July 2011


Safety of Tar Sands Pipelines Has Not Been Studied, According to Regulation Agency
Tar sands safety review could take place after new pipeline is built
by Eartha Jane Melzer
The Washington Independent


Use Article I to Address Debt Ceiling
by Thomas Geoghegan


Undermining the Right to Vote
by Lee Saunders

*The fraud of “voter fraud”


Is Standard and Poor’s Manipulating US Debt Rating to Escape Liability for the Mortgage Crisis?
by Jane Hamsher


Norway’s Johan Galtung, Peace & Conflict Pioneer, on How to Stop Extremism that Fueled Shooting

*Galtung makes some excellent points about the views of those fighting Western imperialism in Islamic countries, and the need to engage them in honest dialogue.

But he neglects, at least here, to place Western motives in the context of that imperialism.  It’s not really about “a clash of civilizations”, is it?  In that, it mirrors the Crusades, which were also at base fueled by the desire for conquest and by greed, but were presented to the populace as a moral battle against “demonic forces”.

We have to understand the reasoning of our “adversaries”, but just as important is to understand the true rationales of our “protectors”.


Rep. Luis Gutierrez Arrested Outside White House Protesting Record Deportations Under Obama’s Watch


Protesters Face Trial on One-Year Anniversary of Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law, SB 1070

*Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses …

We haven’t beat the shit out of anybody in almost an hour.


Iran Helping Iraqi Insurgents…Make That Al-Qaeda

*When it comes to corpress complicity with imperial innuendo, there’s no such thing as a “no fly zone”, is there?



Arctic Scientist Who Exposed Climate Threat to Polar Bear Is Suspended
US government conducts ‘integrity inquiry’ on federal biologist amid lobbying by oil firms for Arctic permits
by Suzanne Goldenberg
The Guardian/UK


None Dare Call It Privatization
Dispatch from a high-powered conference spelling out a new strategy for raiding the commons
by Tom Tresser

*It’s akin to calling a rape victim the perp’s “partner”, isn’t it?


Monsanto Nation: Taking Down Goliath
by Ronnie Cummins

*Mad science and angry – and informed – citizens don’t mix


ALEC, Republicans Beat Up On Kids in Special Ed
by Ruth Conniff

*Private hells at public expense


Afghanistan: Anatomy of a Hit
by Conn Hallinan

*One of the few critical pieces I’ve seen on the war that places it in
the context of economic and geostrategic power struggles, and not in
that of The Global War on Terror ™.

In other words, it doesn’t play the corpress and gummint game on their
table, limiting criticisms to the war’s “failures” and
“unwinnability”, and the now-hackneyed, if accurate, trope of
“creating more enemies”.

(You kill folks’ families and friends, you tend to do that, don’t you?)

I would’ve like to have seen the shell game of “fighting terror” taken
on more directly, rather than implied.  I understand how that can
happen, or not happen, but I just think it’s vital to make that point
at every opportunity, and the fact that it’s relatively rarely made
adds to its essentiality, to my mind.


The Tax-Free American Aristocracy
by David Benjamin

*The royal shaft, crowned with the Stars and Stripes


Corporate Accountability International
Statement: Community says “No to Nestlé,” Victory Shows Power of the Grassroots
by Kristin Urquiza, Think Outside the Bottle Campaign Director

*Putting a publicly-powered cork in it


Wealth Gap Between Minorities and White Americans Doubles After Housing Crisis, Recession

*While we must recognize the racial disparities, we also have to see the class chasm, don’t we?  Doing so compels us to see our common interests …

And our common oppressor.


Richard Wolff: Debt Showdown is “Political Theater” Burdening Society’s Most Vulnerable

*A very welcome instance of an accessible discussion of the politics of economics, but while it’s made abundantly clear that capitalism’s deserved fate is to be dumped into the dustbin of history, the outlines of its successor are left to another time, and given the history of this program, the odds of that subject getting on the schedule aren’t encouraging.



ALEC Exposed: Warming Up to Climate Change
by Jill Richardson
PR Watch

*Manufacturing a “manufactured crisis”


US-Pakistan Spy Wars Hit Flood Relief as Aid Workers Get Caught in Dragnet
Nearly one million Pakistanis are still homeless, but charities hampered by fallout from Osama bin Laden killing
by Declan Walsh in Islamabad
The Guardian/UK


Democrats Seek Permanent Repeal of Global Gag Rule; GOP Seeks to Enshrine It in Law
by Jodi Jacobson, RH Reality Check


I Do Not Want Mercy, I Want You To Join Me
by Tim DeChristopher

*Take the time to read this through.

I think you’ll find it worth it.


Climate Change and Disaster in Montana
by Naomi Klein

*From Big Sky to Dark Sky Country


Boycotting Fascism?
Policies that have frustrated Palestinians for years are now being applied to middle-class Israelis, too.
by Mark LeVine


House Votes to Save Endangered Species Act
Most sweeping attack on endangered and imperiled species in recent history fails


The Secret of Rick Perry’s Texas Jobs Miracle? Government Jobs

*While the “lean” of Austeritismo can be illusory, based on what you’re looking at (loss of social services, public sector jobs and regulatory muscle as opposed to continuing corporate subsidies) …

There’s no frigging doubt about the “mean”, is there?

And Perry may say the job jump’s due to low taxes and lax regulation, but whether or not he actually believes it is a separate matter, isn’t it?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Environmentalist Sentenced to Two Years in Jail; Thousands of Political Arrests Since Obama Inauguration


Norwegian Shooting Suspect’s Views Echo Xenophobia of Right-Wing Extremists in U.S., Europe

*Excellent segment – please read.  A couple of thoughts:

I was struck by the dichotomy between Breivik’s condemnation of feminism as a “fifth column” aiding and abetting “the Muslim takeover” of “Christian lands”, and the fact that one of the main tenets of “mainstream” Islamophobia is the danger posed by the religion’s supposed oppressive view of women.

Pick your boogeymen … or women.

And for Bill O’Reilly to talk about anyone not following the teachings of Jesus …

Well   …   just   …   just   …



Before Death, Acclaimed “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Author Stieg Larsson Lamented Right-Wing Extremism


Dave Zirin on NFL Players’ “Remarkable” Labor Victory and How the Bank Bailout Slam-Dunked the NBA

*It may be difficult for some to empathize, as even the lowest paid players make a relatively large amount of money – for as long as they’re able to play – but to lose nearly thirty percent of your life expectancy on average?

I think a strong case can be made for banning full-on football before adulthood, given the potential health consequences, and regulating the shit out of it afterward.  I didn’t suffer any serious injuries in the four years I played (I had the good sense to quit my sophomore year – I wish I’d been that sane for the previous and next two), but mark that up to sheer luck.

The whole gladiator thing is so first century, don’t you think?



The Scourge of ‘Peak Oil’
When demand for oil consistently surpasses supply, experts warn that our lives will look “very differently”.
by Dahr Jamail
Al Jazeera English

*Going from “Burn, baby, burn” to “Learn, baby, learn”

And the learning curve has to be goddamn steep, don’t it?


