July 2015


Battered By Drought, Forests Lose Ability to Fend Off Climate Change
‘Some forests could be in a race to recover before the next drought strikes’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Solarizing Greece Is A Way Out of the Crisis
by Kumi Naidoo


Our 70th Anniversary Homework: Confronting the Myths and Learning the Lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
by Joseph Gerson


From “Terrorism” to Activism: Moving from the Green Scare to Animal Rights
by Lauren Gazzola


The Real News Network
The Silent & Unseen Victims of the Greek Debt Crisis
Costas Giannopoulos, president of Greek children’s aid organization “The Smile of the Child,” says thousands of children and refugees are failing to receive basic services needed for survival


Placating Israel Over Iran Nuclear Deal By Releasing Convicted Spy Pollard?
Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah says those arguing for Pollard’s release after serving 30 years of a life sentence should also demand the release of others, including Palestinian American prisoners who are serving much greater sentences for questionable convictions


Democracy Now!
Police Remove Greenpeace Activists from Portland Bridge After They Forced Shell Ship Back to Port


Are Undercover Attacks on Planned Parenthood Part of a Broader Effort to Outlaw Abortion?


Exposed: The Faces and Fake Names of the People Behind Planned Parenthood Attack Videos

*I think the term “responsible venues” is telling, in that the corpress has covered this hoax in its usual “balanced”, “She said, he said” fashion, thus lending credence to these bastards’ lies.

The hypocrisy is, to quote Cruz, “grotesque”. The “pro lifers”, by making it their mission to destroy a primary provider of services for women, many of whom are struggling to care for their children, make it abundantly clear that their mantra might as well be

“Life begins at conception

And ends at birth”


Will Prosecutors Charge Officers Who Lied to Protect Ray Tensing After He Fatally Shot Sam DuBose?

*Deters, even while posturing as a righteous prosecutor, manages to reveal his bias, doesn’t he?

Murder isn’t “asinine”, unless one feels that the life taken has little worth. I think it’s a telling slip of the tongue.


How Much is Too Much Sugar?
Do you ever wonder “how much is too much sugar?” The research is clear.
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



No Warlords Need Apply—A Call for Credible Peacemaking in Afghanistan
by Kathy Kelly and Buddy Bell


Africa to Obama: Mind Your Own Business
Like all imperial powers before it, the US seeks to dominate the world in order to exploit it
by Andrew Mwenda


The Kurdish Elephant and the Great Middle East War
In their latest deal to fight ISIS, Washington and Turkey are treating the Middle East’s largest stateless minority like pawns. That’s a huge mistake.
by John Feffer


Yes, Racism Is Rooted in Economic Inequality
Notes on a recent controversy
by Seth Ackerman

*The class act commands center stage


California immigrant youth will not be scapegoat for Democrats’ nativist proposals
by Luis Ojeda and Deyaneira Garcia


Center for Biological Diversity
Brown Administration Sued for Ignoring Risk Report on Fracking
Oil Agency OK’d Fracking Without Considering Scientists’ Warnings on Water, Health, Safety


The Real News Network
A New War is Unfolding on Turkey’s Eastern Border
Erdogan and the AKP are resuming the war against the Kurds in order to take back control of parliament, and it will make a messy situation even messier and not help defeat ISIS, says Patrick Cockburn, author of “The Rise of the Islamic State”


What Obama Didn’t Say in His African Union Address
American policies have left the masses of Africa behind and propped up strongmen, says Executive Director of Friends of the Congo Maurice Carney


Prosecutor Charges Cop, Releases Video of Sam Dubose Killing
Cincinnati-based activist Iris Roley discusses yet another police killing of an unarmed and lawful Black man

*Breathing while black

Not breathing while black


Institute for Public Accuracy
Afghanistan’s “Most Formidable Warlord”


Shooting of Sam DuBose: Are Cams on Police the Answer?

*How many bad apples does it take to prove the barrel’s rotten?



Darker Horizons Ahead: Rethinking the War on ‘IS’
by Ramzy Baroud


“Saucy Suffragettes” Party as Voting Rights Are Rolled Back
by Mary Bottari


The Real News Network
Varoufakis Sued for Alleged Treason While Syriza’s Left Platform is Accused of Conspiracy
Dimitri Lascaris reports on the charges against Varoufakis and critiques the media for engaging in a smear campaign that accuses the former Energy Minister Lafazanis and the leaders of the Left Platform of being covert plotters


Sandra Bland and Black Girls Matter
Kimberle Crenshaw, law professor and co-founder of the African American Policy Forum, discusses the death of Sandra Bland in the context of her report, “Black Girls Matter: Pushed-Out, Overpoliced and Underprotected”


Movement for Black Lives Conference Demonstrates Power of Organized Community
Activist and journalist Rosa Clemente discusses The Movement for Black Lives Conference held in Cleveland last weekend


Institute for Public Accuracy
70 Years After U.S. Nuked Japan: Calls for Nuclear Abolition


Fight for $15
We need child care for all!


Democracy Now!
“Deplorable”: Federal Judge Condemns For-Profit Texas Detention Centers for Immigrant Families


This is Child Abuse: Social Worker Breaks Silence over Conditions Inside Immigrant Detention Center



European Mining Dispute Illustrates Risks of Corporate-Friendly Trade Deals
A Canadian corporation is seeking damages after being blocked from creating an open-pit mine over environmental concerns
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Turkey-Kurdish Conflict: Every Regional Power Has Betrayed the Kurds So Turkish Bombing Is No Surprise
You would have thought that, by now, the Kurds might have learnt their lesson
by Robert Fisk


Obama’s line on the Iran nuclear deal: A second false narrative
by Gareth Porter


Center for Biological Diversity
Analysis: Republican Attacks on Endangered Species Up 600 Percent Per Year
Unprecedented Assault Undermines Landmark Law Protecting America’s Most Vulnerable Animals, Plants


The Real News Network
Ending Mass Incarceration? The Shortcomings of Left-Right Coalition Politics (2/2)
Bret Grote, legal director of the Abolitionist Law Center, discusses Obama’s call for criminal justice reform and the odd Left-Right coalition forming to carry it out

*Incarcerating the alternatives


Donald Trump and Liberal Media: The Joke’s On You
Celebrity candidates and the liberal media have created a clown show that viewers can laugh at, but it’s at your expense


And FOX likes


In Turkey, Kurds See Airstrikes and Protest Crackdowns as Political Revenge
Scholar and activist Sardar Saadi discusses the political context of the recent airstrikes launched by Turkey against the Islamic State and Kurds in Iraq and Syria


Will the Greek Left Unite to Oppose Austerity?
Dr. Panagiotis Sotiris, member of Antarsya, talks to Dimitri Lascaris about Syriza’s failure to implement its anti-austerity program and the political options that are now available to the left in Greece

*Isn’t it interesting how solidarity with oppressed peoples is tossed overboard when some “shining light” comes on the scene, whether that be Syriza or Sanders?

Or am I being an “ideological purist” for caring about their fate?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Medicare’s 50 Years of Low Overhead vs. ACA’s Increasing Bureaucratic Bloat, “Merger Mania”

*The Hypocritical Oath of “Obamacare”

First do no harm

To the profit margin


Democracy Now!
In Ethiopia, Obama Hails Democracy Despite Recent Election Where Ruling Party Won 100% of Seats


438 Days Imprisoned in Ethiopia: Journalist Recounts Facing Arrest, Mock Execution & Terror Charges


Are you eating this superfood?
by Leanne Ely



Mexico Investigation Unearths More Mass Graves, but Still No Answers
On Sunday, parents of the Ayotzinapa students, missing for 10 months, led hundreds through the streets of Mexico City to call for justice
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Whistleblower Exposes Torture and Child Abuse at For-Profit Prison
Social worker Oliva López, formerly employed at a family immigrant detention center in Texas, testifies that prison is plagued by mistreatment
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Why I Support the BDS Movement Against Israel
by Chris Hedges


Three Ways The Energy Policy Act Ushered In The Frackopoly
by Wenonah Hauter


The Real News Network
UN Reports Blasts Canada’s Human Rights Record on Violence Against Indigenous Women
Aboriginal Legal Service of Toronto’s Christa Big Canoe explains why government policies are leaving indigenous women four times more likely to be murdered than non-indigenous women – and what can be done about it


How the Greek Shipping Industry Schemed to Win Big in the Debt Crisis (1/2)
James Henry says Greek shipping tycoons created a pipeline for laundering billions of taxable income out of Greece and into Swiss bank accounts


Meet ALEC’s Little Brother, ACCE
The right-wing lobby’s newest offshoot is equipping city and county officials with the tools to promote special-interest bills at the local level
by Brendan Fischer and Mary Bottari


Hot Topics at ALEC’s 2015 Meeting in San Diego
by Brendan Fischer


ALEC Admits School Vouchers Are for Kids in Suburbia
by Jonas Persson


How San Diego Is a Petri Dish for the ALEC Agenda
by Brendan Fischer


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Approval of Turkey’s Bombing: Disaster in the Making?


