June 2015


Following Dutch Footsteps, Activists to Sue Aussie Government on Climate
Landmark ruling raised ‘energy and appetite of the community to stand up and use the courts when government fouls them,’ says environmental lawyer
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Apparently, no “lentil-eating, sandal-wearing idealist liberals” exist among the Dutch citizenry, to hear Howard tell it.

And I’m sure the actions of many of them to place their bodies on the line in defense of this rock is of little consequence to her.

Needless to say, she’d never deign to do so her own self.

That would be horribly PC, wouldn’t it just?


Organic Under Attack: Report Exposes Big Food’s Tobacco-Style PR Blitz
Food and chemical companies are spending hundreds of millions to spread false information about the safety of pesticides, GMOs, and antibiotics in food
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Center for Biological Diversity
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Rejects Plan to Reclassify Wolves, Keep Wolf Recovery Going


The Real News Network
US Hedge Funds Get Bailed Out If Greeks Pass Bailout Referendum
Foreign banks want to bleed the patient when a policy of debt cutting and tax reform would revive the Greek economy, say UMKC’s Bill Black and Michael Hudson


How China’s Infrastructure Bank Threatens U.S. Hegemony
Glen Ford: 57 nations, many of them U.S. allies, sign on to become members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, providing an alternative to U.S. military might and World Bank dominance


Like Grandfather, Like Grandson: The Life and Death of Malcolm Latif Shabazz
Artist, activist and educator Ras Ceylon discusses the recent sentencing of Malcolm Shabazz’s killers and the many misconceptions about the life and work of Malcolm X’s grandson


Everyone Gets Cosmetic Procedures, Says Time–and by ‘Everyone,’ They Mean Almost No One
by Jim Naureckas

*Time are experts on cosmetic procedures

If we’re talking about makeovers on reality.


Democracy Now!
As Greece Heads for Default, Voters Prepare to Vote in Pivotal Referendum on More Austerity


The Centenary of a Revolutionary: Legendary Activist, Organizer Grace Lee Boggs Turns 100


Egypt’s Power Struggle Intensifies with Killing of Prosecutor Behind Mass Jailings of Islamists


Amid Warnings of Famine, Yemeni Civilians Trapped Inside Conflict with No End in Sight


5 Ways to Turn Your Child into a Veggie Lover!
by Leanne Ely



Victory for Democracy as Court Sides with Voters over ‘Self-Dealing Legislators’
SCOTUS upholds ‘the right of We the People to take redistricting out of secret backrooms run by politicians and into the public light of citizen-driven commissions.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


High Court’s Ruling, Say Critics, Endorses ‘Torturing People to Death’
“Under the Court’s new rule, it would not matter whether the State intended to use midazolam, or instead to have petitioners drawn and quartered, slowly tortured to death, or actually burned at the stake,” write dissenting justices.
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


US Supreme Court Backs Coal Profits Over Public Health
Campaigners warn that power plant ruling threatens to delay critical safeguards, fails to account for savings to human health and environment
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Stupidity and Intelligence: Science, GMOs and Our Food
How industrial-scale farming is actually becoming anti-science
by Vandana Shiva


The Lonely American
by Chris Hedges

*It’s been my sad experience that organizations place precious little priority on creating the conditions for community. I’ve been labeled “needy” for seeking that connection, for the expectation that my commitment should be reciprocated with respect and comradeship.

They’ve been by and large fraternal free zones, devoid of humanity other than the most superficial sort.

There’s a deep disconnect between their stated goals for realizing a better world and the one they create within their walls.

You have the walk the talk in your own house before anyone’s going to listen to you outside it.

Be a mensch, dammit.


Spain: ‘Popular Unity’ ‬Councils Sworn In Amid Huge Enthusiasm‭
by Dick Nichols


Robert Jensen on the art of journalism
by The Hand On Heart Review/South Africa


Medical Kidnapping – Big Pharma’s New Dirty Secret?
by Jefferey Jaxen


The Real News Network
Will the Greek Referendum Force the Troika Back to the Bargaining Table? (1/2)
Dimitri Lascaris and Leo Panitch discuss the possible consequences of a ‘no’ vote in the July 5th referendum on the bailout conditions offered by international creditors


Will the Greek Referendum Bring the Troika Back to the Bargaining Table? (2/2)
Dimitri Lascaris and Leo Panitch discuss the possible consequences of a ‘no’ vote in the July 5th referendum on the bailout conditions offered by international creditors


Why Are Indians Eating Less If Incomes are Growing?
PERI’s Deepankur Basu says families in India are paying more out of pocket for services that used to be state sponsored, causing them to make tough choices in their diets

*Democracy on a starvation diet


Why Chicago Won’t Go Bankrupt – And Detroit Didn’t Have To
Saqib Bhatti argues cities can avoid financial crises through progressive taxation and forcing the wealthy to pay their fair share


Can the United Nations Stop War?
Has the UN failed to deliver on its founding mission? Follow the discussion with Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report and Robert Naiman, policy director of Just Foreign Policy

*The UN has failed because it was set up to do so. Pretty words (think of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which next to nobody in the US knows squat about) were proclaimed to mask the ugly reality.

So I think Ford’s view matches that reality better than Naiman’s.

But the UN is a tool, however flimsy, and just like electoral politics, can be used to some benefit on occasion. The best way to do so is to understand its severe limitations, and not waste time with it when the odds argue against it.


Gay Marriage Victory Is Not About Equality
Queer activist Yasmin Nair says that the fight for gay marriage was driven by an elitist, conservative movement

*To figure out which side you’re on

You have to know what the sides are


Freedom Flotilla III: Activists Sail to Break Gaza Blockade
Robert Lovelace speaks to TRNN via satellite phone from the Freedom Flotilla III, twelve boats that are attempting to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid


Mercy for Animals
Tell American Humane Association to Stop Certifying Factory Farm Cruelty


Institute for Public Accuracy
Israeli Siege of Gaza Halts Freedom Flotilla


Obama Administration Disavowed Report on Rightwing Violence

*A burial

Without a eulogy


Greece: Economic Elites vs Democracy?


Democracy Now!
With Marriage Equality Won, LGBTQ Activism Continues for Bias Protections & Overlooked Trans Issues

*I think the way Gutiérrez was treated by her “fellow” LGBTQ community members when she confronted Dear Misleader is a harbinger for how these fundamental rights issues will be addressed by them.

They got theirs, and with few exceptions, they won’t care to help anyone else get what deserve, as well. Class and race will play out here in the same manner as other areas of the American sociopolitical scene.

I’d love to be mistaken, but I’d advise against putting scared money on it.


“This Flag Comes Down Today”: Bree Newsome Scales SC Capitol Flagpole, Removing Confederate Flag


Discover Which Diseases You’re At Risk For Based on Birth Month
by Yuri Elkaim

*No, it’s not about astrology. Read on …


5 Foods That Will Cool You Down
by Leanne Ely



Harper Blasted for ‘Offensive,’ ‘Grotesque’ Mother Canada Statue Plans
Public monument meant to emulate World War II memorial in France received as ‘hubristic, ugly and just plain wrong’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Today’s Court Ruling, Though Expected, is Still Shocking – Especially for Those Who Grew Up LGBT in the US
by Glenn Greenwald


America is the Worst Polluter in the History of the World. We Should Let Climate Change Refugees Resettle Here.
by Michael Gerrard


Think California’s Drought Is Bad? Try Palestine’s
While Israelis water their lawns and swim in Olympic-sized pools, Palestinians a few kilometers away are literally dying of thirst
by Laith Shakir


Jubilee USA Network
Nepal Post Earthquake Aid Falls Short of Goals
No Debt Relief Pledged at Nepal Recovery Conference


I support the LGBTQ Bill of Rights!


