April 2011


Are US Floods, Fires Linked to Climate Change?
by Jeremy Hance

*Not the only cause

Just the only one we caused, and we can do something about


Donald Trump’s Lunacy Reveals Core Truth About the Republicans
He is the Republican id – finally entirely unleashed from all restraint and reality
by Johann Hari

*It’s not difficult to diss Donald Shmuck’s hateful hucksterismo, although Hari does it rather well, but it’s gratifying to see him toss Dear Misleader’s “audacity of ‘Nope'” down the crapper as well, isn’t it?


Insurers Getting Rich By Not Paying for Care
by Wendell Potter


As a Holocaust Survivor, AIPAC Doesn’t Speak for Me
by Hedy Epstein

*A living definition of a mensch


Including Animals in Our Circle of Concern
by Zoe Weil

*Making the case for a solidarity of the sentient


Japan’s Nuclear Catastrophe Leaves Little to Celebrate on Children’s Day
A recent government decision callously put thousands of kids in harm’s way.
by Robert Alvarez

*Killer kid stuff

Profit over progeny


Half of All Americans Breathe Polluted Air
by Environmental News Service (ENS)


White House Threatens to Blacklist Paper for Covering Protest

*You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t shed a tear for the victim of this vindictive act.

When I lived in the Bay Area, I subscribed to the paper, until they stopped offering it at a price I could afford.

Like all corpress manifestations, you tend to read it more for what it tells you about the duplicitous state of the mainstream media than for any actual news value.

Hence, my less than affectionate nickname for it:

The San Francisco ChronicLiar

Here in Wisconsin, it’s deja vu all over again, with the Madison-based Wisconsin State Journal an even more graphic example of “all the news that’s printed to fit”.  It’s little more than a thinly disguised PR handout for the governor’s vicious policy initiatives.

So I thought “The Walker State Journal” would be a more accurate masthead.

It’ll be interesting to see how, or if, it will cover the May Day rally Sunday, at which immigrant and labor advocates will be displaying the solidarity that’s anathema to a corporate outlet.


Johann Hari: Frenzy around Britain’s Royal Wedding “Should Embarrass Us All”

*Something tells me this wouldn’t happen on Vulcan.

But we’re not on Vulcan, are we?


May Day Rallies Celebrate Unity; Labor Unions and Immigrants Plan to March Side by Side



Hueys Over Yemen: Is U.S. Aid Suppressing Another Mideast Freedom Struggle?
by Nick Turse

*Useful intel, but at the end, Turse makes the same leap of illogic I’ve seen so many others make – that somehow harm to the US’ reputation is something to be avoided.

As long as the US engages in war crimes and attempts to dominate the world, its name should be shit, shouldn’t it?  Until it ceases and renounces these acts, makes reparations for them, and lives by the values it now pays PR lip service to, it will continue to be seen as such.

The US has earned its current reputation.  We should be working to ensure it rightfully earns a different one.  If it does, the enmity toward it will rightly end.


Big Dairy Puts Big Scare Into Parents Over Chocolate Milk – But for How Long?
by Ed Bruske

*(Vitamin) D is for deception

The sour truth about sweet treats


WashPost Touts KIPP’s ‘Extra Edge’–Which Turns Out to Be Money and Dropouts

*I’m certain the Post would aver that its financial interest provides “valuable insight” and “a unique angle” on the issue.

Honestly, people can be so suspicious …


Institute for Public Accuracy
Big Oil “Swimming in Revenue”

*They’re swimming

We’re drowning


5 Years After U.S.-Backed Clashes, Palestinian Factions Fatah, Hamas Reach Unity Deal

*Re my criticisms of the program yesterday and before, this is what it’s capable of, and what we should expect from DN! every day, don’t you think?

But, given the history, I won’t hold my breath.


DOJ Drops Probe of Whistleblower Who Exposed Bush-Era Domestic Spying, Thomas Tamm: “The Bottom Line Is I Don’t Think I Ever Broke the Law”

*It’s pretty goddamn discouraging to listen to someone like Tamm, who obviously has a conscience, and the courage to use it, say things that make clear he just doesn’t get it.

This wasn’t an aberration.  This is SOP for our gummint.  Whatever checks we have on it are due to folks like him who didn’t go along.  Yet he can say he admires Holder, who’s at the heart of so many criminal abuses of power.

If what he discovered doesn’t make the scales fall from his eyes, what will?


Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern: Petraeus Will Expand Pro-War Agenda as New CIA Director

*Similar thoughts here as to the previous segment.

McGovern has a better handle than Tamm on the turpitude that defines political life among America’s elites, but I have news for him …

If there is an afterlife, you ain’t gonna find ol’ “Give ’em hell” by looking up, are you?

Same goes for every other president, of course.

He also has this nostalgia for the “good old days” at the agency, doesn’t he?  I guess it’s possible that it was more intellectually honest back in the day, but you might want to ask the people of Iran, Guatemala and so many other countries about its ops in their lands during that time, don’t you think?



Michigan’s “Emergency” Financial Regime: What Fascism Looks Like
A Black Agenda Radio commentary
by Glen Ford


New Song of Egypt’s Elite
They hail the revolution as easily as they praised Mubarak. But they’re still Mister President’s men
by Nawal El Saadawi

*Mincing no words towards the manipulators of same


It’s Time to Revive an Old Rallying Cry: Labor Is Not A Commodity!
For America’s labor movement to survive, it must recommit to—and defend—the principles that once defined it
by Joe Burns

*From the Wobblies to the just plain wobbly


Cheney Was Right About One Thing: Deficits Don’t Matter
by Ellen Brown

*From this perspective, comparing personal debt to national debt is like comparing rotten apples to ripe oranges, isn’t it?

I can’t manufacture my own money, or borrow from myself, can I?  That’s something Republicans – and Democrats – make goddamn certain never enters the conversation, don’t they?


NYT Explains–But Doesn’t Name–U.S. Terrorism

*It’s SOP for the corpress to speak of US war crimes in euphemisms – when they’re speaking of them at all.

But what’s always left out of the equation is what happens to the “good civilians” – such as those suffering in Misurata – when and if the West achieves its ends.

In this case, what will be the quid pro quo exacted for “humanitarian intervention” from the rebels should they defeat Gaddafi’s forces, or the country is partitioned?

It’s a safe bet that the goals of self-determination and true democracy held by so many in Libya will be subverted in the service of empire, isn’t it?

And what will all their sacrifice have been for?


