August 2010



“Is a Dream a Lie If It Don’t Come True, Or Is It Something Worse?”
by Christopher Cooper

*The honest truth lives at another address

Spengler for Dummies
by Linh Dinh

*White flight from the human community

The Fallacy of Taking German Lessons
Germany is held up by deficit hawks as an ideal for other, less
successful economies such as Spain’s to emulate. Big mistake
by Mark Weisbrot

The Food Safety Shell Game
by Mark Kastel and Will Fantle

*The dire consequences of making chicken salad out of chicken shit

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama’s Iraq Speech

*Dear Misleader earns his epithet in spades

The ones used to bury the victims of his inhumanity

Draft UN Report Accuses Rwandan Troops of Committing Genocide in the

*Burying the truth along with the dead

Slain Latino Journalist Rubén Salazar, Killed 40 Years Ago in Police
Attack, Remembered as Champion of Chicano Rights


The Coalition of Immokalee Workers Tour Across the Country With the
Florida Modern Day Slavery Museum
by Democracy Now!

*Heard any stirring speeches from Dear Misleader about these folks’

When Will We All Need to Carry Identity Papers?
by Jerry Lanson

Glenn Beck’s Redemption Song
by Robert Jensen

*Deconstructing a dangerous demagogue

Institute for Public Accuracy
Was Flooding of New Orleans a “Natural Disaster”?

“The Big Uneasy” – In New Doc, Harry Shearer Makes the Case that Katrina
Was an Unnatural Disaster

*The only thing “natural” about this disaster was the wilful negligence
of our gummint, before and after, wouldn’t you say?

Remembering Hurricane Katrina: Voices from the Storm

Community & Resistance After Katrina: Jordan Flaherty and Tracie
Washington on the Fight to Save New Orleans

*”Urban renewal” wet dream

Displaced New Orleans Poet Sunni Patterson: I Will Be a “Cultural
Ambassador to Bring a Light to Every Injustice”


Institute for Public Accuracy
Distorting Martin Luther King: Critics of Beck and Sharpton

Two-Faced Corporate Personhood: Elected and Convicted
by Donna Smith

Monsanto in Gates’ Clothing? The Emperor’s New GMOs
by Eric Holt Gimenez

*Beware the rich man’s offer of help

The strings attached cut deep

The Other Side of the Anchor: Where Else Do American-Born Kids Belong?
by Michelle Chen

*America for (some) Americans

Food & Water Watch
Americans to U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Preserve Life-Saving
Medicines; Reduce Antibiotic Use in Food Animal Production
More than 100,000 citizens join scientific experts and public interest
organizations in calling on FDA to tighten oversight and curtail misuse
and overuse of antibiotics on industrial farms

EXCLUSIVE…Zeitoun: How a Hero in New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina
Was Arrested, Labeled a Terrorist and Imprisoned

*No good deed goes unpunished …

if you’re “the other”.

Can you imagine suffering through what these folks did?  And at the
heart of this weren’t “mistakes” – it was a deliberate attempt to create
a climate of fear, which will be employed again and again to maintain
power, as it has been since time immemorial.

Fear feeds on ignorance, and thanks to our gummint and corpress, and
humanity’s worst instincts, it’s an endless buffet, isn’t it?

The truth shall make you free.

The lies will keep you in chains forever.


Facing Prison for Filming US Police
by Chris Arsenault

*Keeping accountability in the picture

Calif. Hotel Walk-Off Strike Continues New Wave of Worker Militancy
by Micah Uetricht
In These Times

*Sitting down and standing up

Chase Bank and Obama’s “Make Home Affordable” Scam
by Ted Rall

*Kafka would have recognized this runaround

Bank on it

Institute for Public Accuracy
Katrina Plus Five

*The blind eye of the storm

Colleague of NYC Taxi Driver Stabbed in Anti-Muslim Attack Describes
What Happened

*One knife

Many hands

Swimming Upstream: Eve Ensler Marks Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane
Katrina with Performances of New Play

*Art from anguish
Community from catastrophe
Hope from hell

Eve Ensler Reads “Congo Cancer: My Cancer Is Arbitrary. Congo’s
Atrocities Are Very Deliberate”

*Not to be dismissive of Ensler’s work, I hope you understand, but don’t
you have to ask how enlisting the partner of the man who serves the
corporations that allow these horrors would have somehow helped their

I’d like to ask her that question.  She sees the contradiction, I’m
sure, so why?

