January 2011


Kathleen Parker and the Idiotic Debate Over ‘Exceptionalism’

*The US is exceptional.

So are serial killers.

And you have to wonder how Christina Taylor Green’s parents feel about Dear Misleader’s using her as a political prop, don’t you?

Maybe they’re ignorantly fine with that.

I’m not.

Are you?


Tucson Shooting: Undercover Agents Expose Loophole in US Gun Laws
New York mayor sent investigators to Phoenix, Arizona – where they were able to buy Glock pistols with no questions asked
by Ed Pilkington in New York
The Guardian/UK

*Loaded guns and unloaded questions


Uprising in Egypt: Al-Jazeera’s Live Coverage from the Egyptian Streets
by Al-Jazeera-English


What if Jared Loughner Were a Muslim Arab Immigrant?
What if the alleged gunman in Tucson were named Ali Mohammed instead of Jared Lee Loughner?
by Phyllis Bennis

*Scroll past the praise for Dear Misleader’s empty rhetoric and focus on Bennis’ hypothetical construct.

I think we know the answer to the questions she poses, don’t you?


Action Alert: Urge State Attorney Generals to Take Action on “Fraudclosure”

*Fashion statement for justice:

From pinstripes to prison stripes for these bank robbers


Institute for Public Accuracy
Will Wall Street Be Held Accountable for Fraud and “Greatest Redistribution of Wealth Upward?”

*Bucking up, while we get bucked with big time


* Chomsky * Threats to the Egyptian Uprising * U.S. Arms Egypt


Democracy Now!’s Sharif Abdel Kouddous Live from Egypt: The Rebellion Grows Stronger

*Extremely encouraging report, isn’t it?

I just hope that the deep desire to see this as a true people’s revolution – one for all the people – isn’t to some degree clouding our vision of these events.

Time will tell, won’t it?


Repression and Poverty Underpin the Uprising in Egypt

*”Economic miracles” and the snake oil sellers who love them


Made in the U.S.A.: Tear Gas, Tanks, Helicopters, Rifles and Fighter Planes in Egypt Funded and Built Largely by U.S. Defense Department and American Corporations

*We pay for their sins

It’s the American Way


Leading Egyptian Feminist, Nawal El Saadawi: “Women and girls are, beside the boys, in the streets”


What Corruption and Force Have Wrought in Egypt
by Chris Hedges

*If Hedges is right, the question becomes whether these religious forces can coexist with secularism and feminism, doesn’t it?  It would be a profound tragedy for the peoples of the region to throw off the chains of repression and US imperialism, only to descend into disastrous conflict among themselves.

And it would be a profound source of hope if that doesn’t happen, wouldn’t it?



Live From the Egyptian Revolution
by Sharif Abdel Kouddous

*The solidarity among the people is tremendously inspiring, isn’t it?

It’s a lesson we all need to take to heart.


Day 5 of the Egyptian Uprising: Ahmad Shokr Reports From Cairo (Audio)


Audio Report From Cairo: Egyptian Protesters Renew Call For Mubarak to Resign

*I don’t imagine you see much about how folks are working together and against counterproductive acts in corpress coverage, do you?


Dead-Enders on the Potomac
From the Editors
Middle East Report Online

*I don’t think the US has crapped out just yet.  Assuming this is the beginning of a sea change in the region, it will try to identify and coopt those willing to compromise their principles for personal power, and it has a long history of adeptness at doing so, doesn’t it?

How the masses decipher and react to these efforts will determine the fate of democracy in the area, don’t you think?



Institute for Public Accuracy
From Cairo and U.S.: Interviews on Egypt


Technological fundamentalism: Why bad things happen when humans play God
by Robert Jensen

*We are never so lacking in wisdom as when we think we have all the answers

And try to make money off them


Vermont Is Gearing Up to Strike a Major Blow to Corporate
Personhood, Ban It Statewide
On the anniversary of the Citizens United decision, Vermont
politicians are moving to deny corporations the rights that humans
by Christopher Ketcham

*From legal science fiction to political science fact

And you thought the snakemen from Venus were scary



Goldstone’s Legacy for Israel
by Naomi Klein

*And let’s hope that there will be a more just result here, when all is said and done, than what’s occurred in South Africa so far, wouldn’t you agree?


One US Corporation’s Role in Egypt’s Brutal Crackdown
by Timothy Karr

*I somehow doubt Bono Mack and Clinton really give a rat’s ass about how DPI is used when it’s a US ally oppressing its people, don’t you?


The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto
by Ronnie Cummins

*What’s in a label?

Our health, and our humanity


The Consequences of Our Tax Cowardice
If we permit public-sector workers to be scapegoated for state and city budget crises, we all stand to lose
by Richard Wolff and Max Fraad Wolff


Corporate Crime and No Punishment
by Russell Mokhiber

*The theory of inverse proportionality in the justice system:

The greater the number of persons impacted by a crime, the lower the odds of meaningful sanction


Washington’s Egyptian Nightmare
by Gary Olson

*I wouldn’t call myself anything approaching an optimist – it’s almost
antithetical to trying to be an empiricist, innit – but the revolts in
the region may give me reason to reconsider that view.

Here’s hoping – for them, and the rest of us.


Tunisia: How We Got Here and the Task Ahead
by Ramzy Baroud

*Backstory to a new beginning?


Uprising in Egypt: “This is the Biggest Political Challenge the Regime Has Yet to See from the Streets”


Juan Cole: “Egypt is a Praetorian Regime”

*Included for what I think is some useful intel, but Cole’s comments at the end about the US supporting “a widening of civil liberties” is representative of the reasons why in large part I’m less than enthused about posting his analyses.

What the US supports is a regime that can feign “openness”, as that gives both Mubarak and it political cover – the whole velvet glove thing.

I’d like to ask Cole if he agrees with that.  His remarks don’t seem to indicate so, do they?


Global Call to Release Imprisoned Indian Human Rights Activist Dr. Binayak Sen

*Industrial-strength iniquity


Institute for Public Accuracy
Egypt: Resources and Interviews
“There’s a Reason Public Opinion in the the Arab World Isn’t Pro-American”

*Carapico’s words above state an immutable truth that’s ignored in some “progressive” circles in favor of confused entreaties for the US to “regain its standing in the world through remaining true to its principles.”

Except that what we see *are* its true principles, and always have been, haven’t they?  If an intellect like mine can suss that, surely these other folks have no excuse for self-delusion.



Institute for Public Accuracy
Anti-Drone War Protesters Given Time Served

*I’d call it time serving humanity, wouldn’t you?


