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June 2010

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Institute for Public Accuracy
Did Kagan Cover for Dershowitz’s Plagiarism?


Unheard Voices From the Gulf Coast: United Houma Nation
by Green For All

Questions for Supreme Court Nominee Kagan
by Ralph Nader

BP in the Gulf — The Persian Gulf
How an Oil Company Helped Destroy Democracy in Iran
by Stephen Kinzer

Congress Jumps to Israel’s ‘Self-Defense’
by Stephen Zunes

*House, and Senate, of shame, and the “progressives” who have none

Unexpected Environmental Alliances Amidst the Oil Spill: ‘Jesus Will Rip
Your Head Off’
by Paul Rogat Loeb

Food & Water Watch
Fixing U.S. Water Systems Will Create a Flood of Job
New Poll Finds Most Voters Support a Tax on Bottled Water and Soda to
Fund Water Projects

Jury Convicts Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge of Lying About Torture

*What ghouls these mortals be, and those who let them be

John Pilger: There Is a War on Journalism

*Covering and covering up

As Congo Marks 50th Anniversary of Independence, Human Rights Abuses
Rise in Congo and Neighboring Rwanda


The Dirty Side of ‘Clean’ Power
The U.S. is pushing India to limit the liability of nuclear-energy firms
doing work in that country.
by Madhusree Mukerjee

*Murkerjee doesn’t seem to suss the political games Dear Misleader’s
playing with the BP catastrophe, does he?

But he provides valuable intel on how folks in India are getting screwed
even worse.

Toronto Police Arrest Over 600 in Crackdown Outside G20 Summit

Naomi Klein: The Real Crime Scene Was Inside the G20 Summit

Journalist Describes Being Beaten, Arrested by Canadian Police While
Covering G20 Protest

One Year After Coup, Honduras Repression Continues

Institute for Public Accuracy
Repression Increasing One Year After Honduras Coup

Kagan “Similar to Bush on Executive Power”

*The mendacity of “hope”


Putting Tears Aside: Celebrating Ghana’s Victory
by Dave Zirin

When Police Stick to Phony Script
by Catherine Porter

*Cops on the beats

Will the US Ever Get Latin America?
For Washington’s foreign policy elite, changes in Latin America are
viewed through the narrow lens of a cold war mentality
by Mark Weisbrot


Conservative Exclusion Is a Right-Wing Delusion

*Comments left at link

Congo: The Sucking Vortex Where Africa’s Heart Should Be

Turkey, America, and Empire’s Twilight
by Conn Hallinan

General McChaos Is Canned; Times Square Bomber Blowback
by Tom Turnipseed

Petrolholics Anonymous
by Wallace J. Nichols, Sarah Kornfeld and Andy Myers

Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Gaza: Allow Access to Gilad Shalit
Israeli Soldier’s Incommunicado Detention Is Cruel and Inhuman

Veterans for Peace
On the 60th Anniversary of an Ongoing War, with Signs of Present-Day
Increased US Military Buildup, Veterans of the Korean War Call for a
Real Peace Treaty

Fortress Toronto: Massive Security Clampdown for G8/G20 Meetings Most
Expensive in Canadian History

*I think Clarke lays it out extremely well, don’t you?  Often activists
aren’t that skilled at presenting their positions clearly (no diss – I
know the feeling), but he’s a pro from Dover, and we need many more of
them, don’t we?

