August 2008


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Womanist Musings: Elizabeth Acevedo, Murdered and Devalued

*Acevedo may have been a prostitute, but I think we know the whore here.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Palin’s Record

*More to come, obviously

Refusing to Oppress
by Neve Gordon

*More of those anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic … um, Israeli Jews

The Parasite That Reveals Good News From Africa
by Johann Hari

*I don’t know the particulars here re Carter’s involvement or from whom
he raised the funds, but this is a rare positive development for folks
at the bottom of the barrel … so I’m gonna celebrate it as such.

With my eyes open.

*Just read a news blip in the local rag (The San Francisco ChronicLiar
… uh, Chronicle) that the good folks at Boeing … you know, the
company that makes the B-52s that have rained death across the globe for
half a century … have contributed a cool million to the fund to build
an MLK memorial on the National Mall.

The goal is $100 million.

Now let’s think about this.

Would Dr. King want these warmongers to give one bloody cent to honor
his memory?

And how would he want those millions spent to do so … to build some
ossified monument, or to help those most in need?

That is, I’m sure you understand, a rhetorical question that no one
seems to be asking.*

Michael Eric Dyson Puts Obama’s Address in Historical Context

*I don’t want to waste a lot of time on Obama and all this reality-show
convention horseshit … but I thought this piece was instructive as to
the contradictions folks like Dyson exhibit in backing him.

You have to wonder whether they’re being self-delusional, or trying to
delude others, about what this guy represents … and will continue to
represent if he wins.

Maybe it all melds together in some way I can’t fathom … thoughts

But beyond that, there’s some enlightening, and highly ironic … given
Dyson’s “problematic” dissembling (How many times does he say
“problematic”?) … intel on the internal politics around King’s “Dream”
speech, and an excerpt that won’t make it into the paeans to it, for
reasons too obvious to mention.

If we can’t ignore persons like King, we make goddamn sure we don’t
honor them for what they stood for, but for what we can stand to say
they stood for.

Sorry … aphorismia strikes again.  Hopefully that made at least a lick
of sense.

FAIR Action Alert
Brokaw Warns Dems to Lay Off McCain
Criticizing Republican candidate ‘very tricky,’ says NBC host

*While Brokaw certainly shamelessly shills for McCain (along with most
every other corpress “journalist”), I thought it interesting that the
distinction was made between his political record and his “service”
(i.e., war) record.

Didn’t this guy knowingly murder Vietnamese civilians with his
aircraft’s bombs and missiles?

After being shot down, he shouldn’t have been tortured … no one should
… but how is he a “hero” for that?

He didn’t betray his “comrades in arms”?  Would we consider an al-Qaida
member heroic for not giving up *his* comrades under torture at Bagram
or Guantanamo?

Of course, given Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq … and Vietnam, lest we
forget which party initially prosecuted *that* war (as today, on a
bipartisan basis) … the Demorats indeed can’t go after him on his
actions while in uniform.

But anyone with a shred of moral credibility could … and should.

And that includes Vietnam vets who don’t see their service there as

This just seems logical to me … am I missing something?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Martin Luther King: “Our Only Hope…”

*Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we stopped naming streets after the guy,
and using his “Dream” speech as a rotted fig leaf to hide our shameful
inhumanity … and started honoring his memory by living up to his
vision of a world without war and want?

Hey … *I* can dream, too.

State of Denial
by Robert C. Koehler

*It’s Newspeak or no speak

Community College Students Need Not Apply: Our Reward for Bailing Out
the Banks
by Kesi Foster

*Dream off

Sorta puts the lie to all those warm and fuzzy bank ads, don’t it?

Ralph Nader on the Democrats’ Corporate Ties, the Silencing of Third
Parties, and Why Biden is the “MasterCard Senator”

*As usual, Ralph said a lot of righteous things, and made a lot of vital

But he didn’t say a word about Afghanistan (and Goodman didn’t ask …
not exactly a surprise).

So I wrote the campaign and asked where they stand.

I’ll let you know when and if they reply.

