November 2012


‘Tipping Point’: Obama Lawyer Talks About Ending ‘Endless’ US War
Though he defends its worst worst practices and won’t declare when ‘tipping point’ might be reached, comments by Pentagon attorney could spark renewed debate about timeframe of war against al Qaeda
– Common Dreams staff

*The “war” will never end

Because in the empire game

You can’t boogie without a boogeyman

And given Engelhardt’s undeniably accurate portrayal of the GWOT ™ as a “‘war’ for domination”

How can you call its launching “impulsive”?

Inquiring – and incredulous – minds want to know.

Supreme Court to Hear Case of Human Genes Under Corporate Control
Plaintiffs fight patents on two genes associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer
– Common Dreams staff

*Owning life

Sowing death

Fracking Our Food Supply
by Elizabeth Royte

Civil Society Groups Appeal to UN Secretary-General for Response to Haiti Cholera Claims
November marks one year since filing of claims without substantive response from UN

Hundreds of Fast-Food Workers Strike for Living Wage, Inspired by Wal-Mart Strike

VIDEO: On Strike! Fast-Food Workers in NYC Call for Right to Unionize

U.N. Approval of Palestine as “Non-Member State” Shows Isolation of U.S., Israel Stance on Statehood

*Whatever comes of this, the immutable fact is that a one state solution is the only truly just outcome.

It may be that that is not possible, given the forces arrayed against such justice, but that doesn’t change the reality, does it?

Congo Humanitarian Crisis Worsens Amidst Renewed Violence Linked to Rebels Backed by Rwanda

Accused WikiLeaks Whistleblower Bradley Manning Testifies He Thought He Would “Die in Custody”

*The true face of “American exceptionalism”

Other nations are guilty of such sadistic crimes, but only the US commits them, then proclaims itself to be “the indispensible nation”, bringing liberty and justice to rest of the world.

Orwell would recognize the behavior.


Study: 4 Trillion Tons of Ice Melt Raising Seas at Alarming Rate
– Common Dreams staff

*Undeniable evidence

Unconscionable inaction

Anti-Drone Activists Could Get 7 Years for ‘Irritating’ US Air Force Colonel
Judge’s signed protection order against peaceful protest called an ‘escalation’ and an ‘absurd’ threat to free speech
– Common Dreams staff

Historic Fast Food Strike in NYC Fights CEO’s for Living Wages
‘We could lift an entire segment of the US population out of poverty’
– Common Dreams staff

*We have to look to a future where we won’t have to be concerned about the conditions at these businesses

Because they won’t exist.

But they do today, and as long as they do, they have to be subjected to a healthy diet of opprobrium for how they treat their workers.

Fight Against Tar Sands in Texas Continues: Activists Arrested, Hunger Strike Started
Latest direct action in solidarity with Tar Sands Blockade is in Houston neighborhood long-plagued by refinery emissions
– Common Dreams staff

*I don’t have the cojones to do this.

I’m deeply grateful Diane and Bob do.

(Okay, physiologically speaking, just Bob … but you know what I mean.)

Violence Policy Center
Florida Teen Jordan Davis One of 499 Victims of “Concealed Carry Killers” Since May 2007

*Guns don’t kill people

Bullets fired from guns kill people.

Let these schmenges have all the guns they want

And restrict the living shit out of ammunition.

Civil Rights Coalition Challenges Arizona Policy Denying Driver’s Licenses to Immigrant Youth
Lawsuit asserts unconstitutional policy unfairly targets young immigrants

Institute for Public Accuracy
Could Israel be Brought Before the International Criminal Court?

*The gas field issue is a profound conundrum, not only here, but in every instance in which revenues from conventional energy sources which could materially impact the quality of life for poor people collide with the absolute imperative to stop exploiting those sources.

I’m no expert, so perhaps offshore drilling for gas doesn’t present the ecological hazards of oil drilling or fracking, but in other situations the conflict between economic benefits and environmental catastrophe clearly presents a complex moral question, don’t you think?

How can the lives of desperate folks be improved without destroying those very lives in the process?

As with the jobs that are dependent on conventional energy production, we can’t just stop it without a workable plan for how to avoid the misery that would result.

Of course, the ultimate answer lies in a transformation of the bases for how we obtain what we need to live a dignified life, but assuming that’s not going to happen tomorrow, what do we do about this problem now?

How do we make those with provide for those without, who are without precisely because of those with?

EXCLUSIVE: Julian Assange on WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, Cypherpunks, Surveillance State

Smoke Signals: Martin Lee on Growing U.S. Movement to Legalize Marijuana

*This illustrates the problem with much “alternative establishment media” coverage of such issues.

Often they fail to go beyond a superficial analysis.  This is the first I’ve heard of these drawbacks.

We have a right to expect these sources to give us the straight skinny, and I think it demonstrates the necessity for caution in taking that for granted.


AP Believes It Found Evidence of Iran’s Work on Nuclear Weapons
A primitive graph provided by “a country critical of Iran’s atomic program” indicts the news outlet more than Tehran
by Glenn Greenwald

*Framing matters.

AP doesn’t “believe” this “evidence”, and isn’t “blindly trumpeting” its “discovery”.

It’s called “complicity”, or “collusion”.

Take your pick.

And it is the raison d’etre for the corpress.

To believe other is to posit the mainstream media as unfathomably gullible and suffering from historical Alzheimer’s.

It’s a formulation the empiricist in me can’t accept.

Can a “Dracula Strategy” Bring Trans-Pacific Partnership into the Sunlight?
A highly secretive trade agreement aims to penalize countries that protect workers, consumers, and the environment. Luckily, the growing opposition goes beyond the usual trade justice suspects.
by Lori Wallach

*Driving our stake in this

Through its heart

Food & Water Watch
Voluntary Regulations Not Enough to Reign In Rampant Junk Food Marketing Aimed at Children

*Fat profits off the fat of the land

Reporting on Sweatshops When Your Boss is in the Sweatshop Business

*Where dreams come true

And nightmares don’t exist

As long as you have editorial control over the fairy tale

“Central Park Five”: New Film On How Police Abuse, Media Frenzy Led to Jailing of Innocent Teens


Private Prison Company Used in Drug Raids at Public High School
Corrections Corporation of America used in drug sweeps of public school students in Arizona
by Beau Hodai

A Thermonuclear Energy Bomb in Christmas Wrappings
World Energy Report 2012: The Good, the Bad, and the Really, Truly Ugly
by Michael T. Klare

Canada, The Surprise ‘Pariah’ of the Kyoto Protocol
Some Canadians doubt whether their country should have any say in negotiating the second Kyoto protocol after it became the only nation to reject the first one
by Isabeau Doucet

*Perhaps the national anthem should be changed to

“Oil Canada”?

Or maybe

“Oy, Canada!”?

Common Cause
Watchdogs Shed More Light on ALEC on Eve of Group’s DC Policy Summit

Emergency Delegation Enters Gaza

NYT Waves Goodbye to Three Amigos of Militarism

*I wish we’d stop using the term “disastrous” when referring to imperial acts of agression, unless it’s in the context of the consequences for the victims.

We have to ask ourselves, what if they had gone according to plan?  Would that have somehow made them morally legitimate?

Since Vietnam, the moral and geostrategic aspects of US empire building have been conflated by many who proclaim their opposition to it, and this just doesn’t make any sense from a moral perspective, does it?

I don’t consider the Spanish-American War or the Gulf War any less reprehensible than the “failures” of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Both were born of the same bloody desire for greed and power, regardless of how well they turned out for the warmongers.

As for Kucinich

Only one officeholder in the Congress and Senate voted against giving Dear Leader the powers to wage the GWOT, starting with the bombing, invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

It was a black moment in our history, and he was not the one to stand and be counted.

That was my congressperson at the time, Barbara Lee, and though I can fault how she couched that refusal, it was a display of humanity and principle that I will always respect.

Bangladeshi Labor Activist Finds Burned Clothes With Wal-Mart Labels At Site of Deadly Factory Fire

*This is the unmasked face of greed

Of the profit system

Of capitalism.

It’s a fantasy, but I wish every single person responsible for these murders – and this is what they are, for this was the quintessential accident waiting to happen – could feel the horror these women experienced before their deaths, to be placed in the same situation, to know they are going to die …

And be spared.

Perhaps that would lead to true change, and true justice for these workers and their survivors.

Of course that won’t happen in reality, but what we can work for is the prosecution of these persons, from the factory owner up to the Walmart and other CEOs, and for real compensation.

That may be only slightly less of a fantasy, and it may never come true.

But while the goal is what you strive for

The struggle is what gives your life meaning.

