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April 2009

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Investigation Ordered Into Virginia Fusion Center Document
ACLU Urges Congress To Conduct Comprehensive Review Of Fusion Center

Mexico’s Swine Flu and the Globalization of Disease
by Laura Carlsen

*A pandemic of transnational greed

Agriculture and the Environment, It’s Our Choice
by Jim Goodman

*Choosing what we swallow:

Lies, or healthy … for us and the planet … food

Condi Channels Nixon: If the President Says So, It’s Not Illegal

Defying Threats, Fighting Oppression: The Woman Leading Protests in
by Tom Coghlan in Kabul
the Times Online/UK

Climate Chaos Predicted by CO2 Study
World will have exceeded 2050 safe carbon emissions limit by 2020,
scientists say
by Steve Connor
The Independent/UK

*A dire warning drowned out by the “green noise” of corpress and corp

Culture of Unpunished Sexual Assault in Military
by Dahr Jamail
Inter Press Service

*The military’s true definition of R & R:

Rape and retribution

In 100th-Day News Conference, Obama Calls Bush Admin Waterboarding
“Torture,” Defends Continued White House Claim to “State Secrets”

*Our gummint doesn’t need any help in “demonizing” itself, does it?

And it’s pretty goddamn good at “justifying killing civilians”, too …
isn’t it?

Google Faces Antitrust Investigation for Agreement to Digitize Millions
of Books Online

*Insidious bookbinding

Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi Joins Defense Team of Jailed Iranian
American Journalist Roxana Saberi

Institute for Public Accuracy
Swine Flu and Factory Farms

Torture, State Secrets and Spanish Prosecution


Corporate Think Tank Dives into Water Policy
by Diane Farsetta

What if Instead of the Nuremberg Trials There Was Only a Truth
by Jeremy Scahill

*So what about the legislators of both parties who knew crimes were
being committed and kept silent?

Can they be prosecuted?  Should they be?

If they can, I think they should.  Do you?

The “NAFTA Flu”: Critics Say Swine Flu Has Roots in Forcing Poor
Countries to Accept Western Agribusiness

Ex-Virginia Tech Student Speaks Out Against Texas GOP Bill to Legalize
Firearms on Campus

*Guns don’t kill people

People with guns kill people

Prisoners at Federal Immigrant Detention Center in South Texas Stage
Hunger Strike Over Alleged Abuses, Denial of Due Process

EXCLUSIVE: Jailed Houston Imam Zoubir Bouchikhi Speaks from Private
Immigration Prison

Doctor in Sri Lanka Hospital Describes Casualties from Ongoing Conflict

Institute for Public Accuracy
Swine Flu: Budgets and Immigration Status

*Cutting our “native born” noses off to spite our faces

Does Torture Work, or Might Therapy Be More Effective?

*Doesn’t this go well beyond torture?  These bastards are foursquare
behind the murder of hundreds of thousands of persons the world over,
and the abuse and impoverishment of billions more, aren’t they?

Does that meet their psychological needs?  If those needs include the
desire to be beneficiaries of and apologists for a bloody empire, you’d
have to say it does, wouldn’t you?


Shrinking Our Way Towards Happiness
Book Review: Prosperity without Growth?
by Charles Siegel

*More is not better.  Better is better.

Swine Flu Crisis Lays Bare the Meat Industry’s Monstrous Power
The Mexico swine flu outbreak should alert us to a highly globalised
industry with global political clout
by Mike Davis

*The true swine behind the sickness

Obama’s Iraq: The Picture of Dorian Gray
While the US tries to present a new face, the ugliness of the occupation
continues. Now it seems combat troops won’t exactly withdraw from Iraqi
cities on June 30.
by Jeremy Scahill

*A liberal interpretation of “withdrawal” … in more ways than one

As Long As We’re Talking About Socialism
by Mark Harris

*Seriously saying the “S” word

Dr. Mads Gilbert: A Physician in Gaza
by GRITtv

Climate Change Hitting Entire Arctic Ecosystem, Says Report
Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme study tells of profound
changes to sea ice and permafrost, among others
by John Vidal
The Guardian/UK

*Can Mother Earth keep her cool?

Of course, we’re the hotheads giving her grief.

