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January 2009

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Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS)
Senate Appropriators Lard Stimulus Bill with Nuclear Pork

*Glowing in the dark of night

It’s Not the Lobbying, It’s the Agreeing!
by Laura Flanders

Rebuilding Green: The Next Revolution
by Erica Gies

What About Closing Angola, Mr. Obama?
President Obama promises to close Guantanamo, but a court proceeding in
Louisiana exposes brutality closer to home.
by Jordan Flaherty

Arar Shocked and Depressed by Testimony Tying Him to Khadr
by Phinjo Gombu
The Toronto Star

*How is it that journalists can be jailed for reporting the facts, but
not for enabling lies that destroy folks’ lives?

That’s a freedom of the corpress that needs to be denied, doesn’t it?

Experts Say Vt. Yankee’s Nuke Waste Is Here to Stay
by Daniel Barlow
the Times Argus (Vermont)

Close Torture Loopholes, Physicians’ Group Urges
by William Fisher
Inter Press Service

The Crack Baby Myth: Now They Tell Us

*Comment left at link

Long Cleared of Terrorism Charges, Uyghurs Languish in Gitmo Prison and
Albanian Exile

*So why the hell should any other nation take these folks?  The US is
the one who imprisoned and brutalized them.

Shouldn’t it resettle them here, compensate them justly, and do all they
can to reunite them with their families?

Give ’em some goddamn change they can believe in.

Obama Continues Bush Policy of Deadly Air Strikes in Pakistan

*Different finger … same button

Despite Pledge to Limit Role, Lobbyists Still a Presence in Obama White


National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Immigrant Rights Supporters Urge Obama to End Raids, Restore Rights

Meltdown Madness: The Human Costs of the Economic Crisis
by Nick Turse

World Social Forum 2009: A Generation’s Challenge
by Geoffrey Pleyers

Spain Investigates Claims of Israeli Crimes Against Humanity in Gaza
Former defence minister and six others accused over 2002 bombing that
killed 15 people, mostly babies and children
by Giles Tremlett
The Guardian/UK

*Hypocrisy (n) :  Benjamin Netanyahu railing against “a mockery … of
international law”

Indonesian NGO Backs Villagers in Fight Against Palm Oil
by Agence France Presse

Poverty Safety Nets Fraying Nationwide
by Adrianne Appel
Inter Press Service

*The poor will always be with us …

Because the rich will be, too.

Food Safety: Georgia Plant Knowingly Shipped Contaminated Peanuts; Study
Links Corn Syrup to Toxic Mercury

*Would part of a just punishment be to make these bastards eat their own

Middle East Reportage ‘Smothered in Deceptive Euphemisms’

*Comment left at link

Institute for Public Accuracy
Can the Stimulus Expand the Safety Net?

*What do you call something that’s not even a half measure?

The audacity of “Nope”.


Public Citizen
From the Front Lines: Single-Payer System Is the Sole Solution
Statement of James Floyd, M.D., Health Researcher, Public Citizen

Friends of the Earth
Senate Attempts to Waste up to $50 Billion in Stimulus Funds on
Preemptive Bailout for Nuclear Industry
Friends of the Earth slams proposed bailout, which would have no
significant stimulative effect, as “unconscionable”

*Why does our gummint bail out everyone but those who have to pay for
the bailouts?

(Is that the very definition of a rhetorical question?)

Is Gates Undermining Another Opening to Iran?
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

‘Wake Up, World!’ – SOS From the Amazon
by Mario Osava
Inter Press Service

Obama to Face Test on Executive Privilege After Rove Subpoenaed Again
Over Attorney Firings, Siegelman Prosecution

Bush’s Secret Counterterrorism Law Book – and the Demands to Release It

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama Claims U.S. Not Born a Colonial Power

*Sweet land of liberties with the truth


Recalling the One Who Mixed Politics, Poetry
by Cesar Chelala

*Pablo Neruda:  Art as active humanity

What If Israel Were in Your Neighborhood?
by Russell Mokhiber

Food Summit – Concern Yes, Concrete Steps No
by Tito Drago
Inter Press Service

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Will Mitchell Go to Gaza?  * What is Al-Arabiya?

