December 2009



Threats to Yemen Prove America Hasn’t Learned the Lesson of History
by Patrick Cockburn

A New Year’s Dream for the Health Reform Effort
by Donna Smith

Since 9/11, We’ve Embraced Our Inner Coward
by Ted Rall

New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Apologize for Democrats
by Jeff Cohen

*Two corporate parties means some wild ones for the money boys tonight,
don’t it?

Amid Dark Times, Meet the Most Inspiring People of 2009
Newsman Wes Nisker said if you don’t like the news, make your own. These
people did
by Johann Hari

*I wouldn’t include Goodman and company in this list, would you?  That
doesn’t mean I don’t think they do a lot of good work, obviously, but I
think they could do a good deal better.

And it’s vital that they do, isn’t it?

Six Things to Do in 2010
by Jim Hightower

*Get off your ass and kick some

2009 in Perspective: Glenn Greenwald on the Five Wars US Is Fighting in
Muslim Countries

“The Era of Tolerance Is Over” – Iran Warns over Opposition Protests

Haitian Community Activist Jean Montrevil Faces Deportation


Botched Christmas Airline Bombing: A Look at Obama’s Handling of the
Case and the Media’s Coverage

Gaza Freedom March Protests Continue in Cairo, Organizers Say Egypt
Offer to Allow 100 into Gaza Not Sufficient

Flashback: ICRC Spokesman in Gaza Describes Glaring Lack of Medical
Access During Israeli Assault

“Christmas Presents for Bankers”


Solar Could Generate 15% of Power by 2020, If US Ends Fossil Fuel
The Result: 882,000 New Jobs, 10% Drop in Emissions
by Stacy Feldman

The Cash Committee: How Wall Street Wins On The Hill
by Ryan Grim and Arthur Delaney
Huffington Post

Majority Of Tea Party Group’s Spending Went To GOP Firm That Created It
by Zachary Roth

Terrorists are Not Supermen: Ackerman Takes on Buchanan, Engel on
Morning Joe
by Spencer Ackerman

The Audacity of Hype
by Richard W. Behan

*Behan lays it out straight, don’t you think?

Pity, and sorrow, that he’s an anomaly in “progressive” media circles

Corporate Agribusiness Helps Scuttle Climate Justice
by John E. Peck

*You can call it methane, but it and the other greenhouse gases are
truly shit dumped on a planet used as a corporate toilet, aren’t they?

With Real Health Care Reform, US Would Not Need Affordability Tax
by Jon Walker

*They broke it
We pay for it

Crashing the Corporate Christmas Party
by Zach Carter

The Yes Men
Canada Successfully Destroys Parody Websites
Climate Policy Remains Deplorable

*Can’t take a joke on climate change
Can take a hike on doing a goddamn thing about it

Anti-Mining Activists Killed in El Salvador

Egypt Denies Gaza Freedom March Access to Border, Hundreds Protest in

Kill the Bill or Support Passage? A Debate on Healthcare Legislation
Between Insurance Industry Critics

*The primary goal of a “compromise” – as anything coming out of Congress
will be in spades – is that it lays the foundation for vast improvement
down the line – and that needs to be a very short timeline.

I don’t know that even the best version of the House bill will
accomplish that, do you?

Report: Venture Capitalists, Food Companies Among 1,160 Businesses
Lobbying on Climate Change


One Day We’ll All Be Terrorists
by Chris Hedges

I saw a rear window sticker on a car the other day – something along the
lines of:

“Was January 1, 1985 really the end of 1984?”

I think Hedges’ piece makes the answer clear, don’t you?

Freedom Marching in Circles While Winding Our Way to Gaza
by Emily Ratner

‘Israel Resembles a Failed State’
by Ali Abunimah

Christmas Presents for Bankers
by Dean Baker

*A hefty chunk of change the bankers can believe in

Center for Public Integrity (CPI)
The Climate Lobby from Soup to Nuts
1,160 Businesses and Groups Lobbying on Climate Change; Venture
Capitalists, Food Companies Now Among Those Fighting for a Place at the

Basel Action Network
Holiday e-Waste? Beware Fake Recyclers!
Old TVs and Computers are Likely to be Dumped in Developing Countries

Crackdown in Iran: Up to 12 Dead, Hundreds Arrested in Opposition

*I’d like an informed analysis of the composition and aims of the
opposition, wouldn’t you?

