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July 2010

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Oil Industry Safety Record Blown Open
National Wildlife Federation says catalogue of oil industry accidents
proves BP disaster in Gulf of Mexico is not a one-off
by Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent
The Guardian/UK

‘The Dumbest Thing’ in Education Thinking
Obama, Education, Snooki, Civil Rights and Bryan Bass
by Valerie Strauss

*Of civil rights “leaders” and the real leaders left behind

The Real Aim of Israel’s Bomb Iran Campaign
by Gareth Porter

*With apologies to Roger Waters

The lunatics are in the halls of Congress

Institute for Public Accuracy
Time Magazine, U.S. Government Using Afghan Women to Sell War?

Education: “Chicago Model a Disaster”

Obama Defends Sweeping Education Reforms in Face of Criticism from
Minority and Teachers’ Groups

*An “F” for “Fraud”

Dozens of Immigrant Rights Activists Arrested in Arizona

Dave Zirin on “Bad Sports: How Owners Are Ruining the Games We Love”

*Gaming the play

Google Teams Up with CIA to Fund “Recorded Future” Startup Monitoring
Websites, Blogs & Twitter Accounts

Time Magazine: We Cannot Leave Afghanistan

*Comment left at link


Are Our Oceans Dying?
Phytoplankton has Declined Terrifying 40% in 60 Years
The Daily Mail/UK

How US Ignorance Helped Doom the Afghan War
by Ted Rall

2010 a Tipping Point for Renewable Energy
100 days into the BP disaster, it’s time to quit claiming that an
economy based on fossil fuels is our only option.
by Brooke Jarvis

*This may be true, but if renewables are going to be controlled by
essentially the same bastards who created this horror show, through
market mechanisms, do you see the real break with the status quo that’s

Wouldn’t we be trading one unjust system for another, admittedly less
awful, one?

Institute for Public Accuracy
A Soldier and a Veteran Comment

*Voices from the ground up

On Eve of Major Protests, Federal Judge Blocks Key Provisions of Arizona
Anti-Immigrant Law

Patrick Cockburn on Missing Billions in Iraq and Soaring Cancer & Infant
Mortality Rates in Fallujah

In Historic Vote, UN Declares Water a Fundamental Human Right


NBC’s Chuck Todd, Sleepless and Depressed Over JournoList

*Comment left at link

Rheehire the Teachers, Rheetire the Chancellor
by Jesse Hagopian

*A poison apple for the teachers, and the kids

‘Go Ahead, Try and Make Me Pay You’: Wage Theft and SB 1070
by Danny Postel and Ted Smukler

*United, we stand

Divided, we fall for anything

Darkness at Noon in Arizona: Delayed, But Not Over
by Jeff Biggers

*Welcome to the 4-H Club:

History, hysteria, hypocrisy and hate

Worse Than Imagined: Consequences of the Iraq War
by César Chelala

*What deranged minds conceive of such weapons, and what inhuman impulses
compel them to be used?

For-Profit Insurers Leaning on Regulators to “Reform” Health Reform
by Wendell Potter

*Valuable intel, but Potter fails to talk about just how pathetic
“reform” is, even without these corporate machinations, doesn’t he?

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange: “Transparent Government Tends to
Produce Just Government”


UN to Vote on Right to Water ‘Historic’ chance to ease human suffering,
says Canadian activist
by Linda Diebel
the Toronto Star

Imperial Overkill and the Death of US Empire
by Francis Shor

*Pretty straight up – well worth a read

Climate of Fear: SB 1070 and Extremist Violence on the Arizona Border
by Randall Amster

ACLU Seeks Records About FBI Collection Of Racial And Ethnic Data In 29
States And D.C.
FBI’s Claimed Authority To Track And Map “Behaviors” And “Lifestyle
Characteristics” Of American Communities Invites Racial Profiling

*Getting under our skin

Institute for Public Accuracy
After the Big Leak: More Escalation?

WikiLeaks Founder Says “Evidence of War Crimes” in Afghan War Logs,
White House Downplays Leak, Claiming “No Broad New Revelations”

*”Nothing to see here, folks … move along.”

And the corpress, after a short spin cycle, will comply, don’t you

Guardian Editor on Coverage of Afghan War Logs: European Audience
“Troubled More…by the Toll this War is Taking on Innocent People”

*All the news that’s printed to fit

Sometimes the parameters have to temporarily shift a bit, but the slack
gets taken out again ASAP, wouldn’t you say?

“WikiLeaks Is Not One Person…We Are All the Threat”: Hacker Magazine
Editor Says WikiLeaks Is Bigger Than Julian Assange


How Important Are Dead Afghan Civilians?

