November 2015


After Shooting, Anti-Choice Rhetoric Denounced for Creating Culture of Hate
“You are not free from the judgement of the consequences of your hate-filled rhetoric,” says NARAL leader after Colorado attack
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Ye shall know them by their fruits

And nuts

The Real Trouble With Bernie
by Andrew Levine

*In the end, any sense of global humanity isn’t even an afterthought.

Friends of the Earth
Should Our Children Be Genetically Engineered?
Call for ban on germline genetic engineering of human beings

*Isn’t there a difference between not knowing about the consequences

And not caring about them?

And were they always “unintended”?

Amnesty International
Northern Ireland: Amnesty Welcomes Landmark Court Decision on Abortion Law
“It is shameful that the Courts have had to step in because politicians have repeatedly failed Northern Ireland’s women”

The Real News Network
HBCU’s and Maryland Clash Over Higher Ed
TRNN Producer David Tigabu speaks with Morgan State University President David Wilson and alumnus David Burton about the ongoing struggle for equity in higher education

Sheltering Liberation: A Short History of Maroon Settlements
This week on teleSUR’s The Global African, Dr. Msomi Moor and Dr. Sheila Walker discuss the legacy of the maroon presence in Panama and Colombia

Who Is Supporting Trump?
Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Thomas Ferguson examines the poll numbers and explains why the lower and middle white-working classes are connecting with the billionaire’s messaging

Beauty Lies Truth
Tell Procter and Gamble to Make Safer Tampons and Pads For All Women and #DETOXTHEBOX

In New York Times, Blue Eyes ‘Wince and Cloud’ at the Terror of a ‘Gentle Loner’
by Jim Naureckas

*Push the white button for empathy

Institute for Public Accuracy
“The Real Reason for Turkey’s Shoot-Down of the Russian Jet”

Democracy Now!
Global Protests Demand Climate Justice as World Leaders Open Pivotal Paris Summit

Indigenous Climate Activists: Paris “Police State” is the Reality Frontline Communities Live With

French Farmer-Activist José Bové on Paris Protest Ban: “We Are in Prison in Our Own Home”

Naomi Klein on Paris Summit: Leaders’ Inaction on Climate Crisis is “Violence” Against the Planet

*The black art of the “politically possible”

Are You Getting the Benefits of Organic Food You Paid For?
by Ty Bollinger

*Unlabeled GMOs

Mislabeled “organics”

And a disabled regulatory regime

A recipe for disease and disaster

Serves 320 million

What a Doctor Should Never Say to a Cancer Patient
by Bill Henderson


Oil Jobs Lost: 250.000 And Counting, Texas Likely To See Massive Layoffs Soon
by Charles Kennedy

Forget ISIS: Humanity is at Stake
by Ramzy Baroud

The Biggest Man-Made Environmental Disaster Preceding the Paris Climate Conference
by Thuy Anh

Can porn be good for us?
The Economist magazine sponsored an online debate on the question “Can porn be good for us?” I argued against pornography and Cindy Gallop argued for, with guest commentaries. At the end of the 10-day debate, readers voted 81% against pornography.
by Robert Jensen

Jensen’s rebuttal is at

His closing statement is at

America’s Empire of African Bases Spreads
The U.S. military has built an extensive archipelago of African outposts, transforming the continent into a laboratory for a new kind of war.
by Nick Turse

*Empire state building

REI Will #OptOutside on Black Friday. Can It Change Retail (and the Economy)?
All 143 REI stores will be closed on Black Friday. But what more can the co-op do to live up to its values and transform the conversation in the United States?
by Parag Rajendra Khandhar


At Gates of Guantanamo, Activists Counter Unjust Detention With ‘Powerful Act of Compassion’
‘We are here to say: We know you are suffering; we have come to stand with you.’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Stronger Locks, Better Security
by Cindy Cohn

*It’s not a matter of “know[ing] better”

It’s a matter of wanting to know everything

Koch “Alliance” on Criminal Justice Reform Exposed as Trojan Horse
by Dan Froomkin

*I’m shocked

That anyone believed this shit in the first place.

Jobs With Justice
Stand With Retail Employees – During the Holidays and All Year-Round!

The Real News Network
Indigenous Peoples’ History is More Complicated Than a Holiday Myth
Tara Houska, tribal rights attorney and co-founder of, discusses often omitted nuances of Indigenous peoples’ history and outlines some current struggles being waged

Pentagon Must Be Thankful for the Turkey Washington Post Gave Its Readers
by Jim Naureckas

*Our bombs care more than theirs


EPA Turnaround on Toxic Herbicide ‘Huge Victory for Future of Food’
Revoking Enlist Duo approval, agency sides with green groups and pulls brake on ‘lethal cocktail of chemicals’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

US Represents Cautionary Tale about Media System Dominated by Market Values
Until corporate libertarianism is dismantled, it is difficult to achieve an effective “media democracy” which protects collective rights held by publics, audiences, and communities over the individual rights of corporations
by Victor Pickard

A Holiday Reminder: Give Thanks for the Groups Who Resettle Refugees, and Live Up to American Ideals
On this holiday that celebrates gratitude, be thankful that religious and non-profit refugee aid workers are also fighting Islamophobia
by Joan Walsh

Showdown on the Syrian border
by Vijay Prashad

The Real News Network
Turkey’s Intentions Behind the Downing of a Russian Jet (1/2)
Trent University’s Baris Karaagac explains why Turkey would risk a close business relationship with Russia and assist Islamic extremists in Syria


Is America Powerless to Stop Pfizer Merger?
Pfizer-Allergan deal will create world’s largest pharmaceutical company, higher drug prices, and hundreds of millions in lost tax revenue, but economist James Henry explains why Congress is turning a blind eye

