January 2016


In Besieged Middle East, Food Becomes Weapon of War
Despite international laws prohibiting the use of starvation against civilians, forces on all sides preventing aid from reaching blockaded towns in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


State Department to Withhold Clinton Emails Labeled ‘Top Secret’
The Obama administration confirmed for the first time Friday that the emails contained the highest level of classification
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


A Poisonous Approach to Governing
Band-Aid solutions such as the ones seen in Flint or the push to privatize advocated by ALEC and its corporate cronies stem from a larger crisis—inadequate federal funding
by Wenonah Hauter


Court Orders Environmental Protection Agency to Finalize Rules so Polluters Pay for Their Own Toxic Messes
After decades of delay “financial assurance” regs will prevent polluters from leaving staggering cleanup cost to the public

*Making Dear Misleader’s “legacy” a bit less long lived?


The Real News Network
Will Senate Bill to “Save” Post Office Be Enough?
TRNN breaks down what’s in the bill, what it means to you, and how Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband is profiting from the sale of neighborhood post offices


When ICE is at the Door
The Real News speaks to Central American immigrants in Maryland and Georgia about the most recent wave of deportations and the crippling fear communities feel because of it

*The mendacity of “Nope”


Inside a caucus: Iowa 2008
TRNN Replay: Revealing look at an Iowa caucus: Is this democracy in action?


After Haiti Elections Postponed, Is the U.S. Rushing to Protect Clinton?
After massive protests and reports of election fraud, the U.S. continued to push for a presidential election runoff, but former OAS Haiti mission head says the US is protecting candidate Clinton’s record


UN Peace Talks in Syria Remain Stalled
Vijay Prashad says the government in Damascus has made significant gains inside Syria with the help of its allies, and this has changed the tenor of the Western response to Russia


Institute for Public Accuracy
Gates Foundation: Pushing “Values of Corporate America”

*The “good intentions” paving the road to the Gates of Hell


Democracy Now!


Maryville Rape Survivor Daisy Coleman Meets Mom of Teen Who Killed Herself After Similar Ordeal


Lower Calorie Winter Drinks
by Leanne Ely



What Zika And The Flint Water Crisis Have In Common
by Judy Stone


Center for Biological Diversity
New Study: Obama Administration Has Dramatically Increased Use of Obscure Provision to Weaken Federal Protections for Threatened Species
Broad Exemptions Sidestep Endangered Species Act’s Intent, Allowing Oil, Gas Drilling, Logging, Other Habitat Destruction

*Notice wind power’s turpitude here

Sometimes making green trumps being same


Amnesty International
Dutch Plan for EU Refugee Swap with Turkey is Morally Bankrupt


The Real News Network
LIBOR Traders Get Off Scot Free in Rate-Rigging Scandal
James Henry, former chief economist at McKinsey & Co., says the ruling demonstrates that there is no systemic or institutional accountability to prevent interest rate manipulation


How the U.S. Fuels the Drug War in Mexico
Carmen Boullosa and Mike Wallace, co-authors of “A Narco History: How the United States and Mexico Jointly Created the ‘Mexican Drug War,'” trace the history of the war on drugs from prohibition in the early 20th century to the militarization of police forces today


Yanis Varoufakis: How The Greek People’s Magnificent “No” Against Austerity Became “Yes”
The former Finance Minister of Greece says that on the night of the July 5th referendum, he realized the pressure had gotten to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Since then, Varoufakis has been campaigning for that “No.”


Institute for Public Accuracy
Understanding Scandinavian Socialism

*No sane person would argue that things aren’t better overall for folks in the Nordic countries, as compared to these here United States, but we need to be clear that this is merely a “kinder, gentler” form of exploitation, as capitalism must always be.

This form simply has a more clear eyed view of the its long term interests.

And as such, it has nothing to do with socialism, as socialism has nothing to do with capitalism

Except the inherent imperative to end it.


Democracy Now!



Profits Over Rights as UK Sells Spy Gear to Repressive Regimes
‘What’s needed is that human rights considerations take precedence over financial incentives and security relationships’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


What Our Breasts Are Telling Us
Author Florence Williams and her daughter discovered they had high levels of toxins—like flame retardants—in their bodies. Getting rid of the chemicals was harder than they expected.
by Sarah van Gelder


Feds Cheerlead for Charter Schools, Aiding Private Philanthropy’s Takeover of America’s Public Schools
by Dustin Beilke


Center for Media and Democracy
“National School Choice Week” Fueled by Major Right-Wing Funders and Corporate Lobby Groups

*Make your “choice”

Lose your voice


The Real News Network
How Organizing and Social Movements Drove Changes to Federal Policy on Solitary Confinement
Alan Mills of Uptown People’s Law Center and Bernadette Rabuy of Prison Policy Initiative say lawsuits, psychological studies, and persistent grassroots pressure were behind Obama’s recent policy changes


How Baltimore’s Tax System Reinforces Poverty
Maryland Public Policy Visiting Fellow Louis Miserendino says even obscure tax breaks are distributed disproportionately to wealthier neighborhoods and exacerbate the inequality that drives many of the city’s social ills


Institute for Public Accuracy
On the Ground at Oregon Shootout


Democracy Now!
Embracing Autism: Journalist Ron Suskind on Supporting His Son’s Strengths, Advice for Other Parents

*I’m happy for Owen Suskind, and others who have benefited from this, but don’t you just know that Disney and other corps whose products are part of these stories will exploit them to promote a “caring” image.

And I’m sorry, but I don’t see “reinvent[ing] advertising someday” as contributing to society.



