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ADDED 10/27/11 —  THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES page, where I park aphorisms et alia that I think are worth their own separate space.

See if you agree.


5/10/15 — Lately, I’ve been including a good bit of health and nutrition intel here, and I do see it intimately related to the other issues extant.

The posts on the duplicity and venality of food and medical corps provide obvious parallels, but I also want to focus on what we can do to improve our health, as we can’t follow our principles as assiduously as we’re obligated to if we’re not in the best condition we can be.

That said, I want to be clear that I’m no expert in these fields.  I’m trying to learn, and unlearn, what I need to do to be healthy.  In doing so, I may wander down some dead ends.  I present this information with the entreaty that you accord it both serious consideration and scrutiny.

What makes seeming sense today may be disproved tomorrow.  What appears outlandish in the present could well be validated in the future.

I hope what I pass along will be of benefit to you.


* Do what your conscience demands

And your courage allows

And never be satisfied with the limits of either *





March 2018



Alarm Sounds After EU Regulators Greenlight Bayer-Monsanto #MergerFromHell
Critics of the deal warn the decision will allow the companies, “together with BASF, to become data giants in agriculture—the ‘Facebooks of farming’—with all the pitfalls that entails”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


ACLU Urges Greyhound to Stop Letting Border Agents Use Buses as ‘Rolling Traps’
“Greyhound should be in the business of transporting passengers, but instead is allowing intimidating interrogations and searches”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


#ToxicTwitter: Human Rights Group Says Platform Creates Abusive Environment for Women
“Ensuring an internet free from gender-based violence enhances freedom of expression as it allows women to fully participate in all areas of life”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Billionaires Won’t Save the World — Just Look at Elon Musk
The “playboy genius” is essentially squandering taxpayer money on pet projects like Mars trips and flamethrowers
by Sam Pizzigati

*The musky smell of snake oil


Survivors Need Shelter, But Shelters Need Legal Protection In Iraq
Despite the unprecedented security crisis, it remains against public policy for Iraqi NGOs to provide shelter for those escaping gender-based violence
by Lisa Davis


It’s Time to Transform the War Economy
The Poor People’s Campaign offers an antidote to a poisoned and militarized culture that has perverted the national agenda
by Brock McIntosh

*Issue silos can be as deadly as missile silos


Amnesty International – USA
Iraq: Alarming Reports of More Than 3,000 People Facing Death Over Terror-Related Offenses

*Life in a liberated land


Louisiana Bucket Brigade
St. James Site of 37 Petrochemical Accidents, No Bayou Bridge Jobs


The Real News Network
Duterte’s Bloody War on Philippines’ Leftists
Increasingly authoritarian President Rodrigo Duterte is planning to classify hundreds of leftists as terrorists as he cracks down on the country’s powerful communist movement. We speak to Cristina Palabay, the secretary general of KARAPATAN, and Teddy Casinos, a former congressman and representative of the Bayan Muna party

*Killer Clown’s wet dream


A Rare Glimpse Inside a Police Body-Camera Review Unit
Following the release of controversial footage that showed Baltimore police officers staging the discovery of evidence, The Real News was given exclusive access to the special unit that now reviews all body-cam footage related to upcoming cases


Trump Boasts of Killer Arms Sales in Meeting with Saudi Dictator, Using Cartoonish Charts
Trump kicked off his White House meeting with his authoritarian “good friend” Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman by pulling out charts listing the weapons the U.S. is selling to Saudi Arabia – Ben Norton reports

*Scorched earth and campaign strategy


Protester Arrested At State House: Gov. Hogan Would Not Drink Water Contaminated by Fracking
Officials have issued a permit for a natural gas pipeline to be routed through Maryland, but opponents say so-called protective measures not enough
by Dharna Noor

*Water torture


Democracy Now!
“The Battle for Paradise”: Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism & the Fight for Puerto Rico’s Future

*An island sinking in a sea of snake oil


Six Months After Maria, Residents Resist Efforts to Turn Island into Privatized Bitcoin Playground


After Maria, Puerto Ricans Cultivate Food Sovereignty While FEMA Delivered Skittles & Cheez-Its

*Junk food and greenwashed garbage



As Lawmakers Accuse DeVos of Lack of Regard for Students, Her Own Staffer Admits ‘Things Have Gotten Pretty Awful Here’
“What do you mean, there’s no data?” a lawmaker asked Secretary of Education during tense hearing. “There is study after study after study.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Cheat notes


It’s Not Just Drug Dealers That Need to Worry About Inspiration Trump Took From Duterte
The battle between autocratic leaders and the global movement for environmental justice heats up
by Nick Meynen


The Real News Network
Mercer’s Cambridge Analytica ‘Utterly Sleazy’
Britain’s Channel 4 details the dirty tricks that Cambridge Analytica, the data-mining company owned by billionaire Robert Mercer, uses to sway elections around the world. If the story is true, it would mean the company is not only sleazy, but also blatantly criminal, says white-collar criminologist Bill Black


After a Shooting at His School, a Maryland Teacher Speaks Out
Pat Elder, who teaches GED classes at Great Mills High, says to end gun violence America must tackle the militarization of schools and broader society

*As often occurs, a righteous impulse gets siloed into accepted avenues of action. Thus, no mention of militarism.

As well, will the desire for “safer schools” translate into advocacy for more “resource officers”?


‘Samantha Em-Powers Genocide in Yemen’: Students Protest US Role in Saudi War
Ex-U.N. ambassador and liberal war hawk Samantha Power faced a protest at Johns Hopkins University over her role overseeing the catastrophic U.S.-Saudi war on Yemen. A student leader speaks about the military-industrial-academic complex – Ben Norton reports.

*An empirical education in empire


In Afrin the Turks are Looting and Pillaging with Gunfire
Journalist for the Independent, Patrick Cockburn, returning from Northern Syria, says one of the most peaceful places in the region has turned into a swamp of human misery for the Kurds


Institute for Public Accuracy
Instructor at Great Mills HS Leads Campaign to Demilitarize Schools


YouTube as Conspiracy Conduit
Video platform enables harassment of shooting survivors
by Justin Anderson

*Why is it that Fox News is almost always one of my “recommended” channels?

I never watch it, and informing YouTube that I’m “not interested” doesn’t do a damn bit of good.

Is Fox paying for placement, or is that a “conspiracy theory”?


In Run-Up to Vote to End Yemen War, MSNBC Remains Totally Silent
MSNBC outflanked from the left by Breitbart
by Jim Naureckas

*I wouldn’t prefer any network to “lead” “anti-war sentiment”

I’d want them to honestly cover those who honestly seek to end this nightmare.

I know … dream on.


Democracy Now!
“It Was a Crime”: 15 Years After U.S. Invasion, Iraqis Still Face Trauma, Destruction & Violence


Undocumented and Unpaid, Until Now: Houston Day Laborers Fight Wage Theft After Hurricane Harvey


Voices from Houston After Harvey: Immigrant Homeowners Say Little to No Help Coming from FEMA



In ‘Full-on War on Drugs Scare-Fest,’ Trump Proposes Death Penalty and ‘Very, Very Bad’ Commercials
In his speech on the opioid epidemic, the president promoted his plan to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and suggested that an advertising campaign would keep Americans from using drugs
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*An acute addiction to demagoguery


‘Insidious’ and ‘Dangerous’: Digital Privacy Groups Issue Urgent Warning Over CLOUD Act
Critics say the bill, which could be pushed through Congress this week, would enable U.S. authorities to skirt Fourth Amendment rights to collect Americans’ data and use it against them
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Despite Possible Blowback, Snowden Decries Anti-Democratic Forces in Russia
“My friends tell me it is dangerous to criticize the Russian government the same as I criticize my own. But each of us are given a limited number of days to make a difference. Life is a choice to live for something, or to die for nothing.”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*You can’t stand for your principles on one foot


Google, Facebook, Algorithms, and the Building of the Iron Wall
This totalitarianism is being formed incrementally. It begins by silencing the demonized. It ends by silencing everyone.
by Chris Hedges

*Sleepwalking toward a nightmare


A 2% Financial Wealth Tax Would Provide a $12,000 Annual Stipend to Every American Household
Careful analysis reveals a number of excellent arguments for the implementation of a Universal Basic Income
by Paul Buchheit


Keeping Power With the People: Puerto Rico’s Energy Future
by Sean Sweeney

*The Musks and Bransons are deeply concerned with “sustainability”

Of their profit margins


The CIA’s 60-Year History of Fake News: How the Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers
by Robert Scheer

*The victims can’t rationalize their horror


Racial Justice Groups Sue DHS to Release Contents of Fully Redacted “Race Paper”
Document Raises Questions About Escalating Government Surveillance and Criminalization of Black Activists


Public Citizen
NIH Officials May Have Violated Policy by Soliciting Donations From Alcohol Industry for Alcohol Study
Public Citizen Urges HHS Inspector General to Launch Formal Investigation


The Real News Network
Petroleum Executives Visit Trump, Increasing Offshore Oil Drilling
The American Petroleum Industry (API) and the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) held meetings at the Trump Hotel in DC. At the same time, these associations are also lobbying the Trump administration for an expansion of offshore oil exploration

*Where oil and water malignantly mix


Corbyn Allies in Labour Attacked For Supporting Palestinian Struggle
The strategy to undermine Jeremy Corbyn within the Labour Party includes charging his supporters with anti-Semitism and then suspending them, says Richard Kuper of Jewish Voice for Labour

*It’s unclear to me from this segment what Corbyn’s stance is with regard to this witchhunt. There’s no mention of his speaking out or taking action as party leader to oppose it.

It took a great deal of chutzpah to demand proof of Russian complicity in the nerve agent attack, and he should show the same here. If he isn’t, it’s incumbent on folks like Kuper to call him on it.


Kochs and ALEC Behind Criminalization of Dissent Bills in Five States
Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma,Wyoming, Minnesota and Louisiana have introduced or passed legislation to criminalize environmental dissent. There is evidence that bill mill organizations such as ALEC and the bipartisan group Council of State Governments (CSG) had their hand in shaping these bills, says investigative journalist Steve Horne.

*A pipeline to a police state


Copspeak: When Black Children Suddenly Become ‘Juveniles’
by Adam Johnson and Jim Naureckas


Got insomnia?
Who couldn’t use a little more sleep? Or at least a little more good-quality sleep. Here’s what can help…and what’s a waste of money.
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action



As Trump Fights to Kill Chemical Safety Rule, Workers Injured as Massive Explosion Rocks Texas Chemical Plant
The EPA was in court on Friday to defend against its decision to delay implementation of federal regulations that aim to prevent this type of disaster
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Environmental Proscription Agency


The Third Newsletter: Water and Farmers
by Vijay Prashad


The Real Irish-American History Not Taught in Schools
Sadly, today’s corporate textbook-producers are no more interested in feeding student curiosity about the poverty and inequality that drove the famine than were British landlords interested in feeding Irish peasants
by Bill Bigelow

*A famine of expository facts


An Open Letter on Behalf of the “English for Reconciliation” Project in Najaf
by Martha Hayward

*A true “humanitarian intervention”


The Real News Network
West’s Anti-Russian Fervor Will Help Putin Win Elections On Sunday
As Russia heads into a presidential election on Sunday, Vladimir Putin’s popularity soars with every accusation and sanction Western countries hurl against him, says Prof. Alexander Buzgalin

*The irony of false or unproven accusations is that they allow those vilified to dismiss the proof of their actual crimes.


Corbyn Smeared as ‘Russian Stooge’ for Requesting Evidence on Poisoned Spy
While harshly condemning the Salisbury nerve agent attack, the Labour Party’s leftist leader requested evidence that the Russian government carried it out. A deluge of smears followed.

*Reason is treason


Corbyn Calls for Evidence in Escalating Poison Row
For requesting evidence of Russian culpability in the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been denounced by PM Theresa May and even members of his own party. We discuss the case with Stephen F. Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies at New York University and Princeton

*Not that I think Corbyn is Jesus on a stick, but Cohen’s spot on in his claim that no pol in the US would have the cojones to do as he has.

That cowardice may lead to catastrophic consequences for us all.


Sanders Resolution Against War in Yemen Challenged by Mattis
Senators introduced legislation that would undermine the Sanders-Lee resolution to stop US support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. “They’re trying to provide cover for just a handful of senators so they can vote for this instead of the Sanders Lee bill,” says CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot

*While this bill needs to pass, keep in mind the “detail devil” that will allow US troops to remain to “combat Al Qaeda and allied groups”, or however it’s worded.

We know how that facilitates “mission creep”, leaving aside the ethics of the proclaimed mission itself.

Isn’t part of the mission of “alternative” media to pay attention to such “details”, so that their audience will, as well?


Democracy Now!
50 Years After My Lai Massacre in Vietnam, Revisiting the Slaughter the U.S. Military Tried to Hide





The GI Resistance Continues: Vietnam Vets Return to My Lai, Where U.S. Slaughtered 500 Civilians

*These are servicemembers worthy of salute.

No monuments will be erected in their honor.



Breaking the ICE
How far will this go?
by Robert C. Koehler


All Hands on Deck: The West Virginia Teachers’ Strike
by Jane McAlevey


The Real News Network
Senate Expands ‘Lobbyist Bill’ to Deregulate Real Estate
New measures added to the financial deregulation bill include the deregulation of commercial real estate, which threatens re-create the conditions that led to the 2008 financial crisis, says Bill Black


Stephen Hawking: The Fighter for Progressive Politics
Scientist Stephen Hawking spoke out against wars, called for action against climate change, and defended socialist programs

*All of which will receive next to no mention, if not complete erasure, in the corpress, as his social conscience is castrated as a condition of iconization.


Far-Right Ministers in Chile’s New Government Placed in Sensitive Positions
Chile’s newly inaugurated president Sebastian Piñera attempts to move the country to the right, but faces important constraints from social movements that vow to resist his government, explains Prof. Rene Rojas


Trump’s Tariff Travesty Will Not Re-Industrialize the US
Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs will only make it more difficult for US producers that depend on these resources, while also initiating trade retaliation from trade partners, says Michael Hudson


Is Another World Possible? – Leo Panitch on RAI (4/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Leo Panitch says it’s a dilemma that the gradualism of European social-democracy and attempts at a more radical transformation have so far both failed; Panitch says a first step towards democratizing the economy is to make finance a public utility – with host Paul Jay

*Is it naïve of me to believe that we have no chance of becoming a truly evolved species – or even simply surviving – if we don’t place a principal priority on giving wings to the better angels of our nature, as well as appealing to our self interest?

Humanity has a seemingly limitless capacity for hypocrisy, and that actually gives me some hope, as it implies a need to acknowledge a moral imperative.

So how do we move from lip service to putting our muscle behind our mouths?

I suppose asking the question evinces the eternal elusiveness of the answer, but I believe it’s existentially essential to continue to pursue it.


‘A Remarkable Victory for the Labor Movement’
CounterSpin interview with Mike Elk on West Virginia school workers strike
by Janine Jackson

*I’m unclear as to the funding aspect, given what’s claimed in the piece below


I don’t feel you can claim “victory” if it comes at another’s undue expense

So what’s the true skinny here?


Liberals, Conservatives Worry About Korean Peace Threat
by Gregory Shupak

*Given the trail of broken promises that litter his lurid career path, I’m more concerned with just how “earnest” Killer Clown will be than Kim.


Democracy Now!
Farmworkers Bring Human Rights Fight to Wendy’s Doorstep, Fasting & Calling for Boycott over Abuses

*Arrogance and avarice

With a side of lies


Jeremy Scahill on Trump’s Cabinet Shake-up, the Mueller Probe & the Iraq War 15 Years Later



Despite Torture-Loving Pasts, Schumer Not Pushing Democrats to Oppose Pompeo or Haspel
Trump’s nominees for secretary of state and CIA director have alarming pasts, but the Senate Minority Leader isn’t encouraging his party to oppose their nominations
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*If there were no Democratic Party

The Republicans would have to invent one


It Is Now Abundantly Clear Why Steve Mnuchin Didn’t Want People to See This Video
Free speech advocates called it “troubling” that a White House official was able to delay release of a video that is, under California law, part of the public record
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Don Blankenship, Dead Miners, Humility, and the Limits of Free Speech in West Virginia
A call came in and there was a man who wanted to know if I had any questions for the former coal CEO and convict now running for U.S. Senate. Turns out I did have one.
by Russell Mokhiber

*Severed connection

Sundered conscience


Israeli Lawmakers Ban Member of Knesset from American Trip Funded by Jewish Voice for Peace
MK Jabareen invited for series of talks about deterioration of democracy in Israel


The Real News Network
UN Rapporteur: US Sanctions Cause Death in Venezuela
Over 150 intellectuals and activists signed an open letter urging the US and Canada to stop their economic sanctions on Venezuela, which are making the country’s economic problems worse. Special UN Rapporteur Alfred de Zayas is a signer and visited Venezuela late last year


Anti-Pipeline Indigenous ‘Mass Mobilization’ Has Begun
In what may become the ‘Standing Rock of the North’, thousands protest Kinder Morgan’s Trans-Mountain Pipeline expansion, which would carry more toxic tar sands through First Nation territories


Colombia’s Conservatives Make Gains in Congress Vote Amid Fraud Allegations
Low turnout and fraud allegations mar Colombia’s congressional vote, which gave conservatives a greater control over the legislature. If right-wing candidate Ivan Duque also wins the presidency in May, it would spell the end of Colombia’s peace process, explains Mario Murillo


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Space Force”: Trump Accelerating Aerospace Goal Targeting China and Russia

*No space for peace


WaPo Fails to Disclose Ownership in Puff Piece for Bezos


Democracy Now!
Trump’s New CIA Nominee, Gina Haspel, Faces Possible Arrest Warrant in Germany over Torture


Jeremy Scahill: Gina Haspel Should Be Answering for Her Torture Crimes, Not Heading the CIA


Mike Pompeo, Christian Crusader & Koch Brothers Ally, Tapped to Be Trump’s Secretary of State


Congresswoman Confirms Erik Prince Tied to Assassination Program Run Out of Dick Cheney’s Office


Nutrition Action
How a multivitamin could help if you’re taking a common blood-sugar drug



If We Want to Support Refugees, We Need To End the Wars That Create Them
The sanctuary movement needs an anti-war voice
by Azadeh Shahshahani and Maha Hilal


Talking Sense About Immigration
On the necessity of rejecting the president’s Manichaean worldview
by Aviva Chomsky


Turkey’s Privatization of Sugar Factories
by Kubilay Cenk


The Real News Network
US Cowardice Prevents Middle East Peace
A majority of United Nations members support a just resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, but U.S. political cowardice and the influential Israel Lobby thwart it, says veteran UN correspondent Ian Williams

*There’s no integrity to voting for something you know won’t pass. I have to wonder how many nations would do so if a “just resolution” were a distinct possibility, rather than some pallid compromise that would please Abu Mazen and rest of the Palestinian “leadership”.


Elites Impose Education Policies They Would Never Accept for their Children (4/4)
In the final part of our interview with author Noliwe Rooks, we examine some of the reforms that the likes of Betsy DeVos have mandated for poor children but would never be accepted for the wealthy

*The tests of ill wills


by Bonnie T


Republicans Want to Look at Gun Violence in Movies? OK, Let’s Look
by J.F. Sargent

*The bullet pulpit


Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump’s Nominees: Pompeo at State, Haspel at CIA: * Targeting Iran * Torture


Now: “Another Big Bank Bailout”

*Banking on bipartisan blessings


Democracy Now!
Charterize, Privatize, Christianize: The DeVos-Backed Policies That “Gutted” Michigan Public Schools

*In Jesus’ name



Critics of Bayou Bridge Pipeline in Louisiana Decry State & Company Surveillance of Protesters



Angering Organic Farmers and Advocates, Trump’s USDA Kills Animal Welfare Rule
The rule would have “specified a set of standards for organic livestock and poultry designed to minimize stress, facilitate natural behaviors, and promote well-being”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Nebraska Is Illegally Obtaining and Storing Execution Drugs in Defiance of Federal Law
“We all have one more reason to conclude that the state has no business executing human beings”
by Danielle Conrad


The Tide it is a Changin’
Mainstream media starts reporting on the militarization of America’s schools
by Pat Elder


Amnesty International
Bangladesh: International Support for Rohingya Refugees Is Urgently Needed


The Real News Network
Democracy in Crisis: Pseudonymous Sex and Anonymous Experts
As Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels prepare to battle over an NDA, federal prosecutors seek anonymity for expert on “black bloc”
by Baynard Woods


From BDS to the Tamimis, Palestinians Defend Their Rights
The Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah says US-backed Israeli efforts to criminalize the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement and to silence protesters like the Tamimi family are backfiring as Palestinians and their allies fight back


Will Trump Help Saudi Arabia Build a Nuclear Program?
Media reports say the U.S. is considering selling nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia. Analyst Ali al-Ahmed is skeptical, and says Trump has just removed the fig leaf of concern for human rights abuses by the Gulf dictatorship

*A nuclear energy program is preferable to a nuclear weapons program

Expect perhaps for the people in places like Chernobyl and Fukushima who pay the true price for it.


Why the Panic over Korea Peace Talks? (2/2)
As President Trump and Kim Jong-Un agree to historic talks, centrist voices are expressing alarm based on a self-serving and false reading of history, says Timothy Shorrock

*Whatever Killer Clown appears to want, these schmenges will oppose, regardless of the merits of the matter.

Now, what he may actually want is a way to say “We tried. Diplomacy failed. All options are back on the table.”

In which case, he’ll be deemed “Presidential” ™ by these same b*stards, because warmongering is never out of bipartisan style, is it?


Israel Lobby Doesn’t Want Al Jazeera to Spill its Secrets
Qatar is under pressure to bury an undercover Al Jazeera documentary that exposes the Israel Lobby in the US. Asa Winstanley of the Electronic Intifada says the film’s key revelations include the close cooperation between the neocon Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and the Israeli government


Debate: Syria, Ghouta, and the Left
In a complex proxy war that has killed so many, where should leftists and people of conscience stand? Independent journalist Rania Khalek and scholar Yasser Munif debate the ongoing siege of Eastern Ghouta and the wider Syrian war

*I don’t pretend to have some perfect solution to this horror show. I just try to keep my eyes, mind and heart open, with the people of Syria as my focus, and their tormentors – from any side – as my bane.

What serves no valid purpose is what I see as ad hominem attacks on those with whom we disagree, as I feel Munif has engaged in here. I think he has a point in criticizing Khalek’s diminishment of the brutality of the Assad regime and its allies, but that can be made without such vitriol.

His lip service to opposition of US actions, while all but ignoring it in his analysis, strikes me as disingenuous, as well. Khalek could be cited for similar with regard to Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.

All that said, I’d like to think that both seek justice and peace for the people of Syria, and I hope that all others who wish the same can find some way to resolve our differences, and work together to achieve that goal.

Perhaps a forlorn hope, but there it is …


The Threats, Real and Imagined, of Mexico’s Election
by Mark Weisbrot

*I’d amend the penultimate sentence to read “with a chance to win”, as it ignores the Zapatista candidate, Marichuy, although at least one commenter, diogenes, states that her presence “is simply to make their presence felt in the mainstream, as representatives of the excluded. It’s a middle finger.”

Of course, the EZLN are pursuing something beyond “reform”, aren’t they?


Putin, Trump, and the Nuclear Danger (2/2)
As Vladimir Putin unveils new weaponry, MIT Professor Theodore Postol says that the US withdrawal from a key arms control treaty, an increased killing capacity, and Trump’s “dangerous and uninformed” strategy has compounded the nuclear threat


Take Action to End Exploitation at LA’s port
by Omar Alvarez and Dwayne Wilson
Justice for Port Drivers


Tell Coca-Cola the NCAA must #PayThePlayers
by Frank Derry
Color of Change

*Flagrant foul


Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump, Death Penalty and Drug Addiction: What’s at the Root of the Problem?


DeVos’s Record in Michigan

*Choice cuts


‘Modernization’: Media’s Favorite Euphemism for Military Buildup
by Adam Johnson

*Never gonna fall for “modern” love


How Does BEC5 Cream Heal Skin Cancer?
by Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat

*Employ your own best judgment


Hyperthermia Therapy: Using Heat to Help Heal Cancer
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Iodine Deficiency Symptoms (& How to Get Enough Iodine)
by Ty Bollinger



Nearly 800 Quebec Doctors Demand Their Pay Raises Go To Nurses, Improving Healthcare Overall
“These increases are all the more shocking because our nurses, clerks, and other professionals face very difficult working conditions, while our patients live with the lack of access to required services because of the drastic cuts in recent years”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Ahead of Major Protest to Stop Kinder Morgan Pipeline, Company Files Injunction Against Water Protectors
“Kinder Morgan is intimidating environmentalists who are standing up for B.C. against a dirty tar sands pipeline”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


What the Koch Brothers Want Students to Learn About Slavery
The history-teaching wing of the Koch brothers empire is seeking to promote an alternate narrative to slavery
by Adam Sanchez

*A history written in past perfect


Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Protesters Mark 7th Anniversary of Fukushima Disaster

*A disaster we can’t wait to happen again


The Real News Network
Trump’s Monumental Betrayal: Public Antiquities Gutted for Oil Industry
It has been revealed that not only did Trump cut both Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments for industry to access fossil fuels but that the President’s announcement came on the heels of one of the rarest finds of Triassic period fossils in an area now excluded from protection, by Trump’s new monument boundaries


Obama & DeVos: Education Reform Based on ‘Segronomics’ is Doomed to Fail
In Part Four, Noliwe Rooks says data reveals no educational benefit from the billions of stimulus funding poured into schools by the Obama administration and school vouchers championed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

*Getting schooled


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S.-North Korea: Victory for President Moon?

*Is this a set up to prove “Diplomacy doesn’t work”?


Saudi Arabia Using Law Firm Tied to Trump to Lobby U.S. for Nuclear Deal


Democracy Now!
A Step Toward Peace? South Korea Announces Trump Will Meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

*I would say Killer Clown or Kim receiving a Nobel Peace Prize would make an utter mockery of its purported purpose

But I believe that’s already been amply achieved, don’t you?


How an Alabama Town Is Fighting Against Cancerous & Toxic Coal Ash Dumping—No Thanks to Trump’s EPA


Toxic Coal Ash Being Dumped in Puerto Rico, Which Already Suffers Worst Drinking Water in the Nation



Time For Action: Seven Proposals From Sweden For Reducing Sexism and Sexual Violence in the Midst of #MeToo
“OK…now what?”
by Christian Christensen


Afro-Colombian Women Mobilize for Justice and Healing on International Women’s Day
In Colombia, women are demanding an end to the impunity, silence and invisibility that fuel attacks on female human rights defenders
by J.M. Kirby


The Real News Network
Trump’s Tariffs Trade War
The negative reaction to Trump’s tariffs announcement, especially from Republicans and trade partners, has been strong, even prompting the resignation of Trump’s chief economic advisor. Economist and author Heiner Flassbeck discusses possible outcomes


US Misses Putin’s Nuclear Message (1/2)
Russian President Vladimir Putin sparked a wave of U.S. media panic with a speech announcing upgrades to his government’s nuclear arsenal. But MIT professor emeritus and missile technology expert Theodore Postol says the reaction missed the real story

*Putin, like every other leader of a world power, doesn’t give a rat’s ass about “sustainable development for human civilization”, but, like every other sane human being (which excludes at least one other “world leader”), he does care about the incineration of the planet.

You can be a heartless bastard, and still understand when the rest of your body’s at mortal risk.


Will Russiagate Help the Israel Lobby Censor Al Jazeera?
As Qatar faces pressure to suppress an Al Jazeera expose of the Israel lobby, Max Blumenthal and Ali Abunimah discuss how the climate of censorship and fear around Russiagate has empowered those long attacking Palestinian rights

*McCarthy turns in his grave

In anticipation of exhumation


A New Chapter in China-Africa Relations
The political and economic relationship between China and Africa, which has steadily intensified since the ’90s, is very different than the relationships African countries have had with other capitalist powers. China’s own colonial past is a big factor, says Dr. Zhiqun Zhu of Bucknell University

*Well, that was a puff piece with which Beijing would find favor.

Should I expect better from Conway and TRNN?


From Segregation to Black Independent Schools
In Part Three, Noliwe Rooks says after African Americans were faced with nationwide resistance to integration, groups like the Black Panthers created successful models for black education

*It worked

For the wrong people


The Early History of ‘Segronomics’
In Part Two, Noliwe Rooks says wealthy philanthropists first influenced public education for African Americans in the post-reconstruction South

*As she says, Rooks doesn’t delineate the reasons for the withdrawal of federal troops, but I’d speculate that their presence was designed merely to feign support for lasting change, knowing full well what would occur once that protection was removed.

Call it another broken treaty.


Fight for $15
McDonald’s Failed

*Inverting reality along with its logo


Democracy Now!
In Spain, Women Launch Nationwide Feminist Strike Protesting “Alliance of Patriarchy & Capitalism”

*While it’s heartening to hear this emphasis on capitalism as a bane to feminism, isn’t there a contradiction in then calling for more women in corporate leadership positions?

There’s a faulty math there, innit?


On International Women’s Day, Women Declare: Emancipation Comes Through the Rejection of Capitalism

*Re my previous comment

What she said, and I’m glad to hear it.


Eve Ensler on International Women’s Day & Her New One-Woman Play “In the Body of the World”



Schumer Denounced for ‘Absolutely Disgusting’ AIPAC Speech
“At AIPAC, Democrats try to outdo Trump in their devotion to Israel’s oppression of Palestinians”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A “#Resistance” to common humanity


‘Don’t Be Evil?’: Outrage Over Google’s Secret Program to Bolster Pentagon’s Drone War
“I hadn’t noticed the ‘… but it’s okay to help with drone strikes’ footnote to the ‘don’t be evil’ line in Google’s code of conduct”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*From “Don’t Be Evil”

To “Just Do It”


Coast Guard Responders ‘Harmed by Chemicals Used to Clean Up BP’s Spill’
Nearly one million gallons of the dispersant was dropped by air and a further 770,000 gallons injected into the well head to try and disperse in excess of 200 million gallons of oil that was spilt by BP in the Gulf of Mexico
by Andy Rowell


Getting Real About School Safety
Armed adults don’t make kids safer. They put them at greater risk
by Karen Dolan

*It’s not just “conservatives” who are calling for armed guards, is it?

Democrats will pair this with sane approaches to prove their “responsibility”, and be lauded by the corpress for same.

It will be interesting (if that’s the right word) to see how the movement sparked by Parkland survivors reacts to this strategic subterfuge.

I imagine some will be coopted by arguments for “political pragmatism”, and the rest will find themselves no longer a fit subject for the focus of the media spotlight.


Executions Double Under Saudi Crown Prince


The Real News Network
Trump Continues War on Science, Axes Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
The cut is “shocking and unprecedented because it’s extremely unusual,” says Baltimore City Health Director Leana Wen. “I’ve never seen it happen that a grant is terminated without justification when the funds are available”


Bill Prohibits Baltimore From Selling Properties for Unpaid Water Bills
Advocates say that the bill, passed unanimously by the House of Delegates, will help protect elderly minorities who are most affected by tax sales
by Dharna Noor


As Eastern Ghouta Besieged, What is the Answer for Syria? (2/2)
The Syrian government has a license to kill in Eastern Ghouta, and the world is failing to act, says Yasser Munif of Emerson University. But is intervention the answer, and what is to done about the right-wing militants trying to topple Assad?


Violating International Law, Trump Renews Venezuela Sanctions
Trump renewed Obama’s sanctions against Venezuela, declaring it an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to the US, violating international law in the process, says CEPR co-director Mark Weisbrot. Also, the US threatened the main opposition presidential candidate if he doesn’t boycott the upcoming election


West Virginia Teachers Offer a Lesson in Organizing
With a deal reached in the West Virginia teachers strike, there is talk of revived labor activism nationwide. But is the deal fair to all, and will anti-union forces push back? We speak to West Virginia teacher Brendan Muckian-Bates and education scholar Dr. Curry Malott.

*The devils pen the details


Financial Deregulation Bill ‘Guts’ Dodd-Frank
Republican Senators – with 12 Democratic co-sponsors – are pushing through a financial deregulation bill that with dismantle the post-financial crisis Dodd-Frank regulations, in the name of helping community banks. But this is just a pretext, says former financial regulator Bill Black

*A bank shot that puts us behind the eight ball


Media Erase US Role in Syria’s Misery, Call for US to Inflict More Misery
by Gregory Shupak

*One definition of “humanitarian intervention”

Tear drops call for bomb drops


Democracy Now!
After Victorious Strike, W. Virginia Teacher Sends Message to Oklahoma Educators Poised to Walk Out


Nutrition Action
A single bout of food poisoning can have long-lasting consequences



Russiagate and the New Blacklist
It may have been aimed at Trump to start, but it’s become a way of targeting all dissent
by Matt Taibbi

*Omigod … I’m a Russian agent!

Now I know why I have this inexplicable craving for blinis!


Global Justice Ecology Project
More than One Thousand Women Take Over Suzano Pulp & Paper Mill to Protest Genetically Engineered Trees and Eucalyptus Plantations


The Real News Network
Democracy in Crisis: Diarrhea Diaries and Dead Drug Dealers
The dangerous rhetoric and imagery of the “Opioid Crisis”
by Baynard Woods

*The cufflink wearers never get the cuffs


Italian Government in Chaos as Far-Right Parties Surge
Italy’s election on Sunday didn’t produce a clear winner, making the task of negotiating a coalition government particularly challenging. Raffaele Laudani, professor at the University of Bologna, discusses possible outcomes


Netanyahu or Not, Israel is Corrupted (1/2)
Israeli society “lives in denial” more than any other society, says Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy, referring to the suffering the occupation of Palestine causes

*I’d like Levy to explain why he seems to feel that there needed to be the creation of the state of Israel. That occurred after the Holocaust, so does he believe that it was necessary to protect the Jews who emigrated from what he considers the intense hostility of Palestinians and others in the region to their presence?

If so, it strikes me as a rationalization for Israel’s existence, but I’m certainly no expert, so I’d like to hear his defense of it, and Maté’s reaction to same.


As Eastern Ghouta Besieged, What is the Answer for Syria? (1/2)
The Syrian government has a license to kill in Eastern Ghouta, and the world is failing to act, says Yasser Munif of Emerson University. But is intervention the answer, and what is to done about the right-wing militants trying to topple Assad?


Clashes Erupt as White Supremacist Richard Spencer Speaks at Michigan State University
The white supremacist Richard Spencer spoke at Michigan State University after defeating a campaign against his appearance. The Rev. David Alexander Bullock of Change Agent Consortium​ says that Spencer shouldn’t be given a platform to recruit for a violent, racist movement

*As the man said, the “philosophical debate” becomes very real for those with a life and death stake in the outcome, doesn’t it?


Exposing the Risks of Global Finance: Yilmaz Akyuz on ‘Playing with Fire’ (2/2)
South Centre Chief Economist explains the deepened financial integration of the Global South as a mechanism of Northern countries to continue compressing wage income. But the growing and massive accumulation of debt worldwide is making the global economy more vulnerable than ever before

*No, I don’t understand it, but I figure it’s important, so …


Three Generations of Apartheid Schooling
In Part One, author Noliwe Rooks discusses how her family’s experience with apartheid and segregated schooling inspired her to write “Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education”


Social Media and the Rise of the ‘Consistent Liberal’
by Jim Naureckas

*It’s not an “echo chamber” the corpress objects to

It’s their own lack of reverb within it


Institute for Public Accuracy
Missing in Trade Debate


Democracy Now!
Lori Wallach and Michael Hudson Debate Trump’s Plan to Impose Steel & Aluminum Tariffs



‘Needless and Ideologically-Driven Cruelty’: Arkansas to Become First State to Implement Trump’s Assault on Medicaid
“In a very real sense, health coverage for millions of Americans who rely on Medicaid could be at risk under the agenda Trump is advancing”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Shrouded in Darkness, Just Four People Gave $30 Million to Pro-Trump Group in 2016
Tax return of dark money group shows that just a handful of individual gifts fueled a multi-million-dollar slush fund for far-right forces
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Powerful Global Spy Alliance You Never Knew Existed
by Ryan Gallagher
The Intercept


Oil Market Fears: War, Default And Nuclear Weapons
by Nick Cunningham

*”[D]emocratic institutions” translates as the “ability to pass regulatory ‘reforms'” in the oiligarchy’s worldview, don’t it just?


Viola Carofalo: “We are the voice of an Italy that nobody talks about”
Interview with Viola Carofalo, national representative and presidential candidate of the new left-wing movement
by Michele Caltagirone
The Dawn News

*A voice “left” out


Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: Marking the Anniversary of a Disaster in Iraq
For my part, I think it’s important to try to remember all of it, to remember as much as we can reasonably hold in our hearts and minds
by Claudia Lefko


West Virginia Frontier Communications Workers on Strike
“What business wants is to hire one half of the working class to kill the other half”
by Russell Mokhiber


The Real News Network
New UN Report Examines Challenges to Sustainable Development in a Warming World
Prof. Petra Tschakert, lead author of a new UN report, explains that climate change adaptation can undermine sustainable development


Daniel Ellsberg Pays Tribute to Katharine Gun, Marking 15 Years Since Her Courageous Leak of NSA Memo
Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg recorded this statement in February 2018, shortly before the 15th anniversary of when the Observer newspaper published the explosive March 2, 2003 story “US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war” — based on a leak by GCHQ linguist and analyst Katharine Gun. RootsAction and ExposeFacts produced this story

*Pray your conscience is faster than your fear


Exposing the Risks of Global Finance: Peter Dittus on ‘Playing with Fire’ (1/2)
Former BIS chief, author of ‘Revolution Required’, praises the insights of Akyuz’s book ‘Playing with Fire’, notably in uncovering the current state of financial fragility triggered by the G7, worsened by the absence of international mechanisms to recover from systemic debt fall-outs


Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (4/4)
In Part Four, author Noliwe Rooks and Dwight Draughon examine real solutions to educational apartheid


Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (3/4)
In Part Three, former Teach for America corp member Dwight Draughon says sending inexperienced college graduates to teach in high-need schools will not bring transformative change


Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (2/4)
In Part Two, author Noliwe Rooks says the privatization movement seeks to profit from educational apartheid under the guise of education reform


Israel’s Deepening Involvement in the Syrian War
Israel has recently been intensifying air strikes and the arming of anti-government forces in Syria, some of which are close to Al Qaeda. Professor As’ad AbuKhalil explains how Israel’s activity in Syria is part of a larger pattern of its overall foreign policy engagement around the world

*Opposition to oppression is an indivisible entity


Baltimore Councilman Compares Tax Break to ‘Tropical Fruit That I Can’t Pronounce’
The glib remark came during a serious debate over the real cost of tax breaks to developers as the city moves forward with new incentives while state analysts warn the final price tag of these expansive private subsidies is unknown
by Stephen Janis and Taya Graham


T ake I t F rom



Join The Dots Ep 5 – The Air We Breathe
In this episode of Join The Dots, Real Media discusses the health effects of and possible solutions to air pollution as London breaks its annual air pollution limit in just the first month of 2018

*Even if there were no such thing as climate change, isn’t this enough to awaken us from our stultifyingly stupid stupor?


Institute for Public Accuracy
What’s in Al Jazeera’s Film on Israel Lobby?


Democracy Now!
“People Have Just Had Enough”: West Virginia Teachers Continue Historic Strike into Eighth Day

*When our backs are bolstered

Our spines stiffen


U.K. University Workers Enter Week 3 of Strike Against Pension Cuts & “Marketization” of Higher Ed


From Coal Miners to Teachers: West Virginia Continues to Lead Radical Labor Struggle in the U.S.


Are beets a circulation superfood?
by Caitlin Dow



‘Such a Fortunate Coincidence’: Trump Ally Carl Icahn Ditched Steel Stocks Before Tariffs Made Public
“Hmmm, is this a coincidence or did Trump confidant Carl Icahn have insider information?”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


What Does Research That NRA Doesn’t Want Funded Show? That Gun Restrictions Save Lives
A new non-partisan study offers some of the most complete analysis of gun policies in decades—but the effort was frequently hamstrung by the NRA’s stifling of gun control research
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Will Lawmakers Again Make Schools The Sacrificial Lamb For Gun Control?
The media’s big lie is that “we’ve done nothing” to address school shootings that continue to plague the nation, when really we’ve just done the wrong things
by Jeff Bryant

*The cure can be worse than the disease

But what about when the cure is the disease?


