January 2012


Institute for Public Accuracy
Congressional Insider Trading Ban Exempts Lobbyists


Obama Administration Quietly Selling Arms to Bahrain Despite Continuing Human Rights Abuses
– Common Dreams staff

*”Supplying arms to a regime that continues to persecute its citizens is not in the best interest of the United States,” Wyden said. “When the government of Bahrain shows that it respects the human rights of its citizens it will become more stable and a better ally in the region; only then should arms sales from the U.S. resume.”

That’s a ringing endorsement of justice and democracy, isn’t it?

And there wasn’t anything that I’d consider one from anyone else in this article.

Which sort of begs the question of just what defines a “supporter of human rights”, doesn’t it?


OWS Stands With Farmers, Says Enough! to Monsanto
Movement is calling for protests to support 60 family farmers, small seed businesses, organizations challenging Monsanto’s patents on genetically modified seed
– Common Dreams staff


US Media Gobble Up US/Israel Case Against Iran
Israeli President Peres: “No Option Should Be Ruled Out” for Dealing With Iran
– Common Dreams staff

*Should the corpress be classified as a WMD?


With Its Deadly Drones, the US is Fighting a Coward’s War
As technology allows machines to make their own decisions, warfare will become bloodier – and less accountable
by George Monbiot


The Haditha Massacre: No Justice for Iraqis
by Marjorie Cohn


New Report Urges EPA to Abandon Proposed Air Pollution Rule
New policy would obstruct efforts to protect cherished national parks and wildernesses, and their surrounding communities from air pollution


Loose Lips Sink Drones

*It appears there’s a word missing from that WSJ quote, just before “details”.

“Disingenuous”, maybe?


Taxpayer-Funded Freddie Mac Caught Betting Billions Against Struggling American Homeowners
Ex-Marine Reoccupies His Own Foreclosed Home in Fight Against Freddie Mac, JPMorgan Chase


“The House I Live In”: New Documentary Exposes Economic, Moral Failure of U.S. War on Drugs

*This segment has some important intel to impart, but it doesn’t deal with the use of drugs as a method of controlling poor people, and especially poor blacks, through the debilitating effects of addiction, both for the addicted and those around them, combined with the ruthless enforcement of drug laws.

Racism and classism are tools of oppression, not merely manifestations of prejudice.  In this instance, they further the essential ruling tactic of divide and conquer, by propagandizing the larger society to associate race and poverty with the “scourge” of drug use.



Going Backwards: Self-Guided Bullets Unveiled
‘Securing a Peaceful and Free World Through Technology.’ Not.
– Common Dreams staff

*Calculating killer


Faustian Bargain: Proposal Seeks to Swap National Forest Land for Strip Mining
Shawnee National Forest would swap lands with Peabody Energy
– Common Dreams staff

*Derailing Mr. Peabody’s coal train



Showdown at Caterpillar Plant ‘Watershed Moment’ for North American Labor
Canada’s Labor Movement Digs in for ‘PATCO Equivalent,’ as Lockouts Drag On
– Common Dreams staff


More Damning Evidence Points to Pesticide as Cause of Mass Bee Deaths
Bayer-produced imidacloprid harmful to bees even at very low levels
– Common Dreams staff


Torture, and Impunity in US Courts
The decision to throw out Jose Padilla’s suit threatens the core freedoms guaranteed to US citizens by the constitution
by Jonathan Hafetz

*In the US court system, when “national security” is involved

Justice is willfully blind


Hedge Funds, So-Called Centrists, and The 1% Candidate
There’s a secretive effort by mega-rich Wall Street titans to place a presidential candidate on the ballot in November.
by Peter Hart


In Bad Faith: New Study Further Underscores Lack of Truth in Anti-Choice Claims
by Amanda Marcotte


Just not what makes it worth living


Amid ‘Turnaround Agenda,’ Teachers, Communities Overshadowed by Corporate Reforms
by Michelle Chen

*A different type of drone attack

The plutocracy doesn’t want masses of well-educated citizens.  For those it cares to employ, basic job skills are the desired outcome.

It wants bricks in the wall, not builders capable of creating structures outside their control.


NYT Hypes Israeli Attack on Iran
by Ira Chernus

*A fairy tale hardwired for an unhappy ending


Corporations Have No Use for Borders
by Chris Hedges

*Solidarity must be shoreless

Not just because corporate rule is, as well

But because justice’s true and only value is in the universal, not the parochial


Food & Water Watch
Consumer Group: Don’t Scrap Food Safety Protections to Ease Trade with Canada
Statement by Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food & Water Watch


Amnesty International Calls for Immediate Release of Female Activist in Bahrain — Beaten, Arrested and Jailed For Involvement in Pro-Reform Demonstrations


NBC’s Curry on What ‘Everyone’ Knows About Iran

*The graphic in that screen grab caught my eye.

Aside from the question of what is “great” about America – as well as what is the definition of “America” – the phrasing tells you a great deal about the state of objectivity in the world of the corpress, doesn’t it?


David Gregory’s House of Pain

*Ever notice that those demanding “hard choices” never find themselves in the position of having to do so?

Unless it’s deciding whether to have the escargot or the vichysoisse.

Screw it.  Order them both.

(Apologies for my ignorance regarding whether that would be a realistic choice involving haute cuisine.  I’ve never inhabited that world.

Nor would I ever wish to.)


Institute for Public Accuracy
Honduras: Murder Capital of World, “Made in the USA”

*New victims of a very old policy


The Invisible War: New Film Exposes Rape, Sexual Assault Epidemic in U.S. Military

*Of course we know this is happening, but to hear the details from these women just makes you sick to your stomach.

And to listen to Dick’s naiveté about Panetta and his inability to see how this is all part and parcel of what the military is really about, as well as Goodman’s silence about it …

So, where are all these brave soldiers when it comes to defending one of their own?  Where’s the vaunted “code of honor”?

Wouldn’t you have liked to have heard Goodman ask these women about how they view the military now, as opposed to their illusions about it before joining?

You can’t honestly confront the masters of war until you see them, and the structures they’ve created to wage it, for what they truly are.


Occupy Oakland: Over 400 Arrested as Police Fire Tear Gas, Flash Grenades at Protesters

*Brought to you by Dear Misleader’s lackeys in City Hall

Lest we forget, they are good liberals all


National Park Service Threatens to Evict Occupy D.C. Encampments at Two Parks Near White House

*Apparently a continual reminder of his complicity and duplicity was a little too close for comfort for our Chameleon in Chief.

Steal the words

Stifle the speakers


Syrian Activist Speaks from Hiding: The Bloodshed is Continuing Despite International Criticism

*The US wants to make hay out of this horror, so you have to think it’s got its spooks and special ops on the ground, working to accomplish that aim.

We need to know much more about just who directs the Free Syrian Army, don’t you think?



Mass Demonstrations as EU Countries Sign on to Controversial ACTA Treaty
Over 20 EU states sign treaty yesterday
– Common Dreams staff

*The intellectual property provisions get the most attention, but the drug patent protections can mean the difference between life and death for untold numbers of people.


