October 2016


As Media Gatekeeper, 70+ Groups Call on Facebook to End Censorship
“Because the stories that don’t get shared are as important as the ones that do”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Big Pharma’s “Stranglehold” on Congress Worsening Opioid Epidemic
Former DEA official tells the Guardian how hundreds of millions are being spent to protect pharmaceutical industry
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Report Collects Government Spying Cases from 10 Countries
“Surveillance and Democracy” Shows Effects of Uncontrolled Spying Around the World

*Big Brotherhood


Historic Win for Frontline Communities: Plans for Coal Power Project in Turkey Shelved
Fossil fuel giant SOCAR abandoned coal power project in Aliağa, İzmir


The Real News Network
TRIPS: The Story of How Intellectual Property Became Linked to Trade (7/7)
Professor Peter Drahos says a global effort will be needed to keep knowledge in the public domain


TRIPS: The Story of How Intellectual Property Became Linked to Trade (6/7)
Professor Peter Drahos says the story of the trade agreement is not just a story of power, it’s also a story of clever psychology


Clinton Will Be More Confrontational with Russia and China
Gerald Horne tells Paul Jay that globalization has led to the rise of Russia and China as global powers as well as Trumpism, the social basis of American fascism

*Gee, don’t say nothin’ ’bout all that in the latest MoveOn missive …


Will the U.S. Lose Its Southern Anchor in the Pivot to China?
Whether President Duterte is threatening more than a rhetorical break is still an open question, says Walden Bello


Police Are Shooting Down Aerial Drones Over Standing Rock
Protesters and protectors say the shootings of drones are meant to undermine reporting on #NoDAPL


Institute for Public Accuracy
FBI Whistleblower on Comey and Clinton


NYT’s Kristof Blames Poverty on Too Many TVs, Not Too Little Money
by Neil deMause

*The pathology of the pathologist


Democracy Now!
The October Surprise: Michael Isikoff on the FBI’s Clinton Email Investigation That Could Jolt Race


Did #DAPL Security Worker Wielding an AR-15 Rifle Try to Infiltrate Native Water Protectors?


Standing Rock: Dallas Goldtooth on Suspicious Fire Near Resistance Camp & Repression of Movement

*While the corpress continue to ignore and distort the literally bleeding obvious


Bundys vs. #NoDAPL: Armed White Militia Leaders Walk Free as Native Americans Face Police Violence


The Dangers of (and Alternatives to) Breast Lumpectomy and Biopsy
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Natural Health Insiders
This Supplement Could Harm Your Brain



With Progressives Ready in the Wings, No Post-Election Honeymoon for Clinton
If she’s elected, groups and lawmakers on the left intend to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for promises made on the campaign trail
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Sound and fury

With past as prologue

Signifying next to nothing?


Just Weeks After Matthew, Global Community Has Forgotten Haiti
United Nations criticized for raising paltry amount of promised aid package to compensate cholera victims
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


To Diversify Agriculture, We Must Diversify the Questions We Ask
Why narrowly- defined indicators of agricultural performance fail to capture many of the benefits of diversified and organic systems
by Emile Frison


Selling ‘Regime Change’ Wars to the Masses
Propaganda is now such a pervasive part of Western governance that any foreign leader who resists the prevailing power structure can be turned into a demon and made a target of a “regime change” war
by John Pilger

*Cluster bombing our conscience


In the “Jungle”: Report from the Refugee Camp in Calais, France
by Sabia Rigby


The Real News Network
TRIPS: The Story of How Intellectual Property Became Linked to Trade (5/7)
Professor Peter Drahos explains that the TRIPS Agreement gave multinational corporate owners of intellectual property rights a global form of private taxing power


Do Wars Make Us Safer? The People Aren’t Feeling It
by David Swanson


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Historic” U.N. Vote for Nuclear Ban


Democracy Now!
Will the DOJ or FCC Stop the AT&T Merger from Creating World’s Largest Media Conglomerate?


Electronic Frontier Foundation: Police Depts. Paid AT&T Millions to Scrutinize Our Texts & Chats


“A Shameful Moment for This Country”: Report Back on Militarized Police Raid of DAPL Resistance Camp

*Add corpress cover up and Clinton quiescence (not to mention Dear Misleader muteness) to the shameless and shameful columns


Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chair: DOJ Must Investigate Use of Force Against #DAPL Resistance

*What I’m hearing from Archambault is that he isn’t looking at the bigger picture, that rerouting the pipeline is his goal, and what’s going to come through it and what it’s going to do to the wider world doesn’t enter into the equation.

I imagine there are a lot of folks out there putting their bodies on the line who’d take issue with that narrow and narrow minded stance. And I think Goodman should have pointed that out, don’t you?


Is the Venezuelan Opposition’s Call for Referendum on Maduro a Push to Overthrow the Government?


5 Artificial Sweeteners & Flavor Enhancers That Increase Your Risk of Cancer
by Dr. David Jockers

*Sweet’N Low down


11 Best Kettlebell Ab Exercises of All Time
by Yuri Elkaim



FCC Passes Sweeping Internet Privacy Rules in ‘Big Win for Civil Rights’
New rules require internet service providers to get customers’ explicit consent before sharing data with third parties
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Silence Is Not Acceptable’: Indigenous Youth Demand Clinton Take Stand on DAPL
‘By refusing to stand against DAPL, Hillary is putting our environment, wildlife, culture, and land at risk,’ says 16-year-old William Brownotter
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*While Hillary and hubby posture to “feel our pain”

They and their class mates literally fuel it.