Teen Solidarity Against the Merchants of Death
The outrage now directed toward the National Rifle Association should also challenge all assaults made by the U.S. military
by Kathy Kelly

*Common cause to overcome common carnage


#ArmMeWith Solidarity Against the NRA and Militarizing Our Schools
When we say we oppose access to weapons like the AR-15, we truly mean everyone, including the police
by Jesse Hagopian and Jessie Muldoon


Fight for $15
McDonald’s Workers to NLRB: Let the Judge Decide
Days after the NLRB reverses critical employment decision, cooks, cashiers protest, demanding halt to settlement talks in groundbreaking workers’ rights case


Groundwater Monitoring Reveals Widespread Radioactivity at Duke Energy Coal Plants​
Data shows high levels of radioactivity at 11 of 18 plants


The Real News Network
In a Blow to Transparency, Maryland Courts Remove Police Officer Info From Database
The Maryland Judiciary removed all information about police officers from its searchable database as the new Baltimore Police commissioner pledges transparency in the wake of a vast corruption scandal, causing outrage among attorneys, journalists, and advocates for transparency
by Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg

*The “thin blue line” behind the thick black curtain


Canadian Logger Intensifies Persecution of Greenpeace and Stand.Earth
“They have nothing to go on,” says Todd Paglia, executive director of Stand.Earth, one of the defendants in the case filed by Resolute Forest Products, who had previously filed a case that was dismissed under anti-SLAPP legislation


Brazil’s Military Takeover in Rio Sparks Authoritarian Fears
Deeply unpopular Brazilian President Michel Temer issued a decree to put the military in charge of security in Rio de Janeiro instead of police, dubiously claiming the purpose is to crack down on crime. But many Brazilians worry that it’s the first stage in a return to military rule, explains journalist Brian Mier

*Burying the past

To exhume it


How Did Communist China Become a Capitalist Superpower?
In his new book, “Competing Economic Paradigms in China,” Steve Cohn examines how China’s economic policy went from Maoist to “iron rice bowl” to neoliberal

*For those in power, ideology is a servant, not a master


Electric Power Companies Top the List of Greenhouse Gas Emitters
The top three companies on the newest edition of PERI’s Greenhouse 100 Index are all electric power generators, and they’re responsible for a full five percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, says researcher Michael Ash


The Black Disinvestment Crisis: From Dayton, OH to Baltimore, MD (1/2)
In the first of our three part series on the dismantling of West Dayton, a predominantly African-American Community, TRNN talks to Professor Lawrence Brown and activists about how the national move to gentrify cities has left existing black communities vulnerable to disinvestment
by Stephen Janis and Taya Graham


Institute for Public Accuracy
Illegal West Virginia Wildcat Strike Continues


MSNBC’s Big Names Completely Ignore West Virginia Teachers Strike
by Adam Johnson

*Actual “#Resistance”?

Eh …



After Being Told He’s ‘Full of Sh*t’ at School Event, Mnuchin Demands UCLA Suppress Video
In addition to being called out on his “plutocratic BS,” students in attendance attacked the Treasury chief’s record of foreclosing on tens of thousands of Americans
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Toto, we’re not on cable news anymore


The Russians Aren’t The Only Election Hackers
The US has interfered in elections all over the world — and this Russian ‘crisis’ is a big deal about very little
by Reese Erlich

*Yankee disingenuity


CRA “Reform” Is an Attack on Communities of Color
At a time of record profits for banks and record wealth and income inequality in the U.S., a strong CRA is critical to reaching economic equity for the working class and people of color
by Sharon Velasquez


The Real News Network
Capital Flight From Africa: How the Poor Finance the Rich
A new World Bank report comparing economic growth among different regions in the world ignores key factors in addressing wealth and inequality in Africa–particularly the wealth that is stashed offshore in developed countries, says economist and author Leonce Ndikumana


As Colombia’s Presidential Campaign Heats Up, Peace Accord Frays
Colombia’s former rebel group FARC suspended its presidential campaign because political violence in Colombia continues unabated. Meanwhile, leftist candidate Gustavo Petro is pulling ahead in the crowded presidential race, explains Prof. Mario Murillo


Defying Union Leadership, West Virginia Teachers Return to the Picket Lines
Striking teacher Jay O’Neal says the rank and file rejected a deal struck between union leaders and governor Jim Justice because it lacked concrete action on skyrocketing healthcare costs

*Not willing to be “led” on


Eddie Conway: ‘It’s Not Mass Incarceration, It’s Targeted’
Prisons aren’t “correctional” facilities, because they have no interest in correcting anything; the multibillion-dollar prison industry is interested in profits, and institutional racism keeps the money flowing, says TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway


US Efforts to Sabotage Venezuelan Elections Intensify
The presidential election in Venezuela is now being derailed by the threat of a U.S. oil embargo and the opposition coalition’s call for a boycott. A strong opposition challenger to President Maduro is running anyway


Institute for Public Accuracy
Postol: U.S. Policies Driving Putin Nuclear Statements


Top NYT Editor: ‘We Are Pro-Capitalism, the Times Is in Favor of Capitalism’
Well, that settles that.
by Adam Johnson

*So what would be the odds of encountering an honest to godless socialist (you know, one who doesn’t append an adjective to “capitalism” before condemning it) upon such hallowed ground?


Media Parroting ‘$1000 Bonus!’ Stories Helped Give Trump’s Tax Cuts Majority Support
by Adam Johnson

*Let them eat crumb cake


Democracy Now!
“Freakishly Warm” Arctic Weather Has Scientists Reconsidering Worst-Case Scenarios on Climate Change


Cancer-Causing Toxins Lurking in Household Cleaning Products
by Ty Bollinger

*The dirty truth behind “cleaning”


February 2018



Despite Major Public Opposition, EU Reportedly Set to Approve Bayer-Monsanto #MergerFromHell
“A merged Bayer-Monsanto would be relentless in its pursuit of putting corporate profits over the protection of small farms—eventually driving up prices for consumers”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Separation of Church and State Starts With Kicking Billy Graham Out of the Rotunda
Graham, a champion of war, whispered into the ears of presidents and emboldened their villainy
by Pat LaMarche

*Speaking ill of the deadly


What Could a Left Presidency Look Like in Mexico?
by Ryan Mallett-Outtrim


China’s dilemma: Balancing support for militants with struggle against political violence
by James M. Dorsey


Amnesty International – USA
Afghanistan: Civilian Lives Must Be At The Heart Of The Kabul Process


The Real News Network
West Virginia Teachers Strike Redefines Teacher Unionism
Every public school in the state is closed for a fourth day as thousands of teachers demand better pay, pensions, and healthcare. TRNN speaks to Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association, and union activist Lois Weiner


California Dems Reject Sen. Feinstein, Open Path for Progressive Candidate
Long-serving Senator Dianne Feinstein failed to receive the endorsement of the California Democratic Party, signaling a shift in the state’s politics towards a more progressive alternative

*As much as I’m glad to see an avatar of everything godawful about the Democratic Party hopefully handed her walking papers, and as much as I support universal healthcare as a human right, I’d caution placing either de León or Newsom on any pedestal based on their positions on this issue, and I’d damn sure be wary of any “pragmatic” backsliding on their part even in this area.


How Powerful is the NRA?
The NRA’s influence in Washington doesn’t come from spending money directly on elections; it comes from the organization’s ability to mobilize its vast and extremely engaged membership, says Benjamin McKean of Ohio State University


Chicago Media Help Sheriff Exploit Post-Parkland Gun Fears to Expand Pretrial Punishment
by Sarah Lazare


Institute for Public Accuracy
NRA’s “Boondoggle” — CMP: Government-Backed Program Teaches Kids to Shoot Guns at School; Sells Weapons


Democracy Now!
Cruel & Unconstitutional: ACLU Denounces SCOTUS Ruling Approving Indefinite Immigrant Detention

*Still “yearning to breathe free”


Nutrition Action
Veggie secrets! 5 benefits you may not know



NYT Editor Insists the Paper Has No Ideology…Except Being ‘Pro-Capitalism’
“There may be a connection between the NYT editorial page editor saying ‘we are pro-capitalism’ and the NYT having no Sanders backers on staff”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The Times is pro capitalism?!

The Vatican is pro Catholic?!


My Kid Doesn’t Need Permission To Walk Out
He was following the lessons of his history books ― and what I believe is our best American tradition for change
by Jeff Biggers


The Real News Network
Remembering Bea Gaddy, a Champion for the Homeless in Baltimore
Bea Gaddy (1933-2001) fed thousands of Baltimore’s homeless and hungry


Privatizing US Foreign Policy
Billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s offer to pay for moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem represents the privatization of US foreign policy, says Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies


The End of Public Sector Unions?
An impending Supreme Court ruling on public sector union fees could mean spell their end as the last remaining bastion of unionization in the US, says Bill Fletcher, Jr.

*Solidarity is a two way street that much of union “leadership” rarely travels


Democracy Now!
Modern-Day Redlining: Banks Face Probes for Refusing Home Loans for People of Color


Let’s Move Our Money: Penn. Lawmaker Demands Action Against Banks Practicing Racist Redlining



Guns and Liberty
Guns do not protect us from tyranny. They are an instrument of tyranny.
by Chris Hedges

*When I hold you in my arms
And I feel my finger on your trigger
I know nobody can do me no harm

Because happiness is a warm gun


National Nurses United
RNs Warn of Threat to Patient Care as Court Begins To Hear Corporate Attack on Workers, Union Rights


Center for Biological Diversity
New Global Study: Wildlife-Harming Neonicotinoid Pesticides Generally Fail to Increase Crop Yields
Sustainable Pest-control Strategies Are Cheaper, More Effective


Center for Biological Diversity
California Court Ruling Ends Decades of State Pesticide Spraying
Judge Strips State Food Agriculture Agency of Authority to Use Chemicals

*Turning a blue state green


The Real News Network
Militarizing Schools, Criminalizing Students
Since 1999, 10,000 additional police officers have been placed at schools, with no impact on violence. Meanwhile, about one million students have been arrested for acts previously punishable by detention or suspension, and black students are three times more likely to be arrested than their white peers, says policy analyst Samuel Sinyangwe

*Like militarism in every other context, expect this to be an exemplar of “bipartisanship”.


Oxfam Prostitution Scandal in Haiti Deepens Suspicions of Other NGOs
The sexual misconduct scandal involving Oxfam in Haiti further deepens Haitians’ suspicions of NGOs, which have already contributed to the profound neoliberalization of Haitian society, explains Haiti Liberte’s Kim Ives

*”We’re here to help”



IMF’s Structural Adjustment Programs Weaken States They Aim to Strengthen
A new paper from the Political Economy Research Institute discusses how the IMF’s programs undermine the ability of governments in developing countries to properly govern


Why Is the FBI Targeting ‘Black Identity Extremists?’
Eugene Puryear and Eddie Conway say there is no reason the FBI should be focusing on so-called “black identity extremists” when white supremacists commit so many acts of terror

*When it comes to the ironically labeled “Democrats”, how many “progressives” – you know, those “fighting for the soul of the party” – are doing other than paying lip service, if that, to this issue?

I don’t hear an earnest hue and cry from Saint Bernard and company here, do you?


Gun Control will Not Cure a Society that Produces Monstrous Behavior
Historian Gerald Horne and host Paul Jay agree – while strong gun control is necessary, it’s not enough to keep schools and communities safe; we must change the unequal and decaying society that produces so much psychosis

*The “bad seeds” grow in toxic soil, and the poison peddlers profit off its perversion


Former CIA Director Admits to US Foreign Meddling, Laughs About It
The U.S. government has overthrown dozens of governments and rigged numerous foreign elections, and former CIA Director James Woolsey finds this funny

*If it doesn’t reek of hypocrisy

Can you truly claim it to be “one of our sacred values”?


‘The United States Is Driving a Wedge Between the Two Koreas’
CounterSpin interview with Christine Hong about US/Korean history
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
SC Janus Case: Culmination of Prolonged “Attempt to Kill Public-Sector Unions”


Democracy Now!
As Students Demand Gun Control, Arms Manufacturers Continue Targeting “Next Generation of Shooters”

*Teach your children hell


Lee Fang: Billionaire Koch Brothers Have Extracted “Laundry List” of Victories from Trump Admin


Six Months After Harvey, Environmental Justice & Climate Change Absent from Houston’s Recovery Plans


One out of three U.S. adults have prediabetes
Nine out of ten of them don’t know it
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action



Heeding Calls By Gun Control Advocates, National Companies Cut Ties With NRA
The nation’s largest privately-owned bank, a major security software company, and three rental car companies have all ended their relationships with the gun lobby
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Will these leopards’ spots change back if the NRA calls for a boycott?


Drawing lines: A review of Renate Klein’s ‘Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation’
by Robert Jensen


Courage to Resist
Tell the Feds: End Draft Registration


Can South Korea’s Leader End Trump’s North Korea Crisis?
by Gareth Porter


The Real News Network
Employers Steal $15B From Low Wage Workers Each Year
Millions of workers are paid less than the minimum wage, thanks to the erosion of federal labor protection. We talk to David Cooper of the Economic Policy Institute


God and Guns – The Fanatical Faith of the NRA
NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said in a speech to CPAC “There is no greater personal individual freedom than the right to keep and bear arms . . . It’s not bestowed by man, but granted by God”. Historian Gerald Horne and host Paul Jay discuss the origins of the religious fervor underlying the NRA’s defense of gun rights

*Praise the Lord and pass the profitable ammunition


What Netanyahu’s Growing Corruption Scandal Means for the Region
As a top aide agrees to cooperate against Benjamin Netanyahu, Phyllis Bennis warns that the Israeli Prime Minister’s domestic corruption case could lead him to ramp up threats to Iran and other rivals


For 2018, Top Democrats Follow the Big Money
Heading into the 2018 midterms, Democratic leaders are favoring corporate-friendly candidates — even though Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign showed them a different path, Aaron Mate reports

*For honest reporters, “Follow the money” is an article of faith

The same holds true for disingenuous DNCistas


Petition update
Protect Drivers from the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide: Pass Savannah’s Law
Heading to the Governor desk to be signed into law
by John Bettis


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Biowarfare in North Korea Charges: Long-Suppressed Report Finally Accessible


Democracy Now!
Masha Gessen: Did a Russian Troll Farm’s Inflammatory Posts Really Sway the 2016 Election for Trump?

*If this was the work of the Kremlin, it would seem to fall under the category of “psyops”, which the US has been a past master of for decades, and which the Russians clearly are not, at least in this instance, judging by its truly risible implementation.

Given such, why even do it? That question really isn’t answered here, is it?


“The Young Karl Marx”: Raoul Peck on New Film Examining How Marx Developed Critique of Capitalism


Florida Gunman Nikolas Cruz Knew How to Use a Gun, Thanks to the NRA and the U.S. Army

*From lambs to slaughterers



The 9/11 Hijackers Were Iraqis, Right?
Teaching in a time of wars
by Rebecca Gordon

*Those who do not know the past

Are condemned to continue it


The Big Pharma Family that Brought Us the Opioid Crisis
Who will bring to justice the billionaires who have profited so royally from addiction?
by Sam Pizzigati

*A war on drugs waged against the poor

A war of drugs waged against the populace


Conservative Riders Would Unleash More Big Money In Politics
Given the fact that most Americans know that too much money in the political system is disrupting our democracy, it’s no wonder conservative lawmakers are trying to sneak these provisions through
by Rachel Curley


Canadian Company Threatens NAFTA Investor-State Challenge Over Washington State Legislation Against Fish Farms
The Council of Canadians supports a ban on all fish farms
by Brent Patterson


Red Cloud’s Revolution: Oglalla Sioux Freeing Themselves From Fossil Fuel
“People don’t like being on the grid here,” Red Cloud says, “because they’ve been coexisting with the earth – the sun, the wind – for most of their history”
by Saul Elbein


Violence Policy Center
Violence Policy Center Backgrounder: Arm Teachers? The Facts Argue Against It


The New York Immigration Coalition
Coalition, Legal Aid Society Release Groundbreaking New Study on Immigrant Access to Legal Services in NY
Criminal carve out in NYC funding creates serious impediments


The Real News Network
Baltimore’s Metro Shutdown Underscores City’s Transportation Problem (2/2)
In the second part of his interview with Lisa Snowden McCray, Councilman Ryan Dorsey talks about how creating a more bike-friendly and walkable city not only improves public health but also boosts employment and small-business growth

*Putting the common good in the fast lane


Black Queer & Intersectional Columbus
Minimal Sentencing for the #BlackPride4

*Sealing the silo



Billy Graham: An Old Soldier Fades Away
Billy Graham was a preacher man equally intent on saving souls and soliciting financial support for his ministry. His success at the former is not subject to proof and his success at the latter is unrivaled
by Cecil Bothwell

*The fearsome profit for a false prophet


Haiti’s Latest Indignity At The Hands Of Dogooders
Oxfam’s sex scandal
by Mark Schuller

*Who bears “the white man’s burden”?


The Real News Network
Improving Baltimore’s Schools Will Take More Than Just Money
Baltimore’s schools need to be fundamentally transformed, says Lawrence Grandpre of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, and meaningful change requires focusing on the needs of black parents and community members


Safe Streets in America’s ‘Most Dangerous City’
Baltimore is experiencing a slight dip in homicides, thanks in part to Safe Streets, a mediation-based program to end violence. But law-and-order Republicans are pushing back against community-based solutions


Saudi Arabia’s Unholy Alliance with Israel
Scholar As’ad AbuKhalil says Saudi Arabia is a strategic partner of the U.S. and Israel, promoting Zionism though its powerful media while increasing its hostility to Iran


Can Trump’s Neocons Exploit Russiagate? (2/2)
However much Russiagate may annoy Trump personally, administration officials like H.R. McMaster are seizing on it to advance a militarist agenda at home and abroad. Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss

*Lovable spooks and loathsome spooking


Institute for Public Accuracy
Real Black Panthers — Not the Disney Movie — Were Actually Targeted by the CIA

*Paint it black

And let the whitewash flow


Painting an Israeli Attack on Syria as Israeli ‘Retaliation’
by Gregory Shupak


Democracy Now!
“Orgies While People Are Dying”: How Charity Oxfam Allowed Sex Abuse in Ailing Countries Like Haiti


Edwidge Danticat: I Hope Oxfam Sex Scandal in Haiti Is a #MeToo Moment for Aid Organizations

*Would it be cynical to say that many of those in positions of power expressing outrage and demanding “accountability” over this horror knew it was happening, or knew enough to investigate it? Grandstanding now doesn’t absolve them of responsibility for not acting then.

And yes, Oxfam and every other guilty organization should be defunded and stripped of their assets, and a good faith effort made to place those funds in the hands of those in country with a proven record of integrity, with the overarching aim of developing community based programs accountable to the people in need of services.


Inside the U.S. Military Recruitment Program That Trained Nikolas Cruz to Be “A Very Good Shot”

*Imprinting the impressionable



Research Exposes $16 Billion Bottled Water Industry’s Predatory Marketing Practices
The industry spends billions of dollars per year convincing Americans that bottled water is safer than tap—even though more than two-thirds of the product comes from municipal water sources
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Alaska’s Bering Sea Lost a Third of Its Ice in Just 8 Days
by Sabrina Shankman
Inside Climate News


Canada Needs A Progressive National Food Policy
Reinstate the prison farm system and support family farmers.
by Lois Ross


Day and Night in Kabul
by Ken Hannaford Ricardi


Valentine’s Day pinpoints limits of Saudi prince’s Islamic reform effort
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
Is Russia a Threat?
Alleged election-meddling aside, there is a great deal of exaggeration of Russia’s power and its threat to the U.S., says author and scholar Vijay Prashad

*Not a whole lotta boogie in the boogey man


Why is a Russian Troll Farm Being Compared to 9/11?
Robert Mueller’s charges against 13 Russians and their troll farm for “information warfare” against the U.S. has prompted comparisons to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Max Blumenthal breaks down the indictment and the overblown reaction

*Anyone afeared of “The Red” … um, sorry … “The Russian Menace” should take comfort in the fact that they’re about as skilful at subterfuge as Elmer Fudd, if one accepts the nefarious narrative on offer from The Intelligence Community ™.


Baltimore’s Metro Shutdown Underscores City’s Transportation Problem (1/2)
In a high-crime city like Baltimore, transportation is often overlooked, but Councilman Ryan Dorsey says creating more equitable and accessible transit throughout Baltimore would have a huge impact on the city, particularly in neighborhoods that have been historically disenfranchised or “redlined”

*Fine piece on issues rarely discussed


Institute for Public Accuracy
Shooter Cruz, JROTC and the NRA

*I’m not holding my breath for “progressive” reps in Congress to do diddley about this, are you?



NYPD Case Calls Attention to ‘Consent Defense’ That Can Be Used by Officers Accused of Rape in 35 States
“It should be clear across the state for officers from every department, that when someone is in custody they do not have the ability to consent to sexual activity”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Where Does #MeToo Start?
Teaching methods frequently cast boys as active or dominant, and girls as passive or submissive — stereotypes that normalize the power dynamics that lead to abuse and harassment
by Galen Sherwin


China’s step into the maelstrom of the Middle East
The Middle East has a knack for sucking external powers into its conflicts. China’s ventures into the region have shown how difficult it is to maintain its principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states.
by James M Dorsey


The Real News Network
President Ramaphosa: From Militant Revolutionary to Corporate Magnate
The ANC’s revolutionary leadership became low level allies of international capital and of all forms of exploitation of the working peoples of Southern Africa, says scholar Horace G. Campbell

*If any nation’s ordeal is an object lesson in placing personality before principle, it is South Africa.

Most “progressives” in the US, of all races, preferred the fairy tale of The Great Mandela leading “his people” to freedom over the reality of his and the ANC’s betrayal of them, and any concern over the current situation is somehow separated from that, as if the former was not the precipitant of the latter.

New or old, “boss” is a four letter word.


A New ‘Cancer Alley’ for Appalachia
The Trump administration, the Chinese government, and major petrochemical companies are moving forward with a new multi-billion dollar petrochemical hub in Appalachia, which would become one of the largest in the US. The project raises concerns about the environmental and health impact and suffers from serious conflict of interest problems. Steve Horn reports


Colombian Peace Agreement with FARC on the Brink of Collapse
The peace agreement that the government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia signed last year is on the verge of collapse because violence against social leaders and against former FARC fighters continues unabated. We talk to Empire Files’ Mike Prysner who was in Colombia recently


Philippine War on Drugs a Cover for President Duterte’s Fascism?
President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is waging an all-out war on drugs and drug addicts, with as many as 12,000 killed since it started in mid 2016. With backing from the Trump administration, Duterte is also using this war to crack down on leftist rebels and other critics


Israeli Strikes in Egypt Kept Secret for Years
Over a hundred bombings and invasions did not weaken ISIS in Sinai


Do Russiagate Skeptics Go Too Far?
As top intelligence officials warn of Russian meddling in the upcoming mid-terms, John Feffer of Lobelog and Foreign Policy in Focus joins TRNN’s Aaron Mate to discuss Feffer’s new article arguing that some progressive critics are going too far in dismissing the Russiagate narrative

*The Russian gummint, like most all others, will be opportunistic in attempting to weaken its rivals. To extrapolate from that some grand scheme to disrupt US politics, given the funds and the personnel supposedly dedicated to such, just doesn’t compute in my calculations.

I don’t dismiss some of Feffer’s points, but I think he takes some thin gruel to posit a full meal deal of Russian subversion.

The overarching takeaway is to keep all this in perspective – to understand who benefits from this Russia to judgment, and to be mindful of the stakes extant in yielding to this hysteria.

That said, it was refreshing to see both Maté and Feffer assert their arguments without rancor and disrespectful dismissiveness. You can never have too many “adults in the room”

Or the studio.


The Return of Berlusconi: Can A Fractured Left Defeat Him?
Uncertainty reigns as Italy gears up for an election on March 4, with most observers saying it will end with a hung parliament. University of Bologna Professor Raffaele Laudani discusses the election’s unpredictability, the weakening of the left, and Silvio Berlusconi’s political comeback


Guns, Toxic Masculinity, and the Alt-Right
The FBI has confirmed it failed to act on a tip about Nikolas Cruz, the confessed shooter in the Florida high school massacre. Author David Neiwert says the shooting underscores the dangerous combination of toxic masculinity, guns, and radicalized scapegoating


WSJ’s Epic Distortion of Colombian and Venezuelan Refugees
by Joe Emersberger


Institute for Public Accuracy
“13 Russian” Indictment

*If those rascally Russkies did do anything, we don’t got diddley to fear from them, as their supposed “subversion” has all the sophistication of a porno script, don’t it just?


Democracy Now!
Five Months After Maria, San Juan Mayor Decries “Disaster Capitalism” & Privatization in Puerto Rico

*Starving the prey to feed the predators


San Juan Mayor Calls for End to Puerto Rico’s Colonial Status Amid Slow Hurricane Maria Recovery


The Safest Estrogen Foods for Reducing Breast Cancer Risk (video)
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Why small amounts of weight gain shouldn’t go unchecked
Even an extra 5 to 20 pounds over time matters
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



Warnings Mount That Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Will Make It Harder to Fight Pipelines
The president’s proposal “could be a significant blow to the slew of protesters who spent years agitating against the Keystone XL pipeline and more recently the Dakota Access one”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


In Win for Reproductive Rights, New Jersey Votes to Reverse Christie’s Planned Parenthood Cuts
“Everyone deserves the freedom and opportunity to control their lives at the most basic level, including access to birth control, quality sex education, and safe, legal abortion”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


We Are Drowning In Plastic, and Fracking Companies Are Profiting
Plastic production wreaks havoc on people and the planet—from fracking wells and pipelines in Pennsylvania, to air pollution from plastic plants in Scotland
by Wenonah Hauter


Amnesty International – USA
As USS Cole Trial Shuts Down, Amnesty Calls to End All Military Commissions

*Court of lost resort


Violence Policy Center
Backgrounder on Smith & Wesson M&P15 Assault Rifle Used in Mass Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida

*Making a killing making killing easier


The Real News Network
The Free Market Threat to Democracy
Democratic institutions are not under stress–they’re under aggressive attack, as unconstrained financial greed overrides democratic decisions, says economist John Weeks

*Useful analysis provided by Weeks, but again, as with the segment with Ackerman on Mexico, I see a problem with presenting promoters of “progressive icons” such as Obrador, Sanders, Corbyn or (somebody’s god help me) Warren, and the deafening silence of the absence of anyone critiquing their contradictions.

The question is whether we want to be holistically informed on policies and personas, or simply pull them off the shelf, and proceed to cheerlead for those we pick.

I think history shows the latter to be a path leading to deep disappointment for those of us who see a dignified life for every person on this planet as the prime directive.


Media Embrace New ‘Reform’ Group as Bulwark Against Guaranteed Healthcare
by Justin Anderson

*The “Third Way” is always a detour to a dead end


Democracy Now!
White Supremacy, Patriarchy and Guns: FL Shooter Had Record of Death Threats, Violence Against Women

*White flight from scrutiny



Emotional Student Victims Lash Out at ‘Piece of Shit’ Trump in Wake of Latest School Massacre
“We did everything that we were supposed to do…Our government, our country has failed us and failed our kids and didn’t keep us safe”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Shame’: 12 Democrats Join With House GOP to Attack Americans With Disabilities Act
“I want us to remember there’s a distinct set of people who made this happen. Lobbyists for shopping malls and hotels and their money. Plus, of course, the reps who wanted that money.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


#FreeDennis: 300+ Students Stage Walkout After Texas Teen Detained by ICE
“Today it could be Dennis, tomorrow it could be us,” said one of the student organizers
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Wars No One Notices
Talking to a demobilized country
by Stephanie Savell

*What if they gave a war

And nobody noticed?


Net Neutrality Politics Is Local
“All politics is local,” the late House Speaker Tip O’Neill famously said
by Timothy Karr


The Real News Network
Florida Shooter Trained with Neo-Nazi Militia and Wore MAGA Hats, Fascist Group’s Leader Claims
The leader of the white supremacist fascist militia Republic of Florida said Nikolas Cruz, the suspected shooter who gunned down students at a Florida high school, was a member of his fascist organization
by Ben Norton


Climate Change Costs Insurance Companies Billions, And Price is Rising
Insurance claims due to climate change-related disasters reached a record $135 billion in 2017. That should be a big wake-up call to the insurance industry, says Carbon Tracker CEO Anthony Hobley


Netanyahu Could Fall for Corruption, Not War Crimes
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political future is in jeopardy, but his most serious crimes have nothing to do with the corruption charges that he may face, says Shir Hever


Zuma’s Catastrophic Presidency Ends in Forced Resignation
South African President Jacob Zuma resigned under intense pressure from his political party, the ANC, which ordered him to step down or face a no-confidence vote. Zuma has had a disastrous effect on South Africa’s nascent democracy, but a surging counter movement gives reason for hope, says Vishwas Satgar of Wits University


Max Blumenthal in Gaza: Netanyahu Faces Scandal, Palestinians a Crisis
Reporting from the Gaza Strip, journalist and best-selling author Max Blumenthal says Netanyahu’s domestic corruption case has not even registered with a besieged Palestinian population under Israeli blockade


Petition update
Good news: no news of a 2018 contest in Marshall, MN
by Scott Slocum


Institute for Public Accuracy
A Disarming History of the Second Amendment


Are Mass Shootings in U.S. Blowback from its Perpetual Wars?


Democracy Now!
Republican Lawmakers Refuse to Adopt Gun Control Despite 200 School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

*The right to remain violent


Kept Out: Banks Across U.S. Caught Systematically Rejecting People of Color for Home Loans



Corbyn’s Labour Party Unveils Plan to Make UK ‘World Leader on Animal Welfare’
“No animal should be treated cruelly or made to suffer unnecessary pain”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


As More Americans Rely on Charity to Pay Medical Bills, Local Seattle News Station Buys and Forgives $1 Million of Debt
KIRO-TV worked with a New York-based charity to buy the medical debt of 1,000 Seattle-area residents
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Scientists: Window for avoiding 1.5C global warming ‘closed’
World is almost certain to breach danger threshold for millions of vulnerable people, study finds
by Megan Darby
Climate Change News


11 takeaways from the draft UN report on a 1.5C global warming limit
UN draft report says missing 1.5C warming target will multiply hunger, migration and conflict, but staying under will require unprecedented global cooperation
by Megan Darby
Climate Home News

*There’s no time like the present

Because there may be no time like the future


What Is the Price of Love?
Rich people are “less likely than poorer people to exhibit flexibility, empathy, and all the other traits” that lead to healthy, long-term relationships
by Sam Pizzigati

*Love Me (Legal) Tender


Yes, Replacing Food Stamps With a Blue Apron-Style Delivery System Is As Bad As It Sounds
The president sees his own wealth as the chief validator of his societal worth, and believes it makes him perfectly qualified to make choices about how low-income people live their lives
by Mara Pellittieri

*A feeding frenzy of sociopathy


Amnesty International – USA
Hungary: New Law Poses Existential Threat To NGOs


The Real News Network
Leftist Hopeful’s Lead Signals Upheaval for Mexico
Leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador enjoys a double-digit lead in Mexico’s presidential race despite an active smear campaign against him. A tactical alliance between divided leftist groups might still be possible, says John Ackerman

*I’d have like to have seen some substantial discussion of the Zapatista critique of Obrador, but I suppose that would be asking too much from one of his boosters.

I’m always leery of glowing endorsements of “progressive icons”, and I think an empirical assessment of same gives me good reason.

Always place your principles before pleasing personalities.


Abolish the statute of limitations on sex crimes in Washington State
by Christina-Marie Wright

*The pain remains

So should the chance for justice


US Media Turn to ‘Superhero’ Pence to Combat Korean Olympic Peace Threat
by Adam Johnson

*I don’t how one paints Moon as “left-wing”, other than in comparison to his predecessor, but I do know how the corpress colors Pence in comic book red, white and blue righteousness.

Larry Nassar would be accorded the same accolades as an agent for “The Indispensable Empire” ™, wouldn’t he just?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Feb. 15 at 15: Iraq Invasion Opposition and the “Second Super Power”

*The feckless and the fearsome


Democracy Now!
V-Day: Global Movement to Stop Violence Against Women and Girls Marks 20th Anniversary



‘A Big Scare Tactic’: ExxonMobil Files ‘Conspiracy’ Counter Suits Against Climate Defenders
Critics charge that by “positioning itself as a victim rather than a perpetrator,” the company is aiming to “reframe the debate, use it as a diversionary tactic, and scare the heck out of everybody”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


The U.S. Is Permanently Occupying Northern Syria, and That’s Trouble
How did the United States get tangled up in another Mideast quagmire?
by Reese Erlich


The U.S. Returns to ‘Great Power Competition,’ With a Dangerous New Edge
The U.S. has taken aim at China and Russia for at least the last four administrations. Now, higher ups on all sides are warning of heightened tensions and war.
by Conn Hallinan


Surrendering a Brussels mosque: A Saudi break with ultra-conservatism?
by James M. Dorsey


Chinese extradition request puts crackdown on Uyghurs in the spotlight
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
Democracy in Crisis: The FBI and Dirty Cops
The Memo hysteria and a Baltimore corruption trial highlight the state of law enforcement in 2018
by Baynard Woods


FBI Ignores Violent Neo-Nazi Hate Group, While Surveilling Antifascists and Black Activists
The Federal Bureau of Investigation says it has no records on one of the most notorious neo-Nazi hate groups in the United States. At the same time, the FBI has acknowledged that it is actively “investigating” antifascists and surveilling Black activists.
by Ben Norton


Two Cops Found Guilty In Massive Police Corruption Scandal
Former Baltimore Police Commander Neill Franklin says the corruption exposed by the federal Gun Trace Task Force trial is an unavoidable consequence of America’s failed ‘War on Drugs’


Confronting Trudeau on Climate Lies and Kinder Morgan Pipeline
TRNN speaks with Clayton Thomas-Muller, an indigenous and environmental activist who challenged Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pro-pipeline rhetoric during the PM’s cross-country town hall tour


Merkel’s Grand Coalition Could Strengthen Germany’s Far Right
Germany’s Social Democratic Party and the Christian Democratic Union reached an agreement to renew their coalition, but the agreement comes at a steep cost for both parties, as the far-right AfD party continues to grow in popularity


Koreas Talk Peace, But Does Trump Want War?
The thaw between North and South Korea at the Olympic Games culminated in an invitation to Moon Jae-in to visit Pyongyang. But the Trump administration’s militarism in the region could stand in the way, says professor Christine Hong

*On the subject of human rights, no one can argue that there’s far more than a mote in North Korea’s eye

But can a nation with its own massive ocular beam act other than as an utter hypocrite to point to it?


Trump Privatizes America
Trump’s infrastructure privatization plan is a hat trick that optimistically turns $200 billion into $1.5 trillion, is designed to eliminate the public sector and to bankrupt cities and states, says economist Michael Hudson

*The roads to their riches

And our ruination


Institute for Public Accuracy
Israel’s Attempts to Destabilize Syria


‘There’s an Alternative to the Top-Down Capitalist Corporation’
CounterSpin interview with Richard Wolff on questioning economic fundamentals
by Janine Jackson

*”Boss” is a four letter word


Democracy Now!
As Deadly Flu Sweeps Country, Koch-Backed Group Fights Paid Sick Leave Policies Nationwide



Woman Dragged Out of West Virginia House Hearing For Listing Oil and Gas Contributions to Members
“The people who are going to be speaking in favor of this bill are all going to be paid by the industry”
by Russell Mokhiber


Disguising Imperialism: How Textbooks Get the Cold War Wrong and Dupe Students
As long as the drive for profits remains paramount to U.S. foreign policy, imperialism will be central to the very existence of the United States
by Ursula Wolfe-Rocca

*A display of historical artifice


The Deadly Rule of the Oligarchs
Once oligarchs take power, rational, prudent and thoughtful responses to social, economic and political problems are ignored to feed insatiable greed
by Chris Hedges

*Our choice is to live on our feet

Or die on our knees


Yes, Deniers, Millions of Americans are Among the Poorest People in the World
It’s hard for people with wealth and power to admit all this. Because then they might feel obligated to do something about it.
by Paul Buchheit

*Where does this country’s poverty of conscience rank?


Trump Wants to Sell Our Water to Wall Street
Trump’s infrastructure scam is dangerous for our communities, workers, and the environment. Here’s a 5 point breakdown.
by Mary Grant

*The Artifice of the Steal


The Real News Network
‘Normalizing’ Britain’s Interest Rates by Raising Them May Slow Economy
The Bank of England announced plans to raise interest rates to combat inflation, but the actual effect will be to slow its economy and raise unemployment in light of a phantom threat, explains economist Mark Weisbrot


Guilty Verdict in Gun Trace Task Force Corruption Trial
Gun Trace Task Force members Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor have been found guilty on a number of charges tied to racketeering, conspiracy, and fraud
by Brandon Soderberg and Baynard Woods


Unregulated Financial Markets Created a Stock Bubble
The current average price-to-earnings ratio of stocks is still far above the historic average, so we should not be surprised that there is a stock bubble and that it burst, explains PERI economist Robert Pollin

*The speciousness of speculation


Is the Oil Industry Canada’s ‘Deep State’?
Justin Trudeau and Canada’s political elite are fighting for the tar sands and oil industry’s interests, even if it means Canada misses all of its climate targets. We speak to experts such as Kevin Taft, ex-Liberal Party politician and author of ‘Oil’s Deep State’


Venezuelan Opposition Undecided Over Whether and Who to Run in Presidential Race
Following several months of negotiations between Venezuelan government and opposition representatives, the opposition refuses to sign the agreement, despite pressure from Spain’s ex-Prime Minister. Venezuela’s Charge D’Affairs in DC explains the panorama from the government’s perspective


Corporate Looting: Sub-Saharan Africa Loses $100B A Year
A recently released World Bank report shows that the wealth of sub-Saharan Africa has been steadily declining over the past several decades, as transnational corporations extract mineral wealth without adequately compensating the region, says economist Patrick Bond


Federal Government Abdicates Responsibility for Investigating Massive Equifax Data Theft
The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau had initiated an investigation into the theft of data of 143 million US citizens, but now the CFPB abandoned the investigation under Trump’s budget director Mulvaney. Bill Black explains the consequences


Slum Clearance: Relocating Public Housing Residents Without Notice
Many residents of the Gilmor Homes housing project say they did not receive notice from Baltimore officials about the city’s plan to demolish six buildings and put 40 percent of the property in private hands


Syrian War Spirals in Trump’s Dangerous New Phase
As top US officials speak openly of targeting Iran and Assad now that ISIS is defeated, reporter Ben Norton and Syrian analyst Ehsani discuss the escalating Syrian war on multiple fronts

*Skin in the game

And the blood dripping from it


Under its New Leader Jagmeet Singh, Will Canada’s NDP Finally Call for Sanctions on Israel?
Activists Genivieve Nevin and Yazan Khader say there is strong grassroots support in the NDP for a ban on settlement products

*Who’s willing to pay the toll on the road from words to action?


Tillerson Tries and Fails to Rally Latin American Support for Sanctions Against Venezuela
The US Secretary of State recently completed a tour of Latin American countries where he unsuccessfully tried to rally support for regional sanctions against Venezuela. However, as Venezuela’s Charge D’Affairs in DC explains, US unilateral financial sanctions against Venezuela are causing significant problems for the country

*You don’t have to believe Venezuela is a socialist heaven to see that the US is intent on making it a neoliberal hell.


Pugh Blames Press for Baltimore’s ‘Perception Problem’
At an event at the Parkway Theater, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh defended her administration and attacked the media
by Dharna Noor


DSA-Endorsed Judge’s Bail Reforms Prompt Media Attack
by Adam Johnson

*Law en[d]orcement


Vox’s US Government-Linked Experts Present Options for Korea: Sanctions or War
by Ben Norton

*Vox propagare


Democracy Now!
Judges Across U.S. Are Halting Trump’s Mass Deportations & Ruling Immigrants Have Due Process Rights


The opioid-scam epidemic
Can supplements marketed for opioid withdrawal speed detox? Here’s what our investigation found and how the FDA and the FTC have responded to it
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Do Doctors Profit from Chemotherapy?
by Mike Adams



Here Are the Democrats, 36 Senators and 73 in the House, Who Voted Just Against Dreamers
Democrats have vowed repeatedly to protect immigrant families, but they just gave away the only leverage they had. And, yes, they have names.
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Democratic integrity?

Dream on


Trying to Deliver “Failing” Grade to Betsy Devos, Teachers Locked Out of Education Dept
“People are universally appalled, universally aghast by a year of failures”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Class – in every sense – dismissed


South Africa’s Shack Dwellers See Politics Very Differently Than the Average Westerner
by Vijay Prashad

*The struggle continues

Against many who claim its mantle


Sierra Club
Senate Of Virginia Allows Dominion To Regulate Itself While Ratepayers Foot The Bill


Earthrights International
Peruvian Subsistence Farmer Asks Court to Continue Case Against U.S. Company in Delaware


The Real News Network
US Ambassador Confirms Billions On Regime Change in Syria, Debunking ‘Obama Did Nothing’
The United States spent at least $12 billion in Syria-related military and civilian expenses in the four years from 2014 through 2017, according to the former U.S. ambassador to the country
by Ben Norton

*A Nobel for “nothing”


BDS Activists and Canada’s Communist Party Sue the City of Montreal for Civil Rights Violations
Claims that the City of Montreal illegally confiscated 2015 electoral posters featuring a dead Palestinian child go to trial in Quebec Superior Court


Neoliberalism and the Rise of the Net Social Wage
A new paper from PERI finds that there is a sizable deviation in net social wage data in the 21st century. The study’s author, Katherine A. Moos, examines possible causes, such as healthcare inflation and unemployment, and aims to explain why neoliberal governments would tolerate a growing discrepancy between labor benefits and taxation


American Kidney Fund
Support legislation to keep dialysis patients insured
Tell Congress to pass H. R. 3976


Institute for Public Accuracy
Does Trump Decide on War?