The Real News Network
UN Report: Israel Committed Unprecedented Devastation and Killings in 2014 Gaza War
Next step: Palestine submits thousands of pages documenting Israeli war crimes to the International Criminal Court; if the prosecutor fails to act, legitimacy of the court will further erode, says CCR’s Michael Ratner


Why Is the Health Care Industry Celebrating Obamacare’s Supreme Court Victory?
Six million people remain insured, but as many as 58 percent of federal exchanges provide one or two healthcare plans, meaning the profit-driven healthcare industry limits coverage, says Dr. Margaret Flowers


Institute for Public Accuracy
“The Secret History of Gay Marriage”


Washington Post Reserves Dignity in Death for Some Women
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
“Slavery Deeply Embedded” in South Carolina: Emanuel AME Church on Street Named for Racist Lawmaker

*As grotesque as McConnell’s comments are, are they any more repulsive than the presence of poseurs and opportunists like Sharpton, Jackson and Dear Misleader?

Black lives don’t matter to the lot.


Nutrition Action
Food Safety: How to Keep Your Kitchen from Making you Sick



World Must Pick Up Pace in Tackling HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Experts
‘The next five years provide a fragile window of opportunity to fast-track the response and end the AIDS epidemic by 2030,’ says UN official
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Racial ‘Neighborhood Gap’ Fuels Social, Economic Inequality
Stanford research found that ‘black and Hispanic families effectively need much higher incomes than white families to live in comparably affluent neighborhoods’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Old, Disabled People, and Social Security: A Study in Depression
by Diana Bulgarelli


Would Jeffrey Sterling Be in Prison If He Were White?
by Norman Solomon


The Real News Network
Roof, Dolezal and the Violence of White Appropriation
Dr. Baruti Kopano continues his discussion with us of Soul Thieves: The Appropriation and Misrepresentation of African American Popular Culture


Did Anti-Fast Track Senators Miss an Opportunity to Slow Down TPP?
Senate passes fast track, but why didn’t any Senators use a talking filibuster to change the fate of the TPP?

*Talking would have been walking

But no one laced up their Reeboks


Greek Pensioners Demonstrate Against Inhumane Austerity Demands
45% of Greek pensioners already live in poverty due to previous austerity measures but now the troika is demanding more cuts to their pensions, says Dimitri Lascaris

*This is a choice for the Greek people to make, and you have to ask why Syriza’s leadership seems determined to avert that verdict.

This is more than a matter of misguided judgment, to my mind.


Fast Track Vote Not the End Game
Kevin Zeese says Senate passing fast track legislation is the beginning of another round in the struggle over TPP trade bill

*It’s disappointing to hear Zeese mealy mouth on Cruz’ and other reactionaries’ opposition to fast track. I assume it’s based on the premise of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but it’s disingenuous, and in the end, self defeating.

Giving these bastards any credit only allows them to better pose as “populists” while they do their masters’ bidding.

And I don’t mean to sound as though I think Warren, Brown, Sanders et alia are Jesus on a stick here, either. Anyone with a firm grasp on the reality of politics in these here United States should easily suss that.


Root Action
Bring down the killer flag… of poverty

*As beneficial as this would be, in essence it’s only a band aid on the gaping wound slashed across our body politic by the exploitative nature of the profit system.

Only an end to incentivized greed will heal the trauma of lives devoid of dignity.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Obamacare Wins; 6 Million Keep Insurance — 35 Million Remain Uninsured


That Most Terrorists Aren’t Muslim May ‘Come as a Surprise’–if You Get Your News From Corporate Media
by Jim Naureckas


Federal Documents Debunk Baltimore ‘Gang Threat’ Narrative
by Adam Johnson

*”Credible threats”

And increditable coverage


Democracy Now!
The Death Penalty is Revenge, Not Healing: Father of OKC Victim on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Sentencing


Does U.S. Ignore Right-Wing Terror? More Killed by White Extremists Than Jihadists Since 9/11

*When it comes to violence from these right wing extremists, even direct attacks against the government aren’t viewed as the threats that jihadi activity is, are they?

German’s relating of how his investigations were sidelined exemplifies that, doesn’t it?

Goodman’s cringeworthy “roof” remark displays a profound ignorance of just how deep Dixie dwells in the hearts and minds of so many Southerners, speaking as someone from the region.

The removal of flags and a few other symbols is nothing more than political cosmetology. Soon enough the stage will grow dark on this pantomime, and the South will rise again, if in a slightly more muted form.

That will be due to not just a sectional sociopathy, but one of nationwide breadth.


Did Chris Christie Send Entrapped Innocents to Jail? Re-examining the Case of the Fort Dix 5

*There have been set ups since there’s been “law enforcement”. What do you think COINTELPRO was about?

9/11 didn’t change anything, as far as intent is concerned.

The disease was already present. The attack allowed it to metastasize.


Undocumented Trans Activist Jennicet Gutiérrez Challenges Obama on Deportations at White House Event

*I’d be interested to know if anyone defended her, or were they all good little identity politics lapdogs?


From the Vault: Amy Goodman on “The Orangeburg Massacre”



Greece ‘Shoved Over Red Line’ as IMF Pushes Even Harsher Cuts
Syriza leader accuses European lenders of capitulating to “special interests” with unreasonable demands
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


After 13 Years of Hell, Human Held Without Charges Has One Question for US
‘If the war in Afghanistan is over,’ asks prisoner languishing at offshore prison, ‘why am I still here?’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A frail body

A formidable will


Closing the Historical Circle: White Terrorism at the Emanuel A.M.E. Church
by Ajamu Baraka


Equality California (EQCA)
Coalition Prepared to Fight Ballot Initiative Targeting Transgender Californians


Center for International Environmental Law
Credit Rating Agencies Miscalculating Climate Risks


Report Warns that Business as Usual Could Repeat Global Credit Crisis
North Carolina NAACP Continues Fight Against Restrictive Voter ID Requirement


The Real News Network
What Is the REAL Symbol of White Supremacy?
Eddie Conway and Dr. Gerald Horne discuss media coverage of the Charleston massacre and whether the particular focus on the Confederate flag misses the mark when looking to unpack racist symbolism and its impact on society


What is the REAL Symbol of White Supremacy? (2/2)
Eddie Conway and Dr. Gerald Horne discuss media coverage of the Charleston massacre and whether the particular focus on the Confederate flag misses the mark when looking to unpack racist symbolism and its impact on society


The Most Racist Flag
With new announcements about flag removals and anti-Confederacy political posturing we continue our critical coverage of the subject with attorney, activist and author Mr. Kamau Franklin


Race and the Theft of Soul
Dr. Baruti Kopano of Morgan State University discusses his new co-edited anthology Soul Thieves: The Appropriation and Misrepresentation of African American Popular Culture


Institute for Public Accuracy
UN at 70: “Foxes in Charge of Global Chicken Coup”?


Charleston Massacre Media Coverage: Recognizing the Crime, Downplaying the Causes
by Ben Norton


For Media Factcheckers, It’s ‘Mostly False’ to Say Mass Violence Is More Frequent in US
by Jim Naureckas

*And I think we know what those chips are composed of, don’t we just?


Democracy Now!
“I Am Not Nonviolent”: New Nina Simone Film Captures Singer and Activist’s Uncompromising Voice



The Lancet: Fossil Fuels Are Killing Us… Quitting Them Can Save Us
Comparing coal, oil, and gas addiction to the last generation’s effort to kick the tobacco habit, doctors say that quitting would be the best thing humanity can do for its long-term health
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Climate change is a symptom

Greed is the disease


Not ‘If’ But ‘How’: New Study Shows Why All Extreme Weather Is Climate Related
New research explains why people debating whether or not specific events are caused by climate change have it all wrong
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


National Movement to Lower Flag of Racial Hatred, 150 Years Overdue
“The Confederate flag should come down because it is embarrassing to all Americans,” writes columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*This isn’t progress.

