December 2012


US War Machine Leaves Ugly Imprint in Afghanistan
Dispatch from remote base reveals physical and political damage left in wake of US occupation
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Obama Quietly Signs Abusive Spy Bill He Once Vowed to Eliminate
After Senate rejects oversight amendments, bill sails into law
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*No gridlock here

Only a lockdown on liberty

Philadelphia’s Charter School Expansion Crushing Public Schools
Communities push back against plan to close nearly one in six of the city’s public schools
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Minimal education

Equals minimum wage

Equals maximum profit

Gang Rape in India Galvanizes Nation
Tens of thousands protest demanding stronger sexual assault laws, focus on women’s rights
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

*As heinous a crime as rape is, there is no justification for the death penalty or castration.

There is every justification for prosecuting and commensurately punishing the policemen who aid and abet these horrors.

The Financial Elite’s War Against the US Economy
by Michael Hudson

* I’m having a hard time sussing why any gummint would accede to the demands of its creditors if, as Hudson states, it has no reason to.

You might make a case for collusion when it comes to Greece or Spain, but what about a developing country where the leadership to some degree responsive to the people?

Debt is used as a weapon against governments that don’t go along with Western plans.

But if the gun fires blanks, why should it be seen as a threat?

Am I missing something?

Putting It In Drive: What’s Next for Idle No More
by Daniel Wilson

* I’m not clear on Wilson’s definition of a “carrot”.

He speaks of “greater predictability and facilitated process”, in exchange for respect for indigenous rights.

But isn’t the right to breathe the air and drink the water as fundamental as any?

So how does making that increasingly difficult serve the cause?

Coal Mine Expansion in Colorado Roadless Forest Likely to Face Challenge
Roadless area next to West Elk Wilderness would be decimated by bulldozing & scraping


Gaza’s Only Fisherwoman Continues to Sail
by Joshua Brollier

Connection to the Land Cannot Not Be Broken
by Joshua Brollier

*The only just solution involves the establishment of a unified state with equal rights for all

And the punishment of those responsible for these atrocities.

Whatever ultimately may be possible

To not acknowledge what would be true justice

Is to deny the reality of those who deserve it

Support Grows as Harper Continues to Ignore Indigenous Upswell
‘Idle No More’ support spreads from Hawaii to Palestine
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Where Do the Children Play?’ In Shadow of Fukushima Disaster… Inside
Victims of Fukushima say Japanese government ‘trivializing the disaster’
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

Port Workers’ Threat of East Coast Shutdown Knocks Owners Off Stance
Fight by organized labor puts workers’ rights to test
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Seven States Propose ‘Irresponsible and Dangerous’ Laws to Arm Teachers
National Education Association: ‘Guns do not belong in schools, period’
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A gun for a gun

Leaves the whole world in the crosshairs

Echoes of Arab Spring as Sunni Protests Spread Across Iraq
Week of protests, road blockages against Prime Minister al-Maliki continue
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

3 Steps to Build Resilience Through Your Giving
by Yifat Susskind

*Going by the delineated criteria

And my own regarding truly walking the walk

We’re talking a pretty damn short list.

Anyone have any suggestions as to who merits inclusion?

GOP and Feinstein Join to Fulfill Obama’s Demand for Renewed Warrantless Eavesdropping
The California Democrat’s disgusting rhetoric recalls the worst of Dick Cheney while advancing Obama’s agenda
by Glenn Greenwald

*How much “lesser” is “the lesser of two evils”?

Why Claiming US Has ‘Best Health System’ Is a Sick Joke
The ‘best’ health care depends on your perspective
by Samuel Metz

Friends of the Earth
San Onofre: Edison’s Experimental Restart Scheme May Violate Terms of Plant’s Operating License
Controversial plan to run reactor at reduced power could require formal legal hearings

FAIR Media Advisory
The P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2012
Recalling some of the stinkiest media moments of the year

*When you’re a bottom feeder

You never worry about how low you can go

The Wilmington 10: North Carolina Urged to Pardon Civil Rights Activists Falsely Jailed 40 Years Ago

*This should not be a request.

It should be a demand.

That the prosecutor hasn’t faced justice for his perversion of it is as much an injustice as the conviction of these persons.

There are countless instances similar to this, in the South and around the country, and the gummint is gearing up for many more, as things break down and people stand up.

Only a fool would be oblivious to the role Dear Misleader will play in that.


Support Pours In As ‘Idle No More’ Movement Steams Ahead
Rail blockades, street protests, flash mobs and an ongoing hunger strike give fuel to indigenous rights campaign in Canada
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

TEPCO Can’t Keep Up with Costs of Its Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima
Corporate utility looks for increased public funding yet again
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*When “All of the above”

Comes crashing down

EPA Chief’s Resignation Imperils Obama’s Already Ambiguous Environmental Policy
Environmentally friendly replacement for Lisa Jackson would face GOP gauntlet for confirmation
by Common Dreams staff

*We already know what Dear Misleader’s gonna do

Because he’s already doing it.

Unless we force him to do what he doesn’t want to do

We’re not doing what we need to do, are we?

New Year’s Revolution: Connecting the Dots, Coming Together and Fighting Like Hell
by Ronnie Cummins

*One essential component of connecting those dots is to create the model of the community we claim to struggle for in the wider world within our own.

There is a distinct disconnect between our talk and our walk on this score.

Until this is seen as an imperative goal – closing the gap between our principles and our practices

We will remain fragmented and isolated.

If we can’t do the mensch thing

I don’t see how we can do the mass movement thing.

Washington Post Pushes Mayan End of the World Story on “Fiscal Cliff”
by Dean Baker

*While the Mayans will tell you that there was never any foretelling of the end of time

The Post and the rest of the corpress will sell you a modern myth of debt and devastation, averted only by the shredding of what little exists of a social contract.

It’s a fearmongering fractured fairytale

Designed to hasten the end of the world of wholly inadequate “entitlements”

And leave us at the mercy of The Big Bad Wolf of privatization.

How Big Business Poisons Academic Research
The energy industry and Big Agribusiness are distorting academic research by wielding corporate influence.
by Wenonah Hauter

Institute for Public Accuracy
Why It’s So Hard to Get Off the “Fiscal Cliff”: Big Money and the 2012 House Elections

The FBI vs. Occupy: Secret Docs Reveal “Counterterrorism” Monitoring of OWS from Its Earliest Days

*Practice makes a perfect police state

The Other Bradley Manning: Jeremy Hammond Faces Life Term for WikiLeaks and Hacked Stratfor Emails

Tea Party Turmoil: FreedomWorks’ Dick Armey Takes $8 Million Exit Buyout After Failed Coup

*Pity the poor Democrats.

Dear Misleader and the party “leadership” want so desperately to eviscerate most of what passes for meaningful differences between the two major parties

And those nasty tea party types just won’t cooperate.

What’s a unprincipled pol to do?


Record Breaking Deportations in 2012
Nearly half include “parents and breadwinners and heads of American families”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

On a Wyoming Ranch, Feds Sacrifice Tomorrow’s Water to Mine Uranium Today
by Abrahm Lustgarten

*You’ll notice how this piece sources from the acceptable spectrum, with a fleeting nod to an environmental advocate after countless paragraphs.

This allows for the sort of hand wringing that the mainstream media incessantly engages in on such issues, when not overtly propagandizing for the profiteers.

It meets the “balance” test, you see.

