June 2016


At Home and Abroad, Most People Agree That Americans Are Greedy and Arrogant Jerks
New Pew poll shows that in the 16 countries surveyed, a median of 54 percent associated arrogance with Americans
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


iCensor: Apple Patents Remote ‘Kill Switch’ for iPhone Cameras
Technology could allow police and government forces to stop citizens from recording abuses of force
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Influence of Influence: On Worshipping Money in Washington, D.C.
A closer look at the influential, the influencers, and those looking—for the right price—to be influenced in the nation’s capital
by Thomas Frank


Victory for We Are Seneca Lake Campaign as Mistrial Declared Amid Charges of Bias
by Sandra Steingraber


Abortion Isn’t an Outlier Medical Procedure, It’s a Constitutional Right
by Dorothy Samuels


The Real News Network
Tired of Tax Breaks, Baltimore Activists Disrupt Developer Fete
Protesters demand more affordable housing for Port Covington, a project to be funded with a $535 million tax break


Baltimore Police New Use-of-Force Policy Relies on Orders Officers Say They Routinely Ignore
New strategy calls for de-escalation and proportional force, but guidelines will be part of general orders which officers testified in the Freddie Gray case were routinely brushed aside


In Their Own Words: Brazilian Artists Speak Out Against Coup Government
In a nation-wide occupation movement, artists in Brazil fight the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff and lead a protest against the newly instated right-wing government


Petition update
Call a public inquiry into hundreds of missing and murdered Aboriginal women like my cousin Loretta Saunders
Our Meeting with Minister Bennett and Minister Hajdu
by Holly Jarrett


Institute for Public Accuracy
‘Transgender Troops’ Should Be an Oxymoron

*”Liberation” courtesy of obeisance to the oppressor


What Economic Realities Mean for the 2016 Election


BuzzFeed’s Obama Coverage Is 99 Percent Uncritical–and Borderline Creepy
by Adam Johnson

*Dopin’ for Dear Misleader


Democracy Now!
“A Classic State Capitalist”: How Donald Trump Profited from Public Subsidies & Political Favors


Report from Istanbul: Uptick in Bombings Comes as Turkey Drifts Toward Islamist, Authoritarian Rule


The 7 Best Ways for Balancing Your Hormones Naturally
by Yuri Elkaim


The 7 Worst “Healthy Food” Impostors …
by Jonny Bowden



Obama Insiders Angling to Buy For-Profit College Amid Crackdown
One helped with ‘effort to more tightly regulate for-profit colleges at the very agency now charged with approving the ownership change’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Institute of higher earning


From Paris to Istanbul, More ‘War on Terror’ Means More Terrorist Attacks
As ISIS loses territory, it returns to mass-casualty attacks against civilians. That’s why military-first approaches to terrorism are doomed to failure.
by Phyllis Bennis


So How Many VW Executives Are Going to Jail Exactly?
Volkswagen’s emissions cheating was a crime, so why aren’t the Feds treating it that way?
by Robert Weissman

*Pinstripes to prison stripes?

Fahrvergnügen …


The Syria ‘Dissent’ Memo and US Bureaucratic Support for Kerry War Strategy
The supposed dissenters knew very well that Kerry has been advocating essentially the same policy they were articulating for years
by Gareth Porter


What’s Wrong with the Obama Administration’s Plan to Help Student Debtors
The public has until August 1st to weigh in on the Department of Education’s proposed new regulations.
by Ann Bowers


The Media Has a Huge Blind Spot on Terrorism
Corporate media outlets just aren’t that interested in reporting on the violent far right — even when their crimes are international news
by Jim Naureckas

*No right turn onto Terror Street


Global Justice Now
EU Grants Temporary Extension to Glyphosate Licence


Food & Water Watch
Scientists, Groups Urge National Academy to Reverse Decades of One-Sided GMO Science
Letter Urges Academy to Publicly Disclose Conflicts of Interest


The Real News Network
Turkey’s Regional Ambitions Fuel Attacks Within its Own Borders
Baris Karaagac says the Turkish state must give up its aggressive, Neo-Ottomanist foreign policy if it wants to contain terrorist attacks


Brexit and the Fate of the United Kingdom
Economist Bill Black says the arrogance, incompetence, and ignorance by the elites was a major factor in pushing people to vote to leave the EU


Riot Police Confront Mourners of Slain Baltimore Rapper Lor Scoota
Residents and Democratic mayoral nominee Catherine Pugh condemn the militarized police response to the largely peaceful vigil for the beloved Baltimore rapper Lor Scoota

*Always reading the riot act


The Corbyn No-Confidence Vote and the Bleeding of the Labour Party
Political scientist Leo Panitch says the mass support for keeping Jeremy Corbyn in leadership might split the Labour Party, which could lead to a renewed progressive class revolt that goes beyond social democracy


French Labor Law, Brexit, and Greek Austerity: Class War Against European Workers
Economist Richard Wolff says the old European elite believed it could fix their broken capitalism on the backs of the masses, and that has proved to be a fatal mistake


Institute for Public Accuracy
How NAFTA Created Poverty and Desperate Mexican Migration


Istanbul Attacks and Syrian “Nation Destruction”


Lewandowski Hire Makes Journalists Choose Between Defending Their Profession and Embracing Its Demise
by Jim Naureckas

*”And some of them are such lying, disgusting people.”

Of course, he should know from lying and disgusting

And, of course, this move proves his point, if not his perspective.


Democracy Now!
“A Dark Day for the People of Puerto Rico”: U.S. Senate Moves to OK “Colonial Control Board”

*What’s in a name?

Nothing “progressive”


Meet the Attorney Who Just Won the Historic Abortion Rights Case at the Supreme Court


Former Chilean Army Officer Found Liable for 1973 Murder of Víctor Jara After U.S.-Backed Coup


Know someone with a big gut and skinny legs?
Why “they’re probably in trouble,” according to a fat expert
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Forget about these two memory supplements
The evidence isn’t as good as the companies claim
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



Oakland Ban on Dirty Coal Kills Plan for Massive Export Terminal
Port developers were quietly planning new port facility which would have shipped up to ten million tons of coal out of Oakland each year, increasing national coal exports by 19 percent
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Who Got Rich Off the Student Debt Crisis
42 million people owe $1.3 trillion in student debt. It’s a profit center for Wall Street and the government. Here’s how we got into this mess.
by James B. Steele and Lance Williams
Center for Investigative Reporting


Common Good Under Attack as Civil Society Groups Targeted Worldwide
Annual report by CIVICUS documents a year shaped by conflict and popular resistance
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Repeat Oil Spills Turning Peruvian Amazon into ‘Sacrifice Zone’ for Big Oil
‘The situation is criminal’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


Five Takeaways from the Spanish Election
The 2016 vote may have been a disappointment to Spain’s insurgent progressives. But they’ve proven they’re here to stay.
by Oscar Reyes


BREXIT Part 2: Roger Cohen
by William Black


Center for Food Safety
Food Movement Opposes “Backroom Deal” on GMO Labeling
Coalition of 70 groups condemn “compromise” bill that would keep the public in the dark


The Real News Network
Clinton Forces Dominate DNC Platform, Demolishing Key Sanders Issues
Platform Committee positions Clinton so that she offends no one except Sanders’ supporters, says Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report

*When you lie down with Democratic dogs

You get fleeced


Brexit sends Europe into Political and Economic Crises
Heiner Flassbeck says the UK is in a leadership crisis without a ruling party leader to implement the will of the people, and the Eurozone is also in a crisis that Germany is largely responsible for causing


Petition update
Urge Congress to Support Common Sense Rape Survivor Rights
Calling for Help!
by Amanda Nguyen


Institute for Public Accuracy
Despite Juno Arriving at Jupiter, NASA Still Pursuing Nuclear Power


Benghazi: Was the Consulate a CIA Front?


