November 2016


Obama Quietly Undercutting Climate Legacy With Foreign Fossil Fuel Investments: Investigation
Under Obama, Ex-Im Bank has gotten three times more financing than during George W. Bush’s terms
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Choking smoke and mirrors

Corporate Giants’ “Sustainable” Palm Oil Revealed as Sham
Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Unilever and others are linked to child labor and forced labor in Indonesia
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Does What Happened to This Journalist at the US-Canada Border Herald a Darker Trend?
by Hugh Handeyside

Food & Water Watch
Administration Must Admit to Political Meddling in Fracking Contamination Report, Clarify and Finalize Findings of Harm
President Must Meet with Those Harmed by Fracking and Protect Communities Like Standing Rock from Future Peril

*Screw meeting with him

How about meting out justice to him?

Earthrights International
Human Rights Claims against Chiquita for Funding Colombian Paramilitaries Will Proceed in U.S. Court

The Real News Network
The Resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline Undaunted by Threats of Evictions and Fines
With two thousand veterans expected to join the opposition to the pipeline, water protectors say they remain resilient despite eviction orders

Paul Jay and Abby Martin on Trump and ‘Fake News’
Paul Jay and Abby Martin discuss Trump’s cabinet appointments, the Green Party effort to recount the vote, and who’s really producing the fake news

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump’s HHS Nominee Wants to Destroy Medicare

Corporate Welfare Will Bring Back Jobs vs. Jobs Will Never Come Back
by Jim Naureckas

Democracy Now!
Jill Stein: Recounts are Necessary Because Electronic Voting Invites Tampering, Hacking, Human Error

Lawrence Lessig: The Electoral College Is Constitutionally Allowed to Choose Clinton over Trump

*I think it’s obvious that if Trump had won the popular vote, this segment wouldn’t have aired.

Lessig is a Democratic Party shill, unless you believe that proclaiming a warmonger and Machiavellian greed and power addict — in other words, a “criminal” — to be a “completely qualified candidate for president” is a rational view to hold.

I’d beg to differ.

That said, had indeed the situation been reversed, I wouldn’t be making the argument that Trump should be the president elect.

When the winner of the game makes losers of all but those who share his sociopathy

Following its rules is a sure sign of psychopathy.

Cybersecurity Expert Bruce Schneier: American Elections Will Be Hacked

This One Simple Exercise Will Help Tighten Your Core and Lower Body
by DailyHealthPost


Security Experts Back Up Jill Stein’s Demand for Manual Recount
‘To determine whether the reported winner actually won requires verifying the results as accurately as possible, which in turn requires manually examining the underlying paper records’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Why Professor Watchlist gets my teaching values completely wrong
by Robert Jensen

Center for Biological Diversity
New Landmark Study: Tighter Pesticide Regulations Key to Reversing Pollinator Declines

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Tuesday, November 29—Tuesday%2C-November-29

Can Trump’s Gangster Capitalism Manage the Global Economy?
Leo Panitch and Paul Jay discuss what the consequences of Trump’s plans to deregulate Wall Street, reduce taxes, create an infrastructure boondoggle, attack unions and foreign policy adventures will have on the global economy

Canadian Supreme Court Set To Hear First Nations Challenge to Seismic Testing and Pipeline Construction
Justin Safayeni and Jerry Natanine argue that the law should be interpreted to halt certain gas and oil projects involving seismic testing and pipeline construction

FAIR CounterSpin
‘We Completely Misunderstand the Most Important Thing That Ever Happened in the Country’
James Loewen on misreporting history
by Janine Jackson

‘There Is Nothing at All That Replaces Grassroots Organizing’
Sumi Cho and Alicia Garza on intersection and the election
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
South Koreans to Launch General Strike and Civil Disobedience for President’s Ouster

The Best and Cheapest Sources of Protein (All Dairy-Free)
by Yuri Elkaim


Still Without Clean Water, Flint Demands Aid From Lame-Duck Congress
‘For our government to have done this and then turned its back on our citizens—there is no way that three years into this we should still be suffering with this’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Twelve Ideas Post-Election from Front Line Organizers
by Bill Quigley

The Washington Post’s Propaganda about Russian Propaganda
by William K. Black

What to Do About ‘Fake News’
by Robert Parry

Fight for $15
Strikes, Civil Disobedience by Fast-Food, Airport, Uber Workers to Headline Nationwide Fight for $15 Day of Disruption
Home Care, Child Care, Higher Education Workers to Join Tens of Thousands in Streets to Show They Won’t Back Down Following Election Defined by Frustration with Rigged Economy

National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)
Alto Trump Resources

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Monday, November 28—Monday%2C-November-28

Trump’s Dark Web of Far Right Militarists Who Want to Attack Iran
Filmmaker Robbie Martin and Paul Jay discuss Trump’s and Pence’s foreign policy appointments and advisors which include many of the neocons who created The Project for the New American Century, led the U.S. into war with Iraq – and are now targeting Iran

Fidel Castro and Political Rights in Cuba
James Early and Paul Jay discuss the death of Fidel Castro and how corporate media deals with the question of political freedoms and human rights in Cuba

Fidel Castro a Fighter for Global Revolution
A leader of a small island nation, Fidel Castro became a figure of global historic importance who led his people in revolution and defied the U.S. empire

Justin Trudeau Not Fulfilling Promises Made to First Nations
Canada is about to see struggles like the one against the Dakota Access Pipeline within its own borders, says Pamela Palmater

*A Liberal dose of deceit

Incarcerated Women in LA County Jails Face Threat of Valley Fever Illness
Diana Zuniga of Californians United for a Responsible Budget says her coalition is pressing officials to address public safety by providing communities with necessary social services

Iranian Government Preferred Trump But Will Have Second Thoughts Now That His Team is Emerging
Trita Parsi tells Paul Jay that the Iranians thought Trump’s anti-interventionist language would be better that Clinton’s declared antagonism; but now that Flynn, Pompeo, and Pence have been chosen, regime change is likely back on the table

Petition update
Brigham and Women’s Hospital Found In Violation of Federal Reporting Requirements on Morcellators
by Hooman Noorchashm

Institute for Public Accuracy
Is U.S. Policy the Ultimate Cause of Cuban Repression?

