March 2009



Schools Are Not Businesses
by Wayne Au/Bill Bigelow/David Levine

Big Coal Defeat! Rednecks and Greens Announce Victory at Blair Mountain
by Jeff Biggers

Not an Analogy: Israel and the Crime of Apartheid
by Hazem Jamjoum

The Silence Surrounding Sri Lanka
by Arundhati Roy

G20: Nature Doesn’t Do Bailouts
Climate Camp in the City allows us to come together and learn about the
problems of global warming, so we can take action
by Jody Boehnert

*Carbon trading away our future

Why It’s in Our Interest to Support a Global Stimulus
by Sarah Anderson

Witness For Peace
Shoveling Water: War on Drugs, War on People

Vow to Fight Raises Question: Is Calm in Iraq Just the Eye of the Storm?
by Leila Fadel
the McClatchy Newspapers

*Of “terrorism” and resistance

Panama: When Journalists Learned to Rally ‘Round the Flag

S.F. Columnist Protests Protesters

*Comments left at link

Seymour Hersh: Secret US Forces Carried Out Assassinations in a Dozen
Counties, Including in Latin America

Seymour Hersh on “Syria Calling: The Obama Administration’s Chance to
Engage in a Middle East Peace”

“The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life of Frances Perkins, FDR’s
Secretary of Labor and His Moral Conscience”

*Don’t look for a critical analysis of the New Deal here, but some
interesting history regardless

Institute for Public Accuracy
With Obama in Europe: Critical Perspectives


The Great Afghan Bailout
It’s Time to Change Names, Switch Analogies
by Tom Engelhardt

Khmer Rouge Trials May Expose US, China
by Marwaan Macan-Markarq
Inter Press Service

Peacekeepers-for-Hire? Not So Fast, Critics Warn
by Haider Rizvi
Inter Press Service

Woman Journalists: Last In, First Out

*Just do it.

(And cut a deal with anyone who could draw attention to the fact that
you did.)

NYT Finds Comedy Gold in 0.1 Percent of New York’s Budget

*Comment left at link

A 21st Century Hooverville: Seattle’s Homeless Population Builds
“Nickelsville,” a Tent City Named After the City’s Mayor

*How can this happen in a country like America?

Because it’s a country like America.

Sustainable Seattle: City Launches New Compost Pickup Program as Part of
Zero Waste Strategy

Citing Failed War on Drugs, Former Seattle Police Chief Calls for
Legalization of Marijuana and All Drugs

“I Made Major Mistakes” – Ex-Seattle Police Chief Admits Response to
1999 WTO Protests Was Too Heavy-Handed

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Globalization from Below”

*Cooperation rather than competition

We’d better start welding together these “pipe dreams”, don’t you think?


‘Noble’ Media Effort Still Reinforces Domestic Violence

NYT: Home of the ‘Insanely Selfish and Greed-Addled’

*That would be one of the houses he’s lost track of owning?


The Market Mystique
by Paul Krugman

Nuclear Industry Targets State Laws
Wisconsin’s Balance of Power: The Campaign to Repeal the Nuclear
by Diane Farsetta

Consolidation Won’t Save the Media
Allowing a few big companies to swallow up local newspapers created
journalism’s problems. More of the same can’t solve them
by Craig Aaron & Joseph Torres

Chomsky on Geithner
by The Real News Network

Labor Victory in Guadeloupe After Six-Week Strike Reverberates Across
French Caribbean and France

*Fighting back to move forward

Robert McChesney on “The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers”

Three Mile Island: 30th Anniversary of the Worst Nuclear Accident in US

Geithner Outlines Plan to Overhaul Nation’s Financial Regulatory System

Institute for Public Accuracy
Afghanistan and Pakistan

Brit Hume Lives Up to His William F. Buckley Award

NPR’s Salvadoran History Lesson

*This lie made possible by grants from Giant Corporations …

and by contributions from Listeners Like You.

Thank you for your unwarranted trust.