CODEPINK Activist Detained for Over 48 Hours at Canadian Border After
Being Denied Entry to Canada

*”Little Brother”‘s Big Brother act

Indigenous Activists Protest G8/G20 Meetings in Toronto

Indigenous Leader Art Manuel: “Indigenous People Are the First Ones
Impacted” by Western-Driven Resource Extraction

Indigenous Groups Lead Struggle Against Canada’s Tar Sands

Canadian Activist Stefan Christoff Targeted by Government Surveillance,
Harassment Ahead of G20 Summit

Institute for Public Accuracy
G20 Gets a “D”

*Generous grading


The Petraeus Surge Narrative Is Back

*Comment left at link

America Detached from War
Bush’s Pilotless Dream, Smoking Drones, and Other Strange Tales from the
by Tom Engelhardt

‘Americans Don’t Flinch’ – They Duck!
by Kathy Kelly and Dan Pearson

*Blowing smoke about blowing away civilians

Drone Attacks to Stimulate Economy?
by Laura Flanders

*And they call it “the heartland”

Stone’s ‘Border’ Shows Fall of South America’s Berlin Wall
by Robert Naiman

*Film lumière

3 US Soldiers Speak Out on McChrystal’s Firing, Petraeus as Replacement,
and the Unending War in Afghanistan

Detroit Urban Agriculture Movement Looks to Reclaim Motor City

*Food for thought, and action

Detroit Summer: The Youth Program that Inspired Many Activists to Make
Detroit a Movement City

Detroit Hip-Hop Artist and Activist Invincible: Another Detroit Is


Public Citizen
Patient Safety Advocates Give Plan to Reform Medical Residency a Failing
Accreditation Group’s Proposal on Resident Physician Work Hours Do Not
Measure Up to Institute of Medicine Recommendations

Obama Considers Firing Gen. Stanley McChrystal over Public Criticism of
Administration’s Handling of Afghan War Effort

*Words matter.  Regardless of whether the war’s “going badly” for the
US, by definition a war “goes badly” for the invaded and occupied,
doesn’t it?

It’s not a matter of how “well” or “badly” US forces have “performed”.
It’s the fact that they’re there, and why they’re there.

That needs to be the bedrock principle in every discussion of this
horror by anyone who gives a damn, don’t you think?

Over 10,000 March in Detroit to Open US Social Forum

47 Years Ago in Detroit: Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Delivers First “I
Have a Dream” Speech

Adrienne Maree Brown on the US Social Forum, Detroit and Octavia Butler

Disability Justice Activists Look at “Ways to Maintain Ablism” and
Counter “How Our Bodies Experience Trauma in the Medical-Industrial


Institute for Public Accuracy


School Diversity Under Siege
Separate still isn’t equal.
by Marian Wright Edelman

And What of All the Other Deaths?
The decision to indict Staff Sgt. S. for killing two women during Cast
Lead has caused a stir. But his lawyer will rightly ask, ‘Why him, and
not all the others who killed civilians?’
by Amira Hass

*See comment re this piece here:

The Anguish of the Age: Emotional Reactions to Collapse
by Robert Jensen

*I think any honest view of the condition of this rock we inhabit has to
lead to a deep sense of dread, don’t you?  I try to be an empiricist,
and the facts provide no encouragement, do they?

I’ve had an aversion to pep talks since high school basketball.  “If we
just stick together and play our game, we can beat Monster High.”

The scoreboard told a different tale then, and the smart money’s on the
same outcome today, isn’t it?

But so the fuck what?  I got my jock and my hightops on, and I’m gonna
play my ass off ’til the horn sounds.

What else can you do?  It’s not about winning and losing.  It’s about
giving a shit and not letting down your teammates – all seven billion of

That’s how I’ve dealt with the moments of deep despair, and there’ve
been many of them.

But what’s life for, but to do the best you can with what you’ve got?

Hope’s nice, but it ain’t necessary, is it?

Ironically, and for the first time in years, I have some personal hope,
thanks to a great friend’s help in pulling me out of a bad place
physically and emotionally, and that gives me hope that I can summon the
energy to do more to help others, and whatever the ultimate outcome of
this whole mishigas, that’s our raison d’etre, innit?

So I’m just going to try to do what my conscience demands and my courage
allows, and keep pushing those limits.

That’s the good life to me.