Eve Ensler on “The State of Female America,” Her Play “Emotional Creature” & Women Violence in Congo


Marine Life Disaster Portended: Ocean Acidification Eats at Heart of Food Chain
– Common Dreams staff

First Amendment Win: Supreme Court Rejects Attempt to Block Recording of Police Officers
ACLU of Illinois: “… individuals and organizations must be able to freely gather and record information about the conduct of government and their agents – especially the police.”
– Common Dreams staff

“It’s Mostly Punishment…”
Testimonies by Veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces From Gaza and the Occupied Territories
by Oded Na’aman


And our taxes

Private, Public, Union, or Management: Who Takes All the Money?
by Paul Buchheit

*Numbers don’t lie

That’s the CEO’s job

Stand Still For the Apocalypse
by Chris Hedges

*Insanity is defined not only by repeating the same act, and expecting a different result

But also by repeating the same destructive acts, and expecting nothing to change

Corporate Accountability International
Global Tobacco Treaty Meetings Marred by Industry Interference
Governments to industry: you’re not welcome

*Smoking out the smoke ringers

Center for Biological Diversity
200 Groups Object to Lead-poisoning Provision in Sportsmen’s Bill
Call on Senate to Allow Vote on Boxer Amendment

*For the hunters, to me it’s a case of “What goes around comes around”, but since this has impacts far beyond the camo crowd, it’s imperative that we get the lead out on this issue, isn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Bangladesh and Walmart

*Black Friday

Black Saturday

Black hearts

After Brokering Gaza Ceasefire, Egypt’s Morsi Re-Ignites Protests With Decree Expanding Powers

Sharif Abdel Kouddous on Gaza’s “Severe Damage” and Why Truce Won’t Stop the Violence of Occupation

Wal-Mart Worker Uprising: Protests Held At 1,000 Stores on Black Friday

Massive Fire Kills At Least 118 Factory Workers in Bangladesh at Wal-Mart Supplier

*Nova didn’t directly address Goodman’s last question, and I wish he had, because it’s vital that the connections between the horrific conditions in the “developing” world, and the only slightly less oppressive environment in the US, be made by workers here and abroad.

For it to embody to its true meaning, solidarity must be shoreless.


Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Man at Border
Shooting marks first death since ceasefire
– Common Dreams staff

Egypt’s Revolutionaries Protest ‘Coup Against Legitimacy’ by New President
Mohamed Mursi assumes ‘sweeping’ new powers
– Common Dreams staff

*Meet the new boss …

‘Black Friday’ Strikes Mark Start of Walmart Workers Fight
Demand for living wage and human dignity will not be thwarted
– Common Dreams staff

*The search for a good deal

That has squat to do with shopping

Walmart Nervous as Black Friday Strike Nears
Workers “in it for the long haul” against world’s largest retailer
by Jenny Brown
Labor Notes

Woody Guthrie at 100: Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg, Will Kaufman Honor the “Dust Bowl Troubadour”

*(I posted this when it first aired in July, but I think it’s worth a rerun.

See if you agree.)

No end of moral contradictions and conundrums here, is there?

Guthrie’s initial racism and his ongoing lack of commitment to his family, Seeger’s and Springsteen’s playing at Dear Misleader’s inauguration, naming names before the McCarthyites, the abandonment of noninterventionism, the betrayal of Communist activists by union “leadership”, the blindness of many of those same activists to Stalinism …

As well as instances of unambiguous moral fortitude.

Seeger’s defiance with prison hanging over his head, and Guthrie’s support of him, the courage of Robeson and the many thousands to confront the Peekskill terrorists, the bravery of organizers in the face of vicious repression, Lawrence Nelson’s defense of his family …

And the horrific inhumanity.

The lynchings, the murders, the beatings, the devastation of peoples’ lives …

I take a couple of things from this panorama of America at its best and worst, and the spaces in between.

One is to be cautious in both praise and condemnation.  Both may be justified, but often those judgments need to be tempered with the knowledge of how imperfect a species we are, and a possibly sobering consideration of how we might react under similar circumstances.

Another is the necessity of an addendum to my watchwords.

I say that I try to do what my conscience demands and my courage allows, and never be satisfied with the limits of either.

To that I should add a codicil – to do what reason seems to deem best, and to continue to question that reasoning.

It can be goddamn difficult to know the right thing to do, and if anything is certain in this world, it’s that we won’t avoid mistakes in trying to do it.

What we do after making them defines our principles, and our progress.


“Time to go,” Abbas told by Palestinians in Beirut
by Moe Ali Nayel

*Let’s hope the truce holds, but for any real progress on this, a key factor will have to be the emergence of an authentic, accountable leadership from the grassroots, because neither of those adjectives describes Hamas or the PA.

That’s a development that neither will welcome, and so it will require a great deal of courage and wisdom to accomplish, but I think it is the only path to true justice.

And, to me, justice can only be served by a one-state solution.

I draw parallels with apartheid South Africa.

No one truly committed to the rights of blacks in that country would have championed a division of the land, and so I can’t see a two-state configuration being compatible with the goal of equality in historic Palestine.

I’m certainly no expert, but I’m always leery of arguments for “pragmatism” in such situations, and I think with good reason.

Skies Quiet, But Death and Destruction Linger Over Gaza
In Gaza, another eight days of killing
by Mohammed Omer
Inter Press Service

Economic Sanctions Cause ‘War-time Conditions’ in Iranian Hospitals
‘The government is playing with our people’s health.’
– Common Dreams staff

*A mendacious mirage of a nuclear crisis

The wrenching reality of a health crisis

Worldwide Anti-Dolphin Slaughter, Whale Hunt Rallies This Weekend
– Common Dreams staff

*It may not be humane

But it’s undeniably human

Greek Workers Occupy Town Halls, March Through Athens to Protest Austerity Cuts
‘They think of us as numbers and not as people’
– Common Dreams staff

*A variation on an old joke:

The operation was successful.

Unfortunately, the patient refuses to die.

Go ahead, talk religion and politics at the table
by Robert Jensen

*I think there’s a couple of benefits to this.

One is in relation to persuasion.

Going all Socratic on your conversation partner creates an atmosphere of cooperation toward understanding, rather than a hierarchical relationship of lecturing.

Many teachers could learn something from that, don’t you think?

The other regards interacting with those who clearly aren’t interested in such a dynamic.

Avoiding confrontation by honest questioning of the underpinnings of the other’s beliefs is a form of verbal jiu jitsu that hopefully might open their mind, but failing that, will expose the contradictions of their positions.

E.g., if the other person starts preachifying about “Christian values”, you might ask them what are the core principles of Jesus’ teachings, and then how their views align with them.

There’s no guarantee they won’t get pissed off regardless, of course, but at any rate it might make for an interesting sociopolitical experiment, don’t you reckon?


Israel, Gaza Ceasefire Reached after Week of Israeli Terror
– Common Dreams staff

Food Bank Stocks Dry Up in Wake of Great Drought
As holidays approach, government donations plummet
– Common Dreams staff

*Jesus Christ, we’re talking a few hundred mill here.

How much was spent on the goddamn election?

Of course it should be much more, but this is pocket change.

Call it “the audacity of ‘Nope'”.

DOE Awards Nuclear Grant to Three-Mile Island Firm
Administration pushing modular nukes: ‘best thing since sliced bread’
– Common Dreams staff

*No mortgage forgiveness policy

But the mother of all accident forgiveness policies

The ‘Both-Sides-Are-Awful’ Dismissal of Gaza Ignores the Key Role of the US Government
The temptation to wash one’s hands of the whole conflict is understandable, but US support of Israel is a central force driving it all
by Glenn Greenwald

*The “pox on both houses” meme doesn’t make any moral sense to me.

You don’t have to be a Hamas supporter, or a supporter of any other group, to stand with the people of Gaza, and the Palestinian cause in general, do you?

(At the same time, I think it’s folly to adopt the cartoonish portrayal of militant organizations, although they may deserve opprobrium for their acts that go beyond the bounds of legitimate defense of the population, with the caveat that given the gross disparity in strength and the horrors inflicted on that population, even those with more moral fiber might be sorely tempted to seek an eye for an eye out of desperation.)

So I don’t think it “understandable” to want to wash one’s hands of the responsibility for denouncing war crimes, whether or not they’re committed with our tax dollars.

That doesn’t fit my definition of being a mensch

Which is what I thought this shit was all about.

Labor Needs a Different Kind of “Ground Game”
by Brian Tierney

*From the lesser evil

To the greater good

That journey must be led by the rank and file

And not derailed by the rank and vile dissembling of labor “leaders”

Palestinians and the Proper Way to Grieve Dead Children

*That’s precisely (the precision thing again) what she meant.  Else she would have been much more sensitive to how she was portraying these people.

And, like Westmoreland, Rudoren is a “warmaker”, as is every journalist who enables these horrors by alternately ignoring and distorting them, and their victims.

