August 2011


NYT TV Critic: Sharpton’s Show Could Use More Misinformation

*”And for the voter suppression perspective, we take you live to the bowels of hell and former Mississippi governor Ross Barnett.

Welcome to the program, Governor.”

“Thanks for having me, Al.”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Disaster Management Funding: “Cut Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Subsidies to Pay for Disaster Clean-Up”

ATF Whistleblower: U.S. Gun Sting “Fast & Furious” Has Left Trail of “Crime Scenes and Dead Bodies”

*Trophy mounts and body counts

As Grim Details Emerge, Guatemalan Victims Seek Justice for U.S. Medical Experiments in 1940s

*You’ll forgive me for looking askance at the sincerity of this commission regarding true justice for the victims.  When a government can’t hide its atrocities, it turns to damage control, doesn’t it?

And I think it shows the depth of Cutler’s, and his enablers’, prejudice, both racial and class-based, that they could believe that the evils perpetrated upon “subhumans” were justified by the benefits they thought would accrue to those they deemed worthy to be seen as members of the human race.


Community Radio: People-Powered Media
Community radio is about to undergo an unprecedented expansion.
by Brandy Doyle

Libya No Model
by Matthew Rothschild

Libya and Terrorist Signatures

*That signature has been scrawled in blood across the globe in a true spirit of bipartisanship since Hector was a pup, hasn’t it?

When it comes to body counts, there’s no red or blue.

Only the black of hearts devoid of humanity.

Hurricanes and Climate Change? Close That Door!

*I think if you substitute “propaganda” for “appeal” in Roberts’ remark, you move a goodly number of parsecs closer to reality.

But that’s why they pay her, and her Beltway buds, the big bucks, innit?

Vermont Radio Station Provides Crucial Details for Flooded Residents amidst Historic Devastation

Ex-Bush Official Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: “I am Willing to Testify” If Dick Cheney is Put on Trial

*Perhaps Wilkerson does “regret” his role, but how many people are dead due to his actions?

Whatever crisis of conscience he may be experiencing, its focus in on how “things went wrong”, rather than the inherent immorality and inhumanity of the system he willingly served.

His is a pretty goddamn selective mea culpa, isn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
40 Years Since “Powell Memo” Laid out Corporate Agenda

*Some look on Nixon as our last “liberal” president, at least in some areas, but the appointment of Powell makes clear that whatever actions he may have taken that today seem progressive in comparison to what occurred afterwards, he was engaged in laying the foundation for that sea change.

That’s not to say that the previous period was some sort of golden age.  Far from it.  But there was a ruling class consensus that control was best achieved with bread and circuses.

And now the bakery’s being bulldozed.


A Tip for Joe the Machinist: Watch Your Back
A Labor Day reflection: Corporate America no longer even pays lip service to the importance of encouraging hard work and skill.
by Sam Pizzigati

*Talk about efficiency of production.

The comment from that BofA bastard contains as much hypocrisy as you could possibly hope to pack into eighteen words, don’t you think?

Hurricane Irene Could Never Take from Americans What the Banks Already Have
Manufactured hysteria about the storm is all the more disturbing because it underscores the lack of response to preventable ills
by Priyamvada Gopal

*Greed fuels the fiercest winds

“We Are Still Under Siege”: Vermont Gov. Shumlin on Catastrophic Flooding & Climate Change

*A flood of denial

A drought of reason

Bill McKibben: Will Hurricane Irene Be a Wake-Up Call about Climate Change?

*Power, and press, blackouts

Shored Up: Debate over Development on Barrier Islands Intensifies After Hurricane

*Weather doesn’t discriminate by wealth and status

That’s the state’s job

NYC Criticized for Failing to Evacuate Prisoners at Rikers Island Ahead of Hurricane

Global Warming & War: New Study Finds Link Between Climate Change and Conflict


Gaddafi’s Desperate Bid to Save Regime Revealed
Secret documents detail clandestine lobbying of Nato and even Obama following fear of full-scale US invasion
by Luke Harding in Tripoli
The Guardian/UK

*The Guardian’s often a cut above the corpress here, but not in this instance.

(E.g., ignoring the fact that Gaddafi *did* have “a special relationship with the US” for years.)

Still, some useful intel extant, thus the repost.

No Way to Honor Dr. King
by Medea Benjamin

*I wonder what the commemorative replicas at Walmart will go for

And who’ll be exploited to produce them

To Stop Corruption, Fight the Power, Not the People
by Michelle Chen

*It’s not who’s flushing us down the toilet

It’s the plumbing itself

Secrecy, Leaks, and the Real Criminals
by Glenn Greenwald

*Big Brother is watching you

So you can’t watch him

Reading, Writing and Reconciliation
by Ken Butigan

*I don’t hold with a dogmatism of nonviolence.  It’s a tactic – a preferable one if circumstances permit.

But a principled and disciplined use of force in defense of ourselves and others if the situation doesn’t allow for nonviolent resistance shouldn’t be seen as a moral failure, but as an acknowledgement of reality – a reality we’re committed to changing.

And that’s said in the full knowledge of the fact that knowing when to cross that line, and when not to, entails a wisdom and maturity few have.

A Cooperative Economy: The Time Is Now
by Carmen Llanes

*It’s certainly a better model, but it’s still capitalism, and until we can envision and establish a system without profit and money, one that’s truly cooperative, inequality cannot help but exist, can it?

On Eve of Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Arizona Sues to Overturn Voting Rights Act
by Jeff Biggers

Zakaria, Libya and Iraq: Don’t Remember What I Wrote

*The bottom line for warmongers like Zakaria is to promote US strategy, in whatever form it takes.

In that context, he’s been perfectly consistent, hasn’t he?

And I don’t know how “right” and “wrong” enter into this, other than in reference to the immorality of a war of aggression.

O’Keefe’s Bogus NPR Sting Lives On

*It’s not a matter of “remembering” the lies.

It’s the willful propagation of them, initially and long after they’ve been exposed.

To believe other is to paint corpress reporters and editors as dim bulbs, unable to recall (or research) what these bastards have done previous to their latest scam.

It’s not a question of inactive synapses, but one of active complicity.

(See link for additional comment[s])

Why Is Israel Bombing Gaza?

MLK National Monument Inspires Calls to Continue Civil Rights Leader’s Work to End Poverty and War

*You’ll notice the dodging of the question of corporate sponsorship for the memorial, as well as the lack of criticism of Dear Misleader, who will use it as a backdrop to bamboozle with blandishments the naïve and the ignorant.

Such are the self-imposed limits of “progressivism” in these here United States.

