November 2011


Occupy: We Are the World
Far from being isolated protests at St Paul’s Cathedral or in Wall Street, the Occupy movement is a truly global phenomenon – and it’s still going strong
by Patrick Kingsley and Adam Gabbatt
The Guardian/UK

It Takes People Power to Make Clear That Corporations Are NOT People
by Jim Hightower

*How can a corporation be a person?

Have you ever seen someone with that many pricks?

Turnout High in Egypt’s Elections, but Questions About Transition Remain
by Sharif Abdel Kouddous

Occupy Wall Street
US Tear Gas Manufacturers & Financial Backers Targeted by Protests
The 99% Stand with Egyptians Against Use of Chemical Weapons to Repress Freedom

*Better brutality through chemistry

Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
Bankrolling Climate Change: New Study Ranks Top 20 Climate Killer Banks

*Bankrolling us off the cliff

Mitt Romney’s Murderous Dictator Gaffe

*When you have a complicit media that will see no evil and hear no evil, it really doesn’t matter whether what you speak is evil, does it?

Millions of British Public Sector Workers Take to the Streets in Historic General Strike

*”Labor” – what a misleading and hypocritical name for a party.

Reminds you of “Democratic”, don’t it?

Revealing comments on how Murdoch acquires power, by creating a popular cultural media organ, here and in the UK, to use as a platform to push his protofascist agenda.

Occupy Wall Street Camps in Los Angeles, Philadelphia Dismantled in Massive Police Raids

*Cops do the Blitzkreig Bop

As Biden Visits Iraq Ahead of U.S. Withdrawal, Critics See Last Ditch-Effort to Preserve Occupation

*Never can say goodbye

Or allow anyone else to say it

State Dept. Veteran Peter Van Buren Defies U.S. Censors to Recount Failed Reconstruction in Iraq

*Faux “reconstruction” rather than full reparations

Report: Obama Has Weakened More Lobbyist-Opposed Health, Public Safety Regulations Than Bush

*Well, it *is* “change” …

Native Americans Mark Day of Mourning on Thanksgiving: ‘We are not
Vanishing, We Are Not Conquered’

*The true history of a rock and a hard place

Institute for Public Accuracy
British Embassy: Iranian Response to Assassinations and Explosions?

Free Press
End the Big Broadcast Swindle

*The FCC must be the guardian of a precious public resource that its purported mission proclaims it to be.

These are *public* airwaves, and not only must the public benefit from what’s transmitted on them, but we also must have full access to create and share our own content.


The Political Crisis in the US and the Fight for Independent Politics
by Lenny Brody

Fukushima Radiation Risks “Severely Underestimated”: Greenpeace
by PanOrient News

Should We Allow NATO Free Rein to Attack and Kill People?
The airstrike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers is just the latest in a series of mistakes that raise doubts about NATO’s credibility
by Pratap Chatterjee

‘Bugsplat’: The Ugly US Drone War in Pakistan
It’s time for the US to re-examine the consequences of its dehumanizing, deadly attacks in Pakistan.
by Jennifer Robinson

Does the U.S. Have the World’s Best Health Care System? Yes, If You’re Talking About the Third World
by Wendell Potter

*The true meaning of “American exceptionalism”

Under the Growing Influence of the 1%, American Exceptionalism has Become American Deceptionalism
by Paul Rosenberg

Oil & Natural Gas Frontlines: First Nations Lead the Way
by Martha Pskowski

*Going native to get to the dark heart of the matter

Take Our Children, Please! A Modest Proposal for Occupy Wall Street
by Steve Fraser

*A kid’s meal for the cannibals of capitalism

Friends of the Earth
Civil Society to World Bank: Clean Up Dirty Energy Financing
New report shows institution lacking clean energy lending strategy and instead considering a new loan for coal power in Kosovo

Common Cause
ALEC’s Firm Hold on the Arizona Legislature
New Report Documents Influence of American Legislative Exchange Council in Phoenix

*Smart ALEC

We’ve got to be smarter

National Nurses United
US Nurses Stand by UK Nurses, Public Workers
Rallies in Six US Cities to Say: Stop Cuts to Retirement Security

United States: Occupy the Democratic Party? No way!
By Dan La Botz

*It’s not my party, and I’ll cry “Complicity!” if I want to

Newt Gingrich, Smartest Man in the Room

*”[A]n excess of knowledge.”

That’s something the corpress will never stand accused of providing us, is it?

Anonymously Explaining Pakistan Deaths

*A sickening symmetry

Anonymous killers

And anonymous deaths

Institute for Public Accuracy
Lessons for Occupy — Richard Grossman: “Outlaw the Corporation”

*We work for the day when far more than small towns are “unincorporated”

Battlefield America: U.S. Citizens Face Indefinite Military Detention in Defense Bill Before Senate

*irony (n):

See “They hate our freedom.”

Egypt Holds Historic Election As Military Council Resists Calls To Transfer Power To Civilians

Pepper-Spray Creator Decries Use of Chemical Agent on Peaceful Occupy Wall Street Protesters

*Loghman’s last comments about letting the college “help” the Occupiers are, let’s just say, ignorant of reality, and of course pepper spray has been used abusively many times prior to this, often against persons not looked upon as sympathetically by the general public, but I guess he should be given some credit for speaking out, however belatedly.

Still, to imagine that the cops were going to use any weapon in a restrained and appropriate manner …

Again, the whole ignorant of reality thing, don’t you think?

Occupy Student Debt: Students Urged to Refuse to Pay Off Loans As Schools Hike Tuition

*A whole new meaning to “slaving away at the books”


Citigroup-SEC Settlement Rejected by New York Judge
Jed Rakoff blocks $285m CDO settlement, arguing that the deal obscured an ‘overriding public interest in knowing the truth’
by Dominic Rushe in New York
The Guardian/UK

Time to Retake Politics From the One Percent in Both Political Parties
by Dean Baker

A Tale of Two Portlands: Occupy vs Subsidizing Developers
by Barbara Dudley

*It’s a matter of perverse priorities

Health Workers Deliver First Aid to Protest Movements
by Michelle Chen

*A commitment to the Hippocratic, rather than the hypocritical

Handicap International
Conference of States Parties to Mine Ban Treaty Hosted by Cambodia, a Country Still Scarred by Landmines, Now Faced With Decreased Mine-Action Funding

To Reverse Climate Change, We Need the Voices of Grassroots Women

Occupy Congress: Norman Solomon Sees a Role for Progressive Legislators
by Robert Jensen

*The questions here are whether Solomon will indeed stand by his principles, and whether his principles encompass what has to be done.

