March 2013


At World Social Forum, Global Peasant Movement Offers the ‘Peoples Solution’
‘Another world isn’t just possible, it makes sense’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Deadly Diarrhea Will Increase on Hotter, Drier Planet
New study found that the second most common cause of death for children is bound to increase under global warming
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

France’s Hollande Proposes New Progressive Tax on the Rich
As austerity reigns, French president tries to renew push for wealthy to pay fair share
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Socialist” …

Can an ideology sue for defamation of character?

Thousands of Chilean Students March Against ‘Commodity’ Education System
Police reportedly met the demonstrators with police dogs, water canons and pepper stray
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

EPA Loophole Allows Flood of Pesticides to Litter US Ecosystems
Approval process for toxic substance “grievously flawed” says NRDC
by Carey L. Biron
Inter Press Service

*Just whose environment is being protected?

This Is What Happens When You Rip a Hole in the Safety Net
by Bryce Covert

*Cutting the fingernails

Of those hanging on by them

North Dakota Anti-Abortion Activists Attempt to Re-open Roe v Wade Debate
America has no ‘culture war’ about legal abortion rights: only an extreme minority wants to replay the issue in the supreme court
by Nancy Cohen

$3.5 Trillion? The Insanely High Costs of Subsidizing the Fossil Fuel Industry
IMF says global subsidies to fossil fuels amount to $1.9 trillion a year … and that’s probably an underestimate
by David Roberts

*Subsidizing suicide

And not a peep from the “pro lifers”

NYT: If Only Gay Rights Were Unpopular, Then Roberts Might Embrace Them

*Isn’t this essentially the same argument employed by those who want to rescind Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act?

“Times have changed. It’s no longer needed.”

You might ask the folks who stood in line for hours to vote last November about its necessity.

USA Today Covers ‘Lonely Battle’ of Equality Opponents

With apologies to Jagger and company

You can call this

“Sympathy for the Demonizers”

For NPR, Fracking Fight Is Between Farmers & Movie Stars

It’s one thing when the corpress propagandizes

But we pay for the privilege when “public” broadcasting takes it turn.

So just how much does Jim Lehrer make?

The Other Rosa Parks: Now 73, Claudette Colvin Was First to Refuse Giving Up Seat on Montgomery Bus

*I really don’t understand Colvin’s comments regarding the Parks statue and how that relates to Malcolm X, and Goodman lets it slide.

And that no one mentioned the blatant hypocrisy of Dear Misleader lauding the acts of someone he might well have had surveilled today speaks to the contradictions this program often evinces.

But I’m posting this segment for the historical value, and I want to be clear that my criticisms aren’t meant to detract from Colvin’s courage or the impact of her actions.


Johnsonville Sausage: Stop Being Cruel to Pigs!

*Who are the real swine?

Cyprus: Austerity Test-Case is ‘Biggest Experiment in Financial History’
Banks reopen under tight restrictions means spending in Cyprus being controlled by European “Troika”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

New Research Shows Global Warming Speeding Up
Scientists find ‘missing heat’ in deep ocean waters
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Despite ‘Enormous Risk’ White House Reaffirms Commitment to Arctic Drilling
As US renews pledge to drill in Arctic waters, Greenland places moratorium on new leases
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

No Safe ‘Delivery Mechanisms for the Poison’: 30,000 Gallons of Oil Spill in Minn. Derailment
“The real way to protect our land, water and climate is to break our addiction,” says’s Jamie Henn
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Rare Reporting Reveals Afghan Civilians Terrorized by US Drones
‘They are evil things that fly so high you don’t see them but all the time you hear them’
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

Digital Grab: Corporate Power Has Seized the Internet
by Norman Solomon

Think Cyprus Confiscation Scheme Can’t Happen Here? Think Again
by Ellen Brown

*Just like so many other policies that have, or would have, public support, it’s not a matter of Obama “not understand[ing] the political appeal of the nationalization option”

It’s a matter of his understanding who wouldn’t find that appealing.

Anniversaries from Hell and the Celebration of American Cowardice
What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
by Tom Engelhardt


And unknown dates

Which will live in infamy

Violence Policy Center
Examples of Non-Self Defense Deaths Involving Persons Legally Allowed to Carry Concealed Handguns Hit 508–VPC Concealed Carry Killers March Update

Institute for Public Accuracy
Shutting Down Chicago Schools

Solutions for Syria

Democracy Activists at World Social Forum in Tunisia: Rightwing and Western Powers Colluding

Debate: Does Marriage Equality Reinforce a Conservative Institution or Support Social Change?

*Nakagawa makes a compelling case for seeing marriage rights as one piece of a much larger puzzle, and DN! got it right in including that perspective, which is often not the case on the program, with a narrow narrative holding sway.

Which is why I often criticize it.

And it appears from Dear Misleader’s comment

“States have defined marriage, and the federal government has followed the lead of the states”

That there’ll be no push from him for a federally recognized right to marriage taking precedence over state laws prohibiting it.

But we knew that, didn’t we?


Warehouse Workers for Justice
Stop Illegal Firings at the Walmart Warehouse

Chicago Public Schools Barricades Offices as Teachers Rally Against School Closings
Vowing acts of civil disobedience, teachers, parents and students fight back against plan to close more than 50 city schools
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

SCOTUS Update: It Doesn’t Look Good for DOMA
Marriage equality advocates will be celebrating if high court strikes down discriminatory law
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I’m no lawyer (one semester, GPA dropped like the Dow in ’08), but it seems to me the states’ rights argument strengthens the hand of reactionary lawmakers should it form the basis for overturning DOMA.

What’s needed is affirmation of a right to marriage in every state, which can only come from the court or Congressional legislation.

The latter is out of the question at present, and if the court rules on states’ rights grounds, any possible future law establishing that right ironically will have to contend with such a ruling.

Or am I evincing my ignorance here?

Global Left Converges in Tunisia to Promote New Vision for Earth’s Future
‘Together, we can change the course of history.’
by Jordan Flaherty
Common Dreams

*I’d have liked to have learned more about the “infighting” among participants than this mention tacked on at the end, but I imagine some of it has to do with how such forums can become institutions unto themselves, an end in themselves, rather than dedicated to advancing the struggles that are supposed to be their reason for being.

Ghost Towns Left in Fukushima’s Wake Shown in Google Street View
‘A permanent record of what happened’ in the nuclear disaster
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

Monsanto and the Seeds of Suicide
by Vandana Shiva

Corporate Kangaroo Courts Supplant Our Seventh Amendment Rights
by Jim Hightower

Chicago Is Ground Zero for Disastrous “Free Market” Reforms of Education
Chicago has turned public schools into privately run charters. The results aren’t stellar and other cities should beware
by Micah Uetricht

*The fetid fruits of a neoliberal education

The Sad Death of Kimani Gray and Society’s Bad Choices
The disputed details of the NYPD shooting of a Brooklyn boy highlight the need for a story other than crime and punishment
by Sadhbh Walshe

Tar Sands Blockade
Activist Climbs Flagpole Outside LyondellBasell, Hangs Banner Denouncing Investment in Tar Sands
LyondellBasell recently announced its plans to nearly triple its tar sands refining capacity from the Keystone XL pipeline as protests escalate across the continent

How ‘Unlikely’ Is Mark Sanford’s Comeback Really?

*I think there could be another element at play here.

Who are these bastards cheating on?

Can’t the reaction be seen as another manifestation of the misogny rampant in reactionary circles?

And if they can “forgive”

The corpress will assuredly forget.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Debate on Gay Marriage

*Bernstein Sycamore and Rega make valid points about the skewed focus of the mainstream gay rights movement.

That’s not to say that I agree with the former that marriage is perforce an oppressive institution, but I do think that, as with other struggles, strategy begets actions which don’t fundamentally question the structures of society and who controls them, and that speaks to the motivations of their “leadership”.

I do believe that marriage rights are important – not least for the benefit to the children of same sex couples – but as a part of a greater and deeper whole that must define the fight for equality and freedom.

