July 2018


As Bezos Becomes Richest Man in Modern History, Amazon Workers Mark #PrimeDay With Strikes Against Low Pay and Brutal Conditions
“The message is clear—while the online giant gets rich, it is saving money on the health of its workers”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Work in the shop till you drop


The Real News Network
Obama Abandoned Palestinian Rights, Will Ocasio-Cortez?
Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada discusses Barack Obama’s abandonment of Palestinian rights and why, after recent comments that drew concern, new progressive star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be encouraged to defend them

*Is that a bus I hear in the distance?

I guess we’ll know by the time November rolls around, won’t we?


“Inhuman”: Israeli Bombing Kills 2 More Children in Besieged Gaza
After weeks of fatal attacks on Palestinian protesters in Gaza, Israel has launched one of its worst airstrikes in years, killing two teenagers and wounding at least 25 people. We speak to Ali Abunimah, co-founder of the Electronic Intifada


Paul Jay on Trump-Putin and the Real Threats to Democracy
Whether the Kremlin meddled in the U.S. election or not, the hyper-focus on Russiagate overlooks bigger threats: Russian elites to the Russian people, and U.S. elites to the American people, says Paul Jay

*All this neo Cold Warring is taking the joy out of pissing on Killer Clown

And I’d call *that* akin to “treason”, y’know?


Public Citizen
Sign the Petition to Protect Workers from Rising Temperatures


Voters Shift Left—Thanks to Social Media?
by Jim Naureckas

*The bubble the corpress is concerned about is the one that will burst if we start thinking for ourselves, and acting for others.


Child Separation Coverage Focused on Beltway Debate, Not Immigrant Voices
by Jordan Holycross


Democracy Now!
Meet the Reporter Dragged from Trump-Putin Press Conference for Trying to Ask About Nuclear Treaty

*An inspiring display of journalistic solidarity in this “age of a threatened free press”


Debate: Is Trump-Putin Summit a “Danger to America” or Crucial Diplomacy Between Nuclear Powers?

*An unhinged Russiagate …

Works for me



As White House Declares Summit a Success, Sanders Rips Trump-Putin Presser as ‘Embarrassing Spectacle’
“Today is a good day for Putin and the oligarchs in Russia. It is a bad day for people in the United States and all over the world who believe in democracy and who are trying to understand what world our idiot president lives in”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*This coming from one whose outrage at “interference in our elections” by the Clintonistas during the primary has been conspicuously absent.


Journalist Wielding “Nuclear Weapon Ban” Sign Forcibly Ejected From Trump-Putin Presser
“I want to ask about nuclear weapons,” said Sam Husseini, communications director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, as he was removed from the event
by Common Dreams staff

*As IPA is considered “a Russian agent” (or at best a “dupe”) by the corpress, I don’t envision “journalistic solidarity” on the horizon.

Maybe Killer Clown has a perverted point on that “enemy of the people” meme.


Tenants Accuse ‘Predatory’ Kushner Real Estate Firm of Exposing Families to Cancer-Causing Dust Then Forcing Them Out
“They made the building as unlivable as possible so they could get everyone out of there,” says one former tenant
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*This is far bigger than Kushner, and Daddy in law’s dereg is designed to make goddamn certain it’s yuuuuge nationwide.


PBS Series,“The Vietnam War,” Receives Emmy Nomination. Should It?
If Americans are convinced that their stiff-upper-lip brand of silence in the face of collective murder is the true face of patriotism, then we are condemned as a nation to follow the path of empires that preceded us
by Doug Rawlings

*History is most often written to ensure its repetition


The War on Assange Is a War on Press Freedom
The ruling elites, who refuse to accept responsibility for profound social inequality or the crimes of empire, have no ideological veneer left to justify their greed, ineptitude and pillage
by Chris Hedges

*When this unhinged Russiagate springs back on the “progressive” groupings that have lined up behind this noxious narrative, they may find allies at a premium.

What goes around, dear …


New York Times Uses Old Tricks to Distort Israel’s Latest Attacks on Gaza
Distort the timeline to try and blame the Palestinians
by James North

*A more sincere slogan

“All the news that’s printed to fit”


Amnesty International USA
Afghanistan: Record High Civilian Casualties Make Returns Unjustifiable


The Real News Network
Was the Trump-Putin Meeting Constructive or a “Capitulation”?
Norman Solomon argues against condemning the meeting, saying reducing tensions between nuclear powers is constructive. Paul Jay asks if there is a hidden agenda that’s not so peaceful

*Do you think the Dems really care about “winning”, other than the presidency, and maybe the Senate? What do they gain from it, from their own self interested point of view?

More to the point, what do their corporate funders get out of a “blue wave”?


Trump, Putin and the Iran Agenda
Paul Jay and James M. Dorsey analyze the Helsinki meeting and the “Grand Bargain with Russia” pushed by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Israel

*Machinations amidst the murder


“I Returned from Vacation to Find the Soviet Union had Collapsed” – RAI with A. Buzgalin (5/12)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alexander Buzgalin says that he returned from a vacation in the countryside to find Gorbachev was arrested, Yeltsin was leader and the Soviet Union was no more – with host Paul Jay


Turning Power into Money, the End of the Soviet Union – RAI with A. Buzgalin (4/12)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alexander Buzgalin says that many Communist Party leaders supported Gorbachev’s perestroika reforms, but what they really wanted was to drop restrictions on accumulating great wealth – with host Paul Jay


Executive Coaching: Does It Increase Productivity and Growth?
Claims that coaches and consultants for corporate executives boost productivity and profits turn out to be completely false. White collar criminologist Bill Black takes apart the example of Nortel Networks

*Pimping producing the Patriots

When you’ve birthed the Browns


Has Mueller Caught the Hackers?
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 12 officials with the GRU, Russia’s main foreign intelligence agency, for allegedly meddling in the 2016 election, including hacking Democratic Party emails. Case closed? Author and investigative journalist Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News joins TRNN’s Aaron Mate to discuss

*Well, Isikoff managed to keep his knickers out of a twist this go ’round, as opposed to his pissy performance in the previous segment, but he still clearly holds anyone who disputes the “iron clad” evidence of Russkie rapscallionismo in low regard.

That’s his prerogative, but it doesn’t speak well to affirmation of an open mind on this matter, does it?

Be that as it may, whatever the reality here, and my sense is it will remain obscured in the same manner as 9/11 or the Kennedy assassination, what I think we have to keep in the forefront of our tiny little minds is that this is being used to gin up Cold War 2.0 by the neocons and their Democratic lapdogs, and to avert criticism of that party’s neoliberal addiction and the role it played in Madame Mayhem’s “loss” to Killer Clown.

The fallout from that will impact this country and the wider world far more gravely that anything in which Guccifer and friends may have colluded (which at whatever level pales in comparison to US skullduggery abroad, including the Yeltsin coup de mâitre).


Trump’s Real NATO Agenda? More Money for War
As prominent US media and political figures warned that he might dismantle NATO, President Trump wrapped up the summit by bragging that he had convinced allied members to spend more on the military. We speak to Bill Hartung, Director of the Arms & Security Project at the Center for International Policy


Can Truth Survive Trump? WaPo Fails to Ask How Well Truth Was Doing to Begin With
by Dean Baker

*Is “Democracy Dies in Darkness” an admonition

Or an aspiration?



With ‘Carefully Calculated Strategy’ to Slash Safety Net Underway, White House Claims War on Poverty ‘Largely Over’
New Trump administration report calls for imposing work requirements for federal benefits programs, which anti-poverty advocates warn would harm poor Americans
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Whatever sincere efforts have been made in the “War on Poverty”

They have always been eclipsed by those in an earnest war on the poor


Trump’s Visit Marks the Start of Shock Doctrine Brexit
The radical right want a no-deal Brexit so they can force Britain into a disaster capitalist trade deal with the USA
by Adam Ramsay


America’s New Revolutionaries Show How the Left Can Win
The little-known history of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in a New York primary hints at the coming transformation
by George Monbiot

*There will never be “a genuinely populist Democratic party”, as Sanders’ calculations here clearly attest to, and I hope that reality will be realized right damn quick by anyone truly committed to an end to the toxic circus that defines politics in these here United States.


“Medicare-for-all” Means Something. Don’t Let Moderates Water It Down.
Centrists want to co-opt the phrase and apply it to something weaker than a single-payer system
by Tim Higginbotham and Chris Middleman

*New name

Same old snake oil


The Real News Network
President’s UK Visit ‘An Opportunity for British People to Unite’ Against Trump
President Trump’s visit to the UK caused important upheavals both in British politics and society, when over 250,000 took to the streets against his visit. Thomas Barlow, of Real Media, talks about the visit’s impact


Success and Mutation in the Soviet Union – RAI with A. Buzgalin (2/12)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alexander Buzgalin says the threat of European fascism propelled the militarization and bureaucratization of the USSR

*Part 3 was posted yesterday with this title, due to an error on the site’s part.


The Real News Network
Rightward Shift in Latin America Spelling End of Regional Integration
The Union of South American Nations – UNASUR – was an ambitious project to integrate South America not just on economic terms, but also on political and social terms, but the rightward drift in Latin America is leading to its dissolution, with the unfortunate help of Ecuador’s government, where its headquarters are, says former foreign minister Guillaume Long

*I’m no expert on Ecuador, to put it mildly, but I have read a number of what I consider reputable accounts of incidents of repression by the Correa government against indigenous peoples, and for Wilpert to exclude that from his conversation with Long is irresponsible journalism. You can decide for yourself as to the validity of these reports; they’re listed in my followup comment on the previous segment.

CONAIE may indeed be a bad actor here, but ignoring these actions in the context of an interview with someone who obviously wouldn’t be an objective source on the contradictions of the Correa administration doesn’t speak well for an commitment to “the real news”, to my mind.


Democracy Now!
Meet the Activist Who Called Piers Morgan an “Idiot” for Criticizing Anti-Trump Protests in Britain

*If Sarkar is indeed a communist, it would be a rare sighting indeed of one on this program, wouldn’t it?

And good on her for “losing [her] patience” with such a fatuous fart.


Will Parents Separated from Their Children at the Border Be Forced to Separate Again to Win Asylum?

*Sadism as “security”



Global Climate Movement Celebrates as Ireland Set to Become First Country to Fully Divest From Fossil Fuels
“Countries the world over must now urgently follow Ireland’s lead”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


By Exploiting and Mismanaging Public Pensions, Wall Street Has Cost Taxpayers $600 Billion Over Last Decade
“Most people (including policymakers) still have no idea that skimming fees off public employees’ retirement savings has become one of the largest sources of profits for Wall Street moguls”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Is it that policymakers “have no idea”

Or that they want to ensure we don’t?


Notorious War Profiteer Erik Prince Refuses To Give Up Dream of Mercenary Takeover of Afghan War
The billionaire’s pitch comes as the White House is reportedly “preparing for a government-wide appraisal” of the war strategy
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A massacre isn’t a “blunder”

But language is a virus


Confirming Progressive Fears, Facebook’s “Trustworthy” News Project Is Chock-Full of Fox News
Fox News is “the only news network that is a part of the Facebook-funded project to have a show on Facebook Watch every day of the week”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Walmart Patents “Big Brother-Style” Surveillance Technology to Eavesdrop on Workers’ Conversations
One labor expert warns “there’s a lot of potential for misuse,” where a supervisor might determine, “as a cashier you’re too friendly, you’re talking too much, and therefore not moving people along, so let’s penalize you”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[I]t can actually ‘lead to this opposition feeling, where employees view the employer not as benevolent, but as dictators. And it can impact that attitude toward the higher-up and can lead to resistance.'”

Gee … that sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it?


Universal Voting Dissolves the Obstacles Facing Voters
U.S. voter turnout, not surprisingly, is lower than in any other Western country
by Ralph Nader


The Real News Network
Success and Mutation in the Soviet Union – RAI with A. Buzgalin (2/12)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alexander Buzgalin says the threat of European fascism propelled the militarization and bureaucratization of the USSR

*Market fetishism is a literal buying into the system, isn’t it?


NATO Shields U.S. From Its Military Adventures
It is the U.S. that needs NATO, which allows the US to bypass the UN Security Council and engage in military adventures abroad, while keeping a safe distance across the Atlantic, says Eirik Vold of the Red Party of Norway

*I imagine Killer Clown will hang tariffs like a sword of Damocles over Europe to induce them to “Buy American” – be it guns or gas – and NATO will continue its Cold War redux.


Arrest Warrant for Ecuador’s Ex-President Correa: Based on “No Evidence”
The prosecution of ex-president Rafael Correa is a blatant attempt to prevent the return of Correa to Ecuador, as the country’s most prominent opposition leader, says former foreign minister Guillaume Long

*I must sound like a broken record, but I feel obliged to caution that we can oppose these sinister subversions of democracy without making their targets out to be shining martyrs to same.

Personalities are mutable

Principles aren’t


Immigration Story Missing Context of Hunger and Freedom
by Jane Regan

*Great irony in quoting Jefferson’s defense of “freedom of movement”, as Euros moved across the continent in a tsunami of brutality and exploitation in order to “establish new societies”.

Irony still lies in their descendants’ fear and loathing of those whose ancestors had every reason to dread the “rapists and murderers” “infesting” their lands in the name of “freedom”.


Democracy Now!
Tens of Thousands of Protesters to Welcome Trump with Orange Baby Blimp for His First U.K. Visit



Claims That ICE Agents Were ‘Just Following Orders’ Won’t Save Them From Liability for Children’s Suffering, Legal Scholars Warn
“While such employees may say they were ‘just following orders,’ their highest command is to uphold the Constitution. This overrides any contrary decision from ICE or even Trump himself.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Rigged: New Report Details How Combined $5.1 Trillion in Tax Cuts by Bush, Obama, and Trump Went Mostly to Nation’s Richest
“When people demand specifics on how to pay for expansions to social insurance, income supports, and public investments, seems like part of the answer is just ‘we could stop doing this”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


While Trump Sets World on Fire, Former Obama Officials Blasted for Profiteering From “The Inferno”
New reporting in Huffington Post shows how former Obama officials are taking advantage of the revolving door
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Rats remaining on a stinking ship


‘New Walled Order’ for Migrants Worldwide as Governments Criminalize Compassion and Erect Barriers to Basic Services
“Every human being, especially people fleeing conflict and insecurity, should have unhindered access to basic human rights, in particular the right to protection, health care, education, and social services, at any phase of their journey”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


After an ‘Educator Spring,’ Teachers Storm Elections
By taking their cause to the streets and then to the ballot box, teachers have made education a top election issue – not just in states, like North Carolina, where walkouts occurred – but also in states, like Florida, where they didn’t
by Jeff Bryant


The Real News Network
Russia and Saudi Arabia to Form an Alternative to OPEC?
The world is in a slow energy transition to renewables, which has made it difficult for OPEC to maintain price stability. This transition lies at the heart of Saudi Arabia and Russia’s efforts to find new ways for stabilizing oil prices, says Prof. Timothy Mitchell


Ukraine President’s Adviser Writes ‘Heil Hitler’ Neo-Nazi Symbol on Facebook
by Ben Norton


Growing Up in the USSR – RAI with A. Buzgalin (1/12)
Prof. Alexander Buzgalin joins Paul Jay on Reality Asserts Itself. Born two years after the death of Stalin, he talks about growing up in the Soviet Union


Trump’s Supreme Court: Capitalism and Democracy Can No Longer Coexist
Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh pushes the Supreme Court towards defending a far-right corporate state, says Henry A. Giroux, the author of ‘American Nightmare: Facing the Challenge of Fascism’


Color Of Change
Tell Amazon to stop doing business with racist hate groups!

*Certain to be front page news in the Washington Post

When pigs fly (instead of becoming President)


In Wake of AMLO Victory, US Media Fear Chavismo and Hope for ‘Business-Friendly’ Change
by Gregory Shupak

*Here’s hoping corpress fears prove well founded, but I’m not putting scared money on it just yet.


Mental Illness Serves as Easy Scapegoat in Mass Murder Accounts
by Olivia Riggio

*Perhaps we should search for signs of mental illness in those who perpetuate this irresponsible coverage?

Of course, it could just stem from the profit motive, and you can’t get much more “normal” than that, can you?


Democracy Now!
As Trump Admin Misses Deadline to Unite Families, HHS Head Calls Jailing Kids an Act of “Generosity”


Mark Weisbrot: Trump’s Threats to Invade Venezuela Are Part of U.S. Strategy of Regime Change


A New Era of IMF Riots: Protests Force Haiti to Rescind Fuel Hikes


Nevada Plans to Kill Condemned Prisoner with Fentanyl & Drug Linked to Botched Executions



Months After GOP Approved $1.5T Giveaway to Rich, Ocasio-Cortez Shreds Those Questioning How to Pay for Bold Proposals Like Medicare for All
As tweet goes viral, “I can’t get over how revolutionary these simple and obvious moral statements sound coming from a (soon-to-be) Democratic politician”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A few synonyms for “radical”

Thorough, complete, total, comprehensive, exhaustive, sweeping, far-reaching, wide-ranging, extensive, across the board, profound, major

Works for me … so let’s embrace the goddamn word, and its implications, and hope to hell we can realize them

Because it’s our only hope.


Endorsing ‘Violence and Extremism Among His Base,’ Trump Pardons Oregon Ranchers Who Inspired Right-Wing Militia’s Armed Takeover of Public Lands
“This pardon is a win only for those with no respect for life and basic decency”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*What are the Vegas odds on Dylann Roof?


Human Zoos in the Age of Trump
Humans as “animals,” then and now
by Ariel Dorfman

*That concluding paragraph is very likely to be moot, as the same pathologies that led to those horrors are intent on ensuring there’s no one left to be appalled by the inhumanity of our present day.


The Real News Network
Israel Shuts Vital Crossing, But Gazans Will Not ‘Die in Silence’
Israel has intensified its crippling blockade of the Gaza Strip by closing the only crossing for commercial goods. Former Gaza health minister Dr. Basem Naim discusses the impact on a devastated health system and says that Palestinians will continue their weekly protests for freedom


The Near Release of Brazil’s Lula
Judge Sérgio Moro intervened from vacation to ensure that former president Lula would not be released, says Brian Mier of Brasil Wire. We talk to him about the process by which Lula was almost released on Sunday and how authorities managed to prevent it – all in order to derail his new presidential bid


As Brexit Throws UK Gov’t in Turmoil, ‘We See Only the Shadows’ of What is Really Happening
Prof. John Weeks talks about what is behind the Brexit maneuvering that has led to Boris Johnson’s and David Davis’s resignations from Theresa May’s cabinet and how this will affect the process by which the UK plans to leave the European Union


How the Capitalist System Survives on Neo-Colonial and Imperial Exploitation (3/3)
Activist Baba Aye concludes his interview with TRNN’s Ben Norton, discussing the ongoing harms of colonialism and imperialism in Africa and the Global South, and how they are an integral part of the capitalist system


Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
UP IN FLAMES! CarMax sells cars that are prone to catching on fire

*A hot deal from hell


Institute for Public Accuracy
Kavanaugh and the Federalist Society


‘They’ve Been Doing This Massive, Anti-Democratic Model of Education Reform’
CounterSpin interview with Wayne Au on Gates’ educational failure
by Janine Jackson

*”[T]hey believe they know what’s right”

Only in the sense of “what’s right” for an education system that serves their profit producing interest



NYT Sees ‘Dystopia’ in Chinese Surveillance—Which Looks a Lot Like US Surveillance
by Jim Naureckas

*Hypocritical hyperopia


Democracy Now!
Who Is Brett Kavanaugh? Inside the Right-Wing History of Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee


“It’s a Very Scary Time for Women”: Cecile Richards on Brett Kavanaugh and the Future of Roe v. Wade


LGBT & Healthcare Advocates Warn Kavanaugh Confirmation Could Mean End of Affordable Care Act


ACLU vs. Trump: David Cole on the Fight to Reunite Children Separated from Parents at Border

*In an earlier segment, Cole seemed to guilt trip people for not voting for Madame Mayhem, and Richards and perhaps one or both of the other guests were lapdogs for her, and we saw the consequences of that.

I don’t know that Sanders would have won, and I’m certainly no Bernie Bro, but I’d like to think that he’d have appointed someone a bit better than Her Travesty.

It’s academic at this point, aside from the lessons hopefully learned, although certainly not by Cole and company.



UK Government Preparing for Anti-Trump Protests as “If London Was Burning Down”
“We need to show the world what millions of people in this country think of the bigotry and the hatred that he represents,” said one organizer
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


As World Busts Heat Records, Study Warns Global Warming Could Be Twice as Bad Climate Models Project
“The carbon budget to avoid 2°C of global warming may be far smaller than estimated”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Just Who Is ICE Targeting? Journalist Claims His Arrest Retaliation for Critical Reporting
At the time of his arrest while covering a protest, “I was doing my work and nothing more, like any other journalist does,” says Manuel Duran
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Con of Diversity
Diversity in the hands of the white power elites—political and corporate—is an advertising gimmick
by Chris Hedges

*The hand wielding the knife may be of any color

But the cuts will always run red


Will the Price of Oil Collapse Within a Decade, Driven Off Cliff By Electric Vehicles?
A million electric vehicles on the road reduces demand for petroleum by roughly 16,666 barrels a day
by Juan Cole

*How does another intense global economic shock impact these projections?


The Real News Network
France’s President Macron Tells Africans to Just ‘Move on’ After a Century of Murderous Colonialism (1/3)
France’s neoliberal President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly told people in Nigeria, Algeria and beyond to just “move on” after a century of murderous colonialism. Activist Baba Aye speaks with TRNN’s Ben Norton about the ongoing harms of imperialism and neo-colonialism in Africa


Neo-Colonialism Still Binds and Exploits Africa for Corporate Profits (2/3)
Activist Baba Aye continues his discussion with TRNN’s Ben Norton about French President Emmanuel Macron and the ongoing harms of colonialism and imperialism in Africa and the Global South


Is Capitalism In Crisis? Author of ‘Karl Marx’s Capital and The Present’ Responds
The fundamental proneness to crisis under capitalism was not overcome in the Golden Age of Capitalism, and crisis in the late 1960s ushered in an era of finance by opening new avenues for accumulating wealth and turning the illusory into real wealth, says C.P. Chandrasekhar

*The grand illusion

And the grim reality


Ukrainian Fascist Leader Speaks in US Congress, While Nazis Launch Racist Attacks
Journalist Max Blumenthal asked why a fascist leader was welcomed in the US Senate building. He discusses Andriy Parubiy, the founder of two neo-Nazi organizations and the chair of Ukraine’s parliament, and the violent white supremacist movement against Russia


Israel Is Arming Ukraine’s Blatantly Neo-Nazi Militia the Azov Battalion
A shocking new report in the Electronic Intifada reveals that Ukrainian neo-Nazis are using Israeli weapons to fight Russia. Journalist Max Blumenthal discusses the SS-wearing Azov Battalion, a neo-Nazi militia that uses Hitlerian symbols and is embedded in the National Guard of Ukraine, which also receives support from the US and Canada


Explosive Report Shows Unchecked Sexual Assaults in Chicago Public Schools
Troy LaRaviere, challenger for mayor of Chicago, says understaffing and mismanagement at CPS and by Rahm Emanuel has resulted in unchecked sexual assault of Chicago Public Schools students


Democracy Now!
CIA-Linked Military Contractor Used Arizona “Black Site” to Secretly Jail Dozens of Migrant Children


Human Rights Lawyer Jennifer Harbury on How Trump Is Punishing Cartels’ Victims—Not Its Members

*”[W]e’re all human beings”

Those responsible for these horrors qualify in little more than a biological sense.


From CIA-Backed Wars to Cartel Violence: Inside the Roots of the Refugee Crisis in Central America



Insiders Admit Trump’s EPA Burying Cancer-Causing Chemical Study Unfriendly to Industry
New reporting in Politico adds further weight to claims of suppression of report on formaldehyde
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Carcinogenic collusion


‘Hard to Fathom the Recklessness’: American Workers, Farmers at Risk as Trump Escalates Trade War With China
China immediately hit back with equivalent tariffs and slammed the Trump White House for “behaving like a gang of hoodlums”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Team Internet Wins as California Bill Regains Key Net Neutrality Protections
Legislation that had been “eviscerated” just weeks ago sees key provisions restored—a development advocacy groups attribute to people power
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


Mexico’s Lopez Obrador Has to Stand Up to Trump
The newly elected Mexican president will have to prove that his promises to confront Trump are more than just rhetoric
by Miguel Guevara


Center for Biological Diversity
Dozens of Small Business Owners, Religious Groups, Scientists Ask Supreme Court to Maintain Habitat Protections for Endangered Frogs

*Will the court be toadies for yet another corp?


The Real News Network
Germany’s Plan to Create Refugee Detention Centers ‘Is a Disaster’
In order to save her coalition government, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to introduce refugee centers along the southern border. However, the move could put an end to one of the European Union’s pillars: freedom of movement. Former Die Linke parliamentarian Annette Groth analyzes the situation

*Borderline sociopathy


‘Lots of Things That Impact Our Food System Come From the Farm Bill’
CounterSpin interview with Patty Lovera on the undercovered farm bill
by Janine Jackson


‘Data Needs to Serve a Public Safety Purpose’
CounterSpin interview with Tracy Rosenberg on ICE’s corporate collaborators
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
Meet the Mother Who Confronted Scott Pruitt & Urged Him to Resign—Three Days Later, He Did

*Wheeler for Pruitt

Pence for Trump

Until the immune system is sound, the pathogens will keep replicating



‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’: Prominent Group ‘End Citizens United’ Called Out for Backing Democrats Drowning in Corporate Cash
“If their organization only supported candidates who firmly pledged no PAC money, their contributions could breathe much-needed life into grassroots campaigns. Instead it looks more like an intentional obfuscation.”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Caught with their PR pants down

And their Slick Willies hanging out.


After Popular Uproar, 20-Foot-Tall Angry Trump Baby Blimp Gets Okay to Fly Over London During President’s UK Visit
Not only is Trump “a big, angry baby with a fragile ego,” one organizer wrote, he is “also a racist demagogue who is a danger to women, immigrants, and minorities and a mortal threat to world peace and the very future of life on Earth”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Where does a gummint (a Labour one, no less) get off deciding what peaceful, unobstructive action is or isn’t “legitimate protest”?

Ain’t that straight up Killer Clown’s authoritarian alley?


EU Votes Down ‘Disastrous’ Copyright Proposal Aimed at Transforming Internet Into Virtual ‘Censorship Machine’
“The European Parliament has sent the copyright law back to the drawing board…Now let’s keep up the pressure to make sure we Save Your Internet!”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Real News Network
Trump Admin’s Roll-Back of Affirmative Action will Reduce Black Enrollment
Trump officials announced that schools and colleges should no longer use racial diversity as guideline for admissions. The consequence will be lower enrollment figures for people of color and a set-up for a new Supreme Court challenge to eliminate affirmative action entirely, says Kamau Franklin


Fed Lets Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Off Hook, Investors Profit Billions
Even though Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley failed the so-called ‘stress test,’ to determine whether these banks can weather a financial crisis, the Fed allowed them to pay billions in dividends and stock buybacks to investors. Former financial regulator Bill Black explains the consequences

*Should I hold my breath till the corpress and Dems go ape sh*i*t wild over “Deutschegate” … ?


Occupy ICE Protesters Camp Outside Philadelphia Office, Despite Police Repression
The growing Occupy ICE movement demands the abolition of the abusive War on Terror-era agency. In Philadelphia, protesters are camping outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office. Activists Tina Ngo and Jameson Rush stand in solidarity with immigrants, and speak about the violent repression by police.


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Congress Welcomes an Actual Fascist as Nazi Violence Rages in Ukraine”

*Let freedom ring



Democracy Now!
Asylum Seekers Win in Court as Federal Judge Rules Against Indefinite & Arbitrary Detention


From Separating Families to Jailing Asylum Seekers, Trump Admin Accused of Criminalizing Migration


As Gov’t Struggles to Reunite Families, Detained Mothers Are Organizing to Find Their Kids


Concentration Camps in the U.S.: Andrea Pitzer Decries Tent Cities for Detaining Kids Without Trial



Where Did Tax Benefits Trump Promised Average Americans Go? Straight to Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Their Crappy Insurance
“American families are seeing this tax cut law for what it is—a scam”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘I Can’t Afford That’: Trapped and Injured by Subway Car, Woman Begged Bystanders Not to Call Ambulance Due to Expense
“In the face of a grave injury, a series of calculations follow…This discord, between agony and arithmetic, has become America’s story, too”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Perhaps the Times could cease supporting a Democratic elite foursquare opposed to universal care (not coverage … care) to evince their fealty to same?


A Kiss For the Coach – Jim Jordan on the Mat
These “men” should not be in government. They don’t respect or feel a need to protect children.
by Bill C. Davis


The Real News Network
The battle for Iran: Policy or regime change?
by James M. Dorsey


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is NATO Obsolete? Does it Destabilize?

*I think it’s just to cover the cost of Killer Clown’s “salutes to the military”

(And himself).



Watch: Greenpeace Crashes Superman Drone Into Nuclear Power Plant to Expose Facility’s Dangers
“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s a drone dressed up as Superman, exposing how vulnerable French nuclear power plants are.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A comic opera to forewarn of a tragedic fate


The Real News Network
Most Ignored and Most Far-Reaching Supreme Court Ruling Yet: Anti-Trust Law Hollowed Out
A major Supreme Court ruling, Ohio vs American Express, was completely ignored by most media outlets, even though it will have potentially devastating repercussions for consumers in the so-called ‘platform economy’: Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, Facebook, etc. White collar criminologist Bill Black explains the consequences

*Was it ignored due to its being obscure

Or was it obscured to ensure it was just that?


Trump, Putin, and ‘Russian Roulette’
Michael Isikoff, chief investigative correspondent for Yahoo News and co-author of “Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump,” joins TRNN’s Aaron Maté to discuss the evidentiary basis for claims of a Kremlin interference campaign in the U.S. and potential Trump campaign cooperation

*Is it telling that Isikoff becomes combative, dismissive and … I dunno … haughty when Maté presses him on the veracity of evidence?

If you’re dead solid certain of your sources, is that how you respond?

I’m just saying …


Mexico’s AMLO Gets Massive Mandate to Stand Up to the US
As the center-left candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wins the presidency by an overwhelming margin, Laura Carlsen and Alex Main talk about the election results, what this means for Mexico, and how it will affect U.S.-Mexico relations.

*Mañana … but history is not hopeful.

Y’know, TRNN made a big deal about interweaving climate change into all areas of its coverage.

Run a word search for it on this page.


Institute for Public Accuracy
If Catholic Anti-Nuclear Weapons Activists in North Korea or Iran Were Jailed

*Brave souls, but I have to point out that there are no nukes in Iran, nor any program to create them, and it’s dangerously remiss to imply otherwise.


Democracy Now!
Airport Worker “Heartbroken” Witnessing Waves of Migrant Children Silently Flown Around the Country

*Huddled masses yearning to breathe free



‘Vindictive and Cruel’: After Work Requirements Struck Down, GOP Governor Cancels Dental and Vision Medicaid Coverage for 460,000 in Kentucky
“After a federal judge blocked Kentucky’s gutting of Medicaid, which would throw 95,000 off coverage, the governor responded with a Trumpian tantrum”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


After Long Career Bailing Out Big Banks, Obama Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Now Runs Predatory Firm That Exploits the Poor for Profit
“Your economy, rigged to redistribute wealth to the top”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The reality of “Hope and Change”

You keep hoping

They never change


As GOP Pushes Overhaul, Conservationists Mobilize to Save ‘Endangered Species Act From Extinction’
“This bill is all about politics. It’s not about science. It’s especially not about better ways to conserve endangered species.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Timing of Kennedy’s Retirement Only Cements His Right-Wing Legacy
When it came to money and power, ‘moderate’ Justice Anthony Kennedy had always been an agent of the top one percent
by Larry Beinhart


America The Failed State
In the United States, ruling elites abjectly serve corporate power to exploit and impoverish the citizenry
by Chris Hedges


The Tyranny of Politeness
The proper time and place to protest, they say, is always the time and place where they feel they can most easily ignore us. When we show up at their churches, homes, and country clubs, we are no longer constrained by their rigged rules.
by Mike Ervin

*A polite request has never yet removed a boot from a neck


An Update for 2018: More Evidence That Half of Americans Are In or Near Poverty
The extreme level of inequality in the U.S. is battering the poor
by Paul Buchheit

*Poverty is immutable

As long as profit remains so


The Real News Network
Leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Wins Mexican Presidential Election
by Tamara Pearson


143 Million Climate Refugees by 2050
A World Bank report: Groundswell, warns of the worsening impact of climate change in three regions of the world. It could lead to a tremendous humanitarian crisis, says Kanta Kumari Rigaud, the lead author of the study

*The World Bank does it homework

But the damn neoliberal dog keeps eating it


Exclusive: Nurse Speaks Out Over Johns Hopkins’ ‘Anti-Union Campaign’
Hopkins nurse Kate Phillips says the hospital has prevented nurses from discussing the benefits of a union, and that the hospital faces a high attrition rate and low staff to patient ratios


Democracy Now!
Leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador Wins Mexican Presidential Election in Landslide Victory

*Like any politician, he’ll have to be held to his words

And forced to go beyond them.


“It’s a Humanitarian Crisis”: Texas Lawyer Describes Chaos, Terror of Family Separation at Border



June 2018



Citing ‘Deprivation’ They Would Cause, Federal Judge Blocks Kentucky’s Trump-Backed Medicaid Work Requirements
“Today’s win means that nearly 100,000 Kentucky residents will continue to be able to see their doctors, stay healthy, and take care of their families”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


New Study Warns of Deepwater Horizon Disaster Long-Lasting Impact on Marine Life’s “Building Blocks”
“At the sites closest to the spill, biodiversity was flattened,” says the lead author
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”Draining the swamp”

Straight into the sea


Aaack! New Analysis Shows Superbugs Lurking on Three-Fourths of U.S. Supermarket Meat
“The public shouldn’t have to wait until 100 percent of the bacteria found on meat on supermarket shelves are untreatable by antibiotics before the FDA takes strong action”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


International Rescue Committee statement on EU Council Migration Summit


Environmental Working Group (EWG)
Loophole Could Exempt Over 10,000 GMO Foods from Disclosure Law


Parkland Student Calls for Adam Putnam’s Withdrawal from FL Office and Governor’s Race
by Spencer Blum


Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
PA Gov. signs “car dealer license to kill” legislation, backed by CarMax

*Would you buy a used car from these pols?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Janus Decision: Why Does Labor Keep Losing?

*”We are caught in the devil’s bargain … “


Pogroms in Ukraine

*For bipartisan Russia bashers, apparently this doesn’t rise to the level of “dangerous incivility”


Democracy Now!
DNC Chair Tom Perez on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Upset Win & Obama’s Immigration Policies

*The insincerity and deceit ooze out of him like his sweat in the unforgiving Texas sun.



In ‘Major Step’ Toward Making Democratic Party More Democratic, DNC Votes to Roll Back Power of Superdelegates
“Thanks to all of the incredible activism, superdelegates will soon be a thing of the past”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”[C]ongratulated” … “applaud” … “praised” … ?

One card removed does not a stacked deck topple.


How America’s Wars Fund Inequality at Home
What happens when you put endless Pentagon spending on the credit card
by Stephanie Savell

*The treasure flows as freely as the blood


Protest Isn’t Civil
Attacks on incivility are rooted more in preserving the status quo than in addressing ongoing harms and violence
by Vann R. Newkirk

*Clucking tongues in time with bashing heads


Papers Insist ‘We Need’ Secret Gang Databases—Just Like We ‘Needed’ Stop & Frisk
by Josmar Trujillo


Democracy Now!
Justice Kennedy’s Resignation Opens Door for Far-Right Supreme Court & Overturning of Roe v. Wade

*A feckless and forlorn “liberalism” embodied by the DNCistas always opens the door to demagogues, with these predictable results. That they continue to swear their fealty to financialismo and the war profiteers is a sin no amount of faux “feeling of pain” will wash away.


In Janus Case, Court Issues Major Anti-Labor Ruling, Eviscerating Power of Public-Sector Unions

*Again, the Dems and labor “leaders” have done an efficacious job of dismantling on their own, and a case can be made for their being just f*ucking fine with that.

They’re part of the political/economic structure regardless, their stations assured, and that’s all they care about, if their actions (and lack of) are an indication.


Meet an Immigration Lawyer Trying to Unite Migrant Families While Battling the Trump Administration


Jennifer Harbury: Today’s Refugee Crisis Is Blowback from U.S. Dirty Wars in Central America



The Real News Network
Protests in Ramallah Challenge Abbas over Gaza
Yara Hawari of the Palestinian Policy Network says the Palestinian Authority is resorting to violence against its own people because it has lost its legitimacy, as it collaborates with the Israeli siege on Gaza


Institute for Public Accuracy
Recent Pentagon Increases Exceed Russia’s Entire Military Budget


WaPo’s Civility Fetish Delegitimizes Opposition to Trump
by Gregory Shupak

*This from an outlet unperturbed by the “incivility” of incinerated wedding parties or tortured “guests” of black sites


Why Venezuela Reporting Is So Bad
Review of Alan MacLeod’s Bad News From Venezuela
by Joe Emersberger


Democracy Now!
Web Bonus: Psychologist Dana Sinopoli Warns Migrant Children Face “Systematic Traumatization”


SCOTUS Backs Muslim Travel Ban; Critics Liken It to Decisions on Segregation & Japanese Internment

*Judicial independence

From reason and common humanity


Federal Judge Orders U.S. to Reunite Migrant Children with Their Families After Separation at Border

*Perhaps Madame Pelosi should explain her views on “civility” to these children and their parents?


A Critic of Neoliberalism & Drug War, Andrés Manuel López Obrador Poised to Win Mexico’s Presidency

*We can hope he wins, but recall Tsipras and Syriza.



‘Schumer and Pelosi Have to Go’: Democratic Leaders Under Fire for Urging ‘Civility’ in Face of Trump’s Vicious Agenda
“All of the liberal politicians and pundits who shouted ‘this is not normal’ for a year are now telling us to be civil to the people ripping apart families”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I swear to someone else’s god, I look at that accompanying photo and I can’t imagine a more perfect image of clammy career politicians and corporate shills.

You couldn’t do better through Central Casting.


Who Is Making a Killing on Killing?
The merchants of war who have shaped U.S. foreign policy since the end of WWII have a foothold so strong, the act of extracting ourselves from the war economy has become incredibly complex
by Jodie Evans and Andrew Behar

*War is bad business

Divest your sums


On Purpose, In Kabul
The U.S. government “made things worse rather than better”
by Kathy Kelly

*This is what “liberation” looks like in the fun house mirror of US foreign policy.


Greenpeace Report: Trans Mountain “Oil Tanker Superhighway” Endangers Pacific Coast Marine Life, Communities and Billions in Economic Activity


Friends of the Earth
Kroger Releases New Policy to Limit Bee-Killing Pesticides on Garden Plants
Company must take immediate action eliminate toxic pesticides on food


The Real News Network
Is Flint Michigan’s Water Quality Really Restored?
Flint residents and activists argue Governor Rick Snyder’s claim of water restoration in Flint is based on flawed research as it excludes lead testing in schools

*Water under the bridge for the corpress


Mexico’s Economic Growth Failure: Decades in the Making
As Mexicans get ready to vote for a new president on Sunday, they will probably punish the political class that led the country into a 30-year economic slump. CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot analyzes Mexico’s economic performance and the prospects for its economic future after the election


Ex-CIA Interrogator Trains ICE Agents in ‘Counterterrorism’ as They Terrorize Immigrants
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement pays a private security firm run by former top CIA interrogator Barry McManus to train ICE agents in intelligence and “counterterrorism.” TRNN’s Ben Norton speaks with investigative journalist Ken Klippenstein.


US Gov’t Treats Dogs Better than Detained Immigrant Children
While the US Department of Homeland Security puts immigrant children in cages, Customs and Border Protection treats dogs to “plush double-sided sheepskin bedding” at a pet resort. TRNN’s Ben Norton speaks with investigative journalist Ken Klippenstein

*It’s a dog’s life

What else would you expect from sons of bitches?


US Gov’t Regime Change Machine Exacerbates Nicaragua’s Violent Protests
As Nicaragua’s leftist government faces a violent right-wing insurgency, journalist Max Blumenthal discusses with TRNN’s Ben Norton how the regime change machinery bankrolled by the US government’s National Endowment for Democracy boasted of “laying the groundwork for insurrection” against President Daniel Ortega

*I’m keen to hear Blumenthal’s take on the counter narrative from what I consider to be those who are utterly opposed to US intervention, yet feel Ortega has betrayed the spirit of Sandinismo.

As I’ve said before, we don’t have to feel a “leftist” gummint is Jesus on a stick to oppose internal and external attempts to overthrow it. Neither should we overlook its deep flaws in doing so.


‘AT&T Only Buys Time Warner Once in a Lifetime’
CounterSpin interview with Nilay Patel on AT&T/Time Warner ruling
by Janine Jackson


For WaPo, Subsidizing Bus Fare Is a Lot Like Giving the Rich $5 Trillion
by Gregory Shupak

*If only López Obrador (or Sanders) was as dangerous to the savage status quo as Killer Clown is to the rest of us.


Democracy Now!
Psychologist: Separating Children at the Border Creates Trauma Passed Down Through Generations



‘Most Important Surveillance Story You Will See for Years’: Report Reveals How AT&T Buildings Serve as Secret Hubs for NSA Spying
“AT&T has bent over backwards to help the U.S. government spy on essentially all internet traffic”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Your world. Delivered.

To Spook Central.


Detained Children Forced to Recite Pledge of Allegiance ‘Out of Respect’ for Country That Tore Them Away From Parents
“This is calculated sadism”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The national disgrace of a disgraceful nationalism


Warning to US: Erdogan Has Used Same Techniques as Trump to De-Democratize Turkey
Erdogan’s rise as an authoritarian strong man is a key lesson to America about how Trump could move the US in a similar direction
by Juan Cole

*From a hollow democracy to an infested autocracy?


Supreme Court’s Janus Ruling Will Hurt Children
The nation’s rightwing has taken a big swing at workers and unions, but kids will also be among those who get hit
by Jeff Bryant


The Soldier’s Tale: A Man Who Went to War and Realized His Side Was the Enemy
“I was blindly following orders. I was inflicting violence on the poorest people on earth. How is there any morality in that?”
by Chris Hedges

*A soul adrift in a sea of savagery


Nicaragua at the Barricades… And a Crossroads
“We will always be confronted by U.S. power …”
by Rebecca Gordon

*I don’t pretend to have a firm grasp on all this, although I think Gordon has provided some valuable context.

What I do have is an unshakable conviction that our faith can only be placed in principles, and not blindly in parties or personalities or movements, which must be measured by how they align with those principles.

To do other is to yield to the comforting certainty of dogma, rather than persevere in the often exasperating search for truth.


