February 2013


Manning: Before Wikileaks, Leaked Docs Offered to NYT, WaPo
Whistleblower reads prepared statement: Wanted documents to reveal “true costs of war”
by Common Dreams staff


Revealed: British Citizens Stripped of Status Then Targeted For Killing
New investigation finds that secret process revoking citizenship
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Not Enough’: Critics say Obama’s $9 Minimum Wage Too Small
Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) say $10.10 is closer to liveable wage
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*So why aren’t we talking about $16.54, at least (and for single workers, not those with families)?

While $10.10 may be “closer to [a] liveable wage”

It sure as shit ain’t.

Do half measures later blossom into full flower?

Let history be your guide.


‘Fracklash’: Colorado Governor Threatens to Sue Over Fracking Bans
Pro-fracking Governor John Hickenlooper aims to smash democratic moves by cities
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Despite Warning for Women, WHO Report on Fukushima Slammed as ‘PR Spin’
Greenpeace says report ‘shockingly downplays’ increased cancer risk for thousands of Japanese
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Why Isn’t Closing 129 Chicago Public Schools National News?
A Black Agenda Radio Commentary
by Bruce Dixon


Sam Lovejoy, the No Nukes Movement, and the Tower that Toppled a Terrible Technology
by Harvey Wasserman

*There is inspiration to be taken from this tale, but I fear Wasserman’s breathless prediction of Solartopia soon in Deutschland is to be taken with a salt lick or two.

Nukes may become verboten, but good ol’ fossil fuels will still make their presence felt financially, economically and militarily

Unless you think those German NATO troops are in Pipelineistan to promote democracy and women’s rights.

(And if you do, I have some prime shorefront property in the Maldives you might be interested in.)

And, of course, just who will control all that glorious renewable energy, charging what the market will bear

Even if customers can’t?


Bob Woodward Embodies US Political Culture in a Single Outburst
Washington’s most celebrated journalist hails the values of militarism, lawlessness, and presidential omnipotence
by Glenn Greenwald


‘Homeland Security’: The Trillion-Dollar Concept That No One Can Define
by Mattea Kramer and Chris Hellman


Food & Water Watch
Sequestration Could Jeopardize Access to Safe, Clean, Affordable Water 

Statement of Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter


Institute for Public Accuracy
Violence Against Women Act


Bill O’Reilly, Big Government and Racism

You can imagine the apoplexy if Dear Misleader were in reality not a stalking horse for austerity

Or if Dems actually did “address issues of poverty”.

But the rage red visage of O’Reilly is as much a facade as Obama’s inaugural speech “liberalism”, isn’t it?

One’s job is to rile up the fools who can’t see their own best interests for the fear and hatred he pimps

And the other’s is to calm the fears of those who are the objects of that bile

While diligently doing the bidding of those they should be most fearful of

And who laugh themselves sick at how many of us are taken in by it all.


Fascism in the Church: Ex-Priest on “The Pope’s War,” Clergy Abuse and Quelling Liberation Theology

*There is no God, or Jesus

But if there were

They’d have a slam dunk for defamation of character, don’t you think?


After 40 Years in Solitary, Angola 3 Prisoner Albert Woodfox Ordered Freed for 3rd Time in Louisiana

*So where’s Holder and the DOJ in all this?

That’s a rhetorical question if ever there was.

And why hasn’t Wallace been ordered freed? His circumstances are identical to Fox’s, aren’t they?



Study: Over 100 Million Americans Drinking ‘Toxic Trash’ Water
New analysis from Environmental Working Group shows carcinogenic chemical lurking in nation’s public water
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


In Blind Poll, Republicans Choose Progressive Budget Solutions Over Their Own Party’s
Of three major proposals, majority of voters choose one least discussed amid “sequester” madness
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I agree there’s nothing “socialist” about the CPC plan

But isn’t it interesting that the term gets lumped in with “crazy” and “destructive” in a piece under a Common Dreams byline?


US Ponders Escalated Involvement in Syria’s Civil War
New policy might provide armored carries, flak jackets, night-vision equipment and even military training
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Somehow, the construction of a massive imperial fortress in the heart of Baghdad, inside which I have to believe its inhabitants are sitting around twiddling their thumbs, doesn’t strike me as an “unmitigated failure”.


Three-Quarters of Progressive Caucus Not Taking a Stand Against Cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
by Norman Solomon

*It makes you wonder if there are any criteria for membership in this caucus

Aside from appending variously colored ribbons to one’s attire during photo ops for the cause of the day


We’re All Guinea Pigs
I don’t want to expose the most precious people in my life to an endocrine disruptor.
by Jill Richardson

*The poisons of profit


The Roberts Court vs. Voting Rights
by David Cole

*We have laws that guarantee the right to vote

But none that ensure anything worth voting for


Organic Consumers Association
Frack No! Organic Consumers Oppose Pro-Fracking Scientist as Head of U.S. Department of Energy
Out-of-control oil and natural gas fracking will contaminate organic farms, endanger the food supply, poison ground water, threaten public health, and accelerate global warming


Forget Objectivity–Can We Have a Fact-Based Media?

*You’re tempted to call this another example of false balance, but the reality is that the vast majority of the time, there is no balance to corpress coverage or commentary, false or otherwise.

On matters of foreign policy (aka “empire”) or economics (aka “exploitation”), especially, the views of those who question the foundations of those paradigms are absent, with only quibblers permitted a voice, usually muted.

In this instance, there is this faux “objectivity”, equating the rights of one group to be free of discrimination with those claimed by another to discriminate (and despise).

Place it in an earlier (or not) context, with a segregationist complaining of his view of the “inherent inferiority of the coloreds” being given short shrift, and the perniciousness of the argument becomes plain.

In either situation, the objective reality of injustice is obscured

And that is the primary purpose of “the news media”

If we’re being empirical about it.


ACLU Blasts Supreme Court Rejection of Challenge to Warrantless Spying Without Proof of Surveillance


Selling the White House? Obama-Linked Group Promises Top Donors Access to President

*It’s difficult to listen to this crap about Obama getting bad advice, that somehow his rhetoric represents his true principles, and he needs to “get back to them”.

Only the most dangerously naive believe that.

So is Edgar that clueless, or just playing “Duopoly” according to the “grownup” rules?

As for voting rights, their protection is essential, of course, but as long as voting is almost always a choice between bad and worse, if not worse and worst, their exercise is little more than a hollow pantomime of democracy.



Big Winner in Italian Election? The Five Star Movement
The Big Loser? Austerity
by Craig Brown, staff writer
Common Dreams

*This may be promising. I’d like to know more about Cinque Stelle, aside from how it views itself, and how it compares to radical formations such as Syriza in Greece.

Of course, there’s always the looming danger of cooptation.

Stayed tuned …


Manning’s Right to a Speedy Trial Not Violated After 1,000 Days, Judge Rules
Pre-trial hearings move to a full court martial trial in June
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The facts are moot

And the fix is in motion


Stop Owlcatraz!: Students Push to Stop Prison Corporation from Naming Stadium
Students at FAU stage sit-in at university president’s office over multi-million dollar gift from private prison company GEO Group
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Moving the chains

Onto the scoreboard


Oxfam: World’s Largest Food Companies Creating Legacy of Destruction
Corporations relying on cheap land and labor are ruining human lives and the natural world, says campaign
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Reformism is about “urging” corporations to “do what’s right”

Rather than punishing them for doing what’s wrong

(And notice the oh so socially conscious Ben & Jerry’s logo in the accompanying graphic)


In ‘Disturbing Decision’ Supreme Court Rejects Challenge of Dragnet Surveillance of Americans
In 5-4 decision, Court rules plaintiffs cannot prove they have suffered from warrantless wiretapping program
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”This theory is foreign to the Constitution and inconsistent with fundamental democratic values.”

And far from exceptional in that respect, thanks to the Court of Least Resort


The School Security America Doesn’t Need
After Newtown: Turning Schools Into Prisons
by Chase Madar

*I’m leery of making common cause with contradictory libertarian types who spout platitudes about “personal freedom”, while swearing unending animosity toward environmental and workplace regulations that to some degree save us from residing in a smog filled Walmart of a nation, or who may oppose cell block schooling, but line up with the LaPierres in promoting the bullet the blue sky America that provides the rationale for those lockdowns.

So there.

But all this is by way of preparing our kids for a police state of mind, inside and outside the school grounds, isn’t it?

Get ’em used to it early on

‘Cause as things fall apart, the plutocrazies will wrap themselves in a security blanket

And will use it to try to smother whatever protections from their road to perdition the Constitution provides.


