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April 2010

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Atrocities in Afghanistan: A Troubling Timetable
by Kathy Kelly and Dan Pearson

*The horrific analogy that comes to mind is “One, two, many little My
Lais”, isn’t it?

But there is nothing small about the terror and the loss experienced by
the victims and their families, is there?

And there is nothing small about the level of hypocrisy from a
government that spouts platitudes about “hope and change” while
murdering innocents around the world, is there?

History is a repeating rifle, and our charge is to disarm it.

When Oil Spills, All Things Are Connected
by Brenda Peterson

PBS Oil Spill Deja Vu?

*I guess you’d call this “on-air fundraising”?

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Oil Spill * Nuclear Weapons Conference and Protests

“You Got Bailed Out We Got Sold Out” – Thousands Protest on Wall Street

*Wanna bet you don’t hear jack about Dear Misleader’s depredations from
the MoveOn crowd?

Didn’t think so.

Spewing 5,000 Barrels of Oil a Day, BP Spill Hits Louisiana Coastline

Paramilitaries Kill Two Human Rights Activists in Oaxaca

Dorothy Height (1912 – 2010): Civil Rights Leader Remembered for
Lifelong Activism

*An excellent opportunity to talk about Obama’s hypocrisy, glaringly
evident here, goes begging, as well as examining the contradictions
within the civil rights movement regarding its leaders’ relationships
with him and earlier presidents.

I mentioned a segment a few days ago that I thought was DN! at its best.

This here’s pretty much the flip side, don’t you think?

UC Berkeley Student Senate Fails to Override Veto of Israel Divestment


Keeping Fear Alive
by Robert C. Koehler

*While of course I’m jake with the thrust of this piece, terms like
“outlived” and “outmoded” connote a time when nukes had some legitimate

But they’ve always been Dr. Strangelove’s wet dream, haven’t they?

(Koehler writes that he didn’t mean to imply that there was ever any
justification for a nuclear arsenal.  I just wish the “anti-nuclear”
folks praising Dear Misleader’s posturing grasped that concept, and his
utter repudiation of it.)

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Memo Leaked, Groups Say ICE Exposed
in Use of Spin and Deception in Response to Lawsuit

Your tax dollars at dirty work redux ad infinitum

How’s that “Hope and Change” thing workin’ for ya?

Attorney Uncovers Docs Implicating Vatican in Sexual Abuse Coverup

*Suffer the little children

The National Initiative for Democracy

*I thought this was interesting.  Chomsky, Zinn and Nader have endorsed


George Will Thinks You Don’t Know Any Latinos, Either

*Comments left at link

Iraqis Tortured at Secret Baghdad Prison, says Watchdog
Beatings, electric shocks and rape commonplace according to Human Rights
Watch interviews with detainees
by Mark Tran
The Guardian/UK

Palestinian Village Inspires Popular Movement
by The Real News Network

A Middle East Peace That Could Happen (But Won’t)
In Washington-Speak, “Palestinian State”  Means “Fried Chicken”
by Noam Chomsky

Wall Street Grins as Washington Fiddles
by Jim Hightower

*The change the bankers believe in

Murphy’s Law and the Stupidity of Obama’s Drill-Drill-Drill Offshore Oil
by Dave Lindorff

*Oil and water don’t mix

Unlike politicians and energy execs at fundraisers

National Lawyers Guild Urges U.S. Media to Cease Misrepresentation of
Cuba’s Human Rights Record

ACLU Letter Urges President Obama to Reject Targeted Killings Outside
Conflict Zones
Reported Program Is Illegal and Unconstitutional

*I doubt that “urging” this bastard to stop killing people is going to
have much effect, don’t you?

Institute for Public Accuracy
On Deficit: Social Security “Not the Trouble, It’s the Target”

Immigration Advocates Rise Up in Anger Over Arizona Law

House Vote On Puerto Rico’s Status Divides Hispanic Lawmakers

Goldman Execs Grilled Over Role in Inflating Housing Bubble and Then
Betting on Collapse

*This is all a fucking sideshow, isn’t it?

Here’s a thought …

Instead of supposedly trying to regulate the financial Mafia, let’s put
’em in jail where they belong, and get rid of the whole rotten system.

That would mean getting rid of a profit-driven economy.

And that’s where the real problem lies, isn’t it?

“Plunder: The Crime Of Our Time”: Danny Schechter Takes on Wall St. in
New Film

*I hadn’t read this segment when I wrote the comment directly above, and
so you can imagine I’m pretty damn glad to see it mirrored here.