Media Views
NYT:  Afghans Want a Deal on Foreign Troops

*The utter fucking Gall …

Bombings are “culturally unacceptable”?!

And a rape is “a sign of disrespect” to her, I’d suppose.

How do these dipshits live with themselves?  I can’t imagine anyone else
would want to.

But that presupposes a morally logical world, doesn’t it?

Think Progress: CNN Thinks Only the Top Five Percent of America’s Income
Earners Count

*This speaks for itself … but why is anyone speaking to Charles
Barkley about this?

“Next up:  Peyton Manning on Obama’s Veep choice … good for the


Schemes To Offset Carbon ‘Overpriced and Unfair’
by Cahal Milmo
The Independent/UK

*Offsetting the offsets:  Rigging a game that should never have been

A Summer Camp for Political Dissenters in Israel

At Alternative Camp, draft dodgers and declared conscientious objectors
hope to develop a new generation of young Israelis who refuse to fight.
by Danna Harman
The Christian Science Monitor

*A bit condescending in tone, but it makes clear that Israelis aren’t
the monolithic pro-occupation populace on which AIPAC bases its
scare-mongering racist agitprop.

And, as our favorite formerly-incarcerated domestic diva would say …

It’s a good thing.

FCC Anounces 80 City ‘We’re Not Listening’ Digital TV Tour
by Bruce Dixon

*There may be a more ironically named gummint agency … but these folks
work damned hard to warrant that designation, don’t they?

The Pentagon: Some-Things-Never-Change Department
by Nick Turse

*Buggin’ for bioweapons

In Wake of Deadly US Air Strike, Jeremy Scahill Questions Lawmakers
About Obama’s Afghanistan Policy

*Kaptur’s convoluted response is about as much as you can expect from a

And that’s pretty sad, isn’t it?

Labor Groups Challenge Retail Giant Wal-Mart on Pressuring Employees to
Vote Against Obama

*I thought this was a good example of the kind of pretzel logic labor
and other groups employ to justify their ties to the Demorats.

What do you think?

600 Arrested at Louisiana Factory in Largest Immigration Raid in US

*Playing putrid politics with people’s lives

It’s the American Way, eh?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama and Afghanistan

*The audacity of false hope

War is as bipartisan as the toilets in the Rayburn Building

Biden and Dividing Iraq


(See 8/22 for four delayed pieces off Common Dreams)

Chemical Pollutants Likely Culprits in Rising Birth Defects
by Roxanne Chan and Sarah Petras

Jeremy Scahill Grills Democratic Lawmakers on the War, Obama’s
Foreign Policy Team and the Corporate Money Behind the Big Show

*Deserting their proclaimed principles like Demorats on a sinking ship

As Democratic Convention Kicks Off, Massive Security Presence Clamps
Down on Dissent in Denver

*No badge number means never having to say you’re sorry

See also

Recreate 68 Alliance
DNC Protest Organizers to Hold Press Conference at Denver Police

*Truth in advertising

I pledge allegiance to the flag
Of the United States of America
And to the republic for which it stands
One nation, under God
With liberty and justice for all**

**Some restrictions apply; your results may vary


Institute for Public Accuracy
D.C. Statehood Out of Democratic Platform

Media Views
Beat the Press: The Washington Post War on Social Security Continues

NYT:  Three Years After Hurricane, the Backup Is a Fixture

*Corpress chronicling:  Sleazy in The Big Easy


Media Views
McClatchy: Majority: Let Bob Barr Into Debates

*Just as important as who’s allowed to debate is who’s allowed to ask
questions of the debaters.
Corpress quizzerers are as debilitating to democracy as the pissants at
the podiums, aren’t they?

But the overarching question is how the hell do we get a message of
humanity across to a public that seems increasingly receptive to it, or
at least sees more clearly the moral bankruptcy of the existing power
structure … if only because they’ve been personally injured by it?

I don’t have any grand plan, but I want to explore this over time …
and would appreciate folks’ thoughts on the subject.

