August 2016


Debtors’ Prison for Kids: Poor Children Incarcerated When Families Can’t Pay Juvenile Court Fees
First-of-its-kind report finds children are being imprisoned nationwide when families can’t pay fines levied by juvenile justice system
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Celebrations Abound as Angela Corey, ‘Cruelest Prosecutor in America,’ Ousted
Corey was defeated by former corporate lawyer Melissa Nelson, who once defended a 12-year-old Corey charged as an adult
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

The World Must Save Yemen From This Man-Made Famine
How shameful is it that a famine is unfolding here in a region surrounded by some of the world’s richest countries
by Afrah Nasser

Do Libertarian Converts Know What the Party Actually Stands For?
by Bill Lueders

The Real News Network
#VeteransForKaepernick Support Protest Against Police Brutality
Veterans Rory Fanning and Ramon Mejia support the NFL quarterback because they say America perpetuates injustice home and abroad

Nearly 10,000 Current and Former Chipotle Workers Join Wage Theft Class Action Suit
Chipotle has one of the worst ratios of top management salaries to the average crew member wage, says Kent Williams, who is the lead attorney on this class action suit

The Crisis of the Left in Canada
Following the unceremonious dumping of Tom Mulcair from NDP and clear signals from the Liberals that they will not support pro-labor reforms, there’s a vacuum for the left to fill, says Dimitri Lascaris

*Ironic that “optics” are meant to blind us, isn’t it?

I could have done without the advertorial for the Greens at the end. I’d like to see an objective analysis of the party from someone without a stake in promoting it.

That applies to any political entity, it should go without saying.

Bolivian Government Efforts to Strengthen Mining Regulations Sets Off Conflict With Miners
This latest round of conflict including the death of Deputy Interior Minister Rodolfo Illanes is over a new mining law that would restrict the ability of cooperative miners to sign contracts with international or private interests, explains Andean Information Network Director Kathryn Ledebur

US Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Mylan’s Profits
Citizens for Tax Justice’s Richard Phillip: Congress needs to act to close loopholes that allow ‘tax inversions’ that allow corporations to avoid nearly all federal taxes

He Faced 26 Years in Prison, But Still Stood Up to Police Brutality
Aaron Winston, whose arm was broken after he was chokeslammed by a Baltimore police officer, discusses his case alongside his lawyer J. Wyndal Gordon

Vice Photospreads Present ‘Girly, Teenage’ Side of Israeli Occupation
by Adam Johnson

*Girls just wanna have guns

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump in Mexico, NAFTA Ironies

Apple Avoiding Irish Taxes: Why is U.S. Government Doing Corporations’ Bidding?

Democracy Now!
Hero or Murderer? 15-Year-Old Bresha Meadows Faces Life in Prison for Killing Abusive Father

Glenn Greenwald: Obama Has Bombed 7 Nations, But Clinton Claims He Has Not Been Militaristic Enough

A New McCarthyism: Greenwald on Clinton Camp’s Attempts to Link Trump, Stein & WikiLeaks to Russia

Does the HPV Vaccination Prevent Cervical Cancer? You Decide
by Landee Martin

What Cirque du Soleil performers can teach us
How they maintain their muscle and bones
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

The 10 Push-up Variations You Need to Know (For All Levels)
by Yuri Elkaim


‘Won’t Accept Destruction’: Global Communities Line Up to Ban Fracking
‘This decision proves the power of grassroots advocacy. Individuals have won over powerful and influential mining companies’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Ireland’s Outrage Over EU’s Apple Ruling Reveals Fraudulent Global Tax System
‘It shows how subordinate to the corporations our establishment have become—they want a tax haven nation where workers pay countless charges and the wealthy pay nothing’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Taking a belated bite out of a royally rotten Apple

From the Battle of Seattle to the Financial Crisis
The decisive role of collective action in undermining neoliberal ideology and the continuing structural power of capitalism
by Walden Bello

Cry Me a River, Aetna
Retreating carriers whine that exchanges bruised their bottom lines; meanwhile, their profits are off the charts, thanks to … Obamacare
by Wendell Potter

*Insurers are making out like the bandits they are due to the ACA, as they made sure they would. Some just aren’t ever satisfied with their bloated bottom lines.

Potter agrees that they’re greedy, but seems to feel that’s fine, as long as they dial back their überavarice a mite.

As someone who’s had to deal with Obamacare for the last couple of years, and did without health insurance for years beforehand because of the death grip these bastards have on our well being, and isn’t oblivious to the far superior situation in other developed nations (at least before austerity became all the rage)

I beg to differ.

The anti-Semitism smearing campaign against Corbyn. An update: no decency left (with nice photos)
by Heiner Flassbeck

Global Justice Now
New Trade Deal Could Be Even Greater Threat to Public Services Than TTIP

The Real News Network
How Zero Tolerance Policing Destroyed Black Communities in Baltimore
Ten of thousands of city residents were swept up in a policy that the Department of Justice says lead to illegal arrests and unconstitutional policing focused solely on African-American neighborhoods

*Janis does some solid reportage, but it seems he can’t bring himself to look beyond “a broken system” to see that it’s doing precisely what it’s designed to do.

He sees “mistakes”, not strategies. He appears to think that those in power believe that their actions will lead to positive results, when they are intended to effect just the opposite.

It’s a disconnect that I find difficult to comprehend, but I guess he’s too deep in the trees to clearly discern the forest.

Fighting for Whose Freedom? Police Unions, Veterans, and Colin Kaepernick
The outrage over San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s comments on racism in America ignores the role of activism in improving the lives of veterans and Black Americans, says hip-hop historian Davey D

*Patriotism may be the last refuge of a scoundrel

But it’s often the first resort of a hypocrite

Corporate Media Casts Fog Over Wikileaks to Protect Clinton
Some voters won’t be able to ‘hold their nose’ and cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton after the next Wikileaks release, thereby denying her a strong mandate, says Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford

*Of course, this isn’t just about the size of the “mandate”, is it?

The Dems want a free hand for their neoliberalismo and imperialismo afterwards, and keeping their thumb on the “FEAR” button — whether it’s “terrorists” or Russkies or those repugnant Repubs — is their strategy for achieving same.

We’ll see how “Our Revolution”, MoveOn and other “progressive” entities respond to that, after having worked to elect the self same bastards dedicated to the hollowing out of their proclaimed goals

All in the name of “pragmatism”, needless to say.

Where have we heard that before?

Have we ever heard else before?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Colin Kaepernick and Racism of The Star-Spangled Banner

USA Today Helps Mylan Sell an Extortionate Price for EpiPen
by Jim Naureckas

Democracy Now!
Our Children’s Lives Depend on This Drug: A Mother’s Plea to CEO After EpiPen Price Jumped 400%

Why Are We Paying $300 for an EpiPen That Holds Only $1 Worth of Medicine?

Debate: Is Recalling Judge Persky a Victory for Sexual Assault Survivors or a Dangerous Precedent?

*I don’t think Persky exercised “judicial discretion” for anything other than nefarious reasons, but at the same time I agree with Khan regarding the “slippery slope” of mandatory minimums, and was disappointed to hear Dauber’s support for that change.


Could A Lithium Shortage De-Rail The Electric Car Boom?
James Stafford

*These pieces provide some useful intel, but it’s hard to swallow their Gordon Gekko perspective.

How is lithium mined? How was the land acquired? Who’s going to make out like a bandit here?

Quick guess — the bandits?

As long as energy remains in the hands of those who care for nothing save their bulging bottom line, what will be truly “green” is the mammon they worship.

Here’s how Mexican journalist avoided iPhone spyware hack
by Tim Johnson
McClatchy DC

Overwhelming Evidence that a Guaranteed Income Will Work
by Paul Buchheit

The Duke of Westminster, feudalism, the history of social stratification, inequality and what to do about it
Heiner Flassbeck

Do the Brexiteers get it by now? A tsunami of misery
by Heiner Flassbeck
Momentum Continues to Grow in the Opposition to Fracking: More Than 70 Brazilian Cities Approve Fracking Bans

The Real News Network
Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Brings Attention to Racism in National Anthem
The 49ers quarterback refused to stand for the national anthem in the hopes it would spark a discussion about racism and police brutality

Architects and Organizers of BDS Reflect on Global Success, Fate Within Canada
Participants at the World Social Forum earlier this month in Montreal, Canada took up the questions of tactics, organizing, and the role of political parties in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel

How EU Policies Have Fueled Economic Stagnation
No nations in the European Union are experiencing a recovery, says economist Heiner Flassbeck

Max Blumenthal on Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie
TRNN Replay: Max Blumenthal talks to Paul Jay about his new film on Islamophobia & anti-Semitism in France

*The Devil’s Triangulation

Why the G20 and Other Efforts to Address Tax Havens Are Failing
Only international schemes and the organization of ordinary people can counter the interests of the most powerful global industries, says economist James Henry

*Her Travesty will deal with this in the same manner as Dear Misleader has on so many other issues.