After 3 Years in Pretrial Solitary Confinement, Fahad Hashmi Pleads
Guilty on Eve of Terror Trial

*Gitmo isn’t a place

It’s a universal perversion of justice


War Propaganda from Afghanistan
by Glenn Greenwald

Deficit Reduction: Argument by Authority
by Dean Baker

*Taking the sting out of cutting remarks

Lottery Economy
by Paul Buchheit

*Some useful intel, but Buchheit advocates a little tinkering, when
what’s needed is to junk the clunker that is capitalism, isn’t ti?

Wheel Dividends: Europe’s Clues to Breaking Car Dependence
by Derrick Z. Jackson

*Putting the mettle to the (bike) pedal

Coulda, Shoulda, Wouldn’tve
What Disasters Are We Creating Now?
by Ted Rall

Coal and Predatory Capitalism
by John Buell

National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
National Lawyers Guild Disturbed by Trend of Racist Legislation

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Current Standard Fails to Accurately Assess Poverty and Basic Economic
Administration’s Proposed “Supplemental” Measure Makes Improvements But
Remains Too Limited

Marguerite Casey Foundation
National Insecurity: Poverty, Class and the Recession

“Avatar”  Director James Cameron Follows Box Office Success with
Advocacy for Indigenous Struggles

*I’m leery of celebrity activists as a general rule, and wasn’t sure if
I’d read this through, but after doing so I’d say Cameron’s more
developed than most in this category, so I thought the segment worth

See if you agree.

John Ross on “El Monstruo: Dread and Redemption in Mexico City”

*I’m often critical of DN!, but this is it at its best, don’t you think
– talking to someone with an intimate understanding of a situation that
doesn’t get the attention it deserves from the “alternative media”.

Rep. Grijalva Calls for Federal Non-Cooperation with Controversial AZ
Immigration Bill

Institute for Public Accuracy
Immigration: Corporate Trade Deals Root of Problem


Cyberwar. A Conflict without Footsoldiers, Guns, or Missiles.
by Fault Lines / Al-Jazeera

Depaving Portland: Who Says Cities Have to be Islands of Concrete?
by YES! Magazine / Video Produced by Street Films

Beginning of the End for Afghan War?
by Mark Weisbrot

Of course I hope Weisbrot’s right, but what’s happened in Iraq is more
the end of the beginning than the beginning of the end, isn’t it?

So making that connection doesn’t pass logical muster for me.

The New Secessionists
by Chris Hedges

After reading this, I felt compelled to write Hedges:

Chris, I’m reading your pieces on this and related topics with great
interest, as I’ve appreciated your work for years, but I don’t think
you’re going into nearly enough detail on just how the hell libertarian
and tea party values can be reconciled with notions of common humanity
and interdependence.

As a result, I’m leery of this movement, and hope you’ll deal with this
contradiction much more fully in future.

Hopefully I’ll get a response.

Financial Reform: Empower the People
by Ralph Nader

Oakland Institute
(Mis)Investment in Agriculture: The Role of the International Finance
Corporation in the Global Land Grab

Senators Should Press Napolitano Tuesday on Local Immigration
Enforcement, Says ACLU
DHS Should Terminate 287(g) Program

“The United Nations Is Beyond Reform…It Has to Be Reinvented”: Fmr. UN
General Assembly President Miguel d’Escoto

Radio Gente: Cochabamba Radio Station Airs Democracy Now! in Spanish

Washington Post, or The Onion?

*Comments left at link

Party Like a Beltway Insider Journalist!

*Comments left at link

WP: Israelis, Palestinians Not Sharing Israeli Highway?

*It seems the “Roadmap to Peace” ™ doesn’t include any highways with
an on-ramp for justice.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Supreme Court: Kagan Accused of Plagiarism Scandal Whitewash

Arizona “Apartheid”


Reuters Explains Iran in One Sentence

*Comment left at link


A New Climate Movement in Bolivia
by Naomi Klein

When Klein mentioned that the process was “far from perfect”, I was
hoping she was referring to the exclusion of Mesa 18, as well.

But she wasn’t, and I’m left to wonder why.

Unshakable Truth in Haiti: Reflections on Genocide
by Jesse Hagopian

The Open Veins of Climate Change
by Eduardo Galeano

No, We Can’t Have It All
An Excerpt from ‘Endgame, Vol. 1: The Problem of Civilization’
by Derrick Jensen

Kent State Truth Tribunal
Michael Moore to Broadcast Kent State Truth Tribunal for 1970 Campus
Shootings of War Protesters
Kent State Tribunal is First American Truth-seeking Initiative to
Livecast on the Internet

Bolivian President Evo Morales on President Obama: “I Can’t Believe a
Black President Can Hold So Much Vengeance Against an Indian President”

*Well, that really didn’t clear up much regarding the opposition to
Morales’ resource policies, did it?  Goodman did raise it, but too late
in the conversation to deal with it adequately, don’t you think?

