May 2010



Nigeria’s Agony Dwarfs the Gulf Oil Spill. The US and Europe Ignore It
The Deepwater Horizon disaster caused headlines around the world, yet
the people who live in the Niger delta have had to live with
environmental catastrophes for decades
by John Vidal, environment editor
The Observer/UK

Israel Attacks Gaza Aid Fleet
by Al Jazeera English

Veterans For Peace’s Response to Armed Attack on Aid Flotilla
VFP member Ret. Colonel Ann Wright is one of the members of the Flotilla

*American weapons

American complicity

American shame

Institute for Public Accuracy
Israel Attacks on Aid Ships Called Aggression

Noam Chomsky: “The Center Cannot Hold: Rekindling the Radical

*No need to skinny you on the value of the intel extant, is there?

Please read and think about


Kristof’s ‘Simplest Option’ for Ending Poverty: Blame the Poor

*New comment at link


The BP Spill Is Not as Complicated as David Brooks Wants You to Think

*Comment left at link

Is The President The Kind of Leader Chairman Mao Warned Us About?
by Danny Schechter

Gaza Flotilla: This is What Smart Strategy Looks Like
by Ira Chernus

Fake ACORN Pimp Pleads Guilty; the New Yorker Adds its Voice to the
Anti-ACORN Story
by John Atlas

Institute for Public Accuracy
Israel Threatening to Stop “Freedom Flotilla” to Gaza

BP Oil Spill Confirmed as Worst in US History; Environmental Groups
Challenge Continued Oil Operations in Gulf Excluded from New Moratorium

Rep. Raul Grijalva: New Deployment of National Guard to US-Mexico Border
Is Election-Year “Political Symbolism”

Chevron Has 5 Activists Arrested and Bars Entry to Global Victims of Its
Practices at Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

*The “human energy” Chevron doesn’t want to flow

Critics: Rising Jamaican Death Toll Rooted in So-Called “War on Drugs”

*Hooked on thugs


Managed News From the Gulf of Mexico

*Well, they’re pros when it comes to one type of damage control, aren’t

Priorities is priorities.

Quantifying Culture
by Linh Dinh

*Put the pedal to the metal, count the miles and watch the world go die

BP CEO Supports a Boycott?
by Robert Weissman

Coast Guard Grounds Ships Involved in Spill Cleanup After 7 Fall Ill; BP
Reportedly Preventing Fishermen from Wearing Respirators

*This is a farce from every quarter, and anyone who still holds a
scintilla of respect for Dear Misleader and his corporate cabinet is a
complete and utter fool, don’t you think?

Wouldn’t you want to see them and the BP and other corp execs forced to
do cleanup without respirators?

I imagine there’s a shitpot full of shrimpers and other fucked folks who

Renowned Marine Biologist Carl Safina on the BP Oil Spill’s Ecological
Impact on the Gulf Coast and Worldwide

Historian Bruce Cumings: US Stance on Korea Ignores Tensions Rooted in
65-Year-Old Conflict; North Korea Sinking Could Be Response to November
’09 South Korea Attack


Baltic Money Is Doing Great! Baltic People, Well…

*Comment left at link

Holding Banks Responsible by Community Organizing
by Anuja Seith
New American Media

*Taking it to the banks by taking it out of them

End of Alaotra Grebe Is Further Evidence of Sixth Great Extinction
Species are vanishing quicker than at any point in the last 65 million
by Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor
The Independent/UK

Nets Slung Around Apple Factories to Deter Suicidal Employees
by Malcolm Moore
The Sydney Morning Herald

When Did Teachers Become the Enemy?
by Richard Greenwald

Those Irrational, Misled, Conspiratorial Muslims
by Glenn Greenwald

Disclosing the Meekness of the “DISCLOSE” Bill
by Jim Hightower

*I think this has a lot more to do with collusion than cowardice, don’t

Center for Biological Diversity
Controversial Salazar ‘Moratorium’ on Gulf Drilling Was Only Verbal
Gov. Prof: ‘so ridiculous that it defies understanding;’ Law Prof:
‘moratorium does not even cover the dangerous drilling that caused the
problem in the first place’

*Liar Liar
“Watchdog” for hire

Ahead of Pivotal Attempt to Plug Leak, BP Acknowledges “Fundamental
Mistake” in Hours Before Rig Explosion