Medicare for All: Fair, Frugal, and Inclusive
by Johnathon Ross

*Sense and insensibility


The Coming Economic Disaster
Crash Club: What Happens When Three Sputtering Economies Collide?
by Mike Davis

*Speed – and greed – kills


Nation’s Wars Are Heavy Burden on State Budgets
by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer and Bill Hilty

*Collateral damage hits home


Defense Cuts? Don’t Believe Them Until You See Them
by Mark Engler

*Chopping blocks for what we need

And blocked chopping for what we don’t


NARAL Pro-Choice America Endorses Bill Guaranteeing Women’s Access to Birth Control at the Pharmacy
As federal officials consider requiring insurance plans to cover birth control, congressional leaders want to make sure pharmacies won’t refuse to fill the prescription

*(Pharmacy) countering the control freaks


Citizens for Tax Justice
Sales Tax Holidays: PR Bonanzas, Policy Boondoggles


Institute for Public Accuracy
Potential Medicaid Cuts Threaten Women, Elderly and Minorities

*The message to the masses:

Take your medicine

Or, more accurately … don’t


Eyewitness to Norwegian Massacre: Survivor Recalls Attack at Island Youth Camp


Norway Attacks Reveal Growing Violent, Anti-Muslim Sentiment in Europe

*I think we have to see this also in the context of the economic situation.  Growing Islamophobia, anti-immigrant views, and just the demonization of “the other” are of great use to those in power as they seek to divert attention from their crimes against our right to live a dignified life.

And that, of course, will not be part of the discourse within the corpress as they strive to create a narrative for this horror that absolves anyone other than the most outlying of “fringe elements” of any blame, will it?


Glenn Greenwald: Norway Attacks Expose U.S. Media’s Double Standard on “Terrorism”

*One person’s “terrorist” may be another’s “freedom fighter” …

But someone like Breivik will never be the corpress’ “terrorist” – only “a lone wolf madman” to be indexed and filed away, with no connections made no matter how many times other such “madmen” murder innocents.


EXCLUSIVE: Fired Army Whistleblower Receives $970K for Exposing Halliburton No-Bid Contract in Iraq

*I’d like to hear more about this attempt to injure Greenhouse, and what that implies for the environment she and others worked and continue to work in, wouldn’t you?


The British Watergate: A Backgrounder on the Murdoch Hacking Scandal

*There’s a difference in power dynamics between the UK and the US, isn’t there?

Here, the corporate media is a functionary of the elite, serving its purposes and its agenda, while in the UK, Murdoch’s empire is a equal partner with other power wielders.

I’d like to know more about how that’s reflected in gummint policymaking on a wide array of issues, wouldn’t you?


For Beck, Norway Shooter Wasn’t Right-Wing–Though His Victims Were ‘Hitler Youth’

*Interesting (there are other words I could use) how Beck’s apocalyptic rantings aren’t viewed as connected to Williams’ attempted terrorist act in the eyes of the National Security State ™, yet comments and actions by those who are unalterably opposed to such acts in reaction to actual oppression have become grounds for prosecution or other legal sanction on that basis, isn’t it?

I’m not sure what to say about whether there’s legal culpability at some level in this instance, as there’s often tension between free speech rights and the right of society to discourage reckless behavior which can encourage harm to others, but there’s no question that the legal system is perniciously perverted when those who simply demand justice are labeled “terrorist allies” and subjected to the draconion laws of the land, is there?



Melting Arctic Ice Releasing Banned Toxins, Warn Scientists
Unknown amount of trapped persistent organic pollutants poses threat to marine life and humans as temperatures rise
by Damian Carrington
The Guardian/UK


The Greater Threat: Christian Extremism From Timothy McVeigh to Anders Breivik
by Pierre Tristam

*It may be more than a mote in others’ eyes, but there’s no denying the beam in our own


The Bombs in Afghanistan Have Landed in Norway
by Jesse McLaren

*It’s trite to say that we reap what we sew

But how often is it also true?


House Continues Assault on Key Health & Environmental Protections
Riders on an EPA spending bill will sacrifice thousands of lives, billions of dollars in savings

*An execrable Xmas wishlist, and the satanic Santas set on granting it


Institute for Public Accuracy
Norway: Behind the Terrorism


FAIR Media Advisory
Seeing ‘Islamic Terror’ in Norway
Learning no lessons from Oklahoma City mistakes

*”It is unfortunate that so many outlets have failed to learn any practical lessons from such mistakes–or question the beliefs that drive them.”

I don’t see it as a matter of learning or questioning.  It’s like the old joke:

I’ve learned from my mistakes – and I’m certain I can repeat them exactly in a similar situation.

The corpress has no accountability, other than to those in power, and will serve those interests without regard to the reality of any given set of facts.  Islamophobia is the order of the day, as its scapegoating bolsters the security state, and blatantly erroneous manifestations of it such as in this instance have no repercussions.  Perhaps a wholly insincere mea culpa, if that, and off we go again.

Despite that, I’m hoping that this will get some folks thinking about the above, and the dangers for us all, scapegoat or no, inherent in it.  If so, corpress complicity might inadvertently serve us well – for once.


Tom Friedman’s Radical Center, 2012 Edition

*It’s tempting to not take this schmenge seriously.

Depressingly, and dangerously, many in a position of influence – including his own self – do.


Diallo Speaks: Are There Holes in the ‘DSK Case Crumbles’ Narrative?

*Naiveté is the child of ignorance, and the corpress has as much commitment to birth control as the pope.


Obama’s Right-Wing Plan to Win the Center

*I think we need to be careful about placing things in the context of campaign strategy.  I find it really difficult to believe that anyone with a lick of sense honestly sees these slash and burn policies as “winners” among those who’d vote for a Democrat.

How about viewing this in the context of this being what Dear Misleader was backed by his bankrollers to do, a second term be damned?  A Democratic president would face less resistance as he sliced and diced what passes for a social safety net, which is precisely why he got the big bucks, don’t you think?

The whole false narrative of a debt-obsessed center is designed to lend some aura of political perspicascity to this hack job.  It sounds better than the RCA Victor version of “hearing his master’s voice”, doesn’t it?


Hundreds of Same-Sex Couples Marry in New York, from Niagara Falls to Manhattan

*I teared up reading this.

I understand the whole single-issue thing – how Dear Misleader and others, including some Republicans, will proclaim their support as a way to garner LGBT backing for their campaigns, attempting to split them from their natural allies.  And I’m sure many will buy into that – in particular those who are relatively better off.

That must be fought, and many LGBT folks will fight it.  Let there be no doubt in that.

But regardless of how the ruling class attempts to manipulate it, this is a victory for equality for us all, isn’t it?  And as those are in short supply, let’s take a moment to just savor the sweet fruits of a struggle won – not bestowed, but won.

And then let’s get back to pushing that rock up and over the next hill, and the next.


Pioneering Comedian Roseanne Barr on Her Life on Screen as a “Working-Class Domestic Goddess”

*Another celebrity segment, but I thought there was some interesting intel here, although I could give much of it a pass.  I really didn’t know ROSEANNE had this sort of content, as I didn’t watch much network TV, and what ads I saw for it were likely careful not to highlight it, I imagine.

The sequence with the state rep was well done, I thought, off reading the transcript.  His bullshit is sadly timeless, innit?

Barr’s final comments are important.  Of course, women’s actions have always been vital to social change, but the male-controlled narrative has downplayed their contributions.  The technological advances in social media make that more difficult to do, and let’s hope they prove to be the nail in the coffin of the continuity of that grossly distorted history.



The Tax Burden of the Very Rich
by Christopher Brauchli

*”Let them eat cake.

We usually leave a few crumbs lying around.”


Prison Slave Labor
by Margaret Kimberley

*Penal-izing profit


The Power of Song, from Selma to Syria
by Mary Elizabeth King

*I think King may overstate the case, and I don’t agree with all of her reasoning, but I do agree that songs, and chants, can help form emotional bonds among protestors, and aid in the sustaining of moral stamina.