As CETA Rises from Ashes, Campaigners Vow: ‘The More You Insist, the More We Resist’
Belgium delegates reached 11th-hour consensus, which grants the Court of Justice of the European Union the ability to rule on final inclusion of ISDS
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Robin Hood of Power: Iceland’s Pirate Party On Track To Win Upcoming Election
by Abby Zimet, staff writer
Common Dreams


Wallonia Has Shown Us the Way to Stop CETA and TTIP
by Ruchi Shroff and Manlio Masucci


Let’s Treat Our Patients, Not Trick Them with Private Insurance
This Halloween, medical students are refusing to endorse the horrifying for-profit healthcare system as it exists
by Emily Kirchner

*A Hippocratic Hallowe’en


Friends of the Earth
Ireland Votes to Ban Fracking

*Pluck of the Irish


The Real News Network
TRIPS: The Story of How Intellectual Property Became Linked to Trade (4/7)
The globalization of intellectual property rights will not improve trade, competition, or the livelihood of workers; it leads to underdevelopment, says professor Peter Drahos

*Competition, seemingly paradoxically, leads to monopoly.

Competition creates winners and losers, and winners will always seek to maximize their advantage.

Only a cooperative, democratic economic system, one shorn of the profit motive, can provide what we truly need, and do so equitably.

I’m no economist, but I don’t think you have to be one to suss that.

In fact, I think it helps not to be.


Media Roll Out Welcome Mat for ‘Humanitarian’ War in Syria
by Belén Fernández

*A catastrophe of contrived conscience


Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton’s America: Wall Street in the Saddle


Israeli “General’s Son” Facing Sentencing, on U.S. Election


Democracy Now!
Bassam Haddad: We Have a Duty to Call for End to Killing in Syria & How We End It Matters


Shane Bauer Infiltrates Armed Militia “Hunting Mexicans” & Collaborating with U.S. Border Patrol


9 Proven Ways to Overcome Sugar Detox Symptoms
by Yuri Elkaim



With New Study in Hand, Pennsylvanians Reiterate Call for Fracking Ban
Latest analysis specifically expresses concern about the potential link between childhood leukemia and oil and gas drilling
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Water is Life’: Al Gore, Jesse Jackson Support Dakota Access Protesters
‘This is an opportunity to acknowledge and learn from the traditional values being expressed by the Standing Rock Sioux to protect life on Earth’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Grandstanding Rock?


Leaked Audio Shows How Florida Utilities Sought to Deceive Public Into Believing Amendment 1 is Pro-Solar
by Nick Surgey and David Pomerantz
Center for Media and Democracy


Trump and Clinton Camps Engaging in Super PAC Coordination Says Watchdog Group
by David Armiak
Center for Media and Democracy


Center for Biological Diversity
Study: Protected Forests on Public Land Burn Less Severely Than Logged Areas


Pakistan Sets Execution Date for ‘Insane’ Prisoner


The Real News Network
The Story of How Intellectual Property Became Linked to Trade (3/7)
Countries like India and Brazil saw early on how excessive monopoly protection due to intellectual property rights would be an impediment to development, says professor Peter Drahos


Support the EPA proposal to remove the dioxin-filled San Jacinto River Waste Pits!
by Jackie Young


Interval Running for Weight Loss: Here’s the Best Way to Do It
by Yuri Elkaim



‘Terrifying’: AT&T Spying on Americans for Profit, New Documents Reveal
‘If companies are allowed to operate in this manner without repercussions, our democracy has no future’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Big Brother is watching you

And making you pay Big Business for the binoculars


Rising Student Debt Places Living Wage Even Farther Out of Reach: Report
‘When it comes to buying food versus making a student debt payment, the choice for most people is clear’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


Endangered Species ‘Get Fighting Chance’ with Climate Change Ruling
Appeals court says federal agencies may list species as ‘threatened’ based on climate change projections
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


In Iceland, Women Leave Work at 2:38pm to Protest Gender Wage Gap
Protesters say they are effectively working without pay in the afternoons, given the 14 percent wage gap
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A woman’s work is never done

Being devalued


Food & Water Watch
New Study Highlights the Hazards of Imported Seafood, Demonstrates Risks from the TPP
Food & Water Watch Analysis Shows 98% of Imported Seafood Goes Unchecked


The Real News Network
Broken Treaties Central to the Injustice of the Dakota Access Pipeline
As water protectors occupy unceded tribal lands, experts detail the treaties violated by the US government that have enabled the Dakota Access Pipeline


The Industrial Agricultural System is Limiting Food Access and Driving Climate Change
Kirtana Chandraeskaran of Friends of the Earth International explains why the UN Conference on World Food Security stopped short of recognizing that the industrial food sector is the greatest agricultural contributor to climate change


Institute for Public Accuracy
Affordable Care Act: “Imploding and Beyond Repair”

*Reform isn’t a step toward transformation

It’s a step on it


Sometimes You Need to Dig a Little to Unearth the Point of an NYT Story
by Jim Naureckas

*Welcome to Point Oblique

Population: As few pennies dropped as possible


Reversing Heart Disease: 8 Proven Ways to Do It Naturally
by Yuri Elkaim



Democracy Prevails as People’s Revolt Leaves Corporate Trade Agenda “In Tatters”
Rejecting the deal, Belgium residents are ‘voicing the concerns of millions of citizens’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Over 75 Arrested in Ottawa as Youth Demand Climate Action from Trudeau
‘Climate leaders don’t build pipelines’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*(Default comment for Trudeau related travesties)

A Liberal dose of deceit


An All-American Slaughter: The Youthful Carnage of America’s Gun Culture
by Gary Younge


The Future of the Euro Area
by Frederic Heine and Thomas Sablowski


Health, Environment & Children’s Groups Call for National Strategy to End Lead Poisoning and Lead Exposure
Coalition asks federal agencies to make National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week more than symbolic


Food & Water Watch
Washington State Shouldn’t Replicate British Columbia’s Failed Carbon Tax Experiment
Food & Water Watch Issues Report Debunking Carbon Tax Scheme Widely Heralded as a Successful Model


The Real News Network
How Washington’s Money-Machine Stays Ahead of Democracy
Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have created America’s largest network of donors and fundraisers, and together they’re delegating Wall Street’s favorites to unelected positions within government

*Is the goal to push her to the left

Or push her and her iniquitous ilk out of the way?


