July 2016


ISIS is Escalating Its Violence Against Iraqi Civilians. Why Doesn’t the World Care?
Outside Iraq there are no speeches made, no flags lowered in response to the almost daily terror attacks. And yet our people continue to show resilience and hope
by Haider Newman


Millennial Sanders Activists Give New Energy to Southern Organizing
by Mike Elk


Turkey: Atlanticism versus Rabiism
by Sungur Savran


Amnesty International
Syria: Safe Passage for Civilians Will Not Avert Humanitarian Catastrophe in Aleppo City


The Real News Network
How Erdogan Destabilized Turkey
Vijay Prashad explains how the Turkish pivot towards Russia is propelled by the failure of relationship building with Europe and the war with Syria


Trump’s Bigotry Reminds US Media of Anywhere but Home
by Adam Johnson

*Covering up the country of origin label


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Hillary and Her Hawks”

*Jumping the guns


Democracy Now!
“Eat, Pray, Starve”: Greg Grandin on Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton & the U.S. Role in Honduras


15 Awesome Exercises for Abdominals That Will Keep Your Spine Safe
by Yuri Elkaim



Texas Women Strike Back Against State-Mandated Abortion ‘Propaganda’
Booklet given to women seeking abortion uses ‘your baby’ when describing gestation development as early as four weeks, rather than medical terms, such as ‘fetus’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Everything’s bigger in Texas

Especially the lies


Landmark Human Rights Complaint Lodged Against World’s Worst Polluters
In unprecedented case, Filipino governmental body accuses carbon-polluting corporations of violating people’s rights to “life, food, water, sanitation, adequate housing, and to self determination”
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


“Most Progressive Dem Platform in History” Disturbingly Hawkish on Foreign Policy
by Stephen Zunes

*Empire is always invited to the party


ACLU Joins Lawsuit to Defend Confidential Medical Records from Warrantless Federal DEA Searches


The Real News Network
Mosby: ‘Inherent Bias’ of Justice System Thwarted Prosecution
TRNN talks to legal experts about the historic implications of State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s efforts to try six officers for the death of Freddie Gray

*My question would be just how sincere was this prosecution?

Was it a dog and pony show to quell protest?

Determining that would indeed constitute real news.


Institute for Public Accuracy
“No More War!” Chants at DNC


What Kaine Didn’t Learn in Honduras



Blasting “McCarthy-Like Overreach,” State AGs, Climate Groups Won’t Comply With GOP Subpoenas
‘During the hottest year on record, Congress should be going after the polluters, not the people’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Scorching Global Temps Astound Climate Scientists
As wildfire rages in California, flooding affects millions in India and China, and eggs are fried on sidewalks in Iraq, scientists say global climate catastrophe is surpassing predictions
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


Hillary’s Choice: Why Tim Kaine Isn’t a ‘Safe’ Pick
The Virginia senator represents an all-clear signal to potential donors in high finance
by Nomi Prins


Doctors Without Borders
Nigeria: Catastrophic Malnutrition in Borno State


Institute for Public Accuracy
* Poverty in Philly * Cáceres at TPP Rally


This supplement may dramatically lower the risk of miscarriage
Results from a new government-funded study of couples in Michigan and Texas
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


The Ultimate Guide to the Best Compound Dumbbell Exercises
by Yuri Elkaim



Worse Than Keystone XL? TransCanada’s Terrifying “Plan B”
“TransCanada’s Energy East proposal is truly Keystone XL on steroids,” says Natural Resources Defense Council
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Bernie Delegates Take on Bernie Sanders
by Russell Mokhiber

*The talk takes a walk


Public Citizen
HHS Must Close Loophole Allowing Health Care Providers to Evade Malpractice Payment Reporting
Public Citizen Sues to Compel HHS to Act on a 2014 Citizen Petition to Close the Dangerous Loophole


Center for Biological Diversity
New Federal Policy on Endangered Species Decision Process Will Push Less-studied Species to Extinction


The Real News Network
The European Revolt Against the Neoliberal EU (2/2)
Catarina Príncipe, co-editor of “Europe in Revolt”, discusses the struggle against austerity in Portugal


National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)
#UnidosConFrancisco: As Francisco Fights for Community, Help Pay For His Work Permit Fee!


Petition update
Texas Department of State Health Services: Stop denying our children their right to a birth certificate
by Marco Malagon


When Is a Drug Not a ‘Drug of Any Kind’? When It Kills 16 Times More Often Than Opioid ODs
by Jim Naureckas

*The drug war’s separate peace with tobacco


Democracy Now!
“It’s a Sad Day for Many of Us”: Bernie Delegates Boo Sanders After Endorsing Clinton

*We can argue endlessly about how to vote, but what I want to know is what the fuck are we gonna do once the election’s done?

All this unstinting praise for Madame Mayhem sticks viscerally in my craw, when I think of the death and destruction she’s wreaked here and around the globe.

Will all those who choose The Lesser Evil ™ work from day one of her reign to ensure the evil emanating from the Oval Office is the absolute least it can be?

If my vote would put Trump’s slimy sphincter on the Presidential Potty, I’d let out a primal scream as I cast my ballot for Her Travesty

But it won’t, and thus I won’t.

What I will do is try to tell the unvarnished truth about whomever is leading us into the abyss, and what I can to avert that all but certain fate.

What about you?


Who Should Bernie Voters Support Now? Robert Reich vs. Chris Hedges on Tackling the Neoliberal Order

*It’s alternately amusing and appalling to witness Reich contorting himself in a pathetic attempt to both pimp for (insert pithy moniker for Clinton here) and declare his fealty to “the political revolution”, isn’t it?

But why would you want Sanders to head a third party challenge, given his identical contradictions?

Regardless, Hedges “wins”, hands down

And regardless, come November

We’re all going to lose.


6 Popular Yoga Postures You Need to Fix
by Yuri Elkaim



Who’s Paying for the Democratic Convention?
by Nikil Saval

*A quintessentially Democratic convention


As DNC Delegates Gather in the ‘Birthplace of Democracy’, Local Communities Fight for their Right to Breathe
by Emma Pike

*”Whether delegates at the DNC in South Philadelphia choose to take progressive steps on climate change and environmental justice remains to be seen.”

