January 2013


As Predicted, Austerity Policies Send US Economy Downward
As if the lessons of recent European policies weren’t enough or a century of proven economics, the US trudges towards stagnation and financial pain… by choice
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Comparing gummint debt with household debt is a fallacious analogy

But it is true that an effective method for reducing your grocery bill

Is starvation.


UN Report: Israel Must Immediately Dismantle Settlements or Face ICC
‘Magnitude of violations relating to Israel’s policies of dispossessions, evictions, demolitions and displacements from land shows the widespread nature of these breaches of human rights’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Seattle Joins Campuses in Nationwide Effort to Divest from Fossil Fuel
Public employees look to remove oil and gas holdings from pension fund
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Why Are Women Angry? Because ‘They Still Have to Protest This Shit’
Answering the clichèd question, ‘Why are Feminists so angry?’
by Jessica Valenti

*I initially wasn’t going to bother with this piece, as Planned Parenthood’s cheerleading for such a manipulative bastard on women’s rights as Obama, and its celebration of women in his administration – including a Secretary of State who has conspired to inflict immense misery on women around the world – blatantly betray the principles it claims to honor.

But I’m glad I didn’t, because Valenti’s remarks made crystal clear the necessity for standing up for those rights paid lip service to by those that organization lauds

Even is she might not perceive the contradictions herself.


Care about Your Food? Then Care about Your Farmworkers Too
It’s organic. It’s local. But did the workers who picked it have health insurance?
by Laura-Anne Minkoff-Zern

*Trimming the trees

While the forest festers


The Hagel Hearings: Murder in Vietnam
The last best chance for the truth about a lost war and America’s war-making future
by Nick Turse

*I have a visceral problem with calling callousness to and complicity in covering up murder “a blind spot”.

I work with some Vietnam vets who are members of Veterans for Peace, and I doubt they’d consider Hagel anything other than he is

When push comes to shove, just another enabler for the blood lust of the empire.

You can seek to qualify it six ways from Sunday, but the bottom lines

Are those streaks of blood on the bodies of the dehumanized “other”.

Ask the residents of those hamlets about Hagel’s “grave misgivings” over unleashing hell on the innocent.

“Bitter” would not begin to describe the laughter that would elicit.


When Truth Tried to Stop War
by Ray McGovern


Shut It Down
Shut-It-Downers Rally to Celebrate The People’s Payment, Then Block Gate at VYHQ

*Damning Yankee


PBS and the Poor Pentagon

*So, once more, with feeling …

Public broadcasting as a concept should be defended.

Public broadcasting as a reality should be suspended.


Immigration Activists Win Reunion for Phoenix-Area Family After Deportation Almost Tears Them Apart


Obama Offers Hope on Immigration Reform, But Emphasis on Enforcement Portends More Criminalization

*It’s very disheartening to not hear a full throated condemnation of Dear Misleader’s game playing with the lives of immigrants, as well as no mention of the conniving political calculus regarding Hispanic voters.

Until they are willing to call him on his shit, they will never realize the dream of the reality they say they want to awaken to.


Redemption: Oscar-Nominated Doc Follows the Working Poor Who Survive on Collecting Bottles and Cans

*The man said, “I’m not against the rich; I’m against injustice, greed and injustice.”

An oxymoron if ever there was, wouldn’t you say?



Report: Climate Change Has Already Brought Catastrophe to US Wildlife
‘Only by rejecting dirty energy and embracing clean energy solutions — will we begin to alter the path we are on to catastrophic climate change.’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*An critical call to action

But until we come to grips with the fact that all the ills of the profit system are interrelated

And thus must be confronted en toto

We’re pissing into the poisoned wind.


Coral Reef Will Serve as Industrial ‘Operating Table’ for US Naval Ship
Operation expected to take at least a month
by Common Dreams staff


Dutch Court Delivers Blow to Nigerians with Shell Acquittals
Setting terrible precedent, decision largely allows oil giant to walk away from ‘most polluted place on earth’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Americans Working More, Earning Disappointing Returns
“These diverging fortunes between those at the top and the broad middle class signal that the economy is not working to the benefit of all Americans”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Don’t Put a Fork in It: On the Perils of Genetically Engineered Salmon
Despite consumer opposition, the FDA is one step away from approving the ‘frankenfish’
by Wenonah Hauter

*A dangerous dip in the gene pool


Forced Contraception of Jewish Ethopian Women Is Tip of Global Iceberg
A report claims Israel pressured women to reduce its poor black population. Reproductive rights need defending across the world
by Lisa Hallgarten

*It’s an old saw

But no less true for being so.

If men could bear children

Contraception and abortion on demand would be in the Bill of Rights.


Verbal Tics and Political Routines
by Norman Solomon

*Language is a virus

That infects our relation to reality

(Here’s another candidate for the irony board:



As Hurricane Victims Freeze, Billionaire Mayor Gives Away $1 Billion to Wealthy Med School
by Ted Rall

*Pocket change

To keep us in pocket


Why Palestine Should Take Israel to Court in The Hague
by George Bisharat


Immigration Reform Must Begin With Moratorium on Deportations and Recognition of Shattered Families
by Jeff Biggers

*One hand whitewashes the other


Center for Biological Diversity
EPA Limits Most Toxic Rat Poisons in Homes But Still Leaves Wildlife at Risk

*There’s more than one kind of rat problem in this tale, isn’t there?


Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Vapor Intrusion Standards Relaxed in New Jersey
Public review of new guidance to industry consultants on toxic cleanups

*Remember all that positive press Christie got for his performance during Sandy, for “caring about people’s lives”?

I guess he didn’t want to be typecast.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Hagel Nomination and Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

*Despite Slater’s caveats, she still seems to be engaging in wishful thinking by positing that Hagel’s posturing will somehow lead to a serious discussion of the abolition of nukes, when nothing beyond lip service has been proffered by anyone with any say in the matter.

Which is why we have to force our say into the matter.

She is correct in claiming that nuclear weapons won’t deter terrorism.

That can only be accomplished by constraining the exploitative and deadly actions of our government and the corporations that control it, which elicit the rage from which such retribution arises.


Is Egypt on the Brink of Collapse? Sharif Abdel Kouddous Reports from Restive City of Port Said


Ex-CIA Agent, Whistleblower John Kiriakou Sentenced to Prison While Torturers He Exposed Walk Free

*There are some notable contradictions between the portrait of Kiriakou presented here, and the one on display in this item:


And absent being able to ask him directly how those contradictions can be reconciled, I’ll leave it to you to determine for yourselves how his acts should be seen.

That said, there’s no argument over the injustice of his treatment by the gummint.

I can’t help but wonder, however, if his now outspoken denunciation of torture was motivated more by his need to enlist supporters in his defense, than by any moral compunction.

I’d like to believe my wariness is unwarranted.

I’d like to believe that.


Whistleblower John Kiriakou: For Embracing Torture, John Brennan a “Terrible Choice to Lead the CIA”

*It’s difficult to listen to the assumption here that somehow “everything changed after 9/11”.

What changed was that what had before been committed illegally, or through a legal fiction, was now legalized and declared policy.

That makes no difference to the victims, does it?

And you’ll have to explain to me how the US can “reclaim our position as a moral leader in the world”

When you can’t reclaim that which you never had, other than through relentless propaganda.


“[B]ad guys” … ?

You’d assume someone who’s just been unjustly convicted might have gained some insight into the corruption of the “justice” system through the experience.

Apparently, your assumption would be invalid.



David vs. Goliath: Keystone XL Multinational Bullies Pipeline Protestors into Settlement
Tar sands activists vow to keep fighting despite repressive tactics
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Groups: Beware Call for a ‘Greener Revolution’ From ‘Purveyor of Poison’
“Their interests lie first and foremost in patenting life for profit.”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Create the problem

Then offer a “solution” to the problem

That perpetuates the problem

So that another “solution” can be offered.

A circular logic

For a circle of death.


Israel Admits Forced Birth Control For Ethiopian Immigrants
‘We were afraid … We didn’t have a choice … So we accepted the injection’
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What would you expect from the government of a nation that stood foursquare with apartheid South Africa?


Biotech Giants Battle to Stop Generic Competition
Economist Dean Baker: ‘This is a great example of how the rich rig rules to get all the money’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*First, do no harm

To our profit margins


The Setting Sun and the American Empire
by Tom Engelhardt

*Weren’t similar epitaphs written forty years ago?

Large scale invasion and occupation is a tactic … a strategy … whatever.

It has likely outlived its usefulness to the ruling class.

But to speak of defeat on a grand scale?

That’s a different sort of “Vietnam syndrome”

And one that ignores the very real battle that remains to rid the earth of the scourge of imperialism.


Why the Ideas of Karl Marx are More Relevant Than Ever
Marxism enjoys new currency in economic crisis. But as Marx said, the point is not just to interpret the world, but to change it
by Bhaskar Sunkara

*I’m far from an expert, but from what I do know of Marxism, I think it has relevance to our struggles, not as dogma, but as a resource for rational analysis

Especially that core dictum

From each according to her talents

To each according to this needs

But this talk of “leisure” and “abundance” seems to fly in the face of the reality we’re facing, politically and environmentally.

Capitalism is indeed decaying, but its beneficiaries are determined that it will go out with a bang

Many bangs, booms and blasts

And much blood

As they hang on to their power.

Our ecological challenge is no less daunting, and will require societal transformation on an immense scale, from our atomized, commodified existence to one of communal life, of shared resources.

If we can end the era of exploitation, and mold a world oriented toward the horizontal, rather than the vertical, I think what we’ll experience is a time not of leisure and abundance

But of meaningful existence and shared essentials.

Though not as minimalist as the world envisioned in Talking Heads’ “(Nothing But) Flowers”

We will have to “get used to this lifestyle”.

And we may find it to be one that suits the best aspects of our humanity just fine.


Indigenous Nationhood: Beyond Idle No More
by Gerald Taiaiake Alfred

*From pro forma

To pro terra


Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
New Permit Would Allow Navy to Harm Millions of Marine Animals
More than 31 million instances of harm are anticipated


Raddatz Misreports Raddatz on Syrian Weapons

*Something tells me Panetta won’t be demanding a correction

Since the perfidious point of his statements was to infer precisely what Raddatz then claimed to be gospel.