The reality test is a wholly separate matter, isn’t it?

“Blood on Your Hands”: CODEPINK Interrupts NRA’s Wayne LaPierre as He Calls for Guns in U.S. Schools

*The NRA’s playing a double game here.

It, and the gun manufacturers it shills for, profit from the flood of cultural violence drowning our society, yet it hypocritically condemns it to take the focus off its propagation of the actual violence that is the natural consequence of a nation awash in guns.

How much would you wager that there will be no campaign against these blood soaked games and films, only their utilization as a diversion from the NRA’s contribution to the realization of the world they portray?

And how ironic is it that LaPierre excoriates the corporate media, when since this latest tragedy, they have made a concerted effort to blunt the drive for more than a cosmetic change in gun control laws, and the lack of same, as evidenced by this AP piece:

As U.S. Faces Gun Epidemic Post-Newtown, Obama Urged to Break With NRA & Back Global U.N. Arms Treaty

*The profits flow as fast as the blood can carry them

Idle No More: Indigenous-Led Protests Sweep Canada for Native Sovereignty and Environmental Justice

*First Nations

Last respected


Yemen’s Government Tries to Cover Up Death of Civilians by US Drones
by Sudarsan Raghavan
Washington Post

*There’s no consideration here of the inherent illegality of killing suspects, and the framing of these strikes as “mistakes” ignores the reality of their continuing occurrence, indicating a strategy in which civilian deaths are viewed as acceptable “collateral damage”.

The stated goals of the US in the GWOT are accepted on their face.  Only the method by which they’re pursued is questioned.

The history of the bloody quest for dominance of the region is left unmentioned.

What else would you expect from the Post?

Dr. Gabor Maté on the Stress-Disease Connection, Addiction, Attention Deficit Disorder and the Destruction of American Childhood

*Excellent intel on the interconnectedness of not only the mind and body, but of how we behave according to the societal environment we inhabit, or more precisely, we’re forced to inhabit in a profit-driven system.

I thought this was Maté’s most salient point:

“What we have to understand here is that human beings are not discrete, individual entities, contrary to the free enterprise myth that people are competitive, individualistic, private entities. What people actually are are social creatures, very much dependent on one another and very much programmed to cooperate with one another when the circumstances are right.”

Our goal must be to make those circumstances right, don’t you think?

This segment is a repeat from a couple of years back, and well worth the encore.  I’ve been what I believe is justifiably critical of DN! for not consistently questioning conventional wisdom, but this is an excellent example of what the program can and should be doing day in and day out.

See if you agree.


Canada’s ‘Idle No More’ Movement Spreads Like Wildfire
Chief Theresa Spence on 14th day of hunger strike
by Craig Brown, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Ominous’ New Research: Earth’s Coldest Regions Warming Fastest
Latest research adds to litany that puts climate crisis in stark perspective
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I have my doubts about us finally snapping to when it comes to seeing the reality of climate change before we’ve crossed the Rubicon, but if I’ve ever hoped I was wrong about something …

What is absolutely necessary is for us to be honest about just what “doing something” entails. I’ve seen far too many (one is far too many) upbeat pronouncements about the future, suggesting that somehow our lives won’t profoundly change were we to do what’s vital to edge away from the abyss, that with some admittedly large tweaks to the current system, we can pretty much carry on as we do today.

I don’t see that. Tremendous damage to planet and peoples has already occurred, and will continue to no matter how “serious” we get. I don’t think we do ourselves any favors by soft selling the wrenching changes that truly confronting this challenge will bring.

I don’t know how we’ll react to that, but I do think that making such predictions, only to witness their demise, will make it that much more difficult to make those imperative changes, as I believe that the sooner we accept the necessity for them, the better our chances of implementing them, and averting the worst of the calamity looming ahead.

We need our eyes wide open

If humankind is to see the way to survival

A Retort to US Military Expansion in Africa: ‘Dismantle AFRICOM’
As US makes plans to blanket continent with soldiers and drones, an alternative: Don’t
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Iran Warns Citizens About Traveling to ‘Dangerous’ United States
‘Iranophobia’ a trend in the US
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

FBI Investigated Occupy Movement as ‘Domestic Terrorists, Criminals’
‘Coordination between the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and corporate America’
by Craig Brown, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Would Himmler be proud

Or envious?


NRA Slammed for Push for Guns in Every School
NRA’s Wayne LaPierre’s suggestion to put armed guards in every school is met with scathing reaction
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The NRA has determined that the best defense

Is an obscene offense to the memories of all victims of gun violence.

If this isn’t the epitome of disaster capitalism …

Create the problem

Then cash in on its “solution”.

‘Extraordinary’: Three Weeks Later, Keystone Blockaders Still in Texas Jail
“I think what they are doing is extraordinary”
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Extraordinary dedication

All too ordinary repression

Bolivia’s Morales Calls for New Era of ‘Peace and Unity’ to Break Greed of Capitalism
The ‘end of the world’ it is not, says president of Bolivia, but rather an opportunity to dispose of ‘capitalism’s greed’ and unite in happiness and unselfishness
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*There was an end to a world in all this.

It came at the hands of the conquistadors, and those who followed.

Challenge to UK Role in Deadly Drone Attacks in Pakistan Blocked by High Court
‘Cloud of Secrecy’ over Britain’s complicity in US drone program
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

Obama Will Ride to the Rescue… for Republicans
by Cenk Uygur

*It’s good to see someone get it that Dear Misleader isn’t Jesus on a stick, or that he would dearly like to be so, if only circumstances permitted.

But Uygur doesn’t seem to suss that it’s deeper than that. He serves at, and for, the pleasure of the powerful, as does every president.

And in the end, it’s not about making *him* do anything. As even the best policies of a awful lot show, such as the New Deal and the Great Society, the acceptable parameters for change are severely restricted.

It’s about *us* doing something, outside of those parameters. And if we do, and gain momentum, the full fury of those who enforce those boundaries will be unleashed.

How we respond to that will determine whether we are true to our proclaimed principles.

And I have to say that I don’t know whether I will have the courage to do what my conscience demands.

Do you?

Murdoch, Petraeus and the US Media Matrix
by Jonathan Cook

*I have a hard time believing that corpress journalists like Woodward and Bernstein are “incapable” of seeing what’s right in front of them.

They have access to the same information I do, and some level of access to the actors, which I don’t, so to ignore the facts requires a conscious act, don’t you think?

I’m trying to be logical here.

Would that they would, as well.

Will Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid Stand Up to the NRA?
by Medea Benjamin

*I have to ask why there’s no talk of any “action” beyond a reinstatement of an assault weapons ban with more holes in it than a target at a NRA firing range party

And why there’s so much talk in praise of a mayor whose police force is a leading purveyor of the violence that’s part of parcel of the disease the horror of Newtown is but one example of.

If Reid’s a POS

And he is

How does he differ at base from Bloomberg?

Sorry. There I go getting all morally rational again.

The Ultimate Logic of a Society Built on Mass Murder
It’s not a sudden madness, but a long history of mass murder come full circle.
by Glen Ford

*Only the dehumanized

Can dehumanize others

Center for Biological Diversity
50,000 Endangered Species Condoms to Be Handed Out at Year-end Events

*I’d say the “common root” is greed

But the point’s taken.