The suspense ain’t killing me

But the outcome, after a pathetic pantomime, just might.


Politics Aside, the RNC Was Onto Something When They Said Porn Is a Public Health Crisis
by Gail Dines and Robert Jensen


Sierra Club
Six Years After Massive Spill, Enbridge Continues to Threaten the Great Lakes Region


EPA Admits Airplane Pollution’s Climate Danger But Drags Feet on Emissions Rules
Agency releases long-awaited endangerment finding acknowledging that planet-warming pollution from airplanes poses threat to human welfare


Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
CCFC to Niantic: Don’t Use Pokemon GO to Lure Children to Sponsors’ Locations

*Which came first

The playing

Or the pimping?


Friends of the Earth
Fueling the Fire: New Report Shows Underground Coal Gasification a Reckless Experiment


The Real News Network
The European Revolt Against the Neoliberal EU (1/2)
Catarina Príncipe, co-editor of “Europe in Revolt”, says a left movement against austerity must pursue the restructuring of public debt, nationalization of key sectors, and public control of the banking system, but none of this can be done within the European Union


World Beyond War
The World Must Support Ireland Against U.S. Wars


WNBA’s attack on players for speaking out is unacceptable


Institute for Public Accuracy
* DNC “Naked Conspiracies” * Tim Kaine’s Wall St. Ties

*The “left” painting peels off


With DNC Leaks, Former ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Is Now True––and No Big Deal
by Adam Johnson


At RNC, Media Put a Happy Face on Suppression of Speech
by Gunar Olsen

*A velvet glove still strangles


US Media Find European Terror Deaths 19 Times More Interesting Than Mideast Terror Deaths
by Adam Johnson


FAIR CounterSpin
‘The Impact That It Had on People Was Not Really Covered’
Cristina Jiménez on the Supreme Court’s immigration ruling
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
Kaine: Wall Street VP

*Was there ever any doubt where that arrow on the “Hillary” yard signs was pointed?


Democracy Now!
EXCLUSIVE: WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange on Releasing DNC Emails That Ousted Debbie Wasserman Schultz

*How can a campaign have legs when it keeps shooting itself in the foot?


Assange: Why I Created WikiLeaks’ Searchable Database of 30,000 Emails from Clinton’s Private Server


Julian Assange: Choosing Between Trump or Clinton is Like Picking Between Cholera or Gonorrhea

*You’re sorely tempted to say “A plague on both their houses”

But in truth it’s on our houses, isn’t it?


National Puerto Rican Agenda: New Group Forms to Address Island’s Unprecedented Economic Crisis


12 Things a Cancer Doctor Should Never Say
by Elyn Jacobs


Can Sunscreen Ingredients Increase Your Risk of Cancer?
by Dr. David Jockers


Bacillus Clausii: The European Probiotic You’ve Likely Never Heard Of
by Ty Bollinger


The 7 Most Nutritious Greens: Health Benefits and How to Eat Them
by Yuri Elkaim


5 No-Brainer Reasons to Start Bodyweight Training
by Yuri Elkaim


Want True Energy? Here Are 5 Superior Caffeine Substitutes
by Ben Greenfield



As Major Parties Embrace Fracking, Report Shows Natural Gas ‘Bridge to Climate Disaster’
‘Currently planned gas production expansion in Appalachia would make meeting U.S. climate goals impossible,’ says Oil Change International
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Want Police Reform? Charge Rich People More for Speeding Tickets
Municipal coffers are being filled by fining those who can least afford it. If fees were tied to wealth, that calculus would shift.
by Astra Taylor


T. Boone’s Windy Misadventure
by Robert Bryce

*It may well be that Bryce is right (apologies to Bob Barker), at least in the main. I also have concerns on the impact of wind power.

But his provenance [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Bryce_(writer)] gives me pause, and I’d encourage you to keep it in mind here.


The decline of the American empire and rise of Donald Trump
by Bruce Livesey


National Network of Abortion Funds
Indiana Appeals Court Sends Mixed Message with Purvi Patel Decision


Alaska Supreme Court Overturns Parental Notice Law for Teenagers Seeking Abortion


The Real News Network
United States of Amnesia and the Economics of the RNC
Former financial regulator Bill Black responds to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s speech, and says the RNC chairperson has created a false image about the reality of unemployment, interest rates, and inflation under the Obama presidency


FAIR CounterSpin
‘The Public Is Viewed Not as Someone to Be Helped, but as an Enemy to Be Contained’
Alex Vitale on overpolicing
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
As RNC is Held in Quicken Loans Arena, Learn the Inside Story of Company’s Trumpian CEO Dan Gilbert


How Safe is an Airport Full Body Scanner?
by Ty Bollinger


Seven reasons to be good to your kidneys
They’re trying to take good care of you
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



Greenpeace: ‘Extremely High’ Jump in Post-Fukushima Radioactive Chemicals
Concerns are ‘both ongoing and future threats, principally the continued releases from the Fukushima No. 1 plant itself and translocation of land-based contamination’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Yesterday’s news”

Today’s and tomorrow’s nightmares


From Nice to the Middle East: Only One Way to Challenge ISIS
by Ramzy Baroud

*Only the stilling of the wind can stay the tempest of the whirlwind


If Democrats Think Mike Pence Is An Extremist, Will They Stop Supporting His Education Policies?
by Jeff Bryant

*That anyone would give the slightest bit of credence to any “progressive” policy utterance by Madame Mayhem evinces a distinct and disturbing lack of ability to learn the lessons of political expediency.

A signal case for actual education reform, I’d submit.


Environmental Working Group
EWG Lists the Top Ten Toxic Chemicals EPA Should Review Now
Americans are exposed daily to these chemicals found in consumer products


The Real News Network
Decades of Money Laundering by HSBC Ignored by Holder at DOJ
Bill Black says the Republicans could embarrass Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Loretta Lynch by demanding further investigation into the failure to prosecute HSBC for its world-historical money laundering operation

*HSBC could care less if Iran actually had an illegal nuclear weapons program that led to the sanctions, but they didn’t, thus the sanctions are a sham that has caused a great deal of misery for the people of that nation.

So Black’s assertion that Iran’s evasion of sanctions could help “screw up the world” falls into Mr. Spock’s category of “Highly illogical, Captain”, don’t you think?