Progress connotes forward movement.

This is political theater deliberately designed to thwart that motion.

Symbols represent substance, and their removal only has meaning to the degree those structures crumble.

A whitewash of their walls only obscures their presence.


Cancel All Corinthian Colleges Student Debt
by Astra Taylor and Ann Larson


How Politicians, Media, and the Gun Lobby Enable Racist Terror
The Charleston Massacre is a product of simmering racial tensions that elites continue to deny. Will the attack be a turning point for change?
by Sonali Kolhatkar


Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Don’t miss the 90-second film that Coke won’t want you to see

*It’s the ill thing


The Real News Network
Hawaii To Leave Fossil Fuels for 100% Renewable Energy by 2045 (1/2)
State Rep. Chris Lee and Professor Mark Jacobson discuss a new state that makes Hawaii the first state to mandate a 100% renewable energy grid


US Police Killings Violate International Law
Glen Ford: Amnesty International finds all 50 states and Washington DC fail to comply with international law and standards on the use of lethal force by law enforcement officers

*Shoot first

Deflect questions later


You Sure You Want to Be Black?
Economics and Race Consultant Algernon Austin discusses his latest op-ed, “Yes You Can Be Black. And It Won’t Cost You Much at All.”


Institute for Public Accuracy
Despite Public Opposition, Obama and Republicans Ramming “Fast Track” Through

*And don’t you think that many of the Democrats who voted against did some vote counting of their own, and knew that this would pass — the result they really wanted — letting them pose as “standing with the people”, with the White House’s blessing?

Is that too “cynical”?

Is it possible to be too cynical when it comes to Congress?


Despite Public Opposition, Obama and Republicans Ramming “Fast Track” Through
Tricks, Tips and a Recipe: Coconut Butter
by Leanne Ely



South Carolina Governor Calls for Confederate Flag to be Removed from State House
Confederate flag ‘does not represent the future of our great state,’ Nikki Haley says
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A false flag operation, focused on symbol to stave off substance


‘Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever’: Reef Defenders Rise Up in Australia
Direct action organizers say protest ‘foreshadows a sustained campaign of civil disobedience’ against Abbot Point coal project
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Two Other Ways Racists Kill
by Paul Buchheit


America’s Slave Empire
by Chris Hedges


We Are Greater Than The Fracked Gas Lobby
by Lee Stewart


Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
Conflict Palm Oil In An Instant: Activists Call On Instant Noodle Giant to Clean Up Its Supply Chain
Protesters gather outside corporate headquarters in wake of recent report calling out popular instant noodle companies as ‘worst performing’ laggards among the ‘Snack Food 20’


Public Citizen
Tell Your Senators to Oppose Legislation that Makes Our Roads Less Safe


Two Things White People Should Never Say
by Robert Jensen

*I think it’s useful for white folks like myself (who grew up in apartheid Miss’ssippi) to see ourselves as “recovering racists”.

As with alcohol addiction, we have to remain aware that there will always be the temptation to relapse into the disease. It never really leaves us.

That in no way precludes honest criticism of people of color. That in itself is a form of disrespect. But we have to closely question just how and why we are engaging in that criticism.

Racism is an insidious little bastard, and even when the point is valid, its conveyance may carry that infection.


The Real News Network
Tsipras Deals Another Hand to EU Leaders Before Summit on Greece
Ukraine gets debt reduction and additional loans from IMF, Greece gets further squeezed, in a despicable demonstration of the geo-strategic games being played


Steelworkers Left “Disappointed” As Dems Help Pass Fast Track
Democratic Alabama Rep. Terri Sewell is one of the 23 Democrats who claims to be pro-labor yet has relinquished her authority to add amendments to the final TPP deal

*The color of money is the only one that matters to sellouts like Sewell, and as long as black folks, labor, environmentalists et alia servilely support the party of pusillanimity — really, much more a matter of collusion than cowardice — they should expect to be continually “disappointed”.

O ye of far too much faith …


European Leaders In Emergency Meeting Over Greece
The question is weather the Euro itself can be maintained without Greece says, Ann Pettifor, the author of Just Money: How Society Can Break the Despotic Power of Finance


South Carolina Church Massacre in “Ideological Home” of White Supremacy
As confessed church killer Dylann Roof is arrested, South Carolina activist Kevin Alexander Gray traces the history of white supremacy and the struggle for black liberation as the context for the killing of nine worshippers


The Myths and Realities About Juneteenth
Preeminent historians Mr. Hari Jones and Dr. Gerald Horne discuss the many misunderstandings related to myths of Black freedom and notions of progress associated with Juneteenth celebrations


Children of Smog in Delhi
Professor James K. Boyce of PERI says there are solutions to the urgent problem of air pollution in Delhi that has put over 2.2 million school children at risk of irreversible lung damage


Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Tell Congress: Stop Threatening the Scientific Process on the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans


Institute for Public Accuracy
The Racial Divide Remains in a “Squint Society”


WaPo: Don’t Say ‘Terrorist’ About ‘White People Like Ourselves’
by Jim Naureckas

*I grew up white in apartheid Miss’ssippi, with a daddy as a member of the White Citizens’ Council

And I don’t identify with Dylann Roof in any way, shape, manner or form.

I don’t know Bump’s lineage, but I have to wonder how he comes to make the connection between “experiencing weird anger in a difficult time” and a racist act of terror.

I suspect he’d have a harder time identifying with a Muslim experiencing grief and rage at the death of family and friends that induces him to attempt to extract “a tooth for a tooth”.

He’s hardly alone in that, of course.


Democracy Now!
Dylann Roof’s White Supremacist Views, Links to Hate Group Revealed After Charleston Church Massacre


“That Flag Represents White Supremacy”: Confederate Flag Still Flies at South Carolina State Capitol


“A Classic Case of Terrorism”: Is FBI Ignoring White Violence by Refusing to Call Roof a Terrorist?


Exclusive: Green Party’s Jill Stein Announces She Is Running for President on Democracy Now!

*I’m glad to hear Stein mention Sanders’ support for Israeli aggression and his silence on imperialism, however mild her criticism may have been, as it’s often left out of the conversation in the “alternative media”.

But calling poseurs like Sharpton and Jackson — perhaps the label is a little less apt with Kucinich — “visionary” doesn’t speak well to the Greens’ own political vision, to my mind.

That’s not to say that Stein wouldn’t be the best choice

Only that it’s a limited one, if your own vision is of a dignified life for all.

There’s a difference between acknowledging, and accepting, limits.

What can be done in the present should never diminish our determination to do what must be done in the future.


Why Canola Oil is Not the Healthy Oil You’ve Been Led to Believe
by Roxanne McDonald

*Now, the group responsible for the post below would vehemently disagree with the intel presented here.

As I try to, use your best judgment.


The 4 Safest Sugar Substitutes and a Few to Avoid Completely
Here are what we found to be the safest sugar substitutes currently available.
by Michael F. Jacobson
Nutrition Action



UK Readies for Massive Protest Against ‘Austerity on Steroids’
Tens of thousands are expected to march against ‘nasty, destructive cuts to the things ordinary people care about’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘You Have a Choice’: Veterans Call On Drone Operators to Refuse Orders
Joint statement signed by 45 US military veterans urges drone operators to follow their consciences and say ‘no’ to surveillance and assassination missions
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


As Nation Mourns Racist Murders, Flag of Hate Still Flies over South Carolina
While the US Supreme Court on Thursday made clear that state governments have the right to control their own speech, outrage abounds over what South Carolina chooses to say
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Old times there are not forgotten.

How can they be, when this repulsive rag serves as a recidivistic reminder?


