March 2010



Without Info on Oil Price Non-Effect, Offshore Drilling Reports Are Just

Haiti Looking More and More Like a War Zone
by Ansel Herz
Inter Press Service

McChrystal’s Support for Raids Belies New Image
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

Insurance Industry Already Finding Ways to Game New System
by Dan Froomkin
The Huffington Post

Walmart: The Inhuman Essence of a Corporate ‘Person’
by Jim Hightower

*Low prices and rock-bottom humanity every day

Open Letter to Berkeley Students on their Historic Israeli Divestment
by Naomi Klein

*Learning their lessons on humanity well

Socialism? Not Quite, Say the Socialists
by John Nichols

The Opium Wars in Afghanistan
Can Anyone Pacify the World’s Number One Narco-State?
by Alfred W. McCoy

*The larger question is whether the US can break its addiction to
empire, isn’t it?

Organic Consumers Association to Picket Chez Panisse Restaurant on
Thursday, April 1st, Noon, in Berkeley, CA
Alice Waters, World Famous Organic Food Chef and Promoter of Safe School
Gardens, Does Not Oppose Growing Food on Toxic Sewage Sludge

Student Labor Action Project
Justice at American Red Cross

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama vs. Martin Luther King?

Myths of Energy Independence

*The issue isn’t “dependence on Mideast oil”, but imperial designs on
controlling the region, wouldn’t you say?

“We Are Tearing Down Our Mountains”: Photojournalist Antrim Caskey on
West Virginia’s Fight Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

*”And Daddy, won’t you take me back to Muhlenberg County
Down by the Green River
Where Paradise lay

Well, I’m sorry, my son
But you’re too late in askin’
Mr. Peabody’s coal train has hauled it away”

– John Prine, “Paradise”

Al Jazeera Chief Wadah Khanfar on Obama’s Expansion of the Afghan War,
US Policy in the Middle East and the Role of Independent Voices in the


An ‘Ignoble Attempt’ to Smear the Pope?

*Comment left at link

Two-Thirds of Boys in Afghan Jails Are Brutalized, Study Finds
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

US Oil Company Donated Millions to Climate Sceptic Groups, Says
Report identifies Koch Industries giving $73m to climate sceptic groups
‘spreading inaccurate and misleading information’
by John Vidal
The Guardian/UK

*Putting their money where their mouthpieces are

by Kathy Kelly

*One of the few pieces by so-called “progressives” that puts this hell
in proper perspective, that focuses on the horrors visited upon its
victims, and the energy resource and “Grand Game” motives for its
existence and perpetuation

Toxic Sludge Taints the White House
by Jill Richardson

*Read for the intel and ignore the Obama asskissing – except to ask why
the First Family are all NIMBY about their backyard, but don’t give a
rat’s ass about anyone else’s, judging from the actions, or lack of
same, of Dear Misleader’s EPA.

Race to the Top (or is it the Bottom?)
Arne Duncan, the Heartbreaker
by Valerie Strauss

*No Child Left Standing

Brown vs. Democracy
by George Lakoff

*Brown’s running for governor.  Think that has anything to do with his

It does with everything else, doesn’t it?

Veterans for Peace
Veterans Return to Vietnam to Study Agent Orange

*The poison of war assumes many forms

Rage on the Right: Christian Militia Raided in Michigan; Tennessee
Skinhead Pleads Guilty to Obama Assassination Plot

*And a studied silence from Dear Misleader and the Democratic

“Our President Is Deceiving the American Public” : Pentagon Papers
Whistleblower on President Obama and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

*Ellsberg focuses more on the impossibility of “victory” than the horror
visited upon the people in these countries, doesn’t he?

He also never mentions the reasons why the US is in those countries.

That anyone can talk about these war crimes without stressing the above
as the main points shows a disconnect with reality, doesn’t it?


Arctic States Meet Over Resources, Military Concerns
by Agence France Presse

Modern Slavery
by Katrina vanden Heuvel

*The harvest of shame continues to reap misery

Is America ‘Yearning For Fascism?’
by Chris Hedges

*History is a repeating rifle

Welcome to Glennbeckistan
Where the Tea Party Rules and Tea-hadis Roam
by Chip Ward

*And I suppose these schmenges would say that the only reason there are
so many black players on the Jazz’ roster is affirmative action

Attention Deficit Democracy
by Ralph Nader

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and Vote
CREW Files Complaints With FTC and IRS Against Sean Hannity, His Freedom
Concerts and the Freedom Alliance

*If Vote Vets is “committed to the destruction of terror networks”, they
don’t have to go “around the world” to accomplish a major portion of
their goal, do they?