The Fate of the Internet. Decided in a Back Room
by Tim Karr

*From neutrality to neutered

“The Answers Are Coming from the Bottom”: Legendary Detroit Activist
Grace Lee Boggs on the US Social Forum and her 95th Birthday

Newly Elected UAW President Bob King on Reversing the Erosion of
Workers’ Rights, Benefits and the Role of Social and Environmental
Justice in Union Organizing

Longtime Organizer and Former Automaker Richard Feldman on the Rise and
Fall of the Auto Industry in Detroit

*I’d have liked to have heard about what happened in Detroit during
Young’s tenure as mayor, and after, wouldn’t you?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Peterson’s “Rigged” Drive to Cut Social Security

*If we can erase the humanity deficit in DC, the rest is a relative
piece of the cake Peterson proffers to the poor and working class, isn’t

Of course, “humanity” connotes humans, doesn’t it?  So it’s gonna be a
right bastard, right?


Fighting Talk: The New Propaganda
Journalism has become a linguistic battleground – and when reporters use
terms such ‘spike in violence’ or ‘surge’ or ‘settler’, they are playing
along with a pernicious game
by Robert Fisk

O’Reilly Finds a New Way to Be Wrong About Immigration and Crime

Action Alert: False Gaza History From NYT, WaPo

*Comments left at link

Racist Against Arabs? That’s A-OK

*Comment left at link

Institute for Public Accuracy
UN Group: Israel Should Fully Lift Gaza Blockade

Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker Oliver Stone Tackles Latin America’s
Political Upheaval in “South of the Border”, US Financial Crisis in
Sequel to Iconic “Wall Street”


You Can’t Watch What You Want

*New comments at link


Critiquing Masculinity At The Corps
by Robert Jensen

Praising the ‘Sound Policies’ That Sank Estonia’s Economy

*I guess you could call this the Balkanization of facts from analysis

ACORN Leader Says Critics Mounted ‘McCarthy-Era War Against the Poor’
After Report Clears Organization of Wrongdoing
by Stephen Janis
Raw Story

*I don’t think the admin’s backing the ban has anything to do with being
“scared”, do you?

Isn’t it more likely that they just don’t want ACORN to fulfil its

Haitians Seek Say in Rebuilding
by Al-Jazeera-English

Kick Ass or Buy Gas? How Taxpayers Are Subsidizing BP’s Disaster Through
the Pentagon
by Nick Turse

*Interesting how this readily available intel didn’t make its way into
the “outraged” Congressional harangues launched yesterday, isn’t it?

I guess “interesting” isn’t quite the right word.

Corporate Gusher, Public Sun
by Harvey Wasserman

Want To Help? 10 Ways To Start Making Change
by Paul Rogat Loeb

On Not Going Home Again
by Joyce Zonana

Imagine What Father’s Day Is Like for All the Dads and Sons in Prison
by Stephen Phelps

President Obama Doesn’t Strike Again
by David Michael Green

*Green says many righteous things in this piece, but I really don’t suss
why he thought that Dear Misleader would be substantially different than
he is, or that the Demorats would be much better than they are, when
history makes clear the reasons, doesn’t it?

I will admit that I thought he, and they, would be somewhat less
godawful than they’ve been, simply because the times demanded it from a
purely selfish politically pragmatic standpoint.

Live and learn, huh?

Demorats have been assigned the role of “good cop” in this sorry system.
When the bastards across the aisle get out of control, they step in to
mitigate the worst excesses and assure us that the term “public servant”
has some minor meaning.

This, of course, really doesn’t apply to foreign policy, but has been
largely the case domestically – up until Slippery William’s ascendancy,
don’t you think?

So, long story short, I didn’t expect diddley from this dick, and got
less than I expected.

We got what his corporate sponsors paid for, didn’t we?

Environmental Working Group (EWG)
HBO to Premiere Explosive Natural Gas Documentary
‘Gasland’  Exposes Unchecked Drilling’s Threat to Health and the

Following Community Protests, Bank of America Backs Down from
Foreclosing on Disabled Bronx Homeowner

*What’s in *your* wallet?