And I agree that electoral versus organizing action doesn’t have to be an either/or equation.  It comes down to a realistic appraisal of where each can take us, and how much time and energy to invest in each, don’t you think?

I think history shows us that the former has deeply limited benefit, and that our efforts in that realm should reflect that experience.

A related thought:  What if, instead of an individual running for office, a collective movement ran?  What if there were no single person, but a number of persons who were the face of that candidacy, all representing the whole?

Just a notion, with no details figured out, but what do you think of the idea?

How Private Warmongers and the US Military Infiltrated American Universities
by Allen Ruff

*College administrations have no problem with these campus occupations, do they?

NATO Kills 24 Pakistani Troops in 2-Hour Assault on Pakistani Base, Tensions Flare in Region

Glenn Greenwald: Is Obama Fulfilling the Neocon Dream of Mass Regime Change in Muslim World?

*The US is creating its enemies.

Because without them, the pretext for domination falls apart, doesn’t it?

Another 9/11 would be a godsend for imperialism.

Just as was the first.

WikiLeaks, Julian Assange Win Major Australian Prize for “Outstanding Contribution to Journalism”

Wife of Bahraini Political Prisoner Condemns U.S.-Backed Regime For Killing, Torturing Protesters

*Courage may not guarantee victory

But its absence assures defeat

As Egypt Holds Vote, Journalist Mona Eltahawy Recounts Beating, Sexual Assault By Egyptian Forces

Dead Afghan Kids Still Not Newsworthy

*Getting to their “hearts and minds”

By rending asunder their bodies

Greenwald nails it.  Talk about anything other than the human cost – theirs, not ours – lest you be deemed a “bleeding heart”.

By the heartless.

Sam Husseini, David Ignatius: Who’s the ‘Real’ Journalist?

*I’d say Ignatius has that whole “comfort the afflicted/afflict the comfortable” thing a bit discombobulated, don’t you think?

I wonder what delicacies he was served while he absorbed the “Prince”‘s sage wisdom?

Which Side Are We On? NYT, U.S and Cluster Bombs

*It’s a simple matter to determine our gummint’s stance on most any weapons issue.

Just check the press releases of the manufacturers.

Likely not a dime’s worth of difference between them, making it crystal clear that any US proclamation of peaceful purpose ain’t worth a plugged nickel.


Adbusters Targets Corporate Propaganda With #OccupyXmas
by Laura Stone
The Toronto Star

*Another corpress frame job at the end, but there are real issues to be considered.

Who’s the target?  Can they be impacted without “collateral damage” to ordinary people?  How do you make it clear that this is about the corporate cooptation of Christmas, and not the positive aspects of the season?

Effective actions are part inspiration, part perspiration, and part deeply serious consideration.

Foreclosed Homeowners Re-Occupy Their Homes
by Zaineb Mohammed
New America Media

*Home is where the heart is

And the heartless aren’t

Arizona Lawmakers Say They Will Build Border Fence, Work to Be Done by Prisoners
by Amanda Lee Myers and Jacques Billeaud
the Associated Press

*Typical AP framing, limiting the issue to “effectiveness”, with no explicit moral considerations to be found

Violence on Tahrir Square
by Ann Wright

Berkeley Faculty: No Confidence in Chancellor Over Campus Police Violence
by Jon Wiener

*Unsurprising, sadly, that there are “academics” shilling for this bastard, isn’t it?

That whole “search for truth” thing for many of them is about as empty as a spent tear gas canister.

And in any just world Birgeneau would be out on his ass toute suite.

But in any just world, he wouldn’t be there in the first place, would he?

Will shopping save us?
by Danny Schechter

*Swimming with the card sharks

Occupy Everywhere: Michael Moore, Naomi Klein on Next Steps for the Movement Against Corporate Power

*I’d have preferred to have seen a panel of deeply involved Occupiers, rather than this configuration, but I think there’s some useful material to absorb and ponder.

This must have occurred a while back, as TransCanada has indeed rerouted the pipeline route, resulting in what appears to be a backing off of opposition from many officeholders and officials.

(While proclaiming their intent to remain “vigilant”, of course.)

Let’s hope very few others have been mollified by this perfidious Plan B.


Arctic Sea Ice Shrinking at ‘Unprecedented’ Levels
by Emily Chung
CBC News

Vulnerable Countries Consider ‘Occupying’ Durban Climate Talks
Former president of Costa Rica calls on countries most affected by climate change to refuse to leave talks until progress is made
by John Vidal, environment editor
The Guardian/UK

*Raising the stakes for not raising the stakes

Thanksgiving as a Day of Atonement
by Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez

*Atonement for me isn’t about a guilt trip, but about traveling to our humanity.

Making amends is a powerful restorative for all concerned.

Why Tents (Still) Matter for the Occupy Movement
by Jen Schradie

*Place is a primary principle

The question is whether there’s more than one way to uphold it

Two Scandals, One Connection: The FBI link between Penn State and UC Davis
by Dave Zirin

“A Moment in the Sun”: An Extended Interview with Independent Filmmaker, Author John Sayles

*I’m usually not big on the “celebrity” segments, but this is more about documenting history than anything else, and is well worth the time invested.

See if you agree.


