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This site’s been created in the hope that knowledge is power, and the
certainty that ignorance is its antithesis.   It’s mainly a compilation
of information and insight from various sources that I thought worth
passing along.

I’ll be tossing in my overvalued two cents, as well (denoted
by asterisks).   That said, I’d like to think I’m smart enough to know
what I don’t know, and that I’ll make that clear when necessary.

I’m happy to hear from folks.   Disagreement is welcome, but only if
it’s civil.  You can be as vociferous as you wish, but personal attacks
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Let’s do the mensch thing.

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ADDED 10/27/11 —  THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES page, where I park aphorisms et alia that I think are worth their own separate space.

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5/10/15 — Lately, I’ve been including a good bit of health and nutrition intel here, and I do see it intimately related to the other issues extant.

The posts on the duplicity and venality of food and medical corps provide obvious parallels, but I also want to focus on what we can do to improve our health, as we can’t follow our principles as assiduously as we’re obligated to if we’re not in the best condition we can be.

That said, I want to be clear that I’m no expert in these fields.  I’m trying to learn, and unlearn, what I need to do to be healthy.  In doing so, I may wander down some dead ends.  I present this information with the entreaty that you accord it both serious consideration and scrutiny.

What makes seeming sense today may be disproved tomorrow.  What appears outlandish in the present could well be validated in the future.

I hope what I pass along will be of benefit to you.


* Do what your conscience demands

And your courage allows

And never be satisfied with the limits of either *




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Colonialism and Greed: Trump Considers Afghan War Expansion to Exploit Minerals
Trump is reportedly being encouraged by corporate executives to take advantage of Afghanistan’s mineral wealth
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*So, the US shouldn’t rape Afghanistan because it would fuel Taliban propaganda about … um … raping Afghanistan?

That would be “dumb”

Not heinous?

The US doesn’t give a good goddamn about “winning hearts and minds”

Only eviscerating them.

The PR is for domestic consumption, while the rubble and severed body parts tell the locals a different and deathly tale.

ACLU Objects After Capitol Hill Police Tell Journalists to Delete Protest Photos
At least one journalist reported being forced to delete his photos of the scene
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Utilities Knew, Too: Despite Warning Decades Ago, Industry Lied and Deceived on Climate
New report reveals the utilities industry encouraged coal use and public doubt while conducting “cutting-edge” climate research
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Please recall this the next time you see one of those oh so warm and fuzzy ads from your local “energy provider” and all the “green”ishness they’re “committed” to.

Remembering ‘The Americans with Disabilities Act’ and the Movement that Generated It
by Felicia Kornbluh

Home-from-War War Stories: Myth, Media & the Ken Burns Vietnam Series
by Jerry Lembcke

*Unasked here is the question of just why the myth is propagated.

As with other myths (aka “lies”) such as the Gulf of Tonkin attack and Saddam’s WMDs, the corpress colludes with the warmongers in the knowledge that knowledge is power, and ignorance the currency with which it is purchased by the powerful.

That’s the “allure”.

The Real News Network
Is Extreme Heat the New Normal?
The Real News team spoke with first responders and science and medial experts in Arizona, where high temperatures have grounded planes and significantly increased health emergencies

*So much heat

So little light

Gideon Levy: Israelis Shut Out Palestinian Calls for Freedom
The Palestinian protest against restrictions on the Al-Aqsa mosque is the latest challenge to a 50-year occupation, but self-denial and racism preclude Israelis from listening, says veteran Israeli journalist Gideon Levy

*The corpress in Israel, as in the US and every other nation, serves power.

It’s not a matter of “commercial considerations” – of this reporting “not selling”

But of selling a narrative of government and corporate “good intentions”, with the occasional “wart” revealed to certify the mainstream media’s “independent” bona fides.

It’s all the news that’s printed to fit.

Germany Bans Arms Shipments to Turkey
The freeze sets an important precedent of linking arms exports to human rights, says TRNN’s Shir Hever

*The subheading really doesn’t connect with the substance of the segment, does it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
The Plot to Scapegoat Russia

*“This doesn’t mean Russia and Vladimir Putin are beyond serious criticism.”

But I don’t see much of that from those who, with goddamn good reason, oppose this Russia to judgment.

It’s not enough to tick off the US’ innumerable sins. We have to be as clear eyed about all gummints’ iniquities as our own. And be clear that I’m not referring to deep state talking points on Russia, Venezuela, Iran et alia, but about verifiable contradictions that honest reportage is obliged to relate.

That gives credibility to a stand against the regime changers and warmongers by making plain that those taking it are not apologists for their targets, don’t you think?

Democracy Now!
Is Trump’s Base Turning on the President over His Humiliation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

Joshua Green on the “Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump & the Storming of the Presidency”

A Look at How a Racial Theorist Tied to Mussolini & Hitler Influenced Steve Bannon

Joshua Green on How Bannon’s Experience with Video Gamers Gave Rise to the Alt-Right

*Apparently Bannon recognized that actual adolescents would be attracted to a terminal one.


Scary Dairy: You Scream, I Scream… Monsanto Roundup Ice Cream
Traces of “probable human carcinogen” found in samples from ten Ben & Jerry flavors
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Unjust desserts

Five Pro-Democracy Activists Sentenced for Disrupting the U.S. Supreme Court
by David Schwenk

*Blox populi

Environmental Working Group (EWG)
To Save $10 Billion, Cut Subsidies for Big Ag, Not Nutrition for Kids and Seniors

*Stop feeding the pigs

Not the people

The Real News Network
Foreign Investment and The UK Housing Crisis
Real Media speaks to Anna Minton, the author of “Big Capital: Who Is London For?” about the causes, effects and potential remedies for the housing crisis that has been growing for 30 years in London and beyond

Palestinian Protesters Defend Their ‘Right to Exist’
As the Al-Aqsa protests continue despite a deadly Israeli crackdown, writer Mariam Barghouti says Palestinians across the Occupied Territories “are reiterating their right to exist”

Vijay Prashad: Trump is Setting Up a ‘Dangerous Confrontation’ With Iran
Vijay Prashad and Paul Jay discuss the American, Saudi and Israeli ​campaign a​gainst Iran and the new Cold War with Russia

RussiaGate Drowns Out U.S.-Russia Discord
As Jared Kushner’s collusion denial dominates the airwaves, the RussiaGate fixation overshadows a new round of U.S. sanctions on Russia and other developments that fuel continued tensions, says The Nation’s James Carden

How Media Spread CIA’s Sectarian, Anti-Iran ‘Mideast Cold War’ Narrative
by Ben Norton

*Mirroring the smoke

Democracy Now!
Death of 10 Migrants in San Antonio Spotlights Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding on U.S.-Mexico Border

Sonia Nazario: The Tragedy in San Antonio is “Predictable Outcome” of Trump’s Immigration Crackdown

The Rebellions That Changed U.S. History: Looking Back at the 1967 Newark & Detroit Uprisings

*”[W]e’ve put so much emphasis on taking over the power structure, and we became prisoners of it.”

Is anyone trying to “take over” the Democratic Party listening to Bogg’s wisdom?


Middle School Suicides Double As Common Core Testing Intensifies
by Steven Singer

*Can society pass this test of common humanity?

Saving Illinois: Getting More Bang for the State’s Bucks
Illinois is teetering on bankruptcy and other states are not far behind, largely due to unfunded pension liabilities; but there are solutions. The Federal Reserve could do a round of “QE for Munis.” Or the state could turn its sizable pension fund into a self-sustaining public bank.
by Ellen Brown

How the Food and Drug Companies Ensure that We Get Sick and They Make Money
by Paul Buchheit

Trump and the Christian Fascists
by Chris Hedges

The Real News Network
UK Banks Profit from Israeli Crimes against Palestinians
A new report from War on Want reveals that some of the UK’s top banks and financial institutions are investing in companies known to supply Israel with weapons and technology used in the oppression of Palestinians

*Banking on barbarity

Family Income’s Critical Role in Child Development
As Trump and the Republicans target vital social programs in their budget, a new study from the London School of Economics shows that poverty has a huge impact on children’s cognitive, social-behavioral and health outcomes

*Pols love to talk about “family values”

Except when it comes to the value of their income

No Justice No Pride
Break DC Capital Pride’s Ties with Police, Prisons and Pipelines!

WaPo Worships Principled, Humanitarian McCain That’s Never Existed
by Adam Johnson

*A man after their own dark heart

Reuters vs. UN Cancer Agency: Are Corporate Ties Influencing Science Coverage?
by Stacy Malkan

*Scientific method acting

Institute for Public Accuracy
How Trump Helps Netanyahu Push Palestinians into a Corner

Democracy Now!
Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns over the Cop Shooting of Unarmed Woman. Will the Mayor Be Next?

*Bullets belong to no party

Criminologist Phil Stinson: Police Kill Three People Every Single Day in the United States

Newly Declassified Documents Confirm U.S. Backed 1953 Coup in Iran Over Oil Contracts

*Cold War cover for a gold war grab

Epstein Barr Virus Connection to Breast Cancer & Autoimmune Disorders
by Elyn Jacobs

9 Strategies to Overcome a “Healing Crisis” During Detox & Treatments
by Dr. David Jockers

Your chances of choosing a cocoa product with lots of flavanols
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Message to Democrats: Get on Board With Medicare For All or Go Home
For universal healthcare to become a reality, “it’s going to take a movement of movements, and it’s going to take the American people making it toxic for our elected officials not to get on board”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

How Budget Austerity Puts Public School Parents On Par With Criminals
by Jeff Bryant



And revulsive ‘rithmetic

It’s Not Only Necessary to Develop an Alternative to Globalization — It’s Entirely Possible
It was the left who diagnosed the ills of globalization. So why is the right eating our lunch?
by Walden Bello

*To have vision

We have to open our eyes

California Votes to Extend Landmark Cap-and-Trade Program—While Allowing Big Polluters to Get Away With Murder
The new legislation makes huge concessions to the fossil fuel industry
by Reynard Loki

*In Cali, it’s called “Brownwashing”

The Real News Network
Baltimore to Lose Two Progressive Media Outlets Just When It Needs Them Most
TRNN speaks to City Paper editors Brandon Soderberg, Rebekah Kirkman and Baynard Woods, as well as the Steiner Show’s Marc Steiner, about what Baltimore will lose when their outlets close

*Time will tell whether “a paper for the working class” emerges in Chicago, won’t it?

How “cool” will those “lefties” be?

Data, Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence: Where is AI Innovation Taking Society?
Safeguards need to be put in place so artificial intelligence can be used safely for everybody, says Catherine Saez of Intellectual Property Watch, reporting on events at the Artificial Intelligence summit hosted at ITU, the UN specialized agency for Information & Communications Technologies

*Artificial Intelligence

Isn’t that what the CIA produces?

Russiagate: Kooky Characters, Cold War Liberals
The media frenzy over Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with an eclectic group of Russian nationals was followed by another over an undisclosed private conversation between President Trump and Vladimir Putin. Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi and The Real News’ Aaron Mate discuss the latest Russiagate news, the story behind the Magnitsky Act, the Clintons’ $500,000 Russia conflict-of-interest question, and how the liberal fixation on Russia could have long-term consequences

*Enlightening segment, as opposed to much of what’s posted at “Democracy Now!” or Common Dreams (and I’m not saying that as an unalloyed booster of this outlet)

But I don’t know why Taibbi considers the Demorats’ strategy “strange” or “odd”, do you?

Obviously this Russia to judgment is in the MIC’s (Military-Industrial Complex) interest, as he himself points out, and that’s always been a bipartisan priority.

And while this likely will not achieve the intended political effect (we can only hope, if there is to be any hope, for through the Dems lies nothing but the road to ruin), the DNCistas are desperately clinging to it to avert any authentic shift to the “left”, however woefully inadequate it might be.

I’d like to think this will be a self-inflicted wound that proves fatal

But predicting the political future in these here United States is an errand best left to the fools populating our putrid punditry.

Color of Change
Justice for Jasmine
First Black valedictorian in 110 years denied honors

*As someone who grew up in apartheid Miss’ssippi in the ’60s, I’m not surprised that “old times there are not forgotten”

Because they’ve never really left, have they?

Of course, in many ways that applies to the whole of these here United States, don’t it just?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Wray for FBI: Russia Obsession Eclipses Other Issues


(of two or more people) fully in agreement.
“the doctors were unanimous in their diagnoses”
synonyms: united, in agreement, in accord, of one mind, of the same mind, in harmony,

concordant, undivided, as one
“doctors were unanimous about the effects”
(of an opinion, decision, or vote) held or carried by everyone involved.
synonyms: uniform, consistent, united, concerted, congruent
“a unanimous vote”

Democracy Now!
Has Jared Kushner’s Failed Deal with Qatar Fueled Trump’s Stance on Gulf Diplomatic Crisis?

Sen. McConnell Plans Vote on Repealing Obamacare Despite Lacking Enough Support from GOP Senators


NYT Trump Interview Makes Waves, But Did Reporters Go Too Easy?
Critics demand accountability from Trump for lies on healthcare
by Julia Conley, staff writer

*Seen the corpress ads proclaiming the essential need for a free press in a democracy?

Seen the corpress behave like one?

Condemnation Grows for Bipartisan Attack on Free Speech Rights of BDS Supporters
Lawmakers urged to reject bill that would punish Americans for supporting boycotts of Israel
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Hypocrisy is the most bipartisan of policies

The Public Option – Doomed From the Start
There’s a significant danger that a public option would not only fail to improve the ACA, it could undermine the movement for Medicare for All
by RoseAnn DeMoro

*Demorats will try to coopt the surge for “single payer” (see Gore, Albert Arnold, Jr.), only to “pragmatically” offer this “public option” in the end.

We’ve seen this movie so many times

And damn us if we can’t recall the ending.

Trump’s Action Plan With China Puts Global Agribusiness First
by Ben Lilliston

Organics: Ferreting Out the Fraudulent Few, While Demanding Higher Standards, Better Enforcement
by Katherine Paul and Ronnie Cummins

The Real News Network
Morgan State Students Give Back to the Community
Morgan State University students conducting research on the African Diaspora worked with Eddie Conway and the Coalition of Friends on the urban farm in Gilmor homes

Ex-Cops Say Harsher Sentences Won’t Stem Murder Epidemic
As the Baltimore City Council prepares to debate a proposal for one year mandatory sentences for firearm possession, some say the move could do more harm than good

Trump Can’t Vote Down Obamacare, so He’s Strangling It Instead
Republican governors aren’t ‘letting Obamacare fail,’ they’re actively sabotaging it, says Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy

*The ACA isn’t a “step forward”

It’s a “stop forward”.

As someone who’s covered by it, I speak from bitter experience. If I didn’t qualify for the United Way’s Health Connect premium subsidy, which covers the balance of my payment after the tax credit, I’d be fucked royal.

But speaking on the macro scale, reform like the ACA offers some benefit, often a meaningful one, in order to forestall that next step, in this case to universal care.

The Demorats may well adopt the rhetoric of “single payer”, but in the end what will be on offer will be unrecognizable from what other developed nations have long had

All in the name of the “pragmatism” that Baker promulgates.

As with climate change, half steps only slow our march over the cliff.

We must turn ’round, and take long strides from the abyss.

Yemen Needs Aid, But US Aids Saudi-Led War
As Yemen’s cholera epidemic deepens the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, fighting and Saudi-led airstrikes prevent international organizations from getting aid to massive numbers of people in desperate need, says Anas Shahari of Save the Children

*The gruesome gist of geopolitics

Rising Sea Levels Put Coastal Cities At Risk
With the current rate of sea level rise roughly twice as fast as it was over the course of the 20th century, coastal cities should brace for more flooding, says climate policy scholar Robert Kopp

*Drowning in dawdling

‘How Can the Arsonists Be the Firefighters Today?’
Interview with Maurice Carney on Congo’s crisis
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
David Cay Johnston: GOP Budget Redistributes Money to the Rich & Helps Make U.S. a “Police State”

Rights Advocates: Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity Set Up as a Pretext for Voter Suppression

“Trump and the Russian Money Trail”: Trump’s Ties to Oligarchs Go Back Decades

Married to the Mob: Investigative Journalist Craig Unger on What Trump Owes the Russian Mafia

*Facts are one thing, and what’s being related here may well be reality.

Conclusions from those facts are another.

Trump is dirty. There’s no doubt about that. But whether that translates into Russian “control” is a topic on which I’d like to see another, reasoned, perspective.

When I do, be assured I will post it here.


“Fundamental Existential Threat”: Lawmakers Warned of the Risks of Killer Robots
Top U.S. general and inventor Elon Musk join those sounding alarm on artificial intelligence
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*My concern is that robots would display the same consideration for “moral and ethical issues” as our “leaders”.

Spying, surveillance and sabotage – what will it take to bring an end to political policing?
Is it possible to hold undercover policing to account? Not without redistributing wealth and power within society.
by Mohamed Elmaaz

*Have you noticed that motto omits just whom they’re sworn to “serve and protect”?

Bernie and Jesse Jackson vow to stop Crosscheck
by Greg Palast

*I have qualms about any involvement by the Reverend Jackson, given his less than honorable history, but the intel regarding the duplicity of the Repugnancan SoS’s is welcome, and I hope it garners attention at “alternative” outlets, to counter the accepted narrative, among them as well as the corpress, that there’s this broad rejection of the commission’s data requests.

Global Justice Ecology Project
USDA Receives Near Unanimous Public Rejection of Genetically Engineered Trees

*Not saving the forests for the trees

The Real News Network
Marking the 140th Anniversary of the Great Railroad Strike of 1887
Labor historian Bill Barry tours viewers through a B&O Railroad Museum exhibit honoring the strike in which over 100,000 workers participated, and over 100 people were killed

*If you don’t know your past

You can’t claim your future

Corporate Media Silence Helps Maintain Warfare in Syria
Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron made important remarks about the Syria ceasefire that the corporate media ignored in favor of Russiagate, says Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford

Trump Jr. Took a Meeting, Bill Clinton Took $500K
Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian nationals, apparently about Magnitsky Act sanctions, has caused a frenzy. But the Clintons might have a Magnitsky-tied conflict of their own, says journalist Michael Sainato

*It will be interesting to see how other “alternative” outlets deal with this, don’t you think?

Maybe “interesting”‘s not the right word …

Institute for Public Accuracy
Lawmakers Seek to Prohibit Criticism of Israel

Corporate Media Largely Silent on Trump’s Civilian Death Toll in Iraq
by Adam Johnson

*Word crimes trump war crimes

‘There’s an Effort Around the Country to Curtail People’s Fundamental 1st Amendment Rights’
CounterSpin interview with Mara Verheyden-Hilliard on the right to protest
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
Guardian Investigation of Ivanka Trump Factory in Indonesia Reveals Worker Abuse, Deplorably Low Pay

*A “work-life balance”

On the backs of the exploited

Activist & Father of Four Faces Deportation to Devastated Haiti Because of Decades-Old Conviction

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)


The post-IS proxy war
The defeat of the Islamic State is inevitable. But the next conflict has already begun, with Iran in the gunsights of U.S.
by Vijay Prashad

The Coastal Elite Is Real. I’m Part of It.
Progressive circles are still not equipped to wrestle with imbalances of political power
by Linda Tirado

*The difference between claiming to fight for the oppressed

And actually fighting with them

Trump Team, ALEC, Koch Industries Debate Gerrymandering the U.S. Senate in Denver
by Mary Bottari and David Armiak

The Real News Network
New York Times Joins Trump and Saudi Arabia in Targeting Iran
Prof. Sabah Alnasseri and Paul Jay discuss a front page NYT article that blames ‘Iranian expansionism’ for sectarian war in Iraq and the region; says the U.S. invaded Iraq to establish democracy

*All the news that fits the prince

New York Times Beats War Drums Against Iran
Vijay Prashad and Trita Parsi join Paul Jay to discuss the New York Times article, ‘Iran Dominates in Iraq After U.S. ‘Handed the Country Over”

*Empire always has a ticket to both parties

Israeli Restrictions at Al-Aqsa Mosque Spark Protests
Western media is missing important context behind the deadly gunfight at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound, says journalist and filmmaker Dan Cohen

Help Stop the Epidemic of Guard Violence in Prisons

Democracy Now!
Amnesty Accuses U.S. Coalition of War Crimes in Mosul: Scale of Death Much Higher Than Acknowledged

*”Liberated” from their lives

Still Not Free: New Documentary “Life on Parole” Follows Former Prisoners Navigating Early Release


To Block Pipeline, Nuns in Court to Defend Cornfield Chapel
‘We’re not looking for money. We want to preserve this land.’
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Planet Is Warming. And It’s Okay to Be Afraid
Why being fearful can be part of a healthy, heroic response to the climate crisis
by Margaret Klein Salamon

*While we can’t live in fear

We have to live with it

How to Sustain Perpetual War? Easy: Hide the Bodies
by Peter Van Buren

Eugene Debs and the Kingdom of Evil
by Chris Hedges

*Our charge is to think for ourselves

And act for others

Time for the “International Left” to Take a Stand on Venezuela
by Gregory Wilpert

Center for Biological Diversity
Republicans Push Bill to Delay Reducing Ground Level Ozone
Latest in String of Trump Administration Delays Cleaning Up Air Pollution

The Real News Network
Ida B Wells Speaks Through Her Descendants on Trump’s War on the Media and Black Lives Matter
In the second part of the series celebrating Wells’ 155th birthday, her great grandson explores how Wells would have reacted to Trump’s hostility to the media and the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement

Ida B Wells: The Story of America’s First Black Female Investigative Journalist
In Part One of our series celebrating her 155th birthday, the great grandson of Wells tells the story of how the pioneering reporter risked her life to report on lynchings and racism during the tumultuous period of Reconstruction

How US-Russia Ceasefire in Syria Impacts Iran
The ceasefire agreement reached by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in southwest Syria appears aimed at weakening Iran and containing its influence inside Syria, says Alternet reporter Ben Norton

Real Media: Big Pharma & Brexit
Community activist Emma Friedmann explains the caution needed regarding Pharma, Brexit and regulation

Gaza Crisis, Global Silence
After 10 years of Israeli siege, the UN warns Gaza is becoming ‘unlivable.’ Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada says Israel, with the Palestinian Authority’s help, is responsible for the crisis, as most of the world looks on in silence.

Local Community ‘Put Their Bodies On the Line’ to Protest UK Fracking Site
Anti-fracking activists have joined the local community in Lancashire for a ‘rolling resistance’ month of direct action protests, after the UK government overruled the local government’s ban on fracking

Trump, Putin and Russiagate Collide at G20
Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the long-awaited first meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, where Syria and Russiagate topped the agenda

*Somehow I missed this from a week back.

Democracy Now!
In Precedent-Setting Trial, Lawyers Say Arizona’s Ethnic Studies Ban is Discriminatory & Illegal

From Pence to Price: How Big Tobacco Gained Massive Influence Under Trump, Plans to Expand in Africa

Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Lung Cancer?
by Ty Bollinger

Natural Allergy Relief: Supplements & Lifestyle Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies
by Dr. David Jockers


Labor’s Legitimacy Crisis Under Trump
by Barry Eidlin–labors-legitimacy-crisis-under-trump

by Andrew Levine

*As salient a synopsis as I’ve seen so far

Americans for Tax Fairness
The 8 Largest Health Insurance Companies Will Get a $72 Billion Tax Cut From GOP Health Care Repeal Over Next Decade
Top insurers’ profits are up one-third since Obamacare kicked in, to $25 billion

The Real News Network
War & Cholera Decimate Yemen, But Saudi Bombing Gets More US Help
As Yemen’s cholera epidemic spirals out of control and millions face famine, Alternet reporter Ben Norton says the U.S. is complicit in the humanitarian crisis caused by Saudi-led war

New Rules for Banks: ‘Honest Bankers Please Step Forward
Former financial regulator Bill Black offers bankers a challenge: Step forward if you support the new rule issued by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau allowing consumers to bring about class-action litigation against banks who defraud them

*Is “honest banker” an oxymoron?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump and Macron Meet, Clinging to Nuclear Weapons

Democracy Now!
Citizen Lab’s Ron Deibert Exposes How Nations Use Cyberwarfare to Target Activists & Journalists

*Deibert has no doubts about Russiagate.

He could be correct, but I’ll remain agnostic, given the contradictory intel I’ve encountered elsewhere.

New GOP Healthcare Bill Still a Huge Tax Cut for the Rich, Gutting Women’s Care & Slashing Medicaid

*The Grim Reaper of ever more riches

Justice Neil Gorsuch Ends First SCOTUS Term Voting Consistently on Court’s “Most Conservative Side”

“Care in Chaos”: New Documentary Uncovers Rising Tide of Attacks on Abortion Clinics Under Trump

*In Jesus’ name …

Oscar-Nominated Actor James Cromwell Speaks Out Before Jail Time for Peaceful Anti-Fracking Protest

*”Not all environmentalists do [take on capitalism]. Can you comment on that?”

I find Goodman’s inquiry ironic, given that “Democracy Now!” so very rarely does so. You can bet scared money on Cromwell’s comments being the exception to the rule on a program that bills itself as “the exception to the rulers”.

And that’s one reason why so few members of “the #Resistance” echo Cromwell’s critique.

Knowledge is power. When the sources we rely on for that knowledge shirk their responsibility (and “DN!” is no outlier here) to provide us with what we need to clearly see the way the world works, those who work that world in the name of profit and power benefit from our ignorance.

The disease cannot be confronted until it properly diagnosed. Whatever useful –
indeed vital – information we glean from “Democracy Now!” and other “alternative outlets” is viscerally diminished if it isn’t placed in the context of the struggle for the transformation – not reformation – of capitalism.

It’s a matter of our lives

And its death


‘Slap In the Face’: DeVos Under Fire for Including Fringe Men’s Rights Group in Sexual Assault Talks
Betsy DeVos equates the experiences of sexual assault survivors with those of the accused, critics say
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Tenants March to Stop Giveaways to Wall Street Landlords
While Republicans are proposing severe cuts to low-income housing assistance, they are continuing to subsidize Blackstone and other private equity housing profiteers
by Aditi Katti

*Bleeding us out of house and home

Physicians for a National Health Program
Medicare ACOs Won’t Tell How They Pay Doctors: American Journal of Public Health Study
Organizations contracting to care for millions of Medicare enrollees won’t disclose whether they penalize doctors for ordering tests, referrals or other expensive care

*First do no harm

To the bottom line

Global Justice Now
Campaigners Warn ‘Great Repeal Bill’ in UK Could Have “fundamental long-term effects on rights, poverty and the environment”

The Real News Network
Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets the Venezuelan Opposition
Abby Martin goes on the deadly front lines of the anti government protests in Venezuela and follows the evolution of a typical guarimba — or opposition barricade. Watch more on TeleSur

*A valuable, and brave, exposé of the opposition violence rendered invisible by the corpress, but Martin seems to take government supporters’ assertions at face value, and I’d like to see her evince more skepticism of their declared allegiance to “dialogue” and “reason”.

I don’t mean to be equating the sides, but no one’s Jesus on a stick here, and an honest appraisal of that reality is required, to my mind.

Lula Expected to Appeal Conviction: What Does It Mean for the 2018 Election?
Judge Sergio Moro presented no hard evidence in convicting former President Lula on corruption charges and his family’s political connections renders his judgment questionable, says Independent Journalist Mike Fox

Massive Iceberg Breaks Free in Antarctica: How Worried Should We Be?
The iceberg, which is about the size of Delaware, is an important reminder that ice on Earth is changing–and not just in Antarctica, says Dr. Twila Moon, a glacial expert with the National Snow and Ice Data Center

Weapon Corruption Scandal Threatens Netanyahu’s Administration
Israeli police investigate three corruption cases involving the prime minister

Mass Arrests of Protesters: Outrageous in Russia, Barely Worth Mentioning in US
by Adam Johnson

NPR’s ‘Varied Mix’ Spotlights Right-Wing Advocacy, Not Progressive Populism
by Glen Frieden

*N o
P lace for a
R adical

‘There Is Myopia in Western Media Covering the Refugee Crisis’
CounterSpin interview with Vijay Prashad on displaced people
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald: Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails Aren’t a “Smoking Gun” or Evidence of Criminal Collusion

Whistleblowers Shouldn’t Be Prosecuted Like Spies: Greenwald on Alleged NSA Leaker Reality Winner


Trump’s Worst Collusion Isn’t With Russia — It’s With Corporations
The billionaires who backed Trump are making out a lot better than Putin
by Peter Certo

*Collusion begins at home

The Real News Network
Seattle Answers Trump’s War on Workers by Taxing the Rich
The measure faces an imminent legal challenge, but co-sponsor Kshama Sawant says the Tax the Rich movement will persevere

*That’s the key, innit?

You can’t reform rot

You can only replace it.

I hope Councilmember Sawant believes that as fervently as her words suggest.

Why Israel Doesn’t Want UNESCO to Recognize Hebron
International law practitioner and researcher Dr. Valentina Azarova discusses the politics involved in UNESCO’s decision to rule Hebron a Palestinian World Heritage Site in danger

Jerry Brown: Climate Champion or Big Oil Ally?
California Gov. Jerry Brown poses as an anti-Trump climate-change savior, but his policies support Big Oil’s agenda, says Adam Scow, California director at Food & Water Watch

*Isn’t it refreshing to hear someone call these Democratic “climate heroes” (or any other type) what they truly are?

Remember the old Monty Python skit about dead bishops?

I imagine if you checked, you’d find “Hypocrat” tattooed on the back of Jerry’s neck.

Democracy Now!
Trump White House in Crisis as Emails Confirm Campaign Embraced Russian Effort to Defeat Clinton

122 Countries Overcome U.S. Opposition and Pass Landmark U.N. Global Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons


UAW Files For Historic Union Vote at Nissan in Mississippi
Today, the United Auto Workers filed a petition with the NLRB asking for a vote for the 6,500- worker plant in Canton, Mississippi
by Mike Elk
Payday Report

CNN’s Man of the ‘Resistance’ Is the Person Most Responsible for Trump Being President
Blame Trump on Jeff Zucker, and throw in Morning Joe and Mika while you’re at it
by Adam Johnson

A Resistance Movement for the Planet
Climate change is out of control. It is already too late to avoid soaring temperatures, scarce water, and extreme weather. But the financial structure of capitalism is tied to fossil fuels. Market-based solutions are ineffectual. John Bellamy Foster, a professor of sociology at the University of Oregon and the editor of Monthly Review, speaks about the kind of program necessary to stop this catastrophe.
by Juan Cruz Ferre

*To avoid the abyss, we must first unflinchingly acknowledge it–a-resistance-movement-for-the-planet

The Real News Network
G20 Protestors Call for An Alternative To the Neoliberal Order
South African activist Patrick Bond says beyond the media focus on burning cars in Hamburg, tens of thousands of protestors called for the G20 to adopt policies that tackle inequality and climate change

World’s Largest Tuna Company Commits to Major Fishing Reforms
Greenpeace USA’s Ocean Director John Hocevar discusses the success of an intense two-year campaign to reform Thai Union’s fishing practices, and what the big victory means for oceans on the brink of collapse

Do Trump Jr.’s Russia Emails Live Up to the Hype?
Journalist Marcy Wheeler says Donald Trump Jr.’s newly released emails are a big development, but we should be careful to distinguish normal opposition research from collusion

*For me, at this point this whole situation is as clear as mud, and I wouldn’t wager scared money either way.

What I do know is that hypocrisy hangs heavy over this whole affair, and that while the air’s being sucked out of the room by Russiagate, the life and death issues are being suffocated.

I’m not saying to dismiss it, but let’s put it in proper perspective. Even if it leads to His Travesty’s demise, we still have a world of trouble to tend to.

Baltimore Man Starts Hunger Strike to End Violence, City’s Addiction to Policing
City resident Kevin McCamant says he will not eat until the killings stop and the city emphasizes methods other than policing to cure violence


Nation “Too Broke” for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35
There always another $27 billion or lying around, it seems, when Lockheed Martin needs more money for expensive weapons system
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I’m sure Bernie will stand strong against this deathly boondoogle.

Won’t he … ?

Eating Our Way to Disease
by Chris Hedges

*When “making chicken salad out of chicken shit” departs the realm of the metaphorical

Stunning Truths about the Bloated Safety Net for the Wealthy
by Paul Buchheit

Rahm Emanuel Imposes Military Draft on Chicago
by David Swanson

*Be all we compel you to be

U.S. PIRG Statement on the CFPB’s New Arbitration Rule
“CFPB Rule Will Prevent Wells Fargo and Other Wrongdoers from Blocking Groups of Consumers from Taking Them to Court”

The Real News Network
A Brief History of the KKK with Gerald Horne
As the KKK rallies in Charlottesville, VA, author and historian Gerald Horne charts its history from Reconstruction to the rise of Donald Trump

Israelis Demand Truth on Violations Against Yemeni Immigrants
Richard Silverstein discusses Israel’s silenced history of racially motivated medical malpractice

Real Media: Grenfell, Housing & Local Councils
At the #NotOneDayMore rally on July 1st, Green Party’s Sian Berry called on Jeremy Corbyn to deal with Labour councils who continue to treat social housing tenants with disdain

Max Blumenthal on How the Media Covers Syria
As the U.S. and Russia reach a new ceasefire in Syria, Max Blumenthal of Alternet’s Grayzone Project and TRNN’s Aaron Mate discuss foreign involvement in the Syrian war and how Western media across the political spectrum has covered it

*”Democracy Now!”‘s contradictions extend beyond Syria, as a look at its guest list should make plain. How often is someone on who could be considered a “radical” opponent of capitalism and imperialism?

Yes, it’s capable of doing very good work, which is why I continue to click on its link. But I find myself electing to read fewer and fewer segment transcripts, as my time could be better spent elsewhere.

Common Dreams … ditto.

Not that TRNN is without its own faults, but it does provide a platform for folks who I’d deem fit the above description to reach a wider audience, like Glen Ford and Rania Khalek (misnamed “Rani Ahalik” here – poor transcription being one of those flaws).

In the end, we all have to think for ourselves, and then act for others, but we can disagree with an analysis, yet still have trust in its presenter’s honest attempt to get at the truth.

That’s all I ask from any “alternative outlet”.

Who is Served by Militarized Aid to Palestine?
Nora Lester Murad warns that aid to Palestine serves the Israeli occupation

*Strangling with the strings attached

Join The Dots: The Deregulators
In Real Media’s new show Join The Dots, senior editors Ranjan Balakumaran and Kam Sandhu discuss the meaning and role of deregulation in the UK

*From “red tape” to yellow tape


Institute for Public Accuracy
122 Nations Vote to Outlaw Nuclear Weapons, U.S., Russia Collude Against Effort

*Sometimes cooperation between Russia and the US isn’t such a positive development.

I’d also place bombing the shit out of Syria in the name of the GWOT ™ in that queue.

‘All These Changes Do Affect Jobs and Affect People’
CounterSpin interview with Dan Zukowski on climate disruption
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
Devastation in Mosul: Iraq Seizes City from ISIS, But Battle Left Thousands Dead & 700,000 Displaced

Award-Winning Journalist Amy Wilentz on Just How Little Jared Kushner Knows About Foreign Politics

Why Good Posture Matters & 3 Key Strategies to Improve Posture
by Dr. David Jockers

Restoring Your Sense of Smell After Cancer Treatment (+ Recipe)
by Ty Bollinger


A World in Trouble: Drought, War, Food, Flight
The disruptions of climate and conflict are sparking perilous global insecurity
by Paul Rogers

The Fortress World of Capitalism vs. the Beautiful Possibilities of Cooperation
Building a sustainable world in these very quickly changing times requires that we understand clearly what we are up against
by Cynthia Kaufman

Trump’s Majesty
by Andrew Levine

Instead of Trying to Sabotage the Trump-Putin Meeting, Democrats Should Support Vital Proposals
by Norman Solomon

The Real News Network
Trump Fumbles Syria, and So Does the Media
Historian and author Vijay Prashad discusses the Trump administration’s apparent policy shift on Syria and how Western media often get it wrong on the Middle East

Secret Memo Reveals How Trump Plans to Deport Millions of Immigrants
ProPublica’s Marcelo Rochabrun discusses an internal ICE memo that instructs officials to ramp up deportations of undocumented immigrants, including those without criminal records

How G20 Governments are Financing Climate Disaster
The G20 nations provide four times more public financing to fossil fuels than to clean energy, according to a new report from Oil Change International’s Alex Doukas

*Left unmentioned are the subsidies for nuclear energy, without which the industry, at least in the US, couldn’t survive.

Trump Tells Russia to Stop ‘Destabilizing’ Ukraine, But What’s Really Going On?
Western powers fuel the Ukrainian conflict — and wider tensions with Russia — by treating Ukraine as a strategic prize, says Nicolai Petro, Silvia-Chandley professor of Peace Studies and Nonviolence at the University of Rhode Island

Did Clinton’s Pro-War Record Cost Her the Election?
A new study ties Hillary Clinton’s election defeat to a backlash from voters directly impacted by wars she supported, with Trump gaining key votes in communities where military casualties were highest

*Certainly an angle to be analyzed, but Shen’s allusion to recruiting veterans as candidates seems contradictory, as that would be playing to patriotism and the exaltation of the military, rather than any indication of a commitment to ending the carnage that’s caused so much grief domestically (but far more intensely abroad), don’t you think?

‘Welcome to Hell’: 100,000 Protesters Aim to ‘Kettle’ G20 Over Inequality, War and Climate Change
TRNN speaks to demonstrators and South African activist Patrick Bond, who say tens of thousands are taking to the streets to challenge corporate power at the G20 summit

Stigma Over Solutions
How corporate media are enabling the opiate epidemic
by Michael Corcoran

*Hooked on heartless hype

Democracy Now!
Dystopian Nightmare: Eyewitness Decries Police Repression at G20 Summit as 100,000 Take to Streets

Srećko Horvat on “Democracy in Europe Movement” & Uniting Leftists Against Failed Policies of G20

Berta Cáceres’s Daughter Speaks Out After Surviving Assassination Attempt in Honduras


The Enemy of My Enemy Is My…?
The Saudi-American-Iranian-Russian-Qatari-Syrian conundrum
by Dilip Hiro

Global Justice Ecology Project
Overwhelming Opposition to USDA Proposal to Legalize Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus Trees
A Quarter of a Million People Say NO to First-Ever GE Forest Tree

Center for International Environmental Law
Report: CETA Threatens European Union Pesticide Protections

The Real News Network
Trump Talks Tough Instead of Talking to North Korea
North Korea’s latest missile test underscores the need for direct negotiations with Pyongyang, not the bellicose rhetoric coming out of the White House, says journalist Tim Shorrock

Modi’s Israel Trip Continues India’s Rightward Drift
Historian and author Vijay Prashad says Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel underscores the Indian government’s shift to the right and abandonment of the Palestinian cause

Democracy Now!
Embraced by Far-Right Govenment in Poland, Trump Claims Future of Western Civilization is at Stake

*”Right at home” takes on a whole new meaning, don’t it?

Tens of Thousands of Protesters Plan to Protest Trump at G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany


by Robert Jensen

*”Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”

I’ve always felt Samuel Johnson got the sequence backward, as amply illustrated by the current chief executive, not that he’s an anomaly by any means.

Moral Injury of War and the Invisible Wound of Empire
“Every time we shield memories of our own aggression upon our fellow man through historical revisionism, denial and deflection, we forsake the young whom our society sacrificed in its self-righteous suicide”
by Nozomi Hayase

*The soul is as fragile as flesh and blood

The Real News Network
A Small City’s Big Lessons About Progressive Organizing
“Over the last 10 to 15 years, we’ve seen the emergence of a broad-based, working-class oriented, multiracial progressive movement in Richmond that has challenged Chevron’s long-time dominance over municipal affairs,” says author and labor activist Steve Early

*A hopeful story, but if the Progressive Alliance in Richmond and movements elsewhere aren’t willing to go beyond the limits of Sandersismo, ultimately it will be one without a gratifying ending.

Empire in Decay: Federal Government Falling Apart as Spying Allegations Fly
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says there is a theory circulating in the intelligence community that the CIA asked the British to spy on Trump on behalf of the Democratic Party; the politicization of the intelligence agencies is a reflection of a dying empire

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Russia * Poland * Korea

*Keeping the beat on the drums of war

Democracy Now!
Will Trump Seek Talks with North Korea or Counter Missile Test with More U.S. Military Aggression?