Amnesty International USA
Syrian Refugees Must Not Be Abandoned by Jordan


The Real News Network
General Motors Held Responsible for Abuses in its Plant in Colombia
A protest at the annual GM shareholders’ meeting in Detroit called attention to the fact that GM in Colombia regularly fires injured workers and fails to provide them with compensation. Frank Hammer, who recently visited the GM plant, reports on the protest and what is going on in Colombia


How Climate Change will Reduce Crop Yields and Spike Food Prices
A new study shows how climate change will impact global food security, particularly by reducing crop yields and increasing crop yield volatility. This, in turn, will have a strong effect on the prices of basic staples, particularly corn and rice. We speak Michelle Tigchelaar, one of the report’s authors

*No mention of how industrial and monocultural agriculture exacerbate the effects of climate change, or that even assuming two degrees isn’t reached, we’re still facing grave consequences, especially in the developing world.


Why Is the Anti-War Movement Still So Weak Under Trump?

*The question was never really answered, was it?

But I think it’s based on a faulty assumption – that there was this powerful anti war movement fifteen years ago. Afghanistan was never really opposed, it being “the just war” for revenge against 9/11, and the opposition to Iraq faded fairly quickly after the invasion.

As for today, as internationally ignorant and apathetic as most Americans were at the beginning of the century, that phenomenon has metastasized in the intervening years, and while individual blame can be laid to some extent, the role of the corpress is key in coloring every conflict as a noble struggle in the ongoing War on Terror ™, with only the occasional mildest of qualms.

Of course, that includes America on the Jordan, and its “mowing the lawn”.

The last sustained anti war movement in the US ended with the cessation of the draft, which subdued a sense of a personal stake in imperialism and militarism. Reviving it will require either a commitment to solidarity with the victims – something that’s never occurred on a massive scale in this country, or any other – or the overcoming of the propaganda propagated by the military industrial complex and its courtiers in the fourth estate to realize how the war machine harms us at home and abroad.

If both were to be evinced in an enlightened self interest, we might have the makings of a truly formidable frente a la guerra.

Stranger things have happened, although examples escape me at the moment.


Democracy Now!
Undocumented Mother: Stop Separation of Migrant Children by Dropping Charges Against Their Parents


What Does an Iodine Deficiency Have to Do with Cancer?
by Dr. David Brownstein



‘This Is Censorship’: Trump’s War on Facts Continues With Muzzling of USGS Scientists
New directive, LA Times reports, requires scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey to get approval for media interviews from U.S. Department of the Interior for most cases
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


“Slap in the Face” to Poor Americans: House GOP Passes Farm Bill Attacking Nation’s Hungriest Families
“This is just another attempt by Paul Ryan to pretend that the biggest problem with the federal deficit is lazy poor people, not the $1.5 trillion tax cut he and his colleagues just gave to the richest people in the country”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘No Justice, No Sleep!’ Protesters Blare Audio of Crying Detained Children Outside DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Home
“There’s a child snatcher living in Alexandria, Virginia”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*No rest for the wicked


Here’s the Story of How I Met Detained Minors on My Flight From Texas
“How old are you?” I asked in Spanish. “Sixteen,” she answered. “Did you come here with your families?” “Alone.” she said. “Are you scared?” I asked. “Yes.”
by Tim Wilkins


Trump’s Get-Tough Policies Will Make the Border Crisis Worse
Nothing about Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach is addressing the root cause of migration
by Ruth Conniff


The Real News Network
Why the Freedom Flotilla Must Sail: A Conversation with Portuguese MP Bruno Dias
The President of the Portugal-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Group Says the Oppressed People of Gaza Need Hope and Solidarity

*Did Dias sidestep on sanctions, and if he did, why didn’t Lascaris press him on it?

Inquiring minds want to know.


The Billionaire Class is Not Fit to Rule – Paul Jay

*A righteous rant, but if you’re not speaking to the limits of #TheResistance – and I don’t mean the fauxniness from the DNCistas – to turn this ship (or sh*it) around, rather than simply cheerleading for it, there will be no there there.

We have to be clear eyed about what’s necessary, and “progressive change” – no matter how well intentioned – is a half step that will cause us to stumble into the abyss, if only in slower motion.

We have to think beyond the “possible”, to the essential, or we’re pissing into a climate charged übercane

And that’s the whole truth, as I see it.


WaPo Can’t Believe White Supremacist Senate Candidate Really Means It
by Janine Jackson

*Is there a difference between fanning the flames

And setting the fire?


Clicks Over Ethics: Careless Coverage of Suicide
by Olivia Riggio

*Eyeballs over ethics


Democracy Now!
Immigrant Parents Search for Children Snatched by Gov’t at the Border, But Reunification Is Rare


Investigation: Substandard Medical Care in ICE Detention is Killing Immigrants, Endangering Lives


ICE Detention is “Soul-Destroying”: Eritrean Immigrant Dies by Suicide During Deportation

*Human Rights Watch is not the most reliable judge of the “world’s most oppressive governments”, but that doesn’t diminish the real fear Testfatsion had of being returned to Eritrea, or the inhumanity of doing so.



Look Deeper: Child Detention and the US’s Paramilitary Politics Abroad
Amidst the justifiable horror evoked by US authorities’ criminal treatment of these children there is too little examination of the conditions that spur many of these mass migrations
by John Buell


Jeff Bezos 1, Seattle Homeless 0. Now What?
Advocates are regrouping after city officials knuckled under to pressure from Amazon and repealed a tax on big employers
by Katie Wilson

*Bezos doesn’t have “more money than [he] knows what to do with”

He knows precisely what to do with it

And who to do it to.


What Have We Become? What We Have Always Been
We are a nation that has, since its earliest days, stolen children from their parents
by Brett Wilkins


The Real News Network
Left Candidate Lopez Obrador Leads Mexican Presidential Race by an Insurmountable Margin
Mexico’s July 1 presidential election is likely to lead to a historic result as the center-left candidate Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador leads the race by 25 percentage points over his closest rival. We talk to Laura Carlsen about the race, the murders of local candidates, and the impact of Trump’s immigration policy on the race


China Intensifies Efforts to Crush the Hong Kong Independence Movement
Edward Leung, Hong Kong’s most prominent independence activist, was sentenced to six years in prison for having organized protests that resulted in property damage. We speak to Prof. Sean Starrs and Polaris Tang of the City University of Hong Kong


Israel Kills 52 Syrian/Iraqi Anti-ISIS Fighters, as US Takes Aim at Iran
An air attack in eastern Syria killed 52 Syrian and Iraqi government-backed forces who were fighting ISIS. They blamed the US, but it said Israel is responsible. Max Blumenthal says this is part of a larger campaign to destabilize and fragment Syria and weaken its ally Iran


Trump’s Trade War with China: A Great Miscalculation
Trump and his advisors seem to be extremely ill-informed about the ways in which China can retaliate, even though the US can impose tariffs on more Chinese goods than China can impose on the US, says CEPR’s Dean Baker


Erdogan Accelerates Attacks on Syria and Iraq in Lead-up to Turkish Election
Turkish President Erdogan is escalating military intervention in northern Syria and Iraq as the snap election approaches. Scholar Baris Karaagac says this is part of a political strategy to unite right-wing nationalist forces. It is also a continuation of a decades-long war on Kurds


Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Help stop CarMax from getting away with selling unrepaired recalled cars with killer safety defects


Institute for Public Accuracy
“No Way to Treat a Child”


Ecosocialism — Interviews Available

*Capitalism is a rotten apple

And they can never be renewed


Elon Musk’s Latest Brainstorm Takes Aim at Meddlesome Media
by Justin Anderson

*Cult of personality disorder


Democracy Now!
Trump Admin to Indefinitely Detain Migrant Families Together; No Plan to Reunite Separated Children


GEO Group & Private Prisons Stand to Profit as Trump Pushes Indefinite Family Detention

*Killer Clown has always known how to make money from misery


Report from McAllen, Texas: No One Knows What Will Happen Now to Separated Migrant Children


Lawsuit Claims Detained Migrant Children Have Been Forcibly Injected With Powerful Psychiatric Drugs


Yemenis Accuse UAE Officers of Sexual Torture Inside Secret Prisons



Telecom-Backed Democrat in California Just “Mutilated” Nation’s Strongest State Net Neutrality Bill
“These California Democrats will go down in history as among the worst corporate shills that have ever held elected office. Californians should rise up and demand that at their Assembly members represent them.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Internet Pioneers Warn New EU Rules Would Turn Web Into “Tool for Automated Surveillance and Control”
As key legislative panel approves measure, experts say copyright directive poses an “imminent threat” to online users and the network itself
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Copyright infringement on freedom


‘If Kids Don’t Eat in Peace, You Don’t Eat in Peace!’ Democratic Socialists Drive DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Out of Mexican Restaurant
“We will not stand by and let Secretary Nielsen dine in peace, while she is directing her employees to tear little girls away from their mothers and crying boys away from their fathers at our border”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*And the punditocracy will cluck their tongues and fret over “the decline in civil discourse”

To which I say

“Go fornicate your own orifi.”


‘Womp, Womp’: Lewandowski Epitomizes Trump Team’s Cruelty After Told of Down Syndrome Child Separated From Her Mother
A distillation of “Trumpian cruelty,” said one. Among “the most inhumane moments I’ve ever seen,” said another.
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Make America Gag Again


The White House Didn’t Want You To Hear Stephen Miller’s Voice Defend Family Separation (And the NYT Said OK)
“Miller is orchestrating a systematic, criminal, human rights abusing, child abuse operation. Let the public hear his sick rationalization to understand how utterly evil this is”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*All the news that’s fit to print

(But apparently not to air without Killer Clown’s OK)


The Vivid Dangers of Our Indifference to a Hellish World
What if ignoring the world’s problems was the most morally fucked thing a person could do?
by Tamara Pearson

*No lack of caring is ever without consequence

No act of conscience is ever in vain


ALEC’s Deadly Asbestos Agenda Benefits Koch Industries, Nationwide
The ALEC bill offered by DeGroot would mean that many victims would not live to see their day in court
by Don Wiener and Mary Bottari

*Greed is the greatest toxin


Scholastic Under Fire for Children’s Book Portrayal of Trump
Parents and teachers aren’t angry over what the new book says about the president, but rather what it leaves out
by Lornet Turnbull

*But every child loves (killer) clowns, don’t they?


Is War With China on the Horizon?
The Pentagon’s provocative encirclement of China
by Michael T. Klare


That’s a copyright violation!”


The Real News Network
Bitcoin Does Not Protect Against Fraud
There is a common misconception that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is safe and secure and will protect those who trade in it from fraud. However, as white collar criminologist Bill Black explains, Bitcoin is just as susceptible to fraud as any other type of transaction, and complacency makes the likelihood of fraud only greater

*The more things change …


Trump Worsens US Immigration System’s Cruelty
By separating immigrant children from their parents, Trump has taken the “nightmare” of the immigration system under his predecessors and “put it into overdrive,” says professor and author César García Hernández

*Hard to square the reality revealed here with the claim that the US is “the standard bearer for the human rights tradition among Western nations”, but maybe I’m just being too Vulcan.


Nicaraguan Opposition Suspends Negotiations: A Return to Violence? (1/2)
Following two months of protests and an estimated 170 dead, the violence briefly subsided, as opposition-government negotiations tried to resolve the situation. The opposition now says the government is reneging on commitments and will abandon negotiations. What led to this crisis and where will it go from here? We discuss the situation with Trevor Evans and Camilo Mejia


Nicaraguan Opposition Suspends Negotiations: A Return to Violence? (2/2)

*The Ortega gummint has contradictions galore, but that doesn’t mean the opposition is pure as the driven snow.

How’s that for not saying sh*it?

Okay, but I just don’t know enough to come to any kind of determination here, although I’d lean more to Evans’ analysis than Mejia’s.

I think we should keep an eye on how the corpress covers events. If we see a carbon copy of its smear campaign on the Maduro administration (which is no paragon of virtue, either), along with Killer Clown tweeting out insults aimed at Ortega, we can be certain that there are some bad hombres amongst the oppos as regards their intent towards the Nicaraguan people.

The Times will tell …


‘The Black Athlete Has Been Involved in the Political Struggle From the Beginning’
CounterSpin interview with Howard Bryant on African-American athletes and activism
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
New Paper: Big Banks Again Putting Taxpayers on Hook with Complex Trades

*Déjà srcu all over again?


Democracy Now!
Remembering the My Lai Massacre: Seymour Hersh on Uncovering the Horrors of Mass Murder in Vietnam

*Don’t depend on Hersh to give you cogent context for the stories he’s done

But be glad he’s done them.


Investigative Reporter Sy Hersh: Working with Gene McCarthy’s Presidential Bid Shaped My Life Path

*I wonder if Hersh has ever considered that this “amazing man” was giving money to people in Latin America who were committing the same horrors there that were occurring in Southeast Asia?


Sy Hersh: I Knew Richard Nixon Beat His Wife in 1974, But Did Not Report the Story

*”Do you know what I’m saying?”

No, I really don’t

But I do know that you’re a conceited bastard who’s a dab hand at rationalization, and that the hosts should have challenged you on it.

But this is “DN!”, so …


Sy Hersh: Henry Kissinger Must “Count Burned and Maimed Cambodian & Vietnamese Babies” in His Sleep

*I don’t want to harp on this – Hersh has done a great deal of vital journalism – but he’s the king of cognitive dissonance, isn’t he?

The NYT is “a great newspaper”

And then he tells this tale of utter complicity with those it’s charged to hold to account?



The Real News Network
Turkey’s Erdogan Allies with Fascists for Election, Repressing Leftists and Kurds
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan formed a coalition with the fascist party MHP for the upcoming snap election. TRNN’s Ben Norton speaks with scholar Baris Karaagac about Turkey’s economic ills, the AKP’s neoliberal nationalist policies, and the repression of the HDP, leftists and Kurds


Far-Right Wins Presidency in Colombia: ‘A Frightening Result’
Ivan Duque, who is the candidate of former president Alvaro Uribe, won a solid victory for Colombia’s presidency and will probably take Colombia back towards civil war and internal repression, with the help of the US and other conservative governments, argues Manuel Rozental of PueblosEnCamino.org


Israel Turns Gaza into ‘Arms Race’ Laboratory, While Palestinians Fly Kites (1/2)
As Israel mows down protesters in Gaza with brutal military technology, Palestinians respond creatively, with kites and balloons. Shir Hever discusses the hidden rift within the Israeli military


Israel Turns Gaza into ‘Arms Race’ Laboratory, While Palestinians Fly Kites (2/2)


After France Condemns Israel’s Killings in Gaza, French Police Obstruct Freedom Flotilla
Human Rights Activist Claude Leostic Accuses Emmanuel Macron’s Government of “Political Harassment”





Institute for Public Accuracy
Are Voters Fixing Voting? *Gerrymandering * Ranked Choice Voting

*Vote fixing is a quintessentially American entrée

No Russian dressing necessary


* ICE Contracts Former CIA Interrogator * Who Speaks? Bush and Obama Policy

*Killer Clown follows in his foil’s footsteps


Democracy Now!
As Demonstrators Demand Nicaraguan President’s Resignation, Government Accuses Opposition of Coup

*So far we’ve had a repeat of “Rashomon” on this program, and I’d like to hear from some long time objective observers of Nicaragua who can give me the intel needed to make a rational judgment about the situation.


Extended Conversation With Nicaraguan Government Minister Paul Oquist on Escalating Crisis

*See preceding comment

And Oquist’s officiousness here certainly doesn’t get me any closer.



Cruel Separation of Families ‘Rooted in the Racism’ of Bannon, Miller, and Trump’s Xenophobic Base
As thousands of children are separated from their parents and detained, “proud racist” and senior adviser Stephen Miller is “setting immigration policy and using children as poker chips”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Study Shows 300,000 US Homes at Risk, $1 Trillion Price Tag as Rising Seas Trigger Chronic Flooding
Damage to homes in coastal areas could set off a domino effect—eroding property values, weakening tax bases, and affecting schools and infrastructure
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Florida Trial Lawyer Offers $100,000 Reward for Evidence That Corporations Are Behind Frivolous Lawsuits Against Corporations
“We know that big corporate interests have successfully attacked the credibility of our civil justice system by highlighting frivolous lawsuits. They do it so they can eliminate truly righteous lawsuits.”
by Russell Mokhiber


What Does Poverty Feel Like?
The poor in America
by Beverly Gologorsky


Why We Are Suing Ohio and Kansas
We CAN Reverse Purges
by Greg Palast

*Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not registered in Kansas anymore.


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Afghan Refugees Continue Daily Protest at Balikpapan Detention Center in Indonesia
Ehsanullah Sahil, a refugee from Afghanistan who is being held at the Balikpapan Detention Center in Indonesia, reports on the ongoing protests against miserable conditions at the center


Trudeau Imposes Retaliatory Trade Tariffs Against the U.S.
It is in the long term interest of Canada to unravel the intertwined economy between the two countries, says Dimitri Lascaris

*Partners in posturing

Pope and premier


Democracy Now!
Meet the Migrant Child Detention Center Whistleblower Now Speaking Out Against Family Separations


With Spotlight on Migrant Families Separated at the Border, Will Democrats Push to Abolish ICE?

*Will Dems prioritize prison stops over photo ops?


“Civilian Lives No Longer Matter”: Millions at Risk as Saudi-Led Coalition Attacks Yemeni Port City

*Brutality abroad is the most bipartisan of policies



On Prison’s 6,000th Day, Groups Demand Trump “Choose Justice Over Inhumanity” and #CloseGitmo
“It is outrageous that the U.S. government continues to perpetuate the myth of an ‘endless war,’ as a supposed justification for holding prisoners indefinitely”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer


Former Bank of Canada Head: Pipeline Protesters May Be Killed. So Be It.
“North American governments have shown the ‘fortitude’ necessary to kill indigenous people often enough that this is no idle threat,” warns Bill McKibben
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Historic First’: Nebraska Farmers Return Land to Ponca Tribe in Effort to Block Keystone XL
“We want to protect this land,” said the tribe’s state chairman. “We don’t want to see a pipeline go through.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Why Project Maven Is the Litmus Test For Google’s New Principles
As AI technology advances, the question of who will be held accountable for associated human rights abuses is becoming increasingly urgent
by Rasha Abdul Rahim

*When you think about it, militarism has always been the epitome of artificial intelligence.


Ohio’s Junk Mail Trick Led The Supreme Court To Approve Jim Crow Vote Purge
by Greg Palast

*Republicans suppress the vote

And Democratic candidates depress it


The Real News Network
Colombia’s Choice: ‘Fascism’ or ‘Protest Vote Without Program’
As Colombians vote in the presidential runoff election this Sunday, they face a stark choice between the far right/fascist candidate Ivan Duque and the center left Gustavo Petro. Even though the center left has enough votes, infighting could very well keep Petro from winning, says Manuel Rozental of pueblosencamino.org


Trump’s Trade Wars: An Opportunity to Refashion the Intellectual Property Regime?
One of the main arguments for imposing tariffs on China is that China is undermining the intellectual property of US companies. China can now either retaliate against US tariffs or take this opportunity to help redesign the international intellectual property system, says CEPR’s Dean Baker


Seattle Buckles Under Corporate Pressure, Repeals ‘Amazon Tax’ to Fight Homelessness
Socialist City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant says that as long as corporate Democrats run government, we should expect them to buckle under Amazon’s and Starbucks’ pressure

*Let them eat cake

Al fresco


Saudi Arabia Tried to Blame Doctors Without Borders for Bombing Yemen Cholera Treatment Center
by Ben Norton


‘Religion Cannot Be Used to Justify Discriminatory Conduct in the Marketplace’
CounterSpin interview with Jennifer Pizer on Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
Lawyer: Jeff Sessions’ Attacks on Migrant Domestic Violence Survivors Drags U.S. Back to “Dark Ages”



Huckabee-Sanders Defends Ripping Children From Parents, Because It’s “Very Biblical to Enforce the Law”
“That is actually repeated a number of times throughout the Bible,” said the White House press secretary
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*She may be misunderstanding the whole “Suffer little children” thing

And something tells me this touching outpouring of corpress concern might not have occurred two years previous.


How Can World’s Richest Man Jeff Bezos Give Back? Staffers at the Washington Post Think Decent Wages and Benefits Would Be Good Start
“All we are asking for is fairness for each and every employee who contributed to this company’s success: fair wages; fair benefits for retirement, family leave and healthcare; and a fair amount of job security”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Is it just me, or is anyone else brought up short when screwed workers, at WaPo or Walmart, use terms like “contributed to this company’s success”, sussing just what that “success” entails to the greater society?


Children’s Detention Center Tour Reveals Trump Mural That Would Look ‘In Place In a Banana Republic’
“I have been inside a federal prison and county jails. This place is called a shelter but these kids are incarcerated.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Scope that mural, and it’s clear that ain’t “history” that’s being taught, ese.


Amnesty International USA
State of Palestine: Amnesty Staff Member Arbitrarily Detained and Tortured by Palestinian Security Officers


The Real News Network
AT&T – TimeWarner Merger: A Disaster for Consumers when Combined with Net Neutrality Repeal (1/2)
The argument that this merger, which will create one of the world’s largest media giants, is not anti-competitive lacks all basis in reality, says Jeff Cohen of RootsAction.org and FAIR

*”Vertical integration” = horizontal penetration

(Don’t make me spell it out)


AT&T – TimeWarner Merger: A Disaster for Consumers when Combined with Net Neutrality Repeal (2/2)

*Screwed by a Slick Willie

(Okay … I spelled it out)


Presidential Campaign in Mexico Gets Dirty
Anonymous phone calls are going out with messages warning that the leading candidate is a danger to the country. At the same time, political violence has claimed more than a hundred lives. Laura Carlsen reports from Mexico

*Dialing for dystopia


Pundits Worry Threat of Nuclear War Is Being Reduced
by Gregory Shupak

*We tried to bomb you back to the Stone Age

But we did it because we care.


Democracy Now!
Trauma at the Texas-Mexico Border: Families Separated, Children Detained & Residents Fighting Back

*”Family values” for the investor vultures


Residents on Both Sides of the Border Try to Help Asylum Seekers Illegally Turned Away by U.S. Gov’t

*I lift up my lamp

And bring it down on your head


As Detention Centers Hit Capacity, Trump Eyes Tent Cities on Military Bases to Jail Migrant Children

*”A step too far”

For PR



In ‘Historic Victory’, Maine Voters Demand Ranked-Choice Voting in Statewide Elections…Again
Reaffirming support for the system, Mainers are “leading the way in pro-democracy reforms, non-partisan reforms that level the playing field, that open the political process to more voices and more choice”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Ranked rather than rank


The Democratic Party’s 2018 View of Identity Politics Is Confusing, and Thus Appears Cynical and Opportunistic
Given its rhetoric, how does the Democratic Party justify supporting white, male machine politicians over credible female challengers, LGBT people, and people of color?
by Glenn Greenwald

*Expecting the Democrats to act on principle is akin to assuming the Republicans will act on empathy


The Real News Network
Paul Jay on Trump’s Iran War Agenda and Liberals’ Korea Peace Panic
Paul Jay, Senior Editor of the The Real News, says that Trump’s North Korea diplomacy overshadows both his administration’s war-mongering on Iran and Koreans’ decisive efforts to make peace. Jay also discusses the partisan liberal angst over the prospect of reducing the U.S. military presence on the Korean peninsula

*The neocon game of Three country Monte


Incarceration Nation: How US Political Prisoners Live in Hellish Conditions
The US has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of its prisoners. TRNN’s Ben Norton speaks with Nino Brown, of the Jericho Movement and ANSWER Coalition, who says American political prisoners are ignored, while they try to survive on dirty water


Defiant Trump Ignites Trade War with Canada and G-7 Allies
Citing national security issues to get around WTO rules, Trump ordered tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum imports from Canada and EU countries. William Black and Gerald Epstein discusses the implications of these tariffs on the different economies


Institute for Public Accuracy
Yemen: “America’s Dirty War”


Why Do US Media Only Worry About One Authoritarian’s Nukes?
Trump, Kim and American exceptionalism
by John C. O’Day

*Brandishing the beam in thine own eye


Democracy Now!
“Relic of Jim Crow Era”: Ari Berman on Supreme Court’s Decision to Uphold Ohio’s Voter Purge


Religious Leaders Shackled, Held in Jail Overnight, After Praying in Protest Outside Supreme Court

*What would Jesus do

And what would be done to Jesus if he did?



Putting Solar Panels in Pipeline’s Path, Campaign to Combine Power of Sun ‘With Power of the People’
Indigenous-led campaign that aims to block Keystone XL pipeline with solar arrays “models the massive overhaul our energy system needs to stop the worst of climate change”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Speaking From Experience, Iran Warns North Korea Trump Could Scrap Agreement Before He Even Gets Home
“We are not optimistic about these talks,” an Iranian government spokesman said following the Trump-Kim summit
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Maybe if they jacked up the Nobel Prize award to what Killer Clown considers *real* money … ?


A Just Dystopia: Climate Activism Must Include Planning for the Worst-Case Scenario
No matter how hard we organize, no matter how many “fossil fuel-free” resolutions we pass, no matter how often we march, we might still end up rushing inexorably toward climate change catastrophe
by Alycee Lane

*Our humanity has no expiration date


Trump’s Astronomically Misguided ‘Space Force’
Plans to create a US ‘space force’ will take global militarisation to another level
by Belén Fernández


If Trump Wants to Blow Up the World Order, Who Will Stop Him?
As horrified as we may be at Trump’s uncouth antics, it is important to understand the tectonic shifts underpinning them
by Yanis Varoufakis

*It’s gonna take a lot more than a neo New Deal to pull our fat from the fire

And if that’s “farfetched”, the world will end, not with a bang

But with a sizzle.


Vaccines and the Liberal Mind
Instead of demanding blue-ribbon safety science and encouraging honest, open and responsible debate on the science, too many online outlets are silencing critics and shutting down discussion on this key public health and civil rights issue
by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

*Cognitive dissonance is not a copyrighted characteristic of conservatives


The Real News Network
US Movement for Single-Payer Health Care Grows with Historic NY Bill
As the demand for single-payer health care in the US becomes mainstream, the New York Health Act could lead the way. TRNN’s Ben Norton speaks with Ursula Rozum of Physicians for a National Health Program, who says NY state could soon adopt a universal system


Democracy Now!
Trump Vows to End “Provocative” War Games on Korean Peninsula After Historic Summit with Kim Jong-un

*For the US, under any president, to lecture another country on human rights is – I suppose the intellectualized term would be “risible” (I’d opt for “utter bullshit”) – and the elite harping on this is epitomic hypocrisy.

But that doesn’t mean that others with some street cred on the subject shouldn’t speak to it, within the context of supporting a valid peace agreement. The North Korean regime is indeed “a brutal dictatorship”, and many have and continue to suffer under it.

That can’t be set aside, and it can’t be “weaponized” to mine the road to peace on the peninsula, either.


A New Day for the Korean Peninsula: Christine Ahn Hails Denuclearization Pledge & New Peace Process

*This is no dis to Ahn, who’s worked diligently for peace in Korea, but she did sidestep the human rights question (see previous comment), and while I realize the strategy for dealing with it is complicated, it isn’t to acknowledge that it exists, and has to be addressed, yet I’ve heard no one on “the left” who’s done so, and that leaves the field open for the warmongers to shed their copious crocodile tears about it, and accuse others of the hypocrisy they copyrighted long ago.


Prof. Bruce Cumings: U.S. Bombing in Korea More Destructive Than Damage to Germany, Japan in WWII

*It’s immensely frustrating to hear intelligent persons credit Killer Clown for any of this.

He says “provocative” today

And may well provoke tomorrow.

Please bear that in mind.


Rep. Ro Khanna: If U.S.-North Korea Summit Happened Under Obama, Democrats Would Be Cheering

*Is a conversion of North Korea into a clone of “pro-market” China the result we really want from this?



How Corporate Media Got the Trump-Kim Summit All Wrong
They have assumed that North Korea cannot live without nuclear weapons—without making any effort to understand North Korea’s strategy in regard to nuclear weapons
by Gareth Porter


A Mile in Their Shoes: In Praise of Afghans Walking for Peace
Can the a recently declared cease-fire lead to negotiations and an end to the war?
by Kathy Kelly


The Real News Network
Embarrassing Defeat for the US in Its Efforts to Expel Venezuela from the OAS
At the OAS, 19 member states voted in favor, 4 against, and 11 abstained when the U.S. tried to have Venezuela sanctioned. The U.S. will not hesitate to bring tremendous pressure to bear on member countries to get its way in Latin America. We speak to CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot about the vote and how it came about


A New Government in Ethiopia Promises Major Political Changes
Following three years of protests in Ethiopia, former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned in February and now a new government is taking over, which promises to recognize a peace treaty with Eritrea, possibly bringing a long period of tensions to an end. We speak to Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report about Africa’s second most populous country

*I have a great deal of respect for Ford’s view on many issues, and he may be spot on here, as well – as far as he goes.

But there are other voices who raise questions about Eritrea’s “revolutionary” and “socialist” nature, insofar as its commitment to human rights is concerned, who are not aligned with the West, and I have wonder if Ford has a blind spot in this area.

I’m far from an expert, but it’s a common phenomena that anti-imperialists who righteously denounce US actions are often not as rigorous in their criticism of the victims of those acts as intellectual honesty would dictate.

That could be the case here.


‘Freedom Flotilla’ Heading for Gaza to Raise Awareness
We speak with Ron Rousseau, the second vice president of Canada’s Yukon Federation of Labor, who is on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, which is now heading south along the coast of France


Livestock Industry Greatly Underestimates Carbon Emissions, Endangering Paris Climate Agreement
By greatly underestimating their greenhouse gas emissions, the livestock industry is placing the Paris Climate Agreement in jeopardy because we do not know just how big an impact this industry is having on climate change


Human Rights Watch Director Ordered Deported from Israel-Palestine (1/2)
TRNN speaks with Omar Shakir, the director of Human Rights Watch in Israel-Palestine, about his deportation order


Israeli Police Brutality Reaches New Extremes Against Israeli-Palestinian Protesters (1/2)
Jafar Farah, the head of the Mossawa Center for Equal Rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel, speaks to TRNN about how police shattered his knee and how what happened to him fits into more general colonial practices among the Israeli police


Israeli Police Brutality Reaches New Extremes Against Israeli-Palestinian Protesters (Pt 2/2)


Mexico’s Presidential Race: López Obrador has a 25% Lead, How Reliable are The Polls?
López Obrador of the MORENA party is polling at 51%, weeks before the July 1st election. We ask professor John M. Ackerman if such a lead is sustainable if PRI and PAN form an alliance to defeat him.

*You can always depend on Ackerman to paint AMLO’s actions in the best light, and I’d like to hear from others – perhaps from those “more radical sectors” – who have a more critical perspective on them.


Canada Update: Doug Ford Becomes Ontario Premier in Waiting, Trudeau ‘Heads for the Hills’ for the G-7 Summit
TRNN correspondent Dimitri Lascaris analyses the Ontario election results and the G-7 Summit taking place in Quebec

*They deserve each other

We don’t


Stop targeting Trans* YouTubers!
by Emmett Roden


Institute for Public Accuracy
North Korea: * Peace? * Hypocrisy of U.S. Nuclear Policy


NYT Carries IDF Attack on Murdered Medic–Reveals It’s a Smear in 20th Paragraph
by Adam Johnson

*The only credulity extant here is that which the corpress fervently hopes we possess, and strives mightily to encourage.


Anthony Bourdain: The Last Gasp of CNN’s Original Vision
by Sam Husseini

*Thought for food


Democracy Now!
123 Deaths a Day: Inside the Public Health Crisis of Rising Suicide Rates in the United States



Partisan Gerrymandering Could Soon Be Unconstitutional
Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on two cases, anti-gerrymandering action at the state level is well underway
by Fran Korten


Following the Money to Nowhere
New York diverts pollution trading funds to “highly questionable” programs
by Nikita Naik


Killing the Myth of the Gig Economy
It seems the gig economy means much more to pundits than to workers
by Dean Baker


Direct Action Everywhere
Animal Rights Group Founder Arrested at Airport – Bail Set at $25,000
New felony charges for former law professor already facing decades in prison for animal rescue cases in Utah

*Crime of compassion


Amnesty International – USA
North Korea/US Summit: Horrific Human Rights Situation Must Not Be Ignored at Historic Meeting

*Killer Clown and his country have zero cred on human rights, so any mention of these signal sins would likely be met with utter derision by Kim.

Pots and kettles


The Real News Network
Argentine Soccer Team Cancels Match With Israel Over Gaza Killings
The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement enjoyed its greatest success when Argentina’s national soccer team decided to cancel its friendly match against Israel’s national team, in protest against the recent killings of protesting Palestinians. We speak to the award-winning Palestinian journalist Daoub Kuttab


Protesters in India Are Massacred as Environmentally Destructive Corporations Have Impunity
Police in India killed a dozen protesters in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, after 100 days of demonstrations against the mining corporation Sterlite. Journalist Kavitha Muralidharan tells TRNN’s Ben Norton how UK-based Indian parent company Vedanta Resources enjoys impunity, despite its role in environmental destruction, pollution, and violence like the Thoothukudi massacre


US-Saudi-UAE War on Yemen Could Starve Millions of Civilians
As the UN warns 18.4 million Yemenis could soon face starvation, the US is considering more direct military intervention. Shireen al-Adeimi discusses with TRNN’s Ben Norton how a Saudi-UAE attack on the port city of Hodeida could lead to mass catastrophe


Media Treat Trump Administration’s Partisan Fear-Mongering as Objective ‘Government’ Report
by Adam Johnson

*When it comes to “fake news”, the corpress is far more a parrot than a ferret


Democracy Now!
Israeli Military Pushes Misleading Video in Attempt to Smear Slain Palestinian Medic Razan al-Najjar


Kathy Kelly on Afghanistan: Destitution, Unemployment & Hunger Must Be Addressed to Achieve Peace



After Countless Billions Lavished on Wealthy, Trump Plan Would Spike Rents of Poor Americans by 20%
“I saw public housing as an option to get on my feet,” says a pediatric assistant with four children. “But this would put us in a homeless state.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Seen as Undermining Bold Agenda, Progressives Rip Dem Leaders’ Embrace of ‘Absurd’ Pay-Go Rule
“The old guard of this pathetic, impotent party needs to retire or be voted out”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Growing the mensch deficit


This Is How Net Neutrality Will End
The fight is far from over
by Chad Marlow


Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
Corporate Financed Clinical Trials Stifle Important Data


The Real News Network
Community Organizers Gear Up for a Political Fight for DACA
Phoenix, Arizona has been called “ground zero” in the fight by Latinos against harsh immigration laws, which have been separating families and sowing fear in an entire community


Medicare’s Demise is Not Imminent, But Health Care Costs are Rising
The trustees of the Medicare and Social Security trust funds released their annual report, and the news was not good because shortfalls will come in eight years. However, it can be fixed, because the main problem is uncontrolled healthcare cost increases, says CEPR’s Dean Baker

*It ain’t that the AP “ought to know better”, but that its aim is to make damn sure you don’t.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Activist Just Back from Afghanistan as Ceasefire is Announced


Is Google Really Ending its Military Contracts?

*Don’t be evil

(Unless it pays really well)


Truth Commission to Investigate 43 Missing Mexican Students


Democracy Now!
Trump Frees Alice Johnson; What About Thousands Still Serving Life for Nonviolent Drug Offenses?

*Perhaps Killer Clown saw a chance to show up Dear Misleader, which in this instance he richly deserved?


Students Push to Oust Nicaraguan President Ortega as Death Toll Rises Amid Bloody Police Crackdown


The Country Is Crying: Nicaraguan Mother Demands Justice After Police Kill Her Son at Protest



Toward A Truly Indigenous Peace in The Korean Peninsula
It’s time that American politicians, both Democratic and Republicans, give Koreans a chance to shape their own destiny
by Simone Chun


Slogan Voters – The Road to Political Masochism
Make America Great Again, Drain the Swamp, and Lock Her Up!
by Ralph Nader

*The blinding leading the blind


A Climate Constitution in the Courts and the Streets
A stable climate system is quite literally the foundation of society, “without which there would be neither civilization nor progress”
by Jeremy Brecher


The Colonization of Palestine: Rethinking The Term ‘Israeli Occupation’
Israel has already, and repeatedly, violated most conditions of what constitute an ‘Occupation’ from an international law perspective
by Ramzy Baroud


War of Aggression: The Saudi & UAE Slaughter in Yemen Isn’t A Proxy Conflict With Iran
They are starving children under attack by filthy-rich monarchies wielding the most advanced weapons Britain and the United States have to sell
by Sheila Carapico


The Real News Network
Blaming Banks or Government for Not Enforcing Their Side of the Bargain? (Swiss Referendum 3/3)
There is no easy monetary fix for the problems of modern capitalist economies, says Jo Michell, who argues that deep problems in the economy cannot be solved by trying to control the money supply, while nothing is stopping the government from ensuring money gets created for good purposes, including government services and infrastructure


Study: Humans 0.01% of World’s Biomass, Cause 83% of Extinctions
The world’s population of 7.6 billion humans represent only 0.01% of earth’s biomass, but contribute to 83% of extinctions and have caused domesticated mammals to represent the 60% of earth’s mammals


California Progressive Alison Hartson Challenges Party Elite Dianne Feinstein
In California’s June 5th primary, Alison Hartson, a former public school teacher and political organizer, is challenging incumbent Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein from the left


Peace Corps: Stop Dismissing Volunteers with HIV and Provide Better Health Care
by Campaigns Lab
United States of America

*Worth passing along, despite the naiveté about the Peace Corps’ “mission”


Defend Glendale & Public Housing Coalition
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey & MPHA, Don’t Auction Off Our Homes to the Highest Bidder!


Institute for Public Accuracy
Tenant Rights Ballot Measure Wins in San Francisco


With Literal Nazis Running for Office, NYT Suggests Candidate’s Israel Criticism Is Antisemitic
by Adam Johnson

*For the corpress, the road to antisemitism has tellingly few right turns


The Empire’s Media and the Quest for Veto Authority in the Americas
by Joe Emersberger

*A “backyard” barbecue of democracy


Democracy Now!
Naomi Klein: 4,645 Deaths in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria Were “State-Sponsored Mass Killing”


“The Battle for Paradise”: New Intercept Doc Goes Inside Struggle over Puerto Rico’s Future


Puerto Rico Is a “Playground for the Privileged”: Investors Move In as Homes Foreclose & Schools Close


Will Trumpism Come to Canada? Naomi Klein on the Most Important Canadian Election of Her Lifetime


Nutrition Action
How a multivitamin could help if you’re taking a common blood-sugar drug



‘God Bless Uh…..”: It Once Again Looks Like Trump Doesn’t Know Words to Song All Truly Great American Patriots Know By Heart
“What an embarrassing, shabby, low rent period of history this is”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Echoes of the Nuremberg Rallies

And the response is to posture “more patriotic than thou” … ?


Anonymous Snipers and a Lethal Verdict
We may never know the name of the soldier who killed Razan al-Najjar. But we do know the names of those who gave the order enabling him to kill her
by Amira Hass


Civilians Paid A Very High Price for Raqqa’s Devastating “Liberation” by US-led Forces
Hundreds of civilians were killed: some in their homes; some in the very places where they had sought refuge; and others as they tried to flee
by Donatella Rovera and Benjamin Walsby

*I will never understand how you can present compelling evidence of wilful war crimes, and then label them “mistakes”

But I don’t work at a human rights NGO.


Minority Lawyers Hanging From Their Own Bootstraps
How law schools fail those who seek justice
by Erin L. Thompson


The Real News Network
Closer Turkey-Russia Relations Are Built on Fossil Fuels and Arms Sales (2/2)
Turkey has grown closer to Russia, despite their differences over Syria and NATO. Political analyst Ekrem Ekici says this growing alliance is based on natural gas exports and the sale of weapons systems like the S400

*Schemes amid screams


Turkey’s Erdogan Expands Militaristic Foreign Policy, Amid Economic Crisis at Home (1/2)
While Turkey suffers through a currency crisis, authoritarian President Erdogan is expanding his aggressive militaristic foreign policy in Syria and beyond. TRNN’s Ben Norton speaks with political analyst Ekrem Ekici, co-editor of Rupture Magazine


‘Wealthy People Saw Puerto Rico Could Be Attacked’
CounterSpin Interview with Julio Lopez Varona on Puerto Rico’s predators
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
“Hidden Horrors”: Reporter Debbie Nathan on Mass Trials & Kids Separated from Parents at the Border



For Minimum Decency, A Maximum Wage
Amid rising inequality, a new book argues, the notion of capping income has suddenly become politically plausible
by Sam Pizzigati

*What about mandatory minimums – but for corporate criminals?

What if slaps on the wrist became slams of cell doors?

Feckless fines became severe sentences?


The Trump Administration Is Splitting Up Families at the Border. Here’s What You Can Do About It.
by Claudia Flores


The Slippery Slope of Dehumanizing Language
It’s long been used to justify violence and destruction of minorities
by Allison Skinner

*The point of this piece is indisputable, but to place the Doyen of Dehumanization on a par with his victims is false balance incarnate, and Skinner’s example is a heaping helping of fruit salad (apples and oranges, you see).


The Real News Network
Democracy in Crisis: The Brady Bunch
Prosecutors in the J20 case sanctioned by judge for failing to inform the defense about more than 60 videos and other evidence
by Baynard Woods

*Ignored by the corpress as much as targeted by the feds


California’s High-Stakes Primary for Democratic Party’s Civil War
In California’s crucial June 5 primary, wealthy Democratic candidates and the state’s “top two” system are putting the squeeze on progressive hopefuls looking to move the party left in the November midterms. We speak to journalist and author David Dayen


Is Gaza Massacre a Turning Point for BDS and Anti-Occupation Activism? (3/3)
In the final part of our interview, Jewish Voice for Peace’s Rebecca Vilkomerson discusses coalition building within the Palestinian solidarity movement and using tactics like Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) to challenge the Israeli occupation


For a New Generation, Palestinian Rights Are No Longer Optional (2/3)
Whereas groups like the Anti-Defamation League have long defended Israeli government policies, a new generation of activists — young American Jews, college students, Black Lives Matter organizers — is standing up for Palestinian rights. Jewish Voice for Peace’s Rebecca Vilkomerson and TRNN’s Aaron Mate discuss

*Talking has to lead to walking, and I’d be wary of the appetite for exercise of the Sandersistas and some of these other groupings.