Jim Crow Isn’t Dead, He Just Got Lawyers
The US Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on the Voting Rights Act could let discriminatory laws make a comback
by Diane Roberts

*Section 5 needs to be applied nationwide, with reactionary legislators in every region doing their damnedest to be smart ALECs.

Voter fraud’s no problem, but there’s plenty of electoral fraud

And it’s a many capitol offense.


Food & Water Watch
Senate Bill Introduced to Stop Fracking in New Mexico


Institute for Public Accuracy
Argo, Fact Check Yourself

*”Argo” or “Zero Dark Thirty”

What a choice

Pick your era

The revisionism, agitprop and empire excusing fill the screen to bursting in both


Heard the One About Lazy French Workers?

*Was that piece sponsored by Walmart?

Perhaps not in the direct financial sense …

And calling anyone in Hollande’s gummint a “socialist” (as opposed to a “Socialist”) employs the most elastic understanding of the term, don’t you think?


Oscar Rights Some Historical Wrongs, Creates Some New Ones

*The above response to the IPA item applies here, as well.

For someone on the board of a media watchdog group, Andersen displays a rather astonishing capacity for naivete in stating that there’s some “fissure” between corporate media – which, after all, is what “Hollywood” is – and the National Security State.

These box office boffo collaborations will become even more frequent, as the financial and propaganda benefits manifest themselves with each “other” annihilating and empire glorifying paean to American exceptionalism that hits the silver screen.

These propanganda pieces aren’t made to win awards

But hardened hearts and addled minds.


Iranians and Their Clunky Propaganda!

*Covering up chest and shoulders

Or covering up corporate and gummint crimes

Hard choice on which to condemn, innit?

Pots and kettles, people

Pots and kettles


“Makers: Women Who Make America”: New Film Chronicles Past 50 Years of Feminist Movement

*A pretty narrow identity politics segment, don’t you think?

A brief mention of race

But the allied issue of class … ?


Though not so the plaudits for the corporate collaborator.


United by Loss, Israeli & Palestinian Dads Call for a Joint Nonviolent Intifada Against Occupation



Former Press Secretary Offers PR Advice for Obama Drone Program
Robert Gibbs explains bizarre silence on program: ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The audacity of “Nope”


‘Make BP Pay!’: Gulf Residents Decry Oil Giant as ‘Deepwater Horizon’ Trial Opens
Prosecutors open with “scathing attack” on company behind devastating disaster
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Until pinstripes are exchanged for prison stripes

There will be no true justice


The ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’ Is Running Dry
Minnesota’s depleting aquifers show consequences of climate change, unsustainable water management
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


New Campaign Aims to Halt Rise of ‘Killer Robots’
What was once science fiction is not as far off as people think, say Nobel laureates and scientists
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


What If the Iranians Waterboarded an American?
by Tom Engelhardt


How Israel Legitimizes Torturing Palestinians to Death
by Charlotte Silver


Sequestration: Washington’s Stupid, Destructive Game
by Richard Eskow

*This shit makes Keynesianism look positively beneficent.

(And anyone at the bottom of the ladder during those decades can tell you they didn’t feel particularly blessed.)


For Iraqi Women, America’s Promise of Democracy is Anything But Liberation
Iraq’s jailers learned their abuses from the allied occupiers. And under today’s sectarian regime, women are under assault
by Haifa Zangana


The 2013 Hypocrisy Oscars
by Paul Buchheit

*I rarely laugh out loud

But I had to at this compendium of callousness, corruption and complicity

Else the bitterness attendant would have had to find another, less agreeable exit from my person.


Zero Dark Thirty, the CIA and Film Critics Have a Very Bad Evening
by Glenn Greenwald

*There’s this false dichotomy between agitprop of the totalitarian variety, and that manufactured here in the good ol’ US and A.

You don’t have to have grown up in an era rife with the former to be fully cognizant of the pernicious impact on American society of the latter, do you?

And “ZDT” continues that ignominious heritage. To posit that the creators somehow were oblivious to that is to ignore the reality of National Security State involvement.


Public Citizen
Suspicious Timing: Inaugural Contribution Linked to $8.3 Billion Nuclear Loan Guarantee?
Statement of Tyson Slocum, Director, Public Citizen’s Energy Program

*We’re talking about nuclear power here.

It doesn’t matter how transparent the dealings are.

The business itself is dishonest and deadly, and our tax money shouldn’t have any connection with it.



George Will’s Stop & Frisk Factcheck

*Not that’s gun control that would bring a smile to the face of Joe Arpaio

And Bull Connor, albeit posthumously.

And it’s of some minor comfort that that perfidious piece of agitprop didn’t win Best Picture, and thus figuratively secured a spot next to Dear Misleader’s nefarious Nobel.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Sequestration, Military and Trade-Offs


EXCLUSIVE: Rarely Seen Film “King: A Filmed Record” Traces MLK’s Struggle from Montgomery to Memphis

*I can’t countenance the “Love your tormentors” rhetoric.

That shouldn’t be interpreted as leave to dehumanize them. I believe that to be both immoral and destructive to oneself, as you can’t do so to another without inflicting the same fate upon yourself.

But until they end their oppression – meaning you’ve forced them to end it – and engage in a process of restorative justice, there can never be any authentic exchange of humanity, can there?

I believe in forgiving those who truly wish to be forgiven, and are willing to do what’s necessary to have their sins absolved.

Absent that, any talk of “love” is foolish, to my mind, and I think that history provides ample support for that position.

Concomitant with that, I feel we have a right to defend ourselves against that oppression. That includes force, as a last resort.

It must be disciplined and principled. Easy enough to say, I realize.

But I don’t find it in the least immoral to protect yourself or others from the violence of repression if done according to those precepts.



Institute for Public Accuracy
Oscars Use Ranked Voting — Why Can’t We?


With Little More Than a Note, Obama Deploys US Troops To Niger
West African nation that will host fleet of US drones will also have armed US soldiers with “boots on the ground”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


In Ancient Caves, Evidence Shows Small Uptick in Temps Could Spell ‘Massive’ Permafrost Melt
‘1.5ºC appears to be something of a tipping point,’ says scientist
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Stripped of ‘Country of Origin’ Label, US Agrees to Sell Tear Gas to Egypt
Canisters shipped without company’s name, country of origin
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Rebuking Harper Agenda, Toronto Becomes ‘Sanctuary City’
In historic move, Toronto to “ensure access to services without fear” for all immigrants, regardless of immigration status
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Blackwater Off the Hook Again in Plea Deal With Bush-Appointed Judge
America has the “best justice system in the world,” says Blackwater exec
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade
by Garrett Graham


Citizens United 2.0? Supreme Court Could Further Open Door to Money in Politics
by Brendan Fischer


Perils of the Keystone XL Pipeline Confront Obama
by Ralph Nader


Obama Officials Refuse to Say if Assassination Power Extends to US Soil
The administration’s extreme secrecy is beginning to lead Senators to impede John Brennan’s nomination to lead the CIA
by Glenn Greenwald

*I don’t agree with Greenwald’s rationale for dealing with the issues of targeting US citizens and foreigners separately.

I understand the reasons proffered, but there’s no reason both can’t be dealt with concomitantly, and a very good reason why they must.

By positing the danger posed to US citizens simultaneously with that for foreign nationals, we break down the artificial barriers of race, religion, nationality and all the other false factors compromising “otherness” that allow those in power to keep us divided and conquered.

Just as those struggling against oppression in other countries need our solidarity, we need theirs in our fight against plutocracy, because in essence our enemies are the same, and we have to confront them on a “global battlefield” if we’re to have any chance of victory.


“Every four years, we elect a new criminal because that’s become the precise job description.”

The Native peoples will tell you it was always so.


Fox News ‘Liberal’ Isn’t So Sure About College Rape

*Is there a directive at FOX that every discussion include at least one reference to using a gun?


Torture at Guantánamo: Lt. Col. Stuart Couch on His Refusal to Prosecute Abused Prisoner

*I find it difficult to believe that what Slahi has been subjected to could not be legally considered torture. If the inducing of mental suffering is the standard, I’m not sure how Couch or anyone else could say that his treatment didn’t rise to that level.

Regardless, as always, it boggles – or should boggle – the mind that human beings can think of how to perpetrate such acts, much less put them into practice on another person.

That it doesn’t seem remotely out of the realm of possibility to me is an indictment of our seemingly limitless capacity for inhumanity, and of the system that leads to the commission of these horrors in the pursuit of power and profit.


“The Terror Courts”: An Inside Look at Rough Justice, Torture at Guantánamo Bay

*This is tripe about commission “independence” and some sort of “fairness”, don’t you think?

It’s a classic “forest for the trees” view.

