October 2010


Bat disease threatens ecological catastrophe
A virulent and deadly pathogen in America is exterminating a predator that is vital to farmers for controlling insect pests
by Jerome Taylor
The Independent/UK

*An article in the Wisconsin State Journal reported that state officials had backed off of stringent rules on visiting caves after pressure from spelunkers and cave owners.

Music to the ears of pesticide producers.


Time for a New Theory of Money
By understanding that money is simply credit, we unleash it as a powerful tool for our communities.
by Ellen Brown

*But why do we need money in the first place?  Why aren’t the necessities of life apportioned according to folks’ needs – aside from the obvious reasons of greed and power?

A functional family doesn’t require credit to incentivize acts to benefit each other and the whole.

Why should the human family?

Naive?  If you accept the theory that human beings are inherently selfish, and not taught to be so by a system based on profit, yes.

If you believe that that behavior would change if we valued cooperation over competition, no.

So what do *you* think?


Why Growth Still Feels Like Recession
Think the US economy’s 2% growth is a good news story? Think again: it has to be 2.5% just to stop joblessness rising
by Dean Baker


A Democracy of Bags Stuffed with Cash
by Tom Engelhardt

*Follow the money

Straight to hell


State Ballot Initiatives Ensure Employee Free Choice Act Stays Dead
by Michelle Chen

*Don’t look for the “Union” label


Killing Reconciliation: Military Raids, Backing of Corrupt Government Undermining Stated US Goals in Afghanistan

*Left unstated in all this, as is often the case, are the reasons why the US is in Afghanistan, and that informs how you view its strategy, doesn’t it?

The US will never leave that country, unless there’s true change in this country, because of the economic and geopolitical gains it hopes to reap there.  Both wars are strategic investments in energy acquisition and empire building, and are cash cows for corps.

The US may make a show of “winding down”, as in Iraq, but it’s not going anywhere soon.

That needs to be said at every opportunity, don’t you think?

As for what’s at stake for humanity, how can you hear the stories of what this hell has done to those children, and not have them sear your soul?


From Murder to Congress? Unrepentant Tea Party-Backed GOP Candidate Ilario Pantano Killed 2 Unarmed Iraqis

*Who’s more morally reprehensible – this murdering bastard, or the “opposing” candidate and party who let him wear his war crime as a badge of honor?

None of them give a damn about the life of a “hadji”, do they?


Puerto Rico Marks 60th Anniversary of Jayuya Uprising

*Hidden history – a textbook case of omission from same


FBI Documents on Senator Paul Wellstone Raise Questions about His Death 8 Years Ago

*Well, hell – I hope there’s going to be more on this.  Why stick this on at the end of the show, with no time to get into details?



Juan Williams’ Ethical Duties–and NPR’s

*Comment left at link


Tea Party Candidates Only a Democrat Could Love
by Murray Waas

*Not terribly surprising that a corpress piece would focus on Democratic dishonesty, is it?  Of course, a cursory acknowledgement of Republican chicanery is included for “balance”.

Regardless, this is “small d” democratic deception, and as such is contemptible, isn’t it?

It does beg the question, though, as to whether, were the Democrats truly “the party of the people”, this could be considered a lesser evil in service to a greater good.

That’s an ancient debate, and one that we have to continually engage in, isn’t it?


Being SiCKO in a Tea Party Nation
by Donna Smith

*It’s enough to make you sick

To death


What Are They Hiding? Obama Administration Defending Black Site Prison at Bagram Airbase
by Dave Lindorff

*Lindorff keeps harping on the “damage to America’s reputation”.

Inhuman behavior tends to have that effect, and will continue to, until the US ends its imperial wars and makes just amends for the hell it has wrought.

The US has earned its disreputable rep.  Let’s worry about creating a new one for it, in which its commitment to justice and equality is more than mere propaganda.


America’s Voice
Uncovered in Arizona: Private Prison Lobby Colludes with GOP Pols to Pass Anti-Immigration Law, Line Their Pockets
NPR Investigation Shows Role Private Prison Contractors Played in Drafting Arizona’s “Papers, Please” Law, Connections to Republican Officials

*Turning the screws loose


Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Increase in Retirement Age Disproportionately Hurts Workers at the Bottom

*Getting screwed on the job, and after it


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Rights Groups File Emergency Injunction to Obtain Documents on “Dangerous” ICE Program
Attorneys, Advocates Call “Secure Communities” Dangerous, Demand Information to End Opt-Out Confusion


“Free Speech for People” Coalition Calls for Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United Decision Allowing Unlimited Corporate Spending on Elections

*I’d like to know more on the ACLU’s reasoning for not supporting an amendment.  I think it’s clear from even an absolutist free speech stance that, given the nature of corporations and the benefits that accrue to them as such, they shouldn’t have the same free speech rights as actual persons.

Beyond that, though, the obscene amount of money in politics from whatever source is a danger that has to be addressed through effective public financing, to give those who actually wish to be *public* servants an equal opportunity to win elections.

“Cash and carry” is no way to run a democracy, is it?


The Right to Food: Corporate, Foreign Gov’t Land Grab Causing Hunger in Poor Countries



Border Guards Profiting from Haitian Child Smuggling
by Gerardo Reyes and Jacqueline Charles
by Miami Herald

*Can you imagine the trauma for these children, to have experienced the horror of the quake, then to endure this?

