billion in disability payment fraud, some members of Congress push for privatization to solve a problem which accounts for only one fifth of one percent of cases, says CEPR’s Nicole Woo

*Disabling the empathy gene

‘Google This’ Is Good Advice From Netanyahu, Since NYT Won’t Check His Claims for You
by Jim Naureckas

*Think that ThinkProgress piece would’ve been published if CAP hadn’t caught shit for inviting the bastard in the first place?

Democracy Now!
The Price We Pay: Inside the World of Big Corporate Tax Havens and Offshore Finance (Pt. 2)

*We can tax the rich

Or we can ax the rich

I don’t mean that literally, but is there any legitimate reason that anyone should have more than what’s needed to meet their and their families’ material needs?

Wealth should be measured by what one gets back from giving

Not what one gains from greed

Cuban-American Candidates Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Tout Immigrant Narratives Despite Stances on Reform

Terror in Little Saigon: New Doc Ties US-Allied Kill Squad to Unsolved Murders of Vietnamese Journos

*It’s maddening to hear words like “far-fetched”, “strange” and “surprising” used here, when anyone with the slightest understanding of the darkness at the heart of empire wouldn’t find any of this shocking in the least.

Anyone who does evinces a disturbing level of naiveté – especially someone engaged in investigative journalism – wouldn’t you say?

Listeria-tainted cheese led to “life sentence” of suffering
You may never get over it, victim warns
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

15 Surprising Foods That Fight Fat
by Yuri Elkaim


Belgium Tells Facebook: Quit Tracking Us…Or Pay Up
Court gives tech giant 48 hours to stop using data-sweeping cookies to store data of visitors who are not members of social network
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Don’t Thank Me Anymore… Just Care for Veterans Who Return and Work To End All War
by Michael McPhearson

*The parades of perfidy

The West’s ‘Fail-Anthropy’
by Vandana Shiva

ACLU Sues on Behalf of Black Transgender Woman Illegally Profiled and Jailed in Iowa
Civil Rights Complaint Says Hotel Discriminated Against Meagan Taylor Based on Her Gender Identity and Race

Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
Ongoing Clearance by Palm Oil Industry Spurs Imminent Species Extinction and Massive Climate Impact, Says New Progress Report on Critical Leuser Ecosystem
Rampant Plantation Expansion Devastates Deep Peatlands and Major Sumatran Elephant Habitat; Fate of Region Depends on Collective Action by Industry Giants and Local, National Governments

The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: The Death of Electoral Politics
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader analyze Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the role of the two-party system in shutting out third parties

*Any wagers on how long those Sanders signs will remain on lawns and in windows once he kisses Madame Mayhem’s bejeweled slipper?

Netanyahu to Meet With Obama, Appear at Center for American Progress
Journalist Max Blumenthal explains why a President Clinton would preserve the status quo in the Israel/Palestine conflict, and why a progressive think tank invited the Israeli prime minister to speak at their organization

Justice for Port Drivers
Support workers on strike and protesting across U.S. today!

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Tell Congress to Fully Fund FDA Efforts to Prevent Foodborne Diseases

Bezos’ Stake in Uber Goes Under the Radar at Washington Post
by Adam Johnson

*Uber alles

Institute for Public Accuracy
Fast Food Protests Today

*”Top down” don’t get the bottom up

Democracy Now!
Black Student Revolt Against Racism Ousts Two Top Officials at University of Missouri

How Black Football Players at the University of Missouri Changed the Game on Racism

“Another Yale is Possible”: Students Confront Racism at Ivy League School

*Poison Ivy

Egypt Frees Top Reporter Hossam Bahgat After Chilling Reminder That Crackdown Continues


SeaWorld to End Orca Shows—But Not Captivity of ‘Incredible Creatures’
Animal rights activists say move is motivated by mounting protests as well as tanking profits
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Detention Camp Uprising Highlights Australia’s Appalling Treatment of Refugees
“We have grave concerns about what’s happening on Christmas Island. This is a stain on our national character.”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Disposable Children
by Paul Buchheit

Waging Endless War From Vietnam to Syria
Kissinger, the Bombardier: How diplomacy by air power became an All-American tradition
by Greg Grandin

*The pretexts differ

The carnage remains the same

’60 Minutes’ Pushes National Security Propaganda To Cast Snowden, Manning As Traitors
by Kevin Gosztola

*The “libelous media” would be the apt epithet in this instance

The Digital Dog Ate Our Civil-Liberties Homework: “It’s Just the Way It Is”
by Norman Solomon

What does 1917 represent in 2015?
by Vijay Prashad

The sham Syrian peace conference
by Gareth Porter

Center for Biological Diversity
Men Encouraged to ‘Get Whacked for Wildlife’ on World Vasectomy Day
World Vasectomy Day Highlights Role of Men in Family Planning, Environmental Protection

*Sliced is nice

Making the cut for the critters

The Real News Network
Balochistan: The Largest, Most Resource-Rich, Yet Poorest Province of Pakistan
Journalist Jahanzeb Hussain talks about who’s profiting from the Pakistani province’s natural gas, and the suppression of the Baloch people

Democracy Now!
Rejecting U.S. Claims, MSF Details Horrific Bombing of Afghan Hospital & Demands War Crimes Probe

“A Devastating Decision”: No Charges for Border Guards in Beating, Taser Death of Mexican Immigrant

We Are Many: The Story of the Largest Global Protest That Would Change the World Forever (Pt. 2)

Is Your Child Crawling Towards an Increased Risk of Cancer?
by Ty Bollinger


‘Bright Spots’ Worldwide Show 100% Renewable Can and Must be Done
It ‘is the only way to ensure the world does not descend into catastrophic climate change.’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*2045? 2050?

With apologies to Jerry Ragovoy

Time ain’t on our side.

Leaked Emails From Pro-Clinton Group Reveal Censorship of Staff on Israel, AIPAC Pandering, Warped Militarism
by Glenn Greenwald

*The machinations of Madame Mayhem and her minions

The Real News Network
Fraud Allegations Fly as Haitian Presidential Election Heads to Runoff
As Haiti’s two leading presidential candidates head to a runoff, Queens College’s Francois Pierre-Louis and CEPR’s Jake Johnston discuss the lack of violence and implications of the international community’s backing of the election results

Release of TPP Full Text Shows Victory for Corporate Rights
Margaret Flowers challenges President Obama’s claim that the trade deal will promote a strong middle class

Institute for Public Accuracy
What About the “Keystone XL Clone”?

*You can’t “quietly [approve]”

Unless there’s no screaming about it.

The myopic focus on XL by the large enviros will make the struggle against the other heads of the hydra that much harder.

Kissing Dear Misleader’s member for engaging in political expediency, instead of excoriating him for his true “climate legacy”, will make the climb that much steeper, as well.

Democracy Now!
Locked Up & Neglected After Fleeing Danger, Immigrant Women Detainees Launch Hunger Strike in Texas

The End of Family Detention? PA Immigration Jail Could Be Forced to Stop Locking Up Parents & Kids

No Kids Behind Bars: For-Profit Texas Immigration Jails Challenged over Child Detention

Butternut squash stew
by Leanne Ely


Patriotism for Sale: The Pentagon’s Pro-War Propaganda Scheme with Pro Sports
Department of Defense said secretive contracts were intended to boost military recruitment
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The bread paid for the centurions at the circus

Morocco Claims It ‘Never Gave Assurances to US’ on Treatment of Former Gitmo Prisoner

Jobs With Justice
Are You Eligible? Student Loan Forgiveness 101

The Real News Network
Regardless of Keystone XL, Tar Sands Oil Will Still Flow to the Gulf
DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horn says the pipeline company Enbridge is still planning a $5 billion terminal expansion
(Note: After the publication of this story, the State Department announced it rejected Transcanada’s request to suspend it’s review of the Keystone XL pipeline)

*Ever heard of a hydra with only one head?

New Research Says Income Inequality Worsened Under Fed’s Quantitative Easing Policy
PERI’s Gerald Epstein also says there’s no evidence that raising already-low interest rates will narrow the gap

Stop the price-gouging at the for-profit Hospital Corporation of America
by Joe Weinzettle

Petition update
Mercy for Animals
Busted! McDonald’s McNuggets Supplier Convicted of Animal Cruelty

*Paying bird seed for brutality

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Reliance on Police Cannot Be Consistent With What We Want to Happen in Public Schools’
Interview with Kimberlé Crenshaw about Spring Valley High police assault
by Janine Jackson


In Victory for Public Ed, Colorado Boots Koch-Backed School Board
“What an incredible thing: We the people pushed back against big money, pushed back against an agenda that was not good for our schools.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Things go bitter with Koch

Islanders Unite to Resist a New Pacific War
by Koohan Paik

The Real News Network
Trudeau Pledge Tracker: Cabinet is Fifty Percent Women
Dimitri Lascaris and Nora Loretto say new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered on his pledge to appoint 50% women to his cabinet, but appointed a political conservative as his Minister of Finance

*The dissonance of a Dear Misleader duet

Is Obama Banning the Box?
Executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report Glen Ford casts doubt on Obama’s latest executive order

*One more example of “The Audacity of ‘Nope'”

Petition update
Ben & Jerry’s Still Isn’t There Yet!
by Laura Yanne

Institute for Public Accuracy
Electoral Reform Wins in Tuesday’s Election

* Russia and Kurds * U.S. Troops and Chalabi * Haitian Election

Some Use Chalabi’s Death to Lay Blame for Iraq War at His Feet
by Adam Johnson

Democracy Now!
The Puerto Rican Debt Crisis: Tax Breaks Offered to Rich While Austerity Measures Imposed on Poor

Facing Health Crisis, Puerto Rico Protests Unequal Federal Payments for Medicare, Medicaid

Election Day 2015: GOP Takes Kentucky, Ohio Rejects Pot Monopoly, and Houston Shuns LGBT Equality

*It’s a lesson the Demorats (no misspelling) refuse to learn, because that’s not their role in the system.

It’s to be a relatively lesser evil to maintain the pretense of a choice, and they will tack starboard in tandem with the extremism of the reactionaries, as the dictates of the exploitocracy demand.

So, in essence, the “choice” is presented as

“You have no choice”

And the “pragmatists” spread the guilt tripping gospel.

With Historic Release of Drug Offenders & Help for Re-Entry, US Takes “First Step” on Prison Crisis


Calling for ‘Radical Shift’ in Drug Policy, Ireland Moves to Decriminalize
Drug minister announces medically supervised injection facilities will begin opening next year
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

New Study Shows Antarctic Melting Approaching ‘Unstoppable’ Tipping Point
‘What we call the eternal ice of Antarctica unfortunately turns out not to be eternal at all,’ says lead author of new study
byDeirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Is This War World III?
by Thea Paneth

Globalization and Terror
The rise of divisions, violence, and civil disorder around the world are a predictable effect of the attempt to force diverse cultures and peoples into a consumer monoculture
by Helena Norberg-Hodge

Taking on the Most Difficult Undertaking in Prison (So Far)
Not shooting from the hip — writing opinions and a bill in prison is hard work
by Chelsea Manning

National Fracking League: On Protesting Bank of America During Monday Night Football
Activists rappel from upper deck during nationally televised professional football game to big bank funding of dirty fuel projects
by Dustin Axe

*Illegal procedure

Ethical effort

How the Wheels Fell off the EPA’s Fracking Study
Five harmed but unsilenced residents of Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Texas showed up at last week’s EPA fracking study review panel, and they completely flipped the script
by Hugh MacMillan

Congress wants to cheat Black car buyers

The New Yorker Doesn’t Factcheck What ‘Everyone Knows’ Is True
by Gareth Porter

Democracy Now!
Co-ops Collapse: How GOP & HMOs Undercut Obamacare’s Nonprofit Option, Leaving 500K Uninsured

*We don’t need coverage

We need care

The Price We Pay: As US Becomes a Top Tax Haven, How Hiding Wealth Offshore Robs the People at Home

*The making of the taking

Keep Celery Fresh for a Month!
by Leanne Ely


New FBI Program Trains Teachers, Students to Snoop On Muslims
Civil rights groups warn that new FBI tool “Don’t Be a Puppet” violates civil liberties of Muslims
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

From Pot to ‘Democracy Vouchers,’ Election Day 2015 Races to Watch
From clean elections to transgender rights to marijuana legalization, voters across the US will weigh in on progressive issues Tuesday
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

South African Student Protesters Win First Big Victory: Decolonization, Race and Class Politics Fused in Epic Battle
by Patrick Bond

*The backlash against betrayal

The Nation magazine’s shameful history of aiding ethnic cleansing in Palestine
by Rania Khalek

*Phil Ochs once penned, “Love Me, I’m a Liberal”.

As did he, I’ll decline that invitation.

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
Prison Profiteers Unmasked

Forest Peoples Programme
Peruvian Indigenous Leader in London to Denounce Illegal Deforestation of 5000 Hectares of Peru’s Amazon for Palm Oil

The Real News Network
‘Ed Snowden of Banking’ Refuses to Appear in Swiss Trial
After Herve Falciani leaked more than 100,000 HSBC account records of tax evaders to government tax agencies, the Swiss government has been on a witch hunt, says economist James Henry

Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? (5/5)
Economist Jayati Ghosh continues her discussion of the 136-nation move to address sovereign debt in the context of global finance

Board Rules Pocomoke City Council Violated Open Meetings Act
Town in turmoil also has first homicide since 2010, when the fired black police chief took over

City Clears Art From Confederate Monument
Officials use police to remove sculpture intended to bring context to symbol of city’s racist past

*Art and the artifice of apartheid

Institute for Public Accuracy
A Tale of Two Retirements

Democracy Now!
The Endless War Grows: Obama Sends U.S. Forces to Syria, Reversing Pledge of No Boots on the Ground

Turkish President Erdogan Regains Parliamentary Majority in Vote Held Amid Violence & Fear

10 Blatant Workout Myths, Finally Debunked
by Yuri Elkaim

Are Nuts All They’re Cracked Up to Be?
Nut ads tout weight loss, energy, and a healthy heart
by Jayne Hurley
Nutrition Action

Plump, sweet and juicy red raspberries
by Leanne Ely

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Revealed: As Baltimore Rose Up from Below, FBI Spied from Above
Flights raise questions about ‘whether aerial surveillance has the effect of chilling First Amendment–protected speech and assembly,’ says ACLU
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Being ‘Let Out’ May Not Equal Freedom As Release of 6,000 Drug Offenders Begins
Development met with praise, but concern remains for many, including those heading for immigration detention
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Choking on the crumbs

Obama Regrets ‘Taking the Joy Out of Teaching and Learning’ with Too Much Testing
by Jesse Hagopian

*This is about far more than greedy testing corps. What’s left out of this piece is the raison d’être for “education reform”

To align education policy with corporate desires.

They don’t want critical thinkers. They want drones – that is, the students lucky (?) enough to be hired. And they want beaucoup surplus labor to make goddamn certain that folks are too frightened of starving or being homeless to worry about luxuries like worker safety and a just wage.

Please keep that in mind the next time some “liberal” pundit lauds Bill Gates for his “philanthropic bent”.

Preempting Democracy: What’s Not Being Voted on This November Is Sinister
From minimum wage increases to anti-fracking measures, the right of local citizens to vote on key issues is now in the crosshairs
by Simon Davis-Cohen

Warehouse Worker Resource Center
Amazon-serving warehouse workers have joined strikes at the ports, & they need your help!

The Real News Network
Iran Agrees to 6-Month Transition for Assad
Trinity College’s Vijay Prashad discusses how no Syrian voices were represented at the Vienna peace talks, but geopolitical interests were front and center

Baltimore Still Debating what to do with Confederate Statues
Testimony before commission recounts how the monuments coincided with the city’s efforts to segregate

*Strap on your skis

And let’s slide on down that slippery slope

Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? (4/5)
Economist Jayati Ghosh continues her discussion of the 136-nation move to address sovereign debt in the context of global finance

A Look at Speaker Ryan’s Record on “Fighting” for the Middle Class
Wisconsin-based The Progressive’s Ruth Coniff analyzes Ryan’s voting record and the effect of his policy on his district

*Gerrymandering is certainly one factor, but so is wilful ignorance, and the propensity to cut one’s nose off to spite one’s face when the “divide and conquer” card is played.

EU Passes Resolution to Protect Edward Snowden from Prosecution
Marcy Wheeler of says European governments still have to adopt and implement the resolution that whistleblower Edward Snowden is calling a “game changer”

Democracy Now!
Russia’s Entry into Syria Worsens Killings of Medical Workers on War’s Front Lines

*White hats are out of stock in this story

While Condemning Assad, U.S. Bombs Afghan Hospital & Backs Devastating Saudi War on Yemen

Freedom for Shaker Aamer: After 13 Years Behind Bars, British Prisoner Released from Guantánamo


The Real News Network
Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? (3/5)
Economist Jayati Ghosh continues her discussion of the 136-nation move to address sovereign debt in the context of global finance

As Violence Soars in the West Bank, Leaders Seek Coexistence Between Peace and Occupation
Ali Abunimah, author of One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse, says no one has the gumption to deal with the real problem – and that is Israel

What’s at Stake for Iran in Syria? (1/2)
Prof. Cyrus Bina says during the Iran-Iraq war, Assad’s Syria was the only Arab state that supported Iran

Are Teachers Unions Fighting for Social Justice?
In the first of a two-part discussion, education professor and author Lois Weiner and the AFT-MD’s Ray Baker discuss the role teachers unions and their members do and can play in supporting #Blacklivesmatter and other social justice movements

*I could have used more of Weiner’s wisdom, and less of Baker’s blather.