Injured War Zone Contractors Fight to Get Care from AIG and Other

Gold Star Father John Scripsick Remembers His Son Killed in Iraq

Why Are Record Numbers of US Soldiers Committing Suicide?

Davis Joyce, Author of “Alternative Oklahoma: Contrarian Views of the
Sooner State”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Swine Flu and Sick Days

*Mandatory paid sick days?

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Or Kentucky.  Or California.  Or anywhere else in these here United
States … are we?

NYT, ABC and Waterboarding: An Update

Richard Cohen’s Torture Fantasyland

The NYT’s Favorite ‘Climate Change Denier’

*”Hiskes ‘wonders, would they grant the same privilege to the wackos who
think HIV doesn’t cause AIDS?'”

Well, not *now* …


More of the Same Drug War Isn’t the Answer
by Jess Hunter-Bowman

Obama Has Missed His Moment
by Chris Hedges

*I don’t pretend to suss the economics, but I can say that Obama’s
failure isn’t so much one of “foresight and courage”, but of humanity,
don’t you think?

Human Rights Is a Local Issue
by Judith Blau

Reform US Foreign Policy by Passing EFCA
by Robert Naiman

Non-Violent Protests Against West Bank Barrier Turn Increasingly
Palestinian demonstrations intended to be peaceful met with Israeli
teargas, stun grenades and sometimes live ammunition
by Rory McCarthy
The Guardian/UK

‘Criminalizing Speech’ to Fight ‘Terror’

The Post Stands Up for the Poor Rich

*That’s rich … in more ways than one

The Dark Side of MSNBC’s ‘Crazy Political Uncle’

Zakaria: Obama in the Middle

*Only someone like Zakaria *could* give him “high marks”, don’t you

No one hoping for an end to wars for profit, universal health care or
the upholding of human rights here and abroad would be so moved, would

Institute for Public Accuracy
Swine Flu and Meat Industry

*A sickening situation in every context

Major Protest Planned Against Arizona Sheriff Famous for Parading
Undocumented Prisoners

Arizona Public Defender Blasts Militarization of Immigration
Enforcement, Criminalization of Undocumented Workers

*Bull Connor in a Stetson

“Humanitarian Aid Is Not a Crime” – Activist Fights Littering Charge for
Leaving Water Jugs in Desert along Arizona-Mexico Border

US-Mexico Border Wall Slicing through Fragile Ecosystems


Bush Lie Lives On as Pro-Torture Spin Point

*Fractured fairy tales to mask the Grimm reality of state-sanctioned

Of course, Obama knows best … so forty lashes with a wet noodle and
off you go.

Who says the system doesn’t work?


The Jay Bybee Problem
by the American News Project

*Not putting him on the hook in the first place


Are Leading Democrats Afraid of a Special Prosecutor to Investigate
by Jeremy Scahill

*Evil has no party affiliation

Killing Civilians: Questions to Ask in the Dead of Night
by Tom Engelhardt

*No drones over Boise
No wedding parties obliterated in Memphis
No “shock and awe” in Bucks County

But what if “them” were “us”?

Wildfires Add to Speed of Global Warming
by David Perlman
the San Francisco Chronicle

Rise of Right-Wing Extremism Linked to Recession


An Unearthed Resource
Gas drilling in Northeast raises health and environmental concerns among
by Byard Duncan
The Ithacan (Ithaca College, NY)

*Getting drilled

Campaign in Montana Seeks to Establish Healthcare as a Human Right

*The US is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

See Article 25:

Sixty years late, and counting

Doug & Andrea Peacock on Montana’s Grizzly Bears, the Late Edward Abbey
and the Fight to Save the Wilderness

Institute for Public Accuracy
Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change

IMF and World Bank Meetings in Washington

*More “medicine” from the sources of the sickness


The Piracy Problem: Monsters vs. Aliens
Why Terrorists and Pirates Are Not About to Team Up Any Time Soon
by John Feffer

*Flipping the kill switch:  200 years of pirate propaganda

Thievery Under the TARP
by Robert Scheer

A Closer Look at Obama’s ‘New’ Position on Torture Prosecutions
by Jeremy Scahill

American Torture: There Can Be No ‘Exceptionalism’ When the Rule of Law
Is Broken
by The Real News Network

Nobel Laureate Accuses Israel of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’
by Agence France Presse

*City of Peace

Dozens of Prisoners Held by CIA Still Missing, Fates Unknown
by Dafna Linzer
by ProPublica

A Town Suffering for Generations: Decades of Asbestos Exposure by W.R.
Grace Mine Leave Hundreds Dead, 1,200+ Sickened in Libby

*The corporation poisons the bodies of workers and their families, their
PR hacks poison the minds of the populace, and their lawyers poison the
well of justice.

