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July 2008

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Afghanistan: Not a Good War
by Conn Hallinan

Comcast Unleashes the Lapdogs
by Craig Aaron

Media Views
In These Times: Gunning for the Prize

*Chomsky on the “success” of “The Surge” (c)

Institute for Public Accuracy
After Collapse of WTO Talks

Exxon’s Record Profit

Raj Patel on the Collapse of the World Trade Organization Talks

*If it’s “free trade”, why are billions paying dearly for it?

And click to the other segments on Plan Mexico and Al Jazeera English.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Still Backing Predatory Lending?

*See also Schecter’s piece from 7/27 for more on NACA

The Oakland Institure
Collapse of WTO Doha Negotiations:
A Blow to the US – EU Hegemony

The Collapse Paves a New Way Forward for Developing Countries

*See Bello’s piece from yesterday for more re Doha

Buzzzzzzzz Kill

The loss of billions of bees raises questions about our pesticide
by Al Meyerhoff

Big Media Steals 5,100 Digital TV Channels
by Glen Ford

*Great piece … this is *really* “alternative media”.

I especially appreciated the castigation of the CBC. From the dickless
decision to avoid the term “impeachment” in the recent hearings to this
travesty of non-representation of constituents, Conyers and company have
shown themselves to be the embodiment of the safety-valve function
Democrats perform for The Powers That Be ™.

When it really matters, they’re MIA. And still all the goddamn
“lib’ruls” love ’em.

Or perhaps *because* of that.

What do you think?

That’s not a rhetorical question.  I want … and need … feedback on
these subjects, and how I’m dealing with them.

Am I pissing in the wind here?  Do you get anything out of coming here?
Does it feel an informational and viewpointy need?

Let me know … please.

Palestinians Capture Violence of Israeli Occupation On Video
by Peter Beaumont
The Guardian/UK

Black America: A Neglected Priority in the Global AIDS Epidemic

Report: Vast Majority of African American and Latino Middle-Class
Families Are on Shaky Financial Ground

*The American Pipe Dream


Institute for Public Accuracy
A Resurgence of Separatist Terrorism in Iraq

Media Views Summertime, and Lobbying Congress Is Vital

*Please sign the damn thing.  Thank you kindly.

ZNet: Some Matter More—When 47 Victims Are Worth 43 Words

*Ignorance is bliss for the butchers

After the Housing Bill: Time to Address Foreclosures
by Dean Baker

*Much ado about next to nothing

Derail Doha, Save the Climate
by Walden Bello

*The road (and air route and sea lane) to nowhere

Acts of War
by Scott Ritter

*Vital intel on US gummint/corpress agitprop regarding Iran’s “nuclear
weapons program” and the farce of the Shrubberites’ “diplomatic

Read this.

It’s relatively long.

Read it anyway, dammit.

Newspapers Suffer Spate of Layoffs, Decline in Circulation, Ad Revenue,
Stock Price: A Roundtable Discussion on the State of the Industry

*Read all about it!

For how much longer?

And, given the horseshit in the pages of the corpress … why should we

But what comes next?

The Big Squeeze: Steven Greenhouse on Tough Times for the American


Obama Holds Brief Q&A Before Thousands of Journalists of Color at UNITY

*Déjà vu 1992

And I thought there weren’t any Clintons still running for President.

How Chicago Shaped Obama: A Look at the Rise of a Politician

*Standing on principle

Sorry, my bad …

Standing on the neck of principle


Obama, The Prince of Bait-and-Switch
by John Pilger

*The audacity of Afghanistan’s hopelessness

We Have A Drinking Problem, And It Makes Oil Seem Cheap

It is an astonishing kind of stupidity that sees us duped into paying
for bottles of water – stuff that flows free out of taps
by Marina Hyde

*Hydrochic-chic and the fools who fall for it

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says The Reactor Revival Is NOT Ready
For Prime Time
by Harvey Wasserman

*Paying for it through the nose and out the ass

How Should We Respond To The Imploding Economy

Are We Facing Just Another Market Problem or A System Collapse?
by Danny Schechter

*Re Gerry Gold’s remarks:

So how *do* we become capital-less?  How do we get to “From each
according to her talents … to each according to his needs”?

I don’t have faith in any “Isms” … except my definition of humanism
(seven billion mensches … and it’ll take every one of ’em to get us
out of the fucking mess we’ve made).

What’s your fondest fantasy for a world without profit?