Palestinian Journalist Remembers Israel’s Assault on Gaza

“The Man Who Conned the Pentagon”

*This bastard could very well end up as the prospective national
security adviser to Sarah Palin, don’t you think?

Dennis Brutus (1924-2009): South African Poet and Activist Dies in Cape


Beyond the Darkest Hours, Grassroots Rising
by Ronnie Cummins

*Doing what comes naturally

Dying if we don’t

The US Military is ‘Exhausted’
by Sarah Lazare


Senate Passes Healthcare Overhaul, Compromise with House Bill Looms

*A grand gift for the gougers

Happy holidays

The Nation: Immigration Agents Holding US Residents in Unlisted,
Unmarked Facilities

Gaza Freedom March Planned for One-Year Anniversary of Israeli Assault


Climate Change Deniers Without Borders
How American oil money is pumping up climate change skeptics abroad –
and how they could derail any progress made in Copenhagen.
by Josh Harkinson
Mother Jones

*Not sure how you can derail something that doesn’t exist, but …

Yasuni Park Trust Fund Will Keep Ecuador’s Oil Underground
by Environment News Service

Israeli Repression Wave Targets Activists
Israel’s recent wave of repression led to arrest of Jamal Juma’,
coordinator of Stop the Wall Campaign.
by The Real News Network

Senate, White House Health Reform Tucks in Gun Rights
by Donna Smith

*For the bastards who pushed this, happiness is a warm gun

And a cold heart

On Health Care, Women Compromise
by Derrick Z. Jackson

*It’s a man’s world

That’s why it’s dying

Public Health and Consumer Groups
Groups Applaud American Public Health Association for Opposition to
Hormone Use in Beef and Dairy Production

EXCLUSIVE: Environmental Activist Jeff “Free” Luers Speaks Out in First
Interview After 9.5 Years Behind Bars

*Use a conscience, go to jail

For a long time

Report: Obama Ordered US Military Strike on Yemen

*Some useful intel, but typical mainstream analysis of the reasons for
the War of Terror and US intentions, and Goodman, as usual, just lets it

You’d have to believe there’s someone else who could put this in a moral
context, but these jokers keep getting invited on.

Why is that, do you suppose – to “gain credibility” by having
“recognized experts” as guests?

Seems counter to DN!’s supposed mission, doesn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Will Egypt Prevent Marchers from Entering Gaza?

Doctors and Nurses Calling for Defeat of Health Insurance Bill


Study Reveals “Revolving Door” Between Capitol Hill Staffers and
Healthcare Lobbyists

*It never ceases to amaze me that someone can do a piece like this, see
the shit that passes for “democracy”, and then make a comment like that
at the end.

“Half a loaf”?  How about a full fucking bread truck of death and
despair driven over you and me by Dear Misleader and the Demorats.

Leading Climate Scientist James Hansen on Why He’s Pleased the
Copenhagen Summit Failed, “Cap and Fade,” Climategate and More

*Many important points made, but I have problems with a few of Hansen’s
comments – in particular he makes what seems to be a positive remark
about nuclear power, and I’d like to know more about his position on it,
wouldn’t you?

Goodman just lets it slide.


Report: Bush Admin Raised Terror Alert Based On Con Man’s Al Jazeera
‘Decoding’ Scam
by Justin Elliott
Talking Points Memo

Obama’s Af-Pak War Is Illegal
by Marjorie Cohn

*Cohn’s political analysis is questionable (Obama’s withdrawing from
Iraq?), but the legal points she makes are unquestionable, aren’t they?

I’ve been saying this for eight years – minus the detailed legal intel –
and I’m a dumbass.  So why aren’t her points echoed on “the left” on a
daily basis?

Beyond Ecological Imperialism
Climate change isn’t just a battle between rich and poor – it shows how
an obsession with economic growth is a dead end
by Jayati Ghosh

Nader’s Utopia: The World According to Ralph
by Chris Hedges

*Nader says a lot of good things, as always, but he never takes that
final step of imagination – the end of capitalism – does he?

He believes in a “reformed” capitalism, or a “properly regulated”
capitalism – but there’s never been such a thing, has there?  Capitalism
is about the pursuit of profit, and while in theory it can be less
rapacious, it can never be fair and just in reality, can it?