Rick MacArthur:  “You Can’t Be President: The Outrageous Barriers to
Democracy in America”

*Just when you thought the Demorats couldn’t be any more morally corrupt

(Okay … I never really thought that.  It just makes for a good pull

AT&T Throws Party to Support Dems Who Voted to Grant Telecoms Immunity
for Illegal Domestic Wiretapping

*Not exactly a democratic party …

But unquestionably a Democratic one

Institute for Public Accuracy
Biden: The Senator from MasterCard/MBNA?

*(Insert wry remark about “giving him credit” here)


Institute for Public Accuracy
Biden: What Kind of Foreign Policy “Experience”?

*The triumph of false hope

(AKA MoveOn’s wet dream)


“Free Gaza”  Boats Set Sail from Cyprus to Break Israeli Blockade

See also

Institute for Public Accuracy
Gaza Siege Challenged by Sea

Afghan Civilians Bear the Brunt of Taliban Violence and US, NATO

*The “just war” just gets worse for its “liberated” victims

“Trouble the Water” – New Film Provides Firsthand Account of Hurricane
Katrina and Its Aftermath

*Refusing to be forgotten

Institute for Public Accuracy
Is Obama Clinton 2.0?

*Solid critiques … give ’em a read.

I’ve known from the get-go that he wasn’t Jesus on a stick … although
I ignorantly initially thought he was more of a lib’rul than later-known
facts would bear out.

But when it became apparent that he might be the nominee … and we all
know about the humongous NO TRESPASSING! sign on that property for
anyone with any integrity … it was safe to assume that he was pretty
much Slick Willie without a paunch, wasn’t it?

Hey, he’s a Demorat … and will behave as such. No rocket scientist
necessary to suss that, is there?

And now that the buttons on the emperor’s clothes are starting to pop a
bit in the eyes of some of the folks who snapped up those stylish
blinkers, we’re getting pleas for his campaign to “wake up” and other
such foolishness.
They can’t, or won’t, see the man … or as Mink rightly IDs it, the
manifestation of the party’s mentality … for what he and it is: a
safety valve for those times when imperial corporatismo overreaches and
places itself in a precarious situation.

See Deal, New.

And let’s make another thing clear …

Sure, Obama and the party want to win …

But according to the rules of the game.

Why didn’t Gore and Kerry raise holy hell at having their victories

How can a Demoratic president be impeached for lying about sexual
sordidness (and no defense of that is intended), and a Repuglican
president’s impeachment for murdering untold numbers of innocents abroad
is “off the table”?

How is it that the party platform doesn’t include true universal
healthcare when it’s favored by the vast majority of the population?

I could go on … if you read this blog, you have no doubt of that.

But I think the point’s made:  This isn’t about a competition of truly
contrasting ideas.  It’s about keeping the system running for the
benefit of the elites … and how best to do that.

Actually doing any of the above would just not be sporting.

Media Views
Slate: Jamaican Me Speedy: Why Are Jamaicans So Good at Sprinting?

*For “the other”, it’s always excellence by accident … isn’t it?

Wasted Food Is Also Wasted Water
by Thalif Deen
Inter Press Service

Film Reveals CIA’s ‘Most Secret Place on Earth’
by Andrew Nette
Inter Press Service

*Past, present and future (?) “shock and awe”

Predator and Prey
by Robert C. Koehler

*Human beings are the only species wilfully incapable of reason … and
thus the only one wilfully capable of mass slaughter.

And we’re goddamn good at it, aren’t we?

Persistent practice makes perfect.

When Education Is Unequal
by Cheryle R. Jackson

*Paying for it by not paying for it


Institute for Public Accuracy
Assessing China and the Olympics

*The gory hidden by the “glory” of sport

Media Views
Center for Media and Democracy: Jed Babbin: The Pentagon’s Most Prolific

*Strategic bedfellows

McCain’s Plan to Privatise Veterans’ Health Care
by Aaron Glantz
Inter Press Service

Fallujah Fall Guy
by Aaron Glantz

Texas Death Row Prisoner Faces Execution Tonight for Murder He Didn’t

*A sinfully certain combination:

Death and Texas

Tensions High as NATO Suspends Formal Contacts with Russia Over Georgia

*Reheating the Cold War

See also

The Real News
Full Spectrum Dominance
Welcome to the New Cold War


Importing Food Means Exporting Drought

We need to change the way we eat if we are to tackle the looming
catastrophe of water scarcity
by Tom MacMillan

*Here’s hoping … but I’m not terribly optimistic.