*Obama shortarms the “outreach”

Women’s Health Advocates Praise Obama for Lifting Global Gag Rule

Worse than an Earthquake: Peace Activist Kathy Kelly on the Destruction
in Gaza

Ms. Magazine on Barack Obama: “This is What a Feminist Looks Like”

Editorial Content Gets the Axe at Voice Media

*Fewer tomorrows for Tom

Mr. Cohen, I Used to Live in the Past

*Comment left at link

AP vs. Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments

O’Reilly’s Phony Guantanamo Math


International Fund for Animal Welfare
Newspaper Reveals Secret US Plan to Expand Whaling

Globalization From Below’ Tackles the ‘Great Recession’
by Jeremy Brecher, Brendan Smith, and Tim Costello

World Must Double Food Production by 2050: FAO Chief
by Agence France Presse

*Clinton’s actions will speak louder than her words … and what she’s
done and hasn’t done in her career scream “Liar!” … don’t you think?

Global Warming Could Unleash Ocean ‘Dead Zones’: Study
by Agence France Presse

A Vetoed History of the Middle East

David Korten: “Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real

*Not that I agree with everything … I don’t see how a market economy
of whatever design can truly be just … but I think there are some
interesting ideas here.

So …

Institute for Public Accuracy
Effective Stimulus: Food Stamps vs. Tax Cuts


25 Most Influential (or Not) Liberals (or Not)

*Comment left at link


Public Citizen
Much-Needed Fair Pay Act Won’t Fully Help Some Employees
Many Companies Force Workers to Forfeit Their Right to File Claims in

The Newest Fear-Mongering Campaign From the Right and the Media
by Glenn Greenwald

*Good points … but don’t you get the feeling that Greenwald’s assuming
that every detainee not released without being tried is guilty of at
least some punishable offense?

If so, what happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?

Isn’t the abrogation of that basic legal tenet the province of

Or, at least, shouldn’t it be?

See also

Media Matters
Media Fudge Numbers on Guantánamo Detainees

Institute for Public Accuracy
Poverty Policy

*Have you ever heard Obama use the “poverty” or “poor people” … at
least since his presidential campaign began?

What does that tell you?

NYT’s ‘Anti-Consumerist’ Bazillionaire

*Comment left at link

U.S. Media Ignore Call for ‘Criminal Investigation’ of Bush Torture

Noam Chomsky: Obama’s Stance on Gaza Crisis “Approximately the Bush

*Chomsky’s rational … which makes him a radical in these here United
States, don’t it?

Obama Orders Closure of Guantanamo Prison, Interrogations Must Follow
Army Field Manual


Repeal of the Global Gag Rule a Crucial Move to Promote Women’s Health

So Far, Obama’s Missed The Point on Gaza…
by Robert Fisk

*Change he can deceive in

Life on Google Earth
From an Amazonian rainforest to a Santa Cruz Canyon, activists are
discovering if you can map it, you can save it
by E.B. Boyd
Conscious Choice

*Ignore the plaudits for Google and Gore … I thought this piece had
some valuable intel.

Ecologists Warn the Planet Is Running Short of Water
by Leo Lewis
The Times Online (UK)

Alarm Spreads Over Use of Lethal New Weapons
by Erin Cunningham
Inter Press Service

*Made possible by a generous grant from the Department of Defense

Part II: Palestinian US College Grad Loses 2 Brothers in Israeli
Shooting; Father Watched Son Bleed to Death After Israeli Troops Blocked

*Never to be recounted in the corpress

Ex-Carter Admin Official: Israel Ignored Hamas Offer Days Before
Attacking Gaza; Violated Ceasefire with Attacks, Blockade

*I don’t have much for Pastor’s perspective … What would you expect
from a Carterite? … but the intel here is important.

Report: Intel Nominee Adm. Dennis Blair Knew of ’99 East Timor Church
Killings Before Crucial Meeting

*What does it show that he knew?

And what does it show that Obama knows that he knew?

Rhetorical questions … and essential to be asked

Institute for Public Accuracy
New Evidence: Top Intel Nominee Lied About Knowing of Massacre


Capitalism’s Self-Inflicted Apocalypse
by Michael Parenti

*No, we can’t … continue to let these crimes go unpunished.

So what are we gonna do about it?

