October 2011


Institute for Public Accuracy
As Violence in Afghanistan Escalates, Drone Trial Starts Tomorrow


Regulating the Rush for Land
by Jessica McDiarmid
Inter Press Service


The Triumph of King Coal: Hardening Our Coal Addiction
Despite all the talk about curbing greenhouse gas emissions, the world is burning more and more coal. The inconvenient truth is that coal remains a cheap and dirty fuel — and the idea of “clean” coal remains a distant dream.
by Fred Pearce
Yale Environment 360


A Master Class in Occupation
by Chris Hedges


Uniformed Impunity: We’re Probably Closer to the Beginning than to the End
by Thomas S. Harrington

*Important piece.

There’s a vital difference between seeing cops and soldiers as human – while holding them accountable for their actions – and viewing them as superhuman, and unaccountable.

And while ultimate responsibility lies with those giving the orders, we have to acknowledge how many of those following them do so willingly, enthusiastically.

They have to answer for their inhumanity, as well.


Common Cause
Arms Industry Gave $1.1 Million to Super Committee Members
Former Staffers Now Lobbying for Defense Contractors

*Guns and buttering up


A True Halloween Scare: EPA Data Reveals More Dangerous Coal Ash Ponds
Inspections reveal threefold increase in “significant-hazard rated” ponds


“Deadly Monopolies”: Medical Ethicist Harriet Washington on How Firms are Taking Over Life Itself

*What’s the most frightening persona you could adopt for Hallowe’en?

How about a Big Pharma CEO?

Horror stories abound within.


Up Is Down, Down Is Up: Bill O’Reilly Explains OWS

*I have to come clean.

George Soros personally reimbursed me for the ten-pack of socks I donated to Occupy Madison.

And the can of turnip greens.

I have the receipt, and am willing to come on the program and expose this sordid conspiracy in order to clear my conscience.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph …

As if MoveOn et al. would be behind anything that comes within a parsec of being truly radical.

That doesn’t strain credulity.

It eviscerates it, with a sadistic gleam in its eye.



Killing Wolves: A Product of Alberta’s Big Oil and Gas Boom
The development of the tar sands and other oil and gas fields in Alberta has carved up the Canadian province’s boreal forest, threatening herds of woodland caribou. But rather than protect caribou habitat, officials have taken a controversial step: the large-scale killing of the wolves that prey on the caribou.
by Ed Struzik
Yale Environment 360


Michigan Unions and Poor Face 85 Hostile Laws
by Evan Rohan
Labor Notes

*Tightening the Rust Belt around their throats


Working America Nurtures Working Class Support for ‘Occupy’ Aims
by David Moberg
In These Times

*What I take from this is good reason to look askance at labor “leadership”‘s motives.

While claiming to be attempting to create bonds with Occupy, I think a case can be made that the real goal is to use its energy for their own aims, which as their longtime collaboration with the Democratic Party should make clear, has little to do with working for the transformative change necessary to achieve true social, political and economic justice.

Working class solidarity won’t be achieved by these methods.  It will only occur by engaging workers through the “tactics” of democratic decision-making, communal spirit, and principled confrontation with their oppressors.


Kneecapping the Environment
by Tom Engelhardt


Occupy Protests: A Movement Taking Root
Making common cause locally can give Occupiers more staying power than the anti-globalisation protests had
by Katharine Ainger

*I’d say that, while acting locally, we need to help folks to think globally, to make the connections among struggles near and far, because in the end, global solidarity is our only hope, isn’t it?


Why Are Bikes Being Targeted by Congress?
by Jay Walljasper


Elizabeth Warren Is Scary!
by Ruth Conniff

*Warren has been iconized by “progressives” like Conniff, but don’t you think the fact that Dear Misleader would have anything to do with her (see Jones, Van) should make us hesitant to proclaim her “the real deal”?


The Nonconspiratorial Worldview of Michael Gordon

*I have to say that if Saddam took the US at its word, that would indeed indicate a warped view of reality, wouldn’t you think?


“Blood on the Tracks”: Brian Willson’s Memoir of Transformation from Vietnam Vet to Radical Pacifist

*Willson makes so many essential points.  For me, the idea of ancient archetypes of empathy and mutual respect is key to our understanding of what our existence should be about.

At the end, we’ll ask ourselves, “What did I do with my time here?”

I want to be able to say that I used it, however poorly, for the good of others.

I want to be able to say, “Stick a fork in me.  I did what I could, and I’m done.”

I’ve got a long way to go to be able to honestly say that, but as the man said, life is a journey.

Which road will we travel it on?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is the 7 Billion or the 1% Causing Environmental Crises?

*We sure as hell could do with a lot fewer rich people, couldn’t we?

Say, none.



Oakland Police and Mayor Face Fresh Protest Over Critical Wounding Veteran
Occupy movement returns to streets demanding answers after teargas canister hit Iraq serviceman Scott Olsen in the head
by Andrew Gumbel
The Guardian/UK

*Please keep in mind who’s in power in Oakland the next time some misguided fool or duplicitous apparatchik lauds the Democrats as “the people’s party”.


Anti-G20 Summit Prepares Its Case
by Cléo Fatoorehchi
Inter Press Service


Occupy Earth: Nature Is the 99%, Too
Someone Got Rich and Someone Got Sick
by Chip Ward


Promise Me No Harmful Chemicals: Breast Cancer Group Calls for Greater Accountability in Fundraising
by Kim Irish


Watchdog Groups
Enough Tricks: Consumers Speak Up Against Monsanto’s GE Sweet Corn
With the threat of genetically engineered sweet corn hitting grocery stores next year looming, 264,000 people petition top retailers and food makers


PBS Makes Time for the One Percent

*”You’re the ‘public’ in ‘public broadcasting'” …


Think they’ll use this segment as a selling point during the next pledge drive?

How about a “LET THEM EAT CAKE” T-shirt as a premium?

“Milton Friedman Sings Gershwin”?


Iraq War Vet Hospitalized with Fractured Skull After Being Shot by Police at Occupy Oakland Protest

*No Purple Hearts here

But plenty of black ones


Egyptian Youth Activists: We are Happy to See Occupy Wall Street Movement Stand Up for Justice

*I’d have liked to have heard more about the structure of the Egyptian movement, and also about the discussions these folks and Occupy members had regarding organization and tactics, as well as how the protesters in Egypt have been falsely portrayed by the establishment media, as they have been in the US and elsewhere – the Oakland situation being a prime example.