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Laws Are Incredibly Deferential to Police Using Lethal Violence’
Chase Madar on prosecuting abusive police officers
by Janine Jackson

For Halloween, NY Post Dresses Up ‘Anarchist Plot’ Warning as Journalism
by Adam Johnson

*A tricky treat for the truth twisters

(I won’t ask you to say that three times fast)

Institute for Public Accuracy
Is the Administration Finally Fessing up on School Testing?

Dem Bones!
by Leanne Ely


EU Toughens Against TTIP as Top German Lawmaker Blasts Anti-Democratic Deal
Parliament president’s remarks are just the latest example of growing opposition to the corporate-friendly pact
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

From ‘Sustainable’ to ‘Regenerative’—The Future of Food
by André Leu and Ronnie Cummins

School-Sponsored Violence Against Children: When Will We End Corporal Punishment?
by Anthony Cody

About That Delta Force Guy Killed in Iraq…
Why all the public attention to Wheeler’s death, and why now? One reason stands out: we, the public, are being readied for a larger U.S. combat role in Iraq and Syria.
by Peter Van Buren

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors Should Feel Safe Seeking Police Help, Not Shame, Hostility, or Indifference
by Sandra Park

*Blaming, shaming and maiming the victim

Stop Blaming OPEC For Low Prices
by Nick Cunningham

New Oceana Study Reveals Scary News about America’s Favorite Fish

The Real News Network
Iran to Join Syria Talks
Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies says the invitation to Iran is late but an essential move for a diplomatic regional solution, made possible by Russia’s escalated involvement in Syria

Businesses Will Be Off the Hook for Providing Employee Health Benefits in Bipartisan Budget Deal
President Obama and Congressional leaders propose deal that would repeal not yet in effect automatic enrollment in health programs for employees working for large companies

*The art of the steal

Bernie and the Big Banks (3/3)
Are Sanders’ proposals to rein in the excesses of Wall St. meaningful, is public banking possible? Bill Black and Leo Panitch discuss and debate

*Why is it that there is next to no discussion of the role of profit at these “alternative” outlets?

I don’t mean “excessive” profit, but the very concept of profit itself. That there must be competition, with the winners realizing that profit, for an economic system to function.

Why is it as rare as a kind word from The Donald’s lips that anything other than “reforming” capitalism is on the table?

Is a cooperative and communal model possible?

Not if we never say a goddamn thing about it.

Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? (2/5)
Economist Jayati Ghosh continues her discussion of the 136-nation move to address sovereign debt in the context of global finance

Police Abuse in School is Further Evidence of the Absence of Value for Black and Female Life
Dayvon Love of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle discusses the context and methods of responding to the abuse of a Black female teenager by police in a South Carolina school

Justice for Port Drivers
Amazon, Clean Up Your Supply Chain

Buckraking on the Food Beat: When Is It a Conflict of Interest?
by Stacy Malkan

*Truth in labeling is an imperative in any number of instances, isn’t it?

Democracy Now!
When School Cops Go Bad: South Carolina Incident Highlights Growing Police Presence in Classrooms

*It’s not about “training”, goddammit.

Why would you expect a sociopathic institution to not employ sociopaths?

Texas Student Spent 52 Days in Coma After Being Tased by Police at School

Criminalizing the Classroom: Inside the School-to-Prison Pipeline


National Outrage as Videos of Brutal Police Assault on Black Student Go Viral
Attack speaks to ongoing issues such as school-to-prison pipeline and police violence on minority communities
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I can just imagine the figurative high fives on “white rights” chat boards

So I suppose I have a sick imagination.

The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: Neoliberalism as Utopianism
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and author John Ralston Saul discuss neoliberalism as an ideology, the breakdown of that ideology, and what comes next

*Sticks and stones will break your bones

So words will never hurt me

Left Parties In Portugal Vow to Topple New Center-Right Government
In a two-part interview, Catarina Principe of the Left Bloc in Portugal says the left needs to unify on an economic and anti-austerity platform to avoid an interim caretaker government of the president’s party

Bernie and the Big Banks (2/3)
Is Sanders proposal to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act a serious way to counter the power and concentrated wealth of Wall St., or just window dressing? Bill Black and Leo Panitch discuss and debate the plan.

Is Obama’s Education Reversal Political “Theater”?
Executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report Glen Ford says that the Obama administration claim to want a reduction in time spent on standardized tests is election time insincerity

Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? (1/5)
Economist Jayati Ghosh discusses the 136-nation move to address sovereign debt in the context of global finance

Protect Children, Enforce the Law, and Remove Toxic Chemicals from our Nation’s Schools
by Joshua Malina

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Paul Ryan * Holding Social Security Hostage

The Fake News Food Chain
by Jim Naureckas

*With apologies to “Scoop” Nisker

If you don’t like the news

Go out and make up some of your own

Democracy Now!
Despite Military Crackdown in Papua & Other Rights Abuses, Obama Hosts Indonesian President in D.C.

*With friends like these

Is it any wonder we have plenty of enemies?

Massive Indonesian Plantation Fires Create Environmental Catastrophe Spewing Haze & Carbon Emissions

With Military Backing, TV Comedian Wins in Guatemala in First Vote Since Jailing of Ex-President

Who wants a date?
by Leanne Ely


Top-Secret Pentagon Program Exploited Aid Workers as Covert Spies
Experts warn that Department of Defense espionage program places international NGOs at great risk
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The Peace Corps has been at this for decades, so you could view it as another example of privatization.

Mississippi’s Women Are Some of the Poorest in the Country. But We’re Getting Organized.
by Kenisha Potter-Stevenson

Women Can’t Have It All – Because the Game Is Rigged
Work-life balance is a myth. It’s time for women to stop blaming themselves and start demanding change.
by Laurie Penny

Higher Education: Capitalism At Its Most Despicable
by Paul Buchheit

Standardized Tests are a Form of Racial Profiling
by Christine Brigid Malsbary

Collapse of the Orange Wave: The NDP Was Sunk by its Turn to Austerity, Not the Niqab
by Roger Rashi

The Problem of Agriculture
by Robert Jensen

*Soiling the soil and sowing the seeds of our ceasing

Cuba’s Had A Lung Cancer Vaccine For Years, And Now It’s Coming To The U.S.
by Erin Schumaker

*Do you think Big Pharma is drooling over the possibility of getting their greedy little hands on these “commodities”, exponentially jacking up the price in the process?

Will the Cuban government justify that as “economic development”?

The Real News Network
Thousands Protest Police Brutality in New York City
Families of victims of police brutality lead a march in lower Manhattan on Saturday, demanding alternatives to increased policing like affordable housing, education and universal health care

Bernie and the Big Banks (1/3)
Is Sanders’ proposal to break up the big banks a solution to the power and concentrated wealth of Wall St.? Bill Black and Leo Panitch discuss and debate the plan.

Clinton Emails Reveal Foreign Meddling in Last Haitian Presidential Election (1/2)
As Haitians vote for their next president, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network president Ezili Danto and IJDH attorney Nicole Phillips discuss the past and present influence of the international community in election results

Clinton Benghazi Hearing Fails to Address Double Standard of Classified Information Law
NSA whistleblower Diane Roark says there’s no equity under classification laws and no disincentives for those who over classify and punish those seeking to alert the public of abuses

Some Burned Ferguson-Area Churches Defended Police During Ferguson Uprising
After authorities deem 7 church fires deliberate, St. Louis Rev. Sekou argues that black faith community members, who sided with police during Ferguson protests, will now be forced to look at larger systemic issues, not just respectability

Democracy Now!
Knife-Wielding Israeli Settler Attacks Founder of Rabbis for Human Rights


“We’re Baaack…”: DNC Reverses Ban on Corporate Cash to Fund Convention
The Democratic National Committee is luring corporate lobbyists with VIP rewards
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”It’s our party

And we’ll lie if we want to”

Women with Facts Fight Back Against Fracking… and Sexism
‘Women, for whatever reason, have not been persuaded by the facts,’ said Averil Macdonald, newly-appointed chair of UK Onshore Oil and Gas
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*More of a case for men as ignorami, wouldn’t you say?

‘Mass Struggle Works’: South African Student Uprising Wins Tuition Hike Freeze
‘A famous victory won by the hard struggle of students. We are all humbled.’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I wonder if we’ll ever see “Artists United Against Post Apartheid”?

NAFTA’s ISDS: Why Canada Is One of the Most Sued Countries in the World
by Maude Barlow

The Real News Network
Will Pakistan Push Afghan Taliban Towards Peace?
As President Obama meets with Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif, we explore why the two “allies” have struggled to foster a political solution in Afghanistan

Can Kerry Contain Netanyahu?
Samah Sabawi, Palestinian author and playwright says Palestinians are waking up to the reality of political separation and the system of an apartheid

Democracy Now!
“Seeking Asylum is Not a Crime”: European Rights Chief on Refugee Crisis & “Shameful” U.S. Response

Victims of U.S. Rendition & Torture Starting to Reclaim Rights Says Council of Europe Rights Chief

by Global Gourmet Consulting


Robin Hood in Reverse: How Hotter Planet Takes from Poor, Gives to Rich
Global warming ‘is essentially a massive transfer of value from the hot parts of the world to the cooler parts of the world,’ says UC Berkeley researcher
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Because the ‘Time for Climate Action Is Now,’ Oslo Makes Landmark Move to Ban Cars
‘The reduction in pollution will make the city even better to live in, and ensure that we take our global responsibility’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

America’s Civilian Killings Are No Accident
by Peter Van Buren

*Indiscriminate inhumanity

The Real News Network
Is #BlackLivesMatter Supporting U.S. Policy in Syria?
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report says the #BlackLivesMatter activist meetings with Democratic party front-runners is ushering in new Black Misleadership

*Power concedes nothing without a demand

And condones only those who make none

Netanyahu’s Record on Inciting Violence Against Palestinians
Max Blumenthal, author of The 51-Day War: Resistance and Ruin in Gaza, says Netanyahu absolved Hitler of the final solution by placing the blame for the Holocaust on the Palestinians

*Goebbels would be proud

Justice Requires an End to Israeli Jewish Supremacy Over Palestinians – Ali Abunimah on Reality Asserts Itself (5/5)
TRNN Replay: On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Abunimah says that justice in Palestine does not require Israeli Jews giving up any legitimate rights, but they must give up the “right” to supremacy

Trudeau Pledge Tracker: Reinstating 40 Million in Science Funding and Appointing a Chief of Science
Alana Westwood of Evidence for Democracy says Harper cancelled long form census data collection, it will take years to recover such data gaps for evidence based decision making, Trudeau pledged to reinstate science funding and appoint a Chief of Science

*What does the science say about Liberals honoring their promises?

If it’s anything akin to the empirical evidence regarding Democrats

“[L]ots of luck” will be a stone necessity.

Public Citizen
Tell the FEC: Do Your Job!
“I’m not a person?” Join Commissioners Ravel and Weintraub in Calling on the FEC to Combat Citizens United Corruption

Institute for Public Accuracy
Killer Drones: Analysis and Protest of the “Bureaucracy of Murder”

*The murder machine drones on and on

Democracy Now!
Shaker Aamer: After 5,000 Days of Torment, Last British Prisoner at Guantanamo is Set for Release

*Please somebody’s god, let’s stop calling these “mistakes”.

It was known there was no Iraqi government connection to al-Qaeda, so no “mistake” was made. “[T]he intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.”

This is deliberate deception that signed the death warrants for hundreds of thousands, and those involved are no less than mass murderers and accessories to same.

No “blunders”. No “incompetence”.

Nothing but the cold blooded calculations of callous souls.

“Where Does This End?”: After Drone Papers Leaks, U.K. Gov’t Has a Kill List of Its Own


Landmark Look at US Charter System Reveals Waste, Fraud, ‘Ghost Schools’
‘The bottom-line is taxpayers know far too little about how much their federal tax dollars are being used to fund charters,’ says Center for Media and Democracy
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams



And rigged ‘rithmetic

US Government Accused of Stifling Medical Marijuana Research
With its widespread usage and support, research into the drug has never been so critical
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The shit of not getting off the pot

Tip of Iceberg? EU Rules Against Sweetheart Tax Deals for Corporations
‘All companies, big or small, multinational or not, should pay their fair share of tax,’ says European Commission
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

From Streets to Cells, Harrowing Violence Inflicted on LGBTQ Prisoners
New report finds LGBTQ people—especially those who are brown, black, or poor—are disproportionately targeted by incarceration and violence
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Taking Out the Trash Burners
The fight against a dirty incinerator in Baltimore is an inspiration for all of us.
by Annie Leonard

*Don’t burn, baby, burn

The Rise, Fall, and Return of 1.5°C in the Global Climate Negotiations
by Joe Solomon

*1.5 degrees C doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in James Inhofe’s hot little hands, and folks like McKibben and Klein wouldn’t be resigned to 2 degrees if it was a whole bunch of well off white people who faced treading water, would they?

Am I a cynic

Or an all too realist?

The Imaginary Cuban Troops in Syria
by Matt Peppe

The Real News Network
Black Media to Take Another Hit? The Potential Sale of Howard University’s WHUT Considered
Media scholar, author and journalist Dr. Todd Steven Burroughs says the potential sale of Howard University’s WHUT to the FCC would damage the already worn Black media landscape

Biden: The War on Drugs Candidate
If Vice President Joe Biden chooses to run, he’ll have to face a legacy of swelling the prison population here as well as in Latin America

*Not if the corpress have anything to say about it

Which, of course, they won’t.

“Little Guantanamos” in the United States
Investigative journalist Will Porter discusses the secret prisons that the ACLU says are violating inmates’ rights

*McCarthy spins in his grave

With glee

Free Press
Tell St. Louis County: Journalism Is Not a Crime

Institute for Public Accuracy
Benghazi and Emails: The Ignored Substance Behind the Circus

Democracy Now!
How a $100M Facebook Donation for Neoliberal School Reform Sparked a Grassroots Uprising in Newark

*This is what drives me spare about so much of this program’s content.

You have a story about destroying public education, and the forces, public and private, determined to do so, and and yet your “explainer” is someone who may relate useful details but is incapable, wilfully or not, of seeing the larger picture.

She proceeds to make excuses for the antagonists’ behavior, even as she delineates the harm they’ve caused, and the hosts allow her to paint them as well intentioned but misguided, when anyone with more than a superficial understanding of the issues is painfully aware of this unholy alliance between neoliberal “philanthropists” (see “Gates, Bill and Melinda”) and politicians.

Ending with a paean to Booker’s “caring” just puts a capper on the whole sad segment.


‘We Are Not Ashamed’: How Abortion Providers Are Pushing Back Against Stigma and Intimidation
‘It is time for all of us to stand up and say what we do is good’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Warehouse Worker Resource Center
California Cartage Strike Ends, Workers Successfully Return to Work

Friends of the Earth
Wendy’s Says No To GMO Apple “No Demand For This New GMO” As Dark Act Approaches

*Bad apples from a rotten barrel

The Real News Network
Harper Defeated, the Next Fight Begins
Jeremie Bedard-Wien of Ricochet, Kelly Dowdell of Leadnow, Sandy Hudson of Black Lives Matter, discuss the progressive movements and the lack of faith in the Trudeau led Liberals

*We’ll see who fights

And who feints

Prostitution: Being Raped for a Living
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges speaks with author and former prostitute Rachel Moran about the violence and disempowerment inherent in prostitution

*You can’t say capitalism was the progenitor for prostitution

But you might make a case for the obverse

Institute for Public Accuracy
50th Anniversary of Immigration Overhaul: How it Opened and Closed Border

First Journalist Reports From U.S.-Based “Little Guantanamo”

*Orwell, Kafka, McCarthy

And you … ?

Democracy Now!
Canadians Oust Stephen Harper, Right-Wing PM Who Ignored Climate Change & Shunned First Nations

*I’ll never understand this persistent “hope” for corporate charlatans like Obama and Trudeau, in the face of the acknowledged history of hypocrisy in both nations.

They won’t have to “wait” long to “see” déjà vu all over again, don’t you think?

“Heritage of Hate”: Univ. of Miss. Students Seek Removal of Confederate Battle Flag from Campus

*This is my alma mater, and it’s inspiring to see these folks taking a stand against the “old times there” that “are not forgotten”

Because they are very much still present.

Joe Biden for President? Media Buzz Ignores How Veep Worsened Student Debt on Big Banks’ Behalf

*The bastard’s a party animal, isn’t he just?


EU Trade Deals with US and Canada Blasted as ‘Attacking Public Services’
TTIP and CETA ‘could lock public services into a commercialization from which they will not recover—no matter how damaging to welfare the results may be’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*An invasion of privateers

Syrian War Forces First-Ever Withdrawal from Global Seed Vault
After armed conflict destabilized Aleppo gene bank, scientists withdraw seeds from Arctic repository in order to safeguard critical research
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

9/11 Military Commission Stalls Again Over Defense Representation Rights
by Daphne Eviatar

New 2015 Wealth Data: U.S. Inequality at its Ugliest
According to new Credit Suisse data, nearly 50 million of America’s 243 million adults are part of the world’s poorest 10%
by Paul Buchheit

Naturalizing hierarchies
by Robert Jensen

Criminalized Indigenous Women Environmental Defenders from Ecuador Demand their Rights at Inter-American Commission for Human Rights

*Apparently concern for human rights extends only as far as the gates of the London embassy.