123 US Lawmakers Support Polluters Over Health of Children
Attacks on Clean Air Act Updates Would Increase Air Pollution and Health Risks -Including Asthma – for Millions of American Children, Adults
by Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

*No mention of the administration’s role in failing to do its job in rigorously enforcing even the current woefully inadequate pollution regs.

A glaring omission, wouldn’t you say?


Revealed: Story of Israeli Troops Told to ‘Cleanse’ Gaza
Exclusive: Israeli soldiers tell Channel 4 News they were ordered to “cleanse” Palestinian neighbourhoods, as filmmaker Nurit Kedar says “the atmosphere was that nobody should talk about this war”.
by Channel 4 News/UK


New Hope for Bridging America’s Economic Divide
by Dedrick Muhammad and Chuck Collins

*I thought this started strongly, delineating the history of economic exclusion and theft from the commons, and sadly devolved into strategizing for a “kinder, gentler” profit system – an oxymoron on steroids.

What do you think?


Yes, We Can… Cut the Corporate Income Tax?
by Rahul Mahajan

*Why am I flashing on 2017, when Dear Misleader will no doubt be involved in some post-presidential “humanitarian project”, along with our erstwhile Dear Leader and his role model, one Slippery William, to bring “stability and dignity” to the suffering souls of some mutilated land all three should be facing life terms for having butchered?

Don’t you think that all this “bipartisan cooperation” sends a signal that all that viciously vile rhetoric directed at him is “just the way the game is played”, and thus nothing to lose any sleep over?

And I wouldn’t think he does, do you?  He’s got his, and always will, and all those he claims to give a toss about …

Are tossed overboard.


Egypt’s Day of Rage Goes On. Is the World Watching?
The scale of protests in Egypt has shaken a regime that has long relied on citizens’ passivity to retain power
by Amira Nowaira


Single Payer, Arabs, Vietnam Vets, and the Internet
by Russell Mokhiber

*Technology changes

The need for conscience and courage is constant


Guardian Journalist Arrested and Beaten Alongside Protesters in Egypt Secretly Records Ordeal


Guardian Reporter Jack Shenker on Egypt Protests: “Fear Barrier Seems to Have Been Broken”

*If these uprisings in Egypt and around the region can be sustained, pay close attention to how the US tries to coopt them, which actors are deemed legitimate, and how that will be used to divide and dissipate the mass energy behind true change.

Stating the literally bleeding obvious, I know.


Egyptian American Activist: Hillary Clinton Forgets to Mention Tear Gas, Tanks, Concussion Grenades Used Against Egyptian Protesters Are Made in the U.S.

*Our tax dollars’ contribution to “liberty and justice for all”


From Tucson to Virginia Tech: Shooting Survivor Calls for Gun Control

*Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  Talk about a “free market”.

And I’m trying to fathom Goddard’s reasoning for his remark that the SOTU might not have been “the best moment” to talk about gun control, with Tucson fresh in the public mind, and every day lost resulting in more deaths from the lack of it.

Highly illogical, Captain, don’t you think?



Pakistan Floods Crisis Is Far From Over, Says Oxfam
by BBC News

*Typical Yank reaction?

“That’s terrible.

So … think the Pack can take Pittsburgh?”


How Much Do Anti-Immigration Bills Really Cost?
by Valeria Fernández
New America Media

*The high price of prejudice


The Obama/GOP Consensus
by Glen Ford

*Can you be the nominee for both major parties?


The View on the Ground of the Palestine Papers
by Laila El-Haddad


SOTU: Parsing Obama’s ‘Clean Energy’ Promises
The sound of the president’s silence on climate change and the BP oil
disaster was deafening.
by Daphne Wysham

*An environment clean of commitment


Why the Happy Meal is a Crime—and Not Just a Culinary One
by Michele Simon

*Fries and lies


NOW Looks Forward to ‘Sputnik Moment’ for Women
Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill

*Included for the outrageous stats on STEM and public job losses, and
to highlight the refusal to confront an administration dedicated to
making life miserable for folks, female and male


Obama Calls for Spending Freeze Lowering Corporate Taxes in State of the Union

*Why are pertinent pages from Orwell’s 1984 flashing before my eyes?

One reason could be Dear Misleader’s remark about families having to
sacrifice to live within their means, while making goddamn sure those
means will be less sufficient than the meager resources so many
already struggle to live within.

If that ain’t Newspeak …


Consumer Advocate Joan Claybrook and Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky
Anderson Respond to State of the Union


Harry Belafonte on Obama: “He Plays the Game that He Plays Because He
Sees No Threat from Evidencing Concerns for the Poor”

*I could have skipped this, but I think it’s emblematic of a confused
mentality, to be charitable, regarding Obama and others.

Belafonte speaks of, essentially, forcing “Obama to be Obama”.

Harry, this *is* Obama.  Deal.

And it was FDR.  And although policies changed which benefited many,
it wasn’t for that reason, but to preserve the power of the
profiteers, and dissipate the pressure for transformational change.

Mission accomplished.

Today, even those compromised victories elude us, and will continue
to, as long as we don’t see the situation for what it is.  And I don’t
see Belafonte or any other “progressive voice” making the true break
with the system necessary to achieve the goals he claims to champion,
do you?


Thousands Protest in Egypt in Largest Popular Challenge to Mubarak in 30 Years

*Would that this would leapfrog over the Atlantic, which would benefit
not only us Yanks but these and other folks all over this rock.

I can dream, can’t I?

But you don’t make a dream come true by wishing upon a star, do you?


After Obama, CNN’s Right-Wing Double Dip

*”At one point, she showed the iconic photo of Marines raising an
American flag over Iwo Jima in World War II.”

Maybe the mushroom cloud over Hiroshima or Nagasaki would have been
more appropriate?



Media Meme: Public Cheers Obama’s Rightward Turn

*I think something else is at work here.

Dear Misleader’s numbers were up pre-Tucson, weren’t they?  I think that points to, as the poster above states, less coverage of the dire economic situation in favor of misleading (that word again) positive stats, and more importantly, the rave corpress reviews the administration’s complicity with corps and their political guard dogs garnered in the last couple of months.

Sadly, a drumbeat in the MSM is often internalized by the public, and we can see that effect in this instance, don’t you think?

(And I guess if the Republicans are their guard dogs, that would make the Democrats their … what … lawyers?

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?)


Adventures in Absurd Anonymity, Continued

*What’s the old saw?

“Never let the facts get in the way of a good bit of agitprop.”

Or something like that.