You’ve got dozens of men who’ve been cleared of any charges still held, and yet Couch blithely speaks of their being imprisoned “until the end of hostilities”.

But this isn’t a war. Those who still face charges are criminal suspects, not “enemy combatants”, and should be fairly tried as such.

That it wasn’t deemed necessary to include another guest to challenge the views expressed, or for Goodman or Gonzalez to do so themselves, speaks to the shortcomings of the program that I’ve alluded to ad nauseum.



Investigation Finds High-Class, Crisis-Peddling ‘Astroturf Supergroup’ Behind ‘Fix the Debt’ Campaign
New investigative project looks to expose deficit debate subterfuge pushed by Pete Peterson, Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


UN: No Compensation for Cholera We Caused in Haiti
‘In no rush to right the wrongs that they have done,’ UN rejects claims for compensation on behalf of victims of cholera outbreak
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


5 Reasons Why the Keystone XL Pipeline is Bad for the Economy
by Brendan Smith

*Some salient points proffered

But why in a piece about environmental consequences is Smith pushing for repairing natural gas pipelines?

I have no fracking idea.

And I guess his background as a DC politico gives us some insight into the omission of any consideration that energy be a publicly owned service.


Lose Your Lawn
Turning your lawn into something more beautiful and useful would save time and money while curbing pollution and water usage.
by Jill Richardson

*Plant it for the planet


‘Fix The Debt’ and Pete Peterson’s Long History of Deficit Scaremongering
by Lisa Graves

*Take the money

And run the economy into the ground


Obama Administration Delay Leaves Waters of the United States in Peril
White House sits on Clean Water Act guidance to restore protections to waters of the United States

*So you “applauded” him

And you saw what that got us.

So why do you think “urging” him will do diddley?


When You’re Cutting Social Security, ‘Wealthy’ Begins at $25K

*Own a cell phone, and you’re a member of the undeserving poor.

Own a cell phone company, and you’re a member of the underserved wealthy.

Orwell lives on

Although I have to imagine he would like to be able to rest in peace.


Urgent: Walmart workers need your help
Demand that Walmart take responsibility for conditions at its warehouses

*More low blows from the Low Life Leader


Sharif Abdel Kouddous: 2 Years into Uprising, Bahrain Feels Like a “Nation Under Occupation”


An Interrogation Center at Yale? Proposed Pentagon Special Ops Training Facility Sparks Protests

*Hewing to the Hypocritical Oath


Bowman v. Monsanto: Indiana Farmer’s Supreme Court Challenge to Corporate Control of Food Supply



Monsanto Receives Warm Reception in High Court
Reportedly ‘hostile’ justices question ‘basic activity of farming’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Seeds are inventions

Money is speech

Aggression is security

War is peace

Love is hate

And justice is an illusion


New Campaign Finance Case Has ‘Potentially Disastrous’ Impact for Wealthy to Buy ‘Access and Influence’
US Supreme Court has agreed to hear Republican challenge to individuals’ campaign aggregate limits
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Cooperative Way to a Stronger Economy
Co-ops—just like people—can get more done together than anyone can do alone. They come in many forms, and are more common than you might imagine.
by Sarah van Gelder

*Isn’t “predatory capitalism” a redundant term?

Is van Gelder intimating that there is some form of capitalism that isn’t exploitative?

Does she believe that true cooperation can exist within a system encompassing competition and profit?

How much time is assumed by the phrase “over time”?


They Are Coming for Your Birth Control
Pro-Lifers Must “Advocate for Sexual Restraint”
by Robin Marty

*Is it incongruous to say that immaculate conception is New’s ultimate wet dream?


10 Things You Should Know About #TheRealTANF
by Greg Kaufmann


Aaron Swartz’s FBI File
by DS Wright


Tom Friedman’s Apple Hunch

*Corps hold us hostage

And the corpress arranges the ransom


Institute for Public Accuracy
Study: Privatizing Medicare Spikes Overhead Costs

*The only health the insurance bloodsuckers care about

Is that of their bottom lines


Prisoner X: As Secrecy Falls, Doubts Grow on Suicide Claims for Australian Israeli Linked to Mossad


Throwaways: Recruited by Police & Thrown into Danger, Young Informants are Drug War’s Latest Victims

*I’ve severely criticized DN!, and I believe rightly so, for often wasting its relative visibility, but this segment shines a vital light on the unconscionable law enforcement exploitation of children, young adults and others in pursuit of the inflation of arrest and prosecution stats.

It’s what the program could and should accomplish every day.



Who Can Own Life? Farmer vs. Monsanto Before US High Court
Indiana soybean farmer takes on corporate agriculture in defense of ‘essential question’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Some Cuts Don’t Heal!’: Simpson-Bowles Face Protest for Attack on Medicare, Social Security
As influential ‘deficit scolds’ present new plan, community members speak out
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Afghan Civilians Bear Brunt of Death, Injury as US War Continues
UN report shows that as war drags on, the most vulnerable suffer the most
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[F]ew seem to understand why the war is still being fought at all.”

It’s still being fought for the same reasons it’s always been fought

Greed and power.

That should be at the heart of the discourse in the “alternative media”.

So you have to ask yourself why it isn’t, don’t you?


Protest Shuts Down Fracking Wastewater Facility
‘No Frack Waste By Truck, No Frack Waste By Boat, No Greenhunter Waste Down Ohio’s Throat’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Okay, so Van Jones didn’t make an appearance.

I still think this is important.


UN, WHO Panel Calls Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals a ‘Global Threat’
An international team of experts reported today that evidence linking hormone-mimicking chemicals to human health problems has grown stronger over the past decade, becoming a “global threat” that should be addressed.
by Brian Bienkowski
Environmental Health News


Playing Golf While the Planet Burns
by Medea Benjamin

*I wonder if anyone chanted

“Let Obama be Obama!”

Trouble is

That’s the trouble


MSNBC Boldly Moves to Plug Its One Remaining Hole
By hiring long-time Obama spokesmen Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod, the cable news network clarifies its function
by Glenn Greenwald


Wall Street’s Misdeeds Cost Trillions, But It’s Main Street Who’s Getting Nickel-and-Dimed
by Richard Eskow


US Agribusiness Could Carve Ten Manhattans Out of African Forest


Center for Biological Diversity
Obama Administration Finalizes Polar Bear Extinction Plan
New Rule Shrugs Off Dire Climate Threat to Ice-dependent Animals

*Talking the walk

A legless “legacy” for Dear Misleader


The NYT’s Problem With Leftist Presidents


Friendly Oil–Not the Venezuelan Kind

*It’s a viscous circle

Selling tar sands oil

With snake oil


FAIR Media Advisory
Media and the Keystone March
Little coverage of large climate action

*You can imagine the coverage had an event of this magnitude been for “gun rights” or against reproductive rights.

But it wasn’t, and as the class interests, not to mention the advertising dollars, lay with the entities opposed, the outcome was predictable, wasn’t it?

I just wish this had been a truly “historic” protest, rather than essentially a political pantomime that won’t mean diddley without truly radical followup, such as the direct action occurring in Texas and Canada.

Appealing to Dear Misleader’s concern over his “legacy” doesn’t strike me as facilitative of such actions.

And with life as we know it on the line

We need to leave the political theatre

And get serious about what’s essential in the real world.


The ATM for Climate Denial: Secretive Donors Trust Funds Vast Network of Global Warming Skeptics

*There’s an intense irony in Morano calling anyone else an “ecoterrorist”, isn’t there?

He and his backers are devoted to the promotion of it.

How else can you label the deaths and destruction from inaction on climate change?

And governments aren’t “confused” about who the real terrorists are.

They’re intimidated by them.

They’re complicit with them.

But they aren’t confused about them.



Georgia Prepares for ‘Another Grotesque and Unjust Execution’
Mentally disabled Warren Hill slated for execution Tuesday
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A moral retardation

Far beyond a reasonable doubt


Victory of Ecuadorian President Correa Hailed as ‘Clear Mandate’ to Continue Progressive Push
Correa: ‘This victory is yours. Everything for you, a people who have become dignified in being free.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*It’s important to note the contradictions as well as the contributions of governments under leaders such as Correa, Chavez and Morales.

There have been significant benefits to the peoples of those nations, not least of which is a lessening of US influence within them and in the region as whole.

But if we place them on pedestals – inherently unstable objects – we do those peoples a disservice.

Power – even that which often serves to improve life

Must always be held accountable.

And anyone wielding it worthy of our trust would insist on it.