It’s about winners and losers.  As long as that’s the literal bottom
line, we know who’ll be on the losing end, don’t we?

One Year Later: America’s Worst Environmental Disaster Continues with No
Regulatory Relief in Sight
Spill in Tennessee Dec. 22, 2008, sent 5.4 million cubic yards of coal
ash into nearby homes, rivers, and communities

Health Bill Passes Key Senate Hurdle; Legislation Restricts Abortion
Funding, Stripped of Public Option, Medicare Expansion

*Warning:  The Surgeon General notwithstanding, anyone with a lick of
sense has determined that health insurance “reform” is hazardous to the
nation’s health

US-Led Copenhagen Accord Decried as Flawed, Undemocratic

*So what would you call this insanity …

Dead reckoning?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on How to Tackle Climate Change: “We
Must Go from Capitalism to Socialism”

*Yeah, the guy’s blows a lot of smoke, and he’s far from Jesus on a
stick – but he puts out a goodly amount of straight skinny, don’t you


Stunning Statistics About the War Every American Should Know
Contrary to popular belief, the US actually has 189,000 personnel on the
ground in Afghanistan right now – and that number is quickly rising.
by Jeremy Scahill
Rebel Reports

Homeowners Often Rejected Under Obama’s Loan Plan
by Kevin G. Hall
McClatchy Newspapers

Copenhagen: The Courage to Say No
by Naomi Klein

Obama Is ‘Keeping Score’ on Those Who Vote Against Him
by Jane Hamsher

A Lesson on Nonviolence for the President
by Eric Stoner

*I’m including this because there’s some enlightening historical intel
on successful nonviolent strategies, but I can never agree that violence
– as a last resort and conducted as humanely (as contradictory as that
may sound) as possible – isn’t a morally valid response to violent

Its consequences should never be minimized, but its utility mustn’t be,

Judge Orders Release From Guantánamo of Unwilling Yemeni Recruit
by Andy Worthington

Why Seed Consolidation Matters
by Paula Crossfield

Two-Degree Temperature Rise Could Flood Wide Areas of Planet, Study Says
by Margaret Munro

*Water, water everywhere
And only Obamade to drink

Six Reasons Why Earth Won’t Cope for Long
by John Gibbons

As Copenhagen Summit Closes, Obama Maintains Widely Criticized US
Position on Emissions Cuts, Climate Aid

*I often called the previous pissant “Dear Leader”

What do think about labeling the current slimeball-in-residence “Dear

Chief G-77 Negotiator Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping: US-Backed Proposals
Mean Death for Millions of Africans

“The Countries that Can Really Make a Difference Have Not Really Got
Sensitive Enough to the Plight of the Poorest of the Poor” – IPCC Chair

*Typical UN mealymouthishness – I included this for the comments about
the environmental effects of meat consumption

Environmental and Indigenous Activists Criticize Proposed Deal to Save

*REDD flag on “deforestation”


Noam Chomsky: “The Unipolar Moment and the Culture of Imperialism”

NBC’s Bogus Tea Party Poll

*In the courtroom, it’s called “leading the witness.”

Here, it’s called “misleading the public.”

Post Mishandles Post Poll

Institute for Public Accuracy
Afghanistan: * Just War? * Five Times GDP

Bolivian President Evo Morales on Climate Debt, Capitalism, Why He Wants
a Tribunal for Climate Justice and Much More

Voices from Small Island States: Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed, a
Tuvaluan Delegate and a Youth Activist from the Solomon Islands

*I’m afraid President Nasheed’s giving far too much credit to
California’s efforts.  We may be better in comparison to many other
states, but that’s a goddamn low bar to leap over, innit?

The greenest thing about Cali is the money corps hope to make off gaming
this crisis while portraying themselves as “environmentally conscious”.

Can you say “Chevron”?

Leaked Internal UNFCCC Document: Global Temperatures Will Rise by More
than Two Degrees Celsius


Top Ten Ways You Can Tell Which Side the United States Government Is on
With Regard to the Military Coup in Honduras
by Mark Weisbrot

Food & Water Watch – Europe
Are We Moving from Nanotechnology to Nanotoxicity?
Food & Water Europe Report questions the unseen hazards of

Food First
Take Back Control of Your Food System

Climate Crackdown: UN Bars Friends of the Earth and Other Environmental
Groups from Climate Talks

*The folks are out
The fix is in

Police Tear Gas, Arrest Protesters Marching on UN Climate Summit as
Hundreds Inside Stage Walkout

If Bush Was in Kindergarten, Obama Is in First Grade” – Indian
Environmentalist Sunita Narain on US Climate Policy

*There won’t be any “American exceptionalism” when we pass the tipping
point, will there?

