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June 2017

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‘Conned’ by Trump: Hundreds of Boeing and Carrier Workers to Lose Their Jobs
“When he spoke at our plant, he acted like no one was going to lose their job”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”It’s a system that exploits everyone”

And “everyone” – workers across the world – must be in solidarity to put an end to their shared subjugation.

“Divide and conquer” has to be confronted with “Unite and Resist”.

Why the Trump Administration Could Be America’s Last
We are between climate catastrophe and wars of extinction
by Vijay Prashad

*When the amble toward the abyss accelerates to an all out sprint–why-the-trump-administration-could-be-americas-last

ACLU Demands Details on U.S. Involvement in Torture at Secret UAE Prison Network
U.S. officials interrogated people held at secret facilities where torture is reported

The Real News Network
Dean Baker: Interest Rate Hike Will Hurt Jobs Growth
The Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike will slow jobs growth, but is probably being done to please Wall Street, says CEPR’s Dean Baker

Institute for Public Accuracy
Portugal Wildfires: Result of Timber Industry?

Democracy Now!
By Defunding Planned Parenthood, Republicans Would Reduce Services That Make Abortion Unnecessary

Support Grows for Single-Payer Medicare-for-All Plan Instead of Massive Cuts to Healthcare

Is South Sudan Government Engaged in Ethnic Cleansing, Triggering Africa’s Biggest Refugee Crisis?

*No mention of precisely why the US supported this murderous regime.

You’d have thought that would be essential intel for a better understanding of this horrific situation, wouldn’t you?


Wage Love to End Debt’s Stranglehold
Instead of using debt to punish communities of color and the poor, we should invest in everyone and defend our civic legacies for future generations
by Sarah van Gelder

*The only debt we should owe

Is to one another

The Real News Network
ISIS Flees Raqqa, Trump and Putin Escalate the War
With the potential defeat of ISIS in Syria, the U.S. and Russia are stepping up their operations in an effort to fill the likely power vacuum, says Chris Davidson, a reader of Middle East politics at Durham University in the UK

Barclays and Its Executives Are Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Fraud
Bill Black, author of “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One”, says don’t expect much – sadly, the British Serious ‘Farce’ Office that brought the charges may not have the wits to carry out the prosecution

*Pinstripes to prison stripes … ?

Place your bets

Syria the Latest Case of US ‘Stumbling’ Into War
by Adam Johnson

*Points taken, certainly, but is the assertion of imperial domination at the cost of countless lives considered a “broad, conspiratorial assumption”

Or simply stating the literally bleeding obvious?

‘Millions of People Will Lose Their Coverage Under Whatever Comes Out’
CounterSpin interview with Trudy Lieberman on covering Trumpcare
by Janine Jackson

*Getting to the heart of the heartlessness

Democracy Now!
Austerity and Neglect Blamed as 79 Die in U.K. Apartment Fire Housing Immigrants & Low-Income Workers

*Do you think those Tory landlords view this as a preventable tragedy

Or a profitable opportunity?


Beyond ‘No’ and the Limits of ‘Yes’: a review of Naomi Klein’s No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need
by Robert Jensen

*Hope lies in acts of conscience

Not in their desired results

The Tax Plan Moms Need
A modest proposal: Tax corporations to help working moms afford childcare and stay-at-home moms save for retirement
by Martha Burk

*A woman’s work is never done

Being viscerally undervalued

Beyond Nuclear
Permanently Closed U.S. Nuclear Reactor Should Be “Autopsied”
Examination could identify potential safety flaws in operating reactors with parts from same controversial French forge

The Real News Network
Trump Risks War with Russia and Iran in Syria
Increasing U.S. military strikes against Assad-allied forces in Syria threaten to undermine the fight against ISIS and spark direct conflict with Russia and Iran, says Ben Norton of Alternet’s Grayzone Project

*ISIS is indeed “horrific”

And so is “the fight” against it, from whatever force.

That needs to be acknowledged in every consideration of this hellish situation.

Canadian First Nation Battles Pipeline Expansion
Charlene Aleck, spokesperson for the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation, discusses the indigenous group’s fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline and the struggle to protect its traditional way of life

Eager for World War III on MSNBC
by Eoin Higgins

*First the ratings

Then the rubble

To Defeat Transparency, NYPD Turns to Journalist-Turned-Cop-Turned-Journalist-Turned-Cop
by Josmar Trujillo

Vitamin D: Nature’s Medicine Chest
by Ty Bollinger


“Would You Like a Drink of Water?” Please Ask a Yemeni Child
by Kathy Kelly

The Real News Network
The Fight Within the Democratic Party Over California Universal Health Insurance Plan
Michael Lighty of National Nurses United tells Paul Jay how the California Senate passed the “Healthy California” plan and discusses the coming battle to make it into law

*It always worrisome to me to hear talk of “the inside game”.

Recall the admonition against lying down with dogs?

Israel Secretly Aids Anti-Assad Forces in Syria Proxy War
Beirut-based journalist Nour Samaha has uncovered extensive Israeli government support of anti-Assad forces in southern Syria

$15 Dollar Minimum Wage and Free College Education – What’s Going On In San Francisco?
San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim tells Paul Jay that she helped lead successful ballot initiatives that won a higher minimum wage, free college for all, and a much higher affordable housing component in new developments; much of this fight has been against corporate Democrats

*”Everyone … is progressive until money’s involved”

What’s that about money and mouths … ?—What%27s-Going-On-In-San-Francisco%3F

Sign the petition to PBS: Schools Inc. is right-wing propaganda

*Didn’t that PBS logo used to face to the left?

