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June 2009

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Privatizing Fire Protection Is Going to Burn
by Peter Funt

*Fire sale – putting the torch to public services

Showdown in Honduras: The Rise, Repression and Uncertain Future of the
by Benjamin Dangl

Iraq’s ‘National Sovereignty Day’ is U.S.-Style Hallmark Hype
by Jeremy Scahill

*All dressed up and going nowhere

When Drones Become Indiscriminate
by Jerrold Kessel and Pierre Klochendler
Inter Press Service

The Scramble for Iraq’s ‘Sweet Oil’
by Nicole Johnston

Judge Sentences Madoff to 150 Years, But Will Regulatory System that
Allowed Massive Financial Fraud Really Change?

*The SEC and other regulators didn’t “miss” anything.  They were fully
cognizant of these frauds, and wilfully turned a blind eye to them.

That’s not ignorance.  That’s complicity.

Someone (Who Could Have Been a Justice) Is Wrong on the Internet


A Few Thoughts on the Coup in Honduras
by Jeremy Scahill

Healthcare Horror: Care Denied Over $7 Debt for Insured Patient
by Donna Smith

*No need to comment – this screams for itself

Iran and Leftist Confusion
by Reese Erlich

*I think it can safely be said, without questioning the authenticity of
the protests, that the US is doing its damnedest to assure that events
benefit the empire.  Obama’s “hands off” rhetoric is a function of US
limitations in doing so, not any fealty to “non-interference”, don’t you

The Truth Alone Will Not Set You Free
by Chris Hedges

*I think I try to do this – marry fact (the pieces I repost) with
rhetoric (my comments) – at least as well as my limited faculties will

I think achieving that combination is reliant upon being able to put
ourselves in the place of those most affected by the violence that is
capitalism and empire, to help folks feel just how vicious those forces
can be toward other living things.

Some well-meaning person may disagree with some gummint policies, but
believe Obama and his ilk to be “good people”, blunting her or his
ability to marshal the righteous anger necessary to change those

Understanding that that’s not the perspective of anyone within the
effective firing range of a Predator drone might move those persons
toward that level of outrage, don’t you think?

As the man said, “Power concedes nothing without a demand” – and knowing
and being revulsed by those you’re making that demand of is a function
of the rhetoric lacking in so much “progressive” discourse, wouldn’t you

I hope that makes sense.

Crops Face Toxic Timebomb in Warmer World: Study
by David Fogerty

Climate Change Secondary to ‘Free’ Trade at NYT

Mexico Electoral Fraud ‘in the Dust of History’ at NYT

Coup in Honduras: Military Ousts President Manuel Zelaya, Supporters
Defy Curfew and Take to the Streets

Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa on Global Capitalism, Why He Won’t
Renew the US Base in Manta, Chevron in the Amazon, Obama’s War in
Afghanistan, and More


Former Hannity Associate Upgrades His Hate

CNN Covering for U.S. Coup That Even Obama Acknowledges

*Comment left at link


Our Lost Gay Radicalism
by Peter Tatchell

Saving Ourselves: Consuming Within Recharge Rates
by Randall Amster

*Balance or oblivion?

An obvious, if not easy, choice

The Failed State of US Climate Change Policy
The Waxman-Markey climate bill is the best we will get from America
until the corruption of public life is addressed
by George Monbiot

*Re that last sentence – How can someone who hews so doggedly to the
empirical up to that point suddenly abandon it when it comes to divining
Obama’s intentions?

Consumers Don’t Buy Water for Health Reasons
by Reuters

*”Convenience and cost” …

How goddamn hard is it to fill up a (non-plastic) bottle with tap water,
and how much does it cost?

Jesus …

Author Naomi Klein Calls for Boycott of Israel
by Agence France Presse

Slowdown in Once-Booming Organics Troubles Farmers
by Rick Callahan
The Associated Press

Western Aid Declines, Financial Bailouts Mount
by Thalif Deen
Inter Press Service

Stonewall Riots 40th Anniversary: A Look Back at the Uprising that
Launched the Modern Gay Rights Movement

*When the fags bashed back

Trans Day of Action: “The Rebellion Is Not Over”

*The “T” far too often means “Tomorrow … maybe”

A Look at the Gay Rights Movement Beyond Marriage and the Military

*Changing the system, instead of seeking inclusion within it

Institute for Public Accuracy
Rich Nations Stopping Global Reforms?