Ending Tax Dodging by Utilities Can Prompt Clean Energy Transition
Janet Redman of the Institute for Policy Studies explains how ending subsidies to utilities can help fund clean jobs and clean energy transition


Petition update
The 21st Century Cures Act Is Coming Up for a Vote in the United States Senate
by Hooman Noorchashm



Fracking Tycoon Admits Democrats Better for Business Than GOP
Whether the Democratic Party will continue to support fracking has become a hot-button issue during this year’s presidential campaign
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The bread’s buttered on both sides


Gruesome Film Shows US-Funded Syrian Rebel Group Behead Child
Members of Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki, which has received funds and weapons from the U.S., filmed themselves brutally beheading a child
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The dull edge of the imperial sword


Cashing in on a failed coup
Turkish President Erdogan is using the botched bid to unseat him to further his authoritarian agenda
by Vijay Prashad


The Real News Network
Trump and the Enablers of American Authoritarianism (2/2)
Scholar Henry Giroux in conversation with Paul Jay says ‘lesser evilism’ is the wrong way to frame the elections – it’s about what’s better for the strategic interests of an independent people’s struggle


As Baltimore’s Police Union Attacks Reform Efforts, The ACLU Fights Back
The ACLU is challenging a lawsuit filed by the FOP to undermine the civilian review board, a body that has little power but is the only form of civilian oversight in the city


US-Led Airstrikes Kill as Many Civilians as Nice Attack–but Get No Front-Page Headlines in Major US Papers
by Adam Johnson

*Death counts only count if the deaths count


Democracy Now!
John Nichols: The GOP is More United in Disdain for Hillary Clinton Than in Support for Donald Trump

*God blows a trumpet

Not a dog whistle


The Fall of Roger Ailes: Can Sexual Harassment Claims Oust the Biggest Man in Conservative Media?


Debunking Republican Claims Linking Immigration to Crime


“Wall Off Trump”: Activists Erect Mock Wall Outside RNC to Protest GOP Border & Immigration Policy


Meet the Student Fighting Case Western U. for Shutting Down Campus to House 1,900 Police Officers


The Correct Squat Form (And the Best Squat Variations to Do)
by Yuri Elkaim



Despite Nationwide Assault on Voting Rights, DOJ Guts Election Observers
‘This news creates an open invitation for more voting discrimination and voter suppression to go unchecked in the November election’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Steve King Marks RNC Kickoff with White Supremacist Comments
Iowa congressman says white people did more for civilization than ‘any other subgroup’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A white flight of fancy


‘Mr. Coal’ and a Climate Change Skeptic Given Key Energy Posts in Aussie Cabinet
New Minister of Environment and Energy’s views on climate change are “an embarrassing relic from a different era,” says Greenpeace
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


53 Arrested Protesting Gas Storage Near Seneca Lake
by Sandra Steingraber


What is the world? Who are we? What are we going to do about it?
by Robert Jensen

*We seek to control everything, save ourselves

Which is the only way we can


Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Greece: Migrant Children in Police Cells
Dreadful Conditions; Transfer Them to Open Facilities


Center for Biological Diversity
Investigation: EPA Approved Nearly 100 Pesticide Products Without Accounting for Dangers of Chemical Mixtures
Synergistic Effects Found for More Than Two Thirds of Recently Approved Multi-ingredient Products


The Real News Network
Trump and the Fascization of America (1/2)
Scholar Henry Giroux tells Paul Jay that Donald Trump is not an eccentric populist, but the representative of a neofascist politics that ignores evidence, believes truth is merely an opinion, and says dissent is unpatriotic


Erdogan Moves to Consolidate Power After Failed Military Coup
Baris Karaagac and Ariel Salzmann discuss the July 15th coup attempt and say the Turkish president will use the crisis to eliminate all dissent from the judiciary and the military


Baton Rouge Killer: What is Driving Violent Retaliation By Lone Gunmen?
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says shootings like those in Baton Rouge and Texas will continue as long as the power structure continues to refuse to hold police accountable


Who is Trump VP Pick Indiana Governor Mike Pence?
Journalist Amber Stearns says Pence has close ties to Koch brothers-backed ALEC, enjoys popularity among Christian evangelical voters and Tea Party types, and is a friend of the coal industry


Justice for Port Drivers
Who calls the shots in Georgia? XPO Logistics!


Petition update
Increase Research Funding For ME/CFS
New News: We Made the News!
by Mary Gelpi


Institute for Public Accuracy
9/11 Widow/Activist on Declassified Saudi Arabia Pages


Can Chiropractic Care Improve Your Body’s Ability to Self Heal?
by Dr. David Jockers



Theresa May Says “Yes,” She’s Prepared to Kill Hundreds of Thousands in Nuke Attack
The UK Parliament on Monday debated whether to renew Trident, Britain’s aging nuclear weapons system
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


How Extrajudicial Executions Became “War” Policy in Washington
The Trojan Drone: An illegal military strategy disguised as technological advance
by Rebecca Gordon


Beyond Panic and Punishment: Brock Turner and the Left Response to Sexual Violence
A familiar and narrow framework has crowded out any consideration of how we can address sexual violence without reanimating calls for harsh sentences
by Sarah Cate

*Cate’s argument is well reasoned, and while I understand her perspective on the consequences of recalling Persky, for me this wasn’t an example of a case where a judge imposed a lesser sentence in the interest of fairness, but did so because he identified on a race, class and gender basis with the defendant.

He protected his own.

Recalling him may well have a deleterious impact on the inclination of judges to indeed seek fairness in sentencing, and that must be resisted, but to my mind Persky’s decision had nothing to do with that quest.