She’ll put a band aid over it.

Not to help it heal

But to help it hide.

Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire – Deepa Kumar on Reality Asserts Itself (3/5)
TRNN Replay: Dr. Kumar says the roots of Islamophobia are to be found in a conflict between empires and economic interests, not a clash of civilizations

Tell Colin Kaepernick you support his brave stance for racial justice

*Going deep

Into his humanity

Clean up abandoned U.S. military base in Greenland
by Ken Bower


And poisoned pieces

Democracy Now!
Complete Reversal of Democracy: Glenn Greenwald on Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment

As Bernie Sanders Condemns “Coup” in Brazil, Why Have Obama & Clinton Been So Silent?

Greenwald: “Why Did Saudi Regime & Other Gulf Tyrannies Donate Millions to Clinton Foundation?”

*What would Madame Mayhem do without Donald Schmuck?

Sweat much more profusely.

Greenwald: Journalists Should Not Stop Scrutinizing Clinton Just Because Trump is Unfit for Office

Greenwald: The Olympics May Be Over, But the Anger, Disillusionment Among Brazilians Remains High

The Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee
by Ty Bollinger

*Elkaim begs to differ.

Search for his vid, “The Coffee Conspiracy”, and decide for yourself.

6 Ways Colostrum Helps You Fight Cancer
by Dr. David Jockers

10 Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally
by Dr. Josh Axe

Do you know what your water filter removes?
Not all filters are certified to remove lead
Lindsay Moyer
Nutrition Action

*Why no mention of fluoride?

(Rhetorical question, I realize)

This is the Only Guide to Food Combining Rules You’ll Ever Need
by Yuri Elkaim


Challenged Over ‘Racist’ Remarks, Maine Governor Leaves Unhinged Voicemail
‘Paul LePage is an increasingly menacing figure who does not reflect the values of our state,’ says chair of state Democratic Party
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The fact that this sociopath has been elected twice is as scary as anything on that voicemail, don’t you think?

Restoring the Climate: War Is Not the Answer
by Judith Schwartz

*Make loam, not war

What Makes a Hate Group?
by Brian Terrell

*What the police state truly can’t abide

Is principle

Word Games: What the NSA Means by “Targeted” Surveillance Under Section 702
by Cindy Cohn

How Not To Fund Infrastructure
by Michal Rozworski

*Defying commons sense

The Real News Network
Paramilitaries Pose Threat to FARC-Colombia Peace Deal
The peace deal, which now heads to referendum, comes after more than a century of US intervention in the nation, starting with breaking off Panama from Colombia, says labor and human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik

This DA is sending Black people to jail for being poor. Tell her to resign.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Turkey Invades Syria

Democracy Now!
Vijay Prashad: Turkey’s Offensive Against ISIS & Press Crackdown is Really Just War on Kurds

Regime Change in Libya Mirrors Iraq: Both Efforts Led to Failed States & Destabilized Region

Yemen & Palestine: Vijay Prashad on the Two “Ruthless” Bombing Campaigns

Vijay Prashad on India’s Crackdown in Kashmir: “If This is Not an Occupation, What Else is It?”

Why You Must Eliminate Pesticides in Food When Treating Cancer
by Dr. Robert Scott Bell

The Naked Abdominal Workout
by Yuri Elkaim

Diane Ravitch to Readers: Don’t Let Charter Industry Silence John Oliver
Oliver was targeted by privatizers after criticizing charter schools in a segment of his HBO show
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

“I Didn’t Serve, I Was Used”: How Veterans Are Losing the War at Home
Making America pain-free for plutocrats and Big Pharma, but not vets
by Ann Jones

*Things go bitter with Koch

With an assist from everyone’s favorite “socialist”

Organic Consumers Association
Non Profits Sue General Mills for False and Misleading Use of ‘Natural’
Tests Reveal Nature Valley Products Contain Glyphosate, an Ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup

The Real News Network
Baltimore Police Defend Secret Surveillance Program
Officials would not say why a private company using a plane to track city residents was hired and funded outside public purview

Turkey’s Incursion into Syria Will Escalate Conflict with the Kurds
ISIS is likely to retaliate with terrorist attacks in Turkey, says Trent University professor Baris Karaagac

Petition update
Stop the irresponsible and costly practice of airing drug ads on TV
by Denise Kinney

A Guided Tour of the ‘Alt-Right,’ by the Trump Campaign Chief’s Website
by Jim Naureckas

*If you can equate reason with rationalization (a rationalization in itself)

Then these schmenges are about as reasonable as you can get.

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Public Banks Could Break the Impasse Over Marijuana Money”

Democracy Now!
“Our Revolution”? Bernie Sanders Launches New Organization, But Key Staffers Quit in Protest

*Not that I think that even without this contradiction this group would go as far as it needs to in order to effect transformative change — note the utter absence of any mention of militarism, much less imperialism, and you can’t separate what needs to be done in this country from what this country is doing in others

But I think this internal dissent shows how principles become perverted by the pernicious pap of “pragmatism”, and I applaud the folks who could not in good conscience accede to that meme.

10 Questions to Ask BEFORE Accepting Radiation Therapy for Cancer
by Elyn Jacobs

Is Sodium Bad for You?
by Yuri Elkaim

*Salt of the earth

Not the ersatz

Baltimore Police Are Secretly Spying on Residents from the Air: Bloomberg
The BPD has been using aerial surveillance to investigate ‘all sorts of crimes, from property thefts to shootings,’ without telling public
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A jaundiced eye in the sky

U.S.-Backed Turkish Offensive in Syria Targets U.S.-Backed Kurds
Under guise of fighting ISIS, U.S. policy in Syria is growing increasingly incoherent, say critics
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*If the US claims to back you

You’d best watch your back

Arms Industry Donating to Hawkish Clinton Over Incoherent Trump
‘My view is Hillary is far more aligned with the types of issues that are important to the defense industry than Trump is’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Knowing which side your bullets are buttered on

Mississippi Parents Demand an Answer: Are Charter Schools Constitutional?
Plaintiffs say privately-run, publicly-funded, corporate institutions do not qualify as “free” schools and shouldn’t get taxpayer money
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Let the Peace Games Begin
After the Olympic games in Rio drew to a close, another set of games have begun: military exercises between the United States and South Korea to prepare for a possible armed conflict with North Korea
by Christine Ahn

Ankara’s Climbdown on Assad
Turkey warms up to Russia and Iran in a bid to exit before a total rout of its proxies in Syria
by Vijay Prashad

OPEC’s Output Freeze: What Has Changed Since Doha?
by Rakesh Upadhyay

*A fool’s fuel errand

PBS Frontline
An Unauthorized History of the NFL

*I ran across this on YouTube, from decades ago.

Apparently, cold feet walked away from a hot trail.

Brave New Films
Get Gun Sales Off of Facebook Now – Here’s How!

The Real News Network
Baltimore Police Union Could Thwart Planned Civilian Oversight
A law that was supposed to allow civilian participation in the internal disciplinary process could be blocked by the city’s police union

EpiPen Prices Soar Because Our Current System Can’t Restrain Profit-Seeking Corporations
As Congress calls for an investigation into the price hikes of EpiPen, Jean Ross of National Nurses United says only a single-payer healthcare system will reign in corporate greed that puts lives at risk

More Social Programs For Ex-Prisoners Would Lower Recidivism
Walter Lomax of the Maryland Restorative Justice initiative says that he has watched ex-prisoners suffer from slashed social services despite the knowledge that such programs promote reintegration into society

ASCENSION HEALTHCARE: Keep St. Francis Hospital a community hospital!
by Marina Dimitrijevic
Working Families

Stoking Russia Panic for Partisan Gain Will Have a Long-Term Price for Peace
by Adam Johnson

*Updating red baiting is such a Russia

Democracy Now!
Day After Obama Tours Louisiana Flood Damage, Gov’t Holds Massive Gulf Oil & Gas Lease Auction

*Feigning concern while fomenting catastrophe

Embracing the Alt-Right: New Trump Campaign Chief “Created an Online Haven for White Nationalists”

*I imagine the schmenge would prefer to run a TV outlet than a government, don’t you?