Economist Dean Baker: Banks Could Be Big Winners of President Obama’s
Foreclosure Prevention Program

*There’s the same old song and dance, isn’t it?  Baker lays out the
situation clearly, and then, like so many critics of The Way Things Are,
he claims he’s at a loss to explain why those in power are acting as
they are.

I can’t believe he’s that naive, so why the two-step?

Get your shovel, do some digging, and call a spade a spade.

As Obama Visits Afghanistan, Tavis Smiley on Rev. Martin Luther King and
His Opposition to the Vietnam War

*Well, I’m posting this, but mainly for the historical intel on King.
Smiley rolls out the same old claptrap about “pushing” Obama to be the
“transformational” president Smiley knows he can be.

And Goodman doesn’t challenge him on that, even though DN! provides
ample evidence of the idiocy of that view on a daily basis, doesn’t it?

Dissident Female Catholic Bishop Calls for Pope to Resign over Sex Abuse


What won’t these bastards do in his name?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama and Afghanistan


The Collapse of Journalism/The Journalism of Collapse: New Storytelling
and a New Story
[A version of this essay was delivered as the Lawrence Dana Pinkham
Memorial Lecture, Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, India, March 18,
by Robert Jensen

*Solid piece – please read


Health Reform and the Imaginary Conservative Majority

*Comments left at link

Bhopal Legacy Haunts Nuclear Liability Bill
by Ranjit Devraj
Inter Press Service

In a Coma, With the Plug Pulled on Health Insurance
Family’s Struggle Highlights Retroactive Decisions by Insurers,
by Danielle Ivory
Huffington Post Investigative Fund

Economist Who Foretold First Housing Bubble Says, ‘Beware’
CEPR Statement on Obama Administration’s Housing Initiative
by Dean Baker
Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)

HUD Study: Rent Assistance Cheaper Than Shelters
by Renee C. Lee
the Houston Chronicle

Globalization Marches On
Growing popular outrage has not challenged corporate power.
by Noam Chomsky

*I don’t have to urge you to read this, do I?

Enabling Wall Street’s Secret Gambling Problem
by Sarah Anderson

Rainforest Action Network Statement on EPA’s Veto of Spruce Mine Permit

Friends of the Earth
Landmark Clean Air Rules Set for Ships, Thousands of Lives Expected to
Be Saved

Juan Gonzalez: NY Pays 230 “Consultants”  $722M Per Year for Computer
Project 7 Years Behind Schedule

*Keep this in mind the next time your mayor sheds crocodile tears over
“being forced” to kick folks off the city payroll and cut services

Congress OKs Final Changes to Healthcare Overhaul

*So, even if this comes to pass, what is the definition of a “public
option”?  Maybe instead of getting one “aspirin for cancer”, as PNHP put
it, we get two?

A Look at Arne Duncan’s VIP List of Requests at Chicago Schools and the
Effects of his Expansion of Charter Schools in Chicago

*Arne’s Army:  the militarization of public education

Labor Struggle in Boron: Union Workers in CA Town Locked Out by Mining
Giant Rio Tinto After Stalled Contract Talks


Diary of a Wimpy Health Care Bill
by Rose Ann DeMoro

Food Riots or Food Rebellions?
Eric Holt-Giménez Looks at the World Food Crisis
by Julia Landau

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Unionization Substantially Improves the Pay and Benefits of Immigrant

Bill Introduced to Extend Wasteful Ethanol Tax Credits
Broad coalition says providing subsidies for the ethanol industry bad
for environment, food prices and taxpayers

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Christie Shreds New Jersey Climate Change Programs
Kills Emission Reporting, Diverts Green Energy Fund & Defunds Climate

Will Proposed Financial Regulatory Overhaul Actually Reform Wall Street?

*A rhetorical question if ever there was.

Check the part about “saving” Social Security to see just how mendacious
these bastards are.

Students Rally for Aid Overhaul, DREAM Act

*Doesn’t the military service portion of this bother you?  Isn’t it
placing another weapon in the hands of military recruiters?

International Uproar over Uganda Anti-Gay Bill, Study Finds American
Evangelicals Encouraging Homophobia

*JC would have one hell of a defamation suit against these bastards
using his name to carry out the antithesis of his teachings, wouldn’t

Institute for Public Accuracy
START Agreement


Diocese Penalizes Homeless Aid Group for Backing Same-Sex Marriage
The bishop and a national organization end financial support after
Preble Street backs same-sex marriage.
by Tom Bell
The Portland Press Herald (Maine)

The Right’s Conspiracy Theory Attack on Frances Fox Piven
by Peter Dreier

The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty
The theory here, to force change through chaos, was among the most
provocative of the 1960s.
by Richard A. Cloward and Frances Fox Piven

Why ACORN Fell: The Times, Lies, and Videotape
by John Atlas and Peter Dreier

*Well, this clears up the question I posed at the FAIR Blog about
whether folks were fired, but it doesn’t explain precisely what they did
that precipitated that action, does it?