After Gaza Massacre, Has Israel Lost Liberal American Jews? (1/3)
Rebecca Vilkomerson, Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace, discusses the American Jewish community’s growing disillusionment with Israel as it aligns itself closer with the Trump administration and massacres civilians in Gaza


Are the Swiss Going To Revoke The Privileges of Private Banking? A Referendum In Switzerland (1/3)
As a proposal to strip banks of their ability to create money goes to vote in Switzerland, economist Jo Michell discusses the issues at stake and their relevance to all modern capitalist economies


Grassy Narrows First Nation Afflicted by Mercury Poisoning, Study Finds
Mercury specialist Professor Donna Mergler discusses her new study on mercury poisoning in a First Nations community in Canada


Max Blumenthal Reveals Surveillance Program in Yemen Run by Cambridge Analytica Parent Company SCL Group
Journalist Max Blumenthal published documents showing how Cambridge Analytica’s parent company SCL Group ran a secret counter-insurgency operation in Yemen on behalf of a US-based military contractor, called Project Titania. The UK government likely contracted it, exploiting NGOs and spying on populations in the Middle East


Institute for Public Accuracy
Protests Against Austerity Force Jordanian PM Out


“End This Russophobic Insanity”

*Russia to judgement day


Democracy Now!
“A Source of Positivity All the Time”: Remembering Palestinian Medic Razan al-Najjar, Killed by IDF



Following Worker Revolt, Google to End Drone Technology Contract with Pentagon
“Kudos to all the Google employees who forced the company’s hand on this”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Announcing North Korea Summit Back On, Trump Says Letter From Kim He “Didn’t Open” Is “Very Interesting”
Despite latest bizarre behavior from Trump, peace advocates call announcement “good news for diplomacy”
by Common Dreams staff

*Maybe if it was a video file

With topless pole dancers


‘Like Talking to a Toddler’: Mother of School Shooting Victim Reveals How It Felt to Discuss Gun Policy With Trump
“In a normal presidency, this would be big/headline news, but with Trump, even for his supporters, such behavior is taken for granted. Baked in. Expected even. We shrug. We move on.”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Tiny hands

Tiny brain

Tiny soul


‘Not Just Morally Wrong—It’s Against the Law’: Keith Ellison Calls Out Elon Musk for Anti-Union Threats
In letter, congressman asks Musk if he’ll stop “threatening employees with retaliation for exercising federally protected rights”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Clean cars

Dirty dealings


Needed Now: A Real and Radical Left
Without a functioning left able to fight and do things for ordinary working and poor people, we will have nothing to defend and sustain our households, families and communities when the next big capitalist meltdown comes—an event that is due in the very near future
by Paul Street

*A real live honest to godless socialist on Common Dreams

Almost as rare as an organic veggie on Killer Clown’s gold rimmed china.


What Fossil Fuels and Factory Farms Have in Common
Hint: They’re both issues of environmental injustice
by Wenonah Hauter

*We can’t stand for this load of cow shit

Literally and figuratively


The Real News Network
Unemployment at the Heart of Italy’s Economic Crisis
The Italian president calls on Five Star and Lega to choose another finance minister if they wish to form a government. Economist Bill Black and Mark Weisbrot discuss the political dynamics and the economic crisis


Institute for Public Accuracy
DNC Suing WikiLeaks: Part of the “Greatest Threat to Press Freedom”


Burying the One-State Solution in Palestine/Israel
by Gregory Shupak

*A single state of bloody mindedness


Democracy Now!
Origins of the Opioid Epidemic: Purdue Pharma Knew of OxyContin Abuse in 1996 But Covered It Up

*MIA in economics textbooks, this is how capitalism truly operates


“Pain Killer” Author Barry Meier on How West Virginia Became Ground Zero of Opioid Epidemic


Cities & States Sue Big Pharma, Targeting the Firms Who Profited from Peddling Addictive Opioids


Glenn Greenwald on Mueller, Chelsea Manning & New Martina Navratilova Doc with Reese Witherspoon


May 2018



The Real News Network
The Limits of Police Reform: The Origins and Ends of the Police
Alex Vitale talks about his new book “The End of Policing,” which casts a skeptical eye on the liberal calls for police reform, and calls for us to stop asking police to solve a wide variety of social problems


Exposing the OAS’ Anti-Venezuela, Pro-US Bias and Right-Wing Hypocrisy
The Organization of American States (OAS) is a Cold War-era group that acts as a vehicle for US influence, opposing leftist governments in Latin America. Journalist Max Blumenthal challenged the OAS on its extreme anti-Venezuela bias and enlisting of right-wing pro-Israel lobbyists to demonize Nicolas Maduro

*Corpress credo

“Democracy dies in our darkness”


Trump’s Pharma First Drug Plan
Trump’s plan for lowering the cost of drugs is to make citizens of other countries pay more for their drugs; it’s perverse, says economist Dean Baker

*Heaven forfend we call corps making money at the expense of our health and our lives “bad guys”

Or “anything” …


The New Sit-Ins
As incidents of racial profiling, discrimination, and police brutality are filmed in commercial spaces, activists re-invent the lunch-counter sit-ins of the 1960s

*If only Bull Connor had had adequate mental health care

Jesus …


NYT’s ‘Economic Logic’ Ignores Italy’s Economic Reality
by Dean Baker


WaPo Editors: We Have to Help Destroy Yemen to Save It
by Adam Johnson

*Constructed engagement


Democracy Now!
John Bolton Names Professional Islamophobe & Bush Official Fred Fleitz to National Security Staff

*What these bastards “believe” is that a white Christian America should dominate the world.

Whether they actually believe their own conspiracy theories is largely immaterial.


Palestinians Demand Human Rights & Medical Care in Fight to Break Israeli Naval Blockade of Gaza



Decrying Defaulted Loans of Deadbeat Corporations, One Million Indian Bank Workers Hold 48-Hour Strike
Rejecting banks’ excuses for paltry raise proposal, union leaders say ordinary employees shouldn’t have to pay to price for bad loans
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘No Such Thing as Cheap Meat’: New Global Index Shows Industry’s Failure to Combat Climate Crisis, Antibiotic Resistance
Index gauges how 60 suppliers, worth a combined $300 billion, are managing sustainability risks based on nine criteria
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Real News Network
US, NATO Militarizing Scandinavia as Anti-Russia Hysteria Grows
Journalist Eirik Vold says the United States and NATO are further militarizing Scandinavian nations, while claiming Russia poses a threat of war. US military presence is growing in NATO members like Norway, as non-members Sweden and Finland are being pressured to join


Italy’s Political Crisis & New Elections: An Opportunity for the Far-Right?
Italy’s president Sergio Matarella has thrown the country’s politics into turmoil when he rejected the parliament’s chosen prime minister and instead chose a former IMF economist, in order to save Italy’s standing in the European Union. But he seems to have miscalculated and provided an opening for the far-right, explains Prof. Steve Hellman


Colombia Makes a Historic Shift in First-Round Presidential Vote

*So what is Petro’s platform, and how would it be affected by arranging a “frente amplio”?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Corporations Are Profiting From Immigrant Detainees’ Labor


Israel Stops Palestinian Freedom Flotilla


Democracy Now!
Deadlier than Katrina & 9/11: Hurricane Maria Killed 4,645 in Puerto Rico, 70 Times Official Toll


Glenn Greenwald: Why Did ABC Ignore Roseanne Barr’s Hateful Tweets Against Arabs & Palestinians?

*I just wonder what ABC’s reaction would have been if Barr’s latest targets weren’t figures firmly ensconced in the Democratic firmament.


39 Arrested Protesting Industrial Farm Supplying So-Called “Cage-Free” Eggs to Amazon & Whole Foods

*Machiavelli would envy this marketing


Bred to Suffer: Glenn Greenwald on the “Morally Unconscionable” U.S. Industry of Dog Experimentation

*Will the size of our souls ever match that of our brains?


Glenn Greenwald on Julian Assange, Ecuador & Threats to Press Freedom


Greenwald: FBI Informant in Trump Campaign Once Ran CIA Spy Operation Helping Reagan Win in 1980


Judge Rules Against Free Speech Claim by Immigrant Who Says His Activism Made Him Deportation Target


Why grapefruit doesn’t mix with some medications
by Lindsay Moyer
Nutrition Action



‘Immense Moral Cowardice’: Trudeau Trashed for Government Purchase of Climate-Killing Kinder Morgan Pipeline
“I hope Justin Trudeau knows that this decision is going to haunt him everywhere he travels in the world. Movements fighting for real climate action and Indigenous rights are everywhere.”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*For all those who swooned over this schmenge (with apologies to Robert Palmer)

A pretty face don’t make no pretty heart
(You shoulda) learned that, buddy, from the start


Tomorrow’s Terror Today: Pentagon Documents Detail Dystopian Dangers
Narco-corruption, ISIS 3.0, and the terror drone attack that never happened
by Nick Turse

*Nightmares conjured in dreams of dominance


Gaza’s Great Return March Massacre: A Turning Point
Palestinians must mobilise and strategise to ensure that Israel’s latest assault will be its last
by Nada Elia


‘This Is Really an Effort to Undermine People’s Access to Birth Control’
CounterSpin interview with Kinsey Hasstedt on reproductive health restrictions
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
Meet Two of the Activists Behind Ireland’s Historic Vote to Repeal a Ban on Nearly All Abortions


After Ireland’s Historic Abortion Vote, Calls Grow for Abortion Rights in Northern Ireland


“Don’t Treat Us Like Animals”: Outrage Builds After Border Agent Kills Indigenous Guatemalan Woman

*The true terrorists at the border



Shocker! Tax Cuts in Hand, CEOs Admit They Won’t Invest Record Profits in Worker Wage Hikes
“Of course the GOP tax scam didn’t help working people. CEOs would rather pay themselves than pay us.”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Please recall how the corpress accepted this farce at face value, and who’s willing to wager they will now highlight this haughty hypocrisy?


EU Urged to Go Further to Save Trash-Filled Waters With New Proposed Plastics Ban
Conservationists celebrated the step but said the ban should “stretch to all single-use plastic products throughout the European Union”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Thousands of Italian Women March Across Country. Demand: ‘My Body, My Choice’
’40 years on from the passing of Law 194, there is still a long road ahead of us’
by Common Dreams staff


Memorial Day – 7 Facts Documenting Our Neglect of Millions of Veterans
Politicians who preach patriotism would do well to address these issues
by Bill Quigley

*A parade of hypocrisy


Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground is the Only Way to Save Polar Bears Ravaged by Climate Change
That’s why I’m working with the Brown’s Last Chance campaign to demand Jerry Brown stop new oil and gas drilling in California and devise a fair plan to phase it out entirely
by Kassie Siegel

*Greenwashing an ugly Brown stain


Homily for the Slain
Memorial Day is a facade, a misrepresentation
by Camillo Mac Bica

*A Memorial Day sale of malignant mythology


Pro Patria Mori: The Old Lie
by Abby Zimet, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

– John Winston Ono Lennon


The Real News Network
After Trump Cancels Summit, Koreas Try To Save It (Pt. 2/2)
After cancelling his June 12th summit with Kim Jong-un, President Trump now says talks are still possible. We speak to journalist Tim Shorrock about North Korea’s overlooked and misunderstood concerns and how Mike Pence and John Bolton stand in the way of peace


UK’s Labour Party Manifesto
While Britain’s Conservative government has taken definitive steps on Brexit, the Labour Party is no longer fighting the effort as a practical matter, but is looking to develop social democratic principles for the economy, says Professor John Weeks


Have Bolton and Pence Killed US-North Korea Peace? (Pt. 1/2)
After cancelling his June 12th summit with Kim Jong-un, President Trump now says talks are still possible. We speak to journalist Tim Shorrock about North Korea’s overlooked and misunderstood concerns, and how Mike Pence and John Bolton stand in the way of peace

*Gun bloat diplomacy


Russia Prosecutor General, investigate mass murder and torture of LGBT people in Chechnya
by Игорь Я.



Irish Women Turn Out in Droves to Repeal Constitutional Ban on Abortion
“This vote can change Ireland into a more caring, compassionate place”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Real News Network
Activists Say Zero Waste is Not a Pipe Dream (2/2)
In the second part of their interview, representatives from Energy Justice Network describe concrete steps Baltimore could take to move toward zero waste

*Dealing with a load of garbage in more ways than one


Obama the Gentrifier? South Side Residents Resist Presidential Center Plans
Barack Obama wants to build his new Presidential Center in Chicago’s South Side, but is resisting calls to sign a community agreement that would protect residents from soaring rents and displacement. We speak to community activist Jawanza Malone

*Dear Misleader maintains his moniker


Sweden Scares Population with War Pamphlets amid Push to Join NATO
The Swedish government is distributing pamphlets warning of an impending war to all 4.8 million households, in what journalist Eirik Vold says is part of a larger propaganda campaign to convince the population to support joining NATO


US Forces Complicit in Murder of Banana Farmers in Somalia
US Special forces are in Somalia to assist the African Union in fighting al Shabaab and to help stabilize the country, not to murder civilians. What is missing is any attempt at an internal reconciliation process or a political solution to the raging conflict, says Bill Fletcher


US Supreme Court Ordered Desegregation, then Conservatives Worked to Demolish Public Education
In Part Two, author and historian Nancy MacLean discusses how Virginia pioneered voucher schools to thwart the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling


Colombia’s Presidential Race Wraps Up: Leftist Has a Real Chance
Colombians will choose a new president in a first-round vote this coming Sunday. Gustavo Petro, the candidate of a coalition of left parties, has a good chance of making it to the run-off, but the obstacles to the presidency are still very large, says Prof. Mario Murillo


Prevent Illinois from killing their police dogs
by Amanda Quinonez

*A putrid pot shot


Democracy Now!
As Trump Pulls Out of N. Korea Summit, Women Activists Head to DMZ to Promote Korean Peace Process


“It Is About Bloody Time”: Harvey Weinstein Assault Survivor Reacts to Arrest in NYC on Rape Charges


Bill Cosby Rape Survivor Says Black Women Face Disproportionate Pressure Not to Speak Out on Assault


Cuban Exile & CIA Agent Luis Posada Carriles Dies a Free Man in U.S. Despite Years of Terrorism



‘John Bolton Must Be Stoked’: Experts Put Blame for Canceled North Korea Talks Squarely on Trump’s Top Warmonger
“We can’t forget that many in Trump’s administration, including his national security adviser and secretary of state, are thirsty for war”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*”I get a lousy million and a half for a Nobel?

Screw it.”


131 House Dems Help GOP Pass Massive Pentagon Budget That Includes Billions for Expanded Nuclear Arsenal
“Instead of a blueprint for peace and security, this NDAA continues the practice of endless war with no input or oversight from our congressional leaders,” lamented Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.)
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Democrazy in action


“People’s Climate Case”: Families Sue EU Demanding More Ambitious Action to Combat Climate Crisis
“If it is recognized by the court that climate protection is a human rights issue, then climate protection can be activated in the courts of all other jurisdictions in the world”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A much broader canvas for “the art of the possible”


Does TSA Really Need a Watch List for “Unruly” Travelers?
The Transportation Security Administration’s new “secret watch list” is purportedly meant to protect airport security screeners. But it could easily turn into an “enemies list” of people the TSA will target at airports.
by Faiza Patel

*Smoke screening


Empowering Kids Instead Of Arming Them
The more guns out there, the more dangerous the world is
by Robert C. Koehler

*A proposed addendum to that final sentence

“… and valuing others.”


We’re Demanding The Government Come Clean on Surveillance of Social Media
Our government should be fostering, not undermining, our ability to maintain obscurity in our online personas for multiple reasons, including individual privacy, security, and consumer protection
by Hugh Handeyside


Will Teacher Uprisings Change Democrats?
Seeing an NC governor, of any party, standing with organized teachers during a strike action is unprecedented
by Jeff Bryant


The Real News Network
US Sanctions on Iran and Venezuela: Illegal and Destructive
The Trump administration imposed new sanctions on both Iran and on Venezuela this week, which are both aimed at regime change, but in the case of Iran media and other countries are resisting them, while in Venezuela’s case they are not being questioned, explains CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot

*We’ll see how much “resistance” there is on Iran once the hefty duty flag waving and saber rattling begin in earnest.


Democracy in Chains: The Radical Right’s Stealth Attack on American Democracy
In Part One, Nancy Maclean reveals Nobel prize-winning economist James M. Buchanan as the architect of the Koch Brothers’ secret campaign to undermine public education, unions, and to reshape America

*Putting their money where they want their mouthpieces to be


Institute for Public Accuracy
* Korea Policy: Disarm, Then Attack? * Saudi Bombing Yemen


Democracy Now!
Malkia Cyril on Facebook’s Civil Rights Audit & How Amazon Sells Facial Recognition Tools to Police


NFL Bans National Anthem Protests On Same Day Video of Police Tasering of NBA Player is Released

*How about we question “patriotism”, and not whose view of it is blessed by the angels?

As the man said

“Imagine there’s no countries”

(And Aaron Rodgers likely wouldn’t have even gotten a ticket

But he might have been asked for his autograph.)


Volcano Lava Reaches Geothermal Plant and Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, Risking Public Health Disaster


“The Tale”: Astonishing New Movie Tackles Filmmaker Jennifer Fox’s Reckoning with Child Sexual Abuse

*Fox made the decision not to out this person, which means he is still fêted as “a great man”, I assume. That she didn’t expose him decades ago may have meant that other girls were victimized.

That’s not to condemn her for that, but I hope that’s addressed in the second segment.

I have my doubts that it will be.



As Documents Reveal ‘Pervasive Abuse’ of Immigrant Children Under Obama, Fears It’s Even Worse Under Trump
Thousands of government records “provide a glimpse into a federal immigration enforcement system marked by brutality and lawlessness”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses

I’m feeling extra nasty today.


Ruling Against ‘Pernicious and Unconstitutional’ Practice, Judge Says Trump Can’t Block People on Twitter
“We’re pleased with the court’s decision, which reflects a careful application of core First Amendment principles to government censorship on a new communications platform”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Thin skin gets a fat lip


Billionaire NFL Owners Rebuked for Announcing Fines for Teams If Players #TakeAKnee
The move comes after players across the league have locked arms, raised fists, and knelt during the national anthem to protest racial injustice
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*There’s an underlying assumption here that exercising one’s First Amendment rights has to be in some manner “patriotic” to be considered legitimate.

I find that odd in the context of a defense of same

But this is America, innit?


Huge Roaming Protests Aim to Make All of UK “No-Go Area” for Trump This Summer
Series of rallies and demonstration designed to make entire country a “no-go area” for U.S. president this summer
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Real News Network
Mexico’s Presidential Candidates Debate Strategies to Resist Trump
Sunday’s presidential debate in Mexico showed that as AMLO maintains his almost insurmountable lead, the other candidates are trying to copy his platform about raising wages and resisting Trump. John Ackerman reports from Mexico


Pompeo’s Message to Iran: Submit or Suffer (Pt. 2/2)
In announcing new demands and threats, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made clear that the Trump administration will seek to threaten Iran into submission, says historian Eskandar Sadeghi of the University of Oxford


Serj Tankian: Armenia Protests ‘Changed the Face of the Country’ (Pt. 1/2)
Musician and activist Serj Tankian speaks with TRNN’s Ben Norton about the protest movement in Armenia, which ushered in a new government. He also criticizes the US government for refusing to recognize the Armenian Genocide.


Promoters of Saudi Prince as Feminist Reformer Are Silent on His Crackdown on Women
by Adam Johnson

*That “60 Minutes” screenshot …

Never a hair out of place

Never a step out of line


Media Delegitimize Venezuelan Elections Amid Complete Unanimity of Outlook
by Alan MacLeod

*Rigging the notes


Democracy Now!
The New COINTELPRO? Meet the Black Activist Jailed for Months After FBI Targeting & Surveillance


Supreme Court Deals Blow to Workers’ Rights in 5-4 Decision Against Collective Action

*Injustice is a work related injury



Humans Less Than 1% of Life on Earth, But Have Destroyed Half of Its Plants, More Than 80% of All Mammals
“It is pretty staggering,” said the lead researcher of the new study
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*From dominion to oblivion


‘User Manual for Authoritarian Surveillance’: ACLU Red Alert as Amazon Peddles Facial Recognition Tool to Police
“Once a dangerous surveillance system like this is turned against the public, the harm can’t be undone”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*No WaPo exposé extant, I’ll warrant.


As Landmark Glyphosate Case Moves to Trial, Man Dying of Cancer to Have Day in Court With Monsanto
“We look forward to exposing how Monsanto hid the risk of cancer and polluted the science,” said plaintiff’s attorney
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘This Is Not Ok’: Guard Shoves Reporter as EPA Bars Multiple News Outlets From Water Pollution Event
“When the reporter asked to speak to an EPA public-affairs person, the security guards grabbed the reporter by the shoulders and shoved her forcibly out of the EPA building”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The corpress is perfectly capable of not doing its job without being barred from ostensibly doing so.


A Food Revolution: The Climate Case for a Factory Farm Ban
We need to take bold action over the next decade in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. This includes tackling the greenhouse gas emissions created by food production, including meat and other animal products
by Patty Lovera


Trump’s Authoritarian Grip Tightens
Changes implemented by the administration on every front add up to a frightening pattern
by Adele M. Stan


Scourging Yemen
by Kathy Kelly


National Nurses United
Nurses Condemn VA ‘Mission to Privatize’ Act, Urge Senate to Reject Endangering Healthcare for Veterans


Blair’s Comments Underscore Need For Independent Belhaj Inquiry


The Real News Network
Maduro Wins the Presidency in Venezuela – What Will the US Do Next?
Opposition candidate Henri Falcon cries foul. We speak with journalist Lucas Koerner of Venezuelanalysis.com, election observer Roger Harris, and Venezuela analyst Greg Wilpert about the legitimacy of the results, and what is next for Venezuela

*”Red points” and red herrings


Freedom Flotilla Sets Sail for Gaza after The Great March of Return
Activists Yudit Ilany and Heather Milton-Lightening explain why Israel’s blockade of Gaza must end


Does Iron Fist Imperialism Benefit US Workers?
We speak to economist Gerald Epstein, who did the cost-benefit analysis of the US invasion of Iraq. He found that the US military adventure cost US workers approximately two trillion dollars

*”False consciousness”

And fallow consciences


Democracy Now!
British Royals Rebrand with Royal Wedding, but Critics Say White, Neoliberal Monarchy Needs to Go

*With apologies to Steely Dan

This is the real deal Royal Scam



The Coming Collapse
It is impossible for any doomed population to grasp how fragile the decayed financial, social and political system is on the eve of implosion
by Chris Hedges

*The shit hits the fan

As the speed’s turned up


The Shooting Statistics Are Clear: It’s Not Schools That Are Dangerous
Schools are the sites of fewer than 3 percent of students’ gun homicides; the other 97 percent occur somewhere other than school
by Mike Males

*The mote blinds to the beam


Indigenous Environment Network
U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Landmark Case Challenging World Bank Group Immunity
This will be the first time the Supreme Court will address the scope of international organizations’ immunity


The Real News Network
Asylum Seekers In Israel Confronting an Agonizing Future
Israeli courts deemed it legitimate for municipalities to shut off electricity and water services to African refugees, says David Sheen, an independent journalist based in Dimona, Israel


The Rich Have an Escape Plan – RAI with Rana Foroohar (5/6)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Foroohar says many wealthy people understand that the climate crisis, deep recession and war are real threats, but they believe “apres moi le deluge” [“after me comes the floods”]; the Financial Times columnist and author of “Makers and Takers” says many of the rich have escape plans, thinking “they can avoid the apocalypse” – with host Paul Jay

*Foroohar may “quot[e] Marx”, but she’s a committed capitalist who believes a more “rational” form of it is all that’s needed to step back from the abyss, such as spreading a green tablecloth over its rotting wood.

What is being described here is an addiction, to greed and power, that can’t be cured with “reform”. It’s also a manifestation of delusional thinking, which she shares in her refusal to entertain any option other than TINA, albeit dressing her up in “pragmatic” apparel.

(I’m gonna wear out the quote key, ain’t I?)


Arms Industry Stocks Shoot up After Trump Withdraws from Iran Deal
As soon as Donald Trump withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal, and Israel bombed Syria, stocks of the top weapons corporations immediately increased. Author Andrew Feinstein says this sabotage of the JCPOA offers companies new opportunities for war profiteering

*Which flows faster

The money

Or the blood?


Arms Manufacturers Use Israel’s Massacres in Gaza to Test New Technology
As the Israeli military mows down unarmed Palestinian protesters, arms trade expert Andrew Feinstein explains how weapons companies use Gaza as a laboratory to test new products and rake in profits

*(So you know, if you’re experiencing déjà vu all over again with this comment, it’s due to TRNN placing this segment’s transcript with an earlier one featuring Feinstein, from May 15.)

Feinstein provides some useful intel, but his description of the Iran deal strikes me as naïve, in that, similar to Obama’s “opening” to Cuba, its primary purpose was to use “soft power” to effect US aims – economic carrots rather than militaristic sticks.

Of course, the threat of a catastrophic war that would do immense harm to those aims factored into the policy, as well, but to say Iran was a beneficiary – other than in a comparative sense regarding the consequences of a frightful alternative – or that it played any role in curbing an imaginary move toward a nuclear weapons program, is at odds with reality, in my view.

His contention that somehow the US is “trying to get rid of” terrorism likewise is muddle headed. Certainly the US wishes to manage it, but to boogie imperialistically, you need a reliable boogeyman as a dance partner, and the spectre of soulless fanatics fills the dance card just fine.


Trump Admin Halts Investigation of For-Profit Colleges
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ decision to stop investigating for-profit educational institutions for fraudulent practices is yet another reason to believe that the Trump presidency is the most corrupt in US history, says former financial regulator Bill Black

*Schools of hyped schlocks


Institute for Public Accuracy
Israeli and Gulf Collusion with Trump Team

*Wide open “Russiagate”

Closed and padlocked Israelgate


Media Ignore Government Influence on Facebook’s Plan to Fight Government Influence
by Adam Johnson


‘The Idea of Storytelling Is Just Essential’
CounterSpin interview with Mark Trahant on the new Indian Country Today
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
After Santa Fe HS Shooting, Texas Lawmakers Have “Focused on Anything But Guns”

*”[A] culture of violence” faulted by its fomentors


Soraya Chemaly on Mass Shootings: “Focus Should Be on Boys & Men Who Can’t Take No for an Answer”


Nutrition Action
What exercise can do for your heart
We all know that exercise is good for the heart, but do you know how much to do and what benefits to expect?



Congress Wants More Protections for Cops While Ignoring Police Reform
Giving hate crimes protections to police is “profoundly inappropriate” as “hate crimes laws are intended to extend protection to historically persecuted groups”
by Kanya Bennett

*You can’t reform rot

You can only remove it


The Real News Network
IDF Prepares to Kill More Peaceful Protesters in Gaza on Friday
May 17, 2018
Michael Omer-Mann, editor-in-chief of +972 Magazine, says the IDF does not care if you are protesting in peace or with violence; either way, if you are protesting you run the risk of being killed


Call Them by Their Names
Why are corporate media protecting white people’s identities in racial bias incidents?
by Miranda C. Spencer

*And heaven forfend there would be any digging into the callers’ past for a possible “criminal history”.

That’s reserved for black and brown victims, innit?


Democracy Now!
Trump’s EPA Doesn’t Want You to Know Chemicals in Teflon Are Poisoning Waterways & Firefighters

*The most toxic ingredient is greed


Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg: Civil Disobedience Against Vietnam War Led Me to Leak Pentagon Papers



‘Black Mark in Our History’: Six Democrats Join GOP to Confirm Torturer Gina Haspel as CIA Chief
“This was never just about Gina Haspel. This is about a nation that claims constantly to be exceptional and morally superior showing the world in clear terms that it supports torture and will never hold its own accountable”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Haspel should have been rejected not because she wouldn’t uphold “American values”

But because she would.


As DRC Ebola Outbreak Reaches City, Trump’s Slashing of Global Health Funds Decried as ‘Crazily Short-Sighted’
The president asked Congress to cut funding to fight infectious disease epidemics hours before a new Ebola outbreak was declared in Africa
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Trump: Making America Dread Again
“Let the buyer beware”
by Ralph Nader

*For the exploitocracy, Killer Clown is a man after their own missing heart.


Palestine: Our History Haunts Our Future
When Palestinians fight for their national rights, we are called “terrorists.” When we demonstrate in non-violent ways and are killed by the occupying forces, we are called “suicidal”
by Samah Jabr


Neither cis nor TERF
by Robert Jensen


Amazon Watch
Amazonian Leaders Call on California to Go Fossil Fuel-Free at Chevron’s Richmond Refinery
Bay Area environmental and indigenous organizations join protest to call attention to Chevron’s key role in causing destruction to people and planet


The Real News Network
Trump’s Jerusalem Move Caters to Religious Extremists
The opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem featured billionaire Sheldon Adelson and prominent far-right evangelical Christian leaders John Hagee and Robert Jeffress. We discuss the alliance between Trump, Netanyahu, and far-right extremists in both the US and Israel with journalists Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen

*Cults of psychopathic personality


‘There Is No Opposition in Israel’ as Netanyahu Massacres Gazans, Israeli Journalist Says
Renowned Israeli journalist Gideon Levy says “the victims of Gaza hardly touch anybody in Israel,” as the IDF mows down protesters. Hardline right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a stranglehold on politics, and the left barely exists


Hot Picks from Tuesday’s Primaries with Blogger Howie Klein of DownWithTyranny
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is trying to discredit progressive candidates during this primary season, framing establishment candidates as moderates and progressives as “far left,” with the media’s cooperation, says Howie Klein of DownWithTyrannyblogspot.com

*So, is being “far left” a bad thing?

If you mean someone who susses the essential exploitative nature of capitalism and the inhumanity of imperialism, I’d take issue with that conclusion.

And if you use the above definition, Klein is spot on that no one in Congress (or pretty much any other office) fits that description.


Justice for Port Drivers
Home Depot: Respect Workers’ Rights


Blaming the Victims of Israel’s Gaza Massacre
by Gregory Shupak


Democracy Now!
Meet Tarek Loubani, the Canadian Doctor Shot by Israeli Forces Monday While Treating Gaza’s Wounded

*Dr. Loubani is very brave, and very naïve, if he believes Trudeau will do anything more than handwringing for public consumption, and that that will be any “political price to pay” for that PR.


50 Years Ago Today: Catonsville 9 Burned Draft Papers with Homemade Napalm to Protest Vietnam War

*Some things done in Jesus’ name I imagine he’d be quite proud of.


Planned U.S.-North Korea Peace Talks in Jeopardy as Trump Adviser Bolton Pushes for Regime Change

*A big stick disguised as an olive branch




While Many US Outlets Equivocate on Israel’s Massacre of Unarmed Palestinians, The Onion’s Piercing Satire Destroys IDF Talking Points and War Crime Apologists
The searing satire of headline writers at this outlet over the last two days have perhaps done more than most mainstream journalists to expose just how wantonly cruel the actions of the IDF have become and how ludicrous and vile the arguments of its defenders remain
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Many Deaths Due to Errant Iranian Rockets, Inquiry Finds


A Dozen Google Employees Resign Over Pentagon Drone Contract as 4,000 Workers Demand End to Project
“At some point, I realized I could not in good faith recommend anyone join Google, knowing what I knew. I realized if I can’t recommend people join here, then why am I still here?”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Trump-Obsessed Media Outlets Again Ignore Critical Net Neutrality News
As Democratic senators made a last-ditch effort to salvage net neutrality rules — which passed in the Senate — coverage by many media outlets is still nowhere to be found
by Dina Radtke


Boycott is Best Response to Illegal Israeli Killings
Ireland and EU complicit in enabling Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights
by Omar Barghouti


The Real News Network
Israel Slaughters Unarmed Palestinian Protesters While Trump Admin. Shouts ‘Hamas!’
The Israeli military killed 60 and wounded 2,200 Palestinians protesters in one day, as Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner opened the US embassy in Jerusalem. Journalist Ali Abunimah says the Trump administration is misleadingly pointing the finger at Hamas to distract from Israel’s crimes


Italian Populist Parties About to Form “Highly Unstable” Government
The rightwing League and the progressive-populist 5-Star Movement are about to form a new coalition government in Italy. However, given the large number of differences between the parties and Silvio Berlusconi’s efforts to undermine the government, it might not last long, says Prof. Steve Hellman


Class and Corruption Take Center Stage in the Iraqi Election
Muqtada al-Sadr, the cleric known for organizing uprisings against the U.S. military and rejecting Iranian influence, led the Alliance of Revolutionaries for Reform to victory in Iraq. We speak to professor Sabah Alnasseri


Democracy in Crisis: The Future of Journalism
by Baynard Woods


NYT Edit Board Are Last Humans on Earth Who Believe US Neutral in Israel/Palestine Conflict
by Adam Johnson

*”Neutral” is the gear the corpress is stuck in on progress toward an honest view of US empirismo.


Writing Off Democracy in Venezuela, US Press and Politicians Dream of a Coup
by Alan MacLeod

*A democracy darkly wished dead


Institute for Public Accuracy
50 Years After Catonsville: “Resistance Needed to End Empire”


Democracy Now!
Norman Finkelstein: Outrage over Israeli Massacre Shows Power of Nonviolent Palestinian Resistance


Norman Finkelstein: Palestinians Have the Right to Break Free of the “Unlivable” Cage That Is Gaza


Koch Brothers-Backed Effort to Sabotage Unions Uses Secret “Tool Kit” to Encourage Members to Quit


Nutrition Action
Buyer beware: Ginkgo supplements often adulterated
Ginkgo biloba doesn’t prevent dementia or cognitive decline in older people, and doesn’t help boost memory in younger folks either, according to the best independent studies



‘Beyond Shameful’: Democrats Warner, Heitkamp, and Nelson Announce Support for Torturer Gina Haspel
There are now five Democratic senators “who have made clear they don’t give a shit about accountability for torture”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Scahill has it sussed.

“Credulous” people don’t engage in coverups.

These creeps are colluders, pure and simple.


‘This Is a Big Deal’: Fearing ‘Public Relations Nightmare,’ Pruitt’s EPA Blocked Release of a Major Water Contamination Study
Journalists, members of Congress, environmental and public health advocates, and water experts are all calling on the Trump administration to “immediately” release the report
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


“All Those Babies Are Dead. All Those People Are Dead’: Eddie Glaude Jr. Apologizes for Injecting Heartfelt “Moralizing” into MSNBC Roundtable on Gaza Massacre
Journalist Glenn Greenwald called the segment “fascinating” to witness, “as it temporarily broke the primitive, simple-minded matrix for how US cable news talks about things like the Israeli massacre of Gazans”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The sin of a sign of heart among the soulless


Americans for Tax Fairness
Will Corporations Announce Any Benefits For Workers On This Week’s Earnings Calls?
Only 4.2% of American workers have seen one-time bonuses or wage hikes result from the new tax law. Which businesses getting tax windfalls will be next to share the wealth with U.S. workers?

*Rebate and switch


The Real News Network
Arms Industry Stocks Shoot up After Trump Withdraws from Iran Deal

*Feinstein provides some useful intel, but his description of the Iran deal strikes me as naïve, in that, similar to Obama’s “opening” to Cuba, its primary purpose was to use “soft power” to effect US aims – economic carrots rather than militaristic sticks.

Of course, the threat of a catastrophic war that would do immense harm to those aims factored into the policy, as well, but to say Iran was a beneficiary – other than in a comparative sense regarding the consequences of a frightful alternative – or that it played any role in curbing an imaginary move toward a nuclear weapons program, is at odds with reality, in my view.

His contention that somehow the US is “trying to get rid of” terrorism likewise is muddle headed. Certainly the US wishes to manage it, but to boogie imperialistically, you need a reliable boogeyman as a dance partner, and the spectre of soulless fanatics fills the dance card just fine.


The Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Goodwill Industries International: Pay Disabled Workers a Real Wage

*The wages of ill will


Institute for Public Accuracy
Israel, Religious Bigotry and Liberation


Media Can Tell Readers Who’s Killing Whom–When They Want To
by Jim Naureckas

*And they’ve been know to ascribe deaths to certain gummints under the most uncertain of circumstances, according to their malleability to US objectives.


Democracy Now!
Yanis Varoufakis on Iran Nuclear Deal Demise, US Trade Negotiations, Europe’s Far Right & Capitalism

*Varoufakis is a very intelligent, and I’d like to think, earnest person, and this is well worth the time invested, but in the end, he’s advocating for a reform of a system that can be made better, but can never be good.

For us to have a chance to survive, “better” won’t cut it. His enamorment of FDR’s New Deal, which was designed to save capitalism from itself, displays a resistance to a struggle for the “good”, even as he makes the case for it at times here.

The only way we will avoid the abyss is to make a leap of faith that will carry us over it.


Palestinians Mark 70th Anniversary of Nakba After Israel Kills 61 & Wounds 2,700 Protesters in Gaza

*Words are woefully inadequate, and the best I can muster is “grotesque”, in its most malignant context.


Gazan Writer: Protesters Are Seeking Freedom from World’s Largest Concentration Camp


For Palestinians, New U.S. Embassy Is a Symbol for Gaza Protests—But Mass Oppression Is Root Cause


While U.S. Refuses to Blame Israel, Int’l Court Could Launch War Crimes Probe into Gaza Killings



With Haspel Confirmation Pending, Torture Opponents Target Fence-Sitters Flake, Heitkamp, and Others
“The Senate must #BlockHaspel. We can’t accept a #CIA leader who oversaw #torture and sought to destroy the evidence”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*It’s important to realize that every director has condoned torture in one manner or another, and if this bastard is blocked, whomever is approved will as well, no matter how “respectable” they may be.


At the Local and State Level, New Campaign Aims to Generate National Support for UN Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons
“Our campaign is about putting pressure on the U.S. government and the other nuclear nations to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Israel Repurposes Nakba Myths to Justify Today’s Massacre in Gaza
The only legitimate struggle for Palestinians, it seems, is keeping quiet, allowing their lands to be plundered and their children to be starved
by Jonathan Cook


Killing Gaza
Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen’s powerful new film, “Killing Gaza,” offers an unflinching and moving portrait of a people largely abandoned by the outside world, struggling to endure
by Chris Hedges


The Kindly 87-Year-Old Man Who Took All the Schoolkids’ Lunch Money
There seems to be no corporate recognition of the shameful act of taking decades of societal largesse and then doing everything possible to avoid paying for any of it
by Paul Buchheit

*All you can cheat Buffett


The Real News Network
Official Unemployment is at 3.9%? Economist Robert Pollin Says it is More Like 12%
Unemployment is low and standard economic theory says that when unemployment drops, wages should rise. However, the latest Department of Labor report shows that even though unemployment has reached historic lows at 3.9%, wages are not rising. Why? We explore the reasons with Prof. Robert Pollin

*Few of the fruits of our labor fall into our basket


Media Debate Best Way to Dominate Iran
by Gregory Shupak

*A view both reasoned and all too rare

But what does Trita Parsi have to say?

(Easy enough to find out, innit?)


Institute for Public Accuracy
As U.S. Moves Embassy, Israel Massacres Palestinians


Democracy Now!
Gaza: Israeli Soldiers Kill 50+ Palestinians Protesting Nonviolently as U.S. Opens Jerusalem Embassy

*The black smoke of burning tires

And the smokescreen for murder and mayhem of the corpress


Rev. Barber Slams Anti-Muslim, Anti-Semitic Pastors Trump Chose to Open U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

*Patriotism and religion are far from the last refuges of scoundrels



After Drug Plan Shows Trump ‘Will Do Nothing About Their Greed,’ Big Pharma Stocks Soar
“When big pharmaceutical companies’ stocks spike during your big reveal on lowering prices, you’re doing something wrong”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Follow the money

Up the indices


Message to Immigrants in Trump’s Latest ‘Hardhearted’ Proposal: If You’re Poor, Now or Ever, You Don’t Belong
Immigrants applying for green cards would be considered a “public charge” and would likely be passed over if they’ve used—or are deemed likely to use—government resources including Medicaid and SNAP benefits
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*And high up above my eyes could clearly see
The Statue of Liberty
Sailing away to sea

— Paul Simon, “American Tune”


Two Interrogations, Gina Haspel and Adolf Eichmann
Not to compare the evil of the holocaust with the CIA rendition and torture (as if evil could be measured by quantity), but the evasions and obfuscations of these two willing technicians of state terror are chillingly similar
by Brian Terrell

*Law and orders


Physicians for a National Health Program
California Doctors Aim to Educate 100,000 Patients & Their Physicians to Support Single Payer
Doctors’ state strategy meeting to follow on Sunday, May 20 at the Hyatt LAX

*Of course, many of those self same “interested … business[es]” are responsible for some of the worst health metrics among developed economies.


The Real News Network
How The Trump Administration Plans to Dismantle Public Housing Brick by Brick
A series of moves by HUD Secretary Ben Carson will raise rents, decrease repairs, and accelerate the process of transferring public housing to private firms

*None of the consequences are “unintended”


Can Carbon Pricing Reduce CO2 Emissions?
What is carbon pricing, how is it different from carbon emissions permits, and could such a policy reduce carbon dioxide emissions sufficiently to slow down global warming? We discuss these and many other questions with James Boyce of the Political Economy Research Institute


Gaza on the Brink (2/2)
We speak with Sari Bashi about how the occupation of Gaza and the de-development policies of Israel, which deny Gazan’s electricity, water and the right to produce and travel, making it an unlivable place


Can Gaza Survive the Occupation and Repression? (1/2)
In a new book, “Moment of Truth”, Sari Bashi discusses the 11 year blockade that has driven Gazans to the brink. With water unfit to drink, and the denial of education, healthcare and mobility, Gazans don’t have much to loose, she says.


Mexico’s Presidential Campaigns Struggle with Rampant Crime
Mexico’s crime problem has become increasingly intractable and is also affecting local races, which has left over 90 candidates murdered. Meanwhile, leftist candidate AMLO faces the wrath of Mexico’s business sector. John Ackerman analyzes the state of Mexico’s race for president

*I’d replace “leftist” with “leftish” as a description of Lopez Obrador – he’s far from alone in that – and keep that in mind when absorbing Ackerman’s angled analysis.


Argentina Turns to IMF, Despite Already Implementing a Neoliberal Program
President Mauricio Macri of Argentina is negotiating a $30 billion credit line with the IMF. The currency is devaluing rapidly and the government introduced a 40% interest rate to stop the slide. Now it turns to the IMF – as a cover for even harsher neoliberal measures? We speak to CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot


WaPo Positions Support for Torturer as Vote for Feminism
by Katherine Krueger

*Killer, torturer, liar



Who’s Reacting to Iran Deal Pull-Out? Why, It’s Women in Chadors, Walking Past Anti-US Mural
by Jim Naureckas


Complete with frame


Democracy Now!
Trump Withdrew from Iran Nuclear Deal. Now Israel May Be Trying to Provoke War

*If this is chess

We must pity the pawns


Laleh Khalili: Palestinian “Gandhis” Are Marching Every Day for Freedom from Israeli Apartheid


If Gina Haspel Is Confirmed at CIA, the U.S. Would Be Giving Other Nations Green Light to Torture


Black Mama’s Bail Out Is Freeing Black Women from Jail for Mother’s Day & Taking Aim at Cash Bail

*If Google and the Kochs are “address[ing] bail reform”, you know goddamn good and well it ain’t got sh*it to do with a commitment to justice, don’t you just?