Tar Sands Smog Seen Worsening
by Allan Woods
The Toronto Star

British Government ‘Snuffing Out’ Compensation for Nuclear-Test Veterans
by Frances Gibb
The Times Online (UK)

Institute for Public Accuracy
“To the Muslim World…”

*No, Virginia … the President is not a Muslim

CNN’s Handwriting Analysis

*Comment left at link

CODEPINK Hands Out Thousands of Ribbons Urging Obama to Keep Campaign
Promises on War, Guantanamo, Torture

*I didn’t read this.  I did a search on “afgh” and “gaza” to see if
anything was said by this “peace group” about Afghanistan and Gaza.


So what’s the fucking point?

Palestinian US College Grad Loses 2 Brothers in Israeli Shooting; Father
Watched Son Bleed to Death After Israeli Troops Bar Ambulances

*There are no words …


Institute for Public Accuracy
Inauguration and Citizenship

Will Obama Uphold His Oath?

Public Citizen: Obama’s Inauguration, Sponsored by the Few, the Wealthy

*Who listens when money talks?

A rhetorical question if ever there was …

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer Alice Walker and Civil Rights Leader Bob
Moses Reflect on an Obama Presidency and the Struggle for African
Americans to Vote

Jesse Holland on How Slaves Built the White House and the US Capitol

Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop Eugene Robinson Silenced on HBO Broadcast of
Lincoln Memorial Inauguration Concert

*Closing the door on the electronic closet


Canada’s Toxic Mine Tailings Secret Goes to Court
Information on toxic pollution from mines being hidden from public

The Real News Network
Israeli FM confronted at National Press Club
Journalists’ microphones turned off when Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi
Livni challenged in Washington

The Role of Government: Keeping the Wealthy Rich
by Dean Baker

A “Citizens’ Oath of Office” for Inauguration Day 2009
by Robert Jensen

A ‘Police State’ Celebrates
by Nora Barrows-Friedman
Inter Press Service

*From the “bastion of democracy in the Middle East” ™

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1929-1968

*These words will not be part of the “mainstream” celebration of his
life and work today.  They don’t fit into the comfortable iconography
constructed to ensure they pose no threat to those in power.

Listen to them … to remind yourself that what occurs in Washington
tomorrow bears no relation to them.

Then strive as best you can to ensure that what occurs after that does.

Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence
Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam
by Martin Luther King, Jr.

*Full text


Afghanistan According to Grand Rapids Media

*Comment left at tlink

The ‘Liberal’ Belief in the Rule of Law

*Comment left at link

‘Build Out a Better Internet for Everyone’

Corportate Piracy Pillaged the Tribune Co.


Still Breathing, A Report from Gaza

*Please read this.  It puts the most inhuman circumstances in the most
human terms.

When Israel Expelled Palestinians: What if it was San Diego and Tijuana
by Randall Kuhn

*Changing the context to expose the reality

The Real News Network
Obama and Gaza

Social Movements 2.0
by Tim Costello, Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith

*Spinning the Web of solidarity

Bloody Israeli Assault on Gaza Enters Fourth Week, Palestinian Death
Toll Tops 1,100

Palestinian Astrophysicist in US Recounts How His 11-Year-Old Son Died
When Israeli Warplanes Bombed His Family’s House

*There are no words for this horror … just as there are no words for
the death of an Israeli child.

The tragedies are the same on an individual level.

But there is no comparison on the collective level … is there?  And
while mourning the deaths of all innocents, that’s where our focus must

That’s the only way to end the unspeakable anguish of families on both

Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder Declares “Waterboarding Is Torture”
at Confirmation Hearing

NYT Hypocrisy on White Phosphorus

*Comment left at link


Groups Challenge Bush Administration’s Factory Farm Exemption
Midnight rule leaves communities dangerously unaware about emissions
from animal waste

Future Shock at the Army Science Conference
Eco-Explosives, a Bleeding BEAR, and the Armani-Clad Super Soldier
by Nick Turse

2.6 Million New American Jobs and a Working Healthcare System – Who
by Donna Smith

“Listening” is one thing …

Doing, very much another

Stating the bleeding obvious … but sometimes that’s necessary, innit?

Land Rental Deal Collapses After Backlash Against ‘Colonialism’
One of the world’s largest land deals, a scheme to lease African
farmland to rich countries to grow their own crops, has collapsed amid
accusations of ‘neo-colonialism’.
by Julian Ryall and Mike Pflanz
The Telegraph/UK

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama Inaugural and King’s Legacy

*How many folks know bits and pieces of “I Have a Dream”?