Institute for Public Accuracy
Foreign Influence in U.S. Politics

*”Patriots” to their paymasters

Democracy Now!
Arundhati Roy on Returning to Fiction, Redefining Happiness & Writing about Worlds Ripped Apart

Arundhati Roy Reads from Her Acclaimed New Novel, “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness”

Acclaimed Novelist Arundhati Roy on Telling the Truth of the Atrocities in Kashmir Through Fiction

Arundhati Roy on Upcoming Meeting Between Indian PM Modi & Trump at White House

Full Extended Interview: Arundhati Roy on Democracy Now!

*Goodman seems to have this thing about notoreity – I wouldn’t guess at how many times she’s proclaimed someone “an icon” or “legendary” – and it’s heartening to hear Roy’s humbleness when confronted with that.


Supreme Court Delivers ‘Dangerous Message’: Immunity for Former Bush Officials Over 9/11 Detentions
‘This decision regrettably provides constitutional immunity for some of the most high-level officials responsible for gross abuses in the aftermath of September 11,’ said ACLU’s Hina Shamsi
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Mourning Philando Castile at a Anti-Nuke Rally
by Michael McPhearson

*All of a peace

We Can’t Fight Climate Change if We Keep Lying to Ourselves
by Chris Hedges

*We can’t change what we refuse to see clearly

Why Israel and Hezbollah are heading for a new, devastating war in the Middle East
In 13 years of watching these two bitter opponents, I have never seen such a high degree of anxiety that war is coming
by Nicholas Noe

The Real News Network
Venezuela’s Opposition Receives Solid Support from International Media
Media analyst Joe Emersberger takes apart recent international media coverage of Venezuela, which is openly siding with the country’s opposition in portraying the government as a dictatorship

The Need for a Sense of Urgency About War and the Climate Crisis: Katie Halper Interviews Paul Jay
The host of the Katie Halper Show and Paul Jay discuss Trump’s plans for confrontation with Iran and the existential threat of the climate crisis

Isolating Qatar and the Implications for Hamas and the People of Gaza
Qatar is an important supporter of Hamas and as the hostility towards Qatar grows in the region, it will be difficult to deliver aid, and the consequences for Hamas and the Gaza Strip will be severe, explains Imad Alsoos of the Free University of Berlin

Independent Media Was Crucial for Calling Attention to Actions at Standing Rock
Providing an on-the-ground perspective of the actions and activism at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline was essential for getting the word out, explains Lorenzo Serna of the independent media outlet Unicorn Riot

US White Phosphorus Bombs Won’t Eradicate Terrorism In Syria
US-backed forces are using tactics that cause a ‘staggering’ number of civilian deaths, but military action won’t defeat ISIS, says Phyllis Bennis, director the New Internationalism Project at IPS

Israel Reduces Power Supply to Gaza, Intensifying Humanitarian Crisis
Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu says the power cut to Gaza is the fault of the Palestinian Authority, but actually it is the result of a power play between Abbas and Netanyahu in the run-up to peace negotiations, explains TRN’s Shir Hever

In Canada, Indigenous Groups are Litigating – And Winning
Lawyer Eugene Kung of West Coast Environmental Law discusses the protection of indigenous rights under the Canadian constitution—And-Winning

Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul Buck Party Consensus on Russia and Iran Sanctions
Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal explains that these sanctions punish Russia and Iran and unnecessarily intensifies the conflict between the US and these countries

Petition update
Ban Toxic Chinese Drywall, Provide Medical Monitoring, Injunctive Equitable Relief, Public Awareness
by Crystal Kinler

Institute for Public Accuracy
Bombing Syria: * Impeachable * Carve-Up Agenda

Anti-Muslim Terrorism

*Double standard operating procedure

Media Use Attack on Mosque to Smear Mosque
by Adam Johnson

*Culture coded terror outrage

Democracy Now!
“Philando Can Be Any of Us”: Black Lives Matter Protests Acquittal of Officer in Minnesota Killing

Civil Rights Lawyer: Philando Castile’s Skin Color Ended Up Being a Death Sentence

*Rotten barrels bear bad apples

Crackdown in Egypt: Seven Men Tortured in State Custody Face Execution; 90 News Websites Blocked

Egyptian Writer Omar Robert Hamilton: Saudi’s Bankrolling of Egypt Is Tied to Internal Crackdown

A single meal “changed my life forever”
The culprit: ground beef contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

TheTruth About Cancer
Foods With Fructose: Why They’re a Problem & Natural Alternatives


‘We Want Justice’: Prime Minister Forced to Flee as Londoners Protest Deadly Fire
“People should be held to account,” said Labour MP David Lammy
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Let’s hope that they don’t prevent this fire, either.