Immigration Officials Are Using Pseudoscience to Justify Jailing Teenage Asylum Seekers with Adults



With Chance to Denounce Torture, Why Have These Democrats Not Said They Are a “No” on Haspel?
“What kind of #Resistance refuses to stop an actual torturer chosen by Donald Trump from being promoted to head the most powerful spy agency in the world?”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*All the fine liberals …


And what “great and respected nation” is Bernie prattling on about?

As for Pierce, torture has nothing to do with being “scared”, and everything to do with scaring.


‘You Watch Too Much Movies’: Watch ICE Refuse to Produce Warrant, Then Barge Into Home With Guns Drawn as Terrified Children Cry in Background
“An ICE warrant does not allow officers to enter a home without consent”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Game Never Named, the Addendum Never Spoken
The preservation of capitalism
by Kristine Mattis

*As I understand it, an end to capitalism would mean an end to wages and wealth (and profit and money)

So “livable wages”, “a universal basic income” and “a cap on individual wealth” are misplaced priorities, if we’re talking about the whole “From each … to each … ” thingie, yes?


The Real News Network
Police Brutalize 78-Year-Old CIA Whistleblower Protesting at Torturer Gina Haspel’s Senate
Ray McGovern, who worked as a CIA analyst for 27 years, disrupted the Senate confirmation hearing for CIA director nominee Gina Haspel, protesting her overseeing of torture. Police threw the 78-year-old whistleblower to the ground, dislocating his arm.

*How appropriate that a display of brutality would occur in the presence of one of its signal advocates.


Christian Right Groups Wage Crusade to Capture Courts
by ExposedByCMD Editors


15 Judges Object to State Funds for Federalist Society Conference Where WI AG Brad Schimel Plugged Campaign, Praised Hate Group
by David Armiak and Mary Bottari
Center for Media and Democracy


New Technology Allows Election Officials to Verify Votes Like Never Before—Will It Be Widely Used in 2018?
by Steven Rosenfeld
Independent Media Institute


Institute for Public Accuracy
Billionaires Fueling Trump on Iran Deal, Jerusalem Move

*The only thing Killer Clown understands is money

And Adelson, Marcus and Singer (and Mercer) understand that.


Fueling More Syria War: * Nixing Iran Deal and More Israeli Attacks * Pollack and Pundit Class


Democracy Now!
Jeremy Scahill: Obama Paved Way for Haspel to Head CIA by Failing to Hold Torturers Accountable

*Ask yourself if any Democrat of the Feinstein ilk would vote against Haspel if it meant she wouldn’t be confirmed.

When you know the result, there’s no honor in posturing.


Coming of Age in the Syrian War: Memoir by Journalist Marwan Hisham & Illustrator Molly Crabapple



While Advocates Declare #HandsOffSNAP, Trump Reportedly Wants Even Crueler Requirements for Nation’s Poor and Hungry
“Do you know who the #2018FarmBill would hurt? Well, just on the short list are: Women, veterans, children, people with disabilities, workers, and seniors”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Anyone with half a heart finds this horrendous

And how many Americans don’t?


The Real News Network
Primary Day Sets the Stage for Intra-Party Battles (2/2)
We continue our primary day coverage with John Nichols of The Nation by looking at Republican Don Blankenship’s loss in West Virginia and Democratic contests across the country that will shape the party’s mid-term playbook

*Can you guess which “issue” isn’t mentioned here, and unless it’s addressed, all the others, as vital as they may be, are rendered moot?

I knew that you could.


Artificial Intelligence in Whose Interests? – RAI with Rana Foroohar (6/6)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Foroohar and host Paul Jay discuss the merging of finance and big tech and the threat AI poses to working people and the economy; they also discuss the potential of AI in addressing the climate crisis and making a more rational and equal society possible – with host Paul Jay

*I wouldn’t put much faith in the mellifluousness of a Eurosolution, as long as the likes of Macron and Merkel are calling the tune.


Trump’s Shameful Choice of ‘Bloody Gina’

*McCain’s opposed to torture

Except when it comes in the form of bombs that kill, maim and dismember, to the tune of “Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran”.

Wonderful choice for a point prover.

Oy gevalt …


Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump Nixing Iran Deal Based on Fabrications

*Playing with Tonkin toys


CNN’s Iran Fearmongering Would Make More Sense Coming Directly From Pentagon
by Adam Johnson

*”FAKE NEWS!” Killer Clown won’t be castigating



Iran Will Never Trust America Again
“We were naive to think the Americans would stick to their promises in this deal, but are the American people and the rest of the world really that naive to fall for the same lies again?”
by Narges Bajoghli

*This was a deal that was never necessary to stop a bomb, but may have been, to stop a war

And now it may well have failed at that.


What the Deployment of Green Berets to the Saudi-Yemen Border Tells Us About America’s Dirty War
The U.S. tries to distance itself from Saudi war crimes in Yemen—but it’s always been America’s war too
by Shireen Al-Adeimi


The Real News Network
Israel Threatens Lebanon After Hezbollah Makes Gains in Election
May 8, 2018
After Hezbollah and political allies won seats in Lebanon’s first parliamentary election in 9 years, Israeli minister Naftali Bennett threatened to retaliate against the Lebanese state for Hezbollah’s actions. Journalist Jamal Ghosn says this is the latest in a long string of threats, and Israel violates Lebanese sovereignty every day.


‘Red Alert’ Campaign for Net Neutrality
Several dozen websites and organizations are launching a campaign in support of net neutrality ahead of an upcoming US Senate vote on whether to rescind the FCC’s decision to get rid of net neutrality. Craig Aaron on Free Press discusses the plan and the prospects


Hezbollah Coalition Declares ‘Victory’ in Lebanon’s First Parliamentary Election in 9 Years
Lebanon held its first parliamentary election in nine years, and Hezbollah and its political allies won seats, while Saad Hariri’s Western-backed, Saudi-allied coalition was weakened. Yet journalist Jamal Ghosn says the Lebanese political system is still stacked in favor of the rich.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Gina Haspel and Torture: * Wrong * Ineffective * A Tool for War

*The means that justify the end


Supposedly Taboo Ideas That Actually Appear Frequently in the Pages of the New York Times
by Jim Naureckas

* … or that the notion of wealth itself is a bar to a truly just world.

(That would apply to a hefty chunk of “alternative media” as well, wouldn’t it?)


Democracy Now!
Journalists Rise Up Against Wall Street Hedge Fund Decimating Newsrooms Across the Country



There is currently a “controversy” in my city of Madison, WI over the “northernmost Confederate cemetery”, where soldiers who died at Camp Randall are buried. “Historic preservationists”, along with Confederate apologists, are aghast at plans to remove a monument erected to them by the Daughters of the Confederacy long ago.

Of course, one of their talking points is that these men owned no slaves, and were fighting for their “homeland”, not slavery.

I have a number of questions for them.

What do you think those who survived to be repatriated did to black folks in the postwar years?

How many of them joined the Klan?

How many of them engaged in or supported the reign of terror after Reconstruction was duly dismantled by forces South and North?

Is there any reason to believe the dead would have acted any differently?

Old times there are no forgotten

Except when it’s convenient.

New Analysis Suggests GOP Has Finally Realized How Unpopular It Is to Lavish Corporations and the Rich With Huge Tax Giveaways
Some Republicans may finally be succumbing to the fact that “massive tax cuts to the wealthy, rich CEOs, and big corporations don’t resonate with voters”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The pig pokes his snout out the poke


Mirroring the Powerful They Often Cover, Major Newspapers Dominated by Graduates of Elite Schools, Study Finds
Social networks students obtain upon entry to schools like Harvard and Yale help to secure a path to jobs at influential media outlets
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The gilded gates of the fourth estate


Mnuchin Flips Tax-Scam Grift, Hopes Nobody Notices
When the final taxonomy of these Trump Era swamp creatures is conducted, a special category will be reserved for Mnuchin
by Richard Eskow

*The gravity of greed

What goes up, must come down

On our heads


Teachers and Parents of Puerto Rico Launch Historic Strike & Boycott Against Standardized Testing
Spread the word: “We want a just, equitable world for our children”
by Jesse Hagopian

*A test of won’ts


Where Are the Riots of Yesteryear? Remembering May 1968
by Richard Greeman

*Whether we are or not, it’s best to act as an optimist

Than not as a pessimist


The Real News Network
Hopkins Students Fight Against ‘School to War Pipeline’
At a gathering to honor Vietnam War protesters, students say their university is priming them to work for the country’s military industrial complex

*Ain’t gonna study war no more


US Interventions in Latin America Continue and Intensify
Most US citizens don’t realize it, but the US government has continued and even intensified its regime change agenda in Latin America and successfully helped reverse the so-called “pink tide” of left-of-center governments over the past ten years, says CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot

*The corpress isn’t oblivious to US intervention

It is an essential element of it, parroting propaganda and adding its own venom to the poison pills it force feeds the American public (those who are paying any attention).


200th Anniversary of the Birth of Marx and a Revolution in Understanding History
Historian Gerald Horne and host Paul Jay discuss the ongoing relevance of Marx’s “Materialist Conception of History”; to understand and fight ideas that defend injustice today, people must know the economic roots the give rise to, and perpetuate, such ideology

*Prejudice is the scion of profit


Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump Team Hired Israeli Spy Firm Used by Harvey Weinstein to Attack Obama Officials on Iran Deal


Trump to Send Back Hondurans Fleeing U.S.-Backed Repression There


Giuliani Takes Cash to Speak to Terrorist Cult; Media Find This Unnoteworthy
by Adam Johnson

*Is it a case of being “uninterested in conveying fundamental facts about what’s going on in Iran”

Or one of fervent interest in furthering the plot to effort to “undermine and overthrow that country’s government”?


Democracy Now!
Viet Thanh Nguyen & Ariel Dorfman on the Vietnam War, How Hollywood Reframes U.S. Imperialism & More


CIA Nominee Gina Haspel May Testify for First Time in Public About Her Role in Torture at Black Site

*Dropping the dark side down a black hole


Nearly 90,000 Hondurans May Be Deported to Danger and Poverty as Trump Ends Their Protected Status



French Unions & Students Mobilize Against Reforms: Another May ’68?
50 years after France’s legendary May 1968, which almost toppled the government, unions and students are again mobilizing against the government. However, while the establishment celebrates May ’68, its criticizes today’s protest movement, says Le Monde Diplomatique’s Renaud Lambert


Last Year, Amazon Paid No Federal Income Taxes. Now, It’s Trying to Kill a Local Tax That Aims to Help the Homeless
“This is what corporate power and oligarchy is all about,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*How about making Amazon homeless?


‘Worst Mistake I Ever Made’: Union Support Nosedives as Workers Express Regret for Trump Votes
“Trump is for the rich,” one union member said
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*That any union member could have thought otherwise is a damning testament to the wilful class unconsciousness of so much union “leadership”.


Steve King Wants to Force States to Hurt Animals—and People
King’s amendment, if passed, wouldn’t just affect animal protection laws; it could also preempt countless laws meant to protect consumers
by Elizabeth Enochs


Six Animal Rights Activists Charged With Felonies for Investigation and Rescue That Led to Punishment of a Utah Turkey Farm
“In my 20 years of investigating animal abuse, I’ve never seen conditions this horrifying at a corporate farm”
by Glenn Greenwald

*Killing the messenger to send a message


Public Citizen
New Data Show Trump’s First Quarter 2018 China and Mexico Trade Deficits Largest on Record as All Eyes Focus on This Week’s Trade Discussions in China, Looming NAFTA Deadline
U.S. trade deficit with world largest since 2008 financial crisis, contrary to Trump’s campaign pledge to quickly reduce deficit to bring back manufacturing jobs


Earthrights International
Peruvian Farmers Appeal in Fight to Hold Newmont Accountable in U.S. Court


The Real News Network
Sixth Consecutive Week of Friday Gaza Protests Leaves Over 160 Wounded
For the sixth consecutive week Palestinians in Gaza headed to the Israeli border to demonstrate the “Great March of Return.” Israeli soldiers continued their attacks on the protesters, wounding over 160. Special correspondent Noor Harazeen reports from Gaza


Representatives Fight Water Crises With New Legislation
Reps. Ellison and Khanna’s WATER Act aims to combat the next Flint water emergency before it starts, but critics say its funding model is ineffective
by Dharna Noor


Saudi Crown Prince Tells Palestinians to ‘Shut up’ as He Cozies up to Israel
CIA Director turned Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Saudi Arabia and Israel as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman abandons the Palestinians. Professor Asad AbuKhalil says this alliance has never been closer, noting Israel’s political allies have frequently been anti-Semites


UK’s ‘Windrush Scandal’ Shines Light on Who is an ‘Illegal’ Immigrant
The ‘Windrush Generation’ scandal, which has made tens of thousands of British immigrants unwelcome after living in the UK for decades, is calling attention to the conservative government’s demonization of immigrants

*Tory or Labour, the sun never sets on the soullessness of the British empire


US Gov. and Media Whitewash ‘Reformer’ Saudi Prince MBS as He Beheads Dissidents
While top American officials and media outlets praise Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as a “revolutionary,” 12 people are beheaded per month. Professor Asad AbuKhalil says the Saudi monarchy “has become far more repressive than it has ever been.”


Fight for $15
McDonald’s: Time to raise pay worldwide!


How Did Benghazi Become a Ruin? NYT Ignores US Role—in Multiple Media
by Jim Naureckas

*History is written, rewritten and erased by the “victors” and their scribes


Democracy Now!
The Displaced: Refugee Writers Ariel Dorfman & Viet Thanh Nguyen on Migration, US Wars & Resistance


Arundhati Roy on the Rise of Fascism & Trump’s Embrace of India’s “Robber Barons”



Progressive Media Outlets—Including This One—Decry Facebook’s Plan to Act as Gatekeeper of “Trustworthy” News
“Fake news is bad, Zuckerberg acting as the world’s ultimate gatekeeper is bad, users deciding which news orgs are ‘trustworthy’ is bad, Facebook is bad”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A “Ministry of Truth” Orwell would recognize all too well


Food & Water Watch
Proposed USDA Rule on GMO Labeling Deceptive and Filled with Loopholes


The Real News Network
Natalie Portman’s Boycott of Netanyahu Prompts Attack by Billionaire-Backed Right-Wing Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
After Natalie Portman pulled out of an award ceremony in Israel, right-wing activist Rabbi Shmuley Boteach bought a full-page New York Times ad to attack the actress. Journalist Max Blumenthal details how billionaire Sheldon Adelson bankrolls Shmuley’s World Values Network and conservative activism


First Time in Decades Brazil’s Unions and Left Unite, Demanding Lula’s Freedom
The imprisonment of former president Lula da Silva has united Brazil’s unions and left parties and social movements for a historic International Workers Day. Mike Fox reports from Curitiba, Brazil, where Lula is being held


‘Poison Papers’: US and Canadian Regulators Colluded with Manufacturers of Highly Toxic Substances
Dr. Jonathan Latham explains how the EPA and Canada’s Health Protection Branch concealed fraudulent tests of dangerous pesticides

*And Democrats did this too?!



Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump, Confidentiality Agreements and “Endemic Lawlessness”

*Legally blind to injustice


Democracy Now!
As Caravan of Migrants Begins Entry at U.S.-Mexico Border, Trump Admin Attacks Legal Asylum Process


Arundhati Roy’s Latest Novel Takes on Fascism, Rising Hindu Nationalism in India & Abuses in Kashmir



Yes, a Jobs Guarantee Could Create “Boondoggles.” It also Might Save the Planet
There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of shovel-ready jobs around the country that can help mitigate climate change and prepare for the levels of warming already locked in
by Kate Aronoff

*In addition to socially meaningful work, we have to change the operative preposition for work – from working “for”, to working “with” – if we’re serious about “the dignity of work”.


How Elites Scam Americans Out of Housing
The same guy who spent $31,000 of taxpayer money on office furniture wants to triple the rent America’s poorest people pay
by Olivia Alperstein

*Homelessness is where the heartlessness is


Shifting energy import patterns enhance China’s clout in the Middle East
by James M. Dorsey


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Appeals Court Reinstates No-Fly List Lawsuit by American Muslims Coerced to Spy by FBI
Victims may sue agents who listed them for refusing to inform


The Real News Network
No Financial Protection from Trump Admin, But States Can Help
As acting CFPB director Mick Mulvaney admits his subservience to the financial industry, states are beginning to provide consumers with protection from financial abuse, such as with New York State’s new retirement system, explains CEPR’s Dean Baker


Israel Tries to Kill Iran Nuclear Deal with Cartoonish Netanyahu Speech
Days before Donald Trump is due to rip up the JCPOA, Benjamin Netanyahu used cartoonish props to accuse Iran of hiding nuclear weapons. Journalist Max Blumenthal says this is part of Israel’s strategy to escalate aggression against Tehran.


Koch Brothers’ Money went to George Mason University to Influence US Government
Recently released documents show that the Charles Koch Foundation’s millions of dollars in donations to GMU were tied to control over hiring and firing of professors. The ultimate target of their conservative agenda, though, is to influence DC politics, says Bill Black


Manchester University Develops Israeli Drone Technology, Despite Growing Student Opposition
Students at the University of Manchester uncovered secret cooperation agreements between the university and Israeli arms manufacturers, and now campaign to cancel the agreements, says Hudda Ammori, Chair of the Manchester BDS Campaign


10 of the Most Sociopathic Washington Post Columns
by Adam Johnson

*Humanity dies in this darkness


‘We Are Talking Billions of People Displaced by Sea Level Rise’
CounterSpin interview with Dahr Jamail on Antarctic ice
by Janine Jackson

*Heads stuck in the sand soon to be swallowed by the sea


Democracy Now!
May Day in Puerto Rico: Police Attack Anti-Austerity Protesters with Pepper Spray & Tear Gas


Puerto Rico Needs Help: Unelected Fiscal Board Pushes Austerity as Island Continues Slow Recovery


With Labor & Immigrant Rights Under Attack, May Day Protesters Rally in New York City


Arizona Joins Red State Revolt: Teachers’ Strike Reaches Day Five

*Okay, so the teachers are going back to work after getting some of what they demanded.

What’s next? That’s not addressed here, is it?

If “they’ve done as much as they’re willing to do”, what’s the strategy for increasing their willpower?


Detained and Then Deported: U.S. Human Rights Lawyers Barred from Entry into Israel


Six strategies to help you say no to junk food
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action



“You’re the One Creating the ‘Bad’ Schools”: Nation’s Top Teachers Denounce Devos During Closed-Door Session
“We had a listening session with Betsy DeVos today, but I don’t think she heard us”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Lawmakers’ Personal Tax Cuts Could Provide 10 Million Meals for Families in Need
Instead of listening to American voters, these lawmakers are not only pocketing their six- and seven-figure tax gains, they’re turning around and slashing billions of dollars from families’ nutrition benefits over the next decade
by Melissa Boteach and Rachel West


Fifty Killed in Gaza. Zero Israelis Injured.
Israel meanwhile continues to spin the protests as “Hamas riots,” accusing the political and resistance group of “attempting to disguise terror activities as a civilian-led riot”
by Maureen Clare Murphy


May Day: Arizona Teachers Have Resistance History on Their Side
Today’s teachers are calling out the same issues of unfair wages and tax giveaways to corporations that gave rise to Arizona statehood a century ago
by Jeff Biggers


The Real News Network
J20 Defendant Claims Vindictive Prosecution and Retaliation in Motion to Drop All Charges
Elizabeth Lagesse, a defendant in the J20 case stemming from protests during Trump’s inauguration and a plaintiff in an ACLU suit against D.C. police, filed a motion to drop all charges against her claiming that the prosecution is an inconsistent, vindictive response to her participation in the ACLU and communication with the press
by S.J. Harper

*Other than TRNN, I don’t know of any other relatively visible “alternative outlet” that’s displayed a commitment to covering this story. I’m thinking of the likes of “Democracy Now!” and Common Dreams.

Given the stakes, that’s inexcusable.

And four months for busting the window of a goddamn money changer … ?


Yemeni Journalist: I Was Afraid US-Saudi Coalition Would Bomb My Wedding Party too
After the US-backed Saudi coalition massacred dozens of civilians at a wedding party, journalist Ahmad Algohbary says he and other Yemenis cannot live a normal life without fear


French Politicians Shift Blame for Anti-Semitism onto Muslims
French politicians and celebrities signed a manifesto blaming French Muslims for anti-semitism in France. Yasser Louati addresses the hypocrisy in France’s human rights discourse

*The pot paints the kettle black


Korean War Finally Ending, in Huge Victory for Peace Activists
North and South Korea have agreed to sign a peace deal, after nearly 70 years of war. Christine Ahn says this is thanks to dedicated activism inside and outside of the Korean Peninsula.

*I’m glad to see credit given where it’s truly due – to Koreans at home and abroad. The “Great Man” theory is the frame for most all of the reportage and commentary on this subject – Kim, Moon and Killer Clown are the foci.

But without the monumental expression of the will of the people to lift the suffocating blanket of repression and a doomsday sword of Damocles, this moment is but a forlorn hope.


Institute for Public Accuracy
Netanyahu’s Prolonged Disinformation Campaign

*Liar liar

Past on fire


‘These Are Sanctions Directly Aimed at the Civilian Population’
CounterSpin interview with Joe Emersberger on Venezuela
by Janine Jackson


Democracy Now!
“Talking About History Is Way to Liberate America”: New Memorial Honors Victims of White Supremacy

*We cannot bury what we keep alive


“Death Penalty Is Lynching’s Stepson”: Bryan Stevenson on Slavery, White Supremacy, Prisons & More

*I’m saddened to say it, but for all the seemingly heartfelt effort Stevenson has put into this, to speak of “education” and “understanding” when it comes to Supreme Court justices or politicians or those who control the media is to display a naiveté – perhaps wilful – that will undermine the powerful message this project could convey about the need to confront our past, and our present.

We don’t need evangelism

We need evisceration – of a system that by its very nature seeks to exploit and oppress.

To believe that those in power will “come to Jesus” in this age is as foolish as it would have been to hold out faith for such an outcome 150 or 100 or 50 years ago.

You don’t speak truth to power to enlighten it

But to expunge it


April 2018



‘Pathetic’: To Shield Elites From Deserved Ridicule, WHCA Apologizes for Michelle Wolf’s Epic Performance
“To many in the U.S. media, the worst sins aren’t bombing and killing people or embracing policies that cause mass suffering…The worst sin remains: breaching civility protocols [that] protect D.C. elites”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The joke is them


The Real News Network
Tech Giants Fight to Dominate Data of Developing Countries
Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft are among high tech giants fighting to maintain an unregulated environment at the WTO that strengthens their monopolies and puts developing countries at an extreme disadvantage, says Deborah James of CEPR


Universal Basic Income and Minimum Wages: Progressive or Regressive?
Finland recently decided to end its Universal Basic Income (UBI) experiment, but the debate about whether UBI is progressive or regressive rages on. We speak to Economist Katherine A. Moos of the Political Economic Research Institute, UMass.

*As long as work occurs within a hierarchical structure, it can never be deemed just, no matter what policies are implemented to improve it.


Detained Refugees Protest for 100 Days at Indonesia’s Balikpapan Detention Center
After Ehsanullah Sahil fled Afghanistan to escape the Taliban, Indonesia incarcerated him for over three years with no end in sight


China’s Embrace Of An Intellectual Property System Imposed On It By The United States
The two biggest scientific powers, the U.S. & China, need to rethink the world’s intellectual property-based innovation system to safeguard citizen interests or else this privatization of technology, an arms race mentality in science, will produce a dark, dystopian future none of us really want explains Peter Drahos


Institute for Public Accuracy
T-Mobile/Sprint Merger: Higher Prices, Fewer Jobs, More Privacy Invasions


As Israel Kills Dozens and Maims Thousands, Palestinian ‘Violence’ Under Media Microscope
by Gregory Shupak


NYT Examines How History Impacts Korean Talks–but Its Own Memory Is Fuzzy
by Jim Naureckas


Democracy Now!
Web Bonus: Alejandra Pablos on Being Targeted & Detained by ICE for Her Activism


Tim Shorrock on North Korea Nuclear Deal: Will the U.S. Drop Sanctions & Economic Embargo?

*Could peace in Korea be cover for “fire and fury” aimed at Iran?


Champion for Black Power & All the Oppressed: Dr. Cone, Founder of Black Liberation Theology, Dies


Saturated fat and added sugars aren’t doing your midsection any favors
Think fat is fat and carbs are carbs? Think again.
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action



In ‘Huge Win for Pollinators, People, and the Planet,’ EU Bans Bee-Killing Pesticides
“Authorizing neonicotinoids during a quarter of a century was a mistake and led to an environmental disaster. Today’s vote is historic.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


In “Cruel Public Policy Experiment,” Trump’s DHS Wants to “Protect” Immigrant Children By Arresting Their Parents
A new proposal would treat parents as “nefarious actors,” leading asylum experts to decry the psychological toll on parents and children
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Charlie Rose, #MeToo and the Eternal Possibility of White, Male Redemption
“You committed sexual assault? No problem! Let’s give you a TV show to talk about it!”
by Christian Christensen

*The sickly scent of smelling like a Rose


Geopolitics magnify sustained political violence in Balochistan
by James M. Dorsey


Global Justice Now
Trade Threat is Reason to Join Trump Protests, Say Campaigners

*No red carpet for the oranged ogre


The Real News Network
Israel’s Massacres of Gaza Protesters Forces Liberal Zionists to Face Oppressive Reality
As Natalie Portman refuses to attend an award ceremony in Israel, journalist Ali Abunimah says liberal Zionists are increasingly unable to ignore the brutal oppression of Palestinians


Green Party’s Jill Stein: Russiagate Being Exploited to Repress Leftist Opposition
Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has completed turning over her campaign materials to the Senate Intelligence Committee, and warns Russiagate is being used to silent dissent

*Of course there’s “collusion”, writ large

And you can’t expect a corpress that’s a party to it to expose it, can you?


The Real Reason Social Media Makes Hollywood So Nervous
by J.F. Sargent


Democracy Now!
Arizona Reproductive Justice Activist, Now Free from ICE Jail, Says She Was Targeted for Activism



‘Nothing More That Can Be Said,’ Warns Famed Social Scientist, Humanity ‘Doomed’ by Capitalism and Fossil Fuels
“What legacies are we leaving for future generations?” asks the influential expert. “In the early 21st century, we did as good as nothing in response to climate change. Our children and grandchildren are going to be extraordinarily critical.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The “art of the possible” will paint us into a apocalyptic corner


The Environmental Danger of Outdoor Cats
by Matthew Wills

*Cat astrophe


Donald Trump and the Next Big Crash
Making the Fed an instrument for disaster
by Nomi Prins


Pipeline Construction Races Forward in the Atchafalaya Basin Ahead of Hearing
Bayou Bridge pipeline causes further irreparable harm during peak crawfish season


International Letter Demands Freedom for Sara Quiñonez and Tulia Maris Valencia


The Real News Network
UK’s ‘Windrush Scandal’ Makes Countless Long-Time Immigrants Undocumented
Tens to hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the Caribbean, living in the UK for decades, now face undocumented status because of a change in government policy. Dr. Clea Bourne speaks about the so-called “Windrush” scandal


Exclusive: Nurses Demand Johns Hopkins Halt Anti-Union Campaign
Johns Hopkins University has hired an infamous union-busting firm and now faces allegations of intimidating nurses who launched a unionization campaign


Why Pay Managers So Well, Even If They Do a Poor Job?
No matter where we look in the upper echelons of the economy – whether investment fund managers or CEOs – they keep being paid more every year, even though they are not doing their jobs any better. This is money that could go to workers, explains CEPR’s Dean Baker

*What would “doing their jobs better” mean?

Where do those higher returns or profits come from?

Baker is oft times oblivious to the contradictions of capitalism, and the pretzel logic of the profit system.


Democracy Now!
Supreme Court Appears Set to Uphold Trump’s Travel Ban Targeting Muslim Nations


Senior Democrat Caught on Tape Pressuring Progressive Congressional Candidate to Drop Out of Race

*What precisely did the DNCistas not “learn”?

To talk a better “progressive” game?

Because they sure as shootin’ aren’t gonna walk it.


After Fleeing Genocide, Over Half a Million Rohingya Refugees Now Face Monsoon Season in Bangladesh



The Real News Network
Protests Against President Ortega in Nicaragua Are Broad but ‘Lack Working Class Leadership’
Several days of protests and street battles with the police in Nicaragua over a social security reform left many dead and wounded. Nicaragua analyst Dan La Botz argues the government is to blame, for having set up an authoritarian system that has led to many grievances

*Given the corpress’ collusion in Reagan’s Central American crimes, if Ortega were “a bad actor” in the US gummint’s eyes, we’d see the same vilification as is the case with Venezuela, don’t you think?

We don’t, so he ain’t.

Conversely, this is one of the only pieces on the country I’ve seen in the “alternative media”, and I have to wonder if that’s due to a blind spot, wilful or not, regarding Ortega, stemming from a long expired “revolutionary” credit card.

We are often loath to look with open eyes at the feet of clay of our former icons.


How Central Bank Independence Led to Impunity in Latvia
Latvia’s extreme austerity and neoliberal experience has led it down the path of becoming a major hub for money laundering. Its Central Bank governor, Ilmars Rimsevics, is at the heart of the scandal, but enjoys the protection of central bank autonomy, explains former financial regulator Bill Black


Institute for Public Accuracy
Behind the Trump-Macron Alignment

*Obama … Trudeau … Macron …

Pretty boys and ugly outcomes


Throwing the Target of Trolls Under the Zamboni
by Minister Faust

*”Democracy Dies in Darkness”

And the corpress keeps the curtains closed


Democracy Now!
Texas Mother Recalls Being Forced to Bury Fetal Remains After Miscarriage in “Horrific” Ordeal


How VP Mike Pence Enshrined Life-Threatening Catholic Hospital Religious Practices into Indiana Law


Throw up



Fulfilling ‘Feedback Loop’ Fears, New Study Shows Melting Ice Could Spell Disaster Faster Than Previously Thought
“Trying to dismiss the idea that it has anything to do with global warming is very difficult”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Report Shows Nation’s Richest—Including Trump—About to Enjoy $17 Billion Windfall Thanks to Huge Tax Loophole
“At this point, it’s just brazen”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


A Company Announces Its Intent to Create World’s Newest Privacy Nightmare
There would be no place where one could feel secure that someone was not monitoring and recording from the sky
by Jay Stanley

*Big Brother’s eyes widen


The Border Fetish: An Unsustainable World Managed With an Iron Fist
The U.S. frontier as a zone of profit and sacrifice
by Todd Miller

*Borderline sociopathy


Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
EPA Falsely Deems Wood Burning for Electricity “Carbon Neutral”


Amnesty International – USA
Turkey: Thousands of Afghans Swept Up in Ruthless Deportation Drive


The Real News Network
US City’s Ban on Police Training in Israel Builds Momentum Against Racist Violence
Durham, North Carolina’s city council banned police exchanges with Israel in a landmark vote. Jewish Voice for Peace director Rebecca Vilkomerson says this is an important step to combat police brutality, militarization, and oppression of Palestinians.

*Bestial practices


Mexican Presidential Candidates Gang up on Frontrunner Lopez Obrador
Mexico held its first debate of the presidential campaign season. All candidates attacked leftist frontrunner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador relentlessly, who managed to make his points without getting dragged down, says Mexico analyst John Ackerman


India’s Ruling Hindu-Nationalist Party Combines Fascism and Neoliberalism
RSS, the paramilitary wing of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, has its origins in fascism and Nazism, writer Amrit Wilson explains. And Prime Minister Narendra Modi has combined BJP’s Hindutva ideology with neoliberal capitalism


Splits in the Ruling Elite Over Trump
Dr. Gerald Horne with host Paul Jay discuss the dysfunction in the American state and the divisions over the Trump presidency

*I think there’s a problem with this debate over leaving a weakened Killer Clown in office.

The bast*rd’s a criminal six ways from Sunday, and I believe the only ethical course is to treat him as such, then deal with Pence (another criminal, who will never pay for his crimes) as we should with any other mass murderer (aka POTUS)

Organize against his villainy and the system that keeps sh*tting out these sorry excuses for human beings.

(Can you believe I have to censor myself on “bast*rd” to avoid being tossed into the “Pending” pile?

Oy … )


Starbucks Teams up with ADL, Pro-Israel Group that Spied on Activists
Starbucks enlisted the Anti-Defamation League for anti-bias training. The ADL is a pro-Israel advocacy group accused of spying on Palestinians and anti-apartheid activists. Jewish Voice for Peace director Rebecca Vilkomerson says #DropTheADL

*I wonder how the NAACP and the other groups enlisted reacted to the inclusion of the ADL, and if they did react, whether that occurred before or after the pushback against it.


Institute for Public Accuracy
The U.S., Macron and Syria


Democracy Now!
No End in Sight for US-Backed Yemen War as Airstrike Kills At Least 20, Including Bride, at Wedding



In Decline “Invariably of Humanity’s Making,” 1 in 8 of World’s Bird Species Threatened by Extinction
Emphasizing concerns about the man-made climate crisis, experts note that “while the report focuses on birds, its conclusions are relevant to biodiversity more generally”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Nobody Should Have Hog Poop on the Walls of Their Home
Rather than let the hog farms next door ruin their lives, North Carolinians are fighting back against Smithfield Foods
by Krissy Kasserman


Far Right Groups Are Stumbling, But Their Rhetoric Is More Mainstream Than Ever
In a sense, the Republican Party has become a much more powerful instrument of white rage than the alt-right
by Juliette Legendre


How the Klan Act of 1871 is Fighting Voter Intimidation Today
“Trump has made an escalating series of statements, often racially tinged, suggesting that his supporters should go to particular precincts on Election Day and intimidate voters”
by Billy Corriher


Saudi engagement in Iraq: The exception that confirms the rule?
by James M. Dorsey

*Does Dorsey approve of the kingdom’s aims, and is merely critical of its tactics?


The Real News Network
How the Massacre in Gaza became an Opportunity to Sell Israeli Weapons
Germany’s Social Democratic Party voted to lease Israeli attack drones, even though the German military does not need them and the deal is incredibly overpriced. TRNN’s Shir Hever explains what lies behind this deal


Why Black Lives Don’t Matter: Q & A Session
A radical interpretation of U.S. History featuring Dr. Gerald Horne and Paul Coates

*To change our future, we must change our perception of the past


Trump, Corruption and the Crisis of the Global Elites
The first episode of “Unfit to Rule” examines the quagmire of corruption and political chaos affecting many governments around the world – most prominent the Mueller investigation of Trump; with Gerald Horne and host Paul Jay

*An addict never assesses the future


India’s Far-Right PM Modi Meets Protests in London
While India’s Hindu-nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi travels to Britain to sign a free trade deal, activist Amrit Wilson says the BJP government is stoking communal and sexual violence against women, Muslims, and Dalits


Infamous Mercenary Erik Prince Being Considered to Build Trump’s Foreign Army for Syria
Trump is asking Middle Eastern governments to build a military force to replace US troops in northeast Syria, and notorious war profiteer Erik Prince has been asked for help. Medea Benjamin says the plan is scandalous.

*Is he the Red Prince, or the Black Prince?

I suppose there’s no reason he can’t be both, and plenty that he can.


Leaders of China and Japan to Meet — Could Be a Game Changer
Dr. Gerald Horne says that Trump’s trade policies and disregard for Japanese interests might push Japan into closer relations with China, which would change the global balance of power


Cuba has a New President: Is he ‘Fidelista’ or ‘Raulista’?
Miguel Diaz-Canel’s rise to Cuba’s presidency signifies a historic changing of the guard, as someone born after the 1959 revolution takes over. How he will deal with the twin challenges of continued US pressure and of rising inequality in Cuba is the big question

*Will the color of Cuba’s contradictions change from red to green?


House Raid Illustrates How Baltimore Police Refuse to Take Black Residents’ Rights Seriously
An April 16 S.W.A.T. raid on a house full of grieving citizens points to how far the city is from true change or transparency
by Lisa Snowden-McCray and Brandon Soderberg

*”We had to destroy the village in order to save it” …


Institute for Public Accuracy
From WikiLeaks to Whistleblowers: “Assault on Truth Telling”

*Killing the messenger

Chilling the message


MSNBC’S Creepy Comcast Commercial Is Sinclair Lite
by Adam Johnson

*Considering Mandela’s role in the creation of the current corrupt corporate control of South Africa’s gummint

Perhaps the good reverend has a point.


Western Media Shorthand on Venezuela Conveys and Conceals So Much
by Joe Emersberger

*Taking the Hypocritic Oath


Democracy Now!
How Black Students Helped Lead the 1968 Columbia U. Strike Against Militarism & Racism 50 Years Ago



‘Win for Science and Democracy’ as Court Rules California Can List Glyphosate as Probable Carcinogen
“Monsanto doesn’t get to tell California how to protect its people from dangerous chemicals or how to run the Prop 65 list”
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Putting the cap on Monsanto’s poison red pen


Memo Says Trump Suggested Journalists Be Raped in Jail To Make Them “Talk” and Comey Just Laughed
“Not just prison rape, but specifically sending journalists to prison with the goal of them being raped so they will give up sources”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Data Privacy Is a Human Right. Europe Is Moving Toward Recognizing That.
Mark Zuckerberg played dumb when Congress pressed him on privacy protections. But he should know better — the EU is already forcing his hand.
by Sarah St. Vincent


The Real News Network
Israeli Forces Kill 4 Palestinians, Injure 40 on Israel’s Independence Day
Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip continue to demonstrate even though they know they put their lives at risk because life in the “cage” that is Gaza is intolerable, says Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada


New Student Movement Seeks to Change Hopkins from Within
A student lead group called Youth Against War and Racism is partnering with the community to lead a fight against Hopkins’ connection to government agencies like the CIA and end its role in military research


Korean Peninsula in Historic Peace Talks – Thanks to Activists, Not Trump
South and North Korea are considering a peace treaty after six decades of war. Simone Chun says this is the result of years of grassroots organizing and protests

*We have to be alert to the possibility that Killer Clown could blow all this up, in a fit of pique or due to a calculation that it’s in his best interest, claiming that he tried diplomacy, it failed, and now it’s back to “fire and fury”.

Place your bets …


IMF Says 2018 Economic Outlook is Rosy, But Austerity is Still Good
The IMF just released a positive World Economic Outlook report for 2018. Still, in order to make sure that the outlook remains good, the IMF makes recommendation that would lead to recession, says CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot


Debunking the Myth of American Exceptionalism, with David Swanson
Anti-war writer and activist David Swanson discusses his new book, “Curing Exceptionalism”, and picks apart the chauvinistic idea that the United States of America is the greatest country on the planet

*Faking America Great

Again and Again and Again


Save Mothers’ Lives by Reducing Maternal Mortality Rates in the US
by Rae Koch


Media Support US Violence Against Syria, but Long for More
by Gregory Shupak

*War is a farce that gives us meaning


‘People Have to Strengthen the Laws Protecting the Water’
CounterSpin interview with Peggy Case on water rights
by Janine Jackson


‘We Need to Change the Rules for When Police Can Shoot’
CounterSpin interview with Peter Bibring on excessive force law
by Janine Jackson


Public Radio’s McCarthyite Smear of Black Activists Shows Danger of Russia Panic
by Adam Johnson

*Guilt by assassination


Democracy Now!
Earth Day 2018: Ending Plastic Pollution in the Oceans, Land & Our Bodies


Web Bonus: Linda Villarosa on Black Maternal Health Crisis & America’s Hidden HIV Epidemic



From ‘Deeply Disappointing’ to ‘Disgusting,’ Heitkamp Draws Ire as First Democrat to Back Pompeo
Virtually ensuring Trump’s hawkish CIA director will become next secretary of state, North Dakota senator blasted for “vote she will not be proud of when she looks back on her career”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Never depend on a Democrat to do the right thing, unless it aligns with their coldly political calculus


‘Beyond Comprehension’: In Just Two Years, Half of All Corals in ‘Forever Damaged’ Great Barrier Reef Have Died
Global warming, researchers warn, “is rapidly emerging as a universal threat to ecological integrity and function”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Facebook Wants to Be Better About Privacy, Just Not With These 1.5 Billion Users
The social media giant is changing its terms of service to put 70 percent of its users “out of reach” of the European Union’s sweeping new privacy law
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


West Virginia Teachers and the Return of Labor Feminism
In struggles led predominantly by women workers—whose labor has historically been both underpaid and undervalued—we’re seeing the return of efforts to build meaningful alternatives to corporate feminism
by Rachel Johnson


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Mentally Ill Gitmo Detainee Seeks Medical Review
U.S. tortured him knowing history of psychosis


Sierra Club
Trump’s New Ploy to Force Electricity Customers, Taxpayers to Bailout Uneconomic Coal and Nuclear Plants


The Real News Network
Global Warming’s Impact on Ocean Currents to Amplify Sea Level Rise
A new study shows that the Atlantic’s currents have weakened due to global warming and are closer to catastrophic collapse than any time in the last 1,600 years, which could cause rapid sea level rise on the East Coast of North America. One of the study’s lead authors explains


Corbyn: Does Strike on Syria Justify Bombing Saudi Arabia over Yemen?
Leftist leader of Britain’s Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn said the US-UK-France missile strike on Syria was “legally questionable,” and its rationale could be used to justify bombing Saudi Arabia over its devastating war on Yemen

*Political courage is defined as evincing conscience, rather than calculation.

At least here, Corbyn clearly passes the test.


Lopez Obrador’s Lead Widens in Mexican Presidential Race Thanks to Trump
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s (AMLO) lead in the presidential race has been growing steadily, despite receiving attacks from Mexico’s entire establishment, explains UNAM’s John Ackerman


Institute for Public Accuracy
AUMF “Reform”: Codifying Perpetual War?

*A blank check from barren consciences


NYT: Don’t Be Progressive, Be a ‘Liberal’
by Jim Naureckas

*Liberalism can be defined as doing enough to avoid doing enough


Democracy Now!
Stunning Investigation Confirms Black Mothers and Babies in the U.S. Are in a Life-or-Death Crisis



Trump’s Corporate-Friendly NAFTA 2.0 Would Be Total Climate Disaster, Report Warns
“We cannot shift to a clean energy future if a corporate trade deal tethers us to the fossil fuel past,” says lead author of new trinational report
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Cult of Violence Always Kills the Left
And who has all the power, in terms of violence? Our means of violence is very little. The government’s means, the right wing’s means, are very great. So, we’ve got to adopt nonviolence.
by Chris Hedges

*Isn’t a blanket rejection of force in some way similar to the advocacy of its primacy?

I think of the Deacons for Defense and other armed defense groups during the “civil rights era”. Theirs was not a quest for “self expression”, but for self preservation, which is the right of every person – to defend themselves and others, with force if necessary.

Violence is a fearsome thing, and as illustrated here, can twist idealism into a self destructive idolatry of it. Its use requires immense self discipline and self awareness as to its potentially corrosive effect.

Armed revolution is a fantasy in these here United States.

Armed defense can be a necessity.

I’ve never owned a weapon, and don’t plan to, but if I had one, and the only way I could prevent “grievous bodily harm” or death to myself or another was to use it, I don’t think I would hesitate.

