August 2012


Iran Rejects Latest IAEA Report; Charges Atomic Body with Having ‘Political Motivations’
– Common Dreams staff

We Are Writing the Epilogue to the World We Knew
by John Atcheson

*To any rational mind

Hope is foolish

To any humane heart

It’s superfluous

We don’t play the game because we expect to win

But because it’s the only thing that gives us meaning

There may be nothing on the other side

But it’s certain there’s nothing of value on this side

If we don’t let our humanity guide our actions

Election 2012 and the Media: A Vast Rightwing Conspiracy of Stupid
by Glenn Greenwald

*A slight alteration to H.L. Mencken’s observation that “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”:

No network or newspaper ever went broke undermining the intelligence of the American public.

For Julian Assange, Justice Foreclosed
by JoAnn Wypijewski

*A terrorist coloring book …

Perhaps not “only in America”

But we own the copyright.

And something tells me there are no pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Or of families blown to bits in drone strikes

Unless they’ve been edited to exclude all but “military age males”.

I Must Serve My Clients, The Whales
I can do that far better commanding the Sea Shepherd fleet than I can defending myself from bogus charges by Japan
by Paul Watson

Jeb Bush: How Shopping for Milk Is Like Choosing a School
by Valerie Strauss

*Lugging the milk pails for the profiteers

Center for Biological Diversity
Wyoming Wolves Lose Federal Protection, Will Be Shot on Sight Across Most of State
Lawsuit Launched Challenging Wyoming’s Kill-at-will Policy

*It’s pretty goddamn obvious who’s more deserving of the “predatory species” label here, isn’t it?

Everglades Earth First!
Earth First! Blockades Florida’s Dirtiest Power Plant on the Heels of Romney’s RNC Acceptance Speech

*Smokescreens and smokestacks

One blinds

The other maims and kills

Burying the Most Important News on Iran’s Nuclear Program?

*It’s only “hard to fathom” why the corpress is providing cover for the warmongers if you believe they otherwise operate in a rational manner.

Last time I checked, Mr. Spock wasn’t on the editorial board of the Times or the Post.

Live long and prosper?

Not bloody likely, if these bastards continue to fulfill their function as flacks for the folks with the fortunes.

Backed by Record Campaign War Chest, Romney Accepts GOP Presidential Nomination in Tampa

*Divorced from reality

Married to the monied

Glenn Greenwald on the Justice Dept.’s Rejection of CIA Torture Prosecutions After 3-Year Probe

*This vividly illustrates the pantomime between the two parties.

The Republicans demonize Dear Misleader, and the racist subtext can’t be ignored, yet he covers for their sins here and in so many other areas.


Keep in mind that as a senator, his and his party’s hands were far from clean on this.  At most, lip service was paid to the Geneva Convention and fundamental legal principles by all but a pitifully small handful of Democratic legislators.

So this is about both self-interest, and serving their masters.

Which speaks to Greenwald’s point on the issues of empire and who rules.

That’s what matters most to the plutocrats, and so that’s where you’ll find the most unanimity.

And the least light shone by the corpress, the co-conspirators in this shameless charade.

“Democracy Is Not a Business”: Bringing Progressive Voice to RNC, CODEPINK Disrupts Romney Speech

*Isn’t it ironic that these fanatics love to paint protesters as dangerously anti-social, yet engage in chokeholds, spitting and other acts of utter intolerance?

And reproductive rights are an economic issue, as pointed out by Randy Moody in one of yesterday’s segments.  How effectively women are able to plan their families, or plan not to have one, is intimately connected to their economic welfare.

Key Florida “Stand Your Ground” Backer Bill Bunting Questioned on Killing of Trayvon Martin

*I don’t want this to be “Dump on DN! Week”, but I have to say that it seems Goodman and company are often ill-prepared with their questions and their reactions in these situations.

Here, pointing out the insane lack of thorough background checks or required training would have left Bunting fumbling for a response, don’t you think?

These bastards want an employer to know the most minute detail about a prospective employee, but when it comes to possession of a deadly weapon …

And no sane person would think that owning a gun’s any less dangerous than driving a car, and yet …

Of course, sanity isn’t the first quality that comes to mind when you think of a Republican delegate, is it?

Federal Court Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law in Ruling That Could Help Decide 2012 Election

*There’s more to voter suppression that ID requirements, such as curtailing early voting.

How does that in any way “combat voter fraud”?

It’s a rhetorical question, and one that puts the lie to the Republicans’ transparently false premise, doesn’t it?


Canada Orders War Resister to Be Deported Back to US
Kimberly Rivera must leave Canada by Sept. 20
– Common Dreams staff

*Keep this in mind when Dear Misleader pays tribute to “our brave men and women fighting for freedom” next week in Charlotte.

Beneath Melting Antarctica, Powerful Greenhouse Gas Lurks
Study suggests as much as 4 billion tons of methane sits beneath melting ice sheets
– Common Dreams staff

Want to Keep Track of Drone Strikes? There’s Not an App for That
Wired reports on drone strike app that is repeatedly rejected by Apple
– Common Dreams staff

*A more accurate definition of “crude and objectionable”


‘Massacre’: Scores of Amazon Indigenous Tribe Members Killed by Miners
Up to 80 Yanomami in Venezuela killed by Brazilian gold miners
– Common Dreams staff

Which Way Will The Pendulum Swing? Chicago Teachers Give Notice of Strike
by Kari Lydersen
In These Times

*With so much attention focused on the orgy of oligarchism in Tampa

Let’s not forget which party holds the mayor’s office here

And who one of its occupant’s best buds is.

Challenging Big Labor to Fight for a Living Wage
by Ralph Nader

*Paper tigers

In a savage jungle

Public Citizen
Let the Scams Begin – SEC’s Proposed Rule on Private Offerings Encourages Risky Financial Industry Practices
Statement of Bartlett Naylor, Financial Policy Advocate, Public Citizen’s Congress Watch Division

*A blessing of snake oil

Institute for Public Accuracy
Romney’s Bishophood and Mormonism

*Although this raises a serious question around the separation of church and state, I think we know who Romney takes his orders from.

And it’s an issue of plutocracy

Rather than theocracy.

Matt Taibbi: The Secret to Mitt Romney’s Fortune? Greed, Debt and Forcing Others to Foot the Bill

*Worth reading for the intel, but Taibbi’s seeming romanticizing of the old line industrialists, who were viciously anti-union and at best paternalistic toward their workers (and at worst, much worse), I think exposes a myopia toward how all forms of capitalism are based on exploitation.

Industrialization good

Financialization bad

His comments about Romney’s views on lying strain credulity, as well.  Unless the guy’s psychotic, he knows goddamn good and well why his lies aren’t just accepted as “standard business practice”.

Even if they are just that.

GOP VP Nominee Paul Ryan Projects Folksy Appeal with Misleading Account of His Record and Hometown

*You could skip past Nichols here and not lose much, but while Conniff was more worthwhile, I have to look askance at her remarks on Ryan’s “chutzpah”.

It really is nothing of the sort, is it?

He knows the corpress won’t press him on his lies – and Nichols is spot on with that label, although his hesitation to use it makes you roll your eyes – and the Dems won’t either … not on the larger issues of political philosophy, because when it comes right down to it, they share some fundamental tenets regarding who should hold power in this “democracy”.

And it doesn’t make much sense to call the bastard a liar, then say that he really believes what he’s saying, does it?

This may come across as so much kvetching, but when we need truly radical analysis – and by that I mean views that don’t merely criticize the power structure, but focus on the existential injustice that it propagates – DN! has to be said to be found profoundly wanting.

We need an actual “breaking with convention”.

Not a mere slogan.


Corporations: Yes, We’re Moving Abroad to Get Lower Tax Rates
– Common Dreams staff

*Makes those chants of “USA! USA!” at the RNC ring rather hollow, doesn’t it?

Not that that wouldn’t be the case in Charlotte, as well.

Montreal Student Strike Continues after Classes Forced to Reopen
Two days of student protests, arrests after Bill 78 forces students back
– Common Dreams staff

Correspondence and Collusion Between the New York Times and the CIA
Mark Mazzetti’s emails with the CIA expose the degradation of journalism that has lost the imperative to be a check to power
by Glenn Greenwald


On steroids

ALEC Goes After the Center for Media and Democracy
by Lisa Graves

*Let loose the dogs of warp

International Rivers et alia
Supreme Court Judge Overturns Suspension of Belo Monte Dam
Brazilian Supreme Court Caves to Executive Pressure

*The road to dam nation

Center for Biological Diversity
Lawsuit Launched to Protect Endangered Species From Fracking in California
Risky Drilling Technique Threatens Condor, Other Wildlife on Monterey Shale

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
The Small-Dollar Loan Problem
Payday loans and the “debt trap”

Hilarious Bill O’Reilly Spoof Site…. Right?

*O’Reilly’s got one thing right.

You cannot get more liberal than the speakers lineup he reeled off.

Because the party wouldn’t allow it.

Which tells you a good deal about the definition of “liberal”, doesn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
New Orleans Now

*A natural disaster

Followed by a man made one

RNC Launches with Tea Party’s Ted Cruz, Ann Romney and a “We Built It” Theme Shaped by Karl Rove

*I’m not entirely sure why I’m posting this.  It’s largely sort of insider politics stuff that may have some value, but when I think of what DN! could be spending its time on, it seems a relative waste of airtime.

And again, there’s this penchant for having on some corpress rep who supposedly has some expertise in a certain area, who then proceeds to make abundantly clear how limited and biased his perspective really is.

Take whatever they’ve revealed of value, and get someone on who can put it in a rational context, rather than this foolishness.

Paul is “a very principled guy”?

Schmoozing with Birchers backs up that contention, doesn’t it?

Perhaps Slater means that he isn’t a hypocrite, relatively speaking.

But it’s not a matter of simply sticking to your principles, is it?  It’s about what those principles are.

And Paul’s principles leave us fending for ourselves, rather than working with and for each other.

Those are principles no one should be commended for faithfulness to.

Mitt & Ann Romney Cast Aside “Moderate” Record on Abortion, Social Issues in Appeal to Extremist GOP

*Again, good Romney buddy Anderson was pretty much a waste of time, but Carpentier made a salient point about the stereotypical “soccer mom” Ann Romney was pimping to, and the insult inherent in that approach.