Sequester the carbon

And the semen

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
A Response to the NRA Press Conference

*The NRA has determined that the best defense

Is an obscene offense to the memories of all victims of gun violence

Institute for Public Accuracy
Kerry’s Judgement Questioned Because of Pro-War Vote

*Why is it that progressives are quick to castigate politicians for their support for the Iraq War

But are almost always silent about their original backing for the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan?

If you can make a moral distinction between the two

You have a different sense of humanity than I do.

Pardon the Wilmington Ten

*I grew up in Mississippi in the ’60s, so I know first hand the motivations behind this injustice.

In the intervening decades, relatively little of consequence has changed in the South.

Old times there are not forgotten

Because they never really ended.

That a governor has to be pressured to ensure some measure of justice for these folks makes that plain.

So here’s hoping that this petition is successful, but it shouldn’t delude us into thinking that the ghosts of the past don’t still actively haunt the politics of the present

In the South

And the nation as a whole.

New Report Sheds Light on Bin Laden Murder, as Pakistan Faces Fallout from U.S.-Led Vaccination Plot

*A couple of things

The administration can disavow torture till they’re blue in the face, but they still outsource its use, if not continuing it themselves, which can’t be ruled out, and so the fact that these filmmakers – propagandists, more accurately – are close to it really doesn’t absolve them of the charge of proselytizing for torture, to my mind.

And just why has the US “had to engage” in “shady moralities”?

Perhaps Aikins misspoke, and meant that the US had engaged in them, rather than implying that it was a necessity. But there’s nothing “shady” about them, in the sense of being dubious, is there?

They are violations of US and international law, and far more important than that, they are emblematic of the immorality and inhumanity with which the US pursues its imperial aims.

That needs to be said cleary and unequivocally at all times, don’t you think?

As the ANC Votes to Support BDS, a New Film Compares Life in Palestine to Apartheid South Africa

*You’d think that with the farce of the bantustans, and the maintenance of one state in South Africa, there might be some mention of a one state solution here.

Yet, as is almost always the case in “the alternative media”, the subject never arises.

But should it come to pass, let’s hope the Palestinian people are far better represented by their “leaders” than black South Africans have been by the ANC.

The current situation gives little cause for optimism on that count, though.


In Wake of School Massacre, Tea Party Holds ‘Great Gun Giveaway’
‘Without a word of sympathy,’ group raises funds for pro-gun candidates
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

*So is the greater threat to effective gun control the insane rantings of robeless Klansmen like these

Or the soothing words of liberal pols as they work out the political calculus to these horrors?

Fight for GMO Labeling Goes On in New Mexico
‘New Mexicans deserve the right to know what’s in the food they are eating’
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

Report: Ecosystems in Upheaval, Biodiversity in Collapse
New study documenting climate change shows sweeping changes happening faster than previously recorded and bringing ‘cascading effects’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Israeli ‘Surgical Targeting’ of Journalists, Civilians a War Crime: Report
Rights group calls for prosecution of ‘Pillar of Defense’ crimes
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

What If All the World’s Debt Just Went Away
by Joe Brewer

*If money is the root of all evil

Its seeds are found within the concept of debt

Water Is Invaluable
by Mary Grant

*Commodify the best

Pollute the rest

In Search of Solidarity: Vastly Different Responses to Michigan’s “Right to Work” and Attacks on Right to Choose
by Angi Becker Stevens

*There’s no denying the righteousness of Stevens’ critique, but it has to be said that many reproductive rights and women’s rights groups show little solidarity with the class struggle as well, don’t you think?

How many Planned Parenthood members and supporters would have been at the Capitol had not HB 5711 spurred them to do so?

Stevens’ call is for us all to hang together, or we will most surely all hang separately.

The path to that unity is a two way street.

And I’d be remiss in failing to note that it isn’t just “conservative politicians” who seek to exploit us, is it?

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Arctic Offshore Drilling Safety Assurance Sought
Lawsuit to Force Release of Key Spill Prevention and Response Documents

Amnesty International
Asylum-Seekers and Migrants in Greece Hounded by Police Operations and Right-Wing Extremists

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Fiscal Cliff” Deal: Are Big Oil’s Billions in Subsidies on the Table?

Syria’s Mobile Weapons Labs: Where Have We Heard This Before?

So, does Ignatius receive a set salary from the CIA

Or is he compensated for his services on a per piece basis?

Yes, I’m being facetious.

But the effect of his duplicity is the same, regardless, isn’t it?

Domestic Abuse Survivor Goldie Taylor on Giving Up Her Gun & the Unseen Plague of National Violence

*Whatever little will be done to prevent another Newtown, nothing will be done to deal with the daily violence that ravages communities of color and poverty.

That is one more pernicious permutation of “American exceptionalism”, isn’t it?

Louisiana TV Station Fires Black Meteorologist for Responding to Viewer’s Barb About Her Hair

*Given the other issue of the contest response, I think it’s clear what happened, don’t you?

Lee confronted prejudice, and the station management felt that would harm its image with white viewers.

So she had to go.

Separately, the contest itself has intense contradictions, both from the standpoint of being a lesson in uberconsumerism, and obviously its association with Walmart, wouldn’t you say?

The Bribery Aisle: How Wal-Mart Used Payoffs to Bribe Its Way Through Expansion in Mexico


Gun Lobby Speaks: We Need More Guns, Especially in Schools
The NRA, its affiliates and the lawmakers it supports did not stay silent for too long. Now, the familiar arguments and strategies to defang a national push for stronger gun regulations
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*And who will sell those guns … ?


More to the point


Israeli Oppression, Palestinian Unity: the Rise of the Third Intifada?
Hebron unrest to ‘spread to all of Palestine’
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

Blowback: CIA Ploy to Kill Bin Laden Puts Pakistan’s Polio Eradication Campaign in Peril
Nine murders of vaccination workers this week has direct correlation to CIA’s faux ‘polio campaign’ in Abbottabad
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I still find it extremely difficult to believe that the most expensive and expansive intelligence “community” in human history could not locate “the most wanted man in the world”, when he was essentially hiding in plain sight.

So why this obscene charade of a vaccination program?

I can only speculate, but perhaps it was a dry run for other ops down the line, or had other goals from its stated one.

Regardless, it is the embodiment of the inhumanity that lies at the heart of US imperial strategy, don’t you think?

Corporate Power vs. People Power in Colorado Fracking Fight
Oil and gas industry sues city of Longmont contending their right to frack for profits
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Take Our Undies Next!’: Austerity Leaves Greek Workers with Little Left
‘We can no longer live on what we earn,’ say workers in Athens
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

Canada Slammed for Abysmal Human Rights Crisis
UN Committee, Amnesty urge Canadian government to take action
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

*That remark by Neve sticks in my craw.

“We don’t expect to be perfect … “

Imperfect means someone suffers, or dies.

So you had better expect your government to be perfect, and do what you can to make it so

If your avowed principles are to have any meaning.

Intervention in Syria Risks Blowback and Regional War
The west’s bid to ramp up the war in Syria will simply escalate the killing. Only negotiation can stop the conflict spreading
by Seumas Milne

Americans for Safe Access
City of Oakland and Feds Go Toe-to-Toe in Medical Marijuana Dispensary Forfeiture Case
Hearing at 10am Thursday may decide whether Oakland’s challenge to federal authority can proceed

DREAMers Challenge Michigan’s Policy Denying Driver’s Licenses
Civil Rights Groups File Lawsuit to Ensure Immigrant Youth Authorized to Work in the U.S. Can Drive

Journalists Back on the Chained Gang

*I recall an earlier era, when those in power, and those who served them, also thought chains were a good thing.

