February 2016


Revealed: Big Oil’s Backroom Lobby Blitz to Drill in Arctic…Again
The government of Canada, caving to oil industry pressure, is considering extending Arctic drilling leases
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Incredibly Creepy’ Billboards to Track Behavior of Passers-By
‘People have no idea that they’re being tracked and targeted’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


Don’t Shut Post Offices—Reinvent Them
by Naomi Klein


Media Consumption Crises
by Robert Jensen

*”Magical thinking” consists of neither


A short interview which serves as a sort of CliffsNotes to his talk


Amnesty International
GREECE: Chaos erupts at Idomeni border as Balkans routes shut down


Maine Family Planning Announces Increase to Abortion Access


Wisconsin Public Education Network
Property Taxpayers to Fund Private School Tuition Under New Bill


The Real News Network
Melissa Harris-Perry and the Fall of the “Negro Whisperers”
Political writer and founder of BreakingBrown.com Yvette Carnell joined us to discuss the phenomenon she has dubbed the “Negro Whisperer” and the end of its run


Clinton and Sanders’ Record on Deportation and Guest Worker Policies
Author and activist David Bacon says increasing deportations will not increase wages, but strengthening unions and workers’ rights and raising the minimum wage will


New Law Would Track International Movement to Boycott Israel
Josh Ruebner says fears over the impact of the new law are overblown but many more anti-BDS measures are being considered nationwide


Was Clintonomics Good for Working People?
PERI’s Robert Pollin says the poverty rate decreased under President Clinton but his support of Wall Street deregulation set up a massive transfer of wealth from the working class to the elite


Feeling the Bern Become a Flame
Jacobin founder Bhaskar Sunkara discusses the strategies needed to keep the energy of the Sanders campaign thriving beyond presidential politics

*So what will be the reaction of the true believers if Bernie loses, and starts shilling for Madame Mayhem?

Stay tuned …


The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association
Give the Vietnam Blue Water Navy Veterans their presumptive rights for Agent Orange exposure


WaPo Factcheck Adds Confusion, Not Clarity, on Social Security
by Dean Baker


Why Did It Take an Activist to Bring ‘Superpredators’ Into the Campaign?
by Jim Naureckas


Democracy Now!
Did Bernie Sanders Run a White, “Northern Liberal” Campaign in South Carolina?


“Making America Great for White Males”: Activist Responds as Trump Refuses to Disavow KKK Support


16 States Face New Voting Restrictions in First Election in 50 Years Without Full Voting Rights Act

*If the Democratic Party truly wanted more people to vote, which would presumably be in their interest, they’d be fighting these laws tooth and nail, not to mention raising holy hell over having two presidential elections stolen this century.

Is that what the party’s pols in your state have been doing?


How to Know if You Have Cancer
By Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy


The Witch Hunt for “Alternative” Medicine Practitioners
by Ty Bollinger


12 Questions to Ask BEFORE Saying “Yes” to Chemotherapy Treatment
by Elyn Jacobs


The Truth About Cancer
Interview with Mike Adams (aka Health Ranger) about water filters

*A product’s being promoted, so caveat there, but I thought this contained useful intel to pass along.


Dangerous Cold and Flu Remedies (and Their #1 Most Toxic Ingredient)
by Yuri Elkaim


Fermented Foods: A Primer!
by Leanne Ely



New Report Issues Dire Warning About Global Decline in Pollinators
‘Their health is directly linked to our own well-being.’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


“We Are Not Denmark”: Hillary Clinton and Liberal American Exceptionalism
by Matthew Stanley

*No exception to the rule

Only the rational


Voces de la Frontera
Keep Up the Pressure on Gov. Walker Following Conflicting Comments on Anti-Immigrant Legislation


Center for Biological Diversity
U.S. House of Representatives Approves Bill Slashing Wildlife Protections
‘Sportsmen’s Heritage Act’ Threatens Wolves, Elephants, Polar Bears, Birds, People


Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV)
Activists Arrested For Entering Drone Base With Loaf Of Bread


The Real News Network
As Super Tuesday Approaches, Democratic Candidates Emphasis Racial Justice
Phd student Robert Greene argues that there are a lot of major fights going on at the state and local level that progressives have to be a part of, because the future of progressivism is inextricably linked with the future of the American South


UK Prime Minister Cameron Sets Trap For Himself Over Pledge to Leave EU
Economist John Weeks discusses the upcoming ‘Brexit’ referendum, arguing for reforming the European Union instead of leaving – a position also favored by Yanis Varoufakis and Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn


EU Parliament Adopts a Call for an Arms Embargo Against Saudi Arabia
Arms expert Willian Hartung says a more concerted effort by global actors will be needed to stop Saudi aggression


Can Sanders Win Over South Carolina’s Black Working Class Vote?
Attorney Kamau Franklin says Bernie Sanders needs to make greater strides to get his message out to Black voters in the South in order to have a shot at the Democratic nomination


Argentina’s Presidential Giveaway to Vulture Funds
James S. Henry analyzes the new conservative Argentine president’s economic policies and his effort to appease “vulture” funds


Petition update
Bring a Resolution to your MN Caucus on Tuesday!
by Scott Slocum


FAIR CounterSpin
‘People Don’t Really Have Time to Dream’
Darnell Moore on Black Futures Month
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
What’s Wrong With Black South Carolina Voters Not “Feeling the Bern?”


Democracy Now!
Jose Antonio Vargas: GOP Debate on Immigration Marked by Misinformation & Lack of Empathy


Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis is Focus of 2 Congressional Hearings as Dems Propose a “Super-Bankruptcy”


Did Trump University Scam Low-Income Students Who Are Now Suing the GOP Front-Runner?


Lee Fang: TV Pundits Praise Hillary Clinton On Air, Fail to Disclose Financial Ties to Her Campaign


#WhichHillary? #BlackLivesMatter Activist Demands Apology from Clinton for “Superpredator” Comments


“Trump is a Mercenary”: Native Writer Gyasi Ross on GOP Debate & Why He’s Not Endorsed Anyone (Yet)


What Is Ghee and How Do You Use It?
by Leanne Ely



Rip-Off Tax Treaties ‘Making the World More Unequal’
These treaties ‘have no place in the 21st century,’ ActionAid declares in new report
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘We Do Not Need a Militia of Toddlers’: Handguns for Kids Law Advances in Iowa
If approved, bill would allow children of all ages to use handguns as long as they are under adult supervision
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Forget when a fetus can feel pain

When can it inflict it?


Electric Car War Sends Lithium Prices Sky High
by James Stafford

*Nothing about the working conditions in these mines and factories, or the environmental consequences, not to mention the profiteering potential.


Ohio Charter School Scandal Grows as Kasich Ascends National Stage
by Dustin Beilke


Did the Kochs Just Anoint Marco Rubio?
by PRWatch Editors


Fight for $15
Houston Fast-Food Workers To Strike for $15, Union Rights Ahead of GOP Debate
Walkout to Culminate in Massive March on Moores Opera House


Petition update
The @UglyFruitAndVeg Campaign
New Article in the Huffington Post Mentions @UglyFruitAndVeg #WhatTheFork Petition!


Article on Sanders’ Complaints About Journalism Demonstrates Why Sanders Complains About Journalism
by Jim Naureckas


Democracy Now!
Winning His Race: Is Trump the Poster Child for the Rise of U.S. Hate Groups?


