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February 2010

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The Power of Local
Local businesses are educating communities, changing economic policies,
and even outperforming chain competitors.
by Jeff Milchen
YES! Magazine

Death Penalty Phasing Out Worldwide
Post-Genocide Countries Ban Executions to ‘End Revenge’
by Gustavo Capdevila
Inter Press Service

Sunrise or Sunset for Iraq?
by Frida Berrigan

‘Post Disaster Needs Assessment’ – Whose Needs? Whose Assessment?
by Beverly Bell

Consumers Are Sleeping With the Enemy – and Paying for It
by Sandy Leon Vest

Corporate Accountability International
Report: Five Years In, tobacco Treaty is Saving Lives, Continues to be
Stymied by Industry, US Still Absent

Healthcare Summit Ends in Deadlock; Single-Payer Advocates Excluded

*The deadly “pre-existing condition” of profit at all cost – to us

V-Day Founder Eve Ensler on “I Am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life
of Girls Around the World”

*It’s a girl thing

And it’s killing them

As Obama Pushes “Clean Coal”, Jeff Biggers Tracks History of Destructive
Mining in “Reckoning at Eagle Creek: The Secret Legacy of Coal in the

*Blowing smoke on “clean coal”


War Politics: Numb and Number
by Norman Solomon

*Death, destruction and “the loyal opposition”

The Attack on Climate-Change Science
Why It’s the O.J. Moment of the Twenty-First Century
by Bill McKibben

*Pretty solid piece, but McKibben would do well to avoid coming to
Gore’s defense, wouldn’t he?  He’s a convenient straw man for the
deniers, but his green rep, as pointed out in the previous article, is
as fabricated as their charges of climate science manipulation, isn’t

Climate Change’s Secret Weapon
by Khadija Sharife

*Excellent piece on furtive finance and its role in poisoning the
planet, and check the bit of intel about Al (Mr. Clean Green) Gore’s
contribution to same

Latin America’s Path to Independence
by Mark Weisbrot

*A different South, but old times – and the present – there are not
forgotten, either

Center for Public Integrity (CPI)
Lax Federal Enforcement in Campus Sexual Assault Cases
Department of Education’s Civil Rights Office Rarely Investigates and
Almost Never Sanctions Schools

Political Operative Abandons Latest Attempt to Decimate Equal
Opportunity in Missouri
Proposed Ballot Initiative Withdrawn in Face of ACLU Lawsuit

Juan Gonzalez: Eva Moskowitz Has Special Access to Schools Chancellor

*No Child Left Standing

Glenn Greenwald: Dems Hiding Behind Filibuster to Justify Political
Inaction on Public Option

*Re the NEWSWEEK Newspeak, I seem to recall the term “environmental
terrorist” being used with a fair degree of regularity in the corpress,
don’t you?

FBI, US Attorney Investigating Penn. School District’s Computer Spying
on Young Students

Author Shane Harris on “The Watchers: The Rise of America’s Surveillance

*Don’t you think that the main aim of “The Watchers” is to monitor
threats to their power, not threats to our safety?


Smart Centers Planned to Recycle Mountains of Toxic E-Waste
by Environment News Service (ENS)

Avatar: The Prequel
Will ‘Earth’s Last Stand’ Sweep the 2013 Oscars?
by Michael T. Klare

*Relax – it’s only a movie

And MEIN KAMPF was only a book

The Happy Story of GM Crops
by Jim Goodman

*Farming fairy tales with no happy ending

Making a Place for Labor History
by Michael Schwalbe

*Information is power, but so are misinformation, disinformation and
lack of information to those who propagate them, aren’t they?

Knowing union history is vital to the cause of creating that “more
perfect union”, isn’t it?

Let’s hope knowledge will be power in Wisconsin and hopefully elsewhere,

‘Cause “soon” is all we got, innit?

Center for Public Integrity
Health Care Lobbying: The Frenzy Continued
Businesses and Organizations Employed Thousands in 2009 to Influence
Reform Legislation

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)
Health Care Lobby Has Invested Heavily in Those Who Will Attend Reform

*You get what you pay for

Institute for Public Accuracy
White Tilt: Jobs and Stimulus Bills

*Taking care of (white) business

Single-Payer Advocates, Excluded from Summit, Take to Sidewalk

In Historic Vote, Vermont Poised to Shut Down Lone Nuclear Reactor

*The China Dish Syndrome

Anti-Nuclear Activists Mobilize to Oppose Obama-Funded Construction of
Georgia Nuke Plants

*Hard to argue with … unless you’ve got millions to do so, and a
gummint Jonesing to give you billions more, huh?