I also don’t think I’d ever be the same person after doing so.

Force can never be our weapon of choice

Only our final resort.


Food & Water Watch
FDA Finds Rodent Infestation at Facility Affected by Massive Egg Recall
“This most recent Salmonella outbreak resulting in a massive recall is another example of how the ultra-consolidated factory farm system can have major consequences for food safety”

*Maybe if we got rid of the rats at the regulators …


The Real News Network
The Perils of Being a Prosecutor and a Politician
Marilyn Mosby’s campaign office opened to both praise and protest last Saturday as she was assailed on one side by the supporters of Keith Davis Jr., who believe she is trying to wrongly imprison a man shot by police, and on the other by a former employee who believes she has allowed too many violent repeat offenders back on the streets to kill more Black men.
by Baynard Woods


Defense Stocks Soar as Trump Wages War on Syria
Defense company stocks, such as those of Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, and Boeing, rose to unprecedented levels since the beginning of the year because of Tomahawk strikes on Syria and massive arms sales to the Middle East and to the Pentagon. Bill Black talks about the the companies and their profits

*It may be true that Raytheon’s product “works” in this instance (never mind the price), but consider all the boondoggles that litter the history of military budgets, and it’s evident that decisions by “respectable generals” aren’t based solely on the efficacy of the item being proposed for purchase.

As the saying goes

War is good business

Invest your sums


Philippines’ Duterte Uses ‘War on Terror’ Tactics to Crack Down on Leftists
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is violently repressing socialist and communist groups by dubbing them “terrorists,” in what ex-lawmaker Walden Bello says is a dangerous threat to democracy


Philippines’ Drug War Kills Poor Addicts, Not Rich Dealers
Most of the thousands killed in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s violent war on drugs have been poor addicts. Ex-lawmaker Walden Bello discusses how the middle class is the social base for far-right movements

*The Klan is the poster child for historical racist violence in the South, but the White Citizens’ Councils were “the coat and tie Klan” – the business “leaders” and “upstanding citizens” who maintained the apartheid system.

My father was a member.

This idea propagated by the corpress and the DNCistas that only working class “deplorables” or the desperate voted for Killer Clown ignores the class dynamics at play here and globally.


Courage to Resist
Tell the Feds to End Draft Registration!

*No more cannon fodder for these muthas


Democracy Now!
Unlimited Worldwide War: ACLU Warns Senate Against Giving Trump Blank Check to Declare War

*This is DN! – “the exception to the rulers” – at its worst.

Their guest apparently has no problem with violating international law – never mentioned here – much less the immorality and inhumanity of US aggression, as long as Congress thinks it’s okay.

No one else is invited to take exception to that view. Now, perhaps someone will appear in the coming days, but why provide an uncontested platform for this bloodless procedural posture?

It’s little wonder there are days I find nothing worth reposting from this program.


America’s #1 Weapons Salesman: Trump Promotes U.S. Arms Manufacturers & Weakens Export Rules

*Human rights have never been “a very important part” of arms sales. There were a PR point for Dear Misleader, which Killer Clown has dispensed with.

You’d think Goodman or González might have interjected there, but perhaps that’s a dicey bet.


#FreeSiwatu: Pregnant Black Detroit Activist Jailed for Standing Her Ground & Protecting Her Family

*Add “parenting while black”



Species Threatened as Climate Crisis Pushes Mother Nature ‘Out of Synch’
In a new study showing that the timing of species’ natural events is failing to synchronize, “everything is consistent with the fact it’s getting warmer”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


California Democrats Under Fire for Siding With Telecom Lobbyists Against Net Neutrality Bill
Advocates warn that state lawmakers are now “calling for giant loopholes” that would “gut” the proposed legislation
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Robert Fisk’s Douma Report Rips Away Excuses for Air Strike on Syria
This report shows that there is a highly credible alternative explanation for what happened in Douma – one that needs to be investigated
by Jonathan Cook

*The ruse to judgment?


Democrats, Too, Love Trump’s Wars
The reason Congress hasn’t sanctioned America’s perma-war is because they’re captured, with some notable exceptions, by the same national security apparatus as the past three administrations
by Adam Johnson

*Standing on the neck of principle


Class Dismissed: Class Conflict and Teacher Rebellion in Red State America
Insurgent teachers are instructing us all about a tale of denial for which we’ve paid a heavy price
by Steve Fraser

*A class act


Where on Earth is the Just Economy That Works for All, Including Afghan Children?
by Dr. Hakim Young


The Art of Avoiding Definitions: A Review of Trans*: A Quick and Quirky Account of Gender Variability
by Robert Jensen


The Real News Network
Activists Offer Palestinian and Kurdish Solidarity
A rally in Baltimore unpacked the complexities of Palestine and Kurdistan and connected the two to the larger global freedom struggle for self-determination
by Brandon Soderberg

*Is the enemy of my enemy also the enemy of my friend?


Senior Bernie Advisor says “Bullshit” to Cuomo Campaign Claim It’s “Lockstep” with Sanders
Our election panel, hosted by Paul Jay, responds to NY Daily News report that Bernie Sanders was not endorsing progressive challenger Cynthia Nixon in her run to unseat Gov. Cuomo of New York; with Justice Democrats Alexandra Rojas, Moumita Ahmed of Millennials for Revolution and Eugene Puryear of Stop Police Terror Project-DC

*Maybe we should stop talking about “fine lines”, and start drawing red lines and asking “Which side are you on”?


Former Marine Corps Captain Matthew Hoh: Veterans’ Suicides Are Caused by Guilt, Not by PTSD

*Guilt by assassination


Institute for Public Accuracy
Syria Attack: Seeing Through the Propaganda


Democracy Now!
Trump’s Legal Worries Grow as Judge Rejects Effort for President to Review Docs Seized in FBI Raid


Deadliest U.S. Prison Riot in 25 Years Shines Light on Inhumane Conditions in Prisons Across Nation



As GOP Spends Big Money Trying to Make Corporate Tax Cut Popular, New Poll Shows Most Americans Still Smart Enough to Hate It
“Republicans are going to throw more money and air time to try to make their tax bill popular. But so far, at least, voters have somehow figured out that a giveaway to wealthy corporations is not in their best interests.”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*And if you had an MSM that trafficked in facts rather than faux “balance”, that ratio would be far larger, wouldn’t it just?


‘Underestimating the Opposition,’ Trudeau Doubles Down on Kinder Morgan Pipeline Push
“We will not be bought and we will block this pipeline,” one Indigenous leader responded
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Trudeau and consequences


Gunning Down the Easter Bunny: On the Weaponization of Everyday Life
Growing up with the threat of pervasive violence
by Frida Berrigan

*In this gun soaked society

The safety is always off


Climate Change and the Struggle Against the Kinder Morgan Pipeline
by Socialist Project


Missile Attack on Syria Is a Salute to “Russiagate” Enthusiasts — Whether They Like It or Not
by Norman Solomon

*War and “appeasement”


Rolling back militancy: Bangladesh looks to Saudi in a twist of irony
by James M. Dorsey

*What bin Salman is “sincere” in is propagating a PR campaign to position his regime as the “modernizing” force within global Islam, as it seeks dominance among Muslims in the Middle East, and the advance of its alliance with the West and Israel against Iran.


Turning Qatar into an Island: Saudi cuts off its nose to spite its face
by James M. Dorsey


The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of the Politics of Middle Eastern Soccer
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
France Joins US in a ‘Poker Game,’ Targeting Iran and Hezbollah
Algerian journalist Akram Belkaïd says France is joining the US in Syria to assert its imperial power, even as the war winds down


Starbucks and the Criminalization of Blackness
“Criminalization of blackness” is at the root of the arrest, where Blacks who do things that whites do all the time is considered a reason for arrest, explains Eugene Puryear of the D.C. Movement for Black Lives


Bolivia’s Ex-President Sanchez de Lozada Convicted in US Court for Human Rights Abuses
In a milestone decision, a Florida court ruled that Bolivia’s ex-President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada (aka Goni) is liable for civilian deaths during his presidency when he ordered protests to be repressed


The Complex History and Relations of the Kurdish YPG, Syria, and US
Turkish-Kurdish journalist Ali Ornek discusses the history of the PKK, Turkey’s brutally violent repression of the Kurds, and the complex relations between the YPG, Syria, and US

*Hopefully you can get something out of this, because the language barrier was too much for me to surmount.


OECD Advises Countries to Curb Extreme Inequality
Economist Michael Roberts says the change of tone within the OECD is interesting, but there are no takers ready to implement an estate taxes to reduce inequality

*The climate change analogy is spot on. Any sensible member of the exploiter class has to realize this threatens their position (an end to a livable world has that effect), yet their addiction to greed and power prevents them from taking measures to truly address it.

Likewise, the wealth chasm will lead to an unlivable world for the billions outside their gates, and those gates will not hold against their rage.

Of course, these two factors intertwine, sewing the seeds for either a fearsome future, or one that, while still fraught, will find humanity finally able to see the link between our better angels, and our best interest.

If you got a god, pray hard for the latter.


No more kids with cancer: clean up the Santa Susana Field Lab
by Melissa Bumstead


Institute for Public Accuracy
Claims about Syria Attack “Unraveling”

*Was this the real “mission”

And if so, with corpress compliance, will it be “accomplished”?


Democracy Now!
Gaza: Palestinians Continue “Great March of Return” Protests for Third Straight Week


Nutrition Action
Does ginger help nausea?



Denouncing Rush to War, Corbyn Calls for Peace Talks and ‘Withdrawal of All Foreign Forces’ From Syria
“Further U.K. military intervention in Syria’s appalling multi-sided war risks escalating an already devastating conflict”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Can you imagine a Democratic Party “leader” following Corbyn’s lead?

Are you off your meds?


The Trump Tax Cuts Should be Repealed, Not Made Even Worse by Making Individual Tax Cuts Permanent
The corporate tax cuts flow entirely to shareholders — and the top 1 percent holds 40 percent of total stocks
by Hunter Blair


Lawmakers Approve Bill Allowing NJ Renters, Apartment-Dwellers to Access Solar Power
‘Low-income communities must be allowed to benefit from clean energy solutions’


Institute for Public Accuracy
* Inspectors in Syria * Resisting Illegal Orders

*The true meaning of “duty and honor”


Democracy Now!
Syrian Researcher: Focus on Alleged Chemical Attack Ignores War’s Ongoing Deaths by Airstrikes, Bullets

*”Kol khara” to all the killers

Al-Saadi empirically expands on that sentiment, and it’s imperative that we hear his perspective.


As Trump Reconsiders TPP Stance, Fair Trade Advocates Say Real Fight Is over NAFTA Renegotiation


Nearly 4 People Are Evicted Every Minute: New Project Tracks U.S. Eviction Epidemic & Effects



‘Should Be a No-Brainer’: Progressives Urge Democrats to Muster Guts to Block Pompeo
“Democrats—who have spent a full year re-branding themselves as the resistance to Trump—have the power to stop this Trump nominee. Will they?”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*They may have a brain

It’s certain they have no heart


Group Beloved by Betsy Devos and Koch Brothers Launches Counter-Attack Against Teacher Rebellion
In anti-labor messaging guide, State Policy Network acknowledges teachers are underpaid but urges anti-labor groups to fight their calls for fair wages
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*She couldn’t turn loose her brother’s former “freedom fighters” on ’em

So she’ll have to settle for this.


Lynchings Past And Present
This buried history of power and dehumanization is still living, still present in our world, still killing African-Americans and others
by Robert C. Koehler

*Strange fruit from a poisoned orchard


Ready, Set, Go!
New Zealand joins the growing club of first movers tackling fossil fuel production! Who will be next?
by Hannah McKinnon

*Will Brown go green?

Not a wager I’d place my wampum on.


Food & Water Watch
Enbridge Blunder Proves Line 5 Solutions a Sham: Time to Shut It Down


Center for Biological Diversity
Unprecedented Farm Bill Provision Allows EPA to OK Pesticides Without Looking at Harm to Endangered Species
Proposal follows urging from Dow, $11 million in campaign spending

*A poisoning pen


The Real News Network
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression Fights for Survival After Denouncing Israel’s Land Day Killings
CJFE’s Kevin Metcalf tells the Real News he was placed on paid leave after he drafted a statement condemning Israel’s Land Day killings

*Cravenness has a distinct aroma to it that no amount of rationalization can eradicate.


Why is Israel so Threatened by Unarmed Gaza Protesters?
Despite the mounting Palestinian death toll, mass protests continue in the Gaza Strip. Why is Israel using lethal force on unarmed protesters? TRNN’s Shir Hever explains why nonviolent protest is infuriating the Israeli government


Major Papers Urge Trump to Kill Syrians, Risk World War III
by Gregory Shupak

*The corpress never met a war it didn’t hike



Showing They ‘Learned Nothing’ From Iraq, Corporate Media Help Beat War Drums for Trump Attack on Syria
“Pundits and the media are making John Bolton’s wildest dreams come true: in his first week on the job, everyone is calling for a new war”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Oh, they learned something.

They learned that their cowardice and complicity never comes with consequences

Thus déjà vu all over again

And again

And again …


What Teacher Strikes Can Teach Democrats About Education Politics
Not only have Democratic party leaders ignored the growing discontent among teachers; they’ve been actively complicit with Republicans in spreading a false message about what’s been plaguing public education
by Jeff Bryant

*Demorats will do what they always do

Try to co-opt the message, while doing their damnedest to mute it.


Nearly 800 Groups Give Governor Brown a Last Chance to Stand Against Fossil Fuels

*So, if he does something meaningful (or simply appears to), he’s to be applauded

After being forced to do so?

Please explain the logic in that.


The Real News Network
Trudeau Panics After Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline Suspended
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau convenes an emergency cabinet meeting to save Trans Mountain while Alberta Premier Rachel Notley warns of a “constitutional crisis”

*Dear Misleader may have sailed into the sunset on Richard Branson’s yacht, but his neatly sleazy spirit lives on in the Great White North.


Trump Threatens to Bomb Syria Without Any Investigation into Alleged Chemical Attack
US President Trump is preparing a military strike on the Syrian government, before the OPCW has been able to investigate the alleged chemical attack in Douma. Journalist Patrick Cockburn says the facts on the ground still are not clear.

*As the noose tenses

So does the trigger finger


Major Banks Ramp Up Fossil Fuel Financing Despite Climate Crisis
A recent report, “Banking on Climate Change 2018,” finds major banks increased fossil fuel financing to $115 Billion in 2017–up 11% from the year before–even though it was the costliest year on record for climate-related disasters. We speak to lead author Alison Kirsch of the Rainforest Action Network


Kentucky Teachers to Hold Sick-Out Friday Despite Threats from Governor
Educators in Kentucky are fighting back against drastic cuts to their pensions and charter school expansion, says teacher Blossom Brosi


Do Teachers Need More Militant Unions to Win?
Union activist Lois Weiner argues the recent wave of teacher revolts were sparked by rank-and-file teachers who refused to accept the status quo


Media’s Linguistic Gymnastics Mislead on Gaza Protests
by Gregory Shupak

*Protesters aren’t the only ones blowing smoke


Democracy Now!
Web Bonus: How “Vulture” Hedge Funds Are Killing Off the Newspaper Industry

*There’s a disconnect here between the ideal of local journalism and its reality.

Certainly there’s solid work done (even the AP on the national level occasionally can claim same), but to take the example of my local rag, the Walker … um, Wisconsin … State Journal out of Madison, its fealty to the status quo and its exclusion of truly alternative voices and perspectives surely mirrors the situation nationwide.

In striving to save local papers, we must also struggle to make them worthy of that effort.


“Facebook Doesn’t Sell Your Data. It Sells You”: Zeynep Tufekci on How Company’s Profit Really Works

*If we’re going to control artificial intelligence

We better start showing some of the actual variety


How Facebook Played “Instrumental” Role in Rise of Burma’s Ethnic Cleansing Campaign of Rohingya

*What Facebook is responsible for in Burma is a case of criminal negligence, and that’s a … crime, innit?

Of course, it’s a giant corp, so the Republicans won’t do anything

And it’s a giant corp with visceral ties to Democrats, so they won’t do diddley.

So people die …


ACLU: Facebook Has to Do Much More to Stop Housing & Job Discrimination on Platform


Amid Privacy Scandal, Is Facebook Profiting off Data from Children & Teens?



As Progressives Nationwide Urgently Mobilize to Block Pompeo, Hillary Clinton Reportedly Gave Him ‘Advice’
“Why is Clinton even taking a call from such a monstrous person?”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Madame Mayhem meets Monsieur Malevolence


Do U.S. Oligarchs Exist? Not in Mainstream Media
Word choice is revealing when one considers an indisputable fact: U.S. oligarchs have done far more to undermine U.S. democracy than any Russian ever could
by Jeff Cohen

*Oligarchy is as American as Apple’s prodigious pie


That $4,000 Raise Donald Trump and Paul Ryan Promised You Was a Trickle-Down Lie
Take it from a rich business guy, we only give out raises when we have to. Don’t count on that $4,000 Donald Trump & Paul Ryan promised from tax cuts.
by Nick Hanauer

*Take a whiff of that trickle

And yes, “you can fire all those lying politicians”

But please have a clear eyed view of who you’d be “hiring” to replace them.


The Missing Link in the Gun Debate
by Greta Zarro

*Whizzing bullets in the whirlwind


The Real News Network
Israel Massacres Unarmed Gaza Protesters Again as International Community Shrugs
The Israeli military massacred unarmed Palestinian protesters on the Gaza border for the second week in a row, and journalist Ali Abunimah says Israel has been granted “total impunity” on the global stage


Super Victory for the Far-Right in Hungary
Viktor Orban’s far-right Fidesz party won reelection with a two-thirds majority in parliament, allowing him to change the constitution in line with his anti-immigrant platform. Benjamin Novak of the Budapest Beacon analyzes the result


UN Declared Humanitarian Crisis in the DRC, President Kabila Rejects Aid
President Joseph Kabila insists that there is no humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, even as millions of children starve. Kabila “doesn’t want anything to reinforce what is widely understood: that the instability in the country is caused in large part by his refusal to step down from power,” says Friends of the Congo’s Maurice Carney


Maryland Passes Watered Down Moratorium on Water Liens
A bill sponsored by Senator Barbara Robinson was fast-tracked through the General Assembly on Monday, but activists say the legislation was stripped down
by Dharna Noor

*”Reform” is most often spelled with a “D”


Institute for Public Accuracy
Attacking Syria “Impeachable”


Who Will Take on the 21st Century Tech and Media Monopolies?
by Justin Anderson

*We’re talking serious Monopoly money


Democracy Now!
Trump Slams FBI & AG Jeff Sessions After Agents Raid Home & Office of His Attorney, Michael Cohen

*Would it be simplistic of me to suggest that Killer Clown, smelling the shit about to hit the fan, will go “Fire and Fury” in Syria and possibly elsewhere to imbue himself with “Presidentialismo”, resulting in the corpress and political class snapping to salute The Commander in Chief ™?


“A Very Dangerous Moment”: Trump Threatens to Strike Syria as Warmonger John Bolton Joins Cabinet

*Bennis doesn’t deem it simplistic, does she?


Is “Sorry” Enough? Facebook Built Empire on Harvesting Personal Information with Little Oversight


Denver Post Revolts Against Its “Vulture” Hedge-Fund Owner & Demands 126-Year-Old Newspaper Be Saved



Warning of ‘Serious Consequences’ If US Attacks Syria, Russian Says Chemical Attack Possible False Flag Operation
“It is necessary to warn again that military intervention under invented and fabricated pretexts in Syria… is absolutely unacceptable and can lead to the most serious consequences,” said the Russian Foreign Minister’s office
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


As Oklahoma Teachers’ Strike Enters Second Week, Education Supporters Pack State Capitol to Capacity
“We aren’t going to shut up, we aren’t done…We are ready to fight for our kids for the long haul”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*You know she’s dying to sic her brother’s erstwhile storm troopers on them, don’t you just?


Bills to Ban Local Soda Taxes Are Moving in the States
Coke and Pepsi Borrow from the Tobacco Playbook
by Mary Bottari
Center for Media and Democracy

*Sickly sweet


Soda Money Flows into Cook County Races, but Comes Up Flat
by David Armiak
Center for Media and Democracy


Teachers and Students Walkout: Call Bullshit on Apartheid Schools in the Nation’s Capital
Washington, D.C.’s public school system is just one example of how the impacts of racial segregation in our schools have been ignored
by Abel McDaniels


Three More Reasons for Wealth-Deprived Americans to Take to the Streets
Nearly 15 percent of our nation’s total household wealth — $14 trillion! — has been transfered from middle-class America to people with an average net worth of $75 million
by Paul Buchheit


The land of opportunism


Thousands of Hearts and Minds
by Ed Kinane


Remembering Syria: Iran struggles with potentially explosive environmental crisis
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
US Occupying Oil-Rich Areas in North Syria to Choke Damascus
Turkish-Kurdish journalist Ali Ornek says the United States is keeping a military presence in SDF/YPG-held areas in northern Syria to starve the government in Damascus of revenue needed to rebuild

*I’d really like to better understand this complex situation, but Ornek’s lack of fluency in English (not a criticism – just a fact) combined with TRNN’s chronically poor transcription (“under the control of candy not of Iraq” … ?) is a true hindrance in accomplishing that objective.

I understand that funding is an issue, but efficacious translation and transcription is essential in segments of this nature, don’t you think?


French Austerity Program Provokes Growing Wave of Worker and Student Strikes
University students and railroad and airline workers are escalating protests and strikes in France against President Macron’s austerity plans

*C’est la guerre

Contre l’austérité


Brave New Films
Immigrant Stories: Doctors and Nurses

*A sickness of the soul


Tell the EPA NO Genetically Modified Mosquitoes!
by Mila de Mier

*Kill this buzz


Democracy Now!
Glenn Greenwald on Syria: U.S. & Israel Revving Up War Machine Won’t Help Suffering Syrian Civilians

*I largely agree with Greenwald’s take, except that I still am agnostic on Assad’s use of chemical weapons, at least in the more recent period, in that we have to consider the sources of these accusations, as well as just what he would gain from their use, and just what he might lose from the backlash against it.

What is certain is that he’s a mass murderer, whatever weapons he employs, and that the fingers of the nations pointed at him are just as bloody.


Glenn Greenwald: Brazil’s Right Wing Jailed Ex-President Lula Because They Couldn’t Win at the Polls

*It’s very rare to hear someone actually attempt to place “icons” such as Lula, or Chávez – or Mandela – in context, to list their contradictions along with their credits, and I commend Greenwald for doing so, as well as criticize others who abjure from same.


“Apartheid, Rogue, Terrorist State”: Glenn Greenwald on Israel’s Murder of Gaza Protesters, Reporter



‘Callously Indifferent’ BP Argued Oil Spills Would Provide ‘Welcome Boost’ to Coastal Economy
Six years after the deadly Deepwater Horizon spill, oil giant claimed such disasters were “socially acceptable”
by Julia Conley, staff writer

*”Think of it this way

If one of your kids dies, that’s a boon to your family budget.”


Huge Surge in Political Activism, Engagement Has Direct Ties to Trump Presidency, Poll Finds
Nearly 20 percent of those who have attended a demonstration since Trump’s election had never protested before
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*When it comes to militarism/imperialism, Phil Ochs’ lyrics ring ironically true

“I ain’t marching anymore”


In Display of ‘Actual Sociopathy,’ Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didn’t Also Kill Target’s Family
The question came as civilian casualties have reached “unprecedented” heights during Trump’s presidency
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Killer Clown’s circus of death


Israel’s systematic violence against Palestinian women
by Greg Shupak


The Real News Network
Under Threat of Military Coup, Brazil’s Supreme Court Sends Lula to Prison
The Supreme Court’s 5-6 ruling, which requires presidential frontrunner Lula da Silva to begin serving his 12-year sentence immediately, is “one more in a series of blows against Brazilian democracy,” says Brazil Wire’s Brian Mier


Louisiana Bill Aims To Hypercriminalize Pipeline Protests (1/2)
Civil rights lawyer Bill Quigley says that the legislation is driven by private oil companies who want to clamp down on environmental activists’ First Amendment rights and preserve profits derived at the expense of communities of color

*The protest to prison pipeline


Louisiana Bill To Hypercriminalize Pipeline Protests Is “Backfiring”
In Part Two, civil rights lawyer Bill Quigley says the bill is meant to intimidate protesters, but “it’s not going to stop the people who are really dedicated”


How Blue-State Democrats Continually Beat Back Reform
As part of TRNN’s in-depth coverage of the legislative session in Maryland’s state capital, we take a quick tally of all the reform proposals that didn’t even get a vote this year

*A “blue wave” drowning progress


Chelsea Manning On Nazis, the Surveillance State, and Running For Senate
The whistleblower and transgender activist Chelsea Manning discusses Senator Ben Cardin, fighting Nazis without resorting to police, and making mistakes like going to an alt-right party

*Manning certainly goes beyond the Sandersista rhetoric, and I’ll be interested to see how they react to her campaign.


Color Of Change
Demand DA Merriwether drop all charges against Charlotte Uprising activists Glo and Rayquan


Pass the GRACE Act


Institute for Public Accuracy
Israel Shooting Palestinian Protesters and the Gaza “Conspiracy of Silence”


Democracy Now!
How Iona Craig Exposed the White House Lie About 2017 SEAL Raid That Killed Yemeni Women & Children

*I could have done without Craig making excuses for the lack of corpress coverage.

She did her job. They could, too

If that was truly their intent.


Judge Suspends Release of Herman Bell, Elderly Black Panther Jailed 45 Years, Amid Police Pressure

*When push comes to shove on cops and crime, Dems like de Blasio always keel over


Judge Halts Release of Herman Bell Despite NY’s Attempts to Parole More Low-Risk, Elderly Prisoners

*The convicted can change

The cops never will


How Big Wireless War-Gamed the Science on Risks, While Making Customers Addicted to Their Phones


And soulless



50+ Artificial Intelligence Scholars Launch Boycott of University Over Fears of ‘Killer Robot’ Weapons Lab
“This is a very respected university partnering with a very ethically dubious partner that continues to violate international norms”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


And “democracies”


And “humanitarian interventionists”


Study Details How IEA’s Rosy Outlook for Fossil Fuels Is Driving World Towards Climate Disaster
“The IEA provides an energy roadmap that is supposed to lead us to safety, but in fact it takes us over the cliff”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


If You Want to Kill Drug Dealers, Start with Big Pharma
Big corporations, not street dealers, are the true authors and profiteers of the opioid crisis
by Domenica Ghanem


US Shootings: Gun Industry Killing More People Overseas
In every measurable way, the U.S is head honcho of the global violence industry
by Tamara Pearson


Amazon Watch
Record Environmental Judgement Moves to Ontario Superior Court in Toronto
Long running dispute between petro-giant Chevron and Ecuadorian citizens has Canadian component


The Real News Network
Working While Black: Black Worker Activism in the 21st Century
Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Tanya Wallace-Gobern of the National Black Workers Center about educating and mobilizing the black community to fight back against workplace discrimination and exploitation


Media Warn of ‘Russian Bots’—Despite Primary Source’s Disavowal
by Adam Johnson

*From “Reds under the bed”

To “Bots over the net”


Democracy Now!
Trump Escalates Already Deadly U.S. Border Policies, Ordering National Guard Troops to Mexico

*There’s an acerbic joke about FOX and guarding henhouses in there somewhere

But this is no laughing matter, to state the literally bleeding obvious.


Caravan of Central American Migrants Holds a Mirror to Cruel U.S. Immigration Policy & Imperialism


How the Wireless Industry Convinced the Public Cellphones Are Safe & Cherry-Picked Research on Risks

*Can we please stop saying that the corpress is “hoodwinked” by these bastards, whatever the issue may be?

They know full well there’s another narrative, and they wilfully ignore it, or at the very least engage in false balance in their presentation.

That’s their job.



In Gaza, Israel Aims To Massacre Hope
As the notion of a two-state agreement fades firmly into history, the apartheid reality becomes impossible to ignore
by Yousef Munayyer


Basic Income: Progressive Cloak and Neoliberal Dagger
by John Clarke

*Beware gilded geeks bearing gifts


Economic Policy Institute
Teachers Across the Country Have Finally Had Enough of the Teacher Pay Penalty


The Real News Network
The Rise of American Islamophobia
Author Khaled Beydoun discusses the distinct forms of anti-Muslim and anti-Arab sentiments in America–where Islamophobia has a very specific and particular history–and how politicians capitalize on this fear of Islam to mobilize and galvanize voters


Turkey and Islamist Rebels Carve Up Northern Syria
Marking a new phase in the Syrian War, Turkey is taking over cities in northern Syria, and children in occupied Afrin are being brainwashed with pro-Erdogan propaganda. We talk to Turkish-Kurdish journalist Ali Ornek


Anthem reduces Breast Pump coverage April 1
by Roni Williams


Democracy Now!
Teachers in Revolt: Meet the Educators in Kentucky & Oklahoma Walking Out over School Funding



More Than One-Third of College Students Struggle with Food and Housing Insecurity, Study Finds
“There has been an uptick in low-income students on campus, but there hasn’t been a corresponding change in university policy to welcome and prepare for these students”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A higher education in inequality


Repeal the Second Amendment — It’s Not a Crazy Idea
Do we honestly think that the 39 men that signed the U.S. Constitution 230 years ago, are some sort of deified superheroes who cannot be questioned by mere mortals in 2018?
by Christopher M. Norwood

*Is the Constitution “a living document”

Or dead letters from dead men?


The Failures Of Western Reporting in Gaza
If a Palestinian is killed by an Israeli soldier, the most appropriate thing to do is to call it a “clash”
by Vijay Prashad


Paris Climate Goals Depend on Promoting Biodiversity
by Ashley Braun


Center for International Environmental Law
New Report Warns of Hidden Economic Risks to Booming Plastics Investments


The Real News Network
Sinclair’s Synchronized Fake News Broadcast Goes Viral
The broadcasting giant’s efforts to coordinate the messages coming from local stations has landed it in the national spotlight, but Sinclair’s efforts to effect local education policy in Baltimore may be more nefarious and ultimately more dangerous to democracy


The Deep Rooted Crisis of Police Violence in the USA
Executive Producer Eddie Conway and David Correia, author of “Police: A Field Guide”, examine police propaganda that criminalizes victims of police violence and works to halt any radical responses to it

*If you can control the words

You can divert the deeds


Wall Street Bankers’ Executive Bonuses Highlight Worsening Inequality
Banks are collecting money from every corner of this economy, becoming “the special winner in the capitalist game of our time,” says economist Richard D. Wolff. The bonuses “strike another blow for that growing inequality between the rich and everybody else in the United States”


Should Johns Pay a Steeper Price for Prostitution?
A Baltimore councilman wants to focus on punishing people who purchase sex as a way to curb demand, but will it work in a city that has a bustling red-light district just blocks from city hall?


Institute for Public Accuracy
MLK: Radical Revolutionary

*When they couldn’t murder the message

They murdered the messenger


NPR Runs IDF Playbook, Spinning Killing of 17 Palestinians
by Adam Johnson

*N egating
P opular
R evolt


Democracy Now!
Media Giant Sinclair, Under Fire for Forcing Anchors to Read Trumpian Screed, Is Rapidly Expanding

*Local news mostly stinks to high heaven.

Sinclair wants to add a glacier’s worth of ice to that corrosive cocktail.


MLK’s Final Days: The Rev. James Lawson Remembers King’s Assassination & Support for Memphis Strike


He Gave His Life in the Labor Struggle: MLK’s Forgotten Radical Message for Economic Justice



Showing Paris Not Enough, Studies Find 2°C Target Won’t Stop ‘Destructive and Deadly’ Impacts of Global Warming
This crisis requires “not only climate scientists, but the whole Earth system science community, as well as economists, engineers, lawyers, philosophers, politicians, emergency planners, and others to step up”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Stuff of Nightmares’: Viral Video Shows Sinclair Forcing Local TV Anchors to Recite Trumpian Propaganda
“It sickens me the way this company is encroaching upon trusted news brands in rural markets,” said one local reporter
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*I’d be curious to know whether any of these “trusted” news personalities refused, wouldn’t you?


The Oligarchs’ ‘Guaranteed Basic Income’ Scam
Beware the architects of our neofeudalism calling on the government to pay a guaranteed basic income
by Chris Hedges

*The noblesse only oblige themselves


The Real News Network
Democracy in Crisis: Do #BlackLivesMatter to the #Resistance?
While the national press drools over every bit of Trump gossip, real battles over policing and civil rights are happening almost unnoticed
by Baynard Woods

*The funhouse mirror obscures the smoke


Wildcat Teacher Strikes Spread to Kentucky and Oklahoma
Educators are prepared to do “whatever it takes” to defend public education, says Kentucky public school teacher Blossom Brosi


The Murder of Marielle Franco and the Birth of a Movement
Massive protests against the killing of Marielle Franco blanketed Brazil in recent weeks. If the anti-police violence activist from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro was killed to silence her, it appears her assassination has done just the opposite


Should Sex Work be Decriminalized? One Advocate says Yes
Caroline Unger of the Sex Workers Outreach Program Baltimore discusses how best to protect sex workers in light of new human trafficking legislation currently being debated by the city council


Israel Massacres Unarmed Gaza Protesters, Shooting 773 with Live Ammunition
The Israeli military brutally crushed a protest on the Gaza border led by tens of thousands of Palestinians, killing 16 and injuring 1,400. Journalist Max Blumenthal speaks of Israel’s suffocating blockade of the strip and the biased media reporting on the “Great Return March”.


Israeli Military Admits Massacre of Unarmed Gaza Protesters Was Intentional – then Deletes Tweets
The IDF said its bloody crackdown on unarmed Palestinian protesters was “accurate and measured.” After shooting 773 Gazans with live ammunition, it wrote on Twitter, “we know where every bullet landed.”
by Ben Norton

*And the corpress calls it “clashes”.

How would they describe it if it allegedly had occurred in a nation labeled a “terrorist supporter”?


Trade War Greatly Exaggerated
America’s trading partners, including Europe and China, will likely wait for Trump to move on to his next distraction–which could be a real war, not a trade war, says CEPR co-director Mark Weisbrot

*Gunsmoke and mirrors


Institute for Public Accuracy
Wave of Teachers’ Strikes: Kentucky and Oklahoma


What’s a Non-Racist Way to Appeal to Working-Class Whites? NYT’s Edsall Can’t Think of Any
by Jim Naureckas

*Dog whistles from a corpress cur


Democracy Now!
Starvation Wages Are a “Crime”: Lessons from MLK & 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike, 50 Years Later


March 2018



Judge Hands ‘Horrifying’ Five-Year Prison Sentence to Woman for the Crime of…Voting
Crystal Mason, a mother of two, says she was never told by her probation officer that she couldn’t vote while on probation
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Jail for voting in an election

Jack for rigging one


A Dozen Advertisers Drop Laura Ingraham as Parkland Shooting Survivor She Mocked Rejects Her Apology
“She’s only apologizing after a third of her advertisers pulled out,” said David Hogg, who survived the Parkland school shooting that left 17 dead last month
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*These corps’ actions are as insincere as Ingraham’s apology, as they had previously sought to profit off her vitriol vented toward other targets

So let’s not “applaud” them for doing nothing more than being cognizant of their bottom lines.


Why Focusing on People of Color Will Help the Movement for Gun Control Succeed
“Yes, the March for Our Lives Was About Black People, Too—and It’s About Time”
by Sonali Kolhatkar

*There’s no room to grow in a silo


A Few Thoughts on the March for Our Lives
If a critical mass of students begins seeing the connections among violence, racism, injustice, capitalism and Washington raining death on people abroad, the MSM will abruptly cease its fawning approval
by Gary Olson

*Damming with feigned praise


The Real News Network
Big Oil and Climate Science on Trial
Climate change science is the basis of San Francisco’s and Oakland’s legal case against Big Oil companies, to make them pay billions for the rising public cost of rising sea level due to global warming. In a surprise move, Chevron admits humans are causing climate change but say they are not liable

*Snake oil from oily snakes


Fear the Fiscal Future, WSJ Warns in New Version of Old Scare Story
by Dean Baker


Democracy Now!
David Shulkin’s Firing at the VA Is Latest Step in Trump-Koch Push to Privatize Veterans’ Healthcare


Meet the Doctor Suing Trump: Dr. Eugene Gu on Gun Violence, Privatization of VA & White Supremacy


The Truth About Pet Cancer
15 Signs Your Dog or Cat May be Sick or in Pain



ACLU to Cities: Defend Online Privacy, Net Neutrality With Publicly Owned Municipal Broadband
A new report details how local officials can create publicly owned internet programs that not only protect free speech and privacy, but also are accessible and affordable
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Wouldn’t you like to see these mayors put our money where their mouth is?

After spending hours yesterday pingponging between Spectrum and AT&T to get a better deal, I have my hand up.


Will the real Pakistan stand up, please?
by James M. Dorsey

*Regarding the FATF

That’s “political violence” only in developing countries, innit?


The Real News Network
Mayor Pugh Signs Landmark Ban on Crude Oil Terminals in Baltimore
Baltimore is the first east coast city to pass a ban of this kind. Advocates say it will protect the city from dangerous crude oil train explosions and help to fight climate change
by Dharna Noor


Cambridge Analytica Is Not Alone: i360 and Data Trust Are Disastrous for Democracy
Cambridge Analytica, owned by Robert Mercer, is in the news, but other companies — like the Koch Brothers’ i360 and Karl Rove’s Data Trust — are far more dangerous, says investigative reporter Greg Palast

*You know the Democratic “leadership” will be screaming bloody murder about this, don’t you?

You don’t … ?

Neither do I.


Evidence of Violent Extremism of Little Interest When Killer Is White

*Color blinded coverage


Democracy Now!
As North Korea Talks with China, South Korea & Japan, Could Bolton Derail Denuclearization Progress?

*I wouldn’t want the US to have normal relations with such a brutal regime, but remember that it already has them with others of the same ilk, making plain its utter hypocrisy.

I want to see change in North Korea, but it will take a changed United States to work for it in any morally legitimate manner.


NYC Minister: I’m Willing to Be Arrested If ICE Comes for Immigrant Mother in Sanctuary in My Church

*Some people get the whole “WWJD?” thing



As States Jockey for Most Egregious Attack on Abortion Rights, Warnings Grow Over Sinister Master Plan
“This rash of radically unconstitutional bills is appearing by design”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


One No-Brainer Way to Bring Gun Deaths Down
Closing the “boyfriend loophole” would save lives without putting guns in classrooms or taking them off store shelves
by Aniqa Raihan


Tennessee Wants to Use Funding Meant for Poor Families to Kick People Off Medicaid
One would be hard-pressed to cook up a more twisted irony
by Rebecca Vallas

*Robbing Peter to ravage Paul


The Real News Network
Trump Appoints Yet Another Deregulator – This Time to the FDIC
Jelena McWilliams will be the new FDIC director and this will mean a “slaughter” of the remaining banking regulations, which will already be significantly weakened via a new law to be passed soon by Congress, says former financial regulator Bill Black

*Is there any term more drenched in irony than “bank and trust”?


Catalan Independence Leader’s Arrest in Germany Strengthens Rajoy”s Hand
Carles Puigdemont, the former president of Catalonia, was arrested in Germany on a Spanish international arrest warrant. The action will serve to harden positions on both sides of the independence fight in Spain, says Oberlin Prof. Sebastian Faber

*What Podemos could be doing is decrying the draconian actions of the central gummint, and calling for sincere negotiations over the issue, it seems to me.


Victims of Political Policing Walk Out of Inquiry, Call for Judge’s Resignation
Mohamed Elmaazi follows up with campaigners and victims of political policing who explain why they staged a walkout from the public inquiry into undercover policing at the Royal Courts of Justice


Media Boosts Obvious Saudi Front Group as Neutral ‘Think Tank’
by Adam Johnson

*Tanks for the props


Democracy Now!
Journalist Ari Berman: If Trump Is Allowed to Rig the Census, Then All of U.S. Democracy Is Rigged

*Deceit, deception, duplicity from The Donald?

Count on it


Killed in Cold Blood: Alton Sterling’s Family Decries Decision Not to Charge Officers for Murder

*This must not be the meaning of “Justice is blind”



Net Neutrality Defenders Issue Alert as Telecom Giants Ready to ‘Sic Army of Expensive Lawyers’ on States
Open internet defenders argued the threat underscores the importance of enshrining net neutrality protections in federal law
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*And you wonder why your bill’s so high … ?


To Defeat NRA and Curb Gun Violence, Former Supreme Court Justice Says ‘Repeal the 2nd Amendment’
“That simple but dramatic action would move Saturday’s marchers closer to their objective than any other possible reform”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Makes perfect sense

So it doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in this hell


Outrage, But Little Surprise, After Police Officers Face No Charges for Killing of Alton Sterling
“Neither Louisiana, nor any other U.S. state, complies with international standards that maintain deadly force can only be used when there is an imminent threat to life or serious injury”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Shoot first

Ask no questions later


Donald Trump and the White Ford Bronco Presidency
Because Big Brother isn’t watching you… you are watching him
by Tom Engelhardt

*The “negative treatment” Killer Clown has received over decades is the reason we’re afflicted by his sociopathy today.

If the corpress had simply covered his criminality, his bigotry and his misogyny in a diligent fashion, if he hadn’t been transformed into a reality show demigod, if he hadn’t been viewed as a cash cow for cable news and print media on the campaign trail, he might well be serving time in an orange jumpsuit to match his mane, or at least consigned to the footnotes of history, alongside the likes of other like minded lechers and con men with delusions of grandeur.

But they didn’t, because in the end he represents an America they may find gauche, but in essence is the essence of the capitalist ethic they hold sacrosanct.

And he’s good copy.


Gun Violence and Mental Health Are Connected—But Not In The Way You’d Think.
The impulsive nature of teenage suicidality, coupled with the uniquely American easy access to guns, makes it much more likely that suicidal thoughts and behaviors will culminate in death
by Dr. Celine Gounder


Natural gas: An underrated driver of Saudi hostility towards Iran and Qatar
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
Former Kinder Morgan Engineer Speaks Out Against Trans Mountain Pipeline
Romilly Cavanaugh, an environmental engineer who worked for Kinder Morgan, was arrested for participating in non-violent protests in Burnaby, British Columbia. She explains why she opposes the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline


Former Black Panther Herman Bell to Be Released After 45 Years in Prison
After the New York State Parole Board determined Herman Bell’s release to be low risk and reasonable, New York police, aligned with tabloid news, went on a racist crusade depicting Bell as a threat



‘The Gig Economy’ Is the New Term for Serfdom
The corporate architects of the new economy have no intention of halting the assault
by Chris Hedges

*Driven to despair


Tipped Workers Win with Spending Bill
A provision nestled deep in the spending bill prevents employers from taking the tips their employees earn
by Negin Owliaei


12 Rules for Spitting on the Poor
Collective action to right wrongs or help the suffering under neoliberal ideology is wrong, unfeasible, or some combination of the two
by Noah Berlatsky

*There is an “I” in “humanity”

And it only has meaning within the whole


Friends of the Earth
Trump’s Revisions of U.S. – Korea Trade Deal Promise More Air Pollution and Global Warming


Council of Canadians
Trudeau Breaking Another Electoral Reform Promise



The Real News Network
The Political Currency of Mao’s Little Red Book
Anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism were some of the key points of agreement between Black anti-colonial activists and Chinese Communists, but under what heading is Afro-Asian solidarity expressed today?