Put more simply, anything that raises our spirits in dark times has to be a good thing, doesn’t it?


Jamaica’s Crippling Debt Crisis Must Serve as a Warning to Greece
The experience of debt-ridden Jamaica shows the damage that can be done when the interests of creditors are given too much weight
by Mark Weisbrot

*The owing

And the owned


Washington Slowly Wakes Up from AT&T’s Bad Dream
by Tim Karr


Obama is NOT “Caving” to Corporate Interests
by Jeff Cohen

*Cohen makes excellent sense when speaking to Dear Misleader’s corporatismo, but then devolves into “progressive Democrat” mode on Sanders and a primary challenger.

What we need cannot be found within the confines of Congress or the Democratic Party.  For whatever benefits politicians like Sanders, Kucinich et alia may bring to the table, a seat at that table is still off limits to truly radical concepts, which given the currently occurring and steadily intensifying horrors of climate change and economic and social inequities, are the only paths anyone who both understands and gives a shit about the situation can morally and logically take, aren’t they?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Norway Terror Suspect Described as Far-Right Nationalist Islamophobe

*Unnamed terror – horrors like these often don’t qualify under the
rubric, do they?


Green is the New Red: An interview with Will Potter
by Robert Jensen

*I think one factor that mitigates against solidarity among
environmental, animal rights and “traditional left” groups is the
often single-issue mentality of the first two, and the similarly
frequently narrow focus of the third.

Enviro and AR groups tend to eschew a critical analysis of the wider
vicious impacts of a for-profit system.  They may decry the greed of
corps which leads to the destruction of the planet and wanton cruelty
toward our fellow species, but they don’t take a holistic view of the
oppression and death capitalism wreaks upon humanity, and all other
living things.

Conversely, left groups often seem oblivious to the empirical evidence
that we have very little time left to restrict and reverse the effects
of climate change.  They take the long view of struggle, which while a
logical outlook at one point in human history, has become obsolete
given the time frame we face before we reach the point of no return.

They also usually have a pronounced human primacy view which relegates
the fate of other species to largely an afterthought.

I try to see all these struggles as interconnected.  Successes and
failures in one are inextricably linked to the odds of the same for

Perhaps an appropriate aphorism would be:  Myopia is not an option.

Now, I don’t want to overstate the case, in that I’m sure many folks
in all these orgs do try to see the big picture, but when I see pieces
and comments that so often don’t, it begs the question of why, doesn’t
it?  Why can’t we step back from our microscopes and take in the world
from which our focal points spring?

I grew up in the South in the ’60s, and I think that’s helped me to
have a broader view than I might have.  You couldn’t really help but
see the links between racism, classism, poverty, and economic and
political oppression – if you had any humanity to you, could you?

It was a solid foundation from which to expand, to see all the other
ills and evils as part and parcel of a culture based on greed and

But I still believe that simply keeping your eyes, and your mind, open
should allow you to ultimately suss those connections, regardless of
how you begin, and I really don’t understand why that doesn’t seem to
be the case for so many.

And the danger’s readily apparent.  Bastards like Dear Misleader are
skilled at playing to single issues, splitting natural allies from
each other.  I think his admin’s recent declaration re DOMA makes that

Well, I said I was from the South, and there’s more than a little
Baptist preacher in me, so I’ll wrap up the sermon.  To me it comes
down to how it is we see the harm in our adversaries’ acts, but so
often not in those of our sisters’ and brothers’ nemeses.

Does that make sense to you?  What’s your take on the above?



Corporate Tax Holiday in Debt Ceiling Deal: Where’s the Uproar?
by Matt Taibbi

*There is nothing certain in this life but that death never takes a holiday …

And taxes on the rich do so with regularity


War Fatigue and the Un-Critical Critics of War
by Hannah Gurman

*No conscience – just cost-benefit analysis


On Bumper Stickers That Say ‘Coexist’
(or Skipping the ‘Detail Work’ Needed for the Pursuit of Real Justice and Democracy)
by Thomas S. Harrington

*Talking the talk about walking the walk


Bahrain and Human Rights
by Anthony Newkirk


It Starts with an ‘F’ But It Ain’t ‘Freedom’
by Charles Davis

*And it sure as hell ain’t “fairness” or “fraternité”, either, is it?


The Silent Humanitarian Crises Beyond East Africa
The international response to the East African crisis is far short of urgent needs, yet the extreme deprivation being reported is only the tip of the iceberg.
by Adam Parsons and Rajesh Makwana

*The only definition of “share” recognized by capitalism is the one that comes with a stock certificate


Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Kucinich: “Chained C.P.I Chains Seniors to Poverty”
“If You Must Afford Less, You Get Less Social Security Benefits.”

*Tasty tip:  A sprinkling of birdseed adds a satisfying crunch

Jesus, Mary and Joseph …


NLRB Orders New Election After Ruling SEIU, Kaiser Colluded to Influence Union Vote


Horn of Africa Famine: Millions at Risk in “Deadly Cocktail” of War, Climate Change, Neoliberalism

*A terrifying triple threat, joined at the hip by greed and lust for power


Pushing Crisis: GOP Cries Wolf on Debt Ceiling in Order to Impose Radical Pro-Rich Agenda

*This should’ve been a full show, don’t you think?  Hudson does an excellent job of piercing the progaganda bubble inflated by both parties.

But that bubble grows each day in the greater world, and it won’t be burst until many more folks understand just how they’re being screwed, and see all the scapegoating of people and programs for what it is – classic divide and conquer strategy.

The forecast for any empiricist can’t be promising, can it?

But so what?  Hope is a wonderful thing, but it’s not essential for a righteous display of our humanity, is it?

And without that display, hope is truly nothing but an illusion.


Rejecting Lucrative Offer, Cenk Uygur Leaves MSNBC After Being Told to “Act Like an Insider”

*Certainly nothing in the least surprising here, is there?  I thought the details were worth passing along, though.

I don’t know diddley about Uygur.  From what I pick up off this segment, I imagine I’d have more than a few differences with his views, but credit where due – the guy showed some integrity here, and that’s all too rare a commodity in the corpress, isn’t it?


New York Set to Close School for Troubled Teens After Simple Clerical Error in Budget Request

*Kafka in the ‘hood



Thousands of Migrant Kids Trapped Inside the World’s Border Politics
by Michelle Chen

*Lady Liberty exchanges her torch for a truncheon


Military and Prison Industrial Complexes
Labor journalist Mike Elk explains how major defense corporations are benefiting from prison labor and undercutting wages for millions in the country.
by RT America

*Slaves to the war machine


Barack Obama is Gutting the Core Principles of the Democratic Party
The president’s attacks on America’s social safety net are destroying the soul of the Democratic party’s platform
by Glenn Greenwald

*This just makes crystal goddamn clear the insanity of anyone supposedly with a conscience believing that the Democratic “leadership” shares that quality, doesn’t it?  This is what comes of decades of domestic “realpolitik”, rather than working to build a true and effective opposition to ruling class control exercised through the toolbox of the “two-party” system.

(And yes, I’m friggin’ tired of having to put every third word in quotes.)

How do we do that?  I don’t have a ready answer, but I know the prerequisite is to stop pretending there’s any other legitimate option available.

People are dying.  Do we need any more motivation?