Budget Deficits & Blow Up Dolls
by Dean Baker

Toward a New Sustainable Economy
The fallacy that economic growth can lead to improved human welfare
underpins the global financial crisis. Now, we need to move beyond
‘growth at all costs’ and reorganise the economy based on the quality of
life rather than quantity of consumption
by Robert Costanza

*Changing the view of wealth from what we acquire to what we require

Afghans Urge Obama to Send Aid, Not Troops, to Afghanistan

Report: Despite Obama’s Vow, Combat Brigades Will Stay in Iraq

*Change we can deceive in
Newspeak for the same old bloody shit

Usury Country: Payday Loans Pushing Millions of Middle Class Americans
Deeper into Debt

*Paying through the nose when they’ve got you by the tits and balls

Institute for Public Accuracy
Mexico and the “War on Drugs”


Liquid War: Postcard from Pipelineistan
by Pepe Escobar

*Excellent intel … please read.

So how does climate change (aka “the graveyard shift”) interact with the
Liquid War?

All the (other people’s) blood and treasure the elites West and East
expend on this power struggle will be for naught once we’ve passed the
rapidly approaching point of no return (PNR for the acronymically
addicted), won’t it?

So if we don’t blow each other up first, we’ll still end up with the end
of humanity’s relatively short stay on this unlucky orb.

What mortals these fools be.

The Fierce Urgency of Now
Yes, windmills and dams deface the landscape but the climate crisis
demands immediate action
by Bill McKibben

*I agree with McKibben about time running out … but we’d better be
goddamn careful about that argument being used by bastards in it for the
buck, hadn’t we?

FAIR Action Alert
O’Reilly Ambushes His Latest Critic
Fox host targets “villain” blog editor on her vacation

*Who’s the worse POS … the person who makes these comments, or the
corporation that pays him an obscene amount of money to make them?

Jailed Without Justice: New Report on US Immigration Detention Blasts
System as Broken and Costly

*Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to
breathe free …

There’s a damn nice profit to be made from sticking ’em in our

Obama Sending More Federal Agents, Money to Mexico Border for Drug War

AIG and the Big Takeover: Matt Taibbi on “How Wall Street Insiders Are
Using the Bailout to Stage a Revolution”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Assessing Nuclear Power 30 Years After Three Mile Island

*A “clean” kill

Why We Hate Them
Mistreated Customers Fuel Populist Rage
by Ted Rall
(Click on the “Columns” link at the top of the page if this is no longer
posted at Rall’s blog)


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Lawsuit Ends Genetically Engineered Crops on Wildlife Refuge
Ruling on Delaware’s Prime Hook May Affect Farming on Scores of Other

Palestinian Revolution?
by Roane Carey

Stones and guts against the murderous best our tax dollars can buy

Tell the Senate to Give Cluster Bombs the Boot! Join the National
Call-In Day Monday, March 30

Cut to Pieces: The Palestinian Family Drinking Tea in Their Courtyard
Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles – the dreaded drones – caused at least
48 deaths in Gaza during the 23-day offensive
by Clancy Chassay
The Guardian/UK

The Wheels Come Off Dobbs’ Hate Vehicle

O’Reilly Airs the Results of His Stalking Expedition

20 Years After Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Alaskan Coastline Remains
Contaminated, Residents Still Struggle for Justice

*The only true parallel between a human being and a corporation is its
ability to shit on us.

Thomas Geoghegan on “Infinite Debt: How Unlimited Interest Rates
Destroyed the Economy”

*The desperate need for the big stick to chase the money changers out of
the temple

Institute for Public Accuracy
Rule by “Hedge Fund Democrats”

*Toxic waste in a polluted environment


Brennan Center for Justice
Brennan Center Study Shows Parole Fees Undercut Reentry
Maryland’s Parole Supervision Fee Raises Little State Revenue

Environmental Groups
On Exxon Valdez Anniversary, Nationwide Call for State Authority in LNG
Decisions, Natural Gas Export Ban

End of the Coal Era
by Shawn Dell Joyce

Six Years Later: An on-the-Ground View of Iraq
by Michele Naar-Obed

Water Rights Activists Blast Istanbul World Water Forum as “Corporate
Trade Show to Promote Privatization”

*The unquenchable thirst for profits

Dam Politics: India’s Leading Activist Medha Patkar Takes on Corporate
Control of Water

O’Reilly: A New Low in Creepiness?

A New Challenge to Net Neutrality

The WPost’s Salvadoran History Lesson

*Obviously this is WP SOP horseshit … but “paranoid anti-communism”?

Try “controlling our ‘backyard’ and its resources by any means

That’s imperial SOP, isn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Kosovo War: “Humanitarian Interventionism” Ten Years Later

*Killing with “kindness”

Saving Money on Health Care

*We can’t afford to swallow the “We can’t afford” hogwash, can we?