Democracy Now!
Plaintiff in SCOTUS Abortion Case Celebrates Historic Win But Says Struggle for Clinics Isn’t Over


Once-in-a-Thousand-Year Flooding Devastates West Virginia, Killing At Least 23


Get the Most Bang for Your Buck Out of Your Training
by Yuri Elkaim


Wheat-Free Diet: A 5-Step Detox Plan to Lose Your Belly
by Yuri Elkaim



Turkey-Israel Deal Leaves Gaza Siege Intact
by Ali Abunimah


Brexit and the Diseased Liberal Mind
by Jonathan Cook


The Most Important Election of Your Life (Is Not This Year)
by John Feffer


BREXIT: Populism and Democracy: Part 1
by William Black


ATL is Blocking Road to ICE


We are looking for answers: trump’s lies = violence against QTPOC people!


The Real News Network
Extreme Heatwaves, More Wildfires, and Dying Trees
Michael Mann, author of The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, discusses the link to climate change, and why he is still optimistic


Lapavitsas: The Left Needs to Develop an Alternative Plan for Europe
Economics professor Costas Lapavitsas says Britain’s vote to leave is a direct result of the EU’s lack of democracy

*I’ve been posting varying perspectives on this issue, and I feel Lapavitsas’ take is the most cogent I’ve seen so far.

That doesn’t mean folks in favor of remaining in the EU haven’t made salient cases for the negative consequences of a Brexit, but just as with a Grexit, a choice must be made based on the long term prospects for justice and democracy, and I think the argument for a break has been well presented here.


Activist: You Won’t Find Justice in an Unjust System
Adam Jackson, CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, says the trials of the six officers for the death of Freddie Gray should not distract from fighting to end systemic police abuse


How Western Military Interventions Shaped the Brexit Vote
Michael Hudson argues that military interventions in the Middle East created refugee streams to Europe that were in turn used by the anti-immigrant right to stir up xenophobia


Petition update
Where’s The Safety Net? Living Organ Donors Are People, Too
by James Myers


Petitioning U.S. House Committee on Education and Workforce (HR 5003)
Don’t take food out of the mouths of hungry children
by Rebecca Applegate


Petition update
BWH Nurses Are Rising In Defense of Medical Ethics and Good Stewardship From Corporate Corruption
by Hooman Noorchashm


Institute for Public Accuracy
Brexit Freak Out and the Reaction to Interventions and Austerity


Orlando Shooter’s Motive


FAIR CounterSpin
‘It’s Amazing How Little These Issues of Unequal Access Come Up’
Jamila Michener on expanding voting rights
by Janine Jackson


‘Minority Communities Bear the Brunt of Police Abuses’
Nirej Sekhon on Supreme Court ruling on illegal searches
by Janine Jackson


On Brexit, Experts Leave Much to Be Desired
by Dean Baker


Putin Conspiracies, Obama Nonintervention Blamed for Brexit
by Adam Johnson


Democracy Now!
Making Sense of Brexit: Paul Mason on Britain’s Growing Economic & Political Crisis


Trump Hails Brexit Vote: When the Pound Goes Down, More People Come to My Scottish Golf Course


“My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard”: Shane Bauer Goes Undercover to Expose Conditions


14 Cancer-Fighting Plants for Your Indoor Herb Garden
by Deborah Oke


How to Stop Sugar Cravings
by Yuri Elkaim


The Truth About Iodine and Hypothyroidism
by Yuri Elkaim



Food Advocates Race to Stop Destructive GMO Labeling “Compromise”
‘I am going to everything I can to defeat this legislation,’ says Bernie Sanders
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*No label needed

This smells to high heaven


‘Captivity is Degrading’: Historic and Controversial Buenos Aires Zoo to Close
140-year-old venue will shut down after years of criticism over its treatment of animals
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Grieve Now If You Must – But Prepare for the Great Challenges Ahead
A working-class revolt has taken place, and frustration is spilling out in all sorts of directions. If Britain is to have a future, the escalating culture wars have to stop
by Owen Jones


Is the Ideology of the Transgender Movement Open to Debate?
by Robert Jensen


Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
EU Authorities Should Pledge to Assure a Smooth Transition, Abandon Threats and Punishment, and Change Failed Economic Policies in Europe


Left Unity
EU Referendum: A Disastrous Outcome


Friends of the Earth
Brexit – Fight on to Save Environmental and Climate Progress


Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
CAIR-NY Calls for Stepped-up Security at Mosques After Hate Incident


The Real News Network
Would the Cops Be Convicted if #FreddieGray was White?
In the wake of the acquittal of Officer Caesar Goodson on all charges in the death of Freddie Gray, leading Baltimore civil rights attorney A. Dwight Petitt says Gray was a victim of “walking, driving, breathing, and living while black”


Britain Votes to Leave the European Union
John Hilary and John Weeks discuss the meaning and impact of Britain’s historic 52-48 vote to leave the EU


Commentary: Oaxaca Teachers Strike Is About Defending The Revolutionary Educational Tradition
John Ackerman of UNAD says that acts of state violence, like the police killings at the Oaxaca teacher strike and the “disappearance” of 43 students Guerrero, show that Mexico is not a democracy


Justice for Port Drivers
Port Truck Drivers Hardship Fund


Petition update
Smucker’s: Bring back pet-food donations immediately!


Institute for Public Accuracy


WSJ Fakes a Green Shift Toward Nuclear Power
by Miranda C. Spencer


Democracy Now!
Debate: After Shocking Vote, Can U.K.’s Radical Left Navigate a “Left Exit” from EU Neoliberalism?


As SCOTUS Deadlocks on Obama’s Immigration Plan, Immigrants “Continue to Live in Daily Fear”


Undocumented Mother & U.S. Citizen Daughter Call on Obama to Stop Deportations Despite SCOTUS Ruling


SCOTUS Ruling on Race-Conscious College Admissions a Great Victory for Equal Educational Opportunity


Second Baltimore Officer in Freddie Gray Death Cleared of Depraved-Heart Murder & Rough Ride Charges

*Another cop out


Sotomayor “Tells It Like It Is” & Slams Racial Profiling, Illegal Search and Seizure in Scathing Dissent

*The “logic” of a police state of mind


Part 2: Will Peace Agreement Between Colombia and FARC End Years of War, Unrest and Destabilization?