Everybody – rich and poor, denier and activist, victim and violator –
will be royally fucked.

Nature doesn’t cut deals, does it?

Bolivian President Evo Morales: “Shameful” for West to Spend Trillions
on War and Only $10 Billion for Climate Change

Institute for Public Accuracy
Copenhagen: * Rich Dumping on Poor? * Police Arresting Activists


135,000 Uninsured Americans Will Die Before Health Reform Takes Effect,
Analysis Finds
Over 6,600 Uninsured Veterans Will Die by 2013: Estimate
by Brad Jacobson
Raw Story

Honduras Coup Flashpoint for Latin America
by GRITtv

Shifting Climate, Moving People: Immigration and Climate Justice
by Michelle Chen

*Erasing the boundaries that bind us

This Is Bigger Than Climate Change. It Is a Battle to Redefine Humanity
It’s hard for a species used to ever-expanding frontiers, but survival
depends on accepting we live within limits
by George Monbiot

*I disagree with Monbiot about the end of “heroism”.  I think the
conscience and courage required to treat others as we’d wish to be
treated is the very definition of the term, don’t you?

And so we should be speaking of entering a true heroic age, shouldn’t

Honduran Gay Activist Walter Trochez Assassinated
by Doug Ireland

Obama Administration Announces Plans To Move Guantánamo Detainees To
Illinois Prison
Creating A ‘Gitmo North’ An Alarming Step, Says ACLU

Can’t She Be a Little Nicer, Though?

*I’m sorry Tracy’s “immensely frustrated”.

Maybe he should pop in his DVD of Obama’s Nobel acceptance speech so he
can chill out to the mellow strains of war crimes made all warm and

The Climate Divide: Dispute Between Rich and Poor Nations Widens at UN
Copenhagen Summit

Indigenous Peoples of Canada March on Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen to
Protest Tar Sands

Cap & Trade: A Critical Look at Carbon Trading

*Well worth reading – or watching or listening to.

Regarding cap and trade, apropos to the season …

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts …

Well, the nuts part is true, innit?


Gravel’s Lament: Fighting Another Dumb War
by Chris Hedges

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
New Report Demonstrates Food Industry Self-Regulation Has Failed; Junk
Food Still Extensively Marketed to Children

*Sleazy kid stuff

Indigenous Leaders at the Front Line of Climate Change, at the Front of
the Historic Climate March in Copenhagen

“We’re Trying to Provide the Armies that They Lack” – Bill McKibben on
Supporting Poor, Vulnerable Nations with Mass Protest Movements

Indian Environmentalist Vandana Shiva:  “It Is Time for the US to Stop
Seeing Itself as a Donor and Recognizing Itself as a Polluter, a
Polluter who Must Pay”

Using Controversial Law, Danish Police Preemptively Arrest Over 1,000


Networks Still Hosting Military Analysts Without Identifying Massive
Conflicts Of Interest
by Laura Bassett
Huffington Post

Youth and Indigenous People Escalate Protests Inside the UN
by Joshua Kahn Russell
It’s Getting Hot in Here

Senate Tweaks Away Your Healthcare
by Donna Smith

*Profits and loss

‘Great Man’ Theory? History Is Driven by the Little Guy
by Viggo Mortensen

Contractors Watching Contractors
by Jeremy Scahill

*Oversight and underhanded

Rich-Poor, North-South Divide Marks COP15’s Opening Week

Author & Journalist Naomi Klein: Fate of Planet Rests on Mass Movement
for Climate Justice

Ahead of Major Climate Protests, a Rare Glimpse at Activist Preparations
in Copenhagen

“Keep the Oil in the Soil”: Ecuador Seeks Money to Keep Untapped Oil
Resources Underground

Institute for Public Accuracy
Senators’ Global Warming Proposal


Artists: Raise Your Weapons
by Stephanie McMillan

*Art for our sake

The School-to-Prison Pipeline
by Robert C. Koehler

*A criminal system churns out criminals

Big fucking surprise, huh?