Amazon Extends Tentacles Further With Purchase of Whole Foods
‘This is extreme consolidation of the food system in action, which will lead to higher prices, fewer choices for consumers, and bigger profits for billionaires like its owner, Jeff Bezos,’ says Wenonah Hauter of Food & Water Watch
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Swallowed “Whole”

Leaving Paris for All The Wrong Reasons
by Sara Mersha and Carol Schachet

Feed the Hungry, Treat the Sick: A Crucial Training
by Kathy Kelly

Labour’s Permanent Reformation
by Benjamin Selwyn–labours-permanent-reformation

Arms Industry-Funded Democrats Vote to Help Saudi Arabia Continue Slaughtering Civilians in Yemen
Five Democratic senators joined Republicans in narrowly voting to approve Trump’s arms deal
by Ben Norton

*Blood money filling campaign coffers–arms-industry-funded-democrats-vote-to-help-saudi-arabia-continue-slaughtering-civilians-in-yemen

The Real News Network
Criminal Charges Filed Against Six State Officials Over Flint Water Scandal, But Problem Goes Far Deeper
While the criminal charges against the officials is an important first step, the root causes of the crisis have not been tackled, explains Rev. David Alexander Bullock of Change Agent Consortium

*”Regret” and forget

Anti-Muslim Manchester Demo Unites Britain’s Far-Right
An anti-Muslim protest in Manchester brought together far-right groups that had until recently been in decline, and they’re organizing across borders, says Dr. Joe Mulhall, Senior Researcher at Hope Not Hate

Trump Infrastructure Plan Lays the Foundation to Build Corporate Corruption and Greed
Trump’s infrastructure plan will further privatize public assets and derail the interests of the American people, says Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

Democracy Now!
Standing Rock Sioux Launch Wind & Solar Renewable Energy Projects After Winning Henry Wallace Award


Amid Trump Chaos, Republicans Keep Their Eyes on the Big Prize: The Courts
“Control the Supreme Court, stack the judiciary, and you can stop the progressive movement… for decades,” Corey Robin wrote
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*No Russians

No rush to arms

Deadly London Fire Shows How Concerns of Poor ‘Constantly Neglected’
“We need to deal with this—we need people to be safe living in high rise buildings,” said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A “state of emergency” the Tories will never espouse

A Planet’s Future Threatened by the Fate of Its Children
In this age of grief, where have all the children gone?
by Karen Greenberg

Review of “Always with Us? What Jesus Really Said about the Poor”
by Liz Theoharis and Bruce Parry

Robert Jensen on Millennial men, climate change, and the increasing need for radical politics
Zoë Goodall interviews Robert Jensen about his most-recent book, “The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men”

Koch Convention to Rewrite Constitution Runs Into Roadblocks
by Arn Pearson

The Real News Network
EITC Not Only Reduces Poverty, But Improves Health of Communities
While Trump seeks to dramatically reduce federal spending for the poor, a study shows that the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) benefits not only the lives of those who receive it, but also entire communities, Jeanette Wicks-Lim and Peter Arno of PERI explain

Threats to Campus Speech Don’t Alarm Media When They Come From the Right
by Eoin Higgins

*Speak (of) no evil

Action Alert: With Sleazy Innuendo, NYT Lays Virginia Attack at Bernie Sanders’ Feet
by Adam Johnson

*Will His Travesty tweet kudos to the Times for “finally printing some Real News!”?

Democracy Now!
Web Exclusive: Naomi Klein on How to Resist Trump’s Shock Politics

Greg Palast: How Racist Voter Suppression Could Cost Jon Ossoff the Georgia Election

*Ossoff’s a DNC darling, so a victory would be hollow in large measure, but should he lose, how much would you be willing to wager that he’ll bring up any of this to challenge his defeat?


Trump, DeVos ‘Betray’ Students With Gift to Predatory For-Profit Schools
The Department of Education will delay Obama-era rules designed to help students defrauded by for-profit colleges
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trump Hearts Methane. Kids? Not So Much.
EPA, Interior Departments push off implementing Obama-era rules to limit methane emissions
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

‘Reign of Terror’: ICE Chief Says Immigrants Should Be Looking Over Their Shoulders
He also said “no population of persons” in the U.S. illegally is safe from deportation
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A jackal attack on the scapegoats

The Long Term Threat to Europe Isn’t Le Pen. It’s Capitalism.
by Conn Hallinan

Amnesty International – USA
Gaza: Electricity Cuts by Israeli Authorities Could Have Catastrophic Consequences

Friends of the Earth and SumOfUs
New Poll: Americans Believe Bayer-Monsanto Merger Poses Serious Threats to Jobs, Independent Farmers, and Food Safety
Americans, including Trump voters, want administration to take aggressive stance on corporate monopolies

The Real News Network
Right-Wing Militia Helps Police Arrest Portland Protesters
Independent journalist Arun Gupta reports on recent anti-Muslim rallies and growing concern that far-right militia groups have an “informal” alliance with U.S. police forces

*A fascist fattening of “the Thin Blue Line”

Rollback of Financial Regulations Has Nothing to do with Complexity or Boosting the Economy
Former financial regulator Bill Black explains that the Republicans’ effort to eliminate Dodd-Frank Act financial regulations serves the interests of the big financial institutions and has nothing to do with rules’ complexity or impact on the economy

Earning Minimum Wage Puts Affordable Housing Out of Reach
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report discusses a National Low Income Housing Coalition report that finds affordable housing is next to impossible for U.S. workers earning minimum wage

*It’s not how much you make

It’s how much you can make with it

The Forgotten History of White Flight in America: Part 3
In Part Three, Richard Rothstein discusses how Spiro Agnew and George Romney lead a failed attempt to halt white flight in the 1960s

*I’d be curious to know why Romney and Agnew took that stand, assuming it had nothing to do with a desire for justice.

That’s a no brainer with Agnew. I don’t know diddley about Romney, so perhaps he was motivated by something approximating a conscience.