Fox News and Sarah Palin, Like Family. . . Really

*Birds of a feather …

Vultures in this instance.

Sports Mag’s 3 Strikes: Racist, Sexist, Homophobic

*How’d this guy miss landing a spot in the previous administration?

Liberal Blogger Men Love Conservative Columnist Man


Teachers for CEO Merit Pay!
Because sabotaging the global economy shouldn’t earn you a bonus.
by Jesse Hagopian

The AIG Saga: A Brief Primer
by Dean Baker

Moved On from the Struggle
by Anthony Arnove

*Making peace with war

ABC Tries to Calm the Populist Fire

*So what was the excuse for not reporting on the horseshit at AIG
*before* it was “ours”, Charlie … common corporate courtesy?

It’s a small world, after all.

Israel Promises Internal Probe After Soldiers Describe Civilian
Killings, Lax Rules of Engagement in Gaza Attack

Palestinian Doctor, Peace Advocate Recounts Israeli Attack on Home that
Killed 3 Daughters, Niece

Protest Planned Outside NY Immigration Office to Stop Deportations of
30,000 Haitians


Food & Water Watch
Democratic Forum Demands Public Water for All

The Secret War Against American Workers
The Unemployment Story No One Notices
by Robert S. Eshelman

*Bad actors in bad times

Too Big to Fail Is Too Big
by David Korten

*Think global, bank local

Israelis Using ‘Excessive’ Force Against Protesters
by Mel Frykberg
Inter Press Service

IDF in Gaza: Killing Civilians, Vandalism, and Lax Rules of Engagement
by Amos Harel
Haaretz (Israel)

*Goddamn lying anti-Semitic … um … IDF members

“Perp Walks Instead of Bonuses”: Veteran Journalist Robert Scheer on AIG
Bonuses, the “Backdoor Bailout” and Why Obama Should Fire Geithner,

As Economy Reels, Tariq Ali Calls for “Reimagining Socialism”

Tariq Ali on a People’s Victory in Pakistan, Obama’s Escalation of
Afghanistan War, and 6 Years of US Occupation in Iraq

Institute for Public Accuracy
Former Senator: “Let the Republicans Filibuster”


Indentured Servants, Circa 2009
The immigration imbroglio is the gorilla in the room that won’t go away.
by Barbara Koeppel

One Country, Three Futures: The Afghanistan Americans Seldom Notice
by Pratap Chatterjee

*Deconstructing “reconstruction”

Shell Dumps Wind, Solar and Hydro Power in Favor of Biofuels
by Tim Webb
The Guardian/UK

Leading Climate Scientist: ‘Democratic Process Isn’t Working’
by David Adam
The Guardian/UK

Crony Capitalist Props Up NYT

*Ross calls it “the Comical”.

I call it “the ChronicLiar”.

However you label it, it’s a “style” addict and a substance abuser.

NYT: Obama Appoints ‘Swahili-Speaking’ Envoy to Sudan

Change You Can Parse
Obama Abandons Bush’s Talk, Keeps His Walk
by Ted Rall
(Click on the “Columns” link at the top of the page if this is no longer
posted at Rall’s blog)

Public Outcry Forces Lawmakers to Say They’ll Recoup Millions in AIG
Bonuses, But Why Not the Billions in Taxpayer Bailout Funds?

*Definition of official “outrage”:

It is a tale told by idiots
Full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing


America, One Nation Under No God?
The number of secular Americans is rising faster than any other
religious group. But faith will continue to influence politics
by Michelle Goldberg

What Money Doesn’t Buy
Microfinance and Women’s Empowerment in South Asia
by Barbara Kingsolver

Iraqi Women Want US Out
by Yifat Susskind

*Liberation from the “liberation”

Scientist: ‘Risks of Massive Changes in the Climate System’
Greenland thaw among feared climate shifts by 2200
by Alister Doyle

The Undervalued Legacy of Ida B. Wells

‘Neo-Suffering of the Nouveau Poor’ is Big News

*It’s the poor’s own fault.  If they made enough money to be deemed
worthy targets of advertisers, their plight would be covered by the

Of course, I guess they wouldn’t be poor then, would they?