Court Rules Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Death Sentence is Unconstitutional, Grants New Sentencing Hearing

*To have endured what he has for three decades, and still be able to maintain the clarity of mind and morality evidenced by his commentary, is a remarkable testament to the man’s spirit, isn’t it?

May one day his body again know the freedom of his soul.


Inside War-Torn Libya: As NATO Intensifies Air Strikes, Rebels Struggle to Break Gaddafi’s Control of Libya

*I’ll post this, and the following segment, as I think there’s useful intel to be gleaned, but regarding this one, as I said yesterday, if I want to know what the corpress is saying – in this case, the Post – I’ll read it.

Too often I feel I’m wasting time at DN!, and the succeeding segment did nothing to allay that sense.

There’s been precious little focus on the quid pro quo that will be expected from the rebels should they defeat Gaddafi or if the country’s partitioned.  How the hell can you not talk about Western intentions, and still call yourself “the exception to the rulers”?

Not that I ever felt DN! was Jesus on a stick, but I think the contradictions are occurring with more regularity, or maybe I’m just less tolerant of them.

Just like reporters, we have to have confidence in our sources.

I’m losing mine here.


Arab Spring: A Discussion on Libya, Egypt and the Mideast with Palestinian Writer Rula Jebreal, Author of “Miral” & Journalist Issandr El Amrani



Today Detroit – Tomorrow, Every City in America
by Rania Khalek

*Laying the bricks in the wall of conformity


What We’re Not Being Told About Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan
The mainstream media has failed to report that the Ryan plan is a privatisation programme that will hand $30tn to insurers
by Dean Baker

*The truly dangerous deficit is that of honest reporting


An Arab Spring for Women: The Missing Story from the Middle East
by Shahin Cole and Juan Cole


Analysis: Banks Play Shell Game with Taxpayer Dollars
Statement by Senator Bernie Sanders


The Right-Wing Network Behind the War on Unions
Inspired by Ronald Reagan and funded by the right’s richest donors, a web of free-market think tanks has fueled the nationwide attack on workers’ rights.
by Andy Kroll
Mother Jones

*Deep pockets and bottomless duplicity


WashPost Explains ‘Reality’ to Europe: You’re Rich and Must Tighten Your Belt

*In psychology, the insistence on maintaining your own version of reality in the face of contradicting facts is known as psychosis.

In the corporate media, it’s known as traditional practice.


Institute for Public Accuracy
EPA Office of Civil Rights “Dysfunctional”

*How’s that “hope and change” thing working out?

At least you can’t say DeLeon doesn’t have intimate experience with the issue, can you?


Chernobyl Catastrophe: 25th Anniversary of World’s Worst Nuclear Accident

*Does anything better encapsulate the level of insanity the “leadership” of our species is capable of than the use of nuclear energy?

And what have you seen in the corpress but pure propaganda downplaying the damage done, in an effort to tamp down opposition to Dear Misleader’s “nuclear renaissance”.

Franz Kafka, meet George Orwell.


Locked-Out Uranium Processing Workers Protest Honeywell’s Use of Scab Workers at Uranium Enrichment Plant in Illinois

*Filling unsafe containers with radioactive waste, and campaign coffers with contaminated contributions.

And Elk’s right about the lack of committed labor coverage by alternative media.  If these job actions got more exposure, that might encourage folks to follow suit, don’t you think?


Guardian Newspaper Editor Defends Publishing WikiLeaks’ Secret Guantánamo Files



Detonating Nukes in Search of Natural Gas: A Curious Tale in the 1960s and ’70s
by Steve Early
Kansas City Star

*The Big Bang Theory of energy profiteering


Thrifty Families and Other Lies
Like Their Government, Americans Live on Debt
by Ted Rall


Washington on the Rocks: An Empire of Autocrats, Aristocrats, and Uniformed Thugs Begins to Totter
by Alfred W. McCoy and Brett Reilly

*The empire strikes out

But keeps on swinging, and killing


How Guantánamo Bay Became Kafkas’s Trial
The WikiLeaks files story of one detainee, Abdullah Kafkas, reveals the extrajudicial phantasmagoria of Guantánamo Bay
by Pratap Chatterjee


The Authoritarian Agenda Behind Attacks on Contraception
by Amanda Marcotte

*Vagina monologues only a misogynist could love


The Corporate State Wins Again
by Chris Hedges

*There is no reason not to believe Hedges’ grim forecast.

There is every reason to work, as he does, to prove it wrong.


Syrian Crackdown Intensifies: Over 150 Killed Since Friday as Assad Regime Attempts to Crush Protest Movement


First Tunisia, Then Egypt, Now Yemen? Yemeni President Saleh Agrees to Resign Within 30 Days; Protests Continue

*If I wanted to know what the New York Times has to say about the situation, I’d read the goddamn New York Times.

This segment’s a good example of what’s so often wrong with DN!.  Sources like this don’t give us the intel and perspective we need to make informed judgments, and they sure as hell don’t sync up with the whole “exception to the rulers” thing, do they?


WikiLeaks Documents Reveal U.S. Knowingly Imprisoned 150 Innocent Men at Guantánamo

*We need to put ourselves in the place of those who’ve endured these horrors, to imagine what they’ve been subjected to.

No one with an ounce of humanity can do that and then claim that there was any justification for this hell to have been created, other than to feed the fear that our government relies on to perpetuate its imperial crimes.

And Americans need to realize their own guilt here, that we’ve allowed that unreasoning fear, and racism, to undermine our sense of justice.

I’m pissing in the wind on that count, I know.  It’s nothing but deja vu all over again, from slavery to native peoples’ subjugation to the centuries of war for empire.

And in a time when our very survival depends on our ability to cooperate with others, it’s a good bet that we will only become more craven and selfish.

We’re by no means alone in that, but as Americans are so fond of saying …

“We’re Number One” at it, aren’t we?



Martelly-Clinton Seal Deal for Next Wave of Disaster Capitalism in Haiti
by Kanya D’Almeida
Inter Press Service

*The singer and the siren song of “development assistance”


The Obama-Gates Maneuver on Military Spending
by Gareth Porter

*Selling the shell game


On Earth Day and Every Day, Women Protect the Planet
by Yifat Susskind

*Sistas are doing it for themselves

And everybody else


Consensus Builds on Free Trade Deals, Alongside Proof of Their Toll
by Michelle Chen

*It’s heartening to see folks in all the countries affected working together to fight these sinister shams, but the paradigm of “competitiveness” is the bigger gorilla in the room.

It pits worker against worker in a race to the poverty line and below.  Solidarity has to be multinational for it to have true meaning, doesn’t it?