And it’s curious that the NYT and the corpress in general are said to
have “unwittingly” aided the smear campaign, isn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Exposing U.S.-backed Indonesian Military Assassinations Leads to Arrest
Threats and Censorship for Journalist

EXCLUSIVE…Journalist Allan Nairn Facing Possible Arrest in Indonesia
for Exposing US-Backed Forces Assassinated Civilians

*Phony healthcare here … phony democracy there …

And dead people everywhere

Palliative Care Pioneer Dr. Diane Meier on How People Struggle with
Serious, Sometimes Terminal, Illness

*So vital a need, and yet Dear Misleader yanks it out of the bill, and
Meier zips her lip about his duplicity.

That’s not what I call palliative care, is it?


NYT Admits It Was Wrong About ACORN, But Still Gets It Wrong

*Comments left at link

Environmentalists Make Plea for Desert Preservation
A group of environmentalists says renewable energy goal shouldn’t come
with destruction of native plant, animal life
by Stephanie Tavares
the Las Vegas Sun

JSOC Interests Snag Plan to Free Afghan Detainees
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

UN Report: World’s Biggest Cities Merging Into ‘Mega-Regions’
Trend towards ‘endless cities’ could significantly affect population and
wealth in the next 50 years
by John Vidal
The Guardian/UK

The Story of Bottled Water
by Annie Leonard
The Story of Stuff Project

Health Reform Passes, But I Still Don’t Feel So Good
by Randall Amster

*To misquote the old R.E.M. song …

It’s the same old world as we know it
And I don’t feel so fine

Clean Water and Dirty Coal Don’t Mix
Dark Secret of World Water Day: Coal-Fired Plants Drink 1.5 Trillion
Gallons, Then We Drink Backwash
by Jeff Biggers

Dems Reap All the Red-Baiting Pain with None of the Socialist Gain
by Jon Walker

A Cloward-Piven Strategy for Single Payer?
by Chris Maisano

We Cannot ‘Techno-Fix’ Our Way to a Sustainable Future
by Rachel Smolker

*Dr. Strangelove goes “green”

Food & Water Watch
Millions in Taxpayer Dollars Flow to Bottled Water
New report, film call for reducing waste, funding public water this
World Water Day

*Tapped out

Norman Finkelstein Responds to Clinton, Netanyahu AIPAC Comments

*We pay with our taxes

Palestinians pay with their lives


FAIR Activism Update
NYT Public Editor Admits ACORN Errors

Unclean Water Claims More Lives Than War
by Environment News Service

Whole Foods, United Natural Foods Muscle Suppliers to Boycott Consumer
by Corporate Crime Reporter

*Gang “Green”

Besieged Gaza Denied Water
by Al-Jazeera-English

The Health Care Hindenburg Has Landed
by Chris Hedges

*I disagree with Hedges on one point.

The Demorats are not “craven”.  This isn’t about cowardice, is it?

It’s about serving the powerful, something they do willingly and
joyfully, for they are true loyal subjects to the gods of profit, and
have been since time immemorial.

There’s really only one party in this country – the one the rich have at
our life-sapping expense every goddamn day of the year.

Center for Biological Diversity
EPA Solicits Input on Ocean Acidification and Carbon Dioxide Limits
Under Water Pollution Law

Physicians for a National Health Program
A False Promise of Reform

In Historic Vote, House Approves Landmark Healthcare Reform Bill

*Warning:  “Healthcare reform” – and the party propaganda for and
against it – is hazardous to your health

Arundhati Roy on Obama’s Wars, India and Why Democracy Is “The Biggest
Scam in the World”


Things That Are Funny to Dana Milbank: Kenyans, Hawaiians, Short

*Comments left at link

More Fertile Imagination: ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ Gains Traction
by Peter Ker
The Sydney Morning Herald

Time for Rebirth: The US Antiwar Movement is Grieving, Dreaming, Growing
by Clare Bayard & Sarah Lazare

*The audacity of real hope

Twisting History in Texas
by Eric Foner

*Goebbels with a drawl

Weapons Makers as ‘Welfare Queens’
by Tom Engelhardt

*Money to burn bodies with

US Bases in Colombia Rattle the Region
by Benjamin Dangl

*The singer may have changed, but the song remains the same

The Anti-Venezuela Election Campaign
Venezuela’s election is not until September, but the international
campaign to delegitimise the government has already begun
by Mark Weisbrot