If climate change makes life impossible for our species, it’s tempting to think that might be considered justice for the commission and allowance of crimes like these.


Worlds Collide at Cancun Climate Talks
by Laura Carlsen

*Exposing REDD herrings in a sea of greenwash


Pollster Nate Silver and Author Ari Berman on “Third Straight Anti-Incumbent Election”

*Not much light shed, as is too often the case on DN!, but some intel worth knowing


Acclaimed Indian Author Arundhati Roy Faces Arrest for Questioning India’s Claim on Kashmir


Convicted Student Adnan Mirza Maintains Innocence in Latest Case of Alleged FBI Entrapment

*The phony war against faux terrorism


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Travesty at Guantanamo”

*More from the front lines of the phony war


Is Scientific American Running Away From Science on Climate Change?

*Comment left at link


Tea Party Endorses ‘Lamestream’ Media Coverage of Tea Parties

*Comment left at link



Juan Williams, Fox News Liberal

*Well, he’s right about Jackson, Sharpton and the Demorats screwing poor and minority folks, isn’t he?

(You can add everybody but the rich to that list, can’t you?)

The thing is, if they actually did what they promised, can’t you just imagine what Williams would say about them?


On Austerity, USA Today Allows Only One View


Amnesty International
Former Saddam Hussein Officials Face Death Penalty

*A punishment that never fits the crime


Institute for Public Accuracy
Administration Targeting Record Number of Whistleblowers

*Truth and consequences – criminalizing conscience


WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange on Iraq War Logs, “Tabloid Journalism” and Why WikiLeaks Is “Under Siege”



Partners in Health Physician on Haiti: “Cholera Will Not Go Away Until Underlying Situations that Make People Vulnerable Change”

*Death by dirty water, and dirty politics



NYT Questions Efforts to Rehabilitate Suharto–a Dictator It Boosted for Decades

*Comment left at link


Socialism? The Rich Are Winning the US Class War: Facts Show Rich Getting Richer, Everyone Else Poorer
by Bill Quigley

*Not likely to be passed around at a Tea Bagger rally

Or one of Dear Misleader’s


The World Liberal Opportunists Made
by Chris Hedges

*I don’t know that “liberalism” is dead just yet, but the question’s largely irrelevant, isn’t it?

We’re facing the end of the world as we know it, and “reforms” are meaningless.  We have to change drastically, and soon, or the horrors so many of our fellow inhabitants are already suffering will engulf us all.

For them, and us, we have to face reality, and struggle to end the divisions that keep us from working together to save our collective home.

What greater incentive could there be?


Mapping Global Wealth
Credit Suisse reveals the world’s staggering inequality.
by Sam Pizzigati

*To each according to his greed


WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs Expose US-Backed Iraqi Torture, 15,000 More Civilian Deaths, and Contractors Run Amok

*Shoot first

Stonewall questions later



With Juan Williams, the Question Is Not Objectivity, but Bigotry

*Comment left at link


Institute for Public Accuracy
WikiLeaks Documents Expose Realities of Iraq War

*War is war

Dead is dead

Uncounted or not


Citizens United v. America’s Citizens: A Voter’s Guide
by Charlie Cray

*Some useful intel, though coming at it from a pretty conventional perspective


Justice, Israeli Style
by Sherine Tadros

*Justice bulldozed


WikiLeaks Prepares Largest Intel Leak in US History with Release of 400,000 Iraq War Docs

*Shining a light into the darkness of empire


Juan Gonzalez: Controversial Evaluations System Will Unfairly Target New York Teachers


With New Limits, US Military Reinstates “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”


Does Opposing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Bolster US Militarism? A Debate with Lt. Dan Choi and Queer Activist Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

*I’ve always had a problem with Choi’s emphasis on “serving his country”.  The military as it exists does nothing of the sort, does it?  Sycamore puts “service” in the proper context – serving empire.

That said, there are gays in the military, and they shouldn’t have to hide that fact.  Ending DADT would be a positive development, but let’s see it in the larger context Sycamore places it in, and not posit it as this seminal struggle for gay rights.

Make sense?


“Lawless Courts”: Lack of Accountability Allows Immigration Judges to Violate Laws, Deport US Citizens

*Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free …

And with liberty and justice for all, I’ll treat them like the worthless shit they are

God bless America



Too Pig to Jail? Ban Foreclosures Now
by Ted Rall

*The truly scary haunted houses this Hallowe’en


“War Does This to Your Mind”
by Kathy Kelly


Sarkozy Should Retire, Says France
By taking to the streets to defend their pension rights from regressive cuts, the French are fighting for all our benefits
by Mark Weisbrot


Honduras: Crisis and Progress
by Bill Quigley and Laura Raymond

*The struggle to topple over the stacked odds


Digging in for the Long Haul in Afghanistan
How Permanent Are America’s Afghan Bases?
by Nick Turse

*Staying power


Eight Epic Failures of Regulating Cryptography
by Cindy Cohn

*Tap dancing around the Constitution


Surviving in Haiti
by Beverly Bell

*A broken nation, but not a broken spirit



Amnesty International Welcomes the Decision of the Indian Government to Reject Vedanta Refinery Expansion


6 Months Since BP Oil Spill, Writer and Environmentalist Terry Tempest Williams Asks “Where Is Our Outrage?”

*The gulf between soothing lies and searing reality


Anti-Gay Fervor in Uganda Tied to Right-Wing US Evangelicals

*Incredibly scary shit that obviously won’t be exposed in the corpress, but needs much more than occasional exposure in alt media.  These connections have to be made as a matter of course, so they’ll stay in the foreground of folks’ consciousness, don’t you think?