Financial Reporters’ ‘Very Complex’ Basic Incompetence

*Corpress reporting means never having to say you’re sorry …

Even when it’s laughingly apparent that you are

Richard Cohen on Jon Stewart’s ‘Cheap Shot’

*Who knew?

Who wanted to?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Assessing the El Salvador Election

“Engaging the Muslim World” – Middle East Analyst Juan Cole on US Policy
in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and Beyond

*I’m not too big on Cole (like anyone cares), but I suppose there’s some
worthwhile intel here, so …

Report: Communities of Color Bear Heaviest Burden in Recession

Lawyers’ Group Urges Bush Be Arrested or Barred from Canada in First
Trip Abroad Since Leaving Office


Real Capitalists Nationalize
by Kevin Drum

*For informational purposes only … who gives a shit what “real
capitalists” do?

Zionism is the Problem
The Zionist ideal of a Jewish state is keeping Israelis and Palestinians
from living in peace.
by Ben Ehrenreich

*Solid piece, but Ehrenreich leaves out the role Western power politics
played in the creation of Israel, without which truly understanding the
dynamics at work isn’t possible, is it?

Rachel Corrie – Interview from March 14, 2003
by Middle East Broadcasting Company

US Could Use Crisis to Wage ‘Financial Warfare’
by Noah Shachtman

End of the Road for Agent Orange Victims?
by Helen Clark
Inter Press Service

*An unjust and dishonorable peace

Plan to Split Taliban Lures Obama Deeper Into War
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

‘Wall Street Hubris’ as Orwellian Comedy

Institute for Public Accuracy
How to Stop AIG’s Bonuses

Can Single Payer Get a Fair Hearing?

US Consul General Says Awaiting Israeli Report on IDF Shooting of
American Citizen

*I guess “Kill a commie for Christ” translates to “Blast a
raghead-loving bastard for Jehovah” in Hebrew?

On Trip to Gaza, Parents of Slain Peace Activist Rachel Corrie Remember
Their Daughter Six Years After Her Death

Leftist FMLN Candidate Mauricio Funes Wins El Salvador Presidential
Election, Ending Two Decades of Conservative Rule

*Funes may not be Jesus on a stick, but Ronnie’s rolling in his grave
… and I have to smile at the thought of that, don’t I?


On Sanjay Gupta’s ‘Breathless’ Gullibility

*Comment left at link


International Solidarity Movement
Oakland Man Shot by Israeli Forces in West Bank

Aerial Assault on Colombia’s Farmers and Ecosystem
The aerial spraying on cocaine funded by the US is wiping out everything
– apart from coca plants
by Grace Livingstone

In Memory of Rachel Corrie
by Gila Svirsky

*It speaks for itself

Climate Change? Try, Climate Breakdown
What’s clear from Copenhagen is that policymakers have fallen behind the
scientists: global warming is already catastrophic
by George Monbiot

*Call it “the graveyard shift”

A Small Sacrifice to Help Save the World
Even with the recession, a middle-class American lives like Louis XIV
compared to the destitute villagers of the third world
by Katha Pollitt

*Excellent piece … written by someone with an actual soul, it would

The City that Ended Hunger
A city in Brazil recruited local farmers to help do something U.S.
cities have yet to do: end hunger.
by Frances Moore Lappé

*Putting our money where everyone’s mouths are

Sacramento Tent City Is Just One of Dozens in an Ailing America
by Mike Harvey
the Times Online (UK)

*Pretty poor piece, but the Michelle Obama reference was too easy a
setup to pass up:

“Let them eat mushroom risotto”

Obama Signals Readiness to Further Militarize Drug War with Potential
Deployment of National Guard to Mexico Border

El Salvador Holds National Elections Amidst Renewed GOP Threats Against
Electing FMLN

Institute for Public Accuracy
What Should the Globat Economy Look Like?

Beyond Madoff

*What would you call Madoff … a sacrificial wolf?

How the L.A. Times Helped the FBI Destroy Jean Seberg

*Gee … you mean this shit was happening *before* Shrubberismo?

Alert the liberals!

NYT Rules for Democrats: Don’t Annoy Republicans

*Comment left at link

PBS’s Mission: ‘Raise Money by Exploiting Viewers’ Gullibility’

*On the other hand, where else can you watch hours of Lawrence Welk
specials and Barry Manilow reprising his greatest hits?

Now that’s a public service.