‘Swiftboating’ J Street to Smear Iran Deal as ‘Anti-Israel’
by Robert Naiman

*”[P]ro-Israel peace group”

Is that anything like “anti-choice feminist group”?


Democracy Now!
Sandra Bland Laid to Rest; First Black Judge in Waller County Demands Sheriff Resign over Her Death

*Try to find this context in the corpress coverage of Bland’s death.

The sins of omission and commission comingle among the pages and pixels of the mainstream mediacracy.


“I Was Almost Another Dead Black Male”: Denver Teen Recalls Police Beating After 2009 Traffic Stop


“Collective Healing” at Nat’l Black Lives Matter Convergence Ends with Police Pepper-Spraying Teen


Part 2: #BlackLivesMatter Founders on Immigration & the Fight for “Safety Beyond Policing”


10 Big Fat Exercise Myths Causing You to Stall
It’s time to put the brakes on these exercise myths and get started on a better, healthier you
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


Should I Take a Multivitamin?
This question comes up a lot: Should I take a multivitamin for my health, at least for dietary insurance?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



Exposed: Big Brother Targets Black Lives
Government spying can be an ‘effective way to chill protest movements,’ warns Center for Constitutional Rights
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*No “mission creep”

Just a sinisterly creepy mission to control


Healthcare ‘Oligopoly Wave’ Continues As Anthem Gobbles Cigna
Human rights campaigners say mega consolidation will erode healthcare access and hike prices, illustrating deep problems with for-profit model
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Beppe: Nationalize Banks to Throw Off ‘Anti-Democratic Straitjacket’ of Eurozone
Populist comedian-turned-politician calls for Italy to exit the Euro
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Guess Who Else Is Fundraising for Clinton: Private Prison Lobbyists
‘It is bad for all of us when these multibillion dollar companies use their considerable financial influence to try to pressure lawmakers’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The malevolence of Madam Mayhem’s money makers


With New Spy Bill, France OKs Mass Surveillance
‘[T]he French Constitutional Council legalizes mass surveillance and endorses a historical decline in fundamental rights,’ says digital rights group
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams



Condemnation After UK Lifts Ban on Bee-Killing Neonics
Temporary reversal on pesticide will allow farmers to access harmful chemicals for 120 days
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Trump’s Hair and My Teeth: Healthcare in the Age of Oligarchy
(Or Why You Should Never Trust a Person with Plush Carpeting)
by Donna Smith

*Getting drilled

In every sense of the term


Reports of Capitalism’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
by Kate Aronoff


After the Iran Deal: Israel is Down But Far From Out
by Andrew Levine


National Nurses United
NNU Statement on Black Lives Matter and the Health Impact of Societal Racial Disparitie


The Real News Network
Cash-Strapped Puerto Rico at Hedge Funds’ Mercy (2/2)
TRNN’s Jessica Desvarieux explores how investment funds OppenheimerFunds and Franklin Advisers are pressuring Puerto Rico to pay in full, while Congress won’t grant the island nation authority to file for bankruptcy. But is this a ploy to further privatize Puerto Rico?


Revolutionary Expectations and the Fight Against Austerity – Catarina Principe on RAI (5/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe says that German workers, who have not yet felt the brunt of the crisis, are starting to realize that they must fight in solidarity with Greek workers


Justice Department Details Investigation of Black Police Chief’s Firing as Community Calls for Mayor’s Resignation
Probe will include election irregularities and possible misuse of federal grants by Pocomoke city official


US Condemns Israel’s Plan to Demolish West Bank Village – Just Lip Service?
After Israel’s high court orders demolition of homes in the West Bank village of Khirbet Susiya, Gaza Unsilenced Co-Editor Refaat Alareer says this reflects a move away from a two-state solution


ISIS Attacks Kurds in Turkey…With Tacit AKP Approval?
Scholar and activist Sardar Saadi discusses the political context of the recent ISIS attacks in Turkey


A Short History of Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors discusses the history of BLM, its politics, goals and future


5 Things You Can’t Do In Angola
Regional Advocacy Director for the Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC) Muluka Miti-Drummond discusses the state of state repression in Angola


Tell Congress to protect family farmers from big business bullying
by Rudy Howell and Food Integrity Campaign


Politico Finds ‘Capital of American Jihad’–Based on 2 Cases, 6 Years and 268 Miles Apart
by Adam Johnson


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Criticized for Drones Killings and Backing Kenyan and Ethiopian “Fragmentation of Somalia”


Democracy Now!
Sandra Bland’s Sister Responds to Suicide Allegations, Lawyer Says Waller County Withholding Details


“I Don’t Believe Sandy Committed Suicide”: #BlackLivesMatter Co-Founders Speak Out on Sandra Bland



‘I Stand With Planned Parenthood’: Fact Checkers Expose Anti-Choice Smear Campaign
Lawmakers, reproductive justice advocates, and the New York Times editorial board raise concerns about deceptive video
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The problem isn’t so much FOX’s poisoned pixels, but how the mainstream corpress covers this in “balanced” fashion, lending credence to a blatantly bogus “exposé”.

But PP has well placed allies, and so I don’t imagine a great scandal will grow from this ACORN clone. It gives the Repungnacans, especially the presidential candidates, something to fulminate about, which, considering the timing of it, may have been its primary purpose.


Beyond PETA : SeaWorld Spy Also Attended 2014 Orca Conference
by Adam Federman


Food & Water Watch
Senate ‘Compromise’ on Country of Origin Labeling Unacceptable


The Real News Network
Max Blumenthal on Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie
Max Blumenthal talks to Paul Jay about his new film on Islamophobia & anti-Semitism in France

*The Devil’s Triangulation


The Human Face of Greece’s ‘Unprecedented’ Refugee Crisis
On a visit to a park in Athens that hundreds of refugees have made their home, TRNN documents the arrest of two Afghan refugees and a Greek journalist, as well as learning the story of Fatima, an 11-year old recently arrived refugee from Afghanistan


Thousands Protest As Greek Parliament Approves Second Round of Austerity Measures
Demonstrators tell TRNN’s Dimitri Lascaris why they oppose reforms demanded by Greece’s creditors and why they support leaving the Eurozone

*Whatever you think of the Syriza leadership’s strategy and tactics, it’s clear that there has been a “democracy deficiency” as to how they’ve engaged the Greek public, as evidenced by the attitudes on display here.

The referendum appears to have been merely an attempt to gain some advantage in negotiations with the Troika, rather than a solicitation of the people’s will to which the party would adhere. That’s a fundamental contradiction to any sense of democratic process, and that, perhaps more than acquiescence to the Eurobastards’ demands, has caused this loss of confidence in Tsipras and his allies.

That leaves the door open for the fascisti to claim the mantle of “the people’s champion”, not only in Greece, but across Europe.

Greeks wanted above all an honest government, one which they could disagree with, yet still believe was acting in their best interests.

That yearning for trust has been betrayed, and the consequences will be dire.


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Reopening Philippines Bases Met with Protests


On Eve of Obama Visit, Rich Nations Block Tax Reform at Ethiopia UN Meeting


5 Reasons to Start Reducing Salt Intake Today
Reducing salt intake is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of future hypertension.
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



Study: When Human Consumption Slows, Planet Earth Can Heal
New research debunks myth of climate-friendly fracking revolution
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Perhaps you can “[sustain] economic growth” in a green economy, but what does “growth” entail?

If it’s to be equated with consumption, aren’t we talking about continued consumerism, with the attendant giant sucking sound of natural resource depletion, accompanied by the pungent aroma of persistent pollution and mountainous mounds of waste?

The thought seems to be that we can’t go on the way we have, if we want to go on with the ways we have.

Highly illogical, Captain.