If humanity does indeed self-destruct, I’d like to think that
*something* will survive our time as the most lethal force unleashed on
this planet.

And maybe over eons another species will evolve that’s capable of reason

And this time, it will choose to exercise that capacity.

Denver 2008: Hope Is for the Weak
by Bruce Dixon

*Clear-eyed and clear-headed view of “The Triumph of Hope” ™

Iowa Town Turned into “Open-Air Prison”  as Wives of Men Arrested in
Largest Immigration Raid in US History Forbidden to Work – or Leave

*I can’t fathom the depths of despair these people are experiencing
right now.  Even with good folks trying to help, it must seem as though
they have been capriciously abandoned by their god.

These are our tax dollars at work:  arresting the exploited, rigging the
legal process against them, making a soul-sickening mockery of our
national claim to “liberty and justice for all”.

Shame on my country …

But we have no shame, do we?

Institute for Public Accuracy
The Marketing of Cervical Cancer Drug


Media Views
Beat the Press:  Washington Post Misleads Readers to Push for Lower
Corporate Tax Rates

*Poormouthing for the rich

News Corpse: John McCain and T. Boone Pickens Share a Racist Joke

*A corpress far more concerned with “elitism” than racism

WP: New Books Aim To Unweave the Obama Narrative

*See above

Huffington Post: Members of the Media Live “the Good Life” in

*Nice exposing of corpress hypocrisy … but why is it a “myth” that
Obama is an elitist?
Of course he is … and so are McCain, the Shrubberites, the Clintonians
and all who play this dirty and deadly game … which of course includes
the dipshits that push the “myth”, right?
The heart of the matter is just why Obama gets singled out … and we
know the answer to that.

So there’s no “myth” to dispel, is there? How elitism is defined, who’s
labeled as such and by whom, and to what end are the questions to be
asked, wouldn’t you say?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Why Not Rate Candidates Like in the Olympics?

The US Missile Defence System Is the Magic Pudding That Will Never Run

Poland is just the latest fall guy for an American foreign policy
dictated by military industrial lobbyists in Washington
by George Monbiot

*Rockets’ red glare:  $100B+ and counting

(Better make that “countdown” … as in “to Armageddon”)

Swift Boat Economics
by Dean Baker

*Baker’s point is taken … but the Demorat rates hardly squeezed the
bling boys and girls, did they?

There is one simple, and currently politically impossible, step that can
be taken to address gummint shortfalls (for truly vital expenditures)

Tax the rich … hard.

Think that’ll be hanging from any DNC-controlled rafters in Denver next

Natural Resources Defense Council
EPA Buzz Kill:
Is the Agency Hiding Colony Collapse Disorder Information?
NRDC Forced to Sue to Get Public Records on Bee Mystery

“The Bishop of the Poor” : Paraguay’s New President Fernando Lugo Ends
62 Years of Conservative Rule

See also

Institute for Public Accuracy
Paraguay: * Liberation Theology  * End of an Era in Latin America?

Cancer-Stricken 34-Year-Old Chinese Computer Engineer Dies After Being
Denied Care in Private US Immigration Prison

*Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses …

And I’ll make goddamn sure they stay that way.

If they live.


Tour of Tskhinvali Undercuts Russian Claim of Genocide
by Tom Lasseter
McClatchy Newspapers

*As the man said …

“The first casualty of war is the truth”

Of course, that applies to all parties, doesn’t it?