Otherwise we’ll be played off each other till there’s no one but literal wage slaves left on the field.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Drone Use in Libya, Pakistan Condemned

*Unmanned consciences


Earth Day Special: Vandana Shiva and Maude Barlow on the Rights of Mother Earth

*Being an atheist – or more precisely, an empiricist – I don’t come at this from a spiritual, “Mother Earth” perspective.

But the result’s the same.  If we don’t learn to live in harmony with nature, and by definition, that means in harmony with each other as well, we simply will not survive.

I’d prefer folks saw that as a moral imperative, but the undeniable fact is that it’s a matter of self-preservation, isn’t it?

We’re the only species capable, and wilfully incapable, of reason.

Do we want the latter to be our epitaph?


“Now Is Our Time to Take a Stand”: Tim DeChristopher’s Message to Youth Climate Activists at Power Shift 2011

*How do each of us answer his question?

When do each of us decide to take a stand?

How do we take that stand?

And with whom?

Time’s wasting.



Institute for Public Accuracy
Targeting Environmentalists


Quarter-Million Dead and Not Counting
by Donna Smith

*I always appreciate Smith’s passion.

It needs to be multiplied many times over, doesn’t it?


Is the World Too Big to Fail?
The Contours of Global Order
by Noam Chomsky

*Please read this, and then contemplate how much of it is absent from, not just the mainstream (obviously a given), but the alternative media.

To understand the world, we have to understand the fundamental context in which actions are taken by the powerful.  Chomsky does so here, but that’s missing from much of “progressive” journalism and commentary, other than on a superficial scale, don’t you think?

Intel like this should be the norm, not the exception.

Our survival depends on it.


Don’t Get Fooled Again: Writing Our Own Economic Future
My neighbors and I know we can’t go back to the old economy. But what can we do to build a new one?
by Sarah Byrnes

*These are good ideas, but I don’t see the imperative focus on the rejection of profit and competition for any vision of a national, and global, economy that has justice at its core.

Until we embrace cooperation as the primary principle of our socioeconomic existence, we will have people living in poverty.

And any system that allows that cannot be considered truly just, can it?


How Bad U.S.-Latin American Policy Fuels Unauthorized Immigration
by Catherine Traywick

*NAFTA, CAFTA and the hell that’s come afta


Environmental Working Group (EWG)
Prenatal Pesticide Exposure Linked to Diminished IQ
Some Popular Fruits and Vegetables Contain Highest Levels

*Bitter living through chemistry


Cornucopia Institute
Largest Organic Milk Bottler Accused of Misrepresenting Products
Consumers Cautioned to Choose Organic Milk without Dubious, Illegal Ingredients

*Crying “Foul” over shilled milk


Newsweek Bravely Highlights the Plight of the Beached White Male

*I’m part of that demographic, and I do feel screwed.

By the same futha muckas who are doing much worse to my sisters and brothers of color, aided and abetted by the cover offered by corpress claptrap like this.


Thought Control: Right-Wing Koch Brothers Caught Telling Thousands of Employees How to Vote

*And we thought Orwell’s choice of “1984” was prescient.

A quarter-century later, how much closer are we to his nightmare vision?


“Dr. Death” Agrees to Stop Evaluating Mentally Disabled Texas Death Row Prisoners

*A hired killer with a keyboard



Mekong Ecology in the Balance as Laos Quietly Begins Work on Dam
by Andrew Buncombe
The Independent/UK

*Justice and the environment be dammed


Study: Increasing Wages at Wal-Mart Would Barely Affect Shoppers
by Mike Elk
In These Times


Corporate Coup d’état Coming Soon to a City Near You
by Rania Khalek

*The public good can go to a private hell


Canada’s Health Care: An Alternate Universe
by Elizabeth Rosenthal

*I think one reason for our status as an anomaly among industrialized countries is that elsewhere, major political parties championed the cause of universal care, such as Labor in the UK, whereas in the US, the Democratic “leadership” has never pushed for it, other than for the elderly and the poor.

Of course, no one in their right mind would call Medicaid anywhere near sufficient, and Medicare, while much better, still falls far short of its promise, doesn’t it?

Those parties in other nations could be called, at least at some point, “social democratic”, while that term could never be legitimately applied to the Democrats, could it?

And now that the people of those countries have experienced the benefits of that care for decades, it may be picked at, with deadly consequences, to be sure, but it’s highly unlikely to be ended.

As for us, well, there’s no time like the present.

If we want a decent future.


Obama’s Mexicogate?
by Laura Carlsen

*”The gunwalking case tests the integrity of the Obama government.”

How can you test something that in innumerable instances has been made manifestly obvious doesn’t exist?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Escalating Iraq Protests: U.S. “Playing with Fire”


“A Sea in Flames”: Ecologist Carl Safina on First Anniversary of Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Blowout

*BP and the rest should be declared incompetent in order to stand trial


Voices from the Gulf: “One Year Later, We’re in the Same Situation as Last Year”

*Oil and water don’t mix, and neither do corporations and our gummint, and common humanity


Deepwater Drilling Resumes Despite Unclear Impact of BP Spill: “It is All about Hiding the Oil, Not Cleaning It Up”

*And there are still “environmentalists” who kiss the dick of Dear Misleader, aren’t there?

The kindest thing you can say about them is that they’re utter fucking fools, isn’t it?


Death Toll from BP Spill Still Rising as Residents Die from Spill-Related Illnesses



Waiting for the Spark
by Ralph Nader

*So how do we keep that tinder dry, and add to it, so that when the spark happens, it ignites a conflagration that can’t be extinguished via falsehoods or force?

I don’t have some magical answer, but I do believe that being unwaveringly clear on just who are our oppressors, and why, and how, will be vital to fending off the firehoses of propaganda aimed at dividing us.

And beyond knowing our enemies, we have to know, and develop unbreakable bonds of trust, with our friends.

Honesty and mutual respect are essential tools for that task, aren’t they?


Astroturfing Net Neutrality
by Tim Karr

*I wouldn’t place a whole helluva lot of faith in Dear Misleader’s vows, would you?

Those comfortable shoes for walking the picket lines are smothered in dust at the back of his spacious closet, aren’t they?


Syria Lifts Emergency Law as Protesters Come Under Fire in Syrian City of Homas


Former Libyan Diplomat on His Defection and Call for Intensification
of NATO Operations


Phyllis Bennis: U.K. Sends Troops into Libya as International Coalition Expands Mission to Include Regime Change

*After Dabbashi’s presentation of the rebel line, Bennis makes some essential points here, especially regarding just who would be in charge in a post-Gaddafi or partitioned Libya.