Policing the Debate on Health Reform

Why I Couldn’t Say What Dan Froomkin Said Reporters Should Do

*Why is the truly obscene – the bullshit Froomkin spots on – never truly


Institute for Public Accuracy
The Need for Mass Transit

*The Ellington option:

Take the “A” Train

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
One-Third Of Wildlife Refuges Use GM Crops In Southeast
Genetically Modified Seeds Okayed by Obama Fish & Wildlife Service
Director Pick Hamilton

A Withdrawal in Name Only
by Erik Leaver & Daniel Atzmon

*Never can say goodbye

Cap-and-Trade Does More Harm than Good
Bill offers incentives for businesses that pollute. Carbon fees or
taxation would be better for the economy and the Earth
by Laurie Williams & Allan Zabel

*Cap and trade = dog and pony

Nancy Pelosi: A Hawk in Donkey’s Clothing
by Stephen Zunes

*I disagree that Pelosi’s not a liberal.  She is the very embodiment of
the definition of that term in US politics, isn’t she?

And she has plenty of company in Congress and the administration,
doesn’t she?

I wouldn’t call her a hawk, though.  I think “rat” is more accurate – as
in “Demorat”.

Chemicals in Shampoos and Toys ‘Could Lead to Low Birth Weight’
Chemicals widely used in shampoos, toys, hairspray and cosmetics could
harm the growth of unborn babies, a new study suggests.
by Kate Devlin
The Telegraph/UK

More Democracy the Cure for Broken System, UN Says
by Henry Parr
Inter Press Service

Airstrike Report Belies ‘Blame Taliban’ Line
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

Friends of the Earth Goes it Alone: Urges ‘No’ on Climate Bill
by Stacy Morford

EXCLUSIVE: Animal Rights Activist Jailed at Secretive Prison Gives First
Account of Life Inside a “CMU”

Rite Aid Workers Fight for a Union


‘Ardently Protectionist’ WaPo Ignores Entire World

Fox ‘News’ Elevates Pandering to Plain Nonsense

Healthcare Deficit: Bad; War Deficit: Good

*The most dangerous deficit is the one that’s always been at the core of
our system:


Billy Graham Gets Cleaned Up by CBS

Friends of the Earth – International
Scotland’s Climate Bill Sets Key Precedent

Touring Empire’s Ruins: From Detroit to the Amazon
by Greg Grandin

The Endless War Continues: Taking Stock of US Strategy under Obama
by Pierre Beaudet

*Yeah, I don’t understand a lot of it, either – but I thought I should
post it.

Would you agree?

Amazon Uprising More Urgent Than Iran’s: The Planet Depends on It
A Fight for the Amazon that Should Inspire the World
by Johann Hari

Institute for Public Accuracy
A Twitter Revolution?

Pakistani Opposition Politician Imran Khan on US Drone Attacks, the
“Massive Human Catastrophe” in the Swat Valley and the Escalation of War
in Afghanistan

Hamid Dabashi on Iran Protests: “This is Not Another Revolution. This is
a Civil Rights Movement”

Actress Daryl Hannah, Climate Scientist James Hansen Among 30+ Arrested
Protesting Mountaintop Removal in West Virginia


Institute for Public Accuracy
General Strike: Possible in Iran? In the U.S.?

Congress Needs to Hear From Us Today on Afghanistan
by Tom Andrews

*As the kids say, “This is fucked up, dude.”

I guess I’m including this as an example of the sorry state of much of
the “anti-war movement”.

I’ll just let it speak for itself, except to say that I don’t give a
good goddamn about exit strategies being “an important and useful part
of military planning”.

The US needs to exit from the strategy of global conquest – period.
Humanity demands it, doesn’t it?

Civilians ‘Bear the Brunt of War’
by BBC News

American Shoppers Misled by Greenwash, Congress Told
98% of supposedly environmentally friendly products in US supermarkets
make false or confusing claims, campaigners say
by Suzanne Goldenberg
The Guardian/UK

Right Media Darlings as Racist Double Murderers

MSM Has ‘Personality Bias, Not a Liberal Bias’

*Comments left at link

Racist Group Plies Journalists With Honors, Cash

*I don’t pay much attention to the frequent self-congratulatory pieces
the ChronicLiar publishes about the awards its staff win.

I wonder if this was listed among them, don’t you?