Democracy Now!
Scores of Democratic Lawmakers Join GOP to Back Budget Bill with No Protection for DREAMers


Olympics Begin with Unified Korean Team Marching Together as Trump Continues to Threaten N. Korea



50+ Groups Back Landmark Effort to Halt ‘Out of Control’ Factory Farming in Iowa
“Iowa is suffering under the enormous weight of a business that has no respect for the people, environment, animals and future of the state”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Drug Wars, Missing Money, and a Phantom $500 Million
Pentagon watchdog calls out two commands for financial malfeasance
by Nick Turse

*Where failure is an option in service to the “success” of the grander strategy


Puerto Rico Braces for Wave of School Privatization
“The education privatization playbook uses politics to open the door for more privately controlled schools that are funded by tax dollars but are not democratically controlled”
by Jeff Bryant


Public tears


Kindergarteners In Hebron Protest Israel’s Detention Of 350 Children
They asked the international community to protect them and for international law to be upheld
by Badee Dwaik


Oil Change International
House Poised to Vote for Big Oil Subsidy in Budget Deal

*Greasing the sleaze


The Real News Network
Exxon Tells Investors Not to Worry About Climate Change, But Should They?
Exxon released a climate impact analysis that says global policies to combat climate change pose “little risk” to its investments. But the attitude of investors toward climate risk is rapidly changing as fossil fuels lose their monopoly over energy generation, says Carbon Tracker CEO Anthony Hobley

*With responsibility for untold deaths and illnesses, do we really want fossil fuel corps to “get it right”

Or get the hell out?

And here’s a different take on REDD’s “very robust regulatory regime”, which Lascaris might have mentioned



What’s Preventing California Democrats From Passing Medicare For All?
California Democratic Party leaders are rallying behind an incumbent state senator who opposes Medicare for All and has ties to the medical industry
by Michael Sainato


Students Push City Council To Consider Banning Styrofoam
Pushed by student activists, Baltimore City Council President and others voice their support for banning polystyrene foam food containers in the city


Corporate Media Hires CIA, Pentagon Officials as Talking Heads – Who Push for More War
CNN, MSNBC, and more corporate news networks hire former top U.S. government officials as analysts, who call for a more belligerent foreign policy, Ben Norton reports

*Why quote ’em

When you can hire ’em?


The Rise and Fall of the Stock Market: What to Expect
Economist Dean Baker says that after such a sharp run-up in stock prices, “it really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that you’re going to see some downturn in the market”


CEOs Get Paid a Lot? NYT Says ‘Well, Actually…’ to This ‘True but Misleading’ Fact
by Adam Johnson

*Truth or inconsequences



Trump’s Paid Family Leave Plan Would Punish Those Who Choose To Have Kids
If you’re not particularly well-to-do and you want a family, in other words, you’ll need to be prepared to pay for it in your old age: your family, your choice, your problem
by Elizabeth Bruenig

*Newspeaking of “family values”


The Real News Network
Seneca Nation Fights Fracking Wastewater Disposal Plan
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is reviewing a proposal to dump 42,000 gallons a day of treated fracking wastewater upstream from Seneca Nation territory
by Michael Sainato


How the Gun Trace Task Force’s Overtime Abuse Prevented Policing
As closing arguments begin tomorrow in Baltimore Police corruption trial, the extent of the dirty cops’ time off — including months without working — and their connections to crimes become clearer
by Brandon Soderberg and Baynard Woods


Institute for Public Accuracy
Thousands Decry MSNBC Ignoring U.S.-Backed Carnage in Yemen While Obsessing Over Russia

*A liberal dose of corpress callousness


Democracy Now!
NYC Taxi Driver Kills Himself at City Hall after Condemning Uber & Politicians for Financial Ruin

*Dems pave the roads to ruin


Bresha Meadows, Teenage Girl Who Killed Her Abusive Father, Finally Freed After 10 Months in Jail



Exxon Reports on Climate Risk and Sees Almost None
The oil giant tells investors that even if Paris climate goals are met, it could still produce all the oil in its existing fields and keep investing in new reserves
by John H. Cushman Jr.

*Faux future perfect


The Real News Network
Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Pushes Trump’s Education Agenda
Students face displacement as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel falls in line with President Trump’s and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ push for privatization
by Michael Sainato

*Burying our children’s futures under “common ground”


Baltimore Public Housing Resident Suffers Concussion from Falling Ceiling
The Real News continues to document the deteriorating conditions in subsidized housing as a woman who told her story of sex abuse continues to endure dangerous living conditions


Deputy Commissioner Named in Corruption Case in 2009 Killing, Resigns
Former Detective Momodu Gondo testified that colleague Jemell Rayam “murdered” a man in 2009 and Deputy Commissioner Dean Palmere helped coach cover-up
by Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg


Israel Pays a Bounty of $5,000 and Arms for Each African Asylum Seeker Expelled
Israel was the main driver behind the 1951 UN Convention on the Rights of Refugees, but after signing it, it has never respected the rights of refugees. In fact, it has created one of the biggest refugee crisis the world has seen, says journalist and filmmaker Lia Tarachansky


Far From Hurting Putin, US ‘Oligarch’ List Could Help
The Trump administration has admitted a new report about Russian oligarchs is based on a Forbes list. Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus at New York University and Princeton University, says the report could ultimately help Putin force wealthy Russians to bring their overseas money back home. Cohen also discusses Russia’s upcoming election


Kansas Teacher Scores Big Win for Israel Boycott, and Free Speech
A federal judge has ruled that Esther Koontz’s constitutional rights were violated when she was denied a Kansas teaching job over her refusal to renounce the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) against Israel


Afrikan Black Coalition Conference 2018 Highlights
Collective Blackness and Intersectional Action Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with ABC organizer Star Bacon about black student organizing in higher education


Institute for Public Accuracy
Another Great Crash?


‘Violence’ Becomes ‘Unruliness’ When It’s Sports Fans, Not BLM Protesters, Breaking Rules
by Eoin Higgins

*The difference between cris de cœur

And circus droppings


Media’s State of the Union: Normalizing Lies and Hoping for Compromise
by Justin Anderson

*The teleprompt flutters
 The power surge brings
 An easy speed message
 Falls into routine
                           — “Until the Day Is Done”, R.E.M.


Democracy Now!
When Deportation is a Death Sentence: The Fatal Consequences of U.S. Immigration Policy


A More Beautiful & Terrible History: The Whitewashing & Distortion of Rosa Parks and MLK’s Legacies

*Pedestals of perversion



Fly Kites Not Drones 2018
by Maya Evans


A 14-Year-Old Girl Forced Into the Gaza Cage
Another routine mishap for Israel’s occupation
by Jonathan Cook


Ecuador After the “Consulta Popular”: Left, Right, or Neither?
by Gregory Wilpert and Alberto Acosta


One Person’s Terrorist? Reflections on Zohra Drif’s Memoir of the Algerian Revolution
by Bill Fletcher Jr.

*It may seem simplistic, but for me the heart of the matter is how we struggle against the denial of our humanity, without diminishing it by doing so.


Focus on Zambia, Where Hunger Exists Besides Copper Wealth
by Vijay Prashad


The Real News Network
Max Blumenthal and Ex-FBI Agent Coleen Rowley on the Nunes Memo
The just-released Nunes memo alleges surveillance abuses by the FBI and Justice Department in their handling of the Trump-Russia probe. Former FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley and award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal weigh in


Poland’s New Holocaust Denial Law Erases History
A new law passed in Poland criminalizes references to Polish complicity in the holocaust and is designed to shore up the rightwing Polish government’s nationalist credentials. Carol Schaeffer discusses the law’s background


Special Report: The Never-Ending Coup in Honduras (2/2)
The Inauguration of an Unelected President


Black Lives Matter Holds National Week of Action At Schools
Public school teachers Jesse Hagopian of Seattle and Cristina Duncan Evans of Baltimore discuss the Feb. 5-10 week of action aimed at bringing social justice into classrooms across the country


Dueling Proposals to Ensure Casino Money Goes to Classrooms
The Real News examines the debate around Baltimore school funding and looks at two bills that would put casino revenue into a ‘lock box’ for education


Max Blumenthal: US is Arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine
Max Blumenthal reports that the US has provided military assistance to the Azov Battalion, known as a bastion of neo-Nazism within the Ukrainian armed forces. He also discusses US and Israeli ties to the far-right government in Poland, where neo-Nazism is on the rise

*Might the prospect of the rise of neo Nazism in Eastern Europe leading to an increase in emigration of Jews to Israel play a role in the Israeli government’s strategy here?


Undoing the New Deal – The Age of Lunacy (Part 8)
Historian Peter Kuznick says Eisenhower called for decreased militarization, then Dulles reversed the policy; the Soviets tried to end the cold war after the death of Stalin; crazy schemes involving nuclear weapons and the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba put the world of the eve of destruction – with host Paul Jay

*Which is to say that Killer Clown is only a variant of style

Not sociopathy


Trump Preemptively Dismisses Upcoming Venezuelan Presidential Vote
In an effort to discredit Venezuela’s upcoming presidential election, the Trump administration is rallying conservative governments in Latin America to discredit the vote and isolate Venezuela. If the opposition enters the race divided and if new economic measures work, President Maduro could still win, explains Lucas Koerner


Lawyers Claim State’s Attorney’s Office “Encouraged” Gun Trace Task Force Crimes
Flanked by victims of “police gang,” Ivan Bates and other defense attorneys slam Marilyn Mosby’s office in his bid for top prosecutor post

*Recall Mosby’s “progressive” rhetoric, and solder it into our tiny little minds that to take a public official at their word is akin to yanking out our molars in anticipation of the tooth fairy.


Domestic Violence Victims shouldn’t have to wait a year and day to divorce their abuser
by Sarah Robinson


Western Media Hail Ecuador’s Cynical President Moreno
by Joe Emersberger

*A man after their own void of heart


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Nuclear Stance Toward Russia Increasing Existential Threats

*No gridlock on the door to doomsday


“Massive Victory”: Britain Stops Extradition to U.S. of Activist Lauri Love


Democracy Now!
Johann Hari: To Treat Depression, Provide Meaningful Work, Housing & a Basic Income, Not Just Drugs

*I don’t mean to rag on Hari, as I think he’s made many imperative points here, but if we confront depression by collectively confronting repression, why he seemingly sought Madame Mayhem’s endorsement of his work is a textbook case of cognitive dissonance, don’t you think?


As Paul Ryan Touts a Secretary’s $1.50 Weekly Pay Hike, Koch Bros. Reap $1.4B from GOP Tax Plan


New guidelines mean you might have high blood pressure
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action



‘Crisis No One Is Talking About’: GOP Threatens Healthcare of 26 Million People
Sens. Sanders and Baldwin demand urgent action as thousands of community health centers face uncertain future without federal funds
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Spying on the Wrong People: The Hypocrisy of the Nunes Memo & FISA
Who voted for warrantless surveillance of Americans? Devin Nunes and his whole committee. (And, of course, plenty of Democrats)
by Juan Cole


Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss
Why should we subsidize the failed business model of health insurers?
by Michael Lighty


Keep Border Spy Tech Out of Dreamer Protection Bills
The bill would empower DHS to decide which countries are “high-risk,” based on “any” criteria it deems “appropriate”
by Adam Schwartz


Retribution and Revenge in the Wisconsin John Doe
by Mary Bottari


The Real News Network
How the Gun Trace Task Force Fueled Violence and Overtime During Baltimore Uprising
Testimony reveals that GTTF members conspired to sell drugs stolen from pharmacies during unrest
by Baynard Woods


World Beyond War
Allow Parents the Option to Protect Kids from Military Recruiters in High Schools


Institute for Public Accuracy
Amazon: Profits at What Price?

*Low prices often come at a high cost


Media Consensus: Dreamers Weren’t Worth a Shutdown
by Joshua Cho

*On matters of conscience, the corpress will always counsel its compromise


Newsweek and USA Today Need Standards for Opinion Writers
by Stacy Malkan

*Perhaps it’s not “ignoring”

But “enabling”?


Democracy Now!
“They Repress Us Because We’re Poor”: Immigrant Rights Activist Speaks from Sanctuary in Colorado



With Latest Dystopian Step, Amazon Sparks Worries With Patent on Worker-Tracking Wristband
Patent designs detail how wristbands would vibrate if wearer moves hand “incorrectly” when completing warehouse work
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Effizienz Über Alles


Food & Water Watch
Murphy Supports Fracking Ban in DRBC; Now New Jersey and Others Must Enact Legislation to Move Off Fossil Fuels


The Real News Network
Trump’s Law-and-Order Policies Gain Ground in Blue States
Even with community opposition in blue states like Maryland, racially tinged rhetoric and fear mongering are being used to roll back criminal justice reform


A Booming Stock Market Does Not Mean a Strong US Economy
During his State of the Union speech, Trump touted the recent stock market boom as proof of how well the U.S. is doing. However, as economist Bill Black explains, the boom has nothing to do with new investment


How Did Trump Win? Follow the Dark Money
A major new study says a last-minute infusion of “dark money,” coupled with declining unionization rates, were among the key factors that handed Donald Trump the biggest upset in US political history. We speak to co-author Thomas Ferguson of the University of Massachusetts

*When you destroy folks’ sense of security due to the loss of union representation, you set them up for demagoguery, don’t you?

I need to point out that Killer Clown didn’t win. Voter suppression and and other electoral skullduggery (which the Dems didn’t decry, since no Russians were involved) ensured his “victory”.

Of course, if the Democratic Party were anything more than a Wall Street and Silicon Valley subsidiary, it wouldn’t have mattered, would it?


The Movement to Release US Political Prisoners Requires a Strong Legal Team
Executive Producer Eddie Conway is featured on a panel about US political prisoners at Red Emma’s, an anarchist bookstore in Baltimore City. Conway speaks to the current political climate in the US and offers advice on how to best organize toward the release of US political prisoners

*They’re going to come, and the only place to run

Will be toward each other


Another Warmonger Rewarded for Being Wrong on Iraq War
Max Boot joins WaPo opinion staff, where opinion was 91 percent in favor of Iraq invasion
by Adam Johnson

*Democracy dies in our darkness


Institute for Public Accuracy
Stressing Free Speech, Court Strikes Down Israel Boycott Punishment


Democracy Now!
16 Years of War: Trump Joins Obama & Bush in Using SOTU to Hail “Progress” in Afghan War

*Why is it that very few pieces on Afghanistan from “alternative outlets” even mention the geostrategic imperatives of empire, much less discuss them in depth?

You can talk all you want about how the US isn’t there to help the Afghan people, but there’s very little analysis of just why it is there, don’t you think?


Johann Hari on How the “Junk Values” of Neoliberalism Drive Depression and Anxiety in the U.S.

*Neoliberalism is simply a variant of capitalism, which is predicated on exploitation.

The exploited obviously have always suffered mentally from their lot. What we’re seeing more recently is a wider spectrum of people who have no faith in their life “working out” for them.

Only by understanding that any hope lies with taking collective action to not simply reform the system we’re trapped in, but replace it with one that uplifts our humanity, will we find that life worth living.


January 2018



The Real News Network
Trump’s SOTU Calls for More Spending on Nuclear Weapons and Galvanizes Extremism
Max Blumenthal, Phyllis Bennis, and Norman Solomon discuss President Trump’s State of the Union. Rather than deliver a serious address, they say Trump offered a simplistic narrative designed to galvanize extremism

*Killer Clown is no joke

Can the same be said for Puerile Pelosi and the rest of the risible “#Resistance”?


California Democratic Party Shields Top Dems From Primary Challengers
Despite petition challenges from primary opponents, the California Democratic Party formally endorsed Nancy Pelosi and House Speaker Anthony Rendon
by Michael Sainato

*There are other reasons why Dems don’t challenge Republican vote rigging, but their own incestuous skullduggery factors into the equation, don’t you think?


Gun Trace Task Force Trial In Baltimore Highlights Structural Inequality
The details emerging from the ongoing corruption trial highlight the inequality inherent in policing a segregated city
by Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg


#FueraRocha – Demand LULAC National President Roger C. Rocha Jr. Resign Now!


Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump Echos Apple’s PR: American Dream or Corporate Serfdom?

*As American as Apple’s obscene piece of the pie


Democracy Now!
Made in the USA: The Real History of the MS-13 Gang Trump Talked About in State of the Union

*It’s always painful to hear a victim of the historical injustice wrought by “the greatest nation in the world” so fulsomely praise its “virtues”

But she is a politician, ain’t she?


Nutrition Action
The warming climate may be stoking foodborne pathogens
Has climate change increased your odds of getting a nasty bout of food poisoning?



US Surpasses Cayman Islands to Become Second Largest Tax Haven on Earth
“This is not a ranking in which the U.S. wants to be number one or even number two. We have one of the strongest economies and one of the most secret. It’s a perfect recipe for attracting the proceeds of crime, corruption, and tax evasion.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Medicare-for-All Proponents Warn Against Billionaires’ Plan to “Disrupt” Healthcare Industry
“We can do better than a healthcare system run by a rent-seeker, a slumlord and a Wall Street bank. It’s called Medicare for All.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Noblesse o-bilge


A Treacherous Crossing
The “good guys” shaping and selling U.S. foreign policy and weapon sales exemplify the heartless indifference of the smugglers who gamble human life in exceedingly dangerous situations
by Kathy Kelly


The Time of Finance
by Martijn Konings

*When the very nature of the game vitiates its “rules”


The Real News Network
Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Would Facilitate Water Privatization in Baltimore and Beyond
Mary Grant of Food and Water Watch says the package won’t yield water cost savings and will obstruct local efforts to make water more affordable


‘Zero Legitimacy’ for New Government in Honduras
Independent Filmmaker Jesse Freeston reports from Honduras on how the newly inaugurated President Hernandez lacks all legitimacy in the general population, not only because of the fraud allegations, but also because of the massive corruption scandals his government is covering up


Trudeau Government Ignores Scandal of Toxic ‘Tailings Ponds’
Tailings pond remediation expert Regan Boychuk says industry giants have been given 70 years to clean up contamination that scientists say is currently damaging the environment and causing soaring cancer rates in indigenous communities downstream

*Liberals’ largesse toward the likes of Trudeau

“Fool me once, shame on you

Fool me twice, shame on me

Fool me three times …

Well, do you want another Harper?”


Democratic Establishment Tries To Keep Progressives Off Congressional Ballots
Exclusive: Several congressional candidates are facing expensive lawsuits from the Democratic establishment, who are challenging their ballot petitions
by Michael Sainato

*”We are better than this.”

If “We” is in reference to the Democratic Party, an empirical view would take issue with such an assertion, wouldn’t it?


6 Elements of Police Spin: An Object Lesson in Copspeak
by Adam Johnson

*Obscured reference


Institute for Public Accuracy
Robert Parry, ConsortiumNews Founder Who Challenged the Establishment, Dies


Democracy Now!
Ravi Ragbir of the New Sanctuary Coalition: I Was Detained Because of Our Immigration Activism


Two Immigrants Detained in NJ While Taking Children to School; Third Seeks Sanctuary in Church



The Useful Idiocy of Donald Trump
Trump, who has no inclination or ability to govern, has handed the machinery of government over to the bankers, corporate executives, right-wing think tanks, intelligence chiefs and generals
by Chris Hedges


Let’s Stop Sexual Harassment and Violence Before They Begin With Comprehensive Sex Ed
To stop the objectification of women and power imbalance that fuels this societal epidemic, we need to start long before anyone enters the workplace
by Melissa Goodman


Six Big Losers in Our ‘Booming’ Economy
We’re approaching third-world status in parts of our nation
by Paul Buchheit


Make Another Gilded Age


The Real News Network
Harm Reduction: Checking Street Drugs for Fentanyl
Using invasive drug testing technology to check street drugs for fentanyl could save lives, but will the city support it?
by Baynard Woods


Undoing the New Deal: Eisenhower Builds an Arsenal of Nuclear Weapons and a Cabinet of Millionaires (Part 7)
Historian Peter Kuznick says that in spite of his famous warning, Eisenhower can be called the father of the industrial-military complex; when he takes office, the U.S. has a 1,000 nuclear weapons, when he leaves, it’s 22,000 – with host Paul Jay

*We can’t learn from history if all we’re taught are its lies


Homeless Advocates Protest Encampment Eviction
City officials and advocates for the homeless dispute the circumstances under which a prominent homeless encampment in downtown Baltimore was cleared on Friday


Honduras: The Never-ending Coup
Special report from the hemisphere’s most controversial inauguration


Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Defective Takata airbags claim more lives


Tillerson’s Promise of More War in Syria Gets Warm Reception From Corporate Media
by Gregory Shupak

*Cheering on the charnel


Institute for Public Accuracy
Dark Money, Not Russia, Best Explains Trump’s Win

*Not Russia doings, but a rush of dark dollars from home


Democracy Now!
With Larry Nassar Sentenced for Sexual Abuse of 160 Female Athletes, Many Now Ask: Who Else Knew?


“Are You a U.S. Citizen?”: Trump Could Sabotage the 2020 Census by Adding Controversial Question


“We’re Living in a Rigged System”: Ari Berman Says GOP Uses Gerrymandering to Stay in Power

*Rigged by Republicans

Regularized by Democrats


Are You Eating These 8 Nutrients That Block Cancer Metastasis?
by Dr. David Jockers


Perchlorate and the thyroid
Perchlorate is almost impossible to avoid, but you may be able to diminish its impact on the thyroid
by Caitlin Dow



Sparking Far-Reaching Rights Concerns, ICE Now Has Powerful Ability to Track License Plates Nationwide
Development fuels concerns about possible civil liberties violations
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


World’s Oceans Last Year Hit Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded… ‘By Far’
Experts say the data indicates that humans must urgently “reduce the heating of our planet by using energy more wisely and increasing the use of clean and renewable energy”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Florida Officials Deny Operation Push Is Ongoing, Even as they Retaliate Against Prisoners
by Brian Sonenstein


Judge Rosemarie Aquilina’s Real Message
Aquilina’s outspoken approach to Nassar’s sentencing is a signal from the bench that these crimes are serious and more abundant than many of us perhaps thought, and that they deserve the sustained attention of the courts and the public
by Elizabeth Bruenig


Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Files New Lawsuit Against Trump Administration For Concealing Its Actions to Engage DOJ and DHS in Work of Commission on Election Integrity
Latest Lawsuit Against DOJ, DHS Comes After Months Of Stonewalling By The Administration In Response To Requests For Information About The Commission


The Real News Network
DOJ Lends a Hand in Prosecuting Lula
The “kangaroo court” upheld former Brazilian President Lula’s conviction without an iota of evidence, says journalist Brian Mier


Centrist Democrats Are Undermining Progressive Candidates
According to a major new report, the Democratic Party leadership is undermining progressive candidates and backing wealthier, centrist hopefuls that are following a failed strategy. We speak to The Intercept’s Lee Fang

*If you’re determined to lie down with dogs

You shouldn’t be surprised that you’re going to get fleeced


Trump Admin. Says China and Russia Are Top US National Security ‘Threats,’ Not Terrorism
The US government is moving away from “war on terror” rhetoric as Defense Secretary Mattis says “great power competition, not terrorism, is now the primary focus of US national security”


‘Bomb Train’: Oil Execs Try to Blame Workers for Tragic Accident
All three MMA rail workers were acquitted of criminal charges in the Lac-Megantic disaster case, but Fritz Edler, veteran locomotive engineer and longtime union officer, says “the wrong people were on trial,” and that the industry ignores known risks

*Railroading justice


‘There Has Been Absolutely No Movement on Guantánamo at All’
CounterSpin interview with Pardiss Kebriaei on Guantanamo challenge
by Janine Jackson



Democrats Who Approved ‘Greedy Big Pharma CEO’ for HHS Secretary Should Be Ashamed: Critics
“Shame on every Senator who voted to put pharma exec Alex Azar, who has a long history of putting profits over people, in charge of regulating the health care industry”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Doug Jones is not Roy Moore

He only voted like him


Burger King Loves Net Neutrality (?!) and Other Whoppers
Burger King just made an ad about Net Neutrality
by Craig Aaron

*Yes, please … let’s celebrate the sociopolitical savvy of a corporation that exploits its workers and poisons the health of its customers with its products.

Talk about silos

Oy gevalt.


Economic Policy Institute
Biggest Gains in Union Membership in 2017 Were For Younger Workers


Center for Food Safety
Hundreds of Groups Call on Congress to Protect Endangered Species from Pesticides


In Fight For More Affordable Education, Look To Core Classes


The Real News Network
Falsely Accused Terrorism Suspect Released After 10-Year Ordeal
Sociology professor Hassan Diab, who was accused of a terrorist attack in Paris over ten years ago, and who Canada extradited to France three years ago, was just released. Diab talks to TRNN about his ordeal in one of his first interviews upon his return


Protest Against UK Complicity In “Genocidal Fascist Invasion” of Northern Syria
Mohamed Elmaazi speaks to demonstrators gathered across the street from the Prime Minister’s house of residence at No 10 Downing Street, to protest her government’s complicity in Turkey’s invasion of Northern Syria and attacks on Kurds in the Afrin District, with the intent of carving out a 30 kilometre Kurdish free zone inside Syria

*I think we have to be careful about painting this enclave as the emergence of “a socialist grassroots democracy”, given their alliance with its antithesis in the US, but that doesn’t invalidate the condemnation of Turkish aggression, does it?


Britain’s Wall in France to Stop Refugees
UK to pay France for securing the border

*A European union of inhumanity


US Bipartisan Support for Israel over Palestinians Is Breaking Down, New Study Shows
Pew polling reveals Israel has become a right-wing issue, with 79% of Republicans supporting it compared to just 27% of Democrats


Puerto Rico’s New Power Struggle: Privatization
Four months after Hurricane Maria and with close to half of its residents still without power, Puerto Rico has announced it will privatize its debt-ridden public electric utility, PREPA. We speak to Petra Bartosiewicz of Harper’s Magazine

*Pirates of the Caribbean



‘AT&T Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds’: Net Neutrality Defenders Call Out Telecom Giant for Fake Fix
Consumer advocates say telecom giant is pushing a terrible—and terribly cynical—legislative fix that would serve their bottom line, not their customers or Internet users more broadly
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Is a Nondisclosure Agreement Silencing You From Sharing Your ‘Me Too’ Story? 4 Reasons It Might Be Illegal
Survivors who want to speak out should know their legal options
by Emma J Roth


The New in the “New Middle East”
by Hanadi Loubani


Towards an endgame?
by Vijay Prashad


The Real News Network
Will Trump Really Challenge World Economic Forum’s Neoliberal Agenda?
President Trump will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, days after introducing significant tariffs on Asian imports. However, these tariffs and Trump’s overall economic agenda won’t challenge the world’s elite at Davos, says Prof. Leo Panitch

*The exploitocracy sees Corbyn, Sanders and their “movements” through the same lens as they viewed FDR and the New Deal – not as a real threat to their power, but as a brake on it, a “saving of capitalism from itself”.

Whereas they grudgingly acceded to that in the throes of the Great Depression, the last half century has seen a singular uptick in their arrogance, and they wish nothing more dearly than to do as they literally bloody well please, future be damned.

History repeating itself in whatever form of social democracy won’t arrest the headlong rush into the abyss in this here century of climate change and end stage capitalism.

If that’s all we can muster, then the future is indeed well and truly damned by their turpitude, and our timidity.


Do We Need Anarchists? Lessons from the Goddess of Anarchy
Jacqueline Jones discusses her new book on Lucy Parsons, a former slave who became one of the most influential anarchists in the U.S. labor movement


Institute for Public Accuracy
Kozol: Inequality, “Virtually Total Segregation” in Schools Breeding Rage


Democracy Now!
Fantasy Novelist Ursula Le Guin, Who Explored Resistance & Change, Dies at Age 88

*True art is always for our sake


“Strong Island”: Trans Filmmaker Yance Ford Searches for Justice After His Brother’s Racist Murder


Alabama’s Hale County is Subject of Poetic Documentary on Blackness and Everyday Life in the Black Belt


Radiation Detox: How to Rebuild Your Health after Radiation Therapy
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Kitchen gadgets that can help you avoid food poisoning
by Leah Ettman
Nutrition Action



Month After Getting $3.5 Billion Tax Break From Trump, Bank of America Hikes Fees on Poorest Customers
Online checking accounts, popular with low-income customers, may now be off-limits to many who can’t afford new fees
by Julia Conley, staff writer

*Direct deposit

Into execs’ pockets


Feminism Will Not Be Weaponized for Trump’s War on Immigrants
We know that violence against women occurs in every country, class and culture. The White House is using this issue, in a racialized context, to close the door on immigrants.
by Yifat Susskind


Inside the Trump Administration’s War on UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees
A diplomatic insider describes attempts by Jared Kushner and Nikki Haley to destroy a UN agency that supports millions of Palestinians
by Max Blumenthal


Locked-Up for Reading: Young Leftists in China Speak Out
by Chuang, Zhang Yunfan and Sun Tingting


Iran: Protests and threat of renewed sanctions focus economic thinking
by James M. Dorsey

*So the choice is between domestic public corruption and foreign private rapacity?


Food & Water Watch
Toxic Oilfield Wastewater Used to Grow California Food, Including Organics
Food & Water Watch Launches Campaign to Stop the Practice; New Video Captures Reactions Outside of Whole Foods Headquarters in Austin


The Real News Network
Turkish Attack on Kurds Opens New Front, and Alignments, in Syrian War
Just as the Syrian war has been winding down in key areas, Turkey has opened a new front with an attack on U.S.-backed Kurdish forces in Afrin. Syrian-American writer Ehsani joins us to discuss the offensive and the shifting alliances in Syria’s 7-year war


Pence Speech Fuels Conflict Between Israel and Palestine
Pence’s speech to the Knesset praised Israel’s democracy while Palestinian members of parliament were forcibly removed for expressing their views, says TRNN correspondent Shir Hever


Despite School Closings, Chicago Mayor Pushes For New $95 Million Police Academy
More than 50 Chicago community organizations have endorsed the #NoCopAcademy campaign as activists rally to stop the project and invest the funds back into the community
by Michael Sainato

*Bupkes from ‘Bama’s buddy


Democracy Now!
DuPont vs. the World: Chemical Giant Covered Up Health Risks of Teflon Contamination Across Globe

*This is always the end result of the profit motive. An insidious addiction to wealth and power are what drives a system based on it

And exploitation, oppression, injury and death are its dismal products.


A Warning from the Center of the World: Pacific Nation Kiribati Is Disappearing as Sea Level Rises



At Berlin March, Tens of Thousands Demand End to Industrial Agriculture
“Farmers and consumers from all over Europe have made it clear that they are fed up with current policies that benefit huge food and agriculture corporations, at the expense of the environment, peasant farming, and public safety,” said Adrian Bebb, Friends of the Earth Europe
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Untold Story of the Roe v. Wade Anniversary
What’s different about the Roe anniversary this year is the newly proactive abortion rights movement
by Gloria Totten


Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is Actually Pence’s – And It’s All About Privatization
by Lydia O’Neal and David Sirota

*The road to riches

And we pay the toll


Environmental Activist Sued for Libel Over Facebook Comment About Oil and Gas Company
by Simon Davis-Cohen


The Kids the World Forgot
Kabul’s estimated 50,000 “street kids” dot the city’s already clogged roads selling balloons or lugging scales on which passers-by are invited to weigh themselves, working to helps their parents buy food for their families
by Ken Hannaford-Ricardi


How much is a drone mission?


The Real News Network
Baltimore Spends Billions on Corporate Subsidies but Can’t Heat Its Schools
Author and political scientist Lester Spence says the discussion around Baltimore’s flagging school system ignores the fundamental priorities of a city that favors corporations over its children

*Getting your priorities straight

From the top


Consumer Protection Moves to Throw the Weakest Under the Bus
In one of his first moves as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Board, Mick Mulvaney scrapped a rule regulating payday lenders. “This has everything to do with facilitating fraud and predation,” says white-collar criminologist Bill Black

*Greasing the sleaze


Apple: The Biggest Tax Cheaters in History Repatriate Profits Under Trump’s Tax Bill
What Apple did was outright illegal according to the European Union, but instead of taking legal action against Apple for tax evasion, the Trump tax bill will reward them, says white-collar criminologist Bill Black


Massive Oil Spill in East China Sea Is the Size of Paris
In one of the worst oil shipping disasters in decades, a tanker carrying $60 million of Iranian oil collided with a Chinese cargo ship. We speak with marine biologist David Santillo about the possible effects on marine ecosystems


Real Media: Former British Diplomat Turned Anarchist
Carne Ross resigned from the UK foreign office over the Iraq war, and has since been on a journey that has led him to believe in anarchism. Here he talks about his journey, the trigger, and the problems with top down society


Korean Olympic Unity Gives US War Plans a ‘Bloody Nose’
North and South Korea will march together at the upcoming Winter Olympics, raising hopes of de-escalation. This, amid talk of a new U.S. strategy dubbed “Bloody Nose” and a U.S.-led summit promoting other aggressive steps. Christine Ahn, who organized a counter-summit of women peace activists, explains


P3 Corporate Collapse Highlights Risks of Privatization
by Canadian Union of Public Employees


Trump Keeps US in Syria and Sets Off New War
Just days after the announcement of a U.S.-backed Kurdish “border force” and an indefinite U.S. military presence in Syria, Turkey is shelling Kurdish areas and threatening a ground assault. We speak to Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton about what the Trump administration’s renewed commitment to both regime change and confronting Iran means for Syria.

*The Syrian people are being brutalized and murdered by all sides in this horror show, and that needs to be given prominence in every discussion of it. We can be as condemnatory of US, Saudi et elia’s actions as we wish – and should – without also casting Assad, Russia and Iran as somehow valiant defenders of the populace.

There are contradictions upon contradictions in this hell, but what should be crystal clear is that all hands are awash in Syrian blood, and any proposal for a just solution will have to acknowledge that fearsome fact, if we truly care about one.


Set Up By FBI Informant, NODAPL Activist Pleads Guilty
After federal government has stonewalled defense attorneys in releasing evidence, Red Fawn Fallis came to a plea agreement with prosecutors
by Michael Sainato


The Best Breast Cancer Screening Options for Women (Hint: it’s Not Mammograms!)
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers



In Name of Transparency, Not Partisan Sniping, Snowden Backs Call to #ReleaseTheMemo
“If true, the citizens must see the proof,” says NSA whistleblower. “If false, it establishes [GOP chairman of House Intelligence Committee] lies and has no credibility. Either outcome benefits the public.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Republicans Have Four Easy Ways to #ReleasetheMemo — and the Evidence For it. Not Doing So Will Prove Them to Be Shameless Frauds.
If this is “worse than Watergate” — Republicans obviously have every incentive to get it into the public’s hands as soon as possible. Indeed, one could argue that they have the duty to do so.
by Glenn Greenwald and Jon Schwarz


What Spielberg’s The Post — and Our Textbooks — Leave Out
Sadly, too many textbooks found in the nation’s school hide pretty much everything that is important in the world — from the roots of American racism, to the war against Mexico; and from the causes and consequences of climate change, to, yes, the nature of the Vietnam War
by Bill Bigelow


‘Grace’s’ Story About Aziz Ansari Has Lessons for Men and Women
Grace’s story sparked a rift between those wanting #MeToo to remain squarely focused on ending legally defined harassment and assault, and those who want so much more
by Sonali Kolhatkar


Trump Fills The Swamp To Exploit College Students
The Trump administration is imposing dire consequences on both students and taxpayers
by Jeff Bryant


The US is Arming and Assisting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, While Congress Debates Prohibition
Known as a bastion of neo-Nazism, the Azov Battalion has received teams of American military advisors and high powered US-made weapons
by Max Blumenthal


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Men Rounded Up in Post-9/11 Sweeps Push Suit Against Warden For Physical, Verbal, Religious Abuse


The Real News Network
Baltimore Mayor Fires Police Commissioner Kevin Davis
Mayor Catherine Pugh announced that Davis had been replaced Friday morning, following months of scandal and speculation
by Brandon Soderberg


Prosecutors Push on Against 59 Protesters Despite Defeat
The U.S. Attorney’s Office dropped charges against 129 defendants Thursday but continues to prosecute journalists and others who have spoken to the press
by Baynard Woods


Cape Town Water Wars: A Literal Shitstorm
In Cape Town, one of the most unequal cities in the world, poor people are taking the buckets they use for chemical toilets and turning them into weapons, as the water shortage intensifies class conflicts


Yemen’s Crisis is Far Worse Than We’re Told
UNICEF says the war in Yemen is killing or wounding five children every single day, but Shireen Al-Adeimi says the figure drastically undercounts the real toll of the Saudi-led, U.S.-backed bombing and blockade

*There’s never “gridlock” when it comes to opening the door for death and destruction in the name of “national security”, is there?


IRS Private Debt-Collection Program is ‘Indefensible’
Using private debt-collection firms to collect debt from low-income Americans is not only morally reprehensible, but it’s also terrible business, says white-collar criminologist Bill Black


‘A Marijuana-Related Charge Can Still Impact Somebody for Life’
CounterSpin Interview with Art Way on pot recriminalization
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is Amazon Ripping Off Taxpayers?


Women’s March and Mexican Indigenous Activists in U.S.



Amazon Short-List Proves Something “Deeply Wrong” With America’s Race-to-the-Bottom Economy: Ellison
“Something is deeply wrong with our economy and democracy when local governments offer up their tax base to a corporation worth over $500 billion”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Serving a rotten Apple a silver platter


Apple Polishing: The Tech Giant’s Devious Attempt to Support Trump’s Tax-Cut Fantasies
The company’s real goal here is to obscure the fact that the new law is a massive giveaway to huge multinational corporations like Apple
by Will Rice


Indigenous Environment Network
TransCanada’s Announcement about “Commercial Support” for the Keystone XL Pipeline is Not A Significant Win or Development


The Real News Network
New Orleans Human Rights Resolution Retracted Because It Could Affect Israel
The resolution did not even mention Israel, but pro-Israel pushback has council members backtracking on past support for Palestinian human rights
by Ben Norton

*The city that forgot to care


The Grenfell Community’s Silent Steps for Justice
On the seven-month anniversary of Grenfell Tower fire in London, the local community hold their monthly Silent Walk and share their thoughts on how they are coping and the wider reasons for the tragedy


Abbas Gives Up on US, but Palestinians Give Up on Him
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is publicly distancing himself from the US, but that won’t be enough to save face with a Palestinian population fed up with his failed leadership, says former PLO legal adviser Diana Buttu


Catalonia Independence Crisis Intensifies Spain’s Political Divide
Political parties in Spain are struggling to navigate an increasingly polarized political landscape, says Professor Sebastiaan Faber of Oberlin College


Repression Against Honduran Opposition Intensifies
Over 200 demonstrators were injured in last week’s demonstrations against the incumbent president, whose reelection lacks legitimacy according to the opposition and international observers. The opposition is now gearing up for a national strike in the lead-up to the inauguration, explains Heather Gies, reporting from Honduras


The Jobs Trump Promised to Save Are Disappearing
The Carrier factory in Indiana is laying off hundreds of workers this week, one year after Trump promised to save them
by Michael Sainato

*”Jobs” … “jobbed” …


Fake news!


‘When Women Have a Union, You Don’t Have to Walk In Alone’
CounterSpin interview with Jane McAlevey on #MeToo and Labor
by Janine Jackson



Trump’s Gift for the Unemployed: Kicking Them Off Health Care
Imagine telling a laid off employee they won’t have Medicaid to fall back on
by LeeAnn Hall


Violence Policy Center
U.S. Gun Death Rate Jumps 17 Percent Since 2008 Supreme Court District of Columbia v. Heller Decision Affirming Right to Own a Handgun for Self-Defense

*No safety in these numbers


The Real News Network
#TheAssistance: Democrats Hand Trump Warrantless Spying
Fifty-five House Democrats, including #Resistance stalwarts, have joined Republicans to give Trump’s NSA broad warrantless surveillance powers. The Senate is likely to follow. We speak to Trevor Timm of the Freedom of the Press Foundation.


Targeting Undocumented Leaders, Trump Deportation Regime Escalates
As President Trump throws an immigration deal into limbo, federal agents are ramping up deportation efforts coast to coast. We are joined by prominent activist Maru Mora Villalpando of Seattle, who is being targeted for deportation; and by independent journalist Renee Feltz, who has been covering the deportation efforts against Ravi Ragbir and Jean Montrevil


Institute for Public Accuracy
How to Reduce Threat of Nuclear War with North Korea


Trump and Right “Hijacking” Religious Freedom

*Holy rollers over our rights


Slapping an Israeli Soldier More Newsworthy Than Shooting a Palestinian Child in the Face
Coverage of Ahed Tamimi obscures Israeli violence and occupation
by Gregory Shupak


Judging WaPo’s MLK Quotes by the Content of Their 280 Characters
Remembering a watered-down, wall calendar version of King
by Adam Johnson

*A pedestal within a prison


Nutrition Action
Why it may be worth identifying what caused your food poisoning


The Healthiest Way to Eat Fried Food (video)
by Dr. David Jockers



Amid Relentless Trump-GOP Attack on Healthcare System, 3 Million People Lost Insurance in 2017
Low-income households were among those whose coverage rates fell furthest last year
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Is there anything that makes clearer how fucked up Obamacare (née Romneycare) is than that we have to be forced to have it?

No one forces us to exercise a right to healthcare (not “coverage”, but care), as folks with that right around the world will attest.


Democrats’ Bewildering Decision to Hand President Trump More Surveillance Powers
Even the prospect of being blackmailed by the racist-in-chief can’t crack their instinctive love of sweeping powers for secret spies
by Ryan Cooper

*If Dear Misleader has a “wretched civil liberties legacy” (and he assuredly does)

They why the deuce is Dems’ duplicity either “bewildering” or “incomprehensible”?