Inside the Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Supreme Court Case: Recordings of Oral Arguments, Plaintiffs

*The only “substantial question on standing” is whether the court will stand by the principle of equality before the law

“A Historic Moment”: California Couple on Decades-Long Legal Struggle for Marriage Equality

*Gaffney’s comparison of his parents’ struggles to his own serves to break down the artificial barriers opponents of gay marriage try to erect to keep the issue separated from the general concept of basic rights and freedoms.

I think Lewis’ comments about oppressive laws once considered “necessary and appropriate” misrepresent the thinking of those who propagated them.

They may have seen them as such in order to maintain their control – of their slaves, their wives, and their workers, and justified – rationalized – them as vital to “the good order of society”

But to intimate that they were thinking about a future in which that control should be ended is to ascribe a humanity that wasn’t evident in their actions.

Widower of First Openly Gay Congressman Fights DOMA for Denying Benefits to Married Same-Sex Couples

*I’m not in a particularly analytical mood at the moment

So I’ll just say

Screw Bill Clinton and Lynne Osterman.

I’ll leave it to you to divine the reasons, but I think they’re fairly obvious.

In Challenge to Roe v. Wade, North Dakota Enacts Law Banning Nearly All Abortions


The 6 Most Absurd Prop. 8 Briefs
The Supreme Court has managed to attract some of the most outlandish of arguments from some familiar antigay figures.
by Kristina Lapinski

The Gay Marriage Snowball and Political Change
The shockingly rapid and radical collapse of the anti-gay framework demonstrates the baselessness of defeatism
by Glenn Greenwald

*Defeatism is indeed debilitating and dangerous

But to me its opposite isn’t optimism.

As Greenwald notes, gay marriage and other rights don’t threaten the core of power, and any struggle that does faces long odds.

But if our existence has any meaning, our actions can’t be predicated on the possibility of success, but on our empathy for each other, regardless of the outcome.

No act of conscience is ever performed in vain.

‘Living with No Future’: Iraqis in the Ten Year Wake of US War
by Dahr Jamail

*Are there any more bitter words on the lips of these desperate people

Than “Operation Iraqi Freedom”?

Guestworkers Alliance
Student Guestworkers Demand Dignity for all Workers at McDonald’s CEO’s Front Door
McDonald’s J-1 guestworkers to march on CEO’s home March 26

*Empty calories

Empty promises

Jobs with Justice
Tell McDonald’s: Stop exploiting workers

*Isn’t “good corporate citizen” a contradiction in terms?

And how can you restore a reputation you never earned?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Cyprus Small Part of World of Tax Havens

“Die Free: A Heroic Family Tale”: Cheryl Wills Uncovers Family’s History from Slavery to Freedom

*This is a powerful and important story, but for Wills to use it to blame kids to some degree for the failures of the educational system to engage them, and to ignore the obstacles they face in their lives that lead to their dropping out, is to me problematic.

And of course they don’t know about this history, because, except for a few exceptional teachers, it isn’t taught, which is but one of those failures.

There are other voices that could put the horrors of slavery in proper context, without these distracting and diminishing asides.

But DN! loves those “remarkable” and “legendary” types, regardless of their contradictions, don’t they?


‘Years of Suffering’ for Cyprus as New Bailout Deal Escalates ‘Austerity Economics’
“The near future will be very difficult for the country and its people.”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

California Investigation Follows Trail of ‘Dark Money’ Across US
Out of state secret donors skirt the rules on California ballot initiatives
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

America Split in Two: Five Ugly Extremes of Inequality
by Paul Buchheit

*For me, the strategy has to answer the question

Do we want to reform

Or do we want to transform?

Reform will always leave some out. It’s telling them that their lives aren’t worth as much as others’.

As “utopian” as it would seem, and as admittedly “unrealistic” as it may be

If you truly believe in equality, and justice, and all that other good stuff

How can you reconcile that with fighting for anything less than a dignified life for every person on this planet?

How would you react to someone telling you

“Sorry” … ?

The True Costs of Industrialized Food
by Tory Field and Beverly Bell

*Feeding the monster

Monstering the food

The Racism That Fuels the ‘War on Terror’
A new Gallup poll finds a majority of Americans oppose the drone-executions of US citizens on foreign soil. Then why do they support the Awlaki killing?
by Glenn Greenwald

*Crusader mentality

Predator and Reaper reality

Bank on Being Bilked
by Leo Gerard

What North Dakota and Mississippi Reveal About Anti-Choice NIMBYism and Hypocrisy
by Amanda Marcotte

Chinua Achebe’s Anti-Colonial Novels are Still Relevant Today
He traced the dehumanising effects of western cultural arrogance that are still at work today in Iraq and Afghanistan
by Nesrine Malik

*I haven’t read Achebe’s work, but if Malik’s characterization of it is accurate, then it contains a vital lesson for today’s struggles.

A group or society that doesn’t allow for, indeed insist on, an honest examination of itself, is courting disaster by denying its contradictions.

Before we can speak truth to power

We must first speak it to each other

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Obama “Heckled” About Palestinians * Gitmo Hunger Strike * AP: U.S. Arming Honduras Death Squads?

102 Years After Triangle Fire, Media Still Wonder How Workers Keep Dying

*Corpress Rule Number 4

(Or is it 3?)

If you can’t ignore it

Obfuscate it

The Media Didn’t Fail on Iraq; Iraq Just Showed We Have a Failed Media

*Don’t ask

Don’t tell

And don’t ever confess

O’Reilly Demands Respect for the Pagan Goddess Eostre

*It’s tempting to label O’Reilly “psychotic”

But he knows precisely what he’s doing, doesn’t he?

His audience, on the other hand …

I had a conversation a while back with a guy who was utterly convinced that Dear Misleader was the head of The Great Muslim Conspiracy ™, and that the gummint had spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build mosques around the world.

Must be why he’s killing them around the world.

It’s a brilliant cover, you see.

Now, this person most likely believes the whole Secular Progressive Conspiracy ™ thingie as well, again with Obama in the lead.

That would seem blatantly contradictory … the secret Muslim jihadist pushing for an end to religion in public life.

But the thing is, if Christianity is castrated here, it will be that much easier for Islam to triumph.

So it all makes perfect sense

If you’re off your Thorazine regimen.

A People’s Revolt in Cyprus: Richard Wolff on Protests Against EU Plan to Seize Bank Savings

Capitalism in Crisis: Richard Wolff Urges End to Austerity, New Jobs Program, Democratizing Work

*I’ve critiqued pieces by Wolff a number of times, and if you’re interested, you can search on his name here for my comments (then you’ll have to search within the results using your “Find” function, because I’m a technoramus), but the gist is that he advocates improvements within the profit model, but doesn’t question the fundamental role of competition and profit themselves.

Co-ops don’t challenge that model. They lessen the inequality and exploitation that is at its core, but as long as we compete against each other, and as long as profit is how we keep score, there will be winners and losers.

If the goal is a life of dignity for every single person on this planet, making capitalism better will not achieve it.

You can make it better

But you can’t make it good.

I’m not smart enough to posit an economic model that does reach that goal, but I believe its guiding principle must be

From each according to her talents

From each according to his needs

Wolff wants to cure capitalism, as if it’s a patient with a disease.

But it is the disease

And the only cure is to excise it from our body politic.

Watch Extended Interview with Economist Richard Wolff on How Marxism Influences His Work

*What I come away with from this is the idea that Marxism is valuable only insofar as it can be used to make capitalism better, not as a fundamental critique of the system.

The core dictum of Marxism – “From each, to each”, as denoted above – doesn’t enter the conversation, does it?

Wolff has castrated Marxism, to my mind. He’s posited it as a palliative, rather than as a potential prototype for the essential change required for justice to be realized.

I wouldn’t call myself a Marxist. I don’t know enough about it, but even if I were more knowledgeable, I’d eschew dogmatism.

But its basic precepts, as I understand them, are compatible with my moral viewpoint, my sense of humanity.