44 States Say No to Trump: Resistance Grows as Trump’s Election Commission Seeks Private Voter Data

Ari Berman: Kris Kobach Is Helping Trump Lay Groundwork for Nationwide Voter Suppression Effort


The Qatar Crisis
by Adam Hanieh

*Recommended reading

How sexual assault becomes ‘normal’ in patriarchy
by Robert Jensen

*Male pattern barbarism

Now is Not the Time to Come to the Aid of the Party
by Andrew Levine

*Neutering the party animals
EU Urged to Honour Paris Agreement, Withdraw Support for Gas Mega-Pipeline

*TAPping into an inexhaustible reserve of hypocrisy

The Real News Network
The New NRA Video and Trump’s Media Attacks Are Symptoms of America in Decline
Historian and author Gerald Horne says if we are not armed with history, we’ll be unable to stop right-wing efforts to turn back the clock

*Missing out on the chance of a just future

By mything out on the acknowledgment of an unjust past

£1.5BN Tory-DUP Deal Could Rupture the Northern Ireland Peace Pact
The way the money is actually being spent could create greater rift in an already divided community in Northern Ireland

Venezuelan Opposition Largely Responsible for the Rising Death Toll and Violence in Venezuela
Lucas Koerner of says the death toll and violence are on the rise but according to the Attorney General’s reports more of these deaths are being instigated and attributed to opposition supporters

UK Judge Rules: Illegal to Ban Palestine’s BDS Movement
Palestine Solidarity Campaign wins case against the UK Government as judge rules government acted unlawfully by restricting local councils from pursuing boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against the state of Israel, says Hugh Lanning

Indigenous Activists See Canada’s 150th as ‘Celebration of Colonization’
“The past 150 years have been some of the most brutal, violent, and lethal genocidal years in all of indigenous history,” says Pamela Palmater, Chair in Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University

Trump Places Drinking Water on the Deregulation Block
The Trump Administration’s plan to rescind federal regulation safeguarding drinking water will mean more Flint-like disasters, says Scott Edwards of Food & Water Watch

Wailing Wall of Exclusion and Orthodoxy
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s misguided policies of “trading the long-term strategic interest of the Zionist movement and the state of Israel in exchange for short-term political gains, is a mistake”, says TRNN correspondent Shir Hever

Brazil’s Labor Unions Stage Second Strike Against Neoliberal Labor Law Reform
The new labor law would disempower unions and lower standards of living more generally. Meanwhile, President Temer faces unprecedented charges for corruption, explains Michael Fox from Brazil

Real Media: Syria, Anarchism & Visiting Rojava
In the last part of Real Media’s interview, a special discussion with anthropologist David Graeber about anarchism, Syria, the bureaucracy of activism and his visit to Rojava where a new kind of society is developing

*I’ve only seen a couple of things on Rojava – both by persons supportive of what’s occurring there – and I’d like to see someone take a more objective look at this experiment, not least as concerns US support for its military aspect.

What’s the quid pro quo for “having to back” them?

Viatical Settlement: A Little Known Way to Finance Your Alternative Cancer Treatment
by Ty Bollinger

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The Cynical Opposition of Some Democrats to Universal Health Care
by Joshua Cho


To *our* right

Reality Check: The End of Growth in the Tar Sands. So Now What?
A managed decline is highly preferable to an unmanaged one, but it requires recognition that the decline part is inevitable
by Hannah McKinnon

How the US Can Prevent a Fire Like Grenfell Tower
by Miriam Pierson and Sarah Edelman

The Real News Network
London Grenfell Inferno: Who’s to Blame?
The Grenfell Tower Block fire in London is a predictable consequence of policies that can be traced to Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, as well as those of David Cameron and Theresa May, says former financial regulator Bill Black

*A towering inferno of inhumanity

Debate: Is Putin a Threat to Democracy?
Atlantic Magazine contributing editor Jeffrey Taylor and former White House Clinton counselor Bill Curry debate the proposition that demonizing Putin is justified

*Putin does what’s in his interest. He sees a threat to his regime in the actions of the West, and he’s right.

Regardless of the reality of electoral interference, it’s clear that he supports proto and straight up fascism in the West as a counter to that.

I imagine if he had his druthers, he’d like Russia to be part of the Western political and military alignment, as long as it maintained autonomy.

I wouldn’t like to see that, for the reasonable reasons that Curry enumerated, rather than those he exaggerated.

The reality is that as long as the West is … well … the West, the chances for blowing ourselves up real good will remain.

I don’t want to see “us” making nice with Putin’s Russia. I don’t want to see “us” inflating the threat it poses to “us”.

I want to see “us” and Russia move toward what could legitimately called “democracy”.

Until that time, I’d like to think that simple self interest would lead us to doing whatever’s necessary to ensure our continued existence.

But an addiction to greed and power complicates matters, don’t it just?

Real News Roundtable: The RussiaGate Distraction & Trump’s Free-For-All Capitalism
From climate change to the brewing war in the Middle East, we’re in one of the most dangerous moments in human history, says TRNN’s Paul Jay. So why are we talking about RussiaGate?

*Jay and Maté do a serviceable job of analysis here, but can you describe this segment as a “roundtable”?

Isn’t it more of a breakfast nook?

Does Trump Want to Redo 1953 CIA Coup in Iran?
Historian and author Ervand Abrahamian of Baruch College analyzes the recently revealed files on the CIA’s role in the 1953 Iran coup, as Trump officials and allies float the possibility of regime change in Tehran

Canada Undermines Targets for Protecting Oceans by Increasing Oil Exploration
Canada has signed an international commitment to protect its ocean estate. However, Trudeau’s plans to increase offshore oil exploration will undermine protection targets, explains Sabine Jessen, Ocean Programs Director of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

98-Year Old Woman Arrested Protesting Oil Pipeline That Threatens Native American Sites
Oil company claims they can’t avoid destroying Native American ceremonial sites in pipeline construction
by Michael Sainato

As Democratic Voters Shift Left, ‘Liberal Media’ Keep Shifting Right
by Adam Johnson

*”MSNBC and the New York Times are not veering right despite Democratic voters’ increasing embrace of left policies; they’re doing so precisely because of it.”

And one would hope the obverse will be true.

Should Media Expose Sources Who Lied to Them?
by Sam Husseini

Democracy Now!
Disability Rights Activist Arrested for Protesting Trumpcare: We Won’t Be Silent While You Kill Us


Forcing Canada to Confront Past, First Nations Erect Symbolic Teepee in Nation’s Capitol
Protest meant to draw attention to historical mistreatment of Indigenous peoples by nation’s government
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Tom Perez Stumbles on Pledge to Eliminate Unpaid Internships at the DNC
by Mike Elk
Payday Report

*Happy to walk in Selma

Nothing but talk when it counts

So what is there to “unify” with … ?

The Only Way to Get Arkansas Legislators Out of the Exam Room Is To Take Them To Court
by Talcott Camp

The Real News Network
Dozens Greet Ben Carson in Baltimore to Decry his Cruel Cuts to Public Housing
Activists rallied in Baltimore to say the deep cuts to public housing proposed by Trump’s HUD Secretary Ben Carson will destabilize communities and hurt the city’s most vulnerable residents

US Voters Aren’t Buying the Russiagate Fixation
Award-winning author and journalist Max Blumenthal and The Real News’ Aaron Mate discuss the ongoing media frenzy over Trump and Russia, as polls showing Americans are tiring of RussiaGate and U.S.-Russia tensions remain high

Politics and Campaign Donations Hold Up California’s Single Payer Health Law
Bonnie Castillo of the Registered Nurse Response Network says that California State Assembly Speaker Rendon’s excuse for withdrawing the single payer Healthy California Act has no basis in reality

*When push comes to shove

We know who Democratic “leadership” will try to toss off the cliff

Jayati Ghosh On Imperialism in the 21st Century (Part 3/3)
New forms of economic territory, including privatized commons, cannot lift capitalism out of the stagnation that it pushed itself into because it has suppressed wage incomes, says renowned economist Jayati Ghosh

State Violence is Directly Linked to the Creation of Extremist Groups (Pt. 3/3)
The Canadian and the US state are trying to manage domestically the threats they themselves have created because of their foreign policies, explains Jeremy Kowalski, author of “Domestic Extremism and the Case of the Toronto 18”

Institute for Public Accuracy
“My Medicaid, My Life”

*”When Republicans talk about freedom and choice, they don’t realize that Medicaid gives those very things to people with disabilities.”

Of course they do.

That’s why they’re trying to take that away.

The only “freedom and choice” they promote is that which allows their patrons to profiteer at the expense of the rest of society.

Democracy Now!
Historian: Republican Push to Replace Obamacare Reflects Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America

Republicans Have Trifecta Control of 25 States & Need 6 More to Call for a Constitutional Convention

*Buchanan was “appalled” by the Kochs’ “grotesque use of the political system … to get what they want”

But not by his Chilean clientele’s butchery to achieve their ends.

A man of admirable integrity, indeed.

Part 2: Lee Fang on Koch Brothers’ Demand for Obamacare Repeal & Lobbyists Flourishing Under Trump

*Never turn your back on an elite Democrat

Unless you’re wearing Kevlar

(Okay, it’s not terribly witty … but it’s still goddamn good advice)


‘Victory’: Irish Lawmakers Ban Fracking
It’s “a day for #ClimatePride,” says Friends of the Earth Ireland after historic vote
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*No fracking fuck of the Irish

With Nation’s Attention Elsewhere, Trump Quietly Intensifies War on Workers
Trump has nominated two corporate lawyers to the NLRB as Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch gears up to rule on a key labor case
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What will it take for the Trump Chumps to wise up?

How the Student Loan Industry, Trump, and Neoliberals Are Creating a Nation of Serfs
by Binta Baxter

*When the money changers own the temple

Wall Street: It’s “Icky and Un-American” to ‘Short’ Frauds
by William K. Black

The Real News Network
Is Trump’s ‘Warning’ to Syria a Prelude to Another Strike?
Award-winning author and journalist Max Blumenthal says that with its recent military escalation in Syria and its backing of Saudi Arabia, the Trump administration might be de-prioritizing the fight against ISIS in order to confront Iran

Jayati Ghosh On Imperialism in the 21st Century (Part 2/3)
Large capital, when on its knees, makes concessions to labor. But now, with disproportionate bargaining power under new global forms of capitalist organization, it is pushing down the share of wages in national income, says renowned economist Jayati Ghosh

State Violence is Directly Linked to the Creation of Extremist Groups (Part 2/3)
Ultimately, we do not know if the Toronto 18 would have turned to domestic terrorism if the state had not becomes involved, says Jeremy Kowalski, author of “Domestic Extremism and the Case of the Toronto 18”

Democracy Now!
“America is on Trial”: Historian Ibram X. Kendi on the Failure to Convict Cops Who Kill Black People

Stamped from the Beginning: Ibram X. Kendi on the History of Racist Ideas in U.S.

D.C. Police Accused of Using “Rape as Punishment” Targeting Some Arrested During Trump Inauguration

*Recall just which party controls municipal gummint in D.C. before you go off on “Trump’s storms troopers”.

This is bipartisan brutality, and no doubt.


‘Scary’: CO2 Rates Climb Even as Emissions Stabilize
Scientists say the earth’s natural “sponges” may be unable to absorb CO2 at the usual rate
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*There’s no negotiating with nature

We do what it demands

Or we die

Senate Health Bill Would Kill Essential Homecare Jobs
Caregivers are protesting legislation that would deliver a tax-cut windfall to the wealthy and devastate a fast-growing workforce and the millions of elderly and disabled Americans who rely on homecare services
by Elly Kugler and Marzena Zukowska

America at War Since 9/11
Reality or Reality TV?
by Rebecca Gordon

Mainstream Trump Resistance Tries to Rehab Bill Clinton’s Image
After George W. Bush received a boost in favorability ratings for speaking out in line with the Trump Resistance, Bill Clinton makes appearances and receives uncritical reporting in an effort to reboot his presidential legacy after Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign

The Real News Network
Only Community Control Will Stop Police from Killing with Impunity
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford discusses the recent failed prosecutions of the officers who killed Samuel DuBose, Sylville Smith and Philando Castile

Jayati Ghosh On Imperialism in the 21st Century (Part 1/3)
Imperialism – whether explicit or implicit – is about the struggle to control economic territory such as markets, workers and labor, natural resources and new kinds of markets that are developed, explains renowned economist Jayati Ghosh

*When a conscious decisions are made to immiserate, poison or kill other people, other species and the planet itself

What is that other than “bloody mindedness”?

However the perpetrators choose to rationalize it is perforce meaningless, isn’t it?

RussiaGate Overshadows How Foreign Powers Buy Influence
While U.S. media focuses on alleged Russian election meddling, reporter and author Jonathan Marshall says influence-peddling from other foreign governments has been ignored

Institute for Public Accuracy
Are Claims About Syrian Sarin Attacks Propaganda Leading to More War?

‘Amazon Now Has Monopoly Power in Online Commerce’
CounterSpin interview with Stacy Mitchell on Amazon/Whole Foods
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
Senate GOP Healthcare Bill Estimated to Kill 28,600 More in U.S. Each Year & Drop 22M from Insurance

Supreme Court Allows Part of Trump Travel Ban to Take Effect Before Ruling on Constitutionality

In Major Church-State Decision, Supreme Court Sides with Religious Institution

*There’s a perverse kismet to this decision, in that the funds will go to providing poisonous material to that playground, and the victims will be innocent children and others.

Court: Bush Administration Officials Can’t Be Held Liable for Post-9/11 Mass Roundup of Muslims

*The interpretation of law and the administration of justice often travel distinctly divergent paths

Dahlia Lithwick: Justice Neil Gorsuch Proving to Be “Far to the Right” of Antonin Scalia

*”[T]aking less”

Please realize that we’re talking about people’s lives here, and the “disasters” they will endure through the practice of such “pragmatism”.

I understand the conundrum Warren posits, but resignation shouldn’t be the reaction to it.

There should be a visceral outrage evinced at the prospect, and an indomitable determination to do whatever is humanly possible to confront it in every theater of political and legal action.


The Word “Women” Literally Never Appears in the US Senate’s 142-Page Healthcare Bill
by Heather Timmons

The Neoliberal Writing on the Wall:
Ontario’s Basic Income Experiment
by John Clarke

*Pimping a pittance to perpetuate poverty

How radicals are offering realistic solutions to our spiraling political problems
by Robert Jensen

Qatar diplomatic crisis: what are Trump’s financial links to the region?
US president has long history of lucrative investment deals with Saudi Arabia but few ties to small Gulf nation
by Stephanie Kirchgaessner

*EnGulfed by greed

The Single Party French State … as the Majority of Voters Abstain
by Diana Johnstone

*And the corpress high fives

But what “common ground” could a legitimate “left” movement find with a party of proto-fascismo?

Prominent Democratic Fundraisers Realign to Lobby for Trump’s Agenda
by Lee Fang

*It’s not that there’s no semblance of difference in the two major parties

It’s that there’s no sense of decency

The Real News Network
Big Pharma Puts the Squeeze on Cities Battling Opiate Crisis
Exponential price increases for the life saving drug Narcan have pushed Baltimore to the brink of running out as overdose deaths soar

*Death by addiction

To greed

Estimates of Sea Level Rise by 2100 Have Tripled in the Past Few Years
Environmental activist Peter Sinclair examines the growing threat of sea level rise

State Violence Linked to Domestic Extremism (Part 1/2)
Jeremy Kowalski, author of “Domestic Extremism and the Case of the Toronto 18,” explains how his investigation of the “Toronto 18” uncovered a link between state violence and the development of domestic extremist groups

Egypt’s Alliance with Saudi Arabia Shows Signs of Stress
President Sisi of Egypt’s transfer of two Islands to Saudi Arabia is unprecedented and rejected by much of its population. However, it is part of a new larger reversal in the Arab world’s effort to normalize relations with Israel, explains Professor Seif Da’na

64 Years Later, CIA Details Long-Hidden Role in Iran Coup
The quiet release of long-awaited and long-hidden CIA documents offers key details on how the U.S. and Britain overthrew Iran’s democratic government in 1953, says the National Security Archives’ Malcolm Byrne

*Byrne comes across as something of an apologist for imperialism, and “The Real News” would have better lived up to its label to have had a guest who took a more clear eyed perspective on US intentions.

Perhaps in a later segment …

As for it not being Dear Misleader’s or his administration’s “attitude”

You might ask the people of Honduras how they view the veracity of that surmise.

Community Organizes to Reclaim West Baltimore Resident’s Home
Beatrice Johnson of Sandtown Winchester struggles to reclaim her house of 17 years after it was sold for a $2,100 unpaid water bill

*Homelessness lives where heartlessness resides

Historic Rivalry for Regional Dominance at the Root of Saudi-Qatar Crisis
The battle for regional power between Saudi Arabia and Qatar dates back to the very creation of the State of Qatar; back then, just as it is now, it was about regional dominance, explains Professor Seif Da’na

*The conventional wisdom is that Saudi Arabia plays the US, and this no doubt has been true in some instances. But Professor Da’na’s suppositions would suggest the shoe is now on the other foot.

Regardless, it’s abundantly apparent that there’s no honor among these thieves

Or, more aptly, murderers.

Mexico Uses Israeli Spyware to Target Lawyers, Journalists and Activists
“We have an alliance between the Mexican government and the Trump administration against the Mexican people,” says John Ackerman, editor-in-chief of the Mexican Law Review. “We’re being massacred and spied on systematically in Mexico.”

Canada’s Fossil Fuels Lobby Issues Dubious Data in a Bid for More Pipelines
Adam Scott of Oil Change International offers a critical analysis of new data from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

*Peddling pipe dreams

After US-Backed Bombing Sparks Famine in Yemen, WaPo Editor Insists ‘US Not the Problem’
by Adam Johnson

*This isn’t cognitive dissonance

This is collusive dissembling

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trumpcare Targets Medicare as well as Medicaid

Democracy Now!
Indian PM Modi Was Once Banned from Entering U.S., Today He Meets Trump at White House

Jackson, Miss. Mayor-elect Chokwe Lumumba: I Plan to Build the “Most Radical City on the Planet”

*Encouraging words

Will there be the will to put them into practice

Because there will certainly be the will to prevent it.

The Surprising Connection Between Cancer and Sports
by Ty Bollinger

*Fields of nightmares

Beware of red yeast rice dietary supplements
You won’t know which ones can or cannot lower cholesterol
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


‘Conned’ by Trump: Hundreds of Boeing and Carrier Workers to Lose Their Jobs
“When he spoke at our plant, he acted like no one was going to lose their job”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”It’s a system that exploits everyone”

And “everyone” – workers across the world – must be in solidarity to put an end to their shared subjugation.

“Divide and conquer” has to be confronted with “Unite and Resist”.

Why the Trump Administration Could Be America’s Last
We are between climate catastrophe and wars of extinction
by Vijay Prashad

*When the amble toward the abyss accelerates to an all out sprint–why-the-trump-administration-could-be-americas-last

ACLU Demands Details on U.S. Involvement in Torture at Secret UAE Prison Network
U.S. officials interrogated people held at secret facilities where torture is reported

The Real News Network
Dean Baker: Interest Rate Hike Will Hurt Jobs Growth
The Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike will slow jobs growth, but is probably being done to please Wall Street, says CEPR’s Dean Baker

Institute for Public Accuracy
Portugal Wildfires: Result of Timber Industry?

Democracy Now!
By Defunding Planned Parenthood, Republicans Would Reduce Services That Make Abortion Unnecessary

Support Grows for Single-Payer Medicare-for-All Plan Instead of Massive Cuts to Healthcare

Is South Sudan Government Engaged in Ethnic Cleansing, Triggering Africa’s Biggest Refugee Crisis?

*No mention of precisely why the US supported this murderous regime.

You’d have thought that would be essential intel for a better understanding of this horrific situation, wouldn’t you?


Wage Love to End Debt’s Stranglehold
Instead of using debt to punish communities of color and the poor, we should invest in everyone and defend our civic legacies for future generations
by Sarah van Gelder

*The only debt we should owe

Is to one another

The Real News Network
ISIS Flees Raqqa, Trump and Putin Escalate the War
With the potential defeat of ISIS in Syria, the U.S. and Russia are stepping up their operations in an effort to fill the likely power vacuum, says Chris Davidson, a reader of Middle East politics at Durham University in the UK

Barclays and Its Executives Are Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Fraud
Bill Black, author of “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One”, says don’t expect much – sadly, the British Serious ‘Farce’ Office that brought the charges may not have the wits to carry out the prosecution

*Pinstripes to prison stripes … ?

Place your bets

Syria the Latest Case of US ‘Stumbling’ Into War
by Adam Johnson

*Points taken, certainly, but is the assertion of imperial domination at the cost of countless lives considered a “broad, conspiratorial assumption”

Or simply stating the literally bleeding obvious?

‘Millions of People Will Lose Their Coverage Under Whatever Comes Out’
CounterSpin interview with Trudy Lieberman on covering Trumpcare
by Janine Jackson

*Getting to the heart of the heartlessness

Democracy Now!
Austerity and Neglect Blamed as 79 Die in U.K. Apartment Fire Housing Immigrants & Low-Income Workers

*Do you think those Tory landlords view this as a preventable tragedy

Or a profitable opportunity?


Beyond ‘No’ and the Limits of ‘Yes’: a review of Naomi Klein’s No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need
by Robert Jensen

*Hope lies in acts of conscience

Not in their desired results

The Tax Plan Moms Need
A modest proposal: Tax corporations to help working moms afford childcare and stay-at-home moms save for retirement
by Martha Burk

*A woman’s work is never done

Being viscerally undervalued

Beyond Nuclear
Permanently Closed U.S. Nuclear Reactor Should Be “Autopsied”
Examination could identify potential safety flaws in operating reactors with parts from same controversial French forge

The Real News Network
Trump Risks War with Russia and Iran in Syria
Increasing U.S. military strikes against Assad-allied forces in Syria threaten to undermine the fight against ISIS and spark direct conflict with Russia and Iran, says Ben Norton of Alternet’s Grayzone Project

*ISIS is indeed “horrific”

And so is “the fight” against it, from whatever force.

That needs to be acknowledged in every consideration of this hellish situation.

Canadian First Nation Battles Pipeline Expansion
Charlene Aleck, spokesperson for the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation, discusses the indigenous group’s fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline and the struggle to protect its traditional way of life

Eager for World War III on MSNBC
by Eoin Higgins

*First the ratings

Then the rubble

To Defeat Transparency, NYPD Turns to Journalist-Turned-Cop-Turned-Journalist-Turned-Cop
by Josmar Trujillo

Vitamin D: Nature’s Medicine Chest
by Ty Bollinger


“Would You Like a Drink of Water?” Please Ask a Yemeni Child
by Kathy Kelly

The Real News Network
The Fight Within the Democratic Party Over California Universal Health Insurance Plan
Michael Lighty of National Nurses United tells Paul Jay how the California Senate passed the “Healthy California” plan and discusses the coming battle to make it into law

*It always worrisome to me to hear talk of “the inside game”.

Recall the admonition against lying down with dogs?

Israel Secretly Aids Anti-Assad Forces in Syria Proxy War
Beirut-based journalist Nour Samaha has uncovered extensive Israeli government support of anti-Assad forces in southern Syria

$15 Dollar Minimum Wage and Free College Education – What’s Going On In San Francisco?
San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim tells Paul Jay that she helped lead successful ballot initiatives that won a higher minimum wage, free college for all, and a much higher affordable housing component in new developments; much of this fight has been against corporate Democrats

*”Everyone … is progressive until money’s involved”

What’s that about money and mouths … ?—What%27s-Going-On-In-San-Francisco%3F

Sign the petition to PBS: Schools Inc. is right-wing propaganda

*Didn’t that PBS logo used to face to the left?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Foreign Influence in U.S. Politics

*”Patriots” to their paymasters

Democracy Now!
Arundhati Roy on Returning to Fiction, Redefining Happiness & Writing about Worlds Ripped Apart

Arundhati Roy Reads from Her Acclaimed New Novel, “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness”

Acclaimed Novelist Arundhati Roy on Telling the Truth of the Atrocities in Kashmir Through Fiction

Arundhati Roy on Upcoming Meeting Between Indian PM Modi & Trump at White House

Full Extended Interview: Arundhati Roy on Democracy Now!

*Goodman seems to have this thing about notoreity – I wouldn’t guess at how many times she’s proclaimed someone “an icon” or “legendary” – and it’s heartening to hear Roy’s humbleness when confronted with that.


Supreme Court Delivers ‘Dangerous Message’: Immunity for Former Bush Officials Over 9/11 Detentions
‘This decision regrettably provides constitutional immunity for some of the most high-level officials responsible for gross abuses in the aftermath of September 11,’ said ACLU’s Hina Shamsi
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Mourning Philando Castile at a Anti-Nuke Rally
by Michael McPhearson

*All of a peace

We Can’t Fight Climate Change if We Keep Lying to Ourselves
by Chris Hedges

*We can’t change what we refuse to see clearly

Why Israel and Hezbollah are heading for a new, devastating war in the Middle East
In 13 years of watching these two bitter opponents, I have never seen such a high degree of anxiety that war is coming
by Nicholas Noe

The Real News Network
Venezuela’s Opposition Receives Solid Support from International Media
Media analyst Joe Emersberger takes apart recent international media coverage of Venezuela, which is openly siding with the country’s opposition in portraying the government as a dictatorship

The Need for a Sense of Urgency About War and the Climate Crisis: Katie Halper Interviews Paul Jay
The host of the Katie Halper Show and Paul Jay discuss Trump’s plans for confrontation with Iran and the existential threat of the climate crisis

Isolating Qatar and the Implications for Hamas and the People of Gaza
Qatar is an important supporter of Hamas and as the hostility towards Qatar grows in the region, it will be difficult to deliver aid, and the consequences for Hamas and the Gaza Strip will be severe, explains Imad Alsoos of the Free University of Berlin

Independent Media Was Crucial for Calling Attention to Actions at Standing Rock
Providing an on-the-ground perspective of the actions and activism at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline was essential for getting the word out, explains Lorenzo Serna of the independent media outlet Unicorn Riot

US White Phosphorus Bombs Won’t Eradicate Terrorism In Syria
US-backed forces are using tactics that cause a ‘staggering’ number of civilian deaths, but military action won’t defeat ISIS, says Phyllis Bennis, director the New Internationalism Project at IPS

Israel Reduces Power Supply to Gaza, Intensifying Humanitarian Crisis
Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu says the power cut to Gaza is the fault of the Palestinian Authority, but actually it is the result of a power play between Abbas and Netanyahu in the run-up to peace negotiations, explains TRN’s Shir Hever

In Canada, Indigenous Groups are Litigating – And Winning
Lawyer Eugene Kung of West Coast Environmental Law discusses the protection of indigenous rights under the Canadian constitution—And-Winning

Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul Buck Party Consensus on Russia and Iran Sanctions
Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal explains that these sanctions punish Russia and Iran and unnecessarily intensifies the conflict between the US and these countries

Petition update
Ban Toxic Chinese Drywall, Provide Medical Monitoring, Injunctive Equitable Relief, Public Awareness
by Crystal Kinler

Institute for Public Accuracy
Bombing Syria: * Impeachable * Carve-Up Agenda

Anti-Muslim Terrorism

*Double standard operating procedure

Media Use Attack on Mosque to Smear Mosque
by Adam Johnson

*Culture coded terror outrage

Democracy Now!
“Philando Can Be Any of Us”: Black Lives Matter Protests Acquittal of Officer in Minnesota Killing

Civil Rights Lawyer: Philando Castile’s Skin Color Ended Up Being a Death Sentence

*Rotten barrels bear bad apples

Crackdown in Egypt: Seven Men Tortured in State Custody Face Execution; 90 News Websites Blocked

Egyptian Writer Omar Robert Hamilton: Saudi’s Bankrolling of Egypt Is Tied to Internal Crackdown

A single meal “changed my life forever”
The culprit: ground beef contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

TheTruth About Cancer
Foods With Fructose: Why They’re a Problem & Natural Alternatives


‘We Want Justice’: Prime Minister Forced to Flee as Londoners Protest Deadly Fire
“People should be held to account,” said Labour MP David Lammy
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Let’s hope that they don’t prevent this fire, either.

Amazon Extends Tentacles Further With Purchase of Whole Foods
‘This is extreme consolidation of the food system in action, which will lead to higher prices, fewer choices for consumers, and bigger profits for billionaires like its owner, Jeff Bezos,’ says Wenonah Hauter of Food & Water Watch
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Swallowed “Whole”

Leaving Paris for All The Wrong Reasons
by Sara Mersha and Carol Schachet

Feed the Hungry, Treat the Sick: A Crucial Training
by Kathy Kelly

Labour’s Permanent Reformation
by Benjamin Selwyn–labours-permanent-reformation

Arms Industry-Funded Democrats Vote to Help Saudi Arabia Continue Slaughtering Civilians in Yemen
Five Democratic senators joined Republicans in narrowly voting to approve Trump’s arms deal
by Ben Norton

*Blood money filling campaign coffers–arms-industry-funded-democrats-vote-to-help-saudi-arabia-continue-slaughtering-civilians-in-yemen

The Real News Network
Criminal Charges Filed Against Six State Officials Over Flint Water Scandal, But Problem Goes Far Deeper
While the criminal charges against the officials is an important first step, the root causes of the crisis have not been tackled, explains Rev. David Alexander Bullock of Change Agent Consortium

*”Regret” and forget

Anti-Muslim Manchester Demo Unites Britain’s Far-Right
An anti-Muslim protest in Manchester brought together far-right groups that had until recently been in decline, and they’re organizing across borders, says Dr. Joe Mulhall, Senior Researcher at Hope Not Hate

Trump Infrastructure Plan Lays the Foundation to Build Corporate Corruption and Greed
Trump’s infrastructure plan will further privatize public assets and derail the interests of the American people, says Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

Democracy Now!
Standing Rock Sioux Launch Wind & Solar Renewable Energy Projects After Winning Henry Wallace Award


Amid Trump Chaos, Republicans Keep Their Eyes on the Big Prize: The Courts
“Control the Supreme Court, stack the judiciary, and you can stop the progressive movement… for decades,” Corey Robin wrote
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*No Russians

No rush to arms

Deadly London Fire Shows How Concerns of Poor ‘Constantly Neglected’
“We need to deal with this—we need people to be safe living in high rise buildings,” said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A “state of emergency” the Tories will never espouse

A Planet’s Future Threatened by the Fate of Its Children
In this age of grief, where have all the children gone?
by Karen Greenberg

Review of “Always with Us? What Jesus Really Said about the Poor”
by Liz Theoharis and Bruce Parry

Robert Jensen on Millennial men, climate change, and the increasing need for radical politics
Zoë Goodall interviews Robert Jensen about his most-recent book, “The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men”

Koch Convention to Rewrite Constitution Runs Into Roadblocks
by Arn Pearson

The Real News Network
EITC Not Only Reduces Poverty, But Improves Health of Communities
While Trump seeks to dramatically reduce federal spending for the poor, a study shows that the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) benefits not only the lives of those who receive it, but also entire communities, Jeanette Wicks-Lim and Peter Arno of PERI explain

Threats to Campus Speech Don’t Alarm Media When They Come From the Right
by Eoin Higgins

*Speak (of) no evil

Action Alert: With Sleazy Innuendo, NYT Lays Virginia Attack at Bernie Sanders’ Feet
by Adam Johnson

*Will His Travesty tweet kudos to the Times for “finally printing some Real News!”?

Democracy Now!
Web Exclusive: Naomi Klein on How to Resist Trump’s Shock Politics

Greg Palast: How Racist Voter Suppression Could Cost Jon Ossoff the Georgia Election

*Ossoff’s a DNC darling, so a victory would be hollow in large measure, but should he lose, how much would you be willing to wager that he’ll bring up any of this to challenge his defeat?


Trump, DeVos ‘Betray’ Students With Gift to Predatory For-Profit Schools
The Department of Education will delay Obama-era rules designed to help students defrauded by for-profit colleges
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trump Hearts Methane. Kids? Not So Much.
EPA, Interior Departments push off implementing Obama-era rules to limit methane emissions
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Reign of Terror’: ICE Chief Says Immigrants Should Be Looking Over Their Shoulders
He also said “no population of persons” in the U.S. illegally is safe from deportation
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A jackal attack on the scapegoats

The Long Term Threat to Europe Isn’t Le Pen. It’s Capitalism.
by Conn Hallinan

Amnesty International – USA
Gaza: Electricity Cuts by Israeli Authorities Could Have Catastrophic Consequences

Friends of the Earth and SumOfUs
New Poll: Americans Believe Bayer-Monsanto Merger Poses Serious Threats to Jobs, Independent Farmers, and Food Safety
Americans, including Trump voters, want administration to take aggressive stance on corporate monopolies

The Real News Network
Right-Wing Militia Helps Police Arrest Portland Protesters
Independent journalist Arun Gupta reports on recent anti-Muslim rallies and growing concern that far-right militia groups have an “informal” alliance with U.S. police forces

*A fascist fattening of “the Thin Blue Line”

Rollback of Financial Regulations Has Nothing to do with Complexity or Boosting the Economy
Former financial regulator Bill Black explains that the Republicans’ effort to eliminate Dodd-Frank Act financial regulations serves the interests of the big financial institutions and has nothing to do with rules’ complexity or impact on the economy

Earning Minimum Wage Puts Affordable Housing Out of Reach
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report discusses a National Low Income Housing Coalition report that finds affordable housing is next to impossible for U.S. workers earning minimum wage

*It’s not how much you make

It’s how much you can make with it

The Forgotten History of White Flight in America: Part 3
In Part Three, Richard Rothstein discusses how Spiro Agnew and George Romney lead a failed attempt to halt white flight in the 1960s

*I’d be curious to know why Romney and Agnew took that stand, assuming it had nothing to do with a desire for justice.

That’s a no brainer with Agnew. I don’t know diddley about Romney, so perhaps he was motivated by something approximating a conscience.

Did they feel that a safety valve needed to be turned to relieve the pressure building in the American sociopolitical culture – that a carrot had be tossed in with the sticks of Nixon’s “law and order” crackdown?

Inquiring minds pine to perceive.

Corporate Democrats’ Ties to Wal-Mart’s Long Record of Fighting Workers’ Rights: Part 1
Part One of our conversation with former and current Wal-Mart Associates with the labor organization Our Wal-Mart who talk about current issues facing Wal-Mart employees and the failure of the Democratic Party to stand up for workers

*It’s heartening to hear someone like Andrews, who sees the deep dish contradictions baked into the Democratic Party.

I just hope there are many more like him.

But I’d ask him, and others fighting for justice at Walmart, how they view their struggle as connected with folks in other countries who are exploited far worse than they.

Do they feel a moral obligation to stand with them, or even from the standpoint of their own self interest, do they see the necessity of solidarity in securing their own labor rights?

Recall that the so called golden age of upward mobility for blue collar workers in the ’50s and ’60s came at the expense of fierce exploitation abroad, and that ultimately, when capital perceived the need to squeeze workers on the home front, the lack of an international movement to confront that clawback contributed to the end of that era.

We have to suss that the side that we’re on extends beyond our shores.

Fight for $15
Tell McDonald’s: End sexual harassment and LGBTQ discrimination at all stores IMMEDIATELY

*I’m loathin’ it

Institute for Public Accuracy
Russophobia and Islamophobia

Media Help Republicans Gut Obamacare Behind Closed Doors
by Adam Johnson

*Have you hugged your health care killer today?

Gluten Clippers
Do products that claim to pre-digest gluten live up to the hype?
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action


America Last: Will Trump Set a Record for the History Books?
by Tom Engelhardt

A Year After Pulse, We Are More Than Survivors
by Audrey Juarez

The US Intelligence Community Can Share Your Personal Information With Other Governments, and We’re Demanding Answers
by Brett Max Kaufman

Progress Michigan
Message in a Bottle: Flint Sending Out More Than an SOS
1,000+ “You Owe Me” letters from Flint residents delivered to Snyder, Schuette

The Real News Network
America’s Broken Healthcare System is Creating More Single-Payer Advocates
The Real News speaks to advocates of universal healthcare and affordable prescription drugs at the 2017 People’s Summit

Canada’s Increased Military Budget Will Fuel the US War Machine
Boosting Canada’s military spending is “a way of enhancing the American empire… done under the guise of lessening Canadian dependence on the U.S.,” says author and activist Yves Engler

*Remember all the enthusiasm for Trudeau (aka “Obama in White Face”)?

Remember Einstein’s supposed admonition on insanity?

France’s New President Wins Parliament Vote, But Faces Problems Implementing Program
Even though French president Francois Macron will probably have an overwhelming majority in the new National Assembly, the low turnout and on-going resistance to neoliberalism will complicate his program, says CEPR’s Alex Main

Justice for Port Drivers
Stop Wage Theft at the Ports

Institute for Public Accuracy
DUP Deal Highlights British Anti-Catholicism, Threatens Peace in Ireland

Democracy Now!
Naomi Klein: Trump is the First Fully Commercialized Global Brand to Serve as U.S. President


Now Just Five Men Own Almost as Much Wealth as Half the World’s Population
by Paul Buchheit

*The poor will always be with us

As long as there are rich to make certain of it

Trump’s Apocalypse Has Been a Long Time Coming
by Betsy Hartmann

*A sacred psychosis

UK Election: Labour Surge Gives Unions a Chance
by Gregor Gall–uk-election-labour-surge-gives-unions-a-chance

Fight for the Future
15,000 People Call On the FCC to Remove and Investigate Fake Anti-Net Neutrality Comments Using Stolen Names and Addresses
Following weeks of inaction from the FCC thousands have signed a petition calling for the agency to remove fake comments from the docket and publicly disclose any information it may have about the group submitting them

The Real News Network
How Government Policy Created White Wealth and Concentrated African American Poverty: Part 2
In Part Two, author Richard Rothstein says the explicit unconstitutional housing policy of the 20th century created America’s enormous racial wealth gap

*No politician, no matter how “progressive”, will ever speak of this, will they?

Sea Level Rise due to Global Warming Threatens Vancouver
Deborah Carlson of WCEL explains the consequences of sea level rise for Vancouver and what local actions are being taken to counter the threat

The Forgotten History of How the Government Segregated America: Part 1
In Part One, author and scholar Richard Rothstein says explicit government policy, not personal choice or redlining was the main force that segregated America

*New Deal

Same old dealer

Abby Martin: World Ignores Opposition Violence at Venezuela Protests
Empire Files host Abby Martin just returned from Venezuela where she saw first hand how violent opposition protesters attempt to intimidate reporters and thereby give a false impression of what is happening


And consequences

Hung Parliament a Stunning Victory for Corbyn’s Labour Party in UK Elections
Election produces a breakthrough for left socialist Jeremy Corbyn, something only weeks ago was considered impossible – with Thomas Barlow and Kam Sandhu of Real Media and Aaron Bastani of Novara Media

*There are lessons us Yanks can learn, but perhaps the most important is that the US isn’t the UK, and while I don’t claim to be an expert on the lay of that land, it may well be that Labour can serve as an effective vehicle for just change, to go beyond its manifesto, whereas the Democratic Party has proven itself a dead letter in that respect.

All the energy being poured into “the #Resistance”, the attempt to “retake” the party, is an exercise in futility, I fear, and I don’t see Sanders, Ellison et alia as the standard bearers for what’s necessary for our chance at a truly dignified life for everyone, even were that faction to supplant the Hillaristas.

On another note, I’d like to know just what circumstances in Scotland led to such a poor showing by the SNP and Labour.

Labour Prevented the Tories from Increasing their Grip on Government
Theresa May’s objective of improving her position in Brexit talks failed and will lead to extremely difficult negotiations now, says Economics Prof. John Weeks of London University

Corbyn Lost Labour Party Elites, But Won Over Voters
“Corbyn has proven that there is a way forward for the Labour Party,” says Leo Panitch, a professor at York University–but it isn’t the future the Blairites envisioned

*There shouldn’t be “euphoria” should a Labour government come to be.

There should be a clear eyed determination to hold Corbyn to his promises – and more – and avoid what has been shown to be a betrayal of the Greek people by Syriza, in the name of “pragmatism”.

There will be tremendous pressure for Labour to do likewise, and only a steadfast movement that puts principles before personalities or party loyalty will be able to foil that fearsome force.

Break DC Capital Pride’s Ties with Police, Prisons and Pipelines!

*No Pride in plutocracy

And vice versa

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Saudi Arabia is Destabilizing the World”

Left-Right Alliance to Break Up the Banks

Democracy Now!
Cholera Death Toll Tops 859 in War-Torn Yemen as U.S.-Backed Saudi Assault Continues

*A sickness of the soulless

Puerto Rico Backs Statehood in Referendum Boycotted by Opposition Groups

Freed Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera Joins Tens of Thousands at NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade

The Beleaguered Tenants of “Kushnerville”: Jared Kushner Accused of Slumlord Practices in Baltimore

*Of slumlords and slimeballs

Trump Associate & “Slumlord” Tom Barrack Resigns One Day After Probe of Housing Crisis

*Of course His Travesty would trust this loathsome leech.

He’s a man after his own heartlessness.

The fastest growing cause of cancer death
What to drink to lower your risk of liver cancer
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*This goes against other intel I’ve reposted regarding the issues with caffeinated coffee.

As always, use your best judgment, and be prepared to adjust it.


To Defend Against Trump, Delaware Just Preemptively Enshrined Abortion Rights
Even if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, the state’s new law ensures right to choose is law of state
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Promise in the Land of Despair: The Crisis Is Not Over in Flint, Michigan
While the state and federal governments have failed, two outposts of citizen aid are providing support and fostering hope
by David Schwenk

*If there is any hope, it lies in the humanity on exhibit here.

Sunday’s French Election
by Richard Greeman–richard-greeman/3183-sundays-french-election

Food & Water Watch
Food Safety Advocates File Lawsuit to Shed Light on Privatized Poultry Inspection
As USDA sets its sights on hog slaughter, Food & Water Watch demands previously withheld information on poultry plants seeking to privatize inspection

Real News Network
How Far Will US & Saudis Go to Remake the Middle East?
Junaid Ahmad of the Center for Global Dialogue says the U.S.-backed Gulf campaign against Qatar is part of a broader strategy to crush the remnants of the Arab Spring and spark a confrontation with Iran

*What do you do when you’re getting burned at home?

Light a fuse abroad.

How Have 50 Years of Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Land Changed Israel?
Denial and lies about the occupation have allowed Israelis to cover up the reality of what the occupation has done to Palestinians, and so the occuption could continue for another 50 years, says Israeli journalist Gideon Levy

*”I’m a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will.” – Antonio Gramsci

Comey Hearing: Little New, and More Doubt About “RussiaGate”
Journalist, best-selling author Max Blumenthal and former FBI special agent Coleen Rowley say that while former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony offered almost nothing new, that won’t slow the fixation on Trump’s alleged Russia ties, not his actual policies

*Sound and fury, signifying the sickening state of our political culture.