“The Media-Lobbying Complex”: Investigation Exposes Undisclosed
Corporate Ties of Network Political Pundits

*Talking heads and the bodies beneath them

Juan Gonzalez Receives 2010 Justice in Action Award

*City slickers and their victims

Tom Friedman’s Iraq War

*Comment left at link

To the NYT, Advocates of Killing More Civilians Are Something to Seek


With 1000 US Soldiers Dead in Afghanistan, Time to Revive the Anti-War
by Medea Benjamin

Beyond Tea Party Politics
Oregon voted to increase taxes on corporations and the wealthy to help
fund programs that assist low and middle-income families.
by Altaf Rahamatilla

Do Not Resuscitate the ‘Public Option’
by Andy Coates

*Calling for an option pass

Say ‘No!’ to Corporate Control of Agriculture and Food!
17 April 2010 – Join the International Day of Peasant Struggle
by La Via Campesina

Raising Up Another Haiti
by Beverly Bell

*Raising respect from the ruins natural and intentional

Phyllis Bennis on Ending the US War in Afghanistan

*Pretty solid intel and analysis, as distinguished from the “unwinnable”
and “creating terrorists” themes of too many “progressive” pieces, don’t
you think?

Congress to Investigate Safety of Natural Gas Drilling Practice Known as
Hydraulic Fracturing

*Even if fracking’s stopped … even if the companies are fined … none
of these bastards goes to jail, do they?

That’s a different sort of fracture, isn’t it?

Robert Manning: “Credit Card Nation: The Consequences of America’s
Addiction to Credit”

*Card shark attacks

Pundits on Obama:  Stay Left or Go Middle?

*I thought it was the “left of center” promises made “that got him
elected”, didn’t you?

But Matthews is right in saying that “If you change, it bothers people.”

Lying tends to put folks off.

Delusions of Radicalism: A Longstanding Media Syndrome

*Comment left at link


West Bank Village Under Threat
by Jacky Rowland
Al-Jazeera English

Boycott FedEx
by Chris Hedges

*Bestowing the presidential seal of approval on a fellow adherent to The
Audacity of “Nope” ™

Warning: Consumer Products May Be Harmful to Your Health
by Kathleen Schuler

*The toxicity of the profit motive

Gimme That Ole Time Religion
by Sean Gonsalves

*Bad faith and credit cards

Cornucopia Institute
Corporate Baking Giant Sara Lee Hijacks Organics
‘EcoGrain’  Marketing Blitz – Greenwashing New Bread Produced with
Toxic Agrochemicals as Something BETTER Than Organic

*Natural born liars

Rights Groups Present New Documents that Show Congress Knew More about
CIA Rendition, Secret Detention, and Torture Than Previously Disclosed
Evidence Points to Cheney Counsel’s Role in Authorizing Torture

*The White House, the courts and the Congress

A triple-bagging for torture

WaPo Editorial Page: Watch What You Read!

*Why is it always the fanatics who accuse others of blind faith?

Peter Hallward on “Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide, and the Politics
of Containment”

*200 years of gang banging

After Decades-Long Wait, US Navy to Study Health Effects of Water
Contamination at the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in North Carolina

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Obama’s Healthcare Proposal * New Credit Card Law

* Airstrikes in Afghanistan * Back to Square One in Iraq?


When a Scandal Involves a Stockholder, NYT Takes a Pass

*What are the odds that “the paper of record” will duly relate the facts
of this case?

How about Slim and none?


Terrorism: The Most Meaningless and Manipulated Word
by Glenn Greenwald

*Excellent and important piece by Greenwald

How Wars Are Made
by Mark Weisbrot

*Weisbrot makes some excellent points, but this has little to do with
nukes, does it – and, as he points out, nothing to do with human rights.

Iran does pose a threat – to US hegemony in the Middle East.  It would
do so no matter how it treated its citizens, wouldn’t it?  The West
doesn’t have control of its oil, or a friendly gummint willing to let
transnational energy corps do whatever they want with it.

As long as that’s the case, the US remains a threat to the very folks
whose rights it so loudly claims to support.

Obama Holds White House Meeting with Dalai Lama Over Chinese Protest

Israel Accused of Stealing Identities, Using Fake Passports in Killing
of Hamas Commander in Dubai

*And of course the corpress deals with this as if it is some sort of
goddamn spy movie.  I’m surprised they don’t haul out their film critics
to comment on the “plot”.