Seven Years of War: On Anniversary of US Invasion, Iraqi Feminist Yanar
Mohammed Says Iraq Is No Different Under Obama than Bush

Cindy Sheehan Sets Up “Camp OUT NOW” in Antiwar Protest

*Not everyone sells out

Hundreds of Thousands Expected to Gather in DC for Immigration Rights

EXCLUSIVE…Indonesian Forces Tapped by Obama for Renewed US Aid
Implicated in New Assassinations

*Earning his Nobel

Institute for Public Accuracy
Healthcare: Repeating Massachusetts’ Mistakes?

*Follow the misleader


The Growing Movement for Publicly Owned Banks
We the people have given away our sovereign money-creating power to
private, for-profit lending institutions, which have used it to siphon
wealth from the productive economy. Some states are moving to take that
power back.
by Ellen Brown
YES! Magazine

*But why do we have to have money in the first place?  That’s a question
that’s rarely asked, isn’t it?

Most Power Plants Still Spewing Toxic Mercury, Report Says
by Renee Schoof
The McClatchy Newspapers

EU Selling Torture Equipment
by David Cronin
Inter Press Service

Normal Finkelstein: Too Far This Time?
by GRITtv

Everybody Knows The Deal Is Rotten
by Christopher Cooper

*I guess I don’t have to tell you what I think of Cooper’s take on this,
do I?

Nuclear Industry to Vermont: ‘Drop Dead’
by Harvey Wasserman

It’s Really Quite Simple: Do We Value Each Life in America?
by Donna Smith

*Soul numbing numbers game:

Who’s a 10?  Who’s a 5?  Who’s a 1?

What White People Fear
by Robert Jensen

Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader: A Discussion on Healthcare, Politics
and Reform

*Kucinich is either a fool or a fraud, isn’t he?  And he’s been around
power long enough that I really can’t see the former as a legitimate
possibility, can you?

He talks of fighting for single payer in the future.  Why would anyone
trust him to not do what he’s doing now, that he’ll opt for
“pragmatism”, with the promise of the good fight to come?

And the cycle begins anew.  It’s what elected “progressives” always do,
isn’t it?

That’s why having any faith in them is a fool’s game.  They may have
some utility is certain situations, but never forget that they can’t be
counted on when the shit’s really flying off the fan.

But what do I know?  I’ve only seen it time and again for forty goddamn


NYT Science Section Doubts Science on Climate Change

*Isn’t it interesting what the NYT, and the corpress in general, choose
to “keep an open mind” on?

Doubts about scientifically proven climate change?


The moral necessity of opposing war, poverty, prejudice and oppression?

Not so much.

Why I’m Voting ‘Yes’
by Dennis Kucinich

*Either he’s deluding himself, or trying to delude us.  That he can speak
breathlessly of the “electrifying” and “transformative potential” of
Dear Misleader’s election leads me to lean toward the latter, as no one
with any firm grasp on reality – which I would think he has – can
believe such tripe, can they?

But maybe he’s sincere but sorely mistaken.

Or maybe it’ll be interesting to see what sort of quid he gets for his

What do you think?

The Great White Whale in San Francisco Bay
Or How the ‘Lively Arts’  Became ‘the Media’
by Lewis Lapham

Oscar Night’s Sad Familiarity – ‘Like Baghdad’
by John R. MacArthur

*Glitz, glamor and glossing over reality

Hooray for Hollywood

Rep. Alan Grayson’s “Medicare You Can Buy Into Act” Attracts 50

*Don’t you think it’s pretty goddamn sad that Grayson’s about the best
the Demorats have to offer?  It shows just how beholden they are to The
Powers That Be ™ that he’s about as “progressive” as a Democrat is
allowed to be, doesn’t it?

And I’d like to know how much it’d cost to buy in to Medicare, wouldn’t

Not that I could afford to, regardless.

Report: Petraeus Warns Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mullen that Israel
Is Jeopardizing US Security Interests

*Perry doesn’t deviate very far from the conventional wisdom, does he –
other than on Hamas.  He seems to be saying that the War *of* Terror is
legitimate, and this issue is impeding it.

And being an adviser to Arafat doesn’t lend his views much credibility,
does it?

Federal Probe into Post-Katrina Shootings by Police Widens

*Big lies in the Big Easy

Institute for Public Accuracy
After Seven Years: Iraq War “Forgotten”

*Who gets to “forget”?