*Comment left at link

Brazilian Tribes Occupy Power Plant
by Raymond Colitt and Cynthia Osterman

The Opposites Game: All the Strangeness of Our American World in One
by Tom Engelhardt

*Great exceptations

Fourteen Examples of Systemic Racism in the US Criminal Justice System
by Bill Quigley

Institute for Public Accuracy
Wikileaks and Realities of Afghanistan War

*Watch the corpress sit and spin on this one, don’t you reckon?

The New Pentagon Papers: WikiLeaks Releases 90,000+ Secret Military
Documents Painting Devastating Picture of Afghanistan War

*If only these leaks could sink this ship of fetid fools, but as long as
the lure of filthy lucre and geopolitical gain exists, it will sail on
into ever darker waters, until it’s conceded that this is a voyage to
nowhere, as in Vietnam.

How many lives will be forfeit before then?


Israel Gets Brutal With Media
by Mel Frykberg
Inter Press Service

Vietnam’s Forgotten War Victims
by Chris Arsenault
Al Jazeera English

*The killing fields continue to yield deadly fruit

A DREAM is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Immigrant Youth and Economic
by Michelle Chen

Why Are We Still Funding Abstinence-Only Programming?
by Mary Beth Hastings

*A pernicious form of sexual dysfunction

Using Social Media to Build Community…and Resistance

*Breaking the full corpress

Three of Every Four Oil & Gas Lobbyists Worked for Federal Government

*Jobs for jobbers


Nevada Leads Nation in Unemployment, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies

*Coming up craps

Protofascism Comes to America
The Rise of the Tea Party
by Ted Rall


British Meat and Dairy Is Destroying Rainforests
Huge swathes of rainforest are being destroyed every year to grow animal
feed for British factory farms, according to new research.
by Louise Gray
The Telegraph/UK

Reproductive Justice Organizations Denounce Anti-Choice ‘Freedom Rides,’
Plan Counter-Rally
by Jodi Jacobson, Editor-in-Chief, RH Reality Check

Corporate Media Discover Private Spies. In Other News, No WMD in Iraq
by Jeremy Scahill

*Read all about it!

(Just not in the WP … duh)

Access to Clean Water is Most Violated Human Right
The world’s running out of clean water. Unless the UN acts, the private
sector will appropriate supplies and the poor will suffer
by Maude Barlow

In Israel, Miscegenation Equals Rape

*Old times there are not forgotten

Sherrod Story Raises Question: How Many Breitbart Frauds Will Media Fall

*Comment left at link

Skin Deep: Online Cosmetics Safety Database Rates 62,000+ Beauty

*Beauty and the beasts

Killings in Kashmir by Indian Forces Spark Protests

Institute for Public Accuracy
87 Senators vs. the Facts on Turkish Group IHH?

NAACP and Tea Party


The Senators Who Gave Us 15 Million Unemployed Want to Deny Them
by Dean Baker

*Bubble, bubble
Toil and trouble

The witches’ brew that is “the free market”

Left to Take Blame for Centrism’s Political Disaster–Once Again

*Comment left at link


The Killing Fields of Multi-National Corporations
Pesticides, Pollution and the Economies of Genocide
by Vandana Shiva

*Multinationals – the deadliest invasive species

Calling All Future-Eaters
by Chris Hedges

*This is about as dead on as it gets, and I really don’t see much hope
for the mass resistance necessary to avert the worst of it, do you?

But that shouldn’t lead to despair and a resignation to our fate.  If we
have any purpose on this planet, it’s to take care of each other, and
that isn’t dependent on whether we think we can survive, is it?

So try to imagine what your last thought will be.  Will you be able to
honestly believe that, as imperfect as it was, you made the effort to be
fully human, to give a damn about your species and the other residents
on this rock, and as you draw your last breath, you can say contentedly

“Put a fork in me.  I did what I could, and I’m done”?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Sanctions: Lesson from Iraq for Iran and Gaza

“Top Secret America” — Further Corrupting Intelligence?

Tim Shorrock Asks Why It Took the Washington Post So Long to Investigate
the US Intelligence System

Social Security Under Attack: Cuts Proposed, Higher Retirement Age

*Leaving the images of a dignified retirement on the cutting room floor


The Big Green Buy
by Christian Parenti

*Important intel, but Parenti seems to not suss the central issue here –
that without an end to the for-profit economic system, even The Big
Green Buy won’t make much difference in the end, will it?

He implores us to “get real”.  Well, that would appear to be the real
meal deal, wouldn’t you say?

Learning from Iran
by Ralph Nader

*Good luck on that gummint grant.  Somehow I don’t think Dear Misleader
and cronies want to fund a foothold for an effective (read
“non-corporate”) healthcare model in this country, regardless of its
origin, do you?

But stranger things have happened.

I just can’t recall any at the moment.


Written by Doug Latimer

07/02/2010 at 8:53 PM

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