BP Played Central Role in Botched Containment of 1989 Exxon Valdez

Disasters in Gulf Coast, West Virginia Spur Calls for Criminal
Prosecutions of Corporate Execs

*In any fair system, there would be a law against drilling while
intoxicated with greed

After Over 14 Years in Peruvian Prison, Jailed US Activist Lori Berenson
Ordered Freed on Parole


Institute for Public Accuracy
General Petraeus’ Secret Ops

Long-Term Unemployment: No Help for the 99ers
by Arthur Delaney
The Huffington Post

*Jobbing the jobless

McChrystal Strategy Shifts to Raids – and Wali Karzai
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

Take a Hike: Misconceptions and Machinations Keep Activists Incarcerated
in Iran
by Randall Amster

From Times Square to Jacksonville: When Terrorism Is a Double-Standard
by Pierre Tristam

*It’s obviously not unexpected that the corpress wouldn’t cover this
hate crime, but I think this is the first I’ve heard of it from any
source, mainstream or “progressive”, unless it received passing mention
in the DEMOCRACY NOW! headlines segment.

That’s unacceptable, isn’t it?

And when we speak of homegrown terror, we have to include the US’ “War
of Terror”, don’t we?  Murdering over a million innocent civilians is
terror on an industrial scale.

That may be stating the literally bleeding obvious, but I think it has
to be repeated at every opportunity, to counter the Newspeak spewed by
“our leaders” that somehow they’re “defending our values” by destroying

Arizona, Globalization, and the Politics of Immigration
by John Buell

Drilling Disasters Can’t Happen Here
In run-up to BP spill, media touted offshore safety

*Of oil spills and fact kills

“The Unspoken Alliance”: New Book Documents Arms, Nuclear and Diplomatic
Ties Between Israel and Apartheid South Africa


Kristof’s ‘Simplest Option’ for Ending Poverty: Blame the Poor

*Being utterly devoid of empathy isn’t Kristof’s “ugly secret”.

It’s right out in the open for all to see, isn’t it?

The Other Debt Crisis: Climate Debt
by Fault Lines / Al-Jazeera

Pedagogy of the Oppressor: Arizona’s Racism to the Top
by Jesse Hagopian

Citizen Alioune: How Not to Deal with Muslims in America
by Stephan Salisbury

*We have much to fear from fear itself, and those who exploit it

The Greeks Get It
by Chris Hedges

Message from Pakistan: ‘I Want to Live with My Family’
by Kathy Kelly and Josh Brollier

Rainforest Action Network
New Report Finds Top Children’s Book Publishers Using Paper Linked to
Rainforest Destruction

*Sleazy kid stuff

Trial Begins for Ex-Chicago Police Lt. Accused of Torturing More than
100 African American Men

*Bull Connor’s soulless mates

From Japan to Guam to Hawai’i, Activists Resist Expansion of US Military
Presence in the Pacific

*Pacific – a deeply and deadly ironic name for the region, isn’t it?


Boycott BP
by Robert Weissman

Of Drone Wars and Buffalo Urine
by Conn Hallinan

The Pentagon’s Window of Vulnerability?
by Tom Engelhardt

Mothers of Iran’s Detainees Fare Better Than Parents of US Detainees
by Nancy Talanian

Palestinian Nonviolence Relies on Global Non-Silence
The world cannot expect Palestinians to abandon violence while remaining
silent on Israel’s repression of nonviolent activists
by Yousef Munayyer

HUD is Trying to Privatize and Mortgage Off All of America’s Public
by George Lakoff

GOP Senate Nominee Rand Paul of Kentucky Faces Firestorm After
Suggesting Opposition to Civil Rights Act

*It’s fashionable for some folks to call for “finding common ground”
with the Tea Partiers on the basis of some perceived joint antipathy
toward “the establishment”.

This shit puts the lie to that, don’t you think?

Let’s worry about finding common ground with the many persons who’ve
been screwed by The Powers That Be, but aren’t looking for scapegoats
among “the other”, whether that be blacks, the disabled or immigrants.

In other words, people who are open to a message of inclusion and shared
humanity,  but haven’t been exposed to the ideas that reinforce that.

And if any Tea Partiers are open to that as well, great.  But I don’t
see much evidence of it, do you?