Federal Panel Finds NY Dept. of Education Discriminated Against Arabic
School Principal

Dem Leadership in Final Push on Healthcare Reform, House Considers
Passing Bill Without Direct Vote

*I guess it’s of some value to know about the political machinations,
but from a moral standpoint, this is all horseshit, isn’t it, because at
the end of the day, whatever benefit might be derived from this bastard
of a bill will be vastly outweighed by the fact that real healthcare
reform has been murdered in cold blood by the Demorats, and that will
result in pain, suffering and death for many more folks than however
many are aided to some degree by this abomination, won’t it?

It makes you sick to your stomach just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

Charles Bowden on “The War Next Door”

*The slaughter south of the border, and US complicity in it

Institute for Public Accuracy
Israeli Attacks on Human Rights Activists

Action Alert: CNN Hires Erick Erickson

11 Out of 12 Pundits Agree: Obama Must Move to the Right

*On most issues, wouldn’t Dear Misleader have to move to the left to be
in the “center”?


Fox Reporters Worried About Their ‘Credibility’

Why Isn’t Brookings Labeled ‘Liberal’? Maybe Because It Isn’t

Karl Rove, Still Lying on TV About Iraq

Relying on GM Crops to Battle Climate Change ‘Suicidal,’ Indian Activist
by Laurie Goering
Reuters AlertNet

Racing in Circles for Education Reform
by Sean Gonsalves

Obama and the Denial of Genocide
by Stephen Zunes

Israeli Crackdown Puts Liberal Jews on the Spot
by Chris Hedges

*Wringing hands and wringing necks

Sweatshops Won’t Save Haiti
by Tope Folarin

*They sweat so we can shop

Food and Water Europe
Food and Water Europe on the 3rd Forum for the Future of Agriculture and
Forum-Host Syngenta

Noam Chomsky on Obama’s Foreign Policy, His Own History of Activism, and
the Importance of Speaking Out

*Always worth checking out, isn’t he?

On creating terrorists:  I’m not sure what Chomsky’s saying – is he just
saying that the policy resulted in creating terrorists, which it
obviously has (although that’s not the reason to oppose it, as he makes
clear at the end of the segment), or is he also saying that the policy
was *intended* to create terrorists?

You have to have a “boogey man” to justify the obscene amounts spent on
“defense” – and, more to the point, the obscene profits corporations
make from war, both directly (“defense” industries) and indirectly
(resource control, etc.), don’t you?

So it makes sense to puff up that “boogey man”, doesn’t it?  After all,
terrorists aren’t any real threat to the power structure here, are they?
But their existence provides the rationale for US acts of aggression,
and keeps the populace fearful of these “monsters” who will come and
kill you if we don’t stop them, so we’re told.

So I’m not sure what he’s saying there, and I’d like to talk with him
about that.


Gene Stoltzfus, Founder of Christian Peacemaker Teams, Dies of a Heart
by Ekklesia

Why The US Occupation Makes Iraqi Women Miss Saddam
by Abdu Rahman and Dahr Jamail
Inter Press Service

Noam Chomsky: Iran Pursuing Nuclear Weapons Out of Fear
Scholar assails U.S. for hypocritical application of Non-Proliferation
by Matthew W. Hutchins
The Harvard Law Record

The ‘Public Option’: Democrats’ Scam Becomes More Transparent
by Glenn Greenwald

*Single payer’s the only just solution.  So just what the fuck would a
“public option” consist of, huh?

Houston’s Death Penalty Hullabaloo
by Robert Perkinson

*A lethal injection of prejudice and corruption

Alternative Reading of the Al-Mabhouh Murder
by Ramzy Baroud

Amnesty International – USA
Amnesty International Calls on President Obama to Establish Office of
Maternal Health to Lead Government Effort to Reduce Appalling U.S. Death
Rate for Women Having Babies
New, National Amnesty International Report Finds Systemic Failures and
Shocking Disparities in Maternal Health Care, Contributing to High Rates
of Deaths and Rising Incidences of “Near Misses”

*You never hear any angry condemnations of this horror from the
“pro-lifers”, do you?

Study: Median Wealth for Single Black Women: $100, Single Hispanic
Women: $120, Single White Women: $41,000

Part II: Michelle Alexander on “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in
the Age of Colorblindness”

*Again, vital intel on how the system works, or rather doesn’t work,
when it comes to folks on the bottom.

That last bit about population gaming was new to me, and shows just how
insidious this whole “tough on crime” campaign has been, doesn’t it?

Judge Instructs Fed Agencies to Resume ACORN Funding

CounterSpin: Lynn Paltrow on Utah Miscarriage Law, Susan Linn on
Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

Evidence That Media Need to Use Different Unemployment Measures

*What’s the difference between Newspeak and Newsspeak?