I can’t say the same for much of Wolff’s.


Time’s Rethink on Drones

*I wouldn’t be too optimistic about any substantial changes in the US’ use of drones.

(And the only change that would matter would be an end to it)

Drones constitute a major aspect of military strategy, and obscene amounts of our tax dollars – one would be too many – have been poured into it.

Paul’s grandstanding would likely never have occurred if Mitt Romney were in the White House, the issue was focused on attacks against Americans here, and in large measure the kerfuffle was about executive “respect” for Congress.

I think we all understand just how much clout “human rights groups” and “international lawyers” have in Washington.

So perhaps some cosmetic changes to smooth the waters will be forthcoming, but that will be the extent of matters.

And the corpress will hail them

Then retire to the sidelines to cheer on the now sanitized strategy of death from above

And continue to ignore the human consequences of the hell raining down half a world away.

A Growing Drought for Some, Flood Warnings for Others, says New Report
‘No relief in sight’ says Spring forecast from NOAA
by Common Dreams staff

EPA Favors ‘Bee-Toxic Pesticides’ Over Future of Food, Groups Charge
The EPA has refused to protect bees, “so we’ve been compelled to sue,” said food safety group
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

More Evidence Guantanamo Will Be Open Indefinitely
NYT: US requested $49 million for new facility for ‘special detainees’ at detention center
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

NYPD Racist Quotas Revealed in ‘Stop and Frisk’ Trial
Attorney: ‘That’s why there is such an epidemic in these communities of people getting stopped and frisked—because the police are told to get numbers’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

From Detroit to Cyprus, Banksters in Search of Prey
by Glen Ford

New Worries for the World’s Water
by Claire Hope Cummings

A Safe and a Shotgun or Publicly-owned Banks? The Battle of Cyprus
by Ellen Brown

Center for Biological Diversity
Three New Bills Seek to Halt California Fracking
Legislation Aims to Protect State’s Water, Air, Climate from Oil Industry Pollution

Institute for Public Accuracy
* “Strangling” Bethlehem * Oppression in Jordan

*A “listening tour”

Arranged to hear only a deafening and deathly silence

BBC-Guardian Exposé Uses WikiLeaks to Link Iraq Torture Centers to U.S. Col. Steele & Gen. Petraeus

*I’ll never understand how someone like O’Kane can say, “There hasn’t been the response we expected in America.”

What other response could anyone remotely familiar with how the corpress works in this country have expected?

If doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results, is a sign of insanity

What do you call watching the same thing happen over and over again, but expecting a different result?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Democrats Agreeing to Cut Social Security and Medicare

*No hope

Plenty of change

Leading Pediatricians’ Group: Gay Marriage Benefits Kids
American Academy of Pediatrics issues statement Thursday supporting gay marriage as being “in the best interest” of children
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

CIA Has Plan to ‘Collect Everything and Hang on to it Forever’
Amazon reportedly signs $600m contract to develop vast storage technology for CIA
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The Fourth Amendment

o Save
o Delete

Men Who Kick Down Doors and the War Against Women
Tyrants at Home and Abroad
by Ann Jones

*It’s a man’s world

And a woman’s world of hurt

Obama and the Blessing of Israel’s Government of Settlers
by Jonathan Cook

Land Grabs Spread Throughout Developing World
Hunger and human rights abuses threaten fragile rural communities
by Sophia Murphy

Food & Water Watch
Senate Passes Stopgap Spending Measure Full of Special Interest Favors

*It stands to reason that the meatpacking industry should know a little something about pork.

People for the American Way (PFAW)
Bush’s Court: How the D.C. Circuit Threatens the Future of Progressive Reform

How to Read Stories About Israel in the NY Times (Hint: Very Carefully)

*What do you figure the percentages are regarding the Times or other corpress outlets being on target in their reportage?


An Illegal Anniversary
by Robert Jensen

*I’m glad to see Jensen include all the reprehensible reprobates responsible for these atrocities.

Too often (once is too often), only the Big Bad Bushites are singled out for censure.

But this was at the time, and continues to be, a tag team terrorizing of the Iraqi people, as in Afghanistan … and Pakistan … and Yemen …

And the list – and the blood – flows on.

Tar Sands Resistance Heats Up With Week of Actions From US to Canada
Week of anti-pipeline actions erupt across the country
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Sketchy’ Reports from Syria and US War Hawks Mobilize
‘Absolutely, you’ve got to get on the ground. There is no substitute.’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A toxic atmosphere

Regardless of the presence of chemical weapons

‘Spineless’ Senate Democrats Drop Assault Weapons Ban From Gun Legislation
‘If Sandy Hook Elementary doesn’t make every member of Congress take a stand against assault weapons in this country, then what does?’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What do you call a sham

That doesn’t even get a chance to shimmy?

Drilling Deeper: The Wealth of Business Connections for Obama’s Energy Pick
by Justin Elliott

*”But no evidence emerged that Chu had played any role going to bat for BP within the administration.”

When the game’s rigged

There’s no need for a pinch hitter

Two Reasons Climate Change Is Not Like Other Environmental Problems
by David Roberts

*The future is now

Or never

Let the Voices of Drone Strike Victims Be Heard on Capitol Hill
On April 16th, let Sarah Knuckey and James Cavallaro testify about what they learned in Pakistan
by Robert Naiman

*I don’t know if Naiman is saying that the purported policy is “just and moral”

But if he is

He should be copasetic with Cuba sending drones buzzing over Miami in search of Bosch and Carriles, and if found, “surgically striking” them into oblivion.

Of course, if we’re talking about “top terrorist leaders”

They’re located a bit farther north

And any number of nations could make a case for similar actions under that theory, couldn’t they?

Friends of the Earth
Top Grocery Stores: We Won’t Sell Genetically Engineered Seafood
Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Whole Foods, Marsh among stores that will reject GE fish

Beyond Nuclear
Nuclear Regulator Majority Vote Disregards Agency Staff Safety Recommendation on Unreliable Mark I and II Containment
Decision requires hardened vent without filter

Looking Back at Iraq With…Michael Gordon?

*No “stunning judgment”

Just standard operating procedure

And the reactionaries are trying to defund PBS?

Perhaps they view it as redundant.

Bill Maher Urges Vilification of Bill Maher

*It would seem that Mr. Maher’s money

Steers well clear of his mouth

Dahr Jamail Returns to Iraq to Find Rampant Torture and a Failed State Living in “Utter Devastation”

Ten Years Later, U.S. Has Left Iraq with Mass Displacement & Epidemic of Birth Defects, Cancers

*The souls of those who unleashed these horrors are as twisted as the organs and limbs of these poor infants

And they should face just punishment for their crimes

But those who have come after them, who continue to torment this crucified country and so many others

Should stand in the dock with them.

Right to Heal: Iraqi Civilians Join U.S. Veterans in New Effort to Recover from War’s Devastation

*These connections are essential.

Our struggles can’t be separate, and that is precisely what those in power hope to achieve

To divide and conquer.

When we see our common humanity

We will see our common interest


Study: Global Warming Doubles Risk of “Katrina-Magnitude” Events
New research shows that global temperature increase of 1.8F results in ‘two to seven-fold increase’ in devastating storm surges
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Ignoring First Amendment Attack, Judge Dismisses Animal Rights “Terrorism” Case
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

NYPD Spent One Million Hours, 440,000 Arrests on ‘Marijuana Crusade’
NYPD marijuana arrests the ‘frontline civil rights issue’ of the 21st century
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Talk about “reefer madness”

A Decade of Occupation for Iraqi Women
by Yifat Susskind and Yanar Mohammed

War without End
by Kathy Kelly

No More Steubenvilles: How To Raise Boys to be Kind Men
What can we do to help young men respect women, recognize consent, and have healthy sexual relationships? Teach them kindness to others—and the courage to go against the crowd.
by Kim Simon

*Your gender may be male

But your genus must be mensch

Public Citizen
Winners of ACTA and SOPA Battles Call for Exclusion of ‘Intellectual Property’ From EU-U.S. Trade Talks
Current Talks Favor Corporations, Exclude Public Interest

FAIR Media Advisory
Iraq War, Ten Years Later
‘In a Few Days We’re Gonna Own That Country’

*Everything but the pom poms

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama Comment on 30,000 Vets Injured Criticized

How the Iraq Invasion Spawned Sectarian War

The Costs of War: 10 Years After Iraq Invasion, New Study Tallies the Massive Human, Financial Toll

*You can call it “indifference”

I’d call it “inhumanity”

The war industry profited, of course, but so did the oil industry, which was the primary reason for this horror.