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
White House Pact with Industry to Push GE Plants
High-Level Working Group Shielding Plan to Force GE Crops onto Wildlife Refuges

*The only thing “naturally occurring” about this unholy tryst is the mendacity of all parties involved


Food & Water Watch
Testing Finds Arsenic in Apple Juice
Groups Call on FDA to hold juice to same minimum standard as drinking water, better monitor imports from countries with serious food safety problems like China


NBC Finds ‘Balance’ in Debt Ceiling Poll

*Looks like these schmenges failed basic math, as well as basic ethics.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Cutting Social Security Is Not Strengthening It

*Credit where credit is due


Somalia Famine: Politics and Global Warming Causing Disasters

*The masters of disasters, and the suffering of their slaves


Murdoch Empire “Pummeled” by Phone-Hacking Scandal Exposed by Guardian Journalist Nick Davies

*I was fully aware, of course, of the utterly morally bankrupt nature of Murdoch, Inc., but I really didn’t suss the amount of power it had amassed in the UK.

It appears he’s aspired to replicate that level of political control here, and I’d like to see work on the specific logistics of how he’s gone about it, wouldn’t you?


After Thwarting Flotilla, Israeli Navy Seizes Lone Gaza-Bound Ship that Eluded Greek Authorities

*I wonder if the IDF specifically trains for this sort of thing:

“Now, the crew and passengers will pose no threat to you, but make goddamn sure they see that you pose a deadly threat to them.”


Israel Draws International Criticism for Sweeping Anti-Boycott Law

*I’d imagine that those in the Israeli lobby opposed to this law see it as unnecessary and damaging from a PR standpoint.  To use P.J. Crowley’s terms for the treatment of Bradley Manning, they deem it “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.”

Not immoral.  Not oppressive.  Just dangerously foolish.

And while there is no “existential threat” to Israel’s right to exist in the accepted sense, shouldn’t there be one based on the same principles that compelled a righteous stand against a continuing apartheid South Africa (supported by Israel)?

Its twin exists today, and the peoples of historic Palestine will know no just peace until all are able to live as equals within its borders.



States Can’t Win the Endless ‘Business Climate’ Game
by Roger Bybee
In These Times

*The point about “progressive” forces’ reticence to marshal popular power is key.  By channeling public anger into recall elections and other mainstream avenues, rather than providing compelling intel and using that uptick in understanding to mount radical campaigns, party and union “leadership”, and their enablers, have clearly illuminated the self-imposed limits of conventional politics, haven’t they?


Deconstructing the “Federal Debt Crisis”
by Sam Pizzigati

*It’s not the final answer to inequality by any means, but restoring tax rates to ’50s levels would be a welcome instance of history repeating itself, wouldn’t it?


What a Population of 7 Billion People Means for the Planet
With global population expected to surpass 7 billion people this year, the staggering impact on the environment is hard to ignore
by Robert Engelman

*Powering down population by powering up women


The Cyclists Who Beat an Airplane: A Tale of Carmaggedon
During Los Angeles’ freeway-free weekend, little went quite as expected.
by Brooke Jarvis

*Finding our feet – an internal combustion bust


Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida Lead List of “Toxic 20” States with Most Toxic Air Pollution from Power Plants
Worst States: OH, PA, FL, KY, MD, IN, MI, WV, GA, NC, SC, AL, TX, VA, TN, MO, IL, WI, NH, IA

*The Perfidious Poisons rankings

A top twenty of toxic turpitude


Radical Action for Mountain People’s Survival (RAMPS)
Activists Block Mining Operations on Coal River Mountain


Murdoch’s Denials Are Tough to Believe, Former Wall Street Journal Reporter Sarah Ellison Says

*I think an important piece that’s missing from this segment is that while there may be these internecine spats and power struggles within the corpress, the core allegiance to corporate control over our lives has nothing to do with them, does it?

The WSJ and NYT aren’t bastions of journalistic integrity, and by that I mean possessing a dedication to honest and open-minded reporting and analysis, so Murdoch’s purchase of one and rivalry with the other are products of his megalomania, rather than any fundamental differences among their views of the world, and who should run it, don’t you think?

Whatever happens to his personal empire, if anything of any real consequence, the ruling class’ imperial project to keep us from the knowledge vital to our ability to resist will persist.


Pakistani Journalist Shehrbano Taseer on Murder of Her Father, Salmaan Taseer, & Confronting Militancy in Pakistan

*Another one of those DN! pieces that just frustrate the hell out of me.

I feel for Taseer, and certainly the blasphemy laws and the extremist culture in the country are dangerous and deadly, but rather than dealing with how US imperial ambitions feed into that, Goodman allows the narrative to become one of how the US is trying to “fight terror” (rather than merely managing it), but messing up monumentally.

Essentially, Taseer’s argument is that there’s nothing really wrong with the cop’s intentions – he just needs to do the “good cop” thing.  The reality is that we have scary mother fuckers on each side killing people for their own repulsive reasons, but the mirror that should be held up to our gummint’s murderous acts is shattered in this segment.

That’s usually not the case on this program, granted, but putting stories in proper context is a job that doesn’t come with holiday time, does it?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Public on Budget: Tax the Rich, Cut Military Spending

*Nothing to set off fireworks about, but it does show that the propaganda isn’t sinking in to the level the ruling class would prefer.

Our task is to drain the dreck and drivel far further.

Incrementalism isn’t an option, is it?



Murdoch’s Journal Defends Bosses on News Corp Scandal

*It’s a sellout’s market


In Pakistan ‘U.S. Military Aid Came With Spies Attached’
by Zofeen Ebrahim
Inter Press Service


Neoliberalism, Austerity, and the Global Crisis of Legitimacy
by Chris Maisano

*Solid analysis that should be the norm, rather than the all-too-rare exception, in the “establishment alternative media”, such as Common Dreams


Advice Hillary Clinton Should, But Won’t, Give to Economically-Strapped Greece
by Medea Benjamin

*Billions for “defense”

Not one drachma for dignity


President Obama’s Big Deal: Cuts for Social Security, But No Taxes for Wall Street
by Dean Baker

*Perfidy, thy name is “Pragmatism”


Catfood Commission II: A Cowardly Attempt to Dodge Democratic Accountability
by Jon Walker

*Shadow boxing out the public


Youth Continue to Fight For Their Future
by Allison Kilkenny

*It’s also important to point out another reason for the relative lack of energy in the realm of student movements, and that is the agitprop – or more accurately, the de-agitprop – that exists in this society, encouraging apathy and self-centeredness.

So it’s always heartening to see young’uns able to shed that wet blanket of insidious individualness, and learn the lessons of community and shared struggle, innit?


Soaring Food Prices, Wild Weather, Upheaval, and a Planetful of Trouble
Reading the World In a Loaf of Bread
by Christian Parenti

*Another form of “disaster capitalism”

A term redolent in redundancy, don’t you think?


ALEC Exposed: Milton Friedman’s Little Shop of Horrors
by Mary Bottari

*The rude truth – the conspiracy to convert public services into private parts


Center for Constitutional Rights
Pakistani Drone Victims and Families Seek Arrest Warrant for Former CIA Counsel John Rizzo
CCR Issues Statement of Support


The Promise of No-Cost Birth Control for Women Moves One Step Closer to Reality
NARAL Pro-Choice America calls on the Obama Administration to adopt expert panel’s recommendation that health-insurance plans cover contraception without a copay

*The administration may adopt it, but hanging with it will be a political consideration, and we’ve all seen the revulsive results of those, haven’t we?