UN Chief Slams Rich Nations’ Plans to Delay Climate Change Treaty
Achim Steiner says reaching an agreement in 2020 instead of at next month’s Durban conference would be ‘very high risk’
by Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent
The Guardian/UK

BPA Spikes 1,200 Per Cent After Eating Canned Soup: Study
by Agence France Presse

Illinois Town Residents Rally to Protect Clean Drinking Water from Strip Mine
by Jeff Biggers

“The Degree To Which You Resist Is The Degree To Which You Are Free.”
by Phil Rockstroh

*The keys to our chains

Lie within our brains

Washington’s Debt Panic and the Real Social Debt in America
by Michelle Chen

*A poverty of human values

Saluting Rapists
by Robert C. Koehler

Next Stop, Australia: ‘We Are Here to Stay’
by Tom Gallagher

*I’d dearly love to be encouraged by those poll results, but I can’t help wondering if they merely reflect an acknowledgment of the reality, without a commitment to the respect that should logically follow.

Conservation Groups
Lawsuit Filed Against EPA to Protect Public Health, Safety and Climate From Coal-mine Air Pollution

Handicap International
Landmine Monitor 2011: Handicap International Denounces New Use of Anti-Personnel Landmines and Calls for the Universalization of the Ottawa Mine Ban Treaty

The meaning of Thanksgiving: Holocaust denial
by Robert Jensen

*Turkey and a deceitful dressing up of an horrific history

A Fox News Blacklist?

*The irony doesn’t drip.

What is the word I’m looking for … ?

“Cascades” is a bit prosaic.

Ah …


I think that covers it.

And us.

FAIR Extra!
But You Didn’t Hear It From…Anyone
Anonymity abuse in the corporate press
by Janine Jackson

MisEducation Nation
Corporate media and corporate education reform

Egypt Protesters Defy Mounting Crackdown As Military Refuses to Step Down

Sonia Jacobs and Peter Pringle on Their Journey From Death Row to the Wedding Altar


Pentagon’s War on Drugs Goes Mercenary
by Spencer Ackerman / Danger Room

‘You Can Crush the Flowers, But You Can’t Stop the Spring’
Dream big. Occupy your hopes. Talk to strangers. Live in public. Don’t stop now.
by Rebecca Solnit

It Sure Looks Like Rural Wisconsin’s for Recall
by Margaret Krome

*To me, this isn’t really about Walker and Kleefisch, and it certainly isn’t about whomever runs against them.

It’s about what they all represent.

And if we don’t give unshirted hell to the (hopefully) new kids on the block, whatever blandishments they may try to mollify us with, what will all this have been for?

How to Own a Congressman
by César Chelala

*They’re bought

And we pay for it

Financier, Tax Thyself
by Paul Buchheit

*I’ve never understood the rationale behind advocating for a “tiny” transaction tax, have you?

We don’t pay “tiny” sales taxes.

The revenue estimates cited would balloon if financial transaction taxes mirrored what we pay for clothes or other necessities.

We have to think bigger than tax changes, but we can at least think big while we’re on the subject.

National Organization for Women (NOW)
NOW Urges Penn State to Allow Former FBI Director to Lead a Broader, “Fully Independent” Investigation
Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill and PA NOW President Joanne Tosti-Vasey

The Yes Lab
Woman Loses Job for Bloomberg/Warlord Comparison
“Bloomberg rep” fired from market research firm for performance highlighting absent mayor’s violent tactics

*He can’t take a joke

But he can take a job

Does the Lie in Mitt Romney’s TV Ad Matter?

*”[L]ack of context”?

There’s no dearth of context here.

It’s just that it’s all fabricated.

As in “lies”.

But that term’s not in the style guide when it comes to mainstream politicians, is it?

At least, not when it suits the interests of the authors to engage in elusive euphemism.

Occupy This: Poetry survives the trashing of the people’s library
by Danny Schechter

*Actions speak louder with the right words

Institute for Public Accuracy
Egypt’s Struggle Against Counter-Revolution: Role of Junta, U.S. and Saudi Arabia

Egyptian Revolution Enters New Phase As Thousands Brave Violence to Protest Military Rule

Reporter Greg Palast Exposes How U.S. “Vulture” Funds Make Millions By
Exploiting African Nations

*”How low can you go?” is a rhetorical question for these bastards


US Firm’s Teargas Used Against Tahrir Square Protesters
Egypt’s military junta fired CS gas cartridges made by Combined Systems Inc of Pennsylvania, say demonstrators
by Jack Shenker in Cairo and Luke Harding
The Guardian/UK

*Profiting off repression

It’s the American way

Rich Nations ‘Give Up’ on New Climate Treaty Until 2020
Ahead of critical talks and despite pledge for new treaty by 2012, biggest economies privately admit likelihood of long delay
by Fiona Harvey
The Guardian/UK

*Signing the death warrant in slow motion

GOP Deniers Block Creation Of Climate Service
by Brad Johnson

40,000 Rally, More Than 100,000 Sign Petitions, to Say ‘Recall Walker’
by John Nichols

*I was going to give this a miss, and I think it’s clear upon reading it to see why, but there is some useful intel amid the romanticizing and reformist cheerleading.

A Generation Moves from Preoccupied to Occupy
Power Of Physical Presence in a Digital World
by Jason Benlevi

*Getting real

Poet-Bashing Police
by Robert Hass

*Poetic injustice

Environmental Working Group
EWG: With Super Committee Dead, Ag Leaders Should Make Public Secret Farm Bill Plan

Welcome Home: Building an Inclusive Movement for the 99 Percent
by Randall Amster

*We can’t change the world without changing how we relate to each other

Jonathan Karl Plays the Freddie/Fannie Blame Game

*That’s what he does

And perfidy loves company

It’s True: Cops Beat Protesters Even Before OWS

*I believe historical amnesia (of the willful variety) is a occupational prerequisite for a corpress journalist.

Or at the very least, an extremely beneficial career enhancer.

Seymour Hersh: Propaganda Used Ahead of Iraq War Is Now Being Reused over Iran’s Nuke Program

Tahrir Square Under Attack: 32 Egyptians Killed, 1,750 Injured in Protests Against Military Rule

UC Davis Student Describes Pepper Spray Attack on Occupy Campus Protesters

*The student/faculty solidarity is good to see, isn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
The Super Committee and the Budget: What Would Failure Really Mean?