But aside from that, I believe Blumenthal and Rowley have their own contradictions to confront on “cooperation” with Russia and Iran regarding ISIS and their ilk. They rightly speak of the horror show the US has visited upon the people of the region, and the blowback that has led to the tragedies outside it.

But how would collaboration with these other governments do anything other than increase the suffering? The US “coalition”, Russia and Iran all have bloody hands here, and I can’t see how their partnership would benefit the victims caught in the crossfire.

I’m well aware that force must play a role in dealing with these groups, but should we be entrusting its implementation to those who have shown no regard for the “collateral damage” their actions have caused?

I don’t know the answer to this dilemma, aside from an overarching realization that the whirlwind has been reaped, and we must sow the seeds of justice for this scourge to end

But I do know that it requires clear thinking as to the players involved, and I don’t see that evinced in this instance.

The Day After Corbyn’s Surprise Surge, NPR Would Rather Talk About Buckethead
by Jim Naureckas

*There was another joke candidate in May’s constituency

But I don’t think many people found her amusing.

Democracy Now!
Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn Rides Leftist Tide in U.K. Election in Rebuke of Austerity & Conservatives

*”Let bygones be bygones”

Translation: Here’s the knife. Now let me turn around.

The sleep-weight connection
Not getting enough zzz’s at night can lead to counting more lbs. on the scale
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action


Trump’s Needless Fight With Qatar Will Hurt American Interests and Empower ISIS
All to appease Saudi Arabia
by Vijay Prashad

*I’m always interested in Prashad’s take, but that term “American interests” is so amorphous, and I’m unclear on just how he intends it to be taken.–trumps-needless-fight-with-qatar-will-hurt-american-interests-and-empower-isis

The Real News Network
Brazil Gets Ready to Roll Back Labor Rights
Brazil’s labor reform is set to pass the legislature and workers fear a dramatic worsening of their living conditions as a result. A special report from Brazil by Mike Fox

Corporate Media Hope Labour’s Corbyn Loses Election—and Badly
by Ben Norton

*I have little hope that Corbyn, like Sanders (“socialist” must always be placed in quotes with both, if we’re honest), will prove truly worthy of this vitriol, but I dearly desire to see him afforded the opportunity to prove me wrong.

Democracy Now!
Oscar López Rivera Speaks Out on Newfound Freedom, Becoming Politicized & Decolonizing Puerto Rico

*López Rivera speaks to his own innocence when it comes to acts that resulted in the death of innocents, and I’ll accept that, but he avoids confronting the issue writ large – whether such acts can be justified in the name of a just struggle – and I’d have liked to have had heard his views on that difficult subject.

Oscar López Rivera on Declining Honorific at National Puerto Rican Day Parade After Controversy


Kansas Kills Trump-Like Tax Cuts in ‘Repudiation of Right-Wing Orthodoxy’
The cuts had devastating effects on the state’s public services
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*How many lives were destroyed before legislators decided it wasn’t in their electoral interest to pour more gasoline on this Kansas prairie fire?

Why should they be congratulated for that?

Palestinian Children’s Lives Are Shaped By 50 Years of Military Occupation
Five decades of occupation have turned military violence into the norm for Palestinian children
by Jennifer Bing

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Civil Rights Attorneys: Racial Disparities Persist in NYPD Stop and Frisk
Attorneys Say Report by Monitor Overseeing Reforms Misleads

Center for Biological Diversity
Inspector General Investigating Potential Collusion Between Monsanto, Top EPA Official
Controversy Casts Doubts on EPA’s Cancer Assessment of Roundup’s Main Ingredient

The Real News Network
UK Election Polls: Can Corbyn Win?
Opinion polls for the June 8 UK General Election indicate an increasingly tight race between Labour and Conservatives, but most still give Conservative Theresa May an advantage, despite May’s weaknesses as Prime Minister, says Real Media’s Thomas Barlow

Trump, Israel Back Saudi Power Play Against Qatar
Max Blumenthal of Alternet’s Grayzone Project says President Donald Trump’s backing of the Saudi Arabian campaign against Qatar could be the “pilot program” for a wider regional agenda of U.S.-backed Saudi hegemony

Perpetual Crisis in Public Schools By Design
Cuts to public school funding sustained over a decade is a deliberate strategy to ensure privatization, says Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report

Institute for Public Accuracy
FBI Whistleblowers on Russia-gate’s Mythical “Heroes”

*Ginned up “noble G-men”

Qatar Crisis and Iran: A “Win-Win” for the U.S. Establishment?

Democracy Now!
China Watchdog: China’s Arrest of Activists Investigating Ivanka Trump-linked Factory Unprecedented

*But it ain’t about the Rooskies, so who cares, right?

Worst Epidemic in U.S. History? Opioid Crisis Now Leading Cause of Death for Americans Under 50

*There’s one addiction for which incarceration is an appropriate response

The addiction to greed


Want to See US Climate Progress? Support City and State Leaders and the Grassroots Groups Who Hold Them Accountable
by Elizabeth Sawin

*Act local

Impact global

Rural Communities Lose Most With Health Repeal
by LeeAnn Hall

Farmworker Justice
Groups Appeal EPA’s Refusal To Ban Dangerous Pesticide
Chlorpyrifos is linked to long-term damage in children’s developing brains

The Real News Network
Rattling the Bars: MIT No Aramark
Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, prison activist and founder of the Ordinary People’s Society, about building a broad coalition to boycott the businesses that are tied to prison slavery

*Sharpton’s pimping his own product – himself – of course, and I just hope to hell that doesn’t diminish the impact of these imperative efforts.

Food Integrity Campaign
President Trump’s Pork Recipe for America

*Hogwash that never comes clean

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Israeli Lies and the Six Day War”

The Washington Post’s War on the Disabled Continues
by Dean Baker

*A mean streak nine columns wide

Democracy Now!
NSA Contractor Charged for Leak After Intercept Exposé Reveals Russian Cyberattack of 2016 Election

*Whatever the truth is, there are two points that must be kept in mind.

One, that this is a textbook case of pots dissing kettles

And two, that Madame Mayhem’s fealty to the the financier class was the proximate cause of her “loss”.

(You don’t “lose” when the game is rigged, but neither she, nor any other Dem, will ever confront the actual voter fraud that has been a Republican ace in the hole for decades, will they? Opening that can of worms would call into question institutional assumptions that neither party wish to see examined.)

Meet Larry Krasner: Civil Rights Attorney, Death Penalty Opponent & Democratic Philly DA Candidate


So in this era of constant protest (a good thing, I need say), why is it that the mainstream media never gaze out their englassed edifices onto the multitudes outside righteous with rage at their malefactory “manufacturing of consent”?

Part of the problem may be this romantic notion of “the Fourth Estate” as this intrepid defender of “truth, justice and the American Way” (I’ll concede the veracity of the last, although not as intended by its adherents), fostered by the fanciful history of opposition to the Vietnam War and Nixon’s high crimes and misdemeanors, and don’t forget Murrow and McCarthyism.

I don’t mean to be simplistic, but I believe a large measure of the antagonism that did exist, at least in the ’70s, was based on pragmatic considerations and personal distaste for the régime actuel.

Nixon, Agnew and ilk were singularly unlikeable cusses, and the war had become toxic to other endeavors of the exploitocracy.

Hollywood immortalized this myth in “All the President’s Men”, and generations of liberals and progressives have swallowed it whole ever since.

Which brings us to the present. While there is considerable criticism of the corpress from the “left” (however you wish to define it), calling it out for its outright collusion with its class brethren and sistren appears to be considered tres gauche, don’t it?

And heaven forfend we actually view it as “the enemy”, lest we be tarred as fellow travelers with His Travesty.

Yet that’s what it is, because that’s what it does. It provides the context by which nothing outside of our duopolistic political milieu is ascribed any value. Thus we have these surrealistically absurd skirmishes over “Obamacare” versus “Trumpcare”, or Paris versus Perdition

Or which excretable miscreant’s oval to fill in.

There’s a deep dish cognitive dissonance extant among those who by all indications should know better, and it will entail someone with sharper synapses than I to suss precisely why that’s the case.

Grand Canyon Pillagers Hope to Harness Trump’s Disdain for Natural World
The 20-year ban on new uranium mining is under threat
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Texas Lawmakers Indifferent to State’s Outrageously High Maternal Death Rate
Recent studies show poor state of affairs for women giving birth in Texas, but state lawmakers criticized for taking little action to rectify the situation
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

If Trump So Quick to Exploit London Violence, What Would Attack in US Bring?
Trump called “Opportunist-in-Chief” for using latest violence in the UK to justify travel ban from Muslim countries
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*And the corpress and the vast majority of the public would fall right into line, if history is any indication.

The Unwanted ‘Bride’: Can the 1967 War Offer Opportunity for Peace?
by Ramzy Baroud

Antonio Gramsci and the Battle Against Fascism
“Mass culture is a potent and dangerous counterrevolutionary force,” says Hedges. “It creates a herd mentality.”
by Chris Hedges

*Our limbs cannot be unchained

Before our minds

After a Terrorist Attack, Spain Rejected Its Hawks. Will Britain?
Spanish voters turned against the incumbent conservative party after the 2004 Madrid bombings
by Sam Husseini

In praise of Trump pulling out of the Paris climate pact
by Ken Ward

*Smacking the puppy right square on the nose

(A violent metaphor – my apologies)

The Real News Network
Why American Jews Embraced Israel After the June 1967 War
In the second part of our three-part interview special, author and scholar Norman Finkelstein analyzes the material, emotional and psychological factors behind the American Jewish embrace of Israel after the June 1967 war

Max Blumenthal Grills Progressive Rep. Jamie Raskin about Russia Allegations
Part one of Real News coverage from the the March for Truth in Washington, D.C.

*Maybe that should be “The March on Truth” … ?

Sluggish Economic Growth in Britain Fails to Compensate for Austerity
Kam Sandhu, co-founder of Real Media, explains how slow economic growth means that the Tories have not been able to achieve any of their economic objectives and have instead caused a “food bank crisis”

*A less job crisis

Arctic Climate Warming Twice as Fast As Anywhere Else
Prof. Subhankar Banerjee, editor of “Arctic Voices: Resistance at the Tipping Point,” talks about the effect President Trump’s climate policies will have on the Arctic and on the rest of the planet

Six-Day War, 50-Year Occupation: What Really Happened in June 1967?
In the first of an extended three-part interview on the 50th anniversary of the June 1967 Arab-Israeli war, author and scholar Norman Finkelstein debunks the enduring myths surrounding that historic confrontation — myths that have sustained​ the ensuing Israeli ​occupation of Palestinian lands​

U.S. & Russia Bomb Syria’s Civilians When They Could Help End its War
Veteran Middle East correspondent Patrick Cockburn of The Independent analyzes the latest developments in Syria and says the war could end if the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Iran were willing to make an agreement

Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike Suspended After 40 Days, but Could Resume
Sahar Francis of the Adameer Prisoner Support Association talks about what the Palestinian prisoners hunger strike achieved and explains why strike leader Marwan Barghouti says that it could resume if the agreement is violated

Kabul Bombing and Afghan War are a Result of Deep Contradiction in US Policy
Long-time Middle East correspondent Patrick Cockburn explains that the ongoing war in Afghanistan and the recent massive bombing in Kabul are the result of contradictory US support for Sunni factions in the region and will not end until US pressures Pakistan

*Forgive me for stating the literally bleeding obvious, but the US has no interest in “winning” the “GWOT” ™.

It wants to manage it for its own geostrategic and domestic political ends.

In the empire game, you can’t boogie without a boogeyman.

Theresa May in Election Jitters Caught Lying About Tory Plans to Cut The National Health Service
Kam Sandhu of Real Media says there is evidence that the Tories plan to sell off assets to service NHS; this is the first sign of distress and it will lead to privatization

*I’ll never understand this confusion as to why the corpress – in the UK and elsewhere – acts in accordance to its class interests, or why there aren’t protests aimed directly at their complicity in manufacturing consent.

Have hundreds, let along thousands, ever appeared in front of The Times of London’s or the BBC’s offices demanding they do their fucking job as journalists?

Of course, that goes as well for the NYT, LAT, WaPo, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR et alia on this side of the pond.

Trump’s right – with repulsive reasoning – that “the media is the enemy”.

We can defend a “free press”, and demand that there actually be one, can’t we?

A Guide on Organizing as Defense Against Federal Investigations and Prosecutions

Institute for Public Accuracy
Manchester Bombing: “Blowback from British Collusion with Jihadists”

After US Bombs Syrian Government for Third Time in 8 Months, Media Ask Few Questions
by Ben Norton

*Shoot first

Ask no questions later

Democracy Now!
Trump Attacks London’s Mayor & Jeremy Corbyn Calls for Theresa May’s Ouster After Terror in London

*I’d like to share Mason’s faith that Corbyn “represents a real change”, but I’ve seen far too much rhetoric remain aloof from the realm of reality.

Does he have the actual will, and if so, the political courage to stand against a foreign policy establishment and military industrial profiteers that will fight any challenge to the status quo tooth and nail?

I hope we’ll have the opportunity to see.

Trump Uses London Attack to Call for SCOTUS to Back Travel Ban Blocked by Multiple Courts

Lawyer for Tortured Detainees: U.S. Created ISIS Through Misguided Detention, Interrogation Policies

Six steps to youthful, supple arteries
How to slow down vascular aging
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


‘Literal Colonialism’: Blackwater Founder Calls for ‘American Viceroy’ to Rule Afghanistan
Given Prince’s past connections to Trump, his recommendations could have some measure of influence
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trump, the Paris Agreement and the Breakdown of Multilateralism
The problem is not only about Trump’s trashing of an already weak climate agreement and process. What just happened is that the lynchpin of the world order is breaking down the world order.
by Dorothy Grace Guerrero

*Why are we trying to preserve Paris?

It’s a woefully inadequate and ultimately counterproductive agreement. It can’t be “built upon”, yet, eerily similar to the health care battle in the US, enormous energy is wasted on maintaining the status quo, rather than recognizing its deadly limitations, and fighting for solutions that give us our only chance to achieve what we claim to desire.

The Paris Agreement and the ACA are predicated on averting that outcome. They were constructed by the very forces that stand to lose control were honest efforts pursued to deal with these crises.

Our delusions of “pragmatism” are a death sentence for so many with each passing day.

The Real News Network
Clinton Blames Election Loss on Trump Helping Russians Weaponize Fake News
Journalist Michael Sainato and Paul Jay analyze Hillary Clinton’s recent interview, where she lists the reasons she lost the presidential elections and contends little of the responsibility is hers or her politics

*It comes down to “She could have lied better”, because no matter what she’d have said to appear more progressive – or human – anyone with a lick of sense (who are few and far between, it appears) knows she would never walk her talk.

There’s some data from Obama she ignored.

He’s a much better liar.

Poll Finds British Agree that UK Foreign Policy Contributes to Terrorism
Thomas Barlow, co-founder of Real Media, analyzes the latest poll results in light of UK foreign policy, the Manchester bombing, and Thursday’s general election

Justice for Port Drivers
Join our League of Working Class Heroes

Institute for Public Accuracy
50 Years After 1967 War: Environmental and Cultural Impact

Democracy Now!
As Oil Starts to Flow Through Dakota Access Pipeline, Resistance Faces Paramilitary Security Force

*Another blast of “blowback”

Part 2: Private Security Firm TigerSwan Targets Pipeline Protesters in COINTELPRO-Like Operation

*Only the dangerously naïve would think that this is an isolated phenomenon, or that it’s somehow separate from gummint – local, state and federal – response to resistance

Or that it won’t intensify as things fall further apart

Or that it wouldn’t occur had the presidential election result been different.


Bradley Foundation Floated Wisconsin Watchdog While Franklin Center Floundered
by David Armiak and Mary Bottari

The Real News Network
Denying Trade Deficit Problem Is Almost Like Climate Change Denial
CEPR co-director Dean Baker explains that Trump’s attention to the link between trade deficit and loss of manufacturing jobs is legitimate, even though many pundits continue to deny it. However, Trump’s solutions probably won’t help

A Personal Take on The Modern History of Iraq – RAI with Sabah Alnasseri (5/6)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alnasseri says Trump’s strategy is to use the war against ISIS as an excuse to build up US troop levels in Iraq to control the oil and create a pro-American government—RAI-with-Sabah-Alnasseri-%2856%29

UK Election Polls Tighten to Three Points Between May and Corbyn
Tom Barlow, co-founder of Real Media, talks about how Britain’s June 8 general election race is tightening between Labour and the Tories and how the mainstream British media is losing credibility in the process

*I’d like to know why the “terror bump” hasn’t materialized here. That obviously requires both party and media pimping.

Is there something peculiar to the UK’s political milieu that mitigates against its utility, as opposed to the US?

Institute for Public Accuracy
“How I Lost By Hillary Clinton”

*”If Democrats persevere with a politics that prioritizes well-off professionals rather than ordinary Americans, they will leave the field open to right-wing populism for many years to come.”

What it could do is spell the end of the Democratic Party, and its facade as “the people’s party”, leaving an opening for a movement that could authentically claim that mantle, which would entail not being content with “reform” of an inherently rotten system, but striving to bring about a transformation of our social, economic and political lives – the only path to our survival.

I have an infinitesimal amount of faith that that will occur, but anything less leaves us staring hopelessly into the abyss.

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End the Greedy Silence – Enough Already!
Why do we tolerate our fellow Americans dying in the tens of thousands each year because they cannot afford health insurance to get diagnosed and treated in time?
by Ralph Nader

The Real News Network
How Insurance Companies and Prisons are Making the Opiate Crisis Worse
A longtime addiction specialist says health insurance companies’ reluctance to treat heroin addiction as an emergency and prison officials’ refusal to allow inmates access to methadone are only making a bad situation worse

Canada’s Political Landscape Undergoing Realignment?
Nora Loreto, author of “From Demonized to Organized,” talks about four important political shifts that took place in Canada in the past week and what this means for Canadian politics

A Personal Take on The Modern History of Iraq – RAI with Sabah Alnasseri (4/6)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alnasseri explains why so many Shia fought for Iraq against Iran during a war that killed more than 1.8 million people; he continues the story of his family, and how from prison, his brother was able to help Sabah escape the country—RAI-with-Sabah-Alnasseri-%2846%29

Advocates See A Brighter Future With Zero-Waste and Renewable Energy
On this episode of The Real Baltimore, United Workers members Greg Sawtell, LaQeisha Greene and Charles Graham say Baltimore could be transformed by eliminating waste, embracing renewable energy and investing in green jobs

Institute for Public Accuracy
Manchester and the British Election’s “Unsayable”

*”Why wasn’t he apprehended and the network around him prevented from planning and executing the atrocity on May 22?”

Of course, a “terror attack” shortly before the election would be presumed to be to the Tories’ advantage.

I’m just sayin’ …

WaPo’s Laziest Columnist Calls Protesters ‘Fascists,’ Equates Them to Manchester Bomber
by Adam Johnson

Democracy Now!
The Intercept: As the U.S. Ramps Up Airstrikes on ISIS, Are Syrian Civilians Paying the Price?

Private Mercenary Firm TigerSwan Compares Anti-DAPL Water Protectors to “Jihadist Insurgency”


To Restrict Abortion Access Even Further, Kansas Says Font Size Matters
Called “simply harassment” by opponent, new law would stipulate that physicians’ disclosure be “on white paper, in a printed format, in black ink, and in 12-point Times New Roman font”
by Common Dreams staff

*Killing abortion access with the death of a thousand paper cuts

Government Austerity Demands That We Die Within Our Means
Most people still don’t fully understand the true scale of the human cost that government imposed austerity has unleashed
by Victoria Cooper and David Whyte

*Living within the mean

The Real News Network
From Libya to Manchester, Western Intervention Endangers Civilians
Max Blumenthal, Senior Editor for Alternet’s Grayzone Project, says the Manchester bombing’s ties to NATO intervention in Libya exemplify how Western policies overseas can help lead to attacks at home

*I think “hint” is the right term for Corbyn’s reference to Western responsibility for these attacks, and while that’s further than any other US or UK politician with any visibility has been willing to go, it’s still couched in rhetoric that accepts the “national security” narrative.

It’s akin to acknowledging the destitution engendered by austerity, without truly confronting the visceral underpinnings of the system that promotes it.

We’ll see whether the hint becomes a holler, but I wouldn’t wager the rent money on it.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Tillerson Present as Exxon Signed Deal with Saudi Arabia During Trump Visit

Postol: NYT Claims on Syria Attack Unsupported

Democracy Now!
Did Trump Campaign Rhetoric Empower the White Extremist Who Killed Two Bystanders on Portland Train?

*I think there are lines to be drawn when it comes to speech. Those lines are hard to draw, but I believe they must be in an instance such as this, or four decades ago in Skokie.

Rights often come into conflict, and simply saying, as the ACLU and others do, that free speech rights trump those of “the others” who would be subjected to such vileness, even under such acute circumstances, evinces an absolutism that diminishes our sense of humanity.

We can’t be cavalier in our restriction of speech, or in our consideration of the effect that speech has on those it targets.


‘Real Men’ Talk: Interviews between Robert Jensen and Barry Doak
by Barry Doak

*As always, Jensen provides much to ponder, but I’d like an elaboration on his comments regarding “transgenderism’s policy demands” and their hindering the goals of radical feminism

And so I’ll ask him, and post whatever I receive in response.


I got a quick reply

“This is the piece I wrote about the bathroom debate.
there are other questions that I discuss in the book, such as use of puberty blockers on children and health consequences.

I’d forgotten that I’d asked him about this earlier. Here’s what I wrote at the time, after reading the piece above

“I understand Jensen’s concerns, but his stance appears to omit consideration of how transgender folks feel about being compelled to use facilities based on their biological sex.

What discomfort, and possible harassment and harm, might someone who identifies as female face if forced to use “Men Only” facilities? How about those who ID as male in a “Female Only” environment?

I asked for his thoughts on that, and was … disappointed … in his reply. If you’re interested, I can pass along the thread if you contact me at the email in the site intro.”

No one did, and I no longer have the thread.

One Hundred Eighth Graders Boycott Paul Ryan Photo Op
“It’s not just a picture,” said one. “It’s being associated with a person who puts his party before his country.”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

DAPL Company Hired War on Terror Contractors to Suppress Native Uprising
Leaked docs reveal the collusion between local police forces, pipeline company, and defense contractors as they executed ‘military-style counterterrorism measures’ to suppress the water protectors
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Artist as Prophet
by Chris Hedges

*Art for our sake

Want to Get “Back to the Land?” You’re Not Alone
Each generation has had one common desire: to live a more honest, ethical life of self-sufficiency and oneness with nature
by Nancy Matsumoto

Russia Calls House Bill an “Act of War.” Will the Senate Block H.R. 1644?
by Gar Smith

*So every member of the Congressional “Progressive” Caucus voted for this, or at least none voted against it?

If I said I was shocked

Would you believe me?

Socialist Project
Dump Hydro Privatization, Build Public Power

Hunger strike ends, prisoners declare victory
by Ali Abunimah

Tulsi Gabbard Is Not Your Friend
Tulsi Gabbard is hailed as a progressive champion. But her views on Islam and support for far-right leaders suggest otherwise
by Branko Marcetic

*The “resistance” within the Democratic Party is shot through with “PR progressives” such as Gabbard.

Don’t look for Sanders and his brood to question her contradictions

And don’t expect Marcetic to be invited to appear on “Democracy Now!” to enumerate them.

The Real News Network
Brazil’s Most Important News Outlet Plays Kingmaker
Globo TV withdraws support from President Michel Temer by leaking incriminating recording and issues retraction that implicated former presidents Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff: report from Mike Fox in Brazil

Does NATO Confront Threats, or Create Them?
As President Trump is criticized for declining to endorse NATO’s mutual aid clause, Professor David Gibbs of the University of Arizona argues that the alliance creates threats that previously didn’t exist

Training Makes Killing Civilians Acceptable (1/4)
Josh Stieber, a member of the Army company that came upon the Iraqis murdered by the US helicopter crew, discusses the Wikileaks video and Army training that makes killing civilians acceptable

Canadian Logging Giant Attempts to Silence Critics Using Anti-Mafia Law
Todd Paglia, Executive Director of Stand.Earth, discusses a $300 million lawsuit brought against his environmental organization and Greenpeace by Resolute Forest Products under the US Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Practices Act

*Money talks

To silence its adversaries

IMF Concedes: No Debt Relief for Greece
Economist Heiner Flassbeck reports that Germany’s “shocking” position on no debt reduction of Greece’s debt prevailed, even though its debt is completely unpayable

A Personal Take on The Modern History of Iraq – RAI with Sabah Alnasseri (3/6)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alnasseri tells the story of his militant working class family, class struggle in Iraq and the sectarian conflict created by the U.S. invasion

*For those (like myself) ignorant of this history, this is highly recommended reading.

UK Tory’s Theresa May Coming Undone at the Seams with ‘Dementia’ Tax
Kam Sandhu of Real Media says ‘strong and stable’ May is showing her incompetencies and polling is beginning to reflect that as UK heads to an election on June 8th

Institute for Public Accuracy
Pro-Democracy Protests in Brazil

Understanding Meat Labels: What Grass-fed, Grain-fed, and Organic Really Means
by Dr. David Jockers

How the 5:2 diet may prevent diabetes and cognitive decline
Intermittent fasting may strengthen your defenses
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


In Face of TrumpCare ‘Abomination,’ New Jersey Latest State to Join Single Payer Push
‘TrumpCare is not the way forward.’—New Jersey State Assemblyman John Wisniewski
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A 21st century struggle for a 20th century idea

Experts: US Still ‘Needlessly Vulnerable’ to Fukushima-Style Disaster
Nuclear industry pressured regulatory commission into low-balling consequences of meltdown, especially in case of reactor fire, new article says
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

DAPL Photographer Cleared of Charges After Drone Footage Proves His Case
Prosecutors said Aaron Turgeon had put police plane and water protectors in harm’s way when he used a drone to capture footage over pipeline site
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Iraq and Afghanistan: The $6 Trillion Bill for America’s Longest War Is Unpaid
by Linda Bilmes

*No thought given to the cost of just reparations to the nations ravaged by this endless atrocity

Trump’s Latest Disastrous Raid Kills More Civilians in Yemen While U.S. Media Obediently Echoes the Pentagon
A human rights group exposes the bloodbath
by Ben Norton

Yet Another Video Shows U.S.-Funded White Helmets Assisting Public Executions in Rebel-Held Syria
The shocking regime change scandal mainstream media refuses to touch
by Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal

*Buying white hats for the White Helmets

The Manchester Bombing is Blowback from the West’s Disastrous Interventions and Covert Proxy Wars
How the US and UK helped bring jihadists like Salem Abedi to Libya and Syria
by Max Blumenthal

The Real News Network
Chuck Schumer: War Hawk or Progressive?
The Senate Democratic leader has tried to pivot to the left after Donald Trump’s win in November, but how much of the progressive agenda has he adopted?

*The question’s not whether Schumer is “progressive”, but whether “progressives” will call him on his hypocrisy, or remain silent, highlighting their own.

A Personal Take on The Modern History of Iraq – RAI with Sabah Alnasseri (2/6)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alnasseri tells the story of his militant working class family, class struggle in Iraq and the sectarian conflict created by the U.S. invasion

Post Brexit Trade Deals – Who Will be the Winners and Losers?
Trade campaigner Linda Kaucher discusses the dangers that lie ahead for the UK public in post Brexit trade deals. Will banks and corporations win at the expense of the population?—Who-Will-be-the-Winners-and-Losers%3F

Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald: Ousting Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Empowered Criminality & Corruption

*I wanted to repost this, as Greenwald acknowledges that Rousseff and Lula have “baggage”, which is frequently omitted from “alternative outlet” coverage of the Brazilian crisis.

You don’t have to put anyone on a pedestal to expose the vileness of those determined to topple it.


Down the Memory Hole: Living in Trump’s United States of Amnesia
by Rebecca Gordon

Socialist Project
Urgent Call On Day 40 of Palestinian Hunger Strike–urgent-call-on-day-40-of-palestinian-hunger-strike

The Real News Network
Manchester Mourns as the Right Attempts to Tie Labour’s Corbyn to Terrorism
Theresa May’s dwindling campaign gets the “terror attack” bump considered necessary for a victory on June 8th, while the right attempts to connect Jeremy Corbyn to the memory of the 1996 IRA Manchester bombing, says Richard Seymour of Salvage

Trump Budget: Foundation for Great American Misery
Every time we move money out of education or building a green economy and move it into the military we are losing jobs for every dollar we spend, says Prof. Emeritus Robert Pollin of the Political Economy Research Institute

‘There’s going to be a lot of people who vote for Theresa May who will deeply regret it’
Tax specialist Richard Murphy describes the looming crash ahead for the UK after GE2017, and the myth of a ‘strong and stable’ conservative government

Color of Change
GEO Group paid Trump off. Now Sessions is filling their prison beds.

Elite Media Need to Recognize Assaults on Reporters as a Pattern–and a Threat
by Janine Jackson

*”One wonders, and worries, what it will take for elite media to change their minds about that.”

Thomas Friedman sucker punched by Peter King?

(Not that he’d ever have reason to)

For USA Today, Healthcare Glass Is 1/24th Full
by Michael Corcoran

*#BREAKING British authorities revise Manchester attack death toll to only 21

Democracy Now!
Jeremy Scahill on Trump’s Embrace of Duterte’s Deadly War on Drugs in the Philippines

Scahill & Greenwald: What If All Victims of War Received the Media Attention of Manchester Victims?

Journalist Desmond Cole on How the Toronto Star Tried to Silence His Activism for Black Liberation

*Writing while black


Brazil’s Political Rupture and the Left’s Opportunity
Fora Temer – eleições diretas já!
“Out with Temer – direct elections now!” Amid meltdown in Brazil, the left calls for democracy, while the right must find ways to deny the people a voice
by Alfredo Saad-Filho

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
DEA Agents Oversaw Notorious 2012 Deadly Force Incident in Ahuas, Honduras, US Government Report Concludes
Quick Review of Report Shows it Contradicts Previous Drug Enforcement Agency Claims of Only a “Supportive” Role in Joint US-Honduran Operation

The Real News Network
Art as a Form of Nonviolent Resistance: Palestine
Palestinian political cartoonist Mohammad Saba’aneh talks about his art and its importance to him and to the Palestinian people

Another US Housing Bubble?
Economist Michael Hudson explains that even though housing prices are back up at 2008 levels, homeownership is at a much lower level and banks have their loans guaranteed by the US government

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump-DeVos: A Budget that Will “Decimate Public Education”

Deficit Scare Tactics Are What Citizens Should Really Be Afraid Of
by Dean Baker

*Deficit Attention Disorder

Democracy Now!
Tariq Ali: Manchester Bombing is Part of Vicious Cycle, Likely Blowback from Ongoing War on Terror

Tariq Ali on Upcoming U.K. Elections & Why Raising the Threat Level is a Largely Psychological Move


‘You Can’t Make This Up’: Comcast Threatens Legal Action Against Net Neutrality Proponents
If FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s plan “is enacted, there would be nothing preventing Comcast from simply blocking sites like that are critical of their corporate policies”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

School Choice Is a Scam in Segregated Neighborhoods
by Jitu Brown

*A “a robust, rigorous and relevant curriculum” would perforce include an honest examination of the factors that lead to such inequity.

Regardless of how well endowed a school may be, what are the odds of that aspect being extant?

Why Care About Other People’s Children
by Steven Singer

*Giving a shit

So we don’t become it

Tom Perez Bombs Speech, California Dem Chair Tells Protesters ‘Shut the Fuck Up’
DNC Chair offers same meaningless rhetoric that incited protests and criticisms of his ability to lead
by Michael Sainato

*I have deep misgivings about the sincerity of Turner and her faction, as far as walking the walk to the end of the road, but there’s no doubt about Perez and the DNC’s double dealership.

Would you buy an overused bromide from this man?

The Real News Network
Manchester Mourns as the Right Attempts to Tie Labour’s Corbyn to Terrorism
Theresa May’s dwindling campaign gets the “terror attack” bump considered necessary for a victory on June 8th, while the right attempts to connect Jeremy Corbyn to the memory of the 1996 IRA Manchester bombing

*So, given that the corpress won’t, will Corbyn make plain the literally bleeding obvious hypocrisy of the Tories regarding “terrorism”?

John Pilger: Julian Assange is Cleared of Rape Charges, but Far From Free
Filmmaker and journalist John Pilger says Swedish authorities should be ’embarrassed’ for pursuing what he called trumped up accusations against Assange, and also speaks about how journalists are increasingly targeted as enemies of the state

Trump’s Mideast ‘Peace Opportunity’ Ignores Palestinian Rights & Threatens Iran
On a visit to Israel, President Donald Trump claims to see “a rare opportunity for peace” in the Middle East, but Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada says Trump is only offering more U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestinians and hostility towards Iran

Trudeau’s Carbon Reduction Plan Inadequate
Dimitri Lascaris says Trudeau’s pricing scheme is defective and not even close to what is necessary to enforce reductions

Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
New York Attorney General caves in, allows car dealers to sell unsafe recalled used cars

Institute for Public Accuracy
Roots of Terror: Is Trump Enabling ISIS?

Democracy Now!
As Last Confederate Statue Is Removed in New Orleans, Will School Names & Street Signs Follow?

U.S. Extends Temporary Protected Status for Haitians, But Will Mass Deportations Follow in 6 Months?

NYC Councilmember Defends Puerto Rican Day Parade Honoring Oscar López Rivera


Trump Official Praises Autocratic Rule: ‘Not a Single Hint of a Protester’ in Saudi Arabia
No ‘bad placards’ in nation where such political dissent is punishable by death
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The silence of the slaughtered lambs

Moving by Stealth or Blatantly, Texas Advances Discriminatory Bills
‘The Texas lawmakers of the 85th legislative session are on the wrong side of history’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Don’t Let Trump Drama Distract You While Congress Dismantles Medicaid
I’m obsessed with what this Congress is doing to the funding for health care, especially Medicaid, which insures 62.3 million Americans
by Mark Trahant

The Death of the Republic
by Chris Hedges

There Is No Getting Around the Fact That Restricting Abortion Access Has Economic Consequences for Women
by Jennifer Dalven

MST Leader Joao Pedro Stedile: ‘We need direct elections now and an emergency plan for the people’
After Temer falls, we need to stay on the streets, Stedile says
by Joana Tavares

*Why hasn’t a presidential candidate with fewer contradictions than Lula emerged after all these years?

Regardless, any movement capable of making the changes necessary can’t be based on the political capital of one personage, and must hold that person to account to work for justice for the exploited in Brazil.

I have a penchant for stating the eminently obvious.

Iran’s presidential election: the cynical moderate versus the representative of the deep state
As the incumbent moderate president faces off the Islamic Republic’s deep state, potential variations and the shadow of previous disputed elections looms menacingly
by Ehsan Abdoh-Tabrizi

Legitimation Crises
by Andrew Levine

The Real Aim of Trump’s Trip to Saudi Arabia
by Robert Fisk

Center for Food Safety
Landmark Report Shows Bee-killing Seed Coatings Aren’t Worth the Harm
Farmer and environmental friendly alternatives should replace toxic neonic seed coatings

The Real News Network
Israel Siphoning Natural Gas from Gaza Says Dutch Report
US and Israeli companies are working with Israeli approval to siphon natural gas from Gaza’s territorial waters, even though this is illegal according to international law, says TRNN’s Shir Hever

Collusion is the Focus, But Trump Finances May Have More Answers
Economist and attorney James Henry analyzes the latest developments in the Russiagate probe, and the unanswered questions surrounding Donald Trump’s business dealings abroad

*Perhaps the US corpress doesn’t want to deal with the financial finagling because those they serve don’t wish them to?

Who profits from a narrative of treachery with the Russkies?

Who profits from one that shines light on the dark dealings of global capital?

Brazil’s Spiraling Corruption Scandal Deepens with Temer at the Centre
A political earthquake hits Brazil again as the highly unpopular president Michel Temer is implicated in new corruption allegations and the calls for immediate elections grow stronger, reports Mike Fox from Brazil

Laotian Victim of Sex Tourism Awarded Almost $1 Million in US Court
In an unprecedented judgement, a woman raped as a teen by an American visiting Laos was awarded $950,000 by a federal jury. Her lawyers, Linda Miller and Patrick Arenz, spoke with TRNN about this groundbreaking outcome

UK’s Conservative Party Manifesto Amounts to a Heist (2/2)
In Part II with Real Media’s Kam Sandhu, she explains how the Conservative Party’s manifesto promotes fracking and robs the elderly of their pension and care–%2822%29

UK Conservative Party Presents its Austerity Election Program (1/2)
The Conservative Party presents itself as a good economic manager, but its austerity policies have so far only increased Britain’s debt, explains Real Media’s Kam Sandhu

Can Europe Stop the Far Right if It Doesn’t Stop Neoliberal Austerity?
As a second German soldier is arrested in an alleged plot to frame Syrian refugees for a shooting attack, Liz Fekete of the Institute of Race Relations in London says Europe’s far-right movements are fueled in part by the impacts of neoliberal austerity

FBI Investigations Are Conducted at the Discretion of its Director
White collar criminologist Bill Black explains the history and dynamics of FBI investigations, which show that they are not as unstoppable or unimpeachable as they are being made out to be

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump Pretends Horrific Saudi Attack on Yemen Helps Security

Arms Deal Stories Omit War Crimes Arms Will Be Used For
by Adam Johnson

*Fairy tales for the Black Magic Kingdom


Global Study Shows Americans Dying from Preventable Causes at Shocking Rates
‘Having a strong economy does not guarantee good healthcare’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

GOP Proposes ‘Draconian’ Bills to Criminalize Millions of Immigrants
The legislation would “turn millions of Americans into criminals overnight,” says Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.)
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Real News Network
Is Russia the “Adversary” of the United States?
Moscow based journalist Jeffrey Taylor and Paul Jay challenge the underlying assumption of the furor in Washington, that Russia is the enemy of the American people

How I Met Roger Ailes, Political and Sexual Predator
Media critic Jeff Cohen and Paul Jay discuss the critical role Roger Ailes played in creating Fox News and Presidents Bush and Trump; Ailes died today at age 77

*Any wagers on the likelihood that “the liberal media” will be oh so circumspect in their retrospectives of his repugnant reign?

Yes, the sexual predation will receive mention, but the fact that he fucked with the lives of billions … ?

I know what my money’s on.

Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Suing the DNC for Fraud
In an overlooked class-action case, Bernie Sanders supporters are suing the Democratic National Committee for fraud over revelations party officials sought to help Hillary Clinton defeat Sanders in the primary. Elizabeth Lee Beck, the plaintiffs’ co-counsel, reports

Trump Pushed Conspiracy Theories, Now Liberal Detractors Do Too
Donald Trump’s path to the White House was paved by his embrace of conspiracy theories, most notably the “birther” lie. Sarah Jones of the New Republic warns that an alarming number of Trump’s liberal detractors are following suit

*The bastard’s killing people.

That’s what presidents do.

Focus on that.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump’s Syria Bombing Impeachable

At CNN, Imagining an Absurd Iranian/ISIS Alliance
by Jim Naureckas

*A 360 degree turn of the facts

Chelsea Manning Is Free–but Whistleblowers Still Face Prison
by Janine Jackson

‘Puerto Rico Is Emblematic of the Excesses of These Financial Systems’
Counterspin interview with Ed Morales on Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
Human Rights Lawyer: Sweden Dropping Investigation of WikiLeaks’ Assange is “Long Overdue Decision”


The Establishment Remains Hostage to the ‘Rules of Espionage’
But that doesn’t mean we should participate
by Robert C. Koehler

*Sound and fury

And the stultifying significance of nothing

The post-Trump era?
by Doug Henwood

*There’ll be celebrating in the streets

While Pence and party pop the champagne

The Real News Network
Special Counsel Investigating Trump Campaign Has Deep Ties to the Deep State
Former FBI agent and 9/11 whistleblower Coleen Rowley says former FBI head Robert Mueller, now appointed to investigate the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, participated in covering up the pre 9/11 role of the U.S. intelligence agencies and the Bush Administration, helped create the post 9/11 national security/surveillance state, and helped facilitate the pre-Iraq war propaganda machine

CO2 Emissions Decline in India and China
Climate scientist Bill Hare says that China’s and India’s moves towards renewable energy could counter the negative effects of the Trump administration’s climate policies

*I’d like to share in Hare’s optimism, but without massive public pressure to force truly transformative change – a factor he doesn’t speak to – gummints will always place political considerations before climate necessity, no matter how “rational” he deems their policies to be.

“Progress” is meaningless if it simply means a slower descent into the abyss.

UK Corruption, the Election, and Austerity
David Whyte of Liverpool University explains how the Conservatives’ election slogans are bound to deliver the opposite of what they are promising

Chelsea Manning is Free, and Her Impact is Worldwide
U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning is free after serving seven years behind bars. Kevin Gosztola of Shadowproof and Nathan Fuller of the Courage Campaign have remained deeply involved in her case, discuss Manning’s freedom and her global impact

*There aren’t that many mensches in the world

Manning’s one of them, by any measure.

National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)
Sign to support Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for Haitians in the U.S.