How many know anything of “Beyond Vietnam — A Time to Break Silence”?

It would be a fitting birthday present to level out that disparity,
wouldn’t it?

Selective Economics at the Washington Post

On Washington Pundits and ‘the Vast Silent Middle’

*Comment left at link

‘Islamic Law in the U.S’ – Courtesy of Walter Mondale

*Comment left at link

FAIR Activist: Friedman’s Phony Evidence That Terror Works

*Comments left at link

Glenn Beck Warns of ‘Socialists’ – Like Bush and McCain

*Comment left at link

NPR: Bush’s Employees, Friends and Fans Think He’s Great!

*Comment left at link

Dictator Policy Dictated by US Policy

*Comment left at link

Ex-Officer Charged in Oakland Killing of Unarmed Black Passenger

*I live in Oakland, and I think this, and all the other ills this city
suffers, show that it’s not the color of the skin of those in office
that counts … it’s the commitment to justice for all.

Remember that next Tuesday … and every day after.

As Shinseki Vows to Transform VA, a Look at “Washington’s Battle Against
America’s Veterans”

Israel Pounds Gaza: Shells Crowded Hospital, UN Compound and Building
Housing Media Organizations

US Rabbis Urge Obama to Push for Gaza Ceasefire


Food and Water Watch
Consumers & Communities Reject Nestlé’s Extraction of Water for
New Food & Water Watch Report Highlights Mounting Opposition Towards
Public Water For Profit

Human Rights Groups Decry Bush Administration’s Whitewash Report on
Racial Discrimination in United States
Groups Call on Obama Administration To Implement Recommendations by the
UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Chronology: Which Side Violated the Israel-Gaza Ceasefire?
The Bush Administration and The New York Times v. Amnesty International
by Howard Friel

Olmert Piles Up the Pressure
by Mel Frykberg
Inter Press Service

FAIR Action Alert
Terrorism on the New York Times Op-Ed Page
Friedman supports civilian suffering as “education”

*Comment left at second link

Leading Israeli Scholar Avi Shlaim: Israel Committing “State Terror” in
Gaza Attack, Preventing Peace

*Important historical intel extant

I’d like to share Shlaim’s optimism about Obama, but I try to deal in
facts … and there’s no empirical evidence to support such hope, is

White Phosphorous and Dense Inert Metal Explosives: Is Israel Using
Banned and Experimental Munitions in Gaza?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Getting Through the Barriers to Gaza

Treasury Pick and Openness


Gaza Suffers Most Intense Bombardment of 18-Day Israeli Assault

*The history that’s hidden from all but those who have lived it

Pro-Israel Supporters Praise Gaza Assault as Justified Despite Mounting
Civilian Death Toll

*Why do racism and religion, faith and fanaticism, always seem to go
hand in hand?

“Catastrophically Misguided and Incomprehensible Policy” – Renowned
Jewish Playwright Tony Kushner Speaks Out Against Israel’s Assault on

*And thank somebody’s God that sometimes they don’t

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Clinton * Ross

VA and Education Nominees

FAIR Media Advisory
International Law Seldom Newsworthy in Gaza War
Israeli justifications often cited uncritically

‘Sane and Moderate’ or ‘Feudal’?

*Comment left at link

Newsweek on Cheney Years:  Don’t Look Back

*Comment left at link


Center for Public Integrity
Investigation Exposes Environmental Consequences of Longwall Coal Mining
“Clean Coal”  Legacy of Pollution Starts Even Before it’s Burned

Center for Constitutional Rights
Attorneys Release Detailed Report, Closing Guantánamo Easy as 1-2-3
Analysis on 7th Guantánamo Anniversary Shows Status of Detainees
Largely Based on Nationality
Government and Commentators Overstate Difficulty in Closing Prison Camp

Right to Rent: Helping Homeowners Without Throwing Money at Banks
by Dean Baker

Time For Tax Hikes
by Larry Beinhart

Gaza is Sinking in a River of Blood: A Message from a Gazan to the World
by Mohammed Fares Al Majdalawi

Israel Is Losing This War
by Uri Avnery

Veterans Say CIA Tested Drugs, Mind Control on Them
by Jay Price
The News & Observer (North Carolina)

*Be all you can halluncinate being

Tens of Thousands Demonstrate Globally Against Israeli Actions, Jewish
Women Among Those Leading Protests

*Hath not a Jew eyes?

