March 2017


Borrowers ‘Chilled to the Bone’ as DOE Reneges on Student Loan Forgiveness
Young people who took low-paying, public-sector jobs with promise of loan forgiveness now ‘hosed’
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

GOP Lawmakers’ Many Privacy Hypocrisies
by Dana Floberg

Cornucopia Institute
Organic Industry Watchdog Wins Major Antitrust Victory
France’s Groupe Danone Sheds Stonyfield in WhiteWave Acquisition
Merger would have combined Stonyfield, Horizon, and Wallaby to Dominate Organic Dairy

*As with renewable energy, just because the product’s clean

Doesn’t mean the company follows suit.

Take Me Off Trump’s Kill List, Journalists Urge US Courts

The Real News Network
Behind Michael Flynn’s Turkish Lobbying Controversy, An Israeli Gas Pipeline
TRNN Correspondent Shir Hever highlights what may have driven ex-National Security Advisor’s Michael Flynn controversial lobbying work tied to Turkey: an unknown Israeli natural gas company seeking a Turkish pipeline

Brazil’s Tainted Meat Scandal Exposes Another Corruption Scheme
While corruption scandals proliferate, Brazilians take to the streets to oppose new austerity measures imposed by President Temer, says Mike Fox from Brazil

*It would be a tragedy if all this energy gets diverted into Lula’s and the PT’s electoral campaign. Their contradictions necessitate a break from this institutionalized “people’s party”, and the creation of a truly popular movement that holds principles paramount to personalities and tradition.

Take the Pledge: Protect Black Girls
by Samantha Davis and Chioma Iwuoha

Petition update
The Ron Finley Project
Keep Up the Momentum! Less Than Week to #SaveTheGangstaGarden

Institute for Public Accuracy
Gorsuch: Using “Originalism” for a Right-wing Agenda

*“Where Does Gorsuch Stand on Torture? It’s Hard to Say.”

Typical corpress headline hedging. What’s so goddamn “hard to say”?

To be fair, Savage may have had naught to do with this obfuscation.

Study: Sean Spicer’s Handpicked Press Corps
45 percent of reporters he’s called on come from the right
by Michael Corcoran

Democracy Now!
Is ICE Targeting Undocumented Activists for Arrest? Organizers Speak Out After 11 Days in Jail

*Ben & Jerry’s isn’t made with the milk of human kindness


EPA Rejects Own Science to Greenlight Brain-Damaging Pesticide
“EPA chief Pruitt’s move rejecting his scientists’ advice to ban a pesticide? That’s exactly what the pesticide maker, DowChem, asked for.”
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Ten years …

That would be a couple prezes back, if you’re keeping count.

How Many Civilians Can We Kill?
by Robert C. Koehler

*The bodies that are not counted

And do not count

The Real News Network
Democrats Must Take on Corporate Power If they Want to Win
In part two, Mike Elk says a winning strategy for Democrats must elevate the struggle to improve income inequality and working conditions, and discusses his new media project PayDay Report, that seeks to amplify labor struggles in the South

*Elk’s counting on the “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party to advance workers’ interests, when time after time it’s talked the talk, then taken a walk.

You’d think by now folks like him would be Berned out, but I guess new tricks don’t come easy to old donkeys.

Right-Wing Populism Permeates French Presidential Elections
The discontent of ordinary people with the political elite to deal with the effects of globalization is benefiting Marine Le Pen in the polls, says Le Monde Diplomatique’s Renaud Lambert

UK Faces Loss of Labor, Environmental Protections as Brexit Unfolds
Because it is not politically feasible to push for a second referendum, British progressives should pressure the state to maintain regulations that will be lost as the country exists the European Union, says economist John Weeks

Turkish Citizens Set to Vote on Referendum Further Centralizing Power in Erdogan’s Hands
Trent University lecturer Baris Karaagac says if the ‘yes’ vote wins, the state will have a limited ability to restrain President Erdogan’s heightened executive powers

Media Spin Headlines to Downplay US Responsibility for Mosul Massacre
by Ben Norton

*Language is the virus that transmits the disease of deceit

Democracy Now!
Amnesty: Hundreds of Iraqi Civilians Killed in U.S. Airstrikes After Being Told Not to Flee Mosul

Yemen: Trump Expands U.S. Military Role in Saudi War as Yemenis Brace for Famine

Iona Craig on What Really Happened When U.S. Navy SEALs Stormed a Yemeni Village, Killing Dozens

*As is so often the case with mainstream journalists like Craig, expressed concern for the victims of Western aggression is paired with worry over how it will affect the West’s unquestionably righteous aims.

The “how” always aces the “why”, and Goodman, as again is so often the case, lets it lie.


Nuclear Power Suffers Major Blow With Westinghouse Bankruptcy
Chapter 11 filing marks a ‘defining moment in the decades-long downward spiral of the global nuclear power industry’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Turning the Ingenious Tables: Buying the Right To the Privacy Of Those Who Sold Yours
by Abby Zimet, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trump’s Big Boost to Law Enforcement Won’t Make Us Safer — It Will Make Corporations Richer
The Trump administration’s recent steps backward provide us with a critical opportunity
by Emily Verdugo

A New Way to Close the Gender Pay Gap
New research suggests the gap between men and women won’t close till 2059 — unless cities and states try this new fix.
by Martha Burk

*A woman’s work is never done

Being devalued

Toronto’s Buried History: The Dark Story of How Mining Built a City
by Niko Block

*”[C]yanide, arsenic, dynamite, [ … ]

[A]nd lawyers”

Reality Virus Infects Kansas Legislators, Brownback Immune
by William K. Black

*We’re not in quite as crazy a Kansas anymore

The Real News NetworkJeff Sessions Targeting of So-Called Sanctuary Cities Likely Unconstitutional, Experts Say
Analysts say the assault makes communities less safe and likely will be challenged in courts

At AIPAC Protest, Young American Jews Voice Rejection of Israeli Policies
Journalist and author Max Blumenthal says the vocal Jewish-led protests at this year’s AIPAC Policy Conference highlight a growing generational divide on Israel-Palestine

Empire Files: The Sikh Experience in America
People of the Sikh faith, commonly mistaken for both Muslims and Hindus, are frequent targets of bigoted hate crimes-in fact, the first victim of post-9/11 hate crimes was a Sikh man. Promoting respect and understanding of this religious and cultural tradition, The Empire Files profiles this minority community with a long and rich history in America, and explores the roots of anti-Sikh racism with Georgetown Professor and civil rights attorney Arjun Singh Sethi.

Is the US Ready for Universal Health Care? This Physician Says ‘Yes’
Physicians for a National Health Program’s Adam Gaffney warns that incremental steps can turn into diversions and prevent us from fixing the fundamental problems with our current health care system

LGBTQ Activists Call for Accountability Following Murder of Trans Woman of Color in Baltimore
Baltimore Trans Alliance’s Executive Director Ava Pipitone sits down with The Real News to talk about the recent murder of Black Trans woman Alphonza Watson – the eighth Trans murder victim of 2017 in the United States – and how the Baltimore community can organize against transphobia

Institute for Public Accuracy
Dangers with Russia

Conspiracy Theorists Welcome in Corporate Media–if They Have the Right Targets
by Adam Johnson

*A saliently ironic surname, don’t you think?