The Real News Network
Class Struggle in Palestine – Ali Abunimah on Reality Asserts Itself (4/5)
TRNN Replay: Mr. Abunimah says there’s conspicuous consumption in Palestine but the reality for the vast majority in the West Bank and Gaza is increasing poverty

Does the US Have a Plan in Afghanistan?
Author Anand Gopal discusses why a US strategy of arming 350,000 Afghan men will only perpetuate endless war

*Can we dispel the myth that this war has anything to do with Al-Qaeda (spelling of the day)?

It’s about Pipelineistan, the resources within the country, and geostrategic advantage.

It isn’t about “revenge” or “terrorism” or “liberty and democracy”.

It’s about what it’s always about

Money and power.

That’s the empiricism of empire.

Does Israel Have a Right to Exist as a Jewish State? – Ali Abunimah on Reality Asserts Itself (3/5)
Mr. Abunimah says no state exists as an absolute right, but there is a people’s right to self-determination

Canadian Elections: How Strategic is Strategic Voting?
Jamie Biggar of and David Bush of debate whether such a strategy is useful or effective

*As in the US, it doesn’t appear that “strategic voting” has done diddley to lessen the evil of the lesser evil, does it?

Who Are the Targets of Russian Airstrikes in Syria?
Russia claims to be targeting ISIS while the United States says the strikes are hitting pro-Western rebel forces, but London Metropolitan University’s Sami Ramadani says these two groups are practically one in the same

Palestinians Can Learn from the African-American Struggle – Ali Abunimah on Reality Asserts Itself (2/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ali Abunimah, founder of Electronic Intifada, says that Palestinians need to know that even in a country with formal legal equality, the reality can mean mass incarceration, economic inequality and racism

A Quick Word on TPP and Canada Before Monday’s Elections
Unifor economist Jordan Brennan told the Real News how the TPP is part of an old trend in opening up Canada’s markets

Roots Action
More Empty Homes than Homeless People

South African Government: Please Ban the Cruel Breeding of Blood Lions!
by Samar Khan

*The only failed hunt

Is that for a conscience

What can I have while intermittent fasting?
by Yuri Elkaim


Lawsuits Rack Up Against Monsanto Over Cancer-Linked Herbicide
Agrochemical giant conducted ‘prolonged campaign of misinformation’ to convince users and government that Roundup was safe
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

New Reporting Reveals Much More Expansive CIA Water Torture Program
“Whether you call it ‘waterboarding’ or ‘water dousing’, that’s torture—plain and simple,” says Human Rights Watch
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Can anyone who has conceived these abominations, much less executed them, lay any serious claim to a shred of humanity?

Study Reveals Corporate Media’s Refusal to Acknowledge Civilian Victims of US Wars
New research finds, through their silence, mainstream news outlets are ‘legitimating’ U.S. military’s burn pits on civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Obama Won’t Admit the Real Targets of Russian Airstrikes
No one is discussing the reality that the Russian offensive is targeting the biggest militant threat to the Assad regime
by Gareth Porter

I Went to Prison at Age 60. Here’s What I Learned.
by Evie Litwok

The Real News Network
No End to The War in Afghanistan (1/2)
Junaid S. Ahmad, Professor of Law at Lahore University, says after fourteen years of occupation nothing has improved, none of the objectives have been met, the situation is far worse and the US is in greater threat

*Malevolence in perpetual motion

Protesters Arrested Inside Baltimore City Hall as Frustration Over Policing Mounts
Civil disobedience part of growing movement demanding community input on law enforcement policies

Awakened by the Palestinian Intifada – Ali Abunimah on Reality Asserts Itself (1/5)
TRNN Replay: Mr. Abunimah, founder of Electronic Intifada, says after the Israeli 2006 invasion of Lebanon and the 2008 attack on Gaza, he knew what he had to do

Democracy Now!
Drone War Exposed: Jeremy Scahill on U.S. Kill Program’s Secrets & the Whistleblower Who Leaked Them

*Let the machines sort ’em out

Then kill ’em all

“The Drone Papers” Reveals How Faulty Intel & Secret “Kill Chain” Mark Suspects, Civilians for Death

The Longest U.S. War, Prolonged: After Vowing Afghan Pullout, Obama Extends Occupation Indefinitely

*I think what can get lost in all this is that the core moral issue isn’t how this war is being waged.

It’s that it’s being waged at all.

Beets: Use THIS to Lower Blood Sugar and Strengthen Your Heart
by Jonny Bowden

4 Sweet Benefits of Dark Chocolate
by Leanne Ely


Want Babies? Maybe Move Away From Fracking Country, New Studies Suggest
Research ‘may have implications for the fertility of men living in regions with dense oil and/or natural gas production’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Think “pro lifers” might rush to “protect the unborn” here, as they have in their holy war against Planned Parenthood?

. (of a question) asked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit information.

Set Artists Hack ‘Homeland’ to Expose Show’s Racist Narrative
Thanks to creative intervention, Arabic graffiti stating ‘Homeland is racist’ featured in key scene
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Ameliorating the agitprop

Fight for the Future
Trade Group Representing Google, Facebook, Yahoo, T-Mobile, Sprint, & Netflix, Says That It Does Not Support CISA, Controversial Cyber Bill

Center for Food Safety
New Campaign Targets Popcorn Companies’ Use of Bee-Toxic Insecticide
Consumers demand Pop Secret and Pop Weaver stop using neonicotinoid-coated corn seeds

The Real News Network
Breaking Western Union’s Remittance Monopoly
Economist James Henry says remittance transfer costs combined with the foreign exchange amounts to 15%, which is simply unaffordable for the poor who depend on remittence as a life line

*In the temple of finance

It’s the money changers who carry the big stick

Police Tactics of Mass Arrests, Violence and Overcharging Protesters First Developed in 2000
Kris Hermes tells Paul Jay that police suppression of protests at the Republican National Convention set the pattern for breaking up legal protests across North America

*Disappointing segment, in that while there was certainly useful intel extant, not placing this in the context of preparing for a mass uprising as things fall further apart just ignores reality.

Hermes comes off as incredibly naive about the overarching purpose of this repression (“I don’t know what they could be preparing for”), and Jay, after touching on this larger context, lets it drop.

Now, the local cops may indeed have these short term goals in mind, but there is a broader coordination occurring within the “national security” state – fusion centers being one manifestation – that is MIA from the conversation

And I have to ask why that’s the case.

Will Islamophobia and Racism Influence Canadian Election?
Harsha Walia of No One is Illegal says the effects of the “war on terror”, racism against refugees and immigrants and fear mongering have been decisive in previous elections

Democracy Now!
Norman Solomon: Clinton’s Debate Comments on Snowden “Give Hypocrisy a Bad Name”

*I don’t understand Solomon’s praise for Sanders here, unless it’s another case of “Saint Bernard Syndrome”.

How is justice served by Snowden spending a nanosecond of time in prison? Why should he suffer a “penalty” for doing what his conscience demanded, and doing it the only way he could, by violating a lesser law to uphold a higher one?

It’s like convicting someone of assault and battery for tackling an armed assailant.

Far from a full throated defense of Snowden’s actions, Sanders tried to have it both ways, to my mind.

What’s in Solomon’s to come to such a divergent conclusion is beyond me.

Avocados: The Perfect Fuel for your Fat-Burning Metabolism
by Jonny Bowden

Do you really need to walk 10,000 steps a day for good health?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


UN Warned That Without Women in Peace Process, There Will Be No Peace
Women are often the ‘true unsung heroes’ in conflict situations, said head of UN women’s agency
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Challenging Racism in the Food System
The Federation of Southern Cooperatives fights for Black lands, agriculture, and equal justice
by Andrianna Natsoulas and Beverly Bell

Another US Nuke Bites the Dust
by Harvey Wasserman

*We need to shun nuclear energy like it’s radioactive.

Wait a tick …

Fracktivists Turn to Twitter to Expose Invenergy’s Fracked Gas Power Plants
by Trevor Culhane

BP Finally Admits Not All Oil Will Be Burnt
by Andy Rowell

When Peace Activists Met With the U.S. Institute of Peace
by David Swanson

What Does “Antibiotic-Free” Really Mean? Insight from a Contract Chicken Farmer
by Sarah Damian

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
3 Million Teachers to McDonald’s: We’re Not Lovin’ It
Adding to corporation’s woes, nation’s largest teachers union rejects McTeacher’s Nights, marketing in schools

*”You want lies with that?”

Values Statement

Brave New Films
The Big Game: College Football Stealing Your Education

*The Jock Shock Doctrine

The Real News Network
Palestinians ‘Living Under Two Occupations’: Violence Spikes in Israel and the West Bank
Jeff Halper says Israel and the Palestinian Authority are partners in repression

Protester Acquitted for Role In Freddie Gray Uprising
Lawyer says Baltimore jury affirmed first amendment rights with swift verdict

Rattling the Bars, Ep. 1: ‘The Real Cost of Calls’
What’s the real human toll that the inmate calling industry is taking on prisoners and their loved ones? Host Eddie Conway talks to the affected families, the FCC, and those seeking to change the industry’s predatory policies.

Don’t force survivors of sexual assault to go to the police
by Jillian Murray and Know Your IX

Washington Post Reduces Palestinian Victims to a Word Problem
by Jim Naureckas

*Subtracting the “subhuman”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Debate Fallout: * Clinton’s Emails and Whistleblowers * Big Banks

Award in Iowa: Black Farms Matter

Democracy Now!
The Rise of America’s Secret Government: The Deadly Legacy of Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles Pt. 2

*It’s always amazing to me how intelligent people can check their reason, and their morals, at the door as they engage in hero worship, as Talbot does here with JFK.

If he’s correct about who killed Kennedy, then it’s an instance of elite fratricide. Kennedy wasn’t a psychopath, and knew the path Dulles, LeMay and others wanted to lead the US down would result in Armageddon, just as FDR – another favorite for hagiographers – saved capitalism from self immolation.

To make any more of it is to construct a fairy tale of gallantry that has no relation to the world of realpolitik, no matter how badly we may yearn for it to be so.

Please keep that in mind as you gaze longingly at that poster of Saint Bernard on your bedroom wall.


UK Ditches Saudi Prison Deal After Human Rights Outcry
Prime Minister David Cameron canceled a £5.9m deal for the Ministry of Justice to provide prison services to Saudi Arabia
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Question: When Is Shooting a 12-Year-Old Child Reasonable?
by Vince Warren

US Violence Breeds a Language of the Grotesque
We are surrounded by phrases devised to convert the grotesque and unpalatable into the everyday and banal
by Christian Christensen

Is the TPP the Bull Connor Moment for Access to Medicines?
by Fran Quigley

*Re the Bull Connor analogy

That “reform” was carefully circumscribed.

Will we settle for the same?

Bureau of Sex Slavery
For Yanar and my sisters in Iraq and Syria.
by Eve Ensler

Keeping Coal Out of Oakland
by Irene Gutierrez

“We Are the Masters,” Says Israeli Mayor, As 3 More Palestinians Are Killed
by Charlotte Silver

*The supreme irony of the “master” racists

The Real News Network
3 Supreme Court Cases You Should Be Aware Of
Public Citizen’s Scott Nelson outlined three Supreme Court cases to the Real News that threaten the consumer and employee protection tool known as class action litigation

Days of Revolt: The 51 Day War
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews Max Blumenthal about his latest book and the brutal tactics used by the Israeli state in attempt to suppress Palestinian resistance

*Stomach turning and soul sickening

Democracy Now!
Outsourcing a Refugee Crisis: U.S. Paid Mexico Millions to Target Central Americans Fleeing Violence

*Will any of the Democratic candidates, even Saint Bernard, address this horror story tonight, or will they simply mouth platitudes about “fixing the broken immigration system”?

The very definition of a rhetorical question, I realize.

3 super benefits of Pumpkin Seeds
by Leanne Ely


MoveOn is asking for questions to be posed to the Democratic presidential candidates.

Here are mine:

Do you believe the fate of folks in this country is inextricably linked to that of those in others, and if you do, do you see your task as president to be to do all you’re able to secure a life of dignity for every single one of us? Do you see the pursuit of profit and power (known outside acceptable discourse as capitalism and imperialism) as wholly inimicable to that goal?

I wish I could put every cent I own on the certain proposition that they won’t.

‘I’ll Show You Obscene’: Campus to Protest Concealed Guns with Unconcealed Dildos
Campus community will protest fact that, starting in August 2016, they will be allowed to carry sex toys but not guns on school grounds
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Dicking off for good reason

UK Privatization Puts Final Nail in Royal Mail’s Coffin
Leading trade union decries sell-off, saying Tory party ‘has made it abundantly clear that they are only interested in privatization dogma and making the rich richer’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Five Great American Hypocrisies
by Paul Buchheit

A Soil Pilgrimage
by Vandana Shiva

*We will save the earth

By saving the earth

‘A Pipeline Straight to Jail’
by Chris Hedges

*Read only if you aren’t allergic to reality

The Emperor Has No Clothes, and Neither Do Monsanto’s ‘Scientists’
by Katherine Paul

*Scientific method acting

Politicizing Columbus Day
Although the movement to stop honoring Christopher Columbus with a holiday is gaining support, most of white America would prefer to avoid the subject
by Robert Jensen

*Those who distort history

Are determined to repeat it

Campaign for Peace and Democracy
Washington and Moscow: Halt The Bombing and Stop Supporting Dictators in the Middle East!

The Real News Network
Don’t Drink the Water in Flint, Michigan
Rev. David Alexander Bullock and investigative reporter Curt Guyette explain why it took so long for officials to act to address growing corrosive elements, and lead toxins in the city’s water

*Forced to swallow the poison

But not the perfidy

What The Changing Workplace Has to Do With Mass Shootings
Journalist Mark Ames explains how the pro-privatization and anti-labor measures of the Reagan years and beyond have bred a more hostile work environment, triggering more mass shootings in workplaces and schools

Did the UN Meet Its 2015 Water & Sanitation Goals for Sub-Saharan Africa?
UMass-Amherst PERI’s Leonce Ndikumana says resource-rich economies like Nigeria need to reform tax codes to make real impacts on poverty

Opposition Party Leaders Avoid Canada’s Role in Global Arms Trade and Wars
Richard Sanders and Justin Podur say Canada’s leading role in the global arms trade and its participation in war coalitions are in contradiction with the prevailing myth of the nation as a peacemaker

Israel Escalates Punitive Measures Against Palestinians in Jerusalem
Economist Shir Hever says more repression will not subdue the anger stemming from decades of occupation, but resistance could potentially undermine Israel’s arms export industry and the state’s practice of managing conflict without political compromise

The Future of Popular Unity in Greece (2/2)
Stathis Kouvelakis, member of Popular Unity, says the future of Popular Unity will depend on the Greek people’s reaction to the economic tsunami unleashed as a result of Syriza’s surrender to the creditors

Earth Balance – Stop Using Palm Oil
by Nicki Rodriguez

Institute for Public Accuracy
Turkey: “Lust for Power” threatening Civil War

Democracy Now!
Shock & Panic in Turkey: Deadliest Terrorist Attack in Country’s History Leaves as Many as 128 Dead

5 Rarely Discussed Breast Cancer Early Warning Signs
by Ty Bollinger

Why Canola Oil is Not the Healthy Oil You’ve Been Led to Believe
by Roxanne McDonald

*Obviously there’s contention with the advice of groups such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Use the intel here to make the best determination you can.


To Offer In-Depth Look at Issue, This Paper Gave Refugees Full Editorial Control
‘Today it is the refugees who speak to us’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Perverse Rise of Killer Robots
by César Chelala

*You don’t have to train robots to be killers

The Constant Cruelty of the Israeli Occupation: A No-go Zone in The NY Times
by Barbara Erickson

*All the news that’s printed to fit

Lithium Market Set To Explode – All Eyes Are On Nevada
by James Stafford

The Real News Network
A Syria Without Assad?
Journalist Patrick Cockburn, who just returned from Syria, speaks about the impact of the Russian airstrikes in Syria and weather it can play a role in bringing the civil war to an end

Defeat and Demoralization in Greece
Stathis Kouvelakis, member of Popular Unity, says the SYRIZA capitulation to creditors was followed by a voter turnout of 44%, the lowest in the country’s history

Countdown to Paris: Are the Pledges to Cut Emissions Enough to Save the Planet?
Andrew Jones and Chris Williams discuss the UN submissions from 130 countries and the road blocks to averting climate disaster

Russians Could Force New Negotiations Over Syria
Phyllis Bennis of IPS says there are many players that need to be at the table for negotiations that could be conducted in phases to bring about a real solution

Media Reports ISIS Nuclear Plot That Never Actually Involved ISIS
by Adam Johnson

*Such derring-do

“‘Danger’ is my middle name.

‘Lying about’ is my first.”

Democracy Now!
Making Money from Misery? Disaster Capitalism from the Migrant Crisis to Afghanistan and Haiti

*”Disaster capitalism” is the very epitome of redundancy


Lead Poisoning Fears Finally Stir Action, But Does It Come Too Late for People of Flint?
‘Governor Snyder’s announcement confirmed what we already knew, that his emergency manager poisoned children and families in Flint.’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Language is a virus. Words matter.