The role of the gummint and the corpress?

Continuity supervisors.

Environmental Crimes Trial Underway Against W.R. Grace for Widespread
Asbestos Exposure in Montana Town

Commentary’s Trumped-Up Case Against I.F. Stone

More Calls to Bomb (Any) Somalians

*Comment left at link

Institute for Public Accuracy
Torture and Accountability


Paint It Green – with Recycled, Phony Rhetoric
by Mark Kastel

*A particularly putrid shade of “green”

Holistic Thinking Key to Sustainable Future
by Calvin DeWitt and Lewis Gilbert

*Making the connections, and keeping them connected

US Lacks Capacity to Win Over Afghans
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

*Don’t you get the feeling that the point of this piece doesn’t have a
goddamn thing to do with *what* the US is doing … immorally and
illegally fighting a war and occupying another nation … but rather
focuses on *how* it can do so more intelligently?

The Story of Mitchell Jessen & Associates: How a Team of Psychologists
in Spokane, WA, Helped Develop the CIA’s Torture Techniques

*So what if they had been “effective”?  There’s nothing in the Geneva
Accords that voids them if that’s the case, is there?

We either oppose torture, or we don’t.  If other countries are to be
held to account, so must the US, don’t you think?

Hanford Nuclear Reservation: A Look at the Nation’s Most Polluted
Nuclear Weapons Production Site

Radiation Exposure from 50 Years of Uranium Mining Continues to Affect
Spokane Indian Reservation

*Steal the land and then poison what’s left

No need for a summit on racism in this country, Mr. President

Envision Spokane: Coalition Works to Get “Community Bill of Rights” into
City Charter

Media Discover ‘Obscure’ Latin American Book

*I think what they meant was that it was obscure to *them* …

And for the corpress, that’s all that matters … isn’t it?


Is Local Food Better? Yes, But There’s More
by Sarah DeWeerdt

Where’s Rev. Wright When You Need Him?
by Chris Hedges

*The truth shall set you free

So our government doesn’t want any part of it

A Future Too Big to Fail: Ecological Ignorance and Economic Collapse
by Chip Ward

*Brother, can you spare a paradigm?

Why We Should Banish Larry Summers from Public Life
by Naomi Klein

*Isn’t it a shame there’s no “brainlock” for dangerous minds like

The Second Scramble for Africa Starts
by Julio Godoy
Inter Press Service

*Everything old and evil is new again

Palestinian Water Crisis Deepens
by BBC News

*A literal thirst for justice

MSNBC’s ‘Train Has Left the Station’–and Left Truth Behind

*MSNBC a “real” news outlet?

This happened *when*?

Activists Beat Back Tiered Internet Scheme

WSJ Distorts Tax Rate for the Rich

*Comment left at link

Gov. Richardson, Activists Honored in Rome After New Mexico Repeals
Death Penalty

*The self-circumscribed limits of a politician’s conscience and courage

Longtime Anti-Nuclear Activist John Dear Arrested 75+ Times Protesting
War and Nuclear Weapons

*And a man of peace’s determination to constantly seek to expand his and

More Countries Join US, Israel Boycott of UN Racism Conference

*Another uplifting display of the audacity of “Nope”


Robert Samuelson, Not an Economist

*Facts are an encumbrance to a free-thinking corpresser like Samuelson.

How can he make his points effectively if he’s continually being
contradicted by reality?


Obama, Seeing Darkness, Conjures up the Mists of Time
by Dave Lindorff

And, of course, the Shrubberites knew they’d be let off by any
Democratic president, didn’t they?

Because they know their history, even as they and the Democrats seek to
bury it.