And I think that contradiction is important to talk about.  It’s not a
simple issue, when it’s not about rapacious corps, but about how to best
benefit people and the planet, and there can be no legitimate solution
to it unless everyone’s opinion is respected, and it’s dealt with
honestly, stating the bleeding obvious, as is my wont.

I can’t say that’s the case here, so I hope to find out more down the


‘The Money Is Not There’ for Education, NBC Says–So Where Did It Go?

*Comments left at link

Reclaiming Earth Day: With Climate Chaos on the Horizon, the
Environmental Movement Needs Traction
by Brian Tokar
The Indypendent (New York)

*An excellent short history of greenwashing

Wikileaks Video Revisited: What Needs to Happen Now
by Dan Froomkin

350 Degrees of Inseparability: The Good News About the Very Bad News
(about Climate Change)
by Rebecca Solnit

*Thinking big by thinking smalll

Journey of a Citizen
by Robert C. Koehler

*If we are here for a reason, this would be it, don’t you think?

Demonizing Iran: US Media Continue Beating War Drums
by Dave Lindorff

Stop Land Grabbing Now
Say NO to the principles of ‘responsible’ agro-enterprise investment
promoted by the World Bank
by Environmental Justice Groups

New Senate Climate Bill Is “Slap in the Face to Everything that Earth
Day Stands For”


Try leaving out the “r”

Mesa 18: Dissident Groups Host Alternative Meeting Outside World
Peoples’ Climate Summit

*Well, it’s something, but do you get the sense that the criticism of
Morales is being covered almost perfunctorily?

Ex-Leader of Bolivia Peasant Workers near San Cristóbal Mine Says
Company Lied About Water Pollution, Demands Pay for Vast Water Usage

From Melting Glaciers to Structural Adjustment: Maude Barlow on the Need
for Water Justice

*I don’t think “watermelon environmentalism” is a racist statement,
although I’d imagine the speaker is racist.

It’s redbaiting, certainly.  But it’s also what’s necessary, in the
sense that socialism – democratic, not doctrinaire – and authentic green
policies are the only way we’ll have a chance to survive, isn’t it?

And, maybe Barlow’s being rhetorical, but I doubt this dickhead would be
moved in the least by seeing firsthand the misery he promotes, don’t

Bolivia Climate Conference Moves to Establish Universal Declaration of
the Rights of Mother Earth

Bolivian Conservationist Calls for Preservation of Madidi Region, One of
the Most Biodiverse Areas of World

*Okay, a little more on Morales’ policies.

Let’s see if this is the last.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Tax the Casino

Who Let the Blue Dogs Out?
by Norman Solomon

*Solomon doesn’t suss the true problem, does he?

You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

And the Democratic Party is one stinky barnyard.

Any member with a real commitment to humanity needs to fly the coop.

Killing the Competition
by Jim Hightower

*The black magic of a merger-maniacal marketplace

No More Guantánamos
Guantánamo Uighurs Are Not Alone; US Community Welcomes Other
Detainees Who Cannot Safely Be Repatriated

Media Matters for America
Fox’s 300
Media Matters report shows network rallying for GOP in at least 300

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)
CREW Releases ‘Worst Governors’ Report — 11 Governors Who Champion
Their Personal Interests Over Their States

Evo Morales Opens Climate Change Conference in Tiquipaya

“The Most Important Event in the Struggle Against Climate Change” –
Nigerian Environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey on Bolivia Climate Conference

Why Is the US Cutting Off Climate Aid to the Poorest Country in South
America? – Bolivian Climate Negotiator Angélica Navarro

“The World Is Changing in a More Progressive Way, and It’s Taking Place
Here” – Boaventura de Sousa Santos on Bolivia Climate Summit

Bolivian Indigenous Activists Call for End to Polluting Extractive
Industries Inside Bolivia

*Again, the contradictions in Morales’ resource policies are given short
shrift.  If he’s on the program tomorrow, it’ll be interesting to see
how this is raised with him, won’t it?


Newsweek Makes a Mess of Texas

*Comment left at link

Frontline Disguises Single-Payer Advocates as Public-Option Promoters

*Comments left at link

Unlike Amazon, Publishers Understand Authors–and How to Rip Them Off

Bolivian Indigenous Activist: We Must Respect Mother Earth, Our

As Protests Mount Against San Cristóbal Silver Mine, Bolivia Looks to
Extract Massive Lithium Reserves, But at What Cost?

*Wouldn’t you like to here directly from the folks who are at odds with
Morales’ resource policies?  Saying it’s a conundrum doesn’t really give
us much intel, does it?