It wouldn’t look like anything folks across the region would say they’re struggling and dying for, would it?

And Libyans would discover that soon enough, to their profound chagrin.


As Radiation Continues to Leak from Japan Nuke Plant, Owners of Vermont Yankee Plant Sue to Stay Open

*Einstein’s theory of insanity:

Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

I guess we could argue over whether greed qualifies as a form of insanity, but it leads to the same consequences, doesn’t it?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Pickens’ Gas Fracking Offensive Debunked

*Nothing slim about the human and environmental costs from this Pickens, is there?



The Terminators: Drone Strikes Prompt MoD to Ponder Ethics of Killer Robots
Analysis of unmanned aircraft in combat urges Britain to establish policy on ‘acceptable machine behaviour’
by Richard Norton-Taylor and Rob Evans
The Guardian/UK

*It is the mentality, not the machine it serves, that is humanity’s true nemesis


US Uncut: The New Movement against Austerity and Corporate Tax Cheats
by Brian Tierney


Throw Out the Money Changers
by Chris Hedges

*Merciless mammon, and the road to redemption


Big Coal’s Dirty Secret: Breakthrough New Study on Longwall Mining Regulatory Failure and Ruin in Pennsylvania
by Jeff Biggers

*Literally undermining nature and its nurture


Sarah Palin: The Koch Brother’s Union Maid
by Mary Bottari

*Breitbart has a point about civility, in a sense.

We really shouldn’t be harping on “civility” and “compromise” and “dialogue”, should we?  When someone’s trying to destroy your life, you respond with anger.  You don’t seek to find “common ground”.

That “civil” attitude assumes both sides have legitimacy, but I can’t see how fighting for human dignity is somehow commensurate with greed and hatred, can you?

So I’ll be as “rude” as I want to be.  I’ll call these bastards by their rightful name.  This is indeed about “class warfare”.

The ruling class declared war on everybody else, and we have every goddamn right to defend ourselves.

Suck on that, Kochs and company.


It’s Time to Outlaw Land Grabbing, Not to Make It “Responsible”!
by Food Sovereignty Organizations

*The perfidy of “principles”


Worldwatch Institute
Agriculture: The Unlikely Earth Day Hero
This Earth Day, Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet team recommends 15 ways that agriculture can address environmental challenges while also alleviating hunger, reducing malnutrition, and lifting people out of poverty.


NYT Critical Spotlight on Tanton Gives His Anti-Immigrant Groups a Pass

*You don’t have to wear a white hood to have a black heart


Gadhafi’s Cluster Bombs–and Uncle Sam’s

*Let’s keep in mind that for some years, the good Colonel had been a member in good standing in our brutal buddy system, hadn’t he?

He had those munitions at his command during that period, didn’t he?

Had he used them against those opposed to his rule – and I don’t have the intel at hand to say this didn’t occur – what do you think the response from the US and the West would have been?

None of this is to exculpate his regime.  If using cluster bombs in civilian areas isn’t legally a war crime, it certainly is from any moral standpoint.  But this “humanitarian intervention” heaps hypocrisy upon hypocrisy, and in the end, whatever short-term benefit Libyans may derive from it will be outweighed in the end by the quid pro quo exacted for it, don’t you think?


Institute for Public Accuracy
From Cairo: Egypt’s Military Leading the Counter-Revolution?

*”Regime change” only an empire could love


On 8th Day of Hunger Strike, Bahraini Activist Zainab Alkhawaja Urges U.S. to Press for Family’s Release

*While the HRW rep soft pedals his criticism of the US and the West to some extent, Alkhawaja minces no words, does she?

That’s what’s absolutely vital to the struggle for justice in Bahrain and everywhere else.  We have to see the actors for who they are and why they do what they do.

You can’t fight effectively if you don’t see your adversary clearly, can you?


“5 Million Barrels of Oil Does Not Disappear”: Author, Activist Antonia Juhasz on the BP Spill, One Year Later

*The gulf between reality and propagandized perception, and the people drowning in it


Georgia Set to Enact First Arizona Copycat Anti-Immigrant Bill

*Old habits die hard in Dixie



FAIR Action Alert
Stop Blacking Out Progressive Protests
Media focus on tiny Tea Party rally, ignore antiwar march

*Covering authentic popular protest against the depredations of empire abroad and at home just isn’t the corpress’ cup of Chamomile, is it?

After all, that would challenge the gospel that, regardless of what polls say, the vast majority of Americans really do support the Global War of Terror ™, and want the debt reduced at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society, rather than handing the bill to those who caused it.

And that in turn would shake the orthodoxy of a united, “classless” nation.

And that wouldn’t be news that printed to fit, would it?


The US-Colombia Trade Agreement: A Volatile Agenda on Agriculture
by Karen Hansen-Kuhn

*Planting the seeds of destruction


Hospitals Show Ugly Truth about Bahrain, as US Looks the Other Way
by Paul McGeough

*The “brutal buddy” system


The Hypocrisy of “Informed Consent” Abortion Laws
by Angi Becker Stevens

*Make that “deformed condescension”


Offshore Banking and Tax Havens Have Become Heart of Global Economy

*Vital intel on how the bastards drain us dry


As Congress Slashes EPA, Climate Funding, Author Mark Hertsgaard on “Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth”

*A question that seems to rarely get raised is just who will control clean energy.  A world in which corporations own those sources, just as they own today’s polluting technologies, will be one in which we will continue to be their victims, won’t it?

They will set rates to maximize profits, and they won’t maximize the enviromental benefits if it doesn’t suit their bottom line, will they?

They will just be “cleaner” criminals.

Only public control will get us where we need to go – a recovering planet, and a more just world.


Gulf Coast Fisherwoman “Disrupts the Peace” at BP Shareholder Meeting

*Good on Wilson and the other folks for this, but why she would be shocked that BP wouldn’t let them in is beyond me.  It’s no PR hit for them, is it?  How much coverage do you think this will get in the corpress?

But given that she obviously knows how this horror show has been spun in the media, she may well have been speaking rhetorically.

No one should be shocked.  Everyone with a modicum of humanity should be enraged.



The Planet Strikes Back
Why We Underestimate the Earth and Overestimate Ourselves
by Michael T. Klare

*It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature, and we are stone fools to do so, aren’t we?