Chicago Parents Occupy Elementary School Building to Prevent Demolition

*Bogging down Arne’s Army



UN Report Sheds Light on Rape as Weapon of War
by Agence France Presse

*Left out of this piece – and I assume the report – is the role UN forces play in both perpetuating violence and in failing to protect the victims


10 Reasons Not to Tax the Rich. And Why They’re All Bad
by Paul Buchheit

*The rich are misunderstood

Which is exactly how they want it


The Pulpit of Bullies
by Michael Winship

*Tea Party animal behavior


Joya Rejects the NATO Coalition, Harper and the Excuses for War
by Malalai Joya

*There’s not really anything to add to this, is there?

Except to say that folks like Joya are who we need to listen to, who experience on the ground the hell we pay for.


A “Progressive Hero?” Time to Think Outside of the Boxer
by Stephen Zunes

*I can take Zunes to task for his faith in “the peace process” and Obama’s role in it, and his view of Israel’s “legitimate security concerns”, but his main point is dead on, don’t you think?


Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Fiscal Austerity Not a Viable Path to U.S. Recovery Under Current Economic Conditions

*The primary argument against austerity is straightforward:

Austerity will kill.

Programs people depend on to survive will be cut.  Many will suffer, and some will die.

Shouldn’t that always be the first consideration?


NAACP Report Ties Tea Party to Militia and Racist Groups

*Some pretty idiotic comments accompanying this, don’t you think?

“A better Tea Party”?  Would that be one that doesn’t shoot its mouth off, while continuing to promote racism, homophobia and xenophobia?

Telling the Tea Baggers to get rid of racists is like telling St. Paddy’s Day organizers to exclude Irish folks from the festivities.  That’s who they are.  That’s who they appeal to.

A token black face here and there doesn’t change things.  I remember the two black kids who came to my elementary school in Mississippi in the ’60s.  That wasn’t “desegregation”, and a few blacks or Latinos bobbing around in a sea of whiteness isn’t a commitment to diversity, is it?

There may be a few dupes who really don’t see the reality of what they’ve joined, but the leadership and the vast majority of members are no different from the screaming crowds who opposed racial equality back in the day, are they?

They want to bring back that day, and they need to be called on it.


Institute for Public Accuracy
France: “A Stunning and Historical Shift”

*Let’s hope this is a genuine coalescence of forces to fight global capital’s plans for imposing austerity on working and poor folks, that it will spread to other industrialized nations, including the US, and that it will form a united front with the oppressed in the Third World.

We can dream, can’t we?

We have to.

It’s the only way we’ll awaken from this nightmare.


Pat Moynihan’s Non-Vindicating Vindication

*Shouldn’t we be talking about the culture of *creating* poverty, and what that means for both those in poverty, and those soon to be?


NewsHour Fails French Public, Too

*Comment left at link



US Military Aid Far Outpaces Democracy Assistance
by Jim Lobe
Inter Press Service

*We’re dealing largely in relatively meaningless dichotomies here, aren’t we?  There’s not much difference between “no strings attached” military aid and “very few strings pulled” State Department funds, is there?

As to where that “democracy assistance” dough goes …


Eating Less Meat Could Save 45,000 Lives a Year, Experts Claim
Cutting meat consumption to 210g a week would hugely reduce deaths from heart disease and cancer, research shows
by Denis Campbell
The Guardian/UK

*Elford’s comments at the end get to the meat of the matter, so to speak, don’t you think?


From Crude Awakening to Climate Camp, Direct Action Needs a New Story
The climate protest movement can regain momentum by showing it’s worth getting out on the streets for the environment
by Paul Morozzo


The Wall Comes Tumbling Down
by Greg Kaufmann

*We’ll see how well Pacific walks the walk.

And what about compensation for sins past?


More Tea Party Hilarity
by Matt Taibbi

*My daddy belonged to the White Citizens Council decades ago back in Miss’ssippi.

He’d have felt right at home with these bastards, don’t you think?


Green America
Is There Child Slave Labor in Your Child’s Halloween Candy?
New Chocolate Candy Scorecard Rates All the Major Chocolate Makers; Hershey is Dead Last for its Failure to Take Action on Child Labor

*The ghouls and goblins of globalization


East Timor & Indonesia Action Network
WPAT: Torture Video Reveals “Indonesia’s Abu Ghraib” on Eve of Obama Visit


Institute for Public Accuracy
Election Ignoring Social Security

*It might be instructive to know what these 200 reps have to doing to protect SS other than taking this “pledge”, don’t you think?