This issue demands much more coverage.  Let’s hope that happens in
future programs.

Pat Mooney on the Dangers of Geoengineering and Manipulating the Planet
to Combat Climate Change

*Blinding us with pseudoscience

Institute for Public Accuracy
Veterans from Wikileaks Unit Apologize to Iraqis, Question U.S.

*What’s the old saying, just as sickeningly serviceable today?

Join the military
See the world
Meet interesting people

And kill them

D.C. Voting Rights


Gun Rights Groups, Right Wingers Battle Each Other In DC
by Evan McMorris-Santoro

*Shooting off their mouths, and hopefully nothing more

Ninety-Four Percent of Kandaharis Want Peace Talks, Not War
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

European Activists Against Economic Growth
by Julio Godoy
Inter Press Service/Tierramérica

Noam Chomsky Has ‘Never Seen Anything Like This’
by Chris Hedges

*Guts and brains

It’s a rare combo, and a desperately necessary one

NPR & Trust in Government
by Robert Shetterly

*I’d only add that in addition to our gummint, you can’t, with rare
exceptions, expect the corpress to be honest, either.  And, despite
their “public” nature, I’d count NPR and PBS among that number, wouldn’t

Squashing the Goldman Vampire Squid
Allegations against Goldman Sachs highlight the pressing need to break
up big banks and introduce strict financial regulation
by Dean Baker

Diversity Dead-End: Inclusiveness Without Accountability
by Robert Jensen

*Isn’t this the same diversionary spiel as Dear Misleader spouts, that
“we have to look forward, not backward”?

The past and the present are inextricably linked, and a just future
depends on how we deal with both, doesn’t it?

The Yes Men
Dow Throws a Dismal Party, Few Attend
Underattended “Run for Water” plagued by death, zombies, and dozens of
“Dow spokesmen”; truth seems to run free

*Comic relief from corpropaganda

Jim Shultz on “Dignity and Defiance: Stories from Bolivia’s Challenge to

The Cochabamba Water Wars: Marcela Olivera Reflects on the Tenth
Anniversary of the Popular Uprising Against Bechtel and the
Privatization of the City’s Water Supply

Bolivian UN Ambassador Pablo Solon on the World Peoples’ Summit on
Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth


*I’m just curious.

Is anybody getting anything out of this, or am I just pissing in the
wind here?

Does anyone check out this blog regularly?  Is it a useful tool in
understanding what the hell’s going on?

Let me know.*


In Discussion of Mine Disaster Coverage, Only Imaginary Unions Allowed

*Comment left at link

The Killing Jeopardizes the Protecting in Afghanistan

*Comments left at link

Howard Kurtz and Tea Party Coverage: Too Much Is Not Enough

*Comments left at link

Green Manifesto in UK Adds ‘Radical Change’ to Message of ‘Hope’
‘Robin Hood’ tax policies put redistribution on equal footing with
saving planet
by Michael McCarthy
The Independent/UK

*Despite the somewhat condescending tone, can you imagine the NYT or
WaPo giving this kind of coverage to the Green Party here?

Didn’t think so.

In Defense of Pachamama
by Franz Chàvez
Inter Press Service

Havana Homegrown: Inside Cuba’s Urban Agriculture Revolution
by Roger Doiron
Kitchen Gardeners

The New Anti-Nuclear Movement
by Frida Berrigan

Revisiting Economic Man
Recent empirical studies suggest that people, far from being
self-interested ‘rational maximizers’, have an innate tendency to share
and cooperate. Could renewed scientific interest in the essence of human
nature provide the building blocks for an alternative economic order?
by Alexia Eastwood

*I guess the question here is:

Nature, or lack of nurture?

Regardless, it’s in our vital self-interest now to share and cooperate,
or we’ll all be screwed, won’t we?

More Must Be Done to Stop Foreclosures
by Mary Bottari

Veterans of “Wikileaks” Incident Announce “Letter of Reconciliation” to
Iraqis Injured in Attack

Jailed Whistleblower: US Lawmakers Held Offshore UBS Accounts

*The true “spirit of bipartisanship”, wouldn’t you say?

Obama’s New Space Exploration Plan Includes Major Role for Private Firms

*Pretty awful segment – not a goddamn word about priorities.

I got news for NASA:  Earth is the final frontier, and we’d better be a
helluva lot more concerned about whether folks can walk on it in the
coming years than whether some space jockey gets to cavort around on
Mars, hadn’t we?