BP Acknowledges Oil Spill Is Larger Than Previous Estimates


At the NYT, Some Pols Mislead, Others Imagine

*Ronnie never imagined this:

He may have had nightmares about it.

Why the Breakup of MMS Won’t Work
Interior Itself Part of Problem; Broader Solutions Required
by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)

David Kirby: Cheap Food, Expensive Consequences
by GRITtv

Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds
by Beverly Bell

*Refusing to plant the seeds of destruction

Equating Sexual Orientation with ‘Sex Life’
by Glenn Greenwald

America’s Voice
Obama Administration Immigration Deportations Exceed Bush’s Record
Second Grader’s Comments Shine Light on Underreported Fact: Deportations
are Increasing & 70% are Non-Criminal Deportees

Institute for Public Accuracy
Can a Bad Economy Finally Discipline the Pentagon?

Former EPA Investigator Scott West: US Has Told BP “It Can Do Whatever
It Wants and Won’t Be Held Accountable”

3 Undocumented Immigrants Risk Deportation in Protest for Passage of

“Silencing the Whistleblowers”: How Will Financial Reform Prevent
Another Crash If Banks Subvert Their Warning Systems?


Citizens Revolting… Over the Deficit?

*Comment left at link

The Other Foreclosure Menace
Mortgage Paid Off, Woman Loses Home — Over a Small Water Bill
by Fred Schulte, Ben Protess and Lagan Sebert
The Huffington Post Investigative Fund

Law & Order: Corporate Crime Unit
by Amy Goodman

*Doin’ the crime, ’cause you’ll never do the time

Fear Comes of Age
by David Michael Green

*Although I agree with much of this, Green’s seemingly positive
portrayals of sellouts Sanders and Kucinich seems to vitiate his point,
doesn’t it?

And while the left – whatever that is – is in awful shape, there are
many folks doing important work, and that shouldn’t be minimized.

The question is how to harness that energy so that the whole is greater
than the sum of its parts.

Suggestions welcomed.

Fizzled Bombs Sparks Growth for Politicians
by John R. MacArthur

*The political necessity of nemeses

Shaming of the Screws
by Pat LaMarche

A Relative Calm: The Occupation of Iraq in 2010
by Ryan Harvey

*An excellent overview of “the forgotten (in the US) war” – please read

In “Mini Super-Tuesday” Primaries, Defeats for Party Establishments on
Both Sides of the Aisle

*Pretty incoherent to me – consider the sources (which begs the question
of why these are the sources, doesn’t it) – but, like yesterday, take it
for whatever useful intel’s present.

Family of Slain 7-Year-Old Aiyana Jones Files Lawsuit Against Detroit


NYT, Iran and the ‘International Consensus’

*Comments left at link

Online Journalism–Where Advertisers Make Content Too!

The Relentless Pursuit of Extreme Energy
A New Oil Rush Endangers the Gulf of Mexico and the Planet
by Michael T. Klare

*Deep pockets, deep drilling and deep shit

BP’s Moby Dick?
by Nick Spicer
Al Jazeera English

*They can’t contain the outflow, but they’re experts at containing the

BP’s Nuke-Powered Liability Cap
by Harvey Wasserman

Capitalism: Big Surprises in Recent Polls
by Charles Derber

Drones and Democracy
by Kathy Kelly and Josh Brollier

Hillary Clinton’s Dangerous Defense of Afghan Women
by Lucinda Marshall

A Force More Powerful
by Ewa Jasiewicz

Resistance Grinds on Big Coal
Massey Gone Down, Chase Relents: Protests Rock Big Coal: Beyond
Blankenship, Meet Dirty Coal’s Parcel o’ Rogues
by Jeff Biggers

On “Mini-Super Tuesday,” 3 Senate Primaries Could Mark Bellwether for
Midterm Elections

*Sort of horserace horseshit, but worth reading, I suppose, for whatever
useful intel’s extant.

Debating the Crisis in Thailand: Is Red Shirt Movement a Genuine
Grassroots Struggle, or Front for Ousted Ex-PM, Billionaire Tycoon?