Industrial Ag Triggers Devastating ‘Web’ of Pollution
New report analyzes impact of excessive nitrogen and phosporous in our ecosystems
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Getting away from the meat of the matter


Arms Producers Turning to ‘Cybersecurity’: Report
Report from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute shows world’s biggest arms-producing companies ducking austerity by taking advantage of “potential cyberthreats”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Bulgarian Revelations Explode Hezbollah Bombing “Hypothesis”
by Gareth Porter
Inter Press Service

*Something more than a “reasonable assumption” that the facts are being fixed around the policy, wouldn’t you say?


Thousands Protest ‘Israeli Occupation Prisons’ as Hunger Strikers Press On
Israel arrests brother of hunger striker as families urge end to indefinite detention
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


Obama to Receive ‘Medal of Distinction’ in Israel
Obama has made ‘meaningful contribution to strengthening the state of Israel,’ says Israeli leader
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A fetid fete


Sea Shepherd Continues High Seas Standoff After Whalers Attack
Whalers continue attempt to slaughter ‘protected, threatened, and endangered species’ in pristine waters
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


Profiting From Human Misery
by Chris Hedges

*Corporate stocks

And human bonds


How a Washington Global Torture Gulag Was Turned Into the Only Gulag-Free Zone on Earth
The Latin American Exception
by Greg Grandin


Food Sovereignty: Think Globally, Eat Locally
by Tory Field and Beverly Bell


Another Side of the Immigration Debate: Harvesting NAFTA’s Crops
We reap the benefits of cheap farm and meatpacking labor in the form of low-priced food, thanks to the contributions of millions of undocumented workers.
by Jill Richardson

*Take out that sentence about Dear Misleader, and this piece resonates with humanity.

Leave it in, and the contradictions are manifest and manifold.

This is a president who has deported the most immigrants in US history, and is a fierce supporter of “free trade” agreements that have caused the misery described.

You don’t have to be a math whiz to know that two plus two doesn’t equal four more years.


The Premises and Purposes of American Exceptionalism
That the US is objectively “the greatest country ever to exist” is as irrational as it is destructive, yet it maintains the status of orthodoxy
by Glenn Greenwald

*I think there’s a profound moral conundrum in the principle of equal application of the law, although I understand the precept.

It would seem to preclude the right and duty to engage in either civil disobedience or force to protect oneself or others.

Thus, blocking tar sands extraction, or the lunch counter sit ins in the South, would be considered prohibitive behavior under that theory, as would the violent acts of those defending themselves from the terrorism of an oppressive regime.

So, it does come down to the reason, rather than the act itself.

Is the assassination of a dictator by someone suffering under his repression identical to that of Allende or Lumumba?

Sometimes morality can’t be neatly confined to what is lawful.

Obviously, it’s a more complex issue than a few sentences can untangle, but I put it out as food for thought.


The Lamest Excuses Money Can Buy
by Paul Buchheit


Why the Canadian Right’s ‘Defense Lobby’ Wants Another War
by Steven Staples

*Make that “North American exceptionalism”



‘Let Us Not Be Deceived’: Cornel West Names Obama as ‘War Criminal’
Like Nixon, Bush, and others the law is suspended for the president, but “applies for the rest of us”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Call it a case of stating the literally bleeding obvious.

What took so long for the penny to drop, Brother Cornel

And what are you going to do about it?


Environmental Activists Pose Security Threat: Canadian Government
Canadians going to Keystone XL protest ‘better take precautions’
by Common Dreams staff

*A movement had better be a threat to the power structure

Else what’s the point?


Scientists Confirm: Arctic Sea Ice ‘Collapse’ at Our Door
Warming planet and new evidence portend future of ice-free Arctic
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


Drones Across US Skies Closer to Reality
FAA solicits plans for 6 domestic drone test sites
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*J. Edgar’s wet dream takes wing?


Investigation Reveals How Charter Schools Betray Promises of “Equal Access”
For-profit charter schools have learned how to dodge requirements that keep doors open to students they’d rather not have
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Quinoa: To Buy or Not to Buy… Is This the Right Question?
by Tanya Kerssen

*It’s doesn’t make much sense to me to say that a law is “demonstrating that political will exists on the part of President Evo Morales to promote food sovereignty and peasant production for local markets”

And simultaneously speak of landless activists “pushing the Bolivian government to make good on its agrarian reform promises.”

As Altieri says

“Discourse must now translate into action.”

Walking the walk is a function of locomotion

Not loquaciousness


Donors Trust is the Secret ATM Machine for Climate Deniers
by Aliya Huq


Congressional Hearing Ignores Poor Record of State Coal Ash Regulation
Lack of federal protections means unregulated coal ash ponds continue to poison rivers, people


Institute for Public Accuracy
Ten Years After Feb. 15 Global Protests, A New Call

*Our only hope for survival lies in our capacity for cooperation and community, and that entails an end to the profit system, capitalism … whatever you want to call it.

That system is kept in control by economic, political, military, and legal force

But as important is the propanganda we’re subjected to every day by our media and educational institutions.

That isn’t addressed here, and it’s a glaring omission.

Before we can act for others

We have to able to think for ourselves.

It’s imperative that we create visible and effective alternative sources of information to counteract the force feeding of fallacies from the corpress and conventional education.

Obviously, the internet plays a vital role in that, and it’s profoundly frustrating to see its potential wasted on reformism, when transformation is essential.

I don’t have the answers to how we change that equation

But we have to keep asking the question as to why we’re frittering away what little time we have left to do so, don’t we?


Are Iranian Magnets the New Aluminum Tubes?

*One might expect an allusion in the Post article to the scare stories from a decade hence.

One would be living in an alternative universe to do so, of course.

As the US and Israel continue the slow motion decimation of Iranian society with sanctions, cyberwar and assassinations, while they ponder the ramifications of direct attack, the corpress’ assignment is to provide the justification for them all.

There’s no question that these pieces “have only one purpose”, is there?


An Intentional Fire? Police Use of Incendiary Tear Gas Criticized in Killing of Christopher Dorner


From Dorner to Waco to MOVE Bombing, A Look at Growing Militarization of Domestic Policing

*In regards to Stamper’s concluding comments, I think the “message” police across the country have gotten is that they are ” to serve and protect” the power structure through intimidation and violence, in preparation for the coming meltdown of societal structures as capitalism eats itself.

The public will become Enemy Number One. Or more precisely, that portion of the public courageous or desperate enough to challenge authority, while others are propagandized into seeing them not as comrades, but as “the other”, to be controlled, and killed if necessary.

Dystopia is a police state of mind.



Media Silence Criticized as Palestinian Hunger Strikers Verge on Death
UN calls for end to indefinite detention in Israel amidst media blackout
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


US Among World Government’s Repressing Journalistic Freedoms
Prosecution of whistleblowers and secretive trials for suspected terrorists show that US press freedoms under attack
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Can you imagine the gummint backlash if the US corpress actually did its job?

Or perhaps if it did, media repression here and abroad would be a far less frequent occurrence.


At Least 20 CIA ‘Black Site’ Prisoners Still Missing
by Cora Currier


CISPA, the Privacy-Invading Cybersecurity Spying Bill, is Back in Congress
by Mark M. Jaycox

*If you’re building on anything that comes out of the White House

You’d better have a damn good construction insurance policy, don’t you think?


If There’s a ‘War Against Boys,’ Why Are Men Still Winning?

*I agree that Sommers is unquestionably a stalking horse for chauvinism

But the idea that more female corporate CEOs and board members would represent some sort of progress for women’s rights strikes me as sophistry, given that in those roles, they would be screwing the rest of us

Regardless of our genitalia.

Identity politics often have little to do with, or is antithetical to, the improvement of the lives of the great mass of those so identified.

See Obama, Barack Hussein

Or Clinton, Hillary Rodham.


On Transgender Healthcare, NYT Reports Tree, Ignores Forest


Institute for Public Accuracy
If Minimum Wage Kept Pace with Productivity, it Would be $16.54

*Imagine what it would be if it had dovetailed with the increase in executive pay.

Isn’t it funny how those obscene salaries are justified on the basis of “providing incentive”

But that rationale doesn’t apply to working stiffs.

They’re not laughing.


“Two Years of Deaths and Detentions”: Bahraini Pro-Democracy Protesters Mark Anniversary of Uprising



Havaar Launches Campaign
to Help Iranians Access Life Saving Medicine


Nearly 50 Climate Activists Arrested Outside Obama’s White House
We’re not protesting against Obama, say groups, we’re applying the pressure he’s requested
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I’m sorry, but I can’t help thinking that Brune won’t have any problem making bail

Considering the millions the natural gas industry dumped in Sierra’s coffers.

Civil disobediance sounds righteous, but if McKibben and company were truly serious about stopping XL, don’t you think they should be down in Texas, facing a less hospitable gendarmerie than the Capitol cops?