“Poverty Is the Problem”: Efforts to Cut Education Funding, Expand Standardized Testing Assailed

*There’s another aspect to this that needs to be exposed:

The more ignorant you can make the population, the easier it is to control them.

The ruling class wants bricks in the wall.

True learning teaches us how to tear down that wall, and build the bridge to a just future for us all.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Rick Perry: “I’m Proud of Texas Schools,” Cuts $4 Billion

*You always hurt the one you love

(Or claim to)


Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal
by Matt Taibbi
Rolling Stone

Idiot Wind: The Eternal Return of the Politics of the 1970s
by Phil Rockstroh

Obama, Earthquake Is a Wakeup Call on Dirty Energy Standards
by Daphne Wysham

*Snoozing on the job?

Hardly.  Dear Misleader’s doing precisely what’s expected of him.

No earth-shattering news there.

What Did You Learn in School Today? (The Texas Version)
by Craig Studer

*How would Goebbels sound with a drawl?

The End of the Nuclear Era? Not So Fast …
by Sandy LeonVest

Approaching the Collapse: Don’t Panic, Go Organic
by Ronnie Cummins

Report Released Analyzing Toxicity of Dispersants Used In Gulf Oil Disaster
EPA Urged to Disclose Ingredients, Test Chemicals and Set Standards

*A pernicious pound of cure

With CIA Help, New York Police Secretly Monitored Mosques, Muslim Communities Post-9/11

“Terrorists for the FBI”: How the FBI Uses Informants to Surveil and Entrap Americans


Climate Cycles Linked to Civil War, Analysis Shows
Changes in the global climate that cut food production triggered one-fifth of civil conflicts between 1950 and 2004
by Damian Carrington
The Guardian/UK

Gaza Pays the Price… Again
Palestinians in Gaza share their reactions to the recent Israeli attacks with Al Jazeera.
by Mohammed Omer

*Salient comments at the end regarding the “retaliation” being used to blunt domestic protest

American Dogs Count More Than Afghan People
Helicopter Shootdown Story Unmasks Bigoted Media
by Ted Rall

*A soft spot for the dogs of war

And the hell with humanity

Profit on Wall Street, Recession on Main Street
In America’s deeply dysfunctional economy, unemployment is stuck at a ‘new normal’ of 9%, while corporate profits race ahead
by Sally Kohn

*In an otherwise useful piece, Kohn makes the foolish comment that “We want capitalism to work …”.

But it can’t work.  Not for everyone.  Profit is inherently exploitative, regardless of one’s intentions, and if an economic system can’t provide a dignified life for every single person, how can it be claimed to “work” in any moral sense?

Friends of the Earth
Taking “Green Scissors” to Budget Would Yield $380 billion in Savings
Memo to congressional Super Committee: Taking “Green Scissors” to budget would yield $380 billion in savings
Left-right coalition identifies huge cuts in wasteful giveaways that harm the environment

*No doubt most, if not all, of these cuts are rational, but the context in which they’re proposed gives cover to the austerity peddlers, and makes clear the contradictions of groups like Friends and Public Citizen, doesn’t it?

And this notion of “shared sacrifice” is utter tripe.  The sacrifice comes from those least able to afford it, and the sharing is of the spoils of exploitation among the monied, while flinging a few coins into the public till, and calling it even.

Jesus …

Institute for Public Accuracy
Martin Luther King Memorial: Honor or Burial of a Movement?

*Are any of King’s words quoted here inscribed in stone on the National Mall?

Statues such as this serve as tombstones intended to bury a past that could inspire the future.

Our task is to take the vision so many held and fought and died for, not just King, and work to make it a reality.  Perhaps one day we can be truly proud to see a monument on the Mall that honors all who brought that vision to fruition.

NYT Points Out ‘Racist Overtones’ in Libyan Disinformation It Helped Spread

*An absolute essential for a career in the corpress:

A flexible faithfulness to the facts
On second thought, better make that “flaccid”

The One Billion Dollar Question: Who Are the Libyan Rebels?

*Who they are is inextricably linked to what they want to do, and erecting a facade of political democracy – such as we have in the US – doesn’t mean people have real control over their lives, does it?

So how does social and economic democracy figure in to this?  It’s obvious what the West wants, and it has nothing to do with promoting popular control of the economy.

And I imagine that view is mirrored within the NTC.

The 9/11 TV News Archive: 3,000 Hours of Video News Coverage of 2001 Attacks Posted Online

*The seen and the screened:

The world on a screen

And a screen over the world

Pioneering Internet Archivists Brewster Kahle and Rick Prelinger on Preservation in the Digital Age

Bursting Capitalism’s Bubble
by David Graeber

*Setting the machine on “self-destruct”

The addiction to avarice is stronger than the instinct for self-preservation


Institute for Public Accuracy
Nuclear Plant Near Earthquake Epicenter, with Hurricane Coming

Keystone XL: A Pipeline to Europe?
Reality of Tar Sands Pipeline Belies “Energy Independence” Mythology
by Stephen Leahy
Inter Press Service

Greenpeace Finds Toxic Chemicals in Branded Clothing
by Agence France-Presse

*Fashion fatale

Coming Home From Killing
by Michael Nagler

*As much as I’d like to agree with Nagler, and believe that violence is never necessary, I can’t ignore what I see.

There are times when it will have to be our last resort.  How we deal with that reality will be a profound test of our humanity, as will our commitment to a time when that necessity no longer exists.

Expanding Deserts, Falling Water Tables and Toxins Driving People from Homes
by Lester Brown

*How do you delineate these dire straits, and not say a word about the global pursuit of profit in their creation?

I don’t know much about the Earth Policy Institute, but off of this, I’d be damn cautious about subscribing to their prescriptions.

Did AT&T Lie to Your Representative?
by Tim Karr

*It’s pretty easy to lie to someone who doesn’t give a damn about the truth.

And that’s pretty much a working definition of a congressperson, innit?

Beyond Nuclear
Mother Nature Sends Warning as Earthquake Strikes Where Reactors Sit

*Drawing the line on where the fault lies

As Fighting Continues in Tripoli, A Look at Role of the U.S., NATO and Oil Firms in Libya Uprising

*Certainly an improvement over yesterday’s segment, but the question remains why the lopsided perspectives of Mattawi and Cole was given primacy at the outset.

And still we don’t get any real depth of analysis regarding the makeup and motivations of the NTC and the other rebel groupings.  That’s been a failure not only of DN!, but of the “alternative media” in general, hasn’t it?

An empirical view of this situation is vital, and we’ll see if the past is prologue, or if they can get their finger out and do what they claim is their mission – especially during fundraising drives.