*”Success” is not a option

If you give a damn about the calamitous consequences


Extreme Weather Set to Worsen With Climate Change: IPCC
by Elias Biryabarema

*The clock’s ticking, and we keep hitting the snooze button

Amphibians Facing ‘Terrifying’ Rate of Extinction
Researchers say tropical regions of richest diversity are most at risk of losing frogs, toads, newts and salamanders
by Camila Ruz
The Guardian/UK

*The unnatural nature of a natural disaster

We Are All Occupiers
People the world over salute the Occupy movement for standing up to injustice and fighting for equality at the heart of empire
by Arundhati Roy

Standing Against Militarism and Violence: From Haiti to Fort Benning
by Father Roy Bourgeois

*The pedagogy and practice of repression

National Lawyers Guild (NLG)
In the Wake of Occupy Crackdown, NLG Taps Feds for Information

*A conspiracy to silence

The Ex-Spymaster Currently Known as Prince

*When you traffic in fairy tales, it’s only natural to include a prince or two.

Media Get ‘Lazy’ Factchecking Rick Perry’s Ad Claim

The larger issue isn’t whether the quote’s in context, but the implications of it.

Heaven forfend that the corpress would take Dear Misleader to task for bending over backwards (or is it forwards) to serve corps, foreign or domestic.

Pots and kettles, don’t you know.

Don’t Commit Journalism at the National Press Club

*Apparently Husseini and Mokhiber didn’t notice the sign posted at the entrance:

Please check your principles with the attendant.

You can retrieve them at the end of the program.

Public TV’s Biz Show Now Owned By….

*Just like any lapdog, it comes when called.

The Kind of Journalist Authorities Don’t Mind Not Suppressing

*Call it a brown nose for news.

Paul Krugman and the Ghost of the Supercommittee

*”[D]isagree completely”?

I think the argument comes down to how far each party wants everyone but the rich to spread their legs, not the act to be committed.

Occupy Wall Street Draws Massive Turnout in NYC and Across the Nation to Mark 2-Month Milestone

New York City Students Join OWS Day of Action with Union Square Rally, March

SEIU President, Union Leaders Arrested in OWS Brooklyn Bridge Protest Demanding Job Creation

NYC Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez Detained in Zuccotti Raid, Urges Mass Involvement in OWS

The Revolution Will Be Live-Streamed: Global Revolution TV, the Occupy Movement’s Video Hub

Occupy Oakland Protester Pancho Ramos Stierle Faces Deportation After Arrest While Meditating


The ‘School to Prison Pipeline’: Education Under Arrest
by Kanya D’Almeida
Inter Press Service

*Reading, writing and repression

Live: Occupy Wall Street Day of Action

War: The Wrong Jobs Program
by Mark Engler

*The arguments here are expressed in “kinder, gentler” capitalist terms, but still worth passing along, I think.

Cornucopia Institute
Future of Organic Food and Agriculture at Risk
Use of Synthetic Preservatives, Genetically Mutated Ingredients and Weak Animal Welfare Standards Headed for Vote by USDA Panel

*Faking the real deal

Friends of the Earth
As State Department Begins Additional Keystone XL Review, New Documents Raise Fresh Concerns

*Plan B is in effect.  By delaying the decision and rerouting the pipeline, the White House and TransCanada hope to split the opposition and finesse this abomination into existence.

Redford may kiss Dear Misleader’s (insert the body part of your choice), but let’s hope people see this for what it is.

Our planet depends on it.

The Police May Have Seized The Park But The Movement Moves On
by Danny Schechter

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Military Bases * Military Rape

Occupy Wall Street’s National Day of Action Launches with Protest at NY Stock Exchange

*Breaching the Wall

Ex-New York Times Freelancer Natasha Lennard on Quitting the Corporate Media in an Occupy Era

*There’s only one “objective” for the corpress

To control the narrative to the benefit of their corporate criminal cohorts

84-Year-Old Dorli Rainey, Pepper-Sprayed at Occupy Seattle, Denounces “Worsening” Police Crackdowns

Paramilitary Policing of Occupy Wall Street: Excessive Use of Force amidst the New Military Urbanism

*Wexler’s spin is vomitous, and you have to wonder why Stamper would have “great respect” for him, don’t you?

Graham puts things in proper perspective by placing them at the intersection of profit and power.  Repression is a growth industry, as the pretense of the velvet glove is shed from the iron fist.

The corpress will attempt to justify that strategy.  Our task is to negate that narrative, so that there’s no question in the public’s mind who has truly pledged to “serve and protect” them.

And time’s wasting.


Occupy Protesters Prepare for Day of ‘Solidarity’ Across US
Series of events planned to support evicted Zuccotti Park activists by highlighting growing inequality and need for jobs
by Paul Harris in New York
The Guardian/UK

Our F— You System of Government
Anti-Occupy Crackdowns Highlight Lack of Services
by Ted Rall

Bloomberg Personifies What the Occupation Opposes
by Glen Ford

*Shake the money makers

Stop the Great Firewall of America
by Rebecca MacKinnon

The 99%: A Community of Resistance
The Occupy movement’s exhilarating potential lies in forging a unity that can make a new majority of the old minorities
by Angela Davis

Overcoming Contradictions: When Leaders Ignore the People’s Interests
by Kathy Kelly and Hakim

*And a child shall teach them

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Groups File FOIA Lawsuit Against FBI and DOJ Demanding Information On Warrantless Spying on Activists During Post-Katrina Effort
Lawsuit Seeks Release of Information Provided to FBI by Provocateur Informant Brandon Darby During His Time Working With Common Ground in New Orleans

*Big Brother does the Big Easy

Handicap International
Life-Saving Treaty Banning Cluster Munitions Threatened by Nations Seeking to Legitimize Their Use

Crackdown on Journalists at Occupy Wall Street

*I wonder how many results you’d get on a search for “reporters arrested, occupy” on the websites of corpress outlets?

While I’m wondering, ever ponder the process of picking an image such as the one chosen here?

As the song goes …

Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

Michael Bloomberg, Free Speech Hero?

*Should we contact Merriam-Webster to let them know of this definitive example?