Education Secretary Arne Duncan Pushes to Aggressively Expand Charter
Schools While Admitting Problems

Deep Packet Inspection: Telecoms Aided Iran Government to Censor
Internet, Technology Widely Used in US

Judge Orders Release of Guantanamo Prisoner After Seven Years, Saying
Government Position “Defies Common Sense”


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Endangered Species Act Fell Into Disuse Under Nominee
Only One Jeopardy Opinion in Nearly 6,000 Consultations as Staff Told to

*The less things change, the more they stay the same

More than Mere Lunacy
by James Carroll

*Happiness – for the Master Race – is a warm gun

People Power Pushed the New Deal
by Sarah Anderson

*”Generally good guy” …

I guess that assessment depends on whether you’re within the effective
firing range of a Predator drone, doesn’t it?

Imagine: Prosperity Without Growth
by Murray Dobbin

Iran Had a Democracy Before We Took It Away
by Chris Hedges

Obama’s Undeclared War Against Pakistan Continues, Despite His Attempt
to Downplay It
In a new interview, Obama said he has “no intention”  of sending US
troops into Pakistan. But US troops are already in the country and US
drones attack Pakistan regularly.
by Jeremy Scahill

*Forty years on, another Laosy situation

FAIR Action Alert
Tell ABC: Include Single-Payer in Healthcare Debate

After a Day of Deadly Protests, Iran’s Guardian Council Admits Voting
Irregularities Took Place in Presidential Election

Report: Goldman Sachs on Pace to Pay Out Record Bonuses this Year

Somalia Declares State of Emergency After Intense Fighting


Froomkin’s Column Never Liked: ‘It Contains Opinion’

NPR Airs ‘All Important [Underwritten] Views’

*This program is made possible by taking the money and ignoring the
interests of Viewers Like You.

Thank You.


Physicians for a National Health Program
Single-Payer Advocate Speaks to Blue Dogs on Health Reform

Iraq, Af-Pak, and Beyond: The Global Cost of War
The toxic phrase “war on terror” has fallen out of use, but the
destructive effects of the real thing continue and even escalate in a
period of economic crisis.
by Paul Rogers

*More bucks for more bang

Ex-Bush Loyalists Cash In
by Nick Turse

*Of course, Gates isn’t the only Shrubberite to move seamlessly between
admins, is he?

Netanyahu’s ‘Brilliant’ Peace Plan: Maximum Land with Minimum
by Hasan Abu Nimah & Ali Abunimah

Closing the Farm to Plate Knowledge Gap
by Rob Smart

*Thought for food

Bankrupt GM Begins Slashing Jobs
by Mike Fritz & Harry Hanbury
American News Project

Panel Slams US Over Immigration Raid Tactics
by Tyche Hendricks
the San Francisco Chronicle

‘Humanure’ Victory: Green Toilet Wins Austin City Approval
Composting commode is first to gain official stamp.
by Asher Price
the Austin American-Statesman (Texas)

*From turds to topsoil

Now if we could do similar with Congress

Tony Blair Knew of Secret Policy on Terror Interrogations
Letter reveals former PM was aware of guidance to UK agents
by Ian Cobain
The Guardian/UK

Cargill and the Priest: Priest Stands Up Against BigAg and Deforestation
In the Brazilian town of Santarem, one brave priest is the only thing
standing between multi-national grain trader Cargill and the rest of the
by Polly Cook
The Ecologist

As Part of Crackdown on Journalists, Iranian Security Forces Detain and
Beat Canadian Journalist

As Criticism of Obama Mounts within Gay Community, Gay Rights Pioneer
Cleve Jones Calls for March for Equality on Washington

Former Army Secretary Clifford Alexander Calls on President Obama &
Congress to Repeal Military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy

*A couple of things here:

Maybe this policy should be directed at straights – given that there’s
this pandemic of sexual assault in the military.

And while of course equality in the military is a moral imperative, the
overriding moral crusade is to end wars for empire.  It doesn’t make any
difference to the victims of war crimes whether they’re committed by a
straight soldier or a gay soldier with equal rights, does it?

Will Officials Take the Fifth Unless the Daily Show Is Muzzled?

*Another darkly illuminating example of “The Audacity of ‘Nope'”,
wouldn’t you say?

On AT&T’s ‘Arbitrary Intervention in the Open Internet’

If It Bleeds, It (Sometimes) Leads

*Comment left at link

Downsized Reporters Turn to ‘Deceptive’ PR

*I guess you could call it “‘News’ you can be used by”, couldn’t you?