You’ll notice that no one pushing for this chain – er, change – has to worry about living with the restriction that comes with it.

Exclusive: Leonard Peltier Speaks Out from Prison on Denial of Medical Care, Bid for Clemency

*You want to know what the Democratic Party is really all about?

Ask Jimmy Carter about Leonard Peltier.

Ask Bill Clinton.

Ask Barack Obama.

Whether they reply or remain silent

Their response will provide you the answer.


Wealthiest Kissed, Weakest Kicked: Obama’s Ugly ‘New Deal’ Offers to Cut Social Security
President gives away the store in fiscal negotiations
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Can anyone truly be surprised by this?

It’s not about concession.

It’s about collusion.

Recall that many fine liberals and progressives were silent about what they knew would take place after the election as they campaigned for this duplicitous bastard.

Recall that there were similar rumblings from them with the emergence of Occupy, only to fall in line once the electioneering began in earnest.

Deja vu all over again?

I’m laying 100 to 1 odds.

Any takers?

Corporate-Occupied Government: A ‘Redistribution Machine’ for the Wealthy
‘Redistributing Up’: New Reuters series explores expanding US inequality
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Well, you can’t say they didn’t build *this*

Can you?

Tar Sands Battle Takes Distinct Turns in Vermont, Montana
Environmental victory in Burlington but fossil fuel fail in Montana
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*But the shit strangling the Gulf, spilling out of pipelines around the country, and destroying the planet

Is “your normal everyday crude oil”

Isn’t it?

Hastening Climate Change, Worldwide Coal Consumption to Increase Within 5 Years
China, India expected to lead consumption by 2017
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

In Wal-Mart’s Mexico: There’s a Bribe for That
NYT: “The Bribery Aisle: How Wal-Mart Used Payoffs to Get Its Way in Mexico”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The low life leader

Time to Act Now To Restore Our Ravaged Mental Healthcare System
by Deborah Burger

*The greatest mental health problem in this country

Is the wealthy’s psychotic addiction to greed

Environmental Groups Call on Cuomo Administration to Open Up Fracking Health Review to the Public

Fracking: Too Much of a Good Thing, Says Planet Money Guy

*Davidson has his fantasy

And I have mine.

That every corpress shill for fracking or offshore drilling or mountaintop removal or tar sands oil or nuclear power have to directly experience the consequences of their “downsides” in their own lives.

I think we might see a different narrative propagated were that the case.

Of course, they, and we all, will suffer those consequences, even if some of us have been lucky enough to avoid the worst of them up to now, if we don’t open our eyes and focus on the yawning abyss we’re hurtling headlong toward.

Their job is to keep us distracted.

Ours is to wake up to reality.

And do something about it.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Congo: 5 Million Dead; Calls for Changing U.S. Policy

*There’s nothing “incomprehensible” about it

When you engage in disingenuous handwringing over Congo’s horror show

While promoting the blood drenched policies of the government that directs it

Is Obama About to Cut Social Security?

*I guess all those older folks working at Walmart just want a little mad money

New Town to Newtown: How ’96 Massacre Spurred Gun Laws in Australia — and No Mass Shootings Since

*Don’t look for anything like Australia’s laws – as inadequate as they may be – to emerge from this.  The porous assault weapons ban may well be reinstated, and some improvement in background checks may result, but that’s as far as it’s likely to go, because this is about profit, and about a violent culture that suits the designs of, and is designed by, the powerful.

As violent as Australia’s culture was, it doesn’t approach the blood lust on display in our popular media, or in the Global War on Terror.  Our society is a combustible mix of intense pressures on people, leading to deep psychological distortions, the ease of acquiring a gun, and a culture that encourages violent responses.

That societal profile is exactly what the plutocracy craves, for it keeps us atomized, in fear, and distracted from taking the necessary action to confront their control.

The politicians and press who serve them will make soothing noises, but in the end, little will change.

Unless we demand it does.

“Americans Kill People”: Michael Moore on Newtown, Mass Shootings, and the U.S. Culture of Violence

*I’m not a big fan of Moore, because he often talks a good game, as here, but willfully or not, doesn’t then follow his own logic to conclude that we need a transformational change in our economic and political systems, beyond reformist solutions.

Of course, the same could be said of Naomi Klein, or any number of others.

That said, his remarks here put this tragedy in its proper context.  We are a sick, twisted society, and as hypocritical a one as has ever existed on this earth.

Those two characteristics are inextricably interconnected, don’t you think?

The more fucked up you are, the more you engage in delusion to avoid facing yourself.

As NRA Hides from Public After Newtown, ALEC Ties Reveal Extensive Lobbying Behind U.S. Gun Laws

VIDEO: New “Kochtopus” Graphic Maps the Influence of Billionaire Koch Brothers on Climate Policy

*Solid intel, but if you believe that working with the NAACP and union “leadership” is going to stop these bastards

You need to do a lot more homework


New EPA Rules Hit Pernicious Pollution
New standards affecting fine particle pollution bring protection from lethal polluters
– Common Dreams staff

*For whatever benefit this brings, it’s a classic example of a half measure presented as a bold action in the face of fierce opposition.

It’s a few crumbs, when our survival depends on the whole enchilada.

Remember All the Children, Mr. President
by Bill Quigley

New Press Freedom Group is Launched to Block US Government Attacks
Nothing is more vital than enabling true transparency and adversarial journalism, and preventing further assaults on them
by Glenn Greenwald

How the US Intelligence Community Came Out of the Shadows
by Tom Engelhardt

Toxic Train Wreck Exposes Weakness in Federal Chemical Policy
by Michelle Chen

Center for Biological Diversity
Newtown Gun Group Opposed Even Mildest Gun Violence and Enviromental Health Protections
National Shooting Sports Foundation Opposed Bill to Disarm the Mentally Ill, Effort to Eliminate Lead Poisoning

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
ICE Settles Case on Controversial Home Raids

*Huddled masses

With guns pointed at their heads

Meet the Press’s Uncharacteristic Enthusiasm for Balance

*By “pro-gun rights senators”, I assume Gregory means those who believe in the unlimited right to arm oneself to the teeth.

If that term is defined as those unmoved to make laws crafted to keep guns out of the hands of all but those who could prove the necessity and maturity to possess them

I’d say that number inches close to triple digits

If not reaching them.

What if Children Mattered No Matter Where They Lived–and Died?

*The sins of empire are committed in our names

And with our monies.

That we can ignore our responsibility for them is both a tribute to our manipulation by those in power, and the press that serves them

And to our own failure of humanity.

I’d like to think that Goodman is correct, that brought face to face with the horrors we have wrought, we would seek to end them

But I am far from sanguine in that musing.

John Boehner–Philosopher?

*”[H]e was doing what politicians often do: representing the interests of the powerful people and institutions that wanted him to be elected president.”

Or senator … or congressmember … or governor … or mayor …

Isn’t that the unstated, but unquestioned, job description?

Does the Public Really Oppose Gun Restrictions?

*It should be the primary tenet of polling the public:

If you want a precise answer

You ask a precise question

That the corpress rarely does so, when the response might deviate from the accepted narrative – accepted by them, of course – should tell you something about what it is they want, don’t you think?

Institute for Public Accuracy
School Shootings * “The Bully Society” * When is Child Killing Ignored?