FAIR Media Advisory
Iran, Nukes and the Failure of Skepticism
Iraq all over again?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Analysts: Bankers Take over Italy and Greece

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Return to Zuccotti Park After 200 Arrested, Camping Barred

*It’s good to see a retired cop here.

Now let’s see some who are still on the job.

I can dream, can’t I?

As Occupy Enters Third Month, a Look at How Protesters Are Building a Global Movement


This Is What Revolution Looks Like
by Chris Hedges

Lessons from Iceland: The People Can Have the Power
As early progress in Iceland shows since the banking collapse, the 21st century will be the century of the common people, of us
by Birgitta Jónsdóttir

Occupy Wall Street: Police Violence Reveals a Corrupt System
Better-off Occupy Wall Street protesters are learning something about the relationship between citizen and state
by Laurie Penny

*(I imagine that was supposed to be “nonviolent resistance” in the last comment)

You Can’t Evict an Idea Whose Time has Come
by Occupy Wall Street PR Team

Food & Water Watch
New Analyses Show Oil and Gas Industry Is Inflating the Job-Creating Potential of 

Shale Gas Development
Food & Water Watch Study Shows One Job Claim Exaggerated by 900 Percent

*A rigged shale game

Diamonds or Bombs? WaPo Is Only Skeptical on One Side

*Language is a virus.

There’s a qualitative difference between being “taken in” by propaganda, and taking on the dissemination of same, don’t you think?

In Albright’s case, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck …

Take it to the nearest pond.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Attacks on Occupy: “Revenge of the 1%”

Occupy Wall Street Evicted in Late Night Raid; Lawyers Secure Injunction to Reopen Zuccotti Park

*Welcome to the land of decree and the home of the knave

Inside Occupy Wall Street Raid: Eyewitnesses Describe Arrests, Beatings as Police Dismantle Camp

*Treating our rights as refuse

Arundhati Roy: Occupy Wall Street is “So Important Because It is in the Heart of Empire”

Top Aide to Oakland Mayor Resigns over Occupy Raid: Mayors, Police Are Doing Wall Street’s Business

*I hope Siegel’s right about this strengthening folks’ resolve, and it’s a reasonable assumption to make that this is being orchestrated from beyond City Halls, isn’t it?

And I think it’s a hard but essential lesson to have learned regarding where “progressives” like Quan will stand when push comes to shove.

And then to pepper spray, tear gas and billy clubs.


Bank Of America Makes Millions Charging Fees To Withdraw Unemployment Benefits
by Marie Diamond

*Feeing at the trough

Oakland Mayor’s Top Legal Adviser Resigns Over Raid
by Matthai Kuruvila
the San Francisco Chronicle

*Quan’s closing comments are truly repulsive.

Then again, she is a Democrat.

Throwing Out the Master’s Tools and Building a Better House: Thoughts on the Importance of Nonviolence in the Occupy Revolution
by Rebecca Solnit

*Solnit makes a rare distinction between the legitimate and illegitimate use of violence (a better term for the former being “force”, to my mind), as well as that between ideological pacifism and nonviolence as an effective strategy.

I was afraid that this was yet another dogmatic paean to the “moral superiority” of nonviolence, but I was gratified to find that wasn’t the case.  I can’t say that I’m in complete agreement, but I think this piece is well worth reading and contemplating.

Do Iran’s Objections to the IAEA Report Deserve Consideration?
by V. Noah Gimbel

The Spiritual Heritage of the Occupy Movement
The Occupy protests have much in common with political movements of the 1840s, 1890s, and 1930s—including a spiritual dimension.
by Daniel McKanan

*Whatever becomes of the movement, I’d like to believe that it fostered a spirit of cooperation and community, qualities that are essential to the creation of a just society.

We’re dealing with human beings and the baggage they bring to the table, and so I can’t say I’m overly optimistic about the prospects, but this is the best shot we’ve got on this scale, and we owe it to humanity to give our best shot, don’t we?

The Egyptian Military is Lifting Its Mask
by César Chelala

Common Cause
Hours After Considering Challenges to Health Care Reform, Supreme Court Justices Are Honored at Fundraiser Sponsored by Law Firms Representing Reform Opponents
Thomas and Scalia’s speeches at Federalist Society dinner underscore need for ethics at the high court

Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)
New Evidence Links Common Herbicide to Cancer and Hormone Disruption
Thousands Urge EPA to Discount Flawed Science on Syngenta’s Atrazine

Martha Raddatz, Insider War Correspondent

*You could call Raddatz and her cohorts apologists, but I think “propagandists” would be a more accurate description, wouldn’t you say?

Is she writing for a mainstream media outlet, or for Stars and Stripes?

Is there any discernible difference?

Chelsea Clinton, TV Reporter

Syrian Human Rights Lawyer Razan Zaitouneh Speaks from Hiding, Says Over 4,000 Killed in Uprising

*An horrific situation, but I think it’s important to keep in mind the intense contradictions of many of the uprising’s “friends and allies”, to whom a Syria committed to democracy and justice would be anathema.

That’s of course the case whenever nations’ rhetoric around human rights bears no relation to the reality of their actions.

Arab League Suspends Syria, Concern Grows over Foreign Intervention to End Crisis

Occupy Honolulu: Hawaiian Musician Makana Performs Protest Song to World Leaders at APEC Summit

*For appearances’ sake, he may not have been given the bum’s rush – if not arrested – but how much would you wager on his name being added to one or more of Big Brother’s lists?

East Timor Massacre Remembered: U.S.-Armed Indonesian Troops Kill 270 Timorese 20 Years Ago

*This is what our government’s commitment to democracy looks like


And now

Occupy Oakland Encampment Raided for Second Time: Live Eyewitness Report

*When it comes to repression, both parties party down to the Police State Polka

Amy Goodman Interviews Occupy Oakland Man Before Police Raid Peaceful Camp: ‘We are a Role Model’

What Will The Next Phase of Occupy Wall Street Take Us?
by Danny Schechter


Best Medicine for Veterans: Prevention
What veterans need most from us is a commitment to keep them from going to war in the first place
by Madeleine Mysko

*For me, how to view vets isn’t a simple issue, but it must always be placed in the context of the horrors of what war does to soldiers …

And the horrors of what soldiers do in war.