Institute for Public Accuracy
The Israeli-ISIS Accommodation and Other Inconvenient Realities

Democracy Now!
Saying “No to Silence”: Hear Murdered Mexican Journalist Javier Valdez in His Own Words

Anabel Hernández on the Death of Javier Valdez & Mexican Journalists Confronting a Surge in Violence


If China Can Fund Infrastructure with Its Own Credit, So Can We
by Ellen Brown

*Own to rent

Is Trump’s Infrastructure Plan an Attack on Democracy?
by John Buell

Ignored By Western Media, Syrians Describe the Nightmare the Armed Opposition Brought Them
Trapped between a police state and Al Qaeda, average Syrians explain why they fear regime change
by Rania Khalek

*The simplistic rarely leads to the solution–ignored-by-western-media-syrians-describe-the-nightmare-the-armed-opposition-brought-them

ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging Pensacola Panhandling Ordinance
Lawsuit on behalf of local citizens and charity organization argues law set to go into effect tomorrow violates free speech and due process

The Real News Network
Tired of Tax Breaks for Wealthy Developers, Baltimore Activists Offer Affordable Housing Solution
A broad coalition of Baltimore housing advocacy groups are proposing a dedicated trust fund managed by community members to finance fixing vacant homes and build more affordable housing

Advocates Want Zero Waste Without Incineration
Local and national advocates praise Baltimore moving towards zero-waste but warn of the dangers of further contamination by trash incinerators

Upcoming Presidential Vote in Iran Tight Race Between Conservative and Moderate Incumbent
The sluggish Iranian economy is the main issue for President Rouhani’s reelection, says Trita Parsi, author of “Losing an Enemy”

Donald Trump is a Classic Corporatist
Radical anthropologist David Graeber analyzes how Trump fits into US history, who represents real estate interests above all else

Why Did the FBI Leak the Comey Memo?
Prof. Robert English, who worked for the U. S. Department of Defense, tells Paul Jay that a deep Russophobia and the interests of the military industrial complex are driving the permanent state to exaggerate the significance of Trump’s transgressions so they can torpedo a more rational approach to U.S. Russia relations; that said, Trump and friends’ financial corruption involving Russian oligarchs may emerge as the real story

*This “Russia to judgment” is transparently hypocritical and self serving, but the question I have is whether we really want the US and Russia “cooperating” in Syria and other areas.

It’s one thing to avoid antagonism with another nuclear power, and another to “forge a strategic relationship” at the expense of the rights and lives of the people living in those “areas of cooperation”, don’t you think?

White hats are in short supply at the geopolitical warehouse.

‘Many More People Would Die if Republicans Are Successful’
CounterSpin interview with Margarida Jorge on GOP attack on ACA and Medicaid
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
Whistleblower Manning Appeals as Trump Escalates Threats to Journalism

Democracy Now!
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Probe U.S. Border Patrol over Killing of Mexican Father

Border Angels Resist Trump’s Immigration Crackdown with Services and Water for Border-Crossing Migrants

Activists Sue to Block Plans to Bury 3.6 Million Pounds of Nuclear Waste Near California Beach


To Fight ‘Surveillance Culture,’ Activists Release Kid-Focused Privacy Toolkit
“You shouldn’t need a PhD or law degree to ensure that your child’s sensitive student data isn’t shared with commercial entities”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

FCC Anti-Net Neutrality Plan Sparks All Out Comment War, Bots Included
Chairman Ajit Pai slammed for one-sided portrayal of debate, painting net neutrality proponents as racist trolls
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Ruthless Coal CEO, Blamed for 29 Deaths, Asks Trump Not to ‘Punish’ Executives
Coal executive responsible for deadly mine explosion tells President Donald Trump in letter that “coal supervisors are not criminals”
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A heart as black as coal

The Real News Network
Israel Begins to Confiscate 20% of Asylum-Seekers’ Incomes
Documentary filmmaker Lia Tarachansky explains that the income garnishing measure targets African refugees and is intended to discourage asylum in Israel

Corbyn’s New Labour Manifesto Fires Up Base, Angers UK Elites
Thomas Barlow of UK’s Real Media says Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s new “For the Many, Not the Few” manifesto puts sweeping progressive change on the table, much to the chagrin of the British political and media establishment

Trump Heads to Saudi Arabia – Target Iran and Iraq?
Sabah Alnasseri and Paul Jay discuss the Trump/Saudi plan for an anti-Iran Arab alliance and to use ISIS as justification for increasing American troop levels – with Iraq’s oil as the prize

*Climaxing Cheney’s wet dream?

Trump Appoints Voter Suppression Expert as “Voter Integrity” Director
Investigative reporter Greg Palast explains how Kris Kobach has used voter registration databases to purge millions of legitimate voters and now he is in charge of “voter integrity”

*There is vote fraud

These malevolent maneuvers by the Republicans

And the pretense that the DNC gives a shit, while blaming the Russians for everything.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Mnuchin and Congress Plotting Tax Cuts for Wealthy Opposed by Majority


Fate of LA’s Public Schools Hangs in Balance in Major Trump-Era Election
If two industry-supported candidates unseat public education advocates on school board, they will ‘squash democratic control of public schools’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trying to Explain the Disdain for Poor Americans
by Paul Buchheit

*#4 Possible Reason for the Disdain — Simple Sociopathy

Wealth is based on exploitation, directly or indirectly, and those addicted to it simply don’t care about the consequences for the exploited. How else to explain the hell inflicted on indigenous populations and others in the name of corporate profit, to take one example?

The contempt doesn’t lead to the crime

It justifies it.

(Actually, I’d place that as #1.)

We Are on Cusp of ‘Deepest, Most Consequential Disruption of Transportation in History’
by Andy Rowell

Cornucopia Institute
Massive Fraud in Organic Grain Imports Uncovered
Industry Watchdog Reinforces Call for New Leadership at USDA National Organic Program

*The only thing organic is the utter duplicity

The Real News Network
Britain’s Plans to Fight Air Pollution is “Weak and Incoherent”
James Thornton of Client Earth explains that Britain has one of the worst records in air pollution in Europe and the government’s plan of “malign neglect” will do nothing to reverse this

*I could’ve done without the pimping for California’s pollution policies, which have numerous contradictions and look good only in comparison to the criminal neglect and active promotion of climate catastrophe practiced in so many other places.

As for the driving restrictions, without truly efficient and affordable public transit, there is a very regressive element to such a scheme, don’t you think?

Given the Tories’ zeal to privatize that area among innumerable others, the prospects don’t appear promising.

Trump Expanding War From Syria to Afghanistan As Media Focuses on Comey
VJ Prashad and Paul Jay: while the media continues its frenzy over Comey’s firing and the “Russia connection”, Trump is readying his “global war against Islamic Fascism” to be fought “without restraint”

*Wouldn’t you have liked to have heard something about the economic and geostrategic reasons the US remains in Afghanistan – something about “Pipelineistan”, to employ Pepe Escobar’s phrase?

It’s a common omission in pieces about this war, innit?

(And wouldn’t like to read a decipherable transcript? I have any number of criticisms of “Democracy Now!”, but they consistently produce accurate transcripts in a timely manner.

It’s a matter of priorities, and I guess TRNN doesn’t consider providing its audience with information they can actually understand a mission to place at the top of their list.)

Trump Reiterates Support for a New Glass-Steagall Act, But It Will it Pass Congress?
Trump administration support for reinstating Glass-Steagall Act is an effort to appeal to Trump’s base, but won’t go anywhere. It would be beneficial, though, if it doesn’t mean also deregulating the finance sector, says Gerald Epstein of PERI

Canada’s Housing Bubble is Larger than that of the US Before 2008
In most of Canada fewer and fewer people can afford housing because of a massive housing bubble, explains white collar criminologist Bill Black

Is Hannity, the Last of the Longtime Fox Stars, Looking for the Door?
by Eoin Higgins

How much sodium do we salt our foods with at home?
Not as much as you may think
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


The Real News Network
Venezuelan Government’s Call for a Constitutional Assembly is a “Mixed Bag”
Steve Ellner considers the government’s call for a constitutional assembly a positive step for breaking the political deadlock, but it still won’t solve the country’s most pressing problems

Can UK Labour Woo the Young and the Restless on June 8th?
Thomas Barlow of Real Media says the large number of young people that are registering to vote in this general election could mean unexpected results

Why are British Columbians Voting Liberal, Against Their Own Interest?
British Columbia is giving away lumber at a half cent an acre and the Green Party holds the balance of power at a tipping point on energy policy, says Michael Hudson

Rattling the Bars: MIT Students Demand Divestment From Prison Profiteering Corporations
Eddie Conway speaks with two graduate student organizers who are working with the Ordinary People’s Society to take on Aramark, a company that has faced many human rights complaints in prisons

Conservatives Are Getting Closer to the first Constitutional Convention since 1787
Max Parthas and Eddie Conway discuss the danger of corporate forces controlling a process of rewriting the constitution and the importance of education and mobilization of the grassroots to counter it

UK: Progressive or Regressive on Tax?
Most people think the UK has a progressive tax system, but huge cuts to the corporation tax since 2010 alongside rises in VAT mean the system is becoming more regressive

Trump Fires Comey for Actions He Once Praised
President Trump says he fired FBI Director Comey over his handling of the Clinton email investigation, which Trump previously praised. Roll Call columnist Jonathan Allen says
Trump may be trying to weaken FBI probe of his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia

Witnessing the Horrors of the War on Drugs Made this Physician an Outspoken Opponent
Maryland Delegate Dan Morhaim says ending the drug war is the first step to addressing the root causes of addiction

Media Are Literally Copy-and-Pasting ICE Press Releases
by Adam Johnson

*”C&P” has another connotation

“Collude and propagate”

Big Media Need to Fight for the Right to Protest
by Janine Jackson

*The thing is, these protesters aren’t opposing a disfavored gummint in Venezuela, so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the corpress to come to their defense.

Democracy Now!
Donald Trump Orders “Election Integrity” Commission Headed by Architects of Voter Suppression

Jailed Reporter Barrett Brown on Press Freedom, FBI Crimes & Why He Wouldn’t Do Anything Differently

On Black Mama’s Bail Out Day, “Goal is to Free Our People from These Cages” Before Mother’s Day


‘Huge Victory’ in Seneca Lake: After Years of Protest, Gas Storage Project Abandoned
“Don’t think people can’t make a difference. People can prevail.”
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

What I Learned from Susan Burton, a Modern-Day Harriet Tubman
Reading her life story will change the way you view the world
by Michelle Alexander

*It is often those with little reason to hope that give us reason to

The Corruption of a Dream
by Oupa Lehulere

*South Africa’s treasonous tragedy

The Palestinian Hunger Strike Continues as Trump Prepares for His Israel Visit
The ugly face of the occupation is on display as 1,500 prisoners refuse to eat
by Vijay Prashad

Fight for $15
McDonald’s, STOP stealing from employees

*If the food don’t make you sick

The fraud will

Russia Prosecutor General, investigate mass murder and torture of LGBT people in Chechnya
by Игорь Я.

‘Chevron Was Just Fabricating a Lie to Get Out of Paying for a Cleanup’
Counterspin interview with Paul Paz y Miño on Chevron’s oil spill in Ecuador
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
Historian of Fascism: Why Trump Firing FBI Director Comey Amid Russia Probe is So Worrisome

*I think Ben-Ghiat, as with so many others, is overplaying the “Russian puppet” meme, but she makes some salient points about his authoritarian tendencies, the testing of limits, and the litmus test of loyalty über alles.

Kshama Sawant: Don’t Wait for Authoritarian Trump to Be Impeached, This is the Moment to Revolt

*At some point, folks like Sawant – if they’re serious about deep dish change – are going to have to acknowledge the contradictions that make plain that Sanders and “progressive Democrats” aren’t committed to it.

The only “unity tour” we should be on is the one that takes us to a destination beyond yet another cycle of “reform” of the unreformable, wasting the most precious time in our species’ existence.

Human Rights Lawyers Are Fighting a Justice Department Order to Stop Legal Aid for Immigrants

Workers Fear Radiation Exposure After Nuclear Waste Storage Tunnels Collapse in Washington

*Call it “glowback”


Graduates Turn Their #BackstoBetsy DeVos at HBCU Commencement Speech
Education secretary’s selection described as “very tone deaf, not only to the students of the university and its supporters, but to African-Americans”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Public Citizen
Groups Call on Facebook to Disclose and Explain Its Collection of Psychological Insights About Its Youngest Users
Facebook Told Marketers It Can Detect Teens Feeling ‘Insecure’ and ‘Worthless’; Data Could Be Used to Drive Products Based on Mood and Using Manipulation

*An emoji hasn’t yet been created that adequately expresses my reaction to this.

The Real News Network
Comey Affair Sign of a Fractured American State
Historian Gerald Horne and Paul Jay dig deeper into Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and the forces driving great divisions in the elites, the political class and the state apparatus

Assassination of 41 Activists in Colombia Threatens Peace Process
The Colombian government’s peace agreement with the FARC rebels requires the government to protect activists and former FARC fighters, but the government is not living up to this requirement, says Prof. Mario Murillo

Hunger Strike to Get King’s College to Divest from Fossil Fuels
Roger Hallam’s 8-week civil disobedience and hunger strike at King’s College London, finally resulted in fossil fuel divestment

*We can put our ass on the line

Or we can kiss it goodbye

Institute for Public Accuracy
Comey Firing

‘The New York Times Wants to Have a Very Circumscribed Discussion’
CounterSpin interview with Jim Naureckas on Bret Stephens
by Janine Jackson

*All the “nuance” that’s printed to fit

Action Alert: Asking Questions of Government Figures Is Not a Crime
by Jim Naureckas

*Ask me no questions, so I can tell you more lies

Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald on Trump’s “Shocking” Firing of FBI Chief James Comey Amid Russian Probe

Glenn Greenwald: Independent Probe Needed to Uncover Truth Behind Russia’s Role in 2016 Election

Greenwald: Hillary is to Blame for Losing 2016 Election, Not James Comey

*No “viable alternative” to this regime can have any place for the Democratic Party, if I understand the meaning of “viable”.

Could Firing of James Comey Mark the Beginning of the End for Trump Presidency?

Greenwald: Supporting U.S.-Russia Relations Should Be Encouraged, Not Viewed as Sign of Treason

*Does Greenwald view how Bush and Obama (aka Dear Leader and Dear Misleader) used Big Brotherismo as “responsible”?

And I don’t want to see the US and Russia “somehow working together” in Syria, if it means anything other than trying to end the horror that engulfs its people, which neither have shown any sincere inclination toward, have they?

Glenn Greenwald Unveils New Project to Build Animal Shelter in Brazil Staffed by Homeless People


Wisconsin ID Law Kept 200,000 Voters From Polls—And Trump Won by Just 22,748 Votes
‘The lost voters skewed more African-American and more Democrat’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

GOP Rep Finds Himself in Hot Seat Even After Abruptly Cutting Off Interview
‘You voted for this bill in a rush. There were no committee hearings. This is my life,’ one constituent said to Rep. Rod Blum (R-Iowa) on Monday night
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I have to wonder who allowed this bastard to use those black kids as props for his abortive dog doo and pony poop show.

ISIS Gains Power and Innocents Die as Syria Retreats From Peace
Trump’s failed leadership is only making the sectarian violence worse
by Vijay Prashad–isis-gains-power-and-innocents-die-as-syria-retreats-from-peace

The Real News Network
5 Types of Bullsh*t Jobs with David Graeber
David Graeber talks bullshit jobs and the concept of work under capitalism with Real Media and the Real News Network

U.S. Deepens Support for Saudi War on Yemen Even as Al-Qaeda Benefits
In Part Two of our interview, Professor Sheila Carapico of the University of Richmond says that while the U.S.-backed Saudi-led war on Yemen has caused a humanitarian crisis for civilians, two beneficiaries include the U.S. weapons industry and Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Democrats Are Out of Step with Their Base on Israel-Palestine
Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada says Democratic politicians, even progressives like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, are out of touch with their supporters when it comes to defending Palestinian rights

*Anyone with a ounce of understanding of how politics is played in these here United States shouldn’t be surprised in the least by any contradiction on the part of any politician

Including Saint Bernard.

French President Elect: Unveiling The Golden Boy Emmanuel Macron
Macron takes 90% of the vote in bourgeois Paris but Le Pen got 56% of the workers across France, says Serge Halimi of Le Monde Diplomatique

The US Middle Class is Shrinking and Moving Towards a “Dual Economy”
MIT Economist Peter Temin, the author of “The Vanishing Middle Class,” explains how the US is moving towards two economies, one for the lower 80% and one for the upper 20%

*Our most pressing educational imperative is a widespread understanding of the how the exploitocracy exerts its power, and how we can stand against it.

Prime Minister Theresa May Accuses EU of Interfering in UK Elections
Kam Sandhu of Real Media explains that May is adopting far-right UKIP discourse towards EU in an effort to win votes and a better Brexit deal

Third Mysterious Death of a Black Ferguson Activist
Edward Crawford is the third mysterious death of a young Black activist man in Ferguson over the past three years. Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report argues that this cannot be a coincidence

*Ford’s speaking to self defense, which is never the province of the oppressed.

NPR Can’t Help Hyping North Korean Threat
by Glen Frieden

*N ationalistic
P ropaganda
R egurgitation

Democracy Now!
Show Me Your Papers, Texas-Style: Lawmakers Condemn SB4 as Greatest Legislative Threat to Immigrants


What Would It Look Like to Build a Politics That’s Open to People But Closed to Big Money?
For the left to work out where it is headed, and how it can dismantle its true enemy of unfettered finance while defending vulnerable people, it needs to be able to have serious debate
by Christine Berry

Weaponized Philanthropy: Document Trove Details Bradley Foundation’s Efforts to Build Right-Wing “Infrastructure” Nationwide
by Mary Bottari

*Even with all this money and maneuvering, if the Democratic Party and labor “leadership” had an ounce of political acumen – leaving aside political integrity – these efforts would have been for naught.

Godawful gubernatorial candidates like Barrett and Burke, and the funneling of the energy unleashed at the Capitol into the recall, rather than building an aggressive grassroots movement against all that Walker represented, ensured Bradley’s and its allies’ successes.

The fact that the Democratic coalition has raised nary a peep regarding voter suppression and outright election theft illustrates just how removed it is from any commonly understood definition of “resistance”.

ACLU Challenges Madison County Sheriff’s Department’s Systematic Targeting of Black Residents for Unconstitutional, and Often Violent, Searches and Seizures
Madison County Deputies Routinely Subject Black Residents to Suspicionless Stops, Searches, and Seizures, Using Show-ID Checkpoints, Roadblocks, “Jump Outs,” and Home Invasions

The Real News Network
French Presidential Elections: Choice of Lesser Evil Between a White Supremacist or Ultra Neoliberalist
Yasser Louati, says French voters face an impossible choice of an openly racist candidate or an uberneoliberal former investment banker that will implement policies that will fuel, ignite and spark even more competitive hatred among French

It’s Destroying Communities, and Tearing Apart Families
Youth advocate Bobby Marvin Holmes describes the trauma inflicted on Baltimore by the ongoing Drug War

Is Venezuela’s Withdrawal from the OAS Justified?
Mark Weisbrot of CEPR argues that the Organization of American States is not a true multilateral body because the US largely controls it, often against the interests of individual member states

The Working Poor Will Lose Health Insurance Under GOP Health Plan
Patty Eakins of the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses explains that hospitals that serve the working poor would suffer especially and could close under GOP plan

New Conflicts of Interest Uncovered for Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner
TRNN’s Shir Hever analyzes the financial ties that Jared Kushner has to the Steinmetz family, whose members have been accused of corruption in Africa

The War on Drugs Failed by Not Addressing Root Causes of Addiction
Renowned Canadian physician and author Gabor Maté says programs like Vancouver’s safe injection sites have proved to be widely successful alternatives to criminalizing addiction

*It’s not a “War on Drugs”

It’s a war on some drug users, based on class and race, as a method of control, and thus will never be based on what works

Because it does work, for that purpose.

Greece Passes New Austerity for New Loans
Bond holders, banks, and the IMF bear responsibility for having made irresponsible loans to Greece, so it is not right for them to force yet more austerity on Greece, says Michael Hudson


“We can’t do anything

(Because we won’t do anything)”

Turks Challenge Erdogan’s Referendum Result Amid Ongoing Repression
Erdogan’s narrow win in the constitutional reform referendum means he feels insecure and therefore continues his crackdown on opponents, says journalist Guney Isikara

Color of Change
Eventbrite: Stop sponsoring hate groups!

Institute for Public Accuracy
Drone Killings: “Making Children Afraid of Sunny Days”

Lockheed Martin-Funded Experts Agree: South Korea Needs More Lockheed Martin Missiles
by Adam Johnson

Trump Uses Power of FCC to Pay Back Friends at Sinclair Broadcasting
by Michael Cocoran

*A multitude of megaphonies

Democracy Now!
Neoliberal Investment Banker Macron Defeats Openly Xenophobic & Racist Le Pen in French Election

Puerto Rico’s Financial Future Now in the Hands of a Single Judge Overseeing Massive Bankruptcy

Exclusive: Meet the Arkansas Judge Who Faces Impeachment for Protesting Against the Death Penalty


In Face of Government Apathy, Activists Launch Wave of Global Divestment Actions
‘The movement is stepping up at a time when governments are failing their people and climate impacts are taking us into uncharted territory’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

It’s Not Too Late To Save Net Neutrality From a Captured FCC
The current Trump-appointed FCC chairman, has ushered in a virulent strain of market libertarianism. He can and must be stopped.
by Victor Pickard

How Public Participation Saved Canada’s Internet (Or: What Happens When Decision-Makers Actually Listen)
Net Neutrality is on everyone’s mind, and for good reason: Last week FCC Chairman Ajit Pai unveiled a plan to hand over the internet to companies like Comcast by eliminating Title II protections
by Cynthia Khoo

Center for International Environmental Law
EU Supports Toxic Regulations, Immediately Creates Loopholes to Undermine Them

ACLU-TN Statement on Passage of “LGBT Erasure” Legislation

The Real News Network
GOP Attack on Obamacare Won’t Slow Calls for Dems to Back Single-Payer
Carol Paris, president of Physicians for a National Health Program, says the Republican vote to repeal Obamacare won’t deter the movement pressuring Democrats to back Medicare-for-All

*We can work to keep a piece of shit from becoming a pile of it, or we can flush ’em both and take this out of the toilet altogether.

Hunger Strike by Palestinian Prisoners Reaches Day 18
Abby Martin and Paul Jay discuss the significance of the resistance by over 1,000 prisoners in Israeli jails

*Palestinians aren’t feeling the Bern.

Well, actually I suppose they are.

Code Pink Activists Convicted for Disrupting Jeff Sessions Hearing
Desiree Fairooz and Lenny Bianchi of the activist group Code Pink tell about their protest and the verdict, which they say was unjustifed

Institute for Public Accuracy
As Saudis Threaten Port, Yemen Famine Leaves Refugee Chief “Shocked to the Bones”

‘It Comes Down to Monopoly Control of the Aftermarket’
CounterSpin interview with Kyle Wiens on copyright overreaching
by Janine Jackson

Declining to Label Lies, NPR Picks Diplomacy Over Reality
by Adam Johnson

*Can we call this a “lie”?

Democracy Now!
Protests Erupt After House Republicans Pass Healthcare Bill That Could Hike Premiums for Millions

French Voters Face Presidential Election Between Xenophobic Candidate & Centrist Investment Banker

NAACP Calls on Louisiana to Charge Police Officers Who Shot & Killed Alton Sterling in Viral Video

NAACP Renews Demands for Police Reform After Police Shooting of Black Teen Jordan Edwards in Dallas


Killer Drones in the Empire State
by Norman Solomon

*One might ask Bernie these same questions about building the F-35 in Vermont

And “one” is being optimistic, isn’t it?

The Real News Network
Hamas Party Moves Towards Practical Politics
Imad Al-Soos discusses the new Hamas declaration of principles, and how it differs from the old Hamas charter of 1988

Palestinian Leader Abbas Meets with Trump, Praising Him
Abbas flattered Trump in an effort to gain favor with him, but the US president offered nothing new in terms of US policy towards Palestinians, says Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada

Donald Trump & Theresa May Spell Climate Disaster say UK Protesters
UK protesters demand a million climate jobs, a halt to fracking and divestment from fossil fuels

Justice for Port Drivers
Working Class Hero

Institute for Public Accuracy
Horizon on Healthcare: Single Payer?

The Religious Freedom Strategy of the Christian Right

Democracy Now!
Florida Lawmakers Apologize to Family of “Groveland Four,” Black Men Falsely Accused of Rape in 1949

Marissa Alexander, Jailed for 3 Years, Speaks Out on Intimate Partner Violence & Building Movements


Wanted: 1.5 Billion Immigrants
Surely any country that hoards a planet’s wealth should expect to care for a proportional number of that planet’s people
by Mona Younis

*A fair share of a shared fare
Fossil Fuel-Funded Report Shows Industry Making Its Last Stand

The Real News Network
May Day Protests As Much About Democrats as GOP and Trump
Since the 1990s, Washington, DC has been a sanctuary city for immigrants. Now, Republicans want to dismantle that protection status in cities across the United States and Democrats are doing little to stop them and in some cases are working with them.

Hate Crime Legislation: Does it Work?
Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report discusses the spread of hate crime legislation, which he argues tends to cause more problems than it solves

70 Million Africans In Danger of Famine
We tend to believe that famine is primarily the result of natural disaster, but the African countries affected by famine are all ones that have all been severely affected by political instability and war

Afghanistan: The Longest U.S. War is Deadlier Than Ever
Matthew Hoh, a military veteran and diplomat who resigned his State Department post in protest of U.S. policy in Afghanistan, says the 16-year Afghan war won’t end until the U.S. drops its strategy of sporadic escalation and insistence on Taliban surrender, with Afghan civilians suffering the worst consequences

May Day: Hundreds of Thousands Celebrate International Workers Day
In the face of different manifestations of social and economic injustice, demonstrators across the world rose up for workers’ rights

NYT’s 100 Day Apologism Shows Danger of ‘Both Sides’ Reporting
by Adam Johnson

*I’m assuming there were no “FAKE NEWS!” Twitter tantrums after this pap was published.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Budget Funds Wall

Democracy Now!
Up to 55,000 Haitians Face Deportation If Trump Refuses to Extend Temporary Protected Status

*Dear Misleader didn’t give a damn about Haiti “recovering”. The US has made certain that its people have lived in misery for many decades.

And fuck Disney, who could care less about anything other than its bottom line.

Full Interview: Anand Gopal on Syria, Iraq, U.S. Policy in Middle East & More

*Certainly Gopal’s assessment of the situation in Syria differs from others I’ve reposted by folks I have respect for.

I’m no expert, it goes without saying, and I’ll take his views, along with the others, and try my best to suss what’s occurring, and remain open to further intel.

NC Lawmakers Side with Factory Farms as Communities of Color Suffer from the Spraying of Hog Manure

Six strategies to help you say no to junk food
Here’s how to navigate around powerful cravings, hunger, and weak satiety cues.
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action


Despite Win in Court, Net Neutrality Facing Battles on Multiple Fronts
Critical open internet protection under attack by FCC and Republicans in Congress
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Feinstein Hosts Industry Fundraiser Days After Dissing Single Payer
Bucking growing momentum in support of a national single-payer system, as well as a trailblazing effort within her home state, Feinstein told voters recently: “I am not there.”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

How Much to Buy a Congressional Vote? New Research Seeks Answer
Looking at Democrats who stopped supporting banking rules, authors conclude: ‘Substantial numbers of legislators sell out the public interest in exchange for political money’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Empire Expands: Not the American One, But Trump’s
by Nomi Prins

Council of Canadians
Back from the Grave — Secret TPP Talks to Resume in Toronto
As Toronto hosts two days of high-level TPP talks in an undisclosed location, civil society groups warn that TPP cannot be the basis for Canada’s future trade relationships

Campaign for Peace and Democracy
“The Syriza Wave: Surging and Crashing with the Greek Left” Book Tour

Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Breakthrough on Nuclear First Strike Threatens Stability

*From MAD to madder

Three Reasons Bret Stephens Should Not Be a NYT Columnist–and the Real Reason He Is One
by Jim Naureckas

Democracy Now!
Immigrant Workers Lead Thousands in NYC May Day Protests: “Without Our Labor, the City Cannot Move”

May Day Protests Held at NC State Capitol as GOP Lawmakers Push Bill Defunding “Sanctuary Cities”

ACLU Fight Persists in North Carolina: NCAA Basketball Has Returned, But Anti-Trans HB 2 Remains Law

*NCAA’s flagrant foul

Is North Carolina Still a Democracy? How Unfettered Conservative Rule Reshaped Tar Heel State

*That ain’t tar your heel’s stepping in

Chris Kromm: The South’s Political Clout Is Rising Under Trump

*Southern comfort for soulless scumbags


The Absurd Amount of Entitlements That Go to Rich People
by Paul Buchheit

How the Russia Spin Got So Much Torque
by Norman Solomon

Reign of Idiots
Donald Trump. King of the horrifingly dumb and dangerously greedy
by Chris Hedges

*Neo Nero twitters while Home burns

Center for Democracy & Technology
D.C. Circuit Denial of En Banc Review on Net Neutrality Case a Win for Internet Users

The Real News Network
Britain’s Labour Party Leader Undermined by Labour Members of Parliament
Thomas Barlow, the Senior Editor of Real Media, analyzes the electoral panorama for the upcoming June 8 general election in Britain

Iran Can Work With U.S. if Trump Drops the Threats
In Part Two of our interview, former senior Iranian diplomat Seyed Hossein Mousavian discusses the threat of a worsening proxy war in Yemen, Iran’s support for Bashar al-Assad, the upcoming Iranian presidential elections, and the possibility for Tehran-Washington cooperation on Syria and other Middle East issues

*What does “cooperation to fight terrorism” mean?

Whether it’s Iran or Russia, allying with either or both to engage in the type of brutal military action we’ve seen that sacrifices innocents in Syria and Iraq is not something we should wish to see occur, is it?

I realize force is a necessary component of any strategy to effectively confront ISIS and other extremist groups, but we can’t simply make that assertion while ignoring its consequences.

We have an moral obligation to determine how force can be employed with the least harm to civilians. This is not something any of the actors has shown any inclination toward.

It also must be said that these parties oppose “terrorism” only to the degree that it impacts on their geostrategic goals, and indeed some, including the US, have sought to use these groups to advance those interests.

There are no white hats here.

Democracy Now!
Watch the Indigenous Water Ceremony That Opened the People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C.

Indigenous Leader Kandi Mossett: “It’s Not OK for Our Women to Die Because We Want to Protect Water”

*Note what Mossett said

“[S]mall-scale-distributed renewable energies”.

If renewables are dominated by corps, the shift to them will be in large measure a hollow victory.

Public control of what we need for life must be a paramount demand.

Berta Cáceres’ Sister Speaks Out About the Ongoing Assassinations of Land Defenders in Honduras

Eat By Date
How long does food last – past its printed date? Information on sell-by, use-by, best-by and other dates and how to calculate the actual shelf life of food.

Are There Toxic Chemicals in Your Yoga Pants?
by Elyn Jacobs

The Safest Artificial Sweetener: Does it Really Exist?
by Yuri Elkaim

Does Running Burn Muscle? (Here’s the Truth)
by Yuri Elkaim

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Women, Be Warned: Trump Just Nominated Radical Anti-Choice Activist for Key HHS Post
“Charmaine Yoest has spoken at length about her desire to ban abortion in this country, and has spent her career working to abolish women’s most basic constitutional right to bodily autonomy”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

How This Earth Activist Risked All and Won Everything
The epic story of this Goldman Environment Prize winner from India
by Nick Meynen

The Real News Network
Activism Won Net Neutrality – Can it Stop Trump’s FCC from Rolling it Back?
Craig Aaron of Free Press says the fight to stop FCC chair Ajit Pai’s attempt to undo net neutrality, which protects equal access to internet content, depends on a resurgence of the grassroots activism that helped push it through in 2015—Can-it-Stop-Trump%27s-FCC-from-Rolling-it-Back%3F

Environmental InJustice: The Poisoning of East Chicago
Lead in the water. Arsenic in the soil. East Chicago residents sound off on representatives from EPA and HUD, about how their community resources were contaminated for decades by industry. (Extended version at

Israel Acknowledges Use of Computer Algorithm For Palestinian Arrests
Mass arrests of over 400 Palestinians were the result of a computer algorithm based on their social media usage, explains TRNN’s Shir Hever

Color of Change
Justice for the Jax 5
Jacksonville protesters are beaten while Trump supporters taunt and chant

Institute for Public Accuracy
Ellsberg: Trump Threats to WikiLeaks “Nuclear Option” Against the First Amendment

‘1 Percent of Taxpayers Receive More Than the Bottom 80 Percent’
CounterSpin interview with Jeremie Greer on the tax code and inequality
by Janine Jackson

15 of the Best Natural Remedies for PCOS
by Yuri Elkaim


This Is What It Will Look Like When New Orleans, New York City, and Mar-A-Lago Disappear Under Rising Seas
New research finds that most previous estimates for sea level rise were too conservative, while visualizations show what U.S. cities may look like by 2100
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trump’s Reviled Hotline for “Criminal Aliens” Flooded with Reports of UFOs
‘Just tried to call to report the theft of my tractor by space cadets—on hold for 8 minutes had to abandon, will call again!’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Killing Net Neutrality Is a Critical Goal in Trump’s Campaign Against Free Speech
President Trump’s playbook to curb free speech and silence dissenting voices goes far beyond his Twitter rants and his verbal attacks on the press
by Joseph Torres

Terrorizing the Vulnerable
by Chris Hedges

*Huddling the masses

A Public Plan for Peace
Something is dangerously loose at the American core: a need for endless war combined with a nuclear recklessness uncontained by public scrutiny
by Robert C. Koehler

Palestine, Trump
by Vijay Prashad

The Real News Network
District Courts Continue to Challenge Trump’s Travel Bans
Bill Black, former financial regulator, says banning Muslims is unconstitutional, we can not discriminate based on religion in this country

Renewable Energy Can Create Jobs, Reduce Greenhouse Gases, and Lower Energy Costs
Basav Sen, of the Institute for Policy Studies, presents an analysis of the many benefits of renewable energy

Judge Blocks Trump’s Targeting of “Sanctuary Cities,” Ahead of May 1st Immigrant Rights Protest
Scholar Aviva Chomsky says while Trump has ramped up anti-immigrant rhetoric, he’s continuing policies that originated under Democratic administrations

Dutch Arms Dealer Who Fueled Liberian Civil War Convicted
Andrew Feinstein, the author of “The Shadow World”, recounts the background of Guus Kouwenhoven’s involvement in arms dealing for Liberia’s civil war

U.S. Threatens Nuclear Deal it Admits Iran Respects – How Will Tehran Respond?
In Part One of our interview, Seyed Hossein Mousavian, a former senior Iranian diplomat, analyzes the Trump administration’s “review” of the Iran nuclear agreement despite acknowledging that Tehran is fulfilling its obligations—How-Will-Tehran-Respond%3F

Democracy Now!
“A Land Grab by the Ruling Elites”: Trump’s Tax Plan Derided for Benefiting the Rich

ICE Detains Mexican Man Who Sought Sanctuary in Denver Church for Nine Months

*I have to wonder just how many words Time has expended on covering Vizguerra’s, Hernández’ and others’ work for justice for the undocumented.


Obama Under Fire for $400K Speech to Wall Street ‘Fat Cats’
Former President Barack Obama’s first speech since leaving office will be a richly-compensated appearance at Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Silver tongued” indeed

And a shit pot more than thirty pieces’ worth

Because It’s Time for ‘New, Radical Ideas,’ TED Talk on Universal Basic Income Gets Thunderous Applause
‘Just imagine how much talent we would unleash if we got rid of poverty once and for all,’ said historian Rutger Bregman during talk
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer

*If we’re going to have money, then we need to do this

But why do we need money?

Women Beware: Saudia Arabia Charged with Shaping Global Standards for Women’s Equality
Who let the Saudi fox in the hen house?
by Medea Benjamin

The Real News Network
Unemployment Rate Hides the Historically Low Employment Rate
Doug Henwood explains how employment relative to total population reveals a better image of employment than the unemployment rate. Using this measure, employment is nowhere near where it was before the Great Recession.

Trump Team Turns On Wikileaks Co-Founder Julian Assange
Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report says Trump is trying to “normalize” his presidency by doing what US intelligence services want

Maryland Disproportionately Arrests Blacks for Marijuana but Rejects Diversity in Medical Licenses
The Maryland Black Caucus has called for a special session to address the fact that not one predominantly African-American owned firm has received a license to grow medical marijuana in the state

French Elections: Macron Headed to the Presidential Polls on May 7th is Expected to Knock Out Le Pen
French media and the economic establishment made Macron the winner in the Sunday presidential ran-off, says Alex Main of the Center for Economic Policy and Research

The System is Based on Profit
In Part One of a two-part interview, artist and activist Paul Rucker discusses his work and how it relates to mass incarceration in the United States. Rucker also touches on the upcoming Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March and what it should address.

Debate: Green Economic Growth Vs. Slow Growth
TRNN Replay: Economists Robert Pollin and Peter Victor discuss whether ecological sustainability and economic growth can be achieved simultaneously

NYT’s ‘Impossible to Verify’ North Korea Nuke Claim Spreads Unchecked by Media
by Adam Johnson


“Mushroom clouds”, with a 100% chance of prevarication

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump’s Korea Threat

Democracy Now!
Chomsky on North Korea & Iran: Historical Record Shows U.S. Favors Violence Over Diplomacy

Chomsky on Syria: We Must Help Fleeing Refugees & Pursue Diplomatic Settlement

Chomsky: CIA Targeting of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is “Disgraceful Act”

38 Different Types of Squats (Bodyweight Only)
by Yuri Elkaim

One and Done?
Is the one-minute workout the new exercise solution for people short on time?
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action


Ivanka Trump Is Booed, Hissed in Germany for Defending Donald Trump
German audience also appeared confused by prominent role president’s daughter is playing in the administration
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Ontario to Launch North America’s First Test of Universal Basic Income
“We want to find out whether a basic income makes a positive difference in people’s lives”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Why Was Heath Mello Thrown Under the Bus?
Was the candidate for mayor of Omaha held to a different standard than other Democrats?
by D.D. Guttenplan

*This article contains a more comprehensive relating of Mello’s record on abortion than an earlier item I reposted, and based my accompanying comment upon.

Everything Wrong with Charter Schools on Display in New Orleans
Major challenges of ctiy’s charter schools exposed at recent NAACP Hearing
by Bill Quigley

The Real News Network
France’s Presidential Election Is Wide Open
If leftist candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon wins, he does not have enough of a social movement behind him to fulfill his campaign promises, says Jean Bricmont

London’s March for Science Targets Brexit
Scientists and activists in London also organized a March for Science on Earth Day. One of the issues was how Brexit would impact Britain’s commitment to counter climate change

Temporary Truce in a Democratic Party Civil War: The Sanders & Perez Unity Tour
Bernie Sanders says fight the billionaire class and DNC Chair Tom Perez refuses to say it; the TRNN panel asks if/when Bernie should leave the party

*They asked for feedback on what and how they’re doing

So how about giving some space to those who would speak to the contradictions of both wings of the party, who would posit that Sanders’ pimping for Clinton and other less than “revolutionary” actions aren’t solely due to his Berning desire to “stop Trump”?

Glen Ford’s about it, and he gets a weekly slot that deals with many other issues.

“Real news” doesn’t travel on a bandwagon, ignoring the droppings of its draft horses.

Real News Roundtable: Maddow Response & Liberal Hawkishness on Russia, Iran
In part one of our roundtable, The Real News Network’s Paul Jay, Kim Brown, and Aaron Mate discuss the response to Mate’s critique of Rachel Maddow’s Russia coverage

*Labels are meaningless.

Does what you do advance the transformation from an exploitative socioeconomic system to a cooperative and communal one, that leaves no one without what they need to live a dignified life?

We can discuss how to do that, but if that’s not your goal, I don’t care what you call yourself.

You’re not someone I could depend on to have my back when the shit hits the fan.

‘Many Banks Are Problematic, but Wells Fargo Is the Worst’
CounterSpin interview with Saqib Bhatti on Wells Fargo
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
How Clinton and Obama Laid Groundwork for Trump’s Immigration Policies

After the “Science Marches,” Highest “Security Priority” Is Nuclear Weapons

Democracy Now!
Witnesses to Double Execution in Arkansas Say Inmates May Have Suffered Botched, Painful Death

BDS Leader Omar Barghouti Dedicates His Gandhi Peace Award to Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike

The Research-Backed Guide to the Top Benefits of Taking Turmeric
by Yuri Elkaim


Against Liberal Nostalgia
The Left shouldn’t counter the logic of “Make America Great Again” with nostalgia for an idealized liberal democracy
by Stephen Maher

*The poetry of it

Could a Leftist Bring Growth Back to France?
by Mark Weisbrot

The Real News Network
Noam Chomsky: The Prospects for Survival
Replay of address at the Mullin Centre, UMASS Amherst

*No transcript, but well worth the time invested, as always with Chomsky.

What I found lacking was a sense of a radical … transformative … whatever term you care to use … vision, amongst all the useful intel and insight. I’d have like to have seen him address the clear contradictions of this “insurgent” movement within the Democratic Party in that regard.

The “better” (in some respects) isn’t good enough at this point, and indeed has never been, when considering those inevitably left out (meaning immiserated or killed) by its “pragmatic” limits.