Will FBI Take a Bite Out of Apple? Former CIA Agent on Showdown Between Apple & U.S. Government


Former CIA Agent Says Edward Snowden Revelations Emboldened Apple to Push Back Against FBI

*Promote the threat to “security”

Punish the threat to power


Part 2: Former CIA Agent Barry Eisler Turned Writer on Imagining/Predicting Gov’t Surveillance

*”[O]utraged congressional committee”

Not much in the way of realism there, eh?


Exclusive: U.S. Journalist Detained Covering Bahrain Protests Gives 1st Interview Since Release


Part 2: Freed from Detention in Bahrain, U.S. Journalist Describes Interrogation & Ongoing Crackdown

*I suppose you could call Day, as well as those in the opposition who have a delusional view of US beneficence, “brave fools”.

I hope her assessment of the latter is mistaken, as Rajab’s comments would seem to suggest, and for their own sake that many have a clearer eyed view of US “interests”.


How NOT to Overcook Meat
by Leanne Ely



Robin Hood in Reverse: Climate Change Takes from Poor, Gives to Rich
A new study finds that climate change is triggering a massive reallocation of resources to the world’s wealthiest countries
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


Clinton’s ‘Public Option’ is a Diversion: We Need Single Payer, Medicare for All
by Don McCanne


Walling off Common Sense
Why Trump’s border plan is such a loser
by Jill Richardson


Make Monsanto Pay
by Vandana Shiva


Sierra Club
World Trade Organization Undermines Homegrown Solar Energy in India


Organic Consumers Association Calls out Vilsack for ‘Fear Mongering’ about GMO Labeling
Agriculture Secretary’s comments show great concern about corporate profits, no concern for U.S. consumers and taxpayers who pay his salary


Public Citizen
Predatory Schools That Deny Students’ Legal Rights Should Not Receive Federal Funding
Public Citizen Petitions Department of Education to Deny Aid to Schools That Force Students to Sign Pre-Dispute Arbitration Clauses


The Real News Network
Carnage in Syria a Product of US Empowerment of Saudi Arabia
Vijay Prashad and Paul Jay discuss the demands Americans can make of the US government to create a cessation of hostilities (2/2)


Obama’s Plan to Close Guantanamo Too Little, Too Late
Omar Shakir, attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, says the proposal is very similar to the executive order Obama issued in 2009, which means he could have closed it then – and he could close it today without Congress

*Unlike DN!, no admin apologia extant


Is BDS Headed Towards Criminalization in Canada?
Grace Batchoun of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East says Canada’s Liberal government just passed a motion that could stifle or even suppress the voices behind the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement in Canada

*The only Bern Palestinians are feeling is the one torching their rights lit by Western liberalism.


Four Billion People Experience Water Scarcity
Author and scientist Arjen Y. Hoekstra says meat consumption, population growth and climate change are driving the global water crisis


Urge Congress to Support Common Sense Rape Survivor Rights
by Amanda Nguyen


Democracy Now!
Will Obama’s Guantánamo Plan Close the Prison or Just Relocate It to a New ZIP Code?

*So, of what benefit was having as a guest an apologist for Dear Misleader’s malfeasance on this matter?

I’m assuming Azmy might need stitches after biting his lip for so long.


Is Donald Trump Heading to the GOP Nomination? Billionaire Wins Nevada Caucus with 46% of Vote


MarShawn McCarrel: Remembering the Black Lives Matter Activist Who Shot Himself at Ohio Statehouse


Splenda and Sucralose: Avoid This Artificial Sweetener (Was Used in CHEMICAL Warfare)
by Natural Health Sherpa


Should You Avoid Frozen Fish If You Want Good-Quality, Nutritious Seafood?
Times have changed, says seafood expert
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



As Rivers Run Black in Peru, Indigenous Tribes Left Cleaning Big Oil’s Disaster
“Those responsible, where are they?” Water supply and delicate ecosystem contaminated by spate of oil spills in Amazon
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


We Need to Stop Using Fox News as an Alibi for Trump’s Islamophobia
by Christian Christensen


100% Renewable Energy: What We Can Do in 10 Years
It will take at least three decades to completely leave behind fossil fuels. But we can do it. And the first step is to start with the easy stuff.
by Richard Heinberg


It Ain’t The Promised Land… Part Four
by Stanley Cohen


Mexico is not a Functioning Democracy
by John M. Ackerman


RIP Scalia: Bye, Bye Tony Two-Vote
by Andrew Levine


The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: The Solution (2/2)
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein lay out the solutions to issues like economic inequality and climate change, and explain the need for sustained civil disobedience and a unified grassroots movement


Sanders Hits a Brick Wall of the Black Vote
Glen Ford says the majority of the black vote is wedded to Clinton and the right-wing of the Democratic Party in national elections, in-spite of being more left-wing on actual issues

*A refreshing reality check on Bernie boosterismo

Never let your longings cloud your logic


Institute for Public Accuracy
Failed Gitmo Policy; Is Torture Over? Was it Tool for War?


NYT Used to Report Delegate Count as if It Was Voters Who Mattered
by Jim Naureckas


Democracy Now!
Could the 2016 Election Be Stolen with Help from Electronic Voting Machines?

*A corrupt system for corrupt parties

The Republicans pull a switch, and the Democrats pull a disappearing act when it comes to calling them on it.

And why does the “alternative media” treat this with so little seriousness?

“[W]e’re going to leave it there for right now”

And when will DN! or anyone else come back to it, and give it the attention it merits?


Prisons for Profit: Under Kasich, Ohio Becomes Laboratory for Privatizing Public Jails


Coalition of Immokalee Workers Targets Wendy’s for Rejecting Fairer Standards for Farmworkers


Coconut Oil Pulling
by Wellness Mama

*I tried this today, and I’ll let folks know the results over the next couple of weeks.



Despite Taking Lead on Global Stage, Fiji Pays Price for Climate Crisis
Island nation was already struggling to adapt to rising oceans and increasing temperatures
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Why We Need Democratic Socialism to Fix Our Educational System
by Paul Buchheit


The Supreme Court’s Ultimate Coup: It Makes the Most Consequential Decisions
by John Buell

*The Supreme irony


GMO Labeling Next Steps: Who Will Sen. Stabenow Dance With Now?
by Katherine Paul

*If only pols were subject to truth in labeling laws


Team Clinton: Fools, Damn Fools and Democrats
by Andrew Levine

*The only “progressive” characteristic of boostering Madame Mayhem is the political and historical Alzheimer’s necessary to sustain it.