It would be akin to a nonstop presidential address, without all the tedium that attends the office.

And it would pay better.

He’d make sure of that.

The Truth About Cholesterol, Statin Drugs, and Cancer
by Ty Bollinger

How to Make Sense of the Food Sensitivity Blood Test
by Yuri Elkaim

A more appealing way to do weight-lifting exercise
And get the same benefit
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*This might appear to contradict Elkaim’s advice to use heavier weights with fewer reps, but I think the bottom line’s the same — to challenge your muscles.

Of course, more reps take more time, don’t they?


Officials Pull Water Supply as Dakota Access Protest Swells in Number and Spirit
Thousands join protest camp as supporters are holding a rally in Washington D.C. on Wednesday outside of Army Corps hearing
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Louisiana Climate-Deniers Who Refused Sandy Victims Now Want Federal Flood Relief
Hypocrisy of lawmakers on display following disaster
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Denying relief as a form of revenge – or for political gain – would be as heartless as what these bastards did with Sandy.

Now, if it was their personal losses that were in question, I’d have no qualms about hoisting them with their own petard, but the victims shouldn’t suffer for the sociopathy of their representatives, should they?

Covering Up Whistleblowers’ Disclosures Should Be Illegal
by William Black

The Real News Network
Detroit Reverend: ‘Electing a Democrat Doesn’t Mean You Are Safe’
Clinton’s transition team includes former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, whose legacy includes austerity and the use of emergency managers, says Reverend David Alexander Bullock

The False Equivalence of ‘White Lives Matter’
NAACP’s James Douglas and activist Cedrick Smith respond to a ‘White Lives Matter’ protest in Houston that included assault rifles and Confederate flags

*Bad apples are borne from rotten barrels

Brazil: A State of Economic and Political Paralysis
Under President Michel Temer, Brazil’s economic and political paralysis has deepened. With the Dilma Rousseff impeachment vote at the Senate planned for after the 2016 Olympics, the situation is rife with alarming possibilities. – A Joint TRNN and Newsclick Production

Saudi Arabia Bombing Yemen To Quell Demonstrations for Democracy
The Saudi-led coalition is not just trying to deter Houthi leaders; they want to ensure that pro-democratic Yemeni demonstrations don’t touch the rest of the Arabian peninsula, says Bilal Zenab Ahmed of

Feds Say Locking Up the Indigent Because They Can’t Pay Bail is Unconstitutional
University of Maryland law professor Doug Colbert says the long overdue move by the Department of Justice could help overturn punitive pretrial detention measures nationwide

The Corporate Arbiters of Opinion
CBS and Fox News haven’t even listed Jill Stein of the Green Party in their latest polls, says Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford

*No amount of cologne can stem the stench of corporate collusion

Institute for Public Accuracy
“No Need to Build The Donald’s Wall, It’s Built”

Democracy Now!
Hate Crime in Tulsa: Khalid Jabara’s Family Speaks Out After His Murder by Racist White Neighbor

Father of Muslim Women Murdered in Chapel Hill to Jabara Family: “I Know How You Feel”


New Study Shows How Clinging to Nuclear Power Means Climate Failure
“By suppressing better ways to meet climate goals, evidence suggests entrenched commitments to nuclear power may actually be counterproductive”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

What Does It Mean When War Hawks Say, “Never Trump”?
The Enemies of My Enemy May Be War Criminals
by Rebecca Gordon

*The pots piss on the kettle

Clinton’s Transition Team: A Corporate Presidency Foretold
by Norman Solomon

*Anyone shocked by this should probably not be allowed to sign any sort of fudiciary contract without strict supervision.

Public Citizen
FTC Should Ban Forced Arbitration Clauses in Solar Leases

*Sunlight and shadow

The Real News Network
Afro-Colombians Place Hope in the Peace Process
After over 50 years of civil war, the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas are closer than ever to signing a final peace deal which is supported by much of country’s black and indigenous populations

Rattling the Bars: U.S. Prison Strikes
In this episode of Rattling the Bars we examine various prison strikes in the U.S. and the common thread of inhumane prison conditions

How Stock Buybacks Harm the Economy
Former financial regulator Bill Black explains how perverse executive compensation is leading to declines in productivity and prolonging post-recession unemployment

*Taking stock

Making a mock “recovery”

(Parenthetically, is anyone else frustrated by these poor, often unintelligible transcripts, and that some segments go begging for even that? I understand the resource crunch, but it’s difficult to believe that it’s not possible to improve this situation.

And what’s with the absence of apostrophes … ?)

Activists Call on Obama to Pardon U.S. Political Prisoners
On the eve of the DNC, activists from across the country gathered in Philadelphia urging president Obama to pardon U.S. political prisoners incarcerated in federal jails

Labor Rights Brazenly Violated In Global “Corporate Utopias”
Matt Kennard details his new investigative report for In These Times, which exposes first-hand the severe mistreatment of workers and union busting in Cambodian and Chinese Special Economic Zones

Institute for Public Accuracy
Time to End “Welfare as We Know It”

*Will Dems’ half steps progress to full strides?

Aspiring to the empirical, I’ll keep my wagering change in my pocket.

FAIR CounterSpin
‘It’s a Kind of Original Sin of the Modern Democratic Party’
Felicia Kornbluh on the 20th anniversary of welfare ‘reform’
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
“This is Our War & It is Shameful:” Journalist Andrew Cockburn on the U.S. Role in the War in Yemen

A Shocking Story of How a Chicago Cop Killed a Teen — Then Locked Up His Best Friend for the Murder

What Causes Cancer and What Is it Really?
by Tony Isaacs

The latest on how to avoid stomach cancer
The three most important lifestyle factors that matter
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

The Bodyweight Cardio Circuit That Will Skyrocket Your Metabolism
by Yuri Elkaim

How to Harness the Afterburn Effect for Massive Weight Loss
by Yuri Elkaim


‘Good to Be King’: The Very Good Loans Key Lawmakers Get from Wall Street Banks
Members of Congress who ostensibly oversee Wall Street ‘allegedly received preferential treatments from lenders’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Whistleblower Rejects Award to Protest SEC and Wall Street’s “Looting”
‘After suffering at the hands of the Deutsche [Bank] executives I will not join them simply because I cannot beat them’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Coincidence? Texas Slashed Women’s Health and Maternal Death Rate Soared
The rate of pregnancy-related deaths nearly doubled in Texas from 2011-2012, a trend researchers found ‘puzzling’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

China and the U.S. are Approaching Dangerous Seas
It’s not just the chilling rhetoric. In the past five months, warships from both sides have done everything but ram one another
by Conn Hallinan

*Start with cold war

Bring to a boil

The Real News Network
Departure of Health Insurers From Exchanges Demonstrates Need for Single Payer, Says Advocate
Physicians for a National Health Program founder Dr. Steffie Woolhandler: the fundamental problem is our reliance on market-based solutions to healthcare

*Purportedly insuring health

Purposely ensuring profit

UN Admits Role in Haiti’s Cholera Outbreak After Years of Denial
A lawyer representing the victims says there needs to be continued pressure on the UN to ensure the safety of the host communities where its missions are deployed

France’s Burkini Ban Rooted in Racist Colonial Past
French civil liberties activist Yasser Louati says you can’t ‘free women’ by denying them individual choice

Fraternité *

*Offer void where prohibited by law

Tell Louisiana governor it’s time to clean up!

#Not1More Deportation
Tell DHS to Cut Its Private Prison Contracts Too

Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton Foundation’s Cynical Move

*Politics is good business

Invest your sums

Democracy Now!
In Historic Shift, U.S. Government to End Use of Deadly, Costly, Negligent Private Prisons

Private Prisons May Be Phased Out, But Industry Leaves Trail of Bodies from Medical Neglect & Abuses

As Feds Close Prisons Run by Private Companies, Will They Do Same for Immigrant Detention Centers?