Presidential Hopeful Rocky Anderson: Dems, GOP United in Stymying Third-Party Candidacies in U.S.

Despite Focus on Convention Floor, Major Decisions at RNC Made by Wealthy Donors Behind Closed Doors

*Shaking the moneymakers

Hurricane Isaac Makes Landfall in Louisiana, Threatening New Orleans with Heavy Flooding

*I’m wondering about the degree of homogeneity among rescuers and rescued.

Chaos on the Convention Floor as RNC Blocks Ron Paul Delegates, Alters Seating Rules

*Of course this is a control grab, and all I have to say to those upset by it is …

It’s the friggin’ Republican Party.

What the hell did you expect?

You lie down with dogs …

In Ascent to GOP’s Top Ranks, “Money & Pandering” Leads Paul Ryan to Drop Opposition to Cuba Embargo

*I’m wondering why Ryan initially supported relations.  Was it that there was an influential portion of the Cuban immigrant population that wanted to reconnect with Cuba – not out of any love for the government, of course – and that grouping was eclipsed by the current Cuban American “leadership”?

Regardless, it appears Ryan has more than a bit of Romney in him, doesn’t it, contrary to what the Tea Baggers would wish to believe.


Learning to Hate Longhorn Football
by Robert Jensen

*Winning isn’t everything

It isn’t even the only thing

It’s all things in a society defined by winning and losing

And which defines us by our position in the standings

Meteorologists Adjust Official Stance: Human Activity Causing Climate Change
New language removes ambiguity from group’s previous statements on global warming and extreme weather
– Common Dreams staff

*Printing Sunday’s forecast

In Monday’s paper

UN: Gaza Won’t Be ‘Liveable’ by 2020 Without ‘Herculean’ Efforts
– Common Dreams staff

New Mileage Standards Encourage More Gas-guzzling, Not Less: Report
– Common Dreams staff

*Nothing says “EPA”

Like a rigged reg

Iran Call for Nuclear Abolition by 2025 is Unreported by New York Times
by Alice Slater

*A dyslexia of journalistic duty

For the Times, it’s “All the news that’s printed to fit”

How the US and Israeli Justice Systems Whitewash State Crimes
Courts are supposed to check the abuse of executive power, not cravenly serve it. But in the US and Israel, that is now the case
by Glenn Greenwald

*A tragical triad




Our Hunger Games
by Vandana Shiva

*Sewing the seeds of sanity

A Bold New Call for a ‘Maximum Wage’
A national labor leader aims to expand the economic fairness debate.
by Sam Pizzigati

*Now, if we were truly serious about economic justice, we’d be talking about an end to wages, for wages are what bosses pay us …

And we don’t need bosses to make this world work, do we?

But very few of us actually do talk about that, however “progressive” we say we are.

And if we don’t *talk* about it, how do we expect anyone to actually *do* anything about it?

Maybe we don’t.

And if that’s the case, we need to talk about just why we don’t.

Don’t we?

She’s Just an Easy-Bake Oven: How the GOP and the Anti-Choice Movement See Women
by Amanda Marcotte

*Call it eggs benediction

And women aren’t being poached

They’re being boiled

Food & Water Watch
Rastetter Tried to Use Taxpayer Funding for Tanzanian Land Grab
Newly Released USDA Documents Reveal AgriSol Sought International Food Aid Funds

Institute for Public Accuracy
Israeli Court “Blames All But Who Killed Rachel Corrie”

Party Time: RNC Awash in Corporate, Lobbyist-Funded Events for GOP Delegates and Lawmakers

*Party monsters

And the Doctor Frankensteins who pay for their rampages

As do we

In blood and treasure

As ID Laws Risk Disenfranchisement, Intimidation Fears Grow with Tea Party Group’s “Poll Watcher”

*From the blunt instrument of the poll tax

To the veiled poleax of “voter ID”

Rachel Corrie’s Parents Denounce Israeli Military Exoneration for 2003 Killing in Gaza

*Blaming the victim

For having a conscience

The Rise of Marco Rubio: Manuel Roig-Franzia on the Emergence of GOP, Tea Party’s Rising Latino Star

*From the party that gave you “birthers”

Now, can you imagine the hay the Republicans would make of a rising Democratic star with more holes in his origin story than a Swiss cheese used for target practice?

And can you imagine the corpress giving it as little play as they are to Rubio’s false narrative?

And that “we’ll have to respect him” for in all likelihood lying about his knowledge of all this is precisely what you might expect a Post reporter to say, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you have loved to have heard Goodman ask him, “Why?”

Storm Cancels RNC’s First Day, But Hundreds Brave Tampa’s Wind and Rain to Protest GOP Agenda

*What if New Orleans and elsewhere were as prepared for what might well happen with Isaac as these bastards are for what will not happen on the streets of Tampa?

And they know it.

Workers at Bain-Owned Illinois Factory Bring Fight to Save Their Outsourced Jobs to Romney and RNC

*Even as I feel for what these folks are going through, I can’t help thinking that, were the shoe on the other foot, they’d be all too happy to take jobs away from Chinese workers.

This shouldn’t be about China or “communism” or “USA!”.

It should be about worker solidarity, about standing together against the exploiters, whether they are American or Chinese or Indian or any other nationality.

And it should be about confronting the governments of those countries, who don’t give a damn about their people, either in having them lose jobs here, or working in terrible conditions abroad.

I’d like to see that message on the signs and the lips of these workers.

I’d have more hope that they, and their counterparts around the world, might find the dignity they deserve, were that the case.


‘What Our Society Is Made of’: Former IDF Soldiers Confess Abuse of Palestinian Children
– Common Dreams staff

Healing Our Health Care System
Unsafe nurse-to-patient staffing levels are a key cause of 98,000 preventable deaths each year.
by Deborah Burger

*Doing the math

To decline the body count

The Best Laid Plans: How Quickly Will the US Leave Afghanistan?
by Tom Engelhardt

*Reading Engelhardt can be a stone exercise in frustration.

“No strategic value”?  Oil and gas pipeline routes (TAPI, anyone?) apparently don’t qualify, nor does geostrategic positioning in an area coveted by economic and political rivals.

The US was “welcomed”?  Something tells me the families of the slaughtered in the initial bombing campaign weren’t feeling particularly hospitable, and that these “insider attacks” owe at least some of their impetus to that carnage.

This may seem unfair to the man – after all, he is opposed to what the US is doing there – but when you make these sorts of errors and omissions on a not infrequent basis, I think it’s legitimate to point them out.

Would you agree?

The Pacific “Free Trade” Deal That’s Anything But Free
The draft TPP deal may grant new patent privileges and restrict net freedom, but it’s secret – unless you’re a multinational CEO
by Dean Baker

*” … worried about the TPP text getting in the hands of terrorists … “

Anyone who’s been unable to afford a life-saving drug for themselves or their children understands the depthless irony in that claimed concern, don’t you think?

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Private Equity and Breach of Trust

*Call them the Versace Vampires

If NYT ‘Overloved’ Occupy, It Had a Funny Way of Showing It

*”Liberal” is a useful appellation for the Times, as it allows it to piss on those truly challenging the power structure without the protofascist baggage of a Fox News or New York Post.

It legitimizes their jaundiced perspective among those who claim abhorrence toward those outlets … those who truly engage in “pantomime progressivism”.

I’ve alluded to this before, but I think it merits an encore performance:


Institute for Public Accuracy
Tropical Storm Isaac’s Destruction Another “Unnatural Disaster” in Haiti

*A perfect storm

Of perfidy

Tropical Storm Isaac Spares Tampa Ahead of RNC, But Massive Security Operation Has City on Lockdown

*Enlightening, and enlightened, history of the area given by Lorei, but I have to disagree with his framing of the police state that’s sprung up around this paean to plutocracy.

The “security” forces know goddamn good and well there is no “threat”, in the sense of physical danger, and so this massive presence isn’t about overkill, but rather about killing any challenge to the message being spewed out of this amalgamation of the garish and the ghoulish.

And isn’t it a profound irony that the festivities had to be delayed by a not unlikely manifestation of a phenomenon the partygoers claim – make that exclaim – doesn’t exist?

A sad shame it couldn’t limit its impact to simply flooding that stadium.

Left Out of the RNC, Supporters Hold Farewell Gathering for Libertarian Favorite Ron Paul



Despite Tropical Storm Isaac and Massive Security, Activists Plan Protest March Outside RNC in Tampa

“The Real Romney”: Veteran Reporter Michael Kranish on Mitt Romney’s Embrace of GOP’s Rightward Turn

*I think it’s instructive to contrast Romney’s allegiance to right wing principles with Obama’s presumed leftward leanings.

It isn’t quite this neat, but in general, both are opportunists, spouting the rhetoric they feel will benefit their political careers.

The difference is that Romney furthers the cause of those he doesn’t actually share the faith with, while Obama’s supposed populism is a smokescreen for a corporatist agenda, and a rejection of the real thing.

Of course, it should be said that Romney’s agnosticism is relegated to social issues.  When it comes to matters of empire and economy, he is a true believer, wouldn’t you say?

Hailed by GOP But Reviled by Labor, Union-Busting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Protested in Tampa

*Jesus …

(Not *their* Jesus, to be clear.)

The real question is how the folks in Wisconsin – and I’m one of them – “deal with all the grief” this bastard and his backers are causing them.

It’s not just fish that are getting fried here.

And for poor and working folks, it’s a daily dunk in the oil of heartless opportunism.

The state’s motto may be “Forward”

But this puppy’s been wrenched into “Reverse”

And it’s backing up over the lives of all but the dastards in the driver’s seat.

Top GOP Leaders Tout Fundamentalist Views in Bid to Drum Up Massive Religious Voter Turnout

*There’s some seemingly useful intel here regarding GOP strategy and tactics, but if Stan’s remark that there are “real threats” to Israel is indicative of her fealty to factuality, I think I’d want independent verification of her reportage in other realms.