California Community’s Techno-Fix to Drought: A Path Towards More Climate Problems?
‘I think that one of the myths, besides the myth of abundance, is the myth that technology will fix whatever we’re doing, so it’s OK to foul those waters because some technology is going to come along and clean it up.’—Maude Barlow
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Assassination of Sandra Bland and the Struggle Against State Repression
by Ajamu Baraka


The U.S. Aids and Abets War Crimes in the Philippines
by Marjorie Cohn


Center for Reproductive Rights
Seventy-One Human Rights Organizations Call on President Obama to End Unnecessary Reproductive Health Restrictions That Harm Women


Oceana Calls for ‘One Name for One Fish’ for All U.S. Seafood


The Real News Network
SYRIZA’s Stability Rocked by New Memorandum (3/3)
Leo Panitch in favor of preparing for the Inevitable Grexit, but one has to factor in geopolitical power relations that will get in the way


What’s the U.S. Role In the Greek Crisis?
CEPR Economist Mark Weisbrot discusses the role of the U.S.-dominated institutions in the current crisis in Greece


Big Games, Bigger Scandals! A Look at Toronto’s Pan-Am Games
Award-winning journalist Nick Fillmore discusses his latest reporting into the “gross public over-spending” associated with the Pan-Am Games

*Shining “image”

Shabby reality


Institute for Public Accuracy
Iraqi Nuclear Scientist Debunks Nuclear Myths


1. Whisper to NYT 2. Demand Anonymity 3. Truth!
by Jim Naureckas

*Whispering sweet nothings

To do with the truth


Democracy Now!
Juan González: Ride-Sharing Service Uber “Using Any Means Necessary” to Stop Regulation Attempts


Would You Like to Know How to Detect Cancer Early?
Here is how to detect cancer early for four common cancers, and what you can do to lower your risk
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



Snowden’s Plea to Top Technologists: Build an Internet for the People
‘Everybody should be safe all the time, else we let others choose who will be safe or not,’ whistleblower tells meeting of independent internet engineers
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Terrorism 101: Occupy and Student Groups Labeled ‘Extremist Threat’ by London Police
Conflating of liberal groups with terrorism shows that they threaten ‘the capitalist establishment of which the police are employed to protect’ says activist
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Rights Groups Fight Back Against Canada’s ‘Stomach-Churning’ Spy Bill
Bill C-51 poses grave threat to personal freedoms and violates constitutional rights, warn civil liberty and press freedom groups
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


On 25th Anniversary of ADA, We Need to do More
by Kathi Wolfe


The Problem With the Fight for 15
On the need for workers to look beyond city councils and form a radical new labor movement
by Boots Riley

*The resonance of a real class act


Over 7,000 Comments Submitted to Department of Labor: Consumers Support Closing “Retirement Advice Loophole”


Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR Urges Repudiation of ‘Reckless’ Anti-Muslim Proposals by Rand Paul, Wesley Clarke, Franklin Graham


Food & Water Watch
New Infrastructure Bill Could Exacerbate Weaknesses of WIFIA


The Real News Network
SYRIZA’s Stability Rocked by New Memorandum (2/3)
Leo Panitch says the latest memorandum is a shell game

*Panitch decries finger pointing

Unless he’s aiming the digit.

That doesn’t mean his views are to be dismissed, but he certainly seems all too eager to do so when it comes to those with whom he disagrees, doesn’t he?


Revolutionary Expectations and the Fight Against Austerity – Catarina Principe on RAI (4/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe and Paul Jay talk about making decisions in a new kind of party


Council Seeks to Change Park Named After Confederate General
Residents, council say mayor needs to move faster to take down symbols of the Confederacy in a majority black city

*This talk of “treason” is nonsensical, to my mind.

This was an internecine conflict between elites who shared an ideology of white supremacy and exploitation of the masses.

There is a valid point to be made regarding why those who waged war against a nation are revered within a region of it, but to posit that somehow there was a fundamental moral divergence between the sides defies the historical reality, made plain by the fact that the victors evinced no umbrage at the erection of these monuments to the defeated.

So just what was being “betrayed”?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is U.S. Already Violating Iran Deal?


Democracy Now!
“Africa’s Pinochet”: Former U.S.-Backed Chadian Dictator Hissène Habré Faces War Crimes Trial

*The US has no more use for this butcher, I don’t imagine its role in his reign of terror will be examined at trial, so why not score some brownie points on the “human rights” front?


The Connection Between Red Meat and Diabetes You Need to Know
More evidence suggests a distinct link between red meats and diabetes.
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


25 Farmer’s Market Buys – July 2015
by Leanne Ely



Seeking War to the End of the World
Despite the disastrous Iraq War, neocons still dominate Official Washington’s inside-outside game, government policymakers coordinating with think-tank opinion leaders to keep world tensions high and money flowing to military projects, a process personified by Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland
by Robert Parry


Private Health Care as an Act of Terrorism
by Paul Buchheit


Wesley Clark Calls for Internment Camps for “Radicalized” Americans
by Murtaza Hussain


New Orleans Katrina Pain Index at Ten: Who Was Left Behind
by Bill Quigley

*Going down hard in The Big Easy


My Teacher
by Chris Hedges

*The mind is useless

Without the heart


Greece: Alternatives and Exiting the Eurozone
by Eric Toussaint


GM and Kid Rock – A question of kissing a__
by Frank Hammer

*The issue really isn’t what white folks think about what the Confederate flag represents, however deluded they may be in their belief.

It’s what the flag symbolizes in any objective assessment of its history, and what it embodies in our national zeitgeist, regardless of region.

But it is a symbol, and expedient disassociation with it doesn’t change the reality of racism that is hardwired into the dark heart of America.

As a Southerner, I can say that growing up in the ’60s, I never thought about slavery or oppression in connection with the flag. I waved it at University of Mississippi football games for the same reason a Badger fan dresses in red at Camp Randall Stadium.

But as soon as I made that association, my association with it ended, and it didn’t cost me a ounce of angst.

If my fellow Southerners are looking for something to truly feel pride in

They could do the same.


Doctors Without Borders
MSF Response to START Trial Data Showing All People with HIV Should Be Treated Immediately


Sea Shepherd Global
Two Sea Shepherd Crewmembers Arrested In The Faroe Islands With Assistance Of Danish Navy


The Real News Network
Revolutionary Expectations and the Fight Against Austerity – Catarina Principe on RAI (3/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe and Paul Jay discuss building a movement and an electoral strategy, and what happened to the mass protests in Portugal

*I keep beating this very live horse, because it’s the only way the sort of movement/party/organization/group discussed here can truly succeed

And that’s to mirror within that formation the world it claims it wants to create.

People want to be respected. They want their voice to matter. And they want to actually like and care about those they work with.

That exists only with a dedication to community.

If you feel you’re part of something bigger than yourself, but that values you as much as anyone else, you will place your trust and your energy into that entity.

In the US, we are either atomized and left with a profound sense of disconnection, or lured into false religions, “sacred” and secular, that exploit even as they claim to exalt us.

If we’re serious about building a mass movement, the first step is to treat each individual in that mass with as much menschiness as we can muster.

Seems simple enough, so you have to ask why ain’t it happening?

If I ever find the answer, I’ll let you know.


Are Incarcerated People Poorer Than Non-Incarcerated People?
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Bernadette Rabuy from the Prison Policy Initiative about her new report on income levels of incarcerated persons


SYRIZA’s Stability Rocked by New Memorandum (1/3)
Leo Panitch interviewed by Sharmini Peries at SYRIZA Headquarters in Athens: In spite of the differences within SYRIZA over the new deal, the government remains enormously popular

*All this balance between gummint supporters and critics reminds me of a lyric from an old Dire Straits song

“Two men say they’re Jesus
One of them must be wrong”

I realize this is a complex situation, and valid points can be made on both sides, but simply giving equal time to each isn’t providing us the insight necessary to come to our own conclusions, is it?

Maybe I’m just frustrated by having to rely on someone else to pass along the intel I need to make a rational determination.


China Bails Out Stock Market with $209 Billion Stimulus, But Who’s Getting Saved?
Political economist Zhun Xu of Beijing’s Remnin University says China is bailing out its own public enterprises as part of a flawed plan to jumpstart the economy through the stock market


The Good, the Bad, and the Hypocrisy of the Every Child Achieves Act (2/2)
Teacher and researcher Mercedes Schneider evaluates the No Child Left Behind reform bill that recently passed in the Senate

*A test of ills


FAIR Action Alert
PETITION: NYT, Washington Post: Provide Sustained Coverage of US-Backed Civilian Deaths in Yemen

*Blacked out lives

Don’t matter


Institute for Public Accuracy
How the Iran Deal “Snap Back” Could be Manipulated

*A victory for diplomacy

Or duplicity?