In Rural New York, Windmills Can Bring Whiff of Corruption
by Nicholas Confessore
The New York Times

*A stench wafting in the breeze

Progressives and Obama: The Clash of Narratives
by Norman Solomon

*A sophisticated argument for voting Demorat come November … but
undermined by arrogant comments that those who stand on principle in
disagreeing are “pretending” and hostages to their own “dogma”.

If Solomon’s trying to change those folks’ minds, I don’t think he’s
come up aces, do you?

So, whose lever will *I* pull:  McKinney, Nader, Obama … or none of
the above?

I honestly don’t know yet.  I do know that if it’s the major party
candidate (Because yes, it *does* matter who wins … who the fuck
contests that, Norman?), I will hold my nose with my off hand.

That old tune comes to mind:

“Going to the candidates’ debate
Laugh about it
Shout about it
When you’ve got to choose
Every way you look at it, you lose”

Double Standards in the Global War on Terror
Anthrax Department
by Tom Engelhardt

*Fix yourself a lovely beverage, then sit down and read this through …
I assure you it’s worth it.

Christians United for Israel and Attacking Iran
by Dedrick Muhammad and Farrah Hassen

*Jihadis for Jesus

Institute for Public Accuracy
Presidential Policies and Morality

*Re Kelly and her org:  I’ve written both to ask about their position of
Afghanistan …

Never heard back.

As for the role of religion in government …

There is none, is there?

There is a role for *government* … in defending freedom of religion
… and freedom *from* religion.

But that’s the whole Sheboygan, innit?

Facing Impeachment, Musharraf Resigns as President of Pakistan

Referendum on Torture: Debate Over Role of Psychologists in Military
Interrogations Comes to a Head at APA Annual Convention

*First do no harm

(Unless it’s some goddamn raghead who’s probably guilty anyway)


The Why-Haven’t-You-Impeached-the-President Tour
by Carl Hulse
The New York Times

*Posting this as a prime example of the putrid corpress take on “the
politics of impeachment”.

And let’s be clear … the Demorats (no misspelling) aren’t
“miscalculating” or “spineless” in their actions on this matter or any

They’re carrying out precisely their role in the system:  to “calm the
waters” when they’re roiled by corporate and gummint overreaching … to
make certain that justice is never truly done, while delineating
“pragmatic” theories as to why it can’t be.

Maybe they’re the “good cops” … but they’re still cops.

And I ain’t talking about Andy Griffith.

Yeesh … I’m getting all worked up, and it’s a Sunday.  Damn these

Detention In America Should Not be a Death Sentence
by Matthew Rothschild

Wireless to The People
by Megan Tady

*Keeping white space from becoming a black hole


Media Views
USA Today: Donors Pick Up Parties’ Expenses

*Obfuscating the corps’ contribs … so what else is new?

Beat the Press: Census Bureau Trashes Social Security Trustees
Immigration Assumptions

*Rigged numbers game


Escaping The Poverty Trap
by Mercedes Sayagues
Inter Press Service

*I thought this was worth posting … even though I have deep doubts
about the funding source and some of the premises behind the report.

Russia-Georgia Conflict Fueled by Rush to Control Caspian Energy

*Why is blood always an energy by-product?

Naomi Klein and Christian Parenti on How Beijing Olympics Highlight
Globalization of Police State, Inequality

*It All Adds Up

I was leafing through the front section of the San Francisco ChronicLiar
this morning, and it seemed to me that there was an unusually large
amount of ads … even more so than the normal flood.

So I did a little adding up (no pun intended … see heading for that).

Came out to a little under twelve pages out of the eighteen comprising
the section.

I guess that’s a pretty goddamn good visual aid for sussing the sorry
state of print media and the putrid pursuit of the bottom line in these
here United States, innit?*


The NYT Finds Heroes in Tbilisi — In Baghdad, Only Terrorists
by Laura Flanders

*Your “freedom fighter” credentials depend entirely on whom you’re
pointing your gun at, don’t they?