Single Payer Falls 2 Votes Short In California Senate
Four Democrats Sit Out Critical Vote
– Common Dreams staff

*Aside from insurance, Big Pharma and HMO influence, how does the fact that it wouldn’t look good for the largest state to reject Obama’s “reforms” in favor of single payer play into the decision of Democratic senators to sit out this vote?


Dirty Biofuels: Leaked Data Shows Some Worse Than Fossil Fuels
Palm oil and soy bean biodiesel nearly as bad as tar sands
– Common Dreams staff


Postponed Joint Israel-US War Games Back On?
‘Austere Challenge 12’
– Common Dreams staff

*Admittedly speculation, at the moment, but don’t you have to wonder if rescheduling these “exercises” for October might have something to do with what will occur in November?

They would be an effective rejoinder to charges of being “soft” on Iran and not sufficiently supportive of Israel, wouldn’t they?


Twitter Enables Censorship, Boycotts Begin
Reversing its position and heading down a slippery slope
– Common Dreams staff


Free-Market Medicine: A Personal Account
by Michael Parenti

*A marriage of greed and gross indifference

In sickness and in wealth

Till death does its part


Whitewashing History in Arizona
by Dennis Bernstein and Bill Means

*There is no honest hope for the future

If there is no honest understanding of the past


The Shadow Banking System: A Web of Financial Fraud
by Ellen Brown


Free Press: NAB Spin Won’t Change the Facts About Woeful Election Coverage

*What subtracts the more it ads?


Pentagon Budgets and Fuzzy Math

*It doesn’t add up.

Except in the profit columns of military contractors.


Despite Salary Caps, Treasury Approved Lucrative Exec Payouts at Dozens of Bailed-Out Firms

*Pity the poor plutocrats, dealing daily with the high cost of living high off the hog


NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly Urged to Resign After Police Conceal Role in Anti-Muslim Documentary

*It’s good to see this placed in the context of the NYPD’s abuses against many groups, which make it plain that this isn’t about a “lapse in judgment”, but a concerted effort to contain any challenge to the power structure in the city, and beyond.


Gingrich’s Extremist Anti-Palestinian Stance Follows Millions from Casino Magnate Sheldon Adelson

*For Adelson and his fellow apartheidists, the two-state solution is Israel and the US thwarting any chance for a just outcome to this tragedy.

And a just outcome would be one state, with equal rights for all its inhabitants, not a Palestinian bantustan.


GOPers Claim Softened Immigration Stance in Bid to Win Florida Latino Vote, But Key Issues Ignored

*If only we could deport these two-faced double dealing bastards



‘Right to Work’ Bill Passes in Indiana House
Unions prepare for similar battles in other states
– Common Dreams staff

*Notice there was nothing about this in Dear Misleader’s speechifying last night?

And yet labor “leadership” will march in lockstep with his campaign.

That’s a solidarity that should be shattered.


Calamitous Night Raids Continue as Torch Passes to Afghan Army
Element of Surprise Deadly for Civilians
– Common Dreams staff

*Remember “Vietnamization”?

The Vietnamese do.


Study: Potential Hazards of Nanotechnology Not Known
Without research into risks, “the future of safe and sustainable nanotechnology-based materials, products, and processes is uncertain”
– Common Dreams staff


FBI Wants New App to Wiretap the Internet
‘Scraping’ social network postings including Facebook and Twitter
– Common Dreams staff


How Swedes and Norwegians Broke the Power of the ‘1 Percent’
by George Lakey

*Not to say this piece isn’t informative, but Lakey’s being rather disingenous in the title, don’t you think?

How do you say that these nations “broke the power of the ‘1 percent’ when both are members of NATO?

And how could there have been “a fling with neoliberal policies”, unless there was the power to do so?

In the end, we’re talking reformism, and while Norway’s brand may seem enviable compared to our situation, if our goal is a life of dignity for everyone, here and abroad, and we truly mean it, this can’t be our model, can it?


Not A Peep About President’s Praise for War
by Laura Flanders

*In politics, militarism is often the first refuge of a scoundrel


Physicians in Congress Committing Malpractice on Millions
by Brian Moench

*Doctoring the data


‘American-Made Energy’: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
by Stefanie Penn Spear

*What’s left out of this is the question of who will control “clean energy”.

Actually, it’s not left out.  It’s simply assumed that corporations will, with the talk of “markets” and “investment”.

Spear’s not alone in that assumption.  Many other environmentalists seem to feel that’s the natural order of things.  But when profit enters the picture, what’s best for us, and the planet, exits.

Doing well will always trump doing good.  That’s the nature of profit.  The energy sources may be cleaner, but without public control of those sources, the model of greed before need and exploitation of employees will remain, and whatever chance we might still have for averting our doom will be lost.

It’s a blind spot that will plunge us all into darkness.


Freedom to Marry Pushes for Marriage in Maine


Conservation and Native American Groups
Navy Training Blasts Marine Mammals With Harmful Sonar
Wildlife Protection Agency Challenged for Not Doing Its Job


The Japanese Nuclear Establishment vs. the Two-Thirds ‘Minority’

*”Nuclear emergency” has a whole other meaning to the Post, doesn’t it?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Corporate Accountability: Is There an App for That?


Iraqis Voice Outrage as Haditha Massacre Trial in Ends in No Jail Time for Accused U.S. Marines

*Again, it’s frustrating to have to listen to someone like McGirk, who talks about “cutting slack”, rather than covering up, for war crimes.  He speaks of the military “react[ing] very strongly” to “criminal behavior” outside of a combat situation.

Tell that to the rape victims in both countries, and elsewhere – and in the service itself.

Why is time wasted speaking to him, when other guests could provide the same information, while also placing these horrors in the proper context?


Glock: As Giffords Exits, a Look at the Gun Used in Tucson Rampage and Other U.S. Mass Shootings

*Making a killing with more bangs for the buck



Utopia: Social Forum Declares ‘Together We Are the 99%’
Thematic Social Forum 2012: Capitalist Crisis: Social and Environmental Justice
– Common Dreams staff


ACTA: The International Treaty You’ve Never Heard of That Could Affect Internet Freedom
US among countries that have already signed ACTA
– Common Dreams staff


On First Anniversary of Egyptian Uprising, Protesters Persist
‘A reason to demonstrate, not a reason to celebrate’
– Common Dreams staff


Obama’s Mortgage ‘Investigation’ Designed to Fail?
‘Another bit of regulatory/enforcement theater’
– Common Dreams staff

*I got that MoveOn message as well.

Looks like they and other “soi-disant” (I’ll have to remember that) liberal/progressive groups will be moving on from “holding his feet to the fire” …

To spit shining his shoes.


Mideast Cyberwar Continues to Claim More Victims
– Common Dreams staff


Dystopia: Corporate Rule Breeding ‘Global Class War’
– Common Dreams staff

*The underlying premise here seems to be that the oligarchy must “play fair” to avoid “bad things happening”.

The mindset that comes across is one of advising criminals to merely give back some of their ill-gotten gains, and share some power with “the working people”, in order to live peaceably with their victims.

That’s not my idea of justice, and I hope it’s not for many others.