Groups to Feds: Communities Have Right to Know of Toxic Coal Ash Sites
Ask agencies to disclose 44 ‘high hazard’ sites

*What you don’t know can kill you

Massacre in the Amazon: The US/Peru Free Trade Agreement Sparks a Battle
Over Land and Resources
by Raúl Zibechi

Single Payer and the Duplicitous Rahm Emanuel
by Russell Mokhiber

‘The Responsible Left’: Funding Obama’s Expanding Wars
The cowardly Democrats who checked their spines at the door to Congress
when they voted Tuesday try to defend their flip-flop on war funding.
Frankly, it is embarrassing.
by Jeremy Scahill

Schwarzenegger’s Shock Therapy – Poor Pay For Sins Of The Rich
by Avi Lewis

Daring Dragline Protest Launches 7 Days That Will Shake Mountaintop
Removal Operations
by Jeff Biggers

Beware the Madoff Diversion
by Richard Grossman

*Solid piece – but how do we get there from here?

Even if we all understood the way our gummint and economy work (for the
rich and powerful), how do we use that intel to claim our rights – and
give ourselves a rapidly dwindling shot at saving this rock we sit on?

There’s not much difference between empiricism and pessimism on that
count at this stage, is there?  And we’re dealing with the only species
that’s wilfully incapable of reason.

Pretty depressing, innit?

But so what?  What else can we do?

So how do we do it?  I know nobody has The Answer ™ – but maybe if we
start asking each other the right questions, we’ll stumble onto
something that’ll work.

So I’m asking.

“American Radical: The Life and Times of I.F. Stone”

*There are certainly disagreements I have with Stone’s views, but – and
I hope I’m not engaging in wishful thinking – I think he would’ve been
willing to talk about them honestly.

And that’s a rare quality, isn’t it?

New Medium, Old Story: Telecom Greed

Their Election Fraud Versus Ours

*Comment left at link

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Regulatory Laws Legalize Corporate Harms”

*Making it all nice and legal-like


Shame: The ‘Anti-War’ Democrats Who Sold Out
by Jeremy Scahill

Obama a Very Smooth Liar
by John R. MacArthur

*It bears repeating, doesn’t it?

“Change” He Can Deceive In

Teachers File Racial Discrimination Suit Against Obama Administration’s
School ‘Turnaround’ Plan
by Bruce A. Dixon
Black Agenda Report

*From No Child Left Behind to No Teacher Left Standing

US Climate Report Details Energy, Agriculture Harm
by Jeff Mason

McChrystal Looks to Spin Afghan Civilian Deaths Problem
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

*Constructing the PR “forest”

If a civilian falls in Afghanistan, does she make a sound?

And the way Porter reports on this is morally off, don’t you think?

Despite Campaign Promises, President Obama Adopts President Bush’s
Policy of Secrecy

*The secret’s out – Obama policy is the illegitimate offspring of Bush

Cuban National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon Condemns US Supreme
Court’s Refusal to Hear Appeal of Cuban Five

Protests Continue in Iran; Government Cracks Down on Foreign Media

NPR’s ‘Sanitized, Propaganda-Laden’ War Reportage

On Corporate Journalism as ‘Popularity Contest’

*Comment left at link

When an Author Meets an Author Coming Through the Rye

*Wrong on copyright

Help Us Close the Gap

*Comment left at link

(This may be a little off topic – but maybe not, in a larger sense.  See
what you think.)

Institute for Public Accuracy
More Power for the Fed?

*If “trust” isn’t the most bitterly ironic term in the financial
lexicon, then I’m Tim Geithner’s sincerity coach.

And I’m not.


‘Public Option’ Pales Next to Single Payer
by Nicholas Skala

*Pretty goddamn pathetic when we’re forced to have to convince
“progressive” lawmakers to be truly progressive, innit?

Number of People Driven From Homes by Conflict at All-Time High
Report by UN’s refugee agency shows more than 28 million people
displaced within own countries
by Haroon Siddique
The Guardian/UK

Hundreds of Thousands Protest in Tehran Accusing Ahmadinejad of Stealing
Election; Guardian Council Orders Partial Recount

Dr. Chris McCoy: “Dear AMA: I Quit!”

Report: Senator Max Baucus Received More Campaign Money from Health and
Insurance Industry Interests than Any Other Member of Congress.

*What would you call the campaign contributions from these bastards …

Sick pay?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Pressures Antiwar Democrats to Approve $106 Billion
War Funding Bill

Institute for Public Accuracy
Carter: Netanyahu ADDING Demands

*What’s Hebrew for “bantustan”?


