December 2016


As Resistance Grows, Trump’s Deportation Plans Unravel
Cost, impossible logistics, political opposition, and community resistance could spell the end of the president-elect’s anti-immigrant scheme
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*So maybe he’ll just continue the current deportation regime.

What a relief for undocumented folks.

Buoyed by DAPL Fight, Canadian Chiefs Launch Legal Battle Against Enbridge Pipeline
Oil pipeline will face fierce opposition in Canada as well as in the United States, where the permitting process is currently underway
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Guardian’s Summary of Julian Assange’s Interview Went Viral and Was Completely False
by Glenn Greenwald

The Real News Network
Russia Announces Syria Ceasefire Deal That Excludes the US
Author Reese Ehrlich details the many reasons why the deal could fall apart

Former FBI Agent: Russia Sanctions Moves the US Closer to Another Cold War
Former FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley says the evidence the Russian government hacked and interfered with US elections must be made public

*Burnishing that Nobel legacy

Petition update
Walmart Must End Unfair Double Standards!!!
by Paola Gaviño + The Humane League


Theresa May Seeks to Pull UK from European Convention on Human Rights
Unelected prime minister to run in 2020 on bid to cut ties with outside judicial system and replace Human Rights Act with regressive rules
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What “rules” do those UK cluster bombs “play by” in Yemen?

Trump Takes Credit for New Sprint Jobs He Had Nothing To Do With
…and the corporate media lets him
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Do snow jobs count?

Syria and the Antiwar Movement
by Judith Deutsch

Don’t Look Now, But Gaddafi’s Political Movement Could Be Making a Comeback in Libya
by Vijay Prashad

The Real News Network
Rhetorical Battles Over Settlements Overshadow Massive US Military Aid and Protection of Israel at the UN
There’s no fundamental shift in US policy, but Kerry’s remarks suggest that the US is opposed to Israel as a Jewish state as part of a two-state solution, says Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies

*No sticks or stones

Just words that I’ll pretend hurt me

UN Vote Reveals Growing Rift Between Israeli Settlements and US Interests
Netanyahu’s response reveals that the Israeli government has no strategic plans beyond hoping that Palestinians will accept life under occupation, says economist Shir Hever

Aleppo, Mosul, and the US Strategy of Permanent War
The United States attempts to secure its national security interests in Syria and Iraq by sustaining conflict rather than pursuing political solutions, says professor Sabah Alnasseri

*Humanitarian in—vention

An Interview with a Leader from Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement
MST’s Gilmar Mauro on the struggle to build a mass organization as an alternative to fascism amidst Brazil’s ongoing political crisis

Reflections from Cubans on Castro (2/2)
James Early and Paul Jay discuss the potential role of independent trade unions in Cuban politics and the future of relations with the US under President Trump

Pressure Mounts in Baltimore to Complete Police Consent Decree Before Trump Takes Office
Advocates says Mayor Catherine Pugh needs to complete the agreement with the Department of Justice to ensure police reform efforts continue

Democracy Now!
Scientists Scramble to Protect Decades of Climate Research Before Trump Takes Office

Obama Urged to Take U.S. Nukes Off High Alert Before Trump Takes Office

Facing Possible Threats Under Trump, Internet Archive to Build Server in Canada

Sons of Julius & Ethel Rosenberg Ask Obama to Exonerate Their Mother in Nuclear Spy Case


For-Profit Schools See Veterans as ‘Nothing More Than Dollar Signs in Uniform’
A new report from the Department of Education shows that nearly 200 colleges are profiting from a legal loophole that allows them to target veterans for G.I. bill money
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Israel Punishes the World After UN Vote
by Ali Abunimah

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe On the Occasion of Your Visit to Pearl Harbor

Christmas in Karbala
by Cathy Breen

How feminists can challenge liberal bathroom politics
by Robert Jensen

*I understand Jensen’s concerns, but his stance appears to omit consideration of how transgender folks feel about being compelled to use facilities based on their biological sex.

What discomfort, and possible harassment and harm, might someone who identifies as female face if forced to use “Men Only” facilities? How about those who ID as male in a “Female Only” environment?

I asked for his thoughts on that, and was … disappointed … in his reply.  If you’re interested, I can pass along the thread if you contact me at the email in the site intro.

The Real News Network
Reflections from Cubans on Castro (1/2)
Street interviews with Cubans and a conversation with the Smithsonian’s James Early about the future of the Caribbean island after the passing of Fidel Castro and a growing US presence

Researchers Fault Mass Incarceration for Black-White Wage Gap Returning to 1950’s Levels
Black labor has become superfluous in the US economy, and the ruling class is responding with more incarceration and police oppression, says Glen Ford

Democracy Now!
Report: After Legislative Coup, North Carolina Can No Longer Be Considered a Democracy

CIA Interrogator: At Time of U.S. Invasion, Saddam Hussein Was Focused on Writing Novel, Not WMDs

The World is a Toxic Place, but This Powerful Herb Can Help
by Ty Bollinger


Global Cheetah Population ‘Crashing,’ Raising Risk of Species Extinction
Just 7,100 cheetahs remain around the world
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Nowhere to run, no matter how fast you are

Behind the Real US Strategic Blunder in Syria
Obama’s failed Syria policy was provoked by the inability to anticipate Iranian and Russian intervention on behalf of the Syrian regime
by Gareth Porter

RRM Inc.
Remove Judge Randy Stoker from the bench for decision in John Howard rape case.

*Perhaps the president-unelect will tweet a “thumbs up” for the justness of this outcome.

Democracy Now!
Former Rockette: Troupe Should Not Perform at Inauguration; Trump Has Degraded, Objectified Women

*Well, there’s always Ted Nugent

Did Trump Team Offer Ambassadorships in Order to Lure Celebrities to Perform at Inauguration?


New Study ‘Sounds Alarm’ on Another Climate Feedback Loop
“What we know from this study is that warming will result in the loss of stored carbon in a wide variety of ecosystems—and that has potentially harmful effects in terms of future global warming”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Under Cover of Christmas, Obama Establishes Controversial Anti-Propaganda Agency
“It owns all these not-at-all-important laws are smuggled into NDAAs that are signed on Christmas Eve with basically no public debate,” wrote media critic Adam Johnson
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A “legacy” of roasting our chestnuts

In the Time of Trump, All We Have Is Each Other
by Chris Hedges

*It is possible that we may hang together

It is certain that we must

Arctic Waters Have Been Rescued From Drilling, But What About the Land?
Time is running out for Obama to say no to Big Oil and permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—and the people who depend on it
by Brennan Lagasse

Why Donald Trump’s China policy is a trade war in the making
by John Weeks

The Real News Network
Israeli Journalist: The ‘Real Landlords’ of Israel Are the Settlers
Gideon Levy discusses how the government’s preoccupation with a small Israeli colony in the occupied West Bank reflects the political power of settlers in Israel

US Fines Deutsche Bank to the Applause of Shareholders
The fines for mortgage fraud had to be low so as not to endanger the viability of Deutsche Bank or Credit Suisse – but now it’s not a real punishment, says economist John Weeks

*Alternatives to incarceration are nothing new when it comes to bank biggies, are they just?