Appeal to the Working Class? Don’t Bother, Says Krugman
by Jim Naureckas

Democracy Now!
After Surviving 600 Assassination Attempts & Outlasting 11 U.S. Presidents, Fidel Castro Dies at 90

The Untold Story of Cuba’s Support for African Independence Movements Under Fidel Castro

How Fidel Castro Showed Latin America There was a Way to Resist U.S. Imperialism

Will Trump Roll Back Efforts to Normalize Relations Between Havana & Washington?

*The hypocrisy of many critics should be self evident, but so should the assertion that while there may be valid reasons for repression

To the victims, there is never a valid excuse.

7 Anti-Aging Foods Everyone Over 40 Should Eat
by Yuri Elkaim

Barbell Hip Thrust: How to Do It (The Right Way)
by Yuri Elkaim


Warning of Global Havoc as Possible Arctic ‘Tipping Points’ Pile Up
The signals ‘are getting louder,’ says scientist involved in new comprehensive Arctic study
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

Veterans Plan “Deployment” to Join Water Protectors’ Battle Against DAPL
“Let’s stop this savage injustice being committed right here at home. If not us, who? If not now, when?”
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A call to true duty

Awakening Courage in the Era of Trumpism
by Nozomi Hayase

Black Friday and White Noise
by Randall Amster

*Observing the hollow day

The Donald and the Jewish Question
by Andrew Levine

Trump’s National Security Adviser Facilitated the Murder of Civilians in Afghanistan
by Gareth Porter

What About the Black Working Class?
Amid all of the talk about economic populism this election cycle, one group has been largely left out: working class Americans of color
by Tanzina Vega

The Yemen Files

Navdanya International
People’s Assembly on Dow-DuPont crimes of Genocide and Ecocide
Remembering the Bhopal Gas Genocide and Call for Organic India

Compassion in World Farming
USDA: Don’t let the factory farm industry define animal welfare claims on food labels

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Race Is at the Bottom of His Immigration Policy’
Kica Matos on Trump and deportation
by Janine Jackson

‘People Can Protect the Rights of Everyone in Their Community’
Sue Udry on civil liberties under Trump
by Janine Jackson

Euphemism as Journalism: Distracting the Audience by Focusing on Trump’s Skill at Distraction
by Norman Solomon


Trump Nominates ‘True Enemy’ of Public Schools for Education Secretary
Billionaire Betsy DeVos ‘has consistently pushed a corporate agenda to privatize, de-professionalize, and impose cookie-cutter solutions to public education’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trump Just Put Net Neutrality on Death Row
Jeff Eisenach and Mark Jamison, appointed to Trump FCC transition team, ‘have deep financial ties to the telecom industry’
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Shockingly Stupid’ Attack on Science: Trump to Eliminate NASA Climate Research
President-elect plans to entirely slash climate science in favor of deep space exploration
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Blinding us without science

6 Worst Things About Trump Tax Plan
If Congress takes up tax reform in early 2017, the White House will push cuts that would benefit the wealthy, including the president-elect himself and his family members.
by Frank Clemente

Get an IUD While You Can
With a new Congress threatening birth control access, millions of women are looking at long-term solutions
by Olivia Alperstein

The Dark Side Of Jewish Consciousness: Manufactured Anti-Semitism
by Lillian Rosengarten

Stop Genocide!
by Ruth Needleman

Amnesty International
Jamaica: Illegal Police Tactics Fuel Scores of Murders and Sow Culture of Fear

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Wednesday, November 23

Institute for Public Accuracy
An Education Secretary to Dismantle Public Education?

“Exit Polls Sow Doubt About the Vote Count”

Confronting White Supremacists

*Citizen KKKane

From “Rosebud” to “White Blood”

Hey Media, We Don’t Need Another Glossy Profile on That Nazi Dork
by Adam Johnson

*From SS to GQ

Fashionable fascism on parade

Democracy Now!
“Nothing Short of a Slaughter”: 1 Million Syrians in Aleppo Under Siege with No Hospital, Food

Are Trump’s Plans to Expand Obama’s Surveillance State & Activate Muslim Registry Unconstitutional?