Legal Defender Isabel Garcia: Arizona Bill Forcing Officers to Determine
Immigration Status Marks “All-Out Assault” on Latino Communities

*Solid segment here, with good intel on an issue spun by all parties in
the “mainstream”

Author Nikolas Kozloff on “No Rain in the Amazon: How South America’s
Climate Change Affects the Entire Planet”


Recovering From Empathy
by Robert C. Koehler

Tea Partiers: White Nationalism on the March
by Glen Ford

There may be many confused and ignorant folks among the TPers, who,
given the straight skinny, might suss the real meal deal, but I think
Ford’s put his finger on what drives this movement, and pretending
otherwise is a fool’s game, isn’t it?

Obama’s ‘Deal’ With China Is Oversold
US pressure hasn’t changed China’s views on currency — and it is not
interested in US efforts to ‘isolate’ Iran
by Mark Weisbrot

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
U.S. Judge Threatens EPA With Contempt on Everglades
EPA Administrator Jackson Personally Summoned to Detail Pollution

House of Representatives Holds Hearing on Corporal Punishment in Public
Congress Should Ban Physical Discipline in Schools, Says ACLU

NYT and ‘Politically Potent’ GOP Tax Myths

Environmentalist, Founder Bill McKibben on “Eaarth: Making a
Life on a Tough New Planet”

Jailed UBS Whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld Makes Tax Day Clemency
Request to President Obama

*Should Bradley Birkenfeld have “the audacity of hope” that Dear
Misleader will do the right thing?

Would you?

12-Year-Old Des Moines, IA Peace Activist Faces Trespassing Charge for
Antiwar Protest at Offices of Sen. Harkin


David Leonhardt Punctures Right-Wing Tax Myths

The Whistleblower They Ignored
by Robert Scheer

School Reform We Can’t Believe In
by Stan Karp

Farm Sanctuary
World’s Leading Environmental Experts Agree: Best Way to Go Green Is to
Eat Less Meat
Just in Time for Earth Day, Farm Sanctuary Launches Groundbreaking
Campaign to Introduce Green Foods Resolutions in Cities and Towns

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
EFF Backs Yahoo! to Protect User from Warrantless Email Search
Joins With Google and Others to Argue for Fourth Amendment Protection of

Was Obama Nuke Summit Necessary or Just “Nuclear Alarmism” ? And What
About Israel’s Arsenal?

*Good intel, but Mueller’s last comment about the “peace process” was
asinine, wasn’t it?

The US has no interest in any “lasting peace”, other than one in which
Israel gets almost everything it wants, and that would mean a
Palestinian “state” that hardly deserves the name, wouldn’t it?

If it had any desire for an equitable solution, it would immediately end
all aid to Israel.  It won’t, so it doesn’t.

This is not rocket science, but the delivery systems for Israel’s nukes

Charles Bowden on “Murder City: Ciudad Juárez and the Global Economy’s
New Killing Fields”

*The man doesn’t pull any punches, does he?

Think he’ll ever be hired by the NYT?

World-Renowned Scientist Dr. Theo Colborn on the Health Effects of Water
Contamination from Fracking

*Think about this the next time one of those warm and fuzzy Chevron
“Human Energy” ads pops up


Attack Wall Street, Not Social Security
by Dean Baker

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)
Surprising No One, Senate Ethics Committee Admits It Is Incapable of
Enforcing Official Senate Rules

Ted Koppel Lectures Viewers About Good Old Days

*Comment left at link

Institute for Public Accuracy
Supreme Court Pick: Kagan “Loves” the Federalist Society

Group: Justice Stevens a “Champion of the Constitution in the Face of
the Court’s Increasingly Conservative Jurisprudential Trend”

Glenn Greenwald on Why Elena Kagan Would Shift the Supreme Court to the
Right and the Death of Dawn Johnsen’s OLC Nomination


Rewriting Ratzinger’s Record to Create a Hero of the Abuse Scandal

*Comment left at link


US Ignorance of Afghan Society Led to Botched Raids
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

Tax Day and America’s Wars
What the Mayor of One Community Hard Hit by War Spending Is Doing
by Jo Comerford

One Marine’s “Liberty Walk” for the Rest of Us
by Chris Hedges

More Cause and Effect in the War Against Terrorists
by Glenn Greenwald

*As I’ve said before, there may be method to the US’ madness.

Having a “terrorist threat” to be confronted justifies the resource wars
and geostrategic maneuvering that are the true reasons for its actions.
Without that “threat”, the facade falls apart, doesn’t it?

I’d like to see that theory honestly analyzed, wouldn’t you?

The Tax Clock Is Ticking
by Sean Gonsalves

Life After Katrina in 2010: Human Rights on the Gulf Coast
by Michelle Chen

*No saints seen outside the Superdome

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Soaring Use of Coal Waste in Homes Risks Consumer Headaches
Could Chinese Wallboard Problems Start to Plague U.S. Industry?