How Three of the Iran Negotiations’ Toughest Issues Were Resolved
by Gareth Porter


The Real News Network
The Global African: Repression in Egypt & Black Transgender Lives Matter
The Global African host Bill Fletcher looks at these stories with Sharif Abdel Kouddous, a Cairo-based independent journalist, and Monica Yorkman, a Baltimore-based transgender activist


Black Police Chief Makes Community Policing Work…Then Gets Fired
Despite record low crime, Lawyers for Kelvin Sewell says top cop was fired for refusing to terminate officers who filed discrimination complaints against Pocomoke City


SYRIZA Forced to Choose Disorderly Grexit or Terrible Deal
In an interview with Dimitri Lascaris, Minister of Education Aristides Baltas of Greece explains the conflict between responsibility and conviction in the decision to accept the new deal

*This was difficult for me to follow, but Baltas’ remarks on responsibility versus conviction are clear, so I’ll speak to that.

We should ask what brought the government to a point where that choice seemed unavoidable. Naiveté, perhaps hubris, and the resulting lack of the development of an alternative strategy figure into that equation, don’t they?

But is it now a matter of learning from mistakes, but having to live with them? Is the government’s position so circumcised?

I’m no expert, but I’ve heard folks like Lapavitsas and Lascaris himself proffer another path, and thus raise serious doubts about the limits of the options extant.

What I’m trying to say is that it may be true that, confronted with such a constrictive reality, responsibility takes precedence over conviction

But we have to think hard on whether we can Houdini out of that straitjacket, before we accept being strapped into it.


Revolutionary Expectations and the Fight Against Austerity – Catarina Principe on RAI (2/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe discusses the rise of the anti-austerity movement in Portugal that culminated in a 2013 protest of more than a million people


The Good, the Bad, and the Hypocrisy of The Every Child Achieves Act (1/2)
The Senate-passed No Child Left Behind reform bill gives states the option to dictate assessment criteria, while a range of outside interest groups continuously lobby to promote standardized tests, says teacher and researcher Mercedes Schneider


Interview with Costas Lapavitsas
Dimitri Lascaris of The Real News interivews Syriza MP Costas Lapavitsas


Lapavitsas Calls for Exit as the Only Strategy for Greek People
In an intense speech in Athens, Costas Lapavitsas says the Syriza plan was to achieve radical change within the Eurozone – and that’s impossible


The REAL Energy of Foods
by Yuri Elkaim

*Ignore the sales pitch at the end, or not. I just want to be clear that’s not the reason for the repost.

The intel is.


The Best Foods for Eye Health Include Lutein-Rich Vegetables
The best foods for eye health are also good for your overall health.
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



US and Philippines Face People’s Tribunal for Torture, Disappearances, Murder
Witnesses and survivors deliver emotional testimony about the impact of both governments’ collaboration in the so-called War on Terror
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Large Pipeline Spill in Alberta ‘Stark Reminder’ of Dangers of Tar Sands
Rupture near Fort McMurray may be one of province’s largest
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Five Things to Know About the Scott Walker John Doe Ruling
by Brendan Fischer


When Talking About U.S. Broadband, Don’t Say the ‘I’ Word
by Timothy Karr

*No common carriers on this fast track


Senate Coal Ash Bill Derails First-Ever Protections despite Major Contamination
Earthjustice statement on Senators Hoeven (R-ND) and Manchin (D-WV) bill


UK Pilots Conducted Strikes in Syria


Los Jornaleros del Norte 15th Anniversary Album!
by Xochi Flores
National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)


The Real News Network
Revolutionary Expectations and the Fight Against Austerity – Catarina Principe on RAI (1/5)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe talks about growing up in Portugal expecting the promise of the social state to be fulfilled, and becoming an activist in the fight against forces dismantling the achievements of the Portuguese revolution


Greeks Protest Austerity, But Is Leaving the Eurozone Their Only Option?
University of Greenwich’s Ozlem Onaran argues that the government should create its own currency and fall out of love with the eurozone


The Confluence of African Politics: Brazil, Cuba and the U.S.
Author and scholar Dr. Ollie Johnson discusses his recent work on Africans in Brazil and Malcolm X’s relationship to the Cuban Revolution


The Black Radical Tradition Confronts False Leadership and “Stealth History”
Former political prisoner, Black Panther and Black Liberation Army activist Dhoruba bin-Wahad discusses his most recent commentaries critical of the state of Black leadership and politics


More Lesson than Commemoration: The 153rd Birthday of Ida B. Wells
Dr. Paula Giddings, author of Ida: A Sword Among Lions, discusses the significance of the life and work of Ida B. Wells for today’s struggles

*I think it’s a telling lesson in how white supremacy pits its victims against each other that Wells encourages blacks to migrate to Oklahoma, to escape the vicious racism in that region, but of course the land they gain title to in the west was obtained by its sellers via the genocide of Native peoples. The “Buffalo Soldiers” saga speaks to this contradiction as well.


Petition update
An easy thing you can do to keep the pressure up on Nestle
by Nick Rodman


Democracy Now!
The War on Drugs is a War on Minorities: Former El Reno Prison Inmate Freed by Obama Speaks Out

*Could it be that these reactionaries’ support for “prison reform” is motivated by what they see as a wonderful investment opportunity, while also reaping some prime PR?

One person’s cynicism is another’s empiricism.


Outrage Grows After Mysterious Death of #BlackLivesMatter Activist Sandra Bland in Texas Jail

*It’s not that Dear Misleader “can’t do everything.”

It’s that he does next to nothing.

Most of the time, he’s doing something that makes things even worse.

That’s how things go.


Newly Released Dashcam Video Shows California Police Shooting Unarmed Man with Hands Up


Mass Shootings on the Rise: 4 Marines Killed in Tennessee While Aurora Theater Gunman Found Guilty

*How much violent media imagery do you think these persons have been exposed to?

And given the race of the vast majority of mass killers, why isn’t this viewed through the prism of race, as it is for deadly acts committed by non whites?


Apache Stronghold Caravan Calls to Protect Sacred Sites After Clause Slipped into NDAA Allows Mining


Want to Know How Much Caffeine is in Tea?
How much caffeine is in tea? Is tea really good for me? Let’s take a look.
by Paige Einstein
Nutrition Action


4 Uses for Lavender That You Won’t Believe!
by Leanne Ely



Watchdogs Reveal Chamber of Commerce ‘Blowing Smoke’ for Big Tobacco
New report sheds light on joint efforts to undermine public health protections against tobacco
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Can Simply Living Near a Fracking Site Send You to the Hospital?
Residents living near shale gas wells are more likely to be admitted to hospitals for heart, nervous system, and other medical issues
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Fire Next Time: On the Next Gaza War
Before Homes Are Even Rebuilt in the Ruins of the Gaza Strip, Another War Looms
by Max Blumenthal


Lighting a Legal Fuse
People from Seattle to Fiji are filing lawsuits over global warming.
by Emily Schwartz Greco


The Multi-Trillion Dollar Oil Market Swindle
by Leonard Brecken


Brennan Center for Justice
Wisconsin Supreme Court Ends Walker Investigation, Eviscerating State’s Campaign Finance Limits and Raising Questions about Judicial Impartiality


The Real News Network
Obama’s Carceral Reform Neglects Unemployment
TRNN host and producer Eddie Conway responds to Obama’s recent speech calling for changes in mass incarceration policies

*A coalition of the shilling


Protests Erupt in Athens As Greece Approves Eurozone Bailout
TRNN’s Jaisal Noor speaks to protestors in Athens, Greece about why they oppose the $96 billion dollar Eurozone bailout the Greek Parliament passed late Wednesday by a vote of 229 to 64


A Fury Rising as Greek Parliament Votes to Accept Eurozone Agreement
Reporting from Athens, Dimitri Lascaras says there is deep anger against the humiliating deal forced on Greece by Eurozone leaders, but the whole agreement might fall apart as the IMF says the debt load is unmanageable


Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama Visits Prison

*A paltry pardon from the unpardonable


Democracy Now!
Former Iran Ambassador: Nuclear Deal is Model for Closing Path to Militarization and Weaponization

*Of course there’s dissembling here by Mousavian on the Iranian government’s peaceful nature — not that it’s this Axis of Evil entity bent on regional domination — but his points about its keeping its end of the bargain, and the need to hold other nations to the same standard, are unquestionably valid.