TRIPS: The Story of How Intellectual Property Became Linked to Trade (2/7)
The architects of this trade agreement saw great profit from controlling the building blocks of the biological and digital technologies of the future, says Professor Peter Drahos


TRIPS: The Story of How Intellectual Property Became Linked to Trade (1/7)
In this seven part series, Professor Peter Drahos explains how multinationals from the US, Europe and Japan collaborated to create a global platform for multinationals to privatize knowledge

*The power of an imprisoned idea


A Bloodier Battle for Mosul Might Begin After the Ouster of ISIS
The competing territorial claims of the Turks, Kurds, and Iraqi central government could result in an ethno-sectarian conflict after the military offensive, warns York University professor Sabah Alnasseri


Institute for Public Accuracy
Iceland: Pirate Party Victory?


AT&T&Time&Warner vs Democracy


Democracy Now!
Standing Rock: Police Arrest 120+ Water Protectors as Dakota Access Speeds Up Pipeline Construction

*Never fear

The First Female President ™ will soon set this to rights.

(Parallel universe not included)


North Dakota: Water Protectors Erect New Frontline Camp Directly in Path of Dakota Access Pipeline


Meet the Journalist Facing 45 Years in Jail for Filming Tar Sands Pipeline Protest in North Dakota


Josh Fox: Arrest of Journalists and Filmmakers Covering the Dakota Pipeline is a Threat to Democracy

*Repression on the outside

Suppression on the inside


Part 2: Native Americans Most Likely to Be Killed by Police Than Other Groups, Investigation Reveals

*When “the other” is seen as “the enemy”, which is what policing is about at its core, it’s naive to talk about “new models” as though there’s any desire to alter that equation.


How to Use Eccentric Training to Get A Better Body
by Yuri Elkaim



‘Final Death Blow’ to CETA as Delegates Hold Firm Against Pro-Corporate Deal
“It’s time for a fundamental shift toward international agreements that put people and the planet before corporate profits. That’s the message from Europe today.”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Appeals Court Reinstates Torture Case Against Infamous Military Contractor
Ruling rejects CACI’s argument that its conduct was outside the court’s bounds, stating, “It is beyond the power of even the president to declare [torture] lawful”
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Trump’s Racist “Rigged Election” Attack Is as Old as America
by Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis

*Call it a surrogate screwing.

Republicans roger Democrats (who don’t seem to mind)

But we’re the ones who really get fucked.


Amnesty International
Greece: Reported Illegal Returns of Syrian Refugees to Turkey ‘Dangerous’


Organic Consumers Association Launches Consumer Advocacy Campaign Network in Mexico
La Asociación de Consumidores Orgánicos Will Unite North and South American Consumers in Food, Farming, Health and Climate-Related Campaigns


The Real News Network
Two More Land Rights Activists Assassinated in Honduras
Honduran activists continue to suffer repression at the hands of state authorities and private companies, says filmmaker Jesse Freeston

*Ask Caceras’ family and fellow fighters about Madame Mayhem’s “feminism”


Democracy Now!
Chicago Cops Who Broke “Code of Silence” to Report Police Drug Gang Face Deadly Retaliation

*The thin blue lie



Naomi Klein and Glenn Greenwald Tackle Ethics of WikiLeaks’ Podesta Emails
‘There’s debate, even among people who believe in radical transparency, over the proper way to handle information like this’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Long March Against Monsanto: A Letter from The Hague
by Ronnie Cummins


UK Taught Bahrain Police how to Whitewash Custody Deaths


Color of Change
Black Children Punished for Anthem Protests


The Real News Network
Clinton Reaffirms Commitment to No-Fly Zone in Syria
In the final presidential debate, host Chris Wallace challenged Clinton by saying a no-fly zone would lead to confrontation with Russia in Syria. Not a single word was said about climate change.


Elites Outraged At Trump’s Refusal to Accept Election Result
Military veteran and Empire Files producer Mike Prysner says the final presidential debate affirmed movements have critical work ahead regardless of who wins the White House

*It’s not Trump’s lies that the elitocracy despise.

It’s his perverse flirtation with the truth.


Justice Department Sues Pocomoke For Violating Rights of Fired Black Police Chief
After a year long Real News investigation the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division has joined a lawsuit alleging the city and state violated federal anti-discrimination laws when they fired the town’s first black police chief


Brave New Films
The Truth Behind the Koch-Funded LIBRE Initiative


Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton’s “Incredibly Dangerous” Nuclear Brinkmanship


The Debates Are Over, and No One Asked About Climate Change
by Adam Johnson

*Whistling past our prospective graveyard


Democracy Now!
Green Party’s Jill Stein on “Donald Trump’s Psychosis and Hillary Clinton’s Distortions”


Chris Hedges vs. Eddie Glaude: Should Progressives Vote for Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein?

*As I’ve said before, if my vote decided this election, I’d let out a primal scream, then cast it for Her (and our) Travesty.

It doesn’t, and so I won’t.