Dave Zirin: Brazilians are Fed Up with U.S. Olympian Ryan Lochte and Privileged First-World Tourists

*American unexceptionalism

Back from Rio, Dave Zirin on Firsts at Olympics, Treatment of Russian Athletes, Future for Brazil

Which liquors and mixed drinks have the most calories?
A Margarita can have twice the calories of a martini
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


The Boy in the Ambulance Offers Glimpse of ‘Profound Horrors’ in Syria
“It didn’t stop & it won’t stop with Omran if the world doesn’t act”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*This child has no proxy

Did Green Party Pitch for ‘Greater Good’ Resonate with National Audience?
‘I will have trouble sleeping at night if Donald Trump is elected. I will also have trouble sleeping at night if Hillary Clinton is elected.’—Jill Stein
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Independent Women’s Forum and Independent Women’s Voice Use “Independent” Brand to Push Right-Wing Agenda to Women Voters
by Lisa Graves, Kim Haddow and Calvin Sloan
Center for Media and Democracy (CMD)

Brian Terrell on Trial in Wisconsin: Sheriff’s Dept. Associates Nonviolent Demonstrators with “Hate Groups”; Pattern of Police Harassment Alleged
by Buddy Bell
Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV)

Owning Milwaukee’s Tragedy
by Fredrick McKissack Jr.

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
DOJ to End Use of Private Prisons: CCR Says DHS and ICE Must Do the Same

The Real News Network
Neofascism of the Law and Order Candidate
Henry Giroux tells Paul Jay that fear is an organizing principle of U.S. society

*Nothing “neo” about greed and power

Climate Change Will Prolong U.S. Mosquito Season, Lead to Spread of Zika Virus
Report from Climate Central shows warmer weather adds 30 extra days of mosquito-breeding time to areas across America

*We also need to be alert to the insects who are buzzing around the prospect of making a profit off of playing on people’s fears.

Does It Pay to Be White?
PERI’s Jeannette Wicks-Lim says race privileges go beyond interactions with the police and criminal justice system

*It’s not taking from one

And it’s not giving to “the other”

It’s sharing among us all

Yes Means Yes: A Conversation About Nate Parker and Affirmative Consent
April Reign, creator of #OscarsSoWhite, unpacks the question of boycotting artists who are accused of rape

*There are contradictions aplenty when it comes to what we do with our money, and I appreciate Reign’s pointing out the complexity of that issue.

Perhaps a starting point is to adhere to the principle of not being a hypocrite about being a hypocrite, if that makes sense.

What I mean is that we acknowledge that complexity, and we don’t attempt to ignore or rationalize it.

Because we don’t have a ready answer doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be ready to do the heavy lifting in search of a solution.

Petition update
Arizona Legion
McCain Silent As Veterans Suffer

*No “war hero” worship here

Institute for Public Accuracy
How “Non-Opinion” Polls and Debate Commission Marginalize Independents

Democracy Now!
Open Up the Debates: Green Party’s Jill Stein Accuses Democrats & GOP of Rigging Debate Rules

Stein & Baraka to Bernie Sanders Supporters: Vote Green & Abandon the Party of War and Wall Street

*Now that there’s no question of Trump winning, the clamor from the Dems (and the MoveOns — and Bernie his own self) is that he needs to be routed.

But Stein’s spot on in saying that the pain that Trump has capitalized on will only continue under Her Travesty, and neofascism will remain a threat, enabled by neoliberalism.

I don’t consider the Greens the equivalent of Jesus on a stick, but I’ll cast my vote for their ticket as the best choice I can make.

At the risk of repeating myself, if at some point you don’t draw a line in the sand

You’ll find yourself buried up to your neck in it.


Koch Brothers Waging War Against Local Effort to Expose Dark Money
South Dakota residents in November will vote on Initiated Measure 22, which seeks to remedy the state’s problem of political corruption
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What’s that about vampires and sunlight … ?

Snowden Calls ‘Shadow Brokers’ Hack of NSA Hackers ‘Significant’ Turn in Spy Wars
Calling leak of sophisticated spy tools unprecedented, whistleblower says things ‘could get messy fast’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Complaint Says Baltimore Cops’ Use of Stingray Spy Tool Violates Civil Rights
Because devices are concealed from public, average mobile phone user doesn’t know what’s happening with their service
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

War to ‘Stop’ War: Why the Obama Doctrine is Ravaging the Middle East
On ‘Operation Odyssey Lightning’ in Libya and beyond
by Ramzy Baroud

*The price of gasoline thrown on the fire

Voces de la Frontera
Solidarity with Sherman Park

The Real News Network
Mexican Teachers Set Strike On First Day of School Over Neoliberal Education Reform
Laura Carlsen, director of the Americas program at the Center for International Policy in Mexico City, says the families of the 43 disappeared students joined teachers in protest of the legislation

*Teaching to the test of community

‘FAILED: What the “Experts” Got Wrong on the Global Economy’ – Mark Weisbrot (3/3)
CEPR economist Mark Weisbrot dispels the myths surrounding Latin America’s historic elections of left governments and their implementation of anti-poverty and social programs

Seismic Testing For Arctic Oil Will Deafen Whales
Chris Williams and Jerry Natanine say the testing will locate new drilling sites for fossil fuels that we shouldn’t even be burning

Turkey to EU: Forget Refugee Deal If No Visa-Free Travel
Baris Karaagac explains why it’s unlikely that Turkey will discard its 60-year-old alliance with the United States in favor of closer ties with Russia

Report: Obama Admin Paid $1 Billion to Private Prisons to Detain Asylum Seekers
The push to warehouse asylum-seeking women and children in a private facility as a deterrent violates US obligations to international law, says Mark Fleming of the National Immigrant Justice Center

*Huddled masses of money

I Volunteer to Help the U.S. Army Find its Missing $6.5 Trillion
by David Swanson

NYT Touts Honduras as Ad for ‘American Power’–Leaving Out Support for Murderous Coup Regime
by Jim Naureckas

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump, Clinton and Islamophobia

The Solution for Aetna

Democracy Now!
Why Did Clinton Just Tap a Pro-TPP, Pro-KXL, Pro-Fracking Politician to Head Her Transition Team?


I think this confirms the answers, if there was any need.


Tribal Activists Defy Lawsuit, Vow Continued Resistance Against Dakota Pipeline
‘When the president of the U.S. came to Cannonball, I did not ask him for anything,’ said leader of Standing Rock Sioux, ‘but knowing what I know now, I wish I would have asked President Obama to help us in this struggle’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A trail of tears

Leading to a road to resistance

NASA Study Nails Fracking as Source of Massive Methane ‘Hot Spot’
The 2,500-square mile plume is said to be the largest concentration of the potent greenhouse gas in the country
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Wildfires Are Getting Worse: Time to Rehydrate Our Landscapes
by Judith Schwartz

America’s Criminal Injustice System
The annals of a private eye
by Judith Coburn

*Bullet the blue sky

What Happened to the Pink Tide?
by Kyla Sankey

*Deals with the devils leave the better angels grounded

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Civil and Human Rights Coalition Condemns Trump Campaign’s Voter Intimidation Effort

Friends of the Earth
New Tests Find Significant Decrease in Bee-Killing Pesticides in “Bee-Friendly” Plants

Cornucopia Institute
Report Finds Toxins/Carcinogens in Popular Brands of Toothpaste
Scorecard Identifies the “Dirtiest” and Safest, Even Organic, Alternatives

*Only the avarice is “natural”

The Real News Network
Anti-Muslim Policies Are Already in Place – Trump Just Makes It Explicit in Rhetoric
Scholar Arun Kundnani says Trump’s new anti-Muslim proposals are mainstreaming the marginal far-right Islamophobes

Milwaukee and National Aggression Against Black People
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford: Mass incarceration begins with hypersurveillance of the Black community and ends in death as it did in Milwaukee

“FAILED: What the ‘Experts’ Got Wrong on the Global Economy” – Mark Weisbrot (2/3)
CEPR economist Mark Weisbrot says the collapse of the IMF’s power over low and middle-income countries is one of the most significant changes in the international financial system

Foreign Policy Analyst: Trump Doesn’t Flip Flop, He Plays Roulette
Robert Naiman says real foreign policy would call out Saudi Arabia for its role in the rise of ISIS and the devastating war on Yemen

*Madame Mayhem and her coven of “humanitarian” interventionists were as responsible for the evisceration of Libya as France and Britain, don’t you think?