Green Party VP Candidate Cheri Honkala Joins “Romneyville” Encampment to Give Voice to the Poor


Immigrants March in Greece Against Racist Attacks
– Common Dreams staff

Risk of Voter Suppression Resurfaces: Wisconsin Attorney General Seeks to Reinstate Voter ID Law
by Brendan Fischer
PR Watch

*Never say “Die”

(Unless it’s in dreams of a death penalty in Wisconsin)

Arizonification of the Republican Platform
by Jeff Biggers

*From sunny Arizona to sunny Florida

The darkness descends

Katrina Pain Index 2012: 7 Years After
by Bill Quigley and Davida Finger

*The color of hard times in the Big Easy

Argentina to Maintain Use of Agrochemicals
by Teresa Bo

*You know, you never hear of rich people becoming ill or dying from these dangers.

I think this merits serious scientific research into this puzzling phenomenon, don’t you?

Center for Biological Diversity
Wilmington Joins National Call for Action on Climate Change
City’s Port, Water Supply Threatened by Sea-level Rise

From the frying pan, into the fire?
by Cathy Breen

*For Iraqi refugees, fear and hardship respect no borders

Thirsting for Justice
by Kathy Kelly

*The water trickles

The waste flows

Institute for Public Accuracy
Cuba’s Hurricane Preparedness: A Model for Florida and the Gulf Coast?

*The unlikelyness ot teaching an old attack dog new tricks

Pointing Out How the Magician Does His Tricks Would Just Be Rude

*I see Romney as less of a magician

And more of a three card monte dealer.

That, of course, goes for his major party opponent, as well.

No one loses at a magic show.

We all lose no matter the outcome come November.

Paul Ryan and Jesus Christ

*I wouldn’t consider Benedict much of an advocate for following the teachings of Jesus – or his ghostwriters – but the point’s taken.

If he were alive today – assuming he ever was – something tells me that he wouldn’t be on the Sunday talk shows pimping this money changer’s wet dream.

And how many times do you think he would have been pepper sprayed, or perhaps had the literally holy shit beat out of him?

The boy’s had his character defamed by bastards like Ryan for the last couple of millenia.  Even Der Fuhrer got in on the act.

He really needs a goddamn good civil attorney, don’t you think?

NYPD Admits Muslim Spy Program Generated No Leads or Terrorism Investigations — Only Controversy

*I think it’s important to be clear that even had this led to legitimate arrests, that would in no way justify the tactics used, would it?

If it does, the entire rationale for probable cause and due process is rendered moot.

And there are many who would be fine with that.

As long as it’s the lot of “the other” to suffer the consequences.

Greenpeace’s Kumi Naidoo Live from Occupied Russian Arctic Oil Rig While Being Hit with Water Cannon

Book Reveals Extensive Effort by Reagan, FBI to Undermine California’s Student Movement in 1960s

*Rosenfeld continues with the meme that the reason the FBI, Reagan et alia engaged in these abhorrent actions is a fear of “subversion”, rather than to counter a threat to the power structure.

That to me is akin to saying that whites oppressed, and murdered, blacks in the South, and elsewhere, because they saw them as a danger to “their women” and to society at large.

What persons like these may rationalize, even to themselves, to justify their acts of terror, and their true motivations are distinctly separate entities, and giving those rationalizations any credence, even while decrying those acts, serves to perpetuate a climate in which they will be emulated.

I don’t believe Howard Zinn had quite the same perspective on this subject that Seth Rosenfeld does, do you?

“Be Honest About the History of Our Country”: Remembering the People’s Historian Howard Zinn at 90

*We can live by the values that have built this country

Or we can by the values that may still save it


Massive Student Protests Return to Streets of Montreal
– Common Dreams staff

Romney Promises ‘Aggressive’ Drilling Offshore and on Federal Land
– Common Dreams staff

*Romney’s designs may be Obama’s plans on steroids

But it’s the essentially the same physique

And Dear Misleader’s pumping plenty of iron of his own

South Africa Approves ‘Made in Palestinian Territories’ Labels, Facing Israeli Condemnation
– Common Dreams staff

Howard Zinn at 90 — Lessons from the People’s Historian
by Bill Bigelow

*History may be written by the rulers

But it is made by those who refuse to be ruled

The Bizarre, Unhealthy, Blinding Media Contempt for Julian Assange
It is possible to protect the rights of the complainants in Sweden and Assange’s rights against political persecution, but a vindictive thirst for vengeance is preventing that.
by Glenn Greenwald

*Corpress dues

And corpress “don’t”s

Assange hasn’t paid the former

And now he’s paying for the latter

Syria’s ‘Rebel Army? They’re a Gang of Foreigners’
Robert Fisk hears the Syrian forces’ justification for a battle that is tearing apart one of the world’s oldest cities.
by Robert Fisk

*I’m not clear on Fisk’s perspective here.

It may be that he assumes his readers are better informed on the region than many are, including me.

The Human Cost of War on Iran
As Israel threatens to bomb Iran, U.S. pundits are again pontificating about the necessity of war and opining about military tactics. Left out of their frame is the certainty of mass human suffering, a reality forgotten since the days of the Vietnam War, says former U.S. intelligence analyst Elizabeth Murray
by Elizabeth Murray

*Inhumanity is normalized

When humanity is rendered esoteric

How an American Disaster Paved the Way for Big Oil’s Rise — and Possible Fall — in Iraq
Mission Accomplished for Big Oil?
by Greg Muttitt

*The oil flows

The corruption grows

But the people know

And rise to say “NO!”

Daring to hope

That they can make it so

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Settles National Voter Registration Act Case

*Step one is being able to register to vote

Step two is actually being able to vote

Step three is having someone or something worth voting for

The first two have relatively little meaning without the last, don’t you think?

Americans for Safe Access
California Supreme Court Throws Out Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban Case As Moot High Court prohibits municipalities from using Pack v. City of Long Beach to ban dispensaries

Institute for Public Accuracy
Who Runs the Presidential Debates?

*No debate about the rigging of this game, is there?

Politicians Lie– And Reporters Can’t Report That

*Why just repeat the lies?

I think a major reason is that the corpress – and NPR is certainly part of that, in spirit if not in actual structure – shares the same ideological foundation as the political system.

And if you dig too deeply under that foundation, you put yourself as well as your subjects at risk.

Journalistic integrity’s all well and good.

But let’s not get fanatical about it.

Missing From LAT Report on Romney’s Energy Plan: Journalism

*”Features of the plan, a contrast to Obama’s, include Keystone XL and new offshore oil drilling.”

Doesn’t this qualify as a classic non sequitur?

Keystone was all set, before being postponed – some of it, at any rate – and the admin’s headlong rush to open up the oceans north and south is a drooling platform for the oil and gas oligarchs.

Call it a bipartisan gang rape of Mother Earth.

Was Bay Area Radical, Black Panther Arms Supplier Richard Aoki an Informant for the FBI?

*Hard to know what to think here.  I don’t believe there’s a clear case for either reality, do you?

But what is clear is the reality of infiltration and manipulation occurring today, and I think it behooves every group that might be a target to honestly confront that reality.

Paranoia must be avoided, but thinking about and developing methods of identifying and counteracting gummint subversion is to my mind an essential component of any successful struggle.

“Subversives”: How the FBI Fought the 1960s Student Movement and Aided Reagan’s Rise to Power

*Either Rosenfeld is being careless in his comments, or he is accepting the rationale that these heinous acts were carried out in the name of “national security”, however erroneously it was viewed by Hoover et alia.

Whatever level of sincere belief might have existed among some of the persecutors – and sincerity does not in any way equate to legitimacy – the fact is that these activists represented a threat to the power structure, not to the nation, and that’s why they were targeted.

The idea of “innocent” victims is troubling in this context.  Whether someone was engaged in “subversive” activity or not, none of them should have been subjected to these police state tactics.

Too often the act of political persecution is condemned, but the facade of its reasoning is left standing.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Questions About Sweden’s Actions in Assange Case

Arctic Ice Melting At Startlingly Rapid Rate
– Common Dreams staff

*Corpress equation on climate change

Much heat

Little light

America Trashes Forty Percent of Food Supply: Report
– Common Dreams staff

*Troubling trash talk

About the only things I toss are banana peels and avocado skins.  I realize it’s more difficult with persnickety little ones – and big ones – but Momma got it right when she admonished us that “It’s a sin to waste food.”

Mother didn’t always know best, but she popped this puppy square on the noggin, didn’t she?

Soaring Number of West Nile Virus Cases Set to Increase with Climate Change
– Common Dreams staff

Wall Street Tightens Grip on Public Water as Local Residents Suffer
– Common Dreams staff

*It’s odd that one reason given for opposing these private hijackings is that gummints don’t know how to “properly negotiate these deals”, don’t you think?

They shouldn’t be negotiated at all, should they?  We’re talking public entities, which exist for the sole purpose of providing residents with vital services, and there’s no place for profit in that paradigm.

Which, of course, is why these bastards want to shift it.

The Five Most Under-Reported Stories of the Summer
by Peter Rothberg

*What you don’t know

Can hurt far more folks than just you

Forcible Murder is a Heinous Crime (in Support of Todd Akin)
by Caroline Hamilton

*In your face satire

Of in your face sexism

Looking for Kids’ Books? Avoid This Propaganda
by Rebekah Wilce

*Young minds

And terrible things from waste

AT&T: Pay Me, Screw Net Neutrality
by Craig Aaron

*”A world of possibilities”

As long as you have a feckless FCC

NY Times and the Myth of ‘U.S. Ideals’

*When you can’t ignore the present

You obscure the past

Another Liberal Media Hit Job on Paul Ryan

*And here I thought “the most substantive of all issues” might be something like …


And if Ryan’s as deep as Palin is shallow

Maybe we might want to re-check our depth plumbs for her.

Whaddaya think? .

Akin Defies GOP Pleas to Exit Missouri Senate Race Before Deadline After Rape Comments Spark Uproar

*Is a part of the foot firmly inserted in Todd Akin’s mouth

The Achilles’ heel of the Republican Party?

Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom: Craig Unger on Stolen Votes, Political Attacks, Billionaire Ties

*”MC Rove” … Jesus.

Talk about dancing with the devil.

This is required reading.  But before any Democrat backers go off on how it’s essential to elect them to avoid the corruption of the judiciary outlined here, let me ask …

How many Democrats are raising holy hell about this subversion of democracy?

You had consecutive presidential elections stolen.

Is this a campaign issue?

Both parties know the game.  The Democrats will never close it down, despite whatever harm may be inflicted on them, because the aim of the game is to serve power.