But, of course, that is their job, isn’t it?

Gaza is an object lesson in the role of the corpress in colluding with imperialism, and make no mistake, this is as much about US policy as it is Israeli.

To justify inhumanity, you must make your “enemy” appear inhuman.

In doing so, the mainstream media forfeits any claim to objectivity

And to any semblance of humanity.

Precise Weapons Kill Civilians Too

*Israel’s killing precisely whom they intend to.

This has no impact on rocket fire from Gaza, other than to increase it.

It’s meant to terrorize the population, to make life unbearable, all for the sake of Netanhayu’s political ambitions, and to ensure that any “peace” deal that may eventually come to pass is wholly on Israel’s terms.

And it’s all done with unswerving US support, diplomatically and financially.

Hundreds of Egyptians have crossed into Gaza, risking their lives to bring supplies and show solidarity with the victims of these war crimes.

Isn’t the least we can do is demand that our tax dollars not go toward the commission of those crimes?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Will Palestinians “Be Likened to the Sioux”?

U.S.-China Relations: Neither Collision nor Collusion

*China is a repressive state that conspires with Western capital to exploit its workers.

That calls for principled opposition to both actors’ designs, not belligerence toward a boogeyman, or “cooperation” in the sense of facilitating that exploitation, which, despite the hypocritical rhetoric over offshoring and Chinese chicanery, is precisely what the US does, while playing a double game of geopolitical rivalry in the Pacific.

As Bus Bomb Hits Tel Aviv, Sharif Abdel Kouddous on Egypt’s Mediator Role and Gaza’s Ongoing Torment

Wal-Mart Accused of Threatening Workers With Retaliation Ahead of Black Friday Walkouts, Protests

*A different Uncle Sam

The same familial abuse


Institute for Public Accuracy
Israel Hitting Palestinian Infrastructure

US Joins with Iran, N. Korea, Syria in Opposing Abolition of Death Penalty
As world makes progress towards abolishing state-sanctioned murder, US remains defiant
– Common Dreams staff

*The US has lost its “moral footing” in “recent years” … ?

That would be news to native folks and the descendants of slaves, to name a few who might be somewhat nonplussed by such a declaration, wouldn’t you say?

US Battles Iraq and Afghanistan over Detention Without Charges
The Obama administration fights to spread its own values on the core, fundamental right of due process
by Glenn Greenwald

*Don’t do as we do

Do as we say we do

But don’t

When Israel Says It Doesn’t Target Journalists, It Is Lying
by Nora Barrows-Friedman

Coal Communities at the Pivot of Dirty Industries and Clean Energy
by Michelle Chen

*This is a vital piece of the puzzle, but we need to be looking beyond renewable energy production and the manufacturing related to it in terms of who controls it, otherwise we’re replicating the same exploitation dynamics between workers and management.

Public ownership and worker control has to be the vision for renewable energy.  That’s the path for not only a just economic outcome, but also for giving us the best shot at avoiding ecological catastrophe.

On another note …


Thinking in such terms displays a woeful lack of understanding of just what we’re going to be facing in the coming years, don’t you think?

Holiday making won’t be a priority, to understate the obvious.

Gaza’s Health Crisis and Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity
by Juan Cole

Doctors Without Borders
DRC: Displaced Fleeing Goma Face Dire Conditions
MSF Provides Emergency Assistance for Refugees Following Rebel Attack in the DRC

Food & Water Watch
USDA Committee Report Leaves GE Contamination Burden on Farmers’ Shoulders

You Think You’re Getting Social Security But You’re Not, Says Multimillionaire Banker

*Re that last sentence

Or pay less of their income in taxes than someone making $42,671.

But SS and Medicare don’t really “take care of our old people”, do they?  They help, certainly, but fall well short of the benefits in many European nations.

Blankfein and friends are at work on that discrepancy, however, aren’t they?

But unlike here, large numbers of folks are fighting back.

Of course, that’s something else the corpress tries to obfuscate, isn’t it?

“No Place is Safe”: After Assault’s Worst Day, Gaza Doctor Says Israel Terrorizing Civilians

Gaza Ceasefire to Be Decided in Cairo, But Will Washington Reign In Israeli Occupation, Blockade?

Killer Robots: HRW and Nobel Laureate Jody Williams Urge Ban on Modern Warfare’s Next Frontier

*Standage’s remarks are Strangelovean and chilling, for the reasons expressed in the segment, as well as for ignoring the fact that the commission of war crimes is very often a deliberate psychological warfare tactic, not the acts of rogue troops.

That universities consider the development of these mechanical monsters part of their “mission” is yet one more example of the utter perversion of the pursuit of knowledge, not to advance human progress, but to hasten our descent into the abyss.


Outrage, Protests Show Gaza Solidarity in Middle East
Death toll climbs on sixth day of Israeli attacks
– Common Dreams staff

World Bank Report Warns ‘Catastrophic Consequences’ of Global Warming
Economic group’s call to action acknowledges climate campaigners’ years of warning
– Common Dreams staff

*News Flashes!

World Bank president “committed to fighting climate change”!

Flying pigs spotted above LA!

Water Industry Outlook: ‘The Time Is Ripe’ for Water Privatization
Survey from water industry insiders shows hedge funds, private equity positioning to benefit from increasingly scarce resource
– Common Dreams staff

Ten Numbers the Rich Would Like Fudged
The numbers reveal the deadening effects of inequality in our country, and confirm that tax avoidance, rather than a lack of middle-class initiative, is the cause.
by Paul Buchheit

*Doing the math

While the math does us

Frack Fight: A Secret War of Activists — With the World in the Balance
by Ellen Cantarow

Why Won’t Obama Speak Out for the Rohingya?
by Tom Andrews

*As you might imagine, this is about Burma’s energy resources, and US corporate access to them.

When it comes to principles above profits

Dear Misleader’s energy strategy is

“None of the above”.

Organic Consumers Association Calls for Boycott of ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’ Brands That Helped Defeat Prop 37

*The hidden gall trick
Harvard Students Vote to Support Fossil Fuel Divestment
First School in Nation to Pass Student Fossil Fuel Divestment Referendum

*It ain’t the students who need educating

UT Motto Modification: What Starts Here … Accelerates Destruction?
by Robert Jensen

*Starting at the root

A downsized and dead end “universe”

NYT Reports: In Wyoming, Tradition of White People Complaining About Black People Alive and Well

*More of that damnable liberal media bias.

Funny … I don’t recall reporters being dispatched to those “liberal urban centers” after the 2010 midterms to take the pulse of those voters.

And you might think one of the questions that would seem obvious to ask these folks is how they reconcile their meme of self-reliance with the federal fodder they rake in.

But that would complicate the narrative, wouldn’t it?

I seem to remember a similar worldview espoused by similarly hued persons.

“Parasites” was one of their favorite epithets, as well.

Palestinian Civilians Bear the Brunt of Unrelenting Bombings in U.S.-Backed Attack on Gaza

*No hope

No change

Just death

Made in USA

U.N. Special Rapporteur Calls for Global Protection of Gaza Civilians from U.S.-Backed Israeli Assault

*The security issue is a sham.  The truce charade makes that clear.

Israel wants a reaction to its assaults, just as the US’ “Global War of Terror” has nothing to do with ending “terrorism”, for it justifies its imperial designs.

The blood of both Palestinians and Israelis is on Netanyahu’s hands, as well as Obama’s and the other “leaders”‘ who support these horrors.

The role of the corpress in this is similarly heinous.  Its Goebbelsian complicity with Israeli and US policy is nothing less than the aiding and abetting of war crimes.

Even the targeting of fellow journalists – if we can entertain the fiction that Western outlets have anything to do with journalism here – merits no deviation from the party line.

Yes, they do hate us for our values.

Wouldn’t you?

Live Report from Gaza Hospital: As Civilian Toll Mounts, Israel Again Bombs Palestinian Journalists

*It speaks for itself

And it screams for justice

Obama in Burma: A Milestone for Reform or Groundwork for Oil-Friendly Junta Rule?

*Dear Misleader doesn’t give a flying fuck for “reform”, other than the type that provides cover for US corps to exploit Burma’s resources.

And I have deep misgivings about Aung San Suu Kyi’s role in all this.  I’m by no means as knowledgeable as I’d like to be, but given how her freedom has been used as proof of “the new Myanmar”, and her relations with the US, I have to wonder just how committed she is to the true freedom of her fellow Burmese.

I’d certainly like to know a great deal more about the situation from reliable sources.


New Studies: Austerity Is Crushing, Not Saving, Europe
by Julio Godoy

*I dunno …

The view from Syntagma Square and elsewhere doesn’t look to me like “young people opting out of democratic participation in society.”

How about you?