Yo Soy El Army: US Military Targets Latinos with Extensive Recruitment


Oil Sands Riskier than Gulf Spill, Say Investor Groups
by Matthew O. Berger
Inter Press Service

Greenpeace Claims Sweet Victory Over Nestle
by Stuart Washington
The Age (Australia)

Obama’s Flailing Wars
A Study in BP-Style ‘Pragmatism’
by Tom Engelhardt

BP and the ‘Little Eichmanns’
by Chris Hedges

The Anthropocene Debate: Marking Humanity’s Impact
by Elizabeth Kolbert

*More of meteor crater than a footprint, don’t you think?

Greece’s Debt Must Be Restructured
As the African experience shows, there is no alternative to a major
restructuring of the Greek debt. Why is this being ignored?
by Jayati Ghosh

*The death of a thousand cuts

Climate Reality Check
Kerry-Lieberman Bill Continues Dangerous Direction for U.S.
15 Groups Call on Congress to Choose Clean Energy, not Gulf-Style
Disasters and Big Polluters

FAIR Action Alert
Stop O’Reillys Immigrant Crime Slurs

*History is a repeating rifle.

This is the same sort of attempt at inciting fear and loathing that has
historically greeted immigrants – recall “The Yellow Menace”.

Of course, with the exception of the folks who were already here, we’re
all immigrants – and, of course, the white Europeans we hail as “freedom
seekers” unleashed a tsunami of a crime wave of murder and destruction,
and the folks making the deadly desert journey today do so to escape the
crimes of the US gummint and corporations in their homelands.

So there is a crime wave – flowing in the other direction.

And hypocritical hatemongers like O’Reilly are the crime bosses’

Denied Entry: Israel Blocks Noam Chomsky from Entering West Bank to
Deliver Speech

Afghans Protest Deadly Nighttime Raid: “If the Americans Do This Again,
We Are Ready to Shed Our Blood Fighting Them”

Student Strike at University of Puerto Rico Enters 28th Day


Help! What’s the Cure for Financial Insanity?
by Les Leopold

A World of Benefits from Biotechnology? For Whom?
by Jim Goodman

A Slick and Slimy Killer
by Tom Turpinseed

*Maybe Dear Misleader will tell some boffo oil slick jokes at his next
elite get-together.

And the petroexecs in attendance will bust their guts at ’em.

And laugh all the way to the bank.

Arizona Rising
by Christine Ahn and Linda Burnham

Arizona Students Protest New Law Banning Ethnic Studies Classes

40 Years Ago: Police Kill Two Students at Jackson State in Mississippi,
Ten Days After Kent State Killings

*I was living in Canton, Mississippi, about twenty miles from Jackson,
when these murders occurred.  I was almost fourteen.

I really don’t remember much of anything about it, which I think shows
both my mentality at the time and the deep disconnect with humanity that
pervaded the South.

And despite cosmetic change, things really aren’t that different forty
years on.

I guess that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Delaying Withdrawal in Iraq? * Extending Repression in Egypt


New Target of Rights Erosions: US Citizens
by Glenn Greenwald

Debt vs. Localization: Climate Justice in the New Economy
Where does the concept of “climate debt” fit into a New Economy
by David Korten

Overcoming Free Market Apathy
by Alexia Eastwood

*This is one of the few pieces in the Common Dreams selections that
actually challenges capitalism, rather than advocating for a “kinder,
gentler” version.

Talk about your oxymorons.

The Economic and Political Occupation of Haiti
Foreign-led Commission Now Governs Haiti; Voting Membership Determined
by Size of Contribution
by Beverly Bell

*Slippery William slithers again

But I’m sure he’ll feel bad about it later on

Institute for Public Accuracy
Maryland First to Bar Schools Releasing Tests to Military

Alaskans in the Gulf: Lessons from Exxon Valdez

Probe Uncovers Strip Searches, Chains and Racism at California Prisons

*Even though this is a rare example of the corpress actually doing its
job, note the context of how the story’s presented.

Piller is “puzzled” over officials’ stonewalling.  He goes to pains to
call these crimes the actions of a few bad apples, instead of the
systemic acts of inhumanity that they are, which anyone with their eyes
open is fully aware of, aren’t they?

So while he deserves credit for pursuing this, the naiveté displayed –
giving him the benefit of the doubt – is pretty scary, don’t you think?