CNN’s Resident Drug Pusher


Who is America to Judge?
After Abu Ghraib, Gitmo and extraordinary renditions, other countries
now challenge America’s standing on human rights
by Mark Weisbrot

*Tarnishing an unearned reputation

Israel’s War Crimes
Israel blamed its earlier wars on the threat to its security, even that
against Lebanon in 1982. However, its assault on Gaza was not justified
and there are international calls for an investigation. But is there the
political will to make Israel account for its war crimes?
by Richard Falk

Barack Obama, Meet Team B
by Scott Ritter

*One guess what “B” stands for …

and it ain’t “brilliant analysis”.

And Obama’s fully aware of that reality.

Why the Pentagon Can’t Put America Back to Work
Is the Next Defense Budget a Stimulus Package?
by Frida Berrigan

*Shovel-ready … for burying the dead of the GWOT

Michael Parenti: Economic Crisis the Inevitable Result of “Capitalism’s
Self-Inflicted Apocalypse”

*Capitalists engorge, and we suffer the heartburn

Reduce the Rate: Rev. Jesse Jackson Joins Movement Against Crippling
Rates on Student Loans

*Getting schooled by the student loan scammers

Israel Lobby? No Such Thing….

*dis_in_gen_u_ous (adj) : lacking in candor (i.e., futzing with the



Blackwater’s New Frontier: Their Own Private Africa
Will military contractors blur the line between aid workers and hired
by Bruce Falconer and Daniel Schulman

Drug War Doublespeak
by Laura Carlsen

85 Per Cent of Amazonian Rainforest at Risk of Destruction, Researchers
by Lewis Smith
the Times Online (UK)

*All bite if there’s no bark

Ted Rall Cartoon
“As Obama revs up his Afghan surge, let us all take a moment to salute
the true heroes who have been fighting the war since 2001.”

Ahead of Pivotal El Salvador Vote, Rep. Raul Grijalva Leads
Congressional Call to Reverse Longstanding US Interference

Newly Formed 150,000-Strong Nurses’ Union Pushes for Single-Payer

Burn Your Health Insurance Bill Day: New Group Advocates Direct Action
to Demand Single-Payer System

Dr. Quentin Young, Longtime Obama Confidante and Physician to MLK,
Criticizes Admin’s Rejection of Single-Payer Healthcare

Institute for Public Accuracy
Healthcare Reform and the “Marginalization of the Majority”

Immigrants Stealing the Stimulus?

Economics Made Simple–and Self-Serving

*I guess you could call this a textbook case of corporate convolution of

So I will.


Is This the End of the Age of the Automobile?
by Harvey Wasserman

*Getting the rubber off the road

Battle over Bases
by David Vine

*Garroting the garrisons

Canada Has Cooled Its Welcome for US Deserters
by Michael Matza
the Philadelphia Inquirer

*Your conscience is persona non grata in Canada

Carbon Emissions Creating Acidic Oceans Not Seen Since Dinosaurs
Chemical change placing ‘unprecedented’ pressure on marine life and
could cause widespread extinctions, warn scientists
by David Adam
The Guardian/UK

This isn’t some goddamn supervillian in a movie threatening the planet
with extinction.

This is a bunch of goddamn supervillians in real life … putting profit
over even human survival.

And there ain’t no goddamn superheroes around to save us.

We’re it.

So what are we going to do about it?

Economist Ha-Joon Chang on “The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret
History of Capitalism”

*Changing the rules, and the rulers

“Sending More Troops Will Not Solve the Problem” – Grassroots Afghan
Activist Rangina Hamidi

WSJ Furthers Common Card Check Distortions

On Pundits’ ‘Unhinged Notion’ of the U.S. as ‘Human Rights Arbiter’

*Comment left at link

How Many Votes Does It Take to Pass a Senate Bill?


ICE Raid Targets Immigrants, Breaks Apart Families
Statement by OneAmerica Executive Director Pramila Jayapal

*Where’s the hope and change these folks can believe in, Mr. President?