‘A Marriage Made in Hell’: Construction Companies and the Brazilian State
Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht was recently fined $4.5 billion by the U.S. Department of Justice. The case shows the role played by nefarious infrastructure deals in Brazil’s economic growth over the last 40 years, says Professor Rafael Ioris

How Will Trump Wield Obama’s Modernized Nukes?
The President-elect’s off-the-cuff, ignorant and inconsistent remarks suggests he’s either a cynical war profiteer or a true believer in the American myth that more militarism leads to fewer wars, says Noble Prize nominee David Swanson

*The insanity doesn’t stem from the presidency

But the policy

Tell Walmart to stop this cage-free hypocrisy!
by Paola Gaviño + The Humane League

*Of course, even in the good ol’ US and A, “cage free” doesn’t necessarily mean what we would want it to.

Why I’d Nebulize Colloidal Silver to Treat Lung Cancer
by Dr. Robert Scott Bell

How Holy Basil Helps Your Body Adapt to Stress & Reduce Cancer Growth
by Dr. David Jockers


US Government Quietly Starts Asking Travelers for Social Media Accounts
Controversial program met with opposition from civil liberties groups when first proposed in June
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trump’s Vineyard Looks to Hire Foreign Workers for U.S. Jobs
Moreover, incoming Trump administration will have power to approve requested foreign worker visas
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Climate Scientist Wins Important Legal Battle in Conservative War on Science
Michael Mann will now be able to proceed with defamation case against conservative writers who attempted to smear his work on global warming
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Cyber Security Takes on New Urgency for Groups Targeted by Trump
by Sarah Aziza

Democratize Now!
by Andrew Levine

Jubilee USA Network
Bahamas: Another Victim of Caribbean Debt Crisis

Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Yemen: Brazil-Made Cluster Munitions Harm Civilians
Saudi-Led Coalition Rockets Nearly Hit Schools in Saada

The Real News Network
Trump and Putin Share Ties to the Post-USSR Kleptocracy
Economist James Henry traces the rise of both Putin and Trump to the West’s failed reconstruction of the former Soviet states in the 1990’s

Italy Needs Expansionary Fiscal Policy to Escape Six-Year Recession
Further cuts in government expenditure to compensate for the bailout will worsen the situation, says economist Heiner Flassbeck

UK Fuels Carnage in Yemen Through Political and Military Support to Saudi Arabia
Theresa May’s apologetics for arming Saudi Arabia reflects the arms industry’s role in shaping British foreign policy, says Andrew Smith of the Campaign Against Arms Trade

Democracy Now!
Obama Administration Dismantles Idled Muslim Registry Ahead of Trump Inauguration

NYC Council Speaker: Solidarity Efforts Needed to Fight Trump as He Targets Muslims & Immigrants

Part 2: Marcus Garvey’s Family Asks President Obama for a Posthumous Pardon

The 3 Best Breast Cancer Prevention Tips for Women at Any Age
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Can a Lutein Supplement Save Your Eyes?
Why you’re better off getting lutein from food
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Even Before Taking Office, Trump Has Made a Mess
President-elect’s policy toward China already a disaster
by Mark Weisbrot

Black Snake Bleeding Out: How DAPL Is Duping Investors
by Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright

Turkey Is Now Acting Independently of the U.S. and NATO on Syria
by Vijay Prashad

Court Finds Mandatory Drug Testing of College Students Unconstitutional
State Technical College of Missouri No Longer Allowed to Require Testing of Incoming Students

Human Rights Watch (HRW)
UAE: Extend Labor Law to Domestic Workers
Change in Supervision Will Improve Protection

The Real News Network
Will President Obama Grant Clemency to Leonard Peltier Before He Leaves Office?
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway examines the political motivations behind mass imprisonment in the US and why so many people incarcerated can be considered “political prisoners.”

*As with any president, there is the irony of petitioning for the release from prison of someone by someone who should take their place.

Paul Jay and Abby Martin Say Goodbye to 2016
TRNN’s Senior Editor and the host of Empire Files discuss the critical events of the year, including Trump’s victory, the Sanders breakthrough, and the worsening prospects for federal action on climate change

*If all that will come of “fight back” is a cry to return to some “glory days” of New Deal politics, embodied in the effort to “take back” the Democratic Party, then we’re utterly and ultimately screwed.

The contradictions inherent in that strategy doom us to a terminal future of “too little, too late”. “Progressive” politics was always a death sentence for those left out of the bargain, but now we’re all disposable.

If we can’t wrap our minds around the necessity of transformation, and waste our energy and blood on reforming the unreformable, we will have signed our and other species’ death warrant in indelible ink.

The “impossible” has to be our dream

Anything less leads us to nightmare

Following Deadly Truck Attack, Islamophobia Fails to Gain Ground Among Germans
Liberal left and anti-fascist forces in Germany are keeping anti-Muslim politics at bay for the moment, says political scientist Lars Bretthauer

IMF Board Response to Lagarde Conviction Reaffirms Institutional Indifference to Corruption
Former financial regulator Bill Black says the case reveals how power and money protect the elite

Tell the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to revoke their 100% rating of DAPL and prison profiteer, Wells Fargo!

*It seems eminently appropriate that two of the preeminent pinkwashers in these here United States share the same initials, doesn’t it just?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Noted Activist Gets S.S. Checks Stopped Following Drone Protests

Columnist Thought Syria Conflict Worth Murdering Over–but Not Worth Writing About
by Adam Johnson

Democracy Now!
The Future of Syria: As Aleppo Falls, What Comes Next in a Country Shattered by War?