25 Years Ago: Philadelphia Police Bombs MOVE Headquarters Killing 11,
Destroying 65 Homes

*The corpress never use the term “cop killers” in these situations, do


The Future of Africa, Brought to You by…Bono and Bob Geldof

*Comment left at link

Training That Makes Killing Civilians Acceptable
Josh Stieber: In boot camp we trained with songs that joked about
killing women and children
by The Real News Network

As We Die for BP, Our Military Rots in the Wrong Gulf
by Harvey Wasserman

Moving Our Nation Beyond Petroleum
by Daphne Wysham

Taking Back Homes from the Banks: Exercising the Human Right to Housing
by Bill Quigley

As Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Spreads, BP, Halliburton and Transocean
Executives Deflect Blame for Spill at Senate Hearings


WaPo: There Goes the Neighborhood

*Comment left at link

Remembering Newsweek’s Glory Days

The “liberal media”‘s maxim:

“All the news that’s printed to fit”

Afghan Escalation Funding: More War, Fewer Jobs, Poor Excuses
by David Swanson

*The numbers rise as the bodies fall

Tariq Ali on Britain’s Political Deadlock, Gordon Brown’s Resignation
and Pakistan’s Role in the Times Square Bombing Attempt

“The People of Greece Are Fighting for the Whole of Europe”: Tariq Ali
and Mark Weisbrot Discuss Greece’s Economic Crisis and Popular Uprising

Pioneering African American Actress, Singer and Civil Rights Activist
Lena Horne, 92, Dies


Pentagon Doubts Grow on McChrystal War Plan
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

Tar Sands, Boreal Forest and the Battle for Canada’s Oil
by Al-Jazeera-English

Pedophiles and Popes: Doing the Vatican Shuffle
by Michael Parenti

*A heinous history of hyperhypocrisy

Assassination of US Muslim Cleric is Illegal, Immoral and Unwise
by Bill Quigley

Why Local Economies Matter
by Anna White

Institute for Public Accuracy
Kagan: * Goldman Sachs * Shifting Court to Right?

Kagan’s “Shocking” Record on Diversity

Progressives Divided over Obama’s Nomination of Elena Kagan to Supreme

*So, can you be a “progressive” and have a case of Obamade in your

Inquiring minds want to know.

Peter Maass on “Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil”

Court Orders Documentary Filmmaker to Hand Ecuador Footage to Chevron


The World Bank in the Hot Seat Over Land Grabbing

Nuclear Power Nearly as Dangerous as Weapons, Critics Say
by Haider Rizvi
Inter Press Service

Will Obama Say Yes to Afghan Peace Talks?
by Robert Naiman

The Urgency of Housing in Haiti
by Beverly Bell

*There are lies, damn lies, and politicians’ promises

Juan Gonzalez: Big Banks Making a Bundle On New Construction as Schools
Bear the Cost

*Reading, writing and ripoffs

Government Exempted BP from Environmental Review

*Isn’t it amazing that Dear Misleader is ultimately responsible for
this, but time and again many of those critical of the gummint’s actions
or inactions sidestep that fact?

Maybe “amazing” isn’t the word.

Lieberman, Brown Proposal to Strip Terror Suspects of U.S. Citizenship
is “Constitutional Buffoonery,”  Says Attorney

*Providing funding for attacks on civilians would seem to be the classic
definition of “supporting terrorism”, wouldn’t it?

So who in DC would fall outside of that definition?

“Mom: A Celebration of Mothers from StoryCorps”


We Need a Road Map to a Coal Free Future
Declaration of Clean Energy Independence
by Stephanie Pistello, Ben Evans, and Jeff Biggers

Environmental Working Group (EWG)
President’s Cancer Panel Warns Public About Chemicals
EWG Finds 200 Suspected Carcinogens in Newborns
Cancer Prevention Tips for Consumers

Members of Congress Propose Bill to Strip Citizenship From American
Terrorism Suspects

*Would Congress be defined as a “terrorist organization”?

Pima County Sheriff Refuses to Enforce “Unconstitutional”
Controversial AZ Anti-Immigrant Law

From Basketball to Baseball, Professional Athletes Speak Out in
Opposition to AZ Immigration Law

*A couple of things …

It’s pretty sad when it takes sports figures to bring the issue of
racism to a wider audience, isn’t it?

And this issue really isn’t about the undocumented, is it?  It’s about
citizens and legal immigrants being harmed by a racist law.  Don’t you
think that many of those opposed to it don’t have much sympathy for the
plight of the undocumented in this country?