The larger question is just what voting for the lesser evil time and again has achieved, and I think it’s clear that its signal impact has been to enable the rightward slide of the Democratic Party — not that it was ever anything more than “the good cop” in the interrogation room.

Are all the “good progressives” that advocate that strategy going to hit the streets come November 9th?

Did you see them out there denouncing Dear Misleader these last eight years?

We know what the MoveOns et alia will be doing, don’t we?

It’s long past time for us to move on from rear guard actions.

A shark has to constantly move forward, or it dies.

It’s a fish story we’d best pay heed to.



Class-Action Lawsuit Seeks Justice for At-Risk Children of Flint
‘There must be responsibility to do everything humanly possible to mitigate the damage done to the residents of Flint—especially its children’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


Plan Colombia, Permanent War, and the NO Vote
by Laura Carlsen


The Real Reason to Worry About Immigrant Voting
Hint: It has nothing to do with Trump’s “rigged election” allegations
by Emily Schwartz Greco


The Real News Network
TiSA Agreement Leaks Show Corporations Pushing Privatization of Public Services
For one thing, the leaks show prohibitions on requiring foreign companies to employ local workers, says Deborah James


Opposition Calls for a General Strike As Congolese President Wins Election Delay
The usually bustling streets of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital were mostly empty on Wednesday as the opposition has called for a general strike after the president was awarded a two-year election delay


Voter ID in Wisconsin, a Slow-Motion Train Wreck
by Mary Bottari
Center for Media and Democracy (CMD)

*Driving the big rig


Industry-Funded Research Downplayed Sugar Health Effects
by Jamie Corey
Center for Media and Democracy

*Tell me sweet little lies


Institute for Public Accuracy
Mosul and the “Shadow Wars”


Democracy Now!
“Ramshackle” Battle to Retake Mosul from ISIS Led by U.S. Despite Obama Vow Against Boots on Ground


“The Police Killings No One Is Talking About”: Native Americans Most Likely to be Killed by Cops



Norwegian Youth Taking Government to Court Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Arctic Drilling
Expansion of Arctic oil drilling after ratification of the Paris climate agreement is labeled a ‘dangerous act of hypocrisy’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Good Deaths in Mosul, Bad Deaths in Aleppo
As the U.S.-backed offensive in Mosul, Iraq, begins, the mainstream U.S. media readies the American people to blame the terrorists for civilian casualties but the opposite rules apply to Syria’s Aleppo
by Robert Parry


Cornucopia Institute
Amid Controversy, Secrecy, and Lawsuits, 5,000 Organic Stakeholders Calling for New Management at USDA National Organic Program
Secret Documents Released: Reading Room Established for Material Obtained from USDA through Federal Lawsuits


The Real News Network
What the NYT Left Out About Obama’s ‘Secret War’ in Somalia
With hundreds of US special ops now in Somalia, Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford recounts the more than two decades of US involvement


Seattle Teachers in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter
Educator Jesse Hagopian says teachers see a need to affirm the value of Black life amidst the reality of segregation and racial disparities in public schools


For Indigenous Lenca People in Honduras, Rebellion Is a Centuries-Old Story
The assassination of one of the world’s most celebrated activists earlier this year is a reminder that indigenous peoples in Honduras and other parts of Latin America face the same sort of plutocracy they faced hundreds of years ago


Institute for Public Accuracy
Did the U.S. Assist the Disastrous Bombing of a Funeral in Yemen?


‘Nothing to See Here’ Is Pundit Takeaway on DNC Leaks
by Adam Johnson

*Aren’t we all “more assured and less awkward” when we’re hanging with our homies?


Democracy Now!
“We’re Going to Call That a Win”: Water Protectors Promise More Protests as Felony Charges Dropped


Standing Rock Sioux Pediatrician: Threat from Fracking Chemicals is “Environmental Genocide”


Midwives at Dakota Access Resistance Camps: We Can Decolonize, Respect Women & Mother Earth

*For all the criticisms I have of this program, it’s segments like this that make it critical to follow it.


What Are the Most Iron-Rich Foods? (These 12)
by Yuri Elkaim



Millions Face Hunger by 2030 Without ‘Deep Transformation’ of Agriculture: UN
An additional 122 million people could be pushed into extreme poverty and hunger as a result of climate change impacts on small-scale farmers
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


What Hillary Clinton Privately Told Goldman Sachs
by David Swanson

*Empire state building


Center for Biological Diversity
Feds to Reconsider Endangered Species Act Protection for Wolverine


Environmental Groups in Court Tomorrow to Overturn Federal Approval of GM Salmon


The Real News Network
Eddie Conway Interviews Brazilian Youth Militants
While visiting Brazil, TRNN’s executive producer spoke to members of several socialist organizations as they congregated for their annual movement building retreat in Brazil


Clinton Emails Admit Counterrevolutionary Role of Saudi Arabia in Middle East
Saudi Arabia has been accused by the Congressional 9/11 investigation of facilitating the 9/11 attacks and by Clinton emails of funding ISIL, so why does the monarchy get so much leeway from the US? Souciant.com’s associate editor Zenab Ahmed takes up this question.


Mock Tribunal Held Against Monsanto in the Hague
Activists are attempting to persuade the World Court to take up the case, says Ronnie Cummins


Charges Dropped Against Amy Goodman–No Thanks to Corporate Media
by Jim Naureckas

*Expecting the corpress to give a rat’s ass about Goodman’s persecution is akin to presuming that Madame Mayhem would care about the hell endured by mothers around the world because she happens to be one as well.

(Of course, she’s helped raise much of that hell, hasn’t she?)