Justice for Hassan Diab and the Unbearable Banality of Evil
by Judith Deutsch


Sovereign wealth funds: Investment vehicles or political operators?
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
UN Mission Helped Plan Haitian Raid that Ended in Civilian Massacre
A UN-backed anti-gang operation in the Grand Ravine area of Port-au-Prince ended in the summary execution of civilians on a school campus — but the killings have been largely ignored

*Blue helmets

Black hearts


A Trillion for the Military but No Money for Freezing Schools
A trillion for the military but no money for freezing schools – “3% of US military spending could end starvation on earth,” reads a billboard in downtown Baltimore. It’s part of a conference here in Baltimore that was live streamed at TRNN.com

*Two parties

No waiting


Fire and Fury: The Extreme-Right in the White House (2/2)
The extreme right has a solid hold on the White House for the first time in decades and replacing Trump with another Clinton-type Democrat will only reinforce the forces that got Trump elected

*Since FDR, the purpose of the Democratic Party has been to be “the good cop”, to offer a safe (for the exploitocracy) alternative when capitalism defeats its own purposes, which is an inherent feature of the system, and divert any transformative challenge to it.

In the present, I think they’ve given up on keeping capitalism on track, and are only managing its demise, as it’s become clear that its blind rapacity has taken us to the brink, and they lack the political will to pull it back, even at the cost of their own lives.

It’s a theory …

As for finding “someone” to challenge His Travesty, maybe we should focus on principle rather than personality. A candidate should be a reflection of what their party stands for, and not a separate entity based on celebritic attributes.

The Democratic Party can never be such, and decades have been wasted in the effort to make it so.

Can we finally suss that we’re gonna have to piss

Or get flushed down the pot?


Why is Trump Targeting Palestinian Refugees?
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed US threats to the funding of UNRWA, the UN agency that delivers vital services to millions of Palestinian refugees. We speak to Yara Hawari of Al Shabaka – the Palestinian Policy Network


Public or Private Ownership of Banks: Which is More Efficient?
Devika Dutt of PERI explains the gap between common economic thinking, which favors private ownership of banks, and the data

*If currency (money) is a feature of an economic system, then public banking is clearly preferable to private control

But what if money ain’t necessarily so?


‘I Felt Disgusted, I Felt Like I Had to do This to Keep My Home’
Victim of Sex for Repairs Scandal in Baltimore Public Housing Comes Forward to Tell Her Story
by Taya Graham and Stephen Janis



U.S. Politicians and Public Criticized for ‘Whitewashing’ King’s Legacy
“MLK is celebrated only by ignoring and deleting his core beliefs: that real social progress was impossible without ending imperialism, militarism, and economic inequality”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Damning with fulsome praise


Golf, But No Public Service for Trump on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
“While the people celebrate #MLKDay and all that Dr. King stood for, our “leader” will be celebrating himself. Let that sink in.”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Would you rather him engage in some PR exercise that would define “hypocrisy”?

The greatest public service he could do would be to resign.


Inmates Launch Month-Long Strike to Protest ‘Slavery Conditions’ in Florida Prisons
Florida is one of five states that don’t pay prison inmates for the work they complete while incarcerated
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Will Ajit Pai’s FCC Probe into Hawaii False Alarm Expose Role Telecom Giants Played in Blocking Emergency System Upgrades?
Pai’s claim that lack of “safeguards” is responsible for the false alert comes as he is working to dismantle rules safeguarding the internet from corporate manipulation
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


You Don’t Need a Telescope to Find a ‘Shithole Country’
This shithole country, which saw the world in black and white, communist and capitalist, was determined to thwart the aspirations of the poor and the landless in El Salvador
by Chris Hedges

*American excrementalism


The Last Oil: Gathering to Resist Trump’s Reckless Arctic Energy Policy
Instead of reducing extraction of fossil fuels to stabilize the global climate as science mandates, the Trump administration has launched a war on environmental conservation and indigenous human rights
by Subhankar Banerjee


Solidarity from Central Cellblock to Guantanamo
These evils, small or large, are all growing from the same roots of imperial arrogance
by Brian Terrell

*Conscience is a crime to those who crave control


The Real News Network
Fire and Fury: Insights into the Fights Within the US Ruling Elite? (1/2)
The bestseller Fire and Fury not only confirms the worst we suspected about the Trump White House, but it also puts the fights within the US ruling elite on display. Doug Henwood analyses the book


How Will the Mayor’s ‘Safe Art Space’ Task Force Affect Baltimore’s Black Artists?
Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s task force, formed last December, hopes to revive an old Black arts and entertainment district


Democrats Openly Back Establishment Candidates for 2018 Primaries
The DCCC is already deciding primary races in favor of the candidates they prefer
by Michael Sainato

*Fighting for the “soul” of a putrid party is a waste of precious time.

Does anyone truly suss “the fierce urgency of now”?


Global Warming Will Increase Risks of Desertification
A new study shows that a global temperature increase of more than 1.5 degrees Celsius will mean that dry air will increase significantly, which can intensify desertification and crop failures. We speak with Prof. Manoj Joshi, one of the study’s authors


From Haiti to Africa, US Owes More Than a Trump Apology
Donald Trump’s racist “shithole” comments offer the US a new opportunity to reckon with its longtime destabilization and plunder of the countries he insulted, says Haitian writer Jean Saint-Vil

*The whole shit from the start


Activists Who Protested UK’s Biggest Arms Fair Found Guilty
Andrew Smith of the Campaign Against Arms Trade talks about the verdicts, the reasons for protesting arms fairs, and the impact of activism


Senate Bill to Reverse FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal Gains Traction
As awareness of net neutrality gets more public attention, a Senate resolution that reverses the FCC’s net neutrality repeal has 45 supporters, but major obstacles remain. The fight to reinstate net neutrality is also taking place in states and courthouses. Craig Aaron of Free Press has more


Paramilitary Forces Threaten to Derail Colombia’s Peace Agreement
The peace agreement commits the Colombian government to dismantling paramilitary groups, but authorities aren’t taking action, Tom Power reports from Colombia

*To hold any hope that any US administration will do anything other than collude with the forces of repression in Columbia, given the long history of doing just that, is dangerously naïve, don’t you think?



Calling Out Trump Denial, Durbin Confirms President Said ‘Those Hate-Filled’ Words ‘Repeatedly’
“To no surprise the president started tweeting this morning, denying that he used those words. It is not true,” said the Illinois senator
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The AP deemed it a “brash” remark

And the Charlottesville murder was a “traffic accident”


Viral Video of Hospital Dumping Woman Into Freezing Cold Stirs Demand for ‘Medicare for All’
“Attempted murder” is how one analyst described the medical center’s decision to leave an incapacitated young woman at a bus stop in frigid weather
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


For being caught


Media, Racism, and Global “Shitholes”
A reminder that the disgusting bigotry Trump leverages does not emerge from a vacuum
by Christian Christensen

*Trump isn’t an aberration

He’s an eventuality


Trump, “Shitholes,” and White Supremacy: Building Resistance on 8th Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake my Family and I Survived.
With his analogy between Black people and feces, Trump has once again shown the world his commitment to wickedness, vulgarity, and racism
by Jesse Hagopian


Farming for a Small Planet
How we grow food determines who can eat and who cannot—no matter how much we produce
by Frances Moore Lappé


The Real News Network
After Israel Decimated Gaza, Human Rights Defenders Failed It (4/4)
In his new book “Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom,” Norman Finkelstein argues that Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the UN Human Rights Council, and other defenders of international law have succumbed to Israel’s pressure and whitewashed its crimes in the Gaza Strip

*Feet of clay

Stained with blood


Iran Protests End, But Grievances Remain
As Iran’s protests wind down, Ali Fathollah-Nejad of the Brookings Doha Center says that class divides and an authoritarian political establishment pose major barriers to change


Bail Industry Allegedly Pays Bribes to Imprison the Poor
Allegations of bribes paid by bail lobbyists to state politicians are prompting activists to demand that Maryland legislators freeze out the industry from pushing anti-reform legislation in the upcoming session


Democracy Now!
NYC: Immigration Rights Activist Ravi Ragbir Detained at ICE Check-in Amid Protest, Police Violence


Should I Get a Flu Shot? (and 9 Ways to Fight the Flu Naturally)
by Dr. David Jockers

*As with much of this alternative intel, use your best judgment.

I don’t get a shot, and I do take a number of the steps outlined instead.



Walmart Pulls ‘Diabolical’ and ‘Devious Two-Step’ By Pairing Wage Hikes With Mass Layoffs
“Politics at its most cynical” is how one analyst described Walmart’s attempt to claim wage hikes were a result of the GOP tax plan
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A Big Box of lies from the Low Life Leader ™


Dutch Reporters Offer Master Class By Refusing to Let Trump Official Tell ‘Blatant Lies’
“This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I wouldn’t place the Dutch press on a pedestal

But this makes plain the need to knock our corpress off its


Trump Launches ‘Truly Savage’ Attack on Medicaid By Pushing Work Requirements
“This is just the latest in Trump and Republicans’ relentless assault on Medicaid and the broader set of federal programs people rely on. And it’s a sign that there is likely more to come.”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Coverage of Iran Protests Illustrated With Protests Not in Iran––Organized by Fringe Cultists
by Adam Johnson


Democracy Now!
Trump Expands Offshore Drilling in “Assault” on Biodiversity and Coastal & Indigenous Communities


As Erica Garner Is Mourned, Why Are Black Mothers in NYC Dying at 12 Times Rate of White Mothers?

*Will this become a cause célèbre for the “pro life” movement?

Is this a rhetorical question?


Christen Smith: The Fallout of Police Violence Is Killing Black Women Like Erica Garner


Serena Williams Reveals Near-Deadly Birth Experience, Underscoring Growing Risks for Black Mothers



The Real News Network
Finkelstein on Gaza’s Right to Resist Military Occupation (3/4)
In Part 3 of our interview on his new book “Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom,” Norman Finkelstein discusses the legality, and utility, of Hamas’ armed resistance to Israel’s occupation

*There are so many moral permutations to the use of force that there’s no way to write some sort of rulebook about it

But I believe we all have the right to defend ourselves and others by any means necessary, up to and including lethal force.

The question is how to define “necessary” in the context of “collateral damage”, when that force harms beyond the assailant. I feel there are situations, as Finkelstein lays out, where the calculation of what’s “indiscriminate” has to take into account the circumstances those being attacked find themselves in.

That’s a moral calculus. The political one of efficacy is no less vexing.


How Palestine’s Tamimi Family Resists Israel’s Occupation
Israeli forces have killed three of its family members and arrested scores of others, including 16-year old Ahed, but the Tamimi family continues its non-violent struggle for Palestinian freedom. We speak to Manal Tamimi about her recent imprisonment and her family’s defiant activism


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S.-Backed Saudi Attack on Yemen: * Media Blackout * Public Opposition

*What these poll results fail to reflect is how easily many people will renounce them when confronted with the sort of fearmongering that followed 9/11.

A dedicated militarist is an ardent student of the art of manufacturing consent.


In Trump Era, ‘Both Sides’ on Immigration Includes White Nationalists
by Adam Johnson

*The rancid stench of racism radiating from stink tanks


Democracy Now!
As ICC Considers Probing Israel for War Crimes, U.S. Moves to Defund U.N. Palestine Refugee Agency

*Someone as forthright as Finkelstein appears on this program far too little, don’t you think?


Finkelstein: Despite Racist Policies & Corruption Scandals, Netanyahu Holds on to Power in Israel


Norman Finkelstein Slams Chuck Schumer for Pushing Trump to Declare Jerusalem Israel’s Capital

*A “#Resistance” to common humanity


Nutrition Action
Phthalates linked to lower fertility in men and women



The Real News Network
Billionaire Tom Steyer and the Wealthy Trump Resistance Grifters
The outrage toward Trump has proved to be lucrative for several self-professed leaders of the Resistance
by Michael Sainato


Finkelstein: Hamas Isn’t The Threat That Israel Claims (2/4)
In Part 2 of our interview on his new book “Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom,” Norman Finkelstein argues that Israeli propaganda — sometimes with Hamas’ help — has wildly exaggerated Hamas’ arsenal and the effectiveness of the “Iron Dome” missile defense system


Why is US Cutting Aid to Pakistan?
President Trump began the year with a tweet denouncing Pakistan, and followed up by announcing a new reduction of U.S. aid. Junaid Ahmad, director of the Center for Global Dialogue, explains the significance of Trump’s decision

*Compared to the slashing and burning in the name of empire by the US, the negotiatory approach of China and other actors may seem “sensible”, but I’d caution that their intent is to gain strategic advantage as well, and not to benefit the people of the region.

It may be a lesser evil, but that should not be interpreted as a greater good.


Far-Right Governments in Poland and Hungary Confront the EU
The European Union is trying to sanction Poland for undermining its judicial branch. However, the real issue seems to be Poland’s refusal to accept refugees, as required by the EU. Poland is now allying itself with Hungary, another right-wing government, in order to avoid sanctions


Baltimore’s $12M Youth Fund Gives Community the Reins (2/2)


Institute for Public Accuracy
200,000 Salvadorans


Wolff’s Trump Book Highlights White House Press Corps’ Access Trap
by Reed Richardson



Disgust Follows Pictures of Seinfeld at ‘Anti-Terror Fantasy Camp’ in Occupied West Bank
Comedian blasted for attending facility that offers “special programs for tourists seeking a taste of the Israeli military experience”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A comic who truly wishes to slay his audience

Provided they’re Palestinians


‘Do Kids Die, Mom?: Parenting in a World on Fire
Facing the future with trepidation during the Age of Trump
by Frida Berrigan


The Real News Network
President Trump Targets Lifeline for Palestinian Refugees
In cutting aid to the United Nations Refugee Works Agency (UNRWA), President Trump is deepening Palestinian refugees’ suffering in pursuit of a dangerous Middle East agenda, says Max Blumenthal


Norman Finkelstein on Gaza’s Martyrdom (1/4)
In his groundbreaking new book “Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom,” Norman Finkelstein argues that Israel, with U.S. backing, has caused a “humanitarian disaster” in Gaza, and that international human rights groups have failed to uphold justice for its besieged people


The Link Between Neoliberalism, Perfectionism, and Mental Health Disorders
A study of college-aged people in the U.S., Canada and Britain says that the increase in mental health disorders may be tied to an increase in perfectionism, which in turn is linked to the rise of neoliberalism in these countries since the ’80s. Thomas Curran, one of the study’s authors, explains

*A “perfect” storm of sociopathy


Max Blumenthal on ‘Fire and Fury’, Clinton Probe, and Russiagate
The book ‘Fire and Fury’ sparks a rift between Trump and Bannon, the FBI revives scrutiny of the Clinton Foundation, and GOP Senators target the author of the Steele dossier. Best-selling author Max Blumenthal breaks down the growing intra-elite clashes and the key developments that are being overlooked

*”Fire and Fury”

And tales sold to idiots, signifying nothing


Trump Administration Proposes Opening 90% Of US Waters To Offshore Drilling
The proposal has already received a lot of pushback from both sides of the aisle. Mitch Jones of Food & Water Watch says there’s still time to harness that widespread opposition and stop the expansion of extreme energy extraction before the policy change can take effect

*Spill, baby, spill


The Under-Covered News Stories of 2017 (Part 2)
From hate crimes against transgender people to the prosecution of over 200 people for the J20 anti-Trump protest, Adam Johnson of the Los Angeles Times and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting breaks down the under-covered stories of 2017


MSNBC Ignores Catastrophic US-Backed War in Yemen
by Ben Norton

*If you think MSNBC’s silent on Yemen

You ain’t heard nothin’ yet (and won’t) on His Travesty’s collusion with Israel.

Biparty Mideast malevolence means “Our lips are sealed.”


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Fire and Fury” — New Reports Thicken Trump-Israel Plot

*Of the boogeyman

And who you boogie with


Democracy Now!
Time’s Up: Activists Join Actresses on Golden Globes Red Carpet to Call for Gender & Racial Justice

*How will these Hollywooders, the vast majority of whom were staunch Clintonistas, react as the Demorats attempt to coopt this movement?

I’m not particularly sanguine as to the outcome from the likes of Oprah and ilk.



Here Are the 19 Senate Democrats Still Not Committed to Defending Net Neutrality
“Are they going to ignore overwhelming public opinion during a tight election year and rubber stamp these 500+ pages of blatant, stinking corruption?”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


New Study Showing Ozone Recovery Hailed as Model for Tackling Climate Crisis
“We see very clearly that chlorine from CFCs is going down in the ozone hole, and that less ozone depletion is occurring because of it”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Trump Wants Homeland Security to Continue Dirty Work of Voter Suppression
Purging voters is Kobach’s aim
by Brian Tashman


Let’s Make 2018 the Year We Rise Up and Regenerate!
Planet Earth will survive in one form or another, no matter what damage we humans inflict on it. The question is, will we survive with it?
by Ronnie Cummins


The Real News Network
North and South Korea Talk, but Is Trump in the Way?
Following more belligerence from President Trump’s Twitter account, North and South Korea have announced their first direct talks in years. It’s a big step towards rapprochement, says journalist Tim Shorrock, but the U.S. could be a major obstacle


Oregon Court: Banning Fossil Fuel Facilities is Constitutional
An Oregon appeals court ruled that restricting fossil fuel infrastructure is constitutional, overruling a lower appeals court decision. It’s an important victory in the fight against climate change, and for local self-determination, says Nicholas Caleb of the Center for Sustainable Economy


Warren Buffett Wins $1 Million Bet That Hedge Funds Are a Rip-Off
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett bet that hedge funds were a bad investment. Ten years later, Buffett’s wager proved that hedge funds earn only one third of what a stock index investment does. Economist Bill Black explains the numbers

*Call them “hedge hogs” for the swine they are.

As for security, how about a system that’s not designed to ensure most of the world has none?


Baltimore’s $12M Youth Fund Gives Community the Reins
Adam Jackson, CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle and co-chair of the 34-person task force in charge of laying the fund’s groundwork, says that letting the community decide where the money goes will ensure it gets to the right places, particularly black-led organizations in Baltimore


Think Tank-Addicted Media Turn to Regime Change Enthusiasts for Iran Protest Commentary
by Adam Johnson


Institute for Public Accuracy
Schools without Heat: Symptom of “Destructive Inequalities”



The Polar Vortex, Winter Storm Grayson, and Climate Change: What’s the Connection?
Scientists are making progress in better understanding how much natural seasonal patterns, ocean cycles, and other factors play a role in altering the jet stream and how much global warming is responsible
by Brenda Ekwurzel


If Trump Wants To End Roe v. Wade, We Must Fight For Legal Abortion
When abortion opponents, candidates and lawmakers speak of abolishing abortion, they are really talking about sending people who have abortions to jail
by Jill E. Adams


Social Media Madness: The Russia Canard
by Norman Solomon

*A baleful boogying down with a bogus boogeyman


The Real News Network
Can Global Pressure Protect Palestinian Youth from Israel?
Musab Tamimi, the 17-year old cousin of jailed Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi, has been shot dead by Israeli forces at a protest in the occupied West Bank. Musab, who was unarmed, is the latest Palestinian youth to die at the hands of Israelis after 35 were killed in 2016. Hundreds like Ahed are also tried by Israeli military courts each year

*A moral no brainer of a bill that has garnered all of twenty sponsors in over three years sends a different kind of “clear message” to the Israelis, don’t you think?


Trump Tax Reform Targets High-Tax States, But There is a Way Out
The limitation of state and local tax deductability from the federal tax code will hit high tax states hard, but states can find ways around the law to maintain their revenues and the benefits they provide their citizens, says CEPR’s Dean Baker


Democracy Now!
North and South Korean Leaders Agree to Direct Negotiations as Trump Provokes Kim Jong-un on Twitter


Fordham Students Sue over Free Speech Rights to Establish Students for Justice in Palestine Group



What Happens If Trump Does Stop Aid To Palestinians?
US aid to the Palestinian Authority has averaged around $400 million a year – and primarily benefits Israel by reinforcing the status quo of occupation
by Ali Abunimah


Corporate Coercion and the Drive to Eliminate Buying with Cash
Once you’re in the credit card system, lack of privacy and access to your credit are just the tip of the iceberg
by Ralph Nader

*Card sharks circling


Lorde Set An Example For Young Celebrities To Follow
Exhibiting the political maturity of a truly “informed young citizen”, she recognised why the overwhelming majority of Palestinians have called on international cultural figures not to entertain apartheid Israel
by Hind Awwad

*Art-washing, or art for artifice’s sake


Amnesty International
Ethiopia: Closure Of “Torture Chamber” Could Signal New Chapter For Human Rights


International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran
Anti-Regime Protests in Iran


A game of chess: Gulf crisis expands into the Horn of Africa
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
Israel Responds to ‘Threat’ of Defiant Palestinian Teen
Israel’s governing Likud Party has called for annexing the occupied West Bank, and the Knesset has passed a law that seeks to cement control of East Jerusalem. Shir Hever says the moves are a response to growing Israeli isolation in the wake of a recent UN vote and the defiance of jailed Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi


Democracy Now!
Trump’s Vow to Support Iran Opposition Carries “No Credibility” as Demonstrations Enter Sixth Day


This nutrient may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes
Losing weight and exercise can lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. But getting more of this mineral may help, too
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action



COP23: From the Gap to the Precipice
by Daniel Tanuro


Betting on the wrong horse? US and Iranian hardliners spin anti-government protests
by James M. Dorsey


Life without Limits: The Delusions of Technological Fundamentalism
In a routinely delusional world, what is the most dangerous delusion?
by Robert Jensen


Remaining Peaceful Was Their Choice
Kathy Kelly describes life in Yemen’s city Ta’iz during 2011’s Arab Spring and under present-day U.S./Saudi bombardment


The Real News Network
Let Down by Reformists, Working-Class Iranians Join Widespread Protests
Thousands have taken to the streets in Iran’s largest and deadliest protests since 2009. Exiled Iranian activist Dariush Arjmandi says demonstrators are challenging economic mismanagement and repressive state control, not pushing the regime change agenda of Iran’s global foes


Just How Democratic Is Mexico?
As neoliberalism caused greater inequality and poverty in Mexico since the 1990s, the country’s leaders stifled press freedom and democratic rights in order to maintain power. Now Mexico has one of the world’s highest murder rates of journalists, explains CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot


2017 A Banner Year for Corporate Mergers, Which Further Deepens Inequality
Low interest rates, “quantitative easing,” and the mitigation of antitrust laws led to more mergers and acquisitions in 2017, but that’s only going to fuel greater wealth inequality and tighten the corporate grip on the political system, explains economist Michael Hudson

*Being far from an economic policy work, I appreciate Hudson’s analysis, but I’m nonplussed by his faith in Sanders and Warren, who, when push comes to shove, haven’t evinced any desire to do much more than posture as “populists” versus the DNCistas, as evidenced by their continued talk of “unity” with a party leadership that despises even their relatively tepid policy positions, much less anything that would legitimately justify the hashtag “#OurRevolution”.

Ideological purity?

When the shit hits the fan, I think it’ll be seen as simple survival mode.


The Under-Covered News Stories of 2017 (Part 1)
From African-American voter suppression to the U.S. role in Yemen’s humanitarian crisis, Adam Johnson of the Los Angeles Times and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting breaks down the under-covered stories of 2017

*Out of their sights

Out of our minds


The Right is Waging War on Academic Freedom
The resignation of Drexel University Professor Ciccariello-Maher following right-wing threats and harassment is the result of a broader, ongoing right-wing campaign to intimidate progressive professors throughout the U.S., and it’s having a chilling effect on academic freedom, says Trinity College Professor Johnny Williams


Why is Egypt Counting on US Aid to Israel?
Trump’s promise to stop aid is based on a misunderstanding of how aid works

*An empty posturing belies an insidious profiting


Institute for Public Accuracy
Korea and Olympics: Opening for Dialogue?


NYT’s ‘Trump Effect’ Mainly the Effect of Higher Oil Prices
by Dean Baker


Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald on Iran Protests: Trump Tweets “Time for Change” While Backing Dictators Worldwide


Glenn Greenwald: Is Facebook Operating as an Arm of the Israeli State by Removing Palestinian Posts?


Glenn Greenwald on Trump-Russia Probe: Be Skeptical of Spy Agencies with History of Lying & Deceit


December 2017



The Real News Network
Outrage in Peru Over Pardon of Ex-President Fujimori
Thousands of protestors took to the streets amid suspicions that President Kuczynski pardoned former President Fujimori, who was serving a 25-year sentence for crimes against humanity, in order to avoid impeachment for corruption


Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo Leads to World’s Worst Refugee Crisis
A flare-up of conflicts between Congolese, Ugandan, and irregular forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo has caused one of the world’s worst refugee crises and also contributed to the killing of at least 14 UN peacekeepers in the Congo in early December


Democracy Now!
Concerns Raised About $1 Billion Facial Scan Program with High Error Rate at Nine U.S. Airports


“Mental” Author Jaime Lowe on Living with Bipolar Disorder, Facing Social Stigma & Finding Support



#GOPTaxScam Equals a Big Win for Investors in Mass Incarceration
Because private prisons are classified as “real estate investment trusts,” investors will get a major tax cut thanks to the Republican tax law
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


When Companies Deny Climate Science, Their Workers Pay
General Electric doubled down on coal. Now, 12,000 workers are paying the price
by Carla Santos Skandier


Student Debt Slavery: Bankrolling Financiers On The Backs Of The Young
Higher education has been financialized, transformed from a public service into a lucrative cash cow for private investors
by Ellen Brown


What #MeToo Can Teach the Labor Movement
Everyone has to be all-in for rebuilding unions
by Jane McAlevey


How Big Oil Lost Control of Its Climate Misinformation Machine
by Neela Banerjee

*The mirrors that suckle the smoke


UE Research & Education Fund
UE Helps Set Up Global GE Trade Union Network


As Russian Election Begins, Will Russiagate End?
Russian politician Alexi Navalny is calling for a boycott of next year’s presidential election after being barred from running over corruption charges. We speak to Professor Stephen F. Cohen about Navalny, the Russian election, and how Russians are viewing the never-ending Russiagate controversy in the US

*The irony of Madame Mayhem pimping this Russia to Judgement isn’t lost on those in that country with a clear memory of American mendacity.


Corporations Hoard Their Trump Tax Windfall
After President Trump signed the GOP tax plan into law, some of the bill’s corporate beneficiaries have offered workers minor bonuses. But economist Bill Black says they’re keeping most of the money for themselves — and starting a new global race to the bottom for corporate taxes

*Let them eat cake

If they can find a bakery dumpster


Global leaders call on Samsung to protect workers in Vietnam, Korea and around the world
by Ted Smith


Democracy Now!
“Bussed Out”: How Cities Are Giving Thousands of Homeless People One-Way Bus Tickets to Leave Town

*No home for humanity


Lithium, Love and Losing My Mind: Jaime Lowe on Her Life with Bipolar Disorder & Drugs to Manage It



As Wealthiest Amass Another $1 Trillion in 2017, Calls for a ‘Strike Back’ Against Oligarchy
“We can have a world where everyone has a decent home, the chance for an education, and access to healthcare. Or we can have billionaires. We can’t have both.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Think those “commendable” “good intentions” by some exploitocrats (which one would be well advised to take with a sea’s worth of salt) might have something to do with their “concern” over killing their golden goose?


Report Finds Sexual Harassment Is Prevalent at DOJ, With Little Accountability for Those Accused
Even in cases involving potential criminal assault, the DOJ has failed to hold those accused of sexual misconduct accountable
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘This Is Simply Price Gouging’: Cost of Cancer Drug Hiked 1,400% Since 2013
“This is a Shkreliesque move, and is near to first degree murder as one can get without risking jail,” said one critic, referencing the Big Pharma CEO that infamously raised the price of an AIDS treatment
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*NextSource …

“Can’t afford it?



How It Could Finally Be Possible to Prosecute War as a Crime
by David Swanson


The Real News Network
The Pathology of the Rich – Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself (Part 1)
On RAI with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges discusses the psychology of the super rich; their sense of entitlement, the dehumanization of workers, and mistaken belief that their wealth will insulate them from the coming storms

*Those addicted to wealth and power have no vision for tomorrow

Only a viciousness for today



Oil Giants Invest $180B in Plastics, Propelling Oceans Toward ‘Near-Permanent’ Pollution
“We could be locking in decades of expanded plastics production at precisely the time the world is realizing we should use far less of it”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Street Kids School in Kabul: Stepping Stones to Change
“Those kids working in the street, they don’t have much time to think about their life and they don’t have time to think about their best future”
by Carolyn Coe


The Real News Network
India’s Capital of Delhi has the World’s Worst Air Pollution – Why?
Fossil fuels, especially coal, are the main culprits, but despite the public health emergency, the government is not acting on this issue, says Shouvik Chakraborty, research fellow at PERI


Rattling the Bars: The Strange Case of Merle Unger
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway examines the landmark case of Unger v. State of Maryland, which was responsible for the release of over 200 prisoners in 2014. However, Merle Unger, who won the case, remains locked up after 42 years of incarceration


Ending Violence Against Sex Workers
Sex Workers Outreach Project works to end violence and discrimination against sex workers, often by smashing stereotypes
by Dharna Noor


Democracy Now!
Allan Nairn: United States Tries—But Fails—to Stop to Stop Hondurans from Protesting Election Fraud


Allan Nairn: By Recognizing Jerusalem as Capital of Israel, Trump Drops “Pretense of Neutrality”

*The velvet glove falls from fashion


2017 in Review: Allan Nairn on Trump’s “Rightist Revolution” & the Social Movements Pushing Back

*As always, the struggle is not simply to defeat the worst elements of the exploitocracy, but to rip the mask off their “kinder, gentler” enablers.

Failure to achieve both, and move beyond what passes for “Our Revolution” in the US, leaves us with only our epitaph to compose.



A Radical Vision for Food: Everyone Growing It for Each Other
Consider the gift economy, brilliantly on display every Sunday in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, California
by Peter Kalmus

*Food for thoughtfulness


Violating the Sacred: GMO Chestnuts for the Holidays?
Is our meddling risking further damage to already fragile ecosystems that have since compensated for the loss of the American chestnut tree?
by BJ McManama


The Real News Network
The Cost of Exclusion: Gender Job Segregation Hurts the Working Class
Although women’s share of employment in most countries has increased, women’s share of the “good” jobs in the industrial sector has declined substantially over the past few decades, and that inequality is creating a weaker working class as a whole, says Stephanie Seguino of the University of Vermont

*A woman’s work is never done

Being devalued


Will New ANC President Ramaphosa Bring Real Change to South Africa?
Cyril Ramaphosa, who was recently elected to head South Africa’s ANC, is closely associated with major economic interests in South Africa, such as the Lonmin Mining Company, and is thus unlikely to bring about real change, says Patrick Bond


The Navajo Nation’s Water Crisis
Nearly 40 percent of residents on the Navajo Reservation still do not have running water in their homes
by Michael Sainato

*A trail of toxic tears


California Wild Fire Becomes Largest Ever Recorded
As 2017 marks a new benchmark for climate-change related U.S. disasters, FEMA director tells Americans they “will have to take care of themselves” when disasters strike


Baltimore City Council to Propose Income-Based Water Billing
A new report shows that half of Baltimore households will be unable to afford water by 2019, but new legislation could change that


Five Corporations Hire Two Intelligence Firms to Spy on Activists
The Guardian exposes corporate espionage against human rights groups


US Works to Uphold Flawed Honduras Vote
The Trump administration is trying to legitimize the conservative incumbent’s position in office by convincing friendly governments to recognize the deeply flawed vote in Honduras, despite growing calls for a new vote, explains Mark Weisbrot


Journalists Who Relayed GOP’s Deficit Moaning Owe Us Apologies
by Adam Johnson

*Of course, “a healthy media” wouldn’t have pimped this piss in the first place

And collective amnesia will again set in when lifeline social programs are guillotined in the name of “fiscal responsibility”, won’t it just?



‘Horrifying Step Backwards’ as Sessions Retracts Guidance Designed to End Abuse of Poor by Courts
Attorney General abandons directive to protect the poor from needless fines
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*From the toothless

To the heartless


Right-wing Groups Plan to Spend Millions to Convince Americans GOP Tax Scam Is Actually Good for Them
While Trump says tax plan is “selling itself,” GOP donor groups launch major advertising campaign amid growing opposition
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Malefactoring consent


‘Beyond the Pale’: Outcry as Trump Administration Considers Separating Immigrant Families at Border
“Cruelty as official government policy”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Pathetic’: Democratic Leaders Called Out for Betraying Vow to Fight for Dreamers
“Congress shouldn’t leave town to celebrate the holidays with our families while 800,000 Dreamers fear being ripped apart from their families”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Demoratcy in action


The Real News Network
UN Defies Trump Threats on Jerusalem Vote
Despite a threat from US Ambassador Nikki Haley to pull United Nations funding, the UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved a measure rejecting President Trump’s decision on Jerusalem


Despite Not Guilty Verdict in First Inauguration Case, U.S. Attorney Won’t Drop Charges Against Others
The case was a test of First Amendment rights of free speech and association under Trump, and the verdict is a blow to federal prosecutors and the D.C. police–yet the U.S. Attorney has decided not to drop charges against the remaining 180-plus defendants. But one of those defendants, Elizabeth Lagesse, says she’s cautiously optimistic


UE Research and Education Fund
Stop the attack on workers’ rights in Mexico


Democracy Now!
Stoked! Journalist Alexei Wood & First J20 Defendants Found “Not Guilty” as 188 Still Face Trial


Catalan Separatists Win Slim Electoral Majority Despite Jailing & Exile of Pro-Independence Leaders



Betraying Ratepayers and Clean Energy Future, Georgia Panel Approves Vogtle Nuclear Reactors
“The commission has failed Georgia’s hard-working families and businesses today by choosing to be lapdogs for Georgia Power instead of watchdogs for the people of Georgia”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Nuclear fisting


Corporate America Denounced for ‘Shameless’ Pandering by Issuing Paltry Worker Perks After Winning Permanent Tax Cuts Worth Countless Billions
Critics say attempt by major companies to attribute worker wage boosts to a tax bill that hasn’t even been signed into law is clear effort to “flatter” Trump
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Crumbs that take the cake


The Real News Network
Not Guilty in Inauguration Protest Case
A jury found the first six defendants to stand trial in connection with protests at Trump’s inauguration not guilty on all charges
by Baynard Woods

*Regardless of the verdict, justice is never fully served once the innocent are subjected to such an ordeal


US Pressure Led to Massacre of Colombian Farmers
Empire Files’ Abby Martin says the massacre of unarmed coca farmers in Tumaco, Colombia was in response to pressure from the Trump administration to undermine the government’s crop substitution agreement and use force in the “war on drugs”

*To a poor Colombian, the difference between His Travesty and any precedent president is purely academic.


Trump, GOP Pull Off Their Tax Heist
Congressional Republicans have approved their tax bill, a massive upward transfer of wealth that fulfills a decades-long right-wing goal of permanent tax cuts for corporations. We speak to professor and author Bill Black


Institute for Public Accuracy
UN Vote on Jerusalem: U.S. as “Capo dei Capi”

*Security Council

Or protection racket?


Democracy Now!
ACLU Investigation Reveals Texas Troopers Are Turning Traffic Stops of Immigrants into Deportations



While US Attacks Net Neutrality, UK Makes High-Speed Internet ‘Legal Right’
Rejecting major telecom company’s offer to voluntarily expand in rural regions, UK government says speedy broadband service now mandatory nationwide by 2020
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Ignoring Increased Support for DACA, Dems Back Off Pledge to Pass Year-End Fix
As protests continue across the country, Democrats in Congress set to renege on promises to pass immigrant protections alongside funding extension
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


“They cannot just tell us they are going to do something and then just drop out.”


The Real Story Behind Katharine Graham and “The Post”
by Norman Solomon

*The insidious irony of liberal iconogy


National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)
The Immigrant Workers Rebuilding Houston


The Real News Network
Jill Stein Denounces Probe over ‘Collusion with Russians’
The Green Party presidential candidate says she will comply with the Senate investigation of her campaign, but warns that “a noose is tightening around our democratic institutions”

*How much “#Resistance” will we see to this witch hunt?


Conservative Billionaire Wins Chile’s Election, But A New Left Emerges
Conservative former President Sebastian Pinera won a new term in office, but that doesn’t mean that a majority of Chileans support a right-wing agenda, says scholar Rene Rojas. In fact, a main issue was that the center-left candidate wasn’t progressive enough


Democracy Now!
“The Rape of Recy Taylor”: How Rosa Parks Helped a Sharecropper Report Her Assault & Seek Justice


Dodging endocrine disruptors: Here’s what you need to know about phthalates
by Leah Ettman
Nutrition Action



“Slave Ship Conditions” for Somalis as Deportation Flight Sheds Light on Horrific Practices Under Trump
For nearly 48 hours, before a deportation flight bound for Somalia was rerouted back to the U.S., 92 people on board were shackled and denied food, water, and access to bathrooms
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Trump’s Muslim Ban Repeats the Constitutional Travesty Committed Against Japanese-Americans in World War II
Trump is taking the nation back to a time that was specifically and undeniably not “great”
by Cecillia Wang


Communists Sweep the Nepali Elections
by Vijay Prashad


The Real News Network
Motion Alleges Lead Detective in J20 Case Gave False Testimony to Grand Jury
According to a recent motion, MPD Detective Greggory Pemberton made false statements in order to bring charges against protesters
by Baynard Woods

*I’m concerned about this seeming division of protesters into “the good” and “the bad”.

I haven’t seen a detailed description of the so called “criminal activity” and “destruction” by an unbiased source, and so I don’t have a clear idea of just what occurred, and under what circumstances

And even if acts were directed at “innocents”, no legitimate sense of justice could countenance the sentences initially sought by the prosecution.

I’d ask why hasn’t this outlet or others haven’t talked to those who committed these “crimes” to get their perspective. We can question the rationale for them without aiding and abetting the demonization of their perpetrators by the powers that be, can’t we?


Marikana Massacre Hangs Over South Africa’s New Extremely Rich ANC Leader
After a tight race that exposed stark divisions within the party, the African National Congress elected Cyril Ramaphosa, an anti-apartheid crusader, business tycoon, and key suspect in the 2012 Marikana Massacre, is positioned to be the country’s next president. But will he root out corruption, or is he part of the problem?

*The laurels the old guard rest on turned brown and brittle long ago


The Two Main Ways Corporate Media Will Whitewash McCain’s Legacy
by Adam Johnson

*A Maverick?

I always considered him more of a Pinto.


‘Watching Funds Be Depleted to Pay for This Tax Bill Is Unacceptable’
CounterSpin interview with Rebecca Cokley on GOP ‘Tax on Disability’
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
Tax Bill: Senators’ Special Tax Breaks, Duping Public

*Tax and spin


Democracy Now!
Puerto Rico Orders Recount of Hurricane Maria Death Toll After Investigation Suggests 1,000+ Died


Kali Akuno on the Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination Amid Rise in White Supremacy

*This and similar actions around the nation and the world need to be much more closely followed by “alternative media”.

Protests are vital to cover, but those doing day to day organizing to realize a different socioeconomic reality have a story to tell that we hear far too little about.



How Orwell Used Wartime Rationing to Argue for Global Justice
Orwell’s response to inequality between nations could be more instructive than ever
by Bruce Robbins

*If solidarity isn’t shoreless

It is ultimately soulless


How Latin America Bucked The Trend Of Rising Inequality
Through sustained networking and resistance, which secured redistribution and recognition, many Latin Americans have come to expect more of their governments
by Alice Evans


NYT Does Publicity Work for Senator Rubio, Tries to Package Him as “Longtime Champion of the Working Class”
by Dean Baker

*A pittance from a pissant


Trading Jerusalem for Iran
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
Undoing the New Deal: African-Americans, Racism and the FDR/Johnson Reforms (Part 5)
Historian Gerald Horne says that to pass the New Deal legislation, FDR allowed discriminatory practices to appease the racist Dixiecrat section of the Democratic Party; the reforms of the ’60s that responded to the upsurge of the civil rights movement helped Black Americans, but have been undone by Democratic and Republican administrations since – with host Paul Jay

*We can mull Roosevelt’s motivations in shafting blacks and other “others”, but as with all such ruminations, they mean little to those afflicted by his actions, don’t they?

If we agree that the New Deal was meant to save capitalism, we have to acknowledge that agriculture is a vital component of it, and omitting reforms in that sector kept its oppressive nature intact, to the intense detriment of not only blacks, but also landless whites, Latinos and others.

So was inequality an unavoidable fault of the policy

Or was it a intentional feature?


Disney Buys Fox, Will Viewers Pay the Price?
Disney’s $52.4 billion purchase of 21st Century Fox shrinks the media landscape, increases Fox News’ position, and could jack prices for consumers, says Craig Aaron of Free Press


How Right-Wing Sinclair Plans to Take Over Local TV
If Sinclair’s purchase of Tribune Media’s 42 TV stations goes through, they’ll be able to insidiously insert conservative commentary and right-wing messaging into 72% of U.S. homes


Real Media: Why We Need to Rethink Transport
AirPublic co-founder Hannah Gardiner talks about the need for progressive and radical policies to improve air quality, especially in transportation


NYT Failed to Note Op-Ed Authors’ Funder Has $2 Billion Motive for Attacking Argentina
by Eli Clifton


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is the National Security Strategy Military Dominance?