Democracy Now!
As Trump Complains About Alleged Surveillance, Republicans Gut Internet Privacy Rules


Maryland Ban Shows Fracking is Not a Partisan Issue
Recent support by state Republican leaders for fracking bans puts heat on Democratic leaders who still support fracking
by Wenonah Hauter

*While we should expose the hypocrisy of poseurs like Brown, lauding pols of any party who may align with us on a certain issue, even one as acute as this, while ignoring their malfeasance and malevolence in other areas, leaves us isolated in our silos, diminished in our ability to make progress on any of our demands for a just society.

You can’t paint the big picture without a broad brush.

The Real News Network
Will Dems Derail Sanders’s Push for Public Option?
Wendell Potter, a health insurance executive turned whistleblower, on the GOP failure to repeal Obamacare and what lessons the 2009 defeat of the public option – when Democrats controlled Congress – can offer today

*The public option is a single, and singles lead to runners stranded on base.

Home run hitters often strike out, but swinging for the fences is the only way we’re gonna knock this one out of the park.

Growing Discontent with Corruption Brings Thousands of Russians to the Streets
The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Tayler says the opposition does not offer much of a political program beyond calling for removing Putin from power

Arrest of Omar Barghouti Comes Amidst Upsurge in International Support for Boycott of Israel
After the P5+1 nuclear deal made it difficult for the Israeli government to continue to appeal to the right-wing through casting Iran as the bogeyman, depicting BDS as a ‘delegitimization’ campaign became its next means of generating fear and paranoia among voters, says journalist Richard Silverstein

Baltimore Mayor’s Veto of $15/Hr Bill Shows Corporate Wing of Democrats Alive and Well
Labor reporter Mike Elk discusses the potential backlash faced by Maryland Democrats as well as the significance of the Mississippi Nissan workers struggle – Part 1/5

*Canton’s my home town, long since departed from, and it’s heartening to hear that folks are challenging a plantation mentality that is still alive and ill willed, whether the commodity is cotton or cars.

Institute for Public Accuracy
Ambassador Haley: Moms for Nukes
U.S. Violating Treaty Obligations in Attacking Nuclear Weapons Ban


Away … ?

Advocate of Saddam/Al Qaeda Conspiracy Will Save Us From Fake News
by Jim Naureckas

*When the cesspool makes the clogged toilet look clean

Democracy Now!
Local Lawmakers Fight Back Against AG Sessions’s Threats to Cut Funding to Sanctuary Cities

ICE Retaliates Against Immigrants in Austin After Sheriff Limits Cooperation with Federal Agents

As ICE Retaliates Against Austin, Learn How New Haven Fought Back Against a 2007 ICE Crackdown

Immigrant Communities in Fear as Trump Ups ICE Raids Targeting Sanctuary Cities

Web Exclusive: Rebecca Solnit Reads from “The Mother of All Questions”; Discusses Hope & Resistance

Inulin Fiber: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Get It
by Yuri Elkaim


FBI Face Recognition Technology Has ‘No Limits,’ Congressional Hearing Reveals
Law enforcement has access to photos of 50 percent of all adult Americans without their knowledge or consent
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

UTC fires reporter over bathroom bill reporting after local lawmaker complaints
by Kendi A. Rainwater
Chattanooga Times Free Press

*Note NPR’s righteous stance against press intimidation, which will surely be touted during the next pledge drive.

The Feuding Kleptocrats
by Chris Hedges

Why did Preet Bharara Refuse to Drain the Wall Street Swamp?
by William K. Black

Committee for Better Banks
Workers Shut Down Santander Headquarters in Mass Protest

The Real News Network
Sixth Year of War in Syria Marked by Tremendous Civilian Casualties
In the last week alone there were several attacks against Daesh in Iraq and Northern Syria led by the United States in which civilian casualties were considerable, says Vijay Prashad

Study Links Extreme Weather Events to Climate Change
Dr. Michael Mann says the way climate change affects the jet stream is intensifying and increasing the regional scale of droughts and flooding

The Protest-Resignation of UN Under-Secretary Dr. Rima Khalaf
UN Secretary General Guterres caves under pressure from Israel and United States and orders Under-Secretary Rima Khalaf to withdraw an incriminating investigative report on Israeli apartheid policies against Palestinians, says Vijay Prashad

Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in D.C. Set for August
Organizer Krystal Roundtree says this is a call to end legalized slavery in the United States

*Strict constrictionism

Nebraskan Landowners Resist Keystone XL By Refusing to Sell Their Property to TransCanada
Retired school teacher and farmer Art Tanderup says he and nearly a hundred other landowners are pushing the Public Service Commission in Nebraska to deny permits for the pipeline

Rattling the Bars: Women and Incarceration
Truthout Editor-in-Chief Maya Schenwar discusses her work as a journalist, organizer, and prison abolitionist

Baltimore Mayor’s Veto of $15 Wage Protects Policy of Subsidizing Wealthy, Councilperson Says
Unconfirmed reports suggest that the measure may have lost its veto-proof support among city council members

*Pugh is a hole

And it ain’t got diddley to do with doughnuts.

In that, she’s in the company of countless other Democratic mayors, including the one in office in my “progressive oasis” of Madison, WI.

NYT Says Congress Has ‘Duty’ to Make War–Rather Than the Right to Reject It
by Adam Johnson

*A “liberal” dose of bloodlust

Institute for Public Accuracy
Will Sanders Introduce Medicare for All, or Just for Some?

*When push comes to shove

Don’t let Bernie behind you anywhere near a cliff

Democracy Now!
After Republican Infighting Dooms GOP Healthcare Plan, Trump Vows to Let Obamacare “Explode”

Medicare for All? Sen. Bernie Sanders Poised to Push for Single Payer after GOP Plan Falls Apart

*Bernie may be “poised to push”

But … well … see above

More Than 1,000 Civilians Reportedly Killed by U.S.-Led Airstrikes as Trump Expands War on Terror


What Is Sex For?
by Robert Jensen

The Real News Network
The Truth Behind the War on Immigrants
Historian Gerald Horne explains how the demonization of immigrants is designed to divide the working class and prevent white and non-white workers from acting in solidarity

*The reasons for demonizing “the other”

Are always the same

Were Haitian Police Behind Assassination Attempt on Aristide?
Jeb Sprague-Silgado says the firing on the former president’s motorcade took place in the context of mass voter disenfranchisement and an attempt to rearrange the country politically away from left forces

18 Million U.S. Citizens Exposed to Lead-Contaminated Water Systems
Trump’s cuts to the EPA will make it nearly impossible for the agency to track down violations of lead standards and enforce public health protections, says Erik D. Olson of the Natural Resources Defense Council

Neil Gorsuch’s Woeful Record on Civil Rights
Glen Ford says it’s not specific statements or positions that have led many, including the NAACP, to oppose Trump’s Supreme Court nominee; it’s Gorsuch’s whole legal philosophy

Democracy Now!
Florida’s First Black State Attorney Faces Death Threats After Refusing Death Penalty for Cop Killer

*Even if the death penalty “worked” in some sense, it would still be utterly immoral to carry it out.