Obama to Push Bogus ‘Competitiveness’ Theme in State of the Union Address
by Roger Bybee
In These Times

*I don’t know how hard labor “leaders” will push against this, and it’s disturbing that Bybee doesn’t make any allusions to international worker solidarity, which is how we’ll be able to effectively confront these “free trade” deals, but I think the intel on intra-firm transfers is an important piece of the puzzle worth passing along, so here you go.


System Failure? Look Upstream
by David Korten

*I’d hope Korten’s pointing toward an end to profit, because even if economic actors have relatively benign intentions (a truly theoretical construct, I know), it produces winners and losers, not the cooperation necessary to achieve the goals he champions here.

I know I’m repeating myself, but can you really say that too many times?


The Not-So-Neutral Net
The FCC’s new rules on Net Neutrality open the Internet to corporate discrimination. But it’s not too late to preserve Internet freedom.
by Jenn Ettinger

*Net loss


Overuse of Antibiotics
Stop buying soaps, handwipes and cleaning agents whose vendors lure you with the label “antibacterial”
by Ralph Nader

*Blinded – and bedeviled – by science


Violence on the Right: More Evidence
by Thomas Schaller

*Violent reaction-aries


Squeezing Ordinary Citizens from NY to California
by Sam Pizzigati

*Pizzigati’s off at the end, when he states that rich folks don’t feel they need gummint spending.

They absolutely feel the need, to fatten the bottom lines of their businesses, don’t they?

It’s just when that money benefits workers and the poor that they scream bloody murder, and back it up with their own scratch to stop it from doing so, wouldn’t you say?


“Sad Day for Haitian Democracy” as U.S. Threatens to Cut Off Aid to Haiti in Order to Reverse its Election Results, CEPR Co-Director Says


Do You Know the Full Story Behind the Infamous McDonald’s Coffee Case and How Corporations Used it to Promote Tort Reform?

*This just makes crystal clear the duplicity of the corpress, doesn’t it?  And don’t you have to wonder if performers like Letterman weren’t “encouraged” to ridicule the outcome by their corporate employers?


“Hot Coffee” Film Explores How Corporations Are Spending Millions and Spinning the Story to Alter Our Nation’s Civil Justice System

“Hot Coffee” Documents Chamber of Commerce Campaign to Unseat Judges Opposed to “Tort Reform”

*Courting disaster, and the masters behind it


“Hot Coffee” Exposes How Hard Caps on Malpractice Awards Shift Burden to Taxpayers

*Any bets on how many of these “anti-tax crusaders” oppose “tort reform”, because the bastards responsible should pay, not the public?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is Manning, Alleged WikiLeaks Source, Being Held Illegally?

*Use a conscience, go to jail

Make that “hell”


Social Security Cuts Hurt Future Recipients

*If you cut us, do we not bleed?


The Mideast * “A New Era” * From Cairo

*Sometimes “The Audacity of Hope” is more than just an empty slogan



Driving Straight Into Catastrophe
by Julio Godoy
Inter Press Service

*And if we ever hit the brakes, will they work in time?


Where Liberals Go to Feel Good
by Chris Hedges

*Not much to argue with here, although I’d say I agree with the stated goals of the Left Forum conference, if they evolve from words to action, wouldn’t you?

And there may be some value in electoral politics, as long as we understand the very real limits of such efforts.

In the end, it will take every means at our disposal, including without question civil disobedience, and the wisdom to use them to their greatest effect, to mount an effective opposition to our descent into hell, which billions of our fellow humans, and untold numbers of other species, are already suffering.


Hu Jintao’s Visit: The Story the Media Missed
The one issue that mattered for ordinary Americans was whether Obama pushed China hard enough on undervaluing the yuan
by Dean Baker

*I think this illustrates the insanity of a competitive system.  It pits workers in China and the US against each other, rather than creating the conditions for solidarity.

Actually, it does produce the latter, if folks could only see the damage inflicted by a for-profit economy, and work together to change it.

Well, I can dream, can’t I?


Freedom of Choice: Living for What You Would Die For
by Maureen Paul

*Excellent piece that should be read by every supporter of reproductive choice

And every opponent, for however much it would matter


Obama and Our Disney Nukes
by Harvey Wasserman

*There’s more than one kind of atomic waste


Resource Revolts: The Year of Living Dangerously
Rising Commodity Prices and Extreme Weather Events Threaten Global Stability
by Michael T. Klare

*I don’t want to appear flippant.  Revolts result in deaths.  But if they also ultimately result in positive change for the oppressed, that would be one bright spot in this house of horrors, wouldn’t it?

And drastic change is what we’ll need to end the system that brought us to this precipice, isn’t it?

And yet the prospect of political upheaval seems to be lumped in with the dire effects of climate change and these accompanying price shocks.

Am I missing something?


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Will EPA Sit Out Scientific Integrity Rule-Making?
Memo Implies EPA Will Not Clarify Scientists’ Right to Publish or Speak with Media

*Blinding us without science


Rashid Khalidi: Leaked “Palestine Papers” Underscore Weakness of Palestinian Authority, Rejectionism of Israel and U.S.

*Sold down the Jordan River


“The Black Power Mixtape”–Danny Glover Discusses New Doc Featuring Rare Archival Footage of Angela Davis, Huey P. Newton, Stokely Carmichael

*I’d really like to have had someone on who could provide a fuller picture of that time, wouldn’t you?  I thought this segment was pretty scattershot, and didn’t do justice to such an important period.


GE Goes to the White House: How Does GE Report the News?

*”We bring good things to light”

And keep bad things (that we do) in the dark

(Sometimes this stuff just writes itself, doesn’t it?)


FAIR Media Advisory
Olbermann Is Out
MSNBC host’s departure shows the limits of corporate media liberalism

*Doing the “right” thing



Why Is the Treasury Not Releasing Data on Who’s Getting Loans?
by Ngoc Nguyen
New America Media


Social Media and Law Enforcement: Who Gets What Data and When?
by Jennifer Lynch
Deeplinks Blog / EFF


Rocky Times Ahead: Are You Ready?
This isn’t a future you can, or should, face alone. How to make sure you don’t have to.
by Sarah Byrnes and Chuck Collins

*Small solutions to huge problems


WikiLeaks Defies the “War on Hi-Tech Terror”
by John Pilger


Mental Illness, Tucson and the Urgent Need for Universal Care
by Ed Weisbart

*A system on suicide watch


Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards’ Statement on Anniversary of Roe v. Wade


Friends of the Earth
EPA Approves High Ethanol Fuel for More Vehicles
Decision to expand consumption of dirty corn ethanol called dangerous for consumers, the environment


Fox News Is Outraged by Nazi Analogies–and Other Big Lies

*If you call someone a Nazi for fomenting racism and hatred of “the other”, it may not be a perfect analogy, but there’s a viable connection, don’t you think?