Institute for Public Accuracy
California Prisoners on Hunger Strike to Protest “Torture”

*Leaving aside the issue of innocence and the principle of the punishment fitting the crime, who benefits from these perverted policies besides those whose passion it is to incarcerate us all in some fashion?

Justice cannot exist in the absence of humanity.


Weakening of Media Consolidation Rules Helped Murdoch Build U.S. Media Empire

*A flaccid FCC and a firm FOX leads to a freewheeling fuckfest with the facts


NYC Schools Approve $27 Million Deal with Murdoch-Linked Firm to Track Student Performance


Ralph Nader: Obama is a “Political Coward” for Not Picking Elizabeth Warren to Head Consumer Bureau
Ralph Nader’s Solution to Debt Crisis: End Corporate Welfare and Corporate Tax Loopholes

*I always think it’s a mistake to label Dear Misleader and his ilk “cowards”, when “servile complicitor” is a more appropriate characterization.  These bastards know who stamps their time cards, and behave accordingly.  Perhaps that doesn’t reflect the occasional complexities of the so-called “two-party system”, but it gets to the core of the situation, don’t you think?

And you have to ask why persons of supposed integrity, like Warren and Jones, associate with such disreputable denizens of D.C., don’t you?  I’d like to see more intel on those relationships.

But Nader makes some solid points, especially his remark about the utter excising of the word “poor” from the lexicon of not only Obama, but almost every Democrat in Congress.  And to see that echoed by many “progressive” orgs, who with relatively rare exceptions bemoan only the plight of the middle class, is both depressing and infuriating.

If we’re to have any shot in hell to exorcise this hell we inhabit, we have to make this a class act:

Working class
Middle class



Muslim Victim of Post-9/11 Hate Crime Calls on Texas to Spare Life of His Assailant

*Perry won’t accede to Bhuiyan’s plea, and a primary reason for that is that it would highlight the humanity of “the other” – in this case, Muslims – which his party has benefited so handsomely from scapegoating.

This is a truly remarkable story, and one that truly moved me, for it shows what humans have the moral capacity to do, and will have to have the moral capacity to do, if we’re to avoid our rapidly approaching fate.  I’d also like to think that Stroman’s sentiments are genuine, and I can imagine what good might have come from a dialogue between the two.

But we can only imagine, can’t we?



Arms Trade Treaty May Bypass Anti-Riot Weapons
by Thalif Deen
Inter Press Service

*A loophole large enough to fire a water cannon through


America’s Disappeared
by Chris Hedges

*And if there is to be true justice, not only must the architects of terror be brought to the bar, but all those who were complicit with it.

That includes presidents, officials and “representatives” regardless of political affiliation, doesn’t it?


The War on Terror, Now Starring Yemen and Somalia
by Glenn Greenwald

*Greenwald’s spot on about the stenographic skills of the corpress, and the self-perpetuating nature of The Global War of Terror ™, but it’s imperative to put that horror show in proper perspective.

This isn’t about the US not accomplishing its goals, but rather how it tries to do so.  The boogeyman is essential to that, so there’s no intent to “defeat terrorism” – only to contain it at a manageable level.  “Their” terrorism is justified by those who perpetrate it as a counter to the US’.  End the latter, and the former loses legitimacy and support.

Of course, that would entail a renunciation of over two centuries of empire building, wouldn’t it?

So terror will continue on both sides, until we have the wisdom and the will to wipe it from our present and future, and into the dustbin of imperial history.


Over 2000 People Will Say No Cuts to Social Security or Medicare Benefits at Congressional Offices Across the Country. Will You?
by Jane Hamsher

*Let them eat Little Friskies


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
EPA Refuses to Study Risks of Coal Ash Uses it Endorses
Scientists Told Agency Does Not Want Safety Concerns Raised about Coal Ash

*Coal comfort, no change

(Apologies to Pink Floyd)


Environmental Working Group
EWG Meat Eater’s Guide Spotlights Meat’s Outsize Carbon Footprint
Report Finds Wide Variation in Environmental, Health Impacts of Foods

*The question isn’t “Where’s the beef?” …

But “Why?”


Institute for Public Accuracy
Major Trade Legislation Expected

*A lose-lose proposition for all who can’t afford to


A British Spring? Phone-Hacking Scandal Threatens Murdoch Media Empire and British Government

*While it would be a positive development for this to significantly damage FOX News, even if it were to go belly up, we’d still have a media system dedicated to maintaining the status quo, wouldn’t we?

FOX may be the worst, but it’s a matter of the worst of the worst, don’t you think?

And Smith’s handwringing over the possible harm to the UK’s “soft power” and its reputation abroad are a classic corpress reaction.  It should be a cause for hope, given how that power and that rep are used, shouldn’t it?

Goodman lets the comments pass unchallenged, as if often the case.


As Nelson Mandela Turns 93, a Discussion with Anti-Apartheid Freedom Fighter Ronnie Kasrils

*Not to denigrate what was done in the struggle against apartheid, but this time would be better spent dealing with the reality of South Africa today, don’t you think?

What so many sacrificed for has not come close to fruition, and the role of Mandela and others in that failure needs to be examined.

But regardless of his culpability, for Dear Misleader to honor him, and by extension the battle against racism and oppression, is the height of irony, isn’t it?  He, who unswervingly backs Israeli apartheid, which in turn supported the white South African regime.

Orwell would sadly approve.


Fox’s Eric Bolling Fans on Terror Facts–Twice

*There were innumerable “U.S. terror attacks during the Bush years.”

They occurred in other countries, to other people.

And they continue unabated.



How the US Government Uses Its Media Servants to Attack Real Journalism
by Glenn Greenwald


The Audacity of “Free Trade” Agreements
by Laura Carlsen

*It’s a vital point to make that folks in other countries are victims of these deadly deals, and so they oppose them, too.


Why Americans Can’t Afford to Eat Healthy
The real reason Big Macs are cheaper than more nutritious alternatives? Government subsidies
by David Sirota


Budget Cuts and the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike
by Allison Kilkenny


NARAL Pro-Choice America Praises Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women’s Services Act
Menendez-Maloney legislation targets so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” that mislead women by advertising services they don’t provide


Free Press Action Fund Slams House Majority’s Innovation-Killing Spectrum Bill


ALEC Exposed: State Legislative Bills Drafted by Secretive Corporate-Lawmaker Coalition


Protests Grow in Solidarity with California Prisoners as Hunger
Strikes Enter Third Week



Human-Caused Loss of Big Predators Disrupts Earth Ecosystem: Study
by Tony Karumba
Agence France Presse


Who’s Your Doctor’s Daddy?
by Donna Smith

*A sickening situation, in every sense


ALEC Exposed: How Corporations Are Taking Over Our Democracy
by Ruth Conniff

*Filthy sock puppets, tossed in the money machine and set on a perpetual spin cycle


‘Fast and Furious’ ATF/Mexico Gun Scandal Heats Up
by Laura Carlsen


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Supreme Court Urged to Review Ruling that Shields Corporations from Human Rights Suits
Corporations Must Not Be Granted Immunity for Egregious Conduct Argue International Human Rights Groups and Experts


Dr. Paul Farmer Responds to New Exposé Finding Clinton Foundation Provided Shoddy, Toxic Shelters

*This would qualify as a case study in why I find DN! less and less useful to me.

Farmer doesn’t “respond” to the exposé.  He obfuscates, and Goodman allows him to do so.  She makes one attempt to press the point, but having left so little time for this issue, after having Farmer on for the whole show, he’s able to continue to avoid giving a straight answer as the program ends.