So praise the Lord

And pass the propaganda on the ammunition.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Immigration Policy Beyond the Hype


The Gatekeepers: In New Film, Ex-Shin Bet Chiefs Denounce Occupation, Compare Israel to Nazi Germany

*Moreh can’t or won’t admit that this brutality is in service of domination, and not some misguided effort at “security”.

In that, he’s similar to many US liberals, who view the GWOT as an legitimate attempt to protect the nation from terrorism, gone horribly wrong, rather than simply the latest expression of its rulers’ desire for unlimited power, and to control every source of global wealth that it possibly can.

Both accept the “creation myths” of their lands, and view these horrors through them. Their consciences won’t allow them to justify what is done in their name, but at the same time they can’t acknowledge the core corruption at the heart of both their countries.

These Shin Bet heads have no interest in justice. They’ve made a determination that “peace”, which is a wholly other concept, serves the interests of Israel’s power structure better than the status quo.

The same was true for the white leadership in apartheid South Africa. And just as they had willing partners in the ANC in denying justice to blacks, so too does Israel’s leadership in the PA, and perhaps Hamas (apologies for my ignorance on that score), in betraying the struggle for Palestinian freedom.

These are the “pragmatists”, as opposed to those within the elite who believe that there is no necessity for compromise.

They should never be seen as anything other than that – a faction of the ruling class whose means may differ from others

But whose ends are essentially the same.


Seattle’s Teacher Uprising: High School Faculty Faces Censure for Boycotting Standardized MAP Tests

*Passing a test of commitment



Report: US Shops for New Drone Base in Africa
‘US now considers North Africa to be a theater in the never-ending, non-declared war on terror’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


You Ain’t Gonna Frack Near Maggie’s Farm: Action Blockades Shell Site
In fight against fracking, activists say: ‘Our voices and our numbers are growing’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Fracturing fracking’s fairy tale


In Canada, Progressives Stand Against Harper in ‘Common Cause’
Nationwide day of action brings social justice campaigners from all quarters together under one banner
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Groups Slam Senate Immigration Plan for Privacy Violations
‘Enforcement first, green cards second’ roadmap leads to discrimination and ‘undermines privacy of all Americans’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A primary part of the new “liberal” agenda for Dear Misleader.

Any bets on how Hispanic “leadership” will react?

Is that snake oil I smell?

(I actually can’t smell

But I don’t really need to, do I?)


Only Three Choices for Afghan Endgame: Compromise, Conflict, or Collapse
Counting down to 2014
by Ann Jones

*Jones enumerates the many and varied horrors visited upon the people of this sad land

She even makes passing mention of the geostrategic motivation for them

(Although she passes on the pipeline potential)

Which few other articles bother to list

But to castigate Bush for failing to “[finish] the war he started there when he had the chance” … ?

Doesn’t that fly in the face of the moral logic you would assume she was seeking to engage in through her portrayal of the perniciousness of US actions?

That doesn’t add up

While the body count does.


Neoliberalism No More: Making Common Cause to Defeat the Harper Agenda
by Archana Rampure


FDR’s Four Freedoms: Diminished and Defiled
by Paul Buchheit

*If “they” hate us for our freedoms

Then they should be deliriously delighted with their state of decomposition, don’t you think?

(And if you go by Inhofe’s insight

God is one certifiably sadistic SOB, isn’t he?)


To End Extreme Poverty, Let’s Try Ending Extreme Wealth
The world’s wealthy gathered in the Alps again last week to discuss how to ‘solve’ the world’s problems. The world’s biggest problem, suggests one top global anti-poverty outfit, may be their fortunes.
by Sam Pizzigati

*The poor will always be with us

Until the rich are not

And Oxfam’s prescriptions consign untold numbers

And each number is a human being, just like you and me

To immiseration and death.

Whatever their intent

That will be the result.

That is always the result of reformation, rather than transformation.

Whatever arguments one may posit for “pragmatism”

That is the irrefutable outcome.

So what do we do if we claim to care about every single person on this planet?

Isn’t that the question we must constantly confront?


Pentagon’s New Massive Expansion of ‘Cyber-Security’ Unit is About Everything Except Defense
Cyber-threats are the new pretext to justify expansion of power and profit for the public-private National Security State
by Glenn Greenwald


The Poison We Never Talk About in School
by Bill Bigelow

*Corporate propaganda disguised as “objective” cirricula

A pollution of young minds

As dangerous as anything dumped into our air and water


Earthjustice et al.
Groups Sue Interior Department for Failure to Protect Streams
Broad coalition back in court challenging unlawful rule issued by the Bush Administration

*I have to wonder why this litigation was put on hold in the first place. Once the Obama admin acted, then legal proceedings could end.

How much harm has been done by “playing nice” with Dear Misleader?

Is that too harsh a critique?

You might ask those who suffered due to this delay.


Food & Water Watch et al.
Groups File Notice Letter to Sue NRG Energy for Massive Pollution
Documents Show NRG has at Least 2353 Permit Violations for Nutrient Pollution


FAIR Action Alert
PBS Drone Coverage Brought to You by Drone Makers
Lockheed’s Nova sponsorship violates underwriting rules

*You could call it putting their money

Where their mouthpiece is


“Running from Crazy”: Mariel Hemingway Tackles Family History of Suicide, Mental Illness in New Doc

*Although this is dealing with a family that, materially, is far better off than the vast majority of folks, the issue of mental illness is something that cuts across class lines, don’t you think?

The damage done by its stigmatization, both to those who suffer from it, and those who are affected by the actions of its victims, is incalculable.

For those without the wealth of the Hemingways, the pressures on them can magnify the impact, stating the obvious.

This has to be out in the open, devoid of shame, foremostly for reasons of simple humanity, but also to begin to address the immense harm it does to society in general.

And in the spirit of, and hope for, that honesty, I have to – not admit, because that smacks of that self same shame – but declare that I struggle with depression and thoughts of ending my life.

I’ve never gone beyond the musings, and the only way we can prevent others from crossing that point of no return is to let them know that we give a damn about them

And then to do whatever we can to show them that we do.



New Report Shows Extent of ‘Kochtopus’ Empire of Climate Denial
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Fierce Police Backlash Signals ‘Long Night’ Ahead in Tahrir Square
Scores injured and fatalities reported: ‘The police are behaving the same as they did during the Mubarak years’
by Common Dreams staff


More Threats From Fracking: Radioactive Waste
Pennsylvania’s DEP begins study on radioactivity from oil, gas development; follows other studies showing high levels of radium, boron
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Reclaiming Our Imaginations from ‘There Is No Alternative’
by Andrea Brower

*If I am honest, I have to say I believe that the changes necessary to provide a life of dignity for every single person on this planet will never occur.

To which I have to reply

So … ?

What is the purpose of life, but to do what we can toward that end?

Is anything else anything other than a waste of our short time here?

Hope, writ large, isn’t necessary for me to do that, however inadequately.

I do hope to find others I can respect and trust, and toil with in the furtherance of that struggle

For there I will find true meaning to my existence.


Why Serving In Combat Does Not Serve Women (Or Anyone Else) Well
by Lucinda Marshall


From the Algerian Terror to Al Qaeda Meets Mali: West’s Hidden Agenda and One Big Mess
by Victor Kotsev


Americans United for Separation of Church and State
‘School Choice Week’ Promotes Vouchers, Undermines Public Schools, Says Americans United
Religious/Private Schools Have The ‘Choice,’ But Want Taxpayers To Foot The Bill, Says AU’s Lynn


Why Do Poor People Living in an Abandoned Skyscraper So Outrage the New Yorker?

*This loathing of Chavez isn’t difficult to dissect.

For all his contradictions, his adminstration has done something that all the good liberals at the New Yorker just can’t countenance.

He has backed up his rhetoric with real world results, not the empty gestures and quarter measures that compel them to raise their voices in rapturous praise of the likes of Dear Misleader.

You don’t have to place the man on a pedestal to acknowledge the gains made by those at the bottom of Venezuelan society.

And that’s an example that can’t be allowed to be seen as inspiration for those elsewhere to emulate

Or, heaven forfend, expand upon.

What would the oh so politically correct have to wring their hands over then?


‘Divided’ on Abortion Rights?

*Something tells me this issue wouldn’t be considered “divisive” if those numbers were reversed.

What could that something be?

Empiricism, perhaps?


Sharif Abdel Kouddous: On Egyptian Revolution’s 2nd Anniversary, Protesters’ Demands Mostly the Same


“The Square”: Jehane Noujaim’s New Film Captures Egypt’s Ongoing Revolution After Mubarak’s Fall


Fruitvale: Ryan Coogler’s Debut Film on Bay Area Police Slaying of Oscar Grant the Buzz of Sundance


Who Is Dayani Cristal?: Gael García Bernal Traces Path of Migrant Worker Who Died in Arizona Desert

*Silver’s comments about “left wing rhetoric” and “predictable responses”, as opposed to “the humanity side of the debate”, don’t make a bit of sense to me.

What is the condemnation of the policies that lead to such tragedies if not grounded in our sense of humanity, in trying to persuade people to ask themselves the very same questions Silver says he hopes audiences will ponder?

He may have been trying to say, in an extremely clumsy way, that he wanted the story of Cristal’s fate to speak for itself, without explicitly confronting the evils of US immigration policy, and by extension those of corporate greed, which force so many to undertake these dangerous and often deadly journeys, which he felt might allow many to simply dismiss the film as agitprop.

If so, I can name innumerable examples of filmmaking in which both the “human” and the “political” aspects meshed to make a powerful statement.

Indeed, to my mind, they are, or should be, inseparable

If your goal is to change the circumstances you’re attempting to illuminate.



Senators Urge Pipeline Approval Amid Groundswell Against Tar Sands
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Shameful’: UNESCO Warns Australia Over Destruction of Great Barrier Reef
‘Scathing’ report says status will be pulled unless damaging shipping, coal and gas projects are halted
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams


Common Pesticides ‘Can Kill Frogs Within an Hour’
New research suggests the chemicals are playing a significant and previously unknown role in the global decline of amphibians
by Damian Carrington
The Guardian/UK


The Longest War is the One Against Women
A rape a minute, a thousand corpses a year: hate crimes in America (and elsewhere)
by Rebecca Solnit

*It’s a man’s world

Which is one reason why we are rapidly reaching its expiration date.