Drug War Profiteers: Book Exposes How Wachovia Bank Laundered Millions for Mexican Cartels

*Drive-in windows and drive-by shootings



Police Turn Oakland Into War Zone
by Allison Kilkenny
In These Times

*Cops on the beatdown


UN: World Will Miss Economic Benefit of 1.8 billion Young People
Population report says lack of education, infrastructure and jobs will mean a generation’s potential will be wasted
by Fiona Harvey
The Guardian/UK

*Youth must be served

So that they may serve humanity


No Escape from Screen for US Children
US report finds increasing exposure to TV, computers and mobile devices, despite warning from pediatrics academy.
by Al-Jazeera-English


The War Against Climate Science Unravels
by Kelly Rigg


Is the EPA Selling Out Your Water?
by Kate Fried

*Now, if we could just figure out a way to sell air …


Target: Africa
by John Feffer

*Feffer, like so many other foreign policy critics, accepts to some degree the terrorism narrative, even as he exposes its mendacity.

The US doesn’t give a damn about terrorism, other than its own.  If it did, it would abdicate the title of the planet’s greatest practicioner, and so eliminate the rationale for attacks against it.

But it relies upon the spectre of such attacks to legitimize its imperial quest for domination of the world’s resources.

In the empire game, you can’t boogie without a boogeyman.


WikiLeaks Honduras: US Linked to Brutal Businessman
by Dana Frank


Food & Water Watch
Private Utilities Land Residents in Hot Water

New Food & Water Watch Analysis Shows that Inter-municipal Partnerships can Better Deliver Safe, Affordable Water to Illinois Consumers


Iraq, Finally Learning to Ride Its Bike

*Well, in their eyes, it hasn’t killed anyone that mattered.


NYT Misses News in New NYT Poll

“Perhaps the unwillingness of the government to do those things contributes to public distrust of that government.”

That would be a logical deduction.

So what’s that got to do with mainstream media in America?


Occupy Oakland Crackdown: Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets…and Cats

*And then the photog left …

And the poor thing was pepper-sprayed.

Okay … probably not.

After all, it wasn’t exercising its rights of speech and assembly.

And it should be noted that while the OPD adores this sort of photo op, they banned media from their performance of the Police State Polka Tuesday morning.

And it would appear the corpress is copasetic with that.


Institute for Public Accuracy
The Myth of Military Job Creation


Occupations and Public vs Congress and Super Committee?

*Class warfare in the most literal sense


Police Fire Tear Gas, Flash Grenades as Protesters Try to Retake Occupy Oakland After Predawn Raid

*We know where the real rats reside


Glenn Greenwald on Two-Tiered U.S. Justice System, Obama’s Assassination Program & the Arab Spring

*While it may be true that delusional followers of Dear Misleader may deem him “good”, and thus rationalize that the need for oversight is unnecessary, I really don’t think that has a goddamn thing to do with his and others’ motivations for their crimes, do you?

That would paint them as merely misguided, rather than fully aware of just what they’re doing – and whom they’re doing it for.

The Vulcan in me can’t buy that.


Glenn Greenwald on Occupy Wall Street, Banks Too Big to Jail and the Attack on WikiLeaks

*It should be made unmistakably clear that the rule of law has never been applied in this country.

Had it been, there would be no oligarchy.

There is, so stick that ipso in your facto.



UN Tally Excluded Most Afghan Civilian Deaths in Night Raids
by Gareth Porter and Shah Noori
Inter Press Service


#OWS: Not Just a Protest, But a Little Utopia
by Ben Case
Inter Press Service

*I’ve wondered about the necessity of occupying a physical space, but as Case points out, without that, the creation of a community as documented here can’t occur.

And isn’t that as much of a defining characteristic of this movement as anything else?


Immunity and Impunity in Elite America: How the Legal System Was Deep-Sixed and Occupy Wall Street Swept the Land
by Glenn Greenwald

*The accumulation of wealth is always the result of the immiseration of others, directly or indirectly.

Masters must have servants.

And this movement will not survive if we rage only at our personal injury.

Our power resides in fighting beside, and for, each other.


“Horror Hotel”: The New Frontier of Junk Food Marketing to Kids
by Anne Landman

*The marketing schemes are a hell of a lot scarier than the promotions, aren’t they?


The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street
Finally, a truly populist uprising
by David Morris


It’s not just for fetishists anymore


Challenging Corporate School Reform and 10 Hopeful Signs of Resistance
by Stan Karp


Mic Check: Can You Hear Us, America?
by Randall Amster


Worldwatch Institute
As Global Population Surpasses 7 Billion, Two Clear Strategies for a Sustainable Future
Greater reproductive choice and measures to reduce resource consumption and waste are critical to reducing humanity’s environmental impact


Environmental Groups
Keystone XL Pipeline Lawsuit Expanded to Challenge Bogus Claim That Spills From Pipeline Are Unlikely
Spill Would Be Disaster for Whooping Cranes, Other Endangered Wildlife, and Fresh Water for Millions of People


Institute for Public Accuracy
* Greenwald * Occupy Tour * Oakland Attack


FAIR Action Alert
NPR vs. Free Speech
Opera show dropped by NPR to punish host’s political activism

*I’d like to say that this isn’t what I’d expect from NPR.

But I’d have to be utterly ignorant of its history to do so.


Richard Cohen: OWS isn’t Anti-Semitic–Just Clueless, Repugnant

*Can’t you just imagine the smugness writ large across Cohen’s visage as he stroked his last key on this piece of putrid agitprop?

Well, you can imagine.

I’ve got too weak a stomach.