It Ain’t the Promised Land
by Stanley Cohen

*Hard time in the heart of “democracy”‘s darkness


It Ain’t The Promised Land… Part Two


It Ain’t The Promised Land… Part Three


Landmark Community Solar Initiative Moves Forward In Maryland
Aiming to be a leader in clean energy access, Maryland advances forward-thinking policies


Federal Court Again Backs Native American Families in ACLU Lawsuit


Nile Day emphasizes continued water scarcity experienced throughout Nile Basin


The Real News Network
Will the “Terrorists” Adhere to the Russia-US Brokered Truce in Syria?
Patrick Cockburn, journalist with The Independent, says the de-escalation of the conflict will be difficult to implement because it must apply to those who are deemed “terrorists”


Col. Wilkerson: All War Games Between China and US Lead to Nuclear Attacks
Discussing the tension in the South China Sea, former Bush administration official Larry Wilkerson says the US should ratify the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea treaty – but won’t because of big oil and mining interests


Some Major Oil Producers Freeze Production, But Glut Will Keep Prices Low
Analyst Michael Klare says though Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Qatar have agreed to freeze oil production, global production levels will maintain low oil prices for the foreseeable future


Ralph Nader: Scalia, Hillary, and the Upholding of Corporate Supremacy
Consumer advocate Ralph Nader says the both the Republican and Democratic parties are subservient to corporate power


A Theme Park for Democracy
The first states to caucus in the U.S. primaries are supposed to spearhead a proud American tradition of democratic rule. The Real News went out to Iowa to see how much of that was true

*A pantomime of popular participation


Center for Media and Democracy
It’s Time to Protect Workers with Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces!


Don’t Let Drunk Drivers Drive
by Michael Jeffers

*This is a complex issue, and I don’t think calls for increased incarceration are just or effective.

This approach makes sense to me. It seeks to protect the public from poor judgment (to put it mildly), while not engaging in moralistic judgment of the myriad factors that facilitate this dangerous behavior.

Get these folks off the road, and get them some help so that when they do return, they have the skills they need to no longer pose a threat.


NYT Contributor Has Multiple Motives for Denying Drone Crimes
by Jim Naureckas


Nutrition and Cancer: 5 Things Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know
by Patrick Quillin


Discover the p53 Gene that Controls Cancer Development
by Dr. David Jockers


Lycopene Benefits: Tomatoes and Prostate Cancer Risk
by Suresh Nair


10 Kitchen Tricks
by Leanne Ely


Anti-Aging Turmeric Elixir
by Yuri Elkaim


Are bottled waters with added electrolytes or vitamins better?
Maybe for the manufacturer, not necessarily for you
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



Calling Clinton’s Bluff, Sanders Reveals What His Paid Speeches Look Like
Has Bernie Sanders thrown down the gauntlet after Hillary Clinton’s challenge at Thursday’s Democratic town hall?
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Amid Battle with Apple, Memo Reveals Big Brother’s Plan B for Encryption
“They said they wouldn’t seek to legislate ‘backdoors’ in these technologies. They didn’t say they wouldn’t try to access the data in other ways.”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Historic Settlement’ Cheered as Harbinger of End to Toxic Pesticides’ Harm
Impacts of atrazine and glyphosate, other pesticides on endangered species to be analyzed by USFWS
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Conundrums of Justice Scalia
by Ralph Nader


Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Afghanistan: Investigate Army Killings of Hospital Patients
Protect All Medical Facilities, Patients, Health Workers From Attack


Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)
New Report Links Pesticides Used in Combination Near California Schools to Increased Cancer Risk
Policymakers urged to support comprehensive new rules that would protect children from fumigants and other hazardous pesticides


Pakistan Hangs 351 Since 2014, but Only 1 in 10 Were ‘Terrorists’


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Bombing Libya: “Operation Deja Vu”?


Looking for ‘Revitalization’ in All the Wrong Places
by Neil deMause

*The bread’s swallowed by the circus


Holy Mackerel!
by Leanne Ely



#DayWithoutLatinos: Thousands Protest Anti-Immigrant Bills in Wisconsin
‘Wisconsin needs Latino and immigrant workers, and today everybody knows it,’ says Voces de la Frontera
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Heating up a cold day in hell


Lessons from Flint and the Price of Water Privatization
U.S. communities are shifting toward keeping their water infrastructure public, and that’s a good thing. But stopping water privatization is only the first step.
by Mary Grant and Jo Miles

*A liquid asset we can’t afford to flush


Why India’s Leading University is Under Siege
by Vijay Prashad


The Past Is Never Dead: Peyton Manning and Today’s Jock-Rape Culture at Tennessee
An old college case against the star quarterback was never confronted. Today, women are letting the school know that they have paid the price for this negligence.
by Dave Zirin

*I was ignorant of this, and as someone who as a young’un thrilled to Archie Manning’s “heroics” at the University of Mississippi, and who would like to believe that the warm and fuzzy image of his family was authentic, I’m nauseated by his and his offspring’s actions.

The admonishment merits repetition

Never place anyone on a pedestal

They are inherently unstable objects, prone to topple over on those gathered in admiration around them.


ACLU Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Thousands of Kansans Blocked From Voting Over Illegal Documentation Requirement


Please sign these

Voces da la Frontera and One Wisconsin Now
Oppose the Anti-Immigrant Bills AB 450 and SB 533!
Governor Walker And State Legislators – Oppose The Anti-Immigrant Bills AB 450 And SB 533!


Jobs With Justice
Don’t Let Congress Run Out the Clock on 13.5 Million Workers


Fight for the Future
Sneak Attack on Net Neutrality


Institute for Public Accuracy
Whistleblowers on Apple’s Privacy Stance


Democracy Now!
Apple vs. the FBI: Inside the Battle Snowden Calls “The Most Important Tech Case in a Decade”

*Of course, the US supports some of those “repressive regimes”, and I’d argue that it fits the profile, as well.


What Is the Government Still Hiding? ACLU Continues Fight to Obtain Photos of Bush-Era Torture

*A picture can counter a thousand words of propaganda


Keep It in the Ground: Author Terry Tempest Williams Buys 1,750 Acres of Oil & Gas Leases in Utah

*Commons sense confronts common collusion


Targeting Transgender Children, South Dakota Passes Transphobic School Bathroom Bill



‘Reclaim Our Schools’: Cities Rally Nationwide to Save Public Education
Thousands gather to protest budget cuts, high-stakes testing, and state takeovers of public schools
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


About Time! FDA Will Begin Testing Foods for Toxic Weedkiller Residue
The agency has never tested for glyphosate, despite its status as the most heavily-used herbicide ever and a ‘probable carcinogen’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Methane-Spewing U.S. Linked to Global Surge in Potent Greenhouse Gas
New study shows U.S. may be responsible for up to ‘60% of the global growth of atmospheric methane seen in the past decade’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Obama’s ‘Moderate’ Syrian Deception
President Obama, who once called the idea of ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels a ‘fantasy,’ has maintained the fiction to conceal the fact that many ‘moderates’ are fighting alongside Al Qaeda’s jihadists, an inconvenient truth that is complicating an end to Syria’s civil war
by Gareth Porter

*You don’t have to be a cheerleader for empire to be doubtful of the claim that “Russian-Syrian success offers the most realistic prospect for an end to the bloodletting in Syria”, given the toll taken on civilian lives by those forces.

Every “player” here has blood drenched hands, and realpolitik ignores the stench.

No, I don’t have the answer, but I’ll be damned if that will deter me from asking questions that arise from conscience.