*Peace at what commodity price?


Are Vaccines Safe for Children? Global Survey Reveals the Truth
by Ty Bollinger



Brexit or Bremain? No Matter the Outcome, Hedge Funds Stand to Profit
Hedge funds are using private exit pollsters to capitalize on outcome of referendum vote before public finds out the result
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Real News Network
Outrage after Officer Accused of Murder in Freddie Gray Case Found Not Guilty of All Charges
TRNN speaks to Baltimore activists and a legal scholar about Judge Barry Williams’ not-guilty ruling in the trial of Officer Caesar Goodson, who had been charged with murder


Can the EU be Reformed from Within?
Prof. Neil Davidson presents the left argument for why Britain should leave the EU


Green Party Candidate Margaret Flowers on Healthcare, Climate Change, and Community Economics
Green Party Senate candidate Margaret Flowers tells Paul Jay that we don’t need another kind of a Hillary Clinton in the Senate


How Union Contracts Shield Police Departments from DOJ Reforms
Adeshina Emmanuel speaks about his new investigative report for In These Times, which proves that police unions’ collective bargaining agreements often thwart reforms mandated by the federal government


Is Foreign Direct Investment Driving Capital Flight from Africa?
Leonce Ndikunuma says African countries need to adopt development strategies that encourage domestic investment


Institute for Public Accuracy
Slain Activist Reportedly on Honduran Hit List; State Dept. and Clinton Facing Scrutiny


Democracy Now!
Colombia & FARC Agree to Ceasefire in Historic Peace Deal, Begin Long Process of Implementation


The Know-it-All Guide to Brain-Boosting Foods
by Yuri Elkaim



As Quietly as Possible, the Government is Renewing Its Assault on Your Privacy
Having failed to secure an anti-encryption bill, the FBI and justice department are now engaged in a multi-pronged attack on all sorts of other privacy rights
by Trevor Timm


Democrats’ War on Due Process and Terrorist Fearmongering Long Predate Orlando
by Glenn Greenwald

*”Democrats” (including the unpressed icon of the moment) and “hypocrisy” have far more in common than mere word length, wouldn’t you say?


The Real News Network
The History of the Kurdish Struggle in Turkey
Baris Karaagac gives an overview of the Kurdish movement, from its centuries of rebellions against the Turkish-controlled state to becoming the only credible opposition today against Erdogan’s authoritarianism


Days of Revolt: From the Ghetto to Auschwitz (2/5)
In Part 2 of this episode of Telesur’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews Holocaust survivor Lola Mozes. Lola recounts her harrowing experience living in Nazi-occupied Poland

*Video is for Part 3. I haven’t found the video that matches the transcript.


Nine Killed in Police Crackdown on Oaxaca Teacher’s Strike
Laura Carlsen of the Center for International Policy says that Oaxacan teachers are protesting not only teacher evaluations, but also the entirety of neoliberal reform under Pena Nieto


Banking for a Baltimore Undivided
Joshua Harris, Baltimore mayoral hopeful, explains that he is running on the Green Party ticket because Baltimore is ready for fresh ideas, like his public banking proposal


Democracy Now!
Meet the FBI Informant Who Organized Neo-Nazi Gathering Attended by Jo Cox Murder Suspect in 2000

*Blodgett would seem to prefer dog whistles to bullhorns, judging by his support of those adept at their use.

He might like to think of himself as “not a bigot or a racist or anything”, and perhaps there’s some validity to that view

But when you lie down with those dogs …


“Struggling for Our Lives”: Gustavo Esteva on Oaxaca Police Killings, 2006 Rebellion & Ayotzinapa


The Surprising Reasons Why Male Breast Cancer is on the Rise
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


21 Healthy Eating Facts and Statistics That Will Shock You
by Yuri Elkaim


Coconut Oil Myths Persist in Face of the Facts
Who doesn’t want a miracle?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*Obviously, this is at odds with naturopathic sources whose views I’ve posted.

I use organic (at least that’s what the label says) coconut oil for dental hygiene via oil pulling, and for cooking.

As always, the best judgment emerges from the most open mind.



Unprecedented Bleaching Event Portends Mass Death of World’s Coral Ecosystems
‘It’s time to shift this conversation to what we can do to conserve these amazing organisms in the face of this unprecedented global bleaching event’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


In Four-Party Race, Clinton’s Lead Takes a Hit
Lead against Donald Trump tightens when also pitted against Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


“Less Meat, Less Heat”: China’s Plan to Drop Meat Consumption Gets Praise
New dietary guidelines would reduce the country’s livestock-related carbon emissions by 1 billion tons by 2030
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Save the planet?

Drop the “e”

And eat ’em


The Case for a Child-Centered Energy and Climate Policy
by Dr. Frederica Perera


Dominating the Skies – and Losing the Wars
Air supremacy isn’t what it used to be
by William Astore

*Raining death

Showering profits


DNC Platform Committee Members Offended By Key Single-Payer Healthcare Advocate
by Kevin Gosztola

*A sickening response

In every sense


Center for Biological Diversity
Analysis: 85 Percent of Continental U.S. Birds Protected by Endangered Species Act Have Increased or Stabilized Since Being Protected
Average Increase Was 624 Percent


All My Bones Shake: Seeking a Progressive Path to the Prophetic Voice
by Robert Jensen

*Free PDF of the book


The Real News Network
UN Report: A Record 65.3 Million Displaced
On World Refugee Day, Glen Ford says that the US has had a hand in almost all displacement described in UN High Commissioner for Refugees report


Europe Will Drift Further to the Right if Britain Leaves EU
John Weeks presents progressives’ arguments for British citizens to vote to remain in the European Union on June 23rd


Greek Austerity Leading to Brain Drain with No Economic Recovery in Sight
Dimitri Lascaris says the latest unemployment figures in Greece show the indifference of the EU elite to the hardships of austerity and the democratic will of the European people


FAIR CounterSpin
‘We Have to Look at How Tolerant We Are of Violence in Homes’
Soraya Chemaly on the Orlando massacre
by Janine Jackson


‘It Was Important to Center the LGBTQ Latino Community in All of This’
Interview with Jorge Gutierrez about the Orlando massacre
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
Orlando: FBI Only Releasing What Makes Government Look Good

*Spoon feeding the stenographers


Democracy Now!
An Attack on Democracy Itself: UK Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn Pays Tribute to Murdered MP Jo Cox


Jeremy Corbyn: Why I Am Voting for Britain to “Remain” in European Union in Historic Brexit Vote


Police Department or Frat House? 3 Oakland Police Chiefs Resign in 9 Days Amid Sex Crime Scandal


#BlackLivesMatter Activist: Oakland Needs to Name the “Predatory” Cops Who Raped & Trafficked Girl

*But … the mayor’s a liberal female!