Frankenfoods in Your “Natural” Foods Store: Whole Foods or Whole Hypocrisy?
by Ronnie Cummins


Feeding the World: It’s Not About Quantity
The resilience of our food supply is as much about the quality and diversity of our food sources as it is about how much we produce.
by Danielle Nierenberg and Mara Schecter

*Feeding our soul instead of eating our heart out


Recognizing Palestine?
by Ali Abunimah

*Solid piece exposing the PA’s “statehood” sham, and those who would gain from it


Center for Biological Diversity
One Year After Gulf Oil Disaster, Significant Dangers Remain Unaddressed
New Report Outlines 10 Much-needed Reforms to Protect People, Environment From Offshore Drilling

*A bipartisan spectacle of heedless heads in the sand of despoiled shorelines, and hungry hands outstretched for corporate campaign contributions


Dana Milbank Red-Baits the People’s Budget

*I think we need to watch our language here.

There seems to be an acceptance of the corpress equation that socialism equals totalitarian communism, when the term can mean any number of things, can’t it?

For me, it’s embodied in the dictum, “From each according to her talents, to each according to his needs.”  That’s from Mr. Karl, but it’s also from a certain JC, and many other religions and philosophies, isn’t it?

What it boils down to in whatever version folks adhere to is a sense of solidarity among us all, of giving a rat’s ass what happens to others, and doing so not in a “charitable” manner, but in the realization that we are all in this together, and are all equally worthy of respect.

Certainly this budget is better than Ryan’s tempest in a teapot, or Dear Misleader’s “kinder, gentler” austerity package, but it’s not good enough by any measure, if you think that we’re facing the greatest challenges in the history of our species, which the Vulcan in me finds a highly logical conclusion.

And those challenges can only be met by looking beyond the acceptable paradigm, or even slightly outside it.  Socialism, as a principle, not a dogma, seems to me a vital part of that view, and one that gets very little love in much of the “alternative” media.

Should we chalk that up to a reactionary scare campaign, or to a “progressive” blind spot, one that might be characterized as wilful?

What do you think?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Cost of War “Elephant in Room”

*Paying the price for perverted priorities


While Obama Touts Compromise with GOP, Progressive Lawmakers Unveil “People’s Budget”

*Obviously this budget could go much further – such as pushing for true universal health care – and I’m sure the argument is that the public wouldn’t accept that, but how do you know that to be the case if you don’t make the case, if you always present something “better”, but not good enough?

Of course, that’s assuming these Democrats would do so “if circumstances permitted”, but that’s by no means a given, is it?


Roundtable: Assessing Obama’s Budget Plan & State of U.S. Economy with Author Thomas Frank, Rev. Jim Wallis, and Activist/Philosopher Grace Lee Boggs

*I’m hoping what Boggs is speaking to regarding changing human relationships is inextricably connected to ending the profit system, because that’s the only way it will be possible, isn’t it?

But she doesn’t say that explicitly, and that points to the most glaring deficiency of DN! – the lack of voices saying that clearly and forcefully.

Without those voices, the supposed mission of the program – to be “the exception to the rulers” – can’t be fulfilled, can it?

We’ve got to stop fiddling around while our world burns.



The Anti-Choice Movement: “Not Intended to Be Factual”
by Jodi Jacobson

*The anti-choice charlatans and fanatics can put out these lies, but very few people would believe them without the complicity of the corpress, would they?

Knowledge is power, and so is the ability to control it.


Friedman, Iraq and the U.S. Referee


Tom Friedman: Being a Columnist Means Never Having to Say You Researched

*I’d add that being a corpress columnist also means never having to swear fealty to the facts.

It makes making your perverse points so much simpler, doesn’t it?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Fracking and T. Boone Pickens’ Myths

*I wouldn’t say Dear Misleader and other prostitutes – um, politicians – are “buying into” Pickens’ scam.

They know what it’s about, and they’re not buying, but rather selling themselves in service to it, aren’t they?


Expert: Despite Japanese Gov’t Claims of Decreasing Radiation, Fukushima a “Ticking Time Bomb”

*The question is, can this shit ever be made safe, and even if it can, is it worth the expense, which could go to unquestionably safe alternatives?

And who do we trust to tell us it is safe?

If you have any Vulcan in you, I think you have to say there’s no logical reason to continue on this path.


Dr. Michio Kaku on “Physics of the Future: How Science Will Change Daily Life by 2100”

*A whole lot of assumptions here – and we all know what happens when we assume – but even if this brave new world comes to pass, it will still be controlled by the rich, won’t it? 

Kaku apparently sees nothing wrong with the inherent inequities of capitalism, and Goodman apparently doesn’t see a need to challenge him on that.

Why do you think that is?


D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray Arrested Protesting Dem-GOP Budget Deal

*Gray says some good things here, and comes across as a better public servant than most mayors.  I’d like to know more about his record.

But the comment about “fighting for democracy abroad”?  Maybe he meant the *supposed* support for it, but you should always make that clear, shouldn’t you?

The bottom line is our gummint cares as much about democracy elsewhere as they do in D.C. and the rest of the good ol’ US and A.

That bottom line is blank, isn’t it?


Journalists, Activists Targeted as Honduran Repression Grows

*Speak of the devils …

Case in point re US support for democracy


Voices from the 2011 National Conference for Media Reform



Why Anti-Nuclear Belongs in All of Our Movements
by Betsy Hartmann

*A unified front against multitasking malevolence


Some Market Discipline for Economists
The IMF lashes itself for failing to foresee the crisis, but the only remedy would be the hazard of unemployment for its economists
by Dean Baker

*I agree with the principle of accountability, but if the problem lies with an organizational leadership devoted to the corporate party line, shouldn’t they be the ones facing pink slips?

As long as they’re in control, many of those below them will fear their wrath, and tow their line, won’t they?

If you want folks to speak their minds, you’ve got to protect them from retaliation from above, don’t you?

My overarching thought is that, as with who should make sacrifices regarding the debt, you start at the top.

And in both situations, that’s as far as you’ll need to go, don’t you think?


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo: Taking Progressives for Granted
by Ralph Nader

*It’s too neat a distinction, but it wouldn’t be too far off to say that Republicans are muggers, and Democrats are blackmailers, would it?


Why Not a No-Fly Zone for Gaza?
by Ira Chernus

*The necessity of a no-fly zone over the facts


GOP’s Attack on Child Labor Threatens Our Daughters
It’s Equal Pay Day, a time to remember those 600 extra hours that women work each year to catch up with male wages. For female teens exploitation at work is advancing, as GOP lawmakers in several states try to relax child labor laws.
by Susan Feiner

*Sleazy kid stuff and the scumbags who push it


Institute for Public Accuracy
Budget “Decimates” Water Protections

*Making the water quality match the moral quality


Nuclear Catastrophe in Japan “Not Equal to Chernobyl, But Way Worse”

*In any just world, every gummint and corporate official, every media person, anyone who knowingly withheld information that would have saved lives would be convicted of negligent homicide, if not second degree murder, and the sentences would match the severity of the crime.