*A trigger happy

And profoundly sad society

“The Corporate War Against Teachers as Public Intellectuals in Dark Times”

*A target for more than the mad

“Big Money, ALEC and the Gun Agenda”

Egypt’s Referendum Clears 1st Round, But Critics Seek Revote After Charges of Rigged Polls


‘None Dead’ in China: Sensible Laws vs. Maniacal Attacks
8,000 miles away from Connecticut, a vicious attack on school children has only one grace: all survived
by Beth Brogan and Jon Queally, staff writers
Common Dreams

*Guns don’t kill people

People kill people

And more people with more guns

Kill more people

A Culture That Condones The Killing Of Children And Teaches Children To Kill
by Lucinda Marshall

*An American tragedy

Born of a tragically American mindset

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Has the Blood of Connecticut Children on His Hands
A resume covered in red
by Peter Dreier

*Dreier gets to the heart of the matter at the end.

This is about profit.

And that is why, in the end, for all the tears and laments of Dear Misleader, the most we can expect from him and the Democrats is some watered down band aid that doesn’t come close to addressing the problem.

Why would this issue be any different that any other?

Pierre and the gun pimps he serves like to portray themselves as making it possible for us to protect ourselves from violent crime.

But that’s where the profit comes in, doesn’t it?

In a nation with strict gun laws, the fear factor is muted.  Violent crime lessens.

Less fear, fewer sales.

And despite what top cops may say, I have to be skeptical of their commitment to gun control.

That same fear factor is what propels police budgets, along with the militarization of policing.

A populace motivated by fear is willing to see rights abridged in return for the promise of safety.  As society continues to melt down due to a rapacious plutocracy and the effects of climate change their greed has engendered, many people will find the courage, born of desperation, to resist.

But many will be seduced by the siren call of “security”, and support the repression already evident as it increases in intensity.

Which is precisely what the gun corps and their brethren in other industries desire, for they know their survival depends on it.

As ours depends on an end to theirs.

Mental Health Reform as Important as Gun Reform
by Ira Chernus

*How many times have you heard of someone successfully defending themselves, their families or others with a gun?

How many times have you heard of deaths caused by them, in massacres such as this, in conflicts between and among persons which likely would not have resulted in death had guns not been present, or in accidents?

What do you think the ratio between the two is?

And do you think that calculus makes clear that owning a gun should be a right subject to the most stringest tests of necessity and responsibility?

For all our sakes, I dearly hope so.

The 2nd Amendment Does NOT Equal Random Slaughter
by Harvey Wasserman


Tragedy in Connecticut: 20 Children, 6 Adults Dead in Kindergarten Massacre
by Common Dreams staff

How the Mighty (Mississippi) Has Fallen: Historic Drought Plagues US
Continuing drought forecast for already dessicated US as low river levels thwart traffic
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Updated and Previously Suppressed Report Still Finds: Tax Cuts for Rich Only Help the Rich
A non-partisan government report, pulled after GOP objection, is back. And its finding won’t make elites happy (again)
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[S]mall increases in marginal tax rates for wealthy individuals … “

This is the essence of Democratic “populism”, isn’t it?

The report alludes to marginal rates above 90%, yet Van Hollen uses it to argue for this drop in the bucket.

It’s a script we should know by heart.

The Republicans go for the whole enchilada

While the Democrats offer us a few drops of chili sauce

Then proclaim a “principled” fealty to “fairness”.

It may be a dog and pony show

But the end product is pure horseshit.

Texas Landowner to Tar Sands Oil Company: ‘The Fight Is On’
Judge Rules Keystone XL Construction Can Proceed—For Now
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

Save the Children: Tears and Tragedy in Connecticut
by Randall Amster

Monsanto Gets Its Way in Ag Bill
by Jim Goodman

Making Change at Walmart
Workers in 10 Countries Call for an End to the Silencing of Workers at Walmart
Walmart Worker Protests Spread Globally

*It’s heartening to see the international solidarity, but this tactic of claiming that good wages and conditions are “good business” and will lead to greater profits isn’t exactly the clarion call for worker rights that the old radicals of labor would recognize.

“Everybody wins” doesn’t have quite the resonance of “Which side are you on”, does it?

Dean Baker: The Biggest Myth in Obama-GOP Spending Showdown is the “Fiscal Cliff” Itself

*Baker’s no enemy of the profit system, but he often does a good job of puncturing some of its myths, and does so ably here.

However, it’s beyond ludicrous to suggest that only one party is in bed with military contractors and Big Pharma.

Both major parties are part of this orgy

But we’re the ones truly being screwed.

Ex-Commissioner Michael Copps on the FCC’s Unrelenting Anti-Diversity Push for Media Consolidation

*A few things here.

This issue is analogous to that of preserving public broadcasting.  Fending off consolidation simply keeps a terrible situation from getting even worse.  It’s not about defending honest journalism or outlets that serve the community.

But losing would make realizing those goals that much more difficult.

Regarding diversity, I really don’t care about the race or gender of who owns a station or a paper.  What matters is whether those entities serve women and minorities.

Lastly, Copps effectively sidesteps Dear Misleader’s and the Dem leadership’s complicity in all this with his professed confusion as to the reasons behind the FCC’s promotion of a corporate agenda.

And Goodman and Gonzalez, as is often the case, make no effort to press him on it.

As Admin Preps “Enduring Presence” in Afghanistan, U.S. Peace Activists Build Ties to War’s Victims


Google on ‘Immoral’ Tax Evasion: ‘It’s Called Capitalism’
‘Hypocritical assertion of its corporate motto, ‘Don’t Be Evil'”
by Craig Brown, staff writer
Common Dreams

*You can’t really argue with Schmidt’s assertion, can you?

It is indeed capitalism.

And that such a defender of it would be considered a perfect fit for a Cabinet post in this administration should come as no surprise, should it?

Study Identifies 15 Top Threats to Biodiversity
‘Most of the effects we have on the natural environment continue to give rise to negative consequences for biodiversity.’
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

Tunisia Gears Up to Host World Social Forum
by Justin Hyatt
Inter Press Service

Our Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign’s Math Is Sound
by Kate Aronoff and Martin Bourqui

The School-to-Prison Pipeline Gets Its First-Ever Airing in the Senate
by Julianne Hing

*Of course, if the administration were truly committed to ending this injustice, it would change the policies that abet it, such as the prosecution of the war on drugs, and focus on improving the conditions these kids endure, rather than perpetuating them.

Hing noticeably omits this from her piece, and you have to question just why that is, don’t you?

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Chained CPI Cuts Social Security Benefits while Raising Taxes on Lower- and Middle-Income Workers

CIA Rendition & Torture Victim Wins European Human Rights Case

*”[A] nation that prides itself as a global leader on the rule of law and human rights”

Would that false pride cometh before a fall

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Syria is Being Destroyed”

On Budget Talks: “Close Offshore Tax Loopholes” Says Anti-Poverty Network

Exclusive: Native American Activist Leonard Peltier’s Jailhouse Plea for Long-Denied Clemency

*The butcher knows no mercy

After Rebuff by Clinton, Actor Peter Coyote Joins New Push to Sway Obama on Leonard Peltier Clemency

*I have to doubt whether the strategy of quiet diplomacy would have worked.  What political benefit would have been derived from granting clemency to Peltier – for Clinton, Daschle or the party?

Beyond that, of course, is the message meant to be sent to anyone daring to stand up to government repression.