Five Conspirators in the Eradication of the Middle Class
by Paul Buchheit


Very Turkish Abduction from the Seraglio and Crocodile Tears of the ‘West’
The international “friends of Turkey” bear a great deal of responsibility for Turkey’s predicament, a fact that the crocodile tears they shed today could not easily conceal
by Umut Özkirimli


The Real News Network
Turkey in Crisis: Understanding the Erdogan/ Gulen Split
TRNN Replay: Baris Karaagac: The events of the past two years has plunged Turkey into crisis, pitting two of the country’s most powerful figures and former allies against each other Turkish PM Erdogan and Islamic preacher Gulen, currently in self-imposed exile in the United States


Airport Workers Call to Strike During DNC to Bring Attention to Worker’s Struggles
Ronald Blount of the Philadelphia Taxi Alliance calls on the Democratic Party to join the fight for living wages, affordable housing, and good education


Study: U.S. Financial System Imposes ‘Overcharge’ of at Least $40,000 on Every Citizen
Gerald Epstein of the Political Economy Research Institute discusses his new report titled ‘Overcharged: The High Cost of High Finance’, which describes how the financial system is a net drag on the American economy


Odious Debt and the Betrayal of the Popular Will in Greece
After Syriza’s “treason”, Zoe Konstantopoulou, ex-Speaker of Greece’s Parliament, founds a new party to unburden Greece of its odious debt


US-NATO Border Confrontation with Russia Risks Nuclear War and Loss of European Partners
Michael Hudson says that the US-led confrontational approach of NATO with Russia is driving European countries to consider disbanding or leaving the military alliance due to increased security risks


Exonerees in the Era of Mass Incarceration (1/2)
In Part 1, TRNN executive producer Eddie Conway and Alison Flowers, author of Exoneree Diaries: The Fight for Innocence, Independence, and Identity, discuss the ramifications of exoneration in a country that already imprisons more of its people than any country in the world


Come On New Jersey …. When Are You Going to Start Screening Newborns For ALD?
by Taylor Kane


Petition update
Arizona Legion
This Is Not Acceptable


A Prime Day to Celebrate the Boss’s Business
by Janine Jackson

*A more apt heading

Amazon’s Ad Budget Saves Big!


A Mass Murderer Becomes a ‘Terrorist’–Based on Ethnicity, Not Evidence
by Jim Naureckas

*Dialing 9/11


Democracy Now!
Kurdish Activist: Erdogan Should Be Pushed Out, But by the People, Not the Military


Medea Benjamin: Why Is Government Downplaying Saudi-9/11 Docs After Keeping Them Secret for Years?

*Money talks every language


Meet the RNC Activists Questioned by Authorities Ahead of This Week’s Convention


Many Who Opposed Coup in Turkey Came Out in Support of Democratic Process, not the President


How to Kill Cancer Stem Cells
by Dr. Bradford Weeks


How to Protect Your kids from Harmful EMF Radiation
by Lloyd Burrell


Sun Exposure: Cancer Cause or Part of the Solution?
by Elyn Jacobs


4 Ways Calorie Restriction Stops Cancer Growth
by Dr. David Jockers


Here’s an easy way to significantly lower your risk of 13 types of cancer
And it doesn’t have to cost a dime
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


The Best Advice on How to Use Oral Probiotics to Improve Your Teeth and Gums
by Jamie Morea


Should You Be Worried About Phytic Acid In Legumes?
by Yuri Elkaim



New Rules Could Help Big Oil Escape Scrutiny at Fossil Fuel Auctions
‘It says a lot when the public is so disgusted with Big Oil that they have to retreat and hide’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Dear Misleader’s “climate legacy” is assured

As is his place in purgatory


‘Shocking,’ ‘Plain Stupid’: Theresa May Shuts Climate Change Office
‘This reshuffle risks dropping climate change from the policy agenda altogether—a staggering act of negligence for which we will all pay the price’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Dream is Over: Bye, Bye Bernie
by Andrew Levine

*A Bern that never had the fire


The Real News Network
No Case Against Suspended President of Brazil But Rousseff May Still be Impeached
Professor of Media Studies Joao Feres Jr. says a recent report exonerates Rousseff but the constitutional procedure will likely be used to remove her from office anyway


Countries’ Pledges to Cut Emissions Won’t Stay Within 2 Degrees Limit Set by UN Paris Agreement
Dr. Joeri Rogelj, research scholar at the energy program of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, says we need significant transitions in energy production, transportation, and agricultural systems


Rattling the Bars: Black Panther Freed from Solitary (2/2)
Eddie Conway continues his discussion with Theresa Shoatz, the daughter of former Black Panther Russell Maroon Shoatz, who just won a legal victory against the Pennsylvania Department of Correction, ending his 22 years in solitary confinement


Democracy Now!
As Bastille Day Attack in France Kills 84, Is the War on Terror a “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”?

*The West’s response is what ISIS wants, and what those in power in the West want, as well.

Why else would the obvious path to ending this carnage be rejected?

Lust for wealth and power has reaped the whirlwind, and it won’t dissipate until the drive for domination is consigned to the dustbin of history.


Puerto Rico’s Payday Loans: The Shocking Story Behind Wall Street’s Role in Debt Crisis


Exclusive: Meet Yale Dishwasher Corey Menafee, Who Smashed Racist Stained-Glass Window


Craig Steven Wilder on How Georgetown & U.S. Catholic Church Expanded Thanks to Slave Holdings

*Menafee had every right to do it

For every wrong that image represented


Listeria continues to plague food manufacturers this year
John McKissick knows firsthand it can mean a life sentence of disability
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



Is What’s Good For Facebook Not So Good For Democracy?
Why the social-media honeymoon may be over for some activists
by Sarah Jaffe


Hooked! The Unyielding Grip of Fossil Fuels on Global Life
by Michael Klare

*Greed and power are the most insidious addictions, from which all others flow


Scientists: Window for avoiding 1.5C global warming ‘closed’
by Megan Darby
Climate Change News


The Real News Network
Why is the Capitalist West Fighting with Capitalist Russia?
Alexandr Buzgalin and Paul Jay discuss the antagonism between Russia and US despite the former adopting ‘Jurassic Park capitalism’ since the demise of the USSR

*This segment sorely needed a translator, but I think there’s enough that can be gleaned from it to merit reposting.