Over 160 Arrested in Ongoing Civil Disobedience Against Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline

*Y’know, it really doesn’t make a convincing case for climate change to state the bleeding obvious regarding its reality, then wax nostalgic about swallowing Dear Misleader’s pretty lies, and “remaining hopeful” about a fantasy of his “fulfilling the promise”.

It tends the undermine your claim to a fealty to logical thought, don’t you think?

Covering Up Wall Street Crimes: Matt Taibbi Exposes How SEC Shredded Thousands of Investigations

*The bubbles pop, and the champagne keeps flowing


Obama Wants NY AG Schneiderman to Back Off Banks: NYT Reports
by Marcy Wheeler

*There’s no question that Wall Street is Dear Misleader’s main street, is there?

Austerity: Why Capitalism Is Choosing Plan B
Across US states, governors are forcing through Greek-style austerity measures. Corporations wouldn’t have it any other way
by Richard Wolff

*We need a different Plan D – “D” for the death of profit.

There is no way we can have a truly just economic system that has any role for profit.  Profit comes from competition, not cooperation – from complicity, not community.

Even with good intentions, playing the profit game will perforce force people into bad actions.  Profit – and money itself – are how the vicious game of capitalism is scored.

Like the man said, “From each according to their talents, to each according to their needs”.

That’s the bedrock for planetary peace and provision for all, and it’s also our only shot at hanging on to *this* rock.

Unions End the Biggest Strike in Years—but the Battle for Verizon Workers Continues
by Brian Tierney

*When your “leaders” are a lead weight

Learned Helplessness and the Imperial Mind
by Thomas S. Harrington

*The care and feeding of a conscience


Be a mensch, dammit

Texas, Sex, and Separation of Church and State
by Amanda Marcotte

*The irony of pricks like Perry being anti-sex …

Well, publicly, at least.

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
Climate Science References for the Campaign Trail

National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
BART: Respect Civil and Human Rights

Institute for Public Accuracy

Libya: Liberation or Re-Colonization?

*A markedly different take from DN!’s Cole mining this morning

The Rick Perry Model

*Given the sort of jobs that define Perry’s “economic miracle”, it seems appropriate to ask …

You want flies with that horseshit?

Report from Libya: Gaddafi Regime on Brink of Collapse as Rebels Storm Tripoli

“Libya Has Reignited the Flame of Liberty in the Arab World”: Juan Cole, Khaled Mattawa on Uprising

*Nothing about the reasons for the military and political support from the West, and the quid pro quo expected for it.  You’d think that would be a central focus of any analysis on Libya, wouldn’t you?

For me, Mattawa’s remark about this intervention being an “antidote” for the imperial aggression in Iraq indicates either incredible naiveté, or willful propaganda on behalf of Western interests, for whatever reason.

Here’s hoping for far more incisive intel on this from other sources.  I have little expectation I’ll see something that meets that standard here.

West Memphis Three Freed from Jail 18 Years After Being Convicted amid “Wave of Satanic Hysteria”

*Sinister forces didn’t conspire to murder these children

Only to ensure their killers remain free


Rick Perry’s Jobs “Swagger”

*And doesn’t the size of a person’s paycheck provide a more telling tale of their economic situation than the mere fact that they receive one?

How does the Lone Star State rate by that measure?

Revealed: Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack Progressive Organizations
by Lee Fang

“March of the Umbrellas”: Chile’s Student Protesters Reject Proposal
More than 50,000 students march through Santiago demanding an end to profiteering and equal access to education.
by Al Jazeera

Why Persecute the Poor for Being Poor?
Raquel Nelson’s conviction for causing her own child’s death by jaywalking shows America’s indifference to the cost of poverty
by Yolanda Pierce

*Sometimes the utter absurdity matches the utter inhumanity

A Prime Aim of the Growing Surveillance State
by Glenn Greenwald

*Setting the controls to “cybersuppression”

British Jealous of America’s Savage Police
A Black Agenda Radio commentary
by Glen Ford

*Call it “Yank-ing the chains”

Naval Base Tears Apart Korean Village
by Christine Ahn

Egyptians Defend Viral Video Activist Charged in Military Court
by Sharif Abdel Kouddous

Occupation Nation? Sí, Se Puede!
by Jake Olzen

*I think the core principles for any movement for true change have to be solidarity – among all struggles – and community – among all those engaged in those struggles.  Olzen refers to a sense of belonging, and my experience has been that that’s been given short shrift.  Our commitment to a better world has to extend to how we treat each other in pursuing that goal, doesn’t it?

The stronger the connections among ourselves, the harder it will be to pull us apart.

We must do the mensch thing.

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Thousands of Lives Could Be Saved, and Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic Managed, With Greater Treatment and Prevention Efforts, CEPR Paper Finds
Recent Cholera Spike Was “Entirely Predictable,” Yet Treatment Efforts Fell Off

*The all-too-often oxymoron of “humanitarian aid”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Tar Sands Pipeline: “A Climate Killing Disaster”

*The attitude toward Dear Misleader displayed here is maddening, isn’t it?

Inspire him?

Inspired us?

Clearest test?

Acting on his values?

The only thing that inspires him is a hefty deposit into his bank account, as payment for services rendered.

Only the terminally naive, or mentally unbalanced, have ever been inspired by him.

He’s already had innumerable “clear tests” – and the trail of broken lives and dead bodies attests to his GPA.

And he is acting on his values.  That should be extremely painfully obvious by now.

And what difference does it make that it’s a “foreign” oil company?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph …

Violence Spikes in Iraq as U.S. Considers Ways to Extend Occupation Past December Deadline

*For whatever useful intel that’s related, it’s not placed in the context of oil and empire, and it defies any definition of logic – especially moral logic – for it not to be, doesn’t it?

The Verizon Labor Battle: As Strike Continues, Customers Report Delays and Disruptions to Service

*Will defeat be snatched from the jaws of victory in Ohio?

Given the state of union “leadership”, don’t bet against it.  Let’s hope the rank and file can hold their feet to the fire, or a golden opportunity to ignite the flames of a labor resurgence will go up in smoke.


Critters Moving Away from Global Warming Faster
by Seth Borenstein
the Associated Press

*No climate deniers here

Residents Vent Their Ire Over Economy at Pelosi, Lee in Oakland Town Hall
Shouts of: “Sellout!” “Tax the Rich!” and “End the War!”
by Josh Richman
the Oakland Tribune

*Democrats – the literal “party poopers”

All over us

FAIR Media Advisory
Libyan Deaths, Media Silence
Were Dozens Killed in Majer NATO Airstrikes?