Marcus Garvey Inspired Millions, from MLK to Mandela; Now His Son Is Asking Obama to Pardon Him

How to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain (Do These 9 Odd Exercises)
by Yuri Elkaim


Trump Hotel Workers Just Proved ‘We Can Take On the Powerful and Win’
Union announces that agreement has been reached with luxury Las Vegas hotel co-owned by president-elect
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trudeau Touts Trump’s Support for KXL, Sparking Fears of Pipeline Resurrection
President-elect Donald Trump is ‘very supportive’ of Keystone XL, the Canadian prime minister said
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Black snake oil salesman

The Invention Of The White Working Class
by Les Leopold

The ‘Good Girls Revolt’ is the Untold Political Story of 2017
by Will Bunch

Student Loan Crisis Increasingly Snares Seniors’ Social Security Benefits
by Jerri-Lynn Scofield

Amazon Watch
Ecuador Moves To Close Leading Environmental Organization as Part of Crackdown on Civil Society
Reprisal comes after the group’s public defense of Shuar indigenous peoples in conflict over Chinese copper mine

The Real News Network
20 Killed In Protests Demanding Congo President Step Down and Respect Term Limits
Friends of the Congo’s Maurice Carney says the West shares responsibility for Congo’s latest crisis because it backed corrupt Congo leaders when it served their interests

Greg Palast on Why Clinton Didn’t Push for Michigan Recount – Part 2 of 2
Greg Palast tells Paul Jay that there are 75,000 uncounted Clinton votes, but she won’t push for a recount because the elite will defend the fake monstrosity called the US electoral system even when their personal interests are at stake

*No honor among vote thieves—Part-2-of-2

FAIR CounterSpin
‘The Trump Administration Looks Like Bad News for Almost Every Element of Drug Policy Reform’
Ethan Nadelmann on John Kelly
by Janine Jackson

*Nadelmann’s view on Plan Columbia is a salient example of how a single issue mindset can ignore blatant contradictions of a policy when perceived benefits for that cause are deemed present.

And Jackson could have pushed back harder on his position, beyond observing that Santos is “hardly a big softie”.

Democracy Now!
Flint: As 2 Unelected Emergency Managers Are Charged over Water Poisoning, Will Gov. Snyder Be Next?

Free Leonard Peltier: Obama Urged to Grant Clemency to Native American Activist Jailed for 40 Years

“Her Life Depends on Obama Taking Action Now”: 100,000+ People Demand Obama Free Chelsea Manning

How Emotional Trauma Can Create Cancer… and 4 Ways to Stop it
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Waivers and Pardons? Mounting Ethics Concerns for Trump’s Ultra-Wealthy Cabinet
President-elect could present a waiver, to the tune of $150 million, if Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson balks at selling stock
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Pardon my plutocracy

Nearly 3,000 US Communities Have Lead Levels Higher Than Flint: Reuters
Advocates hope new investigation will spur action from community leaders, as aid and attention have been slim
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Sanders Calls for Investigation of Big Pharma Drug Pushers Over Shocking New Report
From 2007-2012, the Big Three wholesalers earned a combined $17 billion while they collectively shipped 423 million pain pills to West Virginia
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Greed is the deadliest drug

Trumping It Up: Neoliberalism on Steroids
Trump’s ascendency should not be seen as marking neoliberalism’s demise, but rather as ushering in its newest stage
by Catherine Rottenberg

Urgent to Progressives: Stop Fueling the Anti-Russia Frenzy
by Norman Solomon

*Russian roulette

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Monday, December 19—Monday%2C-December-19

The Real News of the Day – Tuesday, December 20—Tuesday%2C-December-20

Russian Ambassador Assassination Part of Retaliatory Attacks Following Retake of Aleppo
As the Syrian government takes control of more territory, fighters pushed out of the country may take out their rage on Russia and regional governments like Turkey and Jordan, says Vijay Prashad

Greg Palast on Why Clinton Didn’t Push for Michigan Recount – Part 1 of 2
Greg Palast tells Paul Jay that in order to rig and steal elections today, Jim Crow has gone into cyberspace

*Maybe those little stickers should say

“I Voted … ?”—Part-1-of-2

Congo Youth Defy Repression, Protest President Refusing to Leave Office
Friends of the Congo’s Kambale Musavuli says the fate of Congo’s democracy hangs in the balance

The Polynesian Black Panthers
Executive Producer Eddie Conway interviews members of the Polynesian Black Panthers at the 50th Anniversary in Oakland

Kidnapping, Drug and Refugee Trafficking Behind the Financing of ISIS (2/2)
The story of refugee trafficking begins with the disruptions to drug smuggling caused by the Patriot Act, says journalist Loretta Napoleoni

Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
CarMax under fire over how it advertises cars that are unsafe

Institute for Public Accuracy
What Kind of Resistance to Trump?

FAIR CounterSpin
‘We’ve Seen Exxon Leading the Charge to Go After Groups That Criticized Them’
Zorka Milin on Rex Tillerson
by Janine Jackson

Malcolm Gladwell Likes Leaks When They Bolster Government Power
by Jim Naureckas

*If Gladwell’s a “deep thinker”

There’s a distinctly odiferous quality to what it is he’s so deep into

Democracy Now!
A Deadly Day: Russian Ambassador Assassinated; 12 Dead in Berlin Truck Crash; Zürich Mosque Attacked

*Sowing the wind in the midst of the whirlwind


Commandos Without Borders: America’s Elite Troops Partner with African Forces But Pursue US Aims
by Nick Turse

The UK’s ‘National Security’ Plan? It’s a Blueprint for a Police State
The report offers no insight on how Britain has destroyed the national security of other countries – and thereby threatened its own
by Nafeez Ahmed

There’s more propaganda than news coming out of Aleppo this week
by Patrick Cockburn

The Left and the Syria Debate
by As`ad Abukhalil

*Take the time to read this

Earthrights International
The U’wa Nation Continues Lawsuit Against Colombia at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Friday, December 16—Friday%2C-December-16

EU Immigration ‘Assistance’ to Italy and Greece Seeks to Block Migrants From Leaving
Yasha Maccanico says suspicion of terrorism is often used as a pretext to ensure that people cannot have any possibility of determining their fate

Kidnapping, Drug and Refugee Trafficking Behind the Financing of ISIS (1/2)
Author and journalist Loretta Napoleoni discusses how jihadists make enormous amounts of money by taking freelancing journalists and aspiring aid workers hostage

Trump’s Realignment with Putin’s Russia
Leo Panitch and Paul Jay discuss how Trump’s admiration for Putin’s authoritarianism and his close alliances with capitalist oligarchs leads away from neoliberal international rule-making and towards crude deal-making

Trump Win Propels White Nationalism and Chauvinism to Center of US Politic
Historian Gerald Horne says social movements will need to adopt an international strategy in order to push back against the coming reign of terror for communities of color

Eddie Conway Reflects on the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party
Conway says the lessons and legacy of the Panthers are more relevant than ever

*Wise words from Conway on the necessity of learning from the past, not to idealize it, but to apply its lessons of success and failure to a divergent present and future.