Rattling the Bars: Black Panther Freed from Solitary (1/2)
Eddie Conway talks to the daughter of former Black Panther Russell Maroon Shoatz about the release of her father from solitary confinement after 22 years


A History of Lynching
Dr. Lawrence Brown tells guest host Janaya Khan that recent police shootings of unarmed black men remind him of the 4000 lynchings between 1877 and 1950, the murder of Emmett Till, and bombings of black churches


NYT Looks at the Political Exploitation of White Supremacism–but Not Too Hard
by Jim Naureckas


In Campaign Against Venezuela, NYT Cites Former Member of Death Squad Alliance
by Mark Cook


Democracy Now!
Ex-Seattle Police Chief Condemns Systemic Police Racism Dating Back to Slave Patrols


Black Ohio Cop to Prejudiced White Officers: Take the Uniform Off and Put on KKK Hoodie


Ex-Seattle Police Chief Defends Citizens Filming Cops: It’s 100% Lawful for an American to Do It


Black Father in Letter to His Son: “I Thought of You When I Saw the Son of Alton Sterling Weeping”


How to Get Rid of a Headache without Medicine
by Yuri Elkaim


Did a vitamin B-12 deficiency drive Mary Todd Lincoln mad?
Important advice about B-12 for those older than 50
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



In Attempt to Dodge Suit, White House Argues Funding War Makes War Legal
U.S. Army captain sued President Obama over legality of sprawling ISIS conflict
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


Privacy Critics Raise Alarm over Pokémon GO’s Collect-It-All Power
Sen. Al Franken questioning “extent to which Niantic may be unnecessarily collecting, using, and sharing a wide range of users’ personal information”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Baton Rouge: “Put Those Damn Weapons Down!”
by Bill Quigley

*”Retrain” them?

They’re doing the job they’re meant to do, in the manner those they truly “serve and protect” wish to have them do it.

Or have I misinterpreted the purpose of “policing” since the slave patrols?


The Real News Network
Two Years of BJP, Growing Communalism and Intolerance
Two years of the BJP government has seen a rise in attacks on minorities and growing intolerance. Teesta Setalvad discusses how PM’s silence is a tacit consent to the RSS, which is pushing its Hindutva agenda further.


New British PM Appoints Brexit Proponent Boris Johnson to Foreign Secretary
Bill Black says Boris Johnson’s demonization of the EU and virtually all of its leaders in his role as an alleged journalist makes him the worst conceivable person to put in a top diplomatic post


New British PM Will Govern to the Right of Cameron
Economist John Weeks says Theresa May will negotiate Brexit to completion despite her previous opposition to leaving the European Union


Progressive Source Communications
Stop the Monsanto Doctrine from Poisoning Democracy


FAIR CounterSpin
‘Abortion Is a Fundamental Component of a Full Spectrum of Healthcare’
CounterSpin interview with Jessica Mason Pieklo on abortion ruling
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
Police Arrest, Detain Air Force Vet for 26 Hours After He Posted Alton Sterling Shooting Video

*Doing the right thing in a very wrong world


Two Years After Eric Garner’s Death, Ramsey Orta, Who Filmed Police, Is Only One Heading to Jail



From South Africa to Ireland, #BlackLivesMatter Finds Solidarity Worldwide
Protests against police brutality in the U.S. resonate around the world
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘War on Terror’ Blowback Hits Dallas
The blowback from America’s “war on terror” swept into Dallas last Friday when an Afghan War veteran allegedly killed five police officers and was killed in turn by a remote-controlled robot deploying a bomb
by Ann Wright


Legalized Murder and the Politics of Terror
by Chris Hedges


The Next Step for Organized Labor? People in Prison
by Mike Elk


Can the United States transcend white supremacy?
by Robert Jensen


Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy
Corporate Meat’s Takeover through TTIP


SOA Watch
Close the SOA/WHINSEC Included in the Platform of the Democratic Party


Public Citizen
Report: Pharmaceutical Industry Funding Influences Lawmakers in Contentious Medicare Part B Reform Battle
U.S. Representatives Who Sided with Big Pharma Received 82 Percent More Contributions From Industry for 2016 Election Campaigns


The Real News Network
Jeremy Corbyn Wins Right to Defend His Leadership of Labour Party
Economist John Weeks says pro-austerity forces were defeated in the decision of the Labour Party leadership to allow him on the ballot


Discussion of Police Shootings Ignore Need for Systemic Change
Before President Obama’s Dallas address, author Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor says mainstream discussion ignores the root causes of violence


The Clinton Email Scandal Is About Double Standards, But Not In The Way House GOP Defines It
When FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the House Oversight Committee last week, Republicans decried double standards for the rich and powerful but said nothing about America’s war on whistleblowers


Philando Castile Was Killed Because He Was Black, Not Because He Had A Gun
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says that the police officer who killed Philando Castile was not just “reacting to the presence of a gun,” and that gun policy won’t stop racist policing


Officers Give Contradictory Testimony of Freddie Gray’s Behavior During Cross Examination
As Judge Barry Williams drops assault charge against Lt. Brian Rice, Officers William Porter and Edward Nero offer conflicting accounts of what happened on the day Gray died in their custody


Police Killings Spark Nationwide Protests, Hundreds Arrested
Organizer Kali Akuno says the movement refuses to retreat in fear in the face of an increasingly militarized police response


Mosul Offensive Will Create More Refugees, Displacement, and Humanitarian Disaster
Institute for Policy Studies Fellow Phyllis Bennis says the fightback against ISIS requires the abandonment of more military force, and the pursuit of diplomacy with Russia and Iran


Rattling the Bars: Restorative Justice
In this special episode of Rattling the Bars, Eddie Conway visits social entrepreneur and former prisoner Chris Wilson in his furniture restoration shop to speak about the need for support amongst formerly incarcerated individuals, and about his support for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders


Holding Corporations Accountable for a Living Wage in the Garment Industry
Trade unionist Anannya Bhattacharjee on the global supply chain framework, the state of workers, and the campaign called the Asia Floor Wage Alliance that aims to hold global corporations accountable for the payment of a living wage in the garment industry – Newsclick and TRNN Joint Production


Defund Police Departments that Don’t Value Black Lives


Institute for Public Accuracy
Are Police Targeting People Who Take and Distribute Damning Videos of Them?

*Camera shy, but not gun shy


NYT Lets $27 Million Man Brag About What He’s Doing for Income Inequality
by Jim Naureckas


Democracy Now!
Historian: “You Can’t Disconnect History of the 2nd Amendment From the History of White Supremacy”


Decision fatigue can lead to poor choices of what to buy and eat
What strategies do you use to stay focused?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*Eating real food and seeing and feeling the benefits of doing so is a powerful impetus to avoid poor choices.