From Tahrir to Wall Street: Egyptian Revolutionary Asmaa Mahfouz Speaks at Occupy Wall Street

*Courage is contagious

And we urgently need an epidemic


Dozens Arrested at Occupy Oakland as Police Raid Encampment, Tear Down Tents

*Oakland’s true tribute to the legacy of Martin Luther King


Goldman Sachs v. Occupy Wall Street: A Greg Palast Investigation


“Women, War and Peace” PBS Series Examines Role of Nobel Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee in Liberia



New Obama Foreclosure Plan Helps Banks At Taxpayers’ Expense
by Zach Carter
Huffington Post

*Let off the hook for putting the hook in


Girls’ Behavior Problems Linked to Prenatal Bisphenol A Exposure
by Environmental News Service (ENS)


Military Sexual Assault and Rape ‘Epidemic’
Studies suggest as many as one in three female soldiers are raped during their US military service.
by Sarah Lazare

*It’s important that the connection’s made between intramilitary sexual crimes and those perpetrated against civilian populations.

Both are manifestations of domination and dehumanization, aren’t they?


Throw Them Out With the Trash
Why Homelessness Is Becoming an Occupy Wall Street Issue
By Barbara Ehrenreich


The Magnetic Force of the Moment — Perils and Potential on the Road to Transformation
by Sandy LeonVest


Occupiers Have to Convince the Other 99 Percent
by Chris Hedges

*In the end, an unswerving allegiance to the principles of humanism is what will allow that “class leap”.

And that should be our means …

And our ends.


Occupying Questions
by Shea Howell


Where Occupy and No Nukes Merge and Win!!!
by Harvey Wasserman

*A green revolution

Or a green coup?


What’s Next for U.S.-Libyan Relations?
With vast oil reserves but a deeply divided country, Libya is vulnerable to outside powers after Gaddafi’s death.
by Phyllis Bennis

*Do you think Libya’s “friends” will want to see a reconstitution – or expansion – of those public services?


Michael Moore & Cornel West on OWS, Iraq & the Progressive Discontent Obama Faces in ’12 Vote

*Take it for what it’s worth.  I think there are far more useful ways to fill precious airtime, but there was some info on Occupy I thought folks might benefit from, so …

That’s not to say that West and Moore are mere “celebrities”, but there is that aspect to their personas (Personae?), and it’s much in evidence here, don’t you think?

Not much in the way of substantive analysis, and Moore’s FDR iconizing shows a fundamental ignorance of historical reality.  Not that he’s alone, by any means.

And this “cowardice” narrative regarding the Dems is in that same category, isn’t it?  It isn’t a matter of courage.  It’s a matter of complicity.

I’m inspired by those who make a determined effort to see beyond the conventional wisdom, which includes much that passes for “progressive thought”.

West and Moore fall down far too often in that respect, to my mind.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Occupation: The Challenges of Urban Camping


The Iraq War is Not Over

*It’s sinister semantics to say that it is

And for untold numbers of Iraqis, it never will be



Alleged ‘Skills Gap’ Takes Spotlight Off Who’s to Blame for Massive Jobs Shortage
by Roger Bybee
In These Times

*Blaming the victim

In the middle of the rape


The Future of the #Occupy Movement: Solidarity and Escalation
by Mark Engler

*Engler appears to conflate alliances with independent groups and
those with liberal establishment orgs.

Maybe one way to approach this is to find out just how far the latter
are willing to go.  I think it’ll become readily apparent what the
MoveOns are prepared to do, and what their aims are, and at that point
it will be clear that working with them is counterproductive.

But let them expose themselves.

And I think Engler’s diss of Hedges’ piece was bullshit, to put it delicately.


Qaddafi’s Death: Barbarism and Hypocrisy
by Matthew Rothschild


Mine Workers Struggle for Safety Underground, Justice in the Streets
by Michelle Chen


Separating Oil and State
by Cameron Fenton


Somalis Under Relentless Drone Attack as U.S. Tightens Military Grip on Continent
A Black Agenda Radio commentary
by Glen Ford


Amnesty International
Libya Urged to Investigate Whether al-Gaddafi Death Was a War Crime


John McCain, Libya Expert

*Sort of undermines the whole “pariah” paradigm, doesn’t it?


Gaddafi’s Death Sparks Celebrations, Probe Calls, as Libyans Begin New Era Free of Regime

*Bouckaert says “Maybe I’m naive”.

That would be the most charitable interpretation of his defense of US and Western actions, and their rationale, wouldn’t it?

As for Gaddafi’s murder, you have to wonder, as with bin Laden, just what part the history of his dealings with the West might have played in his death.

Those are details those nations wouldn’t care to have come out in a trial, don’t you think?


Exclusive: Nobel Laureate Tawakkul Karman on the Struggle for Women’s Rights, Democracy in Yemen


Institute for Public Accuracy
Argentine Election Highlights Successful Economic Policies: Lessons for the Eurozone

*Posting this doesn’t indicate an endorsement of a “kinder, gentler” profit-based system, but I thought the debunking of default doom was worth passing along.



Underground Industry: Gas Pipelines Are Big Business But Lightly Regulated
by Nicholas Kusnetz
Pro Publica


Media Called to Arms in Green Battle
by A.D.McKenzie
Inter Press Service


Five Candidates for the Corporate Death Penalty
by Russell Mokhiber

*I oppose the death penalty for all true persons.

Even for every living president.

But in this context …

Fry, baby, fry.


The Wrong Occupation
by Kathy Kelly

*Kelly’s piece is one of the few I come across that makes clear what this war is about:  control of resources (and pipeline routes) and geostrategic advantage.

And not the facade of “revenge”.

Every article and utterance on Afghanistan should do likewise, don’t you think?


NAFTA Is Starving Mexico
by Laura Carlsen


It’s NAFTA x3 as Free Trade Deals Sweep Through Congress
by Michelle Chen

*These pacts screw folks in all the countries involved, and have to be opposed through solidarity among them.


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Archaeologists Worldwide Urge Halt to “Museum of Tolerance” Construction on Ancient Muslim Cemetery
Leading Archaeologists Appeal to Simon Wiesenthal Center Board, Mayor of Jerusalem, and Head of Israeli Antiquities Authority to Halt Destruction of Mamilla

*Death offers no refuge from domination


NPR, Lisa Simeone and Biased Opera Reporting

*It doesn’t appear to me that there’s any attempt to “depoliticize” anything.  NPR’s – and “Soundprint”‘s – actions are intensely political, in the worst sense of the term.

Not that, given its history, I’d expect anything other.