Welfare Recipients Forced to Sell Food Stamps to Buy Basic Necessities

*Ask these folks about The Audacity of Hope ™

Time Garbles Poll Numbers to Puff Tea Party Popularity

*Comment left at link

E.J. Dionne’s Question Answers His Question

*Comment left at link

NYT Stimulus ‘Balance’ Leads to Confusion

*Comment left at link

Action Alert: ABC, NBC Nuclear Boosterism

*I guess you’d call those “glowing” reports on the nuke industry,
wouldn’t you?

And what would you call the bastards that propagate this propaganda?

How about “glow worms”?

FAIR Action Alert
Tell Cable News: No More PR Pundits
Channels disguise corporate propaganda as ‘analysis’

*Well, the form wouldn’t work with my “internet appliance”, but here’s
what I tried to say:

After forty years of watching the corpress, I don’t expect honesty and
integrity, ’cause … well … I’m not a complete idiot.

So I’m not shocked by this – just more determined to do my part to
expose you for the corporate lackeys you are.

Disinformation is power, and the only way to fight it is to give folks
the facts about the factually-challenged mainstream media in these here
United States, and hope to hell they listen and say “I’m mad as hell,
and I’m not gonna take this anymore!”

If they do, your ass is grass, as the saying goes.

Do your worst – but I guess you don’t need me to exhort you on that
count, do  you?

Very sincerely
Doug Latimer
Oakland CA
Questionable Content @

Do what your conscience demands and your courage allows, and never be
satisfied with the limits of either


Casino Time
by Linh Dinh

American Blitzkrieg
Loving the German War Machine to Death by William J. Astore

*Enlightening piece, but I think Astore makes the crucial omission of
just why our gummint wars, doesn’t he?

In a word – empire.

Our military is the enforcer for Big Inc., and whether it’s pipeline
routes in Afghanistan or oil in Iraq, it’s in the business of corporate
“resource acquisition”, on the public dime and with the public’s blood.

War is good business.

Unless you’re on the other side of the bottom line.

The Price of Environmental Destruction? There Is None
Putting a price on nature becomes meaningless if we treat the ecosystems
upon which we depend as mere commodities with a price for trading
by Andrew Simms

ACLU Sues to Obtain Information About Taxpayer-Funded Religion in
Abstinence-Only Programs Overseas

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Bison Killed in Annual Bison Range Roundup
Tribal Workers’ Inability to Ride Horses Causes Safety and Management

Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz on Obama’s Stimulus Plan, Debt, Climate
Change, and “Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the
World Economy”

*I’m not sure why I’m posting this.  Stiglitz provides some useful
intel, but as much as he criticizes the “extreme” free market mindset,
he has an enormous blind spot of his own on the utility of capitalism to
serve humanity, doesn’t he?

He’s all for regulation and “smart” policy decisions, but he never
questions whether the system can deliver a decent standard of living for

And that should be the sole purpose of an economic model, shouldn’t it?

And anyone who can say with a straight face that Summers and Geithner
have “the interests of the country at heart” is someone at whose
judgment you have to look askance, don’t you?

“A Bad Day for America” : Anti-Nuclear Activist Harvey Wasserman
Criticizes Obama Plan to Fund Nuclear Reactors

*I get so goddamn pissed when folks say they’re “shocked” by what Dear
Misleader does for the powerful.

That’s how he got elected, wasn’t it?  Backed by the nuke industry “glow
worms” and the financial looters – to name just two corporate crime
syndicates – what the hell did you expect?

I guess I’d have thought just plain common sense – forget humanity –
would’ve necessitated something relatively better than what we’ve got.

But we’re in the new Gilded Age, aren’t we – money talks, reason walks.

I guess it should be called the Gilded Cage, shouldn’t it?  As long as
we put our faith in damage control Demorats like Obama, we’ll be trapped
in this sinister system, won’t we?

Okay, I’m all out of alliterative vituperatosity.

For the moment.


Five Reasons NOT to Invest in Nuclear Power
by Robert Alvarez
Huffington Post

*Would you buy a used and abused energy source from this man?