Debate Club: Did the US Withdraw from Iraq Too Soon?
by Phyllis Bennis


The Pathology of Inequality
by Paul Buchheit


Environmental Working Group (EWG)
New School Lunch Standards Will Improve Diets for 31 Million Children

*This would be much more meaningful if it were coupled with a concomitant commitment to a food system focused on organically grown fresh produce and an end to agribusiness as usual.

Dream on, I know.

But it’s up to us to dream, and put that dream into action.


Public Citizen to Financial Regulators: Bank of America Poses a Grave Threat to U.S. Financial Stability, Should Be Broken Up
Petition Calls on the Federal Reserve and Financial Stability Oversight Council to Reform Banking Behemoth, Create Smaller, Simpler and Safer Institutions to Guard Against Financial Crisis


Institute for Public Accuracy
SOTU Analysis: * Empire * Energy * Economy

*The emperor has no clothes

Just naked aggression


“He Says One Thing and Does Another”: Ralph Nader Responds to Obama’s State of the Union Address

*Putting the lie to the Lord of Illusions


Egypt: Sharif Abdel Kouddous Reports from Cairo as Crowds Mark 1 Year of Revolution in Tahrir Square


“In Tahrir Square”: HBO Doc on Egypt’s Revolution Through Eyes of Democracy Now!’s Sharif Kouddous



Marine Gets Light Sentence for Massacre of Iraqi Civilians
Plea deal gives Frank Wuterich 3-month confinement, pay cut
– Common Dreams staff

*And Bradley Manning faces life, after being tortured.


Cell 36: Palestinian Children Locked in Solitary Confinement in Israel
by The Guardian/UK


Court to Vermont: “Drop Dead”
by Harvey Wasserman


Scott Walker’s Plutonomy: An Economy for the One Percent
by Mary Bottari

*Welcome to Gecko Land

(Admission free with purchase of politician)


Students Step Up Tucson Walkouts
Protest School District Folly and Mexican American Studies Banishment
by Jeff Biggers


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Creeping Corporatization of National Parks
Summit Promoting a Billion Dollar Private Endowment for Parks


Richard Cohen Wowed by Professor Gingrich

Part of me is fascinated by the workings of Cohen’s brain.

A much larger part of me is scared shirtless.

As for Obama and community organizing, he’s putting his skills to good use within the gated enclaves these days, judging by his campaign finance reports.


Mother’s Health News, Brought to You by Carcinogenic Baby Shampoo

*All the shampoo in the world won’t wash the smell out of this sellout, will it?

The only valid currency any news source has is its integrity, and this deal washes that right down the bathtub drain.

Similar should be said for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.  As is so often the case, the desire to trumpet a “victory” – and generate contributions – takes precedence over proclaimed principles.

I guess folks abroad will just have to exercise a bit more caution when they rinse and repeat.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Egypt One Year After the Uprising, Protests Continue Against Junta


Gingrich Gets Another $5 Million Via Pro-Israeli Casino Mogul Adelson

*The ten million dollar word comes down from Mount Zionism


As Romney Releases Tax Returns, Fmr Senate Investigator Says: We’ve Got To Start Taxing Corporations

*The most salient point to me is the effective debunking of the “taxes equal job losses” myth.

Regarding Obama’s self-imposed contribution restraints, they’re rather meaningless, as his campaign fund is awash in money from wealthy individuals.  So the fact that he doesn’t receive checks directly from lobbyists and corporations really doesn’t mean diddley, does it?


“The Atomic States of America”: Exploring a Nation’s Struggle with Nuclear Power

*Joyce talks about an accident being necessary to get people’s attention, and I think that speaks to the larger issue of how we’re conditioned not to connect the dots, both on a single issue, and among issues.  You’d think that, having been lied to about nuclear power, folks would look askance at what gummint officials and corporate spokespersons say about anything else, whether it’s the reasons for wars or tax cuts for the rich, or denials of climate change.

Once you put two and two together, and find out it doesn’t equal five, you should be pretty goddamn skeptical of your math teacher.

And it’s a sadly surreal state of affairs when you have to hope a talk show host has some clout to keep your child safe from cancer.



Iraq Coming Apart: Intensifying Crackdown on Free Speech, Protests
With US Troops Hardly Gone, Iraq’s Government is Coming Apart
– Common Dreams staff

*The HRW report and the McClatchy piece don’t jibe, do they?

The latter infers that US troops were somehow “keeping the peace” – the typical corpress framing – while the former puts the lie to that, doesn’t it?


Supreme Court Ruling Restricts Police Use of GPS Device
GPS tracking unconstitutional without warrant
– Common Dreams staff


Critics of Mortgage Deal Press Obama, State AGs to Reject Big Bank Proposal
Progressives “Furious” at Emerging Details of Mortgage Deal
– Common Dreams staff

*Just so much posturing from persons like Jones and Trumka, who will jump on the Obama bandwagon “with reluctance” when the campaign swings into high gear.

No settlement is acceptable.  Prosecute these bastards to the full extent of the law, return the money they stole to the people they stole it from, and do what it takes to make right what was so wrong.

Of course, that won’t happen.  True justice would demand that those whose oaths of office obligate them to take such measures also pay for their crimes.  You’re asking the getaway driver to try the bank robber – an intensely ironic analogy, in that we’re talking about robber banks.

But regardless of the odds, nothing less can be considered a victory, can it?


Conservative Fantasies About the Miracles of the Market
by Robert Jensen

*Cashing in

And taking the credit


Rooting for Newt?

*I guess you could say that Gingrich is both the charmer …

And the snake.


Nick Kristof and the School Reform Straw Man

*The unmitigated gall is palpable when those who don’t give a good goddamn for poor children use them as props for promoting policies designed to keep them poor.

You could call it a standardized test of hypocrisy among media elites, whose kids will never have to worry about the effects of their parents’ propaganda on their educational opportunities, will they?


Medical Whistleblower Dr. Steven Nissen on “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare”

*Much of the material I post contains contradictions, to my mind, but I feel there’s some useful information to be had.  Sometimes those contradictions are the result of a limited moral and/or rational viewpoint, and sometimes they simply defy explanation.

Case in point here.

How the hell do you do a segment on healthcare reform, and not one damn time mention universal coverage?  Neither Nissen nor Goodman – whose job it is to ask the vital questions – says a word about it, or the fact that the US is one of the only, if not the only, developed nation without some form of it.

Truly unfathomable, don’t you think?


Raj Patel: In Attacks on Obama, Food Stamps, Newt Gingrich is “Racially Coding Poverty”

*I think two of the most important points to take from this are the nexus between low wages and nutritionally void food products which are low-cost in price and high-cost in health, as well as the rigged food system that ensures the profit margins of the agribusiness behemoths who produce such pigswill.



GOP Still Pushing Tar Sands Pipeline
House Speaker Boehner: ‘We are going to do everything we can to try to make sure that this Keystone pipeline is, in fact, approved.’
– Common Dreams staff


In New Campaign Video, President Obama Shows His Love for Israel
– Common Dreams staff

*No separation anxiety here

Regardless of the race of the resident, apartheid is A-OK in the Oval Office


The Right to Be Healthy: Supreme Court Weighs Sick Leave for State Workers
by Michelle Chen

*A sickening situation from every angle


Military Intervention vs. Maritime Union Power
by Brian Tierney

*This is a telling example of the political pantomime played out in statehouses, Congress and at the White House.