In Praise of Peasants
by Jim Goodman

Columbine Questions We Still Don’t Ponder
by David Sirota

Hopebroken and Hopesick: A Lexicon of Disappointment
by Naomi Klein

*As the relative handful of folks who’ve visited here know, I’ve never
suffered from any of these hope-related symptoms.

But we’re all victims of the disease that spawns them, aren’t we?

Kite Runner Joins Gay Penguins on Top 10 Books Americans Want Banned
The American Library Association’s ‘most challenged’ books of 2008
include Khaled Hosseini’s bestseller alongside perennial bêtes noires
His Dark Materials and And Tango Makes Three
by Alison Flood
The Guardian/UK

*Book binding and gagging

Additional Murder Charges Expected in Killing of Oakland Journalist
Chauncey Bailey

*The power of the pressure of the press

“Little Guantanamo” – Secretive “CMU” Prisons Designed to Restrict
Communication of Jailed Muslims and Activists with Outside World

Gulag in the heartland

Obama Releases Bush-Era Memos Authorizing Torture Techniques, Rules Out
Prosecuting CIA Interrogators who Carried Them Out

“Reflection”?  Try “deflection”.
And it will be tried ad nauseum for the next four years, won’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama in Latin America


The Rhetoric of ‘Peace’
by Ziyaad Lunat

Is Geithner’s Hedge-Fund Bailout Illegal?
by Zach Carter

Consumption Dwarfs Population as Main Environmental Threat
A small portion of the world’s people use up most of the earth’s
resources and produce most of its greenhouse gas emissions
by Fred Pearce

*Damn irresponsible third world baby pumpers …

Supersize me again … *urp*.

Food Rebellions: 7 Steps to Solving the Food Crisis
Resistance to the trade and ‘aid’  policies that displace farmers and
increase hunger.
by Eric Holt-Gimenez

Top Ten Enemies of Single Payer
by Russell Mokhiber

The Need to Tax the Wealthy
by Dean Baker

Iraq Air Raids Hit Mostly Women and Children
Report urges review of military strategy when targeting urban areas
by Kim Sengupta
The Independent/UK

“Without Struggle, There Is Nothing” – Mumia Abu-Jamal Speaks from Death
Row about His Case, Prison Reform and “Jailhouse Lawyers”

Justice Dept. Whistleblower Defends Decision to Leak Bush Domestic
Surveillance Program & Calls for Prosecution of Gov’t Officials and

Obama Administration Claims “Sovereign Immunity” in Attempt to Dismiss
Lawsuit Against NSA over Domestic Surveillance

Foreign governments suspiciously oppose civilian deaths


Climate Risks: Lessons from the Financial Crisis
by Robin Hahnel

*Betting the only house we’ve got

An Apology for an Occupation
Apology of US Sergeant Matthis Chiroux to Afghan leader Malalai Joya
by Matthis Chiroux/Malalai Joya

*I need to read about folks like Malalai and Matthis … they give me
hope that a better world’s possible.

Even if nearly all the empirical evidence is to the contrary.

From Now on, Equality Needs to Be Our Organizing Principle
by Johann Hari

*Essential, but highly unlikely, climate change

1,500 Farmers Commit Mass Suicide in India
by the Belfast Telegraph (UK)

Errant Drone Attacks Spur Militants in Pakistan
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

*How do you do a piece on this and never mention that these attacks are

That’s sorta International Law 101, isn’t it?

The Boston Tea Party’s Actual Successors

Pacifica Radio at 60: KPFA Remains a Sanctuary of Dissent Six Decades
After Its Founding


Bill O’Reilly’s Pirate Solution

*O’Reilly’s sorted ’em out …

Now kill ’em all

Richard Cohen and the Managerial Failure in Iraq

*Comment left at link

United for a Fair Economy (UFE)
New Tax Day Report on Obama’s Tax Proposals
Obama’s Tax Proposals Could Raise More Revenue, Be More Progressive and
Clamp Down Harder on Wall Street Speculation, New Tax Day Report Finds

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
Genetic Engineering Has Failed to Significantly Boost US Crop Yields
Despite Biotech Industry Claims, New Report Finds
Increases Over the Last Decade Due to Traditional Breeding and
Conventional Agricultural Improvements

*Yielding to reality

The Bailout We Owe the Developing World
by James Ridgeway

*Billions paying the price for fucking with food

Legacies of War
A Peaceful Legacy

*I want my tax dollars to give life rather than bring death … in Laos
and every other nation on this earth … don’t you?