The Last of the Big Money Elections?
The movement to overturn Citizens United might just make 2012’s record election spending into the end of an era.
by Peter Schurmann

*This is the essence of liberalism, isn’t it?

Stamping out a brushfire, as the forest goes up in flames around it.

Overturning this abomination of a ruling will only return us to the intolerable status quo ante.

Not a word about effective public financing is uttered here, or about serious and rigorously enforced penalties for subverting the electoral process.

A holistic approach is necessary to achieve the goal, not of taking back our democracy

But of finally gaining title to it.


Human Rights Watch (HRW)
US: DC Police Mishandle Sexual Assault Cases
Independent Oversight Needed to Ensure Proper Investigation


Institute for Public Accuracy
As Military Lifts Ban on Women in Combat, 52 Women a Day Sexually Assaulted

*Bolger puts this in perspective.

Given the role of the military as the death dealing enforcer of
exploitation around the world, this has to be viewed as an essentially
hollow victory for equal rights.

We have only to look to the current Commander in Chief to see how form
trumps substance when a member of an oppressed group assumes a
pernicious role previously reserved for the dominant race or gender,
don’t we?


Obama: ‘Starkly Liberal’ or Centrist?

*Considering what he’s poised to do to shred that safety net

And what he hasn’t done to protect, let alone expand it

Defending it would indeed be a “radical” act on Dear Misleader’s part, wouldn’t it?


After Tiller: 40 Years After Roe v. Wade, Abortion Providers Continue Work of Slain Kansas Doctor

*A story like this both restores my faith in humanity

And confirms my deepest fears of its dark side.

That these acts of terror are carried out in the name of someone who preached unreserved love …

Is “pro life” the most ironic term in the English language?


“Gideon’s Army”: Young Public Defenders Brave Staggering Caseloads, Low Pay to Represent the Poor

*And liberty and justice for all

(Your results may vary. See film for details.)



Google Report Shows ‘Disturbing Growth in Government Surveillance’
Most recent Transparency Report from web giant reveals 136% increase in user data requests from US since 2009
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The Fourth Amendment

o Delete

o Save


Eleven EU Nations Take on ‘Financial Elite’ with Robin Hood Tax
Groups call for tax to ‘live up to its moniker’ by funding climate and development projects
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What do you think?

After the fine print dries, that the amount won’t approach the projections?

That the vast majority of what is collected won’t go to where it’s most needed?

That this “concession” will be used to fend off truly fundamental change?

Cause for “celebration” (see accompanying photo)?

I wouldn’t break out the party hats and noise makers just yet.


Melting Glaciers in Andes Could Spell Continental Water Crisis in South America
Climate change is driving ‘unprecedented’ shrinking of crucial resource
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Climate Crisis Pushes Sierra Club to End Civil Disobedience Ban
After 120 years of using ‘lawful means,’ group’s executive director says ‘time is running out’ to stop climate disaster
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I wonder how much of that $20+ million Sierra received from the natural gas industry will be used for this campaign?

Can you say “B … F … D” … ?

I knew that you could.

Is that fiddle music I hear?

It’s hard to tell over the roar of the flames.


Report: Chemicals Most Countries Ban Still Permitted in US Foods
Recent investigations highlight industry preference in FDA, expose frequent use of cheap and dangerous additives
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Truth in labeling

List “greed” as an ingredient


Mali: The Fastest Blowback Yet in This Disastrous War on Terror
French intervention in Mali will fuel terrorism, but the west’s buildup in Africa is also driven by the struggle for resources
by Seumas Milne

*Riding to the rescue

Of resource raiders


Global Warming is a Domestic Crisis
by Juan Cole

*Cole soft pedals Dear Misleader’s complicity in building our road to nowhere, but his facts are indisputable.

It’s the context that’s off.

There’s an assumption that climate change will occur over the next few decades on more or less the same canvas that exists today – the basic shape of things to come isn’t seen to look much different than it does now. Thus the reformist prescriptions he lists.

But things will change. Dramatically.

The only question is who will decide how they do.

For the nation, and the planet, to survive, we will have to rethink everything from energy production to social organization to the very meaning of existence.

Needless to say, there are powerful and ruthless forces who will not yield their positions in the current structure willingly, and will seek to make change to their benefit, and our detriment.

Nothing less than a transformation of our species’ relationship with this world, and each other, is needed.

Will we recognize that reality

And then strive to realize it?


Ethical Enbridge? The Real Story of Line 9 and the Tar Sands Giga-Project
by Dave Vasey, Sakura Saunders and Sonia Grant


Center for Biological Diversity
Old-growth Forest in Humboldt County Spared From Clearcutting


Institute for Public Accuracy
The Case Against Kerry

*Given the case against him

There are no “serious questions” about just whom Kerry serves

Or about the intentions of the administration he pines to be a part of

Is there?


“We Steal Secrets”: Alex Gibney’s New Documentary Explores the Story of WikiLeaks


WikiLeaks Legal Adviser: “We Steal Secrets” Overlooks Key Facets of Julian Assange’s Persecution

*I hope Robinson has a later opportunity to fully address Gibney’s claims.

What I can say is that the US would love to get their hands on him, and could care less about how they do it.

Bradley Manning can attest to that, don’t you think?


“Fire in the Blood”: Millions Die in Africa After Big Pharma Blocks Imports of Generic AIDS Drugs

*Life saving drugs

Death dealing drug companies

And Bill Clinton should know something about “people [dying] like flies”.

I hope this film makes clear why that is, but off that clip, I’m not sanguine about the prospect.

But you can ask the people of Haiti about his “activism”, can’t you?



Adventures in Walkerland

The first link is to a video of my friend and public access co-host Lars Prip experiencing first hand what happens when you stand your ground in “the people’s house”.

The second concerns the perverse phenomenon of “breathing while black”.



Groups: Keystone XL Decision Will Show If Obama’s Climate Promises Are Real or Just Rhetoric
President’s inaugural delivers fine words on meeting the challenge of global warming, but action needed and fast
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*We’ll see?

I’m taking bets

And giving 20 to 1

Make it 2000 to 1

That those well-honed words are as empty as the Koch brothers’ souls.

Any takers?


Record Support as Roe v. Wade Turns 40
GOP assault on women’s rights galvanizes movement
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Goldman Sach’s Food Speculation Turns Global Hunger Into Wall Street Profit
Financial giant makes $400 million as high-risk commodity trading pushes already fragile food system to breaking point
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Roe’ at 40: The Economic Divide That Denies Low-Income Women Their Right to an Abortion
by Bryce Covert


Powder Keg in the Pacific
Will China-Japan-U.S. Tensions in the Pacific Ignite a Conflict and Sink the Global Economy?
by Michael T. Klare


Groups In Court Today Seeking Fracking Chemical Information
Asking court to force Wyoming to reveal information about toxins pumped into ground


Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama: Radical or Rhetoric? * Rule of Law * Climate Change

*Radical or rhetoric?

That’s the very definition of a rhetorical question, isn’t it?

And it’s a pretty goddamn sorry state of affairs when so-called “environmentalists” get all wet at the sound of the words “climate change” passing this bastard’s lips

When only the most naive actually believe they will be translated into anything more than token actions meant to keep them fingering themselves

Rather than pointing the finger at the duplicity that is driving us off an all too real climate cliff.


Inaugurating 2nd Term, Obama Hints at a More Progressive Domestic Agenda Than in His First 4 Years


And much more than circumstantial evidence

Of hypocrisy in search of hagiography


Dirty Wars: Jeremy Scahill and Rick Rowley’s New Film Exposes Hidden Truths of Covert U.S. Warfare

*Contrast the scene in DC yesterday

The carefully crafted symbolism, the adoration of the multitude, the high minded oratory

With the repulsive reality of the horrors revealed here

And then talk to me about the dream

Instead of the nightmare



Martin Luther King Was a Radical, Not a Saint
by Peter Dreier

*King vacillated between radical pronouncements and reformist actions. We tend to see what we want to see in him, without honestly scrutinizing his contradictions.

I think that does a disservice to the cause he died for, and thus to his memory.

I don’t think he’d want to be seen as a infallible icon, and in saying that, perhaps I’m projecting my own skewed perception of the man.

But what I take from his life, and death, is that we all struggle with how to live by our principles, we all will be called on to do what our conscience demands and our courage allows

And we must never be satisfied with the limits of either.

We should never hesitate to critique even those we respect, just as we must be honest about our own shortcomings.

That must be coupled with acknowledging their, and our, contributions.

While I may look askance at King’s seemingly naive view of “democratic socialism”, which to me is essentially “capitalism with a human face”, and at the limitations of his ability to imagine what is necessary for each of us to live a life of dignity that that view appears to reveal, among other positions I can take issue with

The fact remains that the very real break he made with Cold War liberalism was an act of great moral and political courage, and one he knew might well cost him his life.

That is the essence of the inspiration I take from this day.


At Obama’s Second Inauguration, How Emancipated Are We Really?
As Obama’s re-inauguration approaches, Americans celebrate other key anniversaries. But the promised land remains elusive.
by Laura Flanders

*As always, the history we are most ignorant of

Is that which most closely mirrors the present we suffer in

And that is precisely why we are kept from knowing it


The Extremist Cult of Capitalism
by Paul Buchheit

*Capitalism knows the price of everything

And everyone

And the value of nothing

And no one

Yes, it can be made better

But it can never be made good


Our Violent Economy is Hurting Women
There is a connection between the growth of unjust economic policies and the intensification of crimes against women.
by Vandana Shiva


MLK Injustice Index 2013: Racism, Materialism and Militarism in the US
by Bill Quigley

*I have to say that I’m not celebrating Dear Misleader’s re-election, precisely because of his role in the perpetuation of these abhorrent numbers.

Nor am I celebrating the “success” of blacks who have used their position and power to subvert the cause of justice that King was murdered for daring to step outside the constrictions of acceptable American politics to further.

The question for us is

Do these statistics depress us

Or impress upon us the necessity to struggle in that cause

And see our adversaries for who they are

Regardless of the color of their skin?