The GOP castigates Dear Misleader for appointing “union lackeys” to the NLRB, while that body protects the interests of those who control both parties.

Meanwhile, national “union leadership” undercuts the most passionate adherents to the call for “Solidarity forever”.


Could Ecuador Be the Most Radical and Exciting Place on Earth?
A decade ago, Ecuador was a banana republic, an economic basket case. Today, it has much to teach the rest of the world
by Jayati Ghosh

*Some very positive developments, but we must always be alert to the contradictions alongside them.  Just as it’s folly to place any person on a pedestal, it’s a mistake to assume any nation’s government is committed to the well-being of all its people.



Fracking the World: Energy Companies Set Their Sights Globally
Africa, Latin America may see biggest growth in fracking
– Common Dreams staff


Maine’s Tea Party Governor: ‘Slash Health and Human Services or I’ll Close Schools’
– Common Dreams staff

*Hostage taking at penpoint


Report: US Soldiers Bringing Their Violence Home from Overseas
After Ten Years of War Sex Crimes, Domestic Abuse, and Suicide on the Rise for US Soldiers
– Common Dreams staff

*Another factor would be the military’s reprehensible lack of concern about this, aside from its PR implications.


Why Obama’s ‘Targeted Killing’ is Worse than Bush’s Torture
Both are legally prohibited but speciously justified by the White House. The difference? Obama’s policy kills innocent bystanders
by Mary Ellen O’Connell


We Know How to Curb Poverty, We Simply Fail to Act
This Week in Poverty: An American Commitment to Children?
by Greg Kaufmann

*Notice that the title, and the text, deal with how to curb poverty, not how to end it.

I think that pretty much sums up liberal policies on the issue.  To talk of truly ending poverty, and creating the conditions for every single person to have a life of dignity, is beyond the pale, for that would entail a radical transformation of the status quo.

And that, by definition, is anathema to liberalism, isn’t it?


After Tragedy, Apple Tries to Polish Image on Workers’ Rights
by Michelle Chen

*Shining up a rotten Apple


Blood on Whose Hands?: Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, and the Blood of Civilians
by Chase Madar

*The butchers abhor the blood

Even as it drips from their blades


On US Education: It’s the Socioeconomic Segregation, Stupid
by Jim Horn


Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA Bacteria Widely Present in Retail Pork, New Study Says


Obama Administration Protects Birth Control Access for Women

*Even bastards do the right thing when it’s in their interest.

How many checks from NOW members do you think the DNC and Obama 2012 receive, versus ones from “right to lifers”?

Okay then.


Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
Bank of America is Main Target of Economic and Environmental Groups
Tour of Shame through SF Financial District focuses on Bank of America branches


NYT’s Apple Debate Factcheck, Without Facts

*A shame Jobs died before the realization of his dream …

A right to work America eviscerated of environmental and safety regulations that would put the PRC to shame.

It’s up to his CEO brethren to keep hope alive.


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Open Marriage”?

*It seems whatever the context

Newt wants to screw as many people as he can


Greek and Eurozone Crises: Proposal Threatening Modern Europe?


GOP Contest Rattled Before SC Primary as Perry Exits, Newt’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out, Santorum Takes Iowa

*Old times there are not forgotten

They’re incorporated into campaign strategy


Ahead of South Carolina Primary, GOP Candidates Employ Race-Baiting Tradition to Win Southern Vote

*I think it’s pretty amazing that Gray could encourage folks to vote for a racist like Paul, whatever his justification.

Paul’s “anti-war, anti-imperialist” stance has nothing to do with any sense of humanity, and his “civil liberties championing” can’t be separated from his advocation of other “liberties” … such as the right for employers to do whatever the hell they want to their employees.

You can’t advance your principles on one front by abandoning them on another.


Tariq Ali: Obama’s Expansion of Af-Pak War “Has Blown Up in His Face”



Occupy Wall Street’s Next Phase: Avoid Cooptation in Election Season
By Glen Ford

*If you play their game, you accept their rules.

And I thought Occupy was about changing the rules.


Big Money Bundlers As Prominent as Ever in Obama White House
– Common Dreams staff

*Does “clean hands” mean that while they’re covered in horseshit, they’re free of bullshit?

And I don’t think Obama has to worry about being “outgunned”, considering the arsenal of Wall Street ammo he’s amassing by the day.


Japan Still Pushing Nuclear Power
New plan changes 40-year limit to 60 years; nuclear opponents outraged
– Common Dreams staff


Surveillance City: New Body Scanners Head to NYC
– Common Dreams staff


Capitalism’s Real Gravediggers
Beware the ‘Gush-Up Gospel’ Behind India’s Billionaires
by Arundhati Roy

*Their wealth segregates them from the rest of us in life, but in the end, we will all be tossed together into the mass grave of a dead world


2012’s Civil Liberties Apocalypse Has Already Happened
by Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis


Working and Poor in the USA
by Bill Quigley

*As long as we work *for* someone, rather than *with* others, these numbing numbers will remain a reality, and “work with dignity” will be an empty dream


The Dignity of Corpses
by Robert C. Koehler


The FBI and Federal Prosecutors Say My Journalism Is “Extremist”
by Will Potter

*To the FBI, a URL is an IED


Center for Biological Diversity
Dunes Sagebrush Lizard Named One of 10 U.S. Species Most Threatened by Fossil Fuel Development

*Death by unnatural causes


Amnesty International Calls for Immediate Release of Ethiopian Prisoners of Conscience


Institute for Public Accuracy
Mormonism: * Bigotry * President Romney’s Bishophood a Threat to the First Amendment?


Dubious Pipeline Assertions Become USA Today Headlines

*The irony of all this is that if Dear Misleader’s re-elected (the most likely outcome), he’ll use the same talking points of job creation and energy security to justify his approval of a rerouted pipeline.

Of course, his election victory will be owed in part to the support of “the environmental community”, which is why he rejected the current proposal, and why he sought to initially delay his decision.

But before he does the dirty deed, we’ll witness deja vu all over again, as the perpetually naive gather in front of the White House, once again appealing to his phantom conscience, and urging him to “do the right thing”.

I don’t mean to question their sincerity.  It’s just that some people never learn.

And this world doesn’t have time for such a long learning curve, does it?

As the sign says …


(More comments at link)


SOPA: Anti-Piracy or Censorship? Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales vs. Copyright Alliance’s Sandra Aistars



Obama Administration Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline
Bill McKibben: “This is a victory for Americans who testified in record numbers”
– Common Dreams staff

*It’s hard to listen to McKibben et al. praise a blatantly political decision as some act of political courage.

With this, Dear Misleader opens the wallets of the “environmental community” for his campaign, and once re-elected, declares that a “painstaking review” of an alternate route has “allayed his concerns”.

Will that definitely occur?

Where would you put your money?