Can we place ourselves in their shoes? If we can’t, can we call ourselves truly committed to a life of dignity for every single person on this planet, which is the only purpose worth pursuing, to my mind?

Of course it won’t be easy, and there’s no guarantee of success.

Our souls ask, “So what?”

Giving NY’s Governor a $783,000 Bribe Is Business as Usual for Rupert Murdoch
by Jim Naureckas

*Literary influence


Le Pen Accused of Exploiting Paris Shooting Days Before Election
President Donald Trump also appeared to throw weight behind right-wing candidate in highly unpredictable election
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Marking Earth Day, Indigenous People Worldwide to Fight Corporate Forces
‘I know we are only of the size of a grain of sand but we make a huge difference’ says Antonio Dace, of the Munduruku community in the Brazilian Amazon
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Sanders’ Stumping for Anti-Choice Mayoral Candidate Draws Ire
Reproductive rights group says move is ‘not only disappointing’ but ‘politically stupid’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*There’s a “unity” among all these Dems

And it’s the reason “the #Resistance” should be well shorn of them.

Food & Water Watch
Detroit Needs Affordable Water, Not More Shutoffs

The Real News Network
Massive Pro and Anti Government Protests in Venezuela
While international media focused almost exclusively on the opposition protests and clashes with the police, the pro-government protests were equally as large, says Lucas Koerner from Venezuelanalysis

Erdogan’s Deviant Referendum Manipulations Likely to Undermine His Presidency
The irregularities in Turkey’s constitutional reform referendum were numerous and well documented, says Conn Hallinan of Foreign Policy in Focus

Trump’s “Hire American, Buy American” Is More Show than Action
CEPR co-director Dean Baker says Trump’s executive order “Hire American, Buy American,” to change the H-1B work visa, does nothing, but the program should be changed to attract higher skilled workers

Over 1,000 Palestinian Prisoners On Hunger Strike in Protest Against Inhumane Conditions
Sahar Francis, Director of the Adameer prisoner support NGO, explains how this is the largest such strike since 2012 and how it has its roots in the different legal systems for Palestinians and Israelis

Petition update
The Humane League
Customers Urge Walmart: Stop Abusing Animals In Mexico!

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Fawning Praise of Bush’s Veteran Art Ignores Iraqi Victims
by Adam Johnson

*Art, artifice and amoral absolution

Democracy Now!
As U.S. Preps Arrest Warrant for Assange, Glenn Greenwald Says Prosecuting WikiLeaks Threatens Press Freedom for All

Shocking Exposé Reveals Trump Associates & ISIS-Linked Vigilantes Are Attempting Coup in Indonesia

Shane Bauer on the Berkeley Clashes & How Trump Has Emboldened the Far Right & White Nationalists

Food Intolerances: How to Know If You Have One (And What to Do About It)
by Yuri Elkaim


Trump’s “Buy American” Order Looks Weak as DAPL Company Pushes Back
“As with Trump’s campaign promises, the executive order is full of loopholes that are designed to protect Wall Street interests and multinational corporations—at the expense of American workers and communities”
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

What’s Worse? Trump Dropping ‘Mother of All Bombs’ or That 70% of Americans Approve
Widespread support comes despite the lack of information from the Pentagon about damage from the “Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The toxic triplets that enable imperialism


TrumpCare 3.0: GOP’s Zombie Healthcare Plan Keeps Getting Worse
Under reported ‘compromise,’ states could gut protections for those with pre-existing conditions
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

DAPL Developer Spills Drilling Fluids Into Wetlands While Constructing Another Pipeline
The latest incident is just another ding on Energy Transfer Partners’ spotty record
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

ACLU Statement on Florida Supreme Court Approving Voting Rights Restoration Ballot Language

Center for Biological Diversity
Dow Pressures Trump Administration to Abandon Work to Protect Endangered Species From Pesticides
Chemical Giant Wants Trump Officials to Scuttle Legally Mandated Studies Identifying Risks to Wildlife

*A literal “poison pen”

The Real News Network
Profits Can be Made from Catastrophes With Disaster Capitalism
Antony Loewenstein, author of Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing Out of Catastrophe, says companies that make profits from disasters around the world also have a vested interest in maintaining these disasters

*”Left” governments, such as Ecuador’s, have a – let’s employ a euphemism here – “problematic” record when it comes to upholding human rights in general, and indigenous rights in particular, in the area of exploitation of natural resources.

We might ask why that fact is left out of this segment.

Lead Poisoning: Baltimore’s Forgotten Public Health Crisis (2/2)
In Part Two, our expert panel discusses how to solve Baltimore’s lead poisoning epidemic

UK Elections Called Before Full Impact of Austerity Kicks In
While May’s decision to call a snap election is an opportunistic move, she also has an eye on the electoral arenas in France and Germany, says Prof. Leo Panitch, co-editor of the 2016 Socialist Register titled “The Politics of the Right”

Brazil’s Corruption Investigation Expands to Almost Entire Political Class
The corruption investigation of Brazilian politicians expanded dramatically and is less biased against the center-left. However, the danger is that it will lead to de-politicization and opportunistic anti-politics, explains Brazil analyst Alex Hochuli

‘If We Don’t Change the Mission of Police, Reforms Will Not Work’
CounterSpin interview with Alex Vitale on de-policing
by Janine Jackson

At NYT, Climate Denial and Racism Don’t Make You Fringe–but Single-Payer Does
by Adam Johnson

*As much as I appreciate Johnson’s perspective in the main

“All perfectly fine positions … likely arrived at … in total good faith” … ?

Lying (aka “falsely claim[ing]”) and pimping for a person who never passed up a chance to prostitute herself for her political ambitions — at the expense of others’ misery and deaths —
doesn’t jibe with my notion of the description above.

And so you know, this is coming from someone who finds it quite amusing that Friedman shunned Sanders on the basis of his “socialism”.

Marx gyrates in his grave …

Democracy Now!
First Roger Ailes, Now Bill O’Reilly: Sexual Harassment Scandal Ousts Top Men at Fox News

*”[T]rue justice” would be Faux News imploding, don’t you think?

I appreciate Bloom’s dedication and ability, but quoting Her Travesty on women’s rights, given her hubbie’s past (and possibly present and future), as well as her own betrayal of them, displays a troubling cognitive dissonance, if not outright hypocrisy.

(You’ll also notice she didn’t give diddley in credit to groups that organized on this, either.)

And while no woman should have to endure what Walsh went through, let’s not forget that she was seeking a spot on the shit pile know as “The O’Reilly Factor”, and would have been perfectly happy to promote his putrid bile, as long as it wasn’t directed toward her.

Separating issues only enables bastards like Murdoch and company to continue spreading their slime across the globe.

It’s fine to be a “feminist attorney”, but unless that’s subsumed within an overarching commitment to be a “humanist lawyer”, patriarchy has nothing to really worry about, does it?

Kleptocracy?: How Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Personally Profit from Their Roles in the White House

“Biggest Humanitarian Catastrophe Since 2003 Invasion”: Journalist Anand Gopal on Battle for Mosul

*”They’ve targeted members of the legitimate opposition.”

I’d have liked to have had this expounded on, including who is considered “legitimate”.


The Real News Network
Lead Poisoning: Baltimore’s Forgotten Public Health Crisis (1/2)
On the latest episode of The Real Baltimore we host an expert panel on “the most preventable public health threat” facing the city

*Two aspects of this that you’ll never see in corpress coverage — what little there is of it:

How much it costs not to deal with lead, and the benefits from doing so

And the culpability of the manufacturers and colluding gummint entities for these harms, both financially and criminally.

If there’s any justice, they should pay with their pocketbooks

And prison time.

Vaughn Rebellion Continues to Underscore Need for Prison Abolition, Activist Says
Kim Wilson and Eddie Conway discuss the ongoing nationwide repression of prisoners demanding human rights, ahead of the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March on August 19th

Democracy Now!
Was a Police Report Altered to Convict a Man for Murder? Inside a Woman’s Quest to Free Her Brother

Massachusetts to Throw Out 21,000 Drug Convictions After State Chemist Tampers Evidence for 9 Years

Meet Timothy Taylor, Convicted on Drug Evidence Handled by a State Chemist Who Falsified Tests

White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis & Right-Wing Militia Members Clash with Antifascist Protesters in Berkeley


Wilder Fires and Rising Waters, Climate Impacts Coming to America’s Door
Pair of new studies show how American climate refugees will ‘reshape’ population landscape of the nation
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Paving Way for Abuse and Scams, IRS Hires Private Debt Collectors
“The incentive there could be strong to be very aggressive. They’re not working for you, they’re working for the government and the government wants its money”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Tribunal Finds Monsanto Endangers Right to Food, Health, Environment
If the crime of ‘ecocide’ were recognized in international criminal law, the activities of Monsanto could constitute such a crime, panel declares
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

War and Peace and War
The untold story of the Colombian Civil War and the potential for genuine peace
by Martin Winiecki

ACLU Statement on NCAA Awarding Championship Events to North Carolina

*Playing games with human rights

The Real News Network
El Salvador Passes Historic Ban on Metal Mining
The Central American country is the first country in the world to establish a blanket ban on metal mining, protecting the environment following a 12-year political struggle

*And the company takes what the company wants
And nothing’s as precious as a hole in the ground
— “Blue Sky Mine”, Midnight Oil

Opposition Protests in Venezuela Lead to Six Deaths
Clashes between protesters and police continued throughout the week in Venezuela, but polls indicate that the government is recuperating popularity and most Venezuelans disagree with opposition tactics, says Lucas Koerner of

Petition update
Five Ways You Can Support Survivors During Sexual Assault Awareness Month
by A.J. Walton and Joshunda Sanders

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Drone Killings * Korea * Turkey * French Election

Democracy Now!
Mexican Writer Valeria Luiselli on Child Refugees & Rethinking the Language Around Immigration

*This segment is emblematic of what this program can offer, and all too often doesn’t.


The Battle to Feed the World: David vs. Goliath
by Stanka Becheva

What Our Grandchildren Will Do When the Jobs Are Gone
by Paul Buchheit

*Call it a revolutionary preposition

We need to move from working “for” another

To working “with” each other

Center for Biological Diversity
Protest to Urge Feinstein to Resist GOP Attacks on Wildlife, Civil Rights
Groups Demand Democrats Oppose Funding for Trump’s Border Wall, Budget Riders to Defund Planned Parenthood, Gut Environmental Laws

The Real News Network
France’s Left Presidential Candidate Melenchon Rising Rapidly in Polls
Jean-Luc Melenchon’s rise in the polls could lead to a political upheaval in France, should he make it to the run-off vote on April 23, says Renaud Lambert of Le Monde Diplomatique

Standard of Living Declined in Britain Due to Government Austerity
A new study shows that the standard of living in the UK has dropped for the first time since 2014. This is the result of government austerity, says economist John Weeks

*A decline in joblessness

An increase in job-less-ness

British Rendition Process “Worse than Guantanamo”
Britain has a rendition and detention process in place that is worse than the US system, says Clive Stafford Smith of the human rights group Reprieve

Iran’s Deep State is Unhappy with President Rouhani
Professor Muhammad Sahimi explains how Iran’s behind-the-scenes powers are trying to position a hardliner for Iran’s next presidential election. Trump’s hard line on Iran would encourage Iran’s “deep state” to respond accordingly.

Steve Bannon on the Crisis of Capitalism and the Divine Right of Billionaires
Matthew Fox and Paul Jay discuss Bannon’s alliance with the far-right Catholic Opus Dei, and his vision of the Judeo-Christian West

*Opes Dei and ilk’s view of Francis is similar to the right’s view of Obama.

Both mouth platitudes that we all nod our heads to, but in practice they seek to simply manage the systems they serve. That means pretty words and small deeds, never truly affecting the power structures of church, state and society.

But even that elicits bile from those who see any mention of social justice, no matter how empty, as an assault on their divine right to rule as they see fit.

They need the Francises and Obamas (and FDRs) to save the system from its rapacious and irrational self, but they’ll never acknowledge that.

Precisely the opposite.

And at this point, their efforts are inadequate to prevent things falling apart.

It’s up to us to decide if we’re ready to accept the risks imperative to transform the way the world works, or to put our faith in the false prophets of reform, which is the most foolish risk of all.

Institute for Public Accuracy
CIA Head Threatens WikiLeaks — and a Free Press

Democracy Now!
Advocates Urge Trump to De-escalate with North Korea, Not Ratchet Up Threats & Military Aggression

Legal Chaos in Arkansas as Judges Halt State Plan to Carry Out Unprecedented Spate of Executions

*No surprise that the Clintons are mute on this, is there?

Is Turkey Becoming a Dictatorship?: Erdogan Claims Victory in Vote to Give President Sweeping Powers

What you can do now to bounce back from a stroke in the future
Here’s what the experience of 18,000 people tells us
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Will Turkey Hand Erdoğan Authoritarian Rule With Referendum Vote?
Polls show the public is split ahead of historic vote, but the government’s crackdown on dissent has silenced the opposition
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

With Message for Trump, Citizen Group Launches First Space Protest
‘From out there on the Moon, international politics look so petty,’ the late NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell once declared
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Censorship at the Border Threatens Free Speech Everywhere
by Jameel Jaffer

The Real News Network
Trump’s Massive Bomb and Syrian Strike Both Deadly Propaganda Events
Vijay Prashad and Paul Jay ask if the US “mother of all bombs” dropped on Afghanistan and the missile attack on a Syrian airbase are PR events to show Trump and the US military will “fight without restraint” and “take on Russia”

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Korea * Is Case Against Syria Falling Apart?

Democracy Now!
U.S. Drops Its Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb on Afghans, Already Traumatized by Decades of War

*If Osman truly believes that “aid” from the US is meant to empower Afghans, that is a rather striking display of naïveté on her part, to my mind.

Afghans Respond to Insult of U.S. Dropping Massive Bomb: “Would a Mother Do That to Any Children?”

700 Immigrants on Hunger Strike at For-Profit Prison to Protest Conditions & $1/Day Wages

Immigrants on Hunger Strike over Conditions as Trump Admin. Plans to Gut Protections for Detainees

Ralph Nader Explains Why United Airlines Has “Total Unbridled Discretion to Throw You Off a Plane”

*”Fly the friendly skies”

The ground’s a whole other matter


‘The Resistance’ That Doesn’t Resist War
by Dan Kovalik

Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Saudi Arabia: Investigate Transgender Woman’s Death
Free 5 Pakistanis Still Held After February ‘Morality’ Raid

The Real News Network
South African Demonstrators Demand Zuma’s Resignation
ANC’s leadership called into question – as Zuma’s corruption ridden Presidency is headed to an end, who will lead the country next, ponders Trevor Ngwane of the Johannesburg United Front and Professor Patrick Bond

Wells Fargo’s Board Investigation of Itself Amounts to a Farce
Bill Black explains how the Wells Fargo scandal is emblematic of the bank’s corporate culture and that the fined executives are only scapegoats

*There are few terms more insidiously ironic than “bank and trust”

The Overlooked Past Behind U.S.-North Korea Tensions & How South Korea Could Forge Peace
Christine Hong of UC Santa Cruz and the Korea Policy Institute discusses the overlooked history behind U.S.-North Korea tensions and says the best hope for resolving them is a progressive government in South Korea willing to engage

Trump’s Syria Attack Sanctioned by the Media
Media critic Norman Solomon says US media’s uncritical coverage of Trump’s Syria attack is typical and has its roots in ratings spikes and in economic ties to the military-industrial complex

Thomas Friedman’s Perverse Love Affair With ISIS
by Adam Johnson

Democracy Now!
Stephen Cohen: This is Most Dangerous Moment in U.S.-Russian Relations Since Cuban Missile Crisis

*Of course, anyone who questions this Russia to judgment will be labeled a “Putin apologist”, but Cohen at some level seems to merit the epithet. He almost comes across as a defense lawyer for the Russian government.

There are many holes to punch in this “Kremlingate” narrative, but I don’t see Cohen as the unbiased point person to do so.

Russia Vetoes U.N. Resolution on Syria as Questions Linger over Deadly Chemical Attack


DeVos Just Put Interests of ‘Predatory Profiteers’ Over Student Loan Borrowers
Memo DeVos sent Tuesday rescinds student loan borrower protections put in place by Obama administration
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

What Is It Like to Live Without Running Water? Detroit Families Know
A recent study predicts that in the next five years, more than one-third of Americans will not be able to afford their water
by Zenobia Jeffries

Amazon Watch
Tested, Cost-effective, and Practical: Secure Community Land Rights Can Help Protect the Earth and Prevent the Climate Crisis
Indigenous Peoples and community advocates in Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Taiwan, and 21 other countries to take action for community land rights, April 22-29 (Earth Day)

*The culpability of “leftist” governments in Latin America in the denial of indigenous rights, often violently, is often ignored by “progressive” commentators and media outlets.

Principled condemnation of their actions has nothing to do with support for US and allies’ attempts to subvert democracy in those countries, it should go without saying.

The Real News Network
Free College Tuition in New York State Draws Both Praise and Criticism
Approved by the state legislature and the governor, in-state tuition for households making under $125,000 a year will be free, but it excludes part-time and undocumented students – people that activist/organizer Denise Romero says ought to be included in the plan

Trump Lifts Moratorium on Coal Mining and Eliminates Regulations
Jace Killsback, President of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, and Jenny Harbine of EarthJustice talk about the impact the lifting of the coal mining moratorium will have on communities and on climate change

‘Regardless of What the President Says, the Laws Are Still There’
CounterSpin interview with Jennifer Reisch on women in the workplace
by Janine Jackson

*A woman’s work is never done

Being devalued

When WaPo Calls for ‘Honest’ Debate, Check for Your Wallet
by Dean Baker

Democracy Now!
Allan Nairn: Civilian Deaths Are Spiking in Syria & Iraq as U.S. Launches Unrestrained Bombing Raids

Trump Is Moving “Full Speed Ahead” in War in Yemen, Despite Massive Civilian Casualties

Allan Nairn: Only Mass Disruption From Below Can Stop Right-Wing Revolution & Trump’s Absolute Power

4 Big Reasons Women Should Never Do Steady State Cardio
by Yuri Elkaim


Trump Administration Considering ‘Back-Door Way’ to Cut Social Security
‘If Trump proposes this Trojan horse, it would be the newest shot in the ongoing Republican war against Social Security’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Republicans Hide, Plan ‘Sham Town Halls’ to Duck Angry Constituents
Voters are resorting to billboards, protests, and petitions to highlight absentee officials
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

U.S. PIRG Press Release: New Report Shows Victims of Aggressive Tactics From Medical Debt Collectors

The Real News Network
India and Israel Sign Unprecedented $2 Billion Arms Deal
New Israeli missiles in the arms deal serve no real purpose for India, says TRNN’s Shir Hever

What’s Causing the Winter Haze in China?
Attempts to slow down the existing conditions with emission reduction legislation and a return of Eurasian sea ice will take a substantial amount of time, says Professor Yuhang Wang of the Georgia Institute of Technology

Heritage Foundation Provided Blueprint for Trump’s Budget
The Heritage Foundation’s ties to the Trump administration are very extensive and his budget proposal shows it, according to In These Times writer Theo Anderson

Did Bipartisan Russia Hysteria Help Fuel Trump’s Rush to Bomb Assad?
In Part Two of our interview, journalist Rania Khalek argues that the U.S. strike on the Assad regime continues policy that tacitly helps Al Qaeda and ISIS, all the while raising the threat of conflict with Russia – a threat exacerbated by the recent bipartisan frenzy over President Trump’s ties to Moscow

As U.S. Politicians and Pundits Cheer Syria Bombing, Will ISIS and Al Qaeda Benefit?
Independent journalist Rania Khalek discusses the near-uniform media and political support for President Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian military airfield, the need for an independent investigation into the Idlid chemical attack, and why she thinks the U.S. strike may benefit ISIS and Al Qaeda

Jesse Hagopian: Fight Back Continues after Seattle Teachers Reject May- Day Strike
Author, activist and Seattle Public Schools teacher Jesse Hagopian says teachers, parents and students remain united to defend public schools, and proposes how parents and labor can unite to take on Trump’s privatization agenda

Victims of political policing demand accountability at Undercover Policing Inquiry in London
Two years have passed since the establishment of the Pitchford Inquiry into Undercover Policing. Participants say that as of yet, no oral evidence has been taken and that the police are seeking to delay the process in perpetuity. TRNN Researcher Mohamed Elmaazi attended the first Hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice on April 4th, and interviewed participants and their supporters.

‘The Only Sensible Path at This Point is Dialogue’
CounterSpin interview with Hyun Lee on North Korea
by Janine Jackson

Out of 46 Major Editorials on Trump’s Syria Strikes, Only One Opposed
by Adam Johnson

*”The game is lethal and dangerous, and there is no good reason for it to continue.”

Iron fisted irony

Institute for Public Accuracy
Spicer: “Goal is to Destabilize Syria”



Democracy Now!
El-Sisi Widens Crackdown on Egyptian Civil Society, Journalists After Palm Sunday Church Bombings

*Abdel Kouddous talks about these attacks underming el-Sisi’s credibility, but I have to wonder if that’s a price he feels worth paying – especially since he has the power to mitigate that damage – to increase his powers under the state of emergency.

What I’m positing is based on the reality that a security state doesn’t seek to exterminate “terrorism”, but to exploit it, and Egypt’s may have allowed this horror for that purpose.

I have no intel to back up that supposition, but I do think it’s worth keeping in mind as events unfold.

“We’re Coming for You”: Florida Sheriff Records Anti-Drug Message Surrounded by Masked SWAT Team

*Neither guest speaks to the actual purpose of policing – to control, rather that “protect” – but given their provenances, I really wouldn’t have expected them to do so.


Time Running Out to Halt Arkansas’s “Execution Assembly Line”
Governor’s plan could lead to “torturing prisoners to death”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Great Barrier Reef Faces ‘Terminal’ Stage in Climate Change Fight
New aerial surveys show damage has spread to two-thirds of reef, up from one-third last year
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

War in the Gulf (No, Not That Gulf!)
The U.S. Navy’s Anti-Environmental Broadside in the Gulf of Alaska
by Dahr Jamail

The Public Should Pay Only For Public Schools, Not Religious Schools
But the issue might soon end up in front of the Supreme Court
by Diane Ravitch

Russia-Baiting Pushed Trump to Attack Syria — and Increases the Risks of Nuclear Annihilation
by Norman Solomon

Global Witness
New Leaks Show Shell Oil Executives At Center Of Billion Dollar Bribery Scheme Involving Some Of The Most Powerful Officials In Nigeria

Campaign for Peace and Democracy

*Moral relativism is the luxury of the living

The Real News Network
Will Hamas Party Charter Accept a Two State Solution?
The leaked Hamas charter suggests a willingness to accept a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, says Imad Alsoos, a scholar of the Hamas party and Palestinian nationalism

Venezuelans Hold Demonstrations For and Against OAS Effort to Isolate Venezuela
Efforts to invoke the OAS Democratic Charter against Venezuela would only lead to more confrontation in Venezuela, says Steve Ellner

Trump Attack on Syria a Deadly Political Game and Reflection of Deep Systemic Crisis
Gerald Horne and Paul Jay discuss the cynical politics behind the attack and the decay and dysfunctionality of the American state

*Like Horne, I’d love to be heartened by “the #Resistance”, but this has to be all of a piece.

It’s one thing to rally against a reactionary Supreme Court nominee, and quite another to understand the necessity for unyielding opposition to the imperial aggression promulgated by both major parties.

We come out of our issue silos

Or watch the missiles launch from theirs.

Black Lives Matter Portland Case Awaits a New Judge

*Why would Conway or anyone else be surprised?

Maine’s in the US, innit?

US Syria Strike Was Illegal, No Matter Who Carried Out Gas Attack
Trump is receiving praise for his swift decision to bomb the Syrian airbase allegedly responsible for carrying out Tuesday’s gas attack, but Institute for Policy Studies Fellow Phyllis Bennis says the President’s grounds for action are shaky at best

*If truth is the first casualty of war

Context follows close behind

Congress’ Assault on Climate Science Intensifies
In an unprecedented action, scientists plan march on Washington to oppose the Trump administration’s position on climate change

*Mann focuses on Trump’s climate sins, which are manifest, but wouldn’t what preceded his regime – a pantomime of concern and action – simply have slowed our inevitable march over the cliff?

Defeated Ecuadorian Presidential Candidate Refuses to Concede
Guillermo Lasso, the conservative who lost Ecuador’s presidential vote, is aiming to delegitimize the leftist winner, Lenin Moreno, before he takes office, says TRNN’s Greg Wilpert

Is Trump Right to Claim he was Spied on?
Glen Ford says it’s likely that Trump’s communications were spied on as part of the national security state’s bulk data collection

Institute for Public Accuracy
Russia and Iran Warn of “Red Lines” on Syria

Five Top Papers Run 18 Opinion Pieces Praising Syria Strikes–Zero Are Critical
by Adam Johnson


We’re always ready

The Essential Pundit Take: ‘Trump Became President’ by Bombing Syria
by Jim Naureckas

*A war of warped words

Democracy Now!
A New McCarthyism: Julian Assange Accuses Democrats of Blaming Russia & WikiLeaks for Clinton Loss

Exclusive: Julian Assange on WikiLeaks’ Release of the Largest Leak of Secret CIA Documents

Julian Assange vs. Allan Nairn: Did WikiLeaks Inform Voters or Aid Trump’s Right-Wing Revolution?

*Well, that didn’t resolve a goddamn thing, did it, other than to strengthen my resolve to never put personality before principle.

I’m not on Nairn’s or Assange’s or Klein’s or anyone’s “side”. I can respect what they do, and criticize what they do, according to how I determine their actions further or harm what I want to see in the world.

I want to know the dirt on the Dems. We all should.

Was there some ulterior motive in how that was accomplished? I really can’t say.

Is Nairn saying that the leaks should have been delayed until after the election? Wouldn’t his contention about “the lesser evil” hold even then? I really can’t say just what he’s positing, either.

Did this serve any useful purpose?

What do you think?

Functional Movement Screen: Why You Need to Get One
by Yuri Elkaim

15 Posterior Chain Exercises to Target Your Butt, Back, and Hams
by Yuri Elkaim


Trump Hits His Target: Domestic Critics Who Think He’s Too Close to Putin and Not Interventionist
Six thoughts on the US bombing of Syria
by Greg Grandin

*War is not the answer

But the question doesn’t get asked

Democrats, Neoconservatives Unite In Support Of Strikes In Syria As Trump Launches Attack
by Kevin Gosztola

Kissinger Is the Dark Side of Trump in Syria
by Nafeez Ahmed

Is Trump Going to Intervene to Save Al-Qaeda’s ‘Heartland’ in Syria?
Western intervention would save Syria’s beleaguered al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels
by Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton

Nebraska Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Gay and Lesbian Foster Parents
Ban on Adoption or Fostering by LGBT People Last in U.S. to Fall

Free Press
Trump’s FCC Chairman Meets with Phone and Cable Lobbyists to Unveil Plan to Destroy the Open Internet

The Real News Network
Running Government Like a Business is Bad for Citizens
Trump and Kushner say that the government should be run like a business, but that would mean eliminating regulations and expenses that benefit the people, says Michael Hudson

Does Canada Have a Foreign Policy Independent of the US?
Canada likes to portray its foreign policy as being independent and different from the US, but according to Yves Engler it actually almost always follows US lead

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump Bombing “Illegal”

The Return of the Dangerous ‘Obama Did Nothing’ Narrative on Syria
by Reed Richardson

6 Foods to Buy Organic (Never in Conventional Form)
by Yuri Elkaim

How to find a better granola
And why muesli is worth a try
by Leah Ettman
Nutrition Action


Trump, Syria, and Chemical Weapons: What We Know, What We Don’t, and the Dangers Ahead
Further military engagement by the U.S. is not the way to end the horrific carnage
by Phyllis Bennis

Public Pressure On White House Could Help Prevent Mass Starvation In Yemen
If you have never called your representative in Congress, now would be a good time to do it
by Mark Weisbrot

Is Trump Going to Commit the Next Great American Catastrophe in Syria?
It’d be extremely foolhardy to take military action when the details of the recent horrific gas attack lack expert examination
by Vijay Prashad

*A cooler head, and thus unlikely to prevail

Food & Water Watch
Trans-Pecos Pipeline Represents a Threat to West Texas Safety and National Energy Security
Global Banks Seek to Maximize Profits of Oil and Gas Flow at Expense of Texas’ Wellbeing

The Real News Network
Sanders and Warren Behind Act to Control Prescription Drug Costs
Improving access to affordable prescription drugs would significantly lower costs of health care and allow the government to fund clinical drug trials and produce generics says Dean Baker of CEPR

*Generic greed

President of Richmond Fed Leaks Insider Information and Gets to Walk Free
According to Bill Black, the investigation into leaking of inside information shows how banks and the Federal Reserve are riddled with conflicts of interest

UK Police Intensifies Crackdown on Environmental Protests
Police observer group Netpol has documented an increasingly harsh crackdown on anti-fracking protesters in the UK, often in collusion with fracking companies

Mayor’s $15 Veto has Unions Rethinking their Support of Democrats
Union leaders say Catherine Pugh’s veto of a $15 minimum wage bill has them considering supporting independent or third party candidates in future elections

*Demoratcy in action–Democrats

Trump’s Tough Talk on Trade Deals is Absent from New Executive Orders
Commerce department given 90 days to report reasons for trade deficits, but the rest of the order is vague, says Justin Akers Chacon, professor at San Diego City College

Torturing Language to Put Best Light on Police Misconduct
by Adam Johnson

*Wordplay into the hands of the powerful

NYT’s BDS Debate Excludes BDS Proponents
by Adam Johnson

Democracy Now!
Meet the Lawyer Who Is Going After Bill O’Reilly & Donald Trump for Sexual Harassment

Boycotting Bill O’Reilly: Over 50 Advertisers Pull Ads on Fox Show over Sexual Harassment Scandal


‘Beyond a Red Line’: Trump Might Just Launch Surprise Attack on Syria
Despite no hard evidence yet about who is behind horrific chemical-related massacre, president indicates he will just do whatever he wants
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Just as every cop is a criminal …

Center for Biological Diversity
House Republicans Push to Dismantle Alaska’s Izembek National Wildlife Refuge
Legislative Hearing Is Part of Broad GOP Anti-public-lands Agenda

National Iranian-American Council
Joint Statement of Iranian-American Organizations on Detentions of Iranians

The Real News Network
After Deadly Navy SEAL Raid, Yemeni Villagers Suffer More U.S. Attacks
In Part Two of our interview on the U.S. role in Yemen’s turmoil, independent journalist Iona Craig discusses her recent reporting that challenged Trump administration claims about the deadly U.S. operation in January that claimed the lives of at least 25 Yemeni civilians and one Navy SEAL. Weeks later, U.S. drone strikes killed more civilians.

*The “success” or “failure” of these attacks has nothing to do with their morality, does it?

“Mission Accomplished”, even if true, is nothing to celebrate for anyone with a conscience.

Rattling the Bars: How the 13th Amendment Perpetuates Prison Slavery
The National Million Prison Family March will take place on August 19 to demand the repeal of the 13th amendment, which legalizes prison slavery, explains Max Parthas, host of New Abolitionist Radio

Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Is Your Used Car a Timebomb? Loophole lets Auto Dealers Sell Millions of Recalled Cars

FAIR CounterSpin
‘It Shouldn’t Be a Privilege to Use the Internet Safely’
Evan Greer on internet privacy
by Janine Jackson

Talking About My Generation–So We Don’t Have to Talk About the Rich
by Dean Baker

*Boomer blame busted

7 of the Most Important Steps to Prevent Osteoporosis
by Yuri Elkaim


“On some positions, cowardice asks the question, is it expedient?

And then expedience comes along and asks the question, is it politic?

Vanity asks the question, is it popular?

Conscience asks the question

Is it right?”

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., March 31, 1968

When will we ask that last question first?

Outcry as Trump Slashes Funding for World’s Most Vulnerable Mothers and Newborns
Trump’s State Department falsely claims that UN agency supports “a program of coerced abortion or involuntary sterilization”
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Unions Help Narrow the Gender Wage Gap
by Elise Gould and Celine McNicholas

Fifty Years On: MLK’s Giant Triplets Still Plague Us, Including Militarism
by Kevin Martin and Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry

The Much-Maligned Views of Rania Khalek on Syria
Rania Khalek interviewed by Justin Podur

The Real News Network
Ilan Pappe: The Only Option is Prison
In Part Two of their discussion, journalist Max Blumenthal talks to Israeli historian Ilan Pappe about how the mere presence of Palestinians in Israel threatens the Israeli narrative

‘There Are No Signs That Iraq Can Be Bombed Into Stability’
Raed Jarrar on Mosul massacre
by Janine Jackson

The Antarctic Ice Shelf Is Breaking Up–and USA Today Tells Us to ‘Chill Out’
by Jim Naureckas

*Ever wonder how corpress climate coverage would differ if “TERRORISTS!” were responsible for global warming?

Democracy Now!
Noam Chomsky: Trump Administration Is Aiming to Decimate All Programs to Help Working People

Chomsky: Our Privatized U.S. Healthcare Program is an “International Scandal”

*The “public options”, today and eight years back, are not universal healthcare or a step toward it, but a deception to render its prospects null and void, and I don’t know why Chomsky seems to conflate the two.

Extraordinarily Dangerous: Chomsky on How Trump’s Threats Toward N. Korea Could Backfire

When Scapegoating Immigrants No Longer Works, Would Trump Stage an Attack to Maintain Power?

Full Interview: Noam Chomsky on Trump’s First 75 Days & Much More


As Clock Ticks for Internet Privacy, Calls for Trump to Show “Whose Side He’s On”
Some say the bill is ‘a test’ of whether President Donald Trump will side with consumers or big business
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*And if he does make a political calculation and veto the bill, will he then be roundly praised for doing so?

And will he be any less a heartless bastard?

Arkansas’ Howard Zinn Witch-Hunt Fizzles
Why the great historian would have loved what transpired over the past few weeks
by Bill Bigelow

Most Americans Are Getting Poorer. How “Healthcare for the Rich” Is Killing Many of Them
by Paul Buchheit

Putin Derangement Syndrome Arrives
Whatever the truth about Trump and Russia, the speculation surrounding it has become a dangerous case of mass hysteria
by Matt Taibbi

*Russia to Judgment Day

Pocan, Amash Invoke War Powers as Trump Mulls Pushing Yemen Into Famine
by Robert Naiman

Why This Isn’t the Time for a Public Option or Medicare for Some
by Margaret Flowers

*When you’re down by three with a second left

You don’t make a layup

The Real News Network
Trump Administration Formally Abandons Regime Change Policy in Syria
Tillerson and Haley say regime change in Syria is no longer the goal, which leaves US policy in the region riddled with contradictions, says Vijay Prashad

Britain’s Brexit Bill Gives Government Unprecedented Powers
The “Great Repeal Bill” repeals EU laws and gives the executive massive powers to rule by decree in the Brexit transition, says Nick Dearden of Global Justice Now

UPDATED: With Veto Override in Jeopardy, Advocates Say Action Needed to Save $15 Wage Effort
Advocates say now only mass grassroots efforts can save Baltimore’s $15 wage bill that would lift wages of 100,000 workers

As Mosul’s Civilian Toll Grows, U.S. & Iraq Continue War Tactics that Helped Give Rise to ISIS
Sabah Alnasseri of York University argues that the increasing civilian death toll in Mosul shows the U.S. and Iraqi governments are repeating the same approach that helped launch ISIS in the first place

*The security state thrives on the threat of “terrorism”, so why would it adopt a policy that would lead to that threat being greatly diminished?

It wants to be seen to be waging the GWOT ™, while ensuring that it’s never “won”.

Ilan Pappe: The Myth of Israel (1/2)
Journalist Max Blumenthal sits down with renowned Israeli historian Ilan Pappe to talk about the first of his forthcoming books, “Ten Myths About Israel”

Petition update
CALL TO ACTION — Gynecologists Are Continuing to Morcellate Tumors of the Uterus Manually
by Hooman Noorchashm

Tell Walmart to stop this cage-free hypocrisy!
by The Humane League

Institute for Public Accuracy
50 Years After Martin Luther King’s “Beyond Vietnam”

*There is always a cost for standing by one’s convictions

It is a premium paid toward a world that reflects them

Democracy Now!
North Carolina Claims It Repealed HB 2, But LGBTQ Activists Say New Law May Be Just As Dangerous

*A pol’s promise isn’t worth the toilet paper it’s written on

Trump Meets Egypt’s el-Sisi, Amid Wave of Repression, Jailings & Extrajudicial Killings in Egypt

5 Unique Characteristics of Cancer Cells
by Dr. David Jockers

The Best Anti-Rotation Exercises for a Strong Core
by Yuri Elkaim

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Borrowers ‘Chilled to the Bone’ as DOE Reneges on Student Loan Forgiveness
Young people who took low-paying, public-sector jobs with promise of loan forgiveness now ‘hosed’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

GOP Lawmakers’ Many Privacy Hypocrisies
by Dana Floberg

Cornucopia Institute
Organic Industry Watchdog Wins Major Antitrust Victory
France’s Groupe Danone Sheds Stonyfield in WhiteWave Acquisition
Merger would have combined Stonyfield, Horizon, and Wallaby to Dominate Organic Dairy

*As with renewable energy, just because the product’s clean

Doesn’t mean the company follows suit.

Take Me Off Trump’s Kill List, Journalists Urge US Courts

The Real News Network
Behind Michael Flynn’s Turkish Lobbying Controversy, An Israeli Gas Pipeline
TRNN Correspondent Shir Hever highlights what may have driven ex-National Security Advisor’s Michael Flynn controversial lobbying work tied to Turkey: an unknown Israeli natural gas company seeking a Turkish pipeline

Brazil’s Tainted Meat Scandal Exposes Another Corruption Scheme
While corruption scandals proliferate, Brazilians take to the streets to oppose new austerity measures imposed by President Temer, says Mike Fox from Brazil

*It would be a tragedy if all this energy gets diverted into Lula’s and the PT’s electoral campaign. Their contradictions necessitate a break from this institutionalized “people’s party”, and the creation of a truly popular movement that holds principles paramount to personalities and tradition.

Take the Pledge: Protect Black Girls
by Samantha Davis and Chioma Iwuoha

Petition update
The Ron Finley Project
Keep Up the Momentum! Less Than Week to #SaveTheGangstaGarden

Institute for Public Accuracy
Gorsuch: Using “Originalism” for a Right-wing Agenda

*“Where Does Gorsuch Stand on Torture? It’s Hard to Say.”

Typical corpress headline hedging. What’s so goddamn “hard to say”?

To be fair, Savage may have had naught to do with this obfuscation.

Study: Sean Spicer’s Handpicked Press Corps
45 percent of reporters he’s called on come from the right
by Michael Corcoran

Democracy Now!
Is ICE Targeting Undocumented Activists for Arrest? Organizers Speak Out After 11 Days in Jail

*Ben & Jerry’s isn’t made with the milk of human kindness


EPA Rejects Own Science to Greenlight Brain-Damaging Pesticide
“EPA chief Pruitt’s move rejecting his scientists’ advice to ban a pesticide? That’s exactly what the pesticide maker, DowChem, asked for.”
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Ten years …

That would be a couple prezes back, if you’re keeping count.

How Many Civilians Can We Kill?
by Robert C. Koehler

*The bodies that are not counted

And do not count

The Real News Network
Democrats Must Take on Corporate Power If they Want to Win
In part two, Mike Elk says a winning strategy for Democrats must elevate the struggle to improve income inequality and working conditions, and discusses his new media project PayDay Report, that seeks to amplify labor struggles in the South

*Elk’s counting on the “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party to advance workers’ interests, when time after time it’s talked the talk, then taken a walk.

You’d think by now folks like him would be Berned out, but I guess new tricks don’t come easy to old donkeys.

Right-Wing Populism Permeates French Presidential Elections
The discontent of ordinary people with the political elite to deal with the effects of globalization is benefiting Marine Le Pen in the polls, says Le Monde Diplomatique’s Renaud Lambert

UK Faces Loss of Labor, Environmental Protections as Brexit Unfolds
Because it is not politically feasible to push for a second referendum, British progressives should pressure the state to maintain regulations that will be lost as the country exists the European Union, says economist John Weeks

Turkish Citizens Set to Vote on Referendum Further Centralizing Power in Erdogan’s Hands
Trent University lecturer Baris Karaagac says if the ‘yes’ vote wins, the state will have a limited ability to restrain President Erdogan’s heightened executive powers

Media Spin Headlines to Downplay US Responsibility for Mosul Massacre
by Ben Norton

*Language is the virus that transmits the disease of deceit

Democracy Now!
Amnesty: Hundreds of Iraqi Civilians Killed in U.S. Airstrikes After Being Told Not to Flee Mosul

Yemen: Trump Expands U.S. Military Role in Saudi War as Yemenis Brace for Famine

Iona Craig on What Really Happened When U.S. Navy SEALs Stormed a Yemeni Village, Killing Dozens

*As is so often the case with mainstream journalists like Craig, expressed concern for the victims of Western aggression is paired with worry over how it will affect the West’s unquestionably righteous aims.

The “how” always aces the “why”, and Goodman, as again is so often the case, lets it lie.