The latter’s nonfiction


A Challenge to Corporate Feudalism?
by Lewis Seiler & Dan Hamburg

*Students’ toughest test, and one none of us can afford to fail, can we?

Immigration Opponents Take a Turn for the Worse
by Erin Rosa

Inside Alan Greenspan’s Nightmare
News that wages are rising in China is greeted with dread by those who
share Greenspan’s unwarranted fear of rising inflation
by Mark Weisbrot

Schooling in Orange Jumpsuits
by Robert C. Koehler

Breaking the Silence on War in Our Schools
An Editorial
by Rethinking Schools

*As the song goes

“Teach your children well”

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
The Myth of Transparency in the Obama Era
Agencies Continue to Cling to Internal Files Even in the Face of

*Another of Dear Misleader’s roads to Nowhere

Food and Water Europe
Food and Water Europe Welcomes US Court Ruling: Bayer ‘Intentionally’
Contaminated US Rice

Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Billions to Israel

Will Women and Girls Be Jailed for Miscarriages?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich Takes on Democratic Leaders with Insistence on
Public Option, Call for Afghan Withdrawal

Doris “Granny D”  Haddock (1910-2010): Remembering Legendary Campaign
Finance Reform Activist

Legal Scholar Michelle Alexander on “The New Jim Crow: Mass
Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”

*Pretty much the same intel as the piece she wrote that I posted the
other day, but worth reading, I think.

See Part 2 posted above

FAIR Action Alert
NYT and the ACORN Hoax
Why can’t paper admit its mistakes?

*Comments left at link below


Mississippi Faces Suit Over Children’s Mental Health
by The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson MS)

*Southern exposure of neglect

Land Grabbing in Latin America

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
Forthcoming IPCC Independent Review is Welcome

FAIR Action Alert
PBS to Replace Moyers, NOW with Newsweek Editor?
Meacham hire would send the wrong message

7 Years After Killing, Family of Slain US Peace Activist Rachel Corrie
Heads to Israel for Wrongful Death Suit Against Israeli Gov’t


Newsweek Wants Accountability for Teachers, Not Editors

*Comment left at link

FDL Launches ‘Students, Not Banks’ Campaign
by Jane Hamsher

Fewer Jobs, Less Money, Same Old Story
by Haider Rizvi
Inter Press Service

*Women are still getting jobbed

Chile’s Social Earthquake
by Roger Burbach

*Who’s looting who?

(It’s a rhetorical question, isn’t it?)

What Patients Deserve to Know: Even Casinos Post The Odds
by Donna Smith

The Real Climategate: Conservation Groups Align with World’s Worst

*Good intel, but if anyone’s shocked by this now, they haven’t been
paying anywhere near the attention they need to, have they?

And, of course, this sickening situation exists on *every* goddamn
issue, doesn’t it?

105,000 Tattoos: Iraqi Artist Wafaa Bilal Turns His Own Body into a
Canvas to Commemorate Dead Iraqis & Americans

Institute for Public Accuracy
The Fed, Watergate and Arming Saddam Hussein


Humans Driving Extinction Faster Than Species Can Evolve, Say Experts
Conservationists say rate of new species slower than diversity loss
caused by the destruction of habitats and climate change
by Juliette Jowit
The Guardian/UK

*Other species are incapable of reason

So what’s our excuse?

Challenging Conventional Wisdom on Renewable Energy’s Limits
In making the case for a rapid conversion away from heavily polluting
energy sources like coal and nuclear power to cleaner generation,
renewable energy advocates often confront the argument that their scheme
is impossible due to the intermittent nature of sun and wind.
by Sue Sturgis
Facing South

Fiction of Marja as City Was US Information War
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

*A war of warped words

Calling All Rebels
by Chris Hedges

The New Jim Crow
How the War on Drugs Gave Birth to a Permanent American Undercaste
by Michelle Alexander

*This is one of those quintessential intel pieces – please read

Bolivia, A Beacon of Hope
The inspiring example of Evo Morales’s Bolivian government
by Matt Kennard

*Moving in the left direction

Senator Dodd Doubles Down on a Losing Bet
by Mary Bottari

*Bank robbers and the bastards who love them

The Women I Love (on Women’s Day): Agitators Who Stand Up to Big Coal
by Jeff Biggers

Africa Action
Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
UN theme is Equal rights, equal opportunities: progress for all.

International Women’s Day Marked Around the World

Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Winner Shirin Ebadi Presses Iran on Human
Rights and Warns Against International Sanctions

*I have to admit that I’m pretty ignorant of the situation in Iran, but
Ebadi shows ignorance of the situation here with her comments about Dear
Misleader, doesn’t she?