It’s not a “tragedy”

It’s a crime.

And those responsible should “learn” from it by doing hard time.

Listen to Syrians: The Media Jackals and the People’s Narrative
by Ramzy Baroud

Welcome to a New Planet: Climate ‘Tipping Points’ and the Fate of the Earth
by Michael T. Klare

*Speeding down a dead end street

Why Bombing a Hospital Is a War Crime
by Robert C. Koehler

*An inhumanitarian intervention

How a Billionaire is Trying to Control Los Angeles Public Schools
by Valerie Strauss

*The only “magic bullet” here

Is the one aimed at the heart of public education

The Real News Network
MSF Hospital Targeted by Afghan Government Forces in July
Phyllis Bennis says three months ago the hospital was attacked by US backed Afghan troops seeking Taliban militants

Should Canadians Vote Strategically to Defeat Harper?
Amara Possian of Leadnow and Dimitri Lascaris of the Green Party, London-West, debate the consequences of strategic voting in the Canadian October 19th federal elections

*Regardless of the captain, the ship’s going to sink

Unless there’s a mutiny

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Poverty Is Not a Lifelong Identity’
Interview with Rebecca Vallas about shaming the poor
by Janine Jackson

*That’s the purpose of the perpetuation of the myth of “the undeserving poor”

(As in, “I don’t use *my* SNAP card to buy lobster”)

To keep folks in the same boat

From rowing in the same direction.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Nobel Peace Prize’s Betrayal

*Lies on the Prize

Vitamin B12: One Crucial Vitamin You are NOT Getting Enough Of
by Natural Health Sherpa

10 Fall Super Foods
by Leanne Ely


From Anti-Fracking Movement to OPEC: Shale Drives New Geoeconomics of Oil
As Saudi Arabia aimsto keep the United States from becoming a major exporter, public opposition to fracking and other development is only increasing
by Emilio Godoy
IPS News

Recess in Seattle: How We Won the Right to Play
by Jesse Hagopian

*Brought this to mind

Time to Abolish Columbus Day
by Bill Bigelow

*History is written by the victors

Writing out the victims

Why Is the U.S. Refusing An Independent Investigation If Its Hospital Airstrike Was An “Accident”?
by Glenn Greenwald

*”The fog of war”

Develops after the fact

The Art of Balancing the Ledger While in Poverty
by Stephanie Land

From the State Bank of Lake Park to a Critique of Capitalism
by Robert Jensen

*If you’re only looking out for yourself

You’ll find that you’re the only one looking out for you

Guantánamo Reinstates Genital Searching Policy to Prevent Lawyer-Client Meetings

Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Keyless cars can cause carbon monoxide poisoning

The Real News Network
Another Suspicious Death Raises More Concerns About Black Life Behind Bars
Lawrence Grandpre, Director of Research for The Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, discusses the case of Darrell Murray, the incarcerated and slain brother of a fellow activist

Saudi Arabia Silences UN Human Rights Council Over Its War Crimes in Yemen (2/2)
Omer Aziz says the Saudis are blocking an inquiry into one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent times

US Military Attack on MSF Hospital in Afghanistan Considered a War Crime
Sune Engel Rasmussen, The Guardian reporter in Kabul describes the local reaction to the bombing and questions the verification process that the US military exercises before bombing targets

US Ruling Circles Split On Use of Jihadists in Syria
Executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report, Glen Ford, says that objections to Russia’s bombing of Syria expose policy rifts within the U.S. ruling elite

Institute for Public Accuracy
China and the TPP

*The peril never yellows

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Polluter Interests Have Been Spending Millions on Disinformation Campaigns’
Interview with David Baron about air polluters
by Janine Jackson


And muddied mirrors

Democracy Now!
Does Free Speech Have a Palestine Exception? Dismissed Professor Steven Salaita Speaks Out

Tenant Resource Center
Lead Paint

How to Choose the Healthiest Nuts and Seeds
Plus our tips for making nuts and seeds part of a healthy diet
Lindsay Moyer
Nutrition Action


Rejecting Government Hostility, People of Denmark Issue Welcome Letter to Refugees
‘As ordinary Danes we wish to extend our sympathy and compassion to anyone fleeing war and despair’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*They’re only human

#GlobalGoals? The Truth about Poverty and How to Address It
It’s high time UN agencies and the mainstream media acknowledge the true scale of global poverty and engage in a long overdue public debate on how ambitious and transformative the international development agenda really is
by Rajesh Makwana

The Real News Network
The Revolutionary Age
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and Sabah Alnasseri dissect the genesis of political revolutions in the Middle East, and discuss the role of religion and the reasons for the increased prevalence of fundamentalism

Dependency on War Lords Led to U.S. Attack on MSF Afghan Hospital
Sonali Kolhatkar tells Paul Jay that the American perpetual war strategy has created a criminal narco-state and generated support for the hated Taliban

*Intent is immaterial here, except for the intent to deceive.

But I still can’t discount that this was deliberate, in the sense of “taking out” Taliban forces trumping the sanctity of a hospital zone, given that there doesn’t appear to be any way that US commanders couldn’t have known that this was a hospital.

Priorities are priorities.

Do the Taliban represent the Pashtuns?
TRNN Replay: Muhammad Junaid: Pashtun traditional code conflicts with Taliban law, but US attacks creating support

Saudi Arabia Silences UN Human Rights Council Over Its War Crimes in Yemen
Omer Aziz says the Saudis are blocking an inquiry into one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent times

The House Freedom Caucus: Tea Party 2.0 Behind Boehner’s Resignation
A look at how the secretive Congressional House Freedom Caucus espouses populist rhetoric while backed by billionaire Koch brothers and mid-level southern capitalists

*Not much to cripple there, is it?

I suppose the Kochs et alia would like to eviscerate any semblance of a “climate legacy” for Dear Misleader, but what we’re talking about here is smoke and mirrors facing fire and brimstone, don’t you think?

Institute for Public Accuracy
* War Crimes * Activists Against Killer Drones

Democracy Now!
NAFTA on Steroids: Consumer Groups Slam the TPP as 12 Nations Agree to Trade Accord

The sweet potato . . . how sweet it is!
by Leanne Ely


Outrage Stirred as Police Deploy Snipers to ‘Observe’ Anti-Austerity March in UK
As more than 60,000 people marched against Tory’s attack on the economy, sharp-shooters took up positions on rooftops
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Is that a finger on your trigger

Or are you just happy to “see” me?

Will BP’s Record Gulf Spill Settlement Amount to a Record Tax Break?
Groups are warning that much of the $20.8 billion in settlement payments could be written off as the ‘cost of doing business’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*We all pay “the cost of doing business”

The Many Ways Women Are Beaten Down in America
by Paul Buchheit

*A woman’s work is never done

Being devalued

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?
by Tom Hall and Barry Grey

*If Sanders is a socialist

Clinton’s a radical feminist

And Obama’s a Black Panther.

The Real News Network
GMO Anti-Labeling Law Heads to Senate After House Approval
Tuft University’s Tim Wise says in the face of uncertain science what’s needed is more science not deregulation

*Do you need to be a scientist to suss that if they’re trying to keep something from being labeled

That something might not be as harmless as they claim?

The Syrian Civil War and Big Power Rivalry
Sami Ramadani: The US and allied regional powers pushed early militarization of struggle as outside powers try to control outcome of Syrian revolution

The Global African: Alicia Garza on BLM & Oprah’s Diamond Controversy
We talk to Alicia Garza in depth on the subject of Black Lives Matter and Patrick Connors about Lev Leviev’s diamonds and his connection to settlements in the West Bank

*Diamonds are a ghoul’s best friend.

“O” dear …

Inter-Imperial Feuds and the Lost Revolution in Syria (2/2)
Joseph Daher and Jennifer Loewenstein debate what are the real goals of the U.S. in Syria

Evolution of A Black Panther Part 2
Kathleen Cleaver discusses moving to Oakland to join the Black Panther Party (BPP), assisting with the “Free Huey” Campaign, and becoming the BPP’s Communications Secretary

Is There a Path Forward for Baltimore After Freddie Gray?
Scholars and activists debate the future of a city still dominated by aggressive policing strategies and tax breaks for downtown developers

Why Drug Prices Are Out of Control, And What We Can Do About It
Jamie Love of Knowledge Ecology International told the Real News that our system does little to curb outrageous drug prices, and it’s not because there aren’t good alternatives

Evolution of A Black Panther (1/2)
Kathleen Cleaver discusses her parents’ influence on her political activism and her work in the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S.’s Unreported War in Afghanistan

*Something tells me this will be pedaled out of the corpress news cycle real quick like.


Empiricism, my dear Watson.

Department of Education: From Disaster to Disaster?

*Close enough for rock and ruin

Meet the new boss …

Media Are Blamed as US Bombing of Afghan Hospital Is Covered Up
by Ben Norton

*(See comment on IPA piece above)

Of course, it has to go through the spin cycle first.

FAIR CounterSpin
‘These Are the Crimes That Really Matter’
Interview with Brandon Garrett on corporate criminals
by Janine Jackson

*It’s not a “Get out of jail free” card

If you’re never booked

Democracy Now!
War Crime in Afghanistan?: Outrage After U.S. Airstrike on Hospital Kills 22 Patients & Staff

Mission Accomplished Redux: 1 Year After “End” to War in Afghanistan, Aid Workers Reveal Real Story

The Vaccine Safety Lesson Every Doctor Needs
by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

*I’m just trying to suss this shit my own self.

Do the two most popular supplements for relieving hot flashes really work?
How to pick out a good one
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

How to Strengthen Your Core
by Yuri Elkaim


A US Drone Killed This Man’s Family. He Asked For Simple Apology. US Said ‘No’
Faisal bin Ali Jaber had offered to drop a lawsuit against the president in exchange for a public apology for his loss. He was denied.
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Club of One’: US Now Lone UN Member Outside Children’s Rights Treaty
The U.S. helped draft part of the Convention on the Rights of the Child—so why hasn’t it ratified it?
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Ratification would be an empty gesture, judging by the level of adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights over nearly seven decades.

That said, “misconceptions” have nothing to do with the matter.

Lies, on the other hand …

Opt-Outs Abound as Majority of EU Says No to GMOs
15 out of 28 European Union member states declare their intention to send territorial exclusionary requests to agrochem companies
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Frankenfood can’t conquer the continent

Refugees Face Fences and Force in ‘Prison-Like’ European Hotspots
Italy will allow a “proportionate” use of force to obtain fingerprints from asylum-seekers, which it has not done regularly in the past
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

In Aristotle’s Homeland, Canadian Mining Giant Fights Ban To Get Its Gold
“Eldorado Gold must realize that beautiful Halkidiki is not its property, nor Halkidiki a ‘lab rat’ of environmental destruction for its profits.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

PIRG Questions Experian/T-Mobile Giving 15 Million Experian Breach Victims Credit Monitoring, Since Only the Credit Freeze Stops Identity Theft

The Real News Network
38% of American Workforce Still Jobless
UMass Amherst’s Richard Wolff discusses why labor force participation is the lowest since 1977 and what’s really needed to stimulate the economy

Proposed Sentencing Reforms Would Keep Drug War Policies Intact
Retired 32-year veteran Federal Marshall Matthew Fogg says the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act is a positive step but fails to address racist law enforcement or drug war policy

Media Coverage Is ‘a Sort of Advertisement to Mass Murder’
by Jim Naureckas

*Perhaps a truly valid case for “classified information” on the grounds of “national security”?

FAIR Action Alert
New York Post Gets Ethel Rosenberg History Wrong
by Jim Naureckas

FAIR CounterSpin
‘We Could Have All These Drugs Available at Generic Prices’
Interview with Dean Baker about why medicine costs so much
by Janine Jackson

*To employ Baker’s analogy, when your house is on fire, you don’t comparison shop among local fire departments. So why are we talking about paying any price for vital meds?

Health care should be a right, not a commodity, at any price. Article 25 of the UDHC guarantees such.

Pretty words ignored for decades, I realize. But the principle holds, if we are at all serious about a humane society.

Baker advocates for a kinder, gentler capitalism.

I can’t think of a more cogent example of an oxymoron.

Democracy Now!
“This Has Become Routine”: Obama Speaks Out After 10 Killed in Oregon in Year’s 294th Mass Shooting

*”Somehow this has become routine.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go over my kill list.”

What symbol of fall may help you beat the blues?
by Leanne Ely


Alabama Makes Photo IDs Mandatory for Voting, Then Shutters DMV Offices in Black Counties
The ‘decision to cut out ID services to almost all counties with a majority black population is discriminatory and wrong,’ says ACLU of Alabama.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trumpocrisy: How ‘The Donald’ Became a Billionaire and What That Means for the Rest of Us
On finances and the art of ignoring conflicts and contradictions
by Nomi Prins

You Knew the TPP Was Bad. Here’s How It Gets Even Worse
by Dave Johnson

The Real News Network
Abbas UN Speech: “Bombshell” or Wet Firecracker?
Ali Abunimah, co-founder of the Electronic Intifada, says Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas remains dismally uncourageous

*The hollow huffing of a hireling

A Critical Look at VICE’s Story on Mass Imprisonment with Obama and Holder
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report says the story by the news magazine Vice on mass incarceration features massive hypocrisies in the policy decisions of Obama and Holder

Institute for Public Accuracy
Saudi Beheading, Bombing Yemen — and on Human Rights Panel

* Trade Deal “Death Sentence Clause” * Killer Coal Mine CEO Trial

Democracy Now!
Rashid Khalidi on Syria: The Beginning of This Mess was the 2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq

*It would seem that ISIS targets were included in the air strikes

“The Questioning Was Clearly Sexist”: Rep. Brenda Lawrence on Republican Planned Parenthood Hearings

Dead Man Walking: Richard Glossip vs. The Death Penalty

Pathogens On Produce And How Best To Avoid Them
Food poisoning from vegetables is just as serious as food poisoning from meats and dairy. Here are some things to look out for.
by Nils Fischer
Nutrition Action

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‘Exxons of Agriculture’ Wielding Power to Block Real Climate Solutions: Report
The industry ‘fuels a model of agriculture that is destroying the planet,’ report states.
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Groups Challenge Wyoming’s ‘Downright Un-American’ Censorship Laws
State laws place citizen scientists and advocacy groups ‘in jeopardy for acting to protect public health, the environment, and animal welfare’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Monsanto Under Fire: Maker of Cancer-Causing Herbicide Sued by US Workers
Two separate lawsuits allege agrochemical giant deliberately misled public and regulators over dangers of product exposure
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

How US Colleges Have Become Ground Zero for Suppression of Palestine Solidarity
Two new reports highlight the systematic intimidation, harassment, and censorship that is silencing free speech critical of Israel
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Black Panthers are Back
by Reese Erlich

Single Payer and the Case Against ‘Clicktivism’
by Russell Mokhiber

*The mouse doesn’t roar

Friends of the Earth
A Flaring Shame: New Report Exposes Hidden Fracking Subsidy

The Real News Network
Is Obama Fighting ISIS, Assad or Russia?
Prof. Sabah Alnasseri of York University says Obama speech at the UN pushes anti-ISIS forces towards Russian strategy

African Leaders at the UN Speak for Imperialism, Not Our Continent, Says Activist
Analysts and activists Ajamu Baraka and Andile Mngxitama discuss subversion of African attempts for liberation at the United Nations

*The black faces blunt the black fists

Marginalizing the Momentum of the BDS Movement
by Gunar Olsen


Rank-and-File Teachers Object As Nation’s Biggest Union Weighs Early Clinton Endorsement
Mirroring similar rifts within other unions, National Education Association members prepare to protest Sanders snub
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I’m obviously no Sandersista, but this still smells of the rot that’s corroded unionism for literally donkey’s years.