House Vote On Puerto Rico’s Status Divides Hispanic Lawmakers

Muslim Vendor Gets No Credit in Helping to Foil Times Square Bomb Plot

History of BP Includes Role in 1953 Iran Coup After Nationalization of

Institute for Public Accuracy
* BP and D.C. * “Worst Industrial Disaster”

FAIR Extra!
Don’t Ask Gays About Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Debate on military policy excludes those most affected
By Julie Hollar

Fear & Favor 10th Annual Report
Hidden interference in the newsroom
By Peter Hart


Historical Fraudster a Regular on Glenn Beck’s Show

*The truth shall set you free.

But lies will make you very, very, very rich.

Louisiana’s Wetlands Were Ravaged Long Before Oil Spill, Says Activist
by Lara Marlowe in Houma, Louisiana
The Irish Times

All-Volunteer Wars
Yawn – How Many Times Have You Seen This Headline?
by Tom Engelhardt

*Something tells me Dear Misleader wouldn’t have told that killer joke
as a capper to his Nobel speech.

But it would appear that as long as you don’t talk about it, it’s okay
to do it, doesn’t it?

That’s the Nobel Committee’s version of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

UPDATED: Were US Special Forces Involved in the Arrest of Faisal
by Jeremy Scahill

BP Oil Spill Highlights Poor Safety Record, the Worst of Any Oil Company
in America

BP Funnels Millions into Lobbying to Influence Regulation and Re-Brand

U.S. Says Suspect Admits to Failed Times Square Bombing

Institute for Public Accuracy
Problems with Surveillance and Profiling


O’Reilly’s Non-Existent Arizona Immigrant Crime Wave

*Comments left at link

NYT Has No Space to Tell You It’s an Oil Industry Group Saying That
Spills Aren’t So Bad

*You could call this “greenwashing the blackwash”, couldn’t you?

Time’s Influential Antiwar Activist Too Antiwar?

Can Brazil Save the World from War with Iran?
by Robert Naiman

*Of course I oppose the US’ aggression towards Iran, but I don’t know
that I’ve ever seen criticism from others similarly opposed of Iran’s
use of “peaceful” nuclear power.

If the stuff’s dangerous here, it’s dangerous there, isn’t it?  So why
the contradiction?

Will Obama Adopt a Dangerously Simplistic Peace Plan?
by Ali Abunimah

*I think Abunimah is a vital voice on this issue, and always worth
reading, but his favorable view of South Africa today doesn’t
acknowledge the reality of a nominally “united” nation that still
consigns the vast majority of its black citizens to de facto
second-class status, does it?

I don’t think that’s the example to be holding up of what a solution
should look like, do you?

Let the Bankers Play Golf: Bring Back Three-Six-Three
by Corporate Crime Reporter

*DC fiddles to the banks’ tune

Obama FCC Expected to Abandon Net Neutrality, Universal Internet
by Josh Silver

EXCLUSIVE…Secret Recording of Erik Prince Reveals Previously
Undisclosed Blackwater Ops

Protests in Greece in Response to Severe Austerity Measures in EU, IMF

On 40th Anniversary of Kent State Shootings, Truth Tribunal Seeks

*This will rip your heart out, and if it doesn’t, well, you have no

But what we always have to remember is that this is happening right now
far from Kent, and we’re paying for it.

So what will we do about it?


Christian ‘Doctrine’ Fueled Dehumanization: UNPFII Report
by Valerie Taliman
Indian Country Today

*Holy hell

What I Lost at Kent State
by Elaine Holstein

NYT: Drill, Baby, Drill

*Comment left at link

Institute for Public Accuracy
Beyond BP: Lessons from Valdez and Bhopal

*Words to die by from Dear Misleader

BP Oil Spill Worsens With No Solution in Sight, 210,000 Gallons a Day
Spew into Gulf of Mexico

*The oil isn’t the only toxic substance at work here, is it?

Chilean Author Isabel Allende on Her New Novel “Island Beneath the
Sea”… From the Slave Uprising in Haiti to 19th Century New Orleans


Fears for Crops as Shock Figures From America Show Scale of Bee
The world may be on the brink of biological disaster after news that a
third of US bee colonies did not survive the winter
by Alison Benjamin
The Observer/UK

Was the Gulf Oil Spill an Act of War? You Betcha
by Randall Amster


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