Our greedy little fingers

Grilled by Lawmakers, BP CEO Tony Hayward Denies BP Recklessness Led to
Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster

*Grilled?  Lightly browned on one side, maybe.

Welcome to political theater of the absurd.

Tom Engelhardt on “The American Way of War: How Bush’s Wars Became


Institute for Public Accuracy
Rowley, McGovern and Ellsberg — Statement on Wikileaks

In Deep Water
by Al-Jazeera-English

Tale of Two Nuclear Whistleblowers
by David Krieger

Five Questions for BP’s Tony Hayward
by Robert Weissman

Gender Apartheid Online
by Ruth Rosen

*Separate matters

Live Video Feed of Endless Gush of Oil: A Damning Fountain of Truth
by Joan Vennochi

Impending Execution In Utah Highlights Need To Abolish Death Penalty,
Execution By Firing Squad Inhumane, Brings Needed Attention To Death
Penalty’s Systemic Injustices

Friends of the Earth
Campaign Launched to Force ‘BP Ten’ and Others in Congress to Give Up
Dirty Oil Cash
Friends of the Earth’s campaign targets underlying problem that led to
Gulf spill: the undue influence of oil companies in Washington

*Drenched in the oil slick

With Rumored Manhunt for Wikileaks Founder and Arrest of Alleged Leaker
of Video Showing Iraq Killings, Obama Admin Escalates Crackdown on
Whistleblowers of Classified Information

*A fugitive from injustice

Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater Owner Erik Prince’s Rumored Move to UAE and
Obama Admin’s Expansion of Special Forces Operations Abroad


What an Estate Looks Like to the New York Times

*Comment left at link

What if There Were Lies in the Media?

*Comment left at link

Howard Kurtz and the Problem of Helen Thomas

*New comments at link

Humiliation and Shame: Part of Being Insured in America
by Donna Smith

*Read ’em and weep

Day 59
by Joyce Marcel

*No Obamade served here, thank somebody’s god

Human Trafficking: Not Someone Else’s Problem
by Greg Kaufmann

*A vital message, sadly served up with a teeming glass of Obamade.

But that’s the schizoid Nation for you, innit?

Manufacturing a Border Crisis
by Kent Paterson

*Borderline insanity

Physicians for a National Health Program
League of Women Voters Calls for ‘Medicare for All’

Obama Cites BP “Recklessness,” Vows Gulf Coast Compensation, and Calls
for Green Energy Future – But Won’t Halt Offshore Drilling

*Running on empty rhetoric

Roundtable: NOLA Environmental Attorney Monique Harden, Sierra Club Exec
Director Michael Brune and Leading Scientist Amory Lovins on the BP Oil
Spill and the Way to a Green Energy Future

*Goodman tiptoes around the Sierra Club’s embedded status with the
Democrats.  It’s pretty revolting to hear Brune’s praise for Dear
Misleader, and you have to wonder why the hell he’s on the program if
that’s not going to be addressed, don’t you?

Britain Acknowledges “Bloody Sunday” Killings Were Unjustified and
Apologizes to Victims’ Families

*Too little, too late, and two generations on, will there be an apology
to the Iraqis and Afghans?

Institute for Public Accuracy
BP: * “Corporate Criminal” * Beneath the Surface


Teachers’ Anti-War Message Draws Fire
by Cynthia McCormick
Cape Cod Times (MA)

*I guess that won’t learn ’em

But at least they tried, bless ’em

Jeremy Scahill: Minerals, WikiLeaks, and Blackwater for Sale
by GRITtv

Closing BP’s Escape Routes
by Robert Weissman

Call the Politburo, We’re in Trouble
Entering the Soviet Era in America
by Tom Engelhardt

*Even empires can’t defy the law of sociopolitical gravity

War Is No Game, So Why Is It Marketed to Children as One?
by Avril Moore

No Nukes/No Empire: The Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Requires the End of
the U.S. Empire
by Robert Jensen

Surprises in Store for Economists
Some analysts are shocked that US retail sales have declined. Have they
lost their grasp of basic economic concepts?
by Dean Baker

*Hell, even I can understand that

Is Blackwater’s Erik Prince Moving to the United Arab Emirates?
by Jeremy Scahill

Supreme Court: Torture and Rendition Victim Maher Arar Cannot Sue in US

*This is a horrible story, but a hopeful one.  You have to admire Arar’s
fortitude and dedication to justice, for others as well as himself,
don’t you?