Media Views
Editor & Publisher: NYT Explores New Restraints on Images from Iraq


Institute for Public Accuracy
Activists Challenge the Siege of Gaza

*Shipping, and speaking, out

Media Views
Beat the Press: If a Bailed-Out Homeowner Gets Foreclosed a Second Time,
Has the Government Helped Them?

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Patriotism

We’re a Nation of Lemmings
by Dave Lindorff

*Human beings are the only species wilfully incapable of reason.

And it’s gonna get us all killed.

HHS Proposal Undercuts State Birth Control Laws
by Cristina Page

*Of course, once they’re born … fuck ’em.

And let’s be clear … this isn’t about religious zealotry.  There may
be plenty of foot soldiers and second looeys who fit that description
… but the generals in the anti-abortion/contraception movement know
that if women have real, enforceable reproductive rights, the whole
economic/social/political game changes.

And that cannot be allowed to occur, can it?


The Forgotten War: Sonali Kolhatkar on Why Afghanistan is “Just as Bad
as Iraq”

*It bears repeating … over and over again:

War is war.

Dead is dead.

Sometimes stating the bleeding obvious is vital to stopping the

Media Views
Washington Post: The Perfect Part

*Silent partner

Media Views
Hullabaloo: Charming Patriarchs


Institute for Public Accuracy
Minimum Wage Hike

*The unbearable minimum

Most NGOs In Iraq Losing Face
by Ali al-Fadhily and Dahr Jamail
Inter Press Service

Blackwater Is Here to Stay

Despite reports that the company is leaving the mercenary business,
Blackwater’s future is secure
by Jeremy Scahill

Our National Water Policy – Oh, Wait, We Don’t Have One
by Elizabeth de la Vega

*The necessity of a watershed moment


Media Views McCain Opposes Contraception—Pass It On

*Maverick misogyny

Who’s Paying for the Conventions? Corporate Sponsors Pour Millions into
Party Coffers

*Soft money … hard times for democracy

No U-Turn. Obama’s Stance on Iraq Is Chillingly Consistent
by Sami Ramadani

G8 to Poor Women: Let Them Eat Dirt
by Yifat Susskind


First All-Women-of-Color Presidential Ticket in US History: Green Party
Nominee Cynthia McKinney and Running Mate Rosa Clemente on War,
Democracy and Hip Hop

*Unwilling stealth candidates

Maryland State Police Spied on Peace, Anti-Death Penalty Groups

*New Olympic sport:  Synchronized surveillance

Media Views
New York Times: Why Darfur Still Bleeds


Al Gore Inches Toward Solartopia
by Harvey Wasserman

*I think Wasserman takes it pretty easy on Easy Al, but at least
someone’s not kissing his dick as The Green God ™.

What do you think?


Media Views
Talking Points Memo: Polls: Public Divided on Iraq, but Numbers Depend
on Question

*Question trick


Food & Water Watch
The People: 1; Nestle: 1:
Activists Save Water From Corporate Control in Wells, Maine as Neighbors
in Rangeley Lose Out to Extraction Site

*Water, water everywhere

But you’ll have to pay to drink

Middle East Democracy: Blowback Through the Looking Glass
by Robert Weitzel

*Foreign policy by Lewis Carroll and Niccolò Machiavelli

Netroots Nation at the Crossroads: Move Over MoveOn
by Ronnie Cummins

*Okay, sounds good … time will tell.

I wrote ’em about the pledge … we’ll see what comes of it.

The Dark Side: Jane Mayer on the Inside Story of How the War on Terror
Turned Into a War on American Ideals

*The hypocritical oath for the APA:

First do no harm to your career

As for McClellan et al finding religion … funny how they couldn’t
locate the confessional when it would’ve made a difference, innit?

And Colin Powell knew goddamn good and well what was happening … or
wilfully avoided trying to find out, don’t you think?

He sure as hell knew about My Lai back in the day, didn’t he?

And there seems to be this assumption, in this and other pieces, that
this all started post-9/11.

The US has been doing this since time immemorial, here and abroad, in
one form or another … or backing others who do.

The Shrubberites, being good corporatists, have simply copyrighted it.


The Pentagon and the Hunt for Black Gold

The Oil Deal Nobody Wants to Talk About
by Nick Turse

War Zero

Nothing Honorable About the Vietnam War
by Ted Rall

*I think Rall’s logic gets fuzzy at times, but his main point is spot

Bravery does not equal heroism.

It may be brave to blow yourself up in a crowded market.

It may be brave to risk being shot down as you’re strafing civilians.

Ask the victims whether you’re a hero.

Memo to Obama, McCain: No One Wins in a War
by Howard Zinn

*Not much to add to this.