Trump Picks His Bankruptcy Lawyer Who Supports Colonization of Palestine as Ambassador to Israel
David Friedman’s extreme views concerns many in Israel, his attitudes are reflected in his use of a term ‘Kapo’ for Jewish collaborators in the Nazi death camps, a term he used to describe a pro-peace Israeli organization that supports a two-state solution, says political economist Shir Hever

‘Shadow World’: The Documentary Governments and Defense Contractors Don’t Want You to See
Andrew Feinstein discusses the documentary ‘Shadow World,’ which explores the world’s largest and most corrupt arms deals through those involved in perpetrating and investigating them

*It appears St. Nelson kept his whistle in his pocket

Help People with Orphan Diseases Get their Life-saving Medications
by Susan Dolin

Institute for Public Accuracy
Motives of the “Cold-War Hysteria” in U.S. Establishment

Media Legitimizing GOP’s ‘Universal’ Health Plan That Doesn’t Exist
by Michael Corcoran

*Single palaver

Democracy Now!
Jewish Voice for Peace: Trump Election Has Empowered Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia in United States

Ari Berman: How Voter Suppression Helped Pave Way for a Legislative Coup in North Carolina

*That ain’t tar on these assholes’ heels

Why There Can Never be a Cure for Cancer
by Bill Henderson

Are You Unknowingly Eating GMOs From These Hidden Sources?
by Dr. Ben Johnson

How to Minimize Your EMF Exposure When Traveling
by Lloyd Burrell

How to Do Interval Training… The Right Way
by Yuri Elkaim


Amid Finger Pointing at Russia, US Brings Tanks Back to Cold War Depot
‘We need to take action,’ says President Obama
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Sun Solution Rises as Solar Fast Becoming World’s Cheapest Electricity Source
‘Solar investment has gone from nothing—literally nothing—like five years ago to quite a lot’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The energy may be “clean”

But are the hands of those who profit from it?

Beyond Standing Rock: Communities Along DAPL Route Fear for Drinking Water
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is far from the only community fearing that a spill from the Dakota Access Pipeline will poison its drinking water
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Culture of Torture in the Trump Era
by Robert Crawford

Demonization of Putin as “Personally” Behind Clinton Hack Is Old Propaganda Technique
by Juan Cole

*Inducing boogeyman fever

Chelsea Manning Support Network
Happy birthday Chelsea!
International actions, December 17th

The Real News Network
Brazilian President Temer Signs Constitutional Amendment Imposing 20 Years of Austerity
Rousseff was ousted to shift economic policy towards neoliberalism, and now Temer is rewarding the banks and financial investors for backing the legislative coup, says SOAS Professor Alfredo Saad-Filho

Institute for Public Accuracy
Obama Could Pardon Immigrants

NYT’s False Choice for Democrats: Move to the Right or Divide by Race
by Jim Naureckas

Hypocrisy of Russia-Did-It Stories Is Hard to Stomach
by Janine Jackson

*It’s not just the corpress pimping this pap. “Progressive” outfits like MoveOn and the Working Families Party are screaming “Russkies!” from the top of their lungs in a desperate bid to reverse the Electoral College vote from Citizen KKKane to Madame Mayhem.

Funny how the CIA is suddenly the Font of Truth, innit?

Of course the Demorats themselves view this as a godsend, diverting attention from their starring role in this fiasco of an election.

Whatever role Vlad the Vampire may have played, it pales in comparison to their betrayal of poor and working folks here and abroad.

Democracy Now!
“Pirates of the Caribbean”: Bankers Who Created Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis Now In Charge of Fixing It

Do you use a standing desk or have you seen others with one?
What the research shows
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


As Prices ‘Skyrocket,’ 20 States Sue Drug Companies for Collusion, Conspiracy
‘We have evidence of widespread participation in illegal conspiracies across the generic drug industry,’ says Connecticut attorney general
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Bitter pills at a bastardized price

Navigating War: Has the War in Syria Also Destroyed Journalism?
by Ramzy Baroud

*Truth is the first casualty of war

Its riddled corpse a prop for all sides

Algerian lessons for the Syrian War
Blood has flowed in Aleppo and will likely flow for the foreseeable future
by Vijay Prashad

Investigation Finds Thai Fishing Fleet Moving to Indian Ocean to Avoid Regulation

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Thursday, December 15—Thursday%2C-December-15

Following Rebel Defeats in Aleppo, Will Trump and Putin Keep Assad Regime in Power?
Zenad Ahmed of discusses how the battle of Aleppo will weaken international law and the changes in relations between the US, Russia, Syria and Iran that could come when Trump takes office

War in Yemen Tests Influence of Saudi Royal Family
Zenab Ahmed of says while Obama’s decision to limit shipment of armaments may effect the standing of royal family, it’s the prolonged nature of the war and dissatisfaction of its junior partners that’s weakening the family’s influence in the state

Institute for Public Accuracy
* Couldn’t NSA Determine Election Hack? * Why Would Russians Leave Traces?

FAIR CounterSpin
‘We Don’t Need to Get to Standing Rock to Be Part of the Front Line’
Kelly Hayes on what’s next for #NODAPL
by Janine Jackson

*The only way to avoid errors is to avoid acting

‘For Whites, Fewer Jobs’: NYT Chart Divides and Deceives
by Dean Baker

*Wonder if Trump will tweet this twaddle out?

Seth Rogen and Six More White Men Discuss Race, Gender in Animation
by Jim Naureckas

*At least the movies are in color

Democracy Now!
Journalist Iona Craig: The U.S. Could Stop Refueling Saudis & End Devastating War in Yemen Tomorrow

“The Price of a Second Chance”: NY Times Exposé on How the Rich Pay to Expunge Criminal Records

The Dirty Secrets of Feminine Hygiene Products Most Women Don’t Know
by Ty Bollinger

Craving Salty Foods? Here’s What You Need to Know
by Yuri Elkaim


Despite Being Taken as Fact, ‘Case Against Russia’ Rests on Insufficient Proof
‘Do we want to make major foreign policy decisions with a belligerent nuclear power based on suggestions alone, no matter how strong?’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Fall of Aleppo
by Aaron Lund

President-Reject: Don’t Say His Name
‘If he craves the spotlight, pull the plug. If he desperately needs attention, starve him of it.’
by Randall Amster

*The loathe that dare not speak its name

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Wednesday, December 14—Wednesday%2C-December-14

The General’s Son: From Privileged Zionist to Activist for Palestinian Rights – RAI (3/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Miko Peled tells Paul Jay that he’s come to understand that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands began in 1948 and he broke with the liberal zionist belief in the “secularization of the bible” and the mission of a Jewish state; he says BDS is an effective strategy that should be supported

*I said yesterday that I hoped Peled would expand upon his view that one state for all is the only just solution, and I’m gratified that he did so.