Yemen’s Water Crisis Eclipses al Qaeda Threat
by Ulf Laessing

America’s Global Weapons Monopoly
Don’t Call It ‘the Global Arms Trade’
by Frida Berrigan

Number One with a bullet

King Obesity’s Realm
by Ralph Nader

*Living and dying off the fat of the land

Greed Trophy up for Grabs
by Jim Hightower

Magalie Marcelin
by Beverly Bell

*A tragic end to an inspiring life, but not an end to the inspiration

Human Interest in Bank Practices
by Laura Flanders

*Obscenely well paid assassins

Group: NATO Forces Blocking Movement of Wounded Afghan Civilians

*Killing them coming and going

George Monbiot: UK Inquiry “Toothless”  and “Feeble”  in Probing
Origins of Iraq War

“In the Loop” : Oscar-Nominated Comedy Satirizes Lead-Up to US-UK
Invasion of Iraq


Dana Milbank, Snow and Climate Change

*Comment left at link

NYT Documents NATO’s Concern for Civilian Casualties

*Comment left at link

Institute for Public Accuracy
Billions to Subsidize Nuclear Energy

Joya Condemns ‘Ridiculous’ Military Strategy
by Glyn Strong
The Independent/UK

Car Culture and Global Energy Conflict
by John Buell

*Horsepower and horseshit

Corporate Death Squads Come Back to Haunt U.S. Companies
by Charlie Cray

*Bloody “business expenses”

Obama and the ‘Savvy’ Bankers
In an interview, the US president described the Goldman Sachs CEO as
‘savvy’. So how did he and his crew use their wisdom?
by Dean Baker

*Baker says Obama must decide with whom he stands

That decision was made a long time ago, wasn’t it?

Answer to the People, Not Greedy Elites
Argentina’s president came under fire for sacking the head of the
central bank – but why should such institutions be ‘independent’?
by Mark Weisbrot

Does the President’s ‘Clean Coal’ Glibness Turn American Citizens Into
Acceptable Collateral Damage?
by Jeff Biggers

*As the old song goes, Dear Misleader “owes (his) soul to the company
sto'”, doesn’t he?

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Deficit Scaremongering Undermining Economic Recovery
Reining in Health Care Costs of Far Greater Consequence in Long-Term
Budget Picture

*What we have is a staggering humanity deficit, isn’t it?

Civilian Casualties Mount During US Offensive in Afghanistan

“Haiti – The Politics of Rebuilding” : A Video Report from Avi Lewis
of Al Jazeera

*Fighting off the “free trade” looters


‘The Cleveland Model’: Democracy, Community, and Economic Vision
New Models for A New Economy: Large-Scale Worker Cooperatives
by Gar Alperovitz, Ted Howard & Thad Williamson
The Nation

US Media Omission: Iran Calls for Global Nuclear Disarmament
by Gavin Dahl
Raw Story

Cuba’s Aid to Haiti Ignored by the US Media?
by Tom Fawthrop
Al Jazeera – English

*Nixed from the corpress narrative

Michael Ratner on Israeli Apartheid
Michael Ratner reports on his recent visit to the West Bank
by The Real News Network

The Information Super-Sewer
by Chris Hedges

*”Be an individual

Like the rest of us”

Congress Told That DOD Data on Sexual Assault and Rape in Military Is
‘Lacking in Accuracy, Reliability and Validity’
by Ann Wright

*That title comment could apply to military “leadership” in general,
couldn’t it?

Although I’d substitute “honesty” for “accuracy”

Africa’s Land and Family Farms – Up for Grabs?
by Joan Baxter

*”The Dark Continent” is a racist term, but it accurately describes the
future for Africa’s peoples if this agrarian occupation continues
unabated, doesn’t it?

Project on Defense Alternatives
How Much Does the Pentagon Need? A Quick Guide to US Defense Spending

Olympic Resistance: Indigenous Groups, Anti-Poverty Activists, and Civil
Liberties Advocates Protest 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver

*Snow jobs in every sense, eh?

Vancouver Community Activist Am Johal Condemns Use of Public Money to
Subsidize International Olympic Committee at Expense of Basic City

*Playing games with people’s lives

Dr. Gabor Maté: “When the Body Says No: Understanding the
Stress-Disease Connection”

*Patching the holistic hole in the wall in modern medicine


No Nukes
by Ralph Nader

*The deadly danger of a glowing future

Our Founders were NOT Fundamentalists
by Harvey Wasserman

*The heretical history of historical heretics

What Do Empires Do?
by Michael Parenti

*So the last will be first, and the first will be last

Not if this “Christian Empire” has any say in it


NYT and Climate Change: It Gets Worse

*Comments left at link

Climate Change Scientists Losing ‘PR War’ to Vested Interests
A Nobel peace prize-winning Welsh physicist says climate change
scientists are losing “a PR war” against sceptics with vested interests.
by BBC News

Then and Now: Rule of Law, Mukasey, and Obama’s DOJ
by Glenn Greenwald

Haiti: A Creditor, Not a Debtor
by The Nation 
by Naomi Klein

*Not the corpress narrative, is it?