As I’ve said before, though, this is a cure in search of a disease. The Iranian people should never have been subjected to the profound damage to their economic and physical health that sanctions have caused.

And just as with Cuba, it’s naive to believe this represents some golden age of diplomacy over hostility. Sheathing the iron fist for the present doesn’t portend a sudden forswearing of regime change.

The poisoned carrot can work as well as the big stick, and if it doesn’t, it will be back to business as usual.


Mass Graves of Immigrants Found in Texas, But State Says No Laws Were Broken

*The huddled in mass graves



The United States: Where Climate Change Is Not Seen as a Top Threat
Pew survey finds that U.S. respondents see ISIS, Iran’s nuclear program as far greater threats
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


With Zero Accountability, Big Oil Wringing Profit from Developing Countries
The $1.55 trillion in ‘lost’ oil revenues represents five times the existing funding gap for 42 of the world’s poorest countries in both education and health, says Oxfam America
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Food Smart Cities: Join the Food Revolution
by Vandana Shiva

*Food from thought


John Oliver 1, Big Chicken 0?
by Vanessa Rodriguez


Demanding That Nestlé Pay More Is Not Enough
by Emma Lui

*The cost of a price


How a weaker Iran got the hegemon to lift sanctions
Iranian counter-pressure on the US, through its nuclear programme, finally compelled the Obama administration to begin negotiations
by Gareth Porter

*My question would be why the US and the West had any “concern” for a nuclear program that their intelligence agencies were telling them had no weaponization component?

Was it that the warmongers would use Iran’s upscaling as proof that an attack had to be carried out, the insanity of which was the true concern, thus prompting negotiations?

I’m frankly flummoxed.


Greece: The Struggle Continues
by Sebastian Budgen and Stathis Kouvelakis
A definitive account of what has transpired over the last few weeks in Greece, and what’s next for Syriza and the European left


Veterans for Peace
Military Vets Sponsor ‘Uncensored’ Counter U.S. Drone War TV Commercial on CNN, FoxNews, ESPN Near Cannon AFB/Special Ops Drone Control Center in Clovis, New Mexico


The Real News Network
The Real News Goes to Greece: Democracy Rising World Conference 2015
Paul Jay and Creston Davis of the Advanced Studies for Global Studies discuss the conference taking place on July 16th that will see leading activists and intellectuals from around the world converge on Athens, Greece


Shot, Paralyzed, & 16
Reverend and activist Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou discusses the police shooting of 16 year old Brandon Claxton in St. Louis, MO


Former IAEA Inspector: Agreement Effectively Ends Iranian Breakout Capacity
Robert Kelley says the Iranians compromised on everything, and the IAEA’s push for sweeping site access is quite a big demand against a country that hasn’t lost a war

*Iran has a legal right to a “peaceful” nuclear program, as every state does, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a grave danger in it having one, as is the case for every other state.

Fukushima mon amour?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Israel Silently Lapping Field in “Mideast Nuclear Arms Race”


Democracy Now!
PETA: SeaWorld Employee Infiltrated Animal Rights Group, Called for Grabbing “Pitchforks & Torches”


The Best Ways To Prevent Food Poisoning
If you want to know how to prevent food poisoning, these tips will help you stay safe.
by Caroline Smith DeWaal
Nutrition Action



House Ag Committee Says ‘No’ to GMO Labeling, What’s Next?
Committee chair clearly focused on how to promote the profits of corporations, rather than on how to protect people from foods that have not been proven safe
by Katherine Paul

*Frankenfood Conquers the Congress


Natural Systems and an Agricultural Philosophy in Punjab
by The 9×9 Film Festival


Worldwatch Institute
Beyond the Climate Refugee: Migration as Adaptation
Misconceptions about climate-induced migration could lead to inadequate support for affected populations, according to the Worldwatch Institute’s State of the World 2015


Food & Water Watch
Retiring Toxic CA Farmland Better Deal Than Tunnels
SPECIAL REPORT: Retiring Toxic Farmland in Western San Joaquin Valley Would Save Water, Environment and Taxpayer Money
Land retirement 25x cheaper than Tunnel plan and could save 450,000 acre-feet of water


The Real News Network
How Tax Dodging Put Puerto Rico on the Road to Debt
TRNN’s Jessica Desvarieux reports on how Puerto Rico’s tax policy exempts billions of big pharmaceutical companies’ profits, leaving at least $15 billion out of the revenue stream while the country wallows in debt


A Soft Coup in Greece (1/2)
Nantina Vgontzas and Paul Jay have an extended discussion about the Greek Eurozone deal and the reaction of the Greek left


A Soft Coup in Greece (2/2)


Greek Deal Will Erode Sovereignty and Deepen Recession
Dimitri Lascaris says the deal is a collective punishment of the Greek people for supporting a party that attempted to moderate neoliberalism in Europe

*Whatever you think of the options the party leadership had available, there was a profound disrespect of the Greek public evinced in not laying out the situation honestly to them. That is essential to democracy, and that duty was ignored.

Add to that the disregard shown for their vote against the Troika’s demands, and you have a strong argument for a betrayal of the people’s trust, regardless of how you view its negotiation strategy.


Is Greece’s New Debt Deal Worse Than Plan Rejected By Referendum?
University of Athens’ Creston Davis argues that the Syriza party platform looks more like the Democratic Party in the ’60s rather than a leftist party


Puente Movement
ICE Out of 4th Ave. Jail!


Democracy Now!
Could Historic Iran Nuclear Deal Transform the Middle East?

*This is a charade. It is “prevention” for a non-existent “disease”. Iran has no desire to build nuclear weapons.

This deal was pursued by the US to avert the insanity of war with Iran, which would not be in its imperial interests. The administration doesn’t give a damn about “peace”, with the immiseration and death produced by sanctions on its hands.

It will work with the Iranian government in the furtherance of those interests, and when circumstances change, it will drop this facade of diplomacy to continue to do so.

Is this deal better than war? Of course, but let’s not delude ourselves that it has anything to do with “a more humane and constructive foreign policy in the Middle East”.


The Austerity Candidate? Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Launches Presidential Bid on Anti-Union Record


An apple (Cider Vinegar) a day keeps the doctor away?
by Leanne Ely



Killing by Committee in the Global Wild West
The Perpetrators Become the Victims of Drone Warfare
by Pratap Chatterjee


Teachers Say No Freaking Way to AFT Endorsement of Hillary Clinton
by Candi Peterson


ANALYSIS: US slowdown on Iran talks has dark side
By Gareth Porter
Delays may head off Congressional and Israeli criticism on final agreement at cost to Kerry’s leverage in talks


Yanis Varoufakis opens up about his five month battle to save Greece
by Harry Lambert


Treating Syriza Responsibly
by Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin

*This is one bugger of a Rorschach test for lefties, innit?


The Myth of the Iranian Military Giant
Saudi Arabia’s military outspends the Islamic Republic’s 5-to-1; the UAE’s does by 50 percent. And ending the arms embargo after a nuclear deal won’t change that.
by Trita Parsi and Tyler Cullis


“Tsipras Has Just Destroyed Greece”
by Yves Smith

*All these criticisms may be valid, but can someone tell me what Smith thinks the party leadership should have done, because I don’t see that here.

He says, “This has been the basis of our criticism, that Syriza by engaging in an open war against an opponent it could never hope to vanquish, was doing not just itself but also the Greek people and the left, lasting damage.”

What was his prescription?


The Real News Network
Why Was Baltimore’s Police Chief Fired?
Paul Jay asks veteran cops Neill Franklin and Kenneth Butler if Batts was thrown under the bus to appease the police union

*Now, there’ve been any number of segments on the network that deal with the true purpose of policing — to control the population in defense of those in power — yet this isn’t put to Franklin and Butler.

The premise is accepted that police are there to “serve and protect” the public, and the disagreement is over how to do that job, when that isn’t their job.

It doesn’t matter what an individual cop believes about her or his role, just as it doesn’t matter what a soldier believes about her or his role in the defense of empire. What matters is how what they do promotes those aims.

These are fundamentally unreformable institutions. No amount of “training” will change that. In the end, it’s about power, and only one side — the exploited or the exploiters — can own it.