When Juanes and John Legend Performed Together to Raise Awareness About Immigration Detention
by Latino Rebels


Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
After More Than 40 Years, EPA Will Act on Hazardous Industrial Spills


Oxfam International
The World’s Poorest Should Not Pay for the Security and Defense of Europe
Governments are considering diverting limited aid funds to security and defense, and may also increase the amount they use to cover refugee costs in rich countries


The Real News Network
Saudi Plans for Syria Ground Invasion: Bluff or a Disaster in the Making?
Vijay Prashad and Paul Jay discuss the potential consequences of a Saudi-Turkish invasion of Syria, more likely aimed at Assad than ISIS and on a collision course with Russia (1/2)


Rattling the Bars: 121 Days Without Sleep
In this episode of Rattling the Bars, TRNN producer Eddie Conway examines the institutional practice of sleep deprivation in California state prisons


The Ujima People’s Progress Party: Maryland’s First Black Worker Led Political Party
Nnamdi Scott of the Ujima People’s Progress Party joined us to discuss independent politics, the 2016 presidential election and Baltimore’s mayoral race

*If you wanna dance to your own music

You gotta have your own party


China Considers Putting Nukes Under Military Control
Colonel Larry Wilkerson explains the significance of China considering placing nuclear arsenal on high alert

*Climate cataclysm or nuclear Armageddon?

How fast does Nero fiddle?


Pass the Food Recovery Act to Fight Food Waste and Hunger!
by Jordan Figueiredo


Stand up for child care workers and the families who rely on us
Sign on to the Fight for $15 Child Care letter to the Obama Administration


Lyndhurst Residents Against Trap and Bolt
by Lyndhurst Deer Advocates


NYT Rounds Up ‘Left-Leaning Economists’ for a Unicorn Hunt
by Doug Henwood


But never standing


Kissinger? Kissinger Who?
by Jim Naureckas

*Maybe a lot of folks don’t know who the bastard is, but most likely don’t believe that war crimes are a feature of a “just and liberal order”.

I would like to know who Sanders’ foreign policy advisors are, though, given his contradictions in his proclaimed pursuit of that order.


Democracy Now!
“Thirsty for Democracy: The Poisoning of an American City”: Special Report on Flint’s Water Crisis


What Did GM and the Governor Know? GM Stopped Using Flint Water Over a Year Before Emergency Declared

*Only the corporate “person” is protected


Meet the Flint Official Whose Bid to Restore Safe Drinking Water Was Blocked by an Unelected Manager


Inside How Citizens, Journalists, Doctors & Scientists Exposed the Flint Water Crisis Cover-up


Michigan’s Water Wars: Nestlé Pumps Millions of Gallons for Free While Flint Pays for Poisoned Water



US Shrugs Off Yet Another Report of Cluster Bombs Launched By Saudis In Yemen
by Kevin Gosztola


Center for Food Safety
Fishing and Public Interest Groups File Challenge to Feds’ Unprecedented Decision to Establish Aquaculture in Offshore U.S. Waters
Industrial aquaculture would bring economic and environmental harms to Gulf of Mexico and beyond


Breaking: Chicagoans Halt Loop Traffic with “Defund Police, Dismantle ICE” Blockade

*Standing together to take apart oppression


The Real News Network
Latest Agreement in Syria Could Lead to Further Escalation
Phyllis Bennis says the war in Syria is being fought by outside powers to the last Syrian


Haiti’s New Interim President has Close Ties to Business Elite
CUNY’s Francois Pierre-Louis and Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford discuss how protesters forced former President Michel Martelly to step down, but the people could lose in the struggle for free and fair elections


Days of Revolt: The Problem
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and Green Party candidate Jill Stein diagnose the problems plaguing US politics, highlighting the dysfunction of a two-party system dominated by corporate interests

*The lesser evil becomes less of a lesser the longer we let it linger


Institute for Public Accuracy
On Syria, U.S. and Russia in “Game of Chicken”?


Go ape for bananas!
by Leanne Ely


Does Protein Really Curb Your Appetite?
Companies love to make this claim to sell you more food.
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



European Groups Expose ‘Terrifying Extent of Corporate Grab’ Within TTIP
‘The ability to enact effective and fair tax systems to finance vital public services is one of the defining features of sovereignty,’ says Global Justice Now—one that is threatened by corporate trade deals
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


UK Plan to Outlaw Boycotts Compared to Support for Apartheid South Africa
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is among the voices speaking out against new proposal, which he calls an “attack on local democracy”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Marco and the Media: The Boy Who Would be King
How the press is helping Marco Rubio bounce back after his fifth place finish in New Hampshire and a debate fiasco
by Neal Gabler


Why 2016 Will be the Best Year Yet for Climate Justice
by Kari Malkki


As Obama Moves To Replace Scalia, The Press Enables Radical GOP Obstruction
by Eric Boehlert


As the movement for black lives shifts to policy, several options emerge
by Kate Aronoff


A letter to Beyonce from a Palestinian
by Amer Zahr

*The silence in silos


Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Iran: Arrest Shows Peril for Dual Nationals
No Way Back for Those Who Lived Abroad


Voces de la Frontera
ICYMI: Thursday, Feb. 18TH – A Day Without Latinos and Immigrants in Wisconsin
Latinos, immigrants, students, workers, business owners and allies will unite across Wisconsin to defeat racist, anti-immigrant legislation


Kidnapped Brit Spends 600th Day in Illegal Detention


The Real News Network
Jay-Z’s Black Lives Matter Philanthropy
Taureen “Tory” Russell, co-founder and director of the Hands Up United Coalition, discusses his group’s inclusion in Jay-Z’s funding, the work of their coalition, and his thoughts on the 2016 presidential elections and Baltimore mayoral candidacy of Deray McKesson


The History of State Repression Against Radical Social Movements
In this episode of imixwhatilike! TRNN Journalist Jared Ball speaks with Former U.S. political prisoner Eddie Conway about his book “The Greatest Threat: The Black Panthers and COINTELPRO”


Scalia: Hero of the Far-Right Dead at 79
Attorney Kamau Franklin says Justice Antonin Scalia participated in some of the most reactionary rulings affecting blacks, women, gays and workers in Supreme Court history


Congressional Black Caucus PAC Puts Up a Firewall for Clinton
Kamau Franklin says the Clintons have played a major role in destabilizing black communities through the welfare reform act, crime legislation, and economic policy


World Without War
Pass the New Bill to Abolish the Military Draft


‘Preserving the Balance’ by Maintaining a Conservative Supreme Court
by Steve Rendall

*”[L]et’s not do anything radical”

Like ruling that corporations are persons


Supreme Court Contention: It Didn’t Start With Bork
by Jim Naureckas


Democracy Now!
Scalia’s Death Leaves Split Court to Decide Major Abortion, Labor, Voting Rights, Immigration Cases


Who is on President Obama’s Shortlist to Replace Antonin Scalia?

*The nomination of an authentic liberal by Dear Misleader is as likely as Noam Chomsky being tapped to serve as Secretary of State in a Clinton administration

(Or a Sanders one, truth be told).


Stop Hate, Dump Trump: New Campaign Aims to Derail Presidential Bid Built on Racism & Xenophobia


Are Root Canals Really a Cause of Cancer?
by Dr. David Jockers


Anti-Cancer & Other Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin
by Sunil Pai


Nature’s Flu Shot and Cold Buster
by Yuri Elkaim


The19 Best Glute Exercises of All Time (The Definitive Guide)
by Yuri Elkaim


Use Your Muscles to Jumpstart Your Energy in the Morning
by Pedram Shojai


Focus on what you CAN have
by Leanne Ely



As Candidates Spar on Immigration, Rights Groups Sue for Answers
U.S. and Mexican rights groups sue State Department to find out how much it’s paying to stop migrants from reaching borders
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Climate Science Education in the US is Pretty Crappy, Survey Finds
‘At least one in three teachers bring climate change denial into the classroom’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*It’s really not “themselves” that people need to be protected from, is it?