Did they feel that a safety valve needed to be turned to relieve the pressure building in the American sociopolitical culture – that a carrot had be tossed in with the sticks of Nixon’s “law and order” crackdown?

Inquiring minds pine to perceive.

Corporate Democrats’ Ties to Wal-Mart’s Long Record of Fighting Workers’ Rights: Part 1
Part One of our conversation with former and current Wal-Mart Associates with the labor organization Our Wal-Mart who talk about current issues facing Wal-Mart employees and the failure of the Democratic Party to stand up for workers

*It’s heartening to hear someone like Andrews, who sees the deep dish contradictions baked into the Democratic Party.

I just hope there are many more like him.

But I’d ask him, and others fighting for justice at Walmart, how they view their struggle as connected with folks in other countries who are exploited far worse than they.

Do they feel a moral obligation to stand with them, or even from the standpoint of their own self interest, do they see the necessity of solidarity in securing their own labor rights?

Recall that the so called golden age of upward mobility for blue collar workers in the ’50s and ’60s came at the expense of fierce exploitation abroad, and that ultimately, when capital perceived the need to squeeze workers on the home front, the lack of an international movement to confront that clawback contributed to the end of that era.

We have to suss that the side that we’re on extends beyond our shores.

Fight for $15
Tell McDonald’s: End sexual harassment and LGBTQ discrimination at all stores IMMEDIATELY

*I’m loathin’ it

Institute for Public Accuracy
Russophobia and Islamophobia

Media Help Republicans Gut Obamacare Behind Closed Doors
by Adam Johnson

*Have you hugged your health care killer today?

Gluten Clippers
Do products that claim to pre-digest gluten live up to the hype?
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action


America Last: Will Trump Set a Record for the History Books?
by Tom Engelhardt

A Year After Pulse, We Are More Than Survivors
by Audrey Juarez

The US Intelligence Community Can Share Your Personal Information With Other Governments, and We’re Demanding Answers
by Brett Max Kaufman

Progress Michigan
Message in a Bottle: Flint Sending Out More Than an SOS
1,000+ “You Owe Me” letters from Flint residents delivered to Snyder, Schuette

The Real News Network
America’s Broken Healthcare System is Creating More Single-Payer Advocates
The Real News speaks to advocates of universal healthcare and affordable prescription drugs at the 2017 People’s Summit

Canada’s Increased Military Budget Will Fuel the US War Machine
Boosting Canada’s military spending is “a way of enhancing the American empire… done under the guise of lessening Canadian dependence on the U.S.,” says author and activist Yves Engler

*Remember all the enthusiasm for Trudeau (aka “Obama in White Face”)?

Remember Einstein’s supposed admonition on insanity?

France’s New President Wins Parliament Vote, But Faces Problems Implementing Program
Even though French president Francois Macron will probably have an overwhelming majority in the new National Assembly, the low turnout and on-going resistance to neoliberalism will complicate his program, says CEPR’s Alex Main

Justice for Port Drivers
Stop Wage Theft at the Ports

Institute for Public Accuracy
DUP Deal Highlights British Anti-Catholicism, Threatens Peace in Ireland

Democracy Now!
Naomi Klein: Trump is the First Fully Commercialized Global Brand to Serve as U.S. President


Now Just Five Men Own Almost as Much Wealth as Half the World’s Population
by Paul Buchheit

*The poor will always be with us

As long as there are rich to make certain of it

Trump’s Apocalypse Has Been a Long Time Coming
by Betsy Hartmann

*A sacred psychosis

UK Election: Labour Surge Gives Unions a Chance
by Gregor Gall–uk-election-labour-surge-gives-unions-a-chance

Fight for the Future
15,000 People Call On the FCC to Remove and Investigate Fake Anti-Net Neutrality Comments Using Stolen Names and Addresses
Following weeks of inaction from the FCC thousands have signed a petition calling for the agency to remove fake comments from the docket and publicly disclose any information it may have about the group submitting them

The Real News Network
How Government Policy Created White Wealth and Concentrated African American Poverty: Part 2
In Part Two, author Richard Rothstein says the explicit unconstitutional housing policy of the 20th century created America’s enormous racial wealth gap

*No politician, no matter how “progressive”, will ever speak of this, will they?

Sea Level Rise due to Global Warming Threatens Vancouver
Deborah Carlson of WCEL explains the consequences of sea level rise for Vancouver and what local actions are being taken to counter the threat

The Forgotten History of How the Government Segregated America: Part 1
In Part One, author and scholar Richard Rothstein says explicit government policy, not personal choice or redlining was the main force that segregated America

*New Deal

Same old dealer

Abby Martin: World Ignores Opposition Violence at Venezuela Protests
Empire Files host Abby Martin just returned from Venezuela where she saw first hand how violent opposition protesters attempt to intimidate reporters and thereby give a false impression of what is happening


And consequences

Hung Parliament a Stunning Victory for Corbyn’s Labour Party in UK Elections
Election produces a breakthrough for left socialist Jeremy Corbyn, something only weeks ago was considered impossible – with Thomas Barlow and Kam Sandhu of Real Media and Aaron Bastani of Novara Media

*There are lessons us Yanks can learn, but perhaps the most important is that the US isn’t the UK, and while I don’t claim to be an expert on the lay of that land, it may well be that Labour can serve as an effective vehicle for just change, to go beyond its manifesto, whereas the Democratic Party has proven itself a dead letter in that respect.