The increased energy and mental capacity I’ve experienced as a result of the changes I’ve made dissuade me from ever going back to the crap I used to consume.

Focus on progress, not perfection. These habits took years to form, and they won’t be overcome overnight. You might be surprised, though, at how quickly you develop new ones when you begin to feel and look better.

And I can testify that real food tastes real good. You don’t have to be a cordon bleu chef to whup some tasty grub. Some imagination is all that’s required.

If I can do it …



The Real News Network
Syria’s Complex Chessboard and its Continuing Tragedy
Vijay Prashad discusses how the various warring forces in Syria are locked together in a complicated way. Meanwhile, Syria continues to bleed, with no immediate end in sight – Newsclick and TRNN Joint Production


France’s Parliament Deals Major Blow to Labor
French PM fast tracks bill that radically changes collective bargaining practices, leading citizens to take to the street and pressure a vote for his ouster


White-Collar Crime Kills and Maims More Than the Crimes of the Poor
Former financial regulator Bill Black says fraud and corruption result in significantly more death and violence, and aren’t even counted in traditional stats by conventional criminologists

*Cops and CEOs – in some cases – may not intend to harm others, but they sure as hell are gonna do everything they can to make sure they suffer no harm due to their actions, aren’t they just?


Police Brutality Exacts Widespread Trauma on People of Color
Dr. Lawrence Brown and TRNN executive producer Eddie Conway say the protests and conversations around police brutality aren’t just about systemic solutions, but the real and immediate pain

*A different world would have a different role for “policing”, which
was created to oppress, not protect, the populace, especially the
“other”. It “evolved” from the slave patrols, and serves the same
function in the present day.

Individual sociopaths are mere symptoms of a sociopathic system. Even
if every one was charged, tried and convicted for their crimes, more
would follow in their blood stained shoes.

Like the capitalism it serves and protects, no amount of “reform” will
alter its basic nature.

Just as we have to reimagine economic relationships, we have to
reenvision the concept of “law enforcement”.

No number of consent decrees will achieve that goal.

I wish I was intelligent enough to identify the answer

But at least I can posit the problem.


Is CBC’s Call For Gun Control Amidst Anti-Police Brutality Protests a Red Herring?
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says the Congressional Black Caucus is distracting the public with side issues, while 80% of its members voted against restricting police militarization and voted in favor of tough on crime policies which disproportionately hammered black communities


UK Elites Oppose Brexit – Their Party to be Led by a Leader Promising to Leave EU
Bill Black tells Paul Jay that the Conservatives risk political annihilation if they don’t respect the results of the referendum, in spite of the bulk of the ruling class’s opposition to the move


Institute for Public Accuracy
Dem Platform “Colonialism” and NATO’s “Provocations”


Copspeak: 7 Ways Journalists Use Police Jargon to Obscure the Truth
by Adam Johnson


USA Today Ducking the Question of Militarism
by Jim Naureckas


Democracy Now!
Marc Lamont Hill & Mychal Denzel Smith React to Police Killings of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile (Pt. 2)


As Protests Sweep Country, New Video Shows Off-Duty NY Cop Fatally Shooting Black Man Delrawn Small


Death, Abuse and Sexual Assault: The Horrific and Unregulated Private Prison Van Transport Business


Why You Need a Strong Immune System to Fight Cancer
by James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D.



Legal Experts Raise Alarm over Shocking Use of ‘Killer Robot’ in Dallas
‘The fact that the police have a weapon like this…is an example of the militarization of the police and law enforcement—and goes in the wrong direction’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer


The Illusion of Security
by Robert C. Koehler

*A “lack of training” doesn’t excuse a lack of humanity, but who engenders that sociopathy?

It is a conscious decision by those in power, designed to perpetuate their positions.

Accountability exists at all levels, but responsibility is reserved for the rules makers.

Until they are brought into the dock, there will be no true justice.


The Real News Network
Police Killings Won’t Stop Until U.S. Comes to Grips with its Racist Foundations
Gerald Horne and Paul Jay discuss the roots of police killing people of color in the American history of slavery, the elite policy that produces poverty and racism, and the laws that police officers are expected to enforce in order to maintain superexploitation and economic inequality


The Last Dance of Ramadan at a Greek Refugee Camp
Dimitri Lascaris speaks to people about their treacherous journey crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Lesbos, Greece


Medical Examiner: Police Brushed Aside Requests for Evidence in Gray Case
On the first day of testimony during the trial of Lt. Brian Rice, the fourth officer to be tried in the death of Freddie Gray, state medical examiner Carol Allan revealed how she battled to complete the investigation, which ultimately lead her to rule Gray’s death a homicide


Despite Facing Threats of Force, Mexican Teachers Continue to Strike
As Mexico’s general strike spreads to the political centers of Mexico City and Monterrey, John Ackerman says international solidarity can play a role in preventing the use of governmental force


Is the Real Scandal the Clinton Foundation?
Michael Hudson says the media has failed to look beyond the emails and into potential conflicts of interest during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state


Activist: Organizing Local Communities is the Only Way to End Police Killings
Former Green Party vice presidential candidate Rosa Clemente says reform measures like civilian review boards have failed to hold police accountable


Institute for Public Accuracy
Escalating Militarization of Police


Some Pundits Think the Solution to Right-Wing Populism Is Less Democracy
by Adam Johnson


Democracy Now!
Dallas: Five Police Officers Shot Dead; Obama Condemns “Vicious, Calculated and Despicable Attack”


“They Are Here to Kill Us Because We Are Black”: Girlfriend of Philando Castile On Police Shootings

*From Rockwell to Munch


Why Your Gut Badly Needs These 4 Healthy Super Starches
by Yuri Elkaim


Heard the advice to eat yogurt when taking antibiotics?
There’s something else that has better evidence
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



Arctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low for June Amid Escalating Warnings
The area’s sea ice cover shrank 56,900 square kilometers (22,000 square miles) per day last month
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Sham’ GMO Bill Advances in Senate Amid Widespread Opposition
‘It is a non-labeling bill disguised as a labeling bill, a sham and a legislative embarrassment’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


NARAL Pro-Choice America
Texas Leaders Sink to New Low, Push Measure That Would Require Fetal Tissue to Be Buried or Cremated