And heaven forfend they should protest Dear Misleader’s duplicity in sending us over the climate cliff.

A gentle nudge in the ribs of his better angels will suffice.

Yeah, this is a rag

But if we have any hope to pull back from the precipice

We’d better start facing the political reality of presidential perfidy

Instead of engaging in the carefully calibrated pantomime of political theatre.


Progressive Grassroots Coalition Takes on ‘Fix The Debt’ Fraud
Flip the Debt: ‘Hey one-percent! Pay your damn taxes!’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Corporatizing Seeds of the Commons: Patents Enabling BigAg Control
New report details how patents allow ‘private companies to assert ownership over a resource that is vital to survival’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Stop the Deportations’: Protesters Call for Immigrant Rights at Senate Hearing
Immigrants to Obama Administration: ‘You are destroying our communities’
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


Vital Gaza Tunnels Flooded by Egyptian Forces
Gazans express concern over Palestinian/Egyptian relations: ‘This is the Mursi era’
by Common Dreams staff


A Conspiracy of Stupidity
A secret CIA drone base, a blowback world, and why Washington has no learning curve
by Tom Engelhardt

*My reaction is

What’s so stupid about it?

No, everything hasn’t gone according to plan, but the Pentagon’s budget has soared, military contractors and other corps have made billions and billions, and the US has an eternal boogeyman to justify its imperial adventures and misadventures.

The US lost Vietnam, but has it lost the Middle East and Central Asia?

It has its foothold. Its major disappointment is being unable to make the dream of Pipelineistan come to fruition.

Engelhardt seems to posit this in terms of “blowback”, but does our gummint give a rodent’s rear about that?

Only in the context of it making it more difficult to extract more profit from the region.

There have been more terror plots concocted by US agencies in sting operations than actual operational plans to attack targets in the country.

And were one to succeed, it would only rachet up support for the GWOT.

Deja vu all over again.

And let’s not forget the concomitant aim of establishing the National Security State to deal with pesky protesters.

So sure, the oligarchers would have loved to have had everything go swimmingly, but all in all, not a bad innings.

And what’s a million dead ragheads, give or take?


The Courage of the Vigilante Feminists is Contagious
In Ireland and Egypt – and beyond – women are coming together to combat sexual violence
by Laurie Penny

*Sisters are doing it for themselves

And to anyone who fucks with them


Italy’s Ex-Intelligence Chief Given 10-year Sentence for Role in CIA Kidnapping
Such accountability for high-level government officials is inconceivable in the US, highlighting its culture of impunity
by Glenn Greenwald


The ‘Politically Divisive’ Minimum Wage

*It does matter what we call things

And what the words we use mean.

By a “minimum” wage, we’re referring to the lowest pay one can receive

And not the lowest pay sufficient to cover essential expenses.

Now, you can’t call that a “living” wage

But the fact that we’re not even talking about that shows just how devolved the discussion has become

And how our “representatives” offer us crumbs, and how we settle for them

When we should demand the keys to the bakery.


Institute for Public Accuracy
SOTU: Obama Poses as Dove while Civilians Bombed in Afghanistan


SOTU: * Jobs * Equity * Climate

*Old wine

New bottle

Same vinegar


Despite Planned Troop Withdrawal, Special Ops & Private Forces Prepare to Continue Afghan War



New Report Urges Research Into Environmental Causes of Breast Cancer
‘We are all exposed to a cocktail of carcinogens and endocrine disruptors every day that puts us at greater risk for breast cancer, and we need to prioritize and invest in identifying and preventing exposures”: Breast Cancer Fund head
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Innocent Until Proven Guilty; Imminent Until Proven — Too Late!
by Marcy Wheeler

*If you accept this theory of imminence in order to protect innocent lives

Aren’t you making a judgment about which innocent lives to protect?

Unless you want to engage in utter fantasy, you have to acknowledge that air strikes have killed many innocents, and will continue to do so.

Thus, you’re favoring the lives of Americans over those of Afghans, Pakistanis, Yemenis et alia.

Now, that’s again if you accept that these actions are necessary to protect the US from attack.

So, is it possible for one innocent to be more so than another

Or have we fallen down the rabbit hole?


Should An Armed Drone Be Dispatched to Kill Christopher Dorner?
Why should the lives of law enforcement agents be risked to apprehend this suspected domestic terrorist?
by Glenn Greenwald

*Aside from the terribly quaint notion of due process, there’s the distinct possibility that the intel might be faulty, and that drone will obliterate a few “military age males” who were occupying that cabin.

I wonder if offering an apology and a few goats would mollify their kin.


The Real Debt Issue: It’s Not How Much We Will Owe, It’s Who Will Hold the Note
by John Atcheson


Global Justice Ecology Project
Genetically Engineered Trees for Bioenergy Pose Major Threat to Southern Forests

*Planting the roots of ruin


AP Decides Your Husband or Wife Might Not Be

*Language is a virus

And homophobia is a disease


Institute for Public Accuracy
North Korea “Test”: Aggravated by U.S. “War Games” and “Pivot”?


North Korea Nuclear Test Sends Message to Washington One Week After U.S.-South Korean War Games

*Shorrock’s comments about the prospective oil pipelines demonstrates the clash that can come between legitimate aims – in this case peace on the Korean peninsula and economic development for the people of North Korea on the one hand, and the imperative to end our addiction to fossil fuels.

That contradiction needs to be acknowledged and addressed, as it does for the broader issue of economic development versus environmental catastrophe in the context of the exploitation of fossil fuel reserves in developing nations.

And I have to wonder just what sort of work conditions exist within that industrial zone, don’t you?


After Pope Benedict, Progressive Catholics and Priest Victims Call for a More Inclusive Papacy

*As Blaine says, Benedict, like Dear Misleader, offers words and not action.

And, like Obama, he isn’t just guilty of inaction, but of actions that have cause immense suffering and death.

So I’d like to have seen a call for his prosecution, rather than an entreaty to do the right thing, as well as an acknowledgement of the moral corruption at the core of the institution.


Remembering the Overlooked Life of Eslanda Robeson, Wife of Civil Rights Legend Paul Robeson

*DN! loves to talk about the lives of radicals

After they’re dead and gone.

But what I take from this segment is the Robesons’ refusal to recant that radicalism, the notion of global solidarity that Eslanda Robeson promoted, and the democraticization of organizations that Ella Baker preached.

These are all vital elements that must be present in the movement for justice – and survival – today, don’t you think?

I was disappointed at the end in Ransby’s backpeddling on her view of Dear Misleader. After Goodman’s foolish question about what he might learn from this history, she makes the salient point that his duplicity doesn’t arise from ignorance.

Then she makes her own silly remarks about hoping he’ll somehow morph into a mensch, which betrays both a lack of understanding of history

And the present.



Worse Than Obama’s Kill List? American Support for It
Survey shows Obama has done little to rescue civil liberties from predecessor’s damage and much to deepen concern
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A majority of Americans will support any policy that purports to keep them “safe”.

Fed a steady diet of fear-based propaganda and dehumanization of “the other”, it’s a wholly predictable outcome, isn’t it?

Only when the policy is seen to be ineffective, or not worth the cost in (American) blood and treasure – a historically high bar to clear – does public opinion turn against it.

In addition, there is a deeply inculcated sense of American exceptionalism that moves them to bless acts by our government that they would scream for war were they to be perpetrated by another nation on US soil.

And they hate us for our values.


Docs Reveal World’s Most Biodiverse National Park Targeted by Gas Company
by Common Dreams staff


NY Fracking Scandal: Seven Groups Demand Conflict of Interest Investigation of Cuomo Administration
by Steve Horn


Genetically Engineered Meat, Coming Soon to a Supermarket Near You
by Bruce Friedrich


A Presidential Decision That Could Change the World: The Strategic Importance of Keystone XL
by Michael T. Klare

*Given these stakes, the decision is a foregone conclusion, isn’t it?

Perhaps some “concession”, such as the rerouting in Nebraska, will be offered as appeasement, but the die has been cast.

So what will McKibben and company, after their oh so respectful appeal to Dear Misleader’s sense of “legacy” proves to be utterly ineffectual, do then?


Washington’s War-Makers Aren’t “in a Bubble,” They’re in a Bunker
by Norman Solomon

*That Wilkerson never once during that debate alluded to the death and destruction visited upon the Iraqi people tells you all you really need to know about his “moral epiphany”, doesn’t it?

And yet he will still be feted by those in the “alternative establishment media” and “anti-war” orgs who adore former power players who’ve “seen the light”, regardless of their sincerity.

You can’t change the game

If you’re playing it.


The Hanging of Afzal Guru is a Stain on India’s Democracy
by Arundhati Roy


Institute for Public Accuracy
The State of the Union: Is Rule of Law in Peril or Is it No More?