Nuclear Power Suffers Major Blow With Westinghouse Bankruptcy
Chapter 11 filing marks a ‘defining moment in the decades-long downward spiral of the global nuclear power industry’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Turning the Ingenious Tables: Buying the Right To the Privacy Of Those Who Sold Yours
by Abby Zimet, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trump’s Big Boost to Law Enforcement Won’t Make Us Safer — It Will Make Corporations Richer
The Trump administration’s recent steps backward provide us with a critical opportunity
by Emily Verdugo

A New Way to Close the Gender Pay Gap
New research suggests the gap between men and women won’t close till 2059 — unless cities and states try this new fix.
by Martha Burk

*A woman’s work is never done

Being devalued

Toronto’s Buried History: The Dark Story of How Mining Built a City
by Niko Block

*”[C]yanide, arsenic, dynamite, [ … ]

[A]nd lawyers”

Reality Virus Infects Kansas Legislators, Brownback Immune
by William K. Black

*We’re not in quite as crazy a Kansas anymore

The Real News NetworkJeff Sessions Targeting of So-Called Sanctuary Cities Likely Unconstitutional, Experts Say
Analysts say the assault makes communities less safe and likely will be challenged in courts

At AIPAC Protest, Young American Jews Voice Rejection of Israeli Policies
Journalist and author Max Blumenthal says the vocal Jewish-led protests at this year’s AIPAC Policy Conference highlight a growing generational divide on Israel-Palestine

Empire Files: The Sikh Experience in America
People of the Sikh faith, commonly mistaken for both Muslims and Hindus, are frequent targets of bigoted hate crimes-in fact, the first victim of post-9/11 hate crimes was a Sikh man. Promoting respect and understanding of this religious and cultural tradition, The Empire Files profiles this minority community with a long and rich history in America, and explores the roots of anti-Sikh racism with Georgetown Professor and civil rights attorney Arjun Singh Sethi.

Is the US Ready for Universal Health Care? This Physician Says ‘Yes’
Physicians for a National Health Program’s Adam Gaffney warns that incremental steps can turn into diversions and prevent us from fixing the fundamental problems with our current health care system

LGBTQ Activists Call for Accountability Following Murder of Trans Woman of Color in Baltimore
Baltimore Trans Alliance’s Executive Director Ava Pipitone sits down with The Real News to talk about the recent murder of Black Trans woman Alphonza Watson – the eighth Trans murder victim of 2017 in the United States – and how the Baltimore community can organize against transphobia

Institute for Public Accuracy
Dangers with Russia

Conspiracy Theorists Welcome in Corporate Media–if They Have the Right Targets
by Adam Johnson

*A saliently ironic surname, don’t you think?

Democracy Now!
As Trump Complains About Alleged Surveillance, Republicans Gut Internet Privacy Rules


Maryland Ban Shows Fracking is Not a Partisan Issue
Recent support by state Republican leaders for fracking bans puts heat on Democratic leaders who still support fracking
by Wenonah Hauter

*While we should expose the hypocrisy of poseurs like Brown, lauding pols of any party who may align with us on a certain issue, even one as acute as this, while ignoring their malfeasance and malevolence in other areas, leaves us isolated in our silos, diminished in our ability to make progress on any of our demands for a just society.

You can’t paint the big picture without a broad brush.

The Real News Network
Will Dems Derail Sanders’s Push for Public Option?
Wendell Potter, a health insurance executive turned whistleblower, on the GOP failure to repeal Obamacare and what lessons the 2009 defeat of the public option – when Democrats controlled Congress – can offer today

*The public option is a single, and singles lead to runners stranded on base.

Home run hitters often strike out, but swinging for the fences is the only way we’re gonna knock this one out of the park.

Growing Discontent with Corruption Brings Thousands of Russians to the Streets
The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Tayler says the opposition does not offer much of a political program beyond calling for removing Putin from power

Arrest of Omar Barghouti Comes Amidst Upsurge in International Support for Boycott of Israel
After the P5+1 nuclear deal made it difficult for the Israeli government to continue to appeal to the right-wing through casting Iran as the bogeyman, depicting BDS as a ‘delegitimization’ campaign became its next means of generating fear and paranoia among voters, says journalist Richard Silverstein

Baltimore Mayor’s Veto of $15/Hr Bill Shows Corporate Wing of Democrats Alive and Well
Labor reporter Mike Elk discusses the potential backlash faced by Maryland Democrats as well as the significance of the Mississippi Nissan workers struggle – Part 1/5

*Canton’s my home town, long since departed from, and it’s heartening to hear that folks are challenging a plantation mentality that is still alive and ill willed, whether the commodity is cotton or cars.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Ambassador Haley: Moms for Nukes
U.S. Violating Treaty Obligations in Attacking Nuclear Weapons Ban


Away … ?

Advocate of Saddam/Al Qaeda Conspiracy Will Save Us From Fake News
by Jim Naureckas

*When the cesspool makes the clogged toilet look clean

Democracy Now!
Local Lawmakers Fight Back Against AG Sessions’s Threats to Cut Funding to Sanctuary Cities

ICE Retaliates Against Immigrants in Austin After Sheriff Limits Cooperation with Federal Agents

As ICE Retaliates Against Austin, Learn How New Haven Fought Back Against a 2007 ICE Crackdown

Immigrant Communities in Fear as Trump Ups ICE Raids Targeting Sanctuary Cities

Web Exclusive: Rebecca Solnit Reads from “The Mother of All Questions”; Discusses Hope & Resistance

Inulin Fiber: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Get It
by Yuri Elkaim


FBI Face Recognition Technology Has ‘No Limits,’ Congressional Hearing Reveals
Law enforcement has access to photos of 50 percent of all adult Americans without their knowledge or consent
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

UTC fires reporter over bathroom bill reporting after local lawmaker complaints
by Kendi A. Rainwater
Chattanooga Times Free Press

*Note NPR’s righteous stance against press intimidation, which will surely be touted during the next pledge drive.

The Feuding Kleptocrats
by Chris Hedges

Why did Preet Bharara Refuse to Drain the Wall Street Swamp?
by William K. Black

Committee for Better Banks
Workers Shut Down Santander Headquarters in Mass Protest

The Real News Network
Sixth Year of War in Syria Marked by Tremendous Civilian Casualties
In the last week alone there were several attacks against Daesh in Iraq and Northern Syria led by the United States in which civilian casualties were considerable, says Vijay Prashad

Study Links Extreme Weather Events to Climate Change
Dr. Michael Mann says the way climate change affects the jet stream is intensifying and increasing the regional scale of droughts and flooding

The Protest-Resignation of UN Under-Secretary Dr. Rima Khalaf
UN Secretary General Guterres caves under pressure from Israel and United States and orders Under-Secretary Rima Khalaf to withdraw an incriminating investigative report on Israeli apartheid policies against Palestinians, says Vijay Prashad

Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in D.C. Set for August
Organizer Krystal Roundtree says this is a call to end legalized slavery in the United States

*Strict constrictionism

Nebraskan Landowners Resist Keystone XL By Refusing to Sell Their Property to TransCanada
Retired school teacher and farmer Art Tanderup says he and nearly a hundred other landowners are pushing the Public Service Commission in Nebraska to deny permits for the pipeline

Rattling the Bars: Women and Incarceration
Truthout Editor-in-Chief Maya Schenwar discusses her work as a journalist, organizer, and prison abolitionist

Baltimore Mayor’s Veto of $15 Wage Protects Policy of Subsidizing Wealthy, Councilperson Says
Unconfirmed reports suggest that the measure may have lost its veto-proof support among city council members

*Pugh is a hole

And it ain’t got diddley to do with doughnuts.

In that, she’s in the company of countless other Democratic mayors, including the one in office in my “progressive oasis” of Madison, WI.

NYT Says Congress Has ‘Duty’ to Make War–Rather Than the Right to Reject It
by Adam Johnson

*A “liberal” dose of bloodlust

Institute for Public Accuracy
Will Sanders Introduce Medicare for All, or Just for Some?

*When push comes to shove

Don’t let Bernie behind you anywhere near a cliff

Democracy Now!
After Republican Infighting Dooms GOP Healthcare Plan, Trump Vows to Let Obamacare “Explode”

Medicare for All? Sen. Bernie Sanders Poised to Push for Single Payer after GOP Plan Falls Apart

*Bernie may be “poised to push”

But … well … see above

More Than 1,000 Civilians Reportedly Killed by U.S.-Led Airstrikes as Trump Expands War on Terror


What Is Sex For?
by Robert Jensen

The Real News Network
The Truth Behind the War on Immigrants
Historian Gerald Horne explains how the demonization of immigrants is designed to divide the working class and prevent white and non-white workers from acting in solidarity

*The reasons for demonizing “the other”

Are always the same

Were Haitian Police Behind Assassination Attempt on Aristide?
Jeb Sprague-Silgado says the firing on the former president’s motorcade took place in the context of mass voter disenfranchisement and an attempt to rearrange the country politically away from left forces

18 Million U.S. Citizens Exposed to Lead-Contaminated Water Systems
Trump’s cuts to the EPA will make it nearly impossible for the agency to track down violations of lead standards and enforce public health protections, says Erik D. Olson of the Natural Resources Defense Council

Neil Gorsuch’s Woeful Record on Civil Rights
Glen Ford says it’s not specific statements or positions that have led many, including the NAACP, to oppose Trump’s Supreme Court nominee; it’s Gorsuch’s whole legal philosophy

Democracy Now!
Florida’s First Black State Attorney Faces Death Threats After Refusing Death Penalty for Cop Killer

*Even if the death penalty “worked” in some sense, it would still be utterly immoral to carry it out.

Killing can only be justified in reaction to a grave threat. Once that threat no longer exists, justice is not satisfied, only revenge.


Latest WikiLeak Dump Shows CIA Hacking iPhones Since 2008
Outlet says it is likely that CIA “infected” Apple’s supply chain, including by “interdicting mail orders”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Stubborn Facts and the Lies That Kill Democracy
by Ralph Nader

Inventing enemies
The motivation behind the attacks on Indian Americans is a combination of seeing South Asians as terrorists and Indians as usurpers of high-tech jobs
by Vijay Prashad

Courage to Resist
Support US Army Private Ryan Johnson, Imprisoned a decade after refusing crimes of his country

The Real News Network
Why Further Revelations on Trump’s Russian Connections Might Fail to Bring Him Down
Investigative journalist James Henry argues that the revelations on Manafort and further inquiry into Trump’s ties to oligarchs are unlikely to produce a ‘silver bullet’ against the administration – and says there’s no substitute for grassroots organizing in preparation for the 2018 elections

Russia vs. USA: Who is the Threat, Who is the Aggressor? (2/2)
Jeffrey Tayler, contributing editor to The Atlantic, tells Paul Jay there are steps the Trump administration can take if it is serious about reducing tensions with Russia

Will the NDP Adopt Pro-BDS Platform?
Journalist Nora Loreto discusses the ongoing leadership races in Canada’s Conservative and NDP parties

Whistle Blower Teacher Says Charter Schools Draining Students, Resources from Public Education
In the third installment of TRNN’s investigation into the decline of public education another whistle blower teacher says Baltimore’s focus on charter schools is threatening the viability of public education

Hundreds Rally to Demand A Fix to Baltimore’s School Budget Deficit
In a surprise move, City Schools announced $30 million dollars for classrooms, but students, teachers and advocates say funding remains woefully inadequate

Petition update
Urge Ugandan President Museveni to pass the acid attack bill now.
by Hanifa Nakiryowa

Health Alert: Many Women Have Died Unnecessarily Because Dangerous Cancers of the Uterus and Ovaries Are Being Spread using MORCELLATORS. Stop MORCELLATION in Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery.
by Hooman Noorchashm

Institute for Public Accuracy
London Attack

*The mirror of malevolence

Democracy Now!
Jane Mayer on Robert Mercer & the Dark Money Behind Trump and Bannon

*Of course, the Clintons are murderers, and the corpress is an “enemy of the people”.

And Stalin called Hitler evil, and vice versa.

Truth can come from the vilest of voices.

Dark Money Billionaires Push for Pro-Nuclear Radiation Climate Denier for White House Science Post

Dark Data: Trump Backers Bankroll Firm Developing Psychological Profiles of Every U.S. Voter


Mississippi Bill Helps Enable Trump’s “Sinister” Immigration Crackdown
Days after Trump administration issues report aimed at scaring “jurisdictions into becoming deportation agents,” Mississippi poised to enact anti-sanctuary cities law
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Coal in ‘Freefall’ Worldwide, Report Finds
‘No amount of rhetoric from Donald Trump will be able to stop the fall of coal in the U.S. and across the globe’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Immigrant Food Factory Workers Threatened with Mass Termination Choose Resistance
‘Not One Step Back’ – ‘Ni Uno Paso Atras’
Dozens at Tom Cat Bakery in Queens given 10 days’ notice of dismissal following investigation by Trump’s Department of Homeland Security

ACLU of Northern California Files Claims Against Customs And Border Protection for Sexual Assault
Two Sisters Were Sexually Assaulted by CBP Officer in Texas

The Real News Network
US Interfered in More Elections Than Any Other Nation
Glen Ford says that even if the US does prove that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections, the actions don’t match the scale of America’s interference in elections across the world

*I’m afraid Ford, who provides much righteous analysis, has his own blinkers on at the end of this segment, as regards Russian benevolence.

No “favor” was done to the world, much less the people of Syria, with its intervention to assist its ally. The calculations were coldly geopolitical. That doesn’t in any way legitimate US actions in this area, or this neo Cold War horseshit spewing from Democratic orifi, but it’s folly to take American turpitude as reason to praise Russia acting on similar impulses.

One could say, “A pox on both their houses”, but the wretched reality is the deathly one devastating their victims.

Federal Judge Orders Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Pocomoke, State of MD to Move Forward
Judge Frederick Motz’s ruling means the case alleging government officials discriminated against the city’s first black police chief has cleared a key legal hurdle and will now enter discovery and possible depositions

Justice for Port Drivers
Make XPO the poster child for the illegal mistreatment of port workers in the South

Black Man Stabbed to Death by White Supremacist–Then Smeared by Media
by Adam Johnson

Right-Wing Foundation, Scary Nuke Maps Drive Narrative on North Korea ‘Threat’
by Adam Johnson

*A Heritage of histrionic hype

Institute for Public Accuracy
Leading Expert: Congress Can Release Trump’s Tax Returns

Democracy Now!
A Driver Fled His Truck to Avoid Freezing to Death. Only One Judge Ruled Against Him: Neil Gorsuch

*A heart as cold as that winter night in Illinois

Neil Gorsuch, Backed by $10 Million in Dark Money, Refuses to Weigh In on Citizens United

Meet 2 U.S. Citizens Detained at Airports: A Police Chief and a Lawyer Who Sued Trump Administration


Reality and the ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ Famine in Yemen
by Kathy Kelly

The Real News Network
Russia vs. USA: Who is the Threat, Who is the Aggressor? (1/2)
GOP and Democratic Party leaders and media pundits like Rachel Maddow are raising their anti-Russian rhetoric to cold-war levels. Jeffrey Tayler, contributing editor to The Atlantic, says they are ignoring the history of broken American promises, NATO expansion and attempts to develop American first strike nuclear capability.

Was the Georgian Conflict Started to Elect John McCain President in 2008? Pt.1
TRNN REPLAY: As thousands demand Saakashvili’s resignation, Paul Jay investigates roots of 2008 Russia-Georgia War

Democrats Fail to Dig into Trump’s Shady Financial Ties During Hearing
Economist James Henry says the overlooked story is the longstanding role of Russian flight capital and organized crime ties in funding Trump’s ventures

*There was no “effort to make Russia a more democratic society” by the Clintons or anyone else in the US power structure, so it wasn’t “a kind of missed opportunity”, which might explain why Democrats aren’t too keen on delving into DDT’s criminogenic contacts with Russian oligarchs, as they assisted in their ascension during the Yeltsin years.

Why is the Capitalist West Fighting with Capitalist Russia?
TRNN Replay: Alexandr Buzgalin and Paul Jay discuss the antagonism between Russia and US despite the former adopting ‘Jurassic Park capitalism’ since the demise of the USSR

*This segment sorely needed a translator, but I think there’s enough that can be gleaned from it to merit reposting.

UN Report Finds Apartheid Exists Within Israel
TRNN’s Shir Hever says although the reality of apartheid is obvious and uncontroversial to most Israelis, the recent United Nations report establishes an important legal basis for describing what exists beyond the Occupied Territories as apartheid

Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon has been propelled over the last year from fringe media outlier to top propagandist of the U.S. empire as Trump’s chief strategist

*Rasputin of the alt-Reich

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Housing, Community, Land Are Human Rights’
Tony Romano on HUD cuts
by Janine Jackson

*A roof over our heads

Rather than a sword of Damocles

Democracy Now!
Inside How the Federalist Society & Koch Brothers Are Pushing for Trump to Reshape Federal Judiciary

*Lipton, good “objective journalist” that he is, “wouldn’t call the Federalist Society a right-wing group”

But ducks quack, don’t they?

How to Create Healthy Eating Habits That Actually Stick (The CPR Method)
by Yuri Elkaim

*A journey of a thousand miles does not end with a single misstep


Tax Cuts for the Rich at Heart of Paul Ryan’s Attack on Medicaid
Ryan makes it clear that cutting Medicaid to pay for the health bill’s tax cuts for the wealthy enables deeper corporate tax cuts in tax legislation to follow
by Chye-Ching Huang

A Last Chance for Resistance
by Chris Hedges

*Imagine the worst before there’s no longer a need to

New Evidence that Poor Americans Pay the Highest Taxes and Get Little of the Safety Net
by Paul Buchheit

The Real News Network
Baltimore Poised to Pass $15 Min. Wage as Business Lobby Launches Nationwide Rollback Campaign
The American Prospect’s Justin Miller says corporate lobbyists working with Republicans and even some Democrats are trying to undermine the highly popular and successful Fight for $15 movement across the country

Wealthiest U.S. Households Save Big Under GOP Health Care Bill
PERI’s Peter Arno says the elderly, disabled, and the poor would be hardest hit by the repeals of Medicaid expansion and taxes on the rich that fund Medicare

Trump Adds Another Former Goldman Sachs Official to His Administration
James Donovan’s area of expertise, like most Goldman Sachs folks, is not economics or finance, but law – because that’s how Goldman Sachs makes its money: by evading, controlling and writing the laws

*Sachs and pillages

Color Of Change
Credit card companies should not be funding hate groups

Institute for Public Accuracy
Intel Committee “Political Theater” as Trump Escalates Wars

The Political Economy of ‘Moral Authority’
by John O’Day

*Mything the point

Democracy Now!
Ari Berman: Supreme Court Pick Neil Gorsuch Has Praised Discriminatory Voter ID Laws

College Classmate: Neil Gorsuch Attacked Anti-Apartheid & Civil Rights Protesters & Defended Contras

Amid Spike in Civilian Deaths from U.S. Strikes, Trump Requests Lifting Policy Limiting Casualties

Organizer: ICE Detention of Immigrant Rights Activists in VT is Clear Case of Political Retaliation


Trump Sends Hate Group to Represent US at UN Women’s Rights Conference
“The members of the president’s delegation to the United Nations’ annual summit on women are opposed to the U.N. as a whole and the fundamental rights of women in particular”
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*More foxes than henhouses

UN Praises Iran’s “Exemplary” Leadership in Hosting Refugees
“It’s a story that’s not told often enough,” said a representative for UN high commissioner for refugees
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Of course there’s a political calculus here

But it’s a rare instance where the folks involved actually benefit from it.

The Real Irish-American Story Not Taught in Schools
by Bill Bigelow

*History repeats when it is unremembered

The Public is Clueless About the Federal Budget and It’s the New York Times’ Fault
Wow. That’s a big number!
by Dean Baker

*”What’s the problem here?”

Dean, if you don’t suss that, you’re exposing your own ignorance on just whom the corpress serve, which I imagine is why you took the Times at its word.

Economic Policy Institute
Trump Delay of the ‘Fiduciary Rule’ Will Cost Retirement Savers $3.7 Billion
Public Citizen

U.S. Supreme Court’s Assumption That Outside Groups Are Independent Is Proven False at the State and Local Levels
Seven Years Later, the Foundation of Citizens United Is in Ruins; At Next Week’s Hearing, Judge Gorsuch Likely to Be Asked About Money in Politics

The Real News Network
U.K. Increases Use of Stripping Citizenship as Anti-Terrorism Policy
Helena Wray and Caterina Aiena say the U.K. is showing a willingness to deprive people of their human rights and place them into a zone of lawlessness and statelessness

BJP Wins India’s Largest State in Elections, Further Consolidating Modi’s Power
NewsClick founder Prabir Purkayastha says the secular and social inclusion agendas have lost to the pro-business, anti-Muslim agenda of Narendra Modi – and no oppositional force looks ready to challenge the BJP in the 2019 elections

Anti-Boycott Law Denies London BDS Activist Entry to Israel
London Palestinian Solidarity Campaign Chairman Hugh Lanning says these laws are exposing the anti-democratic nature of the state

Democracy Now!
Trump’s Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Insists Cutting Meals for Poor Seniors is Compassionate

*Orwellian overdrive

Is Trump Counterterrorism Aide Sebastian Gorka a Sworn Member of Hungarian Nazi-Allied Group?

Decoding the bread aisle
What those claims on your bread really mean
by Leah Ettman
Nutrition Action


Amid Renewed Nuclear Worries, Dozens of Classified Bomb Test Videos Made Public
‘If we capture the history of this and show what the force of these weapons are and how much devastation they can wreak, then maybe people will be reluctant to use them’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”We hope that we would never have to use a nuclear weapon ever again.”

We never had to use them at all.

President Blowback: How the Invasion of Iraq Came Home
by Tom Engelhardt

*The empire strikes home

Trump is Considering Expanding Killing Powers Abroad. The Consequences for Civilians Will be Disastrous.
by Hina Shamsi

*The sham removed

The shame revealed

What Betsy DeVos Means When She Says ‘Public Schools’
by Jeff Bryant

The Real News Network
Netherlands Far-Right Leader Wilders Contained, But Far From Defeated
Alternet’s Ben Norton says ‘The Dutch Donald Trump’ is going to remain a fixture in national politics – and this is just the beginning of a larger wave of far right movements across the globe

Trump’s 2005 Tax Forms: ‘Like Going to Dinner And Being Served Pictures of Food’
Economists James Henry and Bill Black hypothesize that there are fraudulent and criminal activities lurking within Trump’s unreleased tax forms

Intel Buys Israeli Tech Firm in Largest Tech Deal in Nation’s History
TRNN’s Shir Hever says Intel is attempting to add prestige to its brand while Israeli politicians strive for a political victory to create the appearance of an international foothold in the nation’s economy

FAIR CounterSpin
‘That Violence Against Our Community Is Often Not Told by Media’
Kris Hayashi on trans non-ruling
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
Brazil: As “Coup” Government Targets Retirement Benefits, General Strike Rocks Nation

Democracy Now!
In Stinging Blow to President, Hawaii & Maryland Judges Block Trump’s Second Muslim Ban

ACLU Lawyer Esha Bhandari on Your Rights If Border Agents Try to Seize Your Cellphone at the Border

In Historic Report, U.N. Agency Says Israel Is Imposing an “Apartheid Regime” on Palestinian People


Trump’s New Medicaid Head Wastes No Time Urging States to Make System More Cruel
Seema Verma was architect of program in Indiana that imposed “unprecedented co-payments and premiums”; her letter to governors says states may consider insurance premium requirements, emergency room co-payments
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Beyond Wetiko Agriculture: Saving Ourselves from the Soil Up
The diagnosis is clear. Now what are we going to do about it?
by Tom Newmark and Steven Farrell

Jubilee USA Network
Federal Reserve Raises Rates and Poor Countries Pay More Debt

Public Citizen
Trump Rollback of Fuel Economy Standards Would Cost Americans $5,700 Per Car, $8,200 Per Truck
Auto Industry and Trump Collude in a Myopic and Cruel Move

7 Ways To Take Action To #ProtectTransWomen Today

The Real News Network
February Job Growth Barely Made Dent in Record Low Labor Force Participation
Newest government data still show trends of low wage job creation, racial disparities in employment, and workers continuing to leave the labor force, says economist Bill Black

Attorney Fired By Trump Set Dangerous Precedent for Wall Street Prosecutions
Former financial regulator Bill Black says Preet Bharara was the most aggressive federal prosecutor, but was still easy on the elite Wall Street bankers – yet we shouldn’t expect Trump to nominate a replacement who isn’t ethically challenged

*Another liberal “hero” simply for getting pissed on by His Travesty

Institute for Public Accuracy
Arab Women Leaders Point to Arms Sales as Cause of Insecurity

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Trumpcare Is Very Destructive to Both Medicare and Medicaid’
Nancy Altman on Trumpcare
by Janine Jackson

Media Find Room for ‘Trumpcare Too Progressive,’ but Not for Single-Payer
Right-wing critics of GOP health plan get near-constant media attention–while single-payer advocates’ challenges to ACA were never taken seriously
by Michael Corcoran

Democracy Now!
David Cay Johnston Speaks Out About Receiving & Revealing 2 Pages of Trump’s 2005 Tax Returns

David Cay Johnston: How Trump Pays So Little in Taxes and Plans to Change Tax Law to Pay Even Less

Aid Worker Decries U.S.-Backed “Relentless War” in Yemen Causing Widespread Threat of Starvation

*A famine of fundamental humanity

Trump Considers Slashing U.S. Funding to U.N. Amid Warnings of Worst Humanitarian Crisis Since WWII

Arkansas Rushes to Execute 8 Men Using Drug Linked to Painful, Botched Executions


Is the Vault 7 Source a Whistleblower?
by Jesselyn Radack

Center for Biological Diversity
New Story Map Shows What’s Really at Stake With Trump’s Border Wall

2.7 Million Animals Killed by Federal Wildlife-destruction Program in 2016
Ignoring Calls for Reform, Wildlife Services Continues Killing Coyotes, Bears, Wolves, Other Animals

Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV)
Yemenis Endure World’s Largest, Rapidly Worsening Humanitarian Crisis While Subject to a Sea Blockade and Constant Bombing

The Real News Network
New Mike Brown Footage Discredits Ferguson Police Account
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says the police consistently manipulate public opinion with character assassinations and lies to justify the killing of black men

Russian, U.S. Geopolitical Interests in Growing Tension with Netanyahu’s Political Self-Interest
Russia and the United States are in a strong position to protect their respective geopolitical interests in spite of Netanyahu’s attempts at political self-preservation, says TRNN’s Shir Hever

Portions of Keystone XL, Dakota Access Built By Oligarch Who Helped Bring Putin to Power
DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horn says the steel used in the construction of the pipelines will be produced in the US or Canada, but nonetheless will be owned by foreign multinationals

Rattling the Bars: Blacks More Likely to Be Wrongly Convicted Than Whites
Eddie Conway talks to Alison Flowers, author of ‘The Exoneree Diaries,’ who discusses a new report which reveals a troubling level of racial bias in the U.S. criminal justice system

Democracy Now!
Healthcare or Wealthcare? 24 Million to Lose Insurance Under GOP Plan While Rich Get Big Tax Breaks

*Let’s don’t be labeling a piece of shit “fair and just” simply because it may smell a bit like it compared to the yuuuuuge pile of it DDT’s pimping.

ALEC & For-Profit Health Industry Embrace GOP Bill Despite Opposition from Doctors & Nurses

*No single payer due to the multi payers to pols

Was Firing of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Done to Cover Up Probes of Trump & Fox News?

Is Jared Kushner Breaking the Law with $400M Real Estate Deal with Firm Tied to Chinese Gov’t?

*America First

(Void where prohibited by lawlessness)

From Lobbyists to Reality Show Stars, Meet the Hundreds of Officials Trump Has Quietly Installed

*Swamp things


Cambodia Outraged as US Demands Repayment of ‘Blood-Stained’ War Debt
The US dropped more than 500,000 tons of bombs on Cambodia during the Vietnam War
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Texas Lawmaker Takes Aim at Anti-Choice Laws With Fine for Male Masturbation
‘Although HB 4260 is satirical, there is nothing funny about current healthcare restrictions for women and the very real legislation that is proposed every legislative session,’ wrote Rep. Jessica Farrar (D)
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Cities Worldwide Take on Climate Fight—And See Pushback From National Governments
Many cities are outpacing national governments in the climate fight, setting the stage for power battles
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Dance of Death
by Chris Hedges

The Oligarch Files: Did a billionaire fertiliser baron bail out Trump by paying millions over the odds for this gaudy pleasure palace? And is THIS the Russian connection that could return to haunt the presidency?
Trumps’s election campaign was bedevilled by allegations of links with Kremlin
Story of Maison de l’Amitie is example of Donald Trump’s connections to Moscow
Close scrutiny of The Donald’s business history now suggests that if there is a real concern about Russian connections, it may instead lie in hard financial facts
by James S Henry

Striking York University Food Service Workers Win $15 and Fairness
by Alia Karim and David Bush

Rights Organizations Call for No Borders on Gender Justice

The Real News Network
Thousands Protest Against Dakota Access in Front of White House
Indigenous activists and their supporters gathered in D.C. to condemn executive and state-level plans for continued pipeline construction and expansion of fracking

US Deploys More Troops to Syria to Fight ISIS
Vijay Prashad provides analysis of why US troops will be fighting alongside a coalition of opposing allies to retake Raqqa

Trump and The War Within the American Oligarchy
TRNN senior editor Paul Jay discusses how the Real News covers the Trump administration as well as the struggle between those who want to ‘reign in the excesses of capitalism’ and those who want to destroy the ‘administrative state’

*Extenuating exploitocracy

The egg-centrics and the goose gobblers

Institute for Public Accuracy
How Liberals Collaborated with McCarthyism: Then and Now

Covering the Critics of Conway, Not the Murders of Transgender Women
by Tegan Jones

Democracy Now!
How to Remove a President: Mass Protests Force Out South Korean Leader Amid Corruption Scandal

Bruce Cumings: North Korea Timed Recent Missile Test to Take Place During Trump-Abe Dinner

China Warns U.S. & North Korea Are Set for “Head-On” Collision Amid Rising Tensions & Provocations

The lowdown on fermented foods
Here’s a look at the evidence
by Lindsay Moyer
Nutrition Action

*As always, weigh the conflicting views as best you can, and be open to further developments


‘We Exist, We Resist, We Rise’: Thousands March for Native Nations
‘Standing Rock was just the beginning’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Another Sign Just Came in That Tar Sands Operations Are on Life Support
‘Societal acceptance of the energy system as we have it is just disappearing,’ Shell chief executive said
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Bush-Era Foreign Policy Delusions Are Alive and Well in 2017
Trump’s foreign policy advisers are plainly unhinged. But the old establishment isn’t much better.
by Conn Hallinan

*All empires ultimately crumble

This one may leave nothing in its train

As Their Trials Begins, Climate Protecting “Valve Turners” Say “Shut It Down” Is “Necessity”
by Jeremy Brecher

*A necessity defense of the planet

Education for Sale?
School choice and the future of American education
by Linda Darling-Hammond

The Rehabilitation of George W. Bush, War Criminal
Don’t be fooled by the watercolors; he’s still responsible for the death of a million Iraqis
by Vijay Prashad

*Painting a false face of humanity

Public Citizen
Corporate Interests Give Tens of Millions to Dismantle Legal Rights of Consumers and Patients
Lobbying Disclosures Reveal Undermining Accountability Is a Top Priority for Big Business

*Ruling class action

Allow Parents the Option to Protect Kids from Military Recruiters in High Schools

The Real News Network
Israel Bans Entry to Supporters of the Boycott Movement
TRNN correspondent Shir Hever says the ban could be used to prevent re-entry of Palestinians who oppose the Israeli occupation of their land

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Meet the New Muslim Ban, Harsher Than the Old Muslim Ban”

With White House Embracing Climate Denial, Will Corporate Media Treat It as Science?
by Reed Richardson

*”Equal time”

Is running out

Democracy Now!
Immigrant Rights Leader Released After Hundreds Rally Outside His Check-in with Deportation Officer

Palestinian Hip-Hop Star Tamer Nafar Fights Racist Israeli Policies in New Film, “Junction 48”

EFF Director: WikiLeaks Move to Share CIA Hacking Tools with Tech Giants Could “Make Us All Safer”


Special Statement by National Low Income Housing Coalition President and CEO Diane Yentel: Don’t Make America Homeless Again

*Homelessness is where the heartlessness is

The Real News Network
Trump Supporters Call For Imprisoning Liberals at Phoenix Rally
In this shocking video, Dan Cohen documents the toxic atmosphere of Trump’s political allies and most fervent supporters

*Nuremberger with a side of lies

GOP’s Deadly Obamacare Replacement
Workers living in right-to-work states would become especially vulnerable to the cost-cutting machinations of the insurance industry, says Jane McAlevey

‘Liberating’ Iraqi Cities Often Reduces Them to Ghost Towns
Many ISIS fighters retreated from Mosul prior to the current military campaign, and therefore the existence of organization is not threatened by the ongoing campaign, says Sabah Alnasseri

Chinese Telecom Giant Pays DoJ $892 Million Fine for Practices Trump Wants Legal For U.S. Firms
Bill Black says Trump wants to gut the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to enable U.S. firms to engage in corruption

*No dishonor among thieves

Black Lives Matter on International Women’s Day
We must bring the movement to those who are most marginalized, says Black Lives Matter – Canada co-founder janaya khan

Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Korea Deployment and Korean Elections

Trump Didn’t Teach Foreign Regimes to Cry ‘Fake News’–Corporate Media Did
By Adam Johnson

FAIR CounterSpin
‘We Are Conditioned by Mass Media to Choose Up Sides’
Norman Solomon on Trump and Russia
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
Exclusive: Facing Possible Deportation, Immigrant Activist Ravi Ragbir Speaks Out Before ICE Check-in

Yoga Hip Openers: 23 Simple Poses Most People Should Be Doing
by Yuri Elkaim


Honduran Farmers Sue World Bank Lending Arm for ‘Profiting From Murder’
A private lending arm of the World Bank is not ‘ending poverty,’ it is ‘ending the lives of the poor,’ says one farmer
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The deathly cost of “doing business”

Wikileaks Dumps CIA’s Hacking Tools
by Marcy Wheeler

Memory, Fire and Hope: Five Lessons from Standing Rock
The North Dakota camp may have been evicted but the movement hasn’t lost. Here are five lessons activists around the world can learn from the water protectors.
by Alnoor Ladha

*We can’t create the world we want

Until we live it in the world we don’t

Let’s Give the CIA the Credit It Deserves
by Norman Solomon

*Yankee disingenuity

CIA Torture Architects Ordered to Testify Over Cover-up Involving Trump Appointee

Food & Water Watch
Dozens of Advocacy Groups Challenge EPA on Factory Farm Pollution
Rural Communities Demand Clean Water, Not Environmental Rollbacks

Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV)
3rd Annual Shut Down Creech! – Spring 2017

Statement: National Day of Action for Trans Women of Color

The Real News Network
From Strikes to Symbolic Acts, ‘A Day Without a Woman’ Embraces Broad Front of Resistance
International Women’s Day builds upon the Women’s March on Washington with more leadership from women of color and deeper politicization among its participants, says journalist Margaret Prescod

Building Pipelines Leads to Growth – Not in Jobs, But Carbon Emissions
TRNN’s Dimitri Lascaris says despite their difference in style, Trudeau and Trump share the same support for disastrous climate/fossil fuel policy—Not-in-Jobs%2C-But-Carbon-Emissions

Bail Reform: Should the Poor Continue to Pay?
Eze Jackson heads to Annapolis to talk to advocates for House Bill 1390 which will eliminate cash bail for non-violent offenders who cannot afford to pay

European, North American Campuses Observe Israeli Apartheid Week
Students and faculty held events including mock checkpoints and poetry readings to draw attention to the occupation of the Palestinian territories and settler-colonialism, says scholar-activist Yara Hawari

Empire Files: Chris Hedges & Abby Martin – Trump, Fascism & the Christian Right
For the first time in modern history, a fringe wing of Christian extremists have obtained the highest seats of power in the US government-from Mike Pence to Betsy DeVos

*What will be the role of the corpress in this?

What happened in that regard in Germany, Italy, Spain?—Trump%2C-Fascism-%26-the-Christian-Right

Fight for $15
Tell Burger King to STOP sexual harassment at their stores today

NY Daily News: Broken Windows ‘Works,’ and if It Hurts Immigrants–‘Too Bad’
by Josmar Trujillo


How the GOP’s Healthcare Plan Helps Make Case for Medicare-for-All
State efforts toward single-payer healthcare, like California’s, could be bolstered by GOP’s Medicaid-gutting proposal
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Amid Trump’s Deregulatory Bonanza, UN Report Details ‘Catastrophic’ Impact of Pesticides
Study accuses agro-chemical industry of ignoring scientific studies on toxic impact while pushing ‘myth’ that pesticides are aiding world hunger
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

On International Women’s Day, Honoring Women Land and Human Rights Defenders
Across the wide world, women are rising up to protect the Earth, one another, and the common good
by Osprey Orielle Lake and Emily Arasim

DayWithoutAWoman: For Domestic and Low-Wage Workers, the Stakes Are Higher Than Ever
by Ai-jen Poo

*A woman’s work is never done

Being devalued

Don’t Let Corporations Control Vulnerable Americans’ Water
by Wenonah Hauter

World Beyond War
A Sample Local Resolution to Resist and Overcome
How your town can resist Trump’s military spending

The Real News Network
Empire in Decay: Federal Government Falling Apart as Spying Allegations Fly
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says there is a theory circulating in the intelligence community that the CIA asked the British to spy on Trump on behalf of the Democratic Party; the politicization of the intelligence agencies is a reflection of a dying empire

Did UAE Buy $5 Billion in Arms Anticipating Intensified Regional Conflict?
Trump has added to tension in the region with his warmongering statements on Iran, says filmmaker Andrew Feinstein

Judge Accepts Class Action Lawsuit Against Use of Slave Labor in Private Detention Centers
The case could open up a Pandora’s box of challenges against constitutional provisions for exploiting prison labor, says Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford

High Frequency Trading in the Trump Era
White-collar criminologist Bill Black sits down with the Real News to spell out how the ballooning HFT industry works exactly, and where it’s headed under President Trump

*Ain’t technology grand (larceny)?

Petition update
Gynecologists Are Continuing to Perform Morcellation Operations Without Adequate Informed Consent
by Hooman Noorchashm

George W. Bush Now on Right Side of Press Corps’ Nostalgia Machine
by Eoin Higgins

*What’s the ratio of words in service of Dear Leader’s rehab to the lives he destroyed?

(And why do those lives lost and devastated in Afghanistan seem rarely to be enumerated among his sins?)

Democracy Now!
The GOP Fix for Obamacare: Rich Get Tax Breaks While Millions of Others Lose Healthcare

*From a piece of shit, to a pile of it, and no mention of the one option that doesn’t smell of it

SCOTUS Deals Setback to Trans Rights, But Trans Teen & Activist Gavin Grimm Vows to Push Forward

Part 2: Are Trump’s Ties to Russia a Dangerous Security Issue or Critics’ Fodder for New Red Scare?


Trump Guts Air and Water Rules as WHO Warns Pollution Harms Youngest Kids Most
One in four children die preventable deaths each year as a result of unhealthy environments
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

How 90% of American Households Lost an Average of $17,000 in Wealth to the Plutocrats in 2016
by Paul Buchheit

*Defying commons sense

“Sex work” or “prostitution”? Language choices reveal views on male dominance
by Robert Jensen

The Real News Network
Business Lobby Fails to Sway City Council As $15 Min. Wage Measure Advances
With mounting evidence raising the minimum wage does not hurt business or employment, Baltimore is getting closer to a $15 minimum wage by 2022

Israel Creating Nationwide Database of Citizens’ Faces, Fingerprints
TRNN’s Shir Hever says Hewlett Packard first used Palestinians under occupation as test subjects for the program and have now convinced the Israeli government to create a second database for its citizens

*As things fall apart

Repression comes together

Tens of Thousands Demonstrate to Protect Britain’s Heathcare System
Stuart Tuckwood said participants call on the government to fund the NHS properly and to end the move towards privatization

*Can they throw cold water on Maggie’s wet dream?

Real News Doesn’t Side with Russian or American Oligarchs
Kim Brown and Paul Jay discuss TRNN’s approach to covering Jeff Sessions and the Trump-Russia connection controversy

*Call it the Red Herring Menace in many respects, but the focus here should be on Trump and cabal’s use of the tools of gummint to enrich themselves not only in Russia, but wherever an opportunity has or will present itself.

It’s the Art of the Steal on a yuuuuuuge scale.

‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (5/5)
Economist Michael Hudson explains why Social Security does not need to be ‘pre-funded’ by its beneficiaries

How Pro-Israel Politics and Anti-Semitism Coexist in the Alt-Right
Journalist Richard Silverstein says Trump’s nativist populism has emboldened hate groups to commit anti-Semitic attacks

*Israel responds to anti-Semitic violence when it’s in their interest, when they can claim it emanates from Muslim sources. Right wing attacks are mostly ignored, whether in the US or elsewhere, for reasons made plain here.

Inmates Involved in Vaughn Prison Rebellion Denied Medical Treatment
Professor Kim Wilson says the inmates are reporting destruction and confiscation of their private property

Petition update
The Ron Finley Project
Our Collective Voice is Being Heard!

Democracy Now!
Meet Jocelyn Avelica, Whose Dad Was Detained by ICE While Driving his Daughter to School

Debate: Are Trump’s Ties to Russia a Dangerous Security Issue or Critics’ Fodder for New Red Scare?

*I’m not interested in one side or the other here presenting their case as would a lawyer in court, advocating for their client, rather than stepping back, assessing what we know and don’t know, laying out the possible motives among the players, and adjusting analysis as information becomes available, “without fear or favor”.