Angela Davis on the Prison Abolishment Movement, Frederick Douglass, the 40th Anniversary of Her Arrest and President Obama’s First Two Years

*Well worth reading, of course, but you’d have to take issue with Davis’ view that Obama was elected “despite the power of money”, when he received vast amounts of Wall Street’s filthy lucre, wouldn’t you?


Taking the Public Out of Public TV
PBS fare differs little from commercial TV



Citizen Protests, Government Repression Mount in Haiti
by Beverly Bell


Heroes for the Beaten, Foreclosed on, Imprisoned Masses
by Chris Hedges

*Walking the walk when so many just sit and talk


Tickets to the Gun Show
In the US a legal loophole exists that enables anyone who desires to purchase firearms without a background check.
by Cliff Schecter

*”Sport” to me is tossing a ball through a hoop, not blowing some poor animal’s brains out so you can mount one of its body parts above your garage door.

Or just for the “thrill” of it.

Or maybe it’s that I just don’t look good in camo.


War’s Hidden Death Toll: After Service, Veteran Deaths & Suicides Surge

*I always have a problem with saying that those in the military have “performed a service for this country.”

They’ve served as cannon fodder for corporate greed and geopolitical advantage, and that’s where the tragedy lies, doesn’t it?

Many of them also have been merciless murderers of innocents.

It’s a complex picture, but on this issue, there’s nothing complicated about seeing that this is another example of a government without an ounce of humanity, but oceans of hypocrisy.


Big Oil Goes to College: BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell Fund & Influence Research at Major Universities

*Our bucks – their bang


Slavoj Zizek: Far Right and Anti-Immigrant Politicians on the Rise in Europe

*Mixed bag here, but I think Žižek certainly makes you think.

Having thought, I see some valuable insights, as well as some views that just don’t stand up to scrutiny.  Case in point:

“I still have all sympathy and respect for President Obama”?

Of course, he ain’t the only one, and that will never cease to amaze – and scare the bejesus – out of me.



‘Capitalism Saved the Miners’? Part Two

*Comments left at link



‘Capitalism Saved the Miners’? Only in Wonder Land

*Profit = Innovation?

Ah … so that’s why my car gets seventy miles a gallon.

No, wait … that’s not right, is it?

I’ve always sucked at math.


Tomato Pickers Secure Path-Breaking Deal with Florida Grower
by Mischa Gaus
Facing South


Injustice for All? US Justice System Failing
by Russian Times RT

*Failing grade for fairness


The Imperial Defense of Pentagon Bloat
by David Sirota

*Sirota focuses on Republicans, but funding obese and obscene Pentagon
budgets is a bipartisan exercise in empire building, isn’t it?


Admiring Ahmadinejad and Overlooking Activists: We’re Better Than This
by Bitta Mostofi

*Excellent piece about keeping our eyes on the prize.

My one criticism is that we do have to be aware of and alert to US
attempts to manipulate the movement in Iran, if history is any judge,
don’t we?


King of the Food Deserts
by Eric Holt Gimenez

*Living off the lean of the land


Water Crisis in Palestine Is Worsening
by Nora Barrows-Friedman

*From a dire litany of despair, a hopeful tale of global community


Oxfam International
Pakistan Spends Double Paying Off Debt Than It Gets in Flood Aid
Oxfam calls on Friends of Democratic Pakistan to drop the debt

*Sucking dry a flooded nation



Death and Profits: The Utility Protection Racket
by Michael Parenti

*The private sector delivers …

Misery and malfeasance, that is

And damned efficient at it, wouldn’t you say?


America’s Dish Detergent Wars
The fuss over phosphate bans provides an object lesson in the paranoid
politics of the Tea Party’s anti-liberal backlash
by Amanda Marcotte

*Suggestion for a Tea Bagger slogan:

“A mind is a terrible thing”


Foxconn’s Global Empire Reflects a New Breed of Sweatshop
by Michelle Chen

*Killer Apps:  A high tech horror show featuring brand name brutality


Center for Economic and Policy Research
CEPR Co-Director Criticizes U.S. Funding of Flawed “Elections” in Haiti
U.S. Providing Millions in Electoral Assistance for “Election” that
Excludes Major Political Parties from Ballot


Upton Sinclair’s EPIC Campaign
by Greg Mitchell

*Worth reading for the history.

The analysis is another story.

It’s The Nation, after all.


Republican Ex-CEOs Challenge Veteran Dems in California’s Heated
Gubernatorial, Senate Races

Green Party Candidate Excluded from California Governor’s Debate


Environmental Groups Confront Oil Industry-Backed Attempt to Repeal
California’s Landmark Emissions Law in Prop 23

*I think we need to look closely at these major environmental
groups/”progressive business” coalitions.  AB32’s better than a poke
in the eye with a sharp drill bit, but it’s not what’s necessary, and
for these orgs to rhapsodize about it shows a dangerous lack of
perspective, don’t you think?

And the whole renewable energy business thing …

Of course renewables are better than fossil fuels, but who’s going to
control all this?  Health care’s a good thing, too, but look who runs
it, and how we get screwed by those bastards.

So let’s not kiss the dicks of renewable energy companies on the
say-so of Sierra or other Big Enviros, okay?  Their raison d’etre is,
after all, profit, and not saving the planet, and they’ll behave
accordingly, don’t you think?