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the OWS Protests
Much more than a movement against big banks, they’re a rejection of what our society has become.
by Matt Taibbi

*I don’t think it’s possible to say precisely what Occupy is.

But it will be what we make it.

That’s its promise.

And its peril.

An 11/11 Masterpiece Cries Out for Peace
by Harvey Wasserman


Herman Cain and the Criminalization of Poverty
“You Want a Job, Right?”
by Ted Rall

America’s Pacific Century?: APEC Summit in Hawaii Seeks to Implement Free Trade Agreement of the Asia Pacific Region
by Tina Gerhardt

East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN)
On 20th Anniversary of Timor Massacre, Rights Network Urges Justice, ETAN Says U.S. and UN Must Act

*True justice would necessitate not only reparations from the US and other foreign nations which supported the perpetrators of these horrors, but the trial and punishment of those responsible in those countries alongside those they backed.

Egypt: Global day of solidarity against military junta’s trials on Saturday
by William Fisher

Obama Delays Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Decision Until 2013, Environmentalists Claim Victory

*I think this might be far from over.  A plausible scenario is that this is being put off to avoid disaffection among many liberal voters during the campaign, and then after the election, lo and behold, TransCanada finds that it can indeed shift the route.

Dear Misleader can then (falsely, of course) claim a win/win on “jobs” and the environment.

And the bulldozers await.

White House Could Cast Decisive Vote to Permit 20,000 Fracking Wells in Delaware River Basin

Occupy Homes: New Coalition Links Homeowners, Activists in Direct Action to Halt Foreclosures

*What makes a house a home?

Hanging tough


Penn State Cover-Up of Child Rape, Coach Paterno Fired in “Greatest Fall from Grace in U.S. Sports”

*Just win, baby.

Fuck the kids.


Occupy Cal: 39 Arrested in Forceful Crackdown on Massive Protest at UC Berkeley

*CAUTION:  No Iconic Coach Connection

Proceed at Your Own Risk

20th Anniversary of Santa Cruz Massacre: Watch Documentary “Massacre: The Story of East Timor”

*I criticize Goodman and DN! not infrequently – and I believe for good cause – but what Nairn and she did here should not be forgotten.

It exemplified the best of journalism.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Military Trials “Crushing Egyptian Revolution”

*Same old butchers in new aprons

Ten Years Since U.S. “Coup” Order

*Dark star chamber


Institute for Public Accuracy
Beyond Penn State: The Failure of the University

*A power sweep against the principles of higher education

Report: Natural Gas Industry Spent Millions to Avoid Fracking Regulations

Maine Farmer Heads Group Challenging Genetics Giant Monsanto
by Avery Yale Kamila
the Portland Press Herald (Maine)

Ramping Up Militarization Against China, US to Rotate Marines at Australian Base
US Marine base for Darwin
by Peter Hartcher
the Sidney Morning Herald

*The empire digs in Down Under

Occupy Cal: Police Brutally Beat, Arrest Berkeley Students
by RT America

How Far Will the Government Go in Collecting and Storing All Our Personal Data?
New FBI Documents Shed Light on the Answer
by Sunita Patel and Scott Paltrowitz

Re-imagining Work in the Motor City
by Olga Bonfiglio

Center for Biological Diversity
Obama Administration Delays Decision on Controversial Keystone XL Pipeline
Dirty Tar Sands Pipeline Should Be Rejected Outright

Senate Committee Passes Repeal to Discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act

*An important step, but incomplete without just compensation to the victims

Italian Financial Crisis Prompts Berlusconi’s Exit, Escalates Fears of Europe’s Next Massive Bailout

*I don’t pretend to understand all the financial jargon here, and I wish I did – but you don’t have to to know who’s going to get screwed if the debt demons get their way, do you?

Report: Thousands of U.S.-Born Kids Languish in Foster Care as Immigrant Parents Detained, Deported

Maybe Not Misunderestimated After All

*I imagine he was casting about for the EPA.

It certainly wasn’t the Pentagon.

And there are different types of intelligence, which shouldn’t be confused with wisdom, especially in this context.  I’d say Perry and W possess the same sort as other southern governors of a sadly not-so-bygone era, such as George Wallace and Ross Barnett.

And just so you know, this is coming from a good ol’ boy who grew up in apartheid Miss’ssippi in the ’60s, and has been known to drop a “g” on occasion.


Occupy America
by Michael Parenti

*I don’t think the 1/99 dividing line represents reality well.

A better bifurcation?

How about:

The rich

And the rest

Tar Sands Protest Shows Unity, Tension in Green-Labor Alliance
by Michelle Chen

Anger and Angry People
by Thomas S. Harrington

*When you’ve been pissed on, you have every right to be pissed off

And every reason to show it

“Don’t Do Disney…” NASA Readies Nuclear Launch
by Karl Grossman

*One giant leap for insanity

Matt Taibbi on Russia, Wall Street and Prosecuting Corporate Crime
by Russell Mokhiber

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
Year of Extremes Underscores Need for Better Preparedness, Emissions Reductions

Occupy Wall Street
‘Occupy the Highway’ Makes for Historic March from Wall Street to Washington DC

*Wall Street says “My way or the highway”

See you down the road

Election Day 2011: In State After State, “Remarkable Wins for Progressive Politics”

Mississippi Rejects Bill to Grant Pre-Embryonic “Personhood,” Outlaw Fertility Aid, Birth Control

*A victory, to be sure, but I imagine many folks who voted against this did so because it was so extreme.  They likely agree with abortion restrictions, but the propaganda for taking it further hasn’t taken hold yet.

Let’s hope it never will, but while the tide may have been stemmed here, there’s much work to be done to roll it back.

As Cain Denies Mounting Allegations, Supporters Malign Female Accusers, Sexual Harassment Victims

Bank Transfer Day: Kristen Christian on How She Inspired Mass Exodus from Big Banks to Credit Unions

“Corporations Are Not People”: Activists Push Amendment to Revoke “Corporate Personhood”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Iran: An Iraq-WMD Redux?