*The well traveled path of least #Resistance


Sexual Harassment and Low-Wage Women

*Sleaze amidst the grease


Democracy Now!
“All Eyes on U.S.” as Honduran Election Panel Declares Incumbent President Hernández Election Winner


“CorkerKickback?”: Sen. Supports Tax Bill After Last-Minute Provision Would Personally Enrich Him


Kali Akuno: Tax Bill is One of Greatest Transfers of Wealth from Working Class to Rich in History


Yemen Bombed to Brink of Famine as U.S.-Backed Saudi Coalition Targets Food Supplies



Capitalism’s Failure Of The Flesh: The Rise Of The Robots
The system and its machines must begin to serve humanity, as opposed to what has been the case since the advent of the industrial/technological age: the mass of humanity serving the machine
by Phil Rockstroh


Green Party Blasts FCC’s Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules, Demands Public Ownership of Internet Access

*Never depend on the kindness of corporate strangers


People’s Action
Alabama Special Election Revives the Civil Rights Movement to Restore Voting Rights to Millions of People Nationwide
Nationwide, 48 states could repeal similar restrictions, potentially adding six million eligible voters in coming elections


The Real News Network
Ecuador’s Vice-President Sentenced to Six Years Prison for Corruption
Ecuador’s Vice-President Jorge Glas has been sentenced to six years prison for taking $13 million in bribes from the construction company Odebrecht. However, the case is being complicated by a split within the ruling party and between President Moreno and ex-President Correa

*I’d look askance at Moreno’s assurances to indigenous folks and on the environment.

Left gummints in Latin America have in many instances abused them, and it, and Moreno may be attempting to play on this, with no intent to follow through on his promises.

Hardly an original tactic, needless to say.


World Bank and World’s Third Largest Insurer Divest from Most Oil and Gas
“The fact that they are making this commitment, to not be financing upstream oil and gas after 2019 is a pretty strong vote of non-confidence in the future of the oil and gas industry,” says Alex Speers-Roesch of Greenpeace Canada

*These institutions are seemingly recognizing the obvious – that they can’t survive in a world of climate chaos

But the thing is, we can’t survive in a world with them. If their rhetoric is real, they’ll still be aligned with the exploitocracy, won’t they? Celebrating a recognition of their own self interest seems akin to focusing on a few trees while the forest is aflame.


Baltimore Beat & TRNN: Is Having a White CEO in a Majority Black City a Problem? (3/4)
Baltimore Beat editor-in-chief Lisa Snowden-McCray interviews Real News senior editor Paul Jay on both the perception and substance of leadership in Baltimore

*I recall something about not judging persons by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

This wasn’t the context he was referencing, but it’s just as vital, isn’t it?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Documents Show U.S. Violated Assurances to Moscow About Limiting NATO

*The insidious irony of “Trust, but verify”


The Best (Healthiest) Sweeteners for a Ketogenic Diet
by Dr. David Jockers



US-Saudi nuclear talks: A barometer for whither the Middle East?
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
Palestinians Stand Up to Israel, Will the World?
“Palestinians will continue to protest as long as they’re not liberated,” says writer Mariam Barghouti, “the question is, when will the rest of the world finally begin listening?”


Can Baby Bonds Help Close Baltimore’s Wealth Gap?
Most social programs that address the poverty problem give out resources after someone has already experienced poverty, but “what we need is a structural apparatus in this society where people don’t get exposed to poverty in the first place,” says Dr. Sandy Darity


Judge in J20 Case Drops Inciting Riot Charge But Condemns Journalism as Conspiracy
Reporter Alexei Wood is facing decades in prison for windows broken at a protest he was covering
by Baynard Woods


Putin’s Syria ‘Victory’ Won’t End the Proxy War
Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared victory in Syria and says he’s withdrawing troops, but the proxy fight there remains and could ramp up in neighboring Lebanon, says Syria expert and scholar Joshua Landis

*Considering the “collateral damage” (perhaps the most insidious euphemism in the English language) engendered by all parties to the conflict, there will be many Syrians who will find little reason to “celebrate” this “victory”.

Yes, it is a complex situation, but ignoring the contradictions does nothing to bring it to a just conclusion.


Net Neutrality Repeal Is Only Part of Trump’s Surrender to Corporate Media
by Reed Richardson

*”[A]n extreme, right-wing ideology that thinks an unfettered free market is the cure for all evils.”

I think that should be “is the incubator for all evils”.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Killing Net Neutrality: “Regulatory Capture by Commercial Interests”


Democracy Now!
U.S. Support “Vital” to Saudi Bombing of Yemen, Targeting Food Supplies as Millions Face Famine



Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Federal Monitor Submits Status Report in Court-Ordered NYPD Stop-and-Frisk Reforms, Advocates Raise Concerns


Friends of the Earth
Sixth Round of NAFTA Talks Stall
Are NAFTA negotiations on the edge of collapse?


The Real News Network
Jones Wins, Bannon Loses in Alabama Special Election
Despite Far-Right former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s efforts to resurrect Roy Moore, Democrat Doug Jones pulled off a major upset in the Alabama U.S. Senate race
by Michael Sainato


Racism and Trumpism in Alabama
As Alabama votes ​in the special Senate election, historian Gerald Horne and TRNN senior editor Paul Jay discuss why an alleged sexual predator and slavery apologist is even in the running


Voter Suppression and Outright Fraud Continue to Plague Alabama
Despite voter suppression, the turnout will be high in order to defeat Roy Moore, explains Cliff Albright, of Black Voters Matter

*What I haven’t seen is a political profile of just who Jones is, and thus an indication of what he’ll do in the Senate.

What I have seen is support, and now celebration, for someone who is being depicted as being as virtuous as Moore is vile, and something tells me (namely, nearly a half century of paying close attention) that, as the song goes, it ain’t necessarily so.


NYT Prints Government-Funded Propaganda About Government-Funded Propaganda
by Adam Johnson

*Pointing the finger

While hiding the hand


Russia or Corporate Tax Cuts: Which Would Comcast Rather MSNBC Cover?
by Eoin Higgins

*Russian dressing drenching a heaping helping of hypocrisy


Democracy Now!
Major Education Victory in Philadelphia as Parents, Teachers & Activists Reclaim Control of Schools


What You Need to Know About DCIS Cancer That Could Save Your Breasts and Your Life
by Elyn Jacobs

*As always, I’m no expert

Use your best judgment, and never be satisfied with the knowledge employed to arrive at it.



Leaked Documents Expose How Corporations Use Spies to Subvert People’s Movements Worldwide
Given what “these companies have gotten away with,” concluded Naomi Klein, it is “no wonder they fear our power”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


WTO Summit to Ignore Price Crisis, Agricultural Dumping
Around the world, chronically low crop prices are keeping farmers from making a living despite record harvests
by Timothy Wise


The Fempire Strikes Back: Out With Monstrous Men!
On #MeToo and what comes next
by Ann Jones

*As dangerous as a backlash

Is the back pat of cooptation


Oil Change International
VA State Water Control Board Delays the Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Oil Change International Response


The Real News Network
Can Pennsylvania Draw the Line on Partisan Gerrymandering?
Two trials in Pennsylvania–one state, one federal–are challenging how state Republicans have drawn up the electoral map, and the outcomes have major national implications


Venezuela’s Opposition Sidelines Itself in Municipal Elections
The opposition’s decision to boycott the Dec. 10 municipal elections guaranteed that governing party candidates would sweep the vote. Lucas Koerner, of Venezuelanalysis.com, explains that the boycott had nothing to do with the electoral system, but rather with the dysfunctional dynamics within the opposition


Media or Cult? CNN Buries a Massive Russiagate Gaffe
Instead of explaining how it reported a false story on Russiagate, CNN brought on neocon David Frum to defend it. Max Blumenthal says that’s a “window into a cult created around Russiagate.”


Can Mindfulness Help the Resistance?
Robert Wright, founder of the website Mindful Resistance and author of the bestseller “Why Buddhism is True,” argues that mindfulness meditation can help us become more effective political actors

*I think Wright evinces a certain level of naïveté, and I appreciate Maté pushing back on it, but his point’s taken – that you have to understand why people do something before you can develop a strategy to address it.

He makes an imperative point about not equating understanding with excusing, and I believe that needs to be incorporated into how reachable Trump supporters (and your guess is as good as mine as to what percentage that might be) should be approached.

This “I feel your pain” schlock from the DNCistas is transparently insincere to them. If it’s stated up front that their support for Citizen KKKane is inexcusable, and that the only way their legitimate grievances can be addressed is to reject both his bile and neoliberal elitismo, that might cut some ice for its honesty, as well as making goddamn clear that those plaints are our own, as well.

It’s a theory, at any rate.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Nobel Peace Prize: Threats to Nuclear Ban Treaty


Why to be Wary of Fox News’ Reinvention of Exit Polling Tonight

*The unspoken portion of that Ailes quote

“So that worked out just fine.”



Meat Tax Crucial, Says Analysis, to Combat Climate Crisis and Global Health Threats
“Driven by a global consensus around meat’s negative contributions to climate change and global health epidemics such as obesity, cancer, and antibiotic resistance,” meat may soon be taxed like carbon, sugar, and tobacco
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Travesty of Justice’ as Trump DOJ Lifts Prosecution Threat for Banking Giant HSBC
Original agreement had been criticized as “the world’s largest wrist slap”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A tap on the wrist

Followed by a big wet smack on the lips


She’s the Poster Child for the GOP’s Estate Tax Repeal, But Her Sad Family Saga Doesn’t Add Up
Kristi Noem makes the case that the estate tax hurts farmers based on the tragic death of her father. Her story, however, does not line up with the tax code.
by Chuck Collins


Radical feminism is the only solution to men’s ongoing “sexual misconduct”
by Robert Jensen

*The backlash to #MeToo has begun to emerge, and will be normalized by the corpress (see this idiocy from AP https://tinyurl.com/yauv99rj).

There is a place to talk about “confusion”, but not presented in a context of conjuring the extreme to discredit the undeniable.

That is a time tested reactionary tactic that depends on a stacked deck

And it’s up to us to upend that house of cards.


The U.S. Media Suffered Its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages: Now Refuses All Transparency Over What Happened
by Glenn Greenwald

*Perhaps that should read

“Democracy Dies in Our Darkness”


U.S. Right to Know
Did 24 Coke-Funded Studies on Childhood Obesity Fail to Disclose Coke’s Influence?


The Real News Network
The Only Peace Process is Palestinian Freedom
The ongoing Palestinian protests over Jerusalem come on the 30th anniversary of the First Intifada and amid declarations that the “peace process” that followed it is dead. We speak to human rights attorney Noura Erakat.


Pressure Mounts On Doug Jones To Pull Off Upset in Alabama Senate Race
Democrats see hope in Alabama’s Senate race, which has become a high-pressure referendum on Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct
by Michael Sainato

*I’ll be glad if Jones wins

And I wish I could wager a hefty sum on that being pretty much the last time I’ll say that about anything to do with him.


Undoing the New Deal: Roosevelt Created A Social Safety Net, Not Socialism (Part 3)
Historian Peter Kuznick says the New Deal created necessary programs and regulations that mitigated the effects of the Great Depression, but he wouldn’t nationalize the banks or challenge private ownership

*FDR saved capitalism from itself, which is the whole purpose of “liberalism” – to act as a methadone for the exploitocracy’s addiction to greed, managing the disease but never curing it.

But a more useful way to view his actions is to see them as saving capitalism from communalism, or whatever term you care to use – from a society designed to guarantee that we all live a dignified existence.

Of course, a “liberal” would argue that that’s not possible

And proceed to do everything in their power to ensure that is the case.


A Chicago Alderman Introduced A Water Affordability Ordinance. Does Baltimore Need One Too?
Baltimore can get more revenue for new water infrastructure by charging what residents can afford to pay, says Mary Grant of Food and Water Watch

*I’m certainly far from an expert, but if we believe that healthcare should be a right, regardless of income, why shouldn’t the same be true for access to clean water?

Why isn’t water a service provided by the city, and funded by a truly progressive taxation of its residents, instead of through billing?

Is it that that would be a harder victory to win than bill affordability?

At least one inquiring mind would like to know.


Palestinians Resist Israel and its US Enabler
As the Israeli crackdown on protests in the Occupied Territories turns deadly, human rights attorney Noura Erakat says that Trump’s decision on Jerusalem is only the latest US attack on Palestinian self-determination


Coal, Lies and Renewable Energy, Australian Style
Is the new Tesla mega-battery for South Australia the game changer it’s made out to be? Tim Hollo, Executive Directer of The Green Institute, joins us from Canberra, Australia to separate fact from fiction in what he calls the ‘post-truth world’


Institute for Public Accuracy
Bangladeshi Community in NYC


Democracy Now!
Farmworkers, Domestic Workers & Women in Low-Wage Jobs Face Challenges Reporting Sexual Assault


Amid Worst Winter Wildfires in California History, Farmworkers Are Laboring in Hazardous Air



UN Experts Say Video Footage of Taser Use in US Jails Reveals Torture
“When you use a tool like this on an incapacitated person, to me it certainly amounts to cruel and degrading treatment,” said special rapporteur Nilz Melzer
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Trump-Endorsed Roy Moore Condemned for Reminiscing Fondly About ‘Great’ Era of US Slavery
Alabama Republican candidate Roy Moore claimed that “families were united” before slavery was outlawed
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Old times there are not forgotten

They’re run on


The Greenlining Institute
Consumer Groups Ask Ninth Circuit to Block FCC Broadband Order Downgrading Rural America


Jubilee USA Network
Archbishop and Evangelical Leader Tell Congress to Protect Puerto Rico in Tax Plans


The Real News Network
Reporter’s Harassment Sparks a #MeToo Moment at WNYC
As Time names the women who publicly confronted sexual predators the magazine’s “Person of the Year,” we speak to journalist Suki Kim, who outed a longtime radio host at WNYC for targeting her and several of his female colleagues


Unlike US Embassy, Palestinians Will Not Be Moved
As protests erupt over the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti says Trump and Netanyahu won’t succeed in displacing Palestinians from their homeland

*One state is the only just solution, but it was always dismissed as “beyond reality”.

Well, reality has caught up with it, and we’ll see if that will be recognized

But, as with South Africa, the end of apartheid would be only the beginning of a new phase in the struggle for justice.


Greece Emerges from Economic Crisis with Increased Inequality
Greece is “coming out of the crisis with a more polarized society, with an opened gap between the rich and the poor,” says economic scholar John Milios

*Meet the new boss

Just a front for the old boss


The Argument for Closing Low-Enrollment Schools is Wrong, Advocates Say
As Baltimore faces another round of school closings, parents and educators argue small schools are actually the best way to address entrenched poverty and other social ills


Normalizing Ethnic Supremacy in Israel/Palestine
by Jim Naureckas


Institute for Public Accuracy
Bethlehem and “the Altar of Imperial Politics”


Is the Democratic Party Anti-Democratic?

*A dog and donkey show


Democracy Now!
“The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”: Psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee on Growing Mental Health Concerns

*”[T]o process that information to make sound, logical decisions based on facts and real consequences.”

Can that be said to be a hallmark of any president?


“There are Thousands of Us”: Mental Health Professionals Warn of Trump’s Increasing Instability

*What does all this say about the grip on reality of those who blindly support him?



The FCC Still Doesn’t Know How the Internet Works
They also don’t care
by Erica Portnoy and Jeremy Gillula


Both Parties Pushed Trump Toward Reckless Action on Jerusalem
Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital further threatens Israeli-Palestinian peace, breaks international law, and risks a violent and destabilizing reaction in the region—which may be exactly the plan
by Stephen Zunes


Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Livestock Antibiotic Sales Finally Start Declining After Years on Rise
Decrease Follows Progress in the Chicken Industry, But Little Improvement Seen for Beef and Pork

*No “miracle drug” to abate avarice


The Real News Network
A Semblance of Justice For Walter Scott
Former South Carolina police officer was sentenced to 20 years in prison
by Michael Sainato

*Twenty years is something

But that something ain’t justice


Children’s Health Insurance Program Expire Under GOP Tax Bill
Nine million children will go without health insurance under the new GOP tax bill, says Bill Black, white collar criminologist and former regulator

*How the Gingriches Stole Christmas


Is Saudi Arabia Destroying Yemen to Plunder It?
As Yemen enters a new era with the killing of longtime ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, professor and author Isa Blumi says financial motives help drive the Saudi-led war


Bankrupt Greece Becomes a Major Military Spender and “Sales Agent” for NATO
Costas Isychos, the former Deputy Defence Minister of Greece, discusses the Syriza government’s policy of expanding NATO’s military might

*Another “shining light” proves no more than an illusive flicker



“The Silence Breakers”—TIME’s Person of the Year Captures Power of #MeToo
“This is for every woman who came forward. This is for every woman who was brave enough to say #MeToo.”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Cooptation always commences with compliments


#MeToo Solidarity: Sexual Harassment is About Labor Too
Union women, too, can demand that their organizations lead the nation’s response on sexual harassment; after all, more than half of the nation’s union members will soon be women
by Lane Windham


Amnesty International
UN Committee Tells Cameroon To Put An End To Torture By Security Forces In The Fight Against Boko Haram


Food & Water Watch
Advocacy Group Calls For Ban On Brazilian Beef Imports, Citing Countless Health and Safety Deficiencies Over Fifteen Years


The Real News Network
Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy Move Was Long in the Works
President Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the American embassy there. Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada says years of US policy set the stage.

*”Peace” at any price the Palestinians can be forced to pay


GOP Tax Bill: The Great American Heist
The ‘insane and opaque’ tax bill had no hearings, no independent experts, only lobbyists informed this bill. It will blow up the deficit and gut social programs, explains economist and white collar criminologist, Bill Black

*And like every other abomination (other than of the imperialist ilk, which they adore), the corpress will wring their hands, before proceeding to normalize it onto the American political landscape.


Trump Faces a Fight over Downsizing National Monuments
President Trump is flouting the law to shrink the Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah to open up drilling, mining, and fracking, but indigenous and environmental groups are pushing back


Institute for Public Accuracy
Leading Russia Analyst in D.C.


Why is Israelgate Being Downplayed?

*Well, they’re an ally

Which begs the questions as to just why they are


Media Downplay Class Warfare as ‘GOP Victory’
by Ben Norton

*I wouldn’t wait on the sidebar that breaks down just how much each media corp makes out of this mishegoss.


‘A Massive Blow to Social Movements if Our Voices Are Able to Be Blocked’
CounterSpin interview with Erin Shields on net neutrality repeal
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
Daniel Ellsberg Reveals He was a Nuclear War Planner, Warns of Nuclear Winter & Global Starvation

*We wonder if there’s intelligent life on other planets

If there is, they have to be wondering the same of us



‘Cowardly’ and ‘Shameful’: Bowing to Right-Wing Smear Campaign, MSNBC Fires Sam Seder
“MSNBC just allowed the lies of a white nationalist Pizza-Gate bottom feeder to bring him down. It’s…2017 in a nutshell.”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*They must’ve discovered his affinity for borscht


Let Them Eat Wedding Cake
A Colorado baker’s bid to discriminate against gay couples sets a precedent that would harm both small businesses and civil rights. Independent business advocates arguing for enforcement of public accommodation laws make their case in a dispute that will be argued before the Supreme Court today.
by Jeff Milchen


Why Democrats Don’t Want to Talk about Flynn’s First Meeting with the Russians
How the Democrats aided Michael Flynn’s involvement in Israeli’s illegal settlements
by Stephen Zunes

*Silencing the sound and fury

Signifying “Nothing to see here”


Is Big Food’s Lobbying Arm on the Brink of Extinction?
Consumers can take satisfaction in the fact that they’ve played a role in what some say is the diminishing power of the GMA over Washington policy
by Katherine Paul


Amnesty International
UN: China Fails To Scupper Resolution On Myanmar’s Persecution Of Rohingya


The Real News Network
Trump’s Friends Get Tax Cuts, His Base Gets Bigotry
As President Trump re-tweets an anti-Muslim British group, historian and professor Gerald Horne of the University of Houston says Trump is following through on the bigotry he campaigned on

*I’d call it “divide and conquer”, but if it was never united …


What Does Saleh’s Killing Mean for Yemen?
Yemen’s longtime ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh has been killed by his former allies, the Houthi rebels. We talk with Dr. Sheila Carapico of the University of Richmond


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is Flynn/Kushner Actually IsraelGate?

*Something tells me there won’t be much preachifying on this from the Pelosi/Schumer pulpit


Headlines Ignore the Abuse Reports That Make Moore Endorsement Newsworthy
by Adam Johnson

*Something tells me that if an “official enemy” like Maduro were accused of such, there’d be no hesitancy extant.

Bin Salman is another story.


Democracy Now!
ACLU Vows to Keep Fighting as Supreme Court Allows Trump’s Mostly Muslim Travel Ban to Take Effect


Honduran Riot Police Refuse to Carry Out Crackdown on Opposition Protests After “Illegal” Election



The Art of Keeping Guantánamo Open
What the Paintings by Its Prisoners Tell Us About Our Humanity and Theirs
by Erin L. Thompson


A Women’s Revolt That Targets Far More Than Sexual Abuse
There is a genuine uprising, and no one can find the leader to shut it down
by Chris Hedges


Chile’s Political System Shaken by Rise of New Anti-Neoliberal Left
by the Socialist Project


Chicago Democrats: “Embarrassment of Riches” or War?
by Lenny Brody​

*Sanders knows what he’s doing

And it’s long past time for us to suss it, as well.


The Real News Network
Robert Wright on Mindfulness, Buddhism, and Overcoming Delusions
In part one of our interview, bestselling author Robert Wright discusses his new book “Why Buddhism Is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment.” Wright argues that mindfulness can help overcome constraints on the human mind imposed by natural selection, allowing us to see the world more clearly

*The subject may seem incongruent with things “political”, but if we’re to affect those things effectively, we have to utilize the faculties of our minds to their fullest, don’t we?

I have over sixty years of programming to overcome, but I’ve been making halting progress over the last couple of years, and a somewhat calmer mind has allowed me to understand shit better, and hopefully express that understanding better.

One analogy (Metaphor? Whatever … ) that might be helpful is to think of anxiety, fear, stress, feelings of inadequacy et alia as junk food for your brain. I’ve been more successful at cleaning up my physical diet than my mental and emotional ones, but just as I can see the benefits of ridding crap from my digestive system, and ingesting healthful food, so too does an increase in mindfulness work to detox our psychological landscape.

Perhaps the most pernicious poison we ingest is a lack of acceptance of who we are at present. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to improve ourselves as human beings (and we always have room to improve), but that we stop beating up on ourselves for our “failures”.

We need to acknowledge our faults, to see them clearly, in order to transcend them. Obsessing on them only obstructs that process.

We are a work in progress

And progress is only made in the present


Democracy in Crisis: Project Falsitas
D.C. prosecutors introduce James O’Keefe’s sting video in the case against inauguration protesters just as the Washington Post reminds us again just how shady he is
by Baynard Woods

*Slimeballs playing hardball


Argentine Government Bars Major NGO Representatives from WTO Meeting
In an unprecedented move that violates World Trade Organization rules, Argentina revoked accreditations of representatives of 20 NGOs, preventing them from attending the 11th WTO Meeting in Buenos Aires next week. Deborah James of CEPR explains the significance of this decision


Should NATO Answer for Libya’s Slave Trade?
CNN has revealed that African migrants are being sold at slave auctions in Libya for as little as $400. As the UN weighs sanctions, professor and author Horace Campbell says the NATO powers who tore Libya apart should own up to their responsibility

*Crocodile tears from the reptiles responsible

Campbell makes a vital point regarding diminishing extremism by improving the conditions and protecting the rights of desperate people. Nations, from the US to Russia, who evince concern about “terrorism”, never take this route, for that boogeyman allows them to boogie across the geopolitical dance floor.


GOP Tax Bill is Even Worse Than We Think
The secretive Senate Republican tax bill is one of the largest wealth transfers to elites in US history, and economist James Henry says its damage to lower-income earners will likely be even worse than thought once its full contents are known


Flynn Plea Shows Collusion With… Israel?
Michael Flynn’s guilty plea to lying to the FBI falls short on Russia “collusion” but points to the Trump administration acting on Israel’s behalf, says author and journalist Max Blumenthal

*I appreciate Blumenthal’s work debunking the Russia to Judgement, but when he or anyone else frames Russian involvement in Syria as “God’s work”, I only see corpses and crumbled cities.

Russia is there to protect its assets and to aid an ally in a region in which it has little influence. It, along with every other actor in this horror movie, has committed war crimes, making the term “deescalation” one dripping in irony.

You don’t to believe every piece of propaganda pimped by the corpress about Syrian and Russian actions to suss that blood is on all hands here.

As with so many other situations, opposing what the US does doesn’t absolve its targets of their own iniquities, and ignoring them only lessens our credibility to call the lie on the narrative of American benevolence.


Real Media: Doctors Against Diesel
Co-founder of Doctors Against Diesel Chris Griffiths on why he has expanded his work from research to lobbying and protesting about what he sees as a medical emergency in our cities


Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Auto industry: Driving your own car should be illegal, unless safety recall repairs are done


Institute for Public Accuracy
Tax “Reform”: An Attack on Work


Honduras Coup? Charges of Election Rigging Escalating into Curfew, Attacks on Pro-Democracy Activists


Democracy Now!
Rep. Keith Ellison Says Franken & Conyers Should “Examine Their Conscience” over Sexual Harassment

*Another sort of “resistance”

To saying anything that hasn’t been carefully calibrated


Honduras: Protesters Defy Military Crackdown and Flood the Streets to Protest Alleged Vote-Rigging

*Will this be an election outcome Madame Mayhem can celebrate?



Trump DoD Scraps Plan to Ban Cluster Bombs That Maim Children and Civilians Worldwide
“This is a profoundly retrograde step that puts the U.S. way out of line with the international consensus”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Help the Women of Walmart Today
Being a Walmart worker means being expected to put up with poverty pay, inflexible schedules, and disrespect from bosses
by Tiffaney Meredith

*The Low Life Leader ™ hides behind hip


The Real News Network
Real Media: Worker Union Takes Fight to Universities
The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain launched a landmark legal case to bring collective bargaining rights to outsourced workers at the University of London. If they win, the case will set a historic precedent that could aid zero-hours and precarious workers all around the country


Trump Tax Plan Would Slash Charitable Giving by Almost 40%
According to some estimates, there would be between $13-$95B less in charitable giving by individuals, because raising the individual deduction removes the tax incentive to give, says David Callahan, founder and editor of Inside Philanthropy


Protests Erupt as Honduras Presidential Election Results Reversed
The country’s electoral authority reversed the initial presidential election results, now giving the conservative incumbent a lead in the vote count. Tensions are mounting as protesters clash with the police. Heather Gies reports from Tegucigalpa, Honduras

*US sanctions forthcoming

To be delivered on the backs of flying pigs


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Not Just Russia” — Flynn’s Lie about Israel

*Don’t expect Dems to make a stink about this, since the stench of Palestinian corpses envelops them as much as their “rivals”.


Democracy Now!
Is Trump Plan to Replace Rex Tillerson a Push for More U.S. Aggression Toward Iran, North Korea?


GOP Quietly Moves to Open Arctic Refuge to Oil & Gas Drilling While Earth Undergoes 6th Extinction


New Investigation Finds U.S. Special Forces Massacred Somali Civilians & Orchestrated a Cover-Up

*It evinces an incredible naïveté on Goldbaum’s part that she should be shocked by any of this, don’t you think?

And her description of US personnel being “misled” fails the laugh test, when the reality is that they didn’t give a shit whom they killed.

“Let their own god sort ’em out” is SOP for SOFs, and how she can’t fathom that, after what she’s uncovered, is beyond me.


November 2017



McCain Drops ‘Maverick’ Facade to Deliver Massive Gift to Rich, Strip Healthcare from Millions
Arizona senator is a “maverick, except when Wall Street calls”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Saudi Arabia’s Lebanon gamble may pay off
by James M. Dorsey


Gulf Crisis Creates Opportunity for Asian Nations
The rift between the Gulf countries and Qatar has created a space for Asian countries to step in to engage with the small peninsular state
by James M. Dorsey


An Escalating Afghan Crisis of ‘Profit’ Over ‘Life’
by Dr. Hakim Young


The Real News Network
Police Rising
Detective Dawnyell Taylor and the missing center of HBO’s “Baltimore RIsing”
by Baynard Woods


Institute for Public Accuracy
Did Trump Greenlight Neoconservative Takeover Of State Dept. And CIA?


Are Sexual Predators Enabled by Secrecy Agreements?

*The shadows silence the screams


NYT Corrects Its Ed Herman Obit
by Jim Naureckas



Former KKK Leader David Duke Says ‘Thank God for Trump’ After President Shares Anti-Muslim Tweets From UK
“Trump has legitimized the far right in his own country, now he’s trying to do it in ours”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The most baleful of bird calls from Citizen KKKane


Inside the Pity-Our-Farmers Tax ‘Reform’ Scam
No farm families, repeat no farm families, are losing their family farms to the federal estate tax
by Bob Lord

*Plenty of manure fertilizing this faux family farm defense


Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Federal Judge In Arkansas Dismisses Case Brought By Private Probation Company
Civil Rights Advocates Applaud Decision, Call For An End To Privatization Of The Criminal Justice System And Termination Of Policies That Harm Racial Minorities


The Real News Network
Cities Offer Amazon Dangerous Incentives
Amazon has received 238 bids from North American cities vying to host its new headquarters, and some are offering the company extreme incentives that undermine democracy, says economist Dean Baker

*Whatever Cali gummint’s “relatively progressive” on

It ain’t got a goddamn thing to do with downsizing Silicon Valley’s dominion, do it?


Trump Plans to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
Max Blumenthal and Paul Jay on Mike Pence’s announcement that Donald Trump is actively planning to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, going against decades of US policy

*Much more than the topic listed – an overview of developments in the region, and their possible consequences


CNN Crusades Against Slave Trade in Libya, but Knew About It for Years
U.S. corporate media “does not report on the slaughter and the persecution of people by these U.S.-backed governments until most of them are dead,” says Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford


Real Media: Ineos Vs. The People
Talk Fracking founder, Joe Corre, talks about challenging a wide-ranging legal injunction brought by the huge chemical company, Ineos, in order to prevent protest and comment on their fracking activities across England


Backlash Against Russian ‘Fake News’ Is Shutting Down Debate for Real
by Robin Andersen


Institute for Public Accuracy
GOP’s “Tax Cut Bonanza is a Major Attack on Medicare”



Koch Latino Front Group Instructs Arizona Moms About School Vouchers
Two of the richest men in the world believe that transforming the public school system into for-profit money making operations is the “choice” Arizona moms should be making
by Mary Bottari


The Real News Network
Cyntoia Brown and The Flawed Juvenile Criminal System
In an interview, documentary filmmaker Daniel Birman discusses his work following Cyntoia Brown through the criminal justice system since she was arrested
by Michael Sainato


Trump’s Coup on Consumer Protection
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is in limbo as two people claim to be its new acting director. The outgoing head tapped Leandra English as his successor, but Donald Trump then appointed Mick Mulvaney, who has called the CFPB a “sick, sad” joke


Opposition Wins Honduras Presidential Race, But Problems Lie Ahead
Honduras’ incumbent President Hernandez has not conceded the election, and President-elect Salvador Nasralla faces many obstacles implementing a left-of-center and anti-corruption agenda, as his supporters would like. Prof. Adrienne Pine of American University explains


Media Erase NATO Role in Bringing Slave Markets to Libya
by Ben Norton

*”Bringing light to the world”

By setting it aflame


Institute for Public Accuracy
Tax Plan: Goldman Always Wins


Democracy Now!
As Accusations Stack Up, A Look at the Onerous Process of Reporting Sexual Abuse on Capitol Hill

*I’d like to say it’s amusing to watch these bastards calculate how to manage this to protect their political asses

But there’s nothing in the least bit humorous about it, is there?


Floating Guantánamos: How the Coast Guard Uses Indefinite Detention to Wage “War on Drugs” at Sea



How Can We Combat Wage Theft And Protect Immigrant Workers?
Every year, millions of workers suffer from wage theft when employers or companies do not pay them what they are owed
by Rachel Deutsch


The New York Immigration Coalition
NYIC Submits FOIA For Operation Matador
LI Law Enforcement Program Appears to Profile Immigrants


Friends of the Earth
EU Fails To Seize Opportunity To End Glyphosate


The Real News Network
Resolution Pushed For Democrats to Return Money From Wealthy Donor Involved In Death of Black Male Escort
California Democratic Party African-American Caucus is pushing for the party to adopt a resolution to return donations from wealthy donor after black male escort died in his home from a drug overdose
by Michael Sainato


Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt – Chris Hedges on RAI (3/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss the role of violence in revolution and the Bernie Sanders campaign

*I can’t see mentioning persons like Sanders, Nader and Kucinich in the same breath as “revolution”. They have no transformative vision, futilely seeking to fashion chicken salad out of the chicken shit of capitalism.

If they’re the artists of the possible, then life as we know it will no longer be.

Our only hope exists in solidarity among the exploited, which is goddamn hard to do when you’re valuing some lives over others. Folks don’t cotton to being told “pragmatism” demands they suffer and die.

The same applies to the use of force. We have a right to defend ourselves and others. That force has to be principled and disciplined to be both effective and morally valid, but I can’t tell someone to not fight back when their body and their breath are on the line.

What I believe is vital is an articulation of just why those means are necessary. There is no glory in violence. Killing the most vile of our oppressors should bring no joy for its own sake. It’s a means to an end, and that end should always be placed in the context of a defense of our dignity, our right to live without fear and misery.

That fealty to principle could well help precipitate what Hedges speaks to regarding the loss of will to defend the exploitocracy. Knowing that they would be treated humanely, that their humanity would be respected, should they lay down their arms may have a salient effect on the Praetoriani.

Nothing is certain, except the abyss, should we continue to delude ourselves that there’s a way to drain the swamp while swimming around in it.


How Neoliberal Law Enforcement Policies Broke Black Communities by Targeting Women
In an interview with Andrea Ritchie, author of “Invisible No More”, she explains how police strategies like ‘zero tolerance’ implemented by purportedly liberal states have wreaked havoc on the lives of black women


Empire Files: What the Russian Revolution Proved Possible
Nov. 7, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the seizure of power by workers and peasants in the Russian Revolution, regarded as the most world-altering event in the history of civilization. Abby Martin talks to Brian Becker, socialist organizer and co-author of the book “Storming the Gates: How the Russian Revolution Changed the World.”


Europe’s White Supremacists Have Powerful Allies
After a massive neo-fascist march in Poland and new reports of neo-Nazi influence in Ukraine, Lev Golinkin, an author who fled then-Soviet Ukraine as a child, says both the US and Russia have troubling ties to Europe’s far-right


Institute for Public Accuracy
Can Post-Coup Honduras Have a Fair Election?

*Another of Madame Mayhem’s “signal foreign policy accomplishments”


Without Public Editor, NYT Ducks and Dismisses Criticism of Its Sympathetic Nazi Profile
by Reed Richardson

*Funny how the humanizing never extends to those who truly stand for humanity, and not simply pose as its defenders

And I don’t view that as being “lazy” or “blind”.


NYT’s Obit for Ed Herman Requires a Correction
by Jim Naureckas


Democracy Now!
Sharif Abdel Kouddous: Mosque Attack Comes As Egypt Faces “Wave of Repression” on Political Freedoms



In Puerto Rico, the ‘Natural Disaster’ Is the US Government
Conscious of its own role in creating “disasters,” the U.S. must also tailor aid to local conditions, and to respond to an injured community with an appreciation of its history and foreseeable future
by Yxta Maya Murray


Averting the Apocalypse: Lessons from Costa Rica
“If we want to have any hope of averting catastrophe, we’re going to have to do something about our addiction to growth”
by Jason Hickel


As Flynn Cuts Off WH, Top 4 Alleged Crimes He Could Sink Trump With
“Remember, it isn’t the crime that usually gets them but the cover-up”
by Juan Cole

*The rat deserts

But is the ship sinking?


Trump Administration Plays Media Like Fiddle on Iran/HBO Hacking Story
by Adam Johnson

*Bileful bitumen flowing through the hypeline from power to press


Keep the teacher’s tax deduction in our federal taxes
by Sarah Friedman



The ‘Opposite’ of Leadership: Anita Hill Says Joe Biden Apology Not Good Enough
Hill, who famously testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her, said the former vice president and then-committee chair should have shown leadership but “did just the opposite”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Pilate on the Potomac


Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Anti-Choice Law That Critics Warned Endangered Women
“The court’s decision once again makes clear that politicians cannot force their way into private medical decisions that should stay between patients and physicians. Access to vital reproductive health services should not depend on a woman’s zip code.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Every Friday Is Black Friday: Why Our Addiction to Consumption and Growth Is Killing Us
Our behaviour within the system cannot change the outcomes of the system. It is the system itself that needs to change
by George Monbiot

*The bigger we are

The harder we fall


Thanksgiving Is a Tradition. It’s Also a Lie
Sure, it’s a tradition. So is the Confederate flag.
by Tommy Orange


Commercial terms call into question China’s win-win Belt and Road initiative
by James M. Dorsey

*Playing hard ball with soft power


Web of secret money hides one mega-donor funding conservative court
by Robert Maguire


The Real News Network
Trump’s FCC Goes to War on Net Neutrality
A new plan unveiled by Federal Communications Commission chair Ajit Pai would repeal hard-fought net neutrality rules that uphold equal internet access. Can Pai’s effort be stopped?


After Collapse of Coalition Talks, What’s Next for Germany?
“The problem is that many people in Germany are really sick of all the old parties; they don’t believe any of them, they’re unhappy and dissatisfied,” says author and journalist Victor Grossman


Gobble, Gobble: Investigation Reveals Cannibalism, Hepatitis at Major Turkey Supplier Turkey Supplier
Direct Action Everywhere released findings of abhorrent conditions at an industrial farm that supplies of one of the country’s largest turkey sellers
by Michael Sainato and Chelsea Skojec


What Happened To Farm Workers Unionization In California
Frank Bardacke: Farm workers unions became dependent on Democratic Party politics

*A cautionary tale about taking a cautious (and ultimately corrupting) route to political power



Naomi Klein: Trump’s Treatment of Haitians Portends Brutal Future for World’s Climate Refugees
“This isn’t only about Trump’s antipathy toward non-white immigrants,” she writes. “We may also be witnessing a particularly brutal form of climate change adaptation.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


FCC Under Fire for Ignoring ‘Massive Scheme to Corrupt’ Net Neutrality Comment Process
Amid widespread outrage over the agency’s proposed internet rule changes, NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s says chairman has refused to cooperate with probe into fake posts
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


To Stop Keystone XL, 8,000 People in Just 24 Hours Make ‘Promise to Protect’
“TransCanada has many hurdles still ahead on Keystone XL, and if they ever run out, thousands of people have promised to be the biggest one”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Valve-Turners’ Putting Lives On the Line For Our Climate Emergency
“Our lives are at stake. But people won’t understand that until some of us demonstrate we’re indeed fighting for our lives”
by Leonard Higgins

*The necessity of defense of the planet


With Few Watching, Republicans Have Put in Place New Poll Tax to Disenfranchise Voters
Preventing people from voting because they owe legal fees or court fines muzzle low-income Americans at a time in our nation’s history when the rich have more political power than ever
by Robert Reich

*Priced out of the polling booth


The Real News Network
Standing Rock Water Protectors Deliver Petition to Drop Remaining NoDAPL Charges
Standing Rock leaders delivered a petition of 55,000 signatures to the Morton County State Attorney Office this week
by Michael Sainato


J20 Defendant’s Diary: Day 1
On November 20, prosecutors and defense made opening remarks; manager of Au Bon Pain, bike cop testify
by Elizabeth Lagesse


Activists Crash Press Conference to Challenge Trudeau on Climate Policy
Former Trudeau supporters Hayley Zacks and Jake Hubley were arrested after confronting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about his support of the Alberta tar sands and approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, despite posturing as a ‘climate crusader’

*”Liberal” limberness

Patting you on the head

While kicking you in the crotch


Trump Raises Fears About Nukes, But US Anti-War Movement Is Lacking
‘It’s not that Americans are less intelligent than other people, it’s that the U.S. imperial system is accepted by most Americans without them really thinking about the nature of that system,’ says Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford


Activists Rally for $12M Youth Fund for Black-Led Groups Fighting Inequity
At a time of record violence, the proposal would award millions annually to community-led organizations working to uplift Baltimore youth and address the root causes of violence


Democracy Now!
Expert: President Trump Calling His Accusers “Liars” Confirms Women’s Fears of Not Being Believed


Rebecca Solnit: Ending Sexual Harassment Means Changing Masculinity & Undermining Misogynist Culture

*”Run by women” would be better than men, assuredly, but a focus on gender leads us to the likes of Madame Mayhem and ilk, doesn’t it?

We need women, men and every other permutation who “get it”

And are determined to change “it”.


Haitians Denied Protected Status Face Deportation to “Nation in Turmoil” After Earthquake, Hurricane



‘Women Are Very Special,’ Says Trump, But Roy Moore ‘Totally Denies It’ and ‘We Don’t Need a Liberal Person in There’
Many viewed the president’s comments as an endorsement of a candidate who has been accused by nearly ten women of sexual misconduct
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Predators of a feather stick together

And what’s he wearing … his “breast cancer” tie?