History Disappears Down the Memory Hole in Iraq
by Tom Engelhardt


Despite Soaring Popularity, Women’s Sports Got More Coverage a Generation Ago
by Cheryl Cooky


Organic Consumers Association
GMA Threatens to Pull Toxic Twinkies from Vermont Grocery Shelves


The Real News Network
Vigil for Charleston Church Shooting Victims Dispersed by Bomb Threats
South Carolina has a long history of hate crimes against African Americans, says Efia Nwangaza of the Malcom X Grassroots Movement


Institute for Public Accuracy
South Carolina Church Killings and Roots of White Supremacy


Why Are Persons Unknown More Likely to Be Called ‘Terrorist’ Than a Known White Supremacist?
by Jim Naureckas

*Three died in Boston.

Nine in Charleston.

Three times the coverage?

Even a third?

Can we gauge from that how much black lives matter to the media

Or how little white terrorism?


Democracy Now!
As Nation Mourns 9 Black Victims of Church Massacre, Details of Suspect’s White Supremacy Emerge


Massacre at South Carolina’s Emanuel AME an Attack on Historic Landmark of African-American Freedom


South Carolina Massacre: Why Don’t We Call Killing of 9 Black Churchgoers an Act of Terrorism?

*There is a war against true Christianity — the whole Golden Rule thing

And FOX wages it 24/7.

“[A] bar” … “[A] basketball court” …

Jesus fucking Christ.


Antioxidants and Cancer: What Are the Antioxidant Benefits?
Maybe those antioxidant benefits aren’t so beneficial after all
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


Nutrition Action
Dietary Supplements – How to Read a Multivitamin Label



‘Unspeakable’ Hate Crime: Murderer Who Aimed to ‘Shoot Black People’ Arrested
Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old white male, wanted in connection with the mass shooting of nine black people at a church prayer meeting has been taken into custody by law enforcement
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Now we’ll be witness to the spectacle of those who have made it abundantly clear that black lives don’t matter to them by their actions and inaction cynically exploiting this horror to prove otherwise.

Police, pols and pundits will all decry this abominable act, since it was perpetrated by someone they can safely sacrifice on the altar of Orwellian “justice”, even as they deny it in every other instance.

And there will be those who posture as “leaders of the community” who will be all too glad to promote this pernicious pantomime on behalf of the police state of mind

For it’s only the killer who can’t hide under the color of law.


As Ocean Warms, ‘Extensive and Unprecedented’ Toxic Algae Blooms
‘What we can say is that this is the type of condition we would expect to see more often with climate change,’ said National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researcher
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Congress Accused of ‘Moral Cowardice’ for Enabling Endless War in Iraq and Syria
The House of Representatives rejected a measure that would have forced them to debate and vote on military intervention
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Jobs With Justice
Are You Eligible? Student Loan Forgiveness 101


The Real News Network
How Big Business Fuels Haitian-Dominican Tensions
With hundreds of descendants of Haitian migrants facing deportation, Haitian Lawyer Network’s President Ezili Danto explains how Haitian and Dominican oligarchs exploit Haitian laborers and fuel xenophobia


U.S. Counter-Terrorism and the Saudi-Turkish-Israeli Strategic Alliance to Overthrow Assad (1/2)
Investigative journalist Gareth Porter and TRNN’s Paul Jay discuss U.S. policy in Syria and Iraq as its allies in the region push for the overthrow of the Assad regime


Israel’s Foreign Ministry Report Says Attacks on Palestinian Children and Civilians Were “Legitimate”
Vijay Prashad says that according to this report, even the killing of the boys playing ball on the beach by Israeli military last year before the international press was deemed a legitimate act of war


An American Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates (2/2)
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway discusses reparations and the Black Lives Matter movement with Baltimore native Ta-Nehisi Coates


Institute for Public Accuracy
Pope Connects Climate and Poverty, Latest of Political Encyclicals

*We need action, not encyclicals.

If Francis truly wants to confront climate change, let him physically stand with those who put their bodies on the line to do so, defying the state to arrest him, as well.

I won’t hold my breath.


Why Corporate Media Want to Blame California’s Drought on Your Eating Avocados
by Jim Naureckas

*A guilt trip to the wrong destination


41 Fruits and Veggies in Season Right Now!
by Leanne Ely


5 USELESS Exercises (Don’t Do Them!)
by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri

*I can’t vouch for Samhouri’s own program, but I thought his cautions against these exercises was worth consideration.



Exposed: How Walmart Spun an ‘Extensive and Secretive Web’ of Overseas Tax Havens
Report is first-ever comprehensive documentation of the company’s tax avoidance schemes
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


92-Year-Old Texas Woman Jailed for Protesting Pro-Fracking State Law
Despite overwhelming citizen support, Denton City Council repeals local anti-fracking ordinance
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


I Spent the Night in the Tate Gallery, Listening to the Quiet Sounds of Art Activism
by Ellen Booth


How Canada made the Koch brothers rich
by Bruce Livesey

*Putting their money where they mouthpieces are


Violence Policy Center
Self-Defense Gun Use is Rare, Study Finds
Federal data shows guns are rarely used to kill criminals or stop crimes; 13 states reported no justifiable firearm homicides in 2012


Aid Donors’ Flagship Investment Deal Causing Hardship and Displacement in Tanzania


July 7 – 11: End Detention Week of Action


The Real News Network
One Year of Modi’s Rule in India: Systematic Attack on Constitutional Values
In an interview with Newsclick, prominent Indian social activist Harsh Mander says resistance to Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s authoritarian and fundamentalist government is bound to grow


Institute for Public Accuracy
Why is Russia Expanding Its Nuclear Arsenal?


Democracy Now!
As Rachel Dolezal Breaks Silence, a Roundtable Discussion on Race, Appropriation and Identity

*What I haven’t seen discussed in any depth here or elsewhere is Dolezal’s work with the NAACP, which is part of the black elite “leadership” that has sacrificed true change on the altar of “the politically possible”, and sought to manage black rage, rather than work to enable it to act as a transformative force.

So did she push beyond that context, or was she content to stay within it?

I also would like to know if the threats she said she was subjected to are true. If not, she has caused palpable damage to those who have actually experienced such viciousness, whose claims are often questioned.


The Dominican Republic’s “Ethnic Purging”: Edwidge Danticat on Mass Deportation of Haitian Families



‘Many Paddles, One Canoe’: Allies Back First Nations as They Ready Tar Sands Pipeline Fight
Week of fundraising events mark one year since Canada government gave greenlight to controversial Northern Gateway project
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Guilty of Killing Journalists, Israel Mocks Foreign Correspondents in Gaza
Government ministry’s animated video draws ire of journalists and rights campaigners
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Facial Recognition-Fest: UK Police Scan 100,000 Concertgoers
Leicestireshire police planted series of ‘strategically placed cameras’ at outdoor concert under guise of crime prevention
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


In the Age of Global Neoliberalism, Solutions Must Come From Below
by Faramarz Farbod

*I’m glad to see that Farbod felt no need to attach some superfluous adjective, such as “corporate” or “unregulated”, to “capitalism”.

The disease is inherent in the core of the system, not in some supposedly aberrant manifestation. Profit and competition create the conditions for exploitation.

Even positing the existence of some theoretical “benign intent”, those factors force actors toward an unjust society, which can only be ameliorated to some degree, but never made fair.

If the goal of an economy is to ensure the dignity of every life, cooperation and communality must be at its heart.

And, unlike capitalism, it would have one.