The absurdity of expecting that to happen makes abundantly clear how unjust a world we live in, doesn’t it?


Human Rights Concerns Continue After Capture of Ivory Coast Strongman Laurent Gbagbo

*Not much to go on here in assessing Ouattara’s commitment to what’s best for the people of Cote d’Ivoire, is there?

More to come, hopefully.


“I Am Willing to Give My Life”: Bahraini Human Rights Activists Risk Lives to Protest U.S./Saudi-Backed Repression


The Army vs. the People?: A Democracy Now! Special Report from Egypt

*With friends like these …

But why was the military trusted and respected previously?  That’s something I’m not clear on, are you?


FAIR Extra!
Not Much Value in ‘Value-Added’ Evaluations
NYT seeks teacher data, ignores own reporting
by Daniel Denvir

*A test of fairness failed


Media and Nuclear Energy: Interlocking Industries

*When it comes to airing views damaging to the glow worms’ bottom line, you could call this a conflict of disinterest.



How Nuclear Apologists Mislead the World Over Radiation
by Helen Caldicott


Fukushima Nuclear Disaster at One Month: The Explosion of Nukespeak
by Karl Grossman

*We have everything to fear from the fear of fear itself


Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System
by Chris Hedges

*Bricks in the wall that seals us off from our humanity

Please read


Hiding From Shame, Addicted to Optimism: The Tyranny of Our Collective Comfort Zones
by Phil Rockstroh

*Southern, and societal, discomfort, and its calamitous consequences


What Is and Isn’t Abortion: A Primer
by Amanda Marcotte


Believe It or Not
by Mike Farrell

*Beating the life out of ’em


Global Access Project
AIDS Activists Arrested Taking Over Republican Leader Eric Cantor’s Office Protest “Compromise” Global Budget Cuts and Syringe Exchange Ban for DC
House Republican plans will cost the lives of over 1 million people, deny people living with HIV access to effective prevention programs

*But this is bipartisan butchery, isn’t it?

Who’s wringing their hands, proclaiming “This is awful, but there’s nothing we can do about it”?

When they know goddamn good and well there’s plenty they can do, isn’t there?


Amnesty International – USA
Women in France Banned From Wearing the Veil in Public, says Amnesty International
Organization Condemns Arrest of Protesters, Calls for Law to be Scrapped

*A not-very-veiled threat to freedom of expression and religion


Media Mobilize for Royal Wedding

*”[N]obody gets hurt”?

A half-million Brits take to the streets to condemn heartless cuts to vital gummint programs, and how much is being pumped out to pay for this plutocratic pomp and circumstance?

Hard to find a more apt description of “an obscene waste of resources”, don’t you think?


NYT ‘Obama to the Center’ Headline Apparently Serious

*If the center lines on our roads were where Obama, the Democratic “leadership”, and the corpress place it politically, the death toll would be unimaginable.

Of course, that outcome applies in the real world, doesn’t it?


“Don’t Punish the Poor” Economist Jeffrey Sachs Slams Obama-GOP Budget Deal

*Dear Misleader says these cuts will be painful.

Remember “I feel your pain”?

I’d sure as hell like to help him to, but I couldn’t get close enough, could I?

And can’t you get someone on to talk about this who wasn’t fool enough to ever have had any faith in this bastard?


U.S. Backs Down and Grants Visa to Omar Barghouti, Palestinian Advocate of Israel Boycott

*I don’t think you will ever have a truly just solution as long as the land is divided.  There has to be one nation, with equal rights for all its inhabitants.

South Africa is the template.  It’s clear that the end of the bantustans hasn’t brought an end to injustice, but that’s the only way to get there.


Alleged Cuban Airline Bomber Free After Acquittal on Immigration Charges

*Cuban drone strikes over Miami?

Only if the world turned upside down.



Full Interview with Robert Jensen
By F*Bomb
UWeekly Austin

*I think Jensen’s critique of pornography points to a broader human
failure:  the inability to put ourselves in another’s place, to

It may sound strange to put it in this context, but sex is a
cooperative act, and as with all such acts, seeking to understand and
respond to others’ needs is the key to a positive outcome for all,
isn’t it?

If we approached sex in that way, with the goal being to satisfy each
other, rather than getting our personal rocks off, to share rather
than to take, we’d be engaged in the antithesis of the objectification
and domination that characterizes sexuality in this country, wouldn’t

Of course, that holds for all human interactions, doesn’t it?  The
commitment to seeing our common humanity, to working to break down the
artificial barriers that divide us, is what will ultimately decide our
species’ fate.

Compelled by our moral instincts, and our own enlightened
self-interest, we can pull back from the abyss, and begin to create a
world that values the intrinsic worth of each of us.

If we’re honest, we have to admit the odds are against us.

If we seek to become fully human, we have to say, “So what?”



US Nuclear-Disaster Preparedness Hobbled by Uncertain Chain of Command
by Sasha Chavkin and Sheri Fink
Pro Publica


The Strange Politics of Fitzwalkerstan: GOP Clerk “Finds” Votes to Reverse Defeat of Conservative Wisconsin Justice
by John Nichols

*That smell isn’t coming from a Friday night fish fry, is it?


States’ Shameful Trade-Off: Putting Prisons over Public Schools
by Michelle Chen


The Real Madness of March
by David Sirota

*Bad sports


Back to the Future: The Cost of Delay
by Donald Cohen

*Deadly deja vu all over again, except that whatever “aggressive Democratic leadership” existed in the ’80s is a wistful memory today, isn’t it?


Averting a Government Shutdown? GOP Says Over Your Dead Body. And They Mean It
by Jodi Jacobson


The Missing Economic Context of Budget Impasse Reports

*Now, that doesn’t mean cutting any old billion bucks would have that effect, does it?

Isn’t slicing off some serious scratch from the war chest, or nuke subsidies, qualitatively different from ripping a chunk out of something that actually benefits society?

Put in micro terms, you wouldn’t want to cut back on your essential groceries, but you could give those trips to Reno a toss.

Am I off here?


Paul Ryan, Serious Numbers Geek (Aside From His Fuzzy Numbers)

*Comments left at link


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Unnecessary Austerity”

*Penny pinching amongst the gold bars


At National Conference for Media Reform, a Roundtable on Journalism, Broadband and Broadcast Amidst Cutbacks and Consolidation

*Playing with monopoly money

For keeps


The Fall of Glenn Beck: Did the Controversial Fox Host Become an Economic Liability?