Making an American ‘Impenetrable Underground Wall’ the Laughing Stock of
the World – Leave It to the People of Gaza
by Ann Wright

The Nine Surges of Obama’s War
How to Escalate in Afghanistan
by Tom Engelhardt

The Movement of Movements: From Resistance to Climate Justice
Just as the 1999 Seattle protests against the WTO launched the global
justice movement onto the world stage, Copenhagen may reveal a global
civil society that has developed beyond the politics of resistance into
a truly diverse, forward-looking force for change
by Anna White

International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF)
Worst Companies for Union Organizing Highlighted for International Human
Rights Day

Farm Sanctuary
President Obama Urged to Stop Sick and Injured Pigs and Other Farm
Animals from Entering the Food Supply
Farm Sanctuary Petition Seeks Legal Protections to Prevent Suffering of
Downed Animals and Protect the Health of the American People

*The pigs who torture the pigs

President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize: “The Instruments of War Do Have
a Role to Play in Preserving the Peace”

*Butter wouldn’t melt in the bastard’s mouth

And guns are what come out of it

Indigenous Activists March on US Embassy in Copenhagen Urging Obama to
“Stop the US Energy Industry’s War on Native Peoples and Lands”

Citing Its Survival, Pacific Island of Tuvalu Interrupts Copenhagen
Summit to Call for Binding Climate Commitments

*Too bad we can’t stake out the deniers on the beaches of these nations
until the water’s up to their chins, isn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama’s Nobel Prize vs. Policies

*”Distressed” … “regret” …

The man’s a goddamn baby killer, isn’t he – as all presidents have been.

Put down that glass of Obamade and match the response to the crimes.


Danish Police Raid Copenhagen Climate Campaigners’ Rooms
Police detain 200 activists at their Copenhagen accommodation and seize
items they claim could be used for acts of civil disobedience
by Bibi van der Zee
The Guardian/UK

*Cops is cops the world over, ain’t they?

US Youth Crash Climate-Denier Live Webcast in Copenhagen
by Juliana Williams
It’s Getting Hot in Here

Afghanistan’s ‘Bravest Woman’ Pins Hopes on USA, Not Obama
by Aaron Glantz
New American Media

Hopenhagen? No, Thanks: Naomi Klein on COP15
by The UpTake

Living by the Gate From Hell
A Portrait of Nonviolent Resistance in One Palestinian Village
by Ellen Cantarow

The People Speak: When Television Makes History
by Dave Zirin

Liberals, I Do Despise
by Adolph Reed

*Past Present

Getting Some Green for Your Green: Giving to Reverse Climate Change
by Karyn Strickler

*Not unreservedly endorsing all of Strickler’s suggestions, but I
thought folks might find this piece useful

Institute for Public Accuracy
“The Story of Cap and Trade”

“This Text Is an Extremely Dangerous Document for Developing Countries”:
G77 Chief Condemns Secret US-Danish Climate Deal

Naomi Klein and Martin Khor on the Growing North-South Divide in
Copenhagen over Kyoto, Climate Debt and Emission Targets

Climate Justice Activists Enter Day 34 of Hunger Strike

“We Are Not Begging for Aid” – Chief Bolivian Negotiator Says Developed
Countries Owe Climate Debt


Truth vs. Spam on Net Neutrality
by Megan Tady

Why We Left Our Farms to Come to Copenhagen
Speech of Henry Saragih, general coordinator of Via Campesina at the
opening session of Klimaforum
by La Via Campesina

Comcast-NBC U Merger Could Hurt Consumers
by Josh Silver and Tim Winter

Jared Diamond’s Ecocidal NYT Op-Ed
by Stephanie McMillan

*Greenwashing away their sins

ClimateGate Is Watergate Redux
by Richard Graves

Food & Water Watch
Water Woes a Product of Inadequate Funding for Infrastructure Upgrades
Statement of Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food & Water Watch

Friends of the Earth – International
Leaked Copenhagen Accord Text Profoundly Unjust

Institute for Public Accuracy

New Evidence on Honduran Election

GOP: Sauce for the Goose Is Terrible for the Gander

*Comment left at link

“We Are Having a Hard Time Surviving” Gwich’in Elder Sarah James on How
Climate Change Is Altering Life in the Alaskan Arctic

*Beheading the top of the world

“Would You Commit Murder?” – 15-Year-Old Maldives Climate Ambassador
Asks World Leaders to Take on Climate Change