Unfortunately, I don’t imagine most NPR listeners really give a rodent’s rear, do you?

Oh … and good on Simeone.


Institute for Public Accuracy
* Gadhafi’s Killing * Bush in Canada, a Challenge to Impunity

*An honest history of Libya’s past is vital to its future, don’t you think?

And I’d like for Ahmida to explain why there was “no other option” to killing Gaddafi.


Muammar Gaddafi Killed in Libya as Interim Government Seizes Last Regime Stronghold


Former Guantánamo Prisoner Speaks Out on Lawsuit Seeking Bush’s Arrest in Canada for Torture

*True justice demands that all responsible parties stand in the dock.

And that would include our Dear Misleader, wouldn’t it?

Whether or not torture, narrowly defined, at US hands has been ended, it’s still being outsourced, isn’t it?


Harsh Immigration Laws Threaten “Humanitarian Crisis” in Alabama, Prompting Latinos to Fight Back

*A lighter-hued victim

Of the same dark forces


“Lost in Detention”: As Obama Admin Deports Record 400,000, Film Explores What Immigrants Face Behind Bars

*I really don’t give a shit whether it’s “hard” for traitors like Muñoz, or how “torn” they are, do you?

Anyone with a shred of humanity in her place would denounce these abominations as loudly as she could.

But not merely silence from her, but justification.

So to hell with her and other “believers”.

Ask the folks in Willacy about “The Audacity of Hope” ™.



America’s Real Industrial Policy: Maximize Profits at All Cost
by Roger Bybee
In These Times

*I wonder how the families of those dead Chinese workers feel about the eulogies that accompanied Steve Jobs’ death.


GM Crops Promote Superweeds, Food Insecurity and Pesticides, say NGOs
Report finds genetically modified crops fail to increase yields let alone solve hunger, soil erosion and chemical-use issues
by John Vidal
The Guardian/UK

*It’s not only not nice to fool Mother Nature

It’s downright goddamn deadly


Not with a Bang, but a Whimper: Bank of America’s Death Rattle
by William K. Black

*Not that I pretend to understand much of this, but again, as with his appearance on DN! this morning, there’s useful intel to be had on the sinister schemes of these financial fraudsters.


The Dangers in Classifying the News
by Jennifer Lynch and Trevor Timm

*Call it Dear Misleader’s “whistlestop tour”


Let Our Farmers Grow
by Ralph Nader

*High on hemp

(Merely metaphorical – read on)


Born Free USA
Born Free USA Says Wild Animal Incident Yesterday in Ohio Spotlights Tragedy and Danger of Keeping Wild Animals in Captivity

*Who’s the beast here?


Fair World Project / Organic Consumers Association
Fair Trade USA Goes Rogue: New “Standards” Undermine Fair Trade Commitment to Farmers and Consumers
Fair Trade Advocates Reject Certifier Scheme to Allow “Fair Trade” Chocolate Bars to Contain No Actual Fair Trade Cocoa, Among Other Examples


Newsweek’s Funny Numbers on Green Jobs

*I think it’s important to keep in mind that simply because a company’s product may be “clean”, that doesn’t mean its modus operandi differs much from any other type of business.

A green energy paradigm imbued with the same lust for profit and lack of ethics as its carbon-based counterpart may be “better” in the most relative of senses, but it’s not going to get us where we need to be with respect to the climate cataclysm hanging over us, or to the creation of democratic workplaces.

We need to look beyond buzzwords and see just what’s buzzing beneath them.


Institute for Public Accuracy
New Book Chronicles “Oligarchy”


Former Financial Regulator William Black: Occupy Wall Street a Counter to White-Collar Fraud

*Another reformist take, but I thought there was enough useful intel on the subject of financial fraud and deregulation to merit its posting.

See if you agree.


Colleagues of Slain Kansas Abortion Doctor George Tiller Continue His Fight for Reproductive Rights



Occupy Chicago After Arrests: We Will Re-Occupy
by Jake Olzen
Waging Nonviolence


BP’s Gulf of Mexico PR, One Year Later
by Anne Landman

*A massive cleanup effort

For a reputation


Cheney Family Values: How Liz Cheney is Funding the War on Labor Rights in Ohio
by John Nichols


Environmental Groups
Groups Act to Force EPA to Issue Soot Air Pollution Standards
Stronger particle standards key to limiting dangerous levels that kill thousands every year


Anti-Obama Media Bias? Not Quite

*Would that the “tone” of corpress coverage reflected the impact of politicians’ actions on the well-being of living things and the planet they inhabit.

If that were the case, it would have an extremely negative effect on the presence of the term “positive”, wouldn’t it?


When Meet the Press Met Martin Luther King

*So that was a segment from a FOX NEWS training video?

(Apropos that it was accompanied by a Gulf Coast tourism ad … sponsored by BP.)


Freed U.S. Hikers Speak at Occupy Oakland, Express Support for California Prisoners on Hunger Strike


The New Libya: Exclusive Video on Challenges Facing a Nation Emerging from Gaddafi’s 42-Year Rule


Noam Chomsky on Israel-Palestine Prisoner Exchange, U.S. Assassination Campaign in Yemen

*The unhuman and the inhuman



To Balance Budgets, Philadelphia Schools Allow Ads
by Dan Hardy
The Philadelphia Inquirer

*Of course, these same companies support the cuts that make this “necessary”.

As the Church Lady would say …

“How conVENient.”


Wall Street’s Second Occupation: The Police Move In
by Tom Engelhardt

*A police state of mind


America’s Secret Empire of Drone Bases
Its Full Extent Revealed for the First Time
by Nick Turse


And pitiless


Politics in Place
by Shea Howell

*Motown in motion


What are those OWS people so angry about?
Almost every day brings a new story about massive corporate profits and another showing extreme economic suffering
By Glenn Greenwald

*Wealth has never been, and can never be, acquired through other than exploitative means, directly or indirectly.  A system based on competition and profit will always reward greed and the desire to dominate.

It will always appeal to our basest instincts, not our better angels.

To believe other is to ignore the history of humankind.