U.S. Poised to Commit War Crimes in Marjah
by Robert Naiman

*This way this looming horror is considered really bothers me.  What
constitutes “large scale” civilian casualties – 100?  200?  Why isn’t
one injury or death considered a war crime?  It is to the mother of that
child, isn’t it?

There also seems to be, as with so many other “progressive” pieces on
this hell, a preoccupation with the “how” and not the “why”.  If this
war is illegal and immoral, then how it’s fought is immaterial, isn’t

If there is no war, there are no war crimes.

And that mother still has her daughter.

A Disadvantaged Class? The Corporate Speech Index
by Robert Weissman

*It all adds up to taking us down

Defeating ‘Corporate Personhood’ Means Defying Corporate Power – From
the Ground Up
by Sandy LeonVest

*A liberal helping of greenwash

Hunger and Obesity: Two Sides of the Same Coin
by Andy Fisher

Center for Biological Diversity
California to Withdraw Harmful “Carbon Credits for Clearcuts” Forest

*Credit where it’s due to destroy

Institute for Public Accuracy
Protesting the Olympics?

New Offensive in Afghanistan: U.S. Poised to Commit War Crimes?

Climate Scientist: Record-Setting Mid-Atlantic Snowfall Linked to Global

*Gee … science can be complex

Who’d a thunk?

Vancouver Activists Greet Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony with People’s
Summit, Protest

*Putting the Olympic Torch to fair play

Author Steven Hill on “Europe’s Promise: Why the European Way Is the
Best Hope for an Insecure Age”

*”Social democracy” boosterism

Yeah, it’s better than here.

That’s not much of a bar to clear, though – is it?

” China’s Unnatural Disaster” : Oscar-Nominated Doc on Sichuan
Earthquake Brings World Attention to Chinese Crackdown on Dissidents

*Burying the truth with the victims


The New Deal in Reverse
How the Obama Administration Ended Up Where Franklin Roosevelt Began
by Steve Fraser

*A rare piece that doesn’t deify Saint Franklin.

I see him as a “pragmatist” who came to the realization that something
truly tangible – if not truly transformative – had to be done to help
alleviate folks’ dire conditions, or he’d have some sort of revolution
on his hands.

Which direction that would’ve taken, who knows?  There’s no doubt the
New Deal was a benefit to many millions of desperate Americans, but did
it divert what might have been something far better – or far worse?

We’re at that crossroads today to some extent, aren’t we?  This time,
however, there’ll be no “pragmatic” diversion, will there?  It’s sink or
swim time, and we can either push for a better world for all …

Or push a battered world over the edge.

An American Way of War for the Record Books
by Tom Engelhardt

*There goes the neighborhood

Vermont’s Radioactive Nightmare
by Harvey Wasserman

*Nukers try to keep the glow in the dark

Democracy Thwarts U.S. Base Plans
by Christine Ahn and Gwyn Kirk

Moving On Up and Hitting a Wall: Social Mobility in the U.S. and Europe
by Michelle Chen

As Toyota Recall Surpasses 10 Million Cars, Federal Regulators Faulted
for Slow Response to Early Warnings

Study: Charter Schools Increasing Racial Segregation in Classrooms

*Boarding up Brown vs. Board

Roundtable: Do Charter Schools Worsen Inequality of Two-Tiered Education
System, or Help Address It?

Institute for Public Accuracy
So Much for Global Warming

*Snow job by climate clowns


The 700 Military Bases of Afghanistan
Black Sites in the Empire of Bases
by Nick Turse

Corporate Welfare Roulette
by Jim Hightower

*Promises, profits and pricks

Burn Up the Biosphere and Call It Renewable Energy: The New Taxpayer
Bailout That Will Make You Sick AND Poor
Just when you thought the biofuels bad dream was about over along comes
the nightmare of “biomass.”
by Rachel Smolker

*Only YOU can prevent forest fire sales

The Mythical Potency of Terrorism Fear-Mongering
by Glenn Greenwald

*Don’t know that I fully agree with this, but it’s worth pondering,
isn’t it?