“Being a Founding White Father Ain’t What It Used To Be:” Student Protests on College Campuses
Glen Ford, executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report, says that student protests around the world against racist legacies of former leaders and a lack of diversity at their universities speaks to a resurgence of old political struggles

*Much more than monuments need to be dismantled

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Myth of Thanksgiving” and Mideast Policy Today

*Holy war

Wholly hypocritical

‘They’re Not Americans’: CNN Guest Justifies Massive Attacks on Civilians
by Jim Naureckas

*A circus complete with killer clowns

Democracy Now!
Chicago Police Officer Charged With Murder After Video Shows Him Shooting Laquan McDonald 16 Times

Eyewitness Recalls Shooting by Alleged White Supremacists at Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Protest

The 10 Worst Ab Exercises That Waste Your Time and Kill Your Spine
by Yuri Elkaim

*I guess you could say that these “burns” lead to a meltdown.

Or not …


The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: Militarizing Education
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges discusses the militarization of higher education institutions with journalist Alexa O’Brien to uncover the trail of money and influence from the national security state to college programs

Maryland Among Lowest Number of Hate Crimes in the Nation
Latest FBI report shows state relatively hate crime free, but some question stats

Turkey Plants with Poor Food Safety Records Avoid Oversight
by Sarah Damian
Food Intergrity Campaign

Petition update
Mercy for Animals
Don’t Buy Foster Farms’ Cruel Thanksgiving Lies

A Day in the Quality of Life at the Manhattan Institute
by Josmar Trujillo

*MI will never host a panel on “The Quality of Mercy”.

I’ll put scared money on that, I tell you what.

Once Again, Media Terrorize the Public for the Terrorists
by Adam H. Johnson

*Terrorists from all camps benefit from this scare mongering, as well as the mongers themselves.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Debunking Trump — and his Critics — on 9/11 and Torture

Tweets in a Time of Terror: Clinton and Carson Target Free Speech

Democracy Now!
Journalist on Shooting of Laquan McDonald By Chicago Police Officer: “It Was An Horrific Execution”

*What Emanuel’s truly “appalled” by is the truth coming out, don’t you think?

Chicago Activist: City’s Call for Peace over Laquan McDonald Video Does Not Extend to Police Department

*It’s immensely frustrating to hear comments like “restoring trust” from someone who should know better.

There’s never been trust, and will never be trust, in an institution dedicated to one’s oppression.

And it’s not “a relatively small subset” of officers that engages in that oppression, but a system designed to implement it.

Do we need another couple of centuries to admit that as established fact?

The Okinawan Secret to a Long, Lean Life
by Yuri Elkaim


As Cameron Bangs War Drum, Voices for Peace Rally Around Corbyn
‘Another destructive bombing campaign is no solution whatsoever,’ anti-war campaigners warn. ‘It risks intensifying and widening what is already a catastrophic war.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*It’s damnably difficult to say who is the greater friend to whom

The jihadists

Or the warmongers and profiteers?

New Report Digs the Dirt on the Corporate Criminals Sponsoring Climate Talks
Inviting major polluters to pay for the talks compared to ‘hiring a fox to guard a hen house’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

What’s Really at Stake at the Paris Climate Conference Now Marches Are Banned
By banning protest at COP21, Hollande is silencing those facing the worst impacts of climate change and its monstrous violence
by Naomi Klein

Signs of a Dying Society
by Paul Buchheit

The New Great Game Between China and the US
Will chess, not Battleship, be the game of the future in Eurasia?
by Pepe Escobar

The Realism of Audacity: Rethinking Revolutionary Strategy Today
by Panagiotis Sotiris

*The truly open heart cannot exist without the truly open mind

ACLU Renews Call for Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Following Florida Legislature Report

The Real News Network
Report: The Population of Women in Prison Has Tripled Since the 90’s
A recently published report by the Prison Policy Initiative brings to light staggering statistics about incarcerated women

History Will Judge America on Syrian Refugee Crisis As “Shameful”
Trinity College’s Vijay Prashad says lawmakers anti-refugee stance is more about politics than technicalities, as many refugees have been screened for more than two years

What’s Fueling Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria?
Baba Aye of Nigeria’s United Action for Democracy argues that the West’s obsession with military solutions will ensure the dominance of groups like ISIS

Is Obama Walking Into COP21 With An Empty Hand?
NYU’s Christian Parenti says international agreements will remain largely symbolic if the Obama administration fails to aggressively push for green economic policies

Pull All Drug Ads from TV
by Denise Kinney

*A pusher’s a pusher

In the street

Or the corporate suite

Keep politics out of science — stop the passage of H.R.1806
by Evin Lambert

*Ignorance is only bliss for those threatened by the facts

Institute for Public Accuracy
Saudi Arabia: * Death for “Apostasy” * U.S. Weapons Fueling Wars

Hollande and Obama: Doubling Down on “Imperialism”?

Abuse Charges Against a Former Cop Are Disturbing–as Is the Lack of Media Interest
by Janine Jackson

*The right victims for the perp

The wrong ones for the press

Democracy Now!
Brussels Is Under High Security Alert, But Will Europe Address Muslims in “Marginalized Ghettos”?

*Those “ghettos”, and the way their residents are treated – in Europe and the US – are more of a reflection of “Western values” than those Bouckaert speaks of, wouldn’t you say?