Rape is all too normal
by Robert Jensen

*There is nothing politically incorrect about a hard on.

But sex between two (or more) consenting adults has no relation to what Jensen’s speaking to here, does it?

It’s an act we do with, not to, another.

That so many men can’t, or refuse, to make that distinction leads to the objectification of and subsequent harm inflicted upon women, and is directly connected to the broader dehumanization of “the other”, that allows for the horrors we daily witness in the world.

I think the righteousness of his analysis is indisputable, but I would like to know how he, and the feminist folks he works with, view the issue of “deviant” sexual practices such as sadomasochism and dominance and submission, assuming these are consensual.

But what does “consensual” mean? And it’s possible for someone to consent to something that is damaging to her, so how does that factor into the equation?

And what if all the participants are female?

I’ll pose these questions to him, and let you know the upshot.


Here’s his response:

Doug: Thanks for the note. Your questions require considerable detail that I don’t have the time/energy for at the moment. I wrote a section on consent in my book on this subject.
Things I’ve written about these matters are online at



The Big Money Inauguration: Obama Kicks Off Second Term with Help of Unlimited Corporate Donations

*So just what constitutes “two steps forward”?

And why only “one step back”?

In any event, it’s clear that promises are mere pretty words for this bellicose belle of the ball, aren’t they?

He’s dancing with who bought him.


Dr. Martin Luther King in 1967: “We as a Nation Must Undergo a Radical Revolution of Values”

*Not to be found in the pages of history books

Nor in the text of inaugural speeches



Palestinians Forge New Village in Protest of Israeli Expansion
Days after ‘Gate of the Sun’ eviction, activists build ‘Gate of Dignity’ for ‘a life without checkpoints, walls and settlements’
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


Pennsylvania Governor: ‘I’m All About Privatization’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Republican sell offs

Enabled by Democratic sell outs


Study: Planet’s Lungs Under Assault From Climate Change
Findings show widespread, long-lasting effects from droughts in Amazon rainforest
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The pulmonary perniciousness of the profit motive


Exposing US War Crimes or Not, Judge Denies Manning’s Whistleblower Defense
Prosecution highlights ‘government’s unprecedented targeting of whistleblowers’
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams


Don’t Ignore the Drought: It’s Bad, and It’s Not Going Away
by Brooke Jarvis


Torture Is Trivial
Compared to its other crimes, that is
by Robert Jensen

*Jensen says this propaganda piece tells the story of American innocence of the crimes of imperialism

And he’s right.

But he seems to accept another tale associated with that lie

That 9/11 was the genesis, rather than the excuse, for the attack on Afghanistan.

In that, he’s sadly hardly alone.

That nation was invaded for the same reason the US nurtured the forces decades ago it now claims to combat.

It is an integral part of Pipelineistan, as Pepe Escobar has labeled it, and is a vital piece of the geostrategic puzzle the US is trying to solve to its advantage.

However 9/11 came about, it was used to justify a war of empire that had nothing to do with “revenge”, or certainly “justice”.

That that isn’t made plain at every opportunity is a failure of moral and intellectual rigor that only serves to make the repetition of these horrors more likely.


The Trillion Dollar Coin: A Debt Solution for the People
Far from being a gimmick, having the U.S. Treasury mint high-denomination coins is a solution that cuts to the root of America’s financial problems. And Benjamin Franklin would have liked it, too.
by Ellen Brown

I don’t think we don’t need to create money

We need to abolish it.

Money may not be the root of all evil

But evil – one way or another – is the route to all money.


Americans for Safe Access
After Being Denied a Medical Marijuana Defense, Another Montana Cultivator was Convicted in Federal Court Yesterday
Former Univ. of Montana quarterback Jason Washington is the latest casualty in Obama Administration’s war on medical marijuana


Are Israeli Arabs ‘Apathetic’–or Second-Class Citizens?

*There is a better term for it.

Not “apathy”

“Apartheid lite”

Although the consequences for Arab Israelis are anything but diaphanous.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama: I Have a Drone vs MLK: I have a Dream

*Only a nation intentionally besotted with ignorance could be blind to the profound contradictions here.

Will U2 perform “Pride (in the Name of Love)” again?

And I always look askance at the meme of “creating new enemies (or terrorists)”.

It implies that the actions that cause this visceral enmity are somehow an aberration, that they are inimicable to “American values”.

But the death and destruction the US wreaks upon the world is a continuation of what it has done for centuries. It is the nature of imperialism.

And when you subject others to these horrors, they will hate you for it.

It shouldn’t be posited as a problem to overcome, but the natural result of the evil extant.

Perhaps in this instance, this wasn’t the intended meaning

But to my mind, it has been in many others.


“Unintended Consequences of Military Intervention”: Roots of Mali, Algeria Crisis Tied to Libya War

*I think it’s vital to examine the words we use.

“[U]nintended consequences”

“[N]ot brought the results intended”

Just what is the US and the West’s intent?

To control the situation for their economic and geostrategic benefit.

The language above seems to sidestep that reality to focus on the byproducts of neocolonialism, rather than pinpointing it as the core issue.


“The Tony Soprano of the Cycling World”: Dave Zirin on Lance Armstrong’s Doping Confession

*Cheaters never prosper

And other fairy tales of American fair play


Notre Dame Football Faulted for Covering Up Manti Te’o Hoax While Refusing to Probe Rape Scandal

*Zirin makes some righteous points, but I have to take issue with his closing comment that “our society, right now in 2013, is profoundly different than it was just five years ago.”

Hypocrisy and dishonesty in the service of self-interest have always been essential elements of the American social physiology.

As his erstwhile editor might have said

“When someone lies to advance their interests, that’s not a story.

When they tell the truth in spite of them, that’s a story.”

(Of course, it is a story – an very important one – when those lies are promulgated

But I think you suss my meaning.)


Criminalizing Pregnancy: As Roe v. Wade Turns 40, Study Finds Forced Interventions on Pregnant Women

*Expiration date for professed concern for these potential new lives:

Nine months



Copyright for People, Not for Publishers


Corporate CEO ‘Extremists’ Target Social Security, Medicare
‘For the wealthy, pampered, and narcissistic CEOs of the Business Roundtable, sacrifice is always for someone else.’
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

*So what will happen?

These monsters won’t get every single thing they want.

Dear Misleader will declare victory.

And, as always, people will die.

Welcome to the democratic process, American style.


BP’s Big Plan: Burn It. Burn It All.
Showing no concern for climate, CEO of oil giant says notions of Peak Oil are ‘increasingly groundless’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Apparently there’s no such thing as “Peak Greed”


‘Iceberg Cowboys’: Exxon’s Outrageous Plan for Drilling the North Atlantic
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The junkie will always look for a new vein


Study: BPA Alternative Also Toxic
New research shows BPA replacement BPS disrupts hormones, is a “cause for concern.”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Study Shows Impact of Keystone XL Pipeline More Disastrous Than Previously Thought
Unaccounted for byproduct of tar sands: dirtier, cheaper version of black gold
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


What Would a Down-to-Earth Economy Look Like?
How did we end up with Wall Street when models for a healthy economy are all around us?
by David Korten

*Certainly some worthy aspirations here

(From each according to her talents

To each according to his needs

Why does that sound familiar … ?)

But that remark about “real markets” is jarring to me.

How does a cooperative economy and society jibe with the competition inherent in the concept of a market, at least as I define the term?

Does a market necessitate a form of currency? How is that currency obtained? Why would one be needed, if the purpose of the economy is to provide what we need, not enable us to purchase it?

I also think there’s a need for centralized and globalized aspects to an economy, to the extent they are truly accountable to us.

Isn’t the heart a centralized facet of our biology, with its workings global in nature?

Localism has many values, but like all ideologies, it must be constantly re-evaluated to ensure those values.

Dogma is not our best friend.


Climate-Friendly Food Demands Animal-Friendly Farming
Why we need labels on all factory-farmed food
by Ronnie Cummins


Open Letter to Mark Duke, CEO of Walmart: Take the Lead on Raising Minimum Wage
by Ralph Nader

*So is Nader being facetious here

Or is he sincere in aiding the PR efforts of Duke and the other criminals who run this bloodsucking behemoth?

He seems to be advising these bastards on how to head off “a serious unionization drive” by raising wages a relative pittance.

Ten and a half bucks an hour translates into a little under $22,000 a year.

That’s a good deal only in comparison to the slave wages Walmart pays now.

Instead of calling for this exploitive excrement to be charged and convicted under any number of statutes, from the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, to a plethora of labor violations, to negligent homicide for the deaths in Bangladesh and elsewhere, he makes the case for how little it would cost them to carry out this public relations coup.

So again

Is the man serious?


Migrant Workers Can’t Win In Xenophobic Greece
by Michelle Chen

*The Golden Dawn Rule

Do unto “the other”

What is being done to you


“Elections Confidential” Report Reveals Role of Dark-Money Nonprofits and Shell Corporations in 2012
Nearly one-fifth of all business gifts to Super PACs were contributed by shell corporations


Institute for Public Accuracy
Aaron Swartz: Scientific Legacy “Locked up by a Handful of For-Profit Corporations”

*Of copyright

And corporate wrongs


Exclusive: Aaron Swartz’s Partner, Expert Witness Say Prosecutors Unfairly Targeted Dead Activist



Champions of ‘Idle No More’ Stage Blockades Across Canada
Demonstrators and spin-off protests undeterred by mild divisions within fast-growing movement
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Of course the corpress is playing up the divisions, and whatever else it can do to weaken the movement.

That’s their job, isn’t it?

But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, and the Harper government will try to exploit them by playing on fears of “violence” and attempting to coopt those who are seen, and see themselves, as “leaders”, regardless of pronouncements to the contrary.

For this struggle to be successful, it must refuse to be channeled into the stagnant straits of hollow “reform”, and fight this battle on its own terms.

It takes no courage to say that

But it takes a great deal to do it.


Fears of Mali Blowback Realized? Algerian Militants Attack Gas Field, Seize Western Hostages
Experts had warned that intervention in Mali would not be clear and simple
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*In any discussion of “blowback”, I think it’s vital to recall just what leads to it.

With a long history of imperial bloodletting and exploitation, it is inevitable, isn’t it?