Killing can only be justified in reaction to a grave threat. Once that threat no longer exists, justice is not satisfied, only revenge.


Latest WikiLeak Dump Shows CIA Hacking iPhones Since 2008
Outlet says it is likely that CIA “infected” Apple’s supply chain, including by “interdicting mail orders”
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

Stubborn Facts and the Lies That Kill Democracy
by Ralph Nader

Inventing enemies
The motivation behind the attacks on Indian Americans is a combination of seeing South Asians as terrorists and Indians as usurpers of high-tech jobs
by Vijay Prashad

Courage to Resist
Support US Army Private Ryan Johnson, Imprisoned a decade after refusing crimes of his country

The Real News Network
Why Further Revelations on Trump’s Russian Connections Might Fail to Bring Him Down
Investigative journalist James Henry argues that the revelations on Manafort and further inquiry into Trump’s ties to oligarchs are unlikely to produce a ‘silver bullet’ against the administration – and says there’s no substitute for grassroots organizing in preparation for the 2018 elections

Russia vs. USA: Who is the Threat, Who is the Aggressor? (2/2)
Jeffrey Tayler, contributing editor to The Atlantic, tells Paul Jay there are steps the Trump administration can take if it is serious about reducing tensions with Russia

Will the NDP Adopt Pro-BDS Platform?
Journalist Nora Loreto discusses the ongoing leadership races in Canada’s Conservative and NDP parties

Whistle Blower Teacher Says Charter Schools Draining Students, Resources from Public Education
In the third installment of TRNN’s investigation into the decline of public education another whistle blower teacher says Baltimore’s focus on charter schools is threatening the viability of public education

Hundreds Rally to Demand A Fix to Baltimore’s School Budget Deficit
In a surprise move, City Schools announced $30 million dollars for classrooms, but students, teachers and advocates say funding remains woefully inadequate

Petition update
Urge Ugandan President Museveni to pass the acid attack bill now.
by Hanifa Nakiryowa

Health Alert: Many Women Have Died Unnecessarily Because Dangerous Cancers of the Uterus and Ovaries Are Being Spread using MORCELLATORS. Stop MORCELLATION in Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery.
by Hooman Noorchashm

Institute for Public Accuracy
London Attack

*The mirror of malevolence

Democracy Now!
Jane Mayer on Robert Mercer & the Dark Money Behind Trump and Bannon

*Of course, the Clintons are murderers, and the corpress is an “enemy of the people”.

And Stalin called Hitler evil, and vice versa.

Truth can come from the vilest of voices.

Dark Money Billionaires Push for Pro-Nuclear Radiation Climate Denier for White House Science Post

Dark Data: Trump Backers Bankroll Firm Developing Psychological Profiles of Every U.S. Voter


Mississippi Bill Helps Enable Trump’s “Sinister” Immigration Crackdown
Days after Trump administration issues report aimed at scaring “jurisdictions into becoming deportation agents,” Mississippi poised to enact anti-sanctuary cities law
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Coal in ‘Freefall’ Worldwide, Report Finds
‘No amount of rhetoric from Donald Trump will be able to stop the fall of coal in the U.S. and across the globe’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Immigrant Food Factory Workers Threatened with Mass Termination Choose Resistance
‘Not One Step Back’ – ‘Ni Uno Paso Atras’
Dozens at Tom Cat Bakery in Queens given 10 days’ notice of dismissal following investigation by Trump’s Department of Homeland Security

ACLU of Northern California Files Claims Against Customs And Border Protection for Sexual Assault
Two Sisters Were Sexually Assaulted by CBP Officer in Texas

The Real News Network
US Interfered in More Elections Than Any Other Nation
Glen Ford says that even if the US does prove that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections, the actions don’t match the scale of America’s interference in elections across the world

*I’m afraid Ford, who provides much righteous analysis, has his own blinkers on at the end of this segment, as regards Russian benevolence.

No “favor” was done to the world, much less the people of Syria, with its intervention to assist its ally. The calculations were coldly geopolitical. That doesn’t in any way legitimate US actions in this area, or this neo Cold War horseshit spewing from Democratic orifi, but it’s folly to take American turpitude as reason to praise Russia acting on similar impulses.

One could say, “A pox on both their houses”, but the wretched reality is the deathly one devastating their victims.

Federal Judge Orders Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Pocomoke, State of MD to Move Forward
Judge Frederick Motz’s ruling means the case alleging government officials discriminated against the city’s first black police chief has cleared a key legal hurdle and will now enter discovery and possible depositions

Justice for Port Drivers
Make XPO the poster child for the illegal mistreatment of port workers in the South

Black Man Stabbed to Death by White Supremacist–Then Smeared by Media
by Adam Johnson

Right-Wing Foundation, Scary Nuke Maps Drive Narrative on North Korea ‘Threat’
by Adam Johnson

*A Heritage of histrionic hype

Institute for Public Accuracy
Leading Expert: Congress Can Release Trump’s Tax Returns

Democracy Now!
A Driver Fled His Truck to Avoid Freezing to Death. Only One Judge Ruled Against Him: Neil Gorsuch

*A heart as cold as that winter night in Illinois

Neil Gorsuch, Backed by $10 Million in Dark Money, Refuses to Weigh In on Citizens United

Meet 2 U.S. Citizens Detained at Airports: A Police Chief and a Lawyer Who Sued Trump Administration


Reality and the ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ Famine in Yemen
by Kathy Kelly

The Real News Network
Russia vs. USA: Who is the Threat, Who is the Aggressor? (1/2)
GOP and Democratic Party leaders and media pundits like Rachel Maddow are raising their anti-Russian rhetoric to cold-war levels. Jeffrey Tayler, contributing editor to The Atlantic, says they are ignoring the history of broken American promises, NATO expansion and attempts to develop American first strike nuclear capability.

Was the Georgian Conflict Started to Elect John McCain President in 2008? Pt.1
TRNN REPLAY: As thousands demand Saakashvili’s resignation, Paul Jay investigates roots of 2008 Russia-Georgia War

Democrats Fail to Dig into Trump’s Shady Financial Ties During Hearing
Economist James Henry says the overlooked story is the longstanding role of Russian flight capital and organized crime ties in funding Trump’s ventures

*There was no “effort to make Russia a more democratic society” by the Clintons or anyone else in the US power structure, so it wasn’t “a kind of missed opportunity”, which might explain why Democrats aren’t too keen on delving into DDT’s criminogenic contacts with Russian oligarchs, as they assisted in their ascension during the Yeltsin years.