Physicians for a National Health Program
Wealthier Americans Now Receive Much More Health Care than Middle Class or Poor, Reversing a 50-year Trend: Harvard Study


The Real News Network
U.S.-Controlled Chaos and Corruption Fuels ISIS Terrorism in Iraq
Professor Sabah Alnasseri says ISIS attacks poor working-class neighborhoods in order to turn the people further against an already despised government


60 Black Democrats Sign Letter in AIPAC-Backed Effort to Discredit Cornel West and BDS
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says AIPAC sent a long-time member to discredit Cornel West and give the impression that blacks oppose the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement


Black Lives Matter Toronto Protests Police and Corporate Presence at LGBTQ Pride Parade
LeRoi Newbold of BLM Toronto says that the Toronto Pride festival needs to be taken back to its roots and make more space for queer Black and Brown people

*Identity non politics


Move Away from Nonstop War
Close the Ramstein Air Base


Petition update
Unanimous Passage in Committee – Call Speaker Ryan
Urge Congress to Support Common Sense Rape Survivor Rights
by Amanda Nguyen


Institute for Public Accuracy
WaPo on Hillary’s Attempted “Sister Souljah Moment” on Charter Schools


Clinton, Trump and the “War on Terror” Hub


Democracy Now!
“You Shot Four Bullets Into Him, Sir”: Girlfriend Livestreams Philando Castile’s Death by Police


Alton Sterling, Father of Five, Murdered by Police Two Months After “Blue Lives Matter” Bill Signed


Murderers With Badges, Licensed to Kill: Nation Reels from Alton Sterling’s Death at Hands of Police

*One percent of cops may kill

Ninety-nine point nine percent collude


Marc Lamont Hill & Mychal Denzel Smith: We Must End State Violence Against Black Bodies


10 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight (No Sleeping Pills Required)
by Yuri Elkaim


Hormone-Sensitive Lipase: 3 Clever Ways to Make This Enzyme Burn More Fat
by Yuri Elkaim



ExxonMobil May Have Friends In High Places, But Fraud Is Not Constitutionally Protected
by Elliott Negin


Over 70 Groups Urge Rep. Chaffetz to Cancel Hearing on Anti-LGBT Legislation Scheduled a Month After Orlando Shooting


The Real News Network
Chris Hedges: Saudi Wahhabism a Tool of U.S. Foreign Policy
Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss the history of Saudi-promoted Jihadism and blowback as ISIS attacks their former allies


Killing of Baltimore Rapper Draws Attention to Gun Violence, Lack of Opportunity
TRNN speaks to Baltimore residents, pastor Jamal Bryant, and Green Party mayoral candidate Joshua Harris about the path forward after the shooting of Lor Scoota


Institute for Public Accuracy
Chilcot Report Avoids Smoking Gun

*No damning

Only faint censure


FAIR CounterSpin
‘What Is a Journalist if Not an Advocate on Behalf of the Public?’
by Janine Jackson

*There’s always a point of view

The question is, where is it pointing?


Bush, Blair and the Lies That Justified the Illegal Iraq War
by Robin Andersen


Democracy Now!
Iraqi Exile: U.K. Iraq Inquiry Confirms the War Was Based on a Lie


Tariq Ramadan: Iraq War Waged for U.S. Economic Interests Has Destabilized All of Middle East


Tariq Ramadan on Medina Bombings: Saudi Regime is Not a Victim But Perpetrator of Regional Violence


U.S. Policies Have Not Changed: Banned Under Bush, Tariq Ramadan Speaks Out Against Obama & Clinton


After Siege of Dhaka Restaurant Kills 20, Bangladesh Confronts Threat to Secular Traditions


7 Easy Mindfulness Exercises to Think Your Way to a Better Body
by Dr. Alison Chen, ND


What veggie can I not get enough of right now?
by Leanne Ely



Growing Opposition Forces EU into ‘Humiliating Climbdown’ on CETA
Corporate-friendly trade deals on the ropes in wake of Brexit vote
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Thousands of Teachers Across England Go on Strike Against Austerity
‘No parent wants this for their children. No teacher wants this for their school or pupils.’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


#ISISAttackingMuslims: Twitter Users Remind World Who Most Terror Victims Are
“Before blaming Muslims for Isis, remember that Isis terrorist attacks [are] targeting more Muslims than any other groups”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Leaker, Speaker, Soldier, Spy
The charmed life of David Petraeus
by Nick Turse


Imperial NATO: Before and After Brexit
Our interests and survival depend on Common Security diplomacy rather than the repeated and deadly failures of militarism
by Joseph Gerson


Center for Biological Diversity
Agreement: Monarch Butterfly to Get Endangered Species Act Protection Decision by 2019
Butterfly Declined by 80 Percent Over Past Decades


Public Citizen
Handouts to Manufacturers Will Not Curb Opioid Abuse Epidemic

*Feeding the addiction to avarice


Central Role of Torture ‘Evidence’ in Iraq War Shows Need for Independent UK Torture Inquiry


The Real News Network
Is it Time for a New Deal Federal Jobs Program?
Bernie Sanders advisors Bill Black and Stephanie Kelton tell Paul Jay that the public-private partnership model is a disaster, and increased infrastructure spending combined with austerity would throw the economy into a recession


Narrative of Brexit ‘Leave’ Voters as Racist and Anti-Immigrant Ignores Real Anti-Austerity Sentiment
Economist Michael Hudson argues that a vote for Europe is not a vote for socialism, but for a very right-wing, hard right, corporatist Europe where the laws will be made by bureaucrats acting on behalf of the large financial centers


TTIP: A Grave Threat to the Domestic & International Order
Independent Expert Alfred de Zayas says activities of investors and transnational corporations not only interfere in the regulatory space of states, but attack the very essence of sovereignty and self-determination


Why Bankers and Financiers Benefit from Low Inflation Policy
PERI’s Gerald Epstein explains why financial institutions like the IMF promote fiscal policy that reduces investment, economic growth, and employment


Spanish Election Signals End of Governance by Absolute Majorities
ROAR Magazine editor Carlos Delclos discusses how the Brexit vote might explain why Unidos Podemos did not poll as well as anticipated


‘They’re Making Racism and Xenophobia Into a Legitimate Voice’
by Janine Jackson

*From dog whistles to baying hounds


Democracy Now!
Trump’s “Greatest Mentor” was Red-Baiting Aide to Joseph McCarthy and Attorney for NYC Mob Families


How Donald Trump Threatened an Investigative Reporter, Attempting to Bribe Him with a Free Apartment


Wayne Barrett on Donald Trump’s Broken Promises, Tax Returns & Potential VP Pick Chris Christie

*He couldn’t exist in a rational world

Thus he thrives in this one.