They may not have achieved the level of control they would have liked

But I think they would consider this in large measure

“Mission Accomplished”

“We’ve Lost Our Country”: An Iraqi American Looks Back on a Decade of War That’s Devastated a Nation

*We need to remember that the US is still in Iraq, still contributing to the death and destruction it unleashed.

Until its presence is no more than a nightmare of a memory

We must not forget

Brokers of Deceit: As Obama Visits Israel, Scholar Rashid Khalidi on How the U.S. Undermines Peace

Part 2: Rashid Khalidi Details How the U.S. Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East


Cyprus Revolts Following Troika Demand to Seize Individual Savings
‘Your-money-or-your life’ ultimatum leaves critics calling bailout deal a ‘neocolonial’ ‘raid’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

As Nations Gather to Discuss Global Arms Treaty, NRA Goes into Wacko-Mode
Human rights campaigners can only hope that destructive influence of US gun lobby will not water-down ATT
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Fracking Protesters Arrested Blockading Dirty ‘Inergy’ Site
One of many fracking infrastructure projects that New York State has ‘allowed to slip in the back door’
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

American Employment Winter: Beware Reports of Spring
by Laura Flanders

Ten Years After: How Not to Teach About the Iraq War
by Bill Bigelow

The Shame of America’s Gulag
by Chris Hedges

*The gold rises

As the souls sink

The Catch 22 of Ending Sexual Violence in the US Military
by Lucinda Marshall

*Far from being a bar to enlistment, it may be that a history of sexual assault is seen as an indicator of “the right stuff”, a pertinent pathology for the purposes of empire.

David Frum, the Iraq War and oil
The former Bush speechwriter confirms what has long been the most ridiculed claim about a key reason the US attacked Iraq
by Glenn Greenwald

*See the FAIR post today for another example of comestic chagrin from the cheerleading squad.

And as Madison was a slaveowner and patriarchist

(They all were then, the apologists aver)

The comparison may be quite apt.

March Madness: The 5th Straight Year of Extreme Corporate Tax Avoidance
by Paul Buchheit

*Nothing technical about these fouls

They’re all flagrant

Cornucopia Institute
FDA Puts Industry Profit Over Public Health – Defends Safety of Controversial Food Additive
Watchdog Group Releases Report Formally Requests Removal of Carrageenan from List of Allowed Additives

Howard Fineman Looks Back on Iraq

*So what questions is Fineman asking of essentially the same policy propagated by this administration now that he is “wiser”?

That to me would evince “good intentions”

Not a pathetically misleading lament for past transgressions.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Legacy of Iraq War Myths Ten Years Later

*The duplicity of the duopoly

Steubenville Rape Trial: Blogger Who Exposed Case Speaks Out After Ohio Teens Found Guilty

A New Intifada in Kashmir? Arundhati Roy & Sanjay Kak on the World’s Most Densely Militarized Area

Part 2: Arundhati Roy & Sanjay Kak on Context for Kashmir Unrest After Hanging of Afzal Guru


North Dakota’s Efforts to Ban Abortion Put Women Back 100 Years
Conservative state looks to push its agenda on the national level as others compete for title of ‘most restrictive’
by Common Dreams staff

*If males could give birth

These laws would never have been born

EU Vote Allows ‘Disastrous Chemical Armageddon’ on Bees to Continue
Attempt to ban three widely used insecticides linked to harm to bees fails in EU on Friday
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

An Open Challenge to Michelle Rhee and the Corporate Education Zombies
Boycotting standardized testing in Seattle was a stand for students and a better education
by Jesse Hagopian

Does Fracking Make You Queasy? So Will The Trans-Pacific Trade Pact
by Ilana Solomon

Monsanto: Patenting Death
by Randall Amster

*Patenting pernicion

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Judge Approves Landmark Settlement in Immigration Policy Case
FBI, DHS and ICE Agree to Release Crucial Documents Relating to Controversial Deportation Dragnet Program, Secure Communities

Center for Biological Diversity
Court Hearing Focuses on Whether EPA Must Protect Hundreds of Endangered Species From Pesticides

*Ecocide at the stroke of the EPA’s poison pen

Institute for Public Accuracy
Detroit Emergency Manager Scheme Under Fire

*Democracy inaction

On Uprising’s Anniversary, a Syrian Opposition Voice Says Country is Victim of a Global Proxy War

2 Years After Invasion to Crush Uprising in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia Helps Fuel Conflict in Syria

Teaching Men Not to Rape: Survivor Zerlina Maxwell Defies Threats After Speaking Out on Fox News

*Maxwell’s dead on about the response proving her point

And I don’t wish them well.

She makes salient points about acquaintance rape, and there are of course non-lethal strategies for coping with attacks from strangers, such as pepper spray

But, as she emphasizes, this is ultimately about a culture that devalues and demeans women, and transforming it is where the true solution lies.

As for consent

“No” means “No”

And no “No” doesn’t mean “Yes”.

Pink Smoke Over the Vatican: Women Demand Greater Role in the Catholic Church

*A woman’s place is in the homily

Part 2: “Pandora’s Lunchbox” and the Truth About Soy Protein in Processed Food

*The sordid soy of cooking

And other fetid facts of food processing


Pesticides for GMOs Driving Monarch Butterfly Populations to ‘Ominous’ Brink
Scientist: “If we pull the monarchs out of the system, we’re really pulling the rug out from under a whole lot of other species”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Whistleblower: VA Withheld Data Linking Gulf War Vets’ Sicknesses to Toxic Exposures
“Anything that supports the position that Gulf War illness is a neurological condition is unlikely to ever be published,” Steven Coughin told lawmakers on Wednesday
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*If VA officials pose an “imminent threat” to members of the US military

Does that qualify as their being “engaged in combat” against them

And thus eligible for assassination on American soil?

US Spy Agencies to Get Access to Trove of Citizens’ Private Financial Data
‘The intelligence community simply ignores the rules’
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Big Brother’s bank shot

Inequality and the Social Security Debate
In the richest country in the world, it’s downright insane to even consider cutting back on benefits necessary to provide a dignified retirement for hard-working Americans.
by Sarah Anderson

*Belt tightening

Around our elderly’s throats

‘Unmitigated Disaster’: Iraq’s Pain Has Only Intensified Since US-Led Invasion in 2003
The country of my birth, already so damaged, is now crippled by fear of all-out civil war. But in the people there is hope
by Sami Ramadani

Phoenix in the Climate Crosshairs
We Are Long Past Coal Mine Canaries
by William deBuys

*There will be no rising from these parched ashes

Rand Paul Exposes the Democrats
Rand Paul was denounced as the wrong man with the right message, but most Democrats were too craven to deliver any message at all on the high crimes of their president and his killing assistant.
by Margaret Kimberley

*So, what will all those who delivered flowers and chocolates, literally and figuratively, to their “hero”

Do the next time he votes against the principles they claim they’re fighting for?

Hopefully the same thing they should do whenever anyone from whatever party does so.

But I wouldn’t put scared money on it.

Survival International
Amazon Indians Unite Against Canadian Oil Giant

Pope Francis’ Junta Past: Argentine Journalist on New Pontiff’s Ties to Abduction of Jesuit Priests

A Social Conservative: Pope Francis Led Effort Against Liberation Theology and Same-Sex Marriage

*Call it blowing smoke

In more ways than one

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here, isn’t it?