As for whether TRNN or other “progressive media” outlets will keep that view in the public eye …

Well, let’s just say it’d be foolish to put a fiver on the prospect, given past performance.—RAI-%2833%29

Will the ‘Stop Arming Terrorist Act’ Force the US to Adhere to International Law?
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says the legislation would provide a legal basis for uncovering facts about US covert operations and keep arm transfers at bay

*If this bill were to pass, something tells me that there will be an exemption for “our closest friend and ally in the [Middle East]”, to quote Secretary Carter.

Former Financial Regulator: White Collar Crime Will Have a Field Day Under Trump
Bill Black says none of Trump’s economic picks – which now include three people from Goldman Sachs – were picked for their knowledge of economics

*Goldman Sachs and Pillages

The End of the Battle of Aleppo Won’t Stop the Syrian Civil War
”Inside Syria” author Reese Erlich says widespread propaganda combined with a lack of independent reporting makes it difficult to get an accurate picture of the reality on the ground in Aleppo

Congress Just Passed an Enormous Health Bill, And Few People Noticed
Last week, the Senate passed the 21st Century Cures Act, a controversial bill that provides funding for NIH in exchange for the rolling back of a slew of regulations for drugs and medical devices

*I assume there are more than five self proclaimed “progressives” in the Senate, and twenty-six in the House, which amply illustrates just how meaningless such terms are in American politics, wouldn’t you say?

FAIR CounterSpin
‘We Can Stop Committing Interstate Job Fraud’
CounterSpin interview with Greg LeRoy on Trump’s Carrier deal
by Janine Jackson

*Jobbed creation

Daily Kos Founder Gleefully Celebrates Coal Miners Losing Health Insurance
by Adam Johnson

*Anyone who voted for Citizen KKKane has a lot to answer for

But they’re not obligated to respond to this condescending Clintonista questioning.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump’s Energy Agenda

Why You Need to Strengthen Your Hip Flexors (And the 5 Best Exercises)

by Yuri Elkaim

Democracy Now!
Trump Picks Perry to Head Energy Dept., an Agency the Former Texas Governor Wants Abolished (Pt. 2)


Ties to Putin Are Nothing Compared to Rex Tillerson’s Vast Climate Crimes
“Does Rex Tillerson understand that democracy, the Earth’s climate, and human rights matter more than profits and petroleum?”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*You could say Tillerson’s a man after Trump’s own heart

But that implies its existence.

Obama Must Declassify Evidence of Russian Hacking
by Jeremy Scahill and Jon Schwarz

Cops of the Pacific? The U.S. Military’s Role in Asia in the Age of Trump
by Tim Shorrock

*Exceptional piece, not only in the sense of providing essential intel about the issues, but in the rarity of such articles, reflecting a myopia we can ill afford.

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Tuesday, December 13—Tuesday%2C-December-13

The General’s Son: From Privileged Zionist to Activist for Palestinian Rights – RAI (2/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Miko Peled tells Paul Jay that he fulfilled a childhood dream and became a member of the IDF Special Forces; then he came to realize that everything he’d believed in was a lie

*It’s truly frustrating to hear Peled expose the two state “solution” as a farce, which I hope he’ll expand upon in the final segment, and know that most likely that’s the last we’ll hear about one state for all in the “progressive media” for a good while.

That’s been my experience, at any rate.

He speaks of the Nakba being verboten even among “liberal” Israelis.

I get the something of the same sense about one state on TRNN, Democracy Now! et alia.—RAI-%2823%29

Were the DNC Emails Hacked or Leaked?
Former FBI agent and whistleblower Coleen Rowley says we’ve heard from the FBI and the CIA, but it is the NSA that would be the critical agency because of how it monitors communications

*So, instead of challenging the very real machinations around vote rigging perpetrated by Republicans, the Democrats turn to Russia rogering.

Pure coincidence that such coincides with Madame Mayhem and neocon company’s addiction to replaying “Red Menace”, I’m sure.

Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline
by Tim Canova

Institute for Public Accuracy
After Aleppo: Will Trump Shift Syria Policy?

Campuses Don’t Need Affirmative Action for Trumpism
by Adam Johnson

*It ain’t Chobani Kristof’s feeding us

But it sure smells like some that’s gone sour

Venezuela Brings Toys to Poor Kids, Gets Called ‘Grinch’ on CNN
by Ben Norton

*No lack of Xmas jeer when it comes to Latin non lackeys

NPR Guest Warns Against Living Wages With Fantasies of $16 Apples
by Jim Naureckas

*Just another compelling reason to give to public radio during the winter pledge drive …

Democracy Now!
Greg Palast: By Rejecting Recount, Is Michigan Covering Up 75,000 Ballots Never Counted?

Vowing to “Stop Political Correctness,” Gen. John Kelly to Head Department of Homeland Security


Sanctuary Cities Vow to Defend ‘Basic Human Decency’ From Trump
“We’re going to keep bringing people together, making sure we remain a sanctuary for all”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Oxfam Names World’s Worst Tax Havens Fueling ‘Global Race to Bottom’
Corporate tax dodging is ‘propping up a dangerously unequal economic system that is leaving millions of people with few opportunities for a better life’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Methane Emissions Are Soaring, Report Finds, and Agriculture Is to Blame
Research suggests agriculture is the main culprit for recent rapid increase in atmospheric methane—a greenhouse gas 28 times more powerful than carbon dioxide
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Literal bullshit aligning with the metaphorical

by Chris Hedges

The CIA’s Absence of Conviction
On why a little simple logic demolishes the intelligence agency’s claims
by Craig Murray

*Russia to ginned up judgment

Don’t Certify Electors and Electoral College Vote Without Full Recount
by Marjorie Cohn and Jeanne Mirer

How Capitalism Kills… And May Be Getting Deadlier
by Paul Buchheit

*Capitalism can’t be “reformed” any more than cancer can

It’s in the nature of both beasts to be hazardous to our health

It’s 2016. Do You Know Where Your Bombs Are Falling?
On yet another undeclared U.S. war
by Rebecca Gordon

My Former Professor Is Now On a Watchlist for Teaching Feminism
by Larisa Manescu

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Monday, December 12—Monday%2C-December-12

The General’s Son: From Privileged Zionist to Activist for Palestinian Rights – RAI (1/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Miko Peled tells Paul jay that his father, a famous Israeli general, was ostracized for saying it was necessary to negotiate with the PLO and respect Palestinian self-determination; but he never gave up his belief that the expulsion of 1948 and creation of a Jewish state was justified—RAI-%2813%29

Climate Change is Ravaging Coral Reefs Throughout the World’s Oceans
Constructing new coal mines is the wrong response to the historic devastation we are seeing happen to this key part of the ocean ecosystem, says Dr. Selina Ward

Obama and the Decline of the Left in Latin America
Obama’s presidency treated the prospect of democratic nationalism in Latin America similarly as other US presidents, and nearly everybody who was allied with Chavez is now gone, says Consortium News contributor Ted Snider

President of Brazil’s Senate Renan Calheiros Joins the Ranks of Corruption Riddled Political Leaders
Leaders that carried out the legislative coup against Dilma Rousseff, embroiled in corruption scandals, are systematically destroying political institutions and social progress in Brazil, says journalist Shobhan Saxena

Obama Calls for Investigation into Russian Hacking, Still No Evidence Made Public
Former FBI agent and whistleblower Coleen Rowley says accuracy in the report must be put above all else because the results could have grave consequences for foreign policy

Rojava: An Experiment in Radical Direct Democracy Within a War-Torn Country
Janet Biehl discusses the significance and the achievements of the political project in Northern Syria that’s led by the Kurds

Institute for Public Accuracy
“It’s a Leak, Not a Hack”

*Reality checked

Trump State Dept: A Cross Between Exxon and NeoCons?