Behind the Curve
by Paul Krugman

Younger and Hungrier in America
The Struggle to Feed America’s Nouveau Needy
by Nick Turse

The Good Food Revolution
The lush landscape of Hawai’i once offered abundant food. What can these
islands teach us about food and sufficiency?
by Claire Hope Cummings

*Remembering our past to save our future

Another One Bites The Dust: Coal Victory in Iowa!
by Juliana Williams
It’s Getting Hot In Here

Legitimacy of Global Court Questioned Over Sudan
by Thalif Deen
Inter Press Service


Tell the FCC to Keep Public Access Accessible

Strange Questions, Strange Journalism

*Comment left at link

Seeing Cracks in Big Media’s Pro-Israel Opinion Wall

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Alice Walker, CODEPINK Founder Medea
Benjamin in Gaza to Mark International Women’s Day

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Capitalism Hits the Fan”

*Paying for their playing


Our Friends in the South
by James O’Nions

*Globalizing the fight against globalization

The Dog Eats Its Tail: Oversized Classes, Overpopulated Prisons
by Jesse Hagopian

*Here in Cali our guv’s horseshit on this issue has given real-life
meaning to his movie persona …

“The Terminator”

The Bottomless Bailout
by Ralph Nader

*What we don’t know can hurt us … real goddamn bad

Pentagon’s Nuclear Weapons Theory Bombs
by Eric Margolis

*Fractured, and deadly, fairy tales

Call to ‘Resist and Deter’ Nuclear Iran Gains Key Support
by Jim Lobe
Inter Press Service

*Israel:  the 51st state … and the only one with its own nukes

Scientists to Issue Stark Warning Over Dramatic New Sea Level Figures
Rising sea levels pose a far bigger eco threat than previously thought.
This week’s climate change conference in Copenhagen will sound an alarm
over new floodings – enough to swamp Bangladesh, Florida, the Norfolk
Broads and the Thames estuary
by Robin McKie
The Guardian/UK

*Drowning in greed and lethargy


The Big Dither
by Paul Krugman

Arctic Summer Ice Could Vanish by 2013: Expert
by David Ljunggren

What Bush’s Brain Knew
Karl Rove’s testimony to Congress about the firing of US attorneys will
obscure, not reveal, the truth of the past eight years
by Dylan Loewe
The Guardian/UK

Intelligence Failures Crippling Fight Against Insurgents in Afghanistan,
says Report
Leaked analysis condemns US for lack of co-operation – Senior officers’
criticisms also cover Iraq campaign
by Peter Beaumont
The Guardian/UK

*There’s a solution for not “fighting effectively” …

Don’t fight.

But that’s just being all moral and legal, and we know that means jack
to Bush … sorry, Obama … and company, don’t we?

HRW’s Richard Dicker and Scholar, Mediator Alex de Waal Debate
International Criminal Court Indictment of Sudanese President for Mass
Killings in Darfur

*It don’t come easy

As Obama Hosts Summit on Healthcare, Marginalized Advocates Ask Why
Single-Payer is Ignored

*Single payer and double-dealing

California State Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Gay Marriage Ban

*A case study in what happens when you waste your money on goddamn
“consultants” who know everything about how to sell to people and
nothing about how to move them

Rocky Mountain News Ceases Publication as Other Newspapers Face Threat
of Similar Fate

*”Read all about it!”

For how much longer?

NBC’s ‘Good Model’ for Healthcare

Newsweek: None of Us Are Really Socialists, Still

*Comment left at link

As Ethnic Media Suffers, So Does U.S. Democracy

Media Keep Faith in Dow Jones as Oracle

*Comment left at link


Biofuels Do Far More Harm Than Good
Yesterday the EU imposed temporary tariffs on US biodiesel because
subsidies over there distort trade – but that shouldn’t be the only
reason to stop the biofuels juggernaut
by George Monbiot

*Deadly growing pains

Lawmakers Debate Establishing “Truth Commission” on Bush Admin Torture,
Rendition and Domestic Spying

*Shouldn’t a truth commission be committed to true justice?

But that would be morally logical, wouldn’t it?

Grammy-Winning Musician Arturo O’Farrill and Ex-Head of US Interests
Section in Cuba Vicki Huddleston Back Artists’ Call to Lift Cultural
Boycott of Cuba

L.A. Times Editors’ Columbia Fantasyland


Sustaining Global Solidarity After Gaza
by Jamal Juma

Physicians for a National Health Care Plan (PNHP)
Obama’s Health Care Summit Tomorrow, But Where Are Single Payer

10 Things We Didn’t Know About Food
How the authors of the new Rough Guide to Food lost their appetites for
the food industry.
by George Miller and Katharine Reeve

Financial Crisis Threatens Women’s Meagre Gains
by Thalif Deen
Inter Press Service

“Sold Out”: New Report Follows Lobbying Money Trail Behind Deregulation
that Helped Cause Financial Crisis

– See also –

Institute for Public Accuracy
“How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America”

Despite Celebrated Speech, Has Obama Really Ordered an End to US
Occupation of Iraq?