Just like Madame Mayhem


“The Battle Has Just Started”: Activists Denounce Police Killings & Crackdowns on Teachers in Oaxaca


3 Powerful Stretches For Tight Hamstrings
by Yuri Elkaim



Hot Mess: States Struggle to Deal with Radioactive Fracking Waste
Potentially dangerous drilling byproducts are being dumped in landfills throughout the Marcellus Shale with few controls
by Jie Jenny Zou
Center for Public Integrity


The Growing Case for Massive Taxes on the Rich
by Paul Buchheit


The Issues the Candidates Aren’t Talking About
by Ralph Nader


Con vs. Con
by Chris Hedges


Think You’ve Got It Locked, Hillary? Meet Jill Stein.
The Green Party candidate insists it’s her year to get noticed—and she may make it onto 47 state ballots
by Bill Scher


Brain-Dead Diplomats: Why Did 51 American State Dept. Officials ‘Dissent’ Against Obama and Call for Bombing Syria?
A troubling internal cable signed by a host of U.S. diplomats blames Obama for not striking Syria earlier
by Vijay Prashad


Center for Biological Diversity
3.2 Million Animals Killed by Federal Wildlife-destruction Program in 2015
Ignoring Calls for Reform, Wildlife Services Kills Half-million More Coyotes, Bears, Wolves, Foxes, Other Animals Than Previous Year


Center for Food Safety
Millions of Dead Bees in D.C. Send S.O.S. for Pollinators
National Keep the Hives Alive Tour visits Washington during Pollinator Week


Milwaukee IWW
Solidarity with Waupun prisoners on hunger strike


The Real News Network
Hollande Capitulates to EU Pressure on Labor Laws Risking His Own Presidency
Renaud Lambert of Le Monde Diplomatique says Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, came to France to endorse Hollande and his decree on restrictive labor reforms


Why Big Oil and Gas Get Exclusive Access to Public Lands as Low as $1.50 an Acre
DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horn discusses how Tim DeChristopher’s 2008 act of civil disobedience triggered a response by the oil and gas industries to move to online restrictive bidding


Another Koch Criminal Justice Reform Trojan Horse: Reentry and Privatization
by Lisa Graves


UPDATE Koch Candidates? Where Is the Koch Machine Spending in 2016 So Far
by Lisa Graves and David Armiak

*Koch heads, Koch heads
Oily, soily Koch heads


Smucker’s: Bring back pet-food donations immediately!
by Leslie Chadwick


Institute for Public Accuracy
Post-Coup Brazil: Indigenous Killings, Land Grabbing, TIAA Profits

*The fat living off the land


Before Orlando Massacre, FBI Tried To “Lure” Mateen in Terror Plot


No, Sanders’ Secret Service Detail Isn’t Costing ‘Taxpayers’ $38,000 a Day
by Adam Johnson

*Perhaps Madame Mayhem might consider donating her speaking fees … ?


Democracy Now!
If Australia Can Do It, Why Not Us? How a Conservative Gov’t Enacted Gun Reform After Mass Shooting


Why You Need to Stop Carrying Your Mobile Phone in Your Pocket or Bra
by Tony Isaacs


4 Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer
by Ty Bollinger


The Link Between Xenoestrogens and Cancer (video)
by Dr. Roby Mitchell


Why are women more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis?
The problem may be muscles
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


The 8 Best Foods Rich in Probiotics Your Gut Badly Needs
by Yuri Elkaim



Is Leaked Cable Greasing Skids for Clinton’s Next Regime Change Disaster?
Nobody is challenging Hillary Clinton enough on what her plan for a no-fly zone and military escalation in Syria will mean. And the slope is very, very slippery.
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Protesting ‘Shameful’ Refugee Policies, Doctors Without Borders Rejects EU Funds
“Once again, Europe’s main focus is not on how well people will be protected, but on how efficiently they are kept away”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Caving to Post-Orlando Fear, House Betrays Civil Liberties
Massie-Lofgren amendment fails 198-222 in turnaround for House
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Less a matter of “fear” than a manifestation of favor for the police state of mind


Making Sense of Orlando
by Sonali Kolhatkar

*The boxes in which humanity is buried


Why Is the Killer of British MP Jo Cox Not Being Called a “Terrorist”?
by Glenn Greenwald


Voces de la Frontera
Immigrant Community Responds to Wisconsin ICE Raids


The Real News Network
French President Threatens to Outlaw Protests Against Labor Reforms
Le Monde Diplomatique’s Renaud Lambert says France is in a state of emergency; under these conditions the President can prevent labor protests


How Erdogan Consolidates Power in Turkey by Eliminating the Kurds
Baris Karaagac explains the history of the Turkish state’s repression of the leftist and Kurdish movements


Neo-Nazi Group Linked to Murder of British MP Has Long Been Ignored by US Media
by Jim Naureckas

*I daresay there’s been more mainstream mention of “feminazis” than the real thing.


Not Neutral on Net Neutrality: All Things Considered Considered Only One Side
by Lisa Lynch


Democracy Now!
As Britain Mourns MP Jo Cox, Her Killer Is Linked to Neo-Nazi National Alliance & Pro-Apartheid Club


NYPD Surveillance Unveiled: City Claims to Lose Docs on 1960s Radicals, Then Finds 1 Million Records


Latest CIA Torture Docs Show “Evidence of War Crimes” & Level of Brutality That Even Shocked Bush

*Bush shocked?


But shocking Bush?

There’s a thought …

Although I have enough humanity to never advocate it.


Why doesn’t fish oil prevent heart attacks anymore?
Maybe it depends on the drugs you’re taking
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Picnic (and general “outdoor”) Season Food Safety Tips
by Leanne Ely



Congresswoman Calls for Drug-Testing the One Percent, Not the Poor
‘We might really save some money by drug-testing folks on Wall Street, who might have a little cocaine before they get their deal done’ — US Rep. Gwen Moore
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Is there a test for avarice addiction?


Guccifer 2.0? Lone Hacker Takes Credit for DNC Cyber Attack, Publishes Docs
‘Hacktivists, possibly state-sponsored, now demonstrating intent—and capability—to influence elections,” says Edward Snowden
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


As Brexit Battle Enters Final Week, New Poll Shows Shift Towards Leaving EU
Campaigns for both sides were suspended Thursday following fatal shooting and stabbing of Labour Party MP Jo Cox
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Pentagon’s Real $trategy: Keeping the Money Flowing
by Andrew Cockburn


Plain Speaking About Complex Things
Robert Jensen on his book Plain Radical and the friendship that inspired it
by Michael King
Austin Chronicle


Allow American Farmers to Grow Industrial Hemp
by Micah Nelson


‘Allegedly’ Disappears as Russians Blamed for DNC Hack
by Adam Johnson

*Russia to judgment


Democracy Now!
How Donald Trump Bankrupted His Casinos, Left Contractors Unpaid, Ruined Investors & Made Millions


Dishwashers, Plumbers, Waiters & Lawyers: Hundreds Accuse Trump of Failing to Pay for Their Work

*The Donald ducks


David Cay Johnston: There is “Incredibly Strong Evidence” Donald Trump Has Committed Tax Fraud