Father of Activist Injured at Standing Rock Calls on Obama to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline Drilling

*The worst is yet to come

But the horrific is already here

Historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on Thanksgiving: “It Has Never Been About Honoring Native Americans”

Could certain foods and nutrients affect your hearing?
The tantalizing clues from studying 250,000 men and women
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

Lower Back Rehab Workout
Sore lower back? Try these 5 rehab exercises

Plant Based Protein vs Whey Protein Showdown: Which is Better?
by Yuri Elkaim

Thousands Gather at 50+ Vigils Opposing Kinder Morgan Pipeline
Trudeau to face major opposition across Canada if pipeline is approved

Center for Food Safety
Advocates Challenge FDA on First Ever GE Mosquito Release
Government fails to assess risks to dozens of endangered species from novel experiment releasing millions of GE mosquitoes

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Tuesday, November 22

Will the Revised Colombia Peace Accord Succeed?
The proposed revisions came primarily from the right wing while social movements and peace activists around the country were left outside of the renegotiation, says Professor Mario Murillo

‘Nothing to See Here’ Headlines Conceal Police Violence at Dakota Access
by Jim Naureckas

*All the news that’s bent to fit

Institute for Public Accuracy
Republicans Targeting Medicare

*From Romneycare

To Obamacare

To Ryancare?

How careless can you get?

Democracy Now!
Sweeping New Rutgers Report Reveals University’s Ties to Slavery & Displacement of Native Americans

Immigrants Fighting for Sanctuary Cities & Campuses to Protect Millions from Trump Deportation Push

Is Hypothyroidism an Autoimmune Disease? Here’s the Truth
by Yuri Elkaim


Trump’s Obamacare Repeal Could Spell Chaos for Consumers
Insurers could leave marketplace early to avoid losses, as new report warns 25 percent of already-insured children still lack healthcare
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Listening to Trump
What I learned by going down a weeks-long, late-night, YouTube rabbit hole
by Christian Parenti

We Are All Deplorables
by Chris Hedges

*Can righteous anger against prejudice be honestly expressed without denying the humanity of the bigot?

Can we get in the faces of the haters while still seeing ourselves in them?

Can we not give one inch in deploring their deplorable views, and yet see, and make plain to them that we see, that they spring from a vileness not of their making, that wounds us both?

I believe our anger as well as our empathy are necessary to reach across the divide.

Respect arises from honesty.

We both have to acknowledge our common pain, and our common humanity, if we are to find common cause.

The Terrorism Targeting Our Grandchildren
by Paul Buchheit

Thanksgiving Anxieties, Political and Personal
by Robert Jensen

*Death takes a holiday, as we hide the bodies

While bloating our own

Food & Water Watch
Renewed Calls to Address Fracking as EPA Administrator Touts Environmental Legacy

Fight for $15
November 29:
Massive Protests in 340 Cities
Airport & Fast Food Worker Strikes
Civil Disobedience Across the Nation
We Won’t Back Down

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Monday, November 21—Monday%2C-November-21

Is War with Iran in the Cards with the Trump Foreign Policy Team?
Max Blumenthal and Paul Jay discuss the appointments of Flynn, Pompeo, and Huckabee and whether they will follow through on their calls to rip up the Iran agreement and promote regime change

How Taxes Were Shifted off the Donald Trumps of the World and onto Homeowners
Economist Michael Hudson, author of ‘J is For Junk Economics’, explains how the rising prices of homes came at a great cost to the middle and working classes

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump Advisor Who Played Key Role in Iraq Occupation

Trump’s Threat to Liberty, Enabled by Bush and Obama

*Taking the (peace) prize for empty promises

Lashing Out at ‘Identity Politics,’ Pundits Blame Trump on Those Most Vulnerable to Trump
by Adam Johnson

*The true issue with identity politics is the uncritical support of many for neoliberal imperialists like Clinton and Obama due to their identities.

But Maher et alia’s enmity aligns in some measure with a joke popular among whites when I was growing up in apartheid Miss’ssippi in the ’60s

“What does ‘NAACP’ stand for?

Niggers Ain’t Acting like Colored People.”

Democracy Now!
Neocons, War Criminals & White Nationalists: Jeremy Scahill on Trump’s Incoming Advisers & Cabinet

Jeremy Scahill: TigerSwan Security, Linked to Blackwater, Now Coordinates Intel for Dakota Access

Find the Right Doctor and Triumph over Cancer
by Ty Bollinger

Does sugar, fiber, or constipation affect your risk of colon cancer?
What the best research shows
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

Wheat-Free Diet: A 5-Step Detox Plan to Lose Your Belly
by Yuri Elkaim

Tight Hips? 9 Powerful Glute Stretches That Will Help


UK Set to Approve Most Extreme Spy Bill in ‘History of Western Democracy’
“Snooper’s charter” poised to become law by end of 2016 after passing both houses of Parliament this week
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A Brexit from the Magna Carta

‘Climate Emergency’: North Pole Sees Record Temps, Melting Ice Despite Arctic Winter
Arctic is losing ice and heating up despite seasonal onset of 24-hour darkness—phenomena that break all previous records
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Where to Turn
by Kathy Kelly

At Risk of Being Dupes
by David Smith-Ferri

Can Keeping It in the Ground Be Fair?
by Dipti Bhatnagar and Sara Shaw

Friends of the Earth International
Global Momentum for Action Unstoppable – But We Are Still on Track for Dangerous Levels of Warming

Center for Biological Diversity
Feds Block Offshore Arctic Drilling, Allow New Oil and Gas Leases in Gulf
Step Forward, But Five-Year Plan Fails to Safeguard Against Trump-fueled Climate Change

Campaign for Peace and Democracy
Reports from the European Left

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Friday, November 18

Michael Hudson: Donald Trump Wants to Make the 1% Even Richer
Economist Michael Hudson explains how economic terms like capital gains are deployed to mislead the public about who is benefiting from economic policy and where wealth is going