As Shell Scraps Arctic Drilling Plan, Gov. Declares: ‘We Need To Get Some Oil in that Pipeline… Quick’
Governor Bill Walker pivots on Shell announcement to renew calls to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and fill Alaska’s trans-state pipeline
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Near-Total Meltdown of Fukushima Reactor 2 Confirmed
Researchers say between 70 and 100 percent of fuel inside reactor 2 melted during 2011 disaster
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

An Important New Reason to Keep Pesticides Away from Children
by Megan Boyle

The Superpower as Victim: Three Exceptional Facts About America
Why it’s safe to be paranoid in the U.S.
by Tom Engelhardt

The Yemen Catastrophe: Beset by Contradictions of Will and Intellect
by Richard Falk

Veterans for Peace
Iowa Presidential Race Targeted by Military Vets and Anti-Drone Television Commercials on Major News Networks

The Real News Network
ISIS, The New Israel
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and Sabah Alnasseri discuss how US foreign policy and class struggle created the conditions for the rise of ISIS, and compare ISIS’s colonialist strategies to those of the Israeli independence movement in Palestine

Sex for Repairs Scheme Alleged in Gilmor Homes
Federal lawsuit alleges residents of city housing project where Freddie Gray grew up were asked to have sex in exchange for maintenance work

Obama Versus Putin at the U.N.
Paul Jay and Vijay Prashad discuss President Obama and President Putin’s UN addresses on their strategies for fighting the Islamic State

Institute for Public Accuracy
Behind Modi at Facebook

Obama vs. Putin: Syria and Ukraine

*A black face

On a very black pot

Democracy Now!
Thousands Protest Indian PM Narendra Modi in U.S. over Human Rights Record

A Voice for Dalit Women in India: Ruth Manorama Speaks Out Against Caste-Based Discrimination


Will TTIP Get Terminated? Negotiations Falter as Europe Balks
As EU-US trade talks flounder, France doesn’t rule out ‘an outright termination of negotiations’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Global Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture: Solution or Mirage?
by Rashmi Mistry

The Painful Facts, State-by-State: How We’re Victimized by Corporate State Tax Avoidance
by Paul Buchheit

Beyond Reform vs. Rupture
Greece still has alternatives. What mix of compromise and confrontation could yield something better than more austerity?
by Nantina Vgontzas

The Real News Network
Pope Calls UN to Focus on Climate Solution Not Just Commitments
Pace University’s Chris Williams and IPS’ Janet Redman say UN commitments have not made substantial difference because the elite refuse to address fossil fuels

*I’ll listen to the preaching

When it’s paired up with some practicing

Majd Kayyal & The Trial of Hissene Habre
We talk to Palestinian activist Majd Kayyal about the importance of forging solidarity with the African American struggle, and we also look at the trial of former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre

Top Pope Advisor Says Vatican Will Not Divest From Fossil Fuels
Pace University’s Chris Williams and IPS’ Janet Redman discuss the Vatican’s contradictory policy in light of the Pope’s call to fight climate change

*No amount of mouth makes up for no amount of money

Institute for Public Accuracy
Is the UN Working for Peace?

Democracy Now!
Journalist Peter Greste Calls on Australia to End Secrecy over Offshore Asylum Detention Centers

Why California and New York Cancer Rates Could Reach New Epidemic Proportions
by Jefferey Jaxen

Didn’t Vaccines Wipe Out Diseases? The Untold Truth About Vaccines2
by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

7 Things Every Mother Needs to Tell Her Daughter About Breast Cancer Prevention
by Marnie Clark

Nutrition Action
Food Safety: Kitchen Safety Tips Revealed!

Is the Paleo Diet Healthy?
Should we all be eating like cave men and women? Do we know what they ate?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*Makes sense to me. See what you think.

Controversial Exercise Advice That Speeds Fat Loss
by Yuri Elkaim

*Don’t let the sensational title fool you. I think there’s some eminently reasonable intel extant.

See if you agree.


Million-Liter Cyanide Spill in Argentina Highlights Canadian Mining Crimes
‘They cannot continue to handle affairs that are so delicate, that affect the environment and people this way.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Record Cold ‘Blob’ in North Atlantic: Sign of Future Climate Woes?
Some scientists are saying new data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration could point to weakening of a North Atlantic ocean current
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

China Cap-and-Trade Program Not What the Climate Needs
by Wenonah Hauter

*I’m happy to see this, after Kumi Naidoo’s inane comments on the subject here

There are dinghies

And just plain dingy.

Murder, Mayhem and Rape in Afghanistan: Made in the U.S.A.
by Sonali Kolhatkar

*The black light of “freedom”

National Iranian-American Council
Iranian Americans to Hold Press Conference and Vigil in Honor of Shayan Mazroei

The Real News Network
What Pope Francis’ Call to Abolish Death Penalty Could Mean For Republicans
TRNN’s Jessica Desvarieux speaks with author Patricia Miller on how Pope Francis’ pro-life position on abolishing the death penalty expels conservatives’ use of abortion as a trump card over social justice issues

Priests to Pope: Stop the Sexism
A group of excommunicated priests staged a die-in Wednesday morning in protest of the Vatican’s refusal to let women take leading roles in the church

*A woman’s work (and worth) is never done

Being devalued

The Pope Mutes Message in Congress Speech
Pope Francis restrained his critique of finance and demand for urgent action on climate change, as he called for an end to capital punishment, more open immigration and concern for the environment

*You read the subheading here, and you think this will be a continuation of the serious critique of Francis’ pontification, so to speak, that has been previously presented on TRNN.

Sadly, the segment proper is more in the vein of the cheerleading you find at Democracy Now! and Common Dreams.

If TRNN is to be what it purports to be, it will need to assume the task of being the alternative to the “alternative media”, as represented by those two outlets, among others.

Prosecutors Drop False Imprisonment Charges Against Baltimore Pastor
ACLU says remaining charges of inciting a riot are overreaching and could discourage civil disobedience

War Crimes and Land Reform in the Colombian Agreement with FARC
Joshua Large, professor of international relations at the Universidad Eafit in Medellin, Colombia says, the agreement was made possible because of the increasing weakness of FARC and the neoliberal economic interests of the Colombian government

Fight for $15
There are children working the fryer at McDonald’s stores?!

*Golden arches

Blackened souls

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Can We Hold Noncitizens to a Different Standard of Justice?’
Interview with Rachel Meeropol on justice for 9/11 detainees
by Janine Jackson

*This has nothing to do with “protecting the public”

And everything to do with protecting power.

9/11, whether abetted, allowed, or simply taken advantage of, set the stage for the expanded “security” state, which the exploitocracy recognized as vital to its survival, as it proceeded to squeeze every drop of profit from those in its thrall.

We see the results in myriad manners, from quantum surveillance to the militarization of the police to immigrant detention to “ecoterrorist” prosecutions.

Fear makes folks do awful things

But this was coldly calculated to play upon those very failings of humanity.

PolitiFact Is Right That Ted Cruz Is Wrong, But Still Botches Iran Deal Facts
by Nima Shirazi


‘No Consent’: First Nations Women Shut Down Tar Sands Pipeline Hearing
‘This is Kanien’ke, this is Mohawk Land, and we are tired of occupation’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

#FreeKaren: The Hysterical Campaign to Free Australia’s Hypothetical Eco-Terrorist
So-called ‘radicalization awareness kits’ for Australian educators linking climate Activism with terrorism prompt outrage—and a great hashtag
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*There’s really no need for those in power to engage in “divide and conquer”

When the “respectable” opposition is so eager to take on the task.

“[S]abotaging logging machinery” …

Horrors! We would never think to commit such acts of terrorism!

Future Doctors Rising Up for ‘Medicare for All’
Why med students are taking action for single-payer on October 1
by Vanessa Van Doren

A Secret War in 135 Countries
2015 Proves to Be Record-Breaking Year for the Military’s Secret Military
by Nick Turse

Exclusive: Bankruptcy Is a “Huge Opportunity” to Privatize Schools, Says EdBuild
by Jonas Persson

Koch PR Games: College Football Brought to You by Koch Industries
by Nick Surgey
PR Watch

The Real News Network
A Progressive Pope or Greenwashing the Vatican?
Paul Jay asks Chris Hedges if the Pope’s rhetoric on climate change and capitalism is a positive force or a dangerous illusion

*Are faux populists, secular and religious, as damaging to the cause of justice as bona fide members of the exploitocracy?

Does an unjust system need straw opponents to divert the oppressed from true resistance?

Are these rhetorical questions?

The Pope is Dishonest About Zero Tolerance for Child Sex Abuse
Pam Spees of the Center for Constitutional Rights and Barbara Blaine of SNAP say the Catholic Church and Pope Francis are not serious about addressing the church’s on-going struggles with child sexual abuse

*Suffer the little children

Netanyahu Meets Putin Looking for Existential Threat to Israel
Shir Hever says Netanyahu made misleading statements after his trip to Russia about coordinated military action in Syria

23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism Pt.8
TRNN Replay: Ha-Joon Chang: Financial markets need to become less–not more–efficient

*We need to ask, even if everyone were “well intentioned”, can a system based on competition and profit create a world with a dignified life for every single person on the planet?

If that’s your goal, my answer would be “No.”

A system of that sort inevitably creates animosity, as we compete with one another to capture that profit, and exploitation, as we seek to lower our costs of production.

A communal and cooperative system obliges us to put our skills, talents and efforts toward the good of all, and in return, we receive what we need for that life of dignity. That’s not decreed from on high, but through the equitable participation of all.

Is that idealistic?

Damn straight.

But it’s also eminently self interested, if you consider it in our own best interests to save the only rock we have to roll on.

Institute for Public Accuracy
The Pope and Dorothy Day

*Contrast this with Democracy Now!’s segment today on Day’s legacy

And you might suss why I find that program a far cry from its claim (which it may no longer make – points for some semblance of honesty, if so) to be “the exception to the rulers”.

Pope’s Blind Spots: * Sex Abuse * Militarism

*Are you blind if you wilfully close your eyes?

Farmers Market Guide – 52 In Season for September
by Leanne Ely


Confidential Charter School Memo Blasted as ‘Outline for a Hostile Takeover’
Critic says billionaire’s plan to “charterize” Los Angeles public schools is “a ham-handed effort to circumvent democracy in a major American city.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A mind is a terrible thing to waste

Making a tidy profit from

Tech CEOs Branded Privacy Traitors For Their Quiet Push to Pass CISA
‘Internet users are fed up, companies that abandon their commitment to user privacy and security should expect the Internet to abandon them.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Don’t be evil

We’ve already got that covered

The Real News Network
Israel’s War on Children
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges sits down with author and activist Laila el-Haddad to discuss the psychological repression of Gaza’s youth by Israeli state violence and occupation

Palestinian Elections Could Cement Antidemocratic Leadership
Noura Erekat explains the fight taking place in the Palestine Liberation Organization as PA President Mahmoud Abbas speculates about a coming Intifada

23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism Pt.7
TRNN Replay: Ha-Joon Chang: Despite the fall of communism, we are in fact living in planned economies

Institute for Public Accuracy
Why is “Radical Pope” Canonizing an Enslaver of Native Americans?

*Cover your ears! Close your eyes!

Lest anything that would shatter your rhapsodic belief in The Second Coming embodied by Francis invade your consciousness.

(Much less your conscience)

If Jesus did return, he’d still be offed

Only this time in his name.

Democracy Now!
Q&A with Noam Chomsky on U.S. Foreign Policy, Iran, Donald Trump & More

Pope Francis in the USA: Calling for Revolution of Tenderness, Pope Touches Down in Richest Nation

Native Groups Protest Pope Francis’ Canonization of Junípero Serra over Role in California Genocide


Son of Victim Arrested for Protesting Military Exploitation of 9/11
‘Using Sept. 11 as a justification for an unnecessary war, torture, drone strikes and civilian casualties compounds my grief and is wrong-minded and counterproductive.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

In Canada, Harper’s Conservatives Seem to Have Forgotten a Cherished Tradition about Refugees
Harper’s been talking oddly of ‘old-stock Canadians’ – effectively excluding hundreds of thousands
by Robert Fisk

What David Cameron Did to the Pig, His Party Is Now Doing to the Country
by Laurie Penny

*Haven’t the foggiest why this tune popped into my head

The Real News Network
Clinton Says U.S. Policy in Syria “Failure”
Glen Ford of discusses his qualified agreement with Hilary Clinton on the “failure” of U.S. policy In Syria

*Watch for the new Sanders stickers

“Sheik It Up!”

23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism Pt.6
TRNN Replay: Ha-Joon Chang: Making the rich richer doesn’t make the rest of us richer

*Well, something does trickle down

And it has a singular smell to it

Ban Toxic Chinese Drywall, Provide Medical Monitoring, Injunctive Equitable Relief, Public Awareness
by Crystal Kinler

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Prison for the Corporate Criminal Elite”

*Suite deals for corporate killers

Democracy Now!
Noam Chomsky on George Orwell, the Suppression of Ideas and the Myth of American Exceptionalism

*Speaking of exceptionalism, Chomsky is clearly an exception to the usual parade of guests on this program, who by and large would feel very much at home propounding their “loyal opposition” on MSNBC.

Is that too harsh? Look over the guest list and see how many folks go beyond merely treating the symptoms of the disease that is capitalism, who make the case for a society based on cooperation and community, which has no place for the profit motive in it.

Ask yourself why that is, and how it jibes with the claim to be “the exception to the rulers”.

Noam Chomsky: The United States, Not Iran, Poses Greatest Threat to World Peace

Noam Chomsky on Trump: “We Should Recognize the Other Candidates are Not That Different”

Do Vitamins and Minerals Keep You From Getting Sick?
Can you really trust “immunity” claims?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

The 3 best shrimp to buy (and which to avoid)
by Leanne Ely


Melting Permafrost Could Cost World Economy $43 Trillion by 2100: Study
Doing nothing to slow the fast-warming Arctic carries an enormous economic price tag, warns new research
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Kindness of Strangers: Today’s Refugees in Hungary and My Family During WWII
Why the lines of donated shoes at a train station in Budapest carry the opposite meaning of the line of bronzed shoes that now sit along the Danube
by Zoltán Grossman

Why Are Two Aging Pacifists on the Federal No-Fly List?
(or How to Censor Yourself Before the Government Even Has the Chance)
by Rebecca Gordon

The Other Refugee Crisis: From Central America to the US
by Clara Long

*No note made of the US’ role in creating the conditions these folks fled in fear from.

Might HRW’s familialismo with the State Department provide a clue as to why?

Guantanamo Prisoner Tells of Release Trauma in First Meeting with Lawyer

The Real News Network
Is SYRIZA’s Win a Hollow Victory?
Michael Nevradakis, scholar and host of Dialogos Radio in Athens, says the low voter turnout of 55% reflects widespread disenchantment with the Greek political system and SYRIZA

23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism Pt.5
TRNN Replay: Ha-Joon Chang: US does not have the highest living standard

*”We’re Number One!”

Is a load of Number Two

The Case of a Clock: America’s School to Prison Pipeline Personified
Over-policing? Islamophobia? Writer Jamilah King discusses how Ahmed’s case is a part of a disturbing trend.

*Use a mind

Go to jail

Institute for Public Accuracy
Is the Pope Just Verbiage?

*A bully pulpit

Heavy on the bullshit

Down the Memory Hole: NYT Erases CIA’s Efforts to Overthrow Syria’s Government
by Adam Johnson

*It’s easy to be a spook

When the truth doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance

The Health Supplement Ingredient That Could be Causing Cancer
by David Jockers

Sitting is the New Smoking Says the Media, But What Did They Leave Out?
by Jefferey Jaxen

Lose Weight by Eating Pancakes for Dinner?
by Yuri Elkaim


Up 72 Percent From Just Six Years Ago, Organic Farm Sales Soar
“We need a higher rate of growth in order to get close to meeting the demand,” said Laura Batcha, chief of the Organic Trade Association
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Nixon Connection: Why Black Lives Still Don’t Matter
by Andrew Levine

Pakistan plans to hang paralysed man on Tuesday

Center for Biological Diversity
Opposition Mounts Over Obama Administration Proposal Making It Harder to Protect Species From Extinction
Proposed Regulations Set Dangerous Precedent for All Types of Citizen Petitions Seeking Stronger Environmental Standards

The Real News Network
Will SYRIZA Survive Sunday’s Election?
Harry Konstantinidis of U. Mass, Boston says that the SYRIZA base is disappointed, the youth are feeling demobilized and inactive, and the Sunday election will be a close call

Presidential Guard Behind the Coup in Burkina Faso
The coup is about the new election rules that exclude former members of the Compaore government from standing for the election next month

Yemeni Government Returns from Exile as al-Qaeda Expands Foothold
Yemen expert Sama’a Al-Hamdani says it’s in the interests of all parties to achieve a political solution as soon as possible because the alternative may be far worse

23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism Pt.4
TRNN Replay: Ha-Joon Chang: We do not live in a post-industrial age

Pocomoke City Officials Get Testy as Black Residents Demand Accountability
Firing of first black police chief continues to divide community even as new top cop says he won’t live in the city

*It’s hard to “heal”

When you keep twisting the knife in the wound.

NYT Plays Up Risks to Bomber Pilots, Downplays the Civilians They Kill
By Jim Naureckas

*”Death defying”

And death denying

Democracy Now!
Mother of GM Crash Victim: Why Is Justice Dept. Allowing GM Write a Check to Get Away with Murder?

GM Did the Crime, Drivers Do the Time: Ralph Nader on Failure of U.S. to Prosecute Car Executives

*Capital punishment is essential for justice in this country

And I’m not talking about the death penalty.