And an honest democracy serves the people, not power.

Is that a conspiracy theory?

After close to a quarter of a millenium of example after example, I don’t think you can call it a theory anymore, can you?


240 Million Americans to Lose Protections From Coal Pollution
US Court Throws Out EPA Coal Pollution Rule, Leaves Millions Exposed to Harmful Emissions
– Common Dreams staff

*The foul fumes of “the free flow of commerce”

In Drought Crisis, Company Sees Profit Opportunity
As drought consequences increase, UN agencies call for global action plans while one company is eyeing profits from the crisis
– Common Dreams staff

*The black magic of the market

Record Radiation Found in Fish off Fukushima
– Common Dreams staff

A World of Hillbilly Heroin: The Hollowing Out of America, Up Close and Personal
by Chris Hedges
Illustration by Joe Sacco

*An unbearable existence

Darker than the mines at midnight

No Person Shall Be Deprived of Life, Liberty or Property… Unless the Oil and Gas Industry Says So
by Alison Grass

*Eminent domination

Human Rights Critics of Russia and Ecuador Parade Their Own Hypocrisy
The media’s new converts to civic freedom over the Pussy riot and Assange asylum affairs show a jingoism blind to US abuses
by Glenn Greenwald

*External outrage

Internal enablement

As Romney and Ryan Dissemble, RNC Prepares Radical Anti-Choice Platform Based on Personhood
by Jodi Jacobson

*Woman is the nigger of the world

And it’s antebellum times in Tampa

Cultural Miseducation: Knowledge, Power and Ethnic Studies
by Michelle Chen

*When other cultures are kept at arm’s length

The hand at the end of that arm

Too readily becomes a fist

Japan’s Katrina Moment
by Derek Monroe

*The all too natural disaster of corporate and government collusion and corruption

Environmental Working Group
Good Food on a Tight Budget: EWG’s New Easy-to-Use Guide First-of-its-kind food rankings list 100 foods that are healthy, cheap, clean and green

*Food from thought

Niall Ferguson Can’t Be Factchecked!

*Typical corpress chicanerismo.

But why caught my eye was Baker’s comment.

I think it says a great deal about what passes for “progressive” ’round these parts when folks claiming the label are expected to rush to the defense of an admin that from foreign policy to environmental protection to economic justice to basic rights has been anything but.

But maybe “progressive” these days is politically equivalent to “liberal”.

In which case …

Never mind.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Record Gas Costs and Price Manipulation

*Supply and demand

We supply

They demand

Juhasz’s points are unquestionably solid, but I still can’t see jacking up prices at the pump as part of the solution, when so many folks can’t afford it, and can’t cut back on their driving due to long commutes and other factors, and the lack of first class public transit.

Tax the shit out of industry profits.  That would be a progressive, rather than regressive, method of providing the funds for the vital projects Juhasz proposes, don’t you think?

Todd Akin’s “Legitimate Rape” Comment Sheds Light on Paul Ryan’s Extreme Stance on Abortion

*You can hear the red alerts going off at the Romney and RNC HQs, can’t you just?

Now, Dear Misleader will make hay from sunup to sundown on this, but we have to keep in mind that this is someone who backed down on the health insurance contraception issue with the religious right, and more broadly, has pushed policies that have had deeply detrimental effects on the lives of women and girls economically, socially and politically.

So take the grandstanding on women’s rights with an appropriate amount of salt.

Say, a mine’s worth.

The Invisible Wounds of War: Number of Soldiers Committing Suicide Reaches Record High

*I’d have liked to have seen more attention paid to the guilt factor here.

My sense is that many soldiers, consciously and subconciously, are deeply disturbed by the death and destruction they’re ordered to wreak upon the people they’re ostensibly charged to protect.

I recall an interview with a Vietnam vet who broke down as he related what he and his unit had done to innocents, and you have to wonder if he didn’t become one of the eighteen vets who kill themselves each day.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t many veterans who have the attitude of …

Kill ’em all

Let their own god sort ’em out

But the numbers of vets who protest against US imperialism tells me that more than a few have an operable sense of humanity, and I would think that their activism is a primary reason their names haven’t been added to that sad toll above.

Massacre in South Africa: Police Defend Killing of 34 Striking Workers at Platinum Mine

*The color of the killers may change

But the blood still runs red


UN Investigator to US: End ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ on Drone Strikes
– Common Dreams staff

Jewish Settler Attacks on Palestinians Named ‘Terrorist Incidents’ for First Time by US
– Common Dreams staff

*Empty words from an enabling empire

Illinois Nuke Plants Dumping Millions of Gallons of Near 100-Degree Water into Waterways
– Common Dreams staff

Guantanamo Detainees, Defense Lawyers Continually Gagged in Military Tribunals: Report
– Common Dreams staff

*Kafka in orange

Striking South African Miners Refuse Company Deadline
– Common Dreams staff

*The ANC turns its back on its pledge

And Steve Biko turns in his grave

The London Olympics’ Toxic Legacy
The Games were meant to help revitalize London’s east end. Have they instead been used as a land grab by big business?
by The Real News

*The exaltation of sport

And the exploitation of communities

Is It Really Best for Women If Akin Withdraws? Questions About a Defining Moment
by Jodi Jacobson

*So abortion is murder

But rape isn’t necessarily rape

Who says “law and order” types aren’t flexible?

US Drone Strikes Target Rescuers in Pakistan – and the West Stays Silent
Attacking rescuers – a tactic long deemed by the US a hallmark of terrorism – is now routinely used by the Obama administration
by Glenn Greenwald

Single-Sex Classes Rooted in Stereotypes Prevalent Across the Nation, Says ACLU Report
Findings Gathered As Part of “Teach Kids, Not Stereotypes” Campaign

*Pulling the plug on “Girl Power”

Institute for Public Accuracy
TANF at 16: The Failure of Welfare “Reform”

*The phony facade of “reform”

The rock hard reality of wrecked lives

“Cover-Up of Civilian Drone Deaths Revealed by New Evidence”

*How is it “collateral”

When it’s the principal?

What if Paul Ryan Isn’t Really a Wonk? Krugman vs. Campaign Reporters

*”Wonk” …

There are far more pertient four-letter words to apply here, aren’t there?

End the WikiLeaks Witch Hunt: Julian Assange’s Full Address from the Ecuadorean Embassy

Tariq Ali, Ex-U.K. Ambassador Craig Murray Praise Ecuador for Granting Asylum to Julian Assange

*I’m less enamored of the leadership in Latin America than Ali.  While conditions have improved in many areas for the people of those nations, there are environmental and indigenous rights concerns, among others, that shouldn’t be overlooked.

But the emergence of much more independent governments in the region has restricted the reach of the tentacles of empire, and that is an unquestionably positive development.

This granting of asylum is one example of the benefits of that evolution.

The populaces of these countries have made significant gains in their struggles.

We must stand in solidarity with them, and be clear eyed in our critique of their leaders, as they continue on their path to justice and dignity.

Solidarity Protests Held Worldwide After Russian Court Sentences Pussy Riot Members to 2-Year Term

*Obraztsova’s relating of what awaits these women in prison is horrific to contemplate.

It’s akin to what has happened to accused child molesters in prison.  You may have inmates who have committed abhorrent crimes, but they become “righteous avengers” in their minds in these circumstances.

You can imagine what these desecrators of “Holy Mother Church” face from their fellow prisoners.

“Nonprofits” Tied to Karl Rove, Koch Brothers Spend Millions on Elections and Call it Public Welfare

*Pretty goddamn sickening to listen to Rove compare heartless plutocrats to folks who were risking so much – possibly their lives – to oppose US apartheid.

And he should know about discrimination, as he was the main brain behind an administration that did as much damage to the cause of racial justice as any since the time to which he referred.

Calling this hypocrisy really doesn’t do justice to this level of duplicity, does it?


Israel Kicks Out Migrants – By Changing Their Nationality and Sending Them to Another Country
by Maeve McClenaghan
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

*Broken promises in “The Promised Land”

Beyond Super PACs: Nonprofit Millions Flooding Elections
– Common Dreams staff

*Talk about ending “welfare” as we know it …

U.S. Court Upholds Status Quo on Gene Patents
by Amanda Wilson
Inter Press Service

*First do no harm

Unless you can make a profit off it

Australian Government Will Issue Overdue Apology to 1968 Olympic Hero Peter Norman
by Dave Zirin

*Fulsome humanity

And empty gestures

A Dream Deferred?
by Michelle Chen

*You can’t make even half a loaf

Out of crumbs

Chevron: The Toxic Threat Next Door
by Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

*The literal poison of prejudice


Seven Banks Under Investigation for Global Interest Rate Scandal
by Pratap Chatterjee
CorpWatch Blog

*Plenty of hits

Below the belt

In this rigged ratings game

Here’s to the Houston Janitors
by Greg Kaufmann

*This is an important and inspiring story.

I just wish it had been filtered through the lens of transformation

Rather than incrementalism.

Dead Woman Working: American Dream Died Long Ago
by Donna Smith

*”Telling it like it is” is far too trite a description for Smith’s piece.

This is a dead honest distillation of the reality faced by all those who played by the rules, only to be pitilessly slapped down and stomped on by the rulers.

It’s a rageful reminder that this isn’t about some bloodless debate over political philosophy.

It’s about the very bloody business of life and death.

But it must be said

She’s not giving up.

And we’re damned

In every sense of the word

If we do.

Weapons for the Weak in the Climate Struggle
by Walden Bello

*There is no First World, Second World, Third World

We only have one world

The question is

How long will it have us?

The New Totalitarianism of Surveillance Technology
If you think that 24/7 tracking of citizens by biometric recognition systems is paranoid fantasy, just read the industry newsletters
by Naomi Wolf

*It’s not gummint the reactionaries (and the “liberals”) want to “shrink to a size where we can drown it in a bathtub”

It’s any sense of our freedom to speak our minds and act on our convictions without dire consequences

Fear is the protofascist’s most fervent friend

How Environmental Destruction Causes Illnesses and Diseases
by David Suzuki

*Addictions are illnesses

And addictions cause illnesses

So it’s no wonder that the greatest addiction

Causes the most damaging illnesses

Is it?