A Paris Every Day: As 100 Americans Die from Guns Daily, Newark Mayor Ras Baraka Calls for Reform

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, Elected After Popular Uprising, Defends Local Control of Schools

“A Mayor That’s Radical”: Newark Mayor Ras Baraka Reflects on His Poet Father & 1st Year in Office

*Perhaps Baraka is “radical” in the context of U.S. electoral politics, but it’s always sound counsel to put one’s faith in principles rather than personages, and to hold the latter to the former.

How they respond to that accountability is the true measure of their radicalism.

Why Your MD Won’t Recommend a Natural Treatment
by Dr. Linda Isaacs

A single meal “changed my life forever”
The culprit: ground beef contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Biodegradable is Bunk: World’s ‘Ocean Waste Baskets’ Still Filled With Plastic Trash
Such products ‘will not bring about a significant decrease either in the quantity of plastic entering the ocean or the risk of physical and chemical impacts on the marine environment,’ UN report states
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A throw away society

A thrown away environment

CNN Punished Its Own Journalist for Fulfilling a Core Duty of Journalism
by Glenn Greenwald

*No profit in principle

Who’s Leading The Charge For Change? Women
by Laura Flanders

*Sisters are doing it for themselves

And any of the rest of us willing to do it with them

‘Terrorism for Dummies’: Clinton’s Neo-Conservativsm Is Simply Dangerous
by Peter Bloom

*Sanders is far from the “anti Clinton” in his cheerleading for Saudi involvement in the “GWOT” ™, among other stances, but the point’s taken

“Madame Mayhem” is an apt moniker.

Climate Change Is Violence
by Rebecca Solnit

*Ignomonies of scale

Amnesty International
Abortion is Not a Crime, Doctors Warn Governments

Sierra Club
World Trade Organization Puts Dolphins At Risk

Western Environmental Law Center
In Advance of Paris Climate Talks, Washington Court Recognizes Constitutional and Public Trust Rights and Announces Agency’s Legal Duty to Protect Atmosphere for Present and Future Generations
“[I]f ever there were a time to recognize through action this right to preservation of a healthful and pleasant atmosphere, the time is now”

*Kids save the dearest things

Statement by Friends of the Earth International in Reaction to the French Government Ban of the Paris Climate Justice Mobilizations Due to the Heightened Security Situation

The Real News NetworkBack to Square One, Obama Says Assad Must Go
After Vienna international talks created a political transition in Syria, Trinity College’s Vijay Prashad says Obama’s precondition that Assad must go is lock in step with Turkish and Saudi interests

Between ISIS and Intervening Powers, Perpetual Conflict is Common Goal
York University Professor Sabah Alnasseri discusses the strategy of ISIS and regional actors following the attacks in Paris and Beirut

The Pentagon and Bernie Sanders Agree: Terrorism Linked to Climate Change
NYU’s Christian Parenti explains how we can connect the dots between droughts, neoliberal policies and terrorism

Cancer-Causing Processed Meats Largely Affect Low Income Neighborhoods
According to a recent WHO study, processed meats cause cancer – but in many Baltimore neighborhoods, that’s the only food that’s available

*Feasting on a real food famine

Institute for Public Accuracy
Mali: Libya Bombing and Saudi Power as Sources of Instability

FAIR CounterSpin
‘You No Longer Have Your Constitutional Right to Civil Jury Trial’
Joanne Doroshow on forced arbitration
by Janine Jackson

*Court of lost resort

David Brooks’ ‘$120,000 Vacation’ Is No Joke
by Janine Jackson

*Conspicuous condescension

Democracy Now!
Exclusive: Air Force Whistleblowers Risk Prosecution to Warn Drone War Kills Civilians, Fuels Terror

“Numbing & Horrible”: Former Drone Operator Brandon Bryant on His Haunting First Kill

Exclusive: 2 Air Force Vets Speak Out for First Time on Why They Want the Drone War to Stop

From Console to Trigger: How Pentagon “Exploits” Video Game Culture to Wire Youth for War

*Support these troops

And maybe the child molesters won’t find it as easy to mindfuck the next generation.


Emergency Lawsuit Filed To Fight FDA Approval of ‘Frankenfish’
In addition to profound potential for ecological impacts, critics say move by FDA ignores fundamental right of consumers to know how their food is produced
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Anti-Transparency Bill Implies Pennsylvania Police Have ‘Something to Hide’
‘We give our police officers a great deal of power. It is crucial that transparency is coupled with that power.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

G20 Media, Did the Cat Get Its Tongue?
News of the G20 Summit focused on Paris, Syria, and yes, cats. Where was the media on other issues?
by Lacy MacAuley

Snowden Reveals Obama Ordered NSA and CIA to Spy on Venezuela
by Charles Davis and Andrew Fishman

Week of Action on the Anniversary of DAPA

The Real News Network
Remembering Joe Hill
On the 100th anniversary of the execution of labor organizer and songsmith Joe Hill, Alexis Buss, contributor to the book The Letters of Joe Hill, speaks on Hill’s life, work, and legacy

*The song remains the same

Institute for Public Accuracy
Drone Whistleblowers: U.S. Assassination Program Ignites Terrorism

ISIS Killed More Americans in Beirut Than in Paris–but Only Their Hometown Papers Noticed
by Neil deMause

*The “other” victims

Death-Squad Organizer Is NYT’s Source on Ben Carson’s Lack of Foreign Policy Smarts
by Adam Johnson and Jim Naureckas


Ignoring the color that would be

Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald: “Shameless” U.S. Officials Exploit Paris Attacks to Defend Spying & Attack Snowden

*Malefactoring consent

Glenn Greenwald on “Submissive” Media’s Drumbeat for War and “Despicable” Anti-Muslim Scapegoating

*The sick

And the dead

9 Health-Boosting Reasons Chlorella Was Thought to End World Hunger
by Yuri Elkaim


Hysterical Corporate Media Fueling War Fervor, Xenophobia in 24/7 Cycle
‘Not since 2003 have I witnessed anything as supine and uncritical as the CIA-worshipping stenography that has been puked forward this week.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Terror (and/or war) is good business

Invest your airtime

Was the media’s “objective” ever to “inform”?