Hedge Funds, Goldman Sachs Lurk Beneath Greek Crisis
– Common Dreams staff

*A crass menagerie of loan sharks and vultures


Fla. Legislation: More Privatization and Keep It From the Public
Bill would allow more privatization of correctional facilities, revises privatization of agency functions requirements
– Common Dreams staff

*And they call it “the Sunshine State”


Websites Go Black to Protest Internet Censorship Bill
Organizations in opposition to bills fear openness of Internet at stake
– Common Dreams staff


More Intellectual Dishonesty at the New York Times
by Thomas S. Harrington


The Myth of “Isolated” Iran
Following the Money in the Iran Crisis
by Pepe Escobar

*Some deep intel on the situation, which I wish I had the wherewithal to be able to verify with confidence.  I would advise keeping this in mind when deciphering developments.

One element left out of this equation, and many others, is what occurs when the carbon comes home to roost.  What will the oil-addicted economies of nations rich and poor do once it’s unavoidably apparent, as it should have been long before, that we’re headed for the fate of all junkies who can’t kick the habit?


For God So Loved the 1 Percent …
by Kevin M. Kruse

*To these false prophets, God *is* Mammon

So the choice is moot


Pressure Israel, Not Iran
by Marjorie Cohn


NYT and the Racism Bog

“[I]nvoking arguments perceived to carry racial themes or other value-laden attack lines.”

I wonder if that’s how the Times described Hitler’s campaign rhetoric.

As for the White Citizens Council, my daddy was a member, and I can tell you that there wasn’t a racist bone in his body.

The soft tissue was another matter.


Institute for Public Accuracy
The Facts About Food Stamps

*From pittance to penury


Debating Tucson School District’s Book Ban After Suspension of Mexican American Studies Program

*I think it’s pretty obvious what Huppenthal’s agenda is.

Isn’t it interesting how disturbed he said he was by the Che poster, comparing it to one of Hitler, yet he didn’t ask how Guevara was presented to the students?

And he claims teachers changed their lessons for the audit, yet when he comes to class, the teacher discusses Franklin in a way she or he have had to know would be looked at jaundicedly by the superintendent.

Highly illogical, Captain.


Expansion of Indefinite Detention under NDAA Compounds Extradition Fears of WikiLeaks’ Assange



Archbishop in Minnesota Opposes Marriage Equality, Dissent in Equal Measure
– Common Dreams

*God is love

(Void where prohibited)


Well Blowout, Toxic Water: Fracking Disasters on the Rise
Oil well blowout in Alberta, explosive water in Ohio put drilling technique under scrutiny
– Common Dreams staff


Arizona School District Wipes Latino American History Off the Map
– Common Dreams staff

*Everything but the book burnings


PBS, NPR Try to Defend Iran Distortions

*”It’s elementary, my dear Watson.

You cannot give up what you do not have.

A case in point:

Public broadcasting cannot abandon its commitment to honest reportage, as it has none to renounce.”

“Eminently logical, Holmes.”


Institute for Public Accuracy
Democracy: “Why Not Jordan?”


Wikipedia, Reddit to Shut Down Sites Wednesday to Protest Proposed Stop Online Piracy Act


“Internet Censorship Affects Everybody”: Rebecca MacKinnon on the Global Struggle for Online Freedom

*With Big Brother on keyboards:

Surveilling and censoring cyberspace


Journalist Chris Hedges Sues Obama Admin over Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Approved in NDAA

*Perry knows from despicable

I shouldn’t wonder that he collects the pens he’s used to sign hundreds of death warrants



Goodbye, Fish: Rising CO2 Direct Threat to Sea Life
Study: Rising CO2 affecting brains, central nervous systems of sea fish
– Common Dreams staff


‘People’ of the Internet Unite to Fight SOPA/PIPA Legislation
– Common Dreams staff

*Depending on its political calculations, the White House may be behind you

Or it may just like it doggy style


Highly Radioactive Concrete Is Latest Scare for Fukushima Survivors
Radiation fears have since become part of daily life in Japan
– Common Dreams staff

*Of profit margins and radiation levels


On MLK Day, Romney Steps Up his Attacks on Immigrants
Romney Makes South Carolina Campaign Stop with Kris Kobach, Anti-immigrant Champion
– Common Dreams staff

*Romney gets a hard right on


The Revolutionary MLK
Jared Ball: Martin Luther King Jr. stood for revolutionary transformation; he is used today to support policies that he fought against
by The Real News

*Ball fleshes out the false prophet of King Day


The Crash and Burn Future of Robot Warfare
What 70 Downed Drones Tell Us About the New American Way of War
by Nick Turse


Why I’m Suing Barack Obama
by Chris Hedges

*The terrorism that truly threatens our freedom


Protest DNC
Organizations Announce Plans for Actions During the Democratic National Convention in September, and to Challenge City over Denial of Permits

*Some Southern discomfort for the Dems


SPECIAL: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in His Own Words

*What moves me, beyond the humanity in these words, is the context of them.

Many have spoken with equal eloquence of our obligation to each other, and of the forces which conspire to deter us from that obligation.

But King’s words possessed the unrivaled ability to be truly heard.  He had the nation’s ear, and those words couldn’t be ignored.

And he chose to use that visibility to go beyond the parameters set for him, to go beyond the allowed to the demanded.

And he knew the cost of that defiance.

He was on the Jericho Road, and he did not pass by the man who fell among thieves.

That was a choice, but he didn’t consider it a choice.  For him, it was a duty.

Had he made another choice, he might still be with us, but as a “revered civil rights leader”, an icon with no ability to inspire anyone other than the ignorant.

He would be the living embodiment of the statues and streets which bear his name, but are devoid of his spirit.

So while we should never place anyone on a pedestal, we should profoundly appreciate the courage and honesty in these words, and strive to mirror those essential human qualities in our own lives.

King’s death was a great blow to those who work for justice, but his legacy lives on in every one of us who realizes that we can never reach our journey’s destination as long as there are others left on the side of the road.


Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence
Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam
by Martin Luther King, Jr

*Full text



Foreshadowing of Another Oilpocalypse? Shell’s Arctic Drilling Plans Move Forward
-CommonDreams staff


‘Teaching Bashing’ Bloomberg Draws Ire
-Common Dreams staff report


Romney’s Tax Plan: Coddle the 1%
-Common Dreams staff


Who Knew There Was So Much Poverty? The Poor, That’s Who
by Donna Smith

*I was leery that this would be another paean to “the wise persons” whom proclaimed progressives tend to knee-jerk genuflect before – not that they don’t often say wise things – but Smith makes an imperative point, doesn’t she?

Go to the source.  Respect the folks catching the shit.  Listen to their stories and their views.

If experience is the best teacher, we need those who live it on the faculty.


The (Remote-Controlled) War at Home
How activists are trying to bring the moral implications of drone warfare to light.
by Valerie Schloredt


Arthur Brisbane, The NYT and Selective Stenography Journalism
by Glenn Greenwald

*Unquestionable content


Easy to Gut Public Education When Your Own Kids Attend Private School
America’s Dangerously Removed Elite
by David Sirota


Why Mayor Emanuel’s Proposed Anti-Protester Ordinances Are Everyone’s Concern
by Andy Thayer

*Barack’s bud’s local version of “nope and chains”


Institute for Public Accuracy
South Carolina, MLK, Black America’s Invisibility

*And those who castigated King now solemnly call us to remember him

Not as he was, but as he has been shaped

Into statues of stone that seek to encase his soul

Let us break open those sarcophagi

And release his spirit back into a world

So desperately in need of its presence


2 Years After Devastating Earthquake, Haiti’s Rebuilding Weighed Down by Legacy of Foreign Meddling


“Memory is the Active Agent of Collective Social Progress”: Randall Robinson on His New Novel Makeda


On Eve of MLK Day, Michelle Alexander & Randall Robinson on the Mass Incarceration of Black America

*This is the sort of narrative-negating imperative intel that should be the staple of independent media, don’t you think?