Out of Spotlight and Across Industries, Surveys Reveal Pervasive Sexual Harassment of Women
National surveys show more than a third of women across America are abused by bosses, colleagues, and customers while on the job
by Common Dreams staff


New Report Details ’13 Terrible Things’ About Senate GOP Tax Plan
Americans for Tax Fairness warns that the bill gives most of the tax cuts to the richest 1%, makes 82 million middle-class families pay more in taxes, and endangers funding for public services
by Common Dreams staff


Amid Russian Denials, Greenpeace Demands Probe into Source of Nuclear Radiation
Kremlin admits detecting increased radioactivity but denies that Mayak plant, the scene of earlier disaster, is the source
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Renewable ravagement


Trump’s “Frightening” Pick for Top Census Job Thinks “Competitive Elections Are Bad for America”
Thomas Brunell is a political science professor with no government experience, and would politicize the agency tasked with counting every resident of the U.S.
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Count on connivance


In America and Around the World, the Poor Will Pay for the GOP Tax Plan
A large cut in corporate rate in the U.S. would be perceived internationally as a full throttle acceleration of the global race to the bottom on corporate taxation
by Léonce Ndikumana


What You Need to Know About the Trump FCC’s Plan to End Net Neutrality
The details of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to destroy Net Neutrality are out. And they’re even worse than expected.
by Candace Clement


Here’s What Your Workplace Can Do about Sexual Harassment
Bringing these conversations to your school or workplace is a massive disruption to business as usual, and that’s exactly what we need
by Gina Scaramella

*Impugning the impunity


Transition in the Middle East: Transition to what?
by James M. Dorsey


FIFA on Trial: Qatar’s World Cup back in the firing line
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
Russiagate ‘Experts’ Include Bigots and Frauds
Max Blumenthal of Alternet’s Grayzone Project reveals that several influential so-called “experts” on Russiagate have sketchy pasts and an agenda to silence dissenting voices

*Feeding garbage to the scapegoaters


Saudi Financial Crisis at Heart of Princely Rage
The severe financial crisis and foreign policy failures ​are making Prince Mohammed bin Salman increasingly belligerent, says Vijay Prashad


Democracy in Crisis: A Global Antifascist Movement
Heather Heyer and Pavlos Fyssas are heroes to European antifascists. Why not here?
by Baynard Woods

*A “#Resistance” to a dire reality


Why is Police Brutality Against Women So Often Overlooked?
Women’s experiences with police violence are often absent from the discussion about police brutality. TRNN’s Taya Graham and Stephen Janis discuss the issue with attendees of the National Women’s Studies Association Conference in Baltimore


At First J20 Trial, Prosecution Falls Flat
At the first mass trial of some 200 people over the J20 anti-Trump Inauguration Day protest, the prosecutor acknowledged that there is no evidence that the six defendants damaged property. So why do they face 60 years behind bars?

*At the risk (well, certainty) of repeating myself

A police state of mind


Justice for Port Drivers
Help us pass the Port Drivers Bill of Rights Act through Congress!


Institute for Public Accuracy
Net Neutrality Protests to Hit Verizon Stores During Holiday Shopping Season



FDA Raids in Florida Suggest Trump Admin. Policy Change That Benefits Big Pharma
News of the raids follows the president’s nomination of a former drug company executive to serve as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Pro PhRMA


As Support Grows for Ban on Killer Robots, Viral ‘Slaughterbots’ Video Warns of Threat to Humans
AI’s “potential to benefit humanity is enormous, even in defense, but allowing machines to choose to kill humans will be devastating to our security and freedom”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The mindless from the soulless

Or vice versa


Experts Warn It Would Take More Than One General to Thwart “Illegal” Nuclear Strike
“What would happen if a president ordered a nuclear strike, but the commanding general refused, believing it to be illegal? The truth is, no one knows.”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Failed safe


Inequality Out of Control: The Average 1% Household Made Over $2.5 Million in the Past Year
“Inequality, like a malignant tumor, is growing out of control, and the only response from Congress is to make it even worse”
by Paul Buchheit

*Suggested edit

“[w]e may never _____ be an equitable and functional society.”


In Defense of Millennial Politics
We are practicing freedom in new and profound ways
by Derek Denman and Maria Adelmann


Washington’s War on Poor Grad Students
Imagine having to pay thousands of dollars of taxes on virtually no income
by Jill Richardson


‘Hot Potato’ Shows Why Workers Won’t Benefit From Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut
Who will be left holding the potato?
by Steven Pressman

*Why did “mashers” pop into my head?


Saudi-UAE push to mobilize tribes against Qatari emir
by James M. Dorsey


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Two Years After Historic Settlement Ending Indefinite Solitary Confinement in CA, CCR Details Ongoing Violations, Releases Report Showing Lasting Consequences of SHU Post-Release
New Filing Seeks One-Year Extension of Court Monitoring Based on Violations


The Real News Network
Digital Superpowers Poised To Increase Global Inequities Under the Label of E-Commerce
Public forum sheds light on dangers ahead for most countries from the push for comprehensive deregulation backed by big players at the forefront of new technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


Seven J20 Activists go to Trial This Week
Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Industrial Workers of the World organizers about the current status of their court case dealing with protests at Trump’s inauguration


Turmoil in Zimbabwe May Present New Opportunities
The military coup in Zimbabwe and a leadership crisis within the ruling party has created an opportunity for a “national transitional authority,” which may be the best option for long-oppressed Zimbabweans, says Horace Campbell of the University of Ghana


Collective Action Key to Fighting Sexual Harassment
When women organize to fight back against sexual harassment, they’re more effective and better protected than when they go it alone, says Jacobin’s Alex Press

*Do we agree that how we work with each other in a group must reflect what we claim to be working for in the wider world?

If so, any contradiction in that commitment diminishes our ability to effect sociopolitical change, and there’s no place for “relativism” that subordinates that basic precept to “the greater struggle”.

The principle of treating others as you’d wish to be treated is central to any notion of justice and active humanity.

Merely paying lip service to it is a certain sign of a hypocrisy that vitiates any claim to integrity.


As US Fuels War Crimes in Yemen, House Says US Involvement is Unauthorized
Overwhelming support for the nonbinding resolution, which passed the House 366-30, shows opposition to Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen is growing, but more pressure is needed to stop U.S. involvement, explains economist Mark Weisbrot of CEPR


Ignoring Washington’s Role in Yemen Carnage, 60 Minutes Paints US as Savior
by Adam Johnson


Institute for Public Accuracy
“60 Minutes” Highlights Saudi Atrocity in Yemen, Ignores U.S. Role in it

*”60 Minutes” of silence on US savagery


‘Tolerance of Violence in Homes Is the Necessary Precursor to Public Violence’
CounterSpin interview with Soraya Chemaly on domestic violence and mass shootings
by Janine Jackson

*The corpress will never “diversify its own management”, which is why we need alternative media outlets

But it is true that “it’s hard for (any) media to critique itself”, and unless that’s a central principle for those alternative sources, their benefit to us will always be limited.



‘These Will Be Weapons of Mass Destruction’: Warnings About Killer Robots After UN Talks
While support builds for an outright ban of autonomous weapons, powerful nations with large technology industries are resistant to imposing expansive limitations
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Corporate Power, E-Commerce, and the World Trade Organization
Ahead of upcoming summit, the world’s most powerful tech companies are angling to maintain their dominance
by Deborah James


Popular Thanksgiving Turkey Brand Comes with a Side of Antibiotics?
According to testing conducted under the USDA protocols, samples of Diestel Turkey products tested positive for numerous drug and antibiotic residues
by Katherine Paul

*Taking us for Whole Fools


Friends of the Earth
Major Grocery Retailers Across North America Reject Genetically Engineered Fish


The Real News Network
Barghouti: Cambridge’s Interference in BDS Event is ‘Ludicrous’
Cambridge University threatened to shut down an event about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, citing concerns about the Palestinian moderator’s neutrality. BDS founder Omar Barghouti says it’s a “slippery slope towards McCarthyism on campus”


Brazilian Women Protest Legislation that Could Ban Abortion
A constitutional amendment in Brazil has passed a key committee in the legislature and, if passed, would criminalize all abortions, even in cases of rape and risk to the mother’s life


Wasserman Schultz Ally Resigns Amid Allegations of Creating ‘Creepy’ Work Environment for Women
Billionaire donor, Florida Democratic Party Chair Stephen Bittel, resigns from position he won in controversial election
by Michael Sainato

*But … but …

He backed Hillary (see Weinstein, Harvey)

And she’s a “feminist”!

I’m so confused …


Harvey Weinstein Hired Israeli Spies to Silence His Victims
The disgraced film producer contracted the firm Israeli firm Black Cube to spy on his accusers. Journalist and best-selling author Max Blumenthal says that’s no surprise given Israel’s role as a “leading expert on repression”


Trump’s CFPB Pick Will Likely Spell Bad News for Consumers
The good news is that President Trump has been slow to nominate heads for regulatory agencies, says white-collar criminologist Bill Black. The bad news is that Trump will pick someone eventually to replace Richard Cordray

*Every day a bank holiday if His Travesty and the bipartisanistas have their way


Guardian, NYT Paint Power-Grabbing Saudi Dictator as Roguish, Visionary ‘Reformer’
by Adam Johnson

*Not hard to suss what it’s “The Guardian” of, is it just?


Democracy Now!
Activists Condemn Failure of COP23 to Address Interrelated Crises of Climate, Energy & Inequality

*”The one eyed man is king”

Thankfully, not for this segment, but all too often on this program, he or she is also a respected guest.


Tom Goldtooth: Carbon Trading is “Fraudulent” Scheme to Privatize Air & Forests to Permit Pollution

*Buy the sky and sell the sky
And bleed the sky and tell the sky
Don’t fall on me

– “Fall on Me” by R.E.M.


Migration Advocate Calls on Delegates at COP23 to Address Climate Change Displacement



Supreme Court Will Decide If Women Can Join Together To Fight Sexual Harassment At Work
24.7 million American workers have been forced to sign contracts that, as a condition of employment, require them to waive their rights to joining a class action lawsuit to address sexual harassment and other workplace disputes
by Celine McNicholas


Whither Catalonia?
Josep María Antentas interviewed by Dan La Botz


The Real News Network
Democrats Push to Help Predatory Payday Lenders
A bipartisan bill being pushed by Democrats in the House and Senate would help payday lenders circumvent state regulations on interest rates
by Michael Sainato


Trump’s Crackdown on RT Met by Media, NGO Silence
The Justice Department’s move forcing RT America to register as a foreign agent has received little to no criticism, or in some cases notice, from prominent media outlets and civil liberties groups. We speak to author and journalist Max Blumenthal

*A flexible fealty to free speech


Can Congress Stop Trump From Going Nuclear?
The Senate has held a hearing on a topic it hasn’t taken up in more than four decades: the President’s authority to launch nuclear war. William Hartung of the Center for International Policy discusses nuclear policy in the Trump era

*Nuclear weapons, by definition, have always been in the hands of lunatics


Police Shootings of Native Americans are Underreported and Rising
The Native American population suffers from higher rates of police shootings, but this is generally underreported because the incidents often occur in remote areas, explains Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report


Justice for Port Drivers
End exploitation of workers on LA City property!


Institute for Public Accuracy
Facebook or Russia: Who’s the Real Threat?


‘There’s All Kinds of People Who Have Their Snouts in the Trough Here’
CounterSpin interview with James Henry on the Paradise Papers
by Janine Jackson


Spinning E-Commerce as Rust Belt’s Salvation
by Eoin Higgins

*It goes without saying that these joblets are non union

And so the corpress does just that.


The Pathological Refusal to Report the Simple Truth About Presidential Lying
by Reed Richardson

*Why would you expect liars to call out their kin?


Democracy Now!
Zimbabwe in Limbo as Military Seizes Control & Places President Mugabe Under House Arrest


Nigerian Environmental Activist: Displacement from Climate Change Contributed to Rise of Boko Haram


Activists at COP23 Decry Companies & Corporate Sponsors Pushing Fossil Fuel as Energy Solution


Migration Expert Urges Immediate Action as Millions Are Already Displaced by Climate Change



Don’t Fall for AT&T’s Billion-Dollar Swindle
Have I got a deal for you
by S. Derek Turner



Capitalism Is Not the Only Choice
We have opportunities every day to build economies that lift each
other up and spread joy
by Penn Loh


Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s return to Lebanon: A moment of truth
by James M. Dorsey


A Just Transition From Climate Change and Unemployment
by Joseph Mathunjwa


The Real News Network
Is Greek Democracy Dead?
Panagiotis Lafazanis, former leader of Syriza’s Left Platform and current leader of Popular Unity, says Greece has become a protectorate of the Troika


Spreading The Word
Mothers Of Murdered Sons And Daughters offers space to deal with grief
by Eze Jackson


House Democrats Help Republicans Pass $700B in Military Spending
A record spending bill overwhelmingly approved by the House on Tuesday
authorizes $700 billion for the U.S. military

*No gridlock on the door to death and destruction


NYT’s Campus Free Speech Coverage Focuses 7-to-1 on Plight of Right
by Adam Johnson

*Clutching pearls for swine


Democracy Now!
Pacific Climate Warriors Roll Out Anti-Coal “Red Carpet” for Angela
Merkel at U.N. Climate Talks

*We’ll see just who is “actually here to make a change”


Special Report from the Occupied Forest: Meet Activists Fighting
Europe’s Largest Open-Pit Coal Mine

*Politically committed action speaks louder than politically calculated words


BPA: still a big deal
Bisphenol A is everywhere. And research suggests that it’s not doing
your health any favors
by Caitlin Dow



The Real News Network
Congress and Oil Industry Collude to Charge Anti-Pipeline Activists With Terrorism
The American Petroleum Institute has crafted a letter, signed by 84 members of Congress, suggesting that anti-pipeline activists should be charged with domestic terrorism. DeSmog Blog’s Steve Horn says it’s just one of many instances of a government-industry alliance against green activists

*Oiling the skids for a police state


Activists Disrupt White House’s Pro-Coal Panel at Bonn Climate Summit
Investigative journalist Steve Horn breaks down the special interests behind the Trump administration’s pro-fossil fuel presentation at COP23

*What’s the environmental impact of snake oil?


Institute for Public Accuracy
“McCarthyism Inc: Hyping Russian Threats”

*From communism to terrorism to Putinism, the pimping of an external “threat” has always served to enable repression of any incipient internal one.



Roy Moore Backers Circle the Wagons as Second Woman Steps Forward With Assault Allegations
Beverly Young Nelson says she was 16 when the Alabama Senate candidate attempted to rape her and then threatened her
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Can a fictional godhead sue for defamation of character?


Fight the Disease, Not the Symptoms
If we can mount sustained acts of defiance in the face of severe state repression, we have a chance
by Chris Hedges

*Know your enemy, but every bit as essentially

Know your “friends”


The Super Wealthy Oxycontin Family Supports School Privatization With Tactics Similar to Those That Fueled the Opioid Epidemic
by Sarah Darer Littman


Canada’s Pro-Israel Lobby Uses Fake News and Specious Assumptions to ‘Demonize and Delegitimize’ the BDS Movement
by Dimitri Lascaris


Arab media: Saudi purge promises tighter control
by James M. Dorsey


Just a john? Pornography and men’s choices
Reading the news the past few week about men’s routine abuse and exploitation of women led be back to “Just a john? Pornography and men’s choices,” a talk I gave in 2005 to a men’s group. Some of the details of the pornography industry have changed since then, but the questions I ask are still relevant.
by Robert Jensen


Four Viral Claims Spread by Journalists on Twitter in the Last Week Alone That Are False
by Glenn Greenwald

*Swallowing bite sized pieces of perfidy


New Mass Resistance as Spanish State Jails Catalan Ministers
by Dick Nichols


Urgent Action needed in support of Shahabi & Salehi; Salehi is close to death!
by the International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran


The Real News Network
Democracy in Crisis: Conspiracy Theories
The government’s case sets lowbar for conspiracy charges on eve of this week’s J20 trial
by Baynard Woods


Alexandr Buzgalin On The Centenary of the Russian Revolution
The spirit of the revolution is still alive and the centenary is being celebrated in Russia by the democratic left, convening people from the former soviet republics and the world


Is Waiting for Coal Jobs a Mistake?
President Trump has repeatedly promised to bring back coal jobs, and as a result, some miners are holding off on retraining programs. But is there a future for coal? We speak to economist Bob Pollin of PERI


US Sanctions on Venezuela: ‘Attempt to Destroy the Economy’
Venezuela’s recession is making it difficult for the country to meet its debt payments, but US sanctions are making a difficult task almost impossible, explains CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot


Saudi’s ‘War on Lebanon’ Backfires
After being accused of forcing him to resign, Saudi Arabia’s apparent detention of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has boosted support for Hezbollah, says author and professor Amal Saad


Join The Dots: Data WTF?
Kam Sandhu and Matt Kennard discuss the ways in which our data is being used by data brokers, tech elites and financial technology companies in order to make assessments of us. Is all data credit data?

*Using our footprints to keep theirs on our necks


Institute for Public Accuracy
Alex Azar at HHS: “Big Pharma’s Coup”

*It’s a swamp thing


Not Kremlin Propaganda: Neo-Nazis in Ukraine


Media Who Went to Bat for Shut-Out Critics Should Also Stand Up for Targeted Copwatchers

*A false front on having backs


Democracy Now!
CA Gov. Jerry Brown Tells Indigenous Activists Protesting Fracking He’ll Put Them “In the Ground”

*Jerry Brown is a true “liberal”

And I mean that in the worst way possible.


Thousands Protest in Manila as Trump Hails “Great Relationship” with Philippines President Duterte


Breast Cancer Signs: 5 Rarely Discussed Early Warning Signs
by Ty Bollinger


The ins and outs of osteoarthritis
Here’s the latest on how to protect your joints and what to do if you develop osteoarthritis
by Caitlin Dow



Don’t Worry, Europe, Radioactive Cloud Likely From Nuclear Facility Accident Deemed ‘Harmless’
Ruthenium-106 was detected “in the atmosphere of the majority of European countries” beginning late September, French officials said
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Critics Slam Roy Moore’s “Disgusting” Fundraiser Based on Sexual Abuse Allegations
In wake of accusations he molested 14-year-old girl, GOP candidate asked supporters to stand with him against “an all-out war on our conservative values”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*God, guns and gonads


Making Puerto Rico the New New Orleans – Steal the Schools and Give Them to Big Business to Run For Profit
Celebrating teachers who refuse to back down despite the forces of prejudice and commerce stacked against them
by Steven Singer

*Mass ignorance is the oligarchy’s bliss


The Real News Network
Burn Pits and Betrayal: How the U.S. Poisoned its Veterans
As the U.S. marks Veterans Day, the documentary ‘Delay, Deny, Hope You Die’ explores how the Pentagon and its contractors have neglected soldiers poisoned by toxins on military bases overseas

*Patriotic poison is the refuse of scoundrels


Trump Admin Pushes Work Requirements on Medicaid Recipients
The Trump administration will back efforts to impose work requirements on Medicaid participants, creating a new obstacle to healthcare for vulnerable people, says Michael Lighty of National Nurses United

*Arbeit macht frei


Richest Arabian Arms Dealer and Arrested Prince Unveiled
Prince Al-Waleed is one of Saudi Arabia’s richest princes and profited enormously from Saudi arms purchases. Andrew Feinstein, author of ‘Shadow Wars’, on the legal risks of corrupt arms dealing

*Which flows faster

The money

Or the blood?


German Green Party Abandons Key Demands to Join Conservative Coalition
Initial coalition negotiations in Germany between the Christian Democrats, the economic liberals (FDP), and the Green Party indicate that the Green Party has decided to abandon specific target dates for the phasing out of combustion engines and coal mining

*Is politics the art of the possible

Or the artifice of certain betrayal?


Free Press
Help Save the Lifeline Program: Call the FCC Today


Institute for Public Accuracy
Are Saudia Arabia, Israel and the U.S. Trying to Destabalize Lebanon?


What Corporate Media Failed to Learn About Canadian Single-Payer
Media responded to Bernie Sanders’ hospital tour of Canada with predictable dismissiveness
by Michael Corcoran

*Odd … no mention in these pieces of Article 25 of the UDHR, and US’ commitment to same.

An inadvertent oversight, surely.


Democracy Now!
Will Trump Challenge Philippines President Duterte’s Deadly Drug War When They Meet in Manila?


On Asia Trip, Trump Met by Protests Calling on U.S. to Open Diplomatic Relations with North Korea

*”[T]he backbone of U.S. global influence” is its money and its military might, and rueing the “near collapse” of its diplomatic corps, which works hand in glove with same, is an odd view to take for a program that bills itself as “the exception to the rulers”, don’t you think?



#WorldWithoutWalls: A Global Demand From Palestine to Mexico and Beyond
Demonstrations across the globe denounce walls erected by powerful governments as “monuments of expulsion, exclusion, oppression, discrimination, and exploitation”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Despite ‘Misinformation’ Campaign by Telecom Industry, Municipal Broadband Wins in Colorado
One city approved a ballot measure to invest $150 million to establish a local broadband utility, while 19 communities voted in favor of exploring similar options
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


A Texas Church Massacre and the Illusion of Armed Salvation
We need to start envisioning a world beyond mass murder: a world where rage and hatred are not armed and, indeed, where our most volatile emotions can find release long before they become lethal
by Robert C. Koehler

*Haplessness is a warm gun


Center for Biological Diversity
New Report: California Oil Among World’s Dirtiest
Rampant Oil Production Undermines State’s Climate Leadership

*Fool’s Golden State


The Real News Network
Iran Accused of Using Afghan Child Soldiers in Syria
Human Rights Watch says Iran has sent thousands of Afghan refugees to fight in Syria, including children as young as 14. We speak to journalist and author Emran Feroz

*I appreciate Maté’s efforts to put this in context, although I think he was unnecessarily confrontational in doing so.

Of course, if Feroz is interviewed by the corpress, there’ll be no worries about such matters, will there?


Residents March Through City Hall to Demand Affordable Housing Funds
Advocates delivered a petition to Baltimore finance officials to demand $40 million per year to fund affordable housing and fix blight, part of plan they say will restore equity to a city that has doled out big tax breaks to wealthy developers

*What a revolting “development”


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Backing Saudi Escalation of Starvation in Yemen


NBC News’ Breezy Whitewash of White Supremacist Group
by Adam Johnson

*Perhaps not “naïve” or “gullible”

But simply appealing to a trending demographic?


‘We Need a Fundamental Shift in the Way We Frame Drug Issues’
CounterSpin Interview with Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno on U.S Drug Policy
by Janine Jackson


‘Title IX Requires Schools to Handle All Allegations Promptly and Equitably’
CounterSpin interview with Alyssa Peterson on campus sexual assault
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
Yemeni Journalist: Saudi Arabia’s Total Blockade on Yemen is “Death Sentence” for All


Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman Consolidates Power & Purges Rivals Under “Anti-Corruption” Pretense



‘Amazing News’: Rights Groups Celebrate After Italy Bans Use of Circus Animals
Advocates for animal welfare praised the Italian parliament while calling on other nations, including the United States, to follow suit
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


To Fight Global Threat of Antibiotic Resistance, WHO Issues First-Ever Guidelines to Curb Use
Experts warn without urgent action on a global scale, “by 2050, almost all current antibiotics will be ineffective in preventing and treating human disease”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Holding onto Your Humanity in Solitary Confinement
On the pain and the pathology of the Security Housing Unit
by Cynthia Kaufman and Ifoma Modibo Kambon


SECURE Act is a Public Lands and Waters Giveaway to Dirty Industry


The Real News Network
Empire Files: Trump Expands Police-State Crackdown on the Left
At Trump’s inauguration, around 200 protesters and journalists were mass arrested and now face up to 70 years in prison on baseless charges. Many other legal assaults on civil liberties are in the works around the country, from treating anti-fascists as “domestic terrorists”, to legislation protecting drivers who run over peaceful marchers

*No “gridlock” when it comes to locking up those both sides of the aisle fear


Congress’ ‘Show Trial’ of Big Tech over Russia
Twitter, Facebook, and Google were brought before Congress last week over claims about Russian use of their platforms to influence the 2016 election. We speak to Yasha Levine, author of the forthcoming “Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet”

*Exhuming McCarthy, as the song goes


Spain Is Turning the Political Problem of Catalan Independence into a Judicial Issue
As Spain issues European arrest warrants for Catalan independence leaders who are in Belgium, the conflict is becoming a judicial matter when it really should be political, says Sebastian Faber


Vijay Prashad at Code Pink Summit: The Trump Presidency May Be the Last Presidency
President Trump’s presidency is so “annihilatonist” that it may very well be the last presidency of the United States says Professor Vijay Prashad at the Code Pink Summit

*Righteous rant, but we won’t get to where we have to go as long as we’re traveling in a clunker called “The Democratic Party”

No matter who’s at its wheel.


Ramsey Orta Can’t Breathe
The only one punished since Eric Garner’s killing is the citizen-journalist who recorded it
by Josmar Trujillo

*For the denizens of the darkness

The highest crime is shining a light


Democracy Now!
Billionaire GOP Backer Robert Mercer Used Offshore Profits to Fund Breitbart & Attacks on Clinton

*Ask the people of Haiti about the Clintons’ “good work” in their shattered nation.

Whatever lies (add “Pizzagate” to the putrid pile) Bannon and his ilk may propagate about her, the truth is more than enough to “tarnish” her in the eyes of anyone with a fealty to peace and justice.


Paradise Papers Expose “Cleverest Ways of Exploiting” Offshore Tax Havens by GOP & Democratic Donors

*A unified theory of greed

Regardless of posture



AFL-CIO Must Shine Light on Past Foreign Policy, Activists Say
by Larry Sillanpa

*Burying the past

Digs a grave for the future


Good guys and bad guys
by Robert Jensen

*Domination is a multitasking monster, rampaging across the range of socioeconomic life.

A clear view of its head sharpens our focus on its tentacles.


Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
New Research Shows The Industrial Livestock Industry Is Creating A Climate Crisis
The top five mega-corporations responsible for factory-farmed meat and dairy are responsible for emitting more combined greenhouse gases (GHGs) than Exxon, or Shell, or BP

*The methane in their madness


The Real News Network
The Link Between Saudi Prince’s Power Grab and DC Corruption
The power moves by the Saudi kingdom at home and in Lebanon were made easier by buying influence in powerful circles of Washington, DC, says The Intercept’s Ryan Grim

*No histrionic hearings on Gulf (or Israeli) “undermining of American democracy”


The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap (3/3)
Nixon’s embrace of ‘black capitalism’ continues to this day while the roots of the racial wealth have never been addressed, says Mehrsa Baradaran of the University of Georgia

*The barefoot have no bootstraps


Saudi Prince Salman’s Chess Game with Hezbollah in Lebanon
Prince Salman’s counter coup d’etat in Saudi Arabia​ has resulted in the forced resignation of ​Prime Minister Hariri in Lebanon, says Vijay Prashad


Democracy Now!
How Domestic Violence and Militarism “Open the Floodgates” to Mass Shootings Like the Texas Massacre


As NYPD Officers Are Charged with Rape of Teenager, Advocates Call for End to Mass Sexual Violence


Acclaimed Chilean Writer Isabel Allende on Death of Pablo Neruda, the 1973 Chilean Coup & Trump


Chilean Writer Isabel Allende’s New Novel, “In the Midst of Winter,” Examines Immigrant Lives & Love



Analysis Shows How #TrumpTaxScam Stiffs Middle Class While Giveaways to 1% Grow Over Time
Meager cuts to working people will be temporary, gradually turning into tax hikes, but the benefits to the wealthiest only getting better
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘I Made This… But Didn’t Get Paid’: Garment Workers Appeal Directly to Shoppers
Factory workers draw attention to mistreatment and unpaid wages with notes hidden inside clothing items
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Making the chic

Getting the shaft


Extreme Poverty Cut in Half? Only in the Minds of the Capitalists
Conditions getting better? Only in the minds of capitalists who don’t want their comfortable lives disrupted by a rebellion among their billions of victims
by Paul Buchheit

*The poor will always be with us

Until the rich are not


Saudi crackdown raises spectre of wider spread dissent
by James M. Dorsey


Menominee Tribe Takes Action to Protect Its Namesake River
Lawsuit Aims to Ensure Clean Water Act Protections for Regionally and Nationally Important Waters


The Real News Network
22 Years After Rabin’s Murder, Israel Even Further From Peace
On the 22nd anniversary of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s murder by a far-right Israeli, journalist Gideon Levy says Israel has become even more hostile to a just peace — one that Rabin himself was never willing to offer


Baltimore Activists Hold Second CeaseFire Weekend
As Baltimore passes 300 murders in 2017, CeaseFire 365 activists hold a second 72-hour killing-free weekend


Did the Saudis Force Lebanese PM to Resign?
Scholar Rania Masri says it’s clear from a number of factors–from the dialect of his resignation speech to the location where delivered it–that Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was forced by the Saudi Arabian government to resign


Are Body Cameras Nothing More Than PR for Police Departments?
Baynard Woods speaks with an activist and public defenders about body cameras having little effect on the use of force by police officers


The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap (2/3)
Mehrsa Baradaran details how government policy created white middle class wealth while simultaneously impoverishing African Americans

*New Deal

From the bottom of the deck


The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap (1/3)
A major compromise to white supremacy after Civil War was abandoning reparations and creating Black banks, argues Mehrsa Baradaran

*An object lesson in lionizing “leaders”


Rattling the Bars: Herman Bell
In this episode of “Rattling the Bars”, Eddie Conway looks at the motivations behind the brutal assault on Herman Bell, a 69-year old political prisoner incarcerated since 1973


Democracy in Crisis: Why We Don’t Call Vanguard America Terrorists
Trump’s response to two different terror attacks shows the reach of white supremacy
by Baynard Woods

*The protofascists may be the perps

But the “lib’rul media” are the something other than “gullible” enablers


UK Interest Rate ​Hike​ Ignores Equitable Policy Options
In order to slow inflation, the Bank of England is raising interest rates for the first time in a decade–but this move ignores policy options that could potentially ease high levels of inequality in the UK, explains Positive Money’s Ed Smythe

*Nothing sweet about fudging these numbers


Documents Raise Fears of Pentagon Domestic Spying
Newly revealed documents tie the Pentagon to widespread warrantless surveillance of US citizens and non-citizen residents, a major threat to constitutional rights, says Sarah St. Vincent of Human Rights Watch


5 Years Later, Have We Learned from Superstorm Sandy?
For many, Superstorm Sandy was a wake-up call on the dangers of human-driven climate change and the disparate impact of its effects. On Sandy’s fifth anniversary, we discuss whether the lessons have been learned


Institute for Public Accuracy
DNC Chair Perez’s “Disingenuous” Responses to Brazile


* Asia * Saudi * Lebanon


Democracy Now!
Suspect in Texas Church Massacre was Thrown Out of Air Force & Jailed for Assaulting Wife & Child


Texans Decry “Extremist” Gun Lobby & Inadequate Background Checks After Mass Shooting Kills 26


After Texas Massacre, Drexel Prof. Asks: “What Makes White Men So Prone to This Kind of Behavior?”


Why Did Media Overlook Sept. Shooting in Plano, Texas When Estranged Husband Killed Wife & 7 Others?


Paradise Papers: Millions of Leaked Docs Reveal Shady Ties & Tax Evasion by Trump’s Inner Circle

*Avarice is no stranger in paradise



Gulf Crisis: Soccer Trumps Politics
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
Spanish Judge Orders Arrests of Catalan Independence Leadership
A Spanish judge has detained eight former Catalan ministers and issued arrest warrants for Catalan leader Carles Puidgemont and his cabinet. Protesters have taken to the streets to demand their release. Professor Sebastiaan Faber has more from Madrid


Fragmented Health System Paves Way for CVS-Aetna Merger
In what is being called the biggest merger in the history of the health insurance industry, CVS is making a $66 billion bid to buy Aetna. We discuss the merger’s potential consequences with author and professor Bill Black


Who Funds the World’s Dirtiest Energy Projects?
International big banks are ramping up Alberta oil sands projects even though scientists warn it could spell “game over” for human civilization, says Rainforest Action Network’s Alison Kirsch

*It doesn’t matter if a filthy, stinking corpse is filthy, stinking rich, does it?


Billionaire Backer of the Alt-Right Sells Stake in Breitbart
Wil Hylton says Robert Mercer’s attempt to distance himself from the alt-right is about PR, not policy

*Please be aware that we’re talking about differences of degree, not kind.

“Boring conservatism”, with possible rare exceptions, is at heart is about profit über alles and power projected globally, with the death and destruction that comes with that.

Some may be more strategic and prudent than others in their pursuit of those aims, but there should be no mistaking the intent extant.


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Why the Papadopoulos Plea Isn’t a Smoking Gun”


Media Make Excuses for Bush Sr.’s ‘Cop-a-Feel’ Assaults
by Tegan Jones


Democracy Now!
In Puerto Rico’s Highlands, Hurricane Maria Has Exploded Fault Lines of Poverty & Austerity


Economist Yanis Varoufakis: Puerto Ricans Deserve an Escape from “Permanent Debt Prison”


Yanis Varoufakis on Global Capitalism & How Trump’s Tax Plan is Class War Against the Poor


Greek Economist Yanis Varoufakis on Nazi Resurgence in Europe & Why ”ISIS Loves Donald Trump”


Do Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines Lead to Over-Diagnosis?
by Sayer Ji



Why the United Socialist Party of Venezuela Won the Regional Election
The Left won the battle for now but the war continues
by James Petras


The Real News Network
The Balfour Declaration: How 67 Words Shaped the Middle East

One hundred years after the Balfour Declaration, Britain’s colonial legacy endures, says TRNN’s Shir Hever


Donna Brazile Confesses that DNC Rigged Primaries
Former DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile confirms money laundering scheme between the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign
By Michael Sainato

*So, if Brazile told Sanders about this, why hasn’t he exposed it?

And if she’s lying, you’d think he’ll say she is.

We’ll see …


Indigenous Activists Fight the ‘Standing Rock of the North’
The proposed Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion would run through 518 kilometers of Secwepemc territory. Kanahus Manuel of the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society discusses Indigenous activists’ struggle to stop the expansion


Media Spent Months Lionizing General Who Defended Slaveholders’ Revolt
by Ben Norton

*Hail to the chief enabler

(And Lee spilled the blood of those he enslaved, as well)


Democracy Now!
“Send Him to Gitmo”: Trump Urges Execution of Saipov After Defending “Both Sides” in Charlottesville


Advocates: Make “Low-Tech” Car Attacks Less Deadly by Putting Barriers on Bicycle & Pedestrian Paths

*Such a move would evince a desire to deter these attacks, so it seems a no brainer

Until you consider just who benefits from their continuation.


Uzbekistan Cooperated with CIA Rendition & Torture Post-9/11, as Gov’t Boiled Dissidents Alive



*I don’t know that I know that much, but I do know that dogma is friend to no one but the dominator, and despises those who question contradictions.

Witness the opprobrium unleashed toward those who look askance at the cockassuredness of the Russia to Judgement ™.

If two plus two keeps coming out seven, it may not be your math.

We humans can be intellectually lax, which often leads to being morally slack, because we “want to believe”, to be part of something larger than ourselves, in an effort to validate our existence

But at what cost?

When a political personality or movement supersedes the principles they or it claim to represent, dogma has triumphed, as was the case a century ago in Russia.

And as we question the contradictions of others, we must also be ever alert to our own, else we fall victim to a self made ideological rigidity that consigns our criticisms to the realm of hypocrisy.

I hope that makes some sense.*

Flying Under Radar of Trump Chaos, GOP Set to Confirm Slew of ‘Extremist’ Judges
“These nominees’ collective records reveal the disturbing truth that this administration does not just tolerate radical anti-equality views among its judicial nominees, but requires them”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Kaine … Kaine …

Where have I heard that name before?

Maybe I should ask “archfeminist” Ms. Clinton?


Want To Prevent Sexual Harassment And Assault? Start By Teaching Kids
Prevention needs to begin in early childhood and continue for life
by Poco Kernsmith, Joanne Smith-Darden and Megan Hicks


Fossil Fuels Are Killing Us. So What’s The Plan?
Why we can’t hide from the discussion about a managed decline of fossil fuel production
by Hannah McKinnon

*A “green” economy dominated by corporations isn’t the future we should be working for.

“In Musk We Trust” is a motto for a failed vision of a healthy planet, and a just world.


Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Election Protection Offering Live Assistance To Voters In States Across The Country
Toll-Free Hotline (866-OUR-VOTE) Available Now Through Election Day


The Real News Network
Climate Emergency: Greenhouse Gas Levels Surge to Historic Levels
Distinguished Senior Scientist, Dr. Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, discusses the World Meteorological Organization’s important new report on how concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere surged at a unprecedented speed in 2016 to the highest level in 800,000 years


Jumping the Gun on a Russiagate Smoking Gun
Russiagate is a purported attempt to uncover the alleged subversion of U.S. democracy, but it’s creating dangers of its own, says former FBI Special Agent Colleen Rowley

*No smoking gun

But that doesn’t stop interested parties from shooting off their mouths, does it?


Did John Kelly Attend History Class?
In defending Gen. Kelly’s praise for Robert E. Lee and his view that the Civil War arose from “the lack of an ability to compromise,” the White House’s white supremacist sympathies are again on display. We speak to historian Gerald Horne

*History doesn’t repeat itself without a whole lotta help


Xi Jinping: China’s ‘Chairman of Everything’
China’s President Xi Jinping has been incorporated into the communist party’s constitution, during the 19th party congress. This puts him at a far higher level than China’s previous two leaders, on a par with Mao and Deng Xiaoping, explains Prof. Jeff Wasserstrom of UC Irvine

*The CCP is as committed to the core tenets of socialism as institutionalized Christianity is to the teachings of Jesus (or his various ghostwriters).


What Will Cutting ‘Quantitative Easing’ Mean for Europe?
The European Central Bank (ECB) announced that it will reduce its cash injection program, known as quantitative easing, in half. Economist Heiner Flashback discusses the consequences this will have for Europe’s struggling economy


#SaveAmna Campaign Emerges After Saudi Woman Disappears
A Saudi woman’s video asking for help from an abusive home environment goes viral as womens’ rights activists continue fighting for the end of male guardianship in Saudi Arabia
by Michael Sainato


Public Citizen
Tell Vanguard to Support Transparency at First Shareholder Meeting Since Citizens United


Let Pregnant Students Complete their Education!
by Petrider Paul


Justice for Port Drivers
Port Truck Drivers Take Fight for Rights to DC


Center for Media and Democracy
Koch Demands Corporate Welfare from One of America’s Poorest Cities
The Koch Brothers talk a good game against “corporate welfare,” but have received some $363 million in taxpayer subsidies
by Don Wiener


Consumer Product Safety Commission Cracks Down on Flame Retardants Linked to Health Problems
by Mary Bottari and Rebekah Wilce


Democracy Now!
Shocking New Investigation Links Berta Cáceres’ Assassination to Executives at Honduran Dam Company

*The narrative that is always constructed when these horrors can’t be denied is that they are aberrations from the intended operation of capitalism

But the reality is that they are its logical outcomes.


Puerto Rico: As Whitefish Contract Faces Scrutiny, Fluor and Other Companies Move to Privatize Water


As Elon Musk Proposes Taking Over Power Authority, Puerto Ricans Demand Community-Owned Solar Power


October 2017



Osama Bin Laden’s America: Niger, 9/11, and Apocalyptic Humiliation
16 years later, it is extraordinary how September 11th would set the pattern for everything that followed
by Tom Engelhardt

*9/11 didn’t change America

Like Trump, it simply removed its mask.


Friends of the Earth
The Agrifood Atlas: How Corporations Are Tightening Their Stranglehold On People’s Food
The Agrifood Atlas will be launched at a press conference this morning at the Press Club in Brussels


The Real News Network
Homegrown Terror: JFK Docs Show US Considered Attacks at Home to Blame on Cuba
The new round of documents on the Kennedy assassination shed light on the long-running U.S. government effort to overthrow Fidel Castro — including discussions to stage attacks on U.S. soil and blame Cuba


Activists Acquitted in Effort to Prevent British Fighter Jet Delivery to Saudi Arabia
Quaker activist Sam Walton and Reverend Daniel Woodhouse were both acquitted by a UK Court following their arrest for their attempt to disarm Typhoon fighter jets at BAE Systems that were to be delivered to Saudi Arabia for its war in Yemen


Government Continues to Seek Data from Reporter’s Cell Phone in Inauguration Protest
Reporter Aaron Cantu is among nearly 200 people to have data seized from phones
by Baynard Woods


After Indictments, Where is Russiagate Headed?
Paul Manafort and former business partner Rick Gates, along with former Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos, have been the first people indicted in the Trump-Russia probe. Independent journalist Marcy Wheeler, economist James Henry, and TRNN’s Aaron Mate discuss

*I really feel my time is better spent elsewhere, but if I have to deal with this shit, I’m glad there’s someone like Maté to express a healthy skepticism about the dominant narrative.

And as I’ve said elsewhere, whatever the reality is, perhaps we should be more concerned with the collusion extant among the Yanks in the mishegas that is Trumplandia

‘Cause that’s what’s gonna get us killed.


Tell Congress: Don’t Build a New Federal Prison on a Toxic Former Coal-Mining Site



Top Six Trump Admin Crimes That Ought to Bring Indictments
Their documented offenses have nothing to do with collusion with Russia, but somebody should lock these creeps up
by Juan Cole

*Maybe we should be more concerned about collusion with their fellow Americans?