All the energy being poured into “the #Resistance”, the attempt to “retake” the party, is an exercise in futility, I fear, and I don’t see Sanders, Ellison et alia as the standard bearers for what’s necessary for our chance at a truly dignified life for everyone, even were that faction to supplant the Hillaristas.

On another note, I’d like to know just what circumstances in Scotland led to such a poor showing by the SNP and Labour.

Labour Prevented the Tories from Increasing their Grip on Government
Theresa May’s objective of improving her position in Brexit talks failed and will lead to extremely difficult negotiations now, says Economics Prof. John Weeks of London University

Corbyn Lost Labour Party Elites, But Won Over Voters
“Corbyn has proven that there is a way forward for the Labour Party,” says Leo Panitch, a professor at York University–but it isn’t the future the Blairites envisioned

*There shouldn’t be “euphoria” should a Labour government come to be.

There should be a clear eyed determination to hold Corbyn to his promises – and more – and avoid what has been shown to be a betrayal of the Greek people by Syriza, in the name of “pragmatism”.

There will be tremendous pressure for Labour to do likewise, and only a steadfast movement that puts principles before personalities or party loyalty will be able to foil that fearsome force.

Break DC Capital Pride’s Ties with Police, Prisons and Pipelines!

*No Pride in plutocracy

And vice versa

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Saudi Arabia is Destabilizing the World”

Left-Right Alliance to Break Up the Banks

Democracy Now!
Cholera Death Toll Tops 859 in War-Torn Yemen as U.S.-Backed Saudi Assault Continues

*A sickness of the soulless

Puerto Rico Backs Statehood in Referendum Boycotted by Opposition Groups

Freed Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera Joins Tens of Thousands at NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade

The Beleaguered Tenants of “Kushnerville”: Jared Kushner Accused of Slumlord Practices in Baltimore

*Of slumlords and slimeballs

Trump Associate & “Slumlord” Tom Barrack Resigns One Day After Probe of Housing Crisis

*Of course His Travesty would trust this loathsome leech.

He’s a man after his own heartlessness.

The fastest growing cause of cancer death
What to drink to lower your risk of liver cancer
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action

*This goes against other intel I’ve reposted regarding the issues with caffeinated coffee.

As always, use your best judgment, and be prepared to adjust it.


To Defend Against Trump, Delaware Just Preemptively Enshrined Abortion Rights
Even if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, the state’s new law ensures right to choose is law of state
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Promise in the Land of Despair: The Crisis Is Not Over in Flint, Michigan
While the state and federal governments have failed, two outposts of citizen aid are providing support and fostering hope
by David Schwenk

*If there is any hope, it lies in the humanity on exhibit here.

Sunday’s French Election
by Richard Greeman–richard-greeman/3183-sundays-french-election

Food & Water Watch
Food Safety Advocates File Lawsuit to Shed Light on Privatized Poultry Inspection
As USDA sets its sights on hog slaughter, Food & Water Watch demands previously withheld information on poultry plants seeking to privatize inspection

Real News Network
How Far Will US & Saudis Go to Remake the Middle East?
Junaid Ahmad of the Center for Global Dialogue says the U.S.-backed Gulf campaign against Qatar is part of a broader strategy to crush the remnants of the Arab Spring and spark a confrontation with Iran

*What do you do when you’re getting burned at home?

Light a fuse abroad.

How Have 50 Years of Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Land Changed Israel?
Denial and lies about the occupation have allowed Israelis to cover up the reality of what the occupation has done to Palestinians, and so the occuption could continue for another 50 years, says Israeli journalist Gideon Levy

*”I’m a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will.” – Antonio Gramsci

Comey Hearing: Little New, and More Doubt About “RussiaGate”
Journalist, best-selling author Max Blumenthal and former FBI special agent Coleen Rowley say that while former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony offered almost nothing new, that won’t slow the fixation on Trump’s alleged Russia ties, not his actual policies

*Sound and fury, signifying the sickening state of our political culture.

But aside from that, I believe Blumenthal and Rowley have their own contradictions to confront on “cooperation” with Russia and Iran regarding ISIS and their ilk. They rightly speak of the horror show the US has visited upon the people of the region, and the blowback that has led to the tragedies outside it.

But how would collaboration with these other governments do anything other than increase the suffering? The US “coalition”, Russia and Iran all have bloody hands here, and I can’t see how their partnership would benefit the victims caught in the crossfire.

I’m well aware that force must play a role in dealing with these groups, but should we be entrusting its implementation to those who have shown no regard for the “collateral damage” their actions have caused?

I don’t know the answer to this dilemma, aside from an overarching realization that the whirlwind has been reaped, and we must sow the seeds of justice for this scourge to end

But I do know that it requires clear thinking as to the players involved, and I don’t see that evinced in this instance.

The Day After Corbyn’s Surprise Surge, NPR Would Rather Talk About Buckethead
by Jim Naureckas

*There was another joke candidate in May’s constituency

But I don’t think many people found her amusing.

Democracy Now!
Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn Rides Leftist Tide in U.K. Election in Rebuke of Austerity & Conservatives

*”Let bygones be bygones”

Translation: Here’s the knife. Now let me turn around.