Mental Trauma of War to Haunt Generation of Afghanistan’s Children
“Day by day the mental health problems caused by the war are increasing,” said psychiatrist Said Najib Jawed
– Common Dreams staff

*The insanity of war

In every sense

Election Over, Time For Progressive Dems to Face the Truth
by Jeff Faux

*I guess you could call this the social democratic critique of Dear Misleaderismo.

Faux seems to hew to a vision of a reformed profit system, and I think we’ve seen how far that’s gotten folks in Europe, with “socialist” gummints imposing austerity measures, revealing their fealty to their true masters.

The applicable aphorism here would seem to be

You can make capitalism better

But you can’t make it good

Israel’s Terror in Gaza
The assault on Gaza does not constitute, as Israel claims, “retaliation” for an anti-tank missile fired by Palestinians.
by Belen Fernandez

*Warping time


And morality

Scrooge “White Man” Romney and Santa “Gag Gift” Obama: An Election Carol
by Jesse Hagopian

*Don’t forget the lumps of coal

And tar sands detritus

Gaza vs. Israel: Legitimate and Illegitimate Use of Violence in the Western Discourse
by Catherine Charrett

*I find myself torn here.

I want to say that attacks on civilians can never be justified, but then I ask myself just how then should the Palestinians resist?

They face a military machine, funded largely by the US, with rifles and rag tag rockets. 

Their enemy has no compunction against murdering their friends and family.

But does firing those rockets into civilian areas in any way benefit their struggle, and if it did, would that be justification for doing so?

Is it at base an attempt to make the Israelis feel the pain they endure?

Seeing no hope in any other mode of resistance, with an outside world that utterly ignores the nonviolent actions of many Palestinians, and in fact whitewashes the murder of those who do engage in those actions, along with those from other lands who stand with them, we must ask ourselves

What would we do?

Even if it is futile, what would we do?

We want to say that we would stand by our principles, but we aren’t living their hell, and that changes one’s perception of right and wrong.

I want some certain answer.

But the circumstances, created and perpetuated by Israel and its benefactors, defy one.

At least for me.

Light After the Storm – Local Churches Partner with Occupy Sandy in Grass Roots Relief Efforts
by Brita Rose

*This is truly inspiring, isn’t it?

“[P]olitical ideas executed on a practical level.”

Walking the walk, in other words.

Now, the challenge becomes how to take that goodwill and community building, and organize folks to effect true change.

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Thousands Call on U.S. Government to Investigate Killing of Human Rights Defender Rachel Corrie
Ongoing Attacks in Gaza Underscore Urgent Need for Presence of HRDs in Occupied Palestinian Territory

Women Peace Activists Demand an End to Attacks in Gaza and Israel

It’s Terrorism When It Happens in Israel

*Perhaps the thought is that the Gazans should be used to their hell by now?

“Nowhere to Run”: Israel Fires Over 500 Strikes in Gaza, Civilian Toll Grows in Humanitarian Crisis

Israeli Negotiator: Hamas Commander Was Assassinated Hours After Receiving Truce Deal from Israel

*Baskin has a shit load of chutzpah to say that the situation in Israel is the same as in Gaza, and that Israel has ended its occupation of the strip, when it controls the lives of the population there.

And I’m glad Omer corrected his “mistake”, if indeed it was that, on just who has been killed.

So again, as I’ve asked so many times

Why is this person a guest on DN!?

Oliver Stone on the Untold U.S. History from the Atomic Age to Vietnam to Obama’s Drone Wars

*Of course, the overarching moral – or immoral – meme is no surprise to me, but some of the details are new.

I think we have to be leery of this hagiography of Wallace and FDR.  Stone is a storyteller, and it may be that he’s focused on presenting protagonists that embody the themes he’s developing in this series.

Given that possibility, I’d like to hear what might be a more objective view of both of these men.

That said, a program that counters the myths – the lies – of official US history is to be welcomed

And viewed, as everything else, with a critical eye.


Crime, No Punishment: BP Gulf Settlement Deal “Pathetic” say Groups
‘Fine amounts to a rounding error for a corporation the size of BP’
– Common Dreams staff

*Criminal acts

And criminal reactions

More here:

Fracking Database: New Weapon Against ‘Sinister Secrecy’ of Industry
SkyTruth reveals new tool for research and analysis of fracking chemicals
– Common Dreams staff

Experts: 50 Million Poor Need Safety Net, Not Austerity
New Census data shows millions in poverty as well as millions saved from poverty by crucial government programs like Social Security, food stamps
– Common Dreams staff

Broadwell Defended Petraeus’ Village Destruction Policy
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

*A blow job of another order

Woman’s Death by Denial of Life-Saving Abortion in Ireland Prompts Fury
Vigils held across Ireland on Wednesday following death of Savita Halappanavar
– Common Dreams staff

*The “sanctity of life”

The stench of death

How Germany Is Getting to 100 Percent Renewable Energy
by Thomas Hedges

*The importance of public ownership, in whatever form, can’t be overemphasized.

Many mainstream enviro orgs laud any “green” initiative, regardless of the nature of its instigator.

You don’t praise a Mafiosi for making a charitable donation

And you don’t hail a polluter for making a “green” profit.

Obama’s Kill List Policy Compels US Support for Israeli Attacks on Gaza
The US was once part of the international consensus against extra-judicial assassinations. Now it is a leader in that tactic.
by Glenn Greenwald

*No darker kettle

No blacker pot

‘Grand Bargain’ Charade a Scheme to Protect Corporate Welfare
Preserve Benefits: Cut Gouging and Inequities
by Ralph Nader

*These are eminently sensible actions, but why a “tiny” financial transaction tax, and why not restore the highest tax bracket to the 91% it was under Eisenhower?

But beyond that, don’t we have to start questioning why there are rich to tax in the first place?  What have they done to earn their wealth?  Why do they have unfathomably more than tomato pickers in California, or those laboring in the sweltering heat of a warehouse in Illinois or Arkansas?

The question answers itself, doesn’t it?  The rich are just that because of the exploited labor of others.

So we can tax the rich “fairly”

But until we honestly confront the rationalizations for such wealth, we can never claim to truly struggle for justice.

Death and Tragedy in Gaza: A Timeline
How Israel shattered Gaza truce leading to escalating violence
by Ali Abunimah

Stealing and Selling Nature: Why We Need to Reclaim “the Commons” in the Curriculum
by Tim Swinehart

*Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

And those who are denied the past are condemned to suffer through its repetition.

Center for Constitutional Right (CCR)
NGOs Submit Evidence to ICC on Crimes Against Humanity and Impunity in Honduras, Call on Court to Take Up Case

Institute for Public Accuracy
Spanish Unions Lead Anti-Austerity Strike

Syrian Civil War Strays Into…Syrian Territory

*Call it the “Smuckers” portrayal of the Middle East

If it’s Israel

It’s got to be good

Breaking Truce, Israeli Strikes Kill “Moderate” Hamas Military Chief, Palestinian Civilians in Gaza

*Aren’t these victims being sacrificed on the altar of Netanyahu’s political ambitions?  Thwarted, for now, on Iran, and with dissension within the ranks on his saber rattling in that direction, he knows that an attack on Gaza will set off the Pavlovian bell of “defending the homeland” and increase support for him.

It may well be that the ceasefire was intended to expose al-Jabari to an assassination attempt, the result being to create a pretext for eschewing anything other than an unbridled assault on the Gazan population.

And we have to be mindful of the fact that much of the materiel raining down death and destruction on Gaza is paid for by our tax dollars.

That practically no one in this country cares about, or that many support the unleashing of such horrors on civilians is emblematic of not only the effectiveness of Israeli propaganda, aided and abetted by US corpress and gummint complicity, but also of the prejudices deeply ingrained in the psyches of most Americans.

We can get all teary eyed over the horrible attack on young Malalai Yusufzai in Pakistan, as well we should, although that has been cynically exploited by the US to promote its own assault on a civilian population, but we either are oblivious to the suffering of the Palestinians, or we deem it justified in the name of protecting holy Israel.

That hypocrisy, that indifference, that inhumanity, has oceans of blood on its hands.

Rolling Jubilee: Buying Up Distressed Debt, Occupy Offshoot Bails Out the People, Not the Banks

Naomi Klein: Sandy’s Devastation Opens Space for Action on Climate Change and Progressive Reform

*Out of the ashes

A fire

VIDEO: Coney Island Residents Remain Without Heat, Hot Water Two Weeks After Superstorm Sandy

*The vehemence of nature

The venality of man


Collateral Damage–Not the Usual Kind

*It can’t threaten a career

But it unquestionably can advance it

FAIR Extra!
Videogame Bigotry and the Illusion of Freedom
How game designers turn prejudice into play
by J.F. Sargent

*I think Sargent is letting these bastards off too lightly.