“They” don’t hate us for our freedoms

They hate us for denying them theirs.

That’s not the whole story

But it’s the core of the narrative.


Caving to Corporate Pressure, EPA Dropped Fracking Contamination Probe
‘The deep pocketed oil and gas industry will stop at nothing to protect its own interests’
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams


Imposing Real Consequences for Prosecutorial Abuse in Case of Aaron Swartz
Accountability for prosecutors Carmen Ortiz and Stephen Heymann is vital for both justice and reform
by Glenn Greenwald


Pop Quiz on Standardized Testing
by Lisa Guisbond


In the Wake of Aaron Swartz’s Death, Let’s Fix Draconian Computer Crime Law
by Marcia Hofmann


Obama’s Race To The Top Drives Nationwide Wave of School Closings, Teacher Firings
by Bruce Dixon


Food & Water Watch
Cashing Out Our Clean Air and Water with Pollution Trading
New Food & Water Watch Issue Brief Documents Pay-to-Pollute Programs That Undermine Proven Regulations

*A market for mendacity


Environmental Working Group (EWG)
More Corn Ethanol Means More Harm to Consumers, the Environment


The Cure for French Malaise: Cut Worker Pay

Mark Twain said

“Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.”

Or pimping a very bad deal for working folks.


Journalism by–and for–the Sponsors

*If you’re a corp

It’s always “News you can use”

Isn’t it?


Debate on Armed Police in Schools: Needed for Kid Safety or Part of the Student-to-Prison Pipeline?

*Burke’s alternate reality of friendly officers who make wise decisions exists only in police propaganda, but while Hewitt makes the unassailable assertion that kids of color know the facts on the ground, because they’ve been made to lie on it while hovered over by a cop, his defense of an administration that facilitates that response from law enforcement is just what you’d expect from the NAACP, isn’t it?

And as long as that’s the case, we’d best look elsewhere for folks dedicated to true, rather than comestic, change.


Behind the NRA’s Money: Gun Lobby Deepens Financial Ties to $12 Billion Firearms Industry



Threats of ‘Revolution’ in Pakistan as Popular Outrage Grows
Supreme Court orders Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf arrested as several factions call for new government
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Inequality Rages as Dwindling Wages Lock Millions in Poverty
New study shows just how hard ‘working poor’ got hit in wake of 2008 crisis
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*There are lies

Damn lies

And unemployment statistics


Outrage as “Public” Locked Out of “Public Hearings” on Tar Sands Pipeline
Environmentalist and indigenous groups rally against Northern Gateway and unfair proceedings in British Columbia
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Beyond Torture: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and the Promotion of Extrajudicial Killing
Rebranding the War on Terror for the age of Obama
by Deepa Kumar

*As the bread is taken from our mouths

The circuses will fill our eyes and minds

And we will cheer not only others’

But our own oppression


Monsanto vs. The People
by Charlotte Silver

*Sowing the seeds of sanity


Canada’s Energy Juggernaut Hits a Native Roadblock
by Linda McQuaig

*Let’s hope INM has more influence on North American gummints than native folks have had on those in Bolivia and Ecuador.

For all the pretty words

When push comes to shove

Indigenous rights are the ones that often get pushed out of the picture.


Worldwatch Institute
Achieving a Sustainable Food System with Organic Farming
New Worldwatch Institute report examines the growth of global organic agricultural practices and their impact on food security and the environment


Ignoring Climate Change When It Stares You in the Face

*Talk about upside-down reality

Which the corpress has developed into a dark art form, from climate catastrophe to poverty to wars of empire.

And there’s nothing complicated about predicting its stream of consciencelessness, is there?


Warning: Your Flu Shot Contains a Dangerous Neurotoxin
by Joseph Mercola

*Health care workers are being fired for refusing to be vaccinated.

That should tell you something about the danger

And the power of those who profit off it.


Admin Aids French Bombing of Mali After U.S.-Trained Forces Join Rebels in Uranium-Rich Region

*It’s a complex and calamitous situation.

But there’s nothing complicated about France’s motivation, or the US’ support of their intervention, is there?

France may no longer have an empire, but they still reserve the right to behave as one.

And the US is happy to facilitate that, in the furtherance of their ongoing imperial designs.

All stating the literally bloody obvious, I realize.


“Kill Anything That Moves”: New Book Exposes Hidden Crimes of the War Kerry, Hagel Fought in Vietnam

*I’ll never understand how someone like Turse can clearly see the horrors of US imperialism, yet say “there are reasons to be hopeful” regarding Hagel and Kerry, when their hands are caked with blood for enabling the same atrocities in other countries over the course of their political careers.

Can you explain that contradiction to me?

As for the hell for the Vietnamese he describes, there’s nothing remotely shocking about it, is there?

Soul sickening

But not shocking

If you know a goddamn thing about what the rulers of this country are capable of.



Impact of Growth Undeniable in Face of Toxic Beijing Smog
Record-breaking smog prompts questions over industrialization, rare government response
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Not surprising that AP would facilitate the US Embassy’s tweaking of the Chinese gummint’s nose

But guess who subsidizes massive coal exports to the country?



FreedomWorks Putting Its War Chest to Work for ALEC’s Anti-Union Agenda in the States
by Brendan Fischer

*And yet just how many Democratic pols have you heard even mention these groups, much less confront them?

It’s kabuki

Without the makeup


Flu Outbreak + No Paid Sick Days, No Healthcare = Disaster
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The greatest danger isn’t from a virulent virus

But from a vile venality


Indigenous Ecuadorian Village Battles Oil Giant—and Army
‘We may die fighting to defend the rainforest’
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

*These intense contradictions are not peculiar to Correa, but can be found in the actions of other “socialist” heads of state in Latin America as well.

It again illustrates the danger of putting anyone on a pedestal.

They are inherently unstable objects, prone to topple over on those gathered in adoration around them.


The Five-Step Process to Cheat the Middle Class Worker
by Paul Buchheit


Welcome to Blockadia!
The corporate push to construct tar-sands pipelines is transforming the environmental movement across North America by increasing the involvement of local residents and normalizing the use of direct action.
by Melanie Jae Martin and Jesse Fruhwirth

*One question I have is how to persuade these local folks who are solely focused on tar sands to see that it’s all of a piece.

Is that in fact being attempted, and if so, what have been the results?

Martin and Fruhwirth tout the benefits to the environmental movement of their involvement

But how do you get them involved in the wider struggle?


The Pentagon as a Global NRA
For Washington, There Is No Arms Control Abroad
by Tom Engelhardt

*There’s a false dichotomy here.

Dear Misleader didn’t give a rodent’s rear about “gun control” until this latest horror, even after a Democratic congressperson was a victim of a previous one.

And he doesn’t care about it now. He’s trying to massage the issue, and already poor mouthing his ability to push even the wholly inadequate proposals Biden has outlined.

He’s no “hamstrung weakling” domestically.

He’s a kabuki actor in the contrived combat between the two major parties.

Yes, there are differences, and they can be meaningful. You couldn’t maintain the facade of “democracy” if that weren’t the case.

But given that time and again the Democrats have betrayed their avowed principles in the name of “political pragmatism”, when they have solid public support for most of those, should tell us that this isn’t about being hamstrung.

It’s about being a puppet on a string, pulled by the plutocracy.


The Bombing of Mali Highlights All the Lessons of Western Intervention
The west African nation becomes the eighth country in the last four years alone where Muslims are killed by the west
by Glenn Greenwald


How to Mobilise $2.8tr to Finance the Global Sharing Economy
There are many policies that governments could implement to raise the finances needed to reverse austerity measures, tackle climate change and prevent needless poverty-related deaths. But we cannot rely on governments to change the current world direction – the only hope is a huge groundswell of popular support in favour of global sharing.
by Rajesh Makwana and Adam Parsons


Riverkeeper, Inc. et alia
Environmental Coalition Says Fracking Rules Leave New Yorkers Unprotected


Doctors Without Borders
Syria: Airstrike on Market Kills and Injures Scores


Jack Lew, One More Anti-Business Obama Appointee

*”It makes you wonder how these pundits would react if the Obama White House really did ever get tough on corporate America.”

I haven’t heard of any porcine aerial sightings, so I think we can safely assume this isn’t a likely scenario.

There are, of course, other reasons for such confidence, aren’t there?


“An Incredible Soul”: Lawrence Lessig Remembers Aaron Swartz After Leading Cyberactivist’s Suicide


Freedom to Connect: Aaron Swartz (1986-2013) on Victory to Save Open Internet, Fight Online Censors

*I can take issue with some of the details of Swartz’ story, but the essential moral is unassailable.

As long as we are passive actors

The play will be written by the powerful

And we can forget about a happy ending



America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead
New research finds Pb is the hidden villain behind violent crime, lower IQs, and even the ADHD epidemic. And fixing the problem is a lot cheaper than doing nothing.
by Kevin Drum

*It really shouldn’t be difficult to understand why this research has been ignored.

If violent crime were seriously reduced, a lot of vested interests would suffer, wouldn’t they?

Crime produces fear, and fear is extremely useful to those in power. It’s a vital element in the strategy of “divide and conquer”, and being able to portray “those people” as inherently disposed to violent crime keeps us from seeing our common interest, makes us focus horizontally on our perceived antagonists, rather than vertically, at those who control and exploit us.

As well, a smarter population might actually put those dots together.

And that can’t be allowed, can it?


Campaign for Peace and Democracy (CMD)
Greeks Call for Global Anti-Facist Action


‘Idle No More’ Actions Sweep Canada
Protest movement takes message to Canadian capital and beyond
by Common Dreams staff

*As “divide and conquer” is set into motion, it will be crucial to fairly, yet rigorously, scrutinize those who claim to speak for the struggle.

This is no time for naiveté.