Germany Bans Cultivation of GM Corn
Spiegel Online (Germany)

World Will Not Meet 2C Warming Target, Climate Change Experts Agree
Guardian poll reveals almost nine out of 10 climate experts do not
believe current political efforts will keep warming below 2C
by David Adam
The Guardian/UK

*Deadly hot air on global warming

A Long, Dark Journey to Joyous Night in El Salvador
The minister had endured torture and exile during El Salvador’s brutal
civil war. Last month, journalist-turned-elections-observer Steve Kelley
was at his side as thousands celebrated a new era.
by Steve Kelley
The Seattle Times

*I hope to hell this is truly change we can believe in

California Towns Fight Back Against Justice Department Suit to Overturn
Youth Protection Act that Bars Military from Recruiting Minors

*Sleazy kid stuff

Peace Activists Arrested After Protesting US Drones in Nevada

Analysis: Somalia Piracy Began in Response to Illegal Fishing and Toxic
Dumping by Western Ships off Somali Coast

Institute for Public Accuracy
Taxes Going to Military Spending

*Putting our money where our mouth says it is


Peaceful Tomorrows
9/11 and Military Families Oppose Afghanistan Escalation

You Are Being Lied to About Pirates
by Johann Hari

*It ain’t Johnny Depp

A Better Way to Use That IMF Money: Debt for Democratic Development
by Kevin Danaher

Female Vets Struggling to Get Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress
by NBC News

Will Obama Prosecute the Captured Somali ‘Pirate’ in a US Court?
Habeas rights have been trashed, prisoners have been tortured and held
without trial for years at Gitmo and Bagram. Obama should finally show
respect for the legal rights of prisoners held by the US.
by Jeremy Scahill

*Context cropped by the corpress

Noam Chomsky on the Global Economic Crisis, Healthcare, US Foreign
Policy and Resistance to American Empire

*Goodman asked Chomsky what gives him hope.

Well, Chomsky gives me hope.  Sane people give me hope.

Institute for Public Accuracy
The Great Tax Burden Shift: From the Rich to the Rest?

*Debit where debit is due


Free Press
Free Press Organizes Nationwide Opposition to Time Warner Metering
Group calls on Congress to investigate unfair Internet penalty

Israel-Palestine: One-State Supporters Make a Comeback
by Helena Cobban
Inter Press Service

*One state is the only just solution.  Holding up South Africa as its
model is a terrible mistake … unless having Palestinians leaders
screwing Palestinians, in concert with Israeli officials, is the desired

Given the current makeup of the PA, that’s a distinct possibility, isn’t

(Not that I think Hamas is some shining example of governance, either.)

Revolving Door, Bailout Edition
by Daniel Schulman and Jonathan Stein
Mother Jones

*Bipartisan “public servants” and their new, well-paying masters

Five Years After Helping to Expose Abu Ghraib Scandal, Christian
Peacemaker Teams Continue Human Rights Work

*WWJD?  What these folks are doing.

I just wish I had their courage and commitment.  I wish a whole lot more
folks did, don’t you?

The Challenge for Africa: Kenyan Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai on
Obama, Climate Change and War

*Hard to fathom how someone like Maathai can be so naive about Obama …
especially when his actions, and lack of same, will have devastating
consequences for her work.

A New Way Forward: Protests Scheduled Across the Country Calling on
Banks to Nationalize, Reorganize, Decentralize


Consumers Union
29 Groups Urge Kansas Gov. Sebelius to Veto Bill on RBGH Milk Labeling
Citing Conerns for Food Safety, Consumers’ Right to Know, and Freedom of
State Legislature Backs Biotech Interests Despite Strong Opposition;
Consumers in Kansas Could be Misled About the Safety of Their Milk

Revive Lincoln’s Monetary Policy: an Open Letter to President Obama
by Ellen Brown

*Strip out the fervent paeans to Lincoln and the country’s
“forefathers”, and the wholly unjustified faith in Obama’s better
angels, and you have something well worth reading.