Obama Gives Bush a 3rd Term in Education
It is time to kill the Bush-era No Child Left Behind program
by Diane Ravitch

*That’ll learn ’em – to be cogs in a machine

A Singular Solution for Healthcare
by Judy Norsigian & Jennifer Potter

Charisma and the Imperial Presidency
by Tom Engelhardt

*The smiling assassin on the cover of People

Stay the Course
by Paul Krugman

The American Empire Is Bankrupt
by Chris Hedges

*Very important to read – and think deeply about

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Appeal of the ‘Cuban Five’
The five are serving 75 years in prison collectively after being
convicted of espionage in a Miami court in 2001. They say they were
fighting terrorism against their country.
by Jeremy Scahill

*Quick:  Which country harbors terrorists and prosecutes those who try
to prevent terrorism?


Pro-English Measures Being Revived Across US
Congress, states consider new proposals to declare an ‘official
by Alex Johnson

*There’s a language being spoken by these groups – and it has nothing to
do with promoting “unity”, does it?

World Bank Loan Withdrawn From Brazilian Cattle Corporation
by Frank McDonald
The Irish Times

Pennsylvania Town Fights Big Coal on Mining Rights
by Jon Hurdle

On the Real Effects of Cable’s ‘Deranged Demagogues’

*Comment left at link

Media Men Debate Women’s Rights

*You don’t have to have a dick to be one.

But it helps.

Iran in Turmoil After Disputed Presidential Election; Anti-Ahmadinejad
Street Protests Continue

*No one talks about Israel’s nukes, and how that impacts Iran’s nuclear
program, do they?

How can you have a discussion on this and not do that?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Iranian Election Stolen?

Obama, AMA and “Our Traditions”

*AMA credo:

First, do no harm …

to our profit margins


Progressive Democrats We Can Believe In
by Robert Naiman

‘A Perfect Storm for Disaster’ Brewing With Washington’s ‘Unprecedented’
Shadow Army
by Jeremy Scahill

Agent Orange Continues to Poison Vietnam
by Marjorie Cohn

*The war that keeps on killing – as all of ours do

Indigenous Peoples: ‘We Are Fighting for Our Lives and Our Dignity’
Across the globe, as mining and oil firms race for dwindling resources,
indigenous peoples are battling to defend their lands – often paying the
ultimate price
by John Vidal
The Guardian/UK

Public Not Allowed to Know Location of Hazardous Coal Ash Sites
EPA Withholds Locations of ‘High Hazard’ Coal Ash Sites
by Environmental News Service (ENS)

Secret Papers ‘Show How Shell Targeted Nigeria Oil Protests’
Documents seen by The IoS support claims energy giant enlisted help of
country’s military government
by Andy Rowell
The Independent/UK

Far-Right Shootings Raise Fear of Hate Offensive in America
The killing of a black security guard at the Holocaust Museum in
Washington last week was the latest example of a surge in extremist
violence, as the election of Barack Obama and the economic crisis breed
resentment in a fanatical, racist minority
by Paul Harris
The Guardian/UK

*It seems to me that these incidents make the case for tougher gun laws
– not backing away from enacting them.

But then, I’m not a Democrat.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Does the AMA Represent Doctors?


A Boy and an Artificial Leg: A Gaza Story
by Ramzy Baroud

Who Can We Bank On, Who Who Can We Trust, as Crisis Sharpens?
Washington Seems Tethered At The Hip To Wall Street and Does It’s
by Danny Schechter

*Who can we trust?


But first we have to stop mindfucking ourselves that anyone in gummint
gives a rat’s ass about us – we have to understand “the audacity of
‘Nope'” and The Change He Can Deceive in” ™.

Once we can see our “saviors” with clear eyes, we’ll at least know what
our options are – and won’t waste precious time and effort chasing

I don’t have any grand answers for what we do next – I just know that
the only way to get there is by being dead honest with ourselves about
how the world works, and the level of our commitment to changing it.

I hope that makes sense.

Behind Bars for Being Pregnant and HIV-Positive
by Margo Kaplan

It’s Official: The Era of Cheap Oil Is Over
Energy Department Changes Tune on Peak Oil
by Michael T. Klare

Today’s Electronics, Tomorrow’s Garbage Heap
Officials, activists worry about discarded TVs piling up after digital
by Meredith Cohn
The Baltimore Sun

CIA Secrecy on Drone Attacks Data Hides Abuses
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

*More on *how* to make war – rather than *why* it’s being waged.