Yes, Global Warming Makes the World Hot and Dry (But Also Cold and Wet)
‘Heat, Flood or Icy Cold, Extreme Weather Rages Worldwide’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The environment desk is deep sixed

But the entertainment desk is disaster proof

Unlike the planet


‘Catastrophic Mass Extinction’ Likely if Temperatures Rise 6 Degrees in Next Century
Scientists: Humans, animals will have to adapt to survive
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams


Farmers Rally at White House to Protest Monsanto’s GMO Empire
As court hears pivotal case for small farmers and organic seed growers, opponents to industrial agriculture speak out
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


A Palestinian Tent Encampment to Thwart Israeli Settlement Expansion
‘without permits from the occupation, without permission from anyone, sit here today because this is our land and it is our right to inhabit it’
by Craig Brown, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Death of a Prisoner’ at Obama’s Guantánamo
by Laura Poitras


Why Idle No More Has Resonated with Canadians
by Maude Barlow and Ken Georgetti


Institute for Public Accuracy
Haiti, Three Years After Earthquake: Building Back Better Requires Local Participation


Hugo Chavez: Why Does He Hate Us?

You don’t have to believe Chavez is Jesus on a stick

To accept that our gummint was trying to give his the shaft.


“Failure of Epic Proportions”: Treasury Nominee Jack Lew’s Pro-Bank, Austerity, Deregulation Legacy

*Welcome to the “Hope” of greater profits for Wall Street

And the “Change” that ensures continuity of complicity in that perfidiousness.

And Reid’s actions are mere kabuki theatre, don’t you think? His record of sellouts would seem to indicate an empty posturing over a principled stand.


Matt Taibbi & William Black on Bailout Secrets & How New Foreclosure Deal Spares Banks from Justice



Government-Endorsed Fluoride Is the Leading Cause of Death
by Joseph Mercola

*I was ignorant of the issues around fluoridation. I attributed the opposition to it to the reactionary paranoia exhibited by General Jack D. Ripper in “Dr. Strangelove”.

But there is a actual conspiracy, as in so many other instances where corporations want the truth concealed to protect their profits, and gummint wants to protect itself from being held accountable for the dire consequences of its actions.

In addition to this piece, search on “fluoride” or “fluoridation” at the Food & Water Watch and Organic Consumers Association sites to learn more.

This is not paranoid delusion

But ingesting this toxin might induce it.


A Voice for Peace in Afghanistan: ‘Stop This Criminal War’
Malalai Joya pushes back against a decade of war, occupation and propaganda
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Food System Fail: Up to Half of World’s Food Wasted
‘Staggering’ amount of food waste squanders ‘precious resources, including land, water and energy’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Obama Puts US Drone Program Back into Deadly High Gear
Pending confirmation of John Brennan as new CIA chief has done nothing to quiet controversial program
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


Poisoned Planet: Doubling of Ocean Mercury Levels Threatens Global Health
UN report exposes toxic legacy of coal, gold, and a world bent on extraction
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams


Idle No More: Indigenous Uprising Sweeps North America
Idle No More has organized the largest mass mobilizations of indigenous people in recent history. What sparked it off and what’s coming next?
by Kristin Moe

*From the Trail of Tears

To the Path to Justice?


How ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Reminds Americans How Much They Love Torture
Seven Easy, Onscreen Steps to Making US Torture and Detention Policies Once Again Palatable
by Karen Greenberg

*Yes, this is “the perfect piece of propaganda”.

So why is Greenberg talking about “carelessness and thoughtlessness”, and stating that Bigelow has “bought in” to the torture narrative?

Or that Dear Misleader concluded that prosecuting those responsible was “far more trouble than it might ever be worth”, rather than the reality that if you’re going to do the same thing, by proxy and very possibly directly, you don’t set a legal precedent that might put you in the dock one day?

Finally, the US has engaged in this behavior since Day One, unless you think that the genocide of native peoples and wars of conquest drenched in the blood of the innocent don’t constitute a depraved sense of “security”.

This didn’t start on 9/11/01

And it won’t end until we exorcise the dark soul of America’s perverted sense of “manifest destiny”.


With or Without Harper, Justice Will Remain Absent
by Daniel Wilson


Seeking Security in Afghanistan
by Kathy Kelly and Martha Hennessy

*I know enough about VCNV to say that they’re trying to do right by the people of Afghanistan, and have helped many of them.

But quoting approvingly those who have no problem with the invasion and destruction of that country, only qualms about the aftermath

Or those who equate “terrorists” with victims compelled to fight back against their oppressors

Evinces some troubling contradictions in just how they view this imperial project.


The Progressive Caucus: Enabling Obama’s Rightward Moves
by Norman Solomon

*Solomon has every reason to castigate these charlatans, but he shouldn’t be surprised in the least by their actions, or inaction, should he?

He seems to believe that it’s this “pressure” from the party leadership and the White House that compels them to betray their constituents.

In truth, it’s the inherent nature of being a Democratic officeholder.

They know what the hierarchy wants, and the hierarchy knows that they will give it to them.

They fulfill a vital function in the sorry charade that passes for politics in these here United States.

They maintain the illusion that the Democratic Party has some principles, that its occasional populist rhetoric is more than just manipulation of the masses.

And judging by how long some of these bastards have been in office

I guess you’d have to say they do a pretty goddamn good job of it.


Haiti by the Numbers, Three Years Later
by Dan Beeton and Jake Johnston

*No statistical anomaly


Debate: With Chávez Ailing, Venezuela’s Longstanding Divisions Threaten New Political Upheaval

*It was touched on here, but there needs to be a serious and honest discussion about just what is the responsibility of fossil fuel producing developing nations such as Venezuela regarding the reduction of carbon emissions, don’t you think?

The main onus is on developed nations, especially the US, or course, but the contribution to climate change of these other countries isn’t insignificant.

Yet to the extent they use their carbon income to improve the lives of their populations, a profound conundrum exists.

In the absence of little more than lip service from the US, Canada and others, what is the obligation of these developing countries to make meaningful cuts in their use and export of these poisons? How would they do that without it being at the expense of the quality of life for their people?

Clearly, those responsible for this catastrophe should pay whatever’s necessary to fund the transition to renewable, clean energy in these nations.

But until they are finally forced to – should that occur – what should these developing nations do to reduce their carbon footprint?


Bronx Residents Accosted by NYPD Win Landmark Court Ruling Deeming “Stop and Frisk” Tactic Illegal



Hurtling Towards Climate Chaos: US Oil Production Set to Explode
Flying in face of dire climate figures, US continues to embrace fossil fuels
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*An addiction to annihilation


Despite ‘Year of Extremes’ Corporate Media Continues to Ignore Climate Crisis
Record-breaking heat, wildfires, drought, Sandy: Not enough to get them talking
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Covering the crime

Covering up the culprit


Closing Europe’s Borders Becomes Big Business
As austerity policies squeeze European economies, defense contractors profit from anti-immigrant furor
by Apostolis Fotiadis and Claudia Ciobanu
Inter Press Service


Will Chuck Hagel’s Appointment Actually Help the Anti-War Left?
by Phyllis Bennis

*I’d argue the opposite – that, like Dear Misleader himself, Hagel embodies the effort to posit “reasonable” actors against the “extremists”, to mollify the easily mollified “anti-war” crowd – think MoveOn – while continuing with the imperial project, only in a more “realist” mode.

Whatever space is opened for true anti-militarist action will be accomplished in spite of, rather than because of, the confirmation of this nomination.

(I’m wearing out that quotes key, aren’t I? But what are you gonna do?)


Even a Military Judge Recognizes What Many Progressives Deny: Bradley Manning Was Mistreated
The ruling is but the latest repudiation of claims from Obama supporters that Manning was treated fairly and justly
by Glenn Greenwald

*I think this reaction is a prime example of how politics in these here United States are for many “progressives” and “liberals” simply an avenue for the expression of superficial ideals, which are blithely contradicted whenever the facts conflict with their perverse vision of who embodies those ideals.

It’s related to the celebrity culture that promotes image over substance, or in this case uses image to obscure the rotten core of that substance.

And Manning’s treatment is about far more than “embarrass[ing] the Brass and the National Security State”, isn’t it?

Its primary purpose was to compel him to rat on Assange, and he has displayed incredible fortitude in resisting that aim, hasn’t he?


In the Wake of Newtown: Still Clinging to Guns, Religion, and Abortion in Kansas
by Kari Ann Rinker

*I think Rinker’s words are pretty righteous, especially making the connections among religious zealotry, gun worship and misogyny

But why the hell is an image of John Brown used to accompany them?

What does militant abolitionism have to do with these psychotics and the calculating pols and gun makers who enable them?

And what makes him “infamous”?



Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Brady Center, Victims’ Families, Law Enforcement Urge Federal Appeals Court To Review and Reverse Ruling Invalidating Illinois Restrictions on Carrying Guns in Public

*Groups like Brady are always so goddamn careful when talking about “Second Amendment rights”.

But it doesn’t say a thing about “a limited, narrow right to possess handguns in the home for self-defense”, does it?

It speaks to a “well-regulated militia”, and nothing else. It was also written close to a quarter of a millenium ago.

Now, you might be able to make a case for that right.

But only under – and here is where we can take a bit of wisdom from that archaic codicil – only under the most “well-regulated” of circumstances.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Record Temps: Concrete Solutions


George Washington on Guns…According to Sean Hannity

*My reaction is, so what if it had been authentic?

How do the views of a patrician slave owner who lived more than two hundred years ago have any bearing on a debate about the effects of a gun saturated society in the 21st century?

But it is a hoax, and so poorly constructed as to be laughable. Why would Washington, in an era in which the notion of gun control would be seen as something from an alternate universe, inveigh against it?

Unless, of course, in addition to his sterling moral fiber, he was imbued with the gift of prescience.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph …


Bill O’Reilly’s Fact-Free War on Planned Parenthood


A Cabinet of Peaceniks?

*Although I’m certain both of these bastards would send troops in a heartbeat to expand empire, the reality is that future warfare will be less about boots on the ground, and more about death from the sky, along with JOSC ops and surrogate local forces “trained” by Americans.

So even though the US is ostensibly at war in only one country, it now and will in future wage it in numerous others without attaching that label to it.

This is nothing new, of course. Imperial aims have been pursued in this manner from time immemorial. It’s just that the deadly technology of warfare has evolved to the point where those goals can be met without large masses of (mostly) men and materiel.

That this can be portrayed as anything other than militarism is a tribute to the narrative control exercised by the corpress in service to those who profit from the death and destruction that are its essence.


Ed ‘Reformers’ Fumble Logic With Foolish Football Analogy

*A true “quality public charter school” will provide a good education.