*A land of the free cannot exist

Without it being a home of the brave


Wanted for Killing 3, Christopher Dorner’s Claims of Racism, Corruption Resonate with LAPD’s Critics

*Of course it shouldn’t have taken a deadly situation such as this, but I’d like to believe that this would compel attention by the corpress and gummint to the prejudice and violence that defines the LAPD.

But that would entail ignoring decades of observation of just how those institutions work, wouldn’t it?


Despite Offer of Direct Talks, U.S. Intensifies “Sanctions-Centric” Economic War Against Iran

*Well, that was a waste of precious air time.

So what else is new?

Why have anyone on this supposedly “alternative information” outlet who can say with a straight face that the US is “serious” about diplomacy?

It’s serious about doing whatever it can to blunt Iran’s influence in the region, and hopefully precipitate a crisis that will work to its advantage, up to the toppling of the regime and the attendant control of Iran’s oil reserves.

The only question among its enemies is how best to do that, not whether to do so, and you don’t have to view the Iranian government in any positive light to understand that, do you?

There is no nuclear threat from Iran. Parsi accepts that Iran is considering weaponizing their program, which is far from clear, and that even if that were the case, that a nuclear weapon is a danger to the US, the West and the region, when such a weapon would not serve anything other than a defensive purpose.

Which could have positive connotations, deterring aggression against it that could lead to very dangerous consequences.

He adopts what I think is a false equivalency in how each side has approached negotiations, when Iran has made concrete offers to allay suspicions about its nuclear program, all of which have been rejected, needless to say.

If he believes those offers are mere posturing, he should advocate for calling them on it, and let’s see if they’re sincere, rather than his dismissing them out of hand.

The bottom line is that there are more empirically oriented analyses of the situation out there, and this segment could have been used to give them some exposure.



Study Finds 80% of All Antibiotics in US Used for Big-Ag
Meat industry consumed record-high antibiotics in 2011, raising risk of superbugs
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams


States Take On GMOs in Battle Over Labeling
‘This is worse than any slavery that’s ever been known, because it is enslaving the future, it is enslaving nature’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Pathway to Progress in Israel Runs Through International Law, Local and Global Action
While Israel moved away from the far right in last month’s elections, the new coalition is unlikely to alter the occupation
by Phyllis Bennis

*When port is defined as listing a little less to starboard

An orientation us Yanks should be intimately familiar with, shouldn’t we?


Radioactive Eye Glasses …Silverware…Zippers…Hip Joints… Anyone?
by Karen Charman


A Recipe for Nonviolent Parenting
by Frida Berrigan

*Another song comes to mind



Enviromental Working Group (EWG)
California to Overhaul Fire Retardant Rules


Children’s Defense Fund Releases New Report on Zero Tolerance
Marian Wright Edelman Issues Call to Action for Mississippi


Rationally Speaking, We Are All Apocalyptic Now
by Robert Jensen

*Knowledge is power

And ignorance its antithesis

If we’re told a great storm is coming, we don’t debate its existence. We prepare for it.

But when it comes to climate change and environmental degradation, our scientific ignorance short circuits this rational response.

So why are we ignorant?

There are a number of reasons, all related to the fact that those who control our lives also seek to control what we know, through the educational, political and media systems.

It’s the primary manner in which they do control us.

Rather than acknowledging the irrefutable, these institutions have sought to portray it as a “controversy”, when not engaged in avoiding the issue altogether. Although that is slowly changing as the consequences become more and more apparent, every effort will be made to resist the necessary transformation to a cooperative and communally based society.

That’s insanity from any standpoint, including the self interest of those perpetrating the propaganda.

But addicts aren’t known for their ability to rationally deal with their addiction, are they?

So how do we break through this roadblock?

The information’s out there, as this piece and so much other intel makes plain.

But people have to know it is, and they have to know why it’s a life and death situation to act on it.

I believe the internet’s our greatest tool for building mass consciousness, but as yet we haven’t figured out how to use it to effectively counter the misinformation and censorship we’re subjected to from the halls of power.

And unless we can do that, our apocalypse is nigh.


At Beliefnet, ‘Everyone’ Doesn’t Include Feminists

*I think what’s “softer” here is the stealth attempt to sell these “values” under the guise of a site with “a broad editorial point of view”

And including Holmgren’s blog may have been a stab at providing a patina of “diversity” for that strategy.

I imagine that had she agreed to their conditions, her first post would have been deemed “offensive” to their readers regardless, if her notion of feminism bears any resemblance to mine.


Jeremy Scahill: Assassinations of U.S. Citizens Largely Ignored at Brennan CIA Hearing

*This is indeed kabuki oversight

From all concerned.

Wyden and King get to play to their liberal base, without really doing a goddamn thing about the horrors so calmly discussed here.

Brennan will be confirmed

The killing will continue

And all the good liberal politicians will move on to the next meaningless sideshow

Perhaps with some appearing on DN! to pimp their “principled stands”.

Which is another kind of kabuki theatre, isn’t it?


CODEPINK Repeatedly Disrupts Brennan Hearing Calling Out Names of Civilians Killed in Drone Strikes

*I’m not sure what hiring a lobbyist will accomplish, other than consuming precious resources that could be more productively expended elsewhere.

Certainly no passed legislation will result.

Perhaps it’s an attempt to gain greater visibility by enlisting the efforts of these congresspersons, but I think that could be done more effectively outside of the legislative arena, and without the inevitable contradictions and compromises this would entail.


“He Was The Agency”: Ex-CIA Analyst Questions Brennan Claim He Couldn’t Stop Waterboarding, Torture

*Establishing a court of review?

Why does the phrase “All nice and legal like” immediately spring to mind?



Tunisia in ‘State of Siege’ Following Opposition Killing
Labor leaders call for general strike in protest of the death of Chokri Belaid
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Drones, Surveillance Towers, Malls of the Spy State, and the National Security Police on the Northern Border
Living in a Constitution-Free Zone
by Todd Miller


Cook Organic, Not the Planet
by Alexis Baden-Mayer and Ronnie Cummins

*Taking a bite

To take the bite out of climate change


The Great Tax-Cut Experiment
Has cutting tax rates for the rich helped the economy?
by Gerald Friedman

*What’s “resonated” with politicians is upper class consciousness

And the campaign cash that comes with remaining mindful of it


Imagining a ‘Just Recovery’ from Superstorm Sandy
by Michelle Chen


Violence Policy Center
States With Higher Gun Ownership and Weak Gun Laws Lead Nation in Gun Death
Alaska, Louisiana, Montana, Alabama, and Wyoming Have Highest Gun Death Rates


Millionaires Are–or Perhaps Aren’t–Leaving California

*The plutocrats stay put

It’s their money that migrates to tax havens


Globalizing Torture: Ahead of Brennan Hearing, International Complicity in CIA Rendition Exposed

*Apologies are meaningless without justice.

Singh sidesteps the question of prosecution, but if we believe that financial criminals should be jailed, then isn’t there a greater moral necessity to do so here?

That goes for the president on down.

As for “damaging the US’ reputation”

That’s almost always posited as a negative consequence of committing these atrocities.

But the harm done to an unearned reputation for upholding human rights is a positive development. The exposure of the true nature of what the rulers of this nation desire, and will do to achieve, is vital to the realization of justice.

Even when critical of its acts, so many persons like Singh still seem to cling to this fantasy of America as some beacon of righteousness that’s simply gone astray.

I’d like to say I’m “surprised” (as Goodman asks her guests ad nauseum) by that

But I’ve sadly seen it far too many times.


Radio Ambulante: Spanish-Language Radio Program Showcases the Untold Stories of the Americas

*I’d hope the program makes just who’s responsible for this mass migration a central focus.

From the neocolonialism of “drug wars” to the theft of land and destruction of livelihoods perpetrated by multinational corporations, this isn’t a story about people seeking a better life in this country

But of fleeing a worse one in their own, created by the rapaciousness and lust for power of those who control this one.



Tunisia to Dissolve Government After Assassination, Day of Mass Protests
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Lake Michigan Water Level at Record Low
Above average temperatures, drought bring water level to second record low in a row
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Seattle Teachers Spark Rebuke of School Standardization and Privatization
National Day of Action in support of Seattle teachers’ protest prompts cross-country actions
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Corporate America: Saving the Twinkie but Not the Workers
by Dean Baker

*There’s a contradiction here.

Yes, we want these folks to get their jobs back

But look at what they’re producing on the job.

Of course, this conundrum applies to all manner of circumstances, doesn’t it?

Think of all the unhealthy, dangerous and deadly crap – fossil fuels chief among them – pumped out by this economy.