UN Slow to Respond to Gang Rape of Almost 200 Women in the Congo

*I try to be honest here, and I have to say that I don’t think Goodman’s
effusive praise of Ensler belongs on a news program, does it?

Let her tell her story, and let folks may up their own minds about her.
For myself, I see much to admire, but also, as I said earlier, I have
questions about how she’s gone about her mission.

Along those lines, I should also note that Google doesn’t “give” anyone
anything without an eye on how it benefits their PR.  Given their goal
to eviscerate net neutrality, something like this fits in nicely with
their whole “Don’t be evil” song and dance, doesn’t it?


Brian Williams Rehashes Katrina Violence Myth

*Comment left at link

Should the US Be Bombed?
The Nonexistent Debate Over American Weapons Proliferation Policies
by Tom Engelhardt

*Weapons of mass construction

We Are Cornered: There’s No Way Out Without a Fight
by Glen Ford

*Which side are you on?

Does the “left” even know who’s playing?

Women – Still a Menace?
by Elizabeth Galewski

*The unfair sex

A Month Without Monsanto
April Dãvila wondered what it would take to cut the GMO giant out of
her family’s life. She found that it was far more entrenched than she’d
ever realized.
by April Dãvila

*Cutting the corp cord

Here’s What’s Wrong With BP’s Trust Fund
by Robert Weissman and Tyson Slocum

*A mistrust fund that should be distrusted at every turn, don’t you

Institute for Public Accuracy
Disaster in Pakistan

*Drowning in a flood of debt

Judge Rejects Death Row Prisoner Troy Davis’ Innocence Claim

As Five States Hold Primaries, a Look at the Role of Money in Politics

The New Yorker: Billionaire Brothers Charles & David Koch Have Quietly
Given More Than $100 Million to Right-Wing Causes

*They buy

We pay


Conflicts and Transparency at the Washington Post

*Comment left at link

Fight Tea Party Voters With Fresh Voters
by Laura Flanders

*A fight worth waging, for sure, but you gotta give ’em something to
vote *for*, don’t you?

And the empiricism here is that the Demorats have stalwartly refused to
do so, haven’t they?

So what else is new?

Let’s hope an honest alternative, and soon.

Save Affordable Housing, Help Revive America’s Middle Class
by Zach Carter

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s Future
If the US government continues to underwrite the mortgage market, then
the one thing it should not do is pad banks’ profits
by Dean Baker

Labor Says Mott’s Apples Are Rotten to the Core
by Michael Winship

*Denied the fruit of their labor

National Priorities Project’s Trade Offs Tool Shows the Magnitude of
Federal Budget Spending
Do you understand the localized impact of federal spending? How will
your federal tax dollars be spent in 2011?

Largest Egg Recall in US History Brings Renewed Attention to Dangers of
Industrial Farming

*Big Gulp profits and bite-size fines make for a hell of a Happy Meal
for Food, Inc., don’t they just?

David Kirby on “The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy and Poultry
Farms on Humans and the Environment”

*The thing I’ve never been able to comprehend is the thought process by
which these horrors are even imagined, let alone implemented.

These are some sick, and greedy, bastards, and they’re making the rest
of us sick, and at some point we need to get sick of it and demand
justice, for all the species involved, don’t we?