A Vortex of Death and Wealth
by Robert C. Koehler

*The arms market – a tale of goods and evil


Wall Street and War
by Kevin Zeese

*Making a killing, then and now


Cornucopia Institute
Stop the Corporate Takeover of Organics


National Organization for Women (NOW)
It’s Up to Democrats to Stop GOP Assault on Women, Children, Seniors and the Poor

*I think it’s imperative to understand that, while obviously Democrats would like to be elected, that’s not their primary goal.  If it were, then protecting and expanding programs with popular support, and ending wars without it, would be a no-brainer, wouldn’t it?

The party exists to serve power and privilege, or it wouldn’t be a “major” party, would it?

So how do we deal with that?  That’s not an easy question, but the first step is to see the reality, and never deny it, even in those instances when voting for these bastards is the least worst option.


Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Assault on Social Spending, Pro-Rich Tax Cuts Turning U.S. into Nation “Of the 1 Percent, by the 1 Percent, for the 1 Percent”

*There’s some useful info here, but again, the talk is of how to make a profit-based system more equitable, and not how to create a system that assures we all have what we need to live a life of dignity.

And that can only occur in a system based on cooperation, one in which wealth is measured by the quality of your relations with others, not by your material possessions.

That’s not utopian.  It’s utterly essential if we’re to avoid the hell those with power and riches have thrown open the gates to.


Leading Health Advocates Decry GOP Plan to Privatize Medicare, Gut Medicaid

*”Sick to death” won’t be a figure of speech if this becomes reality, will it?

And you have to ask how we went from talking about the possibility of single payer, or at least a robust public option, to fighting to hang onto the inadequate coverage we currently have, don’t you?

I’d say the answer lies with a complicit White House and Democratic “leadership”, and the courtiers of the corpress.  In a context in which the facts were widely known, these vicious assaults on healthcare wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Their charge was to ensure that that context never emerged, and they were up to the task, weren’t they?


Former Angola Prisoner Wilbert Rideau Receives George Polk Journalism Award for Exposing Sexual Violence Behind Bars



Sharp Drop in American Enthusiasm for Free Market, Poll Shows
by World Public Opinion.org

*A positive plummet for a change


Honeybees ‘Entomb’ Hives to Protect Against Pesticides, Say Scientists
By sealing up cells full of contaminated pollen, bees appear to be attempting to protect the rest of the hive
by Fiona Harvey
The Guardian/UK


Post-Carbon World by 2050? If We Had the Will, say Researchers
The world can be powered by alternative energy, using today’s technology, in 20-40 years, says Stanford researcher
by Louis Bergeron
Stanford University News

*Corporate control of energy is the gorilla in the room, isn’t it?

Public power has to be part and parcel of the transformation to alternative energy.


Kill Team: The Bigger Picture
by Josh Stieber

*I accept Stieber’s sincerity, and dedication to ending this abhorrent culture of racism and deadly impunity, but he makes the same mistake so many others do – he buys into the lie that there is some contradiction between these wars’ aims and their prosecution.

There isn’t.

The end is to control resources and maintain geostrategic dominance.  That is not inconsistent with the malevolent means employed to do so, is it?

It’s what this nation, and all empires, have always done, and it’s incumbent upon all who stand for humanity to recognize this historical fact, and make it plain to those kept ignorant of the repulsive reality.


How The “U-Word” Exposes the Anti-Choice Movement
by Amanda Marcotte

*Sounds like the premise for a Monty Python skit, doesn’t it?

I wish I shared Marcotte’s optimism that some anti-choice supporters would be embarrassed to be associated with these antics, but human beings have an exceptional capacity to ignore the inconvenient.

We’re not living on Vulcan, are we?


Greed is Not a Virtue
David Korten: Profit-centered market fundamentalism has become a national religion.
by David Korten

*The bottom line on the bottom line


Freed from Captivity in Libya, Anthony Shadid of the New York Times Recounts Ordeal under Gaddafi’s Forces

Intervention Could Make Things Worse: New York Times’ Anthony Shadid on Rebellions in Libya and the Middle East

*I was, as you might guess, skeptical about the worth of this segment.  Shadid does work for the Times, after all.

But I think there’s some useful intel and insight here.  Clearly, his view is limited as far as seeing the reality of imperialism, but he appears to be trying to be honest in his assessments within that circumscribed outlook.

See what you think.


New York Court to Hear Case Against Psychologist Accused of Torture in Guantánamo Interrogations

*Scaling the heights of Hippocratic hypocrisy


NPR: And Now, a Word From Our Sponsor

*That’s so goddamn cute it just makes you want to throw up, don’t it?

As for the ad campaign, will the tag line be:

“You want lies with that?”



Who’s Buyin’ Ryan? Only the Rich Can Afford To…
by Karen Dolan

*While the proposals offered here are certainly better than the status quo, their aim is reform of a sorry system, not its transformation, isn’t it?

Nothing short of that will result in true justice for all, and unless you’re willing to say that some folks will have to be left behind – the assumption being that you won’t be one of them – that just ain’t good enough, is it?


The Real Story Behind Job Creation
March’s job numbers were greeted rapturously by the business press. Scratch the surface of the data and things are not so rosy
by Dean Baker

*There are lies

Damn lies

And unemployment statistics


Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Libya: Abandoned Weapons, Landmines Endanger Civilians
Civilians and Aid Workers Need Protection


Is There Really a Goldstone ‘Retraction’?


The Bob Woodward School of Journalism

*The Watergate fig leaf long ago wilted, exposing Woodward’s true calling:

Sycophantic stenographer to power

Nixon’s laughing bitterly in hell.


Maddow Wonders Why Libyan Journalists Aren’t Being Targeted

*To give Maddow the benefit of the doubt, maybe – maybe – she was asking about the ability to jam broadcasting signals, and not coldbloodedly conversing about the murder of civilians.

Even if that’s the case, to not bring up the history of deadly US attacks delineated above is a pretty blatant abrogation of her duty as a journalist to provide vital context, don’t you think?

No “WOW” factor there.  It’s SOP for “mainstream” media, innit?


Japan Releases Radioactive Water Several Million Times the Legal Limit into Ocean

*As in war, the first casualty of corporate-caused calamities is the truth


U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Says It Will Continue to Push for New Nuclear Power Plants Despite Growing Global Nuclear Concern

*Promoter as protector

That pretty much defines “conflict of interest”, doesn’t it?