And that holds true as much today as it did then, doesn’t it?


Judge OKs Censorship of Torture at Guantánamo Bay Military Commission Trial
Decision will bar statements about ‘illegal CIA torture, rendition and detention’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Why We Torture
What do we do once we know?
by Gareth Peirce

HSBC, Too Big to Jail, and the US Two-Tiered Justice System
by Glenn Greenwald

The Case Against Taxing the Rich: Still Shaky
The political friends of America’s rich aren’t aiming to convince us that higher taxes on the nation’s highest incomes make no sense. They’re just hoping to keep us distracted.
by Sam Pizzigati

*”If President Obama gets all of the tax hike he’s now seeking in the ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations, the top U.S. tax rate will nudge up only to 39.6 percent.”

Goddamn socialist …

Haiti: More Pressure Needed to Get Clean Water
Haiti is vulnerable to water-borne diseases like cholera because of its lack of clean water and sanitation.
by Mark Weisbrot

GOP Leadership and Violence Against Native Women
by Greg Kaufmann

*If the administration “gets it”

Why isn’t it giving any effort toward more than a half measure?

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Report Shows Stop and Frisk Rights Violations Continue
Nearly 100,000 Stops Appear Unconstitutional

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Internet Gun Site Sued By Brady on Behalf of Woman Killed with Gun Sold Through “Internet Loophole”

Most doctors don’t warn pregnant patients about environmental risks
by Jane Kay
Environmental Health News

Institute for Public Accuracy
Social Security Facts: Doesn’t Add to the Debt; Is a Bigger Creditor than China

Bill O’Reilly Has Had it With the Name-Calling

*If O’Reilly can be viewed as an avatar of civil discourse

Can the Kochs be seen as the embodiment of empathy?

Only through the looking glass, darkly …

Thousands Protest Michigan’s Anti-Union Law, But Deep Pockets of Right-Wing Backers Prevail

In Cairo, Egyptian Protesters Continue Revolution’s Legacy in Challenging Morsi’s Referendum

Beyond Benghazi: Partisan Rift over Susan Rice Ignores Sordid Record on War, Africa and Keystone XL

*The Benghazi angle is partisan point scoring, initially meant to aid the Republican election effort.

The thing is, should Rice be promoted, she’ll work hand in hand with those castigating her to advance US interests in exploiting the resources of Africa and elsewhere, and oppressing the people of those nations.

Because that’s what Secretaries of State do, isn’t it?

Fudge is carrying water for the administration, and doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about the blood on Rice’s hands.

And what does that tell you about the Congressional Black Caucus?


Poisoning the Well: How the Feds Let Industry Pollute the Nation’s Underground Water Supply
by Abrahm Lustgarten

Study: World’s Mighty Giants Dying off at Alarming Rate
‘We are talking about the loss of the biggest living organisms on the planet’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Sea Shepherd Buys Anti-Whaling Ship Under the Nose of Japanese Whalers
Four vessels now heading to Antarctic to halt this year’s catch
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

Sport Hunting to be Banned in Costa Rica
Hunting for sport is ‘not a sport but a cruelty,’ say lawmakers
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Toto, I don’t think we’re in Wisconsin anymore …

Israeli Pre-Dawn Raid on Palestinian NGOs Called ‘Retaliatory’
‘An attack on human rights and civil society organizations’ in occupied West Bank
– Common Dreams staff

Right to Work: As Goes Michigan, So Goes The Nation
by Ruth Conniff

*Along with the betrayal by union “leadership”, we can’t forget that, aside from pretty speeches, Dear Misleader and most other Demorats (not a misspelling) have not only done nothing of note to stem this tide of union busting, but have aided and abetted it by facilitating these sellouts under the guise of “pragmatism” and “preserving jobs”.

Which side are they on?

Can you spell “rhetorical”?

I knew that you could.

Democracy and the Ecology of Transportation
by John Buell

The Budget Thugs: What Do They Know About the Economy?
by Dean Baker

*Bursting the bubble of the debt doomsayers

How U.S. Taxpayers Are Paying the Pentagon to Occupy the Planet
Picking Up a $170 Billion Tab
by David Vine

*The price of putting Sherwin Williams to shame

Why Race Matters After Sandy
by Manissa McCleave Maharawal and Isabelle Nastasia

Center for Biological Diversity
Protest Filed Over 800,000-acre Oil Shale Plan in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming
Oil shale and tar sands development would worsen global warming and harm public lands, Colorado River, wildlife

Mother of American Torture Victim José Padilla Brings Case Before International Human Rights Tribunal
U.S. Courts Have Denied Recourse

*“The U.S. has historically been a leader in ensuring access to justice for human rights violations around the world … “

When was this?

Or perhaps more precisely, when was this more than window dressing, while pulling the curtain closed on its and its allies’ depredations?

Institute for Public Accuracy
UN Finally Acting on Cholera in Haiti

HSBC Case: Are Huge Banks Now Too Big to Indict?

*The most salient “interconnection” here is between corporations

And the “public servants” in their employ

Jeffrey Goldberg, WMD Expert?

*This really isn’t about “being so wrong”, though, is it?

That supposes that the man is trying to be accurate, but failing abysmally at it.

Even if you allow for an initial error, to repeat the same act over and over again can only lead to the conclusion that this is deliberate disinformation.

And to repeatedly honor such behavior, and to seek to validate it by providing a forum for such propaganda, are likewise not indicative of incompetence

But of complicity.

You don’t have to have a PhD in mathematics

Or political science

To put two and two together here

Do you?

“Protest Here is Vigorous”: Unrest, Polarization Before Egypt’s Referendum

Charles Glass on Syria’s Mutual Destruction and the Unconvincing Fears of Assad’s Chemical Weapons


‘Zero Dark Thirty’: Likely US Blockbuster Slammed for Glorifying CIA Torture
Film that recounts hunt for Osama Bin Laden injects torture despite factual inaccuracies
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*It might be interesting to look into the financing of this film, don’t you think?

And despite Vietor’s comments, I still find it difficult to believe that “the most wanted man on earth” was effectively hiding in plain sight, and this massive intelligence apparatus was unaware of his location.

That strains my conception of credulity, at any rate.

Showdown in Michigan: Labor Fights Back Against Anti-Worker Laws
Obama: Right-to-Work ‘Gives You the Right to Work for Less Money’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Talk is cheap theater

And the stage is far from the front lines

Killing of World Famous Wolf Reignites Battle in the Rockies
Kill programs in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming reveal how fragile protection programs can be
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

The PSY Scandal: Singing about Killing People v. Constantly Doing It
Americans would benefit from less outrage at anti-US sentiment and more energy toward understanding why it’s so widespread
by Glenn Greenwald

*They hate us for our freedom

To do to them what we fucking please

The Honest and Just Path to a Sustainable Medicare
by Jessica Schorr Saxe

*I really don’t think the argument against means testing holds up, at least as far as Social Security’s concerned.

I just can’t see the fairness in someone receiving more, even if they don’t need it, because they’ve earned more, than someone who’s earned less, but needs more.  A just system would provide what’s needed, rather than what’s contributed, to my mind.

I don’t think that would lessen the program’s support.  The vast majority of folks would need supplemental income to varying degrees, and so would have a vested interest in its continuation.

I think Medicare might be different, in that in deals with health, a holistic concept, an either/or, and as such provides (or should provide) care and treatment based on need, rather than based on what’s been invested in it by the individual.