Report: Burma, Yemen and Vietnam Hardest Hit by Extreme Weather in 2008

Nigerian Environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey: The Global North Owes a Climate
Debt to Africa


Forbes Publishes Fiction on Climate Change Debate

Was Russian Secret Service Behind Leak of Climate-Change Emails?
FSB accused of paying hackers to discredit scientists after stolen
correspondence traced to server in Siberia
by Shaun Walker
The Independent/UK

Checkmate: How Joe Lieberman Turned The Public Option Fight On Its Head
by Brian Beutler

*”Triggers” for guns pointed at our heads

Liberals Are Useless
by Chris Hedges

*While you might suss that I’m in general agreement with Hedges’ main
thrust – although I don’t nod approvingly at everything he writes here –
I have to disagree with his description of liberals as useless.

They are extremely useful. To those in power.

They give the illusion of a robust opposition to the right, which the
corpress weaves into a tapestry of lies about competing visions of
American political philosophy, and how this illustrates the health of
our “democracy”.

The reality, of course, is that the patient’s in intensive care, if not
on her deathbed, isn’t she?

Cap and Fade
by James Hansen

The Manufactured Doubt Industry and the Hacked Email Controversy
by Jeff Masters

Media Monsters Threaten Net Freedom
by Laura Flanders

*Closing the Net

Fair Trade Organizations
Organizations Question Nestlé’s Commitment to Fair Trade Cocoa

The Mac Is Back (Again)!

Dana Milbank and the Church of Obama

*Comment left at link

Climate Countdown: Largest Climate Summit in World History Opens in

*A listing of a legacy that cannot come to pass

Ahead of Copenhagen Talks, Tens of Thousands Protest Across Europe
Calling for Climate Justice

Voices from Africa: Drought, Crop Shortages, Deforestation and
Increasing Number of Climate Refugees Linked to Climate Change

*They pay for our sins

That’d be a sweet deal, but we’re all going down together if we don’t
stop that crime, aren’t we?

Climate Change and the Global South: A Roundtable Discussion

Institute for Public Accuracy
Interviews Available from Copenhagen

*Wouldn’t you add to that “and a ruling class so blinded by greed and
power … “?


Majority of Americans Think Torture ‘Sometimes’ Justified
New Poll Finds Americans Favor U.S. Isolationism, Acting Alone
by Heather Maher
Radio Free Europe

Family Planning for the Planet a.k.a. Population Control – Disingenuous
Patriarchy That Does Not Empower Women
by Lucinda Marshall

Teach (and Treat) Our Children Well
by Deborah J. Vagins

Free Press
Exposing Comcast’s Hollow ‘Public Interest’ Commitments
Analysis by Leading Consumer Groups Finds ‘Concessions’ in NBC Takeover
Mostly Meaningless

“The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police
Murdered a Black Panther”

*Sunday on 60 MINUTES

(In a parallel universe)

Institute for Public Accuracy
Black Unemployment

Joe Klein: Obama No Reagan

*Comment left at link

New Frontiers in Journalism

*Comment left at link


Copenhagen Climate Change Talks Must Fail, says Top Scientist
Exclusive: World’s leading climate change expert says summit talks so
flawed that deal would be a disaster
by Suzanne Goldenberg
The Guardian/UK

A Voice from RAWA: Zoya on Afghanistan
by GritTV

History in a Number: Senate Amendment 2837
by Donna Smith

Obama’s First Nine Months: Change We Can Believe In?
by Gary Olson

*No Obamade served here, thank (insert recognized diety, if any, here)

Center for Biological Diversity
More Than 400 Conservation, Animal Protection, Peace and Justice Groups
Plead With President Obama to Commute Okinawa Dugong Death Sentence
Letter Calling for Cancellation of Military Base Expansion in Rare Sea
Mammal’s Japanese Habitat Hand-delivered to White House

ACLU to Argue FRIDAY for Kindergartener’s Right to Religious Expression
Before Appeals Court

NY State Senate Defeats Bill to Legalize Gay Marriage

“One Voice for Choice” – FireDogLake Founder Launches Campaign to Target
Dems Supporting Stupak Amendment

*I’d be leery of praising MoveOn for anything, given their history,
wouldn’t you?