*And on who’s telling your story …

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Georgia/Russia Conflict Forced Into Cold War Frame

After Ron Suskind Reveals Bush Admin Ordered Iraq-9/11 Fakery, House
Judiciary Chair John Conyers Opens Congressional Probe

*Well, after posting Part 1, I guess I should stick up Part 2 of
Suskind’s “insider” gobbledegook as well.  There’s some valuable info
extant … but devoting one, much less two, entire programs to it?

Don’t you think that precious time could have been better used?

*Pride and Prejudice

It’s the Olympics.

We’re all supposed to take great patriotic pride in the accomplishments
of US athletes … those who run faster, jump higher, throw farther than
athletes from those *other* countries.

Aren’t there far more important acts of Americans to take pride in and

Where are the gold medals for those who put their asses on the line to
challenge the perfidy of gummint and corpocracy crimes?  Where are the
ceremonies for those who fight for the rights of the poor and oppressed
here and abroad?  Where are the glowing words of praise for those who
think of others before themselves?

Why isn’t being a mensch considered worthy of such accolades?

Not that a mensch would wish to be so feted … but in a nation that
claims to stand for “liberty and justice for all”, wouldn’t recognizing
such acts of humanity be the logical manifestation of national pride?

What do you think?*


A Frozen Katrina
by Katrina vanden Heuvel

*Common humanity in the deep freeze

Institute for Public Accuracy
Bush Policy on Russia and Georgia

Russia and Georgia: All About Oil
by Michael Klare

Media Views
Real News: Who’s to Blame for the Russian/Georgian Conflict?

The Way of the World: Ron Suskind on How the Bush Admin Deliberately
Faked an Iraq-al-Qaeda Connection and Undermined Diplomacy, Democracy in
Pakistan and Iran

*For what it’s worth … some interesting intel, I suppose.

As for my take on Suskind’s worldview … well, DN! asked for questions
to ask him tomorrow.

Here’s my reply … for what it’s worth:

Well, I guess what I want to ask about is this sense of “restoring
America’s moral authority”.

When did we ever have that? Where was it established?

With slavery? At Wounded Knee? San Juan Hill? Dresden? Hiroshima?
Nagasaki? No Gun Ri? The Gulf of Tonkin? My Lai? Where?

I believed in “America” at one point in my life … but I try to be an
empiricist, and that leads me to see this gummint historically as just
another empire bent on conquest. Facts is facts.

I do believe in each of us, all around the world, having the moral
authority to stand up for what we think is right. In the end, that’ll be
the only thing that might save us.

I think it’s too late. I can’t see us doing what’s necessary to save
this planet and truly living by that whole Golden Rule thing.

I dearly hope to be proven wrong.


Media Views
Editor & Publisher: Ethical Warning Issued on Healthcare Coverage

*Doctoring the news

Media Matters: Access Denied

*Get off the bus
 Forget about us
 Put the blame on you

Just World News: The South Ossetian War: Some Thoughts NBC’s Olympics, Brought to You by Henry Kissinger

“Where Are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?”
by Scott Ritter

*Make-it-up artists

Cracking the Pentagon Pundit Code
by Diane Farsetta

*Shillers for killers

Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance Comes to Brookings
by Dean Baker

*Lessee … I drive less than 2000 miles a year, and pay around $400 for
bare-bones insurance.

Hey, this could save me a nice chuck of change.

Oh, and help save the planet, too … of course.

Let’s Handcuff the Property Cops
by Stan Cox

*Clothesline-item veto

Bolivian President Evo Morales Wins Critical Referendum on His

*Somehow I didn’t reach the same conclusion from reading the LA Times
account of the vote.

How odd …

See also

Media Views
Washington Post: Bolivian Deadlock Remains as President, Foes Are
Returned to Office

Federal Judge Rules US Government Owes Group of Native Americans $455
Million for Unpaid Royalties on Drilling for Oil and Gas

*A penny on the dollar … call it indigenous deflation


Meltdown In The Arctic Is Speeding Up

Scientists warn that the North Pole could be free of ice in just five
years’ time instead of 60
by Robin McKie
The Guardian/UK

*Ice ice baby

Not for friggin’ long

The Next Bubble Is on the Way: Credit Card Debt

Why Are We All Complicit in Our Own Economic Servitude?
by Danny Schechter

*I’ve never owned a credit card.