“Criminal in Blue”: Should NYPD Officer James Frascatore Be Arrested for Assault? (Pt. 2)

Is your tea making you sick?
by Leanne Ely


‘They Throw Away Our Lives’: Honolulu Sued Over Homeless Crackdown
“Using arrests to solve homelessness…is contrary to a fair and just community.”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A “paradise” without pity

Health Advocates: To Combat Opioid Epidemic, Target Big Pharma
Initiatives to help addicts highlight links between legally prescribed pain medication and opioid addiction
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The deadliest addiction

Is to profit

Uruguay Shows the Way by Leaving Secret Trade Deal
A strong coalition of trade unions, environmentalists and farmers working together on an effective public campaign were able to take on the interests of the world’s biggest companies and win.
by Viviana Barreto and Sam Cossar-Gilbert

Outrage Over Gaza Drove Iceland’s Capital to Back Israel Boycott
by Ali Abunimah

Quebec Left Debates Perspectives in Canada’s Federal Election
by Richard Fidler

Breaking With Austerity Europe
by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Stefano Fassina, Zoe Konstantopoulou, Oskar Lafontaine and Yanis Varoufakis

The Real News Network
Australian PM Tony Abbott Toppled By His Own Former Communications Minister
Dr. Binoy Kampmark discusses the political situation that has led to the fourth prime minister of Australia since 2013

23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism Pt.3
TRNN Replay: Ha-Joon Chang: Most people in rich countries are paid more than they should be

Institute for Public Accuracy
Over 100 Killed, Government Lets GM Off, Ignores Legal Tools

Corporate Press Fails to Trump Bigotry
by Chip Berlet

*A clown act cum horror show

Democracy Now!
Remembering Everett Parker (1913-2015), Father of Media Reform Movement


European Commission Accused of ‘Putting Lipstick on a Pig’ With Rebranded Corporate-Friendly Trade Mechanism
‘This new proposal doesn’t change the fundamental problem of giving corporations frightening new powers at the expense of our national democracies.’—Nick Dearden, Global Justice Now
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Physicians for a National Health Program
More Americans Gain Health Coverage, But Many Can’t Afford to Use It: Doctors Group

The Real News Network
The Guardian Reveals the West Ignored Russian Offer to Depose Assad in 2012
Policy analyst Phyllis Bennis says the United States has a moral responsibility to address the Syrian refugee crisis after The Guardian UK reveals Russia offered to help depose Assad three years ago

British PM David Cameron Says Jeremy Corbyn is a National Threat
Professor Leo Panitch says Jeremy Corbyn is a principled opponent of British involvement in the American Empire and supporter of a more decentralized European Union

Tell Ben and Jerry’s: Cows Need Their Tails!
by Laura Yanne

Major Papers Reject the Opt-Out Option
by Molly Knefel

Democracy Now!
Oklahoma Set to Execute Richard Glossip Despite Mounting Evidence of His Innocence

As James Blake Calls for James Frascatore’s NYPD Badge, Hear Firsthand Account of Cop’s Violent Past

*”Bad apples” come from a rotten barrel.

And de Blasio “knows”.

Maybe one day DN! will know better than to trust the empty words of “progressive” pols.

Here’s One of the Nutrients That Many of Us Get Too Little Of
We’re better off consuming it from food rather than dietary supplements.
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


Which Side Are We On?
by Kathy Kelly

Day of Reckoning for DuPont Over Teflon Chemical
by Bill Walker

Bernie Sanders Again Insists That Saudi Arabia Should Kill More People
by David Swanson

*Feeling Bernie’s burn

Global Justice Now
Statement on DSEI arms fair and the refugee crisis

Worldwatch Institute
Global Consumption Trends Break New Records
Vital Signs exposes latest global peaks of production and consumption, as well as associated impacts

The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: We Are All Greeks Now
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges continues his conversation with Leo Panitch on global neoliberalism and the possibilities for revolutionary change in Greece

Music for Revolution
Firebrand Records’ Son of Nun and Ryan Harvey discuss the new label’s Baltimore roots and say they aim to take revolutionary music to the mainstream

Democracy Now!
Man Who Filmed Freddie Gray’s Arrest: Power of a Copwatch Camera is “Almost Like Live Bullets”

*It’s so easy to think no one gives a shit.

We need to hear the stories of folks like Kevin to remind us that mensches aren’t only in fairy tales.

Seattle Strike Enters Fifth Day as Teachers Protest Testing Policies, Racial Inequity & Low Wages

Operation Naked King: Secret DEA Sting in Bolivia Confirms Evo Morales’ Fears About U.S. Meddling

Julian Assange: U.S. Spying on WikiLeaks Led to Mistaken Downing of Morales Plane in Snowden Hunt

Pear with Me!
by Leanne Ely


Record El Niño Puts the ‘Icing’ on Global Warming Cake
Human induced climate change will exacerbate the naturally-occurring phenomenon known as El Niño to push global temperatures to record highs
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

In Bible Belt, Sanders Seeks Common Ground on Morality and Justice
‘I came here today because I believe from the bottom of my heart that it is vitally important for those of us who hold different views to be able to engage in a civil discourse.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Sanders isn’t a “democratic socialist”.

He’s a pre DLC liberal for the most part domestically, and a facilitator of militarism for the most part globally.

And I’m sure being a staunch supporter of Israeli apartheid had nothing to do with his appearance at a training ground for “Christian” Zionists.

Common ground, indeed …

Why So Many Americans Defend the Failed Capitalist Experiment
by Paul Buchheit

*For so many, it’s easier to look down on someone else

Than to look out for each other

Why (We As) Climate Activists Stand with Refugees
by Nicolò Wojewoda

*Suffering doesn’t occur in silos

And neither does justice

A new Tahrir moment?
Protests for civic services in Baghdad and Beirut bring hope, even as sectarianism rages in West Asia
by Vijay Prashad

With the Growth of Catholic Hospital Systems, Women’s Health is Put at Risk by Religious Rules

*First do no harm

Unless God’s cool with it

The Real News Network
“The Chemicals Are Within Us”: Toxic Tour with Aamjiwnaang First Nation
TRNN’s Shaghayegh Tajvidi travelled to Aamjiwnaang First Nation on Sept. 5th to capture the largest tour ever of the industrial zone that engulfs the community

Why Sanders & Trump Are More Alike Than You Think
Georgetown History Professor Michael Kazin discusses the right-wing and left-wing platforms of “producerism” that divide society into takers and makers, and what its popularity says about America

*The nativist aspect of producerism is toxic, as it disdains solidarity among the exploited globally in favor of protecting ‘mericans.

Of course, this plays right into the hands of neoliberal globalization, who pit one nation’s poor and workers against another’s in an accelerating race to the bottom.

And I haven’t heard Sanders speak to global solidarity, have you?

Whistleblower: Modern Policing Rooted in Racist Policies
TRNN brings you the second part of our interview with former Baltimore Police Sergeant Michael Wood

*Sometimes the clearest view is from the belly of the beast

Afghan Refugees in Greece in Limbo
Former Afghan Refugee and advocate Mohamad Mizray in Greece reports that Afghan refugees are being deprioritized in favor of Syrians, he argues that they should all be treated equally and with dignity no matter what country they are arriving from

Democracy Now!
In Upset, Socialist Jeremy Corbyn Elected as U.K. Labour Leader on Antiwar, Pro-Refugee Platform

“A Political Insurrection in Britain”: Tariq Ali on Election of Jeremy Corbyn as New Labour Leader

*If Corbyn indeed merits Ali’s props, comparing him to Sanders does a grave disservice to the man, don’t you think?

Conservative Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Ousted by His Own Party

Is Oklahoma Set to Execute an Innocent Man? Inside the Case of Richard Glossip

*My assumption is that Prejean is opposed to the death penalty under any circumstances, but that doesn’t come across clearly here, does it?

As for Coburn, if Glossip were black or Latino – and especially if he were a Muslim – his silence would be deafening

Unless he was among the chorus of the lynch mob.

Five benefits of muscle-strengthening exercise you may not know about
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

4 Odd Ways Your Gut is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss
by Yuri Elkaim

*Reposted for the intel on the intestine, not for the plug for the book (which could well be worthy of one – I’m simply pleading ignorance).


‘Won’t Back Down’: Seattle Teacher Strike Continues for Third Day
Organized educators take stand for their profession, their students, and ‘people everywhere who are working for vital public schools and social justice.’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*No classes

But a most valuable lesson being taught

New Debate on Police Body Cameras Pits Privacy Against Accountability
In face of police brutality epidemic, middle ground between two concerns remains elusive
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

The TPP Will Finish What Chile’s Dictatorship Started
Salvador Allende warned against neoliberalism’s disastrous effects just before he was overthrown. He was right to be worried.
by Greg Grandin

A Bad Summer for Miscreants: AIPAC and GOP Grandees Take a Hit
by Andrew Levine

Community to Lawmakers: Stop the Showcase of Military and Surveillance Technology in Alameda County
by Nadia Kayyali

With Force-Feedings Ordered, ACLU Calls for End to Disparate Policies for People Seeking Asylum and Mistreatment of Hunger-Striking Detainees in Florida ICE Facility

Beyond Nuclear
Nuclear Agency Squandered $350 Million on Redundant Building but Claims $8 million Too High and Timeframe Too Long for Cancer Study

The Real News Network
Kerry Exaggerates Recent Russian Role in Syria
Patrick Cockburn, correspondent for the Independent, says Russia is the main arms supplier to the Syrian government, but the John Kerry protests are exaggerated and about two ships and a small landing craft

Is the European Right Exploiting the Refugee Crisis?
Ruth Wodak, co-author of Right-Wing Populism in Europe: Politics and Discourse, says many parties across Europe are appealing to voters through nationalistic, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric

*Wodak’s rather naive about Merkel’s and other politicians’ “welcoming” posture and defense of “European values”, considering the neoliberal dismemberment of the social compact that reflects those values, don’t you think?

How much of their largesse is merely a cover for a militaristic response to the crisis, and geopolitical stratagems in the areas these desperate folks are coming from?

Pro-Kurdish Party’s Offices Attacked as Turkey Escalates Operations Against the PKK
The escalating violence in Turkey prior to the November elections can not be delinked from President Erdogan’s goal to weaken the pro-Kurdish HDP party, says Baris Karaagac

The Movement for Black Lives National Convening
TRNN’s Eddie Conway went to Cleveland to meet the young people developing the critical mass for Black self-worth and movement building

RootsAction et alia
Don’t Garnish Social Security to Pay Student Loan Debt!

Institute for Public Accuracy
Regime Change Refugees

FAIR CounterSpin
‘This Deal Affirms the Peaceful Nature of the Iranian Nuclear Program’
Interview with Nima Shirazi on Iran deal
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
“I Saw with My Own Eyes That They Killed People”: Afghan Speaks Out as U.S. Reopens War Crimes Probe

*America’s finest …

Seven reasons to be good to your kidneys
How what you eat and drink can affect you in so many ways via the kidneys
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Finland Proposes Taxing the Rich to Take in More Refugees
As Obama administration considers taking in 10,000 Syrian refugees, Finland plans on accepting 30,000
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

DOJ Vows to Crack Down on Corporate Criminals, But Watchdogs Skeptical
A set of new guidelines aimed at going after Wall Street execs do not, in themselves, constitute bold action, say observers
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Food Dharma
by Vandana Shiva

Massive Protest Wave in Iraq Challenges Sectarianism
by Ali Issa

Federal Court Overturns EPA Approval of Bee-Killing Pesticide

Center for Biological Diversity
Report Details Obama’s Authority to Keep 450 Billion Tons of Greenhouse Gas Pollution in Ground
Laws Allow President to Ban New Oil, Gas and Coal Leases on Public Lands, Ocean Areas

*The power

But not the passion

The Real News Network
Judge: Trials for Officers Charged With Killing Freddie Gray to Stay in Baltimore
On Thursday morning judge Barry Williams rejected the defense’s argument, that the six officers charged in the killing of Freddie Gray could not get fair and impartial trials in Baltimore

*Changing venue isn’t meant to eliminate prejudice against police

But to emigrate to prejudice in their favor.

Exodus from the Syrian Ruins
Patrick Cockburn, correspondent for the Independent, says we are in an era of extreme violence where nine bloody and cruel civil wars are at the root of the refugee crisis

The “Other” Socialist In the Presidential Race: An Introduction to Gloria la Riva
Presidential nominee for the Party for Socialism and Liberation Gloria la Riva discusses her campaign

*It would be interesting to know how many times “socialist” Sanders has mentioned capitalism in his campaign

Not to mention – literally – imperialism.

Campaign for Peace and Democracy (CPD) et alia
NYC Solidarity with Syrian Refugees: Let Them In!

ICE Refuses to Release Federal Civil Rights Witnesses from Detention

Institute for Public Accuracy
Will the DOJ Finally Go After Corporate Criminals?

Democracy Now!
“La Jaula de Oro”: New Feature Film is an “Epic Poem” of Migration through Mexico

Chef Alice Waters Shares Her Secrets to Cooking Fresh Food
Tips on finding, enjoying, and cooking fresh food from one of America’s foremost fresh food experts, Alice Waters
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

Nutrition Action
Eating Gluten Free: What to Eat – and Not to Eat – on a Gluten-Free Diet


Global Leaders Using Refugee Plight to Push Military Escalation
Observers say war is the cause—not the solution—of the ongoing humanitarian crisis
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Researchers Warn Melting Permafrost May Awaken ‘Giant Viruses’
The researchers plan to ‘wake up’ the 30,000-year-old giant virus, but not until they verify that the bug cannot cause animal or human disease
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

As Europe’s One Percent Flourishes, Millions Sink into Poverty
‘To tackle inequality in Europe, we must reduce the influence the rich and powerful have in shaping government policies at the expense of the majority of European people.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

As McDonald’s Signals Major Shift, A Reminder That ‘Cage-Free’ Does Not Equal ‘Cruelty-Free’
Lauded as important development, major fast-food chain commits to sourcing only ‘cage-free’ eggs within ten years
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Typical for reformist groups

Articulate an artificial and inadequate standard

Declare victory when it’s met

Then kiss the pisser of the corps that sacrificed next to nothing to do so.

The US Military and the Myth that Humanity is Predisposed to Violence
by Maria Santelli

The Real News Network
Will the $6.4 Million Freddie Gray Settlement Change Policing in Baltimore?
Breaking: The Baltimore city Board of Estimates has just unanimously approved the $6.4 million dollar wrongful-death settlement for the family of Freddie Gray

Black People and Their Labor are “Disposable”?
Activist, organizer and producer of “An American Nightmare: Black Labor and Liberation” Kali Akuno discusses the “disposable” nature of Black life and labor

Right Wing’s False Narrative on Scott Walker Probe Fueling Attack on Election Watchdog
by Brendan Fischer

Institute for Public Accuracy
Iran Deal: “Nonsense” and Realities

Iran’s ‘Nuclear Ambitions’ Go Unquestioned in Coverage of Iran Deal Momentum
by Gunar Olsen

Comcast-Owned Vox Explains the Great Deal You’re Getting From Comcast
by Adam Johnson

Democracy Now!
German Lawmaker: At the Root of Refugee Crisis are Wars Led by the United States in the Middle East

“Open Up, Europe! Let Migrants In”: Former EU Adviser Urges Opening of Borders

“There is No Safe Place”: Syrian Refugee Recounts Harrowing Journey by Boat to Escape Violence

“Protect People, Not Borders”: Report from the Macedonian-Greek Border

Why You Should Worry About Germs in the Kitchen
Do you think about germs in the kitchen when you are making dinner? You probably should be.
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Monsanto Favorite Glyphosate Soon to Join California’s Cancer List
Announcement from state’s EPA chapter is ‘important step toward protecting people and wildlife’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Fracking Fallout: New Analysis Reveals Over 100 Million Gallons of Toxic Wastewater Spilled Since 2009
Associated Press investigation finds more than 180 million gallons of fracking byproduct spilled from 2009 to 2014, tainting agricultural land, poisoning drinking water, and sparking the mass die-off of plant and animal life
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Apple Privacy Push Faces First Big Test From US Government
With tech companies stepping up privacy protections for users, law enforcement looks for new ways to access data
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Women On The Frontlines, An Untold Climate Story
by Osprey Orielle Lake

Beyond Nuclear
Agency to Leave Children Unprotected and Public in the Dark on Cancer Risks Around Nuclear Power Facilities

The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: The Making of Global Capitalism
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, host Chris Hedges sits down with author and professor Leo Panitch to discuss how global imperialism and capitalism are upheld by economic and cultural forces, and debate the roles of ignorance, myth, and malevolence in the perpetuation of systems of inequality

FAIR CounterSpin
‘They Were Willing to Pay the Price With Other People’s Bodies’
CounterSpin interview with Felicia Kornbluh on the legacy of ‘welfare reform’
by Janine Jackson

*I don’t know why it is that even steadfast critics of neoliberalism have this compelling urge to paint its proponents as somehow well intentioned – the whole “the road to hell” thing.

Almost every evil, on a macro level at least, is justified in the minds of its perpetrators as noble, or at least necessary. No one envisions themselves as a heartless bastard.

But self delusion isn’t the same as honest but deeply flawed intent. When we conflate these, we simply set the stage for the next human catastrophe.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Government Considering Increasing Public Exposure to Radiation

*And think of the energy savings if we glow in the dark!

Democracy Now!
French Secret Service Agent Who Led Fatal 1985 Bombing of Greenpeace Ship Breaks His Silence

*A hollow apology from a minion

A studied silence from his masters

As Candidates Tied to Guatemalan Army & Oligarch Vie for Power, What’s Next for Popular Uprising?