Food & Water Watch
Federal Inattention to Triclosan Sparks Grassroots and Legislative

United for a Fair Economy
New Report: States Without Income Taxes Hike Residents’ Federal Tax
Bills by Billions a Year

Families of Victims of 2007 US Helicopter Killing React to Leaked Video

*It’s such a shame.

America will lose prestige in the world over this.

Such a shame.

Oh, and the dead people.  That’s bad, too.

“This is How These Soldiers Were Trained to Act”: Veteran of Military
Unit Involved in 2007 Baghdad Helicopter Shooting Says Incident Is Part
of Much Larger Problem

*Stieber makes some important points about military training and its
effect on recruits, but I think there’s something else going on here
beyond that.

No doubt many of these soldiers are troubled by what they’ve seen and
done, but many, and I think those in the chopper may be among them,
carry with them the racism and hate for the “other” that permeates our
society, don’t you?

And I think that is used by their “superiors”, and I’d like to hear just
how that occurs.  I think that’s part and parcel of what he’s getting at
regarding looking at the larger picture.

I think these soldiers have to answer for their acts.  I don’t think it
can all be laid at the feet of “the system”.  But those soldiers
wouldn’t be in a position to commit these atrocities if our gummint and
its masters didn’t place them there, would they?

And that comes down to greed and lust for power, doesn’t it?  Nothing
new about that, and knowing that fact may make you despair that it will
ever change.

And it may not.  But so the fuck what?  If we don’t try to change it,
we’ll have our own actions, or lack of actions, to answer for, won’t we?

New Docs Show Kissinger Rescinded Warning on Assassinations Days Before
Letelier Bombing in DC

*The desiccated language of “diplomacy” juxtaposed against the horror of
state-sanctioned murder

Your tax dollars at work, then and now

“Looting Main Street”: Matt Taibbi on How the Nation’s Biggest Banks Are
Ripping Off American Cities with Predatory Deals

*The black magic of the marketplace

Institute for Public Accuracy
Israel’s Nukes

*So, Iran has no nukes, and is The Problem

Israel has possibly hundreds, and is wholly ignored

“Dear Misleader” has certainly earned his epithet here, in spades,
hasn’t he?


US Covering Up Reality in Honduras
State Department campaign denies the systemic repression that continues,
nine months after coup
Produced by Jesse Freeston
The Real News Network

Workers Tell Senators What They Think About Its Failure
by Kai Wright

The Perplexed Puppet Jerks on His Strings: Karzai Calls US Troops
by Tom Turnipseed

Behind the Afghan Fraud
by Conn Hallinan

*Everybody’s concerned about the future of Afghanistan

Nobody’s concerned about the future for Afghans

Down on the Clown
by Raj Patel

You Call This Food?
by Ed Bruske

*A sickening symmetry …

Processed food in the lunchroom

Processed minds in the classroom

Once-Banned Muslim Scholar Tariq Ramadan on His First Visit to US in Six
Years, President Obama and Why Muslims Should Make Their Voices Heard

World Bank Approves Multi-Billion-Dollar Loan for Coal-Fired Power Plant
in South Africa

Institute for Public Accuracy
Air Power: “Deadly Inaccurate”


The Great US Foreign Policy Flaw
By failing to recognize why national self-determination is important,
the US hinders global economic and social progress
by Mark Weisbrot

*I think Dear Misleader and US policymakers do understand the concept,
and they indeed don’t care.  I think Weisbrot’s example regarding Karzai
just shows their arrogance, don’t you?

The Business of Disaster: Where’s the Haiti-Bound Money Going?
by Beverly Bell and Tory Field

*The disaster after the disaster

The Shame of Spain and the Ghost of Fascism
by Scott Boehm

The Last Oyster Haul?
by Brendan Smith

NYT ‘Bent Over Backwards’ to Deny Ground Zero Health Risks It Now

*Comments left at link

Washington Post’s Anti-Social Security Crusade Continues

EXCLUSIVE: One Day After 2007 Attack, Witnesses Describe US Killings of
Iraqi Civilians

*Just reading the transcript makes you sick at heart, doesn’t it?

And this is SOP for “liberation forces”, by their own admission.

If “God’s on our side”, he’s one sadistic sumbitch.

Despite Landmark Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, Iran Threats and
Nuclear Posture Review Raise Doubts of Significant US Shift

Is the CIA Assassination Order of a US Citizen Legal?