Spinning Bannon as ‘Provocateur’ Who ‘Relishes Combativeness’
by Janine Jackson

*Don’t speak ill of the morally dead

Extreme Center Goes After Anti-Trump Protesters
by Adam Johnson

*Wait for the other shoe to drop

While the first one’s on your neck

Institute for Public Accuracy
Pompeo at CIA: Iran Belligerence, Pro-Torture, Pro-Surveillance

Democracy Now!
Africa’s Last Colony: Morocco’s Monarchy Pursues Neoliberal Policies in Occupied Western Sahara

East Timor Minister Constâncio Pinto Reflects on 25th Anniversary of Santa Cruz Massacre

Why Is the World Closing Borders on Us? A Plea from a 13-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Living in Morocco

Global South Pushes Developed Nations to Avoid “Climate Catastrophe” by Turning Words into Action

*Hot air can’t cool the planet

Marshall Islands Poet to U.N. Climate Summit: At 2 Degrees, My Islands Will Already Be Under Water

*Dying by degrees

Good tips for finding and cooking your Thanksgiving turkey
Should you rinse the bird before roasting it?
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Gilded Giving: What Happens When Billionaires Dominate the Charitable Sector
New report details dangers of a top-heavy philanthropy in age of extreme inequality
by Chuck Collins and Helen Flannery

*Doing well by doing good PR

A Blueprint for a New Party
by Seth Ackerman

Indigenous Environment Network
Indigenous Representatives from Across the World Stand with Standing Rock During COP22 Marrakech

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Thursday, November 17

The Economic Consequences of a Trump Presidency
Economist Heiner Flassbeck says the worst way to pursue public spending would be through the failed model of public-private partnerships

Advocates Call for Wall Street Firm to Halt Foreclosures in Baltimore
Struggling homeowners have joined with city council members, UNITE HERE, and United Workers to also demand an end to discriminatory lending practices in the city

Institute for Public Accuracy
Will Trump Keep Promise to Get Rid of “Common Core”?


Fearing Trump, Calls Grow for ‘Sanctuary Campuses’ for Undocumented Students
‘We are trying to tell…students, [you] are not alone and we are going to come together to fix this problem’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

The System Has Failed. Time for an Energy Transformation That Benefits People
The dirty energy system is an illegitimate system. Now we must reclaim the system and produce energy that is democratic, sustainable, and safe.
by Lucy Cadena and Godwin Ojo

Why We Must Fiercely Defend Those Who Defend the Earth
The urgency for recognition and protection for environmental defenders at COP22 and beyond
by Payal Parekh

*Putting the lives on the line

So that the planet doesn’t cross it

Mike Pence Will Be the Most Powerful Christian Supremacist in US History
by Jeremy Scahill

*In Jesus’ name, we prey

Is Trump Bringing “White Zionism” to the White House?
by Ali Abunimah

Indigenous Environment Network
View from the Ground: Seven Days of DAPL Successes and Setbacks

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Wednesday, November 16

Democracy Now!
Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Spread to 300 Cities as Pipeline Owner Sues to Continue Construction

Do You Know These 6 Health Benefits & Uses for Rosemary Essential Oil?
by Ty Bollinger

Glute Bridge Exercise: 7 Simple Variations to See and Feel Better Results
by Yuri Elkaim


Local Gun Restrictions Could be ‘Eviscerated’ Under Trump
Gun control advocates say the right-wing Congress is expected to pass a national right-to-carry law
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

We Can No Longer Hope to Win This By Simply Voting or Speaking Out
‘We do this work out of love, and we know that nothing has ever been more necessary’
by Emily Johnston

*There is no greater risk than doing what our conscience demands

Other than not doing so

The Normalizer-in-Chief
by Thomas S. Harrington

*I dubbed him “Dear Misleader” a long time ago

And this is the unequivocal embodiment of the epithet.

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Tuesday, November 15

Native Women Bring Shovels to North Dakota Cemetery to Highlight the Destruction of Sacred Sites

Will Trump Erase the ”Progress” of the Obama Administration?
Tens of thousands continue to protest the election of Donald Trump to the White House, yet Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report says they should’ve been demonstrating against President Obama’s policies too

*Wrong propositions

Wrong prepositions

We don’t need to “take over” the Democratic Party

We need to take it down.

Veterans Head To Standing Rock To Support ‘We The People’
Reporting from Standing Rock in North Dakota

*The true meaning of “defense”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump Treasury Pick: Was This Election Goldman vs. Sachs?

*Another “Wall” he has a hankering for

How Trump’s ‘Chief Strategist’ Provided a ‘Platform for the Alt-Right’
by Jim Naureckas

Democracy Now!
A Look at the Other Morocco: From Protests Against Austerity to Occupation of Western Sahara

Nnimmo Bassey on the Catch-22 at COP 22: Rich Nations Continue to Pollute as Temps Keep Rising


There’s No Normalizing President-Elect Trump (Or at Least, There Shouldn’t Be)
‘Keep reminding yourself, this is not normal’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*This is not “not normal”

This is “normal” on steroids

In Trump We Trust: Israelis Edge Towards Burying the Two-State Solution for Good
Israeli settlement leaders welcomed Trump’s election with cheers. Will his victory hasten their initiatives towards the annexation of the West Bank?
by Meron Rapoport

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Monday, November 14

Chris Hedges: The Surrender of the Liberal Left to Neoliberalism Gave Us Proto-fascism
The demonization of third parties misses the fact that roots of our current situation are austerity, deindustrialization, and the impoverishment of half the nation, says journalist Chris Hedges

*We have to go beyond the prescriptions of Nader, the Greens and every other visible political formation in this country. But we can’t do that until we acknowledge that a system based on profit and competition can never deliver a just society.