‘Just More Hot Air’? Utility Co. says Methane-Spewing Porter Ranch Well Plugged
‘This isn’t about if it happens again, but when,’ says one resident
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


All Sides in the Syria War Have at Least One Thing in Common: Slaughtering Civilians
by Sonali Kolhatkar


Battle to Control Women’s Bodies
By defining all of us as “pre-pregnant”, women are afforded all the blame – but none of the control
by Laurie Penny


The Not-So-Hidden Fracking Money Fueling the 2016 Elections
by David Turnbull


Saudi Arabia’s Syria strategy: Rewriting the Middle East’s Political Map
by James M. Dorsey


What Next in the War on Clintonism?
by Andrew Levine


IRS Gives Up, Grants Karl Rove’s Dark Money Group “Social Welfare” Certification
by Brendan Fischer


Fight for $15
Ahead of Primary, Fast-Food Workers in South Carolina To Strike, March on GOP Debate
Fight for $15 Intensifies in Palmetto State with First-Ever Greenville walkout
Fifty-three percent of state’s workers paid less than $15/hour; First-time voters to call on candidates to come get their votes


Detroit Resisting Emergency Management
Media Misses the Mark, Vote Theft at Core of Flint’s Problems


Jubilee USA Network
US Judge Explores Lifting Argentina Sanctions After Country Offers $6.5 Billion to Hold-Out Investors


The Real News Network
Elections, Reparations and Beyonce: Class Politics in Black America
Founder of BreakingBrown.com Yvette Carnell and BlackAgendaReport.com columnist Pascal Robert joined us for a rousing round table discussion of leading topics of the day

*This is the stuff that attracts me to TRNN, not the endless repetitive reporting on the presidential primaries.

Of course the race needs to be covered, but it’s a matter of proportion. You have X number of minutes to deal with the world, and I think it’s a poor prioritization of that time to spend so much of it on US electoral politics.

What do you think?


Zika Linked to Deforestation
Evolutionary biologist Robert G. Wallace says we are seeing the reemergence of mosquito-borne viruses such as dengue, yellow fever and malaria

*Greed is the deadliest disease


Civil Disobedience and Free Speech Tested by Prayer in Ferguson
Rev. Sekou, arrested while in protest and prayer after Michael Brown was shot and kIlled in Ferguson, was found not guilty of failing to obey police orders


Guilt Abounds: Democrats and Republicans Struggle to Clean Up Their Image Over Flint’s Dirty Water
Executive editor and founder of BlackAgendaReport.com was back with his Ford Report discussing the political calamity that is Flint Michigan’s water crisis


Running From the Climate Challenge
Chris Williams of Pace University and Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University say the presidential candidates have not given the issue of climate change the attention it merits given that the future of humanity is at stake

*Oppenheimer’s appearance is superfluous, in my opinion, and it seems we’re seeing more on this network from persons who don’t challenge systemic exploitation and injustice.

Is that an attempt at “balance”?

Call me “unbalanced” then, I suppose.


Stop denying our children their right to a birth certificate
by Marco Malagon


Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Exploding air bags claim another life — in a Ford


Police and Media Agree: Cops Just Need to Be Nicer
by Josmar Trujillo

*”Community policing”

Flip the words, and you have the reality


FAIR Action Alert
ACTION ALERT: Stop Mega-Cable Merger to Avoid a Second Comcast
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton and Sanders on Health Care: Do the Numbers Add up for Single-Payer?


Democracy Now!
Who Endorsed Hillary Clinton? The Congressional Black Caucus or Its PAC Filled with Lobbyists?

*Whether it’s the CBC or CBC PAC is rather immaterial. Both entities are part of what Glen Ford would label “the black misleadership class”.

Some CBC members may have relatively more integrity than others, but when ninety percent of its membership backs Madame Mayhem, that should tell you where their loyalties lie, don’t you think?

I just wish these segments on the presidential race, here and at other “alternative outlets”, included far more independent voices, not aligned with either campaign. Clinton is anathema to anyone with a scintilla of social conscience, but Sanders has numerous contradictions that shouldn’t be lost in the righteous renunciation of her actions.

Leave the cheerleading to the exploited eye candy on pro sport sidelines.



A Real ‘Political Revolution’ Would End the War in Iraq
Taking the diplomatic road on Iraq and Syria would let Sanders get back to the business he started in 2002 — making space between himself and Hillary Clinton on the Middle East
by Peter Certo

*It’s not “ideological purity” to care about the dire consequences of such contradictions for those in their crosshairs.

It’s an honest conscience.


Why I Have Hope For American Muslim Equality
by Hina Shamsi


Even if Sanders Wins the Popular Vote, Clinton Could Still Get the Nomination
The Democratic party decides its nominee in a massively undemocratic way – and is a ticking time bomb for the party and its voter base if Bernie keeps winning
by Trevor Timm


Congressional Progressive Caucus
81 House Democrats Offer Support, Guidance to FCC on its Plan to Expand Broadband Access through Lifeline Program


National People’s Action
House Financial Services Committee Kowtows to Payday Industry in Washington While Ignoring Voters Back Home

*In the pocket of the pocket pickers


International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
Hardliners Handpick Candidates to Block Moderates and Rig Elections


The Real News Network
Fire in the Belly: Black Arts in Baltimore with Rosiland Cauthen
Artist and educator Rosiland Cauthen of the Kuumba Collective in Baltimore talks about her work, the politics of art, and the continuing impact of the Black Arts Movement

*Art for our sake


SCOTUS Blocks Obama Clean Power Plan, Hinders Future of Environmental Legislation
Robert Pollin says legally halting executive order on power-plants poses possible “disaster” for future emissions reduction


Let Lottery Winners Remain Anonymous
by wakiekie Reid


FAIR CounterSpin
‘This “Independent” Academic Is Promoting Public Policy Issues for a Private Corporation’
Interview with Carey Gillam on food expert conflicts of interest
by Janine Jackson

*”He’s been quoted widely in many reputable newspapers”

How does not doing your job translate into being “reputable” … ?

(Actually, they are doing their job, but you know what I mean.)


Democracy Now!
Could Unelected Superdelegates Give Clinton the Nomination Even If Sanders Wins the Primaries?

*I only wish Sanders was as dangerous as these bastards make him out to be.


Justice Dept. Sues Ferguson, Missouri, to Force Police Reforms



‘Not Your Firewall’: Minority Voters Refuse To Be Token in Clinton Strategy Map
Pointing to Clinton’s historic support for policies that expanded mass incarceration, author Michelle Alexander writes, “there is such a thing as a lesser evil, and Hillary is not it”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*You don’t have to be feeling the Bern to know that Clintonismo has scorched folks of color for the past quarter century

But courting the right Reverend Sellout is one more reason the flame isn’t catching for me.