Baseless Deconstruction: How Your Dollars Became Ghost Towns in Iraq
by Tom Engelhardt

*At least the ghosts of the dead

Have somewhere to haunt

Friends of the Earth
Court Upholds Harmful EPA Decision to Approve Higher Ethanol Blend for Motor Fuel

*They get the corn

And we get cobbed

NY Times Does Good Ryan Fact Check– If You Can Find It

*There’s a more accurate description for Ryan’s comments than being “misleading”, isn’t there?

It’s called lying.

When you know the facts are contrary to the scenario you’re spinning …

You … are … lying.

Isn’t that what your momma told you?

And there’s really nothing “strange” about the corpress’ burial of the facts, and it’s not “hard to say” why they do so … when they do anything with them at all, aside from omitting them.

These are intelligent people.  They’re not ignorant schmucks listening to Rush and O’Reilly.  They know how power works in these here United States, and they’ve chosen to serve that power, while maintaining a facade of “objectivity” that occasionally obliges them to actually do their job to some minor extent.

You  can argue that it’s more complex than that, and I won’t contest that, but that’s the overarching paradigm we’re dealing with, isn’t it … unless the history of mainstream media means diddley.

I remember the Maine.  And Tonkin.  And WMDs.

For every Pentagon Papers, how many acts of servility to the power structure can we counter with?

Pravda was primitive.  Goebbels was garish.

A facade is necessary for the charade to work in a nominal “democracy”.

And so it exists.

We need to call a spade a spade.

Or we risk being buried by it.

(End screed)

At NPR, You Can Take Money From Banks–Just Don’t Protest Them

*The Simeone case is patently horseshit, but Currin’s firing raises an important question:

What precisely is “bias”?

Why does her protesting against an acknowledged unethical, illegal and harmful act by banksters preclude her from “objectively” covering the issue?

If a journalist professes her abhorrence of, say, rape, does that mean she won’t be allowed to report on such a case?  Beyond that, should she be fired for expressing her views?

(I asked Peter Hart at FAIR and other readers for their views.  If you’re interested, check in periodically to see if there are any takers.)

Institute for Public Accuracy
Voter-ID Election Fraud Found “Virtually Non-Existent”

*These are the only regulations Republicans find warranted, aren’t they?

Lawyer: Raid on Embassy to Arrest Assange Would Be “Unprecedented” Breach of Diplomatic Immunity

Daniel Ellsberg: I Congratulate Ecuador for Standing Up to British Empire to Protect Julian Assange

*Don’t expect any on this to be featured in the next MoveOn missive

Judge Upholds Penn. Voter ID Law; GOP Admits Law Designed to “Allow” Mitt Romney to “Win the State”

*There’s a far from delicious irony in reactionaries claiming that something which clearly exists – namely, global warming – does not

And professing an unshakable belief in something which clearly doesn’t exist – namely, voter fraud beyond the quintessentially aberrational

Except, of course, that which they perpetrate through these laws

Pussy Riot Members Sentenced to 2 Years for Anti-Putin Protest; Feminist Rocker JD Samson Responds

*The dark heart of Russian orthodoxy

From all quarters


Report: US Tax Dollars Funding Exhorbitant CEO Pay
“Our nation’s tax code has become a powerful enabler of bloated CEO pay.”
– Common Dreams staff

*They’re making the most

Out of what we’ve got

Israel’s Iran War Talk Aims at Deal for Tougher US Policy
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

Spanish ‘Robin Hood’ Mayor Sets Off on Three-Week March to Fight Austerity
– Common Dreams staff

Don’t Mess with Texas’ Tar Sands Blockade
by Will Wooten

Top 10 Myths of the Jobs Argument Against Military Cuts
From the crowd that wants to shrink government because this will create jobs, we are now hearing that we can’t shrink the Pentagon because that would cost jobs. Here are the main points of their case, rebutted one by one.
by Miriam Pemberton

*Of course, if you wanted to get truly serious about cutting defense spending, you’d be going a good deal further than this.

To, say, the point where it’s sufficient to actually defend *us*

Rather than the interests of corporations

And the designs of imperialists.

Cornucopia Institute
Agribusinesses Owning Natural/Organic Brands Betray Customers: Fund Attack on GMO Labeling Proposal in California
The Cornucopia Institute releases shopper’s guide: pro/con prop 37 brands

*The telltale mold of greenwashing

The comment about welcoming corporate involvement in organics raises a question.

What precisely are “the values that the organic food movement is based on”?

If a corp does right by consumers, is that all that’s required, or do those values extend to treatment of workers and actions in other areas of its operation?

Of course, the same goes for those companies who already adhere to authentic organic standards.

Center for Biological Diversity
Lawsuit Launched Challenging Army Corps of Engineers’ Systemic Failure to Protect Nation’s Endangered Species
Flawed Permitting Program for Thousands of Projects Risks Salmon, Sea Turtles, Scores of Other U.S. Species


Weasel word extraordinaire, n’est-ce pas?

ABC’s Unrealistic Paul Ryan Reality Check

*I’m rather disappointed with the graphic.

Where’s the chibi animation, with an older couple dancing a jig and waving their windfall check over their heads?

Missed agitprop opp, ABC.

Ecuador Grants Julian Assange Asylum; U.S. Seen as “Hidden Hand” Behind U.K. Threat to Raid Embassy

“Back Off”: Assange Attorney Michael Ratner Urges U.K., U.S. to Respect Asylum Decision, Int’l Law


Let us hope

Undocumented Youth Line Up by the Thousands as Temporary Immigration Reprieve Takes Effect

*This is the way it works, isn’t it?

Crumbs, a chorus of hosannas from those who claim to represent the hungry, and silence or reproof for those who demand loaves.

ACA, anyone?

And Lovato will have a long wait before Dear Misleader mentions death squads.

Imperial concerns trump electoral gain every time, don’t they?

Mexican Poet, Activist Javier Sicilia Brings Peace Caravan into U.S. to Condemn Deadly Drug War


Paul Ryan Will Talk About Tax Policy ‘In The Light Of Day’ — After The Election
by Ryan Grim
Huffington Post

*Playing it close to the chest

And far from the heart

Sort of belies the whole “boldness” thing, don’t it?

Syrian Uprising Morphs Into Regional and Global Wars
A divided, balkanized Syria looms as a dangerous possibility as even UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon acknowledges the conflict has become a proxy war between world powers.
by Phyllis Bennis

*A proxy war

With no proxies for the dead

Must the Poor Go Hungry Just So the Rich Can Drive?
Sports stars like Mo Farah at No 10 will not change a simple fact: people are starving because of the west’s thirst for biofuels
by George Monbiot

*Fuel guzzling

And food famished

The Walmart Model for Education
Walmart, Right-Wing Media Company Hold Star-Studded Benefit Promoting Education Reform Film
by Josh Eidelson

*A malevolently manipulative game of bait and switch

With our children on the hook

Friends of the Earth
Santa Monica Council Urges Probe of San Onofre Reactors
Council unanimously votes for state investigation of San Onofre costs, reliability and alternative energy resources and urges federal license amendment hearing

Institute for Public Accuracy
Romney Campaign’s Claims About Paul Ryan’s Stock Trade Inconsistent with Disclosure Form

*Well, he saw an opportunity

And he took advantage of it.

Isn’t that being “self-reliant”?

The Greek Grassroots Challenge to the Politics of Austerity
by Thomas Harrison and Joanne Landy

*Meaty piece on the situation in Greece, and I thought refreshingly objective, although with perhaps a more positive view of SYRIZA than is justified at present.

Still, there are substantial criticisms of the group, which I think are well founded.

Overall, a great deal of useful intel, not only for understanding what’s happening in Greece, but for comparing it to the devolved politicismo of these here United States, and for the discussion of how to confront and transform it.

ABC News: Tough Choice on Paul Ryan

*Now don’t you just know that a TV exec’s wet dream is to have had the Republican veep contest be a reality show, with Ryan showing off his bowmanship, his bod …

And his bodacious ability to bullshit on the budget?

FAIR Media Advisory
Paul Ryan’s ‘Self-Reliance’ Concocting an ‘origin story’ for VP hopeful’s character

*”[H]e loped to the microphone on the U.S.S. Wisconsin, necktie off and cowlick flying high … “

What can you add to that?

Only that this “rugged individualist” is intent on signing the collective death warrant of untold numbers of human beings by dismembering the foundation that keeps them from plunging into the abyss.

That abyss is the bottom line here, isn’t it?

And the corpress have “swallowed” nothing.

It’s what’s coming out the other end that defines their role in this infernal iconography.

The Media’s Favorite ‘Wonk’ Paul Ryan according to Beltway media

*Tales of toxic fairy dust

And the corpress story tellers who sell them

Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy on the Escalating Talk of a Military Attack on Iran

From Military Threats to Crippling Sanctions, U.S.-Israel Posturing on Iran Stokes Fears of War

*Let’s keep in mind the true context here.

This is not about “an existential threat” to Israel.

It’s about a threat to its regional dominance.

This is an insane game of chicken

Which could lead to mountains of deep fried flesh.

Iranian Americans Warn Harsh U.S. Sanctions Could Restrict Aid to Iran’s Earthquake Victims

*Parsi seems sanguine about the lack of Western complicity in these murders, but given the history of US and UK black ops, I wouldn’t place the rent money on it.

At the very least, I’d say that it’s more than a matter of simply “believing” that the Israelis are behind them, don’t you think?

77 Years After FDR Signs Social Security, VP Pick Paul Ryan Pushes Dismantling the Social Safety Net

*Certainly SS is better than the alternative envisioned by the Antoinettists, and should be defended in that context, but, and I’m not sure how this is structured in other “developed” nations, I think income security and the other aspects of the program would be more equitable were it to be set up similar to Medicare.

In other words, what you pay in is immaterial to what you get out.  We pay taxes to fund it, just like Medicare, and we get what we need from it.

(Well, that’s what we should get with Medicare, but that’s another subject.)

I don’t really buy Laursen’s point about the danger of it being transformed into a “welfare program”, and thus subject to cuts.  Isn’t Ryan’s voucher scheme a cut by another name?

Regardless of their structure, any program that provides real benefits to those who need them can be attacked in one way or another.  It’s our charge to defend them from those attacks, and to work to make them true agencies for security and dignity.