And can we stop referring to war crimes and the flouting of international law as “mistakes”?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph …

Center for Food Safety
Alarming Public Health Study Documents Effects of Bee-killing Insecticides on People in Japan
Center for Food Safety Concerned Rural Americans Face Similar Risks

The Real News Network
Jamar Clark’s Killer Cops Identified Amid Growing Protests in Minneapolis
Minneapolis Black Lives Matter activist and attorney Nekima Levy-Pounds describes the events, case and protests over the police killing of unarmed African American Jamar Clark

Terrorism Expert: Islamic State Sustains Itself Through a War Economy
Loretta Napoleoni, author of ‘Islamic Phoenix,’ discusses how the Islamic State is financed

Silent for the Sake of Arms Sales? contributor Daniel Lazare says U.S. officials have known for years that their Gulf partners are funding groups like the Islamic State

*Saber rattling

To obscure saber selling

Coverage of Russian Plane Bombing Shows What a Difference an Enemy Makes
by Jim Naureckas

FAIR CounterSpin
‘We Are in a Whole New Struggle Over the Right to Vote Now’
Ari Berman on Voting Rights
by Janine Jackson

*The right to vote is vital

The more so when there’s some reason to

Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton Foundation a “Money Laundering Operation” for “Influence Peddling” by Dictators

*The dirty dynamic behind the dynasty

Democracy Now!
Desperate Journey: Shocking Video Shows Risks Refugee Families Take to Reach Europe Safely

*”Je Suis un Réfugié” … ?


US Quest for Oil Exacerbates Global Thirst
New study highlights the growing crisis at the intersection of energy policy and international trade
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Drilling us dry

ISIS Wants to Destroy the ‘Grey Zone’. Here’s How We Defend It
After the Paris attacks, it is imperative that we safeguard this arena of co-existence, where people of all faith and none remain unified on the principles of common humanity.
by Nafeez Ahmed

Thanks Amazon, But We Don’t Need Your Solidarité
Companies aren’t people. Maybe that’s why their ‘grief’ at the Paris attacks leaves a bitter taste in my mouth
by Jessica Reed

*Your pain is our gain

Metadata Surveillance Didn’t Stop the Paris Attacks
by Marcy Wheeler

*Is mass surveillance focused on threats to people

Or threats to power?

Life Goes On Under the Helicopters and the Terrible Cost of Avoiding the Dangers of Kabul
by Brian Terrell

Artists and Activists Re-Imagine ‘Trans Day of Remembrance’

The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and organizer Kevin Zeese break down the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and detail the upcoming demonstrations organized against it

*Corporations aren’t persons

They have far more rights

France’s Colonial Past and Blowback
Glen Ford, executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report, says that France’s colonial legacy is again being ignored in the response and media coverage to the attacks in Paris

Petition update
Congress: Don’t force survivors of sexual assault to go to the police. Vote no on the #UnsafeCampusAct
McCaskill responds to our petition, NIC & NPC withdraw support
by Jillian Murray and Know Your IX

Petition update
We did it! Kikkoman will stop testing on animals!
by Kacey Kogachi

Democracy Now!
There is No Military Solution: Could ISIL Be Strengthened by U.S., French, Russian Bombing?

Lydia Wilson: What I Discovered from Interviewing Imprisoned Islamic State Fighters


Viewers Tune Out, Voters Lose Out as DNC Buries Democratic Debate
Democratic party heads face renewed criticism as Republican candidates, with millions more tuning in, are dominating the conversation
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Which is more ironic

“Democratic” or “Republican”?

(And I think “nimbly” may have been a typo.)

One Night in Kunduz, One Morning in New York
by Laura Gottesdiener

Non-French War Deaths Matter
by David Swanson

*The man was reading my mind, and beat me to speaking it.

Those who promise security at home are those who guarantee the opposite by creating chaos abroad.

Blowback doesn’t occur in a vacuum, but an inferno of one’s own making.

The dead of Paris are no less and no more to be mourned than those murdered in the charade of “The War on Terror”.

That terror breeds this terror, and will do so until it is neutered by an ascendant sense of humanity.

New Anti-Capitalist Party (France)
The cruelty of imperialist wars results in the cruelty of terrorism




Three strikes and you’re out

The Real News Network
France Seeks Revenge Against ISIS in Syria
France launches massive airstrikes against ISIS in Syria after terror attacks in Paris kill at least 129 and injure hundreds more

Warren Investigation Finds Taxpayers Could Be on the Hook for $10 Trillion in Risky Derivatives
After Congress rammed through a ‘cromnibus’ spending bill last year that repealed parts of Dodd-Frank financial regulation, UMKC’s Bill Black explains how with or without this repeal another Wall Street bailout is still a real possibility

ACLU Releases Mobile Justice App
Representatives from ACLU of MD present Mobile Justice App in partnership with Coppin State University and community leaders

*Let’s hope this spreads as swiftly as the next celebrity embarrassment

Infrastructure, Food Security, and Syria to Dominate G-20 Summit
Trinity College’s Vijay Prashad says world leaders will need to wrestle with a no-job growth economy, food insecurity, and the effect of a possible rise in interest rates by the Federal Reserve [This interview took place before the Paris attacks]

Institute for Public Accuracy
After Paris: What Needs to Be Changed? * Interventions * Saudi

Syria and Climate Change: Does Global Warming Fuel Conflict?