Report: Global Food Security and Sovereignty Threatened by Corporate and
Government “Land Grabs” in Poor Countries

*Folks feeling the earth move under their feet

Judge Blocks Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research


The irony doesn’t drip

It gushes


Jean and Her Children: Togetherness Trumps ‘Homelessness’ for Struggling
by Invisible People

Living for Change: If Not Now, When?
by Grace Lee Boggs

*We’d best be thinking outside the box

Before we’re locked for good and suffocate inside it

The Latest Bi-Partisan Attack on Social Security: Let Them Eat Cat Food
by James Ridgeway

*The deaths from a thousand cuts

Islamo-Gangsterism: In a Deteriorating Afghanistan, a New Breed of
by Ted Rall

*Hell on wheels

War Veterans/Military Family Members Successfully Blockade Fort Hood
Deployment to Iraq

*Honor and duty

Institute for Public Accuracy
Egg Recall — “Consolidation Putting Consumers at Risk”

Exclusive: US Journalist Deported from Turkey After Reporting on Plight
of Kurds

Scientist Accuses Obama Administration and BP of Underestimating Amount
of Oil Left in Gulf of Mexico

Fishing Industry in Gulf Still Worried About Levels of Toxins in the
Water and the Impact on Marine Life

*What’s more toxic?

The shit in the Gulf, or the turds in state capitols and DC?


What Do War Critics Think? Well, Ask One

*Comment left at link

Rising Temperatures Reducing Ability of Plants to Absorb Carbon, Study
Research shows warming over past decade caused droughts that reduced
number of plants available to soak up carbon dioxide
by Alok Jha
The Guardian/UK

*Hot damned

Obama Admin Claims End to Combat Operations in Iraq, But Iraqis See Same
War Under a Different Name

*Fractured fairytale

Iraq War Vet Camilo Mejía: US Withdrawal Plan Marks “Privatization of
Military Occupation”

*Making a killing:  Murder, Inc. on the public payroll

Debate: Is DREAM Act a Solution for Millions of Undocumented Youth or a
Funnel for Military Recruitment?

*The war machine feeds on desperation, whether it’s citizens and legal
residents with essentially no other option economically, or the
undocumented, lured by the siren song of citizenship.

Uncle Sam wants you – and knows how to play you, doesn’t he?


Youth Unemployment Line Circles the Globe
by Michelle Chen

Dissing T-Shirts
by Linh Dinh

Institute for Public Accuracy
Assassination Squad in Afghanistan

With 28,000 Killed Since 2006, Movement for Drug Legalization in Mexico
Takes Hold

Obama Signs $600M Bill to Increase Militarization of US-Mexico Border

*As an aside, Goodman referred to the bill as “a rare display of

What’s “rare” about both parties promoting unjust policies?

Seems that’s the sinister status quo, doesn’t it?

Filipina American Torture, Abduction Survivor Melissa Roxas: Graphic
Torture Video a Rare Glimpse into Widespread Abuses in the Philippines


Homeowners’ Rebellion: Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof?
A committed movement to tear off the predatory mask called MERS could
yet turn the tide for struggling homeowners.
by Ellen Brown
YES! Magazine

Green Activists Need Allies in Anti-War Movement
by Sandy LeonVest

*War, in the context of empire, is about profit, and the pursuit of
profit’s what’s killing the planet.

One plus one equals two, and we’ve got to start adding things, and
ourselves, up.

Nine Years Later, Afghan City is Buzzing But Still Menacing
by Ted Rall

As GOP and Some Top Dems Unite in Opposing NY Islamic Community Center,
a Roundtable Discussion with Mother of 9/11 Victim, Rabbi, Muslim
Lawmaker and Islamic Scholar

*I hesitated to post this, because some of the views are so fucked up,
but I thought it might be instructive to do so.

One thing – Imam Feisal works with the US gummint to “reach out” to
Muslims elsewhere, to, effectively, aid the propaganda machine, and
that’s seen as a point in his favor?

But the main contradiction here is this view that somehow this hate wave
is “un-American” – that most Muslims abroad admire our “democracy”, and
that is being put at risk, the principle being that this isn’t what the
US represents.

But facts is facts, and the US is indeed at war with Islam, and any
other religion or ideology that takes concepts such as justice and
equality seriously, wouldn’t you say?