Bergoglio will be the false face of humility and supposed advocacy for the poor, which the church will try to use to combat the political, economic and social changes it opposes, while also attempting to improve its image vis a vis the sexual abuse and corruption scandals.

The corpress will aid and abet them in those efforts, needless to say.

But why does DN! begins today’s program with a guest who parrots that PR?

Is it to appease “liberal” Catholics in the audience by appearing to offer “balance” to this and the preceding segment?

I guess you’d have to ask Goodman and company.

Good luck with that.


Climate Movement Claims ‘Victory’ After Direct Action Suit Dropped by Energy Giant
‘Only a few of us went up that chimney but 64,000 people came down.’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Despite Efforts to Suppress, Cleaner Energy Continues Inevitable Rise
Though the fossil fuel industry maintains iron grip, attractiveness of common sense renewables trumps all
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*This comes across as a sort of “feel good” piece, with little depth extant.

Two critical questions are absent

Will the purported market gains of renewables make any real difference alongside the continued exploitation of fossil fuel reserves?

Just who will control these new energy sources?

That latter question is almost always absent from the discussion, isn’t it?

Postal Union Members Rally Against ‘Death Spiral of Cuts and Closures’
Beyond a call to save Saturday service, multi-faceted assault on workers, customers must be stopped, says group
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The privatizers know

The big check is in the mail

Challenges to ‘Cybersecurity’ Bill Grow as Congressional Hearings Loom
Concerns over privacy and civil liberties raise alarms bells over CISPA
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

Wave of “Ag Gag” Bills Threaten Food Safety and Freedom of the Press
by Rebekah Wilce
PR Watch

*If ALEC has its way

The revulsion will not be televised

What Ryan’s Budget Really Says: ‘I Love Rich People’
It’s not just that he wants to change the ‘relationship between Americans and their government’
by Dean Baker

*A crusade against “bureaucracy”

A jihad promoting plutocracy

The Myth of Large Numbers
The United States often uses exaggerated civilian casualty numbers to make a case for military intervention in strife-torn regions
by Vijay Prashad

*Doing the Machiavellian math

Shrinking Fronts on Our Global Battlefield
by Michael Ratner

*These hosannas for Paul strike me as decidedly misplaced.

What was so “brave” about his grandstanding?

Wasn’t it just another way to defame Dear Misleader, regardless of the how deserved it may have been?

Would he have acted similarly had the president been of the same party?

And the spectacle of CODEPINK sending gifts and gratitude his way, given his vote against the Violence Against Women Act, is the very definition of a contradiction, don’t you think?

What is it about so many “progressives” that gets them all wet at the sight of some reactionary who makes a political calculation to go against type?

Do they feel some perverse need to be validated by such acts, to prove to the public that they’re not so “radical” after all?

“Look, this Tea Party luminary agrees with us!

So love us!”

I dunno …

I Pledge Allegiance… To Resist the Pipeline
by George Lakey

*You can only win

If you don’t play the game

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Korea Armistice “Dead” * Why Military Exercises?

Over 100 Guantánamo Prisoners on Hunger Strike, Citing Threat of Return to “Darkest Days Under Bush”

As Gitmo Prisoners Revolt, Obama Admin Challenged on Indefinite Detention at OAS Hearing

Overturning Citizens United: Is a Constitutional Amendment the Best Path to Limit Dark Money?

*I have to say that I haven’t seen much emphasis put on public financing in the amendment movement, and I think that’s vital to countering the influence of big money in campaigns.

And if there are strict limits on how much any person or corporation can spend, either on a campaign or “independently” in support of it, such that they can’t influence the outcome of an election through the size of their “investment”, I think that makes the corporate personhood issue moot, at least in regard to electoral politics.

I can’t say what’s the best strategy to end this corruption of our political system, but I think it must have those two aspects at the forefront for it to succeed in doing so.


Hugo Chavez Depicted As Tyrant for Challenging Western Oil Domination
by Linda McQuaig

*Another paean to Chavez, passed along for the intel on the Achnacarry agreement and OPEC.

The Conquest of Nature and What We’ve Lost
by Lewis Lapham

*We are the least evolved of species

And the only one willfully incapable of reason

What we do in the coming days

Will evince whether we have the ability

To amend those appellations

Corporate-Approved State Bills Kick Low-Wage Workers While They’re Down
by Michelle Chen

Food & Water Watch
Pennsylvania Coalition Launches Push for Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods
Bipartisan Legislation Would Require Disclosure of Genetically Altered Ingredients Currently Found in Most Processed Foods

*I’d be cautious about relying on the efficacy of current labeling standards for calories, fat, salt and such, given the wiggle room for fudging the numbers.

Ever checked the amount that constitutes a “serving size”?

Does that align with your appetite?

And claims of “natural” or “organic” can insinuate a reality that exists only in the marketer’s imagination

Read the label

But know the limitations

‘What Palestinians Said Was Israeli Aggression’: The Death of Omar al-Masharawi

Daniel Ellsberg: In Hearing Bradley Manning Act Out of Conscience, Secret Tape Refutes Media Slander

After Vowing Greater Transparency, Obama Admin Increasingly Censoring, Withholding Info from Public

*Again, why have this corpress reporter on to mealy mouth about a “balancing act”? Take the report, and talk to the ACLU expert about it. Gillum’s presence serves no useful purpose, does it?

And think about how many times these mainstream media journalists are on DN!, versus someone from, say, the Black Agenda Report.

Draw your own conclusions.

I have.


‘Funeral for Our Future’: 26 Arrested Blockading TransCanada Office
Escalating resistance to Keystone XL: ‘If President Obama will not reject the pipeline, we will stop it ourselves.’
by Jon Queally, staff writer

Official: ‘Catastrophic Threat’ of Antibiotic-Resistant ‘Superbugs’
UK’s chief medical officer warns of deadly threat of untreatable infections in face of mutated bacteria
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Life Expectancy Up… For the Rich
The debate surrounding cuts to popular social programs often neglects disparity between poor and more wealthy seniors
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Reports: US ‘Corporate Tax Dodgers’ Keeping More Money Overseas
‘Why should ordinary taxpayers have to sacrifice while highly profitable corporations are using accounting acrobatics and tax havens to avoid paying their fair share?’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Those who speak of fair taxation shouldn’t be mentioning “deficit reduction” in the same breath.

We don’t have a deficit problem

We have a destitution problem.

We don’t need to pay down the debt

We need to lift up those in debt.

You can’t change the game

If you’re reading from the same rule book.

The Crucifixion of Tomas Young
by Chris Hedges

*There’s nothing to add.

It speaks for itself.

Fukushima’s Fallout Is Already Harming Our Children
by Harvey Wasserman

Five Poisons of Privatization
by Paul Buchheit

*Useful intel, but Bucheit’s last comments don’t reflect reality, to my mind.

The common good has always been for sale to one degree or another. Perhaps it wasn’t a fire sale in the Keynesian era, but the “shared prosperity” (which of course wasn’t shared by all in the US, much less around the world) wasn’t due to an altruistic desire to spread the wealth, but to create a consumer base for the booming economy.

That its “pragmatism” compares favorably to today’s rapaciousness in extremis is a low bar to clear, don’t you think?

Tilling the Soil with Pesticides
by Vandana Shiva

*Nurturing the soil

Rather than soiling nature

The Global Austerity Resistance Continues
by Allison Kilkenny

Hugo Chávez and the Middle East: Which Side Was He On?
by Danny Postel

*I’m glad to see a more holistic view of Chavez and his legacy than we’re been treated to lately.

I’ve always been disturbed by the inability of so many who claim to have laudable principles to ignore them when dealing with the contradictions that so often exist in the actions of leaders and movements they support.