These do … and many more.

AP Undercounts Gaza Protesters

*Comment left at link

Washington Post Protest Makes the (French) News

*Comment left at link

Three Strikes on Healthcare at the Post

*Comment left at link


Children of Gaza, Run to the Angels
by Suzanne Baroud

The Time of the Righteous
by Gideon Levy

*He could be (and, of course, is) talking about this country.

That’s the true “unbreakable bond between the US and Israel” … isn’t

‘Fatal Blow’ to Mideast Peace Missed Entirely by U.S. Media

*Comment left at link


FAIR Extra!
Scapegoating Minorities for Failures of Banking
Blaming CRA makes little sense, but gets finance industry off the hook
By Mary Kane

Dalliance & Double Standards
Under Hannity’s rules, conservatives’ affairs don’t count
By Steve Rendall

Denying Genocide Denial at the L.A. Times

*Comment left at link


US Weaponry Facilitates Killings in Gaza
by Thalif Deen
Inter Press Service

*Your tax dollars at deadly dirty work

Gaza Victims’ Burns Increase Concern Over Phosphorus
by Michael Evans and Sheera Frenkel
the Times Online/UK

Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction
by Naomi Klein

The Outcry Is Muted, But The Food Crisis Is Getting Worse
The financial debacle has drowned out coverage of food shortages. Where
are the billion-dollar bailouts for the hungry?
by Jayati Ghosh

US Says Iraqis May Still Be Held Without Charge
by Peter Graff and Ahmed Rasheed

Gulf Coast Civic Works Program
Open Letter to Pres.-Elect Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid:
Include Gulf Coast Civic Works in Economic Recovery Act

Shock and. . . Oil?
by Russ Baker

*Dear Leader’s delusions of grandeur

International Energy Agency ‘Blocking Global Switch to Renewables’
International Energy Agency accused of consistently underestimating
potential of wind, solar and sea power while promoting oil, coal and
nuclear as ‘irreplaceable’ technologies
by David Adam
The Guardian/UK

Will California Scandals Derail SEIU’s Dream of Total World Domination?
by Matt Smith
the San Francisco Weekly

*See also yesterday’s related DN! segment

Institute for Public Accuracy
As Attacks on Gaza Continue

Did Obama Aide Admiral Dennis Blair Lie to Congress?

As Obama Issues Dire Warning on Economy, a Look at “The Plot Against
Pensions and the Plan to Save Them”

Nothing to Fear: Adam Cohen on “FDR’s Inner Circle and the Hundred Days
that Created Modern America”

*A good amount of bullshit and wishful thinking about both Roosevelt and
Obama, but there’s enough useful historical skinny to post this segment,
I think.

What about you?

The NYT, Giving Voice to the Voiceless

*Comment left at link


The Problem of Cheap Oil
Be Careful What You Wish For
by Michael T. Klare

Egypt Pulls Down the Shutters on Aid
by Adam Morrow and Khaled Moussa al-Omrani
Inter Press Service

*One deadly turn deserves another

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama, Stimulus and Entitlements

*A strategy of “cut and run” … cutting vital funds for working and
poor folks, and running their futures into the ground.

No change there … believe it.

Sanjay Gupta: In Whose Interest?

Former Amb. Martin Indyk vs. Author Norman Finkelstein: A Debate on
Israel’s Assault on Gaza and the US Role in the Conflict

Battle Within SEIU Comes to a Head with Executive Board Vote on Future
of One of its Largest Locals


Just Foreign Policy
Click below to call on your reps to push for an immediate ceasefire in
Gaza and end to the blockade, and legitimate peace negotiations

American Civil Liberties Union
ACLU Calls Swift Passage of Pay Equity Bills Strong Steps to Help
Protect Wages
Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act Package Combat Pay

Free Market Myth
Regulation is everywhere. Let’s choose who benefits.
by Dean Baker

Cambodia Marks Khmer Rouge Fall
by BBC News

Coal Ash Spill Reveals Risks, Lapses in Waste Regulation
by Renee Schoof
the McClatchy Newspapers