If you call someone a Nazi for working for justice – which has nothing to do with the current administration, of course – you’re just engaged in duplicitous agitprop, not unlike certain historical antecedents, aren’t you?

The point being that all “Nazis” aren’t created equal.

The epithet should be used circumspectly, but if the jackboot fits …


Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin Moves to Create Single-Payer Healthcare System

*Well, hardly a crusader, eh?  But better than most, which I guess is a sad commentary on the state of democracy in these here United States, isn’t it?

Shumlin puts this in the context of “competition”, but if Vermont gains jobs, New Hampshire or some other state loses them, don’t they?  And if the US “wins”, other nations lose, and vice versa.

Jobs aren’t mere statistics.  They provide the wherewithal for folks to survive, and every person on this planet should have the right not just to survive, but to live a life of dignity.

And that can’t happen in a competitive, profit-driven system, can it?


On Anniversary of Citizens United Ruling, Common Cause Calls on Justice Dept. to Investigate Scalia and Thomas over Conflicts of Interest

*I think the sponsorship patches for politicians are a grand idea.  While we’re at it, we should change the flags around the Capitol, the White House, the Pentagon et alia to the one pictured at the link below, don’t you think?



Patrice Lumumba: 50 Years Later, Remembering the U.S.-Backed Assassination of Congo’s First Democratically Elected Leader

*Savaging the “savages”, then and now



Terrorism and Spokane

*In the interest of accuracy, it should be pointed out that in a number of cases, “law enforcement stepped in long before such plans were operational” …

Because they had instigated the plans in the first place.

In legal jargon, that’s referred to as “entrapment”, I believe.

It’s also damn good agitprop for the “Global War on Terror” ™, innit?


No Room in NYT for Single-Payer Doctors, but Right-Wing Cranks Are OK

*The AAPS credo, maybe?

First, do know what harm you can do

Then, do it


The Big Obscenity: A Trillion Dollars a Year to the Richest 1%
(That’s seven times more than the budget deficits of all 50 states combined)
by Paul Buchheit

*The anti-gravity of it all

What goes up in this system

Stays up


Insurance Execs Not Happy with Vermont’s Single Payer Ideas
by Russell Mokhiber

*The concept of “supplementary insurance” should be anathema to single-payer supporters, shouldn’t it?

To me, the whole point of universal coverage is that it should cover folks universally, in every sense of the term.

Would falling short of that be acceptable?

You might ask someone whose coverage would fall short of their needs.


War, Violence, and Spiritual Death
by Robert C. Koehler

*Solid piece, but again, there’s this lionizing of Eisenhower and his “warning” that I see echoed again and again in the “progressive” media.

Do the names Mossadegh or Arbenz ring a bell?  We’re not talking about some peacenik here.

My view is that Eisenhower was merely cautioning about excess, and where it could lead, as we’re seeing in the present.  His warning was meant to preserve empire, as left to their own devices, he could see that the CEOs and generals might well sew the seeds of its demise.  “Less is more” would be a more accurate summation of his words.

To pair him with King is a grave disservice to the latter’s memory, and to our understanding of the tactical, but not strategic, differences that can exist among the ruling elite.


Banksters, Racketeers and the ‘Mafioso’ We Should Be Worried About
The Mafia and Me: Reflections on Being Italian
by Michael Parenti

*The monoculture of stereotypes


Beyond Bradley Manning: The Lonely Battle Against Solitary Confinement
by James Ridgeway and Jean Casella

*If its prisons are the measure of a society’s soul, then ours is damned to the hell it has created


The Murdered Women of Juarez
by Laura Carlsen


Project On Government Oversight (POGO)
These Are the Investigative Reports the SEC Doesn’t Want You to See


Institute for Public Accuracy
Interviews Available with Tunisians: “A Third Way”


Part II…Fifty Years After Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, a Look at “Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex”

*Something of an addendum to this piece, which I posted on the 11th:

Big ‘Corporate’ Brother: Is Lockheed Martin Shadowing You?
How a Giant Weapons Maker Became the New Big Brother
by William Hartung




Booya! Latest Wall Street Innovation – Twitter Trading
by Mary Bottari

*Kekkou desu, Mr. Roboto

And a transaction tax would be progress, but it’s like a levy on armed robbery.

The solution is to end the activity itself.


Food Crises Pummel the Poor, Austerity Multiplies Pain
by Raj Patel

*Market speculation leading to certain misery


Lying, Cheating and Stealing to Gut Social Security
Making Social Security More Progressive: The Games They Play in Washington
by Dean Baker

*Chop ’til we drop


Did Baby Doc Duvalier Return to Haiti to Pressure Préval in the Election?

*Puppet getting uppity?

Call Rent-A-Despot


Gaza Doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish Two Years After Israeli Attack that Killed 3 Daughters & Niece: “As Long as I am Breathing, They are with Me. I Will Never Forget

*As much as we’d like to believe that once ignorance is overcome, humanity will follow, Abuelaish’s experience tells a different story, doesn’t it?  He was well known by Israelis, and it didn’t make any difference, did it?

Some saw him for who he was, but the vast majority didn’t, and didn’t care to.  How can you hear him recount this horror, and not have it affect how you see what your country’s doing to these people?

And that indifference to, even unwavering support for, such terror, isn’t limited to Israelis, is it?  In the US, in every nation which commits these crimes, the majority of the population behaves similarly, ruled by the prejudice and fear inculcated in them, permitting them to see others as less than human, and not worthy of empathy, not entitled to justice.

So, while we might wish that Abuelaish’s philosophy could lead to equality and peace, I don’t think the facts bear that out.  You can be prepared to grasp an honest hand, but you shouldn’t expect many to be offered.  Justice won’t be granted through enlightenment.  It will be won through struggle.

Hopefully, eyes will begin to open at that point, and that’s when such a creed becomes crucial, in creating a lasting community of equals.


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S.-Chinese Relations

*Weil puts the relationship in proper perspective, don’t you think?



Did We Say Job-Killing? We Meant Job-DESTROYING: The New ‘Civil’ DC

*”Perhaps we will soon be reading accusations from Republicans that President Obama and the Democrats are baby killers.”

If so, it would be an extreme anomaly in truth-telling for them, wouldn’t it?

When you authorize actions that kill babies, you are, perforce, a baby killer, aren’t you?

Of course, it would be the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black.