After Paris: Is the “War on Terror” Feeding Terror?

*The very definition of a rhetorical question

But the security state feasts, as well, doesn’t it?

Ending the buffet for both necessitates an end to empire and exploitation

And that will be how we truly honor their victims.

Context-Free Coverage of Terror Helps Perpetuate Its Causes
by Jim Naureckas

Torturing animals for soy sauce?
by Kacey Kogachi

*Sadism in the pursuit of profit is not heart healthy

Democracy Now!
Voices from a City in Mourning: Paris Reels After 129 Killed in Deadliest Attacks in Decades

“We Shouldn’t Play into the Hands of ISIS”: Vijay Prashad on Danger of Military Escalation in Syria

“We Are Scared, We Are Grieving”: Muslim Activist in Paris Condemns Attacks, Rising Islamophobia

*Reason and humanity amongst the hysteria and hate

What are Chemtrails and How Are They Harming Our Food and Water?
by Ty Bollinger

*This is news to me. If anyone has any intel they feel is valid on the subject, please pass it along.


With ‘Off-Planet’ Mining Bill, US Congress Seeks to Privatize Outer Space
Extraterrestrial ‘Finders Keepers’ law allows US citizens and companies to legally claim ‘abiotic’ natural resources including water and minerals
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Declining Snowpack Threatens Water Supply for Billions Worldwide
‘Water managers in a lot of places may need to prepare for a world where the snow reservoir no longer exists.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Elephant in Paris – Guns and Greenhouse Gases
by Nick Buxton

The Campus Race Protests Are About Systemic Racism That’s Never Gone Away
These movements, most recently at Yale, Mizzou and Ithaca, have been happening since the first person of color stepped on to a college campus
by Luna Olavarría Gallegos

Demystifying US and Israeli Power
by Susan Cain and Mark Mason

*A bit too neat to my mind, but there are undeniable truths and useful intel extant.

The Real News Network
Is the ISIS Bombing in Beirut a Product of US Policy in the Region?
Rania Masri and Vijay Prashad say the Western media’s reporting on the ISIS bombing in Lebanon is deeply racist and accepts the ISIS narrative by describing the southern Beirut neighborhood as a “Hezbollah bastion”

General Strike In Greece Reignites Anti-Austerity Battle
Greek port worker and union leader Giorgos Gogos says most of the demonstrations across the country were peaceful and unified against austerity measures imposed by the lenders and accepted by SYRIZA

#MillionStudentMarch: Thousands Walkout Across The Country
As thousands demonstrate at over 100 campuses across the country, TRNN speaks to UC Berkeley student Lauren Butler, who explains why students are fighting against tuition, debt and racism

Fossil Fuel Companies Under Investigation for Role in Climate Change Denial
Dan Zegart, senior fellow at the Climate Investigation Center, says New York State Attorney’s settlement with Peabody Energy is not satisfactory given the damage caused by denying climate change

The Global African: Reparations in the Caribbean?
Did UK Prime Minister David Cameron inadvertently give life to the Reparations movement in the Caribbean? We also talk to the leader of a new project cutting down on energy consumption and empowering local women in Tanzania

Puente Movement
Palestinian Refugees Facing Deportation

Media Turn Civilian ISIS Victims in Beirut Into Hezbollah Human Shields
by Ben Norton

Democracy Now!
Terror in Little Saigon: The Shocking Story of a Vietnamese Death Squad Killing 5 Journalists in US Pt. 2

*It’s not a matter of not having control over these killers. It’s obvious there was no desire to – then or now.

So “blowback” is an inappropriate term in this instance, isn’t it?

In Nationwide Student Revolt over Campus Racism, NY’s Ithaca College is Latest School to Erupt

Gobble up your turkey!
by Leanne Ely


Worried TPP Will Hurt Workers? This Case Will Provide Some Clues.
“If the administration fails to take strong action, critics will see it as a signal that the U.S. is falling short on linking trade, investment, and labor rights.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

To Evade NSA, Microsoft Begins Building Data Centers in Germany
Data stored in new centers will only be accessible with permission of user or ‘data trustee’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Saudi-Led Coalition ‘Deliberately’ Targeting Hospitals in Yemen: ICRC
With a stockpile of Western arms, the Saudi siege of Yemen has hit nearly 100 healthcare facilities in war-torn country since March
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Monsanto Accused of Knowingly Polluting SF Bay with Toxic PCBs
Oakland city attorney says the chemical giant ‘chose profits over people, and American cities and citizens are still suffering the consequences.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Germany’s Spy Targets Included FBI, UNICEF, US Weapons Makers
New reporting adds to controversy over intelligence agency’s activities
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Remaking the Middle East: How the US Grew Tired and Less Irrelevant
by Ramzy Baroud

Energy Democracy: Inside Californians’ Game-Changing Plan for Community-Owned Power
Large utility companies control about 75 percent of the electricity market in California. A hybrid between a public agency and private utility, the new Community Choice program is a model for communities that want greener, cheaper energy.
by Al Weinrub

Puerto Rico Community Overburdened by Pollution Pushes Back on Incinerator Project
Proposed Arecibo Waste Incinerator would further harm community encircled by pollution, if given federal funding

Center for Biological Diversity
Bat-killing Fungus Reaches Nebraska

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Settlement Reached in Case of Professor Fired for ‘Uncivil’ Tweets