Obama and the Works of Death
by John Dear

*Obama ain’t no Muslim, and he sure as hell ain’t no Christian

Institute for Public Accuracy
Soldier Faces Court-Martial in Iraq for Hip Hop Song About Stop-Loss

As Haiti Toll Revised to 230,000, Journalist Reed Lindsay Reports on
Scarcity of Aid in Devastated Port-au-Prince

Actor, Activist Danny Glover: Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand
Aristide “Mystified”  at US Resistance to His Return

“Haiti: Killing the Dream”: Excerpt of Documentary on Centuries of
Western Subversion of Haitian Sovereignty

Palestinian Families Appeal to UN Over Israeli Construction of “Museum
of Tolerance” on Jerusalem’s Historic Mamilla Cemetery


Palm Oil Deal ‘A Threat to the Rainforest’
by Martin Hickman
The Independent/UK

*Fuels and fools

US-Backed Palestinian Security Forces ‘A Prescription for Civil War’
by Jon Elmer in Bethlehem
Al-Jazeera English

Tritium Hot Zone Expands Around Vermont Nuclear Plant
by Susan Smallheer
The Rutland Herald (Vermont)

*Dirty water

“Clean” energy

Climate Scientists Hit Out at ‘Sloppy’ Melting Glaciers Error
Experts who worked on the IPCC report say the error by social and
biological scientists has unfairly maligned their work
by David Adam
The Guardian/UK

Haiti Numbers – 27 Days After Quake
by Bill Quigley

*Numbers that don’t add up in human terms, do they?

When Snow Melts: Vancouver’s Olympic Crackdown
by Dave Zirin

*We already know the losers of the Games, don’t we?

NY Times: No Conflict of Interest – With the Conventional Wisdom
by Robert Jensen

*Imbalancing act

Taking a Bullet on Wall St.
by Derrick Z. Jackson

*I’d call that more FIRING a bullet, wouldn’t you?

Obama Administration: US Forces Can Assassinate Americans Believed to Be
Involved in Terrorist Activity

*The world is our free fire zone

Rep. Dennis Kucinich v. Glenn Greenwald on the Supreme Court’s Landmark
Campaign Finance Ruling on Corporate Money

*Why don’t we just dispense with the pretense and sell off the naming
rights to federal departments, buildings and monuments?

The Halliburton Pentagon, the US Chamber of Commerce Capitol, the ADM
Agriculture Department, the Chevron Energy Department, the News Corp
Supreme Court, the Goldman Sachs White House …

I’d propose a lease auction for naming rights on an annual basis.  Might
make a bit of a dent in the national debt, don’t you think?

David Price: “The CIA Is Welcoming Itself Back onto American University

Eamon Javers on the Secret World of Corporate Espionage and Moonlighting
CIA Operatives

FAIR Action Alert
USA Today’s Social Security Scaremongering

*Scaring old (and young, and middle-aged) folks

Not cool, dude – but par for the corpress course, innit?

NYT and the IPCC: Little Evidence, Big Story

*Comments left at link

Tea Party Popularity in Perspective

*Comments left at link


The Terror-Industrial Complex
by Chris Hedges

Murder Capital of the World
by Laura Carlsen

*An addiction to inhumanity

Operation Breakfast Redux
Could Pakistan 2010 Go the Way of Cambodia 1969?
by Pratap Chatterjee

The Sex Ed Bait and Switch
by Amanda Marcotte

Globalization Is Killing the Globe: Return to Local Economies
by Thom Hartmann

Oxfam International
Survey Shows Few Haitians Willing to Move Far to Camps Outside the City
Residents must be consulted on new camps
Camp residents have little official information about plans to re-site

Michael Pollan on “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual”

*Food for rational thought


The Expanding US War in Pakistan
by Jeremy Scahill
The Nation

*”Black”, “white” and a “battlefield” that runs red

The Lynch Mob Mentality
by Glenn Greenwald

*Liberals Limbaugh would love

Haiti – Still Starving 23 Days Later
by Bill Quigley

There’s Real Hope From Haiti and It’s Not What You Expect
When people live so close to the edge, even small price increases can
break them
by Johann Hari

*Vexing the vultures – for now

Message to President Obama: Why Trade Will Not Save Rural America
by Paula Crossfield

*Trading away a fruitful food future

FAIR Extra!
Sidelining Cap and Trade’s Green Critics
As with healthcare, right-wing complaints framed the debate
by Neil deMause

‘Climategate’ Overshadows Copenhagen
Media regress to the bad old days of false balance
by Julie Hollar

*Welcome to the state of Denial

Leave your reason at the border

Environmental Journalism in the Greenhouse Era
Looking for climate news beyond corporate media
by Miranda Spencer

CNN: Secretary Duncan Right to Celebrate Katrina

*What we need is a political Katrina to blow all the bastards like
Duncan out of DC.