The sleep-weight connection
Not getting enough zzz’s at night can lead to counting more lbs. on the scale
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action


Trump’s Needless Fight With Qatar Will Hurt American Interests and Empower ISIS
All to appease Saudi Arabia
by Vijay Prashad

*I’m always interested in Prashad’s take, but that term “American interests” is so amorphous, and I’m unclear on just how he intends it to be taken.–trumps-needless-fight-with-qatar-will-hurt-american-interests-and-empower-isis

The Real News Network
Brazil Gets Ready to Roll Back Labor Rights
Brazil’s labor reform is set to pass the legislature and workers fear a dramatic worsening of their living conditions as a result. A special report from Brazil by Mike Fox

Corporate Media Hope Labour’s Corbyn Loses Election—and Badly
by Ben Norton

*I have little hope that Corbyn, like Sanders (“socialist” must always be placed in quotes with both, if we’re honest), will prove truly worthy of this vitriol, but I dearly desire to see him afforded the opportunity to prove me wrong.

Democracy Now!
Oscar López Rivera Speaks Out on Newfound Freedom, Becoming Politicized & Decolonizing Puerto Rico

*López Rivera speaks to his own innocence when it comes to acts that resulted in the death of innocents, and I’ll accept that, but he avoids confronting the issue writ large – whether such acts can be justified in the name of a just struggle – and I’d have liked to have had heard his views on that difficult subject.

Oscar López Rivera on Declining Honorific at National Puerto Rican Day Parade After Controversy


Kansas Kills Trump-Like Tax Cuts in ‘Repudiation of Right-Wing Orthodoxy’
The cuts had devastating effects on the state’s public services
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*How many lives were destroyed before legislators decided it wasn’t in their electoral interest to pour more gasoline on this Kansas prairie fire?

Why should they be congratulated for that?

Palestinian Children’s Lives Are Shaped By 50 Years of Military Occupation
Five decades of occupation have turned military violence into the norm for Palestinian children
by Jennifer Bing

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Civil Rights Attorneys: Racial Disparities Persist in NYPD Stop and Frisk
Attorneys Say Report by Monitor Overseeing Reforms Misleads

Center for Biological Diversity
Inspector General Investigating Potential Collusion Between Monsanto, Top EPA Official
Controversy Casts Doubts on EPA’s Cancer Assessment of Roundup’s Main Ingredient

The Real News Network
UK Election Polls: Can Corbyn Win?
Opinion polls for the June 8 UK General Election indicate an increasingly tight race between Labour and Conservatives, but most still give Conservative Theresa May an advantage, despite May’s weaknesses as Prime Minister, says Real Media’s Thomas Barlow

Trump, Israel Back Saudi Power Play Against Qatar
Max Blumenthal of Alternet’s Grayzone Project says President Donald Trump’s backing of the Saudi Arabian campaign against Qatar could be the “pilot program” for a wider regional agenda of U.S.-backed Saudi hegemony

Perpetual Crisis in Public Schools By Design
Cuts to public school funding sustained over a decade is a deliberate strategy to ensure privatization, says Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report

Institute for Public Accuracy
FBI Whistleblowers on Russia-gate’s Mythical “Heroes”

*Ginned up “noble G-men”

Qatar Crisis and Iran: A “Win-Win” for the U.S. Establishment?

Democracy Now!
China Watchdog: China’s Arrest of Activists Investigating Ivanka Trump-linked Factory Unprecedented

*But it ain’t about the Rooskies, so who cares, right?

Worst Epidemic in U.S. History? Opioid Crisis Now Leading Cause of Death for Americans Under 50

*There’s one addiction for which incarceration is an appropriate response

The addiction to greed


Want to See US Climate Progress? Support City and State Leaders and the Grassroots Groups Who Hold Them Accountable
by Elizabeth Sawin

*Act local

Impact global

Rural Communities Lose Most With Health Repeal
by LeeAnn Hall

Farmworker Justice
Groups Appeal EPA’s Refusal To Ban Dangerous Pesticide
Chlorpyrifos is linked to long-term damage in children’s developing brains

The Real News Network
Rattling the Bars: MIT No Aramark
Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, prison activist and founder of the Ordinary People’s Society, about building a broad coalition to boycott the businesses that are tied to prison slavery

*Sharpton’s pimping his own product – himself – of course, and I just hope to hell that doesn’t diminish the impact of these imperative efforts.

Food Integrity Campaign
President Trump’s Pork Recipe for America

*Hogwash that never comes clean

Institute for Public Accuracy
“Israeli Lies and the Six Day War”

The Washington Post’s War on the Disabled Continues
by Dean Baker

*A mean streak nine columns wide

Democracy Now!
NSA Contractor Charged for Leak After Intercept Exposé Reveals Russian Cyberattack of 2016 Election

*Whatever the truth is, there are two points that must be kept in mind.

One, that this is a textbook case of pots dissing kettles

And two, that Madame Mayhem’s fealty to the the financier class was the proximate cause of her “loss”.

(You don’t “lose” when the game is rigged, but neither she, nor any other Dem, will ever confront the actual voter fraud that has been a Republican ace in the hole for decades, will they? Opening that can of worms would call into question institutional assumptions that neither party wish to see examined.)

Meet Larry Krasner: Civil Rights Attorney, Death Penalty Opponent & Democratic Philly DA Candidate


So in this era of constant protest (a good thing, I need say), why is it that the mainstream media never gaze out their englassed edifices onto the multitudes outside righteous with rage at their malefactory “manufacturing of consent”?

Part of the problem may be this romantic notion of “the Fourth Estate” as this intrepid defender of “truth, justice and the American Way” (I’ll concede the veracity of the last, although not as intended by its adherents), fostered by the fanciful history of opposition to the Vietnam War and Nixon’s high crimes and misdemeanors, and don’t forget Murrow and McCarthyism.