‘Dystopian Future’: Women Warned Against Pregnancy As Zika Spreads
Study suggests Zika virus could eventually reach regions of the United States ‘in which 60 percent of our population lives,’ says director of NIH
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Center for Biological Diversity
Feds Protect Nearly 40,000 Square Miles for Endangered Whales Along East Coast
Designation Will Protect Calving, Foraging Areas of Last 500 Right Whales


The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: The Death of the American City
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges speaks with two esteemed labor activists from Detroit about the desperation caused by industrial decline and deregulation, especially amongst Black people, and attest to the necessity and inevitability of revolt under such conditions

*As the song goes

When you ain’t got nothin’

You got nothin’ to lose


Democracy Now!
Josh Fox on His New Doc “How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change”


Act Now, Cry Later: Tim DeChristopher, Aria Doe & Josh Fox on Civil Disobedience & Climate Activism

*The moral imperative of a change in climate


Making Vegetables a Hit with Kids
9 Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Veggies
by Michael F. Jacobson
Nutrition Action


Top tips for kale chips
by Leanne Ely



Pentagon Asks Psychologists to Reconsider Torture Ban, Argues ‘You Never Know…’
Following a damning investigation into the group’s complicity in US torture, the American Psychological Association demanded the government remove military psychologists from interrogations
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Great Potential of Poor Americans. And How Plutocrats Just Want Them to Go Away.
by Paul Buchheit

*The poor will always be with us

Until the rich are not


Overpass Light Brigade
From Flint to Madison: Our Water is Under Attack!

*Steal the best

Poison the rest


The Real News Network
The History of Military Dictatorship in Egypt
On the fifth anniversary of the Egyptian revolution against then-president Mubarak, TRNN returns to Gilbert Achcar’s analysis of military rule in Egypt since the overthrow of King Farouk


Clinton in Denial About Impact of Trade Policy on Immigration
David Bacon, author of “Right to Stay Home: How U.S. Policy Drives Mexican Migration”, says asylum seekers are being sent back to desperate conditions created by U.S. policy in Central America


Health Crises Among the (Politically) Imprisoned
Co-Coordinator of the National Jericho Movement Jihad Abdulmumit rejoins us for this week’s Political Prisoner Report to discuss the latest health crises facing the imprisoned


Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton Laughs Off Calls for Wall St. Transparency; Santa Fe, Philly Consider Public Bank Solution


Democracy Now!
43 Years After Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court to Hear Case Threatening Women’s Right to Choose


“Trapped”: New Film Follows the Providers Who Are Fighting to Keep Abortion Accessible in the South

*It’s easy to forget that there are persons possessed of an immense courage of conviction

But to do so allows despair to sap our own.


Wicked Jezebel Feminist! Users Witness Anti-Choice Abuse in Virtual Reality Film “Across the Line”


#OscarsSoWhite: Black Filmmakers Call Out Hollywood Racism, Exclusion as Calls for Boycott Grow


3 Things Every Cancer Patient Needs to Do
by Dr. Charles Majors


Does the HPV Vaccination Prevent Cervical Cancer? You Decide
by Landee Martin


Why You Must Eliminate Pesticides in Food When Treating Cancer
by Dr. Robert Scott Bell


New Cancer Drug Illustrates Ineffectiveness of Mainstream Cancer Treatment
by Tony Isaacs


Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) & Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know
by A Von Butz


6 Foods to Buy Organic (Never in Conventional Form)
by Yuri Elkaim


27 Body Transformation Habits That You Can’t Ignore
by Tyler Bramlett and Yuri Elkaim

*Some useful intel extant, I reckon. I was especially enlightened re sleep cycles.

See what you think.


The 4 Worst “Healthy” Snacks (and What to Eat Instead)
by Yuri Elkaim

*How to maintain a healthy profit margin


Crabby? 5 Ways to Boost Your Mood with Food
by Leanne Ely


Vitamin Supplements: The Best Multivitamins
What do the best multivitamins contain?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



As Opposition Builds, is Energy East Tar Sands Pipeline ‘Dead in the Water’?
Of Energy East, Montreal mayor says: “Let’s call a spade a spade: It’s a bad project.”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Sanders Campaign Strikes Back at Clinton ‘Mudslinger’ for Attack on New Ad
Citing one of the strongest civil rights records in Congress, his campaign says Sanders “doesn’t need lectures on racial issues” from recovering “right-wing extremist” David Brock
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Looking at the ad, there’s a valid point being made

By an invalid pointer.

Even the worst liars sometimes speak truth

When the facts suit them.


‘Huge Victory’: Walmart Illegally Fired Striking Workers, Judge Rules
Retail giant fired 16 workers who participated in ‘Ride for Respect’ strike in Arkansas in 2013
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Always Low Principles”

Just working conditions should exist at Walmart

But Walmart just shouldn’t exist


Department of Education Promises New Transparency on Title IX Exemptions
Government announces it will launch a searchable database so students and parents can see which schools do not provide sex and gender protections
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Seven Stages of Establishment Backlash: Corbyn/Sanders Edition
by Glenn Greenwald

*Fear and Loathing in Elite Land


43 Years After Roe: We’ve Come a Long Way, Maybe?
by Jennifer Dalven


U.S. Right to Know
Why is the Gates Foundation Funding a GMO Propaganda Campaign at Cornell?


The Real News Network
Unions Are Split Over Hillary
Dr. Jane McAlevey, author of the forthcoming ‘No Shortcuts’, says Hillary has a track record on labor amounting to an “F”

*Despite the useful historical perspective provided of Madame Mayhem’s decades long debilitation of labor rights, it’s hard to listen to McAlevey’s mealy mouthing around the essential enabling role of union “leadership” in that effort.

Most union bureaucrats are little more than apparatchiks for the party, as evidenced by the “rescue” of the auto industry, to cite one of innumerable examples.

But if Sanders were to win the nomination, we should be leery of how his positions may become “pragmatized”. It’s an old and far too often told tale of rhetoric, and even previous record, yielding to “political reality”.

“Feeling the Bern” may come to mean something quite different.


UN Fact-Finding Mission to Investigate Racial Discrimination in the United States
Kali Akuno, co-director of Cooperation Jackson, says it will give greater exposure to the realities of African Americans and put the US government and the state of Mississippi on notice


Democracy Now!
Exclusive: Sickened by Gangrene in Utah Immigration Jail, Guatemalan Father Now Faces Deportation


Revered Poet Martín Espada Reflects on Struggles Past & Present in “Vivas to Those Who Have Failed”

*When we act from conscience and compassion

We write a poetry that speaks of our purpose



IMF’s Prescription for Europe: Exploit Refugees with Low Wages
Economist calls IMF ‘the sancta sanctorum of neoclassical/neoliberal thinking.’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Perhaps the rationale behind Madame Merkel’s and others’ “welcome”?