Ananya Roy on California’s Education Battle and “Poverty Capital:
Microfinance and the Making of Development”


Institute for Public Accuracy
* Public Citizen: Rove Breaking the Law * Spoof Corporate Money Ads

*Give ’em a mile, they take the whole friggin’ road


WPost Columnist: Pay Cuts for Everyone (Except Me)

*Comment left at link



Dead Afghans, Different Media

*Comment left at link


Western Lifestyles Plundering Tropics at Record Rate, WWF Report Shows
Living Planet report shows planet’s resources are being used at 1.5
times the rate nature can replace them
by Juliette Jowit
The Guardian/UK


Afghan Civilian War Injuries Double in Kandahar Conflict
Wounded patients flooding into hospitals, says Red Cross, while
fighting is stopping the sick getting basic medical care
by Peter Beaumont
The Guardian/UK


Our Commons Future Is Already Here
A stirring call to unite the environmental and global justice movement
from Maude Barlow
by Maude Barlow

*Much vital Commons sense here, but I’d caution against placing
unquestioning faith in gummints and “leaders” – Bolivia, Morales or
anyone else – to wholeheartedly share that view.

Support what they do that furthers the cause, but keep our eyes wide
open for that which doesn’t, and call them on it.

Be wary of proclaiming “heroes”.

Pedestals are inherently unstable structures.


Obama and the “Superman” School Predators
by Glen Ford

*That won’t learn ’em, aside from a lesson in vampire economics

Ford’s always worth a read, to my mind


Why Printing Money Makes Sense
Right now, even a counterfeiter issuing dud dollars would be better
for the economy than our deficit-fixated policymakers
by Dean Baker


Money Talks: Corporations Become Humans and Curse Their Creator
by Tom Turnipseed

*Not much to argue with here, other than the mention of “foreign”
money.  Given Americans’ strong penchant for xenophobia, this is risky

The point should be opposition to corporate influence, regardless of
foreign or domestic or transnational origin, don’t you think?


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and National Center for Transgender Equality
Report Reveals Discrimination Against Transgender People by Health
Providers, High HIV rates, Lack of Access to Necessary Care
Health data released from the largest-ever study of transgender and
gender non-conforming people in the United States


Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
Parents Urge Supermarket to Shelve On-Shelf TV Ads, Petition Food Lion
to Pull the Plug on Planned 3GTv Test Run

*Thumbs down on ading up


Institute for Public Accuracy
Oil Price Gouging Behind Drive To Stop Greenhouse Gas Caps


While Celebrating Halt to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Gay Rights Movement
Confronts Teen Suicides, Homophobic Electioneering and Violent Attacks


A Tale of 2 Gitmo Opinions: Ruling Altered to Hide Evidence of Dead,
Tortured Witnesses


Nueva York: Museum Exhibit Documents Latino Role in Shaping New York
City over Three Centuries



WPost Asks Notorious Homophobe to Write About Gay Youth Suicides


Rand Study: Marijuana Legalization Would Markedly Cut Mexican Drug
Cartel Profits
by Jon Walker


They Hate Us for Our Occupations
by Glenn Greenwald

*Of course, US policies have nothing to do with “stopping terrorism”, do they?

Terrorism provides the excuse for imperial actions.  It’s the
boogeyman behind The National Security State.  It pours oceans of cash
into the coffers of The Military-Industrial Complex.

Why would anyone benefiting from that wish to end it?


China’s Pipelineistan “War”
Anteing Up, Betting, and Bluffing in the New Great Game
by Pepe Escobar

*Left unmentioned is The Fact that regardless of the winners in this
New Great Game, everyone will be a loser as we commit environmental


It Goes Against Our Nature, but the Left Has to Start Asserting Its Own Values
The progressive attempt to appeal to self-interest has been a
catastrophe. Empathy, not expediency, must drive our campaigns
by George Monbiot

*I think a good example of this is the whole “We’re only creating more
terrorists and enemies” spiel, as well as the focus on US military
deaths, rather than those of Afghan, Pakistani, Iraqi and other

The US is committing war crimes, and we have to see those crimes
through the eyes of their victims.

That would be an appeal to intrinsic values, wouldn’t it?


Institute for Public Accuracy
What About Water Infrastructure?

*Protecting our liquid assets


Why Are Bailed-Out Banks Breaking into Struggling Borrowers’ Homes?


“Progressive Hunter”: Gunman Cites Listening to Glenn Beck and Others
as Inspiration for Armed Plot Against ACLU & Tides

*The frightening impact of The Big Lie on little minds



“Cover-up” Alleged Over U.K. Aid Worker’s Death
by Hasan Suroor
The Hindu (Kolkata, India)


Malnourished Children Swell Ranks of World’s Hungry
by Peter Boaz
Inter Press Service

*Glaringly absent here as a cause of hunger is the role of
globalization in crippling national food security, isn’t it?


“Truly, I Say To You, I Do Not Know You”
by Abby Zimet

*So, a guy who supposedly got himself crucified for humanity’s sake
would’ve stood by and let a family’s home burn to the ground because
he didn’t get paid?