Center for Biological Diversity
Eastern Puma Declared Extinct, Removed From Endangered Species List
With Tolerance, Apex Predators Like Cougars Can Return, Restore Ecosystems


Physicians for Human Rights Denounces Israel’s Proposed Force-Feeding Law


Environmental Working Group (EWG)
FDA Orders Three-Year Phase-out of Artificial Trans Fat Source


The Real News Network
Baltimore Residents Hold Lock-in Opposing School Closing
TRNN’s Megan Sherman and Anton Woronczuk speak to West Baltimore community members and activists fighting to keep Langston Hughes Elementary School in Park Heights from closing


Democracy Now!
As Yemenis Suffer from Strikes, Conflict and Siege, Will Geneva Peace Talks Offer Any Relief?


Bombing the Arctic: US Navy War Games in Gulf of Alaska Threaten One of World’s Most Pristine Areas


“Battling the Death Star”: Seattle “Kayaktivists” Slow Arctic-Bound Shell Oil Rig as Fight Goes On


The Yes Men Are Revolting: In New Film, Legendary Pranksters Take On Polluters Behind Climate Change



‘On the Offensive’ Against Monsanto, France Removes Roundup from Store Shelves
Monsanto product will no longer be sold in aisles of nurseries frequented by amateur gardeners
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Amid Torture, Experts Say CIA’s Other Crime Was ‘Human Experimentation’
Formerly classified document exposes how agency’s attempt to legitimize abusive interrogation program was itself another layer of crime
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Truth About Diego Garcia: 50 Years of Fiction About an American Military Base
by David Vine

*More a boot heel than a “footprint”


Ella Taught Me: Shattering the Myth of the Leaderless Movement
by Barbara Ransby

*Permit me to posit a pair of aphorisms

True leaders don’t have followers

But fellow travelers

True leaders don’t accept being held accountable

They demand it


Egypt Solidarity
Solidarity with Egyptian political prisoners: 20-21 June 2015


Not Over Yet, Some Tough Votes Ahead on Fast Track
by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers


The Real News Network
The Global African: The Great Migration & An Update on Baltimore
TeleSUR’s The Global African looks at similarities between the Great Migration and immigration today & also gives an update on the situation in Baltimore


Meet John Malone: The Billionaire to Benefit from Charter-TimeWarner Merger
Investigative Reporter David Cay Johnston explains the growing power of monopolies and how a for-profit model Internet does a disservice to consumers


Should Fed Taper QE If Banks Get Most of the Benefits?
UMKC professor of economics Michael Hudson explains how the bond-buying program helps keep interest rates low for everyday people but has also shored up bad mortgage loans of corrupt banks


America’s Nuclear Waste: A Forgotten Ticking Timebomb
Journalist Paul DeRienzo discusses his investigation into widespread nuclear disposal sites leaking radiation into the environment


Rare Victory for ‘Illegally’ Fired Workers Shows Labor Laws Stacked Against Union Drives
Union organizer Jody Mauller discusses the National Labor Relations Board’s decision to reinstate 13 workers who were fired for organizing a Terex plant in Minnesota


Climate Change Causing Massive Shifts in Marine Ecosystems
Richard Kirby of the Marine Biological Association says the worst case scenario is a greater disruption to marine life than has occurred in the last 3 million years


Pro-Kurdish Left Party Garners 13% of the Turkish Vote
The pro-LGBT, multi-ethnic HDP has 80 seats in the new Turkish Parliament and 50% of its delegates are women


“Insanity”: Critics React to the Troop Increase in Iraq
The Real News spoke to former Army Lt. Col. and Iraq vet Daniel Davis, journalist Dahr Jamail and policy expert Stephen Miles about the recent decision to build a new military base and send some 500 ‘advisors’ to Anbar province


Puente Movement
Support Hunger Strikers at Eloy Detention Center!


Reinstate the lunch worker fired for giving hungry kids free meals
by Brad Berman


Petitioning CBS
Stop turning financial hardship into entertainment. Cancel “The Briefcase.”
by Elizabeth Caton-Phelps

*Turning our need for bread into a cynical circus is a salient sign of sociopathy, but what would you expect from an “entertainment” industry dedicated to appealing to our most iniquitous impulses, which it has insidiously inculcated in us from infancy?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Boehner and Obama: Ramming Through “Rigged Trade”?


Democracy Now!
As Democrats Walk Out on Obama’s TPP Deal, Where Does Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Stand?

*So what is the prospective Dear Ms. Leader saying that’s any different from what Dear Misleader said seven years ago, and we see what those words were worth, don’t we?

And I can’t bring myself to “thank” pols who, with a possible few exceptions, are simply making calculations based on preserving their careers, or to engage in idiocy about “reclaiming the soul of the Democratic Party”, when it clearly has none.

I have a better grip on reality than that.


What Do 800-Year-Old Magna Carta & Black Lives Matter Have in Common? A People’s Historian Explains


Myths about Cancer Exposed!
by Ty Bollinger


The Fundamentals of Energy Nutrition
by Yuri Elkaim


5 Real Reasons Artificial Sweeteners Are Worse Than Sugar
by Yuri Elkaim


Why Sitting is Bad (And How to Get Off Your Duff)
Research shows why sitting is bad for your health, especially if you have diabetes.
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


Diet suggestions for healthy teeth
by Leanne Ely



‘No Justice’: Israel Clears Itself for 2014 Killing of Children on Gaza Beach
Families and witnesses respond with outrage and calls for ‘international community to act’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Iceland Jailed Bankers and Rejected Austerity—and It’s Been a Success
Instead of imposing devastating austerity measures and bailing out its banks, Iceland let its banks go bust and focused on social welfare policies. It has now repaid 85 percent of U.K. claims, and the Icelandic finance minister announced recently that all will be settled by the end of the year.
by Roisin Davis


Arne Duncan’s Patently False Promise to Forgive Student Debts at For-Profit Schools
The U.S. government has funneled hundreds of billions of dollars into corporate accounts by bankrolling for-profit schools that systematically fleece their mostly low income and minority students. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan promises to forgive the student loans of those who have been defrauded. Unfortunately, Duncan is lying through his teeth
by Glen Ford


150 Years Later, Two Universities Answer for Their Founder’s Role in the Sand Creek Massacre
Under pressure from students and community members, Northwestern University and University of Denver take the first steps towards righting historic wrongs.
by Ned Blackhawk


Magna Carta Messed Up the World, Here’s How to Fix It
The “logic” of capitalist development has left a nightmare of environmental destruction in its wake
by Noam Chomsky


The Real News Network
Murdoch Among the Most Corrupt Oligarchs in the World
Bill Black Report: The Murdoch empire, including Rupert’s son James, is riddled with scandals, corruption and bribery


Institute for Public Accuracy
800th Anniversary of Magna Carta: What it Means Now


Vote Buying for Corporate Trade Deals


WaPo Thinks if You Knew What You Wanted, You’d Want Lindsey Graham
by Jim Naureckas

*When it comes to most of the things most folks don’t want, for good reason

We’ve got all the “bipartisanship” any Beltway bozo could want, don’t we just?


Democracy Now!
“A Monster of a Facility”: Amid Manhunt for Fugitives, Advocate Urges Reforms at Dannemora Prison


From Solitary to the Street: Coping with Freedom After Years in Prison Isolation


The Wanted 18: Israel Blocks Palestinian Filmmaker from Making NYC Film Premiere About Intifada Cows


Four Coconut Oil Myths and the Facts You Should Know
Coconut oil myths you’ve probably heard but don’t know the truth about.
David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*The piece contradicts others I’ve posted touting the benefits of coconut oil.

As I try to, use your best judgment, and be willing to revise your conclusions according to it.