“I Love the US Republic, and I Hate the US Empire”: Johan Galtung on the
War in Afghanistan and How to Get Out

*Well worth reading, although I wish I could talk face to face with
Galtung and get some deeper skinny on some of his comments that I’m
unclear on or have problems with, such as his talk of a “kindler,
gentler” capitalism, which I don’t see leading to true fairness.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Afghanistan’s $1 Trillion “Resource Curse”


Who Knew That Israeli Blockade Is ‘Economic Warfare’?

Glenn Beck’s Blues: Why the Far Right Hates Soccer
by Dave Zirin

*Corporate America clearly loves the game, don’t they?  It’s pretty
gutwrenching to watch those ads connecting the World Cup with the
struggle against apartheid, isn’t it?

Someone earned their blood money on that one.

Stealth Superpower: How Turkey Is Chasing China to Become the Next Big
by John Feffer

Sierra Club and Gang Green: Oil Spill Cleanup ‘Just Fine’
by Jane Hamsher

*All sold out

Greenwashing the Pentagon
by Joseph Nevins

*Dirty wars in every sense

‘Alternative Summits’ Embody a Grass-Roots Strategy for Change
by Antonia Zerbisias

Food & Water Watch
Salazar: Close Atlantis Today or Get Out of the Way

At Least 117 People Killed in Kyrgyzstan; An Estimated 80,000 Uzbeks
Have Fled

Stephen Kinzer on the History of BP/British Petroleum and Its Role in
the 1953 Iran Coup

Stephen Kinzer: “Reset: Iran, Turkey, and America’s Future”

*I think this is worth reading, but Kinzer’s moral relativism – if
that’s the right term – is pretty hard to take, and I’d have liked to
have seen Goodman challenge him on it.

See what you think.

Institute for Public Accuracy
“What’s Wrong With This Picture?”: Prosecuting Torture Protesters — Not

Egyptian Crackdown on Protests Following Activist’s Beating Death


The Ghost of Anti-Entitlement Crusaders Past

*Nice lit git.

If only this hard-hearted horseshit were only make believe.

Misleading Media on Israel and Gaza Rockets

*TIME’s “reasoning”, psychologically speaking, would be deemed
psychotic, don’t you think?

But there’s no mental failure here.

Only a wholly intentional moral one.

Baghdad Urged to Tackle Water Crisis
by Saleem al-Hasani and Basim al-Shara
Institute for War & Peace Reporting

From the Ground: BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence
by Riki Ott

Prison Education Cuts Hurt More Than Just Inmates
by Malik Alayube

*Learning the hard way is pretty goddamn stupid

Racism and Recession in Europe
by Jayati Ghosh

Putting the ‘I’ in Environment
by David Sirota

*Even baby steps get you moving

But we have to become marathoners, don’t we?

EPA Challenged Over Global Warming Pollution From Ships, Aircraft and
Non-road Engines

Rolling Stone’s Tim Dickinson on the Inside Story of How Obama Let the
World’s Most Dangerous Oil Company Get Away with Murder

*Vital intel, but don’t you have to wonder why this guy wasn’t skeptical
from the git-go?

Journalists have to be empiricists.  What did the facts tell him about
“the new sheriff in town”, the “mayor”, and his “posse”, even before
this criminal calamity?