Jesus …


Servicemembers United
Gay, Lesbian Veterans Call on White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett to
Meet, Discuss DADT Repeal Before Gay Fundraiser Appearance
Jarrett’s Appearance at Gay Fundraising Gala Called “Insulting” in
Light of Administration Inaction on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

*Once again, The Audacity of “Nope”, and the “liberals” who figleaf it


Soils and souls: The promise of The Land
by Robert Jensen

*Saving nature, so it can save us


Exclusive: British Novelist John le Carré on the Iraq War, Corporate
Power, the Exploitation of Africa and His New Novel, “Our Kind of

*I’m usually not keen on celebrity bits, but I think le Carré provides
some useful insight into the dark realms of corporate and gummint
crimes, so …

I do have to say that his sense of Obama as trapped by circumstances
beyond his control is, indeed, “the most charitable perception one can
make” – if you define that as the benefit of the doubt given wholly
without merit.



‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’: Canada Sees Climate Change Prosperity Instead
of Calamity
by Stephen Leahy
Inter Press Service

*Orwellian …

Make that “oil well-ian”


Report: Haiti Recovery ‘Paralyzed’
Refugees International says agencies co-ordinating Haitian relief
efforts are “dysfunctional” and “inexperienced”.
by Al Jazeera

*Well, the main thing is that people got to feel good by giving
something to help, isn’t it?

Is that too cynical, or too honest?


Is Social Networking Useless for Social Change?
by Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith

*Tools change

The need for trust and respect remains the same


Buying Local Halfway Across the Globe
by Yifat Susskind

*Great good sense, other than the naive comment at the end about Dear
Misleader’s “new global development policy”.

Yeesh …


Amnesty International Says United States Increasingly Out of Step as
the World Turns Against the Death Penalty


Project on Government Oversight (POGO)
Weak Oversight of Security Contracting Undermining U.S. Efforts in War Zones

*Jesus, Mary and Joseph …

Sometimes you just shake your head.

The focus of this intel should be that this war doesn’t have a goddamn
thing to do with defending the Afghan people.  It’s about propaganda,
pipelines and profits.

That’s the aim of “U.S. efforts in war zones”, isn’t it?  That POGO’s
worried about these being “undermined” makes you wonder what they’re
sprinkling on their breakfast cereal, doesn’t it?

That’s giving them the benefit of the doubt.


Jailed Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

*I’m ignorant of Liu’s work, but I can say it’s obvious there’s a
brutal dictatorship in his country, and that fact is both ignored and
promoted by the US, according to its imperial aims.

I’d like to think that Liu’s opposition to tyranny, wherever it may
reign, doesn’t possess the same moral flexibility.


Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner on the Foreclosure Crisis and
Her State’s Lawsuit Against Ally Financial



FAIR Extra!
‘Saving’ Social Security From Its Previous Rescue
The multi-trillion surplus that must never, ever be used
by Jim Naureckas

*Money for nothing


The Media’s Construction of the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’
How Islamophobic blogs manufactured a controversy
by Steve Rendall and Alex Kane


The Bigot-Whisperers of the Right
by Phil Rockstroh


Industrial Agriculture and Human Survival: The Road Beyond 10/10/10
by Ronnie Cummins

*Eating us alive


Economics 101 for Deficit Hawks
The same Washington policymakers who inveigh against the deficit want
a strong dollar – clueless about the contradiction
by Dean Baker


IMF Forecasts Global Slowdown, But Policies Remain Pro-Cyclical in
Many Countries


Around the neck


Campaign Cash: The Independent Fundraising Gold Rush Since Citizens
United Ruling


“Operation Recovery”: On 9th Anniversary of Afghan War, Veteran-Led
Campaign Seeks to End Deployment of Traumatized Soldiers

Iraq War Veteran Who Rescued Wounded Children in 2007 Apache Attack
Describes Emotional Toll of Witnessing Infamous Killings


“American Hypocrite”: The Nation Exposes Lou Dobbs’ Reliance on
Undocumented Labor

*Dobbs’ spin cycle must be in overdrive right now.

It’ll be interesting to see how the corpress plays this, don’t you think?

Stay tuned …



Political wish list: Honest talk about economics, empire, and energy
by Robert Jensen

*Highly logical, Captain


Powerful Nations Withhold Climate Aid, Trample World’s Poor
by Sydney Morning Herald

*Necessity is a mutha


Is Digital Activism an Effective Medium for Change?
Malcolm Gladwell says social media can’t effect real-life change,
Facebook and Twitter devotees think otherwise.
by Jaz Cummins
The Guardian/UK

*If it’s a tool among many, it can be a benefit.

If it’s seen as an end in itself, it’s ultimately worthless, and a
case can be made that it actually can be harmful to efforts to effect
true change, would you agree?


Hard Times After Hard Time for the Formerly Incarcerated
by Michelle Chen

*Run-on sentences


Israel Is Now Punishing Palestinians Shamelessly
What is delaying treatment of a 47-year-old Palestinian woman, if not
punishment of someone who opposes her foreign rulers?
by Amira Hass


The Dirty History of the Nuremberg Laws
by Tony Platt

*And Patton was no doubt a great admirer of apartheid South Africa, as
were, and are, the leaders of Israel, who’ve used it as a template for
their Zionist state of racial separation and repression.