*Yes, with NEW CORPRESS ™ brand war crimes cleanser, it’s always

Bombs …


Juan Gonzalez: Verizon Workers’ Strike “Most Important Labor Battle Going on Today”

*So, will the union leadership in Ohio, in order to appear willing to “compromise”, allow Kasich to do damage control, or will they tell him to go to hell, understanding the weakened position he’s in – not that they shouldn’t regardless?

Their logical choice is obvious.

Will their sense of duty to their membership be?

Undocumented Student Fanny Martinez Arrested Protesting Controversial Secure Communities Program

Should U.S. End Secure Communities? Sheriff Adrian Garcia Debates Immigrant Advocate Chris Newman

*The most appropriate symbol for US immigration policy?

The Statue of Liberty holding aloft a pair of flexicuffs


This Disastrous ‘Debt Crisis’ Myth
The real risk of a new recession in the US and Europe comes not from debt, but by strangling growth with a fiscal tourniquet
by Mark Weisbrot

Institute for Public Accuracy
Iraq: “Disastrous 20 Year War”

*No argument with Jarrar’s conclusion, of course, but his remark that the corpress “took the bait” puts them on the wrong end of the reel, doesn’t it?

Human Rights Watch: Abuses by All Sides Fueling Crisis in Somalia

*It seems that in most every pertinent segment, Goodman asks, “What should the US do?”

Phrasing the question in that manner appears to ignore the context of complicity evinced in US actions and inactions.  It’s a small thing, I suppose, but words matter, and language is a virus.

Rick Perry Stirs Ire for Fed Threat, “Economic Miracle” Claim & Calling Entitlements “Ponzi Scheme”

Ex-Evangelical Denounces Michele Bachmann & Calls Christian Reconstructionist Politics “Anti-American”

*You get the impression from these two segments that Bachmann may be a true believer, and Perry a true deceiver, but whatever the reality, it’s immaterial, isn’t it?

Both are in the tradition of the Southern racist officeholders I grew up around, who stood in the doorway and screamed “Segregation Forever!”  Wallace may have been more in the Perry mold, and Barnett closer to Bachmann, but what they actually believed didn’t matter to black folks, did it?

What they did was all that mattered.

And I have to say something about Schaeffer labeling them “unpatriotic”.  The democratic, inclusive America he posits doesn’t exist, and never has.   They want to make sure that it never does.  That’s not a lack of patriotism.  It’s a lack of humanity.

And so, because I want to see that America come to pass, that doesn’t make me patriotic, does it?  My allegiance is to the realization of justice and equality, not to the empty and hypocritical rhetoric that renders those words meaningless.

I hope one day to be proud to be an American, and I will be, if I live in a country that values the dignity of all its citizens, and every other person on this planet.


Canada’s Hawkish Foreign Policy at Odds with Popular Priorities
by Paul Weinberg
Inter Press Service

GM Corn Being Developed for Fuel Instead of Food
Campaigners say plants being grown in US may worsen global food crisis, while farmers express cross-contamination fears
by Suzanne Goldenberg
the Guardian/UK

*Sewing the seeds of starvation

UK Banks Fund Deadly Cluster-Bomb Industry
by Jerome Taylor
the Independent/UK

The Tuna Industry’s Dirty Little Secret
by Greenpeace

Afghans’ Dire Need for Clean Water
by Al Jazeera English

How Safe Are You? What Almost $8 Trillion in National Security Spending Bought You
by Chris Hellman

*Some compelling facts and figures, but left out are the copulating gorillas in the room which explain them – imperialism and defense contractor profiteering

Daylight Robbery, Meet Nighttime Robbery
by Naomi Klein

Council of Canadians and Food & Water Watch
TransCanada Says Keystone Pipeline Could Be Used for Bulk Water Removals

*Oil and water don’t mix

Other than in plans for the parasitical pursuit of profit

New Poll Finds Powerful Opposition to Mountaintop Removal Mining in the Heart of Coal Country
Appalachians also overwhelmingly support increasing clean water protections

*A mountain of opposition to the molehill makers

Bay Area Rapid Transit Accused of Censorship for Blocking Wireless Services to Foil Protests

Disguised Member of Hacktivist Group “Anonymous” Defends Retaliatory Action Against BART

*I don’t know that I see the point in the release of private information.  Why not declare that the security sucks, and that you have access, and can prove it – without exposing any personal info – as a way of exposing the problem?

Going about in the way they did just allows the gummint and the corpress to portray Anonymous as an irresponsible and harmful group which has to be stopped, don’t you think?

Hacktivism’s Global Reach, From Targeting Scientology to Backing WikiLeaks and the Arab Spring

*I’d like to know more about the hacktivist community’s political profile.  What support is there for actions such as going after ICE’s systems in defense of immigrant rights, or disrupting electronic voting systems to try to force accountable ballot hand counts, for instance?

Also, how is “collateral damage” viewed, where legitimate functions may be adversely affected in the attempt to fight against illegitimate government and corporate acts?


Jailing Undocumented Immigrants Is Big Business
by Gabriel Lerner
the Huffington Post

*Locking up the lucre

President Obama Joins the Cult of Economics Deniers
President Obama has abandoned evidence-based economics to return the US to growth in favor of the politics of deficit-cutting
by Dean Baker

*While Keynesianism isn’t the answer to economic injustice, the corporate cabal has utter contempt for the question

How Many Dead Children for Profit?
by Donna Smith

Terror, American-Style
by Tom Engelhardt

Tribalism Is Dead, Long Live the Tribe
by Thomas S. Harrington

Public Citizen
Tallying the Benefits of Regulation: Five Worker Health and Safety Rules Have Saved Thousands of Lives, Prevented Tens of Thousands of Injuries
Industry Groups Often Opposed Regulations Before They Supported Them

Lawsuit Challenges Clean Air Act Exemption for Biomass Burners

*Malevolent multitasking

Bipartisan Robot Bashing

*I guess it’s as accurate a barometer as any of the lack of humanity
in US politics that a pledge to not cut folks off the meager benefits
that prevent them from falling into the abyss – much less swearing to
increase them – is a hoax, isn’t it?

The lesser of two evils grows greater by the day.

Bachmann’s Iowa Straw Poll Win Signals Early Tea Party Role in Shaping GOP Primary

*You wouldn’t think anything could make Dear Misleader and the Democrats look good.

And these bastards don’t.

But it isn’t for lack of trying.