Mine Workers Union and Families Sue to Open Federal Probe into Deadly
Massey Coal Mine Explosion

“Upside Down World Cup”: Raj Patel on How South Africa Has Cracked Down
on the Poor and the Shack Dwellers’ Movement Ahead of the World Cup

*Many a tear has to fall
But it’s all
In the game

Some pretty sick ads for the World Cup airing associating it with the
fight against apartheid

Institute for Public Accuracy
Just Back From Afghanistan and Pakistan


Turkey is Media’s Latest Target for Alleged ‘Terror’ Ties

*Use a bandage, go to Bagram

When You Said Bush Wasn’t a Nazi, You Meant He Was a Nazi–But He Isn’t

*Comment left at link

Noam Chomsky and Bill McKibben on Global Warming
by On the Earth Productions

First, Do No Harm
by Robert C. Koehler

*Moving from the hypocritical to the Hippocratic

The Progressive Politics of Happiness
by John de Graaf

*Excellent piece – please read

Could International Criminal Court Deploy U.S. as World Law Enforcer?
by Glen Ford

*Law and orders from the top

Giving Disaster a Name
What we call the oil spill – and our response to it – can make a
by Grant Calder

*We need a whole lot more teachers like this guy, don’t you think?

Because that’s what he gets his kids to do.

Mexican Teenager Shot Dead on Mexican Soil by US Border Agent

*Not to be flippant, but there’s nothing borderline about this, is

EXCLUSIVE: New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly
Assault on Gaza Aid Flotilla

Peace Activist Kathy Kelly on the Secret US War in Pakistan


A Question for Defenders of ‘Go Back to Poland and Germany’

*Comments left at link (new comment on 6/10)

Watching the Protesters: The Spies Who Know Too Much
by Rick Anderson
The Seattle Weekly

*Excellent piece of actual journalism

Can You Look Her in the iPad?
by Nick Harding
The Independent/UK

Missing the Real Drama of the Deepwater Horizon Blowout
by Bill McKibben

Not by Cement Alone
The flotilla, like its predecessors and the ones still to come, serves
the Israeli goal, which is to complete the process of separating the
Gaza Strip from the West Bank.
by Amira Hass

Airlines Battle Workplace Democracy
by Jim Hightower

*Do they also hand out little “I didn’t vote” stickers?

Reset: Stephen Kinzer’s Vision of a New U.S. Relationship with Turkey
and Iran
by Robert Naiman

Project On Goverment Oversight
POGO Calls for Real Accountability and Transparency in Financial Reform
End Game

New Report: Greenpeace Energy Blueprint Shows How Existing Alternatives
to Fossil Fuels Will Revolutionize a Broken Energy Economy

Scientist: BP Well Could Be Leaking 100,000 Barrels of Oil a Day

*Isn’t the lesson obvious by now?

Oil, in every way, is a killer.  We have to end its reign of terror.

I say that fully aware of my own hypocrisy in the matter.  Damn me and
everyone else who uses the shit, even relatively sparingly, for not
doing nearly enough to kick this deadly habit.

Cage the criminals, turn off the taps, and start acting as if this
planet’s the only one we’ve got.


Years of Internal BP Probes Warned that Neglect Could Lead to Accidents

Palestinian Member of Israeli Knesset Receives Death Threats After
Surviving Israeli Raid on Gaza Aid Flotilla

*Don’t you have to ask yourself if one member of our Congress has the
humanity and the bravery this person has shown?

How would you answer that question?

Framing the Narrative: Israeli Commandos Seize Videotape and Equipment
from Journalists After Deadly Raid

Institute for Public Accuracy
Israeli Critic “Witch Hunt”

*You want to call Sherman’s bullshit “un-fucking-believable”, don’t you?

But the reality is all too easy to understand, isn’t it?

Good on Wright, Kysia et al for calling him on his vile grandstanding.

National Intelligence Director Nominee


Ann Wright: Pirates and PR
by GRITtv

Apocalypse in the Gulf Now (Oil) & Next (Nukes)
by Harvey Wasserman

Will the Flotilla Attack Be Our ‘Kent State’ Moment?
by Stephen Zunes

Corporate, Religious Terrorism
by John Buell

*I’d advocate putting quotes around the specific terms for these various
religious zealots, as their acts can’t be defined as “Muslim”,
“Christian”, “Jewish”, “Hindu”, “Buddhist” or any other belief system
that has at its core the imperative to treat others as we’d wish to be
treated, right?