*A fractured fairy tale

With a frightening followup?

Italy: Run by the European Central Bank?


Occupy Chicago Joins Jane Addams Senior Caucus: Seniors, Disabled, Youth Lock Arms, Demand No Cuts

*No generation gap here

Just solidarity across the ages

The Fire Next Time is Now: On Planetary Patriotism
by Robert Jensen

Bank Transfer: Successful
by Mark Engler

*We shouldn’t make credit unions and small banks out to be polar opposites of BofA and Wells Fargo, but shifting money out of those leeches is a concrete and empowering act, and whatever contradictions exist don’t negate the benefit of that, do they?

Why the Occupy Movement is Good for Our Health
by Julie Matthaei and Neil Wollman

*A reformist approach – and foolish kudos to Buffett, Gates and Dear Misleader – but the main point is taken:

Wealth gaps and health gaps go hand in grasping hand

Why Mitt Romney’s Entitlement-Privatization Plan is Crazy
by Matt Taibbi

*An engraved invitation to the henhouse

The 1% Are the Very Best Destroyers of Wealth the World Has Ever Seen
Our common treasury in the last 30 years has been captured by industrial psychopaths. That’s why we’re nearly bankrupt
by George Monbiot

*A sinister skill set centered on sociopathy

Groups Call on Senate to Prevent Another Toxic Coal Ash Spill
TV ads in Wisc., Mich. and Va. highlight threat of coal ash after Great Lakes spill

School of The Americas Watch
Occupy Fort Benning: Shut Down the School of the Americas

Institute for Public Accuracy
* New Movie Highlights Continued BP Gulf Crisis * More Offshore Oil-Drilling

Israel Deports Democracy Now! Correspondent Jihan Hafiz; Most Gaza Flotilla Activists Still Detained

Exclusive: 5,000 Haitian Cholera Victims Sue U.N. After Deadly Epidemic Kills 6,000, Sickens 450,000

The Koch-Cain Connection: IRS Urged to Probe Ties Between Cain Campaign and Billionaire Koch Brothers

Reading the Iran Nuke Leaks

*I don’t see it as a matter of a lesson not being learned.

In this case, doing the same thing again and again isn’t cluelessness.

It’s collusion.

It’s complicity.

Well, I’m out of alliterations.


*Got a credit card comeon from Citibank today.

I’d seen a YouTube video suggesting an appropriate response, so I placed all the contents in the business reply envelope, along with this note:

To whomever opens this –

Please pass along this note to your bosses, with my fervent wish that,
because of what they have done to so many, they – like this envelope


Much obliged


Koch Brothers: Secretive Billionaires With Eye on 2012 Creating Vast Database
David and Charles Koch, oil tycoons with strong right-wing views and connections, look set to tighten their grip on US politics
by Ed Pilkington in New York
The Guardian/UK

Rural Farmers Unite to Feed Wall Street Protestors
by WNYC Radio

Finding Freedom in Handcuffs
by Chris Hedges

*A moving piece, which places our focus where it must be

On the horrors that greed and power create

And our moral, our human, obligation to end them

The War Against the Poor and Occupy Wall Street
The Politics of Financial Morality
by Frances Fox Piven

Corporate Media Stumped on How to Cover the Occupy Movement
by Russ Baker

*Baker pretty much nails it, don’t you think?

Of course, for the corpress, it’s not a matter of how to cover Occupy …

But how to bury it.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Analysts Denounce 100 Reps. Urging Super Committee Austerity

*The “sensible center” that’s a wet dream for editorial boards

And a sweat-inducing nightmare for poor and working folks

Greece: From the Frying Pan, Into the Fire?

Israel Intercepts Gaza-Bound Flotilla; Dozens Remain Detained Including Democracy Now! Correspondent

U.S. Drone Kills 16-Year-Old Pakistani Boy Days After He Attends Anti-Drone Organizing Meeting

Egypt’s Military Widens Crackdown as Prominent Blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah Remains Imprisoned

*Bloodless diplospeak and the bloody repression it masks

10,000 Surround White House to Protest Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline

*I have to believe McKibben knows better than to trust in Dear Misleader’s “better angels” to come to the fore, so I assume this is a tactical decision to engage in “tough love” – a “You’re better than this” approach.

My question is just when has that ever produced any tangible results?


Tears and gas: a call to mobilise
Getting nowhere at home, Israel’s Palestine solidarity activists push a global call for action.
by Jesse Rosenfeld and Joseph Dana

Egypt’s Democracy: A Sometime Thing?
by William Fisher

*A democracy deferred

An autocracy extended

Libya Recolonised
Libya is the first country that the Euro-American consortium has invaded exclusively on the pretext of human rights violations.
by Aijaz Ahmad

*Much to chew on here.  Ahmad posits a narrative contrary to that served us by the corpress – elements of which many alternative outlets have failed to assiduously challenge.

There’s no doubting Western intentions – in Libya, and the whole of Africa.

The idea that the continent is theirs for the taking is ancient, and as abominable today as it was at its genesis.


ISAF Data Show Night Raids Killed over 1,500 Afghan Civilians
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

*It’s imperative to keep in mind that even when a victim is an “insurgent”, that in no way denotes a moral absolving for their death.

Whatever else he may be, an insurgent is an opponent of an immoral and illegal invasion of his nation, and has every right to defend it.

The murder by Western forces of civilians is heinous, but it’s by no means the full measure of the sins committed by them.

No Arrests Inside Goldman Sachs, Though We Were Arrested Outside
by Chris Hedges

*The inhumanity of the impunity

Center for Economic and Policy Research
G20 Continues With Failed Policies in Europe, Putting Regional and Global Economy at Risk, CEPR Co-Director Says
Risk of Increased Financial Contagion to Rest of the World

The Occupier’s Choice: Violence or Failure
Don’t Know What They Want, But They Know How To Get It
by Ted Rall

*There’s a lot to deal with here.  The use of violence, or force, is a complex issue.

How’s that for wussing out?