Syria Attacks Protesters with Tanks, Naval Bombardment: “The Regime Has Made War Against the People”

Investigation Finds U.S. Drones Strike Pakistan Every Four Days, Killing 775 Civilians Since 2004


NGOs Cry “Sabotage” Over UN Meeting on Racism
by Thalif Deen
Inter Press Service

*Not only not walking the talk, but walking away from the talk

Life in an Age of Looting: “Some Will Rob You with a Sixgun and Some with a Fountain Pen”
by Phil Rockstroh

The Icebergs Cometh: Retaking USA Titanic Before the 2012 Elections
by Victoria Collier and Ronnie Cummins

*Untangling the rigging on the ship of state

I don’t doubt Collier’s and Cummins’ sincerity, but until they, the NPA et al. (no point in mentioning MoveOn and their fellow travelers) get to the core of the matter, and see the profit system itself as the locus of the greed and corruption they decry, all the strategizing in the world won’t get us where we need to be, will it?

Robbing Peter to Pay Israel
by Josh Ruebner

*Getting their priorities straight …

Straight from their crooked lobbiers

Collateral Damage in the War on Anonymity
by David Sirota

*Another example of a legitimate public concern used to promote a perverted private and gummint agenda, aided and abetted by a controlled culture that mitigates mightily against a fair and reasoned balancing of rights and interests.

Free Press
Only If You’re AT&T Does 1 + 1 = 3
Support for AT&T merger unravels because numbers don’t add up

After London Police Killing, Media Focus on Problem of Police Restraint

*How appropriate that Yank coverage of this would mirror a British author’s world of the absurd – namely, Lewis Carroll’s land on the other side of the looking-glass.

And if I may appropriate an allusion from same …

When contemplating the character of the corpress, one must always

“Beware the Jabberwock”

AIDS-Afflicted U.S. Citizen Urges Obama Admin to Reverse Deportation of Australian Husband

*This administration doesn’t torture?

As Texas Gov. Rick Perry Enters GOP Race, New Exposé Reveals His Close Ties to Radical Evangelicals

*False prophets and true collusion

Of course, Perry won’t feature his alliance with these fanatics and charlatans in the campaign.  He knows that would be political suicide as far as winning the nomination – one would hope – and certainly as regards becoming president.

And the corpress will allow him to do so, because to expose the fact that such a dangerous and delusional ideology has real political influence would reveal just how perverted the political system is in this country.

And that’s not news that’s fit to print, is it?


When You Play the Plutocrats’ Game, They Win: On Civility and Half Measures
by Kristine Mattis

*It’s always gratifying when someone validates so much of your perception of a situation, and although I think Mattis gives too much credit to Baldwin and other Democrats, while acknowledging the betrayal by the party as a whole, this piece does indeed resonate with me.

It’s too rare an experience.

Police and Thieves: Making Sense of the English Riots
by Michelle Chen

Could the Pentagon Be Responsible for Your Death?
The Military’s Marching Orders to the Jihadist World
by Tom Engelhardt

What’s the Real Lesson of Wisconsin for Progressives?
by Amy Dean

*Some vital points made here about working outside the Democratic Party, connecting issues and seeing beyond electoral politics.  There’s much further to go, but I’d like to think there’s some reason for hope indicated here.

To me, an overarching principle must be that while conditions may place limits on our actions, they must never limit our vision, or our ability to understand when we can and must push hard against those limits.

New Fracking Rules Reflect Industry’s Needs, Not Nature’s or Consumers’
by Wenonah Hauter

Lost in the Debt Ceiling Debate: The Legal Duty to Create Jobs
by Jeanne Mirer and Marjorie Cohn

*Interesting, if limited, piece, but even these far from radical steps will never be pushed by the Democratic “leadership”, will they?

U.S. Navy Vet Sues Donald Rumsfeld for Torture in Iraq, Court Allows Case to Move Forward

*Prasow’s comment about “the President’s rejection of torture” is naive, to be charitable.  Whether or not the US is still engaged in “formal” torture, there’s no doubt that it facilitates torture in all its vile varieties by its allies, is there?

Verizon Workers Strike over “Full-Scale Attack” on Wages, Benefits at Telecom Giant

*Draw a line in the sand, or take a dive in the ocean

And never come up

Haiti: WikiLeaks Cables Expose How U.S. Blocked Aristide’s Return After 2004 Coup

*I’m always leery of “heroes”, and I wish I knew more about Aristide.

But if one measure of a person’s character is the roster of those who seek to discredit and destroy him, then I would say the list here speaks well of the man.


Shell’s Arctic Drilling Plan: Another Disaster Waiting to Happen
by Tim Dickinson
Rolling Stone

Watching Out for Our Water
by Shayda Naficy

*Drops of deceptive “decency” in an ocean of insatiable avarice

Joining the Labor Movement and the Sustainabilty Movement: Together We Can Stop the Tar Sands Climate Catastrophe
Why I’m Marching with Bill McKibben to Protest the Keystone XL Pipeline
by Joe Uehlein

*The imperative to keep both eyes open, and on a prize that benefits us all

There Is a Context to London’s Riots that Can’t Be Ignored
Those condemning the events in north London and elsewhere would do well to take a step back and consider the bigger picture
by Nina Power

*The sun may have set on the British empire

But its dark heart remains

Poverty Tour Meets Poor-Bashing CNN Host

*The poor will always be with us

As long as the rich – and the corpress – are, as well

Over 1,000 Arrested in U.K. as Anger over Inequality, Racism Boils
Over into “Insurrection”

*We can’t downplay the damage done to innocent people even as we acknowledge the core root of oppression that created the conditions for it to occur.

At the same time, we have to keep our focus on those ultimately responsible, and condemn their response, which exacerbates the situation, for anything other will only allow that oppression to continue, with the likely repetition of the harm done.

WI Recall Marks Labor Win; Election Money Raises Question of U.S. as “Democracy or Dollar-ocracy?”

*I hope Nichols is right about the existence of that energy, but it can’t be funneled into electoral politics to the exclusion of other actions without dissipating its potential for creating dramatic change.  The flood of corporate cash into the electoral arena will make whatever can be gained through it even less likely.

The facts make clear our hopes can’t rest with electing Democrats.  That may be one tactic, but without mass organizing and action to create an atmosphere that keeps them scared straight, of what true use is it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Libya and Syria: Humanitarian War is a “Monstrous Illusion”

*While I agree with Peck’s thrust here, I’m wary of his citing persons like Lula, Zuma and whatever “leaders” of India he’s referring to, as from what I’ve seen, their domestic policies often contradict their professed advocacy of human rights.


Nature bats last: Notes on revolution and resistance, revelation and redemption
by Robert Jensen

*Please read.  There’s so much to deal with here, but I’ll focus on three areas.

First, the notion of a delusional revolution is key, I feel.  Knowledge is power, and ignorance its antithesis.  That’s a central tenet of both “democratic” and dictatorial regimes, but more important for the ruling class of the former, in that mass violent suppression is not an option – at least not yet.  I’ll get to that later.