So I’d like to hear from someone who has a better understanding of US
goals and how that affects the goal of democracy in Iran, wouldn’t you?


How Food and Water Are Driving a 21st-Century African Land Grab
by John Vidal
The Observer/UK

Revealed: The Shocking Truth About Tasers
A commuter in a diabetic coma, an 89-year-old man and children as young
as 12 – just some of the targets of British police armed with
skin-piercing 50,000-volt Taser guns. As the Home Office investigates
bringing an even more powerful rifle version to Britain, Jason Benetto
reports on the slow creep of arms onto our streets.
by Jason Benetto
The Daily Mail/UK

No Place Like Home: The U.N. on America’s Housing System
by Michelle Chen


Huge Methane Leak in Arctic Ocean: Study
by Agence France Presse

*Nothing funny about this fart

Fresh Evidence Global Warming Is Man-Made
by John von Radowitz
The Herald Scotland

Kucinich Forces Congress to Debate Afghanistan
by Robert Naiman

As Deer Isle Goes… A Small Town Makes a Bold Demand: Bring Our War
Money Home
by Dud Hendrick

Why Military Keynesianism is NOT the Solution
by Heidi Garrett-Peltier

How Sports Attacks Public Education
by Dave Zirin

*Winning one for the Gypper

Bill Black’s Top Ten Ways to Crack Down on Corporate Financial Crime
by Corporate Crime Reporter

Pacific Pushback: Has the US Empire of Bases Reached Its High-Water
by John Feffer

The True Cost of Cheap Food
The globalisation of the food market has made food cheap, but who is
by Timothy Wise

Allowing Homophobia to Have Its Say on Gays in the Military

*Comments left at link

String of Election-Related Bombings Fuels US Talk of Delayed Iraq

*Intel update on the current “forgotten war”

Hundreds of Thousands Take Part in National Day of Action to Defend
Public Education

*A hands-on lesson in the rights and responsibilities of citizenship,
wouldn’t you say?

Leading Education Scholar Diane Ravitch: No Child Left Behind Has Left
US Schools with Legacy of “Institutionalized Fraud”

*Reading, writing and rapacious ‘rithmetic

Check above the transcript for Part 2, which wasn’t shown on the

FAIR Extra!
Playing the Nazi Card
Comparing Obama to Hitler becomes a standard right-wing trope
by Noah Lederman

Well, *I’ll* make the Nazi comparison, and I don’t consider it
“egregious” in the least.

The Nazis excelled at propaganda, at painting those they despised as
dangerous and/or subhuman, didn’t they?

What’s this piece detailing if not the same tactic?

The irony, of course, is that Dear Misleader’s policies really aren’t
too different from these bastards’ icons’, are they?

And that *is* dangerous.

Inside the TV Wars
The battles to watch over what you can watch
by Megan Tady


Factory Farms, the Environment, and Communities
by GRITtv

Food & Water Europe
The European Commission Approves First Genetically Modified (GM) Potato
in the Name of ‘Responsible Innovation’

Government Accountability Project (GAP)
Slaughterhouse Whistleblower Reveals Inhumane Animal Treatment, Food
Integrity Violations
FSIS Ignores Serious Problems and Retaliates Against Whistleblower; GAP
Client Dean Wyatt to Testify Today Before House Committee

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Weak Whistleblower Protections Preclude OSHA Reform
OSHA Cannot Protect Workers If It Retaliates Against its Own

Thousands of Students Taking Part in National Day of Action to Defend
Public Education

*Standing up to the school of hard knocks

Boycott, Divest From, and Sanction Israel?: A Debate on BDS with Omar
Barghouti and Rabbi Arthur Waskow

*As “unrealistic” as it sounds, I believe the only truly just solution
is one unified state, with equal rights for all its citizens.

Perhaps separate states can be an interim step, but ask yourself if a
separate state for blacks would have been acceptable in South Africa?

Not that what’s transpired there in the last twenty years could in any
way be called “just”, could it?