A Movement Too Big to Fail
by Chris Hedges

*A “liberal” education

And one we need to absorb with alacrity


Occupy Wall Street Marks One Month at Liberty Square: Occupations Spread to Over 100 US Cities
Movement For Economic Justice Gains Global Momentum

*A relatively innocuous statement, which gives me pause


Hundreds of Worldwide Occupy Protests Occupy One Inch of Front Page

*An AP piece  (“Confidence builds, but so does tension”) today in the Walker – um, Wisconsin – State Journal might be revealing as to one facet of how the corpress will try to subvert the movement, by carping on the “inefficiencies” and “discord” engendered by its democratic decision-making process.

And there’s no need to romanticize it.  Democracy is beautiful, but it often ain’t pretty.

It’s incumbent upon all of us to make it work for all of us.  That requires patience, commitment, and a willingness to call each other on our excrement – respectfully.

I guess it comes down to one “demand”:

Be a mensch, dammit.

If we can be, we just might survive this mishigas.

For the latest on Occupy Madison, check http://facebook.com/occupymadison and http://occupy-madison.org.


Global Day of Rage: Hundreds of Thousands March Against Inequity, Big Banks, as Occupy Movement Grows

*It’s important to know how movements grow, what works, but that shouldn’t be confused with an argument over who gets the credit, should it?  OWS and all that went before it around the world have played a part, and should be acknowledged for their roles.

It’s not a competition.  It had better be about cooperation.

And I believe there’s a role for the principled and disciplined use of force to defend ourselves and others.  It’s a volatile, but shouldn’t be a verboten, tactic, that must be used intelligently when necessary.

What occurred in Rome doesn’t meet those criteria, does it?


Danny Glover, Cornel West Speak Out at Occupy Protests as MLK Memorial is Dedicated in D.C.

*Obama has no shame.

The question is, are we going to force it on him, and all the others who deserve to be drenched in it?


Times Square Taken Over as Occupy Wall Street Enters Second Month, Hundreds Arrested Across Country

*I want to see some cops refuse orders, and beyond that, stand with the Occupiers.

I understand the consequences for that, but if they’re sworn to “serve and protect”, they need to act like it.


*The Madison police are aiming to shut down the Occupy camp at noon today.  Check http://facebook.com/occupymadison and http://occupy-madison.org for info and what you can do.

If this does come to pass, it should be made clear that it doesn’t signal an end to anything.

We’ll just reorganize elsewhere.

A luta continua, y’all*


Institute for Public Accuracy
Coming to Honor MLK, or Bury a Movement?

*Erecting a monumental lie

You can’t get blood from stone

Only from the living ideals meant to be entombed beneath it


ACLU Will Take Gene Patent Case to Supreme Court
by Amanda Wilson
Inter Press Service

*Patently offensive to the concept of morality


Argentina to Wall Street: Latin American Social Movements and the Occupation of Everything
by Benjamin Dangl

*I see the same spirit of community and cooperation when I’ve been down to Occupy Madison.  I don’t mean to romanticize, but it is inspiring to see folks making the effort to work and share with each other, surrounded by a system that puts great pressure on us to do the opposite.

Whatever comes of this, the lessons of communalism will remain invaluable.



Turning Occupy Anger Into Local Change
Chicago groups push specific anti-austerity demands during week of protests
by Mike Elk
In These Times


Rick Perry Officials Spark Revolt after Doctoring Environment Report
Scientists ask for names to be removed after mentions of climate change and sea-level rise taken out by Texas officials
by Suzanne Goldenberg
The Guardian/UK

*Fiddling with the facts while the world burns


FBI Account of “Terror Plot” Suggests Sting Operation
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service


House Passes HR 358, the “Let Women Die” Act of 2011
by Jodi Jacobson

*Life is sacred

And we’ll kill you to keep it that way


The Prisoner Swap
by Phyllis Bennis


Community Resolutions Against the Machine
by Jean Athey and John Feffer

*Getting jobbed


Center for Constitutional Rights Issues Statement of Support for Occupy Wall Street


Center for Biological Diversity
US Chamber of Commerce Wins 2011 Rubber Dodo Award

*Nothing fictional about this Chamber of horrors


Time: Public Oddly Unfazed by Bongo Drums

*Barechested bongoing doesn’t repulse me in the least.

Brooks Brothers brigandry, on the other hand …


Great Moments in Fox News Assassination Plotting

*A concise display of idiocy, hypocrisy and barbarity.

Brevity may be the soul of wit, but you can cram a lot of witless soullessness into a short space as well, can’t you?


NYC Withdraws Cleaning Evacuation Order in Face of Defiant Occupy Wall Street Protesters

*Now back to the real cleanup job


Constitutional Rights Lawyer Michael Ratner: Failed Occupy Wall Street Evacuation Order is Illegal

*An important victory.

Now how will the NYC and other cities’ admins react to it?


Alleged Inhumane Conditions for Post-9/11 Suspects Sparks Global Scrutiny of U.S. Detention Policies

*Don’t you think justice demands not only the exoneration of the innocent, but the certain punishment of those who willfully prosecute and persecute them under false pretenses?

And regardless of innocence, no one deserves to be treated like this.

Even the bastards who order it done.


Stop Demanding Demands
Connecting the Revolutionary Dots in Occupied Washington
by Ted Rall

*Rall’s take on horizontal organizing, among other matters.

As you might guess, his view on revolution versus reform strikes a mighty resonant chord with me.

And I hope it does with a whole lot of other folks as well, because I believe it is our only hope.



Occupy Colleges: Student Supporters Of Occupy Wall Street Continue To Show Solidarity
by Amanda M. Fairbanks
Huffington Post


The Guys in the 1% Brought This On
by Barbara Ehrenreich

*The makings of a class act?


Blowback on Wall Street?
by Tom Engelhardt

*A globalization of anti-globalization


Occupy Wall Street Protests Are Reclaiming the Psychic Space
by Nina Power


Occupy Big Coal: Kentuckians to Protest Most Corrupt Member of Congress on Friday
by Jeff Biggers


Public Citizen
Legislation Would Empower Consumers Over Corporations, Give Them Their Day in Court
Statement by Christine Hines, Consumer and Civil Justice Counsel, Public Citizen’s Congress Watch Division


“News for All the People”: Juan González & Joseph Torres on the Epic Story of Race & the U.S. Media

*Controlling our history is essential to controlling our future, and it’s sickening, but not surprising, to hear of so-called “civil rights” groups aligning with the progeny of the villains of these tales, as they seek to further their forebears’ record of exclusion and oppression.