Nutrition Action
Fat in Food: Measuring Your Fat and Counting Calories



‘From the Ground Up’: A National Action Plan for Community Policing and Racial Justice
‘While media attention waxes and wanes, the groundswell of anger and grief has started to translate into meaningful policy reform,’ groups say
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Sen. Graham’s Abortion Bill: Threat to Women’s Lives, Assault on Their Dignity
After similar legislation passed in the U.S. House last month, Republican candidate for president reintroduces bill based on faulty science
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Big Pharma’s Hidden Hand In Rise of Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs
New report exposes role of irresponsible drug waste dumping in fueling public health crisis
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


When I Lost My Hands Making Flatscreens I Can’t Afford, Nobody Would Help Me
Injured workers like me don’t ask for much of the billions these companies make off of our work. We just want enough to take care of our families
by Rosa Moreno


Ezell Ford’s Shooting Death Shines Light on LAPD Brutality
by Sonali Kolhatkar


Expelled for Life: A Palestinian Family’s Struggle to Stay on Their Land
by Jen Marlowe


Sunni Alliances Trump Obama Administration Terrorism Concerns in Syria
by Gareth Porter

*Devils making deals


Roger Cohen Laments his Inadequate Schadenfreude because the Greeks Don’t Suffer Enough
by William Black


Policy Interferes with Trans Student’s Course of Treatment for Gender Dysphoria


The Real News Network
An American Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Baltimore native Ta-Nehisi Coates about his childhood and dedication to journalism


Troika Demands Could Create Rupture Within SYRIZA
Dimitri Lascaris Report: The IMF knew that the Greek debt was unsustainable and demanded that it be written down, but this proposal was rejected by the Troika, with consequences that could include a rupture within SYRIZA


UN Peacekeepers in Haiti Force Girls to Trade Sex for Food, Medicine
IJDH executive director Brian Concannon and Code Blue co-founder Paula Donovan discuss the lack of accountability within the UN and the reforms needed for victims seeking justice


How the Media & EPA Mislead the Public on Fracking
Environmental activist Josh Fox, who was recently kicked off Fox News, says a recent EPA study contradicts itself on fracking safety


Fight for $15
Restaurants lobby to KILL Fight for $15?!


Institute for Public Accuracy
Impending Fast Track Vote: Impacts on Recovery, Food Safety, Medicare…


Democracy Now!
After Iraq-Syria Takeover, the Inside Story of How ISIL Destroyed Al-Qaida from Within

*So, another advocate for imperial intervention is given voice on this program, and left unchallenged.

What was that about “the exception to the rulers” … ?


As Ruling Threatens to Gut Abortion Access in Texas, Providers Vow to Take Fight to Supreme Court


8 Easy To Grow Root Vegetables
by Leanne Ely


The Best Yogurts For Your Health: Greek or Regular?
We’ve weeded through the yogurt aisle to create a list of the best yogurts that are both delicious and healthy.
Jayne Hurley
Nutrition Action



Don’t Be Fooled: New Bipartisan AUMF Greenlights Endless War
Proposal would allow “significant” troop deployments and geographically-limitless military intervention against a broadly-defined enemy
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


I am Racist and (If You’re White) You Probably Are, Too
by Steven Singer

*Singer’s alcoholic analogy is apt. I certainly know that I’m a recovering racist, and that’s all that I ever can be.

Just as a recovering alcoholic knows they can never take another drink, I know that I must be constantly on guard for my own latent racism.

And that doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with “white guilt”, or being “politically correct”.

It’s a commitment to my humanity, to my ability to empathize, without which any sense of purpose in this life is illusory.

I grew up in apartheid Miss’ssippi in the ’60s. One telling anecdote of the insanity of that time — not that we’re very far removed from it — is a recollection of asking my uncle if it was okay to draw a picture of a black football player (John Mackey, a Hall of Fame tight end for the Colts — of course, there were no black players on any college sports team in the state at the time).

I remember doing so, so he must have given his assent, but just to feel compelled to pose the question demonstrates the utter disconnect between black and white in that society.

So I know whereof I speak.

This is only about blame if we refuse to accept reality

Or, to echo Singer’s admonition

If we refuse to do something to change it.


FIFA and the United States: The Russian Connection
by George Wright


No, Iran Isn’t Destabilizing the Middle East
by Paul R. Pillar


G7 2100 promises
G7 false commitments won’t help us tackle 7-million air pollution deaths
by Nick Fillmore


American journalism’s ideology: Why the “liberal” media is fundamentalist
by Robert Jensen


The Real News Network
Troika Tightens Grip on Greece
John Weeks, author of Economics of the 1%, says it’s really the German government that is flexing its muscles regarding Greece despite that the IMF recognizes the entire Greek debt can never be paid in full


In These Times: Who Do You Protect, Who Do You Surveil?
Joel Handley says the Chicago Police Department has been using “stingray” spying equipment to track activists and their movements in Chicago, but the trend is spreading


The Big Lie Behind the Eritrean Exodus Across the Mediterranean
Glen Ford, Executive Editor of The Black Agenda Report says there are various nationalities among the boatloads of migrants crossing the Mediterranean claiming to be Eritrians

*While there may indeed be a propaganda campaign against Eritrea for the reasons mentioned, that doesn’t preclude the existence of repression there, any more than it does in Iran.

I’d like Ford to address that. You can accept what he’s saying here, but not conclude that the Eritrean government is some benign entity, can’t you?

I emailed him, and will pass along any response.


Erdogan Loses Parliamentary Majority in Turkey
Edmund Ghareeb, the author of the “The Kurdish Nationalist Movement”, says forming a coalition government may not be feasible, therefore, another election could be in the works


Concocting a Crime-Ageddon to Promote Police Power
by Josmar Trujillo


Institute for Public Accuracy
Hawaii Aims for 100 Percent Energy Renewables: “Can the Nation Follow?”


WikiLeaks Publishes Secret TPP Docs; “Fast Track” Paving Way for “Global Corporate Governance”


Democracy Now!
War for Decades to Come? 1 Year After ISIL Advance, U.S. Could Send Hundreds More Troops to Iraq

*The segment title would have you believe that there would be some critical analysis of this latest manifestation of “the military option”.

Not so much, huh?

DN! does some valuable work, but segments like this don’t persuade me to click on the “Donate” button, even if I could afford it.



Criminalizing Choice: Georgia Woman Jailed After Taking Abortion Pill
As states slash health services and pass laws outlawing reproductive rights, advocates say, “‘Pro-choice’ is gone and these are the choices that are left.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


With White House Bid Underway, Clinton Role in Honduras Coup Raises Key Concerns
State Department’s role in 2009 Honduras coup makes Clinton’s “campaign-season progressive rhetoric seem hollow”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Monsanto Exposed for Trying to Hide ‘Ugly History’ By Ditching Its Name
Borrowing tactic of Philip Morris, agrochemical giant tried to change name as part of corporate merger
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Student Debt Strikers Call Fed’s Loan Forgiveness Plan a Bureaucratic Sham
With the federal goverment continuing to profit from high-priced college loans, critics of DOE’s new plan say there’s an easier and more just approach to debt forgiveness
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


How to Destroy This Nation: A Magical Mystery Tour of American Austerity Politics
One state’s attempt to destroy democracy and the environment
by Laura Gottesdiener and Eduardo García


UN’s Ban Ki-Moon Caves In, Takes Israel Off List of Serious Child Abusers
by Ali Abunimah


The Dark Saudi-Israeli Plot to Tip the Scales in Syria
The Saudis and the Turks are scaling up their support for Syrian jihadists while the Israelis contemplate a new war with Hezbollah
by Conn Hallinan


Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Too Soon to Raise Interest Rates?
Employment data on prime-age workers indicate the labor market still too weak for a rate hike


The Peace Alliance
Tell Congress: Reverse ban on Pell Grants for incarcerated people!