This following allotting just a few minutes to the story itself on Tuesday.  You almost have to wonder if, with Farmer scheduled to appear a couple of days later, that was rushed on, and then the quick bit above was included, just to avoid the appearance of ignoring the story while he was in studio.

I’d hope that wasn’t the case, but regardless, it falls far short of an acceptable standard of journalism, don’t you think?

And aren’t we all “relieved” that Sleazeball Bill is “sorry” for the hell his “mistaken” policies visited upon this sad land?

Jesus …


The Strangeness of Afghan Culture

*You can’t make this stuff up, can you?

Well, *they* can … but you know what I mean.


NYT Says: No All-Star Game Immigration Protests. And Reality Says. . .

*That’s a pretty neat disappearing act.

Might be worth a go at “America’s Got Talent”.



Outsourced: Clinical Trials Overseas
As US pharmaceutical companies move their operations abroad, India has become a testing ground for trial medicines.
by Fault Lines/Al-Jazeera

*Trial and terror


Fukushima Cleanup Recruits ‘Nuclear Gypsies’ From Across Japan
Thousands of engineers and labourers have been lured by higher wages and a sense of duty
by Justin McCurry in Iwaki-Yumoto
The Guardian/UK


ALEC Exposed: A Nationwide Blueprint for the Rightwing Takeover
by John Nichols
The Nation

*Cabal vision


ALEC Exposed: Sabotaging Healthcare Reform, Single-Payer Efforts
by Wendell Potter


Obama’s “Big Deal”: Wallowing with Pigs in Search of a Grand Center-Right Coalition
by Glen Ford

*Tell us how you really feel, Glen.

Based on how it really is, isn’t it?


Rebel Atrocities ‘Pale’ Next to Gadhafi’s Similar Atrocities

*Given how often this occurs, may I suggest that “pale” as an active verb be added to the language – as in, “Corpress accounts have paled the crimes of the Western-backed forces in their comparisons with those of the regime.”

It sounds a little odd at first, but with regular usage …


Newsweek Touts Palin’s Wonky Insights on the Price of Slim Jims

*If this wasn’t so funny, it would be scary.

On second thought, it is pretty goddamn scary, isn’t it?

Luckily, Palin has as much chance of winning the presidency as I have
of being named head of Rupert Murdoch’s legal team.

Which leaves us with the frightening prospect of those from both
parties who actually do.

And how about that cover photo?

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

None of which you can say during the Family Hour.


Jeremy Scahill Reveals CIA Facility, Prison in Somalia as U.S. Expands Covert Ops in Stricken Nation

*Policing the empire with dark hearts and black ops


Famine in Somalia, Horn of Africa Described as “Worst Humanitarian Disaster in the World”
Red Cross Provided with Location of Secret Somali Prison Used by CIA


“The Murdoch Empire Could Be Undone”: British Phone-Hacking Scandal May Prompt U.S. Criminal Probe

*It looks like this will do some substantial damage, but whether it will mortally wound Murdoch and his cronies will depend on how much pressure can be placed on those in a position to push the case, versus the considerable clout he can bring to bear to limit the harm.

It’s naive to think that that’s not the calculus being considered in the corridors of power, isn’t it?


Egyptian Protests Grow amidst Widespread Frustration over Revolution’s Progress

*Power concedes nothing without a demand

And another …

And another …

And another …



Climate Change Could Kill One in 10 Species by End of the Century
by Steve Conner, Science Editor
The Independent/UK

*Grim, and no fairy tale


Hawk Nation: A Guide to the Catastrophic Debt Ceiling Debate
President Obama’s proposed debt ceiling deal is a disastrous solution to an imaginary fiscal crisis, but the pain it causes will be all too real.
by James K. Galbraith

*A limited perspective, as most all commentary and analysis from the “establishment alternative media” is on this, and other, matters, but it does provide some useful intel on the charade of a “debt crisis”, particularly regarding the 14th Amendment guarantee against a default.


Let Them Eat Doughnuts: The US Response to Bahrain’s Oppression
While the west averts its eyes, Bahrain’s people are subjected to brutal suppression
by Mehdi Hasan


The Story of the Gaza Flotilla Is Not Over
by Ewa Jasiewicz

*I hope Jasiewicz is right that the flotilla exposed Israeli duplicity.  My sense, at least in the US, is that the corpress continued its complicity with Israeli’s propaganda machine, giving it the benefit of the manufactured doubt, when not largely ignoring the whole affair.

Needless to say, I’d like to be proven mistaken in that assessment.


Why the Euro Is Not Worth Saving
This crisis has exposed the fact that – unlike the EU itself – the eurozone’s monetary union was always a rightwing project
by Mark Weisbrot

*Nothing funny about this money


The Power — and Limits — of Social Movements
Dissidents not only have to be willing to tell the truth about the delusions of the dominant culture, but make sure we don’t fall into delusions of our own.
by Robert Jensen

*This piece points up the imperative of understanding that, as opposed to times past, we can no longer take the long view of our struggles, but must see them in the context of a rapidly deteriorating world in which time is of the essence.  Translating that realization into action is our profoundly urgent task, isn’t it?

Jensen also speaks to the vital need for the primacy of empathy.  As that relates to working with others for true change, perhaps the principal question to be asked is how a group’s stated goals jibe with how its members treat each other.  There can be no contradiction between the two – you have to try to create the empathetic relationships internally that you know must evolve in the wider world, don’t you?

His closing words embody another truism:

Before we can speak truth to power, we must first speak it to each other.

We must be honest in our broader analyses, and in our assessments of each other.  The latter has to be paired with mutual respect, of course, for the purpose of honesty in these instances is to improve, not denigrate.

Only better people can create a better world.


Fox Media Show Skips Murdoch Scandal

*See no evil

Hear no evil

And only speak evil of your enemies


Debt Lock: Will Obama Make Cuts to Social Security and Medicare?

*Grijalva talks a good game (only in a relative sense, of course), but will he and other “progressives” back it up with action on even those limited principles?

I don’t know if it’s an old saying, but it’s a wise one:

When it comes to integrity, never bet on a Democrat.


A Debate on Human Rights Watch’s Call for Bush Administration Officials to be Tried for Torture

*It’s morally disgusting to listen to persons like Baker and Yoo defend torture, isn’t it?  They play with definitions and legalisms meant to obfuscate.  They avoid at all costs any confronting of the reality of what this policy has wrought.

But let’s be clear.  Although this was an attempt to legally justify torture, to “normalize” it, our government has illegally engaged in it from its inception, directly and indirectly, and continues to do so.  Focusing solely on this heinousness prevents us from seeing the larger pattern of inhumanity, which we must acknowledge and condemn if we’re to be able to say we truly care about justice, and will struggle for it.


Clinton Foundation Accused of Sending Haiti Shoddy Trailers Found Toxic After Katrina

*This would be repulsive enough were it an anomaly, but it’s just business as usual in the “reconstruction” racket, isn’t it?

Can we replace “Slick” with “Sleazy” in Willie’s nick?



The Shelters That Clinton Built

*Build it, and they will succumb


PFC Bradley Manning: Conscience and Agency
by Ethan McCord

*Shoot first

Ask questions at your own peril


Friends of the Earth Announces Opposition to US-Colombia Trade Pact
Agreement’s investment chapter threatens environment

*A different sort of protection racket

“So, youse want clean water?

It’s gonna cost ya.”


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is Debt Ceiling Being Used as “Opportunity” to Cut Social Security?