That such an abomination can claim legitimacy from the horror of the
Holocaust does a grave disservice to its victims, to be used to
propagate the same inhumanity that caused their suffering.

That, to me, is a most cynical form of anti-Semitism, turning history
on its head and tarring with that epithet anyone who stands against
their vile acts of present-day fascism.


Entrapment or Foiling Terror? FBI’s Reliance on Paid Informants Raises
Questions about Validity of Terrorism Cases

*The larger context here that doesn’t get examined is the use of these
false flag cases to sow pervasive fear, providing justification for a
national security state that has nothing whatever to do with security.

“The other” is always scapegoated, creating division within the
society, which thwarts the building of the solidarity necessary to
fight back against what might be termed “facade fascism” – the veneer
of democracy serving as a fig leaf for repression.

And that repression isn’t a “misguided” attempt to prevent acts of
terrorism, is it?

Its intent is to protect a system of exploitation, here and abroad –
to make the world safe for kleptocracy.

And I guess it says something about how unevolved our species is that,
while circumstances may differ, its essence has worked so well for so
long in so many nations, doesn’t it?



In Kenya, Farmers Grow Their Own Way
Thousands of grassroots, African-led efforts are building locally
rooted alternatives to the chemical agriculture promoted by the Gates
Foundation and Monsanto.
by Heather Day, Travis English
YES! Magazine

*Just think what these folks could do with US gummint funding, no
strings attached

Which is why they won’t get it, isn’t it?


NGOs Condemn Merger of Immigration and Criminal Justice
by William Fisher

*The crime of “surviving while brown”


Dissent in the Age of Obama
by Cindy Sheehan

*At some level, you have to wonder if the 2008 election was given to
the Demorats, who’d then continue to propagate these evils, so that
come November, the Republicans could take over with no “credible”
opposition voice, the other party now also branded with the mark of

Conspiracy theory?  I don’t know the facts, but I know the factors and
the actors, and that it’s well within the realm of possibility speaks
to just how morally rotten our system is, don’t you think?


The Case for Liberal Apathy: An Overview of the Enthusiasm Gap
by Ted Rall

*Straight up, but Rall doesn’t go into just why Dear Misleader hasn’t
“fought”, does he?

The Obamas of the world don’t fight the system they profit from, do they?

Their job is to sustain it, not dismantle it.

And they’re pretty goddamn good at it.

Which is pretty goddamn bad for most of the rest of us, isn’t it?


Unemployed: Stranded on the Sidelines of a Jobs Crisis
by Andy Kroll

*While Rembold’s tale is a sad one, we have to keep in mind that there
are folks a hell of a lot worse off than he is, and the only way he,
and they, will be able to live with respect and dignity is if the
profit paradigm is tossed into the dustbin of history – something
Kroll seems wholly oblivious to.

Won’t happen, I know.  I’m just sayin’ …


Exposed: US Doctors Secretly Infected Hundreds of Guatemalans with
Syphilis in the 1940s

*The rationalization by Reverby’s really disturbing, don’t you think?
Yes, context should be clarified, and perhaps there was medical
benefit gleaned from some of these experiments, but ultimately you
have to put yourself in the shoes of the victims, and ask what gave
these researchers the right to do this to me, don’t you?

That’s the overriding moral imperative here, and no “good” that came
out of these studies can ever justify them from that perspective, can

And I think the attitude of viewing these persons as inferior human
beings shows even in the “apologies” extended last week.

True remorse would be followed by just compensation, wouldn’t it?

Words are cheap, and these poor souls’ lives were, and are, deemed the same.


The Dark History of Medical Experimentation from the Nazis to Tuskegee
to Puerto Rico


Institute for Public Accuracy
NOT Waiting for Superman: What Kind of Education Reform Model Is Rhee?

*For kids, Rhee’s D.C. is P.U.



Himalayas Unsettled by Melting Glaciers, More Avalanches
by Bhuwan Sharma
Inter Press Service

*Mountains of evidence ignored


Pineapples: Luxury Fruit at What Price?
by The Guardian/UK

*Unjust desserts


Surveillance, America’s Pastime
A Hall of Shame of State Snooping, Prying, and Informing Aimed at
Destroying the Fabric of Civil Society
by Stephan Salisbury


Getting Some Rays: Forget Radar, Now the Government Is X-Raying You as You Drive
by Dave Lindorff

*”X” marks the spot where fear, profit and power trump reason

It’s the American way, wouldn’t you say?


Proposition 23: The Real Job Killer
by Brendan Smith and Jeremy Brecher

*Rising tides and falling futures


Keeping It Public (If the Libraries Don’t Sway You, the Blazing House Might)
by Amy Traub

*Fire sales we can’t afford


Worse Than Pollution: Crazy Ants, Bird-Eating Mice and Murdering Mink
They read like creatures in a gothic novel, but the species we’ve
introduced round the world are real and cause untold harm
by George Monbiot


The 2010 Commonwealth Games – A Systemic Indicator of India’s Democracy
by Koustubh Parulekar

*Playing with people’s lives is the sport of the ruling class, isn’t it?


Center for Public Integrity (CPI)
The GOP’s Shadow Campaign Finance Network

*Cash and carry the vote?