Actions speak louder than letterheads.


Part 2: John Carlos, 1968 U.S. Olympic Medalist, On the Response to His Iconic Black Power Salute


Naomi Klein on Occupy Wall Street & Chile: Courage to Ask Questions We Don’t Have Answers For

*Klein’s comments about the immorality of the GWOT ™ and the US’ responsibility for reparations are much appreciated.  No view worthy of being called “anti-war” can omit these tenets, can it?


Frances Fox Piven at Occupy Wall Street: ‘We Desperately Need a Popular Uprising in the U.S.’


Is Glenn Beck Working for Reuters?

*The Kochs and ALEC?


Soros and Occupy?

Now THAT’S a conspiracy!


Bait-and-Switch Boosterism on Trade Pacts

*Why am I flashing on Jon Lovitz’ old pathological liar character?

“Political achievement” …

“Foreign policy value” …

Yeah …

That’s the ticket.


FAIR Extra!
Trade, Jobs and Sales Jobs
Failing to do the math on export promises
by Janine Jackson

*Trading fact for fiction


Ignoring Non-Islamic Culprits in Somalia Famine
Hunger from harmful aid and agriculture policies
by Julie Hollar

*A drought of honest journalism and a factual famine that never abate



Alabama Parents Prepare for the Worst: Separation from Their Kids
Hispanic families fearing arrest under draconian new immigration law start to draw up legal documents for care of children
by Ed Pilkington
The Guardian/UK

*Old times there are not forgotten

Because they never really go away


*A salient sign of the times

I had to share this:



It’s a rhetorical question, isn’t it?*

Stop the Offshore Piracy
by Scott Klinger


The Tricks of the Trade Deals
This week, Congress will vote on three free trade agreements that are predicted to kill jobs and solidify corporate power. It’s our turn to have a say in how we trade.
by Kristen Beifus and Christa Hillstrom

*Bargains among devils


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
World Day Against the Death Penalty: Son of McCarthy-Era Execution Victims Equates Death Sentence with Torture


Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
FDA Allowed Unsafe Levels of Contaminants in Seafood after BP Oil Spill, Study Finds
NRDC Petitions Agency for Stronger Safeguards to Protect Consumers


USA Today: Finally People are Protesting Wall Street!

*Occasionally stating the bleeding obvious does not an honest news source make, does it?

Corpress outlets will publish and air valid intel in an attempt to maintain credibility – usually incompletely, and qualified to high heaven – then return to the task of obfuscation and outright prevarication.

And just as what they say today may contradict what went before, what they put out tomorrow will likely vitiate whatever reality they presently acknowledge.

I guess I just stated the bleeding obvious as well, didn’t I?


U.S.-Iran Tensions Grow as Indictment Accuses Iranian Agents of Assassination Plot

*It’s difficult to conceive of any benefit for Iran in this.

Looking askance would be the logical course to take at this time, don’t you think?


John Carlos, 1968 Olympic U.S. Medalist, on the Revolutionary Sports Moment that Changed the World

*Brundage isn’t the only connection to fascism here.

The corpress did a pretty goddamn passable imitation of Goebbels’ propaganda tactics in castigating this eminently honorable act, didn’t they?

Of course, this isn’t ancient history.

The prime directive to protect the status quo remains constant, doesn’t it?


My Presbyterian cult
by Robert Jensen

[This op/ed ran as “Finding religion in a cult” in the Austin American-Statesman,

*By Jensen’s definition, then, capitalism is the very antithesis of a cult, isn’t it?



Bogus ‘Recovery’ Offers Households Bigger Income Drop Than Recession
by Roger Bybee

*Mofotown standard:

If you look closer, it’s easy to trace
The tracks of my tiers


How the US Government Secretly Reads Your Email
Secret orders forcing Google and Sonic to release a WikiLeaks volunteer’s email reveal the scale of US government snooping
by Heather Brooke


A Labor Breakthrough: Occupy Wall Street’s Union Connections and the Role of Solidarity in Staying Power
by Kara Newhouse


Obama’s Failing Emails: Where Did the President’s Mojo Go?
by Bill McKibben

*News flash:  The only “mojo” this mofo had was knowing which buttons to push to motivate those who couldn’t motivate themselves to look at the bastard’s entire track record, and so have a realistic, rather than romantic, idea of just who the hell they were dealing with.

That says a lot about him …

And a lot about them, wouldn’t you say?


What Is Occupy Wall Street? The History of Leaderless Movements
by Heather Gautney


David Brooks Gets Occupy Wall Street and Al-Qaeda in Same Sentence

*When did Murdoch buy New York magazine?  That’s a pretty Fox-y question, innit?

Still, if the question is related to body counts …


Occupy Wall Street Organizer: Protest Expands Despite Police Effort to “Silence” Demonstrators


Colombian, Korean and Panamanian Activists Condemn White House Support for New “Free Trade” Deals

*It’s always frustrating to hear talk of the damage from outsourcing in the context of workers in other countries “benefitting” at the expense of US workers.

The facts exposed here put the lie to that, and point to the necessity for international working class solidarity for everyone’s sake, don’t you think?


Iraq Veterans at Occupy Wall Street Decry Financial Crisis Soldiers Face Returning Home


Indigenous Groups at Occupy Wall Street Mark Columbus Day as Day of Mourning

*From Columbus to Koch – the calamitous continuity of the colonial mentality


Dr. Gabor Maté at Occupy Wall Street Details Link Between Financial Crisis and Medical Illness

*Our humanity is the only known cure for the disease of injustice

Do we have an adequate supply?


Jeff Sharlet: Occupy Wall Street Shows an “Incredible Display of Political Imagination”

*I think a fundamentalist leader’s worst nightmare would be seeing Jesus in the flesh.

But I’d imagine watching this grow produces its share of night sweats as well, don’t you?