But people gotta eat.

(Not Twinkies, hopefully.)

The point is that concomitant with the cry to end this insanity

We have to make clear a convincing vision of what will replace it

And those jobs.


SodaStream: Set the Bubbles Free? First, Set Palestinians Free
by Lyndi Borne


60 Groups Urge Kerry to Continue Strong Leadership on Climate Change
New Secretary of State positioned to advance American climate leadership, should deny the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

*I’d like to say I found it amusing that an organization that describes its members as “fearless revolutionaries” would publish this paean to an establishment toadie like Kerry.

But there’s really nothing funny about it, is there?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Degraded Postal Service Part of a “Manufactured” Crisis and a “Daylight Heist” of New Deal Art


FAIR Extra!
FAIR REPORT: 13th Annual Fear & Favor Review
Revealing the hidden influence behind the news
by Janine Jackson


An ‘Informal Arrangement’ to Not Report the News

*Not publishing information is not always a journalistic sin.

It comes down to the consequences of doing so, doesn’t it?

If you accept that the US’ aims are beneficent, and making public information would harm those aims, do you refrain from publishing that information?

If you believe that the US is engaged in immoral and illegal acts for pernicious purposes, do you have an obligation to reveal information that will deter those acts?

We tend to want to codify actions in such situations, and avoid relying on moral judgments.

But you really can’t, can you?

In this instance, you have to decide if whatever benefit that may be derived from “anti-terrorist” actions is outweighed by the detriment of allowing the US to carry out its own acts of terror.

Who benefits? Who is harmed?

We like simple morality plays

And that’s often not the way the world works, is it?

I think we have to acknowledge that our noble intentions may not always result in positive outcomes for those whom we don’t wish to harm.

That doesn’t mean we don’t act on them

But it does mean we need to give serious thought to all their consequences, positive and negative.

In this instance, my judgment would be to inform the public, because I believe the harm of not doing so outweighs that of disclosure.

But regardless of my amply warranted skepticism of the government’s warning of harming its proclaimed goals, or possibly putting lives put at risk, I’m mindful that this may well not be an unalloyed positive action

And I accept that possibility.

It’s the only choice I can make, and remain true to my conscience.


When It Comes to Drones, Trust the Churchgoing CIA Director

*Praise the Lord

And pass the joystick


Decade After Iraq WMD Speech at UN, Ex-Powell Aide Lawrence Wilkerson Debates Author Norman Solomon

*Given what the time for this segment could have been used for, I don’t see much value in it, other than exposing Wilkerson’s self serving rationalizations, and hopefully diminishing his credibility with the alternative establishment media.

But I wouldn’t put scared money on it. The AEM adores former power players who’ve “seen the light”, regardless of their sincerity, don’t they?

They blow their own bubbles. They don’t ask

And make damn sure no one call tell.

That he never once mentions the untold numbers of Iraqi dead should tell you all you need to know about the veracity of his moral epiphany, don’t you think?


Lawmakers Threaten Funding of Brooklyn College for Hosting Event on BDS Campaign Against Israel

*I haven’t discerned this “much greater tolerance for entertaining a wider range of views” from the corpress that Greenwald sees.

There may be some unease regarding Israel’s increasing extremism, and its refusal to maintain even a veneer of a “peace process”, but that doesn’t signal any fundamental shift in support for its domination of the Palestinian people, only a disagreement over how best to do so.

Elites always have internal squabbles over the most effective methods for achieving their shared goals.

That shouldn’t be interpreted as any hesitancy over whether to pursue them.


Bill McKibben: Ahead of Keystone XL Rally, Fossil Fuel Divestment Expands Across U.S. Campuses

*I’d be a lot more “excited” about this if I felt McKibben and company were serious about doing what’s essential to stop and reverse climate change

Which means nothing less than the end of the profit system.

But I’ve seen nothing that indicates that.

We’ve got to change the game

Not continue to play it.

As the man said

If we don’t get it right soon, then we don’t get it right at all.


Part 2: Daniel Ellsberg and Jacob Appelbaum on the NDAA, WikiLeaks and Unconstitutional Surveillance

*I have to wonder if the process would have worked had Vietnam gone according to plan.

Would the corpress have given a rat’s ass about the secret history of US involvement?

Would Ellsberg be rotting in jail today?

Had the war become a failed enterprise, and Nixon more an impediment than an asset to US hegemony?

In some sense, the rule of law prevailed

(Although of course Nixon didn’t serve a day in prison)

But would it have under the scenario above?



Globalizing Torture: Report Reveals International Rendition Ring
New report details the murky channels of rendition after 9/11, and the many countries who had their hand in it
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


US Prison Population Seeing ‘Unprecedented Increase’
by Carey L. Biron
Inter Press Service


The American Lockdown State
Post-Legal Drones, the Bin Laden Tax, and Other Wonders of Our American World
by Tom Engelhardt

*Call it a case of “law”

And the coming order.

The rationale for the police state is being put into place with each passing day.

A search on “domestic terrorism” will turn up ever more hits.

The “free speech” zones will become bittersweet relics of a seemingly more open age.

And we will be effectively protected

From our dangerously democratic impulses.

That is the nightmare

If we don’t awaken to the reality.


Will a Federal Compromise on GMO Labeling Trump State Law, Forever?
by Michele Simon

*First they ignore you

Then they ridicule you

Then they fight you

Then they “compromise” with you

They they win


Of Myths and Men: Mark Lynas and the Intoxicating Power of Technocracy
by Eric Holt-Giménez

*Very useful intel

But I think it’s imperative to be precise in our language and meaning.

So when Holt-Giménez states that “Monsanto, Bill Gates and a phalanx of corporate scientists — believe it is the only way to end global hunger”

He’s intimating that these bastards are somehow simply “misguided”, although the rest of his piece makes it abundantly clear that that’s nonsense.

So be consistent.

Ending global hunger is not their motivation.

It’s their machination.


Major Breakthrough in Protection for Indonesia’s Remaining Rainforests

*Taming a paper tiger?

Time will tell


New Study: Offshore Tax Dodging Blows $40 Billion Hole in State Budgets
Congress Poised to Debate Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes, Bring States Budget Relief


The Campaign for Peace and Democracy (CPD)
25 Groups Call on Obama
Not to Block Food, Medicine to Iran


60 Minutes Plays Softball With Obama and Clinton

*Note the year of that Bush interview.

Do you think those questions would have been asked when his approval rating was a good deal higher?

Moving from Dear Leader to Dear Misleader

It’s not that difficult to garner “high marks … from the voters for your handling of foreign policy”

When Kroft and cronies

And let’s not forget Hollywood

Aid and abet your basic narrative.

And had that been John McCain entering his second term under similar circumstances

Do you think the softballs would’ve been tossed with any less élan?


Where Are They Now? The Reporters Who Got Iraq So Wrong

*There’s an unsubtle difference between “getting it wrong”

And “going along”.

We either have to conclude that these “journalists” were at some level complicit in their unquestioning coverage of blatant gummint propaganda

Or they had quite a few faulty synapses in dire need of repair.

The fact that mea culpas aren’t flowing now like the bilgewater gushing from Powell’s lips then makes a compelling case for the former, to my mind

As does the fact that not a damn thing has changed in the intervening decade.

It’s a shame you can’t bet the house on their continued corruptability.

It could keep a lot of folks from losing theirs.


Kill List Exposed: Leaked Obama Memo Shows Assassination of U.S. Citizens “Has No Geographic Limit”

*What’s not mentioned here is just why any threat exists, to whatever degree it realistically does, and I think we need to be continually reminded of the reasons.

This isn’t about the US minding its own business, when terrorists who “hate our freedoms” suddenly decided to attack it.

This terrorism, as opposed to the US’ own, is a result of that death and destruction suffered throughout the Muslim world in the quest for profits and power.

That doesn’t excuse it, but it’s imperative to understand its genesis if we’re serious about ending it.

Only our steadfast commitment to justice for all will end the horror visited upon victims here and around the world.


Scouts for Equality: Eagle Scout with Lesbian Parents Pushes Boy Scouts to Drop Ban on Gay Members

*That little exchange over the Scout oath made me wince.

“Obedient”? “Reverent”?

“You got ’em all”?

And I think it illustrates why I compare this to women in combat roles or gays, females, and minorities in exploitative positions in the political and corporate worlds.

Yeah, it’s a victory for equality of a sort

But look at what the nature of the position is.

The Boy Scouts have been a discriminatory organization for decades. I don’t know their history of racial exclusion, but it’s a safe bet that blacks and other non whites were barred from joining for some extended period of the group’s existence.