Even if no civilians are killed, this is still illegal under
international law, isn’t it?

The attacks themselves are “abuses” – that’s not hidden, is it?

Iranians Flood to Polls in Pivotal Presidential Election

AMA Opposition to Obama Public Health Plan Echoes Group’s Decades-Long
Resistance to Healthcare Reform

Report: Health Insurers Hold Billions in Tobacco Stocks

*Ensuring a steady supply of patients

Domestic Workers Fight for Bill of Rights

NYT Columnist: Forfeit Roe, Save Doctors!

*Comments left at link

Joe Klein Solves the ‘Hot-Button’ Issues

*Comment left at link

Beck & Guest: Holocaust Museum Suspect and Nazis Are Leftists

Institute for Public Accuracy
Soldier Refusing Deployment to Afghanistan


Death Row Case Embodies Systemic Flaws, Critics Say
by Henry Parr
Inter Press Service

*That an innocent person can be executed is reason enough to abolish the
death penalty, but even if every death row inmate were guilty, it
wouldn’t justify killing someone who no longer poses a threat, would it?

And I’d say that even if every current and former president of the
United States were on it with them – as they should be.

New York Legislature in Gridlock as Democratic Defections Give
Republicans Senate Control

Longtime White Supremacist Opens Fire at DC Holocaust Museum, Killing
Security Guard; Shooting is Third in as Many Months Linked to White
Nationalist Groups

A Newsweek Story Gets ‘Better’ for Scarborough–With a Little Help From
a Friend

Institute for Public Accuracy
Holocaust Museum Shooting

Iranian Election


ACLU Challenges Defense Department Personnel Policy to Regard Lawful
Protests As ‘Low-Level Terrorism’

Visitors and Hosts in Pakistan
by Kathy Kelly

*The horrors visited upon the hospitable

From Guantánamo To The South Pacific: Is This A Joke?
by Andy Worthington

Ezra Nawi: An Activist in Need
by Naomi Klein /Noam Chomsky /Neve Gordon

*The guy’s a mensch – help him

San Francisco OKs Toughest Recycling Law in US
by John Coté
the San Francisco Chronicle

*Newsom may be a piece of garbage on many issues, but he’s not trash
talking on this matter, is he?

Farm Suicides Turn Children Into Farmers
by Jaideep Hardikar
Inter Press Service

Water Stress, Ocean Levels to Unleash ‘Climate Exodus’
by Agence France Presse

Film Aims to Expose Dangers in US Food Industry
by Christine Kearney

Family of Slain Abortion Provider Dr. George Tiller Announces Permanent
Closure of Wichita Clinic

*WWJD?  Funny how none of these “Christians” seem to give a good goddamn
about that, isn’t it?

Hern minced no words – let those who claim to be “pro-life” prove it by
doing likewise and condemning the Terrys and Dobsons and all the other
bastards who preach hate and encourage these acts of terrorism.

As Tensions Flare in Peruvian Amazon, Award-Winning Actor Q’orianka
Kilcher Heads to Peru to Support Indigenous Rights

*I don’t doubt Kilcher’s sincerity, but this blind faith in Obama …

If you really care for the folks in the Amazon – which, again, I don’t
question – you have an acute obligation to know who their friends, and
their enemies, are, don’t you?

Hungry for a Better Education: Teachers, Parents Lead Hunger Strike
Protesting Cuts, Layoffs at LA Schools

*The real deficit is one of humanity, isn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
$200 Billion Supplemental: * Afghanistan  * IMF and European Banks

*Killing ’em one way or the other


Recenter Abortion Debate on Equality of Sacrifice
by John Buell

Hold Steady: Population Growth on a Shrinking Planet
If the Population Were to Shrink, What Would That Mean for an Economy
Based on Growth?
by Deborah Rich & Jason Mark

*Worth reading, but it’s based on a continuing capitalist system – and
it won’t matter how many folks sit on this rock if we don’t ban profit
from the planet, will it?

Could Cap and Trade Cause Another Market Meltdown?
The same Wall Street players that upended the economy are clamoring to
open up a massive market to swap, chop, and bundle carbon derivatives.
Sound familiar?
by Rachel Morris

*Important intel, but there’s no questioning of cap and trade itself, is
there – just how it will be manipulated.

I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with corps being able to
buy credits to avoid having to cut pollution – do you?