The humiliating offer presented by Eurozone finance ministers to the Greek government is designed to bring down Syriza – discussed by Dimitri Lascaris and Michalis Spourdalakis, interviewed by Paul Jay


BRICS Challenges the “Double Standard” of the West
Newsclick talks to Vijay Prashad about the Declaration of the 7th Summit of the BRICS countries held in Ufa, Russia


Denton Gears Up For Bigger Fight Over Fracking
After last month’s decision to repeal Denton’s ban on fracking, activists are looking to build a coalition of cities across the state of Texas before taking a second swing at HB 40, the bill that disempowers municipal governments in favor of oil and gas industries


Wikileaks Revelations Expose US NSA Tentacles Reaching into Allied Governments Around The World
CCR’s Michael Ratner breaks down how documents expose United States economic and political spying as CCR calls on UN to protect publishers as well as whistleblowers


BRICS Establishes A Development Bank
Patrick Bond, Co-Author of BRICS: An Anti-Capitalism Critique, finds BRICS to be largely neoliberal and unequal, evident by the appointees to the bank board

*Never bank on a bank

Unless you’re a banker


Yellen Signals Interest Rate Hike, Will It Increase Inequality?
PERI’s Gerald Epstein says the Fed needs to expand its toolbox to get finance to Main Street because raising interest rates will hurt workers


Baltimore Police Chief Allowed Looting to Discredit Protestors, Says Union
Veteran police officers Kenneth Butler and Neill Franklin discuss a report issued by the Fraternal Order of Police that accuses recently fired Chief Batts of ordering police to stand down during looting so protestors would be blamed as the aggressors

*Does anyone with even the most tenuous hold on reality not believe that the security state takes every opportunity to prepare for the coming collapse of the facade of “democracy”?

How many examples do we need? How many “fusion centers” need to be created before we suss that power protects itself “by any means necessary”, to turn that phrase on its head?

These are domestic war games.

The games are already all too real for many of us, and as things fall apart, everyone on the downside of the dividing line between the exploited and the exploiters will need to get real to deal with it.


The Global African: Not a Rapper & Black-Palestinian Solidarity
TeleSUR’s The Global African talks to DC-based artist and activist Bomani Armah, and examines African American solidarity with Palestinians


Debate Rages in SYRIZA Over Austerity Plan
During the early hours of Saturday morning, the Greek Parliament passed the motion by a majority vote of 250 – 300, but Dimitri Lascaris says this is one of the worst political debacles in modern European history


Democracy Now!
Psychologists Collaborated with CIA & Pentagon on Post-9/11 Torture Program, May Face Ethics Charges


Four Ways to Make Exercise Enjoyable
by Yuri Elkaim


5 Quick Ways to Shrink Your Grocery Budget
by Leanne Ely



Welcome to Canada But Don’t Get Too Comfortable
New legislation not only creates two classes of Canadians, but it makes Canada an ‘outlier’ among nations
by Antonia Zerbisias


Are Foreign NGOs Rebuilding Haiti Or Just Cashing In?
Haiti plays host to over 10,000 NGOs, whose foreign workers make up an affluent class of their own
by Nathalie Baptiste

*Doing well by pretending to do good


Nearly 2,500 Bridges to Nowhere: Congress Considers Expanding Charter Program Despite Millions Wasted on Closed Schools
by Jonas Persson


The Greeks Fight Back: Oxi to Austerity
by Andrew Levine


The Real News Network
President Hillary Clinton, Vice-President Binyamin Netanyahu
by Vijay Prashad

*We know about Madam Mayhem

But Beneficent Bernie as an Israel Lobby lackey … ?

Shut up!


Capitalism and Government Debt at Odds in Greece
Michael Hudson says unlike personal and corporate debt, there is no legal framework for writing off government debt, so there is deliberate anarchy in place


The Inevitable Grexit and Banking Collapse
Dimitri Lascaris Report: Credibility of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is hanging by a thread, in the meantime 15 out of 18 European governments support ousting Greece from the Eurozone

*Is Tsipras Greece’s Obama, someone whom reactionaries love to villify, but who in actuality is an enabler of austerity?

If not, just what the fuck are he and his party allies thinking?

And why can’t I get this song out of my head?



Governor Jerry Brown Demands Canadian PM Harper Reexamine His Climate Policy
Tings Chak and Merran Smith examine the Economic and Climate Summit proposals being discussed inside and outside the Summit

*A waste of precious air time to have someone like Smith on to pimp the “responsible solutions” to climate change, don’t you think? She’ll get plenty of it elsewhere.

And the segment title

Does posturing by Brown constitute “real news”? Did he really “demand” anything?

TRNN can do better. It usually does.


Two-Year Anniverary of Lac Megantic Oil Train Disaster Spurs Week of Action Against Crude by Rail
A photo essay by Shaghayegh Tajvidi


Chinese Economy Running Off the Cliff and There Is Nothing Beneath It
Rob Johnson of the Institute for New Economic Thinking says the People’s Bank of China is behind the market plunge




Institute for Public Accuracy
Massive Friday “March of the Torches” in Honduras Against “Coup-ism”


When Candidates Talk Education, Media Rarely Go Beyond Buzzwords
by Molly Knefel

*Education is dedicated to overcoming ignorance

Reporting on it is a wholly other matter


Got to Be Thwarting Something: FBI Claims It Stopped Unspecified Mayhem, Possibly on July 4
by Adam Johnson

*Fireworks and fearmongering on the Fourth

An American tradition


Democracy Now!
Mother of Eric Garner Praises New York’s Appointment of Special Prosecutor to Probe Police Killings


“A Hostage Situation”: Greece Yields to Austerity Demands Just Days After Historic “No” Vote



Are Human Rights Violations Already Being Trumped By Corporate Trade Deal?
AP, Reuters report that Obama administration about to upgrade Malaysia’s human trafficking status, seen as move merely ‘for political expediency’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*This mendacious maneuver isn’t a rationale for denying Malaysia’s inclusion in the TTP, and inclusion shouldn’t be a carrot to impel improved behavior.

The goddamn thing shouldn’t exist, period. I’m frankly flummoxed by Powell’s addled analysis that leads to the cart leaving the horse in its dust.


Locked Up for Surviving: The Untold Story of the Sexual-Abuse-to-Prison Pipeline
New study concludes that a history of abuse is not just a predictor of future incarceration—it is a cause
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Maiming the victim


London Subways Shut Down in Mass Strike ‘for Workplace Justice’
Tens of thousands of workers walk off the job in biggest Tube strike since 2002
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Arne Duncan Era Has Not Been Good for Students
WaPo’s Lyndsey Layton: Arne Duncan will stay on until the last buzzer
by Diane Ravitch


The Anglo-American Empire is Preparing for Resource War
The control of resources remains a core factor in US considerations for sustaining global US hegemony in the face of rising geopolitical influence of its major rivals
by Nafeez Ahmed


A Pain in the Athens: Why Greece Isn’t to Blame for the Crisis
by Mark Blyth


The Yes Men and FunnyOrDie
Skipping showers for beef: funny, but the reality is no joke


Wisconsin Legislature Rebuffs Gov. Walker by Refusing Highway Mega-Expansion and Requiring Audit of Inaccurate Forecasts and Wasteful Projects

*Drive-by looting


Common Cause, Allies, Win Major Victory Over Gerrymandering in Florida
State’s Highest Court Orders Legislature to Draw New Congressional Boundaries


Obama Fights US Press on Guantánamo Force-Feeding Video Release

*Yet again, the audacity of “Nope”


Jobs With Justice
Tell the CFPB: Rein in student loan servicers


The Real News Network
Comrade on Culture, Community and Creativity
Baltimore rapper Comrade talks to The Real Music about growing up in Baltimore, being a community activist, and how hip-hop culture influences young people


Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt – Chris Hedges on RAI (3/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss the role of violence in revolution and the Bernie Sanders campaign

*I can’t see mentioning persons like Sanders, Nader and Kucinich in the same breath as “revolution”. They have no transformative vision, futilely seeking to fashion chicken salad out of the chicken shit of capitalism.

If they’re the artists of the possible, then life as we know it will no longer be.

Our only hope exists in solidarity among the exploited, which is goddamn hard to do when you’re valuing some lives over others. Folks don’t cotton to being told “pragmatism” demands they suffer and die.

The same applies to the use of force. We have a right to defend ourselves and others. That force has to be principled and disciplined to be both effective and morally valid, but I can’t tell someone to not fight back when their body and their breath are on the line.

What I believe is vital is an articulation of just why those means are necessary. There is no glory in violence. Killing the most vile of our oppressors should bring no joy for its own sake. It’s a means to an end, and that end should always be placed in the context of a defense of our dignity, our right to live without fear and misery.

That fealty to principle could well help precipitate what Hedges speaks to regarding the loss of will to defend the exploitocracy. Knowing that they would be treated humanely, that their humanity would be respected, should they lay down their arms may have a salient effect on the Praetoriani.