Many gamers are boys in the process of forming their views of the world and their fellow human beings, and these games play an outsized role in that process.

Given the sort of intense marketing research I assume goes into them, I’d have to think that the creators know, and intentionally play to, the prejudices of the dominant culture, as that will bring them the most profit.

Sex – het, dominant sex – sells.

And the demonizing of “the other” has always been a characteristic of societal competition, which these games mirror.

So I don’t think this is a matter of “developers need[ing] to do more to become more conscious of the values they’re promoting.”

I think they’re fully conscious of them.

And of the benefits they derive from doing so.

‘All Options on the Table’ as Israel Launches ‘Operation Pillar of Cloud’
Multiple airstrikes already started, ground invasion may follow
– Common Dreams staff

*They won’t let us attack Iran

But nobody gives a shit about Palestinians

So let’s give this thing a Pavlovian title

And go kill some ragheads.

Obama’s First Priority: Economy, Not Climate Change
Between the lines: Obama’s answer shows ‘addressing climate change is secondary to promoting economic growth’
– Common Dreams staff




Already? Obama Tells Supporters to Expect ‘Bitter Pills’
– Common Dreams staff

*It can drive you frigging spare the way this shit’s reported, can’t it?

These aren’t “mistakes”

They’re precisely what Dear Misleader’s expected to do by those he serves.

He’s not the one swallowing the “bitter pills”

He’s the one prescribing and trying to force feed them to us.

Israel Ranked World’s Most Militarized Nation
by Jim Lobe
Inter Press Service

Pakistan Announces Armed Drone Program
– Common Dreams staff

Jordanians Take to Streets as Thousands Demand “Fall of Regime”
Fuel hike sparks widespread demonstrations amidst mounting impatience
– Common Dreams staff

Wall Street Uses “Liberal” Front Group to Lead Its Assault on Social Security
Third Way is not progressive think tank and only represents the interests of the 1%ers
by William K. Black

The Petraeus Legacy: A Paramilitary CIA?
It was the CIA director’s relationship with JSOC—not Paula Broadwell—that should have raised concerns.
by Jeremy Scahill

*Assassinations and coups are all right

But dressing up in camo and playing Rambo

That’s the bomb

Suit Filed Against Wyoming’s Kill-at-Will Wolf Policy
Removal of federal protection is hampering recovery of iconic endangered species

*The ill thrill of the kill

General Strike Sweeps Europe as Millions Reject Austerity as Solution to Economic Crisis

*Serving austerity an eviction notice

Glenn Greenwald: While Petraeus Had Affair with Biographer, Corporate Media Had Affair with Petraeus

*Yes, sir.

No, sir.

Cunt or ass, sir?

Meanwhile, the corpress screws us every which way.

Talk about switches …

Glenn Greenwald: Starting with Fiscal Cliff, Obama’s 2nd Term Rests on Organizing, Not Cheerleading

*There’s certainly much truth to the view that Dear Misleader gets a pass from liberals and progressives (add quotes if you feel so moved) where a Romney wouldn’t, but at the same time, on issues such as reproductive rights and the dismantling of environmental and other regulations, as pathetic as he’s been, a Republican administration would mean tremendous real-life suffering for so many.

And while Democrats may have pushed back, we’ve seen just how much harm can be done during the Bush years, with that same dynamic.

It’s a judgment call, and mine was that having Obama in the White House gives us a better chance of averting utter catastrophe

IF we see the mofo for what he is, and fight him and his soulless apologists tooth and nail.

That, of course, remains to be seen, doesn’t it?

As Bradley Manning Offers Guilty Plea, Admin Wins Dismissal of Torture Suit Against Donald Rumsfeld

Noam Chomsky on Gaza, and the 2 Positives of Election 2012: The Worst Didn’t Happen — and It’s Over

*Chomsky’s in line with my view of electoral politics in these here United States

And his ending comments on what we face compared to so many others around the world, and our duty to do what we can in solidarity with them, as well as for our own sakes, are words I wish Goodman and others would take to heart.


Human Intelligence Peaked Thousands of Years Ago: Study
Stupidity trend will continue, says new research, but collective education can save us
– Common Dreams staff

*I think the most pernicious threat to our intelligence comes from the propaganda that saturates our existence.  That holds for 1000 BCE as well as 2012 CE.

Human sacrifices, anyone?

Of course, in our time, advertising is the relatively new kid on the block(head).

And as a result we’re far more familiar with the Geico Gecko than we are with what we’re doing to the habitat of his species, and our own.

That spells “stupid” in any era, doesn’t it?

Rise of the Bacterial Superbug: Systemic Misuse of Antibiotics to Blame
‘Strong link’ between antibiotics in livestock and resistence in humans
– Common Dreams staff

*Married to Big Pharma

In sickness

And in wealth

FBI’s Abuse of the Surveillance State is the Real Scandal Needing Investigation
That the stars of America’s national security establishment are being devoured by out-of-control surveillance is a form of sweet justice
by Glenn Greenwald

*Call it getting screwed in more ways than one.

Of course, Petraeus will simply shift to an obscenely well paid consultantship within the military-industrial complex.

The rest of us will continue being buggered by Big Brother.

What the fuck?

This the fuck.

UN Must Cure Haiti of the Cholera Epidemic It Caused
Unlike earthquake or hurricane, Haiti’s cholera outbreak is a manmade disaster – by the very agency supposed to protect it
by Mark Weisbrot

Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
BREAKING: Four Bank of America Branches Closed in Charlotte Coal Protest
Charlotteans, including septuagenarian Patricia Moore, a family BofA shareholder, demand end to BofA’s financing of coal in daring protest; BofA is country’s largest financier of the coal industry

Campaign for Peace and Democracy et alia
Rally in Solidarity with Greece and European Workers’ General Strike

Institute for Public Accuracy
UN Condemns U.S.’s Cuba Policy, 188-3

*Although it may not be Saudi Arabia, I think it’s foolish for Landau to say that Cuban society is based on “social justice and equality”.  It is ruled by a party elite, and while there have been vast improvements in many areas from the time of the Batista dictatorship, that doesn’t make it an exemplar of justice, does it?

Williams’ remark about Obama owing nothing to the Cuban exile protofascists is similarly ludicrious.  The embargo and eternal hostility to Cuba is far more due to, as Landau points out, punishing the people of Cuba for overthrowing the US’ man, and the profits he ensured for Yanqui companies.

And that’s a bipartisan enmity that’s meant as a warning to anyone else who dares challenge the empire.

David Gregory: Obama’s Failure to Embrace CEOs

*No one pimping this narrative actually believes it.

The point is to get us to believe it.

And the undeniable evidence is that there are many ignorant enough, and let’s be frank, stupid enough, to do so.

And that’s some scary shit, I tell you what.

Corporate Media Lose Their Favorite ‘Warrior Scholar’

*I think this vomitous hero worship for a murderous bastard (it seems I use that term on a daily basis) reflects how corpress journalists, and those who deploy them, see themselves not as outsiders with a duty to honestly report on the actions of elites, but as part of those elites, and as such protective of it.

And I don’t have much for someone like Ackerman, who couldn’t see how he was being gamed from the get go.

Shouldn’t a skeptical mindset be standard equipment for anyone claiming to be a journalist?

As for Cole’s comments on DN!, they were much more focused on his tactical failures, not on the moral depravity of the imperial project he directed.

But that’s not an unexpected analysis from Cole, is it?

Lastly, the widows and widowers, the daughters and sons and friends of the dead from Afghanistan to Iraq to Pakistan to Yemen to Somalia to wherever else this man’s bloody hand can be seen, the horrors they’ve endured are mocked by this pathetic lamentation over Petraeus’ woes.

And with that, you’ll have to excuse me.  I’m feeling a bit queasy at the moment.

BBC Scandal Exposes Cover-Up of Host Jimmy Savile’s Pedophilia, Fueling Public Broadcaster’s Foes

*This “supportive criticism” of the BBC meme from Gopsill is utter tripe, if what he means is anything other than supporting the concept of public broadcasting.

As with PBS on this side of the pond, its supposed principles of inclusion and freedom from influence by the powerful are a pathetic joke.

It’s vital to separate what these networks are in fact, and what they should be in reality.  Public media is essential to the functioning of democracy, and anyone who claims allegiance to that tenet should unhesitatingly condemn the hypocrisy that defines these entities in no uncertain terms.

“Mea Maxima Culpa”: New Doc Exposes Horror of Catholic Child Sex Abuser and Heroism of His Victims

*Both these segments deal with both the individual sins of the perpetrators, but I think more importantly the collective crimes of the organizations to which they were affiliated.

Every person with a role in allowing these horrific acts to continue, in silencing the victims, and in covering up what had occurred should be punished for those crimes to the full extent of the law.