Veterans at Standing Rock Ready to Take Clean Water Fight to Flint
‘Our people are suffering. They are suffering in Standing Rock. They are suffering in Flint.’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Washington State Launches Suit Against Monsanto for Toxic PCB Pollution
‘Monsanto knew the dangers of PCBs yet hid them from the public to generate profits,’ said Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Donald Trump Deserves to Be Ridiculed—It’s the One Thing That Terrifies Him
by Sonali Kolhatkar

A Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That MSNBC Personalities Spread to Discredit WikiLeaks Docs
by Glenn Greenwald

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Thursday, December 8—Thursday%2C-December-8

The Real News of the Day – Friday, December 9—Friday%2C-December-9

Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier Facing Potentially Fatal Medical Emergency
Eddie Conway speaks with organizer Jasmine Heiss about ongoing efforts to get President Obama to grant a pardon to Peltier, who has been a political prisoner in the US for more than 4 decades

New Anti-BDS Bill in Senate Would Criminalize Criticism of Israel
Journalist Charlotte Silver says the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act doesn’t do anything to counter or address anti-semitism, but instead targets Palestinian activism

*Unanimous passage in the Senate …

How many “progressive icons” inhabit that august body?

Green Party of Canada Adopts Endorsement of Sanctions Against Israel
Diana Ralph and Dr. Tarek Loubani discuss its significance for the future of the solidarity movement in Canada

Protect La Jolla’s Native California Sea Lion Population
by Skylar Rains

Worst False Equivalencies of 2016
by Adam Johnson

*There is further false equivalency in the view that the gatekeepers of what can honestly be labeled “political correctness” deem protofascismo to be as dangerous as principled opposition to the exploitocracy.

The former is normalized

The latter is demonized.

If We Were ‘Staggered’ by Police Brutality, Wouldn’t Walter Scott Mistrial Have Knocked Us Over?
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
Billionaire Carl Icahn Vetted Trump EPA Nominee, Has Business Before Agency

Democracy Now!
Oakland Fire Survivor: Create Affordable, Safe Living Spaces & Stop Treating Artists Like Criminals

*Disaster capitalizing

Green Party’s Jill Stein on Obstacles to Vote Recount: “This is Not What Democracy Looks Like”

Don’t let your doctor make these 9 blood pressure measurement mistakes
They can lead to incorrect readings
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


The March of the Billionaires: On Trump’s Bait and Switch
How to swamp Washington and double-cross your supporters big time
by Nomi Prins

*Prosperity for the people?

That’s rich

The Real News of the Day – Wednesday, December 7—Wednesday%2C-December-7

Vijay Prashad: The Battle for Aleppo is Over
Several U.S. administrations have pursued a strategy of arming rebels to fight in proxy wars, and it has created a catastrophe in the Middle East, says Vijay Prashad

Trump Nominee for Homeland Security John Kelley Favors Draconian Immigration Policy
We could see a further militarized border and expansion of Guantanamo Bay, says journalist Dahr Jamail

Trump Picks Leading Climate Denier to Head EPA During Time of Climate Crisis
This year is going to be the hottest on record – and Trump and his cabinet couldn’t have come to power at a worse time, says journalist Dahr Jamail

*For many of the Big Greens, it’s a matter of going from kissing Dear Misleader’s ass to getting theirs kicked by Citizen KKKane

And no number of PR paeans to the Standing Rock protectors will change the fact that they sat on their hands for eight years while “All of the Above” placed us on the precipice of doom, making it that much easier for He Who Must Be Obeyed to push us over.

Will he?

As in North Dakota, that will depend on what we do

Because they didn’t.

Following Oakland Fire, Baltimore Evicts Residents of DIY Arts Space
Residents say the Bell Foundry was a safe space for people of color and LGBTQ artists. A GoFundme campaign has raised over $16,000 for evictees

Institute for Public Accuracy
A New McCarthyism?

*This has nothing to do with “irrational fear”, other than its fomenting among a public all too easily scared shitless by the designated “enemy within” and without.

Those in power have a very reasonable fear for their position, and will do what they deem necessary to protect it. The discrediting, demonization and destruction of anyone posing a threat to their order has been their modus operandi for millenia.

“Liberals” who serve that power have no compunction in enabling the toxic atmosphere that allows such inquisitions. They realize the danger principled persons pose to them, as well.

Rather Than Exposing Propaganda, WaPo Shows How It’s Done
by Dave Lindorff

*Fake left

Go right

Democracy Now!
Constitutional Lawyer: It’s an “Outrage” That Judge Halted Michigan Presidential Election Recount


Carrier Union Leader on Trump’s Jobs Claim: “I Almost Threw Up in My Mouth”
Trump ‘lied his ass off’ in telling Indianapolis plant workers that 1,100 jobs would be saved from outsourcing, says union head
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Blowing smoke

Mirrors courtesy of corpress

Senate Republicans Block Sanders-Backed ‘Trump Proposal’ on Rx Drugs
‘It is incomprehensible to me that we have a major bill dealing with prescription drugs and yet we are running from the most important issue and that is the greed of the pharmaceutical industry’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Drug double dealing

What Trumponomics Means for Women
The new president’s plan to “fix the economy” will put women workers in a fix indeed
by Martha Burk

Center for Food Safety
Victory! GE Mosquitoes Will Not Be Let Loose on Florida Community
Citizens/environment will not be impacted by novel experiment releasing millions of GE mosquitoes

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Tuesday, December 6—Tuesday%2C-December-6

Little-Known Gov. Bank Gave $34 Billion to Overseas Fossil Fuel Projects Under Obama’s Tenure
Boeing, General Electric, and Exxon Mobil among the beneficiaries, says researcher Susanne Rust

*Money talks louder than “legacy”

Trump Taiwan Phone Call Not an Impulsive Act
Professor Ho-Fung Hung tells Paul Jay that Trump’s call to the President of Taiwan signals a deeper shift in Washington’s China policy

Institute for Public Accuracy
Kissinger in Norway: Calls for Prosecution

FAIR CounterSpin
‘We’ve Got to Start Talking About How Are We Going to Build an Alternative’
Craig Aaron on funding local media
by Janine Jackson

Fast Food Automation, an Old Idea, Gets New Life to Bash Fight for 15
by Adam Johnson

*Lee’s spot on that the minimum wage shouldn’t be the same for everyone.