Just the opposite.

At the core of any fair socioeconomic structure are the principles of shared responsibility, and shared benefit. Winning and losing aren’t part of the equation.

I have no faith that that penny will drop among the mass of Americans, given the capitalist religiosity we’ve been force fed

But truth doesn’t change because it’s not understood, does it?

Chris Hedges: Trump Will Crush Dissent With Even Greater Violence and Savagery
The tools of state repression that will end up in the hands of a Trump administration were built by both Republicans and Democrats, says the Pulitzer prize-winning journalist

*Anyone who didn’t see this coming, under whomever would be president (degree, not kind), was driving with their headlights off.

RAI with Former Weatherman Bill Ayers (3/3)
In an interview that took place days before Trump was elected President, Bill Ayers discusses what needs to be done as we head into a ”form of friendly looking and familiar fascism or some other form of extreme social disintegration”

*Democrats tell us that we have to play the game

And the game is what got us here.

Sanders and what comes out of his campaign don’t reject the game. They simply want to change some of the rules. Greens and most other “alternatives” pretty much align with that.

See “Syriza”.

And that’s not going to get us out of here, to where we need to get to.

A truly radical break is necessary, if we truly believe that everyone — everyone — has the right to a dignified life. If you believe that you have no more right to that than anyone else.

And if you believe that the only way to get there is through cooperation and community, not competition and profit, you can’t devote your energy to changing the rules of a game based on the latter.

That only leads to a different spot on the same game board, with the same players making the moves, and the rest of us as only slightly less malleable pawns.

Flipping over the table is a fearsome prospect, and a lot of people — and that could well include you or me — who don’t deserve to be deeply harmed will be.

Fairy tales don’t come true

But perhaps a fair world might emerge from the maelstrom.

It’s our only hope

And always has been.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Sanders Delegates Call on Brazile to Resign as DNC Head

*“[T]he DNC must either change or it will die.”

Let it

Democracy Now!
As U.S. Elects Global Warming Denier, Thousands March in Marrakech Calling for Climate Justice

*”All of the above” was going to push us over the abyss, pretty promises still ringing in our ears.

Now that the charade is over in the US, the new boss’ blatant fealty to profit over planet will remove any illusions that we can place our faith in anyone over than ourselves, and perhaps — perhaps — that will be our salvation.

Climate Activist at COP 22: “The Global Community Cannot Allow Trump to Poison These Negotiations”

How to Support a Loved One With Cancer: 4 Ways to Nurture Them & You
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

10 Cancer Causing Toxins You Need to Avoid
by Dr. David Jockers

The 6 Workout Mistakes That Will Stop You from Losing Weight
by Yuri Elkaim

FTP Syndrome [this causes 80% of back pain]
by Jesse Cannone

*Not pimping any product — I just thought the extant intel might be of benefit.

Functional Movement Training: 3 Big Reasons You Should Be Doing It
by Yuri Elkaim


Climate Change Has Already Altered Nearly Every Ecosystem on Earth
Some animals are already shrinking, as a smaller body mass helps stay cool on rapidly heating planet
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

From Birth Control to Passports: Embattled Groups Prepare for Trump
Women, immigrants, people of color, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and others likely to suffer under looming right-wing administration share survival tips
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

On Surviving the Trump Years with Our Spirits Intact
by Cynthia Kaufman

*Our humanity must grow in direct proportion to the inhumanity we seek to diminish

Discrimination More Appealing than Experts Thought Possible
by Christian Christensen

Informed Rant
The Donald Trump win and Putin’s Useful Idiot

*No idea of the veracity of this, but I thought it worth passing along, and hopefully later intel will either vet or disprove it.

Foreign Office Loses Contact with British Dad ‘in Fear for His Life’ on Ethiopian Death Row Reacts to Kenya’s Government Revocation of the Lamu Coal Plant Project

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Friday, November 11

FAIR CounterSpin
‘What Open Borders Mean for Corporations Is Really About Restricting Workers’ Rights’
Michelle Chen on Samsung’s labor and environmental abuses
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump Didn’t Kill TPP, but TPP Helped Elect Trump

Veterans Groups Support Drone Documentary at Veterans Day Parade

Democracy Now!
“They Knew What was at Stake”: 2016 Latino Voter Turnout Higher for Clinton Than for Obama in 2012

Will Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Be a “Cash Machine” for Military & Private Prison Contractors?

Allan Nairn Returns to East Timor on 25th Anniversary of Dili Massacre When U.S. Weapons Killed 270+

Millions Sign Onto Call for Electoral College to Award the Presidency to Popular Vote Winner Clinton

*Unquestionably the presidential electoral system is undemocratic, and should be changed, but something tells me there wouldn’t be more than two million signers to the petition mentioned had the situation been reversed.

I’m not saying there should be, but it does present an ethical conundrum, don’t it?

3 Things Every Cancer Patient Needs to Do
by Dr. Charles Majors


‘Game Over’ for Climate? Report Warns Warming Is Still Underestimated
Researchers say “business as usual” could actually put planet on track for 4.78°C to 7.36°C rise by 2100
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Heartbreak and Outrage as Minorities Recount “Day 1 in Trump’s America”
Kids as young as kindergartners are being harassed across the US
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Just wondering if Dear Misleader (whom Jones reveres, even after throwing him under the bus) brought this vile viciousness to A Donald’s attention when they met today.

Whaddaya think … ?