Inside Israel, Talk of Attack on Iran Grows Louder
– Common Dreams staff

*Of course, this “Rally ’round the flag” rhetoric also deflects public anger at increasing economic hardship.

Patriotism is the first refuge of a neoliberal.

Arctic Sea Ice Could Vanish in 10 Years: Study
– Common Dreams staff

TrapWire: The Surveillance State Continues
Documents released by Wikileaks show use of surveillance system in release of emails from Stratfor
– Common Dreams staff

Criminalizing Dissent
by Chris Hedges

Impunity at Home, Rendition Abroad: How Both Parties Made Illegality the American Way of Life
by Alfred W. McCoy

*For all the important points made, I’ll never understand this obsession persons like McCoy have with “the damage to America’s moral authority”.

Let’s be clear here.

America has no moral authority to be damaged, aside from that fabricated through propaganda.

Exposing the emperor’s – or the empire’s – nakedness is a necessary condition for any hope for justice.

Why McCoy and company view this as detrimental seems to indicate an irrational allegiance to a fantasy of American “core values”.  The nation’s history should dispel that illusion.

Now, I don’t consider what I’m saying to be anti-American.  I have no interest in being anti or pro-American.

The US has no “leadership role” to play legally or morally.  That goes for pretty much every other nation, as well.

We have to be the leaders – folks from every corner of the planet – if justice is be served.

Are we willing to take on that tremendously daunting task?

Natural Resources Defense Council
NRDC, EWG Sue to Protect Millions of Californians from Contaminated Drinking Water
An Estimated 31 Million People Exposed to Cancer-Causing “Erin Brockovich” Chemical

Egypt’s Morsi Ousts Top Generals, But Key Military Insiders Tapped to Fill the Gaps

*A soft landing

For hardcore oppressors

Paul Ryan’s Hometown of Janesville, WI Recovers with Federal Aid GOP VP Candidate Claims to Oppose

*Paul Ryan loves his homies

To death


Peace Laureates Call on NBC to Cancel New Show: ‘War Isn’t Entertainment’
Critics say show promotes an “inglorious tradition of glorifying war and armed violence”
– Common Dreams staff

*What if they gave a war

And nobody watched?

US Drought Exposes ‘Hydro-Illogical’ Water Management
by Carlota Cortes
Inter Press Service

America’s Deficit Attention Disorder
Money is the least of our problems. It’s time to pay attention to the real deficits that are killing us.
by David Korten

*Korten can’t let go of the profit motive, can he?

I went back to some of his pieces I’d posted at my blog, and the recurring theme seems to be curbing the “excesses” of the profit system … capitalism … whatever you want to call it.

He accepts the basic tenet of that ideology that people won’t produce without a financial incentive, without an expectation of gain, hence his acceptance of the need for money, and his troubling contention that “Complete equality is neither possible nor desirable. Modest inequality creates essential incentives for productive contribution to the well-being of the community.”

We are in large measure creatures of our environment.  In a society that values cooperation and community, those “essential incentives” are provided by our commitment to each other, and the serotonin shot we receive from others for being a mensch.

Now, maybe I’m being too optimistic about the capacity of our species to adhere to such a societal model.

But if that’s the case, I think there’s precious little cause for optimism in general.

Five Ways Privatization Degrades America
by Paul Buchheit

*If “efficiency” is defined as making the most

For doing the least

We have a winner

Saving the Post Office: Letter Carriers Consider Bringing Back Banking Services
by Ellen Brown

Bradley Manning Support Network
Evidence Shows Three-Star General Ordered Unlawful, Brutal Treatment of PFC Bradley Manning


There’s nothing more dangerous to the military

Than a soldier who follows their oath of duty

PBS Does ‘Both Sides’ on Bogus Romney Welfare Attack

*Usually the only time poor folks make an appearance on “the national political stage”

Is when politicians like Romney

And Clinton

Want to piss on ’em

“An Extreme Choice”: Embracing Ayn Rand, GOP VP Pick Paul Ryan Backs Dismantling New Deal

*I’d have preferred someone other than Nichols and Rothschild as analysts here, but they do make plain who this schmenge is, and it will interesting (not really the right word) to see how the campaign keeps that out of the picture, with the able assistance of the corpress, and aside from a superficial critique of this rabid Randian, the Democrats.

I don’t think this race is about winning for the Republicans.  Given a disheartened base in the other major party, and the general despair folks feel about their lives, a somewhat less polarizing ticket and platform would stand a better chance of winning, to my mind.

What this is about is establishing the political parameters, flinging open the door to viciously reactionary ideas while slamming it shut on anything beyond the most tepid liberalism, with an eye toward eventually evicting even that from the premises.

As things fall apart, people will seek solutions outside the current margins.  This is an attempt to preclude any mass move toward questioning the profit system by mainstreaming the tenets of Rand’s individualist ideology under the guise of “job creation”, which comes from giving “the free market” free rein to work its “magic”.

With any honest counter to this out of the picture, due in no small part to Democratic and corpress complicity, the stage is set for Gordon Gekko’s wet dream.

I think that’s a reasonable assessment of the situation, at any rate.

The Paul Ryan Vision of America: Ban Abortion, Defund Contraception, Outlaw In Vitro Fertilization

*There’s no doubt about the misogynist nature of Ryan’s and the Republicans’ “vision”, but you might ask poor, working class and immigrant women about Dear Misleader’s “vision for women’s role in society, women’s role in our country”.

You might get a different take on it than Safar’s, don’t you think?


‘No Charges’ Against Goldman Sachs, say Feds
Without accountability, says former watchdog, the ‘unending parade of megabanks scandals will inevitably continue’
– Common Dreams staff

*No crackdown on this Street gang

Robin Hood Mayors, Activists in Spain Fight Back Against Crippling Recession
Activists lead two ‘symbolic’ supermarket raids for families ‘who can’t afford to eat’; vow there will be more such raids
– Common Dreams staff

*Taking your oath of office seriously

What a concept

NRDC Rates Top 20 Most Toxic States
– Common Dreams staff

Opening Protected Areas to Drilling Will Not Provide US ‘Revenue’ Promised by Industry: Report
– Common Dreams staff

*Carving up the commons

For chump change

Report From Turkey-Syria Border: Syrian Refugees Report “Horrific Carnage” in Besieged Aleppo

From Saudis to Soccer, Women Make Strides at Summer Olympics, But Are They Pawns of Backward IOC?

*If you have things in perspective, your first thought about the Olympics is “Who gives a good goddamn?”

And that’s true for all the attention lavished on what has to be seen as a trivial matter in the grand scheme of things.

But issues such as those dealt with here do reflect the injustice in the wider world, just as the sexual abuse and complicity at Penn State does, and when placed in that context, dealing with sports as reflective of the greater society has value.

I think Lenskyj does a good job of placing matters in that context, don’t you?


Worldwide Demand for Water Outstrips Supply: Study
Groundwater use is unsustainable in many of the world’s major agricultural zones
– Common Dreams staff

UN Warns of ‘Food Crisis’ as Prices Continue Surge
Oxfam calls global food system “very sick” following latest numbers
– Common Dreams staff

Chevron Under Fire for Slow Response to Massive Blaze, as Area Residents’ Health Concerns Mount
– Common Dreams staff

*You ruin your own health through illegal drugs

You go to jail

You ruin untold numbers of others’ health through greed and negligence

You pay a pittance of a fine

And you’re free to repeat your crime

(Filed under “And liberty and justice for all”, Irony of)

Combating Islamophobic Violence
Helping a burned-to-the-ground Missouri mosque quickly re-build would make a powerful and constructive statement
by Glenn Greenwald

*This is indeed heartening, but I have to say that it’s one thing to raise the money to rebuild a mosque

And quite another to raise the deep humanity necessary to confront the hatred that burned it to the ground.

That’s a construction project that never seems to get the green light, isn’t it?

Louisiana School Eliminates Policy That Forces Pregnant Students Out Of School
ACLU Challenged Policy That Also Forces Girls Suspected Of Being Pregnant To Undergo An Exam

*Wanna bet what there is of a sex education curriculum focuses on abstinence?

Call it “learning the hard way”

Cornucopia Institute
Corporations Sneak Synthetic Preservatives into Organic Food Organic Watchdog Files Formal Legal Complaint with USDA

*The perservation of profit

Institute for Public Accuracy
Nature Study on Diminishing Groundwater Resources “Another Reason to Ban Fracking”

Nuclear Protesters Raising Fundamental Issues, Not Posing “Security Concerns”

Academic Who Knew Sikh Shooter Wade Michael Page Says Neo-Nazi Soldiers, Musicians Shaped His Hatred

*Meanwhile, this is the kind of coverage you get from the corpress.

The headline for an AP piece on the front page of the Wisconsin State Journal:

“FBI still seeking gunman’s motives”

And this:

“Federal investigators are developing theories but also might never know for certain why he chose to attack total strangers in a holy place.”

And the term “terrorism” is absent from the article.

Former DHS Analyst Daryl Johnson on How He Was Silenced for Warning of Far-Right Militants in U.S.

*The GWOT not only has a distinct odor

It also has a distinct color

And it ain’t white, is it?

Author: Sikh Temple Massacre is the Outgrowth of Pervasive White Supremacism in U.S. Military Ranks

*There’s a profound irony to a military that welcomes white supremacists into its ranks having a black commander in chief, isn’t there?

But when you understand what the military, and the presidency, are truly about, the irony fades.

Just as any superficial coverage of Page’s Neo-Nazism will soon fade from the pages of the mainstream media, leaving only the impression of “a lone nut” whose horrific acts could not have been foreseen.

Until the next slaughter.

And the cycle begins anew.


Blood Money: Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads
by Ryan Grim and Cole Stangler
Huffington Post

*So this bastard profits prolifically off his ties to terrorists

And all the Dems want to talk about is tax returns?

Might that not have something to do with the bipartisan nature of those “black mark[s] on the nation’s record”?

Multi-National Corporate Lobbyists Threaten Global Democracy
by Julio Godoy
Inter Press Service

*A revolving door

Leading to a revolting diarchy

Interpol Issues ‘Red Notice’ for High-Seas Activist Paul Watson
– Common Dreams staff

*Use a conscience

(Especially if it’s used effectively)

Go to jail

After 20 Years, Charter Schools Stray From Their Original Mission
Instead of laboratories to improve all schools, many are now for-profit enterprises with poor report cards
by David Morris

*The parallels with the health care system are obvious, aren’t they?