Nothing is certain, except the abyss, should we continue to delude ourselves that there’s a way to drain the swamp while swimming around in it.


BP Deal: Path to a ‘Cleaner Gulf’–or Guaranteed Future Disasters?
by Janine Jackson

*“If that isn’t a deterrent to careless behavior by the oil companies, it’s hard to know what is.”

How about hard time for heartless bastards, and putting ’em to work on the clean up while they’re there?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Beyond Greece: BRICS Enabling a New Economic Path?


Democracy Now!
A Mounting Humanitarian Catastrophe in Yemen: War Death Toll Tops 3,000, Fear of Famine Grows


Did BP Get Off Cheaply? Antonia Juhasz on $18.7B Gulf Oil Spill Settlement


HEART ALERT: The Ugly Side of Statin Drugs
by Yuri Elkaim


Are You Addicted to Sugar? (You Could Be)
Asking yourself, “Am I addicted to sugar?”
Here is one true story of addiction.
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



With New Focus on Racial and Economic Justice, ‘Bold’ Bill Seeks to Lift Abortion Funding Ban
“None of us, especially elected officials, should be interfering with a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions just because she is poor.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


CVS Quits US Chamber of Commerce Over ‘Craven’ Ties to Tobacco Industry
Pharmacy giant no longer member of ‘the lobby group for Big Business.’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Something’s Missing From Pope Francis’ ‘Radical’ Vision of Equality: Women
by Roisin Davis

*Out of lip service


Permission to Kill in Gaza
by Noura Erakat


Reproductive Justice Helped Deliver Supreme Court’s Historic Marriage Decision
by Rea Carey


Bipartisan Poverty Shaming: The Moynihan Report at 50
by Susan Greenbaum


Will Greece, or won’t Greece be destroyed to save her from Russia, like Ukraine?
by John Helmer


The Real News Network
Gaza Defiant
One year after the Israeli attack that killed 2,100 civilians and wounded 10,000, Refaat Alareer and Laila el-Haddad say the people of Gaza will not turn on Hamas and submit to the occupation


Iran Deal Could Include Lifting of Arms Embargo
Reporting from Vienna, Austria, journalist Gareth Porter says we could see a final agreement on Thursday


Cosby Revelations Challenge Notions of Gender, Race and Sexual Violence
Activist and blogger Janessa Robinson discusses the latest reports about Bill Cosby, rape and the impact of patriarchy and White supremacy on interpretations of violence against women


Toronto Protest Unites Environmental, Labor, and Indigenous Movements
Sanjay Talreja reports on the July 5th March for Jobs, Justice & the Climate in Toronto, Canada


Democracy Now!
The End of Encryption? NSA & FBI Seek New Backdoors Against Advice from Leading Security Experts


Has the World Abandoned Gaza? Region Remains in Ruins a Year After Deadly Israeli Assault


What is Vitamin D Good For?
If you’re wondering what Vitamin D is good for, some of the answers may surprise you.
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



#BlockTheFactory: One Year After Gaza War, Protesters Shut Down Drone Plants
Four Israeli arms factories in UK and Australia shut down in Palestine solidarity action
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Hillary Clinton Pledges to Defend Israeli Apartheid and Fight BDS Movement in Letter to Mega-Donor
by Kevin Gosztola

*Please keep in mind that Bernie could have written this, as well.

Anyone willing to overlook that fact for “the greater good” should ask themselves how they’d explain that rationale to a child in Gaza.


The Confederate Flag at War (But Not the Civil War)
by Greg Grandin

*The Confederacy lost the war

But won the battle


Tax Laws Should Not Be A Shroud for ‘Dark Money’ Donors
Common Cause Urges IRS to Enforce the Law

*The “IRS scandal” had nothing to do with these big money operations, and its free pass to them has nothing to do with the “scandal”.

Like all regulatory agencies, they defer to power. Their purpose isn’t to cleanse the system, but to provide a veneer of legitimacy to it. Occasionally, they’re compelled to take some comparatively mild action to maintain the pretense.

But that isn’t the case here as yet, is it?


Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Anatomy of a Supermarket Purchase

*Food for thought control

(That should be “Thought control for food”, shouldn’t it … ?)


The Real News Network
New Greek Finance Minister a Change in Style, Not Substance
Dimitri Lascaris says the Troika is sending the message to Syriza that despite the vote of the Greek people, the only options are complete capitulation or exit from the Eurozone


Germany Caused the Crisis, Germany Must Solve It
Heiner Flassbeck, former director of UNCTAD, says German economic policy put Greece into crisis and progressive Germans must stop the irrational bleeding of the Greek people


Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt – Chris Hedges on RAI (2/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss Ferguson, Baltimore and the need to build a movement with candidates that targets white supremacy and corporate capitalism


Eric Holder: Return to Sender
Glen Ford, Executive Editor of the Black Agenda Report, says Eric Holder is returning to his “ideological home” of corporate law to defend the big banks and TPP


Not Oz, Not Orange, Not Shawshank Either: The Real History of Black Radicalism and the Prison Abolitionist Movement
Author Dan Berger discusses his latest book, Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era


Syriza MP: It’s Time to Take Over the Banks
Paul Jay discusses the results of the Greek referendum with Costas Lapavitsas and asks whether Syriza was prepared for this moment


For Mumia and Us, All The Writing Is On The Wall
Author, activist, and professor of Black and Latin Studies at Baruch College Dr. Johanna Fernandez discusses her new edited volume, Writing on the Wall: Selected Prison Writings of Mumia Abu-Jama


An NSA Whistleblower’s Guide to Encryption
Thomas Drake, a former senior executive at the NSA turned whistleblower, sat down with the Real News to talk about the USA Freedom Act as ersatz reform and how the public can take matters into their own hands by encrypting their phones and computers


Institute for Public Accuracy
Yemen: Carnage from Saudi Bombing “Not the Worst Part”


Democracy Now!
“A Europe of Equals”: Report from Athens as Greek Voters Seek Alternatives to Austerity


Economist Richard Wolff on Roots of Greek Crisis, Debt Relief & Rise of Anti-Capitalism in Europe


Three Ways to Lose Weight… Even When You Can’t
by Yuri Elkaim


Which Exercise is Best for Weight Loss?
Are you wondering which exercise is best for weight loss? This list will tell you how many calories common exercises burn.
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



Dominoes of Democracy? Europe’s Left Finds Hope in Anti-Austerity Vote
Irish observer says vote is ‘potentially the most important political event since the collapse of the Berlin Wall’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Two Years After Oil Train Disaster, Profound Scars Remain in Lac-Mégantic
Activists prepare for demonstrations across Canada and US this week to ‘Stop Oil Trains’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


For This ‘Shark Week,’ Grassroots Alliance Targets Predators of the Poor
Payday loans ‘trap 12 million Americans in a devastating cycle of debt annually,’ National People’s Action says
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Eric Holder Returns as Hero to Law Firm That Lobbies for Big Banks
by Lee Fang
The Intercept

*Coddling crime

Pays big time


America’s Endless Air Wars
by Nicolas J. S. Davies


For All the Hereafter: On the 14th Amendment and Clarence Thomas’ Ridiculous Dissent
The Fourteenth Amendment is a living document, and Clarence Thomas is a terrible historian
by Patrick Rael


Europe’s Greek Moment
For European elites, Greece is a convenient scapegoat
by Yanis Varoufakis


Corporate Capitalism Is the Foundation of Police Brutality and the Prison State
by Chris Hedges


The Greek Burden: Confronting Neoliberal Authoritarianism on 5 July
by John Weeks


Drug Policy Alliance
Marijuana Legalization in Washington State: One-Year Status Report
New Report Finds Major Fiscal Benefits, Decrease in Violent Crime, No Increase in Youth Marijuana Use or Traffic Fatalities – And Massive Drop in Marijuana Arrests
Popular Support for Marijuana Legalization Remains Strong in Washington


Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR Seeks Federal Investigation of Maryland Teacher’s Anti-Muslim Statements
Teacher told student: ‘You terrorist. You little Osama. You have a bomb in your locker.’


Privacy International
Surveillance Company Hacking Team Exposed


The Real News Network
Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt – Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges discusses his new book with Paul Jay. In part one, they focus on the revolutionary significance of the life of Tom Paine, a man who understood the moral imperative of revolt and was willing to pay the price.