With Trump, a Renewed Call to Radical Feminist Men
Our task is to reject men’s claim to control women’s reproductive power and sexuality, while calling out White supremacy and a widening equality gap
by Robert Jensen

Trumping Disbelief
On why denial is not a viable political strategy
by Randall Amster

*I would just add

Invest in your principles

Not in personalities

Italy Trains Egyptian Judges Despite Death Sentences and Torture

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Thursday, November 10

Why the Radical Left and Radical Right in Israel Are Celebrating Trump’s Win
The right sees it as carte blanche for its political activities while the left sees it as potentially leading to less U.S. support for the occupation, says political economist Shir Hever

‘Wall Street Plus Identity Politics’ Formula is Over for the Democrats
If the Democrats want to win, they have to speak to the real concerns of working people; but how can they when Wall Street dominates the party? – Tom Ferguson in conversation with Paul Jay

*The talk was all about Trump destroying the Republican Party.

Maybe, in winning, he saved it.

We can only hope not.

But maybe, by losing, Clintonismo has destroyed the Democratic Party, at least as we know it?

We can only hope.

If so, what follows won’t be the answer by any means.

That lies outside any design of the duopoly, doesn’t it?

The Final Bill for TPP May Include Trump
by Dean Baker

Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald: Bernie Sanders Would Have Been a Stronger Candidate Against Donald Trump

Greenwald on “Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit”

*To me it’s not an either/or — to either condemn Trump voters or “try to understand their anger”.

You can righteously denounce hatred without denying the humanity of those expressing it. You can make it clear that you honestly “feel their pain” (you’re in the same boat to one degree or another, after all), without in any way excusing their ignorant and bigoted response to it by blaming “the other”.

And you can do your damnedest to show them who’s truly responsible for that pain — the exploitocracy that is an equal opportunity immiserator.

Call them on their shit

And then try to show them a way to crawl out of the toilet we’ve all been dropped in.

Colon Hydrotherapy: Everything You Need to Know
by Yuri Elkaim

How to Do Russian Kettlebell Swings (The Right Way)
by Yuri Elkaim


We Need to Understand What Happened on Election Night, and Fast
by Sonali Kolhatkar

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Wednesday, November 9

The Urgency of Now – A Message from Paul Jay
Paul Jay concludes our election night coverage with a promise to our viewers to be a platform for movements trying to organize

This Election Year, A Significant Increase in Violence Against Muslims
Mark Potok, Senior Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, says the Trump campaign bears responsibility for most anti-Muslim violence this year

The Comey Non-Story and the Problem of Meta-Scandals
by Adam Johnson

Institute for Public Accuracy
Economic Dynamics Behind Trump Victory

Democracy Now!
Just Like After Reconstruction, Trump Vote Highlights White Backlash to Recent Racial Progress

*Dear Misleader’s election was “racial progress” only in the most superficial sense, but the point’s broadly valid.

What Happens Now to the Millions of Immigrants Facing Possible Deportation Under Trump?

Allan Nairn: Did the FBI Hand the Election to Donald Trump?

*I’m still not sure of the motivations for Comey’s actions, or the impact of them (though I doubt they were the deciding factor in Madam Mayhem’s demise), but I’m certain that only a Democratic Party so devoted to neoliberalism could have lost to the likes of A Donald.

That’s what “swung the election”, don’t you think?

Trump Biographer Wayne Barrett on Donald Trump’s Shocking Rise to the White House

In Victory for Immigrants’ Rights Activists, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Loses Re-election in Arizona

What Led to Trump’s Victory? From Racial Fear to Economic Populism

“It Might Not Be Good for America, But It’s Good for Us”: How the Media Got Rich on Trump’s Rise

*The “liberal” corpress didn’t want him to win

Her Travesty was their neolib wet dream

But they were damned if they were going to lose out on all that filthy lucre

And so damned we are

Lee Fang: Donald Trump Recruits Corporate Lobbyists to Select His Future Administration

The most valuable real estate in a grocery store
Why stores devote so much space to refrigerated single-serving bottles of soda
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


November 8 Is (Finally) Here: An Abridged Election Day Resource Guide
Where do you vote? What’s on the ballot? And what to do if your access is denied?
by Common Dreams staff

Drone Operators’ Brains May Be Zapped With Electricity to “Improve Performance”
U.S. Air Force finds electric pulses to the brain an effective technique for keeping soldiers on task
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*At some point these tasks will be automated, and there will be no concern for a lack of concentration

Or a presence of conscience.

Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Abortion Should Not Be A Crime

Amnesty International
Iran: Musicians and Activists Launch Campaign to Free Jailed Artists

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Tuesday, November 8

RAI with Former Weather Bill Ayers (2/3)
Bill Ayers tells Paul Jay the Weathermen were delusional about armed struggle because they mistakenly thought the American people were in a revolutionary crisis during the Vietnam War

Democracy Now!
35 States Set to Vote on 160+ Initiatives on Pot, Universal Healthcare, Minimum Wage, Death Penalty

Greg Palast in Ohio on GOP Effort to Remove African Americans from Voter Rolls in Battleground State

*The big rig is painted red

Beyond the Electoral College: A State-Based Plan for Electing the President by National Popular Vote

Election Day 2000: Bill Clinton Faces 30 Minutes of Questioning by Amy Goodman During GOTV Call-in

*Slick Willie slips up

The Simple 19 Stretches That Will Improve Your Flexibility
by Yuri Elkaim

ONE Muscle to Relieve the #1 Cause of Hip & Back Pain
by Yuri Elkaim


DOJ to Spread Poll Monitors Thin Despite Widespread Concerns
2013 gutting of Voting Rights Act means fewer full-access election observers will be stationed at polling places
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