The Real News Network
“Generation Mix:” Is All This Talk of “Multiracialism” An Advance?
Artist, activist and creator of the multimedia comic book Hafrocentric, Juliana “Jules” Smith, and Dr. Rainier Spencer, author of Reproducing Race: The Paradox of Generation Mix, discuss their various critiques of popular approaches to “multiracial” identity

*The premeditation of “post racial”

ACLU: Baltimore Body Cam Regs Another Setback for Police Accountability
Former investigator also says decision to allow officers to review body camera footage before giving statements could hinder internal probes

*A nefarious night at the movies

Baltimore Workers Rally For Higher Wages During National Day of Action
Over 100 gathered at the Amazon warehouse in Baltimore as 500 actions to raise wages were held across the country; New York state and Pittsburgh agreed to a $15 minimum wage for their employees

*Crookie crumbs

Jobs With Justice
Tell the Postmaster General to Make Postal Banking a Reality Now

Public Citizen
Tell Vanguard to Keep Retirement Savings Out of Secret Money Politics

*Paying for the privilege of being pissed on

Institute for Public Accuracy
Documents Expose FBI’s Targeting of School of the Americas Watch

Democracy Now!
Center for American Progress Hosts Netanyahu as Leaked Emails Show Group Censored Staff on Israel


The Internet Needs a New Economy
by Nathan Schneider and Trebor Scholz

Are We Training Cops to Be Hyper-Aggressive ‘Warriors’?
Thanks in part to the Black Lives Matter movement, police training is coming under fresh scrutiny
by Joshua Holland

*The training won’t change beyond the cosmetic, as long as the purpose of policing remains the same.

Control is the goal, and has been since the slave patrols.

Veterans for Peace
Veterans Recall the Original Intent of November 11th

*If you care about vets

Work for the day when there won’t be any

Government Accountability Project
GAP Whistleblowers Available to Speak on Food Safety Concerns at Largest Hormel Pork Plant

*Bacon, and the lettuce to lobby for this rotten tomato

The Real News Network
Legal Challenge Led by 26 State Governors Blocks Obama Immigration Order
Salvador Sarmiento, Legislative Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, says President Obama has numerous options to pursue reform and halt mass deportations beyond appealing the decision

An Insider’s Look at Baltimore’s Dysfunctional Housing Authority
In Part Two, fired veteran public housing worker Lucky Crosby discusses how the lack of accountability has fueled neglect and deplorable conditions in Baltimore’s public housing

Republicans Push to Privatize Disability Insurance Despite 99.9% Payment Accuracy
After the GAO finds $11 billion in disability payment fraud, some members of Congress push for privatization to solve a problem which accounts for only one fifth of one percent of cases, says CEPR’s Nicole Woo

*Disabling the empathy gene

‘Google This’ Is Good Advice From Netanyahu, Since NYT Won’t Check His Claims for You
by Jim Naureckas

*Think that ThinkProgress piece would’ve been published if CAP hadn’t caught shit for inviting the bastard in the first place?

Democracy Now!
The Price We Pay: Inside the World of Big Corporate Tax Havens and Offshore Finance (Pt. 2)

*We can tax the rich

Or we can ax the rich

I don’t mean that literally, but is there any legitimate reason that anyone should have more than what’s needed to meet their and their families’ material needs?

Wealth should be measured by what one gets back from giving

Not what one gains from greed

Cuban-American Candidates Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Tout Immigrant Narratives Despite Stances on Reform

Terror in Little Saigon: New Doc Ties US-Allied Kill Squad to Unsolved Murders of Vietnamese Journos

*It’s maddening to hear words like “far-fetched”, “strange” and “surprising” used here, when anyone with the slightest understanding of the darkness at the heart of empire wouldn’t find any of this shocking in the least.

Anyone who does evinces a disturbing level of naiveté – especially someone engaged in investigative journalism – wouldn’t you say?

Listeria-tainted cheese led to “life sentence” of suffering
You may never get over it, victim warns
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

15 Surprising Foods That Fight Fat
by Yuri Elkaim


Belgium Tells Facebook: Quit Tracking Us…Or Pay Up
Court gives tech giant 48 hours to stop using data-sweeping cookies to store data of visitors who are not members of social network
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Don’t Thank Me Anymore… Just Care for Veterans Who Return and Work To End All War
by Michael McPhearson

*The parades of perfidy

The West’s ‘Fail-Anthropy’
by Vandana Shiva

ACLU Sues on Behalf of Black Transgender Woman Illegally Profiled and Jailed in Iowa
Civil Rights Complaint Says Hotel Discriminated Against Meagan Taylor Based on Her Gender Identity and Race

Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
Ongoing Clearance by Palm Oil Industry Spurs Imminent Species Extinction and Massive Climate Impact, Says New Progress Report on Critical Leuser Ecosystem
Rampant Plantation Expansion Devastates Deep Peatlands and Major Sumatran Elephant Habitat; Fate of Region Depends on Collective Action by Industry Giants and Local, National Governments

The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: The Death of Electoral Politics
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader analyze Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the role of the two-party system in shutting out third parties

*Any wagers on how long those Sanders signs will remain on lawns and in windows once he kisses Madame Mayhem’s bejeweled slipper?

Netanyahu to Meet With Obama, Appear at Center for American Progress
Journalist Max Blumenthal explains why a President Clinton would preserve the status quo in the Israel/Palestine conflict, and why a progressive think tank invited the Israeli prime minister to speak at their organization

Justice for Port Drivers
Support workers on strike and protesting across U.S. today!