States Use “Astonishing Lack of Care and Deliberation” to Choose New Lethal Injection Drugs for Death Row Executions

*Even if this were “killing with kindness”, the death penalty should be an abomination in the eyes of any civilized society, shouldn’t it?

I couldn’t countenance it for the likes of mass murderers.

Such as US presidents.


Leading Palestinian Peace Activist & Theater Director, Juliano Mer-Khamis, Killed in Jenin



Workers’ Rights are Under Threat Across the World
In UK, US and Europe, the depletion of collective bargaining threatens workers’ economic security and their human rights
by Keith Ewing
The Guardian/UK

*Only a global response can answer a global threat


This Is What Resistance Looks Like
The phrase consent of the governed has been turned into a cruel joke. There is no way to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs. Civil Disobedience is the only tool we have left.
by Chris Hedges


CVS Makes War on Easter
by Nancy Aykanian

*CVS’ Easter message?

“On the third day he rose

And slaughtered the bastards who bumped him off”


The Martin Luther King Legacy and the Global Economic Crisis: Can One Influence the Other?
by Danny Schechter

*Keeping our eyes on the prize

And on those determined to use any means to keep it from us


Environmental Working Group (EWG)
Utilities Knew of Chrome-6 Contamination for Years
2004 Tests Found ‘Brockovich’ Chemical Nationwide


LAT Finds Anonymous White House Truth-Teller

*I know nothing assuages my skepticism like doing something before telling me, then lying about it.

How about you?


‘Revamping’ Medicare? The Word They’re Looking for Is ‘Slashing’

*”More for the poor, more for people who are sick …”

There will be indeed be more for these folks, if Ryan and his ilk have their way.

More illness, death, poverty and despair.

Never say austerity didn’t give you nothin’.


African American Historian Manning Marable Dies Days Before
Publication of His Biography of Malcolm X

*And today is the anniversary of the assassination of another powerful
force for justice that couldn’t be controlled


“Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention”: Manning Marable’s New Biography Investigates Conflicted Reality of the Civil Rights Leader


Judge Goldstone Retracts Part of His Report on Israeli Assault on Gaza, Leaves Rest Intact

*Unanswered questions here as to what motivated this “retraction”, but it’s clear it has no bearing on the essential facts of these crimes, isn’t it?

Anyone ignorantly following this in the “mainstream” media will likely come to a different conclusion, of course.

That’s why they call it “the power of the press”.



Natural Disasters?
Floods, earthquakes, landslides: 2011 is a year of disasters. Bill McKibben asks: are we to blame? Plus, survivors tell their tales
by Bill McKibben

*Our “leaders” want us to go with the flow

Until we drown


Don’t Jump to Conclusions About Nuclear Reactors: Look at the Facts and Say No
by Erich Pica


Killing Libya in Order to Save It: Gulf War Syndrome
by Conn Hallinan

*Solid piece on the science of slaughter, but this isn’t about “defending” or “saving” anything other than the West’s access to oil, is it?


How Milton Friedman and Chicago Economics Undermined America
by Russell Mokhiber

*The “smaller is better” school might be less dangerous, but any system where competition trumps cooperation, and profit motivates, rather than the greater good, will never deliver on the promise of fairness and freedom from want, will it?


The FDA and Fukushima Fallout
by Robert Alvarez

*Welcome to the Bobby McFerrin school of radiation safety


Our Climate Crisis Is an Education Crisis
Rethinking Schools Editorial

*Ignorance is bliss

For those with much to gain from it



Tea Party Rally? Alert the Liberal Media!

*Talk about blanket coverage.

And could you imagine if there were the same ratio at the massive protests against budget cuts and union busting?

Think of the boost to those states’ economies.

Just the bar tabs alone …


Bring War Dollars Home by Closing Down Bases
by Christine Ahn and Sukjong Hong

*Important piece on the immutable imperative to shut down the Sherwin-Williams of US militarism


Egypt’s Tahrir Square, Revisited: Labor’s Revolution Betrayed?
by Michelle Chen

*First comes the Spring.

Then comes the fall?

It will take international solidarity to forestall that chilling change of political season.

The events in Tunisia are a hopeful sign of a sunny, if slowly arriving, summer.


Mocking the Law, Judges Rule that Evidence Is Not Necessary to Hold Insignificant Guantánamo Prisoners for the Rest of Their Lives
by Andy Worthington

*Overruling the rule of law


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Former Guantanamo Detainees Should Have Chance To Clear Their Name
Court Heard Arguments Today on Right of Men Formerly Detained To Pursue Their Habeas Cases


Institute for Public Accuracy
Jobs Numbers, Cheered in Washington, “Reveal Weak Roots of Recovery”

*Watchwords of the “rebound”:

“You want fries with that?”


“Exposed: The U.S.-Saudi Libya Deal”

*What are friends for?


You scratch my back, and I’ll let you rip open someone else’s


Rep. Kucinich: Lack of Congressional Approval Could Make Obama’s Libya Attack “Impeachable Offense”

*I’m no constitutional scholar, but the arguments here make sense to me.

But Kucinich needs to fulfill his obligation as a representative of the people to be dead straight with us as to just why our gummint’s involved in Libya, and not couch it, however suspiciously, in terms of a “humanitarian intervention”.

Strip it of its pretense, and the case for ending it is much stronger, don’t you think?


Democrats Vow to Seek Public Referendum as Ohio Enacts Anti-Union Bill

*I’m not sure why Kucinich expresses confidence in Dear Misleader locating his “union shoes” buried in his closet, when he hasn’t done so yet, and when the hold of Wall Street on this administration is rightly pointed out by him.

Am I being too Vulcan here?


Ivory Coast Crisis Intensifies as Anti-Gbagbo Forces Surround Presidential Palace

*Hard to suss the situation here, isn’t it?

The one thing I will say is that when the “international community” – often read “those who willingly or are pressured to agree with the US” – backs a side in an internal conflict, suspicion is warranted.

That obviously doesn’t mean the other side is perforce worthy of support.

Let’s continue to keep our eyes open here.


Shunning Grassroots that Propelled ’08 Election, Obama Turns to Corporate Insider, Anti-Public Option Campaign Manager Jim Messina

*No surprise here, is there?

And to call groups like MoveOn “progressive” …

Well, let’s just say the quotes are justified.

This is about a dustup within an extremely limiting spectrum.  This segment provides some useful intel on the internal dynamics of that spectrum, but the true struggle for justice has very little to do with it, does it?



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