FAIR Extra!
Journalism Under Arrest
Clamping down on reporters at Occupy crackdowns
by Jim Naureckas

*You’d think the corpress outlets would raise holy hell about their people being treated like this.

But then you’d be applying reason to the wholly irrational, wouldn’t you?


Foreclosure Nation: 2012 Could Bring Wave of Foreclosures
States likely to see surge of long-delayed foreclosure action in 2012
by CommonDreams.org


Rising Awareness in Class Divide, Many Point to OWS: Report
Compiled by Common Dreams staff

*I wouldn’t call it “uniquely”.  Let’s say it’s a “quintessentially” American trait that we’ll acknowledge the patently obvious when it can’t be avoided, but we’ll refuse to draw the logical conclusion from it.

That’s a learned behavior.

And guess who are the teachers.


New Bill Would Put Taxpayer-Funded Science Behind Pay Walls
by Lena Groeger


Revolving Door: From Top Futures Regulator to Top Futures Lobbyist
by Matt Taibbi
Rolling Stone


War Clouds Darken: Russia Warns of US Strike on Iran
Ahmadinejad: ‘Heartless capitalism is the root cause of war’
-Common Dreams Staff Report


Iran and the Terrorism Game
by Glenn Greenwald

*Speaking in forked tongues


Why Romney’s “Firing” Gaffe Really Resonates
by David Atkins


Montana Upholds Ban on Corporate Electioneering, Leads Growing National Revolt
by Jeff Milchen


States Attempt to Instill ‘Work Ethic’ by Rolling Back Child Labor Protections
by Michelle Chen

*Greedy grownups and sleazy kid stuff


NYT to Readers: Can You Handle the Truth?

*If the corpress had to document its own questionable assertions, there wouldn’t be any space left for the Style sections.

And it’s ironic how many of the false accusations hurled at Dear Misleader are about what I’d actually want him to be and do.

As the man said …

“Obama is not a brown-skinned, anti-war socialist who gives away free health-care.

You’re thinking of Jesus.”


Ex-FCC Commissioner Michael Copps on Media Consolidation, Broadband Expansion, Threats to Journalism

*I cringe whenever it’s implied that there was some “golden age” of media responsibility, when any objective reading of American history refutes that claim.  We’re talking about a matter of degree, and not kind.  The mainstream media has always reflected the views of the powerful.  At one point the profit motive was less of an uber alles proposition, and some semblance of honest journalism was more evident than the present, but from Hearst (and before) to Murdoch, and also among the “respectable” outlets like the NYT and the Post, the goal of those who control content has always been to preserve privilege by limiting and falsifying what enters the public sphere.

As for “profanity”, the fact that liars and hatemongers can ply their corrupting craft unimpeded across the media landscape is far more of an obscenity that any amount of foul language could come close to equaling, don’t you think?



Are Drones Watching You?
by Jennifer Lynch
Deeplinks Blog/EFF

*Giving us the evil eye in the sky


Grandparents, Unite! Your Grandchildren’s Future is at Stake
by Sally and Bill McCoy

*Old souls

Young hearts


Institute for Public Accuracy
Ten Years of Guantanamo, Threat of More Indefinite Detentions

*I have a problem with the intense focus on Guantánamo.

Certainly it should be closed, as should Bagram and all the black sites around the world.  But the argument that these “create terrorists”, as though shuttering them would somehow transform the US into a beacon of justice, is just absurd.

Imperialism creates resistance.  For all its contradictions, 1776, anyone?

A nation which respects other nations and peoples has no need for torture chambers, and no reason to fear “terrorism”, for it does not engage in it.

Guantánamo is a symptom, not the disease.


Two Years after Haiti Earthquake: UN Cholera Epidemic Rages as Situation in Camps Deteriorates


Romney Wins Republican New Hampshire Primary, Followed by Paul, Huntsman

*If this is “the greatest country in the history of the earth”

How is it that these schmucks have a shot at the highest office in it?


Romney Cements Front-Runner Status with Unlimited Spending from Unregulated Super PACs

*This is what’s often frustrating about DN!’s coverage.  Airtime is precious, and shouldn’t be spent on conventional horse race reporting to any significant degree.

This segment should have focused on the Super PAC factor, not merely tacking it on at the end, don’t you think?


Rivals’ Attacks on Romney’s Corporate Record Display Occupy Wall Street’s Wide Reach

*Speaking of frustrating …

It’s absurd to claim that the cooptation of a narrative is tantamount to its success.  Yes, its resonance has led to its being used as spin by Gingrich et al., but it will be consigned to that fate by those employing it for their own ends, and by the corpress, who will cast it as merely a campaign tactic, just as it’s dealt with the message from Occupy as a political curiosity, and not a political and economic truth it is obligated to actually report on in a conscientious manner.

As for this infatuation with Paul, don’t you have to ask yourself how his blatantly prejudiced newsletter rants, as well as the utter lack of humanity embodied in his libertarianism, would be covered were they the baggage lugged by one of the other Republican candidates?


How New Hampshire Became Last U.S. State to Recognize MLK Day Holiday

*I’m glad to see Alpert draw that intense distinction between Paul’s vision and King’s, but again, this gets tacked on at the end, instead of being the central focus of the coverage of his campaign.

And it just stinks.



Florida Legislation Paves Ground for Water Privatization
Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn open to selling water for industry, agriculture; may consider “toilet to tap” measures
by CommonDreams.org

*Flush with profit

While our rights go down the toilet


Detroit May Be Next Michigan City to Get ‘Emergency Manager’
Finance team holds first meeting
by CommonDreams staff


Grow Up, Ron Paul
by Carl Gibson

*The “freedom” of enough rope


Occupy Wall Street: Why Now? What’s Next?
Naomi Klein and Yotam Marom in Conversation About Occupy Wall Street
by Naomi Klein and Yotam Marom

*I thought this dealt with key questions we face in a relatively
intelligent fashion.

See what you think.


Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Two Years Later, Haitians Are Worse Off Due to Cholera, Lack of Accountability, CEPR Co-Director Says


Environmental Coalition Concludes New York State DEC’s Fracking Proposal Too Fatally Flawed to Move Forward
After two drafts, significant aspects of environmental impact statement still so deficient that it must be redone


Institute for Public Accuracy
Hot Spots: Strait of Hormuz, South China Sea and Caspian Basin

*The junkies fight over the dirty energy stash

While we wait for the carbon OD


‘Opinions Differ’ Should Be the Start of PolitiFact’s Job

*Isn’t it ironic that the less credibly a “fact-checker” does its job, the more credibility it has with the corpress?

Birds of a feather …


Pundits and the Romney Pass

*So, Romney lies, and purportedly would be similar to Obama once in office.

And Obama lied, and is actually similar to Romney as President.

And they both get Clinton’s stamp of approval.