*From the Little Red Book to the Big Black Ledger


Paul Jay: Threats Facing Humanity, Basic Income & Importance of Historical Context
In the second part of the interview with the Senior Editor and founder of The Real News Network, Paul Jay, we continue the discussion on the threats facing humanity today. In addition we talk about whether the basic income could enhance political participation, and the consumption of information produced by independent media outlets. Lastly, we examine the importance of taking into account historical context when relating to current issues

*When history is written by the victors

The victims are written out


Real Media: Trade Secrets, Corporate Accountability & The War On Whistleblowers
Spinwatch’s David Miller explains the impact of the UK’s newly adopted EU directive protecting corporate secrets with no safeguards for journalists and whistleblowers


Bolton: A One-Man War Cabinet
North Korean peace and the Iran deal are both in serious danger with John Bolton in the White House, says historian and investigative journalist Gareth Porter


Puerto Rico’s New Fiscal Plan Will Cause Another ‘Lost Decade’
Six months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s new fiscal plan – which supposedly takes the hurricane’s devastation into account – will demand citizens pay off debts they cannot possibly repay, leading to deeper economic decline, says CEPR co-director Mark Weisbrot

*There is no expectation of “a different result”.

The goal is the maximizing of profit in the here and now

The future is an excised externality.


Who Will Stop the US-Russia Arms Race?
As Trump faces heat for reportedly ignoring instructions to not congratulate newly re-elected Vladimir Putin, professor Stephen F. Cohen asks if anyone in Washington wants to stop the dangerous US-Russia arms race

*Calling Dr. Strangelove


President Xi Jinping’s Indefinite Rule Denounced by Chinese Intellectual
National People’s Congress of China re-elected President Xi Jinping to a second term and abolished term limits on the presidency. There were very little dissent allowed resisting the decision, but one critic, intellectual Li Datong, wrote an open letter challenging the decision, says China scholar, professor Jeffrey Wasserstrom


March For Our Lives Takes Aim at Gun Lobby, Acknowledges Racial Disparity
by Brandon Soderberg

*There will be an intense effort among those in power (including “liberal” Democrats) to divide and thus conquer this movement, using “school security” as a wedge.

Addressing the real fears of students and parents advocating for more cops, while remaining steadfast in an uncompromising stance that it is no more a solution than arming teachers, is the only way I see to get to where we need to be on this, and take it beyond silos to connect all the damnable dots extant.


Color Of Change
Guns Don’t Belong in Schools

*Will this movement make clear that more cops aren’t the answer? We know Dems will push that under the rubric of “school safety”, and I have to wonder how many of these young folks will swallow this caustic Kool-Aid.


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Trump’s Choice of Bolton Satisfies His Biggest Donor”

*Whoever has his ear last

As there’s nothing between them


Democracy Now!
WATCH: Parkland Survivor Emma González Stands in 4 Minutes of Silence Heard Around the World

*This silence must end ours



‘Dangerous’ Decline in Biodiversity Threatening Humanity’s Wellbeing Worldwide
“We must act to halt and reverse the unsustainable use of nature—or risk not only the future we want, but even the lives we currently lead”
byJessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Workers Need an Industrial Policy Not Tariffs
by UE General Executive Board


Elections in Russia, 2018: Managed Democracy?
by David Mandel


The Real News Network
Real Opinions: Students Are Screaming For Change — And It’s Coming
A. H. Berry, a student at Baltimore Polytechnic High School, explains why she joined her school’s walkout to protest gun violence in schools, and why standing in the cold with hundreds of other students gave her hope


Marching for Their Lives: Students To Demand Gun Reform in DC
TRNN will report from the March For Our Lives and bring you voices of young people from cities like Baltimore who say gun violence has plagued their communities long before Parkland


Aggressive Police Tactics Escalate Against TransMountain Pipeline Protests in Canada
Indigenous environmental activist, Clayton Thomas-Muller of 350.org, says that not only did arrests take place outside exclusion zone, but police are escalating their aggression against non-violent land and water defenders with the aim of criminalizing peaceful dissent

*Dudley Do-Wrongs


Tell NYC Mayor to Stop Tolerating Racism in Schools
by Natasha Capers
NYC Coalition for Educational Justice


Institute for Public Accuracy
Bolton’s Falsifications for War



Journalism of, by and for the Elite
How the New York Times and Wall Street Journal mirror the 1% they cover
by Reed Richardson

*No kudos for this “class act”


National Geographic Looks at Its Racism–but Not Too Closely
by Janine Jackson

*A guilt trip to nowhere


Democracy Now!
Major New Investigation into Trump Real Estate Deals in India Reveals Corruption, Lawsuits, Fraud


Meet the American Professor Suing Cambridge Analytica for His Psychographic Profile



Uproar After Congress Sneaks Attack on Digital Privacy Rights Into Omnibus Spending Bill
Attaching it to massive spending deal, lawmakers rush through controversial bill that allows law enforcement to hand over personal data without a warrant
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Sneaking the peeking


‘No Justice Under Occupation’: Palestinian Teenager Ahed Tamimi Gets 8 Months in Prison for Slapping Israeli Soldier
“17-year-old Ahed Tamimi will serve 8 months in jail for slapping a soldier who invaded her home. Meanwhile, IDF soldier Elor Azaria will serve 9 months for executing in cold-blood a wounded Palestinian.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A slap in the face of justice


How To Change Your Facebook Settings To Opt Out of Platform API Sharing
Tech companies can and should do more to protect users, including giving users far more control over what data is collected and how that data is used
by Gennie Gebhart

*I suppose reposting this on Facebook can be viewed as ironic, but life in late stage capitalism is nothing if not that, innit?


From ‘Sea to Shining Sea,’ Industrial Ag Fouls America’s Waterways
Given agriculture’s role in destroying our most precious natural resource, you’d think the U.S. Congress would do everything in its power to protect your water
by Katherine Paul


Revealed: Names of ALEC Lobbyist and Legislator Members
by Jamie Corey

*Rats return to a stinking ship


Exonerating the Empire in Venezuela
by Gregory Shupak

*American excisionalism


Institute for Public Accuracy
The Real Threat: Facebook and Google’s Business Model

*Like parent

Like “prodigy”


Democracy Now!
Reformer or War Criminal? Saudi Crown Prince Welcomed in U.S. as Trump Touts Weapons Deals

*Red carpet for a carpet bomber


Are Israel & Saudi Arabia Pressuring U.S. Toward War with Iran?



Alarm Sounds After EU Regulators Greenlight Bayer-Monsanto #MergerFromHell
Critics of the deal warn the decision will allow the companies, “together with BASF, to become data giants in agriculture—the ‘Facebooks of farming’—with all the pitfalls that entails”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


ACLU Urges Greyhound to Stop Letting Border Agents Use Buses as ‘Rolling Traps’
“Greyhound should be in the business of transporting passengers, but instead is allowing intimidating interrogations and searches”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


#ToxicTwitter: Human Rights Group Says Platform Creates Abusive Environment for Women
“Ensuring an internet free from gender-based violence enhances freedom of expression as it allows women to fully participate in all areas of life”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Billionaires Won’t Save the World — Just Look at Elon Musk
The “playboy genius” is essentially squandering taxpayer money on pet projects like Mars trips and flamethrowers
by Sam Pizzigati

*The musky smell of snake oil


Survivors Need Shelter, But Shelters Need Legal Protection In Iraq
Despite the unprecedented security crisis, it remains against public policy for Iraqi NGOs to provide shelter for those escaping gender-based violence
by Lisa Davis


It’s Time to Transform the War Economy
The Poor People’s Campaign offers an antidote to a poisoned and militarized culture that has perverted the national agenda
by Brock McIntosh

*Issue silos can be as deadly as missile silos


Amnesty International – USA
Iraq: Alarming Reports of More Than 3,000 People Facing Death Over Terror-Related Offenses

*Life in a liberated land


Louisiana Bucket Brigade
St. James Site of 37 Petrochemical Accidents, No Bayou Bridge Jobs


The Real News Network
Duterte’s Bloody War on Philippines’ Leftists
Increasingly authoritarian President Rodrigo Duterte is planning to classify hundreds of leftists as terrorists as he cracks down on the country’s powerful communist movement. We speak to Cristina Palabay, the secretary general of KARAPATAN, and Teddy Casinos, a former congressman and representative of the Bayan Muna party

*Killer Clown’s wet dream


A Rare Glimpse Inside a Police Body-Camera Review Unit
Following the release of controversial footage that showed Baltimore police officers staging the discovery of evidence, The Real News was given exclusive access to the special unit that now reviews all body-cam footage related to upcoming cases


Trump Boasts of Killer Arms Sales in Meeting with Saudi Dictator, Using Cartoonish Charts
Trump kicked off his White House meeting with his authoritarian “good friend” Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman by pulling out charts listing the weapons the U.S. is selling to Saudi Arabia – Ben Norton reports

*Scorched earth and campaign strategy


Protester Arrested At State House: Gov. Hogan Would Not Drink Water Contaminated by Fracking
Officials have issued a permit for a natural gas pipeline to be routed through Maryland, but opponents say so-called protective measures not enough
by Dharna Noor

*Water torture


Democracy Now!
“The Battle for Paradise”: Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism & the Fight for Puerto Rico’s Future

*An island sinking in a sea of snake oil


Six Months After Maria, Residents Resist Efforts to Turn Island into Privatized Bitcoin Playground


After Maria, Puerto Ricans Cultivate Food Sovereignty While FEMA Delivered Skittles & Cheez-Its

*Junk food and greenwashed garbage



As Lawmakers Accuse DeVos of Lack of Regard for Students, Her Own Staffer Admits ‘Things Have Gotten Pretty Awful Here’
“What do you mean, there’s no data?” a lawmaker asked Secretary of Education during tense hearing. “There is study after study after study.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Cheat notes


It’s Not Just Drug Dealers That Need to Worry About Inspiration Trump Took From Duterte
The battle between autocratic leaders and the global movement for environmental justice heats up
by Nick Meynen


The Real News Network
Mercer’s Cambridge Analytica ‘Utterly Sleazy’
Britain’s Channel 4 details the dirty tricks that Cambridge Analytica, the data-mining company owned by billionaire Robert Mercer, uses to sway elections around the world. If the story is true, it would mean the company is not only sleazy, but also blatantly criminal, says white-collar criminologist Bill Black


After a Shooting at His School, a Maryland Teacher Speaks Out
Pat Elder, who teaches GED classes at Great Mills High, says to end gun violence America must tackle the militarization of schools and broader society

*As often occurs, a righteous impulse gets siloed into accepted avenues of action. Thus, no mention of militarism.

As well, will the desire for “safer schools” translate into advocacy for more “resource officers”?


‘Samantha Em-Powers Genocide in Yemen’: Students Protest US Role in Saudi War
Ex-U.N. ambassador and liberal war hawk Samantha Power faced a protest at Johns Hopkins University over her role overseeing the catastrophic U.S.-Saudi war on Yemen. A student leader speaks about the military-industrial-academic complex – Ben Norton reports.

*An empirical education in empire


In Afrin the Turks are Looting and Pillaging with Gunfire
Journalist for the Independent, Patrick Cockburn, returning from Northern Syria, says one of the most peaceful places in the region has turned into a swamp of human misery for the Kurds


Institute for Public Accuracy
Instructor at Great Mills HS Leads Campaign to Demilitarize Schools


YouTube as Conspiracy Conduit
Video platform enables harassment of shooting survivors
by Justin Anderson

*Why is it that Fox News is almost always one of my “recommended” channels?

I never watch it, and informing YouTube that I’m “not interested” doesn’t do a damn bit of good.

Is Fox paying for placement, or is that a “conspiracy theory”?


In Run-Up to Vote to End Yemen War, MSNBC Remains Totally Silent
MSNBC outflanked from the left by Breitbart
by Jim Naureckas

*I wouldn’t prefer any network to “lead” “anti-war sentiment”

I’d want them to honestly cover those who honestly seek to end this nightmare.

I know … dream on.


Democracy Now!
“It Was a Crime”: 15 Years After U.S. Invasion, Iraqis Still Face Trauma, Destruction & Violence


Undocumented and Unpaid, Until Now: Houston Day Laborers Fight Wage Theft After Hurricane Harvey


Voices from Houston After Harvey: Immigrant Homeowners Say Little to No Help Coming from FEMA



In ‘Full-on War on Drugs Scare-Fest,’ Trump Proposes Death Penalty and ‘Very, Very Bad’ Commercials
In his speech on the opioid epidemic, the president promoted his plan to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and suggested that an advertising campaign would keep Americans from using drugs
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*An acute addiction to demagoguery


‘Insidious’ and ‘Dangerous’: Digital Privacy Groups Issue Urgent Warning Over CLOUD Act
Critics say the bill, which could be pushed through Congress this week, would enable U.S. authorities to skirt Fourth Amendment rights to collect Americans’ data and use it against them
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Despite Possible Blowback, Snowden Decries Anti-Democratic Forces in Russia
“My friends tell me it is dangerous to criticize the Russian government the same as I criticize my own. But each of us are given a limited number of days to make a difference. Life is a choice to live for something, or to die for nothing.”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*You can’t stand for your principles on one foot


Google, Facebook, Algorithms, and the Building of the Iron Wall
This totalitarianism is being formed incrementally. It begins by silencing the demonized. It ends by silencing everyone.
by Chris Hedges

*Sleepwalking toward a nightmare


A 2% Financial Wealth Tax Would Provide a $12,000 Annual Stipend to Every American Household
Careful analysis reveals a number of excellent arguments for the implementation of a Universal Basic Income
by Paul Buchheit


Keeping Power With the People: Puerto Rico’s Energy Future
by Sean Sweeney

*The Musks and Bransons are deeply concerned with “sustainability”

Of their profit margins


The CIA’s 60-Year History of Fake News: How the Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers
by Robert Scheer

*The victims can’t rationalize their horror


Racial Justice Groups Sue DHS to Release Contents of Fully Redacted “Race Paper”
Document Raises Questions About Escalating Government Surveillance and Criminalization of Black Activists


Public Citizen
NIH Officials May Have Violated Policy by Soliciting Donations From Alcohol Industry for Alcohol Study
Public Citizen Urges HHS Inspector General to Launch Formal Investigation


The Real News Network
Petroleum Executives Visit Trump, Increasing Offshore Oil Drilling
The American Petroleum Industry (API) and the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) held meetings at the Trump Hotel in DC. At the same time, these associations are also lobbying the Trump administration for an expansion of offshore oil exploration

*Where oil and water malignantly mix


Corbyn Allies in Labour Attacked For Supporting Palestinian Struggle
The strategy to undermine Jeremy Corbyn within the Labour Party includes charging his supporters with anti-Semitism and then suspending them, says Richard Kuper of Jewish Voice for Labour

*It’s unclear to me from this segment what Corbyn’s stance is with regard to this witchhunt. There’s no mention of his speaking out or taking action as party leader to oppose it.

It took a great deal of chutzpah to demand proof of Russian complicity in the nerve agent attack, and he should show the same here. If he isn’t, it’s incumbent on folks like Kuper to call him on it.


Kochs and ALEC Behind Criminalization of Dissent Bills in Five States
Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma,Wyoming, Minnesota and Louisiana have introduced or passed legislation to criminalize environmental dissent. There is evidence that bill mill organizations such as ALEC and the bipartisan group Council of State Governments (CSG) had their hand in shaping these bills, says investigative journalist Steve Horne.

*A pipeline to a police state


Copspeak: When Black Children Suddenly Become ‘Juveniles’
by Adam Johnson and Jim Naureckas


Got insomnia?
Who couldn’t use a little more sleep? Or at least a little more good-quality sleep. Here’s what can help…and what’s a waste of money.
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action



As Trump Fights to Kill Chemical Safety Rule, Workers Injured as Massive Explosion Rocks Texas Chemical Plant
The EPA was in court on Friday to defend against its decision to delay implementation of federal regulations that aim to prevent this type of disaster
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Environmental Proscription Agency


The Third Newsletter: Water and Farmers
by Vijay Prashad


The Real Irish-American History Not Taught in Schools
Sadly, today’s corporate textbook-producers are no more interested in feeding student curiosity about the poverty and inequality that drove the famine than were British landlords interested in feeding Irish peasants
by Bill Bigelow

*A famine of expository facts


An Open Letter on Behalf of the “English for Reconciliation” Project in Najaf
by Martha Hayward

*A true “humanitarian intervention”


The Real News Network
West’s Anti-Russian Fervor Will Help Putin Win Elections On Sunday
As Russia heads into a presidential election on Sunday, Vladimir Putin’s popularity soars with every accusation and sanction Western countries hurl against him, says Prof. Alexander Buzgalin

*The irony of false or unproven accusations is that they allow those vilified to dismiss the proof of their actual crimes.


Corbyn Smeared as ‘Russian Stooge’ for Requesting Evidence on Poisoned Spy
While harshly condemning the Salisbury nerve agent attack, the Labour Party’s leftist leader requested evidence that the Russian government carried it out. A deluge of smears followed.

*Reason is treason


Corbyn Calls for Evidence in Escalating Poison Row
For requesting evidence of Russian culpability in the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has been denounced by PM Theresa May and even members of his own party. We discuss the case with Stephen F. Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies at New York University and Princeton

*Not that I think Corbyn is Jesus on a stick, but Cohen’s spot on in his claim that no pol in the US would have the cojones to do as he has.

That cowardice may lead to catastrophic consequences for us all.


Sanders Resolution Against War in Yemen Challenged by Mattis
Senators introduced legislation that would undermine the Sanders-Lee resolution to stop US support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. “They’re trying to provide cover for just a handful of senators so they can vote for this instead of the Sanders Lee bill,” says CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot

*While this bill needs to pass, keep in mind the “detail devil” that will allow US troops to remain to “combat Al Qaeda and allied groups”, or however it’s worded.

We know how that facilitates “mission creep”, leaving aside the ethics of the proclaimed mission itself.

Isn’t part of the mission of “alternative” media to pay attention to such “details”, so that their audience will, as well?


Democracy Now!
50 Years After My Lai Massacre in Vietnam, Revisiting the Slaughter the U.S. Military Tried to Hide





The GI Resistance Continues: Vietnam Vets Return to My Lai, Where U.S. Slaughtered 500 Civilians

*These are servicemembers worthy of salute.

No monuments will be erected in their honor.



Breaking the ICE
How far will this go?
by Robert C. Koehler


All Hands on Deck: The West Virginia Teachers’ Strike
by Jane McAlevey


The Real News Network
Senate Expands ‘Lobbyist Bill’ to Deregulate Real Estate
New measures added to the financial deregulation bill include the deregulation of commercial real estate, which threatens re-create the conditions that led to the 2008 financial crisis, says Bill Black


Stephen Hawking: The Fighter for Progressive Politics
Scientist Stephen Hawking spoke out against wars, called for action against climate change, and defended socialist programs

*All of which will receive next to no mention, if not complete erasure, in the corpress, as his social conscience is castrated as a condition of iconization.


Far-Right Ministers in Chile’s New Government Placed in Sensitive Positions
Chile’s newly inaugurated president Sebastian Piñera attempts to move the country to the right, but faces important constraints from social movements that vow to resist his government, explains Prof. Rene Rojas


Trump’s Tariff Travesty Will Not Re-Industrialize the US
Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs will only make it more difficult for US producers that depend on these resources, while also initiating trade retaliation from trade partners, says Michael Hudson


Is Another World Possible? – Leo Panitch on RAI (4/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Leo Panitch says it’s a dilemma that the gradualism of European social-democracy and attempts at a more radical transformation have so far both failed; Panitch says a first step towards democratizing the economy is to make finance a public utility – with host Paul Jay

*Is it naïve of me to believe that we have no chance of becoming a truly evolved species – or even simply surviving – if we don’t place a principal priority on giving wings to the better angels of our nature, as well as appealing to our self interest?

Humanity has a seemingly limitless capacity for hypocrisy, and that actually gives me some hope, as it implies a need to acknowledge a moral imperative.

So how do we move from lip service to putting our muscle behind our mouths?

I suppose asking the question evinces the eternal elusiveness of the answer, but I believe it’s existentially essential to continue to pursue it.


‘A Remarkable Victory for the Labor Movement’
CounterSpin interview with Mike Elk on West Virginia school workers strike
by Janine Jackson

*I’m unclear as to the funding aspect, given what’s claimed in the piece below


I don’t feel you can claim “victory” if it comes at another’s undue expense

So what’s the true skinny here?


Liberals, Conservatives Worry About Korean Peace Threat
by Gregory Shupak

*Given the trail of broken promises that litter his lurid career path, I’m more concerned with just how “earnest” Killer Clown will be than Kim.


Democracy Now!
Farmworkers Bring Human Rights Fight to Wendy’s Doorstep, Fasting & Calling for Boycott over Abuses

*Arrogance and avarice

With a side of lies


Jeremy Scahill on Trump’s Cabinet Shake-up, the Mueller Probe & the Iraq War 15 Years Later



Despite Torture-Loving Pasts, Schumer Not Pushing Democrats to Oppose Pompeo or Haspel
Trump’s nominees for secretary of state and CIA director have alarming pasts, but the Senate Minority Leader isn’t encouraging his party to oppose their nominations
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams

*If there were no Democratic Party

The Republicans would have to invent one


It Is Now Abundantly Clear Why Steve Mnuchin Didn’t Want People to See This Video
Free speech advocates called it “troubling” that a White House official was able to delay release of a video that is, under California law, part of the public record
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Don Blankenship, Dead Miners, Humility, and the Limits of Free Speech in West Virginia
A call came in and there was a man who wanted to know if I had any questions for the former coal CEO and convict now running for U.S. Senate. Turns out I did have one.
by Russell Mokhiber

*Severed connection

Sundered conscience


Israeli Lawmakers Ban Member of Knesset from American Trip Funded by Jewish Voice for Peace
MK Jabareen invited for series of talks about deterioration of democracy in Israel


The Real News Network
UN Rapporteur: US Sanctions Cause Death in Venezuela
Over 150 intellectuals and activists signed an open letter urging the US and Canada to stop their economic sanctions on Venezuela, which are making the country’s economic problems worse. Special UN Rapporteur Alfred de Zayas is a signer and visited Venezuela late last year


Anti-Pipeline Indigenous ‘Mass Mobilization’ Has Begun
In what may become the ‘Standing Rock of the North’, thousands protest Kinder Morgan’s Trans-Mountain Pipeline expansion, which would carry more toxic tar sands through First Nation territories


Colombia’s Conservatives Make Gains in Congress Vote Amid Fraud Allegations
Low turnout and fraud allegations mar Colombia’s congressional vote, which gave conservatives a greater control over the legislature. If right-wing candidate Ivan Duque also wins the presidency in May, it would spell the end of Colombia’s peace process, explains Mario Murillo


Institute for Public Accuracy
“Space Force”: Trump Accelerating Aerospace Goal Targeting China and Russia

*No space for peace


WaPo Fails to Disclose Ownership in Puff Piece for Bezos


Democracy Now!
Trump’s New CIA Nominee, Gina Haspel, Faces Possible Arrest Warrant in Germany over Torture


Jeremy Scahill: Gina Haspel Should Be Answering for Her Torture Crimes, Not Heading the CIA


Mike Pompeo, Christian Crusader & Koch Brothers Ally, Tapped to Be Trump’s Secretary of State


Congresswoman Confirms Erik Prince Tied to Assassination Program Run Out of Dick Cheney’s Office


Nutrition Action
How a multivitamin could help if you’re taking a common blood-sugar drug



If We Want to Support Refugees, We Need To End the Wars That Create Them
The sanctuary movement needs an anti-war voice
by Azadeh Shahshahani and Maha Hilal


Talking Sense About Immigration
On the necessity of rejecting the president’s Manichaean worldview
by Aviva Chomsky


Turkey’s Privatization of Sugar Factories
by Kubilay Cenk


The Real News Network
US Cowardice Prevents Middle East Peace
A majority of United Nations members support a just resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, but U.S. political cowardice and the influential Israel Lobby thwart it, says veteran UN correspondent Ian Williams

*There’s no integrity to voting for something you know won’t pass. I have to wonder how many nations would do so if a “just resolution” were a distinct possibility, rather than some pallid compromise that would please Abu Mazen and rest of the Palestinian “leadership”.


Elites Impose Education Policies They Would Never Accept for their Children (4/4)
In the final part of our interview with author Noliwe Rooks, we examine some of the reforms that the likes of Betsy DeVos have mandated for poor children but would never be accepted for the wealthy

*The tests of ill wills


by Bonnie T


Republicans Want to Look at Gun Violence in Movies? OK, Let’s Look
by J.F. Sargent

*The bullet pulpit


Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump’s Nominees: Pompeo at State, Haspel at CIA: * Targeting Iran * Torture


Now: “Another Big Bank Bailout”

*Banking on bipartisan blessings


Democracy Now!
Charterize, Privatize, Christianize: The DeVos-Backed Policies That “Gutted” Michigan Public Schools

*In Jesus’ name



Critics of Bayou Bridge Pipeline in Louisiana Decry State & Company Surveillance of Protesters



Angering Organic Farmers and Advocates, Trump’s USDA Kills Animal Welfare Rule
The rule would have “specified a set of standards for organic livestock and poultry designed to minimize stress, facilitate natural behaviors, and promote well-being”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Nebraska Is Illegally Obtaining and Storing Execution Drugs in Defiance of Federal Law
“We all have one more reason to conclude that the state has no business executing human beings”
by Danielle Conrad


The Tide it is a Changin’
Mainstream media starts reporting on the militarization of America’s schools
by Pat Elder


Amnesty International
Bangladesh: International Support for Rohingya Refugees Is Urgently Needed


The Real News Network
Democracy in Crisis: Pseudonymous Sex and Anonymous Experts
As Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels prepare to battle over an NDA, federal prosecutors seek anonymity for expert on “black bloc”
by Baynard Woods


From BDS to the Tamimis, Palestinians Defend Their Rights
The Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah says US-backed Israeli efforts to criminalize the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement and to silence protesters like the Tamimi family are backfiring as Palestinians and their allies fight back


Will Trump Help Saudi Arabia Build a Nuclear Program?
Media reports say the U.S. is considering selling nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia. Analyst Ali al-Ahmed is skeptical, and says Trump has just removed the fig leaf of concern for human rights abuses by the Gulf dictatorship

*A nuclear energy program is preferable to a nuclear weapons program

Expect perhaps for the people in places like Chernobyl and Fukushima who pay the true price for it.


Why the Panic over Korea Peace Talks? (2/2)
As President Trump and Kim Jong-Un agree to historic talks, centrist voices are expressing alarm based on a self-serving and false reading of history, says Timothy Shorrock

*Whatever Killer Clown appears to want, these schmenges will oppose, regardless of the merits of the matter.

Now, what he may actually want is a way to say “We tried. Diplomacy failed. All options are back on the table.”

In which case, he’ll be deemed “Presidential” ™ by these same b*stards, because warmongering is never out of bipartisan style, is it?


Israel Lobby Doesn’t Want Al Jazeera to Spill its Secrets
Qatar is under pressure to bury an undercover Al Jazeera documentary that exposes the Israel Lobby in the US. Asa Winstanley of the Electronic Intifada says the film’s key revelations include the close cooperation between the neocon Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and the Israeli government


Debate: Syria, Ghouta, and the Left
In a complex proxy war that has killed so many, where should leftists and people of conscience stand? Independent journalist Rania Khalek and scholar Yasser Munif debate the ongoing siege of Eastern Ghouta and the wider Syrian war

*I don’t pretend to have some perfect solution to this horror show. I just try to keep my eyes, mind and heart open, with the people of Syria as my focus, and their tormentors – from any side – as my bane.

What serves no valid purpose is what I see as ad hominem attacks on those with whom we disagree, as I feel Munif has engaged in here. I think he has a point in criticizing Khalek’s diminishment of the brutality of the Assad regime and its allies, but that can be made without such vitriol.

His lip service to opposition of US actions, while all but ignoring it in his analysis, strikes me as disingenuous, as well. Khalek could be cited for similar with regard to Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.

All that said, I’d like to think that both seek justice and peace for the people of Syria, and I hope that all others who wish the same can find some way to resolve our differences, and work together to achieve that goal.

Perhaps a forlorn hope, but there it is …


The Threats, Real and Imagined, of Mexico’s Election
by Mark Weisbrot

*I’d amend the penultimate sentence to read “with a chance to win”, as it ignores the Zapatista candidate, Marichuy, although at least one commenter, diogenes, states that her presence “is simply to make their presence felt in the mainstream, as representatives of the excluded. It’s a middle finger.”

Of course, the EZLN are pursuing something beyond “reform”, aren’t they?


Putin, Trump, and the Nuclear Danger (2/2)
As Vladimir Putin unveils new weaponry, MIT Professor Theodore Postol says that the US withdrawal from a key arms control treaty, an increased killing capacity, and Trump’s “dangerous and uninformed” strategy has compounded the nuclear threat


Take Action to End Exploitation at LA’s port
by Omar Alvarez and Dwayne Wilson
Justice for Port Drivers


Tell Coca-Cola the NCAA must #PayThePlayers
by Frank Derry
Color of Change

*Flagrant foul


Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump, Death Penalty and Drug Addiction: What’s at the Root of the Problem?


DeVos’s Record in Michigan

*Choice cuts


‘Modernization’: Media’s Favorite Euphemism for Military Buildup
by Adam Johnson

*Never gonna fall for “modern” love


How Does BEC5 Cream Heal Skin Cancer?
by Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat

*Employ your own best judgment


Hyperthermia Therapy: Using Heat to Help Heal Cancer
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Iodine Deficiency Symptoms (& How to Get Enough Iodine)
by Ty Bollinger



Nearly 800 Quebec Doctors Demand Their Pay Raises Go To Nurses, Improving Healthcare Overall
“These increases are all the more shocking because our nurses, clerks, and other professionals face very difficult working conditions, while our patients live with the lack of access to required services because of the drastic cuts in recent years”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Ahead of Major Protest to Stop Kinder Morgan Pipeline, Company Files Injunction Against Water Protectors
“Kinder Morgan is intimidating environmentalists who are standing up for B.C. against a dirty tar sands pipeline”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


What the Koch Brothers Want Students to Learn About Slavery
The history-teaching wing of the Koch brothers empire is seeking to promote an alternate narrative to slavery
by Adam Sanchez

*A history written in past perfect


Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Protesters Mark 7th Anniversary of Fukushima Disaster

*A disaster we can’t wait to happen again


The Real News Network
Trump’s Monumental Betrayal: Public Antiquities Gutted for Oil Industry
It has been revealed that not only did Trump cut both Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments for industry to access fossil fuels but that the President’s announcement came on the heels of one of the rarest finds of Triassic period fossils in an area now excluded from protection, by Trump’s new monument boundaries


Obama & DeVos: Education Reform Based on ‘Segronomics’ is Doomed to Fail
In Part Four, Noliwe Rooks says data reveals no educational benefit from the billions of stimulus funding poured into schools by the Obama administration and school vouchers championed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

*Getting schooled


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S.-North Korea: Victory for President Moon?

*Is this a set up to prove “Diplomacy doesn’t work”?


Saudi Arabia Using Law Firm Tied to Trump to Lobby U.S. for Nuclear Deal


Democracy Now!
A Step Toward Peace? South Korea Announces Trump Will Meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

*I would say Killer Clown or Kim receiving a Nobel Peace Prize would make an utter mockery of its purported purpose

But I believe that’s already been amply achieved, don’t you?


How an Alabama Town Is Fighting Against Cancerous & Toxic Coal Ash Dumping—No Thanks to Trump’s EPA


Toxic Coal Ash Being Dumped in Puerto Rico, Which Already Suffers Worst Drinking Water in the Nation



Time For Action: Seven Proposals From Sweden For Reducing Sexism and Sexual Violence in the Midst of #MeToo
“OK…now what?”
by Christian Christensen


Afro-Colombian Women Mobilize for Justice and Healing on International Women’s Day
In Colombia, women are demanding an end to the impunity, silence and invisibility that fuel attacks on female human rights defenders
by J.M. Kirby


The Real News Network
Trump’s Tariffs Trade War
The negative reaction to Trump’s tariffs announcement, especially from Republicans and trade partners, has been strong, even prompting the resignation of Trump’s chief economic advisor. Economist and author Heiner Flassbeck discusses possible outcomes


US Misses Putin’s Nuclear Message (1/2)
Russian President Vladimir Putin sparked a wave of U.S. media panic with a speech announcing upgrades to his government’s nuclear arsenal. But MIT professor emeritus and missile technology expert Theodore Postol says the reaction missed the real story

*Putin, like every other leader of a world power, doesn’t give a rat’s ass about “sustainable development for human civilization”, but, like every other sane human being (which excludes at least one other “world leader”), he does care about the incineration of the planet.

You can be a heartless bastard, and still understand when the rest of your body’s at mortal risk.


Will Russiagate Help the Israel Lobby Censor Al Jazeera?
As Qatar faces pressure to suppress an Al Jazeera expose of the Israel lobby, Max Blumenthal and Ali Abunimah discuss how the climate of censorship and fear around Russiagate has empowered those long attacking Palestinian rights

*McCarthy turns in his grave

In anticipation of exhumation


A New Chapter in China-Africa Relations
The political and economic relationship between China and Africa, which has steadily intensified since the ’90s, is very different than the relationships African countries have had with other capitalist powers. China’s own colonial past is a big factor, says Dr. Zhiqun Zhu of Bucknell University

*Well, that was a puff piece with which Beijing would find favor.

Should I expect better from Conway and TRNN?


From Segregation to Black Independent Schools
In Part Three, Noliwe Rooks says after African Americans were faced with nationwide resistance to integration, groups like the Black Panthers created successful models for black education

*It worked

For the wrong people


The Early History of ‘Segronomics’
In Part Two, Noliwe Rooks says wealthy philanthropists first influenced public education for African Americans in the post-reconstruction South

*As she says, Rooks doesn’t delineate the reasons for the withdrawal of federal troops, but I’d speculate that their presence was designed merely to feign support for lasting change, knowing full well what would occur once that protection was removed.

Call it another broken treaty.


Fight for $15
McDonald’s Failed

*Inverting reality along with its logo


Democracy Now!
In Spain, Women Launch Nationwide Feminist Strike Protesting “Alliance of Patriarchy & Capitalism”

*While it’s heartening to hear this emphasis on capitalism as a bane to feminism, isn’t there a contradiction in then calling for more women in corporate leadership positions?

There’s a faulty math there, innit?


On International Women’s Day, Women Declare: Emancipation Comes Through the Rejection of Capitalism

*Re my previous comment

What she said, and I’m glad to hear it.


Eve Ensler on International Women’s Day & Her New One-Woman Play “In the Body of the World”



Schumer Denounced for ‘Absolutely Disgusting’ AIPAC Speech
“At AIPAC, Democrats try to outdo Trump in their devotion to Israel’s oppression of Palestinians”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*A “#Resistance” to common humanity


‘Don’t Be Evil?’: Outrage Over Google’s Secret Program to Bolster Pentagon’s Drone War
“I hadn’t noticed the ‘… but it’s okay to help with drone strikes’ footnote to the ‘don’t be evil’ line in Google’s code of conduct”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams

*From “Don’t Be Evil”

To “Just Do It”


Coast Guard Responders ‘Harmed by Chemicals Used to Clean Up BP’s Spill’
Nearly one million gallons of the dispersant was dropped by air and a further 770,000 gallons injected into the well head to try and disperse in excess of 200 million gallons of oil that was spilt by BP in the Gulf of Mexico
by Andy Rowell


Getting Real About School Safety
Armed adults don’t make kids safer. They put them at greater risk
by Karen Dolan

*It’s not just “conservatives” who are calling for armed guards, is it?

Democrats will pair this with sane approaches to prove their “responsibility”, and be lauded by the corpress for same.

It will be interesting (if that’s the right word) to see how the movement sparked by Parkland survivors reacts to this strategic subterfuge.

I imagine some will be coopted by arguments for “political pragmatism”, and the rest will find themselves no longer a fit subject for the focus of the media spotlight.


Executions Double Under Saudi Crown Prince


The Real News Network
Trump Continues War on Science, Axes Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
The cut is “shocking and unprecedented because it’s extremely unusual,” says Baltimore City Health Director Leana Wen. “I’ve never seen it happen that a grant is terminated without justification when the funds are available”


Bill Prohibits Baltimore From Selling Properties for Unpaid Water Bills
Advocates say that the bill, passed unanimously by the House of Delegates, will help protect elderly minorities who are most affected by tax sales
by Dharna Noor


As Eastern Ghouta Besieged, What is the Answer for Syria? (2/2)
The Syrian government has a license to kill in Eastern Ghouta, and the world is failing to act, says Yasser Munif of Emerson University. But is intervention the answer, and what is to done about the right-wing militants trying to topple Assad?


Violating International Law, Trump Renews Venezuela Sanctions
Trump renewed Obama’s sanctions against Venezuela, declaring it an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to the US, violating international law in the process, says CEPR co-director Mark Weisbrot. Also, the US threatened the main opposition presidential candidate if he doesn’t boycott the upcoming election


West Virginia Teachers Offer a Lesson in Organizing
With a deal reached in the West Virginia teachers strike, there is talk of revived labor activism nationwide. But is the deal fair to all, and will anti-union forces push back? We speak to West Virginia teacher Brendan Muckian-Bates and education scholar Dr. Curry Malott.

*The devils pen the details


Financial Deregulation Bill ‘Guts’ Dodd-Frank
Republican Senators – with 12 Democratic co-sponsors – are pushing through a financial deregulation bill that with dismantle the post-financial crisis Dodd-Frank regulations, in the name of helping community banks. But this is just a pretext, says former financial regulator Bill Black

*A bank shot that puts us behind the eight ball


Media Erase US Role in Syria’s Misery, Call for US to Inflict More Misery
by Gregory Shupak

*One definition of “humanitarian intervention”

Tear drops call for bomb drops


Democracy Now!
After Victorious Strike, W. Virginia Teacher Sends Message to Oklahoma Educators Poised to Walk Out


Nutrition Action
A single bout of food poisoning can have long-lasting consequences



Russiagate and the New Blacklist
It may have been aimed at Trump to start, but it’s become a way of targeting all dissent
by Matt Taibbi

*Omigod … I’m a Russian agent!

Now I know why I have this inexplicable craving for blinis!


Global Justice Ecology Project
More than One Thousand Women Take Over Suzano Pulp & Paper Mill to Protest Genetically Engineered Trees and Eucalyptus Plantations


The Real News Network
Democracy in Crisis: Diarrhea Diaries and Dead Drug Dealers
The dangerous rhetoric and imagery of the “Opioid Crisis”
by Baynard Woods

*The cufflink wearers never get the cuffs


Italian Government in Chaos as Far-Right Parties Surge
Italy’s election on Sunday didn’t produce a clear winner, making the task of negotiating a coalition government particularly challenging. Raffaele Laudani, professor at the University of Bologna, discusses possible outcomes


Netanyahu or Not, Israel is Corrupted (1/2)
Israeli society “lives in denial” more than any other society, says Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy, referring to the suffering the occupation of Palestine causes

*I’d like Levy to explain why he seems to feel that there needed to be the creation of the state of Israel. That occurred after the Holocaust, so does he believe that it was necessary to protect the Jews who emigrated from what he considers the intense hostility of Palestinians and others in the region to their presence?

If so, it strikes me as a rationalization for Israel’s existence, but I’m certainly no expert, so I’d like to hear his defense of it, and Maté’s reaction to same.


As Eastern Ghouta Besieged, What is the Answer for Syria? (1/2)
The Syrian government has a license to kill in Eastern Ghouta, and the world is failing to act, says Yasser Munif of Emerson University. But is intervention the answer, and what is to done about the right-wing militants trying to topple Assad?


Clashes Erupt as White Supremacist Richard Spencer Speaks at Michigan State University
The white supremacist Richard Spencer spoke at Michigan State University after defeating a campaign against his appearance. The Rev. David Alexander Bullock of Change Agent Consortium​ says that Spencer shouldn’t be given a platform to recruit for a violent, racist movement

*As the man said, the “philosophical debate” becomes very real for those with a life and death stake in the outcome, doesn’t it?


Exposing the Risks of Global Finance: Yilmaz Akyuz on ‘Playing with Fire’ (2/2)
South Centre Chief Economist explains the deepened financial integration of the Global South as a mechanism of Northern countries to continue compressing wage income. But the growing and massive accumulation of debt worldwide is making the global economy more vulnerable than ever before

*No, I don’t understand it, but I figure it’s important, so …


Three Generations of Apartheid Schooling
In Part One, author Noliwe Rooks discusses how her family’s experience with apartheid and segregated schooling inspired her to write “Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education”


Social Media and the Rise of the ‘Consistent Liberal’
by Jim Naureckas

*It’s not an “echo chamber” the corpress objects to

It’s their own lack of reverb within it


Institute for Public Accuracy
Missing in Trade Debate


Democracy Now!
Lori Wallach and Michael Hudson Debate Trump’s Plan to Impose Steel & Aluminum Tariffs



‘Needless and Ideologically-Driven Cruelty’: Arkansas to Become First State to Implement Trump’s Assault on Medicaid
“In a very real sense, health coverage for millions of Americans who rely on Medicaid could be at risk under the agenda Trump is advancing”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


Shrouded in Darkness, Just Four People Gave $30 Million to Pro-Trump Group in 2016
Tax return of dark money group shows that just a handful of individual gifts fueled a multi-million-dollar slush fund for far-right forces
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Powerful Global Spy Alliance You Never Knew Existed
by Ryan Gallagher
The Intercept


Oil Market Fears: War, Default And Nuclear Weapons
by Nick Cunningham

*”[D]emocratic institutions” translates as the “ability to pass regulatory ‘reforms'” in the oiligarchy’s worldview, don’t it just?