*Would you buy a used war from this man?

Blackwater CEO Erik Prince Resigns in Latest Attempt to Rebrand
Tarnished Mercenary Firm

*New name.  Same bullets.

Palestinians as Alien Creatures

*Comment left at link

NPR “Worse Than Worthless’ on Middle East


David Gregory Mistakes Dow for Opinion Poll

Ellen Tauscher (D-BofA) Helps Bank Lobbyists Write Our Laws
by Jane Hamsher

*Banking on betrayal

Corporate Crime Reporter
Obama to Single Payer Advocates: Drop Dead

*The audacity of “Nope!”

Guantánamo for Kids
Anna Perera’s novel for teenagers about the notorious American detention
camp is a gruelling imaginative journey.
by Michelle Pauli
The Guardian/UK

Israel Boycott Movement Gains Momentum
by Mel Frykberg
Inter Press Service

Institute for Public Accuracy
Why Not Really Tax the Rich?

*From trickle down to squared up

Health Care Summit: Single Payer Excluded?

Palestinian Astrophysicist in US Reunited with Wife & Three Remaining
Children After Story of His 11-Year-Old Son’s Death in Israeli Air
Strike Broadcast on Democracy Now!

New York Legislature to Vote on Overhauling Draconian Rockefeller Drug

*Addicted to incarceration

Decades of Disparity: New Study Underscores Severity of Racial Bias in
Drug-Related Law Enforcement


Oakland Institute
New Report From the Oakland Institute Issues a Challenge to Western-led
Plans for a Genetically Engineered Revolution in Africa
African Farmers & Environmentalists Speak Out Against a New Green
Revolution in Africa

The Imperial Unconscious
Afghan Faces, Predators, Reapers, Terrorist Stars, Roman Conquerors,
Imperial Graveyards, and Other Oddities of the Truncated American
by Tom Engelhardt

The Price of Tomatoes: Keeping Slavery Alive in Florida
If you have eaten a tomato this winter, chances are very good that it
was picked by a person who lives in virtual slavery.
by Barry Estabrook

*We are what we eat

*Corporate America and Black Hypocrisy Month

Well, the farce that was Black History Month in the corpress is finally
over, but I saw a TV ad the other day that I felt encapsulated the
spirit of corporate America’s use of Dr. King’s memory, and thought I’d
pass it along to you, for what it’s worth

I may be a bit off on the details, but I believe I’m relating the gist.

First shot:  Static image of a gallery wall, with a large photo of a
thoughtful-looking MLK hanging on it.

Enter stage left a young black girl who stops in front of the image.

Second shot:  We see her from the front looking up at the photo.  She’s
wearing a top with the words “Future President” and a US flag printed on

Cut to black.  Text reads “Have a dream.”  Then “The Martin Luther King
Memorial Museum”.  Finally “Build the dream.”

As that last part appears, the name of the sponsor also shows
unobtrusively in the lower right corner:


Boeing.  Dr. King was excoriated by the corpress for his opposition to
the Vietnam War.  His murder may have been due in large part to that
courageous stand.

What’s one of the iconic horror images of that war?

B-52s dropping their death-dealing payloads on that country.

B-52s built by Boeing.

This isn’t a memory hole.  It’s the goddamn Grand Canyon of Propaganda.*

NPR Blames Borrowers for Listening to NPR

Capitol Climate Action: Mass Civil Disobedience in D.C. Against Use of
Coal at Capitol Hill Power Plant

Power Shift ’09: 12,000+ Students Attend Largest Youth Summit on Climate
Change in US History

CEO-Bashing for Fun and Profit
Obama, Media Grandstand on Executive Pay
by Ted Rall


Maine Town Takes a Stand: Closes Tap on Water Privatization
Residents ignore the Board of Selectmen’s position and vote to stop
Poland Spring – and others – from harvesting their water.
by Edward D. Murphy
the Maine Sunday Telegram

The Rest of Paul Harvey’s Story

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