The Myth of ‘American Exceptionalism’ Implodes
Until the 1970s, US capitalism shared its spoils with American workers. But since 2008, it has made them pay for its failures
by Richard Wolff

*What needs to be kept in mind is that while US workers made gains until the ’70s, in large part this was due to corporate exploitation occurring in other countries.

Global solidarity went missing then.  For all our sakes, it can’t now.


Tunisians Must Dismantle the Monster Ben Ali Built
The people have toppled a dictator. Now they have to forge a coalition of socialists, Islamists and liberals for real change
by Soumaya Ghannoushi


The Vindication (by Barack Obama) of Dick Cheney
by Glenn Greenwald

*No change they can believe in


In the Crosshairs: From Tucson to Kabul
by Tom Engelhardt

*Highlighting the hypocrisy

But I don’t know how Engelhardt comes to the conclusion that Americans were revulsed by air war against civilians once upon a time, given Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, do you?


Supersized Dollars Drive ‘Waiting for Superman’ Agenda
by Barbara Miner

*Taking a whizz on the kids


Center for Public Integrity
High-Capacity Magazine Sellers Raise Millions for NRA

*Supplying the ammunition


It’s Mourning in America: Tacky and Weird
Somber is Out. Kitsch Reigns.
by Ted Rall

*I agree with Sturken’s view, and Rall’s points about the politicization and “eventization” of these services (but I don’t think the formal attire rule is necessary, other than not to show up wearing what you’d have on at a rock concert).

We’re encouraged in this media culture to behave as though we have a camera focused on us whenever we’re in public, and to perform for it, aren’t we?


The Brutal Truth About Tunisia
It’s the same old problem for us in the West. We mouth
the word “democracy” and we are all for fair elections
– providing the Arabs vote for whom we want them to
vote for.
by Robert Fisk

*Spinning into control


Tunisian Opposition Activist: “Is Democracy Possible in the Arab World? Tunisians from All Around Tunisia are Saying ‘Yes'”

*Again, I plead ignorance of the situation, but I’m leery whenever someone lauds the military, especially when it’s coupled with praise for the US.

If that’s a sign of naiveté on Mabrouk’s part, it’s a dangerous one, wouldn’t you say?


Juan Cole: Tunisia Uprising “Spearheaded by Labor Movements, by Internet Activists, by Rural Workers; It’s a Populist Revolution”



Which Side Would Martin Luther King Be On?
When it comes to newly maligned public workers, the answer is easy
by Roger Bybee
In These Times


Extremist Killing Is as American as Apple Pie
Murders Grow on the Far Right Four Decades After Martin Luther King
by Stephan Salisbury

*The edifice of terror is never painted white


What Would Dr. King Say About…? I Don’t Give a Crap
by Rahul Mahajan

*I take Mahajan’s point, but I think there’s value in pointing to the principles of someone like King to buttress your view, not as a substitute for moral clarity, but as support for it.

I do agree that we should never make anyone out to be Jesus on a stick.  You can admire someone’s acts of moral courage without proclaiming them infallible, can’t you?


We Twisted King’s Dream, So We Live With His Nightmare
by Tim Wise

*A decades-long case of deformation of character


ACLU Video Starring Elon James White Reminds People of Their Constitutional Rights When Stopped by Police
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day an Important Reminder of Ongoing Problem of Racial Profiling


SPECIAL: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in His Own Words

*”And whenever men and women straighten their backs up, they are going somewhere, because a man can’t ride your back unless it is bent.”

“Somewhere” may be out of sight, but if you straighten up, you can just see it over the hill.

And you keep on walking.


Amidst Violence, Thousands in Tunisia Protest for Democratic Reforms, Demand Ben Ali’s Resignation

*Dated, as events have moved swiftly since Friday, but I think there’s some useful info here.  I have to plead ignorance on this, and I hope to see solid intel in the days ahead.



Toxics Found in Pregnant U.S. Women in UCSF Study
by Victoria Colliver, Chronicle Staff Writer
the San Francisco Chronicle


Report: Austerity Policies Worsen Racial Economic Inequalities, Hit Blacks and Latinos Hardest
United for a Fair Economy Releases State of the Dream 2011: Austerity for Whom? for MLK Day
by United for a Fair Economy

*Think the large presence of blacks and other minorities in the public workforce has anything to do with the ruling class assault on them?


Sick Gulf Residents Beg Officials for Help
by Dahr Jamail
Inter Press Service

*”We feel your pain.

“We’re not going to do a goddamn thing about it, but we feel it, rest assured.”

That illustrates “The Audacity of ‘Nope'” as well, or as horribly, as anything, doesn’t it?


The Martin Luther King You Still Don’t See on TV

*Beyond the corpress, King was disowned by his “liberal friends”, and his poll numbers plummeted.

But he did something extremely rare, then and today.

He remained true to his principles, knowing he might well pay for them with his life.

Pedestals are inherently unstable objects, so I try to focus on the act, not the person.

That act of moral courage will always have my deepest admiration.


Time’s Civility Panel–Featuring Glenn Beck

*Given what passes for “the left” in the US and A, something tells me this list will list seriously to starboard.


FAIR Media Advisory
Violent Media Rhetoric: Beyond Tucson
When some calls for violence are acceptable

*Fuck automatic weapons

Real men kill with Air Power


Tucson Shooting Survivor: “It Looks Like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the Rest Got Their First Target”

*Don’t think this guy will be showing up in any corpress coverage, do you?

Goes against the whole “Stop pointing fingers” vibe, doesn’t it?


Why is Glenn Beck Obsessively Targeting Frances Fox Piven?

*A couple of things:

I think Piven was referring to herself as a “democrat”, not a party person.  There are a couple of instances where I think the transcript incorrectly capitalizes the term.

And I agree that she’s not “a commie, a socialist, a revolutionary or whatever.”

But what if she was?  How is being any of those things illegitimate in a democracy – if we lived in one, that is?

We need to be a threat to the system – an existential threat.  Not in the sense of violent revolution – although that depends on the level of violence folks are subjected to by those in power – but in the sense of ending the injustice that has always existed in this country, and is about to get worse.

Piven’s a reformer, and you just can’t reform a rotten system.  We have to replace it, or watch it destroy all we rightly value in this world.

That’s a stark choice, but it’s the one we’re faced with today.

In truth, it always has been.


Part II…Icelandic Parliamentarian Calls U.S. Subpoena of Her Twitter Account over WikiLeaks Involvement “Disturbing”


Institute for Public Accuracy
Tunisia: U.S. Backing Dictatorship over Pro-Democracy Movement



The Second Amendment Demands Gun Control
by Harvey Wasserman

*The whole “well-regulated militia” thing presumably is on the Republican hit list, along with the 14th Amendment


The American Fast Food Syndrome
by Kristin Wartman

*I think the time crunch imposed on us by this depraved socioeconomic system also plays a role, don’t you?  Although there are ways to reduce the amount, real food does take time, and grabbing some ersatz eats from Burger Bile becomes de rigueur as a result.