With a Kitchen, Library, Medical Area, a Community Emerges at Wall Street Encampment


From Madrid to New York City: Spanish Protester Joins Occupy Wall Street Protest


Civil Rights Pioneer, Olympic Medalist John Carlos & Sports Writer Dave Zirin at Occupy Wall Street



Hungry for Change: Food Insecurity in an Age of Austerity
by Alan Fisher


New Zealand Oil Spill: Conservationists Warn of Wildlife ‘Tragedy’
Oil spill off the east coast of New Zealand poses threat to local populations of penguins, whales, seals and seabirds
by Oliver Milman
The Guardian/UK


Why the Elites Are in Trouble
by Chris Hedges

*Democracy isn’t about pulling levers

It’s about pulling together


Big Oil: $135 Million — School Children: 0
by Jim Hightower

*Reading, writing

And rapacious ‘rithmetic


Inventing New Politics
by Shea Howell

*We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, do we?

We just need to keep it turning by learning as we go.

Follow how that’s going in my neck of the woods at:




Institute for Public Accuracy
Wall Street Protests and Columbus Day

*The bricks in the wall have been in place for a very long time

And we have very little time left to tear it down


“Chaos and Bloodshed”: 25 Die in Cairo as Egyptian Military Attacks Coptic Christian Protesters


Occupy Wall Street Spreads: 32 Arrested in Iowa; Right-Wing Editor Infiltrates D.C. Anti-Drone Protest


Occupy Wall Street Emerges as “First Populist Movement” on the Left Since the 1930s

*There will always be a tension between having as inclusive a process as possible, and having as effective a movement as possible, but a commitment to both those goals is essential to maintaining the unity that inspires people to hang with each other when the shit hits the fan.

Trust is the gold standard here.

Democracy is beautiful, but it often ain’t pretty.  We have to acknowledge the frustrations, and be able to debate passionately among ourselves, without losing that sense of trust, if we’re to make it work.

And it won’t work if it’s subsumed into traditional “reformist” politics, will it?


America’s Longest War: New Study Examines Demographics of U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan

*It would be useful to know how factors of income and race may have changed post 9/11.  Was there a higher percentage of recruits from low-income and minority groups prior to that manipulated surge in patriotic fervor?



While Wall Street Quakes, Greece’s Fire Still Burns Bright
by Michelle Chen
In These Times

*Solidarity’s vital, of course, but, like Naomi Klein said in the piece below, we have to call each other on our shit …

And there’s folks bringing in a pile of shit that has to be called.

If we don’t, that’s all this will amount to.


A Danger Room Exclusive: Computer Virus Hits US Drone Fleet
by Noah Shachtmann
Wired.com’s Danger Room

*If only a virus would keep them grounded


Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now
by Naomi Klein

*As with Joya’s piece, there’s really not much to add



Then act


It’s Labor vs. Capital, Stupid
Now that we’re in the streets, what are we asking for?
by David Morris

*THEY’RE mad as hell

Mad with power

And we’re not going to take this anymore


Message on the Tenth Anniversary of NATO’s War and the Occupation of Afghanistan
by Malalai Joya

*I can’t add anything to Joya’s eloquent plea for our humanity to assert itself


We, the 99%, Demand the End of the Wars Now
by Robert Naiman

*Isn’t it in the least surprising – and deeply sickening – that a moral deficit holds no sway, but a fiscal deficit might?


Of Bases and Budgets
by Christine Ahn and Hyun Lee

*The offenses of the “defenders”


Walmart and the Good Food Movement
by Eric Holt-Giménez and Annie Shattuck

*A bargain price for perfidious PR


Enviromental Working Group (EWG)
Chemical Giants Bow to BPA Bans in Kids’ Foodware


You Can’t Take Politics Out of the Public Broadcasting Debate

*With relatively rare exceptions, I’d say that public broadcasting hasn’t “deliver[ed] a fair service” …

But a pretty damn poor one.

This struggle’s about the promise of public broadcasting, not its performance to date.


Is Glenn Beck Back at Fox News Channel?

*Judging from history, if MoveOn, Soros and much of union “leadership” were indeed the forces behind this movement, bastards like Beck and O’Reilly wouldn’t have much to worry about, would they?

This may not be a revolution, but it’s not a Democratic PAC, either.

And we have to work to ensure it never becomes one.


Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Trio of Women for Championing Gender Equality, Peace-Building

*”[T]he oppression of women that still occurs in many countries …”

The implication being that it no longer occurs in the “developed” countries.

But it’s only a matter of degree, isn’t it?


Yemeni Activist Tawakkul Karman, First Female Arab Nobel Peace Laureate: A Nod for Arab Spring

*I hope some good comes from this award, but the prizes for warmongers like Kissinger and Obama make it clear that the Nobel as an institution is a seriously compromised agent for peace, don’t you think?


Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Activist Leymah Gbowee Honored for Peace, Equality Work

*Regardless of whatever else she may have done, how the hell do you give a “peace” prize to someone willing to cooperate with US imperialism?


Ten Years After U.S. Invasion, Afghan War Rages On With No End in Sight

*A good segment, but again, no mention of the energy and geostrategic motives for the war.  Gopal blames it on the “Global War on Terror” ™, but this is a ruse, as with Iraq and elsewhere, to try to gain control over resources and advantage over rivals.

The US and the West don’t want to win the GWOT.

They want to manage it in their oligarchies’ best interests.


Rev. Jesse Jackson Honors the Late Civil Rights Stalwarts Fred Shuttlesworth and Derrick Bell

*I think it’s always a mistake to iconize anyone – and that unquestionably applies to someone like Jackson – but it’s also unquestionably appropriate to recognize the courage and contributions of persons like Shuttlesworth and Bell.

We must never hesitate to speak to the flaws of others – and ourselves – for the sake of improving our humanity, but we must also never fail to see the good done, for the same reason.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Nobel Peace Prize and Protests Against Wars


Ten Years of Afghan War: * Protests * Costs * From Afghanistan



Attorneys General Settlement: The Next Big Bank Bailout?
by Matt Taibbi
Rolling Stone

*A sorry slap on the wrist, while we get the full finger


Afghanistan’s Energy War
by Shukria Dellawar and Antonia Juhasz

*You have to ask why we rarely see anything about the TAPI pipeline in the “alternative media”, even though it, along with geostrategic considerations, were the principal reasons for the invasion and occupation.  Even this piece doesn’t really put it in that context, does it?