Skewed Courts Team Up with Debt Predators to Screw Nation’s Poor
‘Rubber stamping debt buyer suits threatens the rights of poor people and ultimately undermines the basic integrity of the courts’
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Rubber stamps and robber stomps


Changing the Conversation Around HIV in 2016: Who’s Being Left Out?
by Doug Wirth


Cracks in democracy: The Turkish and Indian examples
by Vijay Prashad

*Breaking the bones to make sure the words will never hurt them


Progress Michigan
Snyder Cherry Picks Flint Water Crisis Emails
Governor admits he’s going to only release select emails from his office

*And the Detroit “Free” Press piece (of … well … ) in my local rag this morning happily laps up the self serving claptrap extant in these missives.


The Real News Network
Who is Really Ruling Saudi Arabia?
Bilal Ahmed of Souciant.com says the rivalry results from the fact that the King’s nephew Mohammad bin Nayef is currently the minister of interior and also the crown prince


The ‘Anti-Manning’ Positions of Hillary Clinton on National Security and Surveillance
Marcy Wheeler, national security and civil liberties reporter at EmptyWheel.net, says Clinton supported secure communications for dissidents – except when it came to leaks from her own State Department to WikiLeaks


Institute for Public Accuracy
25 Years of Bombing Iraq


Democracy Now!
Pakistan Mourns New Taliban School Massacre in Latest Blowback from Internal Conflict, Afghan War


Detroit Student: “I Want to Be Able to Go to School Without Worrying About Being Bitten by Mice”

*The biggest rats run the school system


Detroit Rocked by Teachers’ “Sickout” Protesting Dire Conditions Under Emergency Management


Natural Ways to Fight Colds and Flu
by Leanne Ely



With Faith in Regulators at ‘All Time Low,’ Canadians Ask Trudeau: ‘Where Are You?’
Groups charge that the NEB—packed with fossil fuels executives appointed by Stephen Harper—makes no effort to meaningfully involve members of the public
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A Liberal dose of deceit


Birders, Green Groups, Defenders of Public Lands Unite, Tell Bundy Militants to ‘Go Home’
Hundreds showed up at demonstrations across the northwest while others have been camped out in counterprotest for weeks
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


A Healthy Way to Build Communities
Local gardens bring people together who might never become acquainted.
by Jill Richardson


Center for Biological Diversity
150,000 Comments Oppose Coal-mining Loophole on Colorado Forest
Subsidies to Arch Coal Slammed, Renewable Energy Groups Join Wildlife, Climate Advocates in Opposition

*”[A] much-needed and long-overdue halt to new federal coal leasing” that “specifically exempts Arch Coal’s proposed expansion plan.”

“Climate legacy”, indeed.


U.S. Senate Takes Aim at Endangered Species Protections for Gray Wolves in Wyoming, Great Lakes
‘Sportsmen’s Act’ Would Also Prohibit Regulating Lead Poisoning From Fishing Tackle, Allow Import of Trophy-hunted Polar Bear Parts


The Real News Network
Democratic Primary Candidates Define Their Foreign Policy
Gareth Porter says Hillary wants to support the Syrian opposition and overthrow Assad, while Bernie’s priority is to defeat ISIS

*They (or at least I) don’t call her “Madame Mayhem” for nothing, but what’s not addressed here is just how Sanders seeks to oppose ISIS.

His support for a Saudi role in that campaign is just one of a number of what can euphemistically be termed “problematic” foreign policy stances that are all but ignored by his admirers

But not by those who would be directly endangered by same.

Yes, he’s a lesser evil in this area, but don’t we have to ask ourselves whether we’d be persuaded by such theories of relativity were we in their shoes?


Confederate Supporters Steer Clear of Baltimore as Protesters Gather
Annual commemoration of Robert E. Lee at Baltimore monument does not take place as commission recommends removal of statue

*Toppling a putrid pedestal


Did Jerry Brown Delay Action on Gas Leak Because of His Sister’s Connections to Fossil Fuel?
Last week, activists in Washington, DC brought several questions to lawmakers in the nation’s capital. Among them: Did Governor Brown’s sister, who sits on the board of a San Diego-based natural gas utilities company, influence a 74-day delay in California’s response to the Los Angeles gas leak?

*Didn’t we know that when bump came to blowout, Jerry was a gas bag?


Why Fossil Fuel Giants Did Not Top the ‘Greenhouse 100 Index’
PERI’s Economics Chair Michael Ash explains the relation between a lower ranking and the use of renewable energy

*In the end, we don’t need to make these corps do better

We need to make them disappear.

You can roll your eyes till you’re dizzy at the “ideological purism” of that, but any honest assessment of what’s necessary to achieve true justice has to address just who controls energy production, don’t you think?

And as renewables become more attractive from a profit standpoint, these companies will try their damnedest to monopolize that market.

They may become “greener”, but their green will still come out of our pockets – as much as they can pull from them – and their exploitation of consumers and workers, as well as their influence on gummint, will remain as black as before.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Sanders Challenging “Primary Driver of Educational Disparities”


Is a Low Salt Diet Plan Healthy?
Clearing the air on low salt diets
Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



In Landmark Ruling, UK Court Affirms “Journalism Isn’t Terrorism”
Court rules in favor of David Miranda, detained for nine hours at Heathrow airport in 2013 while transporting journalist documents on NSA revelations
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Profiting from Misery: Are Human Rights Abuses Powering Your Smart Phone?
Amnesty traces the sale of cobalt, used in batteries for cell phones and electric cars, from mines where children work in ‘perilous conditions’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Hillary Blames Bernie for an Old Clintonite Hustle, and That’s a Rotten Shame
by Robert Scheer


Under Pressure, Scholastic Recalls Racist Children’s Book
by Deborah Menkart

*A “No Massa” movement


Center for Biological Diversity
Rally at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to Call for Keeping Public Lands Public
Harney County Rally Will Be Joined by at Least 10 Others in Towns, Cities Across Oregon, Washington, Idaho


New Study Identifies Twelve of the Worst Highway Projects Across the Country, $24 Billion in Taxpayer Dollars Wasted

*Highways to Hell


Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Seeing Red: Report Finds FDA Fails to Protect Children in Light of New Evidence on Food Dyes

*The colors of money


The Real News Network
Canadian Student Shot by Israeli Sniper in the West Bank
The Trudeau government remains silent on the case of a Canadian government-funded PhD Student who was shot by Israeli sniper in the West Bank without legal recourse against her attacker – TRNN speaks with Rehab Nazzal and her legal council, Dimitri Lascaris