But do you think the pope will spend a day in jail?  If those victims had been caught smoking dope, what do you think would have happened to them?

Power protects its own, from the BBC to the Catholic Church to the cops to the gummint.

Perhaps one day all those who suffered will see justice done, and the courage shown by those who confronted their tormenters will finally be fully rewarded.

That day is far off, I fear.

As Talks Begin on “Fiscal Cliff,” Report Warns “Fix the Debt” a Front for More Corporate Bailouts

*Is there a better, or worse, example of Newspeak than Boehner’s use of “special-interest loopholes”?

One thing needs to be made clear whenever this subject is discussed:

The national debt itself is a trojan horse.

The “debt fix” is a problem in search of a solution.  I’m no expert, but Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot are, and they made a convincing case that government debt in this country is of little importance, that it is a stalking horse for those who wish to sever the remaining threads of what’s laughably called “the safety net”, and make Ayn Rand’s wet dream a reality

And a nightmare for those hanging on by those threads.


Paul Soglin and Joe Parisi: Help the Homeless in Madison

*My addendum:

Paul, I realize that if this plea could touch your heart, you wouldn’t have needed to hear it in the first place.  You wouldn’t have done what you’ve done to make being homeless a hell in your city.

So, at least for me, this is about making it clear to you that your hypocrisy has been exposed, and that if you do reverse your policies, it won’t be due to your compassion, but to that of those who actually care about the homeless.

Of course, given the dire circumstances, it won’t matter a great deal to them whether such a change is a result of rediscovering your humanity, if it ever truly existed, or whether it’s a coldly calculated political move.

But I just want you to know that whatever credibility you may once have had, warranted or not, has been lost forever by your actions on this matter.

And whatever the outcome, the actions of those who stand by the homeless, and those of the homeless themselves, show that there at some folks left who understand the meaning of standing up for our rights, and standing with those who do.

And I’m as deeply touched by their acts

As I am disgusted by yours.

Free Press
We Want News Not Propaganda

*It’s profoundly ironic that reactionary outfits like Sinclair present distorted views of Dear Misleader’s policies that they abhor, but are silent in the face of those they support, such as the murder of innocents in drone strikes and other military actions, and laying waste to our dying planet through the granting of licenses to drill in the Arctic.

Obama may be the “good” cop, and these bastards the “bad” cop

But in the end, we know what most cops want, don’t we?

And it has nothing to do with justice, does it?

And I thought Harris’ snide and defensive response was telling.

For all the sloganeering about “news you can trust”, and “journalistic integrity”

It comes down to who pays your salary.

Call it another form of checkbook journalism.

A Habit That Can Destroy Lives
by Gail Dines and Robert Jensen

*Sex on a dehumanizing assembly line

And as in many other industries, consumers and workers suffer from the product and the production.

Bailout ‘Of the People, By the People’ Exposes Bankers’ Greed
Coalition kicks off ‘Rolling Jubilee’ campaign to eliminate debt
– Common Dreams staff

Israel Threatens Ground Troops, Escalation in Gaza after Weekend Strikes
– Common Dreams staff

‘Stop the Net Grab’ Opposes UN Control of Internet
Proposal would ‘restrict political freedoms and harm civil society’
– Common Dreams staff

International Energy Agency: World Failing at Sustainable Energy
World Energy Outlook shows continued domination of fossil fuels on a thirstier planet
– Common Dreams staff

*It never ceases to amaze me the fantasy world “serious” persons like the WWF’s Leonard live in.

Talk of Dear Misleader’s “legacies”, and “a prosperous economy”?

We’re in a battle for our very survival

And Obama’s legacy will be one of serving those who placed us at the precipice.

This fool seems to believe there’s some semblance of humanity we can appeal to

And he’ll likely continue to believe that even after the Arctic Ocean turns black.

It’s quite a telling example of the mindset of mainstream “environmentalism”, don’t you think?

Five Misconceptions about our Tattered Safety Net
by Paul Buchheit

*The poor will always be with us

As long as the rich are as well

The Israeli Documentary Putting Military Rule in Palestine on Trial
The Law In These Parts builds a strong case against the judges responsible for Israel’s draconian occupation laws
by Rachel Shabi

*”Perverting the course of justice”

The irony drips

As does the blood

Making Change at Walmart
Walmart Raises Employee Healthcare Premiums by up to 36%; Places further Restrictions on Eligibility
Workers Distressed over Increases to Family and Individual Coverage that Far Outpace National Averages and Add to Unprecedented Increases Put into Effect Last Year

*The low prices are only at checkout

Organic Consumers Association Statement on California Prop 37 Uncounted Votes
The OCA Continues to Monitor Prop 37 Election Results, Has Not Ruled Out a Challenge

Exposé: Veterans Administration Battles Backlog of Claims for Wounded Soldiers

*There are intense contradictions to all the hero worship for empire’s foot soldiers, but these persons were promised care, and they have every right to expect and demand it.

Beyond that, for all those contradictions, the greatest criminals are those who piously talk of “honoring” veterans, while using them as cannon fodder for their wars for profit and power, and then treating them as nothing more than disposable materiel afterwards.

It’s heartening to see that within that rat’s nest of hypocrisy, there are persons like Fox who understand the meaning of standing by your principles.


Voting Rights Act To Go Before Supreme Court
Act requires federal oversight in some states before voting laws changed
– Common Dreams staff

*I do think a solid case can be made for a change in the law.

Section 5 should be expanded to every state and locality that passed ID laws and other voting restrictions.

In that sense, it is indeed obsolete.

Yes, Companies Are Harvesting and Selling Your Facebook Profile
by Lois Beckett

Worst Case Climate Projections Likely: Study
Global warming “likely to be on the high side of current projections,” according to analysis from National Center for Atmospheric Research scientists
– Common Dreams staff

*Many Neros

Many Romes

Weak Air Quality Plan for New York Challenged by Conservation Groups
Coal Plant Technology Upgrades Needed to Comply with Clean Air Act

*If it’s not going to enforce clean air laws, it can at least comply with truth in labeling laws, and change its name to the Environmental Polluters’ Agency.

Obama’s Imaginary Embrace of the Arab Spring

*”It’s hard to believe many people in the Middle East would like to see Obama apply the same rules to the Israel/Palestine conflict.”

But, of course, he has

And will continue to.

FAIR Media Advisory
When Is a Mandate Not a Mandate?
Different standards for different elections–and parties

*Dear Misleader may have a mandate from the voters

But the realities of power speak to a different mandate

And it’s a safe bet as to which one he’ll follow, isn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
House Republicans Keep Majority Due to “Structural Bias”

*Winner take all

Makes us losers

After Historic Votes Legalizing Marijuana, Colorado & Washington Prepare for Federal Gov’t Showdown

*It’d be interesting to know how the private prison industry dealt with these campaigns, and how they’ll deal with the momentum they created for decriminalization at the least, as they make profit handsomely off of the overflowing prisons that are a result of keeping marijuana illegal, don’t they?

Tavis Smiley, Cornel West on the 2012 Election & Why Calling Obama “Progressive” Ignores His Record

*I think of Smiley and West as sort of “establishment radicals”, for lack of a better term.  That Obama would know or care what West says about him gives you some sense of his place in the game, don’t you think?

As for “pushing the president”

The only place I want him pushed is into a prison cell, for the murders he commits daily here and abroad.

Of course, if there were any possibility of that, he would have plenty of company on the same charge, wouldn’t he?

VIDEO: Democracy Now! and Riverkeeper Tour NYC Waterfront After Superstorm Sandy, Sewage Leaks


Rallying Cry: Unity and Hampshire College Divest Endowments from Fossil Fuels
Schools join’s campaign against climate change
– Common Dreams staff

Whistleblower Manning Highlights ‘Overcharging’ in Strategic ‘Guilty’ Plea
– Common Dreams staff

CNN Claims Iran Shot at a US Drone, Revealing the News Network’s Mindset
Its Pentagon reporter parrots significant, inflammatory government claims without an iota of skepticism or balance
by Glenn Greenwald

*Talk about parrot droppings …

Climate Change, Not the National Debt, Is the Legacy We Should Care About
Worry about the grandchildren? Then stop global warming, but don’t pretend deficit reduction by slashing pensions is for them
by Dean Baker

*I hope Baker’s last comment is correct, but there’s a whole lot of evidence that mitigates against optimism, isn’t there?

Most folks’ eyes glaze over when debt is the subject, and when they do focus, they tend to put it in the context of individual debt, and the dangers thereof.

Of course, that stupidity – or perhaps ignorance, if often willful, is a more precise term – is engendered by the propaganda from both parties and the corpress.  How many people know Dean Baker, as opposed to Rush, Bill and cabal, as well as mainstream types and “fiscally responsible” Dems, who spread this nonsense over the land like so much toxic manure (aka horseshit)?