With Charges Dropped, Climate Documentarian Vows, ‘We Fight On’
Filmmaker Lindsey Grayzel, who was detained after filming pipeline direct action, said her arrest is part of a ‘disturbing trend’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Chilling the messenger

The Struggle Continues for a Binding Treaty to #StopCorporateAbuse
A binding treaty to regulate the activities of corporations could provide a vital counterpoint to controversial free trade and investment agreements, with potentially radical implications for a new international political, economic and legal order
by Adam Parsons

How a Disappearing and Deluded Middle Class Awaits the New President
by Paul Buchheit

The Era Of Climate Migration Meets Violent Borders
by Alexandra Tempus

‘Do not blame Israelis for settlements or excessive use of force’ – Clinton stance was clear a year ago
by Philip Weiss

Oxfam International
EU Can’t Afford to Fudge Tax Haven Blacklist

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Monday, November 7

RAI With Former Weatherman Bill Ayers (1/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself Bill Ayers joins Paul Jay to discuss his journey from an apolitical life to the militant group the Weatherman to social activism and organizing

Petition update
New Petition: Support The Medigap Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 6265)!
by James Myers

Institute for Public Accuracy
Pence and the “Christian Right”: Election a “Win-Win”

*In Jesus’ name

We prey

Democracy Now!
This is Voting in 2016: Armed Intimidation Squads, Purged Rolls, 868 Fewer Polling Stations

*Voting rights are like housing rights

Just because you have them doesn’t mean you’ll get much by exercising them.

Disenfranchised by Misinformation: Victoria Law on the Millions Who Can Vote—But Might Not Know It

*Ironic that so many out of prison can’t vote for so many who should be in prison

How to Use Essential Oil Massage for Cancer Healing
by Ty Bollinger

Is “Movember” Just Another Pink Ribbon Scam Targeting Men?
by Ty Bollinger

How to Reduce Lactic Acid (Better Workouts, Less Pain)
by Yuri Elkaim

The surprising extra calories people eat after too little sleep
Be on guard after staying up late for sports championships and election results
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


A Prayer for People and Planet: 500 Clergy Hold ‘Historic’ Mass Gathering for Standing Rock
Roughly a hundred protesters and clergy members shut down the North Dakota state Capitol with a lawn prayer circle
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Congressman Warns US Could Be Prosecuted for War Crimes in Yemen
U.S. may be violating laws of war ‘if U.S. personnel are not aware if targets are civilian or military…or if the operation is even militarily necessary’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*If the war itself is a crime, observing its “laws” is no defense

With Voting Rights Protections Gutted, Polling Places Shuttered on ‘Massive Scale’
‘Polling place closures are a particularly common and pernicious tactic for disenfranchising voters of color,’ says civil rights group
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Why ‘There Are No Acceptable Rerouting Options’ for Dakota Access
Obama, extortion and what #NoDAPL really means
by Gyasi Ross

The Real News Network
Are the CIA and Western Intelligence Services Covering Up Algerian Sponsorship of Islamist Jihadists?
A report by SOAS Professor Jeremy Keenan unveils the role of the Algerian intelligence agencies in running al-Qaeda camps in northern Africa with the knowledge of the CIA, reports Dr. Nafeez Ahmed of Insurge Intelligence

Indo-Russian Arms and Energy Deals Is Not What India Needs
The Modi government’s desire to project India as a military power will intensify an existing arms race with Pakistan and continue to impoverish South Asia, says Vijay Prashad

Ghee vs. Butter: Is One Actually Better for You?
by Yuri Elkaim

Wake Up Your “Dormant” Glutes With This ONE Simple Trick
by Yuri Elkaim


Environmentalists Argue ‘We Can Do Better’ Than Washington Carbon Tax
“Washington has an amazing climate justice movement and a progressive tradition—it’s a realistic place to win a better precedent”—Naomi Klein
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Ruling Against Pro-GMO Lobby Highlights Dark Money’s “Egregious” Role in State Ballot Fights
Ruling comes as states prepare to vote on major progressive ballot initiatives, which are also facing unprecedented corporate spending
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Anti-Brexit Ruling Gives Surprise ‘Victory for Parliamentary Democracy’
High court ruled government does not have unilateral power to withdraw the U.K. from the E.U. by triggering Article 50
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Tags and Numbers
by Sabia Rigby

The Real News Network
Turkey Abandons the European Integration Project in Favor of Extreme Power Consolidation
Turkish media, Kurds and Kurdish supporters, and Gulanists, anyone who gets in the way of this consolidation of power will endure severe state repression, says Baris Karaagac

Whether Clinton or Trump, Tensions Will Escalate with China and Russia Under Next U.S. President
Journalist John Pilger tells Paul Jay that the very real prospect of another world war is not being taken seriously by the American media

*Smoking mushroom clouds

Are the U.S. Claims that Iran Is Arming the Yemeni Houthis Credible?
Investigative journalist Gareth Porter scrutinizes the claims made by the U.S. and finds the credibility of its evidence highly questionable

Help reduce teen suicide rates
by Denise Denslow

Tell prison administrations: lift ban on SF Bay View newspaper

*You can imprison the body

But not the mind

Democracy Now!
Standing Rock Chair: Obama Could Stop the Dakota Pipeline Today & Preserve Indigenous Sacred Sites

*Archambault appears to be taking a broader view than his comments indicated a couple of days ago, but it’s still not clear to me if merely rerouting this “black snake” is acceptable to him.