Institute for Public Accuracy
TPP: Not “Free Trade” — But “Designed to Make Medicine Expensive”


Democracy Now!
Pulling a Gun on a Pool Party? Texas Cop Suspended After Manhandling Bikini-Clad Black Teen


Healthy Foods to Eat on a Gluten-Free Diet
The best foods to eat on a gluten-free diet are also delicious and you’re probably craving at least one of them.
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



Police Attack On Black Children At Pool Party Sparks Outrage, Calls to Mobilize
Brutal assault captured on film nationally derided as racist and inhumane
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*How many bad apples do we need to see

To say that it’s the barrel that’s rotten?


Thou Shalt Not Kill
by Chris Hedges

*Honor is acclaimed

Until it’s acted on


Supreme Court Protects Abusers, Fails Victims – Again
by Laura Finley

*Don’t you wish we could apply the “reasonable person” standard to Supreme Court appointments?


How do we solve the Iran talks’ verification dilemma?
by Seyed Hossein Mousavian


No Need to Abandon All Hope … Yet
by Andrew Levine

*It’s tough for me to “like” those whose actions and inaction lead to the deaths and misery of those I care about.

I guess I need to work on that if I don’t wish to be labeled an “ideological purist”, huh?


When Police Harass Cove Point Protesters, Is Dominion Getting What It Paid For?
by Anne Meador


U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
Human Rights Groups Welcome USA Network’s Decision to Cancel Israeli Government-Sponsored Show ‘Dig’
East Jerusalem Palestinians Welcome Cancellation of ‘Dig’ As They Mark 48 Years of Military Occupation This Week


The Real News Network
Looking to Fight Austerity by Greening Spain
Prof. Robert Pollin from the Political Economy Research Institute says PODEMOS can fight austerity in Spain with a green growth model that increases energy efficiency and reduces carbon emissions


Red Cross Raises Half a Billion for Haiti, Builds Only Six Permanent Homes
CUNY Assoc. Prof. Francois Pierre-Louis and CEPR researcher Jake Johnston discuss why non-profits like the Red Cross should not be involved in development when foreigners dominate leadership and bypass the communities which they claim to serve

*The Red Cross warrants a black “X”


More Lessons and History from the 30th Anniversary of the Bombing of MOVE
The iMiXWHATiLiKE crew Jared Ball and Bashi Rose with Esi Ramu and Todd Steven Burroughs conclude their coverage of the MOVE 30th Anniversary


The Global African: Las Castas/The Trans-Pacific Partnership
TeleSUR’s The Global African looks at the complexity of race in Latin America & who the Trans-Pacific Partnership actually serves


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is the “War on ISIS” Actually Iran-Iraq War Redux?


CNN’s ‘Courageous’ Advertorial Mill
by Jim Naureckas

*”[N]ews-like content”

That pretty much describes the whole of CNN’s product, “branded” or not, don’t you think?


For AP, Being Shot by a Cop Makes You a Suspect
by Janine Jackson

*Nothing to suspect about corpress complicity with the forces of “law and order”, is there?

It’s all there in black and white — figurative, and literal.


Democracy Now!
Traumatized by 3 Years at Rikers Without Charge, Ex-Teen Prisoner Kalief Browder Commits Suicide


Is the HPV Vaccine Cervical Cancer Prevention? You Decide
by Landee Martin


How to Buy Chicken That Won’t Make You Sick
Lower your risk of a salmonella infection when you know how to buy chicken, and what to look for
by Caroline Smith DeWaal
Nutrition Action


The Five Worst Exercise Mistakes that Damage your Metabolism
Here’s the take-home point—not all exercise is weight loss
by Dr. Jade Teta


How to start an organic garden (details on exactly how!)
by Leanne Ely


Natural Health Sherpa
The #1 Fruit for Weight-Loss


How to Purée Vegetables and Reduce Calories
Learn how to purée vegetables and surprise your dinner guests with your creativity.
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



‘Don’t Be Fooled’: The EPA’s Fracking Study, Explained
by Wenonah Hauter


Iraqi People Caught in the Indiscriminate Fire of Terrorists
by Eman Khammas


Eulogy for Politwoops
by Christopher Gates


Demands in US-Iran nuclear talks as political Kabuki theatre
US-led coalition still wants inspections of Iranian military facilities it deems suspicious and interviews with Iranian nuclear scientists
by Gareth Porter


The Euro Crisis and Germany’s Collective Denial of the Truth
by Heiner Flassbeck


Philly Coalition for REAL (Racial, Economic, and Legal) Justice
Philly Police At War With Black Lives Matter Activists


The Real News Network
The 10 Million Dollar FIFA Scandal in South Africa
Centre for Civil Society’s Patrick Bond says revelations of corruption for 2010 World Cup host South Africa are emblematic of much deeper and troubling political problems


Our Carbon Emissions Are Driving Extreme Weather
Katharine Hayhoe, Director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, says we need to put a price on carbon


Without Arms Embargo, No Political Solution in Iraq and Syria
Institute for Policy Studies Fellow Phyllis Bennis argues that collateral damage from military strikes and corrupt governance are only strengthening the Islamic State


The Mass Surveillance of US Public Continues as USA Today Declares It Ended
by Jim Naureckas

*For USA Today and like minded lackeys of the elites

It’s more a matter of “data deflection”, don’t you think?


Democracy Now!
From Historic California Drought to Deadly Indian Heatwave, Global Warming is Wreaking Havoc


A Fossil Fuel Free World is Possible: How to Power a Warming Earth Without Oil, Coal and Nuclear

*I would have responded to Santorum’s propaganda by saying that the only way to make the change necessary is for all concerned to “do something”, including financing the “something” poor nations need to do.

But beyond that, even if there were no such thing as climate change, the illness and death caused by pollution, and the immense danger inherent in nuclear accidents, compel us to transform how we produce and consume energy



From Occupying Banks to City Hall: Meet Barcelona’s New Mayor Ada Colau


The #1 Thing To Look For When Building A Salad
by Leanne Ely



Election Coffers Fill Up as Campaign Finance Laws Go Unchecked
Federal Election Commission admits it is too hampered by partisan disputes to prosecute violations
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘The Sky Remains Aloft’: Dire Minimum Wage Predictions Proved Wrong
Local business success stories show “there’s no reason for anyone to treat these kinds of threats as credible any longer”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Disturbing New Study Links Fracking Wells to Lower Birth Weights
‘These findings cannot be ignored,’ urges University of Pittsburgh researcher.
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


A Truly Green Economy Requires Alliances Between Labour and Indigenous People
by Harsha Walia


Mark Zuckerberg, Let Me Pay for Facebook
I want to be a customer, not a product
by Zeynep Tufekci

*Or …

Maybe we could take that money and create an ad free alternative to FB.

Then we could tell Zuckerberg to stuff his algorithm in an assonant area of his anatomy.