And do you notice that in all this talk of a “public option”, Hamsher
never utters the phrase “single payer”?

Why is that,  do you think?

25 Years After Bhopal Disaster, Survivors Still Seeking Justice

*$2000 for a victim’s death

I wonder how much Warren Anderson pays for one of his country club

As Troop Escalation Begins, Relief Groups Decry Militarization of US Aid
to Afghanistan

Institute for Public Accuracy
Are Obama and Clinton Being Honest About How Afghan War Began?

*History’s for pussies

Real empires write their own

Scrutinizing U.S. Goals in Afghanistan

*Those bases aren’t just for prosecuting the war, are they?  They’re
part and parcel of the battle over energy resources and the means to
transport them, don’t you think?

Enter a Parallel World at


Obama Had Rejected His Own Speech’s Surge Rationale
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

*I’d like to see Porter’s pass to enter Obama’s brain, but still some
useful intel on how these deadly games play out, don’t you think?

Not So Pretty in Pink
The Uproar Over New Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines
by Barbara Ehrenreich

*Cutting the pink ribbon

Center for Biological Diversity and
EPA Petitioned to Cap Carbon Dioxide Pollution at 350 Parts Per Million
Under the Clean Air Act

BanksterUSA/Center for Media and Democracy
It’s Not Such A Wonderful Life, George Bailey Weighs In on the Financial

More War: Obama Unveils Plan to Send 30,000 More Troops to Afghanistan

Rep. Kucinich on Afghanistan War: “We’re Acting Like a Latter Day
Version of the Roman Empire”

*The man makes sense one minute, then spouts nonsense the next, doesn’t

I guess since nearly all politicians engage almost exclusively in the
latter, he looks good by comparsion, but still …

Nir Rosen: “We Managed to Make the Taliban Look Good”

*Rosen says a lot of good things, but again (and again and again and
again), no mention of pipelines and Grand Gamesmanship.

Why is there this blind spot?  It doesn’t exist for Iraq and oil – so

Institute for Public Accuracy
Afghanistan War a “Folly”


Europeans Could Save Planet for $3 a Day: Study
by Pete Harrison

*So little could do so much, and yet …

And that “yet” kills every day, doesn’t it?

Bhopal Water Still Toxic 25 Years After Deadly Gas Leak, Study Finds
Two reports say scene of 1984 disaster still has alarming levels of
poisons, with one 2,400 times the WHO guideline
by Randeep Ramesh in Delhi
The Guardian/UK

Tree Plantations Are Not Forests, Women Activists Say
by Marcela Valente
Inter Press Service

The Campaign Cash Behind the Afghanistan Escalation
by Sue Sturgis
Facing South

*Follow the money

Straight to hell

Climate Scams Won’t Save the Planet
by Janet Redman

*How do you call yourself an “environmentalist” and still support this
transnational corporate shell game?

People do.

Worse Than Enron?
Wall Street’s big banks are playing dangerous new accounting games – and
this time taxpayers are on the hook for hundreds of billions. Nomi Prins
uncovers a scandal in the making.
by Nomi Prins

Creech Air Force Base: A Place of Disbelief, Confusion and Sadness
by Nancy Mancias

Institute for Agricultural and Trade Policy (IATP)
Climate Agreement Must Support Shift Toward Sustainable Agriculture
New paper series tackles climate challenges for agriculture

National Priorities Project
Afghanistan Fact Sheet: The Numbers Behind the Troop Increase

Hondurans Divided After Coup Backer Wins Presidential Election Boycotted
by Zelaya Supporters

In Third Week of Hunger Strike, Ailing Western Saharan Human Rights
Activist Aminatou Haidar Demands Moroccan Authorities Allow Her Return
to Occupied Homeland

Study: In Afghan Debate, Few Antiwar Op-Eds in Nation’s Two Leading

*I’d like Moore to list the “great things” Obama has done, wouldn’t you?
And I’d hope his naive supporters would become “disillusioned” – and
goddamn angry at the bastard for betraying them.

That’s a big part of what’s necessary to change the political culture in
this country, isn’t it – to come to the realization that we have a
one-party system with two branches. both dedicated to maintaining the
status quo of inequality and empire that will in the end doom our

You won’t see that view in the NYT or WaPo – or anywhere near often
enough in the “progressive” media, will you?

‘Ask Amy’ Says Ask Your Rapist If He Raped You

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