*Rebellion isn’t a calculation

It’s a calling


Greek Voters Deliver Stunning Rebuke to Austerity
Michael Spourdalakis, Dean of the School of Economics and Politics at the University of Athens, in an interview with Dimitri Lascaris, says it is time for the Greek government to play hardball with the Troika


Eddie Conway Talks Activism and Shares His Life Story With Seniors
The Real News Executive Producer Eddie Conway talks to senior citizens about his book and how Baltimore city has changed since the time of the ’68 riots


How Greening Europe’s Economy Could Get It Out of Debt
PERI Co-Director Bob Pollin discusses the potential impact of green policies for Spain and why no-growth policies of austerity do more harm than good


TRNN REPLAY: The Untold History of Independence Day
Historian Peter Linebaugh: The rights and freedoms that we celebrate on the Fourth of July are the product of vast human struggle that remains unfinished


The Global African: Right-Wing Extremism & Who Stole the Soul
TeleSUR’s the Global African examines right-wing terrorism and Soul!, an early African-American variety show


Institute for Public Accuracy
“BP Got off Cheap”

*The price of another accident waiting to happen


After Greece Cuts a Quarter of Its Budget, WaPo Asks if It’s Willing to ‘Trim Spending’
by Jim Naureckas

*They want to hear Greece scream.

Well, Greece just screamed

“Go fuck yourself!”


Democracy Now!
“Democracy Cannot Be Blackmailed”: Greek Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Creditors’ Austerity Demand


The Polio Vaccine Cancer Cover-up
by Landee Martin

*I don’t know

And I won’t know with a closed mind.


The Dangers of Quorn Products You Should Know
If you frequently eat meat substitutes, look out for Quorn products, or you may suffer their not uncommon and sometimes deadly side effects
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


7 Healthy Ways to Naturally Reduce Anxiety
by Yuri Elkaim



The Fight Over Obamacare Was a Giant Political Charade
by Sonali Kolhatkar

*The shame of the sham


Dumping on Dixie Again
by Andrew Levine


The Real News Network
One Baltimore Neighborhood Proves Police Alone Aren’t the Answer
Despite desperate conditions, Cherry Hill teamed up with Safe Streets to stop murders for over 400 days


The Politics of Fear Ahead of Greek Referendum
Elite interests aim to keep Greece on the path of further austerity, say University of Greenwich’s Ozlem Onaran and University of London’s John Weeks


Puerto Rico’s Debt Is Not Financial, It’s Colonial: The Political Imprisonment of Oscar Lopez Rivera
Vicente “Panama” Alba joined us from Puerto Rico to discuss the political imprisonment and repression of Puerto Rican Nationalists


Survivor of Israeli Attack on USS Liberty: It Could Not Have Been a Mistake (2/2)
TRRN speaks to survivor Sgt. Bryce Lockwood and former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern about the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty

*And in the improbable event that Sanders becomes president, the status quo will hold, won’t it just?


Democracy Now!
“What to the Slave is 4th of July?”: James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass’ Historic Speech


And debasement

Take no holiday


Healthy Food Quiz: Questions and Answers to Help You Fight Disease
This healthy food quiz – questions and answers included – will test your knowledge on what to eat
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action


Just for the dill of it
by Leanne Ely



Will US Government Be Made to Answer for Fueling Yemen’s Approaching Famine?
UN official warns country of 26 million ‘one step’ from mass starvation
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Inhumanitarian intervention


Greece: No to Austerity, Yes to Democracy
by Dale Wiehoff


The Real News Network
Why BP’s $18.7 Billion Gulf Spill Settlement Falls Short
Settlement fails to address health and lost livelihood damages while infrastructure for oil transport continues to be built, says Bridge the Gulf Project fellow Cherri Foytlin

*Who gets a slap on the wrist

And who gets a kick in the balls?


Puerto Rico on the Brink of Financial Collapse
Economist James Henry breaks down the hedge funds, bond holders, and wealthy individuals who have benefited from Puerto Rico’s triple tax exempt status


The Birth of Patrice Lumumba and the Assassination of a Free Africa
Congolese human rights advocate and Student Coordinator and National Spokesperson for the Friends of the Congo Kambale Musavuli talks about the 90th birthday of slain revolutionary Patrice Lumumba and the continuing negative impact of that assassination on all of Africa

*I’m certainly no expert on the life and legacy of Lumumba, but I’m always uncomfortable with iconization.

I feel it bears repeating that pedestals are inherently unstable objects, prone to topple over on those gathered in admiration around them.

Our fealty should be to the principles we assign, accurately or not, to these personalities, and not to the persons themselves.

If they are whom we wish they would be, they would concur with that context.


North Korea’s “Hate America Month”?
Activist and author Brian Becker discusses the most recent naval incident between North and South Korea and gives much needed political and historical context to ongoing media coverage of that region

*You can accept Becker’s delineation of US turpitude in Korea without acceding to his rather rose colored portrayal of a Stalinist state, can’t you?

Ball could have questioned that depiction, but chose not to, appending not a little irony to his outlet’s appellation, wouldn’t you say?


Ida B. Wells and Lessons to Learn from South Carolina
Dr. Paula Giddings discusses the South Carolina massacre, church burnings, Ferguson and more in the context of her work on the life and politics of Ida B. Wells


Institute for Public Accuracy
Cuba: Will U.S. Stop Interventionist Policies?

*Of course, from the US side, this is all being driven by the dreams of profits to be made in a Cuba open for business. Overt and covert ploys to achieve that will proceed apace.

Democracy Now!’s segment today made scant mention of this — to my mind, focused to a large degree on praise for Dear Misleader’s “leadership” on the matter — so I didn’t deem it worth reposting. You can check it out for yourself, if you’re so inclined.


National Plutocrat Radio
Corporate One-Percenters dominate NPR affiliates’ boards
by Aldo Guerrero

*A “public” disgrace


Democracy Now!
As France Suspends Soldiers for Child Sexual Abuse, Will UN Tackle Impunity for Western Peacekeepers?


Magnesium-Rich Foods Could Help Prevent Diabetes
Magnesium-rich foods aren’t just delicious, they also benefit your health
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



Fracking with the Happy People
How the search for shale gas is exposing cracks in Denmark’s showcase democracy
by Anders Vang Nielsen


How We Make Change Is Changing, Part I
Open Source Campaigns for the 21st Century
by Marisa Franco, B Loewe and Tania Unzueta


U.S. Right to Know
Is Coke Illegally Claiming ‘Diet’ Soda is a Treatment for Obesity?

*The skinny on a big fat lie


Jewish Voice for Peace
US State Department Tacitly Accepts Settlement Boycotts


The Real News Network
Survivor of Israeli Attack on USS Liberty: It Could Not Have Been a Mistake
To mark the 48th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty,
TRNN speaks to survivor Sgt. Bryce Lockwood and former CIA Analyst Ray


SCOTUS Case Could Bring “Right to Work” to All 50 States
Labor Notes’ Samantha Winslow explains how the Supreme Court could
weaken public sector worker unions


Turkey Planning Next Move After ISIS Commits Massacre in Kobani
Patrick Cockburn and Baris Kaargaarc discuss recent news that Turkey
is considering military intervention in northern Syria


No Labor Protections in Obama’s Overtime Plan
Activist and author Eugene Puryear challenges the Fair Labor Standards
Act and the president’s claims that this will indeed be a benefit to
working people


Zero for 40 at Predicting Attacks: Why Do Media Still Take FBI Terror
Warnings Seriously?
by Adam Johnson

*A favor of fear


Institute for Public Accuracy
Failed State: Greece or European Union?


Democracy Now!
Is Puerto Rico America’s Greece? U.S. Commonwealth Seeks Bankruptcy
Help in Face of Crushing Debt


Rep. Nydia Velázquez: Freedom for Oscar López Rivera Unites Puerto
Ricans Across Political Lines

*Velázquez mealy mouths on Dear Misleader, and Goodman and González
are content to let her.

So what else is new?


After Marriage Equality & Obamacare, Mixed Results from SCOTUS on
Abortion, Pollution, Executions

*”Well, why am I going to pay to join the union when I get all the
benefits of being a member for nothing?”

Well, besides being a selfish prick, if you don’t join the union, all
those benefits you pay nothing for will ultimately become just that —

No union, no benefits.

And you’ll have the right to work for the pay and conditions your boss
thinks will work best for his bottom line.


NJ Gov. Chris Christie Faces Economic Turmoil at Home as He Seeks GOP
Presidential Nomination

*Another turd in the toilet



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