Of course the US did “practically everything” in that horror show. However reluctant many in the Pentagon may have been initially, once the “Go” button’s pushed, they’re going to call the shots and run the show.

They (meaning “we”) pay for that privilege. NATO is a wholly owned subsidiary of “Empire Inc.”

Democracy Now!
Matt Taibbi on Trump’s Position on NATO, Russia & his Campaign Head’s $13 Million Scandal in Ukraine

“What Would She Do in Iraq?”: As Clinton Slams Trump for ISIS Speech, We Look at Her Own Positions

5 Amazing Stretches for Better Posture
by Yuri Elkaim

5 Ways to Turn Your Child into a Veggie Lover!
by Leanne Ely


Florida Keys Residents Resist Controversial GMO Mosquito Trial
“It’s about human rights—this can’t be pushed down our throats without consent,” said one Key West resident
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Are Climate-Related ‘Hot Blobs’ Spreading and Killing Marine Life Worldwide?
Marine heatwaves have killed whales, birds, sea lions, mangroves, and coral—and research suggests they are increasing as the climate warms
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Milwaukee Sheriff Provokes Outrage, Blames ‘Urban Pathology,’ ‘War on Police’ for Police Brutality
Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, a regular commentator on Fox News, places blame on impoverished, segregated communities for fatal police shootings
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Right wing dream

A black face

With a black heart

The Movement for Black Lives, the Palestinian Struggle, and a Creeping Genocide
by Zeina Azzam

The Exoneration of Milosevic: the ICTY’s Surprise Ruling
by Andy Wilcoxson

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
CEPR to Investigate Restructuring in the Health Industry and Implications for Less Skilled Workers

British Journalist, 81, Facing Death Penalty, Enters 4th Month of Bangladeshi Detention

The Real News Network
Iraqi City of Mosul Faces the Bloody Prospect of ‘Liberation’
Sabah Alnasseri: Corruption and factional fighting within the parliament will soon be accompanied by intensified conflict as the army attempts to take Mosul from the Islamic State

Venezuelan Opposition Unlikely To Secure Recall Referendum Before Year’s End
Steve Ellner: The image of Venezuela as an oppressive failed state is really very far from what’s happening on the ground

Aerial Bombardment in Libya Unlikely to Have Defeated ISIS
Vijay Prashad: It’s more likely that ISIS fighters have fled the city of Sirte

The Dangers of Climate Change Aren’t Coming: They’re Already Here
Professor Chris Williams says even the U.S. Department of Defense is speaking of climate change in the present tense

The Fairytale of Olympic ‘Legacies’
Jules Boykoff, author of “Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics”, says protest mobilizations have brought attention to the corruption and mis-spending around Rio’s ‘corporate sport party for the 1 percent’

*A circus sucks up the bread

The #FightFor15 Heads For Round Two on Monday’s Baltimore City Council Vote
Ricarra Jones of SEIU: Some councilmembers have forgotten that they previously voiced support for a $15 hourly wage

Petition update
New Ugly Produce Petition by @UglyFruitAndVeg! This one for @Target!

Institute for Public Accuracy
The “Fraud” of Bipartisan Debates

*An undebatable duopoly

Humanitarian Nightmare for Colombia’s Wayuu Fails to Awaken Corporate Media
by Janine Jackson

*The unnotable “savage”

Election Meddling: Bad if Done to USA, Bad to Complain About if Done by USA
by Adam Johnson

*A mighty massive mote

Your Parents Aren’t Your Parents, an Announcer Tells an Olympian
by Janine Jackson

*”[B]roken home”?

Broken humanity

Cancer Immunotherapy and Other Targeted Cancer Therapies
by Ty Bollinger

Is Your Multivitamin Supplement a Multi-Waste of Your Money?
by Ty Bollinger

The Unexplored Health Benefits of Fulvic Acid
by Ty Bollinger

The Hidden Danger of Foods Rich in Estrogen
by Yuri Elkaim

How Skipping Breakfast Can Actually Boost Your Weight Loss
by Dan Go

Which beers and wines have the most calories?
They can differ by 150 calories or more
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


EPA’s Own Advisory Board Demands Revision of Deeply Flawed Fracking Report
Panel of independent scientists tells EPA to revise report that said fracking did not have “widespread, systemic impacts” on drinking water
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Revealed: Private Federal Prisons More Abusive and Violent
Damning Department of Justice report finds that privately owned federal prisons cause more bodily injuries and even death
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘They’re Trying to Poison Our Future,’ Resistance Heats Up to Stop ‘Black Snake’ From Slithering Through Midwest
Native tribes, landowners, environmental activists trying to stop pipeline that rivals Keystone XL in length
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Paul Ryan: ‘Eunuch’ or ‘Powerhouse’?
by Roger Bybee

How to Break the Power of Money
We can refuse to accept the pervasive, but false, claims that money is wealth and a growing GDP improves the lives of all
by David Korten

*Money talks

Can we learn not to listen?

Climate Science: Revolution is Here
A host of innovations in energy technology is transforming the climate-change outlook – one of the world’s three required paradigm shifts
by Paul Rogers

*Certainly “cause for just a little celebration”, but I’d like to see a more critical view of wind power as regards noise, wildlife harm, etc.

I don’t claim to be an expert in this area, but I’ve seen too many examples of overlooking contradictions in the promotion of what advocates deem an unalloyed good.

In the end, their proclaimed objective suffers from that lack of objectivity. Honest appraisals engender trust, and with it essential popular support.

Green Party of the US
Jill Stein and the Green Party Add More Ballot Lines This Week

The Real News Network
The Realignment of Turkish and Russian Relations
Vijay Prashad: Turkey suggests it’s no longer willing to play the role of NATO’s Islamists for the United States

Militarization of Local Police Skyrockets Under Obama
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says President Obama may eliminate the ban on military grade weapon transfers to local police departments

Justice Department Report Reveals Just How Racist Baltimore’s Police Policies Are
Targeting of African-Americans with illegal arrests, unconstitutional stops, and harassment is widespread and systemic

*Damning reports

Desultory reforms

Petition update
Sign the @Feedbackorg Petition to Fix “Expiration” Date Labels!
by Jordan Figueiredo

NYT Reveals Think Tank It’s Cited for Years to Be Corrupt Arms Booster
by Adam Johnson

*Can you be a pimp

And a prostitute?

Democracy Now!
Did Companies & Countries Buy State Dept. Access by Donating to Clinton Foundation?

*When it comes to working the system, it’s beyond question that Her Travesty is “eminently qualified”, isn’t it?

Donald Trump Claims Obama & Clinton Founded ISIS, But Bush Negotiated U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq

“Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart”: NYT Mag Examines Region Since 2003 U.S. Invasion

*The better corpress journalists can be useful in providing salient facts, but their analysis is almost invariably clouded by their ingrained biases.

Anderson speaks of how the intervention of the European powers, then later the US, is the primary driver of the hell the people of the Middle East endure, yet he then asks how to “deactivate” the terrorism that they are overwhelmingly the main victims of.

He’s answered his own question, yet doesn’t seem capable of making that logical deduction, does he?


LGBTQ Youths Face ‘Heartbreaking,’ ‘Unacceptable’ Violence: Study
‘This is a call to action to support and protect our young people….We all must do more to put an end to anti-LGBTQ stigma’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘High Alert’: Ukraine and Russia Building Up Military at Crimean Border
‘The events are developing according to a pretty negative scenario. Neither side has any trust in the other.’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Everything cold is new again

How America Rising Ties the GOP to the Stalkers Harassing Bill McKibben and Tom Steyer
by Ben Jervey

ACLU Challenges South Carolina ‘Disturbing Schools’ Law
Students Channeled Into Criminal Justice System for Loitering, Cursing, Questioning Police Behavior, or ‘Obnoxious’ Actions

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
National Parks Should Not Be Billboards for Corporate Advertising
More Than 200,000 Petition Signatures Delivered to National Park Service Demanding It Abandon Plans to Allow Corporate Sponsorships, Naming Rights and Park Branding

Center for Biological Diversity
U.S. to World: Protect Dolphins, Whales or Lose Access to U.S. Seafood Market
New Rules Ban Seafood Imports That Don’t Meet Strict U.S. Standards for Marine Mammal Protection

The Real News Network
City Councilman Will Withhold Potentially Deciding Vote on Baltimore’s Minimum Wage
Carl Stokes says he’s ‘betwixt and between’, will abstain from Monday’s vote

*To wax Shakespearean about it

Methinks he doth protest too much

How Media Distorted Syrian Ceasefire’s Breakdown
by Gareth Porter

Democracy Now!
Racist & Illegal: Justice Department Slams Baltimore Police for Targeting Black Residents

Crisis Engulfs Fox News as Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment & Spying Scandal Grows

How Did Susan Estrich Go from Feminist Icon & Roger Ailes Foe to His Attorney in Harassment Case?