From America With Love
U.S. commandos are a “persistent presence” on Russia’s doorstep
by Nick Turse


Food & Water Watch
Groups Denounce Energy Department’s Sneak Attack on Solar
DOE Study Designed to Undermine Net Metering


The Real News Network
Why Urban Policing Cannot Be Reformed Pt. II: Making the Myth of Black Failure
A Real News investigation into intractable corruption in Baltimore explores the cultural and social imperatives that inform police driven narratives of African-Americans from zero tolerance to the ongoing war on drugs


The Prelude to the Russian Revolution of 1917
On the 100-year anniversary of the Russian Revolution, Prof. Aleksandr Buzgalin of Moscow State University provides the historical background for the events leading up to this world historical event


As Cities Lose, Wall Street Wins Big
Mounting losses for the taxpayer backed Baltimore Convention Center Hotel make one thing clear – no matter how bad a deal performs, Wall Street always banks a profit


Trump Expands Oil Drilling But Obama Paved the Way
Investigative journalist Steve Horn, of DeSmogBlog, exposes a new hire at the Interior Department, Todd Wynn, as right from the ranks of pro-fossil fuel, climate change denying, lobby group ALEC, which is funded by the oil billionaire Koch Brothers


Democracy in Crisis: Snoozing through Fascism
A slow-motion academic protest of fascism emerges after conference
by Baynard Woods

*Gentilizing genocide


Catalonia Vows to Resist Madrid’s Direct Rule
Expect to see acts of civil disobedience, resistance from public servants, and election boycotts in the weeks ahead – as well as criminal persecution of Catalonia’s political leaders, says Sebastiaan Faber of Oberlin College


Catalonian Independence: What are the Economic Stakes?
The conflict has a lot to do with Spain’s economic failure since the world financial crisis of 2008 and its impact on young people and the long-term unemployed, says Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research


‘We’ve Got to Break This Mindset That Policing Is the Only Tool’
CounterSpin interview with Alex Vitale on The End of Policing
by Janine Jackson


For NYT, Making the Democrats Safe for the Oligarchy Is Literally Job One
by Jim Naureckas

*All the neoliberalism that’s printed to fit


Democracy Now!
Head of Puerto Rico Electrical Workers’ Union Demands Corruption Probe of Whitefish Energy Contract

*The stench of rotten Whitefish


Trump Admin Continues Threats & Provocations Against North Korea, Laying Groundwork for Nuclear War



The Real Network
Young Patriots and Redneck Revolt Set to Confront Fascists in Tennessee
Southern anti-fascists respond to White Lives Matter rally
by Baynard Woods


Disney Union Workers Continue Fight For $15 An Hour
Orange County Police broke up a rally organized by labor unions last week calling on Disney to pay their employees a fair, livable wage
by Michael Sainato

*Disney workers, like fast food workers and those in many other areas, deserve a living wage and dignified working conditions

But ultimately, they need to be doing something else, for their labor, regardless of its context, serves the very forces that have made their struggles necessary.

Mind numbing entertainment, noxious comestibles and pernicious products and services are a dire danger to the commons, at whatever wage.


Trump’s Opioid Response Ignores Real Solutions
President Trump has declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency, but his ‘Just Say No’-like approach ignores the roots of addiction and proven ways to address it, says best-selling author Johann Hari

*Only a profoundly human response can cure a profoundly human condition


Twitter Bans RT and Sputnik Ads, Who’s Next?
Twitter has announced it will ban advertising from the Russian-backed media outlets RT and Sputnik. We speak to journalist and best-selling author Max Blumenthal

*Call it “Mad Dow Disease”


IMF Worried that High Inequality Could Threaten Global Capitalism
All income growth of the past few years is going to the top 10 percent, without paying more in taxes. IMF says that higher taxation of the top earners would not impinge on economic growth, explains economist Michael Roberts


British Government Wants to Criminalize Web Use
The British Government is set to expand terrorism offenses to include the act of viewing content online. Jim Killock of Open Rights Group says the move amounts to criminalizing thought


Institute for Public Accuracy
Do Military Enlistees Actually “Know What They Are Getting into”?


Democracy Now!
Nick Turse: From Niger to Somalia, U.S. Military Expansion in Africa Helps Terror Groups Recruit

*How do you do a segment on this subject, and not talk about the continent’s resource wealth, which is the overarching reason the US is there (and France, China et alia ) – not “counterterrorism”?

Not the first time I’ve asked such a question about this program

And I’m certain it won’t be the last.


Neuroscientist Dr. Carl Hart: People Are Dying in Opioid Crisis Because of Politicians’ Ignorance



Take Your Tiny Fingers Off the Button, Trump
On nuclear nightmares past and present
by Rebecca Gordon


The Real News Network
New Details Emerge About Gun Trace Task Force Crimes
In drug-case testimony, indicted officers offer details of corruption
by Baynard Woods


Wall Street Wins as Senate Blocks Consumer Protection Rule
The Senate voted 51-50 to repeal a rule that would have made it easier for consumers to sue the financial institutions that defraud them. The move is “outrageous,” says white-collar criminologist Bill Black. “It should be a national scandal, and require resignations in disgrace”

*Ruling class action


Democrats Funded the Steele Dossier that Fueled Russiagate
After months of obfuscation, the Washington Post reveals that the Clinton campaign and the DNC funded the infamous Steele dossier at the heart of Russiagate. Empty Wheel’s Marcy Wheeler and TRNN’s Aaron Mate discuss

*My eyes glaze over on this shit, but I suppose it’s worth sharing.

So what’s the takeaway, regardless of what you think of the authenticity of the intel?

Trump’s corrupt?


Trump’s a traitor?

Every president has been, in the sense of betraying the actual interests of the people of this country.

The maniac’s leaning toward World War III and trying desperately to domestically dismantle anything that in any way mitigates our exploitation, as well as the few crumbs tossed our way in the name of “the general welfare”.

Let’s focus laser like on that, and just maybe we can dodge The Mother of All Bullets ™

At least until the earth tells us all to go fuck ourselves.


Why do Far-Right White Nationalists Support Zionism?
The state of Israel is a model for the extreme right in the US and in Europe


Institute for Public Accuracy
Balfour Declaration at 100: Cause of Mideast Instability?


Effects of Russia Demonization

*The exception of the rulers


Democracy Now!
FCC Enables Faster Media Consolidation as Pro-Trump Sinclair Group Seizes Even More Local Stations


Undocumented Teen Wins Abortion Fight, But Thousands in Shelters Still Live Under Anti-Choice Policy



With Kids’ Screen Time Surging, New Project Aims to Challenge Corporate Profiteering
“Often missing from the story about screen time is that the entities who benefit most from children being on screens are corporations and marketers”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


With a Straight Face, Trump Blames Media for Perception He Is ‘Uncivil’
In latest bizarre press avail, president brags about his “intelligence” and Ivy League education while blaming media for those who think poorly of his behavior
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Presidents have always been dishonest, frequently reckless, and occasionally unstable, yet few would agree with that assertion due in large measure to how the corpress has hagiographed the office and its occupant.

This applies as well to His Travesty, when it’s deemed that his actions, no matter how vile, bolster the power structure the mainstream media serve. When they don’t, we get a glimpse of the emperor’s new clothes.

So the bastard has a point, however perverse his intent in making it.


‘Bush No Better’ Than Trump: Gold Star Mom Cindy Sheehan Decries Whitewashing of Warmonger
“Where is the movement to oppose U.S. wars, instead of liberal handwringing over botched messages of condolence?”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Ahead of EU Glyphosate Vote, Greenpeace Demands Nothing Less Total Ban
Environmentalists celebrate parliament’s vote for outright ban while warning against executive arm’s proposed compromise
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer


Sen. Lindsey Graham ‘Didn’t Know’ About Niger? He Should Read More Nick Turse and TomDispatch
What U.S. Senators Don’t Know (and Neither Do You) About What the Pentagon Is Doing in Africa
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Smells Like Environmental Racism
That stench permeating Detroit? It’s other cities’ burning trash
by Valerie Vande Panne


Letter from Najaf, Iraq
by Cathy Breen


Global Warming ‘Costing Taxpayers Billions.’ Here’s How to Fix It.
“The soil solution”
by Ronnie Cummins


My Guantánamo Diary, Uncensored
“Who am I now, thanks to my lawyers, my family and friends, my publishers, and my readers, is a free man”
by Mohamedou Ould Slahi


The Four Stages of the Antiwar Movement
The 10-year movement to end Vietnam was a complex phenomenon that evolved strategically as circumstances changed
by Bill Zimmerman


Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and Latino Justice PRLDEF Announce Settlement of Major Voting Rights Lawsuit in New York
Consent Decree Requires NYC Board of Elections To Restore The Rights Of Unlawfully Purged Voters


Environment America
“This Proposal Would Re-Open a Pollution Loophole Big Enough to Drive a Truck Through”


Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
The Disinformation Playbook: New Website Exposes Tactics of Attacks on Science
From asbestos to sugar, industry efforts to sideline science follow a familiar pattern

*Blinding us without science


The Real News Network
For Russiagaters, Do Black Lives Matter?
The media has been flooded with reports that alleged Russian trolls tried to influence Black Lives Matter. Historian Gerald Horne and attorney Anoa Chango discuss the use of the black struggle for the Russiagate narrative and its historical context

For Russiagaters, Do Black Lives Matter?
The media has been flooded with reports that alleged Russian trolls tried to influence Black Lives Matter. Historian Gerald Horne and attorney Anoa Chango discuss the use of the black struggle for the Russiagate narrative and its historical context

*Apparently no one took the time to proofread this transcript, which is execrable.

TRNN had shown improvement in this area. I hope this isn’t evidence of backsliding.

I can make sense of most of it, but I’ve got decades of experience to call on. What about the folks who are new to this, trying to understand what the fuck is going on in the world?

Information does you no good if you can’t decipher it.


Maryland Governor Signs Executive Order Opposing BDS Movement
The growing number of anti-BDS laws across the U.S. should be seen “in the larger context of this very well-resourced effort to shut down the entire grassroots movement for Palestinian rights,” says Palestine Legal Director Dima Khalidi


Democracy in Crisis: J20 Body Cam Footage No Longer Protected, Despite Prosecution Fears
Despite releasing information about protesters, federal prosecutors claim making publicly funded videos public could endanger officers
by Baynard Woods

*The iron fist

And the velvet curtain


Where’s the ‘Resistance’ for J20 Protesters?
The first of some 200 protesters, legal observers, and journalists at the J20 anti-Trump Inauguration Day protest are set to go on trial. Although they face decades behind bars and unprecedented legal maneuvering, their case has mostly been ignored

*MoveOn moves on


Reposting Amazon Press Releases at Bezos-Owned Washington Post
by Adam Johnson

*Not to mention (literally) the down sides of an Amazon adventure


‘The Winner of the Amazon Headquarters Might End Up Being the Biggest Loser’
CounterSpin interview with Neil deMause on Amazon bidding war
by Janine Jackson

*And don’t hold your breath waiting for this headline in the corpress

“A Fox Conn in Wisconsin”

‘Cause I ain’t gonna resuscitate you if you do.



Sex, Rage Displacement, and Ecocide: Wanderings in an Interior Archipelago of the Colonized
What is the common prayer for those who cannot close themselves off from the agonized soul of the colonized world?
by Phil Rockstroh


Power for Puerto Ricans, Not Private Investors
Powered by renewables, a resilient and sustainable system can be built that genuinely puts the Puerto Rican people in charge of their energy
by Johanna Bozuwa

*Excellent piece on a topic that gets next to no attention in the “alternative media”

Just who gets the green from greening?

“Green” corps may provide a “clean” product, in an environmental sense, but their labor and profit practices have a distinctly darker hue.

Power – electrical and political – belongs in the hands of the people.


The Real News Network
Spain to Take ‘Nuclear Option’ on Catalonia
Spain’s central government went ‘even more nuclear than anybody had expected’ when it announced plans to completely strip Catalonia of its autonomy, says Professor Sebastiaan Faber of Oberlin College


Democracy Now!
Puerto Rican Climate Activist: Aid Being Unfairly Distributed & Superfund Sites Continue to Overflow


Expansion of Imperialist U.S. “War on Terror” in Africa Preceded Deadly Attacks in Niger & Somalia

*It’s a “War for Terror”

Because in the empire game, you can’t boogie without a boogeyman


Horace Campbell on US Disregard for Black Lives, from “War on Terror” in Africa to Green Beret Widow


Natural Approaches for Preventing & Treating Cancer in Dogs and Cats
by Ty Bollinger



Brazilian Presidential Hopeful’s US Trip Ends in Failure
His Candidacy Results from the Collapse of Brazilian Democracy
by Mark Weisbrot


The Real News Network
Real Media: Fintech & Your Reputation
Tom Fisher of Privacy International explains how financial technology companies are making assessments from the data that users create online, and how these judgements can be discriminatory and ultimately affect users’ credit ratings

*Information overlord


DNC Has No Intention to Abolish Undemocratic Super Delegates
The Democratic National Committee and DNC Unity Reform Commission have continued to dismiss calls to abolish super delegates as a compromise to reduce their influence is still under debate
by Michael Sainato


As “uncompromising” as it is “socialist”


IMF’s Concern with Equality Not Reflected in Its Policy Recommendations
Recently the IMF’s analyses have shown greater concern about the dramatic rise in inequality, but its policy recommendations do not reflect this and make the problem worse, explains economist Mark Weisbrot of CEPR

*”Special economic zones” will break our bones

And words will never help us


Empire Files: After Hurricane Harvey, Abandoned Community Takes Charge
Abby Martin travels to Houston one month after Hurricane Harvey, long after the cameras left, and reveals the untold stories of how, while abandoned by the state, the community banded together to save lives and rebuild their homes

*The true looting comes with Houston’s “rebirth”

See “New Orleans Renaissance”


Richard Spencer’s White Supremacy Rally Flops Under Pressure From Protesters
Outnumbered and overshadowed, Richard Spencer and his white supremacist supporters are shouted down and booed out of Gainesville, Florida
by Michael Sainato

*When “white flight” is a right sight


Time for Politicians to Stop Deficit Fearmongering
The common misconception is that the government is doing something wrong when it runs a deficit, but what most people don’t understand is that there’s a matching surplus in another part of the economy, says economist Stephanie Kelton

*Deficit spinning


Institute for Public Accuracy
CIA Expanding in Afghanistan: “Brutally Subjugate and Punish the People”


Democracy Now!
Trump’s Proposed Tax Overhaul Would Give Billions to Trump & Cabinet While Sparking Global “Tax War”


Top 4 Natural Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes
by Yuri Elkaim



Taking 9 Million Lives Per Year, Pollution Bigger Killer Than War, Tobacco, and Various Diseases Combined
New Lancet Commission spotlights “profound and pervasive threat that affects many aspects of human health and wellbeing”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[U]nintended consequence”?

Is a broken nose an unintended consequence of punching someone in the face?


Under Trump, Brags Mike Pompeo, CIA Will Be ‘Much More Vicious Agency’
Trump “has promised that he will have our backs,” says CIA head
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The ghosts of the past

And the spooks of the present


‘Hypocritical BS’: Critics Slam Establishment’s Applause for ‘War Criminal’ George W. Bush
“The Iraq War was worse than anything Donald Trump has done (so far)”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Substitute “Barack Obama” for “George W. Bush” in this piece, and the point would remain essentially the same

Nobel “Peace” Prize notwithstanding.


Diagnosing the Donald
by Andrew Levine


The Real News Network
Trump’s Would-Be Drug Czar Helped the Drug Profiteers
Rep. Tom Marino has withdrawn his nomination as President Trump’s new drug czar after revelations he pushed through a measure that worsened the U.S. opioid epidemic. White-collar criminologist Bill Black says Marino and other lawmakers have been bought off by pharmaceutical companies he says have acted as “illicit, criminal, drug dealers”

*If Maté’s correct in saying Marino’s bill “basically passed unanimously”, then a lot of “progressive champions” signed off on it.

Will any of the “#Resistance” groups hold them accountable for doing so?

Is that a rhetorical question?


Expelling ISIS from Raqqa Does Not End ISIS–or Syrian War
The U.S.-backed SDF has declared victory in Raqqa after a long battle that left the city in ruins. But the loss of Raqqa does not mean the end of ISIS, says Charles Glass


For Ordinary Greeks, Has Greece’s Battered Economy Turned the Corner?
Greece’s Syriza Government claims the economy is improving, but many Athenians do not agree


Democracy Now!
Fearing Deportation, Immigrants Fleeing California Wildfires Avoid Shelters & Face Homelessness


Urban Conflagration: Fire Scientist on Climate Change & What Makes California’s Wildfires Different



‘Ecological Armageddon’: Warnings From Scientists as Flying Insects Disappear
As new report shows flying insect population plunged by 76 percent, author predicts “our grandchildren will inherit a profoundly impoverished world”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


New Study Shows Glyphosate Contaminated Soils Put Half of Europe at Risk
“Agribusiness giants have always interfered in the decisions of governments and international regulatory agencies in order to increase their profits from the agrichemicals market, as well as to keep their control on the food market”
by Ruchi Shroff


A Country, and a Future, Worth Serving
Why is it that the American public has no say in the wars this country commits itself to?
by Robert C. Koehler

*Despite “the Vietnam Syndrome”, the American public has never lost faith in that most deified of institutions – the US military

And until the scales fall from our benighted eyes

The bombs and missiles will continue to fall from foreign skies.


The Blueprint for the Most Radical City on the Planet
“If we do not save the environment, then whatever we do in civil rights, or in a war against poverty, then whatever we do will be of no meaning because then we will have the equality of extinction”
by Bill Quigley

*You see the occasional piece on Jackson – where I used to live – in the relatively visible “alternative media”, but far less than what one hopes is happening there should merit

And you have to wonder just why that is, don’t you?


The Real News Network
Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Continues After Court Ruling
Danny Sheehan and Chase Iron Eyes, with the Lakota People’s Law Project, discuss the ongoing legal battles in the fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline
by Michael Sainato


Secretive Billionaire Wants to Expand Fossil Fuel Empire in the US
James Ratcliffe, the billionaire owner of the chemical giant Ineos Corporation, is pushing for a dangerous pipeline through Pennsylvania, while the company quietly works to start fracking operations in Scotland and the UK, says Food & Water Watch’s Patrick Woodall


Powerful Police Union Blocks Modest Civilian Oversight Reform
A recent contract negotiated by the Baltimore with the police union left out a key provision that would have included a civilian on internal disciplinary boards, a move that has caused concern that long-awaited reform efforts have stalled

*Is it fair to say that Pugh supports “progress”

Only when she knows it has little chance of progressing?


Color of Change and Guns Down
Stop the NRA’s #MurderInsurance Scheme


‘They Have a Systematic Campaign to Ethnically Cleanse the Entire Rohingya Population’
CounterSpin interview with Azeem Ibrahim on Rohingya ethnic cleansing
by Janine Jackson

*All the players have a stake

And they’re driving it through the hearts of the Rohingya


Democracy Now!
Trump’s Travel Ban Suffers Another Defeat as Judges Say Threat of Discrimination “Still Intact”


Who Profits from the Opioid Crisis? Meet the Secretive Sackler Family Making Billions from OxyContin

*The Sacklers may crave personal anonymity, but they’re not averse to having their name plastered on very public institutions, are they?

And so, don’t you feel it’s disingenuous for those eager to facilitate that, in return for their blood money, to claim ignorance of just where the genesis of that lucre lies?

Any such assertion evinces a wilful blindness, doesn’t it? If you’re going to slap the name of a benefactor on your hallowed halls, shouldn’t you be curious as to the source of their largesse?

That’s presupposes some sense of institutional ethics, of course.


Guantánamo Prisoners on Hunger Strike Say Guards Threatened to Kill Them by Stopping Force-Feeding



As Trump Denies 17-Year-Old Abortion Access, Court Battle Exposes Broader Problem
As undocumented teen is held “hostage” by government officials, ACLU challenge exposes cruelty of administration’s anti-choice policies
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Insider Threat Program Training and Trump’s War on Leaks: A Chilling Combination for Whistleblowers
by Jesselyn Radack and Kathleen McClellan

*Maybe instead of focusing on the lack of “damage”

We should highlight the degree of benefit?


The Real News Network
56 Years After Paris Massacre, State Racism Lives On In France
On October 17th, 1961, hundreds of French Algerians were killed when French authorities attacked a large protest. France’s racist legacy continues with the profiling and targeting of France’s Muslims today, says human rights advocate Yasser Louati


Bridge Over Troubled Water:
How the far right acts as a “bridge phenomenon” for white supremacists
by Baynard Woods


Fe y Justicia Worker Center
Support Migrant Workers Rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey


No, US Didn’t ‘Stand By’ Indonesian Genocide—It Actively Participated
by Jim Naureckas

*Those who control the corpress don’t have “a blind spot”

They have an empty one

Where their soul should be.


Democracy Now!
As Puerto Rico Faces $95 Billion Cleanup, Exposé Reveals Vulture Firms Who Own Its $74 Billion Debt


Freed Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera on U.S. Colonialism After Hurricane Maria

*Disasters are a greedy ghoul’s best friend


Rosa Clemente on Puerto Ricans Drinking Toxic Water & San Juan Mayor’s Message to the Diaspora


Why Are Women Prisoners Battling California Wildfires for as Little as $1 a Day?



Victory for ‘Valve Turners’ as Judge Allows ‘Necessity Defense’ for Climate Trial
“The whole planet will be inside a single courtroom the day this trial begins,” says Bill McKibben. “It’s a rare chance to explain precisely why we need to act, and act now.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Stop Fawning’: Critics Say McCain’s ‘Jingoistic Revisionism’ Nothing to Applaud
“McCain’s speech was designed to flatter Americans with self-glorifying tales of exceptionalism and nobility. And of course, it worked”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*McCain’s entire political career has been based on being a prisoner of war

And ensuring the world remains one


To Halt ‘Race to the Bottom’ Bidding War, Community Leaders Issue Key Demands to Amazon
“We built these cities, and we want to make sure they remain ours”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A better deal with the devil still leaves you on the path to hell


The Real News Network
Why didn’t Kurdish Forces Fight Back the Iraqi Invasion​ of Kirkuk?
The Iraqi military quickly conquered the oil-rich area of Kirkuk in an effort to block Kurdish statehood. But why didn’t Kurdish forces put up more of a fight? TRNN speaks with Patrick Cockburn, Middle East correspondent for the Independent


Venezuelan Regional Election: Opposition Claims Fraud in Areas They Won
The governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela won 17 out of 23 governor races in Sunday’s regional vote, prompting the opposition to claim fraud once again, without evidence. Lucas Koerner of Venezuelanlaysis.com analyzes the situation


Many Parties Complicit in Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing
The persecution of Rohingya Muslims goes beyond religious intolerance, says Dr. Elizabeth Hurd, professor of politics at Northwestern University


Democracy Now!
Mogadishu Massacre: Hospitals Run Out of Blood, Antibiotics for Victims in Mass Bombing Killing 300+


Meet Tarana Burke, Activist Who Started “Me Too” Campaign to Ignite Conversation on Sexual Assault



2 or 3 Things I Know About Late-Stage Capitalism
(With apologies to Jean-Luc Godard)
by Phil Rockstroh


Mexicans Denounce Canadian Mega-Mining Projects
by Richard Fidler


The Political Economy of Obama/Trump
by Richard D. Wolff


Food & Water Watch
New Report Illustrates Why USDA Must Not Allow Chinese Poultry or Brazilian Fresh Meat Imports
Inspector General Finds Weak FSIS Oversight of Equivalence


The Real News Network
Florida Governor Declares State of Emergency Ahead of White Nationalist’s Speech
The University of Florida has taken several measures that benefit white supremacist Richard Spencer and his alt-right group ahead of their October 19 event on campus

*Tropical storm trooper


As the Rich Get Richer, Public Schools Suffer
During a hearing on how to create more equitable funding for public schools in Maryland officials revealed how tax breaks for wealthy developers in Baltimore could threaten future funding


Organizers and Activists Gather in Chicago to Launch a New Network
The ‘National Workers Conference to Organize the Fightback’ met in Chicago Oct. 6-8, to share experiences and to launch a new solidarity network


Empire Files: Rosa Clemente & Abby Martin – No Savior in 2020
Renowned Afro-Latinx leader Rosa Clemente sits down with Abby Martin to discuss her experience running for Vice President, organizing in the Trump era, advice for new activists, identity politics and more


Real Media: The Value of Data
Tom Fisher of Privacy International talks to Real Media about why and how companies are able to exploit users’ personal data


Real Media: Councils, Kickbacks, and the KCTMO
Financial journalist Joel Benjamin discusses evidence passed to the Grenfell inquiry regarding the connections between KCTMO ex-Councilor Tom Fairhead, Rona Fairhead, Council Tax Rebate schemes, and HSBC

*Call it the lifeblood money of the profit system


Colombian State Escalates Violence Against Activists
Coca cultivation and the lack of alternatives to escape poverty continue to lie at the root of the ongoing violence in Colombia, despite the peace accords, explains Mario Murillo of Hofstra University


Climate Change and Fire Suppression Fuel Deadliest Blazes in California History
Professor Matthew Hurteau says 100 years of fire suppression and human-caused climate change are fueling California’s historic wildfires


US and Israel Show UNESCO their Anti-Palestinian Bias
The U.S. and Israel are pulling out of UNESCO over what they call an ‘anti-Israel bias,’ but the move may actually underscore their bias towards basic Palestinian rights. Meanwhile, Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas have reached a new unity deal


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is “Fake News” Scare Being Used to Stifle Dissent?

*This doesn’t drip with irony

It’s a three minute piss



Taxing the Wealthy to Pay for Universal Home Care
Activists in Maine are mobilizing to a path-breaking proposal on the 2018 ballot that would fund in-home services for the states elderly and disabled
by Sarah Anderson


The Hindu right tries to suffocate Indian politics, but runs into a wall on the left
by Vijay Prashad


Costa Rica’s Banco Popular Shows how Banks can be Democratic, Green – and Financially Sustainable
by Thomas Marois


Loyalty to the Don
by Andrew Levine


The Real News Network
Trump’s Obamacare Sabotage Burdens the Sickest
President Trump’s new effort to undermine Obamacare through “association plans” would increase the healthcare costs of those who need it most, says Michael Lighty of National Nurses United


US-Cuba Relations Unravel as State Dept Alleges ‘Sonic Attack’
While the accusations against Cuba sound like ‘something out of a bad sci-fi film,’ the impact of reducing diplomatic staff in Havana and Washington DC has serious consequences for relations between the two countries, explains Prof. Michael Bustamante

*I’d have liked to have heard some “real news” about what effect US “business interests” will have on the elements of Cuban socialism that provide visceral benefits to the people.

As with Iran, this uncritical approach to any “rapprochement” overlooks just what the US hopes to gain from it

And it ain’t got diddley to do with “detente”, do it?



National Nurses United
Nurses Call for Stepped Up Federal Effort on Fires

*Neo Nero fiddles while Cali burns


The Real News Network
UK Activist Convicted Under Terror Law for Refusing ‘Digital Strip-Search’
The British anti-terrorism measure Schedule 7 has just been used to convict Muhammad Rabbani for an offense that has nothing to do with terrorism: refusing to give authorities his computer password

*Orwell turns over in his grave

And bumps into Kafka


Corporate Media Have Few Apologies for Getting IRS Scandal Backwards
by Justin Anderson

*”Democracy Dies in Darkness”

And we control the light switch


Democracy Now!
Tomi-Ann Roberts on Her Encounter with Harvey Weinstein & the Shame Women Feel After Assault

*You think Dear Misleader and Madame Mayhem didn’t know?

Possible, I suppose, but certain that they didn’t want to know.


Louise Godbold: “My Encounter with Harvey Weinstein and What It Tells Us About Trauma”


NBC Reportedly Axed the Harvey Weinstein Story as Hollywood Made Rape Survivors the Butt of Jokes

*It’s not just men women shouldn’t trust to be allies, is it?

A count of the contradictions of female pols and public figures who get a stamp of approval from mainstream “feminist” groups would make “War and Peace” look like an advert insert.



Your Boss Shouldn’t Get to Have ‘Religious’ Objections to Your Health Care
Expanding “corporate citizen” rights into health care could ultimately affect everybody, not just women
by Martha Burk


Che in Bolivia: a Rough Draft of History
by Richard Gott


The Real News Network
Trump Targets Hezbollah, and ISIS May Benefit
The Trump administration is offering a bounty on two Hezbollah leaders and making unfounded warnings of a potential attack by the group “on the homeland.” Author and Trinity College professor Vijay Prashad says the US targeting of Hezbollah may ultimately benefit groups like ISIS


A Way Out for Spain and Catalonia?
The Catalan leadership has stopped short of declaring independence from Spain, calling instead for talks with the Spanish government. We speak to Fusion host Nando Vila and Professor Sebastiaan Faber of Oberlin College


Anti-Nuclear Group Wins Nobel Peace Prize as US Arsenal Expands
As the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to a group that was instrumental in pushing through the landmark UN treaty banning nuclear weapons, the U.S. has quietly made its nuclear arsenal even more lethal


Judge Reconsiders Gag Order in J20 Case
First amendment issues are at stake in a hearing to reassess a protective order that prohibits defendants arrested during Inauguration protests from sharing discovery evidence


Trump Race-Baits, NFL Kneels
Donald Trump is continuing a long tradition of attacking prominent African-Americans, and the NFL is caving to his demands, says historian Gerald Horne

*Jerry took a knee, if you recall.

That was a “false start”, which hopefully will be penalized far greater than five yards.


Protests Erupt Over Massive ICE Deportation Raids
Attendees of the National Workers’ Conference joined activists at Gary/Chicago International Airport to protest the Trump administration’s sweeping deportations of undocumented immigrants


Trump Blames Leftists For Unpopularity of Columbus Day
Donald Trump sent out an email to supporters on October 8, claiming liberals and leftists were erasing the history of Christopher Columbus
by Michael Sainato

*Just who “eras[es] the history of Columbus”?

From my local rag


“[I]ndigenous people whose ways of life were drastically altered by the colonialism that followed Europeans’ arrival in the Americas.”

Can you imagine this?

“[J]ewish people whose ways of life were drastically altered by the coming to power of the Nazis in Germany.”

Even “acknowledgment” is sanitized for “America”‘s protection.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Assessing Karzai’s Charge of U.S. Backing ISIS in Afghanistan


Jailing a Grandma for Allegedly Protesting Drone Killings

*The steady drone of justice denied


‘Republicans Have a Starting-Line Advantage of 10 Percent’
CounterSpin interview with Steven Rosenfeld on gerrymandering
by Janine Jackson

*The best dark side dark money can buy


Maria’s ‘Other’ Victims: Puerto Rican Bondholders
by Eoin Higgins

*”[A]nd yet news reports credulously repeated the talking point ad nauseam.”

Can we call credulity what it essentially is



Democracy Now!
As Deadly Wildfires Rage in California, a Look at How Global Warming Fuels Decades of Forest Fires



As Trump Carves Path of Destruction, Nader Asks Obama: Where Are You?
While list of programs and rules under attack grows, a call for former president to fight back against “Trump-led assault on our weakening democracy”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Where is he?

Where he has always been

And will always remain.

Why ask the cat to bark?


The Real News Network
FBI Report Targets Black Activists
The FBI terrorism unit’s report warning that ‘black identity extremists’ are a violent threat is only the latest in a long tradition of targeting black activists, says the Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford

*Thinking while black


Labour Expels Jewish Anti-Zionist for ‘Anti-Semitism’
Moche Machover, an Israeli-born mathematician, philosopher and radical activist, received an expulsion letter from the Labour Party for his article, ‘Anti-Zionism Does Not Equal Anti-Semitism’

*”New Labour”

Same old dirty tricks


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Russiagate Is More Fiction Than Fact”


American Made: A Largely True Story With Some Not-So-Fun Lies
by Jim Naureckas

*A funny thing about terrorism


Democracy Now!
As Catalonia Plans Independence from Spain, Julian Assange Advises Organizers on Secure Messaging


Julian Assange Marks 5.5 Years Inside Ecuadorean Embassy as UK & US Refuse to Confirm Arrest Warrant


Julian Assange on Roger Stone & Accusations About WikiLeaks and Trump Campaign Ties to Russia


Judge Denies Bail to Whistleblower Reality Winner, Citing Her Admiration for Snowden and Assange


New Yorkers Call for Indigenous Peoples’ Day & Removal of Columbus Statue



Filling Gaps Left By Trump, Nurses and Labor Unions Join Puerto Rico Relief Efforts
“We are united in lifting up our fellow Americans”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Vietnam War is Not History for Victims of Agent Orange
The actions of the US government and the US manufacturers of Agent Orange and other deadly herbicides is a moral outrage
by Marjorie Cohn and Jonathan Moore


Faces of Pain, Faces of Hope
“The bottomless narcissism and hunger of consumer culture cause our darkest and most depraved pathologies”
by Chris Hedges

*The fragility and resilience of our humanity


Think Religiously Motivated Discrimination Can’t Affect You? Guess Again.
In the past, courts have largely rejected attempts to use religion to discriminate. But our opponents haven’t given up.
by James Esseks

*Ever notice how “deeply held religious beliefs” almost always contradict the basic tenets of the bigot’s faith?


Trump: Anomaly in Continuity
by Andrew Levine

*The singer may be dissonant

But the song remains the same


The Real News Network
Will Congress Help Trump Kill the Iran Deal?
President Trump is just days away from his expected decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, leaving the deal — and a whole lot more — in the hands of Congress, says scholar William Beeman


Puerto Rico Faces a Medicaid Crisis
On top of the devastating impact of recent hurricanes and an ongoing debt crisis, Puerto Rico’s Medicaid funding will run out as early as the end of the year unless Congress acts, explains CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot


Real Media: Rona Fairhead, HSBC and the BBC
Real Media interviews HSBC whistleblower Nicholas Wilson about the UK’s newly appointed International Trade Minister Rona Fairhead and her controversial past as BBC Trust chair and HSBC director


Document Shows Washington D.C. Police Threw More Than 70 Grenades at Inauguration Protesters
MPD documents show the extent of police weaponry used against largely peaceful protesters in response to “black bloc” on Inauguration Day, raising questions about their own crowd control policies
by Baynard Woods


Macron Leans Further Right as His Popularity Tanks
As French President Emmanuel Macron continues his push for a stronger EU, it’s becoming ‘very clear that his agenda is a traditionally right-wing, pro-business agenda,’ says author and journalist Laura Raim


How Does Dental Care Fit Into the Healthcare Debate?
We need to not just cover an infection or a big-time emergency, but also comprehensive care and preventative care,’ says activist and dentist Javed Aghaloo of the Sage Initiative


Real Media: Challenging the Narrative with Grenfell MediaWatch
Toyin and Angie from Grenfell MediaWatch discuss the misleading stories and PR campaigns surrounding the Grenfell Tower disaster, and what justice would look like to them


What Cirque du Soleil performers can teach us
by David Schardt



Warming Soils Could Trigger Potentially Unstoppable Climate Feedback Loop: Study
Increased temperatures led to microbial activity that led to surges of carbon emissions
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Tainted Honey: Bee-Poisoning Pesticides Found Globally
Lead researcher says there were “relatively few places where we did not find any” samples contaminated with neonics known to harm bees
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Christopher Columbus: No Monuments for Murderers
The world is still sliced in two between the worthy — the owning classes, the corporate masters, the generals — and the nobodies. The invaded, the owned, the bombed, the poisoned, the silenced
by Bill Bigelow


Is Las Vegas a Harbinger of America’s Future?
“No one thinks that their neighborhood will become a war zone until they hear the first gunshots”
by Lisa Fuller


Why Do So Many Super Rich Despise the Poor?
Donald Trump’s putdown of suffering Puerto Ricans reflects a mindset that has long afflicted the awesomely affluent
by Sam Pizzigati


The Journalist and the Fixer
Who Makes the Story Possible?
by Nick Turse


Council of Canadians
Flint Water Summit Participants Vow to End Nestlé’s Water Takings


CFPB’S Final Rule To Stop Payday Loan Debt Traps


The Real News Network
Ecuador VP Arrested for Corruption as Divisions Deepen Within Governing Party
The Odebrecht corruption scandal enveloping Ecuador’s Vice President Jorge Glas is related to a conflict between former President Correa and current President Moreno, both from the same party. But how much of the scandal is about corruption, and how much of it is political?

*I have to wonder if the folks who were displaced by “the construction of several dams” share Wilpert’s view of that being a “positive thing”.


Over 300 Arrested in St. Louis: It’s About More Than Police Brutality
ACLU organizer Mustafa Abdullah says police brutality and economic inequality are deeply intertwined in St. Louis, Missouri


20-Week Abortion Ban Bill Treats Abortion as an Issue of Criminality, not Health Care
Jenny Brown of National Women’s Liberation says that if representatives are concerned about pain, they should support access to health care and not force women into labor


Trump Plans to Decertify Iran Nuclear Deal
Before decertifying the Iran nuclear deal, the US should approach the UN Security Council and the P5+1 with evidence that Iran is not in compliance. This is a multilateral deal, says Professor Vijay Prashad


Pot Arrests Grow Despite Increasing Support for Legalization
The FBI’s latest local law enforcement report reveals arrests for marijuana-related offenses grew slightly in 2016, despite the fact that a majority of Americans prefer legalization of decriminalizing pot


Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
CarMax sells even MORE deathtrap cars without getting FREE repairs to fix killer safety defects


We Need Thoughtful Coverage of Gun Violence, Not Slow Pans Over Arsenals
by Janine Jackson

*I’m not saying sensationalistic coverage is meant to encourage such horrors, with an eye toward the outlet’s bottom line

But do you think that knowing that it does will in any way change the corpress’ approach?

Remember what Moonves said about Trump …


Institute for Public Accuracy
Nuclear Ban Treaty Group Gets Nobel


Democracy Now!
Special Report: Puerto Ricans in Vieques Cope with Devastation & Fear Toxic Contamination from Maria



Beyond Banning the Bump Stock: ‘Go After the Guns Themselves’
“You have to go after the guns themselves. Guns are the problem”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The problem isn’t bump stocks

It’s gun stocks


Global Demand for Meat Amounts to ‘Appetite for Destruction,’ Says New Study
Report points to massive need for land to grow feed crops as an overlooked cost of industrial farming
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Living off the fetid fat of the land


The Violence Comes Home Again
I’m not against gun control measures, but they’re not enough
by Robert C. Koehler

*Pox Americana


The FBI’s Hunt for Two Missing Piglets Reveals the Federal Cover-Up of Barbaric Factory Farms
by Glenn Greenwald

*That we might label these abominations “swinish” is a visceral irony


German Federal Elections: Chauvinistic Identity Policies Outperform Left Economic
by Ingo Schmidt


The Real News Network
People Power Defeats an Oil Pipeline in Canada
Indigenous and environmental groups are celebrating TransCanada’s cancellation of the Energy East tar sands pipeline, and setting their sights on the next fight


Senator Warren: Equifax Profits from Data Hack While Consumers Pay the Price
Economist Bill Black says he’s skeptical that either Equifax or its former CEO Richard Smith will be held accountable for the breach that affected an estimated 145.5 million people

*Who needs a “Get Out of Jail Free” card

When you know you’re never going to wear an orange jumpsuit?


Trump’s Tax Plan Helps Wall Street, Not Main Street
‘It should be called the Leona Helmsley tax plan’, says economist Michael Hudson. ‘Only the little people will pay taxes’


U.S. Dirty Energy Depends on Subsidies and Climate Denial
Fossil fuel subsidies are costing U.S. taxpayers $20 billion each year, says Janet Redman, U.S. Policy Director of Oil Change International and principal author of a new report entitled “Dirty Energy Dominance: Dependent on Denial”

*Paying for it in every sense


Institute for Public Accuracy
Puerto Rico: * Debt Burden * Medicaid Crisis



Betsy DeVos’ Vision Goes Way Beyond Privatizing Education—And She Is Alarmingly Close To Realizing It
by Jennifer Berkshire


Great Hunger
by Kathy Kelly


The Real News Network
Amid Flurry of Tax Breaks for Developers, Equitable Housing Law Languishes
A Real News investigation of the city’s inclusionary housing law reveals that despite a consensus change is needed, little has been done to fix it

*An urban landscape pruned of the poor


Did the Russians ‘Meddle’ Just for Clicks?
After an uneventful Senate intelligence update, Max Blumenthal unpacks the latest on Russiagate and raises the possibility that alleged Russian attempts to sow social media ‘chaos’ were just troll-farm clickbait

*A tale told by useful idiots

Full of soundbites and fury

Signifying the “chaos” of nothing


Gun Laws Save Lives, But the Gun Lobby Prevails
As more details emerge on the Las Vegas massacre, Rebecca Peters discusses how gun control, like the kind she helped win in her native Australia, helps prevent mass shootings

*No balls to deal with the penis substitutes


Can the Spain-Catalan Crisis Be Resolved?
The only way to diffuse the situation would be for Madrid and Catalonia to sit down and discuss a serious reform of Spain’s constitution–but current Spanish leadership is unlikely to take that step, says Oberlin professor Sebastian Faber


Real Media: Property Rights, Deregulation and Think Tanks (2/2)
Open Democracy’s Laurie Macfarlane talks about the UK government’s deregulation strategy and its effects on housing, as well as the influence of think tanks on national debate and an explanation of the ‘positive feedback loop’


Two Charts on the Gun Crisis: One Hopeful, One Hopeless
by Jim Naureckas


Democracy Now!
Could Trump Actually Cancel Puerto Rico’s Wall Street Debt After Devastation of Hurricane Maria?

*How many rolls of paper towels would it take to clean up the bloody mess he’s made of every vital issue his tiny hands have touched?



Guns and Profit – Why We’ll Do Absolutely Nothing New After This Las Vegas Shooting
Anything for a buck: for-profit healthcare, privatized education, and gun sales over all
by Steven Singer

*Happiness is the sale of a warm gun


The Real News Network
This Week in Russiagate: Facebook and Black Lives Matter
The response to reports of Russian-linked Facebook ads reveals the disdain by elite pundits and lawmakers for dissenting voices like Black Lives Matter, says Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report

*”Unite” and conquer


Empire Files: Israelis Speak Candidly to Abby Martin About Palestinians
On the streets of Jerusalem, Abby Martin interviews Jewish Israeli citizens from all walks of life. In several candid interviews, disturbing comments reveal commonly-held views about Palestinians and their future in the region

*The dominating seek to delude

None more so than themselves


Tell U.S. to Pay Reparations It Promised Vietnam

*No amount of money can never atone for the crimes, but it would signal to the people of Vietnam, and the wider world, that this country has some sense of humanity, however attenuated.