It would also help to see cooking as a communal act, among family and/or friends.  That, along with teaching kids about healthy eating, should be part of every school cirriculum.

But how effective that education would be would be in large part dependent on how drastically that system changes, don’t you think?


Why Peace Is the Business of Men (But Shouldn’t Be)
A Modest Proposal for the Immodest Brotherhood of Big Men
by Ann Jones

*It’s a man’s world

And that’s why it’s going to hell

Odd that there’s no mention of Malalai Joya, isn’t it?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Over 400 Gun Deaths Since Tucson?

*The bodies pile up as fast as a speeding bullet


Icelandic Parliamentarian Calls U.S. Subpoena of Her Twitter Account over WikiLeaks Involvement “Disturbing”

*Can you imagine a US rep being as much of an activist as this parliament member is?

Didn’t think so.



Violent Rhetoric and False Balance

*I think we need to be clear on just what we mean by “violent rhetoric”.

Fierce speech is legitimate.  In fact, it’s essential to truth
telling.  To call Bush, or Obama, or any president a “mass murderer”
is to speak the truth about the consequences of their acts here and
abroad, isn’t it?

The lies spewed by the reactionaries, fomenting hatred against “the
other”, with the knowledge that they encourage violence against
abortion clinics, immigrants, Muslims et al., are not “the other side
of the coin”.

That is indeed a “false balance”, and one that will be used to squelch
fierce righteous speech in the name of “civility”.  And while “fierce”
doesn’t perforce equate to “violent”, I think it’s important to make
clear that although I’m not referring to supporting a call for random
violence against political criminals, if someone argues for the right
of folks to defend themselves from attacks by agents of the state or
fascist thugs, I think that’s a defensible stand to take.

I don’t mean to come across as facile here.  It’s a deadly serious and
complex matter, and violence should always be a last resort, but you
have to ask yourself how you can preach nonviolence uber alles in the
face of the horrors visited upon so many, don’t you?

But again, fierce speech rarely alludes to these situations.  I’m
mainly talking about calling a spade a spade, and doing so in no
uncertain terms.  We have a duty to fight against the machinations of
the gummint and corpress to lump that in with the haters and their
calls to arms, figuratively and literally.


As Austerity Bites Greece, Police Get More Brutal
by Apostolis Fotiadis
Inter Press Service

*Cops on the beating


Healing the Wounds: Transforming Our Culture of Violence
by Randall Amster

*Confronting the bangs and the whimpers


How Propaganda Poisons the Mind – and Our Discourse
by Glenn Greenwald

*”Corrections” or no, the lies live on


Diary of a Disaster: 6 Months in the Gulf
What it’s like to respond to an environmental and democratic crisis—and where we go from here.
by Riki Ott

*Cutting through the oil slick of propaganda floating on the surface of this hydrocarbon hell


Wesleyan Professor Alex Dupuy: Haiti Transformed into the “Republic of the NGOs”

Haitian Activist Patrick Elie: “Haiti is Controlled by Foreign Governments and Foreign Interests”


Haitian Writer Jean Saint-Vil: One Year After Earthquake, Haitian Population Treated as a Threat, Not an Asset

Novelist Edwidge Danticat: “Haitians Are Very Resilient, But It Doesn’t Mean They Can Suffer More Than Other People”


Institute for Public Accuracy
Martin Luther King Jr. on Violence

*Hitting the MUTE button on mass violence


Cost of War: Breaking It Down

*Waging war with bullets and budgets



If Palin Lived in Pakistan, Could She Face a Drone Strike?
by Robert Naiman

*Perhaps I’m mistaken, but you can make a case that Naiman seems as concerned about the fallout from a war crime – “a major liability for U.S. foreign policy” – as he does about the crime itself, can’t you?

Personally, I don’t worry about how a murderer’s rep will be affected by his killing spree.


Big ‘Corporate’ Brother: Is Lockheed Martin Shadowing You?
How a Giant Weapons Maker Became the New Big Brother
by William Hartung


Close Guantánamo
by Nancy Talanian

*A government of lawlessness


A Primer on the The Student Loan Debt Bubble
by Alan Nasser and Kelly Norman

*Important piece on just how high the cost of higher education can reach, and how low those you profit from it will go


NARAL Pro-Choice America Statement on Report Regarding Abortion Access in the U.S.


We Welcome Our New Plutocratic Overlords
by Lindsay Beyerstein, Media Consortium blogger
The Media Consortium

*Re “divide and conquer”:  Many Tea Baggers see the UberRiche, nouveau or not, and public workers (and those dependent on gummint programs – themselves excluded, of course) as two sides of the same coin.  They’re all leeches leaching off their honest toil.  Pointing out the perfidy of the plutocracy doesn’t induce them to be any more rational about which side they should be on.

As for the future of the economy, considering the onrushing effects of everything from climate change to fossil fuel depletion, I’m not sure how you can make any confident assertions about what will happen, can you?

The only thing certain is uncertainty.  And an end to the status quo.

Our job is to steer that change in the favor of humanity.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Haiti One Year After the Earthquake


Former Classmate of Jared Loughner: “He Was Definitely Off…He Didn’t Have the Same Stability Apparent in Most People”

*Pretty sickening that Clinton exploits this for propaganda purposes, isn’t it?

“That’s not who we are”?  No, they’re the ones who kill innocents around the world in the name of fighting “terrorism”, while destroying the lives of untold numbers of others, at home and abroad.

But thank goodness they aren’t “extremists”.


Jared Loughner, Mental Illness and How Budget Cuts Have Slashed Behavioral Health Services in Arizona

*There are the mentally ill, and then there are the true lunatics who deny them the services they need


In Wake of Giffords Shooting, Will the Arizona Legislature Continue to Relax Gun Control Laws?



The Machines Change, the Work Remains the Same
by Robert Jensen

*Technology won’t set us free

New tools, age-old challenge


Political Violence? Stop Violent Politics
Media Spokesmen Move to Stifle Violent Speech
by Ted Rall

*”Horror!”, wailed the mass murderers and their enablers.

After a moment of silence and self-reflection, they returned to their duties in the killing fields.


In WikiLeaks Fight, U.S. Journalists Take a Pass
by Nancy A. Youssef
the McClatchy Newspapers

*”Responsibly” shirking their responsibility


Serious Guns and White Terrorism: Two Unasked Questions in Tucson Mass Murder
by Bill Quigley

*What’s in a name?