And that cluelessness leads to susceptibility to fear, and a willingness to “let the experts deal with it”.

And those “experts”, like Bowles and Simpson, are indeed skilled in the dark arts of dishonest discourse.

We like to think that if we just explain something clearly enough, most folks will get it.

But we don’t live on Vulcan.  We live on this rock, and among a species that has proven time and again that it can be tricked into working against its own interests.

But maybe the 1,632,471st time’s the charm.

I wouldn’t put scared money on it, though.

Jobs with Justice
Stop Sweatshop Shipping
Sign the Cyber Pledge

*The fight against repetitive misery disorder

Juan González: Critical Role in Obama’s Re-Election Heralds New Era of Decisive Latino Vote in U.S.

*So we go from exclusion

To co-optation

To divide and conquer.

Republicans will accede to some sort of “immigration reform” for some segment of the undocumented, while attempting to appeal to the conservative social values of many Latinos.

And Democrats will try to buy off Latino “leadership” to ensure the community’s fealty to its agenda of false hope.

I’ll hold out what I hope isn’t a false hope, that Latinos, and I think the young are our best hope, will see through these charades, and realize that their interests lie with the other “others”, defined by class as well as by race, gender, and sexuality.

Puerto Rico Referendum Approves U.S. Statehood for 1st Time, But Results Show Divided Views


Bad Day for GOP Super Donors
Biggest contributors to super PACs in 2012 election backed losing candidates
by Rachael Marcuse and John Dunbar
The Center for Public Integrity

*I think we need to keep this in perspective.

Despite the psychotic propaganda eminating from the FOX hole, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is not the home address of a “socialist”.

Adelson and ilk may chafe at the meager restrictions an Obama admin places on their playtime, but they remain firmly in control of the playground, with little worry about the possibility of a “time out”, much less being expelled.

They may be occasionally admonished to “play nice”, but the order of the day will be a blind eye turned to bad behavior.

Spoiling their fun falls to us kiddies who’ve had enough of their bullying.

Big Agriculture Bankrolls Defeat of California’s Proposition 37
Proponents remain positive about the future fight against GMOs
– Common Dreams staff

*You can pin this loss squarely on the shoulders of the corpress, who shilled for these corps in their editorials, and obfuscated in their coverage.

It was truly a triumph for “all the news that’s printed to fit”.

From Liberal Victory to Disempowerment in Six Easy Steps
Obama and Progressives: What Will Liberals Do with Their Big Election Victory?
by Glenn Greenwald

*Why does Phil Ochs’ “Love Me, I’m a Liberal” keep playing in an endless loop in my head?

The Malalas You Don’t See
by Sarah Waheed

*Selective sorrow

And haphazard horror

The US Austerity Fight Cometh
by John Buell

Friends of the Earth
November 10: A significant day for activists working against mining, oil and gas

Pundits: In Victory, Obama Must Accomodate His Opponents

*I’m not certain in which solar system Balz’ planet resides, but hear on Earth, Dear Misleader’s “true colors” and “ideological convictions” have been on open display from day one of his presidency.

And it hasn’t presented a very pretty picture, has it?

As for Roberts’ prattlings, speaking as a white Southerner, he never “lost” me.

He never had me to begin with.

Because it really wasn’t difficult to know just who he was, and just who he served, was it?

(And yes, I do realize I’m an anomaly among that demographic.)

Institute for Public Accuracy
Ballot Initiatives * GMO Labeling * Marijuana Legalization

*Weeding out the waste and woe of “The War on Drugs” ™

Obama Re-Elected to 2nd Term with Near Sweep of Battleground States

*The election may be over

But the bullshit’s as thick as ever

And how do you get a “resounding” victory out of fifty percent of the vote?

You have to wonder if that label would have been appended to a Romney victory, had the numbers been reversed, don’t you?

Election 2012: Ben Jealous, Laura Flanders on Obama’s 2nd Term & the Future of Progressive Politics

*Well, I waded through it.  You can as well, if you have a mind.

What strikes me about this foolishness is that this is pretty much the same thing that persons like Flanders and Jealous were saying four years ago.

They make the obligatory references to “pushing” the president and the party, but blithely ignore the betrayals of the last four years in favor of a slighty less hallucinogenic vision of “Hope and Change” ™.

What will they say when Dear Misleader asks the nation to make “tough choices” on Social Security, or yields to the pressure to go beyond destroying the lives of the people of Iran through sanctions, to outright military attack, or continues the erosion of our rights in the name of “national security”, as well as the promotion of the “all of the above” energy meme that ensures the end of the world as we know it?

They will mouth empty criticisms, no doubt, just as they have for the last four years.

And then it will be deja vu all over again come next election.

Except that the world will be a much different place by then

And they may find that that dog don’t hunt ’round here no more.

From Marriage Equality to Legalizing Marijuana, Election Day Ballot Measures Won by Movements

*Notice how Jealous sidestepped the question of whether his and other orgs have confronted Obama over the last four years?

There’s no room for a “loyal opposition”

When that loyalty betrays your proclaimed principles.


Final Factcheck: Political Lying Perfectly Balanced

*Some lies never make it on stage for the balancing act, do they?

Those are the ones both major parties promulgate, such as the inherent morality of US foreign policy, or that greed is good (with the slightest of disagreements as to just how greedy one should be).

Those are the lies used to manufacture consent.

And as such will never be subject to quality control from the manufacturers’ subsidiary.

Welcome to Election Day: Seven Things That Could Go Wrong (or Already Have)
by Suevon Lee

The Serious Flaw With Ohio’s Plan To Count Provisional Ballots
by Aviva Shen

Justicia: Spain Upholds Gay Marriage Law
– Common Dreams staff

In U.S., Corporate Cash Pouring into State Campaigns
by Adrianne Appel
Inter Press Service

Superstorm Sandy—a People’s Shock?
Seizing the climate crisis to demand a truly populist agenda
by Naomi Klein

*Silencing the jackals’ howls for fresh carcasses

Institute for Public Accuracy
Election Day: The Attack on Voting Rights in the South

*Old times there …

Can it be deja vu

If it never really ended?

In Key Florida Battleground, Tea Party-Linked “True the Vote” Challenges Voters at the Polls

*Wouldn’t you like to see some of these folks in these long lines ask the person next to them to hold their place, then stand in front of these mother fuckers, not saying a thing, just staring them down?

It’s a travesty that there’s so little to vote for, but people died for this right in the South, where I’m from, and for these pieces of unbridled shit to try to intimidate people exercising that right is unvarnished racism

And I’d like to see someone take a stab at intimidating them.

Election (Suppression) Day 2012: From ID to Intimidation, How to Protect Your Rights at the Polls

*Every free citizen should have the right to vote, regardless of their criminal history.  Once you’ve served your sentence, the slate should be wiped clean on that count.

But I’d like to hear the arguments for allowing prisoners to vote.  I’m uninformed on the issue, but my initial reaction is that you’ve lost your freedom, and with it the right to engage in civic life, until you are free again.

In Ohio, African-American Turnout Threatened by Reduced Early Voting and Faulty Ballots

*Of course, this is all hidden by the corpress, which makes it incumbent upon journalists like Palast to let us know what’s going on.

So, whether he had the heart or not, don’t you think he should’ve skinnied those voters on just how they were being scammed?

In Landmark Ruling, “Dark Money” Group Tied to Citizens United Ordered to Reveal Its Donors


Paul Ryan’s ‘Judeo-Christian’ Fear Mongering
– Common Dreams staff


“Watch out, folks!

He’s a nigger

A Muslim

*And* a socialist!

He’s a triple threat to what makes America America!”

If only …

Voting Rights Group Empowers Citizen Journalists to “Fight Back”
Video the Vote calls on voters to “Shoot” and “Share” poll suppression and intimidation
– Common Dreams staff

*Capturing the malevolent moments

‘OK, Fine. Shoot Him.’ Four Words That Heralded a Decade of Secret US Drone Killings
by Chris Woods
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

KBR Negligent, Ordered to Pay $85 Million to Soldiers
Federal jury finds former Halliburton corporation negligent of exposing soldiers to carcinogen while guarding water plant in Iraq in 2003
– Common Dreams staff

*”People are not going to make money from our blood.”

A most profound irony in that statement, don’t you think?

The S&M Election
by Chris Hedges

*Power corrupts

The powerful

And the powerless

GMOs at the Polls: 7 Things to Tell Your Friends Before Election Day
Americans are the world’s GMO guinea pigs, say Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé. But California’s ballot initiative on labeling GMO foods would give everyone the choice to change that for themselves.
by Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé

Arguments Held Before Federal Appeals Court Challenging Most Extreme Abortion Ban in the Nation

*Pro life

No matter how many deaths

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Evidence Suggests PA GOP Poll Watchers Systematically Targeting African American Precincts

FAIR Action Alert
Global Warming Silence on Sunday TV
No talk about climate’s contribution to catastrophe

*Bearing silence from the witless

“We Need Help”: Battered by Sandy, Desperate Residents of New York’s Far Rockaways Plead for Aid

*I wish someone had asked Bloomberg what the fuck he was doing with his pile of cash to help, don’t you?