*The question’s not answered, is it?

But we can surmise that Estrich’s “feminism” ran no deeper than the balance in her bank account.

Part 2: Calls Grow for NY Gov Cuomo to Reform Parole Board That Denies Release of Eligible Prisoners


At Least Six Million Americans Are Drinking Toxic ‘Teflon Chemicals’ With Their Water
‘The available data only reveals the tip of the iceberg of contaminated drinking water’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Non stick regulation

Experiments Involving GMO Animals Are Skyrocketing, Study Finds
Growing industry of genetically engineering animals requires unnecessary torture and deaths of tens of thousands of animals, Germany’s Green Party argues
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I think we know who the real rats are here

Win for Telecom Giants as Court Puts Dagger in Municipal Broadband
‘Industry-backed state laws to block municipal broadband only exist because pliant legislators are listening to their Big Cable and Big Telecom paymasters’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

To Stop Climate Change, Don’t Just Cut Carbon. Redistribute Wealth.
Climate disruption is inextricably linked to economic inequality. Serious climate solutions must be, too.
by Jorge Villarreal

Free People from ‘Dictatorship’ of the 0.01%
by Vandana Shiva

The Real News Network
With Aleppo Under Siege, Al-Nusra Front Rises in Strength
Journalist Patrick Cockburn says the rebel group is ideologically identical to the Islamic State, and its recent break with Al-Qaeda is likely a PR move that will allow countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to support them without being accused of being allied with Al-Qaeda

Green Party VP Candidate on How Elections Can Advance People Power
From the 2016 Green Party national convention, Green Party vice presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka says that though no party alone can advance revolutionary change, the Green Party presents an opportunity to push a radical electoral strategy

*It’s not an easy choice, but at some point, if you don’t draw that line in the sand

You end up buried in it

Taking the Plight of Injured ex-GM Workers to Shareholders’ Doors
Paige Shell-Spurling and Joe Soto are riding up and down America’s East Coast in an effort to get board members and shareholders to care about the thousands of Colombian GM workers who get injured on the job and then fired without compensation in Bogota

Green Party of Canada Challenges Israeli Apartheid
Green Party shadow cabinet member Dimitri Lascaris says the passage of the resolution in support of BDS could embolden other Canadian parties to take on the occupation

TRNN in Greece: A Refugee Recounts Her Journey From Turkey to Greece
Dimitri Lascaris interviews Maisa about her experience with fraudulent smugglers and her passage to Greece with her mother and sister, only to have them now face deportation

Democracy Now!
“The Making of Donald Trump”: David Cay Johnston on Trump’s Ties to the Mob & Drug Traffickers

*As American as pesticidal apple pie

After Being Denied Parole 10 Times, Elderly Prisoner Allegedly Commits Suicide at Fishkill Prison


Colorado Readies for ‘All Out War’ as Anti-Fracking Measures Advance to Ballot
Citizen-led efforts to override the government and fossil fuel industry could be devastating for Big Oil in the state
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Clexit’: New Fears for UK as Brexit Planners Push to Withdraw from COP21
Friends of the Earth warned vote would be ‘huge challenge to decades of progress on improving the environment and tackling climate change’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Brexit” and “Clexit” are not siblings, even if they share the same sociopathic parentage.

The former was in large measure engendered by legitimate anger and fear over neoliberal EU policies that had manifestly degraded the quality of life for many.

The latter is a transparent attempt to capitalize on the ignorance propagated by the very forces behind it.

Both are infested with vipers

One is pure snake oil.

Humans are Poisoning the Ocean—and It’s Poisoning Us Back
New study shows deadly bacteria levels spiking in North Atlantic as ocean temperatures rise
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Election from Hell
How billions of words, tweets, insults, and polls blot out reality in campaign 2016
by Tom Engelhardt

*Farce feeding

Details Abound in Drone ‘Playbook’ — Except for the Ones That Really Matter Most
by Brett Max Kaufman

*A death shroud of silence

Could a re-focused World Social Forum tackle the 1 per cent, globalization, and neo-liberalism?
by Nick Fillmore

Center for Biological Diversity
Californians Deliver 350,000 Signatures Calling on State, Gov. Brown to Stop Irrigation of Crops With Oil Wastewater
Asm. Mike Gatto Joined Statewide Coalition to Outline Major Health, Safety Concerns on Capitol Steps

*Soiled of the earth

Center for International Environmental Law
Deadly Shade of Green
New report reveals scale of threat to environmental defenders and indigenous communities in Latin America

The Real News Network
Economist: Most Concerns about Baltimore’s $15 Wage Hike are Unfounded
EPI Senior Analyst David Cooper says raising minimum wage hike has historically not led to job losses, but higher local demand and decreased turnover

Robert Fitrakis: Sanders May Have Lost Due to Election Fraud
Robert Fitrakis says that the partisan firms which manage election data and technology targeted young Sanders supporters to ensure a Clinton victory

*Sanders déjà vued Gore and Kerry, didn’t he? Republicans can scream about (and legislate to their liking on) nonexistent voter fraud, but no Democrat (and Bernie is a Democrat, and no “socialist”) will ever make a peep about having an election stolen from them.

Some will even endorse their robber.

Trump Economic Advisor Took Billions In Auto Industry Bailout
Investigative reporter Greg Palast tells Paul Jay that John Paulson made billions in the mortgage market collapse and by holding the auto industry hostage for taxpayer money

*Vultures of a feather fuck us together

Trump Adopts Reaganomics
Economist Robert Pollin and journalist Doug Henwood discuss the return to classical Republican economics outlined by Trump

*Of course, the mote in the guests’ eyes is a faith in perfecting capitalism, a quixotic quest if ever there was.

Yes, it can be made better

It can never be made good.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Report: “Failing to Address the Status Quo Will Drive the Racial Wealth Divide for Centuries to Come” — Interviews Available

Democracy Now!
Pakistan Mourns After Bombing at Hospital Kills At Least 74, Including Dozens of Lawyers

Matt Taibbi on Libor, Cartel-Style Finance & How Failure to Fix Wall St. Has Propelled Trump’s Rise

Handcuffed While Dying: Police Killing of Black Teenager Paul O’Neal Sparks Protests in Chicago

Murdered by a SWAT Team for Traffic Tickets: Inside the Police Killing of Black Mother Korryn Gaines

An Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic That Will Boost Your Health
by Yuri Elkaim


Despite GOP Opposition, Mounting Evidence That Medicaid Improves Health
New research comes as Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin attempts to dismantle the state’s Medicaid expansion program as part of crusade against Obamacare
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Humanity Just Ate Through Planet’s Annual Resource Budget Faster Than Ever
…and it’s only August. That’s the fastest pace yet.
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*An apocalyptic appetite

British Authorities Demand Encryption Keys in Case with “Huge Implications”
by Ryan Gallagher
The Intercept

Why Neocons Can’t Stomach Trump
Neocons are jumping off the Republican ship for Hillary Clinton even though Donald Trump has shifted their way on Israel and military spending. The big reason is his resistance to a new Cold War with Russia.
by JP Sottile

*Even if Donald Schmuck were to channel the ghost of Curtis LeMay, which he likely will in an effort to save his sinking yacht, I imagine it wouldn’t do him much good.

Madame Mayhem is a known imperial entity, and this is a case of the devil you know

And network with.