Ever notice how these “Christians” rarely invoke the name of their
savior, other than to proclaim belief in him – but not trying to act
like him – will lead to salvation?

WWJD?  These bastards don’t give a rat’s ass, do they?

Institute for Public Accuracy
National Intelligence Director Nominee

*Untruths and consequences

Veteran White House Reporter Helen Thomas Retires After Israel Remarks

*See additional comment at the FAIR Blog

Experiments in Torture: Medical Group Accuses CIA of Carrying Out
Illegal Human Experimentation

Pentagon Bars Four Reporters from Guantánamo

Antiwar Democrat Marcy Winograd Challenges Rep. Jane Harman in
California Primary


FAIR Media Advisory
Pundits in Denial on Gaza Plight
‘No humanitarian crisis,’ some media figures claim

Sarah Palin’s Incomprehensible Press Criticism

*More on Thomas – comments left at link

Got Docs: Aisheen: Still Alive in Gaza
by GRITtv

The Christian Fascists Are Growing Stronger
by Chris Hedges

*The Jesus I conceive would be among the first “cleansed” by these

Revitalize Rural America? First Grow Some Backbone
by Eric Holt Gimenez and Annie Shattuck

International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF)
World Cup Soccer Balls Missed the Goal Set 13 Years Ago: Child Labor,
Poverty Wages, Temporary Workers

Israel Rejects Call for International Probe into Attack on Gaza Flotilla

*This is frigging psychotic.  It makes the Teabaggers’ agitprop look
sophisticated in comparison.

BP Oil Spill Threatens Future of Indigenous Communities in Louisiana

Johan Galtung on “The Fall of the US Empire”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Actually, the Ship Was Not Turkish-Flagged

IN DEFENSE OF HELEN THOMAS – on apologizing to apologists
by Paul Jay


The soul seeker: A neuroscientist’s search for the human essence
by Robert Jensen

*What if there were another cognizant species in the universe that we
could compare notes with on how we perceive ourselves and our reality?

And what if these folks had avoided the human failings of wilful
ignorance and hatred for “the other”, and the willingness to be led by
those who manipulate those impulses, to the point of our destruction?

Or, better, if they also had been susceptible to them, but peered over
the abyss, and found the collective will to back away?

Think what we could learn from them.

If we were willing to.

As the man said, anything’s possible.

Let us hope.


If World Governments Will Not Confront Israel, What Path Should Civil
Society Take?
by Thalif Deen
Inter Press Service

Real People v. Corporate ‘People’: The Fight Is On
by Doug Pibel
YES! Magazine

*Power to the (real) people!

When Hands Across the Sea are Tied
The argument that outsiders should not be allowed to criticize countries
is being used more and more to thwart human rights campaigns
by Johann Hari

California’s Prop. 14: A Bad Deal for Democracy
by Norman Solomon

A Nuclear Gamble on the Not-So-Distant Horizon
by Paul Gunter and Linda Gunter

Why the Biggest Killers See Themselves as Victims

*Comment left at link

FAIR Action Alert
Where Is O’Reilly’s Anti-Immigration Retraction?

*Never let the facts get in the way of a good scapegoating

As Obama Refuses to Condemn Flotilla Assault, Survivors Recount
Shootings, Beatings Aboard Mavi Marmara

*No news here that’s “fit to print” by the corpress, is there?

43 Years After Surviving Israeli Attack on USS Liberty, US Veteran Joe
Meadors Seized by Israeli Forces on Gaza Aid Flotilla

*Can you imagine how the corpress would cover this if Meadors were a
once and current victim of brutal attacks by one of the US’ “enemies”?