How MLK Went From ‘National Threat’ to ‘National Hero’
Corporation for Enterprise Development’s Dedrick Asante-Muhammad explains the whitewashing of Martin Luther King’s legacy, transforming him from a leader for racial and economic justice who died in struggle to a post-racial patriot who died in victory

*The disillusion of a dream

The delusion of a reality


Navy Schedules War Games in Washington State With No Public Disclosure
Truthout’s Dahr Jamail reveals his investigation into how Navy Seals will be practicing combat exercises in Washington state on public and private lands and why state government officials and the public are left in the dark

*Practice makes a perfect police state


Days of Revolt: All Life is Sacred
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges discusses the moral imperative of veganism with legal scholar, animal rights activist, and longtime vegan, Gary Francione


Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton’s Healthcare Mythology

*Obamacare is devious déjà vu all over again


Democracy Now!
Shane Bauer, Former US Prisoner in Iran, Spars with Hillary Clinton over Her Call for New Sanctions

*Madame Mayhem strikes again


Is It Fair to Raise Rape & Harassment Allegations Against Bill Clinton in Hillary’s 2016 Campaign?

*If there’s a question of a crime (or crimes) being committed, and Clinton conspiring to cover it up

Um … I think that’s “fair to raise”.

Re Walters’ praise for “the real lines of similarity and commonality and shared vision and shared belief systems”

That just what scares me.


Photographing Drone War Protest Lands Peace Activist, Grandmother 6 Months in Prison


Which may affect your sleep: fiber, protein, sugar, or saturated fat?
A new study finds three of these influence sleep quality
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Hungry hungry for mahi mahi
by Leanne Ely

*Can’t vouch for the sustainability claim – hopefully, it’s veritas.



‘Crafted By and For Big Business’: TTIP Under Fire Across Europe
‘TTIP is a bonanza for big business, but a nightmare for everyone else,’ says War on Want
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Air Pollution Killing Millions, Threatening Global Health Systems
“We are storing up problems. These are chronic diseases that require hospital beds. The cost will be enormous.”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Deep Ocean Warming Happening at ‘Alarming’ and Increasingly Rapid Rate
New study reveals ocean levels below 700 meters have already been affected by rising greenhouse gases
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Cameron Tells Muslim Women: Improve Your English or You May Have to Leave UK
Prime Minister’s new language test called ‘dog-whistle politics at its best’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Cameron isn’t the only politician who knows how to speak the language, is he?


UK Promotes Exports at Gulf Police Fair, as Families of Saudi Juveniles Appeal for Help

*Making the killing


Our Power Campaign
Environmental Justice Leaders to Converge on All EPA Regional Headquarters Jan. 19, Challenge Obama’s “Clean Power Plan”

*Pulling the pig from the poke


The Real News Network
‘Greenhouse 100 Index’ Names Top Polluters
PERI’s Economics Chair Michael Ash breaks down which companies ranked as top emitters of greenhouse gases and what this means for the future of climate change policy


The Black Elite and the Legacy of Martin Luther King
TRNN Replay: Glen Ford: Black upper class took advantage of legal victories won by MLK and the Civil Rights Movement and then helped to undermine the movement

*Obama is King in a fractured funhouse mirror


Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence
TRNN Replay: Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. made the comment that the U.S. government [was/is] “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today”. This was in context to a speech delivered on April 4, 1967 at Riverside Church in New York City – exactly one year before his untimely death.


The Radicalization of Martin Luther King
TRNN Replay: Anthony Monteiro: Obama’s presidency has nothing to do with the legacy of King – it’s actually the opposite

*No streets are named for the murdered Martin


Save The Endangered Norwegian Wolves!
by Pam Siri


Bacteria is Best: Why a Healthy Gut Microbiome is Key to Cancer Prevention
by Ty Bollinger


10 Ways to Improve Your Lymphatic System Function
by Dr. David Jockers


6 Super Foods for Cancer Prevention & Nutrient Deficiency
by Dr. Robert Scott Bell


How to Create Healthy Eating Habits That Actually Stick (The CPR Method)
by Yuri Elkaim


How to Do More Push-Ups (Plus a Free Training Plan)
by Yuri Elkaim

*Pushing your own weight


“Slow Burn”: What You Don’t Know About Muscle Fibers and Lifting Tempo (but should if you want to be lean and strong)
by Yuri Elkaim


How to lose weight on a Paleo diet
by Leanne Ely



Ultra-Rich ‘Philanthrocapitalist’ Class Undermining Global Democracy: Report
As foundations and wealthy individuals funnel money into global development, what “solutions” are they pursuing?
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Beware geeks bearing gifts


‘Ludicrous’ as Flint Tells Residents: Pay for Poisoned Water or We’ll Cut You Off
‘All arrears should be cleared. No one should have to pay for this.’
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


Poor and Seeking Justice in Louisiana? Get in Line.
ACLU class-action lawsuit cites violations of Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment rights
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The line always forms to the rear


U.S. Radically Changes Its Story of the Boats in Iranian Waters: to an Even More Suspicious Version
by Glenn Greenwald

*Ask me no questions

And I’ll tell you more lies


Goldman Sachs Sees Silver Lining in $5 Billion Mortgage Settlement
Bank can claim $936.25 million tax windfall for deal


Government Must Clarify Whether UK Personnel are Under Saudi Orders


The Real News Network
Wage Pressures, Falling Commodity Prices Spell Trouble for the Global Economy
With no recovery in the Eurozone and the whole of Eastern Europe in trouble, greater turmoil in Asian economies could bring the world economy to a critical moment, says economist Heiner Flassbeck

*Instead of consumption and production, why don’t we talk about needs and what’s truly necessary?