If you’re in a high cost of living area, you should make a good deal more than $15 an hour.

I doubt that’s the solution that “makes sense” for him, however.

Of course, we should prefer folks were making a living wage from work that didn’t do such harm to our health, which is invariably missing from the discussion, isn’t it?

Democracy Now!
Housing Advocate: It’s Scary That Trump HUD Secretary Pick Ben Carson Thinks Poverty is a Choice

*Poverty is a choice

Not made by the poor

Omega 3: Is Your Fish Oil Poisoning You?
by Natural Health Sherpa

How to choose the best beans?
What to look for
by Lindsay Moyer
Nutrition Action

Grow your own lettuce bowl indoors
by Leanne Ely


Michigan Recount Marred by Partisanship, Legal Battles, Broken Machines
‘Partisan attempts to halt a good-faith effort to ensure all votes have been counted fairly should be met with intense skepticism’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Women the World over Have Shown the US How to Deal with Sexism and Racism
From Liberia to Colombia and beyond, women have compiled a vast archive of methods to combat threats to their rights. The US need only follow their lead
by Yifat Susskind

The Smear Campaign Against Keith Ellison Is Repugnant but Reveals Much About Washington
by Glenn Greenwald

*Can you imagine the depthless degree of defamation if Ellison were someone AIPAC and ilk truly needed to worry about?

Center for Biological Diversity
Analysis: North Dakota Pipelines Average Four Spills Per Year; 3 Million Gallons Spilled in Past 21 Years
Dakota Access Pipeline Reroute Should Not Endanger Indigenous Lands, Communities or Climate

Center for Food Safety
New Report Confirms Bee-Killing Pesticides Cause Other Widespread Environmental Harm
Economic analysis also reveals neonicotinoids do not increase crop yields

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Monday, December 5—Monday%2C-December-5

The Global Networks of the Resurging Far Right
It’s no exaggeration to say that Trump has ties to neo-Nazi parties, says investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed

Austrian Presidential Election Shows How United Front Politics Can Defeat the Far Right
Walter Baier, former national chairman of the Communist Party of Austria, says the next challenge will be to maintain alliances against the far right in the upcoming parliamentary elections

Italian Referendum Defeat is No Victory for the Right Wing
Luciana Castellina says Italian trade unions, youth, and students led the vote against technocracy

Guilty Verdict for Pocomoke’s 1st Black Police Chief Divides Town as Violence Flares
Residents say repercussions from the fall-out over chief’s dismissal continue to affect the small town on Maryland’s lower eastern shore

The #NoDAPL Struggle in the Context of 500 Years of Indigenous Genocide
Native American historians Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilio-Whitaker discuss the historic role of Native American veterans, the significance of the growing movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and what a Trump presidency could mean for native struggles

With Trump’s Margins of Victory Shrinking, Lawsuits Filed to Block Recount in Two States
Lawyer Robert Fitrakis says Jill Stein is planning to give a press conference in front of Trump Towers on Monday demanding to know why the president-elect is obstructing the recount efforts

Institute for Public Accuracy
Recount Upshot: “Victories” by Mere Pluralities

Democracy Now!
Noam Chomsky: Trump’s Victory Recalls Memories of Hitler & Fascism’s Spread Across Europe

Noam Chomsky: Trump’s Climate Change Denialism Will Accelerate Global Race to Destruction

From Climate Change to Nuclear War, Noam Chomsky Warns of Literal Threats to Our Survival

3 Quick Tricep Workouts for Women (Bye-Bye Arm Jiggle)
by Yuri Elkaim


With Air of Caution, Water Protectors Celebrate Victory Over ‘Big Black Snake’
‘We have to be ready and we will be ready but we are going to take this victory right now,’ said Tom Goldtooth
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Sounding ‘Death Knell’ for Reef, Massive Australian Coal Project Heads Towards Completion
Indian energy giant Adani has secured approval for permanent rail line, temporary construction camp for its Carmichael project
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Reef or madness

Trump’s Advisers Want to Privatize Native Lands for Big Energy: Reuters
Co-chairs of Native American Affairs Coalition say they want to ‘take tribal land away from public treatment’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Deadly Oakland Fire Was Symptom of Bay Area Housing Crisis: Advocates
‘No one should die this way. No one should have to live without proper fire safety measures in their home just to try to make ends meet, just to try to make art, just to be in the city’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

What the Robots Are Doing to the Middle Class
by Paul Buchheit

Publish, Punish, and Pardon
Nine Things Obama Could Do Before Leaving Office to Reveal the Nature of the National Security State
by Pratap Chatterjee

Food & Water Watch
The Fight Against the Dakota Access Pipeline Goes On

*That’s what I’m talking about

And what we all should be, ’cause we’re all in the same back yard.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Neo-McCarthyite Push in Congress and Media

*False flagging

Blaming Trump’s Win on the Age Group Least Responsible for It
by Jim Naureckas

*Of course, this would have nothing to do with millenials being the least likely to cleave to the status quo of duopoly “democracy”, with the intent of scaring them shirtless into doing so.

Pish and tosh, I say.

Democracy Now!
Standing Rock Sioux Chair Hails Army Corps of Engineers Decision to Reroute Dakota Access Pipeline

*I don’t know who Archambault speaks for. It certainly isn’t many of the people who’ve braved violence to stop this black snake, if he’s “not opposed to pipeline construction”, if to him this is only about how it impacts Standing Rock Sioux sacred sites and water, however righteous that struggle is.

Perhaps he’s supposed to represent “the voice of reason”, but there ain’t nothing reasonable about the harm a rerouted line will do, is there?

If GOP Gets Climate ‘Science’ From Breitbart, God Help the Planet
by Rohit Chandan and Jim Naureckas

As Thousands of Vets Descend on Standing Rock, U.S. Army Backs Down and Halts Pipeline Construction

Tara Houska: Denying #DAPL Permit is “Momentous Occasion,” But We Must Remain Vigilant

*No one seems to be talking about the larger picture. Houska mentioned “[m]ov(ing) to renewable energy”, but aside from that, the issue of full stop for the DAPL, and its fellow rapacious reptiles slithering across the land, hasn’t been addressed in any of today’s segments, has it?

And why is that?