Before we can speak truth to power

We have to speak it among ourselves

The NYT and Obama Officials Collaborate to Prosecute Awlaki After He’s Executed
A joint media-government attempt to justify the assassination of a US citizen ends up doing the opposite
by Glenn Greenwald

*The echo chamber

Doubles as a death chamber

Unjust Laws for Nuclear Power Leave Fukushima Victims Suffering

Organic Consumers Association Responds to Whole Foods Plan to Label GMOs by 2018
Food Retailer’s Plan to Label GMOs a Victory for Grassroots Food Activists and Consumers, but Five-year Timetable not Comprehensive or Aggressive Enough

*”Whole” Foods

And empty principles

Beyond Nuclear
On Fukushima Day, Another Door Slams Shut on US Nuclear Expansion Plans
Beyond Nuclear lauds decision not to green light third Maryland reactor

*The monster may be wounded in the US

But don’t add “mortally” to that just yet

If Dear Misleader has anything to do with it.

FAIR Extra!
The Self-Defense Self-Delusion
Owning guns doesn’t actually help stop gun violence
by Steve Rendall

*Reluctantly, I have been prepared to accept that some persons – with a proven need for self-protection, a thorough background check, and rigorous training – should be able to defend their homes with firearms, while concomitantly every effort by the society was made to obviate that need.

But in light of the study showcased on “20/20”, I have to reevaluate that view.

The odds of successfully defending oneself or others with a gun, versus the astronomically greater odds of tragedy occurring, has to lead any rational person to question whether there is any place for one, even under the most stringent conditions.

We have a right to protect ourselves and others

But that right isn’t absolute as to the methods we may employ.

I still can’t say definitively that no one under any circumstances should own a gun for self defense

But that would be with the proviso that it be the very definition of a last resort.

(The subject of “pleasure”, including the slaughter of other species, will have to wait for another day.)

Seizing the Airwaves
Radio by and for the people
by Betty Yu and Steve Renderos

This is certainly a promising development, and hopefully one that will realize its full potential.

But while the media ownership numbers related are certainly reflective of the bias against women and people of color in our society, I think it’s important to not mark progress based on their improvement.

An outlet owned by a woman or a member of a minority does not perforce guarantee programming that empowers others of those segments of society.

Paraphrasing King’s entreaty

We should judge the benefit of these stations not by the color or gender of their owners

But by the content of their offerings.

‘Sparing’ the 98 Percent–by Taxing Them
Media fumble impact of ‘fiscal cliff’ deal
by Neil deMause

*Call it the hidden fall trick

Or maybe the hidden mall trick

But regardless, as always it shows the gall of the corpress in fixing the facts to fit the fantasy, doesn’t it?

Anwar al-Awlaki: NYT Details How Obama Admin Justified & Carried Out the Killing of U.S.-Born Cleric

White House Changing Story on Anwar al-Awlaki? A Debate on NYT’s Inside Account of ’11 Drone Strike

*Besides the “How many ‘terrorists’ can you fit on the head of a drone missile” arguments here, rather than a condemnation of the policy regardless of a target’s nationality and their “operational status”, based on its evisceration of the concept of due process

(Yes, “imminent threat” and all that, but how many gummint and military members would qualify for that designation in regard to another nation’s population, and yet the US wouldn’t countenance a drone strike on them, would it?)

The spectacle of CODEPINK sending “flowers and chocolates” to a senator who voted against the Violence Against Women Act just fills me with … what?

Dismay? Revulsion? Amazement?

Scratch that last one. I’ve seen enough hypocrisy from so called “progressive” organizations to be surprised at very little they may decide to do that is rife with contradiction.

Fukushima Meltdown’s 2nd Anniversary Brings Protests Against Japan’s Reliance on Nuclear Power


Rightwing Fraudster Who Helped Sabotage ACORN, Settles Suit for $100K
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Truth in labeling

No one involved in bringing down ACORN “believed” their conspiracy claptrap

And the corpress was anything but “unwittingly complicit” in aiding and abetting them in doing so.

Let’s call spades spades

And flip over all the cards.

US Commander Pushes Congress to Ease Up on Human Rights Law
Rights groups decry move, say will only “reward” violations
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*How about prohibiting training, period?

Isn’t there enough evidence of its consequences, from every corner of the globe?

The 18 For-Profit Companies Fighting to Eliminate the Birth Control Benefit
by Jodi Jacobson

*”Religious liberty” isn’t absolute.

Would a claim to be able to discriminate based on race or gender be considered a legitimate religious right?

There’s supposed to be a separation of church (or mosque or synagogue) and state.

You don’t want to use contraception?

That’s your religious right.

But that wall, in theory, should prevent you from messing with anyone else’s ability to do so.

We’ll see if the courts agree.

Death of Hugo Chávez Gives Venezuela a Choice on Climate Change
Will the oil-rich country become a key engineer in a new global climate deal, or will it sabotage progress?
by Guy Edwards and Susanna Mage

*Until developed nations honestly commit to realistic (as in essential) carbon cuts, Venezuela can always rationalize its contradictions in this area.

Chavez can be rightly criticized for his approach to climate change

But ultimately, what the US and other industrialized nations do, both as producers and consumers, will determine whether the world community as a whole will make the transition to renewable energy.

NYT Debates Hugo Chavez–Minus the Debate

*Of course, the economic system cheerleaders like Applebaum champion is based on “things that can’t be delivered” by it.

It can’t deliver justice.

It can’t deliver dignity.

It can’t deliver a livable planet.

So best to not concern yourself with such inconsequential matters

And focus your being on being the best drone you can be.

For all the contradictions of Chavismo

(And the whole mausoleum thing should give pause to even its most ardent supporters)

Compare the tangible gains of the poor in Venezuela to the austerity being shoved down the throats of the same here

And one president who openly championed their cause, whatever you might think of the cult of personality that surrounds him

With another who can barely stand to have the word leave his lips.

(And who has his own worrisome cult following.)

The people of Venezuela will have the last word on Chavez’ legacy

And that sticks in the craw of the corpress and the chattering classes, doesn’t it?

Institute for Public Accuracy
NYT Report on Selling Post Offices — and Sen. Feinstein’s Husband Profiting from “Manufactured Crisis”

*The big check’s in the mail

And Blum knows it

New Violence Against Women Act Includes Historic Protections for Native American and LGBT Survivors

Vandana Shiva on Int’l Women’s Day: “Capitalist Patriarchy Has Aggravated Violence Against Women”


White House Explores How to Make ‘War on Terror’ Policies ‘Permanent’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The war won’t end

Because it was never meant to end.

This is the wet dream of empirists

To always be able to point to a boogeyman to justify the insatiable appetite of their war machine, and its swath of death and destruction across the face of this faltering earth.

And somehow I’m not comforted by the fact that this is being propagated by “the first black president”.

I guess I’m not much of a “liberal”.

‘Indictment of Two-Tiered Education System’: Black Students Hit Most by Mass School Closings in Chicago
New reporting from Chicago Sun-Times shows 9 out of 10 students affected by potential closing of 129 schools are black
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*So is the crime now “learning while black”?

Will ‘Angry Summer’ Report Finally Crack Australian Media’s ‘Climate Silence’?
Observers want to know if Australia’s climate-silent media will ever follow suit
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Keeping climate coverage “down under”

‘They Profit, You Pay’: Activists Slam Nuclear Industry as Fukushima Remains Too Hot to Enter
At disaster-stricken Japanese plant and worldwide, the nuclear industry must be held accountable, says Greenpeace
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

Burwell as Obama’s Budget Director: Walmart Wins, Working Families Lose
As head of Walmart Foundation lobbying, Sylvia Mathews Burwell spent millions to open stores that pay poverty wages
by Bertha Lewis

*A perfect match

Dear Misleader

And the Low Life Leader

But Lewis’ assertion that Walmart solve its PR problems by “doing the right thing” avoids the criminal culpability of its executives in doing the wrong thing.

Doesn’t justice for those Bangladeshi workers and so many others demand they be brought before the bar?