China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Opens Without the US
Mark Weisbrot of CEPR says the institutions of global governance, especially the ones that have actual power, have historically been controlled by the United States – this bank marks a departure from that trend


The Good, Bad and Ugly in Oregon Standoff Coverage
By Chip Berlet


FAIR CounterSpin
‘This Really Is About Taking Away Access to Safe Abortion’
Interview with Jodi Jacobson on Planned Parenthood ‘sting’ videos
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton Doubling Down on False Healthcare Statements about Sanders


Democracy Now!
Flint Doctor Mona Hanna-Attisha on How She Fought Gov’t Denials to Expose Poisoning of City’s Kids

*First the water

Then the Kool-Aid


Emergency for Democracy: Unelected Manager Who Caused Flint Water Crisis Now Runs Detroit Schools



‘Richest Generation’? Baby Boomers Face Deep Inequalities
New report reveals profound disparities along race and gender lines
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Rare’ and ‘Remarkable’ January Hurricanes Hit Atlantic, Pacific Oceans
Simultaneous named storms in January in Atlantic and Central Pacific ‘would have been unimaginable a few decades ago’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


How Climate Change Could Decimate Millenia of First Nations Tradition
Study predicts declines in herring and salmon, ‘which are among the most important species commercially, culturally, and nutritionally for First Nations’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Here’s How to Solve the Student Debt Crisis: Make College Free
by Astra Taylor


Immigration Raids Inhumane No Matter Who They Target
by Mizue Aizeki


Center for Biological Diversity Statement on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Draft Policy for Prioritizing Protection of Species


Campaign for Peace and Democracy
End All U.S. Support for the Government of Saudi Arabia

*With friends like these

It’s no wonder the empire has so many enemies


The Real News Network
Ceasefire Needed in Turkey
Richard Falk says a new ceasefire and renewal of the peace process between the Turkish state and the Kurdish militants are required to end the bloodshed


The Limits and Missed Opportunities of Obama’s Energy Legacy
Professor Chris Williams and DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horne challenge the grandiose claims made by Obama in the State of the Union address


The Deeper, Uglier Side of TPP
In his State of the Union address, President Obama said the Trans-Pacific Partnership was about staying on top as a global economic power, but a close look at the text shows how that only applies to multinational corporations


Detroit Teachers Shutdown Public Schools in Protest of Deplorable Conditions
Public school parent Stephanie Beal says she supports the teacher protests and the idea of an elected school board to ensure a quality education for all students


El Chapo Arrest Won’t Change Narco-Governance in Mexico
John Mill Ackerman says the real problem facing the rule of law in Mexico is Obama’s blind support for the Nieto government


How Corporate Political Spending Will Stay Secret in Wisconsin
by Brendan Fischer


K12 Inc. Tries to Pivot from Virtual School Failures to Profit from “Non-Managed” Schools
by Dustin Beilke


Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests in Minnesota
by Scott Slocum


Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama’s “Reinvention of Energy Sector”

*”All of the above”

Look out below


Requiem for a News Channel
by Ari Paul


Democracy Now!
As California Methane Leak Displaces Thousands, Will U.S. Regulate Natural Gas Sites Nationwide?


Health or Lobbying? Experts Say U.S. Gov’t Caves to Meat Industry in New Dietary Guidelines


Natural Health Sherpa
Vitamin D: Enhance Bone Health and Balance Blood Pressure With This



With State Poised to Squash Rooftop Solar, Clean Energy Fight Heats Up In Nevada
Decision “puts Nevada embarrassingly out of step with the national and international agenda recently set in Paris to save our climate,” says local activist
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


The EPA’s Hush-Hush Response to the Flint Water Crisis
‘At that point, you do not just have smoke, you have a three-alarm fire and should respond immediately,’ charges water researcher
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer

*No white horse for neoliberalism in black face


What Hillary Knew about Libya
In Official Washington’s propaganda world, the U.S. government and its “allies” are always standing for what’s right and good and the “enemies” are the epitome of evil doing the vilest things. But some emails to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton depicted a far different reality, writes Robert Parry.
by Robert Parry

*The road to hell is paved with the patina of good intentions


Haiti, Six Years Later
by Jake Johnston

*A natural disaster

Followed by a disaster natural to neocolonialism


The Real News Network
Supreme Court Poised to Strike Down Mandatory Dues for Public Union Representation
Center for Media and Democracy’s Brendan Fischer says the Bradley Foundation and Koch Brothers’ fingerprints are all over this case, which purports to have large grassroots support for individual rights but instead are backed by deep-pocketed donors

*There are no grassroots in Astroturf


The Racist History of the 2nd Amendment and Why it Matters Today
Historian Gerald Horne tracks the evolution of the gun debate starting from slavery during the country’s founding, the post-Civil War reconstruction in the south, and through today’s era of mass incarceration


Black Radical Activists call to Disarm the Police
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway attends the Black Radical Tradition conference in Philadelphia, PA. During a protest, Conway speaks with activists and intellectuals about the various dynamics of Black Radical politics


Right-Wing Network Puts Friedrichs v. California Teachers in Samuel Alito’s Lap
By Mary Bottari


Institute for Public Accuracy
SOTU: “Don’t Blame the Robots”

*Automatons or autocrats

Neither have a soul


Democracy Now!
Why Has a Texas-Born Marine Veteran Been Left “Stateless” Under U.S. Immigration Policies?


This is Trauma: Erica Garner & Ramsey Orta on Coping with the Aftermath of a Police Killing (Pt. 2)


Petition update
The @UglyFruitAndVeg Campaign
As Grocers Sleep, a Farm to Food Bank Movement Grows

*What’s beautiful is a fed stomach



Bernie Nabs Double-Digit Lead in NH as Women Ditch Clinton for Surging Sanders
New poll shows Sanders leading by double digits in New Hampshire, thanks in part to a new edge among women
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Faux socialism trumps faux feminism, it appears.


Does Obama’s Nuclear Modernization Make the Unthinkable ‘Thinkable’?
Even those who have advised President Obama on his modernization plan are concerned about the risks posed by the updated weapons
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Oil Pricequake: Political Turmoil in a Time of Low Energy Prices
by Michael T. Klare


UK Intelligence Committee to be Denied Access to Drone Strike Information, Says PM


Days of Revolt: The New Black Militants
China Faces Challenges Over Currency Valuation and Wages
Economist Rob Johnson says China is undergoing a major transition from an export-led economy to a domestic demand-led economy


Liberation or “Asylum for Neoliberal Values?” Competing Visions of Black Politics
Glen Ford, executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report, discusses this past weekend’s Black Radical Tradition Conference at Temple University


In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges sits down with two activists from Ferguson’s Hands Up United, Rika Tyler and T-Dubb-O, to discuss the oppression of Black people in and around Ferguson, and the importance of international solidarity in the fight for racial justice

*Trite but true

If we don’t stand together

We’re bound to fall apart


Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama’s SOTU Push for TPP — a “Death Sentence”


Democracy Now!
El Chapo is Caught, But Corruption, U.S. Consumption & Failed Drug War Keep the Cartels in Business


Mexican Writer Elena Poniatowska on the Missing 43 Students, 1968 Massacre & U.S.-Backed Drug War


Why is Ramsey Orta, Man Who Filmed Police Killing of Eric Garner, the Only One Criminally Charged?