Netanyahu Wants Fence Around Israel to Keep Out ‘Wild Beasts’
‘In the environment in which we live we must defend ourselves from the wild beasts,’ Prime Minister says
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


After ‘Whipping Up Myth of Russian Threat,’ NATO Approves New Fighting Force
NATO ‘aggravating tensions’ with new deployment of thousands to Russian border
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


New Docs Link Polluted Drinking Water Supply to Massive US Military Base
Reports obtained by Japan Times show repeated accidents at base that released toxic chemicals into waterways
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Biodiversity Loss and the Doomsday Clock: An Invisible Disaster Almost No One is Talking About
As horrific as a nuclear war anywhere in the world would be, climate change is a much more urgent and fundamental problem
by Phil Torres


Contaminated Water Requires a National Public Health Mobilization
by Margaret Flowers and Jill Stein

*Glowing in the dark of denied light


Hillary Says the Darndest Things
by Andrew Levine

*Clinton is as progressive as The Donald is demure


Center for Biological Diversity
President Obama’s Proposed Budget Short-changes Endangered Species
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Funding Request Falls Far Short of What Is Needed to Protect, Recover Nation’s Endangered Species


Food & Water Watch
In Wake of Flint Water Crisis, Federal Slashes to Community Water Funding are Unacceptable

*Dear Misleader feels your pain

Doesn’t drink your water


Warehouse Worker Resource Center
Congressman Mark Takano Supports Eastvale Walmart Warehouse Workers
Plus updates on other struggles


Institute for Public Accuracy
Sanders Biographer: He’s a Pragmatic Populist


Flint-Type Crises “Will Continue Until EPA is Accountable”


Democracy Now!
Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Voting for Bernie Sanders Despite the Senator’s Opposition to Reparations

*Sanders’ platform is “radical” in a comparative sense, and absent that on the subjects of imperialism and militarism

And, clearly, true racial justice.


After Running Xenophobic & Racist Campaign, Donald Trump Wins Easily in New Hampshire


Is Weight Gain a Common Sign of Gluten Sensitivity?
Then why are people diagnosed with celiac disease usually underweight?
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action

*Again, a contradiction between mainstream health advocates and the naturopathic community.

Whadda I know? FYI, and please pass along any intel you consider enlightening.



‘Internet of Things’ an Absolute Goldmine for Big Brother, Admits Top US Spy
DNI James Clappers acknowledges “intelligence services might use the [web-connected home devices] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Artful Smear’ Attack Backfires as Clinton Accused of Denying Impact of Big Money
‘Clinton, like our Supreme Court, ignores thousands of years of human experience in how money corrupts politics’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Oligarchville: How Washington’s New Rich Live
The twin explosions of post-9/11 national security extravagance and Citizens United political spending bonanza have reshaped Washington — not only in its political outlook but physically, with this New Class preferring lavish McMansions to show off their newfound wealth
by Mike Lofgren

*Conspicuous corruption


Welcome to the United States of Flint
America’s Coast-to-Coast Toxic Crisis
by David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz

*Fuel for “the American Dream”

Fodder for an American nightmare


A Serious Response Is Needed, But Let’s Not “Wage War” on Zika
by Susan Sered


Advancement Project
State Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto to Restore Voting Rights for 40,000 Marylanders


The Real News Network
The Real News Tries to Attend Dixon Fundraiser
Former mayor of Baltimore holds shindig for donors behind closed doors

*Ye shall know them by their cahoots


Days of Revolt: Company Town
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges discusses the corporate takeover of Salinas, CA by a multi-billion dollar agricultural industry, and the ways in which a radical city councilman and a civil rights attorney have been able to fight against it

*Think we’ll see a Democratic presidential candidate visit Chinatown?

If you do, I have some toxic swampland you might be interested in.


Democracy Now!
“This Man Will Almost Certainly Die”: The Secret Deaths of Dozens at Privatized Immigrant-Only Jails


Part 2: Seth Freed Wessler on Uncovering the Deaths of Dozens at Privatized Immigrant-Only Jails


What Prevents Sunlight from Making Vitamin D in Your Skin?
Here’s an advantage to living in the South or Southwest
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Fight cancer and fungi with this versatile veggie
by Leanne Ely



India Rejects Facebook Plan to Exploit World’s Poorest with Private Internet
‘As the country with the second largest number of Internet users worldwide, this decision will resonate around the world.’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


UN: Millions of Lives at Risk if Epidemic Response Not Improved
Ebola and Zika outbreaks show how quickly health crises can spiral out of control, panel finds
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*While this capacity is unquestionably necessary, the devil’s in the details.

It could easily serve as a Trojan horse for imperial expansion in Africa and elsewhere.

This must be an exclusively civilian undertaking.

Good luck with that.


Who the Election Should Be For: The 7 Most Beaten-Down Americans
by Paul Buchheit


The Super Bowl Promotes War
by David Swanson

*Circus of the centurions


Should journalists care if sources go off to prison?
by Norman Solomon


The Suicide of the Liberal Church
by Chris Hedges


Sue for defamation?


The Real News Network
Hollywood Glorifies Bankers, Ignores Unsung Whistleblowers
UMKC’s Bill Black reviews the highlights and holes of the film The Big Short


MD Delegate Wants to End the War on Drugs
Law to decriminalize possession of heroin and cocaine along with treatment on demand will prevent criminalizing addiction


Petition update
Victory! M&M’s is removing artificial dyes after 200,000 consumers spoke up!
by Renee Shutters and CSPI


Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton, “Endless War” Candidate

*They (or, at least, I) don’t call her “Madame Mayhem” for nothing.

Herewith the something.

Would Bernie be better?

It’d be goddamn hard not to be.


Democracy Now!
Trump Leads GOP Charge Embracing Torture: “I’d Bring Back a Hell of a Lot Worse Than Waterboarding”

*Let’s be clear that the US gummint still tortures, and anyone who disputes that is welcome to undergo a forced feeding session.

Only the delusional would believe those are the only circumstances, and of course there is torture by proxy, with the US outsourcing these horrors to its allies.

So it’s not just a matter of not prosecuting those responsible in the previous regime, but of the current administration’s culpability for the same crimes.


Another Bush, Another Preemptive War? Jeb Supports U.S. Military Strikes Against North Korea

*Calling Dr. Strangelove …


Real Estate Magnate Trump Defends Using Eminent Domain to Seize Homes for Private Development

*Eminent domination


Beyoncé Wins the Super Bowl: Pop Legend Invokes Black Panthers, #BlackLivesMatter at Halftime Show

*I’ll reserve judgment on Beyoncé’s authenticity, as I really don’t know diddley about her. That her performance was presumably approved by the circus ringmasters gives me pause, but again, whadda I know?

There’s no ambiguity about how The City punishes poverty, though, is there?

The circus comes to town

And the bread’s reserved for those goddamn gold gnoshes.


Ozone Therapy: A Powerful Cancer Treatment & Healing Protocol
by Jane G. Goldberg

*Blowing smoke

Or blowing it away?

Decide for your own self.


World Cancer Day: Why Cancer Awareness Isn’t Enough
byTy Bollinger

*An abiding awareness of their bottom line


National Cancer Prevention Month: An Alternative to Empty Awareness
by Ty Bollinger


Why the USA is NOT the Best Place if You Have Chronic Disease
by A.J. Lanigan


Magnesium-Rich Foods Could Help Prevent Diabetes
Magnesium-rich foods aren’t just delicious, they also benefit your health

by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


10 Tips to Help You Successfully Navigate the Grocery Store
by Leanne Ely



To Break Big Oil’s “Stranglehold,” Obama to Propose $10-a-Barrel Oil Tax
Budget plan, set to be announced next week, proposes investing $300 billion in public infrastructure
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*You’d think these greenies would grow tired of kissing Dear Misleader’s dick after having swallowed so much of his piss.