I don’t mean to be simplistic, but I believe a large measure of the antagonism that did exist, at least in the ’70s, was based on pragmatic considerations and personal distaste for the régime actuel.

Nixon, Agnew and ilk were singularly unlikeable cusses, and the war had become toxic to other endeavors of the exploitocracy.

Hollywood immortalized this myth in “All the President’s Men”, and generations of liberals and progressives have swallowed it whole ever since.

Which brings us to the present. While there is considerable criticism of the corpress from the “left” (however you wish to define it), calling it out for its outright collusion with its class brethren and sistren appears to be considered tres gauche, don’t it?

And heaven forfend we actually view it as “the enemy”, lest we be tarred as fellow travelers with His Travesty.

Yet that’s what it is, because that’s what it does. It provides the context by which nothing outside of our duopolistic political milieu is ascribed any value. Thus we have these surrealistically absurd skirmishes over “Obamacare” versus “Trumpcare”, or Paris versus Perdition

Or which excretable miscreant’s oval to fill in.

There’s a deep dish cognitive dissonance extant among those who by all indications should know better, and it will entail someone with sharper synapses than I to suss precisely why that’s the case.

Grand Canyon Pillagers Hope to Harness Trump’s Disdain for Natural World
The 20-year ban on new uranium mining is under threat
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

Texas Lawmakers Indifferent to State’s Outrageously High Maternal Death Rate
Recent studies show poor state of affairs for women giving birth in Texas, but state lawmakers criticized for taking little action to rectify the situation
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

If Trump So Quick to Exploit London Violence, What Would Attack in US Bring?
Trump called “Opportunist-in-Chief” for using latest violence in the UK to justify travel ban from Muslim countries
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*And the corpress and the vast majority of the public would fall right into line, if history is any indication.

The Unwanted ‘Bride’: Can the 1967 War Offer Opportunity for Peace?
by Ramzy Baroud

Antonio Gramsci and the Battle Against Fascism
“Mass culture is a potent and dangerous counterrevolutionary force,” says Hedges. “It creates a herd mentality.”
by Chris Hedges

*Our limbs cannot be unchained

Before our minds

After a Terrorist Attack, Spain Rejected Its Hawks. Will Britain?
Spanish voters turned against the incumbent conservative party after the 2004 Madrid bombings
by Sam Husseini

In praise of Trump pulling out of the Paris climate pact
by Ken Ward

*Smacking the puppy right square on the nose

(A violent metaphor – my apologies)

The Real News Network
Why American Jews Embraced Israel After the June 1967 War
In the second part of our three-part interview special, author and scholar Norman Finkelstein analyzes the material, emotional and psychological factors behind the American Jewish embrace of Israel after the June 1967 war

Max Blumenthal Grills Progressive Rep. Jamie Raskin about Russia Allegations
Part one of Real News coverage from the the March for Truth in Washington, D.C.

*Maybe that should be “The March on Truth” … ?

Sluggish Economic Growth in Britain Fails to Compensate for Austerity
Kam Sandhu, co-founder of Real Media, explains how slow economic growth means that the Tories have not been able to achieve any of their economic objectives and have instead caused a “food bank crisis”

*A less job crisis

Arctic Climate Warming Twice as Fast As Anywhere Else
Prof. Subhankar Banerjee, editor of “Arctic Voices: Resistance at the Tipping Point,” talks about the effect President Trump’s climate policies will have on the Arctic and on the rest of the planet

Six-Day War, 50-Year Occupation: What Really Happened in June 1967?
In the first of an extended three-part interview on the 50th anniversary of the June 1967 Arab-Israeli war, author and scholar Norman Finkelstein debunks the enduring myths surrounding that historic confrontation — myths that have sustained​ the ensuing Israeli ​occupation of Palestinian lands​

U.S. & Russia Bomb Syria’s Civilians When They Could Help End its War
Veteran Middle East correspondent Patrick Cockburn of The Independent analyzes the latest developments in Syria and says the war could end if the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Iran were willing to make an agreement

Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike Suspended After 40 Days, but Could Resume
Sahar Francis of the Adameer Prisoner Support Association talks about what the Palestinian prisoners hunger strike achieved and explains why strike leader Marwan Barghouti says that it could resume if the agreement is violated

Kabul Bombing and Afghan War are a Result of Deep Contradiction in US Policy
Long-time Middle East correspondent Patrick Cockburn explains that the ongoing war in Afghanistan and the recent massive bombing in Kabul are the result of contradictory US support for Sunni factions in the region and will not end until US pressures Pakistan

*Forgive me for stating the literally bleeding obvious, but the US has no interest in “winning” the “GWOT” ™.

It wants to manage it for its own geostrategic and domestic political ends.

In the empire game, you can’t boogie without a boogeyman.

Theresa May in Election Jitters Caught Lying About Tory Plans to Cut The National Health Service
Kam Sandhu of Real Media says there is evidence that the Tories plan to sell off assets to service NHS; this is the first sign of distress and it will lead to privatization

*I’ll never understand this confusion as to why the corpress – in the UK and elsewhere – acts in accordance to its class interests, or why there aren’t protests aimed directly at their complicity in manufacturing consent.

Have hundreds, let along thousands, ever appeared in front of The Times of London’s or the BBC’s offices demanding they do their fucking job as journalists?

Of course, that goes as well for the NYT, LAT, WaPo, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR et alia on this side of the pond.