As Workers at Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino Go on Strike, a Look at Trump’s Long History of Labor Abuse


Trump’s Unofficial Biographer Wayne Barrett: “The Way He Has Treated His Wives is Just Deplorable”


The Best Cancer-Fighting Foods
by Yuri Elkaim


Report Shows How War Profiteers Are Now Refugee Profiteers, Too
Arms dealers flood war-torn Middle East with weapons and then lobby EU to militarize borders against refugees—profiting from both ends of conflict
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


Iraq Mourns After Weekend Bombing Deathtoll Rises Above 200 People
Promises for security unrealized as war-torn country experiences single most deadly bombing in years
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Is Coup Against Corbyn a Plot to Spare Blair from War Crimes Probe?
One politician posits that Labour Party leadership’s turn against Corbyn is a move to protect Blair from damning Chilcot findings
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Real News Network
The Counter-Revolution of 1776 and the Construction of Whiteness – Gerald Horne on Reality Asserts Itself (3/6)
TRNN REPLAY: On Reality Asserts Itself Mr. Horne says that the defense of massive profits from the slave trade and fear of slave rebellions was an important impetus for the American Revolution


Pledging Allegiance to the Denial of the Racist History of America
Historian Gerald Horne says the resolute insistence upon the Pledge of Allegiance plays into the collective denial that the American Republic was founded on the enslavement of people of African descent along with the expropriation of the land and property of the Native Americans

*Who controls the past controls the future

Who controls the present controls the past

As Orwellian as it gets


Will Brexit Lead to Grexit?
Dimitri Lascaris says so-called leftist or socialist governments throughout the EU are engaging in self-immolation by embracing austerity, and then become wildly unpopular with the electorate


Oakland City Council Adhering to Social Demands Blocks Coal Project
Earthjustice’s Irene Gutierrez says the labor movement wants good, healthy jobs, and not jobs that are going to lead to the development of respiratory illnesses in workers or in the general population


Petition update
They Did It Again! Dirty Politics In DC Leaves Veterans Hanging


The Busted Theory of ‘Broken Windows’ Still Has Media Defenders
by Josmar Trujillo

*Window dressing for a war on the unwanted


Democracy Now!
“What to the Slave is 4th of July?”: James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass’ Historic Speech


And debasement

Take no holiday


A Better Model for How to Treat Cancer
by Dr. David Brownstein


Could You Benefit From Ayurvedic Treatment For Cancer?
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


How Emotional Freedom Technique Can Help You Fight Cancer
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Will a Tax on Sugary Drinks Lead to Better Choices?
by Ty Bollinger

*I don’t see a simple solution to this, but I believe it starts with education and listening to the folks most affected.

Give people the facts about this poison, and how their purveyors place profit over the pain it causes. Then solicit their views on how best to confront this crime.

The attitude of “This is for your own good”, without engaging those affected in the determination of how that good is achieved, is disrespectful and ultimately self defeating to the goal of healthier lives.

For many, sugar is an addiction, and it will be very difficult to kick that habit. It’s vital that any policy prioritize early education to prevent this scourge from consuming yet another generation, as well as sensitive strategies for breaking its hold on those already in its grasp.

Any plan must be developed by all those with a stake in the outcome, or the problem will not be solved.


Healthy Grilling Tips to Minimize Carcinogens in Your Food
by Ty Bollinger

*The meat and the heat of the matter


The Definitive Guide to the 12 Best Vegan Protein Sources
by Yuri Elkaim


Grass-fed cattle produce same amount of greenhouse gases as grain-fed
Still, there are other reasons why grass-fed may be better
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


The Best Homemade Electrolyte Drink
by Yuri Elkaim


25 Farmers’ Market Buys
by Leanne Ely



As World Burns, Richest Nations Can’t Decide When to End Fossil Fuel Handouts
Despite ambitious pledges, global energy ministers could not agree on a target date to phase out billions in subsidies to dirty energy
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Paris, Orlando and Turkey: Displacing the Narrative of Western Innocence
by Ajamu Baraka

*I wouldn’t place the Orlando horror in the same category as others mentioned, as there’s no evidence of outside direction, or even that the killer’s motive was indisputably aligned with those of such forces.

Such a construct plays into the hands of the security state and its corpress colluders, who use such tragedies to their advantage, and our and innocents’ abroad deadly detriment.


STRIKE! Nearly 1,000 Trump Taj Mahal Workers Walk-Off Job Ahead of Atlantic City’s Biggest Weekend of the Year
Carl Icahn-owned Casino Has Cut Wages & Benefits by 35% for Workers Who Average Less than $12/hour


The Real News Network
Mass Arrests Expected at Republican and Democratic Conventions
Activist and author Kris Hermes and the ACLU’s Steve David discusse a recent victory against free speech restrictions on protests in Cleveland, and the long history of mass arrests and harassment against political speech


Media Exaggerations of Apocalyptic Venezuela Plays into Regime Change Narrative
Gabriel Hetland and Rachael Boothroyd say that the crisis in Venezuela is real, but the international media descriptions of horror stories are far from representative of the real situation on the ground


Redskins and Crackers: What’s In a Name?
Veteran journalists and educators Kevin Blackistone (Washington Post/University of Maryland) and Dave Zirin (journalist, author and host of Edge of Sports), discuss the flawed methodology of (and worse history behind) a recent poll claiming that nine of ten Native Americans are not offended by the term “redskins”

*Waiting for the Raleigh Ragheads


Institute for Public Accuracy
Administration Accused of Whitewashing Drone Killings


AlterNet Cites FAIR on NYT’s ‘Normalizing Fascism’


It’s July 1st. Did you get your Consumer Confidence Report?
It’s all about the water you drink and cook with
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


This Resistance Training Trick Will Get You Leaner and Stronger
by Yuri Elkaim



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