Control depends on ownership of both the knowledge base and the framework in which that knowledge is understood.  As Jensen says, the corpress plays a vital role in maintaining that ownership, and our ability to counter that depends on our being able to create a true alternative.  The current “alternative media” in this country falls far short of that challenge, doesn’t it?

Of course, knowledge consists of both facts, and context.  I’ve read many pieces that provided useful intel, but in the end failed the reader by not placing that information in the context of a profit system that cannot be reformed, only replaced.

So the task seems twofold:  How do we instill that honesty to form an alternative media worthy of the name, and then how do we disseminate that honest intel in an effective and accessible manner to the public?

I guess you could call that no no-brainer in a number of ways.

Regarding engaging in “pragmatism” without sacrificing our core principles, I’d like a fer-instance.  Is he referring to “reform” efforts that don’t get to the heart of the problem, but
perhaps help lay the groundwork for those that will?

It can be a conundrum, though, can’t it, as making things a bit better can inhibit true change more than letting them stand as they are.  We can still starve on half a loaf, and having accepted it, we’ve given cover to its blackhearted bakers.

But maybe I’m off here, so again, an example would be helpful.

Lastly, when the shit hits the fan in these here United States, and the security state takes off its velvet gloves to show its iron fists to all, rather than selected segments of the population, how do we see the right to defend ourselves with force?

I reject the romance of both violence and nonviolence.  I see force as a tool – a dangerous, but legitimate, one, if utilized through discipline and principle.

The question is whether we can exercise that discipline and adhere to that principle, and I don’t have an answer to that question.

Panic on the Streets of London
by Laurie Penny

*The horrible reaping of an abominable sewing

The Crisis of Humanitarian Intervention
by Walden Bello

*A better summation might be that “the road to hell is paved with humane pretensions.”

The Crime of Nagasaki—The ‘Forgotten’ A-Bomb City
by Greg Mitchell

*I think it’s morally repugnant to suggest that there was some
credible justification for Hiroshima as opposed to Nagasaki.  Both
were acts of utter barbarity in the service of empire, and both have
to be condemned equally.

To do less is to give succor to those who will always devise
“reasonable” distinctions with which to excuse their evil actions.

Waiter, There’s a Newfangled Technology in My Soup
The unregulated nanotech industry is spreading through the U.S. food system.
by Andrew Ranallo

Environmental Working Group (EWG)
Corn Lobby Offers Flawed Data To Deflect Blame for Dead Zone
New USGS Study Finds Increases in Mississippi’s Nitrate Pollution

Tea Party: Raging Against the Wall Street/DC Machine?

*Crowley and the rest of the corpress portray the TPers as biting the hand that feeds them, but that would make their sugar mummies and daddies masochists.

And all the available intel points to sadism as their fetish, doesn’t it?

Atomic Cover-Up: The Hidden Story Behind the U.S. Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

*The clouds of death rose

The clouds of deception descended

Institute for Public Accuracy
Verizon Strike


Center for Economic and Policy Research
Statement on the S&P Downgrade
Standard & Poor’s Downgrade Reveals Its Own Problems, Not the Government’s

Michele Bachmann: Covers Vs. Coverage

*She looks as though she’s experiencing a vision from God.

Or the Koch Brothers.

Same difference to her, I’d imagine.

Right-Wing Billionaires Invest in Wisconsin’s Recall Elections to Save School Privatization Agenda
by John Nichols
The Nation

*As we see time and again, though, electing Democrats in no panacea for the problems facing public education.  They may not possess the zeal of Republicans, but they’re often all too willing to “compromise” away the right to a quality education, aren’t they?

So I’ll vote for the Democrat in the recall election in my district, but I have no illusions that on this or any other issue I should assume he’ll act in the public interest.

It’s an empirical thing.

“Nickel & Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America”: Barbara Ehrenreich on the Job Crisis & Wealth Gap

*Ehrenreich chronicles the struggles, and expresses empathy with those struggling, but leaves the reason for those struggles out of the story, doesn’t she?

That happens with depressing frequency in the “alternative media”, and as long as it does, as long as it doesn’t directly confront profit as the antagonist of the piece, I don’t know how you can call it truly “alternative”, do you?

I know I’m being repetitive, but when you’re trying to be honest about what you see, and you keep seeing the same thing …

The Battle for Egypt’s Media: Video Report on Press Freedom After the Revolution


Journalist Kicked out of ALEC Conference, Threatened With Arrest
by Eric Carlson

*ALEC’s “open door” press policy:

Step 1 – Open door

Step 2 – Toss reporter out it

Canadian Government Accused of ‘Unprecedented’ Tar Sands Lobbying
Friends of the Earth Europe claims ministers have attempted to undermine European fuel legislation that would affect exports
by Terry Macalister
The Guardian/UK

*Tarring and feathering a nasty nest

Whole Paycheck and Organic Food Deserts: The Challenge
by Ronnie Cummins

*It’s only “natural”

And that’s the problem, isn’t it?

Beyond that, while I think Cummins is always worth reading, this article suffers from the same deficiency as oh-so-many others by well-intentioned folks – it doesn’t see the bigger picture of profit as the archvillain of the piece.

Until that happens, we’re just wasting our energy on pinpricks, rather than on the necessary stake through the heart.

And if you think I’m beating a dead horse … well, as I see it, if we don’t put this in proper perspective, and soon, we’ll be joining it.

And how “practical” will that be?

ALEC Exposed: Protecting Factory Farms and Sewage Sludge?
by Jill Richardson

*Cowshit Central:  Blurring the line between the literal and the metaphorical

Bad News About Water Quality — and Quantity
by Antonia Zerbisias

*There’s some important intel extant, but Prud’homme’s comments about privatization sometimes being beneficial display a dangerous ignorance.  An adequately-funded public service is always preferable to private control, for the latter will always prioritize profit uber alles, won’t it?

Fighting for that full funding is our duty, and democratic control is our right.

As for Singapore, I admittedly don’t know diddley about the details, but that lack of democratic control should preclude it as an example to follow, shouldn’t it?

And you have to wonder just how efficiently its Dear Leader and his buddies deal with water in their modest abodes, don’t you?

Physicians for a National Health Program
Physicians Group: Debt Deal Threatens Health of Seniors and Disabled

*What’s put “on the table”

And who’s thrown under the bus

Myth Informing Readers on Offshore Drilling

*I won’t hold my breath.

But I often feel an urgent need to hold my stomach.