Allan Nairn: Donald Trump Meets, Praises Indonesian Leaders Despite Ties to Mass Killings

*Trump’s color blind

When it comes to black hearts

New Report Rejects Mexican Government’s Story About the Disappearance of 43 Students from Ayotzinapa

How to Do a 1-Day Fast
by Yuri Elkaim

Which fruit can decrease the risk of asthma and regulate blood sugar?
by Leanne Ely

How To Reduce the Calories in Meat
It seems like it should be straightforward, but figuring out the amount of calories in meat and poultry can be tricky. Here’s how to keep calories in check.
by Jayne Hurley
Nutrition Action


At Heart of Humanitarian Crisis, Israel Building Wall to Keep Syrian Refugees Out
Israeli prime minister cites demographic purity, stokes fear about ‘terrorists’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Climate Warning Coming From Three Wolves on a Michigan Island
‘It’s an issue that will set precedent on how the National Park Service will make decisions about climate change’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Why We Need a Guaranteed Income. Soon.
by Paul Buchheit

Ten Troubling Numbers Labor Day 2015
by Bill Quigley

It’s the Surreal Thing
Why should the country’s most obese state help Coca-Cola peddle obesity?
by Russell Mokhiber

Food Fight 2015: Taking Down the Degenerators
by Ronnie Cummins

Nuclear War Theme Parks: Mass Destruction for the Whole Family
by John LaForge

Big Phone and Cable’s Summer Hack-a-thon
by Timothy Karr

*Common carriers of corporate collusion

The Real News Network
Not Just for Better Pay: Seattle Teachers Vote to Strike for Social Justice
Teacher Jesse Hagopian says Seattle educators will walk the picket lines beginning Wednesday, September 9, if their demands are not met

Ignoring the Cause of Welfare: Not Laziness but Low Wages
by Ben Norton

*Solid piece, but you might ask whether folks on welfare feel that it “make[s] up for the rest.”

The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the ‘Do Something’ Lie
by Adam Johnson

*Promising deliverance from evil

Assuring a further descent into hell


After Canadian Court Ruling, Has Law ‘Finally Caught Up With Chevron’?
Decision is ‘the beginning of the end of Chevron’s abusive and obstructionist litigation strategy,’ says Ecuadorian activist
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

In Escape from Brutality, Refugees March on Foot Towards Austria
March for freedom comes after Hungarian authorities spent days preventing thousands of refugees, many fleeing war in Syria, from boarding trains to Germany
by Common Dreams staff

Beware! Monsanto Turns Its Attention to the Produce Aisle
by Genna Reed

What the Sea Looks Like from the Desert
by Fernando Lopez

*The suffering is shoreless

So must be the solidarity

Pass the Sugar
An argument about history and memory as Pope Francis is about to declare Father Junípero Serra a saint in recognition of his 19th century missionary work as “the evangelizer of the West in the United States” and founder of a chain of Catholic missions throughout Alta California
by Tony Platt

*Fête and forget

Compassionate Conservatism: a Reconsideration and an Appreciation
by Andrew Levine

The Real News Network
10 Years After Katrina, Test Scores Tell One Story, Residents Tell Another
Investigative reporter Colleen Kimmett discusses her three-month In These Times investigation that reveals cracks in the education reform narrative

*Après le déluge

Le sécheresse

Deep Contradictions in Obama’s Arctic Policies
Roxanne Dunbar Oritz, author of “An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States”, says that Native Americans need more than name restoration from the Obama Administration

Court Rules Argentina Creditors Can’t Seize Its Central Bank
Former bank regulator Bill Black discusses the significance of a U.S. court ruling regarding Argentina’s debt

USA Today Provides a Platform for Anti-Immigration Think Tank’s Flawed Study
by Ben Norton

Democracy Now!
Allan Nairn: U.S. Backers of Guatemalan Death Squads Should Be Jailed Alongside Ex-President

Chicago Hunger Strikers Enter Day 19 Challenging Rahm Emanuel’s Push to Privatize Public Schools

10 foods you should never eat
by Leanne Ely

Is it True that Overweight People Live Longer?
Some evidence suggests that overweight people live longer, but the evidence is suspect. Here’s the lowdown.
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


‘Despair of a Generation’ as Violence Blocks Education for Millions
UNICEF report finds nearly 14 million children across the Middle East and North Africa prevented by war and conflict from attending school
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Latest SAT Scores Raise New Alarms Over ‘Test-and-Punish’ Education
“Test-and-punish policies, such as ‘No Child Left Behind’ have clearly failed to improve college readiness or narrow racial gaps.”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

More Bad News for Coal Country as Common Byproduct Found to be Radioactive
Coal ash, which polluted North Carolina’s Dan River in 2014, contains high levels of radioactive contaminants
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Humankind Has Halved the Number of Trees on the Planet
Trees ‘store huge amounts of carbon, are essential for the cycling of nutrients, for water and air quality, and for countless human services’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Halving the trees

And we still can’t see the forest

New Research Documents Growth of Extreme Poverty
by Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Peter Edelman and LaDonna Pavetti

*All poverty is “extreme” to those in extremis

The Rebellion Against Standardized Tests Is Exploding
But New York State is cracking down on “opting out.”
by Michelle Chen

*A test of ills

ACLU of Florida and CAIR Florida File Lawsuit Challenging Policy Denying Religious Meals to Muslim Inmates at Miami-Dade Jails

The Real News Network
Why is There Systemic Police Abuse in Baltimore?
TRNN’s Taya Graham speaks to Paul Jay talks about the connection between poverty and policing

Democracy Now!
Guatemalan President Resigns in “Huge Victory” for Popular Uprising

“Did God Tell You to Treat Us Like This?”: Protests Grow over Clerk’s Denial of Same-Sex Marriages

As Syrian Colonel Faces Charges in Maher Arar Torture Case, Will U.S. Ever Apologize?

The Hidden Danger of Calories in Drinks
We all know we should watch our calories, but the calories in drinks often hide under our radar
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*Say “Ugh!” to the glug

(It’s a reach, I realize.)


‘Refugees Welcome’: As EU Slams Door on War Survivors, People Show Another Way
Many EU residents are staging welcome rallies and opening their homes to survivors of war, poverty, and the dangerous voyage across the Mediterranean
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams



Obama Announces New Plan to Save Arctic: More Icebreakers!
During his controversial Alaska visit, the US president continues his trend of lofty, climate change speeches coupled with more support for Arctic drilling
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Why would any sentient being still be “mystified” by Dear Misleader living up to his label?

What’s “painful” to me is hearing his “critics” express “disappointment” regarding someone they had no rational excuse to place their trust in in the first place.

Okay … I’m all out of quotation marks.

One Day Soon, That Drone Overhead May Be Pointing a Taser at You
by Marjorie Cohn

The Real News Network
Eyewitnesses Say Protester Hit By Car, Arrested Outside Freddie Gray Pre-Trial Hearings
Before his arrest, Baltimore activist Kwame Rose spoke to the Real News about why people are protesting outside the hearing

Former Cop Says Freddie Gray Slowdown Didn’t Prompt Crime Spike
Ex-Baltimore Officer Michael Wood, who came to fame for tweeting about corruption inside the agency, says there is no evidence showing aggressive policing reduces crime

In Landmark Ruling, California Prisons Halt Solitary Confinement
Prisoner advocate Marie Levin and attorney Anne Weills explain how this will impact some 80,000 prisoners nationwide

Veolia Pulls Out of Israel
Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah says Veoila has lost billions due to the BDS movement

Is Erdogan Creating a Perfect Storm to Get His Party in Power?
With escalating violence with the Kurds and the arrest of VICE reporters, Trent University’s Baris Karaagac explains how the AKP is appealing to their base

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama-Saudi Meeting: War and Sectarianism

* Ousting Guatemalan President * Icebreaker Gap? * Denali and Native Names

Did ‘Ferguson Effect’ Cause Murder Wave? No. Is There a Murder Wave? Unclear
by Jim Naureckas

*Never let the facts, or lack of same, get in the way of a scary story

Democracy Now!
After Mass Hunger Strikes & Lawsuits, Prisoners Force California to Scale Back Solitary Confinement

Is Guatemala’s President Going to Jail? Legislature Strips Pérez Molina of Immunity After Protests

With a Record Backing Coups, Secret War & Genocide, Is Kissinger an Elder Statesman or War Criminal?

*Fêting the fetid

Are Foods with High Fiber Really That Good for You?
Do foods with high fiber deserve all the health-benefits accolades they are given?
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

Whey: The Ancient Secret to Building Lean Muscle and Shedding Fat
by The Sherpa


As ‘Muslim-Free Zones’ Flourish, Groups Demand DOJ Probe
Broad coalition says such declarations violate Title II of the Civil Rights Act and encourage Islamophobia
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Fukushima Report Dangerously Downplays Ongoing Health Risks: Greenpeace
“The IAEA report actively supports the Abe government’s and the global nuclear industry’s agenda to make it appear that things can return to normal after a nuclear disaster.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

UK Killing by Police Underscores Depth of Crisis in US
Shooting of London-area man marks first fatality by British police since 2011
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Georgia Woman Paroled in Case Highlighting Abuse of Trans Inmates
Ashley Diamond vows to continue ‘fight for justice’ after receiving unexpected release from Georgia prison
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Chilling Effects of the Ashley Madison Scarlet Letter
by Jake Laperruque and Alex Bradshaw

The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: The Revolutionary, Caged
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, host Chris Hedges continues his conversation with two black revolutionaries and former political prisoners, Eddie Conway and Ojore Lutalo, to discuss their resistance within the prison system

Is Obama Greenwashing His Climate Record in Alaska?
Investigative journalist Steve Horn says the National Petroleum Council has institutionalized pro-gas and pro-oil policy regardless of which political party is in power

*If a Nobel Peace Prize winner can have a kill list

Why can’t “the greatest President on the environment” have as his “legacy” its denouement?

Key Pocomoke Councilwoman Says City Doesn’t Speak for Her in Secret Meeting Controversy
In a letter to the compliance board, the sole black member of the council says her views were misrepresented in the city’s response to an open meetings act complaint

A Broken System Breaks Families
Bobbi Smallwood, whose son was arrested during the Baltimore uprising, talks about how the judicial system is literally killing her

DC Mayor’s New Plan to Stem City Violence: More Policing
Glen Ford of discusses the plan of DC’s Mayor Bowser to address increased levels of city homicides

US Leads World in Credulous Reports of ‘Lagging Behind’ Russia
by Adam Johnson

*And yet Democracy Now! (aka “the exception to the rulers”) gives James Bamford copious airtime today to make the same case.

Little wonder I find myself skipping an increasing number of segments on the program, is there?

The Washington Post and the Federal Reserve Cult
by Dean Baker

The 12 Best Reasons You Should Exercise
There are a lot of reasons you should exercise. Here are some lesser-known benefits.
by David Schardt

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New Nationwide Push to Keep GE Salmon Out of Waters, Off of Shelves
Week of action targets Costco, one of the largest seafood retailers in the country
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Great Unraveling
by Chris Hedges

*Shall we embrace our humanity

Or entomb it?

How Extreme Energy Leads to Extreme Politics
Authorities in Argentina and beyond are cracking down on indigenous communities that protest resource extraction — while re-writing laws to promote fossil fuels.
by Aldo Orellana López and Sian Cowman

No Time for Women’s Health in an Age of Austerity
by Elizabeth Renzetti

Hedge Funds Attack Baltimore
by Hedge Clippers

*Vampire rats

Why the Iran nuclear deal is essential
by Vijay Prashad

*This is important to read as one defense of the deal not tainted by ignorant or wilful misconceptions about the need to “stop” Iran from getting “the bomb”.

Jail to Explain Tomorrow How it will Hang Disabled Prisoner

*When it comes to human depravity as practiced by those in power, the use of the term “unusual” seems misplaced

The Real News Network
India’s Economy Can Grow Without Increasing Carbon Emissions
Shouvik Chakraborty discusses how India can maintain healthy economic growth while reducing unemployment, generating more jobs, improving public health, and lowering CO2 emissions

Extraordinary Brutality Inflicted on Civilians in Yemen
As Saudi ground troops enter Northern Yemen with US backing, Amnesty International charges Saudis with alleged war crimes

As Legal Proceedings Commence in Gray Case, Feds Probe Past Police Killings
Top civil rights attorney says he has turned over records from past wrongful death suits involving police to the Justice Department’s civil rights division

Pocomoke to Attorney General: Reason for Secret Meeting is Secret
The city says it cannot disclose why the council met without public notice to fire its first black chief

Mediterranean Refugee Crisis Escalating
As the UN announces that the number of refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean this year exceeds 300,000, Vijay Prashad says the superpowers must move towards a ceasefire in Syria as soon as possible to stem the tide

As Trial Approaches, What Has Changed Since Freddie Gray’s Killing?
TRNN visits Penn & North, a short distance from where Freddie Gray lived and died, and this is what we witnessed

*Policing will change only when its purpose changes

Who “Recovered” in Post-Katrina New Orleans?
Author Gary Rivlin discusses how white homeowners disproportionately benefited from the multibillion federally funded Road Home program while working and middle class black families still await relief

Missing From Reports of Yemeni Carnage: Washington’s Responsibility
by Jim Naureckas

*A simple task to keep your hands clean

When the corpress provides the sanitizer

Democracy Now!
Preserving Borders vs. Preserving People: Death Toll Rises as Refugees Head to Europe Seeking Safety

As Al Jazeera Journalists Are Jailed for 3 Years in Egypt, Will U.S. Stop “Cozying Up” to Regime?

Saving a friend’s home/moving
Please help this activist out any way you can
by Concerned Friend

Mercy for Animals
Stop Torturing Chickens for McNuggets
WORSE THAN PINK SLIME! Hidden-Camera Exposes Nasty Secret Behind McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets

Almond Milk — It’s Unlikely Cancer Causing Ingredient
by Dr. David Jockers

Why Whit​e​ Vinegar is on the Blacklist
by Leanne Ely


Cover Up? TTIP Negotiators Outed for Secret Talks With Big Tobacco About [Redacted]
Forced by freedom of information request, officials release documents scrubbed of all content and names
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Smoke’s screen

Call It What It Is: A Global Migration Shift From Climate, Not a Migrant or Refugee Crisis
by Jeff Biggers

The Katrina Oil Spill Disaster: A Harbinger for the Atlantic Coast?
by Sue Sturgis

*Oil and water do mix

A dressing of death and destruction

The Real News Network
Members of Syriza’s Central Committee Defecting to Popular Unity
Dimitri Lascaris also discusses the significance of bailout critic Vassiliki Thanou serving as the first female Prime Minister in the interim Greek government

Bullock Trial Begins Friday
18-year-old Allen Bullock broke a police car window during the Baltimore uprisings. Having turned himself in, he faces life in prison and a bail that is higher than those set for the six police officers charged in the killing of Freddie Gray

Sanders Lead: Why is He Silent on U.S. Foreign Policy?
RootsAction.Org’s Jeff Cohen says Bernie Sanders cannot just denounce corporate power without denouncing militarism

*Cohen’s whistling past the graveyard, or whatever the appropriate metaphor is for wilfully ignoring reality. For one, to call Sanders a “socialist” is nonsense, if you define that term as someone who is committed to replacing a system based on profit, not simply making it “fairer”.

For another, there’s no mention of his unswerving support for apartheid and oppression as practiced by the state of Israel. You’d have to ask Ball why he didn’t bring up the matter.

Is he better than Clinton or O’Malley or Webb or Biden or whoever else decides to run for the nomination?

That’s an awfully low bar to clear, isn’t it?

I’m imploring you to just keep your eyes open, for somebody’s god’s sake, and your focus on principle, not personage.


Katrina’s ‘Golden Opportunity’: 10 Years of Corporate Media Celebrating Disaster
by Adam Johnson

*”Disaster capitalism” is the ultimate anti oxymoron

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Corporate Media Really Want to Be Able to Say the Story Is Over’
CounterSpin interviews with Rosa Brooks, Colette Pichon Battle, A.C. Thompson and Jordan Flaherty on Katrina’s 10 years of media neglect
by Janine Jackson

*Don’t ask

Don’t tell

Don’t care

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama in Alaska: PR to “Greenwash his Climate Legacy”?

*The title is a rhetorical question, if ever there was.

And Steiner’s definition of “good” varies dramatically from mine.

Democracy Now!
Shock Doctrine: A Look at the Mass Privatization of NOLA Schools in Storm’s Wake & Its Effects Today

New Orleans Actor & Activist Wendell Pierce on the “Greatest Crime” in Wake of Hurricane Katrina

“George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”: Reflections on Kanye West’s Criticism 10 Years After

A Quick History of The Omniheart Diet
The Omniheart diet has come a long way since the first study. Here is where it began.
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

The 8 Best Alcohol Options When Dieting
by Leanne Ely

Are You Wasting Your Money On
Green Superfood Powders?
Discover 3 “Cover Ups” Green Superfood
Companies Use to Fool You
by Yuri Elkaim

*I’ve used Elkaim’s powder, and it did lower my pH level and didn’t taste terrible, although far from “great”. It may be the “best tasting” greens powder, but consider the competition.

I’d likely have continued with it, but the price is beyond my meager budget.