Viola Carofalo: “We are the voice of an Italy that nobody talks about”
Interview with Viola Carofalo, national representative and presidential candidate of the new left-wing movement
by Michele Caltagirone
The Dawn News

*A voice “left” out


Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: Marking the Anniversary of a Disaster in Iraq
For my part, I think it’s important to try to remember all of it, to remember as much as we can reasonably hold in our hearts and minds
by Claudia Lefko


West Virginia Frontier Communications Workers on Strike
“What business wants is to hire one half of the working class to kill the other half”
by Russell Mokhiber


The Real News Network
New UN Report Examines Challenges to Sustainable Development in a Warming World
Prof. Petra Tschakert, lead author of a new UN report, explains that climate change adaptation can undermine sustainable development


Daniel Ellsberg Pays Tribute to Katharine Gun, Marking 15 Years Since Her Courageous Leak of NSA Memo
Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg recorded this statement in February 2018, shortly before the 15th anniversary of when the Observer newspaper published the explosive March 2, 2003 story “US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war” — based on a leak by GCHQ linguist and analyst Katharine Gun. RootsAction and ExposeFacts produced this story

*Pray your conscience is faster than your fear


Exposing the Risks of Global Finance: Peter Dittus on ‘Playing with Fire’ (1/2)
Former BIS chief, author of ‘Revolution Required’, praises the insights of Akyuz’s book ‘Playing with Fire’, notably in uncovering the current state of financial fragility triggered by the G7, worsened by the absence of international mechanisms to recover from systemic debt fall-outs


Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (4/4)
In Part Four, author Noliwe Rooks and Dwight Draughon examine real solutions to educational apartheid


Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (3/4)
In Part Three, former Teach for America corp member Dwight Draughon says sending inexperienced college graduates to teach in high-need schools will not bring transformative change


Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (2/4)
In Part Two, author Noliwe Rooks says the privatization movement seeks to profit from educational apartheid under the guise of education reform


Israel’s Deepening Involvement in the Syrian War
Israel has recently been intensifying air strikes and the arming of anti-government forces in Syria, some of which are close to Al Qaeda. Professor As’ad AbuKhalil explains how Israel’s activity in Syria is part of a larger pattern of its overall foreign policy engagement around the world

*Opposition to oppression is an indivisible entity


Baltimore Councilman Compares Tax Break to ‘Tropical Fruit That I Can’t Pronounce’
The glib remark came during a serious debate over the real cost of tax breaks to developers as the city moves forward with new incentives while state analysts warn the final price tag of these expansive private subsidies is unknown
by Stephen Janis and Taya Graham


T ake I t F rom



Join The Dots Ep 5 – The Air We Breathe
In this episode of Join The Dots, Real Media discusses the health effects of and possible solutions to air pollution as London breaks its annual air pollution limit in just the first month of 2018

*Even if there were no such thing as climate change, isn’t this enough to awaken us from our stultifyingly stupid stupor?


Institute for Public Accuracy
What’s in Al Jazeera’s Film on Israel Lobby?


Democracy Now!
“People Have Just Had Enough”: West Virginia Teachers Continue Historic Strike into Eighth Day

*When our backs are bolstered

Our spines stiffen


U.K. University Workers Enter Week 3 of Strike Against Pension Cuts & “Marketization” of Higher Ed


From Coal Miners to Teachers: West Virginia Continues to Lead Radical Labor Struggle in the U.S.


Are beets a circulation superfood?
by Caitlin Dow



‘Such a Fortunate Coincidence’: Trump Ally Carl Icahn Ditched Steel Stocks Before Tariffs Made Public
“Hmmm, is this a coincidence or did Trump confidant Carl Icahn have insider information?”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


What Does Research That NRA Doesn’t Want Funded Show? That Gun Restrictions Save Lives
A new non-partisan study offers some of the most complete analysis of gun policies in decades—but the effort was frequently hamstrung by the NRA’s stifling of gun control research
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Will Lawmakers Again Make Schools The Sacrificial Lamb For Gun Control?
The media’s big lie is that “we’ve done nothing” to address school shootings that continue to plague the nation, when really we’ve just done the wrong things
by Jeff Bryant

*The cure can be worse than the disease

But what about when the cure is the disease?


Teen Solidarity Against the Merchants of Death
The outrage now directed toward the National Rifle Association should also challenge all assaults made by the U.S. military
by Kathy Kelly

*Common cause to overcome common carnage


#ArmMeWith Solidarity Against the NRA and Militarizing Our Schools
When we say we oppose access to weapons like the AR-15, we truly mean everyone, including the police
by Jesse Hagopian and Jessie Muldoon


Fight for $15
McDonald’s Workers to NLRB: Let the Judge Decide
Days after the NLRB reverses critical employment decision, cooks, cashiers protest, demanding halt to settlement talks in groundbreaking workers’ rights case


Groundwater Monitoring Reveals Widespread Radioactivity at Duke Energy Coal Plants​
Data shows high levels of radioactivity at 11 of 18 plants


The Real News Network
In a Blow to Transparency, Maryland Courts Remove Police Officer Info From Database
The Maryland Judiciary removed all information about police officers from its searchable database as the new Baltimore Police commissioner pledges transparency in the wake of a vast corruption scandal, causing outrage among attorneys, journalists, and advocates for transparency
by Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg

*The “thin blue line” behind the thick black curtain


Canadian Logger Intensifies Persecution of Greenpeace and Stand.Earth
“They have nothing to go on,” says Todd Paglia, executive director of Stand.Earth, one of the defendants in the case filed by Resolute Forest Products, who had previously filed a case that was dismissed under anti-SLAPP legislation


Brazil’s Military Takeover in Rio Sparks Authoritarian Fears
Deeply unpopular Brazilian President Michel Temer issued a decree to put the military in charge of security in Rio de Janeiro instead of police, dubiously claiming the purpose is to crack down on crime. But many Brazilians worry that it’s the first stage in a return to military rule, explains journalist Brian Mier

*Burying the past

To exhume it


How Did Communist China Become a Capitalist Superpower?
In his new book, “Competing Economic Paradigms in China,” Steve Cohn examines how China’s economic policy went from Maoist to “iron rice bowl” to neoliberal

*For those in power, ideology is a servant, not a master


Electric Power Companies Top the List of Greenhouse Gas Emitters
The top three companies on the newest edition of PERI’s Greenhouse 100 Index are all electric power generators, and they’re responsible for a full five percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, says researcher Michael Ash


The Black Disinvestment Crisis: From Dayton, OH to Baltimore, MD (1/2)
In the first of our three part series on the dismantling of West Dayton, a predominantly African-American Community, TRNN talks to Professor Lawrence Brown and activists about how the national move to gentrify cities has left existing black communities vulnerable to disinvestment
by Stephen Janis and Taya Graham


Institute for Public Accuracy
Illegal West Virginia Wildcat Strike Continues


MSNBC’s Big Names Completely Ignore West Virginia Teachers Strike
by Adam Johnson

*Actual “#Resistance”?

Eh …



After Being Told He’s ‘Full of Sh*t’ at School Event, Mnuchin Demands UCLA Suppress Video
In addition to being called out on his “plutocratic BS,” students in attendance attacked the Treasury chief’s record of foreclosing on tens of thousands of Americans
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Toto, we’re not on cable news anymore


The Russians Aren’t The Only Election Hackers
The US has interfered in elections all over the world — and this Russian ‘crisis’ is a big deal about very little
by Reese Erlich

*Yankee disingenuity


CRA “Reform” Is an Attack on Communities of Color
At a time of record profits for banks and record wealth and income inequality in the U.S., a strong CRA is critical to reaching economic equity for the working class and people of color
by Sharon Velasquez


The Real News Network
Capital Flight From Africa: How the Poor Finance the Rich
A new World Bank report comparing economic growth among different regions in the world ignores key factors in addressing wealth and inequality in Africa–particularly the wealth that is stashed offshore in developed countries, says economist and author Leonce Ndikumana


As Colombia’s Presidential Campaign Heats Up, Peace Accord Frays
Colombia’s former rebel group FARC suspended its presidential campaign because political violence in Colombia continues unabated. Meanwhile, leftist candidate Gustavo Petro is pulling ahead in the crowded presidential race, explains Prof. Mario Murillo


Defying Union Leadership, West Virginia Teachers Return to the Picket Lines
Striking teacher Jay O’Neal says the rank and file rejected a deal struck between union leaders and governor Jim Justice because it lacked concrete action on skyrocketing healthcare costs

*Not willing to be “led” on


Eddie Conway: ‘It’s Not Mass Incarceration, It’s Targeted’
Prisons aren’t “correctional” facilities, because they have no interest in correcting anything; the multibillion-dollar prison industry is interested in profits, and institutional racism keeps the money flowing, says TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway


US Efforts to Sabotage Venezuelan Elections Intensify
The presidential election in Venezuela is now being derailed by the threat of a U.S. oil embargo and the opposition coalition’s call for a boycott. A strong opposition challenger to President Maduro is running anyway


Institute for Public Accuracy
Postol: U.S. Policies Driving Putin Nuclear Statements


Top NYT Editor: ‘We Are Pro-Capitalism, the Times Is in Favor of Capitalism’
Well, that settles that.
by Adam Johnson

*So what would be the odds of encountering an honest to godless socialist (you know, one who doesn’t append an adjective to “capitalism” before condemning it) upon such hallowed ground?


Media Parroting ‘$1000 Bonus!’ Stories Helped Give Trump’s Tax Cuts Majority Support
by Adam Johnson

*Let them eat crumb cake


Democracy Now!
“Freakishly Warm” Arctic Weather Has Scientists Reconsidering Worst-Case Scenarios on Climate Change


Cancer-Causing Toxins Lurking in Household Cleaning Products
by Ty Bollinger

*The dirty truth behind “cleaning”


February 2018



Despite Major Public Opposition, EU Reportedly Set to Approve Bayer-Monsanto #MergerFromHell
“A merged Bayer-Monsanto would be relentless in its pursuit of putting corporate profits over the protection of small farms—eventually driving up prices for consumers”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Separation of Church and State Starts With Kicking Billy Graham Out of the Rotunda
Graham, a champion of war, whispered into the ears of presidents and emboldened their villainy
by Pat LaMarche

*Speaking ill of the deadly


What Could a Left Presidency Look Like in Mexico?
by Ryan Mallett-Outtrim


China’s dilemma: Balancing support for militants with struggle against political violence
by James M. Dorsey


Amnesty International – USA
Afghanistan: Civilian Lives Must Be At The Heart Of The Kabul Process


The Real News Network
West Virginia Teachers Strike Redefines Teacher Unionism
Every public school in the state is closed for a fourth day as thousands of teachers demand better pay, pensions, and healthcare. TRNN speaks to Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association, and union activist Lois Weiner


California Dems Reject Sen. Feinstein, Open Path for Progressive Candidate
Long-serving Senator Dianne Feinstein failed to receive the endorsement of the California Democratic Party, signaling a shift in the state’s politics towards a more progressive alternative

*As much as I’m glad to see an avatar of everything godawful about the Democratic Party hopefully handed her walking papers, and as much as I support universal healthcare as a human right, I’d caution placing either de León or Newsom on any pedestal based on their positions on this issue, and I’d damn sure be wary of any “pragmatic” backsliding on their part even in this area.


How Powerful is the NRA?
The NRA’s influence in Washington doesn’t come from spending money directly on elections; it comes from the organization’s ability to mobilize its vast and extremely engaged membership, says Benjamin McKean of Ohio State University


Chicago Media Help Sheriff Exploit Post-Parkland Gun Fears to Expand Pretrial Punishment
by Sarah Lazare


Institute for Public Accuracy
NRA’s “Boondoggle” — CMP: Government-Backed Program Teaches Kids to Shoot Guns at School; Sells Weapons


Democracy Now!
Cruel & Unconstitutional: ACLU Denounces SCOTUS Ruling Approving Indefinite Immigrant Detention

*Still “yearning to breathe free”


Nutrition Action
Veggie secrets! 5 benefits you may not know



NYT Editor Insists the Paper Has No Ideology…Except Being ‘Pro-Capitalism’
“There may be a connection between the NYT editorial page editor saying ‘we are pro-capitalism’ and the NYT having no Sanders backers on staff”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams

*The Times is pro capitalism?!

The Vatican is pro Catholic?!


My Kid Doesn’t Need Permission To Walk Out
He was following the lessons of his history books ― and what I believe is our best American tradition for change
by Jeff Biggers


The Real News Network
Remembering Bea Gaddy, a Champion for the Homeless in Baltimore
Bea Gaddy (1933-2001) fed thousands of Baltimore’s homeless and hungry


Privatizing US Foreign Policy
Billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s offer to pay for moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem represents the privatization of US foreign policy, says Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies


The End of Public Sector Unions?
An impending Supreme Court ruling on public sector union fees could mean spell their end as the last remaining bastion of unionization in the US, says Bill Fletcher, Jr.

*Solidarity is a two way street that much of union “leadership” rarely travels


Democracy Now!
Modern-Day Redlining: Banks Face Probes for Refusing Home Loans for People of Color


Let’s Move Our Money: Penn. Lawmaker Demands Action Against Banks Practicing Racist Redlining



Guns and Liberty
Guns do not protect us from tyranny. They are an instrument of tyranny.
by Chris Hedges

*When I hold you in my arms
And I feel my finger on your trigger
I know nobody can do me no harm

Because happiness is a warm gun


National Nurses United
RNs Warn of Threat to Patient Care as Court Begins To Hear Corporate Attack on Workers, Union Rights


Center for Biological Diversity
New Global Study: Wildlife-Harming Neonicotinoid Pesticides Generally Fail to Increase Crop Yields
Sustainable Pest-control Strategies Are Cheaper, More Effective


Center for Biological Diversity
California Court Ruling Ends Decades of State Pesticide Spraying
Judge Strips State Food Agriculture Agency of Authority to Use Chemicals

*Turning a blue state green


The Real News Network
Militarizing Schools, Criminalizing Students
Since 1999, 10,000 additional police officers have been placed at schools, with no impact on violence. Meanwhile, about one million students have been arrested for acts previously punishable by detention or suspension, and black students are three times more likely to be arrested than their white peers, says policy analyst Samuel Sinyangwe

*Like militarism in every other context, expect this to be an exemplar of “bipartisanship”.


Oxfam Prostitution Scandal in Haiti Deepens Suspicions of Other NGOs
The sexual misconduct scandal involving Oxfam in Haiti further deepens Haitians’ suspicions of NGOs, which have already contributed to the profound neoliberalization of Haitian society, explains Haiti Liberte’s Kim Ives

*”We’re here to help”



IMF’s Structural Adjustment Programs Weaken States They Aim to Strengthen
A new paper from the Political Economy Research Institute discusses how the IMF’s programs undermine the ability of governments in developing countries to properly govern


Why Is the FBI Targeting ‘Black Identity Extremists?’
Eugene Puryear and Eddie Conway say there is no reason the FBI should be focusing on so-called “black identity extremists” when white supremacists commit so many acts of terror

*When it comes to the ironically labeled “Democrats”, how many “progressives” – you know, those “fighting for the soul of the party” – are doing other than paying lip service, if that, to this issue?

I don’t hear an earnest hue and cry from Saint Bernard and company here, do you?


Gun Control will Not Cure a Society that Produces Monstrous Behavior
Historian Gerald Horne and host Paul Jay agree – while strong gun control is necessary, it’s not enough to keep schools and communities safe; we must change the unequal and decaying society that produces so much psychosis

*The “bad seeds” grow in toxic soil, and the poison peddlers profit off its perversion


Former CIA Director Admits to US Foreign Meddling, Laughs About It
The U.S. government has overthrown dozens of governments and rigged numerous foreign elections, and former CIA Director James Woolsey finds this funny

*If it doesn’t reek of hypocrisy

Can you truly claim it to be “one of our sacred values”?


‘The United States Is Driving a Wedge Between the Two Koreas’
CounterSpin interview with Christine Hong about US/Korean history
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
SC Janus Case: Culmination of Prolonged “Attempt to Kill Public-Sector Unions”


Democracy Now!
As Students Demand Gun Control, Arms Manufacturers Continue Targeting “Next Generation of Shooters”

*Teach your children hell


Lee Fang: Billionaire Koch Brothers Have Extracted “Laundry List” of Victories from Trump Admin


Six Months After Harvey, Environmental Justice & Climate Change Absent from Houston’s Recovery Plans


One out of three U.S. adults have prediabetes
Nine out of ten of them don’t know it
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action



Heeding Calls By Gun Control Advocates, National Companies Cut Ties With NRA
The nation’s largest privately-owned bank, a major security software company, and three rental car companies have all ended their relationships with the gun lobby
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Will these leopards’ spots change back if the NRA calls for a boycott?


Drawing lines: A review of Renate Klein’s ‘Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation’
by Robert Jensen


Courage to Resist
Tell the Feds: End Draft Registration


Can South Korea’s Leader End Trump’s North Korea Crisis?
by Gareth Porter


The Real News Network
Employers Steal $15B From Low Wage Workers Each Year
Millions of workers are paid less than the minimum wage, thanks to the erosion of federal labor protection. We talk to David Cooper of the Economic Policy Institute


God and Guns – The Fanatical Faith of the NRA
NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said in a speech to CPAC “There is no greater personal individual freedom than the right to keep and bear arms . . . It’s not bestowed by man, but granted by God”. Historian Gerald Horne and host Paul Jay discuss the origins of the religious fervor underlying the NRA’s defense of gun rights

*Praise the Lord and pass the profitable ammunition


What Netanyahu’s Growing Corruption Scandal Means for the Region
As a top aide agrees to cooperate against Benjamin Netanyahu, Phyllis Bennis warns that the Israeli Prime Minister’s domestic corruption case could lead him to ramp up threats to Iran and other rivals


For 2018, Top Democrats Follow the Big Money
Heading into the 2018 midterms, Democratic leaders are favoring corporate-friendly candidates — even though Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign showed them a different path, Aaron Mate reports

*For honest reporters, “Follow the money” is an article of faith

The same holds true for disingenuous DNCistas


Petition update
Protect Drivers from the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide: Pass Savannah’s Law
Heading to the Governor desk to be signed into law
by John Bettis


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Biowarfare in North Korea Charges: Long-Suppressed Report Finally Accessible


Democracy Now!
Masha Gessen: Did a Russian Troll Farm’s Inflammatory Posts Really Sway the 2016 Election for Trump?

*If this was the work of the Kremlin, it would seem to fall under the category of “psyops”, which the US has been a past master of for decades, and which the Russians clearly are not, at least in this instance, judging by its truly risible implementation.

Given such, why even do it? That question really isn’t answered here, is it?


“The Young Karl Marx”: Raoul Peck on New Film Examining How Marx Developed Critique of Capitalism


Florida Gunman Nikolas Cruz Knew How to Use a Gun, Thanks to the NRA and the U.S. Army

*From lambs to slaughterers



The 9/11 Hijackers Were Iraqis, Right?
Teaching in a time of wars
by Rebecca Gordon

*Those who do not know the past

Are condemned to continue it


The Big Pharma Family that Brought Us the Opioid Crisis
Who will bring to justice the billionaires who have profited so royally from addiction?
by Sam Pizzigati

*A war on drugs waged against the poor

A war of drugs waged against the populace


Conservative Riders Would Unleash More Big Money In Politics
Given the fact that most Americans know that too much money in the political system is disrupting our democracy, it’s no wonder conservative lawmakers are trying to sneak these provisions through
by Rachel Curley


Canadian Company Threatens NAFTA Investor-State Challenge Over Washington State Legislation Against Fish Farms
The Council of Canadians supports a ban on all fish farms
by Brent Patterson


Red Cloud’s Revolution: Oglalla Sioux Freeing Themselves From Fossil Fuel
“People don’t like being on the grid here,” Red Cloud says, “because they’ve been coexisting with the earth – the sun, the wind – for most of their history”
by Saul Elbein


Violence Policy Center
Violence Policy Center Backgrounder: Arm Teachers? The Facts Argue Against It


The New York Immigration Coalition
Coalition, Legal Aid Society Release Groundbreaking New Study on Immigrant Access to Legal Services in NY
Criminal carve out in NYC funding creates serious impediments


The Real News Network
Baltimore’s Metro Shutdown Underscores City’s Transportation Problem (2/2)
In the second part of his interview with Lisa Snowden McCray, Councilman Ryan Dorsey talks about how creating a more bike-friendly and walkable city not only improves public health but also boosts employment and small-business growth

*Putting the common good in the fast lane


Black Queer & Intersectional Columbus
Minimal Sentencing for the #BlackPride4

*Sealing the silo



Billy Graham: An Old Soldier Fades Away
Billy Graham was a preacher man equally intent on saving souls and soliciting financial support for his ministry. His success at the former is not subject to proof and his success at the latter is unrivaled
by Cecil Bothwell

*The fearsome profit for a false prophet


Haiti’s Latest Indignity At The Hands Of Dogooders
Oxfam’s sex scandal
by Mark Schuller

*Who bears “the white man’s burden”?


The Real News Network
Improving Baltimore’s Schools Will Take More Than Just Money
Baltimore’s schools need to be fundamentally transformed, says Lawrence Grandpre of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, and meaningful change requires focusing on the needs of black parents and community members


Safe Streets in America’s ‘Most Dangerous City’
Baltimore is experiencing a slight dip in homicides, thanks in part to Safe Streets, a mediation-based program to end violence. But law-and-order Republicans are pushing back against community-based solutions


Saudi Arabia’s Unholy Alliance with Israel
Scholar As’ad AbuKhalil says Saudi Arabia is a strategic partner of the U.S. and Israel, promoting Zionism though its powerful media while increasing its hostility to Iran


Can Trump’s Neocons Exploit Russiagate? (2/2)
However much Russiagate may annoy Trump personally, administration officials like H.R. McMaster are seizing on it to advance a militarist agenda at home and abroad. Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss

*Lovable spooks and loathsome spooking


Institute for Public Accuracy
Real Black Panthers — Not the Disney Movie — Were Actually Targeted by the CIA

*Paint it black

And let the whitewash flow


Painting an Israeli Attack on Syria as Israeli ‘Retaliation’
by Gregory Shupak


Democracy Now!
“Orgies While People Are Dying”: How Charity Oxfam Allowed Sex Abuse in Ailing Countries Like Haiti


Edwidge Danticat: I Hope Oxfam Sex Scandal in Haiti Is a #MeToo Moment for Aid Organizations

*Would it be cynical to say that many of those in positions of power expressing outrage and demanding “accountability” over this horror knew it was happening, or knew enough to investigate it? Grandstanding now doesn’t absolve them of responsibility for not acting then.

And yes, Oxfam and every other guilty organization should be defunded and stripped of their assets, and a good faith effort made to place those funds in the hands of those in country with a proven record of integrity, with the overarching aim of developing community based programs accountable to the people in need of services.


Inside the U.S. Military Recruitment Program That Trained Nikolas Cruz to Be “A Very Good Shot”

*Imprinting the impressionable



Research Exposes $16 Billion Bottled Water Industry’s Predatory Marketing Practices
The industry spends billions of dollars per year convincing Americans that bottled water is safer than tap—even though more than two-thirds of the product comes from municipal water sources
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Alaska’s Bering Sea Lost a Third of Its Ice in Just 8 Days
by Sabrina Shankman
Inside Climate News


Canada Needs A Progressive National Food Policy
Reinstate the prison farm system and support family farmers.
by Lois Ross


Day and Night in Kabul
by Ken Hannaford Ricardi


Valentine’s Day pinpoints limits of Saudi prince’s Islamic reform effort
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
Is Russia a Threat?
Alleged election-meddling aside, there is a great deal of exaggeration of Russia’s power and its threat to the U.S., says author and scholar Vijay Prashad

*Not a whole lotta boogie in the boogey man


Why is a Russian Troll Farm Being Compared to 9/11?
Robert Mueller’s charges against 13 Russians and their troll farm for “information warfare” against the U.S. has prompted comparisons to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Max Blumenthal breaks down the indictment and the overblown reaction

*Anyone afeared of “The Red” … um, sorry … “The Russian Menace” should take comfort in the fact that they’re about as skilful at subterfuge as Elmer Fudd, if one accepts the nefarious narrative on offer from The Intelligence Community ™.


Baltimore’s Metro Shutdown Underscores City’s Transportation Problem (1/2)
In a high-crime city like Baltimore, transportation is often overlooked, but Councilman Ryan Dorsey says creating more equitable and accessible transit throughout Baltimore would have a huge impact on the city, particularly in neighborhoods that have been historically disenfranchised or “redlined”

*Fine piece on issues rarely discussed


Institute for Public Accuracy
Shooter Cruz, JROTC and the NRA

*I’m not holding my breath for “progressive” reps in Congress to do diddley about this, are you?



NYPD Case Calls Attention to ‘Consent Defense’ That Can Be Used by Officers Accused of Rape in 35 States
“It should be clear across the state for officers from every department, that when someone is in custody they do not have the ability to consent to sexual activity”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Where Does #MeToo Start?
Teaching methods frequently cast boys as active or dominant, and girls as passive or submissive — stereotypes that normalize the power dynamics that lead to abuse and harassment
by Galen Sherwin


China’s step into the maelstrom of the Middle East
The Middle East has a knack for sucking external powers into its conflicts. China’s ventures into the region have shown how difficult it is to maintain its principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states.
by James M Dorsey


The Real News Network
President Ramaphosa: From Militant Revolutionary to Corporate Magnate
The ANC’s revolutionary leadership became low level allies of international capital and of all forms of exploitation of the working peoples of Southern Africa, says scholar Horace G. Campbell

*If any nation’s ordeal is an object lesson in placing personality before principle, it is South Africa.

Most “progressives” in the US, of all races, preferred the fairy tale of The Great Mandela leading “his people” to freedom over the reality of his and the ANC’s betrayal of them, and any concern over the current situation is somehow separated from that, as if the former was not the precipitant of the latter.

New or old, “boss” is a four letter word.


A New ‘Cancer Alley’ for Appalachia
The Trump administration, the Chinese government, and major petrochemical companies are moving forward with a new multi-billion dollar petrochemical hub in Appalachia, which would become one of the largest in the US. The project raises concerns about the environmental and health impact and suffers from serious conflict of interest problems. Steve Horn reports


Colombian Peace Agreement with FARC on the Brink of Collapse
The peace agreement that the government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia signed last year is on the verge of collapse because violence against social leaders and against former FARC fighters continues unabated. We talk to Empire Files’ Mike Prysner who was in Colombia recently


Philippine War on Drugs a Cover for President Duterte’s Fascism?
President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is waging an all-out war on drugs and drug addicts, with as many as 12,000 killed since it started in mid 2016. With backing from the Trump administration, Duterte is also using this war to crack down on leftist rebels and other critics


Israeli Strikes in Egypt Kept Secret for Years
Over a hundred bombings and invasions did not weaken ISIS in Sinai


Do Russiagate Skeptics Go Too Far?
As top intelligence officials warn of Russian meddling in the upcoming mid-terms, John Feffer of Lobelog and Foreign Policy in Focus joins TRNN’s Aaron Mate to discuss Feffer’s new article arguing that some progressive critics are going too far in dismissing the Russiagate narrative

*The Russian gummint, like most all others, will be opportunistic in attempting to weaken its rivals. To extrapolate from that some grand scheme to disrupt US politics, given the funds and the personnel supposedly dedicated to such, just doesn’t compute in my calculations.

I don’t dismiss some of Feffer’s points, but I think he takes some thin gruel to posit a full meal deal of Russian subversion.

The overarching takeaway is to keep all this in perspective – to understand who benefits from this Russia to judgment, and to be mindful of the stakes extant in yielding to this hysteria.

That said, it was refreshing to see both Maté and Feffer assert their arguments without rancor and disrespectful dismissiveness. You can never have too many “adults in the room”

Or the studio.


The Return of Berlusconi: Can A Fractured Left Defeat Him?
Uncertainty reigns as Italy gears up for an election on March 4, with most observers saying it will end with a hung parliament. University of Bologna Professor Raffaele Laudani discusses the election’s unpredictability, the weakening of the left, and Silvio Berlusconi’s political comeback


Guns, Toxic Masculinity, and the Alt-Right
The FBI has confirmed it failed to act on a tip about Nikolas Cruz, the confessed shooter in the Florida high school massacre. Author David Neiwert says the shooting underscores the dangerous combination of toxic masculinity, guns, and radicalized scapegoating


WSJ’s Epic Distortion of Colombian and Venezuelan Refugees
by Joe Emersberger


Institute for Public Accuracy
“13 Russian” Indictment

*If those rascally Russkies did do anything, we don’t got diddley to fear from them, as their supposed “subversion” has all the sophistication of a porno script, don’t it just?


Democracy Now!
Five Months After Maria, San Juan Mayor Decries “Disaster Capitalism” & Privatization in Puerto Rico

*Starving the prey to feed the predators


San Juan Mayor Calls for End to Puerto Rico’s Colonial Status Amid Slow Hurricane Maria Recovery


The Safest Estrogen Foods for Reducing Breast Cancer Risk (video)
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Why small amounts of weight gain shouldn’t go unchecked
Even an extra 5 to 20 pounds over time matters
by Bonnie Liebman
Nutrition Action



Warnings Mount That Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Will Make It Harder to Fight Pipelines
The president’s proposal “could be a significant blow to the slew of protesters who spent years agitating against the Keystone XL pipeline and more recently the Dakota Access one”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


In Win for Reproductive Rights, New Jersey Votes to Reverse Christie’s Planned Parenthood Cuts
“Everyone deserves the freedom and opportunity to control their lives at the most basic level, including access to birth control, quality sex education, and safe, legal abortion”
by Jake Johnson, staff writer
Common Dreams


We Are Drowning In Plastic, and Fracking Companies Are Profiting
Plastic production wreaks havoc on people and the planet—from fracking wells and pipelines in Pennsylvania, to air pollution from plastic plants in Scotland
by Wenonah Hauter


Amnesty International – USA
As USS Cole Trial Shuts Down, Amnesty Calls to End All Military Commissions

*Court of lost resort


Violence Policy Center
Backgrounder on Smith & Wesson M&P15 Assault Rifle Used in Mass Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida

*Making a killing making killing easier


The Real News Network
The Free Market Threat to Democracy
Democratic institutions are not under stress–they’re under aggressive attack, as unconstrained financial greed overrides democratic decisions, says economist John Weeks

*Useful analysis provided by Weeks, but again, as with the segment with Ackerman on Mexico, I see a problem with presenting promoters of “progressive icons” such as Obrador, Sanders, Corbyn or (somebody’s god help me) Warren, and the deafening silence of the absence of anyone critiquing their contradictions.

The question is whether we want to be holistically informed on policies and personas, or simply pull them off the shelf, and proceed to cheerlead for those we pick.

I think history shows the latter to be a path leading to deep disappointment for those of us who see a dignified life for every person on this planet as the prime directive.


Media Embrace New ‘Reform’ Group as Bulwark Against Guaranteed Healthcare
by Justin Anderson

*The “Third Way” is always a detour to a dead end


Democracy Now!
White Supremacy, Patriarchy and Guns: FL Shooter Had Record of Death Threats, Violence Against Women

*White flight from scrutiny



Emotional Student Victims Lash Out at ‘Piece of Shit’ Trump in Wake of Latest School Massacre
“We did everything that we were supposed to do…Our government, our country has failed us and failed our kids and didn’t keep us safe”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


‘Shame’: 12 Democrats Join With House GOP to Attack Americans With Disabilities Act
“I want us to remember there’s a distinct set of people who made this happen. Lobbyists for shopping malls and hotels and their money. Plus, of course, the reps who wanted that money.”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


#FreeDennis: 300+ Students Stage Walkout After Texas Teen Detained by ICE
“Today it could be Dennis, tomorrow it could be us,” said one of the student organizers
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Wars No One Notices
Talking to a demobilized country
by Stephanie Savell

*What if they gave a war

And nobody noticed?


Net Neutrality Politics Is Local
“All politics is local,” the late House Speaker Tip O’Neill famously said
by Timothy Karr


The Real News Network
Florida Shooter Trained with Neo-Nazi Militia and Wore MAGA Hats, Fascist Group’s Leader Claims
The leader of the white supremacist fascist militia Republic of Florida said Nikolas Cruz, the suspected shooter who gunned down students at a Florida high school, was a member of his fascist organization
by Ben Norton


Climate Change Costs Insurance Companies Billions, And Price is Rising
Insurance claims due to climate change-related disasters reached a record $135 billion in 2017. That should be a big wake-up call to the insurance industry, says Carbon Tracker CEO Anthony Hobley


Netanyahu Could Fall for Corruption, Not War Crimes
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political future is in jeopardy, but his most serious crimes have nothing to do with the corruption charges that he may face, says Shir Hever


Zuma’s Catastrophic Presidency Ends in Forced Resignation
South African President Jacob Zuma resigned under intense pressure from his political party, the ANC, which ordered him to step down or face a no-confidence vote. Zuma has had a disastrous effect on South Africa’s nascent democracy, but a surging counter movement gives reason for hope, says Vishwas Satgar of Wits University


Max Blumenthal in Gaza: Netanyahu Faces Scandal, Palestinians a Crisis
Reporting from the Gaza Strip, journalist and best-selling author Max Blumenthal says Netanyahu’s domestic corruption case has not even registered with a besieged Palestinian population under Israeli blockade


Petition update
Good news: no news of a 2018 contest in Marshall, MN
by Scott Slocum


Institute for Public Accuracy
A Disarming History of the Second Amendment


Are Mass Shootings in U.S. Blowback from its Perpetual Wars?


Democracy Now!
Republican Lawmakers Refuse to Adopt Gun Control Despite 200 School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

*The right to remain violent


Kept Out: Banks Across U.S. Caught Systematically Rejecting People of Color for Home Loans



Corbyn’s Labour Party Unveils Plan to Make UK ‘World Leader on Animal Welfare’
“No animal should be treated cruelly or made to suffer unnecessary pain”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


As More Americans Rely on Charity to Pay Medical Bills, Local Seattle News Station Buys and Forgives $1 Million of Debt
KIRO-TV worked with a New York-based charity to buy the medical debt of 1,000 Seattle-area residents
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Scientists: Window for avoiding 1.5C global warming ‘closed’
World is almost certain to breach danger threshold for millions of vulnerable people, study finds
by Megan Darby
Climate Change News


11 takeaways from the draft UN report on a 1.5C global warming limit
UN draft report says missing 1.5C warming target will multiply hunger, migration and conflict, but staying under will require unprecedented global cooperation
by Megan Darby
Climate Home News

*There’s no time like the present

Because there may be no time like the future


What Is the Price of Love?
Rich people are “less likely than poorer people to exhibit flexibility, empathy, and all the other traits” that lead to healthy, long-term relationships
by Sam Pizzigati

*Love Me (Legal) Tender


Yes, Replacing Food Stamps With a Blue Apron-Style Delivery System Is As Bad As It Sounds
The president sees his own wealth as the chief validator of his societal worth, and believes it makes him perfectly qualified to make choices about how low-income people live their lives
by Mara Pellittieri

*A feeding frenzy of sociopathy


Amnesty International – USA
Hungary: New Law Poses Existential Threat To NGOs


The Real News Network
Leftist Hopeful’s Lead Signals Upheaval for Mexico
Leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador enjoys a double-digit lead in Mexico’s presidential race despite an active smear campaign against him. A tactical alliance between divided leftist groups might still be possible, says John Ackerman

*I’d have like to have seen some substantial discussion of the Zapatista critique of Obrador, but I suppose that would be asking too much from one of his boosters.

I’m always leery of glowing endorsements of “progressive icons”, and I think an empirical assessment of same gives me good reason.

Always place your principles before pleasing personalities.


Abolish the statute of limitations on sex crimes in Washington State
by Christina-Marie Wright

*The pain remains

So should the chance for justice


US Media Turn to ‘Superhero’ Pence to Combat Korean Olympic Peace Threat
by Adam Johnson

*I don’t how one paints Moon as “left-wing”, other than in comparison to his predecessor, but I do know how the corpress colors Pence in comic book red, white and blue righteousness.

Larry Nassar would be accorded the same accolades as an agent for “The Indispensable Empire” ™, wouldn’t he just?


Institute for Public Accuracy
Feb. 15 at 15: Iraq Invasion Opposition and the “Second Super Power”

*The feckless and the fearsome


Democracy Now!
V-Day: Global Movement to Stop Violence Against Women and Girls Marks 20th Anniversary



‘A Big Scare Tactic’: ExxonMobil Files ‘Conspiracy’ Counter Suits Against Climate Defenders
Critics charge that by “positioning itself as a victim rather than a perpetrator,” the company is aiming to “reframe the debate, use it as a diversionary tactic, and scare the heck out of everybody”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


The U.S. Is Permanently Occupying Northern Syria, and That’s Trouble
How did the United States get tangled up in another Mideast quagmire?
by Reese Erlich


The U.S. Returns to ‘Great Power Competition,’ With a Dangerous New Edge
The U.S. has taken aim at China and Russia for at least the last four administrations. Now, higher ups on all sides are warning of heightened tensions and war.
by Conn Hallinan


Surrendering a Brussels mosque: A Saudi break with ultra-conservatism?
by James M. Dorsey


Chinese extradition request puts crackdown on Uyghurs in the spotlight
by James M. Dorsey


The Real News Network
Democracy in Crisis: The FBI and Dirty Cops
The Memo hysteria and a Baltimore corruption trial highlight the state of law enforcement in 2018
by Baynard Woods


FBI Ignores Violent Neo-Nazi Hate Group, While Surveilling Antifascists and Black Activists
The Federal Bureau of Investigation says it has no records on one of the most notorious neo-Nazi hate groups in the United States. At the same time, the FBI has acknowledged that it is actively “investigating” antifascists and surveilling Black activists.
by Ben Norton


Two Cops Found Guilty In Massive Police Corruption Scandal
Former Baltimore Police Commander Neill Franklin says the corruption exposed by the federal Gun Trace Task Force trial is an unavoidable consequence of America’s failed ‘War on Drugs’


Confronting Trudeau on Climate Lies and Kinder Morgan Pipeline
TRNN speaks with Clayton Thomas-Muller, an indigenous and environmental activist who challenged Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pro-pipeline rhetoric during the PM’s cross-country town hall tour


Merkel’s Grand Coalition Could Strengthen Germany’s Far Right
Germany’s Social Democratic Party and the Christian Democratic Union reached an agreement to renew their coalition, but the agreement comes at a steep cost for both parties, as the far-right AfD party continues to grow in popularity


Koreas Talk Peace, But Does Trump Want War?
The thaw between North and South Korea at the Olympic Games culminated in an invitation to Moon Jae-in to visit Pyongyang. But the Trump administration’s militarism in the region could stand in the way, says professor Christine Hong

*On the subject of human rights, no one can argue that there’s far more than a mote in North Korea’s eye

But can a nation with its own massive ocular beam act other than as an utter hypocrite to point to it?


Trump Privatizes America
Trump’s infrastructure privatization plan is a hat trick that optimistically turns $200 billion into $1.5 trillion, is designed to eliminate the public sector and to bankrupt cities and states, says economist Michael Hudson

*The roads to their riches

And our ruination


Institute for Public Accuracy
Israel’s Attempts to Destabilize Syria


‘There’s an Alternative to the Top-Down Capitalist Corporation’
CounterSpin interview with Richard Wolff on questioning economic fundamentals
by Janine Jackson

*”Boss” is a four letter word


Democracy Now!
As Deadly Flu Sweeps Country, Koch-Backed Group Fights Paid Sick Leave Policies Nationwide



Woman Dragged Out of West Virginia House Hearing For Listing Oil and Gas Contributions to Members
“The people who are going to be speaking in favor of this bill are all going to be paid by the industry”
by Russell Mokhiber


Disguising Imperialism: How Textbooks Get the Cold War Wrong and Dupe Students
As long as the drive for profits remains paramount to U.S. foreign policy, imperialism will be central to the very existence of the United States
by Ursula Wolfe-Rocca

*A display of historical artifice


The Deadly Rule of the Oligarchs
Once oligarchs take power, rational, prudent and thoughtful responses to social, economic and political problems are ignored to feed insatiable greed
by Chris Hedges

*Our choice is to live on our feet

Or die on our knees


Yes, Deniers, Millions of Americans are Among the Poorest People in the World
It’s hard for people with wealth and power to admit all this. Because then they might feel obligated to do something about it.
by Paul Buchheit

*Where does this country’s poverty of conscience rank?


Trump Wants to Sell Our Water to Wall Street
Trump’s infrastructure scam is dangerous for our communities, workers, and the environment. Here’s a 5 point breakdown.
by Mary Grant

*The Artifice of the Steal


The Real News Network
‘Normalizing’ Britain’s Interest Rates by Raising Them May Slow Economy
The Bank of England announced plans to raise interest rates to combat inflation, but the actual effect will be to slow its economy and raise unemployment in light of a phantom threat, explains economist Mark Weisbrot


Guilty Verdict in Gun Trace Task Force Corruption Trial
Gun Trace Task Force members Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor have been found guilty on a number of charges tied to racketeering, conspiracy, and fraud
by Brandon Soderberg and Baynard Woods


Unregulated Financial Markets Created a Stock Bubble
The current average price-to-earnings ratio of stocks is still far above the historic average, so we should not be surprised that there is a stock bubble and that it burst, explains PERI economist Robert Pollin

*The speciousness of speculation


Is the Oil Industry Canada’s ‘Deep State’?
Justin Trudeau and Canada’s political elite are fighting for the tar sands and oil industry’s interests, even if it means Canada misses all of its climate targets. We speak to experts such as Kevin Taft, ex-Liberal Party politician and author of ‘Oil’s Deep State’


Venezuelan Opposition Undecided Over Whether and Who to Run in Presidential Race
Following several months of negotiations between Venezuelan government and opposition representatives, the opposition refuses to sign the agreement, despite pressure from Spain’s ex-Prime Minister. Venezuela’s Charge D’Affairs in DC explains the panorama from the government’s perspective


Corporate Looting: Sub-Saharan Africa Loses $100B A Year
A recently released World Bank report shows that the wealth of sub-Saharan Africa has been steadily declining over the past several decades, as transnational corporations extract mineral wealth without adequately compensating the region, says economist Patrick Bond


Federal Government Abdicates Responsibility for Investigating Massive Equifax Data Theft
The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau had initiated an investigation into the theft of data of 143 million US citizens, but now the CFPB abandoned the investigation under Trump’s budget director Mulvaney. Bill Black explains the consequences


Slum Clearance: Relocating Public Housing Residents Without Notice
Many residents of the Gilmor Homes housing project say they did not receive notice from Baltimore officials about the city’s plan to demolish six buildings and put 40 percent of the property in private hands


Syrian War Spirals in Trump’s Dangerous New Phase
As top US officials speak openly of targeting Iran and Assad now that ISIS is defeated, reporter Ben Norton and Syrian analyst Ehsani discuss the escalating Syrian war on multiple fronts

*Skin in the game

And the blood dripping from it


Under its New Leader Jagmeet Singh, Will Canada’s NDP Finally Call for Sanctions on Israel?
Activists Genivieve Nevin and Yazan Khader say there is strong grassroots support in the NDP for a ban on settlement products

*Who’s willing to pay the toll on the road from words to action?


Tillerson Tries and Fails to Rally Latin American Support for Sanctions Against Venezuela
The US Secretary of State recently completed a tour of Latin American countries where he unsuccessfully tried to rally support for regional sanctions against Venezuela. However, as Venezuela’s Charge D’Affairs in DC explains, US unilateral financial sanctions against Venezuela are causing significant problems for the country

*You don’t have to believe Venezuela is a socialist heaven to see that the US is intent on making it a neoliberal hell.