Does that make me a threat to national security?

Physicians for a National Health Program
Copy Massachusetts’ Health Reform? Not So Fast, Researchers Say

*Reforming “reform” … publicize, not privatize

Media Views
Beat the Press: Polls Show Voters Want the Tooth Fairy to Use Larger

*Shilling for drilling

Up to 2,000 Killed as Russia-Georgia Fighting Enters Fourth Day

Institute for Public Accuracy
Russia and Oil


UK Denies Money to Wounded Afghans

MoD condemned over its ‘scandalous’ failure to compensate innocent
casualties of air strikes
by Mark Townsend
The Guardian/UK

McCain’s Michigan Melt-Down Madness
by Harvey Wasserman


Media Views
Center for American Progress: Think Again: Poor Coverage on Poverty

*The poor will always be with us

Because the rich will be, too


The Tragic Last Moments of Margaret Hassan

When a renowned British aid worker was kidnapped in Iraq, the world was
horrified. Her body was never recovered, but her execution was captured
on video and sent to Al Jazeera, the Arab satellite channel. Robert Fisk
watched it and reveals why it has never been broadcast
by Robert Fisk

*Read this.

It’s called “journalism”.

Much more importantly, it’s called “humanity”.

Hard Times For Hollywood, Florida

With the US housing market in freefall, Jonathan Franklin visits the
former Florida boomtown where repossessions are at an all-time high,
pawnshops are thriving and residents predict an economic meltdown to
rival the great depression
by Jonathan Franklin
The Guardian/UK

The Fire This Time?
by David Michael Green

Vital Signs For National Health Insurance
by Lance Dickie

Institute for Public Accuracy
The “Demonization of China”

“This is the Olympics the West Wanted” – Dave Zirin on US Corporations
Entering China, Athletes Speaking Out and the Games from ’68 to Today

*Competitive sweat and contemptible sweatshops


Media Views
Editor & Pubilsher: 63 Years Ago: Media Distortions Set Tone for Nuclear

WP: Bundler Collects From Unlikely Donors
NYT: Family’s Donations to McCain Raise Questions

*Corruption … and corpress complicity in it … never goes out of
style, does it?

Climate Change Catastrophe by Degrees

Bob Watson rightly warns us to prepare for 4C global warming. To avoid
that, we must make drastic CO2 cuts now
by Mark Lynas

The Olympics: Unveiling Police State 2.0
by Naomi Klein

Don’t Let the Games Blind Us to the Plight of China’s Workers

This is a dictatorship we aid every day – through our government,
corporations, and choices at the till
by Johann Hari

*I’m not sure what Hari’s on about regarding “foreign enemies” in the
last paragraph.  It seems to me that everybody (with any clout in this
unjust world) wants to be big buddies with a gummint that provides such
a lip-smackin’ return on investment.

Against the Wal
The Brattleboro Reformer Editorial

*Meanwhile, back in our own balefully bifurcated backyard …

Growing Hesitancy Over A Military Test
by Dan Hardy and Dylan Purcell
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Rwanda Accuses Top French Officials in 1994 Genocide

South Korea Commission Probes Civilian Massacres by US in Korean War

*Bury My Heart at No Gun Ri

South Koreans Fill Streets of Seoul to Continue Protest Against US Beef


Army Recruiter Suspended for Threatening High School Student with Jail
Time, Sparks Bipartisan Call for Investigation

*Be all that you can be …

Or go to jail, maggot.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Truman: Hiroshima a “Military Base”

*Lies of this sort tend to have a very long shelf life, due to the
extremely efficacious preservative of corpress complicity.