Trump’s right – with repulsive reasoning – that “the media is the enemy”.

We can defend a “free press”, and demand that there actually be one, can’t we?

A Guide on Organizing as Defense Against Federal Investigations and Prosecutions

Institute for Public Accuracy
Manchester Bombing: “Blowback from British Collusion with Jihadists”

After US Bombs Syrian Government for Third Time in 8 Months, Media Ask Few Questions
by Ben Norton

*Shoot first

Ask no questions later

Democracy Now!
Trump Attacks London’s Mayor & Jeremy Corbyn Calls for Theresa May’s Ouster After Terror in London

*I’d like to share Mason’s faith that Corbyn “represents a real change”, but I’ve seen far too much rhetoric remain aloof from the realm of reality.

Does he have the actual will, and if so, the political courage to stand against a foreign policy establishment and military industrial profiteers that will fight any challenge to the status quo tooth and nail?

I hope we’ll have the opportunity to see.

Trump Uses London Attack to Call for SCOTUS to Back Travel Ban Blocked by Multiple Courts

Lawyer for Tortured Detainees: U.S. Created ISIS Through Misguided Detention, Interrogation Policies

Six steps to youthful, supple arteries
How to slow down vascular aging
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


‘Literal Colonialism’: Blackwater Founder Calls for ‘American Viceroy’ to Rule Afghanistan
Given Prince’s past connections to Trump, his recommendations could have some measure of influence
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

Trump, the Paris Agreement and the Breakdown of Multilateralism
The problem is not only about Trump’s trashing of an already weak climate agreement and process. What just happened is that the lynchpin of the world order is breaking down the world order.
by Dorothy Grace Guerrero

*Why are we trying to preserve Paris?

It’s a woefully inadequate and ultimately counterproductive agreement. It can’t be “built upon”, yet, eerily similar to the health care battle in the US, enormous energy is wasted on maintaining the status quo, rather than recognizing its deadly limitations, and fighting for solutions that give us our only chance to achieve what we claim to desire.

The Paris Agreement and the ACA are predicated on averting that outcome. They were constructed by the very forces that stand to lose control were honest efforts pursued to deal with these crises.

Our delusions of “pragmatism” are a death sentence for so many with each passing day.

The Real News Network
Clinton Blames Election Loss on Trump Helping Russians Weaponize Fake News
Journalist Michael Sainato and Paul Jay analyze Hillary Clinton’s recent interview, where she lists the reasons she lost the presidential elections and contends little of the responsibility is hers or her politics

*It comes down to “She could have lied better”, because no matter what she’d have said to appear more progressive – or human – anyone with a lick of sense (who are few and far between, it appears) knows she would never walk her talk.

There’s some data from Obama she ignored.

He’s a much better liar.

Poll Finds British Agree that UK Foreign Policy Contributes to Terrorism
Thomas Barlow, co-founder of Real Media, analyzes the latest poll results in light of UK foreign policy, the Manchester bombing, and Thursday’s general election

Justice for Port Drivers
Join our League of Working Class Heroes

Institute for Public Accuracy
50 Years After 1967 War: Environmental and Cultural Impact

Democracy Now!
As Oil Starts to Flow Through Dakota Access Pipeline, Resistance Faces Paramilitary Security Force

*Another blast of “blowback”

Part 2: Private Security Firm TigerSwan Targets Pipeline Protesters in COINTELPRO-Like Operation

*Only the dangerously naïve would think that this is an isolated phenomenon, or that it’s somehow separate from gummint – local, state and federal – response to resistance

Or that it won’t intensify as things fall further apart

Or that it wouldn’t occur had the presidential election result been different.


Bradley Foundation Floated Wisconsin Watchdog While Franklin Center Floundered
by David Armiak and Mary Bottari

The Real News Network
Denying Trade Deficit Problem Is Almost Like Climate Change Denial
CEPR co-director Dean Baker explains that Trump’s attention to the link between trade deficit and loss of manufacturing jobs is legitimate, even though many pundits continue to deny it. However, Trump’s solutions probably won’t help

A Personal Take on The Modern History of Iraq – RAI with Sabah Alnasseri (5/6)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alnasseri says Trump’s strategy is to use the war against ISIS as an excuse to build up US troop levels in Iraq to control the oil and create a pro-American government—RAI-with-Sabah-Alnasseri-%2856%29

UK Election Polls Tighten to Three Points Between May and Corbyn
Tom Barlow, co-founder of Real Media, talks about how Britain’s June 8 general election race is tightening between Labour and the Tories and how the mainstream British media is losing credibility in the process

*I’d like to know why the “terror bump” hasn’t materialized here. That obviously requires both party and media pimping.

Is there something peculiar to the UK’s political milieu that mitigates against its utility, as opposed to the US?

Institute for Public Accuracy
“How I Lost By Hillary Clinton”

*”If Democrats persevere with a politics that prioritizes well-off professionals rather than ordinary Americans, they will leave the field open to right-wing populism for many years to come.”

What it could do is spell the end of the Democratic Party, and its facade as “the people’s party”, leaving an opening for a movement that could authentically claim that mantle, which would entail not being content with “reform” of an inherently rotten system, but striving to bring about a transformation of our social, economic and political lives – the only path to our survival.

I have an infinitesimal amount of faith that that will occur, but anything less leaves us staring hopelessly into the abyss.


Written by Doug Latimer

06/01/2017 at 7:15 PM

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