Shell to Pay Out $15.5 Million to Settle Landmark Lawsuit over Death of
Nigerian Activist Ken Saro-Wiwa

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Nurses Union Leader Rose Ann DeMoro Urge Obama
to Embrace Single-Payer Healthcare System

Institute for Public Accuracy
Congress Hears Single Payer


Free Press
National Broadband Plan Must Promote Competition, Openness and Access

Turning Point?
by Noam Chomsky

*There are lies, damn lies – and Obama’s speeches

Hold Your Applause
by Chris Hedges

*An important companion to Chomsky’s piece that calls spades spades –
rare indeed among “progressives”, isn’t it?

Bill Moyers And Jeremy Scahill Discuss Obama Foreign Policy
by Bill Moyers Journal

*Scahill’s always worth listening to, isn’t he?

Unions Embrace Street Corner Solidarity
by Peter Costantini
Inter Press Service

*Pretty shallow piece, but worth including, I think

Public Support Creation of Marine Nature Reserve
by Emily Beament, Press Association
The Independent/UK

Peruvian Police Accused of Massacring Indigenous Protesters in Amazon

Obama’s Pick to Lead Afghan War Linked to Abuse of Prisoners & Secret
Assassination Unit

*Engelhardt’s better than Garlasco (“perhaps he is the right guy”?
Jesus fucking Criminy), but don’t you find it odd that you have two
supposed opponents of this war, and neither says a goddamn thing about
ending it?

Does DN! seem to be getting worse on that score, or has it always been
this bad?  I know Afghanistan was relatively infrequently focused on
until fairly recently – given this type of “analysis”, maybe that was a
good thing.

“Diary of Bergen-Belsen, 1944-1945”: Amira Hass Discusses Her Mother’s
Concentration Camp Diary

*The horror that was, and the horror that is

Institute for Public Accuracy
Hamas Letter to Obama


Gains for Europe’s Right–or AP’s Wishful Thinking?


“Guantanamo at Home”: Muslim American Syed Fahad Hashmi Held in 23-Hour
Solitary Pretrial Confinement for Over Two Years in Case Resting on
Plea-Bargaining Government Informant

*I wonder if Hashmi would think that the Cairo speech was “brilliant”

20 Years Later, Chinese Dissident Wang Juntao and US Journalist Philip
Cunningham Look Back on Tiananmen Square Uprising

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama in 2002 on Egypt and Saudi Arabia

*Well, there’s some change he can deceive in, isn’t it?


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Safety of Shredded Tires in Playgrounds Under Question
EPA Endorsed Use without Analyzing Toxic Potential but Belated Studies
in Limbo

Stop Recruiting Kids
Update on DOJ Efforts to Invalidate the Arcata and Eureka Youth
Protection Acts

*Sleazy kid stuff

Obama in Cairo: A Bush in Sheep’s Clothing?
His speech shows little real change. In most regards his analysis
maintains flawed American policies intact
by Ali Abunimah

*Now this is the sort of critique that should’ve been on DN! this
morning, isn’t it?

The “sincere” remark’s an oddity, though.

Green Energy Overtakes Fossil Fuel Investment, Says UN
by Terry Macalister
The Guardian/UK

Hannity Hate Buddy Has ‘Bullets to Put Them Down’

In Crisis, NYT Co. Bleeds Globe Union Members

Media Love ‘Horrendous’ – if False – Card Check Impact

In Cairo Speech, Obama Calls for “New Beginning” Between US and Muslims

*Pitching piss proffered as pinot noir

Professor Juan Cole and Cairo-Based Analyst Issandr El Amrani on Obama’s
Historic Address

Enduring Jailings and Attacks, Dissident Ayman Nour’s Ordeal Exemplifies
US-Ignored Egyptian Repression of Political Opposition

*Pretty poor choice of Cole as a guest to talk about this, don’t you

Institute for Public Accuracy
Chomsky on Obama Speech

Responses to Obama’s Cairo Speech

FAIR Extra!
Media Quarantine of Single-Payer Continues
Fifteen years later, public health insurance still taboo
by Julie Hollar & Isabel Macdonald

*Corpress single payer double talk – when it’s mentioned at all

Glenn Beck Is No Howard Beale
He’s mad like a Fox, and wants to take us in
by Steve Rendall


To the Graduating Class of American Empire, 2009
Missing Word, Missing World
by Tom Engelhardt

*Long – and worth the time taken

Another Water World Is Possible
Managing World Water
by Daniel Moss

*Some good intel, but again this wholly unsubstantiated hope that Obama
might do the right thing.