And to go for an entire program and never deal with that
incontrovertible reality, the reality of what US imperialism has meant
for millions of Muslims around the world, is to make the slogan “The
exception to the rulers” sound mighty goddamn hollow, don’t you think?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Islam — and War


Back When the “Ground Zero Mosque” Was a Good Idea

*Comments left at link

Death and Joblessness: How Suicide Dogs the Long-Term Unemployed
by Annie Lowery
The Washington Independent

Racketeers for Capitalism
by Cindy Sheehan

*This righteous anger and resolve should be reflected in every
“progressive” commentary on The War of Terror ™, don’t you think?

Good on ya, Cindy.

ACLU And Coalition Urges Holder To Adopt Standards Aimed At Eradicating
Prison Rape
Groups Say Government Failure To Protect Prisoners From Sexual Violence
Is Unacceptable

UN Humanitarian Chief John Holmes: The Magnitude of the Pakistan Floods
Is Unprecedented

Thousands of Haitians Face Risk of Forcible Evictions from Temporary

*I’d like to know what the groups, like Oxfam, that I list at the top of
the home page as reputable orgs in Haiti, are doing, or not doing, about
these horrors.

France Urged to Pay $40 Billion to Haiti in Reparations for
“Independence Debt”

*Here’s your proof of Dear Misleader’s “racist policies” the tea
crackpots bleat about

Only slammed into reverse


Plugged Stupid
by Linh Dinh

*For The Man, a mind is a terribly important thing to waste

Formalizing Israel’s Land Grab
by Chris Hedges

*The perverted pursuit of a fait accompli to seal the fate of a
desperate people

Oxfam International
Lack of funds for West Africa Food Crisis Forces UN to Make Agonizing
WFP to prioritize children under age of two – 60% of people in dire need
of aid may not receive adequate help

*Our gummints can modernize their weapons, but they can’t seem to update
their indifference to suffering, can they?

Journalist Exposes How Private Investigation Firm Hired by Chevron Tried
to Recruit Her as a Spy to Undermine $27B Suit in Ecuadorian Amazon

*In a just world, Chevron would be using all the “human energy” at its
disposal to keep its execs from serving life sentences for this economic

Well, you have to dream so you’re not overwhelmed by the nightmare,
don’t you?

Filmmakers, Activists Try to Save Dolphins from Slaughter in
Oscar-Winning Doc The Cove

*This is heartbreaking, and needs to be exposed, but I can’t help
thinking about all the persons who’ll be moved by the horrible plight of
these creatures, yet really won’t give a rat’s ass about that of the
Ecuadoreans in the preceding segment.

I just can’t get my mind around that, can you?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Petraeus Media Blitz

*War and propaganda pieces


Wikileaks and War Crimes
by Jeremy Scahill

*To quote Yoko Ono, woman is the nigger of the world

And the propaganda prop for her murderers

After Over Four Decades, Justice Still Eludes Family of 3 Civil Rights
Workers Slain in Mississippi Burning Killings

*So where’s Dear Misleader in all this? 

Where’s the “War on Terror” when it comes to justice for those murdered
decades ago?

Or years ago?

Or yesterday?

If this nation can’t face up to its past, it will never change its

Institute for Public Accuracy
Iraq to Iran: Propaganda for War

*In Hollywood, a sequel follows success

In Washington, it’s intended to salvage failure


Clicktivism is Ruining Leftist Activism
Reducing activism to online petitions, this breed of marketeering
technocrats damage every political movement they touch
by Micah White

*The bankruptcy of the form mirrors that of the substance, don’t you

On Sunday the Arizona Diamondbacks Come to DC – and They’re Not Alone
by Dave Zirin

*Striking out at foul ball

The Gulf at the Gas Station: Can We Calculate the True Cost of Our
Dependence on Oil?
by Mark Engler