*Apparently elder abuse isn’t a prosecutable offense if you’re wearing a flag pin on your lapel


Could Hack Scandal Spell Trouble for Murdoch’s U.S. TV Licenses?

*I think a media corp would pretty much have to hold torchlight sacrifices of six-year-olds, and dismember their pets as a prelude, outside FCC headquarters every other Tuesday evening – with two weeks’ advance notice given – for this clause to be upheld.

Best have the ceremonies block the sidewalk, as well.

I don’t imagine they’d garner much coverage, but they’d be difficult for the commissioners to ignore.


Maybe a few muggings of elderly passersby, just for good measure.


Exclusive: David House on Bradley Manning, Secret WikiLeaks Grand Jury, and U.S. Surveillance

*This account of Manning’s deterioration in prison, and the secret police tactics used against House and others, is chilling indeed, but the fact that these abuses have been either ignored or skewed against the victims by the corpress should make it abundantly clear that this isn’t solely a struggle against gummint criminality, but also one against a disinformation machine dedicated to keeping us in the dark about it.

Knowledge is power, and that’s why there’s such a desperate effort to deprive us of it.



Breaking Point: Obama and the Death of the Democratic Party
by Jane Hamsher

*The Democratic Party has never “stood” for anything, other than as the “good cop” in the interrogation room that is capitalism.  Its support for the piecemeal benefits that left many out of luck and hope was based on keeping a lid on the volatile stewpot of a system of injustice and exploitation.

Now, with the chorus of corpress baying hounds having convinced so many of the primal necessity for “deficit reduction”, they can pose as the only thing that stands between us and a descent into destitution, and claim that “shared sacrifice” is the only road out of the valley of economic collapse.

But the lesser of two evils is, by definition, evil, and there is another path.  It’s a winding and uncertain one, but if we help each other along it, and don’t succumb to the blandishments of illusory individual gain propagated by the profit system, we might just find ourselves at the dawn of a new world where there may be less of the inessential, but far more of that which makes life worth living.


US Needs to Completely Quit Iraq
by Adil E. Shamoo and Bonnie Bricker

*Never can say goodbye


The Globe’s Not Only Getting Hotter. It’s More Unjust and Unstable, Too
by Michelle Chen


Oxfam International
Stepping up to the Horn
Joint FAO/WFP/Oxfam statement

*Idiotic opening paragraph, but I’m including this for the legitimate intel extant.


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Statement: Chad Stone, Chief Economist, on the June Employment Report


Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch Shuts Down Flagship U.K. Newspaper Amidst Scandal Over Illegal Surveillance

*It will be interesting to see how Murdoch and his co-conspirators continue to spin this, and how the rest of the corpress deals with it.

Somehow I doubt it will get the same level of scrutiny as the bogus “scandals” FOX promoted and the other outlets lapped up involving ACORN and Planned Parenthood, don’t you?

And for Chittum to call the WSJ “a great paper” at any point in its existence …


Victory for Media Diversity: Court Strikes Down FCC’s Attempt to Relax Media Ownership Rules


Egyptians Fill Tahrir Square For Largest Protest Since Fall of President Mubarak

*The sound of crowds choking on tear gas

Music to the empire’s ears


As Debt Talks Threaten Medicare, Social Security, Study Finds U.S. Spending $4 Trillion on War

*There is no “hangover” from 9/11.  The true cost isn’t covered because of complicity, not “shock and fear”.  That wasn’t what induced the corpress to stenograph charges of “WMD” in Iraq, and it isn’t what compels them to hide the bloody and bankrupting realities of The Global War of Terror ™ from the public, is it?


Zakaria: All U.S. Presidents Support Democracy (Except When They Don’t)

*There’s no real difference between US “values” and “interests”, is there?

It values profit and power above all, and at the expense of all in its path to procuring those interests.

The corpress trots out the trope of “realpolitik” at those times when it can’t pretend there’s any fealty to the ideals of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

That it is able to pretend so the vast majority of the time reveals the depths of the manufactured ignorance of the American public, as well as the magnitude of the struggle to break through that wall of disinformation.

There’s no guarantee it can be done, but there’s absolute certainty our very survival depends on it.


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Horrific” June Jobs Report

*I’d like to know about the types of political education occurring within these resilience circles.  Are these folks focusing narrowly on figuring out how to get by, or are they trying to understand the forces that have placed them in such dire straits?


Private Security Industry Booming, Says Small Arms Survey
by Thalif Deen
Inter Press Service

*Gunning for the gold


Progressives Were Right: Obama’s Health Plan Not Solving Crisis
New Data Show Why Simply Having Insurance Isn’t Enough
by David Sirota

*Profitable promises and wretched realities



Worse Than Fiction: America’s Overcrowded Cellar
by Roy Eidelson

*If we cannot imagine the suffering of others as own own, we will not strive to end it.

That is the moral imperative of empathy.


Enviromental Working Group (EWG)
Baby Products BPA Ban Heads to CA Senate
EWG-Backed Bill To Bar BPA In Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups


Questioning Obama: The Pros vs. the Tweeters

*I’d assume the truly “tough-minded” tweets were ignored by Dear Misleader.

As the corpress likewise excludes their perspectives, Shear’s remark
is merely an exercise in extreme irony, isn’t it?


Obama Reverses Policy Denying Condolence Letters to Families of U.S. Soldiers Who Commit Suicide

*Can you tell me how you do a segment on soldiers’ suicides, and not make the central point that they wouldn’t be happening were the US not engaged in immoral and illegal wars in pursuit of expanding empire?


As Exxon Crude Oil Spills Into Yellowstone River, Obama Mulls New Pipeline From Canada to Texas


Mexican Denied Consular Rights Faces Texas Execution Tonight Despite White House Opposition


FAIR Extra!
Losing the Plot
The Afghan War after bin Laden
by Jim Naureckas

*This analysis, as with so many others, avoids dealing with the underlying reasons for the invasion and occupation – energy access and geostrategic gain.

The US was chomping at the bit to do this, and I have to imagine that the Al-Qaeda leadership understood this, and gave them an excuse.

So it wasn’t so much a trap laid as simply giving the US what it wanted, knowing the devastating impact of granting its greed- and power-driven wish.

Putting this all in the context of 9/11 ignores why empires wage war, doesn’t it?  Had that tragic day never occurred, at some point a wretched rationale would have been manufactured to let loose the dogs of domination, with the results being precisely the same.


Industry Views Prevail on Radiation Risks
Health experts unheard on health effects of Fukushima
by Steve Rendall and Patrick Morrison

*What you don’t know can’t hurt them


“Should I Do It?” To Women Who Struggle with Porn-Driven Sex
by Robert Jensen

*Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive that an activity that can elicit such primal pleasure could be engaged in with no intent to reciprocate it?

Of course, sex is merely one of innumerable social acts that have been stripped of any sense of common value for all concerned by an insidious individualistic ethos that seeks to separate us from each other, and thus prevent us from discovering our empathetic impulses and making common cause against our oppressors.

High-falutin’ enough for ya?

Put simply, for me it comes down to being able to see through others’ eyes, and understanding our common desire for connection with each other, and our common interest in doing so.  That applies to sex and to the struggle for social and political change.

Although not at the same time.



Exxon’s Yellowstone Oil Spill Shows Pipeline Risks
by Sue Sturgis
Facing South

*What do you think would occur if every authorization for this insanity included a binding commitment from its advocates to swim in every spill?