Jeez, Louise …

In Occupied Palestine, Loving the Children is the Easy Part
Berkeley Activist Barbara Lubin Shares the Wealth – and the Love – with
Children in the Middle East.
by Micky Duxbury
The Monthly (California)

*Some folks just got the mensch thing going, don’t they?

Washington Didn’t Want You to See this Guantanamo Photo
Star journalist captures landmark protest hours before a suicide puts
heat on Obama
by Michelle Shephard
the Toronto Star/Canada

Abortion Clinic Manager Reveals He Warned FBI of Suspect in Murder of
Dr. George Tiller, Says Killing Could Have Been Avoided

“This Shouldn’t Have Been Ignored”: Tiller Colleague Dr. Susan Robinson
Reacts to News FBI Was Warned on Suspected Killer

Tiller Killing Spurs Renewed Calls for US to Reverse Longstanding
Passivity on Anti-Abortion Extremists

FAIR Extra!
Arpaio vs. Immigrants
Those most affected left out of debate
By Aura Bogado

*Playing the skin game

On the Forgotten Profiteers of a Forgotten Iraq War

Turning Mideast Mountains Into U.S. Molehills

*I think a good (meaning godawful) visual aid showing the bastardization
of US history was the image of Nancy Reagan arm in arm with The Light of
Liberalism as he proclaimed her murderous hubby practically a candidate
for Mount Rushmore.

(Not that the guys already up there are Jesus on a stick by any means.)

Spoiled my breakfast, I tell ya whut.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Healthcare: What Can We Learn from Europe?

Obama in Cairo


NBC News and Populist Politics: Who Needs Glaciers or the Rule of Law?
by Christian Christensen

*I appreciated the piece – but I’m still trying to recall just when the
corpress was supposedly better than the depths to which it has “sunk”
today, aren’t you?

I suppose it may have been, but it’s a pretty goddamn low bar to hurdle,

Most Arabs Know This Speech Will Make Little Difference
I suspect that what the Arab world wants to hear is that Obama will take
his soldiers out of Muslim lands
by Robert Fisk

*Pretty words and ugly realities

Economic Recovery Is Wishful Thinking
by Dean Baker

*Whistling past the graveyard of a dead American Dream – if you can call
something dead that never really was alive to begin with

George Tiller: What if?
What if law enforcement took the fringes of the Right as seriously as
they take “eco-terrorism?”
by Laura Flanders

Tap Water Worries Have You Buying Bottled? Safeway Loves You
by Jonah Owen-Lamb
Merced Sun-Star (California)

*Safeway (ironic name) sees green of another sort, don’t they?

Ralph Nader and Labor Professor Harley Shaiken Discuss the Bankruptcy
and Future of General Motors

Nader: Ex-DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe Offered Bribe to Drop Out of 19
Battleground States in ’04 Election

*Driving us off a cliff – in the comfort of an SUV

Israeli Journalist Amira Hass on the Start of the UN’s Probe into
Possible Israeli War Crimes during Gaza War

Imagine a World Where Racial Assaults by Political Leaders Are
Considered News


Organic Consumers Association
Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered Wheat Rejected Globally
Groups Respond to Industry Plans for GE Wheat

Has the World Given Up on Sustainable Development?
by Adam W. Parsons

War Is Sin
by Chris Hedges

*And the wages of sin is death

A Time Comes: The Story of the Kingsnorth Six

D.C.’s ‘Fox on 15th Street’ Still Hates Unions

On Corporate Media’s ‘Scoop’-Driven Xenophobia

Brought to You by Starbucks…

*Hey, at least Starbucks has to pay for it.

Other corporate criminals get their asskissing gratis, don’t they?

On ‘The Terrorists Who [Still] Aren’t in the News’

Bill O’Reilly and the Murder of His ‘Nazi’ ‘Baby Killer’

*Comment left at link

Dr. George Tiller (1941-2009): Murdered Abortion Provider Remembered for
Lifelong Dedication to Women’s Reproductive Health

*That these bastards carry out this jihad in the name of someone who,
legend says at any rate, never condoned violence in any form, calling
themselves “Christians” – and that that vile hypocrisy isn’t pointed out
at every opportunity by the corpress – just shows that the definition of
terrorism as applied in this society has far more to do with the
religion of the perpetrators than it does with the heinousness of their


Written by Doug Latimer

06/16/2009 at 6:12 PM

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