He’d be booked on every goddamn outlet, and lauded as a “hero”, wouldn’t

Instead, history is ignored, and the present isn’t covered … it’s
covered up.

Nearly 5 Years After Katrina, African American Fishing Community in
Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish Faces New Struggle in Oil Spill
Devastation and BP Obstruction


Ed Koch and Jeremy Scahill Debate Israel’s Justification for Attacking
Aid Flotilla

The Day the World Became Gaza
by Ali Abunimah

Yes, Obama Is ‘Engaged’ — in a Colossal Crime
by Glen Ford

*”Dear Misleader” has earned that epithet in spades with this war crime
against humanity and our momma, hasn’t he?

I hope that folks with a semblance of a conscience will stop being
“disappointed” with his performance, and start being repulsed and
enraged by it.

That’s my “Audacity of Hope” ™.

American Occupation Casts Long Shadows Over Okinawa
by Michelle Chen

Flotilla Passengers Huwaida Arraf of Free Gaza Movement and Retired Army
Col. Ann Wright Respond to Israeli Claims on Deadly Assault

US Student Loses Eye After Israel Fires on West Bank Protest

Actor Q’orianka Kilcher Arrested at White House Protest in Support of
Peruvian Indigenous Rights

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Can Israel Be Trusted with Nuclear Weapons?”


Institute for Public Accuracy
Iraq and Afghanistan: Crossing the $1 Trillion Mark

Israel and Free Gaza Flotilla

Stephanopoulos Hypes ACORN Hoaxers

*Given his distinguished career in gummint and the corpress,
Stephanopoulus should know a thing or two about pimps, shouldn’t he?

UN Urges Global Move to Meat and Dairy-Free Diet
Lesser consumption of animal products is necessary to save the world
from the worst impacts of climate change, UN report says
by Felicity Carus
The Guardian/UK

FAIR Extra!
Who Ate the Dessert?
Deficit mania ignores growth of income gap
By Neil deMause

Wealth Gap Yawns–and So Do Media
Little interest in study of massive race/gender disparities
by Julie Hollar

The World Cup of Economic and Military Warfare
by Joshua Brollier and Kathy Kelly

Of Cowardice, Dignity, and Solidarity
by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Six Things to Do About the BP Gulf Disaster
by Sarah van Gelder

On Front Lines of BP Oil Spill: Democracy Now! Travels Across Coastal

Israel’s Explanation for Deadly Gaza Aid Attack “Full of Holes as a
Window Screen” – Former US Ambassador Edward Peck


For NYT, Killing Civilians Shows How Much You Don’t Want To

*Comment left at link

Israel’s Gaza PR Offensive
by Al Jazeera English

American Denial: Living in a Can’t-Do Nation
by Tom Engelhardt

The Remarkable Resilience of This Socialism Thing
by Tom Gallagher

*Nice piece, but I wouldn’t say that “socialism” as manifested in Sweden
and France really has much to do with the visions of it that were
expressed by the folks quoted, would you?

For me, I’m not big on labels.  Call it what you wish.  I’d like to live
in a society that gets the whole Golden Rule thing, wouldn’t you?

Israel and Harman in Tandem: From High Seas to Airwaves
by Norman Solomon

*”Progressive Caucus” has about as much truth to it as “The War on
Terror”, doesn’t it?

FAIR Media Advisory
Reporting Israeli Assault Through Israel’s Eyes
Attack on humanitarian flotilla prompts little media skepticism

Global Condemnation of Israeli Armed Attack on Gaza-Bound Freedom
Flotilla: At Least 10 Dead, Hundreds Remain in Detention

*Pay close attention to how this atrocity is spun by the corpress and
the gummint, as well as the “liberals” who will inundate online forums
with their strident defense of Israel’s actions.

Yes, there will be some “criticism” of this crime, but it will always be
in the context of the “provocative” actions of the activists, won’t it?

And, of course, the reality will never reach the vast majority of the

Goebbels would be proud.


Written by Doug Latimer

06/02/2010 at 8:52 PM

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