I do agree that we have a right to protect ourselves and others, by using force, if necessary.  And I believe that the principled and disciplined use of force is a morally legitimate tactic.

And that’s the key, to me.  It is a tactic, as is nonviolence.  Either’s effectiveness is dependent on the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Romanticizing, or fetishizing, as Rall puts it, either one transforms a means into an end.

We have to be clear on just what end we’re struggling for, and then we have to determine the best means to reach it.

If our goals are an end to oppression and the creation of a world in which each of us can live with dignity, then we have to be realists about what it will take to achieve them.

I realize that must not be said lightly.

But it must be said.

ABC Exclusive: Greek Fatcat Retirees Stealing From American Workers!

*I guess when you’re owned by Disney, it’s only natural that your news coverage would have the same fealty to fact as a cartoon.

The title of this one?

“Divide and Conquer”

Exclusive: Video from Gaza Flotilla as Israeli Navy Prepares to Intercept Boats

Drones on Trial: 38 Protesters Face Charges for Disrupting Syracuse Base Used in Overseas Attacks

Institute for Public Accuracy
Israeli Forces Commandeer Gaza Boats

Poverty Rate in Most States and Among Children Lowered by New Measure

*Reducing poverty’s as simple as doing the math


Ordinary Greeks Are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands
Grassroots refusal to put up with austerity is quickly gaining momentum, as people give up on mainstream politics
by Hara Kouki and Antonis Vradis

18 Arrested in Wisconsin Assembly for Using Cameras; Guns Still Allowed
by Brendan Fischer

*Camera, but not gun, shy

Institute for Public Accuracy
G-20: * Greece * Financial Transaction Tax

EXCLUSIVE: Video Report from Gaza-Bound Flotilla Attempting to Break Israeli Blockade

Wall Street vs. Greece: G20 Opens as Greek PM Pushes for Referendum on Bailout and Austerity Measures

*Barack Obama as …

“The Enforcer”

At economies everywhere

Jon Corzine’s MF Global Firm Collapses in Biggest Wall Street Failure Since Lehman Brothers

*I can’t say it’s surprising to me that Hudson and Cohan can delineate these literally capital crimes, which are indeed Mafia-like, and then speak of the need for reforming the system, rather than replacing it.

That’s SOP for most “expert” criticism, isn’t it?

But while capitalism can be more or less exploitative, it’s the nature of the beast that it exploits, isn’t it?  It can’t exist without it.

And our humanity can’t exist with it.

Video Report from Streets of Oakland: First General Strike in City Since 1946 Shuts Down Major Port


Occupy Paris: Calling for Change at the G20 Summit
by Yifat Susskind

East Timor Action Network (ETAN)
Protest to Reject Honoring Henry Kissinger by New York Historical Society

*Toasting a terrorist

Shaking the System: A Greek Gift to Occupy USA
by Margaret Kimberley

*Let’s hope what happens today in Oakland mirrors the resolve and results in Greece

The Road to Twenty One Presidential Debates
No Debate: How the Republican and Democratic Parties Secretly Control the Presidential Debates
by Ralph Nader

Corruption, America-Style
by Tom Engelhardt

*Dear Misleader lives up to this label

No brag, just fact

Three Reasonable Demands. And Two Requests.
by Paul Buchheit

It’s All Greek to Them

*Starbucks’ seeming largesse brings to mind a term with its origins in the Greek:


Talk about the Java Jive …

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Oakland General Strike * “Veterans of the 99%”

Occupy Oakland Prepares for General Strike as War Veterans Organize Day of Action at Occupy Camps

*Thomas says some very righteous things regarding labor’s role in this movement.

I think it will take the rank and file demanding and taking control of their unions to make his words come to life.

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Loses Appeal to Stop His Extradition to Sweden

Exclusive: Gaza-Bound “Freedom Waves” Flotilla Sets Sail from an Eastern Mediterranean Port

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Voices from the Secret International Flotilla Now Sailing to Gaza


Governments Turn to Hacking Techniques for Surveillance of Citizens
Surveillance firms that recently attended a US conference are being accused of offering their services to repressive regimes
by Ryan Gallagher
The Guardian/UK

Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo Has Cancer-Causing Chemicals, Group Says
by Linda A. Johnson
the Associated Press

Tomorrow, a General Strike in Oakland
by Gabriel Thompson

*Sometimes “The audacity of hope” is more than a deceitful campaign slogan

Local Money Creates Wealth Outside the Bubble
by Mira Luna

The Republican ‘Voter Fraud’ Fraud
All over the US, GOP lawmakers have engineered schemes to make voting more difficult. Well, if you can’t win elections fairly…
by Diane Roberts

Middle East Propaganda 101
by Glenn Greenwald

‘Teachers Want Corporate America Assessed’
by Judy Rabin and Jim Horn

*A test we can’t afford to fail

Occupy Demands: Let’s Radicalize Our Analysis of Empire, Economics, Ecology
by Robert Jensen

What Would Steve Jobs Do?

*”[F]airer, flatter taxes …”

Is that anything like more humane police brutality?

Or more responsible corporate corruption?

I’d like to ask what planet these persons live on …

But I know the dismal answer.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Greek Government “Blackmailing” Public

U.S. Pulls All Funding for UNESCO After Sweeping Vote to Support Palestinian Membership

As NATO Ends Libyan Bombing Campaign, Is the U.S. Seeking Greater Military Control of Africa?

Jonathan Steele on Afghanistan: “The War is Unwinnable. It is a Stalemate. There is No Military Victory”

*This is a prime example of how “progressive media” outlets like DN! fail at their stated mission.

How do you do a segment on Afghanistan, and never once speak to the actual reasons for the war – resource acquisition and transport, and strategic goals?

How do you never once mention the word “empire”?

I keep bringing up this because it keeps happening, and it’s maddening.  It’s not a matter of ideology, but of irrefutable reality.

“Winnable” or “unwinnable” have nothing to do with morality, and if you’re not looking at this through the eyes of the victims of night raids, drone attacks and torture, you’re not dealing with that reality.

It can’t be an occasional occurrence.  The facts don’t change, and neither should the focus of the coverage.


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