Striking Fear Into Corporate Hearts, Labor Board Hands Big Win to Workers
‘Employers will no longer be able to shift responsibility for their workers and hide behind loopholes to prevent workers from organizing,’ say Teamsters
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

WTO Ruling Against India’s Solar Push Threatens Climate, Clean Energy
“The U.S. should be applauding India’s efforts to scale up solar energy—not turning to the WTO to strike the program down.”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

When It Comes to Global Arms Control, US May Not Get Customary Veto Power
Conference on the global regulation of conventional weapons announces decisions to be made by majority vote
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

Alarm Sounded as TransCanada Set to Drill in Bay of Fundy
‘No consent for Energy East’: New Brunswick groups say they weren’t consulted or warned
by Derrick O’Keefe

New Study Reveals Yet More Risks to Bees from Controversial Pesticides
‘The evidence of harm is clear,’ says environmental advocacy group Friends of the Earth
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Rewriting the Human Story
by Robert C. Koehler

New Orleans’ Deadly Floodwaters: Now From Gentrification
by Laura Flanders

*No saints marching in the halls of government and commerce in this land of demolished dreams

Civil Legal Aid Must Play a Larger Role in Disaster Recovery
by Laura Tuggle

‘Islamic State’ Pretence and the Upcoming Wars in Libya
by Ramzy Baroud

The Real News Network
What Would Happen to the Eurozone if Greece Leaves?
Economist Gerard Dumenil argues the Eurozone will face minimal impact and its leaders are already preparing for a possible Grexit

Katrina Victims: Relocated or Forced into Exile?
Black Agenda Report Executive Editor Glen Ford says The New Yorker is marking the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina by attempting to show the benefits of relocating black communities, but it’s not simply a matter of “starting over”

Five Years Later, Canadian Officer Convicted for 1,000+ Mass G-20 Arrests
Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s Laura Berger and TRNN’s former video journalist Jesse Freeston discuss the police’s motivations behind mass arrests and the legacy of the G-20 in current policing practices

International Law and “The Responsibility to Protect” – Vijay Prashad on Reality Asserts Itself pt4
TRNN Replay: In the final segment of Paul Jay’s interview with Vijay Prashad on Reality Asserts Itself, the subject is the undermining of international law and military interventions in the name of human rights

Institute for Public Accuracy
Cooking the Books: The Danger of Bad Intel on “Islamic State”

Bernie Sanders Gets Petition: 25,000 Push on Foreign Policy

*Plenty of “blind spots” to go around here.

See Husseini’s salient critique for one example of why that’s the case.

FAIR CounterSpin
‘People With Disabilities Are Telling Their Own Stories’
CounterSpin interview with Beth Haller on disability rights
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
Guatemala President Faces Arrest as Business Interests and U.S. Scramble to Contain Uprising

New Orleans After Katrina: Inequality Soars as Poor Continue to Be Left Behind in City’s “Recovery”

If You are Poor, It’s Like the Hurricane Just Happened: Malik Rahim on Katrina 10 Years After

The Alkaline Life Saver?
by Leanne Ely

Is There a Good Way to Exercise to Reduce Diabetes Risks?
How can I exercise to reduce diabetes risks? It’s not as difficult or time-consuming as you might think.
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


‘Significant Design Vulnerabilities’ Plague Massive Nuclear Waste Site, Leaked Internal Review Reveals
‘The fact that the Department of Energy has not released this report, prepared last year, is alarming and indicative of a safety-last culture.’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Breaking from Abbott and Fossil Fuel Titan, Australian Coal Port Votes to Divest
City council for the world’s largest coal export community says ‘writing on the wall’ for fossil fuel industry
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

How Low Can It Go? Collapsing Crude in Canada’s Election Season
by Hannah McKinnon

Josh Duggar-led Group Funded via Koch Brothers Freedom Partners Operation
by Lisa Graves


*Temporary employees

Permanent exploitation

The Real News Network
Why is Saudi Arabia Now Supporting the Iran Deal?
Over the past few weeks, the Saudi royal family seems to have warmed up to an agreement it used to strongly oppose

The PLO’s “Game of Musical Chairs”
Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada discusses the recent resignations from the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s executive committee

The Sky Is Not Falling? China’s Stock Market Impact
Economist James Henry discusses China and its impact on global markets

The Bottom Line: Foods with Trans Fat are Lingering
Foods with trans fat are finally on the way out, but the food industry is working to keep this deadly ingredient in foods
by Michael F. Jacobson
Nutrition Action


Answering ‘Resistance From All Sides,’ Germany Moves to Ban GMO Crops
Following Scotland’s lead, Germany becomes latest in EU to pursue opt-out clause in GMO rules
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Anti-Tar Sands Activists Take Pipeline Opposition to John Kerry’s Front Door
‘This illegal deal zigzags the oil across the international border on a different pipeline,’ environmental groups say of Alberta Clipper project
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘A Fresh Start’: Ferguson to Withdraw Thousands of Arrest Warrants
Scrutiny placed on Ferguson’s courts and law enforcement agencies revealed endemic racism coursing throughout the criminal justice system
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trump’s Medicine Show – An email to Autoworkers
by Frank Hammer

Under Threat of Lawsuit, Catholic Hospital Approves Previously Denied Health Care for Pregnant Woman
With Growth of Catholic Hospital System, Women’s Health Put at Risk by Religious Directives

The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: State Violence and Counter Violence
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, host Chris Hedges sits down with former Black Panther Eddie Conway and former member of the Black Liberation Army Ojore Lutalo to discuss their roles in the radical movements in the 1960s and early 1970s and the state violence used to crush them

*The use of violence to defend ourselves shouldn’t be condemned or romanticized. It is a tool, a tactic, that must be employed with great care, discipline and principle, with the fearsome understanding of the great difficulty inherent in doing so.

But we have the unassailable right to use force to protect ourselves and others.

Nonviolence is a tactic, as well, but that is all it is. The preference is to avoid bloodshed if at all possible. Our humanity compels us to choose that default setting.

Against this foe, however, we have to fight back by any means necessary, as the man said, always on guard that we do not become what we despise in the process.

Smoke and Mirrors of Corporate Buybacks Behind the Market Crash
Michael Hudson, the author of Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Destroy the Global Economy, says the stock market crash on Monday has very little to do with China and all to do with shortermism and buybacks of corporations inflating their own stocks

Institute for Public Accuracy
New Orleans: Recovery or Removal?

Media and Nuclear Deal Opponents Continue to Spread Debunked Myth Iran Will Monitor Itself
by Ben Norton

*”AP is one of the most well-respected sources of journalism in the world” … ?

I realize they’ve done some solid investigative reporting, but they’re daily output is putrid, judging by what I see every day in my local rag, the Walker … er … Wisconsin State Journal, where it comprises around 95% of the outside front section news content.

A helluva lot more Hyde than Jekyll, from my perspective.

Democracy Now!
As Peace Talks Collapse in South Sudan, Film Shows “Pathology of Colonialism” Tearing Apart Nation

Hip-Hop Legend Boots Riley on #BlackLivesMatter & How His Cousin Was Accused of Shooting a Cop


Cutting Tropical Deforestation is Key to Curbing Climate Change, And It’s Cheap
New studies shows how easy it could be to curb one driving force of climate change, and the devastating consequences if we don’t
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Not seeing the forest

For the greed

The Evidence Keeps Pouring In: Capitalism Just Isn’t Working
by Paul Buchheit

How the Harper Government has Helped Mining Companies Plunder Africa
Public money has subsidized Canadian extraction across the continent
by Yves Engler

What Climate Justice Means to Me
by Ruth Breech

80,000 in United Kingdom Demand Netanyahu Arrest
by Ali Abunimah

Eulogy for a Friend
by Chris Hedges

*Our worth is measured by caring

Not currency

Greece: “Popular Unity” is born!
by Stathis Kouvelakis

Anti-Hillary: Across the Spectrum
by Andrew Levine

Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR Asks FBI to Probe Vandalism Targeting Nebraska Mosque

Amnesty International
Greece: Chaos and Squalid Conditions Face Record Number of Refugees on Lesvos

The Real News Network
Sanders: Great White Hope or Hype?
Paul Street says Bernie Sanders is a non-option for Black or progressive America

*Why is it that we seem to place so much faith in the latest “godsend”

(Remember “Hope and Change”?)

And so little in ourselves?

Decades of Relentless Austerity in Canada Could Defeat the Conservatives
Nora Loreto, the author of From Demonized to Organized: Building the New Union Movement, and Dru Oja Jay of Unite Against Austerity Campaign discuss how an anti-austerity platform could make a difference in the upcoming Canadian elections

Chicago Parents Launch Hunger-Strike for Community Input in School’s Future
Chicago parent-activist Jitu Brown and professor Pauline Lipman say the fight for community input into the future of Dyett High School mirrors those happening across Chicago and the country

Amazon – Stop Selling RooshV (Daryush Valizadeh) Rape Books
by Caroline Charles

Rise Up Georgia
Tell Coke to stop bankrolling hate

*Remember “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” … ?

The poison it profits from supports the poison it promotes

Institute for Public Accuracy
What Do Iranian Jews Say About the Nuclear Accord?

The Stock Market Is Not the Economy
by Dean Baker

LA Times’ ‘Independent’ Education Project Bankrolled by Charter School Backers
by Molly Knefel

Democracy Now!
Sarah Shourd, Hiker Jailed in Iran, Says Nuclear Deal Could Lead to Release of Detained Americans

*How many right wing outlets was Garrett channeling with the phrasing of that question to Dear Misleader?

“Opening the Box”: After Being Jailed in Iran, Sarah Shourd Examines Solitary Confinement in U.S.

Facebook Accused of Censoring Hundreds of Prisoners by Purging Profile Pages Without Cause

In Guatemala, Protests Threaten to Unseat President, a U.S.-Backed General Implicated in Mass Murder

*Please recall that the church hierarchy lent crucial legitimacy to these blood soaked Latin America dictatorships.

Anything it does in the present is nothing more than PR.

Beware of These Effects of Caffeine on the Body
Like any drug, the effects of caffeine on the body are not wholly good or bad. Here are the facts.
David Schardt
Nutrition Action

The Truth About Your Garlic Supplement
Is garlic cholesterol’s natural enemy? This definitive study of garlic sandwiches and garlic pills says no way.
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Armed With ‘Advanced Killing Technology,’ Humans Act as Planet’s ‘Super-Predators’
‘Transformation requires imposing limits of humanity’s own design’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

With Corbyn at Helm, Labour Party Would Apologize for Iraq War
Under his leadership, he says the party ‘will never make the same mistake again, will never flout the United Nations and international law’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I don’t want apology

I want penology

I Learned More By Leading a Student Debt Strike Than I Did At College
After graduating from Everest College with a bad education and no job prospects in sight, I refused to pay my student loans. Now I’m helping lead the first student debt strike in America.
by Nathan Hornes

The Dystopian Danger of Police Body Cameras
by Rachel Levinson-Waldman

Obama Administration Supports Privacy-Invasive “Cybersecurity” Bill
by Mark Jaycox

ACLU and SPLC: Private Youth Prison in Palm Beach County Must Be Replaced with Sensible Solutions for Youth

National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
In Effort to Stifle Dissent, St. Louis County Charges At Least 100 Protesters One Year Later
Legal coalition condemns recent move after multiple jurisdictions chose not to charge activists

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Home Care Workers’ Fight for $15 Gains Momentum with Obama Administration Win On Wage, Overtime Protections
More than 2 million home care workers ‘invisible no more’

First Nation Launches Solar Project In the Heart of the Oil Sands

The Real News Network
Typhoid Outbreak Latest Catastrophe for Palestinian in Besieged Yarmouk Refugee Camp
Independent journalist Patrick Strickland says the international community is failing its duty to protect civilians displaced in the ongoing Syrian civil war

Clinton Takes Soft Swipe at “Shortermism”
Gerald Epstein of PERI, U. Mass. Amherst, argues that Clinton does not go far enough by just calling for transparency in “shortermism” because buybacks of corporate stocks should be made illegal

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Tenders His Resignation
Reporting from Greece, Dimitri Lascaris explains the constitutionality of the move and weighs in on the calculation to hold another general election on September 20th

*I said a while back that time will tell as to just what Tspiras’ and his allies’ intentions are.

At this point, I’d say time is screaming its fucking head off.

Public Citizen
Stand Up for Senior Rights
Sign the Petition to Stop Nursing Homes from Using Forced Arbitration to Deny Residents Rights

Petitioning Nick Coe CEO Bath & Body Works
Stop Dumping and Start Donating
by Samantha Heard

Democracy Now!
Greek PM Tsipras Resigns, Calls for New Election as Left Wing of Syriza Splits to Form New Party

Salt in Soup Gives You More Than Flavor
Why is there so much salt in soup and other canned goods? The reasons may not be worth the risk.
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


Executive in WV Spill Pleads Guilty, Gets His Bentley and Millions Back
Former Freedom Industries president Gary Southern also faces up to three years in prison for role in massive 2014 chemical leak
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*It depends on the size of the check, and of course the two aren’t mutually exclusive, are they?

As Fight Goes Global, McDonald’s Under Fire for ‘Low Road’ Business Model
Brazil hearing marks ‘major escalation of the global effort to hold McDonald’s accountable for its mistreatment of workers and bad corporate citizenship’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Rogue States and Nuclear Dangers
Dissecting the “Iranian Threat”: Who Is the Gravest Danger to World Peace?
by Noam Chomsky

*The boiling bombast of the blackest pot

Our Perceptions About the “Unworthy Poor” Haven’t Changed
by Serena Rice

*There’s precious little opprobrium for the “undeserving rich”, isn’t there just?

Environmental Working Group
Tiny Concentrations of Teflon Chemical Harmful to Public Health

*If we want our waters restored without delay, make these murderers drink from their own poisoned chalice.

“Lickety split” wouldn’t begin to describe the alacrity.

The Real News Network
Former IAEA Inspector: Iranian “Self-Inspection” Won’t Undermine Deal
Robert Kelley says the entire process will remain under IAEA supervision

*”AP” might not be an acronym for “Abject Propaganda”

But it would be an eminently appropriate one.

In Confronting Hillary, Did Black Lives Matter Miss Opportunity to Make Demands?
Adam Jackson and Dayvon Love of Baltimore’s Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle discuss the recent exchange between Black Lives Matter activists and Hillary Clinton

Black Scholars and Activists Renew Palestinian Solidarity
Activist and journalist Kristien Bailey discusses a new letter signed by more than 1000 to support Palestinian liberation

Baltimore Mothers Accused of Lead Poisoning Their Own Children
Author and economist Bill Black discusses claims of a Maryland official that Baltimore mothers might poison their own children for free housing and money

*Talk about mother fuckers

Fight for $15
Is McDonald’s breaking the LAW?

*Let’s not forget the poison pumped into its customers.

Fast food, like fossil fuels, needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history, and the folks working in it transitioned to jobs that foster their and everyone else’s health and well being.

Nothing to See Here: WaPo Pooh-Poohs Sanders’ Surging Crowds
by Michael Tkaczevski

*You play a major role in whether a candidate or idea is “viable”

Then proceed to “analyze” same.

Welcome to the corpress circle game.

Giving War a Chance
Peace is almost always an alternative—but you won’t hear that from US politicians or news media
by John C. O’Day

*For most Yanks, war is a video game

Where no real blood spatters the screen

Institute for Public Accuracy
Greece Elections: Why Now?

Democracy Now!
The Beat Up Squad: NY Prison Guards Accused of Brutally Killing Prisoner & Covering Up Death

After NY Prison Escape, Other Inmates Faced Beatings, Solitary Confinement, Threats of Waterboarding

Paleo versus Primal. What’s the difference?
by Leanne Ely


Notorious Insecticides Found in Half of Sampled Streams in US
‘Neonics’ have been linked to decline in bee populations
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Conflict Mineral Ruling ‘Sets Dangerous Precedent’ on Corporate Personhood
‘A corporation is hiding behind the First Amendment to avoid accountability for their actions, and the Court has ruled their right to secrecy is more important than the public’s right to know.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Greece for Sale: First Wave of Privatization Begins with Airport Buyout
‘The purpose of the bailout has little to do with repaying debt and everything to do with creating a corporate paradise in the Mediterranean.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Shutting Down a Coal Mine on the Road to Paris
by Morten Thaysen

Defying Saudis and Iran: Muslim Thinkers Call for Action on Climate Change
by Juan Cole

Public Citizen
FDA’s Big Mistake: Expect Flibanserin to Be Pulled From the Market in a Few Years

The Real News Network
“Racism Still Lives Here” Banner Raised to Mark Mike Brown’s Killing
Activists Quintin Savage and Elizabeth Vega say racism continues to destroy Black Lives a year after Mike Brown’s killing and a 160 years after a St. Louis Court ruled Dred Scott was property, not a person

Compton, Comcast and Commercialism: NWA, Hip-Hop and Rape Culture
Author Sikivu Hutchinson discusses the new film Straight Outta Compton

“Failure Factories”: How a Florida School District Wrecked Schools for Black Students
Tampa Bay Times investigative reporter Michael LaForgia discusses how after re-segregation, wealthy and majority-white Pinellas County became the worst place for Black students to attend public school in Florida

Pocomoke Councilwoman Gives Inside Story of How City’s First Black Chief was Fired
During unannounced, secret meetings with the mayor, the council’s only black member was pressured to support the dismissal of Kelvin Sewell despite what she says was lack of evidence

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Welfare Reform” Entering 20th Year of Ensuring Poverty?

*Anyone with any illusions as to the beneficence of Al Gore should examine the accompanying photo closely.

Loss of Manufacturing Jobs Isn’t ‘Tectonic’–It’s a Policy Choice
by Dean Baker

Democracy Now!
“Privileged Bloodlines”: Is Trump’s Stance Against Birthright Citizenship Setting Tone for GOP?

David Cay Johnston: 21 Questions for Trump on Kickbacks, Busting Unions, the Mob & Corporate Welfare


Newly Exposed Methane Threat Trumps Latest ‘False Solution’ on Emissions
Previously overlooked natural gas gathering facilities spewing as much methane as 37 coal-fired power plants
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Artificial “reform”