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Tell Congress to Fully Fund FDA Efforts to Prevent Foodborne Diseases

Bezos’ Stake in Uber Goes Under the Radar at Washington Post
by Adam Johnson

*Uber alles

Institute for Public Accuracy
Fast Food Protests Today

*”Top down” don’t get the bottom up

Democracy Now!
Black Student Revolt Against Racism Ousts Two Top Officials at University of Missouri

How Black Football Players at the University of Missouri Changed the Game on Racism

“Another Yale is Possible”: Students Confront Racism at Ivy League School

*Poison Ivy

Egypt Frees Top Reporter Hossam Bahgat After Chilling Reminder That Crackdown Continues


SeaWorld to End Orca Shows—But Not Captivity of ‘Incredible Creatures’
Animal rights activists say move is motivated by mounting protests as well as tanking profits
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Detention Camp Uprising Highlights Australia’s Appalling Treatment of Refugees
“We have grave concerns about what’s happening on Christmas Island. This is a stain on our national character.”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Disposable Children
by Paul Buchheit

Waging Endless War From Vietnam to Syria
Kissinger, the Bombardier: How diplomacy by air power became an All-American tradition
by Greg Grandin

*The pretexts differ

The carnage remains the same

’60 Minutes’ Pushes National Security Propaganda To Cast Snowden, Manning As Traitors
by Kevin Gosztola

*The “libelous media” would be the apt epithet in this instance

The Digital Dog Ate Our Civil-Liberties Homework: “It’s Just the Way It Is”
by Norman Solomon

What does 1917 represent in 2015?
by Vijay Prashad

The sham Syrian peace conference
by Gareth Porter

Center for Biological Diversity
Men Encouraged to ‘Get Whacked for Wildlife’ on World Vasectomy Day
World Vasectomy Day Highlights Role of Men in Family Planning, Environmental Protection

*Sliced is nice

Making the cut for the critters

The Real News Network
Balochistan: The Largest, Most Resource-Rich, Yet Poorest Province of Pakistan
Journalist Jahanzeb Hussain talks about who’s profiting from the Pakistani province’s natural gas, and the suppression of the Baloch people

Democracy Now!
Rejecting U.S. Claims, MSF Details Horrific Bombing of Afghan Hospital & Demands War Crimes Probe

“A Devastating Decision”: No Charges for Border Guards in Beating, Taser Death of Mexican Immigrant

We Are Many: The Story of the Largest Global Protest That Would Change the World Forever (Pt. 2)

Is Your Child Crawling Towards an Increased Risk of Cancer?
by Ty Bollinger


‘Bright Spots’ Worldwide Show 100% Renewable Can and Must be Done
It ‘is the only way to ensure the world does not descend into catastrophic climate change.’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*2045? 2050?

With apologies to Jerry Ragovoy

Time ain’t on our side.

Leaked Emails From Pro-Clinton Group Reveal Censorship of Staff on Israel, AIPAC Pandering, Warped Militarism
by Glenn Greenwald

*The machinations of Madame Mayhem and her minions

The Real News Network
Fraud Allegations Fly as Haitian Presidential Election Heads to Runoff
As Haiti’s two leading presidential candidates head to a runoff, Queens College’s Francois Pierre-Louis and CEPR’s Jake Johnston discuss the lack of violence and implications of the international community’s backing of the election results

Release of TPP Full Text Shows Victory for Corporate Rights
Margaret Flowers challenges President Obama’s claim that the trade deal will promote a strong middle class

Institute for Public Accuracy
What About the “Keystone XL Clone”?

*You can’t “quietly [approve]”

Unless there’s no screaming about it.

The myopic focus on XL by the large enviros will make the struggle against the other heads of the hydra that much harder.

Kissing Dear Misleader’s member for engaging in political expediency, instead of excoriating him for his true “climate legacy”, will make the climb that much steeper, as well.

Democracy Now!
Locked Up & Neglected After Fleeing Danger, Immigrant Women Detainees Launch Hunger Strike in Texas

The End of Family Detention? PA Immigration Jail Could Be Forced to Stop Locking Up Parents & Kids

No Kids Behind Bars: For-Profit Texas Immigration Jails Challenged over Child Detention

Butternut squash stew
by Leanne Ely


Patriotism for Sale: The Pentagon’s Pro-War Propaganda Scheme with Pro Sports
Department of Defense said secretive contracts were intended to boost military recruitment
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The bread paid for the centurions at the circus

Morocco Claims It ‘Never Gave Assurances to US’ on Treatment of Former Gitmo Prisoner

Jobs With Justice
Are You Eligible? Student Loan Forgiveness 101

The Real News Network
Regardless of Keystone XL, Tar Sands Oil Will Still Flow to the Gulf
DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horn says the pipeline company Enbridge is still planning a $5 billion terminal expansion
(Note: After the publication of this story, the State Department announced it rejected Transcanada’s request to suspend it’s review of the Keystone XL pipeline)

*Ever heard of a hydra with only one head?

New Research Says Income Inequality Worsened Under Fed’s Quantitative Easing Policy
PERI’s Gerald Epstein also says there’s no evidence that raising already-low interest rates will narrow the gap

Stop the price-gouging at the for-profit Hospital Corporation of America
by Joe Weinzettle

Petition update
Mercy for Animals
Busted! McDonald’s McNuggets Supplier Convicted of Animal Cruelty

*Paying bird seed for brutality

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Reliance on Police Cannot Be Consistent With What We Want to Happen in Public Schools’
Interview with Kimberlé Crenshaw about Spring Valley High police assault
by Janine Jackson


In Victory for Public Ed, Colorado Boots Koch-Backed School Board
“What an incredible thing: We the people pushed back against big money, pushed back against an agenda that was not good for our schools.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Things go bitter with Koch