The Dangers and Difficulties of Reporting from Gaza: Two Journalists
Recount Their Experiences


Believe It or Not (2010 Imperial Edition)
U.S. War-Fighting Numbers to Knock Your Socks Off
by Tom Engelhardt

*A different meaning to “paying for your sins”

Climate Justice Movement: From Copenhagen to Cochabamba
by Franz Chàvez
Inter Press Service

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
International Community Can Boost Haiti’s Self-Sufficiency by “Buying
Local” Rice
Purchasing Entire Haitian Rice Crop Would Cost Aid Donors Just Over 2
Percent of Total Committed Funds

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama Nuclear Stance “Hawk Dressed in Dove’s Feathers”

Massey Energy Mine Cited for 1,300+ Safety Violations in Years Leading
up to Deadly Explosion

*If Blankenship were ever to be convicted of manslaughter, justice would
demand that he serve his time working in the same conditions as his
employees, wouldn’t it?

Appeals Court Rules FCC Lacks Authority to Enforce Net Neutrality

Attorney in Wiretapping Case Says Obama Admin as Bad or Worse than Bush
on State Secrets

Corporate Media Love to Be Hated by Sarah Palin

*Comment left at link

NYT Discovers ‘New’ Palestinian Nonviolent Resistance

*Comment left at link

Iraq Killings and Media Indifference
Leaked video mostly ignored by corporate media

FAIR Extra!
Deficit Fascinates Media–Its Causes, Not So Much
Bush tax cuts seldom mentioned as source of red ink
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
“What Killed the Miners? Profits Over Safety?”

Jonah Goldberg and the Myth of ‘Tax Freedom’ Day

Distorting the Polling on Tea Party Supporters

Massacre Caught on Tape: US Military Confirms Authenticity of Their Own
Chilling Video Showing Killing of Journalists

*I think you know that I’m not given to hyperbole, but anyone who views
this footage, and doesn’t feel their chest tightening and their eyes
watering … those persons have no humanity.

War is war.  Dead is dead.

And we’re paying for these goddamn video games.

After First Denying Involvement, US Forces Admit Killing Two Pregnant
Afghan Women & Teenager

*As for a lack of humanity, the corpress displays their bona fides on
that count on a daily basis, don’t they?

These stories should be on the front page of every goddamn paper in the

So check where – or if – they are in your local rag.

25 Miners Dead in WV Coal Mine Explosion, Massey Energy Mine Cited for
Hundreds of Safety Violations

*Do you wonder how the bureaucrats who let Massey off with these wrist
slaps feel after this?

Do you wonder if they feel anything?


NYT on U.S. ‘Role’ in Atrocity

More on NYT and ACORN

*Comments left at link

Institute for Public Accuracy
Leaked Video Shows Civilians Killed in Iraq

*Shoot first – deflect questions later

Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

*Getting your priorities straight

From hell

EPA May Try to Use Clean Water Act to Regulate Carbon Dioxide
by Les Blumenthal
McClatchy Newspapers

Threats, Violence Against Congress Show Urgent Need for King Records Act
by Thom Hartmann and Lamar Waldron

*Ignore the Obamade imbibing and other foolishness – some vital intel
here on Dr. King’s murder, don’t you think?

Shame on All of You for Hurting the Least of These Again
by Donna Smith

*Righteously anger at wretched “representatives”

U.S. Lawmakers Support Illegal Annexation
by Stephen Zunes

*Deserting democracy in the desert

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Radiation Exposure Debate Rages Inside EPA
Plan to Radically Hike Post-Accident Radiation in Food & Water Sparks
Hot Dissent

*The “new broom” sweeps shit under the rug, too

“Violence Is the Product of the Polarized Nature of Our Society” – South
African Scholar Adam Habib on Killing of White Supremacist Leader

*Habib seems to tiptoe around it, but can you say that the ANC was
co-opted into the power structure, and has become something like a
version of the US Democratic Party – nearly all talk and precious little

Triple Suicide Bombing Targets Foreign Embassies in Iraq

*I think the focus has to be on what the US thinks it has to do to
control as much of Iraq’s oil resources as it can, and how it will use
its influence for its geostrategic ends in the region.

I don’t know what its strategy will be, but I’d think keeping a military
presence beyond any supposed deadlines would be part of the plan,
wouldn’t you?

Non-Citizen US War Vets Facing Deportation Despite Military Promises of


On Job Creation – Local Fruits and Vegetables vs. Corn and Soybeans
by Ben Lilliston
Think Forward

Race to the Top Should Be Left Behind
by Heather Kim

*Testing our commitment to our kids

Not Just Guantanamo: U.S. Torturing Muslim Pre-Trial Detainee in New
York City
by Bill Quigley

Are Haitians Forgoing Temporary Protected Status?
by Michelle Chen
From 1/25 (due to delayed delivery to my box)

Focus on Haiti – The Politics of Rice
by Al Jazeera English

Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction
by Chris Hedges

*Well worth reading, as are most all of Hedges’ pieces, aren’t they?