So will a quality plain ol’ public school.

If you give them the resources that will let them attain and maintain that quality, there’s no reason for a “viable eduction option”, is there?

Unless, of course, you’re trying to destroy public education, in order to institute a privatized system that will manufacture “bricks in the wall” to suit the needs of corporations.

In which case, the term “viable” is utterly out of place, wouldn’t you say?


Australia on Fire: Record-Shattering Heat, Wildfires Engulf World’s Largest Exporter of Coal


Part 2: Al Jazeera’s Sami al-Hajj on His 438-Day Hunger Strike in U.S. Detention at Gitmo Prison

*I’m inclined to believe that al-Hajj is sincere in his desire to end the horrors he endured.

But working for Al Jazeera won’t allow him to do what he needs to do to try to fulfill that purpose.

Neither will a naive view of US history, and Dear Misleader’s role in the continuation of its bloody rampage across the face of the planet.


As Brennan Tapped for CIA, Case of Somali Detainees Highlights Obama’s Embrace of Secret Renditions

*The extraordinary rending of the fabric of justice



‘Smoking Gun’: Tar Sands Report Eviscerates Industry Claims
Research shows toxic contamination caused by mining ‘world’s dirtiest oil’ worse than previously thought
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Kill Anything That Moves’: The American System of Suffering, 1965-2014
by Nick Turse


Bradley Manning Support Network
Breaking: Military judge rules Bradley Manning illegally treated
112 days credit off any future prison sentence awarded—little to keep military from torturing next American soldier awaiting controversial trial


Institute for Public Accuracy
Kristol Attacks Hagel for Saying Iraq War about Oil, with Amusing Results

*I’m not sure who Kristol includes in “the anti-war mainstream”, but while it is true that the oil connection was made by many with Iraq, regarding Afghanistan, very few prominent groups and persons opposed to the occupation have made the same link between it and energy acquisition, attributing it to the thirst for revenge, or even legitimate motives gone awry.

But there is a reason the region has been referred to as “Pipelineistan”, and it’s no small source of frustration that this imperative understanding isn’t made plain at every opportunity.


FAIR Extra!
Covering Sandy Relief in Superhero Mode
Residents’ criticisms and media portrayal at odds
By Josmar Trujillo


Is John Kiriakou a Whistleblower?


Venezuelans Continue to Defy Washington Post


4 Years After Vow to Close Gitmo, Why Has Obama Signed NDAA Bill Barring Transfer of Its Prisoners?


Perhaps because Guantanamo was a cause celebre amongst his liberal base, and making such an empty promise, knowing that he could then claim to be thwarted by those nasty Republicans, would give them cover to ignore his inaction?


Exclusive: As Gitmo Turns 11, Al Jazeera’s Sami al-Hajj on 6-Year Ordeal of U.S. Detention, Torture

*I can’t help thinking about the planning for these horrors, how so-called human beings can bring themselves to speak about instituting these abominations, much less actually put them into practice.

And it is all done in the cause of “righteousness”.

As it always is.

But the Al Jazeera aspect is very confusing to me. Yes, it airs programming critical of US actions, but it’s beholden to the Qatari government, a US ally.

You’d have to think that it was known that there was no al Qaeda link.

So why this horrific ordeal for al-Hajj? What was gained by it?


VIDEO: Part 2 of Wal-Mart Bribery Scandal Interview with Pulitzer Prize-Winning Reporter David Barstow

*Another example of DN!’s SOP when it comes to exposes by corpress reporters.

Important intel, but colored by the journalist’s constricted and contorted framing, with little questioning of it, and no other guest to offer an alternative analysis.

Not my ideal of “independent media”.



Tar Sands Blockaders Take Over TransCanada Offices in Texas, Elsewhere
Actions in Texas, Massachusetts and Maine target pipeline company and its financial backers
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Idle No More’ Prepares for Global Day of Action
First Nations’ fight for indigenous rights to hit worldwide
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


Charter School Moguls Scam State Out of Millions
‘Lack of oversight’ in charter schools encouraging education fraud
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*And this was all supposed to be about “accountability”, remember?

I have to say something about Ravitch’s remark regarding the free market.

What it is good at is producing profit. The main competition is over who can more effectively screw customers through false advertising.

How many items in your home or services you’ve purchased can you say you’re truly satisfied with?

Okay then.


From the Mouth of Babes: President Obama, End Mountaintop Removal Now
by Appalachian Voices

*Shouting it from what’s left of the mountaintops


Idle No More: Native Peoples Challenge Canada’s Gutting of Environmental Laws
by Winona LaDuke

*Perhaps I’m romanticizing, but a vital aspect that could arise from this movement is a communal spirit based on native culture.

There is a deep disconnect in so many activist groups between their stated goals and how the participants interact with each other. The world they claim they’re working to create isn’t mirrored in the relationships between and among their members.

That sense of community is not only a moral imperative, but an essential element in effective action, both in steeling those already involved through the bonds of trust created, and attracting others to the struggle who see precious little of it in this atomized society.

We have to have each other’s backs

Or we’ll find ourselves flat on our own


War and Cold Push Desperation Up in Afghanistan
In Kabul, widows and orphans move up a down ladder
by Kathy Kelly


State of Fear
by Chris Hedges

*Cut Orwell some slack.

So he was off a few decades.

(I wonder if our little public access program [see blog intro] is next on YouTube’s hit list?)


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Federal Court Hears Persecution Case Against Anti-Gay Leader Scott Lively


Chuck Hagel, Dove?

*Well, both Hagel and Kucinich voted to give Bush the power to go kill folks in other countries, no matter how they, and others, might rationalize those acts.

And it’s not just corpress coverage that paints a falacious picture of this bastard. DEMOCRACY NOW!’s propensity for hosting mainstream journalists with severely constricted worldviews (I guess that was a superfluous statement, wasn’t it?) was once again on display in this segment:


The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter who is Secretary of Defense. Whether they relish the carnage they inflict, or are mostly Machiavellian about it, doesn’t matter to those on the other end of drone strikes, night raids, cluster bombings, depleted uranium poisoning and sanctions that immiserate, cripple and kill them and their families.

Democrat or Republican, “realist” or warmongering reactionary, they all serve empire.

And they have the body counts to prove it.


Brennan’s Support for Torture Is Not an ‘Accusation’

*Here’s another example of “objective” reportage:

” … Mr. Brennan had supported, or at least had failed to stop, the use of interrogation techniques like waterboarding that are widely considered to be torture.”

So I would guess that the absence of a heartbeat is only “widely considered” to be death?

Well, it’s better than “Some say … “, or “There is a controversy about whether … “, I suppose.


Obama’s Cheney? “Assassination Czar” John Brennan Brings Legacy of Drone War and Torture to CIA Nod

*Wheeler’s remark implies that Dear Misleader has gradually morphed into the murderous bastard he is today

But he was engaged in these crimes from day one, wasn’t he?

No amount of cosmetic rhetoric can hide the deep gashes inflicted on the bodies of national and international law, and on any sense of humanity.


Hacker Group Anonymous Leaks Chilling Video in Case of Alleged Steubenville Rape, Cover-Up

*This is indeed soul sickening, but hardly surprising.

It will be interesting to see how the corpress deals with this. A bit of handwringing, perhaps, and at best superficial attention to the corrupt and debased “heartland” culture that led to this, before moving on.

Goddard is a very brave person, knowing as she must have the reaction her expose would elicit from the locals.

It’s what being a mensch is all about, isn’t it?



Outrage in Yemen Grows as Deadly US Drone Attacks Expand
Yemen and Saudi governments reportedly working with US, as civilian deaths continue to mount
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


Tree-Sitters in Texas Arrested for Blocking ‘Death Machine of Industrial Extraction’
Keystone XL pipeline called ‘the most destructive project on the continent’
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams


Record Low Water Levels in Lake Huron, Lake Michigan
December’s monthly average level smashes record low set in 1964
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Landmark Wisconsin Mining Moratorium Under Siege
‘Prove It First’ law subject of ‘well-funded mining industry attack on a grassroots and tribal movement’
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Nothing’s as precious as a hole in the ground



The ‘War on Terror’ – by Design – Can Never End
As the Pentagon’s former top lawyer urges that the war be viewed as finite, the US moves in the opposite direction
by Glenn Greenwald

*Forgive me for repeating myself

But in the empire game

You can’t boogie without a boogeyman.

But there’s something more here.

As things break down, the structures that have been erected to “protect us from terrorism” will be utilized to suppress internal dissent.  The erosion of constitutional rights and constraints in the GWOT will facilitate the gummint’s imposition of a quasi police state.

The Bill of Rights, never sacrosanct in the eyes of the powerful, will be gutted in the name of “domestic peace and security”.

And the acolytes of Goebbels will have their opportunity to mimic their master, stirring the ignorant into a frenzy of fear and loathing toward those with the courage and desperation to resist.

It goes without saying that I fervently wish this foreboding future will not come to pass.

But it will take far more than wishing to make it so.


Obama Administration Needs to Explain Drone Strikes
by Hina Shamsi and Vince Warren



And inhumanity


Why Schools Used To Be Better
by Marion Brady

*Laying bricks

Or unleashing brains?


Political Football Over Disaster Relief: Another Argument for Public Banking
by Ellen Brown


Late Stage Capitalism And The Shame Haunted Life: You Can’t Kill Trauma With A Gun
by Phil Rockstroh


Bradley Manning Support Network
Government Seeks to Block Whistle-Blower Bradley Manning’s Motive from Trial

*A profound sense of duty

A profound sense of betrayal


Americans for Safe Access
Obama Administration Throwing Medical Marijuana Patients Into Federal Prison at Unprecedented Rate
This month will see a number of patients sentenced, sent to prison despite compliance with state medical marijuana laws

*Pot is hazardous to your health

Or maybe you think rotting in a federal pen is therapeutic


Will Americans Be Able to Watch Al Jazeera America?

Let’s don’t softpedal the Al Jazeera – Qatari gummint link.  While the network has done some useful reporting, it has also avoided or skewed coverage of topics that those in power in that nation wouldn’t want to see honestly explored.  In that sense, it’s much like, say, the Guardian in the UK.

There are limits, and those at those outlets know them, and abide by them.