“Financial Disaster”: Could Dakota Access Pipeline Lose Its Contracts with Oil Companies on Jan. 1?

Flu Shot Warning: The Controversial Flu Shot Pros and Cons You Need to Know
by Yuri Elkaim

8 Easy Yoga Poses to Relieve Sciatica Pain in 16 Minutes or Less
by The Hearty Soul


Trump Allies in Battleground States Rush to Stop Jill Stein’s Recount Efforts
Lawyers and super PACs in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania file federal lawsuits to halt or block efforts, some already underway
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Much ado about “nothing”, methinks

Anti-Choice GOP Doubles Budget for ‘Witch-Hunt’ Panel
‘It is appalling that the House of Representatives just gave the dangerous Select Investigative Panel an $800,000 pat on the back for its work to peddle lies’
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Many Ways to Help Standing Rock
Even if you can’t show up at the wintry encampments, you can join water protectors in other ways: from calling the North Dakota governor to breaking up with your bank
by Sarah van Gelder

The CETA Vote: Will the European Parliament Learn From BREXIT and Trump?
by Shefali Sharma

Is winning at college football worth losing moral standing?
by Robert Jensen

*It is “a children’s game”

And that’s the problem.

It’s a violent game, which I played in junior high and high school, and was fortunate enough to escape lasting injury, or having caused same (as far as I know).

If adults wish to freely put their health, even their lives, at risk, that’s their irrational choice, but how many kids have faced the consequences of concussions and other injuries that diminish the quality of the remainder of their lives?

There are many other sports that theoretically can “build character”, without busting bodies, although my experience has been that it’s not high on the priority list, regardless.

Add to that the militaristic character of football, the influence of organized crime at the higher levels through gambling, and the sexual objectification of cheerleaders (as well as their wage exploitation in the pro game), in addition to the perverted priorities parsed in this piece, and there ain’t much to recommend it on the moral front, is there just?

It’s just one more circus to distract us, while the bread goes bye bye.

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Friday, December 2—Friday%2C-December-2

Investigation Turns Ugly Against Pocomoke Officers Who Suffered Discrimination
Residents of the Eastern shore town say investigators have been asking about the personal lives of officers who the Justice Department says were illegally fired as a criminal trial against the former chief is set to proceed

Pocomoke’s First Black Police Chief Convicted of Misconduct
A nearly all-white jury deliberated for less than an hour before returning a guilty verdict against the former top cop who has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the city

Pro-Regime Forces in Syria Respond to Trump’s Election by Escalating Military Offensive
The only way to stop counterrevolutionary forces like the Islamic State is to end imperialist support for authoritarian regimes and foreign intervention in the region, says Joseph Daher

*Syria’s an extremely complex situation, to state the literally bleeding obvious.

I don’t pretend to understand all its permutations, and so I present the sometimes conflicting views of others who appear to have the Syrian people’s interest at heart.

What I do know without any doubt is that the various outside actors on all sides do not.

Shady Submarine Deal Ties Netanyahu to Another Corrupt Scandal, Threatens Israeli-Germany Ties
The German arms company ThyssenKrupp also pushed enormously expensive weapons on Greece while Germany was imposing austerity on the nation, says political economist Shir Hever

Trump’s Carrier Deal: Job Saver Or Photo Op?
The closure of another plant is leaving some workers in other parts of Indiana feeling abandoned again, says Workers’ Project Executive Director Tom Lewandowski

NYT Protects Its Pundit Who Dismissed Trans Rights as ‘Boutique Issue’
by Jim Naureckas

*Something tells me Bruni and the Times don’t consider kowtowing to corporate CEOs, of whom there are considerably fewer than trans folks, to be a matter of a “boutique issue”.

Ironic when you consider where their shopping habits lead them, isn’t it?

Democracy Now!
Expert on Trump Business Conflicts: “There are Hard Ethical Questions in Life. This Not One of Them”

Veterans Helped Trump Win, But Critics Warn He May Dismantle Their Public Medical Care

John McCain Tears into Reporters Who Exposed Deceptive Recruiting at For-Profit University of Phoenix

*A “hero” to hucksters everywhere

Can the U.S. Detain Immigrants Indefinitely? Supreme Court Hears Case as Trump Prepares for Office


As Rule 41 Quietly Passes, Trump to Inherit Expanded Hacking Powers
Changes to rule allow FBI agents to remotely hack into computers that are outside of the judicial district where warrant was issued
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

Six Reasons We’ll Need to Ramp Up the #ConsumerRevolution under Trumpism
by Katherine Paul

Amnesty International
Colombia: Peace Agreement Must Open the Door to Justice

Center for Biological Diversity
Number of Species on Waiting List for Endangered Species Act Protection Drops to Lowest Level in History
Number of Species Needing Help Remains High

The Real News Network
The Real News of the Day – Thursday, December 1—Thursday%2C-December-1

The Real News of the Day – Wednesday, November 30—Wednesday%2C-November-30

Trump Picks Ex-Goldman Banker Known as ‘King of Foreclosures’ to Head Treasury
The joke’s on you if you thought Trump was going to do anything less than deregulate Wall Street, says former financial regulator Bill Black

Protesters in Haiti Say Moise Victory Amounts to ‘Electoral Coup’
Some parties maintain their supporters were denied the right to vote and many are taking to the streets despite a campaign of intimidation, says journalist Margaret Prescod

How Did Workers and Campaign Finance Reform Fare During This Past Election?
Right to work legislation, minimum wage laws, and public financing of elections were at stake on many state ballots

Billionaire ‘King of Bankruptcies’ to Head Commerce Under Trump
Despite promises to ‘drain the swamp,’ Trump chose a man for Deputy Secretary of Commerce who enriched himself at expense of labor and consumers and shipped jobs overseas, says University of Missouri-Kansas City professor Bill Black

*I’ve been casting about for an appropriate epithet for the bastard.

“Citizen KKKane” came to mind, and I feel “Swamp Thing” would suffice for a serviceable alternative, wouldn’t you agree?

World Beyond War
Public Pensions Must Divest from Weapons Dealers

*War is bad business

Don’t invest your funds

Institute for Public Accuracy
Carrier Deal: Using Workers as Hostages?

*Sounds as much like a capital idea as “a Soviet system”, doesn’t it?

Why Are Media Outlets Still Citing Discredited ‘Fake News’ Blacklist?
by Adam Johnson

*The only surprise here is that Snowden isn’t smeared as the mastermind.

Democracy Now!
Public (School) Enemy No. 1: Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Pick for Education Secretary

The Alkaline Acid Food Chart (Use This to Rejuvenate Your Health)
by Yuri Elkaim

Bonfire Cider: The Natural Flu Remedy
by Yuri Elkaim


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