As long as those less well off receive the same services as those better off for the same health conditions, I offhand can’t think of any reason for means testing.

Any thoughts are welcome.

International Commission for Labor Rights
Right to Work Laws Violate Human Rights and Labor Law

Environmental Working Group (EWG)
No Secret Farm Bill in Fiscal Cliff Deal

Common Cause Presses Case Against the Filibuster in Federal Court Hearing

Mich. Unions Galvinizing to Confront ‘Right-to-Work’ Legislation
Thousands preparing to march to Capitol
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*We do need to “work to hold elected leaders accountable”.

That includes Democrats who fail to support workers’ rights.

And Bottari’s remark about Chinese workers betrays an utter disregard for that fine old union principle of solidarity.

ALEC has no interest in “helping” them, and to dare to suggest that is to denigrate their struggle against the horrible working conditions so many of them endure.

It’s “American exceptionalism” of a different, but distinctly pernicious, sort.

US Military Detains More Than 200 Afghan Teens as ‘Enemy Combatants’
‘Children as young as 11 or 12’ detained at Bagram
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What’s left out of this, and most every other consideration of the subject, is that, under international law, which provides for the right to resist occupation, the US has no right to detain anyone of any age for armed opposition to its invasion.

But, even in “progressive” critiques of US actions, there is often an assumption that those who do so aren’t analogous to French resistance fighters or others whose acts we have no trouble labeling valorous.

And we have to ask why that is, don’t we?

Is Fracking Coming to the Arctic?
Geologist “highlights the potential of Alaska’s shale resources” at Houston conference
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Senate Report on CIA Interrogations You May Never See
by Cora Currier

*Now let’s be clear here.

Obama may have banned torture by US operatives

(And whether that’s being religiously observed is by no means a certainty)

But the US still outsources torture.

And to the victim, just who is torturing him really isn’t of much
importance, is it?

Thousands Call on FDA to Stop Turning a Blind Eye to Antibiotics
Squandered in Animal Feed
by David Wallinga

At ‘Urban Uprising’ Conference, Activists Reimagine the City Post-Sandy
by Michelle Chen

Institute for Public Accuracy
Analysts Criticize Kristof’s Arguments for Cutting Supplemental Security for Children with Severe Disabilities

*Another “liberal” pundit giving cover to the neoliberal agenda

Call it “corpress camo”

Does the EU Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? Critics Condemn Role in Brutal Greek Austerity

Norwegian Peace Activist: Top Role in Global Arms Trade Makes EU Unworthy of Nobel Prize

A “Radical Idea” Reversed: Author Says Nobel Committee Has Betrayed Founder’s Anti-Military Intent


Supreme Court Takes On Gay Marriage
Will courts ride wave of support following November’s election results?
– Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Corporate Push for GMO Food Puts Independent Science in Jeopardy
by Vandana Shiva

*Blinding us from science

A Call to Reject False Capitalist Solutions to Climate Crisis
World’s peasant farmers help cool a warming planet
by La Via Campesina

For Whom Do You Lobby, Madame Secretary?
by Tom Gallagher

*When it comes to morally principled behavior

All corporations are foreign to the concept

Propaganda Deja Vu? Media Uncritically Echoes Unnamed US Officials on Syria’s Chemical Weapons
by Rania Khalek

Contrary to Claims of Latest Government Report, Natural Gas Exports Will Only Help the 1%
Joint Statement of Food & Water Watch and Clean Ocean Action

*A fracturing fairy tale

Obama Inc.
Statement of Robert Weissman, President of Public Citizen

*I don’t see anything truly “disappointing” about this.

First off, to be disappointed by anything this bastard does betrays a naivete that has no place in the struggle for justice.

And rather than viewing this as a negative, it should be an opportunity to make plain the connections between Dear Misleader and those he serves.

Had he eschewed corporate funding, it would have been but a fig leaf to hide that baleful bond, and yet Public Citizen no doubt would have commended that profoundly political decision as somehow indicative of the presence of positive, if constrained, instincts, don’t you think?

We’ve got to stop viewing this mass murderer as anything other than that, and recall that Frederick Douglass’ famous utterance was not

“Power concedes nothing without an appeal.”

We must demand our rights, and condemn all those who deny them.

FAIR Extra!
Time Gives Up on Factchecking
Corporate media can’t find a way to tell the truth
by Peter Hart

*The whole concept of factchecking fairness is a red herring.

It’s not really an issue of which side lies more or less, but of which lies are challenged, and which aren’t.

Lies that promote the Republican narrative may be “called out” on occasion, but they continue to be included in reportage as though they have some validity.

And Democratic lies which promote US foreign policy, or are “reactionary lite” in a domestic context, similarly are accorded deference in “the national discussion”, which is directed not by the public, but by these selfsame media entities.

“Balance” is simply a method of keeping the focus on the political rivalry between the parties

And off the collusion of both with the plutocracy.

In other words, off who has the bread

And on the political circuses.

The ‘Raising the Retirement Age’ Scam
What they’re really talking about doing to Social Security
By Jim Naureckas

This Time, Trust Anonymous WMD Claims–They’ve Got ‘Specific Intelligence’

*This would seem to be a win/win for US propaganda.

If the weapons are used, it validates their “analysis”, regardless of its veracity.

If they aren’t, then the claim can be made that the warnings to Syria based on that intel prevented their use.

Either way, the corpress will dutifully echo the desired narrative, won’t they?

“If Not Now, Then When?”: Filipino Negotiator Pleads for Climate Deal After Typhoon Kills 500

Profiting From Pollution: Top Venezuelan Negotiator on the Economic Motives Behind the Climate Talks

*I think Salerno sidestepped the issue of her nation’s responsibility.  For whatever mitigation occurs in country, Venezuela is exporting vast amounts of oil to other countries.

And the income from that has fueled the improvements in the population’s standard of living, as it has elsewhere, so the question of how to transition off of fossil fuel income without causing great hardship for those populations is of paramount importance.

And, of course, it’s a question that the developed countries refuse to address.

“The Most Obdurate Bully in the Room”: U.S. Widely Criticized for Role at Climate Talks


Refusing to Acquiesce in Gaza
by Joshua Brollier

We Want it to Stop
by Kathy Kelly

Speechless in Gaza
Doctors and medics operating under fire and siege put painfulness of situation beyond words
by Joshua Brollier

Protests Erupt at Michigan Capitol After Right-Wing Legislative Assault
Right-to-work legislation passes Michigan House
– Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Mr. President, Tear Down This Wall: Washington’s Iranian Future
by Pepe Escobar

*I think you can draw a straight line from the geostrategic and economic machinations around “Pipelineistan” to the dog and pony show in Doha.

The “leadership” of the nations involved see no benefit in a world where the equation of fossil fuel equals power and profits is null and void.

The fact that such a world is the only possible one that would allow for the continued existence of humanity as we know it has to be ignored for The Great Game to be played.

And so it is, defying all reason.

Because greed and the lust for power are ends in themselves, more compelling than even the instinct for self preservation.

One way or another, it’s going to be “Game over”.

What we do will determine whether that’s an exclamation of

Or an epitaph.

Big Fashion Brands Hide Toxic Pollution Scandal in China

Institute for Public Accuracy
Egypt: Who Does Morsi Represent?

*”Radical terrorists” is often an apt description of “multi-million dollar business tycoon[s]), don’t you think?