Of course, why do we need money, anyway?  That’s the more fundamental
question, isn’t it?

How Many Democrats Will Stand Up to Obama’s Bloated Military Budget and
$75 Billion More in War Spending?
Obama wants billions more for the Iraq/Afghanistan wars on top of a US
military budget that already surpasses Bush-era spending by $21 billion.
Where is the resistance?
by Jeremy Scahill

*Meet the new …

Screw it.  If you don’t get it by now …

Military Used Pigs in Blasts to Test Armor
by Tom Vanden Brook
USA Today

Obama Climate Adviser Open to Geo-Engineering to Tackle Global Warming
by Alok Jha
The Guardian/UK

“We Didn’t Create a Paradise in Iraq, We Created a Hell” – Independent
Journalist Nir Rosen on 6th Anniversary of US Overthrow of Saddam

*Some good intel, but Rosen never addresses the energy equation as the
primary motive for US policy, does he?

With High Unemployment, Carolinas Reel from Economic Crisis

*Old times there are not forgotten …

’cause they never really ended, did they?

I say that as a good Suthin boy.

North Carolina Town Prints Own Currency to Support Local Business

*DIY dinero

Gun Control Advocates Call for Stricter Laws After Spate of Mass
Shootings Leaves Nearly 60 Dead


Public Employees for Enviromental Responsibility (PEER)
Constitutional Clash Over Defunct Land Exchange
Major Religious Establishment Case Rooted in Moot Mojave Cross Deal

*One national park system, under God

PBS Lashes Back over Single Payer Dustup
by Russell Mokhiber

Putting Today’s ‘Pirate’ Attack in Context
A US ship, owned by a Pentagon contractor with ‘Top Security’ Clearance,
was seized off the Somali coast. Reports say the US crew has retaken the
ship. But the question remains: Why are the pirates attacking?
by Jeremy Scahill

*Inconvenient facts

EU: Earth Warming Faster
by Reuters

*Burning down the house

Barack Obama, Torture Enabler
Spain Enforces America’s Laws
by Ted Rall

*Law and moral order
(Click on the Columns link at the top of the page if this is no longer
posted at Rall’s blog)

In Historic Vote, Vermont Legislature Legalizes Gay Marriage

Testimony of 12-Year-Old with Two Moms Moves Some Vermont Legislators to
Support Gay Marriage Bill

*Kids say the darnedest things … thank goodness

The Struggle Against Mountaintop Removal: Leading Activist Mike Roselle
Continues Fight Against Destructive Coal Mining

Bridging the Rural Digital Divide: FCC Starts Work on National Broadband


FAIR Action Alert
Frontline Distorts Global Healthcare Options
PBS show treats mandatory for-profit insurance as the only alternative

National Priorities Project
Your 2008 Tax Dollar: 37 Cents to Military; 2.8 Cents to Environment and

*Taxes to death

The Killing Fields of Inequality
by Goran Therborn

The War on Yugoslavia, 10 Years Later
by Stephen Zunes

*Life, and death, on Mars (read your Roman mythology)

Supreme Court Denies Appeal for Death Row Prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal

A Roundtable of Local Florida Journalists on the Future of Newspapers,
the Role of Community Media and Cubans in Florida

Florida Student Arrested by Immigration Three Days After Acquittal on
Bomb Charges

*With liberty and justice for (insert race, religion, sex, sexual
orientation and income level here)

Guantanamo Attorneys Face Possible Prison Time for Letter to Obama
Detailing Client’s Allegations of Torture

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Obama in Iraq * Military Spending * Drone Attack Protests


Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy (IATP)
How to Build a Climate-Friendly Food System
Sustainable Agriculture Is Key, New Report Finds

US Hypocrisy on North Korea: Let’s Talk About Israel’s Nukes
by Jeremy Scahill

Resist or Become Serfs
by Chris Hedges

*1984 a quarter century late

Trading Afghan Women’s Rights for Political Power
New Afghan Law Comes as No Surprise: Women’s Rights Have Always Been
Traded for Political Power
by Sonali Kolhatkar

*The same old song …

A Trillion Dollars for the Banks: How About a Second Opinion?
by Dean Baker

Climate Warning as Antarctic Ice Bridge Shatters
by Alister Doyle
The Independent/UK

Communities Print Own Currencies to Keep Cash Flowing
by Marisol Bello
USA Today

Land of Ruins: A Special Report on Gaza’s Economy

“A Ponzi State” – Univ. of South Florida Professor Examines the Economic
Crisis in Florida

*Sunshine and slave labor (which the good professor neglected to

Institute for Public Accuracy
Did North Korea Break the Rules? Does the U.S.? Does Israel?