Exposed: Pesticide Industry Deployed Aggressive Lobby Effort to Quash Bee Protections
Bayer, Monsanto, and Syngenta are effectively “shaping new pollinator ‘protection’ plans nationwide that do little to protect bees, but a lot to protect industry profits”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Majority Want Assault Weapons Ban, So Why Don’t Dems Filibuster for That?
Outrage over government inaction on gun control has reached a fever pitch days after the Orlando shooting massacre
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


5 Years of Failure – Why UN Voluntary Measures Aren’t Stopping Bad Business Behavior
Marking the 5th anniversary of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
by Anne van Schaik and Lucia Ortiz


Why Global Capital Fears ‘Brexit’
We are not trying to tell UK readers how (or even whether) to vote; we are asking you to help us shed light on and bring sanity to this volatile situation
by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Rupert Read and Thomas Wallgren


A Plea to My Friends Who Want Lexit – This Is Not the Time
The British Left needs to decide whether to make or break the EU, but an exit on 23 June would represent an exit on the Little Englander’s terms, not ours
by Nick Dearden


Building a Progressive Agenda for Public Schools
by Educators for Defending Public Schools


Tiptoeing Through the Renewable Energy Minefield
by Richard Heinberg


The Real News Network
Peru’s New Conservative President A Close Ally of the US


Eritrea in US Crosshairs
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says the US is trying to use Ethiopia and the International Criminal Court to do to Eritrea what it did to Libya

*Ford’s points on US designs are taken, but I’d like to see a more objective analysis of the contradictions of the Eritrean government, in the same sense as Cuba or any other state that finds itself a target of empire, which we can stand against, without ignoring those internal aspects that none of us would wish to be subjected to.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is Clinton’s Campaign Controlling Haitian Policy?

*The Queen of Chaos seeks a royal flush of incovenient facts


Attacks, Foreign Policy and Homophobia


NPR Retracts False Claim About Terror and Politics, But Doesn’t Tell Listeners the Truth
by Jim Naureckas


FAIR CounterSpin
‘Pharmaceutical Companies Have Pressured Doctors, Suppressed Evidence’
Lee Fang on industry’s role in the opioid crisis
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
In Honor of Berta Cáceres, Rep. Hank Johnson Introduces Historic Bill to Stop U.S. Aid to Honduras


Successor to Honduran Activist Berta Cáceres: Her Death Is Tied to “Capitalist Neoliberal Policies”


Puerto Rico Is Being Left Voiceless: San Juan Mayor Condemns Bill to Create “Colonial Control Board”


Puerto Rico in Mourning: Nearly Half of the Orlando Massacre Victims were from the Island


How Will Elizabeth Warren Vote on Setting Up Fiscal Control Board in Puerto Rico?

*From darling to quisling?


How to Make Turmeric Tea Part of Your Anti-Cancer Diet (Recipe)
by Charlene Bollinger


Prebiotic vs Probiotic: This is What You Need to Know
by Yuri Elkaim


These Fruit Smoothies Are Pretty Slick
But not in a particularly good way
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



The Mass Murder in Orlando Was a Hate Crime
There has been reticence from many quarters to name the violence as a hate crime—a reluctance that stems from several sources
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Democrats’ Anger at Lack of Gun Control Belies History of Inaction
On the floor of the U.S. House on Monday, a handful of Democrats shouted, “Where’s the bill?”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Donald Trump Has the Traits of a Wife Abuser and Women Know It
Millions of women see through him, even if the media don’t
by Ann Jones


Can We Do Anything About Murderous Assault Weapons?
by Bernie Horn


Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
New Report Finds Banks Betting on Climate Change
Seventh Annual Bank Finance Report Card Reveals Major Banks Poured Hundreds of Billions into Extreme Fossil Fuels


Environmental Working Group (EWG)
Hundreds of Cancer-Causing Chemicals Pollute Americans’ Bodies
From EWG, First Complete Inventory of Carcinogens in the U.S. Population


Huge Win for the Internet, as U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds Hard-Won Net Neutrality Rules
Key ruling prohibiting Internet slow lanes sends strong signal to Canada and the European Union which are currently reviewing their own Net Neutrality rule


The Real News Network
Orlando Shooter Proclaimed Allegiance to Rival Terrorist Organizations
Vijay Prashad says that terms like “radical jihadist terrorism” explain nothing and only spread fear


Profound Social Alienation Underlies America’s Mass Atrocities
Gun culture, rampant homophobia, and U.S. imperialism – not Islam – is behind the Orlando shootings, says scholar Junaid Ahmad


Why is the Orlando Shooter Branded as a Muslim Instead of a Homophobe?
Yasmin Nair says we need to go behind discussions of love and understanding, think critically about hate-crime legislation, and consider the role of U.S. wars


Dear NCAA: My Mom Is a Rape Survivor and You Can Help
by Darius Adams


Institute for Public Accuracy
LGBT Activists Against Militarization and Surveillance


When Media Learned Killer’s Ethnicity, Then They Knew to Call It ‘Terrorism’
by Eoin Higgins


Democracy Now!
Nephew of Slain Gay Icon Harvey Milk: Orlando Massacre Marks One of the LGBT Movement’s Darkest Days


Activist: Latinx LGBTQ Community & Its Stories of Survival Should Be at Center of Orlando Response


When It Comes to Orlando Massacre, Domestic Violence is the Red Flag We Aren’t Talking About


The Real Causes of Type 2 Diabetes (And How to Cure It)
by Yuri Elkaim


How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally
by Yuri Elkaim



Post-Orlando Demagoguery Described as Trump’s Most Horrifying to Date
‘I think this is the most horrifying speech Trump has ever given, which is a high bar’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Did he high five his entourage when this popped on CNN?


Report: Carbon Dioxide Levels Are Set to Pass 400ppm—Permanently
Carbon emissions and extreme weather events poised to push CO2 levels past symbolic threshold for good, new study finds
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Stop Exploiting LGBT Issues to Demonize Islam and Justify Anti-Muslim Policies
by Glenn Greenwald

*The only good queer is a dead queer

And the best dead queer is one we can exploit for our own iniquitous ends


Public Citizen Commends Education Department for Combating Arbitration Clauses in Higher Education, Urges a Stronger Approach
Public Citizen’s Petition Galvanized Coalition Pressure on U.S. Department of Education to Deny Aid to Schools That Use Pre-Dispute Arbitration Clauses Against Students


The Real News Network
Fanny Lou Hamer Challenged Corporate Dems in 1964
Civil rights leader Hamer led the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party delegation to the ’64 Democratic Party Convention demanding to be recognized – President Johnson called an “urgent” press conference so there would be no TV coverage of her statement

*If any movement to emerge only embraces old school liberalism, then the wind once again overpowers the piss


New Unity Government in Libya Overly Optimistic in Claiming an Offensive Against ISIS in Sirte
It is important to recognize that ISIS is not precisely a territorial group, says historian Vijay Prashad