The Afghanistan analogy I use is this:

If the US was justified in bombing, invading and occupying that country
because its government “harbored terrorists” …

why wouldn’t Cuba (in an alternate universe) be justified in bombing,
invading and occupying south Florida because our government harbors the
likes of Bosch and Posada Carilles?

And, of course, Cuba didn’t finance those terrorists twenty years ago.

Bailout for Mortgage Giants, IndyMac Bank Collapse, Dollar Hits New Low,
Inflation at 26-Year High, Dow Falls Below 11K – A Look at the Financial

*The sickening sound of the shit hitting the fan

Institute for Public Accuracy
Can the President Detain Anyone Indefinitely?

Media Views
Think Progress: Flashback: McCain Joked About How Much Women Love to Be

*Does this qualify as “straight talk”?


Proposed Bush Regulations Jeopardize Women’s Health

Coal to Liquid Plan Means a Kentucky Fried Earth
by Kevin Grandia

*Carbon dating leading to a disastrous marriage

The Current Oil Shock
by Dilip Hiro

*I thought this was worth posting … but I have deep misgivings about
Hiro’s presenting nucelar (White House spelling) and coal as “mid-term
solutions”, and would like to see his premises addressed directly by
those opposed.

‘Cause I’m too ignorant to sort it out myself.

Children of Conflict: Stress Takes Its Toll on Both Sides of Border
by Toni O’Loughlin
The Guardian/UK

*Although this is presented as a balanced equation … which is reality
denial par excellence … still, kids is kids, and they are true

It’s a tragedy on both sides.

Fannie, Freddie Spent $200 Million To Buy Influence
by Lisa Lerer

*Obama’s idea of bipartisanship

Amory Lovins: Expanding Nuclear Power Makes Climate Change Worse

*Good nukes is no nukes

Institute for Public Accuracy
Stagflation / The Military Drain

*Billions and billions for “defense”

Not one penny for real security


Media Views
Los Angeles Times: McCain Takes a Social Security Risk

*Scotching the Social Security scare

Gates Foundation Live Animal Aid to Africa Is Cruel and Stupid
by Martha Rosenberg

*”Charity” begins at home …

and should have stayed there.

The Anti-Climate Summit
by Walden Bello

*James Watt would be proud

With Crises in Fuel, Food, Housing and Banking, What Government Policies
Are Being Pushed Through? Naomi Klein Reexamines “The Shock Doctrine”

Media Views
TPM Muckraker: Fournier to Rove: ‘Keep Up the Fight’

Institute for Public Accuracy
Fannie Mae Bailout

*The magic of the market?

Presto chango!

Go and sin some more.


Freddie Mac, When Are You Coming Back?

As housing implodes, is our nation at an economic tipping point?
by Danny Schechter

Our Cry for Cheap Oil Is Crude and Deadly

The Niger Delta should now be an oasis of riches. But the people live
with nothing
by Johann Hari

*Always ask:

Who’s lying?
Who’s dying?
Who’s making money off it?

It may not be the entire story … but it’s almost always the balls of

The Wedding Crashers

A Short Till-Death-Do-Us-Part History of Bush’s Wars

by Tom Engelhardt

Outsourcing the Iraq War: Mercenary Recruiters Turn to Latin America
by Eric Stoner

Lords of the Meatpacking Manor Busted for Exploiting Immigrants
by Robyn Blumner

*Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses …

I’ll make goddamn sure they stay that way.

Court Interpreter Breaks Confidentiality Code to Speak Out for Workers
Rounded Up in Largest Immigration Raid in U.S. History


Internet Users Stop Comcast, Net Neutrality Win on the Horizon
by Timothy Karr

Canadians Ponder Cost of Rush for Dirty Oil
by John Vidal
The Guardian/UK

Suspect Soldiers: Did Crimes in US Foretell Violence in Iraq?
by Russell Carollo
The McClatchy Newspapers

*But what about the criminal commands?


Crime, Punishment and ExxonMobil
by Robert Weissman

Pull-out Demand Signals Final Bush Defeat in Iraq
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

Native American March on D.C.
Institute for Public Accuracy

Stop-Loss: A Look at the US Military Policy that Creates a “Backdoor
Draft”  to Force Soldiers to Continue Service

Slavery by Another Name: Author Douglas Blackmon on the Re-Enslavement
of Black People in America


Steel Rain
by Robert C. Koehler

*Very powerful and righteous piece.

The FBI’s Plan to ‘Profile’ Muslims
by Juan Cole

*If you’re looking for terrorist cells, try Quantico.