The Lies of Hiroshima Live On, Props in the War Crimes of the 20th

The 1945 attack was murder on an epic scale. In its victims’ names, we
must not allow a nuclear repeat in the Middle East

by John Pilger

Hiroshima, Ninevah, and Los Alamos
by John Dear

A Powerful Peace

If the nuclear powers wish to be safe from nuclear weapons, they must
surrender their own.
by Jonathan Schell

The Food Crisis and Global Institutions
by Alexandra Spieldoch

*Giving us the agribusiness


Media Views
NYT: AIDS Plan Is Lacking Historic Victory for Net Neutrality

*Good news … what a concept

Women In Media & News: Media Miss the Importance of U.N. Resolution 1820

*More evidence … not that any more is needed … that “Woman is the
nigger of the world”

WebProNews: One Fifth of Marketers Buy Advertising for News Coverage

*Quid pro quo trumps news pro no-no McCain’s Health Proposals Under the Microscope

Stealth Assault on Reproductive Rights
by Katha Pollitt

Money Over Morals: Obama’s the Candidate of the Hedge-Fund Partners
by John R. MacArthur

*The audacity of hope

Brought to you by those hell-bent to keep it “manageable”

Al-Arian Case: ‘When You Have To Leave America To Be Free’
by Charles Davis
Inter Press Service

American Foreign Policy Brought to You by China: Advisers to Obama,
McCain Tied to US Multinationals that Profit from Beijing

Ex-UN AIDS Chief Slams CDC as Being “Completely Irresponsible” for
Withholding Data Showing US Government Had Understated Number of New
AIDS Cases by 40%


Seoul Probes Civilian ‘Massacres’ by US
by Charles J. Hanley / Jae-Soon Chang

*The history and memory thing again.

And notice how AP feels compelled to put “Massacres” in quotes.

Jesus H. Christ …

Israel’s Secret Police Pressuring Sick Gazans to Spy for Them, Says
by Toni O’Loughlin
The Guardian/UK

Solar Power Breakthrough Stores Energy for Later Use
Environmental News Service

*”Let the sunshine in” is more than a tag line for some goddamn air
freshener commercial.

The WMD That Really Should Be Worrying Us

If al-Qa’ida was unleashing this weather of mass destruction, we would
do anything to stop them
by Johann Hari

*A sea change to reverse sea change

Sexual Assault in the Military: A DoD Cover-Up?
by Ann Wright

Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights
RFK Center Releases Documents Outlining US Actions to Block Life-saving
Funds to Haiti

Anthrax Mystery: Questions Raised over Whether Government Is Framing
Dead Army Scientist for 2001 Attacks

*Poison letters and poison pens

(Make that keyboards these days, I suppose)

Leading Gun Control Activist Exposed as Gun Lobby Spy

FCC Rules Against Comcast for Blocking Web Access


Media Views
New York Times: Sympathetic to Chávez, a New Church Draws Fire

*Singling out a single-minded double standard


*Question of the day (an irregular feature):

Would you say that, while the Republicans would slice off your balls
with a dull knife …

the Democrats would just sharpen the blade, hand it to them, and call it
a bipartisan compromise?

The Poisoned Chalice

Media and double standards
By Noam Chomsky

*History and memory are toxic to empire.

Forget I said that.

Media Views
Salon: Vital Unresolved Anthrax Questions and ABC News

*A corpress case of toxic Drudge

In These Times: McCain’s Aches and Pains

*An open and swiftly shut case of “transparency”


Media Views
Beat the Press: It’s NOT a Record Deficit and It’s Not Even Close

Nation: I Read the News Today… Oh Boy

*First rule of cutthroat capitalismo:

Never chop the top

Hate Watch: Extremist Steve Sailer Is Source for CNN’s ‘Black in
America’ Series

*What demographic is being served here, one wonders …

Providence Journal: TV Reporter Hummel Quits ABC6 News

*Dunno what he had to “cheerlead” about previous, but give the guy
credit for his cojones today.

Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians in Ni’lin, Site of Nonviolent
Anti-Wall Demonstration

NYPD Officer Caught on Tape Body-Slamming Cyclist During Critical Mass

*Watching Big Brother …

Colorado “Fusion Center”  to Step Up Intelligence Gathering During
DNC; US Northern Command to Play Role

*And Big Brother, of course, watching you


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