Why is the Capitalist West Fighting with Capitalist Russia?
TRNN Replay: Alexandr Buzgalin and Paul Jay discuss the antagonism between Russia and US despite the former adopting ‘Jurassic Park capitalism’ since the demise of the USSR

*This segment sorely needed a translator, but I think there’s enough that can be gleaned from it to merit reposting.

UN Report Finds Apartheid Exists Within Israel
TRNN’s Shir Hever says although the reality of apartheid is obvious and uncontroversial to most Israelis, the recent United Nations report establishes an important legal basis for describing what exists beyond the Occupied Territories as apartheid

Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon has been propelled over the last year from fringe media outlier to top propagandist of the U.S. empire as Trump’s chief strategist

*Rasputin of the alt-Reich

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Housing, Community, Land Are Human Rights’
Tony Romano on HUD cuts
by Janine Jackson

*A roof over our heads

Rather than a sword of Damocles

Democracy Now!
Inside How the Federalist Society & Koch Brothers Are Pushing for Trump to Reshape Federal Judiciary

*Lipton, good “objective journalist” that he is, “wouldn’t call the Federalist Society a right-wing group”

But ducks quack, don’t they?

How to Create Healthy Eating Habits That Actually Stick (The CPR Method)
by Yuri Elkaim

*A journey of a thousand miles does not end with a single misstep


Tax Cuts for the Rich at Heart of Paul Ryan’s Attack on Medicaid
Ryan makes it clear that cutting Medicaid to pay for the health bill’s tax cuts for the wealthy enables deeper corporate tax cuts in tax legislation to follow
by Chye-Ching Huang

A Last Chance for Resistance
by Chris Hedges

*Imagine the worst before there’s no longer a need to

New Evidence that Poor Americans Pay the Highest Taxes and Get Little of the Safety Net
by Paul Buchheit

The Real News Network
Baltimore Poised to Pass $15 Min. Wage as Business Lobby Launches Nationwide Rollback Campaign
The American Prospect’s Justin Miller says corporate lobbyists working with Republicans and even some Democrats are trying to undermine the highly popular and successful Fight for $15 movement across the country

Wealthiest U.S. Households Save Big Under GOP Health Care Bill
PERI’s Peter Arno says the elderly, disabled, and the poor would be hardest hit by the repeals of Medicaid expansion and taxes on the rich that fund Medicare

Trump Adds Another Former Goldman Sachs Official to His Administration
James Donovan’s area of expertise, like most Goldman Sachs folks, is not economics or finance, but law – because that’s how Goldman Sachs makes its money: by evading, controlling and writing the laws

*Sachs and pillages

Color Of Change
Credit card companies should not be funding hate groups

Institute for Public Accuracy
Intel Committee “Political Theater” as Trump Escalates Wars

The Political Economy of ‘Moral Authority’
by John O’Day

*Mything the point

Democracy Now!
Ari Berman: Supreme Court Pick Neil Gorsuch Has Praised Discriminatory Voter ID Laws

College Classmate: Neil Gorsuch Attacked Anti-Apartheid & Civil Rights Protesters & Defended Contras

Amid Spike in Civilian Deaths from U.S. Strikes, Trump Requests Lifting Policy Limiting Casualties

Organizer: ICE Detention of Immigrant Rights Activists in VT is Clear Case of Political Retaliation


Trump Sends Hate Group to Represent US at UN Women’s Rights Conference
“The members of the president’s delegation to the United Nations’ annual summit on women are opposed to the U.N. as a whole and the fundamental rights of women in particular”
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*More foxes than henhouses

UN Praises Iran’s “Exemplary” Leadership in Hosting Refugees
“It’s a story that’s not told often enough,” said a representative for UN high commissioner for refugees
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Of course there’s a political calculus here

But it’s a rare instance where the folks involved actually benefit from it.

The Real Irish-American Story Not Taught in Schools
by Bill Bigelow

*History repeats when it is unremembered

The Public is Clueless About the Federal Budget and It’s the New York Times’ Fault
Wow. That’s a big number!
by Dean Baker

*”What’s the problem here?”

Dean, if you don’t suss that, you’re exposing your own ignorance on just whom the corpress serve, which I imagine is why you took the Times at its word.

Economic Policy Institute
Trump Delay of the ‘Fiduciary Rule’ Will Cost Retirement Savers $3.7 Billion
Public Citizen

U.S. Supreme Court’s Assumption That Outside Groups Are Independent Is Proven False at the State and Local Levels
Seven Years Later, the Foundation of Citizens United Is in Ruins; At Next Week’s Hearing, Judge Gorsuch Likely to Be Asked About Money in Politics

The Real News Network
U.K. Increases Use of Stripping Citizenship as Anti-Terrorism Policy
Helena Wray and Caterina Aiena say the U.K. is showing a willingness to deprive people of their human rights and place them into a zone of lawlessness and statelessness

BJP Wins India’s Largest State in Elections, Further Consolidating Modi’s Power
NewsClick founder Prabir Purkayastha says the secular and social inclusion agendas have lost to the pro-business, anti-Muslim agenda of Narendra Modi – and no oppositional force looks ready to challenge the BJP in the 2019 elections

Anti-Boycott Law Denies London BDS Activist Entry to Israel
London Palestinian Solidarity Campaign Chairman Hugh Lanning says these laws are exposing the anti-democratic nature of the state

Democracy Now!
Trump’s Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Insists Cutting Meals for Poor Seniors is Compassionate

*Orwellian overdrive

Is Trump Counterterrorism Aide Sebastian Gorka a Sworn Member of Hungarian Nazi-Allied Group?

Decoding the bread aisle
What those claims on your bread really mean
by Leah Ettman
Nutrition Action


Amid Renewed Nuclear Worries, Dozens of Classified Bomb Test Videos Made Public
‘If we capture the history of this and show what the force of these weapons are and how much devastation they can wreak, then maybe people will be reluctant to use them’
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”We hope that we would never have to use a nuclear weapon ever again.”

We never had to use them at all.

President Blowback: How the Invasion of Iraq Came Home
by Tom Engelhardt

*The empire strikes home

Trump is Considering Expanding Killing Powers Abroad. The Consequences for Civilians Will be Disastrous.
by Hina Shamsi

*The sham removed

The shame revealed

What Betsy DeVos Means When She Says ‘Public Schools’
by Jeff Bryant

The Real News Network
Netherlands Far-Right Leader Wilders Contained, But Far From Defeated
Alternet’s Ben Norton says ‘The Dutch Donald Trump’ is going to remain a fixture in national politics – and this is just the beginning of a larger wave of far right movements across the globe

Trump’s 2005 Tax Forms: ‘Like Going to Dinner And Being Served Pictures of Food’
Economists James Henry and Bill Black hypothesize that there are fraudulent and criminal activities lurking within Trump’s unreleased tax forms

Intel Buys Israeli Tech Firm in Largest Tech Deal in Nation’s History
TRNN’s Shir Hever says Intel is attempting to add prestige to its brand while Israeli politicians strive for a political victory to create the appearance of an international foothold in the nation’s economy