WaPo Defends Boss Against Sanders’ Charge That He’s Extremely Wealthy
by Jim Naureckas

*Let’s say they have the same wealth as the bottom third

Or quarter.

Six versus two billion or so

That should even things up, eh?


After Las Vegas Massacre, Media Again Help ISIS Terrorize
by Adam Johnson

*The corpress can’t resist sinister self promotion from sociopaths

Foreign or domestic


Institute for Public Accuracy
Guns, Terrorism and a “Culture of Killing”


Democracy Now!
As Las Vegas Massacre Toll Rises, Calls Grow for Background Checks on Nevada Gun Sales

*A “lone wolf”

Enabled by the jackals who pray for campaign contributions


After Las Vegas Massacre, Republicans in Congress Push Bills That Could Make Mass Shootings Deadlier

*Prejudice and a sense of superiority are also “deep values and deep principles”, aren’t they?


“They Don’t Care Who the Guns Go To”: Experts Warn Trump Admin. Plans to Widen U.S. Weapons Exports


Puerto Ricans Protest Trump’s Visit, Denounce Militarization Amid Lack of Aid Distribution

*A sham to obscure the shame



Groups Slam Trump’s Tax Loophole for Corporations as Massive ‘Con Job’
Contrary to Trump administration talking points, the president’s tax plan would “rig the rules” in favor of corporations that send jobs overseas
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Three Insidious Ways ‘Overtaxed’ Corporations Are Cheating America
Big companies are deceiving us and the media won’t report it
by Paul Buchheit


Republican Tax Cuts Could Be Paved with Fossil Fuel Giveaways
In the wake of climate chaos, the Trump Administration and Senate Republicans are giving new handouts to billionaires and the fossil fuel industry
by Mitch Jones


A Supreme Court Case Could Make Partisan Gerrymandering Illegal
Justice Anthony Kennedy could provide the deciding vote in Gill v. Whitford, an upcoming case that looks at gerrymandering in Wisconsin. Oral arguments begin Tuesday.
by David Daley

*Don’t hear Dems talking much about this, do you?

I guess they just can’t figure a way to blame the Russians for it.


The End of Empire
The brutality abroad is matched by a growing brutality at home
by Chris Hedges

*The bitter harvest of an induced ignorance


Kurds Have Overwhelmingly Voted for Independence, but Having Their Own Country Is a Long Way Off
It’s a symbolic first step
by Vijay Prashad


Dakota Access Pipeline Rewards Police For Harassing Protesters With $15 Million
Dakota Access Pipeline Company paid off the State of North Dakota’s debt incurred from protecting its interests in harassing and attacking water protectors at Standing Rock
by Michael Sainato

*A gift for the goon squad


The Real News Network
Real Media: The UK Obsession with Property Rights (1/2)
Open Democracy’s Laurie Macfarlane on the recent history of UK property ownership, the obscene rise in property values that is mirrored in rent increases and personal debt, and some possible solutions to consider


Calls for PM Rajoy to Resign Over Police Violence During Catalan Independence Referendum
Mayor of Barcelona and others called for Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to resign in the wake of police violence against Catalonia citizens during Sunday’s vote, in which 90% voted in favor of independence


A Challenge to Saudi’s War on Yemen?
The United Nations has overcome Saudi Arabian opposition to establish a human rights probe of the war on Yemen, just as Congressmembers seek a debate over the critical US military role


Trudeau’s UN Indigenous Rights Speech Rings Hollow at Home
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ‘can talk a really good game, but at the end of the day, he’s not doing anything substantive to make any changes’ for indigenous people in Canada, says Pamela Palmater of Ryerson University

*From Kennedy to Obama to Trudeau

“Empty Rhetoric” is the cosmetic of choice for pretty liberals


Puerto Rico’s Recovery is a Battle Against Austerity
As the Trump administration touts its relief effort in Puerto Rico as a ‘good news story’ and threatens more austerity, writer Ed Morales argues the island’s devastation is a wake-up call against neoliberal excess


Will Harvey Disaster Relief Go to Climate Polluters?
Many are concerned that most of the aid will go toward Texas businesses–including the fossil fuel industry, which contributed to the climate-change related catastrophe in the first place. TRNN speaks with Reggie James, director of the Sierra Club’s Lone Star Chapter


Democracy Now!
Juan González: Puerto Rico’s Financial Control Board Worsened Crisis After Hurricane Maria


“We Cannot Wait”: Puerto Rico’s Residents Organize to Provide Food & Water After Hurricane Maria


Activist: U.S. Response to Puerto Rico “Lifts the Veil of Colonialism” & 119 Years of Exploitation


Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? Minimizing Your Risk of Carcinogens in Drinking Water
by Ty Bollinger


Home Remedies for Dry Mouth From Cancer Therapy (+ Recipe)
by Deborah Oke


5 things you should know about high blood pressure
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action


September 2017



Trump Accused of Burying Research Showing Trickle-Down Tax Cuts Just ‘Snake Oil’ Scam
“Big Brother in action—Treasury sends study contradicting Trump ideology down the memory hole”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Trump’s Tax Plan Is An Act Of Political Domination By The Rich
But at least we don’t have to pretend it isn’t
by Zach Carter


In Maria’s Wake, Could Puerto Rico Go Totally Green?
In a sun-drenched eco-system, renewable energy would foster incredible opportunity and help protect the island from it’s next natural disaster
by Harvey Wasserman


Norwegian Elections: Another Right-Wing Victory, and a Serious Labour Defeat
by Asbjørn Wahl

*A paper tiger heads to the paper shredder


The Real News Network
Black Lives Matter: New Tactics for the Trump Era
The Black Lives Matter movement hasn’t gone quiet–it’s just engaging with electoral politics in new ways, says Dani McClain of The Nation


Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump and Republicans Propose Abolishing the Estate Tax


Democracy Now!
Report from Puerto Rico: Death Toll Higher Than Reported Amid Water Shortage & Health Crisis

*What if the money that will go for a photo op of His Travesty hugging a little brown child were spent on helping that child and all the others in dire straits?

A desperately sad rhetorical question, I realize.



For Snubbing Glyphosate Hearing, EU Parliament Bans Monsanto Lobbyists
“Those who escape democratic accountability must be excluded from access to lobbying”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


In Shadow of Puerto Rico’s Nightmare, Virgin Islands and Others Facing Intense Struggle
The economy of the U.S. Virgin Islands “evaporated pretty much overnight”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Real News Network
Empire Files: Voices From The Anti-Trump Resistance
On September 16-17 a major national gathering was held in Washington, D.C. called the People’s Congress of Resistance, a broad and diverse coalition of organizers and community leaders formed to build the class-struggle wing of the anti-Trump movement


Trump Confronts North Korea With Japanese PM’s Help
President Trump is siding with right-wing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over South Korea President Moon Jae-in on North Korea, says journalist Tim Shorrock


Kurdistan Independence Vote Faces Fierce Opposition (1/2)
Defying threats from Baghdad and nearly every other state in the region, Kurdistan overwhelmingly voted for independence–but it’s unlikely to lead to formal statehood, and the timing of the vote could be a costly mistake, explains Sabah Alnasseri, a professor at York University


Ken Burns’ Vietnam War: An Object Lesson in the Failures of the Objective Lens
by Reed Richardson

*Acknowledging the obvious

To obscure the abominable


Institute for Public Accuracy
Behind Spanish Gov’t Attempts to Halt Catalonia’s Independence Vote


Democracy Now!
French Activist: Emmanuel Macron is “Younger, Prettier” Face of Anti-Worker Reforms & a Police State


As Trump Struggles to Pronounce “Namibia,” Meet One of the Country’s Best-Known Journalists



Free Speech for People
A New Environmental Protection Agency Rule to Benefit Trump Inc., Public Interest Groups Urge the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to Reconsider
Over 7,000 citizens submitted comments to the EPA warning that a new proposed rule to rescind the definition of the “waters of the United States” would confer financial benefit to President Trump and would be unconstitutional

*Par for the collusive course


The Real News Network
Climate Change Is the Real Job Killer’: Can the Labor Movement Go Green?
If trade unionists truly want to protect jobs, they must also protect the planet from the effects of climate change, says Joe Uehlein, president of the Labor Network for Sustainability


Is Public Housing a Playground for Sexual Predators?
A Real News Investigation has found additional allegations of sexual harassment in Baltimore’s public housing system


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Theocrat” Roy Moore May Be the Next U.S. Senator from Alabama


Whadda I care?

I’m a “Christian”


Killer Drone Protesters Arrested


While US, North Korea Both Make Threats, Only One Has Killed Millions of the Other’s People
Eoin Higgins


Democracy Now!
Profits vs. Puerto Rican Lives: Trump Admin Blocks Aid from Reaching Devastated Island

*These vultures create their own carrion



‘Snowflake’ Sessions Ripped for Carving Out Anti-Dissent Safe Space at ‘Free Speech’ Lecture
“An opportunity to express our freedom of speech today was taken from us”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Protected speech” in the most literal sense


Merkel Clobbered While Rightists Threaten
by Victor Grossman


Lindsey Graham Insists On Trying to Be On Wrong Side of History In Healthcare Debate
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is pushing a flawed bill to repeal Obamacare in fear that single payer healthcare is on the horizon
by Michael Sainato


The Real News Network
Far-Right Enters Germany’s Parliament for First Time in 60 Years
The Alternative for Germany party, which has moved so far right that it includes neo-Nazis, now has a seat at the table. Meanwhile, both the Christian Democrats and the social democrats lost big, explains TRNN’s Shir Hever

*As is the case in most every Western state

There’s just not a whole lot left, is there?


Trump Ignites New Round of Black Athlete Activism
Donald Trump’s attack on black NFL players has sparked a wave of anti-racist sports activism with a rich history, says historian and author Gerald Horne


Trump Imposes Travel Ban 3.0
Trump figured out that the courts won’t go along with what looks like a blanket ban on Muslims, so he decided to include some non-Muslim countries, says Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford


Corporate Media Analysts’ Indifference to US Journalists Facing 70 Years in Prison
by Adam Johnson

*”It’s strange … “

Is it?

“For some unknown reason … “

Unknown to whom?


Democracy Now!
Puerto Ricans Call for Aid Amid Catastrophe: “We’re American Citizens. We Can’t Be Left to Die”

*No safe harbor for this port in a storm


Fenceline Communities on Gulf Coast Face Mass Displacement & Toxic Pollution One Month After Harvey

*There’s never 24/7 coverage of the disaster after the disaster, is there?

And while I’m glad Kelley and other folks were able to get Dear Misleader to do something for Port Arthur, there are plenty of other places in dire need that he decided didn’t qualify for a PR posing, aren’t there?

Goodman might have mentioned that.



How Privatization Cuts Us in Two, While Public Institutions Make Us a Better People
A nation of profit-makers and their crusade to deregulate and monopolize public systems
by Paul Buchheit

*Starving the best


The Abuses of History
“History is what the present chooses to remember about the past”
by Chris Hedges

*Only dreams stay the nightmares


Yemen Needs United Nations, Not the United Nations
As the UN Human Rights Council looks once again at launching an independent inquiry into war crimes in Yemen, I have one thing to say to the organisations pushing for it: good luck
by Afrah Nasser


Give RPS A Chance
by Michael Albert and Justin Podur


Is Health Care A Commodity Or Right?
by Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese

*As the old ad adage admonishes

“Don’t be fooled by imitations!”


Catalonia: Mass resistance greets Spanish state coup
by Dick Nichols


The Silent Terrorism on Our Doorsteps
Why aren’t mass killings related to domestic violence given the same media attention as Islamic terrorism?
by Christian Christensen


The Real News Network
Spain’s Economy is Growing, but Leaving Most Spaniards Behind
CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot explains that even though Spain’s economy has been growing recently, this is mostly due to external factors, without benefitting the majority of the population, making Spain Europe’s most unequal country


US-Saudi Alliance Fragments the Middle East
The consequences of US meddling and Saudi Wahhabism have decimated Iraq and pitted multiple Middle East groups against the other, says independent journalist Rania Khalek


Renters vs. Slumlords: Activists Nationwide Rally for Renter’s Rights
Organizers in Minneapolis say it’s about more than just rents increasing: affordable housing is basically disappearing, and the city’s policies leave the door wide open for predatory landlords

*Rent to be owned


Real Media: New Warfare & Transparency
Chris Cole of Drone Wars UK talks about the current state of the technology, the march to lethal autonomous warfare, and the absolute secrecy and lack of democratic scrutiny around the developing drone program

*Wars of aggression have never been prosecuted by those possessed of humanity


Germany’s Angela Merkel: The World’s Eco-Villain?
As Germany gets ready for parliamentary elections this Sunday, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reputation as an environmentalist is being called in question by activist and author George Monbiot

*Hardly surprising that a pol with eco cred is a fraud

Al Gore, anyone … ?

But I’d have liked Wilpert to query Monbiot a bit more closely on the nuclear energy issue. It’s unclear if he’s one of those climate campaigners, such as James Hansen, who foolishly feel that it can be part of the solution.

With Harvey and Irma fresh in our minds, you have to wonder what’s in theirs.


US Lawmakers Accuse Russian Outlet of… Time Travel?
Lawmakers want the FCC to investigate the Russia-backed Sputnik Radio for using “U.S. airwaves to influence the 2016 presidential election,” apparently not realizing that Sputnik wasn’t on the radio until July 2017, says Max Blumenthal

*The “Russia to judgment” is patently disingenuous and dangerous, but I’m curious as to how legitimate criticism of that gummint’s actions is dealt with on Sputnik.

Maté says he hasn’t heard much, and you’d think he’d ask Blumenthal about the possible ethical implications of that for hosts and guests appearing on it.

Do they self censor in order to garner precious airtime for their views? If so, however valuable they may be, is it a devil’s bargain to do so?

At least one inquiring mind wants to know.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Vietnam War and “The Killing of History”



New Research Links Flint Water Crisis to ‘Horrifyingly Large’ Spike in Fetal Death Rates
“In the future we would like to have a government that is more responsive and more active in ensuring that the water that comes out of people’s taps is safe”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Don’t expect “pro lifers” to raise holier than thou hell about an actual “murder of the innocent”, since it was perped by their favored pols.


Trade Panel Ruling Gives Trump Authority to Cripple Nation’s Solar Industry
ITC’s decision has appearance of a win for two American solar companies—but could harm larger industry
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Calls to #StopBetsy After Education Secretary Takes ‘Horrific Step Back’ on Title IX
“Today, Betsy DeVos and the Trump administration chose to tip the scales in favor of rapists and perpetrators”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Nuclear Plants Plus Hurricanes: Disasters Waiting to Happen
Throughout the world, some 430 reactors are in various stages of vulnerability to natural disaster, including ninety-nine in the United States
by Harvey Wasserman

*We need discourse about these dangers to glow in the dark


In Defence of Democratic Rights in Catalonia
by José Luis Martínez


Syrian Wars and Colonial Bores
by Vijay Prashad


The Real News Network
Bernie Sanders Calls Out ‘International Oligarchy’
After mobilizing millions of supporters around progressive policies at home, Senator Bernie Sanders unveils a foreign policy vision that criticizes US militarism and ‘international oligarchy’

*It’s almost amusing how Maté projects this sense of “I want to believe” when it comes to Sanders’ supposed “progressive” bona fides on foreign policy, but at least he has the honesty to question them to some degree, whereas most of the rest of the “alternative media” (Common Dreams, anyone?) will swoon over this speech.

“Bernie lays it on the line! Take that, naysayers!”

Oy …

I’d have liked to have seen someone with a more critical eye than Naiman dissect Sanders’ stance. Hopefully we’ll see something from Glen Ford or similar at TRNN.


Neocons and Hollywood Liberals Go to ‘War’ on Russia
The promotional video of the Committee to Investigate Russia features actor Morgan Freeman in what is ‘probably his worst role since Driving Miss Daisy,’ says AlterNet’s Max Blumenthal

*More “To Russia with Loathe”, which I appreciate Blumenthal calling out, but this “working with Russia” against ISIS …

What does that mean? Both the US and Russia are killing civilians left and right in Syria. What does “defeat[ing] ISIS” entail, aside from death and destruction?

Isn’t there a difference between standing against a fearsome bellicosity toward Russia, and collaborating with them at the expense of the Syrian people?


Real Media: The Nomadic War Machine
Paul Watt discusses the fight against social cleansing and gentrification, and specifically what he calls the ‘Nomadic War Machine,’ where campaign groups occupy spaces to shift the power balance with the landlord or local authority

*Whether Blairite Labour or DNC Dems in the States, it’s not about winning

It’s about playing a game that always pisses on the people


Turkey’s Erdogan Extends Repression to European Critics of his Administration
President Erdogan of Turkey is blackmailing Europe with the way he uses refugees, while journalists and activists are being persecuted for criticizing Erdogan in Europe, explains Giran Ozcan, of KurdishQuestion.com


‘Legislators Criminalize Practices That Led to Wrongdoings Being Exposed’
CounterSpin interview with Chip Gibbons on ag-gag laws
by Janine Jackson

*Speak no evil of evil


Democracy Now!
Amnesty International Reveals the Bomb That Killed 16 Civilians in Yemen Was Made in the U.S.A.



Capitalism: The Nightmare
The gross injustices of the American dream
by Paul Street

*To be “radical” in the present era simply means to lack a death wish

And there is nothing of even nominal visibility in the current political context, at least in these here United States, that acknowledges that stark reality.


Violence Policy Center
More Than 1,600 Women Murdered by Men in One Year, New Study Finds
Annual Study Released in Advance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October Ranks States by Rate of Women Killed by Men


The Real News Network
Earthquake in Mexico Unearths Years of Corruption
The Mexican government learned some lessons after the devastating earthquake of 1985, but there hasn’t been an end to corruption, says Laura Carlsen of the Center for International Policy


Massachusetts First to Sue Equifax Over Massive Hack
Several government agencies and at least 34 state attorneys general have opened investigations into the Equifax data-breach scandal–which is ‘the gift that keeps on giving,’ says white-collar criminologist Bill Black

*Fuck resigning, Mr. Bill

How ’bout changing the wardrobe for these bastards from pinstripes to prison stripes?


Killer Robots: The War Over Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence companies and other AI experts are urging the UN to ban the technology in weapons, but are they exaggerating the danger and threat for their own interests?

*Well, that was clear as mud, at least to dopey ol’ me.

All I can say is that the taking of human life is the most fearsome act in which we can engage, and to program a machine to make that decision is abhorrent to everything I understand to constitute a moral universe.

As for hopelessness

No act of conscience is ever in vain, is it?


‘The World May Conclude the US Is No Longer Capable of Diplomacy’
CounterSpin interview with Murtaza Hussain on Iran deal sabotage
by Janine Jackson

*Has anyone thought of the sanctions the US would be under in any just world?


NYT Lets Think Tank Funded by Gov’t and Arms Industry Claim Huge US Military Budget Isn’t Huge Enough
by Ben Norton

*Yet another execrable example of the risible “#Resistance” of the “lib’rul media” and Demorats to the bipartisan imperative of empire


Democracy Now!
Environmental Disaster Looms in Puerto Rico, Lashed by Hurricane Maria & Left Without Power


“One Long Night”: Writer Andrea Pitzer on History of Concentration Camps & Rise of Intolerance Today


A Look at the Global History of Concentration Camps, from Pre-WWII to the Ongoing Rohingya Crisis

*Am I wrong in feeling that Pitzer comes across as something of an apologist for the reasoning behind these horrors, at least in the context of rebellions and The Global War on Terror ™?

Does she accept the rationale in those cases, while criticizing how it was realized?



Gun Stocks Surge as Trump Pushes to Ease Export Regulations for Assault Weapons
Human rights expert warns against flooding “world with the American disease” of gun proliferation
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Exposing Problematic Role as News Arbiter, Facebook Under Fire Over Myanmar
Rohingya activists report being banned by the social media site for reporting on atrocities in Myanmar
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Don’t you think that FB’s reaction to criticism makes it clear that either this doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with “algorithms”, or that there’s no intention to change them, despite their bias

Or perhaps it’s a matter of currying favor with an administration that treats the First Amendment as an historical typo.


First Nations and Ontario’s Ring of Fire
The Ring of Fire continues to divide First Nations and suck up money that should go to healing communities
by the Socialist Project


The Earthquake Just Keeps Going in Mexico
Central Mexico’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake has over 225 casualties so far, but it had help from a government that let infrastructure and buildings crumble long before the quake hit
by Tamara Pearson


Senate Debates Billions for Insurers while Public Demands Medicare for All
by Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese

*Glad to see improvement from St. Bernard, but wouldn’t it be nice if “progressive icons” didn’t have to be watched like hawks to ensure their rhetoric matches reality

And weren’t mindlessly cheerleaded for by much of the “alternative media”?

Just sayin’ …


U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Calls for Removal of a Class of Toxic Chemicals in Consumer Products
Victory: Votes to begin rulemaking process to protect consumers, firefighters from hazardous flame retardant chemicals in furniture, mattresses, kids’ products and electronic casings


The Real News Network
Trump’s Threat to ‘Totally Destroy’ North Korea is Illegal
Donald Trump’s comments at the UN General Assembly violate international law, and the world should hold him to account, says Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies

*It’s frustrating to hear someone like Bennis speak of the Iran deal as this unalloyed good thing, when it was something that government was forced into, to avoid war.

They’d done nothing to merit the restrictions placed on them, and the hypocrisy inherent in the US being the driving force behind it is galling.

That’s not to be an apologist for a repressive regime. It’s to acknowledge that in the area of nuclear weapons programs, there was no crime to fit the punishment.

As well, positive talk of Iran being “allied” with the US in the GWOT ™ ignores the immense death and destruction both nations are visiting upon the people of Iraq and Syria.

The US is aligned with Saudi Arabia in Yemen, yet I wouldn’t think Bennis and others would consider that a mark in that kingdom’s good books.

As with so much regarding the Middle East, there is a visceral imperative to go beyond superficial analyses that only cloud the myriad contradictions in that tragic land.


New Clean Energy & Jobs Campaigns Launches With Less Ambitious Goal
Some advocates question why a new green jobs proposal is only demanding 50% renewable energy by 2030

*Half steps only lead down dead ends


Applicant Says Federal Judge ‘Hijacked’ Process to Pick Police Monitor
After Judge James Bredar handpicked a group to monitor the consent decree between the Baltimore Police and the Department of Justice, one of the finalists says community input was ignored, setting a bad precedent going forward


Ask the CEOs of Equifax, Experian and Transunion for credit freezes to be #FreeFromAll3
by Eva Velasquez
Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC)


Is Facilitating a Paid Informant Program Part of Journalism’s Job?
by Josmar Trujillo


Media ‘Extremes’ on Healthcare: Universal Coverage or Taking Healthcare From Millions
by Michael Corcoran

*There are deep flaws in Sanders’ version, as Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese have pointed out (https://tinyurl.com/yb3ms6re), but those aren’t what the corpress is castigating, are they?

And none of its detractors have any worries about their healthcare, do they?


Democracy Now!
Hundreds Dead in Mexico After Earthquake Strikes on Anniversary of Devastating 1985 Quake


Hurricane Maria Strikes Puerto Rico, Threatening to Be the Most Catastrophic Storm in a Century


Senate Republicans Scramble to Secure Votes for Last-Ditch Effort to Repeal Affordable Care Act


Advocates Warn All Rohingya May Be Driven Out of Burma If Military’s Ethnic Cleansing Continues

*Aung San Suu Kyi hasn’t “evolved”

She’s devolved – into yet another “Nobel savage”.

“Democracy Now!”, with its penchant for focusing on personalities, fêted her on numerous occasions, and until recently remained silent on that “evolution”.

A mea culpa is in order, but I’m not holding my breath.


Trump Slammed as “Enemy to Most of the World” as He Vows Not to Lift Sanctions on Cuba

*”[G]et somebody sane in the White House again.”

Again … ?

The “opening” to Cuba is being salivated over by corps who see it as another market to exploit, and by imperial strategists who hope to use “soft power” to erode the commitment to a decidedly imperfect socialism.

As with the Iran deal, the benefits shouldn’t blind us to what those in power hope to accomplish with “diplomacy”, which has nothing to do with a more just world.



New Research Reveals There Are More Than 40 Million Slaves Worldwide
Reports released during the UN General Assembly meetings suggest global leaders need to increase efforts to end modern slavery and child labor
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Oil Change International
Report: Gas Pipeline Construction Leading to Massive Risks to Utility Ratepayers
Self-dealing, manufactured need, lax oversight exposed by new analysis


The Real News Network
GOP Retries ACA Repeal as Single-Payer Surges
After failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act earlier this year, Republicans are trying to sneak through an equally dangerous last-ditch attempt, says Dr. Ed Weisbart of Physicians for a National Health Program

*I have to say that this was a very disappointing segment, with a guest who sings the praises of the ACA, repeating Democratic Party talking points, and says next to nothing about universal care, let alone framing it as a fundamental right.

Of course, the problems with Sanders’ version of it receive no mention, as mindless cheerleading is the order of the day among most of the “alternative media”.

I’ve seen one piece that outlines its flaws, and a mention that it has “come in for criticism” from some universal care advocates in another, with a link to another piece.

That’s been it, and that’s no way to have an informed discussion about such a vital issue, is it?


White Police, Black Unarmed Suspects
Glen Ford discusses the recent acquittal of White St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley and the uprising that followed


Uproar over Ultra-Orthodox Military Service Deepens Old Israeli Rift
Journalist and documentarian Lia Tarachansky discusses the decision by the Israeli Supreme Court to overturn a law exempting ultra-Orthodox Jews from military service


Real Media: Art & Militarism
From the ‘Conference at the Gates’ organized by ‘Stop The Arms Fair’, Real Media explores a workshop on art and militarism that was held during protests against the 2017 Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair in London

*Art for our sake


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S.-Trained Warlords Committing Atrocities in Afghanistan


Media’s Instinct to Rehabilitate the Powerful Has Not Changed Under Trump
by Eoin Higgins

*It’s only a joke

Even after someone (many someones) get hurt



After Failing to Prosecute Bankers, Obama Cashes In With Wall Street Speeches
The former president is reportedly raking in $400,000 per speech to massive financial firms
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


(That the bastard waited this long)


Bolstering Single-Payer Case, Report Shows How For-Profit Insurers Fuel Opioid Crisis
“In case you didn’t know, the opioid epidemic is fueled in part by systemic failures in healthcare”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Refusing to Be Bargaining Chips, Dreamers Shut Down Pelosi’s Pro-Dreamer Event
“Just stop it now!” House Minority Leader demanded as protesters hijack press conference devoted to promoting deal on DACA
by Common Dreams staff

*Pissing on the poseurs


If George W. Bush Can Be on Ellen, Of Course Sean Spicer Will Be at Emmys
“There should be nothing whatsoever surprising about any of this, as it is the logical and necessary outcome of the self-serving template of immunity which DC elites have erected for themselves”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*They may now embrace the Shrubberies

But the liberal elite never stopped hugging (and kissing the sexual organs of) Obama and Clinton, ignoring the blood that bathed them both.


The 3 Americans Who Should Pay for Medicare-for-All
While anticipating inevitable resistance from monied interests, it can nevertheless be accurately demonstrated that three Americans—or, rather, groups of Americans—have received the most benefits from years of national productivity, and should provide most of the initial funding
by Paul Buchheit

*Making the players pay


In the Field With Yazidi Fighters, Tales of Genocide at ISIS’s Hands and More Conflict to Come
Yazidi fighters are joining the Iraqi-run PMF in droves, and see a new war on the horizon
by Rania Khalek


In a Warming World, the Storms May Be Fewer But Stronger
NASA / Earth Observatory


The Real News Network
Baltimore’s Water Affordability Crisis
Water rates in Baltimore have been skyrocketing, more than tripling since 2000–and a $500 unpaid water bill could cost residents their homes


Real Media: Women’s Narratives – The Real Cost of Selling Weapons
Two women from conflict zones in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe explain the costs of war and the arms trade for their homelands, and in particular the impact on women


UK Activist Risks Prison Challenging ‘Digital Strip-Search’
CAGE International Director Muhammad Rabbani is about to stand trial for refusing to give UK police the password to his laptop, which contained information about torture survivors. He’s using his case to challenge Britain’s anti-terrorism legislation, Schedule 7


Real Media: Drones, Nationalism and the Future of Warfare
Author of “Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade” Andrew Feinstein talks about the the future of warfare, the effects of drones on the military industrial complex and the role of nationalism in an increasingly unstable world


Green Party files election fraud lawsuit against Democratic Party in Pennsylvania
Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 197th ward and former Green Party VP Candidate in 2012, Cheri Honkala, discusses the election fraud lawsuit she filed last week against the Democratic Party

*Republicans fuck with Democratic voters

Democrats fuck with … um …


Trump’s Judicial Makeover is White and Far-Right
Through his nominees of federal judges and prosecutors, Donald Trump is overseeing a radical overhaul of the US judicial system, says Kamau Franklin, attorney and political editor of Atlanta Black Star

*Courting disaster


Russian Progressives Challenge Putin From Below
A grassroots coalition has made gains in Moscow’s municipal election, signaling opportunities for Russian progressives at the local level, says Russian-American independent journalist Alyona Minkovski


Florida Nursing Home Deaths Highlight Industry’s Dangers
The deaths of eight Florida nursing home residents during Hurricane Irma bring new attention to a powerful industry serving the vulnerable, and a Trump administration effort to nix a critical safeguard

*If you want to see the true face of capitalism

Look into the eyes of its victims


Institute for Public Accuracy
Does Burns-Novik PBS Vietnam Doc Let U.S. Government Off Hook?

*Wading in the shallow end of the Big Muddy


Democracy Now!
Naomi Klein Warns Europe May Water Down Paris Accord to Win Support from Trump

*Watering down Paris

Waterboarding the planet


Naomi Klein: We Are Seeing the Shock Doctrine in Effect After Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

*Giving the rapist the key to the victim’s home


Can a healthy microbiome prevent depression or cancer?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



EU Watchdog Under Fire for Monsanto Analysis Copy/Pasted into Roundup Safety Report
Ahead of vote to determine whether farmers can continue using Monsanto’s popular pesticide, new Guardian report raises concerns that agency failed to fully analyze Roundup’s risks
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Standing With ESPN Journalist Against Trump’s White Supremacy, #NaziBucketChallenge Goes Viral
Calling out Trump’s racist views, critics stand in solidarity with ESPN anchor
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*ESPN’s “politics” are the same as its corporate parent, but His Travesty has never been loath to piss on his fellow profiteers when piqued, has he?

And I would #StandWithJemele

But as difficult as it might be for her, she needs to take a stand, and stay there, as well.


Can emissions shrink while the economy grows?
by David Suzuki

*Size isn’t everything


The Real News Network
UK Parliament ‘Beheads Democracy’ With EU Exit Bill
Public interest organisations and opposition leaders slammed the EU Withdrawal Bill as the biggest threat to parliamentary democracy in decades, explains journalist Steve Topple


Hosting Amazon’s New Headquarters: Burden or Benefit?
Cities across the U.S. are in a bidding war to host Amazon’s $5 billion investment, but Seattle journalist Richard Silverstein cautions that having Amazon as a neighbor isn’t a ‘honeymoon romance’

*It ain’t Foxconn

But that last syllable still holds true


Senate Refuses to Stop Endless War
Sixteen years after its passage, the Senate has rejected an effort to repeal the Congressional authorization that has been used as a blank check for military action around the globe, says David Swanson of World Beyond War

*Going beyond the authorization

To the rationalization


Institute for Public Accuracy
Harvard Called “Disgraceful” Following CIA Pressure on Manning Fellowship

*”Prestigious” pusillanimy


Murdoch-Owned Media’s Radical Climate Denial in the Face of Disaster
WSJ’s glib snark over Harvey completes its Fox News-ification
by Adam Johnson

*Climate ignorance is Big Energy bliss

Until there’s nothing to laugh about


Democracy Now!
Deregulated & Unaccountable: For-Profit Nursing Homes in Florida Face Scrutiny After Irma Deaths


The Forgotten Americans: Why Did U.S. Media Ignore U.S. Virgin Islands Devastated by Irma?


South Asia: 1,300 Dead, 40 Million Impacted in Climate Change-Linked Flooding

*We won’t get out of this together

If we’re not in this together


6 Important Foods You Should Eat for Soothing Arthritis Pain
by Yuri Elkaim



Global Crises Accelerate as Tax Havens Hide Trillions for World’s Greedy Few
While new research suggests 10 percent of world GDP held in offshore shelters, UN human rights expert says poorest paying enormous price
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


How Florida’s Native Americans Predicted and Survived Hurricanes
Betty Osceola, a member of the Miccosukee tribe and Panther clan, shared several stories about her family’s own experiences dealing with hurricanes and tornadoes in South Florida
by Michael Sainato


Oil Change International Statement On Congressional Efforts to Extend 45Q
Forthcoming analysis reveals program would be largest US fossil fuel subsidy


The Real News Network
Catalonia and Spain ‘Playing Chicken’ Ahead of Independence Vote
One million people took to the streets in Barcelona to support Catalonian independence from Spain. The movement plans for a referendum on Oct. 1, in violation of a court ruling declaring the referendum unconstitutional, explains Carlos Delclos of Roar Magazine


‘Undocumented Immigrants Are Constantly Used as a Bargaining Chip’
CounterSpin interview with Tina Vasquez on DACA
by Janine Jackdon


ACTION ALERT: NewsHour Treats Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar as Matter of Opinion
by Janine Jackson

*PBS ExcuseHour?


Democracy Now!
Pink Floyd Founder Roger Waters: BDS is One of “Most Admirable” Displays of Resistance in the World

*Pulling down the bricks in the wall of apartheid



The Racial Wealth Gap Is Leading to An Almost-Nonexistent Middle Class
With people of color projected to make up the majority of Americans by 2043, a new study warns against policies that keep many black and Latino households out of the middle class
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Warning Letter to Harvey and Irma Survivors from Katrina Survivor
Above all, watch out for one another and care for one another
by Bill Quigley


Walker and Trump’s Foxconn Deal May Be Worst in American History
It’s like paying $900,000 for a $150,000 house you might not get to live in
by Robert Kraig

*A “conn” this monumental merits an additional “n”


The Real News Network
FBI, DOJ Eye Russian Media Outlets as ‘Foreign Agents’
The US Justice Department and FBI are scrutinizing the Russian state-owned Sputnik and RT networks as potential ‘foreign agents,’ raising questions of press freedom, says independent journalist Alyona Minkovski


Former Nuclear Inspector: Calling North Korea Nuclear-Capable is a ‘Gross Exaggeration’
Robert Kelley, former IAEA director of nuclear inspections, says we still lack evidence needed to determine whether North Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb

*”The North Koreans have pretty well pulled wool over the eyes of the American media.”

Those eyes are looking for anything that bolsters the US narrative. It just so happens that both it and North Korea see it in their interests to push the hydrogen bomb line.


Brazil’s Corruption Scandals: No Winners, No End in Sight
The political elite has completely lost control of the situation, but the left is unable to take the reins, says blogger Alex Hochuli, who produces the Aufhebunga podcast


Unpopular Abbas Targets Palestinian Critics
The Palestinian Authority’s arrest of prominent human rights activist Issa Amro is part of a wider crackdown on critics of Mahmoud Abbas’ rule, says Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada


Institute for Public Accuracy
Sanders’ Single-Payer Plan: “Politicians Must Take a Stand”

*Ignore Weissman’s boosterism, and scroll to the last two paras.


In Month After Charlottesville, Papers Spent as Much Time Condemning Anti-Nazis as Nazis
by Adam Johnson

*Some things will never change

See “Abraham Lincoln Brigade”


Democracy Now!
Background Checks for Voting?: Inside the Trump Election Commission’s Contentious Second Meeting


“Will the 9/11 Case Finally Go to Trial?”: Andrew Cockburn on New Evidence Linking Saudis to Attacks

*What about the US’ role – at the least comprised of monumental incompetence, to at most active collusion?

My best guess is neither – rather consisting of precedent knowledge unacted on to realize the PNAC’s wet dream of a “Pearl Harbor” to jumpstart a Pax Americana.



‘Macron, You’re Screwed’: Tens of Thousands March in France Against Anti-Worker Reforms
“My grandparents and great-grandparents fought to have social security, to get rights which are now being stripped away”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Warnings of ‘Race to the Bottom’ as Amazon Holds Nationwide Tax Break Contest
“Whichever city ‘wins’ Amazon’s headquarters will do so by ceding to the enormously powerful company money that should, by normal laws, be going into the public till”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Communities “partnering” with corps in whatever fashion is a recipe for domestic abuse


On The Road To Extinction, Maybe It’s Not All About Us
The devastating consequences of human superiority over nature
by Elizabeth West


Don’t Punish the Dreamers—Punish the Corporations Driving Forced Migration
The perpetrators of the “crime” are those who wrote the trade treaties and the economic reforms that made forced migration the only means for families to survive
by David Bacon


Amnesty International
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Last Chance For Justice For Over 20,000 Wartime Sexual Violence Survivors


EU Countries Authorized Their Vessels To Fish Unlawfully In African Waters
Oceana’s investigation exposes unlawful fishing by EU-flagged vessels from Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, and calls for global reforms to increase transparency in international fisheries governance


The Real News Network
School Segregation is Making a Comeback
The U.S. education system was designed to favor the white and the rich, and you ‘don’t have to wave a confederate flag or have a statue of Robert E. Lee to effectively secede from your court-mandated school-desegregation order,’ says the Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford


Justice for Port Drivers
We Need Clean Air + Good Jobs


Institute for Public Accuracy
With Children Heading Back to School, Educators Say Politicians Should Too


CNN Celebrates ‘Joy’ of McCain a Day After His Genocidal Threat
by Adam Johnson

*Offhand, I can’t think of a Beach Boys parody that works with “North Korea”

But I’m sure it would be a joy to Tapper’s and Cillizza’s ears.


Democracy Now!
Puerto Rico: Resistance to Coal-Fired Power Plant & Toxic Coal Ash Dumping Spreads Across Island


After Irma, a Look at Why Cubans are 15 Times Less Likely to Die from Hurricanes Than Americans

*What’s worse for Cubans

His Travesty’s closings

Or Dear Misleader’s “openings” to the exploitocracy?


Austerity, Divestment & Irma: Juan González on Why 300,000 in Puerto Rico are Without Power


Special Report: How Decentralized Mutual Aid Networks Are Helping Houston Recover from Harvey



Amid Food Shortage and Slow Relief Efforts, Post-Irma ‘Survival’ Is Not ‘Looting’
“When there’s no food, no water…there’s no such thing as ‘looting.’ It is called survival”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Deep down the Orwell

Survival is “looting”

Disaster capitalism is “recovery”


The Great Flood
“We are entering this final phase of civilization, one in which we are slashing the budgets of the very agencies that are vital to prepare for the devastation ahead”
by Chris Hedges

*We are human, in all that means

Therein lies our slim chance of survival

Or our certain date with demise


The Pentagon’s New Wonder Weapons for World Dominion
Or Buck Rogers in the 21st Century
by Alfred W. McCoy

*Unquestionably required reading

And if you understand anything about the impetus for imperialism

Put your money on the Martians


Kris Kobach Pushes Voter Fraud Lies While Meeting With Fellow Suppression Activists
Incidentally, there are more people on Kobach’s commission than people the Kansas secretary of state has convicted of voter fraud
by Brian Tashman


The ‘Alt-Right’: We Need Courage and Truth, Not False Equivalencies
We are living in an extraordinary moment in history, and this is no time to blame “both sides” for the chaos that has engulfed our country.
by Eladio Bobadilla

*Ask any Dem pol to “choose sides”, and see what transpires.

“Vegan ISIS” …

I’m surprised His Travesty hasn’t poached that putridness.


America’s North Korea War & Morocco’s Rebellions
by Vijay Prashad


The Real News Network
The Disappearing Act in the United Arab Emirates
UAE law on cybercrime is providing a legal basis for disappearances and crackdowns on cyber-dissent, says Joe Odell of the International Campaign for Freedom


US Pharma Industry Converts Monopoly Power into Political Power
An Ohio ballot initiative aims to lower prescription drug prices, but the pharmaceutical industry is circumventing campaign finance laws, according to an investigation. Economics professor Lawrence King explains how the pharma industry converts intellectual property rights into inordinate profits and uses these for political power to maintain its privileged position

*A patent on perfidy


Venezuela’s President Maduro Presents New Economic Measures
CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot explains that the new measures can help alleviate some of Venezuela’s economic problems, but do not address the heart of the problem, which is an inflation-depreciation spiral that has given the country an extraordinarily high inflation rate. Trump’s recent illegal sanctions will make the situation even more difficult


‘The Model Economy’ in Germany is Growing a Class of Working Poor
The general election campaign is in full swing in Germany but little attention is being paid to the high proportion of working poor, explains economist Heiner Flassbeck


The Rise and Fall of Syriza: Finding a New Way Forward for Greece’s Radical Left (3/3)
Syriza’s influence on the European Left: there are popular aspirations welling from below, but Syria has also had a negative effect on the European left, says author and historian Helena Sheehan

*What has happened with Sanders might be an expression of a desire to go beyond politics as usual, but if it remains in this futile context of trying to “reclaim the Democratic Party”, and this canonization of Saint Bernard, it will be nothing more than a unfulfilled aspiration.

The situation may be somewhat more hopeful in the UK, with Corbyn and those align