You’d apparently be mistaken.


UN Human Rights Chief: To Battle Zika, Uphold Reproductive Rights of Women and Girls
Telling women not to get pregnant when ‘sexual and reproductive health services are criminalized, or simply unavailable’ a failed reponse to epidemic
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Thousands Rally for Chicago Teachers as Banks vs. Schools Battle Rages
“We need the political leadership of the city to know that schools can’t keep being the last priority”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Koch-Fueled Playbook against WV Working Families Exposed by CMD
by PRWatch Editors


Center for Biological Diversity
Obama Administration Weakens Critical Habitat Protections for Nation’s Endangered Species
New Regulation Allows Widespread Destruction of Habitat, Increasing Risk to Plants, Animals From Death-by-a-Thousand-Cuts

*I’ve never been “disappointed” in the actions of this administration.

That’s only possible if you placed trust in it in the first place.


The Real News Network
UAW Suppresses Local Union’s Vote to Support BDS
Labor activists Frank Hammer and Kumar Salehi discuss the United Auto Workers’ decision to nullify Local 2865’s resolution in support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement


Petition update
Time for local action: wildlife-killing contest in Marshall MN!
by Scott Slocum


Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton: A “Progressive” Who Gets What Done?

*It’s instructive as to what Sanders does and doesn’t bring up re Clinton’s resumé now

And it’s worth pondering what he will and won’t say should she win the nomination.


Democracy Now!
Sanders & Clinton Spar on 2002 Iraq Vote; Clinton Praises Henry Kissinger

*I’ll be charitable and say that Lewis is a fool, rather than a shill, although I imagine the Clinton campaign was aware of her appearing on a prominent “alternative” program, and the possibility exists that a bit of prepping may have taken place.

I say that as a white male, if that matters, and as a skeptic of Sanders’ “revolutionary” credentials.

The bottom line is neither will question the fundamental goals of US imperialism and militarism, if their political careers are any indication. Madame Mayhem would cause more death and destruction, but this is a primary example of a matter of degree, not kind.

Recall that Dear Misleader likely would have voted against authorizing the invasion and occupation of Iraq, as well

And that Sanders, as did every other senator, voted for the same regarding Afghanistan.

It’s cold comfort for the grieving in the latter that he refrained from supporting another hell in the former.

When I consider these issues, I try to see them from the perspective of those most acutely affected.

I guess that puts me, in Lewis’ words, on “a perch from which [I] can be very pure”.

I’d call it trying to follow my conscience.


“A Significant Victory”: Julian Assange Hails U.N. Panel Calling for His Freedom


What’s the Best Oil to Cook With?
by Leanne Ely



To Feed the World, Tap Into Organic’s Potential: Study
‘It’s not just a matter of producing enough, but making agriculture environmentally friendly and making sure that food gets to those who need it.’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Carbon Tax: The Low Oil Price Opportunity
by Richard Heinberg


How the Media Hide Undocumented Workers
by Aviva Chomsky

*Practicing what they preach


Report Finds 63 Million Americans Endangered by Chlorine Bleach Plants
New report on chlorine bleach plants across the country finds 86 facilities continue to needlessly use huge quantities of highly toxic chlorine gas, in spite of the availability of safer alternatives


The Real News Network
Could Sanders Deliver on Medicare for All?
Green Party candidates Dr. Jill Stein and Dr. Margaret Flowers say the way to a single payer system is not through the Affordable Care Act nor the Democratic Party

*I’m not sure how Jackson and Sharpton made it into the same sentence as “principled”

(Not that Kucinich and Dean are Jesus on a stick, either)

But be that as it may, on the question of universal healthcare, Sanders and anyone else advocating for it have to pound on the history of those nations who have had it for decades, letting the empirical experience of better health outcomes and cost savings speak for itself.

How about testimonials from those who’ve benefited, as well as cautionary tales from those states where austerity has eaten away at it?

As Flowers said, this ain’t rocket science

So let’s launch this sucker.


Baltimore Residents to Challenge Tax Breaks for Developers
Community members from the Poe Homes in West Baltimore held a community meeting to push back against what they say is unfair policy


Sanders vs. Clinton on Wall St. Reform
Former financial regulator Bill Black and Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal take on the policies of the two contenders for the Democratic nomination


Taking the Black Struggle to the United Nations
The Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent were in Washington, DC last week for a town hall convened by Pan-African Community Action (PACA). We caught up with PACA’s Netfa Freeman and Garrett Harris to hear more about the working group’s findings and the goals of the organizers.


Protect Drivers from the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide: Pass Savannah’s Law
by John Bettis


Washington Post’s Food Columnist Goes to Bat for Monsanto–Again
by Stacy Malkan

*Haspel, like the product she pimps, is hard to swallow.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Party Bosses Rigging Debate Process


Clinton: Still Falsifying on Iraq War Vote

*Fixing the facts around the candidacy


Democracy Now!
Lori Wallach: Signing of TPP Marks Only Beginning of the Fight, Trade Deal Could Still Be Stopped

*If anything, aside from the GWoT ™, defines Dear Misleader’s “legacy”, this would be it, don’t you think?


“There’s a Jim Jones in Michigan”: Lawmaker Likens Flint Crisis to Cult Leader Who Poisoned Members

*Something tells me Chaffetz’ daughter wasn’t going to be moving to a municipality run by an emergency manager.


Exclusive Report: How Long Did Flint’s County Jail Inmates Drink Poisoned Water?


Zika Virus: Are Climate & Ecological Factors Driving Spread of Viral Diseases in the Americas?


Beat Winter Dehydration
by Leanne Ely



Professor Who Exposed Flint Crisis Says Greed Has Killed Public Science
Academic pressure and financial motives have prohibited scientists from asking important questions
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


This Is Not the Way the Democratic Campaign Should Be Conducted
Chris Matthews had a strange interview with Hillary Clinton today. It was ahistorical and out of bounds.
by Charles P. Pierce

*”Bernie Sanders is running a campaign completely within what can reasonably be called the mainstream of his party and of our politics.”

Yes … yes, he is.

And that’s why I’m not feeling the Bern.

(Parenthetically, Matthews should have “DNC” tattooed on his forehead.)


Center for Biological Diversity
Lawsuit Targets EPA’s Failure to Release Public Records on Toxic Herbicide


Western Environmental Law Center
Lawsuit Challenges Wildlife Services’ Authority to Kill Wolves in Oregon


The Real News Network
Speculators Misunderstood the Oil Wars and Market Meltdown
Journalist Steve LeVine says most investors thought high-priced US shale would cause a boom and that the economy would benefit from low oil prices – so far they are wrong on both counts

*Low oil prices may boost the “economy” (a nebulous term if ever there was) in the short term, but they will also boost the amount of poison spewed and the heat therefrom.

Whatever gains made will be gobbled up by the damage done.