Cargill Meat Recall Heightens Fears Budgets Cuts Will Weaken Oversight, Threaten Public Health

*I’m not sure you could create a more dysfunctional food, and food safety, system if you tried.

But it’s dead solid certain that as long as it means increased profits, Cargill et al. and their “private servants” in gummint will try.

And try.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Age of Fukushima

*A history of atom-sized humanity and reason

Secretive Corporate-Legislative Group ALEC Holds Annual Meeting to Rewrite State Laws

*Undercover, and grossly undercovered, underhandedness

New Exposé Tracks ALEC-Private Prison Industry Effort to Replace Unionized Workers with Prison Labor

*No hyperbole here to “slaving away at the job”

Jury Still Out on New Orleans Police Accused of Shooting Unarmed Katrina Survivors on Danziger Bridge

*The convictions are an inspiring victory, and we can only hope that the punishment reflects the depths of depravity unearthed by this case

The Hiroshima Cover-Up

*No truth, no justice, and the wretched reality of “the American Way” – then and now


Earth’s Systems in Rapid Decline
by Stephen Leahy

*Any logical analysis of this must point to a profit-driven paradigm as the villain, don’t you think?

It’s what supercharges consumption, and the push for a larger population to consume.

But it’s left out of this piece, as with so many others, isn’t it?

Big Food Recalls Once Again Reveal the Hidden Costs of our Big Food System
by Rich Bindell
Food & Water Watch

*Profit-poisoned produce

Fukushima Clouds Hiroshima Anniversary
by Suvendrini Kakuchi
Inter Press Service

Front Groups Dive Into Wisconsin Recall Elections
by Sara Jerving

*I think that last bit about “irrelevant candidates” is silly.  I have to think these “independent” expenditures are at least known to and approved by, if not actually coordinated with, the parties and campaigns.

Not listed here is what I’m seeing in my mailbox on pretty much a daily basis – “right to life” flyers deifying Olsen and demonizing Clark.  The irony is that, while I’m voting against Olsen rather than for Clark, being told of his voting for funding Planned Parenthood makes him look a bit better to me.

A bit.

The other frequent fusillade against him has been from the NRA, which gives him a “D” on their issues.

I agree that’s disturbing.

Why doesn’t he rate an “F”?

A Secret War in 120 Countries: The Pentagon’s New Power Elite
by Nick Turse

*A sinister Sherwin-Williams:

We Cover the Earth

In Blood

100+ Groups from 23 States File Petition for Drilling and Fracking Chemical Testing, Info
Concerned about health impacts of drilling boom, groups press for answers from Halliburton and others

Food & Water Watch
Shaky U.S. Economy Won’t Benefit from Natural Gas Expansion

Food & Water Watch Analysis Reveals Industry Plans to Send Fracked Gas and Profits Overseas

Women Hurt Most by Debt Deal Cuts to Medicare, Social Security, Tuition

*I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the head of NOW being brought on for this segment, and I’m not.

I’m just very frustrated.  O’Neill makes some important points, but her ass-kissing of someone like Pelosi shows just how wedded her group is to the status quo, and just how far it’s willing to go to challenge it, don’t you think?

And I don’t see the numbers game of women in office as the problem.  It’s who those women are, isn’t it?  To assume one’s gender determines one’s politics is ludicrous – let me count the examples.  We need reps who will fight for women’s rights and needs, regardless of what they’re packing in their underpants, don’t we?

Lastly, we need to clearly see the Tea Baggers for who they are, and understand who profits from their rabidity.  They’re not some separate entity from the ruling class – they are their attack dogs, who’ve been sicced on the remains of the social safety net and the ideals of equality and fairness.

Their purpose is to make seemingly less fanatical forces appear “reasonable”, while pushing the definition of that term as far to the right as they can.  Our task is to make clear that we’re dealing with two sides of the same coin, and that on the other side of that coin are not only the likes of bastards like Boehner, but Dear Misleader, Madame Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic “leadership”, along with pretty much the party as a whole.

It’s a false frame, and we need to picture ourselves working outside of it.

Guatemalan Soldiers Sentenced to 6,060 Years in Prison for Role in 1982 Massacre

*My political conscience was formed during this period, which helps to keep me grounded.

When so much of what we’re exposed to attempts to induce us to ignore or rationalize the abominations our government has been and continues to be guilty of, putting ourselves in the place of its victims then and now gives us the principled stability absolutely vital to any serious struggle for true change.  It allows us to clearly see the continuum of inhumanity, and thus also our obligation to shut our ears to the siren song of moral relativism.

If we are to have any chance at a just future, we can never forget the injustice of the past.

Failed Education Reform in Chile Prompts Hunger Strikes, Protests by Thousands of Students

*Their present

Our future?


Big Business Woos ALEC Legislators in the Big Easy
by Lisa Graves

*Buy now

Pain later

Economic Development Leaving Millions Behind
by Kanya D’Almeida
Inter Press Service

*We have to grow up, not out

Indigenous Peoples: Civil Disobedience to Halt Dirty Tar Sands Pipeline in US
At the Protecting Mother Earth Gathering, First Nations activists announce civil disobedience to halt dirty Tar Sands pipeline in US
by Brenda Norrell
The Narcosphere

*Mother fuckers in multiple senses

FAIR Extra!
The Fires This Time
In coverage of extreme weather, media downplay climate change
by Neil deMause

*No danger of a change in climate among the corpress

And that’s one hellaciously large danger on many fronts, isn’t it?

Desperate for Democracy in Iraq
Protesters fight for what U.S. media say they already have
by Julie Hollar

Center for Media and Democracy
Money Still Owed In Federal Bailout: $1.5 Trillion Still Owed to Treasury, Federal Reserve

Environmental Working Group (EWG)
EPA Report: Fracking Contaminated Drinking Water

Institute for Public Accuracy
Unemployment Insurance Hit by “Drastic” Budget Cuts

*Off-the-job draining

Economist Dean Baker Predicts A “Really Bad Deal or No Deal” from Deficit “Super Committee”

Syrian Forces Attack Civilians in Hama as U.N. Security Council Wavers on Condemning Crackdown

*I’d like to see detailed analysis on the international reaction to the situation, so I can make an informed judgment about the motives of other nations.  What’s been offered here so far doesn’t meet that criterion for me.

Thousands Protest Widening Inequality in Israel, But Calls Ignore Occupation and Palestinian Rights

*I’d like to hear a counter to the reasons given for leaving the issue of the occupation out of these protests, wouldn’t you?

I’m always leery of these kinds of decisions, regardless of how “pragmatic” they might seem to be.