Decades-Long Israeli Military Occupation Drives Palestinian Revenge Attacks
Filmmaker and former TRNN correspondent, Lia Tarachansky, says the messianic extreme far right has filled the political void in Israel following the 2014 attacks on Gaza known as Operation Protective Edge


Modi’s US Visit: High on Atmospherics, Short on Substance
Newsclick interviews senior journalist Seema Mustafa on Modi’s visit to Washington, and she says while both countries spoke of being “allies” and “partners”, there were no serious agreements


Modi Eager to Make India Another Lily Pad for the Projection of American Power
Vijay Prashad says the Indian Prime Minister is eager to have a Logistical Support Agreement with the United States and participate in the US-led encirclement of China


Institute for Public Accuracy
Orlando, Trump, Clinton, FBI & Connecting Dots to “War on Terror”


Orlando Shooting, Queer Thoughts


Commenting on Orlando, NPR Terrorism Reporter Reverses Political Lesson of Madrid Blast
by Sam Husseini


Comcast-Funded Website Plugs Comcast-Owned TV Show Promoting Comcast-Backed Trade Pact
by Adam Johnson

*Can we call them “megaphonies” … ?


Democracy Now!
Deadliest Attack Ever on LGBT Community Claims Lives of 50 People in Orlando, Mostly Young Latinos


Nightclubs are Our Safe Havens: Longtime Patron of Orlando LGBT Club Reacts to Mass Shooting


Openly Gay Muslim Imam Reacts to Orlando: Clubs Like Pulse are Safe Havens for LGBT Muslims, Too


Orlando Massacre Comes After Lawmakers in U.S. Filed More Than 200 Anti-LGBT Bills


“How Many Shootings Must We Have?” Florida State Senator Calls for Gun Control After Pulse Massacre


Australia Stopped Mass Shootings After 1996 Massacre, So Why Doesn’t the U.S. Follow Suit?

*Oz an island of relative sanity?

Who’da thunk?

Obviously, them …


Girls, Puberty & Breast Cancer Risk: What Moms Need to Know Now
by Elyn Jacobs


The Best Foods to Prevent Cancer
by Dr. Bradford Weeks


The Amazing Cancer-Fighting Benefits of Curcumin
by Ty Bollinger


How Can Modified Citrus Pectin Halt Cancer Cell Growth?
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Is there a Link Between Tattoo Ink & Cancer? Let’s See…
by Suresh Nair


Know Someone Who Drinks Pomegranate Juice to Prevent Prostate Cancer?
Break this news gently
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Natural Energy Boosters: 6 Ways to Increase Your Energy Without Caffeine
by Yuri Elkaim


19 Highly Alkaline Foods That Will Benefit Your Body
by Yuri Elkaim


The #1 Dieting Mistake You Need to Avoid
by Yuri Elkaim

*The perfect path to disappointment


Podemos Rises in Polls Amid Anti-Austerity Fever in Spain
Podemos could unseat the long-established Socialist party for the first time in modern Spanish history
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


In Name Change Case, Judge Rules by ‘Sexist Stereotype’
‘I felt insulted and objectified to be told by the court that I would not be able to have the name that my family, my friends, and my co-workers all call me’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What’s in a name?



Partial Victory for Black Lives Matter Activist Jasmine Richards
by Sonali Kolhatkar


Amazing Grace: The Gift of a Transgender Child
by Kay Davis


Trident Ploughshares
Fwd: Day 5 of the blockade at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Burghfield, Near Reading


Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM)
We escaped abuse & violence to find safety in the U.S. but only found more abuse there


FAIR CounterSpin
‘Media Money Matters With the Olympics’
Jules Boykoff on the Rio Olympics
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
As California Admits 2 Million Ballots Remain Uncounted, Sanders Pushes for Changing Primary Process

*Feeling the Bern out


Food Intolerances: How to Know If You Have One (And What to Do About It)
by Yuri Elkaim



Before #ExxonKnew, Industry Hid Perils of Smog with #SmokeAndFumes
‘How the oil industry handled smog is a template for how it handled a bunch of issues, the most significant being climate change’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Whistleblower: EPA Officials Covered Up Toxic Fracking Emissions for Years
‘The cover-up has allowed the industry to dig in for years of delay in cutting emissions—at the worst possible time’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Fracturing a fairy tale


Globalization and the American Dream
by Helena Norberg-Hodge and Steven Gorelick

*A dream from which we desperately need to awaken


School Days and Grenade Launchers
by Robert C. Koehler

*”[G]enuine anguish”, my ass.

Mad props to the folks for hanging tough, but the city and county cops have all the toys of war they need (read “want”), so why not score some PR points with a “sincere” show of disarming?

“Apology” excepted.


The Real News Network
NATO Exercises Encircling Russia: U.S. Might be Sleepwalking into a Doomsday Scenario
As U.S. destroyers and warships enter the Black Sea for the first time since the Cold War, NATO’s ten-day military exercise encircling Russia threatens peace in Europe, says Richard Sakwa, Professor of Russian and European Politics at University of Kent

*Madame Mayhem may yet make manifest her wet dream


Days of Revolt: The Ghetto (1/2)
In Part I of this episode of Telesur’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews Holocaust survivor Lola Mozes as she recounts her harrowing experience living in Nazi-occupied Poland


Refugees Risk Perilous Journeys, Fleeing War and Years of IMF-type Policies
Vijay Prashad says refugees are escaping wars, eviscerated economies, and religious conflict


For NYT, Fair Use Depends on Who’s Doing the Using
by Jim Naureckas

*Don’t do what I do

Pay what I say


Democracy Now!
Jill Stein to Bernie Sanders: Run on the Green Party Ticket & Continue Your Political Revolution

*Run, Bernie, run

(Your “revolution” into the ground)

Isn’t it a bit pathetic to hear Stein entreating him to “join forces”, when he has time to kibitz with Dear Misleader, but not her?


Green Party’s Jill Stein: What We Fear from Donald Trump, We Have Already Seen from Hillary Clinton

*Stein talks a talk that you won’t hear from any major party candidate

But angling to walk with one in large measure mutes that message.


As 13 Million People Read Stanford Victim’s Letter, Advocates See “Watershed” Moment in Fight Against Rape

*Ziering deserves credit for the work she’s done, but for her to give credit to the military for finally acknowledging the disease infecting it, after ignoring it for decades, and engaging in a PR exercise “to take care of it” – not to say that some benefit won’t come from it – displays a disheartening naiveté about the nature of that institution.

It deserves an “attack”, not a “critique”.


Just Before Giving Stanford Rapist 6 Months, Judge Dealt Another Light Sentence to Domestic Abuser


Are Canned Foods Safe?
by Yuri Elkaim


A Resistance Band Workout Routine That Will Make You Lean and Toned
by Yuri Elkaim



Trillions Spent on Violence as World Continues Downwards Spiral Away From Peace
Latest Global Peace Index shows that chipping away at trillions spent on violence could render huge ‘peace dividend’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I have to look askance at an analysis that highlights the symptoms, while ignoring the primary causes

Namely, greed and lust for power, to list the literally bleeding obvious.