The Raid on Food Stamps
by Joshua Green

*Stomping on stamping our hunger

Center for Biological Diversity
Study: 60% of Species Recovery Plans Identify Global Warming as
Extinction Threat
But Plans Remain Inconsistent, Hindered by Lack of Federal Guidance

*Fiddling while home burns

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
The Push for Social Security Cuts Ignores the Reality of the Program’s
Finances and Conditions of Near-Retirees

*You work fifty years
And whadda ya get?
Slavin’ ’til your bones creak
And deeper in debt

St. Peter, don’t you call me
‘Cause I can’t walk
I owe my soul to the deficit hawks

FAIR Extra!
‘Spotlight’ on Police Violence Fails to Illuminate
Media connection sparks interest, not introspection
by Janine Jackson

*Corpress cop outs

Honduras Down the Memory Hole
U.S. media ignore the aftermath of dubious elections they praised
by Alyssa Figueroa

*Just the faux facts, ma’am

As Gibbs Attacks Progressive Critics, ACLU Says Obama White House
Enshrining Bush-Era Policies

*Even when critical of his policies, there’s this unfathomable deference
to a person who is essentially a mass murderer, as all presidents have

Why do you think that is?

“I Fear for My Country”: Muslim Leader Daisy Khan on Opposition to
Ground Zero Mosque and Others Nationwide

*I shudder when there’s talk of “the perception of America” among
Muslims abroad, and the need to improve it.

The only way to do that is to change the *reality* of America.  That
will change the *perception*, won’t it?  If the Manhattan mosque is
built at the proposed site, that will be a welcome development, but it
won’t essentially change the xenophobia that festers here, will it?

That will only happen when non-Muslim Americans quit listening to the
bastards whipping up this hate, and start listening to the heartbeat of
their humanity.


The US-Mexico Border Is Safer Than You Think
by Elena Shore
New America Media

*Nothing borderline about this criminal insanity

Change That’s Not: ‘Obama on Bush Route’
Journalist John Pilger: Wikileaks Should Teach Journalists to Question
‘Official Statements’, US Foreign Policy
by Russia Today

*Change partners and continue the dance of death

Is Environmental Injustice Morphing Little Girls’ Bodies?
by Michelle Chen

Army Weak: Soldiers Expose Deployment of Unprepared Troops
by Clare Bayard

Hungary’s Defiance of IMF and European Authorities Scares the Guardians
of Austerity in Europe
by Mark Weisbrot

*Breaking the bank holiday

Situation Room Scaremongering: CNN’s Social Security crisis

*Lying down and dirty on the job

Gagged for 6 Years, Nick Merrill Speaks Out on Landmark Court Struggle
Against FBI’s National Security Letters

*F B Eye on our private parts

Political perverts

David Sirota: Democratic Party Establishment Helps Defeat Progressive
Challenger in Colorado Primary

*There’s the “party establishment” and its sycophants

There are the “liberals” and “progressives”

And then there are the folks who give a damn about something beyond

Where are you on that continuum?

Legendary Activist Dolores Huerta Celebrates 80th Birthday with Call for
“Weaving Movements Together”

*I appreciate much of what Huerta’s done, of course, but it’s obvious
she doesn’t see beyond “reform”, does she?

And Goodman never challenged her on her support of Dear Misleader, did

And calling anyone “legendary” is a huge mistake, don’t you think?


Wordless Masses
by Linh Dinh

*Play ball!

Or else

Mosque Mania: Anti-Muslim Fears and the Far Right
by Stephan Salisbury

Excellent piece on the toxic brew of fear, hate and political
opportunism infecting the nation, but Salisbury should’ve emphasized the
complicit role of the corpress in all this, don’t you think?

No, doing actual “journalism” wouldn’t have much effect on the “true
believers”‘ racism and xenophobia, but it could deny them mainstream

But that would entail a media dedicated to the facts, and that has never
existed in these here United States, has it?