FAIR CounterSpin
‘Real Estate Investors Should Be Treated Like Any Other Businessmen’
Richard Phillips on Trump’s taxes
by Janine Jackson

*In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and diddling on taxes


Democracy Now!
Report from Standing Rock: 100+ Militarized Police Deployed Against Native American Water Protectors


Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chair: Obama’s Legacy Rests on Whether He Stops Dakota Access Pipeline

*If you’re depending on Dear Misleader to do the right thing

Then you’d better hope to hell he sees a political opportunity in it.


Dakota Excess Pipeline? Standing Rock Protectors Strip-Searched, Jailed for Days on Minor Charges

*Custer in Kevlar


Part 2: Winona LaDuke & Tara Houska on the Indigenous Resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline



A Child Dies by Accidental Gunshot Every Other Day in US: Report
New analysis finds that more than 1,000 minors were accidentally shot and killed between January 1, 2014 and June 30, 2016
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


As Flint Suffers, Big Pharma Slammed for Lead Poison Drug Price Hike of 2,700%
Drug company Valeant described as ‘poster child for pharmaceutical greed’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Aid Groups Warn of More ‘Unnecessary Deaths’ in Haiti as Cholera Outbreak Threatens
As death toll from Hurricane Matthew reaches 1,000 with almost 800 people missing, aid agencies warn that Haiti may be struck by fresh cholera outbreak
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


Imperial Privilege: On War and Violence Near and Far
by Rashna Batliwala Singh and Peter Matthews Wright

*True conscience cannot be compartmentalized


Mass Media, the Wetiko Virus and the Future of Humanity
by Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler


No Moral Superpower: Arundhati Roy, Edward Snowden, and the Crimes of Empire
by Jake Johnson


Hope in times of crisis
by Vijay Prashad
The inheritance of Portugal’s 1974 revolution was squandered in the 30 years of neoliberal policies and the past decade of austerity. With the Socialists at the wheel and the Left at their shoulder, a brief window is now open to restore public trust in the country’s institutions.


Lighthouse Resources Backs Off Coal Export On The Columbia River In Oregon
Decision to ship coal out of British Columbia puts communities at risk across Pacific Northwest


ACLU Responds to Florida Supreme Court Ruling State’s Death Sentencing Statute Unconstitutional


The Real News Network
US Escalates Involvement in Yemen
The missile attacks on a US navy ship might serve the role the Gulf of Tonkin incident did in providing justification for US war in Vietnam, says Souciant.com’s associate editor Zenab Ahmed

*Why does it seem that only the horrors of history repeat themselves?


We’re Not in a New Cold War – It’s Far Worse
Between nuclear weapons, election-time informational warfare, and the conflict in Syria, we’re dancing on the edge of a volcano, says professor Richard Sakwa


A Missed Chance to Put Discriminatory Policing on Campaign Agenda
by Janine Jackson


Hiding US Role in Yemen Slaughter So Bombing Can Be Sold as ‘Self-Defense’
by Adam Johnson

*Another Tonkin to toy with?


Democracy Now!
Is Trump’s Rise a Result of America Declaring War on Institutions That Make Democracy Possible?

*Knowledge is power

Ignorance is how it’s held


2 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally
by Yuri Elkaim


‘We’re Dying Like Flies’: Sick, Retired Coal Miners Betrayed by GOP Senators
Right-wing senators are blocking bill that would provide pensions for retired workers suffering from years spent in coal mines
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*You wouldn’t think it possible to turn your back on someone, and piss on them at the same time, would you?


ACLU Takes Legal Action to Protect Rights of Minnesota Transgender Student


The Real News Network
Why is the Airline Industry Exempt from the Paris Climate Agreement?
The airline industry’s emissions are as large as Germany’s and threaten the globe from meeting targets set at COP21, says Vera Paradee of the Climate Law Institute


ACLU Nabs Firm Using Facebook, Twitter to Help Police Investigate Protesters
Promotional materials obtained by civil rights organization show Geofeedia tapped social media feeds to track activists on behalf of police in Baltimore and Ferguson

*Big Brother’s terrible toy box


Is Duterte Bluffing?
The Philippines president’s snub of the military alliance with the US might signal a desire for a more independent foreign policy and more Chinese aid, says Walden Bello


Law Enforcement Might Be Sweeping Up Your Private Data Without a Warrant
Several US Senators wrote to the FCC Commissioner expressing concerns over the use of Stingray devices in communities of color and whether police are operating it lawfully


Who Really Is Tim Kaine?
For most Americans, last week’s Vice Presidential debate is the only time voters will get acquainted with the relatively unknown Tim Kaine, so the Real News asks: ‘What about Kaine was left out of the discussion?’

*A perfect match for Madame Mayhem


Institute for Public Accuracy
Climate Disinformation: Ken Bone, Clinton, Trump

*Different gears

Same destination


Haiti’s Man-made Disasters

*A truly “humanitarian” disaster


U.S. Strikes on Yemen: Ensuring Proxy Wars and Stalemate?

*The blood flows to ensure the cash does


Democracy Now!
The White Helmets: As Syria Death Toll Mounts, Meet the Rescue Workers Saving Thousands of Lives

*Given Max Blumenthal’s critical investigation of the organization


Why not invite him on to make his case?