Head Of the Vegetable Class
by Leanne Ely



Metadata Comes Home With New ‘Threat Score’ Policing Tools
Law enforcement agencies rolling out technology that lets them dig into metadata to determine a citizen’s potential for violence
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


When Does the Violation of Women’s Bodies Become a “Red Line”?
If people divide their understanding of militarized violence into normal and not normal, acceptable and not acceptable, it makes a terrible kind of sense: violence against women has been “normalized”
by Lauren Wolfe


Venezuela’s Food Revolution Has Fought Off Big Agribusiness and Promoted Agroecology
by Nick Dearden

*Sowing the seeds of sovereignty


The Real News Network
The Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War Report with Jihad Abdulmumit
Co-chairperson for the National Jericho Amnesty Movement and former Black Panther/Black Liberation Army political prisoner Jihad Abdulmumit introduces his new segment focusing on political prisoners and the politics surrounding their work and incarceration


Chinese Debt Bubble About to Burst
Economist James Henry and Ho-Fung Hung say China’s debt-to-GDP ratio above 240% is an indicator that there is a major disconnect between the market and the real economy


Arab Spring and Declining Oil Prices Drives Saudi Arabia’s Reactionary Barbarism
Bilal Ahmed of Souciant.com says accusations of religious degeneracy and charges of heresy are at the heart of the executions, for they advance and protect the national narrative of Wahhabism


How did North Korea Acquire the Technology for the Bomb?
Robert Kelley, former director at the IAEA, explains the role of Pakistan as well as what information is needed to know what was detonated

*Re Kelly’s closing comments, I think we’d be talking a whole other ball game were North Korea situated in the Middle East.

Just ask nukeless Iran.


Challenges Ahead for the Legalization of Marijuana in Canada
Donald MacPherson, Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, says there’s a long road to travel, but it can be done


Brave New Films
To Prison For Pregnancy

*Save the fetus

Screw the child


Petition update
San Francisco Bans the Sale of Plastic Bottles!
by Trey Highton


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is U.S. Facilitating Rigged Elections Process in Haiti?


Democracy Now!
Muslim Woman & Jewish Man Booted from Trump Rally for Silent Protest Against Islamophobia

*Citizen KKKane


Historic Settlement over NYPD’s Anti-Muslim Spying Imposes Oversight & Bars Ethnic-Based Targeting

*As always, the question is whether what’s on paper will make it to the pavement.


Historic Trial Lets Activists Who Blocked Oil Train Cite Climate Change Threat in Their Defense


Tim DeChristopher on Bundy Takeover: Gov’t is More Afraid of Civil Disobedience Than Armed Militias

*The unpardonable sin is a threat to profit


Can Vaccine Ingredients Cause Cancer?
by Dr. Robert Scott Bell


Why the ‘Best’ Conventional Cancer Treatment Will Never Cure You from Cancer
by A Von Butz


What is Cancer?
by Webster Kehr

*Dunno … just passing along


Are you addicted to sugar?
Researchers see the signs in people and in animals
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

*Sweet profits for sugary poison


Fiber Starter Breakfast Bowl
by Yuri Elkaim



Look What We’ve Done: Human-Made Epoch of Nightmares Is Here
From throwing away tons of plastic to spewing carbon into the atmosphere, there’s no question humans have irrevocably changed the world
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Power corrupts

The planet


Under-the-Radar Supreme Court Case Poses Profound Threat to Unions Nationwide
Case could result in the enforcement of ‘Right to Work’ laws on all public sector labor unions in the United States
by Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Common Dreams


FBI to Track Animal Abuse Like Homicide—But Which Animals?
Activists say new system is step in the right direction, but reveals bias that favors household pets over farm animals
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Planning for More Surveillance? US Officials Hold ‘Shady Meeting’ With Tech Firms
Heads of intelligence agencies and other top officials head to Silicon Valley for private summit on counter-terrorism
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[O]ther authoritarian countries” … ?

I’d say this is “dangerously far-sighted”.


Where Were the Post-Hebdo Free Speech Crusaders as France Spent the Last Year Crushing Free Speech?
by Glenn Greenwald


“Bleeding-Heart,” Or Just Bloody? The GOP Poverty Show
by Isaiah Poole

*I fuel your pain


Will the Canadian Government Shed Light on the No-Fly List?
by Monia Mazigh


With the New Year, the American Parade of Politics and Prejudice Marches On
Philadelphia’s Mummer’s Parade brought flare-ups of racism and bigotry that parallel the rage and fear that grip much of the public in this election year
by Michael Winship

*History shows us it can be a short trip from brown face

To brown shirt


The Real News Network
Trudeau Pledge Tracker: Trudeau Ignores Executions and Proceeds with Saudi Arms Deal
Dimitri Lascaris says Minister of Foreign Affairs Stephane Dion met with Adel Al Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and considered him an important ally days before the executions were carried out

*Liberal lies kill as surely as their conservative cousins


Essure Problems
The horrors of a women’s contraceptive device called Essure could be a harbinger for what a new bill called the 21st Century Cures Act does more broadly to our medical regulatory system

*The hypocrites spin the money wheel

Hippocrates spins in his grave


Democracy Now!
Poisoned Democracy: How an Unelected Official Contaminated Flint’s Water to Save Money


Amid State & Fed. Cover-Up, the Story of How Researchers & Residents Exposed Flint’s Water Poisoning

*That’s Dear Misleader’s EPA, for those keeping honest score of the dishonesty extant.


“Gov. Snyder Should Be Arrested”: Flint Residents Demand Justice over Water Poisoning

*I don’t believe in “an eye for an eye”

But I’m sorely tempted to say these mother fuckers should be forced to swallow their poison for the rest of their worthless lives.