Haiti is Bleeding – So too is Afghanistan, Iraq and the Arizona Desert
by Roberto Rodriguez

The Seamy Side of Coal-Fired Power
by Susan Galleymore

*Today’s South Africa’s not precisely the “People Power” victory the
pundits like to point to, is it?

Cornucopia Institute
Organic Family Dairies Being Crushed by Rogue Factory Farms
Farmers Appeal to OMB, President Obama for Justice

*False positives from faux farms

Wake-up Wal-Mart
Walmart Sam’s Club Lowering Worker and Community Standards
Layoffs Raise Important Questions About Commitment to its Workforce

*Tissues and tear jerkoffs


800 Cases Filed on Civilians Killed in US Wars: ACLU
by Agence France Presse

“Sorry we murdered your wife and kids.

But life is cheap for you folks, ain’t it?

So here – go buy yourself some more.”

What’s Driving Up Oil Prices Again? Wall Street, Of Course
by Kevin G. Hall
McClatchy Newspapers

The IMF’s New Wisdom
by The Guardian/UK 
How much change can we expect from the IMF while Wall Street and
European banks still get to have their say?
by Mark Weisbrot

The State of the World’s Women
by Christine Ahn and Anasuya Sengupta

The lauding of Clinton’s remarks and the Obama admin’s stance bothers
me, even if it is qualified.

Hey, these folks are “experts”, and should know how these games are
played, shouldn’t they?

As Demolitions Begin, Community Activists See Detroit Urban Renewal Plan
as Land-Grab

Mass Closures of Public Schools, Promotion of Charters Raise Fears of
Privatized Detroit Education System

Detroit Activist, Philosopher Grace Lee Boggs: “The Only Way to Survive
is By Taking Care of One Another”

*The necessity of menschity

U.S. Social Forum to Be Held in Detroit Under Banner of “Another World
is Possible, Another US is Necessary”

*I’m assuming the comments about Obama and Bing were just rhetoric, and
that there’s no expectation they’ll join these efforts.

That would be the height of naiveté, wouldn’t it?

Calls Grow for Expanded Justice Dept. Probe of FBI Killing of Detroit


Big, Dirty Energy Firms Block Renewables Nationwide
by Matthew Cardinale
Inter Press Service

*Sun block of a sinister sort

New Tally Focuses on Expansive Role of Federal Reserve in Wall Street
CMD Releases Comprehensive Bailout Tally, $4.6 Trillion Spent on the
Bailout to Date
by Mary Bottari

Going Trash-Free for One Year
by Jay Shenai
Willamette (Washington)

I don’t do as much as I should – putting it mildly – but I have reduced
my trash output significantly over the years.

But I still fill up a thirty-gallon can every three to four weeks, so
what these folks are doing is pretty damn impressive, isn’t it?

CIA Given Details of British Muslim Students
Outrage as personal files of undergraduates at Detroit bomb suspect’s
college handed to US
by Syma Mohammed and Robert Verkaik
The Independent/UK

Green Equity + Grassroots + Good Government
by GRITtv

Out-Republicaning the Republicans
Obama Revives Clinton’s Disastrous Triangulation Strategy
by Ted Rall

Who Put Failed Abstinence-Only Programs Back in Health Care Reform? And
by James Wagoner

California Banks: Who Are They Working For?
by Laura Flanders

*Banks and distrust

Newly Released Documents Reveal Details of Civilian Casualty Claims in
Afghanistan and Iraq
ACLU Releases 13,000 Pages of Government Files That Underscore Flaws in
Compensating Victims’ Families

*This begs the question:

What *is* “just compensation”, when the killing is unjust?

National Priorities Project (NPP)
Where Did Your 2009 Federal Income Tax Dollars Go?
NPP takes stock of how the federal government spent each tax dollar,
launches an improved interactive tax chart and analyzes debt, deficit
and the sources of federal revenue

*Your tax dollars at dirty work

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)
CREW Files Ethics Complaints Against C Street House Residents

Environmental Groups Decry Obama Plan to Lift Moratorium on Offshore

As Donors Pledge $9.9B for Post-Earthquake Reconstruction, Haitians Call
for Inclusivity, Justice in Rebuilding Effort

“We Made a Devil’s Bargain”: Fmr. President Clinton Apologizes for Trade
Policies that Destroyed Haitian Rice Farming

*Slippery William doesn’t “feel your pain”

He caused it, and will continue to do so, won’t he?

Dr. Paul Farmer, UN Deputy Special Envoy for Haiti, on Haiti’s
Challenges Following Catastrophic Earthquake and Years of Western

UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston Responds to US Defense of Drone
Attacks’ Legality


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