FAIR CounterSpin
‘That Violence Against Our Community Is Often Not Told by Media’
Kris Hayashi on trans non-ruling
by Janine Jackson

Institute for Public Accuracy
Brazil: As “Coup” Government Targets Retirement Benefits, General Strike Rocks Nation

Democracy Now!
In Stinging Blow to President, Hawaii & Maryland Judges Block Trump’s Second Muslim Ban

ACLU Lawyer Esha Bhandari on Your Rights If Border Agents Try to Seize Your Cellphone at the Border

In Historic Report, U.N. Agency Says Israel Is Imposing an “Apartheid Regime” on Palestinian People


Trump’s New Medicaid Head Wastes No Time Urging States to Make System More Cruel
Seema Verma was architect of program in Indiana that imposed “unprecedented co-payments and premiums”; her letter to governors says states may consider insurance premium requirements, emergency room co-payments
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Beyond Wetiko Agriculture: Saving Ourselves from the Soil Up
The diagnosis is clear. Now what are we going to do about it?
by Tom Newmark and Steven Farrell

Jubilee USA Network
Federal Reserve Raises Rates and Poor Countries Pay More Debt

Public Citizen
Trump Rollback of Fuel Economy Standards Would Cost Americans $5,700 Per Car, $8,200 Per Truck
Auto Industry and Trump Collude in a Myopic and Cruel Move

7 Ways To Take Action To #ProtectTransWomen Today

The Real News Network
February Job Growth Barely Made Dent in Record Low Labor Force Participation
Newest government data still show trends of low wage job creation, racial disparities in employment, and workers continuing to leave the labor force, says economist Bill Black

Attorney Fired By Trump Set Dangerous Precedent for Wall Street Prosecutions
Former financial regulator Bill Black says Preet Bharara was the most aggressive federal prosecutor, but was still easy on the elite Wall Street bankers – yet we shouldn’t expect Trump to nominate a replacement who isn’t ethically challenged

*Another liberal “hero” simply for getting pissed on by His Travesty

Institute for Public Accuracy
Arab Women Leaders Point to Arms Sales as Cause of Insecurity

FAIR CounterSpin
‘Trumpcare Is Very Destructive to Both Medicare and Medicaid’
Nancy Altman on Trumpcare
by Janine Jackson

Media Find Room for ‘Trumpcare Too Progressive,’ but Not for Single-Payer
Right-wing critics of GOP health plan get near-constant media attention–while single-payer advocates’ challenges to ACA were never taken seriously
by Michael Corcoran

Democracy Now!
David Cay Johnston Speaks Out About Receiving & Revealing 2 Pages of Trump’s 2005 Tax Returns

David Cay Johnston: How Trump Pays So Little in Taxes and Plans to Change Tax Law to Pay Even Less

Aid Worker Decries U.S.-Backed “Relentless War” in Yemen Causing Widespread Threat of Starvation

*A famine of fundamental humanity

Trump Considers Slashing U.S. Funding to U.N. Amid Warnings of Worst Humanitarian Crisis Since WWII

Arkansas Rushes to Execute 8 Men Using Drug Linked to Painful, Botched Executions


Is the Vault 7 Source a Whistleblower?
by Jesselyn Radack

Center for Biological Diversity
New Story Map Shows What’s Really at Stake With Trump’s Border Wall

2.7 Million Animals Killed by Federal Wildlife-destruction Program in 2016
Ignoring Calls for Reform, Wildlife Services Continues Killing Coyotes, Bears, Wolves, Other Animals

Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV)
Yemenis Endure World’s Largest, Rapidly Worsening Humanitarian Crisis While Subject to a Sea Blockade and Constant Bombing

The Real News Network
New Mike Brown Footage Discredits Ferguson Police Account
Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says the police consistently manipulate public opinion with character assassinations and lies to justify the killing of black men

Russian, U.S. Geopolitical Interests in Growing Tension with Netanyahu’s Political Self-Interest
Russia and the United States are in a strong position to protect their respective geopolitical interests in spite of Netanyahu’s attempts at political self-preservation, says TRNN’s Shir Hever

Portions of Keystone XL, Dakota Access Built By Oligarch Who Helped Bring Putin to Power
DeSmogBlog’s Steve Horn says the steel used in the construction of the pipelines will be produced in the US or Canada, but nonetheless will be owned by foreign multinationals

Rattling the Bars: Blacks More Likely to Be Wrongly Convicted Than Whites
Eddie Conway talks to Alison Flowers, author of ‘The Exoneree Diaries,’ who discusses a new report which reveals a troubling level of racial bias in the U.S. criminal justice system

Democracy Now!
Healthcare or Wealthcare? 24 Million to Lose Insurance Under GOP Plan While Rich Get Big Tax Breaks

*Let’s don’t be labeling a piece of shit “fair and just” simply because it may smell a bit like it compared to the yuuuuuge pile of it DDT’s pimping.

ALEC & For-Profit Health Industry Embrace GOP Bill Despite Opposition from Doctors & Nurses

*No single payer due to the multi payers to pols

Was Firing of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Done to Cover Up Probes of Trump & Fox News?

Is Jared Kushner Breaking the Law with $400M Real Estate Deal with Firm Tied to Chinese Gov’t?

*America First

(Void where prohibited by lawlessness)

From Lobbyists to Reality Show Stars, Meet the Hundreds of Officials Trump Has Quietly Installed

*Swamp things


Cambodia Outraged as US Demands Repayment of ‘Blood-Stained’ War Debt
The US dropped more than 500,000 tons of bombs on Cambodia during the Vietnam War
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Texas Lawmaker Takes Aim at Anti-Choice Laws With Fine for Male Masturbation
‘Although HB 4260 is satirical, there is nothing funny about current healthcare restrictions for women and the very real legislation that is proposed every legislative session,’ wrote Rep. Jessica Farrar (D)
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Cities Worldwide Take on Climate Fight—And See Pushback From National Governments
Many cities are outpacing national governments in the climate fight, setting the stage for power battles
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

The Dance of Death
by Chris Hedges

The Oligarch Files: Did a billionaire fertiliser baron bail out Trump by paying millions over the odds for this gaudy pleasure palace? And is THIS the Russian connection that could return to haunt the presidency?
Trumps’s election campaign was bedevilled by allegations of links with Kremlin
Story of Maison de l’Amitie is example of Donald Trump’s connections to Moscow
Close scrutiny of The Donald’s business history now suggests that if there is a real concern about Russian connections, it may instead lie in hard financial facts
by James S Henry

Striking York University Food Service Workers Win $15 and Fairness
by Alia Karim and David Bush

Rights Organizations Call for No Borders on Gender Justice

The Real News Network
Thousands Protest Against Dakota Access in Front of White House
Indigenous activists and their supporters gathered in D.C. to condemn executive and state-level plans for continued pipeline construction and expansion of fracking

US Deploys More Troops to Syria to Fight ISIS
Vijay Prashad provides analysis of why US troops will be fighting alongside a coalition of opposing allies to retake Raqqa