Gun “Background Check” on Pentagon
by Norman Solomon

*Guns don’t kill people

Gummints with guns kill people

Quantitative Easing for the People: Default on the Public Debt, Nationalize the Banks, and a Dividend for Citizens
It turns out comedian Beppe Grillo does have a plan for Italy… and though some is silly, there’s lots to like
by Ellen Brown

*This is interesting, but it’s still based on a market system and a currency, and those are perforce impediments to a society that aims to provide a dignified life to every person.

As long as profit plays a role, and competition is the driver, we will be forced into a zero sum and inequitable equation, regardless of our desire to do so.

Only a cooperative system can accomplish that aim, and also allow us to avert the abyss of climate catastrophe.

That is an inexpert opinion

But I believe it to be an eminently rational one.

Has NPR Joined Peter Peterson’s Crusade Against Social Security and Medicare?
by Dean Baker

Organic Consumers Association
ORCA to Attack ‘Natural’ Products Intentional Mislabeling
New Alliance of Organic Retailers and Consumers to Demand Truth-in-Labeling

Operation Condor Trial Tackles Coordinated Campaign by Latin American Dictatorships to Kill Leftists

*It always amazes me that persons like Dinges can have access to this information, and still make comments like

“I thought we were going to—we had learned the lesson, that you don’t imitate the methods of your enemies and—or those who had been shown to be human rights criminals.”

I think that displays an astonishing amount of naiveté, don’t you?

His assessment of the US’ motivations in regards to Condor is similarly flawed. It wasn’t afraid of communism, but of what gummints responsive to their people might do that would harm their plans for hegemony, and American corporate interests.

Search on “United Fruit, Guatemala, overthrow”.

And you might ask the Sandinistas about “successful revolutions”. Whatever the legacy of Ortega and the party, and it’s by no means unsullied, the fact remains that armed revolt did topple a dictatorship, as it did in Cuba, with the same caveat, obviously, though from a different angle.

And the CIA does do “all these things”. They just didn’t happen to murder Letelier and Moffit.

The US’ prosecution of Townley had nothing to do with justice. It would just look bad to have a bomb explode in the middle of the nation’s capital, and not react to it, wouldn’t it?

And, of course, those who ordered it were never charged and tried, were they?

And (too many “Ands”)

I don’t love Ed Koch.

The Girl: Abbie Cornish Stars in Film About Tragic Smuggling of Immigrants Across US-Mexico Border

*I don’t mean to parse Riker’s words, but I have to ask

What’s so complicated about the question of who’s responsible for the deaths of these people?

Ask whose boundless addiction to profit and power has compelled them to make such a dangerous journey

And you have your answer, don’t you?


Doctor: Children ‘Traumatized and Re-Traumatized by Drones’ in Yemen
Children dream of ‘dead people, planes and people running around scared’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I have an aversion to this “We’re less safe” meme.

It plays into the fantasy of hordes of jihadis hellbent on coming to the US and other Western nations to wreak death and destruction on innocents.

What these horrors actually do is compel people to fight back against the forces responsible.

Some may rightly be deemed “terrorists”, but the harm they do is almost wholly confined to their fellow countrypersons.

That’s enough reason to work to end these atrocities, isn’t it?

Revealed: The US ‘Dirty War’ Veteran Who Trained Iraqi ‘Death Squads’
Exclusive Guardian/BBC investigation shows how Gen. Petraeus and Donald Rumsfeld unleashed ‘dirty war’ tactics and ‘torture regime’ in Iraq
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Deathly deja vu all over again

First Nations Group Orders Enbridge Pipeline Off Their Land
Day seven of blockade: Group hopes to slow down the flow of Canadian tar sands oil
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

CDC: Alarming Rise in Antibiotic-Resistant ‘Nightmare Bacteria’
“Our strongest antibiotics don’t work and patients are left with potentially untreatable infections.”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*So how is this related to the massive use of antibiotics in livestock feed?

Are CRE proliferating because our bodies are less responsive to the antibiotics already consumed through animal products?

Dancing the World into Being
A Conversation with Idle No More’s Leanne Simpson
by Naomi Klein and Leanne Simpson

*This is a very long piece, and well worth the investment of time and thought.

Simpson expresses a worldview that is missing from mainstream environmental organizing, one that doesn’t look to a nebulous “green capitalism” as our salvation

One that sees all the assaults on our humanity as connected, and thus all of our battles against them.

The idea of “punctuated transformation” is salient.

We don’t have time for “the long struggle”. In truth, we never did, as someone was always dying as time ticked on.

But now, we’re all facing that fate. We can no longer talk of “reform”, while ignoring the suffering of those left out of it.

We are all now “the other” – the indigenous, the foreign, the poor.

Our survival is inextricably linked with everyone else’s

And if that doesn’t activate our empathy gene

Our demise will be a shared one, as well.

Hugo Chávez Kept His Promise to the People of Venezuela
The late Venezuelan president’s Bolívarian revolution has been crucial to a wider Latin American philosophy
by Oscar Guardiola-Rivera

*See my comments on the DN! segment on Chávez below.

Strike Debt Declares Healthcare Emergency: It’s a Matter of ‘Life or Debt’
by Allison Kilkenny

Have a Cold One, Brought to You By the Foodopoly
by Wenonah Hauter

*Consolidating the suds

ACLU Launches Nationwide Investigation into Police Use of Military Technology & Tactics
Militarization of Local Law Enforcement Erodes Civil Liberties, Encourages Overly Aggressive Policing

The Yes Men
“Actipedia” Crowdsourcing Platform Goes Public
Database of creative activism case studies will inform and inspire a new generation of activists

AP: Chavez Wasted His Money on Healthcare When He Could Have Built Gigantic Skyscrapers

*Of course, Sampson won’t be taking a vacation to visit those food markets and health clinics, will she?

Hugo Chávez Dead: Transformed Venezuela & Survived U.S.-Backed Coup, Now Leaves Uncertainty Behind

*I was hoping this segment would go beyond cheerleading for Chávismo, and incorporate a clear eyed critique of the contradictions not only in Venezuela, but also among leadership in the region as a whole.

Well, we got a critique

But anyone who is hopeful that the opposition can “regroup”, as Shifter is, isn’t someone I would trust to give an honest assessment of the government.

So we’re left with praise, much of it warranted, but not an analysis of the varying factions within the movement, and their differences over the direction it should take, or of, again, the disconnects between the walk and the talk that are inherent in any power structure, regardless of its political orientation.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on the country and the movement

And that’s why I wanted an honest discussion of the faults as well as the accomplishments of the latter.

That will have to wait for another day.

What I can say today is

Anyone or any movement worthy of our admiration

Should also welcome our constructive criticism.


Our Current Economic Mess, Explained With Headlines
by Dave Johnson

*A rising tide

Drowns those without boats

‘You’re Not Allowed to Use Public Transportation At All’: A Report from Israel’s Segregated Buses
by Ofra Yeshua-Lyth

Shadow Lives: How the War on Terror in England Became a War on Women and Children
by Victoria Brittain

*“It could never have happened in our time.”

It happens in every time.

The “other” has always existed

With the need to keep us divided and fearful of each other.

How else have a handful of humans managed to dominate and manipulate the species?

But we are also complicit in our deficient abilities to reason and empathize.

We have the capacity for those attributes

But do we have the will and the courage to embody them?

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Obama’s Department of Fracking and Nukes”

*Doctor Moniz

Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Nuclear Power

Israel Above Sequestration Cuts?

*AIPAC’s callousness won’t backfire if folks don’t know about it.

And the corpress’ job is to see that they don’t, isn’t it?

Glenn Greenwald on Bradley Manning: Prosecutor Overreach Could Turn All Whistleblowing into Treason

New Funding Group Calls for 100 More WikiLeaks to Offset Unprecedented Gov’t Secrecy

Importing the War on Terror: Glenn Greenwald & Activist Trevor Timm on Domestic Drone Surveillance

White House Denounces Cellphone Unlocking Ban Hours After Petition Backer Appears on Democracy Now!

*I dunno.