That would be a beneficial climate change, wouldn’t it?

Pro-Choice Advocates Criticize CBS for Accepting Anti-Abortion Super
Bowl Ad

*I could’ve done without the Obama ass kissing

“Oh, you’re so wonderful for doing what you have no right not to do.

Which cheek would you like me to kiss?”


Dave Zirin on Super Bowl Fever in New Orleans and the Militarization of
Sport’s Biggest Spectacle

*I think Gladwell’s right, and this is comng from someone who played
football in junior high and high school (I had enough sense to pass on
it as a sophomore, but that sanity didn’t last).

But yeah, I’ll watch the goddamn game Sunday.  But not the commercials.

I may be a hypocrite, but I’m not a masochist.

Yemeni Journalist Nasser Arrabyee: US Involvement Undermines Sound
Response to Yemen-Based Militants


How Corporations Secretly Move Millions to Fund Political Ads
A Raw Story Exclusive
by Brad Jacobson
Raw Story

On the Claimed ‘War Exception’ to the Constitution
by Glenn Greenwald

*Fear, folly and fanaticism

Shrimp’s Dirty Secrets: Why America’s Favorite Seafood Is a Health and
Environmental Nightmare
The environmental impact of shrimp can be horrific. But most Americans
don’t know where their shrimp comes from or what’s in it.
by Jill Richardson

A Festival of Peace
by Robert C. Koehler

30-Second Warnings
Chips, Beer, Voyeuristic Horndogs, Hot Babes, Flatulent Slackers, and
God’s Quarterback Star in the Big Game
by Robert Lipsyte

*Lipsyte wonders what the ads mean, and I wonder what his last paragraph
meant, don’t you?

Luckily, I haven’t seen hardly any of these ads – thank somebody’s
(Tebow’s?) god

The Yes Men
ADM Tries to Take Down Funny Video; Big Business Has No Solutions; Now

Ignoring Torture Claims and Questionable Evidence, New York Jury
Convicts Pakistani Scientist Aafia Siddiqui

*What is this “image” that the US needs to “repair”?  For anyone with
any grasp on reality, that image has been one of an empire determined to
maintain and expand its power by any means necessary, hasn’t it?

Robert McChesney and John Nichols on “The Death and Life of American
Journalism: The Media Revolution that Will Begin the World Again”

*We’ll see just how committed Dear Misleader is to net neutrality when
the corps put their money where his mouth is, won’t we?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Haiti: * Canceling Debt * Adoptions * Just Back


As House and Senate Fumble Health Reform, Free Clinics Still Serving the
Uninsured Sick
Massive Health Clinic for Uninsured Comes to Hartford
by Chris Ayotte and Jeff Stoecker
NBC News – Connecticut

Republicans Out of Touch as Middle Class Sinks
by Jim Hightower

*Let them eat … nothing

Why Washington Cares About Countries Like Haiti and Honduras
US interference in the politics of Haiti and Honduras is only the latest
example of its long-term manipulations in Latin America
by Mark Weisbrot

*The deadly designs of foreign policy NIMBY

The Iraqi Oil Conundrum
Energy and Power in the Middle East
by Michael Schwartz

*Required reading

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
The Union Advantage Across the States
Unions substantially raise wages and benefits for workers

Friends of the Earth
Federal Biofuels Mandate Remains in Full Force After EPA Rulemaking

*Trying to biofool us that this shit is “green”

In Historic First, Military Leaders Call for Repeal of Ban on Openly Gay

*This is blatant homophobia, of course, but you know what?

I don’t want gays to serve in the military.  I don’t want women, or
blacks, or white rednecks to serve in the military.

I don’t want anyone to serve in *this* military.

Bullets and bombs don’t know from sexual orientation, do they?

They just kill innocents.

Until there can be pride in the morality of the military, I don’t see
how there can be pride in serving openly in it.

“In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts”: Dr. Gabor Maté, Physician at
Vancouver Safe-Injection Site, on the Biological and Socio-Economic
Roots of Addiction and ADD

*Please read

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama Shielding Torture Memo Lawyers?