Reality Bites Back

Why the US Won’t Attack Iran
by Tom Engelhardt

*Hope he’s right.


Election 2008: The Uselessness of Political Equity
by Nicholas Ruiz

*Money talks … democracy walks

Five Ways Wall Street and Washington Set Us Up for the Crash: Author
Nomi Prins Explains Where Congress Went Wrong on Lending

As Global Food Crisis Tops G8 Summit Agenda, World Leaders Enjoy Lavish
18-Course Banquet

*An immovable feast

The Fruit Hunters: Author Adam Leith Gollner on the Politics of Fruit
and the Secret History of the “Miracle Berry”


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
US Sugar Buyout May Not Help the Everglades

Trawlermen Cling on as Oceans Empty of Fish – And the Ecosystem Is

Europe is propping up an unsustainable industry in an extreme example of
short-termism that our children will pay for
by George Monbiot

Oilsands Image Fight Targets US Politicians
by Jason Fekete
The Calgary Herald

*Dirty oil and dirty tricks

The Security Dimensions of Environmental Policy
by Alec Crawford
The Toronto Star

Landmark Case Returns to NY Seeking Millions from Corporations that
Profited from South African Apartheid

As Freed US Contractors Speak Out, a Look at the FARC, Colombian
Paramilitary Groups and the Generals Being Feted for the Hostage Rescue


Lies, Kidnapping and a Mysterious Laptop

You have been told that the Venezuelan President supports the Farc thugs
by Johann Hari

*Chavez ain’t Jesus on a stick, but look who’s living in the glass

Surviving the Fourth of July
by Chris Hedges

*Hedges is someone well worth reading, to my mind.

He’s one of the few “progressive” writers I’ve run across who condemns
US imperialism (Oh dear … points off for “dogmatic” rhetoric) wherever
it raises its ugly head and bloody hands.

AT&T Whistleblower Urges Against Immunity for Telecoms in Bush Spy

*Big Brother and his bosom buddies


Breaking Into A Prison To Uphold The Law
by Ramzi Kysia

*Apartheid East

Cold Shoulders
by Kathy Kelly

*Taking it all the way down to what happens to folks on the bottom line.

That gets lost too goddamn often, doesn’t it?


Can Love Change The Wording of Laws?
by Elizabeth Sawin

*Do you think that sometimes we’re so concerned with understanding how
this world works that we somewhat lose sight of the human emotion that
motivates us to do something about it?

This piece helps me to refocus.

See if you agree.


Why I’m Not Patriotic
by Matthew Rothschild

*Well said … but once again, Afghanistan goes missing.

Try this: 

Each time you click on a piece that logically, morally should include
mention of that benighted land, do a search on “afghanistan”, and see
how often it comes up bupkes.

You might be surprised.

I’m not any more.

Istiklal: When Is Independence Day?
by Kathy Kelly

Secret Report: Biofuel Caused Food Crisis

Internal World Bank Study Delivers Blow to Plant Energy Drive
by Aditya Chakrabortty

*Full tanks and empty bellies


Disaster Capitalism: State of Extortion
by Naomi Klein

The dark heart of the matter.

Klein’s work is always worth reading … and there aren’t that many
folks whom I say that about.

“Global Disruption”  More Accurately Describes Climate Change, Not
“Global Warming” – Leading Scientist John Holdren

*Okay, it seems to me that you have the industry-backed deniers, you
have folks like Hansen … then you have these guys, who talk the talk,
but would have us believe that energy CEOs and the candidates will walk
the walk.

I ain’t seeing it … are you?

And why didn’t Goodman challenge them?

What do you think?

Media Views
Political Animal: Chart of the Day

*Some deeper digging might turn up some contradictions re this
“left-leaning” identification … but the point’s taken.

Media Views
New York Times Magazine: Late-Period Limbaugh

*Nothing cheap about this talk.


Just Who’s Doing the Hoarding? Food Independence and Real Democracy
by Frances Moore Lappe

*Living fat off their land

From Triumph to Torture

Israel’s treatment of an award-winning young Palestinian journalist is
part of a terrible pattern
by John Pilger

*Torturing the messenger … killing the message


The Bureaucracy of Rape
by Barbara Crossette

*Pretty words, and an ugly reality that won’t be changed by them.

And that was the intent, wasn’t it?

This Economic Panic Is Pushing the Planet Right Back Down the Agenda

Oil-dependent countries are focused on growth at all costs, and the pale
green political consensus looks unlikely to hold
by George Monbiot

Pakistan Military Offensive in Khyber Region Enters Fourth Day


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