The Evolution Of The Oil Weapon
by John Manfreda


Food & Water Watch
USDA Staff Urged Foster Farms Recall Almost Nine Months Before it Took Effect


Start a petition to stop unrealistic beauty standards in magazines
Ask your favorite magazine or brand to stop photoshopping


The Real News Network
Israel Fears the Boycott Movement as an ‘Existential Threat’
Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah says Israel’s real problem isn’t BDS; it’s the increasing international isolation due to the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territory and other abuses


A Year of Modi: Impoverished People, Lost Hopes
Newsclick interviewed Harsh Mander, a well-known social activist, about the first year of the Narendra Modi regime and how it has affected the working people of India


Institute for Public Accuracy
FIFA and the “New Corruption”


Democracy Now!
“These are War Crimes”: Shocking Details Emerge of U.S. Resident Majid Khan’s Torture by CIA



‘Exploitation of a Higher Kind’: How the G7 is Fueling Corporate Dominion of Africa
Experts and grassroots groups working to expose takeover of Big Ag under the guise of the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Diverse Coalition Protests Plans for Offshore Drilling Along East Coast
Fishing interests among those saying ‘No’ to seismic airgun blasting and fossil fuel development beneath the Atlantic Ocean
by Ingrid Biedron


How Big Carbon Can—And Must—Pay For Its Climate Damage
by Stephen Leonard


Drug Policy Alliance
Congress Votes to End DEA’s Invasive Bulk Data Collection Program and Slashes Agency’s Budget
Four Votes Today on Stopping DEA and Justice Department from Undermining State Marijuana Laws
Votes Come in Wake of Recent Forced Resignation of DEA Head and Growing Public Pressure to End Drug War and Mass Incarceration


The Real News Network
Neoliberal Policies and Foreign Intervention Fueling Violence in Yemen
Souciant.com’s Bilal Ahmed discusses recent events in Yemen and how sectarianism is a result of, and not fueling the current conflict


Court Rejects Final Legal Challenge to Keystone XL South
DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horn explains the ramifications of a court ruling dismissing challenges to the permitting process for Keystone XL’s southern leg


Friedman Turns Baltimore Uprising Into Commercial for Wife’s Charter School
by Adam Johnson


Poor People Can’t Afford Homes–so NYT Calls for Making Them More Expensive
by Dean Baker


Institute for Public Accuracy
Whistleblowers: NSA Bulk Collection Not Ending


Democracy Now!
“Cultural Genocide”: Landmark Report Decries Canada’s Forced Schooling of Indigenous Children

*A “dark chapter”

In an open black book


Fracking Protests Continue in Texas as New ALEC-Backed Law Bars Towns from Banning Drilling


Do Intermittent Fasting Benefits Include Living Longer?
Intermittent fasting benefits seem promising in both animals and people.
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



Ob-Gyns Face Down Radical Anti-Choice Law in Kansas Court
Father-daughter doctors say law ‘prohibits them from providing a safe, effective, and medically-proven method of abortion’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


You’ve Been Scammed! (On Going for Broke in Ponzi Scheme America)
Kept politicians and demobilized Americans in a system without a name
by Tom Engelhardt


40 Reasons Our Jails and Prisons Are Full of Black and Poor People
by Bill Quigley


Does Anthropocene Science Blame All Humanity?
The charge that Anthropocene scholars blame all of humanity for the actions of a small minority simply doesn’t hold water. Ecosocialists need to be positive contributors to Anthropocene discussions, not critics sniping from the sidelines.
by Ian Angus


The Real News Network
Vietnam: Body Counts and America as Victim – Christien Appy on Reality Asserts Itself (4/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Appy says the Vietnam War killed millions of Vietnamese and tens of thousands of American workers – yet the mythology is America as a whole emerged the victim

*Sometimes it’s entirely appropriate to blame the “victims”


Canada’s ‘Draconian’ Anti-Terror Bill May Face Final Vote This Week
Canadian Legal Scholar Craig Forcese breaks down the provisions in the C-51 bill that will likely face court challenges after its expected passage later this week


NYT Reports Large Crowds for Sanders in Iowa–but Isn’t He ‘Unelectable’?
by Jim Naureckas

*The piece below is nearly four years old, but could have been written this morning, don’t you think?

That’s one goddamn rickety pedestal to be gazing up in admiration around.

The Myth of Bernie Sanders
Senator Bait-and-Switch
by Thomas H. Naylor



Institute for Public Accuracy
Jenner: “A Teachable Moment”


Democracy Now!
Organic Farming Flourishes in Cuba, But Can It Survive Entry of U.S. Agribusiness?



With Pollinators at Risk, Bee-Friendly Gardening Moving into Mainstream
Report urges nurseries and greenhouses to ‘phase out neonics and ensure our backyards and communities are safe havens for bees’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Direct Actions Across UK Disrupt Fossil Fuel Business-As-Usual
Day of action targets climate change profiteers, and the government officials who are backing them
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Two Years Later, Murder Charges for Rana Plaza Tragedy, But Justice Elusive
Rana Plaza building owner and family, as well as government officials, among those facing charges
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Discarding the Elderly
by Paul Buchheit


Marx Was Right
by Chris Hedges


The Unknown Whistleblower
The Secret Origins of the CIA’s Torture Program and the Forgotten Man Who Tried to Expose It
by Barbara Myers


Brennan Center for Justice
Vermont Governor Signs Bipartisan Election Day Registration Bill
Reform Can Boost Turnout and Increase Voters’ Access to the Ballot


The Real News Network
Court Allows German’s Key Role in Deadly US Drone Program to Continue
Michael Ratner says even though the case filed on behalf of families of victims of US drone strikes was dismissed, it raises important issues about the German role in the US drone program


Israel Second Most Unequal Economy in World
Shir Hever says the current OECD statistics on inequality in Israel be even worse if the Palestinian population in the occupied territories was taken into account


Creating an Economy of Need in Greece
Leo Panitch, professor of political science at York University, talks about the difficulties and tensions in running a state connected to people


Cuban Resilience
As the US officially removes Cuba from the state sponsors of terror lists, Michael Ratner, just returned from Cuba, reflects on the resilience of Cuban people in the face of the harsh decades long US embargo

*Ratner’s rationalizing on repression in Cuba doesn’t convince me.

Yes, it would be great to have both economic and sociopolitical rights

And there’s no persuasive reason not to.

I don’t mean to dismiss the very real danger of subversion sponsored by the US, but the net cast to contain that has been very wide, encompassing those who have nothing to do with those efforts.

What does being gay have to do with being “a Yanqui puppet”?

We can acknowledge the quite palpable gains in the quality of life made in states with a more socialist orientation, but that doesn’t absolve us of our obligation to maintain a clear eyed view of all aspects that comprise a true quality of life, including the right to speak truth to power, however that power may define itself.

That’s not being “a Yanqui puppet” either, is it?


New Evidence Linking Climate Change to Extreme Weather
Professor Edward Hanna says there’s mounting evidence extreme weather in the US and UK is connected to rising temperatures in the arctic


#BlackLivesMatters Protestors Oppose O’Malley’s Presidential Bid
TRNN’s Jaisal Noor covers former Baltimore mayor and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s presidential announcement and talks to protestors about why they oppose his candidacy

*I feed … I mean “feel” … your pain.


The Black Church & Climate Change
TeleSUR’s The Global African looks at the role of the black church and how climate change affects people of color in the United States

*Beware of “prominent church leaders” attempting to insert themselves into this movement, shunting the young and radical to the side while they portray themselves as “healers of the community”.

They’ll speak of “justified anger”, then do all they can to blunt the energy derived from that anger, to divert it into “entrepreneurship” and Democratic political machinery.

They are false prophets, managers of righteous rage. Their velvet gloves seek to stifle the very same forces that are assaulted by the iron fist of the police state.


FIFA Head Reelected Despite Unprecedented Corruption Scandal
Author and scholar Jules Boykoff explores the fallout surrounding the recent FIFA scandal, the withdrawal of Palestine’s bid to expel Israel from FIFA, and the human toll of World Cup preparations


Petition Update
Mercy for Animals
Progress! You Helped Create a Better Life for These Cows


Petition Update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Exploding Takata air bag recall: take this recall seriously


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Patriot Act,” “Freedom Act” — or a “Government Shell Game”


Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald: As Bulk NSA Spying Expires, Scare Tactics Can’t Stop “Sea Change” on Surveillance


The 7 Most Nutritious Greens: Health Benefits and How to Eat Them
by Yuri Elkaim


Vitamin Supplements: The Best Multivitamins
What do the best multivitamins contain?
David Schardt
Nutrition Action


The Best Way to Walk to Lose Weight: Slow or Brisk?
Tests reveal the best way to walk to lose weight, improve heart health, and control blood sugar
David Schardt
Nutrition Action



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