Mobile Biometrics to Hit US Streets
Despite fuzzy legality, US law enforcement will soon be able to perform mobile iris scans and fingerprinting.
by D. Parvaz

Payback Time: Polls Promising as Wis. Unions Ready for GOP Recall Elections
by Roger Bybee

*If the Democrats win their two recall races, and split the others, they’ll be up 17-16 in the Senate.

But that won’t mean much if there’s no pressure on them to be much more than the lesser of two evils, will it?

Confessions of a Cheating Teacher
by Benjamin Herold
The Notebook (Philadelphia Public Schools)

*A system that cheats the children is the true sin here, isn’t it?

The Indoctrination of Missile Launch Officers
by David Krieger

*With Jesus in the role of Dr. Strangelove

The Truth About the Global Demand for Food
A new report from the FAO blows the myth about increased grain consumption from developing countries leads to higher global demand and higher prices
by Jayati Ghosh

Walmart’s Food Deserts: Greening the Bottom Line
by Eric Holt-Giménez

*Urban space

The last profit frontier

Debt Ceilings and the ‘Balance’ Bias

*Let’s be straight here.  Corporate lackeys like Williams, Mitchell, David Gregory (the subject of the latest FAIR Action Alert) et al. know perfectly well what the reality is.  Their mission, which they eagerly accept, is to obscure that reality from the public.

Put simply, they’re propagandists.  Put more simply, they’re liars.

The “balance” line is a charade to appear “impartial”, while carrying water for the slicing and dicing of programs, however limited, that buffered us to some degree from the gale force winds of the perfectly pernicious storm known as the profit system.

That’s the true goal here, and it’s shared by the “leadership” of both parties, controlled by the doyens of that system.  Dear Misleader was backed by Wall Street for this express purpose, as it couldn’t have been accomplished under a Republican administration, could it?

The corpress’ charge is to Newspeak with forked tongue, to cause folks to doubt their own common sense, or at least to conclude you can’t fight City Hall.

(Or more precisely, the Chamber of Commerce.)

They’re well compensated for their complicity, and I’d say they’ve earned their pay, wouldn’t you?

After Months of Partisan Wrangling, Wall Street & Pentagon Emerge Victorious on Debt Deal

*Not a very useful segment, to my mind.  I’ll try to address a couple of problems I see with it.

Dear Misleader’s complicity is downplayed here.  It’s stated that he truly believes in the benefit of a budget surplus.  I think that’s nonsense.  He’s doing what his Wall Street masters want him to do, same as the Boehner and company.  That’s been the case for decades now.  At one point, there was a general consensus that gummint spending for economic stimulus and a modest welfare state, along with relatively high taxes on wealth, were the price the elite paid to maintain control of the country.

That consensus ended with the rise of Reaganomics, and the DLC.  I wish I knew more about just why this occurred, but at some level maybe you can just say that greed won out, and since then we’ve seen a steady erosion of those payoffs, if you will.  Obama’s simply carrying on with business as usual.

The other point concerns the military.  It may well be true that reins were placed on the power to wage war in favor of growing nations’ industrial bases, but might that have been more an attempt to seek a balance between imperial expansion and maintenance and the practical need to develop and sustain a functioning economy?  Ike’s speech has this caché among “progressives”, but isn’t it logical to surmise that his purpose aligned with that attempt at balance?

What do you think?

As Ramadan Begins, Assad Regime Intensifies Deadly Crackdown on Syrian Protesters

*An opportunity missed to talk about the ulterior motives behind US and Western actions, or inactions, and how Syrians view those motives.  Do they understand that these governments don’t give a damn about them, and are just trying to determine what course of action would best suit their own interests?

And how do Western activists deal with the necessity of demanding effective action against this horror, while being mindful of their governments’ utter lack of moral legitimacy?

Syrian Activist Razan Zaitouneh: Assad Regime the Lone “Terrorist Group” Inside Syria

Ahead of Mubarak Trial, Egyptian Forces Forcibly Remove Protesters from Tahrir Square

*A figurehead may fall with a push from behind by the elites

But they in turn must always be pulled down by the people


To Post Ombud, Critics of ‘Muslims Did It’ Blogger Are the Real Monsters

*I didn’t realize that “apologist” was part of the job description for a media outlet ombud.

Or that “impartial watchdog” wasn’t.

But there I go, getting all Vulcan again.

BP ‘Has Gained Stranglehold Over Iraq’ After Oilfield Deal is Rewritten
New terms mean company will be paid even when production is disrupted,
critics claim
by Terry Macalister
The Guardian/UK

*Another oil slick

Union Demise Increases Wage Inequality
by United Press International

*You can blame this on corporate anti-union campaigns, certainly, but the role of union “leadership” – and their incestuous relationship with the Democratic Party – are a major part of the picture, too, aren’t they?

“Which side are you on?” is a question to be asked broadly, isn’t it?

Health Insurers Sacrifice Americans for Profit
by Wendell Potter

*Compare this to the warm and fuzzy adverts these bastards churn out

And have a leakproof receptacle at the ready

Voter ID Is an Attempt to Suppress Democracy
by Richard Means

FAIR Media Advisory
Media Malpractice on Debt Ceiling
Five ways media misreported deficit debate

*I think the most amusing corpress agitprop – well, amusing if it weren’t so goddamn malicious in intent – that I’ve seen so far was an AP piece this morning braying on about “hard-right” and “hard-left” politicians.

Now, really, is there anyone in Congress who could laughably be called “hard-left”?  No dearth of “hard-right” reactionaries, but equating a Conyers or Kucinich with a Peter King or Paul Ryan?

It’s a farce in a more fundamental way.  This “both sides are irresponsible and intransigent” theme may pervade the mainstream media, but far right ideas are often afforded first class seating, while anything beyond timid liberalism can’t get past the ticket counter.

There is truth in the bipartisan nature of this debacle, but it resides in the servicing of corporate and plutocratic interests by both major parties.

That’s the story that will never get the green light, isn’t it?

Billy Bragg: Legendary British Rocker on Norway Attacks, Activism & His Latest, “Never Buy The Sun”

*I thought there was some interesting and useful material here, so …

And I’m not trying to rag on the man, but it’s curious that a self-proclaimed socialist kvetches about the “necessity” of sponsored gigs and trying to make a living as a musician, and never speaks of a world where money’s obsolete, where we each contribute according to our talents, and are sufficiently sustained according to our needs.

That’s a core principle of socialism to me.  How about you?

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Super Congress” Budget Deal a “Turkey”; a “Lesson in Investment Theory of Political Parties”

*A sweet deal for the swindlers

Corps get their money’s worth, and our interests are deemed wholly worthless by the political class

It’s a rags and riches story, and one guess as to who has what


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