I can see this being Dear Misleader wishing to appear to be all 21st centuryey and appealing to cellphone users

While the contract issue obviates any broad benefit to them, with the White House doing their best Pontius Pilate as they essentially carry the corps’ water.

But I’m no expert, by any means.

I’m just saying

Them chickens ain’t hatched.

Sharing the Internet: “Commotion Wireless” Technology Lets Communities Create Free Webs of Access

*You’d think the State Department funding would be something Goodman might want to explore in some depth

But, as is often the case, such a seeming contradiction is left hanging.


Obama Offers to Cut Social Security, Medicare and Popular Programs (Again)
Move fulfills progressive predictions that deficit fear-mongering will pave the way for inevitable ‘grand bargain’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*But this *is* “the success of the Obama presidency”, isn’t it?

With a discredited Republican administration bearing the albatross of the recession around its neck, only a Democratic one could push austerity

Regretfully, of course.

A woefully inadequate stimulus allowed Republicans to regain electoral losses, claiming proof of the folly of “gummint intervention” in the economy, and setting up the “stalemate” that lets Democrats bemoan “intransigence” as they “compromise” what’s left of Keynesianism (for all its contradictions) out of existence.

And the corpress provides the fallacious framing for it all.

The man has performed his assigned task with dire distinction, wouldn’t you say?

Third Maine Town Passes ‘No Tar Sands’ Resolution to Fight Pipeline
‘These risks are unacceptable and irreversible,’ says town of Waterford resident Paula Easton
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Enbridge Refuses to Pay for Onoing Damage Study of Michigan Tar Sands Disaster
As Keystone XL tar sands pipeline gets boost to move forward, Kalamazoo River still reeling from 2010 tar sands spill
by Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer
Common Dreams

Horror Care: How Private Health Care Is Shortening Our Lives
by Paul Buchheit

*The Hypocritical Oath

First do no harm

To our profit margin

‘We Are Those Two Afghan Children Killed by War’
by Afghan Peace Volunteers and Hakim

We Are Bradley Manning
by Chris Hedges

*Just what are “US interests” isn’t very clear here, is it?

If they’re defined as reaping the fruits of imperial aggression, then if Manning’s leaks didn’t “damage” them, his brave act would seem to have not had the impact he, and we, would hope.

And that may largely be the case in the US, but they did do much to open eyes around the world, and so I think you have to say that they did do meaningful harm to the empire project.

Many “progressives” may rue the damage to the US’ reputation

But as long as it is, in the words of Martin Luther King, “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today”

We must do what we can to make others aware of just why it so richly deserves that title.

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Attorneys Demand Guantánamo Officials Address Hunger Strike at Camp 6
Most Men Have Not Eaten in Three Weeks to Protest Latest Cruelties

New Demos Report: Job Opportunities Hindered by Employment Credit Checks

Institute for Public Accuracy
10 Years Ago: “The Most Important Leak” Aimed at Stopping the Iraq War

*Regardless of the outcome

Doing what your conscience demands

Is never an act committed in vain

Ten Years Ago, the Truth About Iraqi WMDs Was Published–and Ignored

*I wish terms like “didn’t know” and “forget”, even if used figuratively, would be expunged from work dealing with the lies and distortions force fed to us by the corpress.

Unless you want to believe that the publishers, editors and reporters for these outlets are suffering from mass delusion, or victims of viral psychosis, you have to say that they know exactly what they’re doing

And why.

So say it

At every opportunity.

Let’s call a spade a spade

And try to force them to put all their cards on the table.

5 Years in Jail for Unlocking a Phone? Petition Led by Former GOP Staffer Prompts Probe of New Ban

Municipal Broadband Networks Bridge the Digital Divide as Telecom Industry Tries to Block Them


Swiss Overwhelmingly Vote to Curb Executive Pay
“Fat cat initiative” reins in corporate pay
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Farmworkers, Allies Embark on March for ‘Rights, Respect and Fair Food’
CIW takes on corporate giant for lack of support for fair labor standards
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Screw the Troika!’ Portugal’s Streets Flooded With Message: ‘Austerity Kills’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Worker Advocate: Nation’s Biggest Industry Fostering Low Wage, Low Benefit Workplace
Saru Jayaraman: food industry ‘proliferating lowest paying jobs with the least benefits, least amount of paid sick days’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Hollywood’s Propaganda
“Movies have become a happy arm of the United States government as they advocate for violence and war crimes.”
by Margaret Kimberley

*If it were only just a movie

Return of the Wild: Will Humans Make Way for the Greatest Conservation Experiment in Centuries?
by Adam Federman

Who Are the Billionaires Trying to Defeat Steve Zimmer?
“The outcome of Tuesday’s election has national implications in terms of the billionaires’ battle to reconstruct public education in the corporate mold.”
by Peter Dreier

*It seems odd that Dreier details the myriad sins of the corporate brick in the wallers

Then hails the “reasonableness”, “gallantry” and “independence” of a “moderate” willing to “work with them”

Don’t you think?

While I’d no doubt vote for Zimmer were I an Angeleno, given the alternative

Two plus two isn’t adding up to four in the math here.

The CISPA Government Access Loophole
by Kurt Opsahl


State Dept. Releases Keystone XL Environmental Impact Statement
Green groups expresses “outrage” and “disappointment” over “deeply flawed analysis” that ignores “greatest threat to our children’s future: climate disruption”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”It’s hard to understand why the Obama government is even considering this project.”

No it isn’t.

From austerity to climate catastrophe to the fetid flowering of the police state, this administration is assigned the role of “good cop”, to put a smiley face on the end of the world as we know it.

And for a “climate leader” to make such a remark shows you just how high a hill we have to climb

And how it’s made that much more mountainous by such “leadership”.

Michigan’s Shock Doctrine Continues: Governor Appoints Emergency Manager for Detroit
– Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Two ‘Contemptible and Violent’ US Soldiers Sentenced for Rape in Okinawa
Crime just the latest committed by US occupying forces against local Japanese community
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams
Texas Landowner Julia Trigg Crawford Files Appeal Against TransCanada In Texarkana’s 6th Circuit Court
Groups Support Crawford Family as Legal Action Continues Against Keystone XL Southern Segment

*Common carrier?

Common criminal

Center for Biological Diversity
Poll: Most Americans See Population Growth as Threat to Wildlife, Climate

*I’d be more encouraged if the poll had made clear that change won’t come without commitment, and what that commitment might entail for respondents, and the numbers remained at the same level.

Talk is cheap.

How far are you prepared to walk?

International Committee to Ban Landmines
Lend Your Leg to End Landmine Suffering: Nobel Campaign Makes Global Appeal on Anniversary of Ban Treaty

Republican Pals and Their ‘National Security’ Passion

*A “rational observer” might also make the argument that the war on Afghanistan, in addition to being a horror show for its people, also undermines national security, if that’s defined as abrogating the principles that are claimed to be the bedrock of its founding, and wasting its treasure for the securing of profit for its plutocracy.

As all imperial adventures and misadventures do.

So why is it that rationale only extends to the war on Iraq here

And in so many other instances?

WikiLeaks Whistleblower Bradley Manning Says He Wanted to Show the Public the “True Costs of War”

Salt Sugar Fat: NY Times Reporter Michael Moss on How the Food Giants Hooked America on Junk Food

*Quintessential DN! piece, with a corpress reporter detailing his exposé, with his own constrained and distorted view on the issue, of course, and Goodman only asking what “shocked” or “surprised” him most.

These bastards are knowing murderers. That’s what obesity and heart disease and the other attendant consequences of eating this shit lead to


For Moss to echo Kellogg’s lament about being “between a rock and a hard place”, or soft pedalling the perfidy of food execs, even as he relates that they avoid the dangers of their products in their own lives, making plain their willfulness, is to be expected from someone in the employ of The New York Times

And it’s maddeningly no surprise that his skewed take gets a free pass on this program.

Pandora’s Lunchbox: Pulling Back the Curtain on How Processed Food Took Over the American Meal

*Preserving überprofits


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