Now, if being a Scout meant exposure to positive experiences or worthwhile benefits that weren’t available elsewhere, a case could be made, I suppose.

But anything of that nature can occur outside of scouting, minus the reactionary milieu.

So let the bastards have their Americanismo, but don’t allow them access to one dime of public monies or one inch of public space.

Let them inculcate their reverence for faith, flag and no faggots on private property.

And continue to condemn them for it.


Court: Gov’t Can Secretly Obtain Email, Twitter Info from Ex-WikiLeaks Volunteer Jacob Appelbaum

*A sinister rendition of “Getting to Know You”


Daniel Ellsberg: NDAA Indefinite Detention Provision is Part of “Systematic Assault on Constitution”

*It’s heartening to hear someone talk about “impeachment hearings and convictions” for these crimes

But even Ellsberg signed on to a letter to Obama regarding the Kiriakou case that urged him to not let his war on whistleblowers become a lasting part of his “legacy”.

I want his legacy to be one of being the first president to be convicted and serve just time for what every other president before him has been guilty of.

I can dream, can’t I?



When ‘Confirmed’ Means ‘An Official Told Me So’

*Tomorrow being the tenth anniversary of Powell’s perfidious performance at the UN

This bit of corpress co-conspiracy illustrates a simple but profound truism

Some things never change

Unless we commit to making them


Institute for Public Accuracy
Colin Powell’s Infamous U.N. Speech, 10 Years Later: Deceiving Public, Ignoring Whistleblowers Led to War

*This infamous incident reveals a stark truth that isn’t stated nearly enough

Gummint propaganda can’t be effective without corpress complicity.

A media that questions false premises and exposes faked intel dispels the fog before war, and allows democracy to be the arbiter of such a grave decision.

An fully informed public is our best defense against aggression abroad and exploitation at home.

We have to develop the skills and the tools to break through that blockade

Or we will be condemned to interminable déjà vu all over again.


Hundreds Rally in NY: ‘Not One Fracking Well’
Groups to Gov. Cuomo: ‘Protect us and the generations to come from such a true health and human rights disaster’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Ron Paul Stirs Up Right Wing With Tweet About ‘American Sniper’
‘No Remorse’ Sniper Veteran Shot Dead
by Common Dreams staff

*”They live by putting fear into other people’s hearts and civilized people just don’t act that way”


And why is a record for sniper kills kept?


NY Governor Proposes Post-Sandy Conservation Over Reconstruction
Cuomo: ‘There are some parcels that Mother Nature owns’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I have grave doubts about this double bonus deal.

I think, if all else fails, homeowners can be legitimately ordered to vacate their properties, provided they receive just compensation for them and adequate assistance in relocating.

But this facet of the plan creates the circumstances for tremendous animosity among neighbors, as holdouts are pressured to accept the deal, and should be jettisoned.


Report: Japanese Whaling ‘Dead in the Water’ Without Millions in Subsidies
Animal watchdog reveals ‘warehouses of whale meat’ as demand plumets
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful
Washington’s Dilemma on a “Lost” Planet
by Noam Chomsky

*An empire

Must always deny the empirical


Corpocrisy: The Systematic Betrayal of American Workers
by Paul Buchheit

*Call it a seven step

On our necks



Egyptians Reject State Authority
by Sharif Abdel Kouddous


Breaking the Chains of Debt Peonage
by Chris Hedges

*For all the unassailable facets of his speech, Hedges, and Nader by extension, are unwilling to look beyond reforming the ultimately unreformable.

Anytime you qualify the term “capitalism” – “predatory capitalism”, “unregulated capitalism” – you are avoiding directly confronting the very nature of the beast.

I realize I’ve said this ad nauseum, but I think it’s a central tenet of our struggle that can’t be overstated

You can make capitalism better

But you can’t make it good.

A market will always degenerate into a racket.

Does reform have to precede transformation?

Or does reform preclude transformation?

Should we be organizing for a raise in the minimum wage

Or for a living wage

Or for an end to wages, and the servitude inherent in their existence?

These questions are rarely addressed in what passes for critical discourse in this country

And until they are, I fear we’re simply spinning our wheels

As we slowly backspin toward oblivion.


Lawyers Guild Opposes Adding Tasers as SFPD Weapon


Leaked Arctic Council Oil Spill Response Agreement ‘Vague and Inadequate’

*Stuffing accountability in the deep freeze

And it has bupkes to do with preserving it


On Rosa Parks’ 100th Birthday, Recalling Her Rebellious Life Before and After the Montgomery Bus

*Although it’s alluded to briefly, I’d have liked to have seen a much deeper discussion of how Parks’ actions have been made to fit the sanitized version of the country’s history of racism, and how that history is used to obscure the ongoing oppression of black folks.

I also would have wanted to see an examination of how black “leaders” like Conyers, for whatever contributions they may have made in the past, have now become part of the problem, as they have found their niche in the power structure as a “loyal opposition”.

But this is DN!, whose idea of a “radical black voice” is Cornel West.



Australia Lodges Complaint After Japan Whalers Confront Sea Shepherd Activists
Whaling fleet headed for ‘the killing fields off Antarctica’
by Beth Brogan, staff writer
Common Dreams


With Keystone XL in Limelight, Enbridge Plans ‘Aggressive’ Pipeline Push
First Nations call to end all tar sands development
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Pipe dreams

And poison nightmares


An Economic Alternative to Exploitative Free Market Capitalism
by Thomas Hedges

*Common greed

Or commons sense?


All In: North Dakota Anti-Choicers Seek Heartbeat Bans, Human Life Amendments, TRAP Laws, and More
by Robin Marty

*Hateful hypocrisy

In a heartbeat


Disaster Capitalism in the Maghreb: War, Refugees and Profit in West Africa
by Ramzy Baroud


Planned Parenthood Says New Regulations Ensure Women Can Get Birth Control at No Cost

*Those “technical aspects” raise a red flag for me.

When dealing with Dems

The devil is so very often in the details, isn’t it?

See “reform, immigration”.


Food & Water Watch
Hopes For GE Food Labeling Bill Dashed By NM Senate
Questionable twist leads popular legislation to be “lost” but New Mexicans remain committed to pursuing mandatory labeling


Or Dammed

(Your choice)

By Dems

Another lesson in how the “lesser” of two evils

Should still be labeled as loaded with the stuff


Greece in Crisis: An Interview with Despina Lalaki
by Doug Enaa Greene and Despina Lalaki

*It seems counterintuitive.

The more power a movement gains

The more susceptible it is to cooptation.

While not a hard and fast rule, it has played out countless times, the history of US labor struggles being but one salient example.

As Lalaki points out, SYRIZA faces a moment of truth in this regard.

The outcome will have profound repercussions not only for the possibility of transformative change in Greece

But perhaps in many other countries, as well.


Zakaria on Arab Spring: With Democracy, Less Is More

*Zakaria’s comments, especially the last, fit neatly into the niche of Newspeak.

(Ignorance begets insight?)

But I have what I think is a more precise eight letter label for them.


Mumia Abu-Jamal: “The United States Is Fast Becoming One of the Biggest Open-Air Prisons on Earth”

*Abu-Jamal is sort of DN!’s pet radical, don’t you think?

I don’t say that to demean him. I think he has much of importance to say.

But why don’t others who share similar views so absent from the program’s guest list?

And you also have to wonder whether he would have been given the same level of visibility had he been free all these years.

And as an aside, I’d be interested to hear his honest opinion of González’ assessment of Ed Koch’s reign.


“Long Distance Revolutionary”: Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Journey from Black Panthers to Prison Journalist


As Suicides, Brain Injuries Mount, Safety of Football Questioned, from NFL to Youth Leagues

*You can’t make football safe.

I played in junior high and high school, and to my knowledge, was incredibly lucky enough to not have had my health impacted by it.

So many others can’t say that.

Is the spectacle worth that reality?

What compels us to relish seeing someone “tattooed”, or doing it ourselves? Of course, I’m speaking almost entirely about males.

Ignorance plays a role. As I slowly became more aware of the consequences, my views changed diametrically. I don’t believe I ever cared for cheap shots, or seeing someone injured, but a “good, clean hit” was something I did have an affinity for, and sought to deliver on the field.

Now I know better.

But so few do, and sadly, many could care less.

You have to draw analogies to “sports” far more inhuman, such as ancient gladiatorial combat. I think the same dynamics of dehumanization are at play here.

I’m no expert.

But again, the game can’t be made safe from the horrible consequences so many of its participants suffer.

If adults, of their own free will, wish to play it, after it is made as safe as it can be, perhaps that’s one thing.

But for everyone else, I think our humanity compels us to consign it to the trash heap of our sad history of “the sporting life”.



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