Trump and The War Within the American Oligarchy
TRNN senior editor Paul Jay discusses how the Real News covers the Trump administration as well as the struggle between those who want to ‘reign in the excesses of capitalism’ and those who want to destroy the ‘administrative state’

*Extenuating exploitocracy

The egg-centrics and the goose gobblers

Institute for Public Accuracy
How Liberals Collaborated with McCarthyism: Then and Now

Covering the Critics of Conway, Not the Murders of Transgender Women
by Tegan Jones

Democracy Now!
How to Remove a President: Mass Protests Force Out South Korean Leader Amid Corruption Scandal

Bruce Cumings: North Korea Timed Recent Missile Test to Take Place During Trump-Abe Dinner

China Warns U.S. & North Korea Are Set for “Head-On” Collision Amid Rising Tensions & Provocations

The lowdown on fermented foods
Here’s a look at the evidence
by Lindsay Moyer
Nutrition Action

*As always, weigh the conflicting views as best you can, and be open to further developments


‘We Exist, We Resist, We Rise’: Thousands March for Native Nations
‘Standing Rock was just the beginning’
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Another Sign Just Came in That Tar Sands Operations Are on Life Support
‘Societal acceptance of the energy system as we have it is just disappearing,’ Shell chief executive said
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Bush-Era Foreign Policy Delusions Are Alive and Well in 2017
Trump’s foreign policy advisers are plainly unhinged. But the old establishment isn’t much better.
by Conn Hallinan

*All empires ultimately crumble

This one may leave nothing in its train

As Their Trials Begins, Climate Protecting “Valve Turners” Say “Shut It Down” Is “Necessity”
by Jeremy Brecher

*A necessity defense of the planet

Education for Sale?
School choice and the future of American education
by Linda Darling-Hammond

The Rehabilitation of George W. Bush, War Criminal
Don’t be fooled by the watercolors; he’s still responsible for the death of a million Iraqis
by Vijay Prashad

*Painting a false face of humanity

Public Citizen
Corporate Interests Give Tens of Millions to Dismantle Legal Rights of Consumers and Patients
Lobbying Disclosures Reveal Undermining Accountability Is a Top Priority for Big Business

*Ruling class action

Allow Parents the Option to Protect Kids from Military Recruiters in High Schools

The Real News Network
Israel Bans Entry to Supporters of the Boycott Movement
TRNN correspondent Shir Hever says the ban could be used to prevent re-entry of Palestinians who oppose the Israeli occupation of their land

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Meet the New Muslim Ban, Harsher Than the Old Muslim Ban”

With White House Embracing Climate Denial, Will Corporate Media Treat It as Science?
by Reed Richardson

*”Equal time”

Is running out

Democracy Now!
Immigrant Rights Leader Released After Hundreds Rally Outside His Check-in with Deportation Officer

Palestinian Hip-Hop Star Tamer Nafar Fights Racist Israeli Policies in New Film, “Junction 48”

EFF Director: WikiLeaks Move to Share CIA Hacking Tools with Tech Giants Could “Make Us All Safer”


Special Statement by National Low Income Housing Coalition President and CEO Diane Yentel: Don’t Make America Homeless Again

*Homelessness is where the heartlessness is

The Real News Network
Trump Supporters Call For Imprisoning Liberals at Phoenix Rally
In this shocking video, Dan Cohen documents the toxic atmosphere of Trump’s political allies and most fervent supporters

*Nuremberger with a side of lies

GOP’s Deadly Obamacare Replacement
Workers living in right-to-work states would become especially vulnerable to the cost-cutting machinations of the insurance industry, says Jane McAlevey

‘Liberating’ Iraqi Cities Often Reduces Them to Ghost Towns
Many ISIS fighters retreated from Mosul prior to the current military campaign, and therefore the existence of organization is not threatened by the ongoing campaign, says Sabah Alnasseri

Chinese Telecom Giant Pays DoJ $892 Million Fine for Practices Trump Wants Legal For U.S. Firms
Bill Black says Trump wants to gut the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to enable U.S. firms to engage in corruption

*No dishonor among thieves

Black Lives Matter on International Women’s Day
We must bring the movement to those who are most marginalized, says Black Lives Matter – Canada co-founder janaya khan

Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Korea Deployment and Korean Elections

Trump Didn’t Teach Foreign Regimes to Cry ‘Fake News’–Corporate Media Did
By Adam Johnson

FAIR CounterSpin
‘We Are Conditioned by Mass Media to Choose Up Sides’
Norman Solomon on Trump and Russia
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
Exclusive: Facing Possible Deportation, Immigrant Activist Ravi Ragbir Speaks Out Before ICE Check-in

Yoga Hip Openers: 23 Simple Poses Most People Should Be Doing
by Yuri Elkaim


Honduran Farmers Sue World Bank Lending Arm for ‘Profiting From Murder’
A private lending arm of the World Bank is not ‘ending poverty,’ it is ‘ending the lives of the poor,’ says one farmer
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The deathly cost of “doing business”

Wikileaks Dumps CIA’s Hacking Tools
by Marcy Wheeler

Memory, Fire and Hope: Five Lessons from Standing Rock
The North Dakota camp may have been evicted but the movement hasn’t lost. Here are five lessons activists around the world can learn from the water protectors.
by Alnoor Ladha

*We can’t create the world we want

Until we live it in the world we don’t

Let’s Give the CIA the Credit It Deserves
by Norman Solomon

*Yankee disingenuity

CIA Torture Architects Ordered to Testify Over Cover-up Involving Trump Appointee

Food & Water Watch
Dozens of Advocacy Groups Challenge EPA on Factory Farm Pollution
Rural Communities Demand Clean Water, Not Environmental Rollbacks

Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV)
3rd Annual Shut Down Creech! – Spring 2017

Statement: National Day of Action for Trans Women of Color

The Real News Network
From Strikes to Symbolic Acts, ‘A Day Without a Woman’ Embraces Broad Front of Resistance
International Women’s Day builds upon the Women’s March on Washington with more leadership from women of color and deeper politicization among its participants, says journalist Margaret Prescod

Building Pipelines Leads to Growth – Not in Jobs, But Carbon Emissions
TRNN’s Dimitri Lascaris says despite their difference in style, Trudeau and Trump share the same support for disastrous climate/fossil fuel policy—Not-in-Jobs%2C-But-Carbon-Emissions

Bail Reform: Should the Poor Continue to Pay?
Eze Jackson heads to Annapolis to talk to advocates for House Bill 1390 which will eliminate cash bail for non-violent offenders who cannot afford to pay

European, North American Campuses Observe Israeli Apartheid Week
Students and faculty held events including mock checkpoints and poetry readings to draw attention to the occupation of the Palestinian territories and settler-colonialism, says scholar-activist Yara Hawari

Empire Files: Chris Hedges & Abby Martin – Trump, Fascism & the Christian Right
For the first time in modern history, a fringe wing of Christian extremists have obtained the highest seats of power in the US government-from Mike Pence to Betsy DeVos

*What will be the role of the corpress in this?