‘Hate Crime’: Video Shows Truck Plowing Into Indigenous Rights Rally
‘The truck drove into the crowd while revving its engine before plowing through our people’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Well, he didn’t have a broken tail light

And he wasn’t black


Ending a Century of Ecocide and Genocide, Seeding Earth Democracy
Putting Monsanto on trial is only the beginning of what the world’s people must do to regain control of their food systems
by Vandana Shiva

*Sowing the seeds of survival


History (of Health Insurance Greed) Repeats Itself
It doesn’t take a psychic to predict that health insurance carriers will return to the Obamacare fold in 2017 with dollar signs in their eyes
by Wendell Potter

*Insuring a healthy profit


The Real News Network
Standing Rock Sioux Attorney: Deliberate Destruction of Sites Should Invalidate Pipeline Permit
Energy Transfer says protests against the pipeline are taking place on private property, but an attorney for the Standing Rock Sioux government says the land was long ago given to the tribe in a treaty with the U.S.


Report: California Prisoners Regularly Exposed to Contaminated Water
Diana Zuniga of Californians United for a Responsible Budget hopes her organization’s new report will deter plans to construct a new women’s jail in Los Angeles


Chicago Teachers Win Funding for Schools Without a Strike
Jacobin’s Micah Uetricht explains why the concessions won by the teachers are a credit to its militant leadership and why the union’s democratic nature might spur some teachers to reject the deal


Brave New Films
Society’s Parasite: A Look Inside The Treatment Industrial Complex


Democracy Now!
Leaked Hillary Clinton Emails: Could Bernie Sanders Have Won Primary If Leak Occurred Earlier?


Climate Direct Action: Activists Halt Flow of Tar Sands Oil by Shutting Off Valves of Five Pipelines


Will Racist, Anti-Immigrant Trump Supporter Sheriff Joe Arpaio Be Jailed for Contempt of Court?


Women’s Boat to Gaza: 13 Activists Detained by Israel, Weeks After U.S. OKs $38B in Military Aid


The nutrient that lowers your risk of colorectal cancer
How much of this mineral to consume
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action



Man-Made Climate Change Making Kindling of America’s Forestlands
Researchers found that wildfires will worsen exponentially until there are no longer enough trees to sustain them
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Big Pharma Spending Big to Defeat Drug Price Measure
Sanders lends support as battle over California’s price gouging ballot measure heats up
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


American Power at the Crossroads
A snapshot of a multipolar world in action
by Dilip Hiro


The New Slave Revolt
by Chris Hedges

*Gulags of greed


Debate Moderator Distorted Syrian Reality
The American people are receiving a highly distorted view of the Syrian war – much propaganda, little truth – including from one of the moderators at the second presidential debate
by Robert Parry


Public Citizen
Court Ruling Threatens Consumer Protection Agency’s Independence


The Real News Network
Second Presidential Debate A Missed Opportunity to Discuss the Need for Feminism
Liza Featherstone says that neither candidate put Trump’s remarks on sexual assault in the context of prevalent gendered violence and inequality

*Pots and kettles

Black only


Chris Hedges: It’s Our Bombs, Not Trump’s Comments, that Fuel Hatred Towards the United States
Veteran journalist Chris Hedges says though Clinton’s rhetoric on Muslims is more palatable, she has been an enthusiastic supporter of ‘bombing our way to peace’ in the Middle East


The ‘Ferguson Effect’ and Minimizing Demands for Police Reform
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford casts doubt on claims that media scrutiny is deterring police officers from doing their job


Institute for Public Accuracy
Clinton, Saudi Arabia and “Shadow Wars”


Blaming Millennials for Their Elders’ Trump Attraction
by Adam Johnson


Democracy Now!
Bill Clinton’s Trade Policies Destroyed Haitian Rice Farming, Now Haiti Faces Post-Hurricane Famine

*Forces of a nefarious nature

Hurricanes Hillary and Hubby


Breaking: Activists Reportedly Shut Down Five Pipelines Carrying Tar Sands Oil Into U.S.


“All the President’s Misogynists”: Jodi Jacobson on Why It Took So Long to Derail the Trump Train

*Crossing a line that couldn’t be moved back any further



Indigenous Peoples Day Sweeps Nation as Battles Intensify for Native American Rights
While towns and cities across country abolish Columbus Day, water protectors face down riot police at Dakota Access construction site
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


Wikileaks Drops E-Reader Version of Clinton Speeches Alongside New Email Dump
Emails lay bare what members of Hillary Clinton’s own inner circle believe to be her vulnerabilities—from ties to big money to scandal-laden husband
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Ever notice which way the arrow points on her campaign signs?


Trump May Go Away, But the People He Has Empowered Will Not
by Jeremy Scahill

*The duopoly of deplorability


Many Men Talk Like Donald Trump in Private. And Only Other Men Can Stop Them.
When we don’t stand up to the sexism around us, we’re all complicit
by Shaun Harper

*Boys will be boys

As long as there are so few real men


Rebuilding Haiti, One Commune at a Time: Experience from Haitian People in Zabriko and Elsewhere
by Mark Schuller


National Nurses United
Registered Nurse Response Network Sends Nurse Volunteers to Assist With First Aid at Standing Rock


The Real News Network
In Second Presidential Debate, Clinton Escalates Her Call for Military Solution in Syria
When it comes to their positions on Syria, Clinton’s is irresponsible and Trump’s has no content, says Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies


Afghanistan War at 15th Year Without End in Sight
Trump and Clinton ignore the Afghanistan war because they both will continue it, says Afghan Women’s Mission co-director Sonali Kolhatkar


Does Colombian President Santos Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?
The prize is important because it can help overcome the referendum vote against the peace agreement, says Cristin Espinel of the Colombian Human Rights Committee


The Crucial Campaign Day Most TV Journalists Won’t Tell You About
by Jim Naureckas

*Democracy inaction


In Pain? 7 Natural Pain Management Techniques to Consider
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Baking Soda Uses for Cancer Prevention and Testing
by Dr. David Jockers


Reversing Heart Disease: 8 Proven Ways to Do It Naturally
by Yuri Elkaim


How to Do Belly Breathing Like a Pro
by Yuri Elkaim


The heart-unhealthy nutrient in red meat and some dietary supplements
Carnitine is bad news
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Healthy Eating Tips: What 23 of the World’s Top Food Bloggers Recommend
by Yuri Elkaim


Juicing vs. Blending
by Yuri Elkaim


Seeking to Keep Control of Senate, NRA Betting Big on Gun-Loving Republicans
“If Republicans maintain control of the Senate this November, they’ll have to be sure to thank the gun lobby”
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[A]ggressive measures”?