Independent Scientific Testing Finds Toxic Contaminants in San
Francisco’s Free ‘Organic Biosolids Compost’
PBDE Flame Retardants and Triclosan Found in Tests Conducted for the
Food Rights Network (FRN)

*Sucking on a sludgesicle

Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Argentina: Guarantee Women’s Access to Health Care
Slack Implementation and Lack of Oversight Causes Suffering and Death

Meterologist: Record Heat Wave in Russia Could Kill Tens of Thousands

*It’s not true that everybody talks about the weather, but no one does
anything about it.

The polluters do, don’t they?

Bolivian UN Ambassador: Despite Extreme Weather, US and Other Developed
Countries Failing to Make Serious Pledges to Cut Greenhouse Gas

*What price do we put on our greatest natural resource – our humanity,
our ability to care about others?

Latin American Historian Greg Grandin on Colombia After Álvaro Uribe


The Tears of Gaza Must Be Our Tears
by Chris Hedges

Inspiring words.

I would only add that I can forgive anyone who truly wants to be
forgiven, and seeks to atone for their sins.

And we all are in need of forgiveness, and we all are obliged to
acknowledge and try to make amends for our transgressions towards
others, aren’t we?

As the Obama Economic Team Bails, the System Fails to Generate Jobs. Are
the Causes, Um, ‘Structural’?
by Danny Schechter

*I guess this will come across as simplistic, but why aren’t we talking
about the end of profit?

As long as profit is the purpose of an economy, there will be winners
and losers, won’t there?   There will never be equality.  There will
never be economic justice.

I don’t pretend to know how to structure an economy that eliminates
that, but one guiding principle that would seem indispensable would be
cooperation over competition, don’t you think?

Is our species incapable of that?  There are societies that operate on
that principle, at least to some degree.

What would it take to make that universal?

What do you think?

Fatima Bhutto: Pakistan’s Devastating Floods Are President Zardari’s

*Little aid with large tentacles attached

Rwanda Holds Presidential Election Amid Crackdown on Opposition

*Resource extraction and reality retraction

Nagasaki 65 Years Later: A Look Back at the Censored Dispatches of
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist George Weller

*The silence after the screams


When Agrochemical Corporations Invented Nature
by Julio Godoy
Inter Press Service

*Patent nonsense that’s deadly serious

Colombia: A Cemetery Full of Questions
by Constanza Vieira
Inter Press Service

*Unearthing the awful truth, and that our tax dollars have paid for it

And Now for Some Good News
We’ll never know the names of all the people who paid with their limbs,
their lungs or their lives for the goodies in my home and yours
by Johann Hari

*Are we willing to pay the price of dignity?

House Slave Syndrome
by Linh Dinh

Today Russia, Tomorrow the World
by Gwynne Dyer

*Food fright

Katrina Pain Index 2010 New Orleans – Five Years Later
by Bill Quigley, Davida Finger and Lance Hill

*The City that Forgot to Care

Haiti’s Ransom
by Isabel MacDonald

*The price of freedom, with interest

Verizon & Google Enter Reported Deal for Tiered Internet Use, Is Net
Neutrality in Jeopardy?

*Silver can talk all he wants to about a lack of naiveté, but why
anyone would trust these corps to “do no evil” is beyond me.  Maybe they
thought these behemoths were doing the right thing out of self-interest,
but what constitutes that can easily change, can’t it?

With Military Suicides on the Rise, Parents of Two Soldiers Who Took
Their Own Lives Say Obama’s Words Ring Hollow

*The same bastards who wail about how new rules of engagement put
soldiers at unacceptable risk (which is code for “Kill ’em all, let God
sort ’em out”) don’t say a word about this, do they?

They don’t give a damn about these soldiers, and care even less about
the people they kill in the name of “national security”.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Pakistan: “Zardari’s Katrina”

*A Shrub grows in Islamabad


Noam Chomsky’s Recorded Address to the United National Peace Conference
by Media Sanctuary

Colbert 1, U.S. State Department 0
by Jeff Cohen

*Throwing away the key to a just system

Ridgeway on America’s Solitary Confinement Nightmare
by Corporate Crime Reporter

*Old times there (and everywhere else) are not forgotten

They’re an instruction manual

Federal Judge Strikes Down California Same-Sex Marriage Ban in Major
Victory for Gay Rights Advocates

*This was a great victory for human rights, and should be seen as such,
but I have deep reservations about glorifying an otherwise conservative
judge and attorney for their roles in it.