What happened in that regard in Germany, Italy, Spain?—Trump%2C-Fascism-%26-the-Christian-Right

Fight for $15
Tell Burger King to STOP sexual harassment at their stores today

NY Daily News: Broken Windows ‘Works,’ and if It Hurts Immigrants–‘Too Bad’
by Josmar Trujillo


How the GOP’s Healthcare Plan Helps Make Case for Medicare-for-All
State efforts toward single-payer healthcare, like California’s, could be bolstered by GOP’s Medicaid-gutting proposal
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Common Dreams

Amid Trump’s Deregulatory Bonanza, UN Report Details ‘Catastrophic’ Impact of Pesticides
Study accuses agro-chemical industry of ignoring scientific studies on toxic impact while pushing ‘myth’ that pesticides are aiding world hunger
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

On International Women’s Day, Honoring Women Land and Human Rights Defenders
Across the wide world, women are rising up to protect the Earth, one another, and the common good
by Osprey Orielle Lake and Emily Arasim

DayWithoutAWoman: For Domestic and Low-Wage Workers, the Stakes Are Higher Than Ever
by Ai-jen Poo

*A woman’s work is never done

Being devalued

Don’t Let Corporations Control Vulnerable Americans’ Water
by Wenonah Hauter

World Beyond War
A Sample Local Resolution to Resist and Overcome
How your town can resist Trump’s military spending

The Real News Network
Empire in Decay: Federal Government Falling Apart as Spying Allegations Fly
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says there is a theory circulating in the intelligence community that the CIA asked the British to spy on Trump on behalf of the Democratic Party; the politicization of the intelligence agencies is a reflection of a dying empire

Did UAE Buy $5 Billion in Arms Anticipating Intensified Regional Conflict?
Trump has added to tension in the region with his warmongering statements on Iran, says filmmaker Andrew Feinstein

Judge Accepts Class Action Lawsuit Against Use of Slave Labor in Private Detention Centers
The case could open up a Pandora’s box of challenges against constitutional provisions for exploiting prison labor, says Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford

High Frequency Trading in the Trump Era
White-collar criminologist Bill Black sits down with the Real News to spell out how the ballooning HFT industry works exactly, and where it’s headed under President Trump

*Ain’t technology grand (larceny)?

Petition update
Gynecologists Are Continuing to Perform Morcellation Operations Without Adequate Informed Consent
by Hooman Noorchashm

George W. Bush Now on Right Side of Press Corps’ Nostalgia Machine
by Eoin Higgins

*What’s the ratio of words in service of Dear Leader’s rehab to the lives he destroyed?

(And why do those lives lost and devastated in Afghanistan seem rarely to be enumerated among his sins?)

Democracy Now!
The GOP Fix for Obamacare: Rich Get Tax Breaks While Millions of Others Lose Healthcare

*From a piece of shit, to a pile of it, and no mention of the one option that doesn’t smell of it

SCOTUS Deals Setback to Trans Rights, But Trans Teen & Activist Gavin Grimm Vows to Push Forward

Part 2: Are Trump’s Ties to Russia a Dangerous Security Issue or Critics’ Fodder for New Red Scare?


Trump Guts Air and Water Rules as WHO Warns Pollution Harms Youngest Kids Most
One in four children die preventable deaths each year as a result of unhealthy environments
by Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Common Dreams

How 90% of American Households Lost an Average of $17,000 in Wealth to the Plutocrats in 2016
by Paul Buchheit

*Defying commons sense

“Sex work” or “prostitution”? Language choices reveal views on male dominance
by Robert Jensen

The Real News Network
Business Lobby Fails to Sway City Council As $15 Min. Wage Measure Advances
With mounting evidence raising the minimum wage does not hurt business or employment, Baltimore is getting closer to a $15 minimum wage by 2022

Israel Creating Nationwide Database of Citizens’ Faces, Fingerprints
TRNN’s Shir Hever says Hewlett Packard first used Palestinians under occupation as test subjects for the program and have now convinced the Israeli government to create a second database for its citizens

*As things fall apart

Repression comes together

Tens of Thousands Demonstrate to Protect Britain’s Heathcare System
Stuart Tuckwood said participants call on the government to fund the NHS properly and to end the move towards privatization

*Can they throw cold water on Maggie’s wet dream?

Real News Doesn’t Side with Russian or American Oligarchs
Kim Brown and Paul Jay discuss TRNN’s approach to covering Jeff Sessions and the Trump-Russia connection controversy

*Call it the Red Herring Menace in many respects, but the focus here should be on Trump and cabal’s use of the tools of gummint to enrich themselves not only in Russia, but wherever an opportunity has or will present itself.

It’s the Art of the Steal on a yuuuuuuge scale.

‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (5/5)
Economist Michael Hudson explains why Social Security does not need to be ‘pre-funded’ by its beneficiaries

How Pro-Israel Politics and Anti-Semitism Coexist in the Alt-Right
Journalist Richard Silverstein says Trump’s nativist populism has emboldened hate groups to commit anti-Semitic attacks

*Israel responds to anti-Semitic violence when it’s in their interest, when they can claim it emanates from Muslim sources. Right wing attacks are mostly ignored, whether in the US or elsewhere, for reasons made plain here.

Inmates Involved in Vaughn Prison Rebellion Denied Medical Treatment
Professor Kim Wilson says the inmates are reporting destruction and confiscation of their private property

Petition update
The Ron Finley Project
Our Collective Voice is Being Heard!

Democracy Now!
Meet Jocelyn Avelica, Whose Dad Was Detained by ICE While Driving his Daughter to School

Debate: Are Trump’s Ties to Russia a Dangerous Security Issue or Critics’ Fodder for New Red Scare?

*I’m not interested in one side or the other here presenting their case as would a lawyer in court, advocating for their client, rather than stepping back, assessing what we know and don’t know, laying out the possible motives among the players, and adjusting analysis as information becomes available, “without fear or favor”.

That approach is what we depend on to make rational judgments, which is what journalism’s supposed to be about, in my view.

17 Ways to Minimize Exposure to Dirty Electricity & EMFs
by Lloyd Burrell


So of this I’d take to heart. I don’t know about the full meal deal, and they are trying to sell you something, aren’t they?


Trump’s ‘School Choice’ Plan: Religious Fundamentalism At Taxpayer Expense
by Jeff Bryant

*Praise the Lord and pass the propaganda

How “Family Values” Conservatives Are Hurting Families
Congressional Republicans’ health care plans would roll back access to birth control and prenatal care
by Livia Gershon

*”Family Values”

It comes down to whose families are valued, doesn’t it?