Of course, no one will get what they deserve

Perpetrator, or victim.


18 Guatemalan Ex-Military Leaders Arrested for Crimes Against Humanity During U.S.-Backed Dirty War

*Will the flowers bloom in the light of day?



Resistance & Outrage as Obama Administration Rounds Up Central American Refugees


Thyroid: it’s the key to weight loss
by Leanne Ely



The Most Vital Amicus Briefs for High Court’s Abortion Case: Women’s Stories
Individual stories ‘vividly demonstrate that access to abortion can be crucial to a woman’s ability to determine her future and achieve her dreams’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Saudi-Iran Dispute Won’t Cause Lasting Oil Price Rally
by Nick Cunningham


Saudi Leadership Defends Execution of Protestors


The Real News Network
Saudi Arabia Fueling Sectarianism to Destabilize the Region and Suppress Domestic Dissent (2/2)
Toby Craig Jones says Saudi Arabia is beholden to sectarian violence and it is not a stabilizing force in the Middle East


Grazing Rights, Cow-Bombing, and the Oregon Armed “Occupation”
Conservationist, activist and writer Andy Kerr says that the “occupiers” in Oregon are misrepresenting the law and too few recognize the impact on the environment involved in grazing and raising livestock

*Coming out of their mouths

And their cows’ rear ends


Bernie Sanders Decries Lack of Wall Street Prosecutions
Former financial regulator Bill Black says it’s important to reimplement the Glass-Steagall Act – but it’s not enough to prevent another financial crisis

*”[H]appy Sanders” … ?

There’ve been a number of TRNN segments that have pointed out contradictions in Sanders’ record, but that’s diminished lately.

The man’s got plenty of cheerleaders, including, apparently, Mr. Black.

What I need is objective analysis of his past, present and future politics, warts and all.


Institute for Public Accuracy
The Myth of Entrenched Sunni-Shi’i Conflict


Bombs Speak Louder Than Words: The Liberal Reinvention of George W. Bush
by John C. O’Day

*Speak softly

And carry a big bomb load


‘Environmental’ Comic Strip’s Author Wants Global Warming Believers to ‘Get Real’
by Jim Naureckas

*Comic relief of responsibility


Democracy Now!
TransCanada Sues the U.S. for $15B for Rejecting Keystone XL. Will This Be the New Normal Under TPP?

*This is Dear Misleader’s true “climate legacy”

And don’t you think he knew goddamn good and well that his “denial” of KXL would be undone via his baby?

So why didn’t McKibben and company?


Mystery Meat: After WTO Ruling, U.S. Tosses Meat Origin Labeling Law, Leaving Consumers in the Dark

*Roundly porked


As North Korea Says It’s Tested H-Bomb, Is It Time to Restart Peace, Disarmament Talks?


The Iran Model: Could Nuke Deal with Tehran Help Create Way to Address North Korean Crisis?

*”The Iran Model” involved immense harm to the Iranian people through sanctions, imposed to prevent a “nuclear armed Iran” that existed only in the empire’s manufactured nightmares, against a regime that was far from obdurate in seeking a resolution.

That’s the template we want to follow?


“A Travesty”: Is Japan’s Apology to Korean “Comfort Women” an Attempt to Silence Them?


Fort Dix Five: Prosecuted by Christie, Muslim Brothers Get Rare Day in Court in FBI Entrapment Case


The FBI & Entrapping Muslims: Web-Exclusive Interview with Fort Dix Five Attorney Bob Boyle


Slow down in order to slim down
by Leanne Ely



“About Time”: Jerry Brown Declares State of Emergency Over Porter Ranch
Organizers say the leak has ‘been a wake-up call for this community…. We’re all on the front lines of climate change’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Permanent State of Emergency? France Seeks Alarming Expanse of Police Powers
Debate to see state of emergency enshrined in the nation’s constitution will begin early next month
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Germany’s Superhighway for Bikes Offers Hope for ‘Transformative’ Transportation
Home of the modern highway opens part of 100-kilometer bicycle path that will connect 10 cities
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Ultimate Blowback from U.S. Foreign Policy? Donald Trump.
How the CIA, bad trade deals, and wanton military intervention caused the social crises that gave us the Donald. (Really.)
by Walden Bello


Center for Justice and Democracy
National Organizations Oppose Legislation That Would Destroy Class Actions and Harm Asbestos Victims


The Real News Network
UK Labor Party Departing from Austerity to Strengthen Economy
Economists for Rational Economic Policy: John Weeks, Ozlem Onaran and Jeremy Smith say Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Chancellor John McDonnell can break with previous neo-liberal economic policies and pursue an agenda that is focused on productive employment

*Call it “deficit learning disorder”

But we’re still talking about making capitalism better, and ignoring the reality that you can’t make it good.

For so many, there may be less chicken shit

But not nearly enough chicken salad.


The Cracks Begin To Show in The UK Economy (1/2)
Economists for Rational Economic Policies contributors John Weeks, Ozlem Onaran, and Jeremy Smith say nominal gains in economic performance are based on household debt


Pipeline Construction Expedited, Environment Oversight Reduced in Highway Bill
DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horn says the recently passed legislation will curtail democracy in decision-making around critical fossil fuel infrastructure in the United States

*Hope and change

Bait and switch


The Black Radical Tradition in Our Time Conference Starts Friday
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report explores the meaning of the gathering of black thinkers and activists set to start in Philadelphia on January 8th

*The revolution will not be teleprompted


Executions Show Saudi Arabia Beholden to Sectarianism
Professor Toby Jones says the Saudi royal family is trying to deflect attention from a growing domestic crisis


Institute for Public Accuracy
North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons


Folly of Giving Federal Land “Back”


The Clintons’ Paid-Speech Bonanza

*Walking the talk to the bank


Democracy Now!
“Every Time I Think About Those Kids It Gets Me Mad”: Obama Tears Up as He Orders New Gun Control

*Dry eyes for the drone dead


Gun Owners of America vs. American Constitution Society: A Debate on Obama’s Gun Executive Orders

*Seven years to take your first baby steps

When we needed an adult from the get go


Will U.S. Deport Kurdish Activist Ibrahim Parlak Back to Turkey Where He Was Jailed & Tortured?