There are other issues that are just as important, and I have a problem
with shunting those aside in some sense in celebration of a tremendous
win on this one.

I hope folks suss where I’m coming from on this.  Do you?

EXCLUSIVE…Emily Henochowicz Speaks Out: Art Student Who Lost Her Eye
After Being Shot by Israeli Tear Gas Canister in West Bank Protest
Discusses Her Life, Her Art, and Why She Plans to Return

*A study in menschiness

Institute for Public Accuracy
Hiroshima After 65 Years: Disarmament or Nuclear Buildup?

*Blasts from the past never go out of sinister style, it seems

How many people will $180B kill, or deny the chance to live, without
pushing a button?

Social Security and CBO’s Odd Numbers


What the Zapatistas Can Teach Us About the Climate Crisis
by Jeff Conant

*A vital view that needs to be echoed much more widely in the
“environmental movement”

Burkas and Bikinis
Time magazine’s cover is the latest cynical attempt to oversimplify the
reality of Afghan lives
by Priyamvada Gopal

*Excellent piece demolishing the faux feminism TIME and others use to
justify the ongoing destruction of these women’s lives

“I Have No Regret to Anybody in the Military. This Is Clearly a Failure
of Our Government” – Iraq War Vet Dan Choi Discharged Under “Don’t Ask,
Don’t Tell”

*Choi has some very admirable qualities, but he has some very confused
ideas about military service and “honor”, don’t you think?

It doesn’t make sense to me that someone can feel there’s honor in
serving in an what he considers an immoral war.  The honor comes from
refusing to kill or help kill in service to those immoral aims, doesn’t

And how he finds comfort in Jesus’ teachings, when those teachings
forbid the use of violence for any cause, no matter how just, is beyond

I’d like to sit down and talk with him about those contradictions,
wouldn’t you?

Environmental Activist Jerry Cope on “The Crime of the Century: What BP
and US Government Don’t Want You to Know”

Antonia Juhasz: BP’s “Missing Oil” Washes Up in St. Mary’s Parish, LA

*Corpress complicity with corporate and gummint duplicity

The well may be capped, but the toxic sludge of propaganda flows freely,
doesn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Questions to EPA on Gulf and Dispersants, from Expert at EPA


On the Third Anniversary of the Crash of the Economy: ‘Those Were the
Days, My Friend. I Thought They’d Never End.’ They Haven’t
by Danny Schechter

*That was now

This is then

Genetically Modified Salmon Present a Number of Risks to Consumer Health
and Environment
Statement from Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Watch

*Something smells, and it ain’t just the fish

End of Iraq Combat Operations or Beginning of Downsized, Rebranded
Occupation Relying Heavily on Private Military Contractors?

*End games

Julian Assange Responds to Increasing US Government Attacks on WikiLeaks


Arizona: State of Fear
by The Real News Network

Why the Feds Fear Thinkers Like Howard Zinn
by Chris Hedges

*To the minders, a mind is a terrible thing

Here Be Dragons
MRAPs, Sprained Ankles, Air Conditioning, Farting Contests, and Other
Snapshots from the American War in Afghanistan
by Ann Jones

*As insane as Jones paints it, it’d be interesting to see how things
operate without an embedded reporter present, wouldn’t it?

Bloody Monday: Glenn Beck, FOX News, Gov. Jan Brewer and the Louisville
Massacre Anniversary
by Jeff Biggers

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama Speech and Iraq Realities

*Decades of deceit, destruction and death

The pretty much defines US foreign policy, doesn’t it?

“12th & Delaware” Offers Unique Inside Look at Struggle Between Abortion
Clinic and Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Care Center

*Club thy neighbor


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