My oh myopia …


How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible (3/3)
Charlie Cobb, author of “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed,” says we must use the lessons of non-violence in the sixties to address the epidemic of violence plaguing inner-city neighborhoods today


Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama in a Mosque After 7 Years in Office

*An empty gesture from an empty soul


As Much as Media Would Like Them to, Trump’s Supporters Are Unlikely to Evaporate
by Jim Naureckas


Democracy Now!
Privatization on Steroids: Emergency Manager Who Switched Flint Water Resigns From Detroit Schools

*The emperor has no clothes

And no conscience


Jewish Peace Groups Reveal Role in Spoof New York Times That Criticized Paper’s Stance on Israel

*All the news that isn’t printed to fit


Caffeine: The Dark Side of Caffeine Nobody Talks About
by Natural Health Sherpa



Not Science Fiction: Biotech Industry Pushing ‘GM 2.0’ Across Europe
Effort to exempt new techniques from existing regulations is nothing more than an attempt to get genetic modification in ‘through the back door’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


When It Comes to Public Schooling, US Gets a Failing Grade
New report finds no state measures up across six criteria, from resistance to privatization to chance for student success
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Center for Food Safety
Legal Petition Urges EPA to Protect Waters from Widespread Insecticide Contamination
EPA must fix key policies to stem imminent threats to aquatic life


Community and Environmental Groups Sue the EPA and Call on the Agency to Remove “Free Pass to Pollute” from National Standards for Oil Refineries
Petition and Lawsuit Urge EPA to Strengthen Protections from Cancer-Causing Air Pollution

*E mission
P romotion
A gency


The Real News Network
Unlock the Vote
In this special edition of Rattling the Bars, Eddie Conway speaks with former prisoners who are organizing to pass legislation that would allow all Maryland ex-felons to vote upon release from incarceration


How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible (2/3)
TRNN Replay: Author Charlie Cobb discusses how famed activist Ella Baker inspired the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s grassroots structure, as well as the little-known story of armed self-defense during the Civil Rights movement


City Takeovers and the Destruction of Democracy
Black Agenda Report Executive Editor Glen Ford says city takeovers are about dispossessing black and brown folks so corporations can put their tentacles into the furthest nook and cranny of local governments


Democracy Now!
The Road to the White House Begins in Iowa, But Is It Already Sold to Wealthy Donors?


Clinton Laughs Off Question on Goldman Sachs, But Can Millions in Special Interest Cash Be Ignored?

*I don’t think the Clintons are worried about their financial future, do you?

As for “the foundation”, you might ask the people of Haiti how their future looks after years of its “good works”.


Supplements: No evidence that Ester-C brand of vitamin C provides special protection against colds
Company studies didn’t look at whether Ester-C users are less likely to get sick
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



Close-Fisted Wealthy Nations Are ‘Failing the People of Syria’: Oxfam
While some small European countries are donating more than their fair share to aid Syrians, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Russia are still far behind
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


The “Bernie Bros” Narrative: a Cheap Campaign Tactic Masquerading as Journalism and Social Activism
by Glenn Greenwald

*No “bitch”

Just a right bastard


Our Jobs Are Disappearing
by Paul Buchheit


Western Aggression: The Highest Form of Terrorism
by Edward Herman


What Does a Progressive Budget Look Like?
by David Swanson


Leadership Conference
New Report Connects Religious Exemptions from LGBT Equality to Historic Efforts to Deny Civil Rights


Council on American-Islamic Relations
CAIR Releases Results of Muslim Voter Survey Ahead of Primary Elections
73 percent of Muslim voters say they will go to the polls in state primaries, Islamophobia top issue

*I’ll speculate that “Foreign Affairs” is down the list for the same reason that “Islamophobia” is at the top of it. Many US Muslims are loath to criticize imperialism for fear of being seen as “soft on terrorism”.

That may account for their strong support for Madame Mayhem, as well, as she is the poster child for Democratic warmongerismo.

(And apparently, climate change was lumped in with “Other” issues … )


The Real News Network
Green Party on Sanders’ Health Care Plan
Green Party candidates Dr. Jill Stein and Dr. Margaret Flowers say Sanders is right about healthcare, but the Democratic Party will block him

*The virtue of being “a team player”

Depends on the virtue of the team


Digitizing Black Radio: The Black Talk Radio Network
Founder of the Black Talk Radio Network Scotty Reid joined us to discuss the history and politics of his digital network


Equity Sought in Baltimore’s Development Strategy
Advocates present solution to Baltimore’s housing crisis


Yanis Varoufakis on the Need for the Democratization of Europe
Former Finance Minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis speaks with thePressProject, TRNN’s Greek collaborator, about Syriza, Greek austerity, and his future political plans


How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible (1/3)
To mark Black History Month, TRNN’s Eddie Conway interviews Charlie Cobb, author of the book “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed,” who says he dropped out of Howard University to become active in the Civil Rights Movement

*Cobb makes the case plain, to my mind.

When faced with violence, you have a right to defend yourself and others. Force must be employed in a disciplined, principled manner, but there’s no moral obligation to forswear its use under such circumstances.

Those who choose non violence are indeed brave, and I admire their courage. But I don’t consider them any more righteous than those who decide differently in the name of self defense.

It’s a fearsome choice

But we live in a fearsome world.


How CA Came Close to Losing Solar Panel Benefits
California Solar Energy Industries Association’s Bernadette Del Chiaro says monopoly utility companies have spent $17 million on campaign contributions to get rid of net metering and consumer benefits


Baltimore, like Ferguson, Has a Warrant Problem
University of Maryland law school professor Doug Colbert is proposing amnesty for tens of thousands of people who have outstanding warrants for minor crimes, but Maryland’s judiciary branch is opposed despite widespread public support


Three Financial Crimes that Show How the DOJ “Went Easy” on Wall Street
Public Banking Institute’s Ellen Brown breaks down Senator Warren’s report which highlights how the DOJ and regulators give corporate criminals slaps on the wrists and free rein to operate outside the law

*A slap on their wrist

A slap in our face


Clayton Homes Is Selling a Lie


Congress: Stop Wasting Tax Dollars to Torture and Kill Monkeys for Bad Science!
by Dr. Ruth Decker

*Sometimes evolution seems little more than a theory


Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Feds crack down on dealers over sales of unsafe, recalled cars. Is CarMax next?


Institute for Public Accuracy
The Billionaire’s Election, The Sanders Exception

*I’d be curious to know who Sanders’ “top corporate donors” are.


Media Attacking Single-Payer Are Getting Paid Under Current Health System
by Adam Johnson

*Single payer double dealing

Biting the hand that won’t feed it


In Coverage of Planned Parenthood Smear, Partisan Conflict Crowds Out Reproductive Rights
by Janine Jackson


Lead in Drinking Water: It’s Not Just Flint residents Who Should Be Concerned
Lead in water can cause a decline in mental abilities in adults
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


How Do You Get Cancer?
by Dr. Charles Majors


Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods
by Ty Bollinger


The Standard American Diet & Increased Cancer Rates
by Dr. David Brownstein


Top 5 Essential Oil Pairs for Gut Health
by Dr. Eric Zielinski


How Beta Glucans Boost Immunity & Fight Cancer
by Dr. David Jockers


The 8 Worst Breakfast Foods to Eat in the Morning
by Yuri Elkaim


Healthy Meals for Picky Eaters
by Leanne Ely



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