Saturday: Politicians, Civil Rights Leaders Turn Up Heat on Nissan Over Treatment of African-American Workers
Bernie Sanders, Danny Glover to Lead Massive March on Automaker’s Factory in Canton, MS
Coalition to Demand Nissan Respect Workers’ Right to Vote for a Union Free from Fear, Intimidation

*Old times there are not forgotten

They’re forwarded

The Real News Network
NHS Hospitals Have Run Out of Beds
The British Red Cross has described the situation for British healthcare as a humanitarian crisis, says Dr. Margaret Ridley

*Brexit from the social contract

‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (4/5)
Economist Michael Hudson takes on the mythology surrounding government budgets and explains how the term ‘stability’ has been used as a cover for financial fraud

*We all know what’s on the ground in a “stable”, don’t we?

New UK Secrecy Laws Include Harsh Sentences For Journalists Working With Whistleblowers
Open Rights Group’s Executive Director Jim Killock says PM Theresa May has demonstrated a preference to defend the right to government secrecy over the right to a free press

*I thought it interesting that Brown let slide Killock’s diss of WikiLeaks (≠ “responsible journalists”). Maybe she didn’t catch it, but I’d have liked to have had her question him on the basis for that assertion.

Why Was a 2016 Summit for a US-Proposed Peace Plan Involving Israel Kept Secret?
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to believe he can secure a regional peace agreement without resolving the Palestinian issue, says Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy

*Levy’s right that the two state “solution” is dead, but from the standpoint of justice, it’s always been so.

And I don’t know how he can speak of democracy and equal rights in one state and still accept the injustice of Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories. Any just solution requires that land to be returned to its rightful owners, or truly fair reparations be made to them.

Otherwise there will be a gaping wound in the body politic of that state that will never heal.

Honduran Activist Berta Caceres Stood Up Against Racism, Patriarchy, and Capitalism
Filmmaker Jesse Freeston marks the first anniversary of the assassination of Berta Caceres, an outspoken critic of US imperialism and environmental activist

How Bannon and Milo Repackage Hate Speech
Trump supporters at CPAC told the Real News they admired Breitbart’s provocative rhetoric because it legitimized their own sentiments, which they feel the mainstream misconstrues as racist and bigoted

*”How can you blame me for being born superior?”

Institute for Public Accuracy
Drone Resisters Acquitted, Juror Tells Them: “Keep Doing It”

*A just verdict for a just act

Democracy Now!
Trump’s Proposed EPA Cuts Threaten Health & Lives of Tens of Millions of Americans

The 10 Push-up Variations You Need to Know (For All Levels)
by Yuri Elkaim


Six Democrats and Independent Sen. Angus King Vote to Confirm Inexperienced Safety-Net Foe Ben Carson
Carson will now lead agency with $47 billion budget that oversees fair housing practices and assists low-income renters and homeowners
by Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Warren’s vote was meaningless, in that it had no impact on the outcome, and given her initial support, I have to wonder just what she’d have done if it would have made the difference.

Free Trade vs Protectionism: Weapon of Mass Distraction
by Richard D. Wolff

Has Van Jones Lost His Mind, Or Are Sane People Missing the Point?
by David Swanson

*Crucifixes in camo

Bank of International Settlements Paper Confirms That High Levels of Household Debt Hurt Growth
by Yves Smith

The Real News Network
Feds Indict 7 Baltimore Cops for Racketeering, Drug Dealing
Charges of stealing money from innocent people and filing fraudulent times slips further tarnishes a department that was the recent subject of a scathing Justice Department report

*I believe Rosenstein meant to say that “the Attorney General’s committed to perpetrating criminals”.

I assume he meant “criminality”, but you’d have to confirm that with him.

Trump Seeks Ease on Restrictions for Polluting Drinking Water
Research shows regulations cause virtually no layoffs, says Environmental Integrity Project’s Tom Pelton

‘J is for Junk Economics’: Michael Hudson on TRNN (3/5)
Trump is planning to turn the U.S. economy into a Russian-style kleptocracy, says economist Michael Hudson

*”Oh, I wanted to help you folks. Congress wouldn’t let me.”

Gee, where have I heard that before?

Oh, yeah …

Baltimore School Principals Rally Against Devastating Budget Cuts
TRNN speaks to school administrators and elected officials who are outraged at the $130 million school deficit and potential layoff of 1,000 workers

Breaking Campaign Promise, Trudeau Abandons Move to Democratize Electoral System
The Canadian Prime Minister has likely stopped pursuing implementation of a proportional system of representation because his party – the Liberals – stand to lose the most with such a change, says Dimitri Lascaris

*No need to mourn Obama’s absence

Merely move to Canada

Institute for Public Accuracy
Breaking the Yemen Central Bank: Is Saudi Arabia Using Starvation as a Weapon?

WaPo Spins Its Scoop to Minimize Damage to Sessions
by Jim Naureckas

FAIR CounterSpin
‘The Basis of a Humane Immigration Policy Is to Respect People as Human Beings’
Mizue Aizeki on criminalizing immigrants
by Janine Jackson

Democracy Now!
David Cay Johnston: As Jeff Sessions Scandal Brews, We Need a Public Probe of Trump’s Ties to Russia

Asylum Seeker Battling Brain Tumor Removed from Texas Hospital in Handcuffs, Taken to Private Jail


Flint Residents Now Have to Pay for Water They Still Can’t Drink
State government ends program that helped residents of Flint, Michigan with their water bills after widespread lead poisoning was revealed
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

Study Shows Massive Global Permafrost Melt Underway While Trump Mentions Climate Not Once
Research shows immense expanses of permafrost rapidly disintegrating and releasing huge carbon stores in Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia, and Siberia
by Nika Knight, staff writer
Common Dreams

In the Face of Hatred, Americans Can Speak Up or They Can Look Away
by Leonard Pitts Jr.

Fight for $15
Trump’s child care plan is for the wealthy by the wealthy

*Sleazy kid stuff

The Real News Network
In Speech to Congress, Trump Pits Black and Latino Communities Against Each Other
Historian Gerald Horne says Trump was attempting to disrupt working class unity while ignoring that the police are the greatest threats to these communities

New Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Tied to Russian Oligarchs, Money- Laundering Bank
Economist James Henry says the Senate failed to seriously investigate the networks of Trump’s new billionaire cabinet member

With Transparency Rule Eliminated, Extractive Industries Can Hide Billions in Payments to Foreign Governments
Corinna Gilfillan of Global Witness says the change will prop up big oil’s corrupt business model

Institute for Public Accuracy
Confronting Military Recruitment of Students

Media Fawn Over Trump’s Success at Saying Words in Semi-Coherent Fashion
by Adam Johnson

*Vetting the vile

Democracy Now!
“Trump Is Resurrecting the Scare Tactics”: Prof. Kelly Lytle Hernández on Trump’s Deportation Plans

Linda Sarsour: Muslim Americans Have Now Raised Over $125,000 for Vandalized Jewish Cemeteries

In Move Recalling Nazi-Era Policies, Trump to Create Office to Track Crimes Committed by Immigrants

Trump Honors Widow of Navy SEAL Killed in Yemen, But Ignores His Father’s Calls for Investigation

*A shameless sham

And every Dem stood for it

How to Increase Iron Absorption: The Complete Guide
by Yuri Elkaim


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