Obama’s Class Conflict

*Comments left at link


Global Warming Makes Trees Grow at Fastest Rate for 200 Years
by Steve Connor
The Independent/UK

Study Finds ‘No Child’ Has Low Teacher Support
The study interviewed board-certified educators who criticize NCLB for
stifling creativity in students and handing over increased influence to
text book and testing companies
by Canan Tasci
RedLands DailyFacts (California)

*Don’t you wonder just how “unintended” those consequences are?

Hijinks or Undercover Ops?
by Laura Flanders

If Terror Is the Measure, It’s Healthcare War
by Donna Smith

Mock This Campaign If You Like, But How Else Can Blair Be Held to
by The Guardian/UK 
With the limits of power in Britain so ill-defined, the only way a
reckoning for Iraq will ever come is via a citizen’s arrest
by George Monbiot

It’s the Economists Stupid
by David Kristjanson-Gural

*”Scientific method” acting

Guiding Haiti’s Roadmap to Recovery With Human Rights
by Monika Kalra Varma and Kerry Kennedy

*Charity begins – and often remains – at home

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
EPA-Industry Coalition Blunts Tougher State Coal Ash Rules
Coal Ash Industry Enlists EPA to Quash Tighter State Regulatory

Friends of the Earth
Landmark Trial About Patenting Humans Begins Today

*Genes ain’t jeans

Journalists Examine Teapot Tempests as Real Glaciers Melt

*Comments left at link

“America’s Secret Afghan Prisons”: Investigation Unearths New US Torture
Site, Abuse Allegations in Afghanistan

Backtracking on Earlier Findings, Justice Dept. Said to Clear Bush Admin
Attorneys of Authorizing Torture

*This just as easily could’ve been titled:

Obama JD to Bushwackers:  “We Got Your Back, Bro”

Just another chapter in The Audacity of “Nope”

Bill Quigley: “Disgraceful” Suspension of Medical Evacuations Captures
US Indifference to Magnitude of Haitian Suffering

Torture, Rendition Victim Maher Arar Asks Supreme Court to Allow Suit
Against US Gov’t

Despite Non-Proliferation Pledge, Obama Budget Request Seeks Additional
$7B for Nuclear Arsenal

*Promises blowed up real good


‘Climate Emails Hacked by Spies’
Interception Bore Hallmarks of Foreign Intelligence Agency, says Expert
by Steve Connor
The Independent/UK

CIA Operatives Moonlight in Corporate World
by Eamons Javers

*Spooks R Us

Afghan ‘Geological Reserves Worth a Trillion Dollars’
Karzai exclaims ‘very good news for Afghans’, but perhaps history tells
us that regular Afghans should be very cautious of such news
by Agence France-Presse

*Meaning wealth tends to gravitate toward the wealthy, domestic and

Afghanistan’s Embattled Hospitals
by Al-Jazeera/English

The Creed of Objectivity Killed the News
by Chris Hedges

Susan Collins Spreads Central Myth About the Constitution
by Glenn Greenwald

*Strict constrictionist

What I Have Learned Doing Civil Disobedience for Single Payer
by Carol Paris

*Good on Dr. Paris for doing this, but there are plenty of folks who’d
tell you a different story about “the authorities” aren’t there?

I hope she never has to learn the hard way.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)
CREW Urges President and Members of Congress Not to Attend Shadowy
Fellowship’s National Prayer Breakfast

*Stop “Dear Misleader” et al from showing up?

They don’t have a prayer

CREW Seeks Relief for VA’s Destruction of PTSD Documents

The Freedom Riders: New Documentary Recounts Historic 1961 Effort to
Challenge Segregated Bus System in the Deep South

*The extremes of humanity and inhumanity are what I take from this.  My
father may not have been directly involved, but he was a member of the
White Citizens Council – “the coat and tie Klan” – and no doubt cheered
these murderous bastards on.

And I have to wonder, had I been a little older and my circumstances a
bit different … would I have been part of such a mob?

I can’t answer that question.  I’m glad I never had to.  And I’m glad
that there are persons in the world who have the humanity and the
courage shown by these Freedom Riders, because it’s going to take that
level of commitment to end the horrors of today.

I hope I can make that commitment, in whatever way I need to.

That’s another question I can’t answer.

When Is a Terrorist Not a Terrorist?

*Comments left at link

CNN and the $250K Middle Class

*Don’t you imagine Chetry meant that’s middle class for the people who

Like her?




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