*Strident hypocrisy … aka US foreign policy


MADRE Talking Points: Seven Reasons to Oppose a Troop Surge in

The Ones Who Got It Right
by Ralph Nader

What’s Up With North Korea?
by John Feffer

Thousands Flee Bomb Attacks by US Drones
by Daud Khattakin and Christina Lamb
The Sunday Times (UK)

*Exporting the audacity of hope


FAIR Extra!
Parroting Propaganda on Family Planning
The right successfully spins stimulus coverage
By Julie Hollar

*The provision wouldn’t have been “forced off the table” if the
administration had fought to keep it there, right?

So what does that tell us about “the audacity of hope”?

The Online Predator Scare
Profiting from the panic
by Steve Rendall

*Scaring up ratings


The Global Teachers’ Anthem
by Jesse Hagopian

Same-Sex Partners Mired in Deportation ‘Nightmare’
by Cynthia Hubert
the Sacramento Bee

*Family valueless

Noam Chomsky on US Expansion of Afghan Occupation, the Uses of NATO, and
What Obama Should Do in Israel-Palestine

Utah Student Who Prevented Bush Admin Sell-Off of Public Land Charged
for Disrupting Auction

Structural Racism Not on ABC’s Agenda

Now, why did this song pop into my head when I read this item?

Institute for Public Accuracy
NATO; Wall Street; Nevada Protests Against War


Environmental Working Group (EWG)
CDC: Rocket Fuel Chemical in Most Powdered Infant Formula
Infants Exposed to Unsafe Levels of Thyroid Toxin

War Resisters League
Beyond Afghanistan: Choosing Nonviolence

*An actual “peace” group

Accept no substitutes

Obama’s Blackwater? Jeremy Scahill on Triple Canopy, the New Lead US
Mercenary Force in Iraq and Israel

*Old arsenic in a new bottle

Marxist Geographer David Harvey on the G20, the Financial Crisis and

Thousands Flood London’s Financial District to Protest G20 Summit

After G20, Mass Protests Await Obama at NATO Meeting

*Benn calls Afghanistan an immoral war … rather than solely a
“quagmire” or “unwinnable”.

Sadly, he’s an anomaly, isn’t he?

Institute for Public Accuracy
G-20 Economics

*Suicide prevention

Cable Grows, News Shrinks

*Watching the defectives

Debunking the WaPo’s ‘Jihad Against Social Security’

Local TV Poaches, Sensationalizes, Community Reportage

Listening to Limbaugh

*Comment left at link


Obama’s Ersatz Capitalism
by Joseph E. Stiglitz

Let’s Shake Off the Shackles of Free Trade
The G20 leaders must be flexible – a little protectionism could give
nations vital breathing space
by Noreena Hertz

Change How the World Works? Yes, We Can
by Robin Hahnel

The Secrets of Obama’s Surge
by The Real News Network

Stopping Foreclosure: One Woman’s Home
by Madeleine Baran
the Twin Cities Daily Planet (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

*This is what it *should* mean to be a patriot, don’t you think?

Rasmussen Poll Advances New World Order Paranoia

As Obama Arrives in London for G20, Tens of Thousands Gather to Protest
in the Streets


Rep. McDermott: “The Medical-Industrial Complex in this Country is
Bigger than the Military-Industrial Complex”

*I guess I’m posting this as a look at the views of a congressmember on
the left of the party.  McDermott’s not near where he needs to be, of
course, but compared to so many others, he’s certainly closer.


Canadian Judge Upholds Government Decision to Bar British MP George
Galloway on National Security Grounds

Institute for Public Accuracy
Why Does NATO Still Exist?



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