But anything less than the unrestrained “right” to tote around the artillery of one’s choice whenever and wherever one chooses will face a fusillade of financial firepower from the manufacturers of mayhem, won’t it just?


Dirty and Deadly Oil Train Projects Meet Defeat in California and Washington
‘The American people have spoken: They do not want dirty and dangerous fossil fuel projects that will threaten their communities, their clean air and water, and the climate’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Train wrecks that save lives


Iceland, Where Bad Bankers Go to Jail, Finds Nine Guilty in Historic Case
Since its 2008 crisis, Iceland has received recognition for its strategy of prosecuting executives, letting banks go bust, and focusing on social welfare
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Nobel Hypocrisy as Colombia Marxists Excluded from Prestigious Peace Prize
Breaking precedent, annual award only given to leader on one side of peace agreement, Colombia’s conservative President Juan Manuel Santos
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Peace Prizes adorn many a bloody mantel


Six Million Adults Who Won’t Influence This Presidential Race
One in 40 Americans can’t vote because of a criminal conviction. But the rules aren’t exactly fair
by Matt Taibbi

*Equal justice under law?

Don’t bank on it


Needed Now: a Peace Movement Against the Clinton Wars to Come
by Andrew Levine

*I question whether there’s a “war weariness” among the US public sufficient to blunt Madame Mayhem’s march to possible Armageddon.

Most Americans have proven to be reliable supporters of calls to battle when the propaganda machine is turned up to 10, don’t you think?

Russia may no longer be red, but it’s still, embodied in Putin, a big ass boogeyman to most Yanks who pay any attention to affairs beyond our shores.

And the GWoT ™ still possesses the capability to frighten the holy hell out of ’em, as well. One large attack in the “homeland”, or a series of smaller horrors — enabled by our American Centuryons or not — and we’re back to “shock and awe”.

Let’s not forget Dear Misleader’s Asia pivot, either. The dragon doesn’t take kindly to being hemmed in any more than the bear.

Any or all of the above can light a fuse to set this planet on fire, and with the shit slamming into the fan on so many other fronts, it may be deemed that a heavy duty dose of holy crusade might be just the ticket to rally the dispirited to the cause, and drown out their murmurs of discontent with chants of “USA! USA!”

(I hate so often having to hope I’m wrong … )


The Real News Network
How the Red Cross, UN, and Foreign Governments Made Haiti More Vulnerable to Hurricane Matthew
Interventions, an ongoing cholera epidemic, and the devastating 2010 earthquake left much of the country in a condition that’s made the disaster worse


Economic ‘Recovery’ Feels Weak Because the Great Recession Hasn’t Really Ended
The IMF foretells of vulnerable banks in the US and EU while enabling unsustainable debt-leveraging, says economist Michael Hudson

*Rolling the dice off the cliff


Democracy Now!
Edwidge Danticat Predicts “Ongoing Disaster” in Impoverished Haiti After Hurricane Matthew


Do Vitamins and Minerals Keep You From Getting Sick?
Can you trust “immunity” claims?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*Not vouching for this intel, but I felt it worth relating.



Up to 14 Million Children Exposed to Toxic Industrial Chemicals in Schools
Harvard researchers estimate toxic PCBs may be present in up to 26,000 U.S. schools
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: Western States Face Decades-Long Megadroughts
If fossil fuel emissions continue as usual, droughts lasting as long as 35 years a “near certainty” in parched Western U.S. states
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams


Global Justice Now
Leaked EU declaration on Canada trade deal


The Real News Network
Economist: Both Trump and Clinton Turn A Blind Eye To Tax Abus
James Henry says that though Trump’s use of tax loopholes should not be forgiven, the Democratic Party has also been complacent with corporate tax benefits

*Abiding the hand that feeds you


NSA Sweep of Yahoo Emails Reflects Vulnerability of Consumers’ 4th Amendment Rights
The revelation underscores that the threats to private communications come not only from malicious foreign attackers but also from the US government, says the ACLU’s Ashley Gorski

*I’m not as sanguine as to the “assiduousness” of effort evinced by Wyden, Udall, Feingold et alia as Gorski, if the goal is truly confronting the nature and purpose of the surveillance state.

Call me a cynic

I’d simply say I try to have a keen eye for contradiction.


‘Neutral’ First Aid Responders in Syria Promoting Regime Change
Journalist Max Blumenthal shares his latest investigation into the public relations firm Syria Campaign and the USAID-backed White Helmets, both of which are calling for a no-fly zone in Syria

*Hiding dark aims under white helmets


Israel Seizes Yacht Attempting to Breach Gaza Blockade
Col. Ann Wright was among 13 female activists that were part of the Women’s Boat to Gaza


NYT Declares Snowden a Thief–and Journalism a Crime
by Jim Naureckas

*”Still, it’s unusual for the journalists to assume that someone accused of a crime is guilty, in effect taking the role of judge and jury upon themselves.”



Institute for Public Accuracy
A Second Snowden?