After Sandy, Occupy Movement Re-Emerges as Relief Hub for Residents in Need

*The solidity of solidarity

Starting Line of Canceled Marathon, New York’s Staten Island Overcome by Post-Sandy Desperation

*On your mark

Get set


Jesus …

I wish Goodman had gone Socratic with Mr. Garcia.  He clearly understands something’s wrong with the climate, yet he makes this qualifying comment, “I’m not going to go there … “.

I think it would have been instructive to have queried him on why he did so, because it was in such contradiction to his following remarks.

I imagine many persons have that same confliction.  They know enough to realize something’s horribly wrong with the weather, but there’s so much propaganda and false controversy attached to the issue that they are hesitant to express their concerns.

And that, of course, leads to a lack of popular action for change.  The “politicization” leads to a depoliticization of the populace.

Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro Denounces Red Cross Response to Superstorm Sandy

As Sandy Relief Lags, Residents from Red Hook to Hoboken Band Together for Community Response

*This is very inspiring, and as we are now and for the foreseeable future will be in an emergency situation – locally, nationally and globally – we need to think about how we can organize ourselves in this manner for the challanges we will face from both nature and the unnatural effects of greed and power.

In Tight Race, 11th-Hour Voter ID Laws, Suppression Could Decide Ohio and Other Swing States

*From the virtual non-existence of voter fraud

To the grotesque existentialism of voter suppression


NYT’s Gaza Flotilla Flop

*I have to say that the continuous use of the term “puzzling” to define corpress complicity is itself puzzling.

FAIR has listed innumerable examples of that litany of collusion, so to persist in claiming to be nonplussed about the reasons behind it seems disingenuous.

Perhaps it’s meant to present an tone of “objectivity”, but calling a spade a spade is a hallmark of honest journalism.

So, risking the consequences of copyright infringement, I must entreat you to

Just do it.

How Hurricane Sandy Will Impact the Election
by Ari Berman
The Nation

*Postpone the goddamn election.

There’s nothing sacred about the first Tuesday in November.  Whatever problems resulting from postponement are dwarfed by those arising from holding it under such chaotic conditions, aren’t they?

And in addition to harming Democratic turnout, the anarchy extant will provide cover for whatever electoral fraud deemed necessary.

Short circuits?  Power outages?  General confusion?

It’s a dirty tricks dreamscape, isn’t it?

Climate Protester Interrupts Romney Sandy Speech
– Common Dreams staff

*Maybe if these imbeciles line up along the shore the next time an uberstorm approaches

And chant “USA! USA!” loud enough

The tempest will be so intimidated, it will change course toward some other land lacking such patriotic fervor.

Whaddaya think?

In Sandy’s Wake, New York’s Landscape of Inequity Revealed
by Michelle Chen

*Nature plays no favorites

That’s what the power structure’s for

Waiting for Obama, Democrats Will Lose the House of Representatives
by Ralph Nader

*You can court brain lock trying to unravel the political maneuvering, but it comes down to this:

If Democrats have principles, they act on them.

That is their first priority – to serve the people.

If they don’t

There is no rationale that absolves them of that duty

Is there?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Environmental Degradation: “How the 1% Created a Monster”

“Massive Surge of Republican Money”

*Money talks

And makes us a truly “silent majority”

“Romney Family Investment Ties To Voting Machine Company”

*Heaven forfend that anyone would suggest “conspiracies or that anyone would get involved in any foul play here, most particularly the GOP candidate for President … “.

Jesus H. Christ.

“Bad judgment”?

With a corpress that consistently ignores electoral fraud, and labels anyone who doesn’t a “conspiracy theorist”

I wouldn’t call it “bad judgment” in the least.

Call it “hedging your bets”.

Flooded by Sandy, Residents of Brooklyn Community Red Hook Organize Local Effort for Urgent Relief

Residents of NYC’s Chinatown Turn to Community Group for Relief as Elderly, Immigrants Isolated by Storm


Obama’s First Rule About ‘Climate Change’: Don’t Say ‘Climate Change’
Off-the-record meeting in 2009 exposes long history and underlying strategy of President’s “climate silence”
– Common Dreams staff

*I think the lesson we should take from this is that we should look askance at the actions of every “green” that was at this meeting

And that includes the sainted Mr. McKibben.

Ask yourself, how does a commitment to honesty on this issue square with remaining mum on this?

Recall that there was no criticism of Dear Misleader during the White House actions, perhaps to the point of disinviting Nader to speak for fear of his doing so:

We need to be certain that the folks who ask for our trust have our backs

And not disposed to stick something sharp in them.

Corporate Media Breaks Climate Silence, Following Undeniable Sandy Superstorm
‘Its global warming, stupid’
– Common Dreams staff

*This just in …

The world is not flat.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Isn’t this the standard MO?  Deny reality until it becomes untenable, then set to managing its perception.

And should we chalk it up to coincidence that a shitpot full of money is waiting to be made off contracts for building berms, seawalls and levees, as well as controlling the renewables market, while still drilling, and killing, for the last dregs of fossil fuels under the rubric of “All of the above”?

Yeah, they “get it”

And will take it to the bank

Unless we exploit this opportunity to close their account for good.

Romney’s Tax Secrecy: Did He Get Away With It?
by Alec MacGillis

*This is standard “insider” nonsense (aka horseshit), but what do you
expect from The New Republic?

To answer the three questions posed:

The corpress?

Power creates the narrative, and in most every instance, the media are
not going to push on a story that power doesn’t want pursued.  They
don’t want their taxes scrutinized, so it’s off limits to do so with

The Dems?

Pretty much the same answer.  This “late in the game” hooey is
nonsense (aka horseshit).  Pounding on the basic dishonesty of hiding
tax returns would resonate with voters of every stripe.  But again,
this isn’t something the plutocracy wants in the forefront of a

And at bottom, although both parties want to win, the maintenance of
the status quo is their primary raison d’etre.

You dance with who brung ya

And power pays the price of admission.

Did he get away with it?

It’s a rhetorical question, given the above, isn’t it?

Why Monsanto Is Fighting Tooth and Nail Against California’s Prop 37
by Sonali Kolhatkar and Vandana Shiva

*Even though it’s implied in her response that she sees no role for profit in an economy geared toward need rather than greed, I wish Shiva has explicitly rejected the capitalist model.

We need persons with her visibility to speak directly to the impossibility of a fair system – one that gives to each what they need, and takes from each what they can contribute – under a competitive paradigm.

They, and we, need to be talking about a democratic socialism – and that’s just a name to hang on it – that is organic, nondogmatic, utilitarian …

And above all, based on cooperation and respect

For each other, for all life, and for the planet that makes life possible.

It was always our only hope for justice

And now it’s our only hope for survival.

Bureau of Investigative Journalism
October 2012 Drone Update: US Covert Actions in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia

*Totaling the terror

Coalition of Public Health Organizations
World’s Oldest Public Health Organization Calls for Actions on Toxic Exposures in Fast Growing Global Electronics Industry

*The miseries of modern technology

Institute for Public Accuracy
How Ballot Access Restrictions Block Democracy

A Crisis Foretold: Studies Warned New York Infrastructure Critically Threatened by Climate Change

Without Power and Aid, Low-Income Residents of NYC’s Lower East Side Struggle in Storm’s Aftermath

*You can call the recovery “a class act”

And these folks would know exactly what you meant

David Rohde: Superstorm Sandy Has Exposed New York City’s “Hideous Inequality”

*Rohde engages in the sort of classic “split the difference” analysis, on both the class divide in New York and on imperialist policy, that defines modern liberalism, doesn’t he?

He’s unable, or unwilling, to see beyond the parameters allowed as “responsible discourse”, wringing his hands over what he can’t ignore, but refusing to step outside those bounds, for fear that he would be forced to confront the contradictions that would be all too apparent were he to do so

And thus forced to make a moral choice that liberals such as he dearly wish to avoid.

As Missouri Senate Race Tightens, New Details Emerge on Todd Akin’s Anti-Abortion Past

*So praise for a bunch of white supremacists is a matter that’s “a little overblown” …

A steadfast defense of “small government” includes having government decide what a woman can and can’t do with her own body …

And blocking access to clinics where a woman can exercise that right is akin to being arrested for civil disobedience in the cause of equal access.

What would Orwell say about the state of his profession in the 21st century?

Pretty much the same thing he said in the 20th, I’d imagine.


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