Surveying Damage on World Oceans Day, Experts Say Worst is Yet to Come
‘We cannot continue to treat our seas as an out-of-sight, out-of-mind dumping ground.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Anti-Fracking Momentum Grows with Another People’s Victory in California
Measure E passed with an overwhelming 71 percent, making Butte County the fourth in the state to ban fracking
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Human Rights Watch (HRW)
UN: Return Saudi-Led Coalition to ‘List of Shame’
Secretary-General’s De-Listing Opens Door to Political Manipulation


Oil Change International
Cowboy & Indian Alliance Plant “Seeds of Resistance” Ponca Corn in Paths of Atlantic Coast & Mountain Valley Fracked Gas Pipelines


The Real News Network
U.S. and Secretary General of OAS Defeated in Effort to Sanction Venezuela
Alexander Main of CEPR says OAS members are concerned that the organization could become a tool of the U.S. State Department for intervention in the region

*Old imperial impulses die hard


Depoliticizing Anti-Trump Protests Plays Into Right-Wing Narrative
by Aaron Cantú

*Play nice

While your lives are played with by a Machiavellian megalomaniac


Institute for Public Accuracy
FBI is “Cooking up” Cases Against Muslims

*FBI DIY “plots” thicken the propaganda porridge we’re fed


Hillary Clinton’s “Faux Feminism” — Interviews Available

*It’s not the gender

It’s the generosity


Democracy Now!
Meet the Law Professor Leading a Bid to Recall the Judge Who Sentenced Stanford Rapist to 6 Months


Treating Your Sleep Apnea May Make You More Attractive
People look more youthful soon after starting therapy
by David Schardt

*Poor choice of a headline for a serious condition

Read on


10 Reasons You Should Consider Chiropractic Therapy
by Dr. David Jockers


The 5 Healthiest Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives
by Yuri Elkaim



Republicans Show Just How Much of Trump’s “Textbook Racism” They Will Tolerate
As many Republicans rush to disavow latest comments, has the presumptive nominee finally gone too far?
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Dog whistlers don’t do bullhorns


Despite ‘Moral Angst’ About Inequality, World’s Richest Just Keep Getting Richer
‘Unless companies rein in executive salaries, pay their fair share of taxes, and invest in decent jobs the yawning gap between the haves and have-nots will continue to grow’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The rising tide that only lifts the yachts


Most Dems Want Open Primaries: Poll
As more voters reject major political parties, some argue closed primaries mean disenfranchisement
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


New Traceability Rule Doesn’t Go Far Enough to Stop Seafood Fraud in US


Action Alert: AP’s Premature Call for Clinton Does Disservice to Democracy
by Jim Naureckas

*Mind readers?

For primary voters

More like mind fuckers


Democracy Now!
Will Decision to Call Race a Day Before Primary Deter Californians from Voting in Key Race?



Campaign Launched to Remove Judge in Controversial Stanford Rape Case
“The message to women and students is ‘you’re on your own’, and the message to potential perpetrators is, ‘I’ve got your back'”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Paving Way for Glyphosate Recall, EU Punts on Relicensing Weed Killer
If no decision is made by June 30, products containing glyphosate like Monsanto’s Roundup will have to be pulled from European shelves
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


I Told Paul Ryan What It’s Like to Live in Poverty. Here’s What Happened Next.
by Tianna Gaines-Turner


The Lie That “China Wins” if the TPP Kangaroo Tribunals are Stopped
by William Black


Beyond Nuclear Response to Court Ruling on Nuclear Waste Confidence


ACLU Challenges Major Health System’s Denial of Insurance for Transgender Employee
Lawsuit Argues Dignity Health’s Denial of Medically Necessary Care Violates Civil Rights Act and Affordable Care Act


The Real News Network
Could The Anti-Trump Latino Vote Tip the Scales in the California Primary?
Bernie Sanders has broken with Obama’s legacy of record deportations, which could earn him the support of Latinos who have mobilized against Trump, says writer Gabriel San Roman


Obama Defends Nuclear Attack on Civilians – RAI with Peter Kuznick (1/2)
With vague language about evil in his Hiroshima speech, President Obama essentially defended the mythology that the nuclear attack “saved lives,” says historian Peter Kuznick on Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay


Millions Around the World Fleeing from Neoliberal Policy
Economist Michael Hudson says neoliberal policy will pressure U.S. citizens to emigrate, just as it caused millions to leave Russia, the Baltic States, and now Greece in search of a better life


Leaks Expose IMF Chief Overruling Pro-Debt Relief IMF Negotiator
Securities lawyer Dimitri Lascaris says recent leaks to the press show that IMF Chief Lagarde forced her negotiator to give up the previously stated position to insist that creditors offer debt relief to Greece


Inadequate UN Refugee Convention Putting Thousands in Danger
Vijay Prashad says limitations in the UN Refugee Convention give latitude to Western countries to reject non-Syrian refugees


The Real Weather Report: Paris Deluged
Paris and Bavaria are both experiencing extreme weather conditions as scientists predicted for Europe, says Dimitri Lascaris


Stop lawbreakers from doing business at ports!
by Humberto Canales, XPO Port Driver and Fausto Torres, Cal Cartage Warehouse Worker


Petition update
Transplant incentives may help cut shortage
by Joshua Morrison


Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton Foundation Opaque “Fundraising Arm of Campaign”

*Trump only wishes he had these corrupt connections


Media Cite Architect of Last Recession as Expert on Preventing Another One
by Adam Johnson


Cable News Conversation Is Far Removed From Reality of Abortion
by Janine Jackson


NYT’s Edsall Stands Up for ‘Grievances of White America’
by Jim Naureckas

*The unbearable being of whiteness


Democracy Now!
“The Greatest”: Ishmael Reed on the Untold History of Muhammad Ali

*Too much precious air time spent, but I thought there was some interesting intel extant, so …


John Legend Reads Muhammad Ali’s 1966 Antiwar Speech: “The Real Enemy of My People is Right Here”


How Medicare Doctors are Paid to Keep You Sick
by Dr. Irvin Sahni

*First do no harm

To the income stream


Frightening HPV Vaccine Side Effects
by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny


SIBO: How to Treat This Growing Digestive Problem
by Yuri Elkaim


Do you know the leading source of sodium in the American diet?
Most people don’t
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


10 Proven Ways to Lose Weight (Without Dieting or Exercising)
by Yuri Elkaim


4 Big Reasons Women Should Never Do Steady State Cardio
by Yuri Elkaim


Eat THIS Healthy Breakfast Food for Faster Fat Loss (and Fewer Cravings)
by Yuri Elkaim



House GOP Again Trying to Gut Climate Science Funding
GOP lawmakers seek to cut funding for climate labs run by NOAA by 17 percent below 2016 levels
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Call to ‘Save Oceans, Protect Workers’ Goes Airborne as Greenpeace Targets Walmart
‘Walmart can no longer hide the very real threat of labor abuse and ocean destruction with its insufficient policy statements and greenwashing’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Always Low Principles!”