Selling Nature to Save Nature, and Ourselves
by Stephen Leahy
Inter Press Service

*Capitalism gets religion only when it comes with a collection plate


US and Russia Stir Up Political Tensions over Arctic
Heavy-hitting US politicians enter debate about the future of the far north, fuelling concerns about a new cold war
by Terry Macalister
The Guardian/UK


Embedded Art as War Propaganda
When to Fear Art: Artist + Embedded = Oxymoron
by Robert Shetterly

*Painting over reality


Women’s Groups Call on Judge to Step Down Pending Investigation into Choking Incident
by Mary Bottari

*It’s a typical corpress reaction when those it supports commit indefensible acts that can’t be ignored or spun away – to place them in the context of shared blame – isn’t it?

And although eyewitness accounts make plain his culpability here, I don’t know if I agree with the call for him to step down during the investigations, as I think he’s entitled to a legal presumption of innocence at this point.

Recusing himself from cases that raise issues associated with his alleged behavior would make more sense to me.


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
New Documents Reveal Behind-the-Scenes FBI Role in Controversial Secure Communities Deportation Program
FBI Views Secure Communities as First Step in “Next Generation Identification” (NGI) Surveillance Project to Amass Expansive Database of Personal Biometric Information
Opt-Out Policy for Secure Communities Set by Obscure FBI Panel, Not by Law

*Big Brother wants to do a hell of a lot more than just watch you


Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Homeowners Strike Back Against Two of New York’s Largest Mortgage Scammers


5,800 Attacks Are Just The Beginning After Petraeus’ Year-Long Air War
by Noah Shachtman and Spencer Ackerman


Debating Taboos
by Ralph Nader

*I’m new to the subject, but from what’s presented here, there seems to be a strong case for mandatory voting.

What do you think?

I’d also like to know more about the argument for ending the individual income tax, wouldn’t you?


How Racism, Global Economics, and the New Jim Crow Fuel Black America’s Crippling Jobs Crisis
by Andy Kroll

*The point about proving individual discrimination by an employer makes clear why the recent Wal-Mart decision is so insidious, doesn’t it?  A class action can – or could – prove its case by showing a pattern of discrimination, rather than focusing on singular acts.

That avenue has been severely narrowed.

As for the solution, Kroll misses the significance of the very protests he reports.  While acknowledging the massive obstacles, ultimately it will be the organizing by those affected and their allies that will provide the pressure for change.  The reforms of the ’40s and ’60s weren’t handed down from on high.  People fought for them.

They weren’t nearly enough, and they were meant to placate, but their enactment showed that people weren’t powerless.  The task now is to not stop at a few slices from the loaf, but to push for control of the bakery.

That’s rhetoric, I realize.  It’s up to all of us to make it reality.


Canada: Pomp, Pageantry and Unions
by Linda McQuaig

*A royal rogering


Pomp and circumcision


Prison Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition
Prisoners Across at Least 6 California Prisons Join Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers
Strike Could Involve Thousands of Prisoners

*Dostoevsky said, “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.”

The barbarians aren’t at the gates.

They’re guarding them.


Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Fort Bragg Support Of Graham Evangelistic Event Broke Military Rules, Watchdog Group Says
Americans United, Allies Urge Top Brass To Ensure That The Military Doesn’t Sponsor Proselytizing In The Future

*Pass the Lord and praise the ammunition


Audacity of Hope: Inside Report Aboard U.S. Ship’s Dramatic Challenge to Greek Ban on Gaza Flotilla


Exclusive: Julian Assange of WikiLeaks & Philosopher Slavoj Žižek In Conversation With Amy Goodman

*I thought Zizek’s comments, if I suss them correctly, about how the corpress lies while telling the “truth” were quite astute.  The NYT et alia can be spot on with the facts that they relate – although often they aren’t, of course – but the overarching ideological context in which they’re related perverts those facts.

As an example, the Justice Department has dropped all but two of 101 cases against the CIA for abuse and torture.  The Times framed this as “U.S. Widens Inquiries Into 2 Jail Deaths”.

That is true.  It is factual.

But it doesn’t pass the veracity test, does it?

As well, consciously omitting other facts renders those presented far less salient, doesn’t it?


WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange on Role of U.S. Cables in Helping Stir Arab Spring


WikiLeaks Readies Suit Against Credit Card Companies Over “Economic Blockade”



Jose Antonio Vargas and the “I Word”

*Language is a virus, and the core purpose of the corpress is to ensure we are all infected.


Everyone Could Have a Mark Halperin Moment

*As much as I despise her, I wouldn’t call Clinton – or Palin or Bachmann or Rice or (dating myself) Schlafly or Thatcher – a bitch.

“Vicious heartless bastard”, on the other hand …


Our Afghan War: Immoral, Illegal, Ineffective… and It Costs Too Much
by Leah Bolger

*I’m heartened to see this abomination so forcefully condemned in moral terms, but Bolger sadly never uses the “I” word.  It is imperialism which drives the war machine, and in the case of Afghanistan it takes the form of the quest for securing pipeline routes and controlling a vital geostrategic area of the world.

That reality has to inform our opposition to this and all wars placed on our tab.


Non-Violent Protest Works – That’s Why “The Audacity Of Hope” Is Being Held Up in Greece
by Mark Weisbrot

*Nonviolence is a tactic – one which may or may not be effective according to the circumstances.  It’s the same with violence.

People have a right to defend themselves against oppression, and Weisbrot wrongly characterizes the struggles in North Africa and the Middle East as nonviolent.  Both nonviolent protest and self-defense against government force have been employed.  It’s a myopia that does a disservice to the cause of justice.

My humanity compels me to view violence as something to be avoided if possible, but not at the expense of my well-being or my life for no other reason than an absolutist moral proscription.

The romance of both violence and nonviolence are impediments to the goal of a just world.  We can’t afford to idealize, or reject, any action which can bring us closer to its realization.


Universal Health Care: Can We Afford Anything Less?
Why only a single-payer system can solve America’s health-care mess.
by Gerald Friedman


The Battle Over the Gaza Flotilla
by Joseph Dana


Born on the Fourth of July?
by John Buell


U.S. Ship in Freedom Flotilla Attempts to Leave Greece For Gaza, Despite Threats and Risk of Sabotage


Israeli Official Condemns Gaza Flotilla, Refuses to Deny Israeli Role in Sabotage of Boats

*I don’t think Goodman does a very good job of nailing this obfuscatory bastard on his lies and diversionary tactics, do you?  For instance, when he states that “the only reason” for Israel’s opposition to the flotilla is its need to inspect its cargo for weapons, she could have pointed out that the organizers have said that anyone is welcome to inspect those contents.

As Israel hasn’t done so, that clearly puts the lie to its objections, doesn’t it?

Regardless of her errors, though, his own words are sufficient to expose this sham, aren’t they?


Ali Abunimah Responds To Israeli Claims That Gaza Flotilla Is A “Provocation”


Hundreds of Thousands of Greek and British Workers Stage Strikes As Governments Push Austerity Cuts

*I’d hope Graeber is invited back to talk about the history of debt.  It’d certainly be a more worthy use of precious air time than some of DN!’s segments, don’t you think?

And off of that, the idea that debt, and why it exists – to generate profit – should have any role in human affairs is obscene in the context of any rational conception of justice.  We should feel obligated to those who help us, not those who seek to enslave us, by first creating the conditions which force us into debt, then shackling us to that debt as surely as as if iron manacles were fastened around our necks.

As for PASOK being a “socialist government” …



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