Picking Lula’s Replacement: Brazil’s Presidential Race Heads to Runoff

*I’d really like to know a lot more about the variety of “left”
politics in Latin America.  It can be complicating and confusing,
can’t it?

I think one principle to always keep in mind, though, is to never
place anyone on a pedestal.

They have a tendency to topple over, don’t they?


News Dissector Danny Schechter: Saturday’s “One Nation” March on
Washington Was “More Movie than Movement”

*Schechter makes some good points, but I think he’s too lenient on the
organizers.  This was a Demorat pep rally, for all intents and
purposes, and yes, while I’d rather have Russ Feingold in the Senate
than Ron Johnson (I’m in Wisconsin), no politician is going to say and
do what needs to be done, are they?

It’s not about parties – it’s about principle.  It shouldn’t come down
to a choice between being pissed on or being shit on, should it?

But it will, until we understand what’s at stake and that real change
we can believe in will only occur through own collective efforts,
independent of voting in a context of the evil of two lessers, as they

Hold your nose and vote for the least worst choice come November, but
don’t confuse that with what’s necessary to save this rock for
ourselves and those to come, okay?

As I’ve said before, I don’t think it’s gonna happen, but so what?  If
there’s any purpose to life, it’s to be a mensch, right?

So mensch on.


Factually Challenged Reporter Cheers Factchecking

*Comment left at link



Report from Ecuador: Democracy Under Threat
by Jennifer Moore
Upside Down World

*More from Ecuador, including significant holes poked in Correa’s
“left” rep, don’t you think?



Sorry: US Apologizes for Syphilis and Gonorrhea Experiments on Guatemalans
US researchers infected patients with STDs without their consent in the 1940s
by Robert Bazell

*”Extensive apologies”?

How about extensive compensation?

How about extensive efforts to ensure justice is done, not just for
this literally sickening crime, but for the horrors visited upon
Guatemalans after the overthrow of their democratically elected
goverment a few years later?

But, this is *our* gummint we’re talking about, isn’t it?


A High-Risk Energy Boom Sweeps Across North America
Energy companies are rushing to develop unconventional sources of oil
and gas trapped in carbon-rich shales and sands throughout the western
United States and Canada. So far, government officials have shown
little concern for the environmental consequences of this new fossil
fuel development boom.
by Keith Schneider
Yale Environment 360

*Wringing every last drop of profit out of the earth, and wringing
humanity’s neck in the process


Tax Breaks Are Not Sufficient to Restore Employment
by Dean Baker and Sarita Gupta

*Well-intentioned ideas, but when the car is what needs to be
scrapped, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a new set of tires, does


Forget the FTA Fix, Just Say No
by Christine Ahn and Martin Hart-Landsberg

*Dirty tricks of the trade


Will Americans Act to Prevent Economic and Environmental Collapse?
by Ted Rall

*The burning question is, *how* do we act?

What would do the most good in the shortest time – ’cause we’re fast
running out of time, aren’t we?

And how do we inspire the collective will to do what needs to be done?

If I had the answers, I’d have posted ’em by now.


When the Taliban Calls, Should You Take It?
How can we cover a war when we only cover one side? Do We Live in a
“Republic of Fear?”
by Danny Schechter

*I’d be interested in Mr. Musafir’s replies to such questions as how he
justifies the killling of innocent Afghans in their “defense” – the
flip side to US propaganda – and how the Taliban’s strictures reconcile
with the teachings of Islam, with its emphasis on tolerance – again,
reflecting our utter hypocrisy when it comes to the teachings of

I wouldn’t expect a response, if he’s anything like our holy warriors,
but I think it’d be worth a try, don’t you?


Veterans for Peace
Banner-Drop on Pennsylvania Avenue: “Mr. Obama: End These Fucking
Wars! War is the Obscenity”
Veterans’ 25 x 17 Banner Tells it Straight to Obama at 555 PA Ave. N

*Nothing to add – except gratitude for someone getting to the heart of
the hell we pay for


Amnesty International
One Billion Slum Dwellers Cannot Be Ignored

*Pretty words

Ugly reality


Ecuador Declares State of Emergency as President Correa Escapes Attack
from Rogue Armed Forces


Lenders Forced to Suspend Thousands of Foreclosures after Admitting to
Faulty Review Process

*You see this, and it just makes crystal clear that we need regulators
looking over these bastards’ shoulders every goddamn minute, doesn’t

And yet many of those who’d directly benefit from that, or might in
future, swallow the Tea Bagger line on deregulation hook, line and

Perhaps that should be included in the latest editions of psychology
textbooks as a classic example of self-destructive behavior?


“Waiting for Superman”: Critics Say Much-Hyped Education Documentary
Unfairly Targets Teachers Unions and Promotes Charter Schools

*Excellent points about the agitprop around charters, and how
propagators like Gates and Guggenheim can paint themselves as
“reformers” while working to maintain the unjust status quo.  I think
it shows what happens when perhaps well-intentioned persons don’t keep
their eyes on the bottom line – who wins and who loses – and let their
own submerged race and class biases influence the policies they

I especially appreciated Ayers’ comment about the promotion of global
competition as the dominant paradigm, rather than cooperation.



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