If it’s “Mustafa” or “Hakim” …


Even Lost Wars Make Corporations Rich
by Chris Hedges

*The bucks have to stop




The Future of Food Riots
by Gwynne Dyer

*Becoming a basketless case


US Empire of Bases 2.0
Does the Pentagon Really Have 1,180 Foreign Bases?
by Nick Turse


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Feds Yank GE Crops From All Northeast Refuges
Settlement of Bombay Hook Suit Makes Southeast Refuges Next Legal Target

*Removing the unnatural from the natural


New Report on Sexual Violence in Haiti One Year After the Earthquake


Institute for Public Accuracy
Arizona Shooting

*Keep in mind here that while this was a horrible act of possibly political violence, our gummint both commits and creates the conditions for worse around the world.

And Rep. Giffords bears responsibility for her part in that.

I hope she, and everyone else who was injured, fully recover, but that’s a separate issue from her actions in Congress, isn’t it?


“Politics in Arizona Have Become Fueled by Hate…Driven by Anger”: Rep. Raúl Grijalva on Shooting of Giffords

*We don’t know all the facts yet, but whether or not this is the result of the lies propagated by the hatemongers, there have been innumerable instances where there has been a connection, haven’t there?

They are complicit in those crimes, but so are many of those who claim to be aghast at them, speaking of “restoring” a civility that never existed, rather than directly confronting the inciters, even when they themselves have been the targets of their bile.

That’s not turning the other cheek.  That’s a failure of humanity in favor of playing the political game where reactionaries can utter any vomitous falsehood demonizing the “other” that they please, and never suffer any consequences.  It’s one thing for Dear Misleader to demur as he’s the subject of racist and Islamophobic venom, but it’s about more than him, isn’t it?

His and so many others’ inaction allows this cancer to metastasize, and we need to hold them accountable for that.


Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik: “People Who Are Mentally Unstable Are Susceptible to the Rhetoric Going on in this Country”

*Guns don’t kill people

Bullets do

Let ’em have all the firearms they want, concealed or open carry

Regulate the shit out of ammunition


Chip Berlet on “The Becking of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords”

*From fascist fairy tales to flesh-and-bloody nightmares


FAIR Extra!
Taking Media Mergers to the Next Level
Comcast/NBC would be unprecedented powerhouse
by Krystle Manintveld

*Bogarting the remote, and the mouse



‘Don’t Repeal Health Law – Go Beyond it to Single-Payer Medicare for All’: Doctor’s Group
Statement by Physicians for National Health Program


Selective Compassion and the Pathologies of Inequality
by Francis Shor

*The corpress really played up this story, didn’t they?

“See, in this country fairy tales can come true.  They can happen to YOU!”

So what’s happened with all the other homeless folks this guy shared a shelter or an alleyway with?

No “golden voice” speaks for them, does it?


Declaring Palestine: Revisiting Hope and Failure
by Ramzy Baroud


Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
Health Leaders Call for Healthy Farm Bill
Next Farm Bill should put Americans on path to healthier eating and living

*The healthiest thing about the next Farm Bill will be agribusiness profits, don’t you think?


Environmental Working Group (EWG)
U.S. Catches Up with Science On Fluoride in Drinking Water
Obama Administration Calls for Lower Limits

*So why the resistance to the scientific evidence?  Is someone making money off adding flouride?


From Wall Street to the White House: Obama Taps JPMorgan Exec William Daley for Chief of Staff

*The Gordon Gekko theory of government


As Activists Plan Protest for 9th Anniversary of Guantánamo, Former Gitmo Commander Subpoenaed in Spain over Prisoner Torture



Greedy Public Workers and Fat Pensions? Try Again

*Comments left at link


Institute for Public Accuracy
Commission on BP

*The corpress has largely moved on – not that they fulfilled anything approaching their obligations while the story was “hot”, or do so with their occasional “followups” – while the catastrophe metastasizes.


Bottled Water Labels Lack Key Data, Group Says
by Kelly Zito
the San Francisco Chronicle

*Keeping it all bottled up


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Rights Groups File Emergency Human Rights Petition to Stop Imminent Deportations to Haiti
Earthquake, Cholera And Violence Is Death Sentence


Crackdown on Organized Labor: States Call for Wage & Benefits Cuts, Urge Laws to Curb Union Influence

*I diss DN! when I think it’s justified, but I thought this segment was an excellent example of it fulfilling its mission.

Not much to add here, other than to say that in addition to looking to those who have far more money than the most well-off public worker, the very politicians who push this austerity scam should have their exorbitant salaries and pensions downsized.

Even if they were doing the people’s business, their compensation isn’t commensurate to their worth, is it?  Given the harm they actually do, they should be forced to return the entire stash.

As they’re heading off to prison.


Phil Ochs: The Life and Legacy of a Legendary American Folk Singer



U.N. Chief Leaves Women Out of Year-End Summing Up
by Thalif Deen
Inter Press Service

*As the song goes, “Woman is the nigger of the world”

And apparently of the UN, as well


Indignez-vous! (When Will Americans Get Indignant?)
What Would It Take for Americans to React Like “Gaza Youth Breaks Out”?
by Russ Wellen

*I think the mindfuck propagated by the gummint-corporation-media complex in this country makes mass resistance highly unlikely.  Our only hope lies in those here and abroad who understand the situation making international connections to create a worldwide movement against the profit system and the climate catastrophe it’s engendered.

It’s a matter of thinking globally, and acting globally.


Unemployment: A Jobs Deficit or a Skills Deficit?
Politicians and economists are trying to reframe a severe jobs crunch as a problem of workers’ inadequate skills.
by John Miller and Jeannette Wicks-Lim

*Why are we talking about stimulating demand, so businesses flush with profits will hire?  Isn’t there something fundamentally wrong with a system where you have to essentially bribe those with more in order to provide for those with less?

Isn’t there something fundamentally wrong with a system where you have that disparity in the first place?

Obviously, I’m no economist.  I just try to figure out what’s fair.

And there ain’t much, is there?


The Climate Movement is in Desperate Need of Renewal
If a jury that received extensive education on climate change could not vindicate the Ratcliffe activists, then who will?
by Bradley Day

*The same is true of the US and elsewhere, isn’t it?  Day’s spot on about connecting the dots.  Climate change has to be made real to those who don’t see its effects on their lives, and while there’s no guarantee that will yield the necessary results, it’s the only thing that will.

What I’d like to know is whether Day and others can see that the only way we can avoid the hell looming before us is to challenge the system of profit whose perverted logic speeds us toward damnation.  No amount of “reform” will produce the fundamental change that’s our only hope, will it?