Welcome to “the liberal media”‘s wet dream.


It’s GOOD That Romney Has No Principles

*What have these schmenges been drinking?

And should it be allowed on the market?

(Given the evisceration of the FDA, that’s likely a moot question.)

As for drawing a direct line from socialist principles to Stalin’s, Mao’s and Kim’s horrors, isn’t that akin to blaming Jesus (or his ghostwriter) for the Crusades, the Inquisition, and all the other obscene sins of historical and current “Christianity”?

But I did learn that Carter was a “principled politician”.

I’ll pass that along to the people of Haiti, among others:



Guantánamo Prisoners Launch Hunger Strike to Protest Base’s 10th Anniversary


Guantánamo Exclusive: Former Chief Prosecutor, Ex-Prisoner Call on Obama to Close Prison


NDAA: Obama Signs Law Restricting Transfer of Guantánamo Prisoners and Expands Indefinite Detention


Laid-Off Steelworker: Mitt Romney and Bain Capital Profited by Shutting Down Kansas Steel Plant



New Report Details Extent of US Military Reliance on Drones
by CommonDreams.org


Poor US Citizens Barter Their Way to Health
Maine clinic allows low-income residents to do yard work or other labor in exchange for medical help
by Al-Jazeera

*You have to ask why the US is one of the only “developed” nations where this even needs to be considered, don’t you?


Occupiers Target ‘Mayor 1% Emanuel’s’ Anti-Protest Ordinance
Occupy Rogers Park, Occupy the South Side campaign against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s NATO/G-8 ordinance; “This measure is a permanent attack on public protest in the City of Chicago.”
by CommonDreams.org

*The winds of chains blow through ChiTown


The Gospel of the Penniless, Jobless, Marginalized and Despised
by Chris Hedges

*I think there’s an analogy between Cone’s description of the redemptive power of black folks’ faith in the face of overwhelming oppression, and the role of our humanity in confronting what is very likely a hopeless struggle against the destruction of the conditions that make our existence possible.

The connection is that the ultimate goal is not success in the struggle, but in the realization of our moral selves through that struggle.  That is something no oppressor can deny us.  It is wholly contingent on our actions, individually and collectively.

If by our acts we can justly claim our humanity, then whatever the future holds, we can honestly say we have won.


Corporations Hate Taxes, So They Let the Children Pay
by Paul Buchheit

*A literal textbook case of child abuse


Witness Against Torture
Over Fifty Citizens on Ten Day Fast for Justice Carry Guantanamo Cell to President Obama’s Front Door
Commit to Maintaining a 92-hour Vigil Until January 11, Tenth Anniversary of Guantanamo


Institute for Public Accuracy
Crude Tragedy: Nigeria Repression and Austerity Lead to General Strike

*This illustrates the insanity of the profit system.

Nations like Nigeria have resources which, even if developed for their peoples’ benefit, will speed our descent into the hell on world we’re rushing toward, yet what else are they to do?

We have to unravel this Gordion knot, and move to a cooperative, money-free model that doesn’t force us into these damned if we do, damned if we don’t situations.


If PBS Is Afraid of Moyers, Maybe It Needs a New Slogan

*We shouldn’t put Moyers – or anyone else, for that matter – on a pedestal, but regardless, “PBS” can only stand for one thing today:



Drones, Asia and Cyber War: Pentagon Shifts Priorities in New Review; Budget Still Exceeds Bush Era


Death of Private Danny Chen: Military Admits Chen was Target of Race-Based Hazing on Daily Basis


As Arizona Remembers Tucson Shooting, Virginia Tech Massacre Survivor Calls for New Gun Control

*I think the Second Amendment has no relation to the nature of arms ownership today.  It’s an anachronism from a bygone time.

That said, the question of whether we should be able to own a gun isn’t straightforward.  Certainly guns do far more harm than good.  How many times have persons actually defended themselves or others using them, versus the murders, suicides, woundings and accidents their presence makes inevitable?

Does that mean they should be banned, or should they be allowed, but owners subject to stringent regulation, including thorough background checks and training?

My reading of the past history – and the present reality – of gun violence in this country leads me toward the former answer.  Even with effective regulation, in a society in which violence of all types is a defining characteristic, whatever benefit that may occasionally be derived will still be far outweighed by the damage done.

In such a society, I don’t think the two can be separated.  The only solution is to confront the causes of violence, and end the fear that induces us to arm ourselves.



BlackRock’s Surprising Reach into the US Economy
by Eileen Appelbaum


The Toll of Austerity: Eurozone Unemployment Hits New Record
Youth joblessness at 3.3 million in the eurozone
by CommonDreams.org


Florida Proposed Abortion Ban Would Put Doctors In Prison for Life
by Robin Marty
RH Reality Check

*Credo of the “pro-life”, safety net slashers

“If anyone’s gonna kill those babies, it’s gonna be us”


Ex-Commander of Guantanamo Prison: ‘Close It’
After Ten Years, Disparate Voices Call for Guantanamo Closure
by CommonDreams.org


Climate-Related Severe Weather Made 2011 Costliest Year on Record: Reports
2011 Disasters Make it Costliest Year on Record
by CommonDreams.org


The Cheery Jobs Report That Isn’t: Outlook Still Dismal
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Almost 24 million people are unemployed or underemployed.
by CommonDreams.org


Veterans for Peace See Costs of War Continuing
Michael Jacobsen, Evan Knappenberger, and Carole Edrehi


California Nurses Association/National Nurses United (CNA/NNU)
Nurses to Join Call for Healthcare for the 99% in Monday Rallies
Actions in Sacramento, Los Angeles to Challenge Insurance Giants, Seek Passage of Bill to Extend Guaranteed Care to All Californians


Public Citizen Applauds Obama Administration’s Continued Efforts to Reduce Teen Smoking; Appeal of Trade Pact Ruling Necessary First Step
Statement of Todd Tucker, Research Director, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

*It always rankles when groups like Public Citizen “applaud” gummint actions like this, regardless of whatever benefits (often limited and transitory) they may have for the public.

You don’t thank a burglar for leaving your stereo behind.  You want him arrested for the things he took with him.


When You Take Murdoch’s Leftovers, You Get Murdoch’s Sleaze

*Birds of a feather

Schlock together


Action Alert: NYT Misinforms on Iran Crisis

*The truth is the first casualty of war

Long before the first shots are fired


Institute for Public Accuracy
Money in Politics: Citizens United Setback in Montana; Gingrich Hoisted on Own Petard


Deportation of U.S. Teen to Colombia Latest Failure of Immigration System

*Don’t you imagine there were those within the ICE who knew this was wrong, who would have done something, but didn’t act for fear of the repercussions?

What does that tell you about the true purpose of the system?



Indiana Workers Stand against the ALEC Agenda and the Anti-Labor Bill Called the “Right to Work” (for Less)
by Lisa Graves

*Poison pastries from the cookie cutter from hell


Durban’s Climate Debacle
by Janet Redman


Secrets of Empire And Self-Deceptions Of Partisans
A howling defiance into the darkness of the corporate state night
by Phil Rockstroh

*Do we have the bus fare to travel from the ridiculous to the sublime?


Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Data Suggest Long-term Unemployment Substantially Higher than Official Level

*The bitter taste of a numbers fudge


Broad Coalition Opposes NDAA and Calls on President Obama to Keep His Promise and Shutter Guantanamo Bay Now
Groups will mark 10th anniversary of first detainees imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay with rally, human chain starting at White House; military, legal, religious and 9/11 families among speakers’ list


Citizens United Backlash Grows from Cali. to NYC Urging Congress to Overturn Corporate Personhood
Occupy New Hampshire Protester Takes Romney to Task for Declaring “Corporations Are People”


As Statehouse Row Erupts over GOP Bill, Indiana Reps Debate Curbs on Right to Organize Unions

*It’s truly inspiring, the level of respect and collegiality reflected here.

Jesus H. Christ …

But even if he couldn’t bring himself to call Friend on his baldfaced lie about the intent of the bill, at least Battles did make clear the impact of right-to-work laws in the employee paradises of the South and West.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is the Military Budget Really Being Cut?

*Taking a nail clipper to Godzilla



Ron Paul Would Allow ‘Open Season’ on Union Organizers
by Mike Elk
In These Times

*Why does the old union hymn, “Which Side Are You On?”, float up from my brainpan?


Speeding Up Security: The TSA Wants to Screen Before They Scan
by Lena Groeger

*Fly the friendly skies

For a fee

(Oh, and forfeiting your privacy rights)


States Take On Citizens United
Montana legal ruling a possible game-changer for states; California lawmakers introduce legislation to overturn Citizens United
by CommonDreams.org


Forced Military Testing in America’s Schools
by Pat Elder


A Bill of Rights for Occupied Communities
A bill of rights that protects the rights to people and nature, but removes them from corporations? Your community could be next.
by Thomas Linzey and Jeff Reifman

*It doesn’t go far enough – very little does – but I thought it a concept worth consideration


Super PACs Are Super Ruining Our Democracy
by Lisa Graves

*They pay the bills

We pay the price


Cornucopia Institute
Wholesale Approval of Genetically Engineered Foods
Obama Administration Disappoints/Angers Public
Agent Orange Herbicide Ingredient Would be Widely Used


Santorum’s Emergence Signals Divided GOP Base While Paul Gains from Dems’ Disenchantment with Obama

*I hope Fallon’s speaking for himself.  If alliances with pick-your-prejudice Tea Baggers and support for a heartless bastard like Paul is the direction taken by Occupy, they can head off that way without me, I tell you what.



Exposed: The Military’s Freakiest ‘Non-Lethal’ Weapon Ideas
by Katie Drummond
Wired.com/Danger Room


TransCanada Whistleblower: Keystone XL Pipeline Not Safe
by Mike Klink

*Pipe dreams

And nightmares


The End of War for Whom?
by Sarah Lazare

*A moving piece on the spoilage of war


Debacle! Iraq, Afghanistan and the End of US Supremacy
How Two Wars in the Greater Middle East Revealed the Weakness of the Global Superpower
by Tom Engelhardt

*A wounded beast is at its most dangerous


National Priorities Project
Federal Money Keeps Iowa, New Hampshire Afloat
National Priorities Project examines federal money in state budgets, and direct federal support to individuals.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Santorum on Iran: Ignorance or Lies?

*It’s a moot question, isn’t it?

Since when did the facts figure into someone like Santorum’s actions?


Occupy Iowa Caucuses

*Democrats appropriate the talk

And arrest the walk


Super PACs, Occupy Iowa Protests and a Surging Rick Santorum: Iowa GOP Caucus Begins 2012 Race


“Pity the Billionaire”: Thomas Frank on the “Unlikely Comeback of the Right” Ahead of Iowa Caucus

*It’s hard to listen to the silliness regarding what Obama “could do”, when no one with a lick of sense thinks he’ll do anything other than what his oligarchical backers tell him to.  He’ll pull out the “Hope and Change” ™ playbook from 2008, and sadly some will fall for it yet again, and he’ll most likely win by default, then get back to the business of running the economy, the nation and the planet over the cliff.

But what do you expect from someone like Frank – by no means an exception, of course – who reveres FDR as this progressive icon, rather than the savior of capitalist bacon.  I’d imagine many industrialists and bankers were no friends of his, but others understood that a change had to happen, to stave off true revolt, and quietly backed his policies.

For that not be acknowledged, on a show billed as “the exception to the rulers”, indicates just how ill-served we all too often are by “independent media”.


New Audio of Hannity’s Homophobic History

*Isn’t it interesting how the perverts are often so obsessed with “perversion”?

per·vert (vt)

1. lead somebody away from good: to lead somebody or something away from what is considered good, normal, moral, or proper
2. misinterpret or distort something: to misinterpret or distort something such as a piece of text
3. use something improperly: to use something incorrectly or improperly


Time Cheers the Drone War

*There’s a certain twisted (What else?) logic to this.

You name “The Protester” Person of the Year …

Then gush about what increasingly will be used to provide “essential
info” on them.

See how nicely it fits?

Just like an orange jumpsuit.


Grading George Will on Student Loan Debt

*Would Will be willing to share his intel on this college-to-career pipeline, where everyone who graduates immediately moves into a well-paying job?

There are a hefty number of unemployed college grads who’d be grateful for the info.


Pentagon Investigates Pentagon Pundits Scandal

*A brass band plays in the echo chamber

Drowning out the death rattles



Ohio Fracking Wells Closed After Earthquakes
by CommonDreams.org


Obama’s Only Friend Left?
by Russ Baker

*With friends like these

Is it any wonder who’s the enemy?


End of the Pro-Democracy Pretense
by Glenn Greenwald


On Anniversary of Gaza War, We Will Remember IDF Soldiers Who Destroyed Palestinian Families
On the third anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, we must recall the other, nameless soldiers, guided by the spirit of the army’s top brass.
by Amira Hass

*I remember a powerful work by editorial artist Tony Auth from 1982 of the spirit of a Holocaust survivor looking on in horror as Israel invaded Lebanon.

Thirty years on, and his devastation remains.


The NDAA’s Historic Assault on American Liberty
By signing into law the NDAA, the president has awarded the military extraordinary powers to detain US citizens without trial
by Jonathan Turley

*Do you look good in orange?


Obama Crowned Himself on New Year’s Eve
by David Swanson

*Now we know the Newspeak definition of “flexibility”


The Euro Crisis in 7 Simple Charts: They’re telling you a real pack of lies
by John Weeks

*Any Keynesian “fix” within the context of the current system is superficial, as it can only ameliorate its unjust effects, not eradicate them.

But Weeks’ exposure of the propaganda justifying austerity is quite valuable.


Crackpot Anti-Islam Activists, “Serial Fabricators” and the Tale of Iran and 9/11
by Gareth Porter

*The fact is, the facts can’t speak for themselves.

Someone has to speak them – clearly, loudly, and consistently – for them to be truly heard.

And that has no relation to the function of the corporate media, does it?


Beyond Nuclear
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Agrees to Public Request to Review Dangerous Vents on US Fukushima-Style Reactors and Lack of Emergency Power for Cooling Waste Pools


Year of Global Uprisings, from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street: A Special Look Back at 2011

*A year to remember

An obligation we can’t forget



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