Privacy, Civil Liberties Groups Sound Alarm over Expanded Role for
National Security Agency in Cyber Security


Friedman’s Wisdom: CEOs Want to Pay Even Less Tax

Foodborne Illness Costs US $152 Billion Annually: Study
by Christopher Doering

*The cost of doing bad business

California Man Gets Eight Years for Stealing Cheese
Robert Ferguson was sentenced under the ‘three strikes’ law, as critics
again plea for reform of state’s overcrowded prisons
by Daniel Nasaw
The Guardian/UK

Naomi Klein on Climate Debt with an Introduction by Avi Lewis
by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Mercenaries Circling Haiti
by Bill Quigley

Chile’s Socialist Rebar
by Naomi Klein

Genuine American Exceptionalism on Due Process
by Glenn Greenwald

*Courts are for commie – er, Al Qaeda – coddlers

Institute for Public Accuracy
Analysts: Another Financial Crisis on Way; Strong Regulation Needed

Clarity on Poverty Measure

As NY Gov. Paterson Criticized for Alleged Interference on Aide’s
Behalf, a Look at Domestic Violence Nationwide

Utah Abortion Bill Could Punish Women for Miscarriages, Domestic

*It’s a man’s world, and as the song goes, woman is the nigger of it

Chilean Earthquake Toll Passes 800; Aid Yet to Reach Many Devastated

From New York to Liberia, Investigative Journalist Greg Palast Tracks
Vulture Funds Preying on African Debt

*The true “heart of darkness”


Only Rahm Emanuel Can Save You Now

*Comments left at link

OJ and Global Warming: Fossil Fuels Have Their Own Dream Team

*Comments left at link

Profiting From Recession, Payday Lenders Spend Big to Fight Regulation
Industry Steps Up Lobbying as Senate Grapples With Financial Reform
by Keith Epstein
Huffington Post Investigative Fund

*Nice payday for the pols, huh?

Fault Lines – On the Brink: Iraq, Kurdistan and the Battle for Kirkuk
by Fault Lines / Al-Jazerra

Beyond Hope, A ‘Gratifying Life’
Abe Osheroff on the Struggle for a Better World
by Robert Jensen

I think I’m of the same general view as Jensen and Osheroff.  I try to
be honest with myself and others as to the state of humanity, and it’s
nothing to be optimistic about, is it?

Yet, I try to do what little (and it’s too goddamn little) I can to make
things better.  I’m motivated by a finely-honed guilt reflex, but I tell
myself that I wouldn’t feel guilty if I didn’t have some sense of
morality and humanity.

Hopefully that’s not being dishonest with myself.

The analogy I think fits is that you bang your head against the wall
time after time, with no visible sign of progress.  Then one day you
look up, wipe the blood out of your eyes, and blearily discern a tiny

And you bang some more.

Nice Work If You Can Share It
If Congress is serious about addressing unemployment, it will act on
bills that aim to strengthen work-sharing programmes
by Dean Baker

How Goldman Sachs Wins No Matter What
by Mary Bottari

A Future for Agriculture, A Future for Haiti
by Beverly Bell

*Feeding body and soul

Ralph Nader on the GOP Filibuster of Unemployment Benefits Bill, the
Collapse of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Proposal, and the
Latest Auto Recalls

Photographer Kike Arnal & Ralph Nader on “In the Shadow of Power:
Poverty in Washington, DC”

*Capitol punishment for the disenfranchised of DC

In the Shadow of the Olympic Flame: A Report from the Downtown Eastside
of Vancouver, the Poorest Neighborhood in Canada

*Playing Games with people’s lives


Doctors Without Morals
by Leonard Rubenstein & Stephen Xenakis

Ralph Nader Was Right About Barack Obama
by Chris Hedges

*Readers of this blog, however few there are, know that I agree with
Hedges on this.  But would you call Nader and McKinney and the Greens

To me, socialism means the repudiation of a profit-driven economic
system, not its “reform”.  It means a political system based on treating
folks as we’ve like to be treated, here and the rest of the damn world.

To me, it means taking the best of what makes us human and letting that
guide us to the policies and laws that can save this planet and its
peoples from the hell our “leaders” are plunging us deeper into with
each passing day.

If Nader and McKinney and all the other “progressives” can commit to
that, welcome aboard, and let’s weigh anchor.

Will the USS Budget Go Down? A Titanic Budget in an Ocean of Icebergs
by Jo Comerford

*Over-the-cliff notes

Seismologist Roger Bilham: “In Recent Earthquakes, Buildings Have Acted
as Weapons of Mass Destruction”

*It’s a conceit, of course, but perhaps the planet’s taking its revenge
on humans for what we’ve done to it

Following String of Racist Incidents, UC San Diego Students Occupy
Chancellor’s Office

*I wonder if Dear Misleader will weigh in with a ringing indictment of
racism on campus.

Well, not really.  I do try to be an empiricist.

Gary Greenberg: “Manufacturing Depression: The Secret History of a
Modern Disease”

*Locked in the pill box

Institute for Public Accuracy
Why Is Haiti So Poor?

Having Consumer Protection Under Treasury “A Sick Joke”

*Do the math:

De-regs = dregs



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