And if you say it ain’t gonna happen – and you may be right – then we’re fucked, aren’t we?

But let’s go down swinging, okay?


Center for Biological Diversity
New Report: Arctic Sea Ice Among Top 10 Places Whose Species Are Threatened by Climate Change


ACLU Urges State Lawmakers to Reject Discriminatory Bills That Subvert 14th Amendment
States Should Not Deny Standard Birth Certificates to Some Americans, Says Group

*A different, but allied in arrogance, concept of “American exceptionalism”


Institute for Public Accuracy
Reading the Constitution: How Is It Being Violated?


Prisoners at Supermax Ohio Penitentiary Begin Hunger Strike to Protest 17+ Year Solitary Confinement

*Nursing someone back to health so that you can kill him …

Would they cure a prisoner’s cancer to achieve the same demented end?

There are “threats to society” on both sides of the cell door.

Do the ones who go home each day pose the greater, the existential, threat?


Return of the “Death Panel” Myth is a “Travesty,” Says Dr. Atul Gawande
Dr. Atul Gawande: Solitary Confinement is Torture

*Death panels are no myth.  They exist in every health insurance corporation boardroom, and in every meeting of politicians dedicated to doing their bidding, don’t they?

And that Gawande can talk about “experimenting” for a decade with this legislation that was forged in those dark places, while untold numbers die – and you and I may be among them – and that Goodman and Kouddous don’t challenge him on that …

Sometimes trying to be a Vulcan can be goddamn crazy-making, y’know?


Dr. Atul Gawande on Obama’s “Frustrating” Record on Healthcare Reform and “The Checklist Manifesto”

*Pretty much ditto on my previous comments about this guy.  Talk to him about the checklist, which he knows about, but if you’re going to let him hold forth on healthcare law, challenge him when he goes into apologist mode for Dear Misleader and the Demorats, either through intent or ignorance, don’t you think?



Propaganda and the Saddam Statue ‘Conspiracy’

*Adhering to the time-honored corpress axiom:

If you don’t like the real news, make up some of your own.


The State of Native America: Very Unemployed and Mostly Ignored
by R. M. Arrieta
In These Times

*Posted for the tragic intel, not the context-free administration press release at the end


Bees in Freefall as Study Shows Sharp US Decline
Disease and low genetic diversity might have caused US bumblebee decline over the past few decades, say scientists
by Alok Jha
The Guardian/UK

*Biting the buzz that feeds us


A Garden For Ibrahim
by Abby Zimet


The For-Profit Con to Criminalize Immigrants
In addition to directing funding towards enforcement-only policies that criminalize immigrants, CCA lobbies for immigration policies that get more undocumented residents locked up.
by Catalina Nieto

*Locked-in profit


Tweeting Away the Time
by Ralph Nader

*Timed out


As Oil Prices Rise, Beware Familiar Refrain of ‘Drill Baby Drill’
Statement of Tyson Slocum, Director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program

*It’s all about “Bill, baby, bill”, isn’t it?


Free Press Urges FCC to Investigate MetroPCS 4G Service Plans
Mobile Provider Builds Walled Garden for Mobile Web


Eyewitnesses Describe Death of Palestinian Woman in Israeli Tear Gas Attack


Ivory Coast Showdown: A Discussion on the Political Crisis in West Africa

*It seems Gbagbo and Ouattara represent different types of dangers for the people of Côte d’Ivoire, and I’d hope that we’ll see more in-depth intel on the complexities of this situation.

One aspect in particular I’d like to know more about is the intersection between AU and ECOWAS positions and actions and Western interests.  What are the factors involved in their alignment in this instance?


Sudan Referendum: “A Real Turning Point for the People of Africa,” Says Horace Campbell



One Media Activist Gets NPR Wiki Correction

*A few things strike me here.

If words, and reality, matter, then this wasn’t an “error” or “mistake”.

It was a knowing lie – unless the responsible parties at NPR are unfathomably naive, and/or cognitively challenged.

And why didn’t Shepard press for a correction from the get go, rather than having to be “prodded” by Norr?

Some “ombud”, huh?

Lastly, why wasn’t the correction read over the air?  How many listeners are going to see it on the website?

No diss to Norr, but I’d say media activism worked here – but only a half day, wouldn’t you?


Full Catastrophe Banking in 2011
by Mary Bottari

*Tightening the screwing

Bank on it


Ralph Nader: ‘The Left Has Nowhere to Go’
by Chris Hedges

*If you want to organize folks, you’d better show them that you give a shit about them, and that that’s why you’re trying to organize them, don’t you think?

I think that’s a vital part of the growing movements in Latin America and elsewhere.  A sense of community is essential, and the goal of organizing should be to help people organize themselves.

That’s the starting point, that common bond, from which all else stems, isn’t it?


A Real December Review for Afghanistan
by Greg Kaufmann

*Again, no mention of the real reasons the US is there, buying in to the farce that this is about “terrorism”.

But what can you expect from The Nation – not that they’re alone by a long shot, are they?


Environmental Working Group (EWG)
California Moves to Protect Public from Notorious Carcinogen
State acts just days after EWG report found widespread chromium-6 in U.S. drinking water


Institute for Public Accuracy
WikiLeaks Documents Expose Boeing Dealings

*Monty Hall missed his true calling, didn’t he?


Incoming GOP House Chairs Plan to Investigate Climate Scientists, Probe Muslim “Radicalization,” Repeal Healthcare Reform

*The lunatics are in the halls of Congress.

I know – it’s an easy thing to say – and not really accurate, in that these people aren’t insane.

Most of them, anyway.

They have a plan, to transfer as much wealth as they can to the rich.  And it will no doubt drive many millions here and abroad to despair, and some to our own insanity.

From their perspective, that’s highly logical, even if ultimately it sows the seeds of their own demise, taking us along with them.

Happy New Year.


Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff: From Imprisoned Guerrilla Fighter to “The Most Powerful Woman in the World”

*I think this segment is a good example of the shortcomings of DN! when it comes to a subject like this.  The bulk is devoted to personality, and the substantive issues have secondary status.

Rousseff’s history, while worth recounting, should have been a sidelight to skinnying the audience on the situation in Brazil and the contradictions of Lula’s presidency, and what the future might hold under her administration, don’t you think?


Navy Investigating Lewd, Homophobic Videos by Commander of Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier

* “The videos … were not created with the intent to offend anyone. The videos were intended to be humorous skits … “

I’m sure they’ll be a hit at many a Tea Party, don’t you?



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