Islanders Unite to Resist a New Pacific War
by Koohan Paik

The Real News Network
Trudeau Pledge Tracker: Cabinet is Fifty Percent Women
Dimitri Lascaris and Nora Loretto say new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered on his pledge to appoint 50% women to his cabinet, but appointed a political conservative as his Minister of Finance

*The dissonance of a Dear Misleader duet

Is Obama Banning the Box?
Executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report Glen Ford casts doubt on Obama’s latest executive order

*One more example of “The Audacity of ‘Nope'”

Petition update
Ben & Jerry’s Still Isn’t There Yet!
by Laura Yanne

Institute for Public Accuracy
Electoral Reform Wins in Tuesday’s Election

* Russia and Kurds * U.S. Troops and Chalabi * Haitian Election

Some Use Chalabi’s Death to Lay Blame for Iraq War at His Feet
by Adam Johnson

Democracy Now!
The Puerto Rican Debt Crisis: Tax Breaks Offered to Rich While Austerity Measures Imposed on Poor

Facing Health Crisis, Puerto Rico Protests Unequal Federal Payments for Medicare, Medicaid

Election Day 2015: GOP Takes Kentucky, Ohio Rejects Pot Monopoly, and Houston Shuns LGBT Equality

*It’s a lesson the Demorats (no misspelling) refuse to learn, because that’s not their role in the system.

It’s to be a relatively lesser evil to maintain the pretense of a choice, and they will tack starboard in tandem with the extremism of the reactionaries, as the dictates of the exploitocracy demand.

So, in essence, the “choice” is presented as

“You have no choice”

And the “pragmatists” spread the guilt tripping gospel.

With Historic Release of Drug Offenders & Help for Re-Entry, US Takes “First Step” on Prison Crisis


Calling for ‘Radical Shift’ in Drug Policy, Ireland Moves to Decriminalize
Drug minister announces medically supervised injection facilities will begin opening next year
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

New Study Shows Antarctic Melting Approaching ‘Unstoppable’ Tipping Point
‘What we call the eternal ice of Antarctica unfortunately turns out not to be eternal at all,’ says lead author of new study
byDeirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Is This War World III?
by Thea Paneth

Globalization and Terror
The rise of divisions, violence, and civil disorder around the world are a predictable effect of the attempt to force diverse cultures and peoples into a consumer monoculture
by Helena Norberg-Hodge

Taking on the Most Difficult Undertaking in Prison (So Far)
Not shooting from the hip — writing opinions and a bill in prison is hard work
by Chelsea Manning

National Fracking League: On Protesting Bank of America During Monday Night Football
Activists rappel from upper deck during nationally televised professional football game to big bank funding of dirty fuel projects
by Dustin Axe

*Illegal procedure

Ethical effort

How the Wheels Fell off the EPA’s Fracking Study
Five harmed but unsilenced residents of Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Texas showed up at last week’s EPA fracking study review panel, and they completely flipped the script
by Hugh MacMillan

Congress wants to cheat Black car buyers

The New Yorker Doesn’t Factcheck What ‘Everyone Knows’ Is True
by Gareth Porter

Democracy Now!
Co-ops Collapse: How GOP & HMOs Undercut Obamacare’s Nonprofit Option, Leaving 500K Uninsured

*We don’t need coverage

We need care

The Price We Pay: As US Becomes a Top Tax Haven, How Hiding Wealth Offshore Robs the People at Home

*The making of the taking

Keep Celery Fresh for a Month!
by Leanne Ely


New FBI Program Trains Teachers, Students to Snoop On Muslims
Civil rights groups warn that new FBI tool “Don’t Be a Puppet” violates civil liberties of Muslims
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

From Pot to ‘Democracy Vouchers,’ Election Day 2015 Races to Watch
From clean elections to transgender rights to marijuana legalization, voters across the US will weigh in on progressive issues Tuesday
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

South African Student Protesters Win First Big Victory: Decolonization, Race and Class Politics Fused in Epic Battle
by Patrick Bond

*The backlash against betrayal

The Nation magazine’s shameful history of aiding ethnic cleansing in Palestine
by Rania Khalek

*Phil Ochs once penned, “Love Me, I’m a Liberal”.

As did he, I’ll decline that invitation.

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
Prison Profiteers Unmasked

Forest Peoples Programme
Peruvian Indigenous Leader in London to Denounce Illegal Deforestation of 5000 Hectares of Peru’s Amazon for Palm Oil

The Real News Network
‘Ed Snowden of Banking’ Refuses to Appear in Swiss Trial
After Herve Falciani leaked more than 100,000 HSBC account records of tax evaders to government tax agencies, the Swiss government has been on a witch hunt, says economist James Henry

Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? (5/5)
Economist Jayati Ghosh continues her discussion of the 136-nation move to address sovereign debt in the context of global finance

Board Rules Pocomoke City Council Violated Open Meetings Act
Town in turmoil also has first homicide since 2010, when the fired black police chief took over

City Clears Art From Confederate Monument
Officials use police to remove sculpture intended to bring context to symbol of city’s racist past

*Art and the artifice of apartheid

Institute for Public Accuracy
A Tale of Two Retirements

Democracy Now!
The Endless War Grows: Obama Sends U.S. Forces to Syria, Reversing Pledge of No Boots on the Ground

Turkish President Erdogan Regains Parliamentary Majority in Vote Held Amid Violence & Fear

10 Blatant Workout Myths, Finally Debunked
by Yuri Elkaim

Are Nuts All They’re Cracked Up to Be?
Nut ads tout weight loss, energy, and a healthy heart
by Jayne Hurley
Nutrition Action

Plump, sweet and juicy red raspberries
by Leanne Ely


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