That approach is what we depend on to make rational judgments, which is what journalism’s supposed to be about, in my view.

17 Ways to Minimize Exposure to Dirty Electricity & EMFs
by Lloyd Burrell


So of this I’d take to heart. I don’t know about the full meal deal, and they are trying to sell you something, aren’t they?


Trump’s ‘School Choice’ Plan: Religious Fundamentalism At Taxpayer Expense
by Jeff Bryant

*Praise the Lord and pass the propaganda

How “Family Values” Conservatives Are Hurting Families
Congressional Republicans’ health care plans would roll back access to birth control and prenatal care
by Livia Gershon

*”Family Values”

It comes down to whose families are valued, doesn’t it?

Saturday: Politicians, Civil Rights Leaders Turn Up Heat on Nissan Over Treatment of African-American Workers
Bernie Sanders, Danny Glover to Lead Massive March on Automaker’s Factory in Canton, MS
Coalition to Demand Nissan Respect Workers’ Right to Vote for a Union Free from Fear, Intimidation

*Old times there are not forgotten

They’re forwarded

The Real News Network
NHS Hospitals Have Run Out of Beds
The British Red Cross has described the situation for British healthcare as a humanitarian crisis, says Dr. Margaret Ridley

*Brexit from the social contract

‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (4/5)
Economist Michael Hudson takes on the mythology surrounding government budgets and explains how the term ‘stability’ has been used as a cover for financial fraud

*We all know what’s on the ground in a “stable”, don’t we?

New UK Secrecy Laws Include Harsh Sentences For Journalists Working With Whistleblowers
Open Rights Group’s Executive Director Jim Killock says PM Theresa May has demonstrated a preference to defend the right to government secrecy over the right to a free press

*I thought it interesting that Brown let slide Killock’s diss of WikiLeaks (≠ “responsible journalists”). Maybe she didn’t catch it, but I’d have liked to have had her question him on the basis for that assertion.

Why Was a 2016 Summit for a US-Proposed Peace Plan Involving Israel Kept Secret?
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to believe he can secure a regional peace agreement without resolving the Palestinian issue, says Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy

*Levy’s right that the two state “solution” is dead, but from the standpoint of justice, it’s always been so.

And I don’t know how he can speak of democracy and equal rights in one state and still accept the injustice of Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories. Any just solution requires that land to be returned to its rightful owners, or truly fair reparations be made to them.

Otherwise there will be a gaping wound in the body politic of that state that will never heal.

Honduran Activist Berta Caceres Stood Up Against Racism, Patriarchy, and Capitalism
Filmmaker Jesse Freeston marks the first anniversary of the assassination of Berta Caceres, an outspoken critic of US imperialism and environmental activist

How Bannon and Milo Repackage Hate Speech
Trump supporters at CPAC told the Real News they admired Breitbart’s provocative rhetoric because it legitimized their own sentiments, which they feel the mainstream misconstrues as racist and bigoted

*”How can you blame me for being born superior?”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Drone Resisters Acquitted, Juror Tells Them: “Keep Doing It”

*A just verdict for a just act

Democracy Now!
Trump’s Proposed EPA Cuts Threaten Health & Lives of Tens of Millions of Americans

The 10 Push-up Variations You Need to Know (For All Levels)
by Yuri Elkaim


Six Democrats and Independent Sen. Angus King Vote to Confirm Inexperienced Safety-Net Foe Ben Carson
Carson will now lead agency with $47 billion budget that oversees fair housing practices and assists low-income renters and homeowners
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Warren’s vote was meaningless, in that it had no impact on the outcome, and given her initial support, I have to wonder just what she’d have done if it would have made the difference.

Free Trade vs Protectionism: Weapon of Mass Distraction
by Richard D. Wolff

Has Van Jones Lost His Mind, Or Are Sane People Missing the Point?
by David Swanson

*Crucifixes in camo

Bank of International Settlements Paper Confirms That High Levels of Household Debt Hurt Growth
by Yves Smith

The Real News Network
Feds Indict 7 Baltimore Cops for Racketeering, Drug Dealing
Charges of stealing money from innocent people and filing fraudulent times slips further tarnishes a department that was the recent subject of a scathing Justice Department report

*I believe Rosenstein meant to say that “the Attorney General’s committed to perpetrating criminals”.

I assume he meant “criminality”, but you’d have to confirm that with him.

Trump Seeks Ease on Restrictions for Polluting Drinking Water
Research shows regulations cause virtually no layoffs, says Environmental Integrity Project’s Tom Pelton

‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (3/5)
Trump is planning to turn the U.S. economy into a Russian-style kleptocracy, says economist Michael Hudson

*”Oh, I wanted to help you folks. Congress wouldn’t let me.”

Gee, where have I heard that before?

Oh, yeah …

Baltimore School Principals Rally Against Devastating Budget Cuts
TRNN speaks to school administrators and elected officials who are outraged at the $130 million school deficit and potential layoff of 1,000 workers

Breaking Campaign Promise, Trudeau Abandons Move to Democratize Electoral System
The Canadian Prime Minister has likely stopped pursuing implementation of a proportional system of representation because his party – the Liberals – stand to lose the most with such a change, says Dimitri Lascaris

*No need to mourn Obama’s absence

Merely move to Canada

Institute for Public Accuracy
Breaking the Yemen Central Bank: Is Saudi Arabia Using Starvation as a Weapon?

WaPo Spins Its Scoop to Minimize Damage to Sessions
by Jim Naureckas

FAIR CounterSpin
‘The Basis of a Humane Immigration Policy Is to Respect People as Human Beings’
Mizue Aizeki on criminalizing immigrants
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
David Cay Johnston: As Jeff Sessions Scandal Brews, We Need a Public Probe of Trump’s Ties to Russia

Asylum Seeker Battling Brain Tumor Removed from Texas Hospital in Handcuffs, Taken to Private Jail


Flint Residents Now Have to Pay for Water They Still Can’t Drink
State government ends program that helped residents of Flint, Michigan with their water bills after widespread lead poisoning was revealed
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Study Shows Massive Global Permafrost Melt Underway While Trump Mentions Climate Not Once
Research shows immense expanses of permafrost rapidly disintegrating and releasing huge carbon stores in Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia, and Siberia
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

In the Face of Hatred, Americans Can Speak Up or They Can Look Away
by Leonard Pitts Jr.

Fight for $15
Trump’s child care plan is for the wealthy by the wealthy

*Sleazy kid stuff

The Real News Network
In Speech to Congress, Trump Pits Black and Latino Communities Against Each Other
Historian Gerald Horne says Trump was attempting to disrupt working class unity while ignoring that the police are the greatest threats to these communities

New Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Tied to Russian Oligarchs, Money- Laundering Bank
Economist James Henry says the Senate failed to seriously investigate the networks of Trump’s new billionaire cabinet member

With Transparency Rule Eliminated, Extractive Industries Can Hide Billions in Payments to Foreign Governments
Corinna Gilfillan of Global Witness says the change will prop up big oil’s corrupt business model

Institute for Public Accuracy
Confronting Military Recruitment of Students

Media Fawn Over Trump’s Success at Saying Words in Semi-Coherent Fashion
by Adam Johnson

*Vetting the vile

Democracy Now!
“Trump Is Resurrecting the Scare Tactics”: Prof. Kelly Lytle Hernández on Trump’s Deportation Plans

Linda Sarsour: Muslim Americans Have Now Raised Over $125,000 for Vandalized Jewish Cemeteries

In Move Recalling Nazi-Era Policies, Trump to Create Office to Track Crimes Committed by Immigrants

Trump Honors Widow of Navy SEAL Killed in Yemen, But Ignores His Father’s Calls for Investigation

*A shameless sham

And every Dem stood for it

How to Increase Iron Absorption: The Complete Guide
by Yuri Elkaim

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Groups Raise Alarm About Under-the-Radar, ‘Extremist’ Healthcare Nominee
Maternity coverage, Medicare, and Medicaid all at risk under Trump nominee Seema Verma, poised to be “the most powerful woman you’ve never heard of”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*But she’s “diversifying” the administration

And isn’t that what really matters … ?

Outcry Kills Anti-Protest Law in Arizona, But Troubling Trend Continues Nationwide
Rash of anti-protest laws and effort to dismiss demonstrators as ‘paid agitators’ are ‘standard operating procedure for movement opponents,’ says expert
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Beware of Another Reichstag Fire
by Helene Sinnreich

*PNAC had 9/11

What date will DDT dial up?

‘It’s just porn’: Coming to terms with a sexually corrosive culture
by Robert Jensen

National Day Laborers Organizing Network (NDLON)
Know Your Rights

The Real News Network
Over 217 Inauguration Protestors Face Up to Decade in Prison
Attorney Mark Goldstone says the felony indictments are unprecedented and many of the protesters were not given warnings or proper opportunity to disperse

*Warnings weren’t being given then

But they’re assuredly being given now

Is Trump Preparing a Wave of Mass Criminalization?
Attorney General Jeff Sessions said ‘future needs’ were behind the reason to reversal Obama’s ban on the DoJ’s use of private prisons, but Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford points out that violent crime is currently on the decline

*If you’re going to criminalize protest, you need someplace to put the perps, don’t you just?

‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (2/5)
Trump’s infrastructure plan will privatize all the benefits for the financiers and make sure that the population at large gets zero benefit from it while paying the costs, says economist Michael Hudson

Armed Conflict, Global Warming Intensify Mass Famines
Nnimmo Bassey explains why many of the world’s poor are forced to migrate due to policies that allow Western industries to continue polluting

Reform RICO

University of Denver- Hate speech makes us less free
by Cate Daniels

Institute for Public Accuracy
Resisters to Militarism on Trial Today

Shotgun Pointed at Black Children Trivialized as ‘Confederate Flag Incident’
by Adam Johnson

*Images frame a story, as well, needless to say.

The Faux News photo attempts to elicit sympathy for the convicted, victims of “political correctness” in that liberal bastion known as the state of Georgia.

(I’m surprised Citizen KKKane didn’t tweet out his outrage at this gross injustice.)

NYT Reporting on Trump’s Budget Outline Is Seriously Confused
by Dean Baker

Democracy Now!
As Trump Pushes for Historic $54B Military Spending Hike, Which Programs Will He Cut to Pay for War?

*”Diplomacy and foreign aid” have the same end as militarism. It’s just “soft power” as opposed to naked aggression, both tools in the empire’s arsenal

Which is why all those secretaries of defense and all those generals and admirals want more funding for them, wouldn’t you think?

“Decade of Betrayal”: How the U.S. Expelled Over a Half Million U.S. Citizens to Mexico in 1930s

*History doesn’t repeat itself

Its viciousness merely waxes and wanes

“Are You Muslim?”: Muhammad Ali’s Son & Former Wife on their Detention & Interrogation at FL Airport


What Happens When the ‘Bad Hombres’ Are ICE Agents? The Finer Points of Immigration Law Get Ignored
by Sandra Hernandez

Trump Is Lowering the Bar for Canada’s Healthcare System Too
by Julie Devaney

Trump is right to criticize NAFTA—but he’s totally wrong about why it’s bad for America
by Jeff Faux

How ‘New Cold Warriors’ Cornered Trump
The U.S. intelligence community’s extraordinary campaign of leaks claiming improper ties between President Trump’s team and Russia seeks to ensure a lucrative New Cold War by blocking detente
by Gareth Porter

Can Canada Get Out of the War Business?
by David Swanson

A Mood Is Not a Movement: Five Ideas for the Anti-Trump Forces
by Richard Rubenstein

‘Fake News’ in America: Homegrown, and Far From New
by Chris Hedges

*Through the looking glass, darkly

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
New Report On the Importance of Social Security to African-Americans

The Real News Network
‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (1/5)
Michael Hudson, author of the newly released ‘J is for Junk Economics,’ says the media and academia use well-crafted euphemisms to conceal how the economy really works

*The sticks and stones that words make unknown

Mountains of Uninvested Corporate Cash, Not Mexico, Most Responsible for Job Loss
Heiner Flassbeck tells Paul Jay that unspent and uninvested wealth held by the elites is a bigger drag on employment than free trade with Mexico

Erik Prince is Back: Former CEO of Blackwater Offering Services to the Trump Administration
Oakland Institute founder Anuradha Mittal says Prince may exercise considerable influence over Trump’s policy towards ISIS and push for the use of private contractors in national defense

*Prince of dark ops

UK ‘Deradicalization’ Program Shrouded in Secrecy
Islamic Human Rights Commission co-founder Arzu Merali says her organization will no longer participate in consultations about anti-terror laws because the government treated them as a mere rubber-stamping exercise

German University Suspends Course After Instructor Criticized Israel
Eleonora Roldán Mendívil, who was set to teach an introductory course on political theory, says she was unable to defend herself against accusations of anti-Semitism

Will Social Democracy Prevail in Mexico’s 2018 Election?
Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Morena party could revive left-wing politics in Latin America, says National Autonomous University of Mexico’s John Ackerman

Trump at CPAC: Tax Cuts, Massive Military Build-up
Phyllis Bennis, Bhaskar Sunkara and Paul Jay discuss Trump’s CPAC speech and promise to “make the GOP also the party of the American worker” along with ‘”one of the great military build-ups in American history” and Steve Bannon’s promise to defend America’s “cultural identity”

*Red meat, white people and blue streaks of demagogy

Help make XPO a great place to work!
by Trina Tocco
Justice for Port Drivers

Petition update
The Ron Finley Project
Bigger Than the Ron Finley Project

Downplaying US Contribution to Potential Yemen Famine
by Adam Johnson

*Cry for the children

And keep quiet on the cause

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Neo-McCarthyite Furor” on Russia and Threat of More War

Democracy Now!
We Will Not Be Intimidated: Philly Rabbi Decries Desecration of Over 500 Graves at Jewish Cemetery

Keith Ellison Loses DNC Chair Race After Smear Campaign over His Support for Palestinian Rights

*Everyone seems to be on board “for the good of the party”

But what if there’s no good in the party?

From Standing Rock to the Red Power Movement: New Series “RISE” Focuses on Indigenous Resistance

What Is Vitamin P and How Can It Help Prevent Cancer?
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

7 Best Abdominal Exercises for Seniors (Do These Anywhere)
by Yuri Elkaim

This is the Only Guide to Food Combining Rules You’ll Ever Need
by Yuri Elkaim


‘Chilling, Undemocratic, Totalitarian’: White House Bars Critical News Outlets
New York Times, CNN, Los Angeles Times, and Politico all reportedly barred from afternoon gaggle
by Common Dreams staff

*Of course this is bullyshit, but it’s hard to leap to the defense of a corpress that is only “adversarial” toward any attempt to sincerely challenge the status quo they serve.

And you’ll notice the touching solidarity of CBS, NBC, ABC and others …

Contrived Chaos and States of Confusion
by Randall Amster

Trial of the Century Pits Trump Climate Denialism Against ‘Right to a Climate System Capable of Sustaining Human Life’
Why ‘Climate Kids’ vs. Trump is no ordinary lawsuit
by Jeremy Brecher

Paul Ryan’s Next Attack on Workers’ Retirement a Win for Wall Street
On the “Small Savers Tax”
by Dean Baker

*Robbing hoodwink

Yes, We Can Fight Trump’s Deportation Force
by Mehrdad Azemun

100 Years of Using War to Try to End All War
by David Swanson

*War is not a video game

Yet it’s still one we can’t afford to play

The Real News Network
Mexican President Nieto Acquiesces to Trump’s Border and Deportation Policies
Law professor John Ackerman explains why President Enrique Pena Nieto offers no pushback despite the fact that Donald Trump’s policies and Nieto himself are both deeply unpopular among Mexicans

As Baltimore Police Spending Spikes, Baltimore Students Protest to Fix School Budget Gap
Hundreds of students descended on Annapolis to demand the state fund a $130 million budget gap and question the city’s priorities as police overtime spending skyrockets

*A school to police pipeline

Be Thankful for a Dysfunctional, Chaotic White House
Henry Giroux and Paul Jay discuss the Trump-Bannon-Pence administration, a naked display of the 1% ruling without apologies and damn what comes tomorrow

*The velvet gloves are off

The Blue State Where Progressive Reforms go to Die
Maryland is blocking police reforms despite damning DoJ report and pleas from activists

*Might Pugh and Davis be posturing on civilian oversight, knowing full well Zirkin’s and others’ power to prevent it?

NPR Spins Trump’s ‘Restrained’ Foreign Policy–Ignoring Threats, Bans and Escalation
by Adam Johnson

*And he wants to cut funding for public broadcasting … ?

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Ajit Pai Wants to Shut Down the Way We Communicate and Organize’
Jessica Gonzalez on Trump’s FCC
by Janine Jackson

*A devious and despicable denial of service attack


New Law Would Let Arizona Treat Organized Dissent as Organized Crime
The Republican-dominated Arizona Senate voted to expand racketeering laws to include protesters and protest organizers, meaning police could arrest demonstrators and seize their assets
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Is Trump Moderating on Foreign Policy? Not in the Least.
Trump’s leading foreign policy advisers are obsessed with Iran and making dangerous moves from East Asia to the Middle East
by Conn Hallinan

*Getting ready to boogie with the boogeymen?

Trump’s New Immigration Crackdown Has Private Prison Investors Salivating
by Lee Fang

*Cornering the captive market

A foreign policy of cruel populism
by Vijay Prashad
Indigenous Leaders to Call on Mayor de Blasio to #DefundDAPL
Opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline Grows as Trump Pushes its Completion

*Taking your money from where your mouth says it shouldn’t be

The Real News Network
Standing Rock Faces Media Blackout During Militarized Operation to Clear Camps
Independent journalist Jihan Hifaz says the remaining water protectors are not just resisting the pipelines but asserting their treaty rights

Would a Trade Deficit be Good for Workers
CEPR co-director Dean Baker says that Trump’s haphazard proposals for tariffs are dangerous, but he’s right about the relationship between the trade deficit and the value of the dollar

Evidence Emerges of Tropical Parasites in Rural America
The Trump administration’s attitude towards the EPA doesn’t bode well for the fight to eliminate third world conditions right here in the United States, says Catherine Flowers of the Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise

Standing Rock and the Struggle Against Corporate Power
Even if oil ultimately begins to flow through the pipeline, the movement has learned how to resist in spite of corporations’ endless money and political influence, says journalist Desiree Kane

*There is no defeat in defending ourselves

Greece’s Debt Relief Conundrum
SYRIZA has failed to a develop the political capacities within its base that would provide room for the party to maneuver in case of a shift in the international balance of forces, says political science professor Leo Panitch

Argentina’s President Macri Faces Increasing Scandals and Resistance to His Return to Neoliberalism
The political panorama for Argentina’s conservative government looks increasingly difficult, according to Prof. Atilio Boron

Trump Didn’t ‘Revoke’ Protections for Trans Students–Because He Can’t
by Jim Naureckas

*The imperial press-idency

Democracy Now!
“Kids Will Be Harmed by This”: Trump Admin Rolls Back Protections for Transgender Students

We Have to Keep Fighting: Water Protectors Vow Continued Resistance to #DAPL as Main Camp Is Evicted

*Not exactly the story I got from my local corpress rag this morning.

Not exactly surprised by that, either, as you might surmise.


The Republican Bid to Kill the ACA Is a Trojan Horse
Though they are having a hard time explaining what their replacement for the Affordable Care Act will look like, the GOP message on healthcare is crystal clear: You’re on your own
by Julie Chinitz

Ten Examples of Direct Resistance to Stop Government Raids
by Bill Quigley

Kenneth Arrow’s (Ignored) Impossibility Theorem
by William K. Black

*Black magical thinking

The Real News Network
Trump Wants to Defeat ISIS By Using Policies that Gave Rise to It
Professor Sabah Alnasseri says that there’s no way to resolve security, political or diplomatic issues in Iraq without cooperating with Iran

*Is it odd that Alnasseri outlines the horrors that have befallen the Iraqi people from the invasion and occupation of their country, yet then bemoans how the US has attempted to achieve its ends, rather than calling for its withdrawal?

Did I miss something?

Whistleblower Teacher Says Defunded Public Schools Vulnerable to Mass Privatization
In TRNN’s ongoing investigation into Baltimore schools, a teacher says the long-term trend of over-testing and starving public schools of funds has made them an easy target for controversial education secretary Betsy DeVos

*Ignorance is the oligarch’s bliss

Sentencing of Israeli Soldier for Killing of Palestinian Exposes Contradictions of Occupation
TRNN’s Shir Hever explains how the military court put itself on trial

Trump’s Job Promises are Fiction and Free Trade is Fiction Too
Heiner Flassbeck tells Paul Jay that neither a high tariffs wall nor neoliberal free trade will provide jobs and higher wages – but there are policies that will

*Jay asked for questions, and a constant one I have about economic discussions here and at other “alternative” outlets is why they’re almost always concerned with improving the profit system, rather than posing alternatives (that word again) to it.

If we’ve abandoned that possibility, I feel we’ve consigned ourselves to conversations over how quickly we go over the cliff, rather than how we can avoid the abyss altogether.

Sirius XM: Broadcasting White Supremacy
by Chris Pearce

*Maintaining radio violence

Democracy Now!
“A Deportation Force on Steroids”: Millions of Immigrants Could Face Removal Under New Trump Rules

Advocate: Trump’s Deportations are Possible Because Obama & Congress Failed to Protect Immigrants

*The setup man

And the closer

Anne Frank Center: Trump’s Remarks on Anti-Semitism are Too Little, Too Late

White House Refuses to Condemn Rise of Islamophobia as Radical Right Enters Political Mainstream

*The corroded cream rises to the top

FDR Rejected Anne Frank Twice as a Refugee, Advocate Urges Trump Not to Close U.S. Borders Again

*No one “urged” the bastard to do anything, did they?

We were urged to stand with each other against him.

Got high blood pressure? This nutrient may help.
Too much salt raises blood pressure. But getting enough potassium can lower it
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action


System Change Will Not Be Negotiated
by Nnimmo Bassey

DHS Immigration Memo Underscores Urgent Need for National Guard Reform
by Ben Manski

Neoliberalism: the deep story that lies beneath Donald Trump’s triumph
by George Monbiot

*The sanctification of sociopathy

They defied sanctions to bring aid to Iraq’s people
by Kathy Kelly

The Real News Network
X: Malcolm’s Final Years
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of his death, X Final Years re-examines the life and legacy of Malcolm X

Trump’s Turn from Two-State Solution Sows Crisis for Fatah, Hamas
A one-state solution threatens the Palestinian government’s raison d’etre, framed in the Oslo Agreements as an intermediary step towards an independent Palestinian state, explains TRNN correspondent Shir Hever

Baltimore Students Push For Statewide Styrofoam Ban
Following similar initiatives in cities across the country, city students are organizing to prohibit the use of this synthetic material in schools and businesses across Maryland

Survey Shows Support Growing For Palestinians Among Canadians
Dimitri Lascaris and Earl Washburn discuss a national survey that shows an increasing number of Canadians recognizing that Israel is violating the human rights of the Palestinian people and that the Canadian state is complicit

Democracy Now!
Black Edge: New Yorker’s Sheelah Kolhatkar on Wall Street’s Biggest Insider Trading Story in History

A Message to Trump from a Swede: My Real Concern is Rise of Militant Anti-Muslim Neo-Nazis, Fascists

#StopTrump: Protests Erupt Across Britain as Lawmakers Debate Canceling Trump’s State Visit

Tapping Your Way to a Healthier Life With EFT
by Ty Bollinger


Morbid Inequality: Now Just SIX Men Have as Much Wealth as Half the World’s Population
by Paul Buchheit

*If “the poor will always be with us”

It is solely due to the rich remaining, as well

James Baldwin and the Meaning of Whiteness
by Chris Hedges

Resistance and Resolve in Russia: Memorial HRC
by David Smith-Ferri

*With all the opportunistic Red Square scaremongering extant in the US, it’s good to see a piece that can delineate the very real repression that exists in Russia while placing it in the context of the shrinking of space for dissent here, which has never suffered from “partisan gridlock”.

MoveOn and ilk could learn something from it, although I’m quite certain of the utter unlikelihood of that outcome.

Syria and the Antiwar Movement
by Judith Deutsch

Ida B. Wells-Barnett : Iola, Princess of the Press & Feminist Crusader for Equality and Justice
by Kiilu Nyasha

Why Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban?
by Andrew Levine

UK Trains Ethiopian Security Forces, as MPs Call for Action on Death-Row Dad

The Real News Network
Trumponomics: Empowering Proto-Fascists
PERI’s Gerald Epstein says that we need to understand Trump’s economic policy as aimed at amassing as much power as possible in order to stifle opposition

*Pigs in protofascist pokes

How E.U.’s Migration Policy Enables Migrant Smuggling
Statewatch’s Chris Jones says the European Union Border and Coast Guard Agency is less concerned with human rights and far more preoccupied with border control, surveillance and the interception of migrants

Pope Francis Calls for Broad Front Against Tyranny and Savage Capitalism
Matthew Fox and Paul Jay discuss the Pope’s message to social movements and comparing the European far right and the rise of Trump to Hitler (1/2)

*You’ll forgive me for not having much faith (pardon the pun) in Francis’ fealty to JC’s message, when the Vatican doesn’t seem to have any problem praying to “the god of money” in its investments.

Fox speaks of his “sensitivity” to fascism, due to his family history, which one might suppose would have mitigated against his being “pretty naive” regarding the nature of the Argentinian junta, don’t you think?

Like Dear Misleader, Francis succeeds a regime that had done great damage to the “enterprise”, and a “kinder, gentler” face was deemed necessary to restore its legitimacy.

Both are dab hands are pretty words, and doing just enough to persuade those desperately desiring to believe that there’s some reason to do so.

Maybe TRNN should add another guest to this segment who’s a mite more skeptical of Francis’ “moral awakening”?

Are Liberals Helping Trump? Not Much, Apparently
by Jim Naureckas

*I’m having a hard time sussing how anyone who supports Citizen KKKane, given all he’s said and done, could in any way, shape, manner or form be deemed a “moderate”

And why “moderates” would need anyone to “persuade” them to not do so.

Democracy Now!
Daniel Ramirez Medina’s Lawyer: “Absolutely No Evidence” to Support DREAMer’s Continued Detention

Did Jeff Sessions Foreshadow New Immigration Crackdown in a Memo Before Becoming Attorney General?

The Gift of Cancer: 3 Ways You Can Choose to Benefit From a Cancer Diagnosis
by Ty Bollinger

*Mind over metastasis

4 Natural Ways to Prevent Radiation Burn (Radiodermatitis)
by Marnie Clark

My Travels to Washington D.C. – Meetings With Congress About Vaccine Safety & Freedom of Choice
by Ty Bollinger

*Could those who laud the likes of Hannity have it right here?

I made the decision to forego the shingles vaccine after turning sixty. I felt the cons outweighed the pros. And I don’t get flu shots.

Am I a fool?

What do you think?

The Importance of Emotional Clearing for Health & Healing
by Ty Bollinger

One out of three U.S. adults have prediabetes
Nine out of ten of them don’t know it
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action


Planting Seed for Strikes in the Trump Era, #Strike4Democracy Sweeps Nation
“It’s a moment we’re in, where all the typical rules don’t entirely apply”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

America Is Problem Now
by Abby Zimet, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free


Five GOP Health Care Buzz Phrases You Need to Inoculate Yourself Against
by Julie Chinitz

*Language is a virus whose complications won’t be covered

The Real News Network
Flynn’s Resignation Won’t Stop Trump Administration From Targeting Iran
Ben Norton, reporter for Alternet’s Grayzone Project, discusses the fallout from the resignation of Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn

*There is hypocrisy and danger aplenty in this “Russia to judgment”, but as horrific as Saudi Arabia and other US allies are regarding human rights, to say that Russia’s sins are “nothing” compared to theirs is to dismiss the suffering of the victims of that regime.

That may not have been Norton’s intent, but language is a virus that can carelessly infect others with callousness should we not exercise due deliberation in our choice of words.

Did the Deep State Facilitate Flynn’s Resignation?
Former FBI agent and whistleblower Coleen Rowley says there’s a difference between leaking and whistleblowing, and it’s likely that the former took place in the ongoing power struggle between the deep state and the executive branch of government

*It’s very frustrating when folks you have some respect for offer contradictory explanations on something like this.

I’d like one or more of those persons to step back and objectively lay out just what we actually know, what is reasonable to assume, while not committing to it, what we don’t know, and what appears to be disinformation.

One thing that confuses me is Rowley’s contention that Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador was SOP, using the example of contact with Israeli officials.

If so, why did he lie about it? Did he lie about it?

Two and two aren’t close to four here.

What I can say is that I wouldn’t trust anything from those in authority at Spook Central as far as I could toss it. That doesn’t mean it might not be true, but to see “the resistance” suddenly place full faith and credit in these duplicitous bastards simply because they’re fucking with DDT for their own ends worries the bejesus outta me.

“The enemy of my enemy” here is another enemy just as fearsome, and not remaining fully cognizant of that may well lead to consequences truly fearsome to contemplate.

Trump and Netanyahu Acknowledge the Death of the Two-State Solution
Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah says there should be no territorial partition and forced segregation between Israelis and Palestinians, but instead a single democratic state that equally protects the rights of everyone

*Of course, an end to apartheid here, as with South Africa and the US South, is by no means the end of the struggle against injustice and oppression.

Indeed, it’s only the end of its first chapter.

EU-Canada Trade Deal Will Undermine Domestic Regulations
Trade deals like CETA are in part a result of undemocratic policymaking, says Global Justice Now’s Jean Blaylock

Trump’s Tax Returns Key to Clarifying Russian Connections
Economist James Henry explains why we should take Deutschebank’s findings about Trump’s assets with a grain of salt

*Should we be paying less attention to the whole “Post Red Menace subversion of our democracy” meme, and more to industrial grade greed and corruption as the focus of our concern over “the Russian connection”?

IMF Lent to Greece Knowing It Could Never Pay Back Debt
There’s a real need for international debtor rights, says economist Michael Hudson

Scrutiny for Supreme Court Pick Fails to Focus on Rights of Disabled
by Janine Jackson

*You’d think the corpress would be more empathetic toward disabled folks, given their own acute disability to question the perogatives of power.

But then, that’s a wilful impairment, isn’t it?

Democracy Now!
Why Did ICE Arrest & Imprison a 23-Year-Old DREAMer and DACA Recipient Living Legally in the U.S.?

Undocumented Mother in Sanctuary in Denver Church: I’ve Paid Taxes for 20 Years, Why Hasn’t Trump?

Denver Church Gives Sanctuary to Immigrant Mother Facing Deportation: “We Are Not Breaking Any Laws”

Does New Labor Secretary Nominee Alex Acosta Have the Perfect Résumé to Sabotage a Federal Agency?

*Castigation of the current administration shouldn’t equate to acclamation for the previous regime, yet that appears a not infrequent quality among guests on this program, doesn’t it?


One Way You Can Help Fight Against Political Interference in Science: Tell Us About It
by Michael Halpern

The Real News Network
As Opposition Mounts to Cash Bail in MD, Industry Wines and Dines
The Real News was there as protesters gathered at a high-priced steak house where the bail business plied politicians with food and liquor to stop reform efforts

Can Somalia’s New President Help Rebuild the Country?
Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed faces many challenges posed by war lords, the war on terror, and U.S. intervention, says professor Abdi Samatar

Upward Distribution of Wage Income Behind Social Security’s Shortfall
CEPR’s Dean Baker says Republicans often omit the role of stagnant wage growth in the discussion around the growing deficit in this social insurance program

*Isn’t Social Security an antiquated program instituted at a time when entitlement programs were unheard of?

Shouldn’t it be replaced with a needs based scheme?

The counter argument is always that there wouldn’t be public support, because only a portion of the population would see benefits from it, but that applies to many aspects of gummint funding, doesn’t it?

Not everyone directly benefits from Medicare or Medicaid, or from funding for needs in areas other than theirs, yet there’s still support for these.

Isn’t that contention based on a jaundiced view of how we relate to the commons, which sadly has some justification, but as regards providing the elderly and disabled the means to a dignified life, I’d like to believe it’s unwarranted.

Lockout of Honeywell Workers Signals Broader Corporate Offensive Against Collective Bargaining
Professor Paul Mishler, who organized a rally in support of UAW workers in Indiana, says there’s a need for community support for labor struggles and tactics outside of traditional collective bargaining

In the Trump Era, Is Canada’s Trade Relationship with the U.S. a Blessing or a Curse?
Following the first meeting between U.S. President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, Nora Loreto discusses the future of US-Canada relations

Institute for Public Accuracy
After Trump-Netanyahu Meeting: What Kind of One-State Solution?

ACTION ALERT: WaPo’s Post Live Series Is a Love Letter to Corporate Conflicts of Interest
by Adam Johnson

*He who pays the pimper …

Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald on Flynn-Russia Leaks: Highly Illegal & Wholly Justified

Greenwald: Democrats Seem to Consider Snowden’s & Manning’s Leaks Evil & Leaks Under Trump Heroic

Greenwald: Empowering the “Deep State” to Undermine Trump is Prescription for Destroying Democracy

Gluten and Joint Pain: Is Gluten Making You Sore?
by Yuri Elkaim


Welcome to Trumpcare! Proposed Changes Raise Costs, Weaken Coverage
‘Today the insurance lobby got its wish list’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Trumpcare” and “Obamacare” (personal experience speaking) deserve each other.

We deserve “Omnicare”, if Article 25 of the Declaration of Human Rights is worth more than the parchment it’s printed on.

The Leakers Who Exposed Gen. Flynn’s Lie Committed Serious — and Wholly Justified — Felonies
by Glenn Greenwald

*Loving the leaker

Unless the urine is on your shoes

Netanyahu Comes to Trump Meeting Under Pressure to Kill Palestinian State
by Allison Deger

The Real News Network
New Whistleblower Teachers Say Baltimore Schools Designed to Fail to Speed Privatization
In a follow-up exclusive interview with another Baltimore school teacher, TRNN delves deeper into the threats to public education that involve over testing, defunding of the arts, and the preference for charter schools

On Valentine’s Day, Baltimore Restores Free Bus Passes For Students
Corporations, nonprofits and citizens raised tens of thousands of dollars to restore free bus passes for students to attend after school programs, but advocates knowledge it’s a temporary fix to a systemic problem of underfunding city school services

Rattling the Bars: The Unconstitutional Practice of Life Without Parole
Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with legal Activists and family members of incarcerated persons advocating for policy that would take the power of parole out of the governor’s jurisdiction and allow parole boards to make the ultimate decision

*Retrieving the key

Empire Files: Post-Soviet Russia, Made in the U.S.A.
Abby Martin interviews Mark Ames, an American journalist who spent a decade reporting from Russia and witnessed the country’s transformation from an American “colony” to its “number one threat”

*Somehow I don’t think this will make it on MSNBC

Or “Democracy Now!”

The question is whether this context will find safe harbor at any relatively visible “alternative” outlet, as Putinophobia is to be deemed too vital a weapon against DDT to let a little thing like reality get in the way.

“Intelligence community” may describe the alphabet soup of spookdom

But you can’t reasonably apply it to the vast bulk of “the resistance”, can you?

Trump’s Immigration Order Sets Barriers on Fighting Deportation at the Local Level
Erika Andiola says citizens can help protect undocumented communities by pushing elected officials in their states and cities to declare sanctuary status

Vaughn Correctional Center Inmates Rose Up Against Decades of Oppression
The rioters who took hostages at the Delaware prison were rising up against policies that “are meant to sound reasonable,” but are really “extremely repressive,” says Professor Kim Wilson

Secretive Proceedings Over CETA Trade Deal Draw Public Ire
With the European parliament set to vote on CETA this week, Jean Blaylock of Global Justice Now says the deal has little to do with trade, but instead emphasizes deregulation, privatization and increased corporate control over the economy

Institute for Public Accuracy
Netanyahu’s “Blatant” Violations of International Law Now Becoming “Unhinged”

Trump Supporters Support Trump: To Maintain ‘Balance,’ Media Resort to Tautology
by Reed Richardson

*Foregoing facts not a fit for the “Forgotten America” frame

Spin Control Through Censorship
The Pentagon Manages the News

*I didn’t know that “media hero” Moyers had engaged in self censorship, per that last paragraph.

I don’t pay much attention to him. He’s your typical liberal with contradictions aplenty with it comes to putting two and two together.

But I always assumed he had a rep for journalistic integrity when it came to matters such as this.

Silly me …

Are You Getting the Benefits of Organic Food You Paid For?
by Ty Bollinger

Meditation Techniques for Beginners: 5 Easy Ways to Get Started
by Yuri Elkaim

How To Naturally Sweeten Your Smoothie


Pence Places Conservative, Evangelical ‘Allies’ in All Corners of White House
Vice president opens revolving door to far-right former staffers and aides from Indiana and Capitol Hill
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Flynn Resignation Shows Leaks Under Trump Are Working. Keep ‘Em Coming.
by Trevor Timm

The Real News Network
DNC Chair Candidates Agree: Unity Is Better Than Division
While many are calling the race between top contenders for chair of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez and Keith Ellison an extension of Clinton vs. Sanders, candidates at this weekend’s forum seemed to prioritize politeness and consensus over the question many think is tearing the Democrats apart

*The face may change

The farce remains

FAIR CounterSpin
‘School Choice Is Not Serving the Most Disenfranchised’
Kevin Kumashiro on Betsy DeVos
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
Did “Intelligence Community” Take out Flynn?

Democracy Now!
Pipeline Partners: Trudeau & Trump Meet as They Push for Keystone XL & Other Big Oil Projects


Crossing the Northern Border: Immigrants in U.S. Flee into Canada Seeking Refuge from Trump

Clayton Thomas-Muller: Rising Fascism in U.S. Is Emboldening White Supremacists in Canada

FCC Under Trump: Net Neutrality & Internet Freedom Face New Attack

Criminalization & Trump’s ICE Raids: Two Immigrant Rights Organizers Facing Deportation Speak Out

9 Important Stretching Exercises for Seniors to Do Every Day
by Yuri Elkaim


From #DayWithoutLatinos to Rapid Response Teams, Deportation Resistance Builds
More than 120 businesses are closed in Wisconsin on Monday to protest Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s immigration crackdown
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Is President Trump Headed for a War with China?
All options are “On the table”
by Rajan Menon

Food & Water Watch
Advocacy Group Mounts Legal Challenge to Nutrient Trading Permit in Pennsylvania

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Federal Employee Free Speech Tied in Knots
Ethical Quagmires Line Narrow Path of Federal Workers’ Ability to Speak Out

The Real News Network
50 Years Later, Film on Algerian War of Independence Continues to Inspire Freedom Struggles (1/2)
Sohail Daulatzai, author of “Fifty Years of The Battle of Algiers: Past as Prologue,” sits down with former Black Panther Eddie Conway to discuss why the 1966 movie remains highly influential in the age of the war on terrorism and authoritarian capitalism

As Tensions Rise Between Greece and its Creditors, Is Grexit Back on the Table? (3/3)
Former SYRIZA MP Costas Lapavitsas responds to the argument that the costs of transitioning from the Euro to the drachma would outweigh the benefits

As Tensions Rise Between Greece and its Creditors, Is Grexit Back on the Table? (2/3)
Former SYRIZA MP Costas Lapavitsas explains that, so long as Greece remains in the Eurozone, it will not be able to reverse austerity and direct its fiscal policy towards unemployment

Miami May Not Survive Climate-Driven Sea Level Rise
A trillion-dollar coastal property real estate bubble could burst as sea level rise begins to pose an imminent threat, says’s Joseph Romm

*Pardon the godawful pun, but what we need is an extreme “see” level rise

Behind Romania’s Protests, A Struggle Between Unaccountable Judiciary and Corrupt Politicians
CriticAtac co-editor Florin Poenaru says Romania’s political crisis is likely to deepen after the protests begin to recede

How U.S. States and Cities Can Take on Climate Change in Spite of Trump’s Denialism
Daphne Wysham warns that a carbon tax plan proposed by Republican elder statesmen would roll back critically important environmental regulations

How Money Bail Imprisons People For Being Poor – And What Can Be Done About It
Bail reform advocates in Maryland are pushing legislation which will eliminate money bail, a key step they say in broadening movement to eliminate jail time for people who cannot afford to pay

*The rich get bail outs

The poor get bail ins—And-What-Can-Be-Done-About-It

World Beyond War
To the organizers of the April 29 People’s Climate March
Will you stand for peace?

*You can’t wave the red flag for climate catastrophe

And the red white and blue flag for “our brave men and women defending freedom overseas”

Unless you have an acute case of cognitive dissonance.

(Welcome to “the resistance”, American style)

Institute for Public Accuracy
Amnesty International “Stokes Syrian War”

*If AI is indeed being duplicitous here, it’s yet another example of “Democracy Now!” being considerably less than “the exception to the rulers”.

We’ll see if Sterling or someone else critical of this report is asked on to present their views.

I have my doubts.

Democracy Now!
Secretary of Labor Violations? Opposition Grows to the Nomination of Fast-Food CEO Andy Puzder

Former Carl’s Jr. Worker Recalls Sexual Harassment & Wage Theft at Andrew Puzder’s Restaurant Chain

*Breaking free from their fast food chains

Saru Jayaraman: Trump Labor Nominee Andrew Puzder Does Not Respect Women At All

The Truth About Cholesterol Levels & Cancer Most MDs Don’t Know
by Dr. Jack Wolfson

5 things you should know about high blood pressure
And how to keep yours from climbing
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action

Gut Health Alert: 4 Factors That Put Your Gut Microbiome at Risk
By Ty Bollinger


Fake News is Not New and Huxley, Not Orwell, is the Messenger
Why it’s time to reread Neil Postman
by Jerry Lembcke

*Well, it’s both, innit?