Center for Biological Diversity
Study: Endangered Species Protection Taking Six Times Longer Than Law Allows
Delays Raise Risk of Extinction, Lawsuits Hasten Process for Protections

Council of Canadians
Risk of Energy East to Water and Atlantic Coast Too Great Groups Tell NEB on First Day of Hearings in Saint John
A bitumen spill would bring widespread, devastating economic and environmental impacts to region

*The nightmare in a pipe dream

The Real News Network
Down-ticket Green Party Candidate: Third Parties Can Reshape Local Politics
During the 2016 Green Party national convention, Green Party candidate for Texas county commissioner says an alternative party could help forge a break with the usual white liberal platform in her local district

How the Gutting of the 4th Amendment Enables Police Killings
ACLU Massachusetts Legal Director Matthew Segal says the judicial gutting of constitutional protections against unreasonable searches must be addressed

Do Black Lives Matter for the Green Party?
At the 2016 US Green Party Convention in Houston, Bruce Dixon of the Georgia Green Party and Black Agenda Report says that Greens have learned from the Sanders movement that political change must be funded by ordinary people

Is the IMF’s Neoliberal Base Unraveling?
Former financial regulator Bill Black discusses the significance of the criminal charges faced by IMF head Christine Lagarde, and its economists preaching austerity over stimulus

Party of Nelson Mandela Suffers Defeat in South African Local Elections
Political economist Patrick Bond says the outcomes in the cities Johannesburg and Cape Town reflect that a great many of the urban and middle class blacks have turned away from the traditional party of Liberation

*The book never seems to close on the old story of corruption and betrayal

One Year After Gold King Spill, Navajo Nation Left With Uncertain Future
Janene Yazzie of the Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association says the EPA has failed to explain the impact of the Gold King mine wastewater spill on agriculture or ensure a plan for future emergencies

New York Times Could Kick Voter Suppression While It’s Still Up
by Janine Jackson

FAIR CounterSpin
‘The Real Battle Is, Who’s Going to Own the Energy Supply?’
Harvey Wasserman on renewables and nuclear energy
by Janine Jackson

*Remember this the next time you hear some energy megacorp pimp its “commitment to clean energy”.

There’s nothing clean that’s touched by their filthy fingers.

Democracy Now!
Julian Assange: Leaked DNC Emails Shows Democrats Waged “Propaganda” Campaign Against Sanders

*How do you endorse someone who literally made you “feel the burn”?

Ask the Bern his own self.

Google in the White House? Assange Warns of Close Ties Between Hillary Clinton & Internet Giant

*Don’t be evil

That’s our job

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: Attacks Against Jill Stein Are “Going to Go Through the Roof”

*Choosing what we consider the lesser evil is like putting off fixing your brakes. The longer you delay confronting the problem, the worse it grows, until you find you’re headed for a crash, and there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it.

WiFi Radiation: An Invisible Threat to Your Health?
by Lloyd Burrell

Is PSA Testing for Prostate Cancer a Good Idea?
by Dr. David Brownstein

7 of the Best Tips for Detoxing the Body Naturally
by Yuri Elkaim

4 Exercises to Sculpt Jaw-Dropping Glutes
by Yuri Elkaim

Is CrossFit Dangerous? 5 Shocking Truths You Need to Know
by Yuri Elkaim

The question to ask when buying fish for dinner
This might save you money, too
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Spying’s New Frontier: Private Firm Collects Data on ‘Every American Adult’
“We have data on that 21-year-old who’s living at home with mom and dad”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The information sociopathy

Sanders Tells Backers Immediate Aim of Political Revolution Must Be to Defeat Trump
The revolution ‘will continue until we create a government which represents all of us and not just the 1 percent,’ Sanders writes in new op-ed
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Whip me

Beat me

Make me write op-eds endorsing you”

Ex-CIA Chief and Torture Defender Endorses Clinton—Why Are Democrats Cheering?
‘Whose endorsement would Democrats not treat as a benefit, at this point? How bad of an actor does someone need to be?’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Madame Mayhem and her malevolent mavens

Melting Greenland Ice Cap Will Expose Military’s Cold War-Era Toxic Waste
Study finds that rapidly melting ice will unearth radioactive waste, toxic PCBs, and raw sewage left behind by secret U.S. military base in the 1960s
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

AARP To Drop ALEC after Members’ Outcry
by Jessica Mason
Center for Media and Democracy

*I think it’s telling that, even if you give AARP honchos the benefit of the doubt, they would choose to shell out to “engage with state legislators [to] advance our members’ priorities”, rather than standing with others in the street to demand they be treated justly.

I’ll keep that in mind next time I get an unsolicited come on from them.

Baby Teeth of Iraqi Children Tell Troubling Tale of War’s Toxic Impacts
New study finds exposure to heavy metals and other toxins having severe impact on generation who have grown up amid endless bombings and violence
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

National Whistleblowers Center
Four-Year Campaign Results In Historic-Win For Tax Whistleblowers

CPS Refuses to Prosecute UK Government for Plotting Libyan Renditions to Torture

The Real News Network
Using Theatre and Performance Art to Empower the Community
In this special episode of iMiXWHATiLiKE we feature WombWork Productions. For nearly two decades they have provided Afrikan-centered social change theatre and performance art for the Baltimore community.

Petition update
Victory: Judge Sides With Piano Man Against Government Land Grab
by Charlie Birnbaum
Institute for Justice

Democracy Now!
Lee Fang on How Citizens United Opened Floodgates for Foreign Corporate Money in U.S. Elections

*I really wish Goodman would stop asking guests “what surprised them most” about the subject at hand

And I really can’t fathom why Fang would be surprised that the corpress hasn’t covered this.

Brazil’s Dance with the Devil: 2016 Rio Olympics Begin with Government Dysfunction & Police Violence

Dave Zirin: Protests by Athletes and Displaced Rio Residents Accompany Opening of 2016 Olympic Games

*A spiteful spectacle

10 Tips for Preventing Cancer in Young Adults
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

What Is the Healthiest Oil to Cook With?
by Yuri Elkaim


Revealed: AARP Is Funding ALEC
by Nick Surgey and Calvin Sloan
Center for Media and Democracy

*Elder abuse of trust

World Bank’s New Rules Condemned for Disregarding People and Planet
New policies threaten human rights and the environment, groups say
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Big Pharma Plans Massive Ad Blitz to Fight Criticism of Drug Prices
‘The idea that they are going to bring in more resources, borders on petrifying’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Big farce by Big Pharma

Partnership for Civil Justice
Lawsuits Filed Over Donald Trump’s Privatization of Pennsylvania Avenue, “America’s Main Street”
Civil Rights Group Challenges Buffer Zone that Restricts Free Speech at New Trump International Hotel

Center for Biological Diversity
‘Bundy Militia’ Pocket Constitution Tops Amazon Charts Amidst Trump-Khan Feud
NCCS Constitution Cloaked in Recruitment Materials for Sagebrush Rebel Movement Steeped in Racism, Anti-federal Domestic Terrorism

The Real News Network
Deep Depression in Italy Gave Germany an Absolute Advantage
Economist Heiner Flassbeck says there’s no debt crisis in Europe, it is Germany’s absolute competitive advantages that drove deflation throughout Europe

Frozen Sovereign Funds Behind the Libyan ‘invitation’ to Bomb Sirte
Vijay Prashad said the Libyan Government of National Accord has been under pressure to invite the US bombing campaign because Western governments won’t grant access to $67 billion in sovereign funds until the Islamic State is defeated

*”There’s a direct kind of religious belief that aerial bombardment works on the war on terror. So far the evidence suggests that this is not true at all.”

Mistaking the imperial for the empirical

Courts Rebuke Restrictive Voting Measures in Six States
The Nation’s Ari Berman says despite recent victories, the gutting of the Voting Rights Act leaves the door open to further restrictive voting measures

FAIR CounterSpin
‘We Have to Have Disability as Part of Our Discussion’
David Perry on disability and police violence
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
First Evidence Surfaces of Foreign Money Pouring into U.S. Elections After Citizens United

*Dear Misleader warning of the dangers of corporate money in politics …

Sort of like The Donald ™ inveighing against ad hominem attacks on the campaign trail, n’est-ce pas?