But it’s patently obvious that this isn’t about “objectivity”, as the FOX example makes all too clear.

And if Al Jazeera can’t get on, what chance would a bonafide independent news operation have?

As for the agitprop cable subscribers are forced to subsidize …

I’m glad that price and paltriness of decent programming led me to switch my set off a couple of years ago.

I think we’d be far better off if more folks followed suit, don’t you?


Phony Occupy Link to Weapons Cache

*That’s just the thing.

The corpress doesn’t have to justify diddley. They control the game, or more precisely control it for those who interests they serve, and while we’re not talking about the Goebbelsianism practiced by the Murdoch cabal – though that’s only a matter of degree, and not kind – only the most naive see them as other than essentially propaganda outlets for those interests.

As testament to the depth of their duplicity, we have to ask just what impact have the exposes by FAIR and other media watchdogs had on their modus operandi? Occasionally they’re compelled to retract some baldfaced lie, but they blithely move on to the next one, don’t they?

From the “controversy” over climate change to the “fiscal cliff” to Iranian nukes to the promotion of a GWOT that is defined by the very thing it claims to combat, the corpress can be counted on to twist the narrative to suit the exploiter class.

That’s its raison d’etre – to propagate all the news that printed to fit.

The least we can do is make that plain at every opportunity, and cease pretending to be puzzled by their perversion of journalism.



Living Your Life Honestly
by Robert Jensen

*Teachers don’t furnish wisdom

They facilitate it


The Latest Effort to Fix Election Results: Rig the Electoral College
by Brendan Fischer

*Of course, if there were no Electoral College …

Then the bastards would have to fall back on tried and true electoral fraud, wouldn’t they?


Time Warner Cable Dumps Current TV Faster Than You Can Say ‘Al-Jazeera America’
Cable giant pulls channel just hours after announcement of acquisition
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*While this is blatant censorship, let’s not make Al-Jazeera out to be something it isn’t.

It isn’t some independent, let the chips fall where they may news outlet.

It is inextricably linked to the interests of the Qatari government, and the last time I looked, that nation was no beacon of justice in the Middle East.

And for Queally and Common Dreams to leave that out of this piece speaks to the self-imposed journalistic limitations that are part and parcel of “the alternative establishment media”.

I’m just saying.


Obama’s Lawless, Secretive Drone War Continues Over Pakistan
Taliban leader reportedly killed in latest clandestine strike in South Waziristan
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Alarmingly High Methane Emissions’ from Natural Gas Extraction
New findings suggest higher than previously noted levels of potent greenhouse gas leaked
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Tar Sands Activists’ Lives on the Line: Back in the Trees to Block Keystone XL
‘Protecting the living systems which we’re a part of is a moral necessity,’ says blockader
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


Corporate-Friendly Fiscal Deal Maintains Tens of Billions in Fossil Fuel Industry Giveaways
Deal manages to raise taxes on millions of working class taxpayers while preserving friendly subsidies to world’s wealthiest oil, gas and coal companies
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The gummint’s not broke

The system is


‘An Accident Waiting to Happen’: As Rail Increasingly Transports Crude, Opponents Sound Environmental Alarm
Rails see ‘game-changing opportunity for their business’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*So why is this tune playing in my head?



Israeli Soldiers’ Suicides: The Untold Story
by César Chelala

*The dehumanization of the dehumanizers


Institute for Public Accuracy
* Middle Class Taxes Going Up * How Billions Could Be Raised

*I’ll assume Rockeymoore’s question concerning the Democrats’ duplicity is rhetorical.


Indian Gang-Rape Victim’s Attackers Charged with Murder, Protesters Push for Broader
Women’s Rights

*”Developed” or “developing”

“First” or “third”

Woman is the nigger of all the worlds


Exposé Reveals Wal-Mart Blocked Improvements Despite Vows to Improve Safety After Deadly Factory Fire

*I marvel at how Greenhouse can be “surprised” and “amazed” by something that is common knowledge, don’t you?

Walmart only cares about squeezing out every last drop of profit, regardless of how many bodies it has to step over to fill their coffers.

How can you have been on the “labor” beat all these years and not have sussed that?

I’d like to say surprised and amazed by that

But he does work for the Times, doesn’t he?



Mysterious Court Appearance Proves Rendition Alive and Well Under Obama
Three men were detained for months before appearing in Brooklyn court
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What is “odd” about the Post rationalizing the crimes of an American administration?

Isn’t that a primary part of its mission, that it performs with an impressive degree of dedication?


World Bank ‘Fights Poverty’ by Investing in Five-Star Hotel
by Cheryl Strauss Einhorn

*Don’t you think it’s a false dichotomy to compare the IFC’s hypocrisy with the World Bank’s facilitation of the facade of show projects while indebting developing nations?

The underlying assumption here appears to be that the “right” kind of capitalism is the solution.

And you don’t have to think that Chavez is Jesus on a stick to look askance at mentioning in the same breath the actions of his administration with Assad’s despotism and brutality, do you?


New Year, New Era for Progressives and Obama
by Norman Solomon

*My question for Solomon and others like him is

Where were you in 2009?

Anyone with their eyes open could see where this adminstration was headed, yet this clarion call for opposition was MIA from “progressives”, wasn’t it?

They were too oblivious to what should have been too obvious.

And even if we accede that there’s been a political epiphany, I’m certain my conception of “fighting to overcome an entire corporatist system” bears little resemblance to his.

This is too little

And too late.

Let’s hope that isn’t our collective epitaph.


Food Poisoning on a Global Scale
by Vandana Shiva

*In this instance, there is nothing metaphorical about the “poison of greed”, is there?


New Year’s Deal Drops the Ball
While much of the media spin the hurried late-night move as a victory for the middle class, it was a win paid for with new tax cuts worth hundreds of billions of dollars for America’s wealthiest families
by Scott Klinger


It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over: Wall Street Gears Up for Austerity Battles of 2013
by Mary Bottari

*How many times does this bastard have to “betray” us

Before persons like Bottari, and there are oh so many of them

Get it through their thick skulls that this is SOP for Dear Misleader?

There is no “test”

No “signal”

Only servility to the exploitive class.

It’s political Alzheimer’s

And it has more than a modicum of willfulness to it, wouldn’t you say?


Court Dismisses Most of FOIA Lawsuit on Targeted Killings of U.S. Citizens
ACLU Will Appeal Ruling


Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
New Year’s Day Farm Bill Extension a Giant Step Backward
Prior Senate Gains for Healthy Food and Farms Lost Out to Big Ag Subsidies


Some Cluster Bombs More Newsworthy Than Others

If honest reporting is inimicable to US interests

The hopeful dictum that “The truth will make you free”

Holds a bitter irony


Tom Brokaw and the Not-So-Rich Wealthy

*Considering the smack Brokaw makes

I imagine a quarter mil does seem like middle income.

Or possibly pocket change.

So cut the guy some slack for being concerned about those less well off.

Well, at least those less well off than him.

But not in such dire straits as to be dependent on those horrid “entitlements”.

Parasytes …


CBS: Pity the Millionaires

*Call it “The Days of Wine

And Ruses”

And a look at the guy’s home might have served to highlight the relative nature of his claim to be “cash poor”, don’t you think?


So-Called Fiscal Cliff Averted as Congress Begins New Fight over Spending on Social Welfare Programs

*This stuff can get confusing, at least for me, so there are a number a questions I’d like to ask Schor about her analysis, but the underlying principle is simple.

We’re paying for the fact that the rich aren’t, both with our tax dollars and with cuts to programs that those who need them will be severly harmed by, or just can’t survive.

And no one in either major party is talking about the sort of transformative change necessary to end that injustice.

Band aids won’t cure cancer.

We need neurosurgery.



Will 350.org Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Be Key Tactic in 2013 Battle over Climate Change?

*I think Parenti makes solid points about the effectiveness of this campaign.

It’s a question of resources, and how best to utilize them.

This may be part of the strategy, but we should think hard about whether it should be the main focus.

McKibben continues to avoid directly condemning Dear Misleader’s role in all this, and his remarks about “open[ing] up some more room for our champions” begs the question of just who the hell he’s talking about.

These politicians are public servants. Our task is to demand they act like they are, and have no illusions about their “better instincts” if only they weren’t afraid of the power of the fossil fuel cabal.

We need to make them fear *us*, don’t you think?



Obama Brokers ‘Lousy’ Fiscal Deal in DC to Usher in the New Year
House will take up bill later on Tuesday
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*All this criticism over “caving” and “showing your cards” is utter tripe.

This isn’t about negotiation.

It’s about collusion.

Austerity is to be imposed. A Democrat will encounter less resistance in doing so.

If the powers that be had wanted a Republican administration, as they did in 2000 and 2004

They would have gotten one.

Yes, there are internecine battles among the plutocracy, with fanatics who want nothing less than the end of any sense of social obligation, but the more realistic factions realize that that’s not yet on the horizon, though it soon will be.

The death of what passes for a social contract in this country will be slow and agonizing.

And will be sold via the reassuring visage of Dear Misleader.

Unless we do something about it.

And the first order of business is to understand the game being played.


Warnings Ignored, Shell’s Arctic Drilling Rig Runs Aground Off Alaskan Coast
Environmentalists: ‘Shell’s costly drilling experiment in the Arctic Ocean needs to be stopped’; rig loaded with 150,000 gallons of fuel
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Oh, it’s worth it.

As long as no consequences of any real consequence are suffered by these bastards, what’s to stop them?

Look at the Gulf.

A slap on the wrist, and back to business as usual.

Gewinn uber alles

And “All of the above” comes crashing down on our heads.


Pope Benedict Slams Capitalism, Economic Inequality
Calls for a new economic model, ethical regulations for markets
by Craig Brown, staff writer
Common Dreams

*If “Practice what you preach” is a principal principle of the faith

How is this message reconciled with the church’s finances?


Afghans Face Massive Humanitarian Disaster as Dire Winter Conditions Set In
Fears of a repeat of last winter’s deadly toll leaves displaced Afghans saying, ‘We are again fighting for our life.’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Israeli Soldiers Open Fire on Demonstrators After IDF Botched Raid in West Bank Sparks Protests
Tensions on the rise in Occupied Territories
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams



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