Of course, the larger question is whether it’s acceptable to the protectors, isn’t it?

Who is Kelcy Warren, the Texas Billionaire and Folk Music Fanatic Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline?

“I Do Not Play for Oil Interests”: Jackson Browne to His Biggest Fan, the Billionaire Behind #DAPL

The Indigo Girls Launch #NoDAPL Boycott to Protest Pipeline Owner Who Runs Major Folk Music Festival

*The day the music lied

Do This ONE “No Movement” Exercise to Relieve Tight Hips and Back Pain
by Yuri Elkaim

3 Powerful Stretches For Tight Hamstrings
by Yuri Elkaim


In Sign of ‘Overwhelming Support,’ Water Protectors Raise Over $3 Million to Fight Dakota Access
Supporters from around the world are sending money to fund the Standing Rock Sioux’s battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Damn Right’: Sanders Calls for Stopping Dakota Access as Obama Waffles
Former Democratic presidential candidate elevates stance against project as president says Army Corps considering pipeline “reroute”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*They are tales told by hypocrites

Bereft of sound and fury

Signifying nothing

(And Sanders shills for one, and by extension, both)

Public Servants or Corporate Security?: An Open Letter to Law Enforcement and National Guard in North Dakota
by Winona LaDuke, Ann Wright and Zoltán Grossman

Organic Consumers Association
Nonprofits File Lawsuit Against Sioux Honey Over ‘100% Pure’ and ‘Natural’ Labels on Products Contaminated with Glyphosate
Beyond Pesticides, Organic Consumers Association allege deceptive and misleading labeling, after FDA testing confirms contamination

The Real News Network
Hillary Clinton Expresses Regret For Not Interfering in Palestinian Elections in 2006 Tape
The policy of a Clinton administration towards the Palestinians would reflect her patronizing and colonialist remarks recently published by the Observer, says TRNN correspondent Shir Hever

3 Recent Wikileaks Revelations You Should Know About
The whirlwind of news just days before the elections – from speculation on Trump-Russia ties to the FBI’s new Clinton email investigation – has thrown shade on some of the most recent Wikileaks revelations. Here are three you should know about

Obamacare: A Stepping Stone or Barrier to Single-Payer?
A single-payer system would save the federal government the equivalent of the Pentagon’s budget, says Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford

*Call it Health Inc.’s insurance

Help me save my children from Boko Haram
by Nkechinyere Jonathan

Justice for Port Drivers
Hold Trucking Companies Accountable

Institute for Public Accuracy
How Clinton’s Elite Corruption Breeds Trump’s Demagoguery

*No two presidential candidates have needed each other more, have they?

A sinister symbiosis if ever there was

Democracy Now!
9 States to Vote on Marijuana Initiatives: Will They Stop Jailing Young People of Color over Weed?

*Madam Mayhem may (or may not) support liberalization in the US, but do you really think she’s going to dismantle the GWOD ™ (Global War on Drugs), which is an integral component of imperialist policy?

Rhetorical question, innit just?

Shut Down Rikers: Meet Akeem Browder, Who Is Fighting to Close Jail That Took His Brother’s Life

15 of the Best Natural Remedies for PCOS
by Yuri Elkaim


As Flint Suffers, Nestlé Plans Dramatic Expansion of Water Privatization in Michigan
What’s more, the biggest food company in the world gets to pump that water at no cost
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

From Citizens United to Ranked-Choice Voting: Democracy on the Ballot 2016
‘We can no longer allow wealthy special interests to continue to drown out the voices of everyday Americans’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

The War in Syria Cannot Be Won. But It Can Be Ended.
The left is profoundly divided over the conflict, but we should at least agree on a set of principles to end it
by Phyllis Bennis

Nasty Women vs. The Greatest Victim in the History of the World Donald Trump
by Ann Jones

*Jones nails the sickening sociopathy of A Donald, and is spot on in praising the bravery of the women who have exposed it by recounting their horrific experiences with him

But lauding Her Travesty as a “fighter”, and all the female Republicans who found it politically expedient to finally break with their nominee, speaks to a blind spot inherent in the expression of identity politics.

I could care less whether an office seeker is female (or black or queer et alia)

I care about what they’re going to try to do for women, minorities and every other “other”.

The only identity that matters to me is the hue of their humanity.

Vote ‘No’ on Charter Schools
by Jonathan Kozol

Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)
EPA Ignores Concerns Over Pesticide Drift, Proposes Expanded Use of Dow’s Product
Cornucopia Institute

Industry Watchdog: USDA Allowing Illegal “Organic” Produce Production
Corporate Interests Lobbying to Approve Hydroponics — Growing without Soil


You’re soaking in it.

The Real News Network
Green the Church Summit: Bringing Race, Religion and Environmental Justice Together
Last week, church leaders from around the country met in Baltimore, MD for a two-day conference that aims to anchor today’s social and environmental movements within the church as a way of providing meaning and purpose to the upswell

Democracy Now!
Democrats Sue Trump & GOP Under 1871 KKK Act for Threatening Voters of Color

Meet Birgitta Jónsdóttir: The Ex-WikiLeaks Volunteer Who Has Helped the Pirate Party Reshape Iceland

Morocco: Massive Protests Against Neoliberalism, Privatization Follow Death of Fish Seller

The 8 Best Foods Rich in Probiotics Your Gut Badly Needs
by Yuri Elkaim


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