Democracy Now!
“America Divided”: New TV Series Explores Inequality from Water to Housing to Mass Incarceration


The Alternative Doctor’s 3 Pillars for Beating Cancer
by Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD


A Guide to the 11 Best Dynamic Stretches for Runners
by Yuri Elkaim


How to Build Core Strength without Moving a Muscle
by Yuri Elkaim



With Dakota Access Back in Court, Activists Ask (Again): Where’s Clinton?
Meanwhile, Greenpeace exposes Donald Trump’s financial ties to pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Where Is Justice’? Top UN Court Rejects Marshall Islands Nuke Case
International Court of Justice rejects three disarmament cases against U.K., Pakistan, and India, claiming it did not have jurisdiction
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


How to Cut Drug Prices? California Can Set a Model With Prop. 61
by Deborah Burger


In Arizona, An Election We Can Feel Good About Winning
by Marisa Franco


Navdanya International
The Monsanto Tribunal and the People’s Assembly
Announcing a Public trial of Monsanto for ecocide and violation of farmers rights at the Monsanto Tribunal and the People’s Assembly in the Hague


Fight for $15
McDonald’s: End Rampant Sexual Harassment at your stores TODAY

*Behavior far more awful than the food


What Got Left Out–and Right-Spun–at VP Debate
by Adam Johnson

*No left lane on the road to November


Democracy Now!
Allan Nairn: Regardless of Who Wins in November, U.S. Wars & Aggression Will Continue


Two of the Best Natural Cures for Diabetes Type 2
by Yuri Elkaim



Amid Escalating Tensions, 40 Million Russians Practice for Nuclear Emergency
Worries of ‘New Cold War’ intensify as United States suspends bilateral diplomatic channels for Syria conflict
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Peace prize as pissoir


Fracking Industry’s New Plan? Prosecute Those Who Push Drilling Bans
As communities seek to protect themselves from toxic drilling, Pennsylvania industry group mulls statute to deter such ordinances
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Canada Accused of Complicity in Mining Companies’ Abuse of Women and Girls
New report calls on Canada to stop financing and supporting companies that abuse and discriminate against Indigenous women living near mines abroad
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams


Government Rescinds Gag on Secret Surveillance Order After ACLU Intervenes
Subpoena Is First Ever Sent to Open Whisper Systems, Maker of Encryption Technology for Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp


The Real News Network
Discontent Over Amnesty May Have Helped Defeat Colombia-FARC Peace Deal
Rural and urban voters were divided over support for the accord, says human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik


Film Directors’ Peculiar Choice: Teaching Children That Nonwhite = Evil
by Jim Naureckas

*The unbearable blackness of being bad



Tens of Thousands in Streets, on Strike in Poland Over Draconian Abortion Ban
Solidarity protests were also held in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, London, and elsewhere in Europe and the United States
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams


US Diplomacy and Interventionism in the Age of Endless War
Is the United States on the verge of enshrining humanitarian intervention as a bedrock principle of foreign policy?
by Conn Hallinan

*I thought R2P stood for “Right to Pillage”


Letter from Lewis Branscomb to the New York Times (which they didn’t publish), on political interference in a scientific work on terrorism
by Lewis M. Branscomb


UK Body Builds Cairo Court, as Irish Student Faces Death Penalty in Egypt


The Real News Network
David Cay Johnston: Trump Has Engaged in Lifelong Illegal Conduct
The investigative and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist takes a deeper look into the activities of the Donald J. Trump Foundation and the Clinton Foundation

*”[A] deeper look” into the Clinton Foundation … ?

I have this eerie sense of déjà vu.

During the ’92 election season, I was watching Charlie Rose interview some movie star — Ron somebody, I believe — who was righteously condemning Bush the elder’s administration

Then launched into a pathetic paean to Slippery William.

Why the deuce didn’t Noor bring up Haiti?

Jesus Marion Joseph …


How Wells Fargo Keeps Scamming Its Customers & Employees
CEO John Stumpf faces grilling from Congress on why his bank keeps breaking the law, but if no one goes to jail, nothing changes, says economist Bill Black

*It’s always a bank holiday for these bastards


Deutsche Bank is Too Big to Fail, Too Big For Big Fines?
The German bank that was at the center of the LIBOR scandal is likely to face upwards of $5 billion in a settlement with the Justice Department, says economist Bill Black


Trump’s Hypocrisy on NAFTA
Tim Wise and Paul Jay discuss how Trump’s call for import taxes would lead to trade wars and that his commitment to high profits is at odds with his plans to keep jobs in the US


Canada Approves Economically Inviable Pipeline Without Indigenous Consultation
The liberal government has failed to demonstrate a commitment to First Nations and climate change concerns, say Robyn Allan and Louisette Lanteigne

*Liberal promises

Lying in wait


FAIR CounterSpin
‘Poverty Is a Product of the Institutions We Have in Society’
Alice O’Connor on the politics of poverty
by Janine Jackson

*Poverty can’t exist without profit

And, needless to say, vice versa


Democracy Now!
Colombians Reject Peace Deal in Stunning Referendum, Advocates Cite Climate of “Intimidation & Fear”


What are the Ties Between Dakota Access Pipeline Company & North Dakota’s Attorney General?


Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: What Would The Health Ranger Do?
by Mike Adams


Why Pasteurized Milk is Bad for Your Health
by Ty Bollinger

*I can’t vouch for this view, but I thought it worth one


6 Foods to Buy Organic (Never in Conventional Form)
by Yuri Elkaim


Functional Movement Screen: Why You Need to Get One
by Yuri Elkaim


3 Huge Abdominal Training Mistakes
by Yuri Elkaim


This Is What A Healthy Cereal for Weight Loss Looks Like
by Yuri Elkaim



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