A collusive corpress works velvet hand in iron glove with Big Bro, accepting his nefarious narrative, while creating the cretinous context that allows its insidious infestation.

I imagine Orwell, Huxley and Postman would find much in common in commiserate on.

“I’ve Never Been So Ashamed To Be an American.” Really?
These are shameful times, but the current ugliness did not start simply with Donald Trump
by Christian Christensen

*All too terribly true, but isn’t leapfrogging over the “good war” in Afghanistan reflective of the same historical denial that Christensen so righteously condemns?

Aren’t those lost lives as precious as those of Iraqis?

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Voting Advocates Announce a Settlement of “Exact Match” Lawsuit in Georgia
Minor Typos and Data Entry Errors will No Longer Deny Eligible Georgians the Right to Register and Vote

Institute for Public Accuracy
Price at HHS: Is Trump Undermining Medicare and Medicaid?

*An invidious quack attack

Democracy Now!
Court Refuses to Reinstate Trump’s Muslim Ban, Says “No Evidence” of Attacks from 7 Listed Countries

Trump Launches “Blue Lives Matter Regime” with Three New Executive Orders on Law Enforcement

*I’m weary of saying it, but needs must

A police state of mind

ICE Raids Speed into Overdrive: Advocates Say Obama’s Deportations Reaching “100 MPH” Under Trump

In Real Bowling Green Massacre, a White Supremacist Planned Attack Against African Americans & Jews

*Notice how many of these murderers and would be killers have been in the military, that hallowed bastion of “duty and honor”.

See the Signs of Terror: Journalists Call on Trump to Condemn White Supremacist-Led Attacks & Plots

*From malign neglect to malefic inspiration

Do These 9 Exercises to Strengthen Weak Knees
by Yuri Elkaim


Eight Countries Join Global Fight Against Trump’s Anti-Abortion Move
Belgium, Canada, Cape Verde, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden join Netherlands’ effort, launched in response to “global gag rule”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Traitor’: West Virginia Democrat Manchin Under Fire for Pro-Sessions Vote
“Manchin, by voting Sessions, voted for race-based voter suppression. He’s a traitor to his voters and the party.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[A] traitor to his … party”?

That would be the party of Dixiecrats, spooking of the civil rights movement and “welfare reform”?

In the Trump Era, The Enemies of Our Enemy Are Not Our Friends
by Rebecca Gordon

The Mass Grave We Call Collateral Damage
by Robert C. Koehler

*Out of the mouths of baby killers

The Real News Network
Attempts to Silence Elizabeth Warren Backfire on GOP
Warren’s reading of Coretta Scott King’s 1986 letter shed light on Jeff Session’s prosecution of voting rights activists and highlighted the need for massive opposition against the future Attorney General, says attorney Kamau Franklin

Cruz’s Plan to End State Regulation of Health Insurers Would Nationalize Worst Market Practices
Responding to the Sanders-Cruz debate, CEPR’s Dean Baker says the Republican’s plan would deprive sick people of their ability to afford healthcare care

*I’m no expert, but let me suggest in response to Baker’s last comments about insurance company profits, that while the ACA may not have been a “bonanza” for them, or all of them, they supported it because they saw it as staving off pressure for the creation of a true universal system.

Better half a loaf (or considerably more) than none.

Behind the Scenes of the Investigation of Pocomoke’s 1st Black Police Chief
Recently unsealed court documents reveal defendants in Kelvin Sewell’s discrimination lawsuit worked closely with state prosecutors to produce charges against the former Baltimore homicide supervisor

*The filthy dig for dirt

Army Approves Final Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline Without Assessing Environmental Impact
Nick Tilsen, Executive Director of Thunder Valley Community Development Corp, says the decision reflects the long history of the U.S. government ignoring treaties and environmental protections

Maryland Democrats Spar Over Measure Blocking Baltimore Minimum Wage Hikes
The contentious hearing involving state and local Democrats took place the day after a majority of Baltimore’s city council said it supports raising its minimum wage to $15 by 2022

NYT: Unlike Russian Wars, US Wars ‘Promote Freedom and Democracy’
by Adam Johnson

*A liberal dose of duplicity

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump’s Terrorism

*The black pot in the back of the corpress cupboard

Democracy Now!
Human Slaughterhouse: Amnesty International Says Up to 13,000 Hanged at Syrian Prison

*This is horrific, and that word is insufficient, but recall that the US used to render “terrorist suspects” to Syria to be tortured, so please take any outrage by American officials and politicians with a sea’s worth of salt.

Meet the ACLU Attorney Interrogated by Border Agents About Her Work, Nationality & More

Which Foreign Group Will the Trump Administration Designate as a Terrorist Organization Next?


Sean Spicer: Anyone—and He Means “Anyone”—Who Criticizes Yemen Raid Owes Apology to Dead U.S. Soldier
“That’s my message to anybody who says that, anybody,” Spicer said. “I don’t know how much clearer I can be”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”But even Senator John McCain—”

Spare me.

McCain didn’t give a good goddamn about American blood and treasure when it came to Afghanistan, Iraq, et alia (or if it comes to Iran)

And it goes without saying how much he cared about the hell wrought in those wretched lands, other than to cheer it on.

Taking Cues from Trump, UK Quietly ‘Shuts Door’ on Child Refugees
‘Do we really want to be joining Donald Trump in slamming the door on vulnerable refugee children?’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Don’t Play Into Trump’s Hands on the Muslim Ban
Even some critiques of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban contain unfortunate stereotypes
by Dina El-Rifai

*Another stereotype of “the good Muslim” in play here is applied to those who assisted US occupiers in their home countries.

Such actions are deemed heroic. After all, we’re the good guys.

Of course, those propagating this meme often don’t portray the US as such, reflecting the undeniable reality.

So, two plus two ends up equaling forty-one. Many who righteously decry imperialism posit those who made common cause with it as somehow virtuous.

There is doubtless a profound hypocrisy in the harm done to these persons on the basis of their religion and nationality after having been promised benefits based on their “service”, and there are a variety of reasons why such “service” was performed, including seeking protection from sectarian violence.

Some could be said to have betrayed their fellow countrypersons, having been in league with an invader who wreaked death and destruction across their land. That’s a topic for another time.

My focus here is on the ease with which some opponents of this vile regime abandon their proclaimed resistance to US militarism in an effort to denigrate it, whether that involves iconizing “those who risked their lives for our troops”, or, as El-Rifai alludes to, joined the military themselves.

We don’t have to forsake our principles to make plain a lack of same.

Protecting Militants: China blocks UN listing of Pakistani as a globally designated terrorist
by James M. Dorsey

Human Rights Watch (HRW)
US: Don’t Target Muslim Brotherhood

The Real News Network
Emmett Till in Israel: How False Allegations of Rape Are Used to Lynch African Refugees and Palestinians
Top officials implicated in sex crime scandals occupy top positions within the Israeli state, says journalist David Sheen

Greece’s Creditors Demand New Austerity Measures As Condition for Next Bailout
By focusing on serving an unsustainable debt rather than addressing high unemployment, Syriza has set the stage for a right-wing victory in future elections, says former parliamentarian Costas Lapavitsas

*Call it a massive reduction in principles

Israel Announces Expansion of West Bank Colonization Amid Rise in Corruption Scandals
Political economist Shir Hever says the consequences of recent legislation will lead to a deterioration in foreign relations and deliver a major blow to the nation’s culture industry

US Public Is Waking Up To Islamophobia, But Will the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Follow?
Dr. Maha Hilal says that Trump’s Muslim ban is another attempt to criminalize followers of Islam and justify further violence against Middle Eastern nations

Democracy Now!
ACLU: We’re in a Dangerous Situation as Gov’t Claims That Courts Have No Role Reviewing Muslim Ban

Water Protectors Call for Global Mass Mobilizations as Army Plans to Approve Dakota Access Pipeline


Landfill Drops Defamation Lawsuit Against Community Activists, Agrees to Environmental Protections
ACLU Represents Residents of Low-Income, Majority Black Alabama Town in Settlement Victory

*SLAPPing back

The Real News Network
Why Trump’s Threat to Defund the Palestinian Authority Worries Israel
Neither Israel, Saudi Arabia, or Jordan want to see the emergence of a grassroots liberation struggle in the Palestinian territories, says TRNN correspondent Shir Hever

Will Correa’s Party Survive Past Ecuadorian General Election?
President Rafael Correa has not built a movement in Ecuador capable of mobilizing in support of his chosen successor and current vice president Lenin Moreno, says TRNN correspondent Greg Wilpert

‘Geriatric Gulags’: Most Sentences of Life With Parole Mean ‘Die in Prison’
Incarceration rates remain high in the United States because people are kept behind bars there for far longer than any other country in the world, says The Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford

New Republican Strategy: Acknowledge Climate Change, Obscure Human Role
Professor Chris Williams says the definition of climate denial should not be limited to Republican’s rejection of scientific fact; it should include the refusal to take the necessary course of action, as exemplified by the Obama presidency

*The dismal difference between doing nothing

And doing nothing of note

On Iran, SPLC’s ‘Extremist’ Is NPR’s ‘Expert’
by Adam Johnson

*You might think DDT would want to increase NPR’s funding off of reportage like this, rather than seeking to gut it.

And you might think that could be the reason for it.

Just a thought …

Institute for Public Accuracy
Billionaire DeVos “Ignorant of the Most Basic Federal Programs”

Democracy Now!
Iranian Student Blocked from Entering U.S.: Trump Remarks on Muslim Ban Remind Me of the Nazis


How to Help Immigrant and Muslim Neighbors
People are turning their frustrations with the Trump administration into finding ways to make a meaningful difference in the lives of vulnerable citizens
by Lornet Turnbull

Make America Ungovernable
by Chris Hedges

*I understand Hedges’ rationale for nonviolence, but I can’t accept that we don’t have a right to defend ourselves and others with the use of force, if necessary.

That right has to be exercised with principle and discipline, and its use has to be assessed strategically and tactically in every instance, but it is one we can’t forfeit in the uncertain hope that our forebearance will be rewarded with support from the general population.

That doesn’t “transform [us] into the monsters we seek to defeat”, any more than armed freedom fighters throughout history could be deemed such.

I don’t mean to romanticize. Violent force is a fearsome tool, and can easily lead to dehumanization, if we don’t hold fast to those principles and evince the discipline they require to avoid such a fate.

But I don’t believe it is a tool we can afford to foreswear, given the menace we face.

Field of Fright: The Terror Inside Trump’s White House
by Ira Chernus

Research Finds Hope in Slowing Arctic’s Climate-Warming Black Carbon
With rare data from the Siberian Arctic, scientists find a way to pinpoint the source of pollution, a known accelerator of global warming
by Sabrina Shankman

Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Saudi Arabia: Intensified Repression of Writers, Activists

The Real News Network
Rattling the Bars: The Case of the Omaha Two
In this episode of Rattling the Bars, Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with freelance journalist Kietryn Zychal about political prisoners Ed Poindexter and David Rice

California Struggles with Groundwater Depletion Following End of Drought
Climate change will result in more rainfall and less snowfall, leading to flooding in the winter and shortages in the summer, says Pacific Institute’s Heather Cooley

Natural Gas Fuels Cyprus Reunification Efforts (1/2)
Reunification of the Island is being marketed as a solution to its economic crisis along with the development of natural gas infrastructure enabled by better relations with Turkey, says political scientist Leandros Fischer

Why Rolling Back Dodd-Frank Won’t Benefit Small Businesses
Wall Street is sitting on billions – instead of giving loans to those who need it, the banks use it for speculation and CEO bonuses, says PERI co-director Gerald Epstein

*Goldman Sachs and Pillages

(It’s too easy, I admit … )

Trump Administration Covers Up Saudi War Crimes in Yemen, Exaggerates Iran’s Role
Ben Norton tells Paul Jay that the U.S. and Saudis are overwhelmingly responsible for the atrocities committed in Yemen

Industry-Funded Regulatory Agency Set to Vote on Approving Gas Pipeline and Terminal in Earthquake Zone
Policy advisor Ted Gleichman says the billions spent on the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline and Jordan Cove Energy Project in Oregon should be used for creating jobs in renewables instead of a project that will worsen climate-related disasters

Baltimore Whistleblower Teacher Says ‘All Systems Down’ in City Schools
Longtime educator gives an inside view of deplorable conditions and a poor learning environment as city officials prepare to layoff nearly 1000 employees to address budget deficit crisis

*Starving the fever

Help Me Make it Easier to Visit Loved Ones In Jail
by Maya Schenwar

How Corporate Media Paved the Way for Trump’s Muslim Ban
by Adam Johnson

A Lesson Media Missed About the Dangers of Scapegoating
by Jim Naureckas

*The devil you sow

Institute for Public Accuracy
DeVos’ Education Agenda: “Privatize, Monetize, Weaponize”

Democracy Now!
Trump Reportedly Scraps Anti-LGBT Executive Order, But Vows to Give Churches More Political Power

*The bully pimps for the pulpit

7 Things Every Mother Needs to Tell Her Daughter About Breast Cancer Prevention
by Marnie Clark

Why U.S. Cancer Doctors Are Forced into Giving Chemo, Radiation, and Surgery to Their Patients
by Dr. Bradford Weeks

Prescription drugs or arsenic in your drinking water?
Should you be concerned?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*I’d question just how much confidence we should have in the Consumer Confidence Report

And how exactly is “a compromise between what’s safe and what’s practical” arrived at, and who’s at the table to determine that?

Do You Have Low Iodine?: The Link Between Iodine Deficiency & Cancer
by Elyn Jacobs

5 of the Most Effective Natural UTI Remedies
by Yuri Elkaim


Analyzing the Mindset of President Trump: Does Antisocial Personality Disorder Fit?
by Katherine Van Wormer

*Many of these traits can be said to apply to the socioeconomic system that allowed someone like DDT to rise within it, don’t you think?

The Real News Network
Lies Promote Trump’s Economic War Against Iran
Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s accusation that Iran’s ballistic missile test violated a UN resolution is not backed by any evidence, and Press Secretary Spicer’s allegation of an Iranian attack on a U.S. ship is a complete fabrication – Paul Jay interviews Ben Norton

*The vulture becomes the hawk

Greenland Ice Sheet Melting 600 Percent Faster Than Predicted by Current Models
The climate is very capable of changing to another stable state unfavorable to the human species, and this is a real danger of our global experiment with unmitigated greenhouse gas emissions, says Arctic ice specialist David Barber

*I’ll need someone to explain to me, as it was ignored here, how, given what was just presented, “transitioning to more greenhouse gas-friendly types of hydrocarbons” will do anything other than slow our approach to the cliff from a dead sprint to a brisk run, if that.

The only transition we should be working toward is to renewables.

How fast?

How about yesterday …

Raising Medicare Eligibility to 67 Would Leave Nearly 2 Million Uninsured
If the ACA is also repealed, nearly 4 million seniors will lose their health insurance, says PERI’s Peter Arno

Discontent with Politics of the Extreme Center Underlies French Presidential Race
Left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon could face a very popular right-wing candidate in Marine Le Pen; if victorious, Melenchon would find himself surrounded by hostile actors like Syriza did when they took power in Greece, says Renaud Lambert

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump Calls for Major Escalation in Syria

30 Washington Post Articles on Gorsuch’s Nomination–Not a Single One Opposed
by Adam Johnson

*Court of corporate opinion

Democracy Now!
Yemen: Jeremy Scahill & Advocates Question “Success” of Trump Raid That Killed 24 Civilians

*Does it matter to the victims whether the terrorist is a Peace Prize “winner”, or a certifiable sociopath?

Meet Lewis Wallace: Trans Reporter Fired for Writing About Journalistic Integrity in Trump Era

*How do you cover evil without speaking it?

Trans Reporter Lewis Wallace: In Trump Era, Journalists Urgently Need to Know What We Stand For


Trump Seeks to Take Wrecking Ball to Division Between Church and State
Draft executive order ‘reads like the administration was challenged to see how many violations of the Bill of Rights can be contained in one policy change’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A new and nefarious meaning to “the bully pulpit”

The Great American “Welcoming” Break-Out: What’s Not to Like?
Why we should not forget the role our endless wars over the last sixteen years have played in creating the refugee crisis we now so earnestly decry
by Jerry Lembcke

*Never let historical contradictions get in the American Way of a comforting and comfortable national myth

The Real News Network
Dozens Arrested at Standing Rock as Veterans Vow to Block Completion of Dakota Access Pipeline
Michael Wood, a leader of Veterans for Standing Rock, says his commitment to opposing the $3.8 billion dollar pipeline is rooted in his experience as a former Baltimore police sergeant and Marine Corps veteran

Republicans Launch Federal Battle to Undermine Trade Unions
Bill Fletcher Jr. says the right to work legislation is aimed at keeping down the living standard of workers

Private Sector Will Make a Killing Off of Infrastructure Bank
Democrats and Republicans appear willing to offer public-private partnerships and tax credits to the benefit of Wall Street, says former financial regulator Bill Black

Trump Administration Looms Over Consent Decree Hearing in Baltimore
A federal judge citing shifting politics in Washington DC sought details from the city and the DOJ on how they plan implement a major overhaul of the police department

Brazil’s Corrupt Politicians, Media and the Courts in Cahoots
Officials close to President Temer could face indictment in the Car Wash Scandal, says Joao Feres Jr.

Judge Presiding Over Car Wash Investigations Dies in Plane Crash
Plane crash occurred just as the judge was about to accept the testimonies of Odebrecht employees, says Joao Feres Jr.

Trump Nominates ‘Scalia Clone’ Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Vacancy
The Atlanta Black Star’s Kamau Franklin says if confirmed, Gorsuch will mirror Scalia’s reactionary rulings affecting blacks, women, the LGBT community and workers

Media Need to Treat Presidential Lawbreaking as a Matter of Fact
by Jim Naureckas

*A grasp of reality (not to mention a sense of decency)

Stuck in neutral

Democracy Now!
Meet the Attorney Suing Trump for Barring Children from Entering U.S. to See Their Parents

Lizzy Ratner: “Nobody Wanted to Take Us In: The Story of Jared Kushner’s Family, and Mine”

*Alluded to here is the reality that the Zionists in Palestine weren’t the saviors of European Jews, which gives the lie to their claim of Israel being created as a “haven against persecution”.

Little wonder that today the Israeli government has no qualms about a US administration laced with anti-Semites and apologists for same, and celebrated by neofascists the world over, as long as it champions its apartheid and occupation even more than previous regimes of both major parties.

Nightshade Vegetables: Do You Need to Avoid Them?
by Yuri Elkaim


Taking Iraq’s Oil… The Trump Edition
by Edward Hunt

The Real News Network
British Trident Missile Test Misfired Near Florida
David Webb of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament says the Houses of Parliament debated renewing its nuclear weapons system without any knowledge of the dangerous malfunction

Trump Set to Rollback Financial Regulation Passed After the 2008 Crisis
By refusing to challenge Clinton and Bush-era deregulation and also explain the causes of the financial crisis to the public, the Democrats failed to build a defense against what the new administration is about to do, says former financial regulator Bill Black

A Mickey Mouse Reason to Support the TPP
by Dean Baker

*Sometimes rats protect mice

After the Apocalypse: Trying to Describe Reality in Unreal Times
by Sarah Jaffe

Democracy Now!
Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Has History of Ruling Against Workers, Women & Regulation

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Whither the Resistance?
by Fran Shor

Don’t Give In To Coup Fantasies; Power Is More Straightforward
by Arun Gupta

The Real News Network
Executive Order on Regulations Will Benefit Large Corporations, Not Small Businesses
The Trump administration is using small business as an excuse for wholesale assault on regulation, says former financial regulator Bill Black

Erdogan Poised to Consolidate Authoritarian Regime in Upcoming Referendum
Over the past year and a half, we’ve seen the emergence of an increasingly totalitarian regime centered around one individual who aims to radically shape and transform Turkish society, says Baris Karaagac

European States Pushing for Unbridled Retention of Its Citizens’ Data
Mass surveillance policies often appease populist sentiment in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, but result in laws that are ambiguous and put citizens in danger, says former intelligence officer Asaf Lubin

FAIR CounterSpin
‘People Have the Right to Take to the Streets’
Mara Verheyden-Hilliard on the inauguration protests
by Janine Jackson

‘We Should Not Be Subsidizing an Industry That Is Hurting Our Communities’
David Turnbull on pipeline politics
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
Yemen Starvation — From Air War Worse Than Aleppo

*Selective outrage = defective decency

Democracy Now!
Trita Parsi: If Ban is How Trump Approaches Iran, We Fear Nuclear Deal Won’t Withstand Tensions

Nonproliferative Diabetic Retinopathy: How to Stop It from Stealing Your Eyesight
by Yuri Elkaim


German Ambassador 1933: “Hostility to Jews Aimed Mainly at ‘Immigrants'”
by Juan Cole

*The past is prolonged

Does Rachel Maddow Want Russia Bombed?
by David Swanson

*And this was “the lesser evil” …

Listening to golf banter taught us teenage caddies that it’s OK to objectify women
by Robert Jensen

The Real News Network
How the Black Panther Party Changed Community Organizing
Executive Producer and former Black Panther Eddie Conway interviews former Central Committee member Albert “Big Man” Howard

Incubed Learning Center Serves the Baltimore Community
Eddie Conway visits Incubed Learning Center and speaks with director Nicole Love about the services they provide for the community

*An appropriate surname, don’t you think?

Rick Perry’s Deep Ties to Dakota Access Pipeline
Trump’s potential Secretary of Energy has major conflicts of interest with the Dakota Access Pipeline and would push forward a dangerous proposal for nuclear waste management, say Steve Horn and Diane D’Arrigo

Executive Order on Pipelines Will Benefit Billionaire Trump Donor
Harold Hamm is the CEO of a major fracking company that would see its product flow through the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, says DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horn

Baltimore City Councilers Slam Maryland State Democrat’s Plan to Block Local Minimum Wage Increases
Progressive members of the Baltimore City Council are calling for mass opposition to a proposal that strips away the ability of local jurisdictions to raise the minimum wage law – measures passed in over a dozen states nationwide and backed by the conservative lobbying group ALEC

*This is what Demoratcy looks like

Some Syrian Opposition Groups Begin to Abandon Armed Struggle
The mood at the Syria Peace Talks in Asnam suggests that the armed Syrian opposition’s external supporters, like Saudi Arabia, have decided to wind down the war, says Vijay Prashad

Visa Ban Excludes Countries with Direct Links to Terrorism and Where Trump Has Commercial Holdings
The executive order is an effort to keep Muslims out of the country and has nothing to do with security, says New Internationalism Project director Phyllis Bennis

State Duma, adopt the domestic violence law in Russia
by Alena Popova

Color Of Change
Mayors: #DontGiveIn to Trump. Expand Sanctuary.

First They Came for the Immigrants–and NYT Said People Should Anonymously Inform on Them
by Jim Naureckas

*Laws (ideally) exist to promote good and prevent harm.

When considering the harm in breaking a law, we have to ask who is harmed by doing so, and who is harmed by not doing so.

If “jumping the queue” meant that someone who’s legally applied for citizenship would be denied their place, the harm is obvious, but in this instance, no one is harmed in this manner.

We don’t know this person’s circumstances. She may have a valid reason for her action, based on her situation in her homeland. Even if that weren’t the case, who would be harmed if she were turned in? Does she have children or others who depend on her?

You have to wonder why Appiah the Ethicist apparently either doesn’t consider these factors, or finds them unworthy of consideration, don’t you just?

ACTION ALERT: Tell CNN to Stop Using Trump Propaganda Term ‘Terror-Prone Countries’
by Adam Johnson

*I can think of a country that would be more accurately termed “terror producing” …

Democracy Now!
Sudanese Stanford Ph.D. Student Speaks Out After Being Detained at JFK Under Trump Muslim Ban

NYC Taxi Drivers Stage Airport Strike to Protest Trump’s “Inhumane & Cruel” Executive Order

Hundreds of Texas Muslim Leaders Receive Alarming Survey Investigating Their Views on Islam

What is Sarcoma Cancer?: How to Prevent Sarcoma and Other Cancers
by Tony Isaacs

Understanding Meat Labels: What Grass-fed, Grain-fed, and Organic Really Means
by Dr. David Jockers

4 Ways to Keep Your Lymphatic System Healthy
by Ty Bollinger

Are Toxic Glyphosates in Your Food? (An Important Warning)
by Yuri Elkaim

Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed? Here’s How to Beat It
by Yuri Elkaim


‘Resistance Means Resisting’: Dems Accused of Being Too Soft on Trump
“Senate Dems’ response to millions taking to the streets is beyond disappointing. It is outright shameful,” says Shaunna Thomas of advocacy group UltraViolet
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What this putrid excuse for a “people’s party” needs

Is to be put out of our misery

Meet Ava: The Chicken I Risked My Freedom For
by Eva Hamer

*Perhaps the Humane Society should speak with Ms. Hamer before declaring “victories” in changing the practices of Walmart and their avaricious ilk (see below).

The Big (Ag) Cover-Up: Will Factory Farming Finally Stop Its Culture of Abuse?
It is well beyond the time that our farms adapt to 21st Century expectations of transparency by ending the concealment of their mistreatment of animals
by Kenny Torrella

*As with “organic”, the reality of “cage-free” and “crate-free” may not match the reasonable assumption of such.

A corporate pledge isn’t worth the paper the press release is written on.

Distrust, and verify.

Will Washington’s New Pro-Moscow, Anti-Beijing Gang Drive a Wedge Through the BRICS in 2017?
by Patrick Bond

Trump’s Decision to Leave the TPP Was to Protect One Faction of the Super Rich
If workers benefit, so be it, goes the thinking in Trumpland
by Vijay Prashad

The Real News Network
Mexican President Faces Crisis of Legitimacy Following Trump Feud
The end of NAFTA and the building of a wall along with a resurgent left movement in Mexico gives an opportunity for the nation to turn away from the neoliberal fantasy of North American integration, says Professor John Ackerman

Before Obama Left Office, He Gave Domestic Agencies Warrantless Access to NSA Surveillance
By allowing access to NSA data, the FBI and other agencies can look for criminal activity without reasonable suspicion or going to a judge, says The Intercept’s Alex Emmons

Am I impacted by changes to Medicaid?

Media Consensus on ‘Failing Schools’ Paved Way for DeVos
by Molly Knefel

*A matter of decree, not kind

NYT Amazed That Republicans Are Embracing Republican Ideas
by Jim Naureckas

5 Dangers of Statin Drugs Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About
by Yuri Elkaim


From Tweet to Trade War, Trump Shreds US-Mexico Relations in 24 Hours
President Donald Trump has bragged throughout his career that he makes “great deals—the best deals,” but it took him less than a week to create a major international rift with one of the nation’s neighbors and chief trading partners
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Posturing by pricks on both sides of the border

One might ask why Peña Nieto has no problem with paying for a southern wall to keep out desperate folks from Central America, with US assistance.

How Mexico’s President Laid the Foundation for a Wall
Enrique Peña Nieto helped put Trump in the White House
by John Mill Ackerman

Fight for $15
Workers File More Than Thirty Wage Theft, Harassment, Intimidation Complaints Against Brands Owned by Trump’s Embattled Labor Secretary Nominee
Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s Cooks, Cashiers Announce Slew of Filings With Protests in 30+ Cities From Coast to Coast
Fast-Food Mogul Andy Puzder Calls His Workers “Worst of the Worst,” Forces Them onto Public Assistance, and Spent $10,000 Trying to Block a Minimum Wage Hike of Just $1

*Should that be “fas(cis)t food mogul”?

The Real News Network
Demonstrator Against Demolition of Bedouin Village Challenges Account of Israeli Police Shooting
Israeli mathematician Kobi Snitz, who participated in the action in Umm al-Hiran, says the evidence undermines the police’s version of the story as a terrorist attack

How the Small Business Administration Will Be Used to Destroy Regulations
Former financial regulator Bill Black says Linda McMahon’s career involved exploiting workers as independent contractors and sabotaging small businesses

UK Court Ruling on Brexit Emboldens Right-wing of the Tory Party
Parliament must be consulted before the government can trigger an exit from the European Union, and Jeremy Corbyn has come under a lot of pressure to oppose attempts to negotiate quickly, says economist John Weeks

Transmountain Pipeline Approved Despite Lack of Proven Clean Up Protocols
There’s no proven way to clean up the toxic diluted bitumen that will travel through Kinder Morgan’s pipeline despite B.C. government claims of ‘world-class oil spill response,’ says DeSmogBlog’s Emma Gilchrist

Without Industrial Policy, Trump Can’t Revive U.S. Manufacturing
Trump will nonetheless try to look tough on China to appease his supporters, says economist John Weeks

NPR’s No-‘Lie’ Policy and the Limits of Impartiality in the Trump Era
by Adam Johnson

*N ot
P artial to
R eality

NYT Apologies Depend on Whose Lives Are Distorted
by Jim Naureckas

*Soda jerks

Democracy Now!
Trump’s Executive Actions Reverse Obama Policies on Torture, Healthcare & Guantánamo Bay

Vitamin D2 vs D3: What You Need to Know So You Don’t Waste Your Money
by Yuri Elkaim


Get Ready for the First Shocks of Trump’s Disaster Capitalism
by Naomi Klein

*For DDT and his guilded ghouls, any missed opportunity to make money is a disaster.

The Real News Network
Trump Signals Major Shift from 30 Years of Free Trade Policy
The new administration has not shown any indication that it wants to engage in a dialogue with those who organized against the TPP, says Ben Lilliston

Indigenous Leaders Call for Mass Resistance Against Trump’s Orders to Revive Oil Pipelines
Native groups and environmentalists have called for civil disobedience against Trump’s resumption of Keystone and Dakota Access, two of the largest fossil fuel extraction projects in history

Freedom for Ramsey Muniz, Chicano Advocate
by Ruben Botello

*Bipartisan bastardliness in the Lone Star State

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump Targets Sanctuary Cities — Public Banks a Solution?

Pence Assembling “Dream Team of Christian Right”

*The Guilded Rule

Democracy Now!
Winona LaDuke: Trump’s Push to Build Dakota Access & Keystone XL Pipelines is a Declaration of War

“Water is Life, Water is Sacred”: Standing Rock’s Bobbi Jean Three Legs Speaks Out Against Trump

Thousands Take Part in Emergency Protests over Trump’s Move to Revive Pipeline Projects

“I’m Afraid They Are Out to Kill”: Water Protectors Testify to Police Violence at Standing Rock

7 Big Time Benefits of Power Naps (And How to Do It)
by Yuri Elkaim


The Real News Network
Can the Democrats Build a Progressive Movement Against Trump?
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says a progressive movement can’t be build out of the pro-war, pro-CIA, and McCarthyite politics coming from Democratic leadership

*And the “revolution” marches through the looking glass …

Trump’s Forgotten People
Supporters of the President express their hopes and fears on inauguration day

*Well, not a few of them have certainly forgotten their humanity …

Rattling the Bars: The gradual abolition of prisons across the United States except for California
As prisons close across the United States due to deficits in state economies, California refuses to follow this rational trend by continuing to invest millions of its state budget into prisons and jails

David Brooks’ Anti-PC Screed: Women’s March Edition
by Adam Johnson

*There is an “identity politics” that is indeed “ineffectual” and “harmful”.

It’s embodied in the cult of personality around charlatans such as Dear Misleader and Madame Mayhem, based almost solely on race and gender.

Fighting for the dignity of the group you identify with is a wholly other proposition, made more powerful through making common cause with others engaged in same.

That, of course, is what Brooks and his elitist ilk truly fear.

Democracy Now!
“Nobody Speak”: New Documentary Probes Billionaire Peter Thiel’s Destruction of News Outlet Gawker

*Anyone who believes the corpress will suddenly “do their job” because DDT pisses poison at them has no concept of what their job is.

If they actually did what their job should be, he wouldn’t be in any position to, because his arrogant ass would have been in prison stripes instead of pinstripes decades ago.

But they serve power — even when those with it don’t play the game the way they would prefer it.

Jeremy Scahill on Trump Team: A Cabal of Religious Extremists, Privatization Advocates & Racists


Reinstating ‘Global Gag Rule,’ Trump Attacks Women Worldwide
“To be clear, this policy is an attack on women’s bodily autonomy and freedom, and we will see an increase in unintended pregnancies and unsafe abortions as a result”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

We Need an Alternative to Trump’s Nationalism. It Isn’t the Status Quo
The answer to neoliberalism’s Waterloo cannot be a retreat to barricaded nation-states and the pitting of ‘our’ people against ‘others’ fenced off by high walls
by Yanis Varoufakis

*The New Deal saved capitalism from itself

Don’t we need to save ourselves from capitalism?

Revolt Is the Only Barrier to a Fascist America
by Chris Hedges

*Beware the false prophets who have found their way to the podium these last few days

The personalities for whom “progressivism” is a brand, devoid of sincere principle.

The revolution will not be telegenic

Or it will remain one in name only.

Israel’s shadowy role in Guatemala’s dirty war
by Gabriel Schivone

At site of 1936 sit-down strike: UAW Members Resisting Honeywell Lockout, Now in 8th Month
by Frank Hammer

When Was America Great?
by Andrew Levine

Center for Food Safety
Public Interest Groups, Farmers File Lawsuit Challenging Monsanto’s Toxic Pesticides
Illegal approval of dicamba use on engineered crops will harm farmers, environment

The Real News Network
Women of Color March on Washington
Amid controversy and concerns about inclusivity, marchers of color call for continued resistance to all forms of oppression

*If the “identity feminists” (for lack of a better term) and others who refuse to go beyond the constricted boundaries of “progressive” politics in this country lead this “revolution”

That word will never shed its scare quotes.

Iran in Crosshairs of New Administration
Although the Trump presidency is going to preside over a weakened empire, it may have a hard time reversing the nuclear deal with Iran, says journalist Reese Erlich

Trump’s Inauguration and the Reverence of the State
Paul Jay says the notion of a ‘peaceful transition of power’ is best understood like the feudal aristocracy’s upholding of the prestige of the monarchy and church

*Prodigious pomp

Pernicious circumstances

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan: Public Investment, Private Profit
The newly inaugurated president says his plan will benefit all Americans, but the 99% are likely to pay for it while the 1% profit, says economist Michael Hudson

Hey, NYT–the ‘Relentless Populist’ Relented Long Ago
by Jim Naureckas

*Mirroring the smoke

How to Rebuild Your Health after Cancer Surgery
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

What are Chemtrails and How Are They Harming Our Food and Water?
by Ty Bollinger

*While I certainly wouldn’t discount corporate greed leading to yet another environmental crisis, this is the first I’ve heard of this, and so I put it out for your consideration, and hopefully we’ll hear more on it to determine how much credence to lend it.

Our self-control can fatigue just like a muscle
Leads to quick food choices based on appearance and convenience
David Schardt
Nutrition Action


‘The Resistance Starts Now’: Harsh Crackdown on Anti-Trump Protesters in DC
The militarized police response—which reportedly impacted both protesters and journalists—was a troubling harbinger of what’s to come under Trump
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

In First Hour, President Trump Delivers ‘Punch in the Gut to Middle Class’
“Today’s action is all the proof we need to know whose side the Trump administration is on”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I admit to no little amount of irritation at those who lecture about how we must “feel the pain” of Trump voters, and reach out to them, without any call for them to ponder the pain their choice will cause their fellow human beings (and many of them, as well, if they are capable of such unclouded consideration).

But calling them “suckers” serves no useful purpose, and simply plays into the meme of “liberal elitism” that the bastard himself played so well.

We can, and should, be unstintingly critical of those who overlooked the hate and hubris Citizen KKKane embodies in order to “send a message” to the status quo, but that doesn’t preclude offering our hand to those willing to see the folly of their actions, and willing to work together to challenge the forces unleashed by them, which were in no small measure enabled by all the “good liberals” who embraced the soulless siren song of “New Democraticism”.

That hand is extended to them, as well.

A Beginning, Not an End: My Open Letter To You on Inauguration Day
by Yifat Susskind

The Facade of Breast Cancer Awareness, Susan G. Komen and the Pink Ribbon
by Donna Pinto

*Pink stink

Indigenous Environment Network
Indigenous Groups Protest Outside Trump Gala Sponsored by Kochs and Phillips 66

*Black snake dance

The Real News Network
Theresa May Reassures British and Foreign Capital Over Brexit
Leaving the European Union won’t have a major impact on capitalist globalization, but it reflects the political rise of a xenophobic right that could soon undermine the remaining environmental, labor, and social protections in Britain, says political scientist Leo Panitch

The Union Non-union Gap
(Part 4) Elaine Bernard: A successful labor movement socializes their gains – or they weaken themselves

FAIR CounterSpin
‘What Communities Are Doing Is Making Homelessness Less Visible’
Megan Hustings on Food-Sharing
by Janine Jackson

Trump’s Inauguration and the Legitimacy Fetish
by Jim Naureckas

*You don’t have to discount Lewis’ courageous actions a half century ago to look askance at those in the present day.

Unfortunately, today, he, like many other “civil rights veterans”, is a card carrying member of the “black misleadership class” (Glen Ford’s term), fully invested in the status quo of a rotting Democratic Party.

His reasoning for boycotting the inauguration is in line with that posture, blaming those nasty Rooskies, without anything approaching solid evidence, for the failure to defeat the most loathsome major party presidential candidate in modern US history.

Anyone with a shred of human decency can enumerate any number of reasons to reject DDT’s legitimacy. Basing one’s repudiaton on a dishonest gambit to lay blame for his ascension at the feet of “foreign intrigue” doesn’t speak well for a person who at one point in life was willing to suffer greatly for his principles.

Institute for Public Accuracy
“A Field Guide to Trump’s Swamp”

9 Tips for Reducing Your Heating Bills
by Teresa Traverse

How to Relieve Heartburn Naturally (7 Ways That Actually Work)
by Yuri Elkaim


Democrats need to stop throwing everything they can at Trump
by Norman Solomon

Magician’s dust
Donald Trump takes office with an agenda so toxic that it could curdle milk. But the Democratic leadership seems to be in no mood for a fight, and much of the anti-Trump discourse is obsessed with the alleged Russian role in the presidential election.
by Vijay Prashad

*It’s pretty goddamn frightening that Democratic apparatchiks like MoveOn and Berniecrats quixotying to “take over” the party’s rotting edifice are posturing as “the vanguard of the resistance” to the POTUS (Piece of Terminally Unbridled Shit) and his cabal of guilded ghouls.

Call it “the Blue Menace”.

Can we finally kick the donkey to the curb and create an independent movement that places principles above personalities and “pragmatism”?

I fear that plaintive query to be the very epitome of a rhetorical question.

‘A cat in hell’s chance’ – why we’re losing the battle to keep global warming below 2C
A global rise in temperature of just 2C would be enough to threaten life as we know it. But leading climate scientists think even this universally agreed target will be missed. Could dramatic action help?
by Andew Simms

The Real News Network
Sensing Trump Will Give Free Pass to Israel, Palestinians Announce Plans for Unity Government
If the Trump administration is serious about peace, they will quickly realize that moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem will make it impossible, says journalist Daoud Kuttab

Bernie Sanders Hammers Tom Price Over Right to Healthcare in Senate Hearing
Trump’s nominee for the Secretary of Health and Human Services is in favor of Paul Ryan’s plan, while the Republicans look like they will implement a system that exacerbates the shortcomings of the Affordable Care About, says physician Adam Gaffney

Wilbur Ross’s Economic Expertise: Exploiting Tax Law
White collar criminologist Bill Black says Donald Trump is the only president in modern times who has not disclosed, nor will end, his massive conflicts of interest before taking office

Petition update
Texas Court of Appeals Denies Dismissal of Charges for Facebook Comment
by Jennifer Carter

NYT Ignored Reality at 2001 Bush Inauguration; Now Ignorance Is History
by Jim Naureckas

Democracy Now!
On Final Day of Obama Presidency, a Look at His Mixed Legacy & the Rise of Neo-Fascism in Washington

*Dear Misleader to the bitter end

Trump Picks Agribusiness & Chemical Industry Darling Sonny Perdue as Secretary of Agriculture


Raising Kobanî from Rubble
by Manisha Ganguly

More on the Economic Hardship of Young Adults
by Yves Smith

*Youth must be served

On a platter to the exploitocracy

If We’re Honest, We All Know Trump’s America
Trump articulates ideas that are closer to what is considered “normal” in the United States than many of us are willing to acknowledge
by Robert Jensen

*This is not “#NotNormal”

This is #NormalonSteroids

The Real News Network
Former Black Panther: Trump Win Gives Us Unique Opportunity to Organize the Ongoing Freedom Struggle
Elaine Brown talks to Eddie Conway about the role of women in the party, state repression against the Panthers, Black Lives Matter, Obama, and Trump

Institute for Public Accuracy
Tillerson’s Exxon Often Sought State Department Assistance, Docs Show

Manning Sentence Commuted–No Thanks to Corporate Media Opinion
by Adam Johnson

Democracy Now!
Chelsea Manning’s Attorneys: Obama’s Commutation Will Help Save Life of Jailed Army Whistleblower

Jeremy Scahill on Obama’s Commutation of Chelsea Manning & Continued Demonization of Edward Snowden

Oscar López Rivera to Be Freed as Obama Commutes Sentence of Puerto Rican Independence Activist

Activists Call on Obama to Pardon Leonard Peltier, Warning He’ll Die in Prison Otherwise