If something works well in other countries, it must be avoided at all costs here.

Because those costs are the prize for the profiteers in both instances.

Shell Gets Green Light to Harass Arctic Marine Mammals
by Will Race

Why Afghanistan Can’t Wait
by Kathy Kelly and Hakim

The Devil Still Has Us Death Dancing at Fukushima
by Harvey Wasserman

*Now I am become death

The destroyer of worlds

But at least I’ve made a goddamn mint off it

Greenpeace Romney Spokesperson Andrea Saul Linked to Climate Science Smear Campaign
Greenpeace releases briefing exposing details of Saul’s connections to DCI Group, ExxonMobil

*Here you have some pretty damning stuff, especially considering what folks are suffering through this summer.

So we can expect Obama to make hay of it on the campaign trail, right?

Well …

In the electoral division of labor, things like this are left to the MoveOns to use to fire up the liberal base, while Dear Misleader “stays on message”

And away from the corporation-challenging issue of climate change.

Another example of the self-imposed constriction of political discourse in these here United States, wouldn’t you say?

Friends of the Earth
Laguna Beach Council Votes Unanimously to Urge State Investigation of San Onofre Costs

Harry Reid, the New Joe McCarthy

*Given the hypocrisy of corpress castigation for casting unsubstantiated aspersions

I think this could be considered a case of a dark gray kettle

Being condemned by a pitch black pot

Institute for Public Accuracy
Chevron’s Latest Disaster in California

*Chevron’s the primary perp here, of course, but gummint at every level should be charged with being an accomplice before, during and after the fact, don’t you think?

Anyone willing to wager that the per capita income of folks in proximity to these profit pumping poison producers isn’t significantly below the median?

Didn’t think so.

DREAM Activist: I Infiltrated Florida Facility to Expose How U.S. Still Detaining Youth Immigrants

Chevron Oil Refinery Fire in Richmond, California Forces Over 900 Residents to Hospitals

*McLaughlin talks about regulation and accountability, but Soto puts things in the proper perspective.

Prosecute these POSes.

And shut this goddamn refinery down.

Even if it operated “safely”, it would still be refining our death warrant, wouldn’t it?

It and every other fossil fuel factory on the planet.

We don’t need to be demanding regulation.

We need to be demanding termination.

Texas Executes Man With IQ of 61; State Cites Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” To Justify Killing

*If only Rick Perry and all the other vicious bastards responsible for Marvin Wilson’s and so many others’ deaths were fictional charcacters.

But they’re all too real, aren’t they?


Pussy Riot Prosecutor Calls for 3-Year Jail Term: ‘Feminism Is a Mortal Sin’
– Common Dreams staff

*Feminism is a mortal sin.

The Church has spoken.

Now, what Romanov are we scheduled to saint today?

High-Capacity Semiautomatic Handguns: The Weapon of Choice for US Mass Shooters
A deadly common thread runs through spate of rampage shootings in the US
– Common Dreams staff

*Welcome to America

A 3.79 million square mile free fire zone

The ‘Separate-but-Equal’ Charter School Scam
While charter proponents claim that their schools are less bureaucratic, more efficient, and more effective, the evidence doesn’t really back that up.
by Sarah Knopp and Jeff Bale

On Drugs and Democracy
by Inge Fryklund

*I think Fryklund whiffs on an primary characteristic of The War on Drugs ™ … namely, that it’s inextricably linked to US foreign policy.

It’s used as a cover for imperial machinations and interventions from Latin America to Africa and beyond.

And if it’s threatened, the empire will strike back.

Also left unstated is the smack sacked by the for-profit prison cabal.

And it can’t be overlooked that astronomical incarceration rates for black and brown folks serves the interests of a plutocracy utilizing “divide and conquer” as a principal strategy to maintain its control, can it?

The Great Impostors: In the Name of Saving Natural World, Governments Are Privatizing It
by George Monbiot

*Slapping a bar code on the commons

Fighting GMO Labeling in California is Food Lobby’s ‘Highest Priority’
by Michele Simon

*Our ignorance

Is their bliss

Drug Policy Alliance
“Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity” to Embark from San Diego August 12 Calling for End to Drug War that Has Killed 60,000 in Mexico
Javier Sicilia and other Victims from Mexico and United States to Make 6,000-mile Journey Through 20 Cities to Honor Lives Lost to Drug War, Culminating in International Day of Action in Washington D.C.
Caravan Proposes Comprehensive Solutions to Violence: Explore Drug Regulation, End Weapons Trafficking, Prevent Money Laundering, Eliminate U.S. Military Aid, and Ensure the Safety of Migrants

Institute for Public Accuracy
For-Profit Hospital Chain Pushed Unnecessary Heart Operations

*In other “developed” nations, healthcare is focused on outcome

In this country, healthcare is focused on income

“Expensive” trumps “effective”

It’s the American way, isn’t it just?

War Propaganda, Olympics-Style

*When it comes to serving imperial interests, NBC is dedicated to going for the gold.

And the competition is fierce, innit?

Presidential Campaign as Olympics: Chuck Todd’s Tired Routine

*I guess it depends on what’s meant by “Obama’s base”.

If the reference is to all the good liberal apologists for his sins, I think Todd’s spot on.

Speaking of, anyone else notice the change in tone in missives from MoveOn from a few months back?

Then, you had this cooption of the Occupy vibe, and at least some minor criticism of Dear Misleader, didn’t you?

That’s all ancient history now, isn’t it, aside from references to “the 99 and the 1 percent”.  “Hope and Change 2.0” is the meme, and any misgivings about the last four years have been shredded and dutifully dumped in the recycling bin.

Why can’t I get this tune out of my head?


Newsweek Cover is Definitely About Food

*Well, at least it was asparagus, and not french fries.

Otherwise, Newsweek would have been both sleazy

And greasy.

Neo-Nazi Rampage: Army Psy-Ops Vet, White Power Musician ID’d As Gunman in Sikh Temple Shooting

*So, where are the Feds infiltrating these groups, setting up stings, as they do with Muslims and anarchists and other activists?

Is it because they see the latter, but not the former, as a threat to the power structure?

Only a threat to people like those murdered in Oak Creek.

So the focus of the security state is on manufacturing “terrorism” to keep the white public in fear, and thus loathe to question its actions, while communities in real need of protection from true terrorism are left to fend for themselves.

“Hope and change”, indeed.

As for Walker’s remark, “One may call it propaganda, though maybe that is a stretch” …

Doesn’t that just perfectly encapsulate the “balanced” perspective of the mainstream media?


Sikh Community Activist Simran Jeet Singh: After Wisconsin Attack, I Refuse to Live In Fear

*Essential points by Singh about the culture of fear, and how the distinction between Sikhs and Muslims can be seen pejoratively.  I also appreciated his inclusion of communists among the victims of that culture.

I wish I shared his optimism that this horror could set the stage for a turning point, but I don’t see any compelling reason to believe that.

Those in power seek to keep us divided and in fear of each other, and until that’s understood by many more people, those divisions will remain.

And it’s our task to promote that understanding, isn’t it?

Ignoring Supreme Court Ruling, Texas Prepares to Execute Mentally Retarded Prisoner

*So what’s Rick Perry’s moral IQ?


One Billion Already Hungry as Deeper Food Crises Loom
Enough food exists for all, but shortcomings of global capitalism and industrial food system thwart new approaches to problem
– Common Dreams staff

*An immensely important point by Patel, and one that’s often goes begging in reportage and analysis by “the alternative media”, don’t you think?

US Medicine: We Can Do Better Than This
by Dave Dvorak, MD

*A heartbreaking story

Authored by heartless profiteers

Mars ‘Curiosity’ and Atomic Energy in Space
by Karl Grossman

*Beyond this insanity, aren’t there far more important uses for the money and scientific knowledge than to “boldly go where no one has gone before”?

The Science of Genocide
by Chris Hedges

*If this is one part of our nature, and the more dominant one, what it the source of our capacity to care for each other, and to resist these malevolent urges?

Is it purely a defense mechanism against self-destruction?  Is it simply the manifestation of a guilt reflex?

Or are the profoundly moral musings of philosophy and religion, while drenched in hypocrisy in the observance, indicative of … what?

It’s one thing to protect one’s family, even at the cost of one’s life, and quite another to do so for a stranger.  Yet humans do so.

I don’t know where that selflessness comes from.

I do know that it is the only thing that will save us.  The logic of self-annihilation has proven a dismal failure.

Is our humanity equal to the challenge?

Environmental Working Group
EWG Responds to Report that New York is About to Approve Fracking

Institute for Public Accuracy
Sikh Temple Shooting: “Christian Terror”

*Kill ’em all

Let their own god sort ’em out

Fear and Outrage in Wisconsin After 6 Killed at Sikh Temple; Gunman ID’d as White Supremacist Vet

*It’s good to hear Grewal’s comments on gun control.  This is going to be spun six ways from Sunday by the NRA and the pols they control, and it’s vital that victims and the communities they’re part of be the face of the opposition to this insanity the gun lobby promotes.

Sikh Temple Shooting Stokes Fears in Community With Deep Roots in Wisconsin and Across U.S.

*I’d have liked to have heard Singh echo Gerwal’s focus on gun control.

I’m woefully ignorant of the Sikh religion and the community here in Wisconsin and around the country, but from the outline here, it appears that while there’s a claim to a commitment to equality and caring for others, the overriding ethic is to be successful, perhaps with some emphasis on charity and giving back to the community.

In that, it’s much like Christianity, isn’t it?  Talking the walk seems to be a prerequiste for being considered a member in good standing of most every religion, doesn’t it?

And the fact that the community, due to its material success, has some visibility with persons like Thompson, may result in better treatment here than might otherwise be the case.

Of course, none of the above should be taken as a lack of empathy for the victims of the horror that’s occurred.  It’s just that that shouldn’t lead us to ignore the contradictions inherent in a religion that may have laudable principles, but falls well short of upholding them.

As, again, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism … the list goes on.

And Nichols continues to weave his wishful narrative of “the great Wisconsin progressive tradition”.

What would you expect?

Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting Latest Tragedy to Befall Community in Wave of Post-9/11 Attacks

*Vital point by Noor that this was not “senseless”, and I can’t help connecting this to the recent story about the military class promoting hatred of Muslims, and how that permeates the culture of the military.

His report also makes plain just how deeply the despising of “the other” runs in this society, and how events like 9/11 are taken as license to act on those impulses, and how those in power may make a show of decrying the violence and hatred, but essentially do nothing about it, as at some level it suits their purposes by deflecting the anger and frustration of living in an exploitative system away from them and toward that “other”.

Virginia Tech Survivor Colin Goddard: To Prevent Next Tragedy, Gun Control Must Follow Mourning

*Eighty persons a day die from gun-related causes.

And how many use a gun to legitimately defend themselves or others?

How much more lethally lopsided can you get?


Food Disaster Worries Mount as US Drought Worsens
– Common Dreams staff

*What else can you call climate change denial

But a scorched earth policy?

US Drone Attacks in Pakistan Violate Sovereignty, Weakening Democracy: Diplomat
Ambassador Wajid Shamsul Hasan says US prefers to deal with dictators, not democratic institutions
– Common Dreams staff

*Hillary Clinton a champion of democracy?

So who’s the doppelgänger supporting coups in Honduras and repression in Bahrain, for starters?

Inquiring minds want to know.

US Farmers Markets Surge: USDA
– Common Dreams staff

*It’s good that the USDA made the SNAP judgment, but its touting farmers’ markets is akin to the Pentagon promoting Plowshares protests, don’t you think?

Open Letter to RNC Chair Reince Priebus and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz
by Ralph Nader

*They will eat cake

While we will be served bullshit

The High Cost of US Health System Dysfunction
by Donna Smith

*A sickening system in every sense of the word

Center for Biological Diversity
BLM Analysis Reveals Massive Damage From Las Vegas Water Grab

Amnesty International
Oil Spill Investigations “a Fiasco” in the Niger Delta

*A free fire zone for Shell’s “Oozi”

Charles Glass: With Annan’s Exit & Influx of Foreign Arms, Syria’s Violence “Seems the Only Way Out”

*I think Glass has a fair handle on the situation, especially with respect to Western motives and aims.

And having a former State Department apparatchik as head of AI USA doesn’t give me much confidence in its ability to speak to those machinations.

So we have to some degree a proxy war.

But there are no proxies for the dead.

WikiLeaks in Latin America: Online Whistleblower’s Wide Impact in Region Where Assange Seeks Asylum

Gore Vidal Remembered: 2003 Interview With Late Iconoclastic Writer & Longtime Critic of U.S. Empire

*If anything makes plain the essential duopoly of US politics, 9/11 surely must be that thing, don’t you think?


With Secret Order, Obama Enters US in Syrian Civil War
Presidential order gives clandestine service greenlight to fund and support opposition forces against Assad government
– Common Dreams staff

*How much dust has that Nobel gathered?

For-Profit Prison System Preying on Immigrants: Report
Lobbyists for private prisons push anti-immigrant legislation, creating ever-more demand for their for-profit detention centers
– Common Dreams staff

*You have to wonder if these bastards were part of the push for NAFTA and CAFTA, knowing what the result would be

And how it would fill their facilities

And their coffers

‘Dark Money’ Groups Exceed Super PAC Spending, Secrecy
Top 5 outside spending groups are reporting less than 1% of their spending
– Common Dreams staff

*Shadow puppeteers

Open Letter to the Organic Community: The California Ballot Initiative to Label GMOs
by Ronnie Cummins

*Fingering Frankenfoods

Pussy Riot Remind Us That Revolution Always Begins in Culture
Vladimir Putin is right to be frightened by Pussy Riot. They are essentially a concept and you can’t stop a concept
by Suzanne Moore

*From Stalin to the sainthood of the Romanovs

Free thought always faces a Russian winter

‘Mathematically Impossible’: Romney and Ryan Push Bogus ‘Tax Reform’
by Ethan Pollack

Center for Biological Diversity
Lawsuit Launched Against Multi-billion-dollar U.S. Subsidy of Fossil Fuel Projects in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
Facilities Would Threaten Sea Turtles, Other Endangered Species

*Stepping on the gas

And crushing critters in critical condition in the process

Stop Gun Smuggling To Mexico!

FAIR Extra!
Putting Consumers Back in Their Place After ‘pink slime’ victory, reminders that corporations do know best
by Janine Jackson

*So what color is this slime the corpress slops on our news tray?

And since when did they give a rodent’s rear about “critical thinking skills”?

Their business is to dissuade us from the inclination to employ them, isn’t it?

Given their cheerleading for a school curriculum devoid of any taint of independent thought, the irony drips.

Perhaps “oozes” is more appropriate.

Obama Admin Helps Undermine U.N. Arms Treaty Talks While Touting Record-High Weapons Sales Abroad

*It always bothers me when the Eisenhower address is trotted out and proclaimed to be some anti-militarist statement, and I don’t recall anyone ever looking askance at that characterization.

I’m not a historian, but I can try to put two and two together, given his actions as president, and make the supposition that this had nothing to do with any wish for peace and justice, but rather the misgivings of a career military man at the prospect of his beloved institution being used by civilians in ways that might cause it harm.

It’s one thing to decry imperialism and its instrument, and quite another to simply wish it to be used more rationally, in his view, and with greater control in the hands of military men.

So, for what it’s worth …

Climate Skeptic, Koch-Funded Scientist Richard Muller Admits Global Warming Real & Humans The Cause

*I’m certainly no expert, but if Muller’s scientific acumen mirrors his judgment when it comes to the malevolent machinations of the Kochs, then I think we should we wary of both his conclusions and prescriptions, don’t you?

And it might be interesting to know the involvement of natural gas concerns in funding these studies.

By the way, the Kochs’ holdings are among those concerns.


Congress to Obama: Show Us Your ‘License to Kill’
– Common Dreams staff

*A couple of questions come to mind.

What would Grassley and Cornyn be demanding if this were four years ago?

And given Congressional complicity in all manner of diabolical deeds, just why would “releasing the memo to legislators would allow Congress to perform more effective oversight of the targeted killing program”?

Military Intervention in Syria: No
by Phyllis Bennis

*I don’t know enough about the observer mission to share Bennis’ view of its beneficence, but I thought it worth passing her analysis along.

As for “sending the cavalry to the rescue” …

You might want to ask Native Americans for some historical perspective on that.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Janitors and Supporters in 17 Cities Rally to End Poverty Wage Jobs in Houston

Institute for Public Accuracy
One Reason Behind India’s Blackout: World Bank Policies

Campaign Targets New NBC “War-o-tainment” Show

*I’m trying to envision just how this concept was pitched

While suppressing my gag reflex

The Threat–Again–of Left-Wing Latin American Democracy

While this post is righteously wrathful toward the hypocrisy and jingoism of corpress coverage of Latin America, I’d have appreciated an acknowledgement of the very real democratic deficiences in many of these countries.

While there have been significant improvements in both the political and economic conditions for many, it is true that leaders like Chavez have abused their powers, and have made alliances with countries with far from laudable human rights records (a primary characteristic of US foreign policy, to state the literally bleeding obvious), as well as talking the talk but not walking the walk when it comes to populist rhetoric in many cases, such as those involving resource extraction, and the rights of indigenous folks.

Of course, Ferero and Margolis don’t give a flying fig about true democracy, and this is a not uncomplicated subject, but that doesn’t absolve us of the responsibility to be critical of the abuse of power wherever we find it, and I think it bolsters our criticism of imperialism and its cheerleaders to do so.

FAIR Media Advisory
You Didn’t Build That–or Say It
In election attacks, ‘working’ trumps true

*Now, word twisting isn’t a solely reactionary trait.  I think the kerfuffle over Romney’s “I don’t care about the poor” remark illustrates that.

But it’s interesting, if that’s the right word, that what are designated as “gaffes” by Romney do in fact almost always align with his plutocratic views, while Obama’s supposed misstatements often don’t jibe with his corporatist philosophy.

The latter’s are decried as slips of his “big government”, and even “socialistic”, nature, which would qualify as a laugh line in any rational critique of his presidency, yet are treated as worthy of solemn dissection by the corpress.

The irony is that in many cases, what are claimed to be his true beliefs are far preferable to the reality.

The same can’t be said of Romney, can it?

As for “resonance”, that doesn’t just happen, does it?  In the land of Murdoch, these lies will always be promoted, but if the so-called mainstream media did its job, and exposed them for what they are, they wouldn’t have the same impact, and thus might be deemed a less effective, or even detrimental, tactic by their perpetrators.

Wishful thinking, I know.

Longtime Critic of U.S. Empire, Iconoclastic Writer Gore Vidal Dies at 86

*Down with monarchy!

(Oligarchy … not so much)

Congressional Probe Reveals Cover-Up of “Auschwitz-Like” Conditions at U.S.-Funded Afghan Hospital

*The rancid fruits of “liberation”

As U.S. Postal Service Faces Default, Critics See Manufactured Crisis to Speed Up Privatization

DREAM Activist Speaks Out on Infiltrating Florida Detention Center to Find Wrongly Held Immigrants

*Not a talking point for Dear Misleader when courting the Latino vote, I wouldn’t think

DREAM Activist Speaks from Broward Detention Center: Listen to Exclusive Interview

*Martinez speaks of being “safe”, but this was a courageous thing to do, and let’s hope it shames the bastards in the administration into actually keeping their promises, which are themselves woefully short of what’s necessary for justice to be done.

That will only come from continued acts of bravery by folks like Viridiana, won’t it?

The profiteering off the misery exposed here lays bare the hypocrisy and duplicity of Dear Misleader’s presidency, which are willfully ignored by all the good liberals working feverishly to sell “Hope and Change 2.0” to its victims.

I may vote for him, unlike four years ago, as the best of a godawful set of options, but I’ll do it with my eyes wide open, and hopefully I can open a few others along the way, so that if he is reelected, there’ll be a few more people who know the reality, and will work to change it.

First Soldier Tried in Hazing Death of Pvt. Danny Chen Gets 30-Day Term, Evades Homicide Conviction

*Uphold your oath, as Bradley Manning did, and you’re tortured.

Torture your fellow soldier, and you get a slap on the wrist.

In more ways than one, if you’re looking to indulge your dark side, the military is the place to “Be all you can be”.


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