And whether the hydrocarbon energy benefits accrue to Western corps or Afghans, oil and natural gas are still death dealers to this planet.

That conundrum isn’t addressed here, is it?


Ten Years Later – The ‘Liberation’ of Afghan Women
by Lucinda Marshall

*Putting the lie to The Big Lie

Anyone truly worthy of the appellation “feminist” understands this, don’t you think?


Flat-Lining the Middle Class: Economic Numbers to Die For
by Andy Kroll

*Included for the statistical intel.  Kroll’s comments about Dear Misleader’s “despondency”, when he’s been utterly complicit in this train wreck, and that the American middle class was “the envy of the world”, when those in other industrialized nations had greater economic security, such as universal healthcare, are absurd, wouldn’t you say?


Friends of the Earth
Pipeline Influence Investigation Expands to Include Concerns About Broader Web of Lobbyists
Groups amend FOIA request to include more Keystone XL lobbyists with Clinton ties

*A pipeline for toxic politics


House Votes to Increase Mercury Pollution, Premature Death and Disease
H.R. 2681 promotes waste-burning, lets some of the dirtiest polluters escape clean air laws

*Blowing smoke in every sinister way possible


Occupy Wall Street March Gets Massive Turnout; 28 Arrested in Police Crackdown

*Cops on the beat

And corpress off it


“We Have Come Together”: Inspired By Occupy Wall Street, Unions Join Activists for Historic March

*I know Samerson’s not speaking for all union “leadership”, but I hope he means what he says, and that there are enough union officials who believe likewise to overcome the collaborationists.

Time – and their actions, not their words – will tell.


Decrying Debt and Budget Cuts, Students Stage Walk-Out to Join Growing Occupy Wall Street Movement

*Inspiring extracurricular activity


Naomi Klein: Protesters Are Seeking Change in the Streets Because It Won’t Come From the Ballot Box


Naomi Klein: Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Controversy Shows How Wall Street Is Occupying U.S. Gov’t

*From “the audacity of hope” to the mendacity of “Nope”

Back to our only real hope




Institute for Public Accuracy
Protests: “Another World Is Possible”


Once Enemies, Now They March Together: Organized Labor Expected to join Wall Street Protest
by Juan Gonzalez


Occupying the Heart of the Beast: Observations, Impressions and Images From Amid the Multitudes in Liberty Plaza
by Phil Rockstroh


Columbus Day Questions
by Sara Joseph

*Flunking the history – and humanity – test


Look for Working-Class Warriors at Picket Lines, Not Podiums
by Brian Tierney


Environmental Working Group (EWG)
BPA banned in California Baby Bottles


Public Citizen
New Report Shows That OSHA Has Been Prevented From Issuing Lifesaving Rules


Somalia Blowback: After Deadly Mogadishu Bombing, A Look at How U.S. Fueled Militant Islamist Threat


As Unions, Students Join Occupy Wall Street, Are We Witnessing Growth
of a New Movement?


Social Justice, Antiwar Protesters to Occupy D.C.’s Freedom Plaza in “October 2011” Protest



Occupy Wall Street Ends Capitalism’s Alibi
This protest pinpoints how dysfunctional our economic system is: we must refashion it for human needs, not corporate aims
by Richard Wolff

*Profit is as profit does

And profit does us over


Can the #Occupy Movement Be a Turning Point?
As the Wall Street occupation continues, Boston residents are sitting in to save their homes—and providing a lesson in how to sustain the powerful spark of the #Occupy movement.
by Doyle Canning

*I know the history of orgs like MoveOn and persons like Van Jones when it comes to working for the profound change that’s necessary, and it’s not one that inspires optimism on that count.

So I’d urge caution in dealing with them, and a first step in that is to learn that history, and to press them to explain their actions.

I don’t think an honest evaluation of those actions will come to the conclusion that they can be viewed as compatible with the aims of a movement dedicated to a truly fair and just future.

But that’s the call of the folks who have to decide how and if to work with them.

Let’s hope they make a good one.


It’s Easy to Mock, but This Is How Real Change Begins
by Laurie Penny


Center for Responsive Politics
Elite Donors Do Double Duty: Presidential Super PACs Attract Wealthy Donors Who Have Maxed Out to Candidates


A War of Voting: Could Redistricting and Voting Law Changes Help Republicans Win in 2012?

*What’s not mentioned here is that these voting restrictions are justified in the name of fighting “voter fraud”, when the number of occurrences is negligible.

So the true fraud here lies elsewhere, doesn’t it?


Press Freedom Victory: Democracy Now! Reporters Win Landmark Settlement Over 2008 RNC Arrests


7 Months After Revolution Ousted Mubarak, Egyptian Military Maintains Control, Suppressing Dissent


NYT Biz Writer Checks Out Occupy Wall Street–Based on CEO’s Worries

*Why am I flashing on the old RCA Victor logo with the dog and the gramophone?


Whitewashing the Blackout of Occupy Wall Street

*First, they ignore you.


Then, they laugh at you.


Then, they fight you.


Then, you win.

Check back.

Or, if you aspire to be a mensch …

Check in.


New CNN Host a Rush Limbaugh Favorite

*I can’t imagine Burnett shopping at Walmart.

I can easily imagine her owning stock in it.



Chickening Out in Iraq: How Your Tax Dollars Financed “Reconstruction” Madness in the Middle East
by Peter Van Buren

*No chicken salad

But plenty of chicken shit

(Metaphorically speaking)


Occupy Wall Street Has Been Battling the Cops; Now the Free Marketeers Take Their Shot
by Danny Schechter


Friends of the Earth
Shocking New Keystone XL Documents Reveal Bias and Complicity in State Department Review of Proposed Oil Pipeline
Latest emails show State employee cheering ‘Go Paul!’ to lobbyist, reveal more cozy relationships and demonstrate department’s understanding of plan to increase oil flow
Friends of the Earth responds with call for Obama to revoke pipeline permitting authority from State Department

*Snakes and oil salesmen


700 Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge as Occupy Wall Street Enters Third Week, Protests Grows Nationwide

*The more they kettle

The more it stirs the pot


Mourners Call For Abolishing Death Penalty at Funeral for Troy Davis in Georgia



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