Fortress Europe Looms as EU Countries Implement Heightened Border Controls
Do new border checks in Sweden and Denmark mean landmark Schengen Zone is dead?
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Closing the border to our better angels


Organic Farmers Score New Victory in ‘David and Goliath’ GMO Fight
Jackson County, Oregon wins new protections against cultivation of genetically engineered crops
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Upholding Power of the People, Court Says Voters Can Weigh In on Citizens United
‘Are we a democracy of, by, and for the people, or are we to be ruled by an elite, moneyed class?’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Venezuelan Supreme Court Suspends Swearing in of 4 Incoming Legislators
by Rachael Boothroyd Rojas


What’s Wrong With Laughing & Labeling Oregon Militants “Terrorists”
by Kevin Gosztola


You Can’t Report Truthfully on Israel Without Facing Its Wrath
by Richard Falk


Who Killed Sammy Younge Jr.? SNCC, Vietnam, and the Fight for Racial Justice
Statement by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee on the Vietnam War, issued three days after the murder of military veteran Sammy Younge Jr. on January 3, 1966
by Zinn Education Project


A New Political Situation in Latin America: What Lies Ahead?
by Claudio Katz


2016: UK Drops Death Penalty Strategy as Executions Spike in Iran, Pakistan & Saudi

*Sealing the stiff upper lip


The Real News Network
US Corporate Media Amplifies Saudi PR Machine
The Intercept’s Zaid Jilani says the Saudi Arabian government has been able to present its point of view free of any challenge in the Western mainstream media


Days of Revolt: America’s Death Squads
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and investigative journalist Allan Nairn break down the mechanics of U.S. intervention across the globe, and the consequences still unraveling today

*Democrats’ death and destruction

There is nothing “less” to their evil in the minds of the victims


The Shared Interests of the Oregon Militia Movement, Koch Brothers and LDS Church
Chris Zinda discusses how groups such as those involved in the armed standoff in Oregon are influenced by the likes of the Mormon Church, the John Birch Society and Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity

*Don’t look for “religious extremists” in any corpress coverage of this.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is Saudi Gunning to Scuttle Mideast Peace?


Calls to Remove Head of DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz

*You can’t save the soul of a party

Bereft of one


Democracy Now!
Amid Armed Oregon Standoff, Report Finds “Skyrocketing” Number of Anti-Government Militia Groups


These Aren’t the First Armed Whites to Take Over That Oregon Land: Just Ask the Native Paiute People


“We Have Been Betrayed”: Activist Who Refused to Shake Obama’s Hand Decries Latest Immigration Raids

*These folks don’t have the luxury of rationalizing Dear Misleader’s malevolence, do they?


When We Fight, We Win: New Book Showcases Social Movements & Activists Transforming the World


Is chicken for dinner giving you a urinary tract infection?
Researchers are linking the bacteria in food to UTIs
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


3-Ingredient French Onion Slow Cooker Soup
by Yuri Elkaim



‘Volcanic’ Porter Ranch Gas Leak May Take Months to Close
According to state officials, safety concerns have slowed down efforts to close gas leak pumping thousands of tons of methane
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer


Even Tumbling Fossil Fuel Prices Can’t Deter Clean Energy Revolution
2015 saw ‘a global surge for wind and solar energy, which occurred despite oil, coal and natural gas selling at bargain rates’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[A] growing willingness by Wall Street to pour billions of dollars into projects once considered financially risky”

And both they and the corps receiving that loot are looking for a lucrative return on that investment.

There’ll be nothing clean about what those dirty hands will do to achieve it.


Notes from Kabul
by Carolyn Coe


Three Middle-Class-Killing Industries for 2016
by Paul Buchheit


US ‘Regime Change’ Madness in the Middle East
Bureaucratic self-interest trumped US military’s conviction that American security is being endangered by Obama’s policy of regime change
by Gareth Porter

*Does anyone else see a problem with the Pentagon defying civilian authority, regardless of whether they were “right” to do so?

I’m not speaking to the concept of refusing to comply with administration policy due to an overriding fealty to the Constitution. This was a covert act to thwart an admittedly dangerous strategy, rather than a principled objection to it.

That the military ultimately chose to protect its own imperial hand in the game makes plain that principle has precious little to do with the whole affair.


Palestine’s lost present: A journey in the Jordan Valley
by Vijay Prashad


Opportunistic Islamophobia
by Andrew Levine


How False Stories of Iran Arming the Houthis Were Used to Justify War in Yemen
by Gareth Porter


Human Research Loopholes: Alive and Well
by Yonatan Moskowitz and Lee Tien

*Science marches on



$10 Trillion Investment Needed To Avoid Massive Oil Price Spike Says OPEC
by Nick Cunningham

*Let’s hope this is an industry in deep denial over its coming demise.

If it isn’t, ours is assured.


Prepare for the Raids!


The Real News Network
How The Chinese Debt Bubble Led to the Stock Market Plunge
Johns Hopkins professor Ho-Fung Hung says we are seeing a continuation of the stock market collapse from the summer of 2015, and executive measures to rescue the market can only create more trouble in the long run


Inside Baltimore’s Outrageous Bail System
TRNN speaks to bail lobby insiders and those working to abolish it altogether

*A baleful bond


Take DEADLY Ingredients Out of Trident Gum
by Alexanderia Wickham


How Media Turned Right-Wing ‘Willing to Kill’ Extremists Into Peaceful ‘Rancher’s Rights Protesters’
by Ben Norton

*And the Klan were “states’ rights activists” …

But while the Klan were indisputably terrorists, if we take to term to mean those who utilize threatened or actual violence against civilians to sow fear and achieve their aims, then these “patriots” don’t fit the profile.

That doesn’t in any way diminish the danger they pose, but when every unfavored group that uses or epouses violence (regardless of its target) is demonized as “terrorists”, we should employ that label with circumspection.

Of course, you don’t have to have diddley to do with violence to be deemed an “extremist” or “terrorist” in these here United States, do you just?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Saudi Executions, Weapons and Influence


Eat THIS Healthy Breakfast Food for Faster Fat Loss (and Fewer Cravings)
by Yuri Elkaim


The Benefits of Salt & the Best Salt to Use
by Dr. David Brownstein


The Belly-Blasting and Stomach-Sculpting Trifecta
by Yuri Elkaim


Raise the barre for weight loss
by Leanne Ely



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