40+ Killed in Israeli Strike on Gaza School Sheltering Refugees

Obama Nominee Admiral Dennis Blair Aided Perpetrators of 1999 Church
Killings in East Timor (Part II)

See also

Institute for Public Accuracy
Intel Nominee “Aided Perpetrators of KIllings”

Obama Warns Trillion-Dollar Deficit Could Lead to Extensive Government
Budget Cuts

*Making a dent in the deficit that matters:  humanity

Israeli Pitfalls, Palestinian LIves

*Comment left at link

In Gaza, Krauthammer Finds ‘Moral Clarity’ Where Amnesty Finds Potential
War Crimes

The Gaza Information War

USA Today: Obama’s Lesson to Black Mothers

*Comment left at link


The Ponzi Scheme Presidency
Bush’s Legacy of Destruction
by Tom Engelhardt

*Tabulating Dear Leader’s death march

FAIR Media Advisory
The Blame Game in Gaza
Erasing Israeli actions to fault only Hamas

*The corpress’ fact-blinding mission

Israeli F-16 Attack Kills Father of Palestinian Journalist; Israel Bombs
UN School, Killing Three

New Trouble for an Obama Nominee: Admiral Dennis Blair Aided
Perpetrators of 1999 Church Killings in East Timor

*The mendacity of false hope

Prominent Austin Activist Admits He Infiltrated RNC Protest Groups as
FBI Informant

Institute for Public Accuracy
Context for Gaza


Green America
Green America Heralds Dynegy’s Decision to Pull the Plug On Five
Coal-Fired Power Plants as Important Anti-Coal Victory
Step Seen as “Outstanding Clean Energy Start to New Year,” Marks Further
Decline of Dirty Power in U.S.; Facing Intense Opposition, Energy
Company Drops Five of Six Planned

A 50-Year Farm Bill
by Wes Jackson & Wendell Berry

*Getting back to the roots … figuratively and literally

Bush-Cheney Deserve Censure for Declaring War Against The Constitution
by Bruce Fein & Ralph Nader

Think Again: Climate Change
Act now, we’re told, if we want to save the planet from a climate
catastrophe. Trouble is, it might be too late. The science is settled,
and the damage has already begun. The only question now is whether we
will stop playing political games and embrace the few imperfect options
we have left.
by Bill McKibben

Urban Tool in Recruiting by the Army: An Arcade
by John Leland
The New York Times

*The gaming and the gamed

Israel Rains Fire on Gaza With Phosphorus Shells
by Sheera Frenkel and Michael Evans
the Times Online (UK)

Institute for Public Accuracy
Gaza: Crucial Perspectives

US Blocks UN Security Council Vote Calling for Immediate Ceasefire in

Israeli Professor Under Hamas Rocket Fire, Neve Gordon Condemns Israeli
Invasion of Gaza


To Live and Die in Gaza
by Laila Al-Arian

*Putting the inhuman in human terms

Please read this as an antidote to the sickening corpress coverage of
murder and devastation as “retaliation”

We Arm the World
The United States once again leads the world in exporting weapons
by Frida Berrigan


Inheriting Bush’s Blinkers
Obama and American liberals readily adopt positions on Israel that they
would deem extremist and racist in any other context
by Ali Abunimah

Murky Waters: Why Privatization Is Not the Solution to Fixing America’s
Aging Water Infrastructure Systems
by Wenonah Hauter

*Protecting our liquid assets …

My New Year Resolution is to Lose My Bottle – and Quit Coke
by Johann Hari

*While corps murder for theirs

Coral Decline Warns of Ocean Changes: Australian Scientists
by Agence France Presse

Howard Zinn on “War and Social Justice”

*I’m going to cut the guy some slack over his relatively positive
appraisal of Obama’s “instincts” … assuming he felt that was the best
way to approach the subject given his audience of young’uns.

At their age, I might’ve been infatuated with the bastard myself.

But beyond that, Zinn provides some pretty righteous views on history,
gummint and empire … and that’s always welcome and necessary, innit?


*Best wishes and good luck for the new year

We’re going to need it, aren’t we?*

The “Golden Voice of the Great Southwest” : Legendary Folk Musician,
Activist Utah Phillips, 1935-2008


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