Six Questions for Monsanto
by Katherine Paul


The Real News Network
Debate: Green Economic Growth Vs. Slow Growth (2/2)
Economists Robert Pollin and Peter Victor continue their discussion over whether economies can grow while simultaneously reducing their greenhouse gas emissions

*What do we really need to live a decent life, and how do we assure everyone can?

So much of what is produced is superfluous or antagonistic to that goal.


Sanders Draws Huge Crowds in California While Clinton Holds Exclusive Meetings With Black Leadership Class
The rift between Black millennials and the Black political leadership class is widening ahead of the California primary, says Margaret Prescod, host and producer of Sojourner Truth


Air France Pilots Join Labor Protests Cancelling Flights Ahead of European Soccer Tournament
Jacobin editor Jonah Birch says the French right could come to power in 2017 if the Socialist Party continues to lose favor over its unpopular labor code reform


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Local Influence in Two Maps
by Calvin Sloan


Increase Funding For ME/CFS So We Can Find a Cure
by Mary Gelpi


Media Trumpwash Clinton’s Reckless Foreign Record
by Adam Johnson

*Their sort of sociopath


The People Are the Story–and Corporate Media Are Missing It
by Janine Jackson

*We suffer from their attention deficit disorder


Democracy Now!
“I Refuse to Serve as an Empire Chaplain”: U.S. Army Minister Resigns over Drone Program


Say “Way to go, bro” … ?


“I Refuse to Support U.S. Armed Drone Policy”: Army Chaplain Reads Resignation Letter to Obama


“A School for Suicide”: How Kalief Browder Learned to Kill Himself During 3 Years at Rikers Jail



McCarthy of the Great Woods: Unhinged Maine Governor Targets Donors of Local Green Group
‘This seems like something Sen. Joseph McCarthy would have done in the 1950s, not a governor of Maine in 2016’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


Oxfam International
Two Years Since War, Gaza Blockade Plunging Palestinians Deeper into Poverty


Environmental Protesters Fight Defamation Lawsuit Filed by Coal Ash Landfill
ACLU Makes Free Speech Case Defending Residents of Low-Income, Majority Black Alabama Town


National People’s Action
Grassroots Group Responds to CFPB Payday Lending Rule, Pledges to Continue Fight to Protect Families from Predatory Lenders
National People’s Action joins hundreds of advocates arriving in Kansas City today to comment on proposed rules for payday, car title and payday installment lending. More events being held nationwide calling for strong rules.

*Money changers never change


The Real News Network
Days of Revolt: The Return of the Radical
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges hosts disbarred civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart and activist Ralph Poynter in a discussion on the outcomes of 1960s and 1970s radicalism, and where that political consciousness is today in the face of worsening social and economic conditions


Debate: Green Economic Growth Vs. Slow Growth
Economists Robert Pollin and Peter Victor discuss whether ecological sustainability and economic growth can be achieved simultaneously


Sanders Supports Universal Healthcare Amendment 69 in Colorado, Will Hillary?
We speak with T.R. Reid, Chair of the Colorado Foundation for Universal Healthcare

*I don’t imagine Reid truly believes the horseshit he’s shoveling about Clinton’s humanity. He just kissing her ass in the forlorn hope that she’ll support this campaign.

It’s enough to make you sick to your stomach, so hopefully you already have health coverage.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Are New Payday Reforms Meaningful? Is Postal Banking a Solution?

*Of course, we could always eliminate the need for loans by eliminating the need for money

But that’s the thirdiest of rails, innit?


California Frackin’


Press Can’t Get Enough of Trump Dumping on Them
by Mark Karlin

*Whip me

Beat me

Make me cash big checks to November


NYT Calls for Stronger Copyright Protection Without Calculating the Costs
by Dean Baker


Democracy Now!
Part 2: In Wake of Coup, Should Brazil’s Olympics Be Moved or Become a Site of Protest?

*A contest of ills


“The System Is Set Up to Protect Officers”: Activists React to Lack of Charges in Jamar Clark Case


Black Lives Matter Activist Convicted of Felony Lynching: “It’s More Than Ironic, It’s Disgusting”


Africa’s Last Colony: Western Saharan Independence Movement Mourns Loss of Polisario Front Leader



Passing Ban, Scottish Parliament Declares: ‘No Ifs, No Buts, No Fracking’
Non-binding fracking ban signals ‘growing consensus that stopping
climate change means we have to say no to new fossil fuels like
fracked gas’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


2015 Saw Renewable Energy Boom, Led by Developing Nations
‘What is truly remarkable about these results is that they were
achieved at a time when fossil fuel prices were at historic lows’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What we don’t need to renew is corporate control of energy, whatever
its source.


Amazon Tribes Resist US Anthropologists’ Attempt to Forcibly Contact
the Uncontacted
In the absence of government support, Indigenous peoples are
increasingly speaking out in defense of uncontacted tribes
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Big Banks Can Be Beaten
Working families are turning their anger at Wall Street into action
by Sarah Anderson


Clinton and Media Outlets Are Still Counting Superdelegates in Voter
Tallies, Despite Pleas from DNC Exec
by Shaun King


Horse Racing’s Shame — And Ours
The death of two horses at a Triple Crown race encapsulates our
conflicted relationship with animals
by John Morlino


The right to intervene
by Vijay Prashad

*Call in the cavalry!

(Ask the “Indians” where that leads)


A Call to Reopen Investigation of Terror Campaign Against Journalists
by A.C. Thompson


Amnesty International
Niger Delta: Government Clean-Up Does Not Let Shell Off the Hook


MI5 Chief ‘Right to Be Disgusted’ over MI6 Involvement in CIA
Rendition & Torture


Cornucopia Institute
Leading Organic Industry Watchdog Blasts USDA
Calls “Animal Welfare” Rulemaking a Betrayal to Farmers and Consumers


The Real News Network
U.S. and Iran: Vying to Defeat ISIS in Iraq
As the two major international forces in Iraq work with the Iraqi army
to push back the Islamic State from Fallujah, neither wants the other
to be able to secure a position of power


Growing Labor Protests Paralyzing France
Renaud Lambert of Le Monde Diplomatique says the growing resistance to
Hollande’s labor policies is similar to anti-austerity movements in
Spain and Greece


Clinton Actively Promoted Fracking as Secretary of State
Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog investigates another set of Hillary Clinton’s
emails and finds the truth about Clinton’s role in promoting fracking

*How many times can you use the “fracturing fairy tale” line?

I think I’m at the limit.

(Parenthetically … “Shell”?



Tell the DOJ: No Privacy Act exemption for the FBI


Democracy Now!
As 1,000 Refugees Drown Under European Policies, Meet the Volunteers
Who Are Trying to Save Lives


In Wake of Coup, Should Brazil’s Olympics Be Moved or Become a Site of Protest?

*Fuck the bread

Bring on the circuses


Are bio-identical hormones safer and more effective, as Suzanne Somers claims?
The risks if you go the compounding pharmacy route
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*FYI – I’m ignorant of the validity of either claim



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