Missoula Wins Right to Control Its Own Water in Victory Against Privatization
Montana Supreme Court says city’s use of its water system is ‘more necessary’ than its use by a private company
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Mega-Utility Dodges $500M ‘Bullet’ as Feds Slash Potential Fine for Pipeline Explosion
New possible penalties add up to approximately one percent of original $562 million fine for explosion that killed eight people in California
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Just desserts not on the menu

There’s a Hunger Problem in Every County in America—and It’s Solvable
We cannot address hunger without strong federal nutrition programs
by Diana Aviv

*A hunger for simple humanity

Is Solar Energy Really Too Expensive?
Utilities are lobbying against the expansion of rooftop solar, and that’s no good for anyone
by Jill Richardson

*Re that last para

Do we want the corporations responsible for the problem profiting off the manufacture and sale of a major part of the solution?

Their “wins” never seem to dovetail with ours in the end, do they?

Amnesty International
UN Refugee Summit Talks End in Abject Failure

DRUM – Desis Rising Up and Moving
Eckshate Liberation Dhaba: Transform Our Public Spaces for Gender Justice

The Real News Network
Brazil’s PT Failed to Disengage from Corrupt Elements of Its Political Class
Alex Cuadros, author of Brazillionaires: Wealth, Power, Decadence, and Hope in an American Country, says the PT, under the leadership of Lula and Rousseff, has failed to disrupt corporate influence over politics

*I see far too little of this sort of analysis of the contradictions of “left” parties in Latin America and elsewhere.

Acknowledging those in no way condones the attempts by national elites and foreign powers (read “Western gummints, primarily the US and A”) to undermine those administrations.

I’d say that such is essential in defending democracy in those countries, as opposed to “singing songs, and carrying signs; mostly say ‘Hooray for our side'”.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Struggle for Labour Leadership
London-based economist John Weeks says the current struggle in the Labour party will continue whether the party remains hierarchical and neoliberal or becomes mass-based and social democratic

Will the Death of Korryn Gaines Lead to Change in Policing?
LEAP Executive Director Neill Franklin talks about the role of “police culture” in how law enforcement interacts with black communities

Pundits Lament Loss of a Reasonable, Competent GOP That Never Was
by Adam Johnson

*Brilliant at marketing

Beastly at product

Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Bombing Libya May Destabilize Tunisia

Democracy Now!
Amid City Hall Protests, NYPD Chief Bill Bratton Resigns, But “Broken Windows” Continues Nationwide

*”Community policing”

Transposition yields the truth

NYPD Chief Bill Bratton’s Next Stop: Private Consulting Firm Tied to the Clintons

“When You Dial 911 and Wall Street Answers”: How Private Equity Profits off Our Daily Lives

*The only charges for these capital offenses accrue to the victims

Chelsea Manning Faces Indefinite Solitary Confinement & Extra Prison Time After Suicide Attempt

*This Orwellian ordeal brought to you by the first black president (and Nobel Peace Prize winner), and the likely first female president of these here United States.

Why can’t I get Phil Ochs’ “Love Me, I’m a Liberal” out of my head?

7 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp at Any Age
by Ty Bollinger

Don’t feed these foods to your dog
And don’t let your dog eat this sweetener
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Global Surveillance Industry Database Helps Track Big Brother Worldwide
The US is a top exporter of invasive surveillance tools, according to Privacy International
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Of course, it’s not just in (at least nominally) “non-democratic and authoritarian” nations that this Orwellianismo poses a primal threat to democracy, is it?

New York’s Woeful $7.6 Billion Nuclear Bailout Package
by Karl Grossman

*Nuclear fiction

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Scorecard of 50 Local Police Body Camera Programs Shows Nationwide Failure to Protect Civil Rights and Privacy

*Camera shysters

The Real News Network
Movement For Black Lives Releases a Political Agenda That Stretches Far Beyond Police Violence
Janae Bonsu and Montague Simmons say their demands for black power, freedom and justice go beyond reform and require transformative change

Advocates Push Law Requiring Affordable Housing for Billionaire Tax Break
A new bill introduced by low income housing groups would roll back the ruling that Under Armor CEO Kevin Plank’s Port Covington development does not have to build affordable housing despite seeking hundreds of millions in taxpayer support

2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio Eclipsed By Controversy
Dave Zirin, the author of “Brazil’s Dance with the Devil: The World Cup, the Olympics, and the Fight for Democracy”, says it’s the perfect opportunity for the anti-democratic forces in Brazil to market themselves as if they are the saviors of the country

Petition update
Urge Congress to Support Common Sense Rape Survivor Rights
Want to help more? Visit our forum!
by Amanda Nguyen

Institute for Public Accuracy
Get Out of Jail Broke Cards

Trump and the Roots of Anti-Muslim Hate

*Garnering political gain over the dead body of “the good Muslim”

For Corporate Media, Bloomberg Is the Better Billionaire
by Molly Knefel

*”I know what a con looks like.”

Everyone quoted here does

Every time they look in the mirror.

Meet the Press Grills WikiLeaks on Source, Ignores Substance of DNC Emails
by Adam Johnson

*Russia to judgment

NYT Leads With Russia Hack Conspiracy–Despite ‘No Evidence’ (in Next-to-Last Paragraph)
by Ben Norton

*All the skews that’s printed to fit

Democracy Now!
“All He Has is a Toy Truck”: The Shocking Police Shooting of Therapist Caring for Autistic Patient

*Miami vile

Movement for Black Lives Calls for Reparations & “End to War Against Black People”

The Never-Ending War: U.S. Announces New Front Against ISIS in Libya

*Whipping up the whirlwind

The Best Way to Train If You’re Overweight
by Yuri Elkaim

How to Make Homemade Kimchi (The Easy Way)
by Yuri Elkaim


Superbugs, Sewage, and Scandal: Are Rio Olympics Poised for Disaster?
Companies at center of grafting scheme construct Olympic Village, raw sewage pours into Rio de Janeiro, and protests sweep nation
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Melting Permafrost Releases Deadly, Long-Dormant Anthrax in Siberia
“This week’s anthrax outbreak signals that global warming is transforming Siberia’s lonely wilderness into a feverish nightmarescape”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*And the other party pays lip service while incrementalizing us into the abyss.

“Pow, Pow, Yous Are Dead!”
Children, Toy Guns, and the Real Thing
by Frida Berrigan

*Playing with free fire

Fast-Growing Corporate Evils That Should Be Media Issues…and Campaign Issues
by Paul Buchheit

*Giving us the Big Business

Washington State: Charter School Backers Want to Oust Judge Who Authored Anti-Charter Decision
by Diane Ravitch

*Unplug the technocracy

Green Party Gains Ballot Access in Six More States as Signature Counts More than Double State Requirements

The Real News Network
Kshama Sawant Tells Rania Khalek Voting For the Lesser Evil Is What Brought Us Trump
Journalist Rania Khalek spoke to Seattle City Council Member and Socialist Alternative candidate Kshama Sawant on the final day of last week’s DNC about the Democratic Party’s inability to change, and what progressive voters must do about it

Big Oil and the Battle for Our Future
Wenonah Hauter, author of Frackopoly: The Battle for the Future of Energy and the Environment explains the history of the oil industry’s collusion with the state and how the fate of the planet depends on challenging fracking

Bernie Supporter at DNC: ‘I Thought This Only Happened At Trump Rallies’
TRNN speaks to activists at the DNC who had their credentials taken by police. One said he was assaulted by someone while protesting during the convention.

*A unity of intolerance

Strengthening Russo-Turkish Alliance Stokes US-Russian Cold War
John Helmer, Russian-based Anglo-American journalist says that Russia feels threatened by US, NATO, Turkey, and the turbulence at its borders

Italian Bank Failures Could Disintegrate the EU
Gerry Epstein and Dimitri Lascaris say that the banks are in such trouble that they need to be nationalized with their management removed

The Turkish Pivot Towards Russia
Political economist Aleksandr Buzgalin says that Turkey’s relative independence from NATO is of interest to the Russian elite

*Difficult to suss what’s being said, but I thought it worth passing along.

Democracy Now!
Courts Strike Down Voter Restriction Laws That Target African Americans with “Surgical Precision”

Are Mammograms the Best Breast Cancer Test?
by Dr. David Jockers

Drug Interactions & Drug-induced Dementia
by K C Craichy

Journaling: Therapeutic Enrichment for You and Your Family
by Ty Bollinger

The Truth About Drinking Liquids with Your Meals
by Yuri Elkaim

The 10-Minute Total Body Conditioning Workout
by Yuri Elkaim


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