Pugh Blames Press for Baltimore’s ‘Perception Problem’
At an event at the Parkway Theater, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh defended her administration and attacked the media
by Dharna Noor


DSA-Endorsed Judge’s Bail Reforms Prompt Media Attack
by Adam Johnson

*Law en[d]orcement


Vox’s US Government-Linked Experts Present Options for Korea: Sanctions or War
by Ben Norton

*Vox propagare


Democracy Now!
Judges Across U.S. Are Halting Trump’s Mass Deportations & Ruling Immigrants Have Due Process Rights


The opioid-scam epidemic
Can supplements marketed for opioid withdrawal speed detox? Here’s what our investigation found and how the FDA and the FTC have responded to it
by David Schardt
Nutrition Action


Do Doctors Profit from Chemotherapy?
by Mike Adams



Here Are the Democrats, 36 Senators and 73 in the House, Who Voted Just Against Dreamers
Democrats have vowed repeatedly to protect immigrant families, but they just gave away the only leverage they had. And, yes, they have names.
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Democratic integrity?

Dream on


Trying to Deliver “Failing” Grade to Betsy Devos, Teachers Locked Out of Education Dept
“People are universally appalled, universally aghast by a year of failures”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Class – in every sense – dismissed


South Africa’s Shack Dwellers See Politics Very Differently Than the Average Westerner
by Vijay Prashad

*The struggle continues

Against many who claim its mantle


Sierra Club
Senate Of Virginia Allows Dominion To Regulate Itself While Ratepayers Foot The Bill


Earthrights International
Peruvian Subsistence Farmer Asks Court to Continue Case Against U.S. Company in Delaware


The Real News Network
US Ambassador Confirms Billions On Regime Change in Syria, Debunking ‘Obama Did Nothing’
The United States spent at least $12 billion in Syria-related military and civilian expenses in the four years from 2014 through 2017, according to the former U.S. ambassador to the country
by Ben Norton

*A Nobel for “nothing”


BDS Activists and Canada’s Communist Party Sue the City of Montreal for Civil Rights Violations
Claims that the City of Montreal illegally confiscated 2015 electoral posters featuring a dead Palestinian child go to trial in Quebec Superior Court


Neoliberalism and the Rise of the Net Social Wage
A new paper from PERI finds that there is a sizable deviation in net social wage data in the 21st century. The study’s author, Katherine A. Moos, examines possible causes, such as healthcare inflation and unemployment, and aims to explain why neoliberal governments would tolerate a growing discrepancy between labor benefits and taxation


American Kidney Fund
Support legislation to keep dialysis patients insured
Tell Congress to pass H. R. 3976


Institute for Public Accuracy
Does Trump Decide on War?


Democracy Now!
Scores of Democratic Lawmakers Join GOP to Back Budget Bill with No Protection for DREAMers


Olympics Begin with Unified Korean Team Marching Together as Trump Continues to Threaten N. Korea



50+ Groups Back Landmark Effort to Halt ‘Out of Control’ Factory Farming in Iowa
“Iowa is suffering under the enormous weight of a business that has no respect for the people, environment, animals and future of the state”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Drug Wars, Missing Money, and a Phantom $500 Million
Pentagon watchdog calls out two commands for financial malfeasance
by Nick Turse

*Where failure is an option in service to the “success” of the grander strategy


Puerto Rico Braces for Wave of School Privatization
“The education privatization playbook uses politics to open the door for more privately controlled schools that are funded by tax dollars but are not democratically controlled”
by Jeff Bryant


Public tears


Kindergarteners In Hebron Protest Israel’s Detention Of 350 Children
They asked the international community to protect them and for international law to be upheld
by Badee Dwaik


Oil Change International
House Poised to Vote for Big Oil Subsidy in Budget Deal

*Greasing the sleaze


The Real News Network
Exxon Tells Investors Not to Worry About Climate Change, But Should They?
Exxon released a climate impact analysis that says global policies to combat climate change pose “little risk” to its investments. But the attitude of investors toward climate risk is rapidly changing as fossil fuels lose their monopoly over energy generation, says Carbon Tracker CEO Anthony Hobley

*With responsibility for untold deaths and illnesses, do we really want fossil fuel corps to “get it right”

Or get the hell out?

And here’s a different take on REDD’s “very robust regulatory regime”, which Lascaris might have mentioned



What’s Preventing California Democrats From Passing Medicare For All?
California Democratic Party leaders are rallying behind an incumbent state senator who opposes Medicare for All and has ties to the medical industry
by Michael Sainato


Students Push City Council To Consider Banning Styrofoam
Pushed by student activists, Baltimore City Council President and others voice their support for banning polystyrene foam food containers in the city


Corporate Media Hires CIA, Pentagon Officials as Talking Heads – Who Push for More War
CNN, MSNBC, and more corporate news networks hire former top U.S. government officials as analysts, who call for a more belligerent foreign policy, Ben Norton reports

*Why quote ’em

When you can hire ’em?


The Rise and Fall of the Stock Market: What to Expect
Economist Dean Baker says that after such a sharp run-up in stock prices, “it really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that you’re going to see some downturn in the market”


CEOs Get Paid a Lot? NYT Says ‘Well, Actually…’ to This ‘True but Misleading’ Fact
by Adam Johnson

*Truth or inconsequences



Trump’s Paid Family Leave Plan Would Punish Those Who Choose To Have Kids
If you’re not particularly well-to-do and you want a family, in other words, you’ll need to be prepared to pay for it in your old age: your family, your choice, your problem
by Elizabeth Bruenig

*Newspeaking of “family values”


The Real News Network
Seneca Nation Fights Fracking Wastewater Disposal Plan
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is reviewing a proposal to dump 42,000 gallons a day of treated fracking wastewater upstream from Seneca Nation territory
by Michael Sainato


How the Gun Trace Task Force’s Overtime Abuse Prevented Policing
As closing arguments begin tomorrow in Baltimore Police corruption trial, the extent of the dirty cops’ time off — including months without working — and their connections to crimes become clearer
by Brandon Soderberg and Baynard Woods


Institute for Public Accuracy
Thousands Decry MSNBC Ignoring U.S.-Backed Carnage in Yemen While Obsessing Over Russia

*A liberal dose of corpress callousness


Democracy Now!
NYC Taxi Driver Kills Himself at City Hall after Condemning Uber & Politicians for Financial Ruin

*Dems pave the roads to ruin


Bresha Meadows, Teenage Girl Who Killed Her Abusive Father, Finally Freed After 10 Months in Jail



Exxon Reports on Climate Risk and Sees Almost None
The oil giant tells investors that even if Paris climate goals are met, it could still produce all the oil in its existing fields and keep investing in new reserves
by John H. Cushman Jr.

*Faux future perfect


The Real News Network
Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Pushes Trump’s Education Agenda
Students face displacement as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel falls in line with President Trump’s and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ push for privatization
by Michael Sainato

*Burying our children’s futures under “common ground”


Baltimore Public Housing Resident Suffers Concussion from Falling Ceiling
The Real News continues to document the deteriorating conditions in subsidized housing as a woman who told her story of sex abuse continues to endure dangerous living conditions


Deputy Commissioner Named in Corruption Case in 2009 Killing, Resigns
Former Detective Momodu Gondo testified that colleague Jemell Rayam “murdered” a man in 2009 and Deputy Commissioner Dean Palmere helped coach cover-up
by Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg


Israel Pays a Bounty of $5,000 and Arms for Each African Asylum Seeker Expelled
Israel was the main driver behind the 1951 UN Convention on the Rights of Refugees, but after signing it, it has never respected the rights of refugees. In fact, it has created one of the biggest refugee crisis the world has seen, says journalist and filmmaker Lia Tarachansky


Far From Hurting Putin, US ‘Oligarch’ List Could Help
The Trump administration has admitted a new report about Russian oligarchs is based on a Forbes list. Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus at New York University and Princeton University, says the report could ultimately help Putin force wealthy Russians to bring their overseas money back home. Cohen also discusses Russia’s upcoming election


Kansas Teacher Scores Big Win for Israel Boycott, and Free Speech
A federal judge has ruled that Esther Koontz’s constitutional rights were violated when she was denied a Kansas teaching job over her refusal to renounce the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) against Israel


Afrikan Black Coalition Conference 2018 Highlights
Collective Blackness and Intersectional Action Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with ABC organizer Star Bacon about black student organizing in higher education


Institute for Public Accuracy
Another Great Crash?


‘Violence’ Becomes ‘Unruliness’ When It’s Sports Fans, Not BLM Protesters, Breaking Rules
by Eoin Higgins

*The difference between cris de cœur

And circus droppings


Media’s State of the Union: Normalizing Lies and Hoping for Compromise
by Justin Anderson

*The teleprompt flutters
 The power surge brings
 An easy speed message
 Falls into routine
                           — “Until the Day Is Done”, R.E.M.


Democracy Now!
When Deportation is a Death Sentence: The Fatal Consequences of U.S. Immigration Policy


A More Beautiful & Terrible History: The Whitewashing & Distortion of Rosa Parks and MLK’s Legacies

*Pedestals of perversion



Fly Kites Not Drones 2018
by Maya Evans


A 14-Year-Old Girl Forced Into the Gaza Cage
Another routine mishap for Israel’s occupation
by Jonathan Cook


Ecuador After the “Consulta Popular”: Left, Right, or Neither?
by Gregory Wilpert and Alberto Acosta


One Person’s Terrorist? Reflections on Zohra Drif’s Memoir of the Algerian Revolution
by Bill Fletcher Jr.

*It may seem simplistic, but for me the heart of the matter is how we struggle against the denial of our humanity, without diminishing it by doing so.


Focus on Zambia, Where Hunger Exists Besides Copper Wealth
by Vijay Prashad


The Real News Network
Max Blumenthal and Ex-FBI Agent Coleen Rowley on the Nunes Memo
The just-released Nunes memo alleges surveillance abuses by the FBI and Justice Department in their handling of the Trump-Russia probe. Former FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley and award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal weigh in


Poland’s New Holocaust Denial Law Erases History
A new law passed in Poland criminalizes references to Polish complicity in the holocaust and is designed to shore up the rightwing Polish government’s nationalist credentials. Carol Schaeffer discusses the law’s background


Special Report: The Never-Ending Coup in Honduras (2/2)
The Inauguration of an Unelected President


Black Lives Matter Holds National Week of Action At Schools
Public school teachers Jesse Hagopian of Seattle and Cristina Duncan Evans of Baltimore discuss the Feb. 5-10 week of action aimed at bringing social justice into classrooms across the country


Dueling Proposals to Ensure Casino Money Goes to Classrooms
The Real News examines the debate around Baltimore school funding and looks at two bills that would put casino revenue into a ‘lock box’ for education


Max Blumenthal: US is Arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine
Max Blumenthal reports that the US has provided military assistance to the Azov Battalion, known as a bastion of neo-Nazism within the Ukrainian armed forces. He also discusses US and Israeli ties to the far-right government in Poland, where neo-Nazism is on the rise

*Might the prospect of the rise of neo Nazism in Eastern Europe leading to an increase in emigration of Jews to Israel play a role in the Israeli government’s strategy here?


Undoing the New Deal – The Age of Lunacy (Part 8)
Historian Peter Kuznick says Eisenhower called for decreased militarization, then Dulles reversed the policy; the Soviets tried to end the cold war after the death of Stalin; crazy schemes involving nuclear weapons and the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba put the world of the eve of destruction – with host Paul Jay

*Which is to say that Killer Clown is only a variant of style

Not sociopathy


Trump Preemptively Dismisses Upcoming Venezuelan Presidential Vote
In an effort to discredit Venezuela’s upcoming presidential election, the Trump administration is rallying conservative governments in Latin America to discredit the vote and isolate Venezuela. If the opposition enters the race divided and if new economic measures work, President Maduro could still win, explains Lucas Koerner


Lawyers Claim State’s Attorney’s Office “Encouraged” Gun Trace Task Force Crimes
Flanked by victims of “police gang,” Ivan Bates and other defense attorneys slam Marilyn Mosby’s office in his bid for top prosecutor post

*Recall Mosby’s “progressive” rhetoric, and solder it into our tiny little minds that to take a public official at their word is akin to yanking out our molars in anticipation of the tooth fairy.


Domestic Violence Victims shouldn’t have to wait a year and day to divorce their abuser
by Sarah Robinson


Western Media Hail Ecuador’s Cynical President Moreno
by Joe Emersberger

*A man after their own void of heart


Institute for Public Accuracy
U.S. Nuclear Stance Toward Russia Increasing Existential Threats

*No gridlock on the door to doomsday


“Massive Victory”: Britain Stops Extradition to U.S. of Activist Lauri Love


Democracy Now!
Johann Hari: To Treat Depression, Provide Meaningful Work, Housing & a Basic Income, Not Just Drugs

*I don’t mean to rag on Hari, as I think he’s made many imperative points here, but if we confront depression by collectively confronting repression, why he seemingly sought Madame Mayhem’s endorsement of his work is a textbook case of cognitive dissonance, don’t you think?


As Paul Ryan Touts a Secretary’s $1.50 Weekly Pay Hike, Koch Bros. Reap $1.4B from GOP Tax Plan


New guidelines mean you might have high blood pressure
by Caitlin Dow
Nutrition Action



‘Crisis No One Is Talking About’: GOP Threatens Healthcare of 26 Million People
Sens. Sanders and Baldwin demand urgent action as thousands of community health centers face uncertain future without federal funds
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Spying on the Wrong People: The Hypocrisy of the Nunes Memo & FISA
Who voted for warrantless surveillance of Americans? Devin Nunes and his whole committee. (And, of course, plenty of Democrats)
by Juan Cole


Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss
Why should we subsidize the failed business model of health insurers?
by Michael Lighty


Keep Border Spy Tech Out of Dreamer Protection Bills
The bill would empower DHS to decide which countries are “high-risk,” based on “any” criteria it deems “appropriate”
by Adam Schwartz


Retribution and Revenge in the Wisconsin John Doe
by Mary Bottari


The Real News Network
How the Gun Trace Task Force Fueled Violence and Overtime During Baltimore Uprising
Testimony reveals that GTTF members conspired to sell drugs stolen from pharmacies during unrest
by Baynard Woods


World Beyond War
Allow Parents the Option to Protect Kids from Military Recruiters in High Schools


Institute for Public Accuracy
Amazon: Profits at What Price?

*Low prices often come at a high cost


Media Consensus: Dreamers Weren’t Worth a Shutdown
by Joshua Cho

*On matters of conscience, the corpress will always counsel its compromise


Newsweek and USA Today Need Standards for Opinion Writers
by Stacy Malkan

*Perhaps it’s not “ignoring”

But “enabling”?


Democracy Now!
“They Repress Us Because We’re Poor”: Immigrant Rights Activist Speaks from Sanctuary in Colorado



With Latest Dystopian Step, Amazon Sparks Worries With Patent on Worker-Tracking Wristband
Patent designs detail how wristbands would vibrate if wearer moves hand “incorrectly” when completing warehouse work
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Effizienz Über Alles


Food & Water Watch
Murphy Supports Fracking Ban in DRBC; Now New Jersey and Others Must Enact Legislation to Move Off Fossil Fuels


The Real News Network
Trump’s Law-and-Order Policies Gain Ground in Blue States
Even with community opposition in blue states like Maryland, racially tinged rhetoric and fear mongering are being used to roll back criminal justice reform


A Booming Stock Market Does Not Mean a Strong US Economy
During his State of the Union speech, Trump touted the recent stock market boom as proof of how well the U.S. is doing. However, as economist Bill Black explains, the boom has nothing to do with new investment


How Did Trump Win? Follow the Dark Money
A major new study says a last-minute infusion of “dark money,” coupled with declining unionization rates, were among the key factors that handed Donald Trump the biggest upset in US political history. We speak to co-author Thomas Ferguson of the University of Massachusetts

*When you destroy folks’ sense of security due to the loss of union representation, you set them up for demagoguery, don’t you?

I need to point out that Killer Clown didn’t win. Voter suppression and and other electoral skullduggery (which the Dems didn’t decry, since no Russians were involved) ensured his “victory”.

Of course, if the Democratic Party were anything more than a Wall Street and Silicon Valley subsidiary, it wouldn’t have mattered, would it?


The Movement to Release US Political Prisoners Requires a Strong Legal Team
Executive Producer Eddie Conway is featured on a panel about US political prisoners at Red Emma’s, an anarchist bookstore in Baltimore City. Conway speaks to the current political climate in the US and offers advice on how to best organize toward the release of US political prisoners

*They’re going to come, and the only place to run

Will be toward each other


Another Warmonger Rewarded for Being Wrong on Iraq War
Max Boot joins WaPo opinion staff, where opinion was 91 percent in favor of Iraq invasion
by Adam Johnson

*Democracy dies in our darkness


Institute for Public Accuracy
Stressing Free Speech, Court Strikes Down Israel Boycott Punishment


Democracy Now!
16 Years of War: Trump Joins Obama & Bush in Using SOTU to Hail “Progress” in Afghan War

*Why is it that very few pieces on Afghanistan from “alternative outlets” even mention the geostrategic imperatives of empire, much less discuss them in depth?

You can talk all you want about how the US isn’t there to help the Afghan people, but there’s very little analysis of just why it is there, don’t you think?


Johann Hari on How the “Junk Values” of Neoliberalism Drive Depression and Anxiety in the U.S.

*Neoliberalism is simply a variant of capitalism, which is predicated on exploitation.

The exploited obviously have always suffered mentally from their lot. What we’re seeing more recently is a wider spectrum of people who have no faith in their life “working out” for them.

Only by understanding that any hope lies with taking collective action to not simply reform the system we’re trapped in, but replace it with one that uplifts our humanity, will we find that life worth living.


January 2018



The Real News Network
Trump’s SOTU Calls for More Spending on Nuclear Weapons and Galvanizes Extremism
Max Blumenthal, Phyllis Bennis, and Norman Solomon discuss President Trump’s State of the Union. Rather than deliver a serious address, they say Trump offered a simplistic narrative designed to galvanize extremism

*Killer Clown is no joke

Can the same be said for Puerile Pelosi and the rest of the risible “#Resistance”?


California Democratic Party Shields Top Dems From Primary Challengers
Despite petition challenges from primary opponents, the California Democratic Party formally endorsed Nancy Pelosi and House Speaker Anthony Rendon
by Michael Sainato

*There are other reasons why Dems don’t challenge Republican vote rigging, but their own incestuous skullduggery factors into the equation, don’t you think?


Gun Trace Task Force Trial In Baltimore Highlights Structural Inequality
The details emerging from the ongoing corruption trial highlight the inequality inherent in policing a segregated city
by Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg


#FueraRocha – Demand LULAC National President Roger C. Rocha Jr. Resign Now!


Institute for Public Accuracy
Trump Echos Apple’s PR: American Dream or Corporate Serfdom?

*As American as Apple’s obscene piece of the pie


Democracy Now!
Made in the USA: The Real History of the MS-13 Gang Trump Talked About in State of the Union

*It’s always painful to hear a victim of the historical injustice wrought by “the greatest nation in the world” so fulsomely praise its “virtues”

But she is a politician, ain’t she?


Nutrition Action
The warming climate may be stoking foodborne pathogens
Has climate change increased your odds of getting a nasty bout of food poisoning?



US Surpasses Cayman Islands to Become Second Largest Tax Haven on Earth
“This is not a ranking in which the U.S. wants to be number one or even number two. We have one of the strongest economies and one of the most secret. It’s a perfect recipe for attracting the proceeds of crime, corruption, and tax evasion.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Medicare-for-All Proponents Warn Against Billionaires’ Plan to “Disrupt” Healthcare Industry
“We can do better than a healthcare system run by a rent-seeker, a slumlord and a Wall Street bank. It’s called Medicare for All.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Noblesse o-bilge


A Treacherous Crossing
The “good guys” shaping and selling U.S. foreign policy and weapon sales exemplify the heartless indifference of the smugglers who gamble human life in exceedingly dangerous situations
by Kathy Kelly


The Time of Finance
by Martijn Konings

*When the very nature of the game vitiates its “rules”


The Real News Network
Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Would Facilitate Water Privatization in Baltimore and Beyond
Mary Grant of Food and Water Watch says the package won’t yield water cost savings and will obstruct local efforts to make water more affordable


‘Zero Legitimacy’ for New Government in Honduras
Independent Filmmaker Jesse Freeston reports from Honduras on how the newly inaugurated President Hernandez lacks all legitimacy in the general population, not only because of the fraud allegations, but also because of the massive corruption scandals his government is covering up


Trudeau Government Ignores Scandal of Toxic ‘Tailings Ponds’
Tailings pond remediation expert Regan Boychuk says industry giants have been given 70 years to clean up contamination that scientists say is currently damaging the environment and causing soaring cancer rates in indigenous communities downstream

*Liberals’ largesse toward the likes of Trudeau

“Fool me once, shame on you

Fool me twice, shame on me

Fool me three times …

Well, do you want another Harper?”


Democratic Establishment Tries To Keep Progressives Off Congressional Ballots
Exclusive: Several congressional candidates are facing expensive lawsuits from the Democratic establishment, who are challenging their ballot petitions
by Michael Sainato

*”We are better than this.”

If “We” is in reference to the Democratic Party, an empirical view would take issue with such an assertion, wouldn’t it?


6 Elements of Police Spin: An Object Lesson in Copspeak
by Adam Johnson

*Obscured reference


Institute for Public Accuracy
Robert Parry, ConsortiumNews Founder Who Challenged the Establishment, Dies


Democracy Now!
Ravi Ragbir of the New Sanctuary Coalition: I Was Detained Because of Our Immigration Activism


Two Immigrants Detained in NJ While Taking Children to School; Third Seeks Sanctuary in Church



The Useful Idiocy of Donald Trump
Trump, who has no inclination or ability to govern, has handed the machinery of government over to the bankers, corporate executives, right-wing think tanks, intelligence chiefs and generals
by Chris Hedges


Let’s Stop Sexual Harassment and Violence Before They Begin With Comprehensive Sex Ed
To stop the objectification of women and power imbalance that fuels this societal epidemic, we need to start long before anyone enters the workplace
by Melissa Goodman


Six Big Losers in Our ‘Booming’ Economy
We’re approaching third-world status in parts of our nation
by Paul Buchheit


Make Another Gilded Age


The Real News Network
Harm Reduction: Checking Street Drugs for Fentanyl
Using invasive drug testing technology to check street drugs for fentanyl could save lives, but will the city support it?
by Baynard Woods


Undoing the New Deal: Eisenhower Builds an Arsenal of Nuclear Weapons and a Cabinet of Millionaires (Part 7)
Historian Peter Kuznick says that in spite of his famous warning, Eisenhower can be called the father of the industrial-military complex; when he takes office, the U.S. has a 1,000 nuclear weapons, when he leaves, it’s 22,000 – with host Paul Jay

*We can’t learn from history if all we’re taught are its lies


Homeless Advocates Protest Encampment Eviction
City officials and advocates for the homeless dispute the circumstances under which a prominent homeless encampment in downtown Baltimore was cleared on Friday


Honduras: The Never-ending Coup
Special report from the hemisphere’s most controversial inauguration


Petition update
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
Defective Takata airbags claim more lives


Tillerson’s Promise of More War in Syria Gets Warm Reception From Corporate Media
by Gregory Shupak

*Cheering on the charnel


Institute for Public Accuracy
Dark Money, Not Russia, Best Explains Trump’s Win

*Not Russia doings, but a rush of dark dollars from home


Democracy Now!
With Larry Nassar Sentenced for Sexual Abuse of 160 Female Athletes, Many Now Ask: Who Else Knew?


“Are You a U.S. Citizen?”: Trump Could Sabotage the 2020 Census by Adding Controversial Question


“We’re Living in a Rigged System”: Ari Berman Says GOP Uses Gerrymandering to Stay in Power

*Rigged by Republicans

Regularized by Democrats


Are You Eating These 8 Nutrients That Block Cancer Metastasis?
by Dr. David Jockers


Perchlorate and the thyroid
Perchlorate is almost impossible to avoid, but you may be able to diminish its impact on the thyroid
by Caitlin Dow



Sparking Far-Reaching Rights Concerns, ICE Now Has Powerful Ability to Track License Plates Nationwide
Development fuels concerns about possible civil liberties violations
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


World’s Oceans Last Year Hit Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded… ‘By Far’
Experts say the data indicates that humans must urgently “reduce the heating of our planet by using energy more wisely and increasing the use of clean and renewable energy”
by Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Common Dreams


Florida Officials Deny Operation Push Is Ongoing, Even as they Retaliate Against Prisoners
by Brian Sonenstein


Judge Rosemarie Aquilina’s Real Message
Aquilina’s outspoken approach to Nassar’s sentencing is a signal from the bench that these crimes are serious and more abundant than many of us perhaps thought, and that they deserve the sustained attention of the courts and the public
by Elizabeth Bruenig


Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Files New Lawsuit Against Trump Administration For Concealing Its Actions to Engage DOJ and DHS in Work of Commission on Election Integrity
Latest Lawsuit Against DOJ, DHS Comes After Months Of Stonewalling By The Administration In Response To Requests For Information About The Commission


The Real News Network
DOJ Lends a Hand in Prosecuting Lula
The “kangaroo court” upheld former Brazilian President Lula’s conviction without an iota of evidence, says journalist Brian Mier


Centrist Democrats Are Undermining Progressive Candidates
According to a major new report, the Democratic Party leadership is undermining progressive candidates and backing wealthier, centrist hopefuls that are following a failed strategy. We speak to The Intercept’s Lee Fang

*If you’re determined to lie down with dogs

You shouldn’t be surprised that you’re going to get fleeced


Trump Admin. Says China and Russia Are Top US National Security ‘Threats,’ Not Terrorism
The US government is moving away from “war on terror” rhetoric as Defense Secretary Mattis says “great power competition, not terrorism, is now the primary focus of US national security”


‘Bomb Train’: Oil Execs Try to Blame Workers for Tragic Accident
All three MMA rail workers were acquitted of criminal charges in the Lac-Megantic disaster case, but Fritz Edler, veteran locomotive engineer and longtime union officer, says “the wrong people were on trial,” and that the industry ignores known risks

*Railroading justice


‘There Has Been Absolutely No Movement on Guantánamo at All’
CounterSpin interview with Pardiss Kebriaei on Guantanamo challenge
by Janine Jackson



Democrats Who Approved ‘Greedy Big Pharma CEO’ for HHS Secretary Should Be Ashamed: Critics
“Shame on every Senator who voted to put pharma exec Alex Azar, who has a long history of putting profits over people, in charge of regulating the health care industry”
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Doug Jones is not Roy Moore

He only voted like him


Burger King Loves Net Neutrality (?!) and Other Whoppers
Burger King just made an ad about Net Neutrality
by Craig Aaron

*Yes, please … let’s celebrate the sociopolitical savvy of a corporation that exploits its workers and poisons the health of its customers with its products.

Talk about silos

Oy gevalt.


Economic Policy Institute
Biggest Gains in Union Membership in 2017 Were For Younger Workers


Center for Food Safety
Hundreds of Groups Call on Congress to Protect Endangered Species from Pesticides


In Fight For More Affordable Education, Look To Core Classes


The Real News Network
Falsely Accused Terrorism Suspect Released After 10-Year Ordeal
Sociology professor Hassan Diab, who was accused of a terrorist attack in Paris over ten years ago, and who Canada extradited to France three years ago, was just released. Diab talks to TRNN about his ordeal in one of his first interviews upon his return


Protest Against UK Complicity In “Genocidal Fascist Invasion” of Northern Syria
Mohamed Elmaazi speaks to demonstrators gathered across the street from the Prime Minister’s house of residence at No 10 Downing Street, to protest her government’s complicity in Turkey’s invasion of Northern Syria and attacks on Kurds in the Afrin District, with the intent of carving out a 30 kilometre Kurdish free zone inside Syria

*I think we have to be careful about painting this enclave as the emergence of “a socialist grassroots democracy”, given their alliance with its antithesis in the US, but that doesn’t invalidate the condemnation of Turkish aggression, does it?


Britain’s Wall in France to Stop Refugees
UK to pay France for securing the border

*A European union of inhumanity


US Bipartisan Support for Israel over Palestinians Is Breaking Down, New Study Shows
Pew polling reveals Israel has become a right-wing issue, with 79% of Republicans supporting it compared to just 27% of Democrats


Puerto Rico’s New Power Struggle: Privatization
Four months after Hurricane Maria and with close to half of its residents still without power, Puerto Rico has announced it will privatize its debt-ridden public electric utility, PREPA. We speak to Petra Bartosiewicz of Harper’s Magazine

*Pirates of the Caribbean



‘AT&T Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds’: Net Neutrality Defenders Call Out Telecom Giant for Fake Fix
Consumer advocates say telecom giant is pushing a terrible—and terribly cynical—legislative fix that would serve their bottom line, not their customers or Internet users more broadly
by Jon Queally, staff writer
Common Dreams


Is a Nondisclosure Agreement Silencing You From Sharing Your ‘Me Too’ Story? 4 Reasons It Might Be Illegal
Survivors who want to speak out should know their legal options
by Emma J Roth


The New in the “New Middle East”
by Hanadi Loubani


Towards an endgame?
by Vijay Prashad


The Real News Network
Will Trump Really Challenge World Economic Forum’s Neoliberal Agenda?
President Trump will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, days after introducing significant tariffs on Asian imports. However, these tariffs and Trump’s overall economic agenda won’t challenge the world’s elite at Davos, says Prof. Leo Panitch

*The exploitocracy sees Corbyn, Sanders and their “movements” through the same lens as they viewed FDR and the New Deal – not as a real threat to their power, but as a brake on it, a “saving of capitalism from itself”.

Whereas they grudgingly acceded to that in the throes of the Great Depression, the last half century has seen a singular uptick in their arrogance, and they wish nothing more dearly than to do as they literally bloody well please, future be damned.

History repeating itself in whatever form of social democracy won’t arrest the headlong rush into the abyss in this here century of climate change and end stage capitalism.

If that’s all we can muster, then the future is indeed well and truly damned by their turpitude, and our timidity.


Do We Need Anarchists? Lessons from the Goddess of Anarchy
Jacqueline Jones discusses her new book on Lucy Parsons, a former slave who became one of the most influential anarchists in the U.S. labor movement


Institute for Public Accuracy
Kozol: Inequality, “Virtually Total Segregation” in Schools Breeding Rage


Democracy Now!
Fantasy Novelist Ursula Le Guin, Who Explored Resistance & Change, Dies at Age 88

*True art is always for our sake


“Strong Island”: Trans Filmmaker Yance Ford Searches for Justice After His Brother’s Racist Murder


Alabama’s Hale County is Subject of Poetic Documentary on Blackness and Everyday Life in the Black Belt


Radiation Detox: How to Rebuild Your Health after Radiation Therapy
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers


Kitchen gadgets that can help you avoid food poisoning
by Leah Ettman
Nutrition Action



Month After Getting $3.5 Billion Tax Break From Trump, Bank of America Hikes Fees on Poorest Customers
Online checking accounts, popular with low-income customers, may now be off-limits to many who can’t afford new fees
by Julia Conley, staff writer

*Direct deposit

Into execs’ pockets


Feminism Will Not Be Weaponized for Trump’s War on Immigrants
We know that violence against women occurs in every country, class and culture. The White House is using this issue, in a racialized context, to close the door on immigrants.
by Yifat Susskind


Inside the Trump Administration’s War on UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees
A diplomatic insider describes attempts by Jared Kushner and Nikki Haley to destroy a UN agency that supports millions of Palestinians
by Max Blumenthal


Locked-Up for Reading: Young Leftists in China Speak Out
by Chuang, Zhang Yunfan and Sun Tingting


Iran: Protests and threat of renewed sanctions focus economic thinking
by James M. Dorsey

*So the choice is between domestic public corruption and foreign private rapacity?


Food & Water Watch
Toxic Oilfield Wastewater Used to Grow California Food, Including Organics
Food & Water Watch Launches Campaign to Stop the Practice; New Video Captures Reactions Outside of Whole Foods Headquarters in Austin


The Real News Network
Turkish Attack on Kurds Opens New Front, and Alignments, in Syrian War
Just as the Syrian war has been winding down in key areas, Turkey has opened a new front with an attack on U.S.-backed Kurdish forces in Afrin. Syrian-American writer Ehsani joins us to discuss the offensive and the shifting alliances in Syria’s 7-year war


Pence Speech Fuels Conflict Between Israel and Palestine
Pence’s speech to the Knesset praised Israel’s democracy while Palestinian members of parliament were forcibly removed for expressing their views, says TRNN correspondent Shir Hever


Despite School Closings, Chicago Mayor Pushes For New $95 Million Police Academy
More than 50 Chicago community organizations have endorsed the #NoCopAcademy campaign as activists rally to stop the project and invest the funds back into the community
by Michael Sainato

*Bupkes from ‘Bama’s buddy


Democracy Now!
DuPont vs. the World: Chemical Giant Covered Up Health Risks of Teflon Contamination Across Globe

*This is always the end result of the profit motive. An insidious addiction to wealth and power are what drives a system based on it

And exploitation, oppression, injury and death are its dismal products.


A Warning from the Center of the World: Pacific Nation Kiribati Is Disappearing as Sea Level Rises



At Berlin March, Tens of Thousands Demand End to Industrial Agriculture
“Farmers and consumers from all over Europe have made it clear that they are fed up with current policies that benefit huge food and agriculture corporations, at the expense of the environment, peasant farming, and public safety,” said Adrian Bebb, Friends of the Earth Europe
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Common Dreams


The Untold Story of the Roe v. Wade Anniversary
What’s different about the Roe anniversary this year is the newly proactive abortion rights movement
by Gloria Totten


Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is Actually Pence’s – And It’s All About Privatization
by Lydia O’Neal and David Sirota

*The road to riches

And we pay the toll


Environmental Activist Sued for Libel Over Facebook Comment About Oil and Gas Company
by Simon Davis-Cohen


The Kids the World Forgot
Kabul’s estimated 50,000 “street kids” dot the city’s already clogged roads selling balloons or lugging scales on which passers-by are invited to weigh themselves, working to helps their parents buy food for their families
by Ken Hannaford-Ricardi


How much is a drone mission?


The Real News Network
Baltimore Spends Billions on Corporate Subsidies but Can’t Heat Its Schools
Author and political scientist Lester Spence says the discussion around Baltimore’s flagging school system ignores the fundamental priorities of a city that favors corporations over its children

*Getting your priorities straight

From the top


Consumer Protection Moves to Throw the Weakest Under the Bus
In one of his first moves as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Board, Mick Mulvaney scrapped a rule regulating payday lenders. “This has everything to do with facilitating fraud and predation,” says white-collar criminologist Bill Black

*Greasing the sleaze


Apple: The Biggest Tax Cheaters in History Repatriate Profits Under Trump’s Tax Bill
What Apple did was outright illegal according to the European Union, but instead of taking legal action against Apple for tax evasion, the Trump tax bill will reward them, says white-collar criminologist Bill Black


Massive Oil Spill in East China Sea Is the Size of Paris
In one of the worst oil shipping disasters in decades, a tanker carrying $60 million of Iranian oil collided with a Chinese cargo ship. We speak with marine biologist David Santillo about the possible effects on marine ecosystems


Real Media: Former British Diplomat Turned Anarchist
Carne Ross resigned from the UK foreign office over the Iraq war, and has since been on a journey that has led him to believe in anarchism. Here he talks about his journey, the trigger, and the problems with top down society


Korean Olympic Unity Gives US War Plans a ‘Bloody Nose’
North and South Korea will march together at the upcoming Winter Olympics, raising hopes of de-escalation. This, amid talk of a new U.S. strategy dubbed “Bloody Nose” and a U.S.-led summit promoting other aggressive steps. Christine Ahn, who organized a counter-summit of women peace activists, explains


P3 Corporate Collapse Highlights Risks of Privatization
by Canadian Union of Public Employees


Trump Keeps US in Syria and Sets Off New War
Just days after the announcement of a U.S.-backed Kurdish “border force” and an indefinite U.S. military presence in Syria, Turkey is shelling Kurdish areas and threatening a ground assault. We speak to Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton about what the Trump administration’s renewed commitment to both regime change and confronting Iran means for Syria.

*The Syrian people are being brutalized and murdered by all sides in this horror show, and that needs to be given prominence in every discussion of it. We can be as condemnatory of US, Saudi et elia’s actions as we wish – and should – without also casting Assad, Russia and Iran as somehow valiant defenders of the populace.

There are contradictions upon contradictions in this hell, but what should be crystal clear is that all hands are awash in Syrian blood, and any proposal for a just solution will have to acknowledge that fearsome fact, if we truly care about one.


Set Up By FBI Informant, NODAPL Activist Pleads Guilty
After federal government has stonewalled defense attorneys in releasing evidence, Red Fawn Fallis came to a plea agreement with prosecutors
by Michael Sainato


The Best Breast Cancer Screening Options for Women (Hint: it’s Not Mammograms!)
by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers



In Name of Transparency, Not Partisan Sniping, Snowden Backs Call to #ReleaseTheMemo
“If true, the citizens must see the proof,” says NSA whistleblower. “If false, it establishes [GOP chairman of House Intelligence Committee] lies and has no credibility. Either outcome benefits the public.”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams


Republicans Have Four Easy Ways to #ReleasetheMemo — and the Evidence For it. Not Doing So Will Prove Them to Be Shameless Frauds.
If this is “worse than Watergate” — Republicans obviously have every incentive to get it into the public’s hands as soon as possible. Indeed, one could argue that they have the duty to do so.
by Glenn Greenwald and Jon Schwarz


What Spielberg’s The Post — and Our Textbooks — Leave Out
Sadly, too many textbooks found in the nation’s school hide pretty much everything that is important in the world — from the roots of American racism, to the war against Mexico; and from the causes and consequences of climate change, to, yes, the nature of the Vietnam War
by Bill Bigelow


‘Grace’s’ Story About Aziz Ansari Has Lessons for Men and Women
Grace’s story sparked a rift between those wanting #MeToo to remain squarely focused on ending legally defined harassment and assault, and those who want so much more
by Sonali Kolhatkar


Trump Fills The Swamp To Exploit College Students
The Trump administration is imposing dire consequences on both students and taxpayers
by Jeff Bryant


The US is Arming and Assisting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, While Congress Debates Prohibition
Known as a bastion of neo-Nazism, the Azov Battalion has received teams of American military advisors and high powered US-made weapons
by Max Blumenthal


Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Men Rounded Up in Post-9/11 Sweeps Push Suit Against Warden For Physical, Verbal, Religious Abuse


The Real News Network
Baltimore Mayor Fires Police Commissioner Kevin Davis
Mayor Catherine Pugh announced that Davis had been replaced Friday morning, following months of scandal and speculation
by Brandon Soderberg


Prosecutors Push on Against 59 Protesters Despite Defeat
The U.S. Attorney’s Office dropped charges against 129 defendants Thursday but continues to prosecute journalists and others who have spoken to the press
by Baynard Woods


Cape Town Water Wars: A Literal Shitstorm
In Cape Town, one of the most unequal cities in the world, poor people are taking the buckets they use for chemical toilets and turning them into weapons, as the water shortage intensifies class conflicts


Yemen’s Crisis is Far Worse Than We’re Told
UNICEF says the war in Yemen is killing or wounding five children every single day, but Shireen Al-Adeimi says the figure drastically undercounts the real toll of the Saudi-led, U.S.-backed bombing and blockade

*There’s never “gridlock” when it comes to opening the door for death and destruction in the name of “national security”, is there?


IRS Private Debt-Collection Program is ‘Indefensible’
Using private debt-collection firms to collect debt from low-income Americans is not only morally reprehensible, but it’s also terrible business, says white-collar criminologist Bill Black


‘A Marijuana-Related Charge Can Still Impact Somebody for Life’
CounterSpin Interview with Art Way on pot recriminalization
by Janine Jackson


Institute for Public Accuracy
Is Amazon Ripping Off Taxpayers?


Women’s March and Mexican Indigenous Activists in U.S.



Amazon Short-List Proves Something “Deeply Wrong” With America’s Race-to-the-Bottom Economy: Ellison
“Something is deeply wrong with our economy and democracy when local governments offer up their tax base to a corporation worth over $500 billion”
by Julia Conley, staff writer
Common Dreams

*Serving a rotten Apple a silver platter


Apple Polishing: The Tech Giant’s Devious Attempt to Support Trump’s Tax-Cut Fantasies
The company’s real goal here is to obscure the fact that the new law is a massive giveaway to huge multinational corporations like Apple
by Will Rice


Indigenous Environment Network
TransCanada’s Announcement about “Commercial Support” for the Keystone XL Pipeline is Not A Significant Win or Development


The Real News Network
New Orleans Human Rights Resolution Retracted Because It Could Affect Israel
The resolution did not even mention Israel, but pro-Israel pushback has council members backtracking on past support for Palestinian human rights
by Ben Norton

*The city that forgot to care


The Grenfell Community’s Silent Steps for Justice
On the seven-month anniversary of Grenfell Tower fire in London, the local community hold their monthly Silent Walk and share their thoughts on how they are coping and the wider reasons for the tragedy


Abbas Gives Up on US, but Palestinians Give Up on Him
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is publicly distancing himself from the US, but that won’t be enough to save face with a Palestinian population fed up with his failed leadership, says former PLO legal adviser Diana Buttu


Catalonia Independence Crisis Intensifies Spain’s Political Divide
Political parties in Spain are struggling to navigate an increasingly polarized political landscape, says Professor Sebastiaan Faber of Oberlin College


Repression Against Honduran Opposition Intensifies
Over 200 demonstrators were injured in last week’s demonstrations against the incumbent president, whose reelection lacks legitimacy according to the opposition and international observers. The opposition is now gearing up for a national strike in the lead-up to the inauguration, explains Heather Gies, reporting from Honduras


The Jobs Trump Promised to Save Are Disappearing
The Carrier factory in Indiana is laying off hundreds of workers this week, one year after Trump promised to save them
by Michael Sainato

*”Jobs” … “jobbed” …


Fake news!


‘When Women Have a Union, You Don’t Have to Walk In Alone’
CounterSpin interview with Jane McAlevey on #MeToo and Labor
by Janine Jackson



Trump’s Gift for the Unemployed: Kicking Them Off Health Care
Imagine telling a laid off employee they won’t have Medicaid to fall back on
by LeeAnn Hall


Violence Policy Center
U.S. Gun Death Rate Jumps 17 Percent Since 2008 Supreme Court District of Columbia v. Heller Decision Affirming Right to Own a Handgun for Self-Defense

*No safety in these numbers


The Real News Network
#TheAssistance: Democrats Hand Trump Warrantless Spying
Fifty-five House Democrats, including #Resistance stalwarts, have joined Republicans to give Trump’s NSA broad warrantless surveillance powers. The Senate is likely to follow. We speak to Trevor Timm of the Freedom of the Press Foundation.


Targeting Undocumented Leaders, Trump Deportation Regime Escalates
As President Trump throws an immigration deal into limbo, federal agents are ramping up deportation efforts coast to coast. We are