After Deadly Clashes in Cairo, Egypt Faces One of Its Largest Political Crises Since Revolution Began


Truth and Trauma in Gaza
by Kathy Kelly

Tonight I am confused
by Johnny Barber

*”Roof tapping” and other acts of sadism by “the most moral army in the world”

The Neoliberal Assault on Disability Rights

Joining Forces to be Stronger
by Nadina LaSpina

*Exclusion is the most discouraging disability

Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act
by Paula Wolff

Theories of Disablement
by Ravi Malhotra

*Neither working to live

Nor living to work

But a life that works

The Unpaid Labor of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
in Institutional and Community-based Disability Services
by Jihan Abbas

Why Divest? Because ‘Exxon Hates Your Children’
New campaigns taking direct aim at fossil fuel industry gain speed
by Jon Queally
Common Dreams

For Pete’s Sake, What’s Happened to Our Democracy?
One billionaire has the wherewithal to totally redirect America’s political discourse.
by Sam Pizzigati

*One true dick of a Peter

Obamacare Architect Leaves White House for Pharmaceutical Industry Job
Few people embody the corporatist revolving door greasing Washington as purely as Elizabeth Fowler
by Glenn Greenwald

Extreme Drought Continues, Could be Most Extreme Weather Event This Year
by Mijin Cha
Policy Shop / Demos Blog

Government Accountability Project
GAP Sues FDA for Wrongful Withholding of Animal Drug Data

Poverty on the Front Page…Along With Other News

*I wonder what the ratio of poverty to puffery is on the front page of USA Today, or any other corpress rag?

Whatever the result, it’s a given that you’ll have to look up the spelling of “infinitesimal” to describe it.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Walmart Forces Workers on Medicaid as Obamacare Architect Goes to Big Pharma — and the Blogger who Predicted Both

*Uncle Sam (Walton, that is) wants you

To pay for his penny pinching and his “associate” squeezing

And the CAP and SEIU are “liberal” in their aiding and abetting of same

From Small Island States to Largest Polluters, “Everyone Is Looking to the U.S.” on Global Warming

“Get It Done”: After Stirring Durban Speech, Student Anjali Appadurai Initially Banned by U.N. in Doha

From Fossil Fuels to Global Warming Denial, Koch Brothers May Be Biggest Force Behind U.S. Inaction

*Of course, it’s not just rabid reactionaries like the Kochs that are the problem, is it?

You have a liberal icon of a president ready to rev up this pipeline to perdition as part of his “All of the Above (leaving what’s truly needed below)” energy strategy.

We have to “isolate” every bad actor in this malignant melodrama, not just the bastards in the black capes with the sinister sneers.


Police Fire Tear Gas on Anti-Morsi Protesters: ‘This is the Last Warning Before We Lay Siege’
Crowds protest ‘illegitimate’ constitution outside presidential palace
– Common Dreams staff

GOP Opposition Defeats Treaty Protecting Rights of Disabled
Treaty modeled after Americans for Disabilities Act fails to get two-thirds majority in Senate vote
– Common Dreams staff

*Of course this is heartless horseshit, but keep in mind all those bastards like Kerry and Dole have placed in wheelchairs – and in graves – through their actions.

And that the Senate voted 94-0 to expand sanctions on Iran, and how many suffer from that vicious policy.

And no number of “touching moments” will alter that reality, will it?

Foodies Get Wobbly
Food supply chain workers adopt the IWW’s radical actions to fight abusive employers.
by Michelle Chen

Wall Street Manipulates Deficit Angst with ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Fear
Deficit hawks rely on media allies to report budget doom to advance their agenda of cutting Medicare and social security
by Dean Baker

*Our ignorance

Is their bliss

And their business

It Takes a Cabal of Willing Governments to Maintain Global Tax Havens
When corporations say what they do to shield profit from taxation is “legal” they’re often right. And this is wrong.
by Martin Kirk

Food & Water Watch
The Value of Nothing: GDP Alternatives to the Alternatives
New Food & Water Watch Issue Brief Emphasizes Importance of Measuring Well-Being Without Extending Market Values to Natural Resources

*This vital concept can be extended to the production of renewable energy, and yet many mainstream enviro groups seem perfectly willing to have the same corporate structure that’s brought us to the precipice also control clean energy as well.

The problem isn’t just the product

It’s the producers, as well.

Julian Assange, Erin Burnett and the Battle Over Press Freedom

*I imagine CNN had more of an interrogation than an interview of Assange in mind, don’t you?

But I do think that his initial response – “these little things about Ecuador” – was hypocritical, and gave Burnett’s grilling unwarranted legitimacy.

It mirrors how gummint officials and corporate types downplay issues they’re confronted with, and as such is not to be emulated by anyone claiming a fealty to the facts.

That said, comparing Assange’s transgression to the corpress’ utter disregard for honesty is akin to equating shoplifting with armed robbery

Or the routine operation of the mortgage division of a major bank.

Think We Live in a Colorblind Era? Welcome to Wet Seal

*The corpress is willfully blind

And it has nothing to do with an indifference to color

CBS, Cliff Jumping and Your Family’s Tax Burden

*It would be a grave error to rely on these Cliff Notes

Institute for Public Accuracy
Uproar Grows as Sen. Feinstein’s Husband Profits from Post Office Privatization

As Typhoon Bopha Wreaks Havoc, Philippine Negotiator Urges Wealthy Nations to Address Global Warming

Study: Wealthy Nations’ Fossil Fuel Subsidies 5 Times Greater Than Climate Aid to Countries in Need


Gaza Quiz
by Stephen R. Shalom

*Certain to be flunked by anyone relying on the corpress for Cliffs Notes

Apple Censors Drone War

*What you don’t know

Can kill them

Tar Sands Activists Barricade Themselves Inside Keystone XL
Another act in Tar Sands Blockade’s ceaseless fight against TransCanada’s pipeline
– Common Dreams staff

UK Uncut Claims Victory as Starbucks Begins to Crack on Tax Avoidance
– Common Dreams staff

Debtpocalypse, Austerity and the Hollowing Out of America
Modern US history and the archeology of decline
by Steve Fraser

Five Facts About America’s Pathological Wealth Distribution
by Paul Buchheit

How Consolidated Agribusiness Harms The Organic Sector
by Wenonah Hauter

*A natural attraction to profits

International Campaign to Ban Landmines
Finish the Job! Says Nobel Prize Winning Campaign on 15th Anniversary of Mine Ban Treaty

*”[A]nd all of NATO, with the exception of the United States … “

But one manifestation of the true meaning of “American exceptionalism”

When a Tax on the Rich Is Actually a Tax on the Rich

*Isn’t it curious how those who seem so concerned about the consequences of tax cuts on the middle class on these “roundtables”

Are never actually members of it?

You can call that altruism.

I can think of another word for it.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Billions in Local Corporate Subsidies Highlighted by New York Times Series

*Them what’s gots, gets

And them what’s not, gets screwed

Climate Cliff: As Global Emissions Peak, Hopes for U.N. Climate Deal in Doha at All-Time Low

At U.N. Climate Summit in Doha, Arab Youth Activists Stage Qatar’s First-Ever Climate March

U.N. Climate Summit in Qatar Brings Rare Attention to Plight of Country’s Neglected Migrant Workers

